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Name: 20211220_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 20, 2021
2523 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics such as COVID-19 origins, the globalist agenda, Christmas shopping at InfoWarsStore.com, propaganda efforts like The Great Reset and The Great Merging, and the importance of understanding the virus's origins to effectively combat it. He criticizes public health officials for dismissing alternative viewpoints and questioning their credibility. Jones also highlights the potential consequences of not supporting independent media and American businesses in the upcoming midterm elections. The segment ends with a promotion for Ultimate Bone Broth Plus, available at InfowarsStore.com.

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I want to go warn the leftists in Austin as I did 20 months ago and 10 months ago and 6 months ago and a month ago about, hey, the shot's deadly, it erases your immune system, it doesn't protect you.
They're just going to scream at me.
I'm going to go down there in the next few days.
And I'm going to say, thank you for being heroes.
I'm serious.
Take your shots.
Take extra.
Oh, because there's too many people.
Thank you for having the courage to sterilize yourself and give yourself heart attacks.
And yeah, your children come from you.
The few of you that have children, they're trash too.
They genetically deserve to die.
Oh, the Nazis had to herd people in and shoot them in the back of the head and kill them.
But you do it to your own children.
Thank you for your courage to realize you're trash.
Thank you for realizing you're subhuman garbage.
Murder yourselves!
Murder yourselves!
Murder yourselves!
Murder yourselves!
I'm gonna do it!
Oh yes!
Oh wear your mask!
Take your extra shots!
You're a hero!
Oh take five and give them to your baby and then get attention when they're in a coffin and everybody will feel sorry for it.
That's all you want.
You don't want a relationship with your child.
You want to get off on the attention you get when they die, don't you?
Oh God, you're so good!
And so is Bill Gates!
Bill Gates, inject me!
Oh, Fauci!
Oh, Fauci said I can't have my family over if they're not injected.
That's not creepy at all.
I agree with Fauci!
I agree with Bill Gates!
Yes, take your injections!
It's so liberal!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
The Great Awakening is here.
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Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com
And never give up the fight.
Where are people from my Democratic Party?
Are they blind?
Maybe AOC is blind.
Clearly she doesn't see it.
Where are the others in the Democratic Party to stand up and defend the innocent people of this country who are being victimized by criminals?
The smash-and-grab epidemic, popularized by Black Lives Matter and marginalized by the Democratic Party, has come to the backyard of Austin, Texas.
Oh, you heard that?
They're dead.
Oh, I just heard a gunshot!
According to witnesses, shortly before the Barton Creek Square Mall closed during the biggest shopping weekend before Christmas, smash-and-grab looters broke into the display cases at the Helzberg Diamond store.
As patrons fled for the exits, an eyewitness claims that a voice came over the loudspeaker announcing that the doors had now been locked.
The innocent patrons now trapped inside with desperate armed lunatics in order to protect the profits of the blood diamond industry.
A lady screamed on top of her lungs, run, there's a shooter, run!
And that's when people started just throwing their food out, pushing other people out of the way.
And they're just sprinting, and I'm like, oh my God, okay.
Mom, we gotta go, we gotta leave the food, leave the food.
It got up and we started running and people were like looking for somewhere to hide people were hiding under tables and finally the one of the guys that sketches was closing the door and I was like let me get in and they're like okay they opened it let us in and then one of the employees took us all the way to the back turn the lights off and we're all hiding
That was terrifying.
Meanwhile, Austin, Texas is in steep decline after the depletion of its police force under the policies of Soros suck-up Mayor Adler and Marxist District Attorney Garza.
Jeremy Hendricks says he was at a Windsor Hills Neighborhood Association meeting when the discussion turned to recent drug crimes in the area.
Like every neighborhood, we've got a few problem spots.
Hendrick says two APD officers and a commander in attendance addressed neighbors' concerns.
What they said surprised him.
Their answer to that was, well, we really can't do much about it because the DA won't prosecute these folks.
I think a lot of folks were kind of dumbfounded.
There's no doubt this is a violent encounter.
A shooting downtown over the weekend on 7th and Red River.
But some say this video represents more than an isolated case.
It's a symbol of chronic crime rampant in downtown Austin.
That's what the head of Austin's police union is saying.
And as Austin real estate prices skyrocket by over 40%, real estate companies are removing crime statistics from their postings as it affects their bottom line.
That is the longest 20 seconds of your life.
When you're on the ground literally thinking that the worst is going to happen to you.
That's what went through Lily Thorpe's mind when she was attacked in August walking back to her West Campus apartment.
Months later, Austin police still have not found the man.
Like I fully expected nothing though.
Many parents say that university and city leadership aren't doing enough to curb crime in the West Campus area.
When you have over 30,000 students living in that community, it really is an extension of the campus, whether the university wants to accept that or not.
Safehorns petitioned Austin City Council to improve safety measures.
Many of its signers were students.
I'm scared as hell at school, one signer commented.
Another, my daughter is afraid at your campus.
For those of you questioning law-abiding citizens' right to self-defense, is the second amendment beginning to make sense now?
John Bowne reporting.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Harrison Smith.
I'm sitting in for Alex Jones for just the first hour, folks.
Don't worry.
Alex Jones will be here in one hour, but I've been asked to take over the first hour and cover some of this bombshell news that has broken over the weekend and continues to break.
Today, if you don't know who I am, I, of course, am the host of American Journal.
That's the morning show, call-in show, here on InfoWarsBan.video.
Each and every weekday morning, 8am to 11am, taking lots of calls today.
Predictions for 2022.
People don't think it looks good.
2022 is not looking good.
Some of the predictions we had, war with China, perhaps that's on the docket.
The black horse of revelations coming to fruition, that also potentially on the docket for 2022.
It's not looking very hopeful out there these days, but there is
We're good to go.
But of course, the biggest news today is that New York legislation that's been put forward to be voted on January 5th provides for the indefinite detention of the unvaccinated at governor's whim.
But it's even worse than that.
Get a load of some of the strictures in this legislation.
Here's a story from NationalPulse.com.
Yeah, you heard that right.
The abilities that they are granting to unelected bureaucrats, in many cases low-level heads of medical outlets, it's insane.
We're good to go!
Indefinite detention of American citizens with no right to trial, no ability to fight back, no justification even needed to be provided, no limitations whatsoever on this, and this is actually being voted on?
This was actually put forward?
This might actually pass in the state of New York?
Is it becoming clear to you yet, folks, what all this was about?
Because I was saying on American Journal today that maybe the right way to approach this is
Be in favor of it.
Act like you're in favor of this.
Because maybe, just maybe, a way to break through to the Democrats what type of tyrannical, authoritarian, psychopathic nonsense they're getting behind these days.
Just put it on the other foot.
Put the show on the other foot.
Put the glove on the other hand.
And go, okay, so you want to give
A governor and his delegates, whoever that may be, commissioners, whoever, the power to just point at somebody and go, that guy, you know, you don't have to know his name.
Yeah, that tall guy, skinny guy, curly hair.
Yeah, that guy.
Throw him in prison.
He is a danger to public health.
Not even is he a danger to public health.
Actually, it says you can do this to people who are potentially a threat.
Oh, they might potentially pose a threat.
And you can preemptively strike against them.
If they quote, pose a threat in the future, such as those refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.
And so you ask the Democrats, you say, okay, so you're going to give.
The governor power to arrest absolutely anybody, not have to prove his accusations, not give them time to defend themselves.
No hearing, no lawyers.
You don't even have to go through some sort of rubber stamp court like FISA or FOIA or any of these things.
And you can just arrest anybody that you claim poses a public threat.
And they're like, yeah, yeah, we're going to do that because we're vaccinated and smarter than you.
And it's like, OK, all right, cool.
And so if we vote a Republican into office, they'll be able to do this.
So you're telling me you're giving Republicans power to arrest anybody that we deem as a potential public threat and to indefinitely entain them without any?
That sounds good.
I think that sounds good.
I think that will be very useful.
In the next couple years.
And you'll see this.
Like, well, no, no, you can't.
No, you can't do no.
The Republicans can't do it for their own thing.
No, it's fine.
No, pass the bill.
Pass the bill.
Then we'll see how it gets used.
Pass the bill.
And then we'll see whether you're setting up a horrific, totalitarian, authoritarian, just wild communist hell world.
We'll see.
We'll see how this goes.
Maybe it works out fine.
Maybe it's a great thing that you're doing this or maybe
Maybe you're loading and cocking the gun that will be used against you one day, and maybe you should think about this for a second.
But they're all for it!
The bill, quote, will, quote, require an individual who has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease, not necessarily COVID, but just a disease, to complete an appropriate prescribed course of treatment, preventative medication or vaccination, essentially giving the government the right to detain anyone they want and to forcibly vaccinate them.
But not just forcibly vaccinate, forcibly, you know, force into any sort of medical situation they want.
I mean, it's very vaguely worded.
They must complete an appropriate prescribed course of treatment.
Preventative medication or vaccination.
In America, New York State is now passing a bill to allow the indefinite detention of, like, I just need to say this over and over and over again, because it's just, is this getting through yet?
What's this?
Ronan Gallery on Twitter.
I'm a regularly fit 21-year-old lad.
Don't say too much about the pandemic.
I just chose to get on with it.
My first two vaccinations were fine.
No problem.
After getting the booster two days ago and ever since, I've had a very, very painful heart.
Surely that's not normal.
Oh no, it's extremely rare, Ronan.
It's extremely rare.
It just happens all the time.
It's kind of confusing, but thank God it's extremely rare, because it's happening a lot.
It's happening all the time, continuously, to everybody.
Can you imagine if it wasn't extremely rare?
Can you imagine?
But of course, if they can trick you into it, if they can convince you into it, if they can bully you into it,
It's still kind of your fault, because you still willingly did it.
Now, of course, the government will be picking you up in a van, taking you to some undisclosed location, maybe not telling you where you're going, certainly not reading you your Miranda Rights, because you're not being arrested, you're being detained medically, so they don't have to stick to the laws that restrict behavior when it comes to the Constitution and the ability of
And then they'll inject you with this stuff and maybe you'll die.
Of those in power.
Maybe your heart will explode.
Maybe you'll get thrombosis.
Maybe you'll get myocarditis.
And it'll be their fault.
And they'll have done it to you.
And there will be no way for you to get any sort of redress from this.
It's your fault, after all.
It's good for you.
It's for the greater good.
And it's for the greater good that we are violating these fundamental human rights that we are putting into place orders to
Absolutely run roughshod over every limitation of government so far.
And that's not all, folks.
On January 5th, the legislative session will be hosting a number of assembly bills that include forced COVID shot mandates, forcing all adult vaccine records to go into a state database, forcing COVID shots for college students and flu shots for elementary school students.
It will eliminate religious exemptions for work and college, eliminate parents' consents to shots when the child reaches 14.
Years or older.
So getting rid of parental consent when it comes to injections.
That's also in this bill in New York State.
It will also allow the governor, of course, to imprison without trial anyone she or he considers a public threat.
It's just like, what?
How did we get here?
Well, it's been a very long road, folks.
It's been a very long, slow road.
See, the American Constitution or the American
Attitude wouldn't have allowed for this even a year ago even two years ago but the last year and a half or two years at this point has been all about softening the ground for this landing has been all about wearing down slowly but surely over time the resistance that Americans naturally feel towards tyranny and overreach of government soon about taking
Taking that down piece by piece, slowly but surely, tearing that armor away.
And so now here we are, vulnerable, scared, fearful, and begging for the tyranny.
It's been an incredibly successful psychological operation on a global scale.
Funny that InfoWars was telling you about it before it even started happening.
Isn't that interesting?
That it's all coming to fruition, it's all coming down in 2022, may very well be the year that they
Attempt their final solution.
We'll be right back.
Pun intended.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Harrison Smith here, sitting in for Alex Jones for the first hour.
Alex will be back in the chair very, very soon.
But, boy, oh boy, is there just an insane amount of news to cover today.
Of course, the Biden administration is wishing their fellow American citizens a Merry Christmas.
They say this.
They say, we are intent on not letting Omicron disrupt work in school for the vaccinated.
You've done the right thing.
We'll get through this.
We'll get through it together, guys.
For the unvaccinated, however, you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overrun.
Repent or be destroyed!
Literally, that's the quote from the White House.
For the unvaccinated, you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.
Gentle reminder here, the vaccines don't help against overcrowding.
It's basically confirmed at this point.
Omicron was discovered in vaccinated people.
It spreads primarily through vaccinated people.
Something like 80% of the people with Omicron are vaccinated at this point.
Here's a story from Cornell University, which has a population 100% vaccinated, and yet they have 900 COVID-19 cases this week.
Oh my dear!
They say, quote, virtually every case of Omicron variant to date has been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had also received the booster shot.
So what are the Bidens talking about?
They're just baselessly fear-mongering, of course.
Are you scared yet?
Are you terrified?
Are you ready to give up your hard-won freedoms?
Or do we need to scare you a bit more?
Is our frightfulness convincing?
Truly incredible.
Actually, now we're changing the definition to where you have to get the booster to be fully vaccinated.
So, special message here.
A little shout out to all of the fully vaccinated people with two vaccines in your arms.
You unvaccinated swine.
You plebeian.
You anti-vax conspiracy theorist.
You don't have your booster shot?
You're unvaccinated now.
You're one of us.
How does it feel, dirtbag?
So yeah, they're just changing the rules.
So it's all very convenient, isn't it?
We'll change the rules to where the people that followed our orders and got the vaccine, now they're considered unvaccinated.
Oh, simultaneously, we're passing laws to allow us to imprison the unvaccinated people, so now we'll be able to imprison anybody that doesn't continuously keep up to date with our schedule of vaccines.
Maybe every two months, maybe every four months, we'll decide that later.
First, we'll get the punishment mechanism into place in order to destroy those who dare stand up against our
Terranical takeover of their country, their world, their way of life.
Mind-blowing stuff.
We do have some actual information about COVID, and I'll present it to you here, unlike the mainstream media.
Are you scared yet?
Are you scared?
Like, that'd just be the permanent subtitle there.
Yeah, you can never be fully vaccinated.
Yeah, you're fully vaccinated for now.
Yeah, we'll see you in a week, suckers.
But no, we're going to present some actual information here.
We're good to go!
I think so.
Side effects, you know, waylaying on.
So that's one chart, gives you some information about COVID.
Here's another one from Derek Thompson on Twitter.
One of these is not like the other via Scott Gottlieb, MD.
Seven-day average of South Africa COVID statistics.
In blue, you have new cases and each time a wave has occurred.
This is the first wave, the alpha wave, if you will.
You see a spike in hospitalizations.
I'm good.
Over here, on the far right, a massive, huge spike in new cases, meaning it's very transmissible, but not a single change in the death rate.
In other words, huge spike in cases, no resulting death waves.
That's a fact according to people like Anthony Fauci.
In reality, people on the ground, people in South Africa who have been studying this since its beginning say it's a very, very, very mild form of the virus and it's a good thing that this variant came about because it reflects the natural progression of all diseases where it starts off
We're good.
Life-threatening thing that way you get scared that way you stop thinking then they get to impose anything on you now You're begging for it for yourself.
It's all very very well orchestrated propaganda towards kovat now We are getting to the endgame here.
We are getting to the final round How we you know whether that's the final round before ultimate victory or the final round for ultimate defeat yet to be decided It's up to us actually it's a choice.
We have to make
But it's not a surprise that we've gotten to this point.
Not if you're watching InfoWars.
I mean, it really is truly amazing when you look back at 2020 and you look back at January, how we were saying that it came from a lab back in January of 2020.
We were saying it came from a lab before most mainstream outlets were even reporting that COVID existed in the first place.
Because not only did we know
That COVID was going around because we were looking at what was happening in China and trying to keep a tab on it and being called racist for doing that, by the way, weirdly enough.
We'll talk about that later.
But we, you can just see the, the, the playbook as it rolls out and you go, okay, so now they're introducing this.
So then they're going to use this to justify vaccines.
They're going to, and then of course, when they come out with lockdown, you go, okay, they're shutting down the economy.
They're going to consolidate all of their power within the biggest corporations and governments, the Amazons and the Walmarts and that sort of thing.
Like it was all
Perfectly clear how this was going to happen and now we're seeing it come to fruition and the whole time that we're predicting this stuff and pointing out this is going to happen we're being called crazy conspiracy theorists the entire time.
But labels such as that don't stop us.
They don't even slow us down.
We thrive on it because we know that they've changed their tactics.
They don't just
We're good to go.
You gotta do it soon, but now's the time to start thinking about New Year's.
Have you made your New Year's resolutions?
And how can the InfoWars products help you to achieve your goals in 2022?
Go to InfoWarsStore.com to find out.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Harrison Smith here, sitting in for Alex Jones for the time being.
Alex Jones will be in studio.
Alex Jones Show!
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Let's watch.
On October 25th of 2021, the CDC released an order continuing to deceptively act as if they have that authority, requiring proof of negative COVID tests from all international air travelers two years old and up boarding a flight to the United States beginning on December 6th.
The passenger has to be tested within 24 hours of travel.
To meet the CDC requirements, the tests can be self-administered.
The tests are not approved by the FDA, but have been greenlit under the Emergency Use Authorization Authority.
So if anything goes wrong, the manufacturer is free of liability.
What could go wrong is that Abbott has included the lethal drug sodium azide into the do-it-yourself test kit.
Sodium azide has caused deaths for decades.
Even minute amounts can cause organ damage, sowing most of its damage into the heart and brain.
There is a small warning and instructions not to touch the swab to the regent's solution, the lethal sodium azide.
But mistakes happen, and there have been several deaths and injuries in hospitals and laboratories by trained professionals handling sodium azide.
In one instance, sodium azide was poured down a drain, causing it to explode and release toxic gas.
Sodium azide is fatal if swallowed, fatal in contact with skin, and fatal if inhaled.
And it is now included in over-the-counter test kits for frantic everyday citizens to hurry through a day before international travel, including two-year-olds.
What could go wrong?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Amazing stuff.
A lot of Greg Reese's reports, like this one, you see the headline there, lethal drug included in over-the-counter COVID test kits.
You think, well, that sounds a little extreme, doesn't it?
There's no way that's right.
He's probably, he's probably, you know, embiggening it somehow.
You know, he's making it sound worse than it is.
And then you watch the video and you're like, I don't know.
No, that's exactly what's happening.
No, that's exactly right.
He's not, he's not exaggerating at all.
Literally a lethal drug in the COVID home test kits that they want to impose on anybody and everybody all the time.
Dr. Lina Nguyen on CNN was like, why don't we just test all Americans every day?
Why not?
Like, you're a psychopath.
That's a crazy thing to want.
These people are insane.
Incredible stuff by Greg Rees and just the latest.
Very long line of attempts to poison people.
Courtesy of the United States government.
And you know, I was watching that and I was just thinking about something we were talking quite a bit about on American Journal this morning, which is the projection that liberals engage in when they don't feel like actually arguing with the points that you're making.
Like, if you make an objection, if you say something that is scientifically foundational and comes from a place of true concern for all humanity,
They don't want to address that.
They don't want to listen to your arguments.
They don't want to hear about it.
So what they do is they just make up for themselves, fabricate in their own mind something that might make you want to say this thing and then they just attribute it to that.
What am I talking about?
In January 2020, when we here at InfoWars was like, hey, there's something going on in China.
Hey guys, China, there's a sickness in China.
It's looking pretty bad.
We might want to pay attention to this.
It might come here and then it'd be a big problem.
Guys, China, something's happening in China.
And they're like, you don't care.
You don't care about sickness.
You're just racist.
You just hate Asian people.
And so you're trying to make something up to make everybody else hate Asian people.
And it's like, what are you talking about?
There's a disease ravaging China!
Why can we not talk about this?
And they're just like, we know.
We know what you really are saying.
You're saying you're racist against Asian people.
Well, I'll be in Chinatown hugging an Asian person like a good American.
It's just like, what could you possibly be talking about?
Like, what are you talking about?
We don't get it.
And of course, this comes from old Dr. Francis Collins, who was using this excuse to explain why he was not wanting to pursue the lab leak theory.
See, he knows it probably came from a lab.
He's perfectly aware of that because he was one of the people that helped to orchestrate the creation of this coronavirus.
You know, he's one of the people that was in charge of the creation of the virus that has since killed a hundred, 800,000 Americans and millions of people around the world.
Just, you know, so he doesn't want that out.
He doesn't want that information out.
See, he has a very, very personal
We're good to go.
Hey, look, you know, where the outbreak is, it's right next to this level four lab with a history of safety violations that's doing gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses.
This might be where it came from.
And they're just like, would you leave the politics to the side?
It's like, no, no, no, I'm talking about the origin of the virus.
I'm talking about where it possibly came from, because that will inform, you know,
Where, you know, how it functions, which will help us to treat it, which maybe will help us to prevent this type of outbreak in the future.
Maybe, you know, if we know this virus is the one that created it, they have data and information that will contribute to the effort to fight it.
You know, we're trying to fight COVID here.
And they're just like, why is everything so politicized, man?
We're not looking at lab leak theory.
That's a Trump conspiracy theory.
What are they talking about?
It really is insane.
I mean, I know we use the word insane a lot, but this is the mindset of a clinically insane person, okay?
Because he says, he dodged questions about his efforts to discredit the lab leak theory at the onset of the pandemic, maintaining the most plausible explanation is that the virus spread through animal to human transmission.
Oh, sure.
Even though now, you know, there are MPs and
The European Union, who are being presented findings by well-respected and established researchers, who have come to the conclusion, yeah, it's probably a lab leak.
Yeah, it was probably a lab leak, and we've talked about how this was an IQ test, right?
It started from this neighborhood, and in this neighborhood is a farmer's market, okay?
So it either came from the farmer's market, or it came from the level 4 bioweapons lab with a history of safety violations.
Where do you think it came from?
This is an IQ test that America has failed.
He said in October of this year that accusations surrounding the agency's involvement in gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were absolutely nothing to do with his resignation.
But there were private emails that shows that he coordinated with Dr. Anthony Fauci in order to discredit the lab leak theory by making use of Amazon owned Washington Post.
So here you have Amazon and their press outlet Washington Post collaborating with Francis Collins and Dr. Fauci in order to discredit without providing alternative evidence for the lab leak theory.
It's a conspiracy.
A cabal?
This is what we call a conspiracy, folks.
These are people working behind the scenes cooperating in order to discredit a Nobel Prize winning suggestion as to where this lab could have come from.
He says, you know, we've gotten we've gotten all this hyper politicized
Stuff, it's getting in the way of public health.
It's like, no, we're trying to figure out where the virus came from, and you're stopping us because of politics.
Stop projecting.
You said earlier this week that if you're vaccinated, you should feel comfortable traveling and celebrating the holidays with your family.
Do you still believe that?
No, I do.
If you are vaccinated and boosted and are prudent when you travel, when you're in an airport, to be wearing a mask all the time, you have to be wearing a mask on a plane.
Do not do things like go to gatherings where there are people who you do not know
What their vaccination status is if you do that and some people are even going the extra step or the extra mile Of maybe even getting tested when you have people coming over the house We now have a much wider availability of point-of-care tests that you can get a result in about 15 minutes So you might want to do that if you do these things John I do believe
That you can feel quite comfortable with a family setting, the dinners and the gatherings that you have around the holiday season.
Nothing is 100% risk-free, but I think if you do the things that I just mentioned, you'd actually mitigate that risk enough to feel comfortable about being able to enjoy the holiday.
Oh man, can you just imagine?
Like, do you have the... Do you have the ability to imagine what it would be like to be somebody that watches that dude seriously?
That's like scared of Omicron.
Like, I honestly can't imagine being like, another wave, Omicron, another variant, gotta get my booster.
And like, I'm super scared about going to dinner.
But oh, oh, but Anthony Fauci's told me that all I have to do is make sure everyone I ever interact with has fully been vaccinated and also been boosted and also taken a test.
And I'll wear my mask and my other mask and I'll wear my goggles.
And then he tells me I can feel comfortable.
Thank goodness.
Like, you poor, weak little scumbag.
It's just, it's just hilarious, actually.
It's actually hilarious.
Omicron, not particularly dangerous.
I showed you some of the charts a little bit before.
It also, clearly, the evidence, overwhelming, does not get stopped by the vaccine.
It's pretty obvious at this point.
Elizabeth Warren just got COVID.
Jim Cramer just got COVID.
Cory Booker just got COVID.
All three of which, not just vaccinated, not just fully vaccinated, but fully vaccinated, plus the booster.
So, you know, now they're actually covering for this and the medical journals are saying, we think the best way to fight
COVID is to take two vaccines and the booster and get COVID and that'll protect you from COVID and they're saying that with a straight face in a serious manner acting like it's not hilarious it is it's also terrifying and horrific and the death of this country so maybe it's not as funny as it could be but certainly ironic certainly certainly worthy of a joke I'd say it's just amazing I mean the vaccine it clearly doesn't work against Omicron I don't think anybody's
Arguing that at this point.
And now, there are even more evidence now, as New Zealand links 26-year-old man's death to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, that they might actually kill you.
So, you have to take the vaccine, even though A, doesn't protect you, B, doesn't stop you from transmitting the disease, and C, might kill you.
So yes, it might kill you.
No, it doesn't stop you from getting the disease.
Yes, you do have to take it, or you will be imprisoned without trial in New York.
Unbelievable how we've allowed it to get to this place.
But of course they have very, very sophisticated rhetorical tactics that they use.
Propaganda tactics.
The manufacturing of consent.
To their despicable and outrageous demands.
It's sort of their business, sort of their bread and butter.
So that's what they do.
Now I was serious when I said that headline from Forbes, super immunity from breakthrough.
Here's what we do.
And it literally says the best way to be protected is to get the vaccine and then get COVID and that'll protect you from COVID.
All right.
So let's talk about some of these propaganda efforts.
That they're engaged in.
The coordination behind the scenes.
You know, the Great Reset.
It's just great coordination.
The great merging.
The great cooperation, it should be called, as all of the largest and most powerful cabals of corporations and governments and think tanks and NGOs all work hand-in-hand, and the media, of course, to perpetuate lies and enslave the world.
Dr. Francis Collins joined Fox News Sunday on his last day in office.
After more than a decade in the agency's top position, the geneticist and physician tapped by President Barack Obama to lead the NIH in 2009 dodged questions about his efforts to discredit the lab leak theory at the onset of the pandemic, maintaining the most plausible explanation for the virus is that the virus spread through animal to human transmission, saying, quote, I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry that the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people, because frankly, we still don't know.
Oh, I'm sorry, what was that Dr. Collins?
You what?
Oh, you don't know?
Then why are you discrediting it?
Why are you saying it's a distraction?
Why are you saying it's conspiracy theory if you don't know?
Does this make sense to anybody?
Like, how are they getting away with this?
And then you start to understand, oh, this is what the dumbing down was all about.
This is what the fluoride in the water was about.
This is what the failure of education was about.
It's all been readying the landing for this.
It's been about, one by one, unscrewing your armor to take it off and leave you defenseless in front of them.
In your mind, physically defenseless, so they can have their way with you.
That's what this has all been about, because this type of stuff would not
Be able to be achieved with an intelligent and informed citizenry.
It wouldn't make any sense.
Not only would this bill by the New York legislator not pass, which it is in... It's probably gonna pass, to be honest with you.
I mean, they're run by socialists and this is socialism, so it's probably gonna pass.
But if you had a informed, patriotic American citizenry with people that were intelligent, could think for themselves, and understood and respected liberty and freedom and what it meant to be an American,
Then everyone who even dared breathe a word of suggestion as to this type of legislation would be removed from office.
It would be seen as an egregious and blatant violation of their every oath of office, and they would be removed from office.
That's why we have
That's why the American people have the final say.
Unfortunately, after literally decades of concerted effort to dumb down and humiliate and weaken the American people, they're actually getting away with this stuff.
They're putting this stuff forward and they have the American people, you know, at large, so brainwashed and controlled that they're going to get away with it and they might actually pass it.
And it leaves us in a very
Troublesome situation because we're here just having to try to batter down all of these attempts.
Because you know what'll happen if this legislation doesn't pass?
They'll reword it a little bit and they'll get it through anyway.
Or they'll just do it anyway, right?
It's like they'll try to pass it through the legislature and if that doesn't work then they'll just convene an equity committee and just do it through that method.
It doesn't matter.
They're power-hungry psychopaths.
They'll do whatever they have to.
If you try to stand up to them, you're a domestic terrorist, and you look a little sick, and maybe you'll be sent to a quarantine camp for an indefinite amount of time.
So that's what's happening.
But again, it's just amazing, this Francis Collins interview.
It's just
Like, I literally don't understand it.
He says, we in this country have somehow gotten all fractured and hyper-politicized.
Political view that should never have been mixed with public health, Collins said.
It has been ruinous and history will judge harshly those people who have continued to defocus the effort and focus on conspiracies and things that are demonstrably false.
Have you demonstrated it, sir?
Where is the demonstration of the falsity of these statements?
Oh, you don't have it?
Because earlier you said you actually don't know?
Because you've referenced the fact that China has withheld the information from it?
So it actually could be true?
So it actually is a vital part of the understanding of this virus that you are engaged in destroying our understanding of and, you know, discrediting people that are posing alternative views?
Incredible, isn't it?
So it's just like,
I don't know.
Insane's the only word for it, because just to be not insane in this world is to feel insane.
And that's how insane it is, because it's like, well, there's this virus.
There's this virus that we need to deal with.
We need to figure out how to deal with it.
We need to know information about it.
Well, we should probably know where it came from.
If we knew where it came from, we could maybe know how it came about.
If we knew how it came about, maybe that would help us not just treat it or cure it or find out about how it transmits.
It would inform the way that we combat this virus.
It may even inform the way that we make the vaccines, if that's what you're trying to do.
So there's lots of reasons to find out the origin of the virus.
So again, you just sit here and you go,
It looks like the origin of the virus was a lab in Wuhan.
And they're just like, why are you politicizing things?
It's like, what are you talking about politics?
I'm talking about the origin of the virus.
And they're like, yeah, we're trying to focus on the virus, okay?
So maybe stop trying to distract us.
No, no, I'm talking about the origin of the virus and where it came from.
And they're like, stop distracting us from the virus.
We're trying to figure out about the virus here and you keep bringing up stuff about the virus and it's just politicizing things.
It truly is insane.
Collins made headlines on Friday after a House Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis released an email where he expressed deep concerns about the herd immunity strategy being advocated by fringe epidemiologists.
You know, fringe epidemiologists like Nobel Prize winners and fellows at the Stanford Institute.
And again, they don't provide information.
This is all about just imposing of their will.
It's about pure, strictly it's about power.
They don't want to interact with your objections.
They don't want to confront your arguments.
It's far, far easier to say, you're politicizing things, shut up.
It's convenient for them, isn't it?
Ho ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas!
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because they
We're good.
I think we know.
Everybody but robbers is in the tank for the right-wing extreme views.
And I think this vigilantism is going to catch on.
These red states are going to do vigilantism laws on immigration.
And they're going to empower citizens to go out and round up people they think look like foreigners.
A human trafficking epidemic continues to spiral out of control under the cloud piven strategy of the Biden administration.
A chaotic and deadly scene in the Mexican state of Chiapas.
At least 55 people killed and over 100 injured when the truck they were crammed into crashed on its side.
Survivors say it happened on a sharp curve.
In front of a judge, Ujoa pleads not guilty to the stabbing death of a man last month.
According to his arrest report, witnesses found Ujoa covered in blood in an Arlington neighborhood on October 7th.
The report shows Ujoa told a witness he killed Uncle Francisco because he hit him.
Once police took Ujoa into custody, they learned he gave them a fake name and told them he was 17.
ICE investigators then determined Ujoa is actually 24 from Honduras and was in the country illegally.
An overcrowded van carrying 30 people, many of them believed to be illegal immigrants, crashed in southern Texas on Wednesday, killing 10 and injuring many others, according to police.
Is Vice President Harris still in charge of addressing the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala?
She is, and I just announced a commitment that she's announcing this afternoon.
He said Vice President Harris.
He has not spoken to her.
And if she's in charge, why is that?
Well, we... All kidding aside, of course, President Harris.
President Harris.
Meanwhile, residents of Yuma, Arizona, were horrified to witness thousands of immigrants roaming through their community.
An estimated 7,000 migrants have entered into Arizona, near Yuma, since last Thursday.
Local officials can only guess the number because the Biden administration won't release an actual count.
Mr. President, do something.
Do anything!
Networking gangs are cashing in on the lucrative human smuggling racket.
This video from Yuma, Arizona, an armed smuggler with his hand on his gun threatened Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura.
Ventura had just captured video of the smuggler being paid by a migrant.
The smuggler ordered Ventura to put his phone on the ground.
Jorge joins us.
Where does the cartel's newfound chutzpah come from?
Well Leland, they're getting more brazen and they're just not afraid of any type of enforcement at all and these huge migrant influx just gives them more an ability to essentially overwhelm Border Patrol at different sectors at the border and they're making more money than ever.
We're speaking to Border Patrol who tells us
They're making up to $40 million a day.
While blue strongholds moved to legalize the growing illegal immigrant voting bloc.
And as 2 million illegals crossed our southern border into a divided United States riddled with skyrocketing inflation and record homicides in sanctuary cities under Democratic leadership.
Now Biden will issue ankle monitors and cell phones.
Of course, Trump had been branded as inhumane for using ankle monitors.
Meanwhile, Biden's massive payout to immigrant families has hit another snag.
Can the United States endure three more years of United Nations puppet Joe Biden's destruction of American sovereignty?
John Bowne reporting.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
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This is something I was going to tweet out until I got removed from Twitter, but thank God I have a platform where I can express myself without the
Approval of big tech censorship.
But, you know, you want to say shop local, right?
You don't want to be giving all your money to Target and Walmart and Amazon.
You want to shop local, right?
Unless you live in a place like Austin.
You go to a local store here, and it's like, Hi, welcome to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biography section of the bookstore.
Would you like a Black Lives Matter pin?
It's just like, oh god.
You try to shop local, and it turns out your local store is infested.
It's a cult headquarters, and you're contributing to them by shopping there.
So hey, maybe don't shop local if you live in a liberal place, because
Because they're awful.
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And so, go to Infowarsstore.com, and don't give your money to the
To the weirdo liberal bookstore down the street.
I'm going to do a whole report on it.
It's crazy.
It's a true cult.
Like, I gotta wonder if people just think it's normal.
All of this, like, you know, you want to talk about politicization of things.
I walk into my local bookstore.
It's like the local Barnes and Noble.
It's a big bookstore.
It's not like a far left bookstore.
It's a big mainstream bookstore here in Austin called Book People.
I'll just say it.
And, uh,
It's like walking into a cult headquarters.
It's like, on the first table that you see, it's the, you know, how to be anti-racist section, and we have all of the books telling white people that they're bad and how to stop being white, okay?
That's the first section we go to, and then over here we have, you know, the gift book section, and there we have books by Obama and Anthony Fauci and Nancy Pelosi, and it's just, and then you go to the biography section,
And it's like, there's like three or four books.
It's like George Washington and all like James Madison's book over here.
Maybe like an FDR, you know, biography over here.
The rest of the biographies are living democratic politicians.
Like, it's insane.
It's, it's very, very weird.
It's the same thing with like Netflix, too.
You go to documentaries and it's like Fauci, A Story of Love, The Obamas, Gorgeousness in Life.
You know, it's just like,
Like, why are they so obsessed with all these people?
Why are they so... Like, why do they worship them like that?
Like, I remember Alex Jones one time using the term priest class, and they were trying to establish a priest class.
I didn't really get it at the time.
It's one of those things that then you... It sticks in your head, and you start seeing evidence, and you're like, oh, they really are creating a priest class.
But it's more than that.
They're setting themselves up as like demigods.
It's very weird.
You go to... Like, you just go to Barnes & Noble, or anything.
Go to the kids section at Barnes & Noble.
One hundred, it's like the anti-racist baby.
It's just like all of this racist stuff and all of this COVID stuff and all, it's just like, can I get a book about Clifford?
Can I get a book about just like kids having an adventure in the woods?
Like, nope.
You have to have a book about why your baby is a racist.
Cause we're, it's, it's called progress and you're in a cult.
You're in a cult, by the way.
You support Trump, that's because you're a cult member and you're in the cult of Trump.
But also, have you worshipped at the Shrine of Black Lives Matter today?
Have you?
Are you wearing your Ruth Bader Ginsburg pin?
Could you name a single thing that she's ever done in her life?
Or are you just a trendy idiot that thinks Ruth Bader Ginsburg is somehow someone to be celebrated, more so than any other member of the Supreme Court?
It's insane.
So yeah, long little ramble to go on, but I was literally just walking through this bookstore just like, what is going on?
This is not normal.
It's not normal, folks.
It's always just like the shoe on the other foot, right?
Like, you always just wonder, like, what would their perspective be of this?
Like, if you just went into a Barnes & Noble in Houston, and it was just like, on every table, it was books about Trump.
And in every shelf, it was biographies of Trump.
And every kid's book was a kid's book about Trump.
And everything was about Trump.
You'd be like, this is weird.
This is a cult that I'm in.
They don't even notice.
They think it's totally normal and just,
This is what you do in America.
You worship your politicians like they're gods.
The living politicians.
I get worshipping the Founding Father, not worshipping, but like, you know, treating the Founding Fathers, treating like, historically important people with the reverence that they deserve, but like, it's just like Nancy Pelosi.
It's just like some dirtbag witch that's made hundreds of millions of dollars selling out this country and standing for absolutely nothing her whole life, and they treat her like she's
Jesus Christ, come back.
Yeah, this type of stuff.
Shop local, everyone!
And you go local and it's like, have you checked out our RGB mug section?
We have a whole section of mugs about Ruth Bader Ginsburg!
We should do a segment where we go around and try to find people with shirts that have Ruth Bader Ginsburg on them and just be like, can you say a quote
I have no idea what she represents or what she supports or anything like that.
It's a little bit different.
Like if you were to go ask somebody who was maybe wearing a Ron Paul shirt and be like, what's a Ron Paul position that you enjoy?
And they'll be like, how much time do you have?
How much time?
I can quote his whole book by memory.
Would you like to hear it?
Like there's real substantive political support.
And then there's just like trendy weirdness where they just like put Ruth Bader Ginsburg's head on their sweater.
And there it is, the Notorious RBG.
People will wear this shirt, and you can ask them, you can ask them, what did RBG do?
What did she support?
What is one of her beliefs?
They have no idea.
No idea.
They're just trendy.
They're just trendy little cult members, and it's amazing, okay?
Alright, so when we get back on the other side, I'm going to cover this story in detail from InfoWars.com.
COVID cases continue to fall significantly in South Africa.
But you should still be scared.
You should still be incredibly scared.
That classic American quote, I think you'll all remember, we have nothing to fear.
But Omicron, and COVID, and your neighbors, and the air, and the winter, and meat, and cows, and cars, big cars, and China, and Russia.
Do you fear Russia?
Are you scared of Russia, and Republicans, and white nationalists, and white supremacists, and white people in general?
It turns out we have a lot of things to fear, folks.
Fear itself is pretty far down the list, actually.
It's actually extremely useful for us.
They're desperate to create the fear.
Are you scared yet?
Are you frightened yet?
Do we need to have Anthony Fauci go out and try to scare you some more?
We're just here like, hey, maybe don't be scared.
Maybe just look at the facts on the ground and then make your opinion on that.
And they're like, how about this?
How about be scared and then we'll make up whatever we need to to justify your scaredness.
And once you're scared, just give us control of your life.
That's the solution.
No, but it's wild.
And he's comparing this, of course, to the United Kingdom.
COVID cases in South Africa, the epicenter of the Omicron outbreak, have continued to fall rapidly, despite other governments pressing the panic button over the new variant.
Having already imposed Plan B restrictions, the UK government and others on the continent are considering even more draconian measures to stop a tsunami of Omicron cases.
I covered this on War Room on Friday when I was sitting in for Owen, but literally we were comparing headlines.
I were like, first Omicron case in the UK
Actually, turns out he didn't die of Omicron, he died with Omicron, so still zero deaths in the UK as of Omicron.
The next headline?
75 million deaths expected from Omicron by January.
Are you fearful?
Are you scared yet?
Well folks, the narrative is live.
Are you scared yet?
Are you ready to surrender your last freedoms to the psychopaths?
Or do they need to frighten you more?
Countries and cities, or states and cities around the country, countries around the world, are imposing new and even more draconian lockdown orders in response to the very scary sounding Omicron variant.
Sounds scary, doesn't it?
It must be.
Of course it's not, and none of this is justified by anything, but Muriel Bowser has now declared a state of emergency in Washington, D.C., other cities and
Counties are imposing new mask mandates and new lockdowns.
They're being even more strict about vaccine mandates.
Of course, none of this is based on anything scientific whatsoever.
Not even a little bit.
Even Biden.
I almost called him Biden.
Why shouldn't I?
Trump says you're playing right into their hands if you doubt the COVID-19 vaccines.
Which is a dumb thing to say.
That's what I'll say about that.
What a dumb thing to say.
What a disappointment!
Here's a story from Infowars.com by Paul Joseph Watson.
Covid cases continue to fall significantly in South Africa, comparing the response of the UK government to the oncoming threat of Omicron to what is actually happening with Omicron.
Can you just tell us, at this stage, how many people are in hospital this morning with Omicron?
Um, there's 774.
In hospital?
Oh, sorry, that's total hospitalizations in the last seven days.
With Omicron, there's 10 cases, um, with Omicron.
Maybe going up to 11, actually, that wasn't confirmed yet.
Oh no!
Probably going up to 11.
Oh no, not 11!
How many deaths?
Uh, the deaths, um, were a hundred and... Oh, I don't, I don't, I don't have the actual... From Omicron, lady.
Oh, Omicron.
Oh, sorry, sorry, Kay.
Uh, no, we don't have, um, we've had one death, uh, with Omicron.
Oh, do you see how... And how many of those... Do you see how specifically she was when she said that?
With Omicron.
We've had one death.
I don't think there's anybody that I'm aware of on a ventilator with Omicron.
Professor Whitty's saying people should be... So what you're getting at is the severity of the... You're getting at the severity of the disease, which is one of the unknowns.
I'm just asking for the fact that of all the 10 people in hospital, one of them's died, the other 10 are not on ventilators.
Those are facts.
Yeah, they're cranking it up to 11, folks.
Watch out.
11 in the hospital with Omicron, maybe, but actually they're there for something else, but they did test positive.
You notice how specific she was, right?
She was asked how many deaths from Omicron, and she said, ah, oh, ah, ooh, ah, eh, ooh, we've had, uh, one with Omicron.
Like, that was her emphasis.
With Omicron.
They didn't die from Omicron.
They died with Omicron.
So you get the headlines, first dead, first Omicron death in the UK.
It has begun.
The tidal wave has arrived, but it's a lie.
It's fabricated on a lie.
It's based on a lie.
And you have to read the article and you have to look at where they say died with COVID rather than from COVID.
The media is engaged in a very, very specific game.
It's how to tell the truth and leave the person with the impression of a lie.
It's true, somebody did die with Omicron, but they want you leaving with the impression that they died from Omicron.
They just have to word it in a way that leaves you with that impression while covering their own butts by printing exactly what is true.
Having already imposed Plan B restrictions, the article from Infowars goes on, the UK government and others on the continent are considering even more draconian measures to stop a tsunami of Omicron cases.
However, yet more data out of South Africa suggests they are engaging in an incredibly alarmist overreaction.
Here shows the percentage rates dropping over the course of a week.
As we highlighted earlier, health authorities in South Africa have come, have suggested, wait, have even suggested stopping tracing and quarantining those who come into contact with Omicron because it isn't helping to stop the spread of the variant, which only causes mild symptoms anyway.
Last week, South Africa Health Minister Joe Fahala said only 1.7% of COVID cases in the current Omicron wave are being hospitalized compared to 19% in the previous wave.
If the people who were running our countries and the people who were our health authorities actually cared about people and actually
We're good
I don't know.
There's a story from Infowars.
COVID cases continue to fall significantly in South Africa.
There's some other big news stories here today.
Alex Jones will be returning soon, but we'll get into some of this other stuff too.
I just know some mornings, you know, you just wake up.
Like I woke up and this is one of the first stories I read.
New York legislation provides for indefinite detention of unvaccinated at governor's whim.
And I know my first thought when I heard this,
It's going to be a good episode of the Alex Jones Show today.
I can't wait to hear Alex Jones talk about this.
This very modest proposal to simply imprison at a whim anybody who may one day potentially perhaps carry some sort of disease maybe.
Indefinite detention.
They don't even need to know the people's name.
It's really incredible.
So we'll hear Alex Jones.
Go off about that, I'm sure, later in the program.
You can support everything we do here by going to Infowarsstore.com.
When we get back on the other side, I'll get in a little bit more into this story.
San Francisco mayor declares state of emergency in response to drug overdose death.
This on the heels of the latest piece of information that says fentanyl is now the leading cause of death in Americans aged 18 to 45.
The number one cause of death of Americans 18 to 45 is fentanyl.
We doing anything to stop that?
We doing just a single thing to stop that?
It's more deadly than COVID by far.
Far, far, far more deadly for Americans, fentanyl, than COVID.
We closing the border yet?
We doing anything to stop this?
Or sort of like everything else in this godforsaken world,
Is this the direct consequence of liberal policies?
Yeah, I think it is.
San Francisco mayor is very shocked.
She's shocked and concerned to find out that after allowing people to inject drugs on the streets without arresting them, after giving needles to homeless people so they can inject drugs, after just opening up entire swaths of her city to be lawless drug dens, that there's overdoses in San Francisco.
It's like, do we need to have a lesson about the concept of cause and effect on this program?
It's like, when you get rid of the police, and crime explodes, that's your fault.
And when you create your city into an open-air drug den, and then overdoses go through the roof, that's also your fault!
These are things you caused, you idiots!
And now they're trying to reverse them, we'll talk about it.
Alright folks, they are seriously making their move, and there is some bombshell information that needs to be
shared here and that's what M4's is all about.
But a constant these days is that it's not just the failure of the leftist policies, it's not just the failure of liberal politicians, it's the fact that they'll acknowledge the failure but not their role in it.
It's very confusing.
You think
When you implement a policy and that policy leads directly to devastating consequences, that that person would feel some semblance of guilt over their policy.
They would go, wow, we were really wrong about that.
But it's like that doesn't exist in the liberal mindset.
They just have this, I don't know if it's a narcissism or just a unearned confidence that they have, but like,
This is all their fault.
It's all their fault, right?
Just look at the problems that we have in this country, the real problems, right?
You ask liberal and leftists, and this is part of the issue, like, what are real problems in this country?
They'll be like, uh, probably white supremacy.
That's probably the biggest problem is white supremacy.
It's just like, oh, really?
Here are the real problems.
Our border is wide open and we're being invaded to the tune of several million a year.
Unknown foreigners coming into our country and escaping law enforcement.
Here's a big problem.
Inflation that has increased like 10% in a single year to the highest level in 40 years.
Here's a problem.
Massive government spending that's bank-erupting us.
The COVID tyranny.
The rampant lawlessness and crime wave that's leaving literally thousands of people a year dead, murdered, killed, life ruined, family destroyed.
These are real problems.
And every single one of them can be laid at the feet of liberals and leftists.
They're directly attributable to policies that these people champion.
Not, oh, oops, accidentally.
Not, oh, well, there were a bunch of good things, but yeah, there was this bad thing.
It's like just nothing but badness, nothing but horror, nothing but chaos and destruction from these policies.
And they don't even recognize it.
It's that classic meme.
It's a guy shooting the other dude in the chest and turning around with a smoking gun in his hand going, who could have done this?
Who could have done this, Mayor Breed?
San Francisco Mayor declares state of emergency in response to drug overdose deaths.
San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday declared a state of emergency in the city's Tenderloin neighborhood, an area that sits near City Hall and that officials have long said is rampant with drugs and crime in response to overdose deaths.
The policy came just days after Breed promised aggressive crackdown on crime in her city, in which she specifically cited the Tenderloin as an area plagued by open-air drug dealing, crime, and unsanitary conditions on the street.
Again, I don't know how they get away with this.
I don't know what has happened to the American people that we just don't have two brain cells to rub together anymore.
It's just so obvious how this happens.
This is from last week.
San Francisco Mayor London Breed announces crackdown policies less tolerant of the bullcrap that has destroyed our city.
That she created.
That she endorsed.
That she championed.
She was a defund the police Democrat.
She got rid of the police.
She is the one that passed the bills that allow the open air trading of drugs that said, we're going to stop punishing people for drugs.
It's going to be a safe zone.
We're going to fund you.
We're going to give you clean needles so you can do drugs safely in the city.
And we're not going to arrest criminals and we're no longer going to punish shoplifters.
And then it's like, wow, a shopping plague, a shopping outbreak.
Rampant lawlessness, rampant criminality.
Hey, drug overdoses to an epidemic degree.
What could have caused this?
And it'd be one thing if just...
This was unexpected.
It'd be one thing if like, ah, it seemed like a good idea, but gee, we did not realize it was gonna turn out this way.
But you gotta be a little bit of a problem when you're promoting this sort of stuff and you have people like Alex Jones and Harrison Smith and Owen Troyer on InfoWars going, it's a bad idea!
It's a bad idea!
Hey, if you defund the police, there's gonna be a crime wave.
If you defund the police, there's going to be a crime wave.
And they're like, shut up, you're an idiot, you don't know anything.
They defund the police, there's a crime wave, and they're like, whoa!
Well, we know, but he knew nobody could have seen this coming.
It's a total surprise to us.
So infuriating.
In 2020, the city of San Francisco experienced 700 drug overdose deaths, Breed said, and more than 600 people have died from overdoses this year alone in San Francisco on Tuesday.
No, obviously not.
You can't be a Trump supporter there.
You can't be pro-life there.
It's not anything goes in San Francisco.
It's that chaos and anarchy and death and destruction go.
And life and goodness and Christianity are not available there in San Francisco.
It's utterly infuriating, these ridiculous idiots that are putting us through all of this.
They're not suffering from this.
They've got private security.
Oh, and by the way, again, they sort of bury it here a little bit.
But you just gotta ask questions for yourself.
You just gotta read these things and don't just take it in.
Think about it for a second.
On Tuesday, she announced a series of crime-fighting initiatives to combat a wave of organized retail thefts, crime, and the sale of stolen goods.
The sale of stolen goods.
Where are people selling things?
They're selling things on the internet.
How are they selling things?
By remaining anonymous.
This is exactly what the corporations asked the Congress to do.
I'm sure you saw last week where they said, the corporations, you know, the ones that gave literally hundreds of billions of dollars, I covered it on American Journal, we went through, it was like the CEOs of Target and Best Buy and all these other stores are begging Congress to do something to stop the crime wave that's
Bankrupting their stores.
And it's just, I just went through and it was like, Target.
Tens of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter.
Best Buy.
Something like over a hundred millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter.
They funded this.
They perpetuated the lawlessness.
They supported the politicians that promised to defund the police and to stop persecuting criminals, prosecuting criminals.
And now they're begging the Congress to fix the obvious consequences of the things they
Proposed, but they aren't saying, hey, let's go back.
They aren't saying, hey, you know that thing that we did that caused all the problems?
Let's undo that.
That'd be saying that they're wrong.
No, what the corporations did was they wrote to Congress to say there's too much anonymity on the Internet.
See these people breaking into our stores and stealing things?
They sell those things on the internet and they avoid being caught by remaining anonymous.
So, now that we've defunded the police and allowed a crime wave to take place, now we want the government to come in and get rid of anonymity on the internet.
As a result.
That's what they asked the Congress to do and it sounds like that's what Mayor Breed helped them to do.
Kind of like, kind of like how the first thing Mayor, I think it was Mayor Breed that did it, or it may have been in Oakland this happened, but when one of the first big high-profile shoplifting mobs occurred, did they reverse course on defund the police?
Did they say, oh, maybe we actually should maybe punish criminals when they commit crimes and get caught?
Of course not.
They said, yeah, we're going to stop cars from driving by the stores now.
We're good to go.
Of shoplifting?
You'd be like, wow, okay, cause, effect, let's put those barriers back, because clearly that was the solution.
That's not what happened.
The actual events went, we defunded the police, we hired prosecutors and DAs who refused to prosecute criminals, then crime exploded, and now we're putting barriers up to stop the cars from driving through.
Any of this making sense?
Are there still Americans with brains left or are we just zombified idiots who can't figure out cause and effect?
Cause and effect.
You do this thing, this thing happens.
Stop doing that thing!
But no, that's very complicated for these people.
It's very confusing.
And so now we have the number one cause of death for American citizens 18 to 45 is fentanyl.
They've opened the border because they perpetuate this stuff because they're in league with pharmaceutical companies that started the opioid epidemic.
They are in league with China, who provides most of the fentanyl.
It all goes directly back to them!
And then the solutions for the problems they cause...
Just cause more problems and make things worse and certainly never address what they imposed on us in the first place.
Folks, that's going to be it for me.
It's been a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today.
I'll be back tomorrow morning, 8 a.m.
for the American Journal Bandai Video Infowars.com.
Alex Jones takes over on the other side and I can't wait.
Personally, I can't wait.
It's going to be a good show, I promise.
Stay tuned.
Well I really appreciate the great Harrison Smith who normally hosts American Journal weekday mornings 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
for sitting in for me.
I was in my office getting ready for today's transmission and
And I just had so much work in front of me and so many important things going on that I had to deal with personally that I just called over to the studio just a hundred yards away or so and said, Harrison, I need you to host at least the first hour or so because I've got to take care of this business.
And normally my own private business would not be of importance to the news and to the listeners, but to explain myself just about the climate and where this country in the world is right now,
This morning, I went ahead and made the decision that I'm going to take the Fifth Officially with the January 6th Witch Hunt 3.0, as Roger Stone calls it.
And then also, a lawsuit we've been working on for the last week will be filed against the committee today in Washington, D.C.
And it's a very lengthy, very detailed, not just declaration of the Fifth Amendment, but the freedom of the press and the fact that the committee
It's not constituted correctly and that it didn't even follow the law on how many Republicans it's supposed to have on it.
It's only got two.
It's supposed to have at least five.
I mean, a lot of really, really important things.
And so I'm sitting there and they'd amended the suit and updated it.
And it's a long suit.
So I had to read that.
I'm like, well, I can't sign off on this till I've read it.
So I had to read that.
And then it was 11 o'clock.
I'd already told Harris to do that.
But then I was doing some more accounting.
We're good to go.
Because that's not the position I like to be in.
But we're not funded by Jordan Soros or The Globalist.
We're funded by you.
So we try to make it as good as possible with great products that make your life better.
But with the supply chain breakdowns and inflation and all the rest of it, InfoWars will implode.
And I just don't want to have the enemy win within three to six months.
And it didn't matter that I sold a bunch of reset workhorses or we sold that coin or all the rest of it.
It's just not bringing enough money in because we have to have our own servers, our own infrastructure, our own systems, our own satellite uplinks, our own proprietary systems that we have to go out and have people build and make at every level from software to switches to everything.
People don't understand that this is the future of oppression that is happening to us.
And I'm not a victim.
I'm in this fight.
I've been in the fight 28 years and we've changed the world.
I'll never give up.
I'll never give in, but I could give out like an old horse.
And sometimes that sounds actually great.
But then I see how evil the globalists are and how they're canceling Christmas officially with what he's going to announce tomorrow.
And just the rest of this cult's evil, and it makes me want to fight harder than ever.
I need to be covering this news.
So I will host the third and fourth hour today.
I appreciate Gerald Celente usually hosting the fourth, but since there's a lot to cover, I will be hosting that.
And I intend to launch more shows, and I intend to fight as hard as I can.
And we're working with others to build infrastructure for the massive
Next level of deplatforming, it's going to be the blocking of URLs, the delisting of URLs, that's going to happen right before the midterms.
And guaranteed, they're going to do that, okay?
And they're going to stage terror attacks, and they're going to do everything else and blame us.
Do you understand?
They will say on the news that my followers blow up the Pfizer building or something like that.
And I'm saying, of course, don't do that.
But I mean, I know, I know, I see over the horizon, I know what the enemy's next moves are.
And the most frustrating part is, I'm happy
And ready to go into battle politically and put my life on the line and my name and everything else with the coming false flags and the cyber attacks.
But I need the listeners to really click in here and understand they're coming for you.
Do you understand that?
This is very, very real.
There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that, for a lot of reasons, we're not going to tell anybody about because we don't want to give the enemy targeting information.
But you've seen what they've done to Trump.
You've seen how they go after all of his associates.
And it's the same stuff here.
So we are literally war-torn.
We are battered.
We are punished.
We are tortured.
And quite frankly, I'm not worried about me because I understand it's the whole civilization coming down.
They are injecting millions of children a week in the Western world with injections that erase their immune system and basically give you a form of AIDS.
Literal autoimmune collapse.
So there's a paradox of I don't care about myself and I'm not even worried about my operation except we've got to keep the operation out there.
And so that's my great frustration is I want to be focused on how they're attacking the American people and other people around the world and how we fight them and how we beat them and what's coming next.
And instead, I spend most of my time, as they intended, dealing with congressional subpoenas.
It's not just one.
All sorts of harassment of the Democratic Party's dirty tricks from from men in black to you name it, messing with us to so much other stuff happening that I just need listeners to understand this isn't somebody
Out in their fishing boat and a hurricane comes in and they're just calling in SOS's, you know, to watch the Coast Guard helicopters fly around.
I'm not calling the fire department and saying my house is on fire just to watch fire trucks pull up out front, okay?
When I tell you that InfoWars needs you to take the most important clips of what we say and what we do and share them, I know you're already doing it.
And I know people all over the country, the reports are pouring in.
Do it more.
I meant to give it attention last night, because you folks are awesome.
People are literally going around with Alex Jones' right signs.
People are doing demonstrations.
People are painting on the sides of barns.
I talked to one of the crew members and went and saw some of his Army buddies south of San Antonio on I-35.
Over the weekend to go to a veteran's barbecue and driving back, he saw giant containers, a mountain built of them, and he shot by it so fast he didn't get a photo.
And he didn't turn around because sometimes there's not exits for 10 miles on South I-35.
But he saw FindTheTruthInfoWars.com on the side of the road.
So I wasn't just reading this on Twitter and getting emails, people saying, hey, I'm in Florida, in Tampa, and there's a guy with an Alex Jones ride-a-signer.
Hey, I'm driving through the middle of the Ozarks in Missouri, and I just saw on the side of a barn, InfoWars.com.
Or, hey, I'm in Southern California, and somebody just spray-painted it huge across a bridge.
All those calls and emails and things came in, and I saw examples on Twitter without even looking this weekend.
It was just there.
And then, last night, I tried to go see Spider-Man, where they admit that the whole villain is Alex Jones.
There's snatch-and-grab robberies and shootouts at the mall we didn't know about, so it's closed, even though I bought tickets days before.
No one told us.
You know,
I'm the villain in the Spider-Man movie to impress you.
They're coming after us, folks.
They're not doing stuff like that and admitting the director.
Yeah, this is an Alex Jones character who sits up here in a set like this saying, buy my supplements.
And then he goes and lies about Spider-Man and does all this evil crap.
Why do you think they do things like that to me?
Because they know I've got their number and you've got their number and our guests have their number.
So I'm going to say it again.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Car driving through Death Valley, and if we don't get water put in the radiator, we're going to stall out, and the engine's going to burn up, and then we're going to be in Death Valley together.
Because you know what?
We're all a big train together, cruising through the wilderness, and we're all in this together.
So I don't like sitting here like a baby bird, begging for stuff all the time.
And part of me wants to just get wiped out and not have to deal with this anymore, and have them shut us down, and then you can fend for yourselves.
But we've got to keep fighting.
We can't give up, ladies and gentlemen.
So I need you to go to ResetWars.com.
Get a membership.
See the film.
Review it.
I thank you for that.
Give us your take.
We also need folks to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
You need Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
You need DNA Force Plus.
You need our krill oils, the highest rated there is.
You know, I can do stuff like sell really crappy supplements that cost $2 for the product in them.
And then, you know, but I don't.
Instead, some of our products have $45 worth of product in it.
I mean, DNA Force Plus.
I mean, this is real stuff.
And I haven't cut corners, but
I'm telling you, just like America's fighting for its life, InfoWars is fighting for its life.
And we need your support at InfoWarsTore.com, because I'm not going to give up, but I could give out.
So thank you all for your support.
Our number three is coming up in mere minutes, and there is just so much incredible news.
The globalist plan for martial law is now public.
The globalists have been bullying America forever.
They have been slowly
Poisoning and brainwashing our people and dividing us so they can conquer us.
But the reason I'll never give up is I know that good wins in the end and I also know that things get a lot worse if we give in and grease the skids for these psychos that are taking control of our lives.
I have an absolutely insane stack of
of news here dealing with the new lockdowns that Biden is set to announce tomorrow and the horrible lockdowns around the world and the forced inoculations.
That's coming up next segment.
But that ties in with this disgusting Newsweek story.
Children as young as four, let me say that again, children as young as four can now change gender in Scottish schools without parental consent.
We're going to unpack that and what that really means.
On so many fronts.
And then I was told that Jack Dorsey is this big free speech advocate, was secretly battling for freedom inside of Twitter, and that he was really on my side.
And I was told that by two very well-known prominent people three years ago during my deplatforming.
I didn't believe it.
So I guess when I went and screamed at him and chased him around Congress that last day when they were threatening to push him out of Twitter if he didn't ban me, that I
Did the last straw, but I was naive in that I didn't want to be naive.
I was, let's just say Jack Dorsey's a heavenly character, but I didn't want to be naive, so then I just projected onto everybody that everybody's bad and evil.
But then a very well-known talk show host, the top talk show host in the country, talked to him and he said the same thing to him.
That Alex Jones is quote always right and that basically Alex Jones is his guru.
I found that pretty wild and then the individual showed me a text message saying the same thing from Jack Dorsey.
So I'm thinking this is getting really weird.
And then I start having people reach out, very prominent, and go, you know, Elon Musk knows you're right, and he's trying to figure out on the inside how to beat him, and then, well, let's just say some other interesting things happen.
So, InfoWars is right on the cusp, you are right on the cusp, of massive victory.
That's why we're in so much trouble.
That's why they're going to declare martial law ahead of the election in 323 days.
That's why everything is do or die right now.
This is the moment where you're driving through the green light and you see the drunk driver going 100 miles an hour about to hit you.
And everything goes into slow motion.
This is the moment, ladies and gentlemen, that we better get right with Jesus.
Because it's going down right now, and that's the other big stack.
Retired generals urge Pentagon to take steps to avert civil war after 2024 election.
I get so upset about this, it's hard for me to even talk about it.
Because I know what's going to happen.
I can see how the dominoes are going to fall.
I think you can too.
And it just makes me physically sick.
You know, a couple weeks ago, I said, you know, according to my research, most of the producers at CNN are pedophiles.
Because they don't even let you in the club unless you are.
You've got to be the worst type of person.
And then, of course, they just busted another one doing the same stuff, procuring children for sex ops.
They all want to be Jeffrey Epstein, folks.
He's like Superman to them, okay?
And then, of course, it comes out.
You think I want to just say that?
You think I just say that about these people for no reason?
You think I'm happy to have to take on these type of criminals?
But Honor and Duty says, I will do it, and so I am.
I just want to go into this fight strong.
And there's nothing worse than being in a fight.
I'm using this as an analogy, not literal.
But imagine you're at your post in a long-term gun battle.
Let's say you're in the Korean War, and there's Chinese troops flooding in, and your machine gun barrels are melting, and you're out of ammo.
Well, now you've fixed bayonets.
I mean, I want this fight politically to have the best guns, the best ammo, the best fight.
But I'll keep fighting politically however I have to, hand-to-hand.
But we need funds right now.
We need your support.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live now into our number three on this Monday, December 20th, Global Broadcast.
Okay, so we have the retired generals urge Pentagon to take steps to avert Civil War 2024 election and the new term on ABC News, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal and the Atlantic Monthly and everywhere.
Atlantic Monthly is the voice of Epstein.
I mean, they stopped calling it Atlantic Monthly.
It's the voice of Epstein, sorry.
The voice of the Black Null Ring is the voice of Satan.
The voice of Steve Jobs' widow that funds all this garbage to bring the country down.
True piece of filth.
Let's just decipher this headline.
Retired generals urge Pentagon to take steps to avert civil war in the upcoming elections.
Now let's just decipher what they're really saying there and what that really means.
Biden has generals under his control.
Biden-controlled generals call for martial law to suppress American people ahead of elections.
But notice they spit it of, oh, we've got to stop the military taking over, so we need the military to take over, when you read the Washington Post op-ed article written by the three generals.
Oh, we need to have the CIA and FBI and NSA watch the American people and degrade.
And they use all these military terms you use for taking people out.
So, that's how they operate, ladies and gentlemen.
And they do it over and over again.
They're using all of these terms, degrade and disrupt our networks.
That is in the terrorism directive of June of this year.
And I remember right after Biden first got in and Psaki got up there in late January.
And she said, we need the CIA and the military to take on these insurrectionists, and the new terror threat is the white people that attack the Capitol in a white supremacist attack, and those that question future lockdowns, and those that question forced injections, and they were reading off the list they'd already been given by the deep state, that he then codified into the regulations.
And so,
Biden's surrogates call for martial law to protect us from a coup.
They actually say that in the article.
And we gotta degrade and disrupt these networks.
Degrade and disrupt.
Those are military terms for shutting people down, putting them under siege, putting sanctions on them, killing them, capturing them, torturing them.
We are literally here watching our occupied government with big tech censoring the people, suppressing everyone.
And what is Trump doing during all this?
And listen, I got to go with my gut and just how I really feel on things.
A lot of the people are Machiavelli.
They calculate.
They think about what will it do for them.
I don't care about me at the end of the day.
I really care about the children, which we're going to get to next segment.
In fact, guys, will you reprint me that article from Friday that Adon Salazar wrote about the newborn baby bleeding out of every orifice and dying from the Moderna shots at birth?
Thank you.
I want people to understand that this is happening now and that we're not in Kansas anymore.
So I see Trump in these big rallies of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 with Bill O'Reilly and selling tickets, which is fine.
Cost a lot of money to rent those.
Auditoriums and rent those stadiums and do that.
But then he, they just get up and everything's fine.
Everybody's wonderful.
And ah, look what an idiot Biden is.
And oh, look, here's Bill O'Reilly.
You know, he, he's making jokes and it's all about what movie stars they are.
And Trump has lost a lot of weight.
It looks good.
That's great.
But who cares about all that?
We want to hear about the New World Order.
We want to hear about Build Back Better.
We want to hear about how it's a UN takeover.
We want to hear about how the global vaccine passport is being used to track and trace and control people out.
It'll be the basis of the global ID and social credit score now being put into place.
Nothing out of Trump on that.
Nothing out of Bill O'Reilly.
Because they're still in the normal world of golf courses, and private jets, and helicopters, and their supermodel wives, and everybody goes like it's a big event, like they're going to see a rock and roll band, or they're going to see George Strait.
And I mean, quite frankly, where's people like George Strait?
Where are all the celebrities?
Where are all the people that claim they're Americana?
They're nowhere to be seen.
Just use George Strait as an example.
Well, they don't see it as their role to do that, you see.
So we've got this giant criminal takeover taking place.
And we've got a history tour with Trump and O'Reilly going around so they can pretend to be Elvis.
And why am I pissed at Trump?
Well, here he is with O'Reilly just a few days ago.
There's the headline on InfoWars.com by Paul Joseph Watson.
Trump, you're playing right into their hands when you doubt the vaccine.
Hey, Trump, I can read the studies.
They admit you have, within six months with the Moderna and Pfizer shots, less immunity than when you took it.
It isn't a vaccine, and we know we've put you under major pressure to come out against it, and your bullheaded response
Is to say we're playing into their hands.
Oh, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th shot.
And the vaccine passports that come with it.
And having to scan your phone to go in a business or get on a plane.
And there's Trump acting like this isn't a problem.
He should be talking about January 6th and how they wouldn't let him have the National Guard there.
He should be talking about the FBI role in it.
He knows all about it.
He should be talking about the Deep State and the New World Order.
He should be talking about how many people are dying from these poison injections.
And how the FDA is trying to suppress the documents for 75 years.
It was 55.
Might as well be 75,000 years.
And now the little bit of documents that came out show mass death and that they knew it and covered it up.
The crime of the millennia of human history is happening.
And is Trump on the right side of history?
Absolutely not.
And so with leaders like this, we don't have much hope.
It's very, very sad.
Here's Trump saying, we're playing right into their hands if we don't take the shot.
Right into Big Pharma.
Right into Bill Gates' hands when we don't let them put an experimental injection into us that we know is causing all hell to break loose.
Trump could transcend left-right, he could come out and say he was wrong and they lied to him, put it all on Fauci, but instead he knows now, he signed on to it, and he knows it's a big problem.
So he's decided, with us respectfully asking him to help save the children, to say, no, I'm not going to do that.
And now he's joining the ranks of Chuckie Schumer and Bill Gates.
And that's a really sad thing.
But Trump's always been a germophobe.
He's always been obsessed with doctors.
And he worships whatever they tell him.
And they sit there and tell him, oh sir, it's totally effective.
It's totally safe.
It works great.
Really, is that why they tell all the people that have taken the shots?
That they're sick because we didn't take it?
Even though they're twice as likely to get sick or die if they've had it?
And they've got all these good people under Stockholm Syndrome who are buying into this.
So I don't believe Trump is consciously doing this.
But it doesn't matter.
He's doing it.
You know, the worst part of 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
And we're about to complete our two years here in about a month.
Isn't that nice?
We're going into year three here.
And oh, by the way, I told you 20 months ago, I said, by year two, at the end of year two, by year three, they'll tell you it's permanent.
Because I know these people.
And sure as hell, it just happened.
See, I'm not going to back down.
I'm going to defend the children.
I'm going to speak up against this mass murder, this evil.
And you know what?
If Trump rode in on the wave of populism and the rest of it wants to get off that wave, great.
If everybody wants to go to his glitter bug events and, you know, sit there, that's fine.
But as for me, I'm going to be the winter soldier.
Yeah, they're not lies.
They're all coming true.
Yeah, smooth operator, all right.
You don't like it.
You don't like we've got over-the-horizon radar.
Before you even exist, we know what you're going to do.
The only question is, will people listen?
We are back, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, so I'm not going to go off on a jag about Trump.
I intended to get to that a little bit next hour, but it just makes me so sad.
I feel so betrayed.
And I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
They're trying to take Trump down because he's getting good, nationalistic, populist Republicans elected.
And on 95% of the issues, he's great, but man,
Our children dying in mass, our children having major health problems, this injection not protecting them, being a fraud, and him saying, oh, it works wonderfully, oh, just get it, oh, and then he tells the Dallas crowd, oh, I just got the booster!
Go get the shot!
Telling his constituents to take Fauci's poison, Bill Gates' venom,
I'm going to have to pray about this, but I may have to go to Trump events.
I don't have the money.
Hell, I follow him around the country and protest his ass.
Because see, we know Chuckie Schumer is evil.
We know Bill Gates is super wicked.
But I mean, really?
Donald Trump?
Donald Trump, that hates the UN and hates the globalists, doesn't trust the system, and said months ago, Pfizer's running scams, trying to make people have a booster.
Why are they running that scam?
Did he just say that?
So they'd come to him and say, hey, you know, we'll give Jared a billion bucks or something if you just say that shots great.
I mean, is he getting paid to do this?
We should do a whole show asking what the hell's going on with Trump.
I'm going to stop right there.
I got such important news to hit and it's just, it's just, it just.
But I guess we're entering 2022.
2022 is the year.
2022 is going to be so deciding.
It's going to make every other year in your life look like child's play.
I guarantee you.
And we're only 11 days out right now.
We're 11 days out from destiny right now.
You know, I don't, I'm not going to turn and run from all this.
I don't want to turn and run.
I can't turn and run.
But at the same time, watching everybody else sit there unconscious, not aware how much trouble we're all in collectively, makes me want to just jump off a cliff.
Not literally.
I'm not going to kill myself.
But you know what I mean.
Jump off a cliff into a new country, a new place, new people.
But here's the problem.
I can't just jump through a portal to a new world.
Because there is no new world.
It's global government and the same crap everywhere, no matter where you go.
And I get it.
I get why a lot of people just want to dress up and go hear Trump speak with Bill O'Reilly and have fun and giggle and laugh at Biden.
But laughing at Biden is laughing at ourselves.
You don't see me laughing at Biden!
That they'd put something like that in there?
To do this to our country and the world in our names?
And I just look at my children, especially my four-year-old daughter.
She's so good.
She doesn't deserve to be governed and ruled by scum, and there's armies of pedophiles they put in the major positions of power.
I'm gonna get to that last segment of this hour.
Big new developments there.
I mean, it's just horrific.
We need... Here's the best analogy.
You ever ate some bad fish or something, and even before you leave the restaurant, your stomach's hurting, and your mouth starts kind of watering.
You go, oh, that's bad food.
You go throw it up, and you beat the food poisoning.
But everybody knows somebody that even if the food's bad, they just kind of hold it down.
Not me!
I never have food poisoning because the minute I start feeling it bad, I just go throw up.
Probably only happens once a year or so.
And the people that have been with me almost every time get sick if they ate the same thing.
And that's me, but I can't throw up.
I need all of you.
All of us need to decide that this is bad, this is poisonous, and reject Satan.
Reject the New World Order.
Reject Hollywood.
Reject it all.
Because it's killing us.
It is not fulfilling us.
It is pure poison.
And if we can't get President Trump, who is the real president, who won in a landslide, if we can't get him on the most central of issues, that he's coming out saying you need to take these shots, the only silver lining is that'll make Democrats that hate him so much not take it.
Because even though Democrats are dumbed down and mind-controlled and have their own problems, they don't deserve to die like this.
And I know our children don't especially.
So you gotta explain to these people that the vaccine doesn't work.
You gotta explain to them they've been conned.
You gotta explain to them they've been lied to.
And we've got to just rediscover God and come together.
But I can just say this.
Shame on President Trump.
Shame on him.
It's just disgusting.
Here's the video.
Look, we did something that was historic.
We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide.
We, together, all of us.
Not me, we.
We got a vaccine done, three vaccines done, and tremendous therapeutics like Regeneron and other things that have saved a lot of lives.
We got a vaccine done in less than nine months that was supposed to take from five to twelve years.
Because of that vaccine, because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people, I think this would have been the Spanish flu of 1917, where up to a hundred million people died.
This was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now.
Take credit for it.
Take credit for it.
It's a great, what we've done is historic.
Don't let them take it away.
Don't take it away from ourselves.
You're playing that, you're playing right into their hands when you sort of like, oh, the vaccine.
If you don't want to take it, you shouldn't be forced to take it.
No mandates, but take credit because we saved tens of millions of lives.
Take credit.
Don't let them take that away from you.
Okay, so the president made news.
You agree with that?
Selling him the evil eye.
Just shut O'Reilly out.
I can't even look at him.
Okay, so let's break this down.
Hey Trump, you want us to take credit for this?
Mom double-jabbed in third trimester gives birth to baby who died from suffering health and heart failure, blood clots bleeding out of every orifice.
You can go read the government VAERS report.
Want me to take credit for that, Trump?
Oh, millions, millions of lives.
Is that why we've got way more, quote, COVID deaths this year than last?
And hospitals are actually full this time, they weren't last time?
Is that why there's about to be a new lockdown?
Is that why it's a permanent lockdown, a permanent New World Order takeover, with forced injections forever in the official UN plan?
You're there trying to sell us on signing on to all of this.
I don't care if you're a Republican.
I don't care if you're a Democrat.
I don't care who you are.
Stop saying it's the science.
Trust the science.
They've lied every step of the way about the mask, about the so-called vaccine, about the immunity.
They've demonized natural immunity.
It's crazy.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to hit the Marshall Law News, the rest of the other news, and the pedophile news.
So, the article, I'm told, just went live on InfoWars.com, so you might want to hit refresh on that.
We filed a big suit against the January 6th Committee, United States District Court, District of Columbia, Select Committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the United States, Nancy Pelosi.
Benny G. Thompson, Elizabeth L. Cheney, Adam B. Schiff, James B. Raskin, Susan E. Lofgren, and the rest of the monthly crew.
And so again, here is the lawsuit.
And we're going to be taking action in many other ways to fight back for this country.
People say, well, why is this your fight?
They are going after everybody's free speech, everybody's right to assemble with this garbage and are setting precedents that again would make Joseph McCarthy blush.
So I'll be covering more of this lengthy lawsuit.
It's really good reading, but I'm told it's going up on Infowars.com any minute.
But there's the exclusive news and there's the exclusive
Magazine thick suit that is very historical and extremely extremely important You know, I'm gonna take a break for a while I may just leave I just this country so the whole country just everything's sick I
You know, at a certain point, I just... Nobody takes stuff serious.
That's why you're all gonna die.
I mean, the globalists are injecting children with deadly poison everywhere that they know erases their immune system, and Trump is running around in his stupid red tie, playing the part of the apprentice CEO, telling everybody, oh, you're playing into their hands, not taking their shot.
No, Trump!
You are playing into their hands and destroying yourself and signing yourself on to the New World Order.
And that idiot Bill O'Reilly, what a pervert, doesn't even know how to pick women up.
It's all just an incredible joke.
See, I just can't get mad on air anymore.
You know, there's the Gregory's Report.
There's the Gregory's Report that he just filed.
It's so important.
And so let's just air that.
And I may just go to rebroadcast.
I'm not trying to be dramatic here.
I may just never come back.
You know, I mean, seriously, just let everybody have what you want.
Let Schiff and Pelosi rob you.
Let them molest your children.
Let them take your four-year-olds away and chop their genitals off.
You love it!
Everybody's too busy with their own life and their own thing and their own this and their own candy-ass BS to wake up out of the coma that there is a satanic, off-world, alien attack going on on this planet.
I mean, you look at it, you analyze it, this ain't human.
And you people need to wake up and rally against it, or maybe we are a bad species.
Maybe this thing wiping us out's good.
I just know this, there is an advanced intelligence running this damn thing.
And it's sophisticated.
And there's all these delusional people going along with like, I think it's funny.
I think it's cute.
And it's not cute.
I don't care if you're Donald Trump.
I don't care if you're Bill Gates.
I don't care who you are.
You come at children with experimental Nuremberg Code, violating vaccines that you broke the law to ram through.
You are terrorists in league with Joseph Mengele 2.0.
Here's Greg Reese's report.
On October 25th of 2021, the CDC released an order continuing to deceptively act as if they have that authority, requiring proof of negative COVID tests from all international air travelers two years old and up boarding a flight to the United States beginning on December 6th.
The passenger has to be tested within 24 hours of travel.
To meet the CDC requirements, the tests can be self-administered.
The tests are not approved by the FDA, but have been greenlit under the Emergency Use Authorization Authority.
So if anything goes wrong, the manufacturer is free of liability.
What could go wrong is that Abbott has included the lethal drug sodium azide into the Do-It-Yourself Test Kit.
Sodium azide has caused deaths for decades.
Even minute amounts can cause organ damage, sowing most of its damage into the heart and brain.
There is a small warning and instructions not to touch the swab to the regent's solution, the lethal sodium azide.
But mistakes happen, and there have been several deaths and injuries in hospitals and laboratories by trained professionals handling sodium azide.
In one instance, sodium azide was poured down a drain, causing it to explode and release toxic gas.
Sodium azide is fatal if swallowed, fatal in contact with skin, and fatal if inhaled.
And it is now included in over-the-counter test kits for frantic everyday citizens to hurry through a day before international travel, including two-year-olds.
What could go wrong?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because
And they signed on the God of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep info wars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the Mark of the Beast they just announced.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
The most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
You walk into this room at your own risk.
Because it leads to the future.
Not a future that will be, but one that might be.
This is not a new world.
It is simply an extension of what began in the old one.
It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time.
It has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.
But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule.
Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth.
In his last 48 hours on Earth, he's a citizen of the state, but will soon have to be eliminated.
Because he is built out of flesh, and because he has a mind.
Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in the Twilight Zone.
Here's what I'm trying to say.
All of us, including myself, need to get out of our comfort zones and realize this is it.
Children across the world are being injected
With a genetic therapy designed to turn off their white blood cells and give them something very akin to AIDS.
We've had medical doctors on to lay that out.
It's in literally hundreds of studies.
The horror of that alone, and that we're now living it, and to watch Rand Paul not come out against the shots, and Trump not come out against it,
Push me over the top.
But you know what?
I'm gonna move away from that.
And I'm gonna cover the news right now.
And I will be hosting the fourth hour.
And I've got so much important stuff to get to.
But you know, I follow how the globalists operate.
And I have a long memory.
It's what I do.
I have a very good memory.
I know you do as well.
Many of you.
Some of you don't.
I guess it's a blessing in some ways.
The Bible says the beginning of knowledge is sorrow, and with great knowledge comes great sorrow.
And you know Big Tech's announcing new lockdowns of their campuses.
They're closing them.
The Davos Group, just as they did two years ago, is announcing that they're closing ahead of the other lockdowns.
And Biden tomorrow is going to make some new big, draconian announcements against the unvaccinated.
Saying that we are locked down.
Totally ignoring natural immunity.
Totally ignoring real science.
But they just repeat over and over again like parrots.
As I've been saying for several years.
I saw a conservative comic, I guess.
I forget his name.
This weekend, somebody sent me a clip of him acting at that Dallas conference I was unable to go to.
I wish I would have gone last weekend.
Not this weekend, but last weekend.
Weekend before last.
Where he is like, sitting there like cockatoos, like, WACK SCIENCE!
And the left was all freaking out about him making fun of it.
But they don't ever give you any science.
They don't ever show you a research paper.
They don't show you a statistic.
In fact, in the news they admit it erases your immune system.
In the news it admits that it makes you weak.
They have put inserts in it now saying it can make you have heart failure or heart swelling.
And it causes 82% increase in miscarriages in the first and second trimester.
That's the American New England Medical Journal.
And so, here's the headline, World Economic Forum Endeavours Postponed for Second Straight Year.
Oh, they're the ones running the whole attack, and so they precipitate by, oh, we're canceling our event, and now everything else cancels, and it causes more starvation in the third world, more shutdowns of small businesses, but all the big businesses, all the big companies, they consolidate power and get more rich and more powerful.
While the army of lawyers goes out and sues out of business all of their opposition.
This is modern warfare.
So it's been deferred.
That's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And now, Fauci and all of them have announced, oh sorry, this is gonna be here forever, and you gotta take these shots forever, and oh, there's record sickness this Christmas, oh, we're gonna have to come in and shut down a lot of facilities and shut down a lot of buildings and all the rest of it, while they've cut the police,
In all these blue cities, which will cause an even bigger crime wave, and then if you defend yourself when somebody's breaking into your house to rape you or your wife or rob you, well then the district attorneys go, oh, we're going to prosecute you.
We don't prosecute criminals attacking people.
I mean, I tried to go to the mall last night to see the Superman movie because, again, I don't watch Marvel comic type stuff.
I'm not livid in fantasy land.
But it's all over the news that, yeah, the villain is based on Alex Jones, a talk show host that sells vitamins.
That's what villains do.
So that's criminal.
And they're like, oh, sorry, it's closed.
Sorry, we'll refund your tickets because of all the snatch and grabs and robberies that are going on.
And I'm just like, it's like a third world country.
And it's beyond a third-world country.
That's what we've become.
One big Mexico City.
I don't mean because there's a lot of Mexicans in the U.S.
I mean, Mexico City's a failed, dangerous, predatory, out-of-control situation.
And statistically, cities like Chicago are worse than Mexico City.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, and listen.
I'm just sad to see this all happening.
I thought we could back it off.
I thought we could stop it.
That was the only prediction I was wrong about.
The only big one.
And so, what do you think Biden's going to announce tomorrow?
I mean, it's going to be in line with what's being announced in Europe.
It's going to be bad.
Mass arrest of the unvaccinated, forced inoculation, one year in prison if you don't take the shot.
That's camps.
That's people being disappeared because they won't take something that isn't a vaccine, that's experimental, that doesn't work!
We have people power, and we have to fight back.
We have to say no.
We have to speak up.
And we've got to go protest at all these injection centers, at these public schools, these poor little children wearing these masks that gives them serious brain damage and cognitive decline, their studies out.
The lowest IQs ever, plunging cognitive scores in children across the Western world.
I mean, our poor little children are being gagged by these monsters.
And let me show you this.
Let me show you this, and then I'll go to break and come back and actually drill through it all.
None of this has to happen, folks, but our acquiescence has summoned this hell.
Look at this article out of Newsweek.
Children as young as four can now change their gender in Scottish schools without parental consent.
Let's unpack that.
So the state's saying we have control over your children's identity and who they are and
We don't care what you say.
We're going to confuse and convince a four-year-old in pretend games to tell a little boy you're a girl, to tell a little girl you're a boy, and then designate that, give them to a counselor, and by age seven they can begin chemical castration.
See, the pedophiles know that there's a big block and an absolute outlaw and a taboo, for good reason, against sex with children.
And they want control over your children.
They want to be able to sexually, not just rape them, but destroy their fertility and their future and take full ownership of them and force them using mind control techniques and this identity.
And I don't just read about this in the news.
I have friends and family in Texas, in Dallas,
And in East Texas, where they call in nine, ten year olds and tell them, oh, you're supposed to go see the counselor.
And they go, hey, you're really a boy.
You really like girls.
And it's a little girl.
She goes, no, I'm a girl.
And I like boys.
No, no, no, you're confused here.
I want you to sign up for this.
We got free counseling.
You get to go see a person.
They are literally abusing their minds, engaged in serious crime.
This is beyond pedophilia.
This is the rape of their gender, the rape of their God-given identity.
It's not saying if somebody really wants to try to be something else that they can't pretend to be that or live in that fantasy world.
This is the forcing of this criminal agenda.
Yeah, there's another one.
Seattle schools teach five-year-old students to pick gender
Disrupt nuclear family.
Print that for me.
Because that's what this is all about.
Whether you're in Australia or whether you're in Germany or whether you are in Mexico now they're doing it.
All the big corporate money is about teaching children or something else to quote disrupt the nuclear family and when the CIA through the German government
Sent hundreds of thousands of children into the hands of pedophiles to live with a pedophile, to be raped by a pedophile, to create the new structure of the family.
That's mainstream news!
That's what this group is!
It's the pedophiles!
The people that are obsessed with children, and want to screw up children, and want to cut their genitals off, that want to drug your children, that want to rape your children of their future, not just physically rape them.
I wouldn't be surprised if God didn't just blow the whole planet up now.
Because if we don't stand up against this, we deserve everything that happens.
And I'm fighting hard and trying to stay on air to do it.
So I thank you all.
But we need your support now.
If you believe in what we're doing and you want us to keep fighting, I need to see a sign of that.
And I appreciate your support at InfoWarsTore.com or go see our amazing course, Reset Wars, 25% off until Christmas.
Resident Biden's commencement speech at South Carolina State University was a minefield of outright lies, misinformation, far-left fantasies, and dementia-riddled bad craziness.
Why is a police officer showing up to the suicide threat someone threatened to jump off a building?
We need more social workers there.
We need more psychologists there.
They need help.
They're basically good people.
Prevent violence in the first place.
The uncertainty of a devastated economy, the reckoning on race not seen since the 50s and 60s.
Your time here has come during a tumultuous and consequential moment in modern American history.
And it's led you to graduate at a real inflection point.
Biden, goaded on by the mainstream media and his helpers, exists in an alternate universe where the horrors of racial inequality rain down on black Americans with the same intensity as the end of Reconstruction.
No, no, not a joke.
I thought we're finally, finally, finally beginning to move.
But this new sinister combination of voter suppression and election subversion, it's un-American.
It's undemocratic.
And sadly, it is unprecedented since Reconstruction.
But each and every time it gets brought up, that other team blocks the ability even to start to discuss it.
That other team.
We used to be called the Republican Party.
We continue to confront the oldest and darkest forces in this nation.
Hate and racism.
You know, there's a through line from Owensboro massacre that happened 53 years ago that killed three students for whom this very area, this very arena is named.
To darkness that pierced the grace of Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, which I visited right afterwards, six years ago.
To the torches, those you ever think you'd see in the modern times, people coming out of the fields down in Charleston, I mean, in Charlotte, Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, carrying torches and Nazi banners, screeching
Most anti-Semitic and anti-black rhetoric in history.
Hundreds and hundreds of them.
And when asked, the guy who had this job before, when asked what he thought about it, he said, well, there's some very good people there.
Hell very good people.
They're racist, they're fascist.
And folks, that was four years ago.
I never thought I'd see that in my career.
The violent and deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill 11 months ago on January the 6th.
I've known every major world leader in the last 40 years.
I've spoken to over 140 heads of state since I've become president.
You know what they all ask me?
Is America going to be alright?
What about democracy in America?
Did you ever think you'd be asked that question?
You can defeat hate, but you can't eliminate it.
It just slides back under a rock.
And when given oxygen by political leaders, it comes out ugly and mean as it was before.
We can't give it any oxygen.
We have to step on it.
We have to respond to it.
It's not who we are.
We learned there's no difference between a black entrepreneur and a white entrepreneur in success, except the black entrepreneur usually doesn't have a lawyer.
And while he was at it, Biden made scientific predictions that had no basis in fact or scientific terms.
In the next 10 years, we've seen the last 50 because of the incredible, incredible change in science and technology.
You're going to see us traveling commercially the next 20 years at 12, 15,000 miles an hour.
Subsonic speeds, supersonic speed, I mean... But Sleepy Joe is not alone.
He is surrounded by sociopaths.
For the first time in 20 years, there are no U.S.
troops in harm's way.
This whole report is on Bandot Video.
It's one of John Bowne's latest.
We're going to come back and we're going to plunge straight into all the news.
And all the information.
So, the puppet president is set to announce new COVID measures tomorrow as Omicron variant spikes across the U.S.
Extremely asymptomatic, hardly anybody getting sick.
Whole thing just sounds like a totally made-up lie.
I don't believe a word of it.
German health minister calls for immediate forced vaccination of entire population.
Remember, the unelected EU chairman
I think?
Tracing and quarantining Omicron contacts because most don't experience any symptoms.
And there's almost no deaths.
It's even weaker than ever.
But it doesn't matter.
It's another cold virus.
We've got to shut everything down.
Which will cause mass starvation.
Netherlands to go into strict Christmas lockdown.
It's all about them raping your Christmas, all about them getting the middle of your life, forcing themselves on you.
Omicron is going to take over this winter, said Fauci, and Americans should brace for a tough few weeks to months into next year and the midterms and more mail-in ballots.
Americans are increasingly refusing to obey mandates in the name of fighting COVID because it's nothing but a globalist power grab of the left.
That has lost control of the narrative and that are hated the world around.
Email shows Fauci and Collins conspired for devastating takedown of alternative COVID plan when they told them you need to get herd immunity.
You need to not let people stay in their houses.
You don't need to give shots during an outbreak.
It causes deadly mutations.
Most of the world's
Vaccines likely won't prevent Omicron, but don't worry, they've got more shots and more lockdowns for you.
Triple Vax Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker catch symptomatic COVID.
They actually got sick and they said it was COVID.
Oh, yeah, you get COVID from the vaccine and it gets worse.
Triple Vax Jim Cramer got sick as well.
French health minister admits vaccine passports are a disguised vaccine mandate.
Of course they are.
Moderna booster shot increases antibody levels against Omicron.
The company says, well, we better take it.
They've lied to us so much before.
And CNN closes offices as COVID-19 cases rise.
Big Tech does it.
The Davos Group does it.
They all shut down.
So they can cause that chain reaction, the shutdown.
And for everybody in the U.S., they say, well, go in more into debt, get more liquor, watch more Netflix, have more family violence, watch more small businesses go under.
But for some Americans, they like the lockdowns.
That's why in the U.K., they've got polls that are probably exaggerated, but still 60, 70 percent want to go back, depending on the poll, because you just sit there in your house and get drunk and watch television.
But when the first world collapses, what happens?
The third world dies.
That's just some of the news.
Let me play a clip of a doctor.
By the way, we've shown medical doctors in studios showing this, and it's been documented a whole bunch, but here's another medical doctor showing that normally blood clots in a petri dish, or on the street, anybody will tell you this, it's bright red and oxygenated for about 30 minutes, and it starts turning brown, clotting,
And then turns kind of a purple color.
A maroon color.
As the oxygen goes out of the cells, as they start to die.
Bright red.
And then it gets darker and darker and darker and darker, becomes brick red, and then maroon, purple.
Totally un-oxygenated in the veins, it's blue.
And anybody seeing this has been around blood, or you shoot a deer, and it falls over, and there's a pool of blood, and if you're still around in 30 minutes,
It starts to turn brown or purple.
Brown and then purple.
But not when you shoot the Moderna or Pfizer shot, which causes mass clotting chain reaction.
It does it in minutes.
And Mike Adams and Dr. Fleming and others have been working on this for months.
In minutes.
They want to do it all clinically and show it and draw somebody's blood on the spot and then have it all under the cameras and everything.
And I'm like, yeah, let's hurry up and do that.
Because they want you to all see it here.
We're going to have somebody take the blood, probably me, just to make it more dramatic.
Because, I mean, I'll do anything to save kids.
And that's not hard to get your blood taken.
Take some Alex Jones blood, put it in a petri dish, all under HD cameras.
Hell, we'll do it live.
And then, we'll take some blood out of me.
Within 30 minutes, still bright red, 20 minutes later.
You put Moderna or Pfizer in, ladies and gentlemen, within a minute or so, it starts to turn colors.
Here's a video of it happening.
This patient's blood was drawn three minutes ago.
Already clotting in the tube.
How does it rot?
Not normal.
Takes a half hour, usually.
By the way, the full video is on InfoWars.com, but before this hour ends, I want to play the full video, guys.
Let's play another video.
Video, unvaccinated Canadian man denied entry to farmer's market, open air!
Unvaccinated man denied access to purchase food at a farmer's market in Toronto, Canada.
I need proof of vaccination for food, the man filming asked a woman.
Just a month ago it was trains and airplanes, now it's everything.
And remember what he did six months ago, he's already bought shots out to 2026.
We told you, oh, new shots are coming.
They're going to say it failed.
It's already all in the pipeline.
It's all pre-prepared.
It's all a scam.
Gates said it almost two years ago.
He tells his shareholders, oh, we're going to make 20 to 1 profit.
This is going to be forever.
They're going to get monthly shots at least.
Here it is.
I need proof of vaccination?
To get food?
In Canada?
Yes I am.
And you're preventing me from getting food?
In Canada?
We do have a shopping service that's available.
You're preventing me from getting food?
I'm not actually preventing you.
How am I supposed to feed?
You are!
You're saying I can't go in?
Yeah, I am saying that.
We have a shopping service that's available so that you can get it.
Are you the manager?
The manager works Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.
I'm happy to connect you with him.
Yeah, I want to connect to the manager.
What's his name?
Her name.
Oh, it's feminist.
Her name?
It's okay now.
Oh, it's a woman when you have food.
Well, by all goodness, it must be good.
So this is the lady that's enforcing fascism.
Oh, it's rainbow, so it's okay.
The rainbow says we don't get food.
We are not saying that at all.
There's food here and you're banning us from having food.
You are!
She's enjoying it.
She had a big workout today.
The cancer's growing in her.
She'll take her fifth shot soon.
This is segregation.
You're segregating people.
You're not letting me have food?
Like, you're not letting me get food?
This is ridiculous.
We're all in combat boots, strutting around.
I want everyone to know that you are banning people from getting food in Canada.
You are banning, this is unacceptable.
You cannot prevent people from getting food and feeding themselves.
This is a private property, you are trespassing a private property.
They love their masks, they love their tyranny.
They're just getting everybody used to disappearing the bad people.
You're not going to stop, folks.
This is the left.
You need to leave right now.
No, this is segregation.
You say I can't get food because I'm not getting vaccinated.
There are people who want to come in who are vaccinated.
Oh, congratulations.
And it's not even a vaccine.
Oh, but he's got a pink mask.
He's good.
He wants you to know he's a beta.
I submit to the new world order.
I take my shots.
I'm ready to die.
I'm liberal.
I want to talk to your manager.
It's a she.
Oh my gosh, a woman's my boss.
Oh, but then it's okay.
You're killing me.
It's just so dystopic.
And I always wondered, if we didn't stop it, what it'd be like to live in the New World Order.
And now it's here!
Now I know what it's like to live in the New World Order.
And now you do, too.
And once these people inject their children, once they take a shot and they get sick, they're going to double down more because they never admit they're wrong.
They never admit they've been scammed.
They never admit
That they've been signed on to authority positions because they're helping me, the custodians, to take out the garbage that's humanity, in Bill Gates's view.
Alright, we're going to shift gears and get into the martial law plans of Joe Biden's controllers when we come back.
And we are back on this live, December 20th, Monday broadcast.
In defiance of the censors, in defiance of the globalists, such a precious oasis of
We're good to go.
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Almost nobody else is going to take on the New World Order toe-to-toe.
Certainly nobody at this level.
And I would love some
Swingin' dick to come by here.
I'm sorry, I'm just going to use the terms I want to use.
I would just love some big badass to come along here that's on target, knows what's going on, and knows how to rally people, and knows how to encourage people, and knows how to change people's minds like I've been able to do thanks to your support with so many serious people.
But we're the ones kicking globalists ass the best.
I had hoped Trump would be here.
I had hoped he would turn around.
I'm now in a neutral position with Trump.
But I don't want to go off into that.
It made me so upset earlier.
Because I hadn't seen the clip.
And I was busy dealing with filing this lawsuit against the January 6th committee and sitting there with the accounting looking at it all.
And I couldn't even get on the show today because I had to make decisions on all this stuff.
It's year-end right now.
And then I walk in and they go, have you seen the Trump clip with him and O'Reilly?
I saw it and maybe want to throw up.
It's just so sad because we know it isn't a vaccine.
We know it erases your immune system.
We know it doesn't protect you.
We know they lied.
It's all proven.
Why is Trump up there?
Because before, he was telling the truth on everything.
And I was like, man, this guy's fighting the UN, the globalists, the open borders, the regulations on small businesses, the one-sided deals with China, and now with the global Davos Group vaccine, new world order takeover.
In fact, I cut off the worst part about the booster shots.
I want to play the Trump clip again, please.
Let the crew know.
To then see him do that, I felt like somebody stomped my guts out.
And then you got Trump over here, supposedly on our side, sliding and falling apart.
And then over here, pedophile leftists that are 10 times worse.
And you're just like, how do you deal with something like this?
Well, you got to reach out to God.
Because it's going to be overwhelming, like Dr. Zelenko said.
You just got to pray for God and pray for the Holy Spirit and discernment.
And just know evil is going to burn itself out.
We're going to win in the end.
Alright, here's what Trump had to say again.
But look, we did something that was historic.
Get ready to stop it over.
Hit pause.
We did something.
No, that auditorium of tens of thousands of people in Dallas and the auditorium of 19,000 in Houston did not do something historic.
They didn't come up with the Pfizer shot.
They didn't come up with Bill Gates with a blood clotting agent.
They didn't roll out this gene therapy that turns off your white blood cells.
They didn't do that.
And no wonder the white blood cells turn off.
All the blood around them starts, all the blood cells start shutting down and dying.
The white blood cells are like, I'm dying, what's going on?
Everything's dying.
I mean, this is, this is the end of civilization.
This is it, folks.
And he's up there with Bill O'Reilly, that joke.
He's up there with him.
I'm sorry.
Roll the clip.
Millions of lives worldwide.
We, together, all of us.
Not me, we.
We got a vaccine done, three vaccines done, and tremendous therapeutics like Regeneron and other things that have saved a lot of lives.
We got a vaccine done in less than nine months that was supposed to take from five to twelve years.
Because of that vaccine,
Uh, yeah, Fauci already had it ready and months before COVID was even released, was preparing all the shots and telling the companies what to make.
I mean, again, you are literally worshipping Fauci, Trump.
Because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people, I think this would have been the Spanish flu of 1917.
You think, huh?
Up to a hundred million.
It was.
It is now because of ADE.
People are now really sick and dying from it, Trump.
People died.
This was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now.
Take credit for it.
Take credit for it.
It's a great, what we've done is historic.
Sign on to it.
Take credit for it.
Take, just sign on, believe it.
I mean, hell, we're, we're fighting Bill Gates and Fauci and Biden and the New World Order and Psaki and, and, and, and the Davos group and, and Peter Daszak.
And now we got Trump on their team.
Let's continue.
Don't let them take it away.
Don't take it away from ourselves.
You're playing right into their hands when you sort of like, oh, the vaccine.
If you don't want to take it, you shouldn't be forced to take it.
No mandates.
But take credit, because we saved tens of millions of lives.
No, take credit.
Don't let them take that away from you.
OK, so the president made news.
You agree with that?
The only thing he said true was, you shouldn't have to take it.
Both the president and I are vaxxed.
And did you get the booster?
I got it too.
So, um, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't.
That's a very tiny group of it.
No, no.
I mean, look at these two.
I'm done with Trump.
So it looks like Baron Harkonnen right there.
So, I mean, he, he just totally destroyed himself with this.
And, uh, you know, he gets to play God and sit up there and, and, and do all this crap and, you know,
Play footsie with a deep state?
That's fine.
Not me.
I'm not with killing the kids.
I'm not with giving them poison shots.
I'm not with all of it.
Trump could have been the champion, but in my view, we just need to move on because we got the Democrats in power and they got to be dealt with.
And I'm still here fighting.
I'm not backing down, folks.
And I appreciate your support and your prayers.
But let's pray for Trump to awaken.
Let's pray that he gets out of this satanic spell he's under.
Stop listening to Jared Kushner.
All right.
If you're conscious and actually read these headlines for what they are, you'll see it, but the general public is not conscious.
Retired generals urged Pentagon to take steps to avert civil war after 2024 election.
And they want to take those steps by having the military spy on the American people.
And basically establish public martial law.
And the COVID lockdowns are just the training wheels to get you used to, hey, stay in your house.
Hey, you gotta have a pass to travel.
Hey, you're non-essential.
Hey, halt right there!
This is the end of America, folks.
This is the real takeover.
And I just keep telling people that.
And I knew this was coming.
And I know that if the public would just wake up,
How incredibly serious this all is.
We wouldn't have to go through this.
But we've had it so good, so long, we just all got that lackadaisical smile that's going on.
That as the globalist cult comes into full power and tells you you're all suspect, you're all diseased, you're all bad.
We're just going quietly into that long night.
And that's the way the universe works.
When you've got a bunch of asleep, soft people, evil is going to make a major move.
So retired generals urge Pentagon to take steps to avert civil war after 2024 election.
But really, I told you this was coming, that they would do this, make this announcement.
It's really for the election that's in 323 days, the midterms.
Ex-Army generals fear insurrection.
Nobody's been charged with a premeditated insurrection.
Of civil war in 2024.
They warn of lethal chaos in the U.S.
Oh, really?
What's coming?
What's the lethal chaos, you see?
They're already scripting and preparing you that the enemy is the American people.
So what is the right response to all of this?
The right response is to protest every day.
The right response is to go make a big deal about this at your church.
The right response is to travel and peacefully talk to members of Congress and your state houses.
The right response is to pray to God.
The right response is to call into C-SPAN.
The right response is to talk to your neighbors about what's going down.
Because as a formerly free country, and nobody's faced a high-tech takeover like this, this is the 21st century,
The general public doesn't know and doesn't understand what they are being hit by.
And they just don't have any way to grasp something this organized and this committed.
And so you will die.
And I'm going to say this again.
All the stuff they release, the poison shots and all of it, is to erase your immune system.
Because they know how powerful your immune system is.
Everything they've done is to just practice the lockdowns and the control for once they pull the trigger on what is now unfolding.
And I know that as sure as the sun came up.
And I can't get my family, who even knows I'm right and knows this is going on, I can't get them out of their comfort zone.
Can't get anybody I know out of it.
Almost no one has the serious mind for this information.
And so that's why we will die.
And the globalist argument is we deserve it because we're so stupid and so sheepish and so believing and so wanting to believe they've got this answer called this inoculation that isn't an inoculation, that is a poison gene therapy that erases our immune system.
Our immune systems are being erased.
Our borders are being erased.
Parental rights are being erased.
The value of the dollar is being erased.
The power and superiority of our military is being erased.
Our culture is being erased.
Everything, from the family, to the right of self-defense, to the right to elect your own local
Governance is being destroyed by these mega banks that have unlimited money and power to buy off anybody that'll take the money.
And most people take the money because they're not even thinking about whether it's a payoff.
It's like, you pay me, I go put this agenda out.
And they all sit up there and gaslight their fellow citizens because they believe that that's a winner move, that they're part of the establishment.
They get to go to the conferences and the meetings, and they get patted on the head!
And that may have worked for 40, 50 years while the fall of America was being prepared, and while you were being the lemmings and the quislings and the traitors and the sellouts and the suckers and the double agents, but now you're coming down to the end of the wire.
Now you're coming down to the final point where the collapse takes place.
That's where we are.
Once they take you out of your normal environs, growing your food, chopping your firewood, looking at the stars at night, playing the banjo on the back porch, once you become domesticated, once you're taken off the land, you're already dehumanized.
And then you're brought into these false systems that then all fit together where they can control you and then you have no future.
Only transcendence and understanding it's all a lie and breaking with it can save you.
That's why I'm not an enemy of the poor little sad leftist that I see following talking points and regurgitating them and trying to prove themselves to the establishment to be, you know, part of the winning team when none of it's a winning team.
What it is, is the end of human civilization as we know it.
So in the last segment coming up, I'm going to get into Fentanyl, the World Economic Forum, Jack Dorsey, and more.
I really appreciate everybody.
You know, God's watching, and that's really what matters at the end of the day, is that we're true and that we're good people.
And that we just follow through on standing up for the innocent.
That we follow through for this dead baby that in the government's own reports died from the Moderna vaccine with blood pouring out of every one of us when it was born.
Dead on arrival.
Because that's really all God cares about is that at the end of the day we understand what's really going on and just don't be selfish people and be connected
And be real, imagine being born straight into death.
Well, hell, they're already killed 60-something million in the womb here in America.
So now they just kill them with the shots.
And mommy, you know, mommy gets the shots and then mommy has a stillborn and they just come and tell her it's okay and she just makes her way home and then she takes the next shot and the next baby dies and it's all just mass death.
That's where we are.
So, I mean, you know, I get it.
I'm a negative guy.
Maybe I should just join Klaus Schwab and just kill everybody, huh?
See, Klaus Schwab is already dead, politically.
So it doesn't really matter, does it?
That's where we are now, though.
The beginning of the end times, folks.
Baby Jesus needs his shots, doesn't he?
You know, as bummed out as I get about all the evil taking place, at least they're busting a bunch of CNN producers for the pedophiles they are.
At least that Jeffrey Epstein's sick Mossad MI6 girlfriend is in jail, huh?
At least that's happening.
We got this going on too.
It's official.
Durham is investigating the Clinton campaign.
Think so?
They made up the whole Russiagate crap with that Adam Schiff person.
And then we've also got, pull up the CNN headline for me, guys.
Alex Jones sues House January 6th Committee.
So that information is breaking.
Conspiracy theorist and right-wing provocateur.
Can you put a few extra little things up front?
Having these criminals write that about me is beautiful.
Conspiracy theorist and right-wing provocateur Alex Jones says he will not comply with demands the House Select Committee investigating January 6th has made for his testimony and records, according to a new lawsuit he filed today.
The committee has called Jones to testify on January 10th.
According to the lawsuit, Jones' attempt to drag the House investigation into court follows other legal challenges from witnesses congressional investigators have pursued, including Mark Meadows, Allie Alexander, though Jones aims in the suit at much broader than theirs.
The story is breaking and will be updated.
And just go back to that headline.
I want to read that part there at the end again, please.
Though Jones' aims in the suit are much broader than theirs.
My aims, like, hey, I'm a journalist.
Hey, I'm on record what I did.
Hey, the committee is supposed to have this many Republicans on it, but doesn't.
I mean, that's the law, but they don't care, ladies and gentlemen.
Kind of like, oh, you're supposed to get a jury trial in a civil suit.
Oh, but the Democrat judges in Austin, the Soros lady, and the other one up in Connecticut, they say, oh, you don't get a jury trial on damages.
You don't get a jury trial on whether you're guilty or not.
We just decide how much money you owe to these people.
I mean, it's all a joke!
People are like, well, how are you taking it?
I'm not.
I'm a lot better than these small children getting the shots and having heart attacks and dying.
I'll tell you that.
I mean, we're getting our asses kicked here.
The whole damn country is.
That's how I'm doing.
I mean, this ain't fun, but the worst part's watching the children and Trump parading around, signed on to this whole thing.
I'm a grown man.
Really got me down today.
I'll be honest about it.
You know, the worst part about this is I really want to go after Trump and I'm not a Machiavellian person.
But when I go after Trump, they're going to say, oh, he's doing it because he's scared of January 6th.
I've already seen that when I criticize Trump, they go all over Twitter and Facebook and the news.
Oh, look, he's scared.
He's singing.
Oh, oh, he's criticizing Trump.
So the Jan 6th committee leaves him alone.
That's not how this works for these criminals.
You look at Michael Cohen rolling over to them to tell all these lies and stuff, and they charged him.
I don't sit there and calculate in my brain about what's better for me.
I try to do what the right thing is.
I know everybody else thinks that's weird in the power structure, but that's how this country was built.
It was real simple, like, is this the reasonable thing to do?
The only reason I haven't gone after Trump more, and I'm just not realizing this as I was speaking, is that I don't want them to say they drove me to it.
Fine, I support Trump.
I think he's a wonderful person.
He's not like a big, fat, demonic penguin up there.
He's a good man.
And yes, we should all take the shots!
And even though they're experimental and don't work and erase our immune system, yes, I'm not attacking Trump because he's a horrible sellout to the system and signed on to giant depopulation and is now Donald Joseph Mengele Trump.
Or Donald the Dr. Mingela Trump?
No, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm doing it so the liberals will be nice to me.
That's why I took the jobs at CNN.
It's why I took the job at Fox.
It's why I want to know.
I don't want to be in New York or LA.
I don't want to be around Adam Schiff.
I don't want to be around all the pervert producers and pedophiles.
I don't want to.
I don't want to.
I don't care about Trump.
I don't care about Mar-a-Lago.
I don't care about tuxedos.
I don't care about acting trendy.
I want to be a good person.
And that's why the new Spider-Man villain is Alex Jones, who's a horrible, lying, fake newsman that, get ready for this, tells you you need vitamin D3.
I mean, if I'm going to sell something, like, what do they need?
What a devil.
They need clean water.
Let me go find the best water filtration system at the best price.
Well, they need vitamin D3.
Well, they need PQQ.
Well, they need turmeric.
What's the best turmeric you got?
I mean, everything with me.
I thought everybody was like me and my family.
I know our audience is, but I mean, like, we just are nice people.
And, you know, over my life, I like invite people over to dinner, make them this big dinner, take care of them, be nice to them.
And they say like, they're like, what is it you want?
Why are you, why are you being nice to me?
And I get it, their mother put them in a crib, didn't even give them enough milk, and they just lived in a crib watching TV.
And that's why they can't believe there's people like me, that I got all the milk I wanted, I got all the love I wanted, I got everything.
And my ancestors got everything, they just got everything, they just built it all.
And I get it now!
I get it.
Klaus Schwab needs to kill everybody because the public is scum.
I'm serious.
And he's the worst.
He'll go too.
Don't worry.
He'll be clawed back down into the thing he's setting up and so will Bill Gates.
And I'm not even up here like I'm some wonderful, perfect person.
The fact that I have knowledge of evil makes me guilty and I'll tell you I'm not a perfect person.
But, you know, they're murdering children with an experimental injection all around us and doing this and what are we doing to stop it?
Because if that piece of garbage, Klaus Schwab,
He's ruling us, and gaming us, and scamming us, and we decide, spiritually, to listen to what he's doing and take our newborn babies in like liberals do.
You see them on TV, like, literally getting sexually excited while their child's being injected.
Oh, oh god, I'm liberal!
Oh, I'm sacrificing my child to this!
It's sick!
I want to go warn the leftists in Austin, as I did 20 months ago, and 10 months ago, and 6 months ago, and a month ago, about, hey, the shot's deadly, it erases your immune system, it doesn't protect you.
They're just going to scream at me.
I'm going to go down there in the next few days, I'm serious, and I'm going to say, thank you for being heroes.
Take your shots, take extra.
Oh, because there's too many people.
Thank you for having the courage to sterilize yourself and give yourself heart attacks.
And yeah, your children come from you, the few of you that have had children.
They're trash, too.
They genetically deserve to die.
Oh, the Nazis had to herd people in and shoot them in the back of the head and kill them.
But you do it to your own children.
Thank you for your courage to realize you're trash.
Thank you for realizing you're subhuman garbage.
Murder Yourselves!
Murder Yourselves!
Murder Yourselves!
Murder Yourselves!
I'm gonna do it!
Oh, yes!
Oh, wear your mask!
Take your extra shots!
You're a hero!
Oh, take five and give them to your baby and then get attention when they're in a coffin and everybody will feel sorry for it.
That's all you want.
You don't want a relationship with your child.
You want to get off on the attention you get when they die, don't you?
Oh God, you're so good!
And so is Bill Gates!
Bill Gates, inject me!
Oh, Fauci!
Oh, Fauci said I can't have my family over if they're not injected.
That's not creepy at all.
I agree with Fauci!
I agree with Bill Gates!
Yes, take your injections.
It's so liberal.
I'll be better tomorrow.
I just seeing Trump do that really put me in the next level and so much stuff going on and the war room's coming up.
Owen was in his criminal case in court right now, so he can't do his show and his co-host can't anymore because he got indicted and convicted.
But you know, it's okay.
The Tim Cook runs death camps, because you know why, right?
He wears a black turtleneck, that makes it look like... He runs death camps, but he wears a black turtleneck!
Okay, alright.
Trust the science!
Trust the science!
Trust the science!
Ha ha!
Trust the science that you don't need to be on this planet!
According to them.
No, seriously, um... The War Room's coming up with Christy Lee, she's gonna be hosting today, we appreciate her.
Her courage, the great work she's doing.
And, uh, yeah, I mean, uh...
I'm just telling you, we need financial support.
We've got great products at InfoWarsTore.com, and we've got Reset Wars that really is game-changing.
Me, very calm, me, very focused.
Real techniques put into a cognitive system to break free of the matrix.
I need your support.
You need the production, and it'll be 25% off until Christmas.
So, I have fired the bat signal here today.
I've asked for your support.
I've asked for your prayers.
I've asked for you, the people that are most awake in the world, to tune in here.
I mean, you're it.
To be the leaders, you are.
And I thank you all for your previous support.
And I thank the great crew for putting up with me.
And that's basically it for this transmission.
And if your local station doesn't carry The War Room, well, you can find it at infowars.com forward slash show or freeworldnews.tv.
OK, that is it for me until tomorrow, which you never know, could be our last show in this wonderful new world, the new world order we live in.
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Hey, put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
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Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
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