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Name: 20220127_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 27, 2022
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Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with a Thursday evening breaking emergency news alert.
The news is just so over-the-top important, I had to stop here this evening and get this emergency report out to everybody.
First off, the sock puppet globalist minion, Joe Biden, is so incredibly unpopular, his entire New World Order agenda is falling apart.
And so what is he trying to do?
Start a war with Russia by moving U.S.
troops into Poland, into Ukraine, and many other areas, and now openly threatening military action against the Russians, who have been building up troops
on their own land on the border of Ukraine this is a classic
Bait and switch by the establishment whose entire agenda is falling apart to now try to start a war 280 something days out from the midterm elections to try to get the support of the American people behind the regime.
That may have worked in the 90s.
That may have worked in the 2000s.
It doesn't work anymore.
National polls have shown between 10 and 17 percent of Americans supporting any type of military action in Ukraine.
It's being absolutely rejected.
Let's shift gears into the rest of the big awakening that's taking place as well, that's got the corrupt power structure so scared.
Elon Musk has come out and blasted sock puppet, Joe Biden, and also issued support for the Canadian truck drivers that are now driving into the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, demanding an end to the biomedical tyranny that Klaus Schwab and the UN have installed over their nation via
Justin Trudeau, the minion of the Davos Group.
Klaus Schwab just last week bragged that he fully controls Trudeau and his cabinet and has penetrated other governments and is now taking over the globe.
These megalomaniacs are publicly bragging and Elon Musk has decided, at least on the surface, to throw his lot in with the people.
He also tweeted today, if you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom.
This is the path to tyranny.
Obviously talking about the ongoing lockdowns.
Speaking of tyranny, we saw big marches around the world and right here in the United States in DC last weekend with hundreds of thousands of people attending the Resist the Mandates event.
Listen to this quote by a well-known actress that Hollywood is now calling for her cancellation.
I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything against their will under threat of violent attack, arrest or detention without trial, loss of employment, homelessness, starvation, loss of education, alienation from loved ones, excommunication from society under any threat
What a group of control freak tyrants she is!
Evangeline Lilly.
I'm not a big fan of Hollywood movies, but I have been a fan of some of her roles, like in The Hobbit.
So, again, ladies and gentlemen, this is the type of courage that made America.
This is the type of bodily autonomy and standing up for your own rights that made us land in the free home of the brave.
The attacks, not just on our bodies' autonomy, but our speech, is antithetical to an open, free society.
So we should all stand with this great lady who attended the rally.
Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly targeted by a woke mob for attending DC VAX mandate rally.
How dare her exercise her First Amendment?
Tyranny is really making a move.
And speaking of our bodily autonomy, our most basic right is our right over our own bodies.
In the last six months, there have been a whole raft of lawsuits filed to try to get the FDA secret trials of the mRNA COVID vaccines for Pfizer and Moderna.
And the federal government and the FDA agencies, along with the CDC, have battled this in court.
First, they asked the judge to wait 55 years to release it.
Now they've asked 75 years.
And now a high-level appellate court has said no.
It's going to be released 50,000 pages a month, not 50,000 pages over 75 years.
And so now Pfizer has joined the lawsuit and is trying to trigger clauses they got Trump to sign on to, wrongfully, that give them liability protection and trade secrets.
Because they knew this was all about depopulation.
They know it's not really a vaccine.
And so now FDA asked court to delay first 55,000 batch of COVID docs.
Pfizer moves to join the case to block you from learning what's secretly in these shots and what it does to your body.
Remember what just came out a few months ago?
They began six months ago to add a very dangerous anti-heart attack drug to the vaccine instead of saline solution.
So now they've off-label approved a drug mixed with a vaccine?
Since when have you heard this?
They're doing whatever they want.
And this is psychological warfare.
The globalists got these doctors and scientists and minions who were paid off to go along to signing on to something they didn't know what it was.
And now that it's hurting people and killing people, that was the plan to get them all scared and on board to do whatever it takes to have a cover up.
And now they're really corrupted.
Now they've really been compromised by the globalists.
It's the same way they got pedophiles under the Boy Scouts 20 years ago, had the Boy Scouts cover it up.
And then now they've bankrupted the institution and are taking it over.
Same thing they did with the Catholic Church.
Over and over again, this is a tried and trusted system.
They are targeting our children.
They are literally targeting the defenseless.
They are targeting our future.
And speaking of that, Sweden!
I think?
Another example of the war on our children.
Speech therapists, 364 percent, three plus times, surge in baby and toddler referrals thanks to mask wearing.
Children are not learning how to talk.
They're not learning how to speak.
IQs are plunging.
Cognitive levels are plunging.
Not just because the children can't see faces in cues.
Not just because it teaches them not to speak, and they're muffled, literally, like prisoner training, but also because it lowers, conservatively, the oxygen in their blood by 25%, giving them carbon dioxide poisoning.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is true institutionalized child abuse.
If the globalist technocrat dehumanist can't abort you inside the womb, they're going to abort your mind outside the womb, and that is their plan.
Newsmax is reporting that women cannot be seen wearing dresses and neither can cartoon characters.
Boys should wear dresses, but girls shouldn't.
Minnie Mouse switches her iconic red dress for a pantsuit for the 30th year of International Women's Day.
So women having the power to wear a dress or not wear a dress, the power to show off their incredible goddess beauty,
is something that big tech and the corporate system doesn't want.
They want men to go out and wear dresses and show children this is the image of a woman a big fat
Sex offender in many cases, coming to your school to have private time with your children, but women, they can't be seen wearing dresses.
That's bad.
That's evil.
Get back in that factory.
Get back out on that front line.
Get back serving the big corporate slave state.
But women everywhere are waking up and absolutely rebelling against this and wearing dresses now more than ever.
Federal study pays gay transgender minors to report sexual behavior without permission from parents.
This is just like that CIA German government program with 35,000 children in one city alone, and over the whole country even more, 30 plus thousand, taking children from Christian families, giving them to convicted pedophiles so they'd have sex with them, they said to create the new love between a man and a boy, or a woman and a girl.
It's never heterosexual pedophilia, it is same-sex pedophilia.
This is a sick, scientific death cult that wants full control over your life.
Do you want a pro-human future or do you want an anti-human future?
Do you want a demonic future or do you want an enlightened future?
Empowered future.
You can choose to be an ego-driven zombie of the New World Order.
You can choose to think that you serve big tech and big pharma and that you're going to get ahead because you play ball with a social credit score.
But you're going to lose your humanity and lose your connection to God in the process.
This is just a small smattering of the huge breaking news on this Thursday evening transmission.
But I wanted to come in and just lay this out for you.
That is such an incredible time to be alive.
And that the dictator, he got re-elected via fraud, the evidence is overwhelming, of Canada, who says he wants a dictatorship, who says he works for Klaus Schwab, who says they want to bankrupt small businesses to take full control, is now saying that the thoughts of the truckers and demonstrators, peacefully going on their way to occupy the capital of Canada in Ottawa, are holding improper thoughts that they shouldn't be allowed to hold.
small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing.
Do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other
Is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.
And if that sounds like a cult, if that sounds like a tyrant, it's because it is.
That's what the Great Reset is.
Is a corporate, authoritarian move through governments they control against humanity.
And that's why InfoWars is more important than ever because they know our message and our understanding of how the globalists operate has already changed the world.
And they know that whether it's Elon Musk or Joe Rogan or whether it's people like Tucker Carlson or countless others, Infowars, nine times out of ten, originated the original understanding of the globalist documents so that others at high levels could understand how they've been compartmentalized and then make their choice to challenge the power structure.
So we're challenging the corrupt globalists from the top and from the bottom and from the middle and from every other strata of society.
But I can tell you,
Their Great Reset is designed to destroy the supply chains and knock out small and medium-sized businesses that employ more than 90% of the public.
Once they've got you under their control, they put you on a social credit score, universal income, and they can dictate every facet of your life.
That is the Holy Grail they want.
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All right, I want to thank you all for watching, and I want to ask you again, Band-Odd Video.
Future News.
Thank you.
I think so.
The days of independent media are numbered.
The government has made it illegal to oppose them.
They are now debanking us behind the scenes.
They want to bankrupt us and make us go away quietly.
With practically half the population wanting to lock the unvaccinated up in camps.
The traitors know they can shut us down by force.
But that would accelerate the awakening exponentially.
So be it.
Make them silence us by force.
This is the final battle of the information war.
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