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Name: 20211230_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 30, 2021
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest and its implications. He also addresses accusations about his behavior, talks about his new course ResetWars.com, and takes calls from listeners discussing various topics. He criticizes the medical establishment for not taking responsibility for the negative effects of psychotropic drugs on patients and urges viewers to support InfoWars in the ongoing battle against globalists seeking to establish a dystopian planetary authoritarian technocracy.

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If you are receiving this translation, you are in the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the build-up for what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
But they're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
So listen, Paul Reveres, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you pray for the broadcast, you're the tip of the spear.
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Only way we fail is if you don't take action.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Let's go Brandon.
Let's go Brandon, I agree.
I don't think it's fundamentally about incivility.
I think it is fundamentally about insurrection.
You know, I don't know the individual, but the whole let's go Brandon kind of motif is a reflection of the view two thirds of the Republican base driven by Trump's claims, false claims, and the big lie that Biden is an illegitimate president.
You talk about the wheels coming off the globalist operation.
You talk about the engine blowing up.
You talk about the house burning down.
The globalists know their corrupt system is coming to an end.
And they're trying to take capitalism with it, when it's not capitalism that caused this, but crony capitalism and corrupt financiers working with authoritarian regimes to create monopolies.
So they know their monopolistic
New World Order, Great Reset is coming to an end.
They understand that.
And they don't know what to do.
Far more, particularly small businesses have suffered terribly.
How has that, not the philosophy of stakeholder capitalism, but the ability of companies across the spectrum to execute it?
You ask me?
What is this Great Reset?
What the Great Reset is, is a bunch of global elites, as you said, and they have two protocols or two themes.
One is that their credentials or their education or their inherited or made wealth make them elites and allow them to talk down to people.
And, you know, by top-down measures dictate to people in a non-democratic way what's good for them.
And second, their power and influence and wealth mean they're never going to be subject to the ramifications of their own ideology, because they're exempt.
Capitalism made them wealth, but they don't want capitalism for anybody else.
They want to close the attic door so nobody climbs up after them.
And so they're going to engineer an artificial collapse so they can be the saviors of the collapse, so they have all the PR straight and all the propaganda straight, so that as things disintegrate, they can pose as the saviors and hopefully stay in charge of this controlled demolition that they have executed.
But it's not going the way tyrants always want it to go.
It's getting out of control.
So they're upping the level of control.
They're accelerating the collapse.
And they've basically lost control now, ladies and gentlemen.
Only a mass awakening of the public can get control of the train.
Before it goes over the edge into the ravine.
Most people I now know with COVID are those who are double or triple vaccinated.
They're getting so ill.
So what they're trying to do is get you to do a virtue symbol.
They're trying to say wear your mask so I'm a good person.
I'm a good Christian.
I'm protecting people.
No, you're not.
You're showing that you're gagged and you're not speaking up for the truth.
My husband is a vicar in the Church of England.
When we're actually in the height of the pandemic,
He was very, very quiet on funerals.
There was very, very few funerals at all.
People were not dying.
And one of my sons actually was in hospital.
The hospital was dead.
The whole hospital was absolutely empty.
I got straight into A&E.
No problem at all.
Now, since the vaccine rollout, there's been funeral after funeral after funeral.
We know undertakers in the area, undertakers have spoken out.
What is killing people now is vaccine injury.
Whether you can relate it or not, but it's heart attacks, stroke, blood clots.
Masses having a giant epiphany, a giant chain reaction awakening, can and will stop them.
The majority of the people at the top now, you wonder why they're so evil, why they follow orders, because they've been given, they think, get out of jail free cards.
So that's who these people are.
It's about their power, their control, their God.
They can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.
Welcome to this live Thursday, December 30th edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We've been on air 28 years.
I've been in this syndicated time slot where we're at for 24.
And I'm very, very blessed and honored to be here.
Okay, let me really just start the broadcast off from this perspective.
I went to bed about 10 o'clock last night, and I woke up at 1.15 in the morning and never went back to sleep.
And it wasn't because I drank coffee late in the day.
I was just so upset about the depopulation going on and the fact that it's all confirmed.
And basically, every prediction we made has come true, except it's moving faster than I thought.
And I've been laying there unable to sleep for about an hour, basically meditating, focusing, researching in my mind, thinking.
And I just felt overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit to get on my knees and start praying on the floor.
And I'm sitting there tired thinking, no, I can just pray right here.
And it's like, no, you need to get on your knees and put your head on the ground.
And I sat there for about an hour praying to God.
And just opening myself up and it was literally God just saying, here's the time I saved you there.
Here's the time I saved you here.
Here's the time I saved your child from dying.
Here's, I mean, it was just, it was, and it was like, now you are going to have to go out and you're going to have to get up off your ass and you're going to have to get focused and be a real man because you've been having too much fun doing this.
You joke around too much.
You screw around too much.
And, and, and I didn't rise you up.
To play half measures.
And so, I mean, I want to talk about this on air because it sounds, to people that don't know God, ridiculous, but it's totally true.
I mean, they make the joke that my wife was slapping me around last Friday night, which she was.
Of course, I'm not going to hit her back and go to prison.
And this was God slapping me around last night.
And you know, it's just the amount of mental illness, the amount of rage, the amount of family violence is at all time records, the amount of suicide.
We are just being poisoned and killed.
And my wife's doing well now.
She's gone into rehab.
But that's the least of my problems.
When I look at the problems I have,
Remember the saying my grandfather, my dad's dad would always have about people complaining.
I complained I had no shoes till I saw a man who had no feet.
That's another way of saying walk a mile in my shoes.
And I just think about all these sweet, dear little children who are just starting out their lives and have such wonderment in their eyes and are just wanting to be part of a great future.
And here is a predatory, sick, evil system that already beta tested on poor foster children and orphans, killing them by the thousands.
Fauci, he ran the program.
Now doing it on a mass scale and then understanding the evil logic of why they're doing it, not just to depopulate children, not just to maim them and then suck decades of money out of their families as they slowly die.
The ones that don't die right away.
But to know that when doctors and nurses and clinics and parents and lawyers and teachers and bureaucracies are part of
Making children do this, and intimidating parents into doing this, that when the children get hurt and maimed and die, which is now happening, most of those people will fight to rationalize and to cover it up, and to convince themselves that what they did was right, and to actually hate those of us that tried to warn them and tried to stop them.
And we've all seen an example
I don't know.
But now, a year and a half into this, year and a half we count England, a year here, we have hundreds of thousands dead we know of, millions maimed, and I was thinking this morning about all the people I know that have gotten really sick and wiped out or died after they took the shots.
And so I was just thinking about Trump and how we count on him to supposedly be a leader and help us.
And that's why we're mad at him.
But really, as I said yesterday, we can't be mad at Trump unless we're really mad at Rand Paul, who's a medical doctor, who still hasn't come out and said, OK, I was wrong.
This doesn't work.
This is a scam.
He still says, oh, I'm double vaxxed.
Oh, it doesn't protect you.
And that's a lie.
And here's something really important we're going to cover when we come back.
Here's something extremely important.
You've seen those compilations over the years of all the local news saying the same thing in the same order because they've been paid to do it and told to do it.
It's propaganda.
Many times paid propaganda.
But you've seen the
Compilations of Pfizer, brought to you by Pfizer at the end of the newscast, telling you it's safe and effective.
Well, think about this.
They're paying hundreds of thousands of influencers around the world, including here in the U.S., is the most prevalent way they're doing it, to say, trust the science like a parrot.
Trust the science, trust the science, trust the science.
And just say, oh, Trump's right.
Finally, the Democrats say Trump got something right.
And his crazy constituents, his crazy supporters, they're mad at him now.
And I've sat there just to monitor it because they've been attacking me.
And I went in the last couple of days and just watched the intro to the Young Turks and a bunch of other shows, all the Democrat YouTube shows that are force-fed by Google.
And they all start their shows, word for word, just like the compilations you see that show it's all staged, with the Pfizer garbage.
It's the same thing, except there it is, all the Democrat newscasters.
And all the little internet influencer talking heads, and they just sit there with smug looks on their faces, getting a paycheck to do that.
And then Bill O'Reilly, that sycophant, you know, he's getting paid.
I got the inside baseball on Trump's tour and how he consoled Trump when Trump got freaked out by his supporters booing him.
It's disgusting.
And so I've gotten pretty much nothing but support attacking Trump from our listeners.
Because they understand it's done from a place of trying to get him to wake up and do the right thing.
Like Wayne Allen Roots said at an intervention, and that interview's been picked up in a bunch of newspapers and quoted, so that's something good.
I know Trump's going to read about it to see it.
But if Trump won't stand up for us in his own future, in his own name, that's his problem.
It's up to us to do it and to go out and warn people.
And we can't use the fact that Trump won't be a good person and do the right thing, we can't use that as an excuse for us to not do anything.
But I gotta tell you, Senator Paul is smart.
And medically, five times smarter than Trump.
One of the smartest people I know.
And Senator Paul is entering the zone now of becoming an aider and a better of this.
And a... accomplice of Fauci.
And that's why he's attacking Fauci over Wuhan and gain a function, because he knows, oh my God, this thing's deadly.
This is a bioweapon depopulation.
What have I done?
So he's at least going at it from that angle.
That's not enough, Senator.
You told everybody do this.
You signed on to it.
You use your credibility to push it.
You're wrong.
And we want you now to come out with the facts and help us sink the Great Reset, or we're all going to sink.
We now take you live.
To the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
The embattled InfoWars.
One of the final operations standing up against the New World Order toe-to-toe.
Almost everyone else has fallen.
But, as God would have it,
Suddenly, all of these quasi-establishment type figures are waking up and the seeds that you and I planted in their minds, warning them of this coming, have now sprouted and are growing fast and bearing their fruit as well as others choose life and choose a human future.
Now, I could cover all this incredible news, and I will next segment on the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict, and is it a victory, is it a defeat?
I'll give you my view on that.
It's actually both.
The phone's up today as well.
But I want to talk about philosophy and a tale of two people.
And I'm a very private person when it comes to my friends and people that I know, whether they just be a common person or a very famous person, but I'm going to go ahead and
Give you an example of two people that I know very well, Joe Rogan particularly well, since 1998-99.
And I mean, I've been good friends with him, hung out with him, vacationed with him, you know, so much over the years.
We've had falling outs, we've had issues, there's been somebody I haven't talked to for a year, sometimes we hang out 15 times in a year.
But, it's a tale of two people.
You've got, well there's a tale of three people, you've got Alex Jones,
And then you got Tucker Carlson, you got Joe Rogan.
And if you understand those three types, you understand it's a way to explain something that's very important.
Because I talk about this a lot, but sometimes I hear the rebroadcast and I don't think I'm making it crystal clear like it is in my own mind.
And I want you to really wrap your brain around this.
And I know most of you already have.
Some probably level I haven't even been able to, but I want this to really sink in because it is
A paradox.
It is paradoxical.
And you can see it from both angles.
Joe Rogan is completely happy on cloud nine.
I've known the guy forever and I've never seen him so satisfied and just, you know, they say he beat the game of life basically, you know, the best in everything he does.
And he is waking up to what's really happening in the world, but it's not really sunk into him how dystopic it's going to get, and that it's only going to get worse from here unless he fully organizes against the globalists.
And that will step him into a whole nother level.
So Joe is a very happy person.
He's mad about the shots, he knows they're poisonous, he's starting to figure out it's by design.
He's, he's, he's, as they say, becoming completely red-pilled.
Then there's Tucker Carlson.
And I love seeing the left constantly fetishize, and, oh my god, he's gonna run for president, oh, he's the leader of the Republicans, oh, he could take over the party.
Because they wish they could.
Tucker Carlson wants nothing to do with D.C.
Nothing to do with the presidency.
He grew up around it.
His dad ran a major federal agency.
Tucker Carlson wants to live in the woods in Maine.
Tucker Carlson only gets on his cell phone like 10 minutes a day.
Tucker Carlson gets it, and knows it's all dystopic, and he's got it.
He's all the way awake, doing as much as he can on Fox News.
So Tucker Carlson's somebody that didn't believe all this and thought I was super evil 20 years ago, and that I was just saying horrible things.
Then 10 years ago, he figured out, okay, Alex is right.
But maybe Jones exaggerates.
Now he's like, oh my God, it's worse than you said.
But see, there's the paradox.
He's more awake than Joe Rogan, but he doesn't have the complete freedom that Joe Rogan has.
So it's the paradox.
Imagine what he could do
He had his complete freedom, and he's pretty much got 95% of it, but he knows there's lines he can't really cross.
Plus, his audience isn't ready for the total truth, like they've seen a few good men.
You want the truth?
You can't handle the truth!
And then there's Alex Jones.
I grew up around people that knew how the world really worked and never even thought of it as an issue.
I grew up knowing all this.
I knew all this stuff when I was 10 years old.
And that's why I got a big leap on everybody else because I was already there.
And you took it for granted.
My mother's father knew all of this when almost no one did.
His son knew all of it.
When nobody was talking about it.
My uncle.
So I've been very blessed and God put me in the position I'm in.
But now it's weird.
Like I'll be out eating a steak with Joe Rogan.
We're having fun.
Everything's great.
We're telling jokes.
And he's just so happy.
Carlson's not like that.
And I'm not judging Joe.
I'm not judging Carlson.
Carlson's more like me.
He realizes we're really screwed.
We may not be able to turn this back.
This is the great reset, takeover, depopulation event.
And there's that paradox that if the public won't wake up and won't defend themselves, the globalists are going to turn them into a starving horde, and they're planning in the endgame to make us join them just so we survive.
And that's the message I get from globalists is, yeah, Jones, you picked the wrong team.
You'll be begging for our help soon.
You'll see.
The population will destroy you for trying to help them.
Oh, I guess that's the fourth group.
See, I get to know the globalists.
I get to know all the top people.
And I'm not bragging.
I'm saying, God put me in that position so I could actually see it all for what it is.
And then I ask myself, the reason I'm explaining this is, am I wrong on so many fronts?
Should we go ahead and join with Satan
And that's a hypothetical.
I'm not literally saying I'm going to join Satan.
It's just you have to know that all these other people decided to join it.
And the reason I'm not going to join it is they're so miserable, they're so empty, they're not their own men and women.
And spiritually, the feeling of even imagining joining them is worse than a thousand deaths.
So I'm not going to do that.
But then how do I not be gloom and doom and things be so horrible that we just oppress people with what we cover?
Where is the paradoxical middle ground?
And that is an understanding that God is real, Christ is real, and only by transcending spiritually can we turn this around.
And so that's really a larger gestalt of what I'm trying to articulate and what I'm trying to get at.
But it really is this, I need to be able to enjoy my life.
I need to be able to have R&R.
I need to be able to, that's a natural function to not be in war constantly.
But you see, we are in a war.
The globalist system is a war on humanity.
And so denying it just makes you surrender to it.
I'm fighting it.
And I'm just simply trying to explain to the public that you either better wake up and stand up now or you are going to slowly be tortured to death and die.
We'll be right back with the Pedophile Ring Conviction.
Stay with us.
All right, let me try to put bookends on what I was just saying earlier in the last segment about the parallels and the paradox at the same time between Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, myself, and the different types of people and different worldviews.
Joe Rogan now knows this is a dystopic depopulation takeover and you see him getting more hardcore every day.
I told you a year and a half ago that was about to happen because he personally told me it was and he's just more of a smooth operator.
So he did it his way where he would be in control and couldn't be censored.
Infowars is the only other place at that level or even close to that level where you have true independence.
So that's something very, very special.
And so that's how God works, that right as the enemy tries to shut us down and persecutes us, it only shows other people how accurate we were.
And as everything we talked about comes true in the last 28 years, the credibility goes way up.
So that then makes the enemy turn up the heat even more to attack us.
And let me tell you about the Democratic Party and American and globalist corporations.
They are completely criminal now.
And I don't mean just at the top.
They've been criminal a long time.
They are criminal down to the grassroots.
I'm not ready to talk about this yet.
I should be by next week.
I'm having to get permission from some of the people that have also been persecuted.
But the stuff they're doing to try to take us off air right now is beyond racketeering.
And I'm gonna leave it at that.
But this is next level.
And that's why every broadcast we have here is very precious.
Now, I made this sacrifice.
I made the decision to do this.
I don't like it.
I don't like the persecution.
I don't like the attacks on my family.
I don't like the corruption.
I don't like the dirty tricks.
But it's something that's got to be done because
Not standing up against evil has let it grow out of control and gotten us in the position we're in right now.
And so, here's what I'm trying to get at that I'm going to finish on this point.
It's a subtle point, but it's also very obvious, but also very, very complex.
Like anything simple, it's complex.
It's multivariate.
If we don't get out of our comfort zone,
We're gonna lose.
Because even if you are doing your top podcast, and you still don't get that it's coming for you, even if you're worth 700 million dollars or whatever, then you're not getting the big picture and the enemy will win.
But if you see the full compendium of their whole operation and pull back to a 35,000 foot view,
Then you understand it and see the whole thing, but you've got to take it all in as the Great Reset.
You've got to take it all in as the New World Order.
Not as window dressing, or not as just political victories, or tit for tat.
And you've got to really get how dire our straits are, not to be depressed, not to be down,
But to realize what you're really up against, so you know how to defeat it.
And that goes back to people like Ted Cruz, talking about political points.
He is giving Biden his horrible, evil, communist, literal communist nominees, a bunch of them.
So Biden put pressure on Germany,
To kill the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia into Europe.
It's like we got our Keystone pipeline killed.
Now I can see from a quote America empire first perspective how cutting off European consumers from cheaper gas and cutting money off from Russia could be seen as a hawkish Americana type move, but it really isn't.
It's an act of espionage.
It's an act of
It is a act of siege.
It is an act of war.
Just like when Biden turned off the Keystone Pipeline right when it got finished.
That would have made American consumers and workers billions of dollars a week.
And billions of dollars a week in savings at the pump.
But we didn't get that because the globalist bean counters decided they weren't going to let prices go down.
They want more expensive energy, not less.
So there's an example.
We get evil ideology and a bunch of people that Russia has rejected.
And then we actually get them as federal judges and the heads of federal agencies and that's a victory for Ted Cruz.
To be opposing a country and leadership more akin to what America was founded on than the groups running the country right now here today and then engaging in something like that.
That's a deep state move right there.
But we are hearing more and more from Senator Rand Paul.
Rand Paul, Fauci will retire if Republicans take over the House and Senate.
And I will investigate the cover-ups.
Oh, the cover-ups like them making it at Wuhan and deploying it, already having the vaccine ready.
You mean stuff like that, the vaccine you pushed, and that you still aren't telling people is dangerous?
I mean, is it time to put the Hitler mustache on Rand Paul?
I mean, both these guys are doctors.
They can read studies all day, can't they?
And again, I am trying to pressure these people to go do the right thing and save all these children.
You know, like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA, coming out and issuing an emergency warning last week.
To parents listing off the CDC's own admissions and the FDA's own admissions of how it can cause blood clots and cancer in a very high percentage.
And of course, he's banned on Twitter now.
But I guess we're not going to see old Rand Paul banned on there, because Rand Paul's not going to tell you there's a problem.
All right, we're going to go to break, and I'm going to come back with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial stuff, I promise.
Is it a victory?
Is it a defeat?
I'll give you my opinion.
We'll open the phones up next hour.
We're good to go.
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It's absolutely essential and it funds the operation.
My point earlier was, we need to get desperate.
We need to get really concerned.
We need to get out of our comfort zones.
We need to really expose what's happening.
The major globalist depopulation operation is happening now.
And that it's our job and our responsibility to go out and defend the children and to expose these people.
And to go out to the clinics and hold up banners and educate the people going inside and not let the system bring in a medical tyranny and try to force this garbage, not just on us, but on consenting children.
Lord Nashogi said, the way of the samurai is desperateness.
Ten men or more cannot kill such a man.
Common sense will not accomplish great things.
Simply become insane and desperate.
In the way of the samurai, if one uses discrimination, he will fall behind.
One needs neither loyalty nor devotion, but simply to become desperate in the way.
Loyalty and devotion are of themselves within desperation.
I have to tell you, I am desperate, ladies and gentlemen.
I am a desperate man.
And I should be desperate.
I'm fighting pure evil.
But at least I know what I'm fighting.
The children don't know what hit them.
And I will tell you that you are an eternal being.
You have a spirit.
You have free will.
You are just manifesting in this body.
And if you don't fight Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the New World Order, God is going to separate you from the universe.
And you don't want that.
Now things are very paradoxical.
And I notice what I do later in the day is not like what I do in the morning.
Especially if I get up at 2 or 3 in the morning because I can't sleep and then I'm up here at 6 or 7 at night.
And I shot a report last night where I said this is basically a big victory that Ghislaine Maxwell got convicted, because now it admits that her and Epstein were running child kidnapping rings.
He'd already been convicted before, but they tried to cover it up.
So that's a victory in and of itself.
But is it a Pyrrhic victory?
And what is a Pyrrhic victory?
A Pyrrhic victory is where you win a battle, but down the road it costs you so much you lose the war.
So I shot a video last night, Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of deep state child sex trafficking.
Alex Jones response.
And overall, you know, it's my first take on it.
And I said this is a victory.
And it was and is a victory.
But when you actually drill down into what happened overall, it was a very limited victory.
And it is a great success for the actual pedophile rings that Epstein and Maxwell simply worked for.
And I'm going to be going over some of that here in just a moment, but we've gotten the trouble we're in because we've not been desperate to help other people.
We've not been desperate to stand up for our rights.
We've not been hungry.
And so in come the slimy, opportunistic intelligence agency criminals that Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are just a dime a dozen.
And this is the mafia cult culture they set up.
I mean, I remember being on air 10 years ago, 12 years ago, when they supplied condoms to the Boy Scouts, quote, Jamboree, with more than 30,000 Boy Scouts at it.
And that they were basically inducting them into pedophilic sex as young as age seven and eight.
And I said, this will be used to bankrupt the Boy Scouts of America and take it over, then the left will run it, and then it'll be turned into a transgender cult, which it is now.
Nothing against the Boy Scouts, nothing against people that have been in it.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
They took over a good institution and they ruined it.
The very same group, the very same cult,
Because once they got a bunch of pedophilia going on in the Boy Scouts, and once the Boy Scouts tried to cover it up the first few years, because they had globalist lawyers in control, then they blackmailed the whole organization and they took it over.
And they're still handing out the condoms.
And they're still doing all this.
These are formulas.
82,000 claims of sex abuse in the Boy Scouts.
A good, wholesome American organization teaching honesty and reliance and outdoors understanding and craftsmanship.
All of it thrown down the toilet by the same satanic New World Order that's now turning the public schools into this.
And putting the boys in the girls bathroom and on and on and on.
This is a group of people that hate humanity and hate the natural order of humanity and who are in there literally
With an alien spirit.
They're making human animal clones that are alien.
They're making viruses that are synthetic that are alien.
They're saying we're going to merge with silicon and they're going to become gods.
That's all alien.
It's all alien inspired.
Notice I don't talk about little green men are flying saucers.
That's not what's going on here.
Your aliens of the day are your demons of old.
And it's an interdimensional attack.
And notice, the system doesn't laugh at that.
They all take it deadly serious.
Because they all are on board with this.
And they've signed up with it.
And the currency of entering the New World Order is hurting children and hurting humanity and destroying our very future.
That's how you get on board with the Rockefeller program.
That is not human.
I mean, look at John D. Rockefeller I. You think that's a human?
That's an avatar jacked in right there.
And these creatures aren't even as advanced as us, but they are aware
And it looks like older in a way.
We're not sure.
And so they're like really stupid, but they know tricks to manipulate us and control us.
And so that's why they jack into humans that will work with them and are able to take over and do so much.
Because we don't go around trying to cheat each other and do all this stuff.
But they do.
And they have their methodologies and their systems of control.
I'm not trying to build up the Epstein thing.
I really want to do a whole 20-30 minute rant on it, and I'll do that when we start the next hour.
I've already started there, but... You see, I'm teleprompter-free.
I don't get talking points somebody else gave me in all these Democrat Party-funded lawsuits.
They all kept saying, where's the talking points?
Who gives you your scripts?
Because, see, they're all not their own people.
They all follow hierarchical orders.
And so, to them, that's why they defaulted us in both cases.
They said, we know you're run by somebody.
We know you're giving orders.
We know.
And the judges just said, we know.
We're giving orders.
We've been giving orders to default you.
We've been giving orders to destroy you.
I mean, we're not our own people.
You can't be real.
Like, you're not in charge of anything, Jones.
You're a slave like us, right?
But see, not being a slave means
The multifaceted nature, not just the duality of man, but the multifaceted thing, is last night I was kind of like, I need a victory and I want to feel good.
And thank God that evil woman got convicted because, you know, they wanted to get her off.
And my hate of her made me say to myself, it was a victory.
And I shot that video.
And from that perspective, it's true.
But that's a tired Alex, not a fresh Alex.
And a fresh Alex got up at
1.15 in the morning because I couldn't sleep and really went and looked at it and I went, oh my gosh!
The federal judge with the defense team and the prosecutors suppressed the black book of pedophiles and they say they'll now be protected and actually protected the child ring.
Chuckie Schumer now is rewarding the judge with a appellate court job with, and Schumer's heavily involved in the whole thing, of course, with Uma Abedin and Weiner and all of them.
So when you look at people, and you think about who they are, and you think about who stands against us, just remember that, and know that, that when you see the people attacking InfoWars at the top,
They are bottom line supporting child kidnapping rings and murder, illegal human animal cloning, baby blood farms and hells that I'm not even going to tell you about on air.
You think that's as bad as it gets?
It gets a lot worse.
I showed you mainstream news where Peter Nygaard has women have babies, his babies.
He then drains all their blood and injects it in himself.
I mean, you talk about just pitiful.
I mean, look at that judge.
Man, you talk about right out of hell, man.
Good God, they have opened the pit on us.
So we're going under judgment, folks, and literal demons are now taking over the planet.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, we'll go down the rabbit hole as best I can, as far as I can make myself go, with the truth of the Ghislaine Maxwell conviction when we come back in the next segment.
But first, let's go ahead and go to this report.
Realtors remove crime heat map.
Here it is.
Police announcing they have this man in custody, 25-year-old Willie Suarez Maceo, a licensed South Florida real estate agent who boasts expertise in the stock market, but who detectives are now calling a serial killer.
When considering to buy a home, crime statistics are at the top of the list.
Baltimore County, 911.
We just had a house blow up, and the house next to it is on fire.
What is the address?
It's on halfway with it.
A house exploded?
Maureen Kelly's, Maureen Kelly's.
One subject down.
Due to the current tsunami of cultural Marxist wokeism, realty sites are reimagining crime, removing what were known as crime heat maps and replacing them with vague safety data.
As homicide rates skyrocket, realtors are protecting their bottom line, skewing reality and putting potential buyers in harm's way.
The chaos erupted in Woodlawn early Saturday morning, when police say 56-year-old Everton Brown ambushed and killed his neighbors in their home, then killed another neighbor before police shot and killed Brown.
He was a pipe about to burst, and he burst it.
According to court records, people living in this community filed peace orders against Brown, one just three days prior to the killings.
It's not like we haven't been saying nothing.
We've been saying something for 20 years.
20 years!
And it was never nothing done.
A concerned InfoWars viewer recently emailed Realtor.com questioning if the crime map had been removed due to technical reasons.
Realtor.com replied saying it had been removed on purpose.
Defaulting to the popular corporate misnomer that crime statistics are racist, self-righteously purporting fair housing for all.
The radical left argues that the redlining of black neighborhoods that occurred before the 1968 Fair Housing Act is still alive and well.
Therefore, the factual data simply informing an entire generation that grew up under the progress of civil rights legislation must be eliminated.
We have to prepare for a more angry world.
Well, if you listen to Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group and Xi Jinping, the Great Reset is modeled after the Great Leap Forward.
The theme of this year's Summer Davos is shaping innovative societies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
What does an innovative society look like on your mind?
We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution.
Technology will change everything.
Business models, but it will also change society.
And we have to be prepared for it.
What is necessary is to make sure that the population absorbs
Are you sick of corporate bullshit?
Send an email to feedback at Realtor.com and or write to David Doctorow, CEO of Realtor.com at 3315 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara, California 95054 and demand that the crime map be reinstated before the practice metastasizes into a crime against humanity.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, folks.
We're going down the pedophile rabbit hole.
Stay with us.
Well, Harrison Smith, one of the final InfoWars folks still on Twitter, will probably be banned today, says, Support InfoWars, the news outlet not infested with pedophiles.
Everybody should go get that and retweet it, because there have been more arrests, more investigations at CNN with individuals reportedly running pedophile rings.
Recruiting children and their mothers to have their children perform sex acts on CNN-affiliated groups.
That's the big business!
Pimping of children!
So here it is, cover-up complete!
Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of sex trafficking, a minor.
Epstein's Network escapes all accountability.
InformationLiberation.com did really the best report out there.
It's linked on InfoWars, laying it all out.
And some will say, paradoxically, well, Alex, you did a video last night saying this is a victory that she was convicted.
Yes, but still the network that is running this has been protected, but at least some of their top operatives have been busted.
They had to kill one to cover it up, and now they're going to send her away from prison for a long time, and
Her defenders and the prosecution and the judge all agreed, I've got the quotes right here, that we don't need to make a big circus out of this.
That's the quote.
We're not going to release anybody in the black book.
Wow, so you're going to aid and abed?
That's what Mr. Nathan's doing.
I mean, this guy, this judge, Mr. Nathan, is doing, I'm sorry, it's a lady, Allison Nathan, literal protege of Chuckie Schumer.
Chuckie Schumer!
You got Wiener, you got Uma Abedin, you got it all.
And then you got Mr. I mean, sorry, not Mr. Rogers, Mr. Nathan.
Not, I'm sorry, Allison Nathan.
And so, you know, here's Allison Nathan, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't all you leftist young Turks feel good and all the other leftist shows, you know, defending this and covering it up and doing all this.
Don't you feel good about yourselves now?
Because even if you're not pedophiles,
Well, I mean, the head of the Young Turks says he fantasizes about pleasuring animals.
I mean, by the way, people think I'm joking.
Pull up a sink ougar or whatever his name is.
I'm about how he wants to pleasure animals.
And he just starts licking his lips very excitedly.
I'm sorry.
You just can't make this up.
Imagine being all these people.
And now they're sealing it all, they're not going to prosecute anybody of the people that came, including Prince Charles' brother, to have sex with 14 and 15 and 16 year old girls, many times that were purchased at age 7, 8 or 9 by Epstein in Eastern Europe, and flown
to these islands and then groomed over years of sex slavery to then be recruiters and kidnappers of other women.
I mean, they have airlines that Epstein ran, private airlines with 14, 15-year-old stewardesses that had been kidnapped years before.
And then those women are used, those little girls are used to recruit more people.
And by the way, the young turds leader, I'm not joking, you can put it back on screen,
I forgot, he didn't just fantasize about having sex with animals and pleasuring them, and now he would make it legal, if he was world dictator.
So he's also fantasizing about, well, you think about being world dictator, what would you do?
First thing that pops in your head, and not the hundredth, at least in my mind, or the ten thousandth, is pleasuring animals.
But first thing, when you're dictator of the world, is have sex with animals.
I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, it's very benevolent, you know, I would legalize bestiality, where you are giving, where you're pleasuring the animal.
See, I want to have fun like you do, too.
In fact, I've got a lot of really funny things here today, but you know, at the end of the day, that's not really funny, is it?
Let's continue here.
Cover-up complete!
At least he isn't into kids.
I mean, he never really made any pro-pedophilic statements, though they defend some of the Democrat pedophile networks and things, like CNN.
I mean, look at that, look on him, ugh.
Like, if I was gonna, I'm not saying he's into bestiality, even though he says he would be the dictator that legalized it.
I'm not saying that he has sex with animals.
He just talks about how much he'd love to legalize it.
But if I was casting somebody, do the wide shot, let's look at the mouth.
The mouth's the grossest part.
If I was going to cast somebody in a movie that runs a pet store so you can have sex with the animals, including the aquarium fish, it'd be that dude.
I mean, come on.
Come on, if you had to like, ask like, a questionnaire, like, is that a, is that a farmer?
Is that an auto mechanic?
Is that a soldier?
Is that a teacher?
Is that a lawyer?
Yeah, he looks pretty scummy, maybe a lawyer.
Is he a pedophile?
No, no, no.
No, he looks like he likes to have sex with goats.
So, if I was gonna catch somebody who has sex with animals, of course, against... I mean, yeah, yeah, no doubt.
That's not a pedo face.
That's a... face.
And seriously, there's something in a face where it just tells you what they're into.
Enchiladas, cold beer, and Marilyn Monroe.
Every day of the week.
And I'll tell you about it.
But see, he is over here telling you he's into farm animals.
But let's get back to the serious news.
This is really serious.
And I'm joking around because it's hard for me to cover this.
I'm sick of being serious.
Believe me, I'm just like you.
Cover up!
But I am completely serious that he looks like a
Somebody that's into bestiality.
Cover-up complete!
Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of sex trafficking a minor.
Epstein Network escapes all accountability.
And why weren't they running bestiality operations?
You know, renting out their French Bulldogs.
Because that's not even illegal in most jurisdictions and not prosecuted.
So they would have been doing, running, they'd have a farm of bestiality if they could get you blackmailed and controlled, okay?
Let's continue here with the queen of the cover-up, Mr. Nathan the Judge.
The intelligence network behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, herself a sex slave to her father, OSS CIA MI6.
The intelligence network behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's child sex trafficking blackmail operation can sleep easy tonight with Maxwell in prison and Epstein allegedly six feet under.
No, they broke his neck.
They wanted to get rid of him.
He's dead.
He was not that important.
He was a pimp.
And then it just goes on from there.
It's an excellent article.
Here's the police raid on the Palm Beach pedo compound.
We're showing some video of that.
But let's move on.
Here's the London Independent.
It's not just Alex Jones that is saying all of this.
It's the London Independent.
Ghislaine Maxwell's little black book to remain secret after judge warns against needless name dropping.
Oh yeah, we don't want to needlessly name drop who rape little girls, says the judge.
The good person.
The judge, I mean, they're good.
I mean, she worked for Schumer.
I mean, she's gotta be good.
Daddy pedophile right there.
He had a nice ending like Jeffrey Epstein, didn't he?
Another pimp to Prince Charles and Prince Philip and all of them.
And Jimmy Savelle.
Hey, where'd Daddy end up?
Same place.
Jeffrey ended up dead.
Are you paying attention, says Jack Posobiec.
The DOJ and Gisling Maxwell lawyers have made a deal that her little black book of contents will never be made public.
And then we got all the charges against CNN employees for running child sex rings.
And again, InfoWars is not powered by pedophilia.
But let me tell you, our enemies, when I face our enemies, I see them all the time.
They're pedophiles.
I mean, I am literally, so I need your prayers and support.
I'm on the front lines battling these psychic vampires who will burn in hell.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back broadcasting worldwide from the InfoWars News Center in Austin, Texas.
So, Jeffrey Epstein
Is a complete and total predator.
And he sleeps with the fishes.
And now his disgusting, pedophile girlfriend has been convicted of trafficking children.
That's a win in any book except... The judge... If you can call something like that a judge.
Has helped cover the whole thing up now.
Say they're not going to investigate who's in the black book, they're not going to release the names, they're going to seal everything to protect the guilty.
So remember when you see the Democratic Party or even these YouTube shows and all of them not talking about this, not talking about it, they are complicit.
And hell, they're even raping your children right now with all the GMO shots and the rest of it.
But here's some of the other news on that front.
Charges against CNN producer accused of inducing minors for sex reveal lewd details.
And it's the same story over and over again with these CNN producers.
A second CNN producer under criminal investigation involving potential juvenile victims trying to recruit children to have sex with other people.
They want the power of
Getting other powerful people involved in the networks.
And look at that face.
There's Cuomo's producer.
CNN finally fires senior producer charged with inducing minors for sex.
And that's the whitewash headline.
Sex with children as young as seven.
Their mothers brought them to them wanting to induct them into sex slavery to make money off of them.
Boy, there is a hot place in hell for those folks.
Can you imagine trying to take your seven-year-old daughter to some hotel room where dudes rape them?
I mean, wow!
I mean, it's just like, but again, who do you think works at CNN, folks?
I told you, right before they grabbed this second guy, before this thing came out,
That that's par for the course.
Absolutely par for the course.
Because these people are marching to Satan's tomb.
These individuals are going along with a very, very satanic spirit.
A transmission, a program, that's what it is.
You can dial into that or you can dial into God.
And those of you that have been blessed enough to never get sucked into evil, you don't understand that.
But you really should.
Because everything is about the theft of the innocent's energy.
That's like in the movie The Dark Crystal that they did a remake of.
I heard it's really good.
I haven't watched that in a long time.
And the Gelflings are childlike and simple and loving and good.
They're the evil Skeksis that kidnap them and plunge these systems into them to suck their essence and their life force to live forever.
And that's that same archetype that's in fiction over and over and over again because that's
What these people are doing, that's really who they are.
So if you want to wonder why Pfizer is so evil, or why Fauci is so evil, or why any of them do this, and it's because inter-dimensionally, it gets them closely aligned with the transmission that they are wanting to receive.
They don't look at a beautiful, healthy, happy little toddler learning about the world, giggling and talking, and they see them as a meal.
They don't see children having a future as a collective future of all of us and our collective wealth that we want to kill for.
Like, we want to die for our children.
We don't want to physically die, but we'll die for them.
We're ready.
But instead, with the TV and the culture, they literally suck their souls and suck their potential out.
And everything they do is about corrupting the youth.
Everything they do is about enslaving the innocent.
And we've got to just spiritually reject them.
And then say, God, I'm too weak.
This is too big.
I need you to take me over.
And then, as a metaphysical symbol of that, raise your hands and your fingers open like a plant to the sun, and say, save me.
Save me.
Help me.
I want to be good.
I don't want to be satanic.
I want to help other people.
Energize me.
Please, God.
Please help me.
I'm too weak.
I don't know the words to say.
Just help me.
Help me, Jesus.
Help me.
That's what you've got to do.
And those of you that are under satanic control, if you can physically do that, it's a big victory.
And you're going to feel a block there.
You're going to feel a block there.
And that's that satanic force.
But the more you cry out, God, like a flamethrower or a laser beam, is going to burn through that hole.
And you're going to watch all hell break loose in your family, and all hell break loose in your life, and all sorts of bad stuff is going to happen right away, and that's the devil using all his powers to threaten you to not join with God, and then as soon as that breaks through, you'll go to the next level.
And then God will have missions for you, little ones at first, bigger ones as you move on, and where you're going to have to get ready each time you carry out the mission
Then the enemy comes in and attacks you and you gotta get spiritually stabbed and burned and bit and attacked and lied about and crapped on.
They shot at me and missed.
They shit at me and hit, as they say in Wisconsin.
And that's the process of each wave of the attack makes you stronger.
Each wave of the attack
Makes the enemy weaker.
And your physical body is not the symbol of your power.
Don't look at the bodies of those that fight evil and we don't look like little sugar plums or whatever and we got scars.
That's the symbol of our victory.
We want to make sure these bodies are completely broken and worn out when we leave.
Because we put the full mission in.
We weren't glitter bugging around.
We weren't Hollywooding around.
We weren't trying to candy ass around.
We were here on this planet to make sure we guide the children to the light.
I'm gonna live forever.
I'm gonna cross that river.
That's a High Women song.
Will you guys try to find that?
I forget which High Women song that is.
I'm gonna live forever is the song.
We gotta play that whole thing when we come back.
I'm gonna live forever.
Johnny Cash singing it.
I'm gonna cross that river.
And that's what we need to know, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to cross that river at the end when we die, and God's going to say, I read you.
I scan you.
You're with me.
That's all.
It's your decisions.
It isn't God that even judges you.
That's the simple human way of seeing it.
It's what we did encoded in our genetics and in our will and our action is read by God when we die.
And you're taken by that angel with her hand on you.
And if God rejects you, a literal black hole opens up.
And that angel looks at you, and you drop.
You don't want to go there, folks.
Believe me.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
I'm gonna live forever.
I'm gonna live forever I'm gonna cross that river I'm gonna catch tomorrow now You're gonna wanna hold me Just like I always told you You're gonna miss me when I'm gone Nobody here will ever find me But I will always be around Just like the songs I leave behind
I'm gonna live forever now.
You fathers and you mothers, be good to one another.
Please try to raise your children right.
Don't let the darkness take them.
Don't make them feel forsaken.
Just lead them safely to the light.
When this whole world is blown asunder And all the stars fall from the sky Remember someone really loves you We'll live forever, you and I I'm gonna live forever I'm gonna live forever I'm gonna cross that river I'm gonna catch tomorrow now
Don't be part of CNN.
Don't be part of Klaus Schwab.
Reject Bill Gates.
Reject them all.
Stop pretending you're part of the power structure by serving evil.
Wake up and take action now.
Okay, so let's talk about some of these sickening evil people and how pathetic they are because they're not the winners.
They're the losers.
Don't let the darkness take them.
Don't make them feel forsaken.
Just lead them safely to the light.
Don't let the darkness take them.
Don't let them feel forsaken.
Just lead them safely to the light.
Powerful words of poetry.
Don't let the darkness take them.
Don't let them feel forsaken.
Just lead them safely to the light.
We are having our children forsaken.
All those we've aborted and killed, including myself, I was involved in it and I repent of it.
But now it's all out in the open.
It's the born children in the world and we're collectively allowing ourselves to be part of this.
This is such evil.
God will not forgive us if we don't fight these people.
If we don't stand against these people, we will be cut off from the Creator.
That's why the enemy does this to cut us off and take control of us.
Satan commits these crimes.
Satan wants to serve God, knowing that these are the ultimate crimes that can be committed so that God cuts us off.
This is alchemy that Satan's engaged in.
Not a bunch of cutesy stuff.
It's about who can I buy?
Who can I control?
Who can I get to do my will?
Let's talk about it right now.
You know, I knew Aaron Russo really good.
And I talked to him just about a week before he died.
He was a great filmmaker, and made a lot of big movies with Eddie Murphy, and was a very smart guy, and a big silver trader, and I liked him a lot.
One of those guys you hung out with, he was like, wow, this guy's got a lot of life in him.
And he talked about how he was hanging out with the Rockefellers, and they said, we're gonna collapse society, we're gonna bring in a cashless system, you're gonna have to have a chip, and if you don't do what we want politically, we'll just turn that chip off.
Yeah, there he is, a couple months before he died in Houston, getting cancer treatment.
But he was also... I think he was married to Bette Midler, yeah.
And so when I see Bette Midler in the news, I think about Aaron Russo.
And I think about what type of person you got to be like Bette Midler, who she admits never been to West Virginia.
It's a beautiful state, a lot of amazing people, but it is mountains.
And so, you know, mountain folks don't get to grow a lot of crops.
Mountain folks aren't as rich as other people.
You know, she came out last week, I didn't comment on this till now because I have a point to make on it, and she said that Joe Manchin represents a population smaller than Brooklyn.
By the way, it's three times that.
She's an idiot.
Has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like it's state horrible.
She wants us to be like his state, West Virginia.
Poor, illiterate, and strung out.
This is a woman worth hundreds of millions of dollars in her little Beverly Hills palace, making fun of poor people and coal miners in West Virginia, that her system's cutting off.
She's the definition of a bully.
And I can tell you right now, Bette Midler, you're not going to live forever.
You're not going to cross that river.
And I'm not here cursing you.
I can just tell you, lady, you better get right with God right now.
I don't know if you still can or what's going on with people like you, but let me just tell you something.
Your hatred of America is because we were once a Christian nation.
It's the same reason you hate Russia today is because they're becoming a Christian nation again.
But you look at that arrogant monster.
You think about Meryl Streep defending Norman Polanski and pedophilia.
And you just gotta say to yourself, what the hell's wrong with these people?
But it gets worse.
We got people like Michael Bloomberg up there that's set up with an intelligence agency.
Three intelligence agencies.
It's all the same agency.
A system 40 years ago to high frequency trade and shave points and manipulate markets and give lifetime data
To Ronald Reagan's plunge protection team, so if they thought there was a stock market problem, they could prop it up.
But they use that, not Reagan, these guys to manipulate.
So this guy's worth like 80 billion bucks or whatever it is last time I checked.
And he, he comes out with statements like, we need to just get rid of farmers.
I mean, what dumbass, I got the quotes, what type of idiot, you know, needs to know how to put a seed in the ground?
And the statement of,
What type of dumbass?
What type of idiot?
I got the actual quotes here.
You've heard the quotes.
You know, it doesn't take much to be a farmer.
They're the dumbest people ever.
All you do is put a seed in the ground.
Yeah, out there on your own property, you till the soil, you put it in the ground, you try to keep the bugs from eating it.
You've got to harvest it.
You've got to get through the scammers that want to rip you off on delivery, in the sale.
You've got to deal with the combines and all the big companies that drive down the prices of your product.
You gotta deal with your sick kids, you gotta deal with your sick wife, you gotta deal- I mean, being a farmer's rough, folks.
I mean, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, every proverb praised farmers.
Farmers are hard-working people!
Farming's a hard job!
And this little piece of crap sits up there and runs them down and says, anybody can stick a seed in the ground.
Just like West Virginia, right?
They're all a bunch of meth heads.
They're a bunch of trash.
We don't need them no more.
We turned off the coal supply.
We don't need them to go 5,000 feet down in the ground and mine anymore and get their lungs all filled up.
We don't need those men no more!
They're not like us in Hollywood, sitting there in our fancy mansions.
They're pieces of crap!
They're almost as bad as those farmers in Missouri.
Are those farmers in South Dakota?
Are those farmers in California?
Are those farmers?
Where do these people come from?
They attack everything that's good, including our children.
And one day, one day, one day, they're going to pay for what they've done.
We're going to stay strong and never surrender.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
West Virginia.
And there's Ben Midler saying, you're a bunch of trash.
Because you don't want to put us in the debt of the bankers.
You don't want to cut off our energy.
It's like Bloomberg.
I mean, who are these farmers?
I mean, what do they do, these dumbasses?
All you gotta do is stick a seed in the ground.
There's not tornadoes.
There's not storms.
There's not bugs.
There's not rocks in the field.
There's not all the scams with all the big combines trying to rip you off when you try to bring your crop to market.
They're the bad people!
They're the ones out there trying to raise their families and grow crops that basically don't even exist anymore, and they're the enemy because they're humans.
And because they're building something, and because they're close to the ground, and they're real!
And these Hollywood trash have declared war on us!
But I'm not pissed off at them because they are of their father the devil and they can't help it.
But I will tell you right now that all these candy-ass Republicans that sit up there and act like they're fighting a New World Order when we know damn well what we're up against.
I want war against these people!
I want them exposed!
I want them indicted!
I want them arrested!
They committed plenty of crimes!
I want them off the backs of our children, and I want them off the backs of our children now!
They're begging to be destroyed.
They're just begging for it.
They're just asking for it.
And all we need to do is culturally, non-violently flamethrow them with the truth.
Barbecue their asses.
Speaking of that, we've got the first domino to fall.
Almost into the shelter day, folks, because I am really close right now.
See, I can't sit on to this evil.
I will not be part of this.
Oh, no.
The first domino to fall happened in Miami, Florida.
We'll cover it at the start of the next hour.
Don't give the number.
I'll take your calls.
The first domino fell on the big ABC affiliate that's since gone nationwide.
The first domino to fall, exposing the poison vax.
You saw Fox News host Waters at, uh,
CPAC, or whatever the hell, Turning Point, whatever the Republican event was, that was Turning Point, this week, over the weekend, say, be the kill shot on Fauci, confront him running the Wuhan lab, confront him creating the virus, that'll destroy him.
And it's true.
You taking action is their defeat.
We already launched this contest. $5,000.
For every person that gets out nationally, and this counts, exposing the globalist agenda.
Watch the InfoWars.
Yeah, put that headline back up for me so I can read it.
Watch the InfoWars photo bomb.
The InfoWars photo bomb challenge has begun.
By the way, people will say, like, Jones, you sound drunk right now.
I'm not drinking right now.
I'm drunk on the Holy Spirit right now.
I am hammered as hell right now on Christ.
Because I've been in a lot of pain worrying about this stuff.
And the Holy Spirit just floods in, and it's just like, I get higher than a kite.
So, that's the way it works.
And these Satanists, they get high off hurting children, so that's their little thrill.
But, uh... We got that for you next hour.
I got that for you next hour.
You know, it's a paradox.
Like I said, almost even covering what they're doing is almost like giving them power.
Unless you explain that's what they're doing.
Then we defeat them.
But I mean, some of these headlines are just unbelievable.
I mean, look at this one.
Men's Health Union.
Oh, men's health, lift weights, jog, ride bikes.
You know, get a massage, take vitamins.
Oh, no, no, no.
You don't tune into Men's Health for that.
Just like you tune into Young Turks to learn about how great bestiality is, or you tune into, like, third grade English class to learn how great pedophilia is.
You read Men's Health to learn how wonderful men taking hormones so they can breastfeed is.
Whatever the hell that means.
Hormone kit that lets men breastfeed could be available soon.
And yes, if a man takes enough hormones, they might produce a couple of drops of milk a day.
You're not going to feed a baby.
It doesn't matter.
It's all getting you ready for this alien world of like, oh, there's clones.
Oh, there's GMO.
Animal-human hybrids.
Oh, there's transgender.
Oh, there's aliens.
Oh, there's aliens.
Oh, there's aliens.
Oh, there's aliens.
It's in the news yesterday.
NASA preparing the world for aliens.
You know, in fact, I've got the stack here.
I can't find it in my stack.
I've got to play this clip of this guy, this great patriot, then I want to get to all that.
No, that's China and their AI prosecutors.
Trying to find my list from yesterday I never got to.
Guys, just print me.
There's a bunch of articles.
Times of London, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian.
Aliens are real and NASA's preparing to tell you next year.
Is that true or is that a psyop?
Well, it's both.
I'm gonna cover that coming up.
Reprint me those.
I can't find the clips.
I can't find the articles.
But they're getting you ready for the lockdown in their own admissions for the economic collapse.
So you're like, oh, my bank account's not worth anything anymore.
You're probably wondering how that's going to work.
Would you like me to tell you?
Because I'm going to tell you exactly how it works.
Because I've not only read about it and researched it, I've seen it.
It's unbelievable.
You know, if I don't do this, we won't be here.
So let me just do this now.
A couple of big announcements here.
First big announcement is, I need to take some time off just because when you get so close to the grindstone, so long, I want to be here all the time, you lose perspective.
So I don't want to create a big conspiracy when I'm gone for a while.
But, you know, I think at this point it's kind of becoming a place of what are you going to do?
Kind of like I'm going to hand the baton to you, you know?
I mean, maybe I'll just be gone a month, maybe five years.
Maybe I'll walk out of here tomorrow and you never see me again.
That's really what I want to do.
I never want to come back here again.
My time is almost over.
My stories are almost over.
And you won't think that's dramatic once you figure out it's real, but then I say, support us, keep us on air.
It's a paradox.
It's a paradox.
Everything's a paradox.
I want to stay on air.
I want to continue to fight.
But if I'm going to go crazy, and I'm going to give out, because I'm a horse that's been marching for 100 years, at a certain point, it's not that I'm spiritually giving up.
It's not that I'm physically giving up.
It's not that the January 6th stuff did it, or the divorce did it, or the family violence did it, or the lawsuits did it.
No, it was watching everybody smile and love the Satanism, and loving killing the children, and reading teleprompters, and just... God's now... I'm almost there, like... Because I follow the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is now literally showing me Alex Jones' end.
My exit.
No longer on air, gone.
And then I think, well, I better do some good broadcast here at the end.
And maybe that's not what I'm going to do.
But I'll tell you, for the first time in 28 years on air, I've got one foot already out of this because you're going to have to deal with this yourselves now.
They're coming to kill you and your family.
And I want to be here with you when this is all happening.
But if God tells me to never come back to this studio again and leave,
That's what's going to happen, folks.
So every broadcast you watch, every broadcast you see may be my last.
Now, whatever happens, I want to try to stay on air as long as possible.
We have the new sale.
If you don't buy it, we won't be on air.
Plus, it's game-changing.
They don't want you to have it.
The Iodine Conspiracy, the Good Halogen Conspiracy, X2, back in stock, sold out for months, 50% off the new sale at m4warstore.com.
But, whatever.
It's up to you.
You want to support us?
Keep us on Air 5.
If not, I understand.
We're going to stop the human expansion.
Not just here, but a lot of places.
This planet is an embryonic base.
And the forces against God continue to come back again and again.
They keep coming back for more.
And they will fail.
You keep coming back for more.
Never stop, do you?
But you tried to silence us, and it's not gonna work.
Coming back again.
You keep coming back for more.
All right, let me get the number out.
Enough of this goblin talking.
Let's take the phone calls.
All right, I normally say first time callers or open phones.
And that's what we're doing again today is first time callers.
Is I want to give people a chance that have never gotten on air with us before.
I want to hear from you on any subject you want to discuss.
But first amongst these in my little brain is, man, what do we do about Trump?
I mean, look, it's one thing to think this is a real vaccine earlier, and now we know it's a scam.
He's got to say no.
What do we do about Trump?
Do we just move on and not talk about him?
Or do we go after his ass and try to make him get on the straight and narrow?
And then you're like, well, Rand Paul's a doctor.
He really knows.
What about him?
And so that begs the question.
But then more important than that,
What about the worldwide collapse?
What about the New World Order?
What do we do to say no to these forced injections?
How do we rally humanity?
And I got a whole stack of news right here dealing with this as well, with why, like, Biden's suddenly like, oh, it's up to the states!
And was like, yeah, you failed!
No, that's their plan.
Or Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's little pimp.
And by the way, the crew put a shot at Ghislaine Maxwell.
Twenty-five years ago, with Jeffrey Epstein, with one of his power prop planes, turboprop planes, that he flies little kidnapped kids around on, now convicted.
And I saw what they were talking about.
The crew was like, why did you make that point?
Well, it's just kind of, at a certain point, you just stop making the point.
But it's obviously, it's a devil's pitchfork, is the symbol on the side of the airplane.
And now because we're not showing it to you, it'll get 10 times bigger.
You're like, oh my God, is it true?
Is there a pitchfork on the plane?
You know?
Oh my gosh, here it is.
This is real.
Because the crew, it's not their fault.
I just kind of sprung this little Jeffrey Epstein pitchfork on the side of the plane deal.
There it is.
So there's the Jeffrey Epstein little, little, and he always does that same look where he's hiding behind the woman.
He's kissing the woman, but he's looking at you.
He wants you to know, I'm a predator.
I'm hiding behind the woman.
I'm hiding behind life.
I'm alluring the man and using the woman.
But I want the men's power.
I want their will.
I want their destiny.
I want their control.
You got your little neck broken three times, buddy boy, in that jail cell.
So you're a big, tough guy now, huh?
Egg-shaped penis and the rest of it.
So, there you go, big man.
You're a loser, not a winner.
Burn in hell, Jeffrey Epstein.
Burn in hell, Bill Clinton.
Burn in hell, Bill Clinton.
Burn in hell, Bill Clinton.
Burn in hell, Bill Clinton.
I pray that Jesus visit judgment on Bill Clinton.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing till they got a hold of me.
I opened doors for little old ladies.
I have the blind to see.
I got no friends cause they read the papers.
So here it is.
You attack the children, we open up the secret weapons.
Great new meme going around the internet.
Can't find us on Twitter, you gotta go to InfoWars.com.
I'm gonna have this added to the live show feed today.
Best fairy tales of 2021.
We've got the Q Shaman as an insurrectionist.
We've got a famous painter as Hunter Biden.
We've got a white supremacist as Kyle Rittenhouse.
We've got a hate crime victim as Jussie Smollett.
We've got the gun that shot itself as Alec Baldwin.
The SUV that drove itself as the Kenosha Killer.
And we've got nothing to see here, Ghislaine Maxwell.
And, well, of course, we end perfectly with a humanitarian Bill Gates.
A true work of art.
Because all art, whether it be beautiful,
Whether it be ugly, whether it be exhilarating, whether it be detested.
It has truth in it.
All true art is true.
All real art touches the soul.
And I don't know who made this.
I don't know who did this.
But you are a true artist.
And we salute you.
You know, look at today's show headline.
It's a pretty big deal.
Thursday live.
Think about what goes into that.
It's like live.
It's real.
It's independent.
It's in touch.
And then it goes on.
Top scientists, which is true, around the world have reached a consensus
The COVID vax is a depopulation weapon.
And I can play you hundreds of top scientists, which we've done, from Dr. Michael Yidan to Robert Malone to Wolfgang Wudarg to Dr. Zelenko, saying the same thing, because it's true.
But the full
Horror of that is so hard to deal with.
Do you blame the general public for not being able to understand it?
And yeah, the public's dumbed down and decadent.
In a way, they do deserve to die.
But we're not God.
We don't make that decision.
And the people making the decision to kill everybody are the worst of us.
They should go first.
And I would tell you that at Bill Gates,
And Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey, and Prince Charles.
If they went on TV and pulled out a gun and blew their brains off, and said there's too many people where cancer saved the earth, I would like, well, they've got some credibility with me.
But they don't have credibility.
They tell you you can't have a small space heater or a small car that you take people around as a job in Africa.
Remember Obama, six, seven years ago, went to Africa and said, you can't have air conditioning or cars.
He went to Brazil and said it too.
He went to Chile and said it.
So they're flying around on jumbo jets and helicopters and huge palaces and and they're like, hey, you're in a one room apartment.
You gave your child a piece of beef.
I mean, that's bad for the earth.
It'd be like a guy that weighed 900 pounds telling some starving Ethiopian, hey, what are you doing eating a sandwich?
You're hurting the earth.
And you're like, listen, you demonic lard ass, you
Are a joke.
So that's where we are.
I want to go to break and go to Don, Dean and Wayne and George.
Everybody else.
But yeah, I saw photos yesterday of Jeff Bezos on his support yacht.
It's like 150 feet long.
And then his yacht's the size of an aircraft carrier.
And that's great, okay?
People bought your stuff, they did that, whatever.
And he's there with his trophy wife spraying him off, and he's all royally up.
What was it, Arnold Schwarzenegger?
But then he literally phones Black Lives Matter and lectures everyone on their carbon footprint and says, you should all be poor.
And it's just like, what?
Again, it'd be like a 5,000 pound man teaching a weight loss seminar on YouTube.
You'd be like, uh, you weigh 5,000 pounds.
Yeah, there's the photo.
You guys found it quick.
So there's Jeff Bezos, juiced out of his mind with his new trophy wife on his support yacht.
And then he's lecturing everybody about our carbon footprint.
How about this, Jeff?
Here's more photos.
How about while you're out there all drunk with all your women, you stop funding transgenderism trying to chop five-year-old boys' balls off?
Because listen, you can go have your women and be on a yacht.
We love that.
We love that.
A man with a woman on a yacht.
Humans, babies, we're gonna build a thousand planets.
Wonderful, dude.
You can have seven planets yourself.
But will you just leave us alone?
Will you stop trying to hurt us?
Will you stop trying to starve us?
Oh, but you're the alpha.
I get it.
I get it.
You're supposed to show us how it's done.
You get it, yacht.
We get to starve to death.
I understand.
But I've taken a look at you, and I've taken a look at Bill Gates, and I've decided that you're not our leaders.
And the people have decided you're not the leaders, in case you haven't noticed.
And so I tell you now, you will be destroyed as soon as the sun comes up, if you don't start getting with God's program, and if you don't stop
Serving Satan and serving these lies and serving these frauds.
You think you're going to be safe in a societal collapse that you're going to organize and control and that you're going to end up immune from this with you and all of your little drunken women out there on your floaties?
And you gotta love the wife.
I mean, in every photo, just posing, posing, posing, posing.
In love with herself.
They both look like they probably took a hit of ecstasy while they're out there.
And they are just totally in this dream of the man and the woman together in paradise.
But they don't understand that if you don't try to give everybody else paradise, God flushes you down the toilet.
See, Jeff, if you don't attempt to lift up the poor, if you don't attempt to empower humanity, if you only pay lip service to it, there's an AI intelligence buddy boy that built the whole thing, not just this planet, and it
Doesn't like you, because it's not artificial intelligence.
It's truth intelligence.
It's infinity intelligence.
It's God intelligence.
It's unlimited intelligence, and it doesn't like what you're doing.
So if Bill Gates is right, there's too many of us.
And if Jeff Bezos is right, there's too many of us, everyone would respect them if they like... They're rich.
They could have a pool, put power lines, huge power lines into it, into the pool and just jump in, just fry yourselves.
Top of your head will blow off.
We'll just fry in the water.
It'll explode spectacularly.
Everybody will go, damn, that guy is actually what he said.
No, the truth is, you're not for depopulation for yourself.
You only want it for us.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
I just had one of my crew members say, hey man, are you drinking?
I am literally completely freaked out.
I have been up since 1.15 this morning.
I went to bed about 10 p.m.
and I'm just so upset.
I mean, I always wondered, reading globalist documents and seeing their plans and seeing them beta test extermination in third world countries, what will it look like when they go planetary?
When they hit the whole thing?
And I imagined a lot of it and made a lot of predictions that came true.
But I mean... I've been doing this 28 years.
And I'm like seriously on air talking about maybe I can't keep going on and I'm not... And then I feel like I'm letting people down.
You see, that's the thing about the Satanists though.
They just feel good and enjoy killing everybody and they don't worry about things.
I do.
And I know you do as well.
So... I mean, InfoWars will continue on, but maybe I should just quit.
Maybe today should be my last broadcast.
Dr. Peter McCullough's coming in tomorrow.
I'll be here for that, but I might quit tomorrow, actually.
And then just turn it all over and let everybody else host it, and I'm just done.
I mean, maybe I've run my course, and I'm not giving in to the enemy.
I just, I feel like my time might have come to an end here.
I'm serious.
I'm really, people know folks, I don't just say stuff for dramatic effect.
This might, this might be the end folks.
And there's so many weird reasons for it.
I can't really explain them, but it's like I'm not supposed to be on air in the time that's coming.
It's not that they're going to put me in jail or shut me down is the reason I would quit.
It's the opposite of that.
It's like, they're going to do that anyways.
I just need to get ready to die, just like you're about to die.
That's all.
It's just, it's almost obscene to be on air during this time, chronicling the murder of our children, chronicling the death.
I mean, it's what God wants.
You know, we did this.
We're all going to die.
We're liberal now.
It's trendy.
We get our paycheck, the left does, I don't get it, from the big banks, and then we follow the orders, and we die, and it's liberal!
I mean... You know, I'm just telling you the type of things I'm thinking.
The craziest thing I see is the talking point that the globals
Behavioral psychologists, enemies of humanity, use against us over and over and over and over again as that those of us battling globalism are the establishment.
When they're reading teleprompter messages from the most powerful, ruthless corporations in the world, and then they run around talking about how
They are battling the establishment.
All right, I said I'd take phone calls.
But I don't even know I want to do that.
Because here's the deal.
I can try to prop up InfoWars.
But hasn't InfoWars kind of done its work?
I mean, I always said we want to become obsolete at some point.
And I love this crew.
But if I'm gone, then the crew can organize and do whatever they're gonna do, and be who they are, and maybe that'll give them an incentive, because they do a great job.
Because I'm here on air right now.
I mean, I'll tell you, I'm not gonna be back for weeks at this point.
And I'm walking out of here, I guess tomorrow, because I got this guest.
Hell, Owen can have the Dr. Peter McCaul in there.
I'll walk out of here today.
And that's it.
And then people can speculate, and they can talk about it all, and why is Jones not doing a show, and why is Jones gone?
Well, because, I mean, it's not entertainment to talk about them murdering children en masse with GMO gene therapies.
It's not just, oh, look at this article!
Oh, look, they defunded the police here, and all these congresspeople got carjacked, and oh, look over here, they're saying all the veterans are terrorists, and look, it becomes a sick facade to just sit there and report on it.
And at a certain point, I can't do that anymore.
I didn't say I won't be protesting downtown.
I didn't say I won't be on an airplane.
I didn't say that I won't be going around doing things, but maybe my time on air is over.
Now maybe it's about what are you gonna do?
What are you gonna say?
Let's talk about something positive.
Let's actually get to some of the notes here.
This is Stefan Rivera.
And Stefan Rivera is the name of the YouTube channel that he has.
And he jumped on Andrew Perez's program on ABC News in Miami yesterday.
And here is the video of him culture jamming.
Here it is.
Is there live an update, Andrew?
You may remember all events were cancelled last year because of COVID-19.
This year, we're told the shows will go on.
The COVID-19 shot is for population control.
The COVID-19 shot is for population control.
I'm going, man.
I'm going.
Stop, man.
Don't touch me.
Hey, why you gotta be like that?
I stopped.
I stopped.
I stopped.
I stopped.
Do it again.
Bust your ass.
Do it, man.
I'm not scared of you, man.
You touch me, I have every right to beat your ass.
And it's going to be taking over live events like that that changed the world.
And wasn't the most spectacular?
No, but he's the first, meaning he's the most influential.
He's the OG.
We salute him.
And he gets $5,000 for effort.
Took over that live feed.
Get it right.
He's the first to hit the barbed wire.
He's the George Washington 2.0.
Stefan Rivera, we salute you.
So get in contact with us.
It's Rob Duzzi, Mel.
is a good guy to get in touch with to get your $5,000.
People say, well, he doesn't need $5,000 to do that.
It's the truth.
It's about a celebration of taking action.
And you start the chain reaction just like Bill Clinton's a rapist or bringing up Fauci and confronting Fauci for his crimes.
In fact, let's have that clip next segment.
When we and others called for confronting Fauci everywhere, it doesn't just mean you've got to do it out in the street if you happen to see his dirty ass.
It's other people doing it.
Radio host!
Hugh Hewitt interviews Fauci, rattles off extensive list of his failures and lies.
Ask him to resign.
We'll play a clip of that and go right to Wayne, George, Christopher, Dan, Chappie, Sandra, Robert and others on the other side.
But just stop going along with the talking points.
Start resisting.
Start saying no now.
Alex Jones, drunk on freedom.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
All right, I want to go to your phone calls here in just a moment.
We got some really bad news here.
You know Aaron Rodgers, the big star quarterback.
Has now come out and confirmed what we already knew, that they were giving him ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in the NFL to keep him good for games.
And that's why our people haven't been dying, and people in Europe have been in sports.
Just insane.
And now Letitia James, the George Soros Attorney General of New York, is threatening to sue, just like she did us, selling toothpaste.
Anybody that sells ivermectin including medical doctors that give prescriptions, though again the NFL has been secretly handing it out.
That's big pharma folks want to depopulate your ass.
I mean that is murder.
That's like not throwing a baby that falls in the pool a life raft.
I mean it's just these people are so inhuman.
I think?
I've lost confidence in the CDC and the FDA, and I actually believe a lot of Americans, a significant part of America, now have lost confidence in you, Dr. Fauci.
Is there a point where you will say, I do more harm than good because people don't listen to me anymore, and step aside?
Absolutely unequivocally no, Hugh.
There's a large and a small part, doctor.
The large part is not... I'll come back to the small part on the masks.
I'm told by people in the room that you knew there were a shortage of masks, so you told people not to wear masks so that we didn't have a run on masks.
I actually understand that as public policy.
I've read the account, I've talked to the people in the room.
I know that you purposely told the noble lie to prevent us running out of masks in hospitals.
I think it's bad policy, but I understand the motive.
And I understand changing... I change my mind every day!
You know, I'm on the air every day.
Stuff happens, I change my mind.
But what you said earlier, it's just facts sometimes.
It's just a fact that Tony Fauci, not the guy I'm talking with, but Tony Fauci, the person in people's mind, is now an impediment to public health because people won't listen to you.
They actively reject what Tony Fauci says for reasons which are complicated, have to do with psychology, mass communication, social media.
But can you accept that if that's just a fact, you ought to respond to it and say, Mr. President, I think my time
Is up as a successful and effective spokesperson.
You know, with all due respect to you, Hugh, who I do respect you and your intellect, I just completely disagree with that premise.
Because there are an awful lot of people who do listen, who do the right thing from a public health standpoint.
So because there are a lot of people who have ideas about conspiracies and changing minds and flip-flopping, that's not a reason to step down.
Not at all.
What I'm saying, though, is there comes a point where it is simply a matter of fact
That Tony Fauci in the era of social media is different than Tony Fauci at the beginning of HIV.
And if a new face for the program developed, we would see an increase in vaccines and an increase in booster use.
So if that data is presented to you, that more people would get vaccinated if you left the scene, would you leave the scene?
Hugh, I think that is a completely false narrative that people are not getting vaccinated because of me.
I am very sorry.
I've told you, I've known you a long time and I respect you, but I totally reject that people are not getting vaccinated because of me.
Are you kidding me, Hugh?
Come on.
I'm trying to explain to you the truth.
I got vaccinated because of you.
Okay, that's enough.
And that's Hugh Hewitt, his establishment person.
But he knows Fauci's going down, so... He always jumps on right at the last moment.
But the point is, is that... It's not a vaccine, Hugh Hewitt!
It's a frickin' gene therapy!
You snaggletooth possum!
All right, let's go to the phone calls here.
Let's go to Oregon first.
Let's go to Oregon where Sandra's at.
And I really appreciate her holding.
She's on the air.
Sandra, welcome.
What I want to say is that I've been listening to you, or well, actually, I haven't been listening to you for years.
I've known about you for years.
I mean, a lot of the things that you were saying were really hard to get my mind around.
But I also would say that I would be very sad to see you go because I'm just now getting my faith back.
I'm not trying to be dramatic.
I just have not taken off more than a week in 28 years.
And I just I just feel like I mean, I'm not being dramatic.
I'm literally
I love my crew.
I love the audience.
But I'm sick of begging people to keep us on air.
I love everybody.
I'm sick of all of it.
And if all the leftists want to die and take GMOs and burn in hell, let them.
You know, at a certain point, I've already told my story.
And it's true.
And it's almost like sick.
To sit there like, now they're carving up another child, now they killed another thousand children, now another hundred thousand, now they got the African kids lined up and they're starving to death, the UN's running the sex ring, and now they murdered another, and it just becomes sick, almost like I'm a narrator in a snuff film.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, no, it's completely understandable.
I always wondered how you did it.
I mean, the evilness that you see, I always wondered how you got your stories, who gave you your stories, and you know, the fact that you do is unbelievable and it has to hurt your soul.
Well, it does hurt my soul, and if I don't... I just can't believe, I mean,
I can't believe there's so many evil people.
But enough about that, Sandra.
We want to talk about antidepressants.
Tell us about those.
Yeah, I was, okay, so a little bit, a history about myself.
Okay, my dad was also a pedophile.
I grew up in a quasi-Jewish religious church, not Seventh-day Adventist, but it was a mix of Seventh-day and Jehovah's Witness.
So there was a lot of, you know, Jesus wasn't really even mentioned because he wasn't, you know, he wasn't a savior.
He was just a person that was born, you know, he wasn't really a prophet.
And so, I grew up with that religious ideology, but God touched me when I was, you know, a child.
There were some things that happened above and beyond, you know, the pedophilia, yadda yadda yadda.
But God touched me then, and I've been
In his, he saved me through many circumstances in my life and one of those, a lot of the things came to me taking antidepressants because I have CP, PTSD, CPTSD.
And I believe that that, that antidepressants are one of the things that the,
Mainstream media or just the global thing that you're talking about put into place to see to make us dumb us down, literally, to try to say, okay, here's a pill, take a pill, it'll make everything better.
Well, we know those pills are incredibly toxic, just the body alone.
You try to argue whether it helps somebody, it hurts somebody, it might help somebody, it might hurt somebody in my view, but overall they're extremely toxic and cancerous.
Oh yeah, I finally got off of them when I realized that they, my oldest son has been listening to you for years too.
I mean, but there's a whole different subject with that, but he is the one that told me that those pills are really bad for you.
I had an older brother that died while he was taking those pills, one called, imagine this, Elabel.
Listen, God bless you Sandra, thank you so much.
You know, everything I say gets misrepresented by the corporate media, which we expect.
That's why it's important to know the actual broadcast.
But they're like, oh, Jones is scared of the January 6th committee.
That's why he's threatening to dish dirt on Trump.
The dirt is on how Trump doesn't know what he's doing.
I said that yesterday.
I said the dirt, that's what endeared me to Trump, is that he didn't know what he was doing.
He was actually not under their control.
That didn't mean he was perfect, didn't mean he had all the policy answers, but he was actually trying to be the president.
That's what I said.
Not, if Trump doesn't do what I want, I'm gonna expose his dirt.
I don't know any dirt on Trump.
I said the dirt is he's not playing 4D chess.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
That's the dirt.
I said the dirt.
And I can tell plenty of stories in the rest of it because I don't want to hurt Trump.
I don't want our listeners holding him up like he's the Messiah and then he's going to fix all our problems.
That's why I did it.
And I explained that yesterday.
But there are hundreds of articles, BBC, New York Times, London Independent, LA Times, Mediaite, Crooks and Liars, Daily Beast.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
Jones holds Trump hostage.
What's he got?
He's about to admit Trump gave the orders to attack the Capitol.
No, that's not.
Yeah, there it is on Drudge.
You know what?
I got to sit in a room and write notes, but I'm going to dish all the dirt today.
After the show, I'm going to go tape.
And then in the last hour of Owen Schroeder today, the last two segments, I'll dish the dirt on Trump.
And the truth is, I'll tell you what the truth is.
I'll tell you that.
I mean, I got to think about it because gosh, there's a lot.
I'll tell you that.
I mean, the more I think about it, the more there is.
I mean, which make it's like paradoxical.
It makes him good that he's such a buffoon.
And then everybody's like, oh my god, the 5D, the 50D, chess, oh my lord!
No, I mean, he's like, why has China got a better deal than us?
The truth is, he could turn a piece of coal in his rear end into a diamond.
And it's good to have somebody like that working for you.
And there's no evidence he was ever with Epstein with kids or any of that.
They were socialites.
They got photographed a lot.
My job is not to defend Trump.
I don't get a paycheck for defending Trump.
I get lawsuits.
I get deplatformed.
I get attacked for supporting Trump.
That was my last straw with the morning talk show host we had, who I was glad was attacking Trump, and who I was listening to, and who I agreed with.
And then they were acting like, well, Jones must be on the payroll, so he's with Trump.
That's why you want to tag him.
No, I was hoping to salvage Trump and try to get him to do good.
It wasn't because, I mean, all I've gotten is hell for supporting Trump.
So then I'm like, oh, I'm censoring you when I never did?
Screw you.
I won't put up with lies.
But it doesn't matter, ladies and gentlemen.
This is where we are now.
So I want to go to your phone calls.
We got the great Mike Adams taking over.
He may have to hold a little bit in the next hour as I get to all these calls, but Mike at naturalnews.com is doing a great job.
And then, like I said, I'm going to just sit down in my office with an iPhone or, you know, a Droid recording me and I'll just talk about Trump because I need to settle down a little bit.
And I need to just, you know, talk about what the dirt is on Trump.
I mean, what is the dirt on Trump?
You know, maybe I should wait till next week.
Maybe I should take a week off and do it, because then I could really dish all the dirt.
And not to hurt Trump, but to separate myself from him and the corrupt establishment pushing this poison shot.
All right.
Shut up, Jones, and go to phone calls.
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50% off, back in stock, sold out for months.
And in the ad I cut yesterday, because they told me it was actually in stock, with the 18 wheelers that are here today.
I'm sorry.
The reason for my calls, I just, you know, the Holy Spirit is actually kind of leading me to go to a different direction and minister to you and your wife.
And one of the things I wanted to communicate is regarding addiction.
And not just to you and her, y'all are one person, but to everybody.
We live in a messed up society where, from the time we were children, if you think about liminal rites of passage, St.
Anthropology, with the Elysian Mysteries, you know, with the worship of Dionysus and the rite of wine.
There's a reason why we call it spirits, right?
We are told, don't do drugs, just say no to drugs,
And then we're told we're young adults when we can buy a pack of cigarettes, and grown adults when we can drink a beer.
And until we come to accept that that type of mind control for the purpose of game-saying is prevalent in our society, and break ourselves from that, that liminal rite of passage that we have been enticed into... I totally agree!
They sell it like a rite of passage.
Yes, that's exactly what it is.
And what I would say is, you know, we support your wife wholeheartedly.
You've given her your last name as Christ gave the church.
You know, you put a ring on her finger symbolizing the union between a man and a woman, a finger piercing a ring.
I'm not going to draw a diagram of the birds and bees, but, you know, it's pretty out there.
But Christ, when he came to this earth, he ministered to the sheep.
And his cloak would get touched, and the spirit would go out of him.
And once that spirit keeps going out and going out and going out and going out as you're ministering to the sheep every once in a while, you do have to go into the wilderness and be fed if you're not getting it from the sheep.
And I just want to tell you today, brother, my brother in Christ, Alex, I love you.
I support you and your wife and your struggle, what your children are going through.
And good God, man, you're your salvation, your own salvation, her salvation, your children's.
That's what's most important.
No, we're good.
Well, that's a doctor, you know.
I'm not attacking my wife, that's just what happened.
And then, that's when the roller coaster started.
Well, it's not this medication that's bad, it's... I need another medication.
And it's 100% Big Pharma, and that's what... I mean, literally, she like blacked out.
She attacked the police.
And I'm not attacking her, it's like true.
It's like she wasn't just attacking me, it's like... Obviously, I didn't attack my wife out of the blue, she's just attacking me.
She was literally possessed, basically.
Just running around like a wild gremlin.
And like, tackled to police when they got there, and I'm like, see what I'm talking about?
And so, yeah, it literally, I've been dating her for years, until we got married, and then we, you know, had our daughter together, and literally, those psychotropic drugs turned her into a different person.
Thanks for the call.
And so I only tell the story because the media misrepresents what happened.
Oh, Alex Jones got beat up by his wife.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
The left supported family violence.
She was attacking walls.
I mean, it was like, what the hell?
Me and my daughter out in the pool, swimming around.
We got to hit a pool.
She comes out.
She's like, starts gibbering and then starts kicking and breaking things.
We go inside, she starts attacking, kicking things, attacking, starts attacking me.
I called the police because we need to get an ambulance for her.
I mean, it was like, literally, you're like, we eat dinner, we go out to the pool, like, she's running around, I mean, it's the drugs.
Like, everybody that shoots up the school is on these damn things.
Every time you hear about some guy randomly kills a cop, they're on this stuff.
It is hallucinogenic garbage.
It is, and people are like, well, why did you make your wife stop?
I'm at work all the time, I'm not, like, telling my wife what to do.
If I do anything, it's spoil the women in my family.
And I got three daughters, and I've been married twice, so.
You know, I love my daughters, and I love my wife, and she's in a rehab right now just to, like, totally get off the prescription drugs she was on and the rest of it, but it's these damn doctors, and, you know, they take no responsibility for what they've done, but I don't want to go off into a long jag about that.
It's just, you know, it's just a mess.
I mean, it is a mess.
I mean,
She was literally like attacking a door in the house, like kicking it and like running into the door.
I'm like, stop.
She starts hitting me.
I mean, you know, I, yes, I tried to stop my wife running around like a malfunctioning robot in the house.
Like one of those vacuum cleaners, like bumping into the wall.
Like, what are you, what's going on?
What do you want?
She'd never been like this.
And it's the drugs.
And the programming and the 5G and all of it.
My God.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
All right.
Earlier today, it said that Mike Adams was hosting the fourth hour, but now it's Jason Burmess, who's just as good.
So looking forward to him taking over here in a few minutes.
But right now, here on the Alex Jones Show, let's go to Texas again.
Robert, first time caller from Texas, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, you know, when I used to go to work high after I got off a break or whatnot, I really never thought anybody could tell.
But watching you today, it really, it's clear to me that when you're high at work, people know.
So I just wanted to say.
That's a good one.
I'm actually exhausted.
I've been up since, uh, I've been up since 1.30 in the morning.
I'm just exhausted, brother.
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's, it really was weird how,
You went to break and came back and you could barely get through a sentence and then you went to break and came back and you're charged up again.
And I just want to say, hey man, be careful.
I'm afraid you're going to have a hard time.
Oh my god, that's another really crazy thing.
One time I had one of the crew members come up and say, are you on cocaine?
How are you super tired during one segment and then how are you super fired up later?
Because Robert, I can like beat 20 people's asses.
I mean, I've got a lot of energy, bro.
I mean, you understand that?
I mean, like, I'm not like snorting.
You're trying to say that I'm taking a drug.
Everybody's like, Alex Jones is on cocaine.
People have been saying for 28 years I'm on cocaine.
I hate cocaine.
I've taken cocaine like five times in my life.
I'm not on cocaine.
I appreciate your call.
That is just horseman-er, dude.
I'm alive.
You know what I'm on?
I'm on life.
I am.
Look, Jason Burmiss is laughing so much.
Let's go to Burmiss.
We'll take a few calls with him.
Go ahead and pop... Burmiss, you've known me for, what, 15 years.
Have you ever seen me use a stimulant?
No, and you know, one of the things that I always tell people when they ask me about you, it's like, I always tell people, you know, Alex Jones, same dude in a steakhouse or a burrito bar that he is on air.
You know, one minute you can be very, you know, measured, honed in.
Sometimes you're a little bit depressed, right?
You've shown that today.
And by the way, I hope you take a break and, you know, oversee things.
We can't live without InfoWars, bro.
I mean, I'm wearing the Arnold Exposed.
But the point is, the guy's trying to claim I'm storing cocaine during the break.
No, I hate cocaine.
You know, there is a good and bad and ugly of this whole Glenn Maxwell thing.
If it's not for Infowars.com and guys like you and me for over a decade, there is no Epstein arrest.
There is no Maxwell arrest.
They're burning certain people, and maybe this should be a warning to the Bezoses of the world that they might burn you too.
So let's not go into this whole transhumanist authoritarian nightmare.
Start fighting back.
You know, they burn car dealers.
Exactly, but the point is, Jason,
Only thing we've ever taken together is depressants.
I've smoked pot with you.
I don't smoke a lot of pot.
But I've smoked pot with you and I've drank a lot of alcohol with you.
I don't take stimulants other than coffee.
I'm just sick of people claiming I'm excited from stimulants.
I'm excited for freedom!
Yeah, and the coffee there was great.
You always used to have those ground beans over in the office, the fresh ones.
Yeah, that's the good stuff.
I've only had two cups of coffee.
I actually got to go get one.
Hey, I know you're an expert on, back with me, you were making films about child kidnapping rings a decade ago.
This has all come out.
I want to get your take because it's paradoxical.
I'm like, yeah, it's a victory.
She got convicted.
I don't know.
And then we'll take your phone calls pretty quick too and I'll get out of here.
But I am going to dish the dirt on Trump.
Not because of January 6th.
In fact, it probably endangers me with the committee to dish dirt on Trump.
I'm dishing dirt on Trump because I'm sick of him and the frickin' vaccines that aren't vaccines.
That's why.
With me, it's always straight up.
No cocaine needed, okay?
I'm pissed off because they're killing kids.
I don't need cocaine to get upset.
All right, Jason Burmess is riding the shotgun with us in this hour.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
George, Christopher, and Dan, we will get to your calls coming up next segment.
I really appreciate you holding from California, Maryland, and Ohio.
But Jason Burmess is a major filmmaker with Loose Change, and Fabled Enemies, and Shade, and a bunch of other, you know, some of the top films out there.
And I've known him for over 15 years.
We've produced films together and so much more.
And you know, I forget how much you have covered Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein for over a decade.
So I ask you the question, because I want to declare victory sometimes as well.
Is it a victory that, hey, they admit child trafficking, child kidnapping, all this?
But they sealed the black book of who the Johns are protecting the actual network.
Is it a defeat?
Is it a victory?
I mean, obviously it's both at the same time, but is it 20% victory, 80% defeat, 50% victory, 50% defeat?
I mean, what do you think about this situation?
I think when we talk about maybe legally, it's probably like a 5 to 10 percent victory.
In the court of public opinion and the arena of opening people's minds, I think it's bigger than that.
I think it's probably about a 50 percent victory, right?
Because without people like yourself and myself amplifying these stories that again were out there pre-2010, right?
It's a victory that we at least forced this.
We forced the arrest.
We forced good people within the NYPD system to go after Epstein and try to be legitimate about it.
And what happened?
Okay, let's talk about the first suicide attempt because we also have to get past Imaginationland.
You know, we have those people that think, oh, Ghislaine Maxwell wasn't even on trial.
She was in that courtroom.
I know journalists that were there.
All right.
We have to be in reality.
It's just like they did not extract Epstein.
If they were going to extract Epstein, you would not have the first incident, which involved who?
His cellmate, Nicholas Tartiglione, which they totally whitewashed.
Remember, they cleared the guy.
And then they said they didn't have the video.
And then months later, they did have the video and then they didn't have the video again.
When Epstein himself had told his lawyer that he was attacked by that gentleman, okay?
And then, I mean, that's a guy who's an ex-dirty cop accused of quadruple murder in a bad coke deal.
You want to talk about cocaine folks, okay?
And then the second time, you know, you have Michael Baden coming in and saying there were three fractures in his neck, and you usually don't have one fracture.
Okay, and again, there is no video.
The guards on duty were either asleep or not checking on them, and then they were prosecuted.
And then you have over, I believe it was 39,000 images and videos that were extracted openly, okay, from the scene of the New York mansion, right?
We all know this.
And we got to see about 40 of them, Alex.
And not only did we get to see 40 of them, here they are in the background.
They have any pictures of significance blacked out.
You say one black book.
Well, my friend, it's much more than one black book.
Here are some of the CDs.
That's right.
The FBI grabbed all that, that whole safe and that just disappeared.
And then this horrible judge, Daniel, or whatever the hell his name is, is covering all this up.
Well, you're looking right behind me at a slew of binders that are black binders.
Forget about one black book, Alex.
And these just have information on the outside that is, again, blacked out in the trial.
By the way, Jason, you're right.
I was reading the headline of Judge Black's Out Black Book.
That's their lie.
You're right.
It's literally dozens of computers, a whole bunch of safes.
I'm in a smorgasbord.
What is on this stuff, as best we can tell?
Well, we have to look to the fact that, number one, they said, what?
We don't want to politicize this.
We don't want to make it into a circus.
But, you know, and I'm no big defender of Trump.
I mean, one of his biggest failures was having Dershowitz, who they had on Fox News last night, not just the BBC, talking about this as his lawyer in that impeachment trial.
Okay, but there were never any logs of Trump with Epstein.
Now, people like myself had talked about how it was obvious that they knew each other and that Epstein had run on that plane.
But they made sure that of the new logs that did come out, they had Trump on them.
Again, trying to further smear the guy.
You know, I have to at least give him that credit.
Meanwhile, all the stuff with Bill Clinton was already in the arena.
I'll say this.
You have Glenn Maxwell coming up.
With another trial on perjury, there's two counts there.
Whether or not she gets convicted is almost a moot point.
Now, whether she gets, you know, 20 years or the 65 max, that is a big deal because let's say she gets 15 or 20, you know, she could get commuted in five or six.
You know, I wouldn't say it's a Cosby situation where they just kind of release them on a technicality, but
Right now, you have Jean-Luc Brunel in a separate trial, and you have Peter Nygaard, which you covered, which was a huge coverage, and I commend you on that as well, because we can talk about all the evidence we now see that they've covered up.
They never even investigated Zorro Ranch, which was the notorious, what, baby-making ranch there.
And from your research, what's going on with these babies?
They claim clones, they claim body parts.
We know Nygar was draining the blood out of the babies.
What the hell was going on at Zorro Ranch from your research?
So, let's take a look at it, folks.
It's in the desert, okay?
And it is extremely criminal that you would not invest... And it's in the middle of a national and state park line where nobody's at.
Exactly, Alex.
And we know, first of all, let's look at the New York mansion, right?
We know that Epstein, through Maria Farmer's testimony, not only had a room where he was taping all these other rooms in the house and individuals, but it was manned.
He had people there 24-7 working that office, if you will.
And were they private contractors?
Mossad, MI6, CIA?
What do we know?
We don't know exactly.
That's a great question.
That gave Epstein the mansion for a dollar, Alex.
And to get into the island, we know there were underground facilities at the island.
To think that they didn't have underground facilities here in this vast region
That has never been investigated, with people like Bill Richardson, who were the governor of New Mexico at the time, being named as Epstein Associates, and again, victimizing these young children.
Okay, never investigated whatsoever.
You have to wonder what was going on there.
You know, when Bill... Absolutely, so bottom line, you study Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, all of it.
Bottom line, who are these people?
Are they psychic vampires?
What would you call them?
I call them predator class because at the very base of it you have to be extremely sociopathic to do the types of things these people do on a regular basis and then look us in the eye and tell us otherwise in order to invert reality.
And I really think that these people go the way of social Darwinism.
They do believe that they can become their own gods.
It really is that Crowley-esque
I think?
Kurzweil himself, the big transhumanist that you and I have discussed many times, he's been the head of the immortality division, Calico, of Google for over a decade and people do not talk about these things.
And he's been right on a lot of technology.
But the bottom line is, they want to enslave you
With this technology.
They don't want to empower you.
It's just like with their social credit score, right?
Or their stakeholder capitalism.
They will never be beholden to their own rules.
You will own nothing and they will own it all as a predator class over their serfs and slaves if they have their way.
And this was just one of their minions they burned, man.
So again, Bezos, they could burn you too.
I just want to let you know.
All right, Jason Burmas, I want to get these three callers out of the way and have you take over.
You'll hit it all at the bottom of the hour.
Stay with us.
George, Christopher, Dan, we're going right to you in T-minus four minutes.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today and Freeworldnews.tv.
And of course, at Jason Burmas on Twitter.
We'll be right back.
Jason Burmas is about to take over.
We're going to take a few calls from George and Christopher and Dan before he does it.
But I want to just add this point.
We have a lot of legalists, whether it be in politics or legal areas or spiritual areas, that say, well, it's either this or that.
No, it's both.
Or it's ten things.
It's a hundred things.
It depends on what percentage it is.
You can try to create your own number, but it's all dead reckoning.
It's a victory because Lane Maxwell has been found guilty.
And it proves they're running child's ranks.
But it made the feds then cover up the black book, cover up all the hard drives, cover up all the computers, cover up the saves.
You're like, oh my God, that shows they're corrupt!
We forced them out in the open!
They're not liking what's happening, so I asked the question at the start of the show, is it a victory, is it a defeat?
It's 50-50 if you just look at it like, okay, they went to prison, everyone's dead, but they covered up.
But we forced them to cover it up in front of everybody.
So I'd say it's a 75% victory, 25% victory for them.
I mean, I think justice, the scales of justice are sliding against them right now, Jason.
I mean, again, it's really tough, right?
Because you look at this generational corruption, right?
The fact that you have a guy like Epstein in a prison where they held El Chapo, who had escaped from other prisons, but obviously wasn't getting out of that one, in a prison where they hadn't had a suicide in 13 years, and they allow that to happen.
Not to mention that it was reported that Bill Barr was there before the first suicide attempt and then reported after the fact that he was in the prison after that talking to Nicholas Tartiglione himself, you know, the cellmate.
But again, when you have that level of deep state corruption, that is real, that is not a right-wing term or a Trump term, something that was chronicled by Peter Dale Scott.
And you got a guy like Bill Barr who came up
With the CIA running the school with Epstein.
Well, you have the Dalton School connection, but he comes up, and what is his job in the Justice Department as he becomes a lawyer?
Well, all of a sudden, he's doing the BCCI scandal, the Banks of Criminals Cartels International, that's involved with the Iran Contra Network, and the Bin Laden Network.
And then, he becomes one of the youngest Attorney Generals ever under Mr. CIA, George Herbert Walker Bush.
In fact, he is named
As one of the fixers over in Mena, Arkansas, a man named Robert Johnson by one of those guys that was cargoing those drugs on C-130s.
So, you know, Bill Barr... And again, why the hell did Trump put him in there?
And that's the biggest problem with that administration, right?
James Mattis, John Bolton.
These guys were never our friends, and I think a lot of that had to do with naivety.
And, you know, I remember Alex at the time when he failed on Syria, when he knew it was time to get out of Syria, and he said, look, we're going to get out.
And then within a week of that, you had that false flag attack, I can't even call it an attack, in Douma.
And then he backed down.
Even though Mattis, in hearings less than 48 hours later, said they didn't even have evidence that, let alone a chemical attack had occurred, a attack had occurred.
And props to Pearson Sharp.
He went over there for OAN.
I remember watching it live.
He's interviewing the people on the ground and there was obviously no attack there.
So he should have stepped up.
Well, Jason, cover that more coming up.
Let's get to a few of these calls they're going to take over.
George in California.
Thanks for holding.
Yes, hi Alex.
Good afternoon, sir.
Hi there.
I have just like three points and I'll also answer your question that you had.
The one point I wanted to bring up with you and I thought Mike Adams was going to be there.
No, Jason, no.
Sorry about that.
I understand, brother.
Go ahead.
Yeah, one of the things is you guys quite often talk about false flags and
The possibility of like, you know, they'll stage like a shooting at a vaccination place, whatever.
I think my point is, or what I'm calling it about is, I think it already started with the rollout of the vaccine, given the fact that if you include what Laura Loomer last said there, when she was there, she said like in certain even red states like Florida, they've enacted a law that if the county health commissioner
I don't know exactly the title.
If they were to declare an emergency, it doesn't matter.
We would be mandated to have vaccines and take away our guns, which coincides with what passed in June, labeling unvaccinated as terrorism or terrorists.
Therefore, they're not allowed to have guns.
That's one point.
By the way, that's right here in this document, put out in actually June.
So yeah, I wanted to get your take and maybe even other callers in the future to kind of brainstorm.
What can we do to already prepare or, I don't know, warn others that, hey, it's going to happen.
I see people that I work with.
Oh, absolutely.
You can see all the pre-scripting.
George, is that your question?
You want to elaborate on that?
Well, yeah, just like, uh, what can we do to, like, prevent that from happening from the... I agree.
Let me ask Jason Mermis.
How do we stop... Obviously, there's pre-programming for a false flag to attack anti-vaxxers, or people that question this TMO shot.
You've made films about false flags, Jason.
Yeah, I think that you have to put your local representatives on blast.
You actually have to go in there, and I've been doing this when I moved to Iowa.
You know, I had to get out of New York State.
New York State, I knew I was not going to be able to fight.
I'm trying to get my brother and his family out of there now.
But the way to do it is to ask the legitimate questions, film it, and put it on the internet, okay?
And put it on Bandot Video.
Put it on YouTube.
Put it everywhere.
And that's why this signal is so important and your signal is so important because it is a network of us trying to hold these people accountable.
We don't have a media or a fourth estate who holds our officials accountable.
We no longer have checks and balances on the federal level and many times the state level.
You have to be that check and balance.
So that's where you start.
You say, why is this legislation
Even here, this needs to be taken away immediately, and we're not only going to vote you out, we're going to put you on blast daily for what?
Voting this in.
That's right.
Great point.
All right.
Thank you, George.
Christopher, first time caller from Maryland.
You're on the air.
Welcome, Christopher.
Thank you, Alex.
Long time listener.
Almost 28 years now.
Like, not every day, not all the time, but you hit the important
We love you, brother.
Good to have you here.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, I mean the vaccines, the whatever, but I think a lot of people don't understand the origins.
Silent weapons or quiet words.
Henry, Colonel Alexander.
They must understand this technology.
That they're implementing against us.
It is bio-warfare.
Well, tell folks about it.
Binary... Read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.
It's a binary system.
Where they inject you, and then keep giving you injections.
And it lowers your immune system.
All right.
It's in the Rockefeller Foundation document.
Watch that.
It's so frustrating.
Don't hang up, Christopher.
I want you to get a final comment.
Then we're going to talk to Dan and then Jason Bermas is going to take over.
Ahead of The War Room in T-minus 32 minutes from now, Owen Schroyer.
And like I said, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to dish on Trump.
But it's not the way people think.
It's not like, oh, he's criminal, oh, he's a mastermind.
No, he didn't know what was going on, and he doesn't know what's going on.
But I'll give you the big dirt.
Oh, Jones is going to admit he ordered an attack on the Capitol.
No, that's not what I'm going to do.
All right, I'm about to get out of here and let Jason Burmess take over the last few segments.
But Dan in Ohio is a first-time caller.
Welcome to the Airwaves, sir, and thanks for holding.
So Dan, what's your question or comment, sir?
Yes, sir?
If you had let Bible Dan debate you on Infowars about what happened before the Tribulation and Rapture, before what comes before, like the days of Noah,
If you were in the days of Noah, you would be warning people about the coming era.
Okay, well I understand you're a better theologian and a better Christian than me, so instead of you telling me how I should be doing stuff, tell me.
Go ahead, tell us what's about to happen.
Well, Jones, this is about to happen.
We are about, we're experiencing what is coming before.
The Rapture.
Before the Tribulation.
I wanted to come on your show and debate you on that, but you refused it.
Okay, listen, brother.
I just gave you a chance to say what your view is.
You just want to go back and like a parrot, repeat the same thing.
I want to debate you.
I want to debate you.
I want to debate you.
You're on the air now.
There's no debate.
Tell us.
I agree.
As in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.
I think we're entering that now.
Tell us what you think.
Well, Jones, it's going to be the rapture.
And I know you disagree with my view on the rapture, but the only evidence you can give to the listeners that it's going to be, we're going to go into the tribulation, is you and Dyer quote a scripture, when the sun goes black.
That is not a sign.
Here's the deal, Dan.
You obsess over the lady that answered the phone.
You said you were a first-time caller.
Did you lie and say you were a first-time caller and get on air?
First-time caller.
First time in two years.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, man, I can't do this weird theologian stuff.
Hey, great.
Everything's wonderful.
Whatever, dude.
As just a person, I'm against the World ID and the control that comes with that.
Let's just get out of the religious debate about it.
I'm against the New World Order.
I'm fighting it.
I'm not your enemy.
Jason Burmess, we love you.
Take over the last 25 minutes.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
And you know, let's go back to the last caller and talking about
This idea of not only transhumanism, but really affecting your mind.
Forget about silent weapons for quiet wars.
Look at this RAND document.
Anybody can go check this out.
The Security 2040.
And this involves what?
The FDA, the National Institute of Health, DARPA, IARPA, all working together with industries
What institutions, the NGOs, and the universities as well to bring in a very real invasive and non-invasive transhumanist agenda.
It's all in this document.
In fact, that paragraph, let's go to the FDA section right here.
And it tells you all these people are not only working together, they're heavily funded.
For instance, the NIH there had already allocated between 2014 and 2015, okay, well over a hundred and twenty five million dollars.
That's public.
All right, think about what they've been doing the last six years.
This is for the global populace.
It's not just the United States, right?
DARPA has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on record since the early 2000s.
That doesn't even include their black budget.
And that's why the focus on transhumanism, at least right now, should be a priority.
Because as Alex has said, these quote-unquote vaccines are really
Gene therapy, but they're not just gene therapy.
mRNA, sure.
There's a lot of different things that you can do with it.
All right?
And I want to show you the strategic collaborators on mRNA, according to Moderna's own website.
Who are they?
That's the Defense Department, folks.
How honest!
Has the Defense Department been not only with the American people, but the global populace?
Really think about that.
Do they have any vested interest in telling the truth to the public?
And they are constantly dealing with what?
Classified issues, classified technologies, and beyond.
Things that are literally born classified and so compartmentalized, very few people get to see that big picture.
Do they tell you the truth about weapons of mass destruction?
I mean, you could go to just the ISIS-K debacle, which they got caught on, where they killed women and children.
You trust them then?
You trust Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation or Merck or AstraZeneca or Moderna itself?
And then you realize that they partnered with DARPA, and this was up on their own website up until about a month ago, but that's okay.
And the funny thing is that, yeah, they are therapeutics here, right?
They don't even dare call them vaccines because you actually had to change the definition in this COVID-1984 nightmare to include these type of quote-unquote therapeutics or drugs.
Into vaccines, just like they did with the vector-based technology.
And what's funny is, not only did they partner with them on pandemics, right?
That's the headline here.
It was pandemics.
But if you look at their own page, it wasn't just pandemics.
It was actually infectious diseases and engineered biological weapons.
You mean like a virus?
That has, I don't know, certain protein fragments of HIV in it?
And you have people like Luke Monnier coming out and saying that this was obviously engineered in a lab and you've never found an animal reservoir?
You're injecting that into us.
And then on top of it, you're going to sell us a program called Operation Warp Speed, where you can further classify its distribution investors.
Great idea.
Great idea.
And that is a huge failure of the Trump administration.
And I think those people that are still wrapped up in the idea that you're going to vote your way out of this.
And that somehow, this red wave, I keep seeing it on the right-wing networks, the red wave's coming, the red wave's coming, we're gonna stop these Socialist Democrats!
This is about authoritarianism.
Alright, don't get me wrong, there are Socialist aspects of it, because they gotta promise you something, right?
This has always been my, you know, big problem with, you know, progressives and their dreams of Medicare for all.
What Medicare?
You mean the one where they refuse you ivermectin?
You mean the one where they cut off monoclonal antibodies?
You mean the one where they don't even want you to know about budesonide?
And I will give props right now to the Florida Surgeon General, because he's come out and said that the Biden administration, and I call it the Zombie Jay administration, right?
Because Biden's not really running it.
Kamala Harris isn't running anything.
I mean, she's an embarrassment.
And said, look, they're costing people's lives.
By not getting any monoclonal antibodies.
But then on TV last night, he also mentioned that you had all these other cheap therapies, like inhaled Budesonide, for over a year!
How many people know about that in the public arena?
I mean, makes sense.
A steroid that gets into your lungs?
And remember, early reports, even out of China, okay, even out of China, when I was covering this,
In February and March before any lockdowns in this country said what?
They were successfully treating people early with steroid treatments and vitamin infusions.
Oh, you got censored for that, right?
The United Nations didn't want you to know about the World Health Organization.
Literally an establishment that is just, like, filled with pedophilia.
I mean, the last scandal, again, the Ebola in the Congo scandal, where now, again, we have to take advice from these authoritative sources that censor us, that are involved in child rape.
It's unbelievable, but it's generational.
Let's bring it back to the Epstein case, just in this last little segment for a second, alright?
What do you know about Lord Mountbatten?
Well, I'll tell you something about Lord Mad Batten.
He was a NATO commander.
He's a part of the Royal Family.
He's Charles' favorite uncle and Andrew's uncle.
Oh, he's also...
Somebody that the FBI knew about before he had some of those positions, who had a lust and perversion for young boys.
This is generationally psychopathic and predatory, and if you think these people have your best interests at heart, you better think again.
We are back!
I am Jason Bermas, sitting in for, I believe, the final segment of the final hour of the Alex Jones Show, and let me reach out to the audience before we finish up here and talk about
This Maxwell verdict, the larger picture with Epstein, and a network that really goes well beyond Epstein, right?
It goes into the Iran-Contra network.
It goes into the same network that carried out and covered up 9-11.
That is a reality.
But how would the public know those things if it weren't for InfoWars.com and Alex Jones?
Look, Alex and I have had our differences.
We've known each other for many, many years.
But I still remember, okay, all the way back in the day before I made loose change with Dylan Avery and Corey Rowe,
Finding out that I was lied to about 9-11 and trying to find as much information as possible.
And I came across a download of a real media file that was out of sync.
It was over two hours long.
It was 9-11 the road to tyranny.
And it was this low-production, gruff southerner in what appeared to be like a, I don't know, AXS TV studio, eh Alex?
Saying things that I thought were over the top then.
And sometimes presenting evidence that was eye-opening to me.
But at the same time, I left, I go, I want to prove this guy wrong.
And unfortunately, as I was looking more and more into these things, although maybe he articulated it in a different manner, I soon came to find that he was indeed correct about the vast majority of what was presented in that film.
And that led me into so many other avenues and directions.
And not only did I focus on 9-11 with Loose Change, Final Cut, and Fabled Enemies, but I expanded into Invisible Empire and New World Order Defined with InfoWars.com, really my swan song.
Go take a look at that picture right now free.
And it lays so much of what has already happened out well over a decade ago.
And we reached a lot of people with that film and then Shade the Motion Picture and he reached a lot of people with the Obama deception.
Okay, and these were important to the zeitgeist around us that began questioning narratives.
And now, despite the gaslighting on NBC and CBS, right, and mainstream media, CNN, all that stuff, the vast majority of people are questioning the reality that's presented on that box.
The vast majority of people would rather listen to their neighbor, in many instances, and see what is posted on social media.
And that's why you've seen so much censorship
The last two, three years.
And InfoWars is a target.
So I'm going to say this.
You know, I know he's got great products.
I know Reset Wars is out there.
Give a straight donation before 2022.
Let the man take a rest.
We all need a rest.
Trust me.
You know, one of the main things of this whole nightmare, this COVID-1984 nightmare, is that you are also going to have to find a way to navigate this situation.
I don't like talking about bioweapons that have been unleashed on the public and then injected into the public in different regiments, but that was something I was talking about with Alex Jones over a year ago on my program when we were discussing how do we become the great resistance to this very real great reset agenda.
Okay, one of the ways that you help resist, guess what?
It's supporting this broadcast.
And Infowars.com isn't perfect, Jason Burmas ain't perfect, I can tell you that right now, but the heart is in the right place.
And we want to see more arrests, more convictions, more accountability.
I'd love to see the checks and balances of a judicial, executive, and legislative branch.
But in order for that to occur, at the very bare minimum, guess what?
You have to have a fourth estate that asks tough questions.
You have to have a fourth estate that points out that Jean-Luc Brunel was very much a part of this Epstein network, just like Peter Nygaard was a part of this Epstein network.
And it seems very apparent that despite what the media has said, what?
Come on, Les Wexner was absolutely a part of this network.
And Les Wexner, aside from being, you know, this highfalutin billionaire in all these different arenas of fashion and models, right?
He was very much involved in foreign policy for the Israelis.
In fact, there's a document out there from the Wexner Institute where the United States had toppled Saddam, but it was talking about how do we keep the United States in Iraq now?
Now that the people have already seen us go into Afghanistan and take over there, now that we've seen mission accomplished over in Iraq as well, how do we get them to stay?
And they talked about a multitude of methods to manipulate the populace into doing so.
And guess what?
We're still there, aren't we?
We're still in Iraq.
How about that?
That 20-year anniversary will come up sooner than you know.
I think, what are we, about 18 months out from that?
Something like that?
18, 19 months?
So this military-industrial complex does move on.
And unfortunately, that's a reality we all have to face.
And that's what this battle is, really.
It is the battle for humanity.
Because the transhumanist nightmare they want to impose on us through regulations, through trying to say that we're harming the planet, our carbon needs to be reduced,
Okay, we need a social credit score so we can all have a stakehold in the new society about our feelings, right?
Meanwhile, they use the technology to empower themselves over us.
They are beholden to none of those rules.
And our very souls, or whatever you believe we have, because I'm not a Bible thumper, I'm not here to tell you what to believe, but I think our consciousness, our very being, is something that they cannot replicate.
That goes well outside, okay, well outside of the, you know, 2-3D dimensional universe that we see.
We know there are other, not only spectrums of light, but things that are around us we could never even comprehend.
We can't accept that.
We also know that our very beings, our minds, our thoughts are extremely powerful and that's something they've tried to suppress.
with their technology.
So you want to hardwire something into your brain or you want to allow these people to use their quote-unquote non-invasive technologies and magnetic fields to then monitor your brain and whether or not you might be a dissident.
That's all in this document.
Again, forget about
You know, silent weapons for quiet wars and all that stuff that was written back.
They're putting it in their own technological white papers and openly touting who's going to be doing it.
The robots are now rolling out on a commercial basis.
Spot the DARPA robot is doing dances.
Meanwhile, they're telling you the human race is going to the stars, we're going to the moon, we're going to Mars, we're going to colonize, we're going to do all these great things.
That's not reality.
They're going to trap you in a metaverse, in virtual reality, in isolation, and not only
A pharmaceutical, medical, tyrannical nightmare like we're seeing now, but one that involves bio-nanotechnology.
that can do things we can only imagine.
And once again, InfoWars.com has been at the forefront for exposing that agenda.
I am Jason Bermas.
I've been around a while as well.
All my documentary films are free.
You can find them over at my YouTube channel, which I did get back because of a lot of you guys and the fact that, again, it's all selective enforcement and they want to censor the truth
To promote their false narrative that is an inverted reality.
We're gonna fight them tooth and nail.
I know you are too.
So, follow me over at Twitter.
Rockfin, rockfin, rockfin, rockfin.com slash Jason Burmess.
That's where all my stuff is.
Completely uncensored.
They don't kick me off of that platform.
Still gotta make that banned dot video page.
But that is another great platform for free speech that we have to use to empower one another.
So, get out there.
Start, you know, photobombing and telling the truth on these live newscasts.
Collect that $5,000 bounty.
Do your own thing.
Be a human being.
Step outside.
Do this on a personal level with your neighbors, your friends, your families.
Don't have fear.
Find a point where you can agree on something and work your way out from there.
There is hope in this.
I do believe that.
And again, that's one of the aspects of this Ghislaine Maxwell trial.
They are having to burn some of their own.
Do you think that Epstein thought he was going to have his neck broken in three places?
Do you think that Ghislaine Maxwell thought she was going to spend her 60th birthday in prison?
Not likely, folks.
So let's keep fighting the good fight.
I am Jason Bermas.
I want to let you know it is not about left or right.
It is always about right and wrong.
Go to SaveInfoWars.com right now and make that donation before the new year.
Everything we've witnessed in the last few decades has only been the build-up for what the globalists are doing right now.
This is their big offensive.
This is their takeover.
And this is the point that they're at their very weakest because now they've revealed themselves.
Now their world government, their permanent martial law, their medical tyranny is out in the open.
Their depopulation agenda has been exposed.
But they're using their corporate power and trillions to go across the planet and shut down people telling the truth.
So listen, Paul Reveres, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you pray for the broadcast, you're the tip of the spear.
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Only way we fail is if you don't take action.
Should you wear a mask if you're healthy?
And if you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing a medical mask.
But if you are, then you should.
Right now is our insistence now on wearing masks.
Masks do not work for the general public.
People should not be walking around with masks.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
You do not need to wear a medical mask.
Masks don't control viruses, they control you.
That's what this is about.
I really believe that if we get rid of the masks, the rest of this house of cards fall down.
It just blew my mind how the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
The biggest issue with face masks is the impact they have on our children.
But children in masks is absolutely dangerous.
And this has to stop!
Defend our children!
The air should not be illegal to breathe.
You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
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