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Name: 20220124_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 24, 2022
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host discusses his testimony before the January 6th Committee and criticizes the media portrayal of his rhetoric. He advises against violence and promotes using information and truth as weapons. He also shares his experience at an event with professional security, warns about dark forces behind vaccines, and urges people to stand up for freedom. Additionally, Jones compares China's ambitious plan to extend its high-speed railway network to the limited extent of railways in America and criticizes the allocation of funds towards the military-industrial complex instead of investing in infrastructure. He recommends Reset Wars as a tool to change one's life for the better and promotes various products available on his website.

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Monday Live!
Humanity is carrying out its own great reset against the planet's corrupt elite.
There is a populist movement of every color, of every race, of every persuasion that just wants freedom and wants civilization.
And powerful corporate interests have doubled their wealth the last two years
Well the average person has lost more than 25% of their wealth, and tens of millions of people have gone into poverty, and tens of millions have starved to death extra, according to the UN's own numbers.
Not from the virus, but from the lockdown from the virus that Klaus Schwab brags was carried out for a great reset.
And their whole globalist system is going down, and so they're trying to take us with them, with cultural division, with civil war, with violence, and they brag about it.
Their only hope is to discredit nation-states and discredit capitalist systems
By breaking them down with the lawlessness, with the open borders, with letting violent criminals out, with Democrat states passing laws that you can steal several thousand dollars worth of goods and not get arrested.
And then you wonder why shoplifting and crime explodes and everything starts degenerating.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Monday, January 24th, 2022.
Tomorrow's news today.
Here we are, my friends, on this Monday, January 24th, 2022 transmission.
I just had a very intense experience being interrogated by the January 6th Committee lawyers.
They were polite, but they were dogged.
And I take the whole process very, very seriously because I know that Adam Schiff is a forger.
And has been caught faking emails and misquoting President Trump and claiming that, oh, here he is ordering the president of Ukraine.
Here's a transcript of him telling the president of Ukraine that he's a mafia don.
He better follow his orders.
I mean, it's scary when you walk into that.
You know the power of Congress, the power of the U.S.
That's gone in and destroyed the whole third world countries and killed millions of people just for profit and power.
And when you're in their sights, you know that they can basically make up or do anything they want to a point.
And the point is what we've reached now in society and civilization, and that's the live show headline today, that there has been a global collapse in confidence in the system.
And the globalists had intended to have a collapse in the confidence in our general society, but as a process they thought that they would then escape the blame for it.
But that has not happened now, and the system has gotten the blame that it deserves.
Now, again, the globalists were intending to bring down part of our civilization,
And consolidate control throughout that process.
But instead, it's now backfiring on them.
In fact, there's the headline.
Put it back on screen.
That'd be wonderful.
Monday live, humanity is carrying out its own great reset against
Planet's corrupt elite.
Populist movements worldwide have done an excellent job of exposing the New World Order corporate kleptocrats and their divide-and-conquer agenda.
The corporate deep states' attempt to consolidate power via controlled collapse has backfired, and they are now a victim of their own evil design.
But the bad news is, like every tyrant and corrupt system in history, they're attempting to take us down with them.
Tune in now and learn how we can stop this terrible process that we've all been drug into.
But I want to be clear, it's not all the corporate leaders that are our enemies, it's not everybody in governments that are our enemies, it's not the police that are our enemies, or the black people, or the white people that are our enemies.
It is ignorant people that are the problem.
Being manipulated by very very corrupt individuals that seek more power and more control.
And it's been our weakness as a society and a civilization, including mine and yours, that has allowed this level of evil
To get control and to not feel like it has any checks and balances to what it's doing.
You know, I personally became very popular on the radio very, very early.
That's a lot of power to have.
And I was always doing it really for the right reasons, but I still made mistakes.
And I still hurt people in the process, but it was done from a place of trying to be good.
And I've certainly learned as I've gotten older to be more careful with the power I wield, especially as that power has increased.
That is not the normal process with the type of people that actually seek power.
Most people would seek to be on the radio and TV so they could be famous, because they couldn't get a job in Hollywood.
But I was offered the big jobs in Hollywood and turned them down, because I genuinely wanted to be with the people in the common populace.
And that's really my goal.
But that said, it's been my own process of learning how I've been wrong that has helped me grow up and really see what's wrong with the people that are controlling our planet.
Selfish, arrogant, hateful, disconnected from God.
They're the people we don't want to be.
Huge show lined up for you today.
I promise to take my four-year-old daughter camping for months.
I'm about to take a couple days off and take her camping.
But come up in about 30 minutes, Owen Schroyer takes over.
But first, I've got a lot of big news to hit.
Stay with us.
Thank you for joining us on this live, teleprompter-free Monday, January 24, 2022 transmission.
And I just ended it a little less than an hour ago, my testimony via
Cisco Systems, I guess it wasn't Zoom or Skype, a connection, an interview, I guess testimony, deposition is the word, with the January 6th committee.
And it was extremely interesting, to say the least.
I wrote some notes here that I just want to get out of the way.
Because it is newsworthy and important.
And then I'm going to move on to the other big news.
I know Troyer is coming in to take over because I, again, I'm taking my four and a half year old daughter camping.
She really loves to run around in the woods and have bonfires and feed the horses out at my family's place in East Texas.
So about to take a few days off.
Despite looming war with Russia and all the other insane things that are going on, you got to sometimes
Let your engine cool down, as they say.
So, Owen Schroyer's taking over.
Coming up in about 30 minutes.
But I said this, my lawyer told me almost a hundred times today, during the interrogation, on advice of counsel, I am asserting my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.
And the media tells you that's because you're guilty.
Or because you're going to incriminate yourself, but it's also just because it could be used to try to incriminate you and twist something against you.
Adam Schiff is famous for creating fake quotes and fake transcripts and fake emails and fake text messages and fake conversations with people.
I don't have to go over the list of them, but you know the famous one where he goes, let me read a transcript of the phone call with Trump.
And the President of Ukraine.
I'm the boss, you know, like the Godfather.
Do what I say or you'll be destroyed.
You don't call me, I call you.
Is that clear?
You'll fire that prosecutor.
All lies.
In fact, that's basically a transcript of what Biden said a few years before on the Council on Foreign Relations stage on C-SPAN.
Biden actually said, I called him up and said, you better fire that prosecutor or I'll hold back a million dollars.
I don't know.
But when you've got predators like Schiff back in the background, like a moray eel in the rocks ready to come out and eat you, then there's no reason to even dignify it because it's not legitimate.
Plus, the committee did not constitute the proper members of the Republican Party.
It didn't allow the Republican Party to put forward its members.
It refused most of those members.
Now they've got that rhino, Republican in name only, Liz Cheney on there.
But that said,
The questions were overall pretty reasonable, and I wanted to answer the questions.
But at the same time, it's a good thing I didn't, because I'm the type that tries to answer things correctly, even if I don't know all the answers.
And they can then kind of claim that that's perjury.
Because about half the questions, I didn't know the answer to, and a bunch of them were emails I'd never seen, and planning things I'd never seen, at least from memory.
But then who knows, somebody might say, oh, you saw that member at dinner.
And I'm like, I don't remember.
Because it was all one big blur.
And I just kind of jumped in the river of the million people in D.C.
and floated down it.
You're not in control of the river when you're floating on a tube down the rapids.
I've got their questions here that I obviously couldn't answer under oath because then they could, if I said something even halfway wrong, put me in prison.
And so I'm not going to give Schiff and those people what they want, which is too dangerous of a process.
But they did have some questions that were important.
Again, they have everything that's already on my phones and things, because I saw my text messages to Caroline Wren and Cindy Shafian and some of the event organizers.
Right there.
So they already have everything.
And they already know I didn't do anything.
I wasn't planning any violence.
I was even talking about everybody should be peaceful.
Again, I did not know a lot of the questions they asked.
I had not seen the Matt Bracken clip from December 31st, 2020, when he was guest hosting, because I hadn't watched when he was guest hosting.
And I had only seen it once they sent me the subpoena a few months ago.
And quite frankly, I was shocked by it.
Because I've never seen Matt Bracken basically call for things like that.
He was always the opposite.
He was always saying, look out for provocateurs and look out for federal plants.
And he didn't normally do my show wearing an InfoWars shirt in all the background.
I even noticed he's like an InfoWars guy.
And then it's six days before January 6th and he's basically calling for what happened that day.
But, oh, he wasn't there that day.
He was up at the
Washington Monument, if you believe him.
I'm not going to read into whether he's a bad guy, whether he's a provocateur, or whether he just got hyped up in the emotion of the time, but to answer the committee's question, hell no, I don't support that, and that's not what we stand for.
And speaking of capitals, they showed that photo that was all over the news of myself and Ali Alexander.
Ali Alexander, Alex Jones at
Georgia Capitol.
You guys can probably search engine it and find it.
And it's he and I walking up the steps to then have a photo shoot with a few hundred people that peacefully went in with the agreement of the state police and the Capitol Police with Vernon Jones, former state rep, I believe.
Really nice guy.
He said, would you like to go in the Capitol?
I was, quite frankly, tired.
I've been there having our demonstration, calling for an investigation of the election.
I didn't really want to go in.
We'd given our speech outside.
I wanted to go back to the hotel and eat a cheeseburger and do my show.
But Ali Alexander and Jones wanted to do it.
So we went through the metal detectors.
That took an hour and a half.
We went inside.
We had a peaceful event.
And we left.
So that was our goal.
And they asked, who organized that and who planned that?
I mean, I remember there were demonstrations already going on in Georgia.
And so, as best I can remember, we just went there to be part of the demonstrations and to cover it, to be part of it.
And then there's Vernon Jones, I think that's how you say his name, African-American fellow, really nice, really smart guy.
Also spoke on January 6th.
In DC.
And so he invited us since we did the event.
They asked me if we were with Proud Boys or if we were with Oath Keepers.
And I do remember being at a Hooters.
That was by our hotel eating and having, you know, there was some Proud Boys in there that sat down and I think we drank a beer and ate cheeseburgers again.
So yeah, there's your answer there.
Yeah, there's Vernon Jones with his arm around my shoulder.
And so that was what we had was a very friendly, very nice event.
There wasn't any violence.
I'm told a few weeks later Antifa came out and there was some scuffles and ongoing demonstrations.
But all I know is what I saw and what I witnessed.
So there's the answer to that.
I don't
I don't know.
Back of the stage, so we could then go and get around the crowd, try to go lead the march.
But by then, a million people were there, hundreds of thousands had already marched to the Capitol.
And we come back, I keep meaning to play this video, for some reason we never do as B-roll, but it's gonna happen next segment.
Just watch.
And that's footage I and others shot, there's a lot of these clips, of once we figured out the people had gone to the Capitol and we couldn't stop it, we tried, we went up on the roof.
And I'll show you the size of these crowds.
You never see this footage on the news.
This is only a small part of them.
Just to give you an idea of how what a tiny group went in the Capitol, there's just oceans of every street and road full of people.
It's a million people.
A million.
It's what the DC police estimated.
And the idea that that could be controlled.
I mean, I just know it was led by provocateurs into a crisis.
It was mission impossible when a million people showed up.
And they cut the amount of Capitol Police in half.
But even the full contingent of Capitol Police couldn't stop even 10,000 people that wanted to break into the Capitol, much less a million people there thinking they were going to hear Trump's speech.
And by the time a few hundred broke in, 800 or so, now they're saying maybe 2,000, waded their way into the Capitol having no idea what was going on.
If you're a TV viewer, you see some of the footage I shot from the rooftop.
You could then pan all the way around and see all the other streets full of people, and it went on for hours.
You have to understand, what I just showed you on TV was in the afternoon, once I got up on the roof, when I was unable to stop people going into the building.
And again, we didn't know Ashley Mabbitt had been shot.
A red flare got shot at by police, and that's when my security
Said, I don't know if they use the same military terminology, but a red flare means somebody just got killed or shot.
We need to get out of here.
We're not stopping this.
Because by then we learned there were a bunch of people inside the Capitol.
And that was so stupid and so dumb and we do not support that.
I didn't support it that day.
I don't support it now.
But I don't support that million people that came there.
And a tiny fraction went to the Capitol, and they're all being called terrorists.
My personal doctor didn't even go to the Capitol.
And they raided her house last year.
Raided her with a SWAT team.
Just to see what she had and what she'd done.
Medical doctor.
And... She thought maybe it was because she's my doctor.
But, I mean, I... The doctor that owns the clinic's quasi-retired, so she's just been my doctor recently.
I just need to get checkups, blood work done, like once a year.
So that's how crazy this is.
That's how big this dragnet is.
And they kept, you know, asking me, do we use Oath Keepers?
And did we use Proud Boys as security?
I hire professional security.
I'm not putting these people down, but...
I get mobbed in these big crowds, and big crowds are dangerous, as anybody knows, just because people can stampede or there could be a backfire from a bus, and they're dangerous.
So yeah, I had 12 or 14 security people for all those big events, because when you're out in the middle of hundreds of thousands of people, you need that just to be able to get places.
And so I hired DC and Maryland police, and I hired a well-known private security company here in Austin.
Uh, that is bonded and works for, not going to name names, but the people that work for me have worked for, you know, the richest people in the world, the biggest government people, all of it.
Uh, they've guarded Hillary Clinton.
They've guarded, you know, Joe Biden.
They've guarded Michael Bloomberg.
Hell, I'll just say the names.
And so I, I go and try to get professional people.
And of course, there's no way I had D.C.
police and Maryland police off-duty with us trying to do an insurrection.
By the way, the company we hired was all black guys.
The four or five times we went to D.C.
because that's the company that had good ratings for people we hired.
I mean, big black guys.
They were all basically the size of NFL linemen.
I mean, 6'8", 6'6", with the little guys?
Arms this big around?
Yeah, and they were Democrats most, I think, basically, non-partisan, leaning liberal.
So, no, we didn't go in some premeditated plan.
We didn't believe the Capitol was being attacked with the D.C.
and Maryland black police.
Give me a damn break.
And we got the hell out of there once we couldn't stop it.
Trump thought there might be 30,000 people that came to DC.
I set the ellipse up for that.
Trump could not believe it, according to all the sources out there, that there was a million people.
He kept marveling at it.
He was super excited.
And he has a tendency, and I believe this quote I've heard from witnesses of the committee, that he told Mark Meadows, oh, I told him I'd meet him down there, but I really wasn't going to go.
I might drive by or fly the helicopter over, because he did that at our other events.
And I was just about to leave with my wife, who was freezing, to go back to the hotel and drink coffee and take a hot shower and not even be part of the Capitol thing.
Because I found it hard to believe from our, when I say White House source, campaign has to run events, but it's liaison within the White House, Caroline Wren.
And I'm like, yeah, let's just get out of here.
And I was talking to Enloe, who was with me.
I took one security guy in to the Ellipse.
Our other security was outside.
And because that's a contained area with the Secret Service stuff where Trump was speaking with this 900,000 or whatever people around it.
And I'm like, you know, maybe we just won't do this.
Because they're like, and then all of a sudden, she's back there with all the Secret Service and people.
She comes and opens the gate.
They come over, they get me.
They lead us through.
Whatever it was, it was uniformed people.
She said Secret Service.
We go back and we get let out.
And then I'm given the Mission Impossible job with a bullhorn.
That you can maybe reach a thousand people with, to midstream, jump on Pennsylvania Avenue, where already, God knows, at least over 100,000 had gone before us.
I don't know how many, but a sea of people to try to then control that.
People ask, well, then why'd you get up and try to stop it?
Well, that's a little uppity.
No, it wasn't that.
I mean, I felt like, I knew Ollie had this Lot 8 thing.
It sounded like a pipe dream that Trump was going to come speak, but I hadn't, I just trusted everybody.
I thought, okay, sure.
We've done all these other big events.
You're like, hey, you're going to speak at the Jericho event.
And you go there, and it's a big setup and speakers, and you show up, and you go up, you give a 10-minute speech, and you're done.
Same thing January 5th.
And so, I can tell you what happened here, and just give you the basics of it.
You make one little mistake talking to that committee,
About what day something was on or whatever.
They don't care if it's obvious it's political.
They don't care.
They got juries in D.C.
that would convict a newborn baby and put it to death in order to do so.
For breathing.
I've seen it.
And so, you can't go into something like that.
You can't.
Uh, deal with something at that level of corruption.
I'm sorry.
And so the whole thing is tainted.
It's like a big bowl of soup.
You put one rat turd in it, it's no good.
Well, this has got like hundreds of rat turds in it.
And I'm not eating the soup.
Uh, but I'll tell the public what really went on.
I want to say this to the committee, too, because I know they're watching.
They say they watch every day, basically, and all these clips.
Or I, they imply they watch all the time.
The background noise of this, they ask me, did you hear of any plans for violence?
Yeah, the Democrats.
We're going to burn everything down, you know, give us what we want.
You see politicians or Republicans get in their face.
The military is going to march Trump out.
We're going to have military tribunals.
We're going to arrest all the Trump supporters.
We're going to have a military coup against Trump.
We're going to, I mean, we heard all that from Pelosi and Maxine Waters, all of them.
So that raised the background noise of garbage.
And so yeah, all over talk radio, all over everywhere.
There was, you know, headlines about insurrection acts and Trump was all over the news.
But I was getting this from the news like everybody else.
I didn't say I was an insider.
I didn't say I had all the answers.
I was basically following the political system.
Of going through who is the designated campaign PAC manager to run speeches and events.
When Trump goes and gives a speech, folks, it's not the White House running that.
It's not government money paying for that.
When Trump comes to Pennsylvania or Texas to give a speech, that's paid for by the campaign.
That's paid for by donations.
So there's also that confusion going on.
I went there to have a peaceful political rally, to put peaceful political pressure on Congress, to have a 10-day investigation by the Senate, because that's what I thought was right, it's what my listeners wanted.
And that was my motive, and it's what I did.
And it's a horrible, historic fiasco, and I wish it would have never happened.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Alright, I got some final information I want to hit on the January 6th committee and where all this is going.
And then I got a bunch of other news.
I'm going to go ahead and take the rest of the hour.
And Owen Schroer is loaded for bear.
He's going to host the second and third hour today.
Then Gerald Cilente is on the fourth.
And then Owen comes back for the vaunted war room.
And remember, the reason I take this so serious is Owen Schroer has been charged with attacking the Capitol, disorderly conduct, a bunch of stuff he didn't do.
And it's facing years in prison.
So that's why this is so dangerous, not just to myself, but the whole country and the whole world.
But to finish up my statements to the January 6th committee, because I can't say it under oath, because if I said that the background behind me is purple, they would say, well, actually, there's some black in it.
So it's not really purple.
You lied.
Five years.
And so when you're dealing with that level of stuff, you just you can't talk to them.
Because they'll twist everything you say.
I've witnessed this time and time again.
But to answer the other few questions here, did I hear about violence?
And the answer is...
All over the news, Democrats were calling for burning down the cities, for killing Trump and his family.
New York Times writers, Washington Post writers, Hollywood comedians, they were all saying kill Trump, kill his family, kill Trump supporters.
Antifa was shooting Trump supporters in the back of the head all over the country.
Cops were getting shot.
Antifa was firebombing federal buildings.
They attacked the Portland
Federal Courthouse, what was it, almost 100 days in a row, they attacked police with hatchets.
The then-Vice Presidential candidate bailed them out of jail.
Antifa was coming to members of Congress' houses, bashing on their doors and breaking windows out.
And so, yeah, that raised the temperature a lot.
But I heard no one around me call for offensive violence or talk about any plans for violence.
I saw rhetoric on conservative TV and radio about it might be a civil war and, you know, it might be time of the Second Amendment.
That was a background noise.
But you always hear that in politics in America.
I mean, hell.
You can read a dozen articles this week with Democrat publications talking about shooting wars and what it's going to look like in the breakup of the country.
Let's get something clear for the committee and for my audience and everybody else.
I don't want a civil war in this country, and that's a terrible idea.
And I don't want lawlessness by anybody, and I don't want anybody attacking anybody, okay?
Now do I use rhetoric like, if you want to fight, you better believe you've got one?
Yeah, in the info war.
It's time for us to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know how this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you've got one.
In the info war.
That's what that means over there.
Infowar means we fight with information.
We fight with the truth.
That's the whole point, is it's a non-violent war.
That's what Alex Jones does.
He fights with words.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
The word processor is mightier than the tank.
Newspaper ink is more powerful than nuclear weapons because it can stop people from using them.
And as they say in the 1983 TV show or movie, war games, the only way to win this game is not to play.
I have children.
A war is not going to fix this.
I don't want a war.
It's a global corporate corruption we have using behavioral psychology to manipulate us against each other that's done this.
And I knew that 10 years ago and I really know that now.
I have a real sense of foreboding with the situation with Russia, and with our borders, and the economy, and the collapsing cities, and all of it.
And we better, as Americans and as humans, keep our distance from violence.
And not be a party to it.
Defend yourself all the way.
So they also, you know, asked the question, basically, or we're trying to get at the question, well, do you use Oath Keepers as security?
Do you use Proud Boys as security?
I had my own security, but obviously, everywhere we went, people followed us around, of every different type and every different group.
And Stuart Rhodes, I later learned from news articles, would assign someone to us because he was kind of doing the whole playing the general type thing.
And I saw it all as LARPing.
I mean, I didn't see the Oath Keepers as bad people, but I saw a lot of it as playing soldier in the backyard.
And they do go out to burning cities and try to help businesses, and that's not LARPing.
You know, their mission was something I really agreed with for most of its
That's real.
Operations, but if the indictment's true that they thought that they could foment and kickstart and detonate a rebellion at the Capitol that would then lead to a larger war, that is not something I knew about or something I support or something I want.
So again, you're really getting my unofficial testimony here to the committee.
So I can speak off the cuff and tell you as accurately and truthfully as I can what's going on.
Because I want the audience to know this too.
And the audience is like, Alex, we know, we listen to the show.
We know you don't want violence.
We know you weren't part of it.
We know you were pissed that day.
You know, I was screaming at the crew and just frothing mad at what a disaster it was.
And I wasn't mad at the crew.
I was just in having a fit.
And they're like, hey, the Democrats storm capitals all the time and burn stuff.
I mean, sure, it's not good, boss, but I mean, we're not as bad as they are.
And I was like, they're going to make this the end of the world.
They're going to try to launch martial law.
They're going to make us all terrorists.
They're going to never shut up about this.
And sure enough, that's what happened.
So I know how the media works.
Democrats can run around and murder and kill whoever they want.
It's cute and funny and sweet.
Republicans do a wrong thing, we're all to blame.
Like some crazy person goes out and shoots somebody with a gun, and then all gun owners are to blame.
I know how this works.
So, that's what's going on with that.
And that's the basics of what I wanted to get to.
And let me answer the question like this in the final equation, because this is what the whole broadcast for me today is really about.
It's what yesterday's Sunday show that I thought was really informative was about.
You should find it at Band.Video and share it.
Let me put the show headline up, guys.
Again, thank you so much to the crew for putting up with me.
Monday live, humanity is carrying out its own great reset against the planet's corrupt elite.
There is a populist movement of every color, of every race, of every persuasion, that just wants freedom.
And wants civilization.
And powerful corporate interests have doubled their wealth the last two years, while the average person has lost more than 25% of their wealth, and tens of millions of people have gone into poverty, and tens of millions have starved to death extra, according to the UN's own numbers.
Not from the virus, but from the lockdown from the virus that Klaus Schwab brags was carried out for a great reset.
And the great news is the world's waking up and all these mainline liberals are coming out against the scam and against the biomedical tyranny and saying no.
And people are realizing that their own common sense has been left at the door and that their own common interests are being destroyed by the globalists and that it doesn't matter.
We have to get out of groups.
It's fun to get in groups.
I cut my teeth on saying we must get rid of the left-right paradigm and come together as populist, which I agree with.
Then I saw Trump as a populist movement, but still they were able to just balkanize people even more with Trump, so it became more destructive in a way.
Now I see that in hindsight.
And so the UN talks about unity all day, but really all they're doing is creating 24-7 division
By breaking them down with the lawlessness, with the open borders, with letting violent criminals out, with Democrat states passing laws that you can steal several thousand dollars worth of goods and not get arrested, and then you wonder why shoplifting and crime explodes and everything starts degenerating.
This is, in the WikiLeaks, Hillary talking to top psychologists at universities how to do this.
And then we just have to wake up and say 99.9999999% of us are going to be hurt by this.
And that nobody should go along with this and we should say no to the Great Reset and have our own reset against it.
And we've got exclusive footage, some of which never seen, from January 6th coming up.
One way or another, this globalist system is collapsing.
I think?
Their collapse to trigger the takedown of our civilization.
And to do that, we've got to cause a giant mass awakening and become aware of the behavioral psychology and the brainwashing going on.
Eric Clapton just came out, did a big interview that Owen will cover next hour, and said they're using subliminal messaging, they're using brainwashing techniques, they're using mass hypnosis and mass psychosis to control.
Which is true.
More and more people are getting this.
And the system trying to suppress that isn't going to work.
So I'm not looking for conflict with people.
I'm looking for peace and justice and to not be a corporate slave of the globalists.
Now, I won't have time to air this whole video in this 11-minute segment.
It's about 11 minutes long.
We're already into it.
But we'll post this in post.
I don't know.
We were trying to go back and actually piece everything together so we could have accurately in our minds for any testimony what happened.
It's a lot of stuff.
And we just didn't realize how many times I talked about peace, even before it happened.
And so, again, here's part of it.
Then we'll come back next hour with huge news and Owen Schroer and more.
But a lot of this has been seen.
A lot of this hasn't been seen.
And here it is.
And after this, we're going to walk down, and I'll be there with you, we're going to walk down, we're going to walk down, anyone you want, but I think right here, we're going to walk down to the Capitol, and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them.
Because you'll never take back our country with weakness.
You have to show strength and you have to be strong.
We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated.
Lawfully slated.
I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building.
To peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.
Yes, sir.
Trump said he's going to lead the march.
He's coming out this way.
I saw his motorcade.
So I think his motorcade may lead down the street.
Which road should we take?
Our route, I think, is going to be based on the recon, straight down Pennsylvania, and then the Supreme Court side of the Capitol is where people are already gathering, and I saw a stage.
Is that the stage?
The little one on the left side?
Yeah, Senate side of the Supreme Court.
Real tiny?
Marching straight up Pennsylvania?
Straight up Pennsylvania.
Alright, face out, bubble.
I think we should wait for Trump to finish.
That's what it's going to be like.
If you want to kind of just organize some people here and just tell them what we're doing, they're going to listen to you.
We're standing by for Trump.
How do you think Trump's going to drive down that road?
I think based on the blockades and his convoy, it's right here.
It converges.
I think the Wren lady, where's she at?
I think she's gone.
She knows what they said they're going to do.
Everything she told us is inaccurate.
So we need to call her real quick.
I don't remember what she said.
I think she heard we're only supposed to march.
Ladies and gentlemen!
This is the second day of the revolution against the globalists!
And we've got a president ready to fight!
And he told us to march peacefully to the Capitol!
And that's what we're doing!
Let's go take our country back!
Trump's only minutes away!
Let's start marching to the Capitol!
said, we're not burning buildings down or shooting cops.
Notice, like Don Jr.
We're building America up!
We're here to take our rightful country back!
Because we're not globalist anti-for-criminals!
So let's start marching and I salute you all!
We're going to be debating for 12 hours.
We're going to camp out in our capital and tell CCP it's our country, not hers.
The occupation of D.C.
starts now!
Everyone from across America, come here peacefully!
We're occupying D.C.!
All right, hang everybody out of the way, because I've got to get this crowd off there, because they're trying to provide deterrence so Trump won't come.
Easy, watch the tree, watch the people sitting down.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
We've got a permit on the other side.
It's great that this happened.
But the Trumps aren't going to come when we've taken this over.
We're not Antifa.
We're not DLM.
You're amazing.
I love you.
Let's march around on the other side.
And let's not fight the police and give the system what they want.
We are peaceful.
We won this election, and as much as I love seeing you and the Pro-Christ flying over this, pleading to not have the confrontation with the police, we're going to make that the story.
I'm going to march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully.
Tell everybody behind you, march to the other side.
March to the other side.
You guys are great, but the police provocateurs have caused a problem and the police are throwing flashbangs.
We don't want to have a kid stay here.
So, I love you.
We're saving the republic.
This is beautiful.
But please tell everyone you know, march to the other side!
We're going to march.
Trump is going to speak over here.
Trump is coming on the other side.
Come off of me!
So march with us, go slow.
Look how many people are pulling out of there.
They got so many emails and calls in person.
People were going to go in.
They thought the Capitol was open.
They didn't know.
We saved them.
And probably police, too.
It's an ongoing fight.
We're not stealing the stage like the Democrats did.
You've done a great job.
Let's peacefully go over here, so everyone will know what's on the other side.
Come down off of there.
And again, I get the chance to get their attention so they listen to me.
Let's just move and then the people will come out.
Get off that building now!
Get off the building!
I agree.
Do not be part of this!
Tell everybody to come out on this side!
The Boxers are shutting us up!
Hey, hold on for a second.
Alex, take a look behind you.
Look at that fucking crowd.
Hey guys, let's take a break right here.
Let me talk to this cop and see if I can get Alex up there and de-escalate the situation.
Bubble up, take a pause.
No hand, nothing.
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
I'm telling you right now, he just tried to de-escalate this stuff.
If we can talk to someone and get him up there, we can get them to back off.
Take him to the east.
The east front's a problem now.
This is the problem?
The east front is a problem now.
Okay, so we need to get him up there to tell people to... The east front's a problem now.
Is there a way that we can get him to a position?
Through the hole you guys breached right there.
We didn't breach anything.
Well, the whole group is with you guys.
We just showed up.
We just showed up.
We're trying to help.
Up through there.
All they are up there, take them up there.
Alright, let's go.
Come on.
Can I talk to you?
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
He's a big, big, like, populist movement guy.
He will de-escalate this situation, but we gotta put him somewhere to speak to them.
We just did it on that side to pull people off the scaffolds.
If not, the mob's the mob.
But I'm telling you, this entire crowd will listen to him.
It's a fact.
So where can we take him and talk to the people so that this doesn't turn into something it doesn't need to be?
Who can we coordinate with?
We got tons of law enforcement with us.
Is there somebody you can speak to?
And we're trying to help, dude.
I get it.
And I'm telling you, you will see a miracle happen if it happens.
With the vest?
Boss, I was told to speak to you.
I'm one of the Alex Jones security guards.
He can de-escalate this entire situation if you give him a little platform to speak to the crowd.
I promise you.
I don't want him to turn into something he's not.
I know.
I'm telling you, you can help.
We got tons of law enforcement on our team, man.
He wants to help.
They will listen to him.
No, I'm not authorized to do that.
Okay, what do you recommend?
See what you can do.
I promise you he can make it happen.
We don't want to be rebellious.
He can fix this.
He can de-escalate the whole thing.
I'm telling you.
I'm telling you it'll work, dude.
We're on your side.
He can move this whole populace.
They all follow him.
We do.
We do.
I just want to put him in a place where they'll hear him and see him and he'll tell everyone, we're not here to be violent.
You're letting the provocateurs turn this into some shit it don't need to be.
Guys, I don't know who's in charge.
We tried to get him to call.
If we can get Alex up there, we can de-escalate this whole thing.
They all follow him.
It'll all turn peaceful.
He just has to speak.
I'm telling you, dude.
We're all on the same team.
This shit is not going to be good.
But I don't want to break the law.
I'm on your team.
That doesn't make it okay.
Folks, I'm going back down, because Trump's not going to come when we go down.
Let's go and stand for what we want, and I'm going to go back down and wait for Trump to come.
Stop Brazil!
I love you.
Stop Brazil!
We have to get this on record because I'm being framed, you as Trump supporters,
And just populist Americans that love this country are being framed as terrorists when 98% of you were totally peaceful that day that were there.
And you went there to exercise your sacred First Amendment rights.
So I salute you for being there.
We're not going to let them frame us or set us up.
But that's why Infowars is so precious.
Because imagine if Bandot Video wasn't there.
Millions of views a day.
They've shut down almost everything else.
That's why it's so exciting to see Parler getting bigger.
Parler's having problems actually.
Gab and Rumble and Getter and others that have streaming and videos now.
And what Mike Adams is doing with Brighteon and his live streaming he's doing now.
And we're trying to launch that for folks on Bandai Video.
We're very close.
So we just got a lot of things going on.
We can't pay for this infrastructure.
To peacefully wake up America and peacefully counter globalist lies without you.
So this is a war.
It's an information war.
And I thank you for your support for myself and yourself and our families.
But I need you to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
There's only a few days left on Brain Force Plus at 40% off back of stock, our great new Tropic.
And I'm
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, Brian Stelter and the creeps over at CNN have taken their creepiness to the next level.
I could spend an hour on this, but I've just got five minutes right now.
Look at this image of Brian Stelter man-spreading, literally.
For these little kids, video, Brian Stelter visits school kids to teach them to spot misinformation.
And boy, did Twitter have a heyday.
And others.
I mean, yeah, this is what misinformation looks like.
Masks don't protect you, they don't work, he's wearing that.
He's telling them, don't even trust satire, don't trust anything but CNN.
CNN has less viewers on record than even Censored Info Wars does.
Joe Rogan's program now has.
20 plus times the viewers on average of CNN.
And that's Joe Rogan.
So they can try to censor and shut me down?
10 more pop up even bigger.
So it's a very crazy time to be alive.
And look, I'm not saying Brian Stelter is a pedophile.
I've never said that.
I've said if I was going to cast somebody as like an evil hit the clown goblin that lives in sewers and eats children, it would be Brian Stelter.
So here they are in New York City, that dungeon of tyranny.
And here comes Brian Stelter climbing out of the manhole cover to try to come in and indoctrinate them that you need to only believe me.
So they're already used to pay to be in airports, but people complain so much, CNN can't even pay to be in airports anymore.
When I grew up in high school, CNN paid for TVs in the schools, and every second period, we had to watch 15 minutes a day of CNN propaganda.
So they've always been basically the propaganda channel, and now that's not enough.
Now they're coming directly into the schools so he can sit there and weirdly spread his legs.
I mean, who sits on a chair like that and spreads their legs?
It's like with Drag Queen Storytime, when they come and spread their legs for the kids.
It's absolutely disgusting.
Here's part of the report.
Barbara King wants to arm this eighth grade class.
All right, so today's topic is misinformation.
With the tools they will need in a world of information saturation.
We're going to learn to identify the various types of misinformation.
And there is a lot to learn.
They're called satire, false context, imposter content,
Manipulated content and fabricated content.
Just imagine trying to make sense of all of this as a teenager.
Now we go to imposter content.
What does imposter mean?
I mean, everything they just said there.
Manipulated content, manufactured content.
It just makes you think of CNN, CNN, CNN, CNN.
CNN calls us for comments, we give them comments on time, and they say they do not respond to comment.
So just imagine, you pay all these property taxes and send your children to school, and then they sit there and can't teach them to read and write, the country's going illiterate, by design, but you can learn all about how you're racist and all about how boys can be girls and girls can be boys and all about how boys can be on the girls track team and on the girls swim team and how men can come in the bathroom of little girls and
In comes Brian Stelter, wearing a mask to keep the psychological fear going.
It's all garbage.
It's all theater.
And the blue cities have turned into literal hell holes.
It's CNN that lied to us about the WMDs.
It's CNN that's lied to us on so many fronts and helped cover up the murder of people in nursing homes in New York during COVID.
It's CNN that has blood on its hands and it's CNN that is like a zombie network because nobody watches it.
Except people that make fun of it and hate it, but still the big money of AT&T keeps it propped up and it just won't go away.
So that's what you learn in public school.
A lot of the private schools now is how to take deadly shots, how to tattle on your parents, how to wear masks and get carbon dioxide poisoning.
And how to only trust CNN.
This is truly an establishment in decline.
We don't want to fight with it.
We want to remove ourselves from it and step out of the way as this globalist, neoliberal political system collapses and politically dies.
That's our mission is to survive and thrive and love God and build a better human world for all God's children together.
And that's the mission.
Of Infowars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Owen Schreier takes over!
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Tomorrow's news.
Ex-Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers including Craig Pardecouper, have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the U.S.
A database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as LOTS.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda-Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order's woke, Build Back Better, Great Reset.
While at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.
And it's happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
And so there is your Gregory's Report.
Very startling.
On Bandot Video, almost with a million views.
And you just gotta think about what an enemy operation would do in a time of war.
As a backdrop, as the frame of context for that video, and it makes even all the more sense, as diabolical as the notion may be.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, here's what we have coming up the rest of this transmission.
We're going to have a doctor on with us in the next hour discussing the end of the mandates rally, the pro-life rally from over the weekend.
And there is a hearing happening right now with Ron Johnson and others.
Dr. Malone is there.
Dr. McCullough is there.
Dr. Kirsch is there.
Happening in Washington, D.C., and it's just incredible.
I've been popping in and out of this all day.
It's been going on for about an hour and a half.
And it's just unbelievable information.
I mean, they've completely destroyed all the vaccine narratives.
They've completely destroyed all the COVID narratives.
I mean, it's all there.
Now, this isn't being covered by Fox.
This isn't obviously going to be covered by all of the New World Order media.
The Build Back Better Great Reset Biden media is not going to cover this.
They just want you to think the vaccine is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
So they're not going to be covering this.
The whole world should be seeing this.
The whole world should be watching this.
So we may be going in and out of that as well as covering the latest news that I have here on my desk in front of me.
But it's kind of like what we saw in
December, and then January, and then even some months after that, where you had these hearings in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Arizona, and you'd have the election workers go up and say, okay, here's what I saw.
Yep, they brought in truckloads of ballots at 2 a.m.
and they were all for Biden.
Yeah, they were triple counting ballots in Atlanta because they knew it would increase the margins for Biden since 60% of Atlanta, Fulton County, votes for Biden, so they just quadruple counted them.
Yeah, I was counting fake ballots.
I've been a ballot counter for 20 years and I remember counting fake ballots and pointing it out to the poll watchers, the head of them, and saying, hey, these are fake.
And they said, well, just count them anyway.
They remember mail-in ballots that weren't creased, meaning they were never mailed.
There was no crease on them, so how did you put them in an envelope?
You didn't.
They talked about how a lot of them had no signatures.
Anyway, I'm pontificating here.
The point is, those hearings actually happened.
But because the media didn't cover them, they just got to act like it didn't exist, and all of the shenanigans that went down to put Biden in the White House
For the most part, went uncovered.
And now you're dealing with the worst president in U.S.
Which, even the Democrats are admitting is the case now, only a year in.
So it's that same energy, it's that same vibe.
Here's a hearing with congressmen, official government hearing, on the record, doctors, telling you the truth about the vaccines, telling you the truth about COVID, the side effects, all of it.
And the media won't even touch it.
And so that way the left and the Democrat Party, the authoritarians, the statists can just close their eyes, put their head in the sand and say, nope, this isn't going on.
The vaccines aren't hurting people.
The vaccines are great.
Natural immunity doesn't even exist.
COVID is the worst thing ever.
Nobody can survive COVID.
You better get the vaccine.
And of course it's all being destroyed.
So we're going to come back and go to some of this live, because as far as I could tell,
The only network that's been covering this today is One American News Net, and that's it.
This should be broadcast on all media outlets today, and only OAN is doing it.
So I won't be a hypocrite.
We'll come back and we'll play just some of that, and I know that the crew is also going to be recording it right now, and they're going to be cutting up some of the highlights for that, and we'll play those on the War Room coming up that I'm hosting later.
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When we come back, we'll be hearing from the Vaccine Side Effect Committee.
Don't go anywhere.
So I asked the crew, I said, guys, let's find
Who's ever reporting on the Ron Johnson hearing today?
Let's find some stories.
And they said, oh, and there's barely anybody talking about it, barely anybody covering it.
So it's like it doesn't even exist.
We were able to find two.
You had one on Zero Hedge, Watch Live, Senator Johnson holds star-studded COVID-19 second opinion hearing.
Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Brett Weinstein, Dr. Jay Bachara, Dr. Ryan Cole, Harvey Reich, George Farid, Pierre Cory, Dr. Erso, Dr. Marlick, Dr. Kearady, Dr. Malone, Dr. Wiseman, the list just goes on and on.
We've got another one here from Red Voice Media.
COVID-19 a second opinion.
Ron Johnson moderated panel discussion with experts.
This has been ongoing about two hours now.
I want to go live to the OAN feed, the only network that I've seen actually live covering it today.
Let's pick up some of that coverage right now.
Ron Johnson, Dr. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and so many more talking the truth about vaccines that the establishment doesn't want you to hear.
We look in the yellow card system.
In the UK, we say the same thing.
And we look in the EUDRA system.
In the EU, we do the same thing.
We have just fulfilled the Bradford Hill tenets of causality.
Meaning, I am telling you, as an epidemiologist, the vaccines are causing these fatal and non-fatal events to a large degree.
And many of those skilled around the table, I'm sure, would agree.
Okay, so that transitions perfectly.
Kyle, I'm going to actually ask you to give up your seat for Mr. Tom Renz.
I got contacted by attorney Tom Renz over the weekend, who represents some whistleblowers within the Department of Defense.
And Tom, you cannot, you don't have much time at all, okay?
He showed me his data, or he showed me the data that is being extracted from, what is the name of this database?
It's the Defense Medical Database.
And I'm going to just kind of cut to the punchline because we just don't have very much time at all.
But this data, so these are whistleblowers that have been extracting data out of the Defense Department database.
They have noticed an
A very alarming increase in instances of certain conditions compared to a five-year average.
You know, like a ten times number in some cases.
They also have evidence that with myocarditis, the data has been doctored already because they did a search inquiry in August that showed a certain level of myocarditis.
I think it was like...
Twenty times higher?
Twenty-eight times higher?
Something like that?
But now, in January, it's only a couple hundred times.
Or, I mean, it's two times higher.
So, there appears to be doctoring of the data.
Now, my staff has already sent, this morning we sent a record preservation letter to the Department of Defense to try and protect this data.
But, Tom, why don't you just quickly, because we have other things I do want to get to here, please tell me
Apparently one of the whistleblowers is brave enough to come forward and give a name or I would not have allowed you to come.
Yes, Senator.
So we've got three whistleblowers who have given me permission at this point to share their name.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Theresa Long, D-O-M-P-H, Dr. Samuel Sigloff, and Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Peter Chambers, D-O-N flight surgeon.
All three have given me this data.
I have declarations from all three.
This is under penalty of perjury.
We intend to submit this to the courts.
We have substantial data showing that we saw, for example, miscarriages increased by 300% over the five-year average, almost.
We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average.
Cancer is not being talked about except for by Dr. Ryan Cole.
Thank you, doctor.
We saw, this one's amazing, neurological.
So, neurological issues which would affect our pilots.
Over a thousand percent increase.
A thousand.
Ten times.
That's a ten times rate and obviously that... 83,000 per year, I'm sorry, 82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year.
Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured and sometimes possibly killed.
Dr. Corey, thank you so much for your stance on the corruption.
That's precisely what it is.
They know this.
And Senator, when these doctors are attacked,
Not necessarily the people in this room.
I'm not giving names.
They call me.
I'm the one dealing with the medical boards.
I'm the one watching the witch hunts.
I'm the one fighting them off and I'm the one telling them where to go.
I'm going to keep doing that.
Senator, we also have... Let me give you this last thing and then I'll shut up and get out of your way.
Project Salus Weekly Report.
Project Salus is a defense department initiative where they take all this data that doesn't exist, supposedly, and they give it to the CDC.
They're watching these vaccines.
On that date, and around that date, I have numerous instances where Fauci and that entire crew were saying, it's a crisis of the un-vaxxed, it's 99% un-vaxxed in the hospital.
In Project Salus, in the weekly report, the DOD document says, specifically,
71% of new cases are in the fully vaxxed and 60% of hospitalizations are in the fully vaxxed.
This is corruption at the highest level.
We need investigations.
The Secretary of Defense needs investigated.
The CDC needs investigated.
And thank you so much, Senator, for having the courage to stand against these special interests.
Seriously, I was just saying that in the break.
Thank God for Ron Johnson.
We need to pray for Ron Johnson.
We need to pray God's hedge of protection over Ron Johnson and these great doctors and whistleblowers.
Here's Ron Johnson.
I notice they must preserve these records and this must be investigated.
Thank you so much, Senator.
Thank you.
The increase in cancer is something I've been hearing about for months.
And quite honestly, I've told people that are reporting this to me, I don't think the public's quite ready for that yet.
But you've just raised this issue.
Apparently, Dr. Cole, you're aware of this.
Can you talk a little bit about that?
Because this is frightening.
And this is a challenge in terms of aggregating data.
Thank you, Senator.
I saw a signal early on of certain viral conditions.
Dr. Parks pointed out mechanisms.
I noticed certain viruses increasing.
Well, these same T cells, immune cells, keep cancers in check.
So, I do about 40,000 biopsies a year.
I'm a busy pathologist and I thought, gosh, I'm seeing more of this type of cancer and this type of cancer and this type of cancer.
And so I've tried to talk to other laboratories and aggregate a bigger data set, which, obviously, these federal data sets are a very easy way to see that signal.
Obviously, I've been cancelled, I've been ridiculed, I've been maligned, etc.
for saying so, but I've been observing it.
And I can't deny observation.
That's how science happens, initially through observation, then we confirm through hypothesis, experiment, and data.
So, yes, we're seeing it.
And now, when we travel with these groups and summits, I have oncologists, I have radiation oncologists, I am seeing an uptick in cancers.
I'm seeing these odd, stable cancers take off like wildfires after the vaccines.
It is happening.
We need federal funding.
The NIH isn't looking at this.
Getting a grant to look at anything related to the vaccines is next to impossible because they're perfectly infected.
Alright, that's Dr. Ryan Cole talking now.
Folks, this is incredible.
This is like...
This is like the prelims.
Go ahead and pull it down.
This is like the prelims or the warm-up opening ceremony to Nuremberg 2.0.
I mean, are you hearing what these doctors are saying?
They're seeing a radical increase in cancer post-vaccination, and they know why.
They're telling you the science, how it's destroying the cells that attack cancer.
You know, something strange is happening here, and of course, you're tuned in because you know what's going on, we know what's going on, but to new audience members, or just the general population that's confused at all of this, not really sure what's going on, maybe starting to wake up,
Yeah, we've got this hearing with Senator Ron Johnson and dozens of doctors.
By the way, we're going to be joined by one of the doctors that's on the panel in about half an hour.
Dr. Marble is going to be joining us live on the air to discuss this.
But yeah, we've got this panel of doctors and a senator.
Very little media there reporting on it and covering it.
Talking about their clinical data.
Their government data and just their general experience since COVID in the vaccines, in the deadliness, all the lies, all the cover-ups, all of it.
It's really powerful.
We're going to go back.
But you have to ask yourself, what is going on here?
Pfizer CEO says annual COVID jabs would be an ideal situation.
Oh, he'd like that, wouldn't he?
To see his profits continue to skyrocket.
Fauci coming out and saying the same thing.
We need unlimited boosters.
What do vaccinated and unvaccinated people have in common?
They will never be fully vaccinated.
So what is going on?
If these people actually cared about your health, if these people were actually trying to do this for good reasons, they'd come out and they'd be honest about this.
They wouldn't try to scuttle the information from getting out.
They wouldn't be censoring people that are questioning it.
They wouldn't be hiding their own data for decades into the future.
They wouldn't be attacking doctors and members of the media that question the vaccines.
And when they see all the side effects that have been mentioned at this hearing, they would back off and they'd say, hey, you know what?
Something's going on here.
We know a lot more about COVID.
You're probably going to be fine without the vaccine.
Let's step back, let's stop mandating these, let's stop forcing these until we have a little bit of better idea about what's going to be the long-term side effects of this experimental technology, mRNA technology.
But no, they say full steam ahead, vaccinate everyone a hundred times, damn the side effects, damn the death, damn your freedom!
So you got to just scratch your head and say, wow, what is wrong with these people?
What is going on here?
So we go back now to the panel, Senator Ron Johnson, and just a bevy of heroic doctors reporting here.
The media will ignore it.
We won't.
In fact, we'll probably upload the whole hearing to Bandai Video at some point, if not today, tomorrow.
But here it is, the doctors, whistleblowers, and everybody warning the world, trying to get the truth out about these vaccines and COVID.
The experimental data on the genome in P53 in BRCA, can you explain that to everyone?
Yeah, real quick.
So we have genes in our body, we have mechanisms in our body, we have bad cells in our body every day.
Our body says, oh, I can kill that, knock it off, you know, shake hands with every cell, you're gone, you're gone, you're a bad cell.
There are genes, there are suppressor genes, P53, it's the guardian of our genome.
There's another breast cancer gene, BRCA gene.
We know that the spike protein binds to the receptors for these genes and can
I think?
I'd like to just clarify and take that a step forward.
What p53 does is it checks your DNA before it replicates and it makes sure that it's fixed.
So p53 is the one tumor suppressor gene that is most
Absolutely correct.
It is the essential tumor suppressor.
Now, do we know for sure that the spike protein is binding it and inactivating it so that it cannot make sure that your DNA is replicated effectively and without any errors?
No, but that's why we should have tested these for cancer-causing potential before we started giving them to our kids.
There are some confirmatory studies.
I'll put it into the record, a paper by Jiang and May, where it goes into this data.
SARS-CoV-2 spike impairs DNA damage repair.
Thank you.
One of the key points is that we still don't officially know what the structure of these so-called vaccines are.
We do have some information now that's been published by a Nobel laureate group from Stanford, looking at the sequence from discards and comparing it with the patents.
And there are what are called untranslated regions.
Has anyone ever heard of this word, untranslated region?
A few people.
Everyone has been told that the RNA in there is just RNA that's making this spike protein that's going to make you a nice little cute little vaccine just like those mumps and polio vaccines that we've all had as children.
There are untranslated regions and I'm going to read you what they are.
There are three human gene sequences in those untranslated regions.
One of them, we think, I'm working with a group of molecular biologists and genomics.
One of them, we think, is targeting the mitochondria.
I'll tell you what that gene sequence is.
It is a, where is it?
The three prime untranslated region comprises two sequence elements derived from the amino terminal enhancer of split ASM RNA and the mitochondrial encoded 12S ribosomal RNA to confirm RNA stability and high total protein expression.
That's what a WHO document says.
Now, if that's true, if that's true, that could mean, we don't know, we need to find out, that could mean that the expression of the spike protein is actually being expressed, partly at least, in ribosomal, in mitochondrial ribosomes.
This is so wrong.
That means it could be a kamikaze expression.
Dr. Wiseman, listen.
You're certainly letting us know you're qualified, but I don't know what you're talking about.
What I'm talking about, Senator, is in every single drug package insert, you see a chemical structure.
Do you not?
There is a chemical structure.
We need to know the exact chemical structure, the exact sequence,
So I want to clarify a little bit there.
People have said these are mRNA vaccines.
mRNA only always goes to protein and we can't do anything.
First, we know that people have reverse transcriptase.
Yes, it can make DNA.
Yes, it can go back into the DNA.
But there's something else about RNA.
RNA can make little hairpin loops.
RNA can regulate your DNA.
So when you put an mRNA vaccine or RNA into your body, it can get in and it can be alternately spliced, can bind to your DNA, and it can regulate it for positive or for negative.
It can change your gene expression, and there's stuff in there that can do that either intentionally or unintentionally, and we don't know.
It's completely unethical because we are just... Let me just translate this real quickly.
Um, because, you know, if you're hearing this, guys, pull it down real quick.
If you're hearing this, you probably said, hey, you know, we heard a lot about this on InfoWars a year ago, two years ago.
Folks, this is like death by a thousand cuts.
If you come up to me and you cut me one time somewhere, I'm probably going to be just fine.
You cut me ten times, a hundred times, I'm probably going to bleed out.
That's basically what they're saying is going on with this mRNA technology.
It's like death by 100 cuts just constantly attacking your DNA, attacking your DNA.
That's why they keep pushing these boosters.
I guess either they think keep getting boosted will really work or they just really want to completely destroy your immune system, want to completely destroy your DNA.
That's why this doctor here is so fired up about this because he knows what's going on.
Dr. Peter McCullough talking now.
We're good to go.
We've identified that boys have a predilection for this far more than girls.
The maximum age group, the peak age group, is age 18 to 24.
So it's actually the college age.
The risk extends up to age 50.
And I can tell you that in this age group, it is clear the risks of the vaccines are far greater than the risks of COVID-19, the respiratory illness.
That's everything right there.
That is everything right there from Dr. McCullough.
The risk of the vaccine is worse than the risk of COVID.
We'll be right back with more.
We got a lot of other developing news here that I'm going to cover today.
If I don't get to it on the Alex Jones Show, I'll get to it on The War Room, including the developments in Russia and Ukraine and Biden or the Biden administration.
Trying to get involved there the latest developments there There's a bunch of other news developments.
We need to cover but we are Prioritizing the hearing right now being held by Senator Ron Johnson with dozens of elite doctors Calling it the second opinion hearing and they're telling the truth about the vaccines.
They're telling the truth about kovat And so that's why the mainstream media wants nothing to do with it.
So we have to amplify this hearing to the best of our ability So we go back now live
To the hearing with Senator Ron Johnson and dozens of elite doctors.
The second opinion on COVID and vaccines hearing.
This is what we get when I investigate.
I mean this isn't to do with this.
This is after a couple years trying to get information out of another agency and we finally get the information and it's all redacted.
This is how the federal government, the agencies, comply with congressional oversight.
We're glad to share with you, Senator, because we have quite a bit of those that aren't blanked out.
And we also want to tell you, listen, the side effects, the only one that they're recognizing, that's an outright lie.
I've got the Pfizer documents.
Pfizer said in their FOIA documents that they released, they said, we're looking for these side effects.
The FDA said, we're looking for these documents.
We've got their documents showing what they're looking for.
They're not sharing it with the American people, because they're covering this up.
Corruption was the word of the day, and I think it needs to be reiterated.
So somebody really quickly in their testimony talked about what the drug crime cases were supposed to turn over when they made application.
Yeah, Dr. Curiaty.
Talk about that specifically.
Okay, so on the day in which the Pfizer vaccine was authorized under federal regulatory law, that data had to be made public to the American people.
By data, I mean the clinical trials data that Pfizer submits to the FDA, that the FDA then reviews and decides whether or not we're going to give.
And why wasn't it?
Well, was there a waiver granted by FDA?
No, what they said was, you know, we have a lot of FOIA requests and they didn't deny that they had to release it eventually because that would have obviously contradicted federal law.
So what they said instead was like,
You know, even though we have a budget of six billion dollars, I think it is, you know, we only have a handful of employees to handle these FOIA requests and, you know, they have to make a lot of photocopies of these documents.
Now a judge has ordered the release, not at 500 pages, but at 55.
We'll get that sooner.
Again, we're running out of time.
I did want to talk about some of the other
You mentioned FOIA.
The FOIA for Japanese regulators showed that this vaccine's not staying in the muscle as we were kind of all led to believe.
That's going to be interesting, guys.
Just pull it down real quick.
We'll see.
I would imagine that there's going to be back and forth here, but as of today, you just heard it, in eight months, it may be down to seven now, I'm not sure when the ruling was made, but let's say eight months from now, so we'll say September, we're supposed to get
All of the unredacted documents on the vaccine side effects.
In September of this year, right before the midterms.
Think about the political impact that that
So they were going to use lipid nanoparticles to do it.
The problem was the lipid nanoparticles went into ovaries, bone marrow.
Adrenal glands and other tissues so it's still being worked on studies are still being done, but I was going to ask dr. Malone because Dr. McCullough had just talked about the fact that he has concerns Do you have concerns for this vaccine and children knowing that it's going in the brain the bone marrow the adrenals and all these other organs?
So the answer's yes.
I've said that repeatedly.
I've put out a four-minute clip in which I talk about the damage at risk to children in brain, heart, coagulopathy, reproductive systems.
You know, I'm realizing something here now as Dr. Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, is speaking.
You'd think you'd want to hear from him.
If you're the media, you'd think you'd want to play this.
And we all know what he's saying right now about it.
You know, it's funny because of all the things that the COVID-19 vaccine does, you notice that it doesn't do the one thing they claim it's supposed to do?
It doesn't stop COVID.
And it never did.
And it was never designed to.
I mean, this is just...
I'm telling you, man, you want to talk about science fiction dystopia?
I mean, we are in it.
They forced the vaccine in the name of COVID, but yet it doesn't stop COVID and it does thousands of other things to your body except stopping COVID.
Here's Dr. Malone, the inventor of the technology that they're injecting us with.
in detail about reverse transcriptase and what it can do, etc.
But I can tell you that we moved off of trying to develop further these mRNA and DNA complexes
Based on our work in non-human primates and in mice, we spent years with both commercial funding and various public funding, not NIH, trying to advance this technology.
Many, many different ketonic lipid formulations, compounds tested, screened for toxicity.
We could never overcome the hyper-inflammatory characteristics of these polynucleotide catenic lipid complexes.
We could never get there.
Now, the Curriculum Weissman Assertion, it's like baseball.
I brought Katie Kariko into this, like a decade after I'd made the basic discoveries.
They assert that the inclusion of the pseudo-uridine reduces the inflammatory response.
But the data show that that is a marginal decrease, and the data also show from their competitor, it's important to remember that they are BioNTech, Katie's a vice president.
So their competitor in Germany has shown very good immune response without the pseudouridine.
So you're right, pseudouridine is an aesthetic compound.
The logic is that incorporation of pseudouridine reduces the inflammatory response, but the inflammatory response is still there.
And to your point, Richard,
We are clearly seeing not only specific effects associated with spike protein, but non-specific effects associated with lipo-nano complexes.
How do we know that?
Because Moderna gave us a presentation to their stockholders recently where they rolled out their Phase I data.
I think?
90% of the subjects had adverse events compared to 30% in the placebo group.
This is phase 1 data.
Now that data has not been disclosed publicly.
It was only disclosed to their stockholders.
But what it clearly demonstrates is that the cationic lipid RNA complexes have intrinsic toxicity.
above and beyond just that associated with the spike.
So when we get into these arguments about is it spike, is it the lipids, blah, blah, blah, it's both.
We have a tendency to get binary.
It's either this or that.
No, it can be both.
Regarding the data package from Japan that Byron Bridle first acquired, and then I think I was the first after that.
People often get confused about this, but Senator, this is the thing that worries me among most.
Is that that limited data that was not produced to any quality standard that any clinical trial, you know, precursor non-clinical data package I've ever seen would be allowed to be used.
What the FDA and the regulatory authorities all over the world allowed was for Pfizer to collect data
Thank you.
And oddly, they seem to differentially go to ovaries and bone marrow, but ovaries relative to testes.
And it's important everybody kind of latches onto this and they say, oh, there's spike protein in the ovaries.
No, that's not what they measured.
They didn't ever measure spike protein.
What they measured was the lipid component, these synthetic lipids, which is the other thing you didn't mention in this cocktail, okay?
These synthetic lipids go to ovaries.
Who cares?
When your child is born, when your daughter is born, she has all the eggs she's ever going to have in her ovaries.
And we do know that, and the CDC now finally acknowledges after women all over the world complaining about their altered menses and getting, I mean, it was, I felt like I was in the mid,
Folks, this is incredible.
The whole world needs to be hearing this right now.
And I'm just overwhelmed with relief that everything we've been talking about for two years is now happening with world-renowned doctors and senators in massive panels.
They pushed this vaccine that's done so much damage now and got filthy rich off of it.
The biggest criminals you've ever heard of.
Let's go back now live to the hearing.
The skill of the surgeons was unbelievable.
They re-baffled the upper chamber of her heart, so her heart operates backwards today.
So, I enter this with just a deep respect for the phenomenon that is our healthcare system, for the doctors, all of your training.
One thing I definitely noticed, though, is as much as I value the skill, it was the caregiving of the nurses that
I saw minute by minute, so I kind of want to wrap this up.
We have very limited time, so please introduce yourself, tell your story, and then we will wrap this up.
Thank you, Senator, for giving me an uninterrupted opportunity to represent the harm that is coming to the patients in the American hospitals and the lack of early intervention.
My name is Nicole Sirotek.
I'm a registered nurse.
I've been a registered nurse for over a decade.
My specialty is critical care, trauma, and flight.
Since the start of the COVID pandemic, I've actually been rebranded, I guess you can say, as a leading expert in early intervention strategies executed on a large mass scale using the FLCCC protocol, as well as
COVID patient ventilator protective strategies to optimize COVID patients on the ventilators.
My story actually begins back in May of 2020.
I was one of the original nurses that went to NYC to help with the COVID pandemic, because as we remembered, they needed nurses.
Most importantly, they needed ventilators.
Well, I was the whole package.
A flight nurse that can manage ventilators.
And when I arrived there,
The gross negligence and the medical malfeasance that happened in there and the complete medical mismanagement of these patients is what has led us to the situation that we're in right now.
The pandemic and the hysteria that was created from poor public health measures and poor execution of appropriate early intervention strategies and the handicapping of medical professionals doing their job has led to where we are right now and into the crisis situation that we are in.
I will use several key case studies that will represent larger descriptive statistical information for what I'm going to speak of.
But when I was in New York, and what continues to happen today, is that many of them are not dying from COVID.
Now many people don't know about me is that I'm actually a master's prepared biochemist and I have worked extensively with the HIV virus.
Tracking genetic mutations, so I feel very comfortable going toe-to-toe with some of these doctors here, although I am not a doctor.
I'm just a nurse.
But what we saw in these front lines, we knew what was happening.
And when we asked for the ibuprofen, they said, no, it was contraindicated.
When we asked, like, why aren't we giving them steroids?
Oh, well, it's not.
We're just following orders.
Following orders has led to the sheer number of deaths that has occurred in these hospitals.
I didn't see a single patient die of COVID.
I've seen a substantial number of patients die of negligence and medical malfeasance.
When I was on the front lines of New York, I'm unfortunately known globally viral as the nurse that was in the break room sobbing, saying that they were murdering my patients.
The pharmaceutical companies had gone into those hospitals and decided to practice, I guess you can say.
On the minorities, on the disadvantaged, on the marginalized populations that we know that we had no advocates for.
Because the very agencies that should have been protecting them were closed because we were sheltering in place.
Now while I was there and I saw that the pharmaceutical companies were rolling out Remdesivir onto the patients, I tried to get a hold of the IRBs, I tried to get a hold of my appropriate chain of command, I tried CMS, I tried Department of Health.
And they rolled out Remdesivir onto a substantial number of patients, for which we all saw it was killing the patients.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is bombshell 2.0 now, where it's not just how they were lied, it's not just how we were lied to about the vaccines, but how we were lied to about the treatment.
And so we're figuring it all out folks, just, I mean, look, I know that this is so diabolical to hear me say this, but I mean, we're finding out
How the treatment for COVID killed more people than COVID.
That's what these doctors and nurses are saying right now.
And we'll be right back with more live coverage.
Let's go back live.
You have a nurse right now talking about, which by the way, I've had multiple doctors on air with me explaining this exact same thing, talking about how she watched patients come into the hospital that died, not from COVID, but because of the medical treatment they received, saying more people died from the medical treatment than the actual virus.
Let's go back to her live.
I'm not
Even though I founded American Frontline Nurses, I've traveled extensively to South America, India, and South Africa, working in hot zones, stopping the spread of the virus, and working with early intervention.
And nowhere in those countries, in developing nations, do I see these issues that we see here in the United States.
It's actually, I'm a very proud American citizen.
I come from a family of immigrants and my mother told me that the United States is the best country in the world.
Though granted, I am biased being an American.
And our level of healthcare has been deteriorated to substandard, third world nation healthcare.
Whereas I tell people you are better off in South America.
Let's just be clear about this point she's making right here.
Because while I agree with her, there's another level to this.
The American regime, the elites hate us so much that they would literally put profit above people.
And so, yeah, you've got these third world countries or these developing nations, and she says, hey, how come they're not doing this to their people?
How come they're not killing their people with their treatment?
Because their elites are psychopaths, eugenicists, and people that are putting profit over people.
They looked at this and they said, wow, how much money can we make off of this?
That's what it is.
How much of the population can we cull with this?
The two-pronged operating system of the New World Order.
Money, power, and eugenics.
Money and power going hand-in-hand.
And so that's what this nurse is explaining right now that she witnessed.
Go back.
I don't
Thank you, Senator Johnson, for giving nurses the opportunity to come and represent our patients.
As you can see, we're not often thought of as leading professionals, though we are the missing link between the doctors and the patients.
Thank you so much for this time.
Where are the CNN cameras?
Where are the ABC cameras?
Where are the Fox News cameras?
Where are the CBS, NBC cameras?
Where are they?
Nope, they're not there.
They don't want you to see this.
I spoke here today.
Now, again, there's disagreement between people in this room.
The viewpoints expressed were those of those individuals expressing it.
These are real-world experiences from people that are on the front lines, that are treating patients.
And it's different from probably anything you've heard, unless you've been following these people in the media, trying to break through, trying to convey to the American public and provide the information that I think we all need, that we all deserve.
You know, my antenna is always up because I'm getting cues of spreading misinformation all the time.
So I can imagine how the news media is going to treat so much of this.
They're going to pick little phrases out.
And they're going to pick it apart.
And they're going to try and marginalize this entire event.
All I can ask is the viewers to share this.
Tell your friends, I know this is long, this is a five hour long panel, and we didn't even scratch the surface of what we need to discuss.
This shouldn't have been necessary, as our information
grew as we became better and better educated, less ignorant about the coronavirus, COVID, the COVID vaccines.
This should have been made public every step along the way, but it wasn't.
So again, I'm just asking the viewing public to have an open mind, respect these individuals who have paid a significant price professionally, reputationally,
These are highly qualified individuals.
They speak from experience.
We've got to fix this problem.
We can't let this continue.
We can't let it happen in the future.
So again, thank all of you for coming.
Thank you for being doctors, for being nurses, for being academicians, for being medical researchers.
And thank all of you for viewing this.
Share this with your friends.
God bless you all.
So there's Senator Ron Johnson closing it out, as you heard, a five-hour conference.
Now we're going to be getting one of the doctors, Dr. Marble, on with us here shortly, who was at that hearing.
And so we're gonna be getting connected with him.
We'll probably have him on either in the next segment or the segment after that.
Just, just, just wow.
And what's so frustrating is just, it's like what Ron Johnson said at the end, it's just, none of this ever had to happen.
None of it.
COVID didn't even have to happen.
If you didn't have mad scientists like Fauci and Dasik running around with the Chinese Communist military making bioweapons, none of this would have ever happened.
If you didn't have power-hungry eugenicists who wanted to take advantage of this
Man-made virus escaping from the lab to force a vaccine into you and bring in a world government with medical tyranny.
Never had to happen.
None of it ever had to happen.
We never had to be tormented like this.
We never had to be tortured like this.
We never had to be getting sick like this.
We never had to lock down and destroy ourselves, destroy our economies, destroy our communities, destroy our relationships.
None of this ever had to happen.
And yet here we are, two years down the road, still dealing with the nonsense.
And there's people who want it to continue, never want it to go away, and want to hide the truth from being discovered.
And, I mean, this is about as evil as it gets, folks.
I mean, I would be shocked.
I mean, it's probably going to get worse.
Before it gets better.
But I mean, you gotta wonder, how much worse can it get?
I just had a panel of doctors and nurses explaining how COVID vaccines are causing cancer, COVID vaccines are killing people, and more people died from the treatment, the medical treatment of COVID, than the virus itself.
I mean, talk about an alley-oop between mad scientists and big pharma.
Hey, we'll create a lab that does bioweapons research, we'll release the virus, we'll cause the world to go into a panic, and then you can alley-oop it by releasing your experimental vaccines, and we'll make sure our friends in the media don't know the truth about any of it.
One group gets what they want, a virus escaping a lab.
The other group gets what it wants, total medical world tyranny government.
And then there's the media there to cover it all up, make sure you know nothing about it, and censor anybody who dares speak the truth.
How many people on that panel do you think are banned on social media?
Probably most.
For telling the truth.
So I mean, when you really soak it all in, when you really absorb it, when you really look at it for what it is, I would say that there's not too many people listening to this, not too many people on this planet that have experienced worse evil than what we're seeing today.
Very few people.
For the majority of humans alive on this planet today,
We are experiencing the worst evil that we have ever seen in our lives.
And we are just begging God for divine intervention.
Just begging God for an answer.
Just pleading, please stop this madness.
Please rescue us from this hell that we're going into.
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So you just heard from the hearing with Senator Ron Johnson and dozens of doctors and nurses and scientists and everything else.
And we are now joined by one of the doctors that was there, Dr. Ben Marble from MyFreeDoctor.com is with us.
He's still in D.C., just outside of the room where the hearing went down.
So we go live now to Dr. Ben Marble.
Doctor, just give us your first response.
The hearing has just been let out.
Just give us your first initial reaction to everything that we heard today.
Well, I think it kind of summarizes the narrative of exactly what we've been seeing that's going on globally.
The crazy mandates from on high, the poison that is basically a fake vaccine that's killing people and injuring people all over the world.
So hopefully, you know, all the panelists that spoke, I think we knocked it out of the park and, you know, the world should be aware of what's going on now.
Finally because we've been silenced so much over and over and over all the censorship on social media Facebook YouTube all those sites that shut us down Twitter and Won't let the truth be heard.
So the truth is finally heard today
For the whole world to know.
And the simple thing is, early treatment works.
Fake vaccines do not.
mRNA gene therapy is not a vaccine and never will be.
It's poison.
And, you know, no human should take poison.
We need to ban the poison as soon as possible.
And going forward, what needs to happen is we need arrests and arrests of Dr. Jeff Falsi and all his co-conspirators like Bill Gates of hell and
Klaus Schwab, George Soras, etc.
Those guys all need to be on trial in Nuremberg 2.0 as soon as possible.
Now tell me, because the only network, the only media that we even saw covering it at all was One American Newsnet, so as far as I know there was only one camera there even filming.
Were there other cameras there?
Was there other media there?
Or was it truly just One American Newsnet?
One American News was the only sort of main
Provider, I saw, but there were 10 different cameras filming live in the room at the time, so I'm not sure who put all, you know, CNN wasn't there, Fox wasn't there, I didn't see any of those people there, but a lot of independent journalists and things like that were there filming.
Certainly, I think the most important people filming was C-SPAN and playing it live for the whole world to see.
And now it's in the public senate record for the world to know about.
What is the chatter between the doctors before and after these hearings?
I mean, because this is extremely powerful and important information.
I would imagine even the side conversations that go down are very important for people to know about.
Well, you know, the doctors we have, I mean, for example, we don't call them hospitals, we call them health spills, because they're basically the new concentration camps.
You know, we know early treatment works, so when the patient, if the patient's unlucky enough to get admitted to the hospital, when they stop everything that works and they're maximizing everything that causes death, then at some point you have to realize that, you know, these are evil people doing intentional harm.
This is intentional mass genocide and it needs to stop and they need to be held accountable and on trial as soon as possible.
Dr. Ben Marble is with us, MyFreeDoctor.com.
Obviously, Senator Ron Johnson has been kind of the leader of this, getting these hearings done.
He's done multiple hearings.
What about, is there anybody else from Congress that's interested in this?
Was anybody else from Congress there?
Have you heard any interest from other members of Congress?
No, there was no one else from Congress there that I'm aware of, so that's certainly a problem and we need more people on our side.
The problem with the Republican Party, there's too many rhinos.
I call it the PC party.
Democrats and Republicans are controlled by political correctness, and that's the root of all this evil.
Political correctness is a crime against humanity.
You know, they banned being a Nazi in 1946.
You couldn't join the Nazi Party, but political correctness should be banned globally because it's the active denial of reality.
Simplest example.
Men cannot have babies.
No person can change their sex.
You have to pretend that they can, and if you don't play pretend, then you're supposedly a bad person.
Well, that's just an evil ideology.
The problem is, as we now see, people for 20 to 30 years thought political correctness was just good manners, but as we now know, political correctness gets people killed.
So that's why we need to get rid of political correctness.
It needs to be thrown in the garbage where it belongs.
Yeah, political correctness has really just turned into not telling the truth because some brainwashed fool is going to have their feelings hurt.
Well, why should that stop me from telling the truth if that's what's going on?
And with the vaccine side effects, it's probably the worst example where, oh, don't say anything negative about the vaccines.
You might hurt someone's feelings.
Well, wait a second.
Since when do we censor the truth?
I guess in this last recent decade here in America we've decided to censor the truth.
Dr. Marble, what other highlights do you think came out of this hearing today that really should resonate with the people or be amplified?
Certainly the obvious fact that the vaccine is not safe, it is not effective.
It's really not even a vaccine.
I hate to even use that word.
It's a fake vaccine.
You know, the average public hasn't understood a lot of this.
They just think, hey, it's probably just another safe vaccine, but it's anything but a vaccine.
It's gene therapy, and gene therapy changes, permanently alters your God-given DNA.
That's a horrible idea, and it's killing thousands and thousands of people.
So basically, you know, we need to ban the poison.
But, you know, hopefully the average... I tried to talk in common sense, and a lot of
Physicians talk, their message is kind of directed to other physicians and they talk high-level science that the average person doesn't understand.
And that's why I say talk in simple language.
Poison is poisonous and no human should take poison.
And we need to ban the poison and stop giving it to people.
And then we need to hold the people who push this poison on the world.
You know, over 9 billion doses of the poison have been given in the year 2021.
And that's why in the year 2022, we're going to see the mass die off of 2022.
More people will die in 2022 than any year in human history.
And it's entirely because 9 billion doses of poison have already been given.
And that's why they're wrapping up.
Thank you.
The good news is this.
Early treatment.
Early treatment works.
We've now delivered, MyFreeDoctor.com has now delivered 150,000 free doctor visits to America.
We have a 99.99% survival rate with early treatment, so we know early treatment works.
We know the fake vaccine does not work unless you're trying to kill somebody.
It's pretty simple.
Do take early treatment.
It works if you're vaccinated or not vaccinated.
And don't take poison.
And that's pretty simple.
If you want to be alive in 2025, that's what you need to do.
Because a lot of people are going to die.
A lot of people are going to, you know, the COVID rates are through the roof right now.
It's entirely because of the poison.
And so,
Those people who get sick, they need to get early treatment as soon as possible.
I can't stress that enough.
Everybody should have these meds at home.
It was up to me.
These meds would all be over the counter, and people could get them without a prescription, but I don't make those rules, so we have to work with what we have.
But everybody should have these meds before they get sick in their medicine cabinet at home, so that the day they get sick, if they can start early treatment within one to two days, they're not going to go to the hospital.
They're not going to die.
And you can get E.T.
for free via MFB at MyFreeDoctor.com and I encourage everybody to do that.
I want to expand on what you were just saying about the vaccine, because I do think that that's the most important thing for us to talk about now, is how just the basic concept of this COVID vaccine has been a lie from the very get-go.
And that was communicated very well today, so I want to expand on that when we come back with Dr. Ben Marble.
Again, MyFreeDoctor.com.
He's helped a lot of people, folks.
Yeah, there's a real man-made virus going around.
It's definitely going around, but it doesn't have to kill you, and it doesn't have to put you into a medical fascistic tyranny worldwide.
Dr. Ben Marble is with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
His website MyFreeDoctor.com.
I want to expand on what we were talking about with the vaccine that I think is so important.
But before I go back into that, Doctor, I mean, how do you explain this?
I can go to India, or Japan, or El Salvador, or Mexico, or all these different countries, and what are they giving their citizens to treat COVID?
They're giving them vitamin C, and zinc, and vitamin D, and ivermectin, and they call them blister kits, and it's like 30 bucks tops!
Some of them are giving away for free!
Why do we see this in all the other countries, yet our elite and our government is only forcing the non-vaccine, uh, vaccine poison on us?
I mean, how do you even, how do you even rationalize that?
How do you wrap your head around that this is what's going on in the world?
Well, you know, it sounds kind of crazy.
Two years ago, I just thought this would never be possible, but how that's happening is basically Nazi Fauci or Dr. Death Fauci, whatever you want to call him,
He's the dictator and all his demands, all his dictates must be followed.
If you don't follow them, you're at risk of losing your license, being vilified and ostracized, lose your job.
And so the doctors are afraid to prescribe.
Certainly, there's other countries that are doing that.
They're doing a good thing for their people.
And so, you know, when people keep doing bad things and people keep dying, and then they keep doubling down on all the bad things that we know kill people, at some point you have to realize that that's not innocent mistakes.
That's just pure evil.
It's pure evil inaction.
It's mass genocide.
It's eugenics.
You know, gene therapy alters your genetic code.
There's arguments to be made that it was designed to selectively target African-Americans and other racial groups.
Eugenics is a war crime.
And Dr. Death Falsi is a war criminal and needs to be arrested.
Let's get back into the vaccine now, because I think this is extremely important, and it's shocking for people to hear this.
It's just the facts.
The COVID vaccine is not a vaccine.
Not only is it not a vaccine, what was well communicated today that really kind of cemented in my head, which I already knew, but maybe it was kind of floating ideas that compacted today,
Not only is the COVID-19 vaccine not a vaccine, if there was a list of things that the COVID-19 not vaccine does, protecting you from COVID would be at the bottom of the list.
It literally doesn't even do that!
It does hundreds of other things to your body, protecting you from COVID isn't even one of them!
Yeah, it's nuts.
Well, basically the
The vaccine is the cell-spreading bioterror weapon because what we know causes all the symptoms of COVID.
The COVID virus is a real virus, but it's a man-made Frankenstein virus.
And the most dangerous part of that virus is the spike protein.
So these fake vaccine gene therapies, they make your body produce the most dangerous part.
They make your body make the poison.
So how anyone sane person could think that that's a good idea and so you put the shot into your body and then your body starts making the spike protein no surprise you get ill you get all the symptoms of COVID it causes the vast majority of the symptoms of COVID are caused by the spike protein and then
You get sick and you have a positive test also from the spike protein.
And so, for example, if you then get admitted to the hospital and you die less than 14 days, then that's considered a COVID death, not a vaccine death.
And that's just a great example of how to lie with statistics.
It's a great big lie.
When they talk about the globalists, the Davos, and the World Economic Forum, when they talk about the Great Reset, what they're really talking about, the Great Reset, is really the great cull of the human herd.
That's what they're talking about.
They're going to kill everybody on purpose and then after everybody dies, because now that 9 million doses have been given, all they have to do is wait for everybody to die.
And so then after everybody dies, you know, 15 to 20 percent of the population dies from this, then they reset and then they can build back better.
So, you know, it's all a globalist agenda plan to destroy America and bring in the one world government.
And we need to stop it.
And when it comes, because it seems to me, and I wonder what your opinion on this is, it seems to me, you know, you get one vaccine, maybe two, hell, maybe even three doses, you might be able to recover or stave off the long-term effects, but I mean, they keep pushing boosters.
I mean, you're talking about four, five, six, seven?
I mean, what is the threshold going to be where it's like, okay, zero doubt, you get X number of vaccines, you're just done?
Well, that's the thing.
The whole fully vaccinated is a lie.
That's a propaganda term because you can never be fully vaccinated.
You always need another dose of another dose.
If you're still alive, you need another dose until you're dead.
And it sounds nuts, but that's the reality we're seeing.
And so I just tell people, simple plain talk, don't take poison, you know, because if you do, you might wind up dead.
And then there's the other issue of the spike protein shedding.
You know, the people who get the fake vaccine, they shed the spike protein where they go.
So, for example, pregnant women need to avoid people who are recently vaccinated because we've seen many cases of pregnant women having miscarriages after hanging around with vaccinated people.
Certainly, we heard the stats of miscarriages are up 300% in vaccinated people.
So, all signs are bad and yet the media, the censorship, the Trusted News Initiative and walking in lockstep, they all won't let the truth come out and they try to censor us all.
And so, I'm really happy that today we finally at least got the truth out to the people now here at Senator Johnson's hearing.
The one thing that was kind of news to me, I mean, we already had some inclinations of this, but now it seems the doctors have the research and the data to back it up.
Talk about the discussion today when it came to the COVID vaccines being linked to cancer now.
We've been hearing that for probably a good 9-10 months.
Many of our pathologists, including Dr. Cole, that when they're looking at their slides under the microscope, they're just
They're diagnostic rates of cancer are just going through the roof of all kinds of cancers in the people that are vaccinated.
And so that's just another thing, you know, there's a couple of different things where way people die from the from the fake vaccine day.
There's acute death in one to two days, the people that die of heart attacks and strokes and blood clots, pulmonary embolus.
There's the long term
Longer term issues like cancer, the immune suppression, where people are getting basically what we're calling VAIDs, which is vaccine-induced AIDS, and it suppresses their whole immune system.
Then they wind up with all sorts of weird, they wind up with weird infections like shingles and cytomegalovirus and other infections people don't typically get, much like what happened with the AIDS
So we're seeing that across the board.
There's, you know, so much evidence.
There's just a mountain of evidence.
It clearly proves they're not, they're not safe.
They're not effective.
They're not vaccines.
They're poison.
And we need to ban the poison, ban the poison, ban the poison.
I cannot say that enough because we can deliver, you know, we can deliver early treatment and save people's lives.
But if you keep taking poison, then you're probably going to wind up dead.
Dr. Marble, we thank you for joining us today.
We thank you for being a part of this hearing.
What are some final comments here before we let you go?
Certainly appreciate you guys and everything y'all are doing.
You are one of the few sources that actually lets the truth be heard, so you guys are really doing a service for the world to help us.
We're in a war.
This is a biological war.
This is bioterrorism.
It was unleashed upon us from Wuhan, of course.
Everybody is aware of that.
Why would we give the Wuhan bio terror weapon to our citizens?
How does that make any sense at all?
It doesn't is the correct answer and so we need to put a stop to it as quickly as possible.
This you know this you know we started seeing the vaccine injuries here.
I started hearing about them because we I have a unique perspective treating patients in all 50 states and we started hearing the reports of vaccine injuries back in as far as February.
So I would have thought it would have surely been pulled by like
April or March.
I mean April or May based on all the bad outcomes I was hearing about.
So I was totally shocked in it all that it
Really from COVID.
Dr. Marble, thank you.
Folks, I gotta tell ya, this, you know, things are spiraling out of control so quickly, my head is spinning, I can't even possibly cover it all.
I mean, you've got massive crime waves happening in almost every major city in the United States right now, specifically the ones that have been under Democrat rule for 50 plus years.
I mean, it's just, just massive crime.
I mean, theft every night, homicide every night,
Brutal assaults and beatings every night.
And then you turn the page and it's, oh, they all get released from jail the next day.
So-and-so assaulted ten people downtown, released from jail.
So-and-so robbed two convenience stores, released from jail.
So-and-so had armed robbery and battery, released from jail.
And it's just like, oh, okay.
So that's not gonna stop, so that's only gonna get worse.
And that's what I'm saying is, I've got all these stacks of news here that's all important to cover, and that's not even part of the coverage.
It's like, yeah, massive crime rates, criminals being released from jail, which then increases the crime rates, which then they get sent to jail again, which then they become more hardened criminals, and so then they commit harder crimes, and then eventually it's the same path to, they just eventually just kill people.
So that's what I'm saying is, I could spend three hours on a talk show and I still wouldn't have enough time to cover the rampant crime wave happening in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, St.
Louis, Baltimore.
There's just not even enough time in the day.
And it's all Democrat leadership, Democrat judges, Democrat district attorneys that then let the criminals out of jail, write laws so that it's not even criminal the offenses they're committing.
And we just sit here and we're just told that, oh, this is normal.
Watching your city get overrun by criminals, every night tuning into the local news, hearing about a homicide, hearing about retail organized theft, train robberies, carjackings, beatings, rapes.
You're just supposed to accept that that's normal!
Oh, that's just normal!
No, I refuse to accept that as normal.
That is abnormal, that is evil, that is demented.
That is the sign of a fallen civilization.
A fallen economy.
A fallen nation.
Oh yeah, you had two police officers in New York City shot over the weekend, in ambush style.
You won't hear about that on the media.
Shot in the head, ambush style, from the all-cops-are-bad left that doesn't exist.
They're not terrorists.
Oh, they murder cops, they assault store owners, they rob every night, they burn, they loot, they kill, they destroy.
And the FBI says, nope, not happening, none of it even exists.
And then the
Police chief in New York City has a press conference with the Democrat mayor sitting next to him saying, we've had enough!
We've had enough!
Enough police officers being shot!
Enough crime!
Enough all this stuff!
And it's like, you're standing next to the guy that represents the party that's done this to you.
You're standing next to the guy that represents the Democrat party that's caused this massive crime wave.
Oh, and not to mention, specifically in New York, you're now alienating the only group of people in this country that actually support you when you go around arresting young children for not wearing a mask and not having a vaccine passport.
So when you go and have a press conference because two of your officers just got shot...
One of them assassinated in ambush style, and you're begging the public for help with the Democrat mayor there next to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to be rude or insensitive, but that is a losing message.
That is a losing approach.
Call out the Democrat Party for what they've done to New York.
And quit harassing law-abiding citizens that don't want to take a medical, experimental, forced vaccine, and don't want to put a mask over their face because they want to breathe air.
Sorry, you're going to lose.
So guess what?
There's gonna be more police officers murdered in New York City before the end of the year.
There's gonna be more rampant crime waves happening in Democrat-run cities before the end of the year.
And people are just gonna shrug their shoulders and say, oh, I don't know what's going on, but it needs to stop!
I'm sick of it!
And so that's why people are leaving these Democrat-run cities in droves and just moving out to small communities in flyover country, as the liberals like to call it.
Because you know what?
People want to live in communities that aren't ravaged by crime and corruption.
People are sick of being told to get used to record homicide rates, record carjackings, record beatings, record assaults.
Record number of criminals released onto the streets.
We're sick of it!
And this is what the Democrat Party wants you to think is normal.
So that's what I'm saying is, I didn't even plan to do this, and the crew's just pouring through all the videos, pouring through all the headlines.
I mean, seriously, it's just...
Hundreds of people get murdered in Democrat-run cities every day, most of them black, and the media doesn't even bat an eye because they want you to consider that to be normal.
So it's like, oh well, but I don't even have time to cover that because I've got this stack of medical tyranny news in front of me where now they're going to be expanding the use of remdesivir
Which is not just a failed treatment.
It's known to kill people!
On the CDC website, they talk about the deadly side effects of Remdesivir.
I've had the doctors on and explain it.
And then I have to open up CNN, and they say, the FDA is going to expand eligibility for Remdesivir.
Oh, that's great!
Let's just, let's just kill more people with our medical treatment!
Let's just, let's just watch the, let's just watch U.S.
cities have more crime, and more theft, and more death, and more poverty, and more desolation!
Let's just watch it all happen and we'll call it normal!
Build back better!
You can't even walk on the streets!
The, uh, it was a, it was a prime minister of something of Ukraine today,
Oh, that's another stack of news, the developments happening overseas, where Joe Biden wants to send five to ten thousand U.S.
soldiers as bait and cannon fodder for Russia.
Think about how sick that is.
Joe Biden wants to send U.S.
citizens into the Baltic regions as a as a direct confrontation and bait for Putin.
And he and I'm going to tell you what's sick about this, folks.
Biden wants Putin to engage our soldiers.
Biden and the Democrats and the New World Order probably want our soldiers to go over there and get shot.
Because that would give them the excuse to start the next world war.
We should not send a single person anywhere near Russia right now.
And they've already decided they're going to send weapons.
Blinken announced that the other day.
Think about how sick that is.
That our political leaders want to send our men and women as bait, as human bait, hoping that Russia would go out there and shoot one of them so that they can have an intervention.
That is sick.
That is evil.
That's our political leadership.
That is how sick and twisted and corrupt and evil DC has become, folks.
And guess what, though?
Everybody knows it now.
Everybody knows it.
Now, I've got to stop right there because we've got to fund this transmission, and if I don't plug, we're not going to be here tomorrow.
And as Dr. Marble said, and others now realize, if InfoWars is not on the air, folks, this critical information is not getting out.
There's other good news outlets out there, but they don't have the reach, they don't have the capabilities we have, they don't have the experience, quite frankly.
They don't have the foresight.
So, we need to keep InfoWars on air now more than ever.
Shop at InfoWarsStore.com to do so.
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And so that's why we amplify the hearing from Ron Johnson.
That's why we cover all the news that nobody else will talk about.
Because we know that that's our role.
And that's why we get all the great guests on that get censored and banned everywhere else, because they tell the truth.
So, shop at Infowarsstore.com, keep us on the air.
Gerald Salente takes over here on the fourth hour, and then I'll be right back in this seat to host the War Room from 3 to 6 p.m., and I'll try to get all this news and video clips off the desk, but there's just so much going on, folks.
Just an unbelievable time to be alive.
But what a righteous act to fight this evil we're all seeing.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The NIH guidelines for the treatment of hospitalized patients for COVID include remdesivir and low-dose dexamethasone.
Almost every single patient in this country is treated with a combination of remdesivir and low-dose dexamethasone.
The Palm Study Group investigated four drugs for the use of Ebola.
The results were published December the 12th, 2019 in the New England Journal of Medicine.
And that date is particularly important because that signaled the beginning of COVID.
The Data Safety Monitoring Board of that study terminated the study of remdesivir.
Because remdesivir increased the risks of death and renal failure.
It was such a toxic drug, the Data Safety Monitoring Board terminated the use of remdesivir.
In January and February of 2021, the NIH and the Act One study enrolled patients in a study looking at remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19.
The last patient was enrolled April 19, 2020.
Ten days later, ten days later, before the study had actually
Dr. Fauci sat in the Oval Office of the White House and he said the trial was good news.
What Dr. Fauci did not tell you was that the primary endpoint of the study was changed halfway during the study.
We all know that is scientific misconduct.
Because the study was not going to be positive, they changed the primary endpoint.
The original endpoint was an 8-point ordinal scale that included death,
And a requirement for mechanical ventilation.
Knowing that remdesivir would not affect those endpoints, they invented a bogus endpoint called Time to Recovery, which they showed in this study was statistically significant.
And based on this bogus endpoint, remdesivir was approved by the FDA on October the 20th, 2020.
So if one does a meta-analysis looking at the studies of Remdesivir, the two studies which were sponsored by Gilead show a reduction in mortality.
However, if you look at the four independent studies, including the large study by the WHO, it shows the opposite effect.
Remdesivir increases the risk of death.
Let me say that again.
Remdesivir increases the risk of death by 3%.
It increases your chances of renal failure by 20%.
This is a toxic drug.
But just to make the situation even more preposterous, the federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if they prescribe remdesivir to Medicare patients.
The federal government is incentivizing hospitals to prescribe a medication which is toxic.
Well, here we are in the year 2022, and InfoWars is now more important than it's ever been.
We are truly in the zeitgeist.
I want to thank you all for keeping us on the air, and I want to encourage you to take advantage of a true win-win situation, or a 360 win, as I've called it, at InfoWarsTour.com.
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It's also back in stock.
It's at 40% off.
Both these are available at InfoWorksShore.com and BrainForce Plus is back in stock as well at 40% off.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Wow, that was some video.
You know, everybody get this in your head.
You don't call them big pharma.
You only call them big pharma if you're a moron or an imbecile.
They're drug dealers.
You like the opiate crisis?
Is that your favorite?
Look what they're doing.
There's not one allotropic drug on the market that cures a chronic degenerative disease.
Not one.
But yet, you tune on the Cartoon News Network, ABC, CNN, CBS, FU, you know what?
One drug ad after another.
One drug ad after another.
And you could thank that murderous piece of low-life garbage scum crap, Bill Clinton, for making that happen back in 1997.
They weren't allowed to put these drug ads on.
So going back to that, we just saw that video about how the FDA and the government is stealing our money to give drug injections and stuff to people that are killing them.
You know, look who the guy, who the clown, the arrogant little boy that used to be the FDA director under
Scott Gottlieb.
Scott Gottlieb.
Where did Gottlieb leave after he left the FDA?
Oh, you mean he's on the board of directors of Pfizer?
What am I, six years old?
How stupid can you be?
And this other clown they're bringing in, Catliff, whatever his name is.
Another guy totally tied into the drug companies.
And now you know the big news.
Pfizer's CEO to Israeli TV.
World should be back to near normal in a few months.
Albert Barola says U.S.-based pharma firm is aiming to produce annual shot.
You got it.
An annual shot.
There he is.
This guy, what, made about 20-something million dollars last year?
And what did Pfizer make, like $37 billion?
Oh, the vaccines are free!
Grow up, they're not free!
They stole our money, they gave it to the drug dealers, and Pfizer gave Biden $1 million to celebrate his inauguration!
That was the maximum they could give.
They're bribes and payoffs.
An interview with Israeli television, Pfizer CEO Barola predicted blah blah blah, quote,
Once a year, it is easier to convince people to do it.
It is easier for people to remember.
Talking about producing a once a year vaccine.
Once a year.
This is a scum that shot off his arrogant mouth that all the prostitutes swallowed the crap shooting out of his mouth.
Oh, this vaccine?
96% efficacy rate after two shots.
That's right.
Go back to November, December 2020.
Again, we write about it in detail in the Trends Journal.
Two shots.
Two shots is all you need.
And now it's an annual?
This is like the flu shot.
Yeah, you get the flu shot.
It may kill you, won't kill the flu, but that's all right.
We'll make a lot of dough doing it.
And steal your money.
Like the crap they're saying, oh Biden's sending out, you know, free test kits, free masks.
They're not free!
They're taxpayer money, and our money goes to the scum that they're buying them from, that they get kickbacks called campaign contributions.
The virus will not be eradicated.
This virus will be with us for years to come.
But we should be able to come back to normal lives in a few months.
He stressed there will be abnormalities, such as Omicron, that we will be able to control.
You haven't been able to control that one.
How are you going to be able to control this one?
And listen to this.
Berola also told the network that he's regularly targeted by anti-vaccine activists who post false information about him online.
What about being a lying little... jerk?
I'm not a lying jerk!
Or maybe you're just a jerk!
Because you said it had a 96% efficacy rate.
Oh, and how about all that other BS that they were shooting out there?
That when the herd was immunitized by 70%, that's the crap that shot out of Fat Mouth Fauci's mouth, and we wouldn't have to worry.
And what do you got countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, highly vaccinated and woof, woof, woof, case after case.
Ouchie, little arrogant little jerk.
The highest paid public servant.
What public servant?
We're the servants!
Anyway, he goes on to say, differentiating the sizable minority of people who are hesitant to take the vaccine, Brola said,
That, quote, there is a tiny minority of people who profit from circulating misinformation.
Hey, freak face.
I don't profit from circulating information.
It's misinformation that you're shooting out.
That the people are buying.
They know very well everything.
They just make it a way of living to circulate this misinformation.
You ready?
They are criminals.
He's calling us criminals.
You hear that, Alex Jones?
You hear that, Joe Mercola?
You hear that, RFK Jr.?
We're criminals.
This is a criminal act that he is speaking.
This should be stopped!
This is treacherous!
Why isn't he being called out?
I'll tell you why.
Because the low-life politicians got cojones smaller than mothballs, and they're getting paid off by this criminal.
He said anti-vaxxers falsely claimed his wife had died, blah blah blah blah.
But that's the least of the damage.
The biggest thing is because people believe those things.
People who died are predominantly not vaccinated, Barola said.
Millions of people have died because of them.
These small numbers are criminals.
Oh, we're criminals?
Hey, freak face!
How are we criminals?
You got vaccinated.
You're safe.
Everybody got vaccinated.
Oh, remember this woman?
I wonder if she died.
You never saw her anymore, that first one.
She was the first one that went down.
Hey Hank Aaron, bye bye!
How many else are gone?
Oh no, you'll be fine, you'll be fine.
And look at the little jerk over there doing the hand signals.
Yeah, this woman, I wonder what really happened to her.
And then when you watch it later on, they're all just standing around there, whacking off.
Yeah, there you go, they're just whacking off.
They don't know what to do.
Millions of people have died because of them.
Millions of people are dying because of you.
No, no.
Nobody talks about natural healing.
Nobody talks about building up your immune system.
So that's what's going on.
We're going to be right back.
By the way, the market's going down big.
We'll be back in a bit.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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So, going back to where we left off about with this guy, Parola.
Yeah, he got a $1 million deal, an award for coming out with his vaccine.
That now is going to have to be every year.
And again,
You look at the people that are getting the virus and the baloney that they say is that, oh, if I didn't get vaccinated, I would have been a lot sicker.
Yeah, save it, Jack and Jill.
Got to be equal now.
Get a million bucks this clown got.
Arrogant boy.
An arrogant boy.
So, the markets today.
Before I go on to that.
This guy Barola.
Now we have New York Governor Hochul says making kids wear masks is like making them wear sneakers.
I mention this to illustrate the stupid, ignorant morons, the imbeciles that are running and ruining our lives.
Addressing how school districts are abandoning school COVID mask mandates, New York Governor Katie Hochul said that making kids wear masks is like making them wear sneakers.
First they object, then they comply.
Hochul said that kids will eventually submit to mask mandates because they adapt better than adults do.
Hey, idiot!
Hey, idiot!
Hey, idiot!
Hey, moron!
Hey, imbecile!
They adapt better than adults do?
They're kids!
Maybe you think like a kid.
You must!
You've been... You've been a politician all your life!
Of course you think like a kid!
Hochul said that kids will eventually submit to mask mandates because they adapt better than adults do, comparing being required to wear masks to being told to wear sneakers.
Quote, my daughter had a meltdown over having to put sneakers on to go to kindergarten.
She got used to wearing sneakers in school.
Could you imagine the stupidity of this?
What the hell do I care about your kid wanting to wear sneakers and not wearing them?
You're bringing that in and making that a comparison?
Look how they're freaking these kids out.
They're freaked out before, now they're more freaked out.
And I'm really proud of the parents that make sure that their kids understood
This is really for their safety and got it done.
Okay imbeciles!
All you imbeciles that believe this crap!
Of course you're not listening because you're on InfoWars, but all the ones that aren't listening, here's the data.
There are 74 million, 74 million people in the United States between the ages of 1 to 17.
In two years, 693, excuse me, from January 2020 to January 6, 2022, the grand total of that 74 million that died allegedly of the virus are 693.
693 out of
74 million.
Hey, Hochul, maybe you're too damn stupid to know what those numbers mean.
They mean nothing.
Because when you break down that number, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 61% of that 693 that died were obese.
They won't wear sneakers, but they'll eat crap food, particularly the crap that you shove down their throat in the public schools.
Blow them up!
Blow them up!
Blimp them out!
Eat them crap!
Don't get healthy!
These are the idiots and morons running and ruining our lives.
This thing's going down big.
This thing's going down hard.
You see the markets today?
They were down over a thousand points.
That's right.
And what did I write?
Sent it right out of the way.
Watch for the Plunge Protection Team to come in.
Watch for the Plunge Protec... Yeah, here we go!
Blimped out.
Bloated out.
42% of Americans are obese.
70% are overweight.
That's right.
Only Mexico got a speed.
They got 73%.
No, excuse me, 40% are obese, 72% are overweight.
Mexico's 73% overweight.
Keep eating crap!
Don't get healthy!
Only a vaccine will save you.
And drugs.
This is terrible.
They're not stopping this.
But here's the good news.
My forecast
The COVID war is going to come to an end.
That's right.
Late March, mid-April, this thing's going to be over.
And then you know what it's going to be?
Climate change is going to get you.
Climate change is going to get you.
And the markets are going to get you.
And when we come back, we're going to talk about the markets, where they're going, what's next, what to do, how to prepare and prevail.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars, and I want to thank Alex and the staff for the great job that they do, and all they do to help you as well, not only by providing you with information and analysis that you can't find anywhere else, but they have a great line of products.
And again, in supporting InfoWars, you're supporting yourself as well as InfoWars, because this is a time to build up your health, get in the best shape you can,
Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
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Go to InfoWarsStores.com.
So I was talking about this Huckleberry over here.
That's the governor of New York.
This is from Friday's New York Time.
Special interest helped Huckle's campaign coffers
Swell quickly.
See all that underlined stuff?
That's the crap I gotta read.
I underline the salient points of all articles I read.
21 million bucks she got.
Let's see.
21 million bucks and a lot of them from real estate agents because she's going to do a deal in New York.
And the donations include $200,000 in checks from families behind major construction firms with millions in state contracts.
$47,000 was tied to a gaming giant.
I believe her husband is a lobbyist for one.
I'm not positive, but I believe that he's a lobbyist, one of the gaming gangs in New York.
And, you know, so let's get this straight, everybody.
21.6 million bucks.
How are you going to run against them?
Where are you going to get the money?
And you go over there to, um, Illinois, and a guy running over there tells his name, starts with a P. I can't say the word because they're going to blackball me for saying it, but, uh, where is it?
Whatever, not Pfizer.
Is it Pritzker?
90 million bucks out of his own pocket to run.
90 million.
This is not a democracy.
It's taken over by the gangs.
The drug dealers that morons and imbeciles call Big Pharma.
The military industrial complex.
The banks, the bandits.
And big tech.
It's one big club and you ain't in it.
As George Carlin used to say.
Again, you know, we're looking at the numbers here coming out.
Disney's CEO pay more than doubled.
The guy, Bob Chappick, $32.5 million in total compensation for 2021.
The guy that they just got rid of there, Iger, $45.9 million.
Oh, $0.9 million?
It wasn't $46 million?
This is a year.
And this is from Wall Street Journal.
Two top executives at Netflix, $39.3 million, $43.2 million.
The guy that banks the head over there, one of the Jamie Dimon gang, he only made $34.5 million.
The guy from Morgan Stanley, he made $33 million.
You believe this?
The world's 10 richest billionaires have doubled their wealth since the COVID-19 war started in 2020.
While we, the people, have saved land there, we're non-essentials, we get poorer.
There's a takeover in front of our eyes.
Your small business is non-essential.
That's essential.
Home goods, that's essential.
Home Depot, that's essential.
Costco is essential.
Target is essential.
Mama and Pop, you're not essential.
And again, you got morons and imbeciles telling us what to do.
All California school children must be vaccinated against COVID-19 under new bill.
State Senate Senator Richard Pan.
How about Pan of Crap?
You little jerk.
Announce a bill that will require inoculations of attending kindergarten to 12, K to 12 schools.
Again, I gave you the numbers.
There's a copy of the Trendster cover.
Anthony Frieda does great work.
And again, there's no magazine like this in the world.
Last week was 149 pages.
The week before, 161 pages.
Again, we're going to go back to the markets in a little bit, but we're putting out nobody.
There's no magazine like it.
Geopolitics, economics, environment, high-tech science, one after another.
You go to TrendsJournal.com, TrendsJournal.com, the history before it happens.
And also, the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace, and Justice, FreedomPeaceJustice.com, and we're providing vaccine religious exemptions.
They're going great, and I just did a sermon last, it was on yesterday, it went up, so you might want to see that too.
We're uniting people of all races, colors, and creeds to live heaven on earth because they're turning it into hell on earth.
So this is what's going on.
And as I said over and over again, when all else fails, they take you to war.
You go back, there's a thing called the Great Depression.
What followed it?
Oh, World War II.
Then let's fast forward
To 9-11.
Let's go back to 9-10.
The Nasdaq was down 66% from its high of March 2000.
You go back to your Trends Journal, October 1999.
I had forecast that the dot-com bust would happen by the second quarter.
Of 2000.
And it did.
The markets are down.
9-11 happens.
We're in a deep recession.
People couldn't stand little arrogant Georgie Bush.
A little nobody of a boy.
A daddy's boy.
Another daddy's boy.
Born on 3rd base and thought he had a home run.
We're gonna get that guy Osama Bin Laden dead or alive!
88% of the people bought his BS.
They forgot about the dot-com bust.
Ended the recession.
They started the whole fake real estate boom.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And we're seeing it now.
Biden weighs deploying thousands of troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltics.
I mean, how could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea believe this little arrogant, stupid piece of crap?
How could anybody?
It's like a clown in a Mad Magazine.
Most people don't remember Mad Magazine, but there was this character there that looked just like him.
Alfred E. Newman.
And that's who you got.
And that's what we got.
They're gonna take us to war.
They've been teaching us to hate Russia all my life when I was a little kid hiding under a desk in case an atom bomb went off.
Same morons that have you wearing masks when you walk in a restaurant but you take them off when you sit down.
The same ones that tell you you can take them off when you're eating and drinking on an airplane but you gotta put them back on when you stop eating and drinking because that's when the virus comes.
The same imbeciles.
And they're doing it again.
And now they're doing it with the
Teaching us to hate Russia more and more.
Again, we write about the facts.
How the Ukraine was overthrown by the United States of a democratically elected government back in 2013.
With Victoria Nuland and John McCain.
We're going to be back in a little bit.
Stay tuned and remember, support InfoWars.
Hello, hello, hello.
Creeping on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I was taught before, I was talking about how the politicians are in control of this country.
And it's really not the politicians, it's the big corporations.
I'm showing you what the kind of money these guys are making.
I gave you the money the banksters are making, like Jamie Dimon and the others.
Go back to not too long ago, it was called the Panic of 08.
And remember, we the people of Slavelandia, we had to bail them out because they were too big to fail.
That's right.
They caused the crash with their derivatives and their subprime mortgages and all the dirty dealing that they did.
The Federal Reserve, which isn't federal, it's a private bank.
They pumped 29 trillion dollars into the banksters between 2007 and 2010 according to the Levy Institute at Bard College.
And look at the money that these guys are making.
While everybody else median household income at its biggest drop in 2020.
And it keeps going lower.
The bigs keep getting bigger and the richer running the deal.
I mentioned the Illinois governor.
Self-funded J.B.
Pritzker made the contribution 90 million dollar check.
90 million dollars.
Then we had another B.S.
Bloomberg over here in New York.
Look what he did.
He ran for Democratic, gonna go for President.
And what happened with him?
Almost a billion dollars he spent.
Almost a billion dollars.
This isn't a democracy.
Get it in your head.
It's fascism.
Go by the definition of a guy by the name of Benito Mussolini.
Yeah, not Italian that I like, but there's a lot of Italians that I don't like.
Fauci being one of them.
Cuomo being another.
Draghi, another one, the clown over there.
There's Bloomberg.
Almost a billion dollars he spends.
And what do they give back to society, these people?
Nothing of any value.
Nothing of any value.
Just crap.
So going back, and when you're looking at what's happened, a guy like this Pritzker,
I think they spelt it wrong.
I guess it's P-R-I-C.
They put a T-Z in there, but I think another letter goes in there.
Because that's who he is.
A little nobody.
A balloon of a guy.
Again, Mussolini said it.
The merger of state and corporate powers.
Matter of fact, I believe Pritzker's sister was the Commerce Secretary also under the Obama administration.
And they own a big hotel chain.
I forgot the name of it.
It's, uh, I want to say maybe Hyatt.
It's one of those.
Look at it.
Look at this guy.
This guy, this guy telling me what to do.
This guy telling me what to do.
Look at him.
Look at him.
Going back to where we're going.
Again, in the Trends Journal, we have been warning that when all else fails, they take you to war.
Dozens of Chinese warplanes fly near Taiwan after U.S.-Japan show of naval might.
That's CNN headline.
Naval might?
What might?
You might as well forget it.
Hey, America, you couldn't win a war over there in Afghanistan after 20 years?
You lost in Iraq?
Couldn't win in Vietnam?
Oh yeah, if we bombed more of them, only killed 3 million.
We killed 30 million?
No, we could have won!
You're not gonna fight the Chinese.
Some 90...
Tons of U.S.
lethal aid has arrived in Ukraine amid tensions over Russia's troop build-up on the border.
Then they show this article here, Russia deploys troops in Belarus.
Russia deploys troops in Belarus.
Pentagon puts HDI on high alert.
8,500 troops.
What are you going to fight?
They're doing this to get the people's mind off the COVID war and the economic destruction that's happened.
You're not going to beat Russia.
You're not going to beat China.
What are you doing over there?
Oh, how dare Russia deploys troops in neighboring Belarus when America is what, in 70 different countries with 800 bases?
What the hell are we still doing in Okinawa?
In Italy!
In Germany!
And you're talking about... Where are all the religious?
Where are the Catholics?
Where are the Jews?
Where are the Muslims?
Where are the Buddhists?
Where are all the people protesting for peace?
Where are they?
Where are they, Pope?
When you're not selling vaccines, Pope!
Pope and dope!
And I'm a Catholic.
He doesn't represent the Jesus Christ that I believe in.
Yeah, my Jesus Christ.
So when you go to heaven, if you get a vaccination, maybe that's your Jesus Christ, huh?
How come they're not talking about this?
Not a peep!
But we are at the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice.
We are on a warpath of war.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
You need any more proof?
Again, the Great Depression, World War II,
The dot-com bust.
The war on terror.
Terror bull.
Look what they did to our lives.
Look how they destroyed us.
Look how they robbed us of our freedom.
And look how they robbed us of our freedom with the COVID war.
When this war breaks out, we've lost all our freedom.
Where are the religions?
Where are the religions?
How come they're not protesting this?
Moscow has denied any plans to attack or invade Ukraine.
President Joe Biden approved a $200 million security support package.
What $200 million?
$200 million of our money!
Bridge projects get $27 billion in fundraising.
$27 billion, huh?
Over five years.
What are we talking about?
Next to nothing.
Next to nothing!
Oh, but $10 billion in test kits and $200 million plus the billions, $3 billion going to Israel every year.
Oh, Tel Aviv is the richest country in the world to live in, a city in the world, the most expensive, and we're spending money on this?
Bring the money, bring the troops back to America.
No foreign entanglements.
Mind your own business.
World's longest high-speed railway network to get longer.
China plans to extend the length of its high-speed railway network by 50,000 kilometers.
31,000 miles by 2025.
Oh, they're going to expand it by 31,000 miles?
And what do we have, by a mile and a half in America?
You've been on Amtrak?
Hey, how about the New York subway system?
How about a night in Calcutta?
They're giving our money to the military-industrial complex, to the banksters, to big tech, and the drug dealers!
If we don't stand up and fight for freedom, peace, and justice, it's over.
This thing's going down big.
You can see it.
And the morons buy it.
Dumb enough to believe Bush's wars?
Dumb enough to believe the COVID war?
And dumb enough to believe Biden's war?
And the people will buy it.
The same way they marched off to Mussolini, saluted Stalin, and hiled Hitler.
They'll do it again.
Unless we stop them.
And Infowars is doing what they can.
And we too at the Trends Journal are doing what we can.
And again, for
Consideration for a religious exemption, and they've been working great, and tune into our services, freedompeacejustice.com.
Imagine, we own that domain name.
Shows you how few people care about freedom, peace, and justice.
So do your care to support InfoWars, and we're gonna be back next week, and keep your eye open.
People ask me all the time on the street, Alex, how have you made so many incredible predictions that have come true?
And the answer is very, very simple.
I actually study what the international globalists are saying and doing at the highest levels of major corporations, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Davos Group.
And when you look at what the big global corporate consortium is doing and what their plans are, then you understand what they're going to be doing next.
It's very, very simple.
Now, I want to be clear.
Just because I give advice to people on a lot of different subjects doesn't mean that I always follow my own advice.
In fact, when I'm giving advice, I'm usually actually giving it to myself and just sharing with you my own experiences.
When I lay these things out, it's from a place of total respect for you.
And a total respect for myself as well, but...
I've talked about this before, and I'll just, again, be very clear about it.
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And there are a lot of great multi vitamins and mineral systems out there.
I'm simply saying, do your research and make sure you're taking one that comes from an organic source.
Because if you're not taking vitamins and minerals from a high quality organic source, in many cases, it's not just that your body doesn't absorb it, it can actually be toxic, especially synthetic vitamins.
A few years ago we came out with this.
It's got new packaging, but it's the same product inside.
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Whereas labs can just synthetically make vitamins.
And again, in many cases, they are actually toxic, not just
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Hey N4 Warriors!
If you're like me, you've been a long-time listener of this program, and you're fed up with everything going on in the world.
Inside you, like me, a fire is burning.
Something needs to change.
And yet, we feel helpless.
Almost like we're stuck inside a system that someone else created for us.
It's time for us to break free from that system.
Reset Wars is a game changer.
You start to see yourself more as part of the solution instead of just as a victim.
So much of the stuff we look at today is low vibration, low energy, and makes us depressed and therefore we manifest this negative reality out there.
When they feel their lychee steel plan to enslave and rob the people, there is an awakening.
Reset Wars has helped me to navigate
And to pinpoint and lock on to the deep-rooted psychological tactics that were being used against me.
And now I'm not scared anymore.
I have to say I was blown away.
I feel so much better every day listening to it.
To Alex, thank you very much for putting the course together.
You're absolutely right.
We are reflections of God.
We are emanations of that.
And we can use that God energy to do really anything we want to do in this life.
Romans chapter 12 Paul talks about how we're transformed by the renewing of our mind.
And that's a process.
Most of our thoughts and actions are subconscious.
Most people go through their day and don't think about many things.
You can drive along a long journey and not even remember half the trip.
In this process, we need to have a concerted, active effort, physically and mentally, to reprogram that subconscious mind.
That's what this series is about, is resetting our mind.
Because there's a war on for our mind.
He's exactly right.
And he's become a great voice in our generation and in this new Great Awakening.
And I encourage everybody out there, if you haven't gone there yet, go to ResetWars.com.
That's where your journey begins.