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Name: 20220126_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 26, 2022
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In his broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to global politics and society. He criticizes Biden's foreign policy, particularly in Ukraine, and promotes his product Reset Wars, an academic level course that aims to raise awareness and help individuals live a more self-determined life. Jones also delves into conspiracy theories involving the alleged agenda of the global elite. He mentions Jonas Salk's book "The Survival of the Wisest" and its idea of using inoculation to experiment on and potentially reduce the world population under the guise of environmentalism. The speaker discusses transhumanism or posthumanism, where the future is believed to be only for the elite who will evolve into "God-beings." He also touches on the use of CRISPR gene technology to alter human DNA as part of this agenda and the integration of humans into Skynet-like systems. Jones argues that the global elite seek control over all forms of education, including public education founded on socialist principles. He believes that the purpose of the welfare state is to ultimately erase the family and replace it with the state. The control of bloodlines and genetics is also seen as a priority for the global elite, with biometrics and the biosecurity state used to control and end certain groups or all groups.

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We're about to dive into something that is of paramount importance and is an issue that I hammer home every day because it is one of the main keys of victory and destiny.
We have to know who our enemies are.
We have to understand who the globalists are and what their plans for us are and how they brag in hundreds of books they've written and thousands of articles that I've personally read.
I'm sure there's thousands more I haven't read about how we're idiots
And how we need to be depopulated and how they've taken control of society and civilization through the corporations.
And if we simply identify these people and realize from their own words and deeds, because they're not boasting,
That they are the authors of 90% or more of the world's problems.
Now an example of this is Klaus Schwab.
He's the central example of it.
If you go to the Wikipedia page, it has a link to the Davos Group.
with him bragging about three years ago seizing control of quote democracies by penetrating them and infiltrating them and whining and dining and paying off young leaders in many cases at the college level and up by the thousands every year around the world using intelligence agency tactics to then embed them as spies inside first local state and then federal governments and then these international
Organizations like the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, through the Davos Group, can direct a top-down takeover by the very top of the world system, this unelected authoritarian, going and recruiting and getting all the people elected and put in positions in the local, state, and national governments.
This is how you capture a civilization.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here hosting the Alex Jones Show.
What an honor to be with you here today on this Wednesday, January 26th, 2022.
Alex coming up in the next segment, and then we'll be hearing from him again at the bottom of the hour.
And I mean, boy, oh boy, what a time to be sitting at this desk behind this microphone as Joe Biden is going out for ice cream socials and boutique shopping sprees.
I guess that's how he clears his mind as he weighs and the people behind him weigh whether or not they want to start World War Three with Russia and China.
And then see where the pieces fall after that.
Now the good news is the American people in polls, whatever accuracy they represent, perhaps some form of accuracy, polls are saying only 15% of people want to see the US get involved with a
Potential war or foreign entanglements with Russia and Ukraine.
So that's good news.
The American people don't want it.
Those 15% that want it probably live in, you know, Northern Virginia, D.C.
We know who.
They want to remodel their homes.
And then maybe just some crazed neocons and just some crazed brainwashed liberals who think, you know, if Biden dropped trowel and took a dump at the ice cream parlor, it'd be a good thing.
So anything he does would be good.
But most Americans don't want anything to do with Russia or Ukraine.
It's just the Great Reset.
It's just the corrupt American regime that A, needs a distraction from the disaster that is the Biden administration, a distraction from all the information coming out on the vaccine injuries, and a distraction from the disaster that has been the COVID response.
So that's the big news story for today that we're going to be covering, but I've got a ton of news that we're going to cover and great guests coming up.
You know, here's the situation that we're in, and it's a hard reality to accept, and this is why most people don't want to accept it, because it requires you to take some form of a survival mechanism response.
That is, if you want to have a future, if you want to have a prosperous future, if you want your future generations of lineage to even exist.
And so here's the analogy.
Well, let's just start with this, and then we'll do the analogy.
Just take COVID as an example.
Just take COVID as the scenario.
We know that Western interests like Anthony Fauci,
Knew and took part in what was going on in the Wuhan Institute of Virology to make biological weapons for the Chinese Communist Army that then escaped the lab, most likely intentionally.
That's what the evidence would support.
Intentionally, they released it.
But either way, they then covered it up so that you wouldn't know about it and that they wouldn't be held responsible.
Now, you just think about how evil that is.
You just think about how evil that is.
As if it's not evil enough to make bioweapons with the Chinese Communist military, but to then cover it up, make it worse, and then make that crisis into your power grab is total evil.
So imagine, you're walking through the woods on a hike,
And you see a bear, kind of foraging around, maybe eating some berries, doesn't look too threatening, it's kind of, it looks like it doesn't really have any interest in you, it's just kind of eating these berries or whatever, doesn't have its kids with it, and you're like, okay, you know what?
I'm a little afraid of that bear, but it doesn't look like it's going to come after me right now and eat me, so I'm just going to kind of go my other way and not panic, but...
You see a bear, and let's say it's got a group of hikers in front of you, and it's ripping them apart, and it's protecting its kids, well, you know that bear is in a bad way, and you gotta get the hell away from that bear.
So we're not dealing with a nice, quiet bear foraging for berries.
We're dealing with a bear that's ripping the hikers in front of us apart.
And it's time to be serious with a response to that.
It's Wednesday, January 26th, 2022.
You're listening to another edition of the censored, attacked, lied about, demonized, feared by tyrants edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroeder will be taking over in minutes.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour,
We're going to play a clip from the Kennedy Center ten months ago, last year, that has just now surfaced and begun to go viral on Instagram and Twitter.
It's Klaus Schwab, head of the Bilderberg Group, and the front man for the global crime syndicate known as the New World Order.
The Russians call it the Anglo-American establishment because that's what Carl Quigley
Bill Clinton's mentor called and that's what they call themselves privately.
It has nothing to do with the fact that Anglo is a term for white people.
It goes back to a combine that basically created William the Conqueror a thousand years ago and the current power structures and empires of the world.
And the reason I harp on this continually is, if you don't understand the different power players, and how these rifts and how these fissures go back thousands of years, and the black nobility of what is Italy today, and you don't understand China and the Chin and legalism, then you don't understand why the world operates the way it does.
But this is a big deal.
He goes further than he's ever gone, admitting the criminal takeover of society and quote, penetrating our governments and taking them over from within.
So it's not just on the Dabos Group's own website.
It's not just on their Wikipedia page, edited by their people, that we are capturing your governments for your own good, removing control of the people and giving it to special stakeholders.
That's a quote.
He says it at the Kennedy Center with David Gergen.
We have it coming out of his filthy, demonic, evil piehole.
So ladies and gentlemen, this is just pure arrogance.
They are hiding this illegal garbage right out in the open.
And we are so close to a tipping point where this becomes mainstream knowledge.
Joe Rogan's talking about it.
Tucker Carlson's talking about it now.
And they're bellwethers of the tipping point.
And so we're so close.
That is coming up.
Bottom of the hour, as I said, and then Owen takes over the rest of the transmission.
He's got so much to cover.
He's doing such a great job.
I've been here camping in the woods, having a great time with my family, looking at the stars and roasting hot dogs and cutting firewood.
We've been listening over the audio app, and the crews have been doing an amazing job.
So have the guests, and Owen, everybody.
So I want to salute everybody.
It's taken a few days off here, but I can't keep from reading all the news.
On Infowars.com and watching some of the videos because this is just such an incredible time to be alive.
Here's the other giant news, obviously.
Huge seismic victory, but it had to happen or we truly are in the end of the republic.
And that is even the corrupt, compromised partially, not all of them, but part of them, Supreme Court said no to the mandates, the forced vaccine mandates of the businesses.
And now even OSHA, as of yesterday,
has withdrawn that garbage and remember what happened six months ago when the CDC was saying they basically control all rents and properties in the U.S.
under emergency powers.
Well it took the Supreme Court saying no to that.
So it's good that the Supreme Court is doing the right thing but it's doing it very very narrowly and that's what ought to really concern everybody that outrageous stuff like this is being tried
To see if the globalists can get away with it through their puppet Biden.
Doesn't matter how unpopular it is.
Doesn't matter if it hurts the credit and faith that people have in the U.S.
Because the globalists actually want that in the end.
They carry out the criminal activity through their puppets.
We then blame American institutions.
Trust begins to falter even further.
And civilization and society falls apart.
Now let's be clear.
I don't want to trust institutions.
I don't want to follow all their orders.
But I don't want to
Destroy those institutions.
I want to keep those institutions constitutional.
And so, yeah, our government's got a long history of problems.
It's certainly corrupt.
It needs to be reformed.
But the globalists are trying to make it hyper-corrupt and hyper-oppressive to, again, cause a clouded, heaven-collapsing society.
And we certainly do not want that, ladies and gentlemen.
So, we've got that huge piece in this.
We also have NATO, just a few days ago, threatening military action.
And a few months ago, all the threats of preemptive nuclear war against Russia.
Now NATO has said no military options on the table, and has at least de-escalated from its previous escalation, threatening Russia, that precipitated Russia, escalating its massing of troops on its borders with Poland, and with Ukraine, and other areas.
That is some more really, really good news.
The bad news is the globalists are accelerating the devaluation of major currencies.
They're using the money up front to buy up infrastructure and patents and companies and everything else you can imagine in raw land while leaving us with the bill and the inflation and the devaluation of our currencies and the taxes and the debt.
I don't know.
I am cutting a special report right now that we're going to air at the bottom of the hour, tying Davos Group into Skull and Bones, into Bilderberg, into the Kennedy Center, and so much more.
So look for that at the bottom of the hour.
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As well, ladies and gentlemen.
But so many other huge developments.
Owen's going to be covering them next segment.
Then I've got this huge Klaus Schwab report.
And then Owen will broadcast for the Balance of the Alex Jones Show today.
And he will do that tomorrow as well.
But I'll be back in the afternoon filing reports.
We've got a lot to fight for, folks.
Our families, our future, and God's watching.
So again, I salute you all and thank you all for tuning in.
Just remember, the last part about sharing the articles and the videos is tell the people you give it to
That if they find it informative and helpful, for them to share it, and for them to tell those they give it to to share it, and vice versa, and then we're unstoppable together.
Triggering the chain reaction.
The frontline of the fight for human destiny.
Tomorrow's news today.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
And they are.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
Alright, we have some breaking news right now.
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has announced his retirement.
He is the oldest serving Supreme Court Justice at 83 years old.
He was obviously a left-leaning, liberal-leaning Supreme Court Justice appointed by Bill Clinton.
And so he is on his way out.
Boy, oh boy.
Now what, or rather who, or maybe rather what, is Joe Biden going to appoint as the next Supreme Court justice?
Could you imagine?
Would he be so bold?
As to nominate Merrick Garland?
I don't think so.
I don't think that would get the votes needed for approval just given on how partisan, how much of a partisan hack he has been as the Attorney General and how he clearly has blood in his eyes going after Trump supporters.
I know that that'll probably be a concern for many, but I don't think that's where this is going to go.
However, you know Biden is going to look for the most radical leftist he can find that could clear the Congress for approval to get onto the Supreme Court.
Obviously when it comes down to voting, it's probably not going to be the most drastic change.
Breyer and whatever radical leftist Biden appoints would probably have similar decisions at the Supreme Court level.
Uh, it's just the Democrat Party is not the Democrat Party of old.
It is the radical left-wing party now, and that is going to be represented on the Supreme Court, I believe, with whoever replaces Stephen Breyer.
So this news is breaking right now.
But you know, Biden is, uh, he's busy having ice cream socials, so he can't be bothered with such things at this moment.
He needs to test out the 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins.
After all, it's Wednesday, January 26th.
Don't you know?
What's Biden doing today?
He's having ice cream!
He's having ice cream.
Oh my gosh, talk about embarrassing.
I mean, you know, you see all of these embarrassing moments for Joe Biden, and it just gets worse and worse with every time.
And by the way, it's well known, there's two things that are well known.
For optics, bad guys, their publicists will tell them, for optics, go have an ice cream cone.
Everybody loves ice cream.
Old people, young people, black people, white people.
Go out, pose for a picture with an ice cream cone.
That'll help your ratings.
That'll help your public image.
Just go have an ice cream social.
So Biden's been doing that for decades.
It's also well known that dementia patients like ice cream because it kind of quells their anxiety of having the memory problems and forgetting where they're at and kind of having irrational responses to stimuli.
So they go for ice cream.
So yeah, while Biden is in the process of potentially starting World War III, he's going out for ice cream socials.
As the country is seeing record crime rates, the president is going for ice cream socials.
I mean, if you want to even play along with the leftist narrative, what's the biggest leftist thing right now?
Well, it's COVID.
They're obsessed with it.
Okay, well, we just had more COVID deaths last year than any other year ever, if you believe the numbers.
We have more positive cases than ever.
And what's Biden doing?
He's having the ice cream social.
That's how you distract.
That's how you save your public image.
So Biden gets embarrassed on the world stage, curses out a reporter, slurs and stumbles his way through his second press conference,
So what do you do?
What do you do when you're embarrassing yourself on the world stage?
You go for an ice cream.
You go for the old ice cream social.
Joe Biden stops for ice cream as Russia's invasion of Ukraine remains imminent.
That's what we're being told.
Ukraine doesn't seem to be so panicked about it though.
But we'll get back to that.
He didn't stop at the ice cream social though, he then went on a shopping spree.
Went to some nice boutiques to do some shopping.
Seemed to be stuck in the kids section most of the time.
Biden, while holding a Kamala Harris mug in D.C.
boutique, the media found out where he was and started harassing him.
And he said, if Putin invades Ukraine, it would be the largest invasion since World War II.
Oh, I see.
Are you trying to tell us something?
Are you trying to say something?
Oh, I get it.
You're going to blame Putin if you start World War III.
Whatever goes on between Russia and Ukraine is going to stay between Russia and Ukraine.
No one else will get involved.
But if the U.S.
decides to get involved, or if the U.S.
decides to spur NATO to get involved, which would really just be the U.S.
anyway, that will lead to a larger conflict.
I believe that will get China and other countries involved.
So no, it wouldn't be Putin.
It would be the other foreign interventions that would start that World War III.
That would be a local incursion
Or skirmish between Russia and Ukraine, that would be it.
But as soon as the U.S.
or NATO get involved, everybody knows it's gonna become a larger conflict, and there's gonna be a new... It'll be a new Axis of Power type of situation, and the pieces will fall where they may, and I don't think we're gonna like where the U.S.
lands in that scenario.
And we don't like what's going on now,
According to polls, most Americans want nothing to do with this.
Only 15% of Americans support sending US troops to Ukraine in the event of an invasion.
Now, just to kind of go sideways off of that for a second, can you imagine, and maybe this number is true, and we just don't know it because we don't get fair representation in the media or in our government, but
If only 15% of Americans support getting involved in Ukraine, imagine if only 15% of Americans supported any of the COVID nonsense that we've seen in the last, what are we, in the third year now?
Imagine if it was only 15% of Americans that supported any of it.
Now, that number could be accurate.
How am I to even know?
I would imagine most people don't like it.
When I go out now in Austin to get groceries and I see that 80-90% of people are wearing masks again, when just this last summer nobody was wearing masks at the grocery store, now they're all back wearing masks?
So I guess they just do whatever they're told to do by the TV, or they're afraid of whatever the TV tells them to be afraid of.
But imagine if only 15% of Americans actually wanted any of the COVID nonsense.
Would we already be over it?
Would we already be above it?
Would our government listen to us?
Would our media represent us?
Well, I don't know, but you're about to find out with the Ukraine and Russia situation within the next month or two.
Nobody wants to get involved in Ukraine and Russia except radical neocons and brainwashed leftists and people in Virginia that are about to remodel their homes.
So the American people are now well aware
That in recent decades...
Our foreign incursions, our foreign involvement, our foreign entanglements, our proxy wars and all of it have had almost no benefit to the United States, to our citizens, and in fact have been actually a negative for us.
They've cost us so much blood and treasure and we're sick and tired of it.
And so their newest attempt to get us involved in Russia has fallen flat.
So now the Biden administration, which is already a complete disaster.
I mean, Biden says he wants to run again.
I don't know how anybody could take that seriously.
The guy's approval rating is about to, I mean, I would say pretty soon it'll be below the 30% mark in almost every poll.
You can't even string two sentences together without stammering.
You're going to run again?
And now you're threatening another foreign incursion in a land far away that has absolutely no benefit to us while we have our own problems here domestically?
We have our own border issues?
We have, in fact, the worst border problem?
I mean, nobody's even really talking about the border, except, I will say, Fox News made the border story their number one story all day yesterday, and I'll be covering that.
And telling you why.
But there's nothing new there.
That's just Fox News being a year behind InfoWars on what's going on at the southern border.
Literally just filming all the exact stuff that we filmed a year ago.
I mean, literally.
It's like, hey, you could have used all of our stuff a year ago and reported the same stuff.
But hey, good.
Good for Fox News for reporting it.
It needs to be known what's going on in Texas.
But see, you're not even allowed to go to California and film it
They have that situation locked down so strong that they don't let the media anywhere near the illegal immigration pipeline.
But here in Texas, they don't have it nearly locked down as much.
You can tell that they tried to do it in some of their locations where the illegal immigration pipeline is going on.
And we were able to just film outside of it and get some undercover footage.
But yeah, you're seeing the footage there from Fox News, which is just basically essentially the same footage we shot a year ago.
But so what are you gonna do if you're Biden?
You've already saber-rattled and puffed out your chest to Russia and Putin like you're the big man on campus, you're gonna do something, and then you realize you turned around and nobody really had your back.
And Putin would obviously kick your ass, but that's just, that's just an analogy.
And so, what do you do?
Oh, well, you go for the ice cream social.
And then you back off your rhetoric a little bit.
But you still have to do something.
You still have to be the tough guy.
You still gotta be the loudest barking dog in the yard.
Because you're Biden, after all.
You're one of the most corrupt politicians in world history.
You're not gonna be shown up by Putin.
You're not gonna be shown up by Russia.
You're Joe Biden.
You make mincemeat out of other politicians with your corruption.
So he has a plan, which will fail also, but he thinks he has a plan.
Or the Pentagon thinks they have a plan, or who's ever running the show, who knows, thinks they have a plan.
As Pentagon backtracks on talk of Russian invasion, Putin responds to Biden personal sanctions threat.
So now they're saying, Biden and the Pentagon are saying, well, why don't we just attack Putin personally and let's just sanction Putin?
That'll show him.
Here's the problem.
Vladimir Putin isn't the corrupt bastard that Joe Biden is.
Vladimir Putin isn't the money-grubbing, power-hungry thief like American politicians are.
And so, Zero Hedge is showing the irony here that
They can sanction Putin all they want.
Putin is really not a wealthy man.
He has an apartment and three cars.
So no, he hasn't built vast wealth of hundreds of millions of dollars like American politicians have, like Democrats have, like the Bidens have, like the Clintons have, like the Bushes have.
No, Putin doesn't have a history of political thievery
And corruption that ends up stacking his bank accounts to infinity and beyond.
So what are you going to do?
You're going to go after Putin?
But see, they're so delusional, they're so removed from the actual reality of anything else but themselves,
They just assume that Putin is as big of a thief as they are.
They just assume that, oh, let's go after Putin, we'll embarrass him on the world stage.
They don't get it.
You don't have the moral high ground.
You don't have the backing of the citizens of this planet.
We know who the corrupt politicians are.
We know how politicians are making hundreds of billions of dollars, and it's not off their government salaries.
So going after Putin personally, they will find out shortly, would only embarrass them further.
And so I believe they'll back off of that as well.
But they had to puff up their chest a little more.
They had to saber rattle a little more.
And every time they do that, it just is another failure for Biden and the people backing him.
And this is our leadership now.
Corrupt as the day is long.
Now there is some unrest happening in Ukraine right now.
It is somewhat similar to what we saw, I guess it was what, around 2014 in the Crimea skirmishes.
Ukrainians attempt to storm Parliament building and so they're upset because Zelensky has a law that makes cash registers required for all businesses.
I don't know why they would have a problem with that.
Seems like some Soros funding at play here maybe.
Some Soros manipulation at play here.
Just like there was in Crimea almost a decade ago now.
It's hard to believe that's the case.
And I remember this was before I even was fully immersed into politics.
And I was kind of just starting to wet my whistle in politics, if you will.
And I remember when it was the biggest story.
Guys, when you find out, when was that situation in Crimea?
I think it was 2014.
And there was all kinds of Soros funding and involvement in that.
And then it got so out of control, there were people getting shot.
And the whole thing just kind of scuttled out after that.
But so, they're mad at Zelensky because he wants to make cash registers required at all businesses, so I guess he likes cash.
That's a good thing, he doesn't want to be tracking your money.
And then they also say that they don't like his new tax system.
But, yeah, okay, there might be some legitimate cause for these protests, there might be some legitimate cause, there could be, this could be organic grassroots, or it could be just another Soros-Astroturf front to just create chaos in Ukraine
To just make it a hotbed for further chaos and potentially even maybe a war.
Here's Tulsi Gabbard today, or yesterday rather.
The Biden administration is ready to go to war with Russia to save Ukraine's corrupt so-called democracy while destroying our own democracy here at home.
Yeah, I mean how much longer can Tulsi Gabbard claim she's a Democrat?
I mean, she's clearly not a deranged, anti-American lunatic, which is the standard grounds to be a Democrat these days.
She's a rational, modern-day liberal that doesn't hate America, and likes free speech, and likes the military.
That's not the trademark of a Democrat in the year 2022.
So I don't know if she thinks she can reform the Democrat Party.
By the way, she'll never be able to win as a Democrat, because they rigged... You know, and I was thinking about this last night, too, as Biden is just such a disaster.
You Democrats don't even get real elections within your own party.
I'm no Bernie Sanders fan, but...
He should have been the Democrat nominee in 2016 and in 2020, but the Democrats wouldn't let him.
So they rigged the primaries for Hillary, and they rigged the primaries for Biden.
Remember, during the debates, Biden was a racist?
Biden was too old?
I mean, but oh, he somehow got the nomination even though he lost every debate and didn't have a rally.
And welcome back to this live Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're about to dive into something that is of paramount importance and is an issue that I hammer home every day because it is one of the main keys of victory and destiny.
We have to know who our enemies are.
We have to understand who the globalists are and what their plans for us are and how they brag in hundreds of books they've written and thousands of articles that I've personally read.
I'm sure there's thousands more I haven't read about how we're idiots and how we need to be depopulated and how they've taken control of society and civilization through the corporations.
And if we simply identify these people and realize from their own words and deeds, because they're not boasting, that they are the authors of 90% or more of the world's problems.
Now, an example of this is Klaus Schwab.
He's the central example of it.
If you go to the Wikipedia page, it has a link to the Davos Group.
With him bragging about three years ago seizing control of quote democracies by penetrating them and infiltrating them and whining and dining and paying off young leaders in many cases at the college level and up by the thousands every year around the world using intelligence agency tactics to then embed them as spies inside first local state and then federal governments and then these international
Organizations like the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, through the Davos Group, can direct a top-down takeover by the very top of the world system, this unelected authoritarian.
Going and recruiting and getting all the people elected and put in positions in the local state and national governments.
This is how you capture a civilization.
This is what has happened to us.
And I understand our amazing audience is sitting there saying, Alex, we knew this before you were born.
Or a lot of you are like, yeah Alex, we tuned in 20 years ago, we know, we checked, we know it's true.
Why are you telling us again?
Because the general public still doesn't know.
And I talk to top lawyers and top bank owners and top talk show hosts all the time and spend 10-15 minutes showing them clips about Klaus Schwab and the UN.
And the Davos Group, and the Bilderberg Group, and the Club of Rome, and British Intelligence, and Carol Quigley, and Cecil Rhodes, and explaining how it all works, and boom, they wake up, they understand it, they're off and running, and then they're now out exposing it.
So we've gone from almost nobody knowing about this 25 years ago, to a large portion of folks getting it, and we're very, very close to identifying it and stopping it dead in its tracks.
Now, a new piece of video has emerged from the Harvard Kennedy School with the globalist New World Order operative David Gergen interviewing Klaus Schwab.
at the Kennedy School, which is again one of these big globalist organizations.
So you have a real Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
fighting the Great Reset Agenda, and then you've got something bearing his brother's name, and it's absolutely captured by the organization, a multinational group that undoubtedly ran the murder of the man whose name they've now stolen.
It's just too rich.
But getting back to the video clip you're about to see, it's only a minute and 15 seconds long.
We're going to link in the live show feed of Infowars.com the full hour-long discussion so you can go watch for yourself because there's stuff just as bad in it.
But here is Klaus Schwab admitting what he says in the Wikipedia entries on television in front of a crowd of people on C-SPAN.
Here he is saying that their alumni, including Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, oh you didn't know that?
Including the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of France,
All of them went to the Bilderberg School, the Davos Young Global Leader School.
Now, obviously, anybody wanting to get powerful, anybody wanting to get ahead, wants to go be part of this feeder group.
And I'm not saying everybody that's gone is evil.
Now, Tulsi Gabbards went to it.
Dan Crenshaw.
But the point is is that we should be aware of this and understand this and understand that what Klaus Schwab set up with Henry Kissinger is only a more modern model of what the British roundtable groups started setting up in places like India 250 years ago for the British East India Company that then spread around the world.
And that is these organizations and groups that go and recruit the locals and roundtable groups
That are controlled by like a central agent in the middle that operate like a British intelligence operation because it is a British intelligence operation.
That's the model of it.
And Carol Quigley and many others wrote books about it.
Zbigniew Brzezinski.
This is not a secret in the intelligentsia.
And we have to be adults and know the playbook and know what we're up against and realize these globalist would-be controllers are very evil and don't even want you to be alive.
That's their ideology, is to destroy you.
To enslave you and suck everything you've got out of you and then destroy you.
That's why they've got to be opposed.
So here's this short, extremely powerful clip.
Then we're going to come back with more.
When I mention our names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.
But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau,
President of Argentina and so on said we penetrate the cabinets.
So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I
We know that half of this cabinet, or even more half of this cabinet, are actually young global leaders of the world economy.
That's true in Argentina as well.
It's true in Argentina, and it's true in France now, maybe with the president, with the young global leader, but... If you're live, we've linked to it again.
At Infowars.com in the live show feed area.
You can go watch this for yourself where he's describing their alumni not just being the Prime Ministers and Presidents but having the majority of the cabinets being their people and being believers in the transhumanism world government depopulation agenda.
This is a death cult.
And that's why whether it's Merkel or whether it is Macron or whether it is Leonardo DiCaprio, they're all graduates, they tell you the world's ending in 2030 because they plan to trigger events to blame on the general public and global warming that lead to that depopulation.
So that's why I'm so desperate to warn you about this.
Now let's go back to 2004 and a short clip from one of my documentaries.
Where we run into David Gergen on the streets of New York at the RNC and bring up Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove that is the sexual side of this and that binds them together in the cult.
So here's a few minutes from 9-1-1 Martial Law and then we'll go back to Owen Schroeder on my broadcast and I hope you research all this yourself and share it.
While in New York, we ran into the Karl Rove of four administrations.
David Gergen, top presidential advisor to Ford, Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Bill Clinton.
We're talking to David Gergen and he has advised several presidents and of course has written quite a few books and is a, I would call you a political pundit or researcher.
Yeah, I think it's very real danger and you've got
Madison Square Garden is sitting right, you know, basically on top of a train station and Boston Convention was right on top of a train station.
Yeah, I just have to remember that trains are very accessible, vulnerable.
One last question.
I read a Washington Times article many years ago where you had a comment about the organization, and then now it's been in the Wall Street Journal, it's been in a lot of different newspapers, and that's the Bohemian Grove.
And back in, what was it, 19...
I don't know what quote you're referring to.
I'm not aware of any quote like that.
I'm a happy member of the Bohemian Grove.
I like the folks who come there.
And it's really inappropriate for me to talk about the group beyond that.
Thank you.
Have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of Kerr?
Frankly, I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about.
Well, I'm Alex Jones, and I snuck in there in 2000.
I'm the guy that blew it wide open and got the video.
It's been on national TV.
Well, I disrespect you for that.
You do?
But there's a lot of big public officials going in there.
I do.
Don't we deserve to know?
I don't know anything about you, and I don't know anything about your film.
But if you go in there with an understanding, you violated that understanding by releasing that film, and I don't respect you for that.
I'm sorry, you took an understanding when you went in there that you would not do that film.
Did you have an understanding when you went in there?
Did you crash it?
Yeah, and it has no trespassing signs there, too, does it?
No, they put them up after.
I just walked in.
I'm sorry, sir, I've been there before.
I know what the circumstances are, and I'm sorry you violated the understandings.
That was not a gentlemanly thing to do.
But what about the ritual?
Is the ritual gentlemanly?
Sir, I don't owe you this comment.
This is what's called ambush journalism, and I disrespect you for that as well, so thank you.
Have you ever been in the ritual?
That's none of your damn business.
Listen, listen.
You go around and make understandings with people and violate them.
You ambush people on the streets, and that's an inappropriate form of journalism.
If you wish to practice that, that's fine.
But don't ask others to respect you for it.
You can do your Free American like anything you want.
If you want to be uncivil and rude and ungentlemanly, that's up to you.
But don't expect the rest of us to say, oh well, you're... You guys are setting policy in there, Mr. Gergen.
I'm sorry, nobody sets policy in there.
We try to be gentlemen.
And obviously, you don't belong there.
Weaving spiders coming out here?
That is a three-pointer!
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Yes, sir.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show and we are watching the response to the announcement
of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement, and I think that it symbolizes a couple things.
One, well, people think that there was some political pressure from the Democrat Party to get Breyer to retire, or he was just done dealing with it all and didn't want to be the subject of discussion or expected to pull the Democrat line.
Some of these big decisions coming up.
But it also could mean that if there was some political pressure or some conversations behind the scenes, the Democrats are expecting to lose the Senate in the midterms, and so they had to make this process happen now.
But after all the attacking of Sinema and Manchin, are they even going to have the votes
And then what is their play gonna be?
Are they gonna put a transgender individual on the Supreme Court just to say you're transphobic if you don't vote for this person and then use the media to run that narrative?
The most interesting, and I think as insane as this sounds, but the best political strategy for the Democrats right now would actually, and I don't even know what the precedent, if there is one, if it's ever been done, would be to nominate Kamala Harris
Because that would get her out of the way, because they don't want her as Vice President.
They're done with her.
They looked at her as just a token to get Biden over the edge.
But now that he's in there and falling apart, and they don't want Harris involved, you know, oh, well, you can still feel important and be a part of things on the Supreme Court, and then we get you out of the way in the Vice President's seat, and you don't have to be around us all day long anymore.
Now I think the odds of that are pretty slim but these are some of the things that are being discussed as the news dropped just a few hours ago.
So we'll obviously be watching that closely along with everybody else.
Now there is a developing situation happening in Wisconsin right now and I don't know how this hasn't made bigger news
In fact, guys, do me a favor, because when I looked last night, because that's when the story was published on the Gateway Pundit, Wisconsin Assembly votes to advance Representative Rantham's resolution to reclaim Wisconsin electors for president and vice president that were certified under fraudulent purposes.
Wisconsin Assembly sends election shockwaves by voting to withdraw 10 Biden electors.
Now, when this broke last night, nobody else was covering it.
I couldn't find anything on cable news as I was flipping through the channels to see if they'd mention it.
I didn't see really anything online of anybody covering this.
I mean, that's kind of a huge story.
Why wouldn't that make bigger news?
Well, I guess it's pretty obvious why.
If the state of Wisconsin realizes
That it was fraudulent votes that put Biden over the top and retracts their electors?
Well then that might be a domino effect that could lead to Pennsylvania or Michigan or Georgia or Arizona doing the same thing.
And they don't want that news out there.
They don't want the American people to know how rigged this last election was.
What was it, Democrats?
You can't have your cake and eat it too.
Is it worse voter suppression ever, keeping Democrats from voting, like you claim?
Or did Biden have 81 million votes, the most votes of all time?
Which is it?
Which is it?
But because we only have one member of the media that's not a Democrat sent to the White House to protect Biden, that would be Peter Doocy, the Democrats will never have to answer these questions
And they'll always get to have their cake and eat it too because the media is on their team.
Team Destroy America.
Team Democrat.
And welcome back to another special edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Owen Schroer sitting in doing a fabulous job, is about to take over here in just a moment.
But going through the different stacks of incredible stories that are on InfoWars.com, I wanted to go back to one from a few days ago that didn't really get the attention it needs.
It's a real chink in the armor.
of the lie factory that is the corporate media.
And it's a Paul Joseph Watson article from InfoWars.com.
Broadcaster issued warning after falsely claiming 90% of COVID patients were unvaccinated.
Now remember how Fauci likes to go around and say that 99% of the deaths are unvaccinated?
He's been saying it for over a year.
It's a total lie.
Remember how you'll see the headline everywhere?
Oh, that you're 30 times or 29 times less likely to be hospitalized if you're vaccinated or fully vaccinated.
And then when you try to find where those numbers actually come from, they're either fake studies that have now been reversed or debunked or pulled, or it's completely pulled out of thin air.
You see Bill Gates and his organizations and basically every other major corporate outfit has its own fact-checking group.
That runs around trying to police the internet, to police your YouTube account, or your Twitter account, or your Facebook account.
And they'll twist the meanings of what you've said to try to get you suspended or banned.
But in the UK they actually have a watchdog government group that actually targets disinformation and blatant lies on television.
And as of late with the public filing complaints, it hasn't been the
Vaccine skeptic doctors and others that have been the ones getting warnings and getting told to stop lying.
No, it's been the corporate media.
Here it is.
Broadcaster issued warning after falsely claiming 90% of COVID patients were unvaccinated.
British broadcaster ITV was issued a warning by regulator Ofcom after a guest and a presenter on the TV show, they've done this before, falsely claimed that 90% of COVID hospital patients were unvaccinated.
That's the big pharma lie.
I bet you money if they got SWAT teamed, their computers have got money from Pfizer, you know, that they got the emails giving them the talking points for money.
The spurious remarks were made by Dr. Hillary Jones and Lorraine Kelly during a segment on The Lorraine Show.
Those people who haven't been vaccinated, we'd really love to think again and be vaccinated because 90% of people in the hospital are unvaccinated right now with COVID, said Dr. Jones.
That's the figure we have to really concentrate on.
You mean the lie?
90% of people in the hospital have not been vaccinated, Kelly.
Repeat it.
And it goes on from that.
The real number was 36%.
But it wasn't true.
We're good to go.
That if that's a proven lie, well, Fauci's 99% is even a bigger proven lie, isn't it?
And let people know they've been lied to and to stop loving the lies and stop loving the fraud.
The vaccine doesn't work to protect you from COVID.
The people that made the vaccine are the people that created COVID.
They need to go to prison.
This is their great reset plan to take over.
All right, back to Owen Schroer on the live broadcast.
Please also take this clip from the show, everybody, and share it, because this is serious information, and we've caught him red-handed yet again.
All right, Alex, thank you.
We're back here live in studio now.
And just to kind of pick it back up where I left off here,
Discussing the Wisconsin Assembly voting to withdraw the 10 Biden electors, basically voting to nullify the victory for Biden in Wisconsin.
The privileged resolution to withdraw the Biden electors will now proceed to the Wisconsin Rules Committee in the Wisconsin Assembly and to the Wisconsin Senate.
The legislation was introduced by Representative Timothy Ramthone.
So it's still obviously got hurdles.
And I'm not getting my hopes up, but it is interesting.
It is interesting indeed.
And when Democrats deny the results of the election, which every time they lose in the 20th, or excuse me, in the 21st century they have,
Every time a Democrat is lost in the 21st century, they claim it was a false result, whether it was Al Gore or Hillary Clinton.
We all remember.
But they never had this much actual activity, this much actual political activity and proof or anything when it comes to their denials of the results, like we've seen with the 2020 election.
But, uh, we'll see if that goes anywhere.
Speaking of, we'll see if it goes anywhere.
You know, there were huge, you can call it huge, I mean, I guess it just depends, revelations in the Durham investigation that came out yesterday.
Here's a story that got published this morning covering it at the Gateway Pundit.
Latest actions by Durham indicate a broken investigation by a broken DOJ.
And, you know,
I try to wrap my head around all of the stuff that came out, and you follow good accounts like TechnoFog that does good reporting on this from a legal perspective, and there were a lot of others that were reporting on this yesterday, but it really all just comes down to the same thing.
We all know Obama was illegally spying on Trump.
We all know that Hillary Clinton was using foreign intelligence assets to fabricate evidence against Donald Trump leading up to the 2016 election, and they've basically been caught red-handed, and Durham is kind of in a wild goose chase of whodunit.
And everybody's pointing the finger at the next guy saying, I don't know what's going on.
And so with every hurdle, every pointed finger, Durham just gets deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole that is capturing more and more people and evidence in this conspiracy that it was really Hillary Clinton and her campaign and the Democrat Party that were running leading up to the 2016 election
Uh, to spy on Donald Trump and to lie about Donald Trump so that Hillary Clinton could win.
And the problem that I have is I just don't even want to waste my time or my energy trying to dig into it anymore because it's just, it's, it's, everybody knows what happened.
And so you can sit here and look at the names and look at the different sectors of the government and the bank accounts and everything that's getting exposed right now.
But it's like, you know, this is seven years too late.
And nobody really cares anymore, quite frankly.
Something should have been done about this years ago.
Something should have been done about this when Trump was in office and nothing was done.
And so I'm supposed to get excited or hyped up because Durham now seems to be actually getting concrete evidence of all the crimes that we knew already happened.
And then I'm supposed to expect there to be legal action taken against these criminals?
Sorry, I just do not have the excitement levels there.
Here's a Zero Hedge old headline.
Arrest of Steele dossier source a seismic development.
Was it though, back in November?
Was it really seismic?
Did you feel it?
Did anyone else feel it?
Not really.
I mean, it's crazy.
I mean, we have the bank accounts now.
We have the names.
We've got all of it.
Durham is, a lot of this information is getting out.
I don't know if it's coming straight from Durham's office, or just they're reporting it to media, or what.
But, uh, I don't think anything will happen.
Nothing will happen to Hillary, nothing will happen to the Democrats involved, nothing will happen to the banks involved, nothing will happen to the foreign intelligence involved, except maybe one or two arrests or prosecutions here or there, just because of all the money that was spent.
That's how this goes.
But, uh,
I don't know.
It just feels the same as, hey, look at all these states and all these special assemblies and committees that are saying we need to retract the victories for Biden in our states.
They were done fraudulently.
Well, OK, it's too late.
Nothing's going to happen.
Same thing with the Hillary corruption from the 2016 election.
It's just it's just too late.
Yeah, criminals are going to get away.
That's what happens in this country.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex.
We are joined now by Dr. Paul Isaacs, part of the Delaware Medical Freedom Alliance, DelawareMFA.org, and they have an event coming up tomorrow night we want to help share.
A Medical Freedom Rally happening tomorrow night at Bay Health, Dover, Delaware, 604 South State Street.
This is happening at 5 p.m.
tomorrow evening.
And they are going to be talking about and raising awareness for the fact that medical professionals are getting fired because they don't want to take the COVID vaccine, and they are also warning people of the negative side effects of the vaccine.
Where there is risk, there must be choice.
Dr. Paul Isaacs joins me now.
You know, it's ironic but sad, doctor, that
We saw the same people praising the frontline workers in the medical field, whether it was doctors or nurses, in the response to COVID.
How great they were.
They were the heroes.
And then just one year after that, if they don't take the vaccine, they're the zeros.
It's amazing how that happened so quickly, isn't it?
It is.
And it does not make sense.
Well, it only makes sense when you accept the people we're dealing with are evil.
I don't know if you've reached that full conclusion yet, but that's where I stand.
But let's talk about tomorrow's event, getting people out there to be active, that don't want to be a part of this medical tyranny.
So talk about tomorrow's event, what it's going to be like, and where people can go to find information if they want to join you there in Dover, Delaware.
Well, this is the first time I've seen the fire.
I wasn't sure that I was going to be talking about that, per se.
I believe it's across from the hospital.
It's not on hospital property.
It's on the sidewalk in front of, I think it's Holy Cross Church, on the road between the two buildings, between the hospital and the church.
So, it's not on hospital property.
And of course, this is going to be a peaceful, legal, lawful rally.
We always have to, you know, add those in because we know how provocateurs like to set people up.
So, no, this is obviously peaceful, legally, and lawful.
But, you know, let's say, so you're going to be, if you're out there and you're a part of this, what are the big issues for you right now?
What are the issues you see with COVID?
What are the issues you see with the vaccines?
We're forcing people to take something as a requirement to work, which is
Not fully tested and the results that are coming through for a lot of people is that they're getting injured because of it.
If you are going to get, can get COVID, which CDC has admitted and I've seen it, if people can get COVID, even though they've had a vaccination and they can receive it and pass it on, if they can get infected and transmitted both, I don't know why it has to be mandated.
And why I, who have survived 20 months in the fire here, would have to get the shot to continue being with people.
If I have survived, it makes sense that my immunity is respectable, and it should help me not get seriously sick myself.
But even if I don't have the vaccine, how can I be more dangerous or
Infectious or more able to give it to somebody else those that have the shots are passing it to others that does not prevent People from getting it.
I'm saying people in the community I have people that that are relatives of mine and church folks relatives of church folks and people I know in the state that I run into all the time that have had it and survived even though they've had the shots and
Or their family members have died after they've had the shots.
And to me, the issue is people are not being fully informed about the hazard of the shot and how it does not prevent you from getting it.
You know, in the average flu season, my understanding is the death rate is about 1%.
And COVID is no more than that.
And children, I'm concerned about children because children have a death rate, according to people like Ben Carson, about .024.
Percent which means that only a quarter of one one child will die they get it.
Why are we mandating them getting shots?
They could damage them 10 20 years down the road It does not make sense to me Bureaucracy is too powerful right now.
The government is too powerful people's rights are being banned The fact is that we should according to First Amendment Have have the right to say no when it comes to our own own body and we should have a right to say what we allow to to contaminate our
The tabernacle of God who lives in us.
I believe we're all made in the image of God.
And I believe that when we put our faith in Him, we receive His Holy Spirit.
We are His temple, His dwelling place.
And 1 Corinthians 3 and 1 Corinthians 6 both say that there's people who are going to answer for damaging or destroying that temple.
And I'm not willing to voluntarily surrender my temple to other people to abuse for any reason.
So to me, the issues are, if I have faith and I have a right to live,
According to our Constitution, I have a right to agree to what I participate in faith-wise or not.
Congress is not allowed.
The government's not allowed.
Administrators are not allowed to mandate what my faith is.
And yet people's faiths are being rejected if they do not agree to the status and to the mandate of getting a shot.
That doesn't make sense to me.
So let's talk about that, you know, doctors or anybody for that matter that have real medical exemptions, this is just one angle of it, that have real medical exemptions that can't get the vaccine are now losing their jobs because of that.
For instance, you know, I've been injured because of a flu shot and I have a brain shot, two of them.
One works, one doesn't.
I've been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Why should I take a shot that could further damage my ability to think and function, provide for my family and have ministry with people?
It should be my right to say no.
I should not have to take a shot out of fear that I won't have income and therefore risk my sanity, my livelihood.
My brain and my body have already been damaged by the brain surgeries and by the flu shots, so why would I make myself more vulnerable?
I believe there should be people of faith that are allowed to serve with their faith, with whatever immunity they have, and I'm willing to take the risk to get sick myself, but I can't be more dangerous to others when those that have the shots have been proven to be guilty of passing it as well.
I know people that have had both shots and a booster and had the flu shot and died.
It does not prevent death.
I don't care what story is being passed around.
I've seen too much of the opposite.
And there's a similar situation, an individual in Boston who is on a heart transplant list.
He's now been removed from the heart transplant list because he is not vaccinated.
He hasn't gotten the COVID vaccine.
The problem is,
His doctors tell him, if you get this vaccine, you're gonna die!
Your heart's gonna fail!
So, so literally, if he gets the vaccine, he dies, and, but because he won't get the vaccine, he's gonna die because he can't have the heart transplant.
I mean, that's, that's basically medical-induced, prescribed death!
Which, again, makes you question what the motives are.
Are people, is population being limited or controlled because of this?
Well, that's what I want to get with you.
We're going to take a break here.
On the other side, when you look at all this, and you're in the crosshairs of it now too, not wanting to get a vaccine that's going to do harm to you and is not going to do anything good for you or others around you, what conclusions have you reached?
What are the motives?
What do you think is really going on here?
We are with Pastor Paul Isaacs here on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll answer these questions on the other side.
And again, we're with Dr. Paul Isaacs, and he's been a staff chaplain at Bay Health Hospital in Delaware for seven years.
He's been a pastor in the area for over 12 years.
He's had a vaccine injury in his past.
He cannot take another vaccine, but because he's not taking the ineffective, deadly vaccine, he can no longer do his work at the hospital.
He's one example of so many others.
And so, Doctor, going through all of this,
The madness, the hysteria, the nonsense, the illogic.
I mean, what conclusions are you reaching or what is kind of scrambling throughout your head trying to make sense of all this?
Well, I see it as government overreach.
I see it as power of bureaucracy denying people their faith.
Overruling their right to have a relationship with God, trying to be God in their place.
Anybody that curses on national TV, claims to be an expert, and takes the name of God in vain, is saying they're God.
We're facing idolatry, we're facing spiritual warfare, we're facing what I believe is the preparation for One World Church.
You're having people scared to death.
You know, when I hear from people that their doctors have told them if they go to church they can't be their doctor, that tells me people are making a choice between their physical limits and their spiritual life.
And the body is more than physical and mental, it's also spiritual.
We have been supported by Plaintree.
Plaintree says that the spiritual dynamic is just as important as the mental.
And the physical, I believe.
And I've been arguing for that, trying to stand for that.
And the spiritual dynamic that's related to the God I know found in the Bible that so many faiths believe in, like Judaism and Christianity and Islam and Mormons.
They all say that they believe in the Old Testament or the Bible.
And the principles that I'm standing on are foundational there.
They're found there.
And I could quote a bunch of scriptures to deal with that, as I did on my letter of resignation, to tell me that as a chaplain and pastor and committed Christian for many years and a pastor for over 40, and I've worked in hospitals and the military for over 17 years as a chaplain, to tell me that my faith is invalid unless it lines up with some particular religion.
That the hospital is deemed acceptable, to me that's religious discrimination.
So that's part of what's going on.
There's too much at stake here in terms of power ruling over people's lives.
There's too much at stake here in terms of people making money, fortunes, over the vaccine.
And forcing it on people is making somebody rich.
At the same time, we're risking, we're making people guinea pigs to risk their health, their sanity, their future.
People are being scared.
They're overwhelmed.
And I'm wondering sometimes if it's their reaction to fear is not contributed to because of what's in the vaccine.
I found after I had the flu vaccine that they gave me Bell's palsy that I'm still struggling with three months later, three and a half months later, that I couldn't think as well.
It affected my mind, not just my face and my mouth and my ability to speech speak.
And my smile was never great, but now my smile is crooked.
And it's just,
That there's something else in these shots that we don't know.
And we have a right to know!
There's supposed to be a Freedom of Information Act.
There's supposed to be what you call limitations or side effects that are supposed to be posted in all medications we get.
But we can't know what's in this shot.
And I've done research in the labs and found out that fetal tissues in them, which I'm conscientiously opposed to putting in my body,
We're finding animal things are in there, and I'm consciously opposed to putting that in my body, because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
We should not have to surrender to a government that tells us, we're going to give you something, we say it's for your good, but don't expect us to prove it.
You know, just Pfizer doesn't have to give evidence.
They're fighting giving evidence of what results have come from their testing and from the shots.
You know, people need to go to VAERS, V-A-E-R-S, and find out the number of injuries.
Thousands of injuries.
Thousands of deaths, I'm sorry.
Over 200,000 injuries.
People have had permanent disabilities.
People have gotten things like diabetes and dementia and have been permanently disabled.
Thank you for putting VAERS up.
The results are astonishing.
My understanding when they had testing for the AIDS, when I was in Alabama in the 90s, they had testing for the AIDS vaccine and when they had 20 or 50 entries, they quit giving it because it was too dangerous.
And then we're giving this to people and there's been over, last time I saw the VAERS report, there's over 15,000 deaths.
So don't tell me the shot is benign or it won't hurt you.
He can keep people who believe in Him alive.
Psalm 91 promises, if we make the Lord our tabernacle, our hiding place, our dwelling place, if we hide under the shelter of Him, He promises to keep us from the pestilence, from the epidemic, from the enemies.
We're faced by, surrounded by enemies right now, who are trying to rob us of peace and control our lives, and that's what's at stake.
And somebody's getting rich out of this, and getting overwhelmed with their own power and sense of importance, and they're trying to replace God.
That's what scripture tells me the Antichrist is, a replacement to God.
And that's what I believe is being laid as a foundation.
Yeah, and you know, I've reached the philosophical conclusion that government is satanic.
And when you talk about
Overwhelming belief in people that, oh, I'm going to die from this virus, so I have to change my whole lifestyle.
Oh, now I got to get this vaccine.
And then pharmaceutical companies, or the concept of Pharmakeia, becomes God.
Oh, pharmaceutical has saved my life.
You know, man-made medicine has saved my life.
And then what does that transfer to?
Oh, they are God.
They are the saviors.
And ultimately then replacing God, one world government, one world religion, praising Pharmakeia.
In the early church, Justin Martyr, who lived around the year 100, said the major enemy or threat to the church at that time was Asclepius, the God of Healing.
And the symbol for the God of Healing is a snake on a pole.
You ever seen that in the hospitals?
Or physicians wearing it?
Or nurses wearing it?
There you go!
Asclepius, God of Healing.
Well, I follow the Great Physician, and he's greater than the God of Healing.
Jesus Christ, he raised the dead.
He came back from the grave.
His healing, his deliverance from sin and death is eternal.
Much better than anything the world can offer us.
People are getting their focus off God and off the one who heals and delivers and saves.
And they're being told they have to follow man who can keep them alive.
Well, man's doing a terrible job.
So why are we trusting him?
It really is such an evil thing that's being done with these vaccines, and there doesn't seem to be any relenting.
But, you know, you're one example of thousands, sadly, of people whose lives are being severely altered or even ruined because of these vaccine mandates.
I want to thank you for joining us today, Dr. Isaacs.
Anything else you want to say before we let you go?
Thank you for the privilege of trying to share the truth.
Well, we need more men like you standing up and speaking out.
That's the only way to turn this thing around.
And that's why we're glad that you're doing it.
We're glad that this event is happening in Delaware tomorrow.
Again, if folks in Delaware want to be out there, 5 p.m.
tomorrow night across the street of the Bay Health Dover-Delaware Hospital there.
It's obviously peaceful, legal, lawful.
You can find more information at DelawareMFA.org.
And thank you for sharing your story with us today, Dr. Isaacs.
You're very welcome.
Thank you.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's just, you know, they want to humanize people.
Let's humanize Dr. Isaacs.
All right, we're going to get back into the news now.
But first, ladies and gentlemen, remember InfoWarsStore.com.
That's how everything we do here is possible, including getting the great guests on, like the guests we just had on, like our guests coming up.
Tricia Lindsey is going to be joining us today.
Great lawyer delivering powerful speeches at anti-mandate rallies.
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That's our goal here.
Alright, let's get back into the news though now.
Boy oh boy oh boy.
Let's look at some of this madness coming out here with the vaccines.
I mean, there's just so much of it and the response to COVID.
Psaki trashes Governor DeSantis for continuing to push for monoclonal antibody treatments after FDA blocks life-saving medicine from the state.
So, remember,
They blocked hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which saved lives.
They tried to block ivermectin that saves lives.
Now they're trying to block the monoclonal antibodies that save lives.
So it's literally a vaccine or death.
That's the official approach to COVID from our establishment and now our White House.
Vaccine or death.
There is nothing else.
There's only vaccines and there's only death.
For you.
And remember, this is our White House that wished us all dead just a month ago.
Remember that?
Saying for those that are unvaccinated, you're going to have a winter of pain and suffering and death.
Well, I'm still here.
So I guess your wishes of death upon me failed.
Sorry, Joe Biden.
Sorry, Jen Psaki.
I know you'd like us all to be dead, but we're not.
But boy oh boy, how sick, how sick is our political leadership and our health bureaucracies, how sick are they that they're literally blocking and making life-saving medical treatments illegal?
Why shouldn't you have the choice?
What happened to Donald Trump's Right to Try Act?
Where if you're sick and you want to try something, you have the right to try a medicine to save your life.
But not with COVID, which they try to act like it's the most deadliest thing on earth, but not with COVID!
I mean, how is this?
It's like, you say, how do they get away with this?
How can they be doing this?
They're evil people!
They're evil people, folks!
Oh, I can't even.
Oh my gosh.
I mean, you just look at Jen Psaki.
And you know, again, I've always kind of given Jen Psaki the benefit of the doubt.
I mean, what are you going to do?
You're the press secretary for the most corrupt
Political crime family, maybe in the history of this country, in the Bidens.
And you're supposed to somehow correct all the wrongs and the lies and the slurs and the stutters and the crapping of the pants of Joe Biden.
Like, yeah, that's a tough job, but she has to come out there and lie to the American public all day.
Just represent the hatred that this administration has for the American public all day.
So yeah, we're going to look at Jen Psaki as a face and a voice of total evil.
But she chose the job, so you can't say that she didn't have a choice, because she did.
She chose to be the voice of evil.
She chose to be the face of evil.
She likes it.
I just can't even, that's what I'm saying is just, like I need to move on and cover other news stories, but this is it.
I mean, this is like checkmate.
You sick bastards are stopping life-saving treatment.
You sick freaks!
And that's my problem is, I know I need to just cover the other news and just move on.
I can't move on!
You sick psychos are killing people!
You sick freaks are killing people and smiling about it, and I'm just supposed to move on.
Again, if you approach this from a universal, logical perspective, and took all of their words at face value, okay, COVID is so deadly, you're all gonna die if you get it.
Okay, well then, I have the right to try, and you'd think you'd want to try anything and everything that might work.
And if it works to save your life, well, why wouldn't you try it?
Why wouldn't you go for it?
But no, see, there's where the logic ends.
No, you can only take the vaccine or die.
That's it.
Ivermectin works, we ban it.
Hydroxychloroquine and zinc works, we ban it.
I mean, and all of these things are well known for years.
Monoclonal antibody treatment works, they ban it.
Boy, it's like they want you dead.
So let's just, let me just, let me just move on from the news that our government wants us dead.
Let me just move on from the revelation that your government wants you to die.
That's fun.
That's fun, that's one, but I just gotta move on.
It's not over.
Experts say new Omicron strain could prolong pandemic.
Oh yes, there'll always be a new strain.
There'll always be a new pandemic.
It's never ending.
In fact, there was another individual that said,
That your multiple generations into the next centuries are going to be dealing with COVID.
Wow, thanks Fauci.
Thanks Peter Daszak.
Thanks Chinese Communists for making the virus that apparently is going to be here forever, making us all slaves to the New World Order.
Uh, death or vaccine, which is really just death.
It's really just death, period, because the vaccine is killing people too.
Governor Hoechlin's mask mandate back in effect after New York State Appellate Judge Grant's emergency stay.
So this is how it goes.
A judge declares that it's illegal, you can't force people to take an experimental vaccine, you can't force people to wear a face covering that restricts their breathing.
It's totally illegal, it's totally unconstitutional, so what do they do?
They find a Democrat judge that puts it right back into place.
Like the sick freaks that they are.
Yeah, I want you to wear a mask 24-7.
I want you to take a vaccine every month.
And I'm gonna make you do it.
Cause I love you.
We love you.
We're gonna give you an experimental vaccine and we're gonna lie about it too.
And we're gonna make you wear that face mask.
Yeah, it's cause we love you.
I love you so much I'm just gonna poison you.
I'm gonna poison you and poison you.
And keep poisoning you until you die.
And I'm gonna find the judges that back me up.
And I'm gonna find the members of the media that back me up.
And we're all gonna team up to kill you.
Because we love you so much.
See, I, like, have to go into, like, a character mode and, like, force myself to change my voice and, like, the looks and the expressions on my face.
That's what Kathy Hochul looks like 24-7.
I mean, she looks like a damn evil villain-demon.
Just like all of them.
Like Pelosi.
I mean, they look like what they are!
Thank you, God!
Thank you, Lord God above the Creator!
For giving us the visual representation of what these people are.
Man in Boston kicked off heart transplant lists for not being vaccinated, but guess what?
If he gets the vaccine, he'll die!
Because he'll get myocarditis, and everybody knows the vaccine is causing heart inflammation, and all these different heart problems, and so they said, you get the vaccine, it's gonna kill ya, but oh, because you won't get the vaccine, you're gonna have to die.
We love you!
We love you!
We love you!
Government is satanic.
Government is satanic.
Government is satanic.
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You want to take my children into a room and give them a snicker bar and some damn fries?
And talk about come get this vaccine?
You can't come out to kidnap me!
That's what it is!
You don't have control of my children, you don't have control of me!
They shut our doors and try to give us God Fauci!
To hell with God Fauci!
Churches are surrendering their pulpits to the demonic hunkle!
I'm not coming to your church!
You're not getting my time!
Are you crazy?
Take your children out of school.
I'm a former educator, 24 years.
They stopped teaching them years ago.
You just didn't know.
You just didn't know.
Education went to hell years ago.
They taught them compliance.
They stopped teaching them to think.
Analytical thought went out the window with state exams.
Those state exams are just being used to track your children, to determine who's going to college, to train them to support this God-forsaken system.
All the rest, they're going elsewhere.
They have pushed their thing to prison.
I don't care how you look at it, but if you're in corporate America, you're imprisoned by your lifestyle.
If you're in the government, you're imprisoned by your child with good benefits.
You understand?
If you are on subsidy, you're imprisoned by their benefits.
We have to get out their system, pull yourself out, pull your dollars out, and level it!
That was Tricia Lindsey and the power of the seismic waves from that epic speech were felt all across the internet.
And Tricia joins me now, she's going to be with me for the next half hour.
You know, we've got just a couple minutes here before the break and then the long segment's coming up, but you know, I think the most amazing thing, and correct me if I'm wrong,
But the most amazing thing about that speech was that it just came from the heart.
It came from the soul.
You didn't write anything down.
You didn't have a teleprompter in front of you.
You just came out with what was in your soul.
I literally had gotten, I think I got off a plane the night before.
Got in maybe at about one o'clock in the morning.
I didn't even have time to really look over anything.
I jumped in my car and drove to Albany.
Got there and was told you're on in 20 minutes.
You're up in I think 15 to 20 minutes.
So I didn't have time to think.
So I just spoke from my heart.
I just spoke about the things that
Have just been in my mind and what I've observed and just my opinions.
And so it came completely out of my heart.
And, you know, for me, and I would say for most people, that was the first time we ever heard from you or heard you speak.
I mean, how actively had you been speaking out against the mandates and the medical tyranny in the state of New York?
I have spoken a few times, by now, if anyone Googles me or looks on different platforms, I do have speeches out there.
I don't film myself and post, but there have been a number of people who have posted it, and so now, you know, I have people that are capturing the videos, you know, just so I can have a copy of it, and because people ask.
But I have been involved in it since the beginning, maybe.
I would say since the beginning.
Thank you.
They would call on me to speak or to address certain issues.
But that event in Albany was, I think, one of the, not that none were important before, but that was one of the more important rallies because of where it took place, right?
We're in the state capitol and because it was the opening of the legislative session.
So it was major and I just thought that they needed to just hear everything.
And I'm, you know, just trying, I'm just trying to call people into action.
Not just gathering information.
Giving information is vital.
And that needs to be, you know, transferred.
The information that I have and that a number of us have has to be transferred to the larger public.
And then we have to call them into action.
Something has to be done.
Well, and what I see, and this is, I mean, it's well documented throughout American history, is that when you deliver a powerful speech like that, it motivates other people.
It gets other people
Uh, the confidence that they need when they see people, uh, speaking with such conviction, speaking truth to power.
That gives them the motivation to stand up and do what's right too.
Tricia Lindsey is with us for two more segments.
Looking forward to talking with her and getting her legal take on all this tyranny as well.
And we are joined by civil rights lawyer and also very well studied and experienced in other forms of law as well.
Tricia Lindsey runs her own law firm in New York, but outspoken against the medical tyranny and everything that's happened in New York since the beginning of COVID.
has been delivering multiple powerful speeches but one that really rocks the internet world from the new york capital in albany just a few weeks ago and uh... trisha joins me now i want to get your legal take on what we're seeing like for example we just recently the uh... unelected governor of new york with her mask mandate it gets rejected and shut down by a court of law and then another judge says no wait we're gonna keep the mask mandate i mean on your
On your legal map, where does all this stand?
I mean, what legal precedent is there to force people to wear a facial covering that restricts their breathing?
There is no legal precedent.
It doesn't even have scientific precedent, to be honest with you.
And I can say that because I have a science background.
My first degree is in nursing and I taught biology for, I don't know, 20 years or so?
15 plus years?
So that's interesting.
A biology teacher would tell you that you need air to breathe and you need your nasal passageways to not be interfered with.
I mean, it's like forcing people to have asthma.
You're forcing people to breathe back in the poison that should be released from their bodies.
When I walk around and I watch people coughing, I mean, severely, in masks, and that's not allowed out.
Our atmosphere is set up to cleanse itself.
We have trees, we have the oxygen, the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle that's set up to cleanse and clean our air, right?
And if you look at the mandates, it doesn't even make sense.
You walk into a restaurant with a mask on, and then you sit at your table and remove the mask.
So the virus is only, it will only attack you as you're walking into the restaurant.
And when you take off the mask and sit at your table, it's going to remain at the table with you, even though it's said to be an airborne virus.
It just does not make any sense.
And there is no legal precedent.
And the governor knows it, and all the legislators know it, because we have to have informed consent in this country.
And the masks, as well as the vaccines, as well as the tests, are still in the emergency use authorization status.
And so they have not been licensed and approved.
And once it remains in that status, then we have to be able, we are the citizens, have a right to reject it.
To reject its use or to accept it.
But it has to be informed.
And at the end of the day, to require someone to wear a mask, I don't care if they even make it into a law, that law has to be repealed.
Because you cannot force someone to restrict their breathing.
Breathing is something that is necessary.
It is a necessary form of life.
Oxygen is necessary.
It's a necessary element, a necessary gas in our body.
All right?
Our body functions and needs certain things to intake, to take in, to carry out life processes.
So when you're saying,
No, and you're restricting our intake of oxygen and our ability to release other poisons such as carbon dioxide and other things, then you're pretty much subjecting someone to death.
You're subjecting them to sickness, right?
The very thing that you're trying to stop is what you're actually causing.
Well, and I think most people would have to admit, I mean, aside from maybe the most deranged among us, people would have to admit that, yeah, it makes no sense.
You walk into the restaurant with the mask and then you take it off to sit down or put it back on when you get up to go to the bathroom or, you know, whatever the nonsensical procedures are.
But of course it gets enforced because of government, because of these medical bureaucracies.
And so then restaurants are in fear that, oh, they're going to get shut down, or they're going to get fined, or they're going to get punished if they don't obey.
And so then they have to force these nonsensical measures onto their customers.
And then their customers are sick of it.
And then eventually the customers don't want to go back because they're sick of it.
And then eventually the restaurants have to close down because they're not getting any business.
I mean, this is what we've learned throughout human history.
This is why we reject communism.
Once big government gets involved in our free market, the free market dies!
And what people don't understand is the power that they have.
We, the citizens in this country, have more power than what we're utilizing.
We literally have the power and the authority to abolish the government if it fails to carry out the functions for which it was created, and to create a new government.
And I am so serious about that.
And we just need to go back to the documents that founded this country, you know, that have been amended to include certain things, but were formed and put measures in place to ensure that the government would not be able to usurp its authority.
And if they did, there were measures in place that we could now implement in order to get a hold of it, to control it, and to stop it.
We just have to take back our power.
Well, and it's amazing that we have to sit here and say things like, hey, you know, the Bill of Rights is good, the Declaration of Independence is good, breathing oxygen is good, but we're now in this scenario where it's like we have to refresh this, we have to remind ourselves of this, because we just look around at society, and it just seems to be breaking down and going crazy, and it's like, hey, remember, you need to breathe oxygen, hey, remember, you're a free citizen of this country, your government cannot oppress you like this, and it's sad that we have to have
What should be just elementary conversations but on this platform because this is the craziness of society we're dealing with now.
Absolutely, and it's even crazy because most people don't even know, they don't have the information that we do discuss, right?
Schools are not teaching this information.
Most kids are not coming out of school understanding the basics of the founding of this country.
And that's coming out of elementary school and even high school.
And unless you particularly go and take a course specific
To getting this information, you won't even get it in college.
And so, government has taken over education, it's infiltrated its way into every area of our life, and it has dumbed it down.
That's what it has done.
And it has manipulated it and changed it for their purposes and to benefit them, not the people, which is contrary, completely contrary to their purpose.
What of this stalemate?
It seems that we have a stalemate here because I could ask you, I could say, hey, what legal action can people take?
But the legal action has been taken.
I mean, the mask mandate was banned from New York City.
And then just one judge just comes about and says, nope, we are going to have the mask mandate.
So so what do you make of this legal stalemate, this back and forth of, hey, no masks, OK, yes, masks, OK, no masks, OK, yeah.
I mean, it's just with every one of these covid issues.
I thank God for the judges that are bold enough to take a stand, but I am also very careful.
When I read their rulings, and I said I had to read it more in depth.
I wanted to go back over it and read it more in depth.
But one thing I noticed in it, the judge made reference, which is very true, that it takes the legislators, right, to impose this, to make a law, pretty much, and to be able to impose this.
And so at the way it stands right now, the mandates don't have the rule of law.
They don't have the power of law.
And so Harkle,
Thank you.
Because when I read it, I said, the next step is going to be legislation behind this.
They're going to try to turn this into a law.
They're going to make a law surrounding this so that when people break the law, now you become subject to the judicial system.
And at that point, your freedoms are lost based upon our 13th Amendment and how it was written, the loophole.
And so we have to be very careful.
I am happy when I see the rulings because it shows that there is someone that has the fortitude to do what is right, but I'm also very careful.
Because I watch to see the steps and what's coming next.
And the inconsistent rulings can show that the law is there and everyone else is violating the law and that's why you're having inconsistent rulings coming out of the court.
But the inconsistency can also be created to get it.
To the legislatures so that they can now create this law which shuts down all this conversation and all this debate and now you're going to be dealing with this from another angle and from a higher level.
And so we have to be careful, and we have to get involved with what's going on.
The legislative session is open, and there are tons of bills on the floor that are seeking to pretty much wipe away our rights.
And the population has to get involved, the communities have to get involved.
We have to... And in the meantime, the citizens are in this whirlpool of madness.
We've got to go to break, but we'll be right back with Attorney Tricia Lindsey.
Don't go anywhere.
Thank God for great people like Tricia Lindsey who are speaking up, making their voices heard.
And I wanted to ask her now, what is it like in New York?
I mean, because you obviously have some pushback against these mandates, but I mean, what does the scoreboard look like?
What does kind of the team layout look like?
I mean, are there a bunch of lawyers jumping on board?
I mean, is there a lot of pushback on the governor?
Does she even care if there's pushback?
Is she just going to have her will no matter what with the medical tyranny?
I mean, and then ultimately, I fear that, you know, New York will kind of be set as the example for the rest of the states.
Maybe it doesn't make it to other states, but I think that that's the goal.
So, I mean, where do you think it stands in New York right now when it comes to the medical tyranny versus the freedom of choice battle that's happening?
I think more and more people are waking up.
I think they're getting motivated.
You have a number of rallies that are planned that I've been seeing coming across my phone and my email that are being planned.
I believe there's one even happening right now or it took place yesterday.
Yeah, I can't even keep up.
It's like every day.
Yes, exactly.
And I'll get the invitations to come, but I can't be at the rallies, otherwise I won't have a practice anymore.
So I can't be everywhere.
But there are a number of people that are pushing back at Governor Honko and at the local politicians, our local leaders, because they realize that something is wrong.
The inconsistent rulings out of the court helps with that too, as well as the inconsistent reports coming across the television.
They're using mainstream media to pretty much brainwash people and to spread fear and propaganda into them.
But now with all the inconsistencies that are coming across the screen, it's causing people to think that weren't thinking before.
And so they're waking up another section of the population that are saying, wait a minute, this doesn't make any sense.
And now with the mask mandate being lifted, you have whole school districts that are planning to walk out.
Teachers, parents are getting involved and saying, not anymore.
We're not doing this anymore to our children.
And so as that spreads, as that starts to happen, then the momentum will continue to drive, will continue to move.
But I know that in New York, people are waking up.
Restaurant owners are having a hard time because, I mean, let's face it, the vaccinated were going out before, but like your
They said on this prior to the start of my interview, vaccinated people are getting tired of going out and having to show cards.
They're getting tired of being asked and they're getting tired of being separated because I've been invited to a few events in New York City and I say I can't go and I'm not going because I'm not getting vaccinated.
I'm not carrying a card.
I'm not answering to that and I'm not going to any establishment that is supporting
I understand there were a number of business owners that went and met with the new mayor and said, we can't do this anymore.
We cannot take this anymore.
We're losing business.
We're going to shut down.
We're not going to make it through.
And I heard it through the grapevine.
I didn't check it, but I heard it through the grapevine today that they are planning possibly on giving another bailout to the restaurants.
Which is going to be crazy.
Where's all this money coming from?
There is no money in the economy.
And they're taking our taxpayer dollars and giving it to businesses so that they can continue to oppress the people that are supporting them.
It's just madness.
But people are waking up.
The momentum is growing.
And I believe we are going to succeed.
I know we're going to succeed.
We just have to hold the line.
We just have to stand strong.
And I know it's easier for some people to say it than others because a number of people have lost their jobs.
People, you know, are on the verge of losing their homes.
But it's taking us back to the basics and it's causing an awakening to happen.
And so we just have to hold the line, help and support each other.
Don't fight with people.
I don't argue with people about my stance on the vaccine or the mandates or anything if they are just so far gone.
And that it's going to be a debate.
I love them from a distance.
I pray for them and I hope that they wake up.
But if not, I leave them alone and I wish them well.
You know what I mean?
But we are there.
The population is waking up and we are going to win this.
Haku Party doesn't care because most of them are arrogant, right?
They have the backing of whoever it is.
These nefarious people sitting in high places.
But what I know is that every high place eventually will come down and they will be made low.
Yeah, I agree.
Good ultimately defeats evil every time.
Sometimes it takes longer than other times.
That's because people are overall good.
I do believe that.
Now, when you see stories like this, and there's dozens of them now, man in Boston kicked off heart transplant list for not being vaccinated.
He literally cannot get the vaccine because of the side effects on the heart could kill him.
So now he's been sentenced to death because he won't get the vaccine and now he doesn't get a heart transplant.
I mean, aside from just the clear evil here, from a legal standpoint, what goes through your head as an attorney when you see such discrimination?
That every person involved in that situation are going to be held liable for whatever happens to that man.
And I pray he makes it through.
But every single person, down to the doctor that refused to treat him, will be held liable.
And they all need to be locked up in a prison and throw the key away.
Because who in the world gave them the power and authority to decide who lives and who dies?
Who deserves life and who deserves death?
We have lost our minds in this country and that's why we have to hold the line and that's why we also have to unplug and pull out of their system.
I met a doctor or two doctors last week and they had been terminated.
From their hospitals and one person I think was terminated from Kaiser and I said we'll go build a new Kaiser.
We have to unplug.
We need to stop.
I tell people don't go to the hospitals because once you go to the hospital, there's no guarantee that you'll come back out alive.
So don't go and unfortunately, that's where we are right now.
So every doctor that has been separated from their institution every nurse.
Every teacher.
We now need to create our own institutions.
Get back.
Doctors need to start going to people's homes.
You have a medical license to treat.
You don't have to treat them in a hospital.
Treat them in their homes.
Go and visit people.
Get back to grassroots.
That's what we have to do.
That's where medicine started.
There's no problem with that right now.
The wealthy do it all the time.
They don't have to go to a hospital all the time.
They have their medical doctors come and see them at home and they treat them at home.
Let's figure something out.
We are not
Slaves to this system, but we don't have to be slaves to this system.
We can make a choice to do something different and to unplug.
And that's what this is pushing us to do.
Because when you see situations like that, who wants to go to a hospital where someone is going to look at you and say, you're unvaccinated.
So now you cannot be treated.
That's going back to the black codes.
That's going back to the slave passport.
That to me is going back to the Holocaust.
And I don't care what the media wants to say that we're comparing this to the Holocaust.
Read the history.
Read what took place years ago in the history of this country and in Germany and everywhere else.
And there's no one that can debate that this is very similar to what took place.
No, that's why they say those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
And we're in the process of repeating it all right now.
Trisha Lindsay, I know you're obviously busy running your law practice there.
Is there any way you could do one more segment with me?
That would be wonderful, because I'd also like to get into the crime spree that's happening in New York right now, and get your take on that, because that doesn't seem to be going away.
Alright, so Tricia Lindsey, a great interview, gonna do one more segment with us on the other side.
Folks, tell your friends and family to tune in.
I know you can't share all the links, but we got futurenews.news.
You can still share that link to the livestream.
Tricia Lindsey is with us.
She is an attorney based out of New York.
She's been very outspoken against the medical tyranny that her state
Has been enduring, but I want to switch to another topic, which I think is very important as well.
Maybe not as important as the medical tyranny and the long-term precedents that could be set with that, but very important for the people of New York, specifically New York City.
What they're going through with these crime rates right now, and it's so bad that you've now had an activist who has put fake blood outside New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg's Manhattan office to protest policies amid crime surge.
Now, of course, that activist has now been arrested.
I'm sure that that, or should I say,
Yeah, I'm sure that that didn't come directly from Alvin Bragg's office to have that individual arrested.
Because, you know, when liberals and Democrats go out and do their protesting, nobody seems to mind.
Or when violent criminals go out and do their thing, the District Attorney Bragg doesn't seem to mind either.
So, I mean, what is your take on this rampant spike of crime in New York City, and the leaders there are the ones that are allowing this to happen?
I mean, it's their policies that are allowing this to happen.
How do they not see that?
How do they not see half of what's happening and what they've been doing for the past year and a half, two years, right?
And even before that, let's be real.
But the spike in the crime in New York, I think there are a number of things going on.
The policies, of course, absolutely.
But I also say,
That what, when you have now removed people from work, you've taken away their livelihood, you have shut schools down, you have shut down medical services, you've shut down, people are not getting treated for psychological issues that they have, they are not being treated for their emotional disabilities that they have, and so you just have a population that's pretty much just gone wild.
I know, I knew of someone
He passed away maybe two months ago.
I knew him for a brief time.
And he was a young man who was actually one of the victims of a crime, a random crime.
He had, he became homeless.
I didn't even know when he became homeless.
Um, and he was attacked on a train and stabbed while he was sleeping.
He was going from, I think, going from one job to the next, fell asleep, and someone came in a train and stabbed him.
And I believe they arrested the person that it was.
And it was someone who suffered from, from psychological, um,
But this person, when was the last time this person was treated?
When was the last time this person received the services that they need to deal with their issues?
And so you have a number of things that are happening.
The entire state is upside down, or the city of New York is upside down.
There's too much uncertainty.
There's a lot of frustration.
There's a lot of anger.
The politicians, the leaders are not responding to the people's cries and what needs to happen.
And so you're going to have a city in chaos.
Not to mention, I think a lot of times, depending on who, what's going on, I believe sometimes the perception wants to be created as well, because there's something going on in New York where
I believe there is a push to get rid of the working class and the middle class families and population parts of New York and for the wealthy to take over certain areas.
And so in order to do that, you have to create this perception and this heightened fear to get people to jump up and run and just to leave.
And so I think there is some sort of property confiscation that's happening as well.
So there are a number of things that are happening in my opinion.
In my opinion.
And we are seeing the mass exodus of New York City specifically but obviously that that results in the state losing mass numbers of their population and and for good reason I would say whether it's the medical tyranny or the violent crime specifically if you're in New York City it's just completely unbearable now you as a attorney obviously you understand criminal psychology so what do you think is being what do you think is
I'm not sure if I see necessarily that.
I'm sure that is part, you know, for some.
I don't know.
And this whole uproar that's happening behind these mandates, you have less and less people that are working, right?
So you have less police officers that are on the street because of what's happening.
And then again, with one moment, one judge,
Stays or stops the mandates and then another judge comes in and lifts to stay.
There's just this whole back and forth situation that's happening.
And so there's no consistency happening in the city.
People, everyone is distracted.
And so there is an opportunity for those that would like to take advantage.
So with in in light of that, absolutely.
And then, of course, with the they have relaxed
You know, the criminal justice system with who's going to be held in custody versus who will be released, depending on the type of crime that's committed and so on and so forth.
Judges are inundated with what's happening.
There's not enough staffing within the courts.
And so it's just everything is swelling.
It's just everything is boiling over.
And that's what's happening.
And when you have something like that, when you have chaos, of course it leaves open opportunity for those that would like to take advantage of the system to do so.
From an outsider's perspective, and I can understand how this perspective could be a little inaccurate, but from an outsider's perspective, from here in Texas I'll say, it seems to me that there's more law enforcement or there's more willingness from law enforcement to go after people that go into buildings or museums or restaurants without a vaccine passport than there is motivation to go after actual criminals that do harm to people.
That's what it looks like from the rest of the country.
Is that accurate?
And that's what I'm saying.
The distraction, right?
We're worried more about masks and vaccines than what's going on.
So if I'm a criminal, this is prime opportunity for me to do whatever I need to do.
Because, like you said, if I get caught, depending on the crime that I've committed, I'm likely going to be released on my own recognizance.
Depending on the crime, I'm not even going to get bail, right?
Because there's all these other alternatives, which does serve our criminal justice system in light of its inequities and disparities and things of that nature, and the discrimination that is historical within our criminal justice system.
But at this particular time,
With the distractions, the lack of staffing, and then you have the distraction where police officers are responding to calls of people not wearing masks and not wanting to produce a vaccine passport.
I mean, look at the lady who was arrested.
I think it was last week or two weeks ago, in a wheelchair because she was going into Bubba Gump's shrimp restaurant down in Manhattan.
You're wasting resources going to get, to arrest a woman in a wheelchair who was looking, who already has issues with accessibility to a number of facilities and places in the city.
You're going to arrest her and you wasted resources.
Called for a van to come and pick her up because she's in a wheelchair to take her down and process her.
I don't
Who was trying to take her daughter to the Museum of Natural History.
They arrested her and then took her, put her in a car, one police car, and then put her daughter in another police car.
Nine years old.
Why would you traumatize a nine-year-old like that?
You arrest her, you put her in the back of a police car and escort her down to one police plaza or wherever they took her?
That's ridiculous.
So again, if I'm a criminal and I'm watching all of this take place, this is wonderful opportunity.
This is prime opportunity for me to do whatever it is that I didn't think to do before or to just continue to do what I'm doing because the police are completely distracted.
Our mayor is completely distracted.
They're running around trying to impose illegal mandates on the healthiest members of society.
Thank you.
Yes, that's the clip.
On the healthiest members of society and on members of the society, period.
That's illegal.
And then if they don't comply with these illegal mandates, then you're arresting them?
Trisha Lindsay, thank you so much.
All right, we're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
We may be hearing from Alex before it's all said and done.
Jay Dyer hosting the fourth hour coming up.
And then I'll be back again hosting the War Room today.
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Okay, where to go from here?
I got all these different stacks of news.
Let's just go right into this one.
Rand Paul was on, I guess it's officially the new show on Fox News now.
I think it just launched this week.
But I believe that Jesse Watters now has a new show, I think it's called Jesse Watters Primetime?
I'm not sure where the schedule has been changed there.
I know that they moved Jeanine Pirro to the five for all time.
And that Jesse Watters is now hosting a primetime show.
I guess that was kind of the mixed bag that they were kind of rotating new talent in and out of.
It's now going to be Jesse Watters' primetime.
Good for Jesse.
Good for Jesse.
And he had Rand Paul on last night.
And Rand Paul gives advice on what to do when confronted by crazy lunatic mask people.
And of course, he's seen the crazy lunatic liberal fringe assault him, and so now he sees kind of a new fringe of the fringe, and that's the mask cultists.
And you know, it's crazy, folks, because, you know, I...
I mean, I'm on air six days a week, okay?
And we're cramming seven hours of content, essentially, into three hours on air.
So, you can imagine the amount of these videos that I've seen, and if you watch every day, that you've seen of these masked Nazis running around harassing people.
I mean, I've got full videos.
In fact, let me just change lanes here, because
It ties into this, but aside from the insanity that you've seen with some of these videos of the masked Nazis harassing people in elevators, harassing people in grocery stores and restaurants and out on the streets, I mean, just psychotic behavior.
I mean, again, a functioning civilization would recognize this as psychotic behavior and immediately institutionalize these people
Thanks for watching.
The headline on Infowars.com, shock videos, teachers segregate and punish unmasked students in blue states.
So now they're doing open segregation in the classrooms for kids to witness.
But it's not just that.
We've seen the videos.
They're obviously Democrat liberals, folks.
It's just, come on, let's just call it what it is.
Let's just call a spade a spade here.
Democrat liberal teachers will go up to students who don't wear their masks properly and literally tape the mask to their face.
I've seen this at least five times.
And it's on video.
I mean, that should be, you should be fired immediately and never be allowed to teach in a school ever again when you do something like that.
That is so inhumane.
But that's what Liberal Democrat teachers are doing to kids that don't wear the mask properly.
And they harass little kids over their masks.
Put it on right.
Put it on right.
Oh, I'm gonna tape it to your face now.
Oh, now I'm gonna come up and manhandle you.
And now they're segregating their students?
And then you have these Democrat liberals that run these institutions at times, not just engaging in the mask Nazi torture, not just engaging in the segregation, but they're also engaging in forced medication!
Forced medication!
Undercover footage.
Students film as school COVID clinic vaccinates children without parental consent.
This was in Colorado.
And look, you know this is not an isolated incident.
You know this is happening at other schools run by these crooked, illogical, psychotic Democrats.
And they told the parents, because they heard about this, and they said, oh, no, no, no, no.
We promise
We're not vaccinating any kids at the school.
We're not doing it without your consent.
Don't worry about that.
And then, and then they're actually doing it the whole time, and the children are filming undercover video of them doing it.
I mean, thank God for these kids that have the wherewithal, not even trained as journalists, but trained in technology, you know, growing up with the imperial probe droid in their pocket with the camera.
I remember, I mean, I remember the first camera phone came out.
I was probably in high school.
And, you know, it's just horrible quality, but, you know, you had it.
But it's like, they've grown up with the supercomputer in their pocket with this technology, so they had the wherewithal to say, hey, let's, they said they weren't vaccinating us without the consent of the parents, they are, let's just go film it and show our parents what's going on.
And so they caught them doing it.
I mean, that's what I'm saying.
It's like, think about how sick that is.
Think about how sick these people are.
They torture kids with the masks.
They physically, physically assault them with the masks.
They segregate their classrooms based on mask or vaccination status.
And then without parental consent, they will give children vaccines.
I mean, that's like fire offense one, fire offense two, fire offense three.
Like every offense is fireable.
Like these people should not be allowed anywhere near hospitals.
Yeah, and you got all these crazed lunatic teachers that upload their videos to TikTok.
I don't even know what this one is.
Just throw it into the stack of them all.
Believe me, you don't want these people anywhere near your children.
Ohio school lunchroom monitor caught on camera bullying and forcing nine-year-old student to eat food taken out of the garbage as principal watched.
Who do you think they voted for?
How do you think they feel about masks and vaccines?
Where do you think they fall on the political spectrum?
Well, given the circumstantial evidence, and it's liberal Democrats that are torturing kids in schools, I'm going to go ahead and make a safe bet here that these were liberals that were bullying a young student and made him eat trash.
Because they love you so much!
So it's not just liberal Democrats in the education system that want to force your kids to wear a mask all day, and if they don't do it right, they'll physically assault them.
They're now laughing as they make children eat garbage.
Not even kidding you.
That's a real story.
We just covered it.
You can't even believe it, but it's on the monitors.
It's on the cameras.
They're vaccinating children without the parental consent.
I mean, that's, that's, I mean, that's so illegal.
I don't know how people aren't being arrested for that.
They're segregating their classrooms based on vaccination and mask status.
This is what liberal Democrats are doing to the education system.
And so, but here's what, here's what they do understand.
They need to target the youth.
They need to indoctrinate the youth because that's the only way their synthetic power structure can maintain and exist in the future, is to brainwash the children.
And so this is now what they're doing.
The American Federation of Teachers partners with News Literacy Tool for students to filter content and combat misinformation.
I mean, we all know what that means, right?
Should I give you a translation?
Liberals are partnering with liberals to brainwash and indoctrinate students of the American education system.
Or, you know, I need to be better.
I'm bad.
Because I told myself this consciously.
Stop calling these people liberals.
They are not.
Even in the modern day understanding of liberalism, they're still beyond being liberals.
These are fascists.
These are authoritarians.
That's what they are.
So let me just rephrase that of my own rephrasing.
Fascists are teaming up with authoritarians to make sure they can indoctrinate students of America's education system.
That's what's going on here.
I've been a little perturbed lately thinking about something, because I've just been confused, wondering, you know, where do these people get their information?
How did they end up so brainwashed?
How did they end up with no common sense or logic or reasoning left?
Like, how did they end up being complete psychotic morons, you know, running around on the streets, praising vaccines, praising the masks?
Hating their fellow humans, hating Americans, loving the lies that they fall for.
It's like, how did they get like this?
Because they're not watching the news.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, they're not getting this from the news.
They're not following news.
They're not tuning into CNN.
They're not tuning into MSNBC.
They're not tuning into nightly news.
How did they end up like this?
Because we all just assume
It's the fake news indoctrination.
It's the fake news that's doing this to them because we just see the fake news and make the accurate connection of, okay, here's what the fake news is saying, and then here's what the liberal left in America is doing.
Okay, those two things are attached at the hip, but they're not actually watching the news.
And this is something Darren McBreen has been saying for a while, but it really hit me the other day.
Where do these people get their information?
How do these people get so brainwashed?
It really is the celebrity culture, is what it is.
They're tuning in to their favorite celebrities, and that's where they get information!
They're tuning in to the Hollywood liberal elite, telling them a bunch of uninformed, uneducated, misinformed bullcrap, and they really believe it, and they really suck it up!
Because like the new studies have revealed, people that follow celebrity lifestyles are the dumbest people on the planet.
So yeah, they follow their favorite celebrities for news, or they watch late night talk shows that's comedy pretending to be real news, but it's not even comedy or news, it's propaganda, and they really believe all of it.
And that's how they've gotten like this.
And it's just so sad to watch their demise.
And, you know, we've tried to help them long enough, but eventually, if somebody doesn't want help, and they want to drown in the ocean, I guess you just have to let them drown?
Or do you still try to help them, even though they might pull you down with them?
But I mean, now they're involved in torturing children, and brainwashing and propagandizing children, so they must be stopped.
Well, here we are in the year 2022, and InfoWars is now more important than it's ever been.
We are truly in the zeitgeist.
I want to thank you all for keeping us on the air, and I want to encourage you to take advantage of a true win-win situation, or a 360 win, as I've called it, at InfoWarsTour.com.
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Both these are available at InfoWarshore.com and Brain Force Plus is back in stock as well at 40% off.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know, we've covered a lot of the writings of the elite.
And one thing that I did many, many years ago, back before I had to cover many more that I've covered since then, was a Ten Commandments of the Luciferian elite.
What about the idea that
Helping us to understand their program through their own weird inverted version of the Ten Commandments.
So today's discussion, we're going to kind of walk through dozens of these texts and look at what's the common ten-point program, the evil inverted Luciferian Ten Commandments that the global elite actually have that they're all united upon.
When we look back through a hundred years of their writings or so,
We find out there is a continuity of agenda, a continuity of plan over those decades, over that century, amongst these texts.
And it kind of functions as a ten points that you can't disagree with.
There might be debates amongst the elite at the Bilderberg Group, at the steering committee meetings.
There might be discussions and arguments and different little mini factions vying for power and this and that.
But for the long-term goal, for the long-term plan, what are the 10 agreement points, the 10 commandments, the dogmas of the elite that you may not question, you may not doubt?
And I put together what I think are about 10 key points across dozens of texts that are undisputed.
They're in every book, right?
Every text discusses these.
So we're going to go through these point by point, and I'm going to pull out some of the main texts and show you.
But I'm not making this up.
It's all there.
It's all public, and has been for a long time.
The first global commandment of the elite is, what's one of the dogmas, the Luciferian elite, not the Nicene Creed, the Luciferian elite.
Number one is,
A global government, yes.
The last hundred years, the Global Elite have openly advocated for and planned for a global government on models somewhat on the ashes of the British Empire.
So, the old British imperial model, which was at one point called, I think, Lord Lionel Curtis, one of the Global Elites, he wrote a book called The Commonwealth of God.
The idea here being that this Commonwealth
Yeah, excuse me, I've had a flu for the last week, so I'm just getting over that, but the idea was that we could have this Commonwealth of God, I don't know what God he's talking about, probably not the God of the Bible, right?
Some other kind of God, the Luciferian God, and this Commonwealth would be one which would take the ideas of liberal democracy as a cloak or as a cover.
And there's a famous book that discusses this, written by none other than
Dr. Carol Quigley, not his Big Fat Tragedy and Hope that we've covered for many years, but his other book that's equally as important that goes into the history of Chatham House and Pratt House and the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner network of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, The Anglo-American Establishment.
In The Anglo-American Establishment, we have what is kind of the
Superstructure of how this conspiracy worked a hundred years ago.
Now things are a little different nowadays.
We're not totally identical to this old British imperial model.
It's morphed into the Pax Americana, but this is the network that essentially reintegrated the United States into the Anglo-American establishment to create that Western power bloc, which is right now what is essentially the New World Order.
Quickly gives us a structure that is at the top you had a Rhodes Rothschild Milner elite and this is called the Society of the Elect and this was a secret society that Cecil Rhodes had kind of cooked up to be kind of modeled on something like Freemasonry and the Jesuits.
Now, I'm not saying that it's a Jesuit and Masonic conspiracy in this sense.
This is above that, right?
These are people above the pay grade of those people who wanted to use the strategies and techniques and structure of that conspiracy, which is a pyramidal model, for the inner party-outer party structure of their society.
And so there were a few people at the top, the Society of the Elect,
Some 12, 15, 20 people, and included the Astors, Lord Curtis, Lord Balfour, a lot of these Lords, Earl Grey, Cecil Rhodes, Lord Rothschild, Alfred Milner, William Stead, and then underneath them was an association of helpers, and then underneath them was the outer circle.
So you see it was concentric circles, and these concentric circles had need-to-know compartmentalized information.
And quickly goes into this book discussing how they had basically taken over where they wanted to steer the British Empire, and then by extension, the Anglo-American Empire and establishment.
So, that's the superstructure.
You want to know who the real quote Illuminati is, the real specter?
That's it, right there, publicly.
In Quigley's book, and of course Quigley's other book discusses the American branch of this.
That's what Tragedy and Hope is about, is it's a kind of a large apologetic treatise giving an account for why the CFR, why the Rockefeller power structure in the US, which is allied with this British elite power structure in the UK, how this superstructure wanted to reorganize the world into a global government.
It's very clear, very public.
No doubt about it.
And that's just one key example of who was running the show a hundred years ago and what they had planned.
And it was to set up a global government.
So that's rule number one, Ten Commandment number one.
Thou shalt have no other entities or beliefs or governments or systems or allegiances other than Hail Hydra, Hail Spectre, Hail Specta!
Now what about other texts that
Align with this that show us the same idea.
Well You probably heard me mentioned before David Rockefeller wrote a famous gigantic book called memoirs and this is his whole autobiography of all the exploits and things that he did and how he went and did all these things in China when China was a communist country and how he set up the first Chase Bank in communist China and blah blah blah blah and then
You've probably heard of this, but there's a famous chapter towards the middle of the book called Proud Internationalist.
And Proud Internationalist is the chapter where he says that my whole family, we were always dedicated to setting up a global government.
I'm proud of that.
And if people want to call it a conspiracy, I don't really care.
It's not a conspiracy because it's open.
It's the open conspiracy.
And he says that when you look at entities like the Council on Foreign Relations, when you look at entities like the Bilderberg Group, he says these are all part of the network that we set up.
Indeed, his family donated the land for the United Nations.
And so everything that you're seeing come out of these networks, these global trilateral commission style networks, these steering committees, these groups,
This is the Eastern Seaboard Elites branch of the same thing going on with what Quigley is talking about in the Anglo-American Establishment.
And it's all there in those two books.
So we can see right away that there's clearly a call for an international global government run by this same power structure.
Another text that we covered last time that talks about this was the H.G.
Wells text
That you heard me doing all my rants about.
I was the New World Order, right?
In fact, HG Wells was a propagandist for this same power structure.
He was working as a propagandist at the behest of this exact same elite, in this case, in the UK, the UK branch of this superstructure that I was telling you about.
And he was also very open about this.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
It's the what?
Open conspiracy.
So when people try to understand geopolitics, to try to understand how the world really works, how are you going to do it if you don't know about this hundred plus year plan that is right now being enacted in front of us?
If you've not read these books, you wouldn't know that, right?
And by the way, people that go and study international relations, they don't read these books.
They don't read David Rockefeller's memoirs.
They don't read Carol Quigley.
They read whatever they're told to read by their sanitized, compartmentalized professors.
So, here you have, again, people sort of in the outer sphere.
Wells would be one of the helpers of this elite, right?
He's not at the top of the pyramid.
He's one of the helpers that would be committed to this number one commandment here, the necessity to bring in a global government.
And you'll notice that at this level, the allegiances transcend national boundaries or ideologies.
Now, there's some ideologies.
That's what we're doing here in the 10 points.
But the allegiance here, the ideology here, is nothing parochial, nothing provincial, nothing religious, except ultimately there is a kind of religion here, which we'll see in a little bit.
But no, it's number one, you have to be committed to a global government.
And so, when we come back, we'll look at some more examples.
What are the other nine commandments here at the Alex Jones Show?
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Today's analysis, we're talking about the Ten Commandments of the Global Elite.
How to accurately, in a helpful way, characterize the overall dogmas, the Ten Commandments, that if you're a member of this nefarious clique,
You cannot question what you must be in agreement with.
And the number 210 commandment of the elite is global medicine.
There needs to be a global medical apparatus by which everybody's biosecurity can be controlled, determined, and even hacked.
And you could go back to writings like Julian Huxley of the Huxley family.
He wrote the Philosophy of UNESCO.
This is the essay that really sets forth the whole attitude of what this body, this cultural wrecking ball of the United Nations, this arm of the elite here,
Its purpose and its philosophy, he says, is ultimately to kind of recast the bad propaganda light that eugenics got as a result of World War II.
Since we can't really use that word anymore, we'll move on to other ideas like biometrics, right?
Biosecurity, ultimately, which we just saw in the document that we did on human augmentation last week.
Now we're going to have a new approach to recasting eugenics as a kind of technocratic global health
So now it's your genome.
You're really this virus machine, right?
And that's what we've seen in the last couple of years.
And that idea really goes back to what Huxley is talking about here in rebranding eugenics and racial hygiene into a biometrics, biosecurity state.
That's also something that one of the global elite wrote in his books a long time ago that we talked about, Free Thoughts Copyright and Turning Point.
In multiple chapters in here discussing about how the the medical system would really be the
Angle through which the the global elite would bring this world order in because it's another way if you think about you know The first global revolution, which is one of these documents that the elite put out from the Club of Rome talking about pollution right we'll invent and use this idea of pollution as the way to Steer and change and alter human society's attitudes towards itself the same idea comes up in copra that
Now you begin to see that it's health that is the key fear factor here.
If we can make health all about fear, make everybody into hypochondriacs, basically, then we'll have a key way to bring in this new world order through global medicine.
And remember, what did we just see in that human augmentation document?
It said that in the future, we're already here, basically, but in the future, by 2030, 2050,
What did it say?
You'll have the idea of health will be subsumed under biosecurity.
And that's another way to get rid of individual rights and medical freedom.
Because now, oh, we just don't understand it that way anymore because you're part of a collective, right?
You don't have a right to your own health because your health is now a potential bioweapon.
I'm not joking, right?
So you want to understand a big part of what's going on right now with the last two years of stuff.
With the CUFID and the STABIs, it's part of that.
It's making human health part of biosecurity, ultimately subsuming it, and as the Human Augmentation Document says, we'll have to just alter everyone's ethic to understand that that's the old way of thinking.
Everything has evolved and mutated now, and we're all just, you know, we're all toxic avenger now.
We're all just mutants, and we just can't have mutants running around mutating everywhere.
You're a danger.
What are the NATO cognitive warfare documents say?
You're a potential risk.
Remember that one?
It said, oh, well, you might actually be an enemy combatant without even knowing it.
So if you've been exposed to things on the Internet, you're a potential enemy combatant by which the establishment must target you with disinformation and psyops and psychological warfare.
So global medicine.
And it's subsumes it being subsumed under things like Big Pharma was a key element, a key angle in this medical tyranny to be brought in as one of the Ten Commandments of the global elite.
And they all discussed this, by the way.
Ten Commandment number three.
What's one of the key commandments, the dogmas that you cannot question if you want to join this nefarious elite?
Key commandment number three would be the necessity for a global economy and a global currency and an end to individual enterprise and trade.
Now, you may say, well, wait a minute, why would they want that?
Because don't the elite, aren't they neoliberal free market proponents?
They were for a time period.
And once that built this giant engine, this big superstructure of a global economy, that's when it needs to flip over into the lockdown phase.
So yes, in a sense, there was a long time period from Adam Smith on up to where we had
This at least somewhat of an open market and somewhat of a freedom-based approach, a laissez-faire based approach, at least in principle and theory, to economics, and that allowed for the interlocking global order that we now have.
But as H.G.
Wells says, and this is something a lot of people have overlooked, they've missed this, and it comes up in one of his other texts that I haven't covered here on Alex's audience yet, but I've covered it on other talks that I've done.
And that's in the book Open Conspiracy.
He talks about how the world government is really something beyond the libertarian versus communist dialectic.
And it's not that libertarianism and the people involved in that are all bad, and it's not that people who are opposed to it are all necessarily good or bad, but rather that these are two systems built on materialism.
They're both systems that come out of and presuppose enlightenment materialism.
And so the danger here is that the power that you have within a libertarian laissez-faire market is that it can build, it can construct these superstructures, something like big tech, that then can be turned into a means by which to enslave.
And H.G.
Wells, although I completely disagree with him, he was, in terms of his philosophy, his worldview, he was insightful enough to understand, and he actually rebuked the Marxists of his day, to say that, don't you idiots understand that it's global capitalism that will build the superstructure that we will take over to then bring in the new world order, the technocracy.
That's what he says.
He says, don't worry so much about defeating the capitalists, just let them build the superstructure
And then we will just simply utilize the technocratic order from within.
I mean, why do you think, again, the wealthiest people on the planet support Marxism, socialism, fascism, and these control structures?
It's precisely for the very things I'm telling you.
Because there is a plan.
It's the same plan.
Klaus says the exact same things H.G.
Wells says a hundred years ago.
You own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll be happy.
That's just basic bitch communism.
That's what H.G.
Wells said a hundred years ago, right?
But you said, but they're not communist.
How could it be?
Because the wealthiest people on the planet support communism.
Just get that through your head.
So the global currency is absolutely necessary.
And this is another thing that we've seen in the writings like
Bertrand Russell.
Bertrand Russell's books, right?
He says that there'll be a global credit score.
He said this a hundred years ago, back in the time of H.G.
Wells and his writings.
He says that you'll get a dole.
You'll be on the global dole, right?
Mark Zuckerberg will have you on the dole.
All you've got to do is swipe your DVT.
It's going to be great.
Everything's free.
It's going to be great.
It's going to be UBI.
That's my Mark Zuckerberg.
And he's just saying exactly what Bertrand Russell said a hundred years ago in The Impact of Science on Society.
And in the Scientific Outlook, that as the technocracy comes about, the world government, he says there will be a global economy that will restrict and prevent anyone from doing their own trade and their own economy.
It'll be a global economy.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're covering the Ten Commandments of the Global Elite, and we were just talking about the global currency.
The idea of a completely controlled, tracked and traced economy, which we'd seen was spoken of back in the 20s and 30s by Bertrand Russell, was identical to the very things that 100 years later, right, we see in Klaus's 2018 book, Shaping of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where he talks about a completely tracked and traced and carbon allotment based economy, which essentially shuts down production, shuts down growth,
And that's because this is an austerity-based model, and that's the whole point of controlling the economy, controlling the flow of energy, because that's about reducing the population.
Energy control, the energy sector, the climate control, the climate lockdowns, all that is, is just another way to reduce population massively by 2030 to 2050.
So, what's the fifth global commandment after there, excuse me, the fourth?
The global brain, the global Skynet.
The interlinked human Borg operation where everybody is part of this giant hive mind.
Where have we seen that?
Well, we've actually seen that in many of these elite.
Of course, everybody knows about Ray Kurzweil, right?
Ray Kurzweil wrote The Singularity is Near, as well as The Age of Spiritual Machines, promoting transhumanism many years ago.
And then, you know, as we've covered here, as Alex has covered for at least 20 years, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us by Bill Joy, who went to one of these meetings at the Silicon Valley Elite, where they discussed the creation of this post-human global brain order, and that not everybody would be allowed into that future.
A lot of people have been gotten rid of.
A lot of people got to be deleted.
And so this Why the Future Doesn't Need Us text from the year 2000 by Bill Joy is really, again, in perfect harmony with what Klaus writes about 18-20 years later in the 4th Industrial Revolution, saying the exact same things.
And this whole idea of using brain chips, integrating everybody into a global brain is something that other elites have written about many years ago.
In 2006, Jacques Attali, the Kissinger of France, he wrote Brief History of the Future.
And in this text, Jacques Attali says, all of humanity will be integrated into what he calls a Gollum brain hive mind.
He says the transhumanists are the vanguard of this new world order.
And really what they're preparing everybody for is the integration into this global brain.
This will be affected eventually by a global Skynet.
Basically, he says that everybody will be a part of this and you won't be able to opt out because if you're alive by then it will be mandated.
Remember what did the UK Ministry of Defense document that we just read?
The human augmentation document say?
It said it will be mandated.
Governments will mandate it and they will have to just update their notion of ethics.
Ethics will get a revision.
By just pointing out that, well, everything evolves.
Ethics evolve.
So just tell the experts to tell everybody that the ethics have evolved, and all the sheeple will believe it.
Remember, that's what this document says.
Human Augmentation Dominant New Paradigm.
Governments will mandate the microchipping or nanochipping of the population.
It doesn't have to be a microchip.
It doesn't have to be RFID.
It can be something beyond that.
And yeah, exactly.
That's where this gets over into more of a religious commitment on the part of some of these people to a Luciferian idea of transhumanism.
But as you can see, multiple people, even back to the 40s and 50s, you had Isaac Asimov talking about the global brain.
You have people like Philip K. Dick writing science fiction because he was in the circles of the people in Silicon Valley about this global brain being linked into this matrix hive mind and that of course can overlap with the ideas of the metaverse.
Number five, what's the next global elite commandment that you must believe in, you must submit to, you must be a part of?
Well, in my list I included the idea of a global religion.
Part of this superstructure here is not just the rewrite of everybody's biology, but every aspect of human society, the human domain, must be taken over and given a new overlay.
And that includes religion, and really what's needed is a religion that's amenable to the elite themselves.
Something that might in a subtle way promote transhumanism, promote the D-pop, promote the Stabbies, promote the mRNA experimentation.
All of these types of things need to be in a subtle way promoted through the new global religion.
And when we go into works that have chronicled
These same elite families.
We know that one of the families that comes to the fore in this is the Rockefellers themselves.
In their authorized biography, there's multiple chapters where the Rockefellers essentially created the ecumenist movement.
They put the money, the engine, and the power into ecumenism to turn it into something that could be marshaled into a basically making religion into a form of an NGO.
How can we take the world religions and turn them into just
Just basically evangelists for the New World Order.
Well, this is how, right?
And this is what they did.
And many other books have been written about it.
I mean, this even comes up in Brzezinski, right?
Brzezinski's Between Two Ages.
He's got chapters in the beginning where he talks about using Roman Catholicism, using the Church, using other religions as well as part of this global superstructure.
Unfortunately, during the Cold War, a big part of the co-opting of superstructures like the Roman Catholic religion, as David Wimhoff notes in his book, John Courtney Murray,
Time, life, and the American proposition.
This is where the CIA and the Jesuits have played a key role in co-opting, in large part, the Roman Catholic infrastructure and superstructure to become an engine of Americanism under the guise of fighting the Soviets in the Cold War.
Now, again, understand that I'm trying to be nuanced here.
That doesn't mean the Soviets are the good guys.
But the overemphasis on that, the power play of the Soviet Union, is what allowed Reagan, the moral majority, a lot of these faux right-wingers, these cold warriors, to co-opt a lot of the American religious institutions into fighting on the side of the CIA and then becoming basically subservient to their new masters, the CIA.
So again, it's not a good guy, bad guy.
It's a power structure.
It's power dynamics.
That's all I'm saying.
And so what happens is that you get the co-opting of the religion to turn it into an engine of the state.
And that's the problem here is that
It might have seemed good to a lot of people during the Cold War.
Well, shouldn't we fight the atheistic Soviet Empire?
But then what happens is that now you're under this superstructure that is just as atheistic, just as globalist, and just as committed to its version of a technocratic world order as the Soviets might have been.
So the false dialectic of the Cold War
was also another way to get the religions onto the side of Western technocracy under the Anglo-American establishment.
And if you want to understand the collapse of the religions in America in the 20th century, you need to look no further than this.
The Rockefellers bought off all the Protestant seminaries and churches.
They poured millions and millions of dollars into the Protestant seminaries and churches through their entities like the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches,
They created and funded and fostered this ecumenist movement, which has now given way to the erection of, we're in the early, the beta stages of this emerging global religion of, as you saw earlier, the Abrahamic faith house, where Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, oh, they're actually all part of a giant perennialist super religion.
That's exactly the very thing that the Rockefellers had put millions and millions of dollars into a hundred years ago, to getting this off the ground.
They even built their own cathedral committed to a global new religion, Riverside Church.
So this global religion has to promote
Point number six in the Ten Commandments.
Malthusianism or depopulation.
Now again, we saw that rebranded.
That's a mean term.
We can't use those mean terms anymore out of World War II.
Now we've got to use words like biosecurity, health, biometrics.
That's all rebranding of dysgenics.
We're good to go.
Who denies the necessity of mass depopulation.
Great example of this is The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin, a radical Malthusian in the same circles as Wells and Russell, who says, we got to kill everybody.
We were talking about the Ten Commandments of the global elite, and we had gotten to number six, the Malthusian idea that we must, the radical idea that we must kill off most of the population of the Earth in order to save the planet.
And, you know, we've done multiple examples of the father of inoculations himself, for example, right?
Jonas Salk wrote The Survival of the Wisest, where he posits that inoculation would be a key way to experiment on the population and perhaps drastically reduce the population in the future.
So you can make of that what you will.
I think it's pretty obvious what's going on there.
And that's not unique to him.
Obviously, every, you know, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Population Council, that's all State Department Memorandum 200.
All of that comes out of the same superstructure, which believes in, just like the philosophy of UNESCO said, getting rid of most people on the earth.
And connected to that commandment number six is the seventh commandment, which is transhumanism or posthumanism, the idea that the future is not for everyone, but in the next million years, a million years, like anybody knows what's happening in a million years, right?
The arrogance of these people, like Charles Galton Darwin said,
The future will be for the elite alone, and they will evolve into God-beings.
Okay, this is where it starts to get religious, and you can see why I call it the Ten Commandments of the elite.
Just like Ray Kurzweil, right?
The Singularity.
Oh, you see, we will, the elite, will evolve into these √úbermensch, these Nietzschean √úbermensch, the Overmen, through the secrets that we learn through
DARPA, right?
DARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, which gives us, really, the internet.
The ARPANET, which becomes DARPANET, which becomes internet.
If you read, you know, mainline histories by people like Annie Jacobson into the Pentagon's brain, you'll find out that really this was about transhumanism.
It was always about figuring out how to fix man and fix nature.
And when you understand that mad scientist kind of attitude towards not just man, but the entire biosphere, you can see why they would do the things they've been doing.
You can see why they would say, we need synthetic biology to rewrite humanity.
We need to fix man.
Man is the problem, from their view.
But it's not man as the problem in a kind of a metaphysical, religious, or ethical view.
It's man as the problem in a physical, chemical view.
Man is just a bag of molecules, and so the way that you fix a bag of molecules is by throwing more chemicals at it.
Hence the idea, as Kurzweil has, that you can just tweak the machine to fix the machine, and man can become this immortal machine.
All of which is clearly a delusion and based on all kinds of philosophical assumptions, but these people don't, they don't care about philosophy.
It's all about scientism.
And so again, you can go from the history of, uh, you know, science fiction writers a hundred years ago to what Klaus is saying nowadays.
And he's literally saying the last third of this book is about integrating humans into Skynet.
Using the CRISPR gene technology to rewrite the human genome.
To fix it, supposedly.
But this fixing it really just means integrating everybody into the global brain, while the global elite themselves supposedly become gods.
I'm not joking.
So that's the belief that they have.
That's their attitude.
And it's a luciferian religious kind of attitude.
And that's why it's sometimes referred to as post-humanism.
That's what we saw the NATO, excuse me, not NATO, the British Minister of Defense human augmentation document talked about.
Altering humans to be part of the global brain.
And then ultimately this will be mandated and that this global machine, this global, the Borg basically, the Hive, right?
If you've watched Star Trek, you know about the Borg.
This will be post-human and the rest of humanity will be gotten rid of.
And so it's a synthetic replacement, a silicon-based replacement of human beings and human biology with this new order.
And that comes up even decades ago in Brzezinski's books, it's in Jacques Attali, it's in all of these people's writings.
Arthur Kessler goes to the machine as well.
And that leads to number eight.
One of the key ways that they would get this through would be education.
We need global education.
Education can't be had by families, you can't have homeschooling, you can't have
Christian schools.
You can't have any of this kind of stuff.
You can't have religious education that isn't subservient to not just the state, but the super state.
And they succeeded in co-opting and basically controlling American education long ago, long ago.
In fact, the very origins of American public education was all founded by socialists.
William James, John Dewey, Horace Mann, all those guys were avowed
And they actually spoke of public education as a form of utopian socialism.
And their idea was that no longer should education be about teaching individuals to think, to learn, to become critical thinkers on their own.
Education would have to be commandeered into a UNESCO-style socializing operation.
And this was, again, this is not, they didn't, the liberals didn't just take over education 20 years ago, 30 years ago.
This is a hundred years ago.
The founders of public education said the purpose of public education is not education.
It's not reading, writing, and arithmetic.
It is socialization.
They all wrote books about it.
Mann, Dewey, all of them.
The founder of kindergarten said that kindergarten is a Pentecost to bring in a new world order.
I'm not joking.
In all, kindergarten was another way to have the state running and managing your kids from the earliest days.
Now, the answer is not, it's not the state, it's the private-owned state.
This is where the libertarians can't figure this out.
When you hear the state, that's the corporate-owned state.
That's the Rockefeller bought-off state many, many hundred years ago.
So the answer is not just libertarianism.
David Rockefeller is a libertarian.
He studied under von Hayek.
He wrote his thesis under Von Hayek.
Global education would be the key by which you could bring in this global order by every generation of youth getting a more radical update in their education.
And that's been going on for a hundred years, right?
Every generation that's younger and younger and younger that comes onto the scene has a more radical education.
And now when you look at education of the day, you're just seeing the latest instantiation of the perpetual revolution to change the mind of the youth so that they grow up into being global citizens.
So education was crucial to this plan, and they succeeded in doing that long before even Reagan and, you know, Charlotte Isserbit's works, okay?
I'm not saying that she's wrong, she's right, right?
If you read Charlotte Isserbit's works about the subversion of the American education system, even back in the 80s, it was way longer than that, earlier than that.
Number nine, the ninth commandment of the global elite, end the family.
Every elite writer, every globalist says the family must go.
Well, the family instills elements of nature into the child's relationship to society and to structures and to order.
So a mother and a father, the mother archetype, the father archetype, instill into the child
Attitudes and normativity towards their own future and their own biological reproductive potentialities.
If you destroy the family, what happens is that you don't get rid of the archetypes of mother and father.
The archetypes are replaced by the state, the nanny state, big brother.
They take the role of mom and dad and become the providers.
They become the new archetypal control structure and that's exactly why
Orwell was so prescient to make big brother, big brother.
And why there's the nanny state.
Those are archetypes, right?
Of man and female, mom and dad.
And if you remember when we covered the silent weapons for quiet wars document, the very last section was all about how the draft was a classic example of the manipulation of archetypes to get boys to go and die and for dads to give their sons up and for moms to give their sons and daughters up to war as a sacrifice to the God state.
And that then the state becomes the replacement mother and father figure, especially when you look at things like the welfare state.
The document says that's the purpose of the welfare state is to ultimately erase the family.
And if you're going to get rid of mom and dad, you just replace it with the state.
Now, that doesn't mean there can't be programs that help people out or something like that.
That could be done at a local level.
That could be the churches that do that kind of a thing.
But this is much more sophisticated than that.
This is not a libertarian versus the state type of question.
It's way more sophisticated than that, where it's about long-term social engineering to destroy the family.
Something H.G.
Wells said 100 years ago would have to go.
And that gets to number 10, which is the control of bloodlines and genetics such that certain people and their progeny are ended.
And so the biometrics, the biosecurity state, I believe, in terms of the document Human Augmentation, right, in terms of what Klaus talks about with gene editing and CRISPR, that's to make sure that you can control and end not just this group or that group, but ultimately all the groups.
So that there's only a very select few that go into the future, and that's what we see in the Georgia Guidestones, right?
It says down to 500 million, and ultimately that's probably too many, right?
They're going to have to get it smaller than that.
So controlling through biometrics and the biosecurity state, the human genome, is one of the top ten commandments of the global elite.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You can go subscribe to me and get my books at my website.
Thank you for watching.
People ask me all the time on the street, Alex, how have you made so many incredible predictions that have come true?
And the answer is very, very simple.
I actually study what the international globalists are saying and doing at the highest levels of major corporations, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Davos Group.
And when you look at what the Big Global Corporate Consortium is doing and what their plans are, then you understand what they're going to be doing next.
It's very, very simple.
Now, I want to be clear.
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When they feel their lychee steel plan to enslave and rob the people, there is an awakening.
Reset Wars has helped me to navigate
And to pinpoint and lock on to the deep-rooted psychological tactics that were being used against me.
And now I'm not scared anymore.
I have to say I was blown away.
I feel so much better every day listening to it.
To Alex, thank you very much for putting the course together.
You're absolutely right.
We are reflections of God.
We are emanations of that.
And we can use that God energy to do really anything we want to do in this life.
Romans Chapter 12, Paul talks about how we're transformed by the renewing of our mind.
And that's a process.
Most of our thoughts and actions are subconscious.
Most people go through their day and don't think about many things.
You can drive along a long journey and not even remember half the trip.
In this process, we need to have a concerted, active effort, physically and mentally, to reprogram that subconscious mind.
That's what this series is about.
Is resetting our mind.
Because there's a war on for our mind.
He's exactly right.
And he's become a great voice in our generation and in this new Great Awakening.
And I encourage everybody out there, if you haven't gone there yet, go to resetwars.com.
That's where your journey begins.