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Name: 20220105_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 5, 2022
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InfoWars, a far-right website and radio show hosted by Alex Jones, covers various topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, the Great Reset, electromagnetic frequency toxicity, 5G technology, societal collapse, vaccine dangers, nutritional defenses against COVID-19, counterinsurgency tactics, loss of freedoms, power imbalances, globalist agendas, medical tyranny, and depopulation. Guests share anecdotes about adverse effects from vaccines and criticize the suppression of alternative treatments like ivermectin. The discussion also covers the importance of free speech, liberty, supporting InfoWars products, and following common sense, law, and medical ethics in national security and military operations. Dr. Peter Chambers shares his experiences advising the governor of Texas on COVID-19 and raises concerns about informed consent and use of experimental vaccines.

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Do you understand they're going to stage terror attacks and they're going to declare martial law and they're going to come and they're going to arrest the opposition leaders and beat us to death in prisons.
And then they're going to devalue the dollar completely and start turning your power off on a regular basis and inject your children with poisons until they slowly die.
They're going to murder you!
So everybody can sit around and play their games that they're in the government, they're gonna be part of the winning team.
The fools working in the federal government going along with this are destroying themselves with us right along with them.
And I saw news stories come out this morning confirming, admitting that there were thousands of federal paramilitary, including U.S.
military there, and we never talked about it because
It was extremely classified.
And the people I know the information from obviously can't get into it.
But see, they hide behind the classification of January 6th.
We know how they did it.
We know who did it.
The freaking FBI ran the attack on the Capitol and we have all the damn information.
And people say, well, why didn't you cover it all?
Because when you're in the middle of this, and all this stuff is going on and happening, and then you just subconsciously know, you go there, they come set you up and kill you.
Well, you know what?
We're releasing it all!
Burn in hell!
But again,
It's the fact that it's all hiding in plain view, and then they work with the Secret Service to try to set me and Roger Stone up, and then they got the nerve with all those criminals in Capitol Hill to try to say I'm behind the damn attack!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
I don't think it's fundamentally about incivility.
I think it is fundamentally about insurrection.
You know, I don't know the individual, but the whole let's go Brandon kind of motif is a reflection of the view two thirds of the Republican base driven by Trump's claims, false claims, and the big lie that Biden is an illegitimate president.
You talk about the wheels coming off the globalist operation.
You talk about the engine blowing up.
You talk about the house burning down.
The globalists know their corrupt system is coming to an end.
And they're trying to take capitalism with it, when it's not capitalism that caused this, but crony capitalism and corrupt financiers working with authoritarian regimes to create monopolies.
So they know their monopolistic
The crisis has shown us we need a mindset change and we need also to move from a society where business and governments have very separate tasks to a society where the two, together with civil society, work hand in hand.
Far more, particularly small businesses, have suffered terribly.
How has that, not the philosophy of stakeholder capitalism, but the ability of companies across the spectrum to execute it?
What is this Great Reset?
What the Great Reset is, is a bunch of global elites, as you said, and they have two protocols or two themes.
One is that their credentials or their education or their inherited
Or made wealth, make them elites and allow them to talk down to people and, you know, by top-down measures dictate to people in a non-democratic way what's good for them.
And second, their power and influence and wealth mean they're never going to be subject to the ramifications of their own ideology because they're exempt.
Capitalism made them wealth, but they don't want capitalism for anybody else.
They want to close the attic door so nobody climbs up after them.
And so they're going to engineer an artificial collapse so they can be the saviors of the collapse, so they have all the PR straight and all the propaganda straight, so that as things disintegrate, they can pose as the saviors and hopefully stay in charge of this controlled demolition that they have executed.
But it's not going the way tyrants always want it to go.
It's getting out of control.
So they're upping the level of control.
They're accelerating the collapse.
And they've basically lost control now, ladies and gentlemen.
Only a mass awakening of the public can get control of the train before it goes over the edge into the ravine.
Most people I now know with COVID are those who are double or triple vaccinated.
They're getting so ill.
So what they're trying to do is get you to do a virtue symbol.
They're trying to say, wear your masks.
I'm a good person.
I'm a good Christian.
I'm protecting people.
No, you're not.
You're showing that you're gagged.
And you're not speaking up for the truth.
My husband is a vicar in the Church of England.
When we were actually in the height of the pandemic, he was very, very quiet on funerals.
There was very, very few funerals at all.
People were not dying.
And one of my sons actually was in hospital.
The hospital was dead.
The whole hospital was absolutely empty.
I got straight into A&E, no problem at all.
Now, since the vaccine rollout, there's been funeral after funeral after funeral.
We know undertakers in the area, undertakers have spoken out.
What is killing people now is vaccine injury.
Whether you can relate it or not, but it's heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, myocarditis, inflammation of the heart, or later down the line it's going to be cancer.
Masses having a giant epiphany, a giant chain reaction awakening, can and will stop them.
The majority of the people at the top now, you wonder why they're so evil, why they follow orders.
Because they've been given, they think, get out of jail free cards.
So that's who these people are.
It's about their power, their control, their God.
They can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.
COVID is a deadly pandemic.
It killed science, logic, evidence-based medicine, and common sense, says Dr. Eli David.
Reports FDA accused of colluding with USPS to stop and destroy packages of ivermectin mailed to patients.
That's now confirmed.
Criminal beyond Nuremberg crimes.
This is a drug that the WHO has on its list of most essential drugs.
Are you kidding me?
And it's clearly one of the largest studies, or the largest study, I think, was just published from Brazil.
220,000 adults.
And it decreased, ivermectin decreased the risk of going down with this by, I think, death and going to hospital by 50%.
I wish the USPS would try to stop the fentanyl killing millions of people.
More than 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in the last year.
That is the highest overdose death toll ever recorded in a 12-month period.
The U.S.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 100,300 Americans died of overdoses between May of 2020 and April of 2021.
That is a 28% increase.
Totally safe drug.
They're not gonna let evil Americans order that from outside countries, even if a doctor prescribes it.
What we're dealing with is a huge mass mind control propaganda outbreak.
We're not really dealing with a viral outbreak.
What the heck happened in Germany?
In the 20s and 30s, you know, very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad.
How did that happen?
The answer is mass formation psychosis.
When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don't make sense, we can't understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis, they
Literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.
And one of the aspects of that phenomena is the people that they identify as their leaders, the ones typically that come in and say, you have this pain and I can solve it for you, I and I alone, okay?
Can fix this problem for you, okay?
Then they will lead, they will follow that person through, it doesn't matter whether they lie to them or whatever.
The data are irrelevant.
And furthermore, anybody who questions that narrative is to be immediately attacked.
They are the other.
This is central to mass formation psychosis.
I'm starting to see people that are younger people that are getting sick with something, okay?
But if you look at what we know about, for example, electromagnetic frequency toxicity, it's indistinguishable from COVID, from what they call COVID.
We don't have an isolate of the virus.
We're being told there's a virus.
We're being told it's airborne.
We're being told a lot of things that are not proven.
But we do know something about electromagnetic frequency and the history behind the pandemic of 1918, various flu pandemics in the past.
What happens is when you're in an electromagnetic field, your metabolism depends on your being able to have an electron transport chain in your mitochondria.
The mitochondria are the little parts of your cells that are
And you know, you're a tinfoil hat if you speak against 5G.
I think that we see a pattern here.
The answer is not to argue the science.
The answer is to demonize the people speaking out.
And again, I fix phones every day so you can take this from a reliable source.
There's not a single phone in Canada that supports 5G.
There's not a single carrier in Canada that supports 5G.
It's a marketing scam.
There's no such thing as 5G in this phone.
What you're investing in is 5G for the future.
So they're charging $200 extra for 5G when it's not even there.
I don't know if this speaks wonders to you, but I think the government's doing other things with the 5G towers.
So, if this doesn't say something to you, I don't know what will.
But, again, I fix phones every day, and every 5G phone I fix does not even have a 5G chip in it.
And right there is where it's supposed to go.
Tomorrow's News.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.
One of the weirdest features of modern life has got to be how we've all been trained to ignore the things that really matter.
You might have wondered as to pick one among so many examples, why hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans seem to be living in squalor on the sidewalk.
How'd that happen?
These are the so-called homeless.
Drugs have destroyed their lives.
So where'd those drugs come from, exactly?
And why is no one asking?
And speaking of chemicals, men in America seem very different from what they used to be.
Anyone over 40 knows this.
The changes are dramatic.
You can't help but notice.
Could those changes have something to do with the unprecedented drop in testosterone levels that scientists have measured repeatedly?
And by the way, if that's happening, why is it happening?
And so on.
There's so many questions like this.
But we rarely talk about any of them.
Instead, we're told repeatedly to avert our gaze from the obvious and turn instead to CNN's latest fixation, whether it's a Chinese flu virus or George Floyd or some forgettable border dispute in eastern Ukraine.
These are the issues they tell us we must care about.
These are not the most important issues.
But they're wrong.
They're just news stories.
The only remarkable thing about them is our willingness to believe they're more important than, say, Americans living outdoors on the sidewalk, or whether or not our own children get married.
There's something a little scary about watching this happen.
It's like an entire population transfixed by issues that ultimately don't really matter.
How's that gonna work out?
Well, over time, probably not very well.
Reality always reasserts itself.
Twitter can ban all the thought criminals it wants, but in the end, Twitter is not in charge of the future.
Nature is in charge of the future.
If you want your country to continue, you have to answer nature's imperatives, which are the basics.
Do you have enough water?
Do you have a reliable food supply?
Can you defend yourself from invaders?
What are you using for energy?
How are you producing things and keeping warm?
Those are the essential questions that any civilization must ask.
Those and one other.
How many people do you want living in your country?
The size of your population matters very much.
The size determines a nation's character.
It often determines its fate.
Yet we don't talk much about the size of our population.
We probably should.
The United States is growing faster than most Americans understand.
If you were born in 1969, as some of us were, you arrived in a country with a little over 200 million people in it.
There are now 334 million people in it.
That's an awful lot of new people in an awfully short time.
How many people is that exactly?
Well, it's nearly twice the population of the entire Western United States.
That's 13 states, including California.
That is massive and incredibly rapid demographic growth.
Last night, Tucker Carlson's 15-minute monologue is his most important work yet.
And what he's doing is laying the groundwork to expose the Great Reset that is the designed collapse of civilization.
Don't upgrade the infrastructure.
Destroy the currency, deindustrialize the nation, demoralize the public, drug the public, and then bring it down, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I got on air today, 14 minutes late.
And it's because I'm really codifying in my mind ultra-massive news that will change the course of the planet and save this country if we listen to it and research it and do it.
And, you know, I'm not a pretentious person.
I know our listeners aren't.
And that's kind of a blind spot we have.
It's good to not be pretentious.
But it's also dangerous when you are extremely influential and you know what's going on and you have knowledge about it, not to do anything about it.
I got up early this morning and I saw an article that I read and I know is true because I know all about it.
For some reason, I haven't told you about this.
Because it's so huge.
I just, for some reason, haven't gone there.
Well, I will when we come back.
Stay with us.
I mean, this is earth-shattering information we're going to be covering.
This is as big as it gets.
And I'm not trying to build it up here.
Do you understand they're going to stage terror attacks and they're going to declare martial law and they're going to come and they're going to arrest the opposition leaders and beat us to death in prisons.
And then they're going to devalue the dollar completely and start turning your power off on a regular basis and inject your children with poisons until they slowly die.
They're going to murder you.
So everybody can sit around and play their games that they're in the government, they're gonna be part of the winning team.
The fools working in the federal government going along with this are destroying themselves with us right along with them.
And I saw news stories come out this morning confirming, admitting that there were thousands of federal paramilitary, including U.S.
military there, and we never talked about it because
It was extremely classified.
And the people I know the information from obviously can't get into it.
But see, they hide behind the classification of January 6th.
We know how they did it.
We know who did it.
The freaking FBI ran the attack on the Capitol and we have all the damn information.
And people say, well, why didn't you cover it all?
Because when you're in the middle of this, and all this stuff is going on and happening, and then you just subconsciously know, you go there, they come set you up and kill you.
Well, you know what?
We're releasing it all!
Burn in hell!
But again,
It's the fact that it's all hiding in plain view, and then they work with the Secret Service to try to set me and Roger Stone up, and then they got the nerve with all those criminals in Capitol Hill to try to say I'm behind the damn attack!
So I'm pissed, okay?
I'm not pissed at the crew, I'm not pissed at anybody but these criminals, and I can barely do the show.
I mean, it's just ridiculous!
It's frickin' BS, man!
Bunch of damn criminals running this country!
Fuck them!
Fuck them!
I'm sick of their shit!
Fuck these motherfuckers!
See, I gotta go to rebroadcast, go- Alright, I'm gonna call- God, please help me.
Please, God, help me.
I'm so sick of these criminals!
Does everybody get- We're all gonna get destroyed!
These are serious killers!
Serious criminals!
All these morons going along with the Great Reset are destroying their own future and just sitting there like you're on a winning team bringing in pure evil.
That evil is going to destroy you.
But you're delusional and think you're part of the team.
Think it's all cute what you guys have done.
And you sit there and you follow your orders.
We're going to get a break.
And I'm going to come back, and I'm just going to tell you that we have two special guests in the studio today.
Mike Adams is going to be in the studio.
I haven't been here in a while.
And then we have another military doctor coming in to blow wide open the whole New World Order, take over the brainwashing.
I'm going to settle down there, too.
And then we have a special guest on January 6th in the fourth hour.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
So the New World Order has almost taken control of not just the U.S., but the entire planet.
And along came Donald Trump, who was engaged in anti-globalist, populist rhetoric, and also did a lot of good things to educate Americans about that.
It was wonderful.
And so they did what the feds and the globalists did back in 1995 when they staged the Oklahoma City bombing.
They went into one of Trump's biggest, most important rallies, the most important, and hijacked it with agent provocateurs that helped break through the lightly defended Capitol because they'd sent half the police away to do, quote, traffic control that day.
And the National Guard, under the control of the District of Columbia there, refused Trump's request
Nine months before, six months before, and a couple weeks before, and he could have overridden that, but Milley said, no, we don't have the military on the streets of America, and he apologized that he'd ever even been seen with Trump in public after riots.
Remember all that?
And so, then, we got a million people there, like all our other big rallies, it was peaceful, except for a few Antifa attacking people the night before, and then,
They said that Trump was going to go down to where the stage was, and he just thought it was all handled by the Secret Service.
Everybody, it's always handled for him.
And then we just marched in there to a total trap with this new information that's not new information.
And I'm going to have a special guest on in the fourth hour that is going to tell you what he saw in the days leading up to January 6th.
And what he saw on January 6th, and the reason that's important is, he's the fella in the security detail that you see holding me when I'm on top of the big stack of chairs.
Because it was very precarious up there.
It was a pallet of unpacked chairs that hadn't been unpacked yet, that were all stacked.
And so, you're standing up there, trying not to fall down the hole that's in the chair there.
And the chairs lay on top of each other.
And he's an Army veteran.
And a good friend of mine works with InfoWars and was a sergeant major in the military in special operations and was running a lot of big operations.
And he was there and saw people he knew from the CIA, the FBI, the hostage rescue team, the army.
They're running operations.
He's like, whoa, this is crazy.
And that morning he couldn't get text message to us because they shut everything down.
You couldn't communicate.
They were jamming everything.
Uh, that they were already starting stuff as soon as Trump's speech began, with military precision.
So he came back down, Madison, we gotta get down there, we gotta stop this.
You know, they're pulling something off, we get there, sure enough it's happening.
And then, all the gear was there, the communication towers, all the stuff, the Feds, uh, their, you know, sheep-dip military, FBI directing everybody to attack, I mean, it's just all there.
And I'm sitting here,
Knowing this back at the time that it happened, knowing that it went on and telling you, hey, there were feds everywhere and there was military there, and that's how we had a lot of intel that nobody else had, the FBI hostage rescue team, once they'd mopped up most of the people, did actually go and attack the couple hundred stragglers that stayed at the Capitol and in the Capitol, so that's news that nobody knows, and just a lot of other stuff, but I'm gonna let him do the talking so that
He doesn't violate any of his national security agreements or any of that.
But as a citizen, what he saw and what went on, he's allowed to talk about.
Plus, we have all the video of it verifying this stuff.
So, why am I raising this now on the eve of January 6th and all the stuff that's coming out of that, all the things that are happening there?
The reason I'm raising this is...
That I got up this morning and saw this, actually last night I saw it, I saw this exclusive, secret commandos with shoot to kill authority were at the Capitol.
Thousands of them!
They didn't just have the FBI 350 hostage rescue team there.
They had a bunch of other secret units there in the Capitol, outside the Capitol, in plain clothes.
Doesn't that validate what Tucker Carlson said about there being feds everywhere?
And they're up there on towers with flags directing people in.
They're up there breaking through.
We have the witnesses and video of the individuals getting orders over their earpieces.
As soon as Trump said go to the Capitol, then they got my radio.
Okay, now order everybody to break in now.
That way they could tie it directly to Trump because he did say go to the Capitol.
They had Secret Service double agent globalists inside the White House who are again helping set up Trump the whole time and trying to set me up.
And Roger Stone and the rest of it, and we walked right into this false flag operation.
But the point is, now the documents have been released, and it's coming out in court, and they're trying to spin it like, oh, look, it's a good thing.
There were 350 FBI hostage rescue teams, several thousand other FBI in plain clothes.
Also, obviously the Army was there, and they had a bunch of other units there, and all there
Compartmentalized, but told to stand down while they watch maybe a hundred people, while Trump's giving a speech, start breaking through the barricades and then into the Capitol.
And again, we have all the witnesses and video of it.
As soon as they get the word, by the minute, Trump says, okay, I'm going to march peacefully to the Capitol.
I'll join you there coming up at the speech.
That was the middle of the speech.
They all get the call on their earpieces.
All right, go, go, go, go, go, go in.
And again, they were using Q, which is the Deep State Disinfo Ops, run by the Democratic Party and the CIA, to tell everybody on chat boards and everything, oh, you're going to be invading, the President's going to be there, this is the storm, you're about to take over, this is the moment, it's all about to happen, so that they could then trick the useful idiots, a very small percentage of the million folks that showed up, to then go in the Capitol.
Once you get a few hundred to break through,
Again, with the FBI and the hostage rescue teams and the military and everybody watching with huge high-tech, you know, sixth-generation communication towers everywhere jamming all of our communications so they can get their narrative out and control it and then say Trump had done it.
And then Trump doesn't even understand what happened here and doesn't even really point it out or call for investigations.
He's talked about Ashley Babbitt, that's good.
He's talked about how the real insurrection was on November 3rd with the election fraud, that's true.
Where is Trump on this?
Because they are hanging it around his neck and the populist movement's neck in this country.
And thousands of feds are there on the ground.
We even had them come to our hotel and talk to us.
And people say, well, why don't you talk about what group it was?
Because it's a secret agency, folks, and I'm not bound by all that, but because I have all these veterans that work for me, they are bound by that because they know what the equipment is, they know who the people are, they know what they're looking at.
So, that's where this starts getting, you know, serious.
So, maybe I should go testify to Congress.
I know they're going to try to say I lie, so what?
They're the liars, they're the criminals.
That committee was involved, guaranteed, we have all the evidence, including Liz Cheney,
Working with the same groups on multiple break-ins at the Capitol where they said go do sit-ins on the Trump first impeachment.
They were trying to get violence going there and they failed.
Yeah, oh yeah, that's all coming out.
So the very people running that committee
The daughters of famous war criminals and others are the ones who are the main suspects in all of this and Liz Cheney did finance and run and got the permit for the first impeachment rally that broke into the Capitol and took over with the groups she sponsored.
And I'm supposed to sit there and watch these criminals do all this and act like I'm the person that wanted to attack the Capitol when they have the motive, they have the history, and that place was crawling from in the morning
And the night before, with black ops.
And that's what unfolded.
So, then, they start attacking before Trump's speech.
They start breaking in during Trump's speech.
He speaks another 45 minutes, gets in his car, goes back, watches, doesn't know what to do, waits about 45 minutes, which I think was a little too long, to then go make his statement.
But his staff kept saying, wait, sir, more coming out.
Learn more.
So now they can act like he didn't tell people to get out of the building, while the feds were jamming all the communications, trying to block information getting out to the public, and running the whole damn thing, and putting the police right in the middle of it.
So, that's the news, and it's in Newsweek.
We've got it linked up on InfoWars.com.
Exclusive secret commandos and shoot-to-kill authority.
We're at the Capitol.
Fourth hour.
We're going to be joined by our special guest, who's going to lay out as much as he can here on air, obviously at great risk to himself, but he's a patriot.
He's going to do it.
So that's all coming up.
You want to know exactly what happened on January 6th?
You're about to learn.
Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
And, you know, I'm not just upset about January 6th and how they're setting it up.
To be the way they turn loose the military and the CIA and all these illegal operations against the American people.
And then they're branding it, they're rolling it out, they're preparing it.
It's here, it's official.
Total declaration of war against the country on every front.
We are an occupied nation.
Blue cities and blue states are literally occupied by a foreign multinational corporate takeover of criminal pirates using behavioral psychology.
And the only way to beat it is to recognize it and reject everything they say and everything they do.
You've got to harden yourself against this stuff.
Then you get stronger instead of being demoralized and weak.
Now, why do I get so angry?
I've got a stack of news where they're killing babies now around the world, giving them the damn shots, and they're dying and having heart attacks.
And I've got articles going, it's normal for two-year-olds to have heart attacks now.
I mean, it's all a test, you see.
Hundreds of millions of boys around the world.
It's all over the world.
Have autism now from a cocktail of reasons, but mainly autoimmune responses in the stomach and the brain from the injections.
His boys have much weaker blood-brain barriers.
And when we didn't stand up for the children...
And when we didn't do anything, they just said, OK, hit them harder.
They're going to put up with it.
And now if we don't stop this, can you imagine if major insurance companies are saying 40 or higher in some cases, the average is 40 percent increase in death.
Of groups between 18 and 64.
The working age, 18 to 64.
I mean, I covered that yesterday from the CEO of a $100 billion company.
Telling you this, ladies and gentlemen, that's facts, that's science, that's mathematics, that's what's going on.
And I can show you the CDC's own website admitting that they knew this would all happen a year and a half ago.
Before anybody took the shot in October of 2020, so a year and a quarter.
15 months ago plus.
I mean, you can't get around that.
And so what's the response?
Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about it.
She's banned.
Oh, Trump talks about it.
You're banned.
Everybody's banned, banned, banned by these criminal big tech companies who are in bed with Big Pharma.
They've merged, and they're literally carrying out a chemical bio-attack on us, and they're literally coming at our children and killing them now.
I mean, I have stacks of children dying, stacks of more soccer stars dying, stacks of more TV hosts that are young, take the shot, fall over, five heart attacks.
I mean, it's just, they're murdering everybody.
And then to learn, because we knew it at the time, and we just didn't know the numbers, and it wasn't in the news, so I guess we were just waiting for Newsweek, because it came out in federal court, to report on it, but exclusive secret commandos would shoot to kill authority were at the Capitol watching it all unfold.
And we knew they were there.
We talked about it that night, saying there's military here, and there's hostage rescue team here, and there's feds, and we have video.
That we've shown.
We're digging it out right now.
Of the HRT team that evening when a couple hundred people hadn't left and were still there and they went in and cleared them out.
But they were there the whole time, ladies and gentlemen.
The whole time.
And then you add to that the Secret Service coming and saying, OK, Alex, you come lead it and opening the gate up at the front of the stage.
There's Trump speaking right there, 30 feet away.
And then the White House spokesperson who was running that stuff from the campaign, because that's who runs it is campaign people, not the White House itself, comes over and says, OK, it's your time.
Trump wants you to go lead it.
I go lead it.
There's already hundreds of thousands marching down to the Capitol.
But OK, I'll try to go peacefully lead it.
And there's the Secret Service taking us over there.
They don't do that for anybody, folks.
OK, and I'm not saying all the Secret Service are bad.
They were following orders.
But the people on the top were setting up Trump, setting me up, and setting Roger up to be the leaders of an attack on the Capitol where they had a bunch of people believing they were under orders from Trump via Q and 8chan to go in and arrest Pelosi and others and put them in zip ties and that the military and commandos were about to join them and the military commandos were there working for the globalists and were there so that it got out of hand and they could actually get people to actually kidnap Pelosi, which failed.
Then the FBI was going to swoop in with the HRT and save Pelosi.
But thank God the Republicans and Democrats were able to get out before that happened and before the brainwashed buffoons, and some of them were federal agents who believed they were actually part of it, they were set up as patsies, to be there so that they would actually grab Pelosi or have a shootout and do all of this.
And can you imagine what they would have done then?
That's why they already had the pre-written scripts of, this was worse than Pearl Harbor.
This was worse than 9-11.
Are dead are so many, because they didn't even change the pre-written scripts.
You don't see Ray Epps getting called by the Jan 6th Committee.
The guy running around telling everybody for days to attack the Capitol.
You don't see any of that.
You don't see him calling Jaden X. Working for CNN and they're saying burn the Capitol down.
I don't know.
But the police were put in the middle of it.
The Capitol security was put in the middle of it.
They were undermanned on purpose.
All of Trump's requests were denied.
Oh, but Trump's request to have the hostage rescue team was there to make sure nobody got violent or to provide control.
But they didn't do that.
They sat there with their sniper rifles, trained on everybody.
And they sat there in the Capitol, waiting under the Capitol and in the side rooms, they now admit these documents, waiting to save the Democrats.
Later at night, once the sun started going down, did they boil out of all their holes in the Capitol and around it?
We're there, up on the top of the roof, you know, that we rented to do live coverage, and we see them boiling out!
Boiling out!
They didn't have to be bussed in, they didn't have to be driven in, they were all in the buildings around it, and on the rooftops, and everywhere!
And they were in black uniforms with Antifa cohorts breaking down the doors to get the groups of people in to the building.
And so that's what really happened, ladies and gentlemen, and that's what really went on.
And on the fourth hour, we're going to go over all of this with an expert who was a witness and there.
And again, ladies and gentlemen,
We had these organizations come visit us the morning of January 6th at the hotel.
We had them calling us when we're on the rooftop.
Obviously, we're not stupid.
We know, like, friends were calling.
And, oh, high-level CIA just, you know, calling to be friendly, see how we're doing.
And we're all just walked right into this trap, ladies and gentlemen.
And they'd love to send us all to prison for what they did.
And there's a lot more I haven't told you, folks.
It's bad.
It's bad.
And I've just been waiting for this stuff to start coming out.
And now is the right time to do this.
And now I'm able to get people that are real experts to talk about it.
That's where we are in this country, that's where we are in this world, and that's what's really going on if you want to know the truth.
And more importantly, like, okay, well that was a year ago.
Ha ha ha, the feds, you know, did it, they got caught.
Yeah, the internet knows what they did, the general public knows what they did, but they're getting ready to stage bigger events to blame the populist movement.
Can we put the live show headline up, please?
Thank you.
This is very, very important information we're going to be covering.
Mike Adams is going to be in studio next.
So much huge news.
He's got the biggest news ever.
In fact, print his latest report, guys, about the 10 million dying a day at current projection numbers within the next decade.
He's going to be in here.
And we also have another special guest who's a military doctor who's very well spoken, informed, elaborate on what Dr. Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough talked about here on the broadcast.
That's coming up.
And then I'm hosting the fourth hour today with
Our expert on what he witnessed and what actually happened that day and what he was told.
He knows those people because he's been in charge of a bunch of them.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's where this country's gone.
And I'm just going to tell the truth.
I need your prayers, though.
We need your support because they're coming for us, ladies and gentlemen, because we're not cowards and we're not going to back down.
Somebody's got to stand up to this evil and call it out.
Not everybody's sold out, not everybody's a coward, not everybody's into pedophilia.
Look at this headline.
You guys got the live show headline for me?
Put it up there again?
Rumble is just Fox News on cracks, says Rolling Stone.
Well, Rolling Stone is just a bunch of pedophiles that run a magazine.
How's that?
How do you like that?
World-exclusive federal commandos secretly oversaw January 6th riot.
Documents show Alex Jones and special guests to break new critical information on Deep State false flag and more false flags coming.
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50% off for a limited time.
Thanks for keeping us on the air.
It's the quickening Mike Adams to break his biggest news ever with a global alert.
An estimated 10 million people per day are set on an irreversible countdown to vaccine death.
And here is a medical doctor on international television talking about the numbers coming into the heart attacks and myocarditis.
We have massive deaths everywhere of celebrities, young people, old people, even children now dying after getting the shots.
This is hellish depopulation.
And then in the fourth hour, world exclusive,
Federal commandos secretly oversaw and ran the January 6th riot document show.
Alex Jones, a special guest, will break new critical information on Deep State false flags and the other big ones they're planning to bring the country into pure martial law.
But first, here is Dr. Asim Malhotra talking about the Hart situation and the deadly shots.
Seeing this abstract publication circulation, I was concerned about it for a number of reasons.
So first and foremost, we have to understand that there's been a shift in understanding of heart disease over the years, that we know now it's a chronic inflammatory condition that is exacerbated by something called insulin resistance, which we talked about on the show before, which is related to poor lifestyle.
Now, what this abstract has shown, what this research has shown is that markers associated with increasing the risk of heart attack and probably even progression of underlying heart disease in people who have already got some heart disease has been significantly increased risk from 11% at 5 years risk of heart attack to 25%.
Now, that's a huge increase.
If this is true, then it's very concerning indeed.
But in medicine, in good science, we never rely on one study.
We need to replicate these findings.
However, what I will share with you today on GB News is a few days ago, after this was published, somebody from a very prestigious British institution, cardiology department, researcher, a whistleblower if you like, contacted me to say that researchers in this department had found something similar.
Within the coronary arteries linked to the vaccine.
Inflammation from imaging studies around the coronary arteries.
And they had a meeting and these researchers at the moment have decided they're not going to publish their findings because they are concerned about losing research money from the drug industry.
Now, this person was very upset about it and I wanted to obviously share this on GB News today.
What I would say is that we then, knowing this information, which is very concerning,
Stephen Gundry's paper in circulation and also anecdotal evidence.
I mean I have a lot of interaction with the cardiology community across the UK and anecdotally I've been getting told by colleagues that they are seeing younger and younger people coming in with heart attacks.
Now what does this mean in terms of the data?
We have to put the jigsaw for the pieces together.
We know since July there's been almost 10,000 excess non-COVID deaths
And most of those, or a significant proportion of those, have been driven by circulatory disease, in other words, heart attack and stroke.
There's been a 30% increase in people dying at home, and often these are because of cardiac arrest.
Of course, this is also something close to my heart, because my own father is one of those statistics.
He had a cardiac arrest at home July the 26th, so when this figure, since this data has been collected.
So where do we go from here?
I think the signal is quite strong.
I personally think that this needs investigating.
So I think the Joint Committee of Vaccines and Immunization should absolutely investigate this.
I think that the researchers, I really hope that they take a look in the mirror and realize the ones from... Okay, this video was from three months ago.
Now the numbers are out.
It's a 40 plus percent increase.
We're good to go.
He's got a global alert, an estimated 10 million people per day.
I think?
We've seen a doubling of gas prices here in the United States, and you can see the unrest coming as well.
That's why they want to get it all primed for racial, not going up against the globalists and the private central banks, but priming you that when there is an angrier world, as Klaus Schwab says, you just kill each other, we just kill each other, instead of realizing it's the globalists literally killing us.
Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com is also a software and computer engineer and also owns one of the largest testing facilities for food and medicines in Texas and of course he's a prolific writer and researcher.
He doesn't need any introduction
And he has got, every few months, something bigger than he's ever broken because there's a quickening.
The news is more intense.
That's the way it is.
And I would say, he didn't say this, this is the biggest report he's ever put out.
We've also posted it at InfoWars.com in the live show link section.
Global alert, an estimated 10 million people per day are set on irreversible countdown to vaccine death that could exterminate billions if not stopped the next year.
Now let me just back up.
Some of what Mike's saying here before he gets into it.
I just showed you a massive global insurance company saying in Western countries we're seeing a 40% increase in death, five times bigger than any increase we've ever seen in the hundreds of years that they've been keeping actuarial numbers, okay?
So that is a fact, okay?
Here's some of the other anecdotals.
25-year-old soccer star suddenly collapses, dies during training.
Brazilian journalist, 30-something years old, collapses and has five heart attacks from his third COVID shot.
Australian Prime Minister threatens to deport world champion tennis player if his vaccine exemption is, quote, insufficient.
Well, it's better than dying.
Pfizer trial data shows jab causes severe fever in one out of five children.
New York teacher injecting a child without parental consent.
I mean, this is a cult, folks, of control.
Quebec to ban unvaccinated from buying marijuana and hard liquor.
They really want you to take that shot, folks.
Manhattan's woke DA will stop seeking prison sentences, though, for most crimes, including robbery.
It goes on and on.
French President Macron admits his strategy is to piss off the unvaccinated as much as possible.
This is all psychological torture.
It's all control.
Mike Adams of naturalnews.com is here for the rest of the hour to lay out his incredibly important report that has all the statistics, all the numbers, and he's just taking what the insurance companies and what governments are admitting and what they're showing and then extrapolating it out because now we're a year into this operation, almost a year and a half in the UK, so we're getting very hard numbers now.
Real science.
What they don't want you to look at, they just use the term science, science like a parrot, hoping you don't actually go look at the science.
Mike Adams, thanks for being here.
Thank you, Alex, for having me on again.
It's great to be back in studio with you after quite a while that I wasn't here.
If you look at the numbers that are emerging, it's now crystal clear that we have less time remaining than what we thought.
And this explains why Biden and the other vaccine pushers around the world they don't care about the legal challenges because they know they can tie this up in the courts for several years.
What I'm going to present here today explains we have less than a year remaining or we lose human civilization.
This is an extinction level event that
If we don't stop these vaccines, it will play out over the next decade to bring down civilization as we know it.
That's why Dr. Robert Malone calls this a mass casualty event that we are living through right now.
And Mike Eden, former VP of Pfizer, even saying essentially this is mass murder.
We have to stop this.
But here are the statistics.
If you go to ourworldindata.org and you look at the number of vaccines being given per day, it's about 30 million per day around the world.
Now, based on the numbers from the life insurance companies, the myocarditis, the autoimmune disorders, the autopsies published by Dr. Bakhti and Burkhardt and others, we've been able to estimate now based on these new data, and by the way, remember the life insurance data is from the third quarter of last year.
It's going to look a lot worse than a 40% increase by the time we get the fourth quarter data from last year.
When we put all this together, we can see we're going to have, of those who are vaccinated, about one-third will die over the next decade or so.
Another third will be debilitated, injured, and perhaps not capable of functioning in society in a meaningful way.
The final third will be unharmed, perhaps because they received saline solution shots.
So we're looking at right now,
Alex, if we stop the vaccines right now, we're going to lose about 1.4 billion people around the world over the next decade.
And I'm literally having an anxiety attack right now because these numbers are in.
This has happened.
These are real numbers.
They did it.
Look, let me explain this.
30 million shots a day, okay?
10 million of those 30 million per day will die over the next decade or so, based on what we know now.
Again, these are projections.
They're subject to some level of change.
And I'll tell you what I'm really upset about, and I want you to continue.
It's bad enough that they're killing all these people.
Now they're doing it to children.
But they're going to do something huge after this.
They're not going to leave those of us that didn't take it alone.
This means total war.
Well, I'm going to get to that.
You're exactly right.
But look, 10 million people per day, folks, that means there is a Nazi-level Holocaust mass death event happening.
Start over.
I'm sorry.
I'm horrible.
I interrupted.
Start over where you were when I interrupted that.
If you have the numbers on the current extrapolation, when do we reach the 10 million a day point?
They're doing it right now.
Every day, it's 10 million people who will die over the next decade.
Every day.
So, what they're pulling off is a Nazi-level holocaust every 14.4 hours, Alex.
They're carrying out a holocaust every 14.4 hours.
A soft kill.
I mean, it's here.
They always said they'd do it.
With shots.
So, understand, people.
Understand that if we don't stop these vaccines in the next 365 days, they will murder another 3.5 billion human beings.
And combined with the roughly coming up on 1.5 billion that they've already condemned to death, that's going to be over 50% of the population on planet Earth.
This is an extinction level event if we don't stop it.
Now you know why Prince Charles, whose father said he wants to come back as a deadly virus to kill 80% of the world, said, this is a military mobilization to make you take shots to save the earth.
So they're being very honest about what they're actually doing.
I mean, they are, quote, saving the earth by giving people soft kill weapons that as your family members get sick and die, they'll then suck all the money and energy out of you and your generational wealth while they kill you.
Well, exactly.
And understand that they cannot allow this event to be blamed on vaccines, blamed on their policies.
So this means, as you have predicted numerous times, Alex, they're going to have to unleash
Some other global killer event in order to cover their tracks.
So yes, something epic, something biblical is coming.
Something satanic is coming, I should say.
That's right.
That's right.
I mean, as a father, every instinct I've got is to go to the most remote area now and hunker down.
Guarantee this is going down, folks.
But we're going to stay at the ship to warn as many people as we can, as long as we can.
But don't people understand, we're not hyping this.
You are living through biblical times.
And understand that it's too late to save already 1.5 billion people.
It's too late.
Because we don't know how, there's no way to reverse the damage.
You look at the autopsies that Dr. Bakhti and Burkhardt, they published their paper on, 93% of people who died after receiving vaccines were killed by the vaccines.
So, if you look at the daily deaths in America right now, 7,700 people die every day normally pre-COVID.
You start to look at the fact that we're going to have multiples of that dying each day.
In 2022, dying from cancer, dying from neurological disorders, dying from heart attacks, organ destruction because of the killer lymphocytes.
We're going to see multiples of the normal death rate per day.
And we're hearing that from coroners around the world, pathologists, we're hearing it from undertakers, we're hearing it from the big labs around the world, including the U.S., that do biopsies.
We're seeing 20-fold increases in cancers.
That's right.
That's right.
And I mean, just a three-fold increase in the daily death rate would put us at about 24,000 deaths
I think today is the day.
I'm going to talk about some personal family stuff here on air.
People need to hear this, but just how bad this is.
You heard about the North and the South, the war, brother against brother, father against brother.
We're going to talk about it all today, but I interrupted.
All of it.
That was too important.
You said we'd come back.
We'll repeat everything you said without me interrupting, because this is the most important information we've ever covered.
I want this to really sink in for people.
It's done.
They already killed us.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Adams is here of NaturalNews.com.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
I know you understand this, but we don't make stuff up.
We get things wrong occasionally, and usually we underestimate how bad something is.
And we know historically when populations get hit by something really incredibly evil, they at first don't figure out it's happening because evil doesn't come back the same way each time.
It'll hit you from other angles.
But this is a modern deindustrialization, depopulation, collapse event in their own words.
And that's why Dr. Reema Labo on record treated the heads of state, including Hillary Clinton and including
Angela Merkel and also the Queen of the Netherlands.
Now, in confidence, I'm not allowed to say who told them what, but she told me the names.
And I made some checks and actually found some open source data where this person actually made the comment publicly.
But she was treating a head of state, and the woman said the mass culling is coming in the next three years.
They put it off, but now it's here.
That's how you watch that clip from 2009, and it's like it all happened today.
Because they, her husband was the former head of the army.
General Stubblebine, a three-star general, ran special operations, everything.
So he came on the show and talked about this, too.
So they thought it was going to happen, then they ran down to Costa Rica.
I'm going to hand this over to Mike Adams.
Recap what you said earlier about the global alert.
Start over without me interrupting.
Well, okay.
And by the way, I've got about a one-minute clip I brought, gave it to your producers to show at some point here, because I was interviewing
Your talent, Harrison, Harrison Smith, the other day, and he was saying that he used to listen to me.
And he was like, I was kind of the person who helped wake him up in addition to you and your information.
I was like, Harrison, I mean, Alex is the person that woke me up.
And this clip shows a speech I gave in 2019 before COVID where we're talking about the exotic alien biological weapons that are about to be unleashed against humanity.
So I want to give you credit for all the work that you've done and let you know that your knowledge and what you're doing here at InfoWars
Really influenced me with my research and I hope at some point today we can play that.
Let's play it right now then and then next time you can recap.
Go ahead guys.
Here it is.
So here's the most likely hard kill vector that could be coming.
An exotic alien engineered biological weapon that specifically targets human DNA.
And you might think, well, they would never do that.
Guess what?
DARPA has been doing it.
It's called gene drive technology.
They've been working on it.
And it's a CRISPR gene editing technology and it enables genetic modifications to spread very rapidly through a population.
They also have something called RNA interference technology where they can genetically engineer food crops so that there are little protein fragments in the crops and the protein fragments can target fertility of specific human races.
And this is called an insecticide.
They use it.
They've been developing this so that they can kill
You know, certain insects that feed on certain crops?
They can also do it to humans.
RNA interference technology.
It exists.
The genetic weapon of mass destruction may not be far away.
Bioengineered Ebola is a strong candidate for this.
It's being developed, funded by the NIH.
I'm sorry, funded by the TMT.
The NIH funded a different experiment in Guatemala.
That use Guatemalan prisoners as human subjects.
In fact, when that came out during the Obama administration, Obama himself had to apologize because they got caught.
So it's not just the mercury in the vaccines.
It's not just the lead that's going to be falling out of the sky.
It's the infant formula.
It's the aluminum which causes Alzheimer's and dementia.
It's the organophosphates.
It's the 5G networks.
It's the assault on your senses, the assault on your neurology, the assault on your children.
These are multiple kill vectors.
And this is what we are being hit with right now.
I had not seen that clip.
I'd read your article saying that.
That is months before they released the bioweapon.
You specifically hit the protein prion crystals in the food.
You specifically hit that it's alien because it's never existed before.
This is alien.
And I do believe and I don't do that extrapolation.
I can just go the next step.
This whole attack isn't human.
You're exactly right, and that's why this is an extinction-level event.
So, what I talked about at that event, which was Steve Quayle's event, by the way, in Branson, Missouri, in 2019, was that Earth is being prepared for a post-human future.
Now, at the time, that sounded pretty far out there.
And they say that everywhere, though.
Now, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, after COVID, oh, the end of humanity, looking forward to it!
Exactly, exactly.
So, you have to ask,
What we're seeing right now with the kill rates, and by the way, you know, big thumbs up to Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Robert Malone, and Steve Kirsch, and all these amazing people who have come out.
However, there's only so far that they can talk about.
Well, that's right.
Behind the scenes, they agree with what you just said.
And you saw Malone say it's interdimensional.
Absolutely, yeah.
Because, folks, there's not just bad guys.
There is God.
There's another transmission.
There are non-terrestrial entities, which some people may call demons or demonic influence, demonic possession, and other things that do not want humanity to survive.
And that's what we're being subjected to.
So this is so many levels beyond just making money for Pfizer or reducing population by 10-15% as Bill Gates wanted.
This is about exterminating humanity.
To prepare planet Earth for a post-human future.
They've decided they don't want the human race to exist in the cosmos.
They've decided that we're a failure.
While they put chemicals in the food and water that make us fat and ugly, while they screw us over, while they put us in a trance, then they look at us and make fun of us and say, look how weak you are.
And even cosmically, the vaccine is, I call it a cosmic IQ test.
It's a test to see, is this species on this planet dumb enough to line up and commit suicide?
Are they dumb enough to allow their own species?
You see the free will rule of God's universe.
And this galaxy, in that the rules are always there.
They have to give us a choice.
They're not allowed to do this unless we free will do it.
Right, right.
They set up a test that humanity is failing, hugely right now.
And by the way, I think one of the things that energetically attracted this ethnic cleansing of our planet is all of the baby murder.
Oh, I agree.
So, I mean... Well, that's why the Satanists do it, is to bring that energy in.
Exactly right.
It's like chumming the water.
Yeah, yeah.
It's like copper tops.
They're turning human babies into a dark energy source upon which they feed in order to accomplish the complete wipeout of human civilization.
Because there's no greater energy than a baby in the sea of the universe.
The beauty, the goodness, the potential.
That's right, that's right.
We like wheatgrass because of the potential of the seed.
This is a trillion times more powerful.
And remember, as the baby's brain is physically forming in the body of the mother,
The brain is making spiritual connections to consciousness, which is a non-physical, non-material existence.
Interdimensionally opening gates.
And that is God's gift, to give the baby consciousness and free will, which becomes creativity, which becomes essentially the Bill of Rights.
Why do we have the First Amendment?
Why do we have the freedom to speak?
Because we are conscious, free will beings given the gift of consciousness from God.
And that's what's so beautiful, Mike, is that I haven't even talked about this privately, but I would imagine you and others, everybody is advancing their knowledge right now.
For those against this evil, it's like the doors of perception are being blown wide open.
That's exactly what's going on.
That's exactly the case.
We're going to go to break.
Are we going to break?
We're going to come back.
Longer segment coming up.
I want you to recap.
This is all incredible.
And you got to come back more often.
I'm happy to do that, Alex.
You're on fire.
Good Lord.
All right.
We're going to be right back, ladies and gentlemen, because hey, as negative as this is,
They're not killing us because we're weak and ugly and bad.
They're killing us because we're super powerful.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
By the way, they're going to lose.
We'll be right back.
You are living in the most incredible time in human history right now.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Mike Adams of Natural News is here.
He's gone off the public numbers.
They're now admitted.
And remember, the latest numbers are a few months old.
So it's trending straight up.
Recap everything you talked about in that first segment, because I was interrupting.
Mike Adams, go over people listening and...
We're good to go.
On the course it is, we're talking about billions dead, but it's already millions and millions of vaccine damaged, hundreds of thousands dead in the U.S.
These are mainline numbers, and they're just normalizing all this and saying, the robots will soon take over.
Society is failing.
You will need robots, says the head of Pfizer, says the head of the Davos Group.
This is their plan.
Mike Adams, continue.
Yes, these are forward-looking statements based on the data that we have now, but the fact that's irrefutable is that about 30 million people per day are being injected with these COVID vaccines.
That's irrefutable.
We know that about half the world's population has been injected, and we also know that with each additional injection there is further destruction of the immune system.
The VE numbers, vaccine effectiveness rates are going into negative territory after a certain amount of time, certain number of weeks after the injections.
We also know that countries like Israel and I think Denmark and others are pushing more than four shots.
They're going to five or six shots at some point.
And I believe Fauci just said in the US, you're not fully vaccinated until you've had at least one booster.
And that's going to obviously increase.
When we look at these numbers and we can project out over the next decade or so, for example, myocarditis has a 56% fatality rate within five years.
How many people are being diagnosed with myocarditis after being injected with these vaccines?
That's a huge number right there.
And then how many diagnoses are being missed?
Because they are subclinical levels of myocarditis.
But also looking at the Dr. Bhakti autopsies, what percentage of people who took the vaccines are now growing lymphocyte nodes on their organs and having killer lymphocytes attack their hearts, their lungs, their livers, their brains, and other tissues in the body?
The autopsy showed 93%.
Of the people who got the vaccines are growing these immune system responses that are essentially autoimmune disorders where the body attacks itself.
That doesn't even get into antibody-dependent enhancement.
That doesn't even get into the cognitive decline that's happening.
So, conservatively, one-third of the people who took these vaccines are going to be dead in the next decade.
And it might be a lot faster, Alex.
It could be in fewer years than 10.
Well, I have a family member, I'll tell her later, go ahead.
Well, then the big question becomes, we live in a complex society, folks.
There is a knowledge base of people who know how to run the nuclear power plants, know how to run the water plants, the sewage plants, who know how to run telecommunications and everything to keep the power grid going.
The vaccine is not just wiping out human life and achieving depopulation, the vaccine is deleting
The human knowledge base that is required to keep society running and pass a certain tipping point, once a critical mass of die-offs is achieved, we can no longer run a complex society that's necessary to provide the food, the water, the electricity, and everything else.
And they're openly all over the world getting rid of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and then introducing all forms of mental illness.
I saw an article the other day where the media saw a bunch of beach
And they said, oh, it's a KKK meeting.
It's like mental illness.
They see the racism thing everywhere.
Meanwhile, they're being slaughtered.
They're being spied on.
They're losing all their freedoms.
But just recap the numbers that you went over earlier.
Well, again, per day, 10 million people are being set on a path of vaccine death right now.
That's happening as we speak.
So in the next 14.4 hours, there will be another Holocaust-level die-off event that takes place over the next several years.
Now, it's important to understand, they're not dying today.
Because vaccines kill people in three phases.
There are short-term deaths, medium-term, and then long-term.
The short-term is the smallest of that.
That's the people who pass out and die from instant strokes and heart attacks and so on, and blood clotting within minutes.
That's a very small number compared to where this is going.
The medium-term and long-term is where you have the cancer deaths.
Don't forget, Alex, I know you covered this, but the spike protein enters the cell nuclei and it suppresses the chromosomal repair mechanism.
They're called double-strand breaks, which is when ionization... It basically, you lose genetic integrity and you start becoming a mutant.
So, because the spike protein suppresses what's called the NHEJ mechanism, non-homologous end-joining... Bottom line, this is a fabulous weapon they created.
It's the ultimate, well it's like I said in that clip from 2019, it's an exotic, alien, bioengineered, attack on the DNA itself, which is a repairing system.
This was not simply, it didn't just come out of a lab, it wasn't just to make money, this came from somewhere else.
And then it was incorporated and refined and targeted to human beings.
So yes, the NIH funded gain-of-function research, but what did they use?
It's the perfect weapon.
It kills you a hundred different ways over a long period of time.
It's a soft kill weapon.
It's the perfect weapon.
And so the bottom line, Alex, is it's very likely that within the next five years, almost everything that we talk about is going to be irrelevant.
Because there will not be a functioning society as we know it today.
And they say we're collapsing civilization to be post-industrial, but robots run it.
It's the opposite.
It's where, you know, the new Matrix movie is suddenly the robots are good, and the Matrix is good, and the Matrix saves you.
Right, right.
Now, this can, we can perhaps stop the total collapse of civilization if we stop the vaccines.
Or in the next
A couple of months or weeks.
That's why I have this sense of urgency, because I can look at the numbers like you can.
If this doesn't turn around soon, there's no coming back.
There's no coming back.
And, you know, there's a theory out there that the Omicron strain was perhaps developed by white hat scientists in a lab and then released to try to nullify the Delta strain, you know, kind of a self-spreading vaccine antibody against the pandemic.
I don't know what to make of that theory.
Against the spike protein.
Right, right.
You know, maybe.
Maybe that's happening, and maybe that's going to save us, but I wouldn't count on it.
I don't think that's the case.
We have to stop the vaccines.
Otherwise, we lose civilization.
That's the truth.
And you look at Klaus Schwab and all of them.
I mean, it's on record.
We reported this 15 years ago, but now it's confirmed.
All the big money is hiding out in the woods, in remote areas around the world, digging in like it's the end of the world.
And I know a lot of famous people that are at the highest levels and they go, yeah, you're right, Alex.
All these billionaires I know just basically hide out in the middle of nowhere now.
Well, you know, we get calls from billionaires who want to buy out half our inventory, for example.
And I know you guys probably get similar calls.
I can't even get inventory!
There's a panic.
This is the problem.
We'd have plenty of money if we could get inventory.
And we know they're going underground, too.
I mean, Zuckerberg building a massive underground complex in Hawaii, we know that
Yeah, Peter Thiel is involved in this.
We know Elon Musk is drilling underground here in Texas.
You're not saying people are bad to build bunkers.
That's smart.
That's actually smart.
Because the surface of the planet is going to be total chaos, and like you said, the lunacy, mass formation, psychosis, combined with the psychotropic drugs, combined with starvation, famine, and desperation.
That's what's coming on the surface of the Earth.
And, you know, I saw a little TikTok video of someone who works for a corporation who's just been ordered to wear a mask on all TikTok videos because other employees are triggered by seeing people's faces without masks.
Now racism is the human face.
Think of how that's an inversion of reality.
The human face is beautiful and wonderful.
No, no, no.
It's triggering people.
Right, so now- I saw that too.
You saw that.
I mean, it's total insanity.
That's what I left in their Zoom meetings, remember?
It was like in Wisconsin, the Teacher Association was making employees wear masks on the interviews.
Well, right, and think about, you know, fake President Biden in his fake Oval Office soundstage set with, you know, fake snow falling in the fake windows in the background wearing a mask.
What do we always hear about with Jeffrey Epstein, and Prince Charles, and all of them, and Hillary?
Do not look them in the eyes.
Well, let's pass that.
Cover your dirty face.
Yeah, yeah.
They want us to be robots, not showing that face, because this spirit hates us so much, it's like the Bible tells us, because we're made in the image of the Creator, and this thing doesn't like us, because it's lost a bunch of wars with us.
And as soon as we figure that out, it's all game over.
You're exactly right.
The Awakening, we still have time to win and defeat this evil, but we're running out of time.
We don't have a year, Alex.
We don't have a year.
Folks, we're just one settlement, okay?
It's obvious.
And they're trying to blow our settlement up.
We gotta come together as humans and beat this thing, okay?
Mike Adams is our guest.
Stay with us.
We have another very special guest joining us in studio.
He's a medical doctor.
He's worked for the military, has a lot of great perspective.
Look forward to having him in studio.
We're going to talk to somebody that was there on the ground with me on January 6, who knew a lot of the feds that were there.
And we've already basically talked about this, but now it's breaking out.
It's in mainstream news.
Now it's in court documents.
Exclusive secret commandos with shoot to kill authority were at the Capitol.
Thousands of them.
And they stood down and their comrades were in the crowd helping provocateur the whole thing.
An incredible setup.
Then they were going to kill the people that were going to try to, quote, kidnap Pelosi and others.
They believe they were under Q command, which of course was not Trump, but was the very FBI deep state.
Mike Adams of naturalnews.com.
We've got this segment, a short segment, and then our next guest is coming in, and I really appreciate it.
You've got to come back sooner, but what else do you want to just add about this epic moment we're in?
I mean, I think it's people better research your article, they better share it, they better bookmark it, and they better warn people
And go protest at the places kids are being injected, whatever you got to do to try to save lives.
Because you can say, well, let the idiots just kill themselves.
Well, what about their children?
They don't deserve it.
But also the societal collapse event, which Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates admit they're engaged in, this is going to destroy confidence in the government.
This is going to destroy confidence in everything.
We have to explain who did it and how the globalists did it, pretending they're this new super species of transcendence.
We're playing God.
If we don't get who the good guys and bad guys are, they will win.
So I think it really is about the narratives here.
And so how would you boil that down?
Well, understand that the globalists, if they achieve this mass die-off, they're going to reshape history.
They will write you and I and others out of the history books.
We will cease to exist because they will tell a whole new narrative after the Great Reset.
Now, understand, the Great Reset is not just about a financial reset, although that's part of it.
It's also about resetting the human knowledge base through the die-off that I mentioned in the last segment.
So they know if they can delete the memories of where we are, who we are, where we came from, and what's happening, then they can reshape the narrative as they see fit.
Just like in Georgia Orwell's 1984, where the Ministry of Truth is constantly going back in time and rewriting the encyclopedia entries and the news stories in order to fit the current narrative.
So, what's critical in all of this is that everybody take every episode here at InfoWars and download it,
Write it to your hard drives, put it on thumb drives, burn it to optical media such as DVD-Rs, and share it and hand it out because this is going to be the contraband in the next decade.
The contraband is the truth.
We're going to be living in a society where it will be illegal to possess information that goes against the prevailing narrative.
And one other thought on all this, Alex, is that
If we don't stop these vaccines in the next year, we will still survive.
We will still live for a few more years.
But at that point, it's like being on an airplane at 30,000 feet and the plane has lost power and the pilots are dead.
You're you're coasting now, but you're going to hit terrain.
You're going into the ground and that's just going to be a few years out.
And there's nothing you can do to stop it at that point, even though you're not dead yet.
And how do you balance that as your mission to warn people puts you up front as a target?
It's like it does me.
And then I have constant guilt, like guilt if I don't fight this, but then guilt just greedily to protect my family and just go off the radar.
But I think the best thing is just do the right thing, trust in God, and expose the agenda.
That's our best hope.
Well, it's very difficult to balance this.
I think I'm out of balance as well.
I spend more time warning other people than prepping myself.
But the best advice I have for people on prepping is to think about low-tech prepping.
So we're going to collapse down to more of an 18th century type of existence in many areas.
Don't expect power or like, oh, I'm on gas.
That's right.
The gas ain't coming.
That's right.
So you have to have layers of redundancy in your prepping.
So yeah, on one hand you might have a high-tech security system with cameras and alarms and everything, but you need a low-tech system.
But you need ten boards of wood.
And you need dogs who bark when intruders come.
You need low-tech...
I don't know.
No, no.
And let's remember, they all know they're collapsing things.
They're going to pose as the savers during it, claiming they're coming in to help their local community.
They're going to be there to sabotage stuff.
The first thing is shut off their agenda 2030.
Let people know they're the ones that are collapsing it.
Once it collapses, they're going to send their operatives in as sociologists to control us.
People will listen to you now, but they're going to listen later when the operatives arrive.
Yeah, you're exactly right.
And we're also going to have to learn how to live in a society where we don't have any exports from China.
So that right there takes out almost all computers, electronics, car parts, the things that run the power grid.
And it's not that the money is going to be worthless.
You're not going to be able to get stuff.
You've got to get it now.
Yeah, exactly.
And, you know, in D.C.
and with the Federal Reserve, they're going to try to print their way out of product shortages and logistics failures.
You can't print corn, okay?
You can't print plastic parts or metal parts that run the turbines of the airplanes or the hydroelectric dams.
You can't print that stuff by printing money.
The physical shortages, you just said, is what's going to do us in.
And this is why society is going to collapse back to an agrarian state.
People are mathematical, are spiritual, are cultural capital.
That's real capital, not money, folks.
And all of that is being shrunk down to weaken us as a species.
And again, if you extrapolate that out, there's no way the globalists get out of this without nuclear meltdowns, the surface of the earth becoming unlivable, and every actuary that's been done, even by the Pentagon.
So why are they following a path that will cause mass war, mass starvation, and nuclear meltdowns?
Because it's a planetary ending event.
Not just for us, but all major species.
It is.
It's a full-blown, as I call it, oblivion agenda.
It's an agenda to exterminate planet Earth, or most humans on planet Earth.
But there will be survivors, don't get me wrong.
The question is whether the survivors, whether we have enough of the infrastructure remaining.
Once civilization gets so complex, it's so easy to collapse.
It's very easy to overrun and control at that point.
So our job is to simply survive
To encourage other people to survive.
And by the way, the future of children on planet Earth is pure bloods.
And by the way, women right now who are vaccinated are lying, I've heard.
They're lying when they're on the dating scene.
They're telling men they're not vaccinated because they don't want men to know that they're infertile.
Because the vaccines have made them...
Let's expand on that.
If you're a military brain and you study history, everything is like aliens are attacking.
I don't get into flying saucers, any of that, or lizard people, folks.
I'm saying, if you mathematically, as just a person, look at the attack.
What's our primary power source for 5,000 years?
They're outlawing it, they're shutting down the infrastructure, and then blowing it up.
If you notice, they don't just shut down the coal plants, they then scrap them and go, as a symbol of being against it, we're sealing and blowing the mine.
They're killing the infrastructure to go back to it for this collapse event.
This is what you would do when you're turning the lights out.
First thing an enemy does is, primary target is the generators.
Yeah, yeah, you're exactly right.
Look how Europe shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany.
They're in an energy crisis in Europe.
And they shut down our pipeline.
Well, exactly, exactly.
That's the thing.
It doesn't matter what country you are, it's the same attack, folks.
It's not the Russians and the Chinese and the Americans against each other.
It's the New World Order against you.
Sorry, I'm ranting.
No, it's okay.
But because of the shutdown of fossil fuels and hydrocarbons, and I've talked about this on your show.
It's terraforming.
It's not only terraforming, but remember the fertilizer production.
To make ammonia and make urea, you use hydrocarbons from fossil fuels through the Haber process chemical equation, using nitrogen from the atmosphere.
So when you shut that down, what we're going to see, Alex, over the next couple of years is massive crop shortages, scarcity, and failure due to a lack of fertilizer.
You said that a year and a half ago, and now it's happening in Europe.
It's happening in Europe.
The Europeans are going to have to choose now for the rest of the winter.
By the way, I told you, Mike, you're finally doing it.
I said, Mike, everything you said comes true just like I do, even better.
That's what goes viral and warns people.
You've got to start mining all the stuff you've said.
And I never even saw that incredible clip we played earlier in the hour.
Well, I had kind of forgotten about that.
It just goes that you know what you're talking about.
Well, we know what we're talking about.
I mean, you know, that clip from you and I back in 2010.
We were talking about vaccine passports and quarantine centers.
I mean, 12 years ago.
Force inoculation to erase the immune system.
Mike, we've got another guest coming in and you probably got to go.
He'll be with me a little bit into that next hour.
Why don't you co-host with this guy a little bit with me?
Sure, I'm happy to do that.
We're going to have three people in here the first 20 minutes, and then I'll interview the doc for the rest of that, and then we got Joey coming on, and Joey's willing to say who he is and do everything, but I mean, you hear about these guys in the military, and they don't want to really say, I mean, like, this guy's done it all, and I'm just going to leave it at that, and that's why he, on January 5th, was like, hey, Jones, this is a setup, something bad, you gotta, like, there's CIA running around, there's everybody here, we gotta watch out.
And now that it's out, he can talk about this because this isn't classified.
So now we can tell you stuff that we weren't able to tell you before because these guys know this stuff and have signed national security letters.
They can't talk about it until it's public.
This is bombshell.
This is bombshell.
I should have listened to him and I'll be honest.
I'm eating steaks and okay, yeah, we're going to have a big rally, expose the election fraud.
He's like, listen, there's a setup here.
And I didn't listen.
And here we are.
Well, now it's coming out.
I mean, you talk about insane.
Mike Adams is our guest.
I've not plugged one time today, and that's fine, because we're covering such hardcore stuff, but infowarestore.com.
X2, the best iodine out there.
50% off.
Vitamin Refusion is selling out.
That keeps us on air.
50% off.
You need it, though, for you and your family.
You should stock up.
All right, Mike Adams riding shotgun with us.
Dr. Peter Chambers is an amazing guy, according to all the military folks I've talked to.
I've seen a few of his videos.
He's going to be joining us riding shotgun next hour.
And then we've got the big enchilada on how they're planning to stage terror attacks to demonize the populist movement in America and bring in full-bore martial law.
That's coming up in the fourth hour today.
But Mike Adams, you've said a lot in the last hour, done an incredible job in this little short five-minute segment.
What other key tidbits do you want to impart to people?
Well, there is a possibility that there are nutritional defenses that can save the lives of people who have taken only the first two shots.
So, there is some hope for those who have awakened and come to their senses.
As long as you stop taking the shots now, there's always more research coming out.
So, you know, we've seen research happening, diphenhydramine combined with lactoferrin.
That's, by the way, Benadryl, basically, combined with lactoferrin, which is a breast milk protein.
What is fluvoxamine?
Because I'm not for antidepressants.
That shows how powerful they are.
How could something like that block it?
Well, I don't know the mechanism of that, but what's interesting is there are drug candidates that are existing FDA-prescribed drugs, and even over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl that I mentioned.
And when they do the modeling, they realize that a lot of these can block the ACE2 receptor sites, for example.
Some of them block the replication of the spike protein SARS-CoV-2 virus.
I'm telling you, the answers are out there, folks.
It's just that it's all being suppressed.
And we know it's a chronic infection.
A lot of medical doctors don't even want to say it on air because they'll lose their license.
They're like, no, you should probably cycle on and off of hydroxychloroquine or cycle on and off of things like ivermectin.
Yeah, well, there's no doubt.
Iron Max is saving a lot of lives right now, so really the globalists have failed to shut that down because of the efforts of people like Dr. Zelenko.
Which shows if we fight back, we win.
Yeah, exactly.
So, but understand that you have to protect the quality of your blood.
And the quality of your blood depends on, obviously, what you're eating and drinking, so proper hydration is critical, but also, you know, I'm a fan of using fish oils and EPA and DHA as oils in order to, excuse me, allow your blood to flow more easily.
I mean, some people take a daily aspirin, you know, to deal with that.
They've done that for many years.
And that's something, you know, check with your doctor, make sure it's all good.
What is the mechanism of the aspirin?
I mean, we know what the fish oil does, but why does the, well, what's aspirin do?
Well, it's a blood thinner, so it just thins the blood.
But I tend to tell people, hey, if your blood is sludgy, as we say, if it's pumping and it's too thick and too viscous, then a vaccine could be the tipping point that takes you over the edge and causes the clots.
So if you already have high blood pressure, the vaccine is what can kill you.
So you need to get back to your lifestyle and realize what's causing the high blood pressure, right?
It comes down, you know, diet and exercise, nutrition, supplements, and all these things that we all know.
But, I mean, even myself, I find it hard to find time to exercise like I used to right now because of what we're dealing with as well.
So, a lot of us, we end up, you know, spending more time prepping or warning others and somewhat neglecting our own physical health.
Well, that's my point.
Just because I'm preaching something doesn't mean I'm perfect.
I'm not lying up here.
I mean, you know, I'm probably like 15, 20 pounds heavier than I was two years ago.
I'm a lot better prepped, but I'm not in as good physical shape.
I know I can get back to it as you can as well.
We can get back to it.
But this is the critical moment for humanity.
We need to warn people, warn people, warn people.
We can't survive alone.
We have to have a, you know, a population, a critical mass of living people.
Elon Musk's money is not going to be worth anything anywhere if things collapse.
Even all the gold in the world, Alex, you know, I know a lot of billionaires too, and they've got gold and silver.
It's going to be useless if you don't have a society that's functioning.
So anybody out there that, if you've got a lot of money out there, and you've got a bunker, and you're prepped, and you've got, you know, a giant room full of silver.
A better investment is stopping the collapse.
You gotta help us spread the word.
That's the thing.
We've gotta stop the vaccines and then we have a chance to fight back.
And then we can spend the next two years doing research on how to save the lives of those who were vaccinated.
I totally agree.
I'm gonna play an excerpt of a Pentagon CIA expert on how the propaganda they're using against us is illegal.
They wouldn't even use this propaganda.
When we talk about mass psychosis formation against Al Qaeda and against the Taliban, but they use it against us.
That's coming up inside the military secret undercover army and the same group that helped the Feds launch the attack on the Capitol to frame us.
That's coming up, ladies and gentlemen, with Mike Adams and so much more.
And Dr. Peter Chambers, stay with us.
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It started out as a psychological operational tactic developed by the U.S.
military to use against terrorist organizations abroad.
It appears to have ended up as a Democrat Party strategy to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election.
Dr. J. Michael Waller is a defense expert and was the first to spot it.
What is defeat disinfo?
Defeat Disinfo was an entity run in the spring and summer of 2020 by military people, former military people, supportive of Joe Biden.
And it was designed to enhance a disinformation narrative about Russian collusion and all these other things that have been disproven.
But they were using their military prestige to make their own disinformation seem like it was anti-disinformation.
Using their own disinformation to wrapped in a cloak of this is anti disinformation right to confuse the public to get people angry to make people fearful to energize a base that for Biden that really wasn't there because he was so bland and
Out of touch that there was very little enthusiasm.
So it was a psychological warfare operation aimed at the American public by former military officers who had been involved in counterinsurgency to treat the American public as an insurgency and to squash it as one would squash an insurgency.
Dr. Waller would know because he helped develop these techniques to be used against America's enemies abroad.
As a civilian, I was involved in helping prepare elements of what became the counterinsurgency manual issued by the military under Nagel.
Most of my parts were removed.
They related to psychological warfare.
And these are guys...
Former General Stanley McChrystal was on the board of one of the firm that was manufacturing this.
John Nagel, former Lieutenant Colonel, and another former Lieutenant Colonel of his name, Yingling, seemed to be the architects of it.
This was the people who designed the counterinsurgency manual against Al Qaeda and the Taliban were the ones who came out in 2020 to weaponize these types of technologies and techniques against people who supported President Trump.
According to Waller, the retired military officers created a sophisticated computer algorithm that tracked pro-Trump messages on social media and paid influencers to counter those messages with anti-Trump propaganda.
But that's not all they did.
Two lieutenant colonels, Nagel and Yingling, they wrote a letter
And made it public, but it was aimed at the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley.
Yes, this letter showed some type of an internal network of former military officers, and what one presumes were still active duty military officers, to literally remove President Trump from office.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much again for joining us.
We are now into the third hour here today, and Dr. Peter Chambers is here with us.
I'm not going to go over his whole bio, but he's an Army doctor serving as an infantryman.
He served in the active duty, the Army Reserves, Army National Guard for a total of 38 years, honorable discharge, and he's still, I guess, in the Guard.
And I'm not going to go over his whole bio here because I'll mess it up, but fullspectrumamerican.com.
I love that website, and I love your dog that I
We ought to put you on the other side here so people can see the dog, but it's great to have you here and you're a medical doctor and you wanted to get into as a flight surgeon and so much more.
What you've witnessed and just add to it, augment what Dr. Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough and others have talked about.
Also the COVID mission in Texas.
He was the liaison to the governor's office.
He was at the center of it all for Governor Abbott.
And of course, number two, a border mission knows everything about what's happening on the border with human trafficking, etc.
Number three, the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and just everything that's happening.
And Mike Adams of naturalnews.com is riding shotgun with us.
So great to have you, brother.
It's good to be here.
Thank you.
First of all, because I'm in the guard, even though I'm not on orders, disclaimer, these are my opinions and mine only.
Not the DOD, not the Texas Military Department.
Respect to both.
Served them for a long time.
Start with that.
All right, so.
Let's start with the dog.
Get him up on the table.
So, Joe, come here.
Come here.
We can get up there.
I don't care if he scratches it.
Come on.
Joe, up.
What kind of dog is that?
He's a Dutch Shepherd.
We call them Dutchies.
I see a lot of those in the military.
A lot of people think they're Belgians.
There we go, we got him fired up.
Is he excited in here?
He's excited, he's excited.
Alright Joe, rest.
But yeah, Joe goes everywhere with me.
Yesterday we were at a fundraiser in Houston, working with a PAC down there, IPAC.
Met some great Texans.
Speaking the truth, telling them what's going on on the border, of course staying free from the OPSEC stuff, but letting them know when these candidates, who I held their feet to the fire and I looked at them, the guys that were coming in, hey look, when you get up on the hill, don't stab this in the back.
We can talk about a little bit of that later when I talk about my whistleblowers and things like that.
Well, go wherever you want, but what do you just make of the tyranny and everything we see unfolding right now?
I see a DNA flaw in people.
And I've spent a lot of time on the Hill.
I've briefed everybody from the Speaker of the House all the way down to generals to my privates.
And what I've seen is a flaw in the DNA.
I've seen an elitist type of flaw.
I don't know that the government, the federal government, is capable of organizing anything except for the military.
That's the only thing that works, in my opinion.
My whole opinion.
Do diplomacy and things like that.
But what I'm seeing is there's a flaw in that ilk, that club, that we just can't get into.
Exactly, they want power and control and act like they're really confident, but they can't wipe their ass.
You could say that.
They can't do that.
You're saying you're seeing a sabotage of civilization.
Would it be a sabotage if that's a pre-planned thing?
I think that there are people that have that mindset.
I do.
I do believe that.
Well, Doc, get into, as a military doctor, just your views on all this stuff.
Okay, so we'll start with my fight on the COVID thing.
And I'm going to say that I'm going to preface that with, in 2020, I came back from a mission downrange.
I was in Africa with the Special Operations Community, and literally got back, came back through Dulles, came back to Texas, and they said, hey, Doc, we got this virus.
It looks like it could be Ebola.
All right, what do I need to do?
We need to be a liaison because you're a doctor.
We could put you in the governor's office in his task force at the State Operations Center.
Absolutely, I'll get down there.
So I'm studying about it and I'm learning.
And we're looking at curves and we're looking at profiles of these different studies that are coming out telling us that 10 million people are going to die in Texas in the next six months.
It's the first thing we saw.
Then we started noticing the truth, and I started calling doctors.
When you send a recon team out, they go out and they look at what's on the ground, and the commander makes a decision.
He's got his intel guys working, and the intel guys will give him a lot of paperwork, like this right here, and say, sir, this is what we think.
But the recon guys are going to tell you what's going on.
So I call ERs.
I say, what are we seeing?
I'm an ER doctor.
I go back to the governor's office, and I talk to the doctors with the public health, and they basically threw me out of there and said, you can't talk about hydroxychloroquine, you can't talk about ivermectin.
This was in March 29th, 2020, when I recommended we should probably start doing that.
So I should have said up front, big whistleblower on how inside government, how they try to suppress therapeutics.
Oh, yeah.
Reason why?
I asked one of the public health people.
The number two.
Why can't we talk about it?
Well, Trump talked about that.
Well, I'm a doctor.
We can talk about therapeutics.
We can talk about nutrition.
So Trump says the sky's blue.
We're not supposed to say that.
That's the T-word.
We don't talk about the T-word at that time.
Now, me, I'm apolitical.
I didn't know what party I was in until I was 30 years old in the military.
I've been in there since 1983.
I knew that I came in under Reagan.
I served every president.
Man, you got some good genes.
You don't look like you're that old.
No, 58.
That's my TBI kicking in.
I got blown up a few times.
So, brings us to moving along.
I get to the border.
All of a sudden, we got to give everybody vaccines.
We've got a deadline.
Deadline for the National Guard is June of 2022.
Stay right there.
Dr. Peter Chambers is with us.
You need to check out his website.
It's got a great name, FullSpectrumAmerican.com.
Man, why don't I think of cool names like that?
I mean, my lord.
We'll be right back with the Full Spectrum American.
And Mike Adams is here.
He'll have a lot to add as well.
And then, big stuff in the fourth hour.
All right, Mike Adams is leaving us here.
He's got to do his own show.
Very powerful information he covered in the last hour, but he's got a few questions for Dr. Peter Chambers and some of these topics before we leave.
But, Doc, you were
Getting into some really important stuff on the break, cut you off.
You were talking about how you got assigned by the Pentagon, by the military, to advise Hillman or Abbott, and as soon as you brought up all these therapeutics as a medical doctor, you got shut down.
That's huge news.
Yes, sir.
So I was assigned by the Texas Military Department.
And this happened because I'm dealing with the lead on that, which was public health.
And then typically you see public health being a little more leftward-leaning type people.
And I got it.
My idea of full-spectrum American is a bell curve.
We all live under it.
If you're far right, far left, I got it.
But the people in the middle that go to work, pay their bills, pay their taxes, live within the means of the law, those people are the full-spectrum Americans.
I get out and help my neighbor when something happens.
You're outside that curve, you're Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
You're those people.
You're outside that curve.
You're not a full-spectrum American.
You won't help your neighbors.
So I see that, and then I'm thinking, all right,
How can we change that?
Okay, yeah, yeah.
And I did take the shots, unfortunately, in January.
And let me tell you how that happened, and I'm going to go back to that.
Just remind me.
So in January, they said, hey, Doc, you got to go to the border.
January 2021.
I'm like, okay, well, but you got to take a shot.
We didn't know about the delterious side effects at that time.
I'm like, okay.
So I'm like, well, you know what?
I trusted my government since 1983.
And I've had every shot known to man going to every country, 56 countries in the world.
And I said, okay, yeah, Roger that.
I'll take the shot.
I'll get to work.
About three months later, I got a serious episode of brain fog, vertigo, nearly crashed my truck.
Got out, went and got an MRI, got what's called demyelination of certain processes in the brain, which looks almost like multiple sclerosis.
So the literal structure of the brain, your medical doctor, explain what that means.
Yeah, so if you're looking at, like, Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's has this thing called neurofibrillary tangles.
You lose the... You lose the... Electrical... It's like seeing a wire with no rubber on the outside of it.
No coating on the wire.
You lose the cholesterol.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, you lose cholesterol.
The myelination process that's around that nerve that's sending that impulse.
And so you see this on that.
Now you go backwards a little bit, and I'm talking to these people in the operations center, these public health.
And it's the doctors and they're in charge.
And I say, hey, there's some studies coming out of India.
There's people in Africa.
They're already on ivermectin.
They're already on hydroxychloroquine because I've been giving it soldiers for years with no QT problems, with no heart problems.
We're not giving super massive doses.
They're not laboratory animals.
Roger that.
We just don't talk about that.
When I finally got down to it, it was because it had been politicized.
So Mike, you got questions?
Yes, sir.
I do.
This is a guy, you know, I mean, I always call it the Biden administration.
Pretty amazing, though.
It's really the third Obama administration.
So I slip up and say the Pentagon, the Texas Guard, the Pentagon.
But I mean, this is a big deal.
Here he is, the main doctor that Texas has the governor.
It's being ignored.
It's extraordinary.
It's really great to meet you, sir, by the way.
And thank you for all that you do for our country.
And the question I have for you is, in your assessment,
Here's the thought experiment.
You know, I presented numbers in the last hour that we could see up to one-third of those who took these vaccines, especially if they continue to take the booster shots, they could die over the next decade.
Hopefully we can find ways to help those people, by the way.
But if we don't, I want to ask you, what happens to military readiness, national security, and also, through the Guard, what happens to the ability for states to respond to local disasters and collapse events if they lose even a quarter of their active duty personnel?
Just with that assumption, if we lose one quarter, what happens to America?
Okay, so if we're purging troops right now, if we're just looking at that, not the deleterious side effects.
I've got troops in the hospital right now.
I was about to say, you read my brain, doctor.
If you've got critical race theory and not taking the shots, that alone is going to do that.
But if you say that there's a mandate and by this date you're out, if you say I want a religious or a medical exemption, which are not being listened to.
We know that.
And I'm not going to name names, but there are people within our own ranks who say we're not going to listen to that.
Tell them to get out.
We'll find a reason to get them out.
Alright, so I got it.
You take, roughly, vaccinated on the border, for example.
Somewhere between, I can't say the specific numbers of people on the border right now, it's OPSEC, but I'm going to say that somewhere between 30 and 40% have been vaccinated.
We're going to boot 60% of the people on the border right now, or the Texas Guard.
Let's just look at that microcosm.
Forget about the DOD side of the house, the active duty, what are we going to do there?
But I'm even adding, if you don't mind me interrupting,
They kick out the people who reject the vaccines, but then those who are vaccinated suffer injuries and some suffer deaths.
So who's left to do the job that you're entrusted to do?
If you want to shut a country down, give them a shot, let people know it's killing them and making them sick, and then make people quit to collapse civilization.
I mean, that's literally how you take a country down without firing a shot.
How do we have national security readiness?
I'm going to throw this out there.
If I was to make a bioweapon, how would I do it?
What would I want to do?
I'd put it in the vaccine.
Rhetorical question, right?
And you'd want to cause a lot of injury so that the people who are survivors have to take care of the injured.
Which then discredits the government that did it, but it's really the Davos group.
It's the same theory as a punji stick in Vietnam.
That's right.
You take out a guy, he's got a hole through his boot, two guys gotta carry him off.
Same thing.
And it's the fight I'm in.
It's the fight I'm in every day.
I got guys on state active duty orders, who don't have insurance by the way, they have workman's comp.
And they're in the hospital right now, hopefully with some kind of insurance, taking care of side effects.
What happens next?
Well, I mean, I know a very well-known talk show host here in Austin, and a couple members of his security team just took him to the other security, and they're sick.
And these are tough guys.
They're like, they're scared.
They're like, I've taken a bunch of shots in the military like you did, like you said you did.
And they're like, nothing ever did this.
Like, what the hell is this?
Might have a sore arm.
He might have a fever, malaise.
That's about it.
Previous stuff, including anthrax.
You seem like a very healthy individual, so you're probably going to be much better off.
You're going to be in the OK group, even though you've already mentioned a couple of side effects.
I signed on with America's Frontline Doctors on a FAA deal we just did recently, and Peter McCullough has been kind of helping me through some other people, and then Teresa Long, she's another flight surgeon, she's been helping me.
And so we're taking some stuff to mitigate the effects, and I'm helping people, and I'm teaching them.
Well, I was about to say, the trillion dollar question is,
Obviously, for everything the enemy does, God gave us things for nature to counter it.
What are the counters to these shots?
Well, but I'm just thinking about a lot of the younger guys in the line of duty right now who aren't typically old enough to have the wisdom to start thinking about what they're putting in their mouths, and they're eating junk food, and, right?
I know where you're going.
Go ahead.
It's called informed consent.
And here's the deal.
It's number one on the Nuremberg Code list.
Number one, informed consent.
And we don't do it.
And first of all, that's against the regulations of the Army because it's an emergency use authorization.
We have to inform consent.
That was my first fight.
I had two stars yelling at me about that.
All right?
So, finally got that approved.
I've been shoot out before.
It happens.
I mean, glorious bastards.
All right?
So, I've been there before.
But I got that approved.
I was able to do it.
And when they weren't taking the shots because they were listening to... They were doing the... I give them the pluses and the minuses.
I don't tell them what to do.
We got six people out of 2,000 taking shots.
Now what?
Now DOD's mad at us because you're not giving the shots.
When it's a globalist plan to destroy our military.
Well, I think... I mean, because on record, it doesn't protect you long term.
If it was a perfect bioweapon, that's exactly what I would do.
Well, America, who's going to be remaining to protect America are the survivors of the shots and those who did not take them.
That's what we've got to do.
And those that figure out a way to mitigate it.
Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
Incredible global alert.
It's on NaturalNews.com and Infowars.com.
God bless you and thank you, brother.
Thank you, Alex.
Amazing job.
We're going to come back with Dr. Peter Chambers, and he's got a bunch of key topics to cover, and he's got the website fullspectrumamerican.com.
All right, Doc, stay there.
Stay with us.
Dr. Peter Chambers is a veteran, and he's currently in the Texas Guard, and he has been the main advisor to the governor of Texas on what was happening with COVID and got shut down by the bureaucrats.
You're making a lot of really powerful points.
I just want to continue to try to get you to lay out anything you want to get into.
What you witnessed unfolding and what you think the American people should do.
Yeah, and first of all, also, I wasn't the main advisor, but I was an advisor to his staff.
Yeah, I just, I always want to make sure, I always want to make sure I don't... You are the president of the United States!
You are the general of Mars!
You don't want me as the president.
I would fire every general out there.
Okay, I'm gonna promote you though.
You're the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Dr. Peter Chambers is the current chairman.
There you go.
I'll be in the area all day.
Carry on.
When I worked in the staff, where do you want me to go with that now?
You're a smart guy.
You've got a million stories.
What else do you want folks to know?
You're a whistleblower.
We brought this up last night at the fundraiser in Houston.
Um, I went to a congressman who's out of the Houston area, he's a former CO, he wears a patch, and I said, uh, through his whistleblower site, and I said, hey, I need some help, brother.
And, uh, you'd think, you know, there would be some loyalty there to the- Some of the gay pirate.
Well, I don't know about that, but- It's a joke, anyways.
How about Crenshaw?
You're being nice.
Right, right.
So, uh, I got crickets back.
And I had somebody call him, who knew him, another CO, said, hey brother, I got this guy on the phone, you need to help him out.
The little saw man?
No, he didn't help me.
It was a different one.
A different one that knew him in his officer days.
That was an officer with him.
And he said, uh, yeah, that's too political.
We're not going to talk about that.
Well, if you're in politics, how can it be too political?
I'm in the NFL.
I'm not going to play football.
So, you know, it's too political.
But, uh, you know, my concern is that the regulation is not being upheld when we're not giving informed consent.
I got it.
I got to let soldiers know what it's all about.
I can't receive a letter.
The courts found it was true with the anthrax shots.
They couldn't do it because it wasn't, it was experimental.
And so you're bringing that up as a medical doctor and, and, and, uh, Mr. Eyepatch wouldn't talk to you.
I said this is the problem.
Here it is.
Read it.
Start over.
This is a huge story about Dan Crenshaw.
Start over.
All right, so in this fight on the border, as the surgeon down there, I'm trying to do informed consent.
I got in trouble.
I got fired for about an hour, actually.
They called me back and unfired me because they needed me down there.
I was the only guy.
They didn't unfire me because I was great.
But we are covering down from Brownsville to the Big Bend.
We got 17,000 to 20,000 people coming across a week.
It's an important mission for the state and for this country.
So it needs to be looked at.
So if I send you a whistleblower through your website, and you don't listen to it, or you don't even look at it, or if you do, you don't give me the courtesy of a special operations officer.
It's a dereliction of duty.
In my book it would be.
At least the courtesy of calling me and saying, no, I don't want to handle it.
I've served this country just like you did.
I got a Purple Heart just like you did.
I've been downrange.
I've put 21 Americans in a body bag.
And I promise you, I will not turn anybody down for help.
At least call them back.
And that's what I needed.
And I got zero.
Yeah, I don't want to... Getting into Crenshaw is a whole other ball of wax, but he is definitely into it for himself, and he does all... the deceptions he engages in, but you're just saying that's par for the course, what you're dealing with.
With that particular case, yes.
I stay away from... I don't know how he votes.
I haven't paid attention.
I've been on the border.
I've been every third night... Well, I saw a video of him last week where he lied to his constituents.
He goes, I've got the most conservative voting record.
Don't listen to Gozer and don't listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene.
They're lying.
They don't vote good for America.
I do.
And I went and looked at the record.
He's a liar!
I mean, it's funny you brought up Crenshaw.
I almost attacked him this week, but I didn't do it.
It's because he's not even worth it.
But he is a lying sack of shit.
Sorry, I'm going to stop right there.
Well, you know, that's the fight I'm in.
So I went to another congressman in Oklahoma, a good friend of mine.
This is the guy that went down range and got Americans and came back.
I don't know if you remember hearing about him.
I did, yeah.
Second District.
Mark Wayne Mullen.
Great American.
And he helped me out.
And he called the office directly and had something happen to where then Governor Abbott said, alright, fine.
You can do informed consents or we're going to protect the soldiers.
But the problem is, I haven't seen it come down in writing.
And until I see it come down in writing, I don't know.
That's what I need.
And again, all you're doing is following common sense and the law and the Nuremberg Code, right?
Because that's where that comes from.
There's that.
There's, first of all, do no harm, the Hippocratic Oath.
There's also my, the position I'm in, special staff to the commander, but I also take care of troops.
And then I have regulations.
Army Regulation 40-562 clearly states, Chapter 8, Paragraph 2, you must do informed consent with emergency use authorizations.
We're not going to Iraq.
Dealing with anthrax.
This is COVID.
It's here.
So it's not going to change what we do.
We're going to be on the border whether it's here or not.
And has a super low death rate.
In the age groups of the people I'm dealing in, 99.997, 998, those are the age groups.
If I give them some nutraceuticals, or if I give them some ivermectin, or I prophylactically could give them, if I was really dealing with a lot of migrants that were coming across, who were not testing, by the way,
If I was dealing with that, I could give them some hydroxychloroquine prophylactically and keep them from getting it.
We give it to them.
We give that to them anyway for malaria.
Why are we not doing it down there if they're meeting thousands of people?
There are some points that one night, 900 people will cross that line.
Oh, I've seen it.
You've seen it.
The African waves or the Caribbean ones, it's like thousands a day.
So if we are concerned about it, we either are or we aren't.
Exactly, like we're all in checkpoints and under martial law, basically, in some of the blue cities, but then the border's wide open.
900 times higher rate of COVID infection rates, transmission rates, in the valley, in the Rio Grande Valley, because of that.
Which shows it's not about the disease, it's about power and control.
So Dr. Chambers, just as an American, just giving your opinion, what do you think this whole COVID thing's really about?
Mass control.
This is Pete Chambers, full-spectrum American.
Mass control of the masses.
I've got to control you with fear.
And fear is not what we live under.
And it's in the Bible.
I grew up, you know... You're not given a spirit of fear, but a victory.
That's right.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition, present your request to God, and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your mind.
That's what I say to myself before I go to combat, before I jump out of a plane, because I come out and I'm ready to go, just like this dog looking for work.
That's so powerful, though.
Again, we are not given to a spirit of fear, are we?
No, sir.
Again, we give the spirit of fear, then we take the shot that doesn't even protect us.
So where do you see all this going?
Because it looks like America and the world is waking up to this being a fraud.
I see an awakening.
For the first time I see an awakening.
After I got down there to Houston and I saw those people, I asked them, they said, what can we do?
What can we do?
I said, what do you do?
He said, I'm a pipeline, I'm the guy that works, he's the engineer that works the pipeline that takes fuel, oil, to Florida from Texas.
If he has to take them, and he has to take the shots, and if he doesn't, he's out.
How many of those guys do we have?
What do we do with that?
I saw numbers where major states are like firing a third of the power line workers because they won't take it.
What happens when a storm hits?
The power goes out.
We're in winter now.
What happened last year?
Yeah, and the National Guard was there.
And again, if you look at Klaus Schwab saying, we are going to collapse civilization, he's there admitting it.
I don't know who that fellow is, but I like him.
Well, he's, he's... Doctor, I know you're a great patriot.
Let me tell the whole military who the bad guy is.
Klaus Schwab.
I'll look it up.
Have you heard of the Bilderberg Group?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, he's the head of that.
But he has a Davos Group that he's the public head of, and they're running the whole operation.
Well, I'll, uh, build a targeting package.
That's the enemy right there.
Whoa, okay.
That's a rough looking dude.
He is rough.
He's the one running the whole thing.
He's actually in charge of it.
He's the boss.
Bill Gates works for him.
That's the number one.
Ace of Spades.
There's all these old families behind him, but he's one of the top guys.
His grandfather was a top guy for Hitler and ran the EU before they launched it officially.
He's the big guy.
Well, politically, I don't know that we can affect him, but I know that politically we can affect our state, because states' rights, for me, and sovereignty of the state of Texas is the most important thing.
Take our local systems back, and then the enemy is in checkmate.
I agree.
We'll be right back with our special guest, and I love the website.
I love visiting it, and I love the name.
Stay with us.
That's right.
Keith Whitley bringing us in here.
Dr. Peter Chambers, a full spectrum American is here.
All right.
He is a military army doctor and a combat veteran, a great patriot, comes highly recommended by a lot of wonderful people.
And he's a whistleblower that going back over a year ago, they're trying to block Ivermectin for the military here in Texas and the Border Patrol and others.
But you wanted to get into the cartels and what's really going on on the border for people that want to know the inside scoop and what Biden's trying to suppress.
Yes sir, for ten months I've been on the border working down there as a surgeon, also advising on different missions and things like that, and the planning phases.
Please tell us.
But I spend about every third night on the border with the soldiers, because that's how I get to know them.
We currently, and this is sad to say, and I don't like talking about this, but we have recently four suicides and another one that's being investigated over the past two months.
This is a tough mission down there.
It's been a tough time of year.
It's a long mission.
It's going to be a year to two years, and that concerns me.
So I spend a lot of time getting to know these soldiers, and I end up talking to them.
And when you're looking at 400 meters across the other side of the Rio Grande, and you see somebody hanging from a bridge with their head cut off, or you see it actually happen, it gets concerning.
It's concerning.
These are 20-something-year-old kids, and they see this and they're out there loaning... They see Road Warrior as a movie.
This is the real Road Warrior.
They're watching collapsed civilization, rape, murder, baddings, and they're watching their news just telling them everything's fine.
Uh, one of the guys from Fox News was down there reporting 50 cow rounds going right over.
He caught it on the air.
Yeah, I saw that.
Uh, with Bill, Bill Mulligan.
He saw that.
And we were there and I was standing there and he said, those are, those are 50 cows?
I said, yeah, they're 50.
You can tell by their, their rate of fire, etc.
And then some of those rounds on the previous time ended up in town hitting a civilian in the belly.
So these are the, these are things that, that the cartels don't care.
So there's no fear by criminals anywhere?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
That's an occurrence that happens pretty regularly in certain parts of the Rio Grande, and it's something our soldiers deal with.
It's why we're body armor, we have up-armored vehicles.
So, these kids are out there alone and unafraid, looking at cartels who take their playbook from ISIS.
There are five different ones that we deal with down there, from Brownsville to the Big Ben, and they have different playbooks.
And some of them are ruthless.
And that's what we're dealing with.
Last time I was in Big Bend three years ago with my children, there's that hot spring right there on the Rio Grande you can go to, and the police are there writing tickets for people drinking beer while cartels are bringing drugs across on horses right in front of us.
I mean, I just, it's like, how have we gotten like that?
How have we gotten like that?
There's boldness on their side.
They don't have fear, because there's no teeth in it.
You know who scared more people back across the river in Del Rio when there were 17,000 Haitians a few months ago?
That dog right there.
Because they didn't know about him whether he had fear or not.
But he sent him back.
Guys on horses.
I got the split rein thing.
That was ridiculous what they did to that Border Patrol agent or those guys.
They only understand fear.
The bad guys.
Bad guys only understand fear.
When they know they can just walk across and give us basically a high five as they're passing us, there's no teeth in it.
There's no teeth.
And apprehension just means we countered their head.
So what do you think, big picture?
Any country that has failed borders while the rest of the world is collapsing is a failed state.
If that's the definition, then that's what we've got.
So we really are beginning to have a failed state under Biden, which was his job.
Yeah, that right there, that video, is that being shown to the viewers?
Yes, sir.
Okay, so that point right there where that water comes across, that's where Joe and I stood for a few hours stopping that flow of traffic until we can get somebody down there.
Yes, sir.
And Joe's your dog?
Joe's the dog, right.
He's working on it.
So that's... Let's get Joe back up here.
Come here, Joe.
Come here.
Up on my lap.
Come here, buddy.
Up, up.
There's Joe.
There's Joe.
Joe's a very nice dog.
He's a good fella.
He's a good fella.
I think Mike wants to get a Joe pup.
You're like your last guest there.
I want one.
Okay, well, we get a litter, usually about eight to ten maybe is what they're saying we'll get.
This is a Dutch Shepherd.
What do they call those?
Very sweet dog.
Very smart too.
Smart dog.
I know who you are, Joe.
Oh, look at that.
Look at those eyes.
He's a good fella.
He's a good fella.
I see.
He speaks French and Dutch.
That's how he was trained because he was born there.
Yeah, back to evil.
Evil is something that we see, and the only thing that brings evil to light is light.
And that is us.
And we bring truth.
And that's what we've been doing.
Well, have you ever wondered how new wars will be fought?
This is it.
This is the takedown of America.
It's being done through the culture, the media, the globalists are doing this, and they love it because people don't know they're the enemy.
They don't know they're attacking.
And so they can just get away with anything they want and never have repercussions.
Just like you said, the criminals, grassroots don't have repercussions, and the Klaus Schwab's and Bill Gates don't have repercussions.
If you look at, we had World War I, we had World War II, if you look at the Cold War as World War III, which I do because I was there not operating.
I agree, they're calling this World War IV.
This is an information operation campaign, and under my other hat that I used to wear as a Green Beret, when we went to foreign countries, we used the same techniques that we're using now that are being used on us.
To overthrow other countries.
It's funny you raise that, because I've got another fellow from Army Special Operations coming on in the next segment, or in about 20 minutes, about how they're using military techniques that were outlawed against Al Qaeda, I played an OAN clip earlier, against us.
Okay, yeah, if he's saying that, he's probably the same schoolhouse I've been to.
Well, tell us from that perspective, what you see happening.
Okay, from information operations, we also call that psychological warfare, under unconventional warfare model.
Um, there are techniques and there are certain people that are trained to do this, and we learn about it as Green Berets, but we're more shoot, move, communicate, and train.
We train people.
We're force multipliers.
But there's an adjunct that's added to us called civil affairs and psychological operations.
Information operations.
When you look at your sign right there, I'm looking at it right behind you.
Info Wars.
That's what that is.
World War 4 is an Info War.
And we're fighting for this.
And it's the narrative.
And that's what I said last night to these benefactors that were coming in to support these candidates.
You're in a campaign.
You all are in combat.
You just don't know it.
And what can we do, Doc?
I totally agree.
You're in a war.
Realize you're in a war.
You gotta know it.
You gotta know it.
Otherwise, you know the OODA loop, Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act, Boyd's loop, right?
There's this thing called left a bang and right a bang.
Bang is the IED.
I've been blown up in an IED.
12 May 2004, lost this soldier on my wrist here, Jeff Shaver.
Great kid.
I always told his mom I'd always talk about him.
Miss Shaver, I love you.
He died doing what I told him to do, which was to man a gun on a truck that day.
If we had been left a bang on the linear time scale, well before that, and we had voided that IED, he would be here today.
A lot of soldiers would be here today if we weren't ambushed.
We stay left a bang.
Right now we're playing right a bang.
We are way to the right.
We're getting sucker punched.
We're getting hit.
We don't know we're in a war.
We've got to get in the fight.
My whole job, exactly, is people need to wake up.
You're in a war.
You're in a fight.
You better get that straight.
Get in a fight.
Every day, get up, look for work, put on your body armor.
If it's the armor of God,
If it's literal body armor, right?
But for me, it's literal body armor sometimes.
So when I go to work down there, it's literal body armor.
But I always get up and put on the armor of God.
Now, there are days that I don't get up and do my quiet time and I know that I should, but I get convicted somewhere about 11 o'clock.
All right.
But that's it.
You're in a war.
You got to know it.
You got to know that if you don't, if you don't get up every day and take that mindset, you've already lost.
Because this war is advancing way past you.
But I'm thinking constantly I'm in a war and getting mad that I can't do more of that.
With me, it's not thinking I'm in a war.
I know I'm in a war and I get pissed that if other people would just wake up, we'd win this fight immediately.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, if we all get up and do, the motto of my unit was Noose Defiance.
All right, so it's a skull and crossbones, a special operations thing.
We Defy.
It's N-O-U-S Defiance.
It's on my, it's on Full Spectrum American.
I got a picture of it.
We defy.
We defy tyranny.
We defy the enemy.
We defy evil.
We defy anything that's oppression.
The other motto for Special Forces?
De oppresso libera.
We free the oppressed.
That's what Christ did for us.
And how mad does it make you know, I'm going to cover this next hour, that the hostage rescue team we know is made up of that and they were actually there at the Capitol helping set Trump and us up on January 6th.
Yeah, I just heard that, and that's concerning, because if they're using things like that, you know, we have a Posse Comitatus Act that says that we cannot go against Americans, we cannot be utilized in that form.
What is that, 1868?
I don't know the date on that, that sounds about right.
See anything on that?
No, yeah, I don't know the exact date.
And I get they were there, they should have been there, but they were there when the police got overrun by like a hundred punks.
And then they sat there and then, and then, and then, and then it's just, it's, I get they were following orders, but they need to know that that was a setup.
Yeah, that's a false flag type of stuff or.
We're good to go.
We're going down the January 6th rabbit hole on the eve of the anniversary.
With my buddy Joey.
We're not going to say his last name.
It's no secret who he is.
But he doesn't want to make it about him.
That's coming up next segment.
You definitely want to stay with us.
Dr. Peter Chambers is a medical doctor in the U.S.
Been in Green Beret and then of course run major operations around the world and has now in the last 10 months been on the Texas border reporting on that nightmare.
But you were talking during the break about false flags on January 6th and where you see this going.
How do we stop the deep state from staging things or provocateuring things than blaming it on the populist movement to discredit Americana
During this globalist takeover, how do we defeat this takeover?
That's the MDCOA, we call that.
If I think that, then I gotta be looking for it.
I gotta be looking for cues and indicators.
And that's where we get to that left-of-bang theory that I was talking about.
I look for cues.
There's something that's not right here.
These guys are all wearing 5'11 pants.
They all got the same kind of sun-tube watch on.
And they're supposedly a rioter out here?
And they're doing that to identify each other.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I've done those kind of operations downrange, where I've had to infiltrate using... I mean, look at me.
I'm dark-complected.
I got this beard, and when it's bigger, I speak Farsi, Dari, Greek.
You know, I go to these places, and sometimes I have to be seamless.
And when I'm seamless, that doesn't change who I am inside.
It allows me to walk down the street without them noticing me.
As a special operator, that's what I had to do.
All right?
Now I'm looking at that and they stand out because there are cues and indicators.
And so if you're seeing this and you want to go to a rally or something, be careful.
Measure twice, cut once.
There you go.
Measure twice, cut once.
Understand your situational awareness.
Look around.
If you think you're going to get thrown on the bus for something you didn't do, look at these poor people sitting in jail.
What's the deal with that?
These Americans are up there.
These jerks that set them up.
So if you don't want to get rolled up for something that you're not guilty of, then pay attention to your surroundings.
Well, my guys were warning me, and I was like, oh, Trump has rallies, it's fine.
I was using the fact that past events have been peaceful.
This was the big event.
Obviously, we walked right into a trap.
Yeah, so the trap was set, and if you trust, and sometimes we trust, but you've got to verify.
Trust, but verify.
And perception is reality.
That's another reason the Secret Service jammed all the cell phones that day.
I didn't know that.
In fact, it wasn't just, they even turned the cable off in the hotel.
It was like nothing was on.
There you go, they did their homework.
They set it up.
If that's what their intent was, then they succeeded.
Well, they even came and visited us at like 7am at the hotel.
Yeah, the feds.
And they're like, oh, who are you guys?
And of course, my guy saw the equipment and it was Pentagon stuff.
Yeah, and that's concerning to me.
I don't like Pentagon being involved with what we call CONUS, Continental United States.
Exactly, and that's what's in all the documents.
That's the rollout of the new terrorism perspective, new directive of June of Biden, that it's the American people's the main enemy.
You seen that?
There you go.
That's us.
So we're the main enemy.
Not China, not Russia, not Al Qaeda.
If you disagree with someone, does that make you the enemy?
If you can't have a dialogue or a discourse?
Well, it shows how desperate they are.
America's waking up.
That's why they want to trick us into violence.
We need to do everything we can to even be Christ-like.
Not that we're wimps right now, but it's actually stronger at this point, I think, to not be tricked into violence.
Well, Christ had righteous anger.
So that's where we're at.
Be Christ-like, you can have righteous anger about something.
So when is it time to whip the money changers?
I agree.
Because I'm ready.
Yeah, turn the tables over.
And when I was talking to those, once again, I'm bringing this up with the benefactors last night.
It's time.
When they ask me, what can I do?
Reach in your pocket and help somebody out.
We don't expect you to get out there and knock on doors or do anything like that, but get out there and help financially.
I totally agree.
Everybody better be spending their money right now in the fight for freedom.
Your money will be worthless if you don't use it now.
I brought that up last night.
I looked at him and said, okay, what are you worth here?
And I was just kidding with the guy.
And I said,
What, $11 billion?
$11 billion is going to mean nothing 10 years from now if you don't fix the problem now.
Your grandchildren who are going to get vaccines are going to have the second and third order effects of those.
And what are you going to do with that?
What's their joy?
I love our guests and I really like you.
I appreciate you coming in, Dr. Peter Chambers.
You have an amazing website.
People should visit it right now.
That's fullspectralamerica.com.
Thank you so much, brother.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Another great Texan.
I'm proud of my state.
We'll be right back.
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the build-up for what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
But they're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
So listen, Paul Reveres, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you pray for the broadcast, you're the tip of the spear.
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Only way we fail is if you don't take action.
The January 6th committee has been an exercise in armed political intimidation.
How did it start?
You may have forgotten.
Congress formed the committee after several members of the U.S.
Capitol Police, the same people responsible for protecting members of Congress, anonymously commanded them to do it.
So effectively, it was a ransom note.
Prosecute our political opponents.
That's an order from your bodyguards.
Amazingly, they did it.
So from the very first day, the January 6th committee was never about gathering information.
Obviously, Congress already has the information.
Nancy Pelosi knows exactly how many federal agents were in the crowd that day.
She won't tell us.
Pelosi could release thousands of hours of videotape evidence from January 6th.
She refuses to do that.
So whatever else this is, don't let them lie to you.
This is not a fact-finding effort.
This is a highly obvious attempt to punish critics of the Democratic Party.
And for months, that's exactly what the committee has been doing.
Using the pretext of January 6th, Biden's Justice Department has indicted former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.
What was his crime exactly?
Oh, talking about election fraud on a radio show.
That's illegal now.
Pelosi's January 6th committee had him arrested.
Liz Cheney, by the way, who is being used as a Republican cover for all of this, stood back and watched it happen.
Liz Cheney should be ashamed, but she's become far too degraded for shame, unfortunately.
And Bannon, by the way, is not the only prominent Republican who might go to jail.
The committee has now subpoenaed several former Trump advisors, as well as the fiancé of another.
They've even subpoenaed Roger Stone yet again.
Where was Stone on January 6th?
He was in a hotel room as the Capitol was being breached.
He had literally nothing to do with it.
But it doesn't matter.
He's criticized Joe Biden.
He could be going to jail again.
Now the committee has decided to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, Alex Jones.
Yes, journalist.
Jones is often mocked for his flamboyance, but the truth is he has been a far better guide to reality in recent years.
In other words, a far better journalist than, say, NBC News national security correspondent Ken Delanian or Margaret Brennan of CBS.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax, not for a second.
And if Jones sat down with Tony Fauci, he would ask him real questions, just as journalists are supposed to do.
He wouldn't just slobber all over him.
But Alex Jones makes fun of Joe Biden, so the January 6th committee is threatening him with prison.
Now the irony here, and there are many layers of irony here, but the main one is that Alex Jones isn't simply innocent of inciting crime on January 6th.
Alex Jones actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place on January 6th.
We're not running interference for Alex Jones, and we're not guessing about it.
We happen to know this for a fact, because we looked into it in some detail for Patriot Purge.
It's our three-part documentary series on Fox Nation.
Here are the facts.
So the Republican Party, I just want them to hear this message.
Look at this crowd.
We are the people that you must represent.
January the 6th was all about, it was just about making sure that if you called yourself a conservative, that you stood with the conservative movement.
And unfortunately, it spiraled out of control.
We coordinated with the U.S.
Capitol Police nearly every day.
A lot of people don't know that Stop the Steal actually had a permit on the Capitol grounds.
So not the Capitol itself, and not the Capitol Plaza, the Capitol grounds law 8, we had a permit.
So let's just imagine this.
20,000 to 50,000 people inside the President's Park.
We're sitting there at the very front.
I'm dead center of the President, front row.
A Trump campaign staffer walks up to me and says, you know, Ali, there are people leaving the overflow.
And there are already tens of thousands of people at the U.S.
With your presence and the presence of Alex Jones, why don't you guys walk down Pennsylvania, gather people together.
We're coming for creatures!
And then position them for your rally on Lot 8.
I wasn't at the Capitol when it descended into chaos.
And that's only by God's grace, because I was scheduled to be there.
Secret Service let us out at a point where we would have been there when the first punch was thrown.
And that's strange.
The only reason that we weren't there is because we stopped and gave an impromptu speech.
I get a text from the campaign that we should get there and de-escalate because things are not going well.
So, we started to approach the side of the Capitol where no protests had happened in November, no protests had happened in December.
All I thought was, I need to get them to the other side, and I need to get them to Lot 8.
Let's march around to the other side!
And all we are equipped with are megaphones.
Let's call the police and get the system what they want!
Maybe a thousand people are listening to us.
75 to 100,000 people there in front of us, and it was a very helpless feeling.
I really appreciate Joey, who is...doesn't want to make it about himself.
He knows his name's out there with the government.
But he's Joey, Sergeant Major in the Army, recently out this last year.
And you know, they're with us because, you know, he does some work with us.
He was warning us the day before, this looks bad.
And then that morning, I'm just like, oh, we've had a bunch of Trump rallies.
It'll be fine.
Of course, there's feds crawling all over everything.
But now we have this article.
So now a lot of the things that are classified that he can't get into because he has national security clearances.
So he can't even tell you what he knows if it's classified.
And that was the problem with a lot of my security was, you know, they all, a lot of them still do stuff with the government.
But now it's in the news, so now he can talk more about that and he'll be very careful and be very specific.
But exclusive, secret commandos will shoot to kill authority.
We're at the Capitol.
It's come out in federal documents.
It's now come out in the Jan 6th Committee.
They don't want this information out.
There wasn't just a 350-man hostage rescue team.
It was a bunch of military commandos and the FBI.
It was a bunch of other groups.
And Joey, the night before and the morning, was frantically warning people, saying, they're setting something up, something's going on, we gotta get over there.
They're already, they're planning something.
And we're like, okay, yeah, great.
I'm sure the Secret Service and Trump will handle it.
Because we were deferring to that.
But this was all a giant setup, so this is huge because it's now come out that thousands of feds, paramilitary, were there watching a few dozen people with ray-effs.
I've got all the clips right here.
That we're saying burn down the Capitol, attack the Capitol, storm the Capitol with Antifa operatives like Jade Nex.
And then there's thousands, thousands of federal commandos all over the place doing nothing and now admitting it in federal filings.
This is incredible.
And Trump asked for the National Guard out.
He was refused by the District of Columbia.
And he could override that, but Milley said he would resign.
If Trump called out the military, he said, we don't have the military on the streets of America.
We're not for martial law.
Remember that?
So Trump thought everything was handled.
It wasn't.
We let a million people have an event.
We let them hijack them and wave them in with their flags and say attack and all of it.
So we're going to go to break.
We're going to go right back to Joey on the other side, because I don't want to cut him short for the next three segments, the next 45 minutes.
But this is a big, big deal.
We'll go to Joey right now for a minute and a half.
Joey, just as an American citizen, obviously we talked again this morning.
You said this was a setup.
We walked right into it.
In 60 seconds, how would you quantify what happened one year ago tomorrow?
I think one year ago today, and first off, Happy New Year.
It's good to talk to you.
I think what happened one year ago today was they saw a million red-blooded Americans show up to more than one event, and they knew they could not stop that level of support.
So they pre-staged a way to control the outcome with pre-plotted narratives, and everyone walked right into it.
Perfectly said, and you agree with me that they're clearly creating the narrative that we're, quote, about to attack again, when obviously we don't have the motive, we don't want to, that's the last thing we want.
No one, matter of fact, as we get through our segment, you'll see one of the clips I sent where people were peacefully dispersing the area without anything because they didn't want to be involved in violence.
That wasn't what we were there for.
All right, Joey.
And literally, we may have to do a part two on this tomorrow, too, because I've got... You sent me 14 clips, and I've got 10 here from Rob Dew.
So we're going to try to... We got proof of all this, folks.
We have them red-handed.
The feds with flags, waving them in.
None of them are being arrested.
None are being investigated, because they're federal agents.
And we know who they are, by the way.
And so it's reached the point of it's too dangerous to not expose this now.
It was dangerous before to expose it, but now it's too dangerous not to expose it.
They'll be right back.
This is exposing the next big false flag that's coming.
Stay with us.
This is so important.
All right.
Joey is one of our security guys.
He's also somebody I work with in business.
Good friend of mine.
And he was helping do security for us on January 6th, 364 days ago.
365 tomorrow.
And I remember the day before, and in the morning, he was saying, listen, this place is crawling with a bunch of special operations people, you name it, different agencies, something big is going down, this isn't normal.
And then it just got crazier from there.
We had the feds come visit our hotel that morning.
And again, I just get oblivious.
I'm like, okay, yeah, whatever, I'm doing this event.
And then Joey's trying to text us.
He can't get through because everything's blocked.
Hey, you need to get down here.
While Trump's speaking, they're already attacking the Capitol.
So they could then blame the whole hour and a half attack on him, even though most of it was while he was speaking.
And so I'm a critic of Trump on many fronts, but not where he's innocent.
He definitely got set up here.
So, Joey, start here.
In the next segment, we'll get to a bunch of clips.
We've got a lot of ground to cover here, but you want to get 10 feet off the ground, 10,000 feet off the ground.
Where do you want to start first with what happened that day?
Because now it's in the news, it's in federal court, it's come out.
That thousands of feds were running around, watching everything, they knew it was happening, and they did nothing to stop it, even though they were there, and they called the regular Capitol Police off, half of them, to go do crowd control and traffic control.
So, I mean, this is very clear, this is a big deal now.
I think what's important is we talk from our view, which is 10 feet, and as we connect some dots, we can get to that 10,000-foot view, which I think is important for viewers to see what our near-peer adversarial agenda is and how this all ties together.
A lot of what Dr. Peter Chambers just mentioned is the exact same lexicon.
It's the exact same stuff that some of it we're going to talk about.
It's the same language.
He knows.
He gets it.
Well, lay it out, Joey.
Tell us what you witnessed on January 6th.
This is important with these new admissions.
Yeah, so I mean, let's just start early morning at that hotel.
I mean, if you recall, we were eating breakfast and
I mean, I don't know how much we want to discuss, but we were interrupted by someone that was trying to derail us immediately from that morning.
But after breakfast, we sat outside and just like Dr. Chambers was saying, when you've worked a lifetime in this arena, you can pick out people easily and vice versa.
So when me and a couple of the other security guys were standing out front, I noticed
A team of three individuals carrying some equipment, which I completely recognize and I know what it's used for.
And we kind of made eye contact and they walked over and said, who are you guys with?
So it's kind of like you recognize each other, right?
And, you know, we explained, hey, we're here with Alex Jones.
Where's personal security detail?
And they explained at that time that they were with the Secret Service.
It appeared to me, in my opinion, what was a tactical level signal intelligence team.
And I was like, great.
And we de-conflicted and we told them what, you know, kind of what our plans for the day were.
And they were like, great, you know, glad that we're all on the same team.
And, you know, sounds good.
And then from there is when the morning started, right?
So all of that context from that morning and even the night prior, I was, you know, I always kind of just try to keep my finger on the pulse.
And no matter where you go, what city, what state, what country, just talk to people.
When you have good narrative, when you have good dialect, people will talk.
They'll tell you, you know, kind of conditions and situational awareness that's going on, which gives you better context.
That context gives you the ability to make proactive, deliberate decision-making, right?
Like, cognitive power, so to speak.
So, from the night prior and that morning, it was clearly evident to me that, in addition to a lot of what you're seeing in that article, and I want to kind of take our time as we go through it, isn't really crazy.
That's very standard, to be honest.
And what's standard about it is, when you have that many people in one place at a time, it's obviously a target, right?
It's a target for terrorism, it's a target for many things.
So to deploy that level of asset at an environment like that is completely standard operating procedure.
I think what's critical for people to understand is,
You have witting and unwitting partners when you're conducting operations, right?
Some people know it all, some people have no idea, they're just participating.
You can look back in history of warfare, dating as far back as books read, about the witting and unwitting partners, you know, where people completely think... I mean, shit, I'll give you an example.
When we invaded Iraq, there was an entire division that was supposed to land in the port of Turkey.
Every single soldier that was headed to Turkey on those boats believed in their heart they were coming to invade Iraq through Turkey.
Well, it's now been declassified.
That was a completely a deception campaign.
But if they were witting, how successful do you think that would have been?
It probably wouldn't have been because people can't keep their mouths shut, right?
But because they were unwitting, it was tremendously successful.
Does that make sense?
A hundred percent.
So please continue.
Because clearly they're trying to rebrand January 6th as the American people are terrorists.
We've got to arrest them all and take all their freedoms and have the military declare martial law.
And that's in the news.
That a civil war is here.
That we attacked the Capitol when instead the feds provocateur-ed it.
Basically we're there watching everything that happened.
Total proof that they bare minimum and let it unfold.
Yeah, so I would highlight, in that scenario, the decision makers.
Not necessarily the boots on the ground guys.
Oh, I totally agree.
They're compartmentalized.
They don't know either.
Just like they think they're invading Turkey, they're not.
Who gave those orders?
So I think, and more importantly, who did not give orders is, I think, is really where the root cause of that problem is.
Because I think that's what identifies who is the winning partner of the opposing agenda.
Because if the decision-makers...
Would have deployed the assets that were staged on site adequately, or prematurely even, as a force protection measure, January 6th would not have produced as much propaganda as the media cycle continues to propagate.
Well, yeah, bullet down the way you did this morning we were talking.
I mean, this was their propaganda victory, their way to brand all this.
They had thousands of commandos there who couldn't stop maybe a hundred people trying to break in at the start.
No, they overwatched it.
They let it take place.
And they were there once, I guess, Pelosi got kidnapped, then they'd then be the saviors.
Yeah, so I think, you know, kind of what we were talking about and really what we've talked about all year was, I mean, a lot of these narratives and just like Dr. Chambers talked about with information warfare and psychological warfare, a lot of these narratives have been pre staged and pre canned.
So when you have action,
You have to have narrative and vice versa for it to be plausible.
So if you have a narrative with no action, well, it's not plausible.
Or if you have action with no narrative, well, you leave that for someone else to tell the story.
So I think a lot of that was pre-staged simply because we attended several rallies leading up to January 6th.
So there's no doubt, I mean, no brain surgeon, or it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out how many people were going to descend upon Washington D.C.
on January 6th.
I mean, I could do a Google search and find out that hotels were sold out, there was no plane tickets, so that's at the very lowest civil level, let alone the intelligence agencies.
I have no doubt that they knew exactly how many people were going to be arrested.
And then they blocked Trump having National Guard and cut the Capitol Police by half.
I mean, that's super obvious.
We're going to come back and talk about that with all the evidence of what really happened on January 6th and why they're getting ready for big false flags to blame us in the next 307 days out of the midterms.
They never intend on us having those free elections.
They are going to brand us all as terrorists and bring in even more censorship and control.
Our country is on its deathbed.
But we can rise like the phoenix if we awaken to these facts.
Stay with us.
We are on the march.
The globalist empire is on the run.
And it's counter-offensive is the Great Reset.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Okay, so Joey did security work with us.
He's a great Patriot Army veteran.
And he was there the one morning that day.
Hey, this is set up.
And he's like, hey, you got to get down there.
They're starting violence.
So we were already hurrying to get there.
We got to stop it.
And then we got there in the middle of it and said, hey, we don't want a new Kent State come out.
Everybody's seen the video.
And yeah, you got Epps and all these other folks out there saying attack the Capitol and they haven't been arrested or indicted.
I mean, all this is very obvious, but now we know a whole bunch of federal agencies were there with paramilitary and plainclothes, just as Tucker Carlson said months ago, and they stood down and did nothing.
And then we even have footage that we'll probably tag on at the end of this show that Joey shot from on top of the building we'd rented where the media
The left spends it.
Why do they have a building over the Capitol?
Because we rented it many times before.
That's where everybody else rents the media.
There's like 20, 30, 40 media crews up there.
But again, the left just lies at every level.
And we can see the hostage rescue team of the FBI actually attacking the last people that were still at the Capitol that evening.
So, Joey, let's just cover the waterfront right now.
I've got a bunch of these clips.
If you call for them, we can go to them.
Just with your training and your background and the groups you saw, and I know the folks you talked to, you talked to them, of what was really going on, bare minimum, they knew or ordered to stand down.
So, right.
But real quick, like you were just saying, how they spin shit and talk about why did they have a rooftop.
Well, let's think about that.
Every major media outlet was on that rooftop with us, along with an ATF sniper team.
So, we all had the same rooftop.
To get the right perspective and view of the backdrop to report accurately.
You know what I mean?
So why is that wrong, right?
Why do they spin it differently for different organizations?
It was Media Row.
There was at least 10 tents, both that day and at the inauguration.
Well, it just shows how they spin everything.
Like, why are they on our rooftop?
Because it's where the media goes to rent rooftop.
Right, but in addition, there was an ATF, Special Response Team, Sniper Team, also on that rooftop with us.
So, please continue.
Um, I mean, so, you kind of want to go over our timeline and then kind of dissect that report?
Well, no, I mean, just the most important points to know that, again, the Feds were there, they were there, they saw it all happen, they let it all happen, and that's why they don't want a real investigation in Congress.
Yeah, I think kind of like we highlighted on our last trip to DC was there was multiple.
So a lot of what you read in that article is very standard procedure, right?
But but most of those assets are designed to focus on high threat operations, which would be consistent with a lot of the
Terrorism threats that they probably saw.
I mean, literally the night prior, I even, we talked amongst our security team and I said, hey, you know, I think one of the most deadly courses of action that could happen would be some type of a suicide bomb or IED from a terrorist standpoint, right?
And so we predicted that, and that in fact happened.
And that's what a lot of those resources were amassed to address.
Now, when you get down to that tactical, local, municipal level, I feel like there was also multiple layers of force protection measures that were pre-staged.
So, literally, when you go back today to the Capitol, the same fence that was put in place that night, that was staged at least the day prior, is still in place.
Well, why wasn't that implemented prior to January 6th?
If intelligence or reporting or open source or any type of information would lead any decision makers to believe that there was in fact going to be some serious level of violence.
You as a decision maker would pre-deploy those assets to mitigate any deadly or most likely course of action.
But that didn't happen.
What actually happened was right under our eyes, from a bird's eye view on the OAN rooftop, was we watched surrounding counties of additional security resources and force protection measures pour in after the propaganda footage was exploited.
Not prior to, not to mitigate or de-escalate,
After the fact.
But they didn't come.
When you look at the timeline, you physically cannot cover that amount of geographical land in the timeline of response.
So they were pre-staged, as that article said.
That's right, they now admit that they pre-staged thousands and thousands of riot police from local governments and then they had
Like, we can go back and just kind of start right at that morning.
You know, early that morning, like I discussed previously, you know, we had some conversation with three folks who identified themselves as part of Secret Service.
Cool, not for us to question.
They actually did show us their ID cards as well, and I showed them my retirement ID card and, hey, glad we're all on the same team.
We talked about our intent and what we were doing.
Thumbs up.
All good.
And about
I would say 8 o'clock is when we departed our hotel room to head on foot to the Ellipse.
And, um, after you, you know, we split up, you know, you went with a few people and then, and then half of our team stayed back to just continue to plan and resource what we needed to for the, you know, the next phase of, of what we had planned.
Um, but about nine o'clock, I snapped a picture in front of the ellipse after you guys had gained entry.
And it was very nostalgic for me.
It, the best thing I've used to explain it to family and friends is it reminded me of the clip in Forrest Gump.
Where all I could see, as far as I could see, was red, white, and blue.
I have never in my life been in a place with that many people with absolutely no violence.
There was no argument.
I mean, if you remember, Alex, we had to walk through probably a mile or more of people, shoulder to shoulder, and they parted ways to let you gain entry because they respected you.
And Roger Stone asked, people asked, why didn't Roger go?
He couldn't get through the crowd.
I mean, it took us a better part of an hour to get you into the ellipse, even though we were given special entry by Secret Service at different gates.
When we went to those gates, it was kind of a little bit of runaround, which happens, you know, when things like that occur.
Sometimes it's miscommunication or signals are jammed.
The bottom line is, the Feds knew what was going on, they had all the people in place, and they sat there and watched the undermanned Capitol Police, who'd been sent off to take care of traffic control, being overrun and let it happen, and they were there.
And that narrative's not being discussed, but it's starting to come out.
That's got to really concern the committee that's trying to act like the American people or President Trump wanted to attack the Capitol.
That destroys their narrative.
I mean, it's completely false, because at
Like around 1130-ish, me and another member from the security team went to the Capitol while you guys were still at the Ellipse listening to Trump's speech so that we could locate the stage that we had pulled the permit for.
That was the intent, you know, following Trump's speech, we were all supposed to march to the Capitol and we had that permit for the stage for various key communicators to address the crowd.
Well, when me and that member went at around 1130 to locate that stage, we only found the one stage, and that was, it looked like a Christian organization playing some music.
But opposite of that, what I observed was about 20 folks in catcher's mitt equipment, you know, not your typical Trump supporter equipment.
And I was conveying that to the team, like, this doesn't make sense to me.
But a layer deeper, what I saw was Trump hat turned inside out or Trump t-shirts turned in reverse.
And I feel that was a way of them clandestinely communicating with each other in the aspect of, hey, I'm dressed to fit in.
However, these subtle differences of wearing my hat inside out or my t-shirt backwards, in fact, let's
The opposite agenda know, you know, who I really am.
Look, here's the bottom line, and we're going to add in post a bunch of these clips and things I have, and we're going to cover this more tomorrow as well.
We're going to take this last 30 minutes or so and boil it down and then do a special report tomorrow.
But the feds were there, thousands of them.
Remember, Terry Carlson was like, there were feds informants inside.
They knew it was happening.
They didn't just know.
They were all over the place.
They watched it.
They let it happen.
They called off the regular police.
We know they had federal provocateurs like Ray Epps and others in there doing it.
And now, people are like, okay, we know this happened a year ago.
They're preparing new big events, saying on January 6th that they are now going to use the military and the CIA against the American people, and that we're the main threat to the country.
That is a criminal declaration of war against our country, and that's an admission of their evil intent, in my view, Joey.
Oh yeah.
What we thought was interesting and what we essentially predicted the night prior was, you know, they can't control the positive outcome, right, of what was going to happen on January 6th.
So they pre-staged the narratives and the actions to control, you know, their level of outcome to support their agenda.
And what came out immediately after that is really what bothers me the most.
Is that domestic terrorism narrative?
Well, domestic terrorism has always been a threat.
But when you start to roll the veteran populace and other, you know, small groups into that domestic terrorism narrative, to me, that's a real problem.
And that lends the credibility to, you know, that 10,000 foot view that I've discussed with you before that I would love to, you know, kind of educate folks on.
As we tear this apart, because I think that that that's really what people need to be looking at is how does what's the current condition today?
How is that supporting that 10,000 foot do agenda?
And where does that lead us?
Because it takes time.
And in my opinion, this has been happening over about the last 10 years, we've been under adversarial unconventional warfare.
And it's a problem.
But with that is, I feel we have been being baited into civil disobedience to equate to a civil war internally to beat ourselves up because our adversaries will never put a uniformed soldier on our soil.
It just won't happen.
Our country is the best country in the world.
We have the most prominent, you know, outfitted, incredible military apparatus in the world.
So the only way to beat us is to force us to beat ourselves internally.
Well, you can infiltrate government entities, you can infiltrate civil local entities, that all create the conditions and environment that in fact equates to civil disobedience, because it's Maslowky's hierarchy of needs to just do that, to combat logic with logic, right?
For our quality of life.
And that leads to essentially, you know, some aspects of civil war, the race baiting, all of these agendas and narratives that have unrolled over the last three to ten years, I feel 100% are lockstep into an adversarial, unconventional warfare campaign against our country to degrade us, to degrade our narrative, to degrade who we are,
And if you watch these videos of guys in black pushing citizens back to don't want to break into the Capitol, they just act like police officers.
I mean, these are like trained leftist thugs.
You can see all the tactics.
Yeah, I mean, so, you know, getting back to what we were talking about in that timeline.
I wish that guy would have done that to us.
Jesus, man, I tell you.
Well, right.
Well, what was funny is, so, when me and, you know, the other guy went to go look for that stage and do that, you know, kind of cursory view of the Capitol, that was about 1130.
I, in fact, got a picture at 1136 of the front of the Capitol and then at 1138 of the stage.
It may be hard for viewers to see, but when you look at the picture of the 1136, if you zoom in, the stage is on the left.
That's where the Christian group was singing and having a good time.
But when you zoom in and look to the right, you will see a group of people massing.
That is where I witnessed 100% that group of people that I said was dressed up like Trump supporters, but in an instant glimpse, I knew they were not Trump supporters.
They were the exact opposite.
They were just a bunch of posers, and they were starting trouble at that time with Capitol Police.
And I don't know if you remember, but when we actually got to the Capitol later that afternoon, you interviewed a man almost in that exact same spot.
Yeah, we're trying to find that footage, and he said, listen, as soon as Trump announced they were listening online, as soon as Trump announced he was going to go to the Capitol, they went, go, go, go!
And that's when they all attacked.
Yeah, we're going to find that footage.
So that right there corroborates exactly what we were talking about leading up to that.
That man was probably, I'd estimate, he was probably in his 60s, you know, good, good patriotic guy.
He said, Hey, me and my family been out here all day.
It's been peaceful.
It's been great until they showed up.
And then he laid it out of when they got the phone call of the trigger to in fact, attack Capitol police.
Which is an hour before a million people were a mile plus up the road at the Ellipse listening to Trump speak.
And again, no indictments, no arrests, the guys waving the flags saying attack the Capitol or the people in black breaking in.
The same folks in black trying to beat up Trump supporters because they were trying to stop him breaking in.
Yeah, I mean, you know, I even asked the question.
Well, Joey, looking at the cut of their jib, as they say, because you can tell different groups.
I'm not in the military like you, but I've learned to tell the difference.
What do these guys look like to you?
The ones in black, breaking in, the guys waving the flags, waving folks in.
They look kind of like cops to me, or like feds, FBI.
What do they look like to you?
I mean, it's hard to say, Alex, to be honest, because they're not really that well-organized.
Organized enough to say they showed up together, but still kind of very erratic in their behavior.
The group of people that I observed out front of the Capitol when I was going to look for the stage, first thing that came to mind to me was some type of Antifa-type faction.
Oh, they were there, absolutely.
They had orders, yeah.
And I think, you know...
I mean, well, we know.
Information has come out that there were, you know, from what I've seen online, you know, in some different articles, there has been information that's come out about, you know, federal implants that were provocateurs.
I mean, look, let's be honest, you could watch any documentary on Netflix, you know, every organization, Hell's Angels, you name it, they've all been infiltrated, right?
So, that goes back to the witting and unwitting partners.
That organization may have not known they were infiltrated, but more importantly, the people that infiltrated that organization, why did you not collapse it prior to violent activity?
Why did you let it ensue to, in fact, gauge propaganda that you could exploit?
Well, exactly.
It's fine to infiltrate a criminal group, stop it, but not delete it.
So those are the questions, when I reverse engineer it for myself,
That I asked myself.
And let's not forget, we caught them red-handed with the Governor Whitmer attempting to kidnap him.
That was run by the FBI.
That was staged.
It's crazy.
And then, I mean, when you look, too, at our timeline, I couldn't convey a lot of what I was seeing to the rest of our security team that was with you, you know, a couple rows back from the President at the Ellipse, because all signals were jammed.
They would accredit that most likely to, oh, you have a million people in one location, signals are shit.
Well, I know plenty of people that were communicating, but we weren't able to, you know, and most people there weren't able to.
So there's a lot of things that factor into it.
But I do think and feel it's standard protocol to, you know, jam signals for force protection measures, which I agree with.
We're out of time.
You've got to come back on.
Don't worry about this on the anniversary tomorrow.
We've got a bunch of big guests tomorrow.
But here's what's going on.
We know they knew there was a giant federal force there.
They didn't stop the few dozen people that breached the first cops.
And so they were there to supposedly stop this.
They stood down.
There was a federal surveillance with thousands of personnel that stood down.
And that is a congressional investigation that needs to happen.
And Trump needs to get on that right now.
Yeah, I mean, absolutely.
When we watched the assets that were staged unfold in front of our eyes, I literally remember asking myself, why now?
Why wasn't this deployed last night to prevent?
Well, you sit on the rooftop like, look at this.
They're all pre-planned.
They just boiled out to be the saviors after the provocateur event.
All right, Joey, thank you so much.
Powerful interview.
Appreciate you coming on to talk about all that.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
We're 307 days out from the election.
Their whole narrative is we're terrorists, anybody that loves America is bad, and they're going to stage stuff and blame us.
This is not rocket science, okay?
All the pre-programming is there.
How do we stop them?
We better be asking ourselves that question all day long.
And by the way, they're going to start a civil war.
They lose.
That's the globalist plan.
Bring the country down.
We do not want violence.
We do not want civil war.
Intellectual victory is what we want.
It was von Bismarck, the unifier of the German Republic, that first said politics is war by another means.
He also said war is politics by another means.
They're interchangeable.
We are in a war.
There is a global corporate takeover, the Great Reset, happening worldwide.
And Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the UN admit this is their takeover.
They brag that they had this Davos school for 40 years that trained almost every one of these so-called leaders from Canada to New Zealand, from the UK to Germany under Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger's control.
And now they're launching their world government to collapse society to then carry out State Department memorandum 200 for forced depopulation.
And that's why InfoWars is under such incredible attack.
Because we actually identify who the globalists are and go after them.
Donald Trump knows who they are.
Senator Rand Paul knows who they are.
Senator Josh Hawley knows who they are.
Ted Cruz knows who they are.
But they won't dare go after them because they know when you do that, the system destroys you.
Well, you know what?
I stepped up to the plate.
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