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Name: 20211217_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 17, 2021
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In this episode of Alex Jones' show, he discusses various topics related to COVID-19 vaccines and hospital policies. He talks about potential links between COVID-19 vaccinations and an increase in stillbirths, as well as hospitals denying organ transplants to unvaccinated individuals. The segment ends with warnings about a potential global takeover and the necessity of getting vaccinated. Alex also promotes various products available at the InfoWars store, discusses Infowars' success, and encourages listeners to support independent media and American businesses in order to maintain freedom and sovereignty. In another segment, he and his guest discuss mindset, personal development, government education, and taking action against tyranny. They touch upon the importance of positivity, overcoming limiting beliefs, censorship, and suppression of free speech. The conversation covers topics such as Reset Wars, propaganda, spiritual warfare, COVID-19 vaccine, privately owned central banks, independent media, American businesses, finding like-minded individuals, government control, power, leadership, Kamala Harris, feminism, historical practices of controlling populations, MKUltra mind control projects, transhumanism, experiments on animals and humans, and the connection between these projects and Hollywood movies. The speaker highlights human rights violations in these studies and promotes products available at InfoWarStore.com. He urges people to wake up to tyranny and take individual action for resistance and justice.

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Today is definitely the day that the most news ever about this being a depopulation rollout takeover, both the virus and the response with the vaccines, the deliberate suppression of therapeutics that are basically 100% if you get them early, the attack on vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc.
We are witnessing the criminal global corporations through the UN and through our nation states that they've captured, literally engaged in 21st century warfare against the people.
Kaz, writing on Twitter, said the conspiracy theorist warned us about, and warned us last year, of vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, perpetual lockdowns, rampant inflation.
So the conspiracy theorist warned you of all those things.
Now, they're warning you of digital ID, social credit score, central bank digital currencies, climate lockdowns, energy rationing, pay attention.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
About one stillbirth every two months is the usual rate.
So to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in six months, that's highly unusual.
But the confirmation, the most important confirmation that we have...
From the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.
Health Minister questioned about reported explosion in fully vaccinated mothers experiencing stillbirths.
But here's the kicker.
Mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated and you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe.
So Minister, what do you say to the doctors who told expecting women it was okay to get fully vaccinated and what should they tell the mothers who deliver a stillborn baby?
We are recommending that women who are pregnant do receive the vaccine for the protection of themselves, protection of their baby as well.
It has been accepted by the Health Canada, by the World Health Organization, by the FDA.
Women who are pregnant is entirely safe.
And recommended for them to receive the vaccine.
Until about 10 years ago, every major government in the world said a pregnant woman should never take a vaccine because it can cause an autoimmune response and make the woman reject the baby.
A number of hospitals around the country are denying organ transplants to people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 or bumping them down on waiting lists.
This raises some ethical questions over the decisions.
In one highly publicized case, a Colorado health system denied a woman a kidney transplant.
The patient refuses to get a COVID shot.
So there's this policy put in place for something that could happen versus not getting a transplant, which could 100% lead to the end of my life.
Traveling nurses triple salaries as hospitals struggle with national staffing crisis.
The hospitals are struggling.
They're having to call the National Guard because they fired the uninjected.
But it is true what CNN says, because I've looked at the actual numbers and called hospitals.
They are full of people dying who are the vaccinated.
And that's confirmed from Israel, to the UK, to the United States, to Canada, to Australia.
We've got one more state to get through that gate.
It's a bit like, you know, getting the sheep through the gate.
End of the run.
I would recommend that instead of Christmas shopping, everyone shops for a COVID booster online or reaches out to their food partner to make them an appointment to go online for a COVID shot.
And that is the best exciting gift that can be given.
It's mind-blowing.
to see them on the news saying if you've had the shot you're protected
that's why people that don't have the shot are going to infect you.
For unvaccinated we are looking at a winner of severe illness and death.
They're unvaccinated.
For themselves, their families, and the hospitals, they'll soon overwhelm.
But there's good news.
If you're vaccinated, you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death.
Omicron is here.
It's going to start to spread much more rapidly at the beginning of the year.
And the only real protection is to get your shots.
If you get one shot, if you haven't gotten it yet, that'll help.
If you're at the point where you have everything, including your booster, you're in really good shape.
Why is President Biden telling people still that the vaccinated cannot spread COVID?
Can you say more?
Yeah, in a local interview on Tuesday, he said, how about making sure you're vaccinated so you do not spread the disease to anybody else?
The CDC says people who get vaccine breakthrough infections can be contagious.
Well, I'll say this.
I didn't hear this interview, so I would have to see it in its full context.
What I know and what the president believes is that we have to listen to the science, we have to listen to our public health officials, and that's what the president believes.
Immunity means your body knows how to beat it.
It doesn't matter if somebody's got it next to you.
That's 100%.
That's facts.
That's science.
That's reality.
But at the end of the day, folks, the entire thrust of the takeover is this medical tyranny with a medical ID, for the medical social credit score, the carbon tax.
And they get that in place.
And it's going in place all over the world right now.
We are now inside the mark of the beast.
So if you ever wondered, how is the devil, how is this world government he runs, going to get everybody to do this?
And now you know.
It's Friday, December 17th.
The year is 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Well, it's now all out in the open.
Joe Biden came out with his incredible threat, saying it's going to be a dark winter of death and destruction for the, quote, unvaccinated.
But you will be safe if you take the shot.
Literally terrorizing you to take something.
That by the third injection with the Pfizer, by the second with the Moderna, erases 90 plus percent of your immune system, turning off your killer T cells.
We'll play the clip in a moment.
But today is definitely the day that the most news ever about this being a depopulation rollout takeover, both the virus and the response with the vaccines, The deliberate suppression of therapeutics that are basically 100% if you get them early, the attack on vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc.
We are witnessing the criminal global corporations through the UN and through our nation states that they've captured, literally engaged in 21st century warfare against the people.
Kaz, writing on Twitter, said the conspiracy theorist warned us about, and warned us last year, of vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, perpetual lockdowns, rampant inflation.
So the conspiracy theorist warns you of all those things.
Now, they're warning you of digital ID, social credit score, central bank digital currencies, climate lockdowns, energy rationing, pay attention.
Electricity this year alone is up over 26%.
It's gone up 17% in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in just the last month on top of that.
Got that in the stack.
And then these headlines out of Austria and Germany.
Austria to begin shipping Unvax to prisons.
Oh, then we found Wired Magazine last year in March.
Attacking yours truly, saying I'm an insane devil liar.
First saying by next winter they'll be announcing new lockdowns and forced inoculation and the imprisonment of the unvaxxed in Europe and Australia.
Because they're the test beds.
And then a year later it'll be us.
That'll be by the midterms ten months from now.
But now it starts in Germany and Australia.
And then we're a little less than a year out.
From them trying to basically stop the midterms, or have such a smokescreen of political collapse, with the economy and cyber attacks and all the rest of it, that they're able to smokescreen stealing the election in 326 days.
This is unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me show you the news today.
Turns out what we told you, of course, 20 plus months ago was true.
We had all the documents then.
That Peter Daszak, who also goes to eugenics conferences with Bill Gates and talks about how he wants to depopulate you and your family.
Peter Daszak ran the Lancet Journal and had them lie and say that there was no gain of function going on and Lancet knew and helped cover up criminally.
That's out of the news today, but wait, it gets ten times bigger.
Are you ready for this one?
CDC warns Americans not to get J&J shot, period, over blood clot risk.
J&J fires another virus, it's a virus vector system, almost as dangerous as mRNA, into your cells and makes them produce the spike protein, which is toxic, and turns off your killer T's.
Some evidence shows it's even stronger than the Moderna and the Pfizer in its effects.
It does the same thing.
And it changes your DNA.
Big time.
Fires a combination of a human and a chimpanzee virus into your cells.
That sound good?
Carrying a payload with it.
That does the same thing as the mRNA.
Same message.
Daszak and Gates produced all these at the Wuhan lab the last 10 years, and then they, in November and December of 2019, sent the orders out to all the major Western vaccine makers that they had the patents and that they owned them.
Bill Gates, Fauci, Peter Daszak.
On record.
This is on record.
To prepare to make the vaccine for this spike protein that is the same spike protein from HIV that, wait for it, that Dr. Anthony Fauci with Bill Gates co-owns.
And they always had this plan to have a bunch of the same type vaccines out there that aren't vaccines.
And so that when you got upset about it, they go, okay, we pulled one off.
That's in the SPARS 2023 document that's really set in the year 2020 to 2023.
This is the martial law takeover of the planet in their own words.
So here it is, it's from ZeroHedge.com, it's on InfoWars.com.
CDC warns Americans not to get J&J shot over blood clot.
Goes on to say that it should be pulled from the market.
Wow, not getting a lot of attention.
It gets worse.
School district in New York sends out email, this is on InfoWars.com, Gateway Pundit also has it.
School District in New York sends out email warning parents of sudden cardiac arrest in students from 5th grade to 12th grade.
And they just say, don't worry, we've got defibrillators and everything ready, and there's just going to be a lot more heart attacks, just get used to it.
And then it gets worse.
Remember how much I harped on this?
The U.N.
won't sign the secret agreement with Pfizer to give liability protection to them and Moderna, so that's why they will not inject anyone that is a, quote, refugee they're bringing in, because they said of strokes and heart attacks, and that it will scare refugees from not coming.
So, you're being targeted as a police officer, or a school teacher, or a person that works at a grocery store, or a farmer, or a five-year-old child trying to go to school, or a woman that wants to go into Cheesecake Factory and eat with her family.
You're going to be arrested.
But if you want to come across, that's okay and the UN's not going to do it because, well, they're not going to give themselves any liability.
And that's all the secret documents and admissions.
Pfizer has power to, quote, silence governments.
That's ABC News.
Silence governments in secret agreements.
Now you're starting to see global corporate coup.
Alex Jones was not engaged in hyperbole on any of this.
I'm telling you exactly what's going down.
And now they've got all their talking heads across the world saying forced injections are coming to Europe, the United States and Australia.
And I told you months ago with all them preparing that, that's like artillery opening up before the ground forces move in, that they would start announcing the forced inoculations first in Europe, then Australia, then the UK, then Canada, then the US.
It's now started exactly as I said, precisely.
They found the video.
I've got to send it to the crew.
It's on Twitter.
21 months ago, I said, you'll start having weather reports on the viruses and whether you can go out or not on your apps.
It's now been announced by CNN that it will be a weather-like app and will tell you where you can go and what you can do and that this is with us forever and it's going to be like storms, like tornadoes, like hurricanes.
Told you I've got the enemy.
I didn't read that in a document.
I just, I just know them.
I just am inside their head.
And of course, now billboards all over the Western world that it's normal for children to have heart attacks and strokes and die.
So, it's on, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, the Weather Channel now is bringing localized COVID-19 updates to your phone.
Total BS.
And it gets worse.
Refugees lack COVID shots because drug makers fear lawsuits documents show.
Oh, and what did the Reuters article say last week about, oh, the first 30-something pages of the hundreds of thousands that Pfizer released to the FDA after a federal court ordered it?
They had just massive deaths and miscarriages they covered up and lied to the public.
And now they're just normalizing killing you, you see?
It's all coming out.
They're not even getting in trouble.
And in the SPARS document from 2018, they talk about, with John Hopkins and the Rockefeller Foundation, how they're going to normalize killing you and how you're going to take it and how you're going to like it.
And, oh, the parents get all the attention when their kid has a stroke or heart attack and they get to go bury them and it's so much fun and so liberal and cool.
It's almost as good as, you know, the sexual sterilization of the children and all the chemical castration.
It's so liberal.
And it gets worse.
Oh, I haven't even, oh, it gets even worse.
Way worse when we come back.
But it's all coming out, how they're murdering you and your family, and then big techs working around the clock to suppress any of this getting out, which means them accomplices to murder one.
Yeah, it's Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset.
Taking down the evil humans.
He is the avenger.
He is the destroyer.
You know, here's what I'm going to do.
I'm not going to get into the incredible injection news that already started hitting this segment.
I'm going to do it next segment.
I'm going to ask you to tell everybody you know on the local radio station you're listening to or with the links at InfoWars.com forward slash show or with today's live show headline to join us now and be warned and understand what's happening and be part of the solution in the mass awakening.
Friday bomb show.
CDC warns Americans not to take COVID jab while UN bans COVID vax for migrants over liability fears.
Meanwhile, a New York school district has sent out a mass email warning parents of sudden cardiac arrest in their students.
In fact, it's the major New York school district.
Pretty incredible information.
I mean, I think that's red alert, red alert, red alert territory, isn't it?
Because I say right beneath that, red alert, red alert, red alert.
The Globalist House of Cards is coming down.
You do not want to miss this bombshell Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show, because they're not going to give up.
You understand that.
We were getting populist-selected all over the world.
We were building a pro-human future just five years ago, and they've counterstruck with their Operation Lockstep, Crimson Contagion, Dark Winter, Spars 2023 operation.
That's how I know exactly when they're going to do it and how they're going to do it because it's a program.
I've got a Vice article here that I mentioned that I've got to take time out today to at least show you part of.
Or I'll show you the headline, you can go read it yourself.
It's a long 20-page article demonizing myself and many others.
Saying the insane conspiracy theorists claim forced inoculations are coming.
They claim by next year, they'll claim there's new variants, you've got to take all these new boosters, and they're going to force you.
How insane are these scum?
And of course, it hasn't aged well, that clip.
That's why they're now censoring on Twitter and Instagram, confirmed.
Clips of Fauci on TV, again, 18 months ago saying we got to be careful about the new vaccine that it doesn't cause A.D.E.
Antibody Dependency Enhancement, which tends to kill you.
Oh, but oh, you're not allowed to say that now.
So even he's memory hold.
I mean, he's the good Fauci.
So we're not allowed to hear what he said a year and a half ago.
We're only allowed to hear what he says now.
You can't show him saying masks don't work a year and a half ago.
You just have him saying wear two.
And by the way, even if you're by yourself in your home, wear one and test yourself on Christmas.
That's what he said yesterday.
Literal cult programming.
Oh, and the CDC's quietly announced, and the UK's announced, Australia's announced, New Zealand's announced, and Germany's announced, Spain's announced.
That we're never going back to normal, and the lockdown's permanent, and you're always gonna get new shots, three or four a year, up to seven a year, up to ten a year, and then they laugh at you and say, but you can have an orgy with 25 people.
By the way, if you're a new listener, I'm not joking.
The same people said, don't look at the sunset and don't talk to your neighbors, but you can have sex with 25 people in an orgy.
By the way, if you're a new listener, that's not a joke.
The Prime Minister of New Zealand said that two days ago.
It didn't even rate for us to play it.
Yeah, there it is.
Didn't even rate for us to play it in the sea of evil going on.
Speaking of pedophilia, they busted more people trafficking or trying to traffic children.
More CNN producers trafficking children.
Hey, Newsflash.
I mean, folks, I'm not kidding when I said last week when the other CNN news broke that a large number of their producers are pedophiles.
I mean, that's well known.
You don't get the job unless you're a sick, evil person at CNN.
And so, they don't vouch for you unless you're pretty sick.
So when you see CNN hosts, when you see CNN crew, I mean, I'm not saying that as a joke when I tell you that you're dealing with the Legion of Satan.
I mean, that is a satanic command base.
The founder of it literally wants to murder you and your family and kill 7 plus billion people.
So, just understand, you keep wondering why this is happening.
They want to murder you, but let me speak to this.
I was sitting here thinking about friends and family I know that are aware of the globalists and aware of the takeover, but they're so selfish Even friends and family have known for a long time, some of them, that they can't get upset about this because they've got a life to lead and they'll just go through whatever hoops they've got to jump through to just continue to watch their Netflix and hang out with their friends and drink beer.
So that makes these people literally aiding and abetting the globalists.
I was asking myself, what is the common denominator in these people?
They're in a trance.
They were born into comfort.
They were born into things being pretty tranquil and safe, and so they just don't get how they're going to lose their future and their laissez-faire lifestyle very soon Because they're selfish.
And when you get a bunch of selfish people who don't care about themselves, don't care about others, the whole society degenerates and the whole society begins to collapse in rapid order.
And medically, much of the Western world, from watching so much television and screen time, and the flicker rate, is in a close-to-sleep state.
A daydreaming state.
Highly suggestible.
That's mainline science.
And that's what we cover in Reset Wars.
And so you're already awake!
The listeners of this broadcast are more awake than I am anyways.
So for you, it's something to learn the technicals of, because you're already basically somewhat immune to the mind control.
None of us are perfect.
And so you need to go see Reset Wars to share it with other people.
And you know, I'm going to talk to some of my members of family who don't take stuff serious enough, and I'm going to make them watch Reset Wars, or I'm going to disassociate from them in general.
Because society's going down, and people need to choose a side to really fight this.
And we need to... The left bullies everybody to submit to their agenda.
We need to not bully people, but we need to say, hey, you better choose what side you're on in this thing.
So I am so proud of Reset Wars, and I'm so thankful to the listeners that have gone and gotten the course.
We've seen some complaints because it's $200, and my answer to you is we need the money to stay on air and build a whole new infrastructure, which we're doing, and we need the money to do this.
People go pay thousands of dollars for George Strait tickets or for NFL tickets or basketball tickets in the front row.
This is a couple hundred dollars.
Cutting it here with the supplement sales and t-shirts, the rest of it.
And I'm not complaining at our listeners that support us.
You know who you are.
But for people on the fence, you need the information in Reset Wars.
This is game-changing.
I mean, what do you think I do?
All I do is game-change.
I'm not bragging.
I know what I'm talking about.
You need Reset Wars.
But regardless, if you're a regular listener that's already really awake, you will still be helped by it.
It's very powerful.
It's a lot to absorb.
Very, very deep information.
But also very simple at one level.
So, I hope everybody goes to ResetWars.com.
We've had just rave reviews, but we have had a lot of complaints that we only did three days of the 25% off.
And so, the 25% off is brought back for the Christmas sale through Christmas Day, and then it's going to go back to its regular price.
We're going to launch a bunch of other courses that are less, and a whole bunch of other special events and things, but we had to have this to build the infrastructure, and you're the founders by being members at ResetWars.com.
You're helping found the next level of the InfoWars, so thank you.
The globalist cult is so sick.
The top brass are almost all New World Order now, and they have Congressional Medal of Honor events, something Obama suspended because he didn't want the country to be patriotic.
But now the globalists have full control.
They are wrapping themselves in the flag and the valor of our history and our troops.
And it's truly disgusting.
And I've got a stack of news.
On that front of what they're now teaching, officially, critical race theory and beyond, inside all four branches, or five branches now, of the U.S.
So that's a whole stack I've got that I'm going to hit, coming up the start of the next hour.
We have a special guest, Michael Reardon, who is a friend of mine, and I talked him into coming on the show.
He's just really super smart, one of the smartest people I know about human nature.
And I wanted to get him on months and months and months ago.
And he said, well, when your Reset Wars comes out, that's what I want to speak about, because we had talked about the concepts and the ideas, and he agreed with them, but had really articulate ways to talk about it.
It's not going to be a pitch for Reset Wars.
That's just when he wanted to come on.
And so hopefully you'll be hearing more from Mr. Reardon here on the show, because he really is a sage individual.
And I've got other friends that I'd like to try to get on air that don't want to be public, that are just as smart.
And you know, some are black, some are white, some are Hispanic, some are old, some are young, but they all have the spirit of God in them.
They all got that fire.
And so look forward to Mike Reardon in studio in the third hour today.
All right.
Again, I've learned that if I come on the show and release the most incredible information, nobody cares.
But if you do a drum roll, or you build it up, remember in the old days when you'd know a new movie was out, because they'd put big spotlights out at the movie theater, and I'd say, Dad, Dad, I want to go see the movies.
I want to go see the movies.
You'd go, okay, let's drive over there and see what's showing.
Because in the old days, you didn't have the internet and smartphones and all that crap.
You'd look at the newspaper, and you'd be in the car with a newspaper.
So, we'd drive over to see what was showing.
He'd say, all right, we can stay out late.
I'll call Mom, tell her we're not getting home till midnight.
We're going to go see Double Feature or whatever.
And it's the same thing.
We need to really make a noise.
We really need to get aggressive about this information.
That's why yesterday, I said on air, and we need to cut promos about it and get the word out everywhere, that we're going to repeat something we did in 2016.
They really put me on the New World Order's enemies list.
It was so effective.
And that was people video-bombing, photo-bombing.
That's not an explosive term.
The media will claim that.
But the general public knows what it means.
Jumping in front of a camera, taking over a live show, where it's legal and lawful when they're in a public space, jumping on camera and saying, the vaccines are poison!
This is depopulation!
The vaccines will kill you!
And everybody that does it gets $5,000.
And I've sold my house I'm selling, soon you'll see, I'm going to sell a little bit of art I've got, everything.
Because there's going to be nothing if we don't beat this anyways.
I think I might even sell my great-grandmother's china that I was given.
Everything's got to go into the fight now.
Because they're coming after the children, they're now injecting them with deadly poisons.
But my point is, is that There is a planned, designed collapse of civilization taking place right now, and we can't just continue to go on and act like that we're not in the middle of a war.
Run by the big corporations and the media, gaslighting us to accept the extermination of the general public.
And it's hot and heavy.
It's deep now.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, I'm going to cap it at $300,000.
That's what I did in 2016.
We had more money then.
We should have known back then how much attack we'd be under.
I had a good idea, but I wish I would have raised more capital, but that's okay.
But I'm putting out there $300,000.
How many times is $5,000 divided into $300,000?
Quite a few times.
is 5,000 divided into 300,000, quite a few times.
For every person that confronts the media, that gets out on a live transmission or that
goes viral, however it gets out there, $5,000 if it's legally and lawfully done.
But it's a form of really low intensity.
Civil disobedience.
It's not going in stores and blocking them.
It's not going in restaurants and having sit-ins because they want vaccine passports, which I think is a really good thing to do.
And I commend the folks that are doing it.
But you can get arrested.
You can get hurt.
It's a more serious level.
But going in front of local media, college media, national media, sporting events, you get it out audibly and you get it out visually.
Believe me, I want to pay the money out.
You get it out $5,000 and And, I'm going to announce this, on February 1st, I will judge out of all the entries who's done the best, and they will win $20,000.
And we're not just doing this for money.
I know you're not doing it for money, but it makes it fun, and the award, and having the person on, because I want to have the folks that are doing it.
I mean, remember, everywhere Bill and Hillary went, you're a rapist, infowares.com, because I wanted them to know it was me.
I wanted to know some people aren't afraid of them, no matter what happens.
And then I know who they are, and I know they run pedophile ranks.
And now everybody knows that they do.
Biden went out to Kentucky to be a ghoul over the population there after the tornadoes, and he got called a pedophile.
Which, by the way, the FBI now confirms Ashley Biden's diary, and we've got Hunter Biden's diary and video laptop with him and the Trophy photos of him and his 13-year-old niece having sex and all the rest of it.
I mean, this is a family of pedophiles, ladies and gentlemen.
It's mind control.
They're all extremely traumatized.
Very sick.
And so, that's who they put in to humiliate us and try to break our will, but he's not our president.
We know they stole the elections.
And so, try as they might, humanity's waking up and rejecting them.
And now the FBI is trying to put James O'Keefe in jail when he didn't even put the diary out.
I remember it was a controversy at the time that O'Keefe wouldn't put it out.
And people said it was real.
And now it is real.
So that attack on the press continues.
But do you understand how big the vaccine news is today?
The CDC says do not take the J&J shot.
First, it was a heart warning.
Now it's do not take it.
Now there's a heart warning on the Pfizer and Moderna.
Next it'll be don't take that.
How do I know?
It's in the SPARS document.
But then they'll normalize that they killed you and not get in trouble and roll out more new injections for new viruses they've cooked up and got at the ready for you.
This is a civilization destabilization collapse plan.
And the only way we get out of it is admitting how much trouble we're in.
So we're going to take a break.
Long segment coming up.
And I'm going to come back.
And I am going to go over all of this in great detail.
CDC warns Americans not to get J&J shot over blood clot risk.
School district in New York sends out emails warning parents of sudden cardiac arrest in students, saying get used to it in five-year-olds and up.
Now they say as soon as the babies get it, get ready for them to have heart attacks and die as well.
Totally normal.
Totally liberal.
Reuters reports refugees lack COVID shots because drug makers fear hostage and have not been identified by the UN.
Oh, really?
Ex-pro footballer calls for investigation into footballer suffering heart problems.
Bolsonaro wants to expose health officials who approved COVID vaccine for kids and now they've got weather reports for the virus like I predicted a year and a half ago they would do for the virtual blizzard of Omicron and all the rest of this BS as they prepare new lockdowns ahead of the election that's only 10 months away.
November, early November 2022 is 326 days out.
365 days in a year.
And we don't even have a year.
We have 326 days.
They're going to hit us with cyber attacks, power outages, terror attacks are going to blame on us and more.
Prepare yourselves.
I have no fewer than four clips.
Of politicians and deranged talk show hosts in the United States calling for forced inoculations to begin.
Germany and Austria have already announced the forced injection start in February of next year, only a month and a half away.
And then we have this headline right here.
It's on Infowars.com.
Want to make people eat plant-based food?
Give them no choice, study finds.
That's right.
Have the banks and credit cards penalize them in a social credit score if they try to eat meat, and then that will phase out meat.
Oh, and that's what Biden just said about the banks.
He wants the banks to go off a social credit score to decide if you've got a pro-green, anti-carbon lifestyle.
That's in the news.
Today, Biden saying he wants the banks to control what you can buy and sell and do.
No wonder they've announced everybody with $600 or more in transactions a year will have every transaction you do watched.
It's already being watched.
Now they're normalizing.
You're like, that violates the Fourth Amendment.
Well, a lot of things violate the Fourth Amendment.
This is a stampede.
This is a criminal revelation.
A criminal Takeover.
A criminal revolution.
But here is the puppet Biden, last night, saying that, oh, it's going to be a horrible winter of death for the unvaccinated.
Every statement there is a lie.
It's not a vaccine.
If you've taken it, it lowers your immunity, whether it's the J&J, the Pfizer, the Moderna, the AstraZeneca.
It's not just linked to blood clots.
It's proven to do it.
And he sits there and lies and says it's a winner of severe illness and death because we've already got double the hospitalizations of COVID this year than we had last year and they've been double vaxxed in almost every case!
Same numbers all over the world!
From Gibraltar to Singapore to Germany to Israel to the most vaccinated states like Vermont.
They have the highest rates of COVID-19.
And in places like South Africa with 6% injected They have the lowest rate in the world.
And the news says the ignorant Africans don't trust the government.
I wonder why.
Don't sound too ignorant to me.
They know about the UN and what they're up to.
Hell, you can type it in.
Even Reuters admits most polio cases, almost all polio cases are caused by the polio vaccine, and one in particular, you betcha, Bill the Depopulation Master Gates!
Absolutely insane.
Yeah, in India.
In Australia, in Africa, people attack the U.N.
workers when they come and try to inject the children at the playgrounds without parental consent.
This is footage out of India.
They're not stupid.
You don't think a white truck with U.N.
workers pulls up to give your kids shots because they like you, right?
Everybody knows it's to kill you slowly with a soft kill weapon.
And here we are.
J&J shot, oh but they spin it, oh, we're saying don't take it and pull it off the market
because the others are better and they're effective and safe, which is another lie,
which is what Biden has been confronted about, saying, oh, even a month ago, oh, you take
it, you're 100% covered.
Go ahead and play the clip of him and then Jake Ducey taking the press secretary of the
Go ahead and play the clip and then play clip one.
Unvaccinated, we are looking at a winner of severe illness and death.
They're unvaccinated.
For themselves, their families, and the hospitals, they'll soon overwhelm.
But there's good news.
If you're vaccinated, you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death.
Omicron is here.
It's going to start to spread much more rapidly at the beginning of the year.
And the only real protection is to get your shots.
If you get one shot, if you haven't gotten it yet, that'll help.
If you're at the point where you have everything, including your booster, you're in really good shape.
Oh, you're in really good shape with your immune system almost completely turned off.
It's Peter Ducey, by the way.
Jake Ducey is with the Reset Wars.
So, here is Peter Ducey.
Really quick, just quickly, why is President Biden telling people still that the vaccinated cannot spread COVID?
Can you say more?
Yeah, in a local interview on Tuesday, he said, how about making sure you're vaccinated so you do not spread the disease to anybody else.
The CDC says people who get vaccine breakthrough infections can be contagious.
Well, I'll say this.
I didn't hear this interview, so I would have to see it in its full context.
What I know and what the president believes is that we have to listen to the science.
We have to listen to our public health officials.
And that's what the president believes.
Thank you.
You know, Jean Pierre is even more arrogant than Jen Psaki, if it's possible, because I'd said that Jen Psaki oozed the most arrogance and fraud I'd ever seen out of a woman, except maybe Hillary Clinton.
And this woman tops it.
The disdain, the arrogance, and she wears it like armor.
Oh, well, it doesn't matter if he said the vaccine's 100% effective, even though it's negative effective for six months and destroys your immune system.
No, because we have science and she can kind of move her shoulders around and look all official and kind of stick her chest out and just, you know.
And again, they teach him this arrogant, gaslighting body language that we see out of the Australian Prime Minister and the New Zealand Prime Minister and that bozo, the clown leftist that poses a patriot.
Boris Johnson.
By the way, I was looking at a photo of him, and we all know this, but... Pull up Boris Johnson.
It's a gimmick.
His Einstein hair.
If you look, you can see it's all cut in different lengths.
On the tips.
Up to a half inch different everywhere to make it look all wild.
Oh, look!
I'm Bozo the Clown!
I'm trendy!
I'm punk rock!
I'm cool!
You can trust me!
He's a murdering, globalist, criminal, who's married to a satanist, on record.
Just like Tony Blair.
The man is an absolute disgrace and a fraud, and now he's bringing in lockdown twos and, of course, vaccine passports and forced inoculations.
But they're not going to call it that.
So let's keep running through what these criminals are up to.
CDC warns Americans not to get J&J shot over blood clot risk.
Isn't that just cute?
And then it goes in to say, oh, because the others are safe, which is another lie.
On record.
School district in New York sends out email warning parents of sudden cardiac arrest in five-year-olds and up.
Gateway Pundit obtained a copy of the email where the ESM stated that there are regulation where all districts are now required to ensure that nurses and coaches can address the treatment and monitoring of students who exhibit signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest because, well, you know it's going to be increasing like the billboards tell us.
It's the new normal.
And again, I mention this because it's so huge.
This is really waking people up.
Refugees lack COVID shots because drug makers fear lawsuits documents show.
Oh, the UN won't sign an agreement indemnifying them.
No honor amongst thieves.
It's the UN set up by the robber barons.
So it's their mechanism.
So they're not crapping in their own backyard.
You don't Crap where you eat, as they say.
But the great patriot, way better than President Trump, the real model of global leadership and honor and courage.
I'm not putting Trump down, but I mean, he's way below Bolsonaro.
Bolsonaro wants to expose health officials who approve COVID vaccine for kids, experimental use, and who tried to get them to sign on to secret agreements with Pfizer.
We're going to cover that more next hour and get into the new lockdowns they're going to push, what to expect next year and how to stop it.
But I wanted to show you the secret documents, not just sit there and say this is going on and how they admit it.
Look at these headlines.
Pfizer has power to silence governments and maximize profits, Consumer Group alleges.
They don't allege, it's in the documents.
So I saw that meme out there, it shows a doctor injecting a person's arm, and it says Big Pharma 100% liability protection, no liability on his armband.
And on the armband of the person getting shot up, It says trust us.
In fact, will you guys pull that out of the stacker?
Reprint me that from yesterday.
I want to show that.
But continuing here, ladies and gentlemen, government signed secret vaccine deals.
Here's what they hide.
The New York Times even told us.
In secret vaccine contracts with governments, Pfizer took hard line to push for profit.
It's not about profit.
It's about murdering people and getting away with it.
CDC advised Back to use of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over Johnson & Johnson.
And it just goes on and on.
What an incredible time to be alive.
And as I said, when we start the next hour on this Live Friday edition, I'm going to get into all these other stacks on that front, and then the pedophile stack is huge today, with all the different CNN people getting busted.
Because, I mean, look, you can't swing a stick in the dark at CNN and not run into one of these people.
Or all their shows saying it doesn't exist, it's not happening, but sterilize your child!
Let the school sterilize him!
It's another form of abuse, another form of depopulating, another form of hurting children, which is the religion of these people.
In olden times, they called them devil worshippers.
By the way, Reset Wars is available.
It's now live at ResetWars.com.
And the 25% off deal is back, running through Christmas.
Should you wear a mask if you're healthy?
And if you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing a medical mask.
But if you are, then you should.
Right now is our insistence now on wearing masks.
Masks do not work for the general public.
People should not be walking around with masks.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
You do not need to wear a medical mask.
Masks don't control viruses.
They control you.
That's what this is about.
I really believe that if we get rid of the masks, the rest of this house of cards fall down.
It just blew my mind how the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
The biggest issue with face masks is the impact they have on our children.
But children in masks is absolutely dangerous.
And this has to stop!
Defend our children!
The air should not be illegal to breathe.
COVIDLAND Episode 2 The Mask Order your copy now at Infowarstore.com
and receive Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death
absolutely free from Infowarstore.com If you study what we call evil throughout human history, it
always acts the same.
It is jealous and envious of innocence.
And what is innocence?
It is new life that has not experienced the universe yet and that has the core programming that God gave it.
They want to torture and punish that so that they can try to crack their way in and create new personalities or new software they're able to place onto our hard drive and control us.
People ask, Jones, why are you so popular?
Well, it's the same reason Joe Rogan is so popular.
He's the most alive person I've ever known.
I've known him now 23 years.
And he's an amazing Renaissance man.
He's not just the top podcaster.
He's not just an incredible shot with a gun or a bow.
He's also a great dad.
He's also a really incredible comic.
He's not just an amazing jujitsu or taekwondo champion and celebrating Joe's success is a celebration of us all so I
see my enemies Demonizing me and lying about me and attacking me
It's because they are threatened by the fact that we have life and we have energy and the reason we do is we're still
innocent We're following the innate programming that God gave us and
we're reaching up into the infinite and it's that connection that people are
attracted to and that's why the globalists are trying to suppress that because the will of the people is to come
together and to experience life together and to build incredible art and
culture and more life together.
That's what we are as creators and that's why there's an attack on the sacred coming together of men and women and the sacred family because families aren't just nuclear families, they are cultures and societies and peoples and the globalists are just obliterating all of that.
They're annihilating people's consciousness and will and connection to the infinite so they can impose their enslavement system, their metaverse.
So instead of just using psychological warfare for the TV and the culture to create these new false constructs, it's way worse with the metaverse because now they control all the input and are forcing the VR goggles onto children's heads and forcing the imposition of this real-life matrix onto them so that they can crush and destroy the seed that is in every child of the potential of the universe's Muhammad.
Gandhi says and that's the information we lay out in recent wars and that's the
information that spontaneously now Elon Musk is talking about just days before
we release it the exact same information that's in our film shot months ago
that's in this six-hour class is what Musk is now talking about because that's
the chain reaction of consciousness it happens over and over again throughout
history radio was invented by three people on two different continents in
the same week And it's the same thing with so many other things.
Radio wasn't invented.
That technology was already there.
Humans just discovered it.
So don't let them crush your will.
Don't let them destroy your destiny.
Realize you have innate free will and you can overpower all the propaganda, all the brainwashing, all the garbage.
But if you're not conscious of it and don't use your free will to choose freedom and to choose to be alive, And to choose to be eternally like a child, seeing the
world with new eyes every moment.
That instead you'll be slaves of very, very evil people that have turned their back on
God and justice and freedom and who've destroyed their futures and who want to take us with
them into their own metaverse hell they've created.
Not me.
We're launching Humanity's Counter-Strike of Love and Justice and Expansion of Consciousness at ResetWars.com.
Join me there.
And it's 25% off, ladies and gentlemen.
We're extending it through Christmas.
25% off.
It helps keep Info-Force on the air and it really is game-changing scientific but also spiritual information that globals don't want you to know.
It's Friday, December 17th, 2021.
And I just spent a lot of the first hour hitting the biggest news yet.
It just gets topped every month or so of the last 20 plus months of this COVID martial law globalist power grab.
I'm going to recap the COVID news in the last segment of this hour, but we've got to cover everything else that's happening because COVID is the most important.
It's the precinct.
This was on Twitter this morning.
to bring in global government, to bring in the cashless society, to bring in the vaccine passports that are the
global social credit score, that are the carbon tax system in their own words and own
plans, they're now operational.
So it's the mechanism through which they carry out the rest of their agenda.
But it's also important to know the rest of the agenda and where it takes us.
This was on Twitter this morning. I was sent it. I read it at the start of the last hour. I'm going to read it now
The conspiracy theorists warned you of vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, perpetual lockdowns, rampant inflation.
Are you now going to start paying attention?
Are you going to listen to the fact that we're now warning you of?
A digital ID, social credit score, central bank digital currencies, climate lockdowns, energy rationing.
Are you paying attention?
When you see and hear all the horrible, evil, depopulation, forced abortion statements out of the Extinction Rebellion group, you're hearing what Ted Turner and Bill Gates And Klaus Schwab and Ted Turner want to do to you.
And George Soros, he's involved.
Warren Buffett's involved.
Charlie Munger's involved.
That's why you see Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett going, yeah, we've got to depopulate people at least 80%.
Yeah, like China, how they're dictators.
We need that here.
I mean, I can play the clips.
That's who they are.
And so many people have said, well, I'll just go along with them because they'll pay me as a corporate minion if I just follow orders.
But they're doing it with money that is being rapidly devalued.
That's why real estate's exploding.
The real estate hasn't actually gone up in real value.
I know everybody knows this.
But I know people that convince themselves, man, five years ago, I had $300,000 in the bank.
I just sold my house for $3 million.
I'm a millionaire!
$3 million, 50 years ago, would buy 20 times what it does now, conservatively.
So, none of it means anything, except the globalists get first use of it to buy up companies, buy up corporations, buy up patents, and pay people for social Engineering purposes to follow their orders.
And they're flooding the world with trillions a day.
A day!
In currencies.
For compliance.
And they're getting all these people to do incredibly insane things.
I was reading where a Democrat Senator vetoed a bill against Chinese death camps because he got $60,000 from Nike.
I mean, you can come to me with $50 billion and say We want you to support Chinese death camps, and we'll give you this money."
I'm like, uh, yeah.
No, my soul's not worth that.
I mean, are you kidding me?
But see, these globalists just laugh and say, I'm gonna be God.
Screw God.
I'm gonna do what I want.
I'm survival of the fittest.
And so what we have is people engaged in predator activities against their own species.
And I understand that those of you out there that aren't evil people don't get that because it seems so alien.
But if you study history, you see that tyranny and oppression and predatory activity is the norm, not the exception.
And that freedom and justice and the Renaissance and Christianity is extremely rare.
And when it's actually practiced, incredible wealth and power ensues.
But then we always fall back into our pagan ways, don't we?
We always fall away, yet again, and again, and again.
But by the glory of God, I have been extracted from it.
And I am so thankful.
Oh my God.
Thank you, Lord.
So let me hit the rest of the news right now.
Let's talk about pedophile news.
Again, I want to explain this.
You have a son, you have a daughter, or you have a nephew, you have a niece.
You want to go have fun with them.
You want to draw and paint with them.
You want to swim with them.
You want to hike with them.
You want to play with toys with them.
You want to squeeze on them and hug them and cook them food and just take care of them because your instinct is normal and good.
The psychic vampires see a child, and all they see is that energy and that power and that potential for the future.
And they look at them like wheatgrass.
Because you know, we sell a product that's concentrated wheatgrass people love.
It's the Greens Capsules.
Because wheatgrass is the budding wheat.
And it's got 20, 30, 40, 50 times, depending on the type you're growing, of the actual vitamins and nutrients and things you're going to get from adult wheat.
Because it's all the energy of that seed reaching up towards the sky and up towards the light.
Well, it's okay to eat baby wheat, or baby alfalfa, or whatever sprouting seed you're getting, but you certainly Don't want it to be children.
And if you look at children and want to hurt them and want to abuse them and want to take their innocence away, you are working for the other side.
See, I don't want to hurt children.
I want to hurt people that want to hurt children.
I want to kill you.
And that's not because I like to kill people.
I like to protect children.
I guarantee you.
These people are going to a place called hell.
Because the universe is big, and it's real, and what your energy frequency is, it's all you are is a creature of light.
An energy field will go to what you chose.
So they're coming after our children like they're a little seed they want to eat, because it's that potential that they don't have.
They've sold it out, they've given it up for whatever reason, and so now all the zombies do is seek to destroy the innocents.
And so you see the zombie-in-chief, the archetype of a toddling servant of evil, dead, soulless, runs a family controlled by pedophilia and child rape, Toddling out to go to the tornado victims so he can perch there like the Grim Reaper and extract power like he's the savior and literally crowds are like, get out of here!
We hate you!
Get out of here!
You're a pedophile!
I mean, we posted an article yesterday.
There's like five, six clips you got to go watch.
So humanity is rejecting him and that's good news.
No matter where he goes, Hispanic neighborhoods, black, white, doesn't matter.
But now what do we have on the whole pedophile front?
Well, there's not just raping children.
There's this.
Forced labor as young as 10 in China.
Democrat senator who blocked China forced labor bill received 60,000 K from Nike execs in September.
And my point of showing this article is there's things far worse than just some potbellied pedophile raping a little boy or girl, which is horrible and destroys their innocence and is so evil.
Many times gives them diseases.
It's just it's horrible.
But on a scale of one to 10, it's about a three.
Injecting a child with something that's going to attack their immune system and shut it down for years and years, probably forever, we don't know yet, and give them blood clots, and kill them?
I mean, I'm not calling for raping children, but if I was one of those kids and I could roll the dice, I said, okay, I'd rather the pedophile rape me than be raped by Pfizer and Bill Gates' shot that takes over my DNA.
You know, you can go wash up and get cleaned up after your rape and, you know, toughen up a bit, but they don't want that.
They want the real rape, the genetic rape.
And then there's working in forced labor camps till you die rape.
This senator, for $60,000, he supports that.
Ten-year-olds being worked to death.
I'm talking 18 hours a day.
So we're talking about other forms of rape when we come back and understand these people like the power.
Like you've got the energy field to want to help children and even the thought of hurting them totally freaks you out.
The thought of hurting children to them is like you want to eat a big old piece of pecan pie with ice cream.
It just sounds so delicious and wonderful and everything they do is about getting access to your children.
Well I talked to Roger a couple days ago and he said he's pleading the fifth.
He was going to be in D.C.
Today I was summoned there as well today.
You notice I'm not there.
And he'll be joining us tomorrow exclusively to do a commercial free hour long interview at noon that will air at four o'clock tomorrow.
I'm doing a whole bunch of interviews today and tomorrow that are going to air as a Saturday emergency broadcast and Roger will be on.
It'll obviously be extremely news making if I tell people what I'm up to and what my legal strategy is.
But I have decided to really not try to be involved in the spotlight with this whole January 6 thing, because anything I say is going to be twisted around by Schiff and the rest of it.
So I'm thinking about making a statement tomorrow during the show, and we'll see.
But I'll just be honest with you.
With them coming after children with these deadly shots and confirmed it's giving them blood clots and erasing their immune system, I just fundamentally, like at a Holy Spirit level, I don't know how to explain this.
I don't have like a Machiavelli strategy.
It's just God says, hey, I don't want you to defend yourself right now.
I want you to just fight the forced injections and expose the inflation.
The people aren't tuning in to hear about you.
They're not tuning in to hear about the globalists.
And the way Trump got distracted by Russiagate for four years instead of his agenda is why they were able to steal the election from him and everything else that happened.
And so there's a lot that goes into that.
And I'm not knocking Roger going and having a press conference.
I think it's great.
And standing up, he did a great job and he'll be on tomorrow.
We'll talk some about it tomorrow.
I just cannot Be distracted by what's going on to myself and even others, because we're grown men, when the children are under attack at this level.
And I don't say that at some heroic point.
I just need to keep the focus on the children.
That's what I'm supposed to do.
And even me explaining this right now is a form of not keeping a focus on the children.
But I think you get what I'm saying.
I mean, we've had so many phone calls, so many Emails and text messages the last day.
Why aren't you covering JFK?
Why aren't you covering the government releasing more documents on that?
That'd be like the government releasing documents on George Washington having dental problems.
I mean, we know who killed Kennedy.
I had the exclusive, along with George Norey, of E. Howard Hunt and his son, and all the proof, plus I knew other people we interviewed, Who were involved?
I mean, we know.
The CIA killed Kennedy.
We know what went on.
There's no point... I mean, do you need me to tell you the January 6th committees are fraud?
Do you need me to tell you they're trying to put me in jail?
Do you need me to tell... No.
You know.
You know that.
But at the same time, I'm definitely interested in all of it.
And I was sitting there reading JFK documents, 1,500 pages, I was scanning over them this morning, and I'm sitting there at like 5 a.m.
reading these things, and I'm like, why am I reading this?
I already know all this.
And they only released what they wanted to release.
This is a rat trail.
Worse than a rabbit trail.
It doesn't matter.
Now, defending myself from the January 6 witch hunt is important, but we do that by financially funding the operation.
And I think about how much we're under attack.
I think about how effective we are.
All glory goes to God and to you guys that have spread the word.
But I mean, I've had almost all the big names, Bolsonaro, the list goes on, say this show woke them up.
The guests, the callers, myself, this, this is the most effective flagship in the fight.
And we are battle-hardened, we are scarred, we are wounded.
We are punished.
But this crew, these hosts, Owen and Christy Lee and the great Harrison Smith and Wilson and all the people here that do the job, they're all superstars in the fight for liberty.
And so I'm just glad you keep us on air.
And I can just tell you, we're going to continue to fight hard But we're going to do our best not to make the whole thing about us, other than to explain we're the tip of the spear, so we must have your support.
I mean, who could not support Infowars at this point?
I mean, I'm just blown away that we're in this position, and I'm so incredibly thankful.
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I knew you before you were in your mother's womb.
Before you were in your mother's womb.
This is the sum total of the real secret weapon systems of history and the CIA mind control.
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You want to see total proof that COVID-19 is a power grab and a way for governments to grandstand and make the whole public Suspects, so they can bring in a police state global control grid?
We got the proof right here, and I'm going to get to it in just a moment.
CDC data, fentanyl overdoses now kill more Americans ages 18 to 45 than COVID, cancer and car accidents and suicide combined, and kill more, period!
When you're just counting fentanyl versus COVID.
But oh my gosh, you'd think it was the end of the world every day.
Meanwhile, the Postal Service doesn't look through the mail, which they should be doing anyways, for fentanyl.
They look for ivermectin that's totally safe, because they want you to die, because they follow the orders of the technocrats.
It's all done in corporate contracts that, quote, Pfizer, quote, controls the government, and, quote, controls the media.
And they slip up in Reuters today and go, yeah, that's why the U.N.
doesn't give any of the migrants shots, because the U.N.' 's a co-shareholder in this with Fauci and Gates, and they don't want to get sued themselves.
They just give the liability to the taxpayers they're killing.
So let's get back to raping.
You know, we think of rape as just a physical act of somebody coming and holding you down and trying to force sex on you, which is terrible.
But there's financial rape, there's psychological rape, there's biological GMO rape, turning you into a GMO creature with these deadly shots that masquerade as vaccines.
And the list goes on and on and on.
There's articles out today about the metaverse.
Oh my gosh, here it is.
Oh, there's big articles in Wired and the New York Times and Technology Review.
The metaverse has a groping problem already!
Yeah, it was probably the person saying they were groped with another avatar and they're doing it themselves.
I mean, I'm not saying in this case, but most of it's false flags.
Oh my gosh, someone groped your avatar!
So you go in a fantasy world and somebody bumps into you and then you get to freak out and say you were raped!
But nobody cares about the real rapes.
No, no, no.
When you expose the real rape, allegedly, in her diary that confirms real, of Biden's youngest daughter saying, my father had sex with me, but I blacked it out.
That's why I take all these drugs.
That's all confirmed real, but he's not the one that's bad, the public president.
No, no, no, no.
It's, it's James O'Keefe.
The Ashley Biden diary's real, but the FBI only cares about investigating Project Veritas, RedState.com reports.
Oh, but don't worry, there's a metaverse groping problem.
Yes, yes, yes.
Gotta make it all real in there.
I was raped by 150 men.
Young woman claims grooming gangs at large in Hull.
That's in the UK.
And of course, it was first Tommy Robinson had exposed that 15 years ago.
All confirmed now, including many girls, murdered and chopped up.
But the Muslims that they called Asian grooming gangs, scapegoating poor Asians, didn't have it.
They had kebab shops of supposedly sheep meat.
Was it sheep meat?
You're like, man, that sounds incredible.
Yeah, it is incredible.
Criminals do when governments protect them.
And it wasn't just the Pakistani men running these kidnapping rings.
The police and judges were involved, and they were dropping by to rape him as well.
Plenty of plenty of white dudes involved.
In fact, they were running it.
I mean, look at Prince Charles and Jimmy Savelle.
Let's not just blame the Pakistanis, though.
They have a big problem and do it as well.
And absolutely, their business is pimping little British girls and Scottish girls and Irish girls.
I was raped by 150 men!
And it goes on to how the government covered it up.
That's just in one town.
Great-grandparents who reported lesbian couple in the UK for abusing toddler were dismissed as racist.
They then beat the little girl's brains out.
Even when they came to the house and the child was dizzy and couldn't walk at age three and had blood coming out her
nose, they just said, "It's okay."
They said right-wingers have reported as the grandparents are bad Christians.
And basically the local establishment said, get the killing going.
It's murder time.
Just like this one.
mother and lesbian lover tear off nine-year-old son's penis then behead him as he reminded them of dad
dismissed as racist homophobes The family who tried to save Star Hobson was the baby's name.
Toddler's injuries were ignored five times by social services after gypsy lesbian stepmother convinced workers great-grandparents who raised alarm were just troublemakers.
And you know they won't serve any jail time.
They committed a sacrament.
The murder of a little girl.
Game on!
victory and then it gets more liberal. Stories up on Infowars.com from Reclaim
Twitter locked out Think Tank policy director for opposing chemical castration of children.
The major accredited Think Tank Said it's abusive to trick little children into saying they're having a sex change and then take parental rights away and physically or chemically castrate them.
That's abusive!
And governments need to get involved in banning!
And Twitter said, you're not allowed to lobby and stop our transhumanist movement.
We're gonna get those ovaries.
We're gonna get those testicles.
And the thousands of surgeries now in the U.S.
every year of 12-year-olds having their breasts cut off.
Having a woman say, you're really a man, go cut those off.
Cut them off, show us.
Now you get all the attention.
Now cut those breasts off!
Cut that genitals!
Cut those off!
You go watch a Hellraiser, or you go watch Event Horizon, you know, 30 years ago, it's like, oh, shocking!
The demons want to cut your genitals off!
And the real world's like, it's for your children!
And it goes on.
Here's the tweet that got banned from John Schweppe.
He said, now we hope that governors will likewise be emboldened to continue the
fight against the evil gender ideology being forced on American children by joining
Harkinsaw and Tennessee in banning the chemical castration and
surgical mutilation of minors suffering from gender dysphoria.
And now you know why they call Biden a pedophile, because he is.
But it's more than just wanting to have sex with children.
That's old school.
Now you inject him with deadly GMO that gives him heart attacks and brain damage and the rest of it.
And now you get $60,000 because your Senator Ron Wyden, who's called for me to quote, be taken off the air to save America.
He's involved in lawsuits to shut us, take us off the air.
This man got $60,000 to block a law saying you can't have forced labor, including children.
Who work 18 hours a day, and they're killed if they cause a problem.
But it's okay, because he's Ron Wyden!
For $60,000.
Hell, they get $53,000 to intubate somebody and kill them in a hospital.
Look how cheap he was! $60,000!
Now, they pay him that every year, but, oh, you gave me $60,000?
Well, I'm going to sign on to death camps, because I'm not Alex Jones, you know.
The real moral thing when you're Ron Wyden, or the lawyers involved, you know, trying to shut down free speech, is just say you're against Alex Jones.
And then, you know, it's like you've done your sacrifice at the temple.
Then you can engage in whatever crime you want.
Oh, you're the ADL?
Come out and defend George Soros, the Nazi collaborator, buying off and putting in 800-plus It's disgusting.
And if I was Jewish, I would be really upset at the ADL running around committing these cultural crimes in your name.
And I know a lot of folks are upset about that.
even though he is. It's disgusting. And if I was Jewish, I would be really upset at the
ADL running around committing these cultural crimes in your name. And I know a lot of folks
are upset about that. Very sick. We're going to go to break.
We're gonna come back.
We got a special guest in studio coming up.
Good friend of mine.
But first, more COVID news, as I promised.
There's so much of it.
CDC data.
Fentanyl overdoses now kill more Americans ages 18 to 45 than COVID cancer, car accidents, and suicide.
And no matter what happens to me, whether the January 6th committee puts me in prison or whatever happens, I'm not gonna talk about Alex Jones the whole time.
I'm gonna talk about the pedophilia and the fentanyl and the rest of it.
Fentanyl killing more than all of it combined.
And they don't care about that, because the same people shipping in fentanyl gave you COVID.
There's Bob Marley's son, decades ago, singing about mind control.
Certainly know what they're talking about.
Corruption of your soul.
Corruption of your mind.
Corruption of your soul.
Two different ways to look at the same thing.
Mind control causes your defeat to manipulate your intention.
In fact, guys, give me the transcript of this, the lyrics.
Very powerful.
Sounds like Reset Wars.
Bob Marley didn't invent that.
His son didn't invent it.
I didn't invent it.
God did.
Mind control.
Corruption of your soul.
Corruption of your thoughts and soul.
First the thoughts to get access to the soul.
First the thoughts, then the soul.
Reset wars.
This is what it's really all about.
I think Bob Marley broke out of this stuff.
I think they killed him.
weaponize cancer Put them into total confusion to destroy
Their soul.
Practice what you preach.
We ought to try to get him on the show.
I think I've actually tried before.
Here, let's put it back on screen.
Let me just read the lyrics here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Now tell me what.
It's mind control.
Mind control.
Corruption of your thoughts.
Destruction of your soul.
Mind control.
It's mind control.
Corruption of your thoughts.
Destruction of your soul.
Don't let them mold your mind.
They want to control mankind.
Seems like their only intention is to exploit the earth.
He's got the transmission.
And you trust in their deceit.
People taking the shots.
Your mind causes your defeat.
And so you become An invention to distort the earth.
Wow, I mean that's total Holy Spirit right there.
You're becoming their creature, their GMO creature.
Propaganda and lies.
It's a plague in our lives.
How much more victimized before we realize, hey, it's mind control.
Mind control.
Corruption of our thoughts.
Yeah, destruction of our soul.
Mind control.
It's mind control.
Corruption of your thoughts.
Yeah, destruction of your soul.
That's how they get through, is through the mind.
Oh, Grandmaster, let the people go.
You put them in total confusion to destroy their soul.
For they practice what you preach.
So they're always in your reach.
High tech slavery in these days is mind control.
This is 20 years old, folks.
They'll make it attractive to get man distracted.
That's the 5G.
That's the metaverse.
Corrupting your soul.
Polluting your soul.
Destroying your soul.
Mind control.
Mind control.
Corruption of your thoughts.
Destruction of your soul.
Mind control.
It's mind control.
Corruption of your thoughts.
Destruction of your soul.
Come on and get it together, brother man.
What you say?
You gonna wake up?
You gonna go along with this?
It's mind control!
Mind control!
Corruption of your thoughts!
Destruction of your soul!
Mind control!
It's mind control!
Corruption of your thoughts!
The destruction of your soul!
The truth is there for us to see!
It's mind control!
Corruption of your thoughts!
Destruction of your soul!
The truth is there for you to see!
It's mind control!
Corruption of your thoughts!
Destruction of your soul!
The truth is there for us to see!
The truth is there for us to see!
Bob Marley, Rasta don't work for no CIA.
Well, you're dead.
So that's what this is, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's where we are right now.
This is not a game.
This is not a joke.
This is deadly serious.
They get control of your mind to destroy your soul.
First they come for your mind.
First they capture your mind.
Then they come for your soul.
That's in Reset Wars.
And we've just put together, in six plus hours, how it really works, how the enemy sees it, and how God sees it, so you can get the knowledge of good and evil, which you're already born into.
But this is like a manual.
This is actually the tree of life.
This is actually the forbidden fruit.
And I explained that, that this is dangerous to even put this out, folks.
But you already are born into it.
It was already done by our ancestors.
We already went from the knowledge of just good to knowing how evil works.
So this is how it works.
When you're perfectly connected to God, you didn't even know how you were connected.
You didn't even know you were perfect.
But they cut in.
They spliced in.
They took control.
So now you've got to have the knowledge of that evil.
Because if you don't have the knowledge of good and evil, you're born to good and evil, you're just in a trance.
You're under mind control.
You've got to now get like the Grand Master, just like Ziggy Marley said, and you've got to go, oh, that's the Grand Master's controlling me this way.
I'm going to be a Grand Master, but not to serve Lucifer or Satan.
I'm going to learn what they did to me, so I can go out and teach others to show them God is the only way.
The Holy Spirit, the Lion of Judah, is for everybody.
And the system's scared of any group or organization realizing they have that connection.
That's why I don't get mad at groups saying, oh, we're the ones, we're the best, we're standing up, we've got God.
Because at a level when people first wake up, that's how you see it, is racial identity.
But we are a human race, so it's bigger than that.
But you first have to recognize who you are and be proud of who you are and your connection to God, and then move to the next level, which is We are all one together in this great mission that God's created.
And that out of all these groups comes this incredible symphony that God's creating.
All right, I said I'd get to this, and here it is.
CDC data, fentanyl overdose now kill more Americans 18 to 45 than cancer, car accidents, and suicide together, including COVID.
And it's all deaths.
As well, we just count the COVID.
So, fentanyl overdoses now kill more Americans age 18 to 45 than not just COVID, but cancer, car accidents, and suicide on top of it.
Number one cause of unnatural death.
And do you hear a damn word out of the corporate media?
This indicts them.
This convicts them.
This proves every single bit of it right now.
It's a Kellerman Marine article.
It deserves if you want to save lives to get out to people.
And I'm going to shoot a video.
I just did a lot.
But I'm going to do a whole report on this because this proves COVID's a power grab.
This proves it's about vaccine passports and social credit scores.
We already know that.
They've admitted it.
But here it is.
They don't give a damn about fentanyl.
They don't give a rat's ass about something that kills millions of people of every stinking color.
I say stinking colors, I'm not blaspheming what color we are, but the fact that we're obsessed over it is BS!
It's mind control!
Corruption of your thoughts!
Destruction of your soul!
Corrupt the thoughts, get the fake input in to manipulate the spirit.
First they capture the mind, then they come for the spirit.
And again, New York City puts out an alert to parents, prepare for heart attacks and your children dying.
You can't make this up.
Economist warns Fed bringing a pea shooter to a gunfight over inflation.
Schiff Gold, very important article on Infowars.com.
And that ties into Turkey, halts all trading.
This is happening all over the world, by the way, not just Turkey.
China's collapsing.
Turkey halts all stock trading as currency disintegrates.
Central Bank powerless to halt collapse.
Millions of American households face 3,500 additional expenses.
This year's inflation explodes.
But that's okay because the metaverse has a groping problem.
That'd be like if you were playing Donkey Kong and, you know, you bumped into one of the barrels and you go, I just got, I just got groped.
But see, oh, the simulation is what matters, not the real world.
They want to distract you with a simulation while they destroy the real world.
Because the third dimension is only the launch point to the higher level.
And they don't want you to figure that out.
They don't want you to get off the launch pad, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, Reset Wars is about getting off the launch pad.
And due to listener demand, people love the course, but folks that went and saw, they said, we want 25% off.
We don't want that just three days.
So it's extended.
Through Christmas to Christmas Day.
That's got to end because other folks produced it and put it out and I convinced them that we don't need to continue the sale.
And so they agreed.
They brought the sale back 25% off ResetWars.com and your funding keeps this show on the air and lets us expand so many things.
So thank you.
To all of you that supported us, and thank you for going and getting the course, and thank you for everything else you've done, because without you, we wouldn't be here, and we're changing the world together.
And never forget, by your support of this broadcast, you have accomplished so much for myself, my family, and the crew.
Thank you so much, and God bless you.
We're fighting as hard as we can.
Without your support, we'll be shut down.
But with your support, we will continue to fight on and make history together.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Come back with my good buddy, who's going to be laying out his ideas of logic and how to break the matrix as well.
Stay with us.
Yeah, yeah.
We're here outside the Dáil today, lads, because we're living in very precarious times.
We're living in an inverse world in which the suppression of vital information, which is of public worthiness, is being suppressed by the legacy media.
Federal health officials say neither ivermectin nor hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID.
Don't even call them mainstream because they're all going to collapse like all the corrupt institutions are going to collapse when this great lie comes out.
There's serious vitriolic anger in the air and it's going to manifest and it's not going to be good for any citizens.
This is not a lunatic fringe.
This is people who are very well versed, very well researched and are aware as to the plans of the global elitist cabal that have plans over the course of this decade to completely abonish every single element and the concept of freedom.
Screw your freedom.
It's the freedom of your own body, freedom of bodily autonomy, the freedom of travel.
If you have travel plans, there is one more thing to add to your packing list.
Proof of vaccination.
The freedom of association, the freedom of human expression.
They want to incorporate people into a transhumanist movement.
And whilst that seems very far-fetched for a lot of people, It's what they have in plain sight.
Go look at UN Agenda 21, look at UN Agenda 30, look at the WEF.
It's all there in plain sight for the average Joe Soap to find out this information.
They call it the Great Reset.
This is their global domination.
This is it.
This is modern war.
How it's going to manifest, I do not know.
But I do suspect that the human spirit is going to rise up against this tyranny over the course of the next number of years.
When this sh** hits the fan, when people realize what's actually been done, they're going to want their pound of flesh.
Violent clashes are erupting across Europe as thousands of people protest the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions.
For everyone's children, the guard children, the special units children, because future generations will have absolutely nothing.
They will not have ownership over their own bodies.
The only way to control it is to mandate vaccination.
They will not have ownership over their own future.
They can only dream of owning a property.
The WEF was the number one plan until 2030 is you will own nothing and you will be happy.
That's pure communism, lads.
If people don't own any resources, who does own it?
A state which is a bastion of corruption, which is a banana republic in terms of a lack of accountability.
Who is holding these bastards?
In the midst of the worst health crisis we're facing in more than a century, don't tell your supporters, don't be afraid of COVID.
Powerful video, get it and share it.
Ireland rises up against the new world order.
Band off video, get it, share it now.
In the midst of the worst health crisis we're facing in more than a century, don't tell your supporters,
don't be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
(baby babbling)
Don't tell your supporters, don't be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
I just want to say they gave me Regeneron.
We have hundreds of thousands of doses that are just about ready.
And if you're in the hospital and you're feeling really bad, we're going to work it so that you get them and you're
going to get them free.
And especially if you're a senior, we're going to get...
[Gun cocks]
[Cat meows]
[Dramatic music]
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Is there no one who can tell them don't do this?
The year is 2020.
Following several decades of systematically weakening the social, moral, and financial resilience of the American people, the global cabal has launched a series of unimaginable terrors that have rocked the foundation of Western civilization and has fractured the population of a once-uniting country along increasingly irreconcilable lines.
The nation finds herself on the precipice of all-out civil war, diving headlong towards economic ruin and already suffocating under the dictatorship of biotechnocratic enslavement.
The final takedown order has been issued.
The direct attack has begun.
America's greatest trial in the battle for her survival is underway.
InfoWars Emergency.
Transmissions are now broadcasting live weeknight 7 to 9 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Election Countdown.
Taking America back on Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, folks.
Start your engines.
We're 326 days out from the midterms.
We'll be right back with Mike Reardon.
Stay with us.
It's the third hour of the live December 17th Friday transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
That means my good friend Michael Reardon is here with us that I twisted his arm to get on air.
We have great discussions, good friend of mine, and he always just has really great ways to boil down knowledge.
Michael Reardon, Was born in Connecticut, but now lives in the good state of Texas.
He graduated with a master's degree in education in 2013.
He taught in the public school system, teaching kindergarten to 12th grade.
During his years of teaching, he saw the need to fill in the cracks of education and help people know the truth about life.
Michael saw the mindsets that parents, the school system, the government, the mainstream media were formulating and saw a significant flaw in the structure.
That's putting it lightly.
That flaw?
I totally agree.
lost the ability to understand their own self-worth.
His mission is to help give people the courage and the mindset to go after what they want in life
and dream of having.
He helps people recognize their value and their potential within them.
With all of this going on in the world, our number one greatest weapon and tool to fight back
against this restructuring is to develop a stronger mindset.
I totally agree, we've got to develop a stronger mindset and know that we're under attack
and not be victims but admit it.
Thanks for coming on the show, man.
I always enjoy talking to you.
You wanted to start with the mass psychosis that's going on and how you've witnessed that in the education system and how to break out of it.
So when I was an educator, It's interesting because you have to deal with it in a sense of what is going to be the next steps, right?
Because you just don't teach a first grader how to do calculus, right?
They learn addition, then subtraction, and it's a series of steps.
So for people I started to wonder right now we're in an age of COVID and basically everyone's going to be influenced by mainstream media.
How did that happen?
It didn't just happen overnight.
So I started to look at it from the premise of The school, right?
So I'm a teacher, I'm in school.
What is happening in the school system?
So I know Dr. McCalla, I believe he was on Joe Rogan, and he was talking about mass psychosis.
And he talked about how there needs to be four steps in order for that mass psychosis in order to occur.
And in the school system, if we think about it, the first step is already there, isolation.
We put you in a desk, we give you a cubby, we give you a spot, and we say this is where you need to be.
And you don't deviate from that.
So now you're stuck in one spot, one place, and you're not encouraged to ask your peers, ask your classmates for the answers.
Now you're by yourself.
You're on a desert island and you're isolated.
So when COVID started to happen and the quarantine started to happen.
Why was it so easy for people to say, well, I guess I'll just give up my rights.
I guess I'll just give up my freedom and I'll just stay inside.
I'm not, I'm not an essential worker.
That had to happen from somewhere.
It didn't happen overnight.
So, from a young age, when a child is most susceptible, from age 0 to 7, that's when a child is most susceptible, right?
Because they are going to be operating under their environment and their behavior.
So, if their environment is telling them to do something, or the behavior is to enact, right?
Stay inside, don't go out.
That's going to have a psychological effect on them when they reach adulthood and typically that's going to be putting them in a box saying that you need to stay here and you need to do what we say you need to do and you don't talk back.
And right now we need to start to change that type of behavior, that type of structure.
They're training them to be prisoners.
And guys, you can type in, there's a bunch of studies.
Studies show cognitive levels of children under lockdown plunged in the last two years.
This is serious child abuse.
And these are behavioral psychologists knowing this, running this program.
This is really abusive.
Yes, and I think there was a video that came out, it was on Twitter, and it was about a teacher in California who was talking about, I believe, gender, and they were influencing a student to think about a certain way, right?
To think gender in a certain way.
Now, when you're a teacher, you have a big role to play, right?
You have someone's child for at least eight hours a day.
And of course the child's going to be sleeping eight hours, so that means the parent has the last eight hours.
And most parents don't take education pass to school.
Typically the parent will say, have you done your homework?
Are you doing what needs to be done?
All right.
See you later.
But now, parents are starting to pay attention, especially after the whole quarantine lockdowns
and children had to learn at home, right, via Zoom or whatever internet website they use
for that type of classroom.
And now parents are seeing, like, hey, my kid is not learning in school.
And now that's when you see all these parent board, you know, all these parents going to these board meetings
with the superintendents and just the whole educational system, and they're fighting back.
They're saying this is not right.
What they're learning is not necessary.
And if we look at curriculum, There's a basic set of content that is going to be learned that children need to learn.
But now we're starting to get into what we want them to learn.
But who are the people who are telling us that they need to know this type of content, Mr. Government?
If we think about it, they're saying, well, we want the kids to know this so we can stir them in a certain way.
The whole Um, race type of thing, right?
So, so, so I think there, I think the, the term to phrasing is, uh, uh, for critical race theory.
Thank you, Alex.
Why is that necessary?
And is to keep us down is to keep us in a sense of, Oh, I'm a victim.
And as long as we keep that victim mentality, we're going to have a difficult time moving ahead in life.
And you've got great ways of explaining things.
And by the way, I'm always reading names of things wrong.
I go to your site all the time.
It's Reven, not Raven, but Reven.
Explain what that, what Reven Concepts means.
Because I always got to, for some reason, I always got to butcher intros.
So Reven Concepts.
And Reven Concepts means the concept behind never.
So, if you turn Revin around, it means never.
Oh, I get it!
So, I'm an idiot.
I have dyslexia.
I'm seeing like Raven concepts or Revin.
It's Revin, which means never concepts.
And the name came from when I was actually a swim coach.
I was given a student from another coach.
She was going to be an educator also.
So she was going to the program to become a school teacher.
She's going to be teaching people's children.
And she gave me one of her students because she was booked and I said, not a problem.
So the child had a fear of water and he didn't want to go into the deep end.
So I had 30 minutes with the child to Get him to swim in the deep end and what I had to overcome was her teaching and then his beliefs and his belief was that he couldn't do it and she even told me before I brought him into the deep end don't even try it's not worth it.
And this is a person who was going to school to be an educator.
And I can't tell you how many times educators have put students in a box saying, you're not going to be anything.
And that's what you told me like a year ago when we were talking is they're literally don't even know they've been trained by the education system to program and put walls in people's minds to build prisons.
And now it's so obvious saying we're non-essential.
They're trying to have adults stay in a prison.
And then when we look at the essential workers, right, the health care workers, and then all of a sudden they hit you with a mandate.
And if you don't get the vaccine, guess what?
You are no longer essential.
So they can give you a term to make you feel good, and they can take it away when they want to.
And it's going to be similar to how companies will give you a promotion, but the promotion is only a name change.
It's not necessarily an increase in monetary amount.
It's saying, well, we're going to make you the director of science and history.
And you say, wow, that's great.
And you put it on your LinkedIn page, and you say this, and everyone congratulates you, and you feel good.
But you necessarily didn't go anywhere.
And people are not going anywhere in life.
They're giving a facade, a false sense of movement.
And people will go through life thinking they're making progress, but they're only going backwards.
Beautifully said.
And again, people need to go to Reven Concepts, R-E-V-E-N Concepts dot com.
And I should have asked you what that name means.
That is really amazing.
It's never reversed.
And instead of never, you're saying, no, we're doing it.
That is smart.
I need you to help me come up with new names.
Yeah, of course.
I'm telling you.
I'm telling you, Michael Reardon is being really nice right now and really calm.
He's being very, very, very, very gentlemanly.
We're going to turn him loose here on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Michael Reardon, educator and a good friend of mine, and here talking about what's going on and just the points he makes when we're hanging out sometimes.
Are just dead on.
So we got caught up by that break coming.
You were getting into how they put walls around people's minds, pre-programmed them about who they are to make them controllable and how to break out of that.
So please continue.
So once you are in that box, they can keep you there as long as they want.
And the only way to get out is to understand that there's going to be something better on the other side.
So people have motivation to break out of their box.
Because the human mind is naturally negative.
The human mind wants to be comfortable.
The human mind is naturally lazy.
So that means if you have the opportunity to stay home, watch Netflix, stay on your phone, your mind is going to say, that's a pretty good idea.
So when, for example, the lockdowns came down and the whole quarantine, your brain was like, well, sure thing, not a problem.
And what happens after that is now we are faced with how do we get out of that way of thinking?
How do we get out of that laziness?
And that's the most difficult part, because once someone stops something, it becomes more difficult to start it back up.
And let me just say this.
Like, take throwing knives.
I had some throwing knives once you were at the office.
And I was, and I can like throw six of them and maybe get one to stick on the wall every six.
You like threw all six of them and stuck on the wall.
You're really good at darts and everything else you do.
And you're like, but that's just an example of you decided just to train yourself and have the will to do it.
Instead of thinking, oh, these aren't going to stick.
No, these, and then I tried the other day, I threw it like 12 feet away, all four darts bullseye by just saying, I'm doing it.
So when you make up your mind and you say you're going to do something, the probability of you achieving it is going to be greater than if you went in it nonchalantly or if you went in it and you didn't have your full intention of whether completing it or if you failed, you say, well, at least I tried.
And for You can just put those knives in the wall.
You like drove them in like a machine gun.
A little bit scary.
I know a lot of guys are good at that.
They can barely stick them in the wall.
You haven't like pounded in there.
Just probably because I go to the gym, I guess.
But going back to why people are not successful, right?
So if we use your analogy of the throwing knives.
If someone threw a knife at the wall or a board and they don't succeed, well they'll say, maybe I'm not good, right?
This is something I'm not good at, and they'll quit.
Now, if someone says, okay, I'm not good at it today, but I'm going to practice and I'm going to get better, and they practice and they get better, they become stronger.
And when we look at our mindset, when we look at what needs to be done
in the world and society, we have to become stronger.
And most people are just okay with becoming followers.
Explain, can you explain to me the victim mentality from your angle, and it's totally on.
Exactly, a victim instantly gives up and then looks for some group to control them,
to give them power, instead of saying, "No, I'm gonna get stronger," like Nietzsche said,
under attack.
So I've had clients who are on the left side, right side, But what I have noticed is that most of the clients who are Democrats on the left, they are going to be more timid and afraid of challenges.
And that was really interesting to me because why are they less prone to pushing themselves, to driving forward?
And it's just because they have been told, well, just take it easy.
You don't have to push when you don't feel like it, right?
Just do what is comfortable for you.
The limitations were already set for them.
So the moment they quit, the moment they give up, they say, well, I guess it was not meant to be.
And obviously anybody telling you that's your enemy.
I mean, come on!
So for people who are putting you in a box and telling you that you can't do something, those people should be put on the back burner, right?
So yeah, you can use them as a source of your motivation and determination to Get ahead in life.
Don't be them.
Because you learn from your environment.
So if your environment is not what you want it to be, and the behaviors of the people in your environment are not what you want them to be, you have to start to change them.
So for people who are stuck, whether it be believing they're not essential, believing that they can't get out of the circumstances they're in, they have to start to think in a more optimistic way, in a way where they see their future is attainable.
And think about, Mike, how evil that is to say you're not essential.
That's like Hitler saying these groups are subhuman.
I mean, that is such an amazingly criminal statement to say you can't go outside, you're not essential.
And people just, okay, I'm not essential.
Imagine that thought to children hearing that.
And it's all about control, because if I tell you that you can't do something, then the most logical question after that is, well, what can I do?
And they're going to tell you what you can do.
Well, you can stay inside.
You can stay six feet apart.
You can get this vaccine.
You can do what we tell you, because we know best.
We're an authority.
And of course, those people need authority.
Those people need people to tell them exactly what they need to do.
Because even some of my clients, they would say, Mike, can you just tell me what I need to do in life?
Because when you talk about clients, explain.
You do.
Tell me what you do.
So I should have brought that up.
Tell me what he does.
I should tell him.
So what I do is I help people get to their most desired place in life.
You're a life coach.
Correct, yes.
So I primarily work with mindsets.
And I can have an array of things.
So a life coach is an umbrella of the many things that I do.
So I work with relationships, I work with career development.
And what the whole premise of what a mindset coach is, was we're looking at how you're looking at the situation.
And if you're looking at the situation in a negative way, then we just have to adjust it and start to go down the path that is going to be most ideal for you.
And by the way, you've helped me out with a lot of great ideas.
They've always turned out amazing.
That's why, I mean, you're an amazing brain.
But you're right, I was already innately doing it with big attacks.
Like, okay, I'm always going to the angle to take this attack like judo and use it against them.
But then in my personal life, I wouldn't use that same thing.
No, we got to use at the high level and the low level the same tactics.
So when you're looking at the basic structure, especially when you're talking about government education, it has to be a step by step basis, right?
You have to look at the cause and effect.
If you are Backing a dog to a wall, right, and the dog is timid, the dog is scared, eventually the dog is going to attack, it's going to fight back.
But if you train the dog to think that it is not powerful, that it is weak, it won't fight back.
So no matter how far we push you to the wall, you're not going to do anything.
And that's where we are in society, right?
People are back to the wall and they don't know what to do.
And they're just looking for a way out.
And I offer them a way out.
But it does require a huge effort on their part because it is a challenge you have to overcome.
I'm listening.
We're going to break in a minute, but just continue to break that down.
So when you have your back against the wall and you are concerned about where the bills are going to be coming from, right? So you have bills and you're trying to
figure out where's the money going to be coming from and you are doing all you can and then
someone says that you can't do something unless you do something. For example, the mandate. If you
don't get the vaccine, you're going to lose your job. They're using a fair based type of tactic to say,
hey, we're going to take what you need in order for us to continue with our agenda. That's
the stick. Right. And the reason why I believe they're doing it is because they're all about
money and it's not so much about [BLANK_AUDIO]
What can we get away with is, I know I'm going to get away with it.
Because they know people are not going to fight back.
They know that people are going to be happy in their 9 to 5's because once someone gets in a box, again, they don't want to leave.
Mike Ridden, stay there.
We're going to come back and talk about how to get out of the box with Michael Ridden of RevenConcepts.com.
That sounds even cooler than Raven Concepts.
In the United States, in Europe, in Asia.
Corporations are running big promotions for people to get microchips implanted that include vaccine records amid new COVID restrictions.
This is all an exercise in enslavement and you notice the people that give in only get more enslaved.
So Michael Reardon, continue please.
I mean, let them have it, because you're doing a great job on air, but when we talk privately, you're just on fire.
And you totally get what's going on, and you have great ways of putting it, people to understand that the only thing they have to lose is not waking up and saying no, and say, I'm not a victim.
Victimhood is not like a deed on the universe, it's the opposite.
So keep explaining that to people, how we get out of victimology, and how we get into victriology.
So most people are going to be tiptoeing through life only to make it safely to death.
And for those type of people, I tell them to get loud.
And then how to get loud, because most people want to make a difference, they want to make a change in their life, but they don't even know where to begin.
And I know you're doing Reset Wars, and Reset Wars is a great way for people to wake up and say, oh wow, this is what's possible in my life?
And what I do, whether it be Motivational Positive Talk, the podcast, I'm helping people start to see what is possible, and helping them get loud.
Because the voices of the American citizens are being muffled.
From our First Amendment right to the censorship on social media.
You can't go out and say what you want anymore.
If you use the word COVID on YouTube, you're automatically hit with a little mark saying, well, make sure you get your COVID information from the right place, CDC.
And the CDC can do whatever they want.
They can change the definition of a vaccine.
The Webster dictionary just changed the definition of anti-vaxxer.
And they label you.
They say, well, if you're an anti-vaxxer, you're now going to be a person who needs to be watched.
What you're saying is when they try to suppress you, the answer is do the opposite.
Yes and no.
So when they're trying to suppress you, you have to pay attention.
You have to pay attention to how they're moving because if they're moving in a certain way, if you look at a martial artist like Hapkido, for example, you use the enemy's momentum against them.
So when you figure out what they're doing, you say, Okay, I understand what you're doing.
And then there's going to be a Like a move you do that's going to counteract what they do.
So if they're forcing you into a corner, the only thing you have to do is pivot.
You don't have to get pushed into the corner, and a lot of people don't know how to pivot.
So if they say, for example, you had to pivot when they banned you.
They say, Alex Jones is banned on YouTube, he's banned here and there, and now he's one of the most banned men in America.
But you didn't say, well, I guess I'm done.
You pivot.
And when you did that, now they're like, wow, he's a force to be reckoned with.
And now they're going after you so ferociously because they understand you're the highest level of leader.
You are a transformational type of leader.
and a transformational type leader is going to be a person who has the highest level of engagement
and the highest level of effort to help empower people to be in a better place and to see
what they are unable to see.
And as much as I want people to see the truth and I say, hey, the government is doing this to you,
they're playing you, they're using fear to influence your choices and your decisions in life,
regardless of that, some people cannot see the other side, regardless of how you put it.
So how do we get people to start to see the other side?
And it's by small steps.
You have to do it slowly.
You can't scare these people, right?
They're sheep.
So, these people who are afraid of their own shadow, you have to not say, well, the government's the problem.
You have to say, well, what's your problem first?
And now we're talking about you, because you're comfortable with you.
You is already in your comfort zone, and now we're talking about how we can get better.
And then we start to look at the obstacles that is stopping you from leaving that type of comfort zone, stopping you from achieving more in your life.
Just when we get them out of the transient baby steps, and I agree with you, about a month ago I was talking about, and you said, you talk about packets, like, they don't care that they said, oh, you only need one vaccine, now you need five.
They feel good while they're in it.
They only believe in the perception, not the reality of how it works.
But you've got a great way of putting that.
So, once you start something, right, the process, it's easy for you to keep on going with whatever the agenda is.
So, if they give you one, they say, well, you have to take another one.
Well, it's not that big of a deal.
I already did it once.
And when it comes to Switching that around, so people are not telling us what to do, but instead of what we can do, if we put it back into the steps where it's going to be approachable, people are going to be more prone to take those steps.
Now, the problem is people don't even understand that there's going to be an alternate solution besides the vaccine.
Well, now you can become more healthy, right?
Going to the gym, right?
Eating healthy, making sure you are in the best shape of your life.
And notice how they try to block all that.
The alternative treatments, everything.
Right, and I believe Joe Biden was on the news the other day, and he was talking about hurricanes and tornadoes in Florida and Texas, and he says the best way to combat this is to get the vaccine.
He did, yeah.
And that doesn't make any sense.
So why is... He's just using fear.
Just any fear he can.
So he's saying, well, if you don't want to get hit by a hurricane or a tornado or anything that happened to your loved ones, you make sure that you're getting a vaccine.
This is like a rabbit's foot.
As for luck?
Well, he's saying like, take the shot, the hurricane won't hit you.
Right, yes.
So he's basically using fear as his prime motivator to enact people to make a choice, right?
And that choice is to become vaccinated.
And I'm not anti-vaccine where I'm not saying that to not get the chickenpox shot or to get a measles shot.
Do your research, right?
And for a vaccine like the COVID-19 vaccine, you have to ask yourself, do you need it?
And most people are not going to need it.
It's just that they feel like they need it in order to be safe.
And for those people, I'd like to think of it as if Someone wants to carry a firearm and they believe that firearm is going to keep them safe.
That is going to be just a certain way of thinking.
Now we have people who think they need a vaccine in order to feel safe and for that way of thinking is going to lead to limitations down the road because now if they have one vaccine they need the second, they need the booster and then they realize it's just going to be the flu shot they need to get it every single year.
What is happening with the vaccine is that now we have people who are going to be Getting this vaccine and thanking the government.
Thank you, government, for saving me, for protecting me.
And now, no matter what the government does, they're the good guys.
And as long as they're the good guys, we're not going to fight them.
We're not going to say you're doing wrong because they're the heroes in those people's eyes.
And I interrupted you earlier with a break, but how do you get somebody out of that Stockholm syndrome where I mean, you're saying trying to hit them over the head doesn't work sometimes.
Incremental, you're like, well, let's talk about you.
Let's talk about... So you have to challenge their beliefs.
And when you place the truth in front of them, they are going to want to turn their head.
They're going to say, no, no, no, that's wrong.
That's wrong.
And you keep doing it, but you do it in the sense of non-invasive.
If you think of it encroaching, so I'm going to encroach until they protest and then they're going to protest and they're going to say, no, no, no, this is not true.
And then you wait and then they forget.
And then as soon as they forget, you encroach again and you keep doing it to the point where they're like, now I'm in the truth and I can't deny it.
You're right, though.
They like they hide in being asleep.
So you like you watch them jump back into being asleep and you wait till they wake back up again, I guess.
And you just have to kind of go through that.
That jigsaw or whatever of putting the pieces together but in the way where they don't notice that the puzzle is becoming complete and we're telling them this is the truth.
This is no longer going to be a facade that people are telling you that is the truth to which is really a lie because most of what's happening especially like on mainstream media is opinion.
It's about choosing what delusion you want.
RevenConcepts.com, R-E-V-E-N.
All right, Michael Reardon's here with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Jay Dyer takes over in the next hour and I want to get Reardon back in here soon because we're just getting him going here on air.
RevenConcepts.com, R-E-V-E-N.
Here's what I know.
What I understand Is how the globalists actually operate.
Once you study, you learn more and more.
It's like you progress through levels.
I know what's going to happen in the stock market.
I know what's going to happen in so many levels.
And I'm trying to get the public to realize all this.
Instead, the globalists want to keep people dumb and controllable, which why would you live in a world like that with a bunch of dumb sheep?
That's dangerous.
But that's really the split here.
You were talking during the break about influence.
And that key term.
So when you go to school to become an educator, they are going to focus on the psychology of learning the mind.
And you're going to learn how people are going to become the person you want them to become.
So if you're in kindergarten, they learn a certain way.
If you're in college, they learn a certain way.
And you have to present it in a way they understand.
So when I was teaching various grades, it required me to know the influence I needed to input into that type of classroom.
So it's going to be different learning from kindergarten versus college.
And now that we are out in the open, right, with all that's going on in the world, The influence is mainstream media, right?
They are knowing what they need to do in order to make you feel a certain way.
And they use fear as the premise.
And what a good educator would do is to use positivity as the way to do it.
And it has to be in small bite steps, of course, because if I go ahead and I give you a challenge that seems so far out of reach, your
mind subconsciously is going to say, "Whoa, buddy, that doesn't make any sense."
But if I put it in a sense where your mind sees it as approachable, then it's going to
be different.
Because if I just use a two by four, as you were saying earlier, and I try to bang it
over your head saying, "Hey, you need to listen."
This is what's happening.
Wake up, wake up, wake up.
You can't shake them awake.
You have to gently say, well, come here.
Let's wake up together and have some coffee.
Let's have some tea and let's get you awake.
But it has to be approachable.
And when you face a challenge, you have to face it in the sense of, how can we break this down in the most approachable steps?
Think of weight loss, for example.
You don't say you're going to lose 100 pounds.
You say, well, I'm going to lose 5 pounds first.
And then you're going to lose, OK, well, I look great now.
But let me see what happens if I lose 10 pounds.
And you start that process.
Because if you say you're going to lose 100 pounds, the probability of you reaching that goal is going to be
minuscule versus if you say you're going to lose five pounds.
There's going to be a compound effect of having a success, having more success,
and the more you achieve, then you're going to start to see more progress on the way.
And you mentioned this when we've talked privately, but imagine a five-year-old child,
be they brown or white or whatever the color they are, they're in school hearing, "There might be bad because of
what color they are."
I could imagine that would really screw a child up.
Because when I was in elementary school, I was really insecure and nervous about everything and nobody was even being mean to me.
I couldn't imagine if I was told I was bad because I was black or white.
I mean, that is serious abuse.
And that's just going to be influence, right?
How can I influence you to think the way I want?
And for Children nowadays, if we look at the children just walking around while their parents are not wearing a mask, but the children are wearing a mask, how did that happen?
It happens in school, right?
You have to wear your mask in school.
You have to wear your mask at desk.
There are songs telling kindergarteners to wear your mask.
That's what I meant.
It shows the school's really the parent, that the children are wearing it even when the parents aren't.
Exactly, and I was out just the other day, and I saw a little girl, she was probably four or five years old, and she was wearing a mask, and she was happy as can be.
And the parents didn't have a mask on.
So it's not the household that's telling you what you should be doing, it's the school.
Because you have to understand, that kid, your child, is going to be in the school for a prolonged period of time.
And the teacher can do whatever they want.
They can say whatever they want.
But what a group of bad people to teach children they're dirty and bad and do this to them.
to teach them, "Oh, you're dirty, you gotta wear a mask.
You're dirty because of what color you are."
That is so damn abusive.
And then when parents complain about it, they send the FBI after them.
I mean, this is like cartoon level.
And it's just to keep control.
The schools are going to be part of the government.
And the government needs to be protected.
Because what the government doesn't want people to know is that
the people have the power, not the government.
So when people start to get power, when someone starts to rise in a level of power and the word starts to get out there, now all of a sudden the government's like, well, we need to stop you.
We need to say that you are wrong and that you're the enemy and people need to be wary of what you're saying because it's not true.
But what we say is true, and you need to listen to people like us, because we're going to keep you safe.
We're going to protect you.
And so what's the answer?
Rally around those.
The system's trying to shut down.
So the answer is going to be...
Making sure you find like-minded people and you want to understand where you want to be in life because for people who don't understand where they want to be then they're just going to keep on living life wherever the hurt, you know, wherever the hurt is taking them.
So they might not necessarily reach their most desired place in life, but they are just going to go where society goes and typically that's going to be downhill.
So if you are a middle-class person, for example, pay attention to how life was 10 to 20 years ago for you.
And if life was better for you 10, 20 years ago, then you should have some type of inclination that you're going in the wrong direction.
But let's be clear, things are so negative now, even if you've got money, it's going downhill.
I mean, Klaus Schwab says they're collapsing and all.
How do they think they're going to get out of it?
Why do they like the communists, the Nazis?
Why do they always want to make other people have nothing?
I guess that makes them feel better, but they bring themselves down.
It's a restructuring.
So they're being very meticulous in who is going to take power.
And I was thinking about that past week now.
Who is going to be next in power, right?
What is going to be the next steps?
When is the collapse going to happen?
And I have a number.
I have a date.
But it's all just speculation at this point.
Tell me your view.
So I'm giving it a year and a half before people say enough is enough.
I agree.
They're going to try to crash it once the Republicans get a narrow majority.
To blame them.
That's what I was thinking this morning.
And they can do it in a few ways, right?
So Joe Biden, of course, see now.
And By the way, you did a great job in the last hour, but now you're being the Mike Reard, and you're really going to start telling what's going on.
This guy, I love this guy, man.
I'm telling you, he'd be a huge talk show if he could get him on air.
The turntables was coming, Mike.
So, you know, Joe Biden, a puppet, see now, he is going to be taken out of the position of power of presidency, right?
And Henry Ford, he talked about, I believe, in the 80s, or Sometimes.
He said that the way a woman will become president is by assassination, right?
I don't think they're going to do that.
I think they're going to still love Joe.
Joe's just going to say, hey, you know, I just want to hang out with my wife and take it easy.
And Camilla is going to come in and she's going to take over.
And what needs to happen is that we need to understand that that's the first step of
them making their next move.
And we can't make them, and we can't let them take any more moves after that.
Because if we do, they're going to keep that ball rolling and they're going to take over
the elections again.
They're going to make a new variant right before the elections.
And then all of a sudden there's going to be mail-out ballots again.
And your voice is not going to matter because they're going to say, well, we can make as
many votes as we want for Kamala Harris or whoever they choose to be the next president.
And again, we're nothing against women, but why do they obsess over putting women in power?
Is it because it just historically destabilized this thing?
Or that women think that there's somehow to fight with men?
Well think about the whole feminist movement right now, right?
If you go on YouTube, most likely your home feed is going to have some type of feminist
person talking, right?
And it's just a way for you to become acclimated to that type of environment.
Every video game, every movie, the women are the heroes, the men are bad.
Since marrying with children 30 years ago.
And right now they're just making it forward because it's easier for the brain to accept, well, it makes sense.
And it's important for us to Or for them to make sure people are operating under, well that makes sense, is only logical.
And if it's a logical step for those type of people, they're not going to question, they're not going to fight back.
But again, there are a lot of women that are smart and would be great leaders, the ones they're putting forward.
What is the obsession with putting women in charge when they're not really in charge, they're puppets?
It's because they find the people they can control.
They're not looking for people who are powerful.
They're looking for people they can control.
And for example, when the Romans would take over an area in Germany or wherever, they would kill all the men down to age 10 and keep the women because the women would submit.
That's just a biological fact.
And then now we have feminists who want to be in power and they'll do whatever it takes in order to be in that type of position.
So if they have to give up, Their dreams, their livelihoods.
They would because they're going to be at a higher power, right?
A feminist wants to be equal to a man, but if you really dig down deep, what do they want?
They want to be greater than man.
And look at Hillary Clinton's the beta test of that.
And so she wants to be front and center.
I'm powerful.
Pay attention.
And For the people who can't see that that's happening, then they just have to start to see what type of things are popping up on their YouTube, for example.
Michael Reardon.
All right, you've got to come back again soon, my friend, because you're just starting to get going here with people.
I was talking about Joe Rogan during the break.
You said you had a Joe Rogan story.
I want to say something about that.
Yes, so Joe Rogan talked about this.
It's a saying, it's a quote that many people might be familiar with.
Tough times create strong men.
Strong men create easy times.
Easy times create weak men.
And weak men create tough times.
And that's the cycle we're in right now, where the government understands that cycle very well.
If we can keep them weak, if we can keep them needy, then we can make them do whatever we need them to do.
So, for example, beginning of the lockdowns, we're going to give people an extra $300 because they need that type of money because they're not working.
They make you in the position of subservient.
They keep you weak.
Because we had easy times, right?
So we had our fathers and our ancestors.
They were strong men.
And then they gave us easy times.
They said, well, I don't want my child to go through these types of challenges that I went through in my life.
So they say, I'm going to create easier times.
And the government caught on.
And they said, well, let's just keep easy times going.
And then we can make those people do whatever we need them to do.
We can control them.
We can say, well, in order for you to get your 401ks, you need to make sure you're fully vaccinated.
You need to show a passport in order for you to In order for you to come and enjoy a night out, you need to show some type of proof of vaccination, right?
So they're literally saying what we can and what we can't do.
And for the people who are operating under that weak type of mentality, they're going to say, well, I guess I don't have a choice.
And the fact that they believe that they don't have a choice is proof enough that they are
operating under a fixed type of mindset.
And that's going to be one that doesn't operate under growth.
It's going to operate under circumstance.
And I love your mindset.
There's so many different schools of thought.
I like Carl Jung.
Obviously, I follow Jesus Christ, but I'd say the mindset of the real world, of street smarts, of just how it really works, the real politic of that, and stop being a fool and just thinking, the system loves me, it's going to take care of me.
That's just a lie.
And we have to elevate ourselves.
We have to become leaders more so than followers.
I love what you do with InfoWars, right?
You are InfoWarriors, right?
We're creating InfoWarriors.
And what ResetWars is doing is creating InfoLeaders, right?
They're now trying to stop Reset Wars.
And there's a reason why they're trying to stop Reset Wars is because they understand that that type of workshop, that type of class, is going to create new leaders of the world.
And to have powerful people come up and to say, enough's enough, they don't want that type of fight because they know they're going to lose.
And I was talking to you, I believe a week or two ago, I told you, don't stop.
Don't stop.
And as much as they push, as much as they want you to quit, they do everything in their power to make you feel like maybe I should stop.
Don't stop.
Well, I'm not.
We were having a heart to heart conversation about that because I worry about my family, but they're going to get destroyed anyways if this thing succeeds.
So we just got to be all in, do the right thing, trust in God.
Well, Reset Wars, you know, it's historical how they know that they can create these false images of ourselves that are losers.
That's not who we are.
So just the idea of I'm not that loser, that's so powerful.
And I'm surprised that they out of the gate try to block it.
But they are really worried about us empowering people and us saying, hey, you're amazing.
You're incredible.
You're made in the image of God.
Because they understand the influence that comes behind being positive.
So the brain is naturally negative.
And in order to counteract the negative, you need three positives.
So the fact that you're giving people what they need in order to change, they don't want that to happen.
So now you have reset wars, and you're talking about positive, positive, positive.
Well, exactly.
This shows negative, right?
What's bad, so they don't do it.
But I tried to make it all positive.
They really don't like that.
You talked about it a month ago.
You said, I think you're going to get some issues with being all positive.
That's what it is.
Because now you're starting to balance out.
And that's why your credibility, that's why your audience is growing.
It's because now people are like, wow, it's making sense now.
Because it's not just one side.
Because if you're on one side, then of course the other side is like, you're my enemy.
But now that you are saying, hey, I'm on both sides.
I want you to be better.
I want everybody.
Not exactly.
Michael Reardon, thank you so much, my friend.
Amazing job.
All right.
Thank you.
Jay Dyer, one of my favorite talk show hosts, is about to take over here, ladies and gentlemen.
And tomorrow, I'm going to come in here like 11 a.m.
and I'm going to interview Roger Stone about what happened to the January 6th committee today.
I'm going to interview Dr. Marble.
I'm going to interview a bunch of other special guests tomorrow, and it should be done by 4 p.m., because I'm going to start taping at, like, noon, three hours.
So let's just say 5 p.m.
tomorrow, we'll post the Saturday emergency transmission.
That way we've got plenty of time to put it out.
But look for that.
Because every day is precious.
Every day we're on air is amazing.
Every day on air is so incredible.
I mean, look at these headlines out of Newsweek.
People get microchips implanted that include vaccine records amid new COVID restrictions.
Klaus Schwab said five years ago, by the year 2025, you will take microchips to buy and sell.
Here we are.
CDC data.
Fentanyl overdose now kills more Americans than COVID cancer and car accidents and suicide combined.
They don't care about that because they want you dead.
Unbelievable information.
But yeah, the system is definitely scared of reset wars because it's Alex Jones being nothing but positive and talking about how powerful you are and talking about innate science of quantum mechanics and physics that shows you are not just existing in the third dimension.
I mean, my gosh, an hour of this is powerful.
This is almost seven hours.
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Jay Dyer takes over, ladies and gentlemen.
Author, researcher, expert on the globalist operations.
So much to talk about.
Can't wait to listen to him.
Jay, thank you so much.
Absolutely, thank you.
You know, you were talking about learned helplessness all these years, and I didn't even realize that that actually comes out of Abraham Maslow, who worked in MKUltra.
A lot of people don't know that, but I'm going to talk about the history of the MKUltra projects, new research that I've uncovered in the last year, and that will fit well with Reset Wars and the whole idea of mind control.
I'm going to show how the MKUltra projects, mind control out of the 40s and 50s, how it actually leads us into transhumanism.
A lot of people don't know that the history of MKUltra is really about biometrics and the mutation of man.
This actually comes up in the Gillian Huxley Philosophy of UNESCO essay that he wrote, where he talks about how, well, we can't really talk about eugenics anymore.
Let's just rephrase this, retermine it as biometrics.
And that's exactly what happened.
So let's get into some of the history of the mind control projects and where they came from and what they led to.
I'm going to go through some of the declassified projects and what they were actually about.
And this is really just a snippet.
These are just some of the projects that we know about.
A lot of the documents were destroyed by the CIA director when he knew they were going to be undergoing congressional scrutiny.
But what has come out and what certain court cases have determined based on people who were in these projects, suing the government and whatnot.
There's a famous clip of Bill Clinton many years ago, if you've seen this.
I'd like to apologize for what we did to the American people and MKUltra, the government.
He admits this.
It's a famous clip.
Now the first project I want to mention is Subproject 68 and this is Dr. Ewan Cameron out of Mount Royale in Canada.
He was a doctor who pioneered this idea of imprinting and training and de-patterning.
And so what he would do is he would try to wipe people's minds like a blank slate and experimented at a mental institute.
When you think of all the movies that you've seen with the archetypal mad scientist doctor at the mental institute, the horror movies that are trying to Mind control people.
This comes out of this idea with Dr. Ewan Cameron.
And so he worked in sleep studies.
He worked in deprivation studies.
He worked with float tanks, pods, all this kind of stuff.
And the idea of prolonged sensory isolation was part of his plan of de-patterning.
The idea being that if he could experiment on people that had problems with addictions or trauma, maybe he could reboot the whole mind, the whole system like a computer, and just start over and kind of imprint a new pattern.
Now, it was under the auspices of, oh, we're going to help all these people that have had addictions and trauma, but you can begin to see how this could be used for nefarious purposes.
If people can be mind wiped and if they can have false memories implanted, if they can have a new identity implanted, a new imprinting of a new personality, then you could see how this could lead to all kinds of tyrannical results.
Experimented with drugs and toxins as well.
LSD so forth and there's a famous CBC a Canadian documentaries many years ago that are still on YouTube
available on This original project involving dr. Cameron
This I think I don't have any proof of this but the only proof I've uncovered about things like Alice
in Wonderland having relationship to MK ultra is that in one of the cases?
Dr. Cameron did try to imprint a woman using the story of Alice in Wonderland
So that might be the source of this idea that there's some connection between the story of Alice in Wonderland and MKUltra.
And if you've read Alice in Wonderland, which I actually did a video on recently, I went back and reread the book, the first one.
And I don't know or have any evidence that Lewis Carroll himself was, you know, experimenting with these things.
There's a section in the story where Alice actually has multiple personalities and is discussing things with herself.
The whole dialogue is really this sort of fantastical, almost drug trip type of fiction where Alice is going through different realities, multiverses, and talking to herself in terms of alternate personalities.
So that might be why it was chosen by Dr. Cameron.
The next project I'll mention is Sub-Project 3, and this one is interesting because it's similar to, and is renamed later, Operation Midnight Climax.
This is where the CIA went to organize crime and actually set up a situation where they would entrap different Johns in a house of ill repute.
And dose them with LSD.
So they would spray the room or they would dose the drinks.
And meanwhile, there was a two-way mirror and they were sitting there recording all this and watching and seeing what would happen.
So number one, we have a connection between the CIA and organized crime, which I've detailed in many talks and videos.
That's a well-known historical fact.
In fact, Alex mentioned that this week in one of his shows.
And this is a real thing, right?
The Sicilian Mafia helped the U.S.
in different wartime scenarios.
The organized crime syndicates have worked with intelligence agencies in terms of trafficking drugs and so forth.
This is very well known.
It's going on for many years.
But here there was a connection between the CIA and these poor unfortunate souls who had really bad trips when they went to visit their favorite ladies of the evening.
And this is these are all real projects all real no longer discounted and they're no longer doubted these are public record now and these are only the ones that we know about.
So here we have a sexual entrapment situation where They wanted to see what would happen in the midst of, again, Midnight Climax, in the midst of these Jones situations, what would happen to the guys who were unknowingly dosed by LSD.
And if you know about LSD, you know that could be a very traumatizing thing.
So again, many, many human rights violations, but I guess in the situation where you're doing something illegal, they can get away with it.
What came out in result of this Operation Midnight Climax was that at least what we knew of 20, 30 years ago, there were some 80 institutions involved in M-Culture projects.
I've recently uncovered information that connects it to Australia as well.
So this is just institutions in North America, Canada and so forth.
But actually M-Culture was going on in many other countries.
they were doing things in other countries that they could get away with that they couldn't
easily get away with in the US.
And that's why you'll find a lot of doctors and PhDs.
There was even one of the Huxley brothers was doing in-culture operations in Australia.
He was actually heading up in-culture operations in Australia while Julian and I are connected
to Tavistock and doing these kinds of operations in the UK.
Again, similar situations in the US.
So this is actually a global, worldwide experiment in many psychiatric, educational, and social institutions across the globe.
In other cases, we had Dr. James Hamilton at the Vacaville State Prison Facility.
So, if you didn't know, a lot of prisoners were brought into these projects.
They were experimented on.
This can lead us to situations like what we have with the Phoenix Program, where guys in Vietnam were experimented on.
This involves soldiers out of Fort Bragg as well, Edgewood Arsenal, all part of the Vacaville-type experiments where they were giving LSD to these prisoners, giving Patterning, de-patterning, and re-imprinting experiments to see if they could reform prisoners.
If you've seen Kubrick's Clockwork Orange, this is this kind of a program.
Could we re-socialize and domesticate these guys back into normal society, or perhaps turn them into assassins?
And there's actually one of the programs here in a minute, which we'll get to when we come back from this break, that actually deals with the assassins.
And this is probably what most people think of when they think of MKUltra from the movies as the programmed assassin.
That was just one of the many, many, many projects.
Don't go anywhere.
This is The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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We were talking about Vacaville, we were talking about the project Midnight Climax, and the next one I want to mention is Operation MK Delta.
This dealt with the interrogation of people who were suspected of being foreign agents and spying on U.S.
These were conducted at CIA safe houses during the Cold War.
Similar to this is one known as Operation Mindbender, and this one's weird because this one actually morphs
into, I believe, Spellbinder here in a little bit, but Mindbender was first, and it wasn't really successful,
but it was conducted in Mexico, and it involved the use of undercover hypnotherapists.
So what you'll start to notice as you get into this stuff is that a lot of psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists,
they were also part of these projects, and they were studying all kinds of things.
They even study, eventually, people that have severe sexual issues, perversions.
All of these things are studied to the minutia level in order to ultimately weaponize this stuff.
I'll get into that in a moment with the study of sexual deviance that they did.
That I really had to dig to find this one.
That one was really crazy.
And not a lot of people know about that, but we begin to see, well now wait a minute, if they went really deep into studying sexual deviance, then perhaps they could also weaponize sexuality, right?
I think everybody can kind of pick up on that now in the way that the culture has gone.
But in Mexico City, they were experimenting with using victims under hypnosis that could be programmed through a combination of Intense solution to drugs, patterning and re-imprinting, and this is where purportedly was the first experiment on an attempted undercover assassin that could carry out orders to kill after being triggered into action through the pre-programmed signal.
The trigger phrase, the key word, if you think about Movies again, this is where we typically see this in
Hollywood productions.
Think about one of the most famous examples would be Modern Mentoring Candidate where
certain triggers and things that he sees, you know, causes him to do the assassin action.
If you think about the Modern Mentoring Candidate with Liev Schreiber in terms of the assassin
character of this program, he eventually has a microchip put in him and the microchip causes
him to commit the assassination action towards the end.
There were biowarfare agents that were used in MK Search, and MK Search is typically what moves us into, in terms of these projects, the transhumanist element.
So a lot of people know about, you've heard me talk about Dr. John C. Lilly.
John C. Lilly was dosing up Flipper, dosing up all of the different animals, including mainly His weird fixation for dolphins, and so what he was actually doing was experimenting on dolphins the way that they give off their, you know, their signals, their sonic signals and whatever, brain signals.
And so he was trying to see what could happen with the implementation of electrodes and implants.
And he was also working, by the way, in his biography describes with monkeys.
And this connects to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who was also doing similar research Uh, with these agents and with these drugs and with the, uh, microchips.
So the operation, uh, MK Search under Dr. Gottlieb was researching microorganisms with the capacity to kill, that is, biowarfare.
So MK Ultra, when it's experiment- when it's exposed, it goes undercover and it becomes MK Search at Fort Detrick.
The Army Biological Warfare Laboratory at Fort Detrick, uh, became a running operation since 1952, also known as MK Naomi.
And these are the areas where we start to get into the projects where people again and through pop culture are more familiar with Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke, and these are all Project Monarch, right, with the butterfly, the transformation of individuals into new personalities, new New alters that could carry the courier information.
There's also, at least the last time I checked, in the DSMV there is still references to Dr. George Estabrook's famous essay from I think the 50s where he talks about the hypnotic courier.
And so he wrote this essay, it's still referenced in the scholarly literature, about how you could program into people that have dissociative identity disorder or people who have alternate personalities.
The plan was, could you program certain alters with information that could not be extracted through counterintelligence measures, through torture and so forth.
And at least as far as we can tell, it appears to be that there was some success in those programs, according to Dr. Esterbrooks.
So, this brings in hypnosis, right?
So, hypnosis, hypnoregression, psychiatry, psychology, big pharma, drugs, they're all part of these programs.
They're all in various levels and various ways participating in this, but at a compartmentalized level.
Keep that in mind because, of course, everybody says, well, how could they do this?
Everybody would find out if they did this and we all know.
Well, we do know.
It's all out.
They did talk about it.
But it takes many decades for this to come out, and the people in the various projects, they don't know what's going on in other projects.
Some of these projects are conducted through, you know, black ops, through organized crime, through the mafia.
Some of these projects are conducted under the cover of just psychiatry and psychology.
Some of the projects are conducted through cutouts, like the Human Ecology Foundation.
That was actually a CIA front for MKUltra.
So a lot of these things didn't appear as just, oh, we're doing a mind control operation.
Do you want to participate?
It was all conducted covertly.
Similarly, studies like Alfred Kinsey, who was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to do his What would be considered you know pedophilia and human rights violation studies?
I mean he was getting funding to do similar types of experiments on molesting children.
This is famous.
This is well known and That I think also went into similar types of research so all of this off the books wartime And they'll do this stuff during war too.
They'll do these studies in this research through war and Where there is no oversight, there is no purview, they can get away with, you know, bypassing the law through wartime research.
So, if you think about Vietnam, if you think about what I covered, I don't know, maybe three or four months ago on the fourth hour, we went into the history of DARPA and how it was involved in the Vietnam War.
That was the first place that drones were used, that was the first place that you had automatic explosive devices being used.
And that was all rolled out as part of DARPA experimentation.
So remember that wartime research is not just about winning that immediate war.
It's about taking the information that's studied in terms of human psychology, human sociology, and applying that to the future situations and future technocratic scenarios.
So they've taken all of this wartime research, all this drug research, all this MKUltra research, all of this goes into a big bundle about how to control society.
Remember what I just covered last time, the silent weapons for quiet wars document?
Early on in that document, that white paper, they say we just took all of our wartime R&D and we're just applying it now to controlling society, to bringing it into the technocracy.
Literally a hundred years of research and information is just co-opted into turning us into these drones in the Borg hive mind metaverse technocracy.
That's what it's all about.
Be sure and go subscribe over at Reset Wars if you want to get access to similar types of information.
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You can sign up for that for free as well to follow my material.
Next I wanna talk about the operation Big City.
Now this is one which might surprise you, although if you're familiar with what we talk about here,
you won't be surprised because the idea of spraying an entire city or an entire neighborhood
with something like LSD doesn't sound strange to me at all.
And I think a lot of normies would feel like, oh, they wouldn't do that.
They would never do that.
Well, if they would spray whole cities with this kind of stuff, if you think about the
Sunshine Project, which I read those documents 20 years ago when Alex was talking about them,
nerve gassing entire cities in wartime scenarios or in a continuity of government emergency
I mean, there's many, many examples of this.
In fact, it's been declassified in many cases where radiation was experimented on entire
They've had an entire biological experiment basically blown out on them, and as well as
the engineering, geoengineering projects.
I mean, that's something that's well known, declassified now.
John Brennan has given talks about it.
There's countless papers at the Royal Society about geoengineering, ELF, VLF, weather modifications, been going on for decades.
And yet people still think that's some kind of crazy tinfoil hat thing.
During the Amculture experiments, Operation Big City dealt with emitting a gas that was sprayed out upon passers-by in various New York neighborhoods and subways.
Battery-powered emission equipment was fitted into suitcases, To see if LSD could be sprayed into confined areas to affect people.
The operators wore nasal filters themselves in San Francisco, a separate project involved biological gas released on the Golden Gate Bridge with the intention of trying to cover the city.
This reminds me of, doesn't that, isn't that what the League of Shadows does in the original Batman, the first Christopher Nolan Batman?
I think the Ra's al Ghul character who, by the way, is said to be based, I think, on Crowley.
According to my research on that, that original Christopher Nolan first Batman, doesn't he come up with this idea with Scarecrow to dose the city with some kind of hallucinogen?
This probably was coming out of Operation Big City, so...
Maybe Gotham, right?
That's real.
That's the thing here, and that's why I covered in my book so many of these films, was that if you have watched a lot of films over the years, it's amazing really how many movies have the MKUltra themes in them.
Not just the actual projects of assassins and all that, but the symbology connected with this whole idea of the Monarch Butterfly, the Alice in Wonderland, going down The rabbit hole.
I mean, even just something as pop-cultury and video game connected like Resident Evil.
Actually, that whole series is a direct reference in many, many places, both the video games and the films, to MKUltra.
If you think about it, the main character, Mila Jovovich, she's a private security contractor
who is unwittingly recruited into these projects and involves biometric implants, cloning,
mind control, alternate personalities, and she's trained to be this assassin and so forth.
So all of this, this is all everywhere in pop culture.
I think in the new Resident Evil, they even mentioned MKUltra, in fact.
MKUltra sub-project Operation Resurrection.
Now, this involved Dr. Cameron and the Allen Memorial Institute.
And by the way, keep in mind that, if I recall, Dr. Cameron was coming out of McGill University in Canada.
And who was the big name from McGill University?
Zbigniew Brzezinski.
In fact, in Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, He will make reference to biometric implants, Skynet, ELF, VLF technology back in his 70s book Technocratic Era.
I want to step over to that just for a second in Between Two Ages where he has this amazing quote where he says early on in the book, now he wrote this back in the early 70s, the human being being more synthetic than authentic.
Even our senses perceive an entirely novel reality.
One of our own making, nonetheless, in terms of our sensations, it is quite real.
More important, there are already widespread concerns about the possibility of biological and chemical tampering with what has now been considered the immutable essence of man.
He's talking about mRNA, DNA mutations and experimentation back in the 70s.
Now, where have we heard this recently?
I wonder where?
I wonder where we've heard this?
Man is increasingly acquiring, excuse me, let me go back a little bit.
Human conduct, to some argue, can be predetermined and subjected to deliberate control.
Man is increasingly acquiring the capacity to determine the sex of his children
to affect through drugs the extent of their intelligence and to modify and control their personalities.
So he's saying that it's becoming, even at that time, that idea is becoming normative, that in the future,
we're going to be able to determine our children's sex, we're going to modify them from the womb
into being smart or the slave class or whatever.
This is Brave New World stuff, right?
If you remember Brave New World, the novel, some of the people are from the test tube
born to being janitors and some people are born into being CEOs or whatever.
He goes on to say that in the footnote to that section that there will be a Skynet situation that's possible for computer technology to be linked up to all kinds of satellite networks and basically we're going to have a global technocratic grid that will connect Skynet to the human beings linked into this web.
Brzezinski wrote this back in 1970, I thought I had it written in here, but 72 or 3.
Uh, many, many years before Klaus Schwab wrote Fourth Industrial Revolution.
So again, what you see is the continuity between this high-level policy advisor guy, Brzezinski, back in the 70s.
And he was tapped by Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller to be the head of a newly created trilateral commission at the time.
This book is what got Brzezinski that job.
And Brzezinski would have known, by the way, about all of these McGill University MKUltra projects.
That's what I'm trying to get at here.
And so he would have known that the real trajectory of these projects of the human mutation of the brain and biometrics and implants and all this bodily modification that was all geared towards the Skynet mind control situation, which Brzezinski on page 15 of his book says is the mutation of man, genetic modification and mutating of man into something new, something else.
And he says, I foresee the time when we shall have the means, therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people on the world through environmental biochemical manipulation of the brain.
And he is quoting a computer science guy.
And that's where in the footnote he talks about the Skynet satellite situation that can be set up.
Brzezinski talks about weather weapons in this book back in the 70s.
Page 57 he goes into the footnote about the ELF-VLF weather geoengineering technology.
So what I'm trying to say is that although that wasn't necessarily directly connected to MKUltra, what these projects are ultimately about is a rewriting of the entire biosphere To a synthetic reality.
What did Klaus say a couple of years ago in his video?
We will get inside you and we will change you.
It's not about changing the world.
It's not about veganism.
It's not about a utopia.
Well, it kind of is, but the utopia is when everybody dies, then we'll get rid of human suffering, right?
Well, we can end human suffering.
We should get rid of humans, you see.
And so that's why he's saying, literally telling you that it's going to be you being changed, your DNA, your RNA, all of this manipulating and changing you into something else.
Which is a Borg hive mind entity.
Now again, another one of the global elite texts I'll add as a kind of addendum here is Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali.
Jacques Attali is the Kissinger of France.
He is who coached Mitterrand and these different French presidents in the past.
He's a major figure.
He came out, what, six months ago, a year, about his comments about the Stabbies.
He talked about what the Stabbies would do in the future many years ago.
They dug up an old interview of his.
And in this book, in his 2000 book, Brief History of the Future, he says that this is his section on transhumanism.
Yes, he has a whole chapter on transhumanism.
And he says that the future, it's important that we realize the happiness of man depends on that of others.
The human species can only survive if it is united, right, into some kind of global union, a global world order.
And he says that these people who are championing this new revolution, I call them the transhumanists.
They are the vanguard of the new world order.
That's his quote.
The vanguard of the new world order is the transhumanists.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were talking about the different mKulture projects and subprojects and how they eventually led to things like mkSearch, mkDelta, mkNaomi, which went underground and continued at different biological research facilities and basically transitioned into biometrics.
And this is where we connect back to people like Dr. Jolyon West and Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. John C. Lilly, all of whom were experimenting on putting the microchips in brains and the electrodes and seeing if they shock certain regions of the brain, what would it cause and how would people do this or that?
And that was, you know, back in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, they were doing that type of stuff.
Here we are, you know, many, many years later, it's way more advanced than that, obviously.
So, again, this is the stuff that we know about from the 50s and 60s, primarily.
So, who knows exactly how far it is?
We have some recent UK Ministry of Defense declassified transhumanist documents about
human augmentation that speak of all of this same stuff and what they're going to do in
the near future, including mandating nanotech versions of microchips.
So the people who try to just debunk all of this, the idiot debunkers, they all act like
there's no microchip in the syringes.
Yeah, nobody thinks there's a microchip in a syringe dummy.
Everybody knows that it's something nanotech, right?
It's nanotech, graphene, this kind of stuff.
And who knows what else, right?
Now, one of these other projects I want to get back to that's relevant is the idea of Uh, they did in, let's see which project this was, Operation Resurrection.
Now this, this one is wild because this actually sounds like the Kingsman.
If you've seen the Kingsman and you know, in the first installment of that, that movie, the Samuel L. Jackson plays the, the, uh, the cell phone tech, you know, billionaire, zillionaire guy who basically uses the mic, the, the, the chips in the cell phones to set off this signal, which drives everybody nuts.
And turns out in Iquitos, Peru, there was a similar project where they experimented with monkeys blasting them with all these RF frequencies and signals to find which ones actually drove them nuts.
And again, remember in Brzezinski's book, Between Two Ages, he talks about ELF and VLF technology being able, even in the 70s, to send out these waves and signals that could either agitate and get people kind of, you know, ready to fight each other or calm them down and make them docile.
So this is real.
I mean, I don't know how advanced they are in terms of doing this nowadays.
I assume it's more advanced than we think.
But whether this is real is not really in question.
It's in all of these guys' documents.
And again, you can see the pattern and the commonality between what's in these research projects of MKUltra and what the big global elite strategists and planners like Brzezinski, like Jacques Attali, they're all talking about in their books.
And again, these are not hidden books.
They're not conspiracy books.
These are people at the top of the geopolitical chessboard who make decisions for the presidents, working on the behest of the global elite, CFR, Trilateral Commission.
They just talk about all this openly and they count on everybody being too stupid to even figure it out.
They know that nobody's going to go read these books.
So I'm here doing the homework for you reading these boring books.
Operation Spellbinder.
This is the one I mentioned earlier, which was the replacement for Operation Mindbender.
So, Mindbender apparently didn't work that well when they were experimenting on creating the Assassin, so they revamped it under Richard Helms in 1966.
It became Operation Spellbinder, and this one is interesting because they were, it admits, working on using Viet Cong POWs.
So they renamed this Operation Spellbinder, and this is what most people think is the Manchurian candidate type of program.
A hypnotist was recruited from the American Society of Clinical Experimental Hypnosis.
He became known amongst the agency staff as Dr. Fingers.
He was selected because he stated that he... This is a comic book.
Dr. Fingers is a mind bent... Dr. Mind Bender, isn't he a comic book guy too?
The intended victims of these experiments were to be programmed assassins.
They thought, well, maybe we can get Castro with one of these people.
We can send them into Cuba and get rid of Castro.
Of course, that obviously never worked or manifested.
That at least was the plan.
Ultimately, it says in this essay, the program was trying to just get deeper and deeper into mastering the brain and the inner workings of the mind, how it worked and how to control it.
Now, remember, One of these guys, and this book is completely unreadable.
I actually read it.
I don't know how, but it is unreadable.
But one of the MKUltra doctors, Dr. John C. Lilly, if you want to understand how they view man and the brain, he wrote Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer.
And he admits in this book that they experimented on children.
They gave children high doses of LSD, wiped their brains, and he would put mirrors and clocks and, you know, crazy artwork in front of the kids trying to reprogram them.
So if you don't think they would do this, realize that they admit they do this, and they do it to kids.
You don't think they would do bad things to kids now?
They're doing it, and they've done it for a long time, and they openly talk about it.
It's in their books.
They don't care.
That's how brazen psychopathy is, especially at the level of the power structure.
It's almost a compulsion, right?
Where they have to tell you, they're compelled to tell you.
And it's also a strategy to tell people, too, because it's gaslighting.
It's a way to throw it in people's faces, and then they don't know what to do.
They're in a catatonic state that they can't believe that they're doing this.
Subproject 142 and Subproject 94, these relate directly to the transhumanist element that I'm talking about, because a small biological program of electrical brain simulation was inserted here as a new
element of these projects.
This would be with the intent to engage in very practical experiments at some point in
the work that could relate to espionage and security problems.
And could you eavesdrop on your spies?
Could you have a brain chip by which people don't even know that they're chipped?
And maybe they go to some place and they become kind of a walking surveillance device where, you know, they've got a chip in them.
They don't even know.
And you're listening from your base as you know, to what people are saying in terms of wherever they are.
This was another one.
We don't know how far this went, but Subproject 94 was actually Tasked with miniaturizing stimulating electrodes and implanting them in different brain centers and brain areas.
This involved animals, dogs, cats, and monkeys.
It doesn't say humans, but I feel like they probably did it.
I mean, they're already, right?
I mean, they were putting microchips into the troops back in Desert Storm, right?
Didn't that come out that they were already giving the troops microchips back at that time?
And I think it's more common now.
Alex just showed a Newsweek article earlier where they were talking about the Vax Pass or a form of microchip or nanotech, which would show your history and your record of vaccination.
And that was always the plan.
That was the plan 30, 40 years ago, right?
Brzezinski level plans, long, long time before Klaus was making these plans.
And again, this makes us think as well, as I said, of the Phoenix Program, Vietnam.
This is where they were basically weaponizing crazed killers to turn them into assassins and serial killers.
And believe it or not, they actually researched serial killers.
That's a whole other project that I didn't get to.
The idea of the personality tests.
Did you know Personality Tests by Dr. John Gettinger?
That comes out of MKUltra?
Dr. John Gettinger, the inventor of the personality test and all of that.
That was all to try to categorize people to make it easier for the CIA to assess the heads of state, you know, geopolitical actors and so forth and see how they were most easy to manipulate.
And to blackmail.
And this is where they got into studies of perverts, deviants, psychopaths, psychotics, and yes, serial killers.
So there's multiple projects involving the weaponization and study of human beings that were deviants and serial killers, at least three that I've come across now.
But I wanted to cap it off with what was back in Ray Kurzweil's book many years ago, The Singularity, which if you've seen Endgame, then you've seen Alex talking about this for a long time.
But this is Kurzweil's second book.
His first book was The Age of Spiritual Machines that came out, I think, in the 2000-2001 period.
And then he wrote this one in 2005, kind of updating his predictions.
And in the section pages 2, excuse me, 3, 14, 15, 16, where he gets into VR, what I found fascinating was that he was talking about the metaverse.
He doesn't use that word, but he says that, yes, we're going to roll out all of this.
There's going to be the metaverse.
There's going to be all this stuff.
He says, but what's really going to take people by surprise is that when we roll this out, it's not going to be that there's going to be a microchip or it's not eventually going to be that you have to wear a big headset.
He says his goal is that they want to get it to where there's a brain chip that steps in between your brain and your perception.
Your five sense perception.
And he says, what we'll be able to do through the brain chip version of the matrix is that we'll just immediately give you your sense data and your sense impressions.
He says that we will be in charge of what you perceive and what you feel.
So it's not just controlling perception in the sense of mass media.
It's, according to Kurzweil, literally controlling the mind through the nanotech, through the metaverse, stepping in between you and the external world.
Not through a headset, but through eventually having the nanotech in your mind, where the signals tell you what things come into your brain.
Literally controlling the input that comes into your brain.
Total mind control.
He admits that that is the possibility and the goal.
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