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Name: 20211229_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 29, 2021
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It's Wednesday, December 29th, 2021, and major breaking news has just come out.
Thanks to God, thanks to great investigators, thanks to all of you out there.
Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Mossad MI6 CIA handler.
Has been completely busted and convicted of five of the six counts, including sex trafficking, little girls for political control.
This is a Death Star being blown up moment.
This vindicates everything we've covered and what we've done.
We have been demonized.
We have been attacked.
We have been put through hell the last 15 years for specifically exposing Jeffrey Epstein.
But you, the listeners and viewers, have kept us on air with your word of mouth and your prayers.
And now, this monstrous creature
Despite all their blackmail, despite all their control, has now gone down for trafficking hundreds and hundreds of little girls around the world to blackmail businessmen and scientists and others to control our country and other nations.
This is a big, big deal.
Ghislaine Maxwell, the Mossad, CIA.
MI6 triple agent operative.
Her father, a very famous MI6 OSS Mossad operative as well.
This whole thing is going down in a collapse.
The house of cards is going down.
This is such a huge moment and we should all take time out to think about the victims and to pray for those.
We're good.
One of their main sex slavers and that we're going to get every damn one of them.
I want you to commit with me right now and pledge before God that we're going to get you sex slavers.
We're going to bring down you globalist child molesters.
We're going to defeat you.
We're going to stop big tech that's been censoring all this information and been part of the cover up.
Google, Apple, Twitter, all of them.
I mean, they've all been part of this.
They've all covered it up saying it doesn't exist.
Alex Jones is wrong.
But now they're going down.
This is one of the biggest victories in my 28 years on air.
Maybe the biggest.
As we expose the currency they traffic in, the innocence of our children.
I'll be covering it all tomorrow on the weekday radio show.
11am to 3pm.
We've got the morning show with Harrison Smith, American Journal, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
We've got the War Room, comes on at 3 p.m.
But regardless, that's why they want to shut down Infowars.
Thank you for keeping us on air.
Thank you for helping us expose these monsters and now bring this witch to justice.
She's been threatening to expose the Johns.
Hey, great!
Why is nobody talking about the Johns?
It's all about Epstein did this, Maxwell did that.
What about the Johns?
What about what they did?
We want to cover that.
We will be covering that at InfoWars.com and FreeWorldNews.tv.
But regardless, this is a big victory for all of you that have stood up against these people and for all of you that have spoken out.
And so, for myself,
On the InfoWars family, we salute you and we thank you.
Godspeed, my friends.
We'll see you at InfoWars.com.
2021 has been an incredible year.
It's been an incredible year for evil, but it's also been an amazing year for the global awakening.
It's hard to believe it's almost over.
Christmas 2021 is now a thing of history, and we are plunging into the most critical year, not just in U.S.
history, but world history, in my view.
So please continue to spread the word about InfoWars.
Please continue to pray for the broadcast because all of us together, including you the viewers and listeners, are the tip of the spear.
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