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Name: 20220125_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 25, 2022
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In this episode of Infowars, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to current events and news. He criticizes powerful interests controlling President Joe Biden for distracting from their war on the American people and freedoms with globalist Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates by escalating tensions with Russia. Jones argues that Russia does not want a conflict and Ukraine doesn't either but he states that the U.S., under Biden, is sending weapons to the area which may lead to an unintentional conflict. He also criticizes the Biden administration for its failures in handling inflation, open borders, violent crime, COVID-19 mandates, and increasing COVID deaths and cases. Jones discusses Neil Young's demand for Spotify to remove Joe Rogan's podcast arguing that elitists like Young want to exercise their power over people and destroy free will. The speaker also promotes Faraday cages and other products for protection against surveillance and criticizes Fauci and scientists for conducting experiments involving monkeys, suggesting they are sadistic and demonic. Callers discuss their beliefs about the current administration and vaccine efficacy while Jones highlights instances of mainstream media misinformation regarding COVID-19 statistics. He also criticizes certain individuals who gained attention during the pandemic for promoting lockdown measures while ignoring alternative viewpoints."

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It's been said by many historians, and it's been borne out certainly in experience of my 48 years on this planet, that the last refuge of tyrants is war.
And that's why the powerful corrupt interests that control Joe Biden are desperate to distract from their war on the American people and their war on our freedoms with the globalist Great Reset and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates by distracting us off to the East and war with Russia yet again.
The place where empires go to die.
It's a very important article written by General Flynn posted InfoWars.com that points out that Joe Biden's Escalation with Russia could end in the death of hundreds of millions of people, conservatively.
We'll be covering it all here today, on the Alex Jones Show, with myself, Owen Schroyer, and more.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And that's why today's show headline is Joe Biden embarrasses himself on world stage,
curses at reporter and loses moral high ground to Russia.
But imagine the corrupt American regime is so out of their minds.
That we're supposed to think Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin and General Milley are strong men and strong leaders and are ready to go to war in Russia.
Total BS, total hype.
What wars have these individuals ever won?
Joe Biden goes to war with his britches every day and you have military leaders that are more concerned with putting the troops in red high heels and telling everybody how gay they are while Russia's actually training hard men for war we're playing patty cake and and gay happy time and and transsexual surgery time in our military now really at this point it's just
A game of chicken.
Russia doesn't want a conflict.
Ukraine doesn't want a conflict.
Nobody wants the U.S.
over there.
Nobody wants thousands of U.S.
troops over there.
They have said they're going to send weapons to the area.
But you notice how the president of Ukraine is dissing Biden.
The President of Russia is dissing Biden.
There is no desire for the U.S.
to get involved there, but as Alex just said, and he'll be explaining coming up in the next segment, it's the perfect distraction from the absolute disaster that has been the Biden administration here just one year in.
Whether it's the inflation or the open borders, the violent crime, The continued illogical mandates, more COVID deaths, more COVID cases, more vaccine deaths.
And so, they're saying here, the U.S.
shipment of lethal aid reaches Ukraine amid Russia tensions.
The shipment demonstrates U.S.
commitment to helping Ukraine bolster its defenses in the face of a growing Russian aggression, the U.S.
Embassy in Kiev said.
Well, I guess we should probably send Keith Olbermann and everybody over there, because they stand with Ukraine.
But no, it's disgusting, actually.
It's disgusting that our leadership would consider sending American troops over there to die, which as General Flynn said, could start a larger conflict in which hundreds of millions could die in a larger war.
Who's really running things?
Is Biden doing this?
Is Ron Klain doing this?
Millie Austin?
Who's actually running this charade?
Anthony Blinken?
That pipsqueak?
On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, the biggest news in the world is not that Neil Young came out and called for censorship of Joe Rogan and threatened to have his music pulled off the platform unless the platform Removed Joe Rogan and cancelled their contract with him.
But what is the biggest story is the fact that elitists like Young, who work for large corporations that have established this whole neoliberal corporate globalist system, really think that they can exercise their will and their power over the people of this planet.
And that's what this whole system that is being brought forward against us is about.
Destroying free will absolutely and completely.
And the Neil Young's and the Noam Chomsky's and the Klaus Schwab's of the world want you locked in your house, starving to death, if you don't take the unlimited shots into your body that they want to put into you.
But the rotting corpse that is Joe Biden is emblematic of the death of this globalist neoliberal empire.
And it knows it's dying.
Hollywood knows it's basically already dead.
The big East Coast and West Coast blue cities have destroyed their once great states and they know they're dead.
And all they're trying to do with the Great Reset is to convince us to climb into their graves with them.
Neil Young is a washed-up joke.
Neil Young is a fossil.
Neil Young is a delusional, elderly, dimension-ridden thug who believes that he can go to platforms like Spotify and terrorize them into taking off their number one draw via his threat.
I'll make a prediction.
Even if Neil Young is able to get a consortium of so-called superstar artists to leave.
Spotify isn't going to buckle.
And it's because Spotify understands that the world's changed and that Hollywood is old and boring and hated and so are all the old so-called music stars.
And that people want something new.
And that the establishment, and the UN, and CNN, and MSNBC, and ABC, and CBS, are all a joke.
But they're not just a joke.
They represent the corporate globalists that, again, are enslaving humanity, bringing in a world ID, a world carbon tax, and trying to terrorize and bully anyone that doesn't submit to whatever their latest demands are.
That's absolutely insane.
So, Neil, I understand you're not an American, I understand you're Canadian, and Canada's a great country with great people, but if you like living in the equivalent of North Korea, you just stay up there, and you keep rocking it there in your tyranny world.
Because your own Prime Minister has said he admires the dictatorship of Communist China, and has said he'd like to bring that to Canada, and that's where you are, buddy boy.
So listen.
If you've had your 3rd, your 4th, your 5th, your 6th, your 10th shot, whatever it's up to now, Fauci says now you need 4, Israel says you need 6, then you're protected, right scumbag?
You're protected.
You took all the shots.
Oh, we're the bad ones.
We're the ones that are anti-science.
You now work for Big Pharma, Neil.
Who knows, you probably took money from them.
Lord knows somebody's coming to your concerts.
And you've now signed on to the violation of the Nuremberg Code.
You've now signed on to genocide.
You've now signed on to the New World Order.
So you could pretend in the 70s and 80s and things that you were this, you know, big freedom lover.
But now you'll be known as a fraud.
But I'll tell you who won't be known as a fraud and who's not a fossil.
And who's been strong, and who has been persecuted and attacked for telling the truth, and whose music is about ten times better than yours.
We all know that's Eric Clapton.
You see, he'll live on forever, long after his body's gone, and people will respect him and admire him.
And long after Big Pharma and the tyranny of the early 21st century is defeated, he will be remembered as someone who was good and for the people.
You'll be remembered as a joke.
And as someone so manipulative, and so stupid, That you don't know that when I go on the Joe Rogan Show, it's the second, third, and fourth largest shows he's ever done with a combined total views currently on the platforms of over 300 million views.
One of the visits has a hundred plus million of those.
You see, Neil, nobody's coming.
And listening and watching you at numbers even one tenth of that.
You can't stand that.
So you want to try to throw your weight at people like Joe Rogan and you're so damn foolish you don't even understand that you just made Joe Rogan and the truth even bigger.
Because you don't get it.
Because you were never really a rebel.
You were never really what you call rock and roll.
You were never really quote punk rock.
You were never cutting edge.
You're a darling of the establishment and of the system, and it's now completely blown up in your face.
So Joe Rogan will get bigger.
You will get smaller.
Now, all the media ganging up on me four years ago and calling for mighty platforming did hurt us.
But slowly but surely, listeners and viewers understood it, and by word of mouth, they told folks Alex Jones still lives at InfoWars.com.
And freeworldnews.tv.
And now, slowly but surely, from being almost completely taken off the air, we have grown back to close to the level we were four years ago.
And the persecution's only intensified.
We're now being debanked.
We're being sued.
We're being attacked.
But it doesn't matter.
We have the truth, the people on our side.
So over time, we're being proven right.
We're being vindicated.
People like you are being proven to be frauds.
You use words like Joe Rogan's not science.
Fauci's science, when Fauci's been proven to be a total and complete liar.
Neil Young has signed on the wrong side of history.
He's enraged that he can't censor and control things like we live in East Germany.
And so now he has jumped the shark.
Neil Young is everything that's wrong with the world and people like Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan and the great people of this planet are everything that's right.
Alright, I'm going to turn this live broadcast over to Owen Schroer.
But just remember, Neil Young is not rocking in the free world.
He's up there with Fauci and Peter Daszak and the people that actually created the virus and released it on the planet.
And thank God, thanks to our listeners at the tip of the spear, the truth is coming out.
God bless you all.
Back to Owen Schroer and the live transmission.
It is an odd thing to see.
Rock and roll used to be about having a rebel soul, having a rebel spirit, going against the grain, doing your own thing.
But not today's rock and roll, not today's Hollywood.
It's all about doing the establishment's bidding, going against the people.
And Neil Young is just the latest example, but it's really just, you're looking at Hollywood, you're looking at celebrities, and People just, the shine has worn off, you know?
The celebrity status has really just taken a hit because they're jerks.
I look at a guy like Aaron Rodgers and I say, wow, a guy that tells the truth, a guy that goes against the grain, a guy that takes all the slings and arrows for telling the truth, that's cool.
That's my kind of guy.
But then you look at a Neil Young saying, we need mandates and if you don't censor Joe Rogan, I'll take my music off Spotify.
Take it off Spotify.
You won't.
You think Neil Young will actually take his music off Spotify?
I doubt it.
You think all of these journalists that are puffing up their chest saying, we need to stand with Ukraine, we need to be in Ukraine, we need to protect Ukraine.
You think they're going to go over to Ukraine?
You think they're going to send their kids to Ukraine?
So really, what is it?
It's just a bunch of phonies.
That's a great asset.
More inflation.
What a stupid son of a bitch.
Ah, yes!
Well, how dystopic, isn't it?
You just watch this creepy old pervert Sitting up there, pretending to be the President of the United States of America, pretending like he had the most votes of all time.
Now, there's always a tweet, and so it's just hilarious, as Biden calls Peter Doocy, a dumb son of a bitch.
There's always a tweet.
Here's Brian Stelter, complaining in 2018, If Trump called someone a son of a bitch, calling a journalist a son of a bitch, it was wrong when Trump was just a candidate, and it's even worse now that he's POTUS.
Will you be commenting, Potato Head, Stelter, will you be commenting on Biden's son of a bitch comment?
Probably not.
And then here's even Biden!
In May of 2020.
Trump deflects legitimate questions with attacks.
He bullies members of the press, instead of taking responsibility for his failures.
His efforts to undermine public confidence and the integrity of reporting violate our core values and threaten our very system of government.
Thank you, Joe.
And you not doing press conferences, and when you do do press conferences, they're totally staged and scripted, and we all watch you read off your card.
We all watch you struggle to read off your card and then look for the person in the picture on your card in the gallery?
But the hypocrisy doesn't stop there with these Democrats.
MSNBC host Tiffany Cross.
People need to pick up a weapon and get involved in the war for America.
I thought you people hated America!
I thought America was racist and bigoted and xenophobic!
Now you love America?
I always... It's always been an interesting phenomenon how the left will claim they love America when it's convenient, but then they'll attack America when they're juxtaposed against our patriotism.
Isn't that ironic?
So here is that clip from Tiffany Cross.
Clip 11 from MSNBC.
Pick up your weapon for war, guys.
But this is a war.
This isn't a battle.
And we absolutely will win this war.
It is a war.
It is indeed a war.
And I have to say, they have won some battles, Jasmine, but we have to keep our eye on the war and everybody needs to pick up a weapon and get involved because this is for the safety and lasting of the country.
So wait, you guys like America now?
I'm confused.
You want America to be great now?
I'm just not getting it.
I'm not really understanding it.
The war for America.
You mean like stopping the violent crime that's overrunning our major cities?
Is that what you're talking about?
Are you talking about protecting our southern border where there's invasions happening every day?
It's wide open?
Is that what they're talking about?
Are they talking about free speech and stopping the attack on free speech and stopping the censorship?
What is it they're talking about?
What America is it that they want to save?
I'm just trying to figure it out because I go to these liberal events and they burn American flags and they tear down America's history and they say America's racist and xenophobic and misogynist and then they say, oh, we're trying to save America.
This is The liberal left.
But remember, you had Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer, what was this, four years ago now, and they said, you know, you see Trump supporters, you make a crowd, you get in their face, you harass them, you see them at the gasoline station, is the Maxine Waters rant.
Remember all that?
But see, oh.
Pick up a weapon and go to war for America.
I see.
She must be talking about Black Lives Matter and Antifa going out to burn buildings and loot and assault.
That must be what she's talking about, because I just can't figure it out.
I'm just not getting it.
I should probably stop trying to, though.
I'll break my brain trying to understand liberal logic.
So, yesterday, we're really still feeling the after effects from the second opinion hearing yesterday, which we played a lot of here on air.
There's a lot of clips on Band.Video.
But as I'm kind of just reading through some of the highlights, it's really incredible.
And it's really amazing that there weren't bigger headlines That have come out since it concluded yesterday.
Like, for example, the military's numbers post-vaccine, the military numbers post-vaccine are a triple, a triple, a tripling of cancer.
And that was explained yesterday by a lawyer who is working with a whistleblower in the Department of Defense.
I mean, can you imagine that?
2021 post-vaccine, and they saw a tripling of cancer.
I mean, do we have the audio from this, guys?
If so, let's just go to this.
I mean, this is just so huge.
All three have given me this data.
I have declarations from all three.
This is under penalty of perjury.
We intend to submit this to the courts.
This is corruption at the highest level.
We need investigations.
The Secretary of Defense needs investigated.
The CDC needs investigated.
And thank you so much, Senator, for having the courage to stand against these special interests.
So again, the Department of Defense Thank you.
The Department of Defense, the Biden Administration is on notice.
They must preserve these records and this must be investigated.
Thank you so much, Senator.
Thank you.
All three have given me this data.
I have declarations from all three.
This is under penalty of perjury.
We intend to submit this to the courts.
We have substantial data showing that we saw, for example, miscarriages increased by 300% over the five-year average, almost.
We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average.
Cancer is not being talked about except for by Dr. Ryan Cole.
Thank you, doctor.
We saw, this one's amazing, neurological.
So, neurological issues which would affect our pilots.
Over a thousand percent increase.
A thousand!
10 times, that's 10 times the rate and obviously that...
83,000 per year, I'm sorry, 82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year.
Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured and sometimes possibly killed.
My God.
Oh, and now Biden, after injuring the military with the vaccines, he wants to send them to Russia.
That is just so sick.
How has Biden not been impeached?
Seriously, what a joke.
All right, let's look at some of these news headlines again.
We're still, I mean, it wasn't, It should have been seen millions of times.
It should have been rebroadcast on all the cable news networks.
The second opinion hearing yesterday was Senator Johnson and all the doctors.
Must watch censored doctors decry America's pandemic response at Capitol Hill COVID hearing.
And there's just unbelievable stuff that came out of that.
Aaron Rodgers rips Joe Biden and fake White House in anti-vax rant.
Now, you know, I've got this stack over here.
I noticed the psychotic liberals love to kick a man while he's down.
So I've got this stack of all these leftists celebrating because Aaron Rodgers lost his playoff game the other day.
Robert Reich, Chris Hayes, Jameel Hill, Keith Olbermann, I mean the list just goes on and on but I hope that this only Encourages Aaron Rodgers to tell the truth even more, and not back down to these leftist thugs.
So yeah, Aaron Rodgers has talked about how he doesn't want to get the vaccine.
He's talked about how stupid all the protocols are.
He basically has said without saying he doesn't believe Biden got 81 votes, and now he's making fun of Biden's fake White House and the vaccines that are so Unhealthy and not even vaccines at all Good for Aaron Rodgers, you know, he could probably play a couple more years in the NFL but If he did retire you got a feeling he would probably go into media He goes on with Pat McAfee.
He's got a big sports show like once or twice a week, so That's gonna be an interesting one to watch and oh my gosh.
Imagine the left melting down to When one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time starts to tell the truth about them and stands up as an American patriot.
Who will follow?
He won't be the only one.
Zlatan Ibrahimović, this is a Swedish soccer player, plays... I'm not sure if he's in the Italian league or where he's playing now, but out of Sweden.
Zlatan Ibrahimović backs Novak Djokovic over Vaccine Rowe, says sportsmen shouldn't be forced to take the jab to compete.
Good for Zlatan Ibrahimović.
Anti-vax gold medalist, anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies of COVID even though he was vaccinated.
Yeah, they forced him to get the vaccine so he would compete.
But now Olympic gold medalist Zylvester Solanyi, they say, has died of COVID.
Did he die of COVID or did he die from the vaccine?
City suspends vaccines for children after 10-year-old girl suffers heart attack following Pfizer jab.
This was in Brazil.
A city of Brazil put an immediate halt to vaccines for youngsters after a 10-year-old girl suffered a heart attack mere hours after her first Pfizer injection.
I mean, can you imagine the, uh, ugh!
I mean, just the sinking feeling.
You go, you get your little girl a vaccine, and then hours later, gone.
And we all knew this was going on.
We've all known this was going on.
Everybody knew this would happen, and they've done it.
They've still done it.
But yeah, I mean, that's a pretty big wake-up call when your little 10-year-old daughter dies just hours after getting the vaccine.
Yeah, that's going to be a wake-up call big time.
Undercover students exposed Colorado High School Vaccine Clinic for administering vaccines without parental consent, even after the school superintendent assured this would not happen.
Oh, parents, don't worry.
Because, see, this is what the liberal Democrat left is all about.
The authoritarian, fascistic left.
It's all about getting control of your kids.
So, oh, don't worry, parents.
Nothing to worry about.
We're not going to vaccinate your children without you knowing it.
Wink, wink.
And so, good for this undercover students, the students going undercover exposing it, because it probably would have never been known.
It probably would have never been known, and they would have continued to vaccinate kids.
You know, there's people that are getting like four, five, six vaccines.
And, uh, I mean, I just... It's like, how long is it gonna be until you just stop taking vaccines altogether?
Or at least the COVID vaccine.
I mean, Fauci promoting fourth and fifth boosters.
And these people are so nuts, they'll go... They'll go to the vaccine clinic and just get a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, just because they're so obsessed with it.
And they're in such a constant state of fear.
But how, how, I mean, everybody involved at this high school in Colorado that was vaccinating children without parental consent needs to be arrested.
I mean, that is a crime.
There should be arrests taking place.
But, oh, it's the vaccine, so it's liberal, it's loving, it's good.
No, people are waking up.
I was lied to by my government.
Twitter flooded with people saying they regret taking COVID vaccine.
Adan Salazar has the story.
It's at Infowars.com, and it's just got a compilation here of all these tweets of individuals saying, I regret getting the vaccine.
My government lied to me.
I got sick after it.
I had this after it.
I can't run anymore.
I can't lift weights anymore.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know how to tell you this, but yeah, you've been lied to by your government, you've been lied to by your media, why would you expect anything different?
That's all they ever do is lie.
Eric Clapton says corporate media pushes one-way traffic about following orders and obedience.
Eric Clapton will go down as a legend.
Neil Young will go down as a turd.
Aaron Rodgers will go down as a legend.
I don't really know too many American athletes that are shilling for the vaccine, though.
I think American athletes have a pretty good idea of what's going on, and I am even inclined to report to you that a lot of professional American athletes tune in right here to InfoWars.
Even ones that may consider themselves liberal.
Because they know.
They know how media lies.
I mean, they know what goes on.
Finnish government puts Christianity on trial, calls Bible hate speech.
Now you knew that was going to be the ultimate endgame of the liberal left, cancelling the Bible, cancelling God, and using social justice, or gay rights, or transsexual rights, whatever it is, as the grounds to say, we have to ban the Bible, we have to ban Christianity, it's anti-gay!
Don't you know?
You've been conquered by the gays!
Everyone's gay now!
So we must get rid of that Bible.
Shocking to see that coming out of Finland, but I would imagine that the left is going to make that move here eventually, too, if they haven't already.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to come back and cover more news.
I do want to take phone calls today as well, but remember, InfoWarsStore.com is how everything we do here is possible.
And if you don't have emergency food supplies, I mean, look, I've got a whole stack of news here about the Bidenflation.
I hope that I never have to use the emergency food that I have in my home.
I hope I never have to go into it.
I hope I never have to eat it.
But you know what?
We had a situation here in Austin just a year ago.
The deep freeze where we were actually eating our emergency food supplies because there was no power, there was no grocery stores open.
So we actually tapped into our emergency food supplies last year during the Great Freeze as it was called.
So that was a situation where, wow, thank God we had emergency food to eat.
What would we have done?
Now, again, the emergency food I have in my house, I hope I never have to open it.
I hope I never need it.
But wouldn't you rather Have it and not need it, then not have it and need it.
10% off all storable foods at Infowarsstore.com.
10% off all storable foods at Infowarsstore.com.
Two-year supply, one-year supply, three-month supply, everything in between.
Insurance you can eat in case Biden just completely collapses the economy.
You know, we've really seen evil manifest.
In ways that you thought you'd only read about in history books.
But, Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has really turned out to be quite an evil witch.
And people are wondering where she got her millions on her government salary just in a few years.
She's been one of the worst when it comes to mandates and lockdowns.
Jacinda Ardern is evil manifesting in this crazy time.
But perhaps what she just did or said, really both, Maybe the worst that you've ever seen from her.
And I know that's saying a lot.
This woman has locked her country down.
She has force-vaccinated her country with a poisonous shot.
I mean, this is a real evil witch.
On planet Earth right now.
But here she is talking about how suicide rates have skyrocketed in her country after COVID, and she's laughing about it and smiling about it.
Folks, I'm not even kidding you.
If you're listening to this, you might be able to kind of hear her smile, maybe, because you can tell that she's not upset.
But when you watch this, she's gleeful that because of her mandates, And because of her torture of the citizens of New Zealand that suicide rates have skyrocketed.
Look at this evil, evil witch smirking and snickering and smiling as she talks about New Zealand suicide rates.
One of the sad facts for New Zealand is that everyone knows someone who has taken their own life.
We're a small country, less than 5 million people, but last year over 600 people committed suicide.
And of course that's only one marker of well-being.
And you saw in the video reel at play, one in four people in their lifetime will experience a mental health issue.
And so for us, This is something that a fix.
Because either you have someone in your family who may be affected, a friend, or yourself.
And so they say in politics, you know, everything is personal.
And for me the issue of mental health was deeply personal.
I've lost friends and I wouldn't have to look far in my cabinet to find others who have as well.
So for us it's a moral issue.
Equally it's an economic issue as well when you have so many people affected by mental health.
Of course that affects your productivity.
and there's good reason why business should be taking this on.
I can't take it. I can't take it anymore. Oh, oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
She's smiling like it's fun.
Oh yes, my mandates and lockdowns have killed a lot of people.
He he he he he he.
Wow, I mean you are seeing on full display mass murdering psychotic world leaders.
And they can't even hide their glee anymore.
It's kind of like when Bill Gates goes on TV and he talks about the vaccines and all the side effects and he's kind of like rubbing his hands together like, yeah, the vaccines, we gotta get the population down.
Yeah, you know.
That rubs his hands together.
Oh my gosh, how are we dealing?
How is this real?
I gotta move on.
In fact, let's go to Bill Gates here.
In clip 17.
Praising the Communist Chinese for their COVID response and their great vaccines.
Oh, the Communist Chinese, where the virus came out of?
Got you.
Here's Bill Gates praising the Communist Chinese.
I want to wish everyone in China a very happy Lunar New Year.
Just as the tiger symbolizes vitality and health, our foundation has continued to work over this past year The recent troubling and highly contagious Omicron variant means the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over.
It's never over.
Since the onset of the pandemic, China has worked hard to not only contain the virus, but also contributed to closing the equity gap by supporting other countries with many different supplies, including great vaccines.
I'm hopeful that by the end of this new year, the COVID pandemic will largely be over.
I was also thrilled to hear the news that in June, the WHO recognized China's remarkable success in defeating malaria, declaring the country officially free from the disease.
So, like many of you, I believe the world can become better.
And I know that innovation and collaboration are key to getting there.
I look forward to once again being able to travel to China to see all of you and this work in person.
But for now, have a wonderful holiday and a very healthy and happy new year.
You know, I don't think I've ever seen Bill Gates wearing a mask.
It's such a clown world like Jen Psaki and Biden make everybody wear masks, but then they don't wear the masks.
I mean, it's just, you know.
All of this medical theater, it's all just so fake.
Who is Bill Gates to say, like as if he's in control of it, maybe he is, maybe he's making the calls, I hope the pandemic will be over next year, but you gotta, you know, you're gonna have to comply with everything I say.
You're gonna have to keep taking vaccines, keep wearing masks, keep locking down, keep sabotaging the economy.
And, you know, maybe then, in a year, maybe then I'll finally relinquish this and I'll tell all the people that I've bought off with my hundreds of billions, I'll tell them, okay, we can end the pandemic now.
Because that's how it works.
It's just a guy decides that we're in a pandemic and then the same guy decides we're not in it anymore.
That's science.
That's the world we live in now.
And it is crazy.
It is crazy.
Here's some other stories regarding COVID.
PETA Vice President Blast Crazy NIH Transgender Monkey Experiments Demands Fauci Be Fired.
Yeah, what is with Fauci?
He likes to torture dogs.
He likes to torture monkeys.
He likes to torture humans.
I mean, this guy... This guy's a real Jeffrey Dahmer type.
By the way, did you hear about this one?
Apparently the CDC had a bunch of monkeys.
Maybe this is what all those vials of smallpox were about.
I don't know.
Remember they found all those vials of smallpox?
So the CDC apparently has these monkeys that have had some disease injected into them.
And they escaped because of a car accident.
And the CDC was warning If anybody saw one or got in touch with one, you need to go to a hospital.
And so what is going on?
Pennsylvania woman who came in contact with CDC monkeys after crash is experiencing cold-like symptoms, pink eye, and a cough.
What in the hell is going on?
What in the world?
The CDC transporting diseased monkeys that they probably injected the disease into themselves.
Oh my gosh, oh, just, just so sickening.
Top German professor on Fauci's bombshell emails.
He bears full responsibility.
He should be held liable.
Recently, FOIA'd emails from February 2020 revealed that Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Daszak, Jeremy Farrar, and others involved in gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab conspired to quash any investigation into the true origins of COVID-19 outbreak and their culpability.
Is it inevitable that Anthony Fauci goes to jail?
Is Anthony Fauci's time to go to jail in the near future?
What lengths will Anthony Fauci or his whores in the media, what lengths will they go to to protect this diabolical human from facing justice?
What lengths will they go to with the Biden administration to make sure that we don't have a Nuremberg 2.0 over these deadly vaccines over the COVID pandemic?
Will Fauci really get away with it again?
After assessing China's military in COVID research and development, the Biden Administration EcoHealth Alliance gives them a $4.7 million grant.
That's nice.
Let's keep funding that biological weapons research in China.
And let's make sure that Fauci and Dasik are all involved in it too.
It's so loving.
It's so great.
New York judge strikes down state mask mandate ruling that Governor Kathy Hochul overstepped her authority in imposing a rule that needed to have been passed by the state legislature.
Oh, you mean like the 2020 elections that they did that with?
Large peer-reviewed study proves Ivermectin works against COVID.
Yeah, that's why, uh...
Other countries on earth are giving their citizens the blister packs of ivermectin because it works.
But the FDA has banned the monoclonal antibody treatment, you know, because all you can do is take a vaccine or die.
Nothing else.
Take a vaccine or die.
We're the FDA.
We're the CDC.
We love you.
Now take a vaccine or die.
So Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are attempting to stop Truckers from hauling cargo across the borders unless they have a vaccine and this has resulted in obviously the supply chain crisis, but it resulted in a massive pushback and I've got Video here of let's go to clip 12.
This is a 50 mile long caravan and 50 mile long caravan in Canada in a protest against the vaccine mandates.
And it's comprised mostly of truckers.
And this has been going on for maybe about a week now.
The truckers Doing their caravans and lining up their trucks on the border in protest against the vaccine mandate.
But imagine how evil you would be when you know that this would hurt the supply chain, you know that this will hurt people that get the vaccine that don't need it, and yet you just go along with it and then you just do it anyway.
It's really hard to fathom that We're experiencing this evil.
It's really hard to fathom that there are individuals out there that are so diabolical.
And they just do it with a smile.
They just do mass eugenics with a smile.
But you have a 50 mile long caravan of Canadians standing up against the forced injections.
So good for them.
And by the way, when they drive through certain towns, there's like massive crowds of people there waving flags, cheering them on.
So Canada's coming together against this vaccine mandate.
As the world is, I would say so.
And you're just seeing some of the footage right here, the crew putting it on the stage, putting it on the screen.
Really amazing.
Look at some of those signs there.
Yeah, I don't really know anybody that likes Justin Trudeau or Joe Biden.
So it's ironic they're the ones mandating things.
Nobody likes them.
Nobody likes their mandates.
And yet there they are trying to put the people under their boot with their medical tyranny.
Quickly here.
This is clip 18.
Nugget of truth emerges on CNN as guest rips Biden apart.
Scott Jennings was on with Anderson Cooper and he let it rip.
It's hard to believe that this went out live on CNN, but here it is.
Scott, I read a piece that you just wrote essentially saying this is Joe Biden doing what Joe Biden does.
Yeah, well he, he, I never imagined how quickly this would all unfold.
The person they sold on the campaign, the nice old, you know, moderate grandpa who just wanted to help everybody get along and compromise is not what we got over the last year.
He has no mandate really to do much of anything.
It's amazing that he got a couple of things done when the mandate was really pretty clear.
50-50 Senate and near 50-50 House and a pretty close presidential election.
The mandate was simply replace Donald Trump and don't do anything drastic or stupid and everything About this agenda is extremely drastic.
And he's been angrier than I think people expected.
He's been more divisive.
He's been more partisan.
You look at the issues.
We built five years of coverage on Trump out of Russia, COVID, and democracy.
The president at his press conference invites Russia to invade the Ukraine.
We got more deaths under Biden than Trump.
And now we have the president and vice president and leading Democrats question the legitimacy of the 2022 election.
Are we any better off?
On these three issues that we crucified Trump over, I think he has a lot of political problems, and an AP poll came out this morning.
Only 28% of Americans want the sitting president to run for re-election, and fewer than half of Democrats.
This is a disaster.
So imagine, Biden, they say, got 81 million votes, record voter turnout.
As they say that Republicans, racist Republicans are stopping people from voting.
They get record turnout for Biden.
And then within one year, his approval rating has sank to record lows.
Democrats don't think he actually won the election and Democrats don't want him to run again.
Not to mention there are a handful of things that the Republicans could impeach him on right now, legitimately.
But they won't do it, and we'll sit there with the doddering old pervert.
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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us on this live Tuesday broadcast on Troyer is about to take over here on the Alex Jones Show in a minute, but I wanted to just add a little important note here that is so central to everything.
As humanity rediscovers its destiny, as we rediscover the fact that we are under attack, it is more important than ever for those of us to reach out to others who aren't informed and let them know about the Great Reset and the New World Order and the Corporate Crime Syndicate and how it is they that are destroying our freedoms and our destiny and our security.
It is they destroying our borders and devaluing our currencies and targeting our children with sexualization.
They are the enemies.
Paul Joseph Watson yesterday had a very important report for Band.Video.
It's also gone viral on his YouTube channel.
I suggest you share it.
Dealing with the fact that corporate media across the world is blaming Russia For the decline of the West, simultaneously saying the West isn't declining, but that any declines are caused by Russia.
When it is a stated UN-Tabestock Institute program to undermine us and destroy our morale.
So again, there's a major poll out today.
Here, I'll actually go over some of it for you.
With the headline, Dark Outlook Dismal NBC Poll Reveals Most Americans Think Country Going Downhill And Is Lost.
Now, the majority of those people, if you dig deeper into the poll, believe it's because of Biden.
And on the surface, that's true.
And I hate Biden.
But he's only a puppet frontman who, again, can be removed like an oil filter or birdcage liner.
But we need to discuss what's actually causing the problem itself, not the filter, not the birdcage liner, but the actual corporate crime syndicate.
It isn't the newspaper that's covered with bird crap.
It's the bird that's doing it.
So I want to discuss the bird, the New World Order, the bird of prey, the buzzard, the The creature that wants to destroy civilization so it can feed on its bones.
It's called vulture capitalism.
That's what the globalists actually describe themselves as.
They need you to give up on civilization, give up on your country and your nation, let it collapse so they can then consolidate and take control of it.
They are waging war against civilization.
They're waging war against the idea of America and the Renaissance and populism and prosperity because they want a world of poor people they can control.
That's why globalism is everybody's fundamental enemy.
And it uses all the tools of divide and conquer, all the tools of racial division, all the tools of culture war against us.
And then those culture wars become very real!
And people then actually fight with each other, and there's serious problems.
But you have to understand that treating the symptoms is not going to fix this.
We have to treat the underlying root and the disease.
So here is Paul Joseph Watson's report.
It's in the Paul Joseph Watson section at Bandot Video.
I know a lot of you are super awake, many of you more than I am.
And that's why if you don't share the videos with others, we don't wake up new people.
And then we lose to the globalists.
So here's Paul Joseph Watson's report.
Please share it.
And please ask everyone that you give it to, to share it as well, and ask them to share it, and that completes the chain reaction.
Here's Paul Joseph Watson's report, and then Owen Schroyer takes over on the other side.
The Biden State Department claims that discussion about the collapse of Western civilization and the evisceration of traditional family values is a Russian disinformation plot.
Yeah, really.
State.gov posted an article entitled, Russia's Top 5 Persistent Disinformation Narratives.
Theme number three.
The collapse of Western civilization is imminent.
Russia pushes the false claim that Western civilization is collapsing and has strayed from traditional values because it works to ensure the safety and equality of LGBTQI plus people and promotes concepts such as female equality and multiculturalism.
The demise of Western civilization is one of Russia's oldest disinformation tropes with claims of the decaying West ...documented since the 19th century.
The values-based disinformation narrative evokes ill-defined concepts including tradition, family values, and spirituality.
Russia argues it is the bastion of so-called traditional values and gender roles and serves as a moral counterweight to the decadence of the United States and Western countries.
For example, President Putin has claimed the West has practically cancelled the concepts of mother and father, And instead has replaced them with Parent 1 and 2, while Foreign Minister Lavrov wrote that Western students learn at school that Jesus Christ was bisexual.
So the entire narrative that traditional values are collapsing, that multiculturalism is eroding Western civilization, that promotion of minority sexual identity movements is fostering degeneracy, and that language itself is being deformed to attack family values, This is all just a harebrained myth dreamt up by the Kremlin.
Last time I checked it wasn't the Russians targeting kids in schools as young as 8 with books that describe sex acts.
Last time I checked it wasn't the Kremlin sending federal agents to spy on a mother for complaining that her kids were being exposed to non-siri on the school curriculum.
Last time I checked, it wasn't Vladimir Putin demonising the parents who complain about this as domestic terrorists.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Russians sending drag queens to perform bizarre and often sexualised stunts in front of literal toddlers.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Kremlin calling for the quote, stigma of pedophilia to be delegitimised.
Last time I checked, it wasn't Vladimir Putin normalising 12-year-old drag queen kids on national television.
from Desmond Naples, aka Desmond is amazing!
(audience cheering)
♪ I'm strong enough to live without you ♪ ♪ Strong enough to fight through the crowd ♪
Remind me, did the Russian version of Netflix release cuties, or was that the Western Netflix?
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Russians passing laws mandating schools refrain from using father and mother, and instead insist on using parent 1 and parent 2.
That wasn't Russian disinformation, it was an actual law passed in France.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Kremlin promoting harmful lifestyles like fat acceptance, vacuous, promiscuous sexual lifestyles, while telling Western women never to have kids.
No, that's our own media and culture doing that.
Last time I checked, it wasn't Vladimir Putin ordering that billboards be put up in European cities, telling white people to sterilize themselves.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Russians flooding Western countries with third-world migrants.
Last time I checked, the Kremlin didn't have any say over European open border policies.
It wasn't the Russian Navy rescuing migrants from dinghies and putting them up at taxpayer expense in four-star hotels.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the University of Moscow concluding that by every measurable benchmark, multiculturalism isn't a strength.
No, that was a study by the University of Copenhagen.
Last time I checked, Russian agents weren't responsible for the wave of Christian church fires and desecrations that have swept across Europe in recent years.
Last time I checked, Russian agents weren't pulling down statues that embodied Western civilization.
A statue of Thomas Jefferson that stood for decades in front of Jefferson High School is not there any longer.
A Fox 12 viewer sent us this video of the statue of the nation's third president as it was pulled down.
But yeah, I guess that instead of just having to admit that all that is actually happening and that the Biden administration is opening the door for it to happen, far easier to just spew more Russian collusion conspiracy theory and hope that gullible people buy it.
I don't, but then again, they'll probably just claim that I'm working for the Russians too.
Paul Joseph Watson, he'll be back hosting the Fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
I'm going to start getting into some headlines here when we come back in the next segment.
Forgot to mention we have a great guest coming up as well, Tricia Lindsey, a lawyer who you may have seen the viral video.
I know we covered it here.
Where she was speaking at an anti-mandate rally in New York City and just knocked it out of the park.
So she's going to be coming up shortly as well.
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Alright, let's cover some of these headlines here.
Pelosi's Capitol Police gathering intelligence on Hill staffers and citizens who met with lawmakers.
Oh, oh.
So now...
You know, you want to go to the Capitol, or you want to go meet with your representative in Congress?
You're a terrorist now!
Don't you see?
You are a terrorist now, according to Nancy Pelosi.
You're not allowed to meet with your representation.
You're not allowed to go to D.C.
You're not allowed to go into the Capitol.
You're not allowed to go into their office buildings and shake their hands and meet them, or get a congressional pass so you can go sit in the gallery during their hearings.
You're just a terrorist now.
And so Nancy Pelosi, uh, is going to be watching you.
She's going to be watching you very closely.
Oh, Pelosi.
She saw a group of people that went to Republican offices and met with Republican representatives in Congress.
My goodness, those terrorists.
How dare they?
How dare they?
Now, you want to go meet with Nancy Pelosi, you'll have no problem, and I'm sure her mini-fridge will be stocked full of the finest Russian vodkas.
But, oh, you're a conservative?
Oh, you go meet with a Republican?
Ah, see, you're a terrorist.
And Nancy Pelosi and the D.C.
police are going to investigate you.
Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger respond to Newt Gingrich saying that lawmakers on January 6th's committee could be thrown in jail.
Well, I hope.
That Newt Gingrich is right.
What they're doing is illegal.
And what they're doing is evil.
What they're doing is lying.
And quite frankly, it's seditious.
I thought that our government worked for us.
What happened?
Carjacking soared by up to 510% in major U.S.
Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and New Orleans are all experiencing disturbing spikes in crime.
Folks, it's so bad in San Francisco.
Guys, see if you can find this.
It's so bad in San Francisco.
People are leaving their car doors open and the back doors of their cars open.
They're putting signs up on their car saying, nothing is in this, please don't rob it.
They're leaving their windows down.
That's life in San Francisco now, is you figure you're better off leaving your car unlocked and wide open to avoid having your car jacked than to lock it and close the doors.
That's how bad it is in San Francisco.
You know, Nancy Pelosi's hometown.
Boy, oh boy.
It really is mind-boggling, isn't it?
How we've watched every major U.S.
city in the last fifty years Become a violence-ridden, poverty-ridden, trash-ridden hellhole.
Yeah, here's some of the images there.
They write on the back of the vehicles, they leave their doors open, they say, please, I've already been robbed twice, and here's why they roll their windows down now, or leave their doors open, because even if they put on the side of their car, there's nothing in there, please don't rob me, They still smash the windows and go in for it anyway.
So they roll the window down, hoping no one will smash their window.
They leave the doors open, hoping no one will break the door.
But have we not, in the last 50 years, watched Democrats destroy every major U.S.
How is it they keep winning elections?
New York City to bring back anti-crime units disbanded during BLM riots.
Eric Adams was a former police officer, so I can't say I'm surprised by this, but we'll see what happens.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a plan to tackle escalating gun violence on Monday, including the return of plainclothes anti-crime units which were disbanded in 2020 after Black Lives Matter protests.
I remember when that happened, you know, because the terrorist mobs got their way.
I remember when that happened and I was listening to police officers that were on talk radio or they would go on Fox News and they'd say, look, there is going to be such a skyrocket of crime if we do this, that it's going to be unbelievable.
And they were right.
And so now Eric Adams has reversed it.
It's just, again, I want to really emphasize this probably every time I want to air and it comes up and that's it is not normal folks.
It is not normal to be walking around major cities and see homeless people everywhere.
That is not normal.
It is not normal to have record homicide rates in 12 cities.
It's not normal to have all the crime, all the violence, all the theft.
All of it.
It's not normal.
Why are we told it's normal?
Why are we supposed to believe it's normal?
Why are we supposed to think that this is normal?
It's not.
It's not.
Massive crime and violence should not be normalized.
Why is it?
Why do we accept this?
Gavin Newsom likens rail car thefts to third world country as liberal law and order agenda implodes.
Yeah, Gavin Newsom shows up at the train yards, sees the trash everywhere and the mass theft and says, who's in charge around here?
Six puppies stolen when man breaks into pet salon.
Virginia cops say, serial murders, beatings and beheadings, violence against the homeless is increasing.
Again, I'm supposed to believe that's normal?
Beheadings of homeless people?
I'm supposed to believe that's normal.
I'm supposed to accept that's normal.
I'm supposed to just accept that if I want to live in a major metropolitan area, yep, you're at risk.
Your life is at risk when you go downtown.
You're at risk of getting carjacked.
You're at risk of getting held up at gunpoint.
I mean, seriously, if you are from a major metropolitan city, you either have been directly involved with violent crime against you, or you know someone that has.
I mean, I'm just thinking about growing up in St.
Austin's not near as bad as it is, but, as St.
Louis was, but Austin's getting there.
I mean, we've got record homicides in Austin now.
We've got records stealing in Austin.
And again, it's just like, oh, oh, it's just normal!
Yeah, go down the main drag there, with all the businesses and apartments, a nice area there in Austin called Riverside.
Oh yeah, there's just a thousand homeless people out there just defecating in the grass and, you know, fornicating in public and just spreading their trash everywhere.
And I'm just supposed to accept that that's normal.
I'm just supposed to accept that.
Oh yeah, I'm going out in St.
You go to a ball game.
Oh yeah, your car got jacked.
Oh yeah, you got held up at gunpoint after the game.
So yeah, that's just normal!
That's just normal, man.
Don't you worry about that.
No, it's not normal.
I refuse to accept it as normal.
Something's gone horribly wrong.
But don't worry, because the Democrats are in charge, so it's not going anywhere.
My God, you just look at some of this footage.
It's only going to get worse this year.
I mean, you know all the footage that we're going to see in the coming months, right?
It's not going to be good.
Alright, let's keep hitting these headlines.
Before my guest joins me just after one.
Biden family received 31 million dollars from individuals linked to Chinese intelligence while Joe was VP.
Yeah, remember the Tony Bobulinski interview with Tucker Carlson where he explained that the Bidens were doing business It'd be Hunter Biden as the front man, but it would be Joe Biden selling political favors.
He bragged about it at the Council on Foreign Relations, how they withheld funding to Ukraine if they didn't let the, or they didn't drop the investigation into Hunter Biden.
He said, so it was like, oh, oh, oh yeah.
The Biden administration.
Joe Biden really has Ukraine's best interest at heart when just eight years ago he's on the mic at the Council of Foreign Relations saying, yeah, I blackmailed Ukraine, those suckers.
Hell yeah, I blackmailed Ukraine.
Screw them!
Remember that?
And oh, I'm supposed to believe that Joe Biden cares about Ukraine and doesn't want Russia going into Ukraine.
Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, China.
How many countries have the Bidens taken millions from?
Peter Schweitzer reported on the Mark Levin Show how the Biden family was taking millions from Chinese intelligence links.
That's our, that's our corrupt crime Biden family.
I mean, you want to talk about the most corrupt political families in this country's history?
It's gotta be, I mean, is it the Bidens or the Clintons?
It's, it's gotta be the Bidens.
I don't know, man.
That's tough.
That's tough.
Bidens or the Clintons.
Nobody is even close, though.
Nobody even comes close to the corruption of the Bidens.
Nobody even comes close to the corruption of the Clintons.
Those are by far the two most corrupt political families in this country's history.
And now they're talking about Hillary running again?
My God.
Biden calls reporter dumb son of a bitch after asked about rampant inflation.
Yeah, this is a banana republic.
You don't ask the president real questions.
You go off the script.
You fluff him.
Your job is to make Biden look good.
Don't you know?
Inflation hitting Rust Belt harder than the rest of the United States.
Yeah, those are the states that supposedly went for Biden in the last election.
If you believe that.
And by the way, the inflation really hasn't hit yet, folks, because you're starting to kind of see it now, but it really still hasn't hit because the supply chain shortages haven't really caught up, and people have tried to keep prices where they were.
They've tried to hold out on keeping prices as long as they could where they were, but eventually that's going to give, too.
And with Biden and Trudeau, Not letting non-vaccinated truckers cross the country lines, your supply chain issues are only going to get worse.
Biden's State Department claims collapse of Western civilization is Russian dis-info.
Oh, it's Russian dis-info.
I don't see the record homicide rates.
I don't see the homelessness, the poverty, the trash in the streets.
I don't see the wide open border.
I don't see the teachers indoctrinating the youth, but really they don't even teach anymore.
They don't even go to school.
The teachers boards just say, yeah, we're going to take billions from the government and then not go to work.
It's kind of like how Psaki told Peter Doocy that if you think the Afghan withdrawal was a disaster, that's Russian disinformation.
Oh, oh, leaving Americans behind enemy lines, that's Russian disinformation, yes.
All the people that died during that disastrous pullout, it's Russian disinformation, guys!
And you going down the street seeing a thousand homeless people defecating in the streets, fornicating in the streets, that's Russian disinfo.
When you turn on the local news and you hear about stabbings and shootings and robberies, that's Russian disinfo.
Dark outlook, dismal NBC poll reveals most Americans think country going downhill and is lost.
Happened real fast after Biden got elected, didn't it?
Oh, but 81 million votes strong, I'm sure.
I'm sure of it.
The Post Office's law enforcement arm, what?
Is expanding its surveillance powers.
The Post Office's law enforcement arm?
Expanding surveillance powers?
What is going on here?
The U.S.
Postal Service has announced plans to provide its law enforcement branch, why does it even have a law enforcement branch, with access to its vast trove of customer data, raising concern among privacy activists about the organization's expanding surveillance powers.
Yeah, most people would probably say you're nuts, If you think the U.S.
Postal Service needs a law enforcement wing or a surveillance wing.
But this is our corrupt, out-of-control government.
Big Brother that wants to spy on us 24-7, track and trace us 24-7.
They love us so much.
They just love us.
CNN's Brian Stelter visits school kids being taught how to spot misinformation.
Yes, it's so great for him to do this.
He goes there, he tells the kids, here's how you spot misinformation.
It's me!
I'm right here.
Look at me.
I'm Brian Stelter.
I'm misinformation.
I'm a coffee boy that the executives at CNN gave a hosting job to as a joke.
I'm literally just a joke.
I'm a coffee boy joke at CNN.
I'm fake news.
I'm Brian Stelter.
Sharpstick shows that porn can be really healing, says Lena Dunham.
That wild beast, Lena Dunham.
It's just so disgusting, folks.
I mean, really?
You're gonna sit here and you're gonna debate whether pornography is good or not?
Look, I'm not here to judge anybody and what they do, and obviously all the porn sites are, like, the top sites on the internet.
So, people obviously watch a lot of porn, but really, we're gonna sit here and act?
We're gonna lie to ourselves and say that's healthy?
We're gonna lie to ourselves and say that porn is a good thing?
Uh, no.
Everybody knows porn is a bad thing.
Everybody knows that porn is not healthy.
Everybody knows that that's a despicable habit.
But here's the liberal left, just... Because, see, it's all about...
Degrading the rest of civilization and society so that scum like Lena Dunham feels better about herself.
I don't even want to read the pull quotes from this story because it's just so sick.
But that's what it's all about.
Oh, I'm gay.
I'm transsexual.
I play with dildos with my kids.
I'm going to teach my kindergartners how to give blowjobs.
It's all about tearing down civilization so that they don't look and feel like such scum that they are.
Aborting all the babies.
I mean, it's just, it's all about tearing civilization down so that they don't look as bad.
See, it all ties together.
Moms in middle age, rarely alone, often online, and increasingly lonely.
Well yeah, that's female empowerment.
Don't you know, not having a man?
That's female empowerment.
And just look at Lena Dunham.
The human walrus.
The human hippotamus.
Porn is good, so you don't need a man in your life.
You just need to go watch some porn.
You'll be fine.
And we're gonna start telling you that porn's good for you now, too.
What are they gonna say is good for us next, huh?
Jumping into a wood chipper?
They just have to tear everything down around them.
They have to sling their crap on everything around them so that they don't look like such scum and they don't feel like such scum.
But we know what you are.
We're not falling for your lies.
Alright, let's continue to cover this news here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in today.
OSHA withdraws Biden workplace vaccine mandate after SCOTUS ruling.
So the mask mandates are illegal, the vaccine mandates are illegal, it's all illegal.
The only people still forcing masks and vaccines are the liberal Democrats that can do it at schools or at hospitals or federal buildings, but it's all totally illegal.
They've lost every court case when it comes to mandates, but that doesn't stop them.
Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service headquarters, and there's a video of that at InfoWars.com.
Yeah, people don't like tyranny.
They don't like being under the boot of oppressive governments.
Bobby Kennedy Jr.
gives historic speech at Lincoln Memorial for March Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny.
And his book, The Real Dr. Fauci, is really blowing some minds.
That evil crook, Fauci.
Tennis fans at Australian Open ordered to remove anti-China shirts and hand over signs.
That's right.
Remember how they kicked me out of the NBA game?
Because I had a sign that said, China owns the NBA.
Remember that?
They kicked me out of the game.
You're not allowed to say anything bad about China!
China owns your sports leagues.
China owns your movie networks.
China owns the tennis leagues.
Oh, have fun at the game.
Oh, I'm going to hold up a sign that's against Chinese communist oppression.
Oh, sorry.
We're going to have to kick you out.
That doesn't seem very American.
Well, no, because you're in China now.
Don't you know?
Yeah, remember John Cena had to apologize for saying Taiwan was a country?
Oh, because he wants to make sure that his movies get in China.
And so China just sits here and leverages their, what is it, like a three billion population?
They say, hey, we'll let you into our economy, we'll let you into our market, but you don't say anything bad about China ever.
Meanwhile, the liberals in the United States of America can't stop talking about how bad America is.
Why don't you move to China then?
Trial begins for Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against the New York Times.
Yeah, you know, I've thought about this.
It's like, at what point do we just start suing all of these news outlets for all the fake news that they've reported, all the lies they've reported about us, or Alex, or myself?
It's just, you hate litigation, you hate getting involved with lawyers and all this stuff, but it's like, at what point do you just say, you know what, it's just time to sue your asses into oblivion.
Delta passenger mooned flight attendant through can at Traveler, FBI says.
The FBI is investigating, folks.
They're on top of it.
The FBI is on top of it, ladies and gentlemen.
Do not worry.
The Delta passenger that gave the moon And was acting unruly.
The FBI is on it!
I'm so glad that the time and resources of the FBI are being utilized to such a degree that they're investigating a man for giving the full moon on an airplane.
What would we do without our FBI folks?
What would we do without them?
I just don't know.
I don't know how we'd survive.
Exclusive from General Flynn, Biden might get hundreds of millions killed over Ukraine.
Yeah, I think that Biden is basically going to lose this game of chicken with himself.
Ukraine doesn't want Biden involved.
Russia doesn't want Biden involved.
Nobody wants Biden involved except Biden.
And, uh, it's just gonna be a total embarrassment if he decides to, uh, do anything in that region.
Just, it's just, the guy is just, it's just a joke.
Ukrainian President mocks Biden's USA.
Americans safer in Kiev than in Los Angeles or any other crime-ridden city in the U.S.
And you know what?
He's right!
President Zelensky is right.
So again, Ukraine doesn't want us involved.
Russia doesn't want us involved.
Who is it that wants us involved?
The U.S.
people don't want us involved.
Who is it that wants us involved?
Whose grand idea is it?
Whose grand scheme is it to get the U.S.
involved with Russia and Ukraine?
Or is somebody blackmailing Biden?
Remember Eric Swalwell's little Chinese spy sexual relationship?
Well, it was trending on Twitter the other day, and so Twitter made sure to run cover for the Chinese spy that Eric Swalwell was having sexual relations with.
And they put this out trending, Fang Fang, that's, you know, what Swalwell bang banged.
In response to Rep.
Swalwell's tweet about foreigners expressing concern about democracy failing in America, many discussed alleged Chinese intelligence operative Fang Fang, who supported, supported the California Democrat in the past.
Just supported, guys.
Just supported like Kamala Harris supported Willie Brown.
Just supported like Maxwell supported Epstein and George Clooney.
God, is Eric Swalwell just the biggest loser dork you've ever seen in your life?
But there's Twitter.
Oh, there's nothing to see here.
Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese spy?
No, no, no, no.
She was just supporting him.
Ah, supporting him.
Yeah, I tell ya.
You know, people, that's why they go to brothels.
They're looking for support, don't you know?
Yeah, you're not allowed to praise Putin.
That's a big no-no.
Putin is the boogeyman.
Putin is the big, bad boogeyman.
We don't say anything nice about Putin.
No, no, no, no, no.
As the Russia-Ukraine tensions rise, China sends 39 aircraft over Taiwan's air defense
I think we're about, what are we, about 10, 20 days from the Olympics in Beijing coming
So if China is going to make some sort of a move on Taiwan, it'll be after the Olympics.
You know, I used to think that Putin would maybe follow suit there after the Olympics.
But, uh, if Putin does want to move into Ukraine, I think he'll just do it whenever he wants.
I don't think he really cares anymore.
Plus, isn't Russia, like, banned from competing in the Olympics anyway?
I think they're banned.
And, uh, you saw this over the weekend.
All of these leftist journalist hacks with the hashtag StandWithUkraine So if you go on Twitter and you do hashtag StandWithUkraine, you'll find all these liberal journalist hacks.
They stand with Ukraine.
Do you?
Well, let's see it then.
Why don't you head over there and stand with Ukraine?
Why don't you head over there, put on your bulletproof vest, put on your helmet, and go stand with Ukraine?
Let's see it.
Let's see it.
I'd love to hear you explain, too.
I'd love to hear you explain why The U.S.
belongs in a conflict with the Ukraine and Russia.
I'm yet to hear that reasoning, by the way.
I'm yet to hear the argument for that.
But, oh, they all stand with Ukraine because they fall for the Russian boogeyman tactics.
They fall for the Russian boogeyman propaganda.
They're stuck in the foreign policy of the 1980s.
They're stuck in the foreign policy of the Cold War.
And they're just totally brainwashed.
But this is still just kind of the leftovers from Trump-Russia collusion, is really what it is.
So anything Russia does is bad, and so if it's going up against Ukraine, then Ukraine is good, and so they stand with Ukraine.
So go to Ukraine!
Go stand with Ukraine, and go put your helmet on, and go put your bulletproof vest on, and you go stand with Ukraine, instead of sending innocent people to die there.
But here's the thing.
Ukraine doesn't want you there.
Ukraine wants nothing to do with you liberal scum.
Nothing to see here.
CDC monitoring local residents after CDC test monkeys escape during a car accident.
So it's just totally crazy.
We've got the CDC running around.
With diseased monkeys.
The CDC is running around with diseased monkeys, and then they get in a car accident and they escape, and it's like, uh-oh, it's COVID 2.0 now.
COVID 2.0, we let the virus escape from the lab, now we got these monkeys that escaped the virus that we gave them.
So that's just unbelievable.
Forget about a Wuhan wet market.
We've got the CDC releasing diseased monkeys into civilization.
It's nice.
All right, when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have a great guest joining us in the next hour.
It's Tricia Lindsey.
You saw her speaking at an anti-mandate rally in New York.
It was just so powerful.
The video clip went viral.
Remember, though, folks, you see the headlines about the supply chain issues.
You see the headlines about inflation.
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All right, we're about to be joined by attorney at law, Tricia Lindsey.
But first, here's a little fun piece we put together.
Which explains it all.
It's Liberal Logic 101.
Don't know much about history Don't know much biology Don't know much about science Martin Luther King Day.
Nobody says that anymore.
It should be George Floyd Day.
Oh my God, did you hear?
A white supremacist named Kyle Rittenhouse went on a shooting spree of black people in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Just killing thousands of black people.
It's unbelievable!
Just driving around the country with a gun, killing black people.
I guess he's going to be going to jail forever.
Cops are just so racist.
Did you know that they kill more than 10,000 unarmed black people a year?
Seriously, George Floyd was more impactful than MLK.
Oh no!
There was a horrible car accident in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Yeah, just a random car just drove through people randomly.
It's so tragic.
But, apparently it was a white Christian gathering, so maybe it wasn't the worst thing?
I think mandates are a good thing.
We should have more mandates.
More government mandates, I think would be best.
Oh my God, fascists and authoritarians are the worst!
We should take all the guns, even if it saves just one life.
Why would you even need a gun anyway?
Abortion is a good thing.
Mandate wearing masks.
Even if it saves just one life.
Oh, I'm totally pro-choice.
One issue voter right here.
Did we talk about how abortion is healthcare yet?
Big Pharma is so evil.
They manipulate the news and politicians with their billions.
Not to mention their drugs kill millions of people every year.
I am so against big pharma.
We should be mandating vaccines.
Wait, who's the president now?
It's Biden, right?
Yeah, Biden.
Yeah, the mandate for the vaccines, the Biden vaccine, is good.
We should mandate vaccines.
We did talk about how abortion is healthcare, right?
I am a moral person.
No, the Trump vaccine was definitely going to be deadly, but the Biden vaccine is going to save lives.
And if anybody tries to tell me they're pro-life, I just say, Hey, hands off my body, my body, my choice.
Seriously, we have to mandate vaccines.
Fascists censor free speech.
That is totally something Trump and the Republicans would do.
Wow, Joe Rogan is not a doctor.
Somebody should censor him immediately.
Oh my God!
Censor that doctor too!
Yeah, I'm thinking about Jordan Antifa.
Brett Kavanaugh was literally running a brothel while in college.
It's disgusting.
Stripping and prostitution is empowering for women.
It's so empowering for women.
Can you believe Brett Kavanaugh would do that?
Feminism has been great.
For women's empowerment.
Oh my god, Bruce Jender is the woman of the year!
So empowering!
There were no riots in the year 2020.
Oh, January 6th.
By far worse than 9-11.
Dick Cheney is a war criminal.
One of the worst men ever.
Liz Cheney?
Oh, just amazing.
Just amazing, like her father.
George Bush was a Nazi who started wars based off of lies.
What a horrible person.
Oh, he doesn't like Trump?
Did I tell you how great George Bush was?
Love the guy.
There is mass voter suppression happening right now.
People can't vote.
Minorities can't vote.
Democrats can't vote.
They're being targeted.
By the way, did you see how Biden had record voter turnout last year?
There are Hundreds of genders.
It's a spectrum.
The science is settled.
The science is ever-evolving.
Okay, I really don't have a clue what's going on.
Yep, that's Liberal Logic 101.
You can find that video on the War Room channel on band.video.
Alright, we're trying to reach our guest, Tricia Lindsey.
Who's going to be joining us here shortly.
Before she does, though, let me just cover a couple news stories.
Georgia district attorney granted special grand jury this spring to probe Trump's election interference.
Oh, Trump's election interference.
And this is in Georgia.
Where in Fulton County, it's Atlanta.
They faked a water main leak.
Faked a water main leak.
Excuse me.
They said, oh, these pipes have busted.
We have to shut down the counting.
So they shut down the counting.
And then the two Democrats went back and started counting ballots again and started pulling out boxes of ballots from under the tables.
Oh, but Trump's election interference.
Oh, Trump's election interference as we caught the Democrats in Atlanta cheating.
I mean, literally they got caught cheating.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
They got caught cheating everywhere, folks, and we just don't have anybody that seriously wants to do anything about it.
Wisconsin appeals court sides with Waukesha judge in banning absentee ballot boxes.
Wisconsin Election Commission abruptly cancels emergency meeting.
So, I'm telling you, I understand why people don't have faith in our elections anymore.
Believe me, I get it.
But it's gonna be harder for the Democrats to cheat and steal in 2020 than it ever has been because everybody's watching now.
Majority of Americans believe that the election was stolen for Trump.
Majority of Americans don't trust elections anymore, so they're gonna be watching these things like hawks.
Problem is, it's all done digitally on a computer, so I mean, who even knows what's going on.
But I found this pretty funny.
It's a pie chart.
How Republicans deny people their right to vote, require citizenship, require identification, must not vote more than once, and must be alive.
Yes, it's true.
It's true, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how Republicans deny people their right to vote.
They make sure you're alive, they make sure you're a citizen, make sure you have an ID, and that you only vote once.
And this is how Republicans are denying people their rights to vote.
That's at least what the Democrats will have you believe.
That's what they'll tell you.
Meanwhile, they literally let non-citizens vote.
And we've got more footage coming out from Texas.
Yeah, I mean they got caught cheating up one side and down the other.
There's just no serious leadership that wanted to do anything about it.
were treated as a formality just another step in their rubber stamping of a
fraudulent election says Liz Harrington yeah I mean they got caught cheating up
one side and down the other there's just no serious leadership that wanted to do
anything about it so oh there's a water main break Shut down the counting.
Okay, everybody leave.
And then the two Democrats come back, pull out all the stacks of ballots from under the table.
300,000 votes for Biden.
But no, now we've got the invasion of our southern border continuing.
And it's just busloads and busloads and busloads and busloads and busloads and trainloads and plane loads of illegal immigrants coming into Texas.
And, you know, our governor, Abbott, claims he's doing something about this, claims he's fighting to keep a secure border, but I'm not really seeing it.
Don't worry, they'll get moved to a major Democrat city as a voting block.
The Democrats will then gerrymander so they can splinter off all the illegal immigrants they just brought in into all these different districts.
And then your entire city will go blue because they'll allow non-citizens to vote.
This is what they've done in New York.
This is what they want to do around the country.
But, oh, it's Republicans because they want you to have an ID.
By the way, the liberals say that it's racist, this is their claim, it's racist to demand voter ID because black people can't get an ID.
This is what liberals tell you, the soft bigotry of Democrats.
So, if it's so hard for a black person to get an ID, I mean certainly it'd be just as hard for them to get the vaccination ID too.
So, forcing people to show vaccine cards is racist.
If you're going off of the liberal logic.
Which I would not suggest because it's bad for your brain.
Might shut your brain down even.
It's not good.
But you know isn't it incredible I saw this picture here and this barely even does it justice but it's like I mean, we really have the most evil-looking leaders, or as this meme says, the U.S.
appears to be slowly mutating into Gotham City.
And it's Lori Lightfoot, and it's all these other crazed people, these liberals that go on TV looking like clowns, dressing like clowns, dressing in cow outfits.
I mean, Kathy Hochul, have you taken a look at Kathy Hochul?
I mean, ugh!
Like, ugh, just sends tingles up your spine, the creepiness.
Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi?
You take one look at Nancy Pelosi and you're like, that is a damn demon from hell.
Maxine Waters?
I mean, the list just goes on and on.
Joe Biden?
They all look the part.
They all look the part.
Cackling Kamala?
Potato Head Stelter?
Rachel Madcow?
They all look the part.
They are the villains in a science fiction movie.
They are the villains in a Batman movie.
And they look like it.
Lori Lightfoot, the bug-eyed freak.
I can't even believe.
But as the President of Ukraine said it best, Ukraine is safer than the U.S.
Kiev is safer than the U.S.
Have you looked at L.A.?
Have you looked at San Francisco?
Have you looked at New York?
Where Democrats are in power?
And criminals run the streets?
Alright, let's go to some clips here.
Guys, let's go to... Let's go to clip two.
This is RFK Jr.
Talking about satellites and 5G being used by global elite to control world's population, here was RFK Jr.
giving a speech in Clip 2.
Even in Hitler's Germany, you could cross the Alps into Switzerland.
You can hide in an attic like Anne Frank did.
I visited in 1962 East Germany with my father and met people who had climbed the wall and escaped.
So it was possible.
Many died trying, but it was possible.
Today, the mechanisms are being put in place that will make it so none of us can run and none of us can hide.
Within five years, we're going to see 415,000 low-orbit satellites.
Bill Gates says his 65,000 satellites alone will be able to look at every square inch of the planet 24 hours a day.
They're putting in 5G to harvest our data and control our behavior.
Digital currency that will allow them to punish us from a distance and cut off our food supply.
Vaccine passports!
He's right, you know.
He's right, you know.
And it looks like we may not be able to get our guest on today.
We're not hearing back.
So what I'm going to do is I'm going to give out the phone number and we'll take phone calls the rest of the way until Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Anything I've covered so far today is fair game to call in on.
The number is 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
The disaster of Biden, him telling Peter Deucey he's a son of a bitch.
The Ukraine, Russia situation, Biden wanting to use our troops
as bait and cannon fodder.
The supply chain, the rallies against the mandates, the second opinion hearing yesterday.
Anything we've covered so far today is fair game for your phone calls on the other side of this break.
And during this break, hop on over to InfoWarsStore.com, do some shopping, support the InfoWars so that we can stay on air and build the platforms like BandOut Video to give voice, a platform to others.
Alright, we are getting the callers up on the board here.
Real quick though, let's go to another video clip here.
This is Dr. James Glordano, DARPA advisor and Georgetown professor, talks about construction virus panic as a weapon in clip three.
I want to make people sick.
And what I do here is the virus is not necessarily the bug.
The virus is what I put over the internet.
Let me show you how I can crash a system pretty easily.
I affect key individuals, here, here, and here.
And then I take another community, in the back of the room, I affect key individuals there.
And then I take another community, I affect key individuals there.
And what I tell you it's going to do is it's going to produce paranoia, anxiety, and sleeplessness.
What I've just done is I've recruited every paranoid hypochondriac to think that they have whatever that is.
I've used salient and sentinel cases and I create essentially a legion of what's known as the worried well.
They now flood emergency rooms.
They flood their clinicians.
The CDC responds back.
Listen to Agent Smith from the Deep State describe The Plandemic in horrific detail.
This video is from 2017.
Inside a secret government facility.
This is what government agents talk about behind closed doors.
They're worse than Dr. Evil.
They're monsters.
And what you're about to hear in this broadcast is going to terrify you in ways you've never been terrified Before.
Not only are they going to talk about rolling out the plandemic and using the psychosis against people, but they're going to be talking about assassinating people with nanotechnology, directed energy weapons.
It's going to blow your mind.
It's both a short and a long wars effect.
Moreover, I can create particular neuro-microbiologicals that may have a much longer duration of action.
For example, modified Ziki virus.
And what I can then do is, as a consequence of that, is I can affect subsequent generations to incur a public health morbidity and mortality effect that then creates an increased economic and perhaps social burden.
Long war scenario.
If I wanted to do something that's a little bit more proximate, I can utilize nanoparticulate matter.
We can utilize nanoscience to create much better drugs to get them where they gotta go in the brain.
I can create nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Yeah, so it's just more evidence that COVID-19 was a military operation against the citizens of this planet.
Not by a country Or a name, but a group of elites that believe they have conquered this planet.
And they leverage whatever governments they can, however they can.
It's kind of like with Klaus Schwab, and he brags about how his youth leadership penetrates every government on this planet.
He brags about that.
People like Justin Trudeau and Dan Crenshaw.
Alright, the phone lines are lit up and filled and ready to go, so let's do this.
Let's start with Shane.
Shane has called in from Pennsylvania today.
Shane, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Owen, for your time.
I just wanted to see if you reported on the accident that happened earlier this week.
There was a truckload of monkeys.
Yeah, the CDC diseased monkeys that escaped in the car accident.
I'm 30 miles away and originally they said there was four that escaped from the vehicle.
Then they said later on it was only three and they humanely euthanized them.
A lady who was there on scene of the accident was trying to help the driver and the driver said that he was calling Kat and she went over to a box Opened up and looked inside the box and it was a monkey.
She got a letter from the CDC saying if she has any flu or cold symptoms to quarantine herself.
And, uh, yeah, they killed, they found the three monkeys and they humanely euthanized them.
But originally they said there was four.
So I don't know if there's one missing or they, they're really not telling the truth.
On what?
Well that lady who got in contact with the monkey, she is now sick.
Oh God.
So I mean I don't know what's going on but the CDC running around with diseased monkeys
that certainly they injected a disease into as part of some experiment.
So it's just mad scientists gone crazy and and once again the mad scientists gone crazy ends up negatively affecting those of us that have nothing to do with them.
So if people get a second wave of You know, Corona, you know where it came from.
It came from Pennsylvania.
And obviously, this driver was probably either vaxxed or the other person vaxxed and caused the accident.
I can guarantee that.
What about the news in Pennsylvania, though?
Are they making a big fuss about this?
It's on the local channel, WNET.
Uh, and, and, uh, the times later, I mean, we're, I'm about 30 miles outside, and it's just, uh, people are concerned, like, why is, why did they hunt down these monkeys and euthanize them right then and there?
They, they basically, you know, blew them away on sight, and they're wondering why this More cause to shut down the CDC, as far as I'm concerned.
Shane, thank you so much for the call.
I don't know what's going on.
And it's really hush-hush other than, you know, originally there was four monkeys, and now it's just three,
and everything's going to be okay.
More cause to shut down the CDC, as far as I'm concerned.
Shane, thank you so much for the call.
We'll obviously be monitoring that situation.
Let's go to Jack in Chicago.
Jack, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hello from Chirac.
Hey, um, Spotify, real quick.
So, if you have Spotify, search up Neil Young.
You can block him, right?
A little thing will come up, it'll say, okay, we won't play this music from this artist again.
If everybody has Spotify, go block Neil Young for being played on their playlist.
I like that.
Go like Eric Clapton, put his songs on your playlist, and I think it's a way to vote this guy down.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Get on the Spotify app, block all the Neil Young songs from playing, or I don't know what that process is like, but yeah, block Neil Young, and then go like Eric Clapton and make sure he plays.
Yeah, perfect, man.
I just did it this morning.
Anyway, I'm over here in Chicago and these, uh, you know, if you look at a map of Cook County, that's where all the vaccine mandates are, but you're going to trace on the outside of it.
I'm in the food business.
I can tell you right now that these restaurants that are on the, on the edge of Cook County and outside of Cook County and DuPage County, so on and so forth, they're way busier than the Cook County restaurants because people are just driving out so they don't, so they don't have to.
So, you know, these guys are dumb.
You know, Lori Lightfoot's a complete moron.
You know, I don't know if you remember that guy getting dragged out of a car and murdered on the street in Hubboldt Park.
Well, you know, Lori Lightfoot lives a few minutes north of there.
So even the areas these people live in are complete disasters.
Yeah, it is Chirac.
It's worse.
And let's go back to the phone lines now, and Mark has called in from Florida.
Mark, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Hi Owen, last year I told Harrison Smith about the Biblical year, which is 5781 last year, and the Biblical verse 5781.
5781 last year and the biblical verse 5781 and it predicted that one would chase a thousand
So I ask you has one chased a thousand Because I see a lot of migration.
I'm not sure what you're, what you mean exactly.
The year we're in right now is 5,782 since the birth of Adam.
So if you go to verse in the Bible, if you go to the verse 5,782, you'll read exactly what will happen this year.
You'll read exactly what will happen this year.
So, what was predicted for this year was mass migration.
It says, this is the actual verse, one will chase a thousand, and two will put ten thousand to flight.
That's Deuteronomy 32, I believe, verse 29, 30 and 31.
29, 30, and 31.
It's actually Deuteronomy 32, verse 30.
Well, there's no doubt we've got mass migration going.
I would say there were probably I mean, they're saying two to three million illegal immigrants last year.
That's just the ones that they caught on record.
I mean, in Texas alone, you have hundreds of thousands pouring over the border.
So yeah, I mean, there's an invasion of the country.
It's voter blocks.
It's to help spur the collapse of the West.
It's all been done by design by our leaders.
It's pretty pathetic that that's what's going on, but there it is.
All right, let's go to, let's see what we got here.
Let's go to Dave in New York.
Dave, you are on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey there.
Have you guys seen this article?
Well, it's not an article.
It's a state thing.
The state Supreme Court strikes down New York mask mandate.
Have you guys been talking about that today?
Yes, we mentioned that earlier.
Yeah, I just want to let you know that I'm here in New York.
I sent my kids to school today with no mask.
We got, uh, email and, uh, text messages later saying that they handed them masks out, and, uh, which is completely, uh, violating the court order.
Um, I know that there is an emergency meeting tonight, uh, in multiple school districts around the state, um, and the state is saying that since they are going to be filing an appeal, that the ruling does not have standing, which is a complete lie.
They sent out, uh, A letter this morning from the Board of Education saying that the mask mandates are still in effect and that all children should still come to school with masks.
Yeah, look at that ghoul, Kathy Hochul, who wants your kids to be sucking in their own carbon emissions, not even breathing air.
You had a similar thing happen in Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin made the mask mandates on kids at schools illegal.
And then some of these school boards, obviously run by Democrats, said, nope, we're still going to make kids wear masks.
And then in Loudoun County today...
The kids all showed up not wearing masks against the Democrat-run schools, I guess, who want the mask mandates.
They all showed up without the masks on in defiance.
So it's really just amazing.
I mean, talk about a split on party lines.
Democrats want all the mandates, all the vaccine mandates, all the mask mandates, and Republicans want you to be able to choose whether or not you want to live in fear or not.
It's really just amazing.
What's really amazing is that they're getting away with violating the court order.
And that even when we stand up as parents and they're telling us it's not true, they're lying.
They're blatantly lying to everybody.
Yeah, you know, because they never go to jail!
I know, but we're all talking about class action lawsuits against the school.
It's happening in every district in this state right now.
Multiple attorneys, they're harassing kids in high school that have, you know, the sense to fight back, and they're following them around school, and the kids are just, all have their phones out, saying, call my attorney, call my attorney.
I've heard stories where they put kids in isolation rooms.
Complete violation of the state Supreme Court.
And it better come to head, because this is just... Well, see, that's the problem.
And look, I...
I'm not trying to do some sort of a party lines argument here.
It's just the facts.
It's just the truth.
Democrats and liberals are so used to getting away with crime on all different levels.
They just never get punished.
Whether it's their rioters out in the streets burning and looting and rioting.
Whether it's the politicians forcing kids to wear masks and take vaccines illegally.
There's never any punishment for these people.
There's crime, but there's never any punishment.
They just do whatever they want.
They don't care whether it's illegal or not because they never get punished.
Well, my kids are young and I told them, I was like, look, you got to stand up for yourself.
And they're all for it.
But we need everybody in this state to say enough is enough.
And, you know, that's basically it.
You know, it's just it's just unbelievable.
No, we're really dealing with sick Disgusting, demented people that would force kids to wear a mask and take an experimental injection.
I mean, it's just so evil.
But this is what we're dealing with, and so good for the people of New York and Virginia for standing against this evil.
Thanks for the call, Dave.
Let's go to Christy in California.
Christy, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
So the reason I'm calling in, I'll make it short.
I had been following this accident over on the East Coast with the monkeys since yesterday.
And my husband, who I can't name, and I can't name the group that he used to work for here in California, used to work in a research facility with primates.
He did enrichment, worked with them on all kinds of things with the scientists.
And the minute he saw this accident, he said, number one, you would never, ever, ever, transport research monkeys in that kind of a carrier.
They wouldn't have been in wood.
They would have been in metal and plastic.
They take care for when they transport these in case there is an accident.
Number two, they wouldn't have been able to breathe in those crates if you look at them.
And if a woman came up on these monkeys who had somehow escaped from their crate, in no way, shape, or form would she have ever been able to get near them.
They are not friendly with humans, even in a research facility.
My husband had to build trust with them.
So I think that this whole situation is super dodgy and could potentially, in my opinion, be a false flag.
And we should be aware of it.
Some of this story, if anybody has any background on how these animals, research animals, are transported, even if they're imported from a foreign country, there's It doesn't make sense.
Well, look, the CDC shouldn't be running around with diseased monkeys to begin with.
I mean, that's just the beginning of it all.
So, a lot of her story didn't make sense.
A lot of the whole crating issue and the transport, it seems super dodgy.
And I want to say it's a false flag of some sort.
They're trying to create some kind of detorrent, as usual.
Well they got that one woman quarantined saying she's sick and taking rabies meds and she's got all these problems and...
I mean, what did she do?
Did she hug the monkey?
I mean, did it cough on her?
No way.
No way those type of monkeys will have anything to do.
They will do whatever they can to get away from... So, but that's what I'm saying is, how is this woman so sick if she didn't actually come in contact with the monkey?
It's like, did the monkey cough on her?
Did she touch a piece of wood?
Like, it's just, it's just, it's really wild.
But again...
Why does the CDC have diseased monkeys to begin with?
I don't care about your scientific research.
I don't care about what you think.
Oh, it's for the good.
It's for the greater good.
You're mad scientists.
You're out of control.
You need to be stopped.
The CDC needs to be stopped.
The NIH needs to be stopped.
The NIAID needs to be stopped.
Fauci needs to be stopped.
These are mad scientists that are out of control.
In the break, Rob Dew brought me this little juicy.
The Preventative Medicine section, 5th of July, 1968, U.S.
Navy Medical Newsletter, Green Monkey Disease, talks about how they were bringing in monkeys from Africa and then using their kidneys to grow viruses in to manufacture vaccines And then it says, by early September 20th, employees at the Behring work and four at Elric Institute became ill with Green Monkey Disease.
Four other persons, doctors and other medical workers who cared for the employees also became ill.
Seven employees died.
So this is what mad scientists do.
So, uh, what was going on with those monkeys?
Why is the CDC running around with diseased monkeys?
Why is Anthony Fauci, uh, putting brain-eating bugs into puppies?
Why are these mad scientists so psychotic?
But, uh, they'll be sure to cover up whatever happened.
Let's go back to the phone lines.
with monkeys CDC crash where the monkeys got out. They'll be sure to cover that up.
Don't look here, don't look there. And if there is a new virus that comes out of
Pennsylvania they'll say it came out of a wet market, a Pennsylvania wet market.
You'll say no it was the CDC with the monkeys. They'll say no it was a wet
market in Pennsylvania. We swear it, we saw it. Let's go back to the phone lines
and let's go to Michael in New York.
Michael, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
Good afternoon.
And, you know, the reason why Fauci and his ilk are mad scientists is definitely because they're soulless, demonic-oriented, low-life scum.
And, you know, not just these monkeys, but just imagine all the other poor innocent animals in labs all around this country and world being experimented on with horrendous, you know, ungodly experiments.
I mean, my God!
Yeah, how many different Fauci experiments have we learned about in the last year or so where he's torturing puppies, he's torturing animals, he's torturing monkeys?
And by the way, folks, it's very well known It's researched in psychology, there's plenty of case study examples, and maybe even the new, and I would actually say even the globalists, the New World Order know this too, but because this is how they kind of test people out of their network, they know that most serial killers, most mass murderers will always first start by killing animals.
They'll always first start by torturing and killing animals.
Almost every serial killer mass murderer starts with the torture and the killing of animals.
And when you get into certain parts of medicine, I remember because Michael Savage used to tell this story all the time.
When you get into certain parts of medicine and you're coming up in school, they'll have you start testing with animals and torturing animals.
And Savage said, no, I'm not doing this, so he ended up not going into that.
But I wouldn't be surprised if that's something they do with young students that they want to try to bring up into their power structure like a potential Fauci.
They'll put them in to mad scientist experiments with animals and see if they're willing to murder and maim and torture animals.
And if they are, then they know, okay, it's time to take you to the next level.
So yeah, I mean, of course the mad scientist Fauci is torturing puppies.
He's a psycho.
And also, in addition to that, we have to realize the fact that anything that's really healthy Anything that's going to restore the health comes from nature.
It's already safe.
There's no need to do horrendous experiments on innocent creatures stuck in a cage somewhere in a dark room because everything that keeps you healthy is from nature.
It's already wholesome.
There's no reason to generate all these... I am a scientist with an extensive scientific background.
There's no reason to generate all these toxic chemicals and call it medicine, but first we got to experiment on creatures to see how safe it is.
Right there.
But, you know, also speaking about Faustus, I want to just highlight some of Trump's blunders.
Because as a Trump supporter, voted for him both times, and we definitely had this election stolen from us, and it ticks us all off big time.
We're still getting away with that.
But Trump, he likes to boast how great he was.
And I just want to remind everybody his major blunders proving he's not as great as he thinks he is.
For example, when Fauci said, Faustus said this... There will be a surprise outbreak.
In 2017, he's letting us know with Trump, there's gonna be a surprise, a surprise outbreak.
Well... Yeah, they all knew.
Fauci knew.
Bill Gates knew.
The World Economic Forum knew.
They ran their events.
Event 201 and everything.
Everybody knew.
It's all planned.
And, uh, but see, they get away with it.
They do these mad experiments, these mad scientist experiments, they make these viruses, they do all of this, and it's, oh, it's for the greater good, or, oh, it's for profit, and it's just sickening.
But I don't know how to get into Trump right now, but thank you for the call, Michael.
Let's go to George in California.
George, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I'm having trouble hearing you.
What was it?
Remember how you were discussing or showing the playback video of Joe Biden on Thursday, January 20th?
I'm sorry, I'm having trouble hearing you. What was it?
You know how on Thursday you were playing back the video of when Joe was fumbling over himself?
Okay, well that's every day, but okay.
Yeah, no kidding.
I just wanted to see if you guys, I don't know if you brought this up already, but on that video, if you were to look at on Banda video, fast forward at 22 minutes and 50 seconds, it sounds like he clearly says, the American people of China.
And I just thought that was interesting, to say that out loud.
What clip was this?
This was January 20th, it could go on Bandout Video, and you fast forward to 22 minutes and 50 seconds, he's pausing,
and then he clearly says that.
Well, it could have been a Freudian slip, but as you know, Biden, he, you know, he fumbles, he bumbles, he slurs, he
stammers, he poops his pants, so it could have just been a misspeak.
It's hard to know what to take seriously of what he says and what's just, you know, him just losing his mind.
Like he calls Peter Doocy a son of a bitch the other day because he asked him a question about inflation.
The guy's just not mentally fit.
He's just, he's, you know, he's a, what do they say, a couple nickels short of a quarter, or how do they say it?
I don't know, but whatever it is, it's Biden.
Alright, let's go to Dino in Chicago.
Dino, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up?
I've called you before.
Let me just hop in the truck.
I'm a truck driver.
Yeah, I don't even know what to make of Biden.
I don't even know if he's the real president, to be honest with you.
I mean...
Like we all know that the election was stolen.
Here's what it is.
Biden is in the White House pretending to be president.
He doesn't have his faculties about him.
And then he has this entire goon squad around him of little children pretending to play politics like Jen Psaki, Kamala Harris, Ron Klain.
These are not serious people.
It's like a bunch of five-year-olds playing with the Little Tykes kitchen set, pretending to make dinner, pretending to, you know, cut up food with their little plastic forks and knives and plastic oven.
That's what it is.
It's the Little Tykes administration.
It's all synthetic.
It's all plastic.
But the consequences are real.
That's the problem.
I'm not sure where the elite are going with this whole thing.
I mean, do they know that God wins in the end?
Do they want us to go to hell with them?
Does it satisfy them that they're corrupting the mind of all these young people?
Like I don't understand what the end goal is.
Like, when nobody's--
Well, here's the thing.
We can't-- it's-- it's all-- it may be impossible to try to put yourself into the psychology
of these people or into the mind of these people.
And so the best way to say it is just they have goals.
They have a goal of conquering the world.
They have the goals of world domination.
They have all these different facets to accomplish these goals and so that's what it is.
So to us it doesn't make sense.
You're not a bad person.
You're not a mad scientist.
You're not a tyrant.
You don't want to destroy people's lives.
You don't want to kill people.
You don't want to conquer the world.
So to you That psychology is foreign.
You don't get it.
You don't relate to it.
That's their driving force.
That's what motivates them.
They want to conquer the planet.
They want to conquer you.
It's like that one song by the Nine Inch Nails, you know, and that Johnny Cash did the cover of it.
You could have it all, this empire during his life when Satan tempted Christ, you know, and provided him with a picture of all these kingdoms and told Christ, you know, you could have all this.
But you have to bow down and worship me, and Christ is like, you know, you should only serve the one true living God.
I can't remember how the verse goes, but you should worship God, and only him shall thou worship, basically, to sum it up.
Well, here's what I'll say.
We're not going to let these creeps and perverts and demons and mad scientists drag us to hell.
And they might be able to create a hell on earth, But they're not going to take us into the great abyss with their father Satan.
They're not.
And that's what really bothers them.
Because they know they can't.
But, I mean, you want to talk about witnessing pure evil on this planet?
You are seeing it now.
You are experiencing it.
Alright, so this situation is developing.
The Daily Mail has this story today.
Driver who stopped to help when truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed in Pennsylvania and put her hand in one of the cages says she now has a cough and pink eye and one of the monkeys hissed in her face.
And so these are the symptoms of conjunctivitis, which they say right here in the Navy Medical Newsletter that I read for you earlier, the symptoms were conjunctivitis when they were testing with these monkeys.
So obviously they were doing mad scientist tests with these monkeys, and I guess there's still one that's still out there roaming around, whatever disease that they put into him could spread, I don't know.
But, uh, the CDC should just be shut down, I would say.
Uh, the NIH, the NIAID, I mean, they just all need to be shut down.
They're out of control, they're run by mad scientists, they cost us way too much money, and, uh, now you've got, uh, lab, CDC lab monkeys, CDC diseased lab monkeys roaming around Pennsylvania.
It's just mad scientists bullcrap.
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson is about to take over in the fourth hour.
Here's a part of the latest Gregory's report that you can find on band.video,
the oath to serve your country.
Men and women of the Australian Defence Force, both serving and retired,
volunteers or national service men and women, veterans all, we are at a point in history without precedent.
A war for the world.
Now many of you know that truly malevolent forces have been attacking and undermining our nation for longer than most of us have lived.
They, our adversaries, have executed their monstrous plans against innocent men, women and children.
They fight with a pre-biblical barbarity, without decency and without constraint.
They fight without courage and without compassion.
Their war against the people is undeclared total war.
It has been a traitor's war, a dirty war, a coward's war.
We know only too well that unless we halt and then reverse this unrelenting attack on every aspect of our lives, we will lose everything we love.
And enter a period of civilizational darkness more depraved than any period in human history.
We must act.
However, this is not a call to arms.
Our soulless adversaries and their mindless enablers would like nothing better than for a shot to be fired.
Because to do so would legitimise, in the minds of many snambullent Australians, further unconstitutional and unlawful constraints on our rights, to our lives, our liberty and our property.
We will not give them that excuse.
We know we never fight on ground of the enemy's choosing.
We must fight, but in doing so we must win the people.
At every opportunity, we must stand with the people, unarmed but in uniform.
Our weapon?
Pure courage.
We took an oath to serve our nation, and what is our nation if not the people?
By our presence in uniform alongside and with the people, we are sending a powerful, unambiguous and galvanizing message that in this war for the world, we the people are united and invincible.
We must demonstrate the pure courage born of love of family and love of country, that beats in the heart of every soldier, sailor and airman.
Because what is courage but love in action?
And if you love someone or something enough, you will do what must be done regardless of the cost to you.
Perhaps we will lose our property.
If so, what of it?
We can always acquire more.
Perhaps we will lose our liberty.
If so, what of it?
We can eventually be set free.
Perhaps we'll lose our lives.
If so, what of it?
There are destinies much worse than death.
These sentiments are too much for most to understand, much less accept.
And that is all the more reason for us, for you, to stand with the people.
Now you might be challenged to explain why you chose such a course of action.
The answer is simple.
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And we are back.
It is the Summit News Hour.
A ton of news to cover over the course of the next 60 or so minutes, including, of course, Seventies rocker Neil Young's complete failure to get Joe Rogan de-platformed off of Spotify, the latest attempt to do so after they had 270 esteemed medical doctors try to cancel Rogan last week with that open letter.
Of course, subsequently turned out that most of them were quacks, not even medical doctors at all.
Well, now Neil Young is attempting the same thing.
Of course, that's already fallen flat on its face.
We're going to get into that because, of course, What could be more rock and roll than demanding people who ask questions or express scepticism towards giant transnational pharmaceutical corporations?
What could be more rock and roll than demanding they be censored and silenced?
So punk!
But I'm going to start off with this.
In fact, two major examples of mainstream media medical misinformation headline today Anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies of Covid.
Now I woke up and saw this headline on the front page of Sky News, which is one of Britain's biggest television news broadcasters.
Then I saw the headline of the article within the actual article itself.
The headline on the front page Was, quote, anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies of coronavirus.
And the actual headline of the article, when you dug into it, was anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies of COVID.
Now again, oh my God, another example of one of these harebrained conspiracy theorists, dangerous extremists, who doesn't believe in vaccination, then dies of COVID.
Turns out, when you read into the article, he was fully vaccinated.
But they didn't mention that in the headline.
They didn't put it on the front page, clearly in an effort to mislead people into thinking he died because he wasn't vaccinated.
No, he did die, but he was fully vaccinated.
This is Olympic gold medalist Sylvester Kalani, who won a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
He was the rings champion.
He was hospitalized since December with COVID.
He had weeks on a ventilator, and he was fully vaccinated, but they don't tell you that on the front page, do they?
Citing Hungarian media outlet Blick, Sky News reported Kalani had, quote, expressed anti-vaccination views on social media.
Oh my God, how dare he?
He got his comeuppance, didn't he?
He got his karma, expressed anti-vaccination views, didn't take the vaccine, dead of COVID.
No, actually, you read into the article and it says, quote, the six-time world championship medalist had been vaccinated to allow him to continue to work as a gymnastics coach.
You think they would have included that in the headline or even not written about it at all, because it's an example of someone dying in COVID in hospital who had been fully vaccinated.
Media normally likes to shy away from those kind of cases, don't they?
But they completely twisted it to mislead the public by suggesting, indicating, implying in the headline that he died because he wasn't vaccinated.
He expressed anti-vaccination views.
No, he was vaccinated and he died anyway.
Did him a lot of good, didn't it?
As I point out in the article, Sky News has a form on this.
The broadcaster previously claimed that the notion of climate lockdowns, which of course the World Economic Forum has been pushing in light of the pandemic, was a fake news conspiracy theory invented by Covid-19 deniers, even as India was simultaneously announcing a climate lockdown.
And in fact NPR reported on that at precisely the same time.
That Sky News was claiming anyone who claims countries are now imposing climate lockdowns on individual cities are conspiracy theorists, fake news, medical misinformation peddlers, while they were literally doing it in India and NPR was reporting on it.
Back in November, Sky News reported that COVID hospitalizations were, quote, 14 times higher than at the same time the previous year, 2020, despite this being demonstrably false.
So they've got form on that, because again, just like every single major broadcaster in the United Kingdom, from the very start they've vehemently lobbied for lockdown, they've vehemently lobbied for shutting anyone down who questions the narrative.
Of course, to get bums on seats, to get people cowering locked inside their own homes, watching the news media in a constant state of fear and alarmist panic.
And they've been caught out with medical misinformation once again.
Another example of that Again in the United Kingdom, again from one of our country's premier mainstream media broadcasters, ITV, broadcaster issued warning after falsely claiming 90% of Covid patients were unvaccinated.
And this was the esteemed Dr Hilary Jones who, by the way, on the same network, ITV, Back in April 2020, he got up there and said, why is everyone telling us to wear cloth masks?
They do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the virus.
He then got the memo to the point where three months later, he was saying, oh, of course we should all wear cloth masks.
So this was during an appearance on a show called Lorraine, which is a popular morning show, I think, here in the UK, again on the ITV network.
Where he spuriously claimed that 90% of Covid hospital patients in the United Kingdom were unvaccinated.
He said, quote, those people who haven't been vaccinated, we'd really love you to think again and be vaccinated because 90% of people in hospital are unvaccinated right now with Covid.
And then the host repeated the claim.
She said, that's a figure we have to really concentrate on.
90% of people in hospital have not been vaccinated.
Turns out it was complete bollocks.
Total BS.
The actual number was 36% at the time.
So Ofcom, which is the regulator of television output here in the United Kingdom, received nearly 4,000 complaints from viewers about the broadcast.
And they were forced not into an investigation because God forbid they would have to actually investigate real misinformation as it's being broadcasted.
But they had to at least issue a warning or guidance to ITV saying, quote, We have told ITV that greater care should be taken by trusted medical experts.
Like he is, claiming in April masks do nothing, then changing his mind three months later when he got the memo.
Trusted medical expert.
When presenting facts and figures on public health issues.
However, they said they wouldn't be launching a formal investigation because... Then they trotted out another statement basically saying vaccines are great, you can't question them.
As the Glasgow Times reports, a clarification was broadcast on the show two days later explaining that the statistic related to patients in intensive care units rather than the proportion of unvaccinated Covid-19 patients in hospital.
However, that wasn't true either.
So they tried to cover up their egregious example of medical misinformation two days later by saying it only applied to people on ventilators in ICUs.
That wasn't true either.
As Toby Young writes on the Daily Skeptic, it's also not true that 90% of COVID patients in ICUs are unvaccinated, as they documented in this article on their website.
So they got caught lying saying 90% of hospital patients with Covid were unvaccinated, covered it up with a lie that was just as erroneous two days later.
That is the state of the mainstream media in the United Kingdom and they'll continue to do this even as some people who again vehemently lobbied for lockdown, people like Piers Morgan, other presenters like Jeremy Vine, vehemently lobbied for lockdown and vehemently lobbied for the unvaccinated to be Castigated out, society discriminated against.
Now trying to backpedal somewhat and saying, oh well no, I questioned it all along.
Absolute BS.
And in the next segment, I'm going to get into, again, this whole idea of people now claiming that the same people who vehemently pushed the lockdown policies that will result, as we warned at the time repeatedly, in more deaths than the actual virus itself, now claiming, oh, I was always in the French resistance.
I always questioned lockdown policies, again, merely to avoid the rebuke and the righteous backlash.
That they've received for pushing for those policies, for lobbying the government to make those lockdown restrictions even harsher.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
We're back and we're going to go to this short video now because the World Health Organization or at least the European director came out yesterday and said that the continent of Europe was in the Covid-19 pandemic endgame.
Other individuals like David Navarro within the WHO came out and said no don't say that we've got to keep this grift Ongoing.
We've got to keep it rolling for a few more months at least, if not a year or two.
In fact, he said we were only in the middle of the pandemic, which means it's not going to end until 2024.
And yet with Omicron, of course, proving to be nature's vaccine, causing the horrific prospect of widespread natural immunity, which the technocrats really hate and don't allow you to talk about for obvious reasons, Many countries, including England which lifts remaining restrictions here in 48 hours time on Thursday, are gradually moving out of the pandemic as Covid becomes endemic.
And that's bad news for a lot of Nerdling technocrats who have literally made their names off of the prestige of regular repeated television appearances and of course fatten their bank balances in the process, becoming media stars which they never would have become otherwise if not for this pandemic which they want to prolong forever because once it ends they become irrelevant and this video talks about that now.
The grift is over for lockdown nerds.
Let's go to the clip.
Well, according to the WHO's Hans Kluger, in terms of the pandemic, Europe is moving towards the endgame.
No, don't say that!
Technocrat's gonna be big mad!
Over the past two years, a deluge of control freaks, who would otherwise have remained obscure nerds, have enjoyed the bright lights, prestige, and financial bounty of regular TV appearances and media exposure.
But the party appears to be coming to an end.
The grift is over, and many of them aren't going to take it very well.
The Times published an interesting article over the weekend.
The piece quotes Professor Alison Pollock, Professor of Public Health at Newcastle University.
She makes reference to members of the Independent SAGE group of scientists.
A group that has been consistently even more pessimistic than Sage itself, even after Sage's prediction of 6,000 Omicron deaths a day if further restrictions weren't imposed, proved to be, once again, spectacularly wrong.
Independent Sage is Still insisting that the government refrain from lifting the remaining measures on Thursday.
Pollock, who quit Independence Age in response to their disastrous and insane zero-Covid policy, one which this galaxy brain in New Zealand is still pursuing, by the way, makes the point that for the doom-mongers, pessimistic proclamations about the virus went hand-in-hand with sustained, lucrative TV appearances.
There are some scientists who have absolutely loved being media stars for the first time, and they don't want it to stop.
We don't hear as much from the paediatricians, disease physicians, academic virologists and immunologists who really know about these things.
Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia,
said many prominent Covid voices have never written papers on infectious diseases.
It's like me deciding I did a course on health and economics a year ago,
maybe I should set up a group advising the chancellor on how to manage the tax system.
So why were such voices amplified by the media?
Why were the likes of Professor Sunetra Gupta and Professor Carl Hennigan silenced, ignored and smeared because the television media drunk the lockdown Kool-Aid?
Their entire grift was predicated on keeping the British public terrified.
Cowering inside their homes, awaiting their daily dose of fear porn from BBC News, Sky News, ITN.
Ratings and clicks.
Ratings and clicks.
So of course they're going to amplify and make media stars out of the most ardent, scaremongering lockdown advocates.
No matter how many times they were catastrophically wrong.
And no matter the weight of the devastation that this has inflicted on our society.
There you have it.
Now, in regards to grifters, we've uncovered another one, unfortunately, in the entertainment industry.
And it's a big shame, because it's Neil Young again.
This goes to the point of, you have to separate someone's awe from their political opinions, because if you don't do that, you're gonna have a very limited selection of music to listen to, if you bore listening to someone based on their political opinions.
And this has come from Neil Young again.
The idea that this guy was a big rock and roll star in the 60s and 70s, wrote the song, of course, Keep On Rockin' in the free world, and now he's literally throwing himself in front of the mob, genuflecting to them, demanding that massive corporations censor people for expressing dissent towards or asking questions of giant pharmaceutical corporations.
Not very rock and roll, is that, Neil?
Not very rock and roll, not very punk, and yet here we are.
Headline, Neil Young's attempt to pressure Spotify to censor Joe Rogan fails miserably.
Of course, the previous attempt failed miserably because we had this media hype over a letter, an open letter signed by 270 esteemed doctors.
People did an iota, one iota, of digging into that scratch slightly beneath the surface.
It turned out that the majority of the signatories were not medical doctors, but the media didn't tell you that in the beginning.
So that happened a couple of weeks ago.
That failed.
They haven't cancelled Rogan yet.
Of course we had Spotify employees walk out en masse in certain progressive cities after the previous Rogan scandal.
We've had the same with Netflix, but again, they haven't bowed.
But now we have Neil Young, who attempted to have Spotify de-platform Rogan.
With an open letter that he posted on his website, within about two hours of posting this open letter on his website, he deleted the letter from his website.
Despite having a lot of support on Twitter from COVID bedwetters, the 70s rocker tried to give Spotify an ultimatum, that they had to remove Rogan or delete his music catalogue.
See, the problem for Neil Young, and I'm not going to call him old, even though he's ancient at this point, but that's an immutable characteristic, he can't change that, But you could call him irrelevant.
Obviously a music legend.
By the same token, though, Howard Stern was a radio legend in the 80s and 90s.
And who do you see attacking Joe Rogan on a weekly basis at this point?
Howard Stern, because now he's irrelevant!
Neil Young gets about 6 million Spotify listeners per month.
Joe Rogan gets 11 million listeners on average per episode.
And that can hit as high as 40 million listeners per episode if it's a popular episode.
Which the past two with Dr. Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough have of course been because of this wave of normie NPC backlash that they received.
But in this letter Young accused Spotify of quote spreading fake information about vaccines because Rogan dared to host the literal inventor of the mRNA vaccines.
Of course, Dr. Malone, as well as esteemed doctors like Peter McCullough.
And you can tell he hasn't listened to a single frigging hour of any of Rogan's podcasts, because he has in-depth, three-hour-long discussions about, for example, the situation in India, where in one region of India, they had a massive COVID outbreak, they were struggling, they treated that region with ivermectin and these other antiviral drugs, Beforehand, the Biden administration literally met with Indian authorities and demanded that they keep those treatment packages silent.
That happened.
He went into that in detail.
That's the kind of thing that's spoken about on Rogan's show.
In-depth, detailed discussions with esteemed doctors.
That apparently really upsets Neil Young, but his complaint has fallen flat on its face.
I'll get into it more on the other side.
don't go away.
Daryl Hannah also took to Twitter.
To vent at the fact that free speech is allowed that she doesn't agree with and therefore it should be censored because we should empower giant pharmaceutical corporations and Silicon Valley behemoths to decide what's free speech and what isn't.
He did it because, quote, Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them.
Please act on this immediately and keep me informed.
And he said, demanded of Spotify that they remove all his music off their platform.
He said, quote, they can have Rogan or Young, not both.
It appears that Spotify has chosen Rogan because they didn't even respond to Neil Young's PR stunt.
As I write in the article, Young may have got some traction on Twitter from the usual crowd of COVID bedwetters and censorship freaks, but his efforts have proven completely futile.
And Christina Mass over at reclaimthenet.org pointed out this somewhat salient fact.
Young likely realized that he has no grounds to make the demands because he has an exclusive deal with Spotify and because Rogan has an exclusive deal with Spotify, whereas Young sold 50% of the rights to his music to a British investment company.
Oh yeah, get a bit of that grift.
A year ago, So Neil Young doesn't even control half of his money because, presumably, he cashed in on it to sell it off to a British investment company.
Again, that sounds very rock and roll and punk, doesn't it, Neil Young?
Because Neil Young doesn't have enough money.
He needs money from British investment firms, apparently, because he's that rock and roll.
Again, I point out, Rogan enjoys an average of over 11 million listeners per episode.
Neil Young gets about 6 million a month.
He'll get zero if they actually remove his music, but they can't remove his music because he sold half of the rights to an investment firm because he's very rock and roll.
Neil Young again has form on this.
He previously demanded that Donald Trump stop playing his hit, rocking in the free world, but only in a world where pharmaceutical giants and Silicon Valley corporations get to decide what's free speech, only to subsequently admit he had no legal power to do so.
So again, a few years ago, 2018, Neil Young had another hissy fit, demanded Trump stop playing rockin' in the free world at his campaign events, but then admitted in his own words, Neil Young, quote, legally he has the right to.
So if you're gonna have a public hissy fit, probably best to check the law before you do so, and probably best to check who actually owns the rights to your money before demanding it be taken off streaming platforms like Spotify.
Someone who hasn't cooked to the vaccine religion mob is Kid Rock.
Headline, Kid Rock slams Biden and Fauci with Let's Go Brandon Anthem.
Rock hip-hop artist Kid Rock released an anti-Joe Biden and anti-Dr. Fauci anthem, How Dare He, on Monday.
The song called We The People features chants of Let's Go Brandon during the chorus, which criticizes Biden's tyrannical COVID policies.
No doubt that may get de-platformed off of Spotify and YouTube without Kid Rock demanding they do so.
Now on the subject of vaccine passports, which of course they tried to introduce in England and in fact did introduce for the past two months off the basis of this Omicron fear-mongering, claiming that based on advice from Sage that it would cause 6,000 deaths a day.
Got absolutely nowhere near that.
That we needed vaccine passports in England, and indeed they were introduced for nightclubs.
But in Wales, Covid vaccine passports have been in place since October.
And now businesses are demanding exemptions after the government failed to prove they work.
They failed to prove they work because in every single European country that introduced them, there's absolutely no evidence that they stopped the spread of the disease.
And as I point out in this article, in countries like France, they're beefing up the severity, the draconian nature of these vaccine passports by eliminating the option to provide a negative test.
So you can get into a nightclub, a cinema, a cafe, a restaurant in France, If you prove you're vaccinated, despite the fact that we know the vaccinated can still carry and transmit the virus, but if you can prove on the spot that you don't have the virus, you're not allowed in.
Because that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
It does make perfect sense when you look at it from the perspective of the fact that vaccine passports are clearly intended, now solely, to punish the unvaccinated because they didn't obey the regime.
Well, now businesses in Wales are demanding vaccine passport exemptions after the government failed to provide any evidence that the scheme prevents the spread of COVID-19.
So they introduced them, as I said, in October, and then in December in Wales, pubs were also restricted to the rule of six, table service only, which defeats the entire frigging point of going to a pub, while all nightclubs were ordered to close.
And again, despite restrictions in Wales, which recorded higher corona cases than England, by the way, because their mask mandates and their Covid passports worked so well, despite those restrictions, some of them at least, being lifted later this week, nightclubs, cinemas and theatres in Wales will still legally be forced to demand Covid passports.
Well, some bright spark responded to this by filing a Freedom of Information Act request, which was sent to the Welsh Government, asking for, quote, any and all data that Welsh Government has used to develop the restrictions announced back in December.
They asked for, quote, statistical information regarding numbers of COVID cases developed from nightclubs, statistical information surrounding rates of transmission from businesses to be impacted by the one-way system rule, Which, by the way, the one-way system rule in pubs when it was in place in England, from my experience it's still in place in Wales as of right now, they literally force you to walk one way round an entire pub passing multiple different tables to get to the toilet.
So if you're sat right next to the toilet, but the one-way system dictates that you have to walk the opposite direction all the way round the pub, round all the other tables to get to the toilet, that's the system they have in place.
Again, makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
So they asked for the information on any evidence that the Welsh Government had before enforcing this restriction of demanding vaccine passports for nightclubs, and in fact for cinemas, theatres and other venues.
The government responded to the first two questions by stating, quote, this information is not available, really, because they haven't done any proper friggin investigation of it.
And also, quote, there is no guarantee about where someone caught COVID-19.
Therefore, there is no data on cases caught in specific locations.
In other words, Despite imposing COVID passports on nightclubs and these numerous other venues, the government has no information on whether they were at all.
Just as the UK government, their own report found that vaccine passports not only failed to prevent the spread of the virus, they could actually worsen the situation because you're only allowing people into the venue who can prove vaccination without the need to prove they're not COVID positive.
So in every single country this scheme has failed to stop the spread of the virus.
There's no evidence that it does.
Now these businesses in Wales are speaking out against it.
Publican Joe Bassett told Wales Online the response to the FOIA request was, quote, unbelievable and clearly shows that the restrictions aren't justified.
He said, my WhatsApp group with other licensees is going crazy since this has gone into the public domain.
He added, I would have thought there would have to be more evidence for them to do it.
I just don't get it.
He said, quote, I think there's a lot of anger because it's been a dreadful two months.
Pubs, nightclubs going out of business because they were forced to close again after a horrendous two years.
The concern we've got now is if there's another variant come December this year and it happens again, I just fear we're in a loop.
And bear in mind this vaccine passport scheme in Wales was passed on the back of a dodgy vote where the Conservative MP who would have voted against it and would have eliminated the bill entirely was not allowed to vote because he couldn't log into a Zoom call but they went ahead and passed Covid passports anyway.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
We're back live and I'm going to stick with this vaccine passport issue because authorities in Quebec are trying to out tyranny Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand are trying to out-tyranny the Australian government with this new vaccine passport scheme.
We have a headline here.
And bear in mind, these are the same people in Quebec who have literally come out and said the unvaccinated shouldn't be able to purchase marijuana, which is legal in areas of Canada, and hard liquor.
They can't even escape to the refuge of alcohol and weed to get away from this discriminatory medical apartheid segregated system.
Now they're being prevented legally from buying that in liquor stores in Canada as per government decree.
We also reported back in September how authorities in Quebec City Announced they would isolate uncooperative citizens in a coronavirus facility.
Just like Australia rolling out its network of camps.
Beyond March, by the way.
Of course, locking this in and trenching this in for months and years further.
But now we have another headline out of Quebec.
Unvaccinated to be accompanied by staff in Walmart to make sure they don't buy anything other than food and pharma.
Yes, this is an actual government decree in Quebec.
Where unvaccinated people who visit large stores like Walmart and Costco will have to be accompanied by employees to make sure they don't buy anything other than food or pharmaceutical products.
The rule is set to apply in big box stores so as quote, to make sure they, the unvaxxed, do not go and buy any other products or other items that might be in the store according to this CBC report.
Because of course, it's vital, it's absolutely crucial to prevent Canadians in Quebec Visiting Walmart's without having been vaccinated, without being able to show a vaccine passport and allowing them to buy things like disposable barbecues and electronic goods.
That's going to stop the spread of the virus.
That's going to help us defeat Covid and end the pandemic.
This is literally a government decree in Canada.
CBC reports, the pharmacies located in big box stores such as Walmart or Costco An unvaccinated person must quote, and this is quoting from the government decree, be accompanied at all times during his or her travels by an employee of the business, the pharmacy or any other person mandated by them for this purpose.
The person may not purchase products other than those related to the pharmaceutical service they are receiving.
So, graciously, the authorities in Quebec will still allow the unvaccinated.
At this time, maybe later they'll just all be homeless, their credit cards will be cancelled, they won't even be allowed to go into a gas station to buy food.
But graciously, at this time, they are still allowing the unvaccinated to go into Walmart and buy either food or pharmaceutical products.
If they want to buy a charger for their iPhone, forget about it, we're in a pandemic.
Chris Menahan commented on this over at InformationLiberation.org.
He said the leftists running Walmart, who endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement during the Floyd
riots of 2020, and championed their stance against discrimination, all happily go along
with the government's plan to discriminate against the Unvax to quote "ensure a safe and efficient
customer experience." And again, this is the point.
These Covid vaccine passports have no relation to reality.
Absolutely no evidence in any country that they stop the spread of the virus.
The UK government's own report said they could actually worsen the spread of the virus.
This is about punishing people who disobey the regime by not getting vaccinated.
Absolutely incredible and it's coming to America if we don't call this out and if we don't push back against it.
I'm going to go to this video report now though, switching gears slightly, because the Biden State Department has come out on the official state.gov website and claimed that the, quote, collapse of Western civilization isn't actually happening and it's all an invention of the Kremlin of Russian collusion disinformation.
Let's go to this video.
Here it is.
The Biden State Department claims that discussion about the collapse of Western civilization and the evisceration of traditional family values is a Russian disinformation plot.
Yeah, really.
State.gov posted an article entitled, Russia's Top 5 Persistent Disinformation Narratives.
Theme number three.
The collapse of Western civilization is imminent.
Russia pushes the false claim that Western civilization is collapsing and has strayed from traditional values because it works to ensure the safety and equality of LGBTQI plus people and promotes concepts such as female equality and multiculturalism.
The demise of Western civilization is one of Russia's oldest disinformation tropes with claims of the decaying West ...documented since the 19th century.
The values-based disinformation narrative evokes ill-defined concepts including tradition, family values and spirituality.
Russia argues it is the bastion of so-called traditional values and gender roles, and serves as a moral counterweight to the decadence of the United States and Western countries.
For example, President Putin has claimed the West has practically cancelled the concepts of mother and father, And instead has replaced them with Parent 1 and 2, while Foreign Minister Lavrov wrote that Western students learn at school that Jesus Christ was bisexual.
So the entire narrative that traditional values are collapsing, that multiculturalism is eroding Western civilization, that promotion of minority sexual identity movements is fostering degeneracy, and that language itself is being deformed to attack family values, This is all just a harebrained myth dreamt up by the Kremlin!
Last time I checked it wasn't the Russians targeting kids in schools as young as 8 with books that describe sex acts.
Last time I checked it wasn't the Kremlin sending federal agents to spy on a mother for complaining that her kids were being exposed to non-siri on the school curriculum.
Last time I checked, it wasn't Vladimir Putin demonising the parents who complain about this as domestic terrorists.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Russians sending drag queens to perform bizarre and often sexualised stunts in front of literal toddlers.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Kremlin calling for the quote, stigma of pedophilia to be delegitimised.
Last time I checked, it wasn't Vladimir Putin normalising 12-year-old drag queen kids on national television.
from Desmond Naflas, aka Desmond is Amazing!
(audience cheering)
Remind me, did the Russian version of Netflix release cuties or was that the Western Netflix?
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Russians passing laws mandating schools refrain from using father and mother and instead insist on using parent one and parent two.
That wasn't Russian disinformation, it was an actual law passed in France.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Kremlin promoting harmful lifestyles like fat acceptance, vacuous promiscuous sexual lifestyles, while telling Western women never to have No, that's our own media and culture doing that.
Last time I checked, it wasn't Vladimir Putin ordering that billboards be put up in European cities, telling white people to sterilise themselves.
Last time I checked, it wasn't the Russians flooding Western countries with third-world migrants.
Last time I checked, the Kremlin didn't have any say over European open border policies.
It wasn't the Russian Navy rescuing migrants from dinghies and putting them up at taxpayer expense in four-star hotels.
Last time I checked, Wasn't the University of Moscow concluding that by every measurable benchmark, multiculturalism isn't a strength.
No, that was a study by the University of Copenhagen.
Last time I checked, Russian agents weren't responsible for the wave of Christian church fires and desecrations that have swept across Europe in recent years.
Last time I checked, Russian agents weren't pulling down statues that embodied Western civilization.
A statue of Thomas Jefferson that stood for decades in front of Jefferson High School is not there any longer.
A Fox 12 viewer sent us this video of the statue of the nation's third president as it was pulled down.
But yeah, I guess that instead of just having to admit that all that is actually happening and that the Biden administration is opening the door for it to happen, far easier to just spew more Russian collusion conspiracy theory and hope that gullible people buy it.
I don't, but then again they'll probably just claim that I'm working for the Russians too.
There you have it.
I'm going to cover this final news story now because we've only got about 90 seconds left.
We've seen in the United Kingdom the narrative that, quote, racists and homophobes should be denied hospital treatment.
We've seen in Texas, Minnesota and other areas of America, people being denied Covid antibody treatments based on their skin colour, because they're white, being put at the back of the queue because they don't Tally in the point system.
If you're non-white you get two extra points and you get put at the front of the queue.
This whole thing about death panels was a conspiracy theory that would never happen.
Remember when they talked about death panels in the 2008 election saying that people were never going to be denied medical treatment based on their characteristics?
Well now we have this out the Daily Mail.
Boston Hospital removes dying father of two from top of heart transplant list because he's not vaccinated.
His father says, quote, my son has gone to the edge of death to stick to his guns.
So here's a guy who is gravely ill, unvaccinated, That's going to wrap it up.
Warham coming up next.
because of his personal beliefs and his personal medical choice.
And they said that death panels were a conspiracy theory that would never happen.
They're happening right now.
This is medical apartheid in America.
It's vile and it's disgusting.
That's going to wrap it up.
Warren, coming up next, Summit.News.
Don't go away.
People ask me all the time on the street, Alex, how have you made so many incredible predictions that
have come true?
And the answer is very, very simple.
I actually study what the international globalists are saying and doing at the highest levels of major corporations, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Davos Group.
And when you look at what the big global corporate consortium is doing and what their plans are, then you understand what they're going to be doing next.
It's very, very simple.
Now I want to be clear.
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