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Name: 20220116_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 16, 2022
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"This recording contains various segments of Alex Jones' show discussing current events and conspiracy theories. Topics include the Biden administration's strategy to combat domestic terrorism, concerns over potential suppression of information by authorities, globalists' plans for a New World Order, criticism of the left's push for abolishing parenthood and raising children as part of their plan to destroy civilization, promotions for InfoWars products that aid in immune system support, lack of regulation and transparency surrounding nanoparticles in food, polling results showing high percentage of Democrats supporting authoritarian measures like fines and imprisonment for unvaccinated individuals, draconian lockdowns enforced by the National Guard on unvaccinated people, harassment and assault against those not following COVID-19 restrictions, consequences faced by doctors who do not submit to the narrative surrounding Ivermectin, and warnings about globalist forces trying to take over the world through measures such as carbon taxes and COVID passports."

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The White House published its framework today for how it intends to combat one of the most pressing national security threats, domestic terrorism.
Domestic terrorism is on the rise across the country.
We're now hearing from Attorney General Merrick Garland on one of the Biden administration's top security priorities, combating domestic terrorism.
You understand they're going to stage terror attacks and they're going to declare martial law and they're going to come and they're going to arrest the opposition leaders and beat us to death in prisons.
This afternoon, we saw federal agents collecting evidence at a home there, and they arrested Stuart Rhodes.
He and ten others now charged with seditious conspiracy, but essentially the feds believe he was simply trying to overthrow the government.
So, Jake, no doubt you're going to probably face some repercussions for even doing this interview with us today.
Are you a little worried about that?
Um, I'm, you know, fear does not live in the hearts of patriots and, you know, it's time for the American people to band together and to stand behind the Constitution and to really support the January Sixers because we were the frontline patriots.
This call is being terminated by the facility.
Someone didn't like that conversation.
Somebody didn't like, uh, um, but that's one of the reasons we're
Doing the story, it said, I don't know if the folks could hear that this call is being terminated by the facility.
Why do you call the attackers terrorists?
But I can see why someone would take issue with the title of terrorist.
It's gained a lot of notoriety in our vocabulary in the past few decades.
And we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders,
But from violence that gathers within.
His view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race.
According to the United States intelligence community, domestic terrorism from white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
We know now we must confront and defeat political extremism.
White supremacy and domestic terrorism.
Don't dare call them protesters.
They were a riotous mob.
Domestic terrorists.
White supremacy.
Domestic terrorism.
That we must confront and we will defeat.
Madam Vice President.
Fellow Americans.
State the obvious.
One year ago today,
In this sacred place, democracy was attacked.
Simply attacked.
Since you asked my critique of the President's speech, I thought it was fabulous.
And then they're going to devalue the dollar completely and start turning your power off on a regular basis.
Our wind and our solar got shut down and they were, collectively, more than 10% of our power grid.
It just shows that fossil fuel is necessary.
And inject your children with poisons until they slowly die.
They're going to murder you.
I went and got the jab.
I did it at 11.30 in the morning in Hawaii.
Everything was normal.
I went to bed.
Woke up at 3.30 in the morning with my heart pounding out of my chest.
I went to the ER.
They hooked me up quickly to EKG, IVs, did blood work.
Quickly determined that I was in atrial fibrillation.
I could have stroked out at 100 feet trying to land an airplane with 40 airplanes lined up next to us.
I could have just pushed down on that stick before the person next to me could do anything.
We're in a
It's all over for a lot of people.
Not a good scenario.
Pete Buttigieg isn't telling you anything about this.
The administration is not.
The NIH, the CDC, they suppress all this stuff.
There's a number of pilots out there that are fearful to come forward and speak.
They're fearful of retribution.
There's guys that are going to work with crushing
The pain's in their chest.
So everybody can sit around and play their games that they're in the government, they're gonna be part of the winning team.
The fools working in the federal government going along with this are destroying themselves with us right along with them.
An anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.
See, they hide behind the classification of January 6th.
We know how they did it.
We know who did it.
The freaking FBI ran the attack on the Capitol and we have all the damn information.
Does everybody get we're all gonna get destroyed?
These are serious killers!
Serious criminals!
Bunch of damn criminals running this country!
Fuck them!
Fuck them!
I'm sick of their shit!
Fuck these motherfuckers!
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And we are live, ladies and gentlemen, on this Sunday, January 16th, worldwide transmission.
The year is 2022.
You know, the reason I've talked about taking a few weeks off, something I've never done, is I get so angry now that I blow up on air, and that's not professional, and that's not good.
We need to lower the temperature in this country and around the world, because Klaus Schwab and the behavioral psychologists that run the Great Reset and the global government, globalist takeover...
Say they want to raise the temperature and make society fall apart and make us commit suicide and make us hurt each other and family violence has exploded.
It's tripled.
Suicide's more than tripled in the last few years.
The drug overdoses have exploded to record.
I mean, we are in crisis.
And I don't care if somebody's black or somebody's white or somebody works for the government or somebody works for a big corporation or a small business.
They're individuals.
We have to judge them by who they are, but
The corporate power structure is making its move on society, ladies and gentlemen.
And if you just joined us, a lot of stations have joined us at 6 after.
We do the first five minutes for some stations that want to pick it up instead of local news or national news.
I saw a John Bowne report I hadn't watched yet, but I thought, oh, let's just play that.
It was very powerful about the corruption of both parties and how it's systemic.
And then it was me blowing up at the end, something that I'm really going to work on
Not doing it, even though it's popular with the viewers and the rest of it.
It's not fake when I do it, but it's kind of like letting the dog off the leash.
It's the dog when it's on the leash.
It's still the dog when it's off the leash, but sometimes it bites when it's off the leash.
And at 48 years old now, I need to do that because, again, they want violence.
They want us to attack each other.
And if somebody like me is losing their temper on air,
Well, then other people might not have as much self-control.
They might do something more.
And that's what they want.
They want us to go crazy and, you know, have black folks run over white people and have white people go in and shoot black people.
And they just want us killing each other to distract from what they're doing.
I've always been really good at predicting what's coming next, and I told you a couple years ago, you're going to see massive inflation, you're going to see civil unrest, you're going to see power outages, because that's what Klaus Schwab and the globalists said they would do, getting us ready for the collapse of civilization.
But if you tuned in Tuesday or Wednesday, it had just broken in a local Illinois paper, and they were reporting how great it was, and listeners thought I was joking.
God doesn't exist, but Satan does.
And so now if you just type in, to any search engine, the term, satanic temple to host events at Illinois schools, you'll then learn that it's actually happening all over the country and all over the world.
Let me show you.
Because I want to show this to viewers.
The point is, is that folks didn't believe this back on, back on Wednesday.
They thought it must be a fake story, but now if you simply type it in, you'll get hundreds of articles, and what's crazy is a lot of them are promoting it and saying it's a good time.
The Satanic Temple Afterschool Satan Club.
And the first thing Satan tells you is that Satan doesn't exist.
I wanted to start with that, because then it moves into this area right here.
This is out of USA Today, and this was in their Friday edition.
California, this is the editorial section, should abolish parenthood in the name of equity.
That's right.
You even having a family, you even having children, other people might not have that.
You don't deserve it.
We need you to raise your children in government-run communes.
And if you go to the UN, I was there last year, they have big posters up everywhere on the outside of the entrance saying, you'll soon own nothing and have nothing.
And then it goes on to say, you'll soon live in communes and there'll be no more private homes.
I showed you that video.
People are like, well that's crazy, that'll never happen.
But once they start turning off the economy for years, and locking people down for years, you won't have the money to live anywhere else and you'll have to go live in the government communes.
China made 400 million of its farmers.
Move in to the cities, and over 100 million died, as everybody knows.
On record.
The Chinese don't even deny that.
So we're going into a cultural revolution, a great leap forward of becoming robot slaves in the cities.
So here's a real article, USA Today.
California, that's where it all starts, should abolish parenthood in the name of equity.
And then it goes on to say, if California is ever going to achieve true equity, the state must require parents to give away their children.
Today's Californians often hold up equality, the goal of just society, completely free from bias, as our greatest value, Governor Newsom, makes decisions through an equity lens.
Oh, and this is a serious article that goes on to say, but the promises are no match for the power of parents.
And it goes on to say, we can have a utopia if the state raises your children.
What did the UN say 21 months ago?
They said the main goal is to get lockdowns going, habituate everybody to them, and then finally we're going to take children out of the houses, where even people aren't sick, to shield them in place in government dormitories to train the families to give up their children.
So this isn't satire, this isn't a joke.
Today's California often holds up equality, the goal of a just society, completely free from bias, a utopia.
As our greatest value governor, Newsom makes decisions through an equity lens.
Institutions from dance enablers to tech companies have publicly pledged themselves to equity.
And again, whoever defines equity, you must follow.
But their promises are no match for the power of parents.
Fathers and mothers with greater wealth and education are more likely to transfer these advantages to their children.
Oh, you see.
So we're learning what the real reparations mean in the Great Reset, is you put yourself into a communal system, you put your money into a communal system, and then the computer they claim is independent and free decides what percentage you get back.
And, you know, if you do have degrees and you sign on to this, up front you get a big percentage of your money back.
But everybody's forced to be under the control of the AI that fairly distributes it out.
Of course, it doesn't fairly distribute it out.
It's all programmed.
So, you want a nightmare, science fiction hell, Mark of the Beast?
They're now rolling out where this leads.
We have a breakdown of it on InfoWars.com, WTF, USA Today calls.
For California to abolish parenthood.
It's very serious.
And then here's some of the background articles.
This is, uh, having children is not a life-affirming.
It's immoral.
Pure research.
Growing shares of childless adults that U.S.
don't expect to ever have children.
Then it's praised.
One legacy of the pandemic.
Maybe less judgment of the child-free.
California again should abolish parenthood.
It's immoral to have babies in the era of climate change.
And then you've got Yunkin who says parents have a fundamental right to make decisions about their children's education.
That's now extreme right-wing to say your genetic line and who you are has some rights, but not all.
And the Justice Department's investigating the Virginia parents that protest.
They're small children being told they're white terrorists as terrorists.
They're being investigated as terrorists.
So, that's a small smattering of what we have here today.
If you don't like Satan time at your school or drag queen pedophile time, here comes the FBI.
If you don't like your children being taught critical race theory, well, here comes the state.
When we come back, I have a stack of news articles everywhere with the corporate media saying it's time to permanently lock up those that don't take shots in America.
And they go, look at Europe, look at Australia.
That's what we're doing next.
And this is their plan.
And if they can get people to follow these orders, they can get you to follow any order.
Because this is the door being shut on freedom.
All of the world's being put into a prison.
It's a prison planet.
And those that take the dead, the poison death shots,
Well, they're gonna go beyond just being in a prison planet.
They're gonna be dead.
We are back live on this Sunday transmission, January 16th, 2022.
You know, I'm going to hit the incredible martial law COVID announcements and national polls that the vast majority of Democrats want martial law declared by the president, military on the streets, and the unvaxxed locked up permanently until they starve to death.
That's basically what Noam Chomsky also called for, and they're now implementing it in countries in Europe and countries in
The Pacific, like Australia.
I'm not joking.
Utah's largest newspaper calls for unvaccinated to endure draconian lockdowns enforced by National Guard.
CNN has another headline.
Europe's loud, rule-breaking, unvaccinated minority are falling out of society.
My father almost died for his country fighting in Okinawa today.
His son can no longer walk the streets of Washington D.C.
without his papers.
And then when I read this polls to you,
Just wait until you see this poll.
Fully vaccinated Canadian soccer player, sidelined with myocarditis.
It's like happening every day.
So are the deaths.
And here's the big poll I mentioned.
Poll reveals astonishing percentage of Democrats support unparalleled COVID tyranny for the unvaccinated.
In fact, we'll hit that first when we come back next segment.
But right now, let me go ahead and get back into what I was covering.
Because just like I opened the show up,
with the Satanic Temple, endorsed by the Democratic Party.
They actually have a partnership with them, having big events all over the country, major Hollywood blockbuster films promoting them.
And they say, we don't believe in God, we're just Satanists, and we want access to your children.
But then you research them, and let me tell you, they know this is a spiritual battle, but they want to first tell your kids, oh, the devil's not real, and God's not real, but the devil loves you, and he's gonna teach you how to be powerful and be enlightened.
It's really what we hear about in the Garden of Eden, whether you believe in that or not.
It's being repeated in front of you in the real world today.
But I want to go back to Joe Matthews, a big globalist, heads-up stuff, connected to the UN, Davos group.
And he very calmly and very seriously, in USA Today, says it's time to abolish the family completely.
And he says, give your children to the homeless people down the street.
What he's saying is, sacrifice your children.
We're not building a global community.
They want you to have no connection to anybody.
That's why the CIA funded the sexual revolution.
That's been declassified.
Now I'm up here telling somebody that I judge you if you had more than one sexual partner.
No, I'm just telling you they promoted it and pushed it so you would slowly break up the family and have no one to stand up for you.
And here we are.
A generation and a half later, and it's all here.
Because it was a plan.
So let's, let's read this article, because this isn't a joke.
And remember, it was USA Today, just last week, endorsed pedophilia.
And said it's not a bad thing, and it's just a lifestyle.
You're like, what are they doing?
Well, they're waging war on us, ladies and gentlemen.
This is an anti-human move, and that's why people are blown away by the censorship and the attacks and the...
Corruption and people that protest at school boards being called terrorists is because this is a real breakdown and end of the family because they want you to become commodities programmed pod people.
And if you go out to lunch somewhere,
A friend of mine went to a Japanese kind of open counter Benihana type deal today.
He showed me a photo of more than 20 people around the big communal table.
None of them were talking.
None of their children were talking.
And everybody had a phone sitting there looking at them.
And so you say, let's get rid of the family.
They celebrate in here that people's attention spans are shorter.
And people aren't having children.
The family is falling apart.
Yeah, so is society.
He says, but soon we'll be able to plug these people in to a global commune through computers.
Yeah, the Matrix.
And it'll be a utopia.
And he says, I know this sounds like a dystopia, but it's a utopia.
Yeah, folks.
It's a utopia.
This is the takeover, the enslavement of humanity.
And I'm part of it, too.
I get on these phones too much.
I've been programmed with the dopamine receptors.
I mean, I'm right here with you.
I'm just saying, we need to be conscious of this and protect our children, become aware of it and pull out of this.
Because all the studies show, screen time's not making you happy.
And I know I reach you on a screen.
That's my point.
Is that
We've all got to have our own reset against this, and really have a fundamental shift and realize how much trouble we're under.
So, column!
One week after they promote pedophilia, California should abolish parenthood in the name of equity.
They go on to say, we can create the utopia Governor Newsom wants, but only by getting rid of parents.
Fathers and mothers with greater wealth, I'm reading from it, and education are more likely to transfer these advantages to their children.
So see, any advantages, which is
What survival of the fittest is what builds civilization.
What makes us stronger.
But they want to get rid of that.
Fathers and mothers with greater wealth and education are more likely to transfer those advantages to their children.
Compounding privilege over generations.
As a result, children of less advantaged parents face an uphill struggle.
Oh, so somebody else is in an uphill struggle because you have a mommy and daddy.
That's why I always told you they don't want you saying mother or father on the elementary school entrance papers.
Because maybe somebody else doesn't have that.
If somebody else doesn't have that, you can't even talk about what you've got.
Social mobility has stalled.
That's globalism and the taxation regulations.
And democracy has been corrupted.
See the Great Reset?
Collapse society, collapse the world, make you depressed, and then turn around and say, oh, live in a commune.
You'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, you'll now be in a heavenly world.
That's their admitted plan.
More Californians are abandoning the dream.
See, they collapse California on purpose with regulations and taxes, bring in giant third world populations and say, oh, the fires, the dystopia, all of it, it's the mommy and daddy's fault.
If we just gave children to homeless people, he actually says that, it would fix it.
More Californians are abandoning the dream.
A recent Public Policy Institute of California poll found declining belief in the notion that you can get ahead through hard work.
Yes, you can't get ahead through hard work.
They've set it up that way.
And when you stop working, everything collapses and we all starve to death.
But oh, he's promising a utopia.
This is the most illogical, satanic poison, worse than cobra venom, injected into our body politic.
Making raising your own children illegal.
My solution?
It's simple.
And while we wait for the legislation to pass, we can act now.
The rich and the poor should trade kids.
And homeowners might swap children with homeless neighbors.
Now I recognize that some naysayers will dismiss such a policy as ghastly, even totalitarian.
Oh no, not that!
But my proposal is quite modest.
A fusion of traditional philosophy and today's most common political obsessions.
And then he goes into it all.
And he endorses, where did I tell you all the eugenics comes from?
Plato's Republic.
He said we should either just kill all the poor people, or take their children away,
And make the elites take care of them.
But if they don't, we'll just kill them.
And just look at that soft, arrogant, hateful person.
Imagine living with him?
Imagine loving him?
Nobody is.
Nobody is.
He just wants somebody to...
Give you your children.
He just wants to be in charge of the computer that decides how big your 200 to 300 foot cell is.
See, oh they're emptying out all the prisons under COVID to put the dissenters in there, but all of you then go into prisons as well.
The coffin apartments pushed by Bloomberg and all of them.
Jeff Bezos, all of them.
They said we're going to take all your resources away until you can only survive.
You will drink urine.
You will eat bugs.
You will have nothing.
You will own nothing.
You will get no meat.
You will have no children.
You will be obsolete.
We're liberals!
We're liberals!
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So, if you watch my film, The Obama Deception, and my film Endgame, we talk about Plato.
Most famous philosopher and historian in all of history.
Probably even bigger than Shakespeare as just a writer, period.
He's probably the greatest writer, single writer in history.
And he'd give out a lot of multifaceted views.
He'd show one view and another view and then a separate view.
And so many of the philosophies in the world come out of him.
And I've read a lot of his writings.
I've read three of his books, at least.
That's pretty much most of his writings.
And I've seen him quoted in other scholarly
Tomes by other philosophers.
But he is the progenitor, or the great granddaddy, of eugenics, of Adolf Hitler, of communism, of basically Hegelian dialectics, of everything.
And a dumbed-down person will say, you just said he's one of the greatest writers.
He also influenced Hitler.
Well, yeah, and Friedrich Nietzsche and everybody else.
I'm not saying I agree with him, but he's the king.
And so when I talk about him in all of these films, and I explain, it's Plato's world.
He also talked about space bases, and flying cars, and unlimited energy power, and all the rest of it.
I mean, who knows if that existed?
But the point is, is that he's the guy that had all this knowledge.
And he's the one the globalists followed.
And now they're doing it.
And now they got editorial articles in the USA Today saying, oh, pedophilia's good.
Yeah, you don't have a right to keep your child away from some big fat slob when they're five years old.
Let them just grab your kid out of the backyard.
If a kid says they want to have sex, they can have sex.
But, oh, a man and woman in a Gillette commercial, and a guy asks a girl out or tells her, hey, would you like me to buy you a cup of coffee?
That's rape.
But, oh, having sex with a child, grab them out of their backyard, that's a good thing.
And now USA Today is back, this week, to throw it in our face and to manipulate our minds and just get us used to them doing whatever they want with the homeless and the fentanyl and the death and the government saying, if you care about America and you want sovereignty and you question elections, you're a terrorist!
And if you protest and people get out of hand, you're all terrorists!
But if we go burn buildings down on purpose, we're good people, says the Congress, folks.
So it goes on.
In USA Today, now I recognize that some naysayers will dismiss such a policy as ghastly.
It's outlawing parenthood, making everybody be raised in communes.
And you've got to live in a commune too.
With communists over you.
It's called a slave camp.
Even totalitarian.
Oh really?
Even totalitarian?
But my proposal is quite modest.
A fusion of traditional philosophy and today's most common political obsessions.
So I went and looked this guy up and sure enough he works for the UN, the Globalist.
He's a big muckety-muck with them and these other groups and he's dead serious about all this.
Because that's really what he wants to do.
In his republic,
Plato adopted Socrates' sage advice.
You know what they did to Socrates for that advice?
That children be possessed in common so that no parent will know his own offspring or any child his parents in order to defeat nepotism and create citizens loyal not to their sons but to society.
The state is God.
Of course, nepotism has its issues.
Wealth always has its problems.
Smart people that are wealthy learn how to not give their children a lot, make them work so they get stronger.
But all the communism, all the hundreds of millions dead the last century, it all comes out of this.
And this is what the communists quote.
It takes a village to raise a child.
And of course, in a real village, people do raise each other's children.
But in the Dr. Spock world, and all the leftist
Programs that were pushed out there in the 60s and 70s and 80s.
Don't discipline your child.
Don't tell them what they should be.
Don't tell them your values.
Let them be themselves.
You mean let the state program them.
And now he admits that.
He says, oh, we need nothing from parents or children.
We want their children taken like eggs from a hen when she lays it.
Factory humans.
Programmed humans.
And he goes on to say, this will make the global system work better, because you're going to be a creature of the corporation, programmed by a computer to serve the greater good of all.
But no one has independent will.
No one has freedom.
Everyone is what these controllers want.
These self-appointed monsters.
I mean, look at this guy.
Why do they always look so damn slimy?
Well, if you look like him or Brian Stelter, you'd hate families.
You'd hate society, too.
Today, a policy of universal orphanhood aligns with powerful social trends that point to less interest in family.
Californians are slower to marry and are having fewer children.
Our birth rate is at an all-time low.
He goes on to say how wonderful this is.
And he goes on.
My proposal should be politically unifying.
Fitting hand in glove with the most cherished policies in progressiveness and Trumpians alike.
The left's introduction of anti-racism and gender identity in schools faces a bitter backlash from the parents.
Ending parenthood would end the backlash, helping dismantle white supremacy and outdated gender norms.
Democrats also would have the opportunity to build a new pillar of the safety net, a child-raising system called the Foster Care for All.
And they're going to act later like, well, he's being tongue-in-cheek, but this is all the official plan.
He goes on to say we have a universal system where you all work for a computer and we're all centralized to fix the global problems.
They may even say that they really desire is what the title orphan of the musical Annie demanded.
I didn't want to be just another orphan, Mr. Warbucks.
I wanted to believe I was special.
But the only way you're special is by not having a family, which is what makes you special.
And Target, I've seen that book in Target.
Let's summon daemons.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
It's a sabotage operation to destroy civilization.
So whatever they know hurts civilization, they're aggressively injecting it with cloud and piven.
The Great Reset, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and we're already deep into the collapse.
The supply chains are already almost gone.
Food shortages are everywhere.
Hundreds of millions on the edge of starvation.
More than 40 plus million, they admit it now, extra starved to death.
These lockdowns, and the left loves it.
I'll get to the COVID news when we come back now.
I spent a lot of time on this, but it's very, very important.
This New World Order system is a suicide pact, and everybody must reject it and resist it with every means that's legal and lawful.
We don't want to get violent, even though the Declaration of Independence speaks that we have the right to defend ourselves at this point, because they are planning on that and want that.
We just have to be very, very strong and see what's going on and pull ourselves out of it.
That's why they want the churches shut down, that's why they want us alone, so they can get you into this funk, make you give up on life and take full control of your mind.
Now, let's go to their main attack, shutting down civilization, the COVID garbage, and the biggest developments yet.
Every day, it's the biggest developments.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
Rollouts all over the news of endless lockdowns, forced inoculations, and saying, let's imprison people that won't take the shots.
Well, I've got all that for you when we come back.
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You know, you see how they took...
My 17-year-old daughter this morning
Said to me that her high school history teacher was asking her about me.
And was asking if I was for real.
And she had the perfect answer.
She said, yeah, that's my dad.
A hundred percent.
But what you see on air is just turned up.
So smart.
I love her so much.
She's so amazing.
And then she asked me, she said, but he told me that globalism was just people that care about the globe.
Not a bad thing.
Yeah, they really care about the glove.
The most rich, powerful, ruthless people on earth, on record say they want to depopulate us.
But the left, and that's what almost all these teachers are, they think by pretending they're with the power structure, they're somehow winning.
It's called being delusional.
It's called being a useful idiot.
And so all these people, because they're put in positions of authority, keep following the system.
That's a perfect meme for radio listeners.
It says, globalism shows the children standing around the earth holding hands.
What we were told it is all happy rainbows.
But then what it really is, is a bunch of powerful elites deciding how to enslave and dumb down humanity.
They see the planet as their property and see you as dumb and ignorant and this way needs to be swept away.
And you know a lot of the public does fulfill that prophecy.
But a lot of people don't, and so you don't have a right to play God, and it's wrong.
But all our checks and balances are being swept away right now.
And everybody that plays along, they're part of the power structure, lying to themselves, and God's watching.
So let me read you this first article.
This will take a while to get through.
And then coming up in the third segment of the next hour, we've got something really special for you.
I'll just start telling you.
I told you that now I make myself, at least for part of the day, not have the cell phone with me.
Because I'm constantly reading articles and taking calls, and I get a lot done with it.
I'm not playing online games and screwing around, but it still dominates my life.
This morning, I went out to take care of some errands before, not name-dropping, he's just a great guy.
Jesse James dropped by and picked me up.
We went to his church.
I go with him sometimes too.
I heard a great sermon there.
I think it was like a 10.30 sermon or 11 o'clock sermon.
But before that, I went to the store and I was getting gas and I didn't bring the cell phone with me.
And I saw a woman in a brand new Mustang and I'm sitting there in my car while my truck's gassing up.
And I watched this woman pull up, white lady.
And, uh, blonde lady.
Not making fun of blondes.
My mom's blonde.
She's really smart, but, you know, I guess some women just think I'm blonde, so I don't have to worry about anything or whatever.
This was a dumb blonde.
And she gets out of the car.
And I'm thinking, there's something weird.
Why is she walking back and forth confused?
And I go, that car's got new tags.
And I'm, I'm thinking in my mind, why is this picture not right?
Because, you know, before your brain clicks, I'm sitting there drinking coffee.
It's like 8 30 in the morning.
And I go, oh my God, that's a brand new Tesla.
And I go, I'm gonna get my phone and I reach for it in the cup holder and it's not there.
But Alex Jones doesn't get mad, he overcomes.
I sit there and watch her go around for about a minute, can't do it.
I see other people laughing at her and then she just gets in her car and leaves and I'm driving home and I say, don't forget when you get home to get on the desktop.
That's better for your brain than always being on the phone.
I get on the desktop and I type in, woman tries to gas up Tesla.
Dozens of results.
Here's one of the ones.
And of course, it's women.
Now, the woman looked just like this today.
Not mocking blonde ladies.
It was funny.
It was a blonde lady, but it wasn't a Tesla.
It was a, excuse me, a Mustang.
My brain conflates these, because I've already watched a bunch of Tesla videos.
I'm sitting there looking, going, oh, that's one of the new Mustangs.
Oh, that's electric.
And then it kind of clicked.
Why is she doing that?
And then these are videos of Teslas.
So much data.
I just mixed it all together in my head.
But I witnessed this for myself.
Here's a dude.
He's got his trendy, liberal, Patagonian thing on.
He looks like he's Asian.
Only singling him out because we were already saying it's a white lady acting stupid.
There's dumb people in every group.
He's got a brand new Tesla.
And he doesn't understand that it doesn't take gasoline, bro.
Do they even know what unleaded is?
Do they even know what diesel is?
Do they know what natural gas is?
And that's why I've told people that own these cars.
I've told him, I said, you know, I can show you equations and make reports that an electric car to make it takes about three times the carbon of a gas car, and then for electricity, most of it's still generated by fossil fuel, and you lose on average about half of the power down a power line on the average transfer line.
It's about half.
They have international power associations and U.S.
power associations.
You can go look the actuaries up and the numbers.
And you're sitting there telling them, hey, you know an electric car uses more carbon, right?
Which is fine with me.
I mean, I think that's great.
We're a carbon-based life form.
We need more carbon.
We've been carbon poor.
This is great that we're taking ancient carbon up from the ground and putting it back in the atmosphere.
We're getting a healthier planet, like it was in ancient times.
Even mainline paleontologists will tell you.
I told you I was going to get to this next hour, and I just did it.
But I'm going to actually show you the videos, and then something it ties in with.
So imagine if I saw a woman trying to gas up a new electric Mustang and then I instantly typed that in and instantly found it.
Imagine how widespread this is.
And I started thinking about all the hundreds of videos of people trying to put gasoline in plastic bags.
And it's almost always women.
Because nobody taught them about cars or about gas, and they hear, hey, a hurricane's coming.
Every time a hurricane or storm's coming, the gas stations just fill up with women with plastic bags they get inside, and then they put the gas in, and then wonder why the gas eats through it and spills, and they just don't know.
And you know what?
Klaus Schwab is probably right.
That lady probably needs to be taken out by the FBI, who's our lords and saviors, into a field and shot in the back of the head and put in a pit.
No, I don't really want that.
I'm being sarcastic.
They'll edit that out and put it on the news, but that's their fault for lying.
No, we need to help that woman.
We need to inform that woman.
How alone was she through her life?
No one told her?
Nobody talked to her?
There's hundreds of these videos.
She doesn't know how to screw in a light bulb.
She doesn't even know where electricity comes from.
So when the globalists say, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll like it, they know she's so weak-minded, she'll hear that and believe it.
When they come, imagine if she had kids.
They say, hey, we're taking your kids from you.
That probably would be a way to help her.
Because see, they've already dumbed her down so much.
They've already turned her into this thing.
She just knows how to stand behind a counter and make hamburgers all day.
And I'm not putting her down for that, but that's all she knows.
She's got plastic grocery bags putting gallons of gasoline in it.
What did they do to her?
She wasn't taught basic skills, and I've explained this a thousand times.
My dad's dad was a farmer and a rancher, and he knew how to run electricity, he knew how to butcher a cow fast, he knew how to fix tractors, he knew how to do it all.
And he knew how to skin a bucket, run a trot line, and, you know, kick your ass if he needed to.
That man, compared to my dad and compared to me, was like a, looked like a Greek god compared to my dad and me.
And we're not, like, you know, bad examples of the male.
Imagine, like, I'm a towering specimen compared to most of these people now.
They have degenerated.
They have completely fallen apart.
They have no idea of the future.
And then the globalists are like, hey, we need to just kill all these people.
Now look at this woman.
Spraying gasoline on top of the car.
This is not a joke.
It's not a game.
She thinks that's how you clean your car.
And she's got her mask on.
Of course she's safe from COVID-19.
Because Fauci told her the news must be the authority.
She has no man in her life.
Nobody raised her properly.
She was raised by television.
And now she thinks she's at a car wash with gasoline putting it on the car.
These are real videos.
But we're not going to take her out in the field and shoot her, like the Nazis would do.
We've got to, though, understand, these are the folks that are voting.
These are the people that when they say you're a white supremacist, if you don't want your five-year-old to be taught white people are inherently bad, they don't know the history of this.
They don't know how evil that is.
They don't know that messes kids up.
They take on, like a robot, whatever they're told.
And they are completely and totally mindless.
We'll talk about that next hour.
I didn't get into the poll yet, because these are the people that are putting gasoline on the windshield of their car to clean the mildew off.
These are the people that are putting gasoline in plastic bags and putting it in their trunk.
These are the people that don't know what planet they're on, and they want you locked up in prison.
They believe they're locked up.
They believe they're wearing masks.
They believe they're getting sick, not from the shots, but from you not taking them.
I saw a lady today driving into work later in the afternoon.
I pulled into a store and she was in an army uniform and I said, how are you doing?
She said, I'm doing fine.
How are you doing?
You're Alex Jones.
She said, I know you.
This is a black lady.
I said, hey, did you take the shot?
She goes, yeah.
Sickest I've been in my life.
Brain fog horrible.
You're absolutely right.
They made me take it.
Have a good day.
She was in the reserves or whatever.
So there you go.
We'll be right back with our number two straight ahead.
The FDA has allowed nanoparticles into the food supply under the generally recognized as safe provision because they claim that they are no more dangerous than their larger counterparts.
Titanium is generally safe, therefore nanotitanium must be safe.
But they also admit that known materials can exhibit new or altered physiochemical properties at nanoscale dimensions.
Including unknown safety hazards that they will continue to monitor for.
In other words, the human trials for consumable nanotechnology is currently happening in the public without their knowledge.
Nanoparticles can be absorbed into our immune defense system and into our bloodstream.
And just like the FDA admits, materials at the nanoscale can cause unknown changes in a person's biological system.
Animal studies have proven that nanoparticles are changing the way our bodies absorb certain minerals, such as iron.
FDA chemist Timothy Duncan wrote that nanotechnology in the food supply is being held back because the food supply industry is afraid of public backlash, and argues that nanotechnology will somehow make food healthier.
The FDA is far more concerned with pushing more of these experimental nanoparticles into the food supply than they are with safety.
Like they said about giving the dangerous experimental vaccines to your kids.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.
At least 20 products are adding laboratory-made nanoparticles into the ingredients, and they are getting ready to coat bananas in new nanotech.
But companies are not required to disclose nano-sized ingredients, so we don't know how prevalent it is.
Along with being a proponent of population reduction, forced vaccinations, and genetically modified foods, Bill Gates is also the biggest private farm owner in America.
Does anyone doubt for a second that Bill Gates is allowing this dangerous nanotech the FDA is pushing for into America's food supply?
In related news, 10 out of the 19 states in which Bill Gates owns farmland, along with at least another 10, have recently made it legal to dispose of human bodies into the municipal water supply, allowing human remains to be added into biosolid sourced fertilizer.
It's called alkaline hydrolysis and is referred to in pop culture as being very, very green.
Spiritual leaders have strongly objected to alkaline hydrolysis because they say it is disrespectful to the human body, the vessel of a divine soul.
And it's understandable why they say this.
In alkaline hydrolysis, the human body is liquefied with lye and poured down the sewer to mix in with the community's excrement.
And if that weren't bad enough, this bio-sludge is then collected from municipal water treatment plants and used as so-called fertilizer on factory farms.
The official excuse is that it saves the government money for expensive toxic waste disposal.
Meanwhile, we are all being sold food that has been grown with a toxic bio-sludge made up of human remains and excrement, which is then loaded with new and strange nanotechnology.
Interestingly, the dystopian movie Soylent Green took place in 2022.
They're making our food out of people.
Next thing, they'll be breeding us like cattle.
For food.
You gotta tell them.
You gotta tell them.
I promise.
Promise, Tiger.
I'll tell the exchange.
You tell everybody.
Listen to me, Hatcher!
You gotta tell them!
Soylent Green is people!
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Silent Green, with Charlton Heston, set in the year 2222, from the early 1970s.
I think it came out the year I was born, yeah.
All came true!
And the whole system is based now on feeding on each other.
But they've got to collapse the old system that was working just fine, so that we believe that this is the new way for us to survive, is to basically be cannibals.
You're here, folks.
I'm here.
We're in the middle of it.
It only gets worse from this point on.
But there's a way to defeat it.
We'll talk about it when we come back.
Stay with us.
All right.
Thank you so much for being with us this evening.
Any show could be our last.
The censorship isn't just on the Internet now.
It's in satellites.
It's in banking.
It's in software.
Basically, everybody from OAN to Mike Lindell's programs are being blocked and taken off the air, off satellite feeds, and they're moving against us as well.
They don't intend to let the giant landslide of conservatives and nationalists that's about to happen in 296 days.
They plan to try to trigger some type of bizarre civil war.
And they're casting yours truly in hundreds of publications a day sometimes, but usually a week, as a ringleader that wants violence.
And it'll take things out of context, like, we're gonna fight and take them on and never give up!
And we're gonna win!
Which is like, at a football game, we're all raw, we're gonna fight, we're gonna win.
I'm always like, don't be violent, I'm saying have energy.
Fight hard for your children, fight hard for freedom.
When you play a poker game, fight hard.
It's the left saying, go burn stuff down and do all that, but you see, they don't care because they're losing control and their whole globalist, anti-God, satanic project is falling apart.
And so all the things they had planned to roll out later, the pedophile story time, and the Satan time, and the, oh, outlaw parents, USA Today, and, oh, pedophilia's good, USA Today, and New York Times, pedophilia's good.
It's failing, so they're just, fire everything!
Fire all your guns at once, and explode into space!
Quote Steppenwolf, but in an evil way.
Steppenwolf, they're talking about riding out there on those motorcycles, the open plains, freedom, wind in their hair, commuting with nature, riding that big old steel horse.
The left isn't riding out there with their hair blowing.
They're wearing masks and hiding inside.
They're not firing all their guns at once and exploding into space.
No, no, they're saying, we need to have a commune system.
We need to have everybody where they live in small 200-foot apartments and are programmed and your children are given to others because then we have to have a community that finally works because communalism doesn't work.
It's falling apart because we didn't do enough of it.
Communism didn't work because we never did it right.
But now with big tech, now you can live the utopia of a 200 square foot apartment lined with TV screens, blinking messages at you, constantly programming you.
But Mark Zuckerberg will live on a 10,000 acre palatial ranch in Hawaii.
Oh yes, Rupert Murdoch will live on a 100,000 acre ranch.
Ted Turner will live on a million acres.
Larry Page will live on his own giant 20,000 acre private island.
And he can fly anywhere he wants, and he doesn't follow COVID rules because he's the elite and you're not.
Because why?
They're liberal!
They're liberal!
They have little chicken necks and go like this, like Bill Gates.
So it's okay that they're evil and taking over, because they go, uh, uh, uh, uh.
See how it works?
Because you're used to archetypally thinking of a guy in a uniform, we're taking their country over, our troops are landing, give up now.
You go, screw you, we're not giving up.
But see, with them it's all, oh hi, I'm Bill Gates in a pink sweater!
Everything's okay!
Oh my gosh, that Alex Jones is a terrorist!
He wants to kill everybody, even though I want to depopulate you, and oh my god, I love death panels.
Oh, Alex Jones is a terrorist.
But they're not invincible!
The Duke of York, Prince Andrew,
Has been defrocked.
He's no longer royal.
He had his titles and military titles taken from him and returned to the Queen because of all the underage sex crap coming out.
And that's their limited hangout with him.
Because you know that royal family's being blackmailed by the Deep State.
They're all blackmailing each other.
But let's get into how we're all being inducted into a prison and the left's told, just comply and you'll get your carrot.
And in the past, like with a pigeon, the light's flashing, they go over and hit the panel on the ground, and a little piece of grain comes out.
And they get used to that, and they get accustomed to that, and they think that's how it works.
But someday, they gotta stick their head in a guillotine to get the food, and this time, off with the head.
And that's what this is training you for.
But let's read this poll.
It's a big national poll.
Town Hall's reporting on it.
Poll reveals
Astonishing percentage of Democrats support unparalleled COVID tyranny for the unvaccinated.
This is a major Rasmussen poll.
Maybe shocking is a correct term given that we're dealing with hyperbole.
Authoritarian leftists drunk with power.
Still, when nearly half of the members of the ruling political party literally want to see unvaccinated people digitally tracked and forced into designated facilities, then don't worry, they're building them.
It's definitely cause for concern.
Oh, really?
You think so?
But they're getting all these in place, claiming it's
We're good to go.
And I'll be in a literal prison if they have their way, and you'll be in the new prison planet.
And so will they!
But they'll be pretending, you know, they follow their orders, and it's gonna be alright.
It's only for two weeks, right?
I mean... This stuff ain't coming, folks.
This stuff's here.
Listen to these poll numbers.
58% of voters would oppose a proposal for federal or state governments to fine Americans who choose not to get vaccinated, but the Democrats are all proposing that.
However, 55% of Democrat voters would support such a proposal compared to just 19% of Republicans and 25% of unaffiliated voters.
And again, in a republic, you can have 99% saying, kill the albinos, you can't do it under law.
But under democracy, you can.
Fifth, pure democracy.
59% of Democrat voters would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times.
That's the thing promoted all over the world by Noam Chomsky, you name it.
That's already in place in Australia.
So it's not coming, it's here.
59% of Democrat voters, demon-crat.
Well, the election fraud, let's tell you, the majority wants it.
Nearly 48 percent, nearly half of Democrat voters think the federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals.
This is the big enchilada.
Let me just highlight this for you.
48% of Democratic voters at the federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media.
So, 48% of Democrats want to arrest people that say this isn't working.
They want to arrest Alex Jones.
They want to arrest Dale Bigtree.
They want to arrest everybody.
Nearly half of Democrat voters think federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, and online digital publications.
And Merrick Garland agrees!
He says, just criticizing the government's terrorism.
Now I'm going to round you up.
Only 27% of all voters, including 40% of Republicans and 80% of unaffiliated voters, favor criminal punishment for vaccine critics.
You know, I probably should have led with this today.
I don't know.
USA Today is saying pedophilia is good, and that you should take all children from their parents.
That's pretty big too.
But it's all the same people.
And I haven't even got started.
It gets worse!
It gets worse!
And then I've got a whole stack of subjects in bed everywhere saying, arrest everyone that doesn't take shots, put them in camps, all over the world, the same headline, the same corporate system, the same nightmare, just getting you ready to have people disappear and go to camps, including Djokovic.
After keeping him in the camp for a few weeks, he said, you know, get out of the country.
We told you to come here, but only to just rub your face in it.
Australia's closed, bitch!
And your country will be soon, Djokovic.
And they said, we don't want you here to take the shot.
We don't want you to cause an uprising.
Oh, it's not them pushing the uprising with martial law, biomedical tyranny.
No, no!
It's Djokovic, who didn't even run his mouth!
Stay with us.
So for the globalist plan to succeed, they've got to take everybody off the air and silence the general public so they can gaslight you and say, eating bugs is good!
Getting rid of your children's good!
Pedophilia is good!
World government's good!
And you can see the people it's worked on.
I was reading a major national Rasmussen poll.
It's similar to numbers out of Europe.
And I'm going to get to the other news.
But this is just huge.
Let me go back to where we were.
While about two-thirds of likely voters would be against governments using digital devices to track unvaccinated people to ensure they are quarantined or societally distanced from others, 47% of Democrats favor a government tracking program for those who won't get the COVID vaccine.
But I love how those that actually get it via their phone are signed into it and they're the ones being tracked.
45% of Democrats would favor government requiring citizens to temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get COVID-19 vaccines.
And they've got bills introduced all over the country to do this.
Such a policy would be opposed by a strong majority of 71% of the voters, with 78% of Republicans and 64% of unaffiliated voters saying they would oppose it.
But see, Democrats control the voting machine, so they control the blue cities.
Here's the big one.
How far are Democrats willing to go in punishing the unvaccinated?
29% of Democrat voters would support temporarily removing parents.
It's only temporarily, take your kids.
Custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 GMO shot.
That's much more than twice the level of support in the rest of the electorate.
Yes, you read that right.
Almost a third of Democrats want to take your children if you are unvaccinated.
Let that sink in now.
Now imagine what the U.S.
would be like now if Donald Trump hadn't won the 2016 election.
Democrats controlled the Supreme Court.
And the Supreme Court's only partially held back forced injections.
And so as imperfect as Trump is, at least that happened.
Yes, that's a good thing.
And that's why the system's so pissed because they'd be in full control just like they are in Australia or the UK or
Germany, which in February they've announced forced inoculations door-to-door.
You don't go to a camp like you do in Australia.
They just come and force you to do it.
Again, I saw this lady walking out of the store.
Started talking to her.
I said, hey, you're in the army.
Have you been injected?
She goes, yeah, it's the worst thing I ever took.
Brain fog, horrible, blah, blah, blah.
Everybody I talk to, it's just, it's super bad.
And it turns off your immune system.
And they go, oh, don't worry, we got more shots for you.
But let's show the rest of the news.
You're thinking, well, that's just Rasmussen.
Really, Utah's largest newspaper calls for UNVACs to endure draconian lockdowns enforced by the National Guard.
They want the military to block the roads and lock people in their house and not let anybody outside their home who doesn't have the vaccine passport.
So they're training you for total martial law ahead of the engineered collapse of the economy and the Great Reset.
COVID is just the training wheels, so when they do it for real, you're accustomed to it.
And at that point, we'll just be off the air.
And I've let the system know, because I'm not going to let them set me up and claim I'm some rebel leader that's going to run around and fight back, because it's going to send brainwashed military and police, which they want to have us kill and them kill us.
I'm just going to stay out of their way, go to the woods.
And I'll just be like, hey, I did my job, folks.
Fought hard for you.
And they'll probably still, you know, come out and get me.
Because they're getting themselves.
That's fine.
But it's over.
This is a total globalist takeover.
Europe's loud rule-breaking on the vaccine to minority aren't falling out of society.
Isn't that cute?
And it's like, yeah, they're not allowed to go to stores or anything, and now that they can't have jobs, and soon they're not going to have any money, well, they're not going to be allowed to be homeless.
Oh, don't worry!
They're building facilities for them.
And then once you're in them, you'll be forced anyways.
It's not a nightmare book.
It's not a science fiction dystopia.
It's not a horror film.
It's the real world, and it's liberal.
So don't be a white supremacist and take your shots.
My father almost died for his country fighting in Okinawa.
Today, his son can no longer walk the streets of Washington without papers.
That's right, DC's joined a bunch of other blue cities in saying you must have your vaccine card and leave your house.
That's how the martial law works.
The illegitimate, out-of-control government.
Fully vaccinated Canadian soccer star, Alphonso Davies, sidelined with myocarditis.
Another day, another person with a heart attack or heart swelling after they take the shot.
Waste of time to keep vaccinated people.
Keep vaccinating people.
Ex-head of UK Vaccine Task Force says they don't work.
And when you start taking more than two shots, it erases your immune system.
Oh, isn't that interesting?
But the Surgeon General on Big Pharma payroll, Murthy, Murthy, says the Supreme Court blocking Biden's vaccine mandate, a setback for public health.
He says that national immunity doesn't exist, we have the video, and that only immunity comes from shots, which actually erase it.
And they just say science, science, science over and over again and set that precedent to get into your body.
Oh, and look!
Leaked Fauci financials expose how he's gotten an extra $10 million from Pfizer and others just during the planned-demic.
Now, this is a video I want to play right now.
This is video for TV viewers of a man swarmed by masked zombies for bullhorning about COVID and January 6th, and they all just start touching him and pushing him like body snatchers.
Like, soon you'll sleep.
Lay down next to your pod.
Just go to sleep.
No, it'll be better.
Join us.
Soon it'll be over.
Come with us.
Take it.
We got videos all over in Canada and the U.S.
People caught in New York.
People caught in Toronto.
People caught in Montreal.
People caught in Germany in stores buying food.
And the police slam them down!
They teach them!
We caught you!
Oh, we're the good people!
Here it is.
You don't have to wear a mask outside.
You don't have to wear a mask outside.
You don't have to be an a**hole.
I'm being assaulted?
Out of here, bud.
Out of here, bud.
Hey guys, COVID is a hoax.
Get the f*** out of here.
You listen up now.
You're being assaulted.
You're being assaulted.
I'm being viciously assaulted by pro-COVID people.
You're being viciously assaulted.
So this is California, folks.
Where if you try to go out in the park, a bunch of weird old white people wearing masks start hitting you over the head with signs at their quote, peace rally.
And it goes on, the full video is on InfoWars.com.
Because you saw 48% of Democrats in a poll want you put in a special facility.
Oh, and then I have articles where doctors are losing their license and being put in mental institutions or being sent for psychological evaluation because...
They are not submitting to this and saying that Ivermectin works, even though it's in the Army's own report on it that Ivermectin does work.
That's not something you're supposed to know.
The rich people all take it.
You're just not supposed to know.
You're not supposed to have it because this is the takeover and they know best and they're gonna stop you and cover your camera up and hit you and push you and grab your bullhorn.
You don't talk!
You don't have a word!
You're not part of the group!
You're not part of our collective!
You're not part of the wonderful world we're building!
Where there's no families and we take your children because we're the good people.
And now it's getting a lot worse.
They decided to just get rid of the poor people.
I already talked about this some last hour, but I've got something else I want to play for you here.
But first, just for posterity and the record, here's a few videos.
And I saw this in Austin myself today with a new Mustang with a woman trying to put gas in the electric car she bought.
And you can then just search engine this, it's everywhere.
People with Mustangs, people with other electric cars, people with Teslas.
In fact, here's two videos of a woman and a man recently with their Teslas that they've just bought.
In both cases, it looks like they've got new plates, temporary plates, and they are trying to put in the vehicle their gasoline.
So they went, they bought the car, they signed the paperwork, and they're so disconnected from reality and how things work,
That they are trying to, again, gas up the electric car.
And they finally just give up.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And there are other, again, videos that are even worse.
People putting gasoline in plastic bags and putting it in their car.
They just don't understand.
And it's funny how in all these videos, they're wearing their masks when they're putting gas in plastic bags and in their trunk.
When they're wearing their mask,
And of course, studies show that people that are into Hollywood have the lower IQs, people that are into masks have lower IQs.
It's an idiot test.
It's an absolute idiot test.
Now, it's a paradox because as these people get dumber and dumber, they're going to vote, they're going to outnumber us, and then the globalists are going to manipulate them and have them vote to take all of our rights away.
And so it's a paradox, but we can't just kill them.
But the globalists are like, oh, we're going to kill them and kill you.
That's the plan.
So here is a little intro from the amazing early 2000s film, shot here in Austin with my good friend Mike Judge, that makes a joke out of this, but is actually a parallel of what's really actually unfolding, and that's Idiocracy.
As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point.
Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits.
Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent.
But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction.
A dumbing down.
How did this happen?
Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence.
With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.
Having kids is such an important decision.
We're just waiting for the right time.
It's not something you want to rush into, obviously.
No way.
Pregnant again!
I got too many damn kids!
I thought you was on the pill or something!
Hell no!
Must have been thinking of Britney.
There's no way we could have a child now.
Not with the market the way it is now.
That just wouldn't make any sense.
Well, we finally decided to have children, and I'm not pointing fingers, but it's not going well.
And this is helping.
I'm just saying that before I have in vitro, maybe you should be willing to- That's always me, right?
Not my sperm count.
Cleavon is lucky to be alive.
He attempted to jump a jet ski from a lake into a swimming pool and impaled his crotch on an iron gate.
But thanks to recent advances in stem cell research and the fine work of Drs.
Krinsky and Alt Shuler, Cleavon should regain full reproductive function.
Get your hands off my jug!
Unfortunately, Trevor passed away from a heart attack while masturbating to produce sperm for artificial insemination.
But I have some eggs frozen, so just as soon as the right guy comes along... And so it went for generations.
Although few, if any, seemed to notice.
At the dawn of the 21st century, the army began a top secret experiment.
Meet Joe Bowers.
Our first subject for the human hibernation experiment.
As you know, this is highly classified.
However, if successful, we believe humans can be stored indefinitely.
However, the trial run was prone to human error.
See you in a year.
And Joe slept slightly longer than expected.
Half a millennium, to be exact.
From Mike Judge, creator of Office Space and Beavis and Butthead.
Oh my God!
If you were the smartest person in the world... This goes in your mouth.
This one goes in your butt.
Hang on a second.
This one.
This one goes in your mouth.
And we're stuck with the dumbest people in history.
If you have one bucket that holds two gallons and another bucket that holds five gallons, how many buckets do you have?
What would you do?
Excuse me.
Um, I'm actually supposed to be getting out of prison.
You're in the wrong line.
I'm the smartest guy in the world?
Says who?
The IQ test you took in prison.
You got the highest score in history.
Even smarter than President Camacho.
And I've got an interview with Mike Judge out there.
I took it off YouTube.
You can probably find it somewhere at his house.
But he said, yeah, he thought it would be like in 200 years we'd be this dumb, but it's actually here in like 20 years.
And that's where we are.
And it's getting worse.
And... I mean, at a certain point, I'm not even giving up.
I just think all of us that can actually think and know what's going on have to start cutting ourselves off from everybody else and not enabling them and not being nice to them, not being mean, not being the left that wants to run everybody, because the left statistically is the worst of these people, just to beat not around them and just separate ourselves and do not tolerate them.
Because it's only us that run civilization that actually allow them to continue on.
The globalists are taking all our civilization away to collapse the whole thing and then penalize those of us that built it.
I'm not going to sit there and watch Klaus Schwab and Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of them, you know, live around in their big jumbo jets and bunkers while all these people kill us.
So I don't know what to do.
It's just unbelievable.
I mean, I saw a woman today trying to gas up her new electric car with gasoline.
And it's only going to get worse, man.
And imagine, she'll have children probably, and then they'll be raised on TV, and in DoorDash, and the food's delivered, and they don't know how to do anything!
And again, I don't know how to do as much as my dad does, and he couldn't do as much as his dad could do, and I literally am an idiot compared to when it comes to doing those things.
I mean, I know how to skin a buck and cut it up and put it, it's not the prettiest, and I know how to, if I had to, to mess with electricity and breaker boxes, and if I had to, I could look under the hood of a car and change a tire.
But our grandpas all know how to do it all.
That's why we import third world populations from farmer states, which is actually a good thing if they're not put on the globalist tit right away, but within a generation their kids are ruined too, because
They know how to string electrical, or build a house, or do something.
Because that's what people do everywhere else.
Because they're operative humans.
Humans know how to do cool stuff.
And humans like to do work.
But instead, we watch TV, and we work in offices, and we put gasoline in electric cars.
And then we vote Democrat.
I mean, it's just a mess.
Alright, stay with us.
Final segment ahead of Sunday Live, coming up.
The great Owen Schroyer is about to knock it out of the park in the next two hours with Sunday Live, every Sunday, 6 to 8 p.m.
Only six minutes of ads an hour, just the local ads.
We cut all the network ads out and a lot of stations are picking it up.
Sunday Live, Owen Schroyer about to take over.
I want to just add a little tidbit about this here in the final segment of the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Our own
Sam Motoya, for being a cameraman at the Capitol, doing nothing wrong, indicted, facing trial, years in prison.
Owen never even went to the Capitol, was there trying to stop people going in.
He's been charged, facing years in prison.
And they admittedly have grand juries and paneled everywhere, trying to claim that Mike Lindell was part of a secret plan, and Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all of us, and some secret plan
To totally destroy what we wanted to do by attacking the Capitol.
We wanted a 10-day legal, lawful investigation by the Senate, something Pelosi tried four years before and failed.
We did exactly what they were doing.
No, we did not want to have a bunch of people ransack the Capitol.
Heard of motives?
But, it's just totally insane.
People ask me everywhere, well what about Stuart Rhoades?
He never told me anything about wanting to attack the Capitol.
He did talk about, well, there's a revolution.
How do you think it's going to kick off?
Stuff like that on air.
And I was always like, well, I don't want a physical confrontation.
This is an info war, a spiritual awakening.
That's how we really beat this.
They're losing the fight for hearts and minds while they've got to steal elections.
But I don't know if the Stuart Rhodes indictment is true or not because they lied about Ellen.
I don't know if it's true.
But I do know that it matches up at least the parts with them going into the Capitol and some of them in
Not beating police over the head with fire extinguishers and really bad stuff that you could call attempted murder.
The folks that did that, they just spent a lot of years in prison.
But pushing police over and crap like that, that's just, that's idiocracy crap.
That's really dumb.
I opposed them attacking the courthouse in Portland.
I opposed, you know, the Islamists trying to blow up the World Trade Center.
I mean, I'm just, I'm against violence period that's offensive, okay?
To know that with a straight face, they're in Newsweek and CNN and the New York Times saying, oh, Jones is close.
Our Justice Department sources say, you know, they're on his tail.
It's just like, whatever.
That was the most claustrophobic, bad day of my life.
And sometime, I've got to just do a rant about it on air and tell the story of that day.
And then kind of add video to it and let it be like a 10-minute documentary just to describe getting up a little later than I should, thinking we had until 9.30 to get there.
They're like, no, it's gonna take an hour to get there to the crowd.
Even though we're at a hotel, you know, a half mile from the Ellipse, because all the roads are shut down, and having my breakfast there, but I couldn't eat it.
I just remember that.
Drinking some coffee.
And then going out and it took 45 minutes or so to get around the Washington Monument and the million people that were there trying to get to the tiny ellipse that held like 30,000 with the fences and the porta potties and the jumbotron.
And then they go, oh, sorry, no matter if you have a VIP ticket, you've got to go around.
So it took us another 30-40 minutes to go around these crowds just like in a mosh pit or in a, you know, rock and roll concert that I'd go to when I was a teenager where you're just crushed up against the stage and you just want to get out of there.
And so we finally get into the Ellipse and it's all the Republicans and their fancy outfits and everything and listening to Trump speak.
My wife's like, let's just go.
Let's just go back to the hotel and eat.
I'm hungry.
This sucks.
Went on for like five hours.
And I'm watching all the Republicans, their fancy outfits, everybody being so excited to be there.
Like it's a debutante ball, which I don't like that kind of stuff.
I'm not just into being in the elite, you know, group or whatever.
And I'm like, you're right, baby.
They claim that I'm going to lead the march.
I don't know how I'm going to lead this march.
You see the million people that didn't get in.
They're already going down Pennsylvania Avenue over there.
We're right there in the second row.
We can see it.
Here's the White House.
Here's the stage.
And here's the avenue.
People going down.
And I said, can't lead that.
And we're like, yeah, let's go.
Screw this.
She goes, my feet are freezing, baby.
Let's just not do this.
I mean, so what?
I just, ugh.
And I'm like, you're right.
And then all of a sudden, they go, it's time, Mr. Jones.
The Secret Service is going to let you out to lead it now.
And it's like surreal, while Trump's speaking, I'm walking right up the front.
Right there, he's there.
The Secret Service opens it up this way, sir.
And they take me back and go, okay, there's the crowd for you to lead.
And I'm like, what?
And I later learned they went to Roger Stone right around the same time.
Secret Service.
By the way, he has the photos of their badges and them.
He demanded them.
He's gonna exclusively show them tomorrow.
People think he just made that up.
And he's like, ah, you got the Secret Service here to lead me to the Capitol?
He said, my wife doesn't feel well, and that's a giant crowd, and I don't feel safe.
Because I didn't feel, it had a bad feeling, but I thought, well, it's just the size of this crowd, how weird this is.
And usually big crowds are kind of scary.
It's like an NFL football game or whatever.
And so Roger had that instinct and then he's like, you know what?
My donor, his donor that already flew him out there on a private jet, he said to them, he goes, I want to leave.
This is Roger following his instincts.
He goes, I want to leave.
He told me this that night.
He leaves and goes and gets on a jet and flies out of there.
And then they SWAT team his room hours into what came later.
I mean, my wife had the same feeling.
She's like, I don't like this.
And she's like, I'm sick of Trump, aren't you?
And I'm like, yeah, just all of it.
Like it's Hollywood and all the Kimberly Guilfoyle up there, all pretty.
And Giuliana looks like a ghoul up there.
And I'm not even putting Trump down.
He did a lot of good stuff and everything, but I'm just not into the Republican pageantry of it.
And then to go down there, get there, they're already breaking into the Capitol to try to stop it.
And the left all knows that.
And I get calls from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, they go, Mr. Jones, please call us, we can't find the video that you claim is out there of you trying to stop it.
And I just send them a sign of the cross.
I took a photo of a cross near my house at a church, I think it's pretty, with the sunset.
And I just find that, and I just send them that.
Hey, vampire, here's a sign of the cross.
Because the first few times this happened, I would send them the video.
And they would just say, oh, Jones didn't respond.
They just say it doesn't exist.
CNN sent Norm Pattis, while I was in
I don't know.
You're asking if we feel responsible?
A lot less responsible than Kamala Harris.
And they won't respond.
Then they lie.
And again, I know you know CNN lies, but folks, they are liars.
They lie about everything.
And so, I talked to Roger today, and he's really upset about the country and everything.
And he's upset about... He's gonna break a lot of stuff here tomorrow.
I'll leave it at that, and he is suing CNN.
One of their reporters said that he ran the Capitol attack.
He said, that's it, I gotta sue him.
And he went on, I said, how's Trump?
And he just, you know, he just said.
He just said, I'm going to tell you what, I'll see if he wants to say it on air.
I think he is going to want to say it.
But it doesn't mean the Democrats aren't five times, ten times worse.
It's just that Trump is now in la-la land and endorsing a lot of really bad Republicans that weren't like the good people he used to endorse.
And then he's got that social media thing that's already a fiasco.
And just Roger is really upset because he just wants Trump to win.
He wants Trump to be smart and good and not be part of the swamp with these people.
And he did do a lot of good.
We got, you know, I mean, better than nothing.
It's just that I'm very, very torn because I sacrificed so much to promote Trump.
And, you know, I'm like tied to him, even though I'm not influential with Trump.
I don't talk to Trump.
And the Democrats know that.
I've just become the symbol of what they call a deplorable.
And so I'm this caricature that they demonize and they lie about, they attack, and then they indict.
One of my camera people, one of my reporters, for doing absolutely nothing on January 6th, when Ray Epps is there screaming and helping break through barriers, and saying, go in and attack the Capitol, and the Justice Department says, oh, and the Congress Committee says, oh, that's normal, you're allowed to be on the grounds.
Oh really, Owen Schroyer has been arrested for being on the Capitol grounds, trying to stop it.
It's the murder of logic.
The murder of truth.
And it's just see the general system go crazy.
Because yeah, there's a method, a crazy method of the globalist madness, but they're still insane.
And all of this is just insanity.
They already have.
They're trying to make us crazier than they are so they can feel superior.
And I am really, really, really concerned.
And I just pray for a global awakening.
And I pray for all of you.
And I pray that that King David's prayer that he gave after he'd
You know, committed that great crime of murder that God come in and clean out his heart and give him a new fresh heart.
I pray for that that prayer right now and I pray for that for all of you because we are a nation going over the edge of a cliff and it's so sad.
And I just want peace and justice and it's it's it's so scary to see where we're going.
All right, Owen Schroer is about to take over.
Please tune in.
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Reset Wars is a game changer.
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To Alex, thank you very much for putting the course together.
You're absolutely right.
We are reflections of God.
We are emanations of that.
And we can use that God energy to do really anything we want to do in this life.
Romans chapter 12 Paul talks about how we're transformed by the renewing of our mind.
And that's a process.
Most of our thoughts and actions are subconscious.
Most people go through their day and don't think about many things.
You can drive along a long journey and not even remember half the trip.
In this process, we need to have a concerted, active effort, physically and mentally, to reprogram that subconscious mind.
That's what this series is about, is resetting our mind.
Because there's a war on for our mind.
He's exactly right.
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