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Name: 20220115_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 15, 2022
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In the video, Alex Jones and constitutional lawyer Norman Pattis discuss the current state of political affairs in the United States. They criticize media outlets, such as DirectTV removing One America News (OAN), and the increasing criminalization of dissenting voices. They also address the differing reactions to events at the Capitol and protests in Portland, and discuss conspiracy theories such as Soylent Green laws and human-animal cloning. Jones plans to take a break from his show for up to a month to reassess and reset himself. Finally, they encourage people to fight back against corrupt powers through ResetWars.com.

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This is truly an Emergency Saturday Broadcast.
Saturday, January 15th, 2022.
In just the last 24 hours, Mike Lindell's MyPillow has had its banking and credit card systems taken away, and they even recorded the bank saying it was because of the FBI.
Then, minutes ago, we got confirmation, it's now in the news, That one American news has been taken off direct TV because of their questioning the election.
The censorship that we've seen from big tech to start with Alex Jones three and a half years ago is now expanding across the board.
And like Jews in Nazi Germany, people are literally now being put in electronic and
now physical ghettos.
We're going to lay this out and so much more on this emergency Saturday evening broadcast.
I don't know how long News Wars can stay up or Info Wars or Bandot video.
So download these reports, share them.
We are going into a very serious time.
The globalists are taking over.
We're already under martial law.
They're just intensifying the level of it and try to push us into a physical confrontation
because they know they've intellectually and spiritually and economically lost the American
They're losing.
And so they're doing what tyrants do.
They are bringing in an authoritarian state and not letting you question elections.
Because as Biden said on Friday, I don't care who cast the votes.
I care who counts them.
Quoting Joseph Stalin again.
So take this report, share this live feed.
Get everything you can out there now because they don't want us to have real elections in 297 days and they are closing the door on the American Republic.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
It's Saturday, January 15th, 2022, and I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Well, it is beyond surreal to have been on air 20 years ago and to have had Jonathan Turley and many other constitutional lawyers on decrying the Patriot Act and warning that it would be used against the American people.
And that they would be establishing a domestic terrorism bureau, where if the Justice Department designates a terror group, a terror group, if you even unknowingly aid them with giving them a sandwich on the side of the road or loaning them a dollar, you go to prison for decades.
And to be here in the year 2022, And to be the subject of that, in the January 6th investigation, that is a counter-terrorist investigation, and to have CNN and MSNBC and all of them calling for my arrest, saying clearly I was in a plan with Trump and others.
It's like a mafia investigation from the protesters, you know, on up to the captains, on up to Alex Jones and President Trump.
Absolute bull.
But I have a responsibility here to admit when we've been wrong about things, and to be honest, because that's my superpower, is being honest.
That's why it's very upsetting to me to see the talking point they use all over the corporate media, who are the professional liars, that I'm a known liar.
I'm a known liar.
Really, is that why the internet has the saying, Alex Jones was right again?
The Alex Jones tip jar is overflowing.
Alex Jones is never wrong.
And of course, I've really corrected that.
It has the best ring to it, but it's not true.
I've made a lot of mistakes.
I've been wrong quite a bit because I make thousands of decisions every week on things I say and things I do and things I look at.
Sometimes I get exhausted.
Sometimes I get tired.
And sometimes, you know, I go on autopilot and the autopilot Alex Jones is not as nice as the bright-eyed, mushy-tailed Alex Jones.
And so I'm going to make this announcement right here, an announcement of an upcoming announcement.
I have decided to take off a lengthy period of time in the next few weeks.
I always say I'm going to have a vacation and then I've worked the whole time, as you know.
But I'm talking about two, three, four weeks, just because of where the world is, everything that's happening.
And I think when I come back, Owen and Harrison and others, they'll deserve a two or three week long vacation.
Because here's why I have to do it.
You can't just drive a car's engine for 10 days straight, it'll blow up.
And I've been driving my engine for about nine days straight, to use that metaphor.
Where the world's going is so dangerous and so many truly evil things are happening by design right now via the New World Order scientific dictatorship takeover that I absolutely must just stay home with my wife and children and exercise and pray and meditate on things to get myself ready Personally, for what's coming in the next 397 days.
And of course, the instant some massive event happens, like a war with Russia or a giant earthquake hitting the San Andreas Fault or something like that, I'll be here.
But barring a catastrophe, and they did have a big tsunami hit a bunch of South Pacific islands today, so those things happen.
Barring that, which is a good chance something bad will happen that's so big I have to come, new power outages, you name it, I'll be here.
I've got to unplug it, and so do you.
But the real reason I have to do this is, all I do is work now.
You know, I have burnout repeatedly.
And a lot of people burnout and, you know, can't ever get off the couch again.
I'm the opposite.
When I burnout, I just stop sleeping and work all the time.
I worked, no exaggeration, 20 hours yesterday.
20 hours.
20 hours.
And I tried to go to bed, couldn't sleep, slept about an hour and a half.
And I have this massive energy right now.
But I know this is not good for me.
This is not good.
And so I've got to just totally turn the phone off, turn the computers off, hide everything.
I'm going to have to hide my phone from myself.
And just... I mean, I plan to probably pray an hour a day.
That's what I really need to do.
I need to get close to God.
Look, now, I'm never going to quit.
I'm never going to back down.
I'm never going to give up.
But I do need to pivot, and all of us need to pivot, and really understand the world we've been through, and what the globalists are trying to establish, and what they're wargaming, and then not play the game, like the 1983 film War Games.
It's a strange game.
The only way to win is not to play.
And I've done about an A- over the years overall, not being played by the globalists.
But I've gotten sucked in.
I've been manipulated.
And I really think it's important to really admit it when we've been wrong.
Because that's why we have credibility, and that's why the globalists don't have it.
And I wish they did.
Because I have children, I want a better future, and I don't want evil running the planet.
But in my fighting them, I have gotten down on their level some, and that's just not good.
And really, history shows it, intellectual research documents it, and a connection to God confirms it.
But I need to be more Christ-like.
And I've gotten more Christ-like over the years, but far from a saint.
So I wanted to just share that information with you.
We are in the countdown to the end of everything that you've known and everything I've known.
And I don't think, again, you need me to tell you that.
And I consider and try to define this for people, but just now, world leaders are talking about the Great Reset.
Just now, senators and people are talking about this is a UN Global Corporate Takeover.
We're two years into this attack.
And just now, we've forced, you forced, Those talking points about what we're up against, who's attacking us into the main discussion.
And I have a responsibility to continue to move that ball forward because it's the truth.
Even though the more I move it forward, the more I ensure intensified attacks against me, which have gone parabolic publicly and behind the scenes.
And it's a calculus that I have.
That at a gut level, I don't feel like I'm doing good, risking my life doing this.
I won't do it.
And again, I'm not saying I'm going to quit.
It's just that These times are so bad and so horrible that I'm going to have to admit soon that I failed.
It doesn't mean I failed in my main work.
We woke a lot of people up.
People know what's going on now.
But that's just caused the New World Order to triple and quadruple down.
And then if they quadruple down and then we don't have a peaceful way to fix it, we're informed slaves.
So, I want to spend some time today talking about what really happened on January 6th and why I'm having so many problems with it because it was a giant fiasco.
And what I originally thought happened is basically what did happen.
And I got a lot of criticism back early on.
For saying, no, there was real federal provocateurs and antifa and LARPers out there.
But there were some patriots that think it's time for a physical fight.
They call themselves patriots.
And who did piggyback on all of it.
And were hoping they could trigger a physical revolution.
Off of the events we were having, trying to get attention and have a 10-day investigation in the Senate, which is constitutional and totally normal, and the Democrats have called for it and done it before themselves.
But I have a lot of resentment for some of those groups that did that, if it's true.
And I've read now the Stuart Rhodes indictment three times.
And I can see some of it and imagine that that could be true from things I saw and things that went on.
I didn't really notice at the time, but in retrospect, the problem is they've lied so badly in Owen's arrest filing and in responses in court where we get them great lawyers, you support them, you got them great lawyers, listeners, and they lie in the court filings.
In just bald-faced lies, like saying, Alex Jones does not have a Statue of Liberty behind him on today's show.
No, I have a Statue of Liberty behind me on today's show.
Or, Alex isn't wearing a brown jacket.
But I am wearing a brown jacket.
I mean, it's... And it doesn't make me even want to be enemies with the Justice Department.
I'm, like, legitimately freaked out.
That, I mean, lying of this level, because I followed criminology and crime and news forever.
Loved watching, you know, court TV when I was in high school, college, like most of you, you know, a news junkie.
And I've read a lot of indictments and see stuff, and a lot of times it turns out it's exactly what they say is true.
This is a whole pivot away from being somewhat corrupt, some good prosecutors, some bad prosecutors, to the prosecutors and the judges and the whole system being a bunch of liars.
And then you lose the ability to have any confidence in what they say when you read it.
Though my gut tells me that in the main, this indictment is somewhat accurate.
That said though, if you're going to arrest these people for fantasizing about an overthrow and then really just running around LARPing and pushing some doors open, that's as far as they went and bumping into a cop, and then fantasizing about other stuff they did, well then what are you going to do?
To Chris Cuomo saying, it's mostly peaceful to burn down billions of dollars of stuff.
Or Black Lives Matter leaders on TV saying, give us what we want or we're gonna burn down New York City.
I've got the clips right here.
Because I don't care if you're a Christian, a conservative, a liberal, a Muslim.
You shouldn't be saying, the police in New York better not prosecute serious crimes or we're going to burn the effing city down on TV and the news anchors agreeing with it.
I'm not saying go burn down police stations.
I'm not running around attacking federal buildings.
And Kamala Harris is the one who bailed people out that assaulted police.
One guy, we have the video, with a hatchet.
They're breaking into a federal courthouse, attacking people with hatchets.
And Merrick Garland gets asked about it, he doesn't have a comment.
So all I'm saying is, I'm done with this.
And I sincerely am not going to be associated with violent uprisings and with violence and with civil wars and all this.
I've been warning about civil war that the global is trying to start because it's in their own battle plans and now it's public and I'll show you that here in a few minutes.
I'm trying to stop this, and I'm not trying to be a Republican leader.
I'm not trying to live in L.A.
or New York or D.C.
and be part of the power structure and feed it the trough.
Yes, I live in the most popular city probably in the world.
I love Austin.
It's a little bit overrated sometimes, but that's because my family's from here.
I've been here.
Family's been here since the 1820s on the mom's side and the dad's side.
So people ask, why are you in that communist city?
Well, it's where I'm from.
And you're right.
If I had the money to move our studios, I'd get out of here.
I don't have that.
So, here we are in Mordor.
And we're watching the purposeful collapse of our society and of our civilization.
So, I don't know what the truth is about Stuart Rhodes.
I don't know what the truth is about Any of the groups that went in there.
I do know there was some feds, some provocateurs, a rapid reaction force, you know, a thousand armed people with the FBI and the rest of it that sat there and watched it all happen while I'm sitting there freezing my ass off watching Trump give a speech a mile and a half away thinking we're just about to have another demonstration like we always have.
The feds are encamped around the Capitol.
Half the police are there that are normally there.
Eighty of them.
And then here comes a giant mob of a million people The couple hundred thousand that were freezing and bored that went down, a mob of good people, bad people, happy people, you know, crazy people, most of them good people, but being provocateured into the building.
And I've got another report here with a Republican congressman that was going to be on the Jan 6th committee, who was briefed the day before Jan 6th by the Capitol Police that we believe there's going to be an attack tomorrow, they're going to try to force their way in.
They knew that!
And so why did they say, oh, go do traffic control?
Why did they refuse Trump's National Guard request that's now been confirmed?
There was a stand down, just like on 9-11, bare minimum.
January 6th was a stand down, period.
Bare minimum.
Of course they were surveilling Stuart Rhodes and all those people.
Of course they were reading their signal stuff.
Of course that was all going on.
And that's another reason in the back of my mind I thought, if any of these crowds even think about getting out of control, there's going to be feds everywhere.
Except I didn't imagine they would actually fully stand down and then let just a few police get overrun.
I mean, it's just, it's crazy.
And it was a disaster.
We wanted Like any big demonstration to put legal political pressure as citizens for the government to have a 10-day investigation to show our numbers, to show we were upset.
That's why Martin Luther King went and had hundreds of thousands of people and other marches in D.C.
was to say, hey, we're upset.
We want this done.
We're showing you our numbers.
That's in the First Amendment.
That's a good thing.
But by leaving the Capitol completely undefended, I mean 80 cops is undefended.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
And they even bragged in that article in Time Magazine about how we did it, how a group of Republicans and Democrats worked together to, you know, make sure Trump was taken out.
And on January 6th, that no antifa was there, and that we knew that they were going to come and do all this, and we just let them do it.
I mean, they're telling you right there what they did, and it needs to stop.
And we need congressional investigations on the stand down and who did what and why they did it.
And then again, I'll be completely fair.
I'm not throwing Trump under the bus because I think, oh, if I'm mean to Trump, you know, the political system will leave me alone.
No, I'm mad at him about his pardons.
I'm upset at him about going along saying the vaccine totally works when it doesn't and all the rest of it.
But the reason I'm upset with Trump is he makes Any opposition to spying or corruption or open borders about him.
It's all about Trump now.
The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, Americana, anti-globalism.
And Trump is a very poisonous figure with half of America, and then it becomes a way for them to drive a wedge into the country.
And so that's my issue with Trump.
And Trump, I've tried to do the timelines.
It's hard to know, but it's not exact.
But they say it was 187 minutes from the time the attack started until he took action.
And no, it's more about like 90 to 100 minutes.
Because they were already attacking when he's up there giving the speech.
And then he goes in a limo and watches it and doesn't know what to do and is confused.
And you could say there was some negligence there.
It was not very presidential.
It was not very decisive.
Because I'm trying to go to the police after I'm there five minutes saying, I know you have huge PA systems for emergencies and evacuations.
Get on it and say, get out of the building.
Get out of the building.
Well, they've been ordered to open the building up.
Well, let's have an investigation of that.
And then I'm like, give me your commander.
I'll get on the damn thing.
Tell him, get out.
We're going to have a Kent State here.
And we did have a Kent State.
More citizens died.
One cop died.
Maybe the injuries after, but they turned it, you know, Merrick Garland turned it into something worse than 9-11.
And I'm sad those people died.
Both the citizens and the cops and everybody.
We're all citizens.
But the issue here is that I walked into a trap, and I shouldn't have just counted on Trump and the police and everything, and should have been more paranoid.
But you're there in a sea of people, and you've already had a bunch of events in DC, and you're just thinking, hey, this is great, you know.
Let's try to have the Senate investigate this because nobody really has yet.
And you are in the middle of this.
And you ask yourself, because I'm not measuring myself by Trump.
I'm not trying to say, oh, look how good I did.
But I mean, I instantly was like, what the hell?
Get off there.
Don't do that.
This is horrible.
Any moron would know that.
And Trump is sitting there at the White House for almost an hour, almost two hours, almost 100 minutes.
And I just, I just can't.
I don't think so.
and how you would do that.
And then I just start wondering, why did they ask me to lead that march?
Why did, I mean, is Trump really the Super 4 DHS player?
Does he really work for them?
I don't think so.
I think he was taken off guard and didn't know what to do.
And, you know, I mean, they've reported in the Jan 6th Committee, if any of it's true,
but it sounds like Trump, that he reshot his thing like four or five times, was throwing fits.
And they didn't think it was strong enough was saying, so he had to keep reshooting it.
I don't know if that's true.
I just know that for close to him, 100 minutes, that's about the number I come up with, 90 to 100 minutes,
he sat there in the White House letting this fiasco go on.
Now, the Republicans have to understand something, and this is a huge issue.
Your party is going to be outlawed in the next year.
And the Democrats are already saying that.
I said that months ago.
They're now saying that, too.
Because I know what their next move is.
It's already pre-canned.
You can see the next part of the script.
This is like bad comedy.
You've seen one Three Stooges episode.
You've seen them all.
You know what's coming next, okay?
Now he's going to slap Curly in the back of the head and he's going to punch Moe in the nose.
I mean, you know what's happening.
They're literally declaring being an American terrorist.
We now learn the Justice Department ran the branding.
To say that parents peacefully protesting at school board meetings are terrorists.
That didn't come from the school, the school board.
That came from inside their system trying to roll that out.
And of course, if the Justice Department weren't a bunch of lawyers that think they know it all and think that they run the planet, when they don't, there's the scientific group above them.
They would be smart enough to go, you don't think whoever's giving you guys the orders to try to outlaw parents and demonize parents?
You don't think the people giving you this advice are actually on your side, do you?
The Great Reset wants to destroy the Western world and the idea of wealthy Westerners, because they don't want the third world to aspire to that, and they want to build this horrible, dystopic Great Reset on record.
So I don't want to participate in Civil War II.
I don't want to fight you.
I don't want to be part of this idiotic BS.
Hollywood has collapsed.
The left has collapsed.
America is rotting.
We are falling apart.
Our children are in crisis.
I don't care if you're black, white, a Democrat, a Republican.
This is not good.
And everything The Great Reset does, everything they push, in their own words, is to fully bankrupt civilization and to fully collapse things and on the ashes of it build this robot technocracy for those that are even allowed to survive.
This is going to be a hell for 99% of people.
This is a design collapse where they rebuild the world in their image.
You don't want to be part of this.
And I'm going to go to a very important report and come back and get into the meat and potatoes of all this.
We've got a very important constitutional lawyer joining us who just caught singing in another huge lie concerning us.
And we have all the proof.
So that's coming up.
But Greg Rees always does really powerful reports.
And he sends them in randomly on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Friday.
But right before we started taping here, taped to air, we're usually live during the weekdays, but this is on Saturdays, we tape like it's live and then air that whole piece, that whole compendium.
So it's the equivalent of live, it's just not actually live.
And I was already coming in here and telling him, get me articles about the Senate legalizing human animal clones last year and get me articles About drinking... Bill Gates wants you to drink sewage and not have any beef.
And have 3D printed meat out of bug parts.
And get me this, and get me that, and get me how they're burning up aborted baby parts to heat hospitals.
As a way to disrespect the remains and think of ourselves as a commodity.
And then... Here comes his latest video... Dealing with... What the Democrats...
...are up to, and what the deep state is up to, and how America's food supply is fertilized with human remains and coated with toxic nanoparticles.
Now this has all been done.
And I was already going to come in here and say there is a revolution against biological life.
There is a corporate scientific takeover of everything from the crops, to the air, to your food, to your medicine, to every aspect.
Not just 5G bombardment, but filling us full of nanoparticles that the patents all say that now these systems can resonate with and track you and even affect you.
And of course, it's very toxic.
And that's what I'm saying.
I sit there and I try to talk to people who are very successful in their fields.
And they don't even understand all this stuff.
They don't even know about the technocracy that Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address in 1961.
They don't even understand any of this.
They don't know the internet was invented in the late 1950s.
They don't know they had a whole planet ARPA for this.
And when I sit here and I tell people what's already been on the shelf for decades, they literally think it's a science fiction movie because they show you all this in science fiction, so you think it's entertainment.
So you think, oh, I've just seen this in movies, but really you're being prepared for what is already going on.
the ethics of a second chance pig heart transplant recipient
stabbed a man seven times years ago so the Washington Post doesn't make it about this part
human part pig clone heart They make it about, well, he stabbed somebody.
What does that even mean?
That's psychological warfare, where they change the subject.
So you go, oh, clone pig heart, part human, no big deal.
Oh, is it okay that he got, you know, the transplant or whatever?
Guys pull the article up just about the straight up thing about the guy getting the pig, the human
part, part human pig heart last week.
The point is, is that this is all going on while everybody else is busy just watching football.
And the globalists have made the decision that the general human population is a drag on things, and it's pointless, and it's dumb, and it's workless, and it's getting stupider and stupider and stupider, just like the intro to Idiocracy.
So they've decided to get rid of us.
And then you've got all these people trying to take the big pharma money and take the propaganda money and show themselves how compliant and how robot-like they are to the system, just so they'll get a chance to get some more credits in their bank, even though the globalists are bringing down civilization itself.
And by the time they get to the people that helped destroy our civilization, there'll be nobody there left to help them.
And so, I don't want to contribute to any of this, and I certainly have not been perfect, but I've done everything I've done from a place of trying to wake people up and trying to do a good job, and I've been angry, and I've tried to get people out of their trance.
But I know this, intellectually and at a gut level and at a spiritual level, mind, spirit, body, that we gotta stop race riots and election riots and any type of craziness and that we disavow any offensive
And we don't want mass shootings, and we don't want bombings, and we don't want to
have anybody attack Pfizer, or anybody attack the Justice Department, or anybody attack judges,
or anybody do any of that. Because you read Klaus Schwab, you read the Globalist Behavioral
Psychologist Plan, they say we're creating an angrier world, we've got a powder keg going,
we're going to absolutely make everybody be fighting and killing each other so they won't
notice while we devalue their currencies, implode their borders, and de-industrialize them.
and and...
And by the time the transition to being a giant third world globalist system is here, it'll be too late.
And it is a very small number of globalists at the top.
That are pulling this off, and that are actually doing all this.
And if we just get the general intelligentsia aware of it, and to understand that they have no future if they don't, and that if they go along with what the left's doing, they're not going to let America have a two-party system anymore.
You'll still have a vestigial Republican Party, but because the Democratic Party is failing, because the Democratic Party is falling apart, because people know the Democratic Party clearly represents a foreign, globalist occupation of the nation, and an assault on All of our basic rights.
They now have to actually extinct the Republican Party and make sure that it's fully discredited and destroyed and make it not the party of the KKK as they've lied, it's actually the Democrats, but the party of terrorism.
And Mitch McConnell came out this week and said, the president is saying that all Republicans are terrorists and they're saying that all white people are bad.
This is asinine.
This is evil.
This is wrong.
You're trying to cause a civil war because there's a stack of news every day with Democrats saying we're in a civil war and they've got to lock all of us up.
So they're the ones saying burn things down.
Whoever said protests are peaceful, mostly peaceful protests.
They're the ones saying kill cops, all of this.
And then they point at people pissed off about a stolen election, being provocateured and in a mob mentality, a tiny minority of a million people in D.C.
going into a building and having a riot and doing some things that were wrong with sedition and terrorism.
And then try to leverage that into, oh, the main threat, as I told you, as they've been saying since Biden got in a year ago, and now it's official, is people that question vaxes, and people that question open borders, and people that question lockdowns, and people that question fraudulent elections, when all of that is your right, and all that I would say is your duty.
So, I should have started the show today with this.
But I have talked to Some folks that were, were recently extremely senior in the Justice Department.
And one is a more classical liberal, one is a conservative.
Just to bounce off of them through some contacts I have.
Am I right about all this?
Branding Americans terrorists, you know, they're gonna take over and Homeland Security and all this?
And he's like, no, absolutely.
That's what it's doing.
It's unprecedented.
It's unhinged.
It's dangerous.
It's third world stuff.
And so, you know, I mean, there's that going on.
People that were extremely senior, like right up the top, you know, top 10 people, are like, this is crazy.
So, Mitch McConnell's starting to get it.
I think the rest of mainline conservatives better get that the Democratic Party is like a bad case of cancer.
And they know they've lost the hearts and minds.
They know they're losing intellectually and politically.
So they want to overturn the tables because that's the only option they've got.
They've got CNN and HBO and PBS documentaries airing all the time.
Alex Jones is a terrorist.
Alex Jones wants to kill you.
You know, they've now moved from he's a racist and he's mean to the Sandy Hook people and all that stuff.
They've now moved on from that baloney to, oh, he's an extremist, he's a terrorist.
And that means we're two minutes to midnight.
That means they're closing the door on everybody.
That means they're going to go ahead with all this and the Republicans better freak out.
They better push back, because they're all the real targets.
Quite frankly, the system coming after me will only make me bigger.
And if my mission is to get the truth out and fight these people and expose their agenda in a nonviolent way, then we're very successful.
But I don't have a lot of confidence in the Republicans and just the level of decadence that's going on.
If you look at cycles throughout history, And all I'm announcing here is, is violence is not the answer.
And rioting is not the answer.
And attacking people is not the answer.
And having a shooting war is not the answer.
And I want to warn conservatives and liberals, everybody else, who have just gotten crazy on all this corporate money, who've been paid off to go along with the system.
If you had any history, research in your life, you would look at what's going on and realize that It's the establishment waging war on anyone that opposes them and anyone that wants to have any of their own power that is endangering the elite.
The establishment in their mad, crazy rush to try to consolidate power and to try to play God.
Is what's going to destroy civilization and cause massive new wars, and you name it.
And the fact that they see collapse coming, so they want to organize their own controlled collapse, it's just insanity.
You cannot play God.
This is not going to work.
And it's out of control.
By its very nature, it destabilizes things and collapses it.
So I am my own worst enemy and my own best friend, and so are you.
And you should just ask yourselves, all of you out there, Are we going to turn back now before it's too late?
Because I was already going to come in here and talk about up front, before I had all this news, about how this is all a distraction.
Terrorism and domestic terror units, all this crap from the real terrorism going on.
Toxic nanoparticles that the FDA has just ruled no one has to research.
They can just do whatever they want and put whatever they want in your food.
They announced three months ago they're doing it now, including melting down, liquefying human sludge and then spraying it on crops, which is how you get mad cow disease.
In cows or humans.
The prions get into the food, the prions grow in the soil, and the prions grow in the brain, and when you liquefy people into what they call in the UK, awful sludge, or goo pits, and then you dump it out there, that's where they found the original nanoprotein.
And these are protein crystals that if they get in you, and they start growing, well, that's it.
So here's Greg Reese's report.
I'm going to come back and hit this news.
And then we've got some amazing news concerning CNN and just the next level of how they're just corrupt liars on the face of it.
Not even caring they get caught.
So here is the amazing new report from Greg Reese about the dehumanization we all face.
Thanks for watching.
Titanium is generally safe, therefore nanotitanium must be safe.
But they also admit that known materials can exhibit new or altered physiochemical properties at nanoscale dimensions, including unknown safety hazards that they will continue to monitor for.
In other words, the human trials for consumable nanotechnology is currently happening in the public without their knowledge.
Nanoparticles can be absorbed into our immune defense system and into our bloodstream.
And just like the FDA admits, materials at the nanoscale can cause unknown changes in a person's biological system.
Animal studies have proven that nanoparticles are changing the way our bodies absorb certain minerals, such as iron.
FDA chemist Timothy Duncan wrote that nanotechnology in the food supply is being held back because the food supply industry is afraid of public backlash, and argues that nanotechnology will somehow make food healthier.
The FDA is far more concerned with pushing more of these experimental nanoparticles into the food supply than they are with safety.
Like they said about giving the dangerous experimental vaccines to your kids.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.
At least 20 products are adding laboratory-made nanoparticles into the ingredients, and they are getting ready to coat bananas in new nanotech.
But companies are not required to disclose nano-sized ingredients, so we don't know how prevalent it is.
Along with being a proponent of population reduction, forced vaccinations, and genetically modified foods, Bill Gates is also the biggest private farm owner in America.
Does anyone doubt for a second that Bill Gates is allowing this dangerous nanotech the FDA is pushing for into America's food supply?
In related news, 10 out of the 19 states in which Bill Gates owns farmland, along with at least another 10, have recently made it legal to dispose of human bodies into the municipal water supply, allowing human remains to be added into biosolid sourced fertilizer.
It's called alkaline hydrolysis and is referred to in pop culture as being very, very green.
Spiritual leaders have strongly objected to alkaline hydrolysis because they say it is disrespectful to the human body, the vessel of a divine soul.
And it's understandable why they say this.
In alkaline hydrolysis, the human body is liquefied with lye and poured down the sewer to mix in with the community's excrement.
And if that weren't bad enough, this bio-sludge is then collected from municipal water treatment plants and used as so-called fertilizer on factory farms.
The official excuse is that it saves the government money for expensive toxic waste disposal.
Meanwhile, we are all being sold food that has been grown with a toxic bio-sludge made up of human remains and excrement, which is then loaded with new and strange nanotechnology.
Interestingly, the dystopian movie Soylent Green took place in 2022.
They're making our food out of people.
Next thing, they'll be breeding us like cattle for food.
You gotta tell them.
You gotta tell them!
Promise, Tiger.
I promise.
I'll tell the exchange.
You tell everybody.
Listen to me, Hatcher.
You gotta tell them Soylent Green is people!
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And as terrible as that short four-minute report is, it's much worse.
And Greg even got to it, I'm not putting him down, I'm just saying.
Do you understand that it's changed the chemistry of almost all the fish that are downstream
from those water treatment facilities and has caused most of the shrimp in the Gulf
of Mexico to be exhibiting all sorts of mental illness and suicidal behavior where they just
swim right up to fish and things and get eaten?
And they're aggressive.
They start attacking people now, just like Prozac does to us.
All the thousands of drugs people are on in these big cities, and when somebody dies,
they're all full of those chemicals, and then they just dissolve it and then mix it in with
all the other feces and then put that on the crops.
And that's what they did in the UK that caused all the mad cow disease.
So, we are bio-loaded with so much toxic waste and now they're going to add nanoparticles that go right through your cells, right through your gut lining, and the Davos group says, isn't it funny, that they're going to Colonize us is the word with all this nanotech through the food and it's going to be their revolution and they don't care.
Again, we don't change the environment, we change you, he said.
We put the nanoparticles in you.
First you wear the chips and you take the chips and the nano-migrates to the brain and then we can, I mean, these are quotes by Schwab and that Israeli futurist and all of them.
You're like, oh, well, that's just, you know, the big Israeli futurist.
They're doing it.
They're doing it.
And again, if you're a new viewer and you heard me when I first started the show, oh yeah, they heat hospitals in the U.S.
and the U.K.
with dead babies.
It sounds like bull, doesn't it?
In fact, I want to end the show today, we're not ending it right now, with that Soylent Green video from like eight years ago that Darren McBrain, myself, and the great David Knight put together.
It is absolutely something else, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, let's get right down to brass tacks here, ladies and gentlemen.
Because I need to get another break in a little while and come back with Norm Pattis because CNN contacted us.
Norm Pattis has basically moved down here from Connecticut.
We've got so much going on and so many fights.
And he's a great lawyer, famous lawyer, one of the best criminal and first amendment lawyers out there.
I mean, he's in the top five at least.
And I'm sitting there in the little makeshift office he's got, one of the little conference areas, and he's going, you want to respond to CNN?
You want to respond to this?
You want to respond to that?
And I'm like, yeah.
Respond to the CNN writer, and it's this guy, with, well, what do you make of your rhetoric in the past?
Did it contribute to what happened on January 6th?
We responded back, we're going to show you the email, saying, Well basically, I read the exact quote that he wrote, that I told him to write, about, I'll show you when he gets in here in a few minutes.
I was like, first you need to basically put in your article quotes by Kamala Harris saying rioting is good and then bailing out rioters, looters, and arsonists.
Because that's what the Democratic Party's done.
Why don't you do some articles about CNN saying burning down Public housing, eight-story buildings, and burning down gas stations, and robbing mom-and-pop stores, and burning down black-owned businesses, and shooting black off-duty police officers guarding pawn shops.
Why don't you do a report on that, and then I'll respond and say if I have any blame.
They raised the threat.
They raised the temperature all the way up to the top with all their rhetoric and billions of dollars of burned cities and dozens of dead.
The Justice Department has basically prosecuted no one.
They just let him go?
Last time I checked, they dropped the charges on the Antifa guy who's breaking into the Portland federal courthouse with a hatchet and hacking at the federal police with a hatchet.
Because he's breaking in, the cops are there, the federal security, and then the cops come out and riot gear and try to push the guy back, and he has a freaking hatchet!
They should have pulled a gun and shot him!
Oh, but he's an Antifa guy, so we don't.
Ashley Babbitt's coming through a window, and they kill her in cold blood.
Don't even have an investigation.
That's okay, because she's a woman, and she's a conservative.
She's a white person.
But when an Antifa person is hacking police with a hatchet at their head, do the cops pull their gun and kill them?
Oh, no, because they've been told, you better be extra sweet to the little commies.
And that's what I'm talking about.
Yes, I talk about info war.
Yes, I talk about how information is a war, and how we use the truth to counter lies, and how there's a war on fear mind.
Now we're going to fight against the globalists.
And they've got one hell of a political fight on their hands, but not that we are violent.
And everybody knows that's where I stand.
Can CNN, you know, have one word here, three words there, edit them together to try to go, oh look, Jones is a terrorist, arrest him, you know, get him!
Yeah, they can do that.
And I'll tell you, if they do indict me for sedition or terrorism or any of these things, I am completely innocent.
And we are going to win, because the truth will come out.
There is not one micron of evidence that I wanted to attack that Capitol, or that at all the other Capitals we went to, and the vigils we had inside and went out, and at governor's matches, you name it, nobody got arrested at our big Virginia open carry event with over 20,000 armed people.
Nobody had any problems when we went and stopped a steal in Georgia and went in there and posed for a photo.
Or all the other places around the country.
And it is asinine to claim then, oh, but on January 6th, that was different.
Absolutely ridiculous.
I actually went and tried to stop the people going in.
I actually tried to say here in another Kent State, don't do it.
While over a thousand, 300 something HRT, and they said over 700 other armed federal police watched, while 80 police got surrounded and overrun by hooligans, At any big soccer championship, and especially in England, they know to have thousands of police there.
Because when it lets out at night, there are groups.
When you've got 100,000 people there to see a soccer game, there's going to be 10,000 people or 5,000 people that come there to have a fight.
And they're going to go out in the streets, and they're going to attack the police, and they're going to try to burn stuff.
So you've got to have the police ready.
80 cops.
At the Capitol, when they knew that was coming.
And that's because Trump wasn't even in office anymore when this happened.
99% of his staff had quit on record.
He was sitting there with only vestigial people around him, and he thought it was all set up,
and it was all great, because he just shows up and gives a speech, like he just done at the Ellipse.
So, I did more.
I did more than the FBI and the HRT and all of them, and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they're toward to stand down or whatever, didn't know what to do, or, well, that's a crowd of, you know, 100,000 people.
We can't take on 100,000 people.
That may just antagonize the crowd more.
I'm not even second-guessing exactly what went on there.
I'm just telling you That if you'd have got on the loudspeakers that are all over that building that they were using that night, they activated the PA system that night and said, this is an emergency area.
Anyone out here will be arrested.
This is a civil emergency.
Everyone must be off the streets.
Get out of here.
There is a curfew at eight o'clock.
You will be off the street.
I mean, it was like three blocks away, five blocks away.
You could hear those giant systems they have in the fricking Capitol.
But did they activate those?
And the answer is no.
Did I try to get them to do that?
Am I upset with the FBI and with the Justice Department for not doing that and for the Capitol Police?
Am I upset that their surrogates are all over the news saying, I'm guilty and I really want to attack the Capitol?
Yes, I'm upset about that.
Am I upset about Trump?
Sitting there for almost 100 minutes at the White House.
It wasn't 187, like I say, it's around 90 to 100.
Still, that's a long time.
Yeah, I don't know what happened, quite frankly.
And I'm honest enough to tell you that.
I said day one, there was a bunch of Q people that thought this was the storm, and leftists and provocateurs were posing as Q and encouraging morons to go and, you know, think this was the big takeover.
And then, clearly, some of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, who I think are good organizations overall, but people got into mob psychology and went in.
Is that terrorism?
Did they actually beat anybody up?
No, they're not even really saying any of the Oath Keepers or anybody beat anybody.
I think they said they shoved past the police or something.
That's not good.
Okay, give them six months in jail, not years in solitary confinement.
Don't target them with terrorism.
But my point is, That this is all a microcosm of our larger society, and how under the Great Reset, if they just don't fix the reactors, and they don't fix the electrical systems, and they just don't let people mine coal, or they don't let people have gasoline refineries, you'll just slowly see everything turn off and transition into a post-industrial world.
And that's what the UN and the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Group said in the 60s they were going to do.
By the year 2030, it would all be in place.
And in the year 2020, they'd launch it, and they had a whole meeting.
In 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, called Agenda 21.
And by 2021, they would launch the collapse of civilization.
And by 2030, it would be basically complete.
I mean, that's real stuff here.
You think federal prosecutors are going to be safe from that?
You think judges?
You think schoolteachers?
You think Hollywood people?
This is a dystopic nightmare.
This is not good.
This is absolutely out of control.
And I'm concerned.
And it's bigger than the U.S.
It's bigger than your state government.
It's a big global corporate takeover with its philosophy and its systems that is now going into place.
And if we don't wake up about it really quickly and say no to it, we're going to be in a prison planet that looks like Australia on a mass scale.
And by the way, I am in total information overload here.
I am in total, absolute information overload.
And I have some really, really, really big news that details exactly what I'm talking about that we're going to get to in a moment.
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I'm a combat veteran.
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I can feel God in my life now.
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You're absolutely right.
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You can drive along a long journey and not even remember half the trip.
In this process, we need to have a concerted, active effort, physically and mentally, to reprogram that subconscious mind.
That's what this series is about, is resetting our mind.
Because there's a war on for our mind.
He's exactly right.
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
All right, Norm Pattis is here with us on the Saturday evening emergency transmission.
And as I promised at the very start, I'm going to hit the biggest news right now.
And there is so much of it.
And we've got a surprise guest popping in.
He just got off the plane from Maryland, where he was being interviewed by Tim Pool.
We have Dr. Darren J. Beattie, who's been at the tip of the spear exposing federal provocateur involvement in January 6th.
He'll be joining us coming up here in just a few minutes.
But Norm Padas is a constitutional lawyer, criminal lawyer.
First Amendment lawyer and he's here working on so many of these political cases they've got against us and preparing for potential criminal stuff with us as well because the news is saying arrest the terrorist.
Alex Jones obviously attacked the Capitol they say.
So he's here burning the midnight oil.
I was up here at Eight o'clock with him last night working.
I was with him at 8 a.m.
this morning working, and here we are.
But here's the big breaking news.
DirecTV cancels OAN after Joe Biden orders media outlets and tech giants to banish voices that deviate from the regime's official narrative.
Joe Biden called for it to be taken off a week ago, and it was done.
I mean, this is historic stuff.
This is unprecedented.
Continuing, I was sent audio clips and talked to the Chief of Staff for Mike Lindell yesterday, and I decided to wait and cover it Sunday, but we'll go ahead and cover it now.
They recorded the head of the bank they've used for 20-plus years saying, well, we just can't have the FBI in here at the bank, and so your bank's gone.
Now, they have backups, but that's what I've not told the listeners of what's going on here the last year.
But when I tell you InfoWars is hanging on by its fingernails, and that's why I laugh at these people showing us they're going to get all this money, and they just make up these numbers.
It's like a little sick joke I've got, because if you want a book, if you want a film, if you want a t-shirt, If you want to get supplements, they're all in stock, they're ready to ship.
But I mean, I don't know if SWAT teams are going to blow the doors off next week and we'll be shut down, okay?
And I haven't told you one-tenth of the stuff going on.
And again, people say, well, how are you taking it?
I mean, how am I taking it?
The country's being overtaken.
I'm not taking it well.
Not sleeping at night.
I'm really upset, and I'm worried about myself.
But I'm really, my real pain is that the country's really been taken over by high-tech criminals.
And We need everybody.
I don't care if you're black, white, old, young, conservative, liberal.
This is not good for anybody to have the checks and balances being flushed down the toilets.
We'll have more on that, but let me hit this other big news and get Norm Pattis' take on it, and then Dr. Beatty's going to pop in for about 10 minutes, and we're going to continue on.
Djokovic was detained a week and a half ago.
He is the multi-time, all-time winner, I think it's nine times, of the Australian Open.
He's the best tennis player probably ever lived.
I don't even follow tennis and I know that.
I know my wife's a huge fan, and so I've watched him at my house many times.
And they say, yeah, go ahead and come in.
You got a waiver.
You have natural immunity.
You have the antibodies.
That's gold.
They hold him literally in a flea bag hotel for a week and a half.
Then they let him go, and now they've arrested him again and said, you're being deported because you're not allowed to criticize the injections.
He didn't even do that.
So now they admit it's purely political.
Remember three weeks ago, a senator was criticizing the lockdowns and the tyranny and the boosters and saying, you know, obviously this is tyranny.
They grabbed him, and last time I heard he'd been in for three weeks, they said because of his views.
They're now saying in legislation in Oregon and in Washington and in New York that if
you criticize them or you're being politically bad, you will be held in these camps or if
you're not inoculated.
So they're now see segueing directly these being real political camps.
Djokovic detained in Australia again.
Authorities argue his anti-vaccine sentiment could spark civil unrest in Australia.
This ain't North Korea, folks.
This is Australia.
So yeah, the American people are terrorists.
Terrorism is now protesting on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
And now this is happening.
And then it gets even worse.
So Norm Patus, you're going to be here with us riding shotgun as we lay all this out.
We got Dr. Beatty about to pop in, but just as an American, not as a famous constitutional lawyer, what would you call this period of time we're in right now?
It's scary as hell.
It's troubling times.
We are on the cusp of, we're a pen stroke or two away from a totalitarian takeover.
And I realize that sounds extreme, but it is extreme.
Consider what Merrick Garland, a failed candidate for the US Supreme Court and now Attorney General, said a week or so ago.
If you unknowingly contributed to the The events that led to January 6th.
You're a criminal.
Well, not so fast.
But then, take a look at what happened this week with increased indictments as to some of the folks involved in January 6th.
They may well have been involved in seditious actions.
I've read the indictment carefully.
Alex has read it carefully.
You know, if we were over our skis the other day, we were.
And if they were outside the bounds of the law, a jury will tell.
But what is Merrick Garland winding up to say?
Look at in June of last year.
The FBI created a domestic terrorist group and we were told that domestic terrorism is the number one threat to the security of the United
Look at extant existing federal statutes.
And there's a criminal law that says if you provide support to a terrorist organization as registered, a foreign
terrorist organization as registered by the State Department, you're guilty of a
How easy would it be to change that statute to say if you support a domestic terrorist organization
registered by the Justice Department, you're guilty of a crime?
And if you don't think it can happen here, ask yourself why we are being habituated to criminalized dissent with the suspension of OAN, with the The banking of MyPillow, with the ongoing assault on Infowars, and at the margins with Garland's promise to prosecute people who unknowingly were near an event that may or may not have broken the law, but that involved petition for redress of grievances.
Is it going to soon become against the law to question the official narrative?
I guess it is in Australia.
So from my perspective, I heard you use the expression Alex earlier today, dystopian nightmare.
This is worse than 1984, because the technology is more intrusive than what was imagined there.
In 1984, Big Brother could watch you in your bedroom through your television screen.
You didn't know if he was behind the screen or not at a particular moment.
Guess what?
He's in your pocket now.
He's in your cell phone.
He's in every move that you make.
He's in your credit card.
And as the economy transforms to a digital rather than a cash basis, every purchase is going to be monitored.
And will there come a time that if you're disfavored, if you don't follow the prevailing orthodoxy, you'll be prohibited from purchasing the goods and services necessary to live?
Well, maybe that's the way it's going to break, because after all, go to your grocery store right now.
You're seeing interruptions in the supply chain, and we have to wait longer for goods and services, pay more for such things as plywood.
They're telling us that it's COVID's the reason things are expensive.
No, it's the inflation.
Let's go ahead and put back on screen the Washington Post.
This is everywhere.
This is on CNN, you name it.
Anti-vaxxing is terrorism.
That's just crazy.
That's a headline.
You are a terrorist now.
That's on CNN, MSNBC, Kathleen Sebelius, former head of Health and Human Services said that too.
When everything becomes terrorism, then there's no such thing as freedom.
And if it's terroristic to believe in your own values, if it's terrorism to say the Bill of Rights says to the government, hands off my body, then count me a terrorist.
But don't declare war on me.
We need to come together as a people, shake hands across the partisan aisle, and say to the government, enough is enough.
That's right, Norm.
You're like the classic liberals I grew up around that I would disagree on a few issues with, but were really smart and informed and were anti-war and were good people.
I don't even recognize these leftists now.
They're like...
They're the Nazis!
They act like jack-booted nuts!
We are, we are coming, we're winding up.
In the name of goodness, in the name of virtue, we are creating a smug, a smug public.
A smug republic filled with self-righteous people who know what's good for us and want to cram it down our throats regardless of whether we want it.
To be anti-vaccine is not terrorism.
It might be discordant.
I might disagree with you.
But if you choose not to have a vaccine, I don't think I have the right to tell you that you must have one or you'll be imprisoned or locked up as a tennis star as being in Australia apparently because he doesn't toe the party line.
So, you know, it's a dismal time to be an American.
It's a frightening time to be American.
It looks a little bit like a new McCarthyism in the name of public health.
And, you know, that makes me proud to support InfoWars and proud to support you, Alex, and I hope your listeners and viewers will do so.
You know, this place... By the way, you've been in our finances.
You've been in all these suits.
We turned everything over to them.
Just spin, because we're not whining, but explain kind of, you've been, you've given us a very close examination.
Are we rolling in extra cash?
Did we plan to attack the Capitol?
If you're rolling in extra cash, we need to talk later.
Now, I mean, look, this is an expensive operation to run.
I've been in television studios throughout the country, most often in the Northeast, and this is an expensive operation to run.
You are listener-supported by way of info or stores.
There are not secret caches of cash.
There are not foreign contributors.
There are not billionaires in the wings writing you checks to engage in a propaganda campaign.
This is a people-funded, popular network.
Where people come to hear truths expressed here they can't find in the mainstream media.
They come here to find people questioning the narrative that is becoming authoritarian and you support yourself by selling products that people want to use.
The place is on the on edge and notwithstanding recent media reports about documents, confidential court documents that were leaked from years ago, InfoWars is not a cash machine.
Infowars is a struggling, ongoing concern dedicated to fundamental American principles, relying on you, the people, for support.
Well, exactly.
We sold tens of millions of dollars of food last year, but we make 30% on it.
And then we spend it.
It's not the gross numbers.
Like a car dealership could sell $20 million for the cars, but the car dealership owner will tell you he made $300,000 and his salesman made about $50,000 to $100,000 apiece.
A good thing is conservatives and people know about businesses, so they know when they see these headlines that it's manipulative, it's BS to take three of our best years from years ago and say, oh look, the gross amount is this, this is what's going on.
I'm just shocked when we're talking to even the lawyers on the other side and like, come on guys, let's just, we know you've got hundreds of millions of dollars and it's just, it's crazy because they built me up like this super villain and the truth is we're more like Mayberry RFB here.
I don't know how you do it.
I thought I had a stressful life until I started spending time around you.
This is a struggling, ongoing concern, but so is the American Republic.
As to the claim that InfoWars had anything to do with planning, aiding, or abetting an insurrection, excuse my language, this is BS, and I won't put out the unexpurgated version because this is a family network.
I, you, Mr. Jones received a congressional subpoena, and that subpoena requested certain documents relating to financing of a protest, of communications between Jones and others, and I believe the committee is hoping to make a case somewhere, somehow, someday, that Donald Trump orchestrated all of that.
Based on my comprehensive examination of the documents here, and I believe that I was given full and complete access to everything I asked for, and I got it within hours, There is no evidence to support that Mr. Jones or anyone at Infowars ever supported armed insurrection.
Did they organize an event that was expensive to produce?
Did they help finance it?
Did they appear in plea for peace when things got out of control?
And in the run-up to that protest, did Mr. Jones express anger, frustration, and sometimes rage at what's going on in this country?
But to leap from there, from those statements, to the conclusion that he Aided, abetted, fomented, or was in any way criminally or even morally responsible for the violence that undisputedly took place on January 6th is a lie.
We're having breakfast this morning.
You made the right point about a soccer game.
Now 100,000 people show up and 5,000 get in a fight.
You don't blame the owners of the soccer field or the team.
It's just some people come to these big things and cause problems.
I thought Trump supporters were so awesome, and a lot more provocateur as we know, that we'd had so many events that were totally peaceful with like hundreds of thousands of people, we were just naive thinking it would be like past events.
It could be, and you know, I mean, reading the Rhodes et al.
indictment, it suggests that if the information in it is true, there were some folks that planned to engage in violence.
And if they planned it, and if they did, then they're going to be held accountable in a criminal court.
But I don't see any evidence to support a linkage of you and them.
And what I do see, however, is mainstream media's attempt to inspire prosecutors to draw the linkage.
There was a report, I believe, in Newsweek this morning.
And CNN.
Well, let's talk about CNN in a moment.
But the claim is that somehow because you hosted Rhodes, and because Rhodes engaged in sometimes violent rhetoric, and that he sometimes used speech to motivate patriots to come forward and fight for their country.
To suggest that that's terrorism, to suggest that that's sedition, that's to suggest that maybe King George should have strung up Thomas Jefferson before the revolution occurred.
We were born in revolt against government, and to suggest that hatred of government is a crime is to conclude that unless we love government, unless we become a nation of bootlickers, there's something wrong here.
That's never been the American way.
A free country is going to have very, very vocal dissent.
And it is in the Declaration of Independence that if we see fit as a people to abolish this government and form a new one, that's not just our right, it's our duty if it's done bad things.
But the way that stuff is set up right now and the way that the dominoes are laid out, they want a violent operation because we're actually winning peacefully and intellectually.
So I don't want violence.
I think it's not an option.
I think it's a bad option.
And I've continually said that.
But it's an information war, so that's why I use that rhetoric of it is a fight,
and you fight by getting politically involved, you fight by speaking up,
you fight by filing lawsuits, you fight by civil disobedience that's nonviolent.
That's what you do. You go up to the line, but you don't go past it,
because I believe that's the best course. So I'm not against a physical revolution,
because I don't think that there aren't times when those are needed and are right. I mean,
hell, who couldn't say you shouldn't have a revolution in North Korea or Communist China
or Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia or Venezuela today or Cuba?
But I don't want this fight now because this is behavioral psychologists running it.
It's globalists manipulating it.
They admit they want a civil war.
It's the Democrats saying in the news there's going to be a civil war and we've got to round up the Republicans.
They want the civil war.
I'm fighting the civil war.
I've never wanted a civil war.
That's our enemy, is them starting a civil war.
Because our fight is not between Americans and Americans.
It's globalists and out-of-control corporations that have come in and bought off the media, bought off big tech, and bought off government, that are now engaged in a combine to overthrow our republic and our separation of powers.
So instead of the legislative, the executive, the judicial all fighting with each other, and the people fighting with each other, it's time for us to unify.
Along with the independent press, so those five bodies, to then kick out the globalist corporate influence and get these corporations back on the short leash.
Something's going on.
When you talk globalism, you're looking at it from the top down.
I'm just a people's lawyer fighting one case at a time.
But I do know what happened with CNN yesterday.
We were sitting in a small conference room here and a CNN reporter contacted us and basically said, you know, do you want to make a comment about Mr. Jones' hosting of Stuart Rhodes and was his tolerance and encouragement of that violent rhetoric?
And I said you did not answer it.
We answered it together.
Yeah, we did answer it, and it was a playful answer.
You know, I mean, CNN has a lot of nerve to come with its self-righteous, unctuous gore, and say to Mr. Jones, because you were involved in hosting someone who questioned the official narrative you're a terrorist, when CNN would post pictures of burning cities under the Chiron, mostly peaceful protests, as though the flames were a barbecue, rather than people's hard-earned property and livelihood being exposed and ruined.
And by the way, we're going to put that email on screen.
We have that email.
We're going to put that email on screen for you now, where this is the writer.
This is the article.
They ask you a question.
We answer it about Kamala Harris.
And so you'll see in the email that, you know, they asked for a comment.
So our comment was, look, you know, how about, what are you going to say about, why don't you direct a question to Kamala Harris about why she thought bailing out people who burned cities and looted businesses were entitled to her support with bond relief and how that was consistent with the Democratic Party platform.
Violence comes in many forms.
There can be state-sponsored violence.
And I would take the position that locking people up or that threatening to lock people
up as domestic terrorists because they don't support your vision of virtue, that is state-sponsored
Standing by while cities burn and refusing to police those cities for fear that that
would inspire more violence is condemnation of the violence.
I was stunned when I saw Hawk Newsom on Fox News, I believe this was about a year ago, saying that unless the Black Lives Matter movement got what it wanted, there would be more violence.
Then he was quick to say, I'm not saying there will be, but I'm saying there might be.
At least it will burn and loot and everything.
Well, and I defended his right to say that, because that was not classic incitement, but it was puzzling that there was no consequences for him.
You, Mr. Jones, and others have said far less, but yet the threat of a federal prosecution hangs in the air.
Here's what I wanted to say earlier, and what you say is incredibly important.
We're going to talk about it more if we talk to Professor Darren Beattie.
But banning L.A.N.
off of DirecTV a week after Biden calls for it, MyPillow losing its banking, and I've heard the recording of the bankers saying, well, the FBI, we can't have the FBI here.
This is real Gestapo stuff, and it's incredibly dangerous, and that's ahead of the midterms.
They want to shut down all the independent press so that nobody's on air to challenge what's coming.
And the message is, if you, Jones, Keep challenging us, we're just going to indict you as a terrorist.
And my answer is, you people are crazy.
And so I'm just going to dial my rhetoric back as much as I can, point out we should all come together, but I'm still going to oppose what you're doing because what you're doing is wrong.
And you guys have gone crazy collectively, just like the Nazis or other corrupt groups that all convince each other you're on the right and you're going to do this.
And you can historically see how dangerous all of this is everywhere.
Let's go to a clip Of Dr. Beatty, who was an advisor to President Trump and one of the speechwriters who heads up Revolver News, who's been really the tip of the spear with Tucker Carlson exposing January 6th and federal involvement.
He's got a lot to say about Stuart Rhodes and this new indictment and a lot of connections and a lot of sources.
So we'll talk to him in just a moment via the telephone, but first, here's what he said last night on Tim Pool.
Ironically, except for, so just two more really important points about Rhodes in particular in this charge.
One is the timing.
Okay, part of the timing was the whole, you know, Fed's erection narrative was at its absolute apex.
I think more important than that, though, is just like a week before Rhodes was charged, an attorney for another Oath Keeper subpoenaed Rhodes and was getting him to testify In fact, it happened in the Michigan case.
One of the big informants in that case was named Steve Robeson.
so that he has a perfect excuse not to testify because he just pleased the fifth.
And this is part of the playbook.
In fact, it happened in the Michigan case.
One of the big informants in that case was named Steve Robeson.
Once he was outed, the government immediately slapped him with an unrelated gun charge that
clears him off the table.
So that's one aspect that I think is really important in relation to the timing.
Another thing is this, is if I were the feds and I wanted to cover up the perfect crime, I would do precisely what they just did with the seditious conspiracy charge for the following reasons.
Think of what the charge achieves.
One, it gives a big headline that for lower information people or people who don't really
understand the argument, they say, "Oh, he's hit with this charge.
He must not be a Fed."
So it "debunks" the right-wing people who say, "Oh, Fed's erection."
On the other hand, it assuages and satisfies all of these left-wing people who have been
furious that he hasn't been charged for a year because in their minds the government
is protecting him because the government's a bunch of Trump-loving Nazis.
So it assuages them.
But thirdly, there's a problem.
If they hit Rhodes with a serious charge and Rhodes isn't fed, then Rhodes has leverage over them and can say, I'm gonna go rogue if you guys betray me.
But I think they have the perfect cover story for that, too, because they could go to Rhodes and say, look, we're going to hit you with a seditious conspiracy charge.
It's going to sound serious, but the public story is you are going to cooperate and tell us what you know about Alex Jones.
Tell us what you know about Roger Stone.
Just smear a bunch of dirt on Trump's inner circle, which is what the media wants.
Inside you, like me, a fire is burning.
Something needs to change.
I just want to reach out and give a recommendation to Reset Wars.
It's really powerful.
Reset Wars was absolutely amazing and eye-opening and revolutionary.
If you want to change your life for the better, I highly recommend this.
Alex, thank you very much for putting the course together.
I found it to be awesome.
It was worth it to me.
Have taken ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge and crystallized it with scientific This isn't about Alex Jones.
So what you're about to see is a lengthy, powerful, well-documented spectrum of information and experiences and understanding that the power structure is censoring and is deathly afraid of.
To think the way we were intended to think by God.
That's what this series is about.
Reset Worse has been a great tool during this time of uncertainty and it has rejuvenated my hope.
It's been helping me a lot with a lot that's going on in my life.
Everybody needs to purchase this product and watch it and then share the information far and wide.
There is an awakening.
Join in to help yourself and others to wake up.
Reset Wars has been a great tool in both recapping what I've come to already know and also learn new material.
I'm not disappointed.
I plan on sharing it with as many people as possible.
I hear you coming more and more with that and I feel it more and more.
It's moving me.
We need to have courage and focus in order to accomplish that mission and I felt like I got a lot of that from Reset Wars as well.
The confidence and hope gained from Reset Wars is priceless.
This isn't magic.
This is the real code of the universe, or what Max Planck 120 plus years ago called the Matrix.
Start your journey to true freedom now at ResetWars.com.
Well, I hope that Dr. Darren J. Beattie is incorrect, because I sure as hell wasn't involved in the attack on the Capitol, and just feel like I've been totally set up.
But he's here with us.
He's a former professor of political science at Duke University, who went on to serve in the White House as a speechwriter and policy advisor to Trump.
He's now the founder of Revolver News, revolver.news, at Darren J. Beattie on Twitter, I guess, still for now.
But mark down revolver.news.
Doc, thanks for joining us.
I know you just got off a plane.
from going to visit there on the right on the border for Tim lives of West
Virginia and Maryland beautiful area but you just got back so thank you as you
driving your car for talking to us give us the latest and tell us more about
what you think's going on well you captured a lot of it in that in that
And I would only emphasize that this is, you know, I think the most elegant solution.
If I were advising the Feds, if I were a strategist for the Feds, I would suggest precisely the solution that I described.
Because what it really does is it gives a nice headline to shut up all the people, including Revolver News, suggesting that Rhodes is likely a Fed.
They'll say, oh, he was charged with a distant conspiracy.
He's not a fed.
It'll shut up the people on the left, and there's a large constituency on the left that was just as puzzled as anyone.
Why is it almost a year and they're not touching Rhodes when in their minds Rhodes is this big bad militiaman?
They say, oh, well, it must be the Nazi sympathizers in the government.
So it shuts them up.
And also, the liability here would be, if Rose is a fed, that he would go rogue on them.
And as you know, that happens sometimes.
There are a lot of precedents for that.
Oh, yeah.
Tim McVeigh.
Well, Carol Howe is a case.
Oh, she's a better example.
Elohim City and Southern Primary Law Center, yeah.
We've seen these various permutations before, and one option is that the informants or the agency can go rogue.
In order to quell that possibility, whoever his handler might have been could have proposed to him, look, I know it's going to be scary, it's a serious charge, but you're going to quote-unquote cooperate
various inner circle people. It might be you, it might be Roger Stone, that's just speculation, but
he's going to cooperate in some capacity.
And that will be sort of the cover story for why the charge isn't ultimately pursued.
I don't think that the charge will be pursued to the point of trial, much less conviction.
I think the option that I described would be the most elegant option from the government's
point of view. I don't know if that's actually what the plan is, but I absolutely do not think,
you know, Revolver.News, we've done fairly extensive investigative reporting on Rhodes.
The arrest only intensifies many of the questions that we ask.
Well, let's expand on that because you talk about this has been done by the feds a lot, where they will do a charge on their informants and then drop them later or lower them down.
We saw the jail guards that basically were MIA.
When Epstein got killed, I predicted they would drop their charges as soon as the other lady got convicted.
And, of course, that happened.
And so we've seen this over and over again.
But I'll just go ahead and just get this out in the open.
Because people say, don't talk about this, God, they'll twist it.
But my own security, by around January 6th, was like, we don't like Stuart Rhodes.
That guy's creepy as hell.
And then even after January 6th, they're like, I wouldn't have that guy on the air.
They thought he was probably a Fed and trying to set us up, just from all the weirdness we saw and what happened after.
But I just couldn't believe, and I've told you this privately, Professor.
Six months ago on the phone.
And I told Tucker Carlson this off the air and everybody.
I just don't want to accuse somebody before we know, but I know this.
I know this.
They clearly are betting everything on this sedition rollout.
And because Ted Cruz and because Tom Cotton And because everybody were bringing up Ray Epps and your articles and Tucker Carlson and the rest of it, I was even saying in the office the day it happened that morning, I was on air hours before the news broke, saying it's imminent, it's imminent, they're going to bust a bunch of people and say it's terrorism because they had to do this and then boom, it happened.
Can you speak to that?
Yes, again, I think the timing is very suspicious, certainly in light of the Ray Epps and the broader sort of FBI involvement.
Um, question, you know, becoming getting such national attention.
I think as far as the timing goes, I think it.
Probably much more relevant, the subpoena issue and the issue of removing Rhodes from testifying in the various trials.
As you point out, there are many, many parallels to that throughout the entire history of the government using informants.
And there are also several questions proposed in the original Revolver.News investigative reports that make no sense in light of the recent seditious conspiracy charge.
One of those things is that Rhodes, up to this point, up to just days ago, had not even been searched.
The full extent of any search that he was subjected to was they took a single cell phone from him four months after January 6th.
So here's the guy who's getting all of this press as the big bad boogeyman leader of the most prosecuted and dangerous militia group that they're all making a fuss about because of this stupid, like, stack that went in the Capitol.
And they don't think, oh, here's a guy that might destroy evidence.
We're going to give him four months to destroy evidence and then take a single cell phone from him.
And then after that, they don't search anything of his.
For eight months, and they're building, so they're allegedly building this ultimately serious seditious conspiracy charge, and they bother to take a single cell phone four months after January 6th.
Compare that to the case of Thomas Caldwell, who is a 60-something disabled that he spent 60 plus days in solitary confinement.
Thank God he's out.
He was finally released on bond.
The government actually tried to deny him bond.
And if you look at the government's argument for why he should have been denied bond, it's littered with references to Rhodes.
And in fact, the charging documents in relation to Caldwell, he was charged with conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding.
The entire conspiracy in the government's case rests on Stuart Rhodes' statements and actions.
Which is a suspicious thing in its own right, given that Thomas Caldwell, this 60-year-old guy... He's almost 70, former naval commander, because somebody, an Oath Keeper, sent him a text calling him commander.
I'm just expanding on that, Doc, because that's so crazy.
They know he didn't have a boat.
They know he wasn't trying to attack.
Now they've charged him again!
That's crazy!
No, but that's right.
It is crazy and it's outrageous, but it's specifically important in relation to these questions about Rhodes. Because, first of all, given
the fact that Rhodes wasn't searched at all except for a single cell phone four months
after January 6th, that's the full extent of their search as they're building a seditious
conspiracy case throughout an entire year. That doesn't make any sense. Thomas Caldwell...
So you don't think he could be a useful idiot they were just manipulating who thought he
would start a revolution?
No, I don't think... I mean, if he were a useful idiot, why didn't they search him?
Thomas Caldwell, who was hit with a conspiracy to obstruct charge very early on, he had the feds swarm his house and take every bit of electronics that he could have had mid-January.
And yet they base their whole conspiracy charge against him on the statements and actions of Stuart Rhodes.
And yet they wait until May to take a single cell phone from Rhodes, and then wait until now to hit him with a charge?
If they're serious about building a serious charge, it makes zero sense.
No, I understand.
Dr. Darren J. Beatty is here with us, but what I'm asking you is, don't you think this came out, because they admit they impaneled the grand jury last week and got the indictment right as all the re-up stuff was breaking.
I mean, I knew big stuff had to come once that began.
Well, yeah.
They needed to clear him off the table, as I pointed out.
But it doesn't make sense, this idea of a serious charge.
There were two very easy charges they could have given him very early on if they were building a more serious one.
One is the same charge that they hit Caldwell, that they charged Caldwell with on the basis of Rhodes' statements and actions, and that's conspiracy to obstruct.
And the other one that they could have got him for was a trespassing charge, which is a ridiculous charge, but they've done it to other people if they wanted to take more time to do it.
They did it to Owen Schreier, who's on video bullhorning, saying, don't attack the building.
They've done it to Rowan Troyer, they've done it to Mark Ibrahim, they've done it to a number of people, and it's a stupid charge.
But it goes to show, if they wanted him, they could have gotten him from day one, just the way that they got other people on the same charges.
And they didn't.
So the fact that the government ignored Rhodes to the point that they didn't bother to really search him in any meaningful sense, a single phone compared to the full-scale Let me just raise this then, because you intrigue me with what you said on Tim Pool.
Clearly, CNN, hundreds of publications are now saying, get Jones.
This proves he's in charge.
He's the next one.
And we see that coordination with your theory that Rhodes will make something up or something along those lines.
Some people are like, well you better be honest with Rhodes, he'll make something up.
Make it up!
I'm not involved in this.
I am pissed if this indictment is real and he was hoping to hijack our thing and cause a civil war.
I mean I could be in prison or dead or we could have the country burning right now.
Well you know what Alex, this ridiculous conspiracy theory That you had an involvement, or Roger Stone had an involvement in this ridiculous conspiracy theory.
This very theory is actually propounded by the chair of the January 6th Committee, Benny Thompson.
In his personal capacity, he did a lawsuit.
And he did a lawsuit against Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Donald Trump.
And in this lawsuit, his theory of the case Was that there was this kind of bizarre coordination between Rhodes and various members of Trump's inner circle, including Roger Stone and others.
So this theory has already been propounded by the chair of the January 6th committee, which is interesting because, as Revolver pointed out, if Stuart Rhodes played a key role in the theory of the case embraced by the chair of the committee, Why did it take the committee until November to bother to subpoena Rhodes at all, only after Revolver published a report pointing out how bizarre that was?
And for those who don't know, they finally responded about Ray Epps.
Oh, they secretly met with him, but none of that's on record.
Oh, yeah.
That's another ridiculous thing.
So we're supposed to believe the Epps thing is debunked, too, because the January 6th committee says he made a statement.
They don't give us the statement.
They don't tell us Whether the statement was made under oath or what the circumstances were, nothing.
All they say is, don't worry guys, Ray Epps told us that he's not a member of any law enforcement organization.
Which, by the way, opened the door to DOD and there are a lot of government agencies that are not technically law enforcement.
Or Southern Poverty Law Center.
They use that as a go-between.
Sure, exactly.
So it's really...
The Ray Epps quote-unquote debunking is even more ridiculous than the than the Rhodes one.
And so it's clear that the regime is desperate, exceedingly desperate, to control... He's like a carnival barker for three days saying attack the Capitol.
And then he doesn't get arrested.
No, I mean, that also makes zero sense.
And just to offer a specific example, they're saying, oh, Epps didn't go into the Capitol.
Well, Thomas Caldwell didn't go into the Capitol.
This gentleman I mentioned earlier.
Dura Rhodes, for that matter, didn't go into the Capitol.
A lot of people are charged he didn't go into the Capitol.
In the case of Ray Epps, who is the only person I think caught on camera just saying we need to go into the Capitol.
There was an individual called George Tanios who, months and months ago, was charged with a conspiracy to—I think it was a conspiracy to murder an officer.
It may have been a conspiracy for serious assault, but it was a very serious charge.
And the government based its entire charge off the fact that his friend wanted to grab bear spray from him, and he told his friend, no, no, not yet.
On the basis of that yet, at the end of No No Not Yet, he was charged with conspiracy to assault or maybe even murder, I forget which.
But Ray Epps, who's caught on camera, among other things, telling an individual, another suspicious individual, by the way, who was in charge, he tells him, Put this away.
When we go in, leave this here.
When we go in, leave this here.
You don't want to get shot when we go in.
And so the parallels there are pretty astonishing.
Well, we also have Jay Netz telling the CNN reporter, when they break in,
"I told you this was going to happen. I told you this was going on. Let's bring in Norm Padis,
constitutional lawyer, working." He also represents a bunch of the January 6th people,
including Owen Schroer. You're talking to Dr. Beatty here.
You've got a lot of notes and observations.
Hey, Dr. Beatty, it's Norm Padis.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, great to meet you.
I'm just a lawyer from the ground up.
You're looking at it from the top down.
I've got some questions.
What's your take, then, with respect to... you're drawing a blank on the name.
I'm having a senior moment right now.
Are you saying that Rhodes was a plant by the government and if so, for how long?
To answer that question is to go into speculative territory.
I still think that the most compelling answer to the questions that I raised just now in this interview and that are raised more extensively in Revolver's investigative work on Rhodes, that the most parsimonious and likely explanation for that is that Rhodes had some relationship With some federal agency or some cut out for a federal agency.
That makes sense.
But here's where I had trouble following you, and this isn't a cross-examination, it's not a trick question.
He didn't need to be charged effectively to be silenced because Mr. Jones hasn't been charged and he's going to take the 5th on the 24th of January before the Congressional Committee.
So the charges are surplus in terms of adequate on the 5th.
Having said that, I also agree that your points about, you know, given the centrality of the role they're now asserting against him, it makes no sense that it took four months to get his phone.
But, you know, did they really need to charge him in order to silence him?
Because a prudent lawyer wouldn't let him testify in any case.
Well, the thing is this, is that a prudent lawyer, that's a good remark, because It is.
Why would he do that?
always claimed, always postured as though, oh, they're seriously going after me,
they're seriously going after me.
He volunteered himself to the FBI for three hours, which is a bizarre thing to do.
It is, why would he do that?
That shows a familiarity.
Why would he do that?
Well, he clearly was not concerned that they were really gonna get him.
And I think that's still... Okay, got that.
So he's playing the card that he's got.
He's playing the get out of jail card in his pocket.
I've heard his lawyer say on the air that he has incontrovertible documentary proof that Rhodes is innocent.
Do you have any idea what that is?
What that incontrovertible proof is?
I mean, I would love to see it.
Look, I hope it's true.
Here's the deal.
I've read this indictment now three times.
By the way, let me just finish the answer on this.
Yes, sir.
In a legal sense, you can always, you know, I think, Tess, I mean, you're the lawyer, but correct me if I'm wrong.
He was subpoenaed.
A defense lawyer for Kelly Megg subpoenaed him and apparently got him to agree to testify as a witness.
And it was shortly after, a week after that, that he was hit with a charge.
I think it's certainly a good excuse, if you've been hit with a charge like this, to say, OK, all of my buddies that I claimed that I was going to testify on behalf of, I'm just not able to do that right now.
It makes me pine for the days of jury nullification in this country, because if the feds are manipulating charges to silence potential witnesses or to cover their tracks, we ought to be able to say to jurors, you decide both the facts and the law.
And when the government starts playing pocket pool with justice and starts hiding the truth from jurors, jurors ought to be able to ask questions of what's going on here.
Here's my question to the doc who will join us again on Monday, and Norm Pattis where we've got some more to say and some news hidden after he leaves.
What about, because you've talked to your sources, I've talked to mine, high-level Justice Department, former, but very recently in, saying this is unprecedented.
It's a domestic rollout.
The American people are terrorists.
It's an attempt basically to unofficially ban the Republican Party and say it's terrorist.
And then Biden's even giving speeches going, I don't think the Republican Party will exist in 2024.
And you've got McConnell saying, hey, don't brand your opposition terrorist.
This is crazy.
So I think Republicans are finally getting that the Democrats know that they've Lost the public's will.
There's been a major political realignment.
Doesn't mean Republicans are our saviors, but my God, the Democrats have gone to seed.
They're on foreign payrolls with the Chinese, communists, and others.
And I don't think, just like Venezuela, people tried to vote out Hugo Chavez.
You saw what happened.
I mean, this is a real authoritarian takeover.
Not just shutting conservatives and nationalists off the internet, now taking their businesses, their bank accounts, taking them off cable TV.
I mean, you can see that it's already here.
And now I've got a stack of news.
We'll show it for the Professor Leafs.
With them literally saying, we're in a civil war.
We need to arrest all the Republicans.
The former Deputy Director of the FBI said all the Republicans are basically terrorists.
This is apocalyptic.
You've got the Attorney General, you quoted, if you don't even know you're in a conspiracy, but you hate it, you're going to jail.
That's not in the statutes yet.
You know, I was stunned.
I hadn't paid any attention to what Merrick Garland said on the anniversary of the January 6th event, and it was brought to my attention just the other night.
So I looked at it, and I was in shock.
I'd always felt bad for Garland.
I thought that his vote, or his nomination to the Supreme Court, was at least owed the courtesy of a vote.
Cowardly, not to give him one.
But when I saw him shaking in his boots, as it were, in fake rage on national television, basically calling everybody who didn't agree with him a terrorist, I thought he was unhinged.
So I called a friend of mine who recently had been in the Justice Department at a senior position, and I said, what's your take on this guy?
Is he out of his mind?
And how do you unknowingly participate in a conspiracy?
That makes zero sense.
That sounds worse than 1984.
Yeah, no, it is.
It just can't happen.
And there's a scienter, a mental state requirement to conspiracy.
It's what's known as a specific intent crime.
You have to have the conscious objective to join in a criminal enterprise.
You don't do that unknowingly.
In order to commit a crime in the United States, two things are necessary.
You have to have a prohibited, you have to have a mental state first of all.
A culpable mental state, and you have to commit a prohibited act.
What's a culpable mental state?
Intent in some crimes, recklessness in others, there is criminal negligence.
But unknowing, not doing anything, is not going to support a conspiracy charge.
Well, he does.
He really did.
So this friend of mine said, look, the mainstream media is not covering this.
He knows this friend of mine that I work for, Mr. Jones.
He's no supporter of Mr. Jones.
But he said, you guys got to get the word out.
The media needs to cover this.
The criminalization of dissent appears to be on the Justice Department's menu.
So this is an unprecedented power grab.
Darren, why do you think this is happening?
Well, I mean, the larger context of it for the false narrative of January 6th and otherwise is to advance this domestic war on terror.
I think that's been clear for a long time.
And so January 6th, to the extent that they can frame it as this Trump insurrection and not the Fed's erection, which fundamentally I think it actually was, they can effectively smear over half the country as potential or de facto domestic terrorists.
And therefore marshal the full weight and force of the American national security apparatus to silence and crush them.
Perfectly said.
So the outlawing of your opposition, the classic authoritarian move.
All right, Doc, finish up on that point.
I shouldn't have interrupted, then we're going to let you go and I'll talk to you Monday.
We really appreciate your work at Revolver News.
Well, I think I've said all that I wanted to say on that, but I look forward to coming on Monday and further discussing some of these cases.
Well, let me ask you this, because you really get my... Go ahead.
You really get my attention though.
Are you predicting that they're going to try to get some of these people to now lie about us to get out of jail?
I wouldn't be surprised.
I think that's one possible avenue that they can use to justify why they're not ultimately pursuing the seditious conspiracy charge to trial and conviction.
All right, doctor.
Thank you so much.
In the case of Stuart Rhodes, I think the others are a different story.
So I'm talking specifically about Rhodes.
Yeah, because most people on Oath Keepers are great folks, and I think Stuart's still innocent until proven guilty, and we're going to have to suss all this out.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, Norm, I really appreciate you spending so much time with us.
I'm going to try to give you the floor right now, because I'm always interrupting.
You have so much to say.
And then I've got some articles and things I want to go over here with you.
But I mean, this is just an unprecedented, surreal time to be alive for me.
I know that personally.
And just the news today of MyPillow getting their banks taken away because of the FBI.
I mean, I've heard the report, the bankers saying it.
And all of this, and you've got DirecTV taking off OAN like a week, it was about a week ago.
Biden said they shouldn't be on TV, to take them down.
I mean, I guess he just says, I don't, who will rid me of this terrible person?
I guess it goes back to Shakespeare's rendition of Julius Caesar.
I mean, this is really obvious what's going on.
First they came for Alex Jones, then they came for my pillow, then they went for One American News, and they'll come for you next.
That's how I feel.
If we are all terrorists, unless we toe the party line, that's a dystopia.
You know, you and I may disagree about some of the vaccine politics, but my view is people have a right to consent or not about what gets pushed into their bodies, and the government ought not to have the right to tell people you must do it.
But there is a republic of virtue taking place, and there is a new requirement for orthodoxy, and the Bill of Rights is threatened.
There's a fascinating new book that just came out involving the new Civil War by Stephen Marsh, M-A-R-C-H-E.
I encourage all of you to read it.
It's a light read.
I read it on an airplane ride on the way here from the East Coast to Mr. Jones' office.
Marsh is a Canadian author, and one of the things he said in the book is, you know, maybe we need to have a new constitutional convention in the United States.
Now that might have sounded like good news to you.
But I think what Marsh meant is we needed to abandon the Bill of Rights.
That the Bill of Rights stands now as a principal barrier to what's necessary for collective action in the name of existential threats, in his view, such as climate change and so forth.
But here's the agenda.
There are public health emergencies that have been declared in any number of states, including in the Northeast, where I'm from, Connecticut.
And under these emergencies, governors have asserted broad executive powers.
Other things, and those powers include the ability to require mask mandates, to close schools, to shut businesses, to restrict commerce in the name of the health, education and welfare of the people.
Joe Biden tried to do it with a national vaccine mandate as to employees, private employees.
The Supreme Court put a lid on that for the time being.
There'll be full briefs and argument later in the year.
What's at stake here?
What's at stake here is saying that for the sake of the collective, the individual must bend.
That is what the debate is about right now.
That is the next wave in constitutional law.
And if you look at the history of constitutional law in the United States, you'll see there have been several waves.
The founding of the Republic and the creation of the Bill of Rights, that's wave number one.
The Reconstruction Amendments, 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments, that's wave number two.
The creation of the New Deal state or the administrative state in the 1930s, that's wave number three.
The fourth wave, our wave, is the creation of a national police power in the name of the public good.
And it will be justified to empower government to deal with collective threats such as global warming or climate change.
In some people's minds, guns.
In other people's minds, so-called systemic racism.
And you'll see a move for reparations, which I predict will reach the floor of Congress in a significant way within the next two or three years.
And the claim will always be that in the eyes of some elite, there are things that are necessary for the
collective good that must be done and we must empower government to do it
regardless of what the individual thinks.
Now when I listen to Alex when I come down here, Mr. Jones, you know I hear him talk about globalists and global norms.
And there is a gathering tide of thought among elites, technocratic elites, scientific elites,
UN elites, policy elites, that says there is one right answer
to questions that if those questions are properly framed, that right answer can be determined by an elite
and the public welfare is assured by assuring compliance with those answers.
That I take to be globalism.
And think about it this way.
As luck would have it, in 1776, when our republic was created,
Adam Smith also wrote "The Wealth of Nations"
and he warned against centralized power with respect to the economy.
He said that the utility, the happiness, the satisfaction of individuals was better served by the invisible hand, a metaphor he used, of the marketplace distributing things globally.
Are we in an era now where artificial intelligence permits us to do things that make the invisible hand an outdated metaphor?
In other words, does big data now have the power to crunch the seemingly infinite number of data points associated with us all to come up with an algorithmic solution to how best we should live?
The optimal speed limit, so to speak.
Now, you're saying, wait a minute, AI, give me a break, where are you going?
Take a look at Henry Kissinger's new book on Artificial Intelligence.
It came out last year.
He co-authored it with two other individuals, and I don't recall their names.
But look up Henry Kissinger, Artificial Intelligence, and you'll see it.
It's a fascinating intellectual history about what's going on with AI.
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the ability of a machine to teach itself to do things that we don't know or we can't do ourselves.
What you will learn in that book is that we are now governed.
We now live in a world where many decisions are made or many solutions to problems that policymakers must decide are resolved by machines, by machines that are crunching enormous amounts of data, coming up with solutions But we don't know how the machines are doing it.
And we don't ask too many questions about how the machines are doing it because we're satisfied with the answers.
Give me enough to eat and I won't care what the delivery algorithm looks like.
Keep me warm enough and I'll be happy with however the house gets heated.
I think that what individuals crave and the genius of the American system has been the ability of individuals to decide for themselves what makes them significant.
To decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated.
To decide for themselves, as Casey versus Planned Parenthood once put it, their own fundamental conception of existence or meaning in the universe.
When you get the state, and you get policy elites at the state, local, and national levels, and international levels, making those decisions for us, that, my friends, is dystopia.
And that is what we're seeing as we enter the 2022.
Beautifully said, Norm.
And that's why you do your own great podcast.
Tell people about that.
Then we're going to hit some more news and wrap this up for this incredible Saturday broadcast.
But wow, the one thing I would add about AI, They'll talk to some of the high-level Google people and some other folks at the Pentagon about this.
And they said, listen, everybody says that no one knows how it works.
And everybody says, we're not sure how these chips are getting made or whatever, because it is the computers figuring out how to make it better and better.
But we program these for the outcome we want.
And so it goes back to Enron.
Now, 30 years ago, in California and other areas, had all fake computer trading and fake screens.
There's real screens with fake data.
And they would go, oh, this is what's happening.
We're energy trading.
They were in the back just making up whatever they wanted and stealing sometimes $3 billion a day.
So what I'm saying is, a lot of this is like the Wizard of Oz, the curtain.
And so they're telling you it's AI.
And they're telling you it really did this.
But really, they're just behind the scenes.
And here's a great example of that.
And I told one of the top AI experts in the world this when he was down here in Austin recently visiting.
I'm not name-dropping, it's true.
I'm not going to say the guy's name.
I had one of the top AI guys in the world had dinner with him and Joe Rogan.
And he was going the next day to meet with Elon Musk out of his space base.
I said, you know, Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, says that an ant's brain is more powerful than the best AI.
He said, well, yeah, currently, because it knows how to read pheromones, and has everything programmed in it, and it's all incredible, and such and such.
But, you know, and he had his answer about how, but what the ant's doing is not, you know, overall that important.
Well, that was just basically like, yeah, just like Bloomberg says, what's a farmer do?
They just stick a seed in the ground, it comes up.
It's a lot harder than that, folks, okay?
And you've got the perfect land and all the rest of it, yeah, okay, it might be great, but most places it's hard.
It takes a lot, and there's a lot you deal with, and you deal with the corruption of who you're selling it to and how to get it there.
Farming's hard, okay?
That's why most people can't do it.
But I went on and said, you know what the most powerful AI is?
It's the most simple AI that interfaces with humans.
And I said, what is the most powerful system in the world, separate from the internet itself, that humans are interfacing with and working with and that we're having great success with?
And I said, it's a system that's 100 years old.
It's the traffic lights.
And I said, the best AI is a system that knows how to interface with humans and make our lives better, and it's simple and works, but also doesn't take our liberty.
And the traffic light system is the perfect example of individual organisms in a group, collective colony organism, interfacing with the machine to make our lives better.
But instead of these AI systems, they're pre-programming them for the outcome they want, and then saying to everybody else, oh, it's science, just do what it says.
Well, it may be, but I think of it in a more homely way.
If you say to your computer, I want to be healthy, wealthy, and safe, those are goals that we all want.
And the computer goes out and arranges your life such that you wake up the following morning strapped to a gurney in a bomb shelter with an opium drip in your
arm after the machine has robbed a bank and put all the money in your account.
You got everything you asked for.
You just didn't get it the way you wanted to and you got it in a way that makes life
together impossible.
That was beautifully said.
Say that again because that's the old people of genies.
I don't know if I can.
You would ask a genie, "Can I have 50,000 pounds of gold?"
And it would jump it on top of you.
You got to say, "I want you to place over there, away from me, the 50,000 pounds of
You got to say, "I want you to place over there, away from me, the 50,000 pounds of
You can't take from people the right to have them make their own decisions and have them be satisfied.
Because it turns you into an idiot.
A zombie, yeah.
And I think that was the appeal of the zombie movies not too long ago.
There's something happening there.
What it is, it's becoming clear enough to us, this election cycle.
But we're becoming zombies and we're living in a world, we're living in a digital dystopia where we're delivered items and expected to be happy.
And people have the brainpower, I've noticed.
They could have three degrees or no degree.
They choose to just decide what they want to believe and just be lazy.
They go, no, no, no, I'm not listening.
You know, I spent a good part of the spring during the pandemic when we were locked down in New England rereading 1984, Brave New World, Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, and others.
And what I learned is the following.
In every dystopia, what the author does is he takes some element of experience and exaggerates it, and makes it become the dominating factor in a particular society.
And in each of these novels, what's interesting is the protagonist decides, if I went along, I could be happy.
But going along isn't good enough.
I want to make my own way.
And that's what the American way has been, and that's what the Bill of Rights has done.
Well, in most dystopias, both real and fictional, Try to give you rewards if you submit.
If you really look at this, you submit and then it gets worse.
Well, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.
Right now it looks better because you get the bing, bing, bing, bing, bing points in the great electronics machine.
Here's a Google censorship meeting.
Ten minutes ahead.
Norm, let's go over some articles together.
How does that sound?
You like this commercial-free format?
It's a lot of pressure because we got to keep talking and we don't get a chance to say, how am I doing?
Norm, you're kicking ass.
Oh, all right.
All right.
I wrote some notes up here that I wanted to go over.
I wrote these up Friday, but never got to them on air.
It's just a quick outline because this isn't Alex Jones.
This isn't me after talking about myself.
This is what they're coming at you with.
Everything that's being done is what they're trying to normalize.
Prior to DC events, August 28th, 1963 MLK and more than 200,000 demonstrators took part in a march on Washington for freedom and jobs.
The march was successful in pressuring JFK's administration to initiate a strong federal rights bill in Congress.
This is not domestic terrorism.
We were wanting to have a 10 day review that Senator Cruz was putting forward that was legal and lawful, that Pelosi proposed before four years earlier.
They didn't get it either of this Senate review.
That's legal and lawful.
They're saying it's terrorism to put pressure on government to get what you want.
No, it's terrorism to threaten groups and individuals with violence if they don't do what you want.
But we're not doing this.
So how do you balance Declaration of Independence says I have a right to stand up and fight back if I decide this government's bad versus the Well, there's a line, and that's the fundamental concept.
It used to be the case that you could appear in Washington and march without fear of governmental recrimination.
Because there's kind of a compendium of ideas there.
Well there's a line and that's the fundamental concept.
It used to be the case that you could appear in Washington in March without fear of governmental
But what you could never do was go and become a hooligan and break into the building and
threaten to kill somebody.
never been permitted. What this administration appears to have done is say everybody is a
hooligan. And that's the frightening thing about what Garrick Marland, uh, Merrick Garland
has said.
Well that's right, yeah, because 700 people went in and a couple hundred attacked the
leash. You're all guilty.
Yeah, so let's ban soccer in Europe because who knows what might happen if somebody gets
drunk and goes to the bar.
That's just not the way it is.
You know, protest is as American as apple pie.
I mean, there used to be people burned in effigy in public squares in the United States.
If you did that now, it would probably be called incitement to commit violence.
Well, Thomas Jefferson said it.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
I don't want to make people fear me, but they're trying to make me fear them.
Well, and that's what's called, from a First Amendment context, chilling you in the exercise of your First Amendment rights.
If you become afraid to speak, then we all lose.
And so the call to patriots now is to not be cowed and to have the courage of your convictions.
You know, civil disobedience is often misunderstood.
Sometimes people disobey the law to show that the law is wrong.
That was the point of Martin Luther King's arrest and his famous letters from a Birmingham jail.
Is the next round of protests in Washington going to be deemed civil disobedience?
Are we going to have to submit to arrest because we merely went to Washington with a black... Well, you saw the Washington Post saying protesting the vaccine mandate is terrorism.
Yeah, I saw that, but that's illiterate.
I mean, for one of the nation's premier newspapers, a newspaper I think that said, as part of its advertising banner, democracy dies in darkness in the bad old days of Donald Trump, for that newspaper... It even says it above it!
What's crazy, think of the oxymoron.
Oh, there it is, yeah!
Democracy dies in darkness, but close your eyes everybody and roll up your sleeves and get the vaccine or we'll call you a terrorist.
We can't take a screenshot of it just as a meme and say, no caption needed.
Democracy dies in darkness, don't you protest the terrorists!
That opinion is absolutely asinine.
And when Tom Cotton wanted to write something about the use of the Insurrection Act during 2020, there was virtual palace revolt inside the New York Times.
Double standards matter, people.
If you can't feel free to speak your mind without recrimination, why live here?
Well, I mean, a lot of the left has become so radicalized, and they're a minority now, that they feel like, oh, we're fighting Nazis and evil.
We've got to do whatever it takes to beat them, and then we'll bring the freedom back later.
But that's not what this is.
This is corporate behavioral psychologists getting you on board with doing bad things, and they're not going to ever put it back in Pandora's box.
I hope you're wrong.
Let's get a few more of these.
I hope you're wrong.
Number two, when Infowars attended prior rallies in capitals and the governor's mansions in Austin, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Georgia, where Representative Vernon Jones invited the crowd into the capital of over 500 and it was peaceful, Columbia, South Carolina, Richmond, Virginia, not to mention two prior large rallies in Washington, D.C., there was no violence at any of these events.
In Richmond, Virginia, 20,000 armed protesters were outside the capital and held a completely peaceful rally.
That was attended as well.
None of these events were conspiracies or sedition or domestic terrorism.
And I'll just be honest.
I traveled so much then, did so many rallies.
It's a little scary being in a crowd of a million people or 200,000 or whatever.
And you kind of just switch off and you just think, well, the police will handle it or we're all here.
But January 6th was different, and they were there, and they were waiting, and they provocateur at bare minimum, and the police were half man that day.
And then the FBI had a huge team there watching the Capitol.
They stood down and let a handful of people attack the first police.
I mean, come on.
You got, you send out like 15 police to try to stop a crowd of thousands trying to come into Capitol.
This was obviously bare minimum norm standout.
I don't know enough.
I mean, I'm reading into all this to prepare for Owen's defense and, you know, given the events of the last week and Garland's attitude and the mainstream media's attempt to whip up vitriol as to you, we're preparing for a bigger fight to come and I'll know more as time goes by.
My take on what happened on January 6th in the Capitol is there's a crisis of public confidence in institutions in the United States.
Call it a crisis of legitimacy.
We've got red states, blue states, families that cut their Thanksgiving and holiday dinners short and didn't talk politics because they can't bear to look at one another across the table.
That's wrong.
And so we had an election that many people were deeply disappointed in.
Donald Trump got a record number of votes but lost.
Joe Biden got the biggest record.
So we had one of the highest turnouts in the nation's history.
More people voted.
There was a lot on the line and many people were deeply disappointed and thought the election was stolen.
I don't fault Donald Trump and his legal team, of which I was not a part.
for pressing every lawful avenue that they had to contest the election.
And if part of that involved putting pressure on Congress to ask for a 10-day hold or a 10-day freeze
while irregularities were investigated, ladies and gentlemen, that's part of the democratic process.
And you have a right to go to Congress and say, "Hey, hell no, something's wrong here."
I think the election was stolen.
You have a right to have that opinion.
And Democrats always did that.
It's crazy how everything they called for now they say is illegal.
Here's another one.
We tried to stop the violence on January 6th.
It's all on camera.
And again, I'm not setting myself up as a hero, but compared to the FBI, that was, you know, you're going to see a thousand armed ones were all secretly there.
I saw them as soon as they wanted to boil out.
As soon as the main crowd got the message from Trump to leave, as soon as that was happening, I was already leaving.
I saw all these paramilitary coming in.
I said, we got to get the hell out of here.
They cleaned that place up very quickly.
I mean, they had like seven or eight state police at the Georgia Capitol who just threw They knew it was a nice crowd, but they still didn't want stuff to get out of hand because a few rowdy folks caused a problem.
Those guys had such Marine Corps drill sergeant presence that everybody didn't even think about anything.
Imagine if they'd have had all those paramilitary there that day.
If they'd have just showed up when 20 dudes were breaking through five cops, this wouldn't have happened.
I'm not sure I've ever been able to tell this story on the air for you, but you know, right after January 6th, your office called me.
It might have been you for all I know.
I was sitting in New Haven in my office.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Alex was inspiring and inciting people to terrorism.
I don't recall the date, and you had video to prove otherwise.
Now, I happen to know the reporter who I won't name here, who was one of the people who reported this at the Wall Street Journal, and I had his number.
I called him up.
I said, what are you doing?
Read the quote from memory.
He's like, the coward Jones stood on a vehicle, which I was on a vehicle, hundreds of yards away, out of the rubber bullet and tear gas, telling them to attack.
And so I said, you know, I've got a video that says otherwise.
And so I sent them the video and they called and they were at least honest about it.
They said, we were right there.
We thought we heard him inciting people.
That is the classic example of confirmation bias and the classic example of what's wrong with the mainstream media's treatment of Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is not a monster.
He's not a terrorist.
He's asking questions that if you're listening to this, you want answers to.
Well, he does have a potbelly, though.
But I mean, seriously, and I get some of their quotes.
They go, why does he say USA, USA?
You're great.
Now leave.
They wouldn't listen.
I'm like, leave, leave.
Don't go on.
You're going to get killed.
I'm like, USA, USA.
Let's go see Trump on the other side.
And the left goes, he was directing them to attack the other side.
No, that's where we had a frickin' confirmance!
And that's where the coverage in the last 24 hours becomes particularly concerning.
Because what I suspect people like Media Matters are doing, and hi guys, nice to see you, is trolling through everything that Mr. Jones has said, and looking for the incendiary rhetoric so that they can say, look, this reflects his true motives.
His actions, however, those were the false flag.
So if Mr. Jones claims something's a false flag, he's a conspiracy theorist.
When they say it, well, that's a larger truth.
But my whole history is not being violent.
I don't think there is any history of violence.
Now, you know, some have said, well, you know, but what about that half-track you wander around in?
That is a dramatic prop and it catches people's attention.
But there have also been occasions when you've been out in public and you've been attacked.
And so, you know, you don't shrink from expressing your point of view.
Police have armored vehicles.
That doesn't mean they're planning terror attacks.
Well, you know, so crazy world, crazy times.
So, number four, Jaden X is still walking around supposedly awaiting trial over a year after he was inside the Capitol and on camera clearly trying to incite the crowd.
Pelosi defended Maxine Waters when Waters called for protesters to be confrontational in restaurants and gas stations and malls.
And Derek Chauvin is acquitted.
In 2016, Pelosi guaranteed that Trump would not be president.
Many Democrats under Obama deferred, defended rioting, looting, and arson as nothing more
than peaceful protest.
Kamala Harris supported a bail fund for bail rioters who had committed looting, arson,
and hacking people with hatchets.
She got them out of jail.
I'm not bailing out arsonists.
Now Attorney General Garland is saying the GOJ will come after any patriotic Americans,
whether they were in Washington on January 6th or not, and whether they knowingly or
unknowingly participated in what Garland and the DOJ call a conspiracy.
I know you already covered this, but I had to watch this clip like 10 times when he said it.
This is unprecedented.
What the... He didn't just put that... I mean, he reads off a teleprompter in there for no reason.
What does that mean?
That sounds like a total declaration of war and it's illegal behavior.
I'd return Garland's comments with a rhetorical question.
Why not apply that standard to the people who routinely attack the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon?
I mean, there's far more violence against federal property in Portland on a weekly basis than took place in Washington on January 6th.
I get it.
The Capitol is a special... They've been shooting up the Seattle ones and shooting up the Border Patrol.
I get it.
The Capitol, the United States Capitol, is a sacred symbol of our democracy.
I get it.
The peaceful transfer of power in this country is one of our distinguishing characteristics.
I get it.
If somebody tried to use violence to stop that, there should be legal consequences.
But there is ongoing, regular, coordinated, planned, concerted violence in some of our cities to this day.
Where's the DOJ on that?
And is Nancy Pelosi too busy pulling the gelato out of her freezer to pay attention to what doesn't serve her?
I don't really want to hear about that desiccated scarecrow.
I want to see some federal action to protect federal property on the West Coast.
I totally agree.
And obviously that's about the collapse of civilization.
That's why they're doing it.
I'll be back tomorrow.
4 to 6 p.m.
on Sunday Live.
You and I had breakfast this morning at my house, and you really agree with my plan to take off up to a month.
It's just got to be done.
Well, I mean, do you really want me to talk about what we talked about this morning?
That's the attorney-client privilege.
We're on the air here.
If you've announced that you're going to take off, look, here's what I said to you, and you invited me to say it.
Take care of yourself, Alex.
You know, right now you've become a lightning rod for controversy in the United States.
If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others.
Many people look to you to stand at the barricades and say, look, what about this?
What about that?
Take a little bit of time to reassess.
Do your own reset, because we're going to need you in the months and years to come.
Well, I'm going to take some time off very soon.
It'll be this week or the next few weeks, but I've got to do it just to totally put the phone away, the computer, do nothing, not respond to anything because I need to decide what I'm going to do because...
I mean, it's so dangerous now.
Everything we do, and any mistake we make, they're going to use to really destroy the country.
Because we do have so much power.
And as they say in Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.
I am recognizing that.
And I told Joe Rogan this morning, I'm not going to get into the details of it, but I said, I'm going to do a pivot here, and I'm going to even take off some time to show people how I never take off.
When I take off a week, if it becomes a huge national news story, like where's Alex Jones, I'll probably take a month off, folks.
And it's about me getting ready, me getting prepared, but it's also about the seriousness for everybody to say this isn't about just being on TV or the radio.
This is dangerous times we're in, folks.
And we all should be having a gut check, everybody, and asking ourselves, what are we going to do?
Because if they're able to trigger a civil war like they're saying they're going to do, then it's going to be the smokestream for the financial collapse that they're trying to cover up.
Jesus spent some time in the wilderness before he ultimately accomplished what he was sent here to do.
Take some time, Alex.
I don't want to compare myself to that, but I think all Americans should.
I mean, here's some of the headlines right here.
I've got a whole stack of news here, Norm, where they are openly saying that their civil war is imminent, and they're going to have to arrest all the Trump supporters, and now they're putting concrete barriers up behind the fence at the White House.
I mean, what are they getting ready for?
Well, there was a time in this country where a member of the public could walk right into
the White House.
I remember reading a story about somebody wanting a job from Andrew Jackson, and they
walked in to talk to him.
Now you can't get within a couple blocks without a passport and clearing armed guards.
We're becoming strangers to ourselves, and that's dangerous.
Cicero once said that a republic wasn't just any collection of people, it was a people bound together by common conceptions of right and common interests.
We've lost our common conceptions of right.
We need to refine them, we need to regroup.
We don't need violence, we need reason and we need to come together and we need to call out the elites who are attempting to divide us for profit and say to themselves, this is our country, not yours.
All right, Norm Patus, we're going to end this transmission with a seven, eight year old clip about dehumanization and Soylent Green, because now a bunch of states have passed Soylent Green laws where they grind up the humans and then put them into the produce and help grow crops with them.
And they're putting nanoparticles in the food.
We covered that hours ago now here, but it's very, very important.
So we're going to end with that.
And again, if I'm able to be on air tomorrow, you never know these days.
I'll be back at 4 p.m.
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Because when the FBI shows up and goes through your bank accounts, they're like, what's going on?
Well, we're not going to tell you, but it's a terrorism investigation.
You know, boom, you're off the air.
We've been able to survive that because we were already waiting for this and ready.
But we are entrenched back to our final redoubt.
And that's okay, because we knew we'd be here in this time.
And it'll probably be a big wake-up call, not because I take off a month on my own.
That's kind of me foreshadowing to everybody that, hey, this is the end, folks.
And so I am going to take off at least three weeks.
Very, very soon.
And it's going to cause a big hubbub, and we intend it to.
But it's also because I need this time to really meditate and focus and pray and decide what the best course is.
And they got human cloning going on.
They got human-animal cloning going on.
They created the bioweapon.
They're injecting our children with this garbage.
I mean, this is a very, very serious time.
And I've got to get right with God and everything else.
So I want to thank the crew for the amazing job they've done.
Norm Pattis, thank you so much.
Thanks for having me.
Anything else?
60 seconds you want to add at the end here?
It's commercial free.
We've got lots of time.
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All right, Norm Pattis.
OK, here is that report that I mentioned, an oldie but a goodie.
It's very nightmarish.
It's happening.
And then hopefully you will share this video report because that's the real magic.
Thank you so much.
Good luck and God bless.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat for UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
UK. They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
The secret of silent reign.
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, big Bilderberg Group company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor.
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that credit for medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way!
The scoops are on their way!
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We gotta stop them!
That is my secret name, Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle, for food.
They'll be breeding us like cattle, for food.
You gotta tell 'em.
You must understand.
The groups in control know that we are awakening.
Their plan is to create a society where everyone is controlled by a singular force or power against our free
In that way, you're forced to follow their rules or else you're stripped of whatever rights you still have.
They want you to think that you don't matter.
And that's exactly what these sick and twisted elites with a demonic agenda want you to think.
But if enough people make the decision that they can't fight back against corrupt powers in charge, then without a doubt, we can defeat these power-hungry elites.
Now, the question is, how do we do this?
Get access today to Reset Wars at ResetWars.com.