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Name: 20211218_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 18, 2021
2440 lines.

Alex Jones discusses his recent experience with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot. He claims that he was asked a series of loaded questions and given exhibits that were public material, so he declined to comment using his Fifth Amendment rights. Stone criticizes the committee for their handling of the investigation and calls out Adam Schiff for manipulating and twisting statements. He also urges Speaker Pelosi to release footage and audio from the Capitol riot, as well as questioning the involvement of Ray Epps, an FBI informant. Roger Stone and Alex Jones discuss the ongoing investigation and its implications. In this conversation, Alex Jones discusses his legal battle with the House January 6th Committee and his financial struggles as a result of ongoing lawsuits. He emphasizes the importance of supporting alternative media figures like himself and Roger Stone in order to counteract what he perceives as an attack on free speech by the Democratic Party and other powerful entities. Jones urges listeners to donate to Stone's defense fund, purchase merchandise from InfoWars, and sign up for courses offered by his company in order to help financially support their continued work as alternative media outlets."

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It's Saturday, December 18th, 2021, and this is exclusive breaking news.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this breaking Saturday afternoon news alert.
This is world
Exclusive information that you are about to see that affects the future of due process and all of our constitutional rights, the Bill of Rights, you name it, that is being sacrificed and destroyed by the corrupt, out-of-control Democratic Party that are trying to turn America into something that resembles a cross between old Stalinist Russia and modern North Korea.
Here we are, my friends.
Well, Roger Stone, one of the most persecuted people in American history, recently pardoned by President Trump for a crime he didn't commit of lying to Congress, was summoned back by Witch Hunt 3.0, as he called it, and was put
They're in the room with Adam Schiff, the man caught faking text messages, faking transcripts of the President committing serious crimes, to then interrogate him.
You're about to get the exclusive details.
I just talked to Roger 30 minutes ago.
He hasn't done an interview yet.
This is exclusive.
And he gave me a briefing on what happened in his hour and a half inside of the lion's den, as he is calling it.
And they are openly, all over the news, saying they want to put him in jail again for lying to Congress.
When he never lied to Congress, I was there.
I know Jelena Saenz wasn't talking to him because Roger was here working with us then, and I was pressuring Roger to use any contacts he had to get him on.
We weren't cool like Fox News or CNN or the New York Times that could interview Assange back then, five years ago.
So I was there.
I know he was innocent because I witnessed it.
But they didn't want to talk to me.
No, no, no, no, no.
They wanted to lie and claim that he was the mastermind behind WikiLeaks.
But that's, that's another subject.
We've just gotten Roger on the line.
But before we go to him with this exclusive breakdown, let's play the two minute, 17 second clip of Roger yesterday
Coming out of the House Office Building, the O'Neill Office Building, and I wondered why his press conference was so short.
More than 50 news agencies there, and Roger just told me why it was so short.
Wait until you hear that in just a moment.
This is very saddening to hear for the state of our republic, and his descriptions of it are amazing.
So that's coming up here in just a few minutes, but first, here's Roger's very quick press conference.
Good morning.
This morning, in fulfillment of a federal subpoena, I did my civic duty and I responded as required by law.
I did invoke my Fifth Amendment rights to every question, not because I have done anything wrong, but because I am fully aware of the House Democrats' long history of fabricating perjury charges on the basis of comments that are innocuous, immaterial, or irrelevant.
I question the legitimacy of this inquiry based on the fact that Speaker Pelosi rejected the appointment of Republicans to this committee and seated two anti-Trump Republicans.
This is Witch Hunt 3.0.
If the Speaker was seriously interested in getting to the bottom of what happened on January 6th, she would release the thousands of hours of videotape taken by government cameras on the incidents of that day.
She would also release the audio transmissions of all law enforcement agencies on that day.
I stress yet again that I was not on the Ellipse.
I did not march to the Capitol.
I was not at the Capitol.
And any claim, assertion, or even implication that I knew about or was involved in any way whatsoever with the illegal and politically counterproductive activities of January 6th is categorically false.
What disturbed me is an investigation into my activities on January 5th, which is constitutionally protected free speech, the constitutional right of free assembly, and the constitutional right to redress the government regarding grievances.
I don't like to see the criminalization of constitutionally protected political activity.
I think it is a slippery slope.
Thank you very much, gentlemen, and have a wonderful day.
And now, let's talk to the man in the arena, Roger Stone.
And you don't hardly ever see this in U.S.
When members of the press are being persecuted, but I'm also under the gun by these organizations that are openly controlled by the Communist Chinese.
I've got mainstream news on that in a moment.
Talk about some of the committee members, but imagine the talk show host interviewing the other individual is also under attack here, ladies and gentlemen.
And so they're saying, Roger pled the fifth.
Oh, that means, that means he's guilty.
Roger Stone, thank you so much for joining us.
You've got a lot to tell us.
Thank you for the exclusive.
Alex, I'm delighted to be here.
It's an extraordinary experience just to travel to Washington, DC.
If you're a conservative or a Trump supporter or a Republican, you take your life in your hands on the streets.
You can't go to a restaurant.
You can't walk safely through an airport or just down the street.
It's a very sad commentary on where we are in America.
Uh, as I indicated, uh, in advance, uh, it was always my intention to fully assert my fifth amendment rights, uh, before this sham committee, because they're not interested in the truth.
They're interested in the fabrication of some kind of process crime.
In other words, find some innocuous, uh, immaterial.
It's interesting, National Public Radio quoted me as saying material, and I said immaterial, or irrelevant comment where they can get you on a technicality.
That is precisely why I chose
Release the video footage of DC police officers bludgeoning, tear gassing, beating, actually killing one woman.
When they say this was a deadly day, they're right.
The only two people who died that day are Trump supporters who were unarmed and undangerous to anyone.
That's first degree murder.
But this committee will never address that.
So they were extraordinarily well organized.
They were extraordinarily courteous and professional.
But you could tell from their questions that they are examining constitutionally protected political activity, free speech, the right to assemble, the right to even come to Washington, D.C.
and to redress the government.
This entire focus on Trump's plan
The plan to persuade the vice president of the United States on the basis of at least two reasonable legal theories that I have seen that he had the authority to delay the electoral college vote for 10 days in order to investigate voting irregularities is not treasonous.
It is not illegal.
It is not an insurrection.
It is perfectly permissible.
It is just being depicted by the miscreants at CNN.
And MSNBC as something that it is not.
Alex, we had a very serious insurrection in this country.
It was on November 3rd, 2020.
And the more those in the fake news media say there's no evidence whatsoever of voter irregularity, the more you know there is.
In fact, the evidence is growingly overwhelming, particularly in the state of Georgia, coming up in the state of Wisconsin, in the state of Pennsylvania.
But who is it that is blocking a real examination of those voting irregularities and anomalies?
It's not leftist, screwball, socialist Democrats.
It's weak, need, establishment Republicans.
So this proceeding was amazing.
I repeated the Fifth Amendment rights, my Fifth Amendment rights, not to be questioned, 58 times by my count.
The questions were in many cases formulated to get under my skin, to try to get me to argue with them, to get me to lose my temper.
And Roger, let me just stop you because you're on fire here.
And I know when I talked to you before we went on air this evening,
You said, listen, the number one thing I want to hit is the D.C.
prisoners and the fact that we have a right to protest and that we have a right to the First Amendment, and I'm really upset about that.
So in true warrior fashion, you're not worried about yourself, you're worried about everybody else.
And I get that, and we're going to go there, and we're going to walk through it all.
Start over, because again, I wrote notes on our conversation.
This blew even Alex Jones away.
And I know I'm soon going to be in that very same room with the committee.
And so I am all ears earlier and all ears now.
I want you to just start there.
Then we'll go back through all of this and the big picture, the 35,000 foot
Well, first of all, I want to thank General Michael Flynn for lending me his security detail.
A very professional gentleman watching out for my personal security and safety.
General Flynn is a great man.
He's a very generous man.
I want to thank him right off the bat.
I don't think I would have gotten out of DC alive without that.
I arrived at the O'Neill office building.
The media had obviously been told I was coming.
They had been starting setting up there until as early as seven o'clock that morning.
I made no comment going into the building.
I went through the mag machines.
I was put in a private room.
Well, I'm certain they were listening to the conversation, so no substantive conversation between my attorney and I was held.
I then went to the session, was introduced to all of the investigators.
On a large screen, Liz Cheney, the former Republican congressman, woman from Cheney, soon to be a former member of Congress, who actually, by the way, is weighing a Republican bid for the nomination for president.
Bring it on, Liz.
Bring it on, Liz.
See how they love you up there in New Hampshire.
Give it a shot.
Your father was a war criminal who belongs in prison, and so are you.
In any event, then they proceeded to ask me a series of loaded questions.
They gave me a notebook with a number of exhibits, most of which were actually public matters that had appeared in public, either on the Internet or things I had published or others who had published.
I declined on the basis of my Fifth Amendment rights not to comment on any of those exhibits.
Again, not because I've done anything wrong, not because I have broken the law, not because I was involved in any way in the planning or execution on these entirely counterproductive but very dangerous activities of January 6th, but because I know of Adam Schiff's expertise in taking something you say and twisting it.
To be very clear, in my previous prosecution, Mueller's investigators took my emails and gave them to Schiff.
Schiff then was able to fashion gotcha questions, all of whom were immaterial, but many of whom were quite clever, in order to entrap me and convict me for lying to Congress.
Now, because the Mueller report was fully released by court order on November 3rd, 2020,
We now know that when the judge said you have been convicted of lying about matters of international importance regarding the WikiLeaks disclosures, we know from Mueller's report that that was entirely false.
There was no evidence of that whatsoever.
And Roger, let me interrupt you again, only to back you up, because we're not like mainstream media that makes a claim and doesn't show it.
Since you mentioned it, it came out this week that he doctored text.
We'll talk about that in a moment.
We have the doctored text that's admitted.
Is the essence of what the President communicates
We've been very good to your country.
Very good.
No other country has done as much as we have.
But you know what?
I don't see much reciprocity here.
I hear what you want.
I have a favor I want from you, though.
And I'm going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good.
I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent.
Understand lots of it.
On this and on that.
I'm going to put you in touch with people, and not just any people.
I'm going to put you in touch with Attorney General of the United States, my Attorney General, Bill Barr.
He's got the whole weight of the American law enforcement behind him.
And I'm going to put you in touch with Rudy.
You're going to love him, trust me.
You know what I'm asking, and so I'm only going to say this a few more times, in a few more ways.
And by the way, don't call me again.
I'll call you when you've done what I asked.
This is, in sum and character, what the President was trying to communicate with the President of Ukraine.
It would be funny if it wasn't such a graphic betrayal of the President's oath of office.
But as it does represent a real betrayal, there is nothing the President says here that is in America's interest, after all.
It is instead the most consequential
And he goes on to say the most consequential thing Trump did.
So he just told the world that was real, and for a couple days he said it was real until people actually confronted him and he said, okay, I just made it up.
So, this is a person that you're being interrogated by yesterday.
No kidding you said 5th Amendment.
Because any speech to him, he will then misrepresent.
If you talk to them, they will claim you said something else.
So the only way to not be misrepresented by this
Well, this week, just the day before I went to the committee session, Adam Schiff, yet again, caught taking a text message, which I now believe was sent from former Texas Governor Rick Perry, a good man,
Let's be very clear.
Donald Trump, any American, has the absolute right to speak about and to challenge the results of the last election.
That is not unreasonable.
It is not treasonous.
It is not unconstitutional.
It is not criminal.
And Roger, let me stop you again and just back to what you're saying.
Sorry, go ahead.
What is criminal is editing
Matters, uh, announcing them from Congress.
Adam Schiff hides behind his congressional immunity.
Congressman, you pencil-necked geek, I challenge you to waive your congressional immunity.
You have maligned me and defamed me for two years.
If you have any cojones at all, if you are a man, it is questionable.
I challenge you to waive your congressional immunity and face me in a court of law.
You won't do so.
Now, Congressman Schiff posed a question to me, asked me whether it was true that I had been convicted of the crime of lying to Congress, and I had said I specifically invoke my Fifth Amendment right regarding any question posed by you.
I wish I could have given a more extensive answer, but to do so would have been to waive my Fifth Amendment privilege, which I was not going to do.
Alex, I know that they have you in their sights.
I also know that you have done nothing wrong.
By the way, it would make a hell of a t-shirt.
And my advice to you, this is not obstructing justice, this is just friend to friend, do what your lawyer tells you to do, but given the track record of Adam Schiff
Uh, and his colleagues and the faux Republican Liz Cheney, uh, to, to manipulate, to twist, to misrepresent what you've said, or to take things that you say that are irrelevant, immaterial, or innocuous, and turn them into a crime that consent you to prison.
Uh, this is not a legitimate good faith process.
If it were.
Then Speaker Pelosi would release the footage of Capitol Hill policemen bludgeoning, tear gassing, beating on unarmed Trump supporters in the tunnel between the Capitol and the Senate.
She has not done so.
I also call on Speaker Pelosi to release the audio transmissions of all of the law enforcement agency radio transmissions that day.
Failure to do so proves that this isn't an investigation.
This is a cover-up.
Where is Ray Epps?
Ray Epps is indisputably an FBI informant.
He was seen on January 5th and 6th urging people to breach the building.
I haven't seen a subpoena from the committee to Mr. Epps.
I haven't seen that announced.
So this is an investigation.
This is yet a witch hunt.
Let's call it 3.0.
Roger, stay right there.
I want to interject here.
Darren Beatty is going to be joining us coming up later in this special Saturday evening transmission.
But what other broadcast do you find where you actually have the guest and the host in the crosshairs of the same system?
So since you bring me up and give me your personal First Amendment advice, I understand your advice is already basically where I am.
So let me go ahead, since this is all out in the news, I know the committee's going to be watching this, and I'll go ahead and tell them what's going on.
I told you, you know, 30 minutes before it went on air, what had happened.
Because again, we're U.S.
citizens and we're allowed to talk to each other about what's unfolding.
Here's the CNN headline.
House January 6th Committee postpones deposition for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
And here's why that happened.
When they sent us the subpoena weeks ago, I simply called around a whole bunch of lawyers and almost all the big top criminal lawyers said, well, my firm won't let me.
And I said, well, I already have Norm Pattis.
He's a famous criminal lawyer.
He's already representing me in defamation cases.
I said, I'll go ahead and call Norm.
And Norm is right up there, you know, in the top 10 criminal lawyers in the country.
And he said, well, I've got to do this trial I'm doing this week.
I can come after I do this trial, which is totally normal.
So he calls up the committee, and I'm not going to get into all of it, and just says, hey, I need time to get down there and check all this.
He comes here.
I go, here's my phone.
Here's everybody, everything.
Here's all the emails, everything.
He looks at it and he goes, my God, this is exculpatory.
You're like a hero.
This was a fiasco, as you said, boneheaded by the people that went in.
I wasn't part of that.
Are you kidding?
There's no evidence of that.
I've told the truth.
I don't want to be part of your circus.
I don't want to be testifying before you because I know you get in front of these people, they want to put you in jail.
They will absolutely just make up whatever they want.
I mean, Schiff will read a fake transcript on air of me or something.
So the only way to protect myself from a real criminal, which he is, is to not talk because he will then misrepresent whatever I've said.
And so that's where we are.
In fact...
I'm just going to leave it at that, but that's where I am.
Obviously, I'm going to be sucked into Mordor.
I'm going to have to be where you are very, very soon.
I'm not going to get into the details of that.
I really tried to treat them like they're not criminals and say, do you actually want to have a law firm certify here's everything on your search terms?
Because it's not what you want.
And obviously they know it's not what they want.
They know I'm innocent of any premeditated garbage.
They know we tried to stop it.
They know that you, they've got all your text messages from everybody saying this is badly managed.
They know you didn't even want to go and I basically pistol whipped you into it.
I apologize again, Roger.
And so that's where we are and that's where I stand because there's no honor amongst thieves.
And you put yourself in the arena with frauds where they control the arena.
You're not in the arena of men.
You're in the arena of the criminals that have hijacked and run this country and sold it out.
And again, just the only way to win is not to play.
Well, and part of their strategy, you know this, Alex, is to wear us down financially.
I mean, my trip to D.C.
cost me $45,000 between security, hotels, traveling, and then the lawyers, because I had to consult multiple attorneys.
These are very specific and unique areas.
We're not talking about a deposition by the FBI or an investigation by DOJ.
We're talking about a congressional inquiry.
By the way, let me just stop you.
I'm going to stop you again, and you're going to have the floor for at least 10 minutes, and then we've got all these other things to get into with you that are so important.
But let me just explain.
I'm not ashamed to ask for money from our listeners.
We're the tip of the spear.
We're under massive attack.
You asked us to fight this war.
I'm not bitching at you.
I'm just saying we are literally in the 11th round with the enemy.
They're in trouble.
We're in trouble.
And so this is where the real fight is.
And so absolutely.
Go to Roger Stone's Defense Fund and donate, folks, because this guy is a prize, like the Roman standard they want to capture and burn.
They see me as capturing the flag as well, just like Trump.
And so you ask us as populists to fight.
If they're able to destroy us, that sends a message to the congressmen and others and everybody else, be cowards, lay down, you'll be defeated.
But if you rally behind us and hold us up as a standard, as the Bible says, when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
So I'm willing to go all out.
I'm not going to back down.
I'm not going to stop.
But we almost couldn't do Christmas bonuses this year because there was no money.
And then they go, wait a minute, listeners donated a couple bitcoins.
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And all I'm saying is.
I sold my house.
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But we are your sword in this fight.
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But we're taking on the Democratic Party.
Please go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Give anything you can.
They're trying to ground me down.
As you know, Alex, I still have six remaining civil lawsuits that are just baseless harassment, unsubstantiated, groundless lawsuits.
Roger, let's elaborate on the money issue.
I mean, that's a true story that we go to the bank account, the corporate account.
No, they're already responding.
Oh, look, my enemies.
I already know.
And there's like $200,000 in the whole company account two weeks ago.
And I said, well, we can't give Christmas bonuses.
And then luckily, more money came in from reset wars.
So we're doing all right.
We're like, hey, people gave you two bitcoins and some other stuff.
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So it becomes a news item.
Why did Jones cash in his bitcoin this week?
Because we need the money.
And so I look, I'm not bitching at people.
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Adam Schiff?
We're doing it.
And so, we are your champions.
You are our champions.
If you don't back us, we will fall in this.
And I know.
I've got six lawsuits left of the 50-something the Democrats filed.
We're battling through.
We're not going to give up.
And here's the good news.
People are waking up now.
People know we told the truth.
So we're more important than ever.
That's why they want to put us in prison.
That's why they want to say convicted felon Roger Stone or convicted felon Alex Jones.
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Stone Cold Truth.
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I've got to tell you Alex, a great guy that you introduced me to, Eric Mancow Mueller, the man cow, is coming to Florida at Christmas because he and his family are taking my wife and my family out for Christmas dinner.
To tell you the truth, we can't afford it.
That's why.
A great patriot and we're going to spend some time and some great Christian fellowship.
I don't want to go there, but I know your personal lawyers and everything and I know what goes on.
You had a couple million dollar house.
You had money.
You hadn't been a lobbyist in 25 years.
You were an author, but you lost your house.
We're not here whining or bitching.
We're explaining this isn't BS, ladies and gentlemen.
So you ask people to go all the way.
You ask people to stand up for you.
We've done it.
And so, I am really tired of watching Roger barely hang on for life, which encourages them to attack more.
And I hate seeing Info Wars whittled back when our influence is the greatest it's ever been.
We are one of the main, if not the most powerful weapon.
I think so.
Stone, tell them, the Defense Fund, that supports just the legal, and then also to support you for travel, bodyguards, everything else, get a t-shirt, wear a Roger Stone shirt, trigger the enemy.
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Alex, as you know, I have the greatest gift any man could have, because last week we learned that my wife of 30 years, Nydia Stone, is now cancer-free.
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But this is a demonstration of the power of prayer.
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And I want to thank all of the InfoWarriors and Alex, everyone in your family, because I know you've been praying for us.
And God has answered our prayers.
My beautiful wife is back on the ramparts.
She actually stood in for me in a speech last week when I was unable to attend.
Uh, and I can't tell you how proud I am of her and my daughter.
So I want to thank everybody who's been there for us for the last two and a half years.
Two and a half years, I have fought the witch hunt.
I have fought the relentless hounding first of Robert Mueller and now of Congressman Adam Schiff.
But I won't quit.
I won't fold.
But I can't do it alone.
I can't fight it alone.
So in the time we have left with you, I've got to go in about 15 minutes.
Let's run through all these other things, amazing things people don't know.
But for those that don't understand, again, we're symbols of populism and liberty that they want to destroy and put in prison so we can't respond, so they can lie about us to demonize the movement against this foreign globalist takeover.
We're good to go.
This is where they put us, and that's why I just beg you to keep us in the fight, because we're barely in the fight, and it's taking massive support from you, and we really appreciate it, and we don't want them to win.
They want to break our will.
Adam Schiff, and Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, and these other creatures, these Ed Buck worshippers, are out to get us, and that's why I thank you all.
I'm going to stop right there.
Now, Roger, in the time we've got.
You've talked about the January 6th prisoners.
We'll get back into that.
You've talked about, you know, a lot of the big picture stuff.
But imagine, I mean, they already indicted everybody they went after in Russiagate and put almost everybody in prison.
So it's not like we're up here just going, oh, we're being subpoenaed by, this isn't like you're subpoenaed in a car wreck by an insurance company, folks.
This is a political witch hunt that makes McCarthy blush.
Literally out to put us in prison admitting it.
They're all over the news.
They got former prosecutors licking their lips saying Alex Jones is a liar.
He launched the attack.
They're defaming me.
Roger Stone was a coward and launched the attack and hit his hotel.
Total liars!
It's me.
I know I was there.
Literally licking their lips going, once they testify, we'll get them on perjury and they're going to jail because they'll say we lied.
So we are literally in our endgame.
We are literally facing prison right now.
And if they have their victory, we won't be here talking.
Imagine what a group like this is going to do to you and your dollar.
And the borders, and your children, and your medicine.
You're the target!
Like Trump always says, they're trying to get through him to get to you.
That's exactly what's going on.
So, take this interview from Man.Video, it's right now streaming live at Infowars.com, but from FreeWorldNews.tv and Man.Video, and share it like your future depends on it, because it does.
Now, let's do 15 minutes, Roger.
I got Beattie and others coming up that are going to talk about the huge developments with that federal linked individual, Ray Epps and all the rest of it coming up.
Huge news on that front.
But let's go through all this.
I mean, you told me all this was game to talk about, but some of this stuff is just unbelievable that's going on.
They brought up me and you and Trump and just made stuff up.
They were asking about fundraising.
I mean, let's go through these notes.
Go through it all for people.
Well, once again, I answered the Fifth Amendment to every question that was posed to me in a very precise wording supplied by my attorneys.
What they would like to prove, which does not exist, is that I or you, Alex, or anyone else was in some way coordinating with President Trump because you see, he's the real target.
They are deathly afraid that he's going to run for president again and beat them for a third time.
And I believe he's beaten them twice.
I must tell you, I saw the former president a couple of weeks ago and he looks better than he's ever looked in his life.
He was 25 pounds lighter, in excellent spirits, but very deeply hurt by what he sees happening to this country.
The gasoline prices, our ignominious retreat in Afghanistan, where we left them 86 million dollars worth of military equipment, making the Afghani army the fourth best armed army in the world.
That's 86 billion.
86 billion, pardon, that's what I meant.
And beyond that, our own generals could have destroyed, they could have blown the stuff up if they couldn't remove it.
But they declined to do so.
No, General Milley is not stupid, as the President says.
He's a traitor.
There's a big, big difference.
I'm very optimistic about the future because the backdrop for a resurgence is never better.
We will win the 2022 elections, we'll win both houses, if we have a free,
Fair, honest, and transparent election.
That can only happen if there are outlets like InfoWars that are out there telling you what is really going on, what is really happening.
I can tell you right now, I guarantee you, the investigators for the January 6th are gathered around
They're computers watching this broadcast, taking notes, trying to find something that they can now ask Alex Jones about, should he choose to appear before them.
This is a game of gotcha.
There is no real crime.
The only crime here is by them.
Why didn't Speaker Pelosi call the National Guard?
Why didn't that happen?
Why won't they release the video that shows a woman literally being trampled to death in the tunnel between the U.S.
Capitol and the U.S.
What is it they fear?
I can tell you what they fear.
They fear the truth.
And now their plan is to criminalize perfectly legal, perfectly normal, constitutionally protected, political free speech.
Free assembly.
The right to call out the election irregularities.
They're trying to make these things crimes.
They're not crimes.
We have constitutional protections that guarantee this.
But that is their game plan.
That's why I joined Alex in asking you to go and do your Christmas shopping at the InfoWars.com store.
Because that way, you can not only get great products, but you can keep this flagship afloat.
Without Infowars and a handful of others, and by the way Alex, one of the things they wanted to ask me about, they paid clippings of my interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation.
If you haven't seen it, you really need to see it.
But they played clippings specifically from that interview where I said correctly that immediately after the President spoke on the Ellipse, I was contacted by the Secret Service asking to escort me to the Capitol.
The idea was to get me at the Capitol at the exact time you arrived, and at the exact time that the Capitol was breached.
I declined.
I also declined, based on the Fifth Amendment, to answer any questions about that yesterday.
But it just goes to show you, they're monitoring my interviews with Tucker Carlson, with the great Tucker Carlson, and trying to twist that against you in some way.
It's insidious.
It's nefarious.
It's evil.
In fact, I think it's satanic.
But we won't fold.
We won't yield.
We won't give up if people will just support us.
If people have our backs.
Absolutely, because we're now symbols of the American Populist Rebellion.
That's why if there was another Alex Jones or Roger Stone, I'd be supporting them because that's somebody they're trying to take down.
In closing here, some folks have decided to talk to the committee.
I don't know if you can get into that, but then they just try to twist what they say when they've done nothing wrong or completely open.
I can't imagine being people like this that are just this evil and literally are the opposite of justice.
Well, yesterday you saw Speaker Pelosi arguing that members of Congress should be able to trade stocks, essentially on the basis of insider information.
72 members of Congress hold stock in Pfizer.
The company that makes the vaccination they're trying to force every American to take.
This is evil and it's wrong, but these are people who are not acting like they are comfortable in power.
They're not acting like they're people who are confident in power.
They act to me like people who know the vengeance of Jesus Christ is coming and they need to do everything possible as quickly as possible to snuff out our constitutional rights, cancel the U.S.
And jail and perhaps destroy all of their political critics.
So I'm glad to be with you here today on InfoWars.
I can't even begin to tell you, and it's in my book, The Making of the President of 2016, the impact that InfoWars has had in the last five years.
Without InfoWars, Donald Trump would never have been nominated for president, nevermind elected president.
Without InfoWars, the truth about the Russian collusion hoax would never be known.
Without InfoWars, and a few brave journalists like Tucker Carlson, the truth about the second Ukrainian impeachment hoax would not be known.
And if it weren't like the upcoming journalist Dr. Beatty with Revolver, which is a website you absolutely must tune into,
Because Darren Beatty has done a journalistic work that no other investigative journalist has had the courage to do to demonstrate that the entire January 6th riot is a setup, a government-encouraged setup.
And he is piercing through that cover story like no one else in the country.
Yeah, but then with you, for stuff we were covering, and there's press all lined up right there, that's where they are, and so you come out where the press is, and they go, no, we'll arrest you, move along, so you still did two minutes, 17 seconds, so now they're not only trying to put you in jail and take your free speech and say these rallies are illegal that preceded January 6th, but now the Capitol Police
Under the control, as you set off here, of the meth head, Pelosi, don't even let you have your free speech in front of a press conference.
I mean, this is crazy.
They summon you there, but then you're not even allowed to talk to the press.
Yeah, it's absolutely true, Alex.
Look, I can barely clear my throat, you know, in two and a half minutes.
I had a lot more to say.
I had to be succinct because the Capitol Hill police officer was telling us to move along.
Essentially told us we had three minutes.
So they not only don't want you to to have a free, fair investigation, they don't even want you to speak.
They don't even want you to have your opportunity to tell your side of it.
That's why I had to be here on the show today.
This is the first interview I have given since leaving Washington, D.C.
with my skin.
And it is always great to be with you, Alex.
I'm going to promo this so that as many people as possible can see it because I think we have made a little history here today.
And when you first came on 40 minutes ago and you said, listen, I put my life in my hands.
Going to DC, I've got to have at least six, seven security because yeah, a lot of people, hey, we love you, shake your hand, but then Antifa sees you, they get a call, suddenly they know where you're at, a mob shows up trying to attack you and that's what's happened to Rand Paul and so many others are trying to walk down the street and within minutes,
They're attacking him.
He's been shot at.
He's had his ribs broken.
I mean, this is what it's like to be in Portland or D.C.
or areas of New York City now, or even Chicago.
It's very, very frightening how authoritarian and out of control.
And these people aren't fighting corruption.
They're fighting for the establishment against the few mavericks like Senator Paul, who were telling the truth and exposing Fauci.
Absolutely true, Alex.
And as I said earlier, airports,
Restaurants just walking down the street.
If you're a free thinker, if you're a Trump supporter, if you're an info warrior, if you believe in the Constitution, you're taking your life in your hands.
They don't want to just yell and scream obscenities at you.
I had a guy yesterday walking through TSA threatened to kill me with police officers standing around.
I do my best to ignore them.
I don't want to engage.
I'm not a violent person, but don't touch me.
Don't push me.
Don't poke my chest.
It would be a major, major mistake.
I can't believe this is happening in America.
If I were in a public space and I saw some prominent liberal politician, I wouldn't yell obscenities at them.
I wouldn't threaten them.
I'd ignore them.
That's what should be done.
But that's not what is being done.
They're censoring us.
They're trying to put us in jail.
They're attacking us.
I know you don't pay attention to it, but my God.
The calls to arrest us and put us in prison and rape and kill us are just... And now they want to... Saturday Night Live talks about raping your wife.
I mean, these people are just foaming at the mouth.
Yeah, unbelievable for anybody who missed this.
Saturday Night Live actually made a joke that because I had invoked my Fifth Amendment right,
That members of the January 6th Committee should be able to gang rape my 74-year-old wife who is now winning her battle with cancer.
It's hard to believe that anyone would think that that's funny or entertaining or in good taste.
But not a single member of the January 6th Committee has denounced that obscenity, has denounced that hate crime.
That shows you what kind of people we're dealing with.
Alex, thank you.
I'm going to move on down the road.
God bless you.
I want to see what Dr. Darren Beatty has to say.
One of the most courageous journalists in America today.
Roger Stone, one more time, the websites.
StoneDefenseFund.com to help me in my legal battle.
StoneFamilyFund.com to help my wife in her ongoing battle to stay cured of cancer.
And of course, if you want one of those great Roger Stone t-shirts, go to StoneColdTruths.com in the shop, or go to RogerStoneStore.com.
Restate your North Korea comments we had before we went on air, if you can.
And then also, you were talking about, this is literally a Lyonsden for you moment.
I was saying, hey, what do I call the interview?
Speak to those points, the North Korea comment, the Lyonsden comment.
Yeah, I mean, I heard this from someone else who was questioned by the committee.
This person said, no, I know nothing whatsoever about the plans to break into the Capitol.
And their response was, so in other words, you are admitting today that you were deeply involved in the plans to break into the Capitol.
That's how North Korea-like this is.
You do feel like you're in the lion's den.
It's the way I felt in a D.C.
courtroom with a biased judge, a crooked jury forum, and a completely rigged jury and corrupt prosecutors.
It's the way I felt on Friday.
But on the other hand, I had the protection of the Lord.
I had prayed substantially.
There had been prayer chains, prayer groups with me.
I went in with the protection of God.
I was not afraid.
I knew what I had to do and I did it.
And Alex, I will never stop fighting for this country.
As long as the Patriots, as long as the Infowarriors,
Have our backs.
Thank you.
God bless you.
And Merry Christmas.
Thank you, Roger.
Be safe.
Like Roger said a few weeks ago, he said, whether we like it or not, we're joined at the hip now.
We're going to go to break for just a moment.
And then Jacob Ingalls, who was there with Rogers, also an investigative journalist who's been massively hacked and attacked.
He broke the big thing with the gubernatorial candidate in the meth party.
That's why he's been punished so much.
He's going to be joining us for about 30 minutes.
And then.
The gentleman they're talking about, the head of Revolver, with big breaking news that just broke this morning, with more proof of the Fed's provocateuring and trying to lead some of the million people there for Trump into that operation.
That's coming up here in about 35 minutes from now, and then more on this emergency Saturday transmission.
I'm up here seven days a week, as you never know when we might be in prison or killed or nuclear war is going to start.
I mean, it's all crazy.
Stay with us.
We'll be back on the other side.
Well, here we are.
The year 2021 is almost over.
Christmas is just a few days away.
I want to take a little bit of time out to thank you all for keeping us in the fight.
The New World Order would have already basically won if it wasn't for InfoWars.
And I'm not bragging.
I'm letting you know that together as a family, we have changed the world and that we have a responsibility because God put us in this position to not back down now at the very critical point.
This is an InfoWars, and the globalists are trying to break your will and demoralize you, and I've produced a two-part course, Mind Wars, Spirit Wars, six plus hours, that lays out the most game-changing information ever.
It's available right now at ResetWars.com, and through Christmas Day, we've extended the sale 25% off.
So ResetWars is now available at InfoWarsStore.com and also at ResetWars.com for 25% off.
Thanks for getting the course, and thanks for keeping InfoWars on the air.
All right, I was already trying to get Jacob Ingalls on two weeks ago, but he was traveling and was busy.
And then I just so happened to finally get him when he was with Roger Stone and in
DC yesterday.
I don't know if he got back to Florida.
He may still be there.
But the reason I wanted to get him on is he helped break and push the big story with the Democrat gubernatorial candidate caught in the big gay orgy with the methamphetamine and the drugs.
And then he got persecuted.
He got attacked.
He got hacked.
He got sued.
And he finally got back up.
But he's another example of who they're trying to take down because Jacob Ingalls continues to be right at the tip of the spear.
So I want to get his take just on the general world and where he sees it all going and so much more ahead of the revolver
I think so.
You and I and Roger out at dinner and stuff years ago before he even got indicted, and I was making jokes at dinner that, Roger, you're not a Russian, ha-ha-ha, and I was airplane-ing him pieces of steak at Eddie V's.
But now it's not funny.
I'm not laughing now, because being innocent doesn't mean jack crap with a CHICOM-run committee.
So give us your bird's-eye view and your fly-on-the-wall view of traveling with Roger from Florida up to D.C.
and what you witnessed yesterday.
Pretty historic stuff that makes McCarthy look like a saint.
Absolutely, Alex.
And the scariest thing was just before Roger's hearing yesterday, before the January 6th committee, I wrote an article about how one of the top members of that committee, she's actually my Congresswoman in Central Florida, her husband has a company that they manufacture their products exclusively in China, in Chinese Communist Party controlled factories.
And she's allowed to sit on this committee and talk about, well, if you question election integrity, if you question the results of the 2020 election, you shouldn't be allowed to join the military.
You shouldn't be allowed to have security clearance.
No, it's people like Stephanie Murphy who shouldn't have security clearance.
These are the people who are trying to lock us up for using our voice and our constitutionally protected free speech, Alex.
You know, it's funny you raised that.
I didn't know you would.
There's a Gateway Pundit article about it, obviously, and you've been writing about it.
But that's where I was going next, so we're definitely simpatico right now.
Break this down more.
This is a big deal.
This is who's sitting in judgment.
You have Swallow's Well, who's got an admitted Chinese agent.
You've got Dianne Feinstein, literally on the payroll, her chief of staff being a Chinese communist agent.
I mean, this is sick.
And Stephanie Murphy, Alex, she runs in 2016 and she beats a Republican incumbent who was there for 20 years, probably stayed a little bit too long.
And she turns a district that was Republican for 20 years now is becoming increasingly far left and democratic.
And a lot of people in Orlando, where the district is, we're starting to call it Portland East with all of the homelessness and Antifa and BLM activity downtown.
But her husband runs a sportswear manufacturing company.
We're good.
I think?
If you made a QAnon post, or you were at Stop the Steal rallies, like you were at Alex in Georgia and all over the country fighting for the integrity of this election and country, and we shouldn't have security clearances?
Are you kidding me?
Great point.
And again, you write over at CentralFloridaPost.com that you run, also Gateway Pundit.
I want you to write for him for so many places.
And I love how, again, you're under massive attack yourself, but you didn't bring up yourself.
That's why I want to get you on a few weeks ago.
You want to bring up America being under attack.
But talk about Roger being under attack, obviously, what you witnessed yesterday.
And then let's get into wherever you want to go, Jacob.
Yeah, well, yesterday we go to the hearing, Alex, and you have this den of vipers that he's about to step into, these demonically
Really, I think, possessed and compromised individuals, their souls are in a sad, safe affairs.
And the news media is out there and they're mobbing him like a Justin Bieber concert.
But instead of asking important questions that we all want to know the answer to, really important things that American people care about, they're saying, where's your top hat?
Where's your monocle?
Where's an outrageous outfit from you?
That's all.
They want to make us all into caricatures.
But Roger went into that hearing.
He asserted his Fifth Amendment right.
He came out, made a statement, called out Nancy Pelosi for withholding that surveillance footage and went on his merry way.
But these people, it was funny, they were, uh, when we were waiting outside the media, they're like, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, we heard, we heard Alex is coming tomorrow.
Where's Alex?
Do you know when he's going to arrive?
Trying to like, uh, get information out of me to drop a dime on you so they could harass you.
This is how sick, but also how stupid they are.
I'm never going to sit here and, and, and provide intel on our fellow patriots and
And do silly things like that.
But that's what the media was doing.
And then we go back a couple of weeks ago and something you've talked about for years is the perversion of our schools and our students and the upbringing that they have in these government run institutions, public schools.
And I went to a public school meeting.
School board meeting, and I exposed this genderqueer book.
Yeah, that's where we're going.
Again, I'm not anti-straight, anti-gay, anti-anything, but children, I don't care if it's heterosexual, I don't care what it is, leave children alone.
That's why I wanted you on weeks ago, and you got thrown out.
In fact, I forgot to have the crew get the video.
Tell them where to grab it, and they will.
But you got thrown out for simply criticizing, and our own reporter, Christy Lee, got thrown out in Austin for doing it.
And I mean, this is images of children having sex with adults.
Yeah, and it's even worse than that.
It's the graphic images, Alex, but then the text and the way that they're speaking about it is something that, you know, I probably couldn't even find in the Hustler store down in Fort Lauderdale or in the Playboy store.
And it was just so, it's like the deep, dark part of the internet is where this content's coming from.
And as you know, you were there, but all over the country, they leave it in the library and then parents get, when parents try to bring it to the police, they go, we may arrest you.
That's obscene.
Yes, Alex, and you make a great point because they had a school board meeting on Tuesday of this week and they were more concerned about, well, it was such a spectacle.
It was an agitator who brought this up.
They were more concerned about denigrating me than they were the fact that the people in eighth, ninth grade were allowed to check out this material without permission from parents, Alex.
And that's the biggest thing.
We don't care.
Gay, straight.
We don't want this kind of sexualized content, but most importantly,
Takes away your right as a parent.
How do we know that's it?
They're not just they're trying to get over parental rights all over the world.
They're giving kids shots without their parents consent.
That is literal biological rape.
No, 100%.
And then they're raping their minds with this, this perverse content.
And after I got, I exposed them and that video went viral, Alex, what happens?
I sustained a cyber attack on my website from
We're good to go.
The culture war is where it's at.
That's what broke the camel's back.
So let's talk about that Rubicon and why you think that is.
I totally agree.
But I'm sure Russia launches real attacks themselves.
They're not perfect.
But generally I've read in the Vault 7 documents of the CIA and other groups, mainly ADLs, the Department of Law Center, the private intelligence agencies.
We have articles here where they're tracking everybody in real time.
The ADL is.
Talk about spying on us.
They grab servers, or they grab people's computers in Russia or Ukraine, then they attack, so Russia and Ukraine can be blamed.
Do you think Russia really attacked you, or do you have any idea who really did it?
Well, we're still doing an investigation, and I think you hit the nail on the head, though.
They get into our servers, they erase everything, and the public HTML that they leave over on the dead website, Alex, was tens of thousands of code in Russian.
So I think that was part of their plan to make it seem like my source code was in Russian, that my site was built by Russian propagandists, and that fits into their whole phony narrative.
Okay, I didn't even know that, but that's what Vault 7 says is, they break into your server, they put the evidence on it that you're with a foreign power, so you can be the enemy.
And past my website being down, Alex, past me not being able to report the news, what kind of perception does that create?
People then think,
That I'm somehow compromised by these assets that they could be in trouble.
I had people who didn't even want to talk to me on the phone.
They were afraid that they'd get hacked.
And then it takes me to spend all of this money and put all of this effort out there to get my website back.
So it cripples you for a couple of weeks when you're missing all of these big stories.
And who knows?
We could have had the biggest story and I couldn't have done it because I didn't have the website.
Because I wanted to put it back up when it was safe and I knew it was secure.
But we're still raising money on our GiveSendGo.
GiveSendGo.com slash CFP and the next stage of our fundraising is me being able to hire a cybersecurity expert so I can know the exact source of the attack.
Because we have the digital breadcrumbs and I just have to have somebody with some knowledge and experience and they can tell us exactly who did it.
And by the way, speaking of persecution, I want to get everybody on who's real and hardcore and breaking huge news like you've been doing.
But let's talk about the real, most persecuted person of anybody out there, and that's Julian Assange.
What do you make of him?
Nine years now in jail, multiple years solitary confinement, a CIA team, two women wanted to have sex with him, they now have dropped the charges, they admit it was a CIA setup, that's admitted.
Now he's had a stroke, now they're going to extradite him here.
I think this is Trump's greatest failure, and I like Trump overall, and way better than Nancy Pelosi.
The fact that he said, I don't care who's got the WikiLeaks, release them.
I don't care who has the emails.
And then he leaves him out to dry, leaves him a twist in the wind.
This, this for me is just really pisses me off.
I don't want to obsess over Trump, but you know, 20% Trump, you know, 80%, you know, the globalist, but what do you make of what's happened to Julian Assange?
Cause he's being tortured to death right now in solitary confinement.
I think, Alex, I would have to decide that that is the most egregious failure of President Trump, that he did not get Julian Assange out of there, provide him the protections, allow him to release any other documents that he had.
And you know what?
He should have, quite frankly, hired him as an investigator to get the intelligence community, CIA, the deep state under control.
What he did was a patriotic service for every citizen of the world.
What he did is real journalism.
And even somebody like Glenn Greenwald.
Intercept and Daily Mail and other places that he writes for.
Glenn, who was the toast of the town for the liberals.
They loved Glenn Greenwald when he was exposing the Bush administration and reporting on a lot of what Julian Assange was doing.
But all of a sudden when Julian Assange starts attacking the Democrats, when Trump gets into office and starts exposing the failures and the hypocrisy and corruption of them, Julian Assange is verboten.
He's not allowed.
He should be in jail.
He should die.
The kind of stuff you see on Twitter.
From so-called free speech activists and Columbia School of Journalism journalists is really gross.
But they hate us.
They hate you, Alex.
They hate Trump.
They hate the people listening to this program so much that they're willing to kill Julian Assange.
And they've been torturing him for years in this confinement and having him stuck in that embassy.
And I really am concerned for him.
Let's talk about CentralFloridaPost.com, because again, I want to have people that are on the front lines of the fights that are breaking huge stories.
You've broken so many huge stories, Jacob.
Tell us about Central Post.
Tell us about some of the big stories you've been breaking and why they're trying to shut you down.
Because as you said, when you got into the culture wars, when you really exposed that governor candidate, Elt Beeding, when you exposed the fact that they're literally promoting pedophile books at local schools, that's when they shut you down, which is showing their main target is the children.
Yes, and that's what we continue to do.
I try and take the Infowars approach on a micro-local level, Alex.
That's why I say truth journalism on a local level.
And I don't care if it's Democrat, Republican.
We exposed Andrew Gillum in 2018 when he was running for governor.
We were the first publication to come out and say that he was involved in gay sex orgies where drugs were prevalent.
We said that in 2018.
Even members of the Republican Party and conservative movements said, Jacob, you've gone too far.
That's too much.
You can't talk about his personal life.
And then it turned out it was all true.
You guys said that before the photos were even out.
And again, the issue is they're obviously blackmailing him.
We're not, we're not attacking the guy because he's in a hotel room.
That's his own world.
The point is that he's been blackmailed.
And that's the point I made in 2018.
Yes, Alex.
When I first reported on Andrew Gillum's gay sex orgies and everything else he was involved in, I said, if this guy gets elected governor, the lobbyists, the powers that be, the special interests, they're going to have the photos, they're going to have the videos, and they'll get every piece of dirty legislation through there that they want by blackmailing him.
And then we find out it's absolutely true.
I get no apologies.
I don't get any retractions, but I don't care about that.
I care about telling the truth.
And so that's what we continue to do.
And again, I said, it's not just
We have Republicans running in these primaries that claim to be America First, Alex.
And that's what I'm focusing on in the next couple of months is exposing these people who are grifting off of the movement and taking money out of people's pockets by claiming, therefore, America First, when they're really McCarthy, Deep State, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, RINOs.
Let's talk about them because it almost looks like the neocons are in charge of the Democrats.
From your research, who's in charge of all this?
The neocons really kind of have that staying power in Washington, Alex, and they control that establishment kind of saber rattling war hawk caucus, I would like to call it.
And that is across the board, Republicans and Democrats.
So we really can't trust anybody anymore.
We can't trust the people that are running for office.
The only way we know we can trust them
It's if they stood up for people like you, people like me, President Trump, Roger Stone, everyone else that's been persecuted.
The litmus test is, are the globalists after you?
Because I've seen some of these candidates getting caught by Veritas behind the scenes.
And when I hate Republicans, I'm just running to, you know, take over.
Just like this Congresswoman is a Chinese connected agent that you were talking about.
And we'll go back to Stephanie Murphy for a second, Alex.
I just want to talk about how she was one of the first people to use the Capitol police in an improper way.
In 2018, when I was covering her doing man on the street, I'd have to show up and pop out of the bushes basically to try and get her to answer questions.
She communicated to a local chamber of commerce that there were credible threats against her.
And when that individual pressed them and said, well, what do you mean?
You can't have control over the guest list.
You can't tell us who we can have at this event.
Her chief of staff and her staffers said that I had been identified as an active security threat by the Capitol police against her.
And they use that as a reasoning to get local law enforcement to show up and throw me out and manhandle me.
So she is a Pelosi puppet, but she's also one of Pelosi's favorite because her family that she married into, Alex, runs Full Sail University.
It is the largest for-profit university in the United States that, by the way, survives almost 90% on Pell Grants, federally funded dollars that they get to pocket and keep as private money.
So we're funding their operation.
They send her to Washington.
And her husband's running this company over in China, and she is allowed to have access to intelligence briefings and top secret documents.
And we're not, you know, we need to scream from the rooftops.
There's Stephanie Murphy, but we remember Fang Fang.
Fang Fang banged her way into Eric Swalwell's office and he never had to pay for that crime.
So, we just have to keep an eye on these people and keep pushing forward.
Well, it's like Dianne Feinstein's head person was a CHICOM agent.
I mean, it's just incredible how infiltrated and controlled this country is.
Yeah, and when it's not their own personal money, it's their spouse's money or their family's money.
There's always some connection to Chinese Communist Party or to these foreign elements that they accuse us of being in collusion with.
Russians, China.
All over the world.
And that's what they do.
They project.
It's projection.
Oh, Jacob Ingalls, he's a Russian disinformation agent.
No, you are, but you paint me with that brush because you silenced me on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else like they've done to you, Alex.
So our best thing to do is to keep doing programs like yours and keep writing.
I don't care if you have time for one article a week.
American citizens should be out there being citizen journalists.
You're absolutely right.
You know, Jacob Ingalls, what else is on your radar screen?
The COVID lockdown tyranny, the open borders, the devaluation of the currency, inflation.
I mean, my goodness, worst inflation in U.S.
history, and they say it's only going to get worse.
Where do you see this going?
Well, all of those are very important issues, Alex.
But I come back to the Capitol Police.
Nancy Pelosi announced two months ago that she's going to start opening regional offices of the Capitol Police that only have jurisdiction in the District of Columbia.
What do you make of them saying they're opening up offices all over the country?
First, California and Florida.
What is that?
Well, that's so they can get into these school board meetings, get into these county commission meetings.
And they've already tried to label these parents and community members as domestic terrorists for daring to speak up about their elected representation.
But when you put the threat of the Capitol Police, and I did public records requests with the city of Tampa, Alex, where this is supposed to be happening.
They came back and said, we don't know where their office is.
We've had no coordination with them.
They've sent us no email, no text message, no phone call.
Now, any other law enforcement agency, there would be some paper trail coordinating with local law enforcement.
To get office space, to get coordination with staff, extra help shutting down streets, any type of their operations.
Why is that not there?
Why don't we know where this office is?
And once we identify where this office is, I really think that people need to be made aware and know what's going on in their community.
Oh, the last step of any authoritarian takeover is to establish a Praetorian Guard of enforcers.
Yeah, and so if you get these regional Capitol Police offices open in every state, Alex, can you imagine?
Now, Congresswoman Murphy, if she shows up at an event, she's got an armed brigade of goons, so nobody can question her any more.
And that is really scary, and they have full power to arrest you and to operate in your communities and local law enforcement.
Governor DeSantis, do something about this.
Please do something about this.
What about DeSantis?
I mean, people can say, oh, he went to Yale, we don't trust him, but Christ said, Judge Treebots Fruits.
I mean, he's been doing, I think, overall better than Trump.
I mean, I just have a good feeling about DeSantis, that he just, at the end of the day, has children and doesn't want them enslaved.
I know he kind of came out of the establishment, but man, I've got a good feeling about DeSantis.
What do you think?
Well, he's really kind of grown on me, Alex.
And I have to give a lot of credit to Roger because in the past couple of months, Roger has hit on a lot of these issues.
He said, well, DeSantis, you said no mandates or no lockdowns for vaccine or for mask, but you have these local municipalities and towns disobeying that.
So you need to crack down on it.
And then Roger had brought up the point of the election integrity.
This is huge.
I mean, Roger is aggressively demanding this, which I get.
We need to... Roger's telling me, don't be nice to Trump.
Tell him what you want.
Don't kiss his ass.
Well, that's inside baseball.
But just, you know, he doesn't want a little buddy.
He wants somebody that's like a man.
I'm like, okay, well, it's the president, but all right.
And so I would tell Trump, I want this.
Tucker Carlson did that too.
So what you're saying is Roger did this and DeSantis has come out with an election integrity move.
He's come out and said don't let people take shots or wear masks.
He's actually going after the cities.
That shows he's actually listening.
So start over with that because that is huge.
Yeah, and that shows a responsive elected leader, Alex.
Roger is a citizen of Florida.
He has a platform that many people don't, but he shares a lot of the concerns that millions of Floridians had about these lockdowns, these mandates, the election integrity questions.
But when we flip out on DeSantis, he goes with us.
That's really good.
We like that.
No, no, we do like that because, again, I think that's a responsive leader.
And sometimes, Alex, you know, in your life and your conversations, we aren't always right all the time.
We all make mistakes.
We get busy.
We forget things.
We need people.
The problem with conservatives and Christians and populists and hard workers is we don't want to tell people what we want because we're leaders.
We're not victims.
We don't need you.
But we do need to get on our leaders.
We do need to put pressure on them because the left's doing it.
We need to do it.
No, we absolutely do, Alex.
And that's what I just hope people continue to do.
The next couple of months and years.
Let me recap.
That was interrupted.
Explain those two points.
DeSantis is making not just the turn.
He already did that.
He is getting really hardcore and actually responding to what Roger had criticized and others.
This is beautiful.
So to recap that.
Yeah, he is establishing the Office of Election Integrity.
He is cracking down on these county commissions and the school boards for their mandates on masks and vaccines.
And no longer allowing Biden to come in and buy them out and pay their fines.
So he has been a responsive leader.
And if we had 49 Ron Santas's, we wouldn't have to worry about what Joe Biden and crazy Kamala are doing.
Jacob Engel, centralfloridapost.com.
Everybody bookmark it.
He also writes for the Gateway Pundit and a lot of other publications.
I see his writings in centralfloridapost.com.
Jacob, thank you so much.
And I look forward to talking to you again.
Thank you for having me on Alex.
Victory is on our side.
That's right.
God is on our side.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to go to break for about two minutes.
And we're going to come back with revolver.news owner and head editor, Darren J. Beattie.
Straight ahead with huge, huge, huge news.
And during the break, I'm going to print his article he sent me this morning that I read that I forgot to print.
So I'll have that article for you as well.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're here outside the Dáil today, lads, because we're living in very precarious times.
We're living in an inverse world in which the suppression of vital information, which is of public worthiness, is being suppressed by the legacy media.
Federal health officials say neither ivermectin nor hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID.
Don't even call them mainstream because they're all going to collapse like all the corrupt institutions are going to collapse when this great lie comes out.
There's serious vitriolic anger in the air and it's going to manifest and it's not going to be good for any citizens.
This is not a lunatic fringe, this is people who are very well versed, very well researched and are aware as to the plans of the global elitist cabal that have plans over the course of this decade to completely abonish every single element of the concept of freedom.
Screw your freedom!
It's the freedom of your own body, freedom of bodily autonomy, the freedom of travel.
If you have travel plans, there is one more thing to add to your packing list.
Proof of vaccination.
The freedom of association, the freedom of human expression.
They want to incorporate people into a transhumanist movement.
And whilst that seems very far-fetched for a lot of people,
It's what they have in plain sight.
Go look at UN Agenda 21, look at UN Agenda 30, look at the WEF.
It's all there in plain sight for the average Joe Soap to find out this information.
They call it the Great Reset.
This is their global domination.
This is it.
This is modern war.
How it's going to manifest, I do not know.
But I do suspect that the human spirit is going to rise up against this tyranny over the course of the next number of years.
When this sh** hits the fan, when people realise what's actually been done, they're going to want their pound of flesh.
Violent clashes are erupting across Europe as thousands of people protest the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions.
It's for everyone's children.
The guard's children, the special unit's children.
Because future generations will have absolutely nothing.
They will not have ownership over their own bodies.
The only way to control it is to mandate vaccination.
They will not have ownership over their own future.
They can only dream of owning a property.
The WES was the number one plan until 2030 is you'll own nothing and you'll be happy.
That's pure communism, lads.
If people don't own any resources, who does own it?
A state which is a bastion of corruption, which is a banana republic in terms of a lack of accountability.
Good morning.
Good morning.
This morning, in fulfillment of a federal subpoena, I did my civic duty and I responded as required by law.
I did invoke my Fifth Amendment rights to every question, not because I have done anything wrong, but because I am fully aware of the House Democrats' long history of fabricating perjury charges on the basis of comments that are innocuous, immaterial, or irrelevant.
I question the legitimacy of this inquiry based on the fact that Speaker Pelosi rejected the appointment of Republicans to this committee and seated two anti-Trump
This is Witch Hunt 3.0.
If the Speaker was seriously interested in getting to the bottom of what happened on January 6th, she would release the thousands of hours of videotape taken by government cameras on the incidents of that day.
She would also release the audio transmissions of all law enforcement agencies on that day.
I stress yet again that I was not on the Ellipse, I did not march to the Capitol, I was not at the Capitol, and any claim, assertion,
Or even implication that I knew about or was involved in any way whatsoever with the illegal and politically counterproductive activities of January 6th is categorically false.
What disturbed me is an investigation into my activities on January 5th.
Which is constitutionally protected free speech, the constitutional right of free assembly, and the constitutional right to redress the government regarding grievances.
I don't like to see the criminalization of constitutionally protected political activity.
I think it is a slippery slope.
Thank you very much gentlemen and have a wonderful day.
Well, the Revolver head editor joins us, Darren J. Beatty.
He is, of course, a doctor.
He's a former professor of political science at Duke University.
He went on to serve in the White House as a speechwriter and advisor to President Trump on policy.
He's now the founder of Revolver.news and, of course, helped
The great Roger Stone and the great Tucker Carlson and myself expose what's really going on.
Their top story, Meet Ray Epps Part 2, damning new details emerge, exposing massive web of undoubted operators at the heart of the January 6th Committee.
But don't worry,
They're all over the news saying they want Roger and I put in prison for perjury.
That's why we've got to plead the fifth, because we say the sky's blue.
Alex, what color is the background behind you?
Well, it's baby blue.
Oh, but that's dark blue.
You're going to prison.
That's Navy.
Jury, is that Navy blue?
Yes, it is.
Jones, five years in prison.
That's how this works.
So, Professor, Dr. Beatty, thank you so much for coming on with us on Saturday evening.
Big times, big things happening, big breaking stories on your front.
A lot of new developments to this committee.
Where do you want to start?
I'd be happy to start wherever you'd like.
But we have this major new piece at revolver.news.
It's the real follow up to the previous bombshell comprehensive expose of the individual called Ray Epps and all of his actions.
This follows up on that story and tells really puts together
An entire untold narrative, entire truthful and thoroughly documented narrative of exactly what happened, especially leading up to the initial breach points.
That famous footage of the breach of the metal barricades.
Two seconds, incidentally, after Ray Epps whispered in the breacher's ear.
That fateful breach, multiple people cutting fences,
Removing fences and just generally setting the stage very early on before the Trump speech was even over and the rally goers moved over to the Capitol.
There are a bunch of people who were there in advance, setting the stage, creating the conditions for this rally to become a riot.
And we show exactly what they did.
We show the mechanism of how they did it.
And we show that these key figures who were there early on and had cool professional demeanors and behaviors, they were there for a purpose.
Many of whom, I think it's important to point out, Ray Epps is from Arizona.
A lot of these people are from Texas.
And so they're such Trump supporters that they fly across the country and don't go to the rally.
Instead, they're by the Capitol hours in advance.
Setting the stage for the riots to occur.
And he's there with a bunch of provocateurs.
I'd say 50% that first got there before Trump even began to speak, they were actually attacking.
And so I think that timeline is really important.
The image that you have shown right now, it shows that the initial breach site, the site that we call the Ray Epps breach site, because this individual Epps, who was calling for going into the Capitol the night before,
He's right there at the metal barricades whispering in people's ears two seconds before the barricade breaches.
That's a strategically very important breach site because people coming in from the White House, people coming in from where Trump's speech would have been, that is the entrance.
That is the site that they would pass.
And again, why isn't he being subpoenaed?
Why hasn't he been arrested?
Well, that's a great question.
Not only has he not been arrested, he has not been subpoenaed.
And to complicate matters still further, and this is an issue that I brought up in the aftermath of our first big piece on Ray Epps, is that he was originally deemed so important by the Feds that immediately after 1-6, he was one of the 20 special chosen few
Who was important enough to be on the 20 most wanted FBI most wanted list for January 6th.
They said we'd love to know who this guy is.
Help us identify this man.
The internet identified him.
We're good to go.
Confronting Ray Epps at his home.
Doing what the Feds evidently won't do.
And instead of the Feds following up on this and going and asking Ray Epps, the Feds paid a visit to those two citizen journalists who had the temerity to question Ray Epps.
And when those Phoenix FBI field office agents approached those citizen journalists, the citizen journalists said, oh, this must be about our visitation of Ray Epps.
And the FBI Phoenix field office agent said, Ray Epps, we have no idea who this is.
Ray Epps lives in Arizona.
Oh, it's absolutely ridiculous.
He lives in Phoenix.
So I read the article this morning.
It's leaked.
It's very powerful.
It just puts it all together.
Pieces are coming together.
So here's Roger, who wasn't even there that day at the Ellipse or the other event because he couldn't get through people.
There wasn't enough security.
It was a million people.
I was calling.
Why aren't you coming?
He's like, because I can't get through the crowd.
I'm done.
I'm flying out.
This is crazy.
And he's being subpoenaed.
They're trying to act like he's a mastermind.
They're trying to say I'm a mastermind.
They've got former federal prosecutors on MSNBC and CNN saying
Oh, Jones and Stone are liars.
We'll soon put them in prison.
And then they're like, oh, look, they're cowards.
They're declaring the fifth when they're saying we're going to go lie.
They're guilty.
We have nothing to lie about.
What maniac would go into that rigged committee that isn't even set up right?
You're supposed to have real Republicans on it.
How am I supposed to even be part of the sham process?
Well, you're not.
I mean, look, this has multiple dimensions to it.
This big hoax has multiple dimensions to it.
The story of Ray Epps and these other key breach figures, their job is evidently to create the conditions to turn this rally into a riot and to follow through on Epps' repeatedly stated mission to go into the Capitol.
And we show exactly how that happens.
That creates the spectacle
That these various figures in the regime wanted to have.
And another but related dimension to this story is they want to impute to this spectacle responsibility to key figures in the alternative media and key figures in Trump's inner circle.
So as to more closely link this event to Donald Trump and his supporters.
And so that of course is what accounts for the ridiculous
Fixation on you, on Roger Stone, on Steve Bannon, and so forth.
And the astonishing lack of interest, downright neglect of these key figures.
And in Ray Epps' case, the only singular, sole, unique person caught on camera in the mountains of documentary video evidence of 1-6 and 1-5, the only person caught on camera stating an explicit
Desire and intention to go into the Capitol.
And yet this is the person that they have no interest in, not even enough to give him a subpoena.
And that has to tell you everything you need to know about this joke sham committee.
Well, that's right, Dr. Beatty.
But just to expand, you're technically right.
And I'm not saying it's anti, if I agree, that's a stalking horse, that's a straw man, that's a red herring.
They were involved, obviously, but not the main group and all these federal informants we know that they've covered up and aren't unmasking.
And I want to hear where that investigation's going.
But we did have Jaden X the day before the day saying, let's go in, let's burn that mother effer down, but not on the tape saying, go get in there, break in, and then they do it.
So they should both be investigated.
Ray Epps is dead to rights.
I mean, I know you've showed this video.
We have the video up on the WorldRevolver.News report that everyone should go and read and share it because the more powerful and subversive the report, the more the regime tries to clamp down on and censor it.
And you know that more than anybody, Alex.
So they're really trying to censor this.
But yes, Ray Epps stated it explicitly, repeatedly, calmly, coolly.
With the cold intention of a seasoned professional.
This is the whole markings of somebody following a job, a fed, totally calm, secure, and just robotically doing what he was doing.
He's he's, this is very clearly not his first rodeo.
He's a seasoned professional.
He demonstrated actually remarkable and impressive facility with crowd control.
And he's just on a mission, persistent.
He didn't want anyone to get hurt.
He wanted to do his job.
And his job, very clearly, was to get people to go into the Capitol.
So, and he wasn't the only one.
And so for this follow up piece on revolver.news, we introduce a number of other very interesting key figures who played major roles in cutting the fencing, cutting the barricades, breaking the barricades, and played major roles in instigating the crowd to go into the Capitol.
And so we have very extensive coverage with video of these figures, many of whom constitute re-upsized scandals in their own right.
So we tell the full story.
If there were a January 6th commission that weren't a political scam and a joke, this would be the sort of thing they would release to the public.
This is the most important document for the American public right now to read today.
Dr. Beeney, you're not hyping this.
You're absolutely right.
What you put together this morning when you sent it to me, I spent like an hour and a half reading it.
It is so bombshell, and I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know.
So it's life and death for this republic to expose this because we'll go back to the document and what happened that day just 11 months ago, but first,
Notice now they're not wanting to talk about what happened at the Capitol.
They're not wanting to talk about the insurrectionists on the ground, as they say.
They want to focus on legal, lawful moves to challenge for 10 days the electors, which Democrats did four years before.
They want to act like that was the insurrection and that was the attack.
They're suddenly moving away from what happened on the Capitol to Congress and people and misrepresenting what happened there.
That shows me they're concerned about Tucker Carlson and Revolver and what you guys have been doing.
Right, well actually it's rather amusing, but a mediocre regime sycophant outlet known as PolitiFact did our coverage the honor of designating the reporting on the federal involvement in January 6 as the lie of the year.
So if the regime apparatchik mediocrities at PolitiFact say it's lie of the year, I think that gives you a pretty good indication of how freaked out
The regime is that people are finally starting to ask the right questions.
They're like, this is the worst horrible thing.
This is the most evil thing.
Do not look at this.
This is what, which means it's the most powerful thing.
Cause that's my next question.
They're clearly hanging their hat on January six and saying domestic groups that question elections or vaccines or lockdowns or terrorists.
They're getting, I know you don't speculate, Doctor, but obviously they're provocateuring a new Oklahoma City or something big ahead of the election, and they don't want this narrative challenged.
No, absolutely.
And if I could just say some words up there, you had a guy in your B-roll there that I was going to talk about.
Yeah, put him back on.
Put him on the last shot.
Great job.
Yeah, there you go.
So this guy is known in the research community as the scaffold commander.
And he, like a number of other key individuals we cover in this report, he's right by the Peace Monument very early.
In fact, you probably know that the official account of how January 6 went down and how the breach went down was that it was a bunch of Proud Boys that came and they did the initial breach.
And yes, there were Proud Boys.
But what's remarkable and what we demonstrate in this piece is that the key individuals that we chronicle here actually showed up at the same place before the Proud Boys got there.
And they just happened to go on to take major roles in instigating the riot and bring down barriers.
This individual that you're showing on the B-roll, he was there way early on before the Proud Boys.
He was hectoring the police back then.
And he cut defenses himself, and he just happened to end up at the top of the scaffold with his bullhorn, coordinating really with Epps, who was standing right on the ground.
And again, I was about to say, just like Ray Epps, though, we can't subpoena him, we can't arrest him, though.
No, you can't do that.
Despite the fact that he keeps telling people, move forward, move forward, move forward,
That's literally the only thing he says.
Someone else tries to take the world.
But think how smart and trained that is, because a giant crowd doesn't know where to go, move forward, move forward, not knowing, just like at a mosh pit or a concert, you're going to push through the line.
You're going to, and then the police are going to attack, and that's going to cause the explosion, like a chemistry interaction.
No, look, it's, it's basic crowd psychology, which these people, likely being seasoned professionals,
Um, are very familiar with.
Now, if you're in a big crowd like this and you hear an authoritative voice repeatedly and constantly saying, move forward, you don't know what's going on.
You don't know if someone had an accident somewhere around and they want to move the crowd away.
You just hear this noise and you basically do what you're told because you see other people doing that.
And very quickly move forward once the capital itself.
We're good to go.
Direction that this regime is taking that's right.
You just said it they are Taking over a million person crowd getting a maximum 500 600 to go in the capital They're provocateurs there who are protected now who we've identified in hindsight not being arrested when they when they did a thousand percent more than Roger I did or Trump did that's total proof there that
Dr. Beatty.
And so look, I think beyond any reasonable doubt, if any reasonable person
Yes, absolutely.
Reads this Ray Epps report, reads the first one, you go to revolver.news... I'm about to say, all your reports have been amazing, but this, I should have said up front, you have all the proof here.
My problem is, we're already in such incredible news here, that I don't hype stuff up enough when it's so huge.
This thing closes the door on it, proves it.
I mean, you couldn't show a grand jury anywhere this, and they wouldn't turn and say, oh my God, the Justice Department set this up and ran this.
I mean, this is the proof.
And now it is all of our responsibility, us in the media who know the truth, to do justice to the compelling substantive force of these pieces.
To do justice on the congressional side, getting congressional allies from Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, everyone, Massey, everyone, get them to put pressure
On the FBI, on the DOJ, that's what we need to do.
Don't be on the defense of defending ourselves that we attacked the Capitol and that's the last thing we wanted.
It was a huge fiasco.
Get on the offense exposing this because I don't see, again, how they get away with anything they're doing if this comes out.
It's too late for them.
And this is the beautiful thing.
They lost complete control over the narrative very early on when the whole lie about what happened to Officer Sicknick unraveled before our very eyes.
Revolver.News incidentally played a big role in that.
But they weren't able to ossify the narrative quickly enough and powerfully enough to really gain a foothold that was not to be questioned.
And that we're very fortunate for that.
And I really do think
It is too late for them now.
They can't put this back in.
The only way to lose this is to drop the ball and to not be persistent.
With persistence on this, we can get the ultimate truth and we can force a reckoning on this issue.
And that's going to require your audience, everyone's audience, everyone to read and share, is going to require action at the congressional level.
And I happen to think among these many people who are very likely informants or even agents,
I happen to think, you know this better than anyone Alex, is that the way that this works is the higher ups use these people as pawns too.
And I wouldn't be surprised if Ray Epps or one of these other people feels used, exploited, maybe it didn't go down exactly as they thought it would or they were told it would.
They're having a crisis in conscience.
Whatever it is, all it takes is one of these individuals to do the right thing and be a hero and expose their handlers, expose their communication, expose what's really going on.
And I think there's a decent chance of that happening and we're going to put a lot of pressure on this as well.
Well, that's my biggest point here that I should have said up front, Dr. Beattie, and that's that
Trump has said the real insurrection was November 3rd, and Trump has said, oh, what they did shooting people was wrong.
But I know you talked to the President some.
He needs to come out and say, hey, you set up my people, you ordered the National Guard to stand down, I tried to get, you sent half the Capitol Police away on traffic control, and you set us up.
He needs to get on the offense.
Because they are just desperately blaming Trump.
Why would we blow our feet off like this?
This is ridiculous.
They're desperately trying to act like questioning electors, which Democrats do all the time, is bad.
And so I again just see Republicans, Republican leadership, flat-footed again, intimidated by the mouse that roars, by corporate media, when with Ray Epps and all these people and with the Revolver report, which again,
Tucker's piece is incredible, it's amazing, it totally freaked out the system, but it's an hour long and some people aren't going to watch it.
Your text report with all the stuff is like an FBI investigation that they should be doing.
It is so damning and so we need to get Republicans on the offense instead of letting the Democrats hold plan for 2022 is this lie when we have them if these Republican leaders will just grow some ovaries and testicles.
No, it's absolutely true.
And unfortunately, this is, you know, with the Republicans, I tend to say a 95 to be generous, 95 of the Republicans fall into the category of stupid, weak, or corrupt.
And you don't get anything out of them.
They're set up to be losers and to lose.
But the good part is we do have a small percentage of people who are fighters and who are intelligent.
And if there's enough pressure from the public, the stupid, weak, and corrupt people will fall in line.
And that's why it's so crucial that we maintain a dogged persistence on this, not lose focus, keep to this story, because the number one thing that the regime wants is for the short attention spans just move on to the next outrage, forget about it, and
You know, move on.
Move on to the next outrage.
And the beauty of this is that we're not left with simply a theoretical case of, oh, there were feds involved.
Theoretical case is very powerful attached to specific people.
And so we can ask very specific and pointed questions about Ray Epps, about other figures, about the Oath Keepers, about a range of things.
And when you're able to ask specific questions like that and focus the thesis on specific individuals, it becomes very powerful.
And all you have to do is maintain a persistent attachment to it.
Keep pursuing the evidence.
What they want is you to forget about this.
They never intended for anyone in the public to know the name of Ray Epps in the first place.
Now that that cat's out of the bag, they're in real trouble because Revolver.News is not going to stop this issue.
You're not going to stop this issue.
And now it's not just us who are aware.
Now mainstream Republicans are aware of this and they're outraged because they rightly understand that this is the biggest
Scandal in recent American history, at least if you discount COVID.
Oh, I totally agree.
And obviously they're preparing something in the next 325 days that's going to be framed on populist Americans.
I mean, they're everywhere.
Oh, they're going to blow stuff up.
They're going to kill everybody.
Same ones that attack the Capitol.
It's imminent.
It's imminent.
No, it's not imminent.
What's imminent is them trying to stage something.
And I don't get strength out of the Democrats and the globalists right now.
I mean, you see two CNN producers busted.
More and more coming out about what they're into, how they control people, how it's a bunch of baby Epstein's up there.
I mean, people need to be optimistic because this house of cards is coming down if we just have some basic leadership.
But let's talk about you, doctor.
Because I know you were a great speech writer and a great political scientist, you got involved warning Trump, but you became, because I know this stuff just like you do, but you did a better job of collating it, getting it together, and then being that leader, which is an example to everybody else.
Sure, 5% are leaders on the side of good, they have to be leaders though.
What woke you up to this or what made you decide to be a major leader on the tip of the spear of this?
I've been persecuted and really threatened and harassed for doing this.
That's another question.
What have you gone through?
Because I've never asked this privately, but I would imagine you've been persecuted as well.
And people say, oh, well, I better not do it.
I'm getting persecuted.
No, that's where all the good stuff happens, folks.
You know, you're over the target when you're getting the flack.
Well, yeah, I mean, we haven't yet been hit quite as hard as you have.
You're sort of the
The gold standard when it comes to the regime trying to shut someone up.
And I have to tip my hat, commend you tremendously for maintaining such an amazing institution as you have in the face of incredible persecution that I think most Americans would generally associate with some kind of third world dictatorship and not the United States of America.
But that's where we are.
We're at a place where the FBI is raiding the offices of journalists that happened to Project Veritas.
We're in an age when probably one of the bravest journalists of our time, Julian Assange, is basically being subject to torturous, sort of slow motion execution by the United States regime.
And so it's a very dangerous time.
The stakes are very high.
Very few people are constituted in such a way as to understand what this, you know, to have an inclination to play for keeps, to play for the highest stakes.
But when you do, it's you're doing something real, you're making a difference.
And I like to think that if Revolver wasn't around doing this, it just wouldn't be done.
And that is a great privilege because I think a lot of cases, people are in a position where
If they were to stop doing what they're doing, someone else would be around and take their place, and they're basically interchangeable.
This is a real niche.
There's not a lot of first-class investigative reporting on the right, and we're doing it, and we're making a tremendous impact, and I'm very grateful to do that, and I'm very grateful to, you know, be in the same conversation as you and other people who have really
Um, you know, paved the way decades in advance on this stuff.
Well, Doctor, I want to say that back at you.
This is a historic time, and I'm just honored to be here.
It's actually an honor to do this and be persecuted because they're coming after everybody, and this is what men are supposed to do.
It's a very honorable position, and we've got a good chance of winning if the listeners and viewers go to Revolver and get the reports now and share them.
They are so scared of this.
And thank God for Tucker Carlson.
Revolver.News at Darren J. Beattie.
That's B-E-A-T-T-I-E.
Dr. Darren J. Beattie, thank you so much.
Two-minute closing comment.
I know you got to go.
Thank you.
Well, for two minutes closing, I would simply say, your audience, you've got to go to Revolver.News.
You've got to read this.
You've got to spread it.
We need to spread it.
We're being attacked.
We're being censored.
But the audience, your audience, the public has the power to overcome the censors in this case.
We've reached escape velocity, so now is simply the time to push, push, push, and not let go, because the regime is now in the defensive position.
That's a 30 second closing comment, but I agree, that's why they're so dangerous though.
Some people are like, oh we're winning, yeah, and they're going to launch some major crap.
Thank you so much.
All right, Doctor.
Have a wonderful holiday coming up.
We really appreciate you and everybody else.
Get the report right now, folks, because you're just as important as Dr. Beatty and myself and Roger Stone and Tucker Carlson.
And we need President Trump to talk about this as well.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
Thank you.
I'm going to go to break.
All right.
I'm going to come back, and we've got one more big interview on Saturday night.
And I tell you, these Saturday night shows are very popular.
On average, they're getting about 2 million viewers just at Band.Video, and then we stream it out, and a lot of radio stations pick it up.
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I want to be with my 4-year-old daughter.
I want to be with my family.
I want to be with my wife.
I want to be hiking around and barbecuing.
But I'm here because this is history happening, and I appreciate all of you
Being here as well.
We're going to come back with a final segment and a big interview straight ahead on this Saturday evening.
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Tomorrow's news.
Okay, so we just had Roger Stone on with exclusive huge breaking news.
We had Jacob Ingalls on with massive information as well.
So important.
And then, Dr. Darren J. Beattie.
It was all game changing.
And it's the reason they want to put me in prison or kill me.
So I'm not doing this to lose.
I'm not doing this because I think I'm just sticking my head in a lion's mouth for no reason.
I believe in you and I know how powerful you are.
And so everything I talk about, everything I do, I believe.
Like the guest I'm about to
Have on the show for you, I know is super smart.
And he did an incredible job when I interviewed him yesterday.
I'm about to re-air it.
But wait till I get him on the second time and he really lets you have it because he's one of the smartest people I know.
Mike Reardon, that's coming up in a moment.
But I want to spend just a few minutes here with you talking about the future.
You know that clip from Braveheart that's based on a composite of true legends.
Again, are they true stories?
Well, they're legends told about what really happened.
Is it exactly accurate?
We don't know.
But they're legends based on true events.
True legends.
Some legends like Jack of the Beanstalk obviously aren't based on reality, but many of our legends are.
We are living in a legendary moment right now.
These are the times when the whole future is being decided.
These are basically genesis points.
So we have the true legend of William Wallace, who did exist and did fight those battles, and you see the movie Braveheart, it's basically the Scottish version of it.
I'm sure it's in between that and what the English said.
Longshanks existed, those battles happened, that really went on.
And he's sitting there, with their force that's outnumbered 2 to 1, and he says, many years from now, lying in your bed, do you want to look back on this and wish that just once you'd stood up and been a man?
I mean, the full quote is, yeah!
If we run, we will live.
Because they got a coward running around saying, look at that army, it's too big!
If we run, we will live!
And he says, yeah, if you run, you'll live for just a while.
But then many years from now, laying in your beds, what would it be like to just once, just once, tell them they can take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom?
And listen, I'm not looking to die, I don't have some death wish, but I understand that I've got the freedom I've got because my ancestors were willing to kill for it.
And they weren't perfect either, but they had an idea of freedom better than those before them.
This country wrote the book on human liberty.
Didn't mean it was ever perfect.
It knew it was wrong.
Thomas Jefferson tried to end slavery in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, and they told him, no, you're not doing that.
But did it matter?
His ideas then grew around the world and was victorious, including in England, the country he would defeat in the next 10 years.
It's the people that stand up for what's right up front that we owe everything to.
Doesn't mean they got it all done.
Didn't mean they were the ones that were totally successful.
But to have the system stare back at them and act like they were nobodies?
When the globalists running things support Chinese slave camps and oppression and total surveillance and pedophilia and evil, they aren't even in the same league as a George Washington or a Thomas Jefferson or a Benjamin Franklin or a Thomas Paine or a Patrick Henry.
I saw these big national articles attacking a colonel that was advising Trump to say no to the electors and the rest of it and fight election fraud.
And they said, yeah, he's an army colonel, big deal.
MSNBC did, but they went, but now he runs a brewery.
He's not an intellectual.
He makes alcohol.
What the hell does that even mean?
The elitism of the establishment is ridiculous.
It's disgusting.
And they show it.
They can't even help it because they live around it constantly.
The most unhappy, horrible places is the inbred rich people.
The generational wealth that got their power and got their money.
I'm not against rich people.
I'm not against wealth.
I'm not against success.
I'm against old money.
Because it is callous and stupid.
And it's jealous of success.
It's jealous of trailblazers.
It's jealous, on average.
Not all of them.
Of people they know are superior to them.
They could be black, they could be white, they could be Hispanic, Asian, old, young, male, female, whatever.
Doesn't matter.
They've got that spark in them and there's nothing that pisses off a blue blood.
You got bluebloods in Africa, you got bluebloods in Asia, you got bluebloods in Europe, you got bluebloods in Central and South America.
You got establishment people that got there because they were born into it or because they're part of the system, not because they actually did something.
And it's those people that are the enemies.
It's those people that'll destroy us.
It's those people that have got to be stood up against.
So I'll say it before I go to this interview.
What would you give
Many years from now, lying in your beds, wishing just once, so they can take our lives, we'll never take our liberty.
But see, those Scots could have run off and lived on their mountain tops and been left alone.
They just wouldn't have governed themselves.
They'd been slaves.
But you don't have what the Scots had.
You don't have a choice to run off the mountains.
The New World Order is coming with poison shots to sterilize you and grow prions in your body.
The major studies now show, with 5G, they can frequency control and make the crystals grow.
Oh, oh, oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
It's a binary weapon.
We now know.
I'm going to cover it tomorrow on the Sunday Show.
Major studies.
They are implanting you with a detonator switch.
A lot of people have heart attacks and die.
That's a side effect.
A lot of folks have blood clots.
A lot of people get cancer.
That's a side effect.
It's a prion machine.
They're putting crystals in you that they in laboratories can hit with a frequency and grow.
We're talking about blood clots killing you in just a few hours if they hit you.
People are being implanted with their self-destruct switches.
But you don't run them.
They do.
So we are at an epic moment, an epic crossroads in human society and civilization in the future and you have got to decide now.
Whether you're for this evil and whether you're going to roll over to it or whether you're going to fight it.
Because you're not going to get to run off to some mountaintop in Scotland and raise your sheep and your family and, yeah, pay the king half your money and give them your daughter if they want them and get beat up and pushed around.
That's bad enough, but at least the British let you live, right?
As long as you give me your daughter and give me most your money and give me half your sheep and kiss my ass, I'll let you live.
The New World Order isn't coming here saying, we'll let you live as long as you kiss our ass.
They're saying they're going to kill us.
So I'm going to ask you right now, this isn't some heroic move to stand up against them.
I'm not going to die and I'm not going to roll over and I sure as hell ain't going to join these people to kill you.
Not because I even love you that much, but because I know there's a God made the world and made the universe that's pissed and I'm scared of that God.
That's right.
I'm not trying to save anybody here because I'm the best guy or the perfect guy.
I mean, I love people.
I love my family.
I love you.
But at the end of the day, when I'm facing down the barrel of a new world order attack and don't give a damn about them, it's because they're sitting there staring at us, attacking us, trying to threaten us.
And I don't even see them.
I just see God right there.
I'm like, uh.
The story in the Bible about a soon-to-be prophet going down the road, and the mule stops.
And the mule won't keep going.
He gets out a stick.
He starts beating that mule.
That mule lays down on the ground.
He's beating it, and beating it, and beating it, and beating it.
And it won't get up.
It won't do what it wants.
And all of a sudden, he finally looks down that road, and he sees an angel with a big old flaming sword come to kill him.
And then he understands what he was dealing with.
The American people are that mule that's just beating us and beating us and beating us, trying to make us join their satanism, join their pedophilia.
And we see the angel with the big sore in the eye.
I don't, I can't, I don't, I love children anyways, but by God, that's gonna, that's gonna get me?
You think I'm gonna sign on to that?
So we're so close to the end now, folks.
We're so close to the new beginning.
We're so close to get out of these prisons they built for us.
And so that's why I come to you and I say, what we do here is valuable.
What we do here is important.
And what you've done building this operation and setting it up and providing for it has changed the world.
And now...
I need the funds to fight harder than ever and to expand the fates of the enemy.
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You've got to break free.
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The globalists tell you you're racist.
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They tell you you're failed.
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Connected to all the dimensions.
Connected to eternity.
And I want people to realize that.
And they say, oh my God, well Alex Jones is like, what is this?
This is victory is what it is.
So let me tell you what's in the
Six plus hours, chapter one, mind wars, spirit wars.
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You have to break free.
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You're not bad!
You're bad because you dialed into their lies, not because you're inherently bad.
God made you.
You're malfunctioning.
You're fixed now, but you've got to decide that.
Let's continue.
Chapter 1, Mind Wars and Spirit Wars.
Learn how the war on your mind is being waged, and discover five simple tricks you can use to protect yourself and your family.
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It's even more sinister.
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Chapter 3, and we're showing some of the footage from the film here.
Thank you.
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Stop it!
Stop it!
When they're using it on the general public.
Chapter 5, Breaking Your Conditioning.
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You wanna help people?
You wanna empower them or you wanna enslave them?
Join Satan if you want that.
We are joining God here, ladies and gentlemen.
Chapter 10, Finding Your Purpose.
And so much more.
All right.
Let's go to Mike Reardon, who also is a great researcher, and I interviewed him on Friday.
I thought it was a really powerful interview, so I thought it fit into all this, but I want to thank you all for becoming members at ResetWars.com.
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That's how we take it to the next level.
Here's my interview with Mike Reardon on how to break free from the prisons in our minds.
Stay with us.
RevinConcepts.com, Michael Reardon, educator.
Do you think
Because the human mind is naturally negative.
The human mind wants to be comfortable.
The human mind is naturally lazy.
So that means if you have the opportunity to stay home, watch Netflix, stay on your phone, your mind is going to say, that's a pretty good idea.
So when, for example, the lockdowns came down and the whole quarantine, your brain was like, well, sure thing, not a problem.
And what happens after that is now we are faced with how do we get out of that way of thinking?
How do we get out of that laziness?
And that's the most difficult part because once someone stops something it becomes more difficult to start it back up.
If someone threw a knife at the wall or a board
I've had clients who are on the left side, right side, but what I have noticed is that
Most of the clients who are Democrats on the left, they are going to be more timid and afraid of challenges.
And that was really interesting to me because why are they less prone to pushing themselves, to driving forward?
And it's just because they have been told, well, just take it easy.
You don't have to push when you don't feel like it, right?
Just do what is comfortable for you.
The limitations were already set for them.
So the moment they quit, the moment they give up, they say, well, I guess it was not meant to be.
And obviously, anybody telling you that's your enemy.
I mean, come on.
So for people who are putting you in a box and telling you that you can't do something, those people should be put on the back burner.
So yeah, you can use them as a source of your motivation and determination to get ahead in life.
Don't be them.
Because you learn from your environment.
So if your environment is not what you want it to be, and the behaviors of the people in your environment are not what you want them to be, you have to start to change them.
What the whole premise of what a mindset coach is was we're looking at how you're looking at the situation And if you're looking at if you're looking at the situation in a negative way, then we just have to adjust it when you have your back against the wall and you are concerned about where the bills are going to be and
That's the stick!
And the reason why I believe they're doing it is because they're all about money and it's not so much about
What can we get away with is, I know I'm going to get away with it.
Because they know people are not going to fight back.
They know that people are going to be happy in their 9 to 5's because once someone gets in a box, again, they don't want to leave.
Mike Reardon, stay there.
We're going to come back and talk about how to get out of the box with Michael Reardon of RevonConcepts.com.
I don't screw around when it comes to information.
I'm a game changer.
InfoWars is the zeitgeist, and we just dropped our most important work yet at ResetWars.com.
You can now see the course, ResetWars, at ResetWars.com.
The course is public.
The course is live.
It's the third hour.
of the live December 17th Friday transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
That means my good friend Michael Reardon is here with us that I twisted his arm to get on air.
We have great discussions, good friend of mine, and he always just has really great ways to boil down knowledge.
Mike, thanks for coming on the show, man.
I always enjoy talking to you.
You wanted to start with the mass psychosis
Uh, that's going on and how you've witnessed that in the education system and how to break out of it.
So when I was a educator, it's interesting because you have to deal with it in the sense of what is going to be the next steps, right?
Because you just don't teach a first grader how to do calculus, right?
They learn addition, then subtraction, and it's a series of steps.
So for people
I started to wonder right now we're in an age of COVID and basically everyone's going to be influenced by mainstream media.
How did that happen?
It didn't just happen overnight.
So I started to look at it from the premise of
The school, right?
So I'm a teacher, I'm in school.
What is happening in the school system?
So I know Dr. McCalla, I believe he was on Joe Rogan, and he was talking about mass psychosis.
And he talked about how there needs to be four steps in order for that mass psychosis in order to occur.
And in the school system, if we think about it, the first step is already there, isolation.
We put you in a desk, we give you a cubby, we give you a spot, and we say this is where you need to be.
And you don't deviate from that.
So now you're stuck in one spot, one place, and you're not encouraged to ask your peers, ask your classmates for the answers.
Now you're by yourself.
You're on a desert island and you're isolated.
So when
COVID started to happen and the quarantine started to happen.
Why was it so easy for people to say, well, I guess I'll just give up my rights.
I guess I'll just give up my freedom and I'll just stay inside.
I'm not an essential worker.
That had to happen from somewhere.
It didn't happen overnight.
So, from a young age, when a child is most susceptible, from age zero to seven, that's when a child is most susceptible, right?
Because they are going to be operating under their environment and their behavior.
So, if their environment is telling them to do something, or the behavior is to enact, right?
Stay inside, don't go out.
That's going to have a psychological effect on them when they reach adulthood.
And typically that's going to be putting them in a box, saying that you need to stay here and you need to do what we say you need to do and you don't talk back.
And right now we need to start to change that type of behavior, that type of structure.
They're training them to be prisoners.
And guys, you can type in, there's a bunch of studies.
Studies show cognitive levels of children under lockdown plunged in the last two years.
This is serious child abuse.
And these are behavioral psychologists knowing this, running this program.
This is really abusive.
And I think there was a video that came out, it was on Twitter, and it was about a teacher in California who was talking about, I believe, gender, and they were influencing a student to think about a certain way, right?
To think gender in a certain way.
Now, when you're a teacher, you have a big role to play, right?
You have someone's child for at least eight hours a day.
And of course the child's going to be sleeping eight hours, so that means the parent has the last eight hours.
And most parents don't take education pass to school.
Typically the parent will say, have you done your homework?
Are you doing what needs to be done?
All right.
See you later.
But now parents are starting to pay attention, especially after the whole quarantine lockdowns and
We're good to go.
There's a basic set of content that is going to be learned, that children need to learn.
But now we're starting to get into what we want them to learn, but who are the people who are telling us that they need to know this type of content?
It's the government.
If we think about it, they're saying, we want the kids to know this so we can stir them in a certain way.
Um, race type of thing, right?
So, so, so I think there, I think the, the term they're phrasing is, uh, uh, for critical race theory.
Thank you, Alex.
Why is that necessary?
And is to keep us down is to keep us in a sense of, Oh, I'm a victim.
And as long as we keep that victim mentality, we're going to have a difficult time moving ahead in life.
And you've got great ways of explaining things.
And by the way, I'm always reading names of things wrong.
I go to your site all the time.
It's Reven, not Raven, but Reven.
Explain what that, what Reven Concepts means.
Because I always got to, for some reason, I always got to butcher intros.
So Reven Concepts.
And Reven Concepts means the concept behind never.
So, if you turn Revin around, it means never.
Oh, I get it.
So I'm an idiot.
I have dyslexia.
I feel like Raven concepts are Revin.
It's Revin, which means never concepts.
And the name came from when I was actually a swim coach.
I was given a student from another coach.
She was going to be an educator also.
So she was going to the program to become a school teacher.
She's going to be teaching people's children.
And she gave me one of her students because she was booked and I said, not a problem.
So the child had a fear of water and he didn't want to go into the deep end.
So I had 30 minutes with the child to get him to swim in the deep end.
And what I had to overcome was her teaching and then his beliefs.
And his belief was that he couldn't do it.
And she even told me before I brought him into the deep end, don't even try.
It's not worth it.
And this is a person who was going to school to be an educator.
And I can't tell you how many times educators have put students in a box saying, you're not going to be anything.
And that's what you told me like a year ago when we were talking is they're literally don't even know they've been trained by the education system to program and put walls in people's minds to build prisons.
And now it's so obvious saying we're non-essential.
They're trying to have adults stay in a prison.
And then when we look at the essential workers, right, the healthcare workers, and then all of a sudden they hit you with a mandate, and if you don't get the vaccine, guess what?
You are no longer essential.
So they can give you a term to make you feel good, and they can take it away when they want to.
And it's going to be similar to how companies will give you a promotion, but the promotion is only a name change.
It's not necessarily an increase in monetary amount.
It's saying, well, we're going to make you the director of science and history.
And you say, wow, that's great.
And you put it on your LinkedIn page, and you say this, and everyone congratulates you, and you feel good.
But you necessarily didn't go anywhere.
And people are not going anywhere in life.
They're giving a facade, a false sense of movement.
And people will go through life thinking they're making progress, but they're only going backwards.
And again, people need to go to RevenConcepts.com.
Beautifully said.
And I should have asked you what that name means.
That is really amazing.
It's never reversed.
And instead of never, you're saying, no, we're doing it.
That is smart.
I need you to help me come up with new names.
Yeah, of course.
I'm telling you.
I tell you, Michael Reardon is being really nice right now and really calm.
He's being very, very, very, very gentlemanly.
We're going to turn him loose here on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Michael Reardon, educator and a good friend of mine, and here talking about what's going on and just the points he makes when we're hanging out sometimes.
Right, so once you are in that box, they can keep you there as long as they want.
And the only way to get out is to understand that there's going to be something better on the other side, so people have motivation to break out of their box.
Because the human mind is naturally negative.
The human mind wants to be comfortable.
The human mind is naturally lazy.
So that means if you have the opportunity to stay home, watch Netflix, stay on your phone, your mind is going to say, that's a pretty good idea.
So when, for example, the lockdowns came down and the whole quarantine, your brain was like, well, sure thing, not a problem.
And what happens after that is now we are faced with how do we get out of that way of thinking?
How do we get out of that laziness?
And that's the most difficult part.
Because once someone stops something, it becomes more difficult to start it back up.
And let me just say this.
Like, take throwing knives.
I had some throwing knives once you were at the office.
And I was, and I can like throw six of them, maybe get one to stick on the wall.
Every six, you like threw all six of them and stuck on the wall.
You're really good at darts and everything else you do.
And you're like, but that's just an example of you've decided just to train yourself and have the will to do it.
Instead of thinking, oh, these aren't going to stick.
No, these, and then I tried the other day, I threw it like 12 feet away, all four darts bullseye by just saying, I'm doing it.
So when you make up your mind and you say you're going to do something, the probability of you achieving it is going to be greater than if you went in it nonchalantly or if you went in it and you didn't have your full intention of whether completing it or if you failed, you say, well, at least I tried.
And for
Oh, you didn't just put those knives in the wall, you like drove them in like a machine gun, put them in there.
A little bit scary, because I know a lot of guys that are good at that, they barely stick them in the wall, you have them like pounded in there.
Just probably because I go to the gym, I guess.
But going back to why people are not successful, right?
So if we use your analogy of the throwing knives.
If someone threw a knife at the wall or a board and they don't succeed, well they'll say, maybe I'm not good, right?
This is something I'm not good at, and they'll quit.
Now, if someone says, okay, I'm not good at it today, but I'm going to practice and I'm going to get better, and they practice and they get better, they become stronger.
And when we look at our mindset, when we look at what needs to be done in the world and society, we have to become stronger.
And most people are just okay with becoming followers.
They... Explain, can you explain to me the victim mentality from your angle and it's totally on.
Exactly, a victim instantly gives up and then looks for some group to control them to give them power instead of saying, no, I'm going to get stronger like Nietzsche said under attack.
So I've had
Clients who are on the left side, right side.
But what I have noticed is that most of the clients who are Democrats on the left, they are going to be more timid and afraid of challenges.
And that was really interesting to me because why are they less prone to pushing themselves, to driving forward?
And it's just because they have been told, well, just take it easy.
You don't have to push when you don't feel like it, right?
Just do what is comfortable for you.
The limitations were already set for them.
So the moment they quit, the moment they give up, they say, well, I guess it was not meant to be.
And obviously, anybody telling you that's your enemy.
I mean, come on.
So for people who are putting you in a box and telling you that you can't do something, those people should be put on the back burner.
So yeah, you can use them as a source of your motivation and determination to get ahead in life.
Don't be them!
Because you learn from your environment.
So if your environment is not what you want it to be, and the behaviors of the people in your environment are not what you want them to be, you have to start to change them.
So for people who are stuck,
Whether it be believing they're not essential, believing that they can't get out of the circumstances they're in, they have to start to think in a more optimistic way, in a way where they see their future is attainable.
And think about, Mike, how evil that is to say you're not essential.
That's like Hitler saying these groups are subhuman.
I mean, that is such an amazingly criminal statement to say you can't go outside, you're not essential.
And people just, okay, I'm not essential.
Imagine that thought to children hearing that.
And it's all about control, because if I tell you that you can't do something, then the most logical question after that is, well, what can I do?
And they're going to tell you what you can do.
Well, you can stay inside.
You can stay six feet apart.
You can get this vaccine.
You can do what we tell you, because we know best.
We're an authority.
And of course, those people need authority.
Those people need people to tell them exactly what they need to do, because even some of my clients, they would say, Mike, can you just tell me what I need to do in life?
Because when you talk about clients explaining, you do what you do.
So I should have brought that up.
Tell them what he does.
I should tell them.
So what I do is I help people get to their most desired place in life.
You're a life coach?
Correct, yes.
So I primarily work with mindsets and that can have an array of things.
So a life coach is an umbrella of the many things that I do.
So I work with relationships, I work with career development.
And what the whole premise of what a mindset coach is, was we're looking at how you're looking at the situation.
And if you're looking at the situation in a negative way, then we just have to adjust it and start to go down the path that is going to be most ideal for you.
And by the way, you've helped me out with a lot of great ideas.
They've always turned out amazing.
That's why, I mean, you're an amazing brain.
But you're right.
I was already innately doing it with big attacks.
Like, okay, I'm always going to the angle to take this attack like judo and use it against them.
But then in my personal life, I wouldn't use that same thing.
No, we got to use at the high level and the low level the same tactics.
So when you're looking at the basic structure, especially when you're talking about government education, it has to be a step by step basis, right?
You have to look at the cause and effect.
If you are
Backing a dog to a wall, right?
And the dog is timid, the dog is scared, eventually the dog is going to attack, it's going to fight back.
But if you train the dog to think that it is not powerful, that it is weak, it won't fight back.
So no matter how far we push you to the wall, you're not going to do anything.
And that's where we are in society, right?
People are back to the wall and they don't know what to do.
And they're just looking for a way out.
And I offer them a way out.
But it does require a huge effort on their part because it is a challenge they have to overcome.
I'm listening.
We're going to break in a minute, but just continue to break that down.
So when you have your back against the wall and you are concerned about where the bills are going to be
That's the stick!
And the reason why I believe they're doing it is because they're all about money and it's not so much about
What can we get away with is, I know I'm going to get away with it.
Because they know people are not going to fight back.
They know that people are going to be happy in their 9 to 5's because once someone gets in a box, again, they don't want to leave.
Mike Ridden, stay there.
We're going to come back and talk about how to get out of the box with Michael Ridden of RavenConcepts.com.
That sounds even cooler than RavenConcepts.
In the United States, in Europe, in Asia.
Corporations are running big promotions for people to get microchips implanted that include vaccine records amid new COVID restrictions.
This is all an exercise in enslavement and you notice the people that give in only get more enslaved.
So Michael Reardon, continue please.
I mean, let them have it, because you're doing a great job on air, but when we talk privately, you're just on fire.
And you totally get what's going on, and you have great ways of putting it.
People to understand that the only thing they have to lose is not waking up and saying no, and say, I'm not a victim.
Victimhood is not like a deed on the universe.
It's the opposite.
So keep explaining that to people, how we get out of victimology, and how we get into victriology.
So most people are going to be tiptoeing through life only to make it safely to death.
And for those type of people, I tell them to get loud.
And then how to get loud, because most people want to make a difference, they want to make a change in their life, but they don't even know where to begin.
And I know you're doing Reset Wars, and Reset Wars is a great way for people to wake up, and to say, oh wow, this is what's possible in my life?
And what I do, whether it be motivational, positive talk, the podcast, I'm helping people start to see what is possible, and helping them get loud.
Because the voices of the American citizens are being muffled.
From our First Amendment right to the censorship on social media.
You can't go out and say what you want anymore.
If you use the word COVID on YouTube, you're automatically hit with a little mark saying, well, make sure you get your COVID information from the right place, CDC.
And the CDC can do whatever they want.
They can change the definition of a vaccine.
The Webster dictionary just changed the definition of anti-vaxxer.
And they label you.
They say, well, if you're an anti-vaxxer, you're now going to be a person who needs to be watched.
What you're saying is when they try to suppress you, the answer is do the opposite.
Yes and no.
So when they're trying to suppress you, you have to pay attention.
You have to pay attention to how they're moving because if they're moving in a certain way, if you look at a martial artist like Hapkido, for example, you use the enemy's momentum against them.
So when you figure out what they're doing, you say, okay, I understand what you're doing.
And then there's going to be a
Like a move you do that's going to counteract what they do.
So if they're forcing you into a corner, the only thing you have to do is pivot.
You don't have to get pushed into the corner, and a lot of people don't know how to pivot.
So if they say, for example, you had to pivot when they banned you.
They say, Alex Jones is banned on YouTube, he's banned here and there, and now he's one of the most banned men in America.
But you didn't say, well, I guess I'm done.
You pivot.
And when you did that, now they're like, wow, he's a force to be reckoned with.
And now they're going after you so ferociously because they understand you're the highest level of leader.
You are a transformational type leader.
And a transformational type leader is going to be a person who has the highest level of engagement and the highest level of effort to help empower people to be in a better place and to see what they are unable to see.
And as much as I want people to see the truth and I say, hey, the government is doing this to you, they're playing you, they're using fear to influence your choices and your decisions in life.
Regardless of that, some people cannot see the other side, regardless of how you put it.
So how do we get people to start to see the other side?
And it's by small steps.
You have to do it slowly.
You can't scare these people, right?
They're sheep.
So, these people who are afraid of their own shadow, you have to not say, well, the government's the problem.
You have to say, well, what's your problem first?
And now we're talking about you, because you're comfortable with you.
You is already in your comfort zone, and now we're talking about how we can get better.
And then we start to look at the obstacles that is stopping you from leaving that type of comfort zone, stopping you from achieving more in your life.
You're saying we get them out of the trans and baby steps and I agree with you.
About a month ago I was talking about and you said you talk about packets like they don't care that they said oh you only need one vaccine now you need five.
They feel good while they're in it.
They only believe in the perception not the reality of how it works.
But you got a great way of putting that.
So once you start something, right, the process, it's easy for you to keep on going with whatever the agenda is.
So if they give you one, they said, well, you have to take another one.
Well, it's not that big of a deal.
I already did it once.
And when it comes to
Switching that around, so people are not telling us what to do, but instead of what we can do, if we put it back into the steps where it's going to be approachable, people are going to be more prone to take those steps.
Now, the problem is people don't even understand that there's going to be an alternate solution besides the vaccine.
Well, now you can become more healthy, right?
Going to the gym, right?
Eating healthy, making sure you are in the best shape of your life.
And notice how they're trying to block all that.
The alternative treatments, everything.
Right, and I believe Joe Biden was on the news the other day and he was talking about hurricanes and tornadoes in Florida and Texas and he says the best way to combat this is to get the vaccine.
He did, yeah.
And that doesn't make any sense.
So why?
He's just using fear.
Just any fear he can.
So he's saying, well, if you don't want to get hit by a hurricane or a tornado or anything that happened to your loved ones, you make sure that you're getting a vaccine.
This is like a rabbit's foot.
As for luck?
Well, he's saying, like, take the shot, the hurricane won't hit you.
Right, yes.
So he's basically using fear as his prime motivator to enact people to make a choice, right?
And that choice is to become vaccinated.
And I'm not anti-vaccine where I'm not saying that to not get the chickenpox shot or to get a measles shot.
Do your research, right?
And for a vaccine like the COVID-19 vaccine, you have to ask yourself, do you need it?
And most people are not going to need it.
It's just that they feel like they need it in order to be safe.
And for those people, I'd like to think of it as if
Someone wants to carry a firearm and they believe that firearm is going to keep them safe.
That is going to be just a certain way of thinking.
Now we have people who think they need a vaccine in order to feel safe and for that way of thinking is going to lead to limitations down the road because now if they have one vaccine they need the second, they need the booster and then they realize it's just going to be the flu shot they need to get it every single year.
What is happening with the vaccine is that now we have people who are going to be
Getting this vaccine and thanking the government.
Thank you, government, for saving me, for protecting me.
And now, no matter what the government does, they're the good guys.
And as long as they're the good guys, we're not going to fight them.
We're not going to say you're doing wrong because they're the heroes in those people's eyes.
And I interrupted you earlier with a break, but how do you get somebody out of that Stockholm syndrome where
I mean, you're saying trying to hit them with the head doesn't work sometimes.
Incremental, you're like, well, let's talk about you.
Let's talk about... So you have to challenge their beliefs.
And when you place the truth in front of them, they are going to want to turn their head.
They're going to say, no, no, no, that's wrong.
That's wrong.
And you keep doing it, but you do it in the sense of non-invasive.
If you think of it, encroaching.
So I'm going to encroach until they protest, and then they're going to protest.
They're going to say, no, no, no, this is not true.
And then you wait.
And then they forget.
And then as soon as they forget, you encroach again.
And you keep doing it to the point where they're like, now I'm in the truth.
And I can't deny it.
You're right, though.
They like they hide in being asleep.
So you like you watch them jump back into being asleep and you wait till they wake back up again, I guess.
And you just have to kind of go through that
That jigsaw, or whatever, of putting the pieces together, but in the way where they don't notice that the puzzle is becoming complete, and we're telling them, this is the truth.
This is no longer going to be a facade that people are telling you that it's the truth, which is really a lie.
Because most of what's happening, especially on mainstream media, is opinion.
It's about choosing what delusion you want.
After decades of intense research, our quest to discover the key to breaking the globalist bonds is now live.
The Reset Wars have begun.
Start your journey at ResetWars.com today.
All right, Michael Reardon is here with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Jay Dyer takes over in the next hour and I want to get Reardon back in here soon because we're just getting him going here on air.
RevenConcepts.com, R-E-V-E-N-Concepts.com.
You know, here's what I know.
What I understand
And that key term.
So when you go to school to become an educator, they are going to focus on the psychology of learning, the mind.
And you're going to learn how people are going to become the person you want them to become.
So if you're in kindergarten, they learn a certain way.
If you're in college, they learn a certain way.
And you have to present it in a way they understand.
So when I was teaching various grades, it required me to know the influence I needed to input into that type of classroom.
So it's going to be different learning from kindergarten versus college.
And now that we are out in the open, right, with all that's going on in the world,
The influence is mainstream media, right?
They are knowing what they need to do in order to make you feel a certain way.
And they use fear as the premise.
And what a good educator would do is to use positivity as a way to do it.
And it has to be in small bite steps, of course, because if I go ahead and I
Give it a try!
I just use a 2x4, as you were saying earlier, and I try to bang it over your head saying, hey, you need to listen.
This is what's happening.
Wake up, wake up, wake up.
You can't shake them awake.
You have to gently say, well, come here.
Let's wake up together and... Have some coffee over here.
Yeah, let's have some coffee.
Let's have some tea and let's get you awake.
But it has to be approachable.
And when you face a challenge, you have to face it in the sense of, how can we break this down in the most approachable steps?
Think of weight loss, for example.
You don't say you're going to lose 100 pounds.
You say, well, I'm going to lose 5 pounds first.
And then you're going to lose, OK, well, I look great now.
But let me see what happens if I lose 10 pounds.
And you start that process.
Because if you say you're going to lose 100 pounds,
I think so.
And you mentioned this when we've talked privately, but imagine a five-year-old child, be they brown or white or whatever the color they are, they're in school hearing there might be bad because of what color they are.
I could imagine that would really screw a child up.
Because when I was in elementary school, I was really insecure and nervous about everything and nobody was even being mean to me.
I couldn't imagine like if I was told I was bad because I was black or white.
I mean, that is serious abuse.
And that's just going to be influence, right?
How can I influence you to think the way I want?
And for
Children nowadays, if we look at the children just walking around while their parents are not wearing a mask, but the children are wearing a mask, how did that happen?
It happens in school, right?
You have to wear your mask in school, you have to wear your mask at desk, there's songs telling kindergarteners to wear their mask.
That's where it shows the school's really the parent, that the children are wearing it even when the parents aren't.
And I was out just the other day, and I saw a little girl, she was probably four or five years old, and she was wearing a mask, and she was happy as can be.
And the parents didn't have a mask on.
So it's not the household that's telling you what you should be doing, it's the school.
Because you have to understand, that kid, your child, is going to be in the school for a prolonged period of time.
And the teacher can do whatever they want.
They can say whatever they want.
But what a group of bad people to teach children they're dirty and mad and do this to them.
We're good to go.
The government doesn't want people to know is that the people have the power, not the government.
So when people start to get power, right, when someone starts to rise in a level of power and the word starts to get out there, now all of a sudden the government's like, well, we need to stop you.
We need to say that you are wrong and that you're the enemy and people need to be wary of what you're saying because it's not true.
But what we say is true and you need to listen to people like us because we're going to keep you safe.
We're going to protect you.
And so what's the answer?
Rally around those.
The system's trying to shut down.
So the answer is going to be...
Making sure you find like-minded people.
And you want to understand where you want to be in life.
Because for people who don't understand where they want to be, then they're just going to keep on living life wherever the herd is taking them.
So they might not necessarily reach their most desired place in life, but they are just going to go where society goes.
And typically that's going to be downhill.
So if you are a middle class person, for example, pay attention to how life was 10 to 20 years ago for you.
And if life was better for you 10, 20 years ago, then you should have some type of inclination that you're going in the wrong direction.
But let's be clear, things are so negative now, even if you've got money, it's going downhill.
I mean, Klaus Schwab says they're collapsing and all.
How do they think they're going to get out of it?
Why do they like the communists, the Nazis?
Why do they always want to make other people have nothing?
I guess that makes them feel better, but they bring themselves down.
It's a restructuring.
So they so they're being very meticulous in who is going to take power.
And I was thinking about that past week now, who's going to be next in power, right?
What is going to be the next steps?
When is the collapse going to happen?
I have a number.
I have a date.
But it's all just speculation at this point.
Tell me your view.
So I'm giving it a year and a half before people say enough is enough.
I agree.
They're going to try to crash it once the Republicans get a narrow majority to blame them.
That's what I was thinking this morning.
And they can do it in a few ways.
So Joe Biden, of course, see now and
By the way, you did a great job in the last hour, but now you're being the Mike Reardon.
You're really going to start telling us what's going on.
This guy, I love this guy, man.
I'm telling you, it'd be a huge talk show if we could get him on air.
The turntables was coming, Mike.
So, you know, Joe Biden and puppets, you know, he is going to be taken out of the position of power of presidency, right?
And Henry Ford, he talked about, I believe, in the 80s or
He said that the way a woman will become president is by assassination, right?
I don't think they're going to do that.
I think they're going to still love Joe.
Joe's just going to say, hey, you know, I just want to hang out with my wife and take it easy.
And Camilla's going to come in and she's going to take over.
And what needs to happen
Is that
They're going to make a new variant right before the elections, and then all of a sudden there's going to be mail-out ballots again, and your voice is not going to matter, because they're going to say, well, we can make as many votes as we want for Kamala Harris, or whoever they choose to be the next president.
And again, we're nothing against women, but why do they obsess over putting women in power?
Is it because it just historically destabilizes things, or then women think that, like, there's somehow to fight with men?
Well, think about the whole feminist movement right now, right?
If you go on YouTube,
Most likely your home feed is going to have some type of feminist person talking, right?
And it's just a way for you to become acclimated to that type of environment.
Every video game, every movie, the women are the heroes, the men are bad.
Since marrying my children 30 years ago.
And right now they're just making it forward because it's easier for the brain to accept, well, it makes sense.
And it's important for us to
Or for them to make sure people are operating under, well that makes sense, is only logical.
And if it's a logical step for those type of people, they're not going to question, they're not going to fight back.
But again, there are a lot of women that are smart and would be great leaders, the ones they're putting forward.
What is the obsession with putting women in charge when they're not really in charge, they're puppets?
It's because they find the people they can control.
They're not looking for people who are powerful, they're looking for people they can control.
And for- Well, so simple.
When the Romans would take over an area in Germany or wherever, they would kill all the men down to age 10 and keep the women.
Because the women would submit.
That's just a biological fact.
And then now we have feminists who want to be in power, and they'll do whatever it takes in order to be in that type of position.
So if they have to give up,
Their dreams, their livelihoods.
They would because they're going to be at a higher power, right?
A feminist wants to be equal to a man, but if you really dig down deep, what do they want?
They want to be greater than man.
And look at Hillary Clinton's, the beta test of that.
And so she wants to be front and center.
I'm powerful.
Pay attention.
For the people who can't see that that's happening, then they just have to start to see what type of things are popping up on their YouTube, for example.
Michael Reardon.
All right, you've got to come back again soon, my friend, because you're just starting to get going here with people.
I was talking about Joe Rogan during the break.
You said you had a Joe Rogan story.
I want to say something about that.
Yes, so Joe Rogan talked about this.
It's a saying, it's a quote that many people might be familiar with.
Tough times create strong men.
Strong men create easy times.
Easy times create weak men, and weak men create tough times.
And that's the cycle we're in right now, where the government understands that cycle very well.
If we can keep them weak, if we can keep them needy, then we can make them do whatever we need them to do.
So, for example, beginning of the lockdowns, we're going to give people an extra $300 because they need that type of money because they're not working.
They make you in the position of subservient.
They keep you weak.
Because we had easy times, right?
So we had our fathers and our ancestors.
They were strong men.
And then they gave us easy times.
They said, well, I don't want my child to go through these types of challenges that I went through in my life.
So they say, I'm going to create easier times.
And the government caught on.
And they said, well, let's just keep easy times going.
And then we can make those people do whatever we need them to do.
We can control them.
We can say, well, in order for you to get your 401ks, you need to make sure you're fully vaccinated.
You need to show a passport in order for you to
In order for you to come and enjoy a night out, you need to show some type of proof of vaccination, right?
So they're literally saying what we can and what we can't do.
And for the people who are operating under that weak type of mentality, they're going to say, well, I guess I don't have a choice.
And I love your mindset.
There's so many different schools of thought.
I like Carl Jung, obviously I follow Jesus Christ, but I'd say the mindset of the real world, of street smarts, of just how it really works, the real politic of that, and stop being a fool and just thinking the system loves me and is going to take care of me, that's just a lie.
And we have to elevate ourselves.
We have to become leaders more so than followers.
I love what you do with InfoWars, right?
You are InfoWarriors, right?
We're creating InfoWarriors.
And what ResetWars is doing is creating InfoLeaders, right?
They're now trying to stop Reset Wars.
And there's a reason why they're trying to stop Reset Wars is because they understand that that type of workshop, that type of class, is going to create new leaders of the world.
And to have powerful people come up and to say, enough's enough, they don't want that type of fight because they know they're going to lose.
And I was talking to you, I believe a week or two ago, I told you, don't stop.
Don't stop.
And as much as they push, as much as they want you to quit, they do everything in their power to make you feel like maybe I should stop.
Don't stop.
Well, I'm not.
We were having a hard conversation about that because I worry about my family, but they're going to get destroyed anyways if this thing succeeds.
So we just got to be all in, do the right thing, trust in God.
Well, Reset Wars, you know, it's historical how they know that they can create these false images of ourselves that are losers.
That's not who we are.
So just the idea of I'm not that loser, that's so powerful.
And I'm surprised that they out of the gates try to block it.
But they are really worried about us empowering people and us saying, hey, you're amazing.
You're incredible.
You're made in the image of God.
Because they understand the influence that comes behind being positive.
So the brain is naturally negative.
And in order to counteract the negative, you need three positives.
So the fact that you're giving people what they need in order to change, they don't want that to happen.
So now you have reset wars, and you're talking about positive, positive, positive.
Well, exactly.
This shows negative, right?
What's bad, so they don't do it.
But I tried to make it all positive.
They really don't like that.
You talked about it a month ago.
You said, I think you're going to get some issues with being all positive.
That's what it is.
Because now you're starting to balance out.
And that's why your credibility, that's why your audience is growing.
It's because now people are like, wow, it's making sense now.
Because it's not just one side.
Because if you're on one side, then of course the other side is like, you're my enemy.
But now that you are saying, hey, I'm on both sides.
I want you to be better.
I want everybody.
Not exactly.
Michael Reardon, thank you so much, my friend.
Amazing job.
All right.
Thank you.
There are things the enemies of humanity don't want us to know.
There are secrets they want to keep.
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