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Name: 20220110_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 10, 2022
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics including quarantine camps, vaccine mandates, gain-of- function research, globalist agendas, and the importance of staying informed. The show reports on studies showing an increase in transmission and death rates after vaccines were introduced. Alex Jones warns about the dangers of the New World Order and its intentions to control humanity through manipulation. The show also promotes products for a healthy immune system and discusses economic predictions.

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We are doing together, that is the crew, myself, the wonderful audience of activists, viewers and listeners.
We are changing the world together right now.
I cannot tell you the phone calls and text messages I get hourly, but daily from different very prominent people.
In fact, the most prominent now.
Contacting InfoWars and saying, my gosh, your analysis was dead on.
I thought you were exaggerating.
I thought you were crazy.
It's exactly as you said.
How do you know this?
And then I spend hours a day, some days, usually 30 minutes, sending prominent people links to what I've already told them, because they're asking, how did you know this?
How did you know that?
And so, listeners, we've got a chance to get out of this.
We've got a chance to
Less than how bad this is going to be and save civilization.
But only admitting how much danger we're in will allow that to happen.
This is a Monday emergency broadcast.
Democrats announce plan to put UNVACs in internment camps as Deep State declares America is officially in a civil war.
I just got chills.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Under the cover of darkness, an urgent mission to bring infected people to safety.
Both communities have now been placed in a hard lockdown.
In the searing 40 degree heat they'll be confined to these homes.
With food and supports delivered at a distance by rapid response teams, a hard measure that could remain in place for weeks.
This is a camp in Siberia.
What was it like for you and your family inside this quarantine hotel?
Can you describe what you went through?
Thanks, Evan.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, it was an extremely difficult and, you know, onerous and traumatic process for myself and our two daughters.
As 2022 begins, the great reset rollout of predetermined COVID quarantine camps is digging its claws into the blue dictatorships of the United States.
As InfoWars Jamie White reports, the state of Washington may amend a law to allow the forcible detainment of residents into COVID internment camps
For defying state vaccine mandates, the proposed revision to the COVID protocol under the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act would grant local health officers at his other sole discretion to issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.
Additionally, the measure would allow law enforcement to assist public health officials in detaining residents who refused the COVID injection.
This alarming measure comes in tandem with Governor Jay Inslee's effort to hire strike teams to run quarantine camps, outlined in the state's GovernmentJobs.com website, a term that has since been scrubbed from the website sometime after the bulletin was posted in September 2021.
Notably, the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act was certified on October 25th, 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic began in January of 2020.
Omicron is very contagious, much more contagious than the Delta variant.
And it is rapidly overtaking the Delta variant already in the infections in the state of Washington, as well as nationally.
Meanwhile, New York Governor Kathy Hochul attempts to pass a similar bill allowing authorities to forcibly detain anyone she deems a public health threat.
The bill, called ADOT 416, would allow the governor or the appropriate health official to
It goes on to say that any person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegate shall be detained for as long as the department may direct
We are not through this pandemic.
I wished we were, but I prayed a lot to God during this time.
And you know what?
God did answer our prayers.
He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers.
He made them come up with a vaccine.
That is from God to us.
And we must say, thank you, God.
Thank you.
And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated.
Washington State Board of Health will hold a virtual public meeting on January 12th to discuss the implementation to the revision of the COVID protocol under the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act.
John Bowne reporting.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Good news!
Oh yeah?
Yeah, we've rolled back the ban on gain-of-function research.
So now it's legal for us to modify viruses and make them more deadly and transmissible to humans.
Why would you want to do that?
Well, it's important that we be prepared in case something like that happened in the future.
In case somebody modifies a deadly virus to be more infectious and able to transmit to humans?
Can you imagine?
Yeah, sounds dangerous.
It's fine.
No, no, no.
We're doing it at a Level 4 weapons research lab in Wuhan, China.
Very secure.
Okay, good.
Terrible news.
Oh no!
There's been an outbreak of a mysterious new respiratory virus in Wuhan, China.
Like where the research lab is?
Wuhan, China?
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Like right where the lab is.
So do you think it could have come from the lab?
No, absolutely not.
I'd see how you could make that mistake, but no, no, no.
The virus, the deadly virus with the artificial furin cleavage sites that make it able to infect humans, that came from the farmer's market down the road from the dangerous bioweapons lab.
And you expect us to believe that?
I'll ban you from the internet if you don't.
Oh, God.
No need to worry.
The global medical establishment's always preparing for these types of things.
In fact, like, two months ago, they held a course called Event 201, where they basically predicted exactly what would happen, right down to the type of virus and where it came from.
So they're, like, totally on top of this.
Actually, they're gonna do nothing for months and let it spread all over the world.
But it started in China, right?
Like, can't we at least halt travel with them?
I didn't realize you were a racist.
Yeah, I didn't realize you had some deep, seething hatred of Asian people.
In fact, I think it's despicable.
Whoa, I'm talking about the virus.
Oh, the virus?
It's here now.
Yeah, I bet.
Yeah, it came on a plane from China.
There's nothing we can do.
Well, what do we know about the virus so far?
Not a lot, but we're gonna go ahead and assume that it's the deadliest thing in the world and everybody's scared.
We're all scared.
You didn't seem very worried about it when it was in China.
I was calling you a racist then.
Well, no, no.
That's what was important, but now we're very scared of the virus.
Everybody's scared.
You're scared.
Well, does it affect certain ages or populations or groups?
Anything like that?
Yeah, actually, it's way deadlier to the elderly and the sick.
Okay, well, why don't we start by protecting them?
No, we're actually going to send COVID-infected patients into nursing homes instead.
Jeez, well, okay, what are you doing to stop this spread?
UV lights, vitamin C, vitamin D, should I wear a mask?
We know that masks don't really stop you from getting this type of infection.
The science is pretty much settled on this.
Masks don't work.
Okay, so no masks.
Actually, they're mandatory.
And also, we're shutting down everything.
Wait, what?
Yeah, it's called lockdown.
I'm basically declaring martial law and saying that you can't leave your house or gather in large groups.
How do you think you're going to get people to go along with this?
Well, it's only for two weeks.
It's gonna last forever, isn't it?
And you're shutting everything down?
Every restaurant?
Every store?
Absolutely everything.
We're all in this together.
Everything's shut down.
So like, even like Walmart and Target?
No, they can stay open.
Okay, what about like McDonald's or Taco Bell?
Obviously McDonald's and Taco Bell can stay open.
Okay, so the big chain stores can stay open, but if a small business tries to stay open, we will send a tank and point a rifle in their face and maybe send them to jail.
But it's only for two weeks.
Or whatever.
Or years.
I mean, won't that crash the economy?
Oh yeah, 100%.
For sure.
Okay, but this stops the virus.
It does not, no.
Okay, other than masks that don't work and lockdowns that don't work, is there anything else you suggest that we do?
Oh, I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm imposing plastic barriers and social distancing as well.
Okay, so those work.
No, of course not.
It's ridiculous, just think about it.
But we do encourage contact tracing, where you download our app to your phone and then use it to log everywhere you go and everything you do and everyone you interact with.
Sounds like a precursor to vaccine passports.
No way, that's crazy!
Hey, by the way, we sent an investigative team to figure out the origins of the virus.
Oh, so you're investigating the lab?
Uh, okay, well, who are you sending to investigate?
The guy who runs the lab.
Yeah, this sounds suspicious.
It's not.
I mean, the whole thing sounds sketchy.
Nothing you're saying really makes any sense, and it seems like the same people imposing the masks and lockdowns are the same people that are benefiting from it, and it seems like it's going to have way worse long-term effects than the virus itself.
I mean, all of this seems arbitrary and expensive.
Well, it's only until we get the vaccine.
And actually, it's going to be a wonderful, revolutionary, new mRNA vaccine.
So, you know, thank God we have Bill Gates helping us with this.
Bill Gates, isn't he the one who thinks the most pressing issue the Earth faces is overpopulation and that the best way to reduce population is through vaccines?
Didn't he give a TED Talk to that effect?
No, shut up.
He loves you.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, there is so much to talk about.
So much to break down today and we've really reached a point in society and in civilization where we have to decide whether we're going to admit to ourselves the position we're in.
We are witnessing an orchestrated global war run by behavioral psychologists at the behest of the most powerful wealthy families on earth.
Who have decided to destroy civilization and carry out a depopulation agenda while they pose as saviors gearing the collapse as they surf the destruction of the human community into their organized implosion.
They believe that that implosion is coming.
Regardless, so they want to organize it and control it so they're left in power on the other side, and then they'll use the rest of us that survive as guinea pigs for all of their transhumanism.
That is where we are.
And that's why so much evil is afoot.
That's why you see so much corruption.
That's why you see so much stuff put out that doesn't make sense and that is contradictory.
That is meant to make you give up on your life, give up on your job, give up on your children,
Give up on God and basically just roll over so that the controllers can put you in a learned helplessness fetal position.
Well, if you're conscious of this attack and you educate others about the attack and then they're aware of why this is happening and that there's a methodology to this evil,
Then we can really turn it around together and have a massive effect.
But if we don't, it's only going to get progressively worse now.
Almost every show, I say we've got the biggest COVID news yet, because just new devastating information is coming out daily.
Coming up, there is just a huge article that links to news in the UK that is the most insane ever.
Because they actually published their medical numbers there.
Remember it's been out for about seven, eight months in the UK that you're twice as likely to get COVID and be hospitalized and or die.
So it's all twice as likely if you've had the double or triple jab.
Now the official UK government numbers that you can go to that I can go to say that nearly 75% of UK COVID deaths were vaxxed.
Government data shows unbelievable
We've got all the statistics from the government website that mirrors what the EU's reporting and even what our own VAERS reporting is saying.
So this is what's crazy.
It's kind of like you check your engine light and if it's red, you know you've got a problem.
Or if you run out of gas and it's blinking saying low fuel, I mean you know that gauge is accurate.
Well, we don't just need the actual gauge from the government.
We see all the heart attacks and death of these celebrities and football players and others, soccer players everywhere.
This is mass death and that ties into a huge report that we're linked to in the live show feed.
It's also from Gateway Pundit.
Massive 145 country study shows sharp increase of transmission and death after introduction of COVID vaccines.
There's the actual study that is coming up here today.
At the bottom of the hour, I've got some other news I want to hit and tell you what's coming up in the next segment.
Separately, I want to thank you all for your support.
There's a lot of fake corporate media outlets out there claiming that we're just rolling in all this extra money and we don't need support.
That's fake news.
That's twisted information.
That's a lie.
InfoWars could easily implode or even shut down in the next six months if you don't continue to buy the great products at InfoWarsStore.com.
And I don't want to prove the mainstream media right again by shutting down.
That's their goal.
And they want us shut down.
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It's 50% off and that sale ends in just a few days because it's selling out.
All right, I'm going to try to be calm about all this, but none of what the globalists are doing makes sense until you understand that they really hate humans, and that they really want to kill the majority of the population, and that in their own cosmology, their own worldview, their own religion, they believe that they're going to transcend and not be humans anymore.
And you can say they cooked this up in their own psychotic brains, you can say they were demonically influenced, you can say whatever you want about it.
You can say you believe in other entities in the universe, or you don't.
The point is, they're doing this, this is happening, this is real.
And that's why there is a war on common sense, because they've got to get you
To suspend your common sense and just go into herd mindless groupthink if they're going to succeed.
And I know I'm stating the obvious to all the listeners and viewers, but the world is being inducted into an artificial collapse.
And all the different ethnic and regional and historical divisions are being hyped up
As the political economic cultural cover for the design collapse that brings in the world cashless society and with that the world social credit score you'll have to be able to even have access to the marketplace and with that more and more insane social controls that you'll be made to accept and comply with just for
To be able to leave your house, or to get medicine, or food, or have a job.
And in the process of that, it shuts down the entire economy that is not owned by a handful of big banks.
This is economic war.
This is the most sophisticated, savage attack on humanity ever seen in history by dozens of magnitudes.
It isn't a hundred percent worse.
It isn't a thousand percent worse.
It's 50,000 times more sophisticated.
It is multifaceted, multidimensional, complete, multidisciplinary attack on everything good and decent and wholesome by the corrupt ruling oligarchs, the behavioral psychologists that are doing this.
And what's sick is
There are millions of people that know about this and have joined with the evil and are actually working for it.
You know, something that shocked me more than a decade ago was to learn that I was actually recruiting people for the New World Order as a byproduct of what we do, because a lot of people would learn about this, find out about it, and then go and join it.
And that's a blind spot I had.
I didn't really ever think
You wake up people that are in a trance, but they were already corrupt and selfish and evil and bad and had a proclivity towards the dark side, towards Satanism.
And then when you wake them up, they just take their low-level scams and low-level lies and low-level evil and they parlay it into the big leagues.
And it was that understanding that really let me understand the devil's plan, because that's how it works.
As the system gets more corrupt and evil, people give up on the good system and join with the evil because they want to survive, or they want to be in charge, or they're tired of losing.
And I'm sure most of you right now are saying, yeah, Alex, that's how the world works.
You didn't know that?
See, you're smarter than I am in many ways.
I have a blind side to just think most people are good, and if most people knew the truth, they'd care and do something.
And most people actually are deep down good, and that they want to be good,
But they're so naive and just can't believe that evil exists so they can't get their minds wrapped around it.
But there's a good percentage of people that didn't get the wider world to know how it worked and it was kind of like when you send somebody to prison for 10 years and they come out with a college degree in crime.
They may go in there just because they got in a bar fight and hit the guy and he fell over and died, so you get manslaughter, 10 years in prison.
But when you come out, you can't get a regular job now, but you know how to do all sorts of scams, all sorts of crimes, because they're in there learning how to do the crimes.
And it's weird.
I've been on air all these years talking about the New World Order, talking about their tricks, deciphering how their operations work, talking about how their multidisciplinary systems are integrated together through the Hegelian dialectic to control people, and how folks should become aware of that.
And instead, teaching people about the dark side, I've been a big recruiter for evil.
But you know what?
That's in God's plan.
Justice be done where the heavens fall, that goes back to free will.
It's good to give people knowledge, it's good to empower them, and it's good to let them make the decision that are they going to use this information to empower themselves and others, or are they going to use this to do bad things?
And that's why evil wants to cut the resources off, because they want to force you into a position in a barbarous, murderous, evil world where you've got to do bad things just to feed your family.
And I'm not going to lie to people, and I didn't last year when that rant went viral and got 50 million views or whatever, about eating my neighbors, which was a modest proposal 2.0 from Jonathan Swift about if things really did break down the way the globalists want, you know, I probably would actually eat people.
And I think you would too.
90 plus percent of people become
And then the cannibals feed on each other.
Now, I'm being honest with you about that.
I don't want to be forced into that position, because I would just starve to death.
But I look at my four-year-old daughter, well, she's got to eat.
And I don't say this to be dramatic.
I don't say this to freak people out.
This is the real world we're going into with seven and a half billion people, and the global is turning off the world economy.
Because if they get their full collapse they wanted, they think they can get away with collapsing it, and they think they can get away with posing as the saviors when they are the conductors, when they are the masters, when they are the engineers of this, they will take it all the way.
And that's why you see the military training for 20 years to take on zombies in an apocalypse.
In the image of giant hordes of crazy, evil people running around eating each other, they admit, well, it's not legal to really train the military to mow down their own citizens, so we call it a zombie drill when the troops practice mowing down thousands of role players who we put green paint on their skin.
They can be black, they can be white, they can be whatever, but we dehumanize them by saying they're a zombie, putting them in some rags, and having them go, ahhh!
And what do zombies want?
What they don't have?
If you had brains, you wouldn't be in the position of being a zombie.
And it's the allegory.
So they turn you into a TV head zombie first.
Then they dumb you down, then they slowly turn the resources off and train you to turn against other people.
They turn off the police, they turn off the power, they tell you you gotta eat bugs, they introduce this dystopia thing to your mind.
Knowing that an awake person would see that and go, man, Klaus Schwab's evil.
But a zombie hears it and will later, like who told them, bugs, you eat bugs now, you have nothing.
I eat bugs, I have nothing.
In fact, you eat other zombies.
So I'm only taking you full circle where they want to turn us into cannibals, folks.
And that's their plan.
That's what Satanism is.
It always ends in basically the equivalent of cannibalism.
And that's the archetype of the zombie.
We'll continue to break down the secrets of the New World Order and more and how to beat it.
But first, the greatest acts of genocide in human history now being conducted by Big Pharma against you and your family.
We are doing together, that is the crew, myself, the wonderful audience of activists, viewers and listeners, we are changing the world together right now.
I cannot tell you the phone calls and text messages I get
Hourly, but daily from different, very prominent people.
In fact, the most prominent now.
Contacting InfoWars and saying, my gosh, your analysis was dead on.
I thought you were exaggerating.
I thought you were crazy.
It's exactly as you said.
How do you know this?
And then I spend hours a day, some days, usually 30 minutes, sending prominent people links to what I've already told them, because they're asking, how did you know this?
How did you know that?
And so, listeners, we've got a chance to get out of this.
We've got a chance to lessen how bad this is going to be and save civilization.
But only admitting how much danger we're in will allow that to happen.
This is a Monday emergency broadcast.
Democrats announce plan to put UNVACs in internment camps as Deep State declares America is officially in a civil war.
I just got chills.
Twelve states now have legislation introduced, set to pass in several, just like Australia, but worse.
Australia is finally getting there, but the legislation in places like Washington and New York says you can be taken for not being injected, not just if you, quote, have COVID, and you can be kept in the facilities for punishment.
And now what do you see happening in Australia?
They're now keeping people because, quote, they made a phone call or they walked outside the line.
They don't let you step off your front porch in these camps.
Hell, the ones in Hong Kong, you can't even go out on a porch.
And if you step across the line, oh, 14 more days.
There are some people in Australia have been in there three months.
Again, they're just segwaying into these being re-education camps.
They are re-education camps.
And the Washington Post, they just showed the headline, it's like, ooh, the walls are closing on the anti-vaxxers!
Forced inoculation starts next month in Europe!
This is how they play society off against each other.
So I've got that stack.
I've got the breakdown of civilization and the infrastructure stack.
I've got
Really something that I had nightmares about last night.
And the reason I had, I mean, I had bad dreams about this last night.
Is because I know I've got to do something.
It was one thing a year and a half ago when this was going on, we learned about it and we called for the arrest of Cuomo and Governor Wolf and Whitmer and the rest of them.
But now they're announcing it again.
They've signed executive orders to send COVID patients into nursing homes.
And then, even though this Delta variant isn't going to kill anybody, when you test positive, they intubate you to get the $53,000 bounty that Congress re-upped, and they kill you!
And the nurses follow the orders to intubate, or they lose their job.
And they already kicked out the ones that spoke out and wouldn't take the shots, so now they've got people, including National Guard,
I think?
But they, you know, live up to, like, their mid-80s instead of their mid-70s, like in the U.S.
But, man, once you get tested positive, they intubate you.
It's the equivalent of a guillotine.
They murder you with a ventilator.
And I have nightmares where I can't save people.
I'm sure a lot of you have those type of nightmares where it's frustrating and no one will listen and no one cares.
And in my nightmares last night, I was literally in front of hospitals and nursing homes bullhorning
And the police were laughing at me and taking me to jail because I wasn't wearing a mask.
And that was my brain wargaming this, because I told myself driving home last night, I said, no matter how many troubles I've got, now I'm holding down the fort, I've got to get on an airplane to start the chain reaction.
I got to go to Connecticut.
I got to go to New York.
I got to go to these places.
And I've got to get my listeners out to at least go protest at the nursing homes where they're murdering people.
I mean, do you understand that the globalists are doing satanic rituals?
And they know if they can kill the unborn, God's going to lift the hedge of protection.
And they know if they can kill old people out in the open and not let their families in when they're healthy, so they can innovate them and murder them and not have any trouble, and they've got the National Guard with the military involved, all of it is martial law.
All of it's a preparation for this.
Accelerating and getting worse with the legislation pending in 12 blue states to take whole families to facilities and quote separate the children the same thing the UN 20 months ago called for that's the holy grail the type of personnel they hire a lot of pedophiles you think well the average cop won't be part of this exactly
In the New York and Washington legislation, I'm told it's similar in the other 10 states.
I read this on air yesterday.
We got articles on Infowars.com.
I'll give you the bill number.
John downed the report on it too last night.
He blows up the bill and shows you the subsections.
It says anyone, not that the sheriff deputizes, he's elected.
And that's in the Constitution.
That even goes back to England more than 600 years with sheriffs.
But that's when they got codified.
Really about a thousand years old.
And it goes back to Magna Carta.
No, no.
It says the Health Department will deputize anyone they want as law enforcement power.
So when you hear Obama talk about, we want a domestic security force just as big, just as strong as our military, and he's in his third term right now, Obama is.
That's what the Biden administration is, literally.
That's why I usually refer to Biden as Obama.
That's not a joke.
I mean, I just tell the truth.
My brain like, don't call him Biden.
That's Obama.
So my brain will make me mess up.
And it's truly a Freudian slip because it is Obama.
These are ghouls.
These are psychic vampires, folks.
And this is the final step.
And it's so sick, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got new Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, pedophilia news that ties into Atlantic Monthly and is just devastating.
And when you think about it, like, why are they into this?
Rich women?
Rich men?
Because it's about not caring about other people and about the selfishness.
And the energy that they have in them, the spirit they have in them, wants to hurt innocent people.
That's why they get giddy and Gage starts rubbing his hands together and looking like he's having a orgasm.
Seriously, he looks, oh, oh, oh, when he talks about it, and we're going to give it to newborns, and we're going to give them five, six shots, and society will never go back to normal, Fareed Zarkaria says to him.
And Gage goes, oh, oh, and starts looking like he's literally having an orgasm because he's having a satanic orgasm.
He's doing the lesser magic when he announces we're going to get your kids, when he announces it's never going to stop, when he announces that there's going to be dozens of shots a year, as he did 20 months ago, and we told you this is what's coming.
People ask, Jones, how'd you know it was coming?
Because he frickin' runs it!
He said it!
And he starts talking about how he's gonna kill your kids, starts talking about how he's gonna depopulate you at TED Talks, starts talking about death panels to kill grandma, and he starts giggling and rubbing his hands together and gyrating his hips forward and backwards in a sexual event!
He gets off on killing people.
There's people like that in the world, folks.
And he controls trillions.
He wants to kill you.
He ran Jeffrey Epstein and sex rings to compromise scientists and take over the major universities.
He runs almost every health department in the world, national and local.
How did he do it?
Running a giant intelligence operation through scientists and hundreds of billions in payoffs.
He is a psychotic killer.
When we come back, I have all the documents, I have all the news of how the vaccines aren't vaccines, they're causing record death worldwide from a British government report and a U.S.
government report that are official.
The total proof, ladies and gentlemen, the mass murder is happening now and now they're coming to the nursing homes to murder more people with enjoyment.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back.
Now, we have
A very informative individual joining us for 30 minutes in the next hour.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been on the show many times over the years and he was appointed under Reagan.
He was the father of Reaganomics and basically ran the Treasury Department.
He also was part of the deal to have the collapse of the Soviet Union in exchange for NATO not expanding in to the former Soviet Union areas.
He was part of those negotiations.
He was part of the signatory agreements to it.
And he's going to be joining us to talk about what's really going on with Russia and the moves to get us into a major war with them next hour.
Then I'm intending to open the phones up and cover all of this other news.
But I don't know anything personal about Bob Saget, who died at age 65, was found dead in a hotel room.
So I called some folks that know him, and they said, well, he was a party animal, but so many people are dying after they get their vaccines.
Who knows?
Because he'd been bragging about how he got his booster on December 1st and how much he loved it and then now he's dead.
But what we do know is from the VAERS reporting system and the UK reporting system, heart attacks and myocarditis in people down to age five now, they're taking the shots, have exploded.
And that's a fact and you can't get around that and it is from the shots.
And remember,
A year and three months ago, in October of 2020, the CDC's own documents, on their webpage now, said, here's a list of possible adverse reactions that our scientists warn, and it's myocarditis and all the rest of it.
So, we know that, and now we know this is going on.
They just hope the public doesn't drill down into this information, and then it just ends up collapsing society, because somebody gets sick, somebody dies, somebody goes bankrupt, and then somebody gets smart and refuses to take the shots, and then
Everything from the fire departments to the hospitals to the airlines to the power plants to the engineers breaks down and that's where we're going, the post-industrial world.
But Bob Saget, dead at age 65.
Comedian Bob Saget found dead at Orlando Hotel.
Let's move on from the anecdotal and let's move on to this InfoWars.com article that links directly
To the British government's own report that just came out two days ago.
These are the numbers of just the deaths from COVID, December 6th to January 2nd.
Now notice the CDC is trying to spin these numbers and hold these back, but they're also similar here.
Nearly 75% of UK COVID deaths were vaxed, government data shows.
And if you add in some of the other data, it's over that.
Because they don't count it a death, just like here, if you die after it being injected in the first 14 days.
You add that, the numbers are well above 85%.
This is from the British government's own website with links all to it.
That's on InfoWars.com.
Here's a more detailed article out of the expose that's excellent.
BBC News forgot to tell you that official data shows the triple-double vaccinated accounted for four in every five COVID-19 deaths in December.
Because they break all the numbers and integrate them together.
As we were just explaining, the latest figures published in the UK Health Security Agency show that despite the elderly and vulnerable receiving a booster shot in September and October, the NHS turning into the national booster service ever since, the triple-double vaccine population still accounted for four in every five COVID-19 deaths throughout December.
And it turns out the British government had lied about the numbers of people that had taken it.
So now it's as low as 60%.
So this then proves that you are more likely to die of COVID if you've been double or triple vaxxed.
They forgot to tell you that.
Isn't that just interesting?
Oh, and let me actually show you the report.
Because, you know, mainstream news, when they say something about us, they don't really show you the report.
They always just lie about it.
Oh, Jones said there's slave colonies on Mars.
Offered a million dollars for where I said that.
Never said that.
Oh, Jones says he's an actor and everything he says is fake.
Oh, is that why it all comes true?
No, that's a lie too.
Oh, but here it is.
This is out of the UK Health Security Agency COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report.
And this is just for the last month.
And as I told you, it was released on January
7th so three days ago and it's December through January or early January and there is the report if you'd like to go read the whole thing for you it's again linked on InfoWars.com you can see this all for yourself but that's why they try to block us everywhere because we actually show you the truth this is from VAERS reporting by the way the Democrats have introduced bills to get rid of the VAERS reporting can't have doctors and nurses report things
This is microcarditis, swelling in the bag around the heart, reported in VAERS by year.
Total, and look, basically doesn't exist in all the years previous until now off the charts, literally.
Hundreds of thousands of reports.
And of course, you know, only a fraction of your report, and most people are undiagnosed until you die.
Microcarditis, you can read all about that from the Mayo Clinic.
And then here is that British report, worldwide.
Oh yeah, this is the really big one, excuse me.
Oh wow.
This is a world report.
I just showed you the British report.
Massive 145 country studies show sharp increase of transmission and death after introduction of COVID vaccines.
The Gateway Pundit did a splendid job.
We've actually linked to the report in the live show feed headline.
You can go below the live show feed and find the link to the worldwide
Casual Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19, a Big Data Analysis of 145 Countries.
This was done by the Department of Political Science, University of Alberta, Canada by prestigious statisticians working with supercomputers.
You can go read how they did it.
Oh boy, it's incredible.
And by the way, we can show you the John Hopkins that picks up the UN data worldwide.
You know that graph you guys always show that shows double VACs and first VACs and triple VACs points where it starts and everywhere the shot starts, the illnesses, the hospitalization began.
That's why we've got double the deaths this year we had last year and actual hospitals actually full.
Yep, there you go.
Oh, you already got your first shot.
Oh, now your second.
Oh, is it that nice at the exact injection point?
Explosions and hospitalizations, illnesses and deaths.
This is over a hundred countries in this list that you're seeing on TV, but anyways, let's just go back to this one real quick.
It's got all the same numbers here for you.
All the same numbers here from around the world showing the exact same thing.
Same thing, same thing, same thing.
Take the shot and die.
Take the shot and die.
Take the shot and die.
Take the shot and die.
Take the shot and die.
Oh, and the places the more injected, the higher the death rate, like Israel and Singapore and oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness gracious, it's all here for you.
It's all right there, country by country, their own official numbers.
Just like the gauge on your car says you're out of gas and Jiminy Cricket suddenly just ran out of gas.
Isn't that funny?
But there's all these people going along with the system that think they can just pretend everything's okay and it'll be fine.
This is out of CTV Canada.
Vaccinated hospital patients outpace the unvaccinated.
But it doesn't mean the shots don't work.
Oh no!
It says it lessens the illness, which isn't true according to Canada's numbers.
It increases the level of death.
But see, it doesn't matter because they're liberal and they are corporate media and you've got to listen to them or you are a bad person.
So we just showed you the VAERS documents, the British government documents, the Canadian analysis, the Mayo Clinic.
We just showed you all that.
That's what we do all day long, is the real world.
Oh, and as you can see, I've got camps for you here.
I've got revolution.
They say, well, the CIA said two weeks ago that we're in a civil war.
And I said, watch, within two weeks, all the parent media, they're always two weeks behind the CIA, will say we're in a civil war.
And the answer is,
I'm not kidding, they'll have leftists in speeches across the nation, round up and kill all Trump supporters.
Yep, there's an article on Infowars.com about that.
And it's just terrible, just terrible that we have a thing called the Second Amendment to protect ourselves defensively from you monsters that are spoiling for a war.
But they're like, oh yeah, we got the power plants, we got the borders, we got the Justice Department, and we're turning it all off.
We can't beat you in a fight, but we're gonna put you under siege.
And Infowars is under siege, just like America and every Christian nation is, because we are the Temple of the Spirit fighting back, and that's why we need your support now.
Firing the bat signal.
They will shut us down, just as sure as the sun comes down, before this year is out, if we don't get massive support.
That's why the enemy's lying all over the news, saying we've got all this extra money, and... No.
I'm spending... I'm spending all the money we've got.
For an organization like this, we barely have any money.
We need your support.
We can't let the globalists win.
Plus, we've got products you need.
Vitamin Refusion is about to go off sale.
It's a must-have for everybody's immune system and more.
It is 50% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
And the sale ends in just a couple days.
Annex 2 is back in stock.
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Boy, is it important to take every day.
It is the opposite of fluoride.
It is the good allergen.
It is the missing link.
X2, 50% off.
Stay with us.
Joshua in Texas.
Joshua, you're on the InfoWars War Room.
Go ahead.
You guys talk about the New World Order a lot, and my dad was the first to expose it.
Right on, man.
I have been banned from Banned.Video.
First of all, I wrote down that Randall Wilhite, Alex Jones' lawyer, went on record saying that Alex is a showman and just playing a character.
Second time I got banned.
I said that Mark Randazza is a lawyer for the Church of Satan and now your First Amendment lawyer.
Next time I got banned is that I proved that you guys sell your products on Amazon, giving Jeff Bezos a cut of your profit.
They say you guys have to sign non-disclosure agreements.
All the employees.
So Alex actually bans your free speech.
One hour later... Josh the Troll!
You can't get Patriot Points on Amazon!
Hey Josh the Troll, I have 5,000 Patriot Points!
How many do you have, Josh the Troll?
Josh the Troll!
You need some garba-chill!
Josh the Troll!
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics, former Wall Street Journal editor, and more, is going to be joining us to talk about...
The World War III implications we have with Russia and more coming up, and can America be saved?
But first, let's have a little bit of fun with two great shorts by the amazing folks at the Babylon Bee.
Here are two of those funny reports.
We'll be right back with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Today marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly January 6th Capitol insurrection, where violent Trump supporters viciously murdered zeros of people, and almost AOC.
I'm reporting live in Washington at the annual reunion of those most intimately involved with the planning and execution of the attack, FBI agents.
So what's it like to be back?
Uh, if I was indeed present at the initial attack, which I'm not saying I was, it's good to be back.
What precisely was your involvement last year?
I may have allegedly moved a barrier, which I didn't, but if I did, I then said, let's storm the Capitol, along with my colleague Steve, who I'm hypothetically happy to see again.
So what lessons can we take from the January 6th events?
They showed us how incredibly violent Trump supporters are in our fevered imaginations.
When I was allegedly pretending to be a Trump supporter, it was very, very scary.
It was terrifying.
I imagine that they were filled with hatred and racism as they walked calmly through the Capitol taking selfies.
So what do you have planned for this reunion?
Oh, we're gonna throw Frisbee, maybe barbecue some Chini, who knows, maybe we'll get a few PBRs in us and go kidnap a governor.
As we may have done, allegedly, in the past.
Is there anyone at this reunion who's not an FBI agent?
There's Jake.
I'm standing here with Trump supporter, Jake, who was present at the Capitol riot.
Jake, why did you decide to violently riot?
Well, we were taking our orders directly from President Trump, who is still the president.
When Trump said that we should protest peacefully, what I heard was murder, kill, and destroy.
And when he said that we needed to show strength, I understood that to mean, of course, that we needed to go steal a podium and then leave a poop on Nancy Pelosi's desk.
Wait, you did all that?
And they didn't arrest you?
I spent some time in jail.
Oh, I got arrested.
But then I lied and said that I just burned down a car lot and stole some Nikes in the name of racial justice.
And then they let me out on parole.
Kamala Harris, in fact, even raised some money to let me out.
So generous.
Well, there you have it.
Very clever.
If you'd like to see more January 6th coverage, be sure to switch over to CNN, where they will be covering it continuously, forever, until the end of time.
Coming up next, we go live to the somber ceremony in which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lays a wreath at her own grave.
Who was he?
What did he do?
I mean, he saved all of humanity, because he trusted in God and all that.
But he did make a few errors in the animals he chose to save.
So I've taken the task upon myself to list the top animals Noah should have pushed off the boat.
First off, geese.
I'm starting with the obvious one.
Next, tarantula hawks.
These guys will paralyze a tarantula, drag it back to their evil lair, lay an egg on it, drill a hole inside the spider, and then have their larva eat the inside of the tarantula for weeks on end, while the spider is still alive.
On second thought, I can respect that.
The tarantula hawk can stay.
Then we have pomeranians.
No good Pomeranians going around yipping and thinking they're better than everyone.
All of them.
This one's a no-brainer.
Though Satan would have probably kept them alive anyway.
This whole pandemic could have been prevented.
Come on, Noah.
Insane clown posse fans.
The world would be a whole lot brighter of a place.
Then we have the skinny cows that produce skim milk.
What is the point of these guys anyway?
Joe Biden.
If Noah had just tossed Biden off the boat, we wouldn't be in this predicament.
The future symbol of the Republican Party, full of hate and racism.
Finally, squirrels.
Noah should have tossed the squirrels.
They're definitely up to something.
This is the definitive list of the Greatest Arc Offenders.
If you would like to add nominations for my consideration in any future updates of my list, either leave a comment down below or write it on an index card and place it in the mailbox behind the burnt-down Steak and Shake.
I know how to get into it.
He was also one of the editors over at the Wall Street Journal, an editor for the Wall Street Journal columnist for Businessweek, Scripps Howard News Service.
He was a nationally syndicated columnist for Craters Syndicate.
In 92, he received the Warren Brooks Award for Excellence in Journalism, but the big thing he did was the head of policy on the economy for Ronald Reagan, the father of Reaganomics, and he was appointed
I don't
We're good to go.
Was it almost a thousand years ago by an individual that was actually living in Ukraine?
And I've got some of the articles even from the New York Times Previously admitting that and so you've got all these geopolitical movements.
What does it mean?
What is the Nord Stream 2 gas line mean?
Being blocked right now.
What's happening with the Russian little green men as they're called inside Eastern Ukraine.
Where is all this brinksmanship and
Going, and then he also wants to get into the question of can America be saved?
Does America have a future?
These are some of the articles at Paul Craig Roberts' website and Dr. Roberts, great to have you back.
It's been a few years.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm glad to be back with you.
Thanks for coming on.
Wow, what a crazy world.
Where do you want to start?
Wherever you do.
Well, we could start with inflation and the economy.
We could start with the insanity of the deep state.
We could start with the Russia situation, wherever you'd like to.
Well, you know, the Russian situation could turn out to be a very serious one.
And as far as I can tell, most people are unaware.
Maybe we should start with that.
That's exactly where I wanted to start.
For people that don't know the history of it or what's really going on,
What's actually happening?
Well, I think what's actually happening is the Russians of the Kremlin have concluded that Washington is not going to pay any attention to the Russian security concern.
And therefore, they're going through the motions of testing one last time if we will respond to their diplomatic efforts and get our threatening military forces off of their borders.
I don't think that they believe that we are going to respond.
In any positive way, but they just want to check their own decision one last time before they get tough with us or whoever happens to be the target.
So I haven't any belief that the negotiations, as they're called by Washington, will be in any way successful.
They will simply
So, what will they do?
I think they have reached the conclusion that until the Kremlin demonstrates force
The West won't take them seriously.
So I expect they will simply eliminate the military bases that we have constructed in Ukraine in the way that the Israelis do to threatening installments in Iraq and Syria and Lebanon.
The Russians are quite aware that if the Israelis can do this, so can the Russians.
So I suspect that we'll end up with a black eye.
And at that point, we might listen again to their security concerns.
Now, what are these concerns?
Well, the agreement was made with the Soviet Union with Gorbachev.
That if the Soviets allowed the reunification of Germany, Washington would not take the advantage and move the NATO all the way to the Russian border.
We were supposed not to put into NATO the Eastern European communist countries that were part of the Soviet Empire.
So Gorbachev is going to let loose of all of this, and we were not going to immediately sign them up, or even at any time in the future, sign them up in NATO and have our military installations on their borders.
Well, this agreement held during the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, but later in the Clinton years,
Clinton dishonored the word of the United States government and signed up former Soviet provinces into NATO.
I think the reason they did that was that the Soviet Union had collapsed after the agreement that was made in Gorbachev.
And so Washington was not confronted with the same kind of Soviet power.
Russia was in chaos.
And they decided, Washington decided to take advantage of that.
And it stayed like that, Alex, until 2007.
When Putin at the Munich Security Conference announced that the Russians did not accept the American unipolar world and that the Russians did not approve of the indiscriminate and irresponsible use of force by the United States against other countries.
And the United States got very thorough tongue lashing for its behavior and violation of international law.
And Putin says, you know, we have to get along and that's what international law is for, so that we all
Well, we may find out soon enough.
You're right.
I'm perhaps going on too much length.
No, no.
We're just going to break here in about a minute.
It's all very interesting.
I mean, you've laid this out.
You've warned this was coming on.
I mean, 15 years ago on the show, you said this was going to be happening.
We're now to the point you've been warning about the whole time.
And I really want you to give us your expert take on how you think this could unfold.
Well, again, we saw in 2014 when
Obama thought he was going to invade Syria.
The Russians stepped in and prevented it and defeated the mercenaries that we had sent there to overthrow Assad.
And then a few years ago, he announced the array of new Russian superweapons.
Stay there Doc, this is riveting and you're a real historian because not just an economist, you were there in the government when this was all going on and then as a journalist covering it and you've been dead on predicting all of this and this is the big issue.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back folks, Alex Jones here.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former chief advisor on the economy to Ronald Reagan, former Wall Street Journal editor, author, columnist is here with us.
He was also part of the deals to get the Soviet Union
To basically withdraw itself from areas of Eastern Europe as long as that was left as a buffer.
That's historical fact.
We've covered it ad nauseum.
But now I've got a New York Times article saying it doesn't exist.
And here's one that goes even further.
Because he's the one saying, am I going on too long with history?
No, I don't think he is.
I was just bringing this up to current date.
But let's go back for a moment and go back to where he left off.
The Russian-Ukraine conflict lies in the bones of an 11th century prince.
This was on January 1st, just last week.
And they go on to say, no, Russia really doesn't have a claim to Ukraine.
Yes, this Yaroslav the Wise, almost a thousand years ago, did basically found the modern Ukrainian and Russian culture and their common law and all their systems, but that doesn't really matter.
Ukraine belongs to Europe.
Well, yes, Ukraine has some European roots, also some Russian roots.
It doesn't matter.
Russia was basically founded, and the Russians know this, in eastern Ukraine.
That's in history books.
So the idea that they have no claim to that, and that NATO troops can be coming in, and all these heavy weapons can be given to them, including by Trump, is an act of war.
I'm not a Russophile, but I don't want war with Russia.
I don't want to start a war with Russia.
It's just insane.
So I think that's some of the background history there, but you got up to the point of now, Russia said no in Syria.
They've shown what they're going to do.
And I think what you're saying is you're predicting that if push comes to shove, the Russians aren't going to back down.
Is that what you're saying, Doctor?
Of course they're not going to.
They've made that clear.
And you're right.
Ukraine has been part of Russia for longer than the United States has existed.
But it's not a question of a Russian claim to Ukraine.
Russia is not making a claim to Ukraine.
What they're saying is, we're not going to allow you to turn Ukraine into another hostile country armed by the Americans with NATO bases on our border.
We're not going to allow that.
In fact, we really aren't going to tolerate your bases in Poland and Romania.
And so you're too close to our doorstep and you need to pack up and go home.
And they're not asking us to do this, they're telling us.
And they're telling us that, or telling Washington, doesn't have anything to do with me and you, telling Washington, if you don't do that, we're going to throw you out.
And they mean it, and they're certainly capable of doing it.
So I think the fact that Blinken and the NATO functionary and Biden and so much of the idiot prostitute media, they have already dismissed
And it also got snuck attacked by Hitler in Operation Barbarossa.
We're good to go.
Yes, you're completely right.
I think the effect is that the Russians
have concluded that the whole purpose of us ringing them with bases and making these threats is to destroy their sovereignty, to make them compliant with American hegemony.
And they've already said so many years ago that they were not going to accept that.
And they have tried with diplomatic efforts
Along the way to make us consider the situation from their standpoints.
Like you said, how happy would we be with Russian bases on the Mexican border, the Canadian border?
We wouldn't be.
We would be uneasy about it.
And they're uneasy, and we make them more uneasy with all these threats about nuclear attacks on them and so forth.
And with constant accusations.
I mean, the constant accusations against Russia.
So they're going to bring that to an end.
I can't tell you who they'll strike first.
Most likely, it will be the American bases that have been built in Ukraine.
And the effect of it, of course, Washington will immediately say, see, see, we told you the Russians are aggressive, they're a threat, they've done this, that, and the other.
And Washington will try to use it to solidify its hold on Europe through NATO.
On the other hand, the Europeans may see, hey, look,
The Russians have had enough.
The Americans can't do anything about it.
But we are exposed.
We don't want to be exposed to this conflict.
And perhaps then the Europeans start leaning on us.
Look, you know, the Russians have a point of view after all.
Why are you on their borders?
They're not doing anything except in response to the pressures you put on them.
That's sort of the attitude in the Kremlin.
It may work out that the way you get accommodated is you show that you have the force to enforce it.
Well, let me ask you this historical question.
I follow some of the foreign news.
I follow Japanese.
I mean, I follow Russian.
I follow it all.
And the Russian news is pissed at Putin that he's not doing more.
And even in international polls, something like 90% of Russians know what's happening.
So the West wanted to weaken Putin.
It's not weakening him the way they think.
They're actually, the Russians are getting mad that he is allowing this to even go on from what I've seen.
So far from him losing support, it's actually the opposite.
The Russians are getting pissed off.
Yes, that's true.
They've had enough.
They've had the fill of the arrogant, disrespectful treatment they have received, not just from Washington, but from these European punks, Stoltenberg.
He's just a flunky.
Giving orders to Russia.
It's so funny.
And I think the Russians had enough.
They've been putting up with it now for, gosh, you know, two decades.
They're tired of it.
They're not going to take it anymore.
And they're not going to take anymore the prospect of our bases on their border.
It's just not going to be accepted.
And so, as we have shown, we're going to ignore them.
They're going to throw us out.
It's going to be that simple.
All right, Doc, we got to go to break.
I want to come back and just finish up on where you see this going.
Briefly, I want to shift gears to America and the mess that is here.
January 6th, you've been critical of these so-called vaccines as well.
So I want to cover the waterfront with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Straight ahead, you can find his books.
When more of his writings at paulcraigroberts.org and I he says I'll do the whole hour we'll do the whole hour for them because I've got all these other subjects he can get into as well that are so incredibly important but I think the way he puts it here really boils it on down that you do the Russians understand how insane the people are that run our country.
In fact we'll talk about the mindset of this neocon leftist movement with Dr. Roberts straight ahead.
And Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is with us.
He's been coming on the show 16, 17 years.
And boy, what he talked about way back then, the coming conflict with Russia, is now here.
And so he's with us till the end of the hour.
Next hour, I'll open the phones up and take your phone calls on a host of issues.
But Dr. Roberts, you wrote an article that I see was out yesterday.
Does Russia understand she is dealing with lunatics?
And that's what I see out of the West ruling class.
Well, Alex, with regard to the Russian situation, as you know, the American foreign policy has been taken over by the Neoconservatives.
And they are wallowing in the hubris of their exceptionalism.
We're so exceptional and we're omnipotent.
And so it's this notion of American hegemony over the world that makes them unable to understand the Russian point of view.
Get off our doorstep!
So they can't even understand why the Russians are upset.
And so they turn it into an act of aggression on the part of the Russians.
So it's impossible for them to even comprehend how dangerous the situation is.
Now, the wider question to do with Klaus Schwab and all of that, that's a different form of idiocy.
And it is independent of the current brewing problem with the Russians.
So really what it comes down to is that the inability of people who are so full of themselves to see anything outside their own
And Dr. Roberts you just hit the nail on the head there that you have competing global hegemonic delusions of grandeur of megalomania with the neocon military industrial complex that is in many areas sublimated itself into the great reset corporate dream of corporate world government and world IDs and
World Social Credit scores, but the two systems, if you really study them, are actually in collision course with each other in ways, and then you talk about delusion.
I've been around, as I know you have as well, some of these globalists, pretty high-level ones, and they really are like on insane power trips.
They think they're invincible, and a lot of them are really incompetent.
They just represent trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars of fiat currency, and as they say, pride goeth before a fall.
This really gets me concerned.
Well, you're right to be concerned and I think we'll learn in the coming days that the Russians have had enough and we'll see some demonstration of force and there's nothing we can do about it.
Look, I just saw recently
A month old news release from Pravda that the Russians had ordered all of their nuclear submarines to sea on full war bases.
And this is not to attack us, but it's to be positioned so that when they deal with the unwelcome bases on their border, that we'll be constrained from doing anything stupid because their forces are already deployed.
And when this recognition becomes widespread, we may see more realistic behavior in Washington and in the EU.
But at the moment, there's no sign of any realism.
Exactly, so the Hollywood mindset of hating the Russians and all that we see now, you know, invading into the whole neocon system that goes back to the Trotskyites, you know, being kicked out and coming through Mexico to the U.S.
and taking over the Republican Party, all because of that delusion, we have the DEFCON system moving up the scale here and we have the nuclear war clock moving closer to midnight.
Well, I think.
I think the only way it would become a nuclear war, you see, the United States has no capability of fighting Russia or China in a conventional war.
But if they got involved in one, they would be quicker, the United States would be quickly defeated.
And so they would probably be too proud to accept that.
And so that's when they would bring in the nukes.
It would be their last chance to save face from a defeat.
So there is that danger of nuclear war, but everyone needs to understand it's the United States that's pressuring Russia, and has been for two decades.
It's not the Russians doing this.
What they're doing is in response, and they've been very, very low-key about it until now.
They were out of patience, so we'll just have to see what happens.
It's out of our hands.
So is it fair to say, putting up the DEFCON system, the Russians have a similar program?
Well, I think that's what the
What they're doing, I mean, they don't want any kind of war, much less a nuclear war.
But they have realized that they've got to take some action to protect themselves.
If we have bases all around their border, and you know, in recent we tried to do the same thing in Kazakhstan that we did in Ukraine, to then present them the same problem in Central Asia.
That they have with Ukraine, with the hostile takeover.
So you do think that was an attempt in color revolution, what we just saw?
Oh, of course it was, yeah.
Of course it was.
I mean, it was obvious.
It was the most obvious thing that it was an attempt to... See, the border Russia has with Kazakhstan, I think is the biggest foreign border it has.
It is the biggest, it is the biggest contiguous land border in the world.
I looked it up this morning.
So, yeah, it was definitely a CIA operation.
You know, that kind of spontaneity doesn't happen.
It has to be organized.
And it was armed.
So there's no doubt about it.
But the Russians had learned their lesson from Ukraine and from Belarus.
And so they didn't just sit there and let it happen like they did in Ukraine.
And neither did the president of Kazakhstan.
He didn't do what the Ukrainian president had done and give up and flee.
He said, nope, shoot them down, stop it.
And he called in all of the security forces in that Central Asian group, which Russia is a part of.
And also they've now arrested the ex-intelligence chief claiming he worked for the CIA.
It's entirely possible.
It's entirely possible.
So is this the controllers of Biden in brinksmanship triggering this operation to destabilize and make Russia think twice?
Because I would think that would put Russia into more of a doomsday scenario with stuff like this going on.
Yeah, it's independent of Biden.
It's been going on for a long time.
You know as well as I do, the deep state is not under the president's control.
It's the other way around.
We just saw a huge demonstration of that.
That's right.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the smartest political minds in the world.
We'll get a big picture from him and talk about what happened to Trump, the deep state, January 6th, the inoculations in a ten and a half minute long segment coming up.
Please don't forget, they're trying to shut us down, they're attacking us on every front.
The media's lying, saying we have all these extra funds.
We need your support at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's not true.
Five days left on the big sale.
Stay with us.
All right, we got more information with Bill Gates, Atlantic Monthly, and others tied to the big pedophile rings.
That's coming up next hour, and your phone calls, and so much more.
But remember, Paul Craig Roberts was the editor at the Wall Street Journal, best-selling author, some of the biggest news services out there.
He wasn't just the chief financial advisor of the U.S.
government under Reagan.
PaulCraigRoberts.org, and he's writing big articles on his site with the headlines, the population is being killed off with COVID mRNA vaccines.
And that's
I've got another report of a major university, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta, with a worldwide analysis of government numbers showing the same levels, much higher levels of mass death.
A major insurance company owners have come out and said we're seeing a 40% increase in overall death ages 18 to 64.
You, sir, are a famous statistician and economist.
I would say that's your main thing.
You wear a lot of hats.
So that means you can look at statistics and you talk about some of these in your article.
This is overwhelming.
I mean, even I myself know this is going on, but I have trouble getting my mind around something so obvious.
Because if you and I know this, and if the CDC documents back in October of 2020 said they thought all this would happen in adverse reactions, then what is the bigger plan in all of this?
Please give us your analysis on that.
You know, that's a very difficult question to answer.
I mean, we know for sure that profit for the pharmaceutical companies is behind this fake pandemic and the vaccine.
We know also that it's being used throughout the world, particularly the Western free world,
To destroy civil liberties for government control over people.
And as you said, since everyone now knows that the vaccine is more dangerous than COVID, why do they keep trying to coerce vaccination of everyone?
And so it kind of suggests that when you try to coerce people to take a vaccine that you know is going to harm them.
Are you actually trying to shrink the population?
So the circumstantial evidence just from that suggests that yes, there's some kind of population controls program behind this.
When we have this, I forget his name now, but he's the expert on vaccine patents, any kind of prescription medicine patents.
And he has testified several times, I have links to his presentations on my site, that they've been working on, first, the virus, on creating COVID, and on the vaccine for years.
For years they've been working on this.
Well, it was presented to us as an unknown new development that just showed up.
Well, he says, no, that's not the case.
There are 4,000 patents, he says.
All this virus dating back to the late 90s.
Well, I couldn't say that that's true or not, but he says it is, and he is an expert on these
Well, Doc, let me just back you up.
I'm not a bio-scientist and I'm not an expert on the patents, but I did go look and they did release in the last year and a half Fauci emails where they're developing a COVID-SARS airborne virus that has these properties.
It's the same virus combinations.
And they tell the vaccine makers months before we ever hear about Wuhan in 2019, start producing the vaccines now.
So they didn't just suddenly and, you know, oh, have a vaccine and one day they developed.
They had been obsessed with this combination for, as you said, decades and were building it and developing it through Peter Daszak as their cutout.
There was a big brouhaha about it in 2015.
When scientists in the U.S.
said we should not be developing this here in the U.S.
at Chapel Hill, so they moved it to Wuhan.
I mean, the paper trail is just insane on this.
That's true, and that's now public records.
The thing is, it's harder to establish that than it is to establish the fact that the vaccine destroyed what the vaccine does.
It turns your
own immune system into a weapon against your own body.
This is what is now known.
So when you take that vaccine, you are causing your own immune system to attack your own vital organs.
And so what are called adverse reactions.
They're not exactly adverse reactions.
It's not like you're having an allergic reaction to the vaccine or something like that.
The vaccine actually turns your own immune system into a weapon against your body.
And a lot of the scientists say, once you've had this shot, you've got that problem for the rest of your life.
If you get double vax, it's worse.
If you get double vax and boosted, it's even worse.
You get a second booster.
It's even worse.
And so the more of this stuff they dump into you, the more effective your own immune system is as a weapon against you.
So this is easy to establish.
It's now established.
There are links to all the papers on my site.
And so why are these scientists censored and
Shut down and fired because they're telling the truth and the truth exposes the situation.
Well, the authorities know this.
They also know that children don't have a bad effect from COVID.
They don't really catch it.
It doesn't do much to them.
But the vaccine causes heart attacks in little kids.
And yet they're insisting on vaccinating little kids.
Well, now, when you
are determined to coerce people to take a vaccine that's going to injure them, kill them, then that does imply that you're up to no good.
This is not a mistake.
It's not that the authorities don't know the bad effects of the vaccine.
It's not that they don't know that the vaccine is killing more people than COVID.
They do know that.
They also know that the vaccine does not protect.
That's why you have to have the booster.
That's why you have to have the second booster.
That's why you have to continue wearing masks.
They agree the vaccine doesn't protect, and yet they insist that people have to have the vaccine in order to be protected.
But they know it doesn't protect.
And, of course, the media never says a word about this.
We're devoid of any media other than, you know, programs like yourself.
And so you have to then say, well, look, this is not a mistake.
This is intentional.
They're killing people on purpose.
Well, Dr. Roberts,
It's evil.
I think they have a name for this.
And it's a collusion of big corporations and corrupt governments and the media really believing they can get away with total murder.
And if you look at Klaus Schwab and their ideology, they're into depopulation.
And I think you said it.
That's what this is.
But thank God people are at least waking up.
I don't see how they thought they'd ever get away with this.
I mean, this is just wild.
Well, they get away with it because they control the media.
The media is controlled by them, the grants, the advertising revenues.
Plus, the vast majority of the people, they don't have, they don't think about this.
They listen to what CNN says, what the news say.
Okay, that's for them the reality.
The reality is handed to them by the prostitutes, by fallacy.
By the people running the show.
And that's why getting this out is so important.
It's been too long.
Join us again.
I see you're doing a lot of interviews.
You're doing great work.
People can find his great articles and books there.
Thanks for fighting so hard for freedom.
OK, Alex, and you too.
You fight as well.
I know you're going to keep up.
Thank you, sir.
I will.
All right.
I'm going to go to break, come back, cover news, and take your calls.
But speaking of hanging on, they are trying to shut us down so hard.
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Alright, I'm going to give the number out next segment.
Take your calls.
A little bit into the next hour.
Then Gerald Cilente always does a great job.
He's taking over.
But we just had Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former editor of the Wall Street Journal, the main advisor to Reagan, the guy that helped broker the deal with the Soviets.
I mean, he's on record doing all that.
Telling you they're trying to kill you on purpose.
This is all a depopulation operation.
And how many other top scientists have told you that?
I wish this wasn't the case, ladies and gentlemen.
And now they're building emergency camps all over the world, calling them internment camps, and saying they're going to put you in them and deputize anybody that the health department wants.
I told you in Endgame, this is a global dictatorship of the health departments, set up 120 years ago, starting in England, Germany, then the United States, to round up poor people and sterilize them.
This is a dictatorship of the scientific mad scientist.
Here's a report on it.
Under the cover of darkness, an urgent mission to bring infected people to safety.
Both communities have now been placed in a hard lockdown.
In the searing 40 degree heat, they'll be confined to these homes.
With food and supports delivered at a distance by rapid response teams, a hard measure that could remain in place for weeks.
This is a camp in Siberia.
Scores of Russians are being kept here.
Surely this government is aware of the intentions to build these isolation camps from coast to coast.
And my question to the Premier is, how many of these camps will be built?
And how many people does this government expect to detain?
What was it like for you and your family inside this quarantine hotel?
Can you describe what you went through?
Thanks, Evan.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, it was an extremely difficult and, you know, onerous and traumatic process for myself and our two daughters.
As 2022 begins, the great reset rollout of predetermined COVID quarantine camps is digging its claws into the blue dictatorships of the United States.
As InfoWars' Jamie White reports, the state of Washington may amend a law to allow the forcible detainment of residents into COVID internment camps
For defying state vaccine mandates, the proposed revision to the COVID protocol under the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act would grant local health officers at his other sole discretion to issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.
Additionally, the measure would allow law enforcement to assist public health officials in detaining residents who refused the COVID injection.
This alarming measure comes in tandem with Governor Jay Inslee's effort to hire strike teams to run quarantine camps, outlined in the state's GovernmentJobs.com website, a term that has since been scrubbed from the website sometime after the bulletin was posted in September 2021.
Notably, the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act was certified on October 25, 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic began in January of 2020.
Omicron is very contagious, much more contagious than the Delta variant.
And it is rapidly overtaking the Delta variant already in the infections in the state of Washington, as well as nationally.
Meanwhile, New York Governor Kathy Hochul attempts to pass a similar bill allowing authorities to forcibly detain anyone she deems a public health threat.
The bill, called ADOT 416, would allow the governor or the appropriate health official
To order the removal and detention of any person afflicted with a communicable disease in the event that there is a state of health emergency declared by the governor in relation to such disease.
It goes on to say that any person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegate shall be detained for as long as the department may direct.
We are not through this pandemic.
I wished we were, but I prayed a lot to God during this time.
And you know what?
God did answer our prayers.
He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers.
He made them come up with a vaccine.
That is from God to us.
And we must say, thank you, God.
Thank you.
And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated.
Washington State Board of Health will hold a virtual public meeting on January 12th to discuss the implementation to the revision of the COVID protocol under the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act.
John Bowne reporting.
When I was first on air on talk radio, 27 years ago now, I've been on air period 28 plus, we had one article
about governments and particularly a political party sending people with a new communicable disease that they say is super deadly and kills people who are infected to nursing homes to be put in the general population with people and to be put with the medical workers so they catch it and spread it with the most vulnerable group senior citizens in nursing homes
We would be talking about it three, four hours a day for years, and people would get arrested and they'd go to prison.
But with what's going on here, with the death panel system here, where they don't just decide who lives and dies, they decide to go out and kill you, it is a footnote that in the same Democratic states that did it before, and now they're expanding it into other states,
They're having governors sign emergency orders to send COVID-infected sick patients to nursing homes that have never even been about taking care of people who aren't senior citizens.
That is ghoulish, ladies and gentlemen.
They got away with it.
The Justice Department said, do it.
What happened two weeks ago?
The Manhattan DA, who says he won't prosecute rapes and robberies, literally,
He said that you can do that.
But if somebody went after that DA, and I'm not saying do that, oh, it'd be a manhunt, the biggest thing ever if somebody was to kill that DA.
If somebody was to walk up with a
A dagger and stab him right in the throat, which God forbid somebody does, it would be, oh my God, he's dead, his life, this person's a terrorist, we're going to take all Americans' rights, a government god that oversees the murder of 20,000 old people and says, Governor Cuomo, you're allowed to kill 20,000 people while locking their families out for a year and a half while you do it, while you made $53,000 per person you intubated.
The number is even higher if you kill you.
You got 96% of those that got put on ventilators in New York dying.
I mean, they knew what they were doing.
Those people needed steroids.
But they wouldn't let them have steroids.
They killed them.
But first, oh, your families can't be there.
You gotta lock everything up.
Families couldn't be there so they could kill them.
People go, well, the disease isn't that deadly.
Why did so many die?
Because they would infect them and then do PCR tests, and once they were infected, they would intubate them.
I've had New York whistleblower nurses on, three of them, famous ones, who shot video of the files.
Notice nobody charged them for HIPAA violation, because they were exposing criminal activity.
The media just ignored it and banned it off YouTube and Instagram and Twitter.
Of nurses, one of them, that wonderful lady, I forget her name, the combat vet, and
She's working in this emergency hospital, she goes up there to help people, it's basically empty, and all they're bringing in is homeless people who aren't even testing positive, and then she sees them dead three days later.
And she looks in the file, they didn't even have COVID!
They just murdered them!
And you're like, well, there's so many homeless people.
Folks, if you have that attitude, you're a fool.
They're gonna get you too.
And yeah, I'll tell you, you're not gonna hear Black Lives Matter talk about it, but I got the numbers.
In every leftist city in the country where they did this,
Over 70% of them are black men.
Oh, but it's the liberals that love you.
They got the black mayors and the black police chiefs and they, oh, everything's African themed.
There she is.
New York undercover nurse confirms COVID-19 criminal hoax.
It was from June of 2020.
A million views on Bandot video.
It needs to have 10 million views.
And she shot video.
Showing the patients they murdered!
They murdered them!
And we just move on from that like, okay, big deal.
And then... Democrats are announcing everywhere, round two!
Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!
The nursing homes are announcing that families can't come visit.
Oh, stage five restriction.
Oh, and now here come the ventilators again.
I mean, you cannot make this up.
So people ask how I'm doing, being lied about, being demonized, them trying to shut us down, all the dirty tricks.
Believe me, folks, if you see on the news, it's only part of what they've done to me.
But anytime I feel sorry for myself,
God just touches my heart and says, are you one of the little kids these people are raping to death right now?
Are you one of the old people begging for their family who are totally healthy having a hose ran on your lungs to turn it up on full blast as they admit?
Oh, the policy is from the UN to run the pressure twice as high as you're supposed to for COVID.
Even though you want no pressure with COVID in the lungs, it's an auto inflammatory deal.
Oh, we're going to kill you.
And then you go and you hug your family members through plastic in some fake, ridiculous ritual that everybody goes through while the very hospital or the very nursing home is murdering people.
First it was 5,000, 6,000, then he suppressed the numbers for a year.
It's now above 22,000 people we know of that the globalists murdered.
Oh, but you can't see your baby.
You're dirty.
Your baby's bad.
Oh no, it's got to be through the plastic.
This is the sick mind control, the mass hysteria, the biggest hoax in human history.
And if you try to call the mass hysteria hoax out, they tell you it doesn't exist.
So I want to open the phones up for first-time callers on the internment camp legislation all over the country introduced to put people that are uninjected in camps.
Told you that was coming.
It's here.
Or, on all of the British Medical Journal, and the British government, and the US government members admitting the same thing, over 75% of the deaths are in the double and triple vaxxed.
And that's not even counting the first 14 days if you get a shot, they don't count you as vaxxed.
If you die on the first 14, and that's what most of them do, it's in the mid-80s of the deaths, if you look at those who are hired.
80 plus percent dying from the shot.
Of course they are.
And now I told you over a year ago, the CDC document, their website, calls for taking your children if you're unvaccinated and putting them in a camp for their safety.
Even though no one's even sick, they're going to take your children for your safety and now it's in the legislation.
And you're like, well, this is going to start a shooting war.
That's the plan.
Fire the nurses, fire the police, fire the medical workers, have everything break down.
Make the jail guards go home, then release the violent criminals, then put the peaceful people in the jail.
This is the takedown of civilization.
Toll free number to join us, 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX-JONES.
Right on your screen if you're a TV viewer, radio listeners, 877-789-2539.
What are we going to do about this?
Because I agree that the Justice Department's God and we're trash, and it's good they're not prosecuting anybody for murdering folks in the old folks' homes.
I think it's good the DA of New York isn't going to prosecute crimes against the public, and that he's going to help continue to murder old people.
I think that's good.
And I think nobody should demand to see their loved ones.
You should stay locked out of there while they kill them.
Let them kill your mother.
Let them kill your father.
Let them kill your sister.
Let them kill your brother.
I think we should have drag queen pedophile story time.
I think we should have open borders.
I think we should take the shots, even though they don't work, except they kill us.
No, no, actually, I don't think all of that.
How far are we going to let this go?
Because I tell you, we got to go to places like Connecticut.
Connecticut asked nursing homes to accept COVID positive patients again.
New York's massive nursing home death toll as a result of similar Democrat policy going unheeded by bureaucrats.
It's not unheeded!
You look at their investments, it's in those medical groups.
They're going to murder these people.
The Connecticut Department of Public Health, that's an evil-ass state, folks, is requesting nursing homes take in COVID-positive patients to alleviate hospital overcapacity.
Yes, really.
They fire all the good nurses and doctors, bring in the National Guard.
The National Guard aren't doctors.
I don't know what's going on.
The special technicians come in and I'm going to have to do another intubation.
Until Thursday, the state had required hospitalized COVID patients to test negative before being discharged, but this new guidance waives the requirement thanks to Governor Ned Lamont's executive order.
And we're just going to sit here while they murder everybody again, aren't we?
Because that's what we do.
Connecticut asked nursing homes to accept COVID positive patients from hospitals.
And the trial lawyers won't do a damn thing because they're all in on it.
They get given orders by the Democrats.
They don't actually stand for anything good.
Most of them are pedophiles.
We'll be right back.
Alright, I got a ton of news to hit, but I want to go right to your phone calls now, and I really appreciate everybody calling in.
John and Steve and Thomas and Vegas Patriot and Clem, Mike, Patty, Michael, and others.
I'm going to go to the order these calls have been received.
Let's go to Florida and talk to Steven.
You're on the air, welcome.
Hey Alex, how are you?
I'm just totally freaked out.
I mean, it's all confirmed.
Official government documents.
They're murdering us en masse.
So sad.
Yes sir, that makes two of us.
Listen, I just wanted to share something with you that's been on my heart.
I've been praying a lot about this, and I know a lot of us in this community, of those that are awake, we're talking about this being a depopulation agenda, these poison death shots.
And I personally, after some prayer and some thought, I think there's more to it than just that.
I think that the depopulation is a fortunate byproduct, and by fortunate I mean on their behalf.
I think if they wanted to depopulate us, they would have done something, if it had to do with genetics, it would have been something like maybe second generation, maybe sterilize them, so that it wouldn't, you know, initially tie back to them.
We hear a lot about this whole universal basic income and of course leading to social credit score, and I think one of the primary objectives of this is to maim and to kill as many people as possible, and to be out in the open about it, because at the end of the day,
The only way people are going to accept that universal basic income, I have to believe that there's still a lot of hard-working people out there.
The only way everybody's going to accept this is if their primary breadwinners are hurt from having a stroke, debilitated, dead, gone, and there's just thousands, hundreds of thousands of households... Well, Steven, here's the thing about these schools of thought.
You're 100% right.
That's part of why they launched the attack, but they do everything on a multi-level attack.
And if you actually go read Spars Drill 2035-2025-2028, if you actually go read Event 201, if you actually go read Lockstep, they actually admit
This is a takeover, and how they're even going to blame government ministers in the end, but not Big Pharma, which you now see happen, and how the public will learn that the vaccine for a respiratory illness actually sterilizes and hurts them, and how that will further collapse society.
And so, yes, it's a controlled, long collapse so that they can again pose as the saviors as they bring down the nation-state.
You're absolutely right.
And so it's not like, oh, hey, they're doing it for this or doing it for that.
They're doing it for a bunch of reasons, but they want a slow death.
And I think what you're saying is it's fortunate that it's so strong it kills some people right up front.
That's too little, too obvious.
They overdid it.
Clearly they want to kill you slower, which the actuary show is now happening, so it's harder to know who did it, and so people don't turn against them.
So evil's not perfect, they don't have it all figured out, they have a lot of holes in their operation, and there's other nation states not going along with them, so this is going to be a very, very crazy, dangerous, spectacular time to be alive, Steve.
Yes, sir, it is.
I want to thank you for your work.
I know you don't like to be patted on the head, but you're a great general.
We appreciate your leadership in this, and I myself think of ways that I can affect people, even just on a micro level.
Brother, let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
I want to thank you.
It's not that I don't like to be thanked.
I appreciate you, and I thank you, and I do like to be thanked.
It's just that so much is happening, so much is going on.
I don't want people to think about how it's about Alex Jones.
It's about all of us together and all of us being leaders.
In fact, I sent you guys a tweet I wanted to put on screen of listeners, you know, that are just taking action, getting the word out about The Globalist, and one of the best ways to do it is InfoWars.com.
So I want to salute you, Stephen.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
And I want to, if I may, real quick, I just want to salute all the men out there, and the women too, but those that are standing up in their homes and being a priest of their homes.
I think that the first step in beating this is for us to take control of our own families and thereby our communities by being priests in the home, by being morally upright, by working hard, and by building these small communities like you always talk about.
So thank you for the opportunity for me to share that.
Thank you, sir.
God bless you.
All right, let's jam in another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Patty.
Patty, thanks for calling from New Jersey.
Hey, how's it going Alex?
Good, go ahead.
Wow, it's truly an honor.
I'll give you a quick plug like I did this morning.
I want to tell you guys that down-and-out works every single time.
If you want eight hours of sleep, down-and-out will knock you out and get you back in the fight the next day, every day.
Alex, this is more than an honor to talk to you.
I'm a 13th generation American.
Thank you for having me.
They're going to be pushing out there is most likely XRP, but the fact of the matter is it's a cryptocurrency and everybody can get involved, go buy it.
So when the great reset does happen, they're not left standing and completely affected by it on a monetary level.
Well, people ask why I have gotten involved in cryptocurrencies when they're obviously a bubble.
But the Federal Reserve is a bubble and the yen and the yuan and the euro are a bubble.
And so I never got involved in stocks and bonds because I knew I would get obsessed with it.
And, you know, it's a very corrupt area.
I mean, a talk show host, they could get me on insider trading.
So I knew six months before Joe made his announcement that he was looking to move to Texas, that he'd had a Spotify deal, but I wasn't supposed to talk about it, and I didn't.
But I also didn't use that as insider trading.
I didn't tell anybody.
I didn't tell my family.
I didn't tell anybody.
And then I didn't buy any Spotify, and it basically went up 40% the first week he joined it.
So, that's an example of how I could be in those worlds.
But with crypto, I went ahead and got into all of it to learn about it, because in the future, that's where the globalists are taking us.
So, it isn't like I like what they're doing, but I also want to see some independent crypto groups out there that are the counter to this, because independent currencies are the future.
And just because Bill Gates and everybody else want to control it, doesn't mean it's bad.
It is a tool.
What's your view?
That's my view.
I'm totally in the same spot, and that's exactly what's happening now.
That's what I've been doing.
I have been trying to mix the cryptocurrency world with the Patriot world because these two communities, they really don't mix well, and I've seen that.
I've been following you for a while now.
I have my own podcast that was about fighting government.
I just got my YouTube channel taken down and deleted permanently, badge of honor, on Saturday.
Tell us about your podcast, brother.
Well, it took a lot of your points, it exposed the Fox points, it exposed the CNN points, it put everything into perspective.
But you know, I wanted to say to you, personally, this is also what I get to, on Twitter, it's crazy.
As soon as you say Alex Jones, you have people come rushing in.
Automatically to discredit Alex Jones because they want to prove to everybody that they know something as if it even matters.
We're trying to get the message out here.
Well, that's bots.
That's their social credit score.
A lot of those are bots, aren't real people, but they are encouraged to do that to up their social credit score.
I'm one of the main targets because they see me as a populist.
They see me as a symbol of humanity, just like they hate you, they hate me, and so when they attack, they see InfoWars as an example of people building a base of operations, a base of resistance to their tyranny, and that absolutely enrages them.
Thank you so much for the call.
All right!
We're going to go to R.C.
and Kevin and Clem and Joe and others.
Did somebody hang up?
We want to talk about forced inoculations.
I want to hear what they had to say, but they hung up.
The reason I've been blowing up and getting angry on air the last few weeks is very simple.
I feel extremely frustrated that this whole New World Order takeover is really happening.
I mean, I knew they were doing bad things around the world.
I knew the UN was running child kidnapping rings.
I knew they had mad scientists, operations, paying off the intelligentsia.
And I knew that theoretically they were planning the release of the virus and the lockdowns and the global IDs and microchips under the skin to buy and sell.
That's how I was able to predict it all.
I said, these people are really planning all this, but to now be living in it and to know that they know the secret about humans, these globalists do, that we adapt to things.
And we don't tend to adapt actually by overcoming it.
We just adapt to learn to live with it.
Well, you can't adapt to something that's designed to slowly take you over and finally kill you.
That's not adaption.
That's extermination.
That's becoming obsolete.
So I want to go back to your phone calls, but we haven't confirmed this yet, but the numbers are coming in.
I'll just get to it later, but there's definitely another major purge that is accelerating and taking place.
And I want to go ahead and go back to your phone calls, or I'll never get to the news, but just look at these headlines.
NATO prepares for, quote, new armed conflict in Europe with Russia if talks fail.
I mean, people back when stuff like this happened in the early 60s cared.
It was on every TV channel.
It was a big deal.
The Russian-Ukrainian border might as well be Uranus or Pluto or the dark side of the moon.
I mean, the general public just does not know how dangerous the world is, and that most of the big billionaires and powerful people have been quietly moving to middle-of-nowhere fortresses.
Because they know big events are coming now.
And there really should be a way to stop this.
There really should be a way to turn this around.
But it's just totally insane.
So I'll just throw this out there because nobody hates plugging more than I do, but if I don't do it live on the show, at least once an hour, we'll be shut down.
And it's not just us getting shut down and the left being successful, taking me off the air.
I mean, a part of me would like to be off the air and not have to do this all the time and fight these people, but that's kind of my flesh.
My spirit wants to fight even harder.
And what we're doing now is more important than it's ever been.
So I'm just thanking all of our AM and FM affiliates.
They're so wonderful.
Please support them listeners.
And I also just want to thank all the listeners for what they've done over the years.
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But I've already taken my X2 today, but I just really love it.
When I forget to take it for a week or so, I really feel it.
I wanted to just show this before we go back to calls.
I saw this fellow on Twitter.
You know, I hate to even promote people and talk about who they are because the big brother watches and goes and basically whacks whoever we show, but whatever.
I wrote this on Twitter.
$75 worth of Patriot Points, well spent.
That means they got the Patriot Points from $75, bought all these bumper stickers that we try to sell at cost.
I think that's the big sticker bomb pack.
I think that's like $9.95.
But the point is, is that you want to do a statement for freedom.
You want to override the matrix.
You want to absolutely let people know the power of InfoWars.
Get the stickers at InfoWarsStore.com.
I know we sell them at cost.
And put them up everywhere.
It has a giant effect.
So, there's a lot of different sticker packages.
They're all sold at cost in every order.
Get some of the bumper stickers.
Thrown in as well.
I'm going to stop talking at that point about that because Gerald Celente is coming up and I want to get to all the callers that are holding.
Because before Gerald takes over, I want to show people something.
Little buddies.
Wait till you see what's on the back.
I'm going to hit that star the next hour and play a clip of an angry father talking about the mind control.
This is MK Ultra Goes Mainstream coming up.
But right now, let's go back to your phone calls.
Let's talk to R.C.
in Texas about what do we do about tyranny?
R.C., tell me.
Christian to you, Alex.
Yeah, it's R.C.
I thought I'd drop in and let you know that the plan is going swimmingly.
You know, I'm the guy that paid for the Georgia Guidestones.
And the first commandment in the Georgia Guidestones, of course, for those that don't know, is to maintain humanity at a population of 500 million or less in perpetual balance with nature.
So I'd say things are going pretty good.
That's right.
The great plan to depopulate planet Earth has begun, my friend.
And, you know, according to my namesake Christian, I am a Christian, and I believe that it's actually the duty of Christians to go along with this plan.
After all, the Bible says to obey the powers that be, and if the powers that be say, you know, it's time to die, then I'm doing God my Christian duty to just lay down my life to this thing.
Don't you think?
Yeah, well, people haven't read all of Romans 13, Hitler's favorite quote.
And, you know, Christ is saying, when the Pharisees are trying to set him up, oh, whose coin is this?
And the basic is, that's Caesar's, his face is on it.
Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, but unto God the things that are God's.
So if you're in the New World Order system and you're taking their microchip and you're going along with them, you have opted into their tyranny.
That's why it crosses the Rubicon when they try to force everybody with this stuff.
But it is our job to resist tyranny.
That's what all the prophets did, it's what Christ did, and so those that say in these fake churches that we should submit to tyranny are not Christians, but they are demons in the pulpits there to deceive God's people.
Well, I mean, Jesus himself said, if your enemy hits you on the one cheek, you've got to give him the other cheek.
I mean, come on!
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Clem in Colorado.
Go ahead.
Greetings, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Yes, sir.
I wanted to share with you some very important information.
Everything I'm about to share with you, you can corroborate.
Chris Thomas and Dave Morgan, back in 2011, published a book called Project Human Extinction.
And in that book, they talked about this off-world race known as the Vilon that came to Earth 300 years ago to basically take over Earth.
So they basically took over the Illuminati because their aims basically paralleled each other.
But the reason why they want to take out humans is because 99.9% of humans' sole origin comes from the non-physical races.
For lack of better terms, they're known as angels.
So every human on Earth is basically a fallen angel.
And we've had this plan, known as the Human Plan, which I hear you talk about a lot on your show, that the reason why they're trying to throw off and delay humanity is because of the potential that humanity has.
Now, I can send you these books, this information, if you just give me an email or whoever you need, but I feel like it was extremely important to get this information out there.
Well, I mean, Clint, stay there.
I want to hear about this when you come back.
All I know is the globalists say humans are bad and obsolete.
They say they're going to merge the machines and become a new species.
They're creating thousands that we know of of alien species that ever existed, not just for mixing plants and animals and insects, but actually computers making with DNA and RNA new things that they're turning loose.
So we're not trying to save the Earth.
We're trying to override it and then out of it, though, use us
Like an embryo and a chicken egg to absorb that energy to then build this new thing they're constructing.
So yeah, it's satanic as hell.
So I want to hear what you have to say on the other side.
Stay with us.
Look, when I say this attack on humanity is alien, I go from the Christian cosmology of Satan, fallen angel,
These other fallen creatures that want to kill, steal, and destroy us, that want to mix our genetics.
That doesn't mean black and white, it means with the fallen ones.
It's all described in the Old Testament.
And then all the other cultures say the same thing, no matter where you are.
The Aztecs, the ancient Africans, the ancient Babylonians, the Egyptians, they all say this.
And the Bible says in the last days it'll be as in the days of Noah.
And you read that, I mean, it's like reading a science fiction book.
And it's describing big ships landing with fire coming out of the bottom of them, and floating platforms with angels on them, and telling people what to do, and then vaporizing cities they don't like.
Boy, they sure had an imagination, didn't they?
No, they weren't imagining any of this.
And then, here we are, and the mainline churches and all them are here to suppress this and keep us from knowing this.
But I don't extrapolate out and even speculate.
The globalists say they're merging the machines, they're becoming AI gods, and they want that to get rid of us in the process.
Well, the Bible says...
That the Antichrist is going to offer people extended lives and eternal life, but they have to take the mark, they have to take his system, they have to worship the beast that everybody can see at the same time.
And it describes it in different passages, Old Testament, New Testament, as this big giant hologram that you can see through that like speaks to you and does wonders and has the answers to everything.
Because it'll be giving you money, it'll give you your credits, it'll give you your social credit score.
It'll give you the new mRNA vaccine that actually does cure cancer.
And, yeah, there's some renderings of what's described in Ezekiel, right there.
The turning wheels and the ships come out of the big ship, it's a giant big burning wheel, and then they're wearing blue space helmets.
I mean, it actually says, you know, crystal blue, can't defer over the head, and then tells them, take this, and he takes it and gives, gets a vision where he gets, I mean, it's some wild stuff, folks.
And your church doesn't tell you about that because they don't want you to read the Bible.
All I know is we're on a planet in space, and the things running our government and these things want us dead.
And tell us we're going to eat bugs and we're soon all going to be dead, and you'll have nothing soon, and you'll have no home soon, and we're going to turn... I mean, they're getting you ready for a collapse of civilization before our technology goes to off-world level.
We're not supposed to get off the planet.
And that's what God tells us is Satan will try to keep us from going to heaven.
And that's not an allegory of we are beings that inhabit multi-dimensions.
That's a scientific fact.
They all know this.
They don't want you to know this.
So there's a lot of human interpretations of this and like close encounters of the third kind, people are like getting basically the imprint, the message of this.
Everybody is.
And it's really pissing the globalists off, because there's not just Satan and his fallen angels in the universe, there's God.
And if you just simply realize, I mean, look, all the top people know this.
What do you think the Prometheus movies are all about and all the rest of that?
I mean, it's telling you what they believe.
Even the New York Times had articles where the vast majority of scientists in a worldwide poll, top geneticists, chemists, virologists, believe aliens created humans.
Well, I go past that, and I'm saying God is the God of the universe and created us, and God told us what would happen, and God said they'll have a worldwide financial system where you gotta take a mark in your head and hand to buy and sell, and you'll have to worship the beast and submit to the beast and do what the beast system, that Antichrist controls, it's everywhere, that's the AI, that's the machines, the holograms, the weapons, the robots.
That's the beast system.
And if you don't do what the beast says, you die.
Very simple.
They're already telling you.
You go to a camp now, if you don't take this shot, that again begins to kill you.
But then if you begin to worship the beast down the road, some will be given the cure.
Some will be allowed to go to the next level.
And all the Illuminati people, Barbara, Marx, Hubbard, all of them, talk about this.
Anybody can go read the plan.
That's why they wrote Childhood's End, the guy that was in MI6, high-level.
Arthur C. Clarke, the guy that invented communication satellites.
The rest of us were the first to launch one, but he came up with the idea.
And he wrote things about how demons are good and the devil's good, and he's gonna come take the children and kill everybody else, and the children will give up their bodies and be uploaded into a giant computer, and then the earth will be destroyed.
Which is a twisted allegory on what God says, Christ comes back, Satan's defeated, there's a thousand year reign of total peace, then Satan's let out one more time to test people, just to see one more time he'll take people with him again, and then God is going to destroy the entire universe and roll it up like a scroll, and then his simulation is over.
And then we're next level.
And we're higher dimension like that.
Because we're already eternal, have connections to God, have connections to the other dimensions, but we're babies.
And so we're acting out in the third dimension and being tested.
So it's not a fake simulation, it's not a computer simulation, it's not a tinker toy the globalists are trying to build.
It's the real, intergalactic, multidimensional connection.
You can call God a sadist all you want, God gave us to get to free will, and Satan is the tester.
And you could say, you know, did God order Satan to defect and do that?
God created free will in the angels as well.
And they decided to break with it.
So that's basically what I know.
And that's what's going on.
And you can try to fill the details in however you want, but I already know it.
I've already seen it.
I've already, let me tell you, and I've already, I've already seen it.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And so I don't need to read it in books.
I don't need to hear about it.
I've already gotten the big transmission.
And other people have as well, and it's getting more intense all the time, and that's why the devil and his forces are freaking out.
And the mainstream media, you notice, doesn't attack this, doesn't make a big thing about this, because they all know and they're all scared.
They all know and they're all scared.
They want their false evolution of us merging with machines and all this crap.
That's a scam from the devil.
No, no, I want to really evolve with God.
I want to go next level with God.
I want to make the leap off into the next level.
And so I choose that.
What is your point about these books again, Clem, and what's the name of it?
The book is called Project Human Extinction, The Ultimate Conspiracy, and it basically outlines ancient human history and where the advent or the future of humanity lies.
And in order to go to the next level, humans basically have to, it's pretty simple, you have to basically live absolutely honest to what the soul needs and requires.
And in order to do that, all the emotional trauma that basically everyone has accumulated throughout childhood, we have to relinquish the emotional trauma
I'm good.
I totally agree that they put in those viruses.
Elon Musk talks about that.
It's what we cover in Reset Wars.
The enemy knows this.
Whatever it really is, they know to program these stumbling blocks to keep us from connecting to God in the infinite.
We're good to go.
Right, right, right.
And this human plan, the Saul-David-Solomonic line, along with the Christ, we're trying to disseminate this information, which comes out of the Tables of Testimony, which is what was inside of the Ark of the Covenant, when Constantine, in order to keep a stronghold along the people, distorted the teachings and then put it into the Council of Dacia, which is, a lot of those fables were incorporated into the Bible.
We're good to go.
I don't
We can live for 800, 900, you know, thousands of years old.
Why do you think all these, like, patriarchs like Noah, Methuselah, like, live to be hundreds and hundreds of years old?
We have psychism.
We can basically translocate, which is another fancy term for
We're good to go.
That's what we're getting into here.
Alright, John, Kev and Chris, we're going to hammer your calls in.
I'm going to hit some big news and hand the baton over to the one and only Gerald Cilente, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
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Let's jam in more calls and I got something really crazy to show you.
Let's talk to Kevin in Florida.
Thank you for holding, go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Yes sir, welcome.
I just wanted to call in and I was a huge Rush Limbaugh fan, listened to him for many years and obviously it was sad when he passed and right around the election time when the election was stolen, it seemed like nobody was
Talking about it, or scared to, and kind of found you through Joe Rogan.
And I just wanted to say, I think you should be elected to the new mayor of Reelville.
I appreciate you, brother.
I appreciate Joe Rogan.
You have some amazing guests on, some of the best of the best on there, and it's pretty unbelievable that, you know, nobody's getting the real truth out there, and the big media is just kind of controlling everything.
Well brother, I appreciate your compliments.
What else do you want to add?
Well, I think what you're doing is driving a big website and there needs to be a lot more of that with Trump's website and Joe Rogan and you and other people like you need to get off all the fake news and Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else and just boycott him because that's the only way you're going to win.
Maybe, you know, it's probably too late, but maybe a third party led by Trump where they self-govern term limits.
No lobbyists, money, all that?
Well, absolutely.
I mean, here's what's going on.
People need to understand everything is getting the truth out.
The general public is ready to hear the truth.
The enemy has lost confidence.
The public is accelerating their resistance.
But they've got to understand how really serious it is.
The globalists are going to have a fake cyber attack and a new viral release, I believe, and a staged civil war.
To smoke screen the fact that they're losing power worldwide and probably start a war with Russia.
And so we're entering the most dangerous phase in human development and human history.
But I will tell you, the thing I'm most proud of and thankful for is God keeping me on the air in this audience.
That's why when you thank me, I get upset because I'm thanking you.
They're literally trying to destroy me.
And it's your prayers and your support, your financial support that keeps us on air, brother.
But I'll tell you, I will take the credit.
Because I've been given it by the people and that credit goes to you.
I'm letting you know that we all did this together.
We woke up Tucker Carlson and took him to the next level.
We woke up Joe Rogan and took him to the next level.
We woke up Rush Limbaugh years before he died and took him to the next level.
I'll leave it at that.
And we have helped take this broadcast with all our guests, all our listeners, all our callers, this family.
This isn't just Alex Jones.
I'm like 10% of it.
We have changed the world.
But now we're a symbol of the resistance and now is the most important part of the fight.
And so it's like, you know, raising a kid till 17, they've done great, then finally just throw them off a cliff.
We got to get them out of the house.
We got to finish this mission.
And I can tell you, my discernment is, but you don't even need discernment to see it all.
But my concern is 10 times what it's ever been.
The feeling of, I got to do it now.
I've got to warn people now.
I've got to really find some way to trigger the mass awakening to the next level now, has never been this intense.
It's 10 times.
More intense than it's ever been, folks.
I think you all feel that as well.
And so that's why I get frustrated and blow up.
God bless you and I appreciate your call.
And thank you.
Thank you for the compliments.
But I just, I just, what I want is victory.
And I am burning with desire against these people.
I am just so upset with them.
And just, I'm not going to hate them.
They are the most pathetic worms ever.
But we will protect the children.
And we will do this because we love the children.
And my love for not just my children, but everybody's children, their potential.
It's just, it's burning, and I mean, I am burning up right now.
I am on fire right now.
I am burning up with just absolute disgust with these people, but that's only part of it.
90% of it's the love of the children, but I gotta tell you, the 10%, I mean, the hate level is just, even though my love level's gone way up, my hate level is just, I just ask God to take the hate away.
I ask that every night I say prayers because
These damn people, man.
I can't even look at Psaki.
I can't look at Bill Gates now.
I cannot look at Hillary Clinton.
I cannot look at Prince Charles.
That, oh, how he's declared publicly war on humans.
I don't know if you saw his speech.
But my God, man, these people are the scum of the earth.
And I just pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that God bring them to justice as soon as possible.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now in two.
Our number four, Gerald Salente, is taking over in T-minus 10 minutes.
I want to jam in John and Chris's calls, and then I've got some really, truly disgusting news I want to cover, just as bad as them killing the old folks in the nursing homes by sending COVID patients there.
Right now, let's go to John in Michigan on forced injections, door-to-door scenario that's being announced, not just in Australia or Europe, but here now.
Thirty days in confinement in Washington State, if you don't take the shot, and they'll take your children.
They're really trying to start a war in my view, John.
What do you think?
You know, when I watched your show, your documentary, Endgame, years ago, I thought, you know, there's probably danger here, but I won't see it in my lifetime.
Maybe my kids or grandkids will see that, but things have just accelerated so much that it does seem like that's a real possibility now, and I guess
The question I'm asking myself and I want to pose to you and the rest of the audience is, what do we do if people show up at the front door with syringes and guns and want to vaccinate you against your will?
What do you actually do?
Well, that's a decision between you and your family and God.
I think the key is move out of leftist blue jurisdictions and go talk to your police, talk to your fire department, get into the government as best you can, and believe me, I think you're going to find the police and veterans are actually going to be the most awake group.
I'm not lionizing, I'm not saying they're our saviors, but
It's just, that's why they want to purge the police.
That's why they want to federally, through the UN, come in and take them all over.
It's because they really see the police and veterans as the main thing that's going to be against them.
So it's going to be governors that stand up, legislatures, mayors, and some of the smaller cities.
They've captured all the major cities.
That's the UN plan.
And this is it.
They've been planning this for over 100 years.
And this is it, brother.
And you understand, they want the forced inoculation in the camps.
To trigger the physical uprising.
That's been the plan the whole time.
They put you in a no-win situation at Catch-22.
Yeah, I mean, that's just what I'm worried about.
Like, I don't know, I mean, if people are going to show up.
Well, Michigan's a beautiful state full of great people, and if it wasn't run by the Democrats and Communists, I would probably live up there.
I got family lives up there.
But, you know, I mean, I would tell you that you'll be fine in the rural areas, probably in Michigan, but you don't want to be anywhere near a blue city, in a blue state, because those are the bluer areas, because those places are going down, brother.
God bless you.
Let's jam in one more call.
Chris in California.
Chris, welcome.
How you doing?
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm just here in the latter days of America and probably the world here, brother.
That's what worries me.
I see the same thing.
I'm the same age as you.
Grew up on the same popular culture as you.
I've been working in Hollywood behind the silver curtain as a mostly closeted conservative.
I keep my head down.
And, um, I told myself if I ever got on the air with you, I would tell you you faked me out of my socks with your Cobra Commander.
I knew the guy was dead.
I heard it years ago.
Thank you for bringing a little joy to my life that day.
I had to go check and make sure the guy really was dead.
That's right, the guy did Starscream and Cobra Commander, and I can pretty much do them both.
This is the same voice.
Yeah, he was great, but I used to work in voiceover.
Yeah, there you go.
Um, you know, I look at, you were talking about purging and, you know, the last caller, what he was talking about.
Uh, we have, everything comes down to the police.
I mean, we've lost the elections.
We've lost the courts.
There's no justice for the little guy anymore.
Um, the Supreme court is out of their mind.
They have been for a long time.
Um, you look at the military, what are they doing?
They're all over the world.
We're being invaded on our Southern border and no one's, no one's doing anything about it.
They're getting rid of all the patriots in the military and the police are the ones who are going to be here when they start going door-to-door or they start enforcing things.
Which again, just like they make everybody take a deadly shot so they can fire most of the doctors and nurses, it's the same thing.
The police aren't going to go along with this.
That's why these bills that are moving up to be passed in a bunch of states say the health department deputizes anyone they want for law enforcement activity.
So can you imagine what these guns, I mean, again, this is how you bring down a country.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
Look, I said I would get to this, but I can't do it justice in five minutes.
And Gerald Solentay's got a lot to cover and a lot to say and a lot to do.
And I'm not doing this as a cliffhanger.
I took my four-year-old daughter to a local indoor
And it was pretty fun.
Nice place called Kalahari.
I guess it's a chain.
Finally went there.
She's been there with her mom before when I'm busy at work.
And it's in Round Rock in North Austin.
But when I was there, it was hard to watch the little children.
So I'm still wearing the mask and their parents.
But I bought one of the masks.
And tomorrow I'm going to read to you.
We'll put it right here on my desk.
I'm not going to forget.
What is on the back of this?
Because this is unbelievable.
Because the liability, they got to tell you, don't wear it.
Because it causes oxygen deprivation.
So the lawyers made him say don't wear it, but then the government makes you wear it on an airplane or whatever.
And this damn thing is like in Godfather 2 where he's smothering the person with the big pillow.
I mean, this is just wild.
Yeah, there's the same mask.
So I'm going to cover it tomorrow, but I wanted to end this segment with a father explaining how this is serious child abuse.
And all the studies show IQs are dropping, all sorts of neurological disorders, all sorts of mental problems in the children.
I mean, this is evil, folks.
I'm not seeing the human face.
It lowers oxygen up to 20, 30 percent wearing these masks.
Angry dad calls out California school board.
We're good to go.
The local radio stations and TV stations.
They really are our secret weapon and while we're still on air.
So here's the father in California and then Gerald Celente takes over.
I thought this was a conservatory.
When I see members of the board of the schools that are in control of our children and the way they think, I'm disgusted.
This is exactly why my kids are at home.
Staying away from people like you.
They want to poison their minds and think that there's something they should fear.
You guys are like the boogeyman.
You're creating hysteria and you're creating a generation of children with social anxiety.
You're going to create an entire generation of pill-popping junkies.
And this is going to be your doing.
Because they have no idea what other people's faces and smiles look like.
They're going to grow up in a world of angry, bitter people.
Pissed off citizens who have no idea.
This mouth plays a major role in non-verbal communication.
I've taken psychology classes.
I went through the indoctrination camps.
I got my bachelor's degree from Sac State.
I went to Sierra College.
I made it through.
And you know what?
I learned.
That there are people who will stand up for the kids, and there's people like you.
People that pretend like you stand up for the kids, because you want the paycheck, you want the crew name.
Well, I'm president too, bro.
You're president.
We're both president of the crew.
But I stand up for the kids.
That's the difference.
I stand up for the kids in the community.
I put my life on the line for these kids.
I stand up for everybody's kids, in all the communities, you understand?
I don't just do it on a 9-to-5 basis.
I do it Monday through Sunday, 12 to 12.
These women right here, it's sad you beta males let these women lead by example.
You are seen as weak ministerial men.
I tell my board of men like you,
Those aren't men.
You will be weak, minuscule men the rest of your life, and I'm not going to let you influence the other boys in this community to be little cucks.
You understand?
You understand?
This is a city of men, not betas, non-gender-identified people.
You understand?
There are men, and there are women.
And there are betas, and there's alphas.
And in this Omnicron crap,
It's a joke.
Take the mask off, take a deep breath, go do some yoga, wear your mask, okay?
And another time, stop looking at your children's brains.
This is psychological damage.
And I know you're looking at me, bro, because you know what I'm saying?
It's truth.
You know it.
You're going to go home and sleep on this, and it's going to bother you.
And I'll be back in two weeks, bro.
I'll be back every two weeks, because I own my own business.
I only see my kids, and I can do that.
Because no one else signs my checks, you understand?
We sign your checks.
And you best bet,
I'm gonna run a boatload of people against you guys.
There ain't gonna be no easy-peasy election next time, you understand?
There's gonna be at least two or three of you for each position.
It is a whitewash.
You guys are toast.
You are not allowed to do this.
I don't care what you've done in your community, because this is enough.
You can go do all the good you want, but when you poison my kid's mind, it's done.
You crossed the line.
So I'm letting you know, we're pissed, and it's enough.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
You know, as Alex was closing out, he was gonna talk about that mask.
You know, the masquerade that they're making little kids wear and how it's screwing them up.
And the... You got the box over here of the mask that everybody wears, most people.
These little stupid things here.
And it says right on the box, these masks do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
And yet, you go into the, you know, it's, they're ridiculous.
But, and you go again, you go into a restaurant, you gotta wear them in New York.
But when you sit down, you can take them off because the virus stops at table height.
We've gone over this, you know.
But anyway, they're just selling fear and hysteria and stupidity.
You know, I don't spend my time on Alex Jones promoting the Trends Journal magazine.
I do it because I'm a supporter of InfoWars, the team, and Alex Jones.
But when you look at the moronic crap that the media is shoving down people's throats
You better wise up and start looking at something that's going to tell you what's really going on, what it means, and what's next.
And there's no greater example than the stupidity and crap that they keep pushing out as headline news
Then last week it was Betty White died.
Betty White died.
A hundred years old.
Oh my God, she could have lived to 101.
Hey, maybe COVID killed her.
What the hell do I care that she died?
I don't, that's not news to me.
If you want to read People's Magazine or Entertainment Today, then read that crap.
The toilet paper are wrecking.
And I gotta read this crap so I know what's going on around the world and what other people are thinking so that we can show you and report on what you're not getting, what they are putting out, and what you need to know.
Here it is.
Comic and actor known for Full House is found dead in a Florida hotel.
A comic and an actor.
What the hell do I care?
That is the front page of drudge.
That's it.
That is the front page of drudge.
Oh, go to the Cartoon News Network, CNN.
Bob Saget dies at 65.
Hey, how about Yahoo?
Bob Saget's daughter
Aubrey shares last text that her dad sent before death.
Oh, no, no, no!
This is breaking news!
Bob Saget remembered.
Fans, comedians, co-stars react.
That's the Wall Street Journal.
Bob Saget's death leaves Mary-Kate and Ashley Arslan deeply saddened.
Oh, that's Fox News.
How about FoxU?
That ain't news!
It's entertainment!
What difference does it make if this guy died?
Who the hell was he?
I don't even remember!
I could give a damn!
Hey, how about what's going on in Yemen?
Hey, did you ever hear of Ethiopia?
No, the Tigray War?
And what's going on there?
And the murder and slaughter?
Hey, how about what the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner Obama did to Libya?
And the crap that's going on there?
No, no, no, Salenti!
Betty White died last week!
This guy's 65!
Oh, what else?
Comedian Bob Saget of Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos, passed away.
Oh, that's USA Today!
How about USA Tomorrow?
We don't know anything about tomorrow!
Oh, look at all the news!
The New Year began!
As the New Year began, pick up the toilet paper record, pick up the Wall Street Journal, pick them all up!
Pick up the little clowns on NBC, CBS, ABC,
All the other crapsters, this is what happened in 2021.
Let's look back, because we're too stupid to look ahead.
And what we'll do is keep shoving crap down your head, to really make you stupid, and think crap like this is important.
Candace Cameron, Borns, TV, Dad, Saget.
I loved him so much.
Full House dad, Bob Sackett, 65, found dead in Florida hotel room.
NBC News, not, no, it's no news, not NBC News, this isn't news.
And again, I go to InfoWars and I look at their site, and what do they have there?
A whole thing about how this guy got jabbed.
Notably, Sagan admitted during December 13th episode of his podcast, Bob Saget's here for you!
Oh, oh, thank you for being here for me!
Oh, but now you left!
I don't know what I'm going to do!
I may die!
Because you're gone!
This is entertainment news!
The guy's a comic!
He's an actor!
He plays who he isn't!
I got this is crap!
And this is why the people follow the morons, the idiots and the imbeciles.
I went to the pharmacy the other day and got my booster shot.
He explained, I should have gotten it on my arm, but I got it up my butt.
I try not to preach.
I got my booster shot.
I got my booster shot the day before yesterday.
Again, this is on InfoWars.
Saget said toward the end of his podcast.
Link below.
Then you pick up the news.
You ready?
CNN journalist and The View co-host Anna Navarro is dealing with a breakthrough case of COVID-19.
Savannah Guthrie is working from home this week.
The Today host confirmed she tested positive for COVID-19.
Oh, Savannah and Huda Catby, whatever her name is, are the latest stars to come down with the case of the coronavirus in recent weeks.
Last late night host Seth Meyers cancelled
Last week's shows, after receiving a positive test, while tonight's shows, Jimmy Fallon shared that he tested positive over the holidays, all of the hosts were fully vaccinated and had received the booster!
And then they throwed a line out there, which they credited for the mild symptoms.
I know people that got it that don't have mild symptoms, and by the way,
Omicron, a moronic virus, when you read the facts coming out from the health authorities of South Africa where it broke out, the symptoms are mild.
But they're selling fear, hysteria, and stupidity.
And that's why you need to support InfoWars, and to read history before it happens, you subscribe to the Trends Journal.
Because all they're doing is dumbing us down with this dumb crap.
We're gonna be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Great products and things that you could use and you could need.
I want to talk a bit about what's going on in the equity markets.
This is from Bloomberg.
Tech and Internet stocks are under pressure on Monday amid a market sell-off in high growth stocks.
So growth stocks are, that's when you're anticipating that things are going to take off even though they're losing money.
The declines came amid rising 10-year treasury yield.
The Nasdaq is down 6% over the last trading sessions.
A 10% decline is called a correction.
A 20% decline is called a bear market.
The tech stocks are greatly overvalued.
The price earnings ratio or levels that we saw during the dot-com bust.
Again, they're not value stocks, meaning that they're producing and bringing in income and revenue streams that are not anticipated, but are actually happening compared to a growth stock, which are gambling stocks.
You're going to bet that the growth is going to keep going up.
Microsoft is down about 10% over the last five trading sessions.
So 10% that's a correction.
Is down for a fifth straight session.
The stock declined more than 3% on Monday.
Reaching in intraday levels it hasn't seen since May.
Alphabet, Google is also on its fifth day of decline.
Trading at its lowest level since October.
Netflix down 11% over the last five sessions.
And down more than 20% from its November peak.
That is a bear market when it's down 20%.
Apple, which briefly tripled its valuation at $3 trillion just one week ago, is down more than 7% over the last five sessions.
We had said in the Trends Journal that they were going to raise interest rates in 2022.
You go back just two, three weeks ago, the bet on the street was that they weren't going to raise interest rates until mid-year 2022.
Which means what?
Now they're saying they're going to be raising them by March.
And they may raise them earlier.
And now the Goldman Sachs gang came out and said they're going to raise them four times this year.
The markets, the housing markets, the equity markets.
They were juiced up by cheap money.
Interest rates are actually in negative territory.
When you have an inflation rate of 6.8 percent.
And a Fed rate at near zero, you actually have negative interest rates.
And by the way, one of the best interviews I've done in a long time, with one of the greatest, greatest men out there, in terms of where the economy is going, what it means, what's next and what to do about it, is Robert Kiyosaki.
Rich dad, poor dad.
So if you go, we just, they just put it up this past week, the interview I did with him.
On his Rich Dad channel.
And we talk about this in detail.
And what it means to you.
And what to prepare for.
Because we're going into a very rough road.
You have merger and acquisition activity in 2021 was at an all-time high.
The reason being, of course, the reason being is that
The cheap money of low interest rates.
But you have inflation that's now at 39-year high.
And the liars in the Federal Reserve said that when inflation went over 2% they would raise interest rates.
So now their official rate is 6.8% and they haven't raised them yet.
So, a couple of things from this.
Even though they're going to raise them, that's not going to crash the equity markets, yet.
It will soften the housing market, but we don't see it killing it, yet.
What's going to go down big time, as we see it, is commercial real estate.
Because then you start looking back again and start looking at the data coming out.
There he is, Robert Kiyosaki.
An honor and a privilege to be on with him, by the way.
I mean, true honor and a privilege.
So check it out at the Rich Dad Channel.
When you're looking at now, the people that are afraid to go back to work, the demands coming from places like Citigroup, No Vax, No Job,
Your office occupancy rate in the United States is around 40%.
That means 60% of the people aren't commuting back to work.
What does that mean for the businesses that depend upon commuters?
Look at all of the trade shows that are being cancelled and conventions.
What does that do to the hospitality sector?
What does that do to restaurants?
What does that do to taxes that cities that depend on conventions used to get that they're not getting anymore?
So we're looking at the how the the commercial real estate sector to take a heavy, heavy hit when these interest rates go up.
And the reason that the banksters were the first ones calling the people back to work, like the JPMorgan Chasers, the little Jamie Arrogant Diamond Boy, yeah, and the Goldman Sachs gang, yeah, and the Black Rock, calling people back?
Because they're heavily invested in commercial real estate.
And you also have loans back there.
So now you have what?
4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November.
Less people commuting.
What does that do to the markets?
Oh, and by the way, the restaurant sector?
Check it out.
Seating, since the beginning of December, is down 32% in restaurants.
Where you sit down and eat rather than fast food joints.
And sales are down 18% compared to the beginning of the COVID war.
Down 18%, 20%, 20% let's play.
How are they going to survive?
Oh, meantime, interest rates, inflation is going up.
So they're making less, trying to charge more.
This thing's gonna go down big and heavy and hard.
But the bigs are gonna rake up all the dough.
Because you also saw the information, and again, your new Trends Journal will be out tomorrow.
And a great cover again by Anthony Frieda.
Chock full of nuts.
Anyway, when you look at the data, and what's going on, and the realities,
The worst is yet to come.
Yes, the markets will go up for a while.
But the crash is going to come.
And that's the only thing that's holding the reality back of how bad it is.
I was going to say the billionaires that we write about.
The billionaires got $1 trillion richer last year.
As the poverty rate around the world increased by 150 million people.
The worst is yet to come.
Get these products from InfoWars because you better prepare.
And again, the Trends Journal to help you prepare, prevail, and prosper in the rough times ahead.
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Keep the truth alive.
Their staff and Alex Jones are doing all they can, the great other hosts that they have, to fight for our freedom that has been taken away from us.
And by the way, this is global.
It's not only America.
When the COVID war began and all the people were saying, are they doing this to get rid of Trump?
Italy was the first place to lock down.
I said, no, no.
And as an Italian, I'm ashamed of Italy and the Italians.
I mean, look who the guy running the show over there is.
Mario Draghi.
Yeah, Mario Draghi, formerly the head of the Bank of Italy, worked for the World Bank, was the head of the Goldman Sachs gang's European division, and the head of the European Central Bank.
All right?
The top of the bankster gang, the Prime Minister of Italy.
They were the first ones to lock down.
And you go back to our Trends Journal, the top trends for 2020, that we do before that happens.
It was the New World Disorder.
There were protests going on everywhere.
And then when the COVID war broke out, they stopped them.
There were protests in France, there were protests in Hong Kong, there were protests in Lebanon, there were protests in Colombia, Peru, Chile.
There were protests in Algeria, India.
COVID war, no protests allowed.
So going back to this, it's global.
And going back to why you need to support
What we're doing with the Trends Journal and Infowars is we're in the fight for freedom.
And freedom is being robbed from us.
Protests going on up there in Montreal over the weekend.
And you look at the headlines in the Canadian newspaper.
Hundreds take to the streets.
And then you see the videos and the pictures.
Thousands and thousands took to the streets.
They're playing it down.
Hundreds march.
Look at it, look at it, look at the picture.
They got a couple of pictures there.
Don't talk to me like this.
Oh, we'll talk to you like that.
Because we are prostitutes.
We're media whores to get paid to put out by our corporate pimps and our government whoremasters.
Lebanon, protests.
France, protests.
Germany, protests.
All over the world, but you know where no protests?
Hardly any?
Here in the U.S.S.A.
They had one up in Albany, the capital of New York State, last Wednesday.
They report, they report that 4,000 people showed up.
Okay, 4,000 out of how many people live in New York State?
19.5 million?
4,000 turned out?
And it's a waste of time, these protests.
I keep saying it over and over again.
If you're going to protest, protest.
Do it peacefully, and you don't leave.
You block the streets.
You got the governor over there in New York, Hochul, Hochulberry, whatever her name is up there, giving her state of the state address.
Close down the Senate building.
Don't let her leave.
Don't let anybody leave.
Let them get it in their head that you're in charge and they're public servants.
Rather than this arrogance, what they tell you to do.
And that clip that Alex Jones played just before I came on.
About that guy.
Calling out those little boys.
In California.
School boy.
They're little boys, they don't fight.
They're little cowards.
Look at them.
They're cowards.
Look at the blob over there with the black mask on.
The guy couldn't get up, let alone fight.
They're not fighters.
They're tyrants.
And it's global.
Look at that little Katsan Macron.
Telling people he's gonna pee on them.
Or pee them off.
Or pee on him.
Well, that's what it should be.
Can you imagine talking to, coming to me, talking to me like that?
Or to Alex or anybody on their staff?
Let me take it for a second.
This is a fight for freedom.
And it's global.
And again, you look at the data.
A little boy of nothing.
There he is.
A Rothschild boy, by the way.
That's right.
With the Rothschild gang before he came into that.
Look at this little clown.
Guy couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
And that's the other crap.
Every time these people go anywhere, Presidents, Prime Ministers, little jerks off over there and there, they roll out a red carpet, and everybody dressed up in their military drag saluting.
Yeah, I got a salute for you.
Yeah, here's another one.
What is this crap?
So now, as we're closing up,
Pay attention closely to the equity markets.
Number one, look at oil prices and where they're going.
There's still over $80 a barrel for crude.
It hit as low as $69.
As long as oil prices stay high, inflation is going to keep going up with it.
When the markets crash, the reality will hit Main Street how bad it is.
As I said before, the billionaires got a trillion dollars richer.
And they give back peanuts to the people.
Peanuts to the people.
Main Street's gonna feel this hard because inflation's not going down.
When the markets crash, they're gonna do everything they can to promote them.
So, for me, and I don't give financial advice, it's still GSB.
Gold, silver, and Bitcoin.
As safe havens.
Yeah, Bitcoin is down.
It's only 41,000.
Yeah, okay.
That's all.
Again, it gambles.
And, remember, for religious vaccine exemptions, the Church of Freedom, Peace, and Justice
And they work great when you join.
And the Trends Journal, TrendsJournal.com.
And InfoWars.
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So do what you can to support the truth because they're going to rob it from us.
They are robbing it from us, like I've never seen in my life.
There's places around here in Kingston, you can't go in and sit down and have a cup of coffee if you don't show your vaccine passport.
That's how bad it is.
Again, look what it's doing to the businesses.
They're going down big.
They're going to go down hard.
Will it end?
We believe it will.
Tune in next week or subscribe and you'll read it in your Trends Journal tomorrow.
It was von Bismarck, the unifier of the German Republic, that first said politics is war by another means.
He also said war is politics by another means.
They're interchangeable.
We are in a war.
There is a global corporate takeover, the Great Reset, happening worldwide.
And Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the UN admit this is their takeover.
They brag that they had this Davos school for 40 years that trained almost every one of these so-called leaders from Canada to New Zealand, from the UK to Germany under Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger's control.
And now they're launching their world government to collapse society to then carry out State Department memorandum 200 for forced depopulation.
And that's why InfoWars is under such incredible attack.
Because we actually identify who the globalists are and go after them.
Donald Trump knows who they are.
Senator Rand Paul knows who they are.
Senator Josh Hawley knows who they are.
Ted Cruz knows who they are.
But they won't dare go after them because they know when you do that, the system destroys you.
Well, you know what?
I stepped up to the plate.
And you stepped up to the plate supporting InfoWars over the years.
So we're here fighting and identifying them to make it safe for other men to finally take action and save our republic and save our world.
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I think in the New World Order timeline, they really did not expect us to still be on air.
And that's why they're pulling out all the stops right now to try to destroy us.
You see about 25% probably of the attacks against us.
Maybe now that some of it's getting more public, it's closer to 50.
But still, just the tip of the iceberg.
But you in the audience,
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