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Name: 20220112_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 12, 2022
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses various issues such as potential problems with COVID-19 boosters, concerns about vaccine mandates and eviction of unvaccinated children from Ronald McDonald House. He emphasizes the importance of free speech, basic human rights, and promoting immunity with products like Vitamin D3 and Survival Shield X2 Deep Earth Crystal Iodine. Jones also warns about global social credit scores and COVID vaccine passports being implemented under the guise of safety measures. Furthermore, he encourages listeners to prepare for future supply shortages by purchasing storable food.

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And the wheels are coming off the New World Order.
The House of Cards has collapsed.
The problem is they war-gamed all that in spars.
John Hopkins, Rockefeller, U.N.
drills three years before they launched the attack.
And that's part of their plan.
Though it's not going exactly the way they want it.
So here's the headlines, ladies and gentlemen.
They are incredible.
GOP Oversight Committee House Oversight Committee releases Fauci emails further proving he covered up lab leak.
And then it gets even more intense.
What's in the documents?
Ivermectin works throughout all phases of COVID according to leaked military documents.
For those that don't know, the U.S.
military is the biggest tester of drugs and chemicals and compounds out there.
There's two ways to get drugs basically approved.
You can have them approved through the FDA or by the Pentagon for emergency use.
And look, it continues right here.
With all the other giant developments that have now come out.
That again, major insurance companies report 40% increase in deaths, higher than any other previous death grouping in modern history.
And then you have a major Canadian document out of a major university in 100 plus countries, 145 nations, showing exact same numbers, 40 to 45 percent increases in death worldwide where the shots are given.
The countries where they're not given, which is only just a few, nothing's happening, nobody's sick.
It's all there.
And it gets worse.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, January 12th.
Stay with us.
(upbeat music)
When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety
in a sense that things don't make sense, we can't understand it, and then their attention
gets focused by a leader or a series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis.
They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.
Mass psychosis, also known as group mind, mob mentality, or herd mentality.
Before modern civilization, we lived in herds.
And in order to survive in the herd, we conformed to the herd.
This is where mass psychosis all stems from.
The most popular examples of explaining mass psychosis are typically angry mobs and violent riots.
But these are merely the end results.
Mass psychosis begins when the individual mind starts to identify as a member of a group based on any unifying factor.
The unifying factor doesn't even need to make sense.
For many people, the feeling of unity is enough.
Our ego mind innately craves acceptance and by default will instinctively conform to whatever group it perceives to be the majority.
In order to successfully conform to the group, the individual must put aside personal intuition and follow the guidance of the group.
This makes a person highly controllable, and spiritually stifles the individual, which causes them to crave group acceptance even more.
Man's disposition for mass psychosis has been written about for millennia, most notably in ancient scripture and philosophy.
And we all experience this as human beings, whether we reflect upon it or not.
Plato argued that due to the nature of group mind, democracy always leads to tyranny and subjugation.
His concern was the lack of good leadership, and philosophized on ways of solving this.
In 1895, Gustav Le Bon published The Crowd, wherein he explains the key processes for cultivating mass psychosis, anonymity, contagion, and suggestibility.
This work is known to have influenced world leaders, businesses, and tyrants, of which the ethics has been written about for decades.
And yet, AP and Reuters outrageously claim that mass psychosis does not exist, when it is in fact the corporate media apparatus to which they belong that makes this all possible.
Waging psychological warfare against a group of the population who believes the media would never lie to them.
This is why the term mass psychosis is arguably a better term than group mind or mob mentality.
A change in the field of consciousness occurs.
A devolution from divine inspiration into primitive hierarchy, which has no place in a civilized society.
And yet, here we are.
Without mass psychosis, today's leaders would have no power.
Just like advertising, everything about politics is about cultivating mass psychosis.
Whereas the individual pursuit of happiness has inevitably led to beauty and innovation, creating and controlling groups of people, which has been the biggest power play on earth for all of recorded history, almost always leads to death and destruction.
The science and study of mass psychosis could be used to enlighten humanity by educating the individual about the power and potential of the human mind.
But today, the very same corrupt media being used by wealthy elites to divide and enslave us, says there is no such thing as mass psychosis.
Mass psychosis is humanity's burden to outgrow.
It is why we accept the lesser of two evils.
Many of us are well aware of the frailty of man and the civilized world.
The great psychologist Carl Jung's warning to the world was that the individual must come face to face with their own shadow.
In order to accomplish this, one must liberate themselves from the collective.
And until enough of us do, Society will continue to be led by tyrants and ignorant mobs.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is leading the way to expose the globalists.
Tell everyone you know, tune in now.
The main transmission starts in 60 seconds.
Been getting a lot of psychic turbulence, as I know all of you have been the last few Weeks, because we are going over the top right now, all of us together.
The globalists are attempting their total criminal, big pharma, biomedical state takeover.
But humanity is not having its will broken by this.
Humanity is awakening.
The Great Reset is an attack on the Great Awakening, the Great Third Phase of the Renaissance, launched 576 years ago.
576 years ago.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be completely honest with all of you.
I've been cracking up on air.
Not cracking up making jokes.
I've been breaking down on air.
And I'm just going to be honest again and just say that's what everybody should be doing.
If you're not freaking out, if you're not extremely uncomfortable, if you're not going through a lot of real introspection, And if you're not really shaking at the very foundations of your psyche and your soul and your will, then something is totally wrong with you.
Now this morning, Just the news that came out today is even more devastating than the day before.
That was more devastating than the day before.
It's just every day it's all coming out in the open.
And then you see the head of Pfizer quarterbacking this eugenics attack, the greatest mass murder in human history.
And it's just getting started.
Laughing and giggling.
And declaring it's a genetic revolution to fix humanity and fix all of our DNA, and that it's a forced takeover for our own good.
I mean, this is a dystopic science fiction movie of all science fiction movies, and we're living in this horror.
Now, here's what's happened.
And this is why we've reached the point of the event horizon.
Or no return.
They are not getting away with this right now.
And there's no way they're going to get away with it.
Unless they launch a giant nuclear war, or unless they do a big cyber attack and claim terrorists did it and take down most of the power grids and let civilization degenerate for a few months and basically collapse.
Because a couple months of no power, you're going to have a road warrior situation, and it'll be very hard to ever reverse it.
So you think we're winning, and I think we're winning on the surface politically, it looks like it.
My spider sense is never been at this level.
I told you it was 10 times what it previously was yesterday.
It's like 20 times today.
And so I just pray to God to give us strength and discernment and give us a calm spirit.
And to please help me be a calm, nice person.
Please, Jesus.
And I just think everybody needs to understand that this is a spiritual attack.
This is good versus evil.
And what we are witnessing is The beginning of the rise of the Antichrist and everything else that's going to follow.
I mean, you are now entering the great birth pains.
I don't know if they'll go 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.
They intend to have their world government in total place within 8.
And 80% of us dead.
And those are all official numbers now.
When I look at this news, I start having an anxiety attack.
If I was given A letter that had a thumb drive in it.
And I put the thumb drive in and it was my neighbor butchering a child in their basement.
I would start hyperventilating.
I'd probably throw up.
I'd call the police.
I would have a panic attack.
I don't have panic attacks a lot in my life.
I've been in car wrecks where people I was with had arm cut off, blood spraying everywhere, totally calm.
I've been in all sorts of stuff.
But this mass evil on this scale, if you aren't completely freaked out, there's something extremely, extremely Wrong with you.
Absolutely wrong with you.
So the reason I'm saying all this is I have all this show planned.
I have all these clips, all these documents, all these incredible things.
And I am having trouble doing the show.
And again, I don't say that as some type of big event on air.
Like, oh, look, he's having trouble with the show.
I mean, this information is all confirmed.
And what it signifies is the end of civilization as we know it.
There's a 40% increase in worldwide death indexed by nations that give the Pfizer or Moderna shots.
Major insurance companies confirmed 40 to 40 plus percent death increase in 145 nations.
And that's just the start.
They really did it.
And I have family that rebelled against me.
Just for rebellion's sake, and that took it.
And they look so sick and so bad now.
And that's the thing I haven't talked about because it's personal, and it just, it just tears my guts out.
And then there's the frustration level of seeing the left that are so deceived spiritually.
They think this is all funny and cute, they're getting Pfizer money.
Down to low-level YouTubers.
They have a few thousand views.
I mean, it's just watching the people go along with it and get hurt by it so bad.
It is the Great Delusion.
You know, almost every time we hear a Gregory's report, I say, well, that was his best report.
Well, all of them have just been over the top.
But the one that we just aired the first five minutes that some stations don't carry is so incredibly powerful.
We can put that on screen.
I'm going to ask listeners to go and get it and share it.
It's got 13,000 views, went up a few hours ago, needs 50 million views.
The truth about mass psychosis.
And it's just short five minutes.
Crystalline Veritas.
So, let me just, let me just try to say this very calmly then.
Because I was out to write for the show, trying to write a show headline, and it was, what's happening is so incredible.
That just hit me like, this is actually happening.
And I know you know that, I know I know that, but has it sunk into your cells that there's a 40% death increase worldwide for the first time since they started counting those numbers 100 years ago?
With the scientific fashion?
40% death increase and it's not from COVID-19.
You can take those numbers out, they're not even 1% of it.
We are watching premeditated mass murder.
So let me tell you what's going on.
Now this already happened months ago, but now the official government came out to cover their ass and did this.
And that's in the SPARS drill they did a few years before they launched this, that once it comes out they're killing everybody, then they've got a way to spin it and claim it's an accident, and then that collapses civilization and collapses confidence, which is good to, quote, lower the carbon footprint.
Because when the public finds out that they've been killed, they're going to now die slowly.
And they've got this all actuaried out, it's so sophisticated.
That's why in certain regions and certain areas, they give you Saline.
In others, they give you the standard mutagenic injection.
And in others, whether it's Pfizer or Moderna, it's been confirmed.
I have the articles here.
They soup it up to be hyper-mutagenic, where you'll have cancer within weeks.
Very aggressive cancer.
And so that way they can kind of mess with the studies and go, we don't know why these people are all fine.
These are all dying.
This has been well planned out, and I've been studying it in depth long before they launched it, but now to be inside of it?
This is just incredible.
The balls to do this.
Now, on my own end, I can tell they're getting ready to make a move against everybody before the midterms, because I haven't talked about the dirty tricks and the things that are going on against us, just that I know of.
And it's not that I'm personally worried about me or InfoWars.
I care about the operator.
I care about the crew.
It lets us know the timetable we're in right now and also just adds to the urgency of every broadcast could be our last.
I will never quit.
I will never surrender when I throw fits on air and You know, say I want to quit.
It's because at that moment I do because I'm so sick of focusing on this evil, but we have to stop it.
And the Bible says the beginning of knowledge comes with great sorrow.
And with great knowledge comes great sorrow.
But I'd rather be alive and informed and know what's going on and know who God is than be deceived by these people, which is much worse.
But I'm gonna do my best when we come back, folks.
It's just, I haven't scratched the surface.
It's just unbelievable.
It's all confirmed.
They are mass-murdering people all around you, and they've got all these people to sign on to do it, who think they're doing well, who aren't gonna be able to now admit what they've been part of, and that's part of the PSYOP.
Welcome, my friends, to the final days of the American Republic, the final days of civilization as we know it, the Great Reset, the Great Culling.
I remember General Stubblebine, former head of the Army, warning me in person, and then many times on air, that they had this plan ready through the vaccines to start the depopulation.
And his wife, of course, was a medical doctor that served heads of state.
And there's been Hollywood movies made about him.
He ran the secret government projects.
And he's dead now.
You think Burt Stubblebine told the truth?
Yeah, he told the truth.
And he had to basically hide out in the jungle when he released the information because they tried to come and kill him.
They never came back to the US after that, after they came on my show.
They had to leave.
So that's the type of sacrifice people have made to bring you this information.
This isn't a game, folks.
We knew first that it was nanoparticles they were synthetically releasing, thanks to General Flynn.
Former head of Defense Intelligence.
Former National Security Advisor.
You think these people just make stuff up like this can risk their lives?
No, ladies and gentlemen.
The House of Cards is collapsing.
EU government officially admits COVID vax destroys immune system.
Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee has released thousands of pages of documents proving Fauci completely committed perjury when he claimed he was never involved in gain-of-function research.
The DARPA and Pentagon documents released by Project Veritas confirm not only did Fauci secretly develop COVID-19, But they knew that Ivermectin was the miracle treatment before they released COVID-19.
I wrote that right before I went live 25 minutes ago.
We should probably add that the Congressional slash DARPA Pentagon documents because that's a huge story in and of itself.
And then each piece of that is massive.
And that's only the tip of the iceberg.
Congress released last night Thousands of pages of documents that they've had in the Oversight Committee about the giant illegal program run by Bill Gates, Fauci, and Peter Daszak for Obama going back 12 years ago, about a year into Obama's administration.
It was a big scandal in 2015.
This is very well-known stuff.
This is like them on the news saying, The Buccaneers have nothing to do with Tampa Bay.
Everybody knows.
And you're like, you're gaslighting me.
The Buccaneers are in Tampa Bay.
No, they're not.
They're in Wisconsin.
You're like, no, that's Green Bay.
The level of lying is insane.
But that's all they've got is the gaslighting and is hoping you don't check into the fact that you've been lied to or that you signed on to a fraud and that you've now been hurt and maimed and may die.
Because that's just too scary that they broke the social contract with you.
That'd be like if kids started getting on school buses in the morning and the school bus drivers suddenly all over the country just pulled guns out and started shooting kids.
People wouldn't know how to deal with that because that's the social contract being broken.
And it's the same thing when Big Pharma and all the news and Congress are telling you this shot's good, take it, but then it makes you sick and erases your immune system.
And then the Pentagon, it turns out, knew that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but it's particularly ivermectin, is good throughout.
Infection, when you're sick, and helping you not be sick.
So, we have crime upon crime.
But the big news is, courage is what?
Courage is what?
It's infectious.
Globalist told me many years ago, Jones, they'll never wake up.
They're animals.
They don't care.
You're a fool.
Keep trying.
They'll destroy you.
And yeah, some of the public are like rats.
They are trying to destroy me.
Trying to save them.
But it doesn't matter.
A large group of people of every race, color, and creed care about the truth.
And when they are faced with the hard facts, they are waking up and taking action.
So I bet on humanity.
I bet on you.
And so far, Despite the biggest gaslighting hoax in history in this takeover, and all the attacks, and all the censorship, and all the bullying, it's backfired, and you're not submitting yet again.
You're getting out of that comfort place, that coma you were in, and you're waking up and getting pissed.
And I salute you.
So I'm gonna calm down, I'm getting calm now, and I'm gonna come back next segment and cover all this news in a linear line.
All this news in a linear line.
as best I can.
But it's huge.
I mean, just that piece that Congress has the power to release classified information if that committee sees fit.
And they did.
That Fauci ran it and suppressed treatments and created the virus and went to the Pentagon and wanted to release it in 2017 and 2018.
We told you that a year ago.
Those documents were out then from people inside the project that were compartmentalized and went, oh my God, we did this on purpose.
I'm going to release this to whistleblower groups.
And they did.
And it was all real.
We went and checked and confirmed it was all real.
And now it's all confirmed.
Not just by whoever gave it to Project Veritas.
Probably Congress itself.
And then Congress wants it safe for them to release it after James O'Keefe hit the barbed wire with all the death threats and attacks he's under.
Then it gave them the courage for the right thing.
I can tell you about James O'Keefe.
He's in the same boat I'm in.
Grand jury's open all over the place trying to indict him for something.
I told you back over that diary of Joe Biden's daughter, his sex slave, it looks like, that they raided him to get information about Pfizer and Peter Daszak and Fauci and the Pentagon documents.
They were not raiding him over that.
He wasn't even involved in it, really.
You know, they gave it to him and he didn't want the diary and never published it.
Others did.
That's on record.
But he's had to put a video out saying he will never commit suicide and I want to say the same thing.
I'll never commit suicide because I'm not trying to brag here.
I'm bringing this up so you understand what victory is.
It takes James O'Keefe being willing to get put in prison or die.
It takes Alex Jones being willing to get put in prison or die.
It takes Joe Rogan waking up.
It takes Tucker Carlson waking up.
That's what men are supposed to do no matter how high The punishment could be.
Because we have children to defend, and we have a civilization to defend, and we're not going to be like all the establishment lawyers and globalists that Pfizer and the inside globalist death cult thought would go along with this and they could gaslight us into submission.
Yeah, you may have manipulated and brainwashed half the public into going under Stockholm Syndrome, but you didn't work on us.
all you did was get us fighting mad.
So I intend to bring these people to justice legally and lawfully.
And they intend to stage terror attacks and power outages and civil wars and all this other crap to try to smokescreen, but I just want to ask everybody that works for the system.
You know you're signed on with evil people and you know they don't run this country with any legitimacy and you know going down the road they've built is going to destroy civilization.
So it's time for everybody to repent and turn back to God and start doing the right thing and not just being Machiavelli of what you think will make your life better or we're going to lose everything.
live from Austin, Texas.
And the wheels are coming off the New World Order.
The House of Cards has collapsed.
The problem is they war-gamed all that in spars.
John Hopkins, Rockefeller, U.N.
drills three years before they launched the attack.
And that's part of their plan.
Though it's not going exactly the way they want it.
So here's the headlines, ladies and gentlemen.
They are incredible.
GOP Oversight Committee House Oversight Committee releases Fauci emails further proving he covered up lab leak.
And then it gets even more intense.
What's in the documents?
Ivermectin works throughout all phases of COVID according to leaked military documents.
For those that don't know, the U.S.
military is the biggest tester of drugs and chemicals and compounds out there.
There's two ways to get drugs basically approved.
You can have them approved through the FDA or by the Pentagon for emergency use.
And look, it continues right here.
With all the other giant developments that have now come out.
That again, major insurance companies report 40% increase in deaths, higher than any other previous death grouping in modern history.
And then you have a major Canadian document out of a major university in 100 plus countries, 145 nations, showing exact same numbers, 40 to 45% increases in death worldwide where the shots are given.
The countries where they're not given, which is only just a few, nothing's happening, nobody's sick.
It's all there.
And it gets worse.
How many times did I tell you this because I was reading the literature and interviewing top scientists?
I mean, it wasn't hard to figure this out.
Like, hey, don't take cyanide.
Here's how it kills you.
You can go read a paper on how it kills you in about 30 seconds.
Well, you can also go to top scientists about why they never made a common cold vaccine, because it causes autoimmune responses and all sorts of organ failure.
But if you make a super virus and then you inject into people the spike protein or order the body to manufacture it, that creates colonies of toxic spike protein that your body then attacks throughout yourself, eating holes in your capillaries and in your veins and arteries and in other tissues.
And that's just that area.
The cancer-causing nature of this is spectacular.
And we knew exactly what would happen.
We had all these scientists on a year and a half ago, and then it came out last year, early last year, that they posted on the CDC website all the things they predicted it would do, including cancer, microcarditis, heart attacks.
It's all right there.
They knew months before they rolled it out in America.
So see, here's how my brain works.
When I read you this over-the-top article headline that's all over the news today, we could just cover the surface of it and it would be important.
But we're not going to just cover the surface here.
I'm going to explain why they're doing this now and how it's in the SPARS 2023-2028 battle plan, which we did a hour and a half long video on last year, I guess about eight months ago, that now has 5 million views at Bandot Video.
I say the number of views so you can find it more easily, but just type in SPARS and it'll come up for you.
SPARS drill.
So here's the big news of the day on top of the documents coming out from Congress.
President Fauci created the weapon, released it, created the vaccines that actually hurt you.
I mean, it's insane.
Blocked treatments they already knew could treat people.
I mean, this is incredible.
EU warns repeat boosters could weaken immune system.
Oh, Bloomberg!
How many people you know taking off Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and Twitter for vaccine disinfo that these mRNA shots do tend to block a natural virus or even an artificial virus of this type for a few months, but then it's like taking heroin.
You need more and then you have no immune system left.
And that's in the studies.
We didn't just pull that out of our rear end or anything.
Oh, but Pfizer writes the guidelines for big tech of what's allowed to be said and what isn't.
So now, remember what happened about six months ago.
We had the CDC and FDA scientists in three different rounds.
Majority of them resigned when they voted to not approve The injections for children, remember 12 and up, and then for 5 and up, and they would not approve boosters, and said what?
And said what?
It will erase your immune system.
It turns off the killer T's.
The main bulk of your military, your infantrymen.
HIV attacks the key lymphocyte.
It's like the brain bug in Starship Troopers that gives the orders.
HIV kills those.
They're the ones that go out and identify an enemy like a scout and then go and give the orders back.
They're like a scout and a general.
But the killer T is what you see when you have an infection and that pus is pouring out of it.
That's your body rushing troops in.
Those are white blood cells to kill.
They're like amoebas.
They are amoebas.
They just goop, goop, goop, goop, viruses, bacteria, rotten stuff, you name it.
And then all that pus is them dying and defecating all the poison out.
That's what that is.
They're just like Pac-Man.
Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing.
So we knew what was going to happen.
So this doesn't kill your killer Ts.
It just turns them off.
And they don't know how long.
They just know starting off in trials a year and a half ago in England, they're still off.
Looks like they turn them off till they die.
That's not very good, right?
That's not very liberal or loving.
EU warns repeat booster shots weaken immune system.
We knew this from the Israeli studies.
We know from the British studies.
We knew it from our own scientists in the government boards who were pro-vaccine, pro-Big Pharma, everything, saying, my God, this isn't a vaccine.
It makes people really sick.
It erases your immune systems.
In one of the FDA meetings at the top board, remember we covered this ad nauseum.
They said, you will discredit vaccines for generations.
You will discredit the scientific community.
You will destroy confidence in the government and in institutions.
Do not do this.
And they said, we're doing it because they want the collapse of civilization.
You understand?
People are like, well, they wouldn't give everybody something that makes them sick and kills them slowly.
Wow, they'll all go to prison.
They'll all, they don't care.
They're psychotic.
You think the guy in 12 Monkeys when he releases the bio weapon at the airport cares he's going to die?
You're dealing with psychotic human exterminists.
So, this is not new news here.
That's why we've told you thousands of times it erases your immune system.
And we played you clips of their people admitting it.
But giggling at Pfizer and going, well the studies do show, the CEO says, The studies do show it turns off immune system, so you will need most shots always after.
But it is alright.
We have a super shot we give you soon, where you take it and it fixes all your DNA and you'll never get sick again.
So, we'll make... I mean... That's how the CEO talked.
Those are things he's actually said.
And Bill Gates is like, yeah, we're going to have a universal vaccine soon so that all the problems with this one are fixed.
And what did the head of Pfizer say yesterday?
Get that clip ready for next segment.
What did he say?
He said, it doesn't work.
He said, yeah, it doesn't really work.
He said, oh, two shots don't really do anything.
They don't work.
Quote, two doses of vaccine offer very limited protection, if any.
If any?
Oh, if, not even, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, but he's got an answer for you.
And what was it?
More shots, which actually erases your immune system.
See how it works.
And I told you 22 months ago, with top scientists and top insiders from the UN, That this was to erase your immune system and give you cancer and attack your ovaries and attack your testicles and that they would then tell you they're going to have new advanced super shots to fix the damage of this.
And they've done it.
I mean, you talk about a maniac.
The head of Pfizer was on TV.
We played it yesterday saying, We're going to fix the human DNA, everyone.
Pfizer is going to fix you.
You all are not working right.
We're going to fix you.
Yeah, you're going to fix us all right, you psychotic murdering criminal.
My God.
And we know that the three, the two dose of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any.
Nobody connects the dots like InfoWars.
Nobody has had a bigger effect and more devastating victories against the New World Order crime syndicate than we have.
And again, I don't say that when I report to you, thump in my chest.
I tell you, we are bloodied.
We are under attack.
We are in the darkest, deepest dungeons of the enemy fighting them right now.
And only your prayer is keeping us in position.
You're like the gravity in the universe that God's created that holds a star in place.
Without your continued support and spiritual support, we are not going to make it.
That means all of us together.
But I cannot stress to you enough how incredible a moment this is that I understand it's hard to deal with.
I'm getting chills all over my body.
I mean, folks, they are literally mass murdering people with soft kill weapons in front of us all over the place right now.
And again, that's the smaller weapon.
Because the evidence is arriving that if you know about this early enough and take ivermectin in cycles, it can basically block it.
And of course the military knew that this weapon was being developed, and of course they were looking at what treated it.
This is before it got released!
Because they knew that the globalists were cooking this crap up.
And I'm not lionizing the military, that's what the documents show.
So there's going to be ways to mitigate this, but do you know what it means when they are launching it?
And when they've rolled it out and when they block the treatments and block the truth, and when they engage in this whole exercise to see what they can get away with, it's a test by this multinational crime syndicate.
And everybody thinks about the world as the Chinese, the Russians, and the Americans.
That has very little to do with it if you actually get to the higher levels.
And Ian Fleming, Was the number two in OSS, and he was number two in MI6 after that, and he was involved founding the CIA, and he wrote the James Bond books.
The James Bond movies are cheesy and stupid, and I'm not talking about those.
The books.
And the books are all about globalists creating bioweapons to exterminate the whole population.
And they're 99% of it, then they re-emerge.
And it's all about Powerful corporations playing countries off against each other to consolidate control.
And Fleming gave interviews saying, this is how the world really works.
He goes, the rich and powerful meet at private estates and other areas and they plan the future of the world.
And he wrote books about it.
James Bond isn't really fighting the Russians, is he?
Or even the Chinese.
It's always Spectre playing them off against each other.
And Spector's real, folks.
Blofeld, the cat.
Look at Klaus Schwab.
Klaus Schwab's the head of the Bilderberg Group.
And the dude before him looked just like him, with a bald head and a white cat and everything.
See, I used to think Hollywood was incredible with their fiction when I was younger and didn't know stuff.
And then I met the Gottis in New York once, and they acted just like gangsters in a movie.
Because the movie's about how they act and not the other way around.
And it's the same thing with these globalists.
They literally have bald heads and cats.
I mean, you just cannot make this up, okay?
And so we have the actual supervillain who has this alter ego of this loving businessman that says you're gonna own nothing and have nothing and like it.
Trying to crash the world economy And our military is about to go into a war with the Russians.
And there's globalists in Russia, and there's globalists in the U.S.
working together to get us into a fight with each other.
That's how Spectre operates.
I'm going to stop right there.
We have a very special guest who's got firebomb repeatedly.
Tommy Robinson is going to be joining us 15 minutes into the next hour.
He's got incredible exclusive breaking news and his new film is going to premiere soon.
We've got exclusive clips of The Rape of England, the new film coming up 15 minutes to the next hour.
And then I'm going to start part one today.
I've been having to talk and do a lot of research and just get my ducks in a row on this because it's so unbelievable.
I'm going to be revealing tomorrow some of the industrial level espionage.
Being carried out against us, which just lets you know the next level of the attack is beyond censorship and beyond trying to get grand juries to indict people and beyond, no, it's beyond that.
And again, people say, well, Jones, how are you handling the stress of them doing all this to you?
We're all in the same damn ship together and it's sinking.
And my children are on board this with you.
I'm not doing well.
Do you understand, though?
You're not doing well.
And we can fix the damn ship, folks, but you've got to admit it is sinking.
So I'm sitting here looking at all this incredible news.
You see this entire stack of news right here is government documents, government reports, congressional release documents, everything.
I'm going to cover it in the first 15 minutes of the next hour.
Canadian University reports, British government reports.
In fact, guys, I can't find it in my stack.
The British Medical Journal report, the one that's waking up so many people, that the vaccine turns off your immune system on the first shot, gives you a negative immune system on the third shot, absolutely linked to infertility cancer.
That was in my stack.
I forgot to have that.
I took it home, I think.
So I want to go over all this and explain what's in the Fauci documents, because we already know what was in them.
It already came out eight, nine months ago.
But now Veritas got the documents.
And now Congress said, no, those are real.
Here's these.
It's the same documents.
I haven't talked to James other than text messages.
He hasn't told me who gave it to him.
But I mean, it came from Congress.
That came from Congress.
I'm going to leave it at that because I have other sources.
So good luck, FBI, trying to indict him for having secret Pentagon documents because it came from Congress.
And I can just tell you that.
Now, Let's just pull back here a little bit and just let this settle in.
We're going to look at what's really in these documents coming up, and we're just going to hit five points, because there's hundreds in them, but five of them.
They created the virus.
Months before it was released, they prepared the vaccine makers to begin manufacturing it, and then to act like they just suddenly, a week into it, had the new vaccine.
Total proof of premeditation.
They approached the Pentagon to try to frame President Trump to get him on board with it.
In 2017, he said no.
One reason they flipped out at Flynn.
And a bunch of other key points that I want to make on that subject.
But separately, I'm going to tell you this right now.
They are financially trying to shut down our capability to even receive money from you.
And that's why I'm all in and I sold my house and I'm doing all sorts of other stuff to get all the capital I've got for the big fight going into the future in this year with 300 days today out from the midterms.
We're 300 days out now.
They're going to pull the terror attacks.
They're going to pull the cyber attacks.
They're going to pull pipeline shutdowns.
You name it, to try to mess up that election.
They're going to have more viral releases and say, we've got to have mail-in ballots again.
They're already doing it.
It's very easy to know what they're going to do because they're pre-programming it in the news.
This is the most important part of our lives, your life, my life.
This is the most important part of the fight.
This is when we've, everything else has been skirmishes up to this point.
This is the big main geopolitical battle.
And so I am spending a half my time just getting funding with the satellite uplinks, the bandwidth, the crew, the running operations to pay for all the stuff to keep us on air.
I don't need to spend half my time doing that.
I need the money there.
I mean, I could sell a couple cars, I could sell whatever I've got, and I haven't got that in line, but that takes time and energy.
You need to get products now.
Storable foods, water filtration, air filtration, high quality supplements that boost your immune system, historic t-shirts, films, books to wake yourself up and help wake up others.
Whatever you do, I want to thank you all for your support, but I want to encourage everybody that's been on the fence or bought this or bought that, and sure, we support you, but I need everybody to go to Infowarsstore.com right now, and we need to raise millions of dollars, because I'm several million dollars in the negative.
That's what the news puts out, fake news, that I've got hundreds of millions of dollars.
Total crap, total lies, total BS, okay?
Just to simplify it.
And I've told you.
How much money I have in it?
It's not much, and it's just enough to have in my account and run things.
I don't give a rat's ass about money or status or any of this crap.
I care about defeating these psychotic New World Order people that are after us.
And this is real, and this is historic, and we told you everything first.
It's why they hate us and want to destroy us.
And I'm not a victim.
I'm victorious.
I've already had an incredible life.
I've already taken on tyrants.
I've already had great victories thanks to you and all of us together.
And I thank God for the opportunity to be where I've always wanted to be here, fighting these tyrants.
You understand that?
But now, this is the big fight, and I don't want to go in there politically and financially malnourished and dehydrated and cross-eyed in this most important battle.
I need to go in there ready and fired up.
I'm using the analogy of a business and operation.
Hydrated and strong and with a good night's rest.
Because I love this time.
I'm ready for this time.
I hate what's happening, but I love the fact that we've got a chance to fight back against these people.
But this is it.
So get your Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
Get your X2.
Get your Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
Get your Ultimate Bone Broth Formula.
Get your bodies.
It's all there at InfoWarsTore.com or AAA253-3139.
Get a Molon Labe shirt.
Come and take it.
Because this is it.
This is their main assault.
This is the New World Order takeover.
This is the takedown of our economy to break your will.
And we got a good chance of stopping these folks.
And we've got a lot of tricks up our sleeves and a lot of backup infrastructure, not just for us, but other people.
If this goes to the next level of this thing and information warfare, what are we going to do?
Believe me.
There's a lot of stuff we've done that we never got credit for, for a reason, and a lot of tricks up our sleeves.
But I need money to prosecute this war against these people.
So, you want to stand up against them?
Take action!
Don't sit on the sidelines!
We've fired the bat signal, the SOS.
Get the products you need now and keep the info on the air in the most critical time ever at InfoWarStore.com!
We'll be right back!
Joshua in Texas.
Joshua, you're on the InfoWars War Room.
Go ahead.
Right on, man.
You guys talk about the New World Order a lot, and my dad was the first to expose it.
I have been banned from Vandock Video.
First of all, I wrote down that Randall Wilhite, Alex Jones' lawyer, went on record saying that Alex is a showman and just playing a character.
Second time I got banned, I said that Mark Randazza is a lawyer for the Church of Satan and now your First Amendment lawyer.
Next time I got banned is that I proved that you guys sell your products on Amazon, giving Jeff Bezos a cut of your profit.
They say you guys have to sign non-disclosure agreements.
All the employees.
So Alex actually bans your free speech.
One hour later... Josh the Troll!
You can't get Patriot Points on Amazon!
Hey Josh the Troll, I have 5,000 Patriot Points!
How many do you have, Josh the Troll?
Josh the Troll!
You need some garbage hill!
Josh the Troll!
And imagine conservatives are like pieces at the start of the game, spread out everywhere.
And there's not one consolidated place where we've got a mash to then be able to have a base to launch an attack and take over the next area.
But the globalists have taken over the cities, they've taken over the banks, they've taken over the academia, all of it, so that they have their bases, even though they're selling political death, even though they're selling, you know, sand in the Sahara Desert.
They're going to force you to take it, because people don't even know they're in a fight.
They don't even know that they're in a war.
And so what did Harrison Smith say?
He said we've got to have a base.
You've got to have a place that you're masked, and that's why they target every base we've got.
They infiltrated it and took over the NRA and destroyed it, basically.
And I haven't talked about the inside baseball because it's so sad.
It's still straggling along, barely alive.
But that's a whole other show.
They tried the same stuff with us.
I mean, intelligence agency tactics, you name it.
And we survived, by the grace of God, and loyal people.
But it's been hell.
It's been rough, okay?
Let's just say, when all this stuff comes out, if we ever survive this, it's going to be unbelievable.
So we need a base of operations, ladies and gentlemen.
I had his tweet here, but he makes a really good point.
But here's another meme I saw that I think is really, really important.
First, we overlook evil.
Then we permit evil.
Then we legitimize evil.
Then we promote evil.
Then we celebrate evil.
Then we persecute those who still call it evil.
And that's Isaiah 520 says, Woe or look out unto them who call evil good and good evil.
And that is at the left.
I don't know what else.
So This is a very, very important time, to say the least.
And, I remember, I remember listening to Dr. Yidan and Dr. Wolfgang Wudarg, 18 months ago, they were already saying, we've looked at what's in this vaccine, it's not a vaccine, it's going to cause blood clots, heart attacks, infertility, everything that happened.
Because they're scientists that do this for a living, they know.
And then, sure enough, the CDC documents said the exact same thing.
They knew it and did it.
So I was freaked out then.
But, you know, if you go back 22 months ago, I was like, yeah, they're going to try to force inoculations and use that as the reason to clamp down and create a global ID, because in their own documents they were admitting all that.
But the one area I was wrong about was that they would roll out an immediate shot That would cause massive illnesses right away.
And death.
But they did.
And I started to figure that out when it started over a year ago in the UK.
I went, oh, that way everybody that gives their kids the shots, themselves the shots, they've learned when they get traumatized, they Stockholm out.
I call it Stockholm-ing out.
I'm not a psychologist.
I just notice these things in life and give them names.
But they Stockholm out.
Stockholm syndrome out.
They just go, I'll take five more since I'm feeling sick.
God, I feel really bad after I took that.
I'm dying.
But the answer is more.
So Harrison Smith says it all in his tweet, I'll put it up on screen again, that just picture the USA like a map and risk or total war.
First thing you see is the conservatives, while still powerful and numerous, are spread way too thin to be effective.
The first move would be to consolidate forces.
Expansion only comes after you have secured a base.
That's what communists do.
They take a country over and then suck it dry and they call it exploitation.
They use it to invade the next country.
Always more, more, more.
That's why Democrats get a city, suck it dry, collapse it, use it to take the next city.
And even send out their vagabonds, their leftists are like zombies, but they leave when the left tells them, Austin is now trendy.
And they all run to Austin like zombies and destroy it.
Doing the same thing they did that destroyed California.
But that's how they work.
And this is very scientific.
This is war.
But being aware of it gives you the upper hand.
When you find yourself breaking down and crying in the middle of the night because of the evil, it's not because you're weak, it's because you're strong.
It's because you care.
It's because you're not going to adapt to the tyranny by submitting to it.
You're going to adapt to the tyranny by overcoming it, defeating it.
And you're going to take on the pain of the children.
You're going to take on the pain of the innocents.
And you're going to take on all the responsibility that it takes to do whatever you got to do to crush these people.
Because those aren't tears of sorrow, those are tears of burning commitment.
And your intellect and your mind firing up like big blast furnaces to forge the intellectual and political and economic and spiritual weapons to defeat the new world order.
I don't know about you, but my furnaces are white hot.
And they are busy.
And they are working around the clock.
And my wheels are spinning.
I've always found in my life when I start stumbling and getting upset and that that is actually because my whole mind is working.
Sometimes now I'm focused, sitting in a room in the dark, thinking about the New World Order, how to beat them, and I'll just get totally dizzy, almost pass out, I don't like it, get nauseous.
And it's because I am just totally facing everything.
And people go, oh, Jones, you look old, you look worn out.
I am wearing myself out fighting this.
I intend to wear myself all the way out.
I'm not trying to put potions on my face and have pretty hair and candy ass around and live longer and work with the system.
That's not who I am.
I'm 110% going up against these people.
And I'm taking it all on.
I'm not trying to not have responsibility.
I'm not trying to not care.
I'm not trying to be you little sociopathic Hollywood people.
I want it all!
And that doesn't mean I want the jets and the fancy cars and the castle on the hill.
Because all that without liberty is empty.
I mean, I want to experience it.
I want to actually be the one on the other side of evil that says, I'm not with you, and I'm going to give you a real run for your money.
You understand that?
I look at that CEO of Pfizer, and I hate him more than Bill Gates.
Cool, he is an arrogant, murdering criminal.
And I look at him on TV going, oh yeah, there's almost no help in the shots, if any, unless you take more.
And then he brags how he just took over 15 plus more biotech companies and now he's gonna fix your DNA and we're all broken, but this guy's gonna fix us.
I mean, imagine if your wife told you, your husband, you know, you're broken, I'm gonna fix you.
Only I can.
You'd be like, you've gone crazy.
But it's some creepy, most corrupt pharmaceutical company in world history, pays the biggest fines, who runs your government, who had your government sign secret agreements, that took this crap up at the Wuhan lab and tried to set the Pentagon up by having his agents go to Trump and others and get them to sign on to open-air releasing COVID-19.
And then when Trump didn't sign on, They went ahead and did it themselves, but oh, Trump would still be in office if they could have gotten him to sign on, because then they could blackmail the hell out of him.
See, that's why they don't like this show.
We don't just tell you a year before anybody else exactly what's happening, and it turns out exactly as we told you, and all the Pentagon documents and the Congressional documents and all of it.
We are telling you how the rest of it works.
And that's what they don't want you to get a grasp on.
They want you to join in on their corruption.
This was a giant 14-year-plus Manhattan Project-level operation run by Obama.
He's as high up as we go, and Bill Gates, who all hang out at Jeffrey Epstein's house on his island, cooking this up and then shopping it around to get the U.S.
government to sign on to it, because the globalists are what?
They're China-philes.
They want China to take over.
So they were gonna cook it up over in China, get Trump to sign on to open air releasing it, claiming it's a bat study.
Blame Trump for its release!
And God knows do what to this country, but it didn't go exactly the way they wanted.
And now the Pentagon and DARPA and Congress have released all the documents.
And that's good, because that's what I told Rand Paul and Senator Cruz and Josh Hawley and Cotton and all the rest of them.
I said, if you do not release all this, and you've heard me say it, it's not about us bragging that we're powerful.
It's dangerous to have this power.
That's why they want to shut us down.
You notice Tucker Carlson went after him.
And got instant results on January 6th with Cruz saying, yeah, it's an FBI operation, which it is.
See, those of us that are moral have to understand that we're doing this just the right thing to do.
We've got to let the other people that sit on the fence like Ted Cruz and others, and Rand Paul for that matter, know, hey, you went along with the poison shot, buddy!
It's coming out, it's poison!
You better get on the right side now and stop all this and we'll forgive you.
But you've already started to cross the line that if you don't get out and expose this now and help bring these people down and stop the killing, then you're going to be held responsible.
And it's not because we want to hold you responsible.
It's not because we want to be over Senator Paul or we want to be over Ted Cruz.
We just want you to protect the people and not be jerks.
And not have Ted Cruz, it looks like, selling out a Texas-U.S.
refinery to Pemex down in Houston.
Can't you guys just stop it?
I mean, look, I was sent a photo yesterday, I forgot to send you guys, of Big Mike, Big Daddy, with Rand Paul's wife out at a party.
And I mean, it looks like Michael Jordan is standing next to his wife.
I mean, it looks like she's like an eight foot tall linebacker or something.
And I mean, obviously, this is part of the little sick joke, you know, we have a four-star admiral that runs Health and Human Services and it's a man and all this.
And yeah, it is a man, folks.
We've known it.
We've seen it.
The scientists have seen it.
You look at the shoulders, look at the body.
She walks around with her flaccid, unerect genitals are like six inches long.
I mean, you know, it's just a joke!
It's all a joke on us, because these are transhumanist folks, and this is just the beginning of making us accept what they do, and what they say, and how they operate.
The whole trans thing was a MIT CIA operation, and DARPA's heavily involved, and Obama was raised by the CIA, and his nanny, Was a, quote, transgender.
So that's what all this is, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all just a big joke on us.
And I don't hate some man because he wants to, you know, have a long hair and all this.
But, you know, we even have photos of him when they were boyfriends there in Chicago.
And I mean, it's Big Mike.
And again, imagine the power the globalists have over people that you got a first lady with these adopted kids that isn't even a woman.
Didn't even have the genitals removed.
And they go, Caitlyn Jenner is the greatest woman in America in Time Magazine, stealing that from real women.
This is the murder of reality, the murder of the truth, and this is the fraud.
In fact, let me just show you the photo.
This photo is absolutely insane.
This is a real photo.
When I saw this last night, I couldn't believe it, and I went and looked it up, and it's absolutely true.
Overhead shot, please, guys.
There you go.
Alex Jones caught looking at trannies again on his phone.
There's one right there with Rand Paul's wife.
Right there.
And another senator's wife.
And again, this is how they all get together and it's all friendly and there she is with Big Mike.
And the point is, they represent the political group that came and broke his ribs at his house and tried to kill them in the streets and tried to shoot them at the baseball game.
And here we are with Big Mike.
Lord of the King Cobras, got a King Cobra in the pants, and it's just all a sick joke.
It's all a sick joke in our face, ladies and gentlemen.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
It's all a fraud.
It's all about teaching you a fraud.
It's all about making you submit to a fraud.
I mean, Obama is married to a six-foot-three woman that's got shoulders as big as an NFL linebacker and all that goes to the beach with a giant penis in her pants!
And the reason I'm covering all this is it's just an example of how it's all like.
Well, Tommy Robinson Has really fought the tyrants and the globalist takeover unlike anybody else in the UK and then all over Europe now and he's been put in prison multiple times for exposing giant child kidnapping sex rings that were confirmed per town to include
Thousands of men and in some cases hundreds of girls being gang raped as young as six, seven years old and then being murdered and butchered and sold in kebab shops to get rid of their bodies.
He first talked about that over a decade ago.
It now came out in the news in the UK.
They always call it Asian men, but it's it's Pakistani men, but there's also Anglo men, white men, that are some of the managers, it turns out, you know about the royalty and the pedophilia, that are having the Muslims manage these harems of sex slaves.
There's Tommy, a few years ago, when he'd been in solitary confinement, in a basically majority Muslim prison they put him in, trying to kill him.
So he's been through hell.
He recently got firebombed, that was confirmed, but the media tried to erase history.
He's got a new film coming out.
We'll play you the trailer that deals with the rape of England.
That's why it's called The Rape of England.
That's coming up next segment.
But Tommy, it's been hard to get you on.
I know you've had to travel around for your own safety.
They tried to acid attack your family.
We showed footage of them.
Antifa come to your house, say they're going to kill you.
Now you've been firebombed.
We'll show some of those images in a moment.
I mean, they are really scared of you.
And now the good news is everything you exposed 13, 14 years ago, It's good to be on, Alex.
It's good to speak to you again, man.
next door to a kebab sex shop they were running.
And you have now been totally vindicated in spades.
So good to have you on and we salute you.
It's good to be on, Ali.
It's good to speak to you again, man.
Where to start, because you've been off the radar quite a bit.
Then I hear about your house getting attacked, fire bombings.
I mean, they are really after you.
So I did.
Just watching that video there of me with Tucker Coleson reminded me as well.
So I watched that video recently.
I come out of solitary confinement, I've done two stints of solitary confinement in the space of 12 months.
I spent months and months on end, and I didn't come out in a good place.
So it took me quite a while to get back to myself.
And the purpose of putting me in solitary confinement, the purpose of that imprisonment, was to stop the public being aware of the level of the rape jihad that's happening in our country.
Now, I don't like to let them win, and every one of their tactics was to break me and stop me, so I wanted to come back with something that was a punchback.
So I spent time making a film, I spent 12 months sitting down with the girls who were taken, they were kidnapped.
I've got multiple victims.
I've sat them down and I've listened to their story for three hours, four hours, five hours, sometimes twice, sometimes three times.
I've built a database of the men who raped them.
I have 200 names in this one town alone.
And then I've cooperated the stories with it from one victim that doesn't know another victim.
And once we've got three victims, we then go after the perpetrator.
But in this story and in this investigation that's took us 12 months, We have allegations of corruption against the police.
We understand from every victim we speak to that there is a level of police working with the gang, okay?
That is why in the town I've looked into of Telford, we have the police investigation identified 200 men.
They only prosecuted 11.
So whereas the rest of the world is looking on thinking that Britain has started to deal with this rape jihad against our daughters, it hasn't.
What they've done is they've took a town and in each town they've given a handful of convictions.
A handful.
When we have hundreds of men.
My investigation on the shoestring has clearly identified hundreds of men and we have got the victims and at the end of each story... So I've put this into a five-part series.
Because I want to let each girl tell their story.
They deserve that.
They've been failed by society, failed by the police, failed by every single agency that was put there to protect them.
And I want to give that girl a voice and a platform, and I want to let the British public make their mind up.
So I go and find the men, the men who are alleged to have raped them, and I give them their right to reply.
I go and find the police officers, and I give them their right to reply.
The police officers where there's allegations of corruption, we have witnesses and multiple witnesses who witnessed some of this corruption.
So, that's what the film is.
This is the first series called The Rape of Britain.
And since we released it nearly two weeks ago, there's been seven fire bombings.
One of them was my vehicle.
The gang started targeting our victims and their families.
We've had to relocate the families, the police, and there's recordings of all of this.
Okay, so let's just slow down because a lot's going on and you've got a Bandit video channel that I pay attention to, but I was thinking that a part two of the Rape of England's coming out soon and then another film, but you're saying part one is already out?
No, part one, that's the promo that we're about to watch now.
Part one is an hour-long movie about a victim, a courageous young girl called Nicole.
Then we'll have part two, then we'll have part three, then we'll have part four.
And it's all looking at one town of Telford.
And it's examining what the police have done, what they haven't done, who's got dirty hands, who the allegations are against from the Pakistani Muslim community, but not just them.
Who has dirty hands in the police force?
Because there's so many people right now sitting in our country who are enjoying their pensions, who are sitting there with their pensions, taking their golden handshakes after knowing that our daughters were being kidnapped, knowing they were being tortured, and actually accommodating and facilitating.
So our film is about Making sure, and what I want, what I know, is when this film goes out, there's going to be a lot of worried Pakistani rapists in Telford.
Because they don't know who's going to star in number two, they don't know who's going to star in number three.
And that goes for the police force as well.
That's right.
Let me say this right now.
I saw you on Steve Bannon as well, and I'm glad you reached out to us a few weeks ago.
We should have got you on even earlier, but here you are now.
Let's put your BAN.VIDEO channel up on a few places you can find Tommy Robinson's groundbreaking, incredible courage work.
And if you scroll down, you'll see the big Steve Bannon interview right there, and you'll see part one right next to it dealing with all the stuff that's going on.
So you want to see all the censored, blocked information that will literally save lives.
You need to go to BAN.VIDEO.
Which they've banned, banned that video on Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
So then we had freeworldnews.tv is the same link to the same site.
They've now banned freeworldnews.tv.
So the new URL ladies and gentlemen is a key piece of information that I want to direct everybody's attention to that we're going to make a graphic for.
Because I've been hard begging for a week to get this graphic made.
And so when we come back, we're going to show you the URL on air to the new site that isn't blocked by Twitter, that isn't blocked by Facebook, that isn't blocked by all these sites.
So you can go to Tommy Robinson's Band.Video site, because you can type that in yourself and still go there.
But they're banning sharing the links from Banned.Video, so you've got to do it from this new URL that I'm going to build the suspense and play for you and put a graphic up next segment.
But first, Tommy, where do people find you other than Banned.Video?
You're one of the most censored people in the world.
I'm on Getter and I've started using Getter really the last four to five weeks and it's exploded on there and I'm grateful to have a platform now where I can use my voice.
I'm on Getter as Tommy Robinson 1 and I'm on Telegram as Tommy Robinson News.
I'm excited about these films but the sad situation is, as a journalist in Britain, I know these gangs are going to target me as they did.
They firebombed my car outside the hotel that we were staying in.
They have attacked people with baseball bats all in the last week.
They've smashed houses up.
All right, Tommy, stay right there.
Stay right there.
We'll be right back and we'll give folks the new URL.
All right, folks, I have a ton of breaking news and incredible information coming out in Congress about January 6th being an FBI operation.
Congress releasing documents confirming Project Veritas documents that Fauci created COVID-19 and released it with Bill Gates and Peter Daszak on the world.
I mean, I could just repeat that for four hours here, but I'm not going to.
This is bigger than us being vindicated.
Who cares about that?
This tells us that they really did this.
And it's unspeakably evil.
Going back to the one, the only, Tommy Robinson.
Tommy Robinson on news, on Telegram.
He's got multi-part series coming out.
The Rape of Britain.
One of the only places to find it is at man.video.
People say, well great.
How do we share that?
Well, you can't share the URL ban.video.
And then we had other URLs that went back to the same links, and then they banned those.
The last one went almost a year.
Freeworldnews.tv has been around 10 months.
It's a huge URL.
It's everywhere.
And it still works typing it in, and you can share it some places.
But now on Instagram, a bunch of other places, it's banned.
So the new URL is futurenews.news.
Very simple, futurenews.news.
And we just got a really cool URL I'm not gonna announce yet
that everybody's gonna love, that we'll announce the next few days.
That'll be the new one.
But for now, if you want to share his videos, his articles at band.video,
you gotta share it with the link from futurenews.news.
Same site, same links.
It just gives you another index that gets around the censors, and it's very, very innovative.
And thank God we have it or we'd be shut down even more.
Now, I can say, "Okay, I've been sued.
I've been lied about.
I've been defaulted.
I've been demonized.
I've been physically attacked."
Tommy's been in prison literally for, quote, "violating people's privacy
and going and covering courts where they're giving people very short sentences
for kidnapping and sex trafficking little girls."
He is the first main man, going back 13, 14 years ago, to expose us.
So, Tommy, you never talk about yourself, but you always are on the latest case, the latest thing you're doing.
You're like a bird dog, and I love you.
You're just like me.
But spend a little time, for a few minutes, recapping how you woke up, what you witnessed,
what you've gone through, and the now confirmed industrial level with the government using Muslims
to farm and run kidnapped little girls, and it's mainly racially motivated, targeted whites.
And then expanding on that, how they put you in prison over and over again and torture you for exposing
and are now just firebombed your car and have threatened to acid attack your family
and they come to your door and threaten you on the video camera and nothing's done.
Because what you've done is so incredible.
You single-handedly, with your supporters supporting you, but you're the tip of the spear, blew wide open the sex trafficking by Muslims that they then scapegoat and call by Asians, when Asians on average have one of the lowest crime rates out there.
It's not the Sikhs that are kidnapping and raping children.
It's not people from Japan that live in the UK that are doing it, is it?
No, it's Muslims hiding behind a racial title of Asians.
But for me, growing up in Luton, I witnessed it.
So I saw first hand.
It happened to a relative of mine.
She was groomed.
She was hooked on heroin.
Police did nothing.
She was 14 years old, climbing out the window to go back and get her drugs.
She was being raped, abused, once found naked, running through the town centre, taken in by the prostitutes on the streets.
But she was a victim of it and the police did nothing.
When I started my movement of the English Defence League, I started talking about these issues.
And then I spread across the country and I travelled the UK and I met families, daughters, brothers, mothers, all these people affected by it.
So I have seen firsthand the pain and the suffering and what I want people to know, or I want the public to know, for too long everyone's read about Rotherham.
Rotherham is a town in the north of England where 1,400 children were raped by these gangs.
The difference between reading it and meeting the victim, or meeting her dad, and then seeing the heartbreak and the pain in them, or meeting a victim who's a victim from 15 years ago who is still suffering with mental health issues, drug addiction and suicidal problems from the abuse she faced.
So when you meet them, you feel something that you don't get by reading it.
I want to bring that feeling to you.
I want everyone to not read, and I said it when I first went on Jeremy Paxman, which is the biggest political debate show in the UK, and they're talking about, and they're talking about these girls like they're statistics.
I said they're not statistics.
They're not numbered.
They are daughters.
They are sisters.
Whose daughters do you think they are?
Do you think they're just picked up and taken?
They're relatives.
They're people's relatives.
People love those children.
And they feel it.
So a whole community feels it.
So I wanted to bring that to the public.
What I've faced since I've done that?
I was mocked at first.
I was laughed at.
I was sat on TV shows trying to talk about it.
I was belittled.
I was called a fearmonger, a scaremonger, talking about conspiracy theories, talking about all of this.
And years on as we've gone forward, People can see we were telling the truth.
That each time we went onto the street, we were screaming and screaming for help.
Screaming for someone to listen and protect our kids.
And now all those years on, I want to now make the public aware that they've not dealt with it.
They're not dealing with it.
The men that raped our children are still walking the streets.
They're still in our country.
They have done a token gesture by arresting a handful or a couple of handfuls, probably in an agreement with the local imams and the local Muslim community, that some people are going to have to take the flat.
And the only reason why they have to take the flak is because we screamed and we shouted, and every single one of my supporters that follow me on the street to do that, many of them losing their jobs, many of them being imprisoned, many of them being violently attacked.
They played their part in raising awareness of this issue.
This is the most important issue that has faced our country in a debt-in-debt And Tommy, it's not just happening in the UK, it's happening in Ireland, it's happening all over Europe, and here in the US, similar things are now happening.
And we also have the left and big tech promoting drag queen story time.
Half the time, literally, they're convicted pedophiles being given access, sometimes without parental consent, in schools.
So this is a high-tech, leftist-run thing.
Why is the left supporting the sexualization and rape of children?
Why do they love it so much?
This is a system run by folks like Jeffrey Epstein and Steve Jobs' wife.
We've seen the sexualisation of our children pushed through the education system now as well.
We've seen it at a massive level and I don't think many in the British public are aware of it.
They want to take away your rights even now as parents in the schools.
We actually saw, it's a funny situation because it was the Muslim community So they're not just raping you, they're robbing you of your real sexual identity so they form a relationship with you because they got the kid to say it.
This is the new education system.
So they're not just raping you, they're robbing you of your real sexual identity so they form a relationship with you
because they got the kid to say it.
The state now says that the schools down to elementary students in fifth grade or first grade now can form this
weird sexual relationship with your child about their identity.
How sick and freakish is that?
If your wife or husband started telling your five-year-old son or daughter they were in other sex, you'd probably divorce them.
But it's the school doing it.
It's sick!
I actually went up to them.
There was a Muslim man that was leading this.
I went and knocked on his front door.
Because I listened to everything he was saying.
And he was being branded as a radical extremist Muslim.
But he wasn't.
He was a concerned father.
A concerned father about... Exactly.
The Muslims that are against the pedophile grimming by the state, we support them.
That's what I said to him.
I said, I offer my hand in friendship to tackle this issue.
This is a massive issue.
The sexualisation of our children, taking away parental rights, the brainwashing, the confusion at a young... They're talking about six years old they're teaching it.
We've been battling that and battling the grooming gangs.
But the sad thing is, as a British journalist, I know these gangs are going to want to kill me.
They've blown up my car.
I know they want to target me.
My biggest fear?
It's not from them.
It's from the British state.
It's what the British state and what the police and what the authorities are going to do now to try and stop what we're about to do.
There's nothing they can actually do, Alex.
On the 29th, the film will go live on banned video.
But I very much doubt that I will be sitting here or sitting free To do series 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Because when they see series 1, and they're aware of what we have for series 2, we have historic recordings, we have allegations, we have lots of information to give to the public, to let them make their mind up, to understand why these prosecutions weren't brought.
And this has gone on in every town and city.
Stay there, stay there.
We're coming right back to you.
You're not just saying this.
You've been put in prison, what, three times for exposing child kidnapping rings?
We'll be right back with Tommy Robinson, a true hero.
You want to see the real deal, folks, this is it.
He's been in street battles, literally taking on 1015 Antifa by himself and knocking five or six down while they attack him.
That's badass.
Coming up, 15 minutes to the next hour after Tommy leaves us.
We're going to be talking about some of the new news breaking.
Pfizer booster shot listed as cause of death in 26-year-old's autopsy.
Death certificate after work mandated jab.
So that is coming up next hour and so much more.
What an insane time to be alive.
Going back to the one and only Tommy Robinson car headline.
Blown up outside Telfer Hotel in petrol bomb attack.
You see those all over Europe.
When they say, Germans burn 500 cars, or Swiss burn, or Parisians in Paris burn hundreds of cars.
No, it's the Islamic invaders.
I can't go to their country and have them let me live there in peace.
But oh, now I was reading the number one name in Europe now is Mohammed.
So here we are.
Let's just be honest about it.
Tommy Robinson, the filmmaker, the journalist, you were saying, But you believe when the first part of your film, we're going to play the trailer in a moment, comes out here in just a few weeks that they're going to try to throw you back in prison.
Why is that?
because they won't want me to show the public their incompetence, their corruption
and their total failure.
And all of the people have got away.
So they're arresting some of the rapists, but it's not just the rapists here.
There are people in councils and police forces who let them do it,
who knew they were doing it. We have evidence they knew they were doing it.
They need to be brought to justice too.
They certainly need to look the British public in their face and explain themselves.
So I worked this documentary where I sat down with all the victims and some of the stories and some of the footage we've got is heartbreaking.
And then I had to release series one before I'd done the rest because I now have that the final part is to go and find the men.
And we've had surveillance teams out there.
We've located, I've got their addresses, I know where they all live.
We've got their cars, we've been watching them, we've had cameras on them, we've been surveillancing them.
And in the last two weeks, with all these firebombings, all these attacks, since the promotion's gone out, the police arrested our surveillance team.
They seized their computer, their car, their phones, and they've arrested them for harassment.
Their alleged harassment?
A man, an adult male, Pakistani male, who we have 100% DNA evidence, impregnated a 13-year-old English child and did not face prosecution.
He was arrested, but he did not get prosecuted.
All in our film.
He raped her, she went to the police, no further action.
They are saying, the police are saying, that an adult male of Pakistani heritage, who's a Muslim, can rape a 30-year-old English girl and not be prosecuted.
Now, we look at him in the story, we speak to the victim in the story, we need the police's response in the story.
Because they have to answer some questions.
And that's what the film is about.
Why is the left and the police all over the world under left's control protecting the rape and abuse of children?
I mean, we know it's the left's religion, but wow, they're really going for broke here.
Well, the reason being that's been given across the UK, not in one city, not in two cities, but by government ministers, by prime ministers even, is that it was political correctness.
It was through fear.
And fear, as I've said it many times, fear is paralysing.
And fear paralysed every single one of our political leaders and our police leaders into allowing a rape of a generation of young girls.
Fear done.
The fear of being branded as a racist.
The fear of stoking community tensions.
We'll let the English girls get raped because if we start arresting the Pakistanis, we might see riot.
Well, Tommy, that's like whenever there's a racial attack on white people by a person that's not white.
The media literally covers it up.
And again, if white people attack other people, that's wrong.
I expose it.
I care about everybody.
But the left protecting it.
Look at Waukesha.
Uh, where he runs over and kills six people, almost kills 40-something.
They're all white, and then the media says an SUV attacked people.
It's the same thing in Europe.
They'll say a truck killed, you know, 90-something people in East France.
No, it wasn't a truck.
It was a crazy Muslim screaming Allah Akbar.
The media use every incident to push a narrative.
What is the narrative they push every time?
It's a globalist narrative.
Now the reality of open border policies is the things I'm talking about, the stories I present, the films I will make.
That's the reality of open border policy.
What they don't want to tell you is this is heading to America and probably already happening in America.
With Biden's policies of open border, with Afghan and Pakistan and all these other countries and Muslim immigration coming into your country, it's a very different ball to have in Mexican immigration.
It's a whole new ballgame.
You have very small numbers of Islamic immigration, very, very small, and they're educated because of your immigration system, because of how it's been.
Now with Biden's new policies, you're about to see half of Kashmir turning up.
Which is what we've had in the UK.
Now what that brings is hatred to women, hatred to homosexuals, intolerance.
You will see the same mindset.
The difference with me and most people in the UK is I want to examine why 90% of the convictions in the UK for this group gang rape are Pakistani Muslims.
90% are from the Muslim community.
The Muslim community only make up 4% of the UK and 2% of them are women.
To 90%!
So ask us, we have to ask the question why?
And when you try to explore the reason why, when you hold up the Quran, when you look at the teachings, when you look at Muhammad, and you start examining what his view was, not just on women, but on non-Muslim women, on taking sexual slaves, all of these things which totally justify the actions of these men, We're not allowed to ask those questions.
You're simply not allowed to.
One man since Winston Churchill has tried to talk about this issue in our British Parliament, and that is Lord Pearson.
And when he does, he literally gets laughed at.
They laugh and boo.
All of them.
All of those politicians do not care.
They don't care about the world!
Well, Tommy, I think it's worse than that.
We know pedophilia isn't just going on in the Pakistani Muslims.
It goes all the way up to the House of Windsor that is just riddled with Jimmy Savelle, the pedophilia, including the murder of children.
I agree, Alex, and one of the parts of our series for this documentary is not the Muslim community.
We want a look in Telford and in the council and the hierarchies of the council and their links to paedophilia and how many of them are involved.
Did you see USA Today say that paedophilia is not a bad thing?
I saw it, but this is where we're headed.
It's a sexuality.
That's where we're headed.
And to say that to people, if you'd have spoke about transgender like 20 years ago and you had said what would be put being pushed now, people would not believe it.
The next level of their movement is to bring in the sexuality of being a paedophile but not acting on it.
That's what's coming.
The total sexualisation of our children.
And people need to wake up and do something about it.
And Alex, you know how happy I am every time I still see that you're still here?
Because I know what they've done to you.
I know what they've done to me.
I know that you were the biggest target.
I know the censorship of you.
The fact that if your show falls, That is the knock on effect for the rest of the free world.
Because if you fall, everyone falls.
In the United States, I've watched for years.
I've watched the court cases recently.
I've seen everything that's gone on.
I know what I've gone through.
So I know what you've gone through.
But I know how important it is.
So people watching, I just listened to one of your adverts there where someone was having a go at you.
People watching it need to understand that this is needed.
It's needed more than ever.
And every single person watching it needs to support it, share it, do everything you can.
I don't explain to listeners enough that it costs us millions a quarter because we do have like now 10 million views a day at Bandai Video.
We're paying for the bandwidth and we're not even having any sponsors on there.
So it's people buying products that are literally paying.
So all these other films, all these other things that aren't allowed anywhere get out.
And then I don't ever really brag about it because the enemy already knows.
I don't want to, you know, have them get even more angry.
So many times some huge video that goes viral despite censorship and reaches 30-40 million people gets its start at man.video.
There's so many examples of this every day.
And so yes, that's why listeners need to support infowarestore.com because if they don't we're going to be shut down and they are moving against us so quickly.
But Tommy, Talk about your, and we'll go to break, play the trailer, come back and talk more about not just the Muslim angle coming after the children, but the leftist angle and why they're supporting the Muslims doing it.
You have been in jail, you've been in solitary confinement many times.
They've tried to kill you, they've tried to torture you, they've tried to firebomb your house, they've firebombed your car.
What is it in you, just we have one minute, that makes you just never back down?
What is it that makes you different than 99% of people?
I'd love to say it's because I'm English, mate.
It's because I'm English.
I'm an Englishman.
Now, do you know what it is for me?
I've sat down with these victims.
So I sat down.
You're going to see the courage of this young girl.
And I've gone through nothing that they've gone through.
Not one of them, yeah?
And this girl's coming back fighting.
And she's telling her story.
And so I know, and it's not just sometimes I would have felt like I want to step back or I want to sit back.
But I'm in a position where I can give a platform to people.
I can raise more awareness of these issues.
I'd be a coward not to.
So I'd be a coward not to.
So I just... And I'm stubborn as well.
And I know that I'm right.
So I always say... I've had times when even my partner's family have said like, come on, just stop.
I said, am I wrong?
I asked everyone, am I wrong?
So if I'm wrong, why should I stop?
Because of the threats, because of the intimidation, because of the imprisonment.
So I had to get myself ready for this film, because I believe I know what's coming.
I had to get mentally strong, physically strong, because I was worried about what I'm about to do, because what we are about to do... No, exactly.
Stay there.
You're taking one for humanity.
Hour number three with Tommy Robinson, straight ahead.
Stay with us, folks.
This is important.
All right, Tommy Robinson leaves us in 15 minutes.
He's got to come back sooner, but I know he's been undercover the last year working on this multi-part film, so that no matter what happens to him, they put him back in prison, all the other parts get released.
What he's telling you is very clear.
Without Man.Video, it might not be able to get out, but we're going to try to stay on air as long as possible as well.
What Tommy said brought a tear to my eye earlier, not of fear, not of cowardice, but of just energy that he's right.
If they take down Infowars, they have had a huge victory, and that's why they're fighting so hard to do it.
But if they take Tommy down, they've had a huge victory.
So Tommy, this is a shorter segment.
We'll play the trailer next segment.
I'm behind here.
I need to get to it.
But other points you'd like to add to the millions of people that are tuned in right now?
Other points?
Mate, whilst we're on COVID, you know the vaccine?
I think the mandates are simply about getting rid of all the free thinkers.
All the free thinkers will be gone.
They'll be erased from the military, erased from the banks, erased from all the major corporations, and then they'll have every employee as a storm trooper that they want.
So as I watch all this, I think this isn't even about the vaccine.
They're literally going to... You've got to this date and you're going to lose your job, whether it be in the NHS, whether it be in the American government, whether it be in the military.
If they manage that, all the free thinkers are gone.
All the people, and the rest that's left, are the people who listen to them, who abide by them, who believe they're there for their best interests.
Whilst we're on the Covid issue, that's why when I'm watching what's going on, that's what I believe they're doing.
It's just getting rid of the prejudices.
Tony, I totally agree.
At the main level, it's about subservience and domination, and when the vaccine is poisonous, that scares the smart people away to make sure they've got a group of people that are so dumb, they'll follow orders to take something that's poisonous to themselves and others.
And not just follow the orders to take it, but they'll be all the people who are being controlled.
All the free thinkers, whether they be doctors, whether they be military, they'll be gone.
They won't be working within those fields.
So all of the controlled fields that come under the American government will be everyone who's employed.
If they get rid of all the people who won't get vaccinated, they will have got rid of all of the free thinkers within those fields.
I totally agree.
And then what's the next move?
Release a more deadly virus?
Or why are they doing a purge of the military, police and the medical field?
Well, there is one other thing that's benefited, not benefited.
But I think we were like the test cases, because we were talking about Islam and they were coming down on us and the level of censorship and the propaganda and the media and all of that.
But now there's so many people now who are being awoken Who see the same with how they're being labelled as conspiracy theorists, or they're being attacked by the media.
They see the light.
So what this has done is it hopefully has brought so many more people to question what is going on.
And when you start questioning what is going on, your eyes open.
And from my experience, once they're open, you can't close them.
Once they're open and once you realise the danger that we're in, the danger you're in.
If you have children, I look at my three children, I want to hand them down a safe and prosperous future.
And I'll do everything within my breathing body to make sure they have that.
And when you realise now the danger, so with us talking about Islam, that might come in five years, ten years, twenty years.
The problem is the immediate danger.
Is the taking away of our rights and our freedoms right now by the British government, by the American government, with the forced vaccines, with the mandates, with the lockdowns, with all of this.
And do you know the mad thing is?
I'm looking in the UK and looking at who would be the best allies in fighting and battling this.
And they're probably from the migrant background, especially from the Islamic background.
Because we need to look at our immediate risk here and our immediate problem.
And more so to understand the way we have been played as well.
So we're here battling, whether it be white, black, BLM, it's this, it's gay, it's straight.
It's us battling against the Islamic community.
And the whole time we've been played through the immigration system to bring it all in, to cause us chaos, to cause us divide.
And whilst they do that, we're all screaming and shouting at each other.
They are literally taking away every single freedom that every single one of our forefathers fought and died to give us.
It's not free.
When we talk about freedom, it wasn't free.
A generation of men left their children behind and died on beaches for that freedom.
That's how we got it, and right now we're all sitting just giving it away.
You see people queuing up and queuing up and walking around with their masks on, and I just think we are handing away everything like that.
We're handing away things that our forebears fought back, as you said, Englishmen, 900 years of the Magna Carta, 900 years of people getting inch by inch, millimetre by millimetre freedoms that are now being flushed down the toilet in a flash of a Our guest, Tommy Robinson, never gives up and he's got a big film coming out in just a few weeks at Man.Video, The Rape of England.
But he was saying, hey, the Muslim rape gangs, the government covering it up, that's all part of the divide and conquer.
He was saying the number one thing is all over the world, the erasure of parental rights, whether you're in the UK
or blue cities in the US or Canada or Australia or Germany, they are giving small children shots at school
without parental consent and outside of law.
And they're also teaching sexualization of children and telling them about their identity to confuse them.
And then because the child will make believe in role play and say, okay, I'm a boy, but I'm a girl now or vice versa.
Then the school marks your child and begins a sick psychological relationship with them,
telling them they're another sex.
I have a lot of family, a lot of cousins.
They're in conservative Christian areas of East Texas and North Texas.
Suburbs of Dallas and areas, let's just say a couple hours north of Houston.
I have multiple cousins without me even asking when I see them at a family event.
They're like, Hey, did you know that by the way, some people are liberals and they're against it.
They're like, uh, you know, my 12 year old daughter, the daughter's right there.
Like, yeah, they called her in last week and said, you're really a boy.
She's not even trouble.
She's a straight A student.
They go, you're really a boy.
And she goes, no, I'm a girl.
And then they start telling her, no, you're a boy, you know, you're mentally ill if you don't.
And then I talked to other family.
They're doing it.
There's seven year old boy saying you could be a girl.
What is a school counselor calling a seven-year-old in, it's like in the nurse's office, for a quote, well check, and they just do, and then say, oh, you like makeup?
You like dresses?
And then they say, well, sure.
They put it in a book and now start a sick relationship with your child.
If somebody did that to you in a park, if you're in a park cooking hamburgers, and some dude walks over to your eight-year-old daughter and says, I want to talk about your sexuality, you're going to break that guy's neck.
Now it's done by the school and nothing's done. So yes, this is the takeover by the state day one and Tommy
Robinson's dead right.
This is the big issue. Tell us what's happening in the UK because you guys are under the worst attack.
In the city of Birmingham, Birmingham, where they...
And they do it all in the name of tolerance.
So they're teaching our children these things about whether it be about LGBTQ+, whatever it is.
It's all about tolerance.
And I looked at the name.
There were certain books and there was a person in control of the education for the Birmingham area.
And I looked them up and I went back through all of their, what they've been saying over the years.
And one of their words, one of their, and I'll quote them.
They want to smash heteronormativity.
They want to smash heteronormativity.
So, this isn't about tolerance.
This is about intolerance.
This is about... Say it again, it's about smashing...
Male and female whales, male and female birds, male and female humans smash like aliens show up and they smash your reproduction.
That's how they kill you.
And they tell you, we're eugenicists, we're transhumanists, we want to depopulate.
We're going to smash your heterosexual communities.
Well, we're designed for that.
It's what we are.
It's an attack on the species.
It's so damn alien.
And they use our own Our own hospitality against us were, okay, smash my heterosexuality, I'll show you I'm open to you sexualizing my children, you criminals.
No, you're pedophile sick freaks!
This is actually what the Muslims were protesting about in Birmingham and they were labelled extremists by the media and they were shut down.
But what they were arguing against was totally just.
They were arguing against the sexualisation of their kids.
Now, we see this, we saw as well, that they were teaching about self-masturbation.
They were teaching children, age six, about how to love themselves.
Now, I would speak to my six-year-old about masturbating.
How is a school teacher in a position to be sitting, talking to our children?
And all of these things, to anyone listening, may sound insane.
It's like a lot of this.
I had to check it.
I had to sit and research it myself.
See, wow, they are doing this.
And your ability to take your child out of sex education, to take your child out of religious education, it's going.
In Wales, it's already gone, I believe, in Wales.
So again, you're running a business in your small town, see the child kidnapping rings.
You're raising children, they're trying to brainwash them.
They keep messing with you.
You're not out there starting the fight.
They're out there coming after your children.
They are, and you know, for anyone in Britain watching this, we've drew the line in the sand is Telford.
We are going to hit Telford in some way on the 29th of January.
In a way that's going to have the authorities, the establishment, sitting there thinking, I thought we deleted this guy, yeah?
I thought we erased him.
I thought he was gone.
No, we're not gone, yeah?
We're not gone, and we're going to keep hitting that city, and we're going to keep raising awareness until something's done.
Until something's done, we will be that little thorn in your side that keeps hitting you back.
That's right, because if you can stop the state-run pedophile rings in one town, you can stop them all.
I highlighted enough and bring to justice enough.
I said we can go from one to the other.
We're just going to keep with Telford.
And I guarantee you, we will sit on this show and I will be placed with some sort of injunction or some sort of legal route in order to try and prevent me going into that town.
And then when you still defend the children, they'll throw you in solitary confinement or explain they let the Muslims literally piss on you.
It is, but that's when they're in Catch-22.
If they do that, they raise more awareness to our film, which will awaken more people.
My job and my role is to awaken people.
If they imprison me, they awaken people.
Many people would have been turned when they locked me up last time.
I remember saying to them, as I was getting arrested, More people are going to watch this video than you can ever dream of.
Five million people watched that video that weekend.
That's five million people questioning the media.
Five million people talking about the rape gangs.
If that saves one girl, it's worth it.
If it saves one girl.
But the reality is, hopefully we woke up hundreds and hundreds of parents.
So we aren't going to stop, we're going to continue and we rely on every single person to share the information, give us a follow if you're watching this and you haven't signed up to get up, sign up to get up, give me a follow on there.
Oh yeah, tell folks, how do people find Tommy Robinson at Getter?
Getter, just put in Tommy Robinson 1.
Alex, I'd love to get on here more so we can talk afterwards.
I want to, yeah.
Well, let's do this.
I'm going to play the trailer right now as we go out, but I want to get you on Harrison Smith's show, I want to get you on The Worm with Owen, because, you know, I know you've been in the field, you know, undercover the last year.
I rate Owen as well.
And I just want, I've had my time, I've had my rest, so we're back.
Let's go.
You're ready to go.
Well, I tell you, you know, you're what I aspire to be like.
Because, you know, we've been attacked a lot, but you have been put in jail.
You've been tortured.
I mean, I saw you come out of a concentration camp.
Victim lost, like, you know, 40, 50 pounds.
And you've just been through hell.
The Antifa, like, he walks out of a McDonald's and, like, 15 Antifa are trying to beat him up.
You're, like, knocking him down.
I mean, it's just amazing.
And then he gets in trouble.
It's just crazy.
Here's part of the trailer for what's coming out in a few weeks on the 29th, The Rape of England, and we'll be back with a bunch of breaking news.
Tommy Robinson has been our guest and we salute him.
Stay with us.
They have not defended the children of the poor.
They are punishing the people who speak out in defense of the children of the poor.
I look at my kids daily and think, if you wasn't here, I wouldn't be here.
What happened the first time?
I slept with him.
How old was he?
I was 11, Tom.
He had sex with you when you were 11?
So he raped you?
An independent inquiry into the sexual exploitation of children in Telford and Reakin has been going on for well over two years.
The police, social services and councils are refusing to help the inquiry at all.
We are supplying them with 40 years worth of information.
A deliberate attempt to cover up these crimes against little girls for fear of being called racist.
For years children have been failed.
I'm understanding.
A deliberate attempt to cover up these crimes against little girls for fear of being called
They've known what has been going on in that town for 40 years.
They would talk to me about going to meet certain people, not to tell my dad if they
told me to go to that person.
Who was the kingpin?
Who was the main organiser?
I don't want to be living this for the rest of my life.
He was hurt by it.
He got out of the car and he couldn't wait for the police to come.
He needed to.
We go.
Family trees, networks, how they operate, who operates with who.
Just so you understand, as we go along here, we have CPS solicitors, police officers, politicians.
That's the level of connections who are involved and intertwined within these gangs.
There are five dead females.
At the hands of these gangs in Telford alone.
I'm sorry for doing this.
I mean, I have to be 100% before I make a switch.
The Hunters are about to become the Hunters.
This is a cure.
It's come out of his house.
This is the vehicle of one of our surveillance teams now.
The reason why this is so important is because they can get up close.
They have zooming cameras.
See the full trailer and video of the Rape of Britain.
Stay with us.
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So, support your immune system and support free speech and the fight for liberty at the same time at InfoWarsTore.com.
You know, when you're interviewing somebody like Tommy Robinson, a real hero, and you look how much he's demonized and how much he's not appreciated.
It just makes you marvel, because you see a firefighter that goes in a burning house and saves a child, you go, well, that's a hero.
But they signed up for it.
But we really want to be a man like that.
Or a woman who's going to the burning building.
Women do heroic things as well, but we're not supposed to ever recognize that that's really been men's traditional mode.
And what we're designed to do is expend ourselves.
We're expendable.
And by making it, oh, no, no, that's women's jobs, too.
Well, then that makes it where men don't have to act like men anymore.
You see, we just turn women into the expendable.
And by extension, our children.
So I think about all he's been through.
I think about the overall the years he's been tortured in jail for exposing pedophile groups that were confirmed and convicted.
And how the police sycophantically worship the pedophiles in the UK and attacked him.
But it's the same thing we see here now.
This is the service of evil going on.
And it's that Meme I showed this morning thinking about Tommy Robinson coming on the show.
First, we overlook evil.
Then we permit evil.
Then we legalize evil.
Then we promote evil.
Then we celebrate evil.
Then we persecute those who still call it evil.
Isaiah 520.
Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.
And so I'm sitting here while Tommy's talking the last hour.
And during breaks I'm on Infowars.com and I'm reading articles and I'm watching videos
and I'm just like, "Man, this is moving too fast."
And that's what evil's doing, is it's just trying to totally and completely overwhelm us to where we just give up and go into a catatonic Or fetal position.
We cannot let them break our will.
We have to just trust in God, and do the right thing, and know that it's not our job to stop it all.
It's just our job to say no, and to resist it.
And when I say that, I know how you are, because you're like me.
You feel guilty.
I know I do.
You feel frustrated.
You feel angry that you can't stop them, and it's ridiculous.
Why are people going along with this?
Why is this so out of control?
And you want to just say, screw it then!
But you can't just run hide in the woods.
And certainly, you can't go commit suicide.
I've never thought of that, but people do.
They just get pissed and check out.
Why not commit your life to fighting evil and not caring and being desperate for the children instead of just blowing your head off in your pickup truck?
How about you go politically take over the church meeting peacefully and speak out against the New World Order?
How about you go to the City Council?
How about you go to Congress?
How about you do that?
Yeah, the easy road out, shoving a barrel in your mouth and blowing the back of your head off to get out of this evil.
What about the children?
They don't even know how to do that.
You can't do that.
They need you.
God wants you to be a man.
And I'm not preaching to people.
I know how painful this is.
And I know the proclivity of people who are good and hardworking and strong who don't want to grandstand.
But we're way past that point here, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to be grandstanding.
To get out in front of the evil that's taking over and say, whoa, hey, everybody, these people are bad.
You can't trust a damn thing they say.
And I'm not shutting up.
And I'm telling you.
I know there are people watching of every race, color and creed who are the one race made by God, the human race with red blood.
And when you finally go speak at the city council, when you finally go speak at the school board, when you finally speak at the state house, when you finally picket, by yourself it doesn't matter, when you finally say no to evil, when you finally reach out and people try to make you submit, and when they try to silence you and intimidate you, that's when you step into a wider world, and once you finally get out of your comfort zone, and stand up to these people, the whole world's gonna change, just like that.
But you've got to take that first step into the future.
You've got to take that first step of destiny.
That's what I'm telling you.
You've got to do it now.
Because the children are begging for your help.
Go back to Tommy Robinson.
They were running thousands of kidnapped kids in the town he was in.
He couldn't believe it.
The little kids would disappear and the Muslims were bragging they were cutting them up and butchering them and selling them in the kebab machines.
It's like they have hamburgers over there but it's like the Muslims have kebab machines and it was the dead kids.
That was later confirmed.
And he's like freaking out like what's going on?
What's happening?
And then they physically attacked him.
So he beat their ass and fought back.
And then that was it.
It was off the races.
He just saw evil He decided not to ignore it like the other businesses were doing, because imagine the police and the businesses.
They just start putting up with it, and then now they put up with more, and now they put up with this and that, and now, oh, the police are involved having sex with the children.
That's come out across England.
Imagine being that committed to evil.
Imagine being part of something like that.
Imagine the arrogant look in those pedophiles' eyes.
How they're so satisfied and so confirmed that they've got a government backing them and they can get away with whatever they want and nothing's going to stop them.
That face of arrogant, conceited evil is the face of the devil.
And we can, and we must, and we will defeat it.
Even mainline news says grooming epidemic almost 19,000 children
identified as sexual exploitation victims in England by the Muslims.
I mean, what do you think happened a thousand years ago or 500 years ago when you get
pirated out in the Atlantic Ocean or in the Mediterranean or in the Pacific Ocean by Muslim
Where do you think you're going?
You're going to a slave camp.
And the Muslims, yeah, they had black slaves, but that isn't what they wanted.
They wanted women slaves.
That was their main business, is female slaves.
Let's just admit that's a cultural part of Islam.
And it's gotta stop.
And we gotta say no to it.
These are predators that are such cowards.
I don't care if they're a white, blue-haired person, or a black person, or whatever they are.
They're going after children because they're bullies!
And they want the power over a little child to steal their innocence!
And we're not gonna sit here and take it anymore, you leftist pedophiles.
Burn in hell, and you will, and you know it.
And you're not gonna take us with you.
All right, I'm going to come back and hit the huge news.
It's just so over the top, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, it's just, it's exhausting, but I know you want to hear the truth.
You want to know what's coming next.
We're going to hit it separately.
I told you first hour, and I'm going to tell you again, we need a war chest going into this year.
And we're already 300 days out from the midterms and the staged terror attacks the Globals want to launch and everything they're doing.
And InfoWars now has the minds and has the ears and has people paying attention at the highest levels.
And so now is our most important work of all of my 27, 28 years on air.
So I'm asking you now.
To go to infowarestore.com and get books and films and t-shirts and share them, and to get supplements.
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I didn't know it was going to sell out.
X2's about to sell out.
It's still 50% off, and Ultimate Bone Broth and everything, and Winter Sunstone.
We know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any.
or triple 8 2 5 3 3 1 3 9 triple 8 2 5 3 3 1 3 9 and we need funds to just stay in attack
formation and the enemy is panicking they don't know what to do they're so scared we're
still on air while they make their final move on America.
We know that the three the two dose of the vaccine offer very limited protection if any
the three doses with a booster they offer reasonable protection against hospitalization
Against deaths, I think, very good.
And less protection against infection.
Now, we are working on a new version of our vaccine, the 1.1, let me put it that way, that will cover Omicron as well.
And of course, we are waiting to have the final results.
The vaccine will be ready in March.
And the vaccine will be able to produce it massively.
We need to see if we will need it and we need to see if and what place it can take in the overall fight against the virus, particularly now that we know that mutations are coming faster, that we have a treatment.
So all of that needs to be taken seriously with the race.
But we've never had more.
Okay, so that's enough of that.
Anybody that understands basic virology knows there's always mutations of viruses.
And now they're just introducing everybody that the common cold is bad, not just COVID-19.
They're setting the PCR test to say the common cold is bad, and saying, oh, it's a battle for the virus.
Oh, the old shots don't work.
The new one helps you.
And then meanwhile, EU warns repeat boosters could weaken immune system.
That's the plan, is erase your immune system.
So incredibly diabolical.
In fact, let's play a clip from that.
European Medicines Agency, that's their FDA, which again voted last year to not inject people below the age of 12.
European Medicines Agency warns endless booster shots could cause immune response problems.
Not just erase your immunity, not just lower your immunity, but cause ADE.
The European equivalent of the FDA is warning that relying on endless rounds of booster shots to fight COVID-19 could end up causing immune response problems.
The comments were made by Marco.
Caballeri of the European Medicines Agency.
There's an emergency discussion around the probability of giving a second booster dose.
A second booster?
That's the fourth shot with the same vaccines currently in use.
Data has not yet been generated to support this approach, he went on to say.
It could cause autoimmune problems and erase your immunity.
And the FDA scientist and CDC scientist said that.
Six, seven months ago in the U.S., and they were told, resign.
And the new board members got up and said, we don't know if it'll hurt the kids until we try it!
I mean, we gotta test it on them, we can't do it on animals!
We pass laws, we can't do it to rats!
So we do it to your children now.
And that's just the cover story.
They know it's designed to sterilize.
They know it's designed to attack the immune system.
They know what the plan is, and they're carrying it out.
You know, we told you this was coming because it's a UN World Program and I went and read what John Hopkins and the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation and what the CIA said a year and a half ago.
They said, this is never going to end.
We're going to piggyback on it.
Carbon lockdowns, greenhouse gas lockdowns, which they've now announced in India, just did one last month in December.
And they said so.
You're not going to be able to leave your house unless you have this vaccine passport, which is really the social credit score passport, which has been announced by the Davos Group.
And so Kellyanne McBrain has written a powerful article on InfoWars.com that really needs to be seen.
It's a big deal.
They said they're going to start putting the unvaccinated in FEMA camps.
That was announced.
That they're doing all this.
But this is a big deal.
Washington, D.C.
Vax passport, mask and photo ID to leave home, but no ID to vote.
I'm going to say that again.
You need a Vax passport to leave your home.
You need a mask and a photo ID.
So you took all the shots, but it didn't work.
You need a mask and a photo ID that you're up to date on the new injections they want to put in your body to leave home, but no ID to vote.
The murder of logic.
Read the full article.
See the local announcements and everything.
But they show a feminist image of a woman showing how she's tough.
Oh, women, show them you're tough.
Let Pfizer Erase your ovaries.
And now it's all confirmed as the takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
But here's the European Medical Agency warns endless butcher shots could cause immune system response and could erase your immune system.
So they're covering their asses.
They know all this, but now they're like, hey, might get a little sick from this.
Here it is.
Our two concerns here is that if we have a strategy in which we give boosters let's say every four months approximately, we will end up potentially having problem with the immune response and the immune response may end up not being as good as we would like it to be.
So we should be careful in not overloading the immune system with repeated immunization.
And secondly, of course, there is the risk of fatiguing the population with the continuous administration of boosters.
But that's the plan, is to collapse the civilization.
So imagine Ronald McDonald House.
I know McDonald's is part-owned by Monsanto and Bill Gates.
I would not eat at McDonald's if you put a gun to my head.
People eat there.
I mean, last time I ate there was about 10 years ago, and the hamburgers that I ate there when I was a kid were dripping with juice and were real beef.
The stuff you eat now is basically Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab want you to eat bugs.
I don't know if it's made out of bugs, but I'd imagine that's what it tastes like.
Last time I was on the road starving, ate a hamburger, started vomiting it up an hour later.
And I mean, I can eat anything.
I got a cast iron stomach.
Got physically ill eating it.
But regardless, Remember all these companies that said, we're not going to let unvaccinated in, and all these companies saying, oh, if you're not double-vaxxed or whatever, you're triple-vaxxed, you can't have the liver transplant or whatever you paid for.
Well, you want to talk about a sickening video.
Here it is.
Ronald McDonald has to evict unvaccinated cancer-stricken child because they won't take the shot, which is linked to accelerating cancers in major German studies, including the type of cancer this child has.
Here it is.
This is an eviction notice, I believe, to anybody older than 5 who's not vaccinated is getting evicted from Ronald McDonald House.
So I'm just gonna go talk to people at the counter and see if it's legit or not.
Hey there.
Um, do you have like a manager here or somebody in costume?
Thank you for watching my video. Bye!
Well, I'm just asking, like... Like, we got this last night, and... Uh, it's just pretty disturbing.
I'm just wondering if it's legit.
Is this saying that, like, everybody who's not vaccinated is getting evicted?
Well, we have a grace period to which you can get your first dose.
But essentially, as of January 17th, it's a board mandate from our... So I just want to get this straight.
So, by the end of the month, My 4-year-old boy with leukemia is getting evicted because we don't have the vaccine.
This is if he was 6 months older.
But yeah, because we don't have the vaccine, you're going to throw us on the snow, and then he'll be killed.
Like, this is some kind of crazy female?
Like, I have never seen in my life.
Alright, folks, the full video is on InfoWars.com, but his little boy has leukemia.
There are studies in Germany, you name it, that if you take a Pfizer or Moderna shot, when you have leukemia, it just eats everything.
You're dead in months.
Some people in weeks.
Just, boom, CAT scans show cancer everywhere.
And it's like, oh, we're just following the mandate.
We're liberal.
We're following orders like the Nazis at Nuremberg.
And they wear the little mask forever.
Oh, I thought that made it safe.
But the women particularly love it.
They love the shroud of death they wear.
They love submitting to Pfizer, their pimp daddy.
All right, listen, I've already told you this.
You already know this.
You know, I don't make this stuff up.
You know, I just straight shoot you.
And God gave me the gift of really knowing how to figure stuff out.
And You'd have to be a moron not to see what's going down now.
And I know you guys know what's going on, but this is serious, serious business.
And the Republicans finally have gotten religion.
You know what?
This is so big, I'm just going to cover it next hour.
Because here's what happened.
I had Norm Pattis, who's a famous criminal and First Amendment lawyer, one of the top guys in the country.
And he was already going to be in studio about the push for martial law and the push claiming we're already in a civil war and the social engineers and the big banks, corporations trying to create a climate of civil war ahead of all of this to smokescreen their big great reset, organized financial collapse.
And I know you all know that.
And I was planning to come into the next hour with a John Bowne report That is so important.
Biden regime prepares for war against Americans.
And I had a whole stack already today on huge developments where the Justice Department says, yes, anyone that protests is a terrorist.
And yes, we're looking at arresting anybody that protests us.
So we're talking criminal North Korean declaration of war.
The documents are public.
I had this this morning.
And Norm Pattis was down here covering all these establishment legal cases against us.
And I said, you got to come on about this because you're always bringing up how they're trying to start a civil war.
Look at how the Department of Justice admits that, yeah, anybody that protests the drag queen story times a terrorist, anybody that doesn't like forced inoculation, anybody that doesn't like critical race theory.
So he was already coming on with this whole stack of news right here when this broke.
And when you know this, it ties everything together.
That's why in June of last year, they said anybody protesting lockdowns or forced inoculation is a terrorist and the CIA is going to shut off your bank accounts and come arrest you.
I mean, that alone announcing in Saki press conferences that the CIA is going to get us?
I mean, the whole government should have resigned right then.
I mean, you're talking North Korea level stuff.
That's what I'm telling you, folks.
We're in it now.
We're so used to life and Netflix is on and Yellowstone is on.
I know the people in Yellowstone.
I know the people.
I'm not going to get into it.
I don't even watch it.
I'm not trying to brag, it's just like my parents are like, did you see Yellowstone?
I'm like, "Did you see they're building FEMA camps?"
And so that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, is in the real world here.
And when Mitch McConnell, which just happened, this clip's coming up next hour, just broke on InfoWars.com, when Mitch McConnell comes out and says, we have a national crisis, We have the federal government saying anybody that disagrees with big government as a terrorist, this is dangerous.
People finally get it.
They're planning terror attacks imminently.
At any time.
Could be this afternoon, could be a month from now, could be 300 days from now.
But they're planning massive terror attacks to blame on us very soon.
Now, you'd have to, again, be hiding under a rock to not see all the pre-programming and the brainwashing and all of this.
That's not going on for no reason.
This is imminent.
Their whole game plan, they know they're about to lose the House and the Senate.
They're about to lose the governorships.
There is a total political landslide of landslides.
Political realignment of a massive level.
The U.S.
has not had a political realignment this big since its founding 246 years ago.
I mean, this is the big enchilada.
This is the UN, global government, Klaus Schwab, corporate takeover of America happening in the world right now.
And the branding of people that don't like it, who just think the country ought to exist, or just think we shouldn't devalue the dollar, or think we shouldn't dissolve the borders, as terrorists.
Or think that inflation's not a good idea.
I was reading the transcript as we came out of break, and my heart started Happily.
Because I told you that if we can get senators, I've told you a hundred times last six months, if we can get the senators to realize the globalists are planning this coup, that it isn't business as usual to keep the Republican establishment, Democrat establishment sharing power.
If they realize this is a globalist takeover and that they're about to have their normal standard thing taken over, a bunch of powerful billionaires and people that aren't part of the inside clique, but have as much power as a globalist or more, will get off their asses and come in and we'll save the damn country.
I'm sorry, I had a little bit of fun.
And it doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet, but I'm having a little bit of a happy chuckle, sorry.
Got a little bit of supervillain in me.
Profoundly profound.
Profoundly, profoundly un-presidential.
Senator McConnell slams Biden for calling GOP domestic enemies.
He gets.
You're being branded as a party, period.
The former deputy FBI director says all Republicans are terrorists.
On television!
I mean, when the enemy that's unpopular, losing power, that literally is run by pedophiles, that hates the country, you got a bunch of blue-blood Republicans that are just rich guys, and they're like, sitting there going, hey, we work with you, stop it.
They're like, you're a terrorist!
We're gonna arrest you!
You're gonna blow stuff up!
The Republicans better go, oh, wait a minute.
You're planning to do that and blame us, aren't you?
I mean, a moron could figure this out.
So all it took was one person with courage.
Tucker Carlson taking Ted Cruz to the woodshed, Ted Cruz coming out and exposing the FBI plot that rants up January 6th, and then the next day the domino falls and the leader of the Senate, the Republican leader, comes out and says the same thing.
That's leadership, folks.
It's us leading and forcing them and just flamethrowing them with truth and just constant attacks.
Forget Democrats, they're all bought and paid for pedophile scum.
But the Republican bluebloods, most of them aren't pedophiles.
They're just rich old guys.
I'm a lawyer, making beer.
We're not going to sit there while you're asleep at the switch and you let these people burn the country down.
Because you are going to be held accountable.
Plus, you dumbasses, you old Republicans, don't you get the New World Order is going to string your ass up?
You just think they're going to let you crawl around up there like some old spider?
Once they've taken over, they're going to flush you down the toilet.
And so that's why there's a separation of powers, is because the globalists just can't take over the whole bureaucracy overnight.
And now as the rest of bureaucracy figures out, they're about to be unseated.
They're going to dig their little heels in.
And then the new world order isn't going to be able to take over.
Thank you Founding Fathers again for the division of powers.
But let me tell you, it is going down and so we're having victory with, what do you think, when I said at the start of the show, I said, I'd look for some big moves in the House and Senate when you have the House Oversight Committee release documents that a criminal group run by Fauci and Bill Gates created the bioweapon and released it.
I mean, when I saw that today, man, I was like, are you kidding me?
And I went and pulled it up and it was the same documents we had.
So, here's the news you need to know.
The fight is on.
The war is on.
It's going down.
And everybody better be thinking about what are you going to do in the next 24 hours to first pray to God and get your soul straight, and then to reach out and call talk radio, call C-SPAN, call your preacher, go to your church, make this a big deal, point out the revolution against the globalist revolution is here.
This is our counter-revolution against this horrible Evil, New World Order, Klaus Schwab, corporate tyranny of inflation and collapsing borders and race war and pedophilia and sexualization of children and all the mental illness of the behavioral psychologist playing God, playing Army, playing video games in the real world, messing with us through the corporate media that's already destroyed itself by signing on to this.
Yeah, we're winning right now, but barely.
And they're going to strike back, so we should be asking, how are they going to do that?
Now, Greg Reese has done one of the most important reports ever on what mass psychosis really is defined.
We're going to air that next segment.
Then we're going to come out of the break.
We're going to come out of the break with John Bowne's report, Biden regime prepares for war against Americans.
And then we're going to play the Mitch McConnell comments, talk about this a couple of segments, and then we've got to cut some time out.
To talk about how we're under attack at InfoWars, not for InfoWars.
We're important, we need to stay on air.
But that's secondary.
It's a war game on how they're coming at everybody else, because we're the front probe.
We're the first probe over enemy territory.
We're going to tell you what weapons they've got and how to counter them straight ahead
When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that
Things don't make sense We can't understand it and then their attention gets
focused by a leader or series of events on one small point Just like hypnosis
they Literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere
Mass psychosis, also known as group mind, mob mentality, or herd mentality.
Before modern civilization, we lived in herds, and in order to survive in the herd, we conformed to the herd.
This is where mass psychosis all stems from.
The most popular examples of explaining mass psychosis are typically angry mobs and violent riots.
But these are merely the end results.
Mass psychosis begins when the individual mind starts to identify as a member of a group based on any unifying factor.
The unifying factor doesn't even need to make sense.
For many people, the feeling of unity is enough.
Our ego mind innately craves acceptance and by default will instinctively conform to whatever group it perceives to be the majority.
In order to successfully conform to the group, the individual must put aside personal intuition and follow the guidance of the group.
This makes a person highly controllable, and spiritually stifles the individual, which causes them to crave group acceptance even more.
Man's disposition for mass psychosis has been written about for millennia, most notably in ancient scripture and philosophy.
And we all experience this as human beings, whether we reflect upon it or not.
Plato argued that due to the nature of group mind, democracy always leads to tyranny and subjugation.
His concern was the lack of good leadership, and philosophized on ways of solving this.
In 1895, Gustav Le Bon published The Crowd, wherein he explains the key processes for cultivating mass psychosis.
Anonymity, contagion, and suggestibility.
This work is known to have influenced world leaders, businesses, and tyrants, of which the ethics has been written about for decades.
And yet, AP and Reuters outrageously claim that mass psychosis does not exist, when it is in fact the corporate media apparatus to which they belong that makes this all possible.
Waging psychological warfare against a group of the population who believes the media would never lie to them.
This is why the term mass psychosis is arguably a better term than group mind or mob mentality.
A change in the field of consciousness occurs.
A devolution from divine inspiration into primitive hierarchy, which has no place in a civilized society.
And yet, here we are.
Without mass psychosis, today's leaders would have no power.
Just like advertising, everything about politics is about cultivating mass psychosis.
Whereas the individual pursuit of happiness has inevitably led to beauty and innovation, creating and controlling groups of people, which has been the biggest power play on earth for all of recorded history, almost always leads to death and destruction.
The science and study of mass psychosis could be used to enlighten humanity by educating the individual about the power and potential of the human mind.
But today, the very same corrupt media being used by wealthy elites to divide and enslave us, says there is no such thing as mass psychosis.
Mass psychosis is humanity's burden to outgrow.
It is why we accept the lesser of two evils.
Many of us are well aware of the frailty of man and the civilized world.
The great psychologist Carl Jung's warning to the world was that the individual must come face to face with their own shadow.
In order to accomplish this, one must liberate themselves from the collective.
And until enough of us do, Society will continue to be led by tyrants and ignorant mobs.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican Party is waking up to the fact they're being set up for staged terror attacks at Marshall Law.
Coming up, we have a special report, and then we have the Republican leader of the Senate waking up to this.
This is big victory.
Stay with us.
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It has been known since the dawn of civilization that a tyrant will always find a pretext for their tyranny
January 6th insurrection.
I know where I stand.
I will not yield.
I will not flinch.
I will defend the right to vote.
Our democracy against all enemies, foreign and, yes, domestic.
And so it goes in 2022 as an unyielding portion of the bureaucracy of the federal government of the United States, poisoned by visions of globalist totalitarian grandeur, fueled by the 109-year inhabitants of a foreign central banking cartel, will utilize their one-sided characterization of the staged events of January 6th to propel their quest for unlimited power.
During 2020, Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots all across the country.
There were over 700 police officers injured by Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots.
How many people have been charged with crimes of violence concerning those riots all across the country?
I don't have information on how many.
I would say, you know, hundreds of people have been in charge.
You would say, but you don't know.
You know, when we asked you why the Biden Department of Justice has such wildly disparate standards, we asked you, why is it that you won't target the rioters and terrorists who firebomb cities across this country?
The answer we got from the Department of Justice was shameful.
On October 22nd, you came back and said, quote, The department is dedicated investigative and prosecutorial resources commensurate with the significance of these events.
By significance, I guess it means the political benefit to the Biden White House.
Whether it's unconstitutional vaccine mandates and lockdowns resulting from gain-of-function research engineered by the seemingly untouchable Nuremberg Code violations of Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fauci, you previously told this committee under oath that NIH and NAIAD have never funded gain-of-function research with the EcoHealth Alliance.
However, a report from the Department of Defense, Inspector General, released yesterday states that EcoHealth Alliance opposed DARPA in 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses.
This proposal named Project Diffuse, D-E-F-U-S-E, was rejected by DARPA because the project didn't address the current research's potential to violate the gain-of-function moratorium.
Why did you tell the committee that your agency has never funded gain-of-function research?
Why did your agency award this grant despite it being rejected by DARPA due to its concerns about violating the moratorium that was in place?
And finally, Will you commit today to release all records, fully unredacted, by the end of this week so Congress and the American people can know the truth about NIH's role and the origins of COVID-19?
You are totally incorrect!
We look forward to reviewing it.
What a moron.
Or the current war games being played out in rural North Carolina, where a realistic guerrilla war will be fought across two dozen North Carolina counties in the coming weeks, with young soldiers battling seasoned freedom fighters, according to the U.S.
Army, as the Charlotte Observer reported, known as Robin Sage.
The exercises serve as a final test for special forces qualification course training.
The setting is characterized by armed conflict, forcing the students to solve problems in a real-world setting.
These military members act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters, also known as the Pineland Resistance Movement.
To add realism to the exercise, Civilian volunteers throughout the state act as role players.
Participation by these volunteers is crucial to the success of this training,
and past trainees attest to the realism they add to the exercise.
"I haven't seen that woman out here, man. They were beating the hell out of her."
We now have a federal government deeming Americans demanding a redress of their grievances as domestic
Meanwhile, haphazardly attempting to pose as the saviors to protect the American people and its country club of career politicians, gaming the system from an informed patriotic majority when everyone knows deep down in their gut that we must inevitably save ourselves from the unrelenting tyranny of a republic hijacked by a power craze sociopathic elitist establishment drugged by institutionalized Marxism and dominated by foreign control.
John Bowne reporting.
That's a very important report that just went live on Infowars.com.
The only way it gets legs and warns the American people, people of the world, is if you get it and share it.
It's up to you now.
The Biden regime prepares for war against Americans, and that's the exact topic this morning.
I wanted to get famous criminal and First Amendment lawyer Norm Pattis in studio with us, and I've got a ton of news on that front.
In the next segment, I've got the Republican leader of the Senate profoundly, profoundly Unpresidential Senator McConnell slams Biden for calling GOP domestic enemies.
The former deputy director came out yesterday and said all Republicans are basically terrorists.
When you've got your government, I know the listeners know this, but for the general public that might be tuning in, because we live in a free country so long, people are kind of like dodo birds.
They're not used to a natural predator.
When you've got government saying the main enemy isn't the Chinese or radical Islam or the Russians, and that could be abuse too, and take our liberties, when the government says the people are our enemy and white people are bad, I mean, you are in a very authoritarian system.
This has never happened in U.S.
history before.
Warren Pattis, what do you make of this historic moment?
Scary times.
I mean, I think there's an excellent book everybody should read.
It's by Stephen Marsh.
It's called The Next Civil War.
I read it on the trip down here.
He's talked to generals who are wargaming, as you saw in the segment before, for potential civil dissolution.
He's talked to political science economists, sociologists.
His view is that we've reached a point of no return in this country, that there will be either a civil war or active secession movements.
Texas may succeed.
It would be the 13th largest economy in the world, rather.
California may succeed.
The country may break into other regions.
And when I'm sitting here watching reports and I'm listening to, quote-unquote, my president refer to me as a domestic enemy or as an extremist, or when I watch the January 6th committee refer to peaceful protests that did, in some instances, become violent, but when I see them referred to glibly as domestic terrorism, I don't know where I'm living anymore, Alex.
and I begin to fear a government that decides...
And by the way, you're not a right-winger, you're a classical liberal.
So I'm told, I mean, I guess I'm verging to the right because I'm being forced out of my party.
So people have said to me in Connecticut, "What happened to you?
You used to represent righteous causes, now you represent people on the wrong side of the aisle."
I tell them nothing happened to me.
The country changed.
There is no bully.
There is no force as powerful and as frightening as a self-righteous bully.
And we're becoming governed by self-righteous bullies who decide they know what's good for us.
Both with respect to what we wear, how we interact, where our children can be treated for cancer.
I saw your piece on the kid being evicted from the Ronald McDonald house.
On how we respond to systemic racism and what we owe to people we've never met.
On climate change. You name it.
There appears to be a group of people who think they know best.
You refer to them as globalists trying to seize power and cram their vision of the good down their throat.
I say not so fast.
So for me, my commitment to ordinary people remains the same.
It's the enemy who's changed, and the enemy has become our government.
The enemy has become the public health state that's decided that in the name of virtue, they will tell me not to live.
That is not now, nor has it ever been the American way, and I shudder to think what will happen if it becomes so.
Beautifully said, and very sadly said, this is true.
And that's the thing, this is not our government.
It is criminals that have hijacked it, who are now waging war against us, but you're right,
technically it's the government, but it's criminals in the positions of government who want
to use the civil war they're triggering, they now admit that's their new plan, it's been their plan
all along, to bypass our peaceful political realignment and our new populism, the new
Americanism, it's really the old Americanism bringing us back together, this is the globalists trying to
short-circuit that with a violent revolution and we must stop it.
Well, I was on the phone just moments before I got on the air here with you with the lead counsel for the committee, the January 6th committee.
There are more people that... Oh, I didn't know that.
Wow, yeah.
Well, it's unrelated to you, but we'll talk about it later.
And, you know, that committee is missing the point.
This is not about domestic terrorism or extremism.
This is about frustrated people going to the Capitol because, whether rightly or wrongly, they believe the election was stolen.
Some of them got out of hand and some of them did break the law.
But the overwhelming majority of people wanted and craved what the American people always have.
A sense of personal significance.
They protested.
They gathered.
And now in increasing waves, they're being arrested.
We're held in solitary confinement.
Let's talk about the January 6th committee because that ties into all of this.
And Mitch McConnell's statement.
Stay with us.
So we have a multinational corporate consortium that created quadrillions in fake currency taking over the world and they need to distract us while they do that and inflate our currency to impoverish us and control us.
And so they've been hyping up racial division, sexual division, regional division to implode the nation.
It's the same program they've used all over the world.
This is modern warfare taking place.
Here's some of the headlines.
Imagine another American Civil War, but this time In every state, says NPR.
Unconventional warfare exercise being staged by the Army in North Carolina.
Yeah, they always do it, but this time they're fighting the American resistance in the drill.
77% of Americans say our society and culture is in a state of decay.
Yeah, I guess 23% are idiots.
We are in a new civil war.
About what exactly, says Politico.
Is the U.S.
really heading for a second Civil War?
The Guardian.
And then articles from years ago, those are new articles this week, a short history of Alex Jones claiming the left is about to start another Civil War.
Civil War post by right-wing radio host roundly mocked by Twitter.
Because, see, their own leftist ground-level stuff was all Civil War, war, kill the white people, all this crap.
And I'm like, hey, they're doing this.
I give examples, but they never quote those.
They just say, I made it up.
But now, all those attacks didn't age too well.
Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, riding shotgun with us.
He's been warning of this for years.
But right now, let's go to Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, talking about this battle line that's being drawn.
That very same man delivered a deliberately divisive speech that was designed to pull our country further apart.
Twelve months ago, this president said we should see each other not as adversaries, but as neighbors.
Yesterday, he called millions of Americans his domestic enemies.
Twelve months ago, the President called on Americans to join forces.
Stop the shouting.
Lower the temperature.
But yesterday, he shouted that if you disagree with him, you're George Wallace.
George Wallace.
If you don't pass the laws he wants, you're Bull Connor.
And if you oppose giving Democrats untrammeled one-party control of the country, well, you're Jefferson Davis.
Twelve months ago, this president said disagreement must not lead to disunion.
Ah, but yesterday, he invoked the bloody disunion of the Civil War.
The Civil War.
To demonize Americans who disagree with him.
He compared, listen to this, a bipartisan majority of senators to literal traitors.
How profoundly, profoundly unprecedented.
Look, I've known, liked, and personally respected Joe Biden for many years.
I did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday.
And that's because he is in dementia and being controlled by a very sick, evil group that wants the U.S.
to go down.
We don't want a civil war.
The Democrats start a war, they don't win.
Republicans start a war, they don't win.
Not fighting it is the winning move.
Remember the movie in 1983, great movie, War Games?
The only Winning move is not to play.
A strange game.
The only way to win is not to play.
This is how they take down the U.S.
This is their preparation.
George Soros, the globalist.
And on the ashes of it, they take full control of America.
And now America's an authoritarian state.
And my God, what a nightmare.
I mean, we're living in history.
Right now with Joe Biden invoking the Civil War and saying if you don't promote open borders and forced inoculations and $5 trillion spending bills, you are the leader of the Confederacy?
95% of people don't even know who Jefferson Davis is!
He might as well be talking about Plato or Aristotle or...
Or the Easter Bunny.
I mean, this is crazy.
It is crazy.
It's beyond that.
It's terrifying.
There was a point in this country where the marketplace of ideas was where we went, we discussed our common vision of ourselves, and we either came to an agreement or we agreed to disagree, but agreed to live together.
The American consensus is broken down.
I see less than you do in the world, Alex.
I don't have the opportunity to study it as closely as you.
I see different causes than a global elite.
Maybe the global elite are taking advantage of this.
Oh, no, they're manipulating real things.
There's a cultural rot going on.
We have spent the moral capital.
It took centuries, if not millennia, of intellectual tradition to spend down.
And we've now come at a point where we can't tell who should use which restroom.
And we let men pretend to be women and compete in women's sports and say that that's what
equal protection of the law deserves.
Well, that's all done to sabotage.
And it is sabotaging us because we don't have a consensus on values anymore.
I don't know.
Listen carefully to what you say.
The only way to win is not to play.
I suppose.
Although I'm afraid and I'm concerned.
When I say play, burning down police stations is how the left does it.
No, no.
We're going to intellectually not support the system and say no to it and awaken to the globalist program.
That's how we win.
We have to fight if they come for us, which we're trying to trick law enforcement into.
Then I'll have to defend myself.
But every person we've got to physically fight is a failure.
I think that's right.
I also think one way to win this war is with handshakes, is the handshake economy.
Reach across the aisle to the stranger who helped you, or who provides the service that you need.
And that's why they promote COVID, to metaphysically say, don't shake hands.
That's an excellent point, because we're now afraid of one another in public places.
I'm here in Austin visiting.
I'm walking down the street the other day, and people are wearing masks.
And I'm like, what did I do?
I'm not sneezing at you.
I'm not breathing.
You are my neighbor.
You are my fellow countryman.
And they supposedly took their shot, but oh, notice, it didn't work.
Apparently not.
And does this crisis ever end?
You know, I saw a hopeful headline in the paper this morning that European countries are beginning to wonder whether COVID should be treated like the flu.
In other words, if there's an illness out there, can we respond to it by normal means, or do we have to?
Well, Norm, that's it.
Here's the deal.
The authoritarians will push this as far as they can.
They planned it all out.
It's pre-planned, it's on record.
But when we reject them and put pressure on Klaus Schwab and pressure on Bill Gates, this is going to stop.
You think so?
Or has it come too far?
I mean, I saw your clip about military men that looked like they were standing outside of InfoWars ready to break down.
That was a common location in the United States, a building that any of us could enter to go to work at any point.
Are you telling me my tax dollars are being used to train military officers to shoot me down if I resist when I go into work because I'm not wearing a mask?
Are you actually telling me that my four-year-old child, as I saw in the McDonald's video, is going to be evicted from cancer treatment because they're not vaccinated?
Who are these people?
This is not my country!
This is not, and I want to find a way to take it back.
I think we have to do it one election, one handshake at a time.
I hope things don't become violent.
But I worry about it, Alex.
I think people are frustrated, and when Congress deliberately misreads the January 6th event to call it an act of domestic terrorism and ignores the burning cities of the summer before, I feel as though I'm being told, you're not welcome here.
Go live in the woods.
No, I agree, and I look at all those young men going through Special Forces training, If they march them out to confiscate our guns, it'll be very sad what happens to them in another victory for evil where we kill each other.
And I just hope and pray there are people inside the military who haven't been purged who will understand this because it's not going to be waiting for people and meeting them inside warehouses to fight the troops.
People are going to come to their houses.
They're going to catch them in the grocery stores and at the banks.
That's what's going to happen.
And the military knows they'll be wiped out in a fight with the American people.
We don't want to do that.
The military is not our enemy.
But they need to get their head ready for what's about to go down.
Norm Patus, stay with us.
We'll come right back.
Well, Norm, I know there's not a lot we're going to get into at this point.
It just gives the other side anything.
But you talk about lawfare, you talk about corruption, you talk about weaponization of the Legal system.
We are right dead smack in the middle of it.
So you're down here working on the Democratic Party run lawsuits that they admit are attempts to shut down operation.
You were just telling me off air that it's unprecedented what you've seen.
And if I get my work done today, it's bigger than InfoWars.
We're going to release tomorrow some of the behind the scenes stuff that's been going on with their attempts to take the show off the air, because that's that's the mission.
But Again, I don't take that as, oh, poor me.
We're in a war.
I expect them to be doing this.
But what's crazy is they actually say, we want total unconditional surrender.
And then they know they work for the establishment, they know they work for the power structure, they know they work for the groups taking over, and they sit there and giggle and laugh and act like they're fighting the establishment, and they're the underdogs, they're the little guys.
But when you go out and look at the sponsors of all the leftist shows, it is the establishment.
So we're witnessing history here, and I can look at the left and their takeover of the world.
There's going to be a backlash.
It's already here.
It's not going to go well for them.
Clearly there's multinational forces.
Manipulating them to do their dirty work, I don't think the average leftist realizes what they've signed on to, Norm.
So there's so much to talk about, I don't want to get into specifics here, but what do you make of the persecution in all your years as a lawyer that you've seen of Infowars?
Because we're not being victims here, we want people to know The flavor of what's coming for you, because what they do to InfoWars, they do to everybody the next year.
Yeah, InfoWars is an easy target right now.
There were some comments made many years ago, a decade or so ago, about a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
And these have been held out to the world at large as what this entity, what you, what
Infowars, what all the folks here stand for.
And they've republished it over and over again saying what we're saying.
It couldn't be farther from the truth.
The truth is that you're on to something here and that's why people listen to you.
There is a legitimacy crisis in the United States.
People are looking for answers.
You're giving answers.
You're naming names.
Whether rightly or wrongly, that's your right to do so.
People who oppose what you're saying want to shut you down.
And they've seized on litigation as a pretext.
And you cannot get objective, neutral reporting in the press at all.
There was an amazing story last week that suggested that this place is rolling in more money Listen folks, there is a real war going on.
most solvent and the story said that somehow and it suggested that on dates
that you ran Sandy Hook stories you actually profited more.
The truth is the opposite and no one bothered to study the data. They
bought the narrative they went on the attack and they sought to drive a wedge
between you and your listeners. Listen folks there is a real war going on. If
you read a story last week in the Huffington Post it was reported that on
November 18th of a certain year InfoWars actually had sales of a hundred and
five thousand dollars in its related products. They never gave you what the costs
were to produce those items, what the cost was for the overhead, what it costed
legal fees to keep this place alive in the face of a concern.
Or, the average sales for the day that they reported those product sales were actually less.
And so Huffington Post is reporting, oh, look at all the money he made.
No, he lost money that day.
What reporter is going to sit down, study the data, and ask the hard questions in this case?
Who is funding the litigation?
Why are they funding it?
What is their objective?
And why is it that the plaintiffs seemed hell-bent to avoid having these cases tried on the merits and have them won instead on the basis of default judgments?
Well, that's what really wakes people up.
Jones never gave one document.
I've been deposed over and over again.
You've never seen this many documents handed over in a case like this.
I haven't had a case quite like this, but I have personally handed over tens of thousands of documents.
And they're like, he gave us nothing.
The left's like, well, we do believe in juries, but he doesn't get a trial because he didn't respond to the court.
Total lie.
I issue the following challenge to the plaintiffs suing you.
Let a jury decide all of this case.
Let a jury decide liability.
Let a jury decide damages, if there are any.
But give Alex Jones a full and fair opportunity.
Well, imagine the jury.
Well, the courts have reached judgments and that's why there are appeals and obviously this fight will go on.
We feel strongly that your rights were violated.
But explain what happened.
They wanted me to give them Sandy Hook marketing that doesn't exist.
I don't sit here and market stories I talk about.
So because they said, give me this, and because it doesn't exist, I can't give it to them.
You're being punished for not being the company they wish you were.
I've spent months of my life on this campus now and understand how it works.
This is not IBM.
There's not a controller sitting in the back connecting dots.
There's certainly nobody turning their phone off.
Well, is that mine?
You shouldn't be able to attack the fantasy that you've created and say, look, the fantasy doesn't meet my expectations, therefore punish him.
Let us come into a courtroom and present the evidence.
But you've been here for over three years in this, looking at everything.
There's nobody telling me what to say.
Nobody's telling you what it is, but they're literally like, we know someone's in control.
Give us who gives you the orders.
I'm like, it doesn't exist.
Okay, defaulted.
There is no, you know, what you see folks, I am often asked by folks around the country, well you've met Alex Jones.
Does he believe what he says?
I believe he does.
I believe he's one of the few honest men in the United States.
He does, that doesn't mean he's always right, but I would defend to the death his right to give his opinions, and you should defend to the death your right to hear them.
There are people who don't want you to hear what Alex has to say, and they hold him out as a monster.
A conspiracy theorist.
Hey, if you're watching the news in this country, you're going to the grocery store, you're paying prices for your mortgage, your gas, your home, and everything else, and you're not pissed off, there's something wrong with you.
Who is it that doesn't want him to be questioned?
Oh, I was never really rich, as they claim, but I had more money than I used to.
I don't even have money for stuff now.
I don't even know how people are paying for everything.
Well, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow.
An increasingly small number of people control the largest amount of our assets.
I don't know what the numbers are off the top of my head.
It's an unsustainable spiral that will end in violence.
And I don't want to be part of it.
I want to prevent it.
And I think the way we prevent it is by talking about it, by reasoning together.
I agree, and identifying who's behind it.
Instead of us killing each other because of a different skin color, we should get together And talk about who's really running this.
We should, and I think that's what you're trying to do, and that's why it's my pleasure and honor to be able to represent you in these fights.
Well, Norm, for those that don't know, explain death penalty sanctions, because I go out in the public, they go, oh, I'm sorry you were found guilty, I'm sorry all your money was taken away, I don't have that much money, but I wasn't found guilty.
Judges decided to just say I was defaulted and I don't get a jury trial.
That's really dangerous, folks.
In Connecticut and Texas you have been subject to punitive sanctions and they are referred to in Texas as death penalty sanctions.
A judge has concluded that you are liable for the allegations made against you by the Sandy Hook plaintiffs.
The judge has not determined that you're guilty.
There's no such thing as guilt in a civil context.
But you are liable.
And now a jury on another day will have to determine what, and I say this Candidly, what if anything, you'll have to pay for that liability.
Among the challenging questions in this case is, you know, Mr. Jones, you asserted certain beliefs about Sandy Hook at various times on the air, and these folks claim they're crushed by your opinions.
Question for them, what was more disturbing to you, the gratuitous murder of your child by an unhinged man, or Mr. Jones' opinions about them?
And candidly, if you found Mr. Jones' opinion so outrageous, why did you listen?
Why did you seek it out?
Why did you decide?
Well, I've been waiting six plus years to sell him.
And this is the other thing, we barely ever talked about it.
People don't know about Adam Lanza.
I've had people say on the street to me, in front of my family, you killed those kids.
Because people think Sandy Hook, Alex Jones.
Well, and here's the other thing.
The downside of a defamation lawsuit is, and I've often said to folks who want to bring them, be careful what you wish for.
If you think somebody's opinion of you hurt you before, what are you going to do when the trial is televised?
Hold on, let's talk about that, but that's why the judges and everybody feel they can't let me have a real trial, because they did this, they've got to prove I'm wrong, so Jones has to be tied down like a butterfly that's about to be anethesized and just, you know, he's guilty, prepare it, that's how it is, don't let Jones talk about the lies they told.
All right, it's the final segment of the Alex Jones Show, January 12, 2022, and man has incredible stuff broken.
The EU government, their FDA says the vaccine erases your immune system.
That's extremely dangerous, but then it's just a minor footnote as they cover their ass.
The Congress releases thousands of pages of documents that are the same documents as Project Veritas had, confirming gain of function and Fauci producing the virus, all the rest of it.
What an incredible time to be alive.
But those aren't the bad guys.
No, it's Alex Jones that's questioned mass shootings.
But I want to be clear about this.
I'm not worried about me in all of this.
InfoWars has been validated, we've been vindicated at so many levels.
We have the best audience of activists ever.
I'm worried about society and civilization itself.
So Norm Pattis, just in the big picture here about where America is, what the establishment's doing, what the social engineers have done.
I think if the public becomes aware of the social engineers, the behavioral psychologists, then their power is over.
But as long as we're not aware of it, it's like we're in the matrix and they're not.
Yeah, I think that's right.
I think, you know, you mentioned the business about vaccines and messenger RNA and so forth and transhumanism.
You didn't use those words, but I've recently become more aware of that discussion and I did it in an untraditional way.
I'm very preoccupied with artificial intelligence.
We have machine learning and algorithms making decisions about what we can and cannot and should and should not do.
We don't understand how they're making those decisions.
And now we're going to somehow monkey with the very stuff of which we're made, our RNA, our DNA, and we're going to have augmented humans.
In other words, you're not good enough as you come out of the womb.
You need to be supplemented somehow to enhance your right to survive.
At what point will that become you need to be supplemented more to become more excellent?
And in whose view will you become more excellent?
And so here's my fear.
You look at the advances in nanotechnology, you look at what's going on with artificial intelligence, and you look at what's going on with concentration and control of power in major corporations and government, and are we going to come to a point in this country where we have what they have in China?
Social utility scores.
An algorithm somewhere says, oh, here's Alex Jones.
He gets a 66 score.
Here's Norm Pattis.
He gets a 54.
Will those scores translate into different prices for the goods and services we pay for And by the way, Big Tech admits that's the plan.
They're already basically bringing it up.
Well, and look how it can play out with respect to systemic racism.
The government may not actually enforce overt reparations, race-based transfer payments.
It may give us a social utility score.
So if you are... Well, they're already denying white people monoclonal antibodies.
But that's not black folks that are doing that.
It's meant to create racial division.
But if you want to create social justice where everybody's the same and you conclude that
somebody's from a historically disadvantaged group, why not give them a 10% discount on
the price of goods and services?
So your score for a gallon of milk will be 90.
A person who comes from the right group will pay 90 units.
How will that happen?
When they eliminate cash and everything becomes digital and you present your credit card at
the store, it'll say Alex Jones, a factor of .90.
So you'll pay more.
And again, they're doing that to give themselves total control.
It's not a people's revolution.
Total control in the name of their vision of the good.
And the genius of American politics has always been that the federal government does not
have the right to impose its vision of the good on us, that local control mattered, and
that federalism, the division of power between state and federal governments, was to have
the police power.
That is the vision to determine what a good life is belong to the people.
And I was about to say, though, I mean, this power grab, this big tech move, this biomedical
state is just outrageously authoritarian.
It's frightening, and it does so in the name of science.
Every time I see one of those signs on a lawn that says, I believe in science, I want to stop and tear it down.
I believe in science, too.
I don't seek to jump up and go to the moon.
Gravity holds me to the earth.
No, no, no.
They use that as a trump card.
Like, I'm taking your ride.
I hear you.
I'm going to forcefully inject you.
But science is only about how to do things, not about what to do.
What to do is a question of values.
But they don't even represent science.
The science is all against them.
They just use it like saying the word science means they're, you know, God.
We the people are sovereign and should remain so.
And it's going to take a fundamental and individual and discreet and small acts of resistance at each and every step of the way.
Say hello to somebody, smile, shake a hand, ask how you can help your neighbor.
They can't defeat goodwill.
They can't defeat love.
I agree.
And the social engineers are beta testing their big move right now.
As bad as all this is, Norm, this is a test.
I hope you're wrong, but you haven't been wrong yet.
And I think, you know, people who've been your critics over the years, oh Alex this, Alex that, they're coming back to you now and they're saying, wait a minute, what's he been talking about?
Big globalists.
It's easy to make fun of that word.
It's hard to deny the fact that there is a movement afoot in the world to make sure that everybody conforms to standards determined by others, whether those standards be for good or ill.
That's what globalism is.
Who controls what we get controls the world.
And there is a power Well, that's right.
I remember Fauci saying, I am science.
I don't have opinions about Fauci one way or the other.
I guess I haven't studied it enough.
I should confess to your listeners and to you, I got the vaccine.
I played the odds that I'll be okay.
If I'm not going to be, well, that's fine.
I accepted that risk, but it was my risk to accept.
Well, we now know most people are being given saline, but it's some kind of weird test where only certain numbers get the...
You get the real thing, you're not excited to be too good.
Well, I don't know what I got, but then again I noticed I started growing a third ear back
here and so that may be me.
No, but seriously Norm, like all these documents, I mean this is a major Canadian group, the
British Medical Journal here.
I have all these government reports where 40% uptick in deaths now, and across the world where the shots are happening.
40% increase in deaths.
It's a result of what?
They don't know, but it's in the vaccinated.
And then we've got all these other big studies.
I can show you a John Hopkins graph from numbers around the world.
I'd like to see it.
Can I take this one with me?
I'm obviously not paying attention.
I'd like to read it.
No, you're welcome to read it.
I've got a bunch more here.
Here's the DARPA document.
This is what Project Veritas released yesterday.
And now Congress released the same thing confirming it's all real.
That's Fauci creating the virus?
Fauci releasing it?
You know, I don't want to be a statistic in somebody's social science or medical science experiment.
Right there's the proof that they made it and did it all.
It's out now.
Well, I'm going to read it.
Have me back when I've read it.
I'll tell you what I think.
Norm, we're still on there?
Well, I guess that means I've got to keep talking.
Well, I have no problem keeping talking.
You're always talking.
I don't, I don't, you know, I guess here's a challenge to you.
I mean, science is not our enemy.
Science is our friend.
And we're here in synthetic fibers.
We're in a studio that is made possible by electronic equations.
No, no, I agree, but people claiming they represent science is a priest class saying we must submit to them.
That's not a good deal.
No, and that's wrong, and that's why my law firm is very proud to represent folks who oppose vaccination on religious grounds.
Government was meant to serve people, not people the government.
And if I choose to bear the risk of not being vaccinated, that choice is on me.
I don't think elites should be able to say, if you make that choice, you're declined goods and services.
Well, think about that power.
Just the power to surveil who has the shot or not is a total tyranny and violates the Fourth Amendment and so much more and just common sense.
But then the fact that it doesn't work and is a fraud makes it even worse.
It's just insane.
You know, mass surveillance is a big problem.
We've talked about that the first time I was on your show about three years ago with Shoshana Zuboff's book on the age of mass surveillance.
And we all carry mass surveillance devices in our pocket.
I went to breakfast with you not long ago, I think a few months ago.
And you wouldn't use the app that permitted us to read the menu.
And you said, you know, I don't really want to be part of their data set.
And I looked at you and I thought, you know, he's right.
And as a result of that, I took my digital watch off.
And I'm not wearing a digital watch.
I want to be free to be me.
Sure, it's not that these things are bad, but they have Trojan horses on them.
Well, nothing.
I was just telling him, give me a paper menu.
I'm not going to play this neurotic game that I've got to be digital.
Because Klaus Schwab wrote about, we will make them have to get to menus to train them, and then we'll make them have digital passports, and then we make them take the show.
But your refusal to do the digital menu is exactly what I'm talking about, about the small acts of resistance that are necessary.
No, I totally agree.
I totally agree.
And that's something you can do today.
You can go into a restaurant that says, download our app, and say, why should I give you my data or access to my data?
I want to eat your food.
What's more, I want to pay you to eat your food.
Do you want my data?
How much are you going to pay me?
I don't want your digital pee-pee stuck in me.
I don't want to be digitally penetrated by you, dear, regardless.
The point is, it's not even that that place I don't want to have, it's that it's all this big, big tech rape.
Think how much big tech has already got us to take assistance in our houses that all watch and listen to us, that are now used in trials everywhere.
We don't know where it ends.
You know, I did a murder trial just in December in New Haven, Connecticut, and they had an FBI agent who digitally traced a person's telephone.
And when asked whether that phone was actually at the location of the crime, well, no, it was within a couple miles of it.
But so were about 10 or 20,000 other people.
So the challenge to the FBI is to refine this technology so that it can pinpoint your exact location.
And if it can pinpoint your exact location, it can record what you're saying.
And if you get enough data, they can predict what you're likely to do next, so that they're waiting for you around the next corner.
Now folks are going to say, they, they, they, who are they?
It's already happening, but that power we give the system always leads to very destructive things.
Norm Patus, what's your website?
NormPattis.com and I hope you'll visit.
I also do a podcast called Law and Legitimacy.
Alex has even posted one or two from time to time.
That's right.
Alright folks, The War Room with Owen Schroyer is coming up.
Major news tomorrow on the show.
So much breaking.
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future news dot news.
He also said war is politics by another means.
They're interchangeable.
We are in a war.
There is a global corporate takeover, the Great Reset, happening worldwide.
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They bragged that they had this Davos school for 40 years that trained almost every one of these so-called leaders from Canada to New Zealand, from the UK to Germany under Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger's control.
And now they're launching their world government to collapse society to then carry out State Department memorandum 200 for forced depopulation.
And that's why Infowars is under such incredible attack.
Because we actually identify who the globalists are and go after them.
Donald Trump knows who they are.
Senator Rand Paul knows who they are.
Senator Josh Hawley knows who they are.
Ted Cruz knows who they are.
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