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Name: 20211231_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 31, 2021
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In this InfoWars episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the effectiveness of vaccines against Omicron variant and shares his thoughts on Agenda 21. The show features an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough discussing a PowerPoint presentation highlighting treatments for COVID-19, which can provide medical professionals with continuing education credits. Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the severity of the current COVID-19 situation with Alex Jones. They talk about the mutated Omicron variant and how it has changed the game in terms of immunity and vaccine effectiveness. McCullough explains that the virus had been manipulated in a lab in Wuhan, China, and that no wonder the PCRs are intermittently positive because it's clearly mutated now. He also says that the Omicron variant cannot invade the body like the prior versions but replicates 70 times more rapidly than Delta. McCullough discusses the benefits and risks of the vaccines, saying there has been a benefit with a modest reduction in mortality but thousands of Americans have died after the vaccine, hundreds of thousands have been injured and hospitalized. He explains that Omicron is an equal opportunity player, equally infecting the previously immune, the vaccinated, and the unvaccinated, but the previously immune and the vaccinated are having milder syndromes. McCullough also talks about monoclonals, saying that GlaxoSmithKline's product is specifically designed to handle resistant mutant strains, but many centers are now out of ammo. Jones criticizes Trump for his statements regarding the vaccines, saying neither of them are true and questioning why Trump and others continue to push false information about the vaccine's effectiveness. McCullough concludes by saying that the medical takeover is happening in America and people should assume they have COVID since many cannot get tests due to long lines and high positivity rates.

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the build-up for what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
They're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
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It's Friday, December 31st, 2021.
And already, on the other side of the planet, we are in the year 2022.
Well, Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most articulate heart surgeons and also he's run FDA trial operations, is going to be joining us in studio coming up later in the hour for at least two hours to do a PowerPoint presentation I've got right in front of me that is two large stacks of studies and documentation.
You want the truth?
You want the facts?
You want reality and not disinformation?
You want to get down to brass tacks?
This is it, ladies and gentlemen, and it's coming up today with Dr. Peter McCullough.
Also, we interviewed Dr. Robert Malone today here in studio.
Christy Lee did, but we're not going to release it until Joe Rogan releases his big interview.
They went for like four hours, I'm told, yesterday here in South Austin.
The literal synergy going on here is amazing.
Got Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, and everybody else is moving right here.
It's crazy, but that's how things attract.
And so he may put it out today, he may put it out on Monday.
I think they're going to decide the next hour or so.
So we'll put it out this afternoon if Joe releases it today.
If not, we're going to release an hour and a half commercial-free, over-the-top powerful, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, banned on Twitter yesterday for his free speech activities.
He is going to, again,
Be part of that huge Joe Rogan interview that's already taped, and the huge Christy Lee interview that'll come out after Joe's does.
I mean, Joe doesn't really care, but I'm not gonna try to scoop him or cock-block him and do that.
So as soon as his comes out, ours will come out as well.
It's crazy to have the inventor of this major technology that could literally cure cancer and things if it's done right, here saying this is a total fraud the way it's deployed, it's killing people en masse, this is depopulation, this is the crime of human history going on, and he's right here in our studios, and it's actually happening.
That said, yesterday I told you that I was unable to sleep the night before.
Had about two hours sleep and I was just very emotional yesterday and talked about quitting and not doing the show and I'm not seriously contemplating quitting but also wasn't being dramatic.
It doesn't feel right to just come on air and talk about all this carnage and horrible stuff like you're calling a football game or a baseball game.
This is really emotional for me.
And I've had some things privately happen in the last year that nobody knows about that have just been devastating.
Absolutely devastating.
And I've come to the decision, I almost did it yesterday, but I've come to the decision that I'm going to share it on air.
I don't know if it's going to be this year or next year, but it'll be in the next week.
I don't know if it's going to be the last day of 2021 or whether it's going to be next week.
But I think people need to know about this.
Well, there's a lot of stuff you need to know about.
I mean, if you want to know how criminal the government and the Democratic Party is, wait till you hear this.
Because there's two big things.
Two big things that are just... I don't feel like a victim when this is happening and going on.
I just can't believe it.
I mean, these people can do whatever they want.
You understand that?
Including literally kidnap your children.
So, I got a good sleep last night.
I went to bed about 10.
I slept till 7.
I never do that.
And, uh...
I am recharged and ready for war, but let me tell you.
Man, we are toe-to-toe with the NWO.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Well, this is going to be one for the record books, not just the last broadcast of 2021 of the Alex Jones Show, but one hell of a transmission because of the content.
We are live Friday, December 31st, 2021.
Dr. Peter McCullough,
He's going to be in studio with us for at least two hours.
He is ready and about to bust out of the gate.
He's going to do a big PowerPoint presentation for you on the science and the facts and just how dangerous this vaccine is and how it's literally causing unbelievable amounts of deaths and illnesses.
This is just absolutely game-changing information that is coming up at the bottom of the hour in just about 20-something minutes.
And we've got incredible mainline science coming out and top researchers, top pathologists confirming the mass death that's taking place and so much more.
And then we've got the public in total hysteria and fear.
This is a real photo on a U.S.
flight of a woman with a space suit bubble over her head that she's retrofitted
With a seal with a mask inside of it, of course, really hurting themselves with carbon dioxide poisoning.
But this is the level of mind control and what they've done to our people.
But first, here is the most important report ever at Bandot Video.
Irrefutable evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are killing people.
Internationally recognized leading pathologist, Dr. Arne Burkhardt, and renowned expert in the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases, Dr. Sukrit Bhakti, recently published irrefutable evidence that the mRNA shots are killing at least 40% of recipients.
First, they explain why the experimental agents cannot protect against a viral infection, which we already know to be true by the overwhelming evidence and admissions that the more vaxxed up a person is, the more likely they are to get COVID.
Doctors Burhart and Bhakti explain that this is due to the fact that the so-called vaccines sway the body into producing antibodies in the blood,
But not within the mucous membranes that normally protect our respiratory tract.
This is why the vaccinated are suffering what they call breakthrough infections.
The COVID vaccines are turning off lymphocyte production where they need it the most, while amping it up in the bloodstream, which is where it gets much worse.
For those without the vaccine, a natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 will in most cases remain localized to the respiratory tract.
But for those who have been vaccinated, unrelated cells deep inside the body react to the respiratory infection by creating a new spike protein, which then causes the cell that created it to be attacked by the immune system.
Experts warned us of this last year, and now it is clearly seen in the evidence.
Doctors Burhart and Bhakti found this autoimmune disease present in most organs, but mostly in the heart, which helps explain why we are seeing so many cases of myocarditis and cardiac arrest.
The vaccines trigger self-destruction.
Analysis has now been performed on the organs of over 70 people who died after vaccination and who died for reasons officially unrelated to the vaccines.
In most cases, Rhythmogenic Heart Failure was postulated as the cause of death.
A mystery which has now been solved.
What they found was inflammatory events in small blood vessels, characterized by an overabundance of T lymphocytes and dead cells, usually accompanied by tissue destruction.
In other words, immunological self-attack.
The evidence clearly shows that both mRNA and vector-based vaccines from all four manufacturers are inducing autoimmune disease in multiple organs, mostly the heart, followed by the lung, liver, thyroid, and brain.
These data are so damning.
That you don't have to start looking for other data to know that these vaccines are killing the young and the old.
So the children are set up against the wall and they shoot.
These damn people are shooting and they're killing our children.
I can't stand it.
We have a four-year-old son and we're going to flee this damn country because we are not going to let himself be shot.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
This is for new listeners tuning in.
They're going to collapse the world.
They're going to starve millions of people to death.
They're going to bring in a new dark age.
Here's their plan.
Here's their admissions.
This is all by design.
We're all in great danger.
They're not just blocking therapeutics for normal viruses.
They're not just giving people treatment for pneumonia and the flu and letting them die and calling it COVID.
They're bringing in eugenics.
They're bringing in bioethics.
They are bringing in the end of civilization.
And then they're going to pose as the saviors while it all collapses.
We do not know how well those antigen tests perform at day five in detecting transmissibility.
And it is for that reason that we would say, even if you had a negative test, we would want you to mask.
And even if you had a positive test, we would also want you to mask.
If your plans are to go to a 40 to 50 person New Year's Eve party with all the bells and whistles and everybody hugging and kissing and wishing each other a Happy New Year, I would strongly recommend that this year we do not do that.
Dr. Robert W. Malone has been banned by Twitter.
The inventor of mRNA technology got more and more hardcore.
He came out last week with an emergency message to parents saying this is not a vaccine.
It is linked to major heart problems and death.
You should not give it to your children, or you should at least research.
You talk about war crimes, the people at Twitter and Facebook and YouTube.
Man, you people are evil.
The U.S.
data is deeply contaminated.
It is compromised at multiple levels.
It's compromised by the CDC's official position is that there have been no vaccine-related deaths.
That is completely untenable.
There are a large number of deaths in
The one thing they had in common is that they were vaccinated
Six months or earlier before they were given to these scientists to do a very thorough autopsy and they spent six months to do the autopsy and what they found was that in 14 out of the 15 cases, in other words 93%, that the vaccine was actually causing the T-cells to attack your own organs.
And in 14 out of the 15 cases,
It attacked the heart.
And so, depending on which organ they looked at, they would have fewer cases.
But the organ that was most attacked, most often attacked in all the cases where they saw damage, was the heart.
And of course, this is consistent with what we've seen in VAERS in terms of the elevated cardiac risk, sometimes thousands times elevated.
Before they were given these bodies, the coroners determined that in all 15 cases, that the vaccine was not implicated.
And when they actually examined the bodies correctly, using the right tests with the right experience and knowing what to look for, they found that in 93% of the cases, we can implicate that the vaccine was implicated in the death.
The justification for the inoculations was to reduce illness and hospitalization.
Yet here we see that the inoculation arm showed an increase in adverse events in almost every category.
For example, if you look at related adverse events, which are adverse events that the investigators determined to be caused by the investigational product, there were over 5,000 in the experimental arm and just over 1,000 in the placebo group.
So that was a 300% increase for people who'd taken the inoculation.
I'm not trying to scare you.
I love you and you need to get ready.
I mean, we are in the middle of the New World Order.
We're in the middle of the Mark of the Beast takeover.
We are in the middle of the foretold great nightmare.
Alex Jones' last broadcast of 2021.
Dr. Peter McCullough live in studio and much, much more.
This is a do or die broadcast.
Tune in to learn the irrefutable evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are killing people in mass.
Alex Jones will also lay out why he's been forced to turn against Trump.
Please share this link.
All right.
Let me talk about Trump because this is really important.
I don't want to get this out of the way before Dr. Peter McCullough joins this next segment with the biggest news yet from the CDC and the FDA's own documents.
Major studies.
This is not debatable and this is some really important information.
Most important information we've ever covered concerning COVID-19 and the rollout of it and everything that's unfolding right now.
So he's joining us coming up here in just like 12-13 minutes from now.
14 minutes from now, in studio.
Next segment.
But let me just get this out of the way with Trump.
I go with my research and my gut and my spirit.
And I make decisions off of what my gut tells me.
That doesn't mean I don't have thousands of points of data, conservatively, and don't have a lot of reasons, but then I finally just assess, at a discernment level, what I'm gonna do.
And if you look at Trump like scales, he was doing a lot of good things,
Standing up to China, declaring we're not globalist, trying to secure the border, shutting off the fentanyl, rebuilding American confidence.
And the deep state was really coming after him in a big way and lying about him and lying about us and persecuting his supporters and then they stole an election from him and that made us, you know, really try to stand up to that because even if he's not perfect, which he's not, them stealing the election from us is a crime and is a big deal.
But it's like getting a dog to play tug-of-war with you.
You can take the dog toy, give it to the dog, pull it, and the dog plays the game.
I don't think Trump's in on playing the game, but those controlling him, those manipulating him, certainly are.
And so, I tried to make excuses and understand why he was pushing warp speed and experimental garbage 20 months ago, 18 months ago, but then I'm like, no, I'm totally against this.
And why is Trump doing this?
And I, you know, I hope he wakes up.
And now that it's out in the open, that it's killing a bunch of people, and that it doesn't work, and it doesn't protect you.
The one thing of that horrible side effects that protects you from COVID, it actually, you're more than doubly, and I've got new studies out today, liable to have COVID or catch COVID, actually three times more likely with Omicron,
If you've had the vaccine.
They admit that.
That's even the New York Times.
I mean, this is a fraudulent product.
This is a scam.
And so, I've already been extremely critical for a year or more, but when he went on Candace Owens' show from Mar-a-Lago, and said, no, nobody's gotten sick from the vaccine, and you're totally protected if you take it.
That puts him in the Rachel Maddow category.
I'm going to play a clip of Maddow coming in next segment.
Ahead of Dr. Peter McCullough coming in.
So look for that next segment.
I mean, listen, I don't like Maddow.
I know she's a lying criminal.
Paid off by Pfizer.
Trump, again about a year ago, I'm like, Trump, you better come out against the booster shots.
You better come out against this.
You better say something.
And he's like, yeah, you shouldn't do boosters.
That's a scam for Pfizer.
And Pfizer has kind of taken the government over, which we now know they signed a secret agreement.
Trump did.
And so once I figured all that out, and then the media is saying we're going to have an insurrection for Trump to reinstall him in 2024.
And you know, we're all secretly agents of Trump and getting orders from him.
I know for a fact that he had bad people around him in the White House, but he had some good people like Stephen Miller, like Steve Bannon.
You can say Steve might be a bad guy according to Roger Stone, but policies, great ideas, really smart guy.
I'm not going to debate it in the middle of the two.
But, I mean, Steve Bannon is extremely smart.
Nobody's going to deny that.
And a patriot, in my view.
His policies are 100% awesome.
And they're not there anymore.
And I'm told by a lot of insiders that it is a swirling hot mess at Mar-a-Lago.
And Trump is surrounded by worse people than ever.
And I'm hearing this for about a year.
And now I see him putting out the establishment line, word for word, the Pfizer PR script.
And I'm done.
I don't hate Trump.
I'm not saying he's our big enemy.
Any of that.
But I mean, when he is repeating what Joe Biden and Brian Stelter and all the rest of them are saying, word for word, then I have to just say we have been completely betrayed because I would be a liar if I said that.
Was I a little slow to fully hammer Trump?
Yeah, and I'll admit that because I hate the globalists, and I wanted Trump to be a champion, and I wanted him to stand up to them, and they knew his potential was real, and he still gets a lot of good Republicans elected, and I don't think we should throw the baby out with the bathwater.
I'm not part of the Democrat cult of hating Trump.
They're all celebrating, oh, Jones has turned on Trump, Jones is, you know, January 6th is why Jones is doing this.
If you knew anything about our enemies that are wolves,
Me going after Trump right now might convince them I'm doing it because I'm scared of them.
There's nothing to cover up with January 6th.
It wasn't premeditated from everything I know.
This has nothing to do with January 6th.
This is completely separate, okay?
In fact, the Democrats being so evil and out of control has made me subconsciously not turn on Trump earlier because I didn't want to give them what they wanted.
But Trump has given them what they wanted by pushing this poison shot, this death shot, so I can't help it.
See, I love watching all the pundits everywhere analyze, why did Alex Jones do this?
Why did Alex Jones do that?
And they tell you a lot about themselves when they weigh all the reasons and what's best for them and what they would do.
I don't go off what's best for me.
That's why I'm a Texan.
I'm an American.
I'm like my grandfathers and grandmothers, who were the best damn people ever.
I didn't realize how great my family has grown up.
Good people.
Real people.
Real Christians.
Really strong.
Tell the truth.
Fight hard.
Work hard.
I didn't realize that everybody else didn't get to have something like this.
I do what's right.
I don't sit there and make a bunch of calculations.
The calculations are, I feel ashamed supporting Trump.
I've got to go after him now, but I'll be honest with you.
Rand Paul knows more about medicine than Trump does, and he's just as bad or worse.
Separately, we can't stay on air if you don't support us, and we're breaking news, and we are the tip of the spear, blasting through the enemy defenses, and getting stuff out there nobody else does, and you have really scored a major royal flush against the New World Order, a Grand Slam, whatever you want to call it, in your support of this broadcast, and I thank you for all you've done.
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We're good to go.
Tomorrow's news.
Remember when I said that if you get vaccinated, you can't get infected?
That was also a lie.
Remember when I said that you can't be a host and you can't transmit it to someone else if you're a vaccine?
That's also a lie!
You think she's ever going to say that?
Because Rachel Maddow has less integrity than Alex Jones at this point.
Alex Jones has been more right about this stuff than her, that's for sure.
So now, what I've said here is that if you're getting your information about COVID and the vaccines from the establishment news, you're being lied to.
And you're being lied to at the top of their lungs, constantly, 24-7, with very earnest-looking people who you would never think would lie to you.
Like, how about Rachel Maddow?
Come on!
She's a nerd.
She wouldn't lie.
Well, watch her lie non-stop about COVID.
It means that instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them, but not all of them, and the ones that it doesn't sicken don't know they have it, and then they give it to even more people, because they didn't recognize.
Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person,
Potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
That's not true.
That was never true.
That's not true.
That was never true.
This is from the end of March, almost April of this year, 2021.
She's saying this.
That's a lie.
That's medical misinformation, and if this video of her saying this is up on YouTube, which it might be, they'll never take it down.
But this is straight up 100% medical misinformation, and this is why people hate the unvaccinated, because they listen to a lying propagandist like Rachel Maddow tell them the people who aren't vaccinated are the ones not stopping COVID.
This is all garbage.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
That is a lie.
That is false.
That is medical misinformation brought to you by Pfizer.
She gets $30,000 a day to lie for Pfizer and the military-industrial complex, and she's doing it.
She's lying to you, right now.
I cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
Not true.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
That is not what that means!
Why is it I knew that in my garage?
But you don't know it with your $30,000 a day and your tens of millions of dollars in help?
In staff?
How many producers do you think she has?
How many interns that work there?
How many people work at that show?
She doesn't know this is a lie?
I know it's a lie!
I knew it was a lie!
You can't vaccinate your way out of this pandemic.
You can't do it.
Will she ever correct it?
You know what else she'll never correct?
The lie she told about the hospital in Oklahoma being overrun with people taking horse ivermectin instead of human ivermectin.
She lied about that on Twitter.
It's still up!
You know who got taken down from Twitter?
Dr. Robert Malone, the guy who invented the vaccine technology.
Because he's telling the truth about it.
You know who's leaving?
They leave up her!
Because she's lying at the behest of Big Pharma, which owns the media.
There's no other way to put that.
She's lying.
And she'll never correct it.
She'll never go, hey, remember what I said, that the vaccine will end the pandemic?
If you just get vaccinated?
That was a 100% lie.
That wasn't true at all.
Remember when I said that if you get vaccinated, you can't get infected?
That was also a lie.
Remember when I said that you can't be a host and you can't transmit it to someone else if you're vaccinated?
That's also a lie!
You think she's ever going to say that?
Because Rachel Maddow has less integrity than Alex Jones at this point.
Alex Jones has been more right about this stuff than her, that's for sure.
That's how bad they are!
If somebody gave me $30,000 and put it in my pocket, and you could see it hanging out, and I came on there, somebody from Big Pharma, and I started telling you all this stuff, would you believe me?
If I got a $30,000 check sticking out of my pocket before I sat down, every day they gave me one.
Would you believe what I said?
I wouldn't.
But people believe her.
And that's what she looks like when she's lying for $30,000 a day at the behest of the establishment.
Good old Jimmy Dore.
And all of it's true.
They're paying hundreds of thousands of people money around the world to spew BS and then try to censor and block top scientists, medical doctors, a who's who of top people.
And one of them is here with us, a good friend of mine now, Dr. Peter McCullough, special guest.
He's a board-certified internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and clinical lipidology.
He cares for advanced patients with common medical problems including heart and kidney disease, lipid disorders, and diabetes.
He's become an expert on COVID-19 illnesses and welcomes recovered patients into his practice.
He also hosts a syndicated show and has been doing a lot of huge interviews.
And he's got a bunch of huge breaking news from the National Institutes of Health on these autopsies.
And what's happening both from people that have had COVID-19 and those that are taking the so-called vaccine.
So, Doc, great to have you here.
Next hour, you're going to do your big PowerPoint and walk everybody through this incredible information.
But just in this short segment, the next segment coming up, just big picture of what's happening in the world.
Well, we are now in the most intense phase of the pandemic, the Omicron outbreak.
We have more cases now, Alex, than we've ever had since the onset of the pandemic.
It was clear Jimmy Dore was right.
We couldn't vaccinate our way out of the pandemic.
And now we have this bombshell report from the National Institutes of Health land on December 20th regarding autopsies of patients who had SARS-CoV-2 infection and they died in the hospital.
And then underwent a detailed autopsy of basically every tissue in the body.
I mean, this is just huge news.
And as I said, a who's who of scientists are saying the same thing.
How does the system cover this up?
Well, you know, the National Institutes of Health published this on the ResearchGate preprint server, which is considered valid, fair game in academic medicine as we wait for papers to go through peer review.
They summarized 44 cases that died of COVID-19.
Now, here's the backdrop.
They were sick at home for nine days on average before they came into the hospital.
No mention of early treatment, none.
They come in the hospital, they get an array of treatment, remdesivir, dexamethasone, tozolizumab, some anticoagulants.
They ultimately all succumb of COVID-19.
The shocking finding is that the virus was found in virtually every tissue in the body, the brain, the heart, deeply in the lungs, the subcutaneous tissue, the lymph nodes, and it was alive.
The virus was alive, it was replicating, and it was astonishing, the findings.
One individual, now he was immunocompromised, Alex, but he had it in his tissues, and it was located there, and the science behind this paper is very strong.
It's been on our National Institutes of Health for 230 days after the onset of the infection.
So this is an unprecedented virus.
It's unprecedented.
We had no idea it lasted in the human body this long.
So the implications are, no wonder people have long COVID syndrome.
It's not just the spike protein, but in fact, it's the entire virus.
No wonder people test intermittently positive.
Remember, the PCR test relies on primers.
Typically, the RNA-dependent polymerase, the envelope protein, the spike protein, and the nucleocapsid.
Those are the four main primers.
We're also going to look at
The vaccine and what it's doing and the huge developments there.
Dr. Peter McCullough is in studio with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
His big PowerPoint presentation is coming up in about 20 minutes.
Join us in the second hour.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
This is life-saving information.
Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us on the last transmission of the Alex Jones Show of 2021.
All right, Doc, during the little break, you were just laying it all out saying, quote, it's much worse than we thought.
And then getting into the vaccine and going, oh, what's Trump doing?
I want you to get all technical and scientific next hour to your PowerPoint.
But just just as a citizen, as an American, as a patriot, as a husband,
Big picture, what are we facing?
What's really going on here?
The big picture is we're facing a virus that had been manipulated in a lab in Wuhan, China.
It stays alive in the human body far longer than we ever thought.
No wonder the PCRs are intermittently positive.
It's clearly mutated now.
The Omicron variant
That's right.
We learned December 10th, our CDC told us Omicron's in the United States.
It is the most highly mutated form of the virus.
It cannot invade the body like the prior versions.
Thank goodness, maybe we won't have terrible autopsy results like we had from the prior versions.
It can't invade as well, but it replicates 70 times more rapidly than Delta.
And in a, that was from Hong Kong University, pointed that out to us in a report.
And then a report from the South African Research Institute showed
I want to get into all the technicals, but let's talk about Trump.
And I'm not fetishizing attacking Trump.
I don't like to attack Trump.
I like Trump overall.
He is trying to play doctor and saying, oh, the vaccines work 100% and nobody's gotten sick from the vaccine.
I mean, that's like Pfizer talking points.
And I know you were off air when I'm trying to attack Trump.
What's your view on that?
My view is that we should have a more far more fair, fair, balanced mention of any of the vaccines by any official and in any person of authority, including myself.
Everything has risks and benefits.
Alex, there's no doubt about it.
With the vaccines, there has been a benefit.
There has been a modest reduction in mortality, as shown in papers by Cohn from the VA, and by 1040 in the IV network, there is a small reduction in mortality for hospitalized patients.
There is a relatively large differential in hospitalization risk, I think driven by differential testing, not so much a vaccine effect.
But importantly, there are serious safety concerns.
Thousands of Americans have died after the vaccine, shortly afterwards, and then hundreds of thousands have been injured and been hospitalized.
And expanding on that though, from the literature I've seen, and again I'm just putting out a gestalt of everything I've seen, but it works up front but then it damages the immune system or lowers the immunity, and I've seen reports out of England and other places of what triple the chance of getting Omicron if you've been vaccinated.
I'm not so sure about that right now, Alex.
The way I view the data is Omicron is an equal opportunity player.
It's equally infecting the previously immune, the vaccinated, and the unvaccinated.
The difference is the previously immune and the vaccinated are having milder syndromes.
It's brief.
And it's mild, typically without pulmonary involvement.
The unvaccinated still can get a bit more of a severe syndrome, but it's far milder than we've ever seen.
By the way, we had to shift our monoclonals.
GlaxoSmithKline now is our lead monoclonal.
That's Sotrivimab.
It actually is still good in covering Omicron against a part of the spike protein that doesn't mutate.
That means our workhorse Regeneron
What's the reality of the monoclonals?
I mean, is Biden really blocking those?
Because I saw the Minnesota government say, yes, if you're white, we can deny it to you.
I mean, I couldn't believe it.
It actually says that.
Yeah, I don't know, but we had GlaxoSmithKline fully EUA approved in May of 2021.
We've had seven months to get ready for this.
This product is specifically designed to handle resistant mutant strains.
The GlaxoSmithKline product is, in a sense, what we needed in our toolbox to face something like Omicron.
And now, sadly, all the centers, including, we got an email in my health system in Dallas, Alex, this morning saying, listen, we're out.
We're out of ammo.
Big picture, getting back to Trump and Rachel Maddow, they both said the same thing.
Quote, if you have a shot you can't get sick, just like Biden's been saying, and no one's been hurt by the vaccine.
Dr. McCullough, are those true statements?
Neither one of them are true.
So why the hell are Maddow and Trump still saying it over and over again?
It's either they know or they should have known.
Either one of those two are good.
In a court of law, you'd be asked a question.
Did you know?
Either you should have known or you know.
And it's clear there are scores of Americans.
We're going to have 500,000 new cases today.
70% of the population has been vaccinated.
We have data from UK, Denmark, and South Africa.
That 70% of Omicron patients were fully vaccinated.
We had a report out of Germany yesterday.
94% of patients with Omicron are fully vaccinated.
It should be clear to the former President of the United States and to all the news anchors that the vaccine doesn't stop SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, particularly the Omicron variant.
So what does that do to the credibility of the CDC and Trump and just everybody that keeps pushing that BS to Biden?
The doubling down, tripling, quadrupling down on the vaccines is something that I think everybody is going to regret.
It's clear the vaccines were keyed against the original Wuhan spike protein.
That has been long gone now for...
Probably, well, over nine months, the virus has sufficiently out-mutated the vaccines.
It's out-mutated natural immunity.
How can we possibly expect boosters to do anything outside of cause more harm?
But Doc, isn't that the trick?
I mean, all the scientists, the virologists have always known you can't create something for the flu because it always mutates a different way.
You can't do it for the cold.
Finally, they've created a war where we're obsessed with cold viruses and all the rest of it, and then it never works, so we're always chasing
Chasing the rabbit here, basically.
And now it's just a medical takeover.
It's a medical takeover.
America has the cold.
The whole country has a cold.
They announced in Dallas this morning our testing centers hit 25% positivity rates.
I mean, that means that one out of four people in line are turning positive on these tests.
At this point in time, I think people ought to assume they have it.
So many people can't get tests.
The lines are too long.
They ought to assume they have it.
And is it that the way viruses always work, pretty much always, even if they're lab-made, is they're super deadly but hard to get, and then as they mutate,
Because they're learning how to spread, it's survival of the fittest, but they become less lethal but more contagious.
That's absolutely true, and that's Buehler's Ratchet.
That's exactly what was achieved by Omicron.
Replicating 70 times faster than Delta, even though its transmissibility index was less than Delta, it just out replicated it, and then it shut the door immunologically, allowing any more propagation of Delta.
So we're going to see a sharp drop off of Delta as the Omicron peak skyrockets.
What are viruses?
And they argue, are they alive, are they not?
Doctor, what are they?
Viruses are organisms that have protein and nucleic acids and they have learned how to hijack mammalian cells and other cells from other organisms in order to, in a sense, feed on them and then propagate.
So they have components able to replicate themselves, different than a prion, which would be just a protein.
So they're tiny predators?
They are tiny predators, and they feed on us, and they seek to stay alive, and Mueller's ratchet would say, listen, they've got to keep the host alive in order to propagate.
We're almost at the point, Alex, this is the common cold, now a new version of it.
Ah, so the early version that kills you, you've never been around, but once it colonizes you, that's why they always go to that point, is them finding equilibrium.
That's right.
Okay, you talk fast, even faster than that because you're a smart guy, and I get it, you've got a lot of data, but just, we're going to go to break in two minutes, but before we went live and after you show me these documents you're going to cover next hour, you're saying, listen,
The virus itself in the body is way worse than we thought.
It's colonizing the body.
It's lasting longer than other viruses.
You seem really concerned.
Just spend a minute or so explaining what that means.
The fatal cases are clear.
There is a prolonged time of infectivity in the human body.
Now, they may not be contagious, these individuals, but the virus was alive far longer than what we thought.
The primers for the PCR test
Are basically there the components that would trigger it.
No wonder people test intermittently positive after serious cases of SARS-CoV-2.
If we learned anything from the NIH autopsy study is early treatment is the key.
These individuals died.
Not a single one was there a mention of early treatment.
The late treatments probably have no impact whatsoever.
Three quarters of the time, the brain was involved.
No wonder people have brain fog after long COVID.
Alex, long COVID syndrome is real.
It's related to the virus.
The virus is replicating slowly in the body.
Maybe this is a therapeutic opportunity.
Maybe things that reduce replication, like the new Pfizer or Merck pills, for instance, may be much better than just a five-day course.
And you're just being completely honest off the real data you've got, and they attack and try to silence you.
You know, I've never been directly attacked.
No one's actually had a direct-to-direct, eye-to-eye conversation.
They're sniping from the side, but the data are clear.
I'm citing National Institutes of Health data.
One can look at it and corroborate every single point.
Well, I know you don't want to get into it, but technically they've come after your job.
Well, you know, there have been a variety of twists and turns in 2021 for myself, for people like you.
Anybody who's trying to bring scientific truth to the public right now is under heavy fire.
Dr. Peter McCullough, we're back in two minutes with our number two and the PowerPoint presentation.
Stay with us.
If you're a TV viewer, you see a photo that the news has picked up.
They've confirmed that's a real woman on a plane.
Wearing a space bubble over her head and a mask inside huffing carbon dioxide.
And now they're trying to order here in Austin a violation of the state law for children to wear two masks.
Dr. Peter McCullough is here with us.
He's going to do his PowerPoint incredible analysis next segment.
I don't
Passed its fourth wave of cases and counts few deaths added.
So there's almost no deaths, but there's just total hysteria.
smashes global COVID infection record again with 647,000 plus new cases recorded Thursday, but daily deaths have fallen.
So this is hysteria.
It is hysteria.
It's basically the common cold now.
In my house, I had a chance to observe ages 5 to 98 Omicron as it came into my house for Christmas.
The kids had it for a few hours, took a little Tylenol for fever.
The older individuals needed some assistive medications, and I'm talking pretty easy now.
I've been treating COVID-19 for two years, and I can tell you Delta was long and hard.
Omicron is brief.
It is mild and easily treatable.
Well, I remember
Eight, nine months ago, I saw real hospitals full, really people sick with Delta.
I told listeners, no, no.
Last year, they exaggerated and hyped it up.
This is very real.
My dad got it, almost killed him.
My mom's never been that sick.
I got it, didn't really make a big deal about it, but it felt like a gorilla.
It was on my chest for two weeks, sickest I've ever been.
But I just powered through it.
And then people are like, oh, Jones, you're making it up.
Then it finally hit their town.
They're like, oh, yeah, this is serious.
So this is a real virus.
People try to say, oh, that's totally made up.
No, it's real.
It's real.
I've had calls from the Northeast.
I had a call yesterday from Chicago.
The northern U.S.
has a blend of Delta and Omicron right now.
So the hardest thing for a doctor to figure out in this initial phase is, is it Delta?
Is it going to be 30 days of a heart illness?
Or is it going to be Omicron?
It's going to be a couple days needing no treatment.
Very, very difficult.
We don't have the ability with the PCR test to tell us which is which, and we desperately need it.
And I forget, did you have the original or did you have the Delta?
I had Alpha.
How was Alpha different than Delta?
I think Alpha was far milder than Delta.
You know, I've lost patients in their 30s to Delta.
I mean, it was very, very hard.
Delta was far more invasive than the other strains.
It lasted far longer.
And honestly, I'm glad Omicron is here in a sense to shut the door on Delta.
Many are saying Omicron is Mother Nature's now booster.
That's what South African scientists said two weeks ago.
It looks like they're right.
Marty McQuay from Johns Hopkins was on Hannity this week.
I was on Fox with Sean Duffy, basically saying the same thing.
When patients get this, by the way, they feel like it's a booster.
It feels like a booster shot.
One feels a little febrile, a little sick for a day or two, and then it gets better, particularly those who are COVID-recovered and those who have been previously vaccinated.
Because let's not forget, all science is doing is copying the way God sets stuff up.
And, of course, nature has got the real booster.
It's amazing.
If we look at the receptor bonding domain, where this virus used to invade the body, it has been peppered with mutations.
It simply can't invade like it used to.
We're about to do your big PowerPoint presentation.
A lot of big developments.
We focused on Omicron and the real virus, but what about the vaccine?
I also want to hit some of that.
When will we get into that in the next couple hours?
We will.
The biggest breaking news, again, on this same server, ResearchGate, the same server that the NIH puts out their data, a paper by Pentazatos from Columbia published on this server, data using census deaths and the vaccine administration data, and now has an estimate on the U.S.
loss of life with the vaccines.
And you'll be stunned with this.
The number could be as high as 178,000 Americans that have died after the vaccine.
Wow, so I don't want to interrupt the flow of this.
In the next hour and a half, when are you going to cover that?
Because that's what I really want to know about.
I'll cover that in the next hour, but that analysis gives the biggest number we're aware of.
Remember VAERS, half domestic, half ex-U.S., has about 10,000 American lives lost currently.
The U.S.
whistleblower lawsuit, Tom Rents and the CMS whistleblower, this summer had the number at 45,000.
Now Columbia has the vaccine mortality number at, the upper bound is 178,000.
Columbia University, very respected.
All right, Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest.
We're going to come back in 60 seconds and plunge right into this.
Tell your friends and family to tune in on local radio stations, TV stations, and the feeds at InfoWars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Well, we already had Dr. Robert Malone this morning in studio here taping an interview we're not going to put out.
Until his Joe Rogan interview drops either today or Joe may wait.
They're now saying until Monday.
Huge interview, inventor of mRNA technology, saying, hey, vaccines are very, very dangerous.
These are not really vaccines and they're not really protecting you long term.
That huge information is now breaking.
And Dr. Peter McCullough has been a trailblazer.
He's been involved in major FDA studies.
He's become a leading
I think so.
This isn't pure anti-vax information.
This is the real science coming out.
Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you so much.
Please launch into it.
Thank you.
Now, just to clarify, I'm a medical doctor.
I work with great surgeons.
But I'm a medical doctor at a major medical center, an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist.
But I've finished two years of essentially what has been a COVID-19 infectious disease fellowship.
Let's go ahead and bring up the first slide.
We are giving public programs, Doctors in My Circles, independently with grassroots organizations, public seminars for doctors, for lawmakers, and then big public programs all over the country, Alex, 500 to 5,000 individuals.
I have a headlining one with
Former Trump administration cabinet member Ben Carson in Phoenix, September, January 7th, 8th and 9th.
We've got 48,000 people going to be attending that.
So this is big.
Let's bring up the first slide.
This will be I'm just going to show you a few of the slides.
If you attend one of these public programs, you will see it.
We're going to cover vaccine safety and efficacy.
And let's move forward to the slide.
Which is on the Hill, you'll be able to see this.
I expressed concerns as a dog academic doctor, and you can see the date of this publication in the Hill, where this was on August 17th of 2020, Alex.
And the title of this paper is The Great Gamble of the COVID-19 Vaccine Development Program.
Why was it a gamble?
Because as Dr. Robert Malone indicated,
They're not traditional vaccines.
They are genetic transfer technology programs.
The virus has a dangerous component to it, and that is the spike protein.
That's what I'm showing you here.
This is the spine on the ball of the virus, 1,200 amino acids, about a dozen glycosylation side chains, and Alex, this thing is a loaded weapon.
The spike protein has been devised
I think?
These analog caps, as I've published with Tony Karagopoulos in Greece, they are not broken down by our normal enzymatic mechanisms.
So the messenger RNA itself, Alex, stays in the body a long period of time.
It tricks the body's own machinery, the ribosomes, in the rough endoplasmic reticulum.
To produce the dangerous spike protein, those red buds.
So we're actually hijacking the body's cells to produce the very deadly spike protein that's loaded on the virus itself.
You can see on the left-hand side of the slide, that's Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca.
And importantly, that uses a different technology, that's adenoviral technology, where the DNA actually goes into our nucleus of our cells, it's resident there, and then we produce the RNA for the spike protein, and again we produce
As you can see here, the title of the paper is, Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Induced by the Pfizer Vaccine.
And you can see it right now that the spike protein is in the human body, Alex, after vaccination for a long period of time.
In fact, it's enveloped in its own particle of
Spike protein in the body.
The body has to recover from this.
The body has to clear this stuff up.
So in layman's terms, the so-called vaccine causes a similar effect as the actual virus?
It causes a similar effect.
In fact, in many ways, it's worse because the body has a chance to fight off the virus in the nose and mouth.
Remember, in the nose and mouth, we've got lymphoid tissue.
We have what's called Peyer's patches.
We have the ability to try to fight off the virus.
But when you take an injection of adenoviral or messenger RNA in the body, that's a mainline.
You skip all the defense systems.
And now you hijack the body to produce this dangerous pathogenic protein.
That was what I was trying to tell America back in August before we launched the vaccines.
Warning, warning.
That's the reason why Dr. Malone has come out and said, listen, I worked on this and it turns out to be a bad idea.
That's what he's telling you.
Scientifically, it's a bad idea.
Thank you.
Wow, the foreign installation of outside genetic material and a hijacking of the cells.
And each injection, Alex, is probably a different mosaic of cells.
So, you know, we can't, the genetic information can't get into all the cells.
So where are the lipid nanoparticles going to go?
Isn't that a big surprise?
No wonder Bill Gates is pushing it.
We know from autopsy studies from Vienna, as well as from Germany, that the vaccines go everywhere, just like the virus.
I told you the NIH autopsy studies showed the virus in the brain, the heart, the bone marrow, the lymphatic system.
The same thing with a vaccine.
This is the first vaccine that we've ever had where the brain gets loaded with it, the heart gets loaded with it.
And in this paper that I'm pointing out from Avolio,
Colleagues, wonderful preclinical paper showing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, remember that's what I was telling you, the spike protein is where all the action is.
In this paper, the spike protein is shown as these blue buds.
It would be the same as the red buds in the prior PowerPoints.
They actually damage the pericytes.
The pericytes.
Pericytes are support cells in the heart.
They support the capillaries.
They support the cardiomyocytes.
And can you imagine a vaccine-induced attack on heart cells with a dangerous spike protein?
No surprise that it causes myocarditis or heart inflammation.
This should be of no scientific surprise whatsoever.
It is now well understood
Our FDA agrees.
Our FDA warns Americans not to take the vaccines because they cause myocarditis.
They put the advisory on now, I guess for what, six months, but then Trump and Maddow and the Democrats and Biden say, no, there's no problems.
Isn't it crazy?
When they put the advisory out, they had 200 cases they reviewed.
They had a universe of 600 cases.
These kids were sick, 90% hospitalized, sky-high troponins, dramatic EKG changes, chest pains, signs and symptoms of heart failure.
They remained in the hospital for days.
Some of them needed heart failure medications.
Alex, this is not a joke.
They needed three to six months of rest.
What happened over the summer?
We have had a montage of athletes that we have seen all over the world drop dead on the field.
Nobody knows if they've been vaccinated or not, although we know most of these countries and these teams, in fact, had very aggressive vaccination strategies.
If there is some clinical
Well, he's a very respected academic
Physician, as Tucker Carlson said, need to look him up.
Dr. Peter McCullough is here with us in the studio on the last broadcast of the Alex Jones Show of the year.
We're very honored.
You were getting into the studies, the science, the breaking information.
Of what this so-called vaccine is actually doing to the population.
Please continue, Doctor.
Alex, I'm going to show you a paper now.
I have it up on the screen that you're not going to be able to see if you go on the internet because it's been censored.
This is a paper that was fully accepted, went through the peer review process.
The first author is Jessica Rose.
I'm the second author.
This was published in the Current Problems of Cardiology and it's simply describing myocarditis
In the VAERS system, the CDC Vaccine Reverse Event Reporting System, and this was made it through the entire process.
It was invited by the editors.
It went through the peer review process, galley proofs, contracted.
I paid the fees, Alex.
They didn't return them.
This was fully published in the National Library of Medicine and available.
People were using this five days before the pediatric meeting for the FDA.
Elsevier pulled the paper out and said the reason for pulling it out is not that it was scientifically invalid, not that there was any types of problems.
They pulled it out because they said they didn't think the journal invited it to begin with, which clearly they did.
Now they're under threat of lawsuit.
Believe it or not, as a scientific doctor, I have to sue Elsevier, the largest publisher, for basically breach of contract and tortuous interference in my business of publishing data as an academic physician.
So you're not just covering this PowerPoint with all this research, you're in it.
And just let me throw this out as a brief aside.
I've seen hundreds of articles of academics and heads of research institutes in Canada, in Germany, in the UK, in the US, in Australia, saying, yeah, we're seeing massive increase of heart attacks and deaths and blood clots, but we've been told not to say it or publish it or we'll get all our funding pulled.
Well I tell you what, I am relentless and this will see the light of day.
Take a look at the data.
I want everyone to see this.
These are real people in the vaccine adverse event reporting system.
The darker blue
Are the men.
So notice that men, 90% of people developing myocarditis are men.
They develop it shortly after administration of the vaccines, which are shown in the two black lines.
But look at the tail, Alex.
The tail of the distribution goes all the way out to age 50.
I am telling you, as a doctor, myocarditis is not just a problem of children.
It is a problem of men extending well into male adulthood, and the Koreans are worried.
Let's move forward to this next tab, this paper by Choi and colleagues, very important.
This condition is fatal, and it's proven to be fatal in some unfortunate individuals.
Choi and colleagues published a man, he's 22 years old,
This is someone where COVID would have been like a mild cold.
He takes the vaccine, in this case the Pfizer vaccine.
He has five days of chest pain, comes to the hospital and he dies seven hours later.
And look at the histologic findings there.
The heart is loaded with inflammation.
This is beyond doubt that the vaccine caused this death.
It's irrefutable.
We can't have the President of the United States saying no one's died of the vaccine.
The data are abundantly clear.
Wow, I'm speechless.
Please continue.
When we move forward and look at the other key pieces of information that are coming in on COVID-19, what we find is what's called
Regulatory malfeasance.
And this is a screenshot of CNN correspondent Sanjay Gupta and an assistant CNN correspondent on Sesame Street.
And Alex, they're on Sesame Street as CNN correspondents attempting to seduce children into taking the vaccine.
And I can tell you, they did not give fair balance.
They did not say the vaccine could cause fatal myocarditis.
They didn't... They didn't do the normal drug company provisos they put at the end.
Right, but that wasn't... They didn't even authorize to target children, newborns, and three-year-olds.
They aren't authorized at all.
Approved yet?
They are media people.
They are not authorized at all to do this.
The U.S.
Drug and Cosmetics Act, the Truth in Advertising Act, and the Landman Act all apply to any presentation of data.
What I'm doing today, Alex, is I'm giving fair balance.
That's in a person in a position of authority.
It's my responsibility to give fair balance.
Fair balance was not given to these children and these parents.
They were given a big Pfizer script given to puppeteers.
And then regurgitated on children.
A helpless audience.
When I presented this to Joe Rogan, Joe's eyes were as big as saucers.
He had just had Sanjay Gupta on, actually, regarding a different issue regarding ivermectin.
Don't forget, Sanjay Gupta was the narrator.
So if somebody comes and tries to sell your child
We're good.
That's correct.
And Joe Rogan asked me, do you think Sanjay Gupta and the CNN correspondents, do they know the regulatory laws?
And I told Joe Rogan, I said, either they knew or they should have known.
Which one is it?
It's not good for either one.
What it is, is damn evil.
Let's move on.
This next paper, I think, was the one that really it hit in the last two months.
And this could be the largest
I don't
You've got to look at it.
You have to.
The number they come up with, Alex, the range is 146 to 187,000 Americans may have died after the vaccine.
If we're at 800,000 people who died of the respiratory illness, and our CDC tells us that 90% of them have other conditions that were also fatal.
The Italians, by the way, say now, recoding their data, that 97% of Italians had other fatal illnesses.
Let me put this in context.
Colin Powell, people know Colin Powell.
He had terminal multiple myeloma.
He took the vaccine and he died with COVID.
But all experts agree that the terminal multiple myeloma was the overriding
Problem, right?
We know that 90% of COVID deaths like this, the average age of death of COVID in the United States is 83 years old.
These are people who live beyond life expectancy.
So what I'm telling you is we probably have 60,000 Americans, people our age, who truly died of COVID, 60,000.
And what Pantazatos and Sullivan are saying is that we may have had 187 taken out with the vaccine.
The vaccine is far worse than the respiratory illness.
All right, going to break again.
Longer segments coming up.
Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest.
When we come back, we'll tell you where you can find... Is this PowerPoint out yet for people to see?
PowerPoint's available on multiple servers.
Go to American Association of Physician and Surgeons, aapsonline.com.
All right, we'll come back and tell people about that again.
This is life-saving information, because now they're not coming for our children.
They already came for them.
And now, Fauci says in a month, they're going to start injecting newborns.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, this is game-changing information.
Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest, and he is going through the PowerPoint presentation with the latest information that he is going to be presenting in front of crowds across the United States, tens of thousands.
And before you drill back into these huge developments, just as a citizen, not just as a doctor, not just a researcher,
I don't see the power structure getting out of this.
I mean they have really screwed up.
Then I see Pfizer and others demanding all these secret agreements for liability protection.
I don't see how they were so stupid when all the experts told them this would cause all sorts of autoimmune problems and blood clots and myocarditis.
I mean that was in the slide as you know from October last year before it even started.
I know you don't like to speculate, but just as a citizen, what do you think the big plan is here?
Or do they really just crazily do this and now they've destroyed themselves and now they're going to keep paying media to lie and say nothing's happening?
The fact pattern is checked.
There's no doubt about it.
Aaron Seery has basically sued Pfizer and the FDA for full release of the Pfizer dossier.
Now, why Pfizer?
Because they're the lead product.
In fact, most people have taken Pfizer.
FDA now is actually de-emphasizing Johnson & Johnson, so it's pretty much Pfizer and Moderna.
Pfizer, 30 micrograms of messenger RNA per shot.
And why?
And why?
Johnson & Johnson says, oh, they say, the FDA says, oh, you might not want to take this.
It'll make you have a myocarditis.
Well, you know, Johnson & Johnson, the official risks are actually Guillain-Barré syndrome and thrombosis.
The myocarditis is with Pfizer and Moderna.
But getting back to the Siri lawsuit, basically said, listen, you're asking Americans to take this, release your dossier, and let 30 experts review the data independently.
I am one of the 30 experts.
In fact, I've been named lead of this Public Health Review Council for the Pfizer data.
We were stunned, Alex, when the FDA asked the federal judge to delay the release until 2076, over 50 years from now.
I can't hear a record skip at that point.
Say that again, because the people thought this was a joke.
This is real.
It's now confirmed.
They have asked the federal court to wait 55 years.
55 years.
In fact, they've even extended it to 70 years to actually see what's going on with the vaccines.
You can't make this up.
The fact pattern is established.
Basically, Pfizer and the FDA have told Americans there is no transparency here.
Remember, transparency is a tenant of regulatory science.
Now there's no transparency on a biologic product.
That we've just reviewed for America on safety.
Remember we do that, we're just as medical grand rounds Alex, we review safety before efficacy.
Explain what that means for people that don't have a medical degree.
Our general principle is, above all, do no harm.
I don't care how good a product is, if it's not safe, it doesn't move forward.
I don't care how much you like your new car, Alex.
If it's not safe, it doesn't get driven off the lot.
Safety comes first for all consumer products.
It's very important.
And so importantly with drugs and vaccines, we do a Medical Grand Rounds.
What our government actually should be doing for America every month, we should have a review every month on safety and efficacy.
We're now a year into the vaccine program, there's been no review.
So you can imagine when I go out and give a public program, there are thousands of people coming and I am just giving Americans the straight data on the vaccines.
And again, that was pre-designed where they set it up where there wouldn't be the reviews and all this.
I mean, I think it's overwhelming evidence that this is a depopulation weapon.
That's what Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former head chief scientist at Pfizer, is saying.
That's what a lot of other folks are saying.
If you just extrapolate out, why are they doing this?
And it's attacking the ovaries, and it's attacking young people, and everybody, and old people.
I mean, what is the motive here?
No one knows.
Clearly the books are out there that are starting to again establish the fact pattern.
This is probably one of the absolutely the biggest things in human history an investigative reporter could hotly pursue.
As a doctor, I am simply just trying to grapple with the science.
What you said is important.
This is probably the biggest event in history so far in human activity.
When all the dust settles,
And you're just going with the science.
You're letting others politically look at what's happening.
But the fact pattern and the consensus across the board now of intelligence agency heads and top scientists and virologists is this is deliberate depopulation.
When you look at it all and now they're still covering it up and pushing it more, it's pretty clear.
Well, I tell you, it seems relatively clear that the best way to stay healthy is to stay free of any of these injections.
Let's see what happens in terms of efficacy.
People have asked me, Dr. McCullough, I took the vaccines.
I was told I should do this.
I knew it was patriotic.
My doctors told me to take the vaccines.
The presidents, well we've had two presidents to say take the vaccines.
Is there any benefit to the vaccines?
Let's move to the 1040 paper from the IV network.
Look at the number of authors on this paper.
This is the U.S.
National Institutes of Health and the best and the brightest academics who work in clinical trials on vaccines telling you the data.
The title of the paper is The Association Between Messenger RNA Vaccination and COVID-19 Hospitalization and Disease Severity.
Let me tell you that in this paper they had 45% of the cases had Delta it means 55% were pre Delta so these data always run in arrears and the vaccines of those who took the vaccines
It was associated with a reduced risk of hospitalization.
Now, because of differential testing, that means when someone comes in the hospital and they're vaccinated, they actually don't get a COVID test unless they suspect COVID.
But if you're unvaccinated, they get a test for no matter what medical condition I have.
Differential testing exaggerates the effect size for hospitalization risk reduction.
It's clear.
But having said that, I will tell you as a scientist that the vaccines were associated with some reduction in hospitalization.
But people say, listen, I didn't take the vaccine and I'm willing to be hospitalized provided I survive.
So let's look at the data.
As shown here in Figure 3, one can see that in this figure, those patients in this table, in fact, had COVID-19 and they were being monitored for progression.
And you can see here that the adjusted hazard ratio for progression of disease was 0.41.
That's interpreted as a 59% reduction in the progression of severe COVID-19.
I think?
I think?
But people have, you listen to Rachel Maddow, you listen to others, like that vaccine is a shield.
You know, President Biden basically says, take the vaccine, otherwise it's going to be a long, dark winter.
Well, I'm telling you, these people took the vaccine and they had a mortality rate of 6.3% in the hospital.
I mean, Doc, what about all the studies I see?
Because again, I'm just doing a bold out of my own mind.
We're within three to six months, though.
It's somehow turning off your immune system or reducing it.
So it works a little bit up front like a therapeutic, but then it actually has a negative hangover.
Remember, the vaccines are giving our immune system a lot of work to do.
We now know this is an install of spike protein for over a year.
You can imagine how the immune system is changing, trying to clear out this foreign protein from the human body, from critical organs such as the brain, the heart, the bone marrow.
Has that overseen some studies of increase of cancers, Abner?
Is your immune system basically exhausted?
It's run a marathon and now it doesn't tackle the cancer, it doesn't tackle the next virus?
No, I think it's too soon.
I mean, two shots, I don't think is going to be enough quantity.
You said that six months ago.
You said, look out for the third.
And now, so many people having the heart attacks and dying.
Young people, old people, you name it, it's the third shot or the booster.
Well, the booster is where all the great concern is.
Because, you know, shot one, shot two, if you go a year, maybe you can clear out some of the spike proteins.
Shot three, now Israel and elsewhere, shot four and more.
We know there is... Oh, I've got a European country, you want six?
It'll be impossible, Alex.
It's impossible to get rid of the Wuhan Chinese spike protein out of the body with injections that are more frequently than a year.
Let's move on to the next paper.
This is a big one.
People have said, listen, show us... Hold on, we've got to go to break.
Doc, stay there.
The big one.
When we come back with Dr. Peter McCullough, straight ahead, this is life-saving, game-changing, real science.
Again, if you're just tuned in, tell everyone you know, share this video.
Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We were just talking about Israel on their fourth or fifth.
What about the Netherlands?
Now planned six jabs for COVID.
How did I know this 20 plus months ago?
Bill Gates went on TV shows and said, oh, you'll need boosters forever.
And now they, of course, have announced that.
And Dr. McCullough, you said something during the break.
I know you just want to go over the research science and just not get political.
But you, as a private citizen, said, listen, and I'm just a layperson researching.
That's what I've noticed.
All these countries, whether it's India or China, they all develop their own shots, not even mRNA, but are other forms of vaccines that do the same thing with spike protein.
When there's so many other ways to actually attack a virus, it's really like an evil intelligence behind this.
When I say alien, I'm not saying flying saucers, I'm saying there's an anti-human force here you can't ignore.
It cannot be healthy for the human body to take on spike protein and viral particles over and over again through injection.
Alex, it cannot.
Elaborate on that.
You hit the break.
You said the biggest part of your entire PowerPoint is this.
We're on efficacy.
Let's move on to the cone paper.
The title of this paper is SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Protection and Death Among U.S.
Veterans Through 2021.
The sample size in this paper, Alex, 780,225 veterans, represents 2.7% of the United States population.
Overall vaccine efficacy over the course of the year started at 87.9 percent.
It fell to 48.1 percent.
So the vaccines did have some reported efficacy against mortality.
Let's look at the figure starting at the right and you can see here age over 65
There is a non-COVID mortality benefit for taking the vaccine, meaning selection bias.
Those who take the vaccine are more likely to survive of any condition because they are more activated by the health.
But look at the COVID curves.
These are survival curves.
There is a 12%
Fair Balance Review.
There is a mortality benefit over age 65.
When this first came along, people asked me a year ago, Dr. McCullough, who would the vaccines be best for?
I said it would be our seniors, if they were safe and effective, nursing home residents, and there's nursing home workers.
But now look under age 65 in the middle panel, Alex.
Look at the difference between the two curves.
The y-axis changes.
You have to be a sharp scientist to get this.
Look at the difference.
There's a 1% mortality benefit.
I showed this to Joe Rogan.
He kind of squinted his eyes.
He goes, that's not very much.
I said, Joe, that's what this is all about.
This huge push of the claim that the vaccines will save you from COVID.
They'll save your life.
The President Biden is going to be a dark winner of death.
This is a 1% difference in the survival curve.
Literally terrorizing people.
And then what about the lawsuits I've seen filed against Pfizer by some of the lab people saying that they actually cooked the numbers and it's worse than what they're even saying.
And also, is it true that they don't count people the first 14 days they get sick or die after the shot?
So if you add those numbers back in, now there isn't any efficacy to the shot.
Well, we mentioned that the lawsuit, Aaron Siri lawsuit, Pfizer and the FDA, you know, somebody inside Pfizer got a little unstable and some of the documents were released.
Within a few months, Pfizer knew of large numbers of deaths.
They knew about thousands of individuals who had died shortly after administration of the Pfizer vaccine.
The back pattern is established.
The question is, will there be any fairness in the courts and will there be any recognition of what's happening to Americans?
You know, that race to vaccination in the United States plummeted in April.
Americans knew their loved ones were dying after the vaccine.
Well, I mean, literally, I know so many people that have gotten deathly ill or died after they took it.
And I have a family member very close to me that decided to be rebellious and go out and get it, and they have lost so much weight and they look like a concentration camp victim now.
And it tears my guts out.
And they're sick all the time now.
And they went and took two of the Pfizer shots.
Well Alex, what did they get out of it?
What's the social contract?
You know, a young person... Because this person's 13 years old.
A young person has no medical benefit from it, but so many young people tell me, listen, Dr. McCullough, I want to take the vaccine because I want to travel.
I want to go to Drill Team.
I want to be in school.
What's the social contract?
I can just tell you as a medical doctor now, if we go to this slide, it's an overlay on top of the Nordstrom paper, 1.6 million people in Sweden, half that took the vaccine, half that didn't.
I can tell you, this paper and others, there's 22 studies showing these vaccines basically wane in terms of efficacy.
They wane in terms of their coverage.
They wane over three to six months.
Three to six months.
I came up on the Physicians News Server Medscape just yesterday that boosters may only last 10 weeks.
So listen, this isn't once every six months.
I anticipate, based on these data, it's going to go to every three-month injection.
And then it has a horrible spike protein colonization of your body.
But again, Bill Gates said 20 months ago, I played the clip probably 100 times, that, oh, you're going to need boosters every year.
This is going to be a new thing.
And then I've got different government employees in the UK saying, oh, this will actually get rid of your immune system.
You're going to need this all the time now.
Ha ha ha.
I mean, this is a plan.
Well, people talk about moving the goalposts.
In this case, the goalposts keep getting moving, moving in.
Remember, it was going to be a vaccine should at least last a year, Alex.
That was the minimum acceptance criteria.
You're protected 100 percent.
That's what Biden said.
But now six months and now three months is very, very possible.
We could end up in a three month duration.
Can you imagine having people's lives tethered to a vaccine administration every three months?
That means travel.
That means school.
That means employment.
I would have been able to go to the shopping center.
I've got to take my shot.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
So, again, we know the big companies actuaried this.
They battle planned this.
I think the $64 trillion question is, what's coming next?
How do they think they're going to get away with this takeover?
Because we know it's tied to a global vaccine passport.
It's tied to a carbon tax, it's tied to a social credit score, they now admit this, the Demos Group, this is their takeover, and then it's going to destroy confidence in the government, it's going to destroy society, it's going to create the post-industrial world, because so many people are going to be sick, because short-term, we've got massive numbers of sick and dead.
Imagine what the long-term effects, we have any ideas, Dr. McCullough, on what's going to happen there?
You know, we have no idea.
I mentioned, you know, the spike protein cannot be healthy for the human body.
Chronic neurologic cardiac disease.
We're talking neurogenic disease, such as various forms of dementia and cognitive decline.
Myocardial disease, heart failure.
We know thromboembolic disease.
All the people prone to blood clots.
Can you imagine loading the body with progressive administrations of a thrombogenic protein and people taking on progressive risk of blood clots?
No wonder the pilots
Don't want to get in the cockpit being in this chronically vaccinated state.
They can't move.
They are a fatal blood clot waiting to happen.
It's insane.
And then they order everybody to do it, knowing it's going to make a bunch of people sick.
Then more good people quit, which brings down civilization.
And no one ever points out that that's the real economic weapon, not just killing people, not just making them sick when the family's got to take care of them or bury them.
But then you fire all your key people and civilization collapses.
And we're not anti-vax.
Let me tell you what.
We give meningococcal vaccines to every kid who goes to college each year.
Perfectly safe.
Perfectly effective.
Zero deaths.
I'm a doctor.
I take hepatitis B, influenza.
I've taken all my vaccines.
We're not anti-vaccine.
Safe and effective vaccines are welcome additions to medicine.
This one is vastly different.
It's nowhere close to being safe.
And I tell you, it's minimally effective.
We went over the data today.
Well, exactly.
I mean, if I break my leg, I want Western medicine.
And I know that vaccines are a real technology.
The issue is, what can corrupt groups and organizations hijack and basically piggyback onto that?
And now we're seeing a great example of this.
It's everywhere.
It's not just Pfizer, Moderna, J&J.
We're talking Sinovac in East Asia, in India.
I was on the Indian news this week.
I've had conference calls with Pakistan all over.
People are being, basically their lives are being hijacked and put on the end of a hypodermic needle.
They're basically their survival.
And I have so many people saying, listen, I have to earn a living, take care of my family.
I know this vaccine can't possibly help me.
I know this vaccine can damage me, but I have to take it to survive.
And these governments are all doing the same thing.
And I saw a video out of Russia where they're saying, hey, ours is a different shot.
We're dying too.
We're having blood clots and heart attacks.
Same thing everywhere.
We're going to go to break.
Please remember, folks,
We're good to go.
Iodine kills this bug on the spot.
We'll talk about what people are doing nasally, but I mean, like, even hydrogen peroxide I hear diluted is doing good, right?
Just like hand sanitizer.
A whole variety of hand sanitizer kills the virus.
We now know the virus is an infection in the nasal cavity.
You've got to get something up in the nasal cavity to kill the virus.
Taking pills doesn't cut that.
We have to get... Alright, stay right there.
I'm going to understand this when we come back.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
This is being done by design.
This is a depopulation weapon.
It's a problem you can't ever fix.
It just takes up all your rights with surveillance and control and then gives you injections that erase your immune system.
The vaccines are now going to help you to get infected.
So the vaccines are doing the exact opposite.
As the public begins to get that, and as Laura Ingraham gets that.
What's happened to your country?
I didn't get up here and say all the things I said that came exactly true because I am Nostradamus.
It's because it's a laid out enemy plan
We're good to go.
Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.
Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty and their privacy to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability.
This heightened oversight took many forms.
Biometric IDs for all citizens, tighter regulations of industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests.
What is amazing about Lockstep and what really raises eyebrows is on the very first page, we see a bio leak out of China.
Well, isn't that interesting?
How do they know that a bio leak would come out of China?
And not only that, it says this pandemic that will set off the domino scenario of Lockstep will, first of all, disrupt supply chains.
Wow, amazing.
So, in other words, they knew that there would be these disruptive shocks, as the document calls it, to supply chains.
It says that as a result, flights will be shut down.
China is key to this scenario.
We see that there's a mandated global face mask, there are mandated temperature checks everywhere, and all this does is hype up the hypochondria and everybody getting scared, right?
Freaking out, this is the whole of 2020.
There's mandates, pandemic mandates.
As a result of this, biometric IDs will be necessary for all.
And we're not up here giving you our opinions on subjects like this.
I can give you my opinions on the metaphysical.
I can give you my opinions on life after death.
I can give you my opinions on what my favorite foods are.
Those views all vary person to person.
But what I'm talking about, cut and dry, is what's going on.
So, Agenda 21 was passed into global UN law.
We didn't ever pass it here in the U.S., but George Herbert Walker Bush signed us onto it to put us under UN UNESCO law by executive fiat.
In 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.
And by the year 2021, they were supposed to have launched the deindustrialization plan to cut off the carbon, to just bring in hell on earth, to collapse the third world and merge it with the first world.
And that by the year 2030, under Agenda 2030, which is another public plan, that the world would be free of war and famine because the world would be at least 80% depopulated.
We are eight years out from that.
In the past, I would have experts on it, scientists and researchers and people that worked in the federal government at the highest levels that were briefed on all this.
And people are like, you know, that's crazy in 2005 or 2010 or 2015.
Yeah, there'll be a world lockdown.
We'll have to wear masks.
They'll tell us we can't go out and go to ballgames.
You'll have to have a pass to travel.
Yeah, Alex, that's not really going to happen.
And now you see how quickly it is happening.
And now you can see how eight years from now, they plan to have 80% of people dead
This is all just a drill right now to lock us down to make sure we'll behave when they release the real bioweapons on us.
Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest in studio and I want everybody to take some time out to go to americaoutloud.com where you find all of his post-its and a link to this PowerPoint
Presentation that he's been going over so you can show it to your friends, your family, your neighbors.
You're also saying there's a medical association.
That's a good place to find it as well.
The AAPS, the American Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
So the PowerPoint is continuing medical education credits for physicians.
And it's highlighted.
I was a closer at the annual scientific session of the meetings in October of this year.
It's been subsequently updated.
Many of the PowerPoints that I'm showing you actually are screenshots from America at Loud Talk Radio, the McCullough Report, where I give a weekly report to America.
I do what our federal agencies don't do.
I show international collaboration.
I bring people's ideas from all over the world, learning about how to treat this virus, how to defend ourselves, and understanding vaccine safety and efficacy.
Remember, Alex, we have not had a single review
From our agencies on how to treat the virus with multiple drugs and no review on vaccine safety and efficacy.
And since when do you have a big deadly virus supposedly and they don't do any reviews and block therapeutics?
I mean this, this is premeditated evil.
Well let's move on to the PowerPoints.
Omicron on the move.
This is America Loud Talk Radio.
The McCullough Report.
And again, it's not a transformer.
It's a great name, but Omicron is a virus.
And I want to move on to the next page, the next slide.
This is an important paper by Venkata Krishnan.
You ought to follow this guy.
Venkata Krishnan is at a company called Inference, and they're in Boston.
They have over a million of these samples of people with the virus.
They've sequenced it.
They know everything about the virus in terms of its genomic sequence.
Look at this beautiful diagram.
I have to tell you what, this is art.
You can see here all the different variants that we've dealt with.
We've dealt with the Alpha, Beta, Gamma.
Is that what the virus looks like right there?
No, this is the spike protein.
This is the spike protein.
Now you can see the Venn diagram of the overlap.
There's not that much overlap.
Look at the lower left, Alex.
That is Omicron.
Omicron has 26 unique mutations.
That they basically weren't in the other strains of the virus.
And then look at the receptor-binding domain.
That's at the top of the structure of the spike protein, RBD.
The receptor bonding domain is where it locks into the human ACE2 receptor.
This is how the virus injects itself into your cells.
Mother Nature has absolutely peppered the receptor bonding domain.
Look at it.
It's almost as if it was carpet bombed with mutations.
This is wonderful news for...
Because this means this virus, Mother Nature, is taking the starch out of the spike protein.
The spike protein was designed to be a killer because it could inject itself into cells using the ACE2 receptor.
And now it's basically being bent.
It's being crushed.
Yes, it's actually being, in a sense, pummeled.
By Mother Nature's mutations.
So Mother Nature is actually putting mutations in there so it cannot penetrate the body so much, so it's not so lethal.
The great news, it's mutated.
It's not as invasive.
Let's put that back on screen if we can.
That is huge.
This is really important.
This is important to understand.
Very important paper.
Again, if our CDC and FDA and NIH were worth their salt, they'd be showing America the data.
You wouldn't have to rely on me, Alex.
This is, this is information... Look at how they went hysterical when, what, a month ago the South Africans said, this is like the cold.
It looks like it's mutated.
It looks like this is the answer to Delta.
It looks like finally Mother Nature's defeated it.
They took that and spun it.
Run for the hills!
You're all dead!
Lock everything down!
Take more shots!
Oh my gosh, Omicron!
Omicron, and meanwhile they do this.
Meanwhile, this is actually the structure of the spike protein, far less deadly, but you can see that it's wildly mutated.
When I went on Fox News with Laura Ingraham, when this was breaking, and Laura, I said, Dr. McCullough, what do you think of this?
I said, you know, it almost looks like an evolutionary mistake.
That the idea here is that the virus would want to invade the body and have some luxurious replication.
In fact, from an evolutionary perspective, it took a starch out of the receptor binding to me.
What I didn't know at that time is the virus had learned how to replicate 70 times faster than it used to.
Some people have said that maybe another group or organization wanted to stop this and they made this.
Well, it's because in the receptor binding domain there's an insertion.
It's like, wait a minute.
When there's mutations, there can be deletions, that's common.
There can be substitutions, that's common.
But inserting some new code, how could that happen?
And in fact, it happened.
It's a short insertion.
I think that the most espoused theory is that there was a co-resident organism, an RNA virus, in the human body and in fact there was a little mix-up between one virus and another.
But there's an insertion... So the viruses got together?
That's one theory.
There's clearly an insertion of some nucleic acids that didn't exist in the receptor binding domain.
But the point of the Khanakrishnan paper is that it clearly is a different strain.
Omicron is very different.
But this could be somebody in a lab trying to stop this.
It's possible.
I mean, I can't rule out any possibility.
You're saying all of a sudden it just knocked the tip off this thing?
It knocked the tip off it, knocked the tip off the spear.
The good news, I'm telling you as a doctor, I've seen and examined patients, I've handled now dozens and dozens of Omicron patients, it's a milder syndrome.
It is clearly a milder syndrome.
We don't have this vicious clinical set of features that we used to see with the Delta variant.
There's no doubt about it.
Now, what I want to show you is, let's move on to what Denmark is observing with Omicron.
This is important.
This is dated from a December 13th report, status of the SARS-CoV-2 variant in Denmark, the Omicron.
Look at the right-hand column, Alex.
79% of the cases of Omicron is in the fully vaccinated.
In the fully vaccinated.
And their data are clean.
Their data are clean.
Now, the same thing is true in the United States now.
The same thing is true in South Africa.
In fact, in Germany now, reported on one of the news sites, 94% of Germans with Omicron are fully vaccinated.
We cannot blame the unvaccinated.
This idea that it's going to be a dark winter for the unvaccinated.
Yeah, this idea of a dark, deadly winter for the unvaccinated.
Wait a minute.
I'm not vaccinated.
I had the alpha variant.
Now I've had the Omicron variant.
Honestly, I feel like I've had a booster.
I feel like I have a booster.
It was a very mild syndrome.
I don't want anybody here who's fully vaccinated or those who are COVID-recovered to be fearful of Omicron.
Omicron will be like a booster to them.
Now, here are the data.
Let's bring up the next slide.
You can see it on the overhead looking down.
This is from what's called Nowcast.
I want people to know that the CDC is not all bad.
The CDC is actually using forecasting data.
To tell us what's going to happen.
So this is now cast, this is a forecast of where things were going to be.
And just to be clear, it's a big agency, some good, some bad.
It's the boards that they're selecting and packing to actually go against the agency.
Because right, it was the CDC and FDA scientists have been resigning and saying no, no, no.
And then they just select and put in their own new board that says yes, yes, yes.
You're right.
Listen, I did my residency at the University of Washington in Seattle, and the doctors listening to this will understand, that is the top place in medicine, surgery, and change.
Just ahead of Harvard.
Many of my fellow graduates from the University of Washington became CDC officers.
I went on to the University of Michigan to train in epidemiology.
We're the same.
We have the same competencies.
We have the same scientific skills.
We have the same sets of commitments.
But you've been overridden by the political appointees.
You know, there are clearly forces at work trying to silence any review like we're doing right now for America, Alex.
But this is from Nowcast predicting where Omicron would be.
Now, the data on sequencing will come through our Centers for Community Health weeks later.
So we actually operate off of forecasts.
They had forecasted now that we would be at about 73% Omicron.
They've recently just down adjusted that a little bit.
But my point is it's not bad.
It's not a bad prediction.
In fact, that's what we're seeing in my practice.
My practice right now, I estimate it's about 73% Omicron.
I am sleeping a lot easier at night because I am not worried about people ending up on the ventilator and being hospitalized.
I mean, this is a different syndrome.
We're getting people through this at home.
The South Africans are telling us that hospitalizations have plummeted.
We're seeing almost no deaths.
Absolutely, absolutely nothing to be concerned of with respect to an average person who we... So the good news is Omicron is defeating the previous variants and it's not as bad, it's a lot better and that's again God or whoever engineered this, now that we have God-like powers, to basically block the previous more deadly strain.
And it's true, yeah, it's blocking it through immunologic mechanisms.
So I can tell you, I didn't have Delta.
I didn't have it.
I was in research.
I knew I had Alpha.
Now that I've had Omicron, I am now back protected against Delta.
If I get on the plane on the way home and somebody has Delta and they cough at my face, I have protection.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Peter McCullough is our guest in studio to the end of the hour.
Chrissy Lee is going to be joining us in the studio with a little prelude of the interview she did with Robert Malone here today that's going to air after Joe Rogan airs his interview that taped yesterday, because we're not trying to scoop him.
Joe really actually doesn't care, but we're just going to air it after his comes out as well.
And again, please don't forget we have the Sunday edition of this weekday broadcast, 4 to 6 p.m.
Now, Doc,
Every time you come on the show, and I appreciate it last year, you don't want to bring this up, you don't want to get into specifics, and I understand that.
But you have the largest medical group, or one of the largest in Texas, correct me if I'm wrong, literally trying to silence you.
For going around and speaking out and taking action.
So the intimidation and the persecution is just insane.
So I brought this up.
You have some pretty big legal fees like anybody else fighting tyranny and folks that want to help you out with that.
And I'm told it's going well.
That's good news.
How do people go and make a donation?
You know, it's been a six month battle, and my motion basically says in the case that this is a strategic lawsuit against my public participation in a topic of importance.
What can be more important to America than getting analysis and review on COVID-19?
I'm a frequent contributor to Fox News, Newsmax, and I'm straight with America.
I'm being sued because of it.
Go to GiveSendGo and I have a crowdfunding.
It is validated.
I'm telling you when you go to the site, you'll see me.
I'm on a stage.
That's a legitimate site.
All the other GoFundMes out there are fake ones and they are fraudulent.
This is the real deal.
We've used them and I want to thank the listeners for their support.
It's really, I mean, you're talking to hundreds of thousands of people a month in person, millions every day on air.
We've got to keep you on air.
So let's put that GiveSendGo back up.
Just go there, type in Dr. Peter McCullough, help Dr. Peter McCullough with legal IT travel costs.
And then when you donate, that is the legitimate spot right there where you see $132,000 raised.
I can tell you to travel around and do this full time and fight with these lawyers.
I would imagine that's only scratched the surface.
That's why your goal is up there.
So thank you all for the support.
Your work is amongst the most important out there.
So hope people go donate there right now.
Okay, this is a shorter segment, long segment coming up.
Let's plow back into your big PowerPoint that again, people need to check out for themselves.
Well, we've been in the Omicron outbreak, this part of the presentation, and look at the news cycle.
This just popped up yesterday.
Hundreds of Houston Hospital staffers contract COVID.
Those left at the work face burden of shortages.
This is Houston Methodist Hospital.
Houston Methodist Hospital, considered the top-ranked hospital in Texas, took the most aggressive stance towards their employees, mandating, in fact, forcing the vaccines on them.
And people who had allergies, people who could not take the vaccines medically, they fired them.
And it was a brutal and unbelievable assault on their careers, destroyed the careers of very dedicated professionals.
Some of these were frontliners who in the first waves of the pandemic sacrificed themselves.
And in fact, they ultimately were fired by Houston Methodist.
Lead attorney Jared Woodfill put a lawsuit against Houston Methodist.
It went at one of the lower courts and then appellate court.
The case went nowhere.
There's no fairness in the court.
And now look what Houston Methodist gets.
For this action.
They had a completely vaccinated workforce, Alice, and they have hundreds of employees now with Omicron.
Who's got egg on their face now?
They fired good employees and now they're loaded with COVID-19 in their fully vaccinated workforce.
I saw a European study just this week saying that you were three times more likely to get Omicron, Omicron, however you say it, if you had had two of the Pfizer's.
Is that accurate or do you not know about that study?
There are a variety of studies showing negative vaccine efficacy, meaning the vaccine makes it worse in terms of getting COVID-19.
I am not so sure that biologically happens.
I think it has to do with proportionality on who has natural immunity, who doesn't.
So I'm not willing to go there yet.
It also wears down your immune system.
And I've seen a study for years that the flu shot
Okay, the evidence that it, quote, wears down your immune system has to do with reactivation diseases.
And this is fair for Americans to know this.
There is a real rate of having shingles after the respiratory infection and after vaccination.
Also having Epstein-Barr virus reactivation disease.
These are examples of the immune system changing and then allowing expression of a resident virus like the varicella zoster or Epstein-Barr virus.
In layman's terms, because I'm not stupid and I barely followed that.
Explain it to me like I'm five years old.
The body carries about 10% of its DNA that's not human.
That we carry DNA from vestigial viral infections.
If we get installed with the herpes families of virus, they're there forever.
The same thing is true with Epstein-Barr virus.
And so it turns out that we keep these in check.
We keep these suppressed.
And when the immune system is weakened, then there is the expression, for instance, of shingles.
We carry a genetic library so we can defeat it when we run into it again, but when we get really run down, that stuff can come back out.
That's a fair interpretation.
We're pretty amazing.
God made us pretty amazing.
I tell you, the body is an amazing, amazing gift, and I think the body can fight off the vaccine, the installation of messenger RNA or adenoviral DNA, and the spike protein, provided we don't subscribe to boosters.
I think a lot of this just was a bad move.
People took the vaccines, they didn't ask what's in them, they did it patriotically, and there's a lot of remorse out there.
I don't have too many patients who want boosters.
Back to the genetic memory situation with the viral load.
Is that why Native Americans, they say, had never really been in touch with smallpox?
And so even people that actually never had smallpox as Europeans still had some genetic memory to it.
That's why they were least likely to die?
You know, I'm not so sure about that.
There are great questions that arise regarding predilection for various diseases and immunity.
One of the things that's come out of this, people look back at the Spanish Flu, and they've taken samples out and asked the question, you know, what's the durability of immunity on a specific strain?
And the answer is, forever.
So believe it or not, you took Delta, you will never get Delta again, but it's possible you could get Omicron.
But the immunity on the strain-specific immunity is very strong.
That makes me think Omicron is made in a lab because it actually helps block the other one, helps you genetically be superior.
It takes over, it's a lot less lethal, and then it is a new virus because the old immunity isn't working.
I mean, that's the thing.
Now, if we have an infection, let's bring up the next slide.
If we have an infection of Omicron, and let's say I have an 80-year-old person who has multiple problems, one of the tools I need is monoclonal antibodies.
These are fully emergency use authorized products.
They work.
They're safe.
I've been relying on these in my practice the entire time.
We used to use Lilly.
Those are two combination products but now suddenly we're out of ammo against Omicron in a serious infection.
Let's say we do have a patient with pulmonary symptoms.
I need a monoclonal antibody and look what Joe Ledapo, he's on our team.
He's the Surgeon General now of Florida brought in by Ron DeSantis.
He's an academic physician like I am.
Joe and I have published together.
He is from UCLA.
He's the real deal and look what he's saying.
The Florida Surgeon General claims the feds are preventing COVID-19 antibody treatments.
It's absolutely stunning to think that we've had, since May, we've had the GlaxoSmithKline product, which does work against these strains.
It was designed with an antibody.
Isn't that the same story, Doc?
I mean, like, they try to block ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and all of this.
Anything that's good, they block it.
It's a cohesive pattern.
That's exactly right.
Blocking through a variety of statements and mechanisms, hydroxychloroquine,
Ivermectin, later on, Budesonide, Colchicine.
I had a patient actually yesterday blocking Colchicine in Dallas.
One of the pharmacists blocking Colchicine to a patient.
Well, stay there.
We got to talk about blocking therapeutics and now monoclonal antibodies.
Dr. Peter McCullough, stay with us.
Well, during the break, I just talked to my old friend Joe Rogan and his Dr. Robert Malone interview just dropped on Spotify.
And that means we're going to release today at Mandot Video.
Our commercial-free hour-and-a-half Dr. Robert Malone interview that Christy Lee did right out there in the studio this morning, and it's bombshell as well, so that will be out in a few hours at Man.Video for you to share with the world.
Dr. Peter McCullough is here.
He was trying to finish up a key point during the break, and then I wanted to just talk about some of the censorship issues, some of the things that are happening, but we were ending off with confirmed.
I remember learning this months ago from some of the folks in Texas running monoclonial operations that indeed they were already starting to ration it, that they were giving them paperwork saying don't give it to white people who they're not at risk.
Now Minnesota put out a
I don't think so.
Yeah, it's clearly cohesive.
The monoclonal antibodies are safe and effective.
We need to look at Soterivumab, GlaxoSmithKline.
We need to have it stocked in every major ER and urgent care center, senior home.
Let's move on to who took the vaccines in the United States.
Let's bring this slide up.
This is CDC from October 25th.
It's clear Americans did their job as citizens.
We had 220.5 million people through October 25th.
And then trying to blame unvaccinated is a fraud.
It's fraudulent, it's untrue, it's pejorative, and it's divisive at this point in time.
It's dangerous.
There's been violence against the unvaccinated now.
And you know, family members have taken this up.
Do you know family members actually blame other family members for spread of the virus?
Family members actually prohibit other family members from attending gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
What I'm telling Americans.
Is that if people don't have symptoms, it's fine to get together.
But like any other time, if you have symptoms, that's your cue to stay away.
Now, what do you do if you have symptoms?
Let's bring up the next slide.
These are the two seminal papers I published leading the world in treating COVID-19.
And they operate on these important principles.
We basically say, listen, this is a mass casualty event.
We use the precautionary principle.
We look for drugs with signals of benefit.
And acceptable safety, and put them into combinations.
And we've done this from the very beginning, and I want to show you the reason why.
This is the conceptualization of the virus.
I told Americans this in the historic US Senate hearings, November 19th of 2020, that the virus has three major phases.
Viral replication, cytokine storm, and thrombosis.
No single drug is going to handle this.
People wanted to put hydroxychloroquine on a pedestal or ivermectin or even the monoclonal antibodies.
No, we use drugs in combination.
Now enter Omicron.
Omicron now is replicating 70 times faster than the other versions.
It's all about viral replication and we can get after it early.
Where is it replicating in the human body?
Let's get to this.
It's replicating in the nose.
And I want to let you know, this analysis by Chopra and colleagues looked at viricidal agents in the nose.
What can we spray up in the nose to kill the virus, Alex?
And I can tell you, it is extraordinary, the findings of these authors and others.
Indicating that almost anything will kill the virus.
So iodine does.
So does hydrogen peroxide.
So does colloidal silver.
So does various forms of ozone.
The virus is killed easily.
The nose and the nasopharynx is a replication factory.
That's where the fever is coming from.
That's where all the cytokines is coming from the nose.
So that's where it's first getting its beach head.
It's getting its beach head.
In fact, with Omicron, that's pretty much its entire campsite as it attacks the body.
And it can't go anywhere because it's up in the nose.
And it's very important for people to realize this.
It's not a hand infection.
We've seen a preoccupation with hand sanitizer.
I see it in my house.
I keep telling people, listen, it's not on the hands.
It's in the air.
We're breathing it in.
Yeah, because I mean, where do people find, or who do they talk to to make sure, because obviously you need to dilute iodine, you need to dilute hydrogen peroxide, you want to, I guess, you know, the salts you put in the neti pots that I was reading in studies, that those are good every day.
I mean, this is something everybody should be doing anyways.
When I forget to use a neti pot, I mean, I feel it, when I do use it, Austin's got a lot of allergies, then when I forget I have big problems.
Everybody really should be, what, neti potting every day?
I can tell you right now, there are so many different ways to kill the virus in the nose that the general principles are, if it stings or hurts, it's too strong, Alex.
It takes almost anything you can do is going to kill the virus.
Here is an overlay that I want to give credit to two dentists.
One is Dr. Bernadine in Dallas and one is Dr. Paul Gossett.
Who was just hospitalized with COVID himself, bless his heart, in Chicago.
Paul texted me this morning, he's getting out of the hospital.
Thank God he didn't go on the ventilator.
Early treatment pulled him through.
But the bottom line is, this is just one of the many recipes.
You can go on America Out Loud, Talk Radio, McCullough Report, and find this one on Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
There's also other slides.
I can tell you right now, you can write this down.
Take povidone iodine, the typical brown iodine, half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water and you got it.
It's basically 1.5 cc's of water.
And then look at that bulb syringe, you know, that pediatric bulb syringe or spray bottle.
You gotta go over the sink, spray a decent amount of a natural, sniff it back, and then spit it out.
If you get a nebulizer, use a neti pot, or a saline wash system, that's fine as well.
But it literally has to get up in the nose, and back in the throat, and spit it out.
You gotta choke a little bit, but that's a sign that you're zapping the virus.
It basically, if it's the consistency of like dark tea, that's basically going to do it.
And then here's the pivotal trial.
This is what I want people to understand.
This is a prospective, randomized, controlled trial and give credit to Chowdhury et al in Bangladesh.
Let's get it up on this on this screen.
You know, our federal agencies have been saying, follow the science, follow the science.
Randomized trials are the gold standard in science.
This is 606 individuals, randomized to two different groups, receiving the palvadone iodine.
It comes in a 10% solution.
We diluted it down to 1%, but it doesn't even matter if it was 0.5%.
We don't have to be that specific on the dilution.
Again, as long as it's not too strong.
And they did aggressive washes.
Let's bring up this slide here, the next slide showing, just advance to the next slide, and you can see everybody at the start, Alex,
Is PCR positive?
Look at this.
303 people in each group PCR positive.
Look after three days of doing the iodine washes in the nose and mouth and gargle.
Look at that.
They're down to 35 patients who are still PCR positive.
It knocked the crud out of the virus.
Look compared to the control group.
Control group was just warm water.
And then look at how the virus basically persists in most people for seven days.
This nasal therapy.
There's nothing else going on.
There's no ivermectin.
There's no hydroxychloroquine.
This is the only thing going on, and this is knocking the crud out of the virus in the nose.
Proof positive.
Prospective randomized trial.
So, if you're gonna go to a big, busy train station, and you're gonna go on a big trip...
Take a neti pot, take a nebulizer and flush your sinuses and throat out once a day.
Or take a spray bottle, you can just simply buy a simple spray bottle, load it up with this dilute solution, sniff it up and just sniff it back and spit it out.
We tell people, listen, you come out after a day at church, you're traveling on a
Plus a little bit of Iodine is good for your body.
I mean, I guess the type we sell is.
Can you just go ahead and swallow the regular type?
No, we don't recommend swallowing it because we can't control it.
But let's bring up the next slide.
People say, OK, Dr. McCullough, that's great.
You can zap the virus in the nose.
Does it clinically matter?
Let's take a look at this.
Hold on.
We've got to go to break.
Final segment with Dr. Peter McCullough.
And then Christy Lee is coming in with exclusive excerpts of Dr. Robert Malone's this morning detailed interview.
The Big Joe Rogan interview dropped as well.
Get that and share that at Spotify.
We'll be right back on the other side.
This is life-saving information.
All of you watching, millions of you are already awake.
If you simply share this video once it's archived at Bandai Video this afternoon, or take the live feed now and share it and tell them to share it, it causes the chain reaction.
And that's what the tyrants fear.
The chain reaction.
You are the resistance.
We need you to share this.
We're about to close out with Dr. Peter McCullough, who I really appreciate with his amazing crew.
Coming in here on the final day of 2021.
Robert Malone literally walked out this morning.
We said bye to him and then I turned like a movie and here's Dr. Peter McCullough.
So this place is as busy as
Central Station, Grand Central Station with great patriots telling the truth.
And some of the top scientists in the world have now officially come out and said, pull the worldwide vaccine program.
It is a disaster.
We're going to cover that in a moment.
Another huge development.
But you were getting into iodine dissolved in the nasal passage and what it did, not just making the test show that they didn't have it, but what did it do to the actual body?
Pavadone Iodine to basically drop the infectivity, zap the virus in the nose.
Sure, sure.
We're talking about doing this every four hours when people are coming down with COVID-19.
Let's bring up the slide showing the clinical results.
This is the Chowdhury Prospective High Quality Randomized Trial.
Take a look at this, Alex.
You have 303 people, only 2 people hospitalized without the need for oxygen support, 10 hospitalized needing for oxygen, and there were 2 deaths.
Compared to that to the control group, here we've got 14 people hospitalized without the need of oxygen, 63% in the hospital in Bangladesh who needs oxygen, and sadly 17 patients die.
It's night and day, I'm telling you, without any other treatment, just zapping the nose with pavadone iodine.
In a nasal spray or nasal wash, you could use other forms of iodine.
You could use dilute hydrogen peroxide.
But here's the thing, whenever you or anybody else tries to talk about this on the internet, on Facebook or Twitter, they take you down!
Believe it or not, when this broke several months ago, and when we featured this in some of our educational lectures, there was a physician email that went out through, I believe Medscape, that said anti-vax doctors push iodine
And, uh, patients will get iodine poisoning and die.
Which is a total lie.
You need iodine to live, but I guess just to be safe, you say fine, spit it out.
That's what we said.
So, uh, AAPS said, uh, to be clear, we're not telling people to swallow it.
This is for topical use.
Exactly, because they'll have one of their people drink a bottle, go to posing control, and sue you.
No, we're not saying that.
Well, believe it or not, the ophthalmologists use eyedrops using this.
I'm telling you, this is very safe.
Believe me, I know all about how wonderful iodine is for you.
So Alex has got this.
Let's go ahead and bring up the dramatic announcement from Dr. Gerdt van der Bosch.
Now, Gerdt van der Bosch has basically, for the second time, messaged officially the World Health Organization, and he is telling... So the guys can put that in, because I know your producers sent it to them.
Say it slow, we'll pull it up, because I just saw the headliner.
Hand me your phone again, and I'll just show it on TV that way.
Doctor, this is important.
Everybody listening to write this down, to search this, and to get this info, because the globalists work around the clock to keep us from getting out.
Overhead shot, please guys.
Should be able to bring this.
Second call to WHO.
There it is.
Now tell us who he is and why this is so important.
Gerd van den Bosch is a preeminent virologist.
He's actually a trained veterinarian and he was in the preclinical sciences, but he has worked for virtually every major vaccine manufacturer.
I've seen that guy for years on TV.
He has worked for the Gates Foundation.
That's where I've seen him.
He is a vaccine proponent.
He helped develop vaccines.
He, like Dr. Malone and Dr. Byron Bridle and Dr. Michael Yadin, as people who know vaccines, has come out with no agenda.
He has no conflict of interest.
He is telling the World Health Organization, shut it down.
Don't try to vaccinate against Omicron.
The vaccine program has basically walked us into Omicron, which turns out not to be a bad thing.
Believe it or not, this could be the happiest byproduct of the vaccine program.
But he's telling them, as I'm telling America, it's time to shut it down.
And I remember what, six months ago, that Yellow Slipped, the main regulatory group in the UK, that under law they're supposed to listen to, so they said we'll change the law, they said time to pull this.
The evidence-based consulting group in the UK analyzed the Yellow Card system, not the VAERS system, the Yellow Card system, and they reported to the MHRA in an official report.
Now this is the group, this independent consulting group, the lead consultants to the WHO, they wrote the MHRA in an official report saying shut it down, not safe for human use.
And that's the main group that advises the government?
They advise the WHO and the UK MRSA relies on them.
How are they going to keep stonewalling this?
Paying Rachel Maddow $30,000 per show to say you're totally safe if you take it, no one ever got sick, don't listen to anyone, this is a pandemic, an epidemic or whatever of the unvaccinated.
And then now Trump's saying it.
How are they going to get away with this?
It seems like every expert there is, the more prestigious, the more they're saying, don't do this.
The will of the people, the backbone of the people, and the discernment of the people will break it.
It's only going to be a mass public stand that will break this cabal.
Because as you said, look at this, Netherlands wants six shots now.
Israel's up to four or five.
This is insane.
Who values their health should ever commit the body to a series of a multi-year injections of genetic therapy.
It just simply cannot be done.
Let's hold the line and hold it here.
What needs to happen to, because you brought this up before it went live an hour and a half ago or almost two hours ago, Senator Paul has done a great job exposing the fact that Fauci and others lied about cooking this stuff up at Wuhan.
I mean, clearly that part of it was man-made.
Where does that need to go now?
Because I feel like if we don't punish the perpetrators, then they're just going to do this again.
Crimes against humanity, you know, basically complaints have been filed in international courts by lead attorney Rainer Fulmich from Germany.
There's no fairness in the courts now.
I think the bottom line is you saw the newsreels.
Australia is walking themselves into concentration camps, basically vaccine concentration camps.
You saw arrests going on and horrific things going on.
Oh, they're even grabbing political enemies, like senators, and saying, we're just going to keep you until you shut up.
We're going to punish you and keep you longer.
They're not even acting like it's to stop a spread.
They're not even infected with the senator.
No, it's the bottom line.
There is no secrecy here.
This is a test of wills.
This is a show of strength.
This is who's bigger and stronger.
And I can tell you, we have the truth.
And that's what the other side doesn't have.
And when we archive this today, I want to put that clip right there up front in this interview, because you're absolutely right.
This is about a global ID.
It's about a medical tyranny.
It's about big corporations running medicine, not doctors and researchers and nurses.
And it's about them playing God and I'm telling you they've jumped the shark because there's no way they're gonna get away with this.
They got greedy.
They do and the bottom line is we're bigger and stronger.
We can decide and we will decide what goes in our body and what doesn't.
And now is the time for strength and backbone worldwide.
We got a few minutes left here.
I really appreciate you.
You're speaking all over the country again.
Where do people find your great weekly program and everything that Dr. Peter McCullough does?
You can follow me on Twitter with great expertise now from social media experts.
I'm up across all the platforms.
I am strictly within the boundaries that I'm aware of in terms of what I can post.
You can find me on America Out Loud Talk Radio, the McCullough Report.
I do a weekly report.
This week, I just submitted a wonderful interview with courageous former Trump advisor Paul Alexander, probably one of the smartest and insightful evidence-based medicine
Scientists in the world.
Paul Alexander on the McCullough Report on America Out Loud Talk Radio.
I am the Voluntary Chief Medical Advisor for the Truth for Health Foundation, truthforhealth.org.
People want to know how can I help my loved one in the hospital?
How do I get these treatment protocols?
How do I get any educational videos on vaccine safety and efficacy?
How do I get any advocacy?
Go to truthforhealth.org.
There's some other wonderful sites though, I have to tell people, for physicians, all the doctors out there, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, aapsonline.org, aapsonline.org, and people say, wait a minute, I'm desperate for treatment, where do I go?
If they are desperate for treatment, can't get a hold of their doctor, go to MyFreeDoctor.com, MyFreeDoctor.com, led by Dr. Ben Marble, an American patriot.
Great guy.
Also, very high quality program, American Frontline Doctors, AFLDS.com.
Richard Amerling now is the Associate Chief Medical Officer.
He's the guy, a wonderful academician.
He's absolutely a stalwart.
And again, listeners, I know most of you know all this.
You don't tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your strangers, your email list, your Twitter list.
If you don't tell people, they won't know and they'll die if this happens.
I mean, my dad was going to die until Dr. Bartlett helped us and got people there.
And my dad came back literally from 82% oxygen.
He didn't even know who he was.
And if he had gone to the hospital, my dad would be dead right now.
This is life and death information.
That's why we're in an info war.
That's why you're unstoppable.
And take the archive of this last two hours and share it, cut it up, share clips.
Our listeners are so good.
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I want to thank all of you for the great job.
We're going to air Gregory's report when we come back, and then I'm going to come back and break a bunch of news with Christy Lee and more.
Thank you so much, Dr. McCullough.
Thank you.
An amazing man.
Great crew.
I love everybody.
Stay with us.
There is a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... Alex Jones!
Reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
Internationally recognized leading pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt and renowned expert in the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases Dr. Sukrit Bhakti recently published irrefutable evidence that the mRNA shots are killing at least 40% of recipients.
First, they explain why the experimental agents cannot protect against a viral infection, which we already know to be true by the overwhelming evidence and admissions that the more vaxxed up a person is, the more likely they are to get COVID.
Doctors Burhart and Bhakti explain that this is due to the fact that the so-called vaccines sway the body into producing antibodies in the blood, but not within the mucous membranes that normally protect our respiratory tract.
This is why the vaccinated are suffering what they call breakthrough infections.
The COVID vaccines are turning off lymphocyte production where they need it the most, while amping it up in the bloodstream, which is where it gets much worse.
For those without the vaccine, a natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 will in most cases remain localized to the respiratory tract.
But for those who have been vaccinated, unrelated cells deep inside the body react to the respiratory infection by creating a new spike protein, which then causes the cell that created it to be attacked by the immune system.
Experts warned us of this last year, and now it is clearly seen in the evidence.
Doctors Burhart and Bhakti found this autoimmune disease present in most organs, but mostly in the heart, which helps explain why we are seeing so many cases of myocarditis and cardiac arrest.
The vaccines trigger self-destruction.
Analysis has now been performed on the organs of over 70 people who died after vaccination and who died for reasons officially unrelated to the vaccines.
In most cases, rhythmogenic heart failure was postulated as the cause of death, a mystery which has now been solved.
What they found was inflammatory events in small blood vessels, characterized by an overabundance of T lymphocytes and dead cells, usually accompanied by tissue destruction.
In other words, immunological self-attack.
The evidence clearly shows that both mRNA and vector-based vaccines from all four manufacturers are inducing autoimmune disease in multiple organs, mostly the heart, followed by the lung, liver, thyroid, and brain.
These data are so damning.
That you don't have to start looking for other data to know that these vaccines are killing the young and the old.
So the children are set up against the wall and they shoot.
These damn people are shooting and they're killing our children.
I can't stand it.
We have a four-year-old son and we're going to flee this damn country because we are not going to let himself be shot.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
You know, I don't calculate, ladies and gentlemen.
I know how to calculate the enemy.
I know how they operate.
I know how their brains work.
And they certainly set up schemes.
I don't set up schemes.
I go with what's right.
I go with what is true.
I go with what my gut tells me.
And when I follow my spirit, which is using God as its poll star, I am never wrong.
And I can tell you, 2021 was a torturous year.
It was the worst year in my life, by far.
Just horrible things upon horrible things.
And almost everything you think was a persecution is nothing.
The stuff you know about the news was nothing.
But I gotta tell you this.
Through the persecution of the last 12 months, it's also been the best year of my life.
And I've gotten so much closer to God, and my discernment has gone up.
Five times what it was before.
It's incredible.
But I can tell you, at this level, it's... I just come to the presence of God now, and I just... I can't even talk.
I basically start shaking, because the power of it is so awesome.
And just staring into the universe in infinity is indescribable.
But let me tell you, God is 100% real.
The devil's real as well, and we're under attack.
And this is biblical.
This is good versus evil.
And everybody that's involved in the fight knows that.
Understand this is a satanic attack.
So I need your prayers if you want me to stand this fight.
I'm not a victim.
I'm not complaining.
But I'll tell you, I can take a lot.
And the things the devil has done to us have just been nastier than hell and just 100% not human and have just been unbelievably horrible.
It's so we know our only Savior is God.
And it's only going to be God that saves us.
It's not going to be our smarts.
It's not going to be our looks.
It's not going to be how tough we are.
It's going to be God.
But I can tell you, I am sure wishing for a better year in 2022, but I'm not going to lie to you.
I don't think you need me to tell you this.
In fact, you don't even need me to tell you, do you?
No, you don't.
Because what am I about to say?
You don't need me to tell you.
You're connected to God as well.
You can also read the tea leaves.
Next year is going to make 2021 look like a cakewalk.
I think I'll be blessed if I'm alive in 12 months.
This could probably... I've told my family, and I'm not going to commit suicide, and I'm not putting gloom and doom on myself.
I'm just saying, my spirit tells me, get ready to be every day like it's your last, Jones, because you asked to be in the arena, and you asked to fight evil, and you have been built up for this point, so you better get ready to man up, Jack,
Because you asked for it.
You're going to get it in 2022.
I'm not getting a little Holy Spirit comfort or stuff.
Oh, you little sweet thing.
Because I asked for this.
I asked to be at this level.
That's not what I get now.
I get you ready for the information.
You ready for this?
You asked for it.
Here it is.
Get in there.
And if you don't, you broke a deal.
And I'll tell you, I've seen things and been places and understood things I don't think a lot of other people get.
Now the enemy knows that I've been let in on a lot of information by God.
And it's intensifying by the day.
And I am the opposite of arrogant.
I am the opposite of haughty.
I am the opposite of somebody on a power trip.
I am scared.
And I'm not scared of the devil or the new world order.
I'm scared of God.
Because let me tell you, God is God.
And God is watching.
And God is in control.
So everybody better say your prayers.
Everybody better get on your knees and you better get right with God because I'm telling you it's going down, ladies and gentlemen.
I got the news here out of Russia.
The U.S.
is moving its command aircraft and attack systems into Ukraine and into Poland and surrounding areas and
I was talking to a well-known podcaster friend of mine, and I'm like, yeah, okay, I'm ready to come on.
They're like, yeah, I think we'll have you on here.
And I go, I'm not even sure I'll be on air by then.
I'm not even sure any of us are.
I mean, you can see the wall of doom coming at us.
And I don't tell you all of that to scare you.
I'm saying you better understand you've got an eternal soul.
You better start realizing they're going to threaten your body to get you to join them.
You shouldn't be worried about that body.
But the soul... Listen, all these medical doctors I have on that are prestigious and well-spoken... They all agree behind the scenes.
This is deliberate bio-attack, world government depopulation that is going to weigh down society and collapse it.
And they know all about the Great Reset.
I mean, you think these guys just know all these studies and all this stuff about the body?
No, they all know about politics.
They all know, too.
Malone knows.
McCullough knows.
Every... Yidan knows.
Wolfgang Wudarg knows, Dr. Zelenko knows, and Yidan and Zelenko, they'll tell you, this is depopulation, this is the biggest event in human history.
You know how many people I know that are personal friends of mine, that because of whatever reasons, oh I'm tough, I'm taking the shot, Jones, just get over it, that are super sick and screwed up and their hair falling out and all messed up by this.
And I see them and I talk to them and I've got all these studies
And they get mad at me when I show them, hey, here's the new Gregory's Report, totally confirming with top scientists that almost everybody dying took the shot.
And I just, you look at them and you realize they're under a grand delusion.
You're not gonna be able to get to them, ladies and gentlemen.
You're not gonna get to them.
They're dead already.
And so that's why it's hard for me to go see a movie or just do anything anymore.
I mean, I just sit there
My four-year-old daughter thinking about the world she's in, and I just start, you know, getting tears in my eyes because, I mean, this is all real, folks.
We're in the middle of giant depopulation.
There's idiots everywhere injecting their children with all this poison, and they're never going to admit when their kid's dead and dying that it was the shot.
They're going to blame the unvaccinated, even though it has no connection to reality.
This is a spiritual attack because we lost God, and as soon as we need to have God as our guiding light, as our radar system, as our roadmap,
As our GPS, we're lost.
I mean, what do you call people that serve Satan?
They're lost souls.
They're lost!
They don't know!
They don't know!
They just believe MTV, and believe CNN, and believe HBO, and believe Netflix, and believe their fake church, and they just keep believing, and believing the lie, and believing a new lie, and another lie, and another lie, and another lie, as if that's gonna protect them.
And it gets worse and worse.
And instead of saying, gee, they've lied to me a bunch.
What they tell me keeps not happening.
What Alex tells me keeps happening.
But you can't save them.
You got to save yourself and save those that are willing to be saved and that's why taking the interview with Dr. Robert Malone that's going to be up in a few hours at Bandot Video that we shot this morning needs to go viral because they just banned him.
They're censoring him.
They don't want the inventor of mRNA technology to have a voice that will talk to folks.
We need to get that out.
You need to get the Joe Rogan interview on Spotify out because as things like that become number one, everybody else sees the truth and recognizes it.
And you need to take the Dr. Peter McCullough interview.
His last three or four interviews were amazing.
There's three other ones.
This one was by far better than all of them combined, because now everything's crystal clear.
And it was bombshell after bombshell that will save lives.
So I'm asking again, when it's archived today,
Get it and send it to your whole email list.
Post it on Twitter.
Take clips out of it.
Send it on your text messages.
Go to your church and hand out the URL to it.
Whatever you do, they're counting on you not carrying the signal.
You are the ones that are going to change this.
You are the ones that are going to change the world.
You are the ones.
It's not going to be Trump going to save us, folks.
It's going to be the grassroots people doing it.
It's not even going to be Rand Paul.
He'll talk about it being made in a lab, but he still won't admit the vaccine's not working and hurting people.
So why do we keep being nice to these folks, you know?
Our problem isn't the Democrats.
Our problem is the Republicans that play footsie and politics with this stuff, and who are way behind the curve on all this.
I want the children protected.
I want the truth about these shots out.
I want Rand Paul to come out and say it's criminal to give these to children.
Every day, hundreds of thousands around the world are being injected, tens of thousands in the U.S.
Many are dead and dying.
I will not put up with it.
I will not stand for it, and you will not put up with it.
You will not stand for it.
We're going to go to break, and we're going to come back with an exclusive first look at the Dr. Robert Malone interview with Christy Lee, and she'll be in the studio with us, and then she's going to take over.
In the final Alex Jones broadcast of 2021, and then Owen Schroer in the War Room is coming up at 3 p.m.
Tomorrow's news.
Well, Christy Lee is a great talk show host and news anchor.
It's worked all over the country, but she got censored.
And so now here she is doing great work with InfoWars at Christy Lee TV on Twitter, ChristyLeeTV.com.
And she's going to be hosting the last 30 minutes.
She's talking about the world and she was just visiting family in Ohio and how crazy that was.
And her big Dr. Robert Malone interview just days after Twitter banned him.
We're going to have an excerpt of that coming up at the start of the next segment when she takes over.
But I wanted to spend a little time talking to her just about getting Robert Malone in here.
I've interviewed him a lot over Skype or over Zoom.
But now having him here in person right after he was on with Joe Rogan, that interview has now dropped.
Hopefully it reaches tens of millions of people.
But regardless, what a crazy time to be alive.
It is very crazy.
Very crazy time to be alive.
Very crazy year.
I just saw Betty White passed away and I was like, well, this just seals that it's been the worst year ever.
Betty White, 99.
So, Robert Malone here, inventor of mRNA, censored, it's surreal.
Tell folks what that interview was like before they see it.
Well, it was great.
Dr. Malone is such a good person.
I was just talking about what great character he has, along with Dr. Peter McCullough.
They're just good people.
They're not doing this for any other reason but caring about other people, trying to save lives.
You know, when you look at conflicts and motivations, these guys are just doing it to spread the word.
They've gotten ridiculed.
They've gotten censored.
They've gotten suppressed.
I mean, why else would they want to do this other than for good reasons?
It's just really great people, so great to finally meet Dr. Malone face-to-face.
Yeah, I mean, Malone particularly is a very rich man.
He's got a bunch of top patents, and he's out there saying, this is evil, this is wrong, don't do it.
He's been a member of the establishment, so he particularly is doing a very Christ-like thing to stand up.
Well, yeah, and that's what's fascinating about Dr. Malone is because it's been such an evolutionary process for him to see where he started and how he thought about things to now just seeing firsthand the attacks that he came under.
And it's just blown him away.
I mean, I asked in the interview, have you been red pilled?
And he said, boy, have I been red pilled.
Well, that's what I noticed.
The more they bully him, the more hardcore he got.
This is like poking the bear.
Have this result with these with these people, but he is fascinating person and for me It was it's really unique because when you first said I could contribute to band video.
I remember saying like, okay Well, you know, how's this gonna work and you're like, I'm not gonna have time to tell you what to do Christie So you're just gonna have to kind of figure it out.
So I was like, okay.
Well, that's that's cool You know, but you've been really kicking ass
Well, I mean, like I said, it's been a process for me, too, to be given total freedom to pursue what matters and to pursue who I want to talk to, as opposed to being under corporate control and having guidelines of what I can and can't talk about or say.
And so with Dr. Malone, it was actually my very first interview as an independent journalist.
And so I told him that today, I'm like,
You're right.
We're good to go.
Well he really digs into this whole concept of how they're trying to spark fear with the children and how they're trying to use this validation to poke the children and get these children jabbed.
And he is so adamant against it and he said he felt like he really got the worst targeting and oppression by the mainstream media.
And other powers that be when he came out and he filmed that video saying, don't do it as a grandfather, as a father, don't do this to your children.
I'm trying to save them from things that are unknown and from the data that we're already seeing, that it's really harming our children in the next generation of people.
So that's when he really saw that.
But we also talk about the next rally coming up at the Capitol on the 23rd.
I've got to tell you, this is historic to see him censored by Twitter.
And to see them suppressing the inventor of this major technology that has a lot of promise that's being deployed as a weapon against us.
I mean, it's surreal that they're censoring him.
It's just amazing.
But what's striking about it is they're really shooting themselves in the foot.
And we talk about this too.
These folks are not bright.
Because when you censor and suppress, you're making these people forbidden fruit.
You're actually increasing demand.
You're making people be like, wait, why don't they want me to hear from this person?
What is this person saying that's so shocking and crazy?
And so they're actually... The person is just a preeminent scientist, dead on, very grandfatherly, very nice, very believable, and he shows the evidence.
That's why he's dangerous, because he's trying to save people.
But like I said, it's also been neat to kind of take this journey with him and see him go from very reasonable and soft-spoken and even at times defensive of the vaccine to now he is not so soft-spoken anymore.
They've poked the bear.
He's coming out.
He's dropping a lot of things.
Well, how long is the interview?
Oh gosh, at least an hour.
So do we think it's going to come out today or when do you want to release it?
I mean, I think it'd be good to put it out before the year ends.
Well, we wanted to show respect for Joe Rogan's interview and wait until that came out.
But now that we know that that's released, we plan on getting it out today, the full piece on Band.Video.
Good, and you're going to go to break and come back and take over here and end the year on the Alex Jones Show with Christy Lee, independent journalist now, taking the world by storm, and then you're going to air a five-minute excerpt, and then I guess in the next few hours, Zach is over there getting it all edited and ready to put up on Bandai Video.
That's fantastic, I tell you.
You're also going to talk some about Ohio.
You said it was pretty wild, the difference between Ohio and Texas.
Well, yeah, I mean, in Ohio you still have more of the mask wearing there.
I mean, not to mention it's just colder and drier than it is here in Texas.
But it's crazy.
You know, like we've been saying, it doesn't matter with the GOP, it doesn't matter with the Democrats.
You know, we have a GOP, Mike DeWine, and he is all about mandating vaccines and
Really pushing the vaccines and the mask wearing and it's to what end?
You know, so it really isn't an R versus D thing anymore.
Well, this is going to be a big interview that comes out and then Sunday on the Sunday show, we will definitely air large excerpts this Sunday, not just 4 to 6 p.m.
Now we have Sunday live.
So 4 to 8 p.m.
Sunday's live broadcast here.
I am not going to be here Sunday.
I'm going to come back Sunday.
I'm going to go out to my dad's.
Family ranch we've had forever, long before I was around, long before he was around.
I haven't been out there in about a year.
We're going to go out and do a little bit of deer hunting here, right at the end of the deer season and hang out with my four-year-old daughter.
She hasn't shot any guns yet, but she's almost five, so that's when you start getting them, firing the little .22s.
So get some nice video to trick her with all the safety measures, folks.
Don't worry.
But we're definitely going to go out and have some of that fun as well, so pray for us on that front, because it is only you, the viewers and listeners, that keep us on air, and that's why this whole operation is you.
You are the reason we have Dr. Robert Malone here, and Dr. Peter McCullough, and all these other giant interviews.
You're the reason we've got a fighting chance against this evil.
So I really want you to realize, you're not just a part of the info war, you're the heart and the guts and the mind, the bone, the soul, the spirit, the whole.
System that is humanity, not just America, the whole world.
All right, the Dr. Robert Malone excerpt coming up with Christy Lee.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to InfoWars.
This is Christy Lee filling in for the remainder of the show in the final show of 2021.
Boy, if you would have told me that I would be finishing out Alex Jones Show on InfoWars in 2021 last year, I would have been like, what?
You're crazy.
This is crazy.
And what a crazy year it has been, right?
So, this morning had the pleasure of picking Dr. Robert Malone up from the hotel, bringing him back to the InfoWars studio, and sitting down with him one-on-one to talk about his big show, the major show, with Joe Rogan.
You know, we've seen that Dr. Peter McCullough had the biggest views of all, over 40 million lastly checked.
Gosh, it could be more than that by now.
And we're wondering what's going to happen with the interview with Dr. Robert Malone.
Now, I was taking him to the airport after we had our sit-down interview and he said, gosh, I don't know how it will be received.
It was a great conversation, but I just I hope it doesn't get
More views than Dr. Peter McCullough because I don't want Peter mad at me.
But this is the character of these guys.
These guys are just so kind-hearted and sweet.
But without further ado, I'll talk more after we show you the clip of our sit-down and see what else I can tell you before the whole thing is released.
Here it is.
What about those that are saying, well, he's just taking this position because he's bitter that he didn't get more credit with the vaccines?
You know, what's funny about all that is these detractors that are basically trying to delegitimize me in any way they can.
They're coming at these little, picking at these little things.
The good news is they haven't been able to find anything of substance in my background.
I have no criminal record or any of that kind of stuff.
I'm still married to the same woman, you know, after 42 plus years.
And I've got, you know, I'm kind of an average guy.
Kids and all that.
And so, and they never,
Are attacking the points made, the science, the issues that I'm raising.
Except these hired fact-checkers.
And what I've found is that it doesn't matter whether you cite the literature and you provide them with facts.
They are not about the facts.
I mean, we now know this from the lawsuit against Facebook.
Where the Facebook lawyers came flat out and said, well, we call them fact checkers, but these are really opinions.
And that's what it is.
And I think part of the problem is that they now have developed, because this is a new strategy, right?
This whole paid fact checker by Facebook and now Reuters, it's important to understand that Thomson Reuters is now integrated into Twitter as Twitter's official fact checker.
And you may or may not remember back in the day when I pointed out the first thing that got me kicked off LinkedIn was this post in which I pointed out that the chairman of the board of Thomson Reuters also sits on the board of Pfizer.
And I just asked the simple question, does this look like a conflict of interest?
I was prompted by a Reuters fact check attacked on me that was inappropriate and incorrect.
And I was just kind of a little bit pissed at Thomson Reuters.
But that's been part of this learning curve of
Of seeing again and again and again how the game is played.
But this business of hiring Logically AI, these small pop-up firms.
I mean, Logically AI is run by a guy whose main claim to fame before this was he was an unsuccessful garage band guitarist.
I mean, that's it.
That's as near as I can find in terms of his background.
But he gets these big contracts from Facebook.
And it's, they're unabashed.
They're guns for hire.
They will say and attack and do whatever it is that they get paid to do.
They're hired guns.
And it's not about truth and facts, and you know that because of the people they hire.
I mean, they're basically untrained, haven't graduated from college, or if they did, it was in humanities or something like this.
Or the head of the Trusted News Initiative is actually, I think, has a bachelor's in humanities, has no background in science.
It doesn't matter.
Yeah, doesn't matter.
Yeah, so in terms of this trying to delegitimize me, I knew that this was the price that was going to be paid.
I knew going into this that my life would change.
When Steve Kirsch and Brett Weinstein and I sat down in Brett's studio in Portland, we all knew that that was a turning point and our lives would never be the same.
And that is absolutely the case.
So there you go, much more to that interview.
One thing that was interesting was that when Dr. Malone said that he met Joe Rogan, Rogan said, you know, people were trying to tell me that you're crazy, but you seem quite normal.
And I was like, on that note, since Rogan was telling you that people were trying to warn you about yourself, that you're crazy.
What does that do to other people that, you know, you were told were crazy before?
I don't know, like RFK Jr.
or Alex Jones, you know?
What do you think about these people now that you were told one thing and now you're having those things said about you?
What does that do to your perception?
So his answer's really interesting when posed with that question.
And also, I ask him, you know,
I've seen you kind of take this journey, figuring things out, especially seeing just how viciously you've been attacked.
And I've seen you kind of get a little bit more bold in things.
And so I have to ask you, have you been red-pilled?
And his answer is so funny to that.
So you're going to want to see that as well.
That's all going up on Band.Video later today.
I know they're working on it right now to get that up and going.
So keep an eye out for that.
One other thing that he talked about in his interview that was really fascinating to me is that he said that when he was in fourth or fifth grade is when he read the book 1984 by George Orwell.
So fourth or fifth grade he had read that book and he said it really stuck with him.
And it's stuck with him up until now.
And just seeing how things are going on and just how Orwellian things are.
And as I was preparing last minute to finish out Alex's show today, I saw this quote up and it's from George Orwell.
And it reminded me of that part of the interview with Dr. Malone this morning.
And it's, in a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, and I think that that's what we see.
What we see with Dr. Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough is they're the revolutionaries of our time.
They are telling the truth with so much deceit around them, and they're doing it with integrity.
They're doing it in the face of so much attack, so much ridicule, and even with threats of taking everything that they've worked so hard for.
But they're telling the truth anyways, and actually they only get more bold the more that they're attacked.
You know, you poke the bear and watch what happens.
So he said it's like guerrilla warfare.
And I think that's another thing you'll find interesting in the interview with the one-on-one with Dr. Malone and I, is he describes this as guerrilla warfare and a war of information.
Sound familiar?
It is an info war, so we kind of got Dr. Malone to say that.
But he said that all on his own.
We weren't trying to get him to say that.
But that's what it is.
It's a war of information.
It's being prepared with the counterclaims to when they come, when the fact checkers come with their claims.
It's being prepared to debunk them, giving people a place to go.
And that's what they're doing is they're finding tactics to rebut those people that are trying to ridicule and downplay and debunk them.
They're coming prepared.
They're coming with the information.
They're coming with the documents, if you will.
So they've learned their lesson.
They've learned how to do this.
So even now, he says when he gets a comment from or an email from Reuters or others that are asking, you know, what is your response to these claims that what you said weren't true or misleading?
He said he was just now, now he's learned to be short terse and give them a website where everything that can be listed.
So people can go and they can find the truth and he can't be misquoted.
So it's all about tactic.
It's all about warfare.
It's a guerrilla warfare.
It's an InfoWars.
Welcome back to InfoWars.
It is the final show of 2021.
We'll be back with a vengeance in 2022.
My goodness, what a crazy wild year.
Just the fact that I'm sitting here, I would have never guessed, finishing out the final show of InfoWars in 2021.
But we're in this together.
Many of you become like family to me.
And maybe you haven't seen me up at the desk yet.
And if you haven't, I'm a former corporate controlled media
We're good.
We have so many people trying to take away the voice of those that are telling the truth.
And so truly trying to be a voice for the voiceless and amplify those voices that mainstream media is trying to suppress.
So got to interview Dr. Malone this morning.
It was such a full circle situation.
He was my very first interview as an independent journalist.
And boy, when Alex said, pursue whatever you want, I'm like, wow, wow, I'm a longtime local news anchor.
And now I'm gonna have to seek out national subjects.
I don't know, let me try and get a hold of this guy who says he's the mRNA inventor.
And he is so kind, Dr. Malone, that here I was, a nobody, just starting a career or trying to start a career as an independent.
I think so.
Um, it's been interesting to take that journey together.
And so to meet him in person for the first time and sit down with him one-on-one was really neat.
And we will have the whole interview for you up on Band Up video by the end of the day.
So check that out along with his appearance on Joe Rogan.
So I went home to Ohio to visit family.
I just got back and here I am thrown into the mix.
There's no rest for the weary.
There's no rest for those that are trying to fight tyranny.
But I'm going home to Ohio.
I was talking with my mother.
She had to have surgery a couple times and she said that they made her get those tests.
And she said the first time she got the test,
Made her feel all tingly and she started to feel sick and so when she had to be tested again, she did what they were talking about in the last segment with Dr. Peter McCullough and really drained her nasal passages and that she felt loads better.
So I can attest to that within the family that something you definitely want to do on the regular and especially if they're going to force you to test, clear whatever gunk they got in your nose right out because you just never know anymore.
So whenever I do a show, I've committed to sharing a verse.
That's my thing.
And again, Alex gives me the freedom to do my thing.
And so I'm gonna share a verse which I think is appropriate for the New Year's Eve and for the new year.
It is from Isaiah 43, 18 through 19.
And it is, do not call to mind the former things or consider things of the past.
Behold, I am going to do something new.
And now it will spring forth.
Will you not be aware of it?
I don't know.
Spent 20 years in traditional journalism, and I couldn't do it anymore, and I didn't know what I was going to do next.
I had no idea.
And behold, I will do something new.
If this isn't new, sitting in the chair at InfoWars after Alex Jones, I don't know what's new.
But boy, am I thankful.
I'm thankful to be able to tell the truth, to seek the truth, and share both sides.
And so, so very grateful about that.
Now, one thing that we talked about with Dr. Malone, and I'm going to try and get through this because I'm running out of time, talking too long, but one of the things we talked about is this walk back that I've noticed in the past week, week and a half or so.
Many of these things that they were trying to put out there, they're kind of walking back on or changing, and so Dr. Malone and I talk about that, but I want to go about through that with you.
From pushing mandates and saying they would shut down the virus, is Biden now waving a white flag?
Because he's saying there's no solution now and it's up to the state.
So let's take that first video of Biden saying he's going to leave it to the states.
As you look towards federal solutions that will help alleviate the challenge, make sure that we do not let federal solutions stand in the way of state solutions.
And the the production of 500 million rapid tests that will be distributed by the federal government is great.
But obviously that drives up the supply chain for the solutions that we might offer as governor.
Look, there is no federal solution.
This gets solved at a state level.
My message to the governor is simple.
If you need something, say something.
And we're going to have your back in any way we can.
We're going to have your back in any way we can, he says.
He says this is not a federal thing, it's a state thing, but hey, what's this?
You know, we saw in many places, but particularly I'm going to read from the Daily Wire, Florida Surgeon General Biden admin actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments in the U.S.
So here he says, we're going to have your back, we're going to give you what you need.
It's up to the states to fix this.
But wait, we're going to take away resources that you were having success with before, like monoclonal antibody treatments.
We're going to make it harder for you to get those.
It's such nonsense.
And then if it is now with the states, is he going to try and just pull all talk of federal mandates?
Or are we just going to see how that plays out with the Supreme Court?
So it is just overall interesting though that he would even want that back.
So that's not the only thing that we've been seeing.
So from pushing masks to then we saw Dr. Lena Wen finally admitting masks don't work.
Take a look at this video.
Cloth masks are not appropriate for this pandemic.
It's not appropriate for Omicron, it was not appropriate for Delta, Alpha, or any of the previous variants either, because we're dealing with something that's airborne.
Oh, but wait!
She just five months ago, and I don't know if I'm gonna have time to get through all this, but she just five months ago was praising masks, lauding them.
Let's play a little bit of that Dr. Liana video.
I agree.
I don't know.
You said before masks are so powerful and children should maybe be double masked when they go back to school.
But a couple days ago, or a few days ago now, she's saying masks don't work.
This is an airborne virus.
Well, the cloth ones, the ones that everybody's wearing, the cloth ones, that they don't do a thing.
So interesting.
And then the cutting of the quarantine time.
So the CDC is
We see cuts recommended quarantine time amid Omicron surge.
So before it was 10 days, now it's five days.
And when you read into these articles, it talks about, well, because of the economy, we don't want too many people off at the same time.
Well, that's interesting.
Since they put up so much federal dollars, why are they worried about time off?
Are they worried, oh, well, we don't want to have to figure out how to pay for people's time off?
We're now all of a sudden acknowledging that all of these mandates and rules affect our economy?
And I mean, it just goes to show you, it's never about health.
I mean, if they can just arbitrarily change it from 10 to 5 because, oh, we don't want it to affect the economy or people working too much, well then, what was the science behind the 10-day?
Lots of questions, but it's interesting that they walk it back.
So they've walked that back.
And then we have the PCR tests don't work correctly.
Before they were allotting this, we based so much of the money and fear on everything on PCR tests working.
And then take some of this video of Dr. Walensky.
The CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, joins us right now.
Good morning, Rochelle.
How are you doing?
Good morning, Nate.
I'm well.
How are you?
Now, as we just heard, some medical experts think that there should be a negative test requirement at the end of the five-day isolation period.
Why is that not required?
Yeah, really important question.
So let me sort of go through the science that we were looking at as we were making these recommendations.
First is watching the virus.
How does the virus behave?
And what we do know is about 85 to 90 percent of viral transmission happens in those first five days, which is why we really want people to stay home during that period of time and then mask for the rest of the time to capture that last 10 to 15 percent.
We've masked the network?
I'm good.
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the build-up
For what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
But they're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
So listen, Paul Reveres, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you pray for the broadcast, you're the tip of the spear.
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Only way we fail is if you don't take action.
Should you wear a mask if you're healthy?
And if you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing a medical mask.
But if you are, then you should.
Right now is our insistence now on wearing masks.
Masks do not work for the general public.
People should not be walking around with masks.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
You do not need to wear a medical mask.
Masks don't control viruses, they control you.
That's what this is about.
I really believe that if we get rid of the masks, the rest of this house of cards fall down.
It just blew my mind how the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
The biggest issue with face masks is the impact they have on our children.
But children in masks is absolutely dangerous.
And this has to stop!
Defend our children!
The air should not be illegal to breathe.
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