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Air Date: Jan. 6, 2022
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines and lockdown measures being part of a transhumanist globalist agenda. He criticizes mainstream narratives and promotes InfoWars products as alternatives while discussing historical figures and organizations he believes are part of this plan for world domination. The speaker highlights how the globalists have failed in previous attempts to suppress left-wing ideology, leading them to release COVID-19 as a biological weapon in their ongoing conflict against free individuals and nation-states. Exposing this paradigm is crucial for victory against the Global Corporate Combine.

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Ted Cruz coming out and saying that the people that attacked the Capitol were terrorists.
Well, yes, some of the feds and anti-fund BLM and some of the few folks that thought they were there for Trump who were being manipulated by the deep state, who were there LARPing, live-action role-playing, they did go in there.
A couple hundred people did attack the police and that's wrong and they should be charged with assaulting police.
None of the police got killed or died, so they shouldn't be charged like they're murderers and kept in solitary confinement.
But we know that the feds were there and ran that operation and Darren Beatty, Dr. Darren Beatty, will be on in the fourth hour today to lay this out.
People are like, hey, we all know it was provocateur.
We all know, Alex, why do you keep talking about it?
Well, you see every channel in the country is talking about it.
You see every program and every broadcast how the new threat and the new terrorist are the Midwesterners, and the Texans, and the ranchers, and the veterans, and the farmers, and the gun owners.
And this is the branding for the martial law takeover.
The COVID martial laws, the training wheels, then it's meant to make people that don't want to be locked down fight back, and they're going to be called terrorists.
And that's in the terrorism plan of June of last year that is now the official policy of our country.
I mean, imagine if Russia declared, our number one threat is our own people.
People say, that's an authoritarian country.
Or if China announced, the number one threat is the people, which they've actually done.
This is what dictatorships do.
This is what authoritarian systems do.
This is the type of system that you live under when you're in a tyranny.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Ricardo Delgado has a master's in biostatistics.
His postgraduate studies included microbiology, epidemiology, and immunology.
He is the founder of the fifth column.
Delgado has published videos of electron microscopy taken at the University of Almeria in Spain of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine showing what can best be described as self-organizing nanostructures.
The videos show that as the Pfizer mRNA vaccine evaporates, nano-sized structures begin to form.
Multiple structures that appear to be the same things.
Things that look like microchips and electronic circuitry.
Pfizer has reportedly made 33 different batches, which have all been cataloged in a database, some dangerous and others seemingly innocuous.
So these things maybe aren't in every vial, but the FDA has said that they need 75 years to tell us all the details, so maybe they are.
At a World Economic Forum 2018 conference, the chief executive officer of Pfizer expressed excitement for invasive nanotech.
Referring to the recent FDA approval of a tablet with a sensor that can notify medical authorities of compliance.
It is basically a biological chip, but it is in the tablet.
And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet.
So imagine the applications of that.
Later that year, a nanotransistor chip is unveiled that replaces silicone with air.
Just this week, a COVID implantable microchip developer claimed, we will be chipped whether we like it or not.
There has been much talk about graphene oxide and nanotech in the vaccines.
Which the media vehemently claims is not true.
But how would they know?
And why would anyone trust a word that they say about any of this?
If there are nanocircuits being created within the bodies of the vaccinated, this would explain the videos we've seen of IP addresses coming from the jabbed.
A newly activated network of nanocircuits, unique to each individual.
One of the leading experts of nanotechnology, Charles Lieber, has written patents describing a technology that has the potential to self-assemble into tiny computer systems capable of controlling human neurology, which is exactly what Delgado's electron microscopy of the Pfizer jab appears to be.
Charles Lieber was just convicted on numerous crimes for working with the Communist Chinese in Wuhan, where Pfizer ran a research and development facility.
Elon Musk expects to be implanting his Neuralink into human beings this year, and claims that they could put you fully into virtual reality, as if this is somehow important for humanity.
For humanity, it isn't.
But for the transhumanist, it's a necessity.
And if you listen to the psychopaths orchestrating all of this, transhumanism is officially their stated goal.
And they won't need Elon's implantable chip.
With injectable nano-sized circuitry in the human brain and nervous system, non-intrusive wearable tech will do the job just fine.
And this is rapidly being developed by WelcomeLeap, a privately run umbrella corporation connecting DARPA, Silicon Valley, and the military, who has tripled their network in less than a year, boasting success for the deadly mRNA vaccines.
And pushing to accelerate new ones designed to correct every so-called flaw of the human psyche that stands in the way of productivity to an authoritarian state run by artificial intelligence that monitors and controls their neurological functions 24-7.
This is exactly what they say they want by the year 2030.
So either the vaccines are a way of interfacing the new transhuman with AI technology or they're lying and it's all about depopulation.
Which is what the latest data is showing.
Natural News recently estimated billions of deaths if it isn't stopped in the next year.
It obviously isn't about public health, and whether it's about depopulation or transhumanism, it is a threat to all of humanity.
We could ponder until the end about why anyone would want to do this, but the real question is why are we letting them?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Mass formation psychosis.
One of the terms used to define how they are programming the public to go against reality and logic and basically destroy themselves via mass mental illness that is being programmed.
Dr. Mark McDonald, highly recommended by Dr. Peter McCullough and, of course, Dr. Robert Malone,
We'll be with us in the third hour today.
He's written a book on the state of fear and the mind control, and he's going to be laying that out and how you can reach out to others that have been programmed.
I really want to interview this individual, but I had obviously some of the issues that came up the last week with some court things I have to deal with, with family issues.
I have to be at a hearing today at two o'clock, and so
Owen's going to come in and do the interview, but it's a really big interview and it's very important and he's going to lay out the actual technicals of all of that.
People really need to watch this, you really need to see this, and it's something that you need to share with everybody that you know.
So, he's a very, very prestigious doctor and scientist and he again completed eight years of training at the
Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic center of California PCP PCC.
He's a very well-known psychiatrist So you want to get into how they've done this that is coming up in the third hour today and then Darren J Beatty is
He's going to be here.
He is a doctor of political science and of course has been one of the best researchers out there exposing the clear provocateur false flag event that happened 365 days ago on the anniversary of January 6th.
We're going to be looking at all of that here today.
It is January 6th, 2022 on this Thursday transmission.
At this time.
A year ago, I was sitting there watching Trump give a speech.
And down the road,
The feds were busy attacking the undermanned police and with just a few dozen men breaking through the first barricades and the rest is history.
Then the police standing down waving everybody in so they could get some patsies to put in solitary confinement and set the precedent for Chinese style torture of political dissidents in America.
And we have Ted Cruz praising it all.
Yesterday, obviously, that's just... What's wrong with Ted Cruz?
Is he smart?
He knows what's going on, but he'll bite you.
He'll stab you in the back.
And he just can't help it.
And I also know why Ted Cruz did that, and I'll be talking about that at the start of the next hour and playing the Tucker Carlson clip, where Tucker took him to the woodshed in a very nicely and very friendly way yesterday.
Let me just let the cat out of the bag.
I think you probably know why Cruz did that.
The whole new system, the whole new cosmology is that the American people are all terrorists, and that they've got to round up everybody and shut down any populist movement, any conservative movement, any nationalist movement.
And Ted Cruz knows that purge is coming, and he wants to position himself so when the staged terror attacks happen, he can point his finger at the patriots and say, I'm not with the patriot terrorists.
Instead of saying, the evidence shows it's a false flag, and the globalists have the motive, and we need to stop them staging a false flag, sometime in the next 300 days.
We're 306 days out from the midterms, and if you don't feel the suspense, if you don't feel the danger, if you can't cut it with a knife, you're not dialed in.
The next 306 days is the most important time in human history.
Because if America goes down to the Great Recent and the New World Order, Katie barred the door.
So that's all coming up today.
Ted Nugent
And I'm going to be here until pretty much close to the end of the next hour.
We've got a very powerful in-depth report we're going to be playing here.
A Gregory's Report that's 10 minutes long, not 5 minutes long, on the whole nature of the New World Order and who they are and how they operate now.
How the Bilderberg Group is in full control of the Davos Group that they founded, and how that group is in control of the United Nations and the corporate system, not corporate America.
There isn't a corporate America.
There's a globalist America.
We're racing to build a new corporate America with credit card processing and with banking and with telecommunications and everything.
And those movements are up and running.
A lot of groups are out there doing it.
We're working with some of them.
We haven't announced that yet.
But billions being invested, not by me, I don't have millions, but billions by others.
And the globalists know they're in a race.
They know we have the hearts and minds.
They know they're losing.
And so they're getting ready to try to close the loop.
They're getting ready to try to finish, not just our nation, but every other nation, and bring in a medical tyranny that just is staggeringly evil and dangerous.
So that's what's coming up today.
We have just unprecedented censorship.
But of course, Congress is doing nothing about so illegal, so criminal.
We have the Democrats running around demonizing everybody, saying, outlaw members of Congress that even challenged the election, even though the Democrats have done that four years before, and they've done it in 2000.
It's totally legal.
They're saying, oh, remove them from office.
And the same Democrat lawyer that got all those swing states to accept mail-in fake ballots, well, he's pledging to remove members of Congress.
And the media is saying that's a great thing and they're moving ahead with that.
So again, they're trying to purge the military, the police, the good members of Congress.
Biden came out and accused Trump of, quote, spinning web of lies while promising to defend democracy.
Oh, yes.
And so that it was an armed attack by terrorists on the Capitol.
And he's got a little buddy helping echo that named Theodore Cruz.
Theodore Rafael Cruz.
And Cruz knows what's about to happen to America.
Well, he's decided that he's going to join with them and signal that he wants to be part of the vestigial conservative remnant that's left after they fully destroy the country and start putting everybody in FEMA camps.
So that's why that's going on.
The COVID news is always more insane each day as we
Go through it.
I didn't get to a lot of it yesterday.
I have a bunch of news we didn't hit, and then a bunch of new news, where large percentages of schools are now reporting heart attacks on their students.
Oh, I've got the mainstream news.
They're just like, it's normal.
You're gonna die, too.
It didn't used to happen, but it's the new normal.
CDC document says it causes that, but if you try to share it on any major platform, not allowed to because
I mean, Google and Twitter, they're liberal and they want you to die to save the Earth.
Very liberal.
They're doing what they have to do to protect you.
Now the AI system is in place.
So we have all of that.
USPS seeks temporary relief from Biden admin vaccine or test mandate warning of potential catastrophic impact and collapse of the postal system.
Oh, really?
That's what the whole plan is?
Defund the police, fire everybody who won't take a poison shot.
I kept wondering, why are they giving us a poison shot up front, putting in a World ID to track that we have the shots?
You want to give folks a placebo first to have them accept the shots, and then put the global cashless society, social credit score, carbon tax, monitoring vaccine passport in place.
And then you start killing people.
But see, they want it where, these are behavioral psychologists,
They look at how that will then cause panic in smart people, who will then leave the system and be fired, and then you get a collapse that causes even more depopulation.
And the lockdowns that cause all the big depopulation.
And we've got the drumbeat by Biden and other world leaders, like the puppet Prime Minister up in Canada, blaming
The lockdowns and the collapse of society and all the deaths from people not getting medical care they needed on the unvaxxed.
Of course, all that's not true.
You can disprove it with the facts in five seconds, but he doesn't care because it's about shicking the general public pissed about lockdowns, pissed about going bankrupt.
The only way to get out of this is to realize this is a long-term psychological program to break your will, put you under mass Stockholm Syndrome,
We're good.
And now they're saying, oh, healthy people are going to have to go to camps to protect them in the shielding process from people that might have COVID.
And none of it's what it seems.
None of it is reality based.
We've got all the answers on that.
We'll be laying it out today.
But this is a nightmare takeover.
This is an accelerated takeover.
And so you've seen them in New Zealand and Australia say you're not allowed to go out
Look at the sunset.
Nothing non-essential.
Well, look at the sunset.
It is essential.
Communing with what God created and that connection to God.
The sun's not God, but it's God's artwork.
It's God's cathedral.
And don't talk to your neighbors, even over a fence.
In fact, don't look them in the eyes.
That's on billboards and on signs in the UK and in places like Australia.
And then you've got government health ministers over major provinces in Canada saying, we're keeping the lockdowns going.
Because we don't want people to talk to each other out in public and stop what we're doing.
We're in a transition into the new system.
We're getting you ready for climate lockdowns.
That's all official!
And now they're rolling it all out.
Think about that.
And what has Australia now announced?
The unvaccinated, which, what do people that have had the vaccines and those that haven't have in common, you'll never be fully vaccinated.
There's always more, more, more.
They admit that now.
And I warned you almost two years ago, this was coming.
Because it's a plan.
And here we are.
We know the globalist plan.
It should be easy to defeat it if people just admit how predatory it is and educate themselves about it and then stop complying.
They're now saying in Australia that you can't go outside
And exercise if you don't have your little travel pass.
So there it is.
Now you can't leave your house unless you have the digital ID and then everything it takes to get that ID, the social credit score you must comply with, including the carbon taxes, the injections, all of it.
And you are now in a prison planet.
Remember, for 15, 20 years, we had the website PrisonPlanet.com.
And then we just went ahead and made it a redirect to InfoWars.com, but it had been our backup site for years.
And for a time got bigger than InfoWars a decade ago.
People said, why do you call it a prison planet?
Well, I read the Globalist documents, and what they were building was a prison planet.
And then once everybody's in the prison planet, getting sicker and dying, and had 10, 15 shots, the government says, it's the uninjected, they're the reason you're sick.
We've got to finally put them in camps.
And we can't let them be lazy, they're going to have to work in the camps.
Now, how do I know that?
Well, it's historically happened before with authoritarians, demonizing a group and doing that to them for some reason.
They make up different reasons.
But it's also in the CDC documents from a year and a half ago that they want that here, where, oh, we're going to put people that don't take the shots in camps, and we're going to make you work.
Oh, isn't that good?
So they're going to bring the chain gangs back.
But Germany says, screw that.
We're just going to come door to door starting February 1st and forcibly inject you.
That's why Biden put in his new terrorism directive of June of this year that it's the unvaccinated of the terrorists.
Then I had a Army Green Beret doctor in here yesterday, who is one of the top advisors to the governor of Texas, saying he's taken hundreds of vaccines and never got sick, since he's been in the Army since 1983.
He's taken hundreds and never got really sick, even including the anthrax shot that was really dangerous.
But oh, he says he's lost a lot of his acuity in his mind since he took the second shot.
He was in here yesterday, he told you that.
Incredible brain frog, you name it.
Medical doctor.
That's the reality of this.
This is a weapons system that the globalists are inducting us into.
So here is the government of Australia, the criminals,
Announcing what's coming to your town, your city, your country.
Don't you, you don't get to go outside, you don't get to exercise.
You do what we said, we're going to take you to prison.
And then next, of course, oh, you can't pay your rent or you can't pay your mortgage.
Well, you're going to go to the camp.
And they've now announced that.
They're building huge camps all over the world for us.
Here it is.
I will now go through each of these decisions.
First, the lockout.
The fully vaccinated can continue as they were.
For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone 16 and above.
If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home.
You are at greater risk of catching COVID, becoming ill and needing hospital care.
You may only leave home for three reasons.
Medical treatment, including COVID testing or vaccination.
For essential goods and services like groceries, power tokens, medications.
To provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves.
You cannot travel more than 30 kilometres from your home when leaving for one of the three reasons, or the nearest practical destination.
If you need to go to the hospital and it's more than 30 kilometres from your home, that's okay.
The only three reasons, sorry, there are only three reasons to leave the home now, not five.
Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated.
The Chief Health Officer has also determined that restriction of movement is critical right now, and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential.
Remember, these restrictions only apply to those who are not fully vaccinated.
So they said it was all coming, and you're never really fully vaccinated, and this is the collapse of civilization.
So you're gonna go bankrupt, we're gonna deny you the right to work,
And you're going to just stay at home until you take this, because here's the deal.
They're going to claim a new bioweapons release in a year or two that's going to kill billions.
Really, it's the shot you've taken.
And I'm sorry to have to tell folks, but a lot of you, unless we find out how to reverse this, are dead.
I mean, it's just the way it is.
Doesn't matter if you're in the military, who you are.
But that's why key globalist personnel are given the saline shot.
They're all in on it, too.
They know.
They're giving the conservatives, the Christians, the people's property they want.
They've got actuaries.
They've got databases.
And it's just, it's incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
And so you see it all happening.
Here is the criminal that says he loves dictatorship and wants to be a dictator like Xi Jinping, and he admires China's dictatorship.
Those are quotes.
Blaming people that haven't taken the shots for the lockdowns, when for the first year of it, there weren't even shots.
And they admit that not letting people get their medical care was a government directive of the chief health officials, the chief dictators.
But here he is blaming everybody else that's getting sick from the shots, everybody else with things going bankrupt and society falling apart, not on their lockdowns, not on the Great Reset, not on Klaus Schwab, not on their plan to do all this in their own admissions, but no, on the people that are smart enough to not take these poisons.
They're making their move.
The Great Depopulation is here.
All the top scientists we talked to are on record agreeing this is real.
Ted Nugent's coming up to break it all down, but here is the criminal, the actual archetypal villain, Trudeau.
When people are seeing cancer treatments and elective surgeries put off because beds are filled with people who chose not to get vaccinated, they're frustrated.
When people see that we're in lockdowns or serious public health restrictions right now,
Because the risk posed to all of us by unvaccinated people, people get angry.
He's the one that did it.
They're the ones that ordered it all.
They're the ones that put you in the endless fake emergency you never get out of.
He says the people are angry.
Well, yeah.
Now they're going to start hurting us.
They're going to hurt us either way, aren't they?
Republican Senators.
What are they busy doing?
Well, they're busy repeating the talking points that Merrick Garland has written for them.
Here's one example.
We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week, and it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol, where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage, incredible bravery,
Let's be honest.
Everyone who's conservative appreciates Ted Cruz.
You may not like him, but you gotta appreciate him.
He's legitimately smart.
He's one of the more articulate people to serve in the Congress.
Maybe the most articulate.
He doesn't use a single word by accident.
Every word Ted Cruz uses is used intentionally.
He's a lawyer!
He described January 6th as a violent terrorist attack.
Of all the things that January 6th was, it was definitely not a violent terrorist attack.
It wasn't an insurrection.
Was it a riot?
It was not a violent terrorist attack.
So why are you telling us that it was, Ted Cruz?
And why are none of your Republican friends are supposed to be representing us and all the people who have been arrested?
During this purge, saying anything.
What the hell's going on here?
You're making us think maybe the Republican Party is as worthless as we suspected it was.
And people say, hey that happened a year ago, why are you harping on January 6th?
Well there's hundreds of people still in solitary confinement being tortured like they're in North Korea, some of which are completely unviolent.
While the Democrats burned down three billion dollars of equipment and killed dozens of people, but that's called mostly peaceful.
And now they're building on the back of this the new anti-terror apparatus.
Is it for the Taliban or Al Qaeda?
They say the main threat is conservatives and Christians and gun owners.
Waco on a mass scale.
Joining us is Ted Nugent to talk about Ted Cruz and more in the year 2022.
So Mr. Nugent, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Well, greetings to you, Alex, and I got to tell you, I sincerely wish everyone a happy New Year 2022, but it's going to be quite a challenge to remain happy with all the toxicity and the treason, the dishonesty.
I guess I can start off by saying two things.
A big salute to you for being the cockroach spotlighter.
You're doing the job that the Founding Fathers wanted all Americans to do, to be suspicious of everything, especially the government and the media, and to stand up for the self-evident, truth-based, constitutional Bill of Rights, God-given individual gifts.
But I salute you, Alex, and I also salute the great Tucker Carlson.
But boy, does that guy have a cockroach spotlight that
Deserves an award, and especially as we salute those who are standing up for good over evil.
I sent a text condemning, absolutely condemning the otherwise great Ted Cruz, who I helped get elected in every instance because he is a constitutionalist, but my God, talking about entering the dark side
Every word out of Ted Cruz's mouth that you just played from the Tucker Carlson Show was an absolute lie and a viciously treasonous misrepresentation of what actually took place on January 6th.
What happened to Ted Cruz?
And set the record straight, Ted Nugent, about what really happened on January 6th.
Well, and again, you know, I often repeat the obvious that I'm just a guitar player, but I'm actually a We The People experimenter and self-government guitar player, which means I'm tuned in to the world around me, especially the only experiment in self-government, the sacred United States of America.
And here's what happened on January 6th.
President Trump did a speech and a presentation and had a rally with good conservative families supporting God, family, country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence.
That man in the arena work ethic that has created the greatest quality of life in the history of the world.
Then Ray Epps
We're good to go.
Those were Antifa punks and those were Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey, J. Edgar Hoover punks that perpetrated all the violence, all the violent activity dressed in Trump regalia.
Who the hell doesn't know this?
I got up this morning and more than 50 publications, I couldn't even keep track of it all, MSN, Newsweek, the New York Times, they all ran the same type of headlines that Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh, here's some of the headlines, that Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh are the cause of January 6th.
So Limbaugh was barely alive then and they were blaming Rush Limbaugh.
This is incredible.
Well, again, the First Amendment guarantees the self-evident truth and God-given right that we the people experiment in self-government.
The only example of that in the history of humankind, a King George bite me, and anybody who wants to play King George, you're in for a Concord Bridge, you dirtbags.
And the point is, we had a peaceful protest, but when you have real terrorists,
When you have real treasonous Marxists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and God help us all, Alex, actual agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, no wonder they don't wince, no wonder they don't cringe.
Sure, violently when they enter a building that says J. Edgar Hoover over the front and then allow a punk like James Comey to be their director.
And I know there's some great FBI agents out there that are angry at me for saying that, but the reason you're angry is because you're guilty.
And the fact that you are taking some heat, Alex, along with the great Rush Limbaugh and myself and President Trump and the good conservative families of America,
Proves that Uncle Sam is the most dangerous threat to the United States of America because the enemies of America turned a peaceful protest as ushered in by law enforcement, as ushered in by the provocateurs of the FBI undercover, as orchestrated by the re-eps federal punks of the world
And then people are still in jail?
What, are we going to get on the trains and go to our showers next?
This is unbelievable.
January 6th is not like Pearl Harbor.
January 6th is not like 9-11.
You lying, dishonest, treasonous, America-hating punks on the left.
You're heading for a bruising, my friends.
Well, as Tucker Carlson said, as you said, Ted Cruz is very smart.
He doesn't just say stuff for no reason.
He knows they're getting ready to frame America with more false flags and demonize the populist pro-America Ted Nugent, Second Amendment type, Alex Jones type movement.
He's trying to get ahead of that, I believe, before the midterms.
My spidey sense, plus all the pre-programming I see, Ted, tells me that the next 306 days, the deep state's going to try to pull something off bigger than January 6th and blame it on us.
Well, that's their modus operandi, isn't it?
But I gotta tell you, if I could take a deep breath, because it's difficult with all this horrible evil running amok at the hands of the media, and not just the Democrats, but the Republicans that haven't found their balls yet.
And academia and the unions are the worst that I've ever seen in my 73 years.
America, take a deep breath and be sure you let your mayor, your senator, your congressman, your governor, and the White House know on a regular basis, I would say at this point during these tragic times, on a weekly basis, communicate with your elected employees and let them know that you know January 6th
Was not an insurrection.
It was not Pearl Harbor and it was not 9-11.
It had nothing to do with any of those horrific events.
And to allow this lie to continue is really the responsibility of people that know the truth.
And if we don't demand the truth, especially from a guy like Ted Cruz.
Last night I immediately texted Ted because he's been an ally for conservative values and constitutional rights all of his life.
And for him to turn like he did last night, I'm hoping Ted Cruz will take a deep breath.
And he's going on Tucker tonight.
I got word from both entities that Ted Cruz will be on Tucker Carlson tonight to try to explain himself.
But the only... Hold on, Ted Nugent, I know you gotta go soon.
Do five more minutes with another side to finish up with this and hit on the forced inoculations.
Stay with us.
And we've got Ted Nugent.
Who I think has the rock and roll anthem, Stranglehold, but you gotta hear him.
If you haven't played the Star Spangled Banner, it's even better.
He's got a new great hit single out there as well, Come and Take It, that we've been playing, that we absolutely love.
We want to drive that to number one on the charts on Spotify and iTunes.
It's already close.
But Ted, getting back to the big issue at hand, you were getting cut off by the break, talking about Tucker Carlson and calling out what Ted Cruz did.
Yesterday, for me, I think you and people like Tucker Carlson are the model of America.
You're just populist.
You believe in our basic rights and freedom, and that should unify people around all that.
And to have Ted Cruz putting out the same talking points as Chuckie Schumer and the Democrats that are also a lie is super dangerous.
And I think it spotlights, as you like to say,
The reason we keep losing this country is we know the Democrats are bad, but if we didn't have Republicans continually stabbing us in the back, we would turn this country around.
And the truth shall make us free.
We shall know the truth.
Well, here is the God's truth about January 6th, 2021.
Close your eyes.
Go back to that day.
What do you see?
Rioters rampaging, waving for the first time inside this Capitol, Confederate flag that symbolized the cause to destroy America, to rip us apart.
Even during the Civil War, that never, ever happened.
But it happened here in 2021.
What else do you see?
A mob breaking windows.
Kicking in doors.
Breaching the Capitol.
American flags on poles being used as weapons, as spears.
Fire stingers being thrown at the heads of police officers.
A crowd that professes their love for law enforcement assaulted those police officers.
Dragged them, sprayed them, stomped on them.
Over 140 police officers were injured.
We all heard the police officers who were there that day testify.
To what happened?
One officer called it, quote, a medieval battle, and that he was more afraid that day than he was fighting the war in Iraq.
They've repeatedly asked since that day, how dare anyone, anyone, diminish, belittle or deny the hell they were put through?
We saw it with our own eyes.
Rioters menaced these halls, threatening the life of the Speaker of the House, literally erecting gallows to hang the Vice President of the United States of America.
But what did we not see?
We didn't see a former president who had just rallied the mob to attack, sitting in a private dining room off the Oval Office in the White House, watching it all on television and doing nothing.
For hours, as police were assaulted, lives at risk, the nation's capital under siege.
Ted Cruz coming out and saying that the people that attacked the Capitol were terrorists.
Well, yes, some of the feds and anti-fund BLM and some of the Q folks that thought they were there for Trump, who were being manipulated by the deep state, who were there LARPing.
Live action role-playing.
They did go in there.
A couple hundred people did attack the police and that's wrong and they should be charged with assaulting police.
None of the police got killed or died so they shouldn't be charged like they're murderers and kept in solitary confinement.
But we know that the feds were there and ran that operation and Darren Beatty, Dr. Darren Beatty, will be on in the fourth hour today to lay this out.
People are like, hey, we all know it was provocateur.
We all know, Alex, why do you keep talking about it?
Well, you see every channel in the country is talking about it.
You see every program and every broadcast how the new threat and the new terrorist are the Midwesterners, and the Texans, and the ranchers, and the veterans, and the farmers, and the gun owners.
And this is the branding for the martial law takeover.
The COVID martial laws, the training wheels, then it's meant to make people that don't want to be locked down fight back, and they're going to be called terrorists.
And that's in the terrorism plan of June of last year that is now the official policy of our country.
I mean, imagine if Russia declared, our number one threat is our own people.
People say, that's an authoritarian country.
Or if China announced the number one threat is the people, which they've actually done.
This is what dictatorships do.
This is what authoritarian systems do.
This is the type of system that you live under when you're in a tyranny.
And I played you clips earlier, ladies and gentlemen, where they are now saying in Australia,
State governors, premiers, as they're called, are there saying, you can't go outside your house if you haven't had the shot.
You can't go to work, you can't do anything.
I mean, this is on a scale of one to ten, ten being death camps, this is like a nine.
And every time you get to this point, it goes to the ten.
And of course, we told you almost two years ago, this is all going to unfold.
So I'm somebody that can handle a lot.
But you know why I'm at my breaking point?
Most people are in a daze, and I can't seem to get through to them.
And they don't deserve to die, but they are going to die, because they can't get out of that comfort zone of just, it's television.
We've been raised from birth looking at TVs being spectators, and we don't know when something bad is actually happening to us.
It's very, very sad.
It's very, very dangerous.
I've been so upset.
I didn't even plug yesterday.
And if I don't promote products, don't sell products, we're not going to be here.
And I promise not to give up.
And I'm not going to give up.
But I could give out.
And so first off, people need to wake up.
And I mean, myself included.
We need to get serious and get right with God.
And we need to promote venues and operations and systems that tell the truth.
We need to be able to really get aggressive in information.
You know, Ted Nugent was saying, call Congress or call your mayor or call your statehouse once a week.
How about five times a day, every day?
I mean, they're turning our power off.
They're shutting our borders down and opening them completely.
They are destroying us.
They're declaring us terrorists.
It's a takeover.
And their whole system is based on gaslighting us and silencing us so we don't know what has hit us.
But, you know, the bad news is this is all happening really quick.
The good news is you're going to be dead soon, so you won't have to worry about it anymore.
I mean, folks, you're going to you're going to be in the dark soon.
I mean, we're talking worldwide collapse, mass death.
And by the way, I don't just say that.
You understand.
You understand the game's over, folks.
This is a real move of planetary depopulation.
This is just rolling.
This is just getting started.
And when they cut the power and the resources off, they're going to blame the uninjected for it.
And then say, we're stopping them, we're arresting them, we're putting them in prison.
And then they'll go, oh, we fixed it, there's no more pandemic, everything's fine, because we have the power to disappear and lock up whoever we want.
See how that works, ladies and gentlemen?
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
I'm too angry.
I may have to leave.
I'm serious.
I just can't do this anymore.
I just... I just... I just... I just... I cannot do it anymore!
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the build-up for what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
But they're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
So listen, Paul Reveres, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you pray for the broadcast, you're the tip of the spear.
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Only way we fail is if you don't take action.
You know, folks, we should be upset.
We should be outside our comfort zones.
We should be really freaked out right now.
Because I have a stack of news here where they're just killing people with these poison shots and they're doing all sorts of horrible things to our bodies and they are growing nano-matrixes in us.
That's what they're doing.
They have hit us with a super weapon.
It just does so many things, hits you so many ways.
And we've now cracked the code on exactly what's going on.
But does it even matter if I tell people?
I mean, seriously.
Listen to Kamala Harris, the woman who had less than one half a percentage point support by Democratic voters when she ran for the primary, telling you that they're battling people that are trying to silence their voices, and that the few hundred people that they tricked into fighting with the police
And the 500 or so that then got waved into the Capitol, that they're trying to silence people.
No, it's the left burning down cities.
It's the left censoring everybody.
It's big tech and the corporate structure taking away millions of people's bank accounts and PayPal because they're gun owners.
It's NASCAR now saying, well, we may not let somebody have a Let's Go Brandon thing on their car.
Oh, we may not let the world champion tennis player into Australia because, you know, he doesn't have the shot.
This is all oppression.
It's all classical tyranny.
But with a science fiction gravy.
But here's Kamala Harris gaslighting the world, telling you and telling everybody that
We're the ones silencing them because we wanted to go and have a 10-day investigation by the Senate, which is in the law.
And to Ted Cruz's credit, he did vote to do that.
He was one of eight senators that did it.
Now he's backpedaling to be able to actually investigate.
But no court ever investigated.
Nobody ever investigated.
They just said, well, Democrats got consent decrees from these seven states.
So they would accept mail-in ballots with no signatures or confirmation.
And so that's just the way it is.
We're just letting it through and certifying it.
And Georgia re-ran the election in spot areas and ran the exact same computer program over again and said, oh, look, it's been done.
But when you actually did a real audit in Arizona, a spot audit, it showed just off the votes of that spot audit in one county, Trump won massively.
That's the reality and we all know it.
Here's Kamala Harris.
What was at stake then and now?
is the right to have our future decided the way the Constitution prescribes it.
By we, the people.
All the people.
We cannot let our future be decided by those bent on silencing our voices, overturning our votes, and peddling lies and misinformation.
Her family, literally including her father, had slave labor in Jamaica.
She has no African blood in her.
She's a fraud on every level.
And then she talks about how
They're not going to be oppressed by us.
And look how fake she is.
Look at what a joke she is.
Everybody knows it.
You didn't win the election.
And that's what's so sad about Trump going sideways right now is that he did a lot of good and they stole it from him.
They hate his guts.
Again, I just want this to sink in for everybody.
That they are giving you an injection that erases your immune system, and they're giving you an injection that begins growing nanoparticles in your body, that eat holes in your tissue, that then white blood cells then also attack, and then once the spike protein has embedded itself in your cells, then your own body starts chewing holes in it.
And it migrates the ovaries and the testicles and attacks fertility.
And it's all confirmed.
I mean, look at these headlines I've got today.
Report 1 in 70 vaccinated students suffer microcarditis at private school.
1 in 70 vaccinated students suffer microcarditis at private school.
A fourth report
Microcarditis at a private children's academy in California brings the incidence rate to roughly 170, pathologist Stephen Kirsch estimates.
On Wednesday, Kirsch reported via Substack, and it's Kirsch reporting on what the pathologist is saying, on Wednesday Kirsch reported via Substack that he'd privately received a report
From a concerned parent that a fourth student at the Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville had been diagnosed.
Kersh had already documented three cases at the school with an enrollment of about 855 students last month.
So now there are four cases in 285 vaccinated boys, bringing the incidence rate to nearly 1 in 70, assuming all the cases are boys.
And he does the math right there.
This is not rare, this is a disaster, he added.
And he's got all the epidemiologists quoted there.
And the pathologist that he's got in his articles.
Here's another one.
CNN coronavirus tracker not featured 24-7 despite 1 million daily cases under Biden.
But again, it's all a fraud because they're counting the new variant.
And they're counting the common cold in the new PCR test that they have admitted to fraud the whole time.
So it's fraud built on fraud built on fraud.
And some people are sick and dying from the shots.
Other people are sick, getting other colds, other problems.
They're going to the hospital.
They're not getting treatment.
Then it gets worse.
Then they die.
Because they're calling the cold and flu COVID-19 and Delta variant and Omicron.
But it's not.
It's denial of care.
What did Trudeau just say last night?
He said, we have lockdowns and we have sick people and we have all these problems.
We have people not getting healthcare because of the unvaccinated.
It's almost the first year of the lockdown in Canada, they didn't even have the damn vaccine.
No, you ordered the lockdown.
You caused the crisis.
That caused the mass starvation in the third world.
You did, you little murderer!
And you will face God for what you've done.
He went to the Davos Group.
He got the degree from Klaus Schwab's Bilderberg Group as a young world leader 20 years ago.
And look at him up there carrying out the operation lockstep and saying he's carrying out lockstep.
And now he says he wants carbon lockdowns.
They're just getting you used to lockdowns.
The man is a complete fraud.
Omicron spreads faster than Delta within vaccine individuals Danish study finds.
Another big story up on Infowars.com from the Epoch Times.
Whoopi Goldberg shocked at catching COVID despite being triple vaxxed.
Unvaxxed Aussies told they won't be allowed to exercise or go to work or leave their houses.
Rand Paul creeps closer to the truth.
Tells Fox News that he slams hysteria over renewed shutdown of schools, vaccine absolutism, but it's the collapse of civilization.
And once you destabilize it and collapse it enough and train people not to work, then everything breaks down.
And then you bring in third world populations that are collapsing because of it to weigh down the lifeboats even more, and then this whole system sinks.
Immediate fate revealed as tennis star fights deportation over vaccination status.
So they tell him, yeah, you can get your waiver.
Come here once he gets to Australia.
Oh, no, we're not sure we may kick you out.
All obsessing over it.
Total control.
He has to wait in an Australian detention hotel.
It's all just training you to live in martial law.
Is your life worth it?
Is being the champion worth it?
Boycott it!
We all have to say no now or consign ourselves to a living hell under the control of these people.
And that ties into Aaron Rodgers.
He's a bum.
Aaron Rodgers calls out NFL MVP voter who won't back him because he's unvaccinated.
So that's a social credit score.
It's not about if he's the best player.
It's not about if he's the most valuable, it's about that he submit to the social credit score.
That's the system we live in, folks.
That's the globalism.
Not creeping in, but rushing in.
And where are we as a civilization?
USPS seeks temporary relief from the Biden administration's vaccine or test mandate, warning of potentially catastrophic impact to the service.
And if the oldest U.S.
agency, after the Army, but technically an agency, not a bureau, collapses, what does that say?
Well, everything else collapses.
Medicine, other people's jobs, people's companies, confidence in the system, our system, the model of the world now being erased by the hysteria over,
You've got Omicron, the common cold.
Oh, you've got to stay home two weeks now, and everybody else around you's got to stay home.
And then it breaks down, it collapses, the system unwinds.
You go home, watch TV, get more depressed, take more Prozac.
They know what they're doing.
According to VAERS' website, there are now over a million adverse reactions.
They say about one in a hundred get reported, Harvard estimates.
So according to VAERS' website, there are now over a million adverse reaction cases of COVID-19 vaccine and over 21,000 deaths.
We've got so much more on this, but we've got a Gregory's report dealing with the nanotech that is the vaccine.
But it's beyond that.
After we play the report, I'm going to explain the rest of the story and lay it all out for you.
But this is incredibly important information.
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And folks, I'm sorry I keep getting mad and throwing fits.
I mean, I'm probably just going to have to take off a couple weeks or something because, I mean, folks, they're really killing everybody.
I mean, I can't just sit here like it's no big deal.
They are murdering everybody!
All right, we're going to play a Greg Reese report right now that is completely documented.
And then I'm going to give you the rest of the story after we play this report.
Evidence of self-assembling nanochemistry in the Pfizer vaccine.
Again, evidence of self-assembling nanocircuitry in the Pfizer vaccine.
It's on Band.Video in the Gregory section.
It's also been posted to the front page of InfoWars.com.
I'm going to have it added to the live show feed of the broadcast.
It needs to get 10 million views.
It went up a few hours ago, it's got 64,000.
That's wonderful, that's good.
We're trying to cause a mass chain reaction awakening.
And that's not going to happen with 300,000, 400,000 views on the video.
It's going to happen when these videos start getting millions apiece.
And the enemy knows that.
That's why they're working around the clock to block this information.
Remember, you are the resistance and believe me,
Believe me now or experience it later, it's going to get progressively worse and more hellish for you as they shut civilization down.
And we can criticize America for all its problems, but notice we're one of the freest and most open countries left.
And the blue cities are occupied by the enemy, literally by globalist forces.
And as soon as we start realizing that and understanding how much trouble we're in is the sooner we fix it.
That's what they've got.
Over on us is that it's so evil.
It's so coordinated.
It's so psychotic.
It's like having Jeffrey Dahmer for the president, that people have trouble believing it or understanding it.
But I remember talking to a lot of experts last year and others, and then it came out in government documents that COVID-19 is a synthetic nanoparticle.
And that's why they said it's a virus out of a wet lab or a virus out of one of these markets or whatever.
It's because that's just the cover for them to introduce a whole family of spike proteins that are self-replicating nanotech.
Here's Greg Reese's report.
Ricardo Delgado has a master's in biostatistics.
His postgraduate studies included microbiology, epidemiology, and immunology.
He is the founder of the fifth column.
Delgado has published videos of electron microscopy taken at the University of Almeria in Spain of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine showing what can best be described as self-organizing nanostructures.
The videos show that as the Pfizer mRNA vaccine evaporates, nano-sized structures begin to form.
Multiple structures that appear to be the same things.
Things that look like microchips and electronic circuitry.
Pfizer has reportedly made 33 different batches, which have all been cataloged in a database, some dangerous and others seemingly innocuous.
So these things maybe aren't in every vial, but the FDA has said that they need 75 years to tell us all the details, so maybe they are.
At a World Economic Forum 2018 conference, the Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer expressed excitement for invasive nanotech.
Referring to the recent FDA approval of a tablet with a sensor that can notify medical authorities of compliance.
It is basically a biological chip, but it is in the tablet.
And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet.
So imagine the applications of that.
Later that year, a nanotransistor chip is unveiled that replaces silicone with air.
Just this week, a COVID implantable microchip developer claimed, we will be chipped whether we like it or not.
There has been much talk about graphene oxide and nanotech in the vaccines.
Which the media vehemently claims is not true.
But how would they know?
And why would anyone trust a word that they say about any of this?
If there are nanocircuits being created within the bodies of the vaccinated, this would explain the videos we've seen of IP addresses coming from the jabbed.
A newly activated network of nanocircuits, unique to each individual.
One of the leading experts of nanotechnology, Charles Lieber, has written patents describing a technology that has the potential to self-assemble into tiny computer systems capable of controlling human neurology, which is exactly what Delgado's electron microscopy of the Pfizer jab appears to be.
Charles Lieber was just convicted on numerous crimes for working with the Communist Chinese in Wuhan, where Pfizer ran a research and development facility.
Elon Musk expects to be implanting his Neuralink into human beings this year, and claims that they could put you fully into virtual reality, as if this is somehow important for humanity.
For humanity, it isn't.
But for the transhumanist, it's a necessity.
And if you listen to the psychopaths orchestrating all of this, transhumanism is officially their stated goal.
And they won't need Elon's implantable chip.
With injectable nano-sized circuitry in the human brain and nervous system, non-intrusive wearable tech will do the job just fine.
And this is rapidly being developed by WelcomeLeap, a privately run umbrella corporation connecting DARPA, Silicon Valley, and the military, who has tripled their network in less than a year, boasting success for the deadly mRNA vaccines.
And pushing to accelerate new ones designed to correct every so-called flaw of the human psyche that stands in the way of productivity to an authoritarian state run by artificial intelligence that monitors and controls their neurological functions 24-7.
This is exactly what they say they want by the year 2030.
So either the vaccines are a way of interfacing the new transhuman with AI technology or they're lying and it's all about depopulation.
Which is what the latest data is showing.
Natural News recently estimated billions of deaths if it isn't stopped in the next year.
It obviously isn't about public health, and whether it's about depopulation or transhumanism, it is a threat to all of humanity.
We could ponder until the end about why anyone would want to do this, but the real question is why are we letting them?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And you've got Yuval Harari, the main science head of Debo, saying, quote, the future is not human and we're going to put things in your food and water that migrate to your brain to make you merge with AI.
They're not asking.
This is their revolution.
And what they found is, in psychological studies they've done, once they abuse people and do this to them,
They're gonna like the abuse, and they're gonna go, oh, you're trans now, you mutated, you're a beautiful new creature, and criticizing that will get you sent to a death camp.
That's why there's all the movies about being mutants, and how cool it is, and, oh, a man can be a woman, and a woman can be a man, and, oh, adults can have sex with children, or whatever we want to be.
That's what this whole thing is.
And so for those that merge with the silicon, they survive and go into the future.
Those that don't, it kills you.
And this is the giant experiment they're doing.
And they admit they're doing it.
That's what's so frustrating.
When we come back, I'm going to get to the rest of the story.
Because I have all the documents right here.
I mean, are we asking if this is nanotech?
COVID-19 is nanotech.
And the so-called vaccines they created that make your body create the spike protein in the cells are nanotech.
It is artificially made and replicates artificially.
It's alien.
As if it never has been on this planet before.
I'm not saying it's from aliens, but it's alien to human biology.
And now it's spreading into all the Earth.
Remember the Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence, where he becomes a dust that infests everything the AI takes over that way?
So here we are on January 6, 2022.
And it's open and shut now.
We know the Feds ran the attacks, did the whole thing, had thousands of troops there, all stations in plain clothes, obviously some of them helping break into the Capitol and run the whole operation, and they set us all up, and now they're trying to put all of us, they tried to set up in prison, even though we tried to stop what happened.
Because they are a criminal, globalist, ruthless group taking over.
And they are the same ones that launched the whole COVID-19 operation, that cooked it up and released it.
So here's the riddle of COVID-19, and here is what is really going on.
If you release a bioweapon on people, folks are going to find out who did it, and that means war.
So you get the UN together, you get a bunch of countries together, you have a multinational lab with a bunch of countries working in it, more than a dozen.
In China, and then you're Bill Gates and you send the emails out in November and December of 2019 saying, here's the vaccine we need made for this spike protein and this virus, and it's COVID-19.
That's open and shut, send them to prison right there, right?
And then they tell more than a dozen vaccine makers around the world, we don't care how you do it, but you need to have the body
Make the spike protein of this virus in itself to quote, learn how to defeat it or whatever, and instead it just colonizes you with it.
And then you read deeper into what Peter Daszak brought to the Pentagon and to DARPA in 2017 and said, oh, we've got nanotech spike protein of COVID-19 that we can just spray on people.
Would you like to buy this from us?
Would you like to be part of testing this open air?
And the Pentagon said, are you crazy?
That would start a war.
You want to spray it out in the public in China?
So that's the level of crazy town that's been going on.
That's the level of this garbage that has been unfolding at every single facet of our society.
And that's why I'm sitting there talking to people that I know personally, who in the last year and a half say they've had COVID three times.
You ever get smallpox three times?
You ever get?
No, no, no.
If it's supposedly a virus, COVID-19, you're going to get immunity to real mutations of that virus for many, many years.
If you've already had it, naturally.
And a normal vaccine would give you 10 years or more, but these aren't vaccines.
So people that haven't taken the shots are getting sick two, three, four times.
The people that have taken the shots are even getting sicker and more often.
And what's going on?
Because they had to release COVID-19 and the spike protein is the cover for all the other nanotech releases they're doing of COVID-19 spike protein.
That they can spray in a movie theater or spray out of a plane or they can give somebody the injection and their body creates it and sheds it.
Pfizer's own website says, and they got the EU to even pass a law, that they're allowed to do that.
So this is a colonizing protein crystal.
That's artificial.
That Anthony Fauci has the patent to jointly with Bill Gates.
It's on record.
And they have hit us with their invention and with their weapon.
And they're in a race to make everybody take it.
So everybody will be so sick.
They won't be able to resist into the future.
And that can give you an idea of what are they going to pull to cover up this event.
Something much bigger.
Power outages, fake cyber attacks, new wars, terror attacks.
I mean, it's all going down.
And I am so upset.
We're living inside the New World Order.
We tried to stop this from happening, but now we're here.
Now it's going on.
And only a full understanding of this and a revelation of how the globalist operation can turn this around.
Half measures won't do it.
Eating around the edges of it won't do it.
Ted Cruz and Trump and Senator Paul and all them are doing.
So here's some of the articles I mentioned.
Here's the London Telegraph.
And again, it's all about, oh, they wanted to spray it in China.
What was it?
A nanotech particle.
Synthetic replicating virus.
Luhan scientists plan to release coronavirus particles into bat caves.
Leaked papers reveal.
London Telegraph.
Wuhan scientists plan to release chimeric COVID spike proteins into bat populations using skin-penetrating nanoparticles.
Recent advances in graphene-based hybrids with magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications.
And when you read how they replicate the spike protein, it grows like a crystal.
Just like the crystals in transistor radios, just like the crystals in the silicon system.
mRNA vaccine delivery using lipid nanoparticles.
Here's all the patents on it from PubMed.
This is what's going on.
This is what's unfolding.
This is what we have been collectively hammered and hit with at every level.
Now I want to play a very important clip coming up here in a few minutes of Robert Kennedy Jr.
explains why Fauci is going after children.
And what he says is on record and totally true and is a huge evil war crime and scandal in and of itself.
But that's only one level.
This is not about money.
Yeah, the drug reps and the company heads, the people following the directives, it's all about money.
But for the groups above it, it's about sterilization, depopulation, playing God and engaging in mad scientist behavior where they say they want to merge with Silicon and become gods.
Well, the only way to do that
Is to give enough people these shots and then test what's happening and see what genetic lines are able to merge with this and what immortal cell lines can be merged with this.
So they want to merge biological immortal cell lines with a human synthesis that is able to merge with these nanotech synthetic matrices.
And then they admit all this.
I mean, I mentioned some of this earlier.
Look how they spend the people that are behind it as the saviors.
Oh, look, the Davos Group.
Technology will enslave you.
Global elites will save you.
60 minutes.
Human history will end when we become gods.
Oh, there's not room for a lot of gods, though.
It goes on from there.
Here's Robert Kennedy, Jr.
knocking it out of the park.
Okay, so what are your views on giving this COVID vaccine that they've made to kids?
I know I'm from Canada and I think that they're implementing that in order to go to school in Canada.
Well, they have to give it to kids because here's why.
They cannot market this vaccine without having immunity shield.
Oh, I mean, I sue pharmaceutical companies for a living.
And I have enough criminal activity that I know about Pfizer at this point and Moderna.
If they went ahead and marketed a vaccine where they end up killing people or injuring them, and I can sue them, they'd be thrilled.
So they're never going to market a vaccine, allow people access to a vaccine, an approved vaccine,
Without getting liability protection.
Now the emergency use authorization vaccines have liability protection under the PrEP Act and the CARES Act.
So as long as you take an emergency use, you can't sue them.
Once they get approved, now you can sue them.
They can get it recommended for children.
Because all vaccines that are officially recommended for children get liability protection, even if an adult gets that vaccine.
That's why they're going after kids.
They know this is going to kill and injure a huge number of children, but they need to do it for the liability protection.
And here's how they know that it's going to injure kids.
During the Pfizer study, they only tested it on 1,300 children.
And one of those we now know was a girl called Maddie Gary.
We only know about this because she and her family came forward and told us what happened.
Maddie Gary got the vaccine.
She immediately went into seizures.
She is now in a wheelchair for life, and she needs a feeding tube to eat.
Oh, Pfizer, you know, because Pfizer only tested on 1,300 kids, it is stuck with the extrapolation.
One out of every 1,300 kids is going to be injured like that.
An injury worse than death.
Pfizer did not report her injury.
Instead, it said she had a stomach ache.
So that's what they reported to the FDA.
They lied.
I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
There isn't a tyrant alive or dead who has any love or respect for individual rights.
So when Americans are confused as to why their own government would ever try to harm them, they either don't understand the nature of evil or they don't grasp how priceless the Bill of Rights actually are.
They are the bane of the globalist tyrants who seek to control all of humanity.
We could trace this conspiracy of tyrants all the way back to the 18th century, but we'll begin with the year that gave birth to the Federal Reserve Bank and Big Pharma.
In 1910, the Carnegie Foundation published the Flexner Report, which directly led to the shutting down of natural traditional medicine and gave way for the Rockefellers to patent and monopolize the medicine industry.
That same year, Rothschild banking dynasty's Paul Warburg, along with high-ranking members of U.S.
banking and government, met in secret to hatch a plan that would financially rob every single American citizen for generations to come.
Fractional Reserve Banking was considered a scam for centuries.
This changed in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Banking System.
Fractional Reserve Banking became the norm, regulated by the Fed.
The Federal Reserve was also given the task of managing the U.S.
debt, otherwise known as inflation, the hidden tax where the Fed gets to bail out members of their criminal cabal while everyone else suffers.
Meanwhile, their families created their own interest-free banks, utilizing what's known as a whole life insurance policy and family trusts, keeping their own wealth safely out of the Federal Reserve System.
A banking system that gave this cabal unlimited funds to wage war against all of humanity.
In 1921, after years of meeting in secret, the Roundtable Movement, a group that sought to reunify America with the crown, and the Harvard Business School merged factions to become the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank allowing bankers and industrialists the opportunity to engineer government policy and discreetly undermine American democracy.
In 1942, the OSS was formed by the Cabal as an intelligence agency to fight the war.
OSS member Alan Dulles went on to help create the CIA in 1947, who immediately began seizing control of the worldwide illicit drug market, starting with the heroin trade in Sicily.
The CIA's reputation speaks for itself.
They are the world's biggest drug cartel.
Overthrower of nations and purveyors of propaganda and MKUltra.
The globalist cabal has these intelligence groups in all of their nations with no oversight.
Using them as a secret army to carry out their agenda.
In 1944, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were created under the guise of fostering global growth, followed by the United Nations in 1945.
What they actually did was work together to violently seize control of entire nations.
The World Bank trained people known as economic hitmen,
To make a simple offer to world leaders on their behalf.
Either accept a massive loan designed to bankrupt their nation, or be killed.
And many were.
The game is simple.
Conquer by debt.
The Federal Reserve banking system does it to every individual.
And the World Bank and IMF do it to every nation.
Once indebted to these crooked institutions, they lose control over their own destiny.
The only difference between the Mafia and this globalist cabal is scale.
Starting in 1951, Henry Kissinger founded and directed the Harvard International Seminar.
Funded by Kissinger through grants from private foundations known to be fronts for the CIA, the Harvard International Seminar was yet another group of globalist leaders coming together to discuss the future of a one-world government.
The first documented meeting of the infamous Bilderberg Group was in 1954.
But it would take the public 50 years to become aware of them.
In 1955, the Bilderberg Group privately discussed plans for the European Union and the Euro.
38 years before their creation.
Slowly making their way into a one-world government controlled by their own interests.
The very word secrecy is repugnant.
In a free and open society.
And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.
After they assassinated JFK, the agenda went into overdrive.
Destructive leftist programs under the guise of welfare were deployed, making more and more people dependent upon big government.
In 1971, the UN votes to admit communist China and expel Taiwan, lighting a spark that leads to world war.
UN Ambassador George H.W.
Bush accompanies Henry Kissinger to open up business with the CCP,
That same year, a young Klaus Schwab, son of a Nazi industrialist and protege of Henry Kissinger, formed the World Economic Forum, replacing and expanding Kissinger's international seminar.
The World Economic Forum is made up of a thousand corporate entities.
Represented by a consensus of a hundred.
The same exact entities that make up the Bilderberg Group.
Because they are one and the same.
As the World Economic Forum, this group of power-hungry parasites goes public and gradually begins to normalize their agenda for world domination.
In 1974, Kissinger drafts National Security Study Memorandum 200, wherein he calls for worldwide depopulation.
And a year later, it becomes official U.S.
During the 1980s, the CIA sold cocaine to Los Angeles street gangs to fund an illegal war, while Big Pharma killed tens of thousands of Americans with AZT and lies.
In the 90s, they began spinning the outrageous lie that the loyal patriotic American is a domestic terrorist, while drafting more globalist policies such as NAFTA.
In 1992, Klaus Schwab established the Global Leaders for Tomorrow School, later re-established as the Young Global Leaders.
Attendees include all the major players of the COVID-19 hoax, the lockdowns, and the mandatory vaccines.
In 1992, Bill Gates was the head of a computer software company.
He attended Klaus Schwab's Globalist Leader Schools in 1993.
And in 1994, he begins his life in scientific research and global health with the formation of the William H. Gates Foundation.
Which later became the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Gates' so-called philanthropic efforts revolved around human depopulation, genetically modified foods, and experimental vaccines.
In 1997, Jeff Bezos' Amazon.com was the world's biggest bookstore.
In 1998, Bezos attended Schwab's Global Leaders School.
By the end of that same year, Amazon begins selling a wide variety of other products and expands sales outside of the U.S.
After they felled the World Trade Center, their propaganda story of Saudi hijackers with box cutters was used as the catalyst for destabilizing nations, creating armies of angry migrants, and stealing away more American liberties in the name of security.
Thanks to a small group of alternative journalists, people all over the world began waking up to the reality that an international cabal of powerful interests are conspiring to destroy national sovereignty, the Bill of Rights, and anything else standing in the way of a one-world government.
We are now witnessing their plans coming into fruition, the Great Reset, and Build Back Better.
But before they can build back better, they must destroy.
They must destroy civilization to the point that we collectively accept them and their tyrannical plans for global corporate governance as our only solution.
They haven't won yet, but they are well on their way to victory unless humanity stands against them.
For InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
That's a powerful report from Greg Reese that you can only find at banned.video because he's censored everywhere else.
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Thanks for keeping us on the air.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer taking over the Alex Jones Show now for the next two hours.
I've got two great guests.
First, we're joined here in just a matter of seconds by Dr. Mark McDonald, and then Darren Beattie is going to be joining me in the fourth hour, and then I'm going to be covering all the news hosting the War Room today after that, so with you for the next five hours.
Now, here is a timeline of a term
A very short.
Introduction, if you haven't heard of this, where you're talking about mass mental illness, or mass delusional psychosis, or mass formation, or now it's mass formation psychosis.
Dr. Mark McDonald talked about that in 2020.
Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, and others have also picked up the terminology and kind of rephrased it.
But Mark McDonald, Dr. McDonald with us now.
Let's just do a brief introduction here, short three-minute segment now, and then the long segments after that.
What is it that you witnessed that you saw that led you to coin the phrase?
Mass delusional psychosis, dr. Mark McDonald Well, let me give you a brief example of what I mean by that when I began to leave my home here in Los Angeles where I work and see alone people walking biking driving in their cars and
Wearing masks on their faces back in April and May of 2020, I noticed that there was something terribly wrong.
What it reminded me of, Owen, is the feeling that I had when I was in my residency program 12 years ago, and I would enter a locked ward in a psychiatric inpatient unit, and I would see that anyone around me that wasn't wearing a badge was most likely psychotic or otherwise crazy.
That's the same feeling that I started to have when I left my house here in Los Angeles in May of 2020.
I knew something was wrong.
I knew this was not a medical illness.
This was a psychological illness.
And so I began to document and I began to notice it in my patients and I began to speak out about it.
So, in other words, walking around in Los Angeles with the people brainwashed by the media in this mass delusional psychosis made you feel like you were in a psych ward just walking around in public.
That's exactly how I felt.
It was a visceral feeling, and it came from years and years of training and observing insane people.
And when I say insane, what I mean specifically in this case is the loss of rational faculty, the loss of the ability to make critical thought decisions, to weigh risks and benefits, to evaluate evidence.
In a nutshell, to think for oneself.
Now, obviously, in 2020 is when the mask was introduced and we've seen the insanity since then.
I mean, you'll see people running, you know, doing a jog with a mask on, cutting off their air supply.
There was a CBS report just earlier this week, I don't know if you've seen it, where they are promoting masks for children and the reporter puts a mask on and she says, see, look, there's no air getting in or out of my mask.
No air?
I mean, you're promoting kids not to breathe air?
So, I mean, how do you, where do you look to see how did this happen?
How did people start doing this?
Why are people doing this?
I mean, not to place blame or fault, but I mean, that's what it is.
How did these people get introduced to this mass delusion?
So in May of 2020, I was speaking at the Orange County School Board of Education meeting on reopening the schools.
We all thought this was going to be 15 days to flatten the curve, right?
Well, we're now on month, what, 21, 22 of flattening this curve?
And what I said after four hours of dry, dull, cantankerous, and just overwrought emotional debate at this meeting was, I stood up and I said, why are we here?
Why are we talking about this?
Why are we arguing about masks and closing schools and opening schools?
And I paused and I said, here's the answer.
The answer is because we, the adults, are afraid.
And we are transferring our fear and our anxiety onto our children because we do not have the courage to stand up as adults and protect them.
We have failed our children.
Fast forward to January of 2022, this week.
As you said, N95 masks are now being required in the state of California for children to return to school after they've been tested, after they've been injected, and after they've been boosted.
This insanity is still present two years later.
And you know that's the perfect answer.
We're going to a break here.
Short 90 second break.
But that is the perfect answer.
It's fear.
Fear has done this to us.
Something that we have control of.
We don't have to live in fear.
We do not have to live in fear, ladies and gentlemen.
And my guest, Dr. Mark McDonald.
Incredible resume.
I was reading it before he joined here.
No need to go into it, folks.
But it's great to see
Minds and leaders now, like Dr. McDonald, standing up to what we're seeing now, which in my view is mass mental illness.
The term has been coined by him in 2020, mass delusional psychosis.
Other doctors have rephrased it as mass formation psychosis.
It's mass Stockholm syndrome, folks.
We're all seeing it.
We all know what it is.
And it's sad.
And there's so many different elements of this we're going to get into with Dr. McDonald here in this hour.
And, you know, I kind of want to start with this because you talked about your experience in psych wards in California.
And how eerie it was to be walking the streets of California feeling like you're in a psych ward now with all the people walking around in a mask.
Let's build off of that for a second.
We want to help people that have mental illnesses.
This is why we form these wards and we try to have programs to help them, maybe even get them back to normal life, productive members of society.
Now we have this mass mental illness that is being forced upon us out in the public in so many places.
California may be the worst, New York up there as well.
But there doesn't seem to be any care.
Nobody seems to want to help these people.
The media wants to drive them into even a more mass psychosis.
So how do we deal with this element of, hey, we used to look at mass mental illness or mental illness in general and say, we want to help you.
We want you to drop these problems that you have.
We want you to be a productive member of society again.
Well, now mass mental illness is promoted as a good thing to the public.
How do you even wrap your head around that?
You just brought up a really good point, Owen.
Two years ago, when I would see a child come into my office, who was washing his hands ten times an hour, who was checking the locks on the door sixteen times a day, who was clinging to his mother's arms because he was afraid of going to a sleepover because he didn't want to get sick.
I called that obsessive compulsive disorder.
I called that a phobia.
I advised therapy.
Sometimes I would advise medications, depending on the severity.
It was called an illness.
Now, that's not a judgment against the child.
It's an observation.
If you're overweight, you diet.
If you're afraid, if you're fearful, if you have a mental illness, a phobia, you get mental support.
You get a therapist.
You get a psychiatrist.
Well, now, not only are we not pathologizing it, we are turning that into a virtue.
I wear two masks.
Well, I wear three.
I'm better than you.
I don't wear any mask.
Well, then you're evil.
There has been moral judgment placed upon people based upon how fearful they are and not in the right direction.
That's why I wrote my book, United States of Fear, in November of this past year to explain how and why fear
Not medicine, fear has been driving this pandemic from the very beginning.
If we do not address the fear, if we do not expose fear for being a powerful and insidious and destructive emotion, far more powerful than love, far more powerful than hate, we are doomed.
Well, and that's really what this is, and I don't want to make this a political thing.
You didn't come on here to make this a political thing, but here in the year 2022, it just, it is.
The lines have been drawn.
The dust has settled.
Trump's not in the White House anymore in 2020.
You know, people were maybe a little confused, maybe curious.
Okay, let's see what the deal with this virus is.
Let's see if I get sick or my friends get sick.
Let's see if people around me are dying.
That's all gone now.
And so, not to politicize this issue, because that's not what I intend to do here today.
I don't know your politics, I don't care to.
You're just telling the truth as a doctor here today.
But I mean, what do we do when we see it's the same people promoting the masks, it's the same people promoting the vaccines, it's the same people promoting the fear, and then the ones that stand against that
Are the ones that get censored, the ones that get demonized, the ones that get blamed for everything.
How do we keep this to be a non-political issue, but a human issue and a health issue?
How do we do that when it's been so politicized?
It's very difficult, Owen.
Because the country is divided into two groups.
And I don't mean right and left.
I don't mean conservatives and liberals.
I mean the fearful and the non-fearful.
Now, some of that is politically charged, and there are a lot of political correlates between those two.
But I know a lot of people that would consider themselves and self-describe themselves as Republicans or conservatives who are also living in fear.
So it is not perfectly politically driven.
If we think about it that way, I think we can develop some empathy, some sympathy for people who are suffering, regardless of their political affiliations.
And more importantly, those who are afraid and those who are not afraid can unite against the smaller group
That is actually driving this, and that is the collusive trifecta, the witch's cabal, as I called it in May of 2020, of corrupt government, corrupt media, and corrupt corporations.
Some of them are Republican, some of them are Democrat.
They all have united in one direction, and that direction is to scare us, to keep us afraid, so that we can be controlled
And we can become dependent upon them for decision-making over our children, over our schools, over our jobs, over our bodies.
That is not a political issue, that is an American issue, that is a human issue.
It is a critical one for all of us to see and to realize that the enemy is not your neighbor, the enemy is not your father, your brother, your boss.
The enemy is the government, the media, and the corporations that are taking advantage of our fear right now to take over our lives.
You know, that's one of my biggest frustrations when I hear people blaming somebody or a virus for the shutdown, saying, a virus shut us down, a virus closed my school, a virus did this, a virus did that.
No, a virus didn't do any of that.
Actually, a virus can't do any of that.
The government is what did that.
Let's not blame a virus.
Let's blame the government.
They did the shutdowns.
Months after we had the COVID shutdown, or the government shutdown of our economy in the name of COVID, months after they decide to start putting out the masks, I mean, was that kind of the first time for you walking around seeing the masks, the nonsensical
Healthy people wearing a mask and the fear jogging with a mask wearing a mask alone in your car people shower with masks sleeps with masks Was that kind of the first moment for you where you realize okay?
Something else is going on here And that's when you started to have the internal discussion with yourself and then and then publicly discuss mass mental illness I would say the masks were the beginning point and they're the ongoing point and
Of the fear and of the fuel that's driving this this car of terror and psychopathy in our country.
And I think the reason for that is masks are essentially walking billboards of fear.
That is what they are.
A mask today says nothing other than I am afraid.
No, it also says I'm better than you, but essentially it's I am afraid.
If all the masks disappeared tomorrow, I believe the fear would start to dissipate as well.
Without the visible reminder that we should be, need be, afraid, all the time, walking around, seeing other people with masks on, I don't think that this paranoid mass psychotic vehicle could continue.
I really don't.
And I wrote about that in my book, United States of Fear, in the beginning of the book.
Where I describe how important it is for these cultural icons, these visible reminders of fear that have been indoctrinated and ingrained into our brains for the last 20 years, whether it's systemic racism, ecological collapse, toxic masculinity, rape culture, Donald Trump, white supremacy, all this nonsense.
All of these things have primed us, have groomed us, the way that a child molester grooms a child, to normalize fear, to make it a good thing, to make it okay, so that when we're told to wear a mask, we didn't say, that's stupid, that's ridiculous, I'm not a fearful person.
What we said was, absolutely, thank you.
Can I have another mask, please, sir?
I'm curious, have you, I mean I'm sure you have, I just don't know, but have you left California since 2020 and been to maybe Texas or Florida or a Montana or a Wyoming or somewhere where you don't have to walk outside and see the mass psychosis?
Because I'm in an area in Austin, Texas where the fear-mongering over COVID is hitting us hard.
Our mayor is demanding everybody get vaccinated, telling us the hospital
I have.
I've been to five states, and I've also been to the territory of Puerto Rico, and what I can tell you that I've seen consistently is that this is not a state-by-state problem.
It is not a right and left problem.
It is a urban and rural issue.
If you go outside of major cities, even Los Angeles, people are largely acting normally.
They are not afraid.
If you go into a large city, even if it's in Florida or Texas, as you know, I was recently in Austin about two weeks ago filming with Plandemic 3 with Mickey Willis.
People are scared.
People are indoctrinated.
Because people in cities are dependent on government.
And why?
People in rural areas are dependent on their families, the church, and their civic organizations.
Very, very telling.
Powerful stuff with Dr. McDonald.
We will be right back.
Back live here on the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
We've got Dr. Mark McDonald on with us here.
We're talking about mass psychosis, mass mental illness and the display of this since 2020.
And you know, I would argue that this has been going on long before 2020, but the mask has become the flag of it, if you will, the advertisement, the publicity of it now.
And so it's just in your face.
And, you know, it's a weird thing, Doctor, and let's start the conversation back up this way, because...
You know, I'll go to the grocery store, or I'll be at the gym or something, and I'll see somebody running in a mask.
And part of me wants to say, hey, you know, that's not good.
You're inhaling your carbon dioxide emissions.
This is bad for your lungs.
You could get hypoxia.
There could be long-term damage.
I wouldn't suggest wearing that mask.
Or I see parents with their kids in masks at the store, and I say, hey, that's not good for your kids.
Kids have a very low problem with COVID anyway, so it's not even a threat to them to begin with.
And you're causing them to live in fear in this problem.
But I understand too, because I studied psychology in college, that you have to be very delicate with people who are under mass psychosis.
They can become dangerous very quickly.
And so, how do we balance that?
How do we balance wanting to help somebody that's living in fear under the mass psychosis versus realizing that, you know what, maybe I can't help them, and if I try, that could trigger a worse reaction.
What do we do about that?
Well, when you're getting to the last chapter of my book, United States of Fear, which is titled The Way Forward, and it answers that exact question.
I'm working on another book right now, which is actually going to be Recovery from Fear, a 12-step program modeled after AA and Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life.
So, that should be coming out in a few months, and I'll give a really good step-by-step, manualized pathway forward for people to get rid of and recover from their fear.
But in brief, what I described in the first book, United States of Fear, is that you need to first acknowledge that this is not a data war.
The data war was won two years ago.
Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Brian Tyson, we have
Probably a dozen people that I know personally as colleagues who have proven their points time and time again that masks do not work, that we do not need to rely on these so-called vaccinations, which are really just drugs and gene therapies, that we have alternatives and ways to treat this illness that will allow for nearly 100% of all the people infected to survive without hospitalization, certainly not with death.
No, the problem is not that.
The problem is not lack of data, lack of medical information.
The problem is fear.
The problem is psychology.
The problem is mass delusional psychosis.
We need to address that.
And as a therapist, what I try to do is rather than beat people over the heads with data, even though it's true, you could pass out if you wear a mask while you're jogging.
Absolutely true.
That's not going to help.
Believe me, I've tried.
What you need to do is you need to acknowledge that people are scared.
You need to first say, you look very anxious.
You seem to be very concerned about your safety.
Can you tell me more about that?
What is it that you're afraid of?
Let that person talk.
Let that person share his fears or her fears with you.
Once you understand where that person is coming from, and once that person acknowledges and accepts that you care about how he or she feels,
Now you're in a much, much better position to offer advice, to offer solutions, to offer alternative ways of thinking that are more rational, that are more healthy, and that are more agentic, meaning more autonomous.
That's the way to start the conversation.
It's not to argue.
It's to be empathic and to acknowledge the fear.
Then that person will know that they're being heard.
And you know it always you know we always want to come from a place of love and I guess that's the best way to kind of come from that place from from a more soft approachable manner because you talk about being an example so okay we don't go around wearing a mask and that's you know that's one of the oddest things to me I'll be at the gym and let's say there's a hundred people in there and there'll be two people wearing a mask and it's the same two people that have been wearing a mask for you know six months or whatever and I think to myself
Why is it that they're not seeing everybody else around them not living in fear, everybody else around them not getting sick, not worried about touching gym equipment?
We'll play basketball, sweating all over each other, sweating on the ball, you know, spitting and all this stuff, just normal human activity, not living in fear.
And it kind of goes back to what you said earlier is that the mask is more of a flag of I'm better than you, I'm virtue signaling, I care more about other people.
So how do you break down that barrier when they're not wearing the mask, maybe not even necessarily out of fear, but as a virtue signal to make the public stance that they're better than you because they're trying to stop COVID and you're not?
Well, this is a very important distinction.
As I said earlier, there are two groups, the fearful and the non-fearful, but there is a group that present themselves as being fearful when actually they're not fearful at all.
They're just simply trying to show that they're good people.
These are the people that walk into the restaurants wearing one, two, three masks, nodding their head at the maitre d', winking their eyes, saying, that's right, we all understand that we need to show that we're afraid, but then sits down at the table, rips all the masks off, and starts kissing and making out and coughing and sneezing.
I mean, seriously, like, the pro-science, this is the least scientific thing you could ever see.
Of course.
I mean, this is London Breed in San Francisco.
I got feel by the movement of Tony, Tony, Tony, so I just had to get up and dance without my mask on.
And then when she was criticized for it, what did she say?
She said, well, you know, there's a lot of policies that have been put in place that we really have to honor, and some of them are a little bit too strict.
I wish we could do something about that.
Well, Mrs. Mayor, you're the one who created the policies.
Why don't you look in the mirror?
I'm missing this time and time again.
I don't
There's so many examples of exactly what you're talking about.
They're not wearing it for fear at all.
I mean, you just had Eric Swalwell caught in Florida vacationing, not wearing a mask.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing, hugging, kissing.
Transsexual who are sexually active, by the way.
So, I mean, you're even opening yourself up to more disease, but she's kissing them, dancing with them, no mask.
Pelosi in Florida, Newsom having giant dinners without masks.
Obama with his 500-person party, nobody wearing a mask.
So, I mean,
Again, I want to not make this political because I realize when you make things political, you just shut off half the people that you're trying to reach.
But I mean, how is it that they don't see that?
How is it that they don't see that the very people that are telling them to live in fear aren't afraid of the virus themselves?
Some of them are now.
I had a patient who came in today who told me that his parents, who have been masking and vaccinating from day one, who have been at odds with him because he's an awake, alert, oriented, rational, non-fearful young adult, they finally caught this cold, this Omicron variant.
And they've done everything right.
They believed in it.
And he turned to one of them today and he said to his mother,
Gosh, you know, Dad must be the first breakthrough case of a triple vaccinated masked individual who actually caught this disease.
And they stopped for a moment and they all started laughing because they realized they had been party to the farce.
More and more people are realizing the Zoom class, as they called it in the Brownstone.org article that was published a couple days ago, the Zoom class is now getting sick.
The ones that trouble and triple-masked and they got their boosters and their second boosters and they wore gloves and they stayed home and they socially distanced.
They did all of this to save themselves from that awful disease because they're better people.
There's far better people than you and I who go out and spread infection and kill grandma.
They're catching it too.
And so now the joke's on them.
And so the idea of being virtuous, even though you and everyone else is still getting sick, it's not going to fly much longer.
I think this cart
Has finally run out of fuel.
I don't think it's going to be able to.
When it's like we've crossed this barrier, it just makes me wonder if there's ever any return.
When you see corporate emails going out and college email chains going out from professors and dean of students and whatnot, where they say you must wear a mask
In the Zoom meetings, because some people are afraid of people that don't wear masks.
So again, there's that element of fear.
Or Syracuse University and others where they say, oh, you have to be vaccinated.
In fact, there's a university here in Austin that's doing the same thing, saying you have to be vaccinated even if you're attending class digitally.
So you're never on campus, you're never around anybody, even digitally.
So now they're taking these mandates that they're pushing everywhere.
To the digital forum, which to me just proves it was never about health, it was never about COVID, it was always about the mandates.
So it's like, when you see people saying you have to wear a mask during a Zoom meeting where you're all alone in a room, or you have to be vaccinated to attend class on Zoom when you're all alone in a room, I mean, how do we even return from that level of psychosis and brainwashing?
Well, we can't unless we withdraw.
From that sort of nonsense.
I saw the meme that's up right now.
I read it this morning.
I thought it was a joke.
It's not.
It's real.
I had a patient that came in today who attends California State University.
They're putting out the same, the same requests for the CSUN state campuses that you just saw on the screen for other universities and other schools.
It's absurd.
It's ridiculous.
The only way
In my view, that we can fight back against this is to acknowledge and expose this for what it is, which is a direct, overt request, demand for totalitarian control of our population.
There is no regime in history, certainly not in the 20th century, that ever allowed for freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and more importantly, physical and bodily autonomy and respects for parents and children.
And actually continued.
Every single time that I've seen this in history, before a government takes over complete control, it issues absurd, ridiculous orders, a la George Orwell, 1984, Algis Huxley, Blade New World.
It attempts to control people's thoughts and the use of language so that you cannot fight back with reason, you cannot fight back with rational decision-making and
Immediate and necessary argumentation against what is absurd.
We have a moment here where we can make a decision to stand up and say this is absurd, the emperor has new clothes, or we can cave in and we can continue to comply and we will lose all of our liberties and all of our freedoms and this country will be over.
You know, and that's my fear.
And that's why we do these broadcasts here at InfoWars.
That's really what drives all this.
Not that we're driven by fear.
We're driven by love of freedom.
We're driven by love of prosperity.
And so we see that at threat.
And so you've kind of already gotten into this answer.
But here's the billion-dollar question.
Here's the trillion-dollar question, really.
How and when does all of this end?
Because if it doesn't end, we know where it goes.
And that's that just more mandates, constant mandates, no more freedom, 24-7 masks, vaccine every week.
I mean, that's the medical fascistic tyranny that where this is going now.
Or, how and when do you see this mass mental illness, mass psychosis ending?
Owen, I don't see this ending until
What I hope will happen happens.
I'm not certain that it will, but I certainly hope that it will.
We are seeing two things occurring right now at the same time in parallel.
We are seeing an awakening or an opening up to the reality, to the truth of what's happening among the bulk of the population.
That is not trying to destroy the country, nor are they the people who knew from the beginning that this was all a farce.
The people that you might call the awake, the non-fearful, the conservatives, the independents, the republicans, whatever you want to call them.
There's a larger group in the middle part of the country that is not very political, they just sort of want to do the right thing.
And they've been conned, they've been lied to, for about two years now.
As this is happening, as people are waking up to the lie, as the people who have been gone, as I said earlier, got two, three, four shots,
All the masks, all the gloves, staying home, zooming it in.
They're also getting sick and they're recovering perfectly well without any treatment, thank God.
As this is happening, the powers, primarily in government, that are trying to continue to maintain a grasp and a hold over us, they are going double and triple down.
They are pushing so far in the direction of absurdity, like the memes that you put up earlier about wear a mask when you're in front of a computer screen, which is absolutely absurd, that I think that this is an indication, and I say this because of my study of history, of the last gasp of a dying regime.
Anytime an authoritarian power is about to lose that power, irrevocably, they always jump too far.
And this is a good thing, because it will start to awaken, suddenly, the people to what has happened in the last two years.
The ratcheting effect, the step-by-step, the incrementalism that's been going on for the last 20 months, it can't continue anymore.
There's no more incrementalism to pull.
There's no more ratcheting to turn.
They have to jump into the complete theater of the absurd.
And I believe that once this is seen, once this is revealed, and it is being revealed right now,
I think that the middle part of America, the group of the 60% that are not politically active on either side, they are going to stand up and say no, they're going to push back.
This is the only way forward that I can see, because if it doesn't happen, it's all over.
You know, I'm seeing this in more commentary, what you just brought up, or I'm hearing this in more commentary rather, this, and you can debate the numbers, I've said it's 33, 33, 33, some people say 30%, 30%, 40%, but basically it's the same thing.
There's, to make a generalization,
Three mindsets or three classes of people right now that like you brought up.
There's the people that understand what's going on in relation to masks or vaccines.
They're not wearing the mask.
They're not getting the vaccine.
And then there's the people that have fully bought into all of it.
They love wearing their mask.
They'll take as many vaccines as they can.
They'll make sure that you and everybody they know know about it too, how great they are.
And then there's the middle group of people.
Some of them may lean more about, nah, I don't like masks or vaccines.
Some of them may lean more, yeah, I will wear the mask.
I will take the vaccine.
But they're not really committed to either side.
And you feel like this split, something's got to give.
Because eventually, they're going to have to make the decision.
Do I want to live in the mandate land?
Do I want to live in a land of mandates and mass psychosis?
Or do I want to go back to some semblance of normalcy, just so I can live my life like I was years before?
The country, as you've heard frequently from this famous quote, was founded on the premise that our freedom is contingent on the ongoing virtue of the people.
We need a virtuous people.
We need a rational people.
Without that, we cannot have freedom.
Freedom comes with responsibility, and that responsibility is to use your brain to think for yourself.
Because if you don't think for yourself, someone else will think for you.
And they will not be thinking of you.
That is critical.
That is foundational.
We cannot be saved by a Messiah.
We will not be saved by a Donald Trump or another Donald Trump.
We won't be saved by the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, as wonderful as this man is, as great as his leadership encourages.
He cannot save us.
Government cannot save us from ourselves.
We have to do that.
We have to get back to the individual responsibility of the citizen.
The civic responsibility to stand up and protect ourselves, our children, our families against government.
As Reagan said 30, 40 years ago, government is not the solution.
Government is the problem.
This is not a right or left issue.
I should say right or liberal issue.
It is a left issue because for the left, government is always the answer.
But for everyone that's not on the far left, we have to accept and realize that it's up to us to take back charge of our own lives, to take that power away from government, to de-energize it.
That is the source of the problem.
And the first step in doing that is to address our fear, to recover from the fear so that everyone else
Everyone that's already on board and fighting can join with the new group, and then we can push back against the corrupt government, the people that are trying to destroy our lives and take them over.
That, I believe, is the way forward.
And in a way, that's just kind of back to the basics of what founded this country and made it so great.
And to quote Reagan again, he said, he believes that when fascism comes to this country, it will come in the name of liberalism.
Boy, how right was Reagan with that one as well.
One more segment coming up.
Don't go anywhere.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in studio.
Dr. Mark McDonald is our guest.
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Now, final segment with Dr. McDonald.
I'm curious, are there any other signs of mass psychosis, perhaps not related to COVID, that you're seeing in the world today?
That's a good question.
Most of what I discuss has to do with the vaccines, the masks, the social distancing, but as I explain in my book, United States of Fear, I don't believe that that really is the end game of the institution of fear.
I think that this is just a temporary vehicle.
I think that the goal of mass delusional psychosis is ultimately to place people under a dependent state
And so the signs of mass delusional psychosis that I see that don't really surround the medical pandemic have to do with the ongoing degradation, deterioration of good autonomous decision-making.
People in my practice, for example, who are scared, not only are they having trouble making good decisions regarding their health, they're having a really hard time making good decisions about how to care for their children,
How to make decisions about careers, about marriages, about travel, about where to live.
A lot of their decisions now are being driven by fear.
And I think that the inability to make good decisions, the idea that one cannot live and think for oneself, is also a larger symptom of this mass delusional psychosis.
It's a mechanism of control, ultimately.
Beyond the shots, beyond the mass, beyond the shutdowns, because this will end eventually, we have to really address that point as a nation.
We have to get back to thinking rationally and thinking for ourselves, because if we stay in this state of perpetual trauma, we will ultimately be controlled by someone else, generally by a larger government power, and that is not in our best interests.
Now here's a problem I think a lot of people can relate to.
I mean myself included.
It's a frustrating thing.
It's sometimes infuriating.
And that's just living in the world of mass delusional psychosis and dealing with it.
And so sometimes it feels like it's driving me insane.
So how do we live in a world of mass delusional psychosis without becoming it?
Well, one of the first things that you should do, and I mentioned this in the last chapter of the United States of Fear on the Way Forward, is you need to find other people who are like-minded, and you need to surround yourself with them.
And I'm not talking about Facebook friends, although that's a good start.
I'm talking about real live human beings that you can actually spend time with face-to-face.
And if that's not possible, then at least get a group that can chat through video on one of the platforms that you can share.
This is so important.
When I was starting out in 2020, middle part of the year, I felt very isolated, especially being here in Los Angeles where 80 to 90 percent of the population lost its mind, literally.
And so I started to speak out, and by speaking out, other people came to me, local people, and they said, I'm so glad that you're speaking about how I've been feeling the last few months.
I want to get together.
I want to form a group.
I want to have talk sessions where we can just sit and explain what's going on to ourselves and with our families.
It made an enormous difference, huge difference.
No matter where you live, you can do that, whether it's a small town or an urban area.
That alone, surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help to remain, keep you remaining sane and protect you, inoculate you to a large degree from the insanity that surrounds you.
Yeah, I would say that definitely helps me as being around sane people and having rational conversations, but really it's almost just an escape from the delusion world when you're just with people that don't live in it.
It's just an escape.
But, you know, the final thing I want to talk about today before we let you go here,
Talk about the importance of understanding trauma-based mind control and where you see it being applied today.
I have been working on a legal case for the last couple months around a child, a teenager, who's now closing around 20 years old.
She was sexually abused by her biological father for several years.
She was raped repeatedly over a number of months, perhaps years.
Eventually, he impregnated her and she had the child.
The paternity test confirmed that it was her biological father.
He was arrested, removed from the home.
She's now been in therapy for several years.
When I read the therapist's notes, what struck me the most was not the monstrosity of the abuse, but the fact that she still wishes to reunite with her father and finds it incredibly cruel that he's been taken from her.
She does not want to accept that this man is a monster.
And I thought, this is so strange.
Why would somebody who's been abused so horrifically
want to return and live with the same man.
And then it struck me.
We only have one father.
We only have one mother.
If our father, if our mother is taken from us, we are left bereft.
We are abandoned.
We are orphaned.
We cannot replace that mother or father.
We can replace them with a metaphorical figure, with an uncle, with an aunt, but that one person is the only link that we have to father and mother.
So think about that on a macro level.
If we have to turn against a corrupt government, a government that's been abusing us, then we will be left bereft as well.
We'll be left abandoned, an orphaned.
I think this is one of the biggest obstacles and one of the biggest techniques, really, that the government is using to keep people from standing up, speaking out, opening their eyes.
Because the government knows that if a people is dependent on it, as we are as children, dependent on our parents, and the government fails us, as this father failed his daughter,
It takes tremendous courage and tremendous community support to cut those ties and to go a separate path and take a separate way.
So I think that the state of trauma, which is what this poor girl is still in, is what our nation is suffering from right now.
We need a national program of recovery from trauma on a national level because if we stay frozen,
Make the government your mommy or daddy or significant other relationship.
And then, yeah, you can induce that.
And I don't know if you've seen this, but the Universal Mental Health Awareness Group, or whatever, put out a diagram, 15 signs you're in an abusive relationship.
And obviously, they're talking about relationships, or marriages, or something like that, and they want to help people that are abused in relationships, obviously.
But when you read that list of the 15 signs you're in an abusive relationship,
All 15 signs apply to what the government is doing to us now, specifically with COVID.
I mean, it's just a mind-blowing thing to see it so obvious, yet so not fully understood by the public.
Final minute and a half left that we have here with you, Dr. McDonald, what are your final words?
I have been exploring the psychological underpinnings of this pandemic for two years.
As I said earlier, this is not a medical pandemic.
It's a psychological one, and I have been censored.
I've been suspended.
I may end up losing my Facebook and Twitter feeds very shortly, just as what happened with Dr. Robert Malone about 10 days ago.
So I've begun to write, and I'm writing on Substack, and it's called DissidentMD, which is the same name as my website, DissidentMD.com, and I'm covering topics like the one you just addressed, trauma, sadism,
The encouragement of others to humiliate and torture the fellow man for their own pleasure.
These sorts of sicknesses need to be addressed much more, much more directly, in my opinion, than this medical pandemic, because this is the underlying problem.
I also have a podcast with Dr. Jeff Barkey, which we publish every 7 to 10 days, which is called Informed Dissent.
The intersection of healthcare and politics, where we talk about medicine and psychology.
I write books.
I've written United States of Fear.
I'm going to publish another one in a couple of months.
The psychology is so important.
Americans need to understand that this is a mental illness.
This is a psychological warfare campaign.
This is not a medical campaign.
And if we can all do that, if we can inform ourselves, lose the fear, then I think we have a chance to move forward.
And if we do not, we're going to go the way of the Soviet Union.
Dr. Mark McDonald, powerful hour.
We thank you for your time and just great work spreading the truth, and we hope you keep it up.
Thank you very much, Owen.
Appreciate the opportunity to be with you today.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, now it's up to you.
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All right, we've got another great guest coming up now, Darren Beattie.
With Revolver News, and I just, there's no, I can't really put into words how important this is to push back against the establishment lie, the mainstream media lie, the political lies about January 6th that we all know.
I mean, I don't have to tell you the lies.
I don't have to tell you the, it's like a new religion now, worshiping the lies of January 6th.
We'll get into all that with Darren Beattie coming up here in five minutes.
But, you know, I'm so encouraged.
You've been seeing a lot of new guests on InfoWars.
You just saw Dr. Mark McDonald.
I don't think he's been a guest on before.
I mean, what a powerful hour that was.
I'm so encouraged and relieved, in a sense,
To see all these people standing up and rising up as leaders and telling the truth and just throwing caution to the wind, knowing they're going to be attacked, knowing they're going to be censored, knowing all of it.
I mean, Darren Beatty, the same thing.
Us here at InfoWars for 20 plus years.
Myself in this for more than six years now.
It's such a relief because here's the thing, folks.
And I was going to open up the war room with this today.
I was called in at the last minute to come in here and fill in for Alex, but
We need other people to come in, and it's not about... Because it's not a competition to tell the truth.
It's not a competition of who can tell the truth the best and win for the war of truth.
No, no, no.
We're all in it together.
Like, I want millions of people to listen to Dr. McDonald.
I don't care if one single... Nobody ever listens to me.
Listen to McDonald.
Listen to McCullough.
Listen to all the other great doctors that are talking about it.
That's why it's encouraging to see Joe Rogan stand up and tell the truth on some issues.
Doesn't mean I agree with everything Joe Rogan says, but at least he's not a full-blown liar!
So it's really encouraging in these dark times of deception and misinformation to see people rising up as leaders and truth tellers.
And I'm just sitting here hoping they'll be more effective than Alex Jones.
I'm sitting here hoping they'll be more effective and bigger than InfoWars because that's good for me.
Because I'm in it for freedom.
I'm in it to save the country.
I'm in it to save independence in the West.
And stop communism from conquering us.
And lies from conquering us and deception and hate from conquering us.
Coming via the political apparatus of the Democrat Party.
Spewing the lies, spewing the hatred, trying to destroy.
So it's a good thing that we're seeing people rise up in their awakening process.
And I just hope that they get bigger than InfoWars ever was.
Because that's the only chance we have.
And it's going to be a situation where they can't censor all of us.
And so I think that's why now they're trying to go after InfoWars.
They just want to put us all in jail now or shut us down because they realize the censorship of InfoWars has been effective, but not effective enough.
And they can't sit here and focus on censoring InfoWars and Alex Jones with all of their time and resources anymore because there's too many people telling the truth like Darren Beattie.
I mean, what are they going to do when there's a million Darren Beatties telling the truth?
Well they got it but maybe they'll just maybe they'll just kill Alex and just say well we'll just kill him then and then we won't have to deal with that anymore.
So I just got to tell you it's it's a great thing to see other people standing up for what's right and the truth and telling it like it is knowing that there's obviously going to be consequences from the demonic mainstream media Democrat Party and big tech coalition.
Like, we don't even plug our products to fund this thing going on.
Uh, air every day because the information is more important to us.
So folks, please go to InfoWarsaw.com, support this transmission.
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Okay, so it's the anniversary of the Fed's erection.
Of the false flag known as January 6th.
And Darren Beatty and Revolver News have been an excellent source of coverage and information for the lies and the Fed's erection that happened on January 6th.
And I mean, wow.
I mean, we knew, Darren, we knew that today was going to be a clown show of misinformation and lies and deception.
But it's even blowing me away.
So I don't know where you want to begin today.
I don't know if you want to begin with
The mainstream media and Democrat Party lies and just hype up of their false flag feds erection.
I don't know if you want to begin with how Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz are Republicans on an island today?
Only two Republicans at a press conference while the Democrats have political prisoners being tortured?
Two Republicans show up?
Ted Cruz even shows us his pussy with this?
Or the element of the federal agents that are still not being held accountable for encouraging people to go into the building, and then people like Jaden X literally breaking into the building and smashing windows.
Where do you want to begin today, Jaren Beatty from Revolver News?
Well, first of all, thank you so much for having me.
It's a delight to be on here on this special day and be able to talk to you and your audience.
And I would say, let's begin with the mainstream media coverage, because this speaks to the broader context of why all of this is relevant.
The mainstream media is propounding this ridiculous notion that the events of January 6th can be uttered in the same breath as Pearl Harbor.
As 9-11 and so forth.
And that was literally Kamala Harris and Biden both said that publicly during press conferences today.
So beyond how ludicrous it is and how hyperbolic and really how disrespectful it is to the victims of those previous events, I think it's important to note that what they're also saying is
That the people who are the criminals of January 6th, which in their view is not the FBI types who orchestrated it.
It's the American people.
It's the Trump supporters.
Not only the Trump supporters who were at the rally, but it's the 70 plus million people who support Trump across the country.
Those are the villains in this
False morality play.
And what they're saying when they compare January 6th to 9-11 is they're saying we're gonna shove another Patriot Act down your throat, but this time we're going after actual patriots.
What they're saying that this is another Pearl Harbor is say we're going to drop a Hiroshima-sized nuke
We're good to go.
Our political opposition, because to oppose the regime politically is now tantamount to a national security threat in their eyes.
That's what this is all about.
That's what the false flag is about.
It's all about promoting the agenda.
And the agenda is the national security state is now coming after all of us.
We are the domestic terrorists.
And they're coming for us.
That is the agenda being promoted.
And that is the darker side to the otherwise absolutely ridiculous comparisons that we're seeing floated around today by the media and by their masters in the Biden White House.
Well, and let me just take that one step further than the Patriot Act or what they plan to do politically.
What happened after the events of 9-11 in Pearl Harbor?
Those were events that led us to wars.
Those were events that were the catalysts to wars.
So I see it as they want to have that same comparison because this is them planning to launch a war against American citizens.
So it's crazy to sit here and realize that because
Oh, we're not having a land invasion by China or Russia or Muslims or whoever else.
No, we're being attacked by our own people!
The Democrat Party has launched a war in America and then they write all their headlines about
How Republicans want to start a civil war as they're actively engaged in a civil war, because that's what this is.
I don't know how you can say it as anything else.
They clearly are wanting to compare January 6th to 9-11 in Pearl Harbor because they plan on launching a war against American citizens.
Do you agree with that?
Yes, in effect, yes.
And they've already been doing this.
And we've heard from the mouthpieces, from the leaders of the respective
National security organizations, for instance, the Department of Homeland Security, the head of the DHS, months ago, in fact, I think over a year ago, first started gesturing toward this new imprimatur of the DHS, reflecting that the number one national security threat is white supremacy, whatever that means.
And so as the original war on terror grift has sort of run its course,
These big bureaucratic apparatuses, the national security apparatus, it needs a new justification for its insane budget.
And what better justification than to help all of the existing institutions in this country that are already actuated against the American people fully consolidate their power with this new domestic war on terror against citizens for their political beliefs.
That plus, I think, a new Cold War with China, those are going to be the two basic
Um, justifications for the national security bureaucracies, the two fixations, Cold War with China plus domestic war against the American people against anyone who would dare criticize the direction of our corrupt regime.
I just had a doctor on with me for the last hour talking about mass mental illness and mass psychotic delusion that this country is experiencing and we were discussing that in regards to COVID.
I believe though the same thing can be applied to January 6th.
Anybody that believes the mainstream media lies and the Democrat lies about January 6th has either a not done any research into those events themselves and are ignorant on that day's events or they fall into this category of mass mental illness and mass delusional psychosis
And they actually believe this stuff.
I mean, I've got Jim Acosta who's criticizing Trump's tweet where he says, stay peaceful.
Trump says, stay peaceful in his tweet on January 6th.
And Acosta puts out a tweet, a tweet thread saying, well, even though he said stay peaceful, he didn't want to.
What are you talking about?
He said stay peaceful.
What do you mean he didn't want to?
They cannot drop it.
They know they're liars.
I mean, so talk about the mass mental illness, the mass delusion that people are under now, believing the lies of January 6th.
Well, I mean, look, there's a reason for a mask solution.
The same business with COVID is that this is the narrative that people have been bombarded with by the media, which, whether we like it or not, the mainstream media plays a decisive role in creating the reality for most people in this country.
And what they've been doing is they've been banging over people's heads this notion that January 6 was this dangerous insurrection
Conducted by dangerous domestic terrorist Trump supporters.
And that's why Revolver.News has been hit so hard for decisively reshaping the national conversation about OneSix, including on the right.
Because before our reporting, most people on the right were saying either this is just a harmless event with people taking selfies, and there is substantial truth to that.
And they were saying, oh, this is, you know, Antifa infiltrators.
These are leftists.
And there's some truth to that, too.
But the deepest, most essential, most subversive and most accurate narrative about this, that
Just like many, many cases before in our nation's history, this was a federal government operation on the part of the national security state, and that key players in this so-called insurrection, very likely by the weight of overwhelming evidence,
I think?
To the point that now, I don't think any reasonable person can go to revolver.news, read the reports on Ray Epps, watch the video which speaks for itself,
And come to any other conclusion that the most parsimonious, powerful, and likely explanation for the events and the evidence that we see is that the federal government played a decisive role.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in studio for Alex today.
Darren Beattie from Revolver.News, our guest.
And Darren, before we get into the element
We're good to go.
The January 6th committee gets text message communications between media members and Trump and Jim Jordan and others, and they publish these text messages, and all the text messages, all of them pretty much read the same.
It's Laura Ingraham, it's Sean Hannity, it's others, and they're all saying, this is bad.
What's happening at the Capitol is bad.
We need to stop it.
Trump, you need to stop this.
This is not good.
Hey, we need peaceful.
Hey, this is not good for America.
Every single one of the messages that they revealed was conservatives in media and Republicans in Congress saying how bad the events were, which not just proves they had nothing to do with it and there was no pre-determination that that was going to happen, but it also shows that they wanted peace.
And then the media takes those texts that they publish and they say in the headlines,
Damning texts revealed Trump's involvement in January 6.
Texts reveal Republicans wanted January 6 to happen.
And then they put the text in the story, and it's the exact opposite of what they're claiming.
I mean, I don't think I've ever seen a more clear-cut case of bold-faced lying in my life, in media, in regards to what we've seen about January 6.
I mean, what are your observations and comments on that phenomenon?
Yeah, I mean, this is the narrative that they're trying to propose.
They're trying to use January 6th principally to cast 70 plus million Americans who align with or sympathize with Trump as domestic terrorists.
But in a more targeted fashion, they're trying to paint Trump and various members of his inner circle as
Conspirators of this so-called insurrection and they're also trying to smear some of the most effective and prominent voices in the media who have had a consistent track record of exposing the lies and corruption of the regime.
And so it all just goes to show that this event is being exploited for political purposes and the regime is using the false narrative of this event in order to target
It's just unbelievable.
I mean, the left has become such brainwashed patsies of the New World Order.
They're literally praising Dick Cheney today.
Dick Cheney, who was like,
Enemy number one of the left for all the Bush years.
Dick Cheney is now a hero to the left because he called January 6th an insurrection at the Capitol today.
Really just, it's just incredible stuff the lives of these people.
Such evil.
Now, let's get into what is now being called the Fed-surrection and that's the federal involvement
What else do we know today, a year later, about federal involvement and provocateuring of that event that is being blamed on Donald Trump?
Well, we know a lot.
The question is where to begin.
I'd say there's, for your viewers who are not familiar with our extensive narrative shaping reporting, go to revolver.news.
We've published a recent piece, a compilation of all our classics.
So if you want to get up to date, if you want to get informed, read it.
If you're already informed, share it with everyone you know, because the truth really does need to get out there.
This narrative war is crucially important.
So please go to revolver.news and share that piece.
I think for now, what I think we should cover
For those who haven't heard about Ray Epps, it's such an egregious case.
Here we have the only person caught on video making an explicit call to go into the Capitol in advance.
This is his stated mission.
He states this on January 5th, the day before
The so-called insurrection.
And it's not just a one-off.
This isn't just some drunk on the street with a crazy idea, and we don't hear from him again.
He follows through with his stated mission.
On the 6th, he's literally everywhere.
He's a Where's Waldo figure.
And in the Revolver.News piece, you can see the extensive video documentation of how he was everywhere, telling rally goers, after the rally, go to the Capitol.
That's where our problems are.
And sure enough, the same individual is standing right at that critical initial breach site by the metal barricades.
He whispers in someone's ear,
Then two seconds later, that person leads the charge breaking down the barricades.
There's the video right there.
He's whispering in his ear right now.
Count one, two, break down the barricades.
There we go.
And of course, at the front of that, it's the four or five people that are fully clad in black with their masks and their hoods on that do it after Ray Epps makes the call.
And I think it's really important to point out that that initial decisive breach takes place at 1253 p.m.
So that's well before Trump finished giving his speech.
And so we have an individual, Ray Epps, who's from Arizona.
He flew from Arizona to D.C.
practically across the entire country with his Trump hat on.
And yet he flew across the country with a Trump hat, and he's an alleged Trump supporter, and he skips Trump's entire speech in order to carry through with his bizarre mission to go into the Capitol.
And instead of being at the Trump rally, he's there at the barricades, seeming to orchestrate the initial breach of the Capitol.
And right after this, the Feds pretend to be interested in him.
They say they put him on the most wanted list.
He's one of the top 20 people they claim to be interested in.
The Feds say, please help us identify this man.
The Internet identifies him.
The Feds don't care.
And in fact, the next action that the Feds take is the day after Revolver.News publishes a damning report
Suggesting FBI involvement in 1.6.
The day after that report comes out, the Feds quietly scrub Ray Epps' name and face from their public database.
And since then, the only pronouncement whatsoever by an FBI agent on Ray Epps has been a FBI Phoenix field office agent denying any acknowledgement that Ray Epps even exists.
Which is incredible.
And that's basically where we are right now.
I see.
Yes, Ray Epps doesn't exist.
It's just a figment of our imagination that he was out there 24 hours before it and during it encouraging people to go into the building.
I mean, if this doesn't just prove that something else is at play here, I don't know what else does.
And the reporting that you've done at Revolver.News has been so key in understanding this.
Now, when we come back from this break,
I want to get into the Michigan case that's ongoing right now where you had federal agents and provocateurs set up
A group of individuals in Michigan to kidnap the governor.
Federal agents did it.
They got caught.
That case is ongoing right now.
It's important.
We'll discuss that.
And then I'm going to ask Darren the big question, which is, did the Democrats and the federal government and the American regime expect January 6th to actually be a lot worse than it was?
And that's why you see all the lies about it, because they just continued the script, expecting the actual to be major violence.
And it's Darren Beattie with us from Revolver.News doing incredible work.
Thank God for Revolver.News.
Darren, I want to discuss the importance of what happened in Michigan because that case is ongoing and in fact, I have a feeling that the result of that case in Michigan is going to be very important to set a precedent for what we've seen or what we believe we've seen now with January 6th federal agents' involvement.
And so the defendants in that case are arguing that because it was federal agents that provocateured and set up the whole event, which is not an arguable thing, that's on record now.
Federal agents in Michigan set up a group of people to kidnap the governor.
The text, everything had been revealed.
The one lead fed agent of it later abused his wife, beat his wife.
No jail time for him though.
And so the defendants are arguing that that case should be tossed out because it was federal agents that provocateur-ed the whole thing.
So if anything, the federal agents should be going to jail, but somehow they're above the law.
I think that the Democrats and the federal government in D.C.
is scared because if that case gets tossed out because the federal government orchestrated the whole thing, well now all of a sudden you have a precedent on January 6th with all the January 6th defendants that, oh, if the federal government was in there provocateuring, then all these cases should be tossed out because the federal agents provocateured the whole thing.
Your thoughts on these developments?
Yes, well, the Michigan case is crucial for the American public to understand.
In the very first Revolver News piece that shaped the whole narrative about Fed involvement, we began with the Michigan case, and we did that for a reason.
The Michigan case, even though to the public it's generally referred to as the Michigan kidnapping plot, it also involves a plot to storm the Michigan state capitol.
It involved one of the three main militia groups imputed to 1.6, namely the three percenters.
And as you point out, we now know that this plot was so deeply infested with feds and agents, in fact, the exact number is 12 out of the 26 plotters were either federal informants or agents.
Now that's a hell of an infiltration ratio.
And just as the cherry on top,
The head of the Detroit field office who oversaw this infiltration operation, this dry run, if you will, for January 6, his name is Steven DeAntuono.
The day after the plotters were arrested, many of whom were actually feds, as I've stated, the day after the plotters were arrested, FBI Director Wray promotes
So in other words, he ran a successful coup against American people in Michigan.
He set up citizens successfully in Michigan.
So they said, hey, good job.
Now let's see you set up people in D.C.
in a bigger event.
Well, not only was it just the same coup, it was the same plot.
The Michigan plot was a plot to storm the Michigan State Capitol.
That's what it was.
It involved one of the three main militia groups imputed to January 6.
It involved the same FBI agents.
And so the fact that we now know incontrovertibly that 12 out of the 26 in Michigan case were feds
And their role was not a passive one.
The Feds' role was so active.
One of the federal informants who's now being charged with gun charges and fraud, his name is Steve Robeson.
He's a longtime informant, multiple decades informant.
He was the one constantly prodding, constantly making suggestions, constantly offering to pay for things.
If you look at the details of this case, there's no clear case of entrapment whatsoever.
And that's why the Defense Council wisely has taken up the entrapment defense saying, look, you can't charge my clients with kidnapping and so forth.
This never would have happened had it not been for the persistent, continuous, and proactive involvement on the part of all these feds who have infiltrated these groups.
And what I'm most encouraged about about this is that
Attorneys in the January 6 cases are now taking a cue from the Michigan case.
And just recently, an attorney for Kelly Meggs, who is an Oathkeeper defendant, has, on the basis of Revolver News' investigative reporting, used his legal authority to push for a subpoena.
Ray Epps and a number of other individuals with deeply suspicious histories.
And so I find it very encouraging that if the January 6th Committee refuses to do its job, and it's just an exercise in false political theater, that the defense counsels and the attorneys in the January 6th cases will use their legal authority to get to the bottom of these people who seem to be protected inexplicably by the federal government.
Which of course, I don't expect anything more than the political
Leanings of the January 6th committee to just politicize the event.
They don't want to find out the truth.
They're not interested in that.
They're just interested in destroying America.
In fact, the committee is illegal.
They don't have the proper number of Republicans on it.
It didn't go through the proper protocols.
Now they're calling up Dick Cheney to speak today, and the liberals praise Dick Cheney, the guy that they hated for destroying the Middle East.
Now they love him.
Incredible stuff.
Now, my final question for you is this, because a neutral observer that
Watch the events of January 6th and now are watching the media response, the Democrat response.
A fair neutral observer would say this is insane.
The Democrats and the media's response and lies about this event are insane.
And particularly if you compare and contrast that to the Democrat riots of the summer of 2020.
Not to mention the Ferguson riots and everything else that we've seen Democrats riots and destroy for years.
But specifically
Summer riots of 2020, 2 billion plus property damage, thousands of police officers hospitalized, dozens of people dead, many businesses never will be back again, many communities just completely destroyed thanks to the Democrat riots.
And then they say that the January 6th riots were the worst thing they've ever seen, worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11.
They clearly say that's a lie, but why?
Why would they be such blatant liars?
Why would they be going with such a narrative that's clearly inaccurate?
Why would they be going off such a script that's clearly false?
Do you believe that they had true plans that were much worse than what we saw on January 6th?
Do you think that the federal provocateurs that may have been there actually wanted to see that building burn and actually wanted to see a terrorist attack on January 6th?
That's what they were trying to do, which didn't happen, but now they're just rolling out the narrative and the script anyway because that was the plan?
I don't know how else I could explain that.
That's a very interesting thesis, and I think it could very well be correct.
I mean, once they set the events into motion, once these individuals that I mentioned who are covered extensively in the Revolver News Report, once they create the conditions for this rally to become a riot, the riot takes on a life of its own, and who knows what happens?
And it's just remarkable in the face of all this instigation, all this manipulation, that the Trump crowd is actually just remarkably docile.
From the very beginning, when they just completely rebuff Ray Epps' call to go into the Capitol, and to eventually, some Trump supporters who go into the Capitol just, you know, walking through and taking a picture and leaving, I would say all things considered,
It was a remarkably docile experience on the part of your average Trump supporter, and that it's very reasonable to expect that the entities that may have been involved in orchestrating this event, this riot,
Expected there to be far more carnage than there actually was.
Because by the way, there were more, I mean you've seen this too, on video there were more Trump supporters that did more to stop people from breaking into the Capitol than police actually did.
And by the way, I've talked to liberals and leftists that go out to Black Lives Matter riots or Antifa riots who say, hey, there were federal agents out there provocateuring our stuff too!
We didn't want it to get violent.
No, and I have no reason to question that, you know, that this is what the Feds do.
And it's one thing for the Feds to infiltrate and quietly observe.
The question is, if they were observing and they knew something would happen, why didn't they stop it?
But unfortunately, I think the overwhelming weight of evidence points to something far more sinister.
And that is, I think,
Several of the key players who played proactive roles in orchestrating this event, I believe the overwhelming weight of evidence points to them having some relationship with the federal government.
And that's simply the way it is.
And as shocking and as offensive as it is, this isn't the first rodeo.
Darren J. Beattie, Revolver.News.
You know, I gotta say, today has been a depressing day, not because of what happened a year ago,
That was child's play compared to the Democrat riots of 2020 that was responsible for thousands of hospitalizations, dozens of deaths, and billions of dollars in property damage, the most violent riots in U.S.
history, the Democrat riots of 2020.
So I'm not even discussing what took place on January 6th when I talk about how depressing today is.
What's depressing is you see how big of liars our mainstream media is.
You're reminded how
How big of liars we have in the media, how big of liars we have in our government, and how brainwashed the general population is that they've reached levels of mental illness that I just, I can't even fathom.
But I see it.
I witness it.
I see the lives of the mainstream media.
I see the lives of our politicians.
I see the mass mental illness of the far left.
And it's, boy, like I said, folks, the instinct is
Just run for the hills, man.
Get as far away from any mainstream media element and outlet.
Get as far away from any Democrat Party leadership.
I mean, just, you got to get away from these psychotics.
It's like, you see a schizophrenic running around the streets naked with a knife?
What's your instinct?
You get the hell away.
That's a schizophrenic with a knife or a gun or something.
He's violent.
He's gonna stab someone.
He's gonna hurt someone.
That's the Democrats.
That's liberals and media.
That's the far left in America.
They're schizophrenics with a knife, except they're schizophrenics with the power of the government.
So it's really even worse.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I mean, it's just... You know, this is what InfoWars has been trying to stop for a long time.
And it's just people didn't want to listen.
And so that's fine.
Now we're here.
And you're seeing what we've been warning about and trying to stop.
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And here we have Pete Santilli who will be joining me tomorrow on the War Room.
I'm about to go hit the War Room desk to cover the War Room news today, but here's Pete Santilli talking about what Merrick Garland has done and Alex Jones.
We're going to get this word out to Alex Jones.
We're going to continue on here because his broadcast yesterday, what he exposed, what he continues to expose is exactly why he will be the target of the full force of the government under a bunch of people that actually launched a military operation false flag against the American people.
Here's A.G.
Garland now threatening everyone, including the President of the United States.
Many for assaulting officers and many for corruptly obstructing or attempting to obstruct an official proceeding.
20 defendants charged with felonies have already pled guilty.
Approximately 40 defendants have been charged with conspiracy to obstruct a congressional proceeding and or to obstruct law enforcement.
In the months ahead, 17 defendants are already scheduled to go to trial for their role in felony conspiracies.
A necessary consequence of the prosecutorial approach of charging less serious offenses first is that courts impose shorter sentences before they impose longer ones.
In recent weeks, however, as judges have sentenced the first defendants convicted of assaults and related violent conduct against officers, we have seen significant sentences that reflect the seriousness of those offenses, both in terms of the injuries they caused and the serious risk they posed to our democratic institutions.
The actions we have taken thus far will not be our last.
The Justice Department remains committed to holding all January 6th perpetrators at any level accountable under law, whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy.
We will follow the facts wherever they lead.
Because January 6th was an unprecedented attack on the seat of our democracy, we understand that there is broad public interest in our investigation.
We understand that there are questions about how long the investigation will take, and about what exactly we are doing.
Our answer is, and will continue to be, the same answer we would give with respect to any ongoing investigation.
As long as it takes and whatever it takes for justice to be done consistent with the facts and the law.
What he's signaling towards is a superseding indictment of a broad conspiracy.
He indicated whether or not you were even present.
If your actions, and here's what a conspiracy is.
Criminal conspiracy is if your actions
Help advance the conspiracy.
Whether or not you even knew you were in a conspiracy.
If Bernard Kerrick said, we're gonna have a bunch of people up at the front gate screaming, and he didn't know he was involved in any conspiracy to do anything harmful, just First Amendment type stuff.
If he actually said words and he wasn't even there, right?
And it helped advance the conspiracy.
They will charge him with the same exact conspiracy charge that they will President Trump.
They're going to go after President Trump right now.
They're going to go after Alex.
Right now President Trump needs to be lawyered up.
Alex Jones needs to be lawyered for this charge.
He's specifically signaled, we will do whatever it takes and any means necessary after they seize power illegally.
This guy right here was ceded illegally through election fraud.
And they would stop at nothing.
Including having us exercising our First Amendment right to redress grievance.
But he was seated illegally into power, and now he's going to pursue anybody that tries to expose him, like President Trump.
Or Alex Jones.
There will be a lot of people who will be considered an unindicted co-conspirator.
That's right.
And it could be anybody.
If you checked or liked anything that Alex Jones had to say on social media, if you followed groups that were going to the Capitol or any of the people who have been indicted so far,
A very wide net and start surveilling people that actually weren't even there, didn't even have anything to do with it at all.
They just like the meme on Facebook.
That's right.
So we're going to get this word out to Alex Jones.
We're going to continue on here because his broadcast yesterday, what he exposed, what he continues to expose is exactly why he will be the target
of the full force of the government under a bunch of people that actually launched a military operation false flag against the American people.
They're attempting to cover it up.
Nancy Pelosi's withholding exculpatory information, right?
There's a lot of exculpatory information about Stuart Rhodes, okay?
And his involvement as a known document documented
A government witness in the Bundy case, a confidential human source, and somebody who handed out body armor and ammunition at Bundy Ranch, also involved in an operation, putting a man who is under investigation and is about to be indicted...
Who is in our room, okay, sent there by Stuart Rhodes.
And he's about to be indicted in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
Room number 128 at the Silver Sperm Hotel.
123, sorry.
Why do I say 128?
I don't know. 123.
It was von Bismarck, the unifier of the German Republic, that first said politics is war by another means.
He also said war is politics by another means.
They're interchangeable.
We are in a war.
There is a global corporate takeover, the Great Reset, happening worldwide.
And Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the UN admit this is their takeover.
They brag that they had this Davos school for 40 years that trained almost every one of these so-called leaders from Canada to New Zealand, from the UK to Germany under Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger's control.
And now they're launching their world government to collapse society to then carry out State Department memorandum 200 for forced depopulation.
And that's why Infowars is under such incredible attack.
Because we actually identify who the globalists are and go after them.
Donald Trump knows who they are.
Senator Rand Paul knows who they are.
Senator Josh Hawley knows who they are.
Ted Cruz knows who they are.
But they won't dare go after them because they know when you do that, the system destroys you.
Well, you know what?
I stepped up to the plate.
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I think in the new world order timeline, they really did not expect us to still be on air.
And that's why they're pulling out all the stops right now to try to destroy us.
You see about 25% probably of the attacks against us.
Maybe, now that some of it's getting more public, it's closer to 50.
But still, just the tip of the iceberg.
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