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Name: 20211226_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 26, 2021
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In this text, Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 vaccines, 5G technology, and globalism. He interviews Dr. Lee Merritt about the potential dangers of 5G on human health and warns against predictive programming through TV and movies. Jones encourages listeners to stay informed and take action against globalist agendas by purchasing supplements from InfoWars Store and supporting their mission. He also highlights the importance of privacy protection measures like Faraday cages and preparing for potential tyrannical measures by stocking up on high-quality, storable food.

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Jesse Peters is right.
Fauci wants to give our children a kill shot.
A physical attack.
We want to give him a kill shot of truth.
Supposing that he ran the Wuhan lab with Bill Gates.
He launched the attack.
He's the one behind it all.
He's the one.
Now you're going for the kill shot.
The kill shot, with an ambush, deadly.
Because he doesn't see it coming.
This is when you say, Dr. Fauci.
You funded risky research at a sloppy Chinese lab.
The same lab that sprung this pandemic on the world.
You know why people don't trust you, don't you?
He is dead!
He is dead!
He's done!
Do what must be done.
You do that in 30 seconds.
That's all you need.
30 seconds.
Now you get that footage to us, you get it to Fox, you get it to Human Events, you get it to Breitbart, you get it to Daily Caller, you get it through the Turning Point Pipeline.
You don't get it to InfoWars.
Imagine Tucker Carlson teases out of the A Block, coming up.
Brave college student confronts Lord Fauci at dinner.
Lord Fauci, I love it.
Exclusive footage, right back.
Lord Biden.
Get us that!
That's what we want.
That changes the whole conversation of the country.
I've authorized it.
Just make sure it's legal.
You know, I really love
Watching everybody imitate what we do, because that's actually my goal.
People say, what do you like calling people Lord Fauci?
Now they're doing it.
They're saying, go after the globalists.
They're saying, get in their face.
We're all the same team.
These are tactics.
These are great tactics.
Send it to him.
We've gotten plenty of credit for trying to kill me and put me in prison right now.
All I want to do is win against these people.
But here is the video before we even started the contest that had me happy.
I did the contest five years ago.
What I was saying, you ought to go confront him and say, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
This is the Tucker Carlson clip that caused the chain reaction.
So, that's what we need to do is peacefully, non-violently, but very aggressively in civil disobedience.
We'll talk with Dr. Zelenko, good friend of mine, great patriot for humanity.
In just a few minutes we got a break, but we can joke and laugh about this all day.
This is really, really, really, really serious.
And we now have more FDA documents that have come out confirming what Dr. Yedon said a year and a half ago, and what Dr. Zelenko said, and so much more.
And Dr. Yedon has also come out, former chief scientist at Pfizer, and said this is definitely a depopulation weapon.
Six months ago he said it looks like it may be depopulation.
He said now there is no doubt this is depopulation.
That's like Michael Jordan saying, there's no doubt he made the three-pointer.
Michael Jordan knows basketball.
Dr. Michael Yeadon knows vaccines.
And this is not a vaccine.
And you've got so many other scientists.
You've got the inventor of mRNA technology coming out in emergency warnings.
You notice
The inventor of it was a little more tame about it the first year.
Now he's like, no, it's depopulation.
It's evil.
We got to stop them.
Just what Dr. Zelenko and I talked about the time before last he came on.
And that was, we are going
To have to just come out and say everything that's going down, everything that's happening.
We got to just admit they're killing us.
Because we argue, oh, this doesn't work.
Oh, the vaccine's not perfect.
You know, why are you wrong?
If we do that, they keep winning.
But that's not what's going on here.
That's not what's happening.
This is premeditated plan from the beginning.
All right, we're getting Dr. Zelenko hooked up right now, getting his camera working here.
We're going to go to break and come back in 60 seconds with him straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
And please don't forget freeworldnews.tv.
It's the same address as Bandot Video, it's just on a blocked link.
History is happening now.
As we close out the year 2021 and accelerate into the critical year of 2022, it is so important to really meditate on the fact and let it sink in that we are in the middle of a globalist world government takeover whose endgame is forced depopulation.
The death, the disease, the horror being caused by these GMO gene therapy shots is just the beginning.
They are now accelerating a program that will collapse civilization.
There's not much time left to turn this around.
The globals are now getting a big cyber attack ready that they're going to launch, and again, blame on terrorists, and use as a pretext to further collapse civilization.
Only being aware of this and only rallying against it now can back them off.
Please, ladies and gentlemen, continue to spread the word about InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and the live show, because you are the modern Paul Reveres.
Without you, we're going to lose.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
So if it's going to be used, it's better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe disease and death, rather than, as we see, some countries are using to give boosters to kill children, which is not right.
So, when your government scientists tell you that a variant that's 0.3% different from SARS could masquerade as a new virus and be a threat to your health, you should know, and I'm telling you, they are lying.
If they're lying, and they are, why is the pharmaceutical industry making top-up vaccines?
They are making them.
You should be terrified at this point, as I am, because there's absolutely no possible justification for their manufacture.
But they're being made, and the world's medicines regulators have said, because they're quite similar to the original vaccines, the ones that are being given now, we won't be asking them to do any clinical safety studies.
So let me just say again, the variants are not different enough to represent a threat to you.
You do not need to top up vaccines, yet they are being made.
And the regulators have more or less waved them through.
I'm very frightened of that.
There's no possible benign interpretation of this.
I believe that they're going to be used to damage your health and possibly kill you.
I can see no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt at mass depopulation.
This will provide the tools to do it.
And plausible deniability, because they'll create another story about some sort of biological threat, and you'll line up and get your top-up vaccines, and a few months or a year or so later, you'll die of some peculiar, explicable syndrome, and they won't be able to associate it with the top-up vaccines.
But that's my belief, that they're lying to you about variants, so they can make damaging
Top-up vaccines that you don't need at all and I think they'll be used for malign purposes and if you don't wake up That's what's going to happen.
I think during next year Well, that's really scary and it's true it's dr. Michael Eden former head of the technology division and the head scientist of respiratory viruses at Pfizer
And Dr. Robert Malone's the inventor of mRNA technology.
The first year and a half, he's like, maybe they're idiots.
Maybe they don't know, but this is going to hurt a lot of people.
Now he's like, no, it's premeditated.
It's evil.
We've got to stop them.
Because you cannot deny that.
I had Dr. Zelenko on time before last, about a month ago.
And I'm not tooting our horn.
I'm saying we know what we're talking about.
Please listen to us, because I want to get out of this with our lives.
I want you to get out of it as well.
It's the biggest threat in the last human development.
This is real.
This is the biggest event ever.
We're good.
Zev Zelenko joins us here.
He needs no introduction.
So much has happened.
He also issued an alert yesterday that if something happens to him, that he's not died of cancer, which he's fighting right now, but that it could be foul play.
I want to say the same thing.
I'm getting a lot of death threats right now.
We're not being dramatic, folks.
We're at the tip of the spear, exposing mass murderers.
This is a war.
And like Marshall McLuhan said 50 years ago,
In the future, the war is going to be distributed to the general public.
It's not going to be main armies against each other.
So Dr. Zalinko, so much going on, so much happening.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday broadcast.
Hi Alex, thanks again for having me.
I got a lot of questions and a lot to say and a lot to break down and I want you to be able to take us where you want to go first.
So take us there and then I want to talk to you about Dr.
Michael Yeedon, who I know you talk a lot about getting even more hardcore now and basically aligning with what you and I are saying.
It isn't about us being right, but I think it's key to really have people face what we're up against if we have any chance of beating them.
We're going to win.
It's like someone who plays chess.
The better chess player you are, the more moves ahead you could see.
And I see already that it's checkmate.
The only question that's still a variable is how much carnage and what will be the body count of the innocent until we get to that point.
And the reason why I'm doing these interviews is that I hope that spreading the true narrative and giving people hope may mitigate or reduce the body count.
And so regarding Dr. Michael Yadin, I know him personally.
He's a mentor of mine.
He's a brilliant scientist, former Vice President of Pfizer.
And he told me personally that for every one child that dies from COVID, 100 die from the vaccine.
The vaccine is 100 times more lethal to children than the virus.
I think it's more than that, but he has the statistics and the data analysis to prove that, and he has actually presented that information to the world.
He's a man of integrity.
He has only
What to lose from coming out of retirement.
He's a very wealthy man.
He doesn't need all this aggravation.
The only reason why he's doing it is I believe that he's being motivated by altruism and a genuine desire to protect people from carnage.
Now, I think that it's extremely important to understand what is the motivation behind the criminals and monsters that have done this.
No one should believe a word I'm saying.
They should just listen and then do their own due diligence.
I provided for you resources and references to what I'm about to say, much of which I'm sure you know.
But 30 years ago, it became obvious to the people in power and the wealthiest, most powerful people on the planet that there was going to be a major catastrophe economically.
In 30 years, there will be a collapse bankruptcy of the beginning of bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare.
And that's all known.
And Biden's recent policies of increased entitlements have upped the date to the anticipated collapse that 2027-2026 used to be 2028.
That's the beginning.
And within 10 years, there'll be a complete bankruptcy that will have a tsunami
We're talking about a force of evil that has always used human slavery as an asset.
Slavery has always been the most lucrative industry in the history of humanity.
And these people are amoral.
They're not immoral.
They are amoral, which means they are moral when it's expedient for them.
They're immoral when it's expedient for them.
They support the Jews when it's expedient for them.
They support the Christians when it's useful to them.
And then they set the Jews against the Christians and vice versa when it's useful for them.
They're capitalists when they need to be.
They're communists when they need to be.
This level of malevolence transcends all of these systems that they have set, and they play games and create chaos and geopolitical destabilization in order to promote their own agenda.
In this particular case, it became obvious to everyone that there was going to be a huge economic collapse, and they were threatened.
What have they done?
They've initiated a plan over the last 30 years that
Will result in when the system collapses, the dust settles, they will have the new financial infrastructure and control mechanisms to lead to the ultimate enslavement of humanity.
And let me explain.
In 2016, everyone knows Klaus Schwab said that within 10 years, meaning by 2026, right before the anticipated collapse,
Seven billion people will be tagged with a digital tracking device, essentially.
A biometric sensor that transmits biometric data with your location to a third party.
And it's not science fiction.
There's a patent, which we've spoken about several times.
He said it on French TV.
He said, first you'll wear it, then it'll be in the skin.
That's Klaus Schwab saying that, and I have that video.
But in addition to that, there's a patent.
There's two patents that go hand in hand.
The one patent that says that the current vaccines have nanotechnology in them that allows them to measure your heart rate.
Dr. Zelenko, stay right there.
We're going to come right back to you.
This is riveting information.
Dr. Zelenko, please stay with us.
All across the world, whether you're in Canada or whether you're in Australia or Germany, the politicians use the exact same slogans like Build Back Better and The Great Reset.
And now they're telling everyone that, oh, sorry, it's permanent.
You're always going to wear a mask.
You're going to get multiple shots up to 6, 7, 8, 9, even 10 times a year.
And that'll be on your app.
And if you don't have it on your app, you're not going to be allowed to buy and sell or leave your house.
And now countries like Germany are saying we may make it mandatory.
In fact, now Germany says starting February 1st it will be mandatory.
And now the unelected head of the EU Commission, she says they're looking at making it mandatory.
And now Boris Johnson is saying mandatory.
That means come to your house, forcibly inject you.
And what's insane is all the statistics, all the numbers are out.
It's the vaccinated that are sick and dying because it's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy that erases your immune system.
Just search it yourself.
COVID-19, Pfizer, Moderna vaccines, lower immunity and find out how they do it.
They turn off your killer T's.
They don't kill them like HIV does.
It just turns them off.
And then you know what happens.
Killer Ts stop cancer, they stop viruses, they stop bacteria, they stop infections.
We're having our defenses literally lowered and now the Pentagon, that means the globalist controlled occupied system, it's not our military anymore at the top.
I said, oh we've just so happened been working in secret on an omnibus COVID shot that stops all spike proteins.
Well, viruses in our body, most of them are good and actually share information with our cells and other life forms.
That's what the science shows.
And so attacking the spike protein that isn't just on viruses, but is on other cells in our bodies, is going to cause massive autoimmune disorders, ADE, the list goes on and on.
And the scientists that warned of this a year and a half ago when the injections were starting, have now all
We're entering the darkest time in human history.
But thank God for you.
And thank God that we have InfoWars.
And thank God that we knew about the globalist plans from Operation Lockstep many years ago and have been warning people.
And so now, top scientists like Dr. Wolfgang Wudarg and Dr. Michael Yedon and others have come out and said, no, this is a depopulation program.
And then by the third shot, you basically have no immune system anymore.
And the globalists are counting on this being so horrific, so horrible, that people just can't even come to grips with how sinister and out of control this is.
So that's why I'm asking all of you now, more than ever, to pray to God for a global awakening.
And to pray to God that your friends, your family, your neighbors, and others don't just have the scales taken from their eyes, but that they be given
A spirit of enlightenment and leadership to help wake up and warn others because they're not coming for our children.
They've come for our children and children all over the western world taking these shots are having heart attacks.
They're getting sick.
They're dying and now they're doing testing on babies and coming after the newborns and say they want to make that mandatory.
Hell, a lot of major cities already made it mandatory for five-year-olds and up.
It's not
An if, it's not a when, it's now here.
And please continue to keep us on air.
I want to thank you for your investment over the years at InfoWarsTore.com.
You get great products that enrich your life and make your life better while keeping the tip of the spear.
That's all of us collectively on air.
So thank you so much.
Please visit InfoWarsTore.com.
Going into the new year, boost your immune system with Vitamin Mineral Fusion, DNA Force Plus, and so much more at InfoWarsTore.com.
God bless, and again, good luck.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Now, I didn't talk to Dr. Zelenka before he came on air today.
I didn't tell him I want to talk about the Great Reset and engineered financial collapse and how SWAB is now pre-programming there's gonna be a big cyber attack that they claim terrorists launched.
We know who'll really launch it.
And notice he just brought it up without us even asking because we're all synced up.
That's God-consciousness.
That's what scares the Satanist.
He wrote an article titled, Government is the Enemy?
What is really going on?
By Dr. Zelenko.
So doctor, please continue.
You got cut off by the break getting into
They know they fraudulently created all this fractional reserve banking.
They've created all these derivatives.
They've taken the world over by it.
But it's a scam.
So instead of them all going to jail, they've come up with a plan to collapse the world economy, pose as the saviors, and depopulate the useful cedars in the process, which is what so many corrupt feudal lords have done in the past, like the Aztecs and others, when they didn't want to feed their population.
Please continue.
Yeah, so the patent that I mentioned earlier
It gives the technology and the mechanism through which Klaus Schwab's prophecy, let's say, about 7 billion people having a digital identifier that connects them to a centralized network or grid or matrix is going to happen.
And the second patent that goes together with that is what Microsoft has from 2020.
It's W.O.
2020-06-06-06, and that patent describes the linkage of biometric data transmission to cryptocurrency.
And so let me explain to you what that actually means.
It means that in the future, let's say 2026 at the time, there'll be no more EasyPass, there'll be no more Apple Pay, there'll be no more credit cards.
It'll be biometric transactions.
In other words, you are now injected with
A technology that transmits your internal temperament and your internal data with your location to a third party.
Now, and that will allow you to, let's say, put your hand on a scanner and then walk out from the supermarket.
So the hipsters think it's cool.
But the problem with that is, what if I don't want to be part of the matrix?
What if I don't want to be injected with a tracking technology?
Well, then I would be excluded from the system of finance.
I won't be able to buy bread, at least not probably on the black market, but I won't be able to buy bread for my family.
So it's a control mechanism.
It's the mark of the beast.
In other words, if I don't participate in the system that they have created and control, I will be excluded from the ability to do transactions, financial transactions.
So they don't have to put a bullet in my head.
They just have to prevent my ability to buy food for my family.
And that's like the social credit system in China, where basically they could set a radius through which I can't go out of my house and put me on house arrest.
They know my location.
I step out out of my permitted radius, let's say, and they turn off my ability to do finance.
So this is a control mechanism.
And the entire crisis here has nothing to do with medicine, has nothing to do with health.
If there are fools on this planet right now who actually think that the governing bodies actually care about your well-being, then there's no hope for you.
But the reality is that COVID-19 is a weapon of mass destruction.
It was made in a laboratory.
No one denies that.
And I want to tell you something, Alex.
I don't know if you realize that Ralph Barrett, Dr. Barrett, was involved in every step of the development of this bioweapon and converting it to a human virus.
He took a bat coronavirus
Changed some things on it, got a patent for it, and technology to convert it to a human virus.
Then Dr. Barrick and Zheng Li in Wuhan, funded by the NIH, they published a paper thanking the NIH.
Figured out how to augment the lethality of this virus to destroy human lung tissue.
Which was key because Fauci wanted his HIV protein to be part of it so he could pay.
Yes, but here's something you may not know.
That in March of 2020, I came across data, papers,
I don't
By the way, on your Skype is a link to that paper.
Everything I'm saying, I have
evidence for and it should be presented because otherwise it won't be believed.
Yes sir, we'll either put it on screen or we'll put it in post later once this is archived.
Please start over, this is huge.
So Ralph Baric in 1999 did research at the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
All right, fine.
He was able to manipulate a bad animal virus, a bad coronavirus converted by modulating a surface protein to infect human beings.
But it was still benign, it was just infecting human beings then.
And then
In 2010, the same Ralph Varric figured out a way to defuse coronaviruses by using zinc and zinc anion, of course, inhibiting RNA-dependent RNA polymerase or inhibiting a coronavirus replication.
In 2015, and by the way, everything's here being funded by the United States government, because it's on the papers.
And on the peer-reviewed papers, they thank the United States government, NIH or whatever, for the funding.
Then, in 2015, in Wuhan, Barrick, together in collaboration with Zheng Li, Dr. Zheng Li, the bad lady they call her, were able to figure out a way to augment the payload of this weapon to destroy human lung tissue and cause blood clots.
They wrote a paper about it, they thanked the NIH, they published it, and they got patents on it.
And here's another layer to the story.
The same Ralph Barrick worked
With a team from Gilead Pharmaceuticals to make remdesivir.
Which destroys the kidneys and doesn't help you.
This is so diabolical.
So every way you can see the criminal pre-planning.
And so, um, this is a bio weapon.
And they have the antidote for it.
And they suppress the antidote intentionally, not for themselves.
You think these, these, um,
Masterminds want their own families to die?
Of course not.
They themselves know.
This is consistent with what I knew about the executives of... Yeah, you broke that a year ago, and Joe Rogan confirmed it, that hundreds of members of Congress in Hollywood all know about this, but still want it suppressed.
That your protocol, they were using your protocol, but they suppress it for the general public.
Talk about evil.
Yeah, also the executives of Google, I know internally that they're all taking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
And so, this information, the antidote to the bomb, the poison, was known, was created by the same monsters, but they hid it from you and me.
Now, when doctors like myself stumbled across these approaches, because we had necessity, the patients were dying, and so we needed some help.
We needed help.
We needed to treat the patients.
And so, immediately, anything that
Would help hydroxychloroquine, then ivermectin, and even the concept of early intervention, getting rid of this infection before the complications begin.
Everything was vilified, marginalized, and doctors that were advocating for it were deplatformed.
So then you have to ask your question.
So what you laid out is, they knew it, they had it planned, they censored it, they did it all.
We'll come back with Dr. Zelenko to explain how huge this is.
Straight ahead, please stay with us.
Both the President and I are vaxxed, and, uh, did you get the booster?
I got it, too.
Okay, so, uh... Oh, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't.
That's all right.
There's a very tiny group over there.
So you heard some members of the crowd booing there, and this was at a pro-Trump event.
And look, we've seen this at Trump rallies before, where his supporters are booing the fact that he is getting a booster or vaccine.
I recommend take the vaccines!
I did it, it's good.
Take the vaccines.
But you got... No, that's okay.
That's all right.
You got your freedoms!
This speaks to the exact problem here with which Americans to a large degree are still very resistant to getting these boosters or the vaccine in the first place.
Hopefully his supporters let it sink in and go get boosted or go get that first vaccine now that they know the former president.
It didn't sound like it there.
They'd like to resist.
They were booing him, which just doesn't make any sense.
President Trump is very proud
That his administration developed that vaccine.
That's the bottom line on it.
Well, look, and I think they should be.
The vaccine has been proven to kill exactly zero.
The Orange County Coroner's Office is investigating the death of a woman who passed away several days after getting her second Moderna vaccine.
Lisa Shaw died after complications of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccination.
Today could be your lucky day.
California's first vaccine lottery drawing takes place tonight.
That's right.
You could win one million dollars.
You want to be part of the fun?
Get vaccinated.
Residents that have been vaccinated could receive incentives like free haircuts and even manicures.
Did you say free fries when you get vaccinated?
I got vaccinated.
You're saying I could get this?
These delicious fries?
Joints for jabs, that's what they're calling it.
Free joints today to those who could prove they got the COVID vaccine.
There's also a burger element to this.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
We're increasingly hearing about fully vaccinated people infected with COVID.
Did you get the booster?
I got it too.
I don't care if you're Donald Trump.
I don't care if you're Bill Gates.
I don't care who you are.
You come at children with experimental Nuremberg Code violating vaccines that you broke the law to ram through.
You are terrorists in league with Joseph Mengele 2.0.
We have a player down on the court.
We'll try to get more information.
Johnson taken out on a stretcher and rushed to local Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.
Leading cardiologist says cluster of collapses in footballers likely to be just a coincidence.
A terrible coincidence at that, but just a coincidence.
Yes, just a coincidence.
You've got to shun people into getting vaccinated.
You really need to get vaccinated.
Get vaccinated.
Listen to our government agencies.
These guys are telling the truth.
You know, there's no conspiracy here, folks.
Just get your damn vaccine.
I recommend take the vaccines!
Take the vaccines.
Take the vaccines.
Take the vaccines.
Take the vaccines.
Take the vaccines.
It truly does pain me to say it, but f*** Donald Trump.
He is now trying to say that by us doubting the jab, that we're playing right into their hands.
You're playing right into their hands when you're sort of like, oh, the vaccine.
Why is he still touting this product that's killing people?
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Dr. Zelenka.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And again, I would apologize for 14 minutes of ads an hour, but that's the standard for talk radio and TV, and I hate going to break when Dr. Zelenko's saying something so important, but it's all hardwired in by the satellite feeds that literally cut into the radio stations.
That's why the deplatforming off the main internet
We stayed on air because we had over 200 radio stations, and we still do.
We're very thankful to those stations.
But I am going to start the new year three nights a week.
At least three nights a week, a multi-hour, commercial-free podcast, direct to you, the viewers and listeners, with guests and callers, where I might take a break to go to the bathroom or get a cup of coffee or something, but I'm not going to have regular commercial breaks, so look for that in the New Year, something I promised to do.
The world's so crazy, we're here.
But Dr. Zelenko, I know our listeners are smart, they're awesome people, but I want them to get what you're saying.
You're laying out any grand jury
It would take a few weeks to give a grand jury all this, but they would definitely indict Fauci for what you're saying.
You're laying out the compendium of basically how this criminal plan was set up.
And when you see how criminal it was, like you were saying last time you were on, months before the outbreak, Gates and Fauci are already sending messages saying, get the vaccine ready.
You're like, wait, they didn't make the vaccine.
No, they own the patents to what vaccine they, quote, wanted to then be sent out to the major makers, which they also got paid money from.
So the trail
I think it's what you're saying of them scientifically preparing this is one of the most open and shut premeditated murder cases ever.
Is that what you're saying?
I'm saying this is the worst crime in human history.
It's a genocide.
It's mass murder, first degree premeditated genocide and mass murder.
And it's being driven essentially by demonic personalities that are absolutely obsessed with power.
And wealth, but more than wealth, I think it's power.
Because once you have $100 billion, let's say, what's the difference if you have $150 billion?
You don't feel it.
But power and being able to enslave others, it fulfills the perverse desires of these narcissists, egotists, and really, I would even call them Satan incarnate or the embodiment of the essence of evil.
You know who Barbara Marks Hubbard was?
Okay, she is the demonic mother of the New World Order.
I hope she burns in hell for all eternity.
And I'm going to read you a few quotes from her that will explain to you the philosophy.
She's the mother of the ideology of Klaus Schwab, let's say.
One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body.
It's a quote.
We are in charge of God's selection.
Another quote from her.
I've been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity.
It is like watching a cancer grow.
Something must be done before the whole body is destroyed.
The destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body.
I want to read you one more quote from
His name's Jacques Attali.
He was an advisor to the French Prime Minister from 1981 till in the 90s.
Yeah, that was Francois Mitterrand, who was a big Luciferian.
I think 1991.
Please continue.
Yes, so he was Mitterrand's right-hand man.
And this is from a book called Verbatim in 1981.
Now, the Facebook fact-checker,
Mythbusters or myth, whatever it's called, says that this isn't true.
But this is how I know that this must be true.
The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population.
Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps.
We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good.
We'll find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people,
A real economic crisis or not.
A virus affecting the old or the elderly.
It doesn't matter.
The weak and the fearful will succumb to it.
The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated.
We will have taken care of having panned the treatment.
A treatment that will be the solution.
The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself.
They will go to the slaughterhouse alone.
Dr. Zelinko, let me just say this, because this is about God consciousness, and I don't say something that isn't true, but it's a little embarrassing to say just because it's so personal.
You normally, it takes about a week to get you on the show.
Today you were able to come on.
I had a dream about you last night, but I couldn't remember the dream when I woke up.
When I got up, I said, I got to get Zelinko on today.
And then I said, what was the dream about?
I couldn't remember.
And then I just remembered that I said to myself, well, Zelenko kind of says the same thing every time he's on, just like you do.
It's not an attack.
It's true.
Same emergency message.
But I said, no, today's going to be different.
And then I intended to come in here and talk about depopulation, talk about the U.N., talk about Schwab and talk about, she wasn't even by name, but those same groups.
And then here you said it.
This is amazing.
And I'm not trying to be weird about it.
So I feel like I should have said that.
It's just true.
Go ahead.
Listen, truth is truth.
It's in the air, you know?
And people that are attuned to it, I think it's become much more accessible to anyone who wants to access and download this information.
And I'm talking about metaphysically.
That there's an intuitive sense of what's true and what's not.
Anyone who has some degree of sensitivity sees that this is a
Um, an attempt by the forces of evil to steal God's consciousness and then use fear to breed, um, codependency on a cult, codependency on sociopaths and corrupt governments, and a belief in the golden calf of these, like, false promises.
And so God knows evil's coming after us and God's opened the floodgates.
That's what I feel, actually.
I mean, my discernment's way more powerful than it used to be.
Are you seeing the same thing?
Yeah, but I see it actually in a different way.
I see that God is giving every human being an opportunity.
It's like we're in the generation right before the flood of Noah, and God is saying, listen, repent and get on the ark.
Don't stay in the turbulent waters of idol worship and child sacrifice and paganism.
You see, it's the decisions of man.
If you know, there's a psychoanalyst,
I'll remember in a minute, but Carl Jung, he wrote that the degradation of a society begins with the degradation, moral degradation of an individual.
And so you can learn vice versa, that the moral improvement of a society begins with the refinement of the individual.
And so it's the sum total of all of our bad decisions over the last whatever period of time that has led to the slaughter of the unborn,
The defamation and desecration of gender roles, the desecration of what marriage is, the perversion and poisoning of the youth through the public school system, which teaches debauchery and normalizes the worst behavior, immoral behavior.
Basically, this country has drifted away from Judeo-Christian morals.
And let's just keep it simple, the Ten Commandments.
And so therefore, it's not surprising to me
That there comes a kind of a tipping point that's crossed the threshold that's been passed through collective humanity, where God says, OK, now it's time for a cleaning.
And I think that's what we're going through.
And it may be the best result here is people repent.
They return back to the umbrella of the divine will.
They live a moral life.
They respect life, the sanctity of life.
They respect marriage.
I agree.
Stay right there, Dr. Zlingo.
We'll talk about solutions straight ahead.
Final segment.
We'll be right back.
I have come to you countless times over the last 28 years and asked for your support, and you have come through, and you know who you are.
And all that work is building towards the crescendo of 2022.
I can say without a shadow of a doubt, intellectually, spiritually, and at a gut level, that all hell has already broken loose, and it's about to get 10 times worse.
But this is the time that tries men and women's souls.
And this is the time when we're going to all see who we really are.
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Thank you so much for your support.
Please visit InfoWarsTore.com and I'll see you in 2022.
We're here outside the Dáil today, lads, because we're living in very precarious times.
We're living in an inverse world in which the suppression of vital information, which is of public worthiness, is being suppressed by the legacy media.
Federal health officials say neither ivermectin nor hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID.
Don't even call them mainstream because they're all going to collapse like all the corrupt institutions are going to collapse when this great lie comes out.
There's serious vitriolic anger in the air and it's going to manifest and it's not going to be good for any citizens.
This is not a lunatic fringe, this is people who are very well versed, very well researched and are aware as to the plans of the global elitist cabal that have plans over the course of this decade to completely abonish every single element of the concept of freedom.
Screw your freedom!
It's the freedom of your own body, freedom of bodily autonomy, the freedom of travel.
If you have travel plans, there is one more thing to add to your packing list.
Proof of vaccination.
The freedom of association, the freedom of human expression.
They want to incorporate people into a transhumanist movement.
And whilst that seems very far-fetched for a lot of people,
It's what they have in plain sight.
Go look at UN Agenda 21, look at UN Agenda 30, look at the WEF.
It's all there in plain sight for the average Joe Soap to find out this information.
They call it the Great Reset.
This is their global domination.
This is it.
This is modern war.
How it's going to manifest, I do not know.
But I do suspect that the human spirit is going to rise up against this tyranny over the course of the next number of years.
When this sh** hits the fan, when people realize what's actually been done, they're going to want their pound of flesh.
Violent clashes are erupting across Europe as thousands of people protest the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions.
It's for everyone's children.
The guard's children, the special unit's children.
Because future generations will have absolutely nothing.
They will not have ownership over their own bodies.
The only way to control it is to mandate vaccination.
They will not have ownership over their own future.
They can only dream of owning a property.
The WEF was the number one plan until 2030 is you will own nothing and you will be happy.
That's pure communism, lads.
If people don't own any resources, who does own it?
A state which is a bastion of corruption, which is a banana republic in terms of a lack of accountability.
We are concerned by the violence in Northern Ireland and we join the British, Irish and Northern Irish leaders in their calls for calm.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Gurus of Hillary Clinton.
She's dead now, gone to hell, but she talks about, we are the pale horse death, we're the new world order, we're going to carry all this out.
I'll pull that quote up for you coming up here in just a few minutes, but I was just paraphrasing it.
But Dr. Zelenko, medical doctor who helped get the first treatments out to save millions of people, he's here with us.
And I wanted to talk about where we're going here, because everything Satan does is a counterfeit.
And so Satan says, oh, I'm going to call the people.
I'm going to make them make the decision.
I'm going to make them decide which side they're on.
But then, really, that's God's plan.
It's up to us individually to choose, not for Satan to make those choices for us.
Here's Jack Posobiec, who's a smart guy.
Pretty clear Biden is only crediting Trump for the vaccine to set him up to take the blame for what comes next.
I think that's a very simple, neutral way to say it.
And now Trump is rubbing it in after speeches in Texas, saying take the shot.
It's totally safe.
It totally works.
None of that's true.
Trump says most Americans dying are unvaccinated and encourages everyone to get the shot.
Now, he loved Dr. Zelenko's protocol.
Help promote it.
I think Trump just thinks doctors are trustworthy.
He hasn't heard of Joseph Mengele?
And I'm sorry to bring up a Nazi analogy, but it's the one that fits here, Dr. Zelenko.
I think Trump's a good person.
But I'm really worried about him with what he's doing here.
I think he's being set up.
What do you think?
Whatever his motivations are, I have to publicly disagree with him.
I think he's done a lot of good.
I would say the main thing they did that was good was move the federal judiciary to the right with more than 300 justices that have Judeo-Christian values.
I think that did help move the moral compass of this country.
But what he's talking about when it comes to these vaccines, he really doesn't know what he's talking about.
Or if he does, then I have a real problem with him.
He's worried about his legacy.
You know, he's a narcissist.
And what he cares about now is his legacy.
And he went warp speed due to political calculations.
This I know for a fact.
But he was looking into pre-hospital treatments and emphasizing that until hydroxychloroquine became politically radioactive.
And then he made a calculation with his team got bad advice in my short that shifted him towards a warp speed vaccine development because he thought that was going to help him win reelection.
And then he went after he secured a second term, go back to pre-hospital.
I was told pre-hospital treatment.
Now, the reality is that the vaccines were known
The side effects were known and the FDA knew about it and months before they released this poisonous death shot on innocent humanity.
October FDA CDC documents said they knew all these things would happen that did happen.
Please continue.
Slide number 16.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was referring to.
And so, you know, he has a choice.
I still hope that he chooses the right thing.
I think
That the Deep State operatives like Rick Bright and Janet Woodcock, and I have evidence for all that, sabotaged his plan when he gave an order to make hydroxychloroquine available to all Americans.
They spun it and issued an emergency use authorization that blocked access to patients that are not in the hospital.
Exactly the opposite of what his intent was, and that killed
700 million.
So how does Trump extricate himself?
I mean, how does Trump not be set up here?
Well, he has to recognize that he was sabotaged.
But forget about him.
The American people were sabotaged.
The interests of the American people, the lives and the sanctity of the lives, our lives are desecrated.
And so the only position that he has is to backtrack and say, yes, I had my intuition initially was correct.
The pre-hospital approach is the right approach.
And now we see the evidence of these vaccines.
They don't work and they're dangerous and most people don't need them.
So I'm pivoting now for the welfare of the of the American public and supporting proven data-driven solutions and not force people to go on a path of self-destruction.
He has to do a mea culpa.
He has to say, I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
And that's OK.
I totally agree.
I totally agree, Dr. Zelenko.
And that's what I've been saying, because I know he got sucked up and sucked in.
But the deeper he gets sucked into this, it's a major setup.
In the time we have left, the rest of this segment, one more short segment with you.
What do you predict for next year?
I mean, clearly they're lining up.
They're saying Trump supporters are going to launch terror attacks.
The CIA is globalist control.
They're wanting all this.
They're trying to divide and conquer us along all lines.
In fact, I was intending today, that was on my heart, to bring up how they're trying to divide Christian from Jew.
Listen, I've been pretty savvy and I know
Listen, I love you Alex, you should know, I consider you a brother.
A lot of the, some of the people that listen to you have an interesting view on Jews.
But I'm going to say something about my own religion and about my own religious institutions and to the anti-Semites that are going to use these words, F you!
Okay, why don't you look into your own organizations and religious structures and refine them.
But I would say, in my own religion, it's the
Organizations that are the problem.
They have been corrupted by the serpent and have preached anything but God-consciousness and are coercing people.
I know synagogues, you can't go into a synagogue unless you show proof of vaccination.
I mean, this is the perversion of a relationship with the divine.
And so, and I see that in other religions as well, but I don't want to talk about other religions.
I want to talk about my own.
And I'm calling out my own people.
Start living by the law and stop getting on your knees and sucking up to the corrupt government.
And selling out the congregants and the people that have put their trust in you to help them connect to God.
Anyway, that's my commentary on religion.
I love you, too, because I know you have God consciousness.
My spirit feels really great when I talk to you.
I love you, too.
They have groups that have been divided and manipulated, and if you look at the anti-Jewish groups, they're being manipulated.
If you look at the Jewish supremacist groups, they're being manipulated.
The black supremacist groups, all of it's stupid.
There's an evil manipulating us against each other, and we have to transcend it, or it's going to win.
It's very simple, and God's watching.
Because only when we're divided, and have strife amongst us, that the enemy could then pick us off in segments.
But if we are truly united by an overwhelming principle that transcends religion, which is actually a relationship with God, with the Divine, we're made in His image, our lives have sanctity.
That's enough for me to call you a brother or a sister.
That's it.
And if we unite, and I want to tell you something, no one owns God.
The Messiah reveals himself, and I don't care if it's the first, second, or third coming.
Whenever the Messiah reveals himself and the truth of the divine is revealed, I can promise you my perception of the divine will be wrong, and so will everyone else's, because the essence of God is truly hidden.
And hopefully we will see the truth and understand
The truth of what he is.
But right now we're living in the dark and we're trying to approximate, guesstimate what he really is.
No, I totally agree.
And the New World Order and Klaus Schwab are afraid of the coming of the Messiah.
Everything they're doing is to stop the next level.
Because it's the death of them.
You know, darkness goes away.
You just turn on a little light and it goes away.
And so they know that.
They've dug in because they're cornered animals.
That's when they become dangerous.
So you're asking about what else they can do next?
Listen, I have some intelligence assets, as you do, and some of the options are pretty unpleasant.
Whether it's another bioterrorism attack, like the smallpox or Marburg virus, or other weapons of mass destruction that can cause further destabilization.
And these people have no problem wasting away billions of people.
But the reality is, I don't worry about that.
And I have no promises or guarantees to myself or to anyone else that if you rise up and storm the beaches of Normandy of this generation, that you'll survive, especially in the first wave.
There's a very good chance that you may fall, but so what?
You know, this is a finite life, but you have an opportunity now to connect with the infinite then, the eternal, and you have to fall in battle.
This is a hill worth dying on.
And so it takes courage.
We grew up with some degree of freedom,
Not because of us, but because our parents and grandparents fought for it.
The question is, will our kids be free?
Well, the answer is, are we ready to fight for it?
Are we ready to sacrifice?
No, that's right.
We're living off gas they put in the tank.
So, how about the next generation, our kids?
I hope they grow up with the ability to thrive in a society of God-consciousness.
But it depends.
Are we ready to create the environment for that to happen?
Stay there.
One more segment, Dr. Zelenko.
You're absolutely right.
The catalyst is here to go to the next level.
We have to decide whether we're going to do it or not.
Dr. Zelenko is our guest.
We're going to come back in the final segment with him.
Most powerful interview yet.
And I'm not kidding.
I woke up this morning.
I had a dream about him.
Couldn't remember what it was.
I'm like, get Zelenko on.
Usually he can't come on short notice.
He could today.
So this is meant to happen.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the InfoWars listeners and viewers for your past support in the last 28 years.
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Nobody else has been doing that anywhere close to the level we've been doing it.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have a very, very special guest that's going to be joining us coming up in the next segment to deal with COVID-19 and everything that has been unfolding since then.
But I wanted to spend a few minutes here in this segment
Speaking to you about what I'm gonna cover in the third hour today and that deals with the January 6th committee and What's happening there and how they're trying to act like Republican Congress people sending text messages to Trump Saying ask the people to stop attacking the building CNN ABC News NBC News.
They're all saying this is proof that Trump is
Ordered an attack on the Capitol?
Most people were following him on Twitter.
He had 80 million plus Twitter followers.
And so people were telling him, once it started, he was speaking when it started.
It was going on for an hour while he spoke.
They started it right while he was speaking, so they could claim, they had provocateurs there we now know, that he didn't try to help.
As soon as he gets off, drives to the White House, a few minutes away, he's getting the phone calls,
And he then put out tweets saying, be peaceful, leave the building, don't be there.
But they're acting like because his son Don Jr.
and a bunch of Republican congressmen and others were telling his chief of staff, hey, tell the president, tell people, get out of the building.
This is really going to hurt everything we've done.
We want a 10-day investigation by the Senate.
We had the votes.
This is horrible.
Which again, ladies and gentlemen, is the motive.
You don't have a motive when you're about to have a 10-day investigation by the Senate to go attack the Capitol and make yourself look bad.
So they're trying to spin this right now.
They're trying to spin all of this right now as if it's proof.
So that's what they do with every piece of information they get.
Oh my gosh, there's text messages on Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff's phone that they got, that he gave them, where the Republicans
Are trying to stop everything.
And then they turn that around and act like, oh, see, it's proof that Trump was in command, because why would you ask him to stop it if he wasn't in command?
That's ridiculous.
It's like calling the fire department to come put a fire out.
They didn't start the fire, but you call the fire department.
Who had a better chance to electronically tell the 600 people out of a million that were foolish enough to go inside to turn back?
Only Donald Trump had that megaphone.
And it took him 30 minutes from the time he was asked to do it.
And he definitely wanted to watch it, wanted to know what was happening.
A little bit of a slow response.
I'll give you that.
But that's it.
Obviously he wouldn't blow his feet off.
Obviously he wouldn't want this.
This destroyed Trump at that level.
It totally hurt him.
So I'll be talking about that some more because I've gotten these subpoenas.
Not subpoena.
It's three subpoenas now from the
House Committee on Un-American Activities, Part 2.
And I know that whatever I turn over, I turn stuff over to them, will be twisted and misrepresented.
Now, I got there and within five minutes of me being there and seeing flashbangs and attacks and smoke and people climbing on the Capitol and going in, I was on top of a big pallet of chairs that hadn't been unfolded yet.
I was up on a big pallet, the highest place I could find, saying, get down, stop, come down.
And that was the five minutes it took me to get through the crowd of hundreds of thousands, up closer to the Capitol, and then our guys are trying to get cell service going.
What's going on?
Well, they say they breached the Capitol.
I'm like, get off!
Get out of there!
Don't, don't do it!
Don't, don't be part of this!
NPR is running pieces.
So is the New York Times saying that I was cowardly there, commanding people to break in.
They're still doing that, despite the video, because they don't care, because they're criminal organizations working with the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab to bring down this country.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special surprise guest coming up next segment.
You'll definitely want to stay with us.
We'll be right back in fullwars.com.
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I'm just an average man with an average life.
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Hell, I pay the price.
All I want is to be left alone in my average home.
But why do I always feel
Well, I really appreciate our next guest, because out of the hundreds of amazing doctors and scientists that we've interviewed, she is right up there in the top three or so, probably number one, and she's so
We're good to go.
Big developments, obviously.
Biden officials warned COVID explosion imminent.
That's the same PR by the Bilderberg Group, Debo's group around the world.
New lockdowns coming in January, I'm told, by my FEMA and military connections.
COVID is a deadly pandemic.
It killed science, logic, evidence, space medicine, and common sense, says Dr. Eli David.
WHO warns of COVID tsunami before Christmas.
California brings back statewide mask mandate in all indoor spaces after COVID cases skyrocket.
Or is it really cases of people that have had the shot that are sick?
We now know that.
Fox, you're safe if you have the shot.
We'll need to get COVID-19 vaccine boosters forever.
That's in the Globe and Mail, and that's in CNN, and that's in Today.com, NBC, it's just everywhere.
Now it's forever.
The worst part of the first 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
Aussie Prime Minister compares the vaccinated to sheep, calls them good sheep.
Elon Musk says, I am against forcing people to be vaccinated.
Not something we should do in America.
InfoWars has the article, Elon Musk, person of the year, radicalized by lockdowns.
Maybe somebody else.
Reports, FDA accused of colluding with USPS to stop and destroy packages of ivermectin mailed to patients.
That's now confirmed.
Criminal beyond Nuremberg crimes.
Unvaccinated people shouldn't reproduce, declares Winterfest announcer.
Build Back Better, a game changer for early childhood education.
Got some news on that.
UK government refuses to reveal details about first Omicron death.
It goes on and on and on.
But Dr. Lee Merritt joins us to cover a host of issues.
She's going to give us a preview of those and then dive right into them.
Doctor, thank you so much for coming back with us.
Thanks for having me.
It's probably been six months since you were on, seems like a million years so much has happened, but also five seconds ago at the same time.
Where do you want to start first?
I don't know.
We're living in such a theater of the absurd.
It's a target-rich environment, you know?
I mean, you know, your point about ivermectin.
Keep in mind, the FDA has told the Postal Service to interdict ivermectin at the border, destroy the packages.
This is a drug that the WHO has on its list of most essential drugs.
Are you kidding me?
And it's clearly one of the largest studies, or the largest study, I think, was just published from Brazil.
220,000 adults.
And it decreased, ivermectin decreased the risk of going down with this by, I think, death and going to hospital by 50%.
So it just goes on and on.
I mean, there's lots of people that don't think there's peer-reviewed studies.
There's peer-reviewed studies.
There's unpeer-reviewed studies.
It's everywhere.
I mean, I wish the USPS would try to stop the fentanyl killing millions of people, but I guess they're not going to do that.
A totally safe drug, they're not going to let evil Americans order that from outside countries, even if a doctor prescribes it.
And I told somebody jokingly, but it's actually kind of true, because they can't get it anywhere else.
It's hard to order it from overseas pharmacies.
I've been contacted by one of them, and they said all of their packages have been stopped.
They can't bring them in.
So this has confirmed multiple ways.
But, you know, we think of mules bringing cocaine across the border.
Now you can bring ivermectin and probably make a fortune.
Isn't that sad?
I mean, that's a great example, Doc.
And please continue.
Well, I was going to say, it doesn't stop here.
I was just speaking in Ohio.
In the great state of Ohio, doctors cannot prescribe azithromycin and doxycycline without worrying about somebody looking at their license.
So they don't give more than one or two days for people.
I said to a doctor there, I said,
Are you telling me we can't treat acne anymore with Toxacycline?
Or Azithromycin for a sinus infection?
Are you kidding me?
And that's where they've gone.
Because, so it isn't about the drug.
It's about they don't want us to save people, apparently.
I can't come up with another reason.
Why would you prohibit drugs that we've used literally for 60 years?
Because suddenly they've been shown to be useful for this.
I mean, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates said they want to depopulate us.
Well, that's right.
And it doesn't matter what all the science shows.
It doesn't matter what the facts show.
This is about these corporations, through big tech and through the media and through agencies of government, having total control.
So, docs, slow down and repeat that.
That's big news.
And I know I've seen that in the news, confirming what you're saying, that some areas of the United States are now trying to block basic antibiotics for people that have lung infections.
I mean, this is beyond criminal.
Right, and in Ohio it was azithromycin and doxycycline.
Now, we've used doxycycline for a lot of things, so it's a very safe drug and it's been used for, like dermatology used it.
I took it multiple times for acne rosacea in my life.
Come on, this isn't controversial, but
There's a hold on it.
Now, I will say this for people out there going to pharmacies.
This is the reason to use independent pharmacies.
The good news about independent pharmacies, where the government's not getting too involved, they still will give out ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and these things.
But you go to one of the chains, and they've been told from on high not to prescribe it, even in states like mine, where I practice, where there's no prohibition on using ivermectin.
So, time to support your local pharmacies.
That's a big deal right now.
And again, it's Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the U.N.
Whenever medical doctors or U.S.
senators, who are medical doctors like Rand Paul, try to give a speech about natural immunity being 27 times better than this Pfizer shot, they censor him on Google and YouTube, and the Senate just puts up with that.
I mean, imagine the level of this control of telling doctors what they can prescribe and telling senators what they can say.
Yeah, I mean, the censorship isn't science.
And so we need to realize that it's been, you know, I've started reading more about the Tavistock than about medicine these days, because what we're dealing with is a huge mass mind control propaganda outbreak.
We're not really dealing with a viral outbreak.
Taking us down has been acting, we've been under the impression that we could speak freely about medicine for a long time, but it turns out it hasn't been true for a long time.
The notion, I'll just point out, that one of the couple things got us here.
One was Obamacare, which made it so difficult for private physicians to act, you know, as independent physicians, because of all the regulation, that they sold out to hospitals.
So now, when it was, before that, 70-some percent of doctors were independent.
Now they all work for hospitals, and the hospitals are controlled.
But the other thing that we've been victim of is this idea that the only thing to listen to, we've talked to all the new medical students and everybody, the only thing we can listen to is a 30-year double-blind peer-reviewed study.
You know, peer review is the Politburo attached to medicine and science.
You have three or five people on the top of some journal
I have my own experience with this in my profession.
And they decide whether or not something gets published or not.
Now, admittedly, there should be some kind of screening for some quality of language or whatever.
But when you have a few people that decides on the basis of, for example, I had at one time I had a publication that was submitted and the response I got from one of the reviewers was,
Everyone knows you can't do this.
It was about a surgical procedure, but I thought that was a funny review after I spent a lot of time and money and energy putting together a very quality paper.
Everyone knows you can't do this.
If you don't follow the narrative, then the peer reviewers don't publish.
And the narrative can be controlled by funding the peer reviewers.
That's pretty easy.
You know, look at what Pfizer, you've probably seen that video, that all these news reports funded by Pfizer, you know, brought to you by Pfizer.
It's just on and on.
That's a total conflict of interest on its face, but they just ignore that.
Now, Dr. Merritt, stay there.
We're going to come back in the next segment.
And speaking of them manipulating reviews and studies.
We now know that Pfizer did indeed do that, and they tried to block, and now they want 75 years until it gets released.
But the first group of that, or tranche, came out, and it was confirming everything you and others warned about over a year ago.
We'll be right back with Dr. Lee Merritt.
Stay with us.
The year 2021 has been unprecedented.
In the anti-human endeavors that powerful globalist corporations have been engaged in against humanity, it has been hellish.
More than 25 million extra people starved to death, the UN even admits, not from COVID, but from the lockdowns of COVID.
We've seen tens of millions of refugees from this organized Great Reset Collapse flood Western Europe and North America.
We witnessed the dollar devalued by roughly 50% of its value in just the last 12 months alone.
We are witnessing the designed, controlled, cloward and piven
Collapse of our Republic.
This is modern warfare.
And that said, the year 2022 is gonna make 2021 look very, very tame in comparison.
Remember, at the end of 2020, we launched the website, 79 Days of Hell.
And that's because we knew that there'd be a coup against President Trump being re-elected via massive election fraud, and that for 79 days there would be the beginning of the preparation for a controlled civil war in the future.
And right here, I have a large file.
of the admissions by the Pentagon, now captured by the offshore banks, and by the CIA and others about how they are triggering a civil war in America to finish off the Republic.
Now, why are they doing that?
Well, because they know politically they've lost our hearts and minds.
They know politically we've rejected Hollywood.
They know politically we've rejected the left and their global sideology.
So instead of going with their slow and easy wins the race approach, they're now trying to overturn the tables at the last minute and grab victory
From the Jaws of Defeat.
And that's why this broadcast is so incredibly important.
Because, unfortunately, almost no one else out there has gotten up to the level of our understanding.
And certainly no one at the level of prominence that InfoWars is.
And so that's why.
It's been critical to support us in the past.
You've done that.
And I thank you for my future and your future and our collective futures together.
But I'm telling you now.
The information we're covering daily at Infowars.com forward slash show and on radio stations and TV stations across this country is the antidote to the globalist disease.
And if it gets out and continues to get out, it's game over for the globalist.
Now, there's been a long learning curve for a lot of people who aren't part of the New World Order, but who have been on the sidelines.
That's common people.
That's ultra rich people as well.
And I know a lot of them.
And they've gone from thinking I was eccentric and sometimes right, sometimes wrong, to really understanding that.
I'm dead on 98% of the time and really know what I'm talking about.
And so now more than ever, InfoWars has entered that critical juncture where the most important work we collectively together have ever done is happening now.
So please get the articles and the videos dealing with the globalist plan to trigger an open civil war or the third phase of the civil war, as the CIA already admits it, that they've put us into the first two phases.
And realize that if legislators and congressmen and governors and others awaken to this, and if we awaken to it, the New World Order will not be able to get away with the operation they're planning to launch in the next 315 days or so.
We are only 320 days or so out from the election.
They will pull all this garbage.
Before then, we're already in the middle of it.
And please continue to financially support InfoWars while getting amazing products at the same time like VitaMemorial Fusion, DNA Force Plus, and more at InfoWarsStore.com.
Thank you so much, God bless, and good luck!
Alright, Dr. Leigh Merritt is our guest here, and I really appreciate her coming on the Alex Jones Show on this Tuesday, December 14th broadcast.
And it reminded me of why I think she's one of the most articulate, best people we've got out there fighting this tyranny is, she goes to the big picture.
And I wanted to get in the nuts and bolts of where we are and what's coming next and Omicron and the rest of it.
But you talked about Tavistock Institute, for those who don't know, MI6 connected behavioral psychology outfit.
And the fact that they admit they hired militaries around the world with the Tavistock Institute to engage in fear-mongering and even use terms like brainwashing.
This isn't our opinion.
This is MKUltra stuff on the mass scale.
And so you're a medical doctor.
Speaking about that, what is the big picture?
And is it the way to beat this, not to argue every point of their lies and every new variant, but to argue the fact of they're using this for their global government takeover, the Build Back Better, Great Reset?
I think so.
You can get down in the weeds and get lost.
And I think the point here is, I mean, just look, just looking at these variants, the guy without being prejudiced and confused by an inadequate medical or scientific education that we were all given, you just look at this and you say, is this really crazy?
I mean, come on, can they make up?
This sounds like a made up story.
We've got all these countries that are highly vaccinated, that are having the highest rate of outbreak.
On the other hand, the lowest countries, like they come out with a news story saying, South Africa, surprisingly low number of cases, even though they only have 6% of people vaccinated or something like that.
I mean, the average guy would make the conclusion that if more vaccination means more disease, then maybe we should stop vaccinating, that the vaccine may be causing the disease.
But no, we have to come out with variants.
I mean, it's just too...
It's just too obvious.
You can't make this stuff up.
They've thought this out.
I will tell you the other thing I looked at.
I looked at the 1918 history of the pandemic back then.
And you know, there were really four things that happened then.
And most people don't realize this.
I was never taught this in medical school, that they could not prove transmission of influenza.
You know, we've had all this stuff come out now that just
Makes it, you realize that there's, I'm not saying there's nothing there.
There's something that's killing people, but there is a huge psychological operation that's driving a kind of overlay over that.
And even when you look at what's killing people, we don't know a lot about it.
We've been told not to do autopsies.
There are very few autopsies out there.
I pulled all the autopsies I could find since last year, and there were 74 from around the world of COVID deaths.
And you know, they're telling us we have a horrible virus that's giving us this viral pneumonia and we're dying, right?
Guess what the one diagnosis is I didn't find in any of those autopsies?
Viral pneumonia.
You would think it would be there.
But the one thing that is there is microvascular clotting in everyone.
So something is happening.
We've been prohibited from scientifically evaluating it.
We've been prohibited from treating it correctly.
We've been censored.
I mean, does that sound like a nation or a medical system that really wants to help us figure this out and treat people?
Oh, I should have meant they're killing people with protocols that they don't change in the ICU.
They know sending sick people to nursing homes kills.
That's right.
They know putting people on intubators and not giving them any type of treatment kills them.
And they still are doing it now as we prepare to enter year three.
And listen to what Michael Yeadon just said about the midazolam.
In his mind, the midazolam, and I can't check all the things he has at his... But it's on record, it makes sure he can't breathe.
It's an assisted suicide drug.
Right, the midazolam, and his point was they stockpiled it before 2020 and then they strategically released it and started using it at a time to boost the death numbers.
That's right, this is a giant, so what you're getting at is it's what Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates want, depopulation.
And this is their rollout.
The murder of Western medicine, the murder of logic, the murder of free speech, getting all their minions in place, purging the military and police and hospitals of people that will ask questions before they roll out something far deadlier.
That's, if I war game it, that's the main scenario I see, doctor.
It's fear that's driving people to do things they would not do in a normal situation.
I mean, look, most people would have researched this vaccine that was experimental.
When the word experimental came out, it should have been a red flag.
Oh, maybe I should wait and not be the first person on the block to get this.
But that isn't what happened.
People that I respect that are smart, intelligent people that would have looked at Carfax before buying a used car, ran out and got a vaccine that's never been, with a new technology, never really made it through animal testing, completely unknown elements in the vaccine.
Even your doctors don't know what's in it because they don't have to tell us under emergency use authorization.
And they went out and got this.
And here's the point that I've been making to people about this vaccine.
What we call a vaccine.
I shouldn't even use that term.
Because a vaccine by law, by technical terms, is supposed to decrease transmission.
They've agreed.
This doesn't need to decrease transmission.
It just may.
In the EUA, it may decrease symptoms a bit.
Well, that's a therapeutic agent.
That's not able to be mandated in any real... I mean, that would be like mandating a blood pressure medicine rather than another one.
You can't do that.
And so they've mislabeled things.
They've lied to us about these things.
And at the end of time, people went out and they were so afraid by all the confusion and the isolation, everything happening, that they took this vaccine without really knowing much about it.
And now we have numbers coming out that, as some of us predicted, are not good numbers.
Well, that's what I was about to say.
We're having massive more numbers of deaths.
The hospitals this year are actually full.
They weren't last year.
And they admitted, the German and British News, I don't even hide it, that you're twice as likely to be in the hospital or die if you've had the shot.
And their answer is more shots, even though they don't protect you.
I mean, this is crazy.
It's, again, you know, if people weren't afraid, I think they would look at this more realistically.
But they're being afraid.
And part of it is, of course, the nonstop propaganda on television that doesn't tell you, and the mainstream media, that doesn't tell you the truth about this.
So is it this really an IQ test?
The globalists claim they want to get rid of dumb people.
I don't agree with doing that.
But this really is Darwin Awards here.
Well, some of the smartest people I know ran out and got this.
I mean, it's hard to believe, but they sure understand they go under Stockholm Syndrome.
Plus, the children don't deserve this.
The children don't deserve it.
Yeah, and that's the point about the Tavistock Institute and Mass Mind Control.
This is a scientific study.
They know how to do this.
They know how to push our buttons and make normal people not be acting normally.
I really think that's a major component here.
The other thing I always worry about is that, as we're looking one direction, what are they doing the other direction?
That's the other thing.
And that's the reason I wanted to get you on in a longer segment that's coming up.
It's starting now, Doctor.
You're a smart lady.
Big picture.
What are you expecting them to pull next?
Well, I think they're already pulling it.
I'm starting to see people that are younger people that are getting sick with something.
And, but if you look at the, at what we know about, for example, electromagnetic frequency toxicity, it's indistinguishable from COVID, from what they call COVID.
The idea is we don't have an isolate of the virus.
We're being told there's a virus.
We're being told it's airborne.
We're being told a lot of things that are not proven.
But we do know something about electromagnetic frequency and the history behind the pandemic of 1918, various flu pandemics in the past.
We know when new type of radiations are released, it's that at first our bodies aren't used to it.
That's right.
Plagues are connected to that.
And now you're talking about major studies when we come back that just broke this week.
Major studies by prestigious groups confirming
That 5G radiation is causing symptoms identical to COVID-19.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
This is proven.
Stay with us.
We've been selling the best water filters that you can get at the best price at Infowarsstore.com for years now, but more and more evidence comes in over time as to why you need to filter your water.
And so the base revelation was that, hey, they're adding a neurotoxin to the water known as fluoride or presented as fluoride.
In some such cases, it's hydrofluoric acid, which is even worse.
We know they add that neurotoxin to the water, fluoride.
It's been well studied.
It's considered a neurotoxin.
It lowers IQ.
It hurts the pineal gland.
And so that was the basis of let's have a water filtration system that you can drink clean water out of and not have to deal with the fluoride.
But then there was all kinds of other news that broke about other chemicals and glyphosates and BPA.
Some places they just had chemicals in their water that would light on fire and they would turn on the tap and they could literally light it on fire is how bad it was.
Of course, you heard about the lead in the water in Flint, Michigan and many other cases with that.
So, there's always new reasons why you should be filtering your water at home so that you can have a clean water supply.
Well, another study has just come out, ladies and gentlemen.
And I hate to be the bearer of this bad news, but here it is.
Millions consuming invisible toxic cocktail of cancer-linked chemicals, according to a new study out of the Environmental Working Group's tap water database.
Let me just read directly here.
Millions of Americans are unknowingly ingesting water that includes an invisible toxic cocktail of cancer-linked chemicals.
A new survey of the nation's tap water has found.
The Environmental Working Group's 2021 Tap Water Database, available to the public, revealed contamination from toxins like arsenic, lead, and forever chemicals like perfluorocanol,
Groundwater and drinking water has demonstrated for decades that it is utterly incapable of standing up to pressure from water utilities and polluters to protect human health from the dozens of toxic contaminants in America's drinking water.
And it goes on in here with the different toxic chemicals that have been found and all the negative health effects that they have on the human body.
Including chemicals linked to cancer.
So ladies and gentlemen, whether you're a conservative, or a liberal, or a Republican, or a Democrat, or a Trump voter, or a Trump hater, we want you to drink clean water.
We want everybody to drink clean water.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
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Dr. Lee Merritt is our guest and I wanted to hit here
The fact that I produced this film, Part 2 is out, it's a five-part series, very highly produced, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., you name it, everybody's in it.
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Going back to Dr. Lee Merritt, got interrupted
By the break and you were getting into the Tavistock Institute and the mind control.
And then there's a Gregg Reese report that I'll put on screen that has the different medical studies that came out years ago about 5G before COVID came out and then currently in the new ones that it indeed pushes oxygen out of the blood and causes other effects.
Scientific study concludes that 5G exacerbated COVID.
That just broke and you were going there, doctor.
Please continue.
Well, yeah, we know how this works.
I mean, it's not that we haven't looked at the science.
What happens is, when you're in an electromagnetic field, your metabolism depends on your being able to have an electron transport chain in your mitochondria.
The mitochondria, the little
Thank you.
Now, it's interesting that when you go back to, and I have, my family is filled with electrical engineers and they all think I'm a little nuts because they're working in the macro environment.
But it's true that we're dealing with micro currents and nano, you know, very, very small currents that are going through that are causing this.
It's not, it doesn't take a lot.
In 1918, it's very interesting.
I mentioned earlier, they never proved transmission of the
A flu.
They tried, I mean, they did even things like taking, and I apologize the term snot, but that's not a technical medical term, but you know what it is, the goobers from your nose and your lungs, and they put it into healthy people, they couldn't get them sick.
They also literally spun that stuff down, tried to purify it, essentially, make it so if there were a small particle in there, it'd be concentrated, and injected it into volunteers, and they didn't get the flu.
Horses came down with this, but they couldn't be
They couldn't transmit it from horse to horse.
So what was going on?
Well, it's interesting that we call it the Spanish Flu.
Why do we do that?
Because it didn't start in Spain.
It started in Fort Riley, Kansas.
And what was happening there?
Well, we were training a group of Army guys to go overseas, and among those were telegraphers, the people that are learning to do Morse code.
And it was the first time that humans were really around
Interrupted electrical signals, alternating currents.
And what happened is even before that, we called it telegrapher's disease.
Telegram operators, as soon as the lines went up, started getting sick.
Not necessarily dying, but they were getting sick around the world.
And so in 1918, four things came together.
We had the telegraphers being trained in Fort Riley, Kansas.
It's the first time that we gave our military a battery of vaccines before they went overseas.
We had a drug that was being given inappropriately.
It was called aspirin.
And the Bayer and aspirin had lost their patent and were convincing doctors through the AMA to use it whenever there was a fever.
And we have a lot of these memory books from 1918 that show doctors just pushing handfuls of aspirin into these young recruits that were sick with the so-called flu.
Ultimately, we sent out a pathologist, William Welch, from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, who did autopsies on these people in 1918, and what he found was bloody lungs.
That they were bleeding into their lungs.
Again, inflammation and aspirin overdose explains some of this.
A lot of people died.
But it's interesting who it was, and then when it went overseas, think what we also did.
We also vaccinated our overseas people, and we took over the telegram
And Dr. Merrick, let me just back up what you're saying, because I've been studying this long before this even happened, and I know you have, and this is mainline medical research.
What you're saying isn't like something Kooks came up with, and here's the difference.
They argue, well, the sun is this giant electromagnetic microwave, so why are you, well, but it comes up gradually, it goes down gradually, and it's based on when we go to bed, when we get up, we gotta have it in our skin to live, and yeah, it gives us cancer actually in the end, so we need it to live, but it also kills us.
It's what makes the plants grow.
We're in a high level of electromagnetic radiation.
But what I've read from the studies is they've done this with ants, with birds, and with plants.
With just the regular cell towers that are, again, are the longer wavelengths.
And of course, up close are really deadly.
Just like the small ones.
It's not debatable.
I mean, you could type in 5G and cancer, and you've got Wired Magazine articles five years ago with prestigious scientists saying, yeah, massive increase in cancer.
It's that it's flicking on and off.
It's constantly oscillating.
And so your body at a level is electrochemically giving itself orders.
It also gets influx from the universe.
Well, there's more crimes and stuff with the moon.
So we're getting a more electromagnetic radiation at night.
We're not used to.
And so it's the constant
Billions of changes an hour.
All these different fields.
All of this then causing issues inside the cells.
Then you add a new pathogen to that and it can cause all sorts of strange mutations.
That's my layperson's read.
Is that accurate?
I think that's pretty close.
You know, the Canon's Law of the Body we learned in medical school.
It says the body responds to rate of change.
So if something is gentle and it starts slowly, you can adapt to it to some degree.
But you're right, when it keeps flicking on and off, it's hard.
And that's what happened when you bring up the sun.
You know, most people don't realize that before the telegram lines were laid, we didn't have seasonal influenza.
Influenza was something that had a worldwide outburst.
Influenza comes from the word to influence.
Nobody knew what it was from, but they knew that periodically, back into the 1500s and 1700s,
There'd be an outbreak all around the world, and then it would be absent for decades.
And then it would happen again.
And it turned out a very smart astronomer, I think from Winnipeg, looked back at this and said, it correlates with sunspot activity.
And so do wars!
So do wars!
I mean, like even Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, they're all obsessed with sunspots in their own literature.
They know this is real.
Yeah, so there's a lot of things happening here.
And so, I don't believe it's all psychological operation.
I personally think, even the mainstream media has come to the belief that the spike protein was manipulated.
It's genetic material taken from nature, taken into labs, manipulated to harm people.
So, by definition, that's a bioweapon.
Now, keep in mind, if that's a bioweapon, when your body produces the same spike protein, having been given this RNA or DNA vaccine, it's also a bioweapon.
I totally agree, Dr. Merritt.
So, what do you think they're really doing?
Because, obviously, multiple injections was always pre-planned.
They admit it, so now they say it's permanent.
You were on the show years ago saying that was going to come.
This is clearly a plan now.
Where's the plan go?
We now know that.
I think it goes... I think the 5G is part of the endgame.
I really do.
I think that they're distracting us with everything else.
And quite frankly, I feel confident that we are going to master the disease process.
Right now, we could be saving a lot more people if people would put things in their homes like nebulizers, pulse oximeters, stock up on ivermectin that they won't let us do, stock up on these things.
We could probably solve 90% of this or more.
We always are going to have disease among humans.
They're trying to stop us fixing the problem.
We're good to go.
Yeah, activating this.
And I've heard, you know, a friend of mine who's a researcher was sent some video from China that claimed that the Chinese, it's a leak apparently.
I've got it on my telegram.
She's got it on hers, Lin Fen.
It's Chinese talking about how their goal is to vaccinate all our military.
And then they've won.
No, that's right.
We'll talk about that when we come back.
Stay with us.
Should you wear a mask if you're healthy?
And if you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing a medical mask.
But if you are, then you should.
Right now is our insistence now on wearing masks.
Masks do not work for the general public.
People should not be walking around with masks.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
You do not need to wear a medical mask.
Masks don't control viruses.
They control you.
That's what this is about.
I really believe that if we get rid of the masks, the rest of this house of cards fall down.
It just blew my mind how the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
The biggest issue with face masks is the impact they have on our children.
But children in masks is absolutely dangerous.
And this has to stop!
Defend our children!
The air should not be illegal to breathe.
COVID Land, Episode 2, The Mask.
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The globalists have no intention of allowing this country to have free and fair elections.
They're already saying that right-wing terror groups are going to start attacking the government and that the military is needed to stop these pro-Trump terror groups ahead of the midterms.
First off, I want to be clear.
The populist movement in America is not controlled or run by Donald Trump.
Donald Trump rode in on a wave of American nationalism and populism and a desire to live in a free market, open society.
But the fact that they are now trying to brand Trump and his supporters as terrorists is beyond criminal.
So I cannot express enough to all of you.
The viewers and listeners of InfoWars, who truly have been the tip of the spear over the last few decades, to understand how critical the time is we're going into, and to make sure you say your prayers, and to make sure you get right with God.
And I'm telling myself that.
I'm not preaching at you.
And at the same time to also think about a world where InfoWars is not on the air.
They're trying to put me in jail in a lot of different ways you see on the news and in other ways you don't see on the news.
They're trying to bankrupt us.
They're trying to shut us down.
And I understand that in the end if we don't defeat them I'll probably be killed or sent to prison.
So will you.
This is an authoritarian criminal takeover.
So we have to come to the realization that we're all in this together.
And that we have a good chance of beating them, but we've got to put our full energy into the fight right now.
So please continue to buy products at mfulmorestore.com.
Please continue to spread the word about the broadcast and share the articles, the videos and links.
And please continue to pray for our operation because this is truly your operation.
So as Christmas comes and New Year's comes, as we enter 2022, I want to just thank you all for your past fight against tyranny, and I want to encourage you to really count the cost and fight harder in a peaceful way now more than ever.
Thank you so much.
Lung Cleanze.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Dr. Leigh Merritt's our guest and I've got to do a commercial-free podcast soon with her so she can really roll and go through all this.
You know, I got Dr.
Peter McCullough on Joe Rogan, and they're saying that's going to be his biggest interview yet.
It may even break records that I set and that Elon Musk set to be the number one podcast he's ever done.
It's over 20 million people just on one platform so far.
40 million total as of last night.
So that's very exciting news.
And Joe Rogan kept asking him, why are they doing this?
And Dr. McCullough doesn't want to go that extra mile.
He's been an FDA scientist.
I get it.
He's a doctor.
He doesn't want to speculate.
This is political at the end of the day.
It's about a takeover.
It's about depopulation.
So, Dr. Lee Merritt, I want to thank you so much for being here with us today.
I've got a few more questions for you.
And again, please come back on a commercial-free show, because an hour is then uninterrupted.
But what else do you want to impart to the listeners and viewers of this show?
Well, you know, J. Edgar Hoover one time said that the individual's handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.
That's part of what's happening here.
The biggest lie we've ever been involved with.
And it's engendering fear, and fear is the
That's what's going to take us down.
So, I think there are really four things we need to do to get out of this.
The first thing is people need to turn off their TV and movies because it's used for predictive programming and outright propaganda.
It really is.
I mean, you cannot look at the numbers scientifically and then look at what they're telling you and make any sense of it.
And everybody needs to get into this fight now, because first of all, purpose in life is a great antidote to fear.
But next, the second point is, is that when 5G is fully implemented, if that really is the point, it's a directed energy weapon.
That's what it was designed for.
And we're going to have to take this on.
We can't just sit by because it will come into our homes.
And by the way, we found a bunch of CIA documents.
We covered my Reset Wars piece.
Where they were admitting decades ago they were going to put up towers for mind control to control the populace.
Of course, that's the logical extension of control freak bureaucrats and mad scientists given unlimited power.
Yeah, I mean, you know, 5G was used for a directed energy weapon and it was a denial of access weapon in places like Iraq.
You turn on 5G, you turn up enough power, you hit the right frequency, and it resonates with everybody's hair follicles.
So it makes you feel like you're completely on fire.
Oh, that's the next thing.
Everybody's talking about their hair falling out in the 5G areas.
Yeah, I don't know what to make of that.
That's been a problem.
I think what happens is it can be from being just from being sick can do it.
But I agree with you that there is a lot of suspicious things.
Another one, pink urine, believe it or not.
That's one of the things it turns out people that are more sensitive to electrical magnetic frequency toxicity.
They have a defect in their porphyrin manufacturing, what makes hemoglobin.
And one of the ways it shows up is you have pink urine sometimes.
And by the way, shows like Better Call Saul and the rest of it make fun of people that talk about this, but you can type in cell phone towers or 5G cancer and get prestigious reports going back decades.
What we're talking about is not debatable.
The fact is what is in your cell phone is the same thing in a microwave oven.
The difference is a microwave oven is shielded.
Right, and it's not completely shielded.
You're right.
That's why they tell you to be careful when you've got pacemakers.
And what are they telling you with the new iPhone?
Be careful if you don't buy one if you have a new pacemaker.
Yeah, neurosurgeons know about this and they, the same, you know who controls you when you know whom you cannot criticize.
And the telecommunications industry has the same indemnity from lawsuit that the vaccine industry does.
And anybody, and that's the point, every time
You know, I've been in medicine for 45 years.
I've actually been instrumental in taking a drug off the market that was not a good drug.
Nobody, nobody, you know, and when Vioxx came out after three weeks, I recognized it wasn't a good drug.
It took the FDA three years to take it off.
But when I started speaking against Vioxx, nobody said, Oh, that's one of those crazy COX-2 inhibitor, you know, non blah, blah, blah.
No, but you, you don't like one vaccine and suddenly you're an anti-vaxxer.
And, you know, you're a tinfoil hat if you speak against 5G.
I think that we see a pattern here.
The answer is not to argue the science.
The answer is to demonize the people speaking out.
And this one, everybody better wake up to, because it's not by accident that this is happening altogether, I think.
It should tell you something.
I think it's in Haifa, Israel, that the, wherever Technion is, I think it's Haifa, but they've
Gotten the Wi-Fi out of their schools.
Why did they do that?
Because they realized, just what you were showing on that graph, that children's body mass makes them more susceptible to damage from Wi-Fi.
And so they hardwired their schools.
I read that and I went home and told my husband we had a hardwire house.
You know, I had my house totally hardwired.
And then, you know, you catch family members hiding wireless transmitters doing it.
I mean, we have the answer.
It's called wiring things like in a gun.
A gun has a tube.
You fire it one place.
You don't have it where it explodes in all directions.
We need directed energy, not directed energy at us.
And I hope my husband, who's an IT guy, is listening to this because I had the same issue.
Family members hide these.
And I went around.
Unfortunately, the 5G, you cannot test with meters at this point.
But you can test the lesser cellular frequencies.
And it turned out that, you know, when you go around, I kept saying, there's got to be something under my chair or where my office is.
And I found it was a router that we had stashed.
Oh, listen, when my ex-wife was divorcing me, I had to live in a condo for a while.
It was this big high-rise.
And I'm not a person that's paranoid.
I'm not a person that like has trouble sleeping.
And I couldn't sleep in this room.
So when I slept in another room, I could.
And I finally realized there was a giant wireless router in the closet right behind the bed.
I've always slept good.
Turned that sucker off.
Slept great for the two years I lived there.
Had them hardwired.
But I mean, if something's messing my sleep up, I know something's going on.
And it's because it's flicking on and off.
And it's sending a charge through my brain.
And yeah, it's a lot weaker than a microwave or whatever.
But the point is, it doesn't matter.
My brain picks up a new wave coming through.
And that's what's happening.
And I've been treating people this last year with ivermectin and the various different things for presumed COVID that we don't completely have our heads wrapped around what it is.
But it kind of died out in the summer.
But before even the cold weather hit, it came back.
And suddenly I was getting calls.
And I finally asked somebody, I said,
Because this person did have pink hair, and I said, do you think there's 5G that's gone around by your area?
Because I'm getting a lot of calls in that area, and that's exactly, that had happened.
And it had actually, we had been sick in the office.
Well, it's the same thing in Wuhan.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but in Wuhan, all the main places it broke out was where the 5G was instituted.
And in that hospital where Dr. Lee died, it had been completely 5G Wi-Fi'd.
That and Lombardy, I understand, and also New York City.
Now, they're not the only cities, but apparently it's a pretty good match.
I'm just... The problem with 5G, too, that people need to understand is, it's not like 2G and 3G, it's 4G.
It makes it sound like there's just a continuum, now we just... No, it's a totally new technology, super small, high-powered wavelengths.
And it's intermittent, like you said.
We live in a little cloud of 2G or 3G or 4G.
That was okay to a certain degree.
It was somewhat harmful, but we were able to adapt to it.
But when you have something like this that comes in bursts all the time, it's hard for the body to adapt.
Well, Dr. Merritt, incredible job.
All right.
Will you promise, I know a lot's going on, but the next few months, let's do a commercial free hour interview.
You can send a whole list of things.
We'll get into them all.
Dr. Lee Merritt.
And is the best place for people to find the great work you're doing at themedicalrebel.com?
And I've got a how-to, what you should do right now to protect yourself and your family.
All right.
30 seconds on this, though.
Are you optimistic about the future?
Oh, absolutely.
You know, besides the fact that we're humans, we have a connection to God, and we're also Americans.
Americans don't give up.
We're not going to give over our land.
We're not going to give over our freedoms.
I don't see that happening.
This is a real war.
We realize it's a war we win, we don't, we die.
Dr. Merritt, thank you so much.
Have a great Christmas.
Thank you, you too.
That's coming up.
But separately, you know, a lot of people are signing up for Reset Wars, and we're getting a lot of great feedback from the thousands of people that have signed up for the course.
And it's a great course, and it's game-changing stuff, and it funds us launching whole new operations, whole new systems.
Soon, on the air, I'm going to lay out people that, going at the course, what else is going to be added to the site.
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And you've got until tomorrow night, 1159 p.m., to get 25% off on the course at ResetWars.com.
And, again, folks, if people would have listened to me,
25 years ago, we would have stopped it.
You weren't listening.
But I'm telling you, this is so game-changing, and people will just understand, this is real.
This is how they control us.
If people actually embrace this, research this, and use it, we will defeat them quickly.
I got a feeling those stuff's going to get a lot worse when people finally dig this up and use it, but one way or another, this will be a game-changer.
ResetWars.com, and it also keeps us on the air.
I want to thank you for your support.
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And this actually sickens me a little bit.
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You know that I've been a homeschooling parent my entire life, right?
I have five kids.
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