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Name: 20220117_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 17, 2022
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses mainstream media manipulation, urban control through election fraud by Democrats, promoting products on InfoWarsStore.com for funding, and a claim that Biden admin believes Russia may stage a false flag attack to justify invading Ukraine. He mentions false flags used by Tsars of Russia and Jen Psaki's admission about Russian plans for a false flag operation in Ukraine. The speaker believes globalists want war with Russia and are using false claims to justify intervention. They also discuss a UN-connected group advocating for abolishing parenthood, compares it to the Great Reset, and talks about Novak Djokovic's deportation from Australia due to refusal of COVID vaccine. The program promotes InfoWarsStore's thin masks resistant to mandates for federally controlled zones and introduces Reset Wars, a course that helps navigate psychological tactics used against individuals and empowers them to become part of the solution rather than feeling like victims. The conversation shifts to confronting Luke Robinson, an individual wrongfully accused by FBI for Capitol riots, questioning his involvement with earpiece and firearm at the Capitol. The broadcast covers inflation caused by central banks' creation of money to buy assets and exert influence, leading to increased wealth for billionaires while small businesses struggle under low-interest rates. They advise investing in gold, silver, Bitcoin as protection against economic instability. It predicts tough times ahead due to globalists' agenda for nearly 28 years but believes their Great Reset plan is moving forward. Privacy protection is crucial, so visit InfoWarsTore.com for compliant American products. InfoWars Life offers natural health products at discounted prices such as Survival Shield X2, Brain Force Ultra, Vitamin Ritual Fusion, Alpha Power, Lung Cleanse, Pure Turmeric Liquid Extract, and Winter Sun Plus. The New York Times is criticized for inaccurate reporting on trivial matters like maskless politicians instead of addressing important issues like surge in COVID cases among children. The number of US children hospitalized with COVID is far fewer than reported by media outlets; only around 5000 children admitted over the past week with less on ventilators or in serious condition. Jones encourages listeners to share information and take action against

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And as much as we have a right with this illegitimate government of the Declaration of Independence to throw off these forms of government, we don't have the organization and the statesmen and the leadership like they had back then in 1776, and they were still fighting an uphill battle, and they were fighting a system that wasn't one-tenth as evil, not even one-hundredth.
Hell, King George was pretty good compared to these people.
He was just dominating them and making them go through him to be able to do business, and they didn't like it.
I understand that.
They were slaves.
Everybody was, basically.
These globalists that we have in control today want to end the human system as we know it, and want to turn us all into corporate commodities.
And so we must resist it.
But until the public understands the great reset in transhumanism and the New World Order and the big goal, going out and attacking people, going out and having a war, going out and taking over the TV stations in D.C.
and taking over key federal buildings, that's what you'd really do if you wanted to, quote, have a coup, is illegitimate.
And it would cause a bigger division in the country, and the globalists are all set up for that and want that to happen.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
Mr. Olson, on July 28, 2020, you signed a public letter attacking the Trump administration for using Department of Homeland Security officers.
To help protect the federal courthouse in Portland from violent rioters.
That letter stated, quote, plainclothes officers and unmarked vehicle should be used only in limited capacities and clearly identified circumstances.
Crowd control is not among those circumstances.
Mr. Olson, on January 6th, 2021, did the Department of Justice or FBI have any plainclothes officers among the crowd at the Capitol?
Senator, I'm not aware of whether or not there were plainclothes officers among the crowd at the Capitol on January 6th.
Did any plainclothes officers enter the Capitol on January 6th?
I don't know the answer to that, Senator.
Mr. Olson, I've got to say, your answer is to many
Questions today are disappointing because they boil down to essentially, I don't know.
Did you prepare for this hearing?
Did you know this hearing was happening before this morning?
The direct answer, yes, I prepared extensively, Senator.
Many of the questions are about specific facts that I don't have.
One of the most important points that I would emphasize is, as a general matter, it's not appropriate to comment on ongoing investigations.
I didn't ask you about an ongoing investigation.
I just flipped to the cover of my binder here.
It says the title of this hearing is the domestic terrorism threat one year after January 6th.
The Attorney General has repeatedly said this is one of the department's highest priority.
You're testifying at a hearing about the domestic terrorism threat one year after January 6th and you can't answer questions about how many people have been charged for events arising out of January 6th.
Would you go into a briefing with the Attorney General, your boss, and not be able to answer such basic questions?
On the last question you asked, Senator, over 700 people have been charged in connection with January 6th.
About 325 have been charged with serious felonies in connection with attacks on the Capitol.
Ten minutes ago, Senator Cruz asked you this series of questions and you didn't have the answer.
You didn't have the answer for how many people have been charged with violent offenses or non-violent offenses and so on and so forth.
Have you given an answer in the last 10 minutes?
I'm sorry if I misunderstood, Senator, but I believe that Senator Cruz was asking me about other events, not the January 6th events.
Okay, let's turn to another issue that came up earlier today, Ray Epps.
During the January 6th riots last year, Mr. Epps was caught on video several times.
He seemed to encourage
People to enter the Capitol, to break down police barriers.
Video from the rally down the National Mall early that day shows him doing the same thing.
Video even from the night before shows him encouraging people to enter the Capitol.
Ray Epps lives in Arizona.
He didn't exactly go underground after January 6.
He even gave an interview to local media.
And he was well known to the Department of Justice.
He was on the FBI's Capitol Riot Most Wanted page just days after January 6.
In fact, he was one of the first 16 suspects added to that Most Wanted page on your website.
It does not appear that he's been arrested or charged in any offense.
In July, without explanation, he was removed from the FBI's Most Wanted page.
Mr. Olson, who is Ray Epps and why was he removed from the FBI's Most Wanted list?
Senator, I don't have any information about that individual.
I would defer to Ms.
Sanborn for any additional information.
So, okay, so this is, it gets back to what I meant earlier about asking if you're prepared for this hearing.
You're the Assistant Attorney General for National Security.
You run the National Security Division.
The department has said that these January 6th prosecutions are one of their highest priorities.
This is a man who was on the most wanted page for six months.
Do you really, do you really expect us to believe that you've never heard of the name Ray Epps or you don't know anything about him?
I simply don't have any information.
There are of course those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouts into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation,
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London.
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
It's Monday, January 17th.
The year is 2022.
We are either in the last days of the republic and the fall of liberty worldwide or at the crossroads of rebirth of the new renaissance.
That is the crossroads.
The globalist great reset or the great awakening.
Tulsi Gabbard's on Fox News this weekend to warn about the announcement that all opposition are terrorists.
I have the actual speech of the Deputy Attorney General.
I have the text of it in the video saying any resistance to quote authority is terrorism.
This is the creed of Kim Jong-un.
This is the creed of Adolf Hitler.
And we must come together regardless of what political party we're in or what color we are or our sexual preference and realize this or be slaves forever.
Welcome back.
So I was speaking just now about the creeping authoritarianism we're seeing from Biden and the Democrats.
And someone who's been such a strong voice on that issue is former Hawaii Congresswoman Tarsy Gabbard, who I'm delighted to say joins us now.
Happy New Year.
Aloha, Tarsy.
How are you doing?
Aloha, Steve.
It's always good to talk to you.
Happy New Year to you as well.
So look, you've spoken out against this.
It seems to be getting worse.
The particularly chilling thing was this new, I don't know what to call it, this frightening new move from the Justice Department.
We saw the Deputy Attorney General earlier talking about anyone who is anti-authority being part of this move against domestic violent extremists.
What do you make of that?
Yeah, Steve, I think it's really important to bold highlight and underline what he said.
We have the Deputy Attorney General of the United States speaking to the American people about how they are standing up a domestic terrorism unit to support their efforts to target those who hold anti-government or anti-authority ideologies.
When we stop and think about that for a second, what does that really mean?
The authorities in our government, the Biden administration,
Are targeting Americans for holding anti-authority views.
That is authoritarianism.
And what does that mean to us here at home?
We're supposed to just sit back passively, follow along, put those blinders on and do whatever they tell us to do?
That undermines the heart of our democratic republic.
That undermines the essence of our constitution, which says we have the freedom to challenge our authorities.
We have the freedom to stand in protest, to ask questions, to demand accountability and answers.
And if we lose that freedom, and this is where they're exposing their anti-liberty, anti-democracy mindset, which is so dangerous, because if we lose that, then we no longer have a democracy.
And actually, I completely agree with that.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
And thank you so much again for joining us on this live Monday, January 17th, 2022 broadcast.
Every show I started by basically pointing out that we are living in incredible times.
And I know that it's hard on all of you out there because you're awake and you're aware of what's happening.
They say ignorance is bliss until the ignorance destroys you.
The Bible says many times at the beginning of knowledge comes great sorrow.
And I know that I'm overwhelmed.
So I know that you're overwhelmed as well.
And I can intellectually, I can historically, I can politically, with my street smarts, look at all this information in front of me.
Each stack is just amazing information.
But the overarching reason this is all happening is we have gotten away from God, and we've gotten away from our entire genetic development on this planet.
And what we're supposed to do.
We're supposed to do carpentry.
We're supposed to fish and hunt.
We're supposed to grow crops.
We're supposed to sit around a campfire.
We're supposed to stand up for our families.
And when we don't do that, we lose our connection to God.
Because God works through the environment that God created.
So the greatest cathedral in the world is the forest, or the seashore, or the sunset, or your backyard, looking at the stars.
And it's fun to hate the Democrats and the Globalists and the Satanists and to get on their level and just talk about how horrible they are.
And they need to be exposed.
And people like that.
And I like to do it.
And I became very successful being angry at these people.
But God has really touched my heart, especially in this time we're entering, that Klaus Schwab says they want to raise the temperature.
The Globalists say they want to cause fighting and civil war.
And as much as we have a right with this illegitimate government of the Declaration of Independence to throw off these forms of government, we don't have the organization and the statesmen and the leadership like they had back then in 1776, and they were still fighting an uphill battle, and they were fighting a system that wasn't one-tenth as evil, not even one-hundredth.
Hell, King George was pretty good compared to these people.
He was just dominating them and making them go through him to be able to do business, and they didn't like it, and I understand that.
They were slaves.
Everybody was, basically.
These globalists that we have in control today want to end the human system as we know it, and want to turn us all into corporate commodities, and so we must resist it.
But until the public understands the great reset in transhumanism and the New World Order and the big goal, going out and attacking people, going out and having a war, going out and taking over the TV stations in D.C.
and taking over key federal buildings, if that's what you'd really do if you wanted to, quote, have a coup, is illegitimate.
And it would cause a bigger division in the country, and the globalists are all set up for that and want that to happen.
And they're trying to get that.
So, that's why now, a year after, in retrospect, and I was right the night after it happened, I broke down what I thought had happened, and now it turns out I was dead on, was a case of neglect on purpose.
Purposeful neglect with a thousand troops and FBI in plain clothes, letting the first hundred thugs, most of them Antifa dressed up in Patriot gear, crushing through a few dozen riot police, so that they could derail our million-person march, showing how we didn't mind the official story.
That was terrible.
And with the breakdown of civilization and with the breakdown of society,
The last thing we need is any type of paramilitary garbage.
So I'm going to tell everybody out there who's in a militia, or who is in Oath Keepers, or who is in Proud Boys, a lot of the ideas and things espoused are good.
The militia is in the Constitution.
It's in the Bill of Rights.
I'm not saying you're individually bad because you want to train and be prepared to defend your country.
That's a normal male instinct and good.
And you should train to protect yourself and your family.
And you should try to work with your sheriff's department, police department, and others.
And you should use your influence at city council and school boards and everywhere to be heard.
And you should train to defend this republic.
But I know for a fact they've got camps shut up in places like North Carolina and Kentucky and Virginia where they are recruiting young people online and others using Q-type BS that there's a big uprising about to happen and you really work for Trump and he's secretly going to do this.
To launch some type of new attack that will be much more violent than the Capitol fiasco before the midterms to bring in real martial law.
And it's our number one mission to stop that from happening.
Alright, everybody knows that I don't like Brian Stelter.
And he's everything I don't want to be.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
And normally when I start getting into something Stelter's doing, because he is the mouthpiece of Jeff Zucker, he is the mouth of the New World Order.
What you hear is a script he's fed.
I start attacking how he looks and just how he gives me the heebie-jeebies.
I'm not going to do that next segment.
I'm going to play what he has to say and then fully debunk it to show you how gaslighting works.
This is going to be very important coming up next segment.
And again, I'm going to refrain from my normal attacks on him.
Because again, I'm trying to be more professional here because the time is just, things are too dangerous right now.
And so I'm sorry to listeners that I'm going to cut back on the comedy and cut back on the jokes, even though I like it more than you do, probably, because things are just too damn serious.
Call the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to, just tells me to be calling for peace and to be very, very, very serious because we are all in grave danger.
We're already in deep, deep, deep trouble.
I don't want to have to remind you, but I will.
But these shots erase your immune system and cause massive heart problems and blood clots up front.
And the same scientists, top guys in the world, inventors of mRNA, former chief scientist Pfizer, head of the EU advisory board.
I mean, you can't get more star studded.
Everything they said so far, they said early on heart attacks and blood clots and autoimmune and then cancer.
And then yeah, most people will be dead in six years.
The discoverer of HIV that won the Nobel Prize in France says he thinks half the people that take it will be dead within six years.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, I knew this stuff was coming, but now that we're actually here, I can't take it.
And I'm just telling everybody in the military and the bureaucracy and everybody, I'm not looking for a fight with you.
You're under as much attack as I am.
I saw a beautiful black lady walking out of a grocery store yesterday.
And I said, Hey, you're in the army.
What are you in?
And she told me, I said, have you taken the shot?
She said, Oh man, they made me take the second one.
Worst thing ever.
Worst thing I've ever felt.
I said, what brain fog?
She goes, Oh yeah, I'm just now getting over it.
And she said, Oh, and my stomach hurts so bad.
You know, my, and I said, Oh, she said, yeah.
Because we know that most women that take it have serious mental problems for
For continually.
It's like, if you took it six months ago, you've had mental problems for six months.
If you took it a year ago, you've had it for a year.
They're like, well, we hope it's only temporary.
I mean, again, I see a woman walking out in her army uniform, out of a store with some bags of groceries, like, hey!
And I'm not trying to brag, it's true.
She goes, yeah, you're Alex Jones, I've seen you on Joe Rogan.
Always Joe Rogan, he's so huge.
The point was, is this was a beautiful woman.
I suppose she's black because, you know, they always mention what race somebody is.
But I'm looking at this lady, and I just felt like asking her.
I felt like saying, hey, how are you doing?
You take the shot?
She goes, oh, ooh.
She went, ooh.
I'm just now starting to get over it.
I mean, that's how real this is that I just randomly am walking into a grocery store
And the first person I talked to has got hurt by it.
That's not statistics I'm reading in some document which show it's off the chart bad.
That's not top scientists telling me.
That's the first person I see in a uniform.
I've got family that's in the military.
That took it, and one of them got really, really sick, the other one didn't feel it at all.
And that's because they're doing weird tests, they admit, where summit groups get saline, because they're doing tests, they're watching what happens to these groups, and some people don't.
They've all got an ID, a federal global UN ID on who got the shot and who didn't.
So you'll be in the same line, and you get the mutagenic shot, the next person gets the saline.
So I've got all this news to cover.
I'm just saying that they want us fighting with each other, and it's all stupid.
And I've been just as guilty as anybody, and the left deserves to be criticized and attacked, but we've got to transcend that together and get past the dumb debate and say, really, guys?
Okay, hundreds of thousands of influencers are getting paid billions of dollars.
Pfizer's paid out about $10 billion, they now admit.
Just in the last year, so that number is about six months behind part of last year, part of the year before last, and then part of last year.
Imagine how much they spent now.
$10 billion.
And then once they've already injected 70% of the public, they tell you, oh, sorry, the vaccine's linked to lowering immunity and the boosters really screw it up.
Oh, what did the top scientists tell us 20 months ago?
Because they've all signed non-disclosures, and they've all been involved, but they were all involved in these projects that failed at the University of Texas.
And at the big facilities in London and in Montreal.
I've gone and reverse engineered it all.
This stuff all failed the last 20 years.
And Bill Gates, the new world order, picked a failed program to give it to you because, you know why?
Because it failed because it hurt all the lab animals and killed most of them.
And of course they did secret human trials in China.
That's come out.
So they took a failed program because it ain't failed if you use it for a different mission.
And so we're looking at a program of extermination going on and you can play games and you can pretend.
But I mean, would you really want to be a Justice Department person and in your coded thing they look at it and they give you the saline while everybody else gets the cancer shot?
I mean, is that really who you want to be?
Because that's going on.
They have had whistleblowers in high-level government ministries in Europe come out and say,
That the boxes come in with labels on the main big case, not on individual vials, but on the main case.
Give this to group such and such numbers.
Give this to such and such numbers.
That's why people in the US and Europe have, it's been on the news, they've confirmed it.
Pharmacists and people at these big things go, we don't know why.
We look at a computer and it tells us, okay, you're a white lady, we got you this shot.
Oh, you're a black man, we got you this shot.
So we haven't figured out exactly what's going on, but I don't really need to have their documents to know exactly what that is.
If there's a vaccine, it should be the same damn thing for everybody.
No, that's why they keep catching them giving people saline.
Or catching them, giving them something completely different.
Because this is a giant experiment.
And I'm not sure exactly what it is, but we know the side effects of it are killing a bunch of people.
And we know the scientists say that what this shot does is mutates every part of your body.
But particularly fast growing cells that have the same protein as the virus.
That's why in urine nuclear fallout, your intestines and your gums
And your mucous membranes are the fastest growing cells.
And so they disintegrate and die because the radiation has the biggest effect on them.
Things like your cornea and things that don't reproduce or brain cells that don't reproduce are the last things it hits.
That's the same thing here.
This virus and then the vaccine that mimics the virus hits your fast growing cells.
And so they've also found already in studies that the better shape you're in,
The worst it is because the virus gets caught up in fat and wants to just live in fat.
But if you don't have any fat, if you're 3% body fat, if you're a top soccer player or top runner, the virus is going to run, the vaccine is going to run through you and reproduce and take over your whole body.
And it's, you're gone.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to come back and hit all the big news today.
There is so much, but any broadcast we're doing could be our last.
I mean, we are two minutes to midnight, all of us together.
All right, we've already blasted through 30 plus minutes of this transmission today.
I need to start digging into the news and covering it all for you here today.
But the first big thing I want to hit is Brian Stelter, which means the mouth of the establishment, attacking Glenn Beck.
And I've been a big critic of Glenn Beck.
Because he said I was making up the FEMA camp plans back under Obama to put Americans in camps.
I got real Army documents.
A few years later, the Army admitted they were real.
That Obama was preparing to put Americans, quote, in re-education camps, which is a Soviet brainwashing term.
A brainwashing camp.
And I get Glenn Beck thought, okay, this guy down in Austin, when he was still in New York, doesn't have Army intelligence giving him secret documents.
The guy's a damn liar.
Later, it got declassified.
It was a real document.
And finally, as the world changed, and Glenn Beck woke up, he doesn't need to listen to Alex Jones.
He's a smart guy.
He now is as hardcore as we are.
And I've been up to his place.
He gave me a painting, and we're friends, and he's doing a great job.
And, you know, it was Dr. Mercola, then it was R.F.K.
Jr., and then another doctor.
We all have the number one books on Amazon, selling millions of copies apiece.
About COVID-19 rollout and the great reset and the tyranny.
Well, he now has a book about it and it's number one.
And Brian Stelter flips out on it and says there is no great reset.
There is no global group that use COVID to make more money.
There is no plan to shut down the little guy.
When Klaus Schwab admits all that in his book.
So here's the good news.
We got Tulsi Gabbards, we got Glenn Beck, we got, I think the names go on forever, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan and everybody else, and Congress people on both sides, going, hey this is a global government plan, they admit it, they want to shut society down and take over, and they're using the virus, bringing a world ID, and if people get that, then we'll understand that all the fear-mongering and control
It's about putting us in a permanent prison and then they won't be able to do this anymore.
Because you see, I'm not in competition with Tucker Carlson or Glenn Beck.
I want either one of them to become, you know, the biggest thing ever seen with a billion viewers a day, so I can survive and save my children's future.
Because I've known this is real.
I've known they're coming with depopulation.
I've known they're coming with a shutdown.
And people will ask me, why are you promoting other shows?
Why don't you ever care about yourself?
I do care about myself.
I'm not trying to be the Big Daddy here.
I'm not trying to be Umaro Nuno.
I am spending my time trying to get influencers I know to talk about reality, and I send them articles, and I send them briefings, and I send them reports, and I sent Congress and the FCC documents and President Trump to try to stop the censorship, and that totally pissed off the deep state that I was briefing the President four years ago, not about some business I wanted, not about something for Alex Jones.
I had top law firms writing up memos to the President.
To try to actually get good policy for America.
Had anybody lobbied for actual freedom just because it was the right thing to do?
And that's why I became the number one enemy.
So I'm explaining it again.
My life depends, and your life depends, on people getting the war we're in.
That it's the globalists, that it's a corporate takeover, that it's a corporate consolidation, that it's a system that slowly cuts off resources, and then tells people that the people cutting off the resources are the saviors to get them to sign on to be slaves of the system for the dwindling resources, not realizing it's a trap.
This will take a few segments to get to, and I'm going to hit the video next segment.
Of course.
Stelter blasts Fox and Glenn Beck for false COVID story.
He says no one wants to put the unvaccinated in camps.
That's just in 12 state bills and Democrats openly announcing it and CDC documents.
I'll show you right now.
And you see it all over the world with Djokovic being locked up for weeks, then kicked out.
Oh, but nobody, Germany already has been locked down for months.
So is a bunch of other countries, France, Austria.
Australia is a hellhole.
New Zealand.
But, oh, Israel.
Oh, but no, no, there's nobody locking anybody up.
He actually says that's a total insane lie of Glenn Beck.
And then he says, Glenn Beck claims there's an elite running this to consolidate money and power.
Well, let me show you something, Brian.
Look at this article.
Wealth of 10 richest men doubled during pandemic.
Incomes of 99% of humanity dropped.
And who ran it?
Big Tech and the intelligence agencies to literally impoverish and control people with siege.
And it's so funny to these people.
And if I wanted to get on the payrolls of these individuals, I could do it just like that.
And what, so I can sit on some mountaintop chalet while I watch everything burn and then finally there's no civilization for me to spend my money in?
No, no thanks.
And that's why all these billionaire globalists have run to the most remote areas and built private airfields and are hiding out.
Great jobs!
You've doubled your wealth and are about to burn the world down so it'll be worth nothing!
But that's the rationale.
Well, that we need to depopulate.
Something tells me you're not going to make it out of this either.
So keep playing God.
Keep letting Satan lead you around by the nose.
And that's what he says in this report coming up.
It's just insane.
He claims it's a thing called the Great Reset.
They're literally launched a war on us, they're taking over, and I'm just simply trying to get people to understand what's really going on.
Speaking of money, I'm not financed by any billionaires.
Though if there are some out there that want to just give me money, no strings attached, I'll take it.
I'm financed by the average person.
And I've been so busy with all the insanity and the craziness and the federal subpoenas and the Jan 6 committees and all the rest of it.
I've not cut ads in a week and a half.
I don't even know what's going on.
I just know if we don't bring more money in, we'll shut down.
And we need to bring in major capital.
So hopefully today I can go cut new ads because we did have one of our products that sold out.
It's a good product.
Actually two of them came back in two weeks ago.
But I've been so busy I haven't cut new ads that they're back.
We basically maybe sold out today of Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
We'll be sold out in a couple days of X2, even though I didn't think it was selling that quick.
We got a limited shipment of the best deep-earth crystal iodine.
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That's really the secret weapon, the missing link.
Both of those are 50% off, and I'm going to end the Vitamin Mineral Fusion today because they told me it may sell out by the end of the show.
And the X2, I'm going to have for three more days at 50% off, and then it's going to go to full price because we don't get more in for a couple months.
So that's what's going on, ladies and gentlemen.
To not, like, you see Dish Network, DirecTV taking OAN off, you see MyPillow having their banking taken away, because they said, well, we can't have folks investigated by the FBI, you know, having banks here.
Well, I've been with you 25 years selling pillows.
Sorry, bye-bye, you're in a gulag now.
First thing Nazis did, Jews can't sell stuff, Jews can't have businesses.
I mean, it's just some bad stuff, folks.
So, all that's been going on behind the scenes, and I've been running around like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest for the last year, just keeping it where you can get funds in and buy products.
So, when I tell you, you want a t-shirt, you want a book, you want a film, you want a water filter, you want something, and to get a product and know you supported the Infowar, now's the time to do it.
And if they SWAT team me and throw me in prison next week for God knows what, I need you to keep supporting that.
Whatever ways we're still on air, if we're here.
But I'm not here trying wolf for no reason.
I got a wolf chewing my guts out, okay?
Wolf's right here, biting me.
And I'm just staying on air, ignoring the pain, because I know that's my mission.
But we need your support, plus their great products.
All right, folks.
We are here.
And I don't know if Roger Stone's going to be able to come on.
He's had really bad COVID for two weeks.
He says it's the sickest he's been in his life.
He sounds like Darth Vader.
And I talked to him for 30 minutes yesterday and I said, you got to come on the air.
He said, I'll come on at 1230 my time.
It's 1130 our time.
And he's so sick right now.
He's trying to decide whether he's going to come on.
He said, I sound terrible.
But I really want to say all this.
I understand.
I've been through what he's been through.
It's real.
It's not fun.
It's next level.
We'll see if he's with us next hour.
But he was on fire despite this.
Totally pissed off.
And told me he's gonna sue CNN who did say that he ran January 6th.
I mean, talk about horse manure.
The rest of it.
And he's going to send us the photos of the Secret Service when they came to his hotel room and tried to lead him to the Capitol.
And he said, the Secret Service doesn't do this.
That's when he's like, this is a trap.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Far from running some attack.
So he was on fire last night when I talked to him.
I asked three o'clock yesterday before I did my show yesterday evening afternoon.
So we'll see if he joins us.
Let me get back to Brian Stelter.
So Brian Stelter.
Does this 8-minute report, I'm not going to air the whole thing, I'll air a few minutes, but it's the same repeat over and over again, saying, it's just insane, Glenn Beck has written this book and Tucker Carlson doesn't even question him about, there's an elite using the lockdown to get rich?
That's ridiculous!
It's a war on little people?
Yeah, that's why the small businesses are open, or closed, everything else is open, that's box store.
And then Beck does the same thing I just did, messes up what he's saying, and he goes, this is the best read, I mean, the best book I've written.
He goes, oh look, you didn't write it, you ghost wrote it!
Which I can tell you, Glenn Beck, he probably wrote a lot of it and had somebody put together in quotes and then did have some of it finished up and edited, but that doesn't matter.
The point is, he's exposing, I've read the synopsis, I haven't read the book yet, the whole globalist operation, how they did it, what's unfolding, you name it.
And so instead of addressing any facts or any real things in the book, he just says it's made up.
Like, oh, with no evidence, Glenn Beck has got this book about the Great Reset.
It's number one, of course, because it's just made up.
Thinking you're so dumb, or his listeners are, that they won't go to the Davos Group and hear Klaus Schwab say, we are imploding the economy to end industrial world, soon you'll own nothing, soon you'll have nothing, soon microchip on the skin, let's see what head of Pfizer say.
Pfizer talks the same way, like a cartoon character.
Yes, you put the chip inside the shot, that way we track them.
It's so good, we take over the body.
I mean, that's a new clip, I had it.
Oh, we run them, we do it, oh.
But the worst part is him saying, oh, there's no evidence anyone made money off this.
Look at this article right here.
It's on InfoWars, but it links to all the documents.
Wealth of 10 richest men doubled during pandemic.
Incomes of 99% of humanity dropped.
That's even in the New York Times.
No one's denying that, except Brian Stelter.
So let's go ahead and go to a clip of Brian Stalter engaged in just, again, the definition of lying, the definition of gaslighting.
Here it is.
Falsehoods about COVID-19 and vaccines are flying from every direction right now, and I want to show you what I mean.
If you take a step back and think about it, the COVID-19 pandemic is a chance for salesmen to sell fear.
Take the unvaccinated Glenn Beck, who's been shilling his new book, While Sick with COVID.
He went on Tucker Carlson's show and kind of made me think a ghostwriter had actually done the book for him.
Tucker, this is the most important book I have read.
This is the most important that I've written.
Okay, so he says he wrote the book, and it's full of proof that global elites are conspiring to reshape society and crush the little guy.
So here's what's amazing.
Tucker doesn't ask a single question.
He just listens while Beck claims that officials in Washington state are meeting to set up an internment camp, implying it's to punish people who won't get COVID vaccines.
I'm serious.
Beck literally says this.
This is an internment camp.
Washington State has done it before.
They haven't obviously learned their lesson from World War II.
So Tucker just sits there and listens respectfully while Glenn implores people to buy his book.
And sure enough, the book is number one on Amazon right now because fear does sell.
And after the interview, Tucker thanks his guest and calls the book amazing and horrifying.
And then he says, just briefly, just gently, that he's heard about this Washington State conspiracy theory and he hasn't been able to verify it.
Back this up 20 seconds.
Notice, he says he even showed his book, like he showed his penis on here.
Oh, Beck showed his book.
Ooh, he showed a book.
That's as bad as free speech.
Ooh, and oh, fear sells.
No, you mean truth sells.
Telling the truth in a world of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell.
I mean, the vaccine is sold on fear.
It's not a vaccine.
It doesn't work, except making you sick.
It's on record now that it erases your immune system, just like top experts 22 months ago warned.
And Mr. Potato Head is sitting up there
Literally acting like this is all made up.
I have a stack of articles about the internment camps.
It's all over the world it's happening.
It's everywhere.
They're putting people in them.
And now they want to bring putting us in the camps, the quote quarantine camps.
Twelve states have bills.
Washington state's already implemented it.
They're announcing they're going to deputize anyone they want in the government to, quote, take children away from the unvaccinated.
That's in the health department announcements by the state of Washington, Mr. Super Potato Head.
And you think people are so stupid they can't go look it up?
Here, Brian, let me show you some of these.
This is nonsense, Stelterblast, Fox, Glenn Beck for false COVID story.
Oh, it's false, huh?
Interim occupational consideration for implementation of the shielding approach to prevent COVID-19 infections in humanitarian settings.
And this is exactly what is in the legislation and exactly what's been implemented outside of it with an emergency order by the governor in Washington.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
It's on local news.
They building all these giant facilities and they built them all over the world.
We have the head of the U.N.
Rapid Reaction Force, Dr. Ryan, saying it a year and a half ago, and now it's here!
FEMA documents describe large-scale rural isolation and quarantine operations, how to recruit obedient Americans to help round up dissenters.
This is now coming out in FEMA documents.
Look it up!
And it goes on and on.
But here's the worst part.
It's a town hall article linked to Rasmussen, national poll, 48% of Democrats want to put anyone that hasn't had the shot in a camp.
30%, let me show you, want to take people's children that haven't had it.
I mean, go read it for yourself.
I covered this for an hour last night on the Sunday Show.
The Town Hall article, we'll link it in the live show feed so you can't miss it.
Poll reveals astonishing percentage of Democrats support unparalleled COVID tyranny for unvaccinated.
In designated facilities, in camps, and it's just for your behavior!
Like Djokovic!
Okay, you don't have it, you have natural immunity, we told you to come here, we held you for a couple weeks and a thing.
Then they let him out to create more suspense, then they kick him out and say, well, it's because you didn't take the shot.
We don't like that political statement.
Which, again, we're locking you back up before you leave for a few days because we don't like what you said.
And that's what they do in Australia.
They say, well, if you're in a COVID camp and you misbehave or talk back, you get an extra two weeks each time.
So now, oh, it's not you're not really here for COVID.
You're here to learn, to be reeducated, to behave yourself.
Like Hillary said six years ago, five years ago, we need a camps for American men to reeducate them.
Oh, and here's another one.
Utah's largest newspaper calls for unvaccinated to endure draconian lockdowns enforced by the National Guard.
Go read it for yourself!
Noam Chomsky, all of them, saying the same thing.
CNN, oh, Europe's now gonna lock up the unvaccinated, take their kids, it's wonderful.
So CNN's got articles about, oh, look at Europe, they're getting smart.
Look at Australia, lock everybody up, this is what we need here.
And meanwhile, Skelter's on TV, going, I'll tell you!
Tucker Carlson and Glenn Beck, they're up there just making lies!
And look, they're number one!
Tucker's number one on TV!
Glenn Beck's got the number one book!
It's crazy!
We tried to shut down Alex Jones, and it's like we cut a starfish in pieces and it just grew more starfish!
That's right, you little sack of filth!
You lying little piece of garbage.
We're learning who's who.
Beck wasn't bad.
He just couldn't believe it was this bad.
Now he's on board.
Same thing with Tucker Carlson.
Apologized to my face years ago and said you were a trailblazer.
Thought I was nuts.
Or saw it first.
Same thing with Joe Rogan.
I don't want the credit.
I want to beat these people!
Yeah, there it is.
Bill, Washington Bill will authorize a strike force to send unvaccinated to internment camps.
It's not a rumor, stelter.
I need your support.
I need you to take these videos, these articles, and share them.
All you got's me.
All I got's you.
We're in a war together, and we are the black sheep.
We're the tip of the spear, my God.
And we're doing our most important work ever.
So go to M4WarStore.com while you still can before they SWAT team me and lock me in a gulag and help support us.
I am recording this announcement on the afternoon of January 6, 2022, and that means there are only seven days left of us being able to offer our best-selling product, Vitamin Mineral Fusion, at 50% off.
It has all the vitamins, all the minerals, incredible amino acids.
It is a game-changer for your immune system and every other function in your body, and it's a must-have.
That's why, despite the fact that it's selling out at current sales rates, we're going to keep it on sale for another seven days.
So we're running this until next Thursday.
And your purchase supports the broadcast.
I want to thank you all for shopping with InfoWars.
Without you, we would not have been on air, and the world would be a much worse position right now that it's in.
Thanks to you supporting InfoWars, we have now become the number one beacon of truth, exposing the Great Reset and the New World Order.
So, support your immune system and support free speech and the fight for liberty at the same time at InfoWarsTore.com.
The FDA has allowed nanoparticles into the food supply under the generally recognized as safe provision because they claim that they are no more dangerous than their larger counterparts.
Titanium is generally safe, therefore nanotitanium must be safe.
But they also admit that known materials can exhibit new or altered physiochemical properties at nanoscale dimensions, including unknown safety hazards that they will continue to monitor for.
In other words, the human trials for consumable nanotechnology is currently happening in the public without their knowledge.
Nanoparticles can be absorbed into our immune defense system and into our bloodstream.
And just like the FDA admits, materials at the nanoscale can cause unknown changes in a person's biological system.
Animal studies have proven that nanoparticles are changing the way our bodies absorb certain minerals, such as iron.
FDA chemist Timothy Duncan wrote that nanotechnology in the food supply is being held back because the food supply industry is afraid of public backlash, and argues that nanotechnology will somehow make food healthier.
The FDA is far more concerned with pushing more of these experimental nanoparticles into the food supply than they are with safety.
Like they said about giving the dangerous experimental vaccines to your kids.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.
At least 20 products are adding laboratory-made nanoparticles into the ingredients.
And they are getting ready to coat bananas in new nanotech.
But companies are not required to disclose nano-sized ingredients.
So we don't know how prevalent it is.
Along with being a proponent of population reduction, forced vaccinations, and genetically modified foods, Bill Gates is also the biggest private farm owner in America.
Does anyone doubt for a second that Bill Gates is allowing this dangerous nanotech the FDA is pushing for into America's food supply?
In related news, 10 out of the 19 states in which Bill Gates owns farmland, along with at least another 10, have recently made it legal to dispose of human bodies into the municipal water supply, allowing human remains to be added into biosolid sourced fertilizer.
It's called alkaline hydrolysis and is referred to in pop culture as being very, very green.
Spiritual leaders have strongly objected to alkaline hydrolysis because they say it is disrespectful to the human body, the vessel of a divine soul, and it's understandable why they say this.
In alkaline hydrolysis, the human body is liquefied with lye and poured down the sewer to mix in with the community's excrement.
And if that weren't bad enough, this bio-sludge is then collected from municipal water treatment plants and used as so-called fertilizer on factory farms.
The official excuse is that it saves the government money for expensive toxic waste disposal.
Meanwhile, we are all being sold food that has been grown with a toxic bio-sludge made up of human remains and excrement, which is then loaded with new and strange nanotechnology.
Interestingly, the dystopian movie Soylent Green took place in 2022.
They're making our food out of people.
Next thing, they'll be breeding us like cattle for food.
You gotta tell them.
You gotta tell them.
I promise.
Promise, Tiger.
I'll tell the exchange.
Listen to me, Hatcher.
You tell everybody.
You gotta tell them Soylent Green is people!
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We're good.
So, in the last year, there have been thousands of news articles, conservatively, saying arrest Roger Stone and Alex Jones for planning the attack, which was a million people in D.C., and a few thousand that got waved in by the police, and a few hundred that did wrongfully attack the Capitol Police, and it was a bad riot, and some people got hurt and died, and it's terrible, and we're against it.
Whether it was the cops getting beat up and hurt, or whether it was Ashley Babbitt, it was horrible.
But if you go back to months and months ago, to August of last year, exclusive FBI-fined scan evidence, U.S.
Capitol attack was coordinated.
And it goes on to have a senior FBI group and the Justice Department says they found nothing that Trump, Jones, or Stone
Coordinated or involved in the attack?
We were sitting there with our mouths hanging open.
If anything, Trump didn't act quick enough to, you know, to say shut it down.
I was there as soon as I got there.
In the middle of it, I was bullhorning and saying stop and got a lot of people not to go in.
So Roger Stone just is now battling COVID.
But he was on fire yesterday when I talked to him yesterday afternoon.
So I begged him to come on today and I appreciate him coming on.
He has some big
Big announcements.
And I've got to say, just for survival, I've got to join him.
Because I let him call me a Russian agent, I got spit on and coffee thrown on me and tea and stuff, and my kids attacked at school.
Call me a Russian agent.
And show people you're not going to just sit up here and say that I wanted to go burn up or blow up the Capitol and go to a Supermax prison and destroy the country.
Why the hell would I want to do that?
We had peaceful rallies all over the country and in D.C.
Our vent got hijacked.
I'm pissed.
I want to find out who was involved.
We're trying to dig into all that right now, and it looks like a mix of provocateurs and feds and actual idiots that wanted a violent revolution.
But Roger Stone joins us to talk about who he is going after here today.
Roger Stone, thank you so much for joining us.
Alex, first of all, it's great to be here.
And I guess right off the bat, I want to thank the thousands of people around the country who have been praying for my recovery in what turned out to be a much more difficult struggle with COVID-19 than I had expected.
It is only by following a strict regimen of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and a vitamin regimen including vitamin C, D, queratin, zinc particularly, and others, and for the help of some truly, truly gutsy, courageous doctors.
That I can finally tell you that I am back to work and feeling normal again.
This is truly horrific.
And I had all of the worst symptoms.
The fevers, the sweats, the cough, the congestion, the body aches, the mental fog.
Tony Fauci and his red Chinese comic grads did a superb job in the formulation of this bioweapon.
Thanks to George, to those who prayed for me and thanks to Jesus Christ.
I'm back in my feet and I'm ready to get back in the battle.
Uh, it was most, uh, uh, I guess impressive to me is that I have new respect for Joe Rogan.
Who has had enormous courage of stepping forward and defending himself, knowing that the corporate media types would try to crush him as he speaks the truth about this virus, where it comes from, and how it can be treated successfully.
I have new respect for Joe, I really do.
So you're saying, you know, I mean obviously we talked about with doctors kind of this formula of success.
Rogan expanded it and helped get it out to billions of people and that's helped save a lot of lives, absolutely.
He knew they'd come after him, but he did it.
I told people a year and a half ago, Joe was awake, he's gonna come after him, and I told you folks and he did it.
Look, I don't know that all of his politics agree with all of mine, but on this issue, as well, of course, as on the issue of cannabis legalization, I totally agree with him.
What he did was very courageous.
He knew they'd go after him.
He knew they'd try to shut him down.
But he was right.
I honestly think this man saved thousands and thousands and thousands of lives.
I think a little more than that.
I think this show saved hundreds of thousands or millions.
He probably saved tens of millions.
So Roger, let's kick off here.
You've got a lot to say about Trump next segment.
I know we want to keep you away.
You've got your energy because you can barely talk.
I learned a lot during the time that I was sick.
I learned that yet again there are irresponsible elements in the fake news media who are recycling this notion that I had either advance notice or some involvement in the illegal acts of January 6th.
I spoke at two legally permitted events on January 6th.
I did have a voluntary security detail from the Oath Keepers, as did all of the other speakers at that conference.
They were courtesy of those running the legally permitted events.
The fact that I came in contact with these individuals proves nothing.
The claim by, let us take one right off the top, Bill Palmer at the Palmer Report.
Mr. Palmer is going to be sued for $10 million defamation in the California courts.
If he thinks this is a joke, if he thinks I won't do it, he's wrong.
See you in court, Bill.
Bring your checkbook.
In your case, I have so many counts of defamation, the number will probably end up being much larger.
Because you haven't been cautious.
You haven't speculated that Roger Stone's a Russian spy, which of course also would make it not true.
But, as senior FBI officials confirmed to the Reuters News Service, the FBI found no evidence whatsoever that Roger Stone or Alex Jones was involved in a conspiracy to commit any illegal act.
On January 6th.
So, Mr. Palmer, it's your turn.
Produce your proof to the contrary.
Produce your witnesses to the contrary.
There are none.
You're going to be writing a huge check, Mr. Palmer.
I, for one, can't wait.
While I'm at it, however, there's a miscreant at CNN, a former prosecutor named Jennifer Rogers.
She says that DOJ appears to have Roger Stone in their sights.
Okay, Jennifer, you're going to have your chance in the courtroom to prove that.
Because, in fact, they have proven that there's no thing against me.
I'm coming after you.
You say I need a pardon.
I say you're going to need plastic surgery with a mug like that.
But you're going to be writing a check.
I've reached my saturation point, Alex.
It's time to fight back.
So let me put any journalist who wants to go step up right on notice.
If you accuse me...
Of being involved in any illegal activity on January 1st, 6th in Washington, D.C., you will be met with a lawsuit.
If in the past you have accused me of being a Russian traitor, you will also be faced with a lawsuit.
So lawyer up, liberals.
I'm not turning the other cheek.
I'm coming for you in a court of law.
Roger, we're going to go to break and come back and talk more about this and where this is going.
And for a lot of our listeners, they say, Alex, we know you guys didn't attack the Capitol.
We know we're tired of it.
But the Democrats are running on January 6th and saying all their opposition are terrorists and literally trying to say we're kingpin, mastermind terrorists.
People need to know that this is a serious issue.
And Tucker Carlson gets it.
So many other people get this now, Tulsi Gabbards, that this is a big issue.
Even Mitch McConnell says they're trying to brand the Republican Party as terrorist and run on that.
So this is a big, big problem.
We need to stand up to this.
You're absolutely right.
Let's hit it on the other side because I think it's time to go on offense.
I'm tired of being a punching bag.
Adam Schiff's a perfect example.
He changed testimony in the January 6th.
He needs to be expelled from the House, and he needs to be referred for prosecution.
In the next Congress, he will be.
If he's even there.
Thank you for those points.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone.
Roger, what's the best website for people to find out everything you're doing?
StoneDefenseFund.com is the place I need help.
These lawsuits I'm going to file cost money.
And we've got to do it.
My co-authors are just defending myself.
But you've got to do it.
You've got to do it.
We're in a war, folks.
Please support Roger.
We'll be right back.
Well, I talked to Roger.
I think.
Tories glad Roger didn't die.
This is a very serious bioweapon.
They scanned it two years ago, and they knew it was a bioweapon.
That's all come out in court.
Fauci made it.
That's a whole other subject.
I want to hit a little bit in the next segment if Roger has the energy, but he's definitely fired up even though he's gasping for air.
And I understand the feeling.
We appreciate your toughness, Roger.
But just pulling back here.
Imagine calling us Russian agents and getting away with it.
And now they're saying we wanted to attack the Capitol with absolutely no evidence.
Shouldn't we talk about
And you probably want to correct the record.
Didn't you give two speeches on January 5th and then no speeches on the 6th?
Or maybe you did.
I just remember we couldn't get through the crowd.
There was a million people outside the hotel.
It took me almost an hour or more to get there through the crowd.
It was hellish.
And you just said, screw this.
It's not safe.
I'm staying back.
That's what I remember our conversation was.
And then the Secret Service came to get you to take us to the Capitol, just like they did me.
And you've got photos, by the way, that you're saying you're going to release in court now.
I spoke at two legally permitted events on the 5th.
One at the Supreme Court building, in front of the Supreme Court building, sponsored by Virginia Women for Trump.
It was a legally permitted event.
You can see video of my comments.
At no time did I call for lawlessness or violence or anything of the kind.
I did call for a 10-day delay in the voting of the electoral votes.
Listen carefully, Democrats.
That's called constitutionally protected free speech.
That's political activity.
The right to assemble is also guaranteed by the Constitution.
We have an absolute right to question the results of the election.
It's constitutionally protected free speech.
I spoke that evening at Freedom Plaza to an enormous crowd.
I know you spoke that night as well.
I posted that speech at YouTube.
YouTube has now chosen to remove that speech from my YouTube feed.
I have other copies of it.
It proves that at no time did I make any inappropriate remark calling for violence or insurrection or... And by the way, let me just add, they're pulling my speech at the Capitol trying to stop the violence everywhere because they don't want the truth out there.
It is absolutely true.
As far as January 6th is concerned, I went out in front of my hotel, still on the hotel grounds in the morning.
The vermin at ABC News.
These people are not journalists.
They are the lowliest propagandists I've met in 40 years in American politics.
Use the technique of guilt by association.
Oh, Stone was identified with this man who was later arrested for trespassing.
Hey, ABC, that proves nothing.
You're getting sued too.
Get online.
But beyond that, I returned to my hotel room and I was there for the rest of the day until I left at around four o'clock.
If there was a war room in the Willard Hotel, I am unaware of it.
I was in my room.
I was in a room that you were using as a studio where I came by to just shake hands and meet General Flynn.
And we had a brief but social conversation.
No, we didn't discuss any illegal activities at the Capitol Plyn for the next day.
And I was in the lobby.
Those were the only rooms that I was in.
So journalists, write that Roger Stone was in a war room in the Willard, and you're going to get slapped with a defamation suit very quickly.
And let's go forward with this.
Bannon calls his show The War Room, named after your previous show here with Owen.
Yeah, I wouldn't be in the same room with Steve Bannon, and it wouldn't really be dangerous because you'd smell him.
Long before you got there.
There's no infight.
He perjured himself at my trial.
He told the House Intelligence Committee under oath
All I'm saying is you weren't in a secret plan with Bannon.
It's not some minor political squabble.
I got it, I got it.
It's a way for seven to nine.
So Alex, men have to choose.
You're on one side or you're on the other.
It's not where I want to get off here.
No, I hear you.
The point is you were not in a secret conspiracy with Steve Manning to attack the Capitol.
Now there's an understatement.
Here, by the way, is a little historical fact that I think your listeners might need to know.
Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'
's birthday.
What people don't know is that upon the murder of King, every politician aspiring to be president headed to Atlanta to get a photo op with Coretta King, Teddy Kennedy, Senator Eugene McCarthy, Bobby Kennedy, Dick Clark, Frank Church, and others.
One man asked to see Coretta King privately.
That was former President Richard Nixon.
He flew to Atlanta and got a private audience with Coretta King in which he gave her an envelope with a check that paid for the entire college educations of all of her remaining children.
He also did not want that information publicly released.
No press, he insisted.
He wanted no press.
He then marched to the Capitol with Wilt Chamberlain and went to the cemetery where Dr. King was buried.
Richard Nixon wasn't looking for political benefit.
He had had a very close relationship with Dr. King because the two of them worked closely together against Lyndon Johnson, that great Democrat, to pass the 1958 Civil Rights Act.
So today, as remember a great Republican.
Dr. Martin Luther King, we should remember that quiet act of empathy and compassion from Richard Nixon.
And we can for TV viewers, amazing footage from that famous I Have a Dream speech.
It wasn't terrorism when he got hundreds of thousands of people or more to march there for Voting Rights Act and for civil rights.
And it wasn't terror when we wanted to have the investigation.
Those who say questioning the election results is treason need to look at their own actions when they got beat by George W. Bush.
Absolutely true.
Everything they're accusing us of is exactly what they did.
So the hypocrisy, I think, is not lost on the American people.
All right, Roger.
I want to hit a few other issues with you.
You've got the energy when we come back.
There's so much to talk about with Roger Stone.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm just going to be 110% honest with you.
You want to piss me off?
You say that I supported Donald Trump because I got money.
All I got was lawsuits and de-platformed and lost money and almost got shut down supporting Donald Trump.
But I supported him because he was getting us out of the UN, controlling the border, standing up to China, getting businesses back in America.
He did such a great job the first few years, but he got obsessed with Russiagate and defending himself, which I guess he had to do.
And then it just got worse from there on out.
And now the support of this poison vaccine, the rest of it.
So I was talking to Roger yesterday, who really likes the president, respects him.
But we will behind the scenes say, yeah, I wish he'd do better here or there.
I've really never heard Roger so upset as he was with Trump.
And I said, well, you talk about this on air.
And he said, well, yeah, I mean, I'll talk about most of it.
But we're really just worried about Trump.
And let's just say this.
He's not aging well.
I don't mean physically.
I mean, he's not going in a good direction.
Now, we got on him a little bit, and the public did, about pushing these shots in his speeches.
He shut up about those.
Now he's talking about re-eps and provocateurs on January 6th and false flags.
So that's good.
We want Trump to be successful.
We want Trump to be a leader.
We want him to be the big kingmaker that helps get other key Republicans elected around the country.
But if he starts
Because whoever's advising him, bringing in some really bad Republicans and refilling the swamp with alligators and with water moccasins and with rattlesnakes, well then, doesn't mean that
We don't like the, you know, a lot of the good things he's done, but we have to morally come out against it.
So Roger is here to respectfully take President Trump, who is, I believe, the real president, had the election stolen from him, to the woodshed.
Cause no matter how good a lot of the stuff he's doing, we have to speak out against what we're really concerned about.
So Roger, thanks for being here today and please tell us as much as you can.
Well, Alex, let me be as clear as I can.
I love Donald Trump.
The man saved my life.
I first wanted him to run for president as early as 1988.
Then again in 2000.
Then again in 2012.
Then again in 2016.
I saw in him something I still see.
An enormous amount of courage.
A brawler.
A guy who's not afraid of a fight.
A guy who will call it exactly as it is.
Who won't mince words?
I disagreed vehemently with his advocacy of this vaccination.
I chose not to take it.
No, I don't think I was ill because I didn't take it.
I think I was ill because I wisely didn't take it, not because I did take it.
I thank the good Lord that I'm here to talk about it.
What perplexes me are some of his endorsements.
He endorsed Congress Mario Diaz-Balart of Miami.
Donald Trump wouldn't know Mario Diaz-Balart from the Frito Bandito.
He has an undistinguished career in Congress, but here's one thing you can say for certain.
He never voted for Donald Trump in a Republican primary.
Or then there's Congressman Vern Buchanan of Florida.
As a member of Congress, Vern has gotten multi-million dollar personal loans from foreign governments.
He has also voted to keep us in the Paris Climate Accords, voted for the J6 committee.
Vern Buchanan would steal a hot stove.
He's not a Trump Republican.
He's not an America First Republican.
While there's so many good Republicans like
Tom Norton of Michigan in the second district running for Congress, who truly deserve the president's endorsement.
Why is the president wasting his firepower on Byrne Buchanan?
The woman he's endorsed in Wyoming won against Liz Cheney.
She led the floor operation for Ted Cruz and
My, pardon me, John Kasich to try to deceit the Trump delegates at the 2016 convention.
This woman is not a Trump supporter.
She's an enemy.
Why would the president endorse an enemy?
These things just make very, very little sense to me.
I know a lot about Donald Trump, probably more than most.
I've known him 40 years.
I know how he thinks.
He's one of the smartest men I know, yet he continues to support those who bear him ill will.
The Republican National Committee raised $2 billion.
Do you know how much of that money went to election integrity or examining the results of the election?
Why did General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, and others have to go out and raise the money for an extraordinarily well done audit done by Jovan Pulitzer, easily one of the most intelligent scientists I have ever met, when that money should have come from the Republican National Committee?
So here, today, now, I appeal to anybody who's listening, find me someone who's given a sizable contribution to the Republican National Committee so we can file a lawsuit for a full audit of all funds, soft and hard.
Let's see who got the money.
Because the money did not go to helping elect Donald Trump.
And therein lies the pity.
Why is Trump always surrounding himself with his enemies, and why is he endorsing so many bad people?
Because, I mean, he just has bad advisors?
It's a question I wish I could answer, Alex.
I don't until I see him, and I will have an opportunity to see him directly.
But let's take Ana Paulina Luna.
There is no such person.
Ana Paulina Luna is not Hispanic.
She ran for Congress using a picture of her with an assault weapon wearing military fatigues.
And she said, quote, until you have spilled blood for this country, you can't understand the fight for freedom.
Ana Paulina Luna never served in combat, and her stint in the Air Force was not 16 years, it was six months.
So she should replace Senator Blumenthal's Senate seat.
She would be perfect with Luna.
Yeah, I know.
By the way, in Florida, it is specifically a felony to raise money wearing a uniform.
This woman never saw combat.
She never served her country in combat.
She is not Hispanic.
Big, big, big future news coming about her.
Well, she is attractive.
What is she?
Say it again, please.
She's not Hispanic.
She is attractive.
What is she?
Well, it's an excellent question.
Her last name is Meyerhofer.
That's her real name.
It's on her driver's license.
She is not Hispanic.
Don't confuse her with Luna Lopez running for Congress in the Jacksonville District.
Oh, so was that Luna Lopez we had up on there?
Yeah, perhaps.
No, that was Anna Paulina Meyerhofer-Bosberger-Meyerowitz or whatever her real name is.
Not Hispanic.
Not Hispanic.
Luna Lopez is running against Congressman John Rutherford, easily the single most attractive woman I've ever seen in my life.
And of course, that's a political judgment by which I say that.
So, but again, Rutherford's a rhino.
Luna Lopez deserves his endorsement.
I doubt that he will get it, that she will get it.
There is the woman who claims to be a military combat veteran.
There's a woman who says, quote, until you've spilled blood for your country, you can't understand the fight for freedom.
Well, you, Anna, didn't spill blood.
You never saw combat duty.
Your husband did, but you need to tell him to stop wearing his medals on his suit.
It isn't done.
It's incorrect.
Roger, I know you got to go, but we got to go to break.
I want to ask you about the Democrats saying counterterrorism is what they're running on, that white conservatives are the new terror threat, and how you see that playing out the next 295 days to the midterms, and how you think they're planning to counter the fact that a massive political realignment has happened.
All right, final segment with Roger Stone.
I should have mentioned Mike Lindell of MyPillow.
They've got him all over the news as a mastermind criminal with Jimmy Kimmel saying he'll soon be in prison.
He's going to be joining us.
I love how we're all planning this overthrow of the U.S.
By having a bunch of people walk between the velvet ropes inside the Capitol and a few people get in fights with cops.
It was not good.
We don't endorse it.
But the idea that that's how we'd stage a coup?
No, we'd stage it by getting voters awake to vote their ass out like we did in 2016.
That's what we do.
But Roger...
295 days out.
The 2022 midterm is so key.
And what dirty tricks do you think the left are going to pull?
Because they're obviously running on their opposition or terrorists.
Even Mitch McConnell had to come out last week and say, responding to Biden, you're now saying the Republican Party is the domestic enemy.
So it's pretty clear that I think we're entering the season of false flags as a before-October surprise.
What do you think?
Well, their real problem is they have no issue to run on.
They certainly can't run on gasoline prices.
They can't run on the abundance of food.
They can't run on their stellar foreign policy victories around the globe.
So they have to run on some kind of false flag issue.
My guess is that you will have a new pandemic of some kind, which will require that no in-person voting can be done at all, and all voting will have to take place by mail.
That's my doomsday scenario.
I think that is what they will try.
Whether the American people will put up with that, whether the states will adhere to it, is a large open question.
They cannot win based on the numbers today.
I read an excellent study recently showing that among Hispanic voters, for the first time ever in American history, they divide evenly between those who favor Republicans and those who favor Democrats.
Joe Biden promised us civility would return to politics.
Instead, all he has done is deify anyone who disagrees with him as a traitor or a domestic terrorist.
No, we have a constitutionally guaranteed right to disagree with you.
We have a constitutionally guaranteed right to speak in opposition to what you say.
We have a constitutionally guaranteed right to gather in groups and agree with each other.
We do not advocate violence.
We do not malign its lawlessness.
You're the one who uses those things.
I want to know more about this poor woman who was murdered in the tunnel between the U.S.
Capitol and the Senate office building.
I want to know the name of the officer who killed her in cold blood, who bludgeoned her with a nightstick.
Are you proud of this, Joe Biden?
Are you proud of this, Nancy?
I find it repugnant.
The only people who died on January 6th were unarmed Trump supporters.
And when CNN says it was the bloodiest day in American history, it shows you what we all know.
Nothing reported by CNN is true.
As you know, I don't get my news from CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.
But who would have thought that
The American needs to see this horrific video.
This woman was stomped and beaten to death in cold blood.
That is not all right in America.
No police officer has the right to do this.
A grand jury needs to be charged.
A special counsel should be appointed.
If it isn't done by this one, it will be done by the next one.
She cannot have died in vain.
It's just wrong.
Well, it's a terrible situation and very, very sad.
Roger, I know you have to follow these lawsuits, and so do I. I'm not a litigious person, but I have to start suing the people that are saying Alex Jones, mastermind, will soon be in jail for attacking the Capitol.
Because, I mean, it's a lie, and you talk about defamation with malice of forethought and tend to do harm, they say, we want him in jail for 50 years, we never want to see him again, and then lie about me, and then show footage
Yes, sir.
Training in the days before, in the Capitol, in the U.S.
And these people, we send them letters and tell them, and they go, screw you, we're going to keep saying it.
And these are so-called leftist journalists.
Well, they're going to get sued.
I'm not going to say the names, but they know who they are.
The lawyers are across the street reading all their substack stuff, all of it.
So I'm going to sue big national people, and I'm going to sue the mid-level people, because they got to learn.
You're not going to lie about me, try to put me in prison, you little jerks, just because you get off on it.
You're going to pay.
You know, it's funny, Alex.
Several times during the coronavirus, there were times when I started coughing and I just couldn't stop.
It was spasmodic.
I couldn't stop coughing.
It was really horrific.
But there was one time when I started laughing and I couldn't stop laughing.
It's when the fact checkers at Politico said that Ray Epps is not an FBI informant.
I couldn't stop laughing.
Be very clear.
Nothing reported on CNN is accurate or true.
Absolutely nothing.
Now, some people are going to be among those getting sued.
And they're going to pay up.
Because none of them can prove.
But Ray Epps is, without any question, a Russian informant.
And the fact that Politico
Says otherwise, is absolute stone cold legal proof that he is.
Hey apps, sue me.
Come on, sue me.
I'll prove it in court.
Want to go that way?
I'll go that way too.
But Alex, this is a change for me.
I'm tired of being on defense.
I'm tired of having to come on here and Infowars and beg for people to support my legal defense to defend myself.
Now help me go on the attack.
Now help me go after these people, drag these mangy, unbathed, disgusting leftists into a courtroom and sue them and make them pay for what they have done to me and my family.
Once again, this month,
We're going to be short because I'm still fighting 11 baseless, groundless harassment, but highly sensationalized lawsuits.
Now it's your turn.
To any journalist or activist who wants to say in a public forum that I'm a Russian traitor or that I was involved in any way in any illegal activity on January 6th, you will get a lawsuit.
Rough it up all you want.
See you boys in court.
Roger Stone, StoneDefenseFund.com.
Thank you, Roger.
We really appreciate it.
I'm glad you're getting better.
God bless you, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
The fight continues.
All right, let me just say this before Mike Lindell comes up.
Roger's not perfect.
I'm not perfect.
Mike Lindell's not perfect.
Trump's not perfect.
But I can tell you this.
We're the men in the arena.
And we're being attacked and examples are being made out of us.
Because we are in the arena for you.
Because you see, I'm not stupid.
I know if my children are going to have a good future, yours got to have one.
My promotion of your freedoms and your liberties is because I am a selfish person.
And of course, it's instinctive.
I have agape.
I have brotherly love.
I care about everybody.
I love people.
I'm a giving person.
But that's the mindset.
I actually care about people, but if you look at society and civilization...
It's that type of attitude that builds a civilization, not one of let's screw everybody over, let's be cheats, let's be liars.
So, I'm in the fight of my life right now, and I've got to file a law.
I don't just have to defend these lawsuits that are rigged in certain courses with certain cases and it's all political.
We can sue in other jurisdictions that aren't, and we can win, and we've got it cut and dry that I didn't plan the attack on the Capitol or all this stuff.
We've got to file a few of those, but that's not what I'm going to leave the money for.
I need money to keep this operation going and to fight the Democrats that are trying to shut us down.
So that's why I say go to Infowarsstore.com.
Or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
And yeah, we were supposed to end this sale last Thursday.
Hopefully today I'll get the time to cut the new ads for some products that came back in.
But Vita Mineral Fusion is selling out probably today.
XFusion is going to sell out by the end of the week.
They're both still 50% off, and Vita Mineral Fusion sale will end today.
50% off, InfoWarsTore.com.
And then yes, we're going to have soon back on the site Winter Sun, and we also got a bunch of other key stuff that's been sold out for
Joshua in Texas.
Joshua, you're on the InfoWars War Room.
Go ahead.
Right on, man.
You guys talk about the New World Order a lot, and my dad was the first to expose it.
I have been banned from Banned.Video.
First of all, I wrote down that Randall Wilhite, Alex Jones' lawyer, went on record saying that Alex is a showman and just playing a character.
Second time I got banned.
I said that Mark Randazza is a lawyer for the Church of Satan and now your First Amendment lawyer.
Next time I got banned is that I proved that you guys sell your products on Amazon.
I'm giving Jeff Bezos a cut of your profit.
They say you guys have to sign non-disclosure agreements.
All the employees.
So Alex actually bans your free speech.
One hour later... Josh the Troll!
You can't get Patriot Points on Amazon!
Hey, Josh the Troll, I have 5,000 Patriot Points!
How many do you have, Josh the Troll?
Josh the Troll!
You need some garba-chill!
Josh the Troll!
Alright, Mike Lindell, that the mainstream media is seeing as a terrorist mastermind, is joining us coming up here on the other side of this break.
But I wanted to play a clip.
Of Texas Congressman Troy Neils, who was going to be on the January 6th committee, but they wouldn't let any real Republicans on it, pointing out the elephant in the room that they were told there'd be an attack the day before, so they ordered half the police to leave, but a thousand FBI sat there in plain clothes and watched the outmanned, overmanned police be overrun, showing premeditation.
Here's local Dallas television, WFAA, talking about it.
You guys send me audio?
He's outside Houston, and he spoke to us from his office in Washington.
Congressman, welcome to the program here.
Speaker Pelosi accepted you to be on the committee and three other Republicans, four other Republicans as well, but when Pelosi rejected two of your colleagues, that's when Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled everyone off.
Do you think that was a mistake by not giving you a voice?
No, I don't believe so.
And first off, Jason, thank you for having me.
No, what happened is is is Speaker Pelosi had her pick.
She chose eight and Leader McCarthy had the ability to select five.
He selected five with with Mr. Banks and Mr. Jordan and I and others.
Uh, when she rejected two, is what she did is she rejected all five.
In the history of this institution, in over 230 years, never, it's never happened where the speaker has rejected the picks from the minority.
It's never happened before.
So she really, quite honestly, when she rejected two, she rejected all five.
Congressman, you said that, I read that you said that you reviewed a Senate report you and your staff did and discovered things in the report that are alarming and need to be investigated.
What are some of those things?
Number one, the Capitol Police, the senior leadership of the Capitol Police, had an enormous amount of intelligence.
They just didn't share it with people.
There's a January 3rd report that was so conflicting
I mean, and it was an intelligence report.
It was the last report that they actually disseminated, but they only disseminated it to the leadership of the Capitol Police.
That's why Mr. Dunn, one of the officers, he thought, what is happening here?
This was supposed to be, January 6th was supposed to be no different than any other demonstration.
So no, that report says, at the end of it now, it's several pages, maybe 15, 16 pages, at the end, it talked about, their intelligence showed that the
The Capitol building was going to be on the radar.
They were coming to the Capitol.
They talked about extremist organizations and groups.
They mentioned the Proud Boys.
They mentioned oath keepers.
There was an enormous amount of intelligence, Jason, but it wasn't disseminated and it wasn't shared.
I would have been the Chief of Police at that point in time on January 3rd, and I saw that report.
I would have had the National Guard activated, ready to go on January 4th.
They would have been here on the 5th, and they would have been here on the 6th.
Could you have done that, though, without the White House approval?
You don't need the White House approval.
What you need is, is it's called the Capitol Police Board, which is made up of the two sergeant at arms.
The two sergeant at arms and the architect of the Capitol.
So I think the chief of police would have shared that information to those gentlemen, Mr. Irving and Mr. Stanger.
Uh, I think they could have got that done.
And ultimately, yes, you would work, uh, with the DC Capitol, uh, or the DC National Guard, General, General Walker.
You would have had the guard here on the fourth.
They should have been here on the 4th.
Congressman, I want to switch gears in the final moments here too.
Democrats and Republicans in the Senate reached a bipartisan deal on the infrastructure proposal proposed by President Biden.
You obviously sit on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.
I'm curious, based on what you're hearing there on Capitol Hill, do you support this?
Well, what you do, Jason, this is what I do know.
You hear a lot of things.
I haven't seen the text of the bill.
I don't know exactly, you know, there was, there was a, we saw some, a picture on the lawn a couple weeks ago where President Biden came out and said that he had a, he had Republicans in Senate and Democrats working together on a bipartisan infrastructure bill, but I haven't seen the bill.
All right, folks, we're going to go to break.
Mike Lindell joins us on the other side.
He has been debanked.
One American News has been jerked off of one of its main satellites.
This is the purge out of the midterms.
Back in 60 seconds with Michael Lindell.
We just got in for two segments.
I really appreciate him coming on.
I saw Jimmy Kimmel attacking him with an actor, pretending that Mike Lindell had been put in prison because he was questioning the election.
That's their big push.
And his great office manager, with their thousands of employees, sent us Friday the actual bank recordings of their banks saying, sorry, we can't have anybody that might be under FBI investigation.
Well, same thing happened to us a couple years ago.
It happened again a few months ago.
That's why I tell listeners, this is hellish.
And the persecution is just incredible.
So he's here to talk about that.
He's here to talk about the J6 committee trying to investigate him now.
Just absolutely trying to purge their political enemies.
And so regardless, Mike Lindell's not perfect.
I'm not perfect.
But we're men in the arena.
And that's why if you want people to keep fighting,
Well, thanks for having me on.
Well, I've got to take you back.
I've been with this bank for years, this Minnesota Bank and Trust in Heartland Financial, and I had my Lindell Recovery Network.
Alex, this is for addicts.
It's a free platform, lindellrecoverynetwork.org.
It's free online help.
Thank you.
Well, isn't that funny now, all of a sudden the timing, um, you know, they go, they sent this banker, calls up my controller and says, um, we want... I mean, we have the recordings.
I didn't play them because, you know, different state laws, but you sent them.
They said, sorry, we can't have the FBI investigating us.
I mean, that's crazy.
Well, no, it wasn't.
They said if they were, they're worried about their being caught in the news.
That if Mike Lindell is in the news, they're getting worried about it.
And they did bring up, if you got subpoenaed or something, we don't want to be in the news that we were your banker.
Well, so would you just walk away?
We want you just to leave.
And I go, uh, that ain't happening.
You're going to have to shut my account down, bank.
Because then if you, and they go, well, if we do that, it's going to look bad for you.
No, it's going to look bad for you.
Cause I got out in front of it.
Alex had told the whole world.
No, no, I totally agree, because they say we can't have the FBI in here with subpoenas, which hadn't even happened yet, which again, running scared like Nazi Germany.
The deplatforming happened online, now it's happening with banks and businesses that support America.
Americans must galvanize against this.
We need congressional and legislative action, don't we, against this.
You know what it needs?
We need, and I actually had brought a year ago, I had brought it to the President, but I didn't, it was too little too late, to have a law where you can't go after people because of what they believe politically.
That's crazy that you can do all these things.
Do you know, Alex, a year ago,
With over a quarter million people were de-platformed.
Not just Donald Trump on his Twitter.
That was on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Suckabucks, Facebook.
All these platforms.
Even a lot of churches were de-platformed because they said things that they believed in.
And it's disgusting, and it's just, it's every day they try to, they're trying to suppress our voice.
They're trying to keep our voice down.
And I want to encourage all your, um, your watchers, listeners too, you guys, you go out there, you might have a hundred friends or 500 friends or 5,000, whatever you got, you email them and you, and you call them.
And you do this on a daily basis and tell them the real news that's going on, the stuff that we all need to hear about that you're not hearing on your terrible news outlet, Fox News, because they don't talk about anything that's going on.
They're not going to tell you that the bank have canceled me.
Wouldn't that be news to a company and a charity and a network that's helping addicts if the bank wants to cancel them?
That should be headlines on Fox News.
Well, exactly.
That's how the left plans with a social credit score to impoverish us and take control of us.
This is what Hitler first did when he got in power the first five years was take his political enemies' banking away and then you know what happened next.
This is really dangerous.
Yeah, it's very dangerous, and I'm, you know, I'll give an example.
Last year, and this is maybe a little bit, no, not as good an example, but when they were canceling the box stores and when they were canceling the shopping shales, I didn't tell anyone this back then because it was kind of a scary situation.
Twelve TV stations came to me and said, we're not going to, we're going to sit this one out, Mike.
We're going to watch your ads right now.
And I said, if you cancel my ads,
Then you're never coming back.
I gave them a choice that day.
It was almost a year ago today.
And I said, you got a choice to make.
Alex, they made the right choice.
Now those stations are flourishing.
MyPill is their number one selling product.
But the point I'm making is if they would have started that, all TV might have piled on and said, we don't want to do, we don't want to deal with them.
You know what I mean?
Well, this is the same way with this bank.
This needs to be stopped in its tracks.
We're good.
I think so.
I mean that's the whole leftist plan is this incredible bullying and that's what I tell stations and everybody and I've noticed leftist bullying against this show.
Most of the time when leftists threaten our radio stations, they put us on more and that's the American spirit.
We're not built as Americans to give in to bullies and we've been giving in to political correctness too long.
It's time to stand up for my pillow and stand up for Frank's speech and stand up for Infowars and if we don't, we're going to lose it all folks.
Yeah, absolutely.
And people have responded.
I believe, I tell people, we're better off every day.
People say, well, how are we sitting, Mike?
I said, every day I feel better than the day before.
With all the stuff that's happening now with the 2020 election, all the laws are changing, and all the stuff that's going to become
I think so.
And so, but they have, we have all these other platforms now with the frankspeech.com and all these places where people are going for information now and even their own smaller podcasts and everything.
Alex, people are communicating and the truth is breaking through out there and that's what encourages me.
It really gives me, I was at the rally yesterday in Arizona and there seemed like there was 60,000 people.
It was amazing.
You're talking about the big Trump rally, and there was Trump talking about Ray Epps and the false flag.
They're not going to blame you and I. I guess I talked to you about this off air.
You didn't even know.
That's why they're subpoenaing you with a January 6th.
They're in the news trying to act like that we're all in some conspiracy to attack the Capitol.
That is just preposterous.
We never talked about any of that.
Well, Alex, if you know, last year on June 25th, the FBI came out with their report after January 6th, a four or five month investigation said there is absolutely no conspiring between Donald Trump or his followers whatsoever.
They said that!
The FBI said that!
That's true.
Probably to cover their own tracks.
But, you know, that's either here or there.
But here they are.
This has all been election deflection.
It's all a bunch of garbage.
A year later, this little committee they set up on January 6th, they subpoena Verizon to get my phone records.
I'm not going to take that.
I got nothing to hide there.
I said to my lawyers, well, give it to them.
I got nothing to hide.
I don't care.
I tell it like it is.
And then they go, no, Mike.
And I said, you know what?
I said, let's just sue them.
So we did.
Well, that's the thing.
If it was a real committee and part Republican, I would go for it.
But they wouldn't let the Republicans put any of their real members on it.
It's totally staged.
All right, one more segment with Mike Lindell.
I want to ask him about the 2022 midterms, now only 295 days away.
And I told him when he was saying six months ago, hey, we're going to overturn it now.
I said, I don't know that's going to happen.
But I said, regardless of the work he's doing,
Thank you for joining us on this Monday, January 17th broadcast.
I think?
On the average poll, believing there was election fraud.
All of their demonizing you and Trump and others that have questioned it has not made the public think that Biden really won.
And then his terrible, his terrible policies and his terrible delivery has really turned people off.
He has the lowest approval rating of any presidents and polls were taken.
What are your predictions?
And what do you want to say about the midterms that we are accelerating towards?
Well, I'm going to give everybody some hope here.
I'm going to tell you where it's all sitting, because obviously, I've said it before, if you got machines or computers in 2022, you lose your country forever.
That's reality.
I don't care what anyone said, that's reality.
But, the good news is, we have great things going on right now.
Remember, we still have the Supreme Court complaint.
I was just with AGs over the last week.
They've got all their changes done.
I don't know exactly when it will be coming out, but that will take care of when the Supreme Court looks at that.
One of the biggest things, the relief there is, so none of these states
Do what they did in 2020.
You can't have a law in Michigan where a governor says send out 7 million empty ballots.
You can't bypass the legislature thanks to everybody putting the heat on the spec.
That is correct Alex.
That's one thing.
Now we have another thing.
If you go to FrankSpeech.com, we form the cause of America.
We're like a hub to all these other grassroots groups in the country.
I'll give an example.
The one at DefendFlorida.org, they've canvassed 20,000 names and 4,200 of them came up as phantom voters, which means that they just use their names on the voter rolls, everybody.
And this is in Florida.
So there's, remember, there's 3,000 some counties in the United States.
We're going county by county.
I was just yesterday, we spent 12 hours with the new replacement system, which is paper ballots.
On steroids, basically.
In fact, I think I have one here, but it's in the other room.
But I've seen how the system works.
It was developed by ex-military and very smart IT people.
But it's paper combined with cameras.
Amazing system.
So we're going to go county by county to get these replaced so you don't use these machines that are defective.
Alex, there's a lot of big, two huge lawsuits coming out.
One of them is, they did not preserve evidence in all the lawsuits, the frivolous lawsuits, where they sued over 200 people, including my pillow and Mike Lindell, Dominion did, and Smartmatic.
Well, combined with those lawsuits, the judges now, we have what they didn't preserve.
They didn't preserve evidence in these court cases.
Now, in a normal spoiliation, the jury says, well, you must have hit something that would have made you guilty.
Alex, we have what they did, what they deleted.
So this is gonna, it's over.
I'm telling everybody, when this comes out, and it's coming out this month,
It is going to be a game changer, okay?
But our big goal is, now in all the states, by the way, the four big swing states could pull their electors, they're all working on pulling their electors down.
That could still happen, it could happen any day.
Wisconsin could pull theirs down over the Racine County felonies that they sued the WAC in Wisconsin.
Pennsylvania, remember, had more votes than voters.
What a law, what a concept.
You can't turn in your electors when you have more votes than voters.
Arizona's easy.
I was just in Arizona.
They can pull their electors down.
Michigan, and you also seen in Georgia, Brad Rassenberger has to look at the whistleblower and 242 people
I'm hoping every single county in the United States
He does not have a machine.
We're going to have the fairest election in history.
But in the meantime, the states could pull it down.
The Supreme Court can do it.
Who knows what they will do?
Well, I was about to say, you know, everybody, because you've been fighting so hard, expects you to do it all yourself.
And things always take longer than we want them to.
But we're getting a lot of traction right now.
And that's why their main issue is claiming we're racist and trying to block people that are brown from voting.
That's not what we're doing.
You can debate all day about these voting machines, but they admit, all the hackers admit, anybody can break into them.
They're not secure.
So you don't send submarines down that have windows that are open.
It just, it doesn't work.
We need to get to a new system.
Right, Alex, Alex, and that's the number one thing right there.
I want to tell you everybody, I want to hear if this doesn't scare you, this will.
In Utah, I was meeting with the Utah officials there.
They did an experiment, a pilot program in 2020 in municipals in three different counties in Utah.
You emailed in your vote or you text in your vote.
Did you hear that?
They emailed in their vote or text messaged their vote in.
I mean, where we're going, I mean, you have two paths.
This is what they want over here that they want.
They still want computers, electronics, anything.
None of that can be in this next election.
We're trying to get back to stuff that's documented and proven and controllable and audible.
They're moving towards even worse garbage and acting like it's preposterous to question it when Democrats, right up until 2020,
We're saying they didn't trust these electronic voting machines.
In closing, because I need funding and you need funding, we're both in the arena, plus we've got great products.
We have promo code Alex at MyPillow.com.
You have hundreds of amazing beds and slippers and shoes and sheets and towels.
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Go to MyPillow.com.
Use promo code Alex.
That way you support a great patriot, Mike Lindell, and you support InfoWars.
Spend a minute and a half you have left telling us about MyPillow.com.
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It's a 360 wins.
You're saying if they go to MyPillow.com, they can also find the MyStore and a thousand other great Patriots to help build a community for others that have been deplatformed as well.
And they're amazing products, you guys.
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There's just all these amazing products.
And I want to tell everyone, with the MyPillow Specials, we're passing those savings on the boxers that used to take 50-55% of the money.
Now we're passing that on to you.
Mike Lindell, amazing.
Mike Lindell, join us soon.
I got no friends because they read the papers.
They can't be seen with me.
Gotta hold up me.
I help the blind to see.
I got no friends.
And I'm feeling real shot down.
And I'm feeling mean!
No, it's the opposite.
I'm gonna be the nice guy during all this.
I was already Mr. Mean before.
Gotta be nicer.
They want us to hate each other and kill each other?
That's not the answer.
That then tricks us to balkanize.
The White House has come out and admitted false flag attacks exist.
That governments stage terror attacks.
That's coming up in a moment.
From our good little buddy, the most arrogant woman I've ever seen, Jen Psaki.
We got some background on it.
But first, a new report's been filed at Man.Video.
Are we witnessing the end of America?
Just a few minutes long.
We'll be back.
America has been captured by very evil, multinational corporate crime syndicate run out of the Bilderberg Group and its public arm, the Davos Group.
They are not intending to allow the population of the planet to continue on as it is, to say the least.
And depopulation is what's being carried out through covert means through the so-called vaccine program, and that's now coming out and mounting.
And then you ask the logical question, how did the technocracy engage in this mass murder that's now unfolding with these slow-kill, soft-kill weapons?
How will they get away with that?
And the answer is further destabilization.
So horrible that you forget the last major insult to the human ecosystem.
So we are being treated as a disease, as a cancer to be cut out.
And the big lie is people working for the system believe that they are positioning themselves with the winning team and that they are going to be taken care of because they are going to execute this operation.
When you read deeper into leaked documents out of the Dabos Group and Bilderberg Group that we and others got, great danger to ourselves.
You will then discover that they plan to implode all the Western governments and then even have show trials of the bureaucracies that are going to engage in the initiation of the civil war that has already begun and not just here but other parts of the world.
So all the ministers in Australia and ministers in the Netherlands and the UK and the US that are doing all of this
Really believe their position because they went to the Davos Group School, they went to the Bilderberg School, that they have a school, and that they're on the winning team.
But if you actually read some of the deeper stuff that they're not giving, no, they're gonna all be wiped out as well.
And I have a sense of being able to look myself in the mirror, and a sense of that I'm starting to measure up to my ancestors that were pretty amazing people, and that I didn't join these scum.
But that means I will be set up and put in prison or killed very soon.
And let's just get down to being honest about this with you, okay?
I'll tell you this, be dramatic.
We're at the end of the road here, okay?
It's 298 days out from the election.
They're never going to let us have a free or fair one again.
And they're going to devalue the dollar.
They're going to gut the country.
And you just need to get right with God and realize we're being judged for abortion.
I also want to say that I am not offensively, as I've told you, going to be involved in any type of military operations.
You're gonna obviously hear that when they stage terror attacks.
They're already blaming myself and Rush Limbaugh posthumously, in his case, for the January 6th fiasco and the provocateur false flag extravaganza.
We're supposed to be horrified by the protesters.
Meanwhile, four years of a coup launched in the Oval Office of Barack Obama
To overturn the election results of 2016 and not a single word of concern about the potential damage to our Constitution.
There's a reason 75 million people voted for Trump.
There's a reason that when he made that trip down the escalator on June 5th of 2015, there was a reason that he had majority support in the Republican Party.
And that is, the people that voted for Trump know exactly what the left has been doing to our country.
It's nothing to do with race, has nothing to do with white supremacy, nothing to do with white this or that.
It has to do with the left destroying Western civilization.
And so I just, I have to really just get down to brass tacks with you and say this is the end of the line, okay?
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And that video is 13 years old.
That was in Dallas, Texas.
Talked to a crowd of 3,000 in one of those old theaters that later tore down.
Those old grand theaters.
And there I was saying that, and CNN last week had that quote that they cut out in the info war.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the info war!
And let the establishment know, I don't know how this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
It's time for us to stand up with information, with the truth, in an info war,
And when?
I'm telling you, the war is an information war.
We need to stand up with that in this fight and win.
And they edited it to take out Infowar to say, it's time for humanity to stand up and fight.
If you want to fight, better believe you've got one.
But see, that's because they want to say, burn down buildings, attack police, do all the things they do.
And then when we get up and say, we're going to fight back against this, oh my gosh, you're going to attack us and kill us!
No, I mean, we're going to fight back, you know, like the football team fought back and won the game, or we fought back in the business deal, or, you know, it's hyperbole.
I mean, oh no, we're sending you to prison.
So they turn the temperature up in 2019 and 2020 ahead of the election, burn down billions of dollars of buildings and kill a bunch of people and shoot cops everywhere.
And then we get a million people in D.C.
and they have the Capitol stand down with the federal government watching with thousands of troops.
We now know not giving Trump the troops he wanted.
And then they get a few thousand people to get a little rowdy, a few hundred to break in, then the cops open the doors and let in.
Maybe a thousand people and the feds want to arrest every one of those people.
They don't want to arrest the folks attacking the courthouses with firebombs.
Because that's the agenda to brand the majority of the country and the majority of the landmass.
Guys, show people a Democrat-Republican map of the U.S.
All the Democrats have is some of the coastlines.
They don't produce anything, they don't do anything.
They just sit there and point their finger at us and say, those are Nazis because they're white!
And then it's a bunch of old, crazy white people that swindled their money that are the ones doing that.
People are like, white people?
Or what?
What, the white person I work next to at a car dealership?
Or the white person I work next to at the college?
Or the police department?
Or the grocery store?
Or the dental office?
Absolutely insane, ladies and gentlemen.
But show it this way.
Show the map, a national map, Democrat counties versus Republican counties.
Because then when you see that map, it's only the edges.
Because it's the city centers that allow the Democrats to override.
Here, I'll pull it up for you.
It's the Democrats that allow, through election fraud, what they do.
And they've been caught everywhere doing it.
Over and over.
And over again.
Yeah, that's the map of the counties.
So if you're a TV viewer, you can see that.
That's why the Democrats are concerned, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we're gonna come back, and I am gonna hit that false flag news I've got, and a lot more for you here today.
And then some huge COVID-19 latest police state news.
So that's all coming up in the next segment.
Then we have the very special weekday guest we always have on Mondays, Gerald Cilente, the Trends Forecaster, taking over.
Coming up, start of the next segment.
We got Ray Epps 2.0 caught on video.
The article, Watch Man Confronted for Being Removed from FBI's January 6 Most Wanted List.
It's pretty powerful.
See the full videos at InfoWars.com.
Okay, let's go ahead and get to this.
This is a big deal.
Video, Biden admin says Russia is going to carry out a false flag attack on itself to justify invading Ukraine.
I don't have any examples of Russia staging false flags.
The Tsars, I'm not a communist, I'm not defending communists, but the Tsars got caught a lot famously staging false flags and then arresting their opposition.
I guess there was the false flag of Operation Trust that was like Q in the 20s when the Bolsheviks had first taken over Russia where they posed as the opposition and led the opposition to go and get people to come join so they could then put them in a gulag.
But the fact is, the Democrats and the corporate media and the gas lighters tell you, nobody ever stages anything.
And so when we say, hey, they provoked her January 6th, or they may stage something in the future, we're like, oh, that doesn't exist.
But Jen Psaki on Friday, White House Press Secretary, the most arrogant woman I've ever seen, she sits up there and says, we have evidence without showing the evidence that the Russians are planning to attack themselves so they have a pretext to go into Ukraine.
Now that is how World War II started, was the Nazi stage attacks on the German side, and said the Poles did it in Operation Himmler, sub-directive Operation Gleiwitz.
Or Operation Himmler, and the sub-directive, sub-operation Gleiwitz.
So I'm not saying the Russians couldn't do this, but from these liars like Psaki, I don't believe a word she says, but there's the admissions that false flags exist, here she is.
We have information that indicates Russia has already pre-positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine.
The operatives are trained in urban warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against Russia's own proxy forces.
Our information also indicates that Russian influence actors are already starting to fabricate Ukrainian provocations in state and social media to justify a Russian intervention and sow divisions in Ukraine.
Okay, I mean, Russia might be doing that.
I don't have any evidence of it.
The point is, this is what goes on.
So they try to deny the ocean exists.
Now she tells you about the Atlantic Ocean and how it's big, deep, and blue and has sharks living in it.
Wait a minute, you said the ocean doesn't exist, Saki, but oh, now the Russians... So, the ocean exists when she says it does, but it doesn't when they say it does.
Again, the globalists want a war with Russia.
They want to silence dissent here.
That's Russia's turf over there.
If Russia was involved in our business, I'd be up there, you know what.
Like the Chai Koms are, I'm on them.
And the left thought, you know, it was so cute what the Russians were like when they were under their leftist control.
But now it's not so cute.
That's a real photo, by the way, with their foreign minister, Lavrov, with her years ago in the Obama administration.
So I wanted to show folks, this is even on Wikipedia, Operation Northwoods, the U.S.
government plan to bomb U.S.
city, shoot up movie theaters to blame the Russians and Cubans and start World War III.
Kennedy said no to the plan, Operation Northwoods.
So, this stuff does exist, it does go on, and we should just stop denying that we got into Vietnam via the Gulf of Tonkin and so much more.
Now, I've got all this other news I didn't hit.
But I want to go back to something that was in the news yesterday, because it's just too insane.
But we knew it was coming.
First it was USA Today, now I got picked up by Yahoo News, I mean, it's everywhere.
With a group connected to the UN saying, abolish parents, they're racist.
Let the state raise children in communal facilities.
Well, that's the Great Reset, which is neo-communism.
Gotta go see our video about that on Banned.Video from the Sunday show.
Here's the column.
California should abolish parenthood in the name of equity.
In the name of equality.
And it goes on from there.
So my break the lip, this is the guy pushing it.
I mean, this is the sabotage of humanity going on.
Just like the COVID vaccine is causing a financial collapse as they fire all these smart people that won't take it.
Because they took the first one and got sick, they don't want the second or third.
They're like, oh, take the booster.
I got so sick, I guess I'm gonna quit.
Oh, things are collapsing too bad.
It's not like I just figured it out today.
Which is their plan.
They've said this.
Novak Djokovic arrives back in Belgrade, Serbia after deportation from Australia.
And all the reports, I watched like a bunch of them this morning, three or four.
He deserves it, he's a troublemaker, not taking it, that piece of filth.
Oh my god, the other guy that's gonna get the title now, he deserves it, he's a good boy.
And this guy, the competition went on and trashed him.
It's us that make these events.
And if the sports people and others would start saying no, they wouldn't be slaves to the system.
We need more people like Djokovic.
We need a Djokovic award for doing the right thing and saying no.
He's the one that's won that thing nine times in a row.
He's the one.
Now France is saying he can't come to the next event either.
Well good!
We need more of the tennis players to do it.
And to go say no.
And Djokovic could have gotten fake papers and said he took it.
He didn't do that.
Let me tell you, the NFL, that's what they do.
That's why none of them are dying.
But in Europe, they line up and they follow their orders and they do it.
University bars students from drinking water under COVID restrictions in New York at Fordham University.
Always some new cult ritual you gotta do.
Don't look people in the eyes.
Don't, you know, all this.
CDC suggestion to cancel football and band.
Nearly every U.S.
school called unrealistic.
It's all just fear-mongering.
You need the vitamins, the minerals to be healthy.
Rand Paul wonders if YouTube will kiss my ass and apologize if the CDC admits cloth masks aren't effective and
Give you bacteria, pneumonia, and probably spread COVID or any other disease more than not wearing a mask, because it lets the particular build up in a plaque in the mask and in water bubbles, and then aerosolizes it better.
Big new study out, CDC forced to say the masks do nothing.
But do you think the maskies are going to stop?
It's their binky!
It's their baba!
It's their gwee gwee!
It's their little blanket!
Those are names that my children add for their blankets.
Gwee Gwee, Binky, and Baba.
That's right.
My four-year-old's blanket is called Gwee Gwee.
The point is that these masks are their Gwee Gwees, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh my god, it's so ridiculous.
And now we're torturing our children
With these.
I saw this being sold in a store in Austin.
Little Buddies by Fiesta plush mask.
And when you turn around, it's the face muzzle to teach them slavery.
On average, a regular mask lowers oxygen by up to 20%, increases carbon dioxide poisoning.
I figured, I wonder what the lawyers had around the back.
And sure enough, the big story is on the back.
It says,
Care for your little buddy's mask.
If you have difficulty breathing while wearing your little buddy, remove it immediately.
Oh, well, we all have trouble breathing.
Do not sleep in your little buddy's mask because it can kill you.
It's $12.99.
And you might as well call it the little buddy in Godfather 2 where he's suffocating him with the blanket or with the pillow in the hospital in Havana.
I mean, because this has got the filter in it on top of it.
And then it's got all this other cloth on it.
And so your poor child is literally huffing through all of this with their little buddy.
Let me see if I can breathe with a little buddy on here.
This is just numb.
This is like I've been kidnapped.
I'm your little buddy.
So now
Oh, claustrophobia total, and it's like just, the cult programming is just ridiculous of how the system wants to abuse our children.
The system's run by a bunch of pedophile, devil-worshipping scum.
And they're sitting there, telling you to put this big, thick thing on their face, but oh, if you feel sick, take it off, or little buddy, little buddies, don't sleep in it, because little buddies might not come back.
It's all part of the symbol that we're dirty.
We're bad!
We're silenced!
We've got a gag over our face!
Yeah, ride your bike!
Oh yeah, the three-year-old, let's put a... Yeah, can't walk down the street!
You're safe now with your little buddy!
Because you're diseased, you're bad, you're evil, you've got to do what they tell you.
Yeah, we sell very thin masks at InfoWarsStore.com that at least have the costume look they make you have in all these federally New World Order controlled zones.
So if you're forced to do it, it says InfoWars.com to resist that way.
People that don't get multifaceted things don't understand it.
They go, well, why do you have a mask?
If you've got to, that's what happens.
But stand up for our children and say no.
They are counting on us.
All right.
We're going to go to break.
And I've got that big story, which I can't find here.
Cloth masks do not protect against virus as effectively as others.
But here it is.
I think masks don't do it, period.
But I need that article again.
I can't find it.
Maybe it's here in the joke of a stack that I was just about to play with our new Ray Epps we've discovered.
So I'll find that during the break.
Do five more minutes, then hand the baton to Gerald Cilente.
Alright, so folks are fighting back, including people arrested for just being in the Capitol.
They're going after the people that led the FBI to them, who they saw with earpieces and guns at the Capitol.
See the full videos and everything at InfoWars.com.
Man confronted after being removed from January 6th, FBI's most wanted list by someone being sent to prison for no reason.
Humanity's fighting back, here it is.
Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Clifton.
Today we are going to confront in person another alleged January 6th federal informant who was seen at the Capitol with a firearm and an earpiece.
There have only been a total of three names that were quietly removed without any reason from the FBI list and they refused to comment on it.
I last confronted Ray Epps, number 16.
Today we will confront Luke Robinson, number 343.
Luke Robinson was recently identified by my good friend who joins us here today, MJ from the JFK Report.
Hey guys.
The crazy thing is that MJ here actually knows Luke from previous activism done throughout Arizona with our good friend Ethan Schmidt.
MJ was indicted for being involved in J6 within 10 days of meeting Luke here in Arizona.
Is that a coincidence?
I don't think so.
Today, MJ and I have set up a sting operation where I'll be going undercover to purchase a bicycle from him, and instead we'll be asking him questions that everyday Americans want to know.
Before we get to the video, I want everyone to know that I personally reject the agenda that J6 was a complete federal PSYOP.
I recognize that the J6 event was one of the most patriotic events in American history.
To the political prisoners and everyone who attended, you are heroes to our people.
Now we will begin the video.
The person on the back has to be cool.
Hey, man.
What's up?
Holy shit.
I'm making a sale right now.
Hey, man.
Why were we removed from 343 on the FGA wanted list?
I don't know.
Can I talk to you after this?
Hey, man.
Let's talk.
Hold on.
Hey, man.
Can you please wait a second?
Hey, we don't want to do anything.
We just want to know what's going on, man.
We can help you out.
We want to help you.
We need to figure out what's going on.
Hold on a second.
I'm making a sale right now.
Are you a federal informant?
Were you a crisis actor?
No, I wasn't.
Did you make a deal with the Feds to spy on me because they had a firearm on you?
No, I didn't.
On January 6th.
Can you please relax?
I mean, hey man.
We just want to know what's going on because there's a lot of stuff right now with Ray Epps.
Do you know Ray Epps?
Do you know him personally?
Ray Epps?
Because we knew you were at the Capitol and we weren't sure if... You had an earpiece and a firearm, man.
You had a firearm on federal property.
That's serious stuff.
I got charged with a misdemeanor for trading a picket and that's a firearm, man.
I met you 10 days after the FBI came to my house on April 3rd.
I mean, what's going on, man?
Alright, yeah.
What's with the earpiece at the Capitol?
Who were you talking to?
I'll see you guys later.
Who were you talking to, though?
Do you actually want to buy this bike or not?
No, thank you.
Who are you talking to at the capital of the airpiece?
Hey, Manny.
We're just trying to figure out what's going on.
Luke Robinson, number 343, removed from the FBI wanted list.
10 days after the FBI came to my house, I met Luke on April 3rd, 2021.
And two weeks ago, I found out Luke Robinson was removed from 343 on the FBI most wanted list.
And he seems, he's a nice guy.
We just want to know what's going on.
He had a firearm on him on federal property, an earpiece, and he was removed from the Capitol.
We don't know what's going on, brother, but we just want to figure it out.
If you, hey man, if you're in serious stuff, you got to get a lawyer.
You need to figure it out, man.
This is, we want you to be safe.
I know who you are.
Are you cooperating with the FBI?
I just don't really want to talk.
Why'd they remove you from the list?
They've only removed three names.
Go on one.
They've only removed three names from the FBI list.
We don't, we're not sure why they removed you, why they removed Ray Epps.
We just, we're praying for you, Luke.
We're praying for you.
That's good.
The full video, there's more, is on Infowars.com, this article, but the globalists have bit off more than they can chew.
I want to be clear, whether you're in the government or corporation or the FBI or the Army, we don't blame everybody that's in these agencies, but the people at the top are having them do things that are illegal and are wrong, and our human intelligence
Legally and lawfully, we'll defeat you.
So it's just better to stop all this now and join humanity and fix the country.
My God, you don't want to be on the side of the drag queen story time and USA Today promoting pedophilia.
I mean, just come on, folks.
Come home to America.
Come home to victory.
Three very important life-saving words.
Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and you find them all in Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
All the essential vitamins, all the essential minerals from really good, high quality, absorbable sources, and a bunch of key compounds, amino acids, known to help get the nutrients into your tissues, into your cells.
And despite the fact that the product is going to sell out in the next week or so, we are going to keep it on sale at 50% off for another seven days.
So again, I am cutting this announcement on the afternoon of January 6, 2022.
We're going to run this for a week and then we are going to be selling out of this product.
Hopefully more comes in in the next month or so because it's a bestseller and it's something everybody needs for their immune system and their body.
Get your Vitamin Mineral Fusion now and support the InfoWar 360 win
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember, everyone, do you can to support InfoWars because they're locking down the truth everywhere, every place in every way.
I want to start off with the markets.
Well, they closed today, but they've been having not a happy new year.
And there's a reason for it, and that is interest rates are going up.
Now, let's go back.
Two years ago, we had this guy, the Fed head, Jerome Powell, BS'ing to everybody that, don't you worry about inflation, it's only temporary.
And then we heard him say it was only transitory, or is it transgendatory?
I'm not too sure, because it's all BS anyway, so we can make up anything we want.
And Janet Yellen was yelling it out as well.
There he is.
Again, you look at this Fed scam, before I go any further.
You got that little low-life, arrogant boy down there in Texas.
Yeah, what was his name?
Playing the markets on the inside.
Oh, and I'm going to retire now.
Playing millions of dollars.
Knowing what the Fed was going to say and then playing it before they said it.
Oh, we got the guy up here in Massachusetts over here, too.
Oh, I'm not feeling good now.
I think I'll retire, too, from the Fed.
Because I got caught doing inside dealing, too.
And then that other lowlife.
Oh, calm down, Salenti!
They're Federal Reserve.
Federal crap.
What's his name?
Whatever his name is?
Yeah, the other Fed head.
He just got caught playing the markets as well.
Oh, I'm gonna retire early!
I made my millions!
I'm gonna retire early!
And all you plantation workers of Slavelandia, go back to work!
Remember, it was Christmas time.
Remember that?
I know, we only have to talk about how retail sales did, but it was about the birth of Jesus Christ.
Yeah, the Jesus Christ that made a whip and became violent to drive the money changers out of the temple.
Yeah, that's right.
The Goldman Sachs gang.
The Merrill Lynch mob.
The Citigroup.
Same murderers.
Became violent.
So don't tell me I shouldn't be angry when I see what they're doing to the people now, just as they did it before.
So going back to the lying little Powell, they knew interest rates are going up.
They're keeping them low because to artificially prop up the markets, the bigs, the bigs.
Remember, when I was a young guy, a lot of years ago, it was drugstores.
Stationery stores!
Hardware stores!
Grocery stores!
Screw the stores!
Put all the little people out of business!
Now we have chains!
Grocery chains!
Hardware chains!
Stationery chains!
Grocery chains!
All we are are plantation workers of slavelandia into the chains because of these low interest rates
There you go.
Gone forever.
The low interest rates allows the bigs.
The black rocks and the black stones.
All these hedge funds, private equity groups, buying up everything.
When I was a young guy, they didn't exist.
They borrowed money for nothing.
For nothing.
Merger and acquisition activity last year, 2021.
Highest on record.
Stock buybacks?
Yeah, you buy back the stocks.
Supply and demand.
$10 trillion.
$10 trillion under management.
One company.
The bigs are in control.
Oh, also, did you see the latest numbers with the billionaires getting billions richer?
So they know the interest rates, they know inflation's going up.
They're artificially keeping interest rates low because these are the same line pieces of scum crap, whether it's, there we go, 10 richest billionaires double their wealth during pandemic.
And it wasn't a pandemic, it's a lockdown by politicians.
Anyway, going back.
Merger and acquisition activity, stock buyback, supply and demand, brings the price of stocks up.
Where do the little people put their money?
Once upon a time you put it in a bank and you got interest on it.
Screw you!
You're not going to get any interest.
Again, these are the liars that I was saying that told us when inflation rate goes over 2% we're going to raise interest rates.
Over 2%?
What is it in Europe?
5% and you got negative rates?
What is it in America?
And you haven't raised it in a year?
Going back to why the markets are going down.
Because interest rates are going up.
But even if they raise them three times and bring in a
0.75 Fed rate.
Let's go back to where inflation is.
Inflation is over 6.8 percent.
According to John Williams shadow stats, it's around 15 percent.
So what you actually have is negative interest rates.
The economy is not going to go down until interest rates, I believe, hit above 1.5 percent.
And that might not happen this year.
As for inflation, it's going to keep going.
And if you don't believe me, look at oil prices.
Brent crude oil prices in 2021 were up 50%.
They went down a bit in late November and December.
But guess what?
They're back up again.
The JPMorgan Chase Gang is estimating that oil may hit $125 a barrel.
If it goes over $100 a barrel, you're going to see a replay of what happened back in 2007, 2008,
When the markets were going up, oil prices were going up, went over $100 a barrel, boom!
The end.
And the end is going to come.
It's a criminal gang that's running the show.
As George Carlin said, the great comedian, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
And by the way, I know his brother Patrick very well.
He used to actually do trends.
Things for me as well.
It's one big club and you ain't in it.
Again, you saw the numbers with a BlackRock.
Ten trillion dollars.
Ten trillion dollars.
When I was a young guy, these things weren't allowed.
Private equity groups, hedge funds did not exist.
So what do you do?
I don't give financial advice, but gold, silver, and Bitcoin are the way I see it.
By the way, great interview with Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki.
Go to his channel, Rich Dad, and put Celenti in.
I'll show you more of what's going on in the future.
We're going to be back in a little bit.
Before I go, I want to really make this clear 100%.
You better do all you can to support InfoWars and put your money where your heart and mind is.
Because they're going to take this thing down.
And when they go down, they're going to take us out with them.
They'll call us anti-government people.
I've got to be for them.
How dare you?
How dare you question the government?
That's how low we've gone.
We're going to be right back.
Remember, support InfoWars.
Hey, thanks for having me on the Alex Jones Show, and thanks to the great crew.
Thanks for putting up these photos.
The ones that they show, that's my office.
This is upstairs in the office, and that's downstairs.
That's my entire office.
My other staff is in another building over here.
But I create my own world because I want to hide from this crazy one that exists.
And all the plants that you see, I take care of all of them.
Anyway, I was talking about before about, yeah, there they are.
Yeah, there's over about 300 plants in this entire office.
My desk is behind.
You can't see it at all.
But, yeah.
There it is.
Anyway, I was talking about the rig game.
And this is from the Financial Times.
On the 15th.
Washington agonizes over allowing the powerful to trade on Wall Street.
They could give a damn.
In mid-December, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, brushed off calls for legislation to ban trading by members of Congress with a throwaway comment.
We are a free market economy.
They should be able to participate in that.
The most recent Open Secrets data from 2018 says Pelosi's net worth is $114.6 million, making her the seventh wealthiest member of Congress at the time.
All right.
$114 million.
Again, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
She's a daddy's girl.
That's right, her daddy was mayor of Baltimore at the height of the hype.
And what do you have?
You have seven other lawmakers, little lying pieces of garbage lawmakers, that are even worth more than her.
Or in that category.
In the past two years, U.S.
lawmakers, including Richard Burr, the North Carolina Republican, Repulsifkin, Senator, has been accused of improperly trading on confidential information.
And it goes on three federal officials who I mentioned.
Chris Collins, a former Republican member of Congress, was convicted and sentenced to jail in January 2020 for participating in a scheme to commit insider trading.
Before being pardoned by Donald Trump.
Isn't that great?
Commit a crime and they pardon you.
But for we the little people, you know, we're going seven miles over the speed limit.
Get out of your car.
Stand on your head.
Repeat the alphabet backwards.
You're 0.0 over the limit over here.
They handcuff you and throw you in jail.
But the criminals get pardoned.
That's going on, man.
It's right in front of your eyes.
Right in front of your eyes.
According to a poll released this month by Convention of States, 76% of Americans believe members of Congress and their spouses have an unfair edge in financial markets, with just 5% saying they should be allowed to trade.
It's disgusting what's going on.
I mentioned about the lying little Fed freaks.
Financial Times.
Four decade high for U.S.
inflation fuels Fed fears over job recovery.
Seven percent year-on-year raise in consumer prices.
They knew this was happening all along.
So the question is going to be, what does it mean?
What's next and what to do about it?
There's going to be a slowdown.
Here's my forecast.
They got to bring down inflation.
It's not going down on its own.
And what they don't talk about is they say it's all because of supply chain disruptions.
Oh, once upon a time, America didn't have supply chain disruptions when we used to have Made in America.
Now the supply chain is from communist China and communist Vietnam.
Yeah, the communists that they taught us to hate and go to war, my generation, against the Vietnam War.
And now we import, there's a number two importer of clothes and shoes going back to the supply chains.
That's only part of it.
The bigger part is all the cheap money that they've dumped into the system, going back to negative and zero interest rate policies in the ECB in the United States.
That's what's driving inflation up.
What's driving inflation up is all that money they pumped in to fight the COVID war that the bigs got, the airlines, the big restaurants, yeah, and all the money that they got.
Oh, and the people didn't work, the money that they got.
That's what's driving it up.
So, here's my forecast.
They're going to do what they did when Reagan was president and inflation was skyrocketing.
They ratcheted up interest rates really high.
Slowed down the economy.
Went into recession.
Back then, in 1984, I bought 38 acres of land in Rhinebeck, New York, with an old house on eight and a half of those acres, there were three parcels, for $28,000.
That's how down it was.
And then, before the elections, they radically lower interest rates, and boom!
The stock market took off again.
Only to crash in 87.
I forecast they're going to do the same thing.
They're going to tighten, tighten interest rates.
They're going to slow down the economy.
Things are going to go down.
They got to bring inflation down.
And you're going to bring inflation down.
And then before the elections in 2024, the presidential elections, midterms,
They don't care about the midterms.
They care about the presidential election.
I mean, they care about it, but not as much as the presidential election.
They'll slow it down and then they'll speed it up.
So then everybody will be happy as the stock markets keep going up again and the phony boom again reignites.
That's my trend forecast.
Inflation, they're going to quiet it down.
And when inflation goes lower, so too are gold and silver and Bitcoin.
But they're going to go up when the economy goes down.
Because people are going to be looking for safe haven assets.
And things are going to get tough.
Very tough.
We're going through a period that's unprecedented in human history.
Who would have ever believed with the COVID war?
And who would believe what they're doing now?
The worst is yet to come.
Prepare, prevail, to prosper.
We're going to be right back with some more information.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
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Again, I only speak for myself, I believe in natural healing.
And InfoWars has a lot of the products that you can use.
And moving on to some other issues here.
I call the New York Times, they call themselves the paper of record.
I call them the toilet paper of record.
And they have the arrogance to write, right in their headline, all the news that's fit to print.
What we print isn't important.
Only what you print.
There we are.
The toilet paper record.
All the news is fit to print?
You look at this thing.
It's a joke.
That's a page.
Sunday's paper.
Five dollars.
Five dollars for this.
No, excuse me.
I don't want to get caught lying.
Six dollars.
Look at this.
Look at all these photos.
Look at this.
Look at this.
You know why?
Because... Newspapers, since 2008, they fired about 26% of the journalists.
The newspapers have shrunk to nothing.
So they're filling him up with stupid pictures.
What do I care about looking at this?
What do I care about looking at this mug?
What is this telling me?
Going back to the... This is important.
Maskless and inaccurate on the bench.
Oh, maskless and inaccurate on the bench.
So, the way the headline reads is somebody's maskless and that person's inaccurate.
And this is by David Leonhardt.
When the Supreme Court justices emerged from the red drapes at the front of the courthouse last Friday,
And took their seats to hear arguments about President Biden's vaccine mandate.
All but one of the justices were wearing masks.
The exception was Justice Neil Gorsuch.
Goes on and on and on and on and on and on.
Justice Gorsuch had to know that his masklessness could make other justices uncomfortable.
On and on and on.
Now, inaccurate, right?
Down here, near the end of the article, it gets to the inaccurate part.
Making the case of mandates, Justice Sotomayor first noted that COVID cases were surging and hospitals were near capacity.
She then turned her attention to children, quote, we have over a hundred thousand children, which we never had before in serious condition and many on ventilators, end quote.
Now, we have been saying that this was BS from the beginning.
Now, this is much later.
The Times writes about it, buries it on page 18 in the bottom of the article.
He goes on to say, The last sentence is simply untrue.
PolitiFact called it way off.
Kaya Himmelman or something of the Dispatch described it as false and misleading.
And even CNN.
Made a significant false claim.
The Washington Post fact-checker called it wildly incorrect.
You ready?
Fewer than 5,000 U.S.
children were in the hospitals with COVID in the past week.
Not 100,000, fewer than 5,000.
You ready?
And many fewer were in serious condition
Or on ventilators.
Some of the hospitalized children probably had incidental cases of the virus, meaning they've been hospitalized for other reasons and tested positive while there.
COVID is overwhelmingly mild in children.
Consider these numbers.
Over the past week, about 870 children were admitted to hospitals with COVID, according to the CDC.
By comparison, more than 5,000 children visit emergency rooms each week for sports injuries, for bronchitis, during a typical January week.
More than a thousand are hospitalized for that.
All right?
There are the facts.
Okay, the children are mild, why are you getting them vaccinated?
First, look at the Supreme Court, a supreme jerk, spewing out this crap and making decisions.
And then they sold out, and now healthcare workers, people working in hospitals have to get the vaccination.
A moron making these statements.
And how come?
That should be the headline news.
That should be the front page.
You got it?
Not Supreme Court.
Supreme jerk.
A supreme jerk spewing out propaganda.
And you're making a decision that affects me?
Get this straight, everybody.
All you politicians and all you supreme
Justices, your political hacks, and your work for us!
We pay you!
We pay you!
The governed governed!
Oh, not anymore!
Not in America!
Not in the U.S.S.A.!
We got the dictators telling us what to do!
Look at them!
A freak show in front of your face!
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yep, at that great artwork by Anthony Frito at Trends Journal Magazine.
Chock full of nuts.
And that's what it is.
And that's what it'll all become.
As Alex was saying, you know, we've lost our freedom.
And things are just getting worse.
So, again, if you want to subscribe to the Trends Journal, it's TrendsJournal.com.
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Look what happened at the beginning of the, at the end of the new year and the beginning of the new year.
All they talked about was what happened in 2021.
How about what's going to happen in 2022?
Well, we won't talk about that.
We're too stupid.
So we're just going to
Go back to 2021.
So anyway, TrendsJournal.com and do what you can to support us as well, because the more we get, the more we do.
Alex is also talking about the pesticides and all the things that are poisoning us.
They keep the numbers year after year.
We're going into year two or year three.
It's two years now in February that they launched.
Actually, the COVID war was launched just around this time.
Back in 2020.
On Lunar, Chinese Lunar New Year 2020.
So it's two years ago.
Now we're going into the third year.
And our magazine cover back then was Coronavirus.
106 dead in China.
1.4 billion still alive.
What are you telling me this stuff for?
Anyway, going back, going into our third year.
So what they do is they keep putting the numbers up.
How many people died of the virus?
And now over a period of two years they keep those numbers up.
So I went to Our World in Data and I typed in how many people die from air pollution.
The authors estimate that in total 8.8 million die prematurely due to air pollution every year.
All right?
Why do you think they wear those masks in China?
That we used to make fun of.
Because of the air pollution.
About 1.5 million a year die there.
About another million die plus in India.
So all the crap that they're putting in the air and the pesticides they're putting in our food.
In our water.
All the chemicals.
Nobody talks about that.
The chemicals.
And all what they're doing to our food.
Again, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Mexico didn't let a couple of thousand boxes of Kellogg's cereals come in because they were using promotions that they didn't want it because they're trying to cut back on obesity and overweight in Mexico.
So they said that this was bad, so they're prohibiting that kind of advertising.
So I'm reading the article, and they're talking about how terrible it is in Mexico with the weight issue, and what the government is doing to stop these big corporations from pumping junk into the system.
And it came out with a number that 73% of Mexicans are overweight.
They beat America by 1%.
72% of Americans are overweight and 40% obese.
And then when you look at the data, again, only looking at the data of who's dying from the virus, according to the CDC, 78% of the people that would have been hospitalized are either obese or overweight.
You look at what this country used to be and what it's become.
And it's a whole different world.
You look at the pictures back like when I was a young guy in the, uh, Woodstock was going on.
And by the way, Michael Lang, who I knew, wonderful guy who, the top guy to put Woodstock together, just passed away.
He was only 77.
You look at the photos of the people there in Woodstock, you don't see what they just showed there.
It's all this junk that people are reading.
So again, it goes back to Support Info Wars, you're not giving away money, you're doing stuff to help yourself.
Because the better shape you're in, the better you're going to survive mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
If you're in that kind of shape as a young person, you can't live happily ever after.
No way, no how.
So again, you look at the numbers.
8.8 million died prematurely due to air pollution, but don't worry about it.
COVID will kill you.
I'm going to give you my forecast.
This COVID war is going to wind down a lot by the end of March, mid-April.
They're going to quiet it down.
It's destroying lives and livelihoods around the world by the hundreds of millions, if not billions.
The protests that are going on now in France, in Germany, they're really taking off, Austria, Netherlands.
The people aren't going to stop.
They're going to cut back on this.
And I'll tell you where it's going to go to.
From the COVID war to climate change.
Climate change is going to be the new hysteria.
Until the drug companies want to sell more, the drug lords want to sell more of their products, so they'll start scaring us again.
Mandatory vaccinations for all, by the way.
That's going back now, and by the way, if you don't get a vaccination in Austria, you're fined.
I think it's like $4,000 a year.
And they just came out with a fine, too, in Greece.
Things like people over 50 or 60, if you're not vaccinated, you're fined.
Same thing in France, they're forcing people over 50 or 60 to get the booster shots.
Now, let's go back to the facts.
When they sold the vax, or the inoculation, they said it had a 96% efficacy rate.
That's a fact.
The Israeli Health Ministry last year brought it down to 39%.
And now they're telling you to get the boosters.
So what they're going to do is people will be used to getting the shots every year.
I think they're going to ease off on this because it's killing the global economy.
In the United States, the trade deficit in the U.S., boom, boom, boom, another high.
All of this BS about the trade deals with China under Trump, nowhere, no how.
Very important, and I mention this, there's an article about Beijing doubles down on self-sufficiency.
This is from the
15th of January in the Wall Street Journal.
I noted this because what's one of our top trends for 2022?
China's going into what they call a dual circulation economy.
They know that, yes, they'll depend on exports, but they have 1.4 billion people.
So buy made in China, not made anywhere else.
I mentioned to you how the style and the shape of America is going downhill.
They're not buying the Western sounds and styles and feels and emotions and looks anymore.
They're buying made in China.
Self-sufficiency, again, is one of our top trends that we put out a month ago, over a month ago.
And now you're seeing it in the headlines.
It's the only way America could come back is a self-sufficient economy.
And people, what should we do?
To me, it's very simple.
Put back in place the trade regulations and tariffs you had before they did away with them, particularly under Bill, Slimy, Slick, Willie Clinton.
Before there was a NAFTA.
And that's it.
And made in China.
And that's all we have here.
And once upon a time, when I was a kid, made in China, they used to get the Chinese, you know, dishes.
Oh, China.
Made in China.
Not anymore.
So the future is self-sufficiency.
Again, that's what we do with the Trends Journal.
It's not about what we like, what we want, what we wish for.
It's what is.
And China's doing it.
The 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century, unless we change it around, is going to be the Chinese century.
Because the business of America has been war.
The business of China is business.
So, do what you can to support InfoWars, TrendsJournal.com, and check me out on Rich Dad.
See you next week.
It was von Bismarck, the unifier of the German Republic, that first said politics is war by another means.
He also said war is politics by another means.
They're interchangeable.
We are in a war.
There is a global corporate takeover, the Great Reset, happening worldwide.
And Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the UN admit this is their takeover.
They brag that they had this Davos school for 40 years that trained almost every one of these so-called leaders from Canada to New Zealand, from the UK to Germany under Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger's control.
And now they're launching their world government to collapse society to then carry out State Department memorandum 200 for forced depopulation.
And that's why InfoWars is under such incredible attack.
Because we actually identify who the globalists are and go after them.
Donald Trump knows who they are.
Senator Rand Paul knows who they are.
Senator Josh Hawley knows who they are.
Ted Cruz knows who they are.
But they won't dare go after them because they know when you do that, the system destroys you.
Well, you know what?
I stepped up to the plate.
And you stepped up to the plate supporting InfoWars over the years.
So we're here fighting and identifying them to make it safe for other men to finally take action and save our republic and save our world.
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Maybe now that some of it's getting more public, it's closer to 50.
But still, just the tip of the iceberg.
But you in the audience,
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