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Name: 20211228_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 28, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show interviews Wayne Allyn Root about globalists manipulating media narratives around COVID-19 vaccines to push a depopulation agenda. They discuss historical examples of fear and propaganda being used to control people, warn against new myths involving aliens and technology, and promote InfoWars as a source of information. The speaker shares his personal experience with survival shields for cognitive improvements.

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The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda, and with spiritual warfare, and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because they know we are strong and they know in the end they signed on the god of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep Infowars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the Mark of the Beast they just announced.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome and thank you so much for joining us on this live Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 broadcast.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours here on the vaunted Alex Jones Show.
We already cover the basics of what's happening in the world very accurately, and everybody knows that.
But a lot of times I'll have the intent hours before the show to have a particular topic I want to start out with, and then right before I go live on air reviewing more news, I see a pattern developing that needs to be covered, it needs to be discussed, and a lot of times it hits me like a ton of bricks on air.
As well, when I see these patterns come together.
But a lot of what I'm going to hit is already broke.
Some of it hasn't.
But all of it fits together.
And then we have them admitting, indeed, that's what they're doing.
That's the most nightmarish aspect of all of this, is that you can put the pieces together and look at the different things that are happening.
And then you can go find Club of Rome, and Davos Group, and UN, and Autobahn Society, eugenicist groups, saying exactly what you have already reverse engineered, but for one thing.
They say it's good.
And so about 20 minutes before airtime, I'm sitting here, and I'm looking at stories, one of which we actually broke, over a month ago in Texas.
And people didn't believe us.
And then it happened to one of Joe Rogan's guests in another state, and he sent him the documents a few weeks ago, and well, then the states came out, a whole bunch of them, and said, no, it's true, we deny white people monoclonial antibodies because they're privileged.
According to race,
It's really bad to tell black folks you can't come in the restaurant or the hotel.
But that's terrible, right?
What about telling white people, oh sorry, you don't get the monoclonial antibody.
So I have it directly from Minnesota and several other states where they say it.
I have the document if you're a TV viewer, it's on screen.
If you're a radio listener, we're going to read over it.
But see, that's only a small part of this.
I have the whole constellation of news that connects to that in Germany, in Canada, in New Zealand, in Australia, and right here at home, that it's all being run by the same group, the same organizations.
Through the big central banks, through big pharma, down into the health departments at your local level.
We're good to go.
And telling them, hold the course, the transformation is here, we are now forcing the transition, we are now entering the new system, the Great Reset, where they collapse all the small businesses and farms and ranches, and then the big banks come in with all their fiat money and buy it up for pennies, and now we all get universal incomes, but they dictate to us how we live our lives.
That's now in the New York Times, the Washington Post, they're saying, the Great Reset's here, you're gonna get free money, it's gonna be wonderful!
Everything they tell you is a lie.
So what I'm going to do is, at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to go over all of this.
But just look at these headlines right here.
Minnesota puts white people at the back of the queue for life-saving COVID-19 treatment.
People didn't believe it when it happened to Harrison Smith and he recorded it.
They said, that's got to be fake.
Those have got to be actors.
She says, no, you're white.
You don't get it.
That's the rule.
I'm sorry.
Remember that?
People didn't believe that.
Just back in the middle of November.
About a month and a half ago.
And now it's all confirmed.
Here's the actual document.
Ethical framework for allocation of monoclonal antibodies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
And you see those little tabs?
I'm going to show everybody on TV and tell radio listeners where to go.
In fact, I'm going to add this linked in the live show feed.
We have a link to it in our article about it.
And we actually show you what we claim.
The left will say I'm a white supremacist.
They never show the clip though, do they?
Or they'll say that I say there's slave children on Mars.
They never show you a clip, do they?
Or they'll say Jones admits he's an actor and it's all fake.
But they never show you the clip, do they?
Because they're lying criminals.
Part of the globalist operation, they're mercenaries that write and say what they're told to.
They're your enemy.
And when Trump said that, he was true and we loved him.
But now he says CNN's praising him.
I've got CNN and MSNBC clips praising Trump.
They're too sickening to play.
You want me to play them?
And attacking me.
Well, I don't want CNN praising me, so I'm in the right side of history.
And I don't have some vindictive thing against Trump.
I know he's been conned, he's been signed on to something that is going to destroy his family name.
I mean, this is bringing the New World Order down.
But let's continue.
New Zealand pays 1,000 to doctors for euthanizing COVID-19 patients.
JamieWhiteInfoWars.com now confirmed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.
They go, well of course we're killing people on purpose.
That's liberal!
So this all ties together.
When you hear the term ethical framework, think Nazis 2.0.
And it all ties together with keeping babies alive after they're born to then harvest them later and sending people with COVID into nursing homes and not letting families in while you kill them.
And giving toxic drugs to people that are used in euthanasia and that are used in lethal injection to people before COVID even showed up.
The British government and others stockpiled it and then killed tens of thousands to set the precedent.
What is at the heart of the COVID-19 rollout?
What is at the heart of the New World Order?
What is at the heart of their whole program?
Don't pay all the people that are going to be
Retiring at 65, 67, all the money they saved over their lives, it's all been stolen.
So the globalist plan is kill you.
And the life expectancy in Europe and the US and Canada has now dropped by four years in the last 22 months.
First time in modern history, in hundreds of years, the life expectancy is going straight down.
The population growth of indigenous people in the West plummeting.
They're going to wipe out the first world first and then exterminate the third world when there's no one left to stand up for them.
It's on, folks.
It's 100% happening.
The good news is we can stop them.
And I don't want to get overly optimistic.
And I want to tell you what I really know is going on.
Because it's very sophisticated.
But if you can grasp this, which I know you can grasp it, you'll understand the enemy's philosophy, okay?
You'll truly understand third, fourth, fifth, six-dimensional understanding.
I'm going to try to explain this at the bottom of the hour, but there is a mythology, there is a methodology, there is a system.
There's a method, there's a story, there's a program that they're carrying out that you must be able to grasp to understand it.
And to stop this rollout plan they've got.
Because they're not just going to stop killing the old people.
Not just going to stop killing the Down Syndrome folks.
They're not just going to stop.
They want everybody to team up and let one group get killed, then another group get killed.
Remember Bill Gates famously said, if we give an old lady one year of care at the end of her life, we have to fire ten teachers.
Well, that's not really true.
That's a lose-lose mentality.
You actually grow the pie, you have better services, we're a more loving culture, creates businesses and jobs.
That's the Renaissance economy versus the predator economy.
But the teachers all clap and say, yeah, when he says, let's just go ahead and bring in death panels.
Because they're all sitting there at a teacher's conference thinking about killing people and how they get more money.
He's seducing them to give up on other humans so that people will give up on them.
He's isolating them all, cutting the sheep out of the herd, and they're pretending to be the wolf, but they're not.
We'll explain how to beat these people when we come back, but we've got some good news that's not really good news.
I'll explain.
So here's the big question.
Are we having big victories right now concerning
Biden saying, OK, we got to leave the COVID response up to the states.
The federal government doesn't have a solution.
Are we seeing a victory with the CDC saying, OK, now it's just a five day quarantine, not a 10 to 14 day quarantine for people that, quote, have COVID?
Are we seeing victories with all these top scientists coming out and saying, uh-oh, looks like mRNA vaccines erase your immune system.
Maybe you shouldn't have a third or fourth shot.
And the answer is no, ladies and gentlemen, this is not good news.
Because it's part of a larger manipulation.
And if you just look at it, cut off by itself, it looks like we're winning.
But when you understand how they squeeze and then release, squeeze and then release, squeeze and then release, but each time they don't release as much.
Until after five or six squeezes, you're dead.
And I mean really dead, for real.
So we're going into the second big squeeze
Soon, but they are going to pretend like they're going to loosen things, basically in word only.
But you'll notice their minions that are really under their control, they'll always stay in the hardest level of the squeeze that they were ever put in.
They're fully submitting.
They'll take 20 shots.
They don't care if it kills their husbands and wives and children.
They don't care if they're locked down.
They don't care if they're still told to wear a mask after they have the shots.
They don't care if the shots erase their immune system.
They have Stockholm Syndrome.
They can't face up to the fact of how frightening it is that they're in the clutches of murderers.
And so they'll make any excuse they have to, but it isn't happening.
Now understand, they understand as behavioral psychologists that run this thing, how your brain works.
If you understand how your brain works and pull back and go, yeah, I want the fake restrictions off, but then I want Fauci and Bill Gates arrested.
And I want to expose the whole thing and have them do a perp walk in Nuremberg 2.0 and then be convicted and then pay the price for their crimes against humanity legally and lawfully.
If you have that debate with the enemy, they will fail.
But if you have a debate about, oh, they're idiots and none of what they tried to do to save us worked and they've got a new gimmick to cover up that they weren't able to save us and Biden did a bad job and things are worse under him than under Trump.
But it's Trump that came out with the shot and warp speed and all of it.
Then you're arguing in their compendium, in their universe.
You have to transcend it, be above it, and see it as the contained fake system.
But if you live within that fake matrix-like construct,
But they're building around you, they win.
Because it looks like they're losing, they're winning, we're winning, they're losing.
It looks like within this system, that there's a give and take.
There's not.
Because inexorably, they're moving us towards depopulation, total enslavement, and a satanic hellhole, the likes of which can never even be imagined until you witness it.
So I said, bottom of the hour, I'll give you the secrets of this.
But really, that's what it is.
And then I'll lay out the nuts and bolts.
Remember what he did.
We'll play the clip in a moment.
Remember what Biden said in February of this year, just 11 months ago, ten and a half months ago.
He said, oh, by Christmas, it'll all be gone.
It'll all be great.
We'll be much, much better.
And then now they're like, oh, my gosh, Omicron.
That's why there's so many deaths in the hospital and so much illness is double what it was last year with respiratory problems and blood clots.
But anybody could go, wait a minute, Omicron is less than the common cold.
Has a .00023 death rate, if you even believe the numbers they've given.
I mean, it probably doesn't even exist, but it's the reason they're telling all the vaccinated they're dying.
And right there in plain view, wait, Omicron doesn't kill, but oh my God, it's burning through the world!
The hospitals are full!
People are dying!
And this time it's true, they're the vaccinated, twice as likely to get sick and die.
I've shown you all the studies.
On record!
It's not even debated, but it's in the fine print.
And so now, the New York Times says, did the mRNA shot erase your immune system?
Oh, are you going to have to have shots for the rest of your life?
And they're now going into the next phase of telling you what they did, but it was an accident.
So you wonder how they get away with this.
You're seeing how they incrementally give you the stories and push the stories.
And then people go, my God, how did Alex Jones know this?
How is he right again?
Because it's a plan, people.
Again, it's like if you go to a horse race,
And you get a program and you know which races are when and what horses are going to be in the race.
And you can read about each horse.
And then when the gates open up and those horses come out, if you told your wife you took to a horse race, what horses would run?
She goes, you're a genius.
You're psychic.
How'd you know what horses would run?
I'm like, I got the program right here.
I mean, it's all over if you want it to be.
The whole thing can be shut down, but you buy into the false constructs they build.
So do I. All of us are extricating ourselves from it daily.
This is a process.
We're in Babylon, but not of Babylon.
Leaving Babylon.
Always leaving.
But we are in the world, folks.
In the world, not of it.
Doesn't mean we're perfect.
Doesn't mean we're saints.
Doesn't mean we're Pharisees up on the mountain.
We are trying to get to God.
We are trying to get out of Babylon.
And we're fighting hard for our children.
So, I could play a dozen clips, right?
I could play a hundred clips.
I could play a thousand clips where I said, it erases your immune system.
It erases your immune system.
You know why I know that?
Because I watched the chief scientist of the most powerful bioweapon lab in the world, in the UK, brag a year ago on TV and giggle
And say, we've done studies now, by the third booster shot you have one-sixth of your immune system, and after the fourth you have negative immune system from what you had previously to everything.
He's laughing, he goes, there's going to be quite a market, because he's got stock in it.
He's laughing at you.
Yeah, there he is.
Oh my gosh, how does Alex Jones know all this stuff?
Because the lying, smirking, degenerate psychos in white lab coats love to monologue.
They love to brag in your face.
Criminology 101!
When I was a kid, I'd go watch science fiction movies or comic book movies, and the villain would always have the good guy captured and would brag to him and tell him his whole plan.
And I was always like, if I was the villain, I wouldn't tell people my plans and walk around bragging.
And I thought, that's just something Hollywood does.
And then I learned Hollywood doesn't even make anything up.
It just takes what's really going on and puts it in a fictitious fiction format.
The older I get, the more I actually run into what Hollywood says is going on, but it's actually real.
They're just showing you it in a fiction format to condition you.
All right, we're going to come back and I'm going to explain how to get out of this situation.
But I mean, seriously, folks, you've got to listen to me and you've got to warn other people.
Because if we don't, there's not much time left.
They're really going to release the real bioweapons very soon.
And then most of us are going to be dead very soon.
Here we are on the edge of oblivion, entering the year 2022.
And if you don't take note of what we're saying here, and if you don't warn others, the forces of the Antichrist are going to win.
And I know the cosmology taught by the modern Christian churches has distorted what the Bible actually says, and a 10-year-old with the Holy Spirit can understand it very clearly, but an 80-year-old without it can't understand it.
It's just silliness to the unbeliever, those that don't have the discernment.
That, oh, the Antichrist just comes in and wins and kills all these Christians and then God comes and defeats the Antichrist.
It's a lot more complex than that.
Humanity falls away from God, evil takes over, there's the biggest revival ever.
The Antichrist wages war against the saints and overcomes them.
Notice it doesn't say they're raptured out.
The dead in Christ after Satan is bound by the Archangel Michael.
are risen, are resurrected, their spirits.
There is no rapture.
And you can say, Alex, you're wrong.
There is.
Okay, I'm not going to argue Bible eschatology with you.
Just sit back and watch it all unfold.
And what most Christians are going to do when the Antichrist is seated, a year from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now,
They are going to say, no, that's Jesus.
And those of us that don't go along with it, well, we're the devils, we've got to be beheaded.
And your churches are going to have guillotines in them, seriously.
Chopping people's heads off.
That'll be the Lord.
And they'll say in the name of Jesus, and they'll cut the heads off.
That's the great delusion, folks.
That's what's going to happen.
And unless God intervened, there would be no flesh spared.
I mean, are your local churches speaking out against Klaus Schwab calling for a microchip to buy and sell?
Are your local churches speaking out against the global vaccine passport and the carbon tax and the systems?
No, they're not saying a word about it, because they're feel-good churches, where you go and you all feel good about yourselves, and here's some motivational speaker,
Nobody rocks the boat.
And that's why under the COVID lockdowns, they came and told churches, you're not essential.
So the churches would line up and allow that wall between church and state in the First Amendment to be breached so that the system can become the church.
And that's what the Pope just announced two days ago.
You must have the injections, no exceptions, to enter the Vatican.
Talk about the money changers.
To be able to supposedly go to your church and go to the place that you're told God's Spirit resides, you have to have big Pfizer's DNA-killing mutagen that attacks your entire genetic line thereafter in your body.
You must take the metal rape instrument, the metal hypodermic penis of Satan into your body, literally, to be infused with their poison or you can't enter the so-called church.
You know, I'm gonna hit the huge news next segment because I'm gonna, I'm gonna say this right now.
I want everybody to just sit back and think for a moment.
About how Biden said this would all be basically over by now, remember?
First it'd be 15 days to flatten the curve, and then, oh, the UK promised no vaccine passports, and the EU did.
Well, they already had it all set up and already ready, and already voted through their dictatorship, and I told you that.
Because they do vote at the EU Commission level.
They're appointed for life.
The appointment started in 1956 under the Treaty of Rome, and then they appoint their successor, like the Communist Politburo.
Yeah, Europe's got one of those too.
And we got the videos of Biden saying he wouldn't try to make vaccines mandatory.
All of it's illegal, all of it's criminal, all of it's out of control.
So yes, in this space and time, as one link in the chain,
If ending the mandates and stopping the mask on children and demanding restaurants and businesses not make their employees wear the stupid mask, and reversing all this, if that's one link in the chain that then leads to awakening to how they lied about gain of function, how they released the virus, how the vaccine produces the same spike protein and it's not a vaccine, how Fauci needs to go to prison,
And how Bill Gates took over the health departments of the world.
How the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Foundation are directing it all through the CIA on record.
The head of the Carnegie Group is the head of the CIA right now.
They own and control BlackRock.
And they want to depopulate people.
And so yeah, if it leads to them exposing them and their indictment and their arrest, then that's links in the chain of freedom.
But if we just sit here now and go, oh, look, we're pushing them back a little and then we give up, they're not going to ever release in Europe or Australia or New Zealand or Canada.
The only reason they're going to back off a little here is because we're fighting back.
Oh, OK, we'll we'll go away.
And as soon as you walk off the field, they're right back on it.
So don't take their false victories and don't revel in what's currently happening right now.
See the big picture of what they're doing.
Let's play a few clips.
Here is Biden.
Let's play the first clip of Biden talking about how the mandates can't be done by the federal government.
Here it is.
As you look towards federal solutions that will help alleviate the challenge, make sure that we do not let federal solutions stand in the way of state solutions.
And the production of 500 million rapid tests that will be distributed by the federal government is great.
But obviously that dries up the supply chain for the solutions that we might offer as governor.
Look, there is no federal solution.
This gets solved at a state level.
My message to the governor is simple.
If you need something, say something.
And we're going to have your back in any way we can.
Okay, so more bull from this guy.
And here's another thing people are saying is a victory, but I'll explain it's not.
Play clip 15.
Tonight, a sea change in policy from the CDC, cutting the recommended quarantine time in half for all Americans infected with COVID-19.
From 10 days down to 5, provided they're asymptomatic and wear masks around others for 5 more days.
This, as testing for the virus, reaches a crisis point.
By 5 o'clock in the morning, the lines in South Florida were already forming, with the prospect of free COVID testing kits luring thousands.
What are you seeing in store shelves right now?
Oh, empty.
Empty everywhere.
Every pharmacy you go to.
They were all in stock.
They're all fine.
But I guess they all disappeared in a matter of three days.
Like, they just weren't there.
At this library in Miami-Dade County, you're looking at two different lines right now.
This is for free testing kits.
This one is for testing on-site.
Both of them snake around the building.
Okay, that's enough of this garbage.
So again, everybody wants to have COVID.
Everybody wants to stand in line, and here they have it.
Standing in line to find out if you're sick, because you don't know you're sick.
That's called dumb and dumber.
That's called brainwashing, but see, they don't get it.
It's like a rock star to have it.
Omicron has a lower death rate, .00023, I saw, I've got it right here in an article today, than the cold.
And who even knows if it's connected to COVID-19?
Because they can set the PCR test that they admit is a fraud any way they want.
Who knows?
And then they use this to shut down society.
This is mental illness.
This is the annihilation of common sense.
This is BS, ladies and gentlemen.
This is an endless power grab.
An endless emergency.
The permanent emergency.
It's never gonna end until we say end it, and civilization's starting to collapse under the lockdowns.
Okay, I don't want all of this key information to get lost in all the other incredible information.
Everything we cover is important, you know that.
It's life and death, but what I'm about to get into is so big that it's like a punch in my gut.
When I even think about covering this, I feel like I'm coming to people
We're good to go.
The fact that I'm on air about to cover this and that these people aren't all in jail and aren't all on death row shows how much trouble we're in and how much we failed, including myself.
And I apologize to everybody, I mean that.
Because I knew all this and I've covered this piecemeal, but it just gets lost in translation.
And as I sit here looking at these articles I'm about to cover, the reason I keep waiting and going further
Is that I have them print me more articles during the break because it makes me think about what they've done.
And then there's no way to actually cover it all, which then you feel like you're lying by omission.
But we have bioethics boards around the world.
Run and controlled by big pharma.
Literally setting up and normalizing mass murder of even healthy people.
God-like power where humans have less rights than lab rats.
Or German shepherds and beagles that Fauci chains up for flesh-eating bugs to devour them alive.
But right here is a stack of them in their own documents saying, we kill healthy people.
But it's okay because they're white people.
And we kill sick people, but it's okay because they're white people.
What type of sick world, and then it's weird old white people, almost all of them, running bioethics boards.
And see, to get into this, you've got to understand what a bioethics board is.
Guys, type in the history of bioethics.
After World War II,
They said we got to have ethics in medicine more than the Hippocratic Oath so we don't get a Hitler again.
But the very people doing it were the eugenicists who then came in and took over bioethics, where they have ethics boards that say it's okay to keep a baby alive at nine months after a few weeks to harvest its organs because you get a higher dollar for it.
Because the board said so.
Oh, and the board said we're going to give a drug to somebody that when you put them on a ventilator, they die 99% of the time.
And you're not supposed to give it to somebody that's having respiratory problems.
So they stockpiled it four months before they released COVID in Canada and in the UK.
So you need to know just the background of it and just know this, they have corporate regulatory laws and through administrative law they've got the other laws being changed and now through practice
That's why they call the medical system your practice.
Out of practice, it becomes common practice.
That's a term in black's law, to where it's the common law.
They are legalizing not just killing the unborn, but killing the born, killing the infirm, killing the mentally ill, which they promote on Dutch TV, where they tell a Down syndrome man, you cost in the welfare system five times more than these people.
You're workless.
You should kill yourself.
He goes, I'm sorry.
I mean, it's teaching you evil, folks.
And I have a stack of news right here.
Where in the US and Canada and New Zealand, just there, we have the documents and the government's like, of course we don't give white people treatment.
They're bad!
And again, it's not about white people, folks.
If they can get away with that, they can get away with killing or hurting anybody they want.
I mean, this is, on a scale of 1 to 10 of evil, this is a 10 and a half.
I mean, this is as bad as it gets.
And these people are doing this.
That's why they're on TV.
Saying, don't look at the sun.
Don't talk to your neighbors.
Oh, we're locking down Canada so people don't communicate with each other and say no to endless lockdown.
Hey, we're in a transition.
That's why your gas price has doubled.
We did it on purpose, says the Department of Energy head.
Get used to it.
They're literally assaulting you, saying you'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
You won't have your own home.
You won't have children.
You're evil.
Go die.
But because they're not in military uniforms, we're like, well, they're in lab coats.
They must be nice people.
They are scientific warfare operatives using behavioral psychology, and they are unified in their depopulation agenda and their hatred of humanity.
They are literally a satanic army.
And you wonder why so many of them are pedophiles.
You wonder why so many of them are just into killing kids.
You wonder why they're into... Because you'd have to not like children to be part of this!
Destroying the future!
The left is now a death cult kill switch.
Listen to Rachel Maddow.
This is her lying and saying, if you take the vaccine, you're totally protected, and you can't get others sick.
Because we're like, hey, if the vaccine works so well, you just take it and you'll be protected.
Oh, no, no, no, no, but you can still spread it.
It's all lies.
Oh, the hospitals are full of dead and dying people because of Omicron.
But then it doesn't kill you.
No, it's the shots that are killing you, and they admit that.
It's all in the statistics.
It's all hidden right there in the details.
What's in the details?
The devil.
Where's the devil hide?
In the details.
We're getting killed by the details here, folks.
Well, we're looking at the details.
Here is Monsieur Maddow.
It means that instead of the vaccine being able, excuse me, it means for, instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them, but not all of them, and the ones that it doesn't sicken don't know they have it, and then they give it to even more people, because they didn't recognize they were, right?
Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person,
Potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
All right, and that clip downloaded bad.
The audio's a little off, but that's an unedited clip.
She said that.
It's all over the place.
And Fauci said it.
They all said they get a script, they read it, they lie to you and think you don't have what?
A memory.
How are they getting away with this?
Because everybody's thinking with an average memory of just a few minutes on average.
People are just going through life in the days and they're not thinking and remembering 15 days to flatten the curve.
As we enter year three.
So we're going to start the next hour.
I'm asking you for your own future, for my future, for my children's future, for your children's future, for our very culture, in the name of goodness, in the name of decency, to tune in next hour.
Because I'm going to go over this unbelievably incredible news and then look at the aftermath of the tyranny that is expanding.
And then you just think about, sadly, I'm so sad to lose President Trump to the lie.
But we're going to move on from that.
The ethical framework of executing people and paying
The executioner's $1,000 bonus for every person they kill and they admit it.
That's just one of the stories we've got.
It's all done under bioethics rules, and this is a training process with the medical community to see who will follow any order we give them.
And that's why they're purging the good people out of the military and the police and the medical service, because they are building their army.
We're going to go to break.
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All right, stay with us.
Big, hour number two, and the legalization of mass extermination under the COVID-19 rubric.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
All right, I want to play this special report on how the globalists are by design collapsing Western economies and Main Street.
Then we're going to come back in a longer segment and get into the public mass execution of people inside hospitals around the world that have now been set up as modern death camps.
First, this report.
The policies of the left have matured enough to bite the hand that feeds them.
Recently, two Democrats who supported defunding the police in Philadelphia and Chicago were both carjacked just hours apart from each other.
Democratic Congresswoman Mary Scanlon was robbed at gunpoint.
In Philadelphia's FDR Park, just 16 hours after Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightford and her husband were also carjacked in a suburb 20 minutes outside of Chicago, the situation speaks for itself.
Police here say three men en masse jumped out of that Durango and demanded Senator Lightford's Mercedes.
Multiple shots were fired.
I begged them not to shoot us.
And I begged them not to shoot my husband, not to shoot me.
I told them to take whatever they want.
You know, they took everything off me that I had that, you know, of value.
And I offered the part.
I just wanted my life.
I wanted my husband life.
I don't care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci, or a Macy's, or a Nike, because that makes sure that that person eats.
That makes sure that that person has clothes!
Many major corporations hurled themselves down the BLM flight of stairs in a show of stupefied solidarity to brand the Marxist ruse as the next great civil rights movement in America.
But what they got in return was an institutionalized, militarized, Soros beast of a Marxist army of Democrat pawns ripping the throat out of America.
I believe the organization stood for exactly what the name implies.
Black lives do matter.
However, after a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding black families.
And they cared even less about improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis.
This is what I gotta say to the people who are destroying things.
If you really feel like you have to take an opportunity, like if you're going to be opportunistic, something is wrong with you.
When you say that we've seen an increase in crime over the course of the pandemic, there are a range of reasons for that.
Would you consider one of the reasons in the range prosecutors who are cutting people who are accused of many criminal offenses loose too quickly?
Again, I am not, as I wasn't yesterday, going to give an assessment for every motivation or reason for crime in different communities across the country.
What I've noted, which you see in data, is that there has been an increase in crime since the start of the pandemic.
I will let others assess what the reason for that increase in crime is.
There are people who are going to take those packages sometimes.
It's going to happen.
And it's a crime.
And we're going to prosecute it, but we want to do it in a way that's compassionate.
We've cost the city a lot of money.
We've exposed someone to the sexual assault that occurs in jails, to the contagious diseases that are transmitted in jails.
As the Soros flash mobs morph into squads of organized economic hitmen unwittingly aiding in the controlled collapse of the economy.
Amazon supports the protests, right?
Amazon supports the protests.
Citibank's CEO.
The people with the most accumulated capital in America are also on the side of this protest.
Because in my view, they use identity politics and racial politics.
They want to split the country along those lines.
Was there another reason why Amazon would support this protest that this is kind of the death of retail?
I mean, this is one of the final nails in the coffin of retail.
When you think about investing your money in a brick-and-mortar store with a glass window.
In a recent letter, those companies begged Congress to end the smash-and-grab epidemic, plaguing their outlets, writing, Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Leader McConnell, and Leader McCarthy,
Leading retailers are concerned about the growing impact organized retail crime is having on the communities we proudly serve, which is why we strongly support the bipartisan and bicameral Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers Act.
Finally, the corporations have spoken, but is anyone really listening?
John Bowne reporting.
How did Anthony Fauci in the late 80s and into the mid 90s take more than 10,000 that died, mainly poor black children on the East Coast, and take them and experiment on them, including totally healthy ones, with HIV and cancer drugs until they died?
Did a whole hour and a half on that yesterday.
And Jeffrey Epstein's secret laboratories and Peter Nygaard's and all of them.
That's a reality.
That happened.
That's not debatable.
Over 10,000, they murdered.
And when the mother would go complain, they had their seven-year-old killing them, they'd come and say, want us to take your two-year-old?
Shut up.
One time, a nine-year-old boy who they'd been killing for a year, escaped, came home to mommy.
They came and threatened to take her little baby if she complained.
And they took him and
Put ports into his stomach so he couldn't refuse it and he was dead a few months later.
They murdered him.
They marked him for death.
He was killed by Fauci.
Fauci is a murderer of children.
Fauci is a ghoul.
Fauci makes Jeffrey Dahmer and Charlie Manson look like choir boys.
And how did Fauci get like this at 81 years of age?
He's been in running the federal government for 44 years.
Well, he's part of the Worldwide Eugenics Society and he's worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on overpopulation.
That's its real name.
I can play you award ceremonies where they give awards out to him saying that.
So, he is a world medical leader in killing brown people.
But he wants to kill everybody.
You look at him, he's an arrogant, murderous scumbag.
He is a psychotic.
An organized psychotic, is what they call him.
And they're establishing worldwide martial law.
Now, we talk about Peter Nygaard and his own admissions that he had laboratories in the US, in Canada, but where he could do illegal stuff in Bahamas.
Where he would get women pregnant,
To take the babies as near as term as possible, and then he would drain their blood off and have it injected into him.
By the way, this is all in Kennedy's new book that's freaking everybody out.
I saw a very good sign this week.
I've been in two people's houses this week.
One of which I've known for a while, didn't even know that they were a listener.
Now they've become a closeted listener and I was at their house just on some business and I was walking to the bathroom and I looked through the bedroom and saw a dresser drawer right in front of the bed.
The bathroom's right here and I see the bed and there's Kennedy's book about the real Anthony Fauci.
That was actually, that was yesterday.
It was then this last week that I was at another person's house and saw it on the bookshelf.
And so imagine, I think he's selling tens of millions of that thing.
The point is, is that yes, we're winning, but they're going to give us fake victories and kind of back off for a while in the U.S.
at least.
But then come right back with it ten times worse.
We've got to push this through.
We've got to make sure they're all prosecuted.
We've got to dig the rats out of their holes.
Or they're going to come back like cancer.
So I'm going to hit this news, but yeah, we sell the book at InfoWarsTore.com.
Just started selling it, didn't even know that we had gotten that in.
No reviews yet on the site.
So there it is.
The real Anthony Fauci.
Bill Gates, big fireman in the global war on democracy and public health.
And as that understanding becomes mainstream with everybody, InfoWars is the first domino to fall in a big way.
Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Bolsonaro, years ago, totally awake.
Bolsonaro says the shot's dead deadly, that it's killing kids, that it erases your immune system.
He's all been proven right.
That's the type of person we need.
I wish Trump would have gotten better under attack than Bolsonaro.
But, you know, Bolsonaro gets stabbed with a butcher knife all the way into his stomach, and he's back at work in a week.
So, you know, that's Bolsonaro for you.
A real man.
I guess Trump's just been pretending to be one of those, but I digress.
So how does Fauci get 10,000 poor children as young as age 3 and murder them?
With bug poison, that's basically what he did.
How does he do that?
How does he get away with hundreds of beagles chained up with flesh-eating bugs eating their brains out?
How does he get away with that?
Because the bioethics boards say it's legal, even though it doesn't even mesh with the penal code.
And then the police and the grand juries and the juries, they just kind of treat it like, well, that's their area.
That's their reservation.
There's no separation of state and medicine.
Guess what?
You don't get to just do whatever you want in medicine.
It's church and state.
Not medicine and state.
In the church, government has no jurisdiction because they try to come in and take it over.
But the medical system does not have just a green light to do whatever the hell it wants to play God.
So Fauci is one of these people's lieutenants.
And the very same group, Medical Tyranny, Mad Scientist, Inc.
is what I call it, tried to recruit my dad, because he was top of his class in high school, into Plan 2 UT.
He got recruited into it, and by the time he was a freshman at UT, after he'd already been in there three years, in high school at the University of Texas, they brought him in and said, this is eugenics, we're taking over world government, we're not like Hitler, we don't want to just kill one group, but we're gonna make the whole species better and take over.
My dad said, no thanks, and got out of it.
But you wonder why Fauci and others are grafting human body parts onto mice and creating monkeys that are part human.
It's so they create creatures that don't have any rights.
Under animal rights, they have rights.
Under human rights, they would have some rights, but not these new alien species.
And when you create a mix of species, including insect with animal, not just animal with animal, when you do that,
You're creating aliens.
You're creating something that never lived on this earth ever.
So now you understand it's about playing God.
It's about living forever.
It's about... Oh, we don't just have when you come to this place in Zorro Ranch, New Mexico, or this Peter Nygaard facility in the Bahamas.
You don't just have sex with 14-year-old girls here.
That's just the first level.
Come on by.
We're actually recruiting these women in by the thousands a year to have them have a baby.
And you can watch the baby killed fresh and crushed down and all of its juices injected into you.
I told you years ago that's what they're doing.
Now it's in the news.
And the favorite thing is
Epstein was telling these women, I am impregnating you to create more Epstein's to save the world.
You're part of the Superman project.
That's what they called it.
But really, they were just keeping the babies alive because Epstein liked to have them crushed.
And because supposedly if it's part of your own genetics, just like organs get rejected.
If they're not from your family or somebody close to your family, to your genetic line, it's the same thing.
They think it's better.
These are vampires, folks.
I mean, Jeffrey Epstein is a vampire, was a vampire.
That's who Peter Nygaard is.
They're all.
Al Gore was in the Associated Press when he was vice president, has a refrigerator that follows him around with blood.
He gets daily blood transfusions.
So does the Queen of England.
These are bloated vampire bats.
They don't live forever, but they're where the legends of vampires come from, and they're doing it at a scientific level, and it's all done through bioethics, and COVID-19 is their rollout, to quote what did Fauci say 2019 on C-SPAN, to blow up the system.
A virus out of China, a SARS-CoV-2 type virus, to blow up the system, to be able to ram through anything and everything they want, when they want.
And that's why all these billionaires are trying to get into the young blood business because it's the big business.
Where parents bring their 10-year-old in and they get thousands of dollars and they give them pints of blood for rich people.
But this is where they don't ask and where it's their own children that they kill.
Instead of being born and celebrating that baby, they go, thank you for having that baby born.
You get 2 million bucks in your account.
Suck everything out of them and inject it into me.
Ha ha, hell Satan.
This is true evil.
And I'll explain it when we come back.
Okay, so, again, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I constantly am frustrated because there's so much proof of what these evil groups are doing and how they're farming humans and how they're turning us into a commodity.
But here's the most important thing I've said today.
And I'm begging you, please listen to me.
What we're watching is an externalization of the method, or an externalization of the hierarchy.
They have built in corporations and intelligence agencies and compounds, public and private, horrible pedophile rings, which are just the first level of, will you have sex with a child?
Will you hurt a child?
Well now, will you be part of medical experiments?
I mean, think about the abuse.
Of the headlines of, yeah, we're creating monkeys that are 90% human, get used to it, says MIT scientist.
That was a headline this weekend.
See how, I mean, pedophilia is horrible and terrible, but I mean, on a scale of human evil, it's like a 10 human-animal hybrids that you then keep in captivity and enslave?
I mean, it's like a 20.
Having a woman get pregnant with you
So you can then kill the baby and share its bone marrow and its blood and its juices to be injected into your veins and then to have what's left of it made into a soup that you eat is a 30.
So you think 10's as high as the evil goes, it just goes up and up and up.
Cause here's the thing.
There's no bottom to this thing.
And so now
They're doing things at the bioethics level that are a 40.
You go, wait, worse than human animal clones?
Because they've kept that secret until now.
I told you about it decades ago.
This is why it's so evil.
It's so evil, ladies and gentlemen, because now it's mainline.
Now they're just normalizing it.
Oh, it's really evil to do something in a laboratory under a mountain.
It's really evil to do it in a laboratory in the Bahamas, or a laboratory at Zorro Ranch, New Mexico.
Or facilities in the UK, with the Queen of England and the rest of these freaks.
These selfish people to the next level.
But when they externalize it and they normalize it, where, well, yeah, we don't give white people COVID treatment.
First, we make the doctors and nurses quit, then there's not enough people to give you help.
And now, well, whatever the disease is, you get sorry, you're white, you don't get in line at all.
When you do something like, oh, we're going to let a biological man win all the weightlifting contests and win all the swimming contests and be an MMA and boxing matches and kill women.
That's a 30, a 40, a 50 on the scale because it's murdering your logic and it's being done on purpose, ladies and gentlemen.
Just like wearing the mask.
Does it protect you from COVID?
Doesn't matter.
It's murdering logic.
It's murdering logic.
It's training you to accept whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.
And that's medical martial law.
That's medical mind control.
And so they're normalizing the world they've built and the predatory system they've set up so that you will accept them preying on you.
You know, with the left, it's like, well, let's just prey on Trump supporters and censor them and take their rights and physically attack them and take their bank accounts.
And then, of course, now it's happening to you.
And it's the same thing.
What you allow to be done to a minority
Can and will be done to you.
So we have these bioethics boards.
And I'm going to show you these documents here in just a moment.
State documents released.
Straight face to the news.
Well, yeah, we don't give white people chances to be in line.
I mean, white people have been advantaged.
We don't give them, we don't give them the health care.
What's wrong with that?
That is total next-level mind control gaslighting.
And now, if they set that precedent, well, what can't they do?
You see?
You see how sick this is?
So, let's play this clip first, because people are getting this.
We have FNC's Dr. Macri, who says, we've never seen this level of martial law and
This type of garbage.
I want to play a clip from him on Monday's broadcast of Fox Channel's Faulkner Focus.
Fox News medical contributor, John Hopkins School of Medicine professor, Dr. Marty Macri, argued that the biggest failure in the coronavirus pandemic response is the failure to tailor policies based on individual risk and those who have chosen not to get vaccinated and have not had COVID, and those at their own individual risk.
We've never seen this level of martial law.
And that's what this is, is medical martial law.
And then I'm going to explain.
It's not martial law to save you because you're dumb.
It's martial law to get you in a straitjacket of their control where they can suspend logic and kill you.
And why?
Because you've been deemed as not a stakeholder.
Here it is.
The greatest failure of the pandemic response by public health officials has been the failure to recognize that the risk of this virus is not equally distributed in the population.
And while it may have made sense when we didn't know what we were dealing with to have one simple message for everybody, now it has to be custom tailored.
That means if, look, if somebody has no immunity and they're old and vulnerable,
They've got no vaccinated and no natural immunity.
Sure, they need to be very careful.
We need to protect those people right now.
But the risk in a young, healthy person is very different from somebody in that situation.
We've never acknowledged that we need to custom tailor the policies according to the individuals.
And those who have chosen not to get vaccinated and have not had COVID, they do so at their own individual risk.
We've never seen this level of martial law and paternalism to prevent mild infection in 300 million Americans.
That's right.
And, again, they sell the lie that, oh, the hospitals are full of dead people.
This time it's true.
It wasn't last year.
Because of Omicron.
No one is basically dying of that.
It's all a lie.
They're dying from ADE.
They're dying from the shots.
When we come back, I'm going to go over the documents, and then more documents with top scientists, even in mainstream news, even the New York Times saying, uh, looks like a third or fourth shot completely erases your immune system.
And makes you get COVID and other viruses.
Oh my gosh, how did we know that?
Because that's mainline literature of what mRNA vaccines do and what spike protein does.
How do you think we knew 20 months ago, 22 months ago, every damn thing?
I mean, we knew in March of last year everything was going to happen.
We laid it out exactly.
Because from the rooftops, all of the top scientists, the real scientists,
The former chief scientist advisor, the top advisor to the EU, I mean, you name it, the FDA board, the CDC boards, all were resigned, saying, this is insane, don't do this!
But it got rammed through, and now they came after the children.
This is mass evil, and the globalists are betting, if they commit crimes against children, and get enough people to hurt children,
Enough people signed on to hurting children.
People will rationalize and always defend this because they don't want to admit to themselves they were wrong.
You see that selfishness?
That's what Trump has.
Trump is pig-headed about this because he signed on to a fraud.
Alright, I've been talking about it and building it up for an hour and a half.
Now I'm going to get into the specifics of it, but how did I know 22 months ago this was designed to erase your immune system?
The COVID-19 injections they call a vaccine.
Because we knew what they already done in trials with mRNA shots before.
We had the top scientists telling us, but we also knew that they've never in the 50 something years of flu shots, more than that, but 50 years since they tried to make them annual, that they never guessed the right mutation.
And so when you take a flu vaccine, this is in Canadian studies, US studies, German studies, you name it.
That doesn't hit the right mutation, which they've never gotten right, because it mutates thousands of ways a year, that it lowers your immune system the next year at least 50% to every other form of the flu, making your flus more intense.
How many people do you know never get sick, get a flu shot, and die?
Or get super sick?
We all have family that it's happened to.
But you don't need me to tell you that.
Even drudge reports linked to major Israeli newspapers.
Israel considers fourth vaccine dose, but some experts say it's premature.
Some scientists warn the plan could backfire, because too many shots might, yeah, might, cause a sort of immune system fatigue, compromising the body's ability to fight the coronavirus.
Coming up next segment, I'm going to play a clip we played ten months ago and then again six months ago.
We went and looked at our archives, wrote articles about it.
The chief scientist in the UK government, over the rollout of the Pfizer shot, who studied the Pfizer shot in early trials in the UK, saying it erases your immune system.
That's coming up next segment.
But here it is now, they're letting you know.
Oh, the side effect is you're
White blood cells are turned off.
Now, let's move into the main issue.
You'll remember back in mid-November, Harrison Smith, great talk show host, host of American Journal, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
at InfoWars.com, Ford slash show, and on great stations across the country.
He was sick with COVID.
He's young, healthy, but it felt like a gorilla was on his chest, and he heard the monoclonal antibodies, rendezivir particularly.
We'll knock it out in a matter of hours for some people, but usually a day.
So he went.
And they said, sorry, you're white.
And you're not above 65.
And he said, but if I was black, Asian or Hispanic, would I get it?
And they said, yes, on video.
He videotaped.
He shot it on his phone.
So it's technically not videotaped.
That's an old term.
He digitally shot it.
And the internet picked it up and could not believe it.
Oh, that's fake video.
Jones has hired, you know, crisis actors.
No, that's the Democrats do that.
Well, now New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, California, they've all released their official guidelines that race alone being a, quote, Caucasian is enough to deny treatment.
And not just for monoclonial antibodies.
But anything the hospital wants.
Now, how is Bill Gates going to get death panels to kill old people?
How is Bill Gates going to get people to sign on to denying care and rationing care?
How are they going to get the death panels?
He famously said, we want death panels.
Remember that ten years ago?
How are they going to get away with that?
And now, you've seen it.
And that's happening all over the world, ladies and gentlemen.
All over the planet.
Here's the article.
Minnesota puts white people at the back of the line for life-saving COVID-19 treatment.
The Minnesota Department of Health has published a document which instructs hospitals to discriminate against white people by ensuring non-white patients have priority access when it comes to the potentially life-saving COVID-19 treatment.
And when they even got plenty of it, they say, it doesn't matter, we're gonna wait and see if anybody comes in that's got brown skin.
Can you imagine working in a place where, sorry, your skin's not the right color, you don't get service, but that's where we are.
Martin Luther King's on one end,
And denying people care because what color they are is the other.
And we've now done a 180 for Martin Luther King.
But that's now liberal.
You see, that's now, that's now trendy.
So a few years ago at Evergreen College in, you know, Washington or whatever, oh, whites can't come to school on this weekend because you're bad.
Oh, whites can't use the cafeteria today.
And it's whites that were running this.
Oh, you can't use the park, you're white.
Remember that happened in Kansas and New York.
I mean, everywhere universities did this.
People were like, oh, this can't be happening.
Now it's your health care!
And again, it's the, oh, we're going to have a biological male in the boxing tournament.
Oh, we're going to have a biological male win all the women's swimming contests by record numbers.
Oh, it's all about murdering logic.
So that's InfoWars.com.
We've got a link to this in it.
This is on the Minnesota Department of Health's website.
You can see it for yourself.
This is real.
And it says ethical framework for allocation of monoclonal antibodies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It explains there's a state bioethics board.
They're judge, jury, and executioner.
They're more powerful than the U.S.
They decide who lives and dies.
Supreme Court.
And they go through their bioethics meetings and what the drugs are and say, you're not getting access to it if, and they go through the whole list.
But let's just turn to this.
Page 13 of 22.
It says it over and over again, but here it is.
FDA's acknowledgment means that race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for MABS.
It is ethically appropriate
To consider race and ethnicity in monoclonal antibodies eligibility decisions when data shows elevated risk of poor COVID-19 outcomes for black, indigenous, and other people of color by POC populations.
And it goes on to repeat it over and over again.
Oh, you want to see it again?
It says it five times in this document.
Five times.
Now notice when you watch CNN, they don't actually show you what they say is going on.
They just go, Alex Jones, known white supremacist.
And they actually say now, oh Alex Jones doesn't want white people to have medical care tonight.
He's a white supremacist.
You're forcing people into that.
I'm not a white supremacist, I'm a white survivalist.
Just like I'm a human survivalist for black or brown or whatever color.
This is insane, but they're forcing everyone in Divide and Conquer to make us fight.
I mean, you'd have to be a moron not to see that the people coming up with this are our enemies.
No matter what color we are, the people doing this are the bad guys.
The people doing this are our enemies.
And it gets worse.
And I can tell you, this is happening in Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.
But we have the documents, and we have them on New Zealand TV defending this.
I mean, we are here talking about governments murdering people.
That's what this is.
There are confirmed reports of people denied monoclonal antibodies that died, who were white, because they were white.
Hell, this is hitting so close to home.
Our own morning talk show host could not get stuff.
They had plenty of it.
But they're training you to let a biological man be in the weightlifting contest with women.
They're training you to let a convicted pedophile come have your child sit on their lap at school.
They're training you to not get medical treatment because you're white, even if you're willing to pay for it.
Because they're murdering logic.
Why would anyone want tyranny?
Why would anyone want the New World Order?
Why would anyone not to be prosperous?
Why would anyone want to sign on to this system?
And we don't!
So they're making us do it, and they're just getting us used to insanity all around us, where we just give up!
Well, we're not going to give up, we're going to beat you.
But that's why they... But see, remember, oh, who's running this whole medical tyranny?
Fauci and the globalists.
The ones that got the little black kids killing them in the laboratories on record, remember?
No, they hate everybody, but they particularly hate black folks, so they're going to tell you, you don't get healthcare because of black people.
No, I don't get healthcare because I'm white, because Fauci, a eugenicist, is involved in Divide and Conquer, and he's a dirty Nazi 10.0!
New articles are coming out in mainline journals and scientific reports and from independent doctors everywhere, that when you take the Pfizer or Moderna shot, or J&J or AstraZeneca,
Massive blood clots are in over 60% of the people that then take it and D-dimer test.
We're going to be covering more of that here in just a moment.
We're also going to play the clip of the head of the UK Pfizer Moderna shot program admitting it erases your immune system here in just a moment.
In fact, let's go ahead and play that now.
Here it is.
So the key message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who've had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies.
Now these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.
So we found that that's less for people with two doses.
We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood.
And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward is that we see that the older you are,
The lower your levels are likely to be, and the time since you've had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be.
So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads.
So it erases your immune system so you need boosters.
Again, he's hiding in plain view.
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
It's the same thing.
Oh, Omicron doesn't kill anybody, that's why everybody's dying in the hospitals, because they're dying in the shots.
None of it's even logical until you realize they're just gaslighting you.
So they now admit these shots aren't vaccines and erase your immune system.
And don't protect you, but people can't believe that they've been conned at this level.
So here's the Jamie White story on Infowars.com.
This broke days ago in New Zealand, and I waited until it hit their mainstream news.
They're defending this.
This is confirmed.
Just like Minnesota and other states saying, yeah, white people don't get monoclonal antibody treatment, you're evil.
New Zealand pays 1,000 to doctors for euthanizing, that means a good death, means killing people, COVID-19 patients.
So they're not dying of COVID, they're just killing you.
In some circumstances, a person with COVID-19 may be eligible for assisted dying, says New Zealand's Minister of Health.
And of course, they say the unvaccinated can't go out to the stores or leave their house, but you're allowed to go to the 25-person orgies.
That's what the Prime Minister said, if you have.
It's all just meant to be weird and like, don't look at sunsets, have orgies.
Don't talk to your neighbors.
This is never gonna end!
Ha ha ha ha!
And she starts laughing because they're crazy psychotics!
And they got together and they took over!
And we're putting up with them!
I mean, I look at Hitler and those stupid uniforms and the Nazis and they look like a bunch of clowns!
But people follow their orders.
And you saw what happened.
Sitting with Lenin and Stalin and these people.
I mean, Jim Jones, but people follow their orders.
He frickin' made the virus!
He ran the lab!
He's a depopulationist!
They are a cult of lunatics that want you dead.
New Zealand's Ministry of Health has confirmed that COVID-19 patients may be eligible for assisted suicide.
Additionally, the government will pay about $1,087 to doctors for each patient they euthanize, according to the report.
It goes on.
And again, you're strapped down, you're on a ventilator, they just come kill you, they get paid.
So what's crazier?
White people don't get medical treatment in the United States?
Under Biden's federal guidelines?
Who just hijacked control of monoclonal antibodies?
Or killing people?
Just outright.
And remember this.
This happened in the UK and in Canada.
They bought enough of the drug to kill 50 million people.
It's used in lethal injection.
And when you go into the hospital, they go, oh, you got COVID.
Let's put you on a ventilator.
And then if you give them this drug,
Almost 100%, it's like 98.7% die totally healthy if you give them this drug and put them on a ventilator.
The body just gives up.
Care homes accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly as use skyrocketed 100%.
Madazolam, the scandal that cannot be ignored.
Well, DazzleIn, literally executing people, ladies and gentlemen.
And if you're a TV viewer, let's go back to what you guys had up.
Can stop or slow your breathing.
And here it is.
And what did they do months and months before?
They ordered before COVID was ever heard of or anything.
They ordered the biggest stockpile ever, magically.
Because it's time to start killing.
And this is just a beta test.
This is the globalists with a huge Ponzi scheme and quadrillions of money they've stolen, and all the baby boomers they want to kill, putting them in masks, training them to stay six feet apart, training you to stay in your home, training you to do what they say, and then now the vaccine they roll out grows the spike protein in you, gives you cancer, gives you Guillain-Barré,
Gives you spongiform encephalopathy, mad cow.
Gives you the blood clots.
Gives you the microcarditis.
Gives you the heart attacks.
And the young people, what's it do?
I mean, I gotta give it to them.
It attacks the testicles.
It attacks the ovaries in young people.
It attacks the uterus on record.
It attacks the heart.
It attacks the brains.
It attacks the lungs.
And it erases the immune system.
If you ever wondered what they'd hit us with, it's a slow, deadly thing, and it gets worse.
Let's just face the full facts.
It's communicable, and it's in the body.
So far we know for a year and a half, and Dr. Peter McCullough is going to be co-hosting in Studio Friday for three hours with us, and he's talked about this, but now it's all been confirmed, that at least a year and a half it stays in you, and when you take the shot,
Pfizer's about seven times worse than getting COVID on average for the amount of spike protein you get.
Moderna is 21 times, in the studies, stronger than actually getting it.
So you get it, they find you take the vaccine.
Have you already had it in studies?
Have you already had
COVID-19, and they make you take a shot, it doesn't really do much, because your body's so badass, it knows the vaccine's the same thing as the infection.
So, I mean, it's incredible.
Your body's so powerful.
Your immune system, God gave you, is so powerful, that there's almost 99%, again, of people that already have normal immunity that they got, then they're made to take the vaccine, it doesn't really hurt them.
But those that never got natural immunity,
This thing skips past that and goes right into the DNA.
They get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
And the globalists said, hey, let's see if the public buys it.
Let's not give them a shot right up front that kills most of them.
Let's see if we can do a bunch of shots, space it out and test what we want to do.
And that's why four or five soccer players die a week, basketball players, they're all collapsing, dying.
I mean, it's all happening because it's a scientific takeover.
So that's bioethics, that's how they work, that's how they take it over.
And if they sent military and police to come shoot you and kill you, we'd organize, we'd fight back, we'd defeat them.
Our entire epigenetics is about defeating armed men in groups, in uniforms, showing they're clearly who they are, we can beat them.
That's chivalry.
But they've thrown chivalry down the mineshaft here.
And they come in lab coats as your helpers, they come in the ambulances, they come as the bureaucrats, and everyone then bows down and follows them while they're killing you.
We got a special guest joining us to cover so much in the third hour today.
I'm gonna host some of the fourth hour and then we've got a special guest joining us there as well.
Please remember that we're in a neck-and-neck battle with these folks.
We're winning one day, they're winning the next, vice versa.
Everything you do is so game-changing now because the fight is so close and God's watching.
And you don't know if the person you talk to or the person you share an article with or the person you educate might be the tipping point.
Just keep pushing, fighting harder than ever, and realize it ends Thursday morning.
Storewide free shipping.
Double Patriot points, biggest sale of the year, up to 60% off on all the different products like DNA Force Plus, like Vitamin Refusion.
That's all going to end in less than 48 hours at InfoWarsTore.com.
I want to thank you all for your support.
And there's a few days left.
We've extended it, but then it's got to end on 25% off at ResetWars.com and that important course that also funds the operation.
So ResetWars.com.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Tuesday, December 28th broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I want to play a part of Tucker Carlson's show where he just gets better and better looking at the dangers of cell phone radiation, which they admit cause cancer.
And then Wayne Allen Roots going to be joining us to talk about the pandemic of the vaccinated Biden's approval ratings, how restrictions, rules and mandates have backfired and so much more.
But first, here's Tucker Carlson.
Then the issue of cell phone radiation, we've been in denial.
And the denial is in large part, as you said at your introduction, psychological.
We simply can't think about the possibility.
Is it a chance that these things are harmful?
The answer is, we have controlled studies where they take a test tube of sperm from a healthy man and they make two test tubes.
One, they don't expose to cell phone radiation.
The other gets exposed.
The exposed test tube, those sperm will die three times faster
With three times more damage to their DNA.
That has been replicated in many studies, which is how science works.
You have to just keep repeating the results.
So we know that this is a fact.
And yet, when the bodies that advise the government are asked for their advice, they say, we don't have enough evidence.
Well, if you look carefully at the membership of those bodies and the revolving door that takes place between the industry and those who regulate it,
You can see that there's really not been a full independent evaluation, which is why we at Environmental Health Trust are calling for a full independent evaluation of the science.
This is just the past two years right here, of the main studies done, will be submitted to the court very recently.
And the FCC has utterly failed to look at the science.
It's a highly inconvenient truth.
You know, where are the trial lawyers in this?
I mean, I have to ask, because greed is non-ideological, it's a great motivator, trial lawyers are greedy by definition, you know, fine.
They ended the tobacco industry, effectively, by suing.
We learned in 1964, officially, that smoking causes lung cancer and emphysema, all these health effects, and then they moved in and they kind of
They shut it down.
Why hasn't that happened here?
Well, it's interesting.
Some of the same characters that were involved in telling you that tobacco was good for you.
Remember, Thank You for Smoking?
Very well.
This brilliant movie and very important basic idea that was the industry had its own PR people whose job it was to tell people, smoking alcohol and tobacco, it's not really so bad for you.
Yeah, or it's complicated.
We're not really sure when the science is out.
In fact, the closing scene of that movie is just precious.
It has the guy very confused looking, and off camera it says, well is it true?
Do cell phones cause cancer?
They all speak at the same time.
Well, we're not sure.
Maybe, maybe.
And then the voice of authority says, I want you to practice saying these words in front of the mirror.
While we are concerned about the evidence, at this time we have no proof that smoking, I'm sorry, that cell phones are causing brain cancer.
That's the last line of that movie.
We have no proof.
So what is proof?
Proof in science on this issue comes from two things.
You study animals experimentally under controlled conditions.
Or you look at patterns in people.
And the difference between these two fields, which I happen to be both a toxicologist studying animals experimentally and an epidemiologist looking for patterns in people, that the epidemiologists can only tell you about the past.
We have to wait for the bodies.
We are body counters in epidemiology.
The toxicologists try to predict the future.
They try to predict what's going to happen.
So here we have a whole body of animal studies, many of which are in this stack, many of which have been before the FCC in previous iterations.
And that body of studies has been basically ignored and dismissed by the same effort and by the same characters that went around discrediting people who warned about the dangers of tobacco.
They have effectively used a strategy of attack the scientists, attack the science, attack the funders, and try to discredit the entire enterprise.
And we are back now into our number three.
Wayne Allen Root is a best-selling author, researcher, businessman, and of course talk show host.
He's got a new book out dealing with how we become activists and start standing up to the left's bullying.
And I love getting him on as a guest.
I've been on his show before as well.
And I love the fact that he wants to get into the pandemic of the vaccinated, Biden's approval ratings, how restrictions, rules and mandates have backfired.
But I tend to think it was actually, you know, by design to shut down society, the Great Reset.
But I get the logical people look at it and actually think the system is trying to fix things.
But Wayne, let's just get the elephant in the room out of the way.
You know President Trump.
I know President Trump.
I think he did a great job on the borders and great job standing up to China and the list goes on for hours.
And standing up against fentanyl and human smuggling.
I mean, getting us out of the WHO.
But on this so-called vaccine, I got that early on he thought it was a normal vaccine.
I got that he knew they were holding the country hostage with fear.
He wanted to end the fear.
I got he went up there and took his mask off on TV and said, stop it.
I mean, I was like, wow, I love Trump.
So I gave the benefit of the doubt, but then I know, through Roger Stone, who's met with him quite a bit, I'll leave it at that, and others, that I put a lot of pressure, nicely, on Trump, saying, hey, this thing erases your immune system.
Hey, it doesn't protect you.
That's even in the Jerusalem Post today, that it's erasing immune systems.
But we had scientists a year and a half ago knowing that.
And now, doubling down with Candace Owens in that interview last week, and saying, oh no, the only people sick are those that didn't take the shot, when we know it's those that take the shot that are more often sick.
And it's just crazy.
And my own family and people I know and my listeners, when I go to these big Reclaim America events and others, I'm not talking trash on Trump.
My listeners are coming up pissed at him.
I know you're a public figure.
I'm sure you're getting the same feedback.
And it's a special kind of anger because we know Pelosi's bad.
We know Joe Biden's bad.
We know Hillary's bad.
We know Obama's bad.
We know Fauci's bad.
We hate them.
They hate us.
But we love Trump.
They're globalists.
So it's like a woman scorned here, you know?
It's really upsetting people to see him and see CNN praising him and saying, oh, he's right, his constituents are wrong, when I can run circles around what Trump said.
Those statements he said were not true.
And I know you've been an early guy exposing this shot.
And the lockdowns and what's happening, and you've had a lot of courage so, and I know you're a big Trump supporter, so am I, to watch what we invested in and how important he is to get Republicans elected and to run again and be president.
I mean, I feel like a family member is dying, quite frankly, Wayne Allyn Root.
What do you say?
Yeah, I just wrote, Alex, the piece, Celebrate the Comeback of Donald Trump, the Greatest Comeback of All Time.
I wrote that a day before Christmas, or two days before Christmas, came out on Christmas Eve at websites all over the country.
And basically, I talked about it every poll.
He's just destroying Biden.
He's winning by a landslide.
He's one of the most respected men in the world, more than Biden or the Pope.
He's made a huge comeback politically and financially.
He just doubled or tripled his net worth with his social media company.
And I wrote that for a reason, Alex.
You know why?
I felt it was important to establish with President Donald Trump what a huge fan, supporter, and friend I am so I could then come back with my next column, which will be next week, which is what I call the intervention.
He needs an intervention from a friend because he's the greatest president of my lifetime.
I love him.
I will always love him.
I mean, how do you think he was the greatest president since George Washington until he did this?
I love the guy.
I just got married last month.
I'm a newlywed.
He sent a letter to be read at the wedding.
I'm going on my honeymoon to Mar-a-Lago in March.
I've already booked the honeymoon to Mar-a-Lago in the suite right next to the president and Mrs. Trump.
So I'm a friend.
I love the guy.
And he's been right on everything except this issue.
He's so horribly wrong on this issue.
And the best way to put it, ironically, is he's dead wrong.
Because people are dying left and right.
In just the last few days, a 58-year-old Hollywood director
Super fit, super healthy, wiry thin, the guy looked fantastic, drops dead of a heart attack.
This is the word in every obituary now.
Suddenly died.
They're all vaccinated and they suddenly died.
There he is.
He died in Canada, his home country.
Now we've got...
The New York Times editor who just died of a sudden heart attack.
We've got four soccer players in five days in Europe.
Professional 20-something soccer players who dropped dead of cardiac arrest.
All these people, cardiac arrest.
What have I said for a year now?
The vaccine causes heart attacks, heart inflammation, heartbeat too fast, all kinds of heart issues, in addition to strokes, blood clots, multi-organ failure, herpes, shingles, autoimmune disease, but mostly heart attacks, cardiac arrest, and cardiac death.
And so you're on fire here, but like you, because Trump is such an asset for freedom,
It's painful, because I know Hillary's bad, I mean, I know the globalists are bad, but to watch him do this, knowing they've set him up, knowing when all this comes out, as it's coming out now, that it's hurting him, is there still time for him to extricate himself from what's happening?
Yeah, I mean, listen, what I'm going to write is, listen, I'm a friend and I love you, man, but you need an intervention.
And the intervention isn't that you're going to change overnight from a cheerleader for the vaccine and love the vaccine and the vaccine's great and nobody's dying.
You know, he's just in total delusion.
But you're not going to change overnight, and I know that, to, I hate the vaccine, the vaccine's bad, it was the plan, it's the Great Reset, everyone's dying, that's not going to happen.
But what he can do is pivot to never again discussing the deaths or non-deaths of the vaccine, or how much he loves the vaccine.
Pivot to the vaccine mandate is the great reset that's destroying the cops and the firemen and the nurses and the prison guards and the border guards and the people in the private sector and the government employees.
Everyone's getting fired or quit or they're going to get the jab and they'll be sick.
People don't want it.
It's against their will.
Number one.
Number two, mask mandates.
Number three, lockdowns, which I'm betting you, even after what Biden said yesterday,
That's a typical thing of liberals.
Obama did it for eight years, and I heard people say, they'll never pass Obamacare by reconciliation!
That would destroy America, and it would destroy the Democrat Party!
Three weeks later, they passed it by reconciliation.
I want to get into everything else, but I gotta say, I'm not kissing your ass, it's true.
I'm kissing the truth here.
You've got the best articulation of what's wrong with what Trump's doing.
I totally agree.
That's what I had Roger talk to him at LinkedIn about in multiple meetings.
Hey, say the young people don't need it.
All statistics show it.
Say the booster is a scam.
Here's the study.
It lowers immunity.
Roger brought in this stuff.
I don't
I get he knew the lockdown was gonna kill hundreds of millions of starvation worldwide.
I get why he did it.
I mean, I know folks that talked to him at the time.
I'm just saying he's got to get uncoupled from this now.
Yes, he does.
And here's my, you know, look, I'm a pretty savvy guy politically.
I understand what wins elections, and I understand what loses elections.
And as an example, in Nevada, where I live, Las Vegas, Nevada, we had a Republican incumbent United States Senator, Alex.
His name was Dean Heller.
And he's not a bad person, but he tried to act
Fair, and moderate, and balanced, and go with Democrats on a few key important issues.
No, exactly.
Trump, let me steal your thunder.
Come out and give me the floor.
Trump does not need CNN praising him and MSNBC.
I have the clips.
I won't even play them.
They're so damaging to Trump.
I mean, CNN is praising Trump right now.
This is not good.
And CNN and the New York Times praised Dean Heller, our United States Senator, Republican.
And I told him in my newspaper columns, I had the number one column in the Vegas newspaper, and I said, you're committing political suicide.
Because when you side with Democrats on key issues that anger your Republican base, you lose the base, but you don't gain one Democrat vote.
Not one!
He runs for re-election, he doesn't gain one Democrat vote, Dean Heller, and he loses a third of the base, and he loses a close race for re-election.
I told you so, and I'm telling Donald Trump, the people who love the vaccine are mentally ill Democrats with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Not one of them will ever join you, vote for you, say you're great, tell you you did a good job like Biden did with the vaccine.
They're only setting you up when everybody dies, everyone they know dies.
You're getting the blame, President Trump.
But none of them will ever vote for you.
Not one liberal with mental illness and Trump derangement syndrome will ever give you credit.
All right, Wayne, you're blowing us out of the water here.
We're going to come back and move into other topics, but you're dead on.
Stay right there.
I've never heard such truth.
He's 100% right.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this December 28th, Tuesday transmission.
Wayne Allen Roode is a very popular syndicated talk show host out of Vegas.
He's also a best-selling author, and I do know that his column gets picked up a lot of places, including in Vegas, and that Trump does read it.
And I know for a fact, and I'm not name-dropping because I don't care, I've missed a lot of calls from Trump, and I've talked to him quite a bit on the phone over the years, but he's usually just politically
I don't know.
Very destructive.
So Wayne Allyn Root, I want to get into the pandemic and the vaccinated, Biden's approval rating, how they get rid of him, where you see that going, how restrictions have backfired, the mandates.
But in this segment, eight, nine minutes we have to the next, let's get back into this.
Because again, I don't really care.
If some guy I don't know five miles away is in a car crash and dies.
I mean, I'm not glad he died, but I'm not going to cry about it.
With Trump, this is really screwing with me because I know he's smart.
I know he's done so much good.
I know bad guys hate him.
And to watch him in league with Fauci and the Democrats and Biden praising him is giving me nightmares, quite frankly.
And I'm trying to figure out where you see this going and, again, why he's doing this.
I mean, just give us your overall view on this.
Well, he's wrong on one issue.
Look, I've always said for years, Alex, that, you know, if I agree with a politician 80% of the time, you're my friend, not my enemy.
And we'll just have to agree to disagree on a couple of key issues.
But we can't fracture the
Patriot Coalition.
Donald Trump in every poll is beating Biden badly.
Now, we all love Ron DeSantis.
I think he'd make a wonderful President of the United States.
I think he's the best governor of anyone in America, maybe ever.
Every move he makes, I agree with.
So I love DeSantis.
But if Trump's in, DeSantis can't be the nominee.
Trump will just, like a wrecking ball, destroy everyone else.
He's our guy.
You gotta ride the horse you got.
So my goal is never to hurt Trump.
I love Trump.
He's right on every other issue.
And this issue, he's dead wrong.
And we just gotta fight hard.
You, me,
Roger Stone and others to convince him it's political suicide.
It's ruining everything you've built by putting your name on this vaccine.
Giant mistake.
Now let me tell you a very important factor that came out this week because I want you to know this.
I've been saying on my national radio show, on USA Radio Network for the last year, that the VAERS list was studied, which is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, that reports all the injuries and deaths from the vaccine, and all vaccines, for the last almost 40 years.
And I've been saying on my show that Harvard studied the VAERS list a couple of years ago and said only 1% of injuries and deaths are ever actually reported to VAERS because once you're dead, you're not reporting it.
The doctor doesn't want to report that he killed somebody.
The nurse doesn't want to get fired by the doctor.
The family is in pain planning a funeral and they don't even know that the doctor can go to the VAERS list and put something in
So there's nobody to report it.
So it's only 1%.
Now, there's been a new study as of a few days ago.
I attended Columbia University, the most communist Ivy League school in America.
I was the only conservative at the entire Columbia University.
I was the Reagan guy at Columbia and I hated these people.
I despised them.
I couldn't believe what I found when I got to Columbia, including my classmate, Barack Obama.
The worst people in the world, communists,
They got it exact by 20.
Well, there's over 20,000 dead from the vaccine on the VAERS report.
Multiply by 20.
That means there are 400,000 dead Americans as a direct result of the vaccine.
And there's a million that have been injured, crippled, disabled, and adversely affected.
Just under a million.
Multiply that times 20.
20 million Americans are having massive health problems from the vaccine and that's only now.
The spike proteins guarantee you the strokes, the heart attacks, the blood clots and the autoimmune issues will only be worse in year two and three and four and five.
So eventually it will be millions dead and literally
50 million, 80 million adversely affected, 100 million just in America!
This is the most horrible thing that's ever happened in the history of healthcare!
I'm pro-vaccine!
I've never turned down a vaccine in my life!
This isn't a vaccine.
It's gene therapy gone bad.
It's experimental.
It's for emergency use only.
It's for getting people rich at the expense of millions dying and they don't care.
The media doesn't care and the government doesn't care.
Matter of fact, the media is the one making everyone hysterical and panicked that the new form of COVID Omicron is coming.
I call it fear porn.
They're getting everyone hysterical, which makes you rush to the hospital.
When you rush to the hospital, you don't need to be there.
If you die, all you need was ivermectin and a mega dose of vitamins, you wouldn't have died.
But in the hospital, they send you home until you're so sick.
When you finally come back, they put you on a vent and you die.
They're creating the problem.
There's no need for millions to die.
There's no need at all.
So two things are leading to people in the hospital.
Three things.
A fear porn by the media, hysteria by the media and Biden,
And hospitals won't give Ivermectin, which instantly kills COVID.
Ask India.
They ended the worst pandemic in the world in a state of 250 million people.
COVID went away overnight when the government handed out packages.
And let's just add this before we go to the third point.
In Virginia and New York and places, they have lines a mile long of people social distancing who don't even know they're sick who want to go do this through the hysteria.
This is crazy.
And the third thing is the reason they're in the ER right now is because they got vaccinated.
That's the irony.
The vaccine kills your immune system.
And every single week that it's in you, the immune system gets worse and worse and worse.
Medical experts tell me until you literally have the immune system of an AIDS patient and a simple common cold will kill you and a simple mild flu.
Even the Israeli newspapers now admit that the booster shots are causing basically AIDS-like events.
Dr. Zelenko was on last two weeks ago, said that.
They know what they're doing.
Big Pharma is turning our immune systems off.
I think ahead of something bigger they're going to release.
I mean, because this is so bold what they've done.
They're acting like there's not going to be civilization here soon.
I mean, this is crazy.
And I call it the most vicious cycle you've ever seen in world history, because the more fear porn the media and Biden project upon you, the more scared people get of a cold.
You know what Omicron is?
A common cold and a mild flu, unless you're vaccinated, in which case it might actually send you to the hospital, or it might actually kill you, or you might actually die of a heart attack, not of Omicron.
So they make you scared, which sends people to the hospital.
The more people go to the hospital, the more the media reports Omicron is killing people and sending them to the hospital.
And the more people that hear that hysteria and panic, the more people that decide to go out and get vaccinated, who in the past never got vaccinated.
And once they get vaccinated, they'll wind up in the hospital and they'll wind up in the morgue.
This is the most incredible, vicious cycle in history.
And it is the pandemic of the vaccinated.
Hold on.
We got two more segments.
Wayne Allen Root on the pandemic and the vaccinated.
Straight ahead.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, Freeworldnews.tv is the URL.
They're not blocking still.
That takes you to Bandai Video.
Share it.
And RootforAmerica.com.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
And Wayne Allen Root, syndicated talk show host, best-selling author, syndicated columnist.
And I get it, you squeezed in another topic before the break, but you're so dead on on this.
Start over, the pandemic of the vaccinated, because that's what the science, the numbers show.
That's why seeing Trump with Candace Owens last Thursday saying, no, no, no, or Wednesday.
It's the people that haven't had the shot that are sick, but we have all the studies.
He's being set up.
He's being lied to for whatever reason.
So lay out this pandemic of the vaccinated.
Well, you know, I got the vicious cycle in in the last segment.
That's the important one.
Everyone has to hear about the fear porn and what it leads to.
Everyone running to the hospital, then it gives the media the chance to say, see, we told you so.
Everyone's in the ER.
Everyone's in the ICU.
These are people with a common cold and a mild flu.
And if they took ivermectin, it would go away instantly.
They don't need to be in an ER.
They don't need to be in the ICU if they took ivermectin in the first three days of getting COVID.
But the media
Badmouths and denigrates and lies about ivermectin.
The government, the CDC and the FDA badmouths and lies about ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and other forms of natural treatments, vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, quercetin, probiotics.
These are all things that are having tremendous effects on any kind of a viral infection.
And we all know that.
And by the way, everyone at home, you don't wait till you have the flu or COVID.
You take those on a regular basis.
Like I have for the last 40 years.
Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin Zinc, Quercetin, Probiotics.
I take mega-dose of garlic.
You take it on a daily basis.
To make sure you're always healthy and your baseline is health.
So you either won't get sick in the first place, but no one can guarantee that.
Or if you get sick, it'll be milder.
And then you take the ivermectin and it's over.
I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, but I used it myself.
Well that just shows, yeah, well they've been trying to suppress stuff we know works, which just shows how evil these people are.
Right, so here's the point, the key point about the unvaccinated.
The pandemic of the unvaccinated that they claim, I call it the pandemic of the vaccinated.
The government lies.
They twist the statistics around so that literally almost everyone who dies, everyone who catches COVID, hospitalized for COVID and dies of COVID, dies during the period where they're counted as unvaccinated.
Within 30 days of getting the first vaccine, the first of two shots,
And then within 14 days of getting the second shot, and I don't even know what the rules are for the booster, but they count as unvaccinated.
So you dropped out of COVID, they say there's another unvaccinated person.
But you actually got vaccinated and instantly got COVID and died.
I call that a COVID vaccine death.
They call it an unvaccinated death.
So it's a tremendous fraud in all the countries of the world.
Where they don't have this fraud going on.
Where they admit the truth.
In Scotland, in Wales, in England, in Israel, in Singapore.
All the stats have come in.
And the people who are dying of COVID have all been vaccinated.
80% or more of the deaths have been vaccinated.
How do you explain that right now, New York has just about one-third of all the COVID in America.
Not COVID deaths, but all the people who catch COVID.
One-third of everyone in America who has COVID is from New York.
Now add in all the other deep blue states.
Add in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland.
Those are deep, deep blue liberal states, and they've all got infested with COVID and everybody's vaccinated.
How about the cruise ships?
How about the Navy ships?
They're all vaccinated.
How about the athletes?
106 players in the NFL right now on the COVID list, but aren't they all vaccinated?
This is the biggest scam, not COVID, but the reaction to it by government and the media.
This is the biggest scam in history, as I love to say to my fans.
How does the deep state, the big pharma, think they're going to get away with something like this?
I mean, this is crazy!
Like, this is premeditated, it's implemented, it's depopulation, while they make hundreds of billions of dollars.
I mean, if I was trying to destroy myself, if I was trying to make myself the most evil person in history, this is how I would do it.
Yeah, and listen, there's such a simple answer, and the reason I know this is because, believe it or not, I started my career, Alex, as the number one professional sports handicapper in America.
I was the guy who picked the winners of football games on TV, like Jimmy the Greek.
I did it at CNBC, then... No, no, no, I've known you for 30 years, I remember.
And what I found was, when the media doesn't like you, or when the media doesn't want you to make money, you can go 30 wins and 5 losses and prove yourself the greatest that's ever lived, which I've done.
And then the next week you go 0-5?
So you add it together, you're still 30-10.
Three winners for every one loser.
You're the greatest ever!
But they never covered the 30-5, and they put a headline about the 0-5 to make you look bad, destroy you, and slander you.
So I understood the media's mechanics before I got into politics.
The media is vicious.
The media is the enemy.
The media is the cover for everything going on.
Every time a human being dies anywhere in America who's unvaccinated, they put them on the front of the newspaper and they say, see, they're all dying because they're unvaccinated.
But they leave out the 20,000 in the VAERS report who died because they were vaccinated.
It's totally criminal because they're now just mercenaries of Big Pharma.
That's right.
So where do you see this all going?
I want to get into Biden's approval rating.
How do they get rid of him?
Because you were talking about it years ago, Senator.
They're going to get him in.
They're going to remove him, put somebody else in.
But my goodness, he's been even more geriatric than they thought.
He is so bad that, you know, it's like a crazy uncle that you hide in the closet.
He should be in a nursing home and instead he's in the White House.
Very scary.
I've said this, you know, listen, you know I had the number one show on Newsmax TV for three years and over 700 episodes.
And eventually I had a falling out with the ownership of Newsmax.
And the main reason was, and I've got all the proof, because they texted me and they emailed me, and I've got it all.
They said, you're disrespectful to Joe Biden.
Because I kept saying, he can't be President of the United States.
His mental acuity is diminished.
He has literally got dementia.
He's literally got Alzheimer's or some form of it.
You can't make him President of the United States.
He's absolutely out of it.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
He's mumbling, bumbling.
Yeah, why does Newsmax, because I'm not against my competition, I want it to be successful, why'd they fire their top talk shows because they wouldn't take the shot?
Why is Newsmax sabotaging itself?
I don't know, I just think all these people spend their time in New York, right?
They spend their time in New York City around liberals, they want to be loved by liberals.
They're in a leftist bubble and all they care about, all Chris Ruddy cares about is Bill Clinton kissing his ass.
And I like Chris Ruddy.
I always liked Chris Ruddy.
I continue to like Chris Ruddy.
But Chris Ruddy went on CNN with Chris Cuomo.
And Chris Cuomo made the entire show about Wayne Root and what a conspiracy theorist I am.
And from that moment on, I was marked for termination by Newsmax.
Shouldn't he get that competition was mad at their star host?
Instead, celebrate you?
Instead, he said, oh, oh my gosh, Chris Cuomo doesn't like Wayne Allen Ruby.
I mean, I remember that.
Gotta get rid of him.
That is pathetic.
That's the liberal bubble.
And I'm telling you, now look at the revenge I got and the validation I got.
I literally lost my job as the big host at Newsmax because of my opinions that one liberal in New York City didn't like.
But Chris Cuomo lost his job because he was busy sexually harassing, allegedly, his own staff.
And his brother was sexually assaulting and harassing, allegedly, his own staff.
Well, that's the biggest he was covering up for his brother.
And not only covering up, but digging up dirt on the women who were sexually assaulted, allegedly, by the brother.
Horrible thing.
Chris Cuomo's a bad guy, and he was calling me a bad guy.
It's classic son of a bitch.
I mean, everybody knows you're not a bully.
I'm not a bully.
Chris Cuomo's a bully.
They say we're bullies.
His brother, the governor, was a bully.
And don't forget, they say, Alex, that we're conspiracy theorists.
Every single thing I've talked about for five years has come true.
And everything they talk about, and Rachel Maddow, doesn't come true.
They're the liars.
They're wrong about everything.
We're right about everything.
But they've got the media to cover for them and claim that we're conspiracy theorists when everything we predict, almost everything, is right on the money.
That's why they don't want us to be on the field.
That's right.
They don't want us to have a slot in the race here.
Because if we get on the field, we're going to win.
People want freedom.
Final segment with Wayne Allen Root coming up straight ahead.
Please don't forget his website's RootForAmerica.com.
Our sites are FreeWorldNews.tv and InfoWars.com.
And it is a revolutionary act to share those links.
So, share those links from FreeWorldNews.tv and InfoWars.com.
All right, folks.
I'm going to host some of the next hour with the new VAERS reports that just came out.
It's even worse.
What we previously reported, the tens of thousands of deaths, the nightmares.
And remember, only 1% as our guest was pointing out gets reported.
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We're good to go.
You've got your other point here about how restrictions, rules, and mandates have backfired and where you see all this going.
I saw Biden a year ago when he stole the election, or less than a year ago, say,
We're going to end this by Christmas and we're still here.
So I see him saying five day quarantine, not 15 day quarantine.
I see him, you know, out there doing all this is basically a feint or a juke to convince us that they're going to leave us alone.
I don't see that happening.
What do you see?
All right, so first of all, I gotta say something.
It's funny because in the break I take notes what I want to talk about next, right?
And I've got my notes sitting right here.
And you come on, great minds think alike, Alex.
You come on and you play the music about the devil.
And my note was to make sure I tell the audience that I am not the most religious man that ever lived.
I am a Jew who took Christ as my savior 30 years ago, so I guess you'd call me a
Messianic Jew or completed Jew and I do pray to Jesus Christ every day.
But I'm not someone who goes to church every Sunday.
I work 24 hours a day and I don't have time.
And so I'm not the most religious guy in the world.
I have come to believe this is absolutely the devil.
This is good versus evil.
This is the devil and Lucifer versus God and the angels.
And you and I, Alex, we're being chased by the devil because we tell the truth.
We're on the side of the angels.
This is absolute evil.
And if you look at Rules for Radicals by Sal Linsky, the book is dedicated to Lucifer the devil.
And this is the plan, the strategy, this book, the gay plan of every Democrat in office today, and it's dedicated to the devil.
I'm now convinced
This is absolutely the final battle of good versus evil.
And man, you and I have got to stay strong, because the attacks on us every day just never stop coming.
And I appreciate you for your bravery.
I appreciate you for your tenacity, your relentlessness, and everything you're doing, because I know the attacks on you, and I know the attacks on me.
Just since I've been on your show today, I keep in the breaks looking at my texts and my emails.
And on the emails, I have like 26, 27, 28 emails saying F you, screw you, I hate you, I hope you die.
This is the devil.
These people are mentally ill on the left and they never believed in God.
This is one of my biggest points, Alex.
I've been around the left my whole life.
I'm Jewish.
Most Jews are liberals.
I lived in Hollywood.
I was a game show host and a talk show host in Hollywood.
One of the most in-demand ones in Hollywood 30 years ago.
And I lived in New York.
I lived in Malibu.
I have been, and I went to college at Columbia.
I've been around nothing but liberals my whole life.
They hate God.
They're all atheists.
But now they have a God, Alex.
Their God is the vaccine.
It's a cult.
It's the religious cult.
Instead of Scientology, it's Vaccinology.
That's my little play on words.
It's the cult of the vaccine.
Oh, I totally agree.
It's about them getting in your body.
What a powerful cult.
We own your body.
We're going to track you.
We're going to make sure you have us in your body.
They have total control if they do that.
They do, and it's going on every day.
The good news is the people have woken up.
The latest poll, and it wasn't Rasmussen that they can claim leans right, which isn't true, it's just accurate, but it was a liberal poll, I can't remember the name now, but it was a liberal-leaning pollster who generally oversamples Democrats like they all do.
I think?
Unpopular and mocked president in the history of America.
He's the best thing that ever happened to Jimmy Carter because he took Carter off the list as the most hated, mocked, despised, incompetent and communist president of the United States.
He now beats Jimmy Carter.
So the people know.
But the question for President Trump is not just vaccines, but
Also, can you win a rigged election?
What if we win by a landslide, but after they rig it, we lose by a little bit?
How can you be confident we're going to win in a landslide when we know they stole the last election and they're going to try to double their efforts and triple their efforts and steal this election with more ongoing COVID pandemic, therefore leading to more mail-in ballots by the millions
Which are all fake fraud ballots with no voter ID and no verification of signature.
That's how they plan on beating us.
Keep COVID going, keep the pandemic going, keep the scam going, and make sure that they cheat us in the election.
That's what I worry about at night when I'm going to sleep.
Those are the issues.
I totally agree with you, Wayne, and you're always on fire, but you're really on fire right now.
And I just, if Trump came out against the shot, admitted he was conned, he would just be 10 times bigger.
And I just wonder, has he been blackmailed?
Has he been compromised?
I don't think he did anything actually criminal, but they've got so many investigations going.
Is it his sons?
Is it somebody else?
Has Trump been compromised?
Or is it just that every politician has so much stock on Wall Street and the vaccine companies that they're making millions a day as the pandemic is extended?
Oh yeah, what did you make of Pelosi a week ago going, of course we're allowed to insider trade, which isn't true.
I mean, the arrogance.
Well, think about it.
When I mentioned the fear porn by the media, Alex, the more they scare the public into going to the hospital, and the more they quote the hospital stats, and the more they ban ivermectin, the more people decide to get the vaccine because they're scared to death, and the more the stocks go up, and the more billionaires are created at Pfizer, Moderna,
Exactly, it's a total
Just orgy of corruption, a bum rush to grab everything they've got, while they destroy the infrastructure that their money is going to be spent.
Because what if you've got a bunch of money but there's no civilization?
Let's say we blow the world up, nuclear war, you're in a bunker, you've got a trillion dollars and a hundred dollar bills.
It's worth nothing because it won't buy anything.
Don't they get that?
They're not worried about the infrastructure and the community and the humans, they're just worried about bottom line numbers.
It's insanity.
Well, I think the real truth is, Alex, that if you're worth $100,000 or $500,000, you have a house that's worth a million and you have $100,000 in the bank, that's a middle class, upper middle class person.
And of course, millions of Americans don't even have that.
But those people will get wiped out by massive Weimar Republic-like inflation that's here and that's coming and it's getting worse.
But if you have $150 million in the bank or a billion in an offshore account, they're never going to wipe you out.
The billion may only be worth $250 million now.
That's not so bad for the next 12 generations.
You're always parlaying the inflation to buy new stuff, so you're ahead of the curve.
So they're never going to get hurt.
If you're rich enough, powerful enough, insider connected enough, you won't get hurt a lot, but you'll wipe out the competition.
You know, Costco and Walmart and Lowe's and Home Depot, they just keep getting busier and busier.
Black Lives Matter burning down the small stores because that gets rid of the competition.
Wayne Allyn Root, amazing.
Thank you so much.
We'll talk to you next year.
We'll be right back in hour number four.
All right, folks, Jay Dyer, who's one of the top experts on the New World Order.
That might actually matter to people.
I mean, this is the ruling system of our Earth who controls us.
We might want to know about them.
You go to college for four years, for seven years, for eight years, for ten years to become a PhD, to get a master's, to get a bachelor's, and don't you actually want to know who runs things, what their real system is?
That's what we do.
And that's why we have value.
And by the way,
There are a lot of people have the knowledge how the world really works.
They just don't want you to have it because they want to control you and dominate you and enslave you.
And I don't feel good about doing that to you.
I don't feel good about screwing you over.
So I'm not part of that.
And the globalists think I'm this big schmuck.
They think I'm this big idiot.
They think I'm this big moron.
But I understand that if we don't help each other, we're screwed.
So the left tells you all day they're helping you, but they're not really helping you.
Because they're trying to domesticate you, they're trying to control you, they're trying to obsess you over what color you are or what gender you are, in the name of, quote, empowering you, but they're really trying to enslave you.
Now I have a big stack here on the VAERS report, the latest numbers on mass heart attacks, deaths, cancer, 200,000 plus adverse reactions, and this is 1%, even Harvard estimates,
That's gonna be tomorrow, start of the broadcast.
Unless there's, you know, even some bigger story, there probably will be.
But we covered articles with documents with the URLs to major states saying federal mandate says white people don't get medical treatment for COVID-19.
That's a big deal.
And then other governments under globalist control paying doctors $1,000 to kill their patients.
That's real.
That's happening.
That's going on.
This is the normalization of the mass murder, the normalization of not caring about each other.
I know they sell somebody that's good in business or already successful.
Hey, screw these poor people!
But don't you get that those hyper-competitive globalists really want you?
The person that has the big company, the person that has the gorgeous wife or husband, the person that's successful.
When you get rid of chivalry, our ancestors didn't set up chivalry because they were wimps.
They said men are going to kill men.
Leave the women and children alone.
And don't break the rules and wear a uniform that you're in the arena.
Isn't that beautiful?
You want to kill people?
You want to run around and burn stuff down and do all this?
Hey, put on a uniform and get in the arena with other groups that want to do that.
But don't include children and women.
Oh, I'm being anti-feminist.
Okay, great, women.
Want to put a uniform on and get in the arena?
Don't ask us to lower the level of the conflict because you just joined this.
So, that's where all this is, ladies and gentlemen.
This is real.
The New World Order is the end of chivalry.
And that's barbarism.
You can say, oh, it'll create this survival of the fittest.
Not with humans.
Yeah, with a wolf chasing deer, you can say survival of the fittest.
The wolf is the predator and it keeps the deer in line.
Humans aren't like that.
That's not our course.
If we don't build up other humans and empower humans, then God is going to reject us.
It's that simple.
This is not some situation of survival of the fittest.
This is the fittest have to lift up the weakest or will be destroyed by the weakest.
Because evil is organizing the weak to bring down the strong.
So you say, well, then just kill them.
But you see, once you start that, now your wife, your husband, your daughter, your son isn't up to stuff.
They're not up to snuff.
So you just go ahead.
We're going to kill them now.
When's all this killing stop?
Well, they say kill them all at God's short amount.
I'm just kind of here as the signpost so you know where you're at.
All right, Jay Dyer, bestselling author, researcher, great patriot, is about to take over right now as we accelerate into 2022 and the most insane year ever.
I can tell you 2022 is the game changer.
Jay Dyer takes over.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Today I'm going to be talking about some information that will help us understand how it is that we got to where we are.
It's always important to look at the news.
And in today's news, we have reports of NASA hiring
Multiple dozens of theologians and writers in different religious traditions to discuss what would be the reaction on the part of the population when they talk about the next big discovery or alien life.
Now, NASA has put out these kinds of reports and these kinds of claims for decades.
In fact, it goes all the way back into the 1960s when there was a Brookings Report Institute done for NASA.
And if you don't know, Brookings is one of the top think tanks out there.
They helped to craft policy.
They helped to come up with geopolitical strategies, techniques, as well as the RAND Corporation, which we're going to get to here in a moment.
But they talked about the effect that it would have on the public when they announced that there's alien extra biological life.
And I believe, as you know, I've covered this many times.
We've done multiple segments here in the fourth hour on how I think this is a big scale deception.
And one of the reasons I think that is that if you go back to that 1968 Brookings Report Institute discussion of the topic of alien life, they point out, they admit that the Christian religion, quote, would be particularly compromised by the discovery of alien life since it makes such a deal of the incarnation of Christ in history and the historical event
And the knowledge of Christ's passion, ascension, and atonement would then be brought into question.
This would be irreconcilable with the doctrine of alien life.
And funny, because I covered that in my book multiple years ago, back in Exeter Hollywood 2, the sequel.
And so I was talking about how, you know, Hollywood, the alien movies have been talking about this for so long, and they're really just prepping us for this.
And even to my surprise, when that
We're good to go.
To come, said to expect, expect within the time period of 2020 to 2030 alien life, the announcement of alien life.
And we've also seen Klaus in different talks talking about synthetic biology.
We're going to change you, we're going to be in your body.
And my suspicion, this is my analysis, my theory, is that they will try to tie this into a new origin of myths, or excuse me, a new myth of origins, a new life science origins
Relating to alien life and if you read that article there on Western Journal about this whole announcement from NASA they even go into talking about
People from Oxford, people from Cambridge, people from different religious traditions talking about how, oh, maybe it's really what the Jesuit Luciferian Teilhard de Chardin said, a kind of convergence of all the world religions and of all science and religion into one new thing.
And Christianity really would have to kind of compromise and fit into this new scenario.
That's what the Brookings Report Institute said back in the 60s.
So what's in the news today, it was actually in the think tanks, what, 50, 60 years ago.
Now, why is that?
Why do we have these ideas that are seeded 50, 60 years ago?
Seeded oftentimes through fiction, through movies especially, and it's propaganda.
It's what I've covered in my books, what I cover a lot in terms of culture creation.
Culture creation.
Where does this come from?
Why do we have the idea of culture creation?
Well, it's the old ancient world's idea of mythology, right?
We have the notion of
I think so.
In a Carl Jung type of sense.
Sometimes the myths are completely fabricated and they're intended to deceive and vaguely obfuscate the population and get them to believe the myth of the state, to worship the state as God, etc.
So the state has always seen a necessity to having a noble lie, a myth.
And today's world, even though we think of it as highly scientific, highly pragmatic, highly technical, is just as, if not more so, engineered via mythology, via technocratic inducement to belief, or religious engineering on the part of social engineers and psychological warfare experts.
We've been covering this for a long time.
I've covered this just this last week.
I did a whole two-hour lecture
On the totality of MKUltra from all the research and the new stuff that I've been covering the last six months relating to just how much continues to come out about those projects.
Now when we get to the RAND Corporation, this is of course the brainchild of the Air Force.
This comes out of people like Curtis LeMay and the idea of creating a giant think tank that could really war game the new world that we're going into.
Since we're going into a technocratic future world, they just sort of decree, we're going to need thinkers, we're going to need mathematicians and quants, they were called, that is technocratic mathematics obsessed spergs, basically leading us into this new world order.
And how could they engineer not just America, but the whole world into this new order?
And this is where the social engineering comes into play with changing the American landscape.
There's a great book.
Alex actually did a documentary many, many years ago interviewing the author of Soldiers of Reason, Alex Abeya, in his classic treatment.
Now, this is kind of an establishment okay treatment.
It's kind of like, we're going to allow this guy in.
We're going to let him publish the first sort of public analysis and records analysis of the RAND Corporation from the vantage point of a journalist.
So even this sort of whitewashed report is amazing in what it admits, right?
Because as we've seen over and over and over in my Global Elites Lecture series, when we read the books of these guys, especially in the last hundred years, they really tell us everything.
They don't hold anything back.
It's all put out there, you know, just on the table.
They lay down all their cards.
And I believe that they do that precisely because it's a kind of a strategy.
You could liken it to gaslighting, but you could just say that it's hidden in plain sight to really just condition people and get them used to it.
So the Air Force set this up as a kind of post-World War II era Cold War think tank.
And the Cold War, as I more and more come to discover and research, was really a managed dialectic.
I don't believe everybody in the Cold War was a bad guy.
I'm not saying everybody on the, you know, espionage level of the Cold War was a bad person or participating knowingly in a lie.
A lot of people were going along with things that they didn't see the full, you know, 50-year projections, plans at that time.
So they didn't know any better.
I had family members who, you know, were Cold War people, and they thought they were really fighting the evil Soviet Empire.
And the Soviets were an evil atheist empire.
But what has come out in recent decades is that there was a lot of exaggeration of the threats from these foreign enemies, these foreign powers, these foreign power blocks.
And that was intentionally hyped up by the CIA, by the OSS, to bring us into a Cold War.
And so the Marshall Plan and that kind of stuff, this sort of kicks off the era of the Cold War, which a lot of analysts say is World War III.
And you're going to see why the Cold War is so important, because this is where the RAND Corporation really steps into the fore to change the American landscape into something different.
And really, you could say that Mutually Assured Destruction, the whole idea of the Cold War, comes out of the RAND Corporation's strategies.
And it's not for just winning a battle.
It's not for us being the good guys versus the bad guys.
It's a long-term strategy to bring in, well, first of all, to change the idea of what America is out of a protectionist, isolationist country that is a production-based economy, literally to turn it into the policeman of the world and into a consumer economy.
So we had to undergo decades of bombardment of, guess what, beer.
And this is really what Kubrick is lampooning in something like Dr. Strangelove.
It's a great example, a satirical approach to how the Cold War took us into the technocracy.
That's where we are now.
We are in the era of long-term, decades, century-long planning to get us into this technocratic world order that couldn't have happened
If we had not had this managed dialectical conflict of thesis, antithesis, synthesis of two materialistic, atheistic power structures and philosophies, that is, Rand, and Randian-style capitalism, monopoly capitalism, versus Soviet-style communism, and the smashing of these two together is a kind of nuclear explosion leading us into the synthesis in the Hegelian philosophy of dialectics, which is the new
Third option, which is the, uh, the, you could say it is the, um, the, the technocratic synthesis of these two things.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Be sure and support the tip of the spear in the Info War by going to the Info War store and getting all the supplements that you need, as well as the other DVDs and other materials there that really help fight against the tyranny that is just exploding.
But there's also a mass awakening, so there's a lot of positive things that are happening.
Now, we were talking about the history of the RAND Corporation, and I was getting to the fact that really the whole Cold War was dreamt up, really engineered by the so-called neocons as they were, well, they're neocons, but they're not really conservatives at the RAND Corporation.
The reason I'm going after the neocons here is not because I think that they're, you know, necessarily running everything, although they kind of did eventually get the upper hand and kind of went out.
We saw, for example, Obama and people like this really just eventually going into the neocon camp.
A lot of people talk about Hillary basically being a neoconservative.
And the reason for that is that the original neoconservatives at the time of RAND Corporation, they
Combined a weird strategy of Trotskyite neo Trotsky philosophy of red Terror and fear with Leo Strauss is kind of top-down fascist model so it's a weird mix of terror and fascism and That's precisely the model Rand is the corporate fascist structure and I'm saying fascist in the true sense here not the way that woke people misuse it the idea of a
Running all of society on the basis of mathematics, quantification.
This is an old Plato idea.
This is you've heard me talk about this many times in the fourth hour.
And that's really what the RAND strategists developed here.
And they decided that they could bring into play all of these fear tactics.
This is the key that I'm trying to get across here is that what they mastered was from Red Terror, adopting the notion of fear on a mass global scale.
And this is what the Cold War was, especially all of the continued pressure of nuclear war, nuclear threats.
And you could debate how real that was in terms of what capabilities the Soviet Union really had at the time.
But regardless, the nowadays analysis is it's admitted that a lot of this was hyped up.
It was exaggerated on the basis of things like NSC 68, which said that we've got to move America into a global strategy of beyond containment and into outright mutually assured destruction, straight up Cold War.
And so this occurred and this really kick ran into gear and amazingly ran, but what started talking about what would have to happen to change America into not just a global police force,
But a consumerist nation, move it away from a production economy, where production goes to places like China, right?
And we become a service-based economy.
We become a economy that completely shifts.
And it's going to take many, many decades, obviously, for this to have its full effect, which we're in now.
We are now in the phases of Great Reset, is what the culmination of these old RAND plans were, was to bring us to this
Fear-based, austerity-based collapse situation where you have a year zero.
Where do we get year zero from?
Great reset, right?
That comes from the Jacobins.
In the French Revolution, the Jacobins, the radical Illuminati faction in the French Revolution, they believed that they could reset all of society.
They were original pioneers of a reset.
And the idea would be that you could have a totally new system laid over on top of that.
And you could even give new holidays or fake made up holidays like Thermidor and all these weird things that these communists had made up.
But they were early predecessors to technocracy.
And later people like Auguste Comte, Saint-Simon, philosophers like Giuseppe Mazzini, a lot of these communists were really people who wanted to have a technocratic order.
And so a lot of the corporate elite and the banking elite saw commonality there.
They believed that they had the same ultimate end goal.
So what I'm trying to explain is that although on one level it's true that people that are collectivists, people that are Marxists, that are socialists,
Are in opposition to their dialectical opponents of the Adam Smith and Rand, you know, hardcore capitalist models.
One thing that Rand noticed was that they would have to smash these two ideas together to produce the result the synthesis.
Which is technocracy.
And that's where we are.
It is so obvious that what we have in today's society is the result of this.
This conflict that was really managed and steered.
Again, there was a lot of people who were really fighting each other.
There was a lot of real espionage going on between Soviet spies and the CIA and all this kind of stuff.
But really, this global conflict had a long-term secret goal.
And oddly enough, certain movies actually capture this idea.
Believe it or not,
Not just 2001, which you've seen me deconstruct.
I've done many analyses, many even documentary analysis of Kubrick's 2001.
There's a sequel that's lesser known, that was lesser popular, that's actually about the very thing I'm talking about today, 2010.
And 2010 is not the best movie, it's kind of boring, but where it goes in the philosophy of the film, what Arthur C. Clarke, who was in the circles of these Illuminists and these technocrats, he was actually writing those novels about the very types of plans that I'm talking about, what they had in store for that long-term, you know, 21st century strategy of bringing in the new Fourth Industrial Revolution, the new society.
And what that film presents is a world where the Cold War gives rise to the discovery of what?
Alien life.
And the implementation of technocracy.
And at the end of the film, spoiler alert, it's not a big giveaway to spoil this boring movie, but at the end of this boring movie you have the
The idea that the AI is basically the aliens, and they're planting life on new planets under the banner of Lucifer.
And they talk about themselves as children of the sun.
Where are the children of the sun?
And there's these weird prophecies and predictions about going into the universe and planting life on new planets.
And so we kind of become our own creators.
We're the alien panspermia people who spawn the life on other planets with the aid of the black monolith cube, which is AI, right?
I'm not saying all that's necessarily true.
I'm just saying that the philosophy of the film and of the novel is precisely that.
That the Luciferian model of technocracy is not just to
Bring about a world government.
It's actually to become posthuman.
That's the message of the movie and in 3000 One which is the the third one It's actually the full-on transhumanism where they merge with the AI or the alien entities and in that story Aliens are basically AI so they kind of merge the two and you can look at something like The the Child is in as well as another example of this
So how are we getting between aliens and technocracy and Cold War?
Well, if we go back again to the RAND studies, one thing that they know is that they could actually further in their plans by scaring the crap out of everyone through the notion of global destruction.
So at that time, it was the bomb, it was the Soviet Union, ICBMs, right?
That was the global destruction.
And then we know, as we get a few decades ahead of this, the Club of Rome comes up with the idea of pollution and the environment being the great threat.
We're all going to die, we're all going to be destroyed.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are in this new movie, Don't Look Up, which is about how the scientists are going to save us, but Earth is actually going to just blow up from a meteor because we don't listen to the science.
And there's basically a whole Trump sort of crowd of people that are the people that say, don't look at science.
And the whole world gets blown up because nobody listens to science.
These are the kind of propaganda strategies that are dreamt up at places like the Rand Corporation.
That's what I'm trying to get at.
And that movie is precisely about that, right?
It's about scaring everybody.
And everybody who doesn't listen to science is a dumb Trump supporter and all this kind of stuff.
And the irony is that it's actually the opposite.
That's usually how propaganda works, is that you do the opposite, right?
Don't go anywhere.
When we come back, we're going to get deeper into
This RAND Corporation secret.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Now, early on in the book, one of the things that Alex Abeya discusses is the Gaither Report and the rise of the technocracy, the military-industrial complex, the very things that everybody knows about from the Eisenhower speech that he warned about.
He was warning about the things that were being discussed at the RAND Corporation.
And remember, they had known and planned the world government far before the RAND Corporation came into being, right?
This goes back
To at least the time of the technocrats of the French Revolution and afterwards, the French socialist technocrats.
And you could argue even further back to just the idea of world empires.
But when we notice the strange parallels between what the technocrats were saying back at the time of the Rand Corporation, what we're seeing people like Gates and Klaus Schwab and these people say now publicly, is that it's a common continuity of agenda plan.
Going back, the Gaither Report noted that it was time to bring in a global order on the basis of a technocratic, AI-run, basically computerized society.
Automation, the very same thing that I showed you in the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars document the last time we did a fourth hour.
Participants in this Gaither Report included the Ford Foundation, it included the National Security Council, it included multiple other corporate entities, basically getting together and discussing in coordination with the RAND Corporation how to engineer society into this new order.
And they literally call it a new world order of a one-party technocratic system, worldwide, that would eventually merge the United States and the Soviet Union.
This is oftentimes called the third way.
And this was popular terminology back at the time of Bill Clinton and in the 90s.
And I don't think that terminology is really used anymore, but that's really what the end goal was of the Cold War on the part of a lot of these Rand Corporation strategists and as on the part of a lot of the Council on Foreign Relations strategists.
In fact, there was a huge heated debate in the CFR back in the day about whether or not they could blend the two together into a new technocratic world government.
And again, I'm just pointing out, do you not understand that this is where we are now?
These dreams are now being realized.
This was not a conspiracy theory.
This is a public academic work on the history of the brainchild behind the Cold War, the Rand Corporation.
Does that mean that everybody that worked there, that everybody in these groups is evil?
I'm not saying that, no.
And again, this whole system functions on the base of compartmentalization.
And a lot of people in various operations and groups, like the military, they don't know what's going on in the big picture.
They just think that I'm fighting for Uncle Sam, for the good of the country.
You're not.
You're ultimately fighting for a super .001% technocratic elite who is manipulating you into dying for
Pepsi, vaccines, abortion, right?
Women's rights in other countries.
That's what you're actually dying for.
The global technocratic order.
And they have at their disposal an army of the woke people who work for them.
As I think everybody who listens to this audience actually knows that, right?
The woke people are not the real woke people, right?
The people in this audience are the real woke people who are trying to explain what's really going on, and then you have this army of these mobs of what Jacques Attali calls the tip of the spear of transhumanism, right?
The transhumanists are the tip of the spear of the New World Order, he says.
But the real
Magic, I guess you could say, of the Rand Corporation was in not just fear, but engineering what they called the cult of the individual.
They actually pioneered this idea, and the notion was that if we took the philosophy of the selfish motivations of any individual, what if we maximize that idea for the population?
And then got the population into a rabid consumer philosophy for many decades.
What effects would that have on the society?
And one thing they learned from studying other countries where they run these programs and models like in Egypt and in Syria under Miles Copeland.
Miles Copeland in his book, Game of Nations, talks about when they implemented these strategies of industrialization and Western liberalism and neoliberalism and marketing Hollywood stuff to people is that the country's population immediately started going down.
And so they learned that the more that they pumped in Hollywood, the more they pumped in the stuff, it led to sterilization in the society, both voluntarily and nowadays, non-voluntarily.
That's what's going on now, right?
So the idea was that if we weaponize, on the one hand, radical atomization on the part of the individual in terms of what they call game theory and rational choice theory, that the individual is always going to choose in their own self-interest.
If they push consumerism to the maximum degree, then what that does is that actually fragments and destroys the society.
At the same time, they pump in toxic culture.
That is, the Hollywood, the music industry, not saying everybody in those industries is bad, I'm just talking about the propaganda element of those areas of society, basically weaponizing the arts in totality.
Then what you get is a toxic stew, and that's precisely why the CIA, for example, in the Cold War, went and recruited French philosophers who were deconstructionists.
Yes, post-modernists recruited by the CIA to promote, under the guise of the Cold War, abstract art, ugly art, abominable art, because of the psychical effects of the society to break down meaning, the destruction of meaning, deconstructionism, critical theory.
These are all real strategies and plans and schools of thought.
They're not made up, they're not conspiracy theory.
I went to a normal, regular university and I studied these people.
I think?
Win the war against the fascists and then win the Cold War.
And how are they doing this?
Through things like the Congress of Cultural Freedom, where the CIA spent all of this money funding the notion of abstract, degenerate, awful, garbage art and architecture.
To supposedly promote, quote, freedom, but all it does is have the opposite effect of destroying and degrading the society.
And they were arguing, well, we have to do this.
And this is all, again, the brainchild of people like the Rand Corporation, the CIA, the OSS, the think tanks, the Brookings Institute, the Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Foundation.
It's all the same people and it's all in this book.
It's all admitted openly that, yes, they had this plan.
That we have to change America radically so that, now at that time, the myth, the lie was so that America can win the Cold War.
So that we can, and who was also another big figure in this?
Brzezinski, Kissinger.
We gotta win the Cold War.
The same people who are saying that they don't care about America.
They're not loyal to any nation.
They're internationalists.
They don't care about America winning some Cold War.
They want the technocratic world government.
Brzezinski wrote the book, Between Two Ages, The Technocratic Era.
You think he cared about America?
The whole book is about that he doesn't care about America.
America is intended to, like a snake, shed its skin and turn into this engine to bring in the new world order.
Now, I'm not saying that America is bad.
There's a lot of great people in America.
America's founding documents and ideology have a lot of great plans and strategies, a lot of rights of the individual, a lot of rule of law.
These are all great things.
But what I'm saying is that these people transitioned America into something else.
And what we're going through in this country, especially in the last few years, is the battle to not become and turn into that, this global technocratic engine of the new world order.
And that's the battle that's being fought right now in this country.
We are in the midst of the very thing that was planned decades and decades and decades ago.
And the reason I keep harping on the old documents and 50, 60 years ago stuff is because we can't understand what we're fighting and how to fight it until we understand how we got here.
And what we're actually up against.
And a lot of people might find this, you know, disheartening, or, oh, well, we can't beat that, it's too much.
All you have to do is recognize that it's a bunch of lies, and it's a plan.
That's it.
That's number one.
Once you see this, the fear, the same fear that was being pumped out nonstop in the Cold War is the fear that's being pumped out to you right now with all the lies about the CUFID and all this nonsense.
It's the exact same psychological strategy of fear.
Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear.
But what was the Cold War?
Fear, fear, fear.
Get under your desk when the nuke goes.
Being under a desk isn't going to stop you if nukes are going off, right?
This is nonsense.
It's crazy.
Your desk is going to burn up, dude.
You're not going to be safe underneath your desk.
So there's not a global pandemic that's going to kill you.
It's broad.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jason Alsos.
If you'd like to support my work, you can go to my website, jasonalsos.com, and you can subscribe to get access to the lectures, to multiple years of me analyzing these big, fat, boring, global elite books.
We've done, I don't know, 50, 60 of them now to date.
One of them is, of course, the classic Alexa Beya book, Rain Corporation.
You can also get signed copies of my books where I make this kind of accessible to people through an analysis of film because one thing that Abeya mentions in many places in his book is the fact that the Wren Corporation consulted and worked with a lot of directors, producers, a lot of Hollywood people to help put nuclear war, Cold War themes throughout Hollywood movies.
And what this did was amp up the fear.
So where did they get this idea?
Well, because again, a lot of the people in this model are familiar with terror, red terror, and using that as a strategy for social engineering.
So, I mentioned the Gaither Report and the Military-Industrial Complex, and I mentioned the many corporate heads that were there at this committee meeting to discuss how to scare the crap out of everybody and how to make the notion of a global cataclysm acceptable so that everybody would just do whatever they're told, right?
So, oh, look at the pictures of the house blowing up.
If you don't do what we tell you, everything's just going to be a pile of ashes.
And they put out all these movies.
There was countless nuclear age atomic movies.
There was The Day After, which scared the crap out of a TV movie.
I think Steve Guttenberg's in it.
It's pretty hilarious if you go watch it now.
I recommend going and watching The Day After, because you watch it now, this is so obviously propaganda.
Which I think Reagan actually had a hand in saying we need to put out movies like The Day After.
It might have been right before Reagan.
I don't remember.
Early, early 80s, maybe 82s when that came out.
But that was actually a propaganda film.
Part of an example of the kinds of things that I'm talking about.
It was very popular.
Where the, and the Rockefeller Foundation, by the way, was also involved in this, in this ran.
At NSC 68, which was the idea of we got to absorb, or we got to kick this nuclear war off with
Uh, or excuse me, the Cold War off with this massive global fear campaign.
Now, multiple examples of this have popped up.
Obviously, any world war has an element, right?
World War One, World War Two has an element of global threat.
But Abea notes that what was unique to the nuclear threat and the idea of anybody, any nation state getting a hold of nukes and being a rogue state was itself under Bernard Baruch at the United Nations, a plan for global government and global policing.
That's in Quigley as well.
Quigley has a whole section, a whole chapter on that.
And so the problem with the nuclear threat thing is that that's the justification back in the 50s, 60s, 70s for, oh, we've got to have the global government because Kim Jong-un, because Putin, anybody could just set off nukes, right?
Everybody can just get nukes and set them off.
So we got to have a global government, right?
And what was the basis of it?
Videos of houses being mowed over by nuclear bombs, supposedly H-bombs, whatever.
And that scared everybody.
All of the schools, all of the boomers being told, get under your desk, stop dropping roll and roll under your desk, because when the nuke comes, like, it's just so hilarious, like it's not going to do anything.
That was on purpose.
They were doing those things in the schools.
They actually funded as well, RENT Corporation came up with the idea of getting everybody to buy fallout shelters because this would further the myth of scaring people.
I'm not saying it's bad to have an emergency shelter.
I'm just saying that they promoted this idea to scare the crap out of everybody.
Now, how does that relate to now?
Well, go back to the mid to late 80s and there was a new global campaign that started emerging.
And there's a famous person that's in the news every day today that you might not know about was involved in that global fear campaign.
It's called the AIDS crisis.
And Dr. Fauci was involved in studying, going around to bathhouses and researching the AIDS pandemic and how this scared people and how to get people to adopt medical ideas, medical ideology on the basis of fear campaigns.
Is this not, can you not figure out what's happening?
I mean, what do you, duh!
Exactly what we saw there is being used now.
Global fear campaign on the basis of what, three years of this now?
Little Couphid has just turned three.
So we have a troublesome toddler here, the terrible threes.
COVID is now three years old.
And it's really just an analog to not just the fears of the Cold War, the psychological warfare strategy of global fear, just like we see with the green agenda, the global fear behind pollution and overpopulation that the Club of Rome comes up with the first global revolution.
That's still being rammed through constantly.
In fact, they even tied COVID and the lockdowns into that because, oh, look at the Earth has healed.
Mama Earth, Mammy Earth has healed through the global lockdowns.
Now the birds are out, the fish are swimming again because of evil humans being locked down.
And now they're pushing for climate lockdowns.
And now, what's in the news again?
Connections between COVID and AIDS.
The autoimmune deficiency problems.
The ADE problems.
Oh, now we might actually need something to do with AIDS viruses and new boosters, new immunity in regard to COVID and the shots.
Because that's exactly what Fauci was doing, what, 20, 25 years ago.
And if you remember the 90s, 80s and 90s, I remember you would see this all over the TV, right?
AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, everybody's going to have AIDS, everybody's going to die.
Just like the ozone hole.
Oh, the ozone, we're all going to be cooked by 2015.
Everybody's cooked.
Just like inconvenient truth.
Oh, we're all going to be underwater.
All of this is psychological warfare, social engineering, fear strategies.
And it has nothing to do with what's true at all.
None of it's true at all.
All it has to do is getting you to comply.
That's the only goal of any of that.
Getting you to comply and the compliance isn't really even necessarily about whether it's it's that's also a long term goal.
If we know if you remember in lockstep, the compliance was about getting people to accept AI and automation.
That's the longer-term goal of the compliance.
Yes, there's the element of the initial rollout of all these stabbies and the boosters.
The long-term goal is compliance into the technocratic world order.
And in Klaus's book, in the last section of 4th Industrial Revolution, he says that really the long-term goal is not just automation, but everything being tracked and traced and the changing of human biology.
Now, again, this is my speculation.
This is where I think the faux alien threat comes into play.
And we don't know how they're going to use this, but they keep talking about it.
It keeps popping up.
You go back to the 1940s and 50s, the whole emergence of the alien UFO threat comes through science fiction writing.
It comes through H.G.
It comes through these books that the original crazy people who supposedly were abducted, Betty and Barney Hill, George Adamski, their stories are made up.
In fact, it was exposed that their stories actually come from science fiction novels at the time.
Go watch the documentary Mirage Men.
It explains how a lot of the counterintelligence, basically the alien nonsense, is part of counterintelligence.
They even interview the people who are involved in the counterintelligence operations to give people, feed people nonsense and disinformation relating to aliens.
That's a great documentary.
And it doesn't get into the new agey sort of cult element to it, but if you know, of course, the CIA has a long history of studying and being involved in cults and alien cults.
And why might this be?
What's the commonality that we might see between studying alien cults, studying fear, global fear, social engineering and pandemics, a new religion to replace biblical Western religions, Christianity, etc.
Well, it all works perfectly into this model of the New World Order, bringing people into the technocracy, giving them a new religious mythology, which the Hudson Institute documents talk about from the 60s, that's more compatible with technocracy.
In Isaac Asimov's book's foundation, Asimov, who is also hip to and in the inner circles of this technocratic New World Order plan, he has a front religion.
That the foundation, which is this inner secret society of scientific elite, they know the true secrets to what's really going on, which is really just implementation of an AI technocratic run government and tracking everybody through mass algorithms and so forth.
But they have an outer religion that they've constructed that's a fake front for this technocratic core group.
This is exactly what is coming.
I'm telling you, this is the new narrative.
This is what they're pumping.
And I don't know when.
I don't know.
They might be 10 years.
But most likely they're going to use an alien mythology, an alien lie.
You can go back to George Adamski.
And see how, from the very beginning, Alan Dulles, head of the CIA, was actually threatening to sue anyone at the time who would question George Adamski's crazy story.
Why would he do that?
Because the CIA was behind this.
They were involved in constructing this new mythology.
It's the very perfect type of plan and strategy that the Rand Corporation themselves would cook up.
How do we give people a new story, a new myth?
Ooh, let's make it aliens, and the aliens are going to tell you, if you would only depop, just depopulate yourself, just go get the stabbies, just go get the brain chips, just enter into the metaverse, we will save you.
That's literally what they tell people, right?
This is the myth.
This is the new story.
It's obviously baloney.
That's what I'm trying to tell you here.
Don't fall for it.
So when Klaus and the World Economic Forum and Gil Bates and all these people tell you that the space aliens are here, know that it's a lie.
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