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Name: 20220107_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 7, 2022
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In a recent discussion about his lawsuit loss, Alex Jones revealed InfoWars' financial situation through court filings. The Infowars store made $165 million in sales from September 2015 to the end of 2018, with most of that money spent on costs. Jones' videos cover a variety of topics including financial difficulties, globalist agendas, legal battles, future plans for InfoWars, hunting experiences, and political news while promoting products on InfowarStore.com and urging viewers to support InfoWars through donations and purchases. He expresses concerns about censorship, surveillance, democracy, and corruption in voting systems, advocating for free speech and independent journalism while warning against global social credit scores, COVID vaccine passports, transhumanism, and the Great Reset and New World Order, urging viewers to resist these ideas and fight for human rights and freedom.

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Who is the greatest living person in the world?
Who has the greatest potential to empower humanity?
Because I'm telling you, I don't care if somebody's a movie star.
I don't care if somebody plays football.
Even if they're a good person.
I detest it so much now, I don't even want to talk to them.
I don't care if you, what you did in the corrupt system.
I care how much you care about humanity, how much you want to empower people, how much you're a populist, how much you believe in the species made in the image of God.
That's my benchmark, that's what I go off of, that's my pole star, that's my north star, that is my spirit, that is my anchor, that is my will, that is my place, that is my vision, that is my destiny, that is what God wants us to do.
So I ask you again,
It isn't just, oh, who's the most famous?
Who's the richest?
That's not the winners.
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
Who in the most loving, real, focused, Christ-like way, balanced?
Because I'm not Christ-like at times.
You could say, who's the most effective human for humans right now?
And that'd be Joe Rogan or Alex Jones for a pro-human future.
Tucker Carlson, a close third.
But that's not who's the most effective for humans at this time.
Who's the most important human in the world?
Because that human's gonna be a model for us.
That person is us, and we are that person, and once we realize that, we have the keys to destiny.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, January 7th, 2022, and this is the Verboten Broadcast.
Tomorrow's News.
Alright, next segment, I am going to reveal the most important person in the world.
Hands down.
I'm gonna reveal the most important person in the world.
And the reason that's important is if you understand that information,
You will then understand everything else.
This is a Rosetta Stone.
This is a Skeleton Key.
This is the understanding of everything, if you can understand this.
And I know you will understand it, but if you can get your friends, your family, your neighbors, perfect strangers to understand it, then we will truly be in a different world.
Now, this most important person in the world doesn't know they're the most important person in the world.
And that's why we're going to reveal why this person is the most important person in the world.
Because as soon as the most important person in the world understands that, then we will truly be able to turn the tide against the New World Order.
Now, Novak Djokovic is not the most important person in the world, but he's right up there at the top, and the spirit of what he's doing is the essence of what we're about to cover.
Because there's a little twist to who this most important person in the world is.
But here's Paul Joseph Watson talking about what's happening in the land of tyranny, formerly known as the Land Down Under.
World No.
1 tennis star Novak Djokovic is now basically a political prisoner.
And all because he dared to obtain a vaccine exemption to enter Australia.
Last night Djokovic was detained, interrogated for 8 hours and told he'd be deported.
This after two separate medical boards had already approved his exemption.
Djokovic travelled to Australia after receiving an exemption from the Victorian government granted after a process that included a panel of health officials.
He was approved to board the plane flying into Melbourne.
Then the Feds stepped in.
This is a disgusting, odious, cynical stunt.
And it was almost certainly a set-up from the very start.
Don't forget, Morrison threatened to deport Djokovic the day before he even arrived, saying that if his papers weren't in order, he'd be on the next plane home.
And then, oh, what do you know?
His papers aren't in order, and he's being deported.
Let's not be stupidly naive.
They planned this witch hunt all along.
They're making an example out of Djokovic.
They're using him to send a message to everyone else.
If we can treat a global superstar with virtually limitless legal resources like a dangerous criminal, imagine what we can do to you.
This isn't a visa paperwork issue, it's a despicable show trial.
This is the same country that literally incarcerates people in Covid internment camps and arrests them when they try to flee.
This is the same country that bursts into pregnant women's homes and arrests them for criticising lockdown measures on Facebook.
This is the same Prime Minister who doesn't even have to follow the same quarantine rules he imposes on everyone else.
So don't tell me about the rule of law.
This isn't the rule of law, it's arbitrary lawlessness.
To the technocrats, Djokovic represents the threat of a good example.
As his mother said, the tennis champ is, quote, someone who is a revolutionary and who is changing this world.
As his father said, quote, Novak has become the symbol and a leader of the libertarian world, a world of poor and oppressed nations and people.
They can incarcerate him tonight, shackle him tomorrow, but truth is like water, as it always finds its way.
First they confiscated Djokovic's belongings, including his wallet, at the airport.
Then they told him he couldn't quarantine in a rented apartment where the rest of his team is staying.
Then they imprisoned him in a flea-ridden shithole hotel with a bunch of illegal immigrants.
And that's his punishment.
In the Serbian Orthodox Church, Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7th.
So now he gets to wake up on Christmas Day in a ghetto guesthouse, completely alone.
They've also tried to turn the general public against Djokovic with variations of this argument.
Well, everyone else in Australia has faced hardship as a result of the mandates and restrictions.
Why not him?
Which is basically like saying, all the other slaves have had to wear their chains and embrace their serfdom, so why not him?
We already knew Australia was the world's preeminent biosecurity police state, but this is a whole new level.
They turned the world's number one tennis star into a political prisoner and caused an international incident.
All because he doesn't want to get jabbed.
Are you paying attention yet?
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, January 7th of the year.
It's 2022.
And we're going to be here today for the next four hours ahead of the war room that comes on with Owen Schroeder at 3 p.m.
And there's nothing more frustrating than knowing we have the answers and the key to defeating this evil takeover and stopping it dead in its tracks.
But instead, I just can't get people conscious.
I can't get people focused.
I can't get the message punched out enough to actually finally finish these people.
And so that means we're going to go into a very long, hellish nightmare
And most people listening and watching will be dead in 10 years.
That's Klaus Schwab's promise.
He's sworn to kill you and your family.
He's put his people in over a hundred nations, and they're running their global lockdown shutdowns right now, preparing you for the real bioweapon they're going to release.
Cyber lockdowns, cyber shutdowns, collapse of the third world completely, being totally overrun, war on the streets, electricity going off for years, just absolute death and destruction is guaranteed.
And I talked to everybody who is a patriot basically in the establishment.
They all agree that's the plan.
That's what's going down.
We are the tip of the spear here covering this on air and discussing it.
And so I'm very frustrated.
I'm very angry.
I have this weight on my shoulders, and I know I'm right, and I know it's going down, and I have all their own admissions and documents, and I can't get people out of their trances.
Everybody's in their comfort zone.
And so, the enemy's going to win, because they're going to incrementally collapse society while posing as the saviors the whole time.
So, I'm going to deliver the most important information ever.
That if people actually grasp it and get it and understand it, we're going to be able to turn society around and beat this.
But all this other incredible news I've got in front of me, and it's all very important, is a byproduct of the disease that is the New World Order.
And so, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
I've got to go to rebroadcast for a while, and this is not a stunt I pull.
I may not be able to do the show anymore because I just can't come in here and do it anymore.
I hate it, I can't stand it, and I'm sick of just window dressing, talking about all the stuff that's going on, and just the general public just doesn't even care that we're all falling apart.
I mean, you know, they think it's funny that Klaus Schwab's up there murdering everyone.
So see, I don't want to just say a bunch of nasty stuff, and I'm going to try my best here, but it's getting hard.
We got a lot of really good reports here and I'm going to try to relaunch the show later in the hour, but I can't do it right now.
So let's just go ahead.
I tried to come back on.
I just can't do it, guys.
Greg Reese's report from yesterday, that was a really, really important report about the nanotech they're putting in the shots and what it's doing, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
They have government documents, they're adding protein prions to it as well, and they're giving basically people mad cow disease.
So, and then that's just what does to your brain, not to mention your heart and your whole body.
So, I mean, I've got stacks of news here of little kids dying after the shots of heart attacks.
And brain lesions, and it's all cute, and it's all funny, and it's all ha ha ha, you know, on and on and on.
So, we're going to play Greg Rees's report, and I'm going to go walk around the parking lot, see if I can settle down, and that's that.
So, we'll be back, I guess, after this break.
I'm going to try to relaunch the show here today.
InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com will still be there, hopefully.
I don't know how much longer.
And it just doesn't matter.
I guess you've all just gotta die.
I mean, really, you don't... They're gonna murder you.
All of you deserve to die because you don't care.
Then you deserve it.
And Klaus Schwab's gonna kill your ass.
So, get ready to die, okay?
And they're gonna kill the kids, so we deserve to die, okay?
That's basically it.
So enjoy yourselves, everybody.
Here's the clip.
Ricardo Delgado has a master's in biostatistics.
His postgraduate studies included microbiology, epidemiology, and immunology.
He is the founder of the fifth column.
Delgado has published videos of electron microscopy taken at the University of Almeria in Spain of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine showing what can best be described as self-organizing nanostructures.
The videos show that as the Pfizer mRNA vaccine evaporates, nano-sized structures begin to form.
Multiple structures that appear to be the same things.
Things that look like microchips and electronic circuitry.
Pfizer has reportedly made 33 different batches, which have all been cataloged in a database, some dangerous and others seemingly innocuous.
So these things maybe aren't in every vial, but the FDA has said that they need 75 years to tell us all the details, so maybe they are.
At a World Economic Forum 2018 conference, the chief executive officer of Pfizer expressed excitement for invasive nanotech.
Referring to the recent FDA approval of a tablet with a sensor that can notify medical authorities of compliance.
It is basically a biological chip, but it is in the tablet.
And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet.
So imagine the applications of that.
Later that year, a nanotransistor chip is unveiled that replaces silicone with air.
Just this week, a COVID implantable microchip developer claimed, we will be chipped whether we like it or not.
There has been much talk about graphene oxide and nanotech in the vaccines.
Which the media vehemently claims is not true.
But how would they know?
And why would anyone trust a word that they say about any of this?
If there are nanocircuits being created within the bodies of the vaccinated, this would explain the videos we've seen of IP addresses coming from the jabbed.
A newly activated network of nanocircuits, unique to each individual.
One of the leading experts of nanotechnology, Charles Lieber, has written patents describing a technology that has the potential to self-assemble into tiny computer systems capable of controlling human neurology, which is exactly what Delgado's electron microscopy of the Pfizer jab appears to be.
Charles Lieber was just convicted on numerous crimes for working with the Communist Chinese in Wuhan, where Pfizer ran a research and development facility.
Elon Musk expects to be implanting his Neuralink into human beings this year, and claims that they could put you fully into virtual reality, as if this is somehow important for humanity.
For humanity, it isn't.
But for the transhumanist, it's a necessity.
And if you listen to the psychopaths orchestrating all of this, transhumanism is officially their stated goal.
And they won't need Elon's implantable chip.
With injectable nano-sized circuitry in the human brain and nervous system, non-intrusive wearable tech will do the job just fine.
And this is rapidly being developed by WelcomeLeap, a privately run umbrella corporation connecting DARPA, Silicon Valley, and the military, who has tripled their network in less than a year, boasting success for the deadly mRNA vaccines.
And pushing to accelerate new ones designed to correct every so-called flaw of the human psyche that stands in the way of productivity to an authoritarian state run by artificial intelligence that monitors and controls their neurological functions 24-7.
This is exactly what they say they want by the year 2030.
So either the vaccines are a way of interfacing the new transhuman with AI technology, or they're lying, and it's all about depopulation.
Which is what the latest data is showing.
Natural News recently estimated billions of deaths if it isn't stopped in the next year.
It obviously isn't about public health.
And whether it's about depopulation or transhumanism, it is a threat to all of humanity.
We could ponder until the end about why anyone would want to do this.
But the real question is why are we letting them?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, these are the times that try men and women's souls.
When we come back, though, I'm gonna hit absolutely imperative information.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Friday, January 7th, 2022, and the globalist occupied government is preparing to stage massive terror attacks against the American people.
It'll be blamed on the American people.
They have a pretext to establish public martial law and then mass purges and the relocation of up to 50 million Americans into re-education camps, the stated goal
Of the Democratic Party and their cloward and piven weatherman operatives is to kill 25 million of us in those camps.
And those are 1970s numbers that came out in federal court.
It's the same people running things today.
Everything is about human extermination.
Everything is about body counts.
Everything is about turning the power off.
Everything is about destroying supply chains.
Because you see, supply chains are great, and complex society is great, until it breaks down.
And they're using the fact that we're in a complex, interconnected society, to sabotage it, to be able to wreck civilization and consolidate control for themselves.
They are environmentalist, death cult, terrorists!
And so who is the most important person in the world?
Start of the show, I told you I'd come back and do it.
But then I got too angry and didn't.
And you see, here's the problem that it's harder and harder for me to do the show.
I'm 47.
And my knowledge base is very advanced now.
So everything I look at, everything I read, everything I see, I have a deep, multifaceted, multidimensional understanding of it.
And at a certain level, that becomes painful.
I know those of you tuning in, you care as well, and you're under this great burden.
And I just pray to God every day to give me peace and help me transcend this, because it's that Bible verse we showed yesterday about, with the beginning of knowledge comes great sorrow, and with great knowledge comes great sorrow.
To paraphrase, there's several Bible verses, but it's absolutely true.
It's very childlike for the public that looks at everything one-dimensionally and takes it at its face.
But when you have evil leaders that are manipulating people through one-dimensional thinking, they can lead them to total destruction, and they are.
So we must force ourselves to always be on, and always be focused, and always be aware.
And with that, the brain becomes more and more advanced, more and more cutting-edge, more and more incredible.
But, if you're a good person, with a brain operating like that, and most evil people can't do it, most good people can, it becomes extremely painful.
For with much wisdom comes much sorrow, then more knowledge, the more the grief.
Ecclesiastes 1.18.
Guys, give me the King James version of that.
Reads a little different, thank you.
And so, I'm not up here bitching as a victim.
It's the opposite.
I've never been more alive.
I've never felt more fulfilled.
But it is a agony and a frustration.
And I know you're feeling it as well.
But it's the opposite of emptiness.
And sometimes, you know, it feels really good to be awake and to know God, but
To be with God but in the world is torture.
And that's why we just got to pray to God to give us the peace and to give us
The understanding that we can't do it ourselves, and it's up to God.
It's up to us to do the right thing, to have courage, to speak out, to say no to evil, and then God's gonna carry us the rest of the way.
And when I'm saying that to you, I'm not preaching at you, I'm preaching at me.
Because... I was praying really hard last night when I went to sleep, that I won't be a jerk, that I won't be angry, that I won't be upset, and that the enemy can't get to me, and that I just carry out my mission.
And in the middle of the night, I really had, you know,
Holy Spirit come on me and a real connection and I felt empowered and cleansed and good and then of course I wake up in the morning and I come in here and I look at the enemy's operations and all the kids they're killing and it just makes me feel like a guilty son of a bitch that we can't stop these people.
I don't want to just sit up here and play music and have guests on and talk about the world and, you know, oh look at the left at this, oh and the left at that, look how dumb Biden is.
When all of that's done to make you think it's Biden doing it when he's just a dead puppet, a dangling dead crawdad they hang out there for everybody to make us think that's who's doing it.
And Kamala Harris, I mean, they put them up there because they're jokes to demoralize America and to make us actually think that's what our country is when it's not.
Our country's the hard-working people all across this nation that love their children and hold them in the night and have that connection to God and want to do good things and have little gardens in their backyards and cook meals for old folks and just love sunsets and just want to be good people.
And that's who we're standing up for here.
So I apologize to everybody that I get so mad.
None of this is an act.
It's not an act.
Believe me, I wish it was.
I'm unable to be an actor.
That's why their biggest lie is that Jones says he's a performance artist.
Jones says he is an actor and everything he says is fake.
Where's the video of that?
Where's my written word?
I never said that.
That's a lie.
They always say, oh Tucker Carlson says in court he's fake.
Never said that.
They use that same lie over and over again against real people to say we don't mean what we say.
Well, if I didn't mean what I said, how come it all came true?
No, I meant every damn thing I said.
And when I engaged in satire, I said, satire alert, I'm gonna do my own Jonathan Swift modest proposal here about if society really collapses within 15 days, the average person turns into a cannibal.
So I might have to think about hauling my neighbors up and eating them.
And I said at the start of the segment, it was a 10 minute segment, segment four,
At the start of the segment, at the end of the segment, I said, this is satire, and they ran with it and said, Jones is going to murder his neighbors.
That's them lying, not me.
So I've got this whole thing basically spring loaded, I want to say when we come back, that I grasp in my mind, and then if I don't just keep that moment of understanding and all those points I want to make, because I'm not writing this down, I'm not reading a teleprompter, it all just dissipates like gas.
Into the ether, and then I don't say the key thing, that if I say it just right, and explain the thought perfectly, or almost perfectly, then the public will grasp it, and also absorb it, and understand a blueprint for victory, which we need.
And there's nothing more frustrating than knowing you've got the blueprint for victory, you've proven you can do it, God's given you the directive, and you can't get it done, because you are weak!
And I'm talking about myself.
So, my frustration here is not with the audience, the crew.
My frustration is with the globalists killing everybody and running around enjoying it.
They love it.
See, it hurts us.
They like it.
They have fun doing all this.
Oh, they just love it!
They just love it!
And I have to control myself and not go after them with rage, because we're not doing this for them.
They don't deserve our hatred.
We're doing it for the children who we love.
But I tell you, the globalists are going to get it!
Now when we come back, I'm going to tell you who the most important person in the world is.
And this is truth.
And if you grasp this, and if you know this, you will have victory.
Infowars.com, the front line of the human rebellion against AI evil.
The front line of the human rebellion against Satan.
So who is the most important person in the world today?
And if you understand that point, it is a Rosetta Stone, it is a skeleton key, it is a window into the wider universe and the multiverse and an understanding of our true destiny and where we're going.
Who is it?
Is it Jeff Bezos?
Is it Elon Musk?
Is it the Queen of England?
Is it Brad Pitt?
Is it Donald Trump?
Is it Vladimir Putin?
Is it Xi Jinping?
Is it the current Pope?
Who is it?
Is it Novak Djokovic?
Who is it?
Who is saying the most truth in the most understandable way
That transcends left and right and actually speaks to people in a human message on this planet.
And if you know the answer to that, you know the answer to the rest of the story.
Is someone important because they have $200 billion of inflated garbage?
Is someone important because they were the President of the United States like President Trump?
Is someone important because they've been in a lot of big movies and are handsome like Brad Pitt?
Is somebody the most important because the way you define who the most important person is says who you are.
There's a big study out that the more celebrity obsessed you are, the lower your IQ and the less money you make.
Translated, the more you believe in the system, the more you go along with its propaganda, the more diseased and dumbed down and poor you are.
And when you go in the poor areas, they're all wearing a mask, aren't they?
Their kids are all wearing masks.
They're all taking all the shots.
They're doing whatever they need to with the system they believe to comply so they can be part of it.
Because all the cool Hollywood people that get paid to lie to them told them so.
What are they missing?
What's wrong with them?
Because you see, the establishment wants you to be alone.
The establishment wants you to be dumb.
The establishment wants you to be diseased and die, because they see you as a piece of garbage.
Because they see themselves, subconsciously, as garbage.
And they believe once they get rid of you, and your ugly hovel, and your ugly face, and your ugly kids in their view, that they'll finally be free, because you won't be around.
That's their real view.
And just because you've got the general mass of people dumbed down, not aware, not standing up for themselves, doesn't mean you have a right to kill them just because you're some inbred, occultic, globalist that knows the basics of the third dimension, so that makes you a god because you're willing to crap all over other sentient creatures and keep them in the dark?
That makes you less than a man.
Certainly not a god.
So I ask you again, who is the greatest living person in the world?
Who has the greatest potential to empower humanity?
Because I'm telling you, I don't care if somebody's a movie star, I don't care if somebody plays football, even if they're a good person.
I detest it so much now, I don't even want to talk to them.
I don't care what you did in the corrupt system.
I care how much you care about humanity, how much you want to empower people, how much you're a populist, how much you believe in the species made in the image of God.
That's my benchmark, that's what I go off of, that's my pole star, that's my north star, that is my spirit, that is my anchor, that is my will, that is my place, that is my vision, that is my destiny, that is what God wants us to do.
So I ask you again,
It isn't just, oh, who's the most famous?
Who's the richest?
That's not the winners.
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
Who in the most loving, real, focused, Christ-like way, balanced?
Because I'm not Christ-like at times.
You could say, who's the most effective human for humans right now?
And that'd be Joe Rogan or Alex Jones for a pro-human future.
Tucker Carlson, a close third.
But that's not who's the most effective for humans at this time.
Who's the most important human in the world?
Because that human's gonna be a model for us.
Because that person is us, and we are that person.
And once we realize that, we have the keys to destiny.
And so this has to be done.
This has to be said on air.
Because I've seen it.
I've known it.
I've felt it.
I've understood it.
And now I've continued to witness it.
But I'm going to first tell you about this person.
This person does not want to be President of the United States.
This person cannot stand Hollywood.
This person cannot stand New York rich people.
They cannot stand Hollywood rich people.
They cannot stand the establishment.
They don't want to hang around with the system.
They don't want to be embraced by the system.
They are disgusted by the system.
They are abhorrent of it.
And that's why the system, when they attack them, says, oh, they're a blue blood.
Oh, they're part of the system.
Oh, look, they're establishment.
Well, whoever said we wouldn't get somebody out of the establishment, out of the aristocracy to turn things around?
Because it's out of that understanding that the aristocracy actually cares about the people.
The aristocrats are supposed to build the civilization up, because they know they run it, and they know that that is an evidence of their safety, and their security, and their care about humanity.
That's what an aristocrat does.
We don't have an aristocratic class now.
We got a bunch of crazy, out-of-control sharks that think leaving nothing for anybody else but evil and deception and division and fentanyl is manly.
And no, it's not manly.
To drive around on your superyacht while all the major cities of the world collapse into death and destruction, thinking while you're out there with your supermodel wife being fed foie gras that you are safe from what you've been a part of.
You are a fool, Jeff Bezos!
At least Elon Musk, for all of his dalliances with the establishment, knows he wants a pro-human future.
He says we got to go off-world now.
And no, it's not.
Elon Musk is not the most important person in the world.
Though he can become the most important person in the world, just like that.
He can become the most potent person in the world, just like that.
And he understands that and is now moving towards that.
And as we all move towards that, that center of pro-human gravity, we then learn the secret that I will tell you when we come back in the final segment of this hour and I reveal
Who the most important person in the world is.
But I want you to understand something.
This isn't hype.
This isn't exaggeration.
This isn't BS.
This isn't any of that.
We must recognize from amongst our people who is the best at promoting humanity.
Who is the best at being balanced?
Who is the best at being loving?
Who is the best at being truthful?
Who is the best at being level-headed?
Who is more Christ-like?
And that's not Alex Jones.
So when we come back, I'll tell you who the most important person in the world is.
And I want you to understand it.
And I want it to sink in.
And I want it to burn into your cells.
And I want you to then ask yourself, is this true to God?
Is this true to the Holy Spirit?
And if you're dialed into the same thing I am, you'll get the answer back that, absolutely.
And the example
A people like this is the example for all of us into the future to turn the tide.
They're selling us a spirit of evil and lies and fraud and deception.
We are promoting a spirit of truth and justice and life and love and beauty and celebration and excitement and discovery.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to this January 7th Live Friday broadcast in the year 2022.
So I've thought long and hard about this, and I know I'm right.
And you'll know I'm right as well.
Who is the most important person in the world?
It's not Donald Trump.
It's not the fake Pope.
It's not anybody in Hollywood.
It's certainly not the portal reanimated corpse Joe Biden or his fake Vice President Kamala Harris.
It's not Vladimir Putin, because Vladimir Putin has Russia, the largest landmass in the world, and he has a lot of good people, and he's trying to build a Christian future, and he's going against the globalists, but he's not in America.
What the establishment calls the New Atlantis.
He's not right in the middle of the
Globalist empire, because they've conquered America.
The globalists have seized America.
The globalists have occupied America.
If we could take the country back peacefully without the revolution they're trying to artificially trigger around January 6, then we could really have a future of peace and justice.
We could have a real shot at that with Russia and with China and with Asia and the Middle East and Africa and Latin America.
And I know the individual that I'm going to say is the most important person in the world has that same idea and has that same thought and wants that.
And when I recognize this individual, it's not to put him up on a pedestal, but it's to recognize who's done the best, clean, professional, level-headed job, despite all the attacks and what I know they've gone through behind the scenes that other people don't know about, even stuff they didn't tell me I know about, some of it they didn't tell me, to understand that
That's a benchmark.
That's like the previous football championship number, or golf score, or bowling score, or darts score.
But those things don't matter.
This is the best political score so far as a statesman of doing the right thing and telling the truth.
Because at every front, without it being Republican or even Democrat, they expose the corrupt establishment playing both sides.
And how the corrupt establishment on both sides
Is de-industrializing and shutting down and selling off the infrastructure and making the public dependent and shipping in the fentanyl and the drugs and telling you you don't have individual rights as a black man or a white woman or an Asian woman or a Hispanic man or a white man.
You're in a group and only your group has value and we all know that we've all talked about that too.
But the point is they do it the best and they do it continually and they do it steadfastly.
And they do the best job of it.
And so they reject the power structure.
They don't want to be president when the Republicans approach them to run for president.
They don't want to be in D.C.
or New York.
They don't want to be in Los Angeles.
And that's all of us.
That's you listening in Texas or Florida or, you know, even Northern California or South Dakota or New Mexico.
You're like, hey, that's me.
Yeah, exactly.
We're about to get to the key here.
So who is the most important person in the world?
Well, the most important thing in the world is the people.
That's where we get the word populism.
The people.
A politics of the people.
What's common sense, what works, what's equitable, what's fair, what makes sense.
God's law.
Common law.
The Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence.
Those are all just examples of that.
Just manifestations of people's will.
So who's the greatest populist of them all?
In America, and as an example, around the world, who's listened to in Japan, and in South Africa, and in Mexico, and in Canada, and in the United States?
Who all over the world, when I talk off-record to world leaders in South America, like Brazil, or in Eastern Europe, who do they talk about, and who's unifying them to have a pro-human future against the Great Reset and the New World Order?
Well, you know who it is.
It's Tucker Carlson, ladies and gentlemen.
Tucker Carlson is the most important person in the world.
Because he understands the people are the most important people in the world.
And he's trying to be a champion of the people.
And he recognizes you and your children and your life are the most important people in the world.
So, yes.
The tennis player locked up in a FEMA camp in Australia because he hasn't been injected.
He's Djokovic, the most important person in the world.
And Marjorie Taylor Greene coming out saying January 6th was a false flag yesterday.
She's the most important person in the world.
And Tucker Carlson, he's the most important person in the world.
And Joe Rogan's the most important person in the world.
And the dog catcher down the street that loves liberty and tells the truth and stands up for what's right.
And that single mom taking care of three children because her husband committed suicide or died in a car wreck or whatever it is, she's the most important person in the world.
Because humanity is the most important thing in the world, ladies and gentlemen, and they've been devaluing it and attacking it.
And Tucker Carlson does the best job out of everybody.
Promoting populism in a pro-human future, and he understands something that the Republican establishment doesn't get, and the reason we keep losing.
They're scared of Hollywood.
They're scared of big tech.
They're scared of the New York media.
They're scared of the New York Times.
They're scared of CNN because they came out of that system, and that's the world they live in, and they're 75, 80 years old on average, and just don't know.
Just like Candace Owens said about Trump.
And the dangerous vaccines and the mandates of why he didn't know.
He's a dinosaur!
It's true!
Sure, he believed in American populism, but he didn't go all the way.
But Tucker Carlson does.
So, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the crossroads.
And somebody like Tucker Carlson knows that Ted Cruz got a talking point
From Garland and from the establishment, and that they are preparing to claim that the American people are about to stage terror attacks and try to assassinate Biden.
I told you that months ago, it's in the news today.
And they're going to try to sew us up and bring in martial law.
And the lawyer, the Bush minion, Ted Cruz, who poses as a patriot all these years, who is a wolf in sheep's clothing, Tucker Carlson believes, and he's got better sources than I, I believe him, has to be cut out and destroyed.
And like a populist general, Tucker Carlson just tore his guts out.
Now, will he finally roll over Ted Cruz and stop secretly serving the establishment and come over to our team and win?
Or is he a Benedict Arnold forever?
I don't know.
I'm not an enemy of Ted Cruz.
I hope he'll stop acting like this and doing this, but he's missing something.
Yeah, he's intellectually smart, but he's spiritually dumb.
And Tucker Carlson's not.
And that's what Tucker Carlson knew to go right at him and say, oh, you're so intelligent.
You picked this term because Tucker Carlson knows the terror attacks are coming.
Tucker Carlson knows the state civil war is coming.
Tucker Carlson knows the big events coming and the end of America.
And he's trying to stop it and making an issue in front of all the other conservatives and all the Christians and all the Fox News Republicans and saying, stop putting up with Mitch McConnell.
And with Ted Cruz and with Rand Paul.
He's come out against the vaccine.
It doesn't work.
It's dangerous.
It's poison.
And Josh Hawley and all of them, because they all fear the liberal media.
They all fear the George Soros system.
When they better start fearing us.
And that's the instinct Tucker Carlson's got at the top of his game.
I know off record, not from others, almost paid nothing to get actual free will and to have his own voice on Fox.
The number one guy on TV in the U.S.
and all over the world and that's an example of somebody getting it and wanting to side with the people and not wanting to side with the establishment and not wanting to live in D.C.
or New York and have your ass kissed all day by a bunch of fake people but wanting to spend time with his wife and children in Maine and Florida and hunt in the woods and hang out with regular people and be good and decent because it feels good to Tucker Carlson to be normal.
It feels good to Tucker Carlson to actually be with the people.
Not tell you how much he loves you because you're poor, how much he loves you because you're black, because he loves you because you're human, and he loves you because you're an American, and he wants to empower you, and he wants to see you succeed.
Now when he sees Ted Cruz waddle in and put out the talking point, knowing the big revolution's coming, knowing the terror attack's coming, knowing the big move against the American people's coming, and letting them know, I'm gonna side with you, that the American people are terrorists when this all goes down!
Ted Cruz is who you don't want to be.
Tucker Carlson is who you want to be.
And yeah, if this was a golf analogy, I play through all the time and get shots where I get the ball in the hole with only two hits.
And I don't really play golf.
I mean, I've been technical here.
The Eagle.
But Tucker Carlson, with the stuff he does, does holes in one, and that's what matters.
I may get more eagles than Carlson does, but he gets more holes in ones.
And that's what this is all about, is calling it out, showing the weakness, showing the power of the people, making Ted Cruz grovel, making him show he's a fraud, making him say, oh, I'm not smart, I'm stupid, which everyone knows isn't true.
Yeah, you are stupid, Ted Cruz.
You're spiritually dumb.
You need to get on your knees, Ted Cruz.
I think you still have good in you.
You tried to fight for Trump on January 6th.
You tried to have the real vote.
I don't think you're an evil person.
I think you're on the edge like Saul of Tarsus who became Paul.
But, Ted Cruz, you need to pray to the Holy Spirit to cleanse you and to make you a populist and to stop playing double deals.
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the buildup
For what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
But they're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
So listen, Paul Reveres, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you pray for the broadcast, you're the tip of the spear.
And when you buy products at InfoWarsTore.com, you keep us on air.
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Only way we fail is if you don't take action.
Now I want listeners to understand something.
Media Matters and Newsweek and CNN are going to pick up what I said and did in the last hour, praising Tucker Carlson.
They're going to say, Alex Jones, I can see the headlines, blows Tucker Carlson, something like that.
Probably already out there.
I mean, I know how they operate.
That's not what I did.
I celebrated humanity.
And I celebrated breaking with the establishment and saying, we don't want to be part of Hollywood.
We don't want to be part of D.C.
We want to come out of this and say no to it.
And then out of all the other Republican talk show hosts, because I hadn't seen the clip yet Thursday, I would have done it too.
Call out Ted Cruz, because that's exactly how I would have said it.
You're a really good lawyer.
You're a lawyer.
You're a smart guy.
You're a wordsmith.
You agree that this was a terrorist attack.
Because by doing that, you invoke this national security memorandum for the coming civil war and all the talking points.
Of the Democrats running in 2022 against the American people, saying all Republicans and people at school board meetings are terrorists!
And you, Ted Cruz, did that, and Tucker Carlson saw you for what you did.
Tucker Carlson knows about the false flags.
Because here's the deal.
He knows about January 6th.
He knows about the planned terror attacks.
He's dialed in.
He doesn't need Alex Jones to tell him how the cow ate the cabbage.
He saw Alex Jones for all those years and thought, that guy's really evil and horrible to think such things.
And then once he put the glasses on, he went, oh my God, this is exactly what's going on.
He doesn't need me anymore.
And that's what my job is, is not to tell you what to see, but to go, hey, you want to change your perspective a little?
Come over here and look at it at this angle.
He hit me up against the door, can't see anything.
I'm like, hey, the T-Hole's about two inches down.
Why don't you look in that little hole right there?
Oh, you went and looked in the hole!
You took the red pill you put on the glasses.
And there ain't no going back to Kansas after you've done that.
So, Tucker Carlson as the archetype is the perfect example of the most important person in the world.
And again, that's an archetype of all of us deciding we're important.
Not in an arrogant, haughty Hollywood way, the opposite way.
I've got to stand up for my community.
I'm important.
I'm important.
I've got to stand up against defunding the police.
I'm important.
I've got to stand up with, you know, not let the globals devalue the dollar.
I'm important.
I've got to secure our border.
I've got to speak out against it.
I'm important.
I've got a job to do because other people won't do it.
I've got to decide that I'm going to care about civilization.
Because you already cared about civilization, but you weren't realizing that you have to get involved that freedom isn't free.
And that's where Tucker Carlson...
As an archetype comes in as the most important person in the world, because we are all the most important people to our children, and to our neighbors, and to our job, and to our lives, and none of us are perfect, but when we try to be better, and we try to tell the truth, and we try to work hard, and we try to stand up, that's the spirit we're supposed to have anyways, instead of the dead spirit of the lazy TV heads, we all know them, that don't want to do anything, and they see any work they've got to do for anybody else,
We all know that feeling.
But we screw ourselves and our children and our future in that process.
And so this has been a very important last 30 minutes on the most important person in the world.
The most important person revealed in the world
Are people that don't want to kiss up to CNN and kiss up to the New York Times and kiss up to MSNBC and that facade.
But the Toto's little dog that goes and pulls the curtain back in the Wizard of Oz and reveals that it's all just a big fraud.
It's all a scam.
And that's what I've called Operation Toto.
As Tucker Carlson inspires people, and as you inspire people, and as Joe Rogan inspires people, and as we encourage them, and we synergistically build up our massive resistance and our will through populism to say, we do not comply, we do not submit, we're done with your New World Order.
So, Tucker Carlson, out of all of us today, is the most important person in the world.
But it could be you tomorrow, or you next year, or you in a hundred years.
The point is, it's all up to you.
As we charge into certain death.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live January 7th Friday transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
So in the last hour, I crowned, which is a sarcastic term, Tucker Carlson with the title of most important person in the world.
Because the truth is, these aren't titles of nobility handed down to people that didn't deserve what they did.
This is more a torch of liberty that we are recognizing Tucker Carlson with as doing the best job exposing the anti-human globalist agenda and trying to rally people on a non-partisan basis to come together for a pro-human future which is antithetical to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and the New World Order.
And so that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's the question I am asking all of you right now.
We need to celebrate the patriots.
We need to celebrate the people that tell the truth.
We need to promote the populace that are pro-human.
Not the people that tell you they're fighting racism all day.
Not the people that tell you they're fighting for your whatever gay marriage all day.
Those are all red herrings.
But people that are promoting a pro-human future period for everybody.
Anybody that talks about groups is attacking humanity.
Anybody that talks about humanity as a whole and believing in ourselves and coming together is the good guys.
And so it's important to recognize the people that have told the truth, that have stood against the enemy, and who've been successful, so that we can emulate what they've done, because necessity is the mother of invention.
All right.
I just spent a lot of time on that and I wanted to get a tech CEO on right when their platform was exploding.
It just got launched, I don't know, eight months ago or so.
And so the CEO or the head of founder of Getter is going to be joining us to talk about a whole flotilla of issues coming up next segment.
But all of that said,
All of that said, what is the news and information that really gets me pissed off and really gets me upset?
And it's this type of news.
Supreme Court weighs vaccine rules affecting more than 80 million people that companies 100 and up must take an experimental shot to have their job when the shot doesn't even work on top of it and it violates the Nuremberg Code on its face!
They better come out and repudiate it a trillion percent and say it's Nazi Germany.
If they just half-ass shoot it down, they're an enemy.
But if they come out and declare it's constitutional, it's a declaration of war against humanity.
Because it's not just the Supreme Court saying we're going to abort unborn babies before we ever look at them and love them and kiss them, but we're going to kill people after they're born.
Speaking of abortion at 13, we're now aborting 13-year-olds.
Tragic double vax 13-year-old dies from unexplained cardiac arrest.
Experimental mRNA technology could soon result in a massive wave of youth illness and death.
Parents must be made aware of how the dangerous adverse reactions are.
Except, I love Kelly McBride, he's a great writer, but these are not adverse reactions.
These are the main reason you're given it.
It's just a cover saying it protects you from COVID, it doesn't.
This is the drug acting as it's supposed to.
Mission complete.
Healthy 13-year-old in sports, deader than a doornail, dying every day.
Little children.
According to social media posts from a family and the obituary page, a 13-year-old boy from New Jersey suddenly died from a heart attack on January 4th, 2022, just seven months after his second COVID shot.
That's why they don't count the deaths the first 14 days.
That's where most of them happen.
But some people, the heart is swollen, they don't know it, they just keep going through life, they fall over dead.
But he did have myocarditis, cause of the death.
A June 6, 2021 Facebook post of the child's mother, Jennifer O'Drayne, shows him giving a thumbs up from a doctor's office, along with the caption, second shot done.
So, you did what they told you.
Just like happened to Ernest Ramirez's son at 13.
Fast forward less than seven months and Jennifer's husband, Trent, wrote the now deleted Facebook post, because Facebook tells you you're not allowed to talk about your death, so I mean, you don't talk.
Dear family and friends, our son Jack had an unexplained cardiac arrest on New Year's Eve shortly after the ball dropped while playing with his friends.
He's on life support at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
The father continued, he fought for another four days.
Jennifer and I have been on his side, holding his hand and praying for healing and hope.
The outpouring of support has truly been what is keeping us going.
I love you all.
Please pray for him.
Just days later, Jack tragically passed away.
His obituary reads, Jack will always be remembered for his big heart, love of learning, and loyalty to family and friends.
He was extremely bright.
He attended Voorhees Middle School and was a part of the Science Olympian organization.
Jack enjoyed playing the saxophone in practice in the New Jersey School of Music in Medford.
He loved the outdoors and hiking and camping and fishing were some of his favorite activities.
Jack loved game nights, playing Monopoly, Rummy 500, or watching a good movie.
But most of the time, he was spent with his family and friends that he treasured the most.
And we've got the New England Medical Journal study that males 16 to 29 years of age have an increased risk of developing heart problems.
And they admitted, oh, a 40% increase in death in ages 18 to 64 now in major insurance company actuaries.
You see, Jack was a good, sweet person.
And his parents were nice, too.
And they thought everybody was like them.
But see, Klaus Schwab doesn't want Jack around.
Klaus Schwab wants to kill the first world so that no one will protect the third world when he kills all of them.
And your son was a casualty in that war.
Jack Thomas O'Drain.
I asked the O'Drains, do you have the courage to admit who murdered your son, born July 29, 2008?
Do you have the courage to now use his death to save other children?
Or will you, like so many others, engage in Stockholm Syndrome and let his death be for nothing?
I ask you now to join the populist pro-human movement.
I ask you now to learn about who killed your son Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab along with Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci.
I ask you to face the evil as I have done and force your will against the enemy so that your son did not die for vain.
I ask you to commit to this fight to save countless children from the same fate as your wonderful son has now lived through.
I ask you to break the trance of the New World Order.
And I've got stacks of other news of other children dying as well.
Four more soccer players this week died, and others, from the shots.
They pulled the swine flu vaccine for less than 20 deaths in the 1970s.
VAERS reports one out of a hundred, Harvard estimates, and they estimate
Over 20,000 deaths and over a million adverse reactions.
And that's just the beginning.
It's the same numbers around the world.
And I know for you, the family of this poor man that's dead.
His destiny's been stolen from him.
Killed by the satanic Pharaoh, Bill Gates.
I know it's hard for you to admit this truth.
But your son would have died in vain if you don't now.
Research this information and become a spokesperson for the truth.
Don't let your son's casualty be in vain.
Use his life and death to save others.
Be like Christ.
And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We have Jason Miller with us.
He's an American communications strategist, political advisor, and CEO, best known as the chief spokesperson for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and transition of Donald Trump.
He was a senior advisor to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.
In March of 2021, Miller became a contributor for Newsmax.
Miller left his position as Trump's spokesperson in June of 2021 to become the CEO of the social network GETTR.
And we've been on there a while, have hundreds of thousands of followers, but I saw my good friend Joe Rogan
Last week we started really promoting it.
We've got millions of people to go over there.
And that is very, very exciting.
We want to promote independent groups out there.
They're like the old internet.
Doesn't mean you can post porn or call for murdering people like the old internet five years ago.
But pro-free speech, I think, in most ways.
I mean, they let us up there.
And most people I know, I've seen some criticism like, well, it doesn't let
You know, the KKK on there, whatever.
Look, whatever.
The point is that it's a lot freer than Twitter, and it works really well, and we're using it a lot.
And so I appreciate him coming on.
He's at jasonmillerndc at getter.com.
We've got so much to talk about in the next few segments with you, Jason.
I'm not going to go over your whole bio.
Everybody's going to recognize who you are.
You're a well-known guy.
But I'm really excited to see Getter exploding, because it just started.
What, eight, nine months ago, right?
Yeah, even less than that.
I would say it was more like six months ago.
It was right at 4th of July where we asked people to declare their independence from big tech.
But you know, Alex, we've had a million people join the platform this last week with your good friend Joe Rogan getting on board.
We're up over 4 million.
But I want to say a special thank you to you, to the InfoWars community, to the folks who are obviously your fans and your listeners and viewers.
Because without folks like yourself at the beginning of this, we wouldn't even have gotten to the point where we get it, Dr. Malone, where we get it, Joe Rogan.
Well, I appreciate you, brother.
But I'm very excited about Getter.
And exactly, Joe Rogan's talking about it on his show.
He's pushing it.
That's how you get a chain reaction, an alternative to Twitter.
We've seen Jack Dorsey leave Twitter and say he actually wants free speech and a Web 3.0.
And I think Getter is right at the front lines of that.
Yeah, in the realities, you know this, Alex.
I mean, if you're not the number one target for canceling in America or the entire world, I don't know who would beat you.
Maybe Tommy Robinson might give you a run for your money.
But the fact is, the mainstream media and big tech do not want any contrarian opinions out there.
And I do think that at the bottom of his heart,
Well, that's the technocracy.
Look, I really like President Trump.
I agree with 95% of what he's done.
Obviously, I really think he won the election, and anybody that tries to say we should challenge that gets demonized and attacked, but that's our right as Americans.
Democrats obviously have done that the last three or four elections in a row going back to the year 2000, but Trump has not so far
Thank you.
Yeah, so two parts of that answer, Alex, and I'll just be very blunt and upfront with you.
Even before I formally launched Getter, I was in negotiations with President Trump to try to bring him to the platform.
And obviously he has a big name.
Everyone knows that President Trump is ratings gold.
Everything he touches turns into something that's fantastic and exciting.
I put a big, big offering from, when I say big, like you can go buy a sports franchise big.
Somebody else came along and made
We're good to go.
I know they've listed it with the Apple Store to say toward the end of February.
We'll see.
It is very hard to launch a social media platform.
I'll tell you that from firsthand experience.
I hope, and I'm still optimistic, we're going to get President Trump on Getter, as well as his own platform, because we have such a big community, not just in the U.S., but around the world.
And I don't think President Trump should have to be sidelined for months and months.
We're ready to go right now.
Well, that's what it comes down to.
So Getter is there today.
Let's talk about some of that for listeners and viewers that don't know about it.
Yeah, absolutely.
So really our kind of our value proposition is the fact that we're the free speech platform where nobody is going to get canceled or sent to digital jail or de-platformed or algorithm simply for speaking your political opinion.
And you really hit the nail on the head up front where we do not allow pornography.
We do not allow ISIS.
Unlike Twitter, we do not allow the Taliban or the Ayatollah or the political director for Hamas, but if people want to come on and express their political opinions, then they can.
There has to be a real digital town square, not this nonsense BS where Dorsey and Zuckerberg and those guys say, as long as you don't mention climate change or as long as you don't mention election fraud or you don't mention these tyrannical Vax mandates, then you can have free speech.
That's not how free speech works, but as long as you're able
We're good to go.
Well, I mean, I understand how it works with the whole infrastructure.
I mean, if you've got something out there like Gab, and then one guy uses it to go shoot up a synagogue, which is terrible, they then blame Gab.
And so we've got to allow free speech, but at the same time, you've got to have your rules and things in place, or they're going to misrepresent what people try to do.
I mean, imagine what it's like when you try to launch an independent free speech outlet.
I know from behind the scenes, a lot of other groups and organizations, the attacks are insane.
The left comes in and stages a bunch of false flags.
And that's why it's so hard.
Look at what happened to Parler.
You know, and I think you bring up a really smart point here with Parler, because a lot of people don't realize exactly why Parler was de-platformed.
And it wasn't so much that Parler was inviting bad actors, but they were relying on community policing at that stage in their development to handle everything.
Well, here's the problem, as you just pointed out, it's not even
I think so.
The folks at Gab might not have the nicest things to say about me.
I like the fact that there's Gab.
I like the fact there's Parler.
I like the fact that President Trump is going to come out as a platform.
What this does is it's this isn't about like us fighting on one side.
It's about taking power away from Silicon Valley.
No one voted for Zuckerberg.
No one voted for Dorsey.
Why are we letting them control all the chips?
Jason Miller, I totally agree, and nobody's going to be perfect in the process of challenging Big Tech, all these foreign governments, all these trolls, and get to liberty on a bed of feathers, as Thomas Jefferson said.
You guys are doing a great job and are breaking out as maybe the only group to make it past all these censors and controllers, and that's why we're betting on Getter.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide with Jason Miller.
Former head communications strategist for President Trump, and he is the CEO of Gettr, G-E-T-T-R dot com, that has exploded since they launched on July 4th of 2021, just about seven months ago.
And he's here with us.
Now, and I know that we've got four or five accounts on there, I think about a half million people all together, and we get a great response from them.
And as soon as Joe Rogan promoted it last week, we saw an even bigger response.
And that's great, because we just need a utility, as the Internet was first set up, to talk to each other.
And then they can put ads on it and make money.
But no!
Oh no, first it censored Alex Jones, and then it censored this, and now it's taken Trump off Twitter.
I don't want to get into a Trump bashing fest here, because I really like Trump and he's doing a great job getting great Republicans and others elected.
But I noticed with Parler, they offered him a deal, but he wanted to be able to kick his critics off.
It's like Trump sued
And just in the same way that I think you're an important voice, Alex, in the InfoWars community, the fact of the matter is we can give President Trump
The press releases get
We're good
Dr. Fauci knew at the beginning that one jab would not go and protect people permanently.
But now the fact that one mask, two masks, the entire box of masks,
So let me ask you this, Jason.
Where do you see this fight?
Because you're right in the heart of the attempt by the establishment to put up a Berlin Wall or an electronic Iron Curtain
So that nationalists, patriots, Christians, conservatives, free speech people, liberals that are anti-war now, they're getting banned.
I mean, this is incredible corporate censorship.
You're right at the heart of that.
Where is Congress saying no?
I mean, even Senator Paul gets censored when he gives a speech about an Israeli study that natural immunity is way better than the shot, and then he gets censored.
Why don't we get what a clear and present danger this is that big tech's become?
Well, to be blunt with you, I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.
I think where we're going right now as a society is really pushing people into two different societies.
Not just if you're vaccinated, if you've had one, two, three, four boosters, then you can go to a restaurant, then you can go to a gym, then your kids can go to school.
I mean, soon it'll be the point where kids can even go to preschool unless they've had one, two, or three, four jabs.
But just the
We're good to go.
Well, you're absolutely right when I ask how bad is the censorship going to get and why doesn't Congress take action.
They've moved on in the blue cities and all over Europe out of this whole UN corporate power grab, the Great Reset, to say you can't have a job.
You can't leave your house in Australia unless you've had the shot.
You can't go to your work.
That's siege.
That's war.
That's Nazi Germany level stuff.
And the left's doing it.
It's not about vaccines.
It's not about stopping COVID.
It's about making you have an ID to live your life and travel.
They don't want IDs for folks crossing the border illegally.
But they want them for us to be able to travel down the road or go in a store.
I mean, this is just classic tyranny.
Yeah, you make a great point.
And nobody with the southern border now being wide open, the way that Biden's gone and changed all the Trump policies, no one's there trying to test folks for COVID as they're coming in.
But sure as heck, they're allowed to walk right into the country.
So it's not just that, but I think it's just the way that particularly the Biden
A lot of the left-wing radicals that would kind of be in charge of that White House.
Now, I think it's almost worse.
I think nobody's in charge.
And you see Biden, the son of that fake White House that's across the alleyway in the EEOB, the old executive office building.
I guess that's so he can go back to the White House and just nap and not have to do his job.
But everything, it seems to me that basically the weekend of Bernie's has now been transplanted to 1600 Pennsylvania.
Jason, everybody knows you.
We've seen you all over TV in the last six years and heard the great things you have to say.
I've got to hear about Getter, but looking at Trump,
Obviously he's got to know Bill O'Reilly's not a big draw.
I know from behind the scenes their event they had to give the tickets away with him.
Trump would have folded and sold tickets.
People don't like Bill O'Reilly.
I'm not trying to attack Bill O'Reilly.
I'm just he's really like last century's news.
And then Trump needs to get more, I think, on the ball about attacking censorship and more on the ball back with the presidential stuff.
And I just don't because I want him strong.
I want him powerful.
I want him to run again.
I want him to get a bunch of Republicans elected.
And I just don't know who's advising him right now because it seemed like I'm not kissing your ass.
It's true.
Then when it was Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller and Jason Miller and others advising Trump, that he was a hardcore populist.
And I just, I mean, maybe he's not communicating because he's cut off.
Maybe I don't see what he's really saying, but my listeners have got some real concerns.
So here's one of the things, and I'll tell you, I don't want to go too much into my conversations with President Trump, but I think that you're on to something, the fact that the populism, the fact that his superpower, so to speak, his Superman routine has always been able to bypass traditional media to
We're good to go.
They're the fact that continue to lie and manipulate everything on the trading side of things.
Because we see with their aggression in the South China Sea, hey guys, a lot of times we're majoring in the minors with some of the dumb stuff with cancel culture and things like that we worry about in the US.
Meanwhile, Communist China is looking for a big expansion and we better stand up to them.
That's where I think if President Trump was hitting on that, I think his numbers are right now, they're already a point or two better than when he left office.
I think they'd be even higher.
I totally agree, and Jason, I was being nice not going to the mandates and bringing up some of the other issues, but yeah, number one, my listeners are really upset that he's not attacking the mandates more.
He's starting to do that, and that's great.
I want to come back and talk about that some, but I want to get into Getter.
In the final segment with you because it's easy, everybody should go there, everybody should join there, especially folks that are still on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, these other things.
You're going to be taken down ahead of the midterms, folks.
I told Trump you're going to be taken down after the election when they steal it.
He didn't listen.
They did it.
It's going to happen.
You need to leave now and get your old base to go with you.
But who wants to listen to Alex Jones?
He's never right.
Stay with us.
All right.
Big third hour with huge exclusive news breaking.
Huge article out of the Huffington Post trying to shut down InfoWars.
We'll tell you about that.
But also blaming myself and Rush Limbaugh for the Jan 6 attack.
But I want to give Jason Miller this long 10 minute segment we have left.
The floor
Because during the break he was telling me a lot of powerful stuff about what they've seen, what they've seen coming, how Trump was a test case, and just how serious this fight is.
I mean, this is a real authoritarian move by Big Tech and their corporate cohorts, and that's why sites like Getter.com, Infowars.com, particularly Getter, because it's like Twitter, it works great, are so important for us to exit this now, because they've got a lot more censorship coming here in the next 300 days ahead of the midterm.
So please, please break it down for us.
Yeah, so I think President Trump was right when he said that if they're willing to kick him off, they're going to kick everybody off.
And I don't think enough folks really took that to heart.
I mean, that was where I knew that the impetus was there.
They had to go and create some other platform.
And the reason how I came on board with Getter is I was sitting there with Dan Scavino and President Trump, and I was seeing all these people bring these platforms.
In front of him, I saw the Getter technology and I said, this is great because here's what we're always told, Alex, is that whether we're populist or conservatives or center-right or people don't care about politics at all, but they just want to have freedom of speech.
Or he's told, yeah, you can go build something on your own.
This could be inferior technology.
It's going to look like crap.
So when I saw the Getter technology, I said, you know what?
This is good, if not better than anything that Silicon Valley has.
So let's go and build it up here.
But as I started working basically this last spring to go and get everything put together,
The thing that I realized, this isn't just a U.S.
This is something that's global.
In fact, last month I was in Strasbourg in France and actually went into the EU.
I went into the belly of the beast.
I thought for sure that some of these, some of the guards are going to grab me and take me down to the digital free speech gulag down in the basement of the EU.
But we actually had 40 or 50 members of the European Parliament, all populist, from I think
9 or 10 different countries that all were there and gave a fiery speech.
We have it online about about free speech about how we all need to come together and stand up.
If you're from Spain, you should be proud that you're from Spain.
If you're from Germany, be proud that you're from Germany.
You don't need to go and cede all your sovereignty to these other, to these, you know, things like the EU or the UN or any of this.
But the fact is that it's actually folks who are in the center, in the center right, who are doing more to bring people together than anything else.
But this is not a
Alex has already made that decision.
They want anyone who disagrees with them out.
This is about them, a new world vision, how they want to frame whether it be your education, what they want to teach, critical race theory, all this nonsense, the cancel culture, the wokeness.
And by the way, if you think that they're done with trying to cancel everybody out, I mean, look, someone who I know who's a prominent broadcaster on the LBC in the UK just got kicked off earlier today.
We're going to hopefully bring him.
On the getter, but they are trying to cancel anybody who doesn't conform So this is the time right now before you've been kicked off another platform come get on board getter one of the cool things we have I know sometimes I hear from people Well, I have a lot of intellectual property out of my content means videos that are up on Twitter We allow you to import all of your tweets in your getter timeline soon We're gonna have that for a couple of the other platforms and so you can bring everything over
I think so.
And look, I know nobody's going to be perfect.
We tried to launch a social network six, seven years ago.
It was a disaster.
The trolls, the attacks, and they took down our internet service providers by filing complaints, the very people that posted the stuff.
So the job you're doing is like,
Hercules trying to clean out the Aegean stables and so and so, you know overall we see you guys on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being a wall wall West as like an 8 and I couldn't run something like you're running and have it at a 5 the way stuff works So we're glad to be there.
You haven't censored us.
You haven't since a lot of other folks Trump should come over there And we should just build it up and make it the new Twitter make it bigger than Twitter and also
I don't
I have over at Getter.
I've been on it for a couple months.
Knew about it back when you launched it.
You know, hoped it would go big.
Quite frankly, because it was associated with Trump, I thought, well, that won't go anywhere.
But you did it.
You did a great job.
Your team did a great job.
And we just salute you.
In the five minutes we've got left, Jason, thanks for all the time.
What else do you want to add to our listeners other than go join Getter right now?
How do they do it?
How do they download the app or what do they do?
If you're on Apple, then go to the Apple Play Store, type in Getter G-E-T-T-R.
I have the name of the company not so subtly behind me on the board so you can see it there.
If you're on Android, go to the Google Play Store, Getter G-E-T-T-R.
Or if you want to go to Getter.com, if you've already done the jailbreak with your phone and have that freedom, then go to Getter.com.
You can do it.
I want to let you know just a couple things we have coming up because I'm not satisfied
We're good.
Yeah, we're good to go.
We're good to go.
But we're going to go and compete with everyone from American Express to Visa, to even going and being out there in the crypto space.
And so there are a lot of cool things coming to this platform.
We're just glad you're on for the ride.
We hope everyone else comes and gives us a chance also.
Well, this is true renaissance.
They say that the mother of invention is necessity.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
And what you're doing, and I mean, I heard this from Inside Baseball, and I'm glad you're announcing it here today.
We're honored.
That you guys are launching this, and this is what everybody should be striving for, is to create not a conservative ecosystem, not even an American ecosystem, though I'm a Christian, I'm a conservative American, but the real ecosystem is freedom.
And we need to build an ecosystem and an infrastructure of freedom that is inclusive to everybody that doesn't call for violence or porn or terrorism, and have a good, clean, nice place for folks to debate
I think so.
Whoever we are that the left doesn't like, we are literally being put in gulags.
You know, Matt Drudge predicted digital gulags 15 years ago.
Hell, I'm not even in a gulag!
I mean, I'm shut off everything except our own infrastructure at Infowars.com that listeners help keep us on air.
And also, now, how expensive it is.
I haven't asked you about this on air or off air, but having to build our own infrastructure is very expensive.
I don't think people understand that when you're trying to build something independent from big tech, they're not helping you out, are they?
No, but I think that where we come with actually having a moderation platform, like you said, where we prevent things like porn, prevent things like the violent threats, I think that actually makes it a little bit tougher for people to not do business with us because we have real terms of service.
I don't think so.
I think?
Jason Miller, that's perfectly said.
You can do five more minutes with us.
I want to come back and talk more about Getter.
But we're back where we were 250 years ago with King George III.
And Hollywood and big tech on the left and the Republican establishment are those establishment individuals that think they're invincible and think because they got the supermodel and the palace and the God.
That they can suppress us and dominate us, but like all other tyrants in the past, they're going to learn that's not the case, whether it's Silicon Valley or Xi Jinping.
And I knew that Getter was also involved in promoting freedom worldwide.
Let's talk about that for five minutes when we come back in two minutes with Jason Miller of Getter.com.
Follow him on Getter at Jason Miller in D.C.
Stay with us.
We got Supreme Court news on them with the lockdowns and forced inoculations coming up next segment.
What Sotomayor is saying, and so much more.
But I want to go back to Jason Miller, former top advisor in communications to Trump, who helped get him elected, and so much more since there.
He has launched, seven months ago, back on July 4th of last year, Getter.com.
And all I hear is the BS in the news about sites.
Like, oh, he's got some Chinese coders over there, so they must be CHICOM operatives.
I went and looked into them months ago.
They're actually fighting the CCP and battling them.
I'll tell you a story.
I don't brag like some leftist about how much minorities love me.
I don't see them as minorities.
I see them as hardworking, smart people.
I can't go in a major Chinese food restaurant in Austin without my food getting bought.
At two or three places I go, because they're like Falun Gong.
I don't know who's over at Getter, but the people of the Epoch Times, the rest of it, are amazing people, just like Russians that fled Soviet system are like some of the best Americans, or Cubans that fled Fidel are some of the best.
And so from what I heard through the grapevine is there are a lot of great Chinese dissidents and true freedom fighters, just like they have at Epoch Times, over at Getter.
And I just want to say, not trying to scalpity from you,
But any of those Chinese Americans that hate tyranny, you want to put in with us?
We want you.
You're awesome.
You're people that get things done.
I would love to see people that fled Chinese evil, Chinese communist evil, overpower big tech here and then overpower Xi Jinping.
I would love that.
So tell us about a little bit of the engine of Getter and why it upsets people so much.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so a lot of the folks who are on the team, we do have a number of folks who are originally from China who have escaped from the CCP's grasp.
And quite frankly, if they went back to China, they'd be killed or their families would be killed because they've spoken out against the CCP.
And I think that's one of the things a lot of folks don't realize is that the CCP itself is a very small percentage of China.
But they have this, they have control.
And what they do is we saw... Oh, the average Chinese, from what I learned, hate it.
They hate it.
And so when we always talk about opposing the CCP and taking them down, because there are a lot of freedom fighting people in China, a lot of people have escaped from China and are now trying to get the message out that, hey, U.S.
and other countries better wake up.
Otherwise, the CCP is going to be eating your lunch with their expansion plans because nobody wants to live in this authoritarian dictatorship style.
They completely ban religion.
They ban free speech.
All of these things.
And you look at the Uyghurs who are enslavement.
It's just terrible.
They look at Tibet.
We're good to
You know what the other thing, Alex?
You don't hear the left-of-center folks say that.
When's the last time you turned on MSDNC, their fake news CNN, and you heard them talking about taking down the CCP?
No, they want to pump their message in there.
No, no, you guys are the tip of the spear, and I just got to do it.
There was an MVP of Americans.
Cuban conservative Americans that fled are, you could say in the 80s, were the MVPs of fighting communism because they lived under it.
I gotta say, man, the Chinese-Americans that fled communism, they are just everywhere fighting tyranny.
They get it.
And I'm just excited to know that they are just everywhere I look, they are battling so hard.
And the left tries to go, oh look, there's Chinese involved!
They're in bed with the CCP!
The Democrats are!
We're with the people of the opposition!
You know who's embedded in the CCP?
It's very simple.
Big tech, big media, any of these big global corporations that they look at it, they don't care if it's the CCP, they'll sell out because they think it's an audience of 1.4 billion people that they're going to get into.
But Getter isn't.
Jason Miller, the CEO.
Thank you so much.
Look forward to more.
Join Getter.com now, folks.
Stay with us.
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It's in the rearview mirror.
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All right, even NBC News and others are reporting some nightmare developments out of the Supreme Court.
Justice Sotomayor, left of Lenin, said during oral arguments, claimed COVID deaths are an all-time high.
I mean, people who've been vaccinated are all-time highs.
Claimed that Omicron has been deadlier than Delta, when it's about 1% as bad as Delta.
Claimed 100,000 children are hospitalized with COVID.
That's completely pulled out of her ass.
Said OSHA's regulatory authority is a federal police power.
Which you've heard them trying to say they want martial law under the CDC and to quote, lock up your children under the SHIELD program so that they don't get infected.
I mean, this is a leftist establishment.
Corporate power grab.
Now, before I get into that, because there's a lot of stuff coming in, a lot of breaking news, a lot of stuff I want to hit coming up at the bottom of the hour, I got to talk about something.
I got to talk about our biggest problem in InfoWars and who the main problem is.
And it's me.
It's Alex Jones.
I know a lot of ways to reach more people.
I know a lot of ways to get more information out.
And I know what I've got to do to win.
I mean, I'm on a path that if I follow it, we will win.
And yesterday I plugged 30 seconds in four hours.
Today I've not plugged during the main show.
People say, well, you got all these ads.
Everybody knows people don't tune into the ads.
You got 10% of the audience you have there.
That's why all the other talk shows plug every break.
Coming out of break, going into break, every segment, and I understand they got to make money.
Hey, this insurance company.
Hey, this podcast company.
Hey, this tire company.
Hey, this gun company.
Because you got to get that money to run the satellites, the infrastructure, because we're not big tech.
We don't have the billions of people.
We have to have all the stuff ourselves that they have.
It cost us more than $10 million a year just for bandwidth.
And I'm not bitching.
I love all the new people who are getting on Bandot Video as contributors.
I mean, with huge followings and just, like, all the time, I'm like, we got 10 new members today?
And, like, this one's got 10,000 views, and this one's got 20,000 views, and this one's got 100,000 views, and this one got a million.
I'm like, how many views are we getting today?
We got 10 million views today, Alex!
And your bill's gonna be $20,000, you know.
So I'm trying to build an infrastructure that's independent, that's pro-freedom for everybody.
As long as you don't commit crimes.
We believe in that.
That's what we're trying to build.
That's what we behind the scenes have been building.
We have our own radio and TV satellite uplinks, our own encoders, our own everything.
And they are so upset that if, it's like oxygen to a fire, that if the Liberty Movement ever
Understands how important money is, and funds their own credit card processing, and their own social media, and their own gun companies, and their own travel companies, and their own airlines.
We, of every race, color, and creed in the Western world, have the money as a middle class that the elite's trying to get rid of as their competition.
Because it's your choice to fund other companies and do other things.
They don't want you to have money.
They want you dependent.
They want you under their control.
And so they're so scared because they got our phones tapped and our enemies are tracking what we're doing, and they know what's going on over here and what's going on over there, and things I'm not ready to say on air yet.
But there are a lot of pissed off people in the media and a lot of pissed off people in government corporations that are building incredible stuff right now, and we're part of it.
Major bank processing, major new networks, major new studios, it's all almost done.
And we're just a small part of it.
But they're going to try to blow all that up on the ground.
It's like in the movie Dune, the new one that came out that's so good, when the Harkonnens attack the main base and they're asleep, the enemies turn the shields off, by the time they get out, they're dropping the bombs on the ships.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Well, guess what?
We already launched some of our ships.
They're already in orbit.
You didn't get them all.
Even if you blow us up, it's too late.
So, I mean, this is a war, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a war.
This is so real.
This is so insane.
And it's so transparent to know the attacks and know what they're going to do because it's so formulaic.
So I'm going to talk about that right now.
But I haven't plugged in two days properly.
If we sell $150,000 or $200,000 worth of product and then make $50,000, $60,000 to pay for everything a day, we're able to operate with all these crew and all these employees.
You'll see like establishment leftist sites need $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, $100,000 a year.
Vice had billions a year and they went under, funded by HBO.
And so we've never hidden how much money we bring in.
I've told you on air, yeah, last year we sold 30-something million dollars worth of food and we made less than 10 million.
Doesn't matter, it went into what we're doing.
I told you, I sold my house to fund the money into this.
My bigger house, I have a smaller house.
I never liked the big house.
I got it as an investment.
So I'm not a leftist that's ashamed of money.
I'm not a leftist that's ashamed of wealth.
Hell, if you made it, and you did it, and it's great, you make a better invention, everybody buys it, you got a frickin' spaceship, that's great.
But my mission's not to just have a bunch of money.
That's way down the line of my hierarchy of needs.
My mission is to build an infrastructure to resist the New World Order and take them on, and they know that.
So they've taken credit card processors, and sponsors, and bank accounts, and harassed us, and used lawsuits against us to get discovery, to then use that as the infrastructure
I don't
50 million dollars a year, on average, and that we need 30 million to operate at least.
And because we bring in the 50, the left even says to us, they go, well you've got 100 million dollars here.
Oh, you mean 100 million in gross sales in a couple years?
That's not money.
They go, that's money!
They don't even understand that.
Or they think you don't understand that.
I'm going to cover this because it's bigger than Alex Jones.
It's all just their attack.
Big Tech has its trillions and spies on you and sells your data and censors you.
Oh, but they're good, Big Tech, with their jumbo jets and, you know, Google has more than 20 people worth over $50 million.
Oh, that's OK.
Jeff Bezos with $200 million and all that's all right.
Look at this.
The left.
Alex Jones Info Wars store made.
They think you're so stupid.
You mean the word is gross?
165 million over three years.
That's a little exaggerated but pretty much accurate.
And they go on to say, Jones has $165 million.
He can pay it to the Sandy Hook families.
And they go on and say, Jones made it off them.
You hear me talk about these people?
Eight years ago?
Five years ago?
Hardly ever?
The idea of that is preposterous.
But they say, he's got $160 plus million.
He needs to pay it.
Like you're a low-grade moron who thinks that, okay, I sold 37 million dollars of food and kept 10 million of it and then paid to run an infrastructure and bought all these ads all over the internet to promote freedom.
The average business person goes, that's ridiculous, but that's the social envy of the ultra-rich billionaire big tech titans, thinking the public doesn't know about business.
But a conservative Christian broadcast has people that run businesses, and they know if your business brings in a million dollars, you're lucky if you get 10,000.
So my listeners, I know off of this, because no weapon formed against us will prosper, and I haven't even plugged in the last two days, this reminds me.
In the name of this, I'm plugging every segment, and we're going to actually raise the money we need to stay on air and launch all these operations.
Like, I shouldn't even have sold my house.
I should have just gone and raised money from you, but I want it all in here.
But the idea that, oh, Jones, look, he's got gold.
Look at him.
He's like a rapper.
He's got gold like Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales diving into gold.
He says he needs money, but he doesn't.
He's got plenty of money.
Go to the Sandy Hook families, you made it all off them!
Lie upon BS upon garbage.
And you sit there and you read this stuff and it just shows where they're coming from and what they're doing.
And that's the great part about it is there isn't any money.
And that's why they're so pissed because they're never going to get anything.
It all goes into the operation and the employees and the bandwidth.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, welcome back.
This story is a lot bigger than Alex Jones.
This affects how any Christian, any conservative, any nationalist, any patriot, any veteran in this country, or in Europe for that matter, is being targeted by the globalists to be purged, bankrupted, and shut down.
I've been very honest with the listeners here on the show.
I've said we bring in over $50 million a year.
And we try not to mark stuff up too much.
So we need $30 million.
And 95% of our funding doesn't come from sponsors.
They harass those away.
It comes from you buying product.
And take storable food.
I mean, we make 30% or so on that.
A water filter, 25% when it's discounted less.
An air filter, 15%, 20% when it's discounted, 30% when it's not.
So yeah, we've sold millions and millions of dollars worth of air filters last year.
Millions of dollars of water filters.
And we made, on average, like 20% on them.
And they're good, high quality, highest rated.
But it cost them like a hundred bucks to make them at the factory, and they sell them to us for $150, and we sell them for $200.
I mean, that's how this works.
So yeah, I sold, I don't know how the numbers are in front of me, $5 million worth of water filters last year was the number I saw a few weeks ago.
And we made a million bucks on that.
Which then goes back to run this operation, which we had to build our own infrastructure.
I mean, we're so close to getting shut down, and they have a huge Huffington Post article that we knew was coming.
I sat there to the little lawyers, and I said, okay, is there protective order on this?
I said, I'm not really worried about it.
I'm going to explain to my listeners.
It'll be in the Huffington Post within a month.
And of course, I even knew the publication, because that's where they put it out in.
And that's where it is.
I mean, I just, it's so weird to be around adults and they're like children, mentally.
And I'm being honest about it, I'll tell the lawyers to their face.
Like, how many times did I tell you exactly what they're going to do?
And they don't care.
Well, the judge says, you know, we got to give them all your financials because, you know, you're defaulted because, because we gave them everything.
But they say, oh, you don't get a jury trial for whether you're guilty or not.
We just decide how much money you have.
And so the Huffington Post makes graphics where the top of my head blows off and money shoots out!
Oh, like Hunter Biden for his million-dollar paintings apiece that the Chinese government buys?
So I've told you this was coming, and they just think you're morons, and I know you're not, because you actually own gas stations and restaurants and auto parts stores and farms, and you know, oh, you sold your crop for $2 million.
And your property tax is $800,000!
And your workers are $400,000!
And your seeds cost a couple hundred thousand!
And your chemical, oh God!
You made $50,000!
So I pledge this, because here's, I was going to take off next week.
I'm not taking off now, and I'm not coming in here, and I'm not whining.
Quite frankly, we were $3 million in the hole.
And I was gonna have to spend every dime from our home sale to pay for that off, which is fine.
But actually, I want to put that in new projects.
I'm coming in here next week, and we're raising $3 million next week in the name of defeating this, and I'm not gonna be a bitch anymore, and I'm not gonna complain and whine, and I want to appreciate our enemy lying about us, and doing this to us, and leaking this stuff, because we knew it was coming, and I'm not gonna back down to these people.
You've got my commitment.
Yeah, you get tired, you get exhausted, you feel sorry for yourself, then you get stabbed in the back, betrayed again.
That's why I'm here, for the children.
I'm standing up for them, but... I mean, here's an example.
My ex-wife files an emergency injunction hearing yesterday because my current wife, who's in drug rehab right now, and I love her, got from the system without me even knowing on some psychotropics that mixed together and she went out of her mind and got arrested.
And so she goes and files an emergency injunction, because my 19-year-old's moved out, and my, you know, younger children live with me, and then two are from her, and she wants them!
And then it gets sent out all over Twitter, the private, you know, Zoom meeting, and put out everywhere, and they show me with my hand in my face, and they go, Jones just lost a hearing today!
But I didn't lose the hearing.
I won the hearing.
My children are with me, but it doesn't matter.
The left got me in hours of listening to it.
I'm on my head like this, just sitting there, like half asleep.
I'm sitting there asleep.
They go, oh look, Jones is covering his face.
Jones is losing.
You know who's losing?
It's our children.
You know who's losing?
It's our sovereignty.
You know who's losing?
The buying power of our dollar.
I'm under attack because I'm standing up against these criminals.
The globalists.
By the way, I'm not going to show you
The video they put out on Twitter that they weren't supposed to release that's sealed because it deals with children and family court.
But that's how the Democratic Party operates.
And that's what they do in a hearing that I won on everything.
36 requests.
And they, the court agreed with us.
And I wasn't gonna talk about my own private life, but that's the left showing an image of me on Zoom.
Just sitting there half asleep going, my God, how long does this go on?
And again, the deception of the left, the deception of Twitter, the way they manipulate, the way they lie.
So I had people call me last night because Twitter put it at the top of Twitter.
It had millions of views, this photo.
We're not going to show it because it violates court order.
And are you doing all right?
Sorry to hear you lost your kids.
Didn't happen.
But the left doesn't care.
It's a simulation.
To them and the dopamine, Alex Jones just lost his children!
They also said over Twitter, Alex Jones beat his children and his wife.
That's why his children got taken.
And they showed the image.
And again, that's what they do to America.
That's what they do to you when they have pedophile story time and a convicted pedophile comes into the school and your five-year-old gets set in their lap in an evil ritual.
They just gaslight you and say, so what?
It's good.
It's nice.
You know, biological men can compete in women's sports.
Oh, we can sterilize your children.
Oh, the vaccine doesn't work, but it doesn't matter.
Keep taking it.
Keep taking it.
And they can't stand, despite all their attacks and all their garbage and all their BS, that we are still on air.
And that we're still here in defiance of them.
So listen, you all need X2, the deep-earth crystalline iodine, for the good halogen to counter all their garbage and boost your immune system.
It's 50% off.
You all need Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
It's gonna sell out in the next 5-6 days at current rates, but it's 50% off.
You all need Lung Cleanse.
You all need Ultimate Bone Broth.
You all need Ultimate Turmeric Formula Bodies.
You all need a t-shirt.
You all need a book.
You all need a water filter.
You all sure as hell need storable food.
We got the best company, the lowest prices out there.
And I, when I get up in the morning, I want to see extra money in that account to fight these monsters who want to silence us and want to demonize us and want to attack us for trying to raise money to have our own independent network and system in defiance of them to stand up.
But we've already had the big victory.
We were instrumental in waking up Tucker Carlson.
We were instrumental.
They set it on record in waking up Joe Rogan.
I was instrumental with your help, awaken everybody up, from Bolsonaro to you name it, and we've just got started fighting!
We're never surrendering.
And I'm a month behind, but I'm gonna launch a bunch of new stuff in the next month and a half.
You better bet your bottom dollar, unless I'm dead, it's happening.
But I need capital to prosecute this war!
So if you're with me and against these globalists, I salute you and I thank you.
And the best thing to do is go buy a t-shirt, because it pisses the left off when you wear it openly.
An InfoWars shirt, or a Save the Frog shirt, or an Alex Jones Was Right shirt, or a Let's Go Brandon shirt.
They're all there at InfoWarsStore.com!
And I was going to take off tomorrow, but I'm not doing it now!
I'm doing live!
Ha ha ha ha!
You want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
So they de-platformed us, taking our bank accounts, our credit cards, over and over again.
And then the left makes a joke about it when we say, hey, fund us, support us, we need help to stay on air.
Always cynical as they commit their crimes against humanity.
And here's the Huffington Post article dealing with this.
I'm not going to read the whole thing.
It's just a riddle with disinformation and lies.
But also, lying by omission, Alex Jones' InfoWars store made $165 million.
No, made is what you keep.
Grossed $165 million over three years, record show.
And then they use years ago, our big years, that I've told you we had bigger years previously, now they've not been as big.
For years, conspiracy theorist and disinformation peddler.
Oh yes, I said they'd use a vaccine hysteria to take over.
Alex Jones has told his supporters that the only thing keeping his media empire afloat is their financial backing by buying stuff at the store, which is totally true.
As much begging as I do, we can barely pay the bills, Jones told a caller on Thursday during a segment of his radio show promoting the M4 store.
That's an ad from years ago.
I'm not going to stop growth and let them push us backwards.
I need your help, Frank.
I need your help.
So they said I said that on Thursday on the show.
No, that's from five years ago, but it doesn't matter.
It's just they can't even tell the truth when they try.
Despite his pleas for money, Infowars store, where Jones sells an amalgamation of dietary supplements and survival gear, made $165 million in sales from September 2015 to the end of 2018, according to court filings related to a lawsuit Jones recently lost.
I lost it because the judge says I don't get a jury trial.
The Democrat judges, both of them, said in Connecticut and here, led to a lawsuit Jones recently lost.
Yeah, without a trial.
We're in the new America.
About 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre that I barely even ever talked about.
The records obtained by the Huffington Post give the clearest picture to date of the financial situation on the Infowars website and Jones himself.
The records also provide a window into how vast and powerful Jones' reach is.
...and may provide clues into how he funds his political activities, which you gotta shut down, right?
Because you're the good guys, right?
Silencing speech.
Including his participation in the U.S.
Capitol attack of January 6th.
Oh, the terrorists they're fighting.
Huffington Post is publishing the full financial records of the store.
Isn't that nice?
You get sued in local county court, give them everything, they say you gave them nothing, so you're defaulted, and then your full records are put on the internet, because you gave them nothing!
What do our financial records have to do with what I said about Sandy Hook questioning it?
Like I questioned Bubba Smollett, and the Iraq War, WMDs, and everything else, and so did the internet.
What does that have to do with it?
Absolutely nothing.
My lawyers are like, we've never seen anybody demand all the financial records.
And I said, just do it.
They're going to default us anyways.
I just want to show the world.
And I said, my listeners already know.
I told them we're bringing in 50-something million a year and barely, you know, pay the bills.
Most of that's cost.
I said, it'll be in the Huffington Post.
I told them a month, three weeks ago, I said, it'll be in the Huffington Post in three weeks, four weeks.
They just don't have fire in the eyes.
It's okay.
They don't know, see?
It's all right.
They don't have fire in the eyes.
They know what I told them.
But the point is, is that that's where this is.
They're like, well, this is a protective order.
They're not going to do that.
America's a doormat.
They don't care.
The Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, the Second, the Tenth, the Fourth, the Seventh.
It's all gone, folks.
They're injecting children with deadly poison shots right now.
Depopulation's going on.
It's a criminal takeover.
People are like, Jones, I don't want people to donate to us or buy products from us because they feel sorry for us.
This is because they want to silence us so we can't warn people and expose what they're doing.
And it's all aimed at attacking our main funding mechanism to get rid of that.
As if I haven't been working behind the scenes to set up backups.
And we knew this was all coming.
But the point is, is that's why I've been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, and putting a lot of money and time and energy into building new infrastructures.
Because they're not just taking me down before the midterms, baby.
They're taking everybody down.
And before they took Trump and you down, what did they do four years ago?
They took me down first.
And now they're getting ready to take our finances down, because they're going to take your finances down.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com, literally while you still can.
Because this is just them acting like this article gets it all shut down.
And get the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
Buy the books, buy the films, buy all of it like it's the last time you can, because this could be, folks.
And it's okay, because they're coming for you next.
You know, people keep saying, Jones, how are you taking this?
I'm the canary in the coal mine!
And as the Imperial Troop Center of the Base, folks, I understand what's happening.
I understand what's going down.
I've been fighting as hard as I can, as most intensely as I can.
And we knew, because these people bragged, they said, we're suing Jones to find out where he makes his money to silence him as a kill shot, is what they said in Connecticut.
And then they sent, the system did, child porn in the email that we never opened, so they could reopen it and put it on the news and say I sent child porn to him.
No bottom to these individuals in their power and their lust for the big banks and the New World Order to take over and inject your children with poison and to give them everything they've done.
This is a satanic assault.
And the disinfo just goes on from there.
The enemy wants to cut up our funding to destroy us.
Is that not true?
Jones said in a 2016 broadcast, if you don't fund us, we'll be shut down.
2018 broadcast.
Which is everything they've been doing!
Anything I say not true?
The same year the InfoWare store made more than $56 million in sales.
Made more.
What have I always told you?
$50 million a year to crack the nut.
Right there.
What have I told you?
And they're so pissed.
There's populists.
They're so pissed you still got money.
They're so pissed you can still fight back.
They're so pissed that you live in a free, open country.
They're so angry you're armed.
They're so angry.
The new financial records were first submitted by Jones' legal team as part of a discovery request in a court case he recently lost.
No jury.
No nothing.
The parent of a Sandy Hook victim, who I never said their name, for years, Jones has used his platform on M4s to falsely claim the shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead was a false flag.
With a green screen image.
They don't actually show what I say or link to it.
They just added a bunch of stuff together to make up a lie.
Jones lost every single case levied against him.
Oh, I lost?
Never had a jury trial.
By Sandy Hook parents after two separate judges delivered default judgments against Jones over the inability to provide internal company documents.
Oh, you don't have any company documents.
You just have all the financials they just said on this page they've published.
We don't have any documents!
We just have all his financials at the Huffington Post!
Oh, I, oh, oh, oh, I mean, just, it's a joke!
But it's, it's like, hey, the new champion women's swimmer is a dude!
The new champion weightlifter is a dude!
Hey, pedophile, convicted pedophiles are coming to the Houston, uh, public school to have your kids sit on their lap!
It's, it's just a mass of garbage!
Attacking you and your family and coming after you and gaslighting you with all their crap!
And it just goes on.
I mean, the whole thing is just absolutely insane.
And they think you're dumb.
Oh, Jones has $165 million.
Really, I got $400-something thousand dollars in my bank account, which for somebody running an operation this big is nothing.
And the business account's got a few million in it to pay for stuff out in the future and operate.
And I wish we had a billion dollars, like Trump raised two billion now, or whatever his social network that's built on BS, I wish it was real.
Can you imagine what I'd do with two billion dollars?
I'm not ashamed of money, I'm not ashamed of having money, but I don't have money!
Because I spent all the money I had fighting for this country, and fighting for freedom, and taking these people on, and then I get to sit there and have them give them everything!
And then go, he gave us nothing!
That's why we have all his documents and put them in the newspaper illegally!
There's gonna come a time where you can't buy our products and can't help us, and then that's when they're coming for you.
We can beat them, folks, but you gotta get pissed.
And I wanna see war capital in our accounts now to fight these bastards to the end.
Infowarsstore.com, show me you stand with us.
I want a million dollars today.
My God, we're down to a couple million here.
You want me to fight this damn war with no money?
I'll give you everything I've got, but I need money!
And these sons of bitches don't want us to have it to fight them!
The corrupt government's coming with forced injections of shots on record causing massive heart attacks and the cutting of your DNA strands.
And you've got all these George Soros-funded outlets demonizing InfoWars for bringing in $55 million a year.
Like any regular listener has heard me tell you a hundred times.
Isn't it funny though?
It's exactly what I said.
Because they sue, they demand all these documents that nobody's ever given in a defamation case.
We give it, and they say in the same article, one paragraph above the next, Jones never gave them any documents.
That's why he was defaulted.
That's why we have all his bank accounts now published at Huffington Post.
Like, how dumb do you gotta be?
Like, he gave us no documents, here they all are.
But that's how they operate.
That's how they do it.
Millions of dollars a quarter just to pay for the bandwidth of Bandai Video, because it's a huge damn success.
I mean, 10 million plus views a day!
They're pissed, baby!
They're supposed to shut everything down!
Everybody go away!
And guess what, you little globalist jokers?
I've only stayed here at Infowars because I'm loyal to my crew and I like them.
I've got so many deals lined up and so many big things ready to go.
It's that I physically haven't done it yet, but I'm going to.
You ain't shutting nothing up.
You're not shutting jack crap down.
Only person doing it's God when he decides my heart goes out.
That's it!
Because my brain and my muscles and my guts and my feet and my teeth and my eyeballs are ready to go forever.
And just so long as this big bad baby keeps going, there ain't nothing stopping me!
And I've just begun to come after you!
You un-American New World Order trash.
I swear before God and all of you, eternal resistance against every form of tyranny over the mind of men.
To quote Thomas Jefferson, I pledge you that right now.
I'm going to come back next hour, second segment, and I'm going to air this footage.
It's satire.
They'll actually run a headline.
Jones actually claimed he killed a extinct dinosaur, dead for 35 million years, Tyrannosaurus rex.
But it was not a Tyrannosaurus rex.
That's the same left that five years ago when they said that the Trump sons, Don Jr.
and Eric, had killed an endangered Triceratops.
And the media thought it was real.
It went around for hours on the mainstream news.
Triceratops has not walked the earth in a long, long time.
You can debate how long, but we got some fun coming up at the start of the next hour.
But I mean, I'm just going to go back to this.
I really want all the Democrats and globalists and, you know, the pedophiles that run the Democratic Party and all the rest of them to know something right now.
I was sitting there when I got married on January 6th, five years ago, when my new wife was pregnant with our wonderful daughter that's four and a half now.
And I looked at her and I said, I want to be out of InfoWars in five years.
And I want to move on because it obsesses me.
It's all I do.
And it's killing me.
And I said, I want to hand the baton on to others.
And God has really touched my heart that there's going to be other leaders and just people that are going to stand up and wake up.
My wife looked at me sitting there in the Big Island.
At the Four Seasons, which I wouldn't have gone to if Bill Gates owned it.
It was beautiful.
And she said, who do you think will fill your shoes?
And I said, Joe Rogan.
I said, Joe Rogan is going to be the guy.
And she was like, Joe Rogan?
He's like kind of a leftist.
I said, I just know Joe.
I just feel that he's going to be the big leader.
You can ask her.
I told her this.
Sitting there looking at, burning tiki torches, eating dinner, looking out over the Pacific Ocean.
I knew all this.
I mean, I knew this.
It's like, you don't get the exact data, you just get it.
And like, I've learned it's never wrong, folks.
And so I told her, I said, I said, within five years, I commit to you that I'm only going to be on air one day a week, and I might write a book a year or make one film a year, but that's it.
Because I really want to transition out of this.
And we're five years later, at our fifth anniversary.
Yesterday, January 6, we got married on January 6, and a few years later,
Four years later, you saw what happened on January 6th.
And I never break my promises.
So I don't know, but we're winning.
And you, the audience that funded issue one, you did this.
I mean, Tucker Carlson has told me that I helped wake him up, was instrumental in it.
I'm not going to say more than that.
So is Joe Rogan on record.
And so have a lot of other people off record.
Bolsonaro's son told me that.
And others.
And again, it's not about credit.
It's about credit to you.
But it's more about the Holy Spirit that the devil worshippers watching right now laugh at because they know that's the power of the universe.
That's the ether.
That's the trans-dimensional carrier wave broadcast.
They got their 5G.
We got the Holy Spirit.
The infinity G. But I knew all this was going down.
And I understood it.
And I tell you,
It's a potential here.
We've reached the end of Alex Jones.
And it's not because of Democrats and corrupt courts and all that.
I already knew this five years ago.
And it's not because of something you didn't do.
And it's not because of anything.
I've got a new mission.
I'm going to continue on air as long as possible.
I'm just saying you're the most important person in the world, whether you're in Africa or whether you're in Asia or Latin America or North America or Europe, wherever you are, you are the most important person in the world.
You are a populist.
You love God.
You're pro-human.
And I don't want to say my stories are almost over, but
Everything I did, I was following a path very clearly laid out.
I didn't understand each step, but I knew the path I was supposed to take.
And I have a big new mission.
And it's now forming in my mind.
And it's developing.
But I just want you to know, this is the time for you to be heard.
This is the time for you to stand up.
This is the time for you to speak out.
This is the time for you to fight back.
They want to destroy me because I stood up for you.
They want to destroy me because I'm not a devil worshiper like them.
I don't worship the power structure.
I don't worship war.
I don't worship pedophilia.
I don't worship corruption.
I don't worship evil.
And this is going to be the time now where you decide what you're going to do and how you're going to stand up in history.
But I tell you, with the great Harrison Smith and the Christy Lee and the Owen Schroyer and all the great crew we've got here and what InfoWars is,
We're only going to continue on in the future in whatever we do.
Because I don't say it's the end of InfoWorks, I say it's the dawn of something new.
We're going into something big.
A metamorphosis is happening.
And I'm not quite sure until I go through that psychic wall what it is, but I know it's big.
And I know it's a big test.
And I'm going to follow it.
And I'm going to do it.
But it takes your word of mouth, and it takes your prayer, and it takes your financial support.
Next week, today, a month from now, it'll be the last time you ever get an InfoWars t-shirt.
I don't just hype stuff, folks.
I don't say stuff that I don't actually believe.
I mean, there's a very good chance in the next year we're not here.
I'd give it well above 50%.
And I'm not trying to curse us.
I'm telling you, it's in God's hands.
It's in your hands.
But when we go off, the lights go off, that means they're coming for you.
And quite frankly, at that level, then I can just worry about my family.
I don't want that to happen.
I want to hold them off as long as I can.
But, folks, I can't hold them off much longer, okay?
And we've been trying as hard as we can.
And don't worry, though.
God's going to judge all the people that serve this.
They're going to beg as their houses burn down, as they starve to death, why did they do this?
But we're sad for them.
We're not going to have victory over our enemies that destroy themselves.
We're here to protect our children.
So now, like you never have before, share every article, share every video, take clips of it, download it, save it, because there'll be a time, if we don't turn this back now, we might turn it back, God might give us a reprieve like Nineveh, where you don't ever hear me again, you don't ever see me again, but you won't hear anybody or see anybody.
It'll all be the globalist message, one channel, and if you want your food, take this shot, do what we say, the robots are in the streets, the combat systems are there, this is it.
This is a post-human, AI, alien takeover.
It's not of this world.
All of it.
But we got our sponsor.
Satan's got his minions.
We've got our booster.
They got their system.
So I want to tell you again, ladies and gentlemen, I want to drive into the future.
I want to be on there in 10 years and turn the tide, defeat the New World Order and all the rest of it.
We can't even continue into next year with their attacks on our finances and everything they do and how they obsess over all day if you don't support those local AM and FM stations and send them a check every month for carrying the show.
That is just as important as supporting us.
And if you don't get the water filters, the air filters, the storable food, the books, and the films, and the t-shirts, and what we sell instead of a big box store
That tirelessly fights with everything we've got to take these monsters on and to just see the desire of these people.
I just want to get away from them.
I see them scrabbling and attacking and clawing at the door, not to get to me, but to get to the children.
And I'm just like, ahhh!
Why am I begging for money to fight them?
Why does Trump get two billion to start his thing and it doesn't even work?
And all these other sites he won't even join.
Why does evil have to run around and get away with it?
And why are their servants so pathetic?
And why don't we let them win?
So go now to infowarestore.com, it'll be the last time you can, and buy the products that are history, and keep us on the air as long as possible.
Stay with us.
Coming up in about 10 minutes, Jason Bermas takes over, but first, I successfully hunted in East Texas a very endangered animal, Tyrannosaurus rex.
That's coming up next segment.
But seriously, folks,
It's the naivete of the system and it's just how crazy it all is and how the left operates now.
Where once they green light to attack somebody, they do anything.
Absolutely anything.
And it's almost a form of slavery.
In that I really care about fighting tyranny and I really care about fighting the New World Order, but I've been for a long time trying to find a bunch of talk show hosts to start a network and just kind of segue out and I pop in sometimes like Brett Hume or something.
Because man, when you're doing something 28 years, like every day, I mean, I don't dislike it.
It's actually, it's all I do.
I'm at home.
All I'm, I can't watch a football game.
Used to love football games 20 years ago.
I'm on ski slopes.
All I'm thinking about is work.
I'm at a funeral.
All I'm thinking about is work.
I'm at church.
I'm at the grocery store.
I can't get out of it.
I get it.
I know how you feel because you're tuned in here.
You obviously care too.
And then they mess with you.
Then they try to silence you.
Then they try to censor you.
Then they try to shut you up.
I mean, you know, let's think about a fight with anybody that's worth their salt.
And then it's a fight!
I mean, I even know nerds and wimps and people.
I've seen it happen with thugs.
Where they go up and punch a little nerd, the nerd starts beating the living hell out of him or fighting back hard, at least.
Because, you know, I'm not looking for a firing.
Okay, you just punched me in the head?
Man, I'm about to beat the living hell out of you or die trying.
Because once somebody punches you upside the head, you're not scared anymore now.
You're actually about to literally break somebody's neck.
And that's where I am with these globalists.
You see, we've put up with them so long, they've gotten away with so much, that now the biggest message of today's show
Is there trying to start a massive giant false flag?
So I told my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter this morning.
She keeps asking to go to this particular place.
I'm going to leave it at Texas.
People will go there if I say where I'm going.
She wants to go to this kind of amusement park thing.
I'll leave it at that in Texas.
She's been asking for a year.
And I said, you know what?
She got up at 6 a.m., was asking for it.
I said, we'll take you to the thing tomorrow.
I'll take you there.
I'm going to go home tonight, and I'm going to tell her, sorry, honey.
We're not taking you to that.
Because she has no future if I don't beat these people.
And we're going to come in here with a focused, unedited, live analysis of the false flag globalist plan for at least two hours and shove that up the New World Order's ass.
That's what happens when you mess with me.
That's what happens every time you attack, and that's fine.
Because you know the truth is, she doesn't need to go to daddy and ride on a Ferris wheel.
And she doesn't need to ride a pony and throw darts with daddy and get the little thingy.
Oh, she could do that in a free country.
She should do- But we're under attack!
Do you think people in Russia, during Boba Rossa, when 10 million Germans were invading, killing millions of people, do you think the Russians thought, well, I'm gonna take my daughter to the local, uh, fair.
And, you know, instead of, there weren't any local fairs because you're in a war, but that's the thing.
They keep the movies and the culture and the UFC and, oh, come to our party, fly in a private jet, and I get all that stuff.
But there's no fun in a private jet flying to the Miami party or the New York party when it's all going down.
And I'm not up here on some high horse about, oh, I get invited to all this stuff.
I'm saying I get it.
I want to go to UFC with Joe Rogan.
Get invited to that stuff!
With Joe Rogan!
Don't go!
Because I can't!
I gotta stay here and fight these people because they're frickin' devils!
And then I get to sit here and look at the Huffington Post with me as a gold-headed goblin, my head blowing off with all this money.
Oh, I don't need your support.
Alex Jones has got $165 million.
And see, I don't violate court orders like they do.
But a few weeks ago, I literally thought, are they idiots?
Or are they mentally retarded?
Or is this a joke?
They went, we'll settle with this.
You got $165 million.
And we're like, we don't have $165 million.
That's gross sales over three years.
You know how gross sales?
They don't even know what gross sales are.
Transformers Rex, that's coming up.
So for them, we'll go to Fantasyland.
Christmas 2021 is over, but you've still got a really great chance to give yourself the gift of free speech and liberty and freedom into the new year, while at the same time making yourself healthier, wealthier, and wiser by boosting your immune system.
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Thanks for keeping us on the air.
So, the great crime in the year 2022 is any nationalist, populist, Christian, or conservative group selling anything.
The Abingdon Post is a big article of disinfo and lies out, saying, don't support Alex Jones, why he made a bunch of money, it's all a bunch of crap.
Infowarsstore.com, keep us on the air, our most incredible, critical work is now happening.
But since we're now living in the world of gaslighting and fantasyland,
I guess if you tell the left something, they believe it.
So let me tell the left something right now.
This is satire.
They don't know what that word means.
The moon is made of cheese.
Communism works because it's never been tried.
And I successfully hunted and killed
The Terrible Lizard Tyrannosaurus Rex in East Texas on New Year's Day.
Here's the footage, ladies and gentlemen.
It's at InfoWars.com if you're a radio listener.
And then Jason Burmess, the co-producer of Loose Change, takes over.
Here it is.
Well, we're out here at the family cabin in East Texas, out at the old homestead.
We just moved into Texas in 1829 onto this property.
We're like the Californians, just showed up.
And this is my Christmas present I got.
I just started shooting yesterday.
A .444 Marlin.
A .444.
And this was Teddy Roosevelt's favorite gun.
He could shoot the biggest game there is with these.
You can see the cartridge in the round.
And I was shooting about 4-inch patterns at about 200 yards and dead on at 100 yards yesterday.
And I've got a little hollow sun on there and it's really, really fun.
So let's go over here.
Let's look out at this cold front blue end.
Here on the ice.
That's about 65 yards away.
We've got a little pile of pieces of metal and also some wood.
I'm going to try to shoot it.
I'm going to try to shoot the wood on the top.
A piece of firewood.
Dead on.
We'll go over there and look at it in a second.
These are really hard to find.
I didn't know this, but I guess in the new Jurassic Park movie a few years ago, this is what they kill T-Rex's with.
What's funny is there's actually a T-Rex out here.
I'm going to show you in a minute.
I'm not joking.
Alright, that's pretty funny.
A few more of these.
I got a target further out there, about 170 yards.
Then again, we were able to shoot five, six inch groupings on it.
That was sitting down.
Now, let's go see the target, and I'm going to show you an actual T-Rex out here.
This isn't a joke, and I'm not playing games.
So again, I was aiming at this piece of firewood that I had up on top, and it hit basically right where I was aiming.
I was aiming about right there.
It hit right there.
Really caused a lot of damage right there.
Let's see how we were shooting it earlier.
A lot of holes.
This is really fun.
It blows huge holes.
Normally with other rifles, it would go in and just come out about twice as large.
That comes out about five times larger, six times larger, seven times larger than that ammeter because it just mushrooms open and dissipates a lot of its power.
It travels at 2,300 feet per second out of the muzzle, which is really fast for one of these big, old-fashioned cartridges.
But look at this right here.
See how it comes in very clean?
Very clean holes.
And then even by the time it goes through, it makes a larger hole, and it blows huge holes on the other side.
Meaning it comes out really large on the other side.
Now, I'm not joking.
There's a T-Rex out here, and I'm going to take you to it.
It's only a couple hundred yards away.
In fact, let me get a shot of it for you right now.
We may have to use this rifle on it.
Out here, he must have just jumped back in the woods.
Oh my gosh, there he is right there!
Oh my lord, this is real.
His mask can be safe from COVID-19, good lord.
Now, here's the whole story on this.
This pond got built back in the 60s, but my parents did a bird trip here.
My mom always likes those dinosaurs they sell on the side of the road.
Those metal dinosaurs.
I thought I'd get a close-up of that.
I got her that little T-Rex.
But even cooler is a Brachiosaur.
It's about, that's about 6-7 feet tall.
It's about 14 feet tall.
There he is, the missed clearance, and it's the mighty Frankie Assar.
The only problem is they won't let me shoot him.
They'd be great targets.
So there you go folks, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news.
I'm out here all alone.
By myself in the woods.
To bring in 2022.
Out here in an old oil well pad.
East Texas.
Our children's future is burning up right in front of us.
We're literally being fed on by the globalists.
Exercising their power and will over us.
Because we fell away from God.
And now evils fill the vacuum.
Alright folks, Jason Burmas takes over the rest of the hour.
Here's a little bit of Texas fun from InfoWars.com.
We'll be doing fireside chats very, very soon.
Jason Vermas, tell us what's coming up.
Well, Alex, it is now one year and one day from the fake insurrection.
There is no insurrection.
I was going to show some footage.
I'm wearing my outfit that I actually wore that day.
It was like maybe a Dave Matthews band concert type of deal.
I want to go through not only that, but how the Supreme Court right now, no matter what their decision,
Is really ruling on the right for you to be a sovereign human being on this planet and have domain over your own life?
And then on top of that, I want to talk about this transhumanist agenda and how Hollywood continues to push it with not only predictive programming, but things like Don't Look Up that are now giving these chicken little scenarios of asteroid or comet attacks
We're good to go.
No longer ignore.
It's not just COVID.
It's not just medical misinformation.
It's things like the Epstein case.
You know, I came on here last week.
We had a joke about the cocaine scenario.
I posted the first 15 minutes of that video.
Of course, it got struck down for cyberbullying and harassment.
I said, obviously,
Alex and I didn't harass each other, there was nothing there.
It was because we had a conspiracy theory with an identifiable individual.
In other words, you're not allowed to talk about the Ghislaine Maxwell case.
You're not allowed to talk about the Epstein case.
You're not allowed to talk about the intelligence ties.
You're not allowed to talk about the fact that in 2007,
They protected a multitude of other co-conspirators and that was not whispered about in this trial.
So, this is moving extremely quickly.
They are weaponizing the Justice Department against us, invoking things like Pearl Harbor.
Well, I remember reading about a new Pearl Harbor before 9-11.
In a little thing called the PNAC New American Century document.
And if we allow these people to take hold of this quote-unquote New American Century, it will be global tyranny.
Fight back at SaveInfoWars.com right now and give your donation to support Alex Jones.
Hey everybody, Jason Burmess here doing the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
And let's take a look.
What Merrick Garland and the gang want to call domestic terrorism.
Now, out of the gates, I want to say this.
The mainstream media, NBC in particular, stole my footage and ran it as an exclusive.
Now, when I called them out on it, their lawyer contacted me.
I put this out there, but I'm not mainstream media.
I didn't lawyer up.
We'll just steal Jason's footage.
Now, what you're looking at here is me on the second level of the Capitol, and I do want to reiterate right now as I play these clips and, you know, I got about a couple hours of footage from the time that I went there and really left the scene, which I would, again, even where I was, there were pockets of people who were unruly and anybody
Who committed violence should be treated as such.
If you trespass, you should be charged with that.
But you do not take somebody's due process and constitutional rights away, especially when you can see behind me that the vast majority of these people are completely and totally peaceful.
Let me repeat that.
Completely and totally peaceful.
I have been doing this now
For close to 20 years, I have been in a multitude of situations amongst thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of people.
For instance, I turned 20 years old at Woodstock 99, an event now that the mainstream media and HBO is calling toxically masculine and really white supremacy.
You think I'm joking?
Go watch that documentary on it.
Okay, and I gotta tell you right now, that when I was in that situation amongst those people, my senses were much more heightened just in that scenario, or when I covered the G8.
When I look at these people, the vast majority of these people are not only non-violent, but non-threatening.
And as you see in the upper echelons, this is as people are starting to gather more and more.
They still have not even been on the sides.
I want to get to the next video here.
Let's see if it's going to let me do that.
I hope that it does.
Of course it will.
Right here, where you can really see this is outside the capital.
Man, they're really dangerous.
Some dangerous insurrectionism going.
And this again is from the second level.
Now you can see
The concentration, if you will, in that one area where the police are and people are trying to ram through.
And then on the left-hand side, and anybody again that committed violence against police should absolutely be held accountable.
But another thing about this footage is you'll see it swing up.
You'll see a multitude of police officers, also on the third level, just standing around doing absolutely nothing.
Again, next to totally and completely non-violent persons.
Here we go, you'll see that.
Right here, look at all the police!
Wow, they seem really threatened!
Everybody's really scared!
Oh wait, they're not!
Oh wait, they're not.
But this is the big event.
This is the big talking point to take away your freedoms.
To put you away in a hole.
Take a really, really good look.
And then I want to show you this.
Where did the sledgehammer come from?
Now, I'm sitting here.
You see the left of me, mainstream reporters.
Right by that window, another mainstream reporter.
They're wearing their masks like good little slaves.
And when I see that sledgehammer being pushed up towards the police, I'm very worried, obviously.
Who did that?
And I believe it's actually been on Tucker Carlson that a man with a painted face was handing those things up.
You can see black balls.
But when you get to the individuals that are right there, what do they do?
They hand it over.
They don't violently assault anybody with that weapon.
Take a good look.
The one guy tries to take it, and then it is given to the police officers.
This is the type of footage they don't want you to see.
But again, if you committed violence, you should be treated as such.
Am I shaking there?
Am I worried?
Do I have PTSD from that day?
The answer is absolutely not.
And again, to show you what a farce all of this is, what I want you to do is look at just a stack of about a hundred
Now, this is at the Ellipse.
This is before all of those events.
And if you don't think that's a hundred backpacks, let's just zoom in on it.
Yeah, that's about a hundred.
You count about maybe ten on the outskirts.
It might even be a little bit more.
That's nothing.
They were all over that area.
And then as you see people walking in the middle, they're strewn out.
I want to remind everybody that's January 6th, and on January 5th, you had an anonymous person planting pipe bombs all along the Capitol who has never been caught.
Does anybody else?
Remember, if you see something, say something.
Unattended bags and backpacks could be used as terrorist bombs, right?
Oh, no!
Nobody was concerned.
Why not?
Why haven't they found that person?
Why are they demonizing us?
Well, let me tell you why.
Because that person, more than likely, is some type of an agent provocateur, or he would have been caught.
Because we have a mass surveillance state, especially in D.C., and they know every single one of his movements.
And when I talk about signature reduction and the secret undercover military right now being used against the American people, 60,000 strong, we've already gone past posse comitatus.
They did it through their Patriot Act and us enabling that to grow into homeland or Deutschland security.
And then the privatized security state that was built around that.
of these assessment centers.
We had the MIAC report.
Let me just read it again in these last couple of minutes.
Again, I encourage people to really dig down deep, see the false identities, see the technologies, see the DARPA-made gloves that look like a hand that have anybody's biometric information you want printed upon them and omits human oil.
These are their tools.
This is the military already being used against the American people.
And it turns my stomach, by the way, Laura Ingraham, when I tune into your program and I see Mike Pompeo talking about press freedoms in China, when he and others like Bill Barr couldn't wait to dig their teeth into Julian Assange.
They can speak nothing about press freedoms.
In fact, I have a clip from the South China Morning Post that if we were hooked up right, I would play here where you had a journalist for three and a half minutes breaking down that situation from a main line source.
Again, I'm not worshiping China here, but I'm not seeing anybody do that here in the United States while the largest force the world has ever known is one created by the Pentagon over the past decade.
No oversight.
Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army!
It is a secret army!
Many working under masked identities and in low profile.
All part of the broad program called Signature Reduction.
No documents on it.
It's an art form.
The force more than 10 times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA carries out domestic and foreign assignments.
Domestic assignments against you both in military uniforms and under civilian cover in real life and online.
Sometimes hiding in private businesses and consultancies.
Some of them, probably many of them, household name companies.
Get over to InfoWarsStore.com.
Grab yourself a copy of COVID Land 2.
If you haven't got the original one, The Lockdown, you need to get that as well.
They're great tools for awakening people's minds.
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We are back!
I am Jason Bermastew in the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Today I want to encourage you to go make that donation over at SaveInfoWars.com and shift gears
Away from what they've already instituted, and now what they're trying to institute, and the next level of who the terrorists will be.
Because if you're anti-lockdown, if you're anti-mask and torturing children, and you're anti-shielding measure when they come for the quarantines, well, you'll be a domestic terrorist too.
And there's some scary legislation out there right now.
On the 5th,
New York actually voted on the quote-unquote shielding legislation where they can take a healthy person who has tested positive for nothing and poses no threat whatsoever to a detention facility indefinitely.
And they are not the only people putting this on the books.
All right, let's take a look at this out of Washington State.
Allowing local health officers to use law enforcement, lovely, to force an emergency order of involuntarily detaining a person or group of persons, right?
Oh, they specifically say families, lovely, to be isolated in a quarantine facility following the refusal of what?
Voluntary compliance.
Voluntary compliance with a request for medical examinations, testing, treatment, counseling, or even vaccination.
Sounds fair?
It's total techno-fascist tyranny.
And here's the deal.
They want you on the UBI, the social credit score.
They want you in fear.
And that's why they're planning on rolling out everything they possibly can, including semantically changing the language.
We always told you you wouldn't be fully vaccinated, even after three shots, after four, after five.
And now it's not fully vaccinated.
It's are you up to date?
Is your status up to date?
We'll just change the terminology.
Meanwhile, the Justice Department isn't going to go after real criminals anymore, especially in New York.
They're announcing it.
You gotta be hardcore.
Come on.
Simple assaults?
Not really, don't worry.
They gotta be the most hardcore crimes.
Except when they're financial crimes, right?
And you're cheating the state out of money.
That's why all of a sudden Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App will now be reporting, again, just like all the banks they're forcing to, any transactions totaling more than $600 to the IRS.
They're coming after us on every single level.
And at the same time, they're selling us on a future where these people will be the heroes.
Well, now I want to talk about Hollywood a bit, okay?
And I want to talk about a show called Westworld.
Now, Westworld is really a show about transhumanism in the most simplest of senses.
It is
Robots that eventually become more and more human-like, all right?
At first they have the metal innards and then they start to be made synthetically and are almost indistinguishable.
And eventually they go beyond their quote-unquote loops or programming into sentience.
But that show
is one of the shows out there that is telling you what they want to happen.
Not even in the first two seasons, which occasionally take you out of the park via two different timelines.
Really the park is the focus and what's going on there and who are the robots and who are not.
Well, what I want to point out is as soon as they get out of the park in this show, this is season three,
And you can see the city in dust.
You can see the robot.
You can see the imagery.
As soon as they get out, it's apps.
It's social credit score apps.
Now, in this reality, you can sometimes get away from those apps.
There's illegal apps on top of the apps that jam the system.
Whether that will be there, it's all about social credit score.
It's all about medicating you.
And take a look at this.
This aired
On March 15th, 2020, just when the lockdowns were coming.
So in other words, it was filmed many, many months beforehand and edited in.
And what you're looking at is the main character of this season is called Caleb.
He's from Breaking Bad.
That's where he's most popular anyway.
And you'll notice the person in the background right here, and I believe this is at a job interview, is wearing a mask.
Now, the other thing that's really interesting about this
As the story progresses, he's talking to his friend, somebody who's portrayed as his best friend.
His best friend's continually trying to push him in a direction of behavior and conformance and getting that social credit score up.
Well, spoiler alerts!
We're gonna spoil it all for you right here, okay?
What's really going on is that he has a brain implant
Okay, and his mind has already been altered because of many of his PTSD experiences as a mercenary, and he actually killed his best friend, who was hired via the app to kill him.
See, that's why it's so great that they want to put brain chips in us for PTSD in real time.
Because this woman, again, she's overweight, she's unhappy, she's out there gardening, she's doing a lot better with a mask on her face and a brain chip.
And this is just the commercialized reality of DARPA and the Defense Department having this technology for decades.
Let me repeat that.
For decades.
And when they get outside of the park, of course, Caleb has the day job and he's working with the robots.
Everything is run by AI.
In this society, they're using rockets for small time transport.
Much of the vehicles that are being used look drone-like in nature that they're going around.
They're all, of course, self-driving.
Everything is automated.
This is the future that they're presenting to you.
And boy, they got that mask thing spot on.
It's almost like when we went over here,
Earth 2100, that was pushed by ABC, right?
Anthony Fauci's in it, Eric Schmidt is in it, John Podesta, really great people, James Woolsey of the CIA, Van Jones, the 10 million dollar Bezos man, right?
They're all in it, predicting that there's going to be outbreaks of viruses, predicting that we're going to be wearing masks, predicting
That there's going to be overrun migrant facilities in which, of course, the military forces end up firing on the people.
And all of it's due to climate change, right?
And I can't tell you how many of the posts that I've seen from friends and family members about this don't look up Johnny nonsense.
I've avoided watching it.
I try not to get absorbed as much as possible in this type of
We're good to go.
He was only in it sparsely, right?
Was an absolute parody of Alex Jones at Infowars.com.
Even had the vitamins.
You know, I was with a friend of mine and she actually, without me saying anything, kind of nudged me and goes, is it just me or does this look like Infowars now?
I'm like, no, it does.
And I'll just say this about that.
You know, J. Jonah Jameson, at the least in that, is not an evil character, right?
In the Spider-Verse, he's not evil.
He's a journalist, but he hates Spider-Man.
He's constantly getting the story wrong, right?
Well, I promise you folks, although Alex Jones and InfoWars aren't perfect, they're not constantly getting the story wrong.
They're not completely naive to what's going on.
Because let me tell you what's going on.
This is going on.
The normalization of automation
Alright, the feeblization of humanity, the demasculization of men so they won't fight back, and then the demonization of the women that go out there and stand up
For their children.
It brings us all the way back to the Justice Department.
It brings us all the way back to Homeland Security.
And what?
They're the domestic terrorists.
So we're going to go over the Matrix on the flip side.
Go to SaveInfoWars.com right now.
Make that donation.
And keep InfoWars going.
Hey everybody, Jason Burmess here for the fourth and final segment of that fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I want to remind people to support the broadcast.
Go get great tools like COVIDland and COVIDland to the mask.
Show people this information.
And before we shift gears over to the Matrix and the transhumanist symbiosis message of that film, I do want to give a shout out to mom and pop media that is not
Not gaslighting the public.
Reader is out here in the Quad Cities.
They've done some great work on pushing back against this national lie of an insurrection and that we are indeed domestic terrorists.
And I think that that is a huge issue as you look around.
And it is hard to imagine that the media and the government, man I wish this was playing right, of course it isn't, have gotten away with calling this some kind of danger to our democracy, when they are the danger, when they don't want accountability, when they don't want an audit of the vote, when instead
They want corrupt systems, such as Diebold, that was put in place literally over a decade ago, into the dominion of today, and fractional reserve voting, and you not getting one person, one vote, and on it.
The simplest thing, fourth grade math, we can't do it in this country.
We can't do it anymore.
And they want to take it all away.
They want to take it all away.
Because of what you're looking at behind me.
And this is some of the worst violence that actually occurred.
You're looking at it.
Pretty gritty stuff, huh?
I also want to give a shout-out to Getter, as I continue to be censored on other platforms.
I am now on Getter.
Alex Jones, obviously, also on Getter.
Great Info Wars accounts.
Hey, Getter!
Why don't you give me a custom RTMP and let me stream live like those biggins over at Newsmax?
I promise you, I'll have better content almost every day of the week.
Hell, every day of the week, let's be honest.
And that's not to denigrate Newsmax or any of these outlets that are even putting out a hint of truth, okay?
But the bottom line is, are they stepping up to the plate and telling you what this is really about?
This is about the acceptance of biological nanotechnology being injected into you on a regular basis without your permission, without any efficacy of it being positive for you by an authoritarian government beholden to a predator class.
And that predator class is pushing transhumanism, especially
In this new Matrix movie.
Now I'm going to go over what I liked about it really quickly first.
I thought that the opening of the film, not the segment with the action and the Morpheus and the program and the symbiosis again of AI resurrection, we'll get there, but the introspection of what the Matrix series was about was probably the strongest point that and Neil Patrick Harris essentially acting as
The human form of the Matrix.
Now, from the get-go, they let you know there's going to be a symbiosis between the Neo character, which is the human character, and Agent Smith, the program.
The big enemy.
They can't survive without each other.
And he takes a new incarnation as Neo's boss in this new version of the Matrix.
But then later on, he becomes the hero and fights with Neo against the Matrix.
That's just one small example again, how AI and the transhumanist form of programs, literally digital programs, is needed by humanity.
And later on, we find out that we're not really looking at Neo.
In fact, we're not looking at Neo or Trinity.
We are looking at AI replications of them.
Now, I want to be very clear about this.
You know, we're not just talking about clones, and this is really glossed over.
Robots created sentient beings with consciousness that had died in the previous series.
That's not a real thing.
Okay, again, that puts the AI above us.
I don't believe that we can create sentient consciousness.
Therefore, I don't believe that AI is a tool that could do that for us.
Our sentient consciousness is one of those great mysteries of the world that is the best thing about humanity that connects us all.
And again, they're marginalizing, trivializing that.
Later on,
As Neo exit the Matrix.
Now, in the original, there are some, you know, throwbacks to what it looked like with the original, right?
But in this one, what happens?
He's cradled like a baby by the good robot that then takes him into Zion.
And in Zion, we learn we can take programs, such as the Morpheus character in this, which is just a program, and in fact is half Smith for some reason.
Again, that good evil
And it becomes a physical thing, right?
And they even make the comment in the film that it's not about waking people up anymore and fighting the robots, okay?
It's about living with the robots and letting AI come in and give us strawberries.
Oh, we've got strawberries now!
So really what this was, was a push
For acceptance that we must live together with these type of robots.
They even get into how the robots fight each other over scarcity.
Again, trying to humanize them.
As if they have some kind of sentient thinking.
They don't.
They don't.
That's the big trick.
And these people at the top want to immerse you in a false virtual world that you think
Will be a good thing, and any technology can be used to either empower or enslave.
But ask yourself, over the last 18 months to two years, has this isolation been good for us?
Is tele-learning better than in-person?
Is a headset and goggles a replacement for hugging your family members, no matter how real it feels?
And as this goes forward, what is it about?
Well, they don't want you to believe that you're a man or a woman.
That's what the non-binary part of this quote-unquote trans movement is and that you can take any form you want and AI and technology is going to allow you to do that by taking your consciousness, right?
And then uploading it into anything you like.
And those steps that we're walking towards
Are much, much, much closer than the average person can even imagine.
We got about three minutes left in this broadcast and I want to take that time to talk to you guys about Infowars.com and why it continues to be extremely important to me.
I haven't always agreed with some of the positions taken by Alex or other hosts or some of the stories that were covered or not covered.
But I have always believed in free speech on every level.
And when you look at the track record for the stories that have been broken here, okay, the stories that were little blurbs, little newspapers nobody was paying attention about and amplified by InfoWars.com, there is no comparison.
I can tell you right now that Band.Video and the type of bandwidth that that website alone takes up is financially insurmountable to a guy like myself, who's trying to expand in this environment.
Because the more they choke down on the truth and information, the more they push guys like me out of YouTube, right?
Probably been almost three years since they got me, maybe four!
What was it, 2016 or 17 they got rid of Jones?
Gotta be 17, maybe 4 or 5 at this point.
The more they do that, the more people that are real and genuine and trying to change the world.
Well, it doesn't matter.
They're going to be successful anyway.
They're going to get that information out there.
And in fact, if you want to see all my stuff, it's over at rockfin.com slash Jason Burmess.
We're 45,000 strong on an alternative platform.
And all my stuff over there of any significance is, of course, free of charge, just like Alex.
I want you to make copies.
I want you to get COVIDLAND.
Hell, if you don't want to make a straight donation, go get 50 copies of COVIDLAND and wish people a Happy New Year.
You give it to them in that nice box with the DVD, they're going to take a look.
The bottom line is that the CNNs, the MSNBCs of the world, the Fox Newses, they're not your friend.
They're not your friend.
They don't care about you.
They're reading off a prompter.
This is prompter-free journalism.
This is journalism that's not about left or right.
It's always about right and wrong.
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It was von Bismarck, the unifier of the German Republic, that first said politics is war by another means.
He also said war is politics by another means.
They're interchangeable.
We are in a war.
There is a global corporate takeover, the Great Reset, happening worldwide.
And Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the UN admit this is their takeover.
They brag that they had this Davos school for 40 years that trained almost every one of these so-called leaders from Canada to New Zealand, from the UK to Germany, under Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger's control.
And now they're launching their world government to collapse society to then carry out State Department memorandum 200 for forced depopulation.
And that's why InfoWars is under such incredible attack.
Because we actually identify who the globalists are and go after them.
Donald Trump knows who they are.
Senator Rand Paul knows who they are.
Senator Josh Hawley knows who they are.
Ted Cruz knows who they are.
But they won't dare go after them because they know when you do that, the system destroys you.
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