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Name: 20211224_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 24, 2021
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The vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind.
We would have had a 1917, remember the Spanish flu, killed perhaps a hundred million people.
Actually, it ended the First World War because the soldiers, a lot of people don't know that, the soldiers got so sick.
It was a terrible thing.
There were no vaccines, there was no anything.
I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines.
All are very, very good.
Came up with three of them in less than nine months.
It was supposed to take five to twelve years.
This is an emergency Christmas Day warning to President Trump.
You are either completely ignorant about the so-called vaccine gene therapy that you helped ram through with Operation Warp Speed, or you're one of the most evil men who has ever lived to push this toxic poison on the public and to attack your constituents when they simply try to save their lives and the lives of others.
We're about to lay out the basic incontrovertible facts
That what you told Candace Owens just a few days ago is nothing but a raft of dirty lies.
More people have died under COVID this year, by the way, under Joe Biden than under you.
And more people took the vaccine this year, so people are questioning how... Well, no, the vaccine worked, but some people aren't.
The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don't take their vaccine.
But it's still their choice.
And if you take the vaccine, you're protected.
Look, the results of the vaccine are very good.
And if you do get it, it's a very minor form.
People aren't dying when they take the vaccine.
Recently, Candace Owens attempted to confront you politely face-to-face with the fact that these so-called vaccines are causing a lot of death and illnesses.
And you double down saying that nobody has been hurt by these shots when that is just a flat out lie.
It's on record they cause myocarditis and heart attacks.
And then you triple down on top of that and said that 90% of people
In the hospitals around the world have not had the vaccine.
When the facts and the statistics show the opposite, in Germany, in the UK, in the US, in Canada, across the world, in places like Israel, the double and triple vaxxed are more than two times likely to become sick and to be hospitalized and or die.
In fact, a new study came out just this week.
Here it is for you to research it, President Trump.
Within three months, you are twice as likely to become infected by the Omicron variant if you took the Pfizer vaccine.
That's because it's erasing your immune system.
And that was the plan.
Erase the population's immune system and make them dependent on ongoing gene therapies that have to be taken as often as every day.
That is the plan.
The big pharma takeover of humanity via the immune system.
From day one of the so-called vaccines rollout, Pfizer and the FDA have fought tooth and nail to stop any documents being released to medical whistleblower groups.
But in the last two months, federal courts have ordered the FDA to release several tranches of millions of pages of documents.
The first two data dumps show conclusively that the so-called vaccine has caused thousands and thousands of deaths and more than 160,000 adverse reactions, including spontaneous abortions and miscarriages.
This is a massive story right here.
And then the documents that are in it.
Which, I'm sorry, I haven't had a chance to read them all.
I've just read the synopsis.
But thousands of more deaths, thousands of more miscarriages, bleeding out of your nose, having convulsions, becoming paralyzed, becoming blind, your ovaries basically dissolving.
Oh, and I've got more on that.
But it's all liberal.
It's so trendy.
Major Norwegian study finds COVID-19 vaccines interfere with young women's periods.
And basically give you endometriosis where your uterus has got to be removed.
This, President Trump, is what you are now signing on to.
It's one thing to rush the shot out because you believed it would save the people and help end the lockdowns.
But now that you know that Fauci signed you on to a fraud, you must extricate yourself from this lie, or you will be forever known as the MVVP.
I stand by this statement with a career dedicated to vaccine research and development.
I'm vaccinated for COVID and I'm generally pro-vaccination.
I've devoted my entire career to developing safe and effective ways to prevent and treat infectious diseases.
After this, I'll be posting the text of this statement so that you can share it with your friends and family.
Here's the thing.
Before you inject your child, a decision that is irreversible
I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the RNA vaccine technology I created.
The inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, has gone public for more than a year and a half, warning that his technology used to counter a cold virus would lead to serious blood clots and autoimmune disorders like ADE.
And now the hospitals are full across the Western world of double-vaxxed patients who are showing the exact signs of ADE.
There are three main issues that parents need to understand before they take this irrevocable decision.
The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your parent's cells.
This gene forces your child's body to make toxic spike proteins.
These proteins often cause permanent damage in children's critical organs.
These organs include their brain and nervous system, their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots, their reproductive system, and most importantly, this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system.
The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable.
They cannot be reversed.
You can't fix the lesions within their brains.
You cannot repair heart tissue scarring.
You cannot repair a genetically reset immune system.
Robert Malone has now issued an emergency warning to the parents of the world to not give their children the experimental mRNA injection.
One of the most respected names in the world concerning vaccine technology and as the former chief scientist at Pfizer over vaccines.
He has looked at every angle of this rollout, not just in the US, but across the world, and has concluded that it is a deliberate depopulation operation targeting humanity with infertility, blood clots, heart attacks, and more.
Medicine's regulators have said, because they're quite similar to the original vaccines, the ones that are being given now, we won't be asking them to do any clinical safety studies.
So let me just say again, the variants are not different enough to represent a threat to you, so you do not need to top up vaccines, yet they are being made and the regulators have more or less waved them through.
I'm very frightened of that.
There's no possible benign interpretation of this.
I believe that they're going to be used to damage your health and possibly kill you.
I can see no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt at mass depopulation.
This will provide the tools to do it.
and plausible deniability because they'll create another story about some sort of biological threat and you'll line up and get your top-up vaccines and a few months or a year or so later you'll die of some you know peculiar explicable syndrome and they won't be able to associate it with the top-up vaccines but that's my belief that they're lying to you about variants so they can make uh damaging
The world is watching Trump.
The world is watching very, very carefully what you do right now.
Are you going to continue to sign your fate and our fate on to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the Davos Group and the whole globalist UN agenda?
Or will you stand up and be the hero so many of us believed you were and say no to this medical tyranny?
It's almost too late for you to turn back.
Children are becoming maimed and dying all over the world.
And more and more top scientists and medical workers are going public.
This house of cards is coming down.
Klaus Schwab, Peter Daszak, Bill Gates,
Anthony Fauci, they all bit off more than they can chew.
We know they premeditated this whole Operation Lockstep takeover.
The evidence is clear.
They tricked you to sign on to this.
I get it.
You wanted to be the hero.
You wanted to get the vaccine out there to get the economy moving again.
I saw how you were deceived.
But now, you are clearly signing on to this lie.
And that's why it's so important that this be on the public record.
You were warned and that you were conscious and that you made a decision.
President Trump, there's not much time left for you to turn back.
Across the world, children are being injected with dangerous gene therapies that erase their immune systems and give them chronic illness.
President Trump, you don't want this to be your legacy.
You don't want to be the person that was tricked by Fauci into launching this Big Pharma takeover and who later, when confronted with the facts, decided to be a coward and to double down, betting on the corporate system, betting on Big Pharma, betting on the UN and the Build Back Better Great Reset Agenda of Klaus Schwab.
Don't throw in your lot with Bill Gates.
Don't throw in your lot with Klaus Schwab.
Stand with the people of America and the world.
Stand with the children.
Come out and tell the public that you were lied to.
Call for Fauci's arrest.
Get on the right side of history.
Because any way you slice it, from every angle, the globalists have bit off more than they can chew.
And their attempt to take over the planet using this medical scare that's in the Rockefeller Foundation's own documents, Operation Lockstep, is destined to fail.
There isn't much time for you to turn back, Trump.
If you only care about yourself, then understand this.
Your legacy will be that of a monster.
Your legacy will be that of a eugenicist.
Your legacy will be that of a child killer using medical tyranny.
There's still time for you to turn back.
And Jack Posobiec, a very smart patriotic American, and he sent out this viral tweet that said pretty clear
Biden is only crediting Trump for the vaccine to set him up to take the blame for what comes next.
And it's in the SPARS 2023-2025 John Hopkins Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, Pentagon joint operation that it will come out that these are not vaccines and have killed people en masse.
That's part of discrediting the government and collapsing the Western world.
It's all been pre-planned.
That's how we tell you exactly what's coming next.
Like, the announcement that, oh, gotta have three shots to be fully vaccinated, and oop, gotta need a fourth, oop, they're already up to their fifth in Israel.
Europe and the UK are already up to their fourth.
And I knew 21 months ago they would be 9 to 12 shots a year.
Why did I know that?
Because Bill Gates said so!
Regardless of what President Trump does, we the people of America and the world understand what's happening and we are going to continue to educate others that aren't informed and we are going to continue to politically and culturally and economically and spiritually mobilize to stand against this one world government medical tyranny
Cashless society, medical ID, social credit score, carbon tax system from being able to take over our lives and dominate us and convert us from once free peoples into slaves.
Regardless of what Trump does, we have already chosen to tell the truth and to take action against these tyrants.
Now Trump simply needs to decide which side he's going to be on.
There are things the enemies of humanity don't want us to know.
There are secrets they want to keep.
I'm Alex Jones.
And I've made it my life mission to expose those secrets and empower humanity.
And I've made my greatest discovery yet.
Join me there as humanity goes to the next level at ResetWars.com.
All across the world, whether you're in Canada or whether you're in Australia or Germany.
The politicians use the exact same slogans like Build Back Better and The Great Reset.
And now they're telling everyone that, oh, sorry, it's permanent.
You're always going to wear a mask.
You're going to get multiple shots up to six, seven, eight, nine, even 10 times a year.
And that'll be on your app.
And if you don't have it on your app, you're not going to be allowed to buy and sell or leave your house.
And now countries like Germany are saying,
We may make it mandatory.
In fact, now Germany says starting February 1st, it will be mandatory.
And now the unelected head of the EU Commission, she says they're looking at making it mandatory.
And now Boris Johnson is saying mandatory.
That means come to your house, forcibly inject you.
And what's insane is all the statistics, all the numbers are out.
It's the vaccinated that are sick and dying because it's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy that erases your immune system.
Just search it yourself.
COVID-19, Pfizer-Moderna vaccines, lower immunity.
And find out how they do it.
They turn off your killer T's.
They don't kill them like HIV does.
It just turns them off.
And then you know what happens.
Killer T's stop cancer.
They stop viruses.
They stop bacteria.
They stop infections.
We're having our defenses literally lowered and now the Pentagon, that means the globalist controlled occupied system.
It's not our military anymore at the top.
I said, oh, we've just so happened been working in secret on an omnibus COVID shot that stops all spike proteins.
Well, viruses in our body, most of them are good and actually share information with ourselves and other life forms.
That's what the science shows.
And so attacking the spike protein that isn't just on viruses, but is on other cells in our bodies, is going to cause massive autoimmune disorders, ADE, the list goes on and on.
And the scientists that warned of this a year and a half ago when the injections were starting, have now all
We're entering the darkest time in human history.
But thank God for you.
And thank God that we have InfoWars.
And thank God that we knew about the globalist plans from Operation Lockstep many years ago and have been warning people.
And so now, top scientists like Dr. Wolfgang Wudarg and Dr. Michael Yedon and others have come out and said, no, this is a depopulation program.
And by the third shot, you basically have no immune system anymore.
And the globalists are counting on this being so horrific, so horrible, that people just can't even come to grips with how sinister and out of control this is.
So that's why I'm asking all of you now, more than ever, to pray to God for a global awakening.
And to pray to God that your friends, your family, your neighbors, and others don't just have the scales taken from their eyes, but that they be given a spirit of enlightenment and leadership to help wake up and warn others.
Because they're not coming for our children.
They've come for our children.
And children all over the Western world taking these shots are having heart attacks.
They're getting sick.
They're dying.
And now they're doing testing on babies and coming after the newborns.
And say they want to make that mandatory.
Hell, a lot of major cities have already made it mandatory for five-year-olds and up.
It's not an if.
It's not a when.
It's now here.
And please continue to keep us on air.
I want to thank you for your investment over the years at mfullworstore.com.
You get great products that enrich your life and make your life better while keeping the tip of the spear.
That's all of us collectively on air.
So thank you so much.
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God bless and again, good luck.