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Name: 20211216_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 16, 2021
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones talks about various topics related to COVID-19 mandates, vaccine passports, and ongoing pandemic situations. He mentions court rulings on vaccine mandates, CDC's grim forecast about a surge in COVID cases and deaths due to Omicron, and businesses requiring booster shots. Jones also highlights instances where individuals are standing up against these mandates, such as judges ordering ivermectin for patients and a man video bombing COVID-19 newscasts. He encourages listeners to take action by calling into talk shows, attending city council meetings, and speaking out against the lies and fraud surrounding the pandemic. The speaker discusses mask wearing and its symbolism, emphasizing the importance of nonviolent and peaceful information sharing as a way to win the war against globalists. Jones shares his personal experience with Survival Shield and other health supplements while discussing leading a frontal assault against lies of the New World Order."

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We're good to go.
Here's another one.
Booster mandates begin.
Business employees and universities are taking the data into their own hands and requiring booster coronavirus shots.
Oh, the data!
That the shots don't work?
That they erase your immune system?
That they give you blood clots and mycocarditis?
Oh, but Axios says it's in their own hands!
They, the corporate leaders, are enforcing the booster!
Just like Israel did six months ago.
Israel's now up to their fifth shot, now saying seven is needed.
Figured this out yet?
You know, I figured it out before it started.
We're on record laying out exactly what they did, because all I do is study these scumbags.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
It's Thursday, December 16th, 2021.
And here's a short clip from the InfoWars NewsCenter Vault from 5-10 of last year.
Which is a reprogramming mutagen.
That goes into the nucleus, your cell, and reprograms it.
And they admit the trials, it kills a lot of the animals they tested on.
But that's okay, because Bill Gates said a month ago, we played the clip probably 30 times, he said, yeah, a lot of people are going to get sick and die, but it don't matter because you're going to take it.
They got some new vaccines that go in and eat parts of your brain, but it feels so good.
Yeah, you're not gonna have to wait anymore, all of you in denial.
It's here now.
Oh, and the globalists are Satan worshippers too!
And pedophiles!
Well, of course they are!
Because we got a transmission 2,000 years ago warning us.
You see, there's not just devils in the universe.
There's somebody a lot more powerful.
And here we are.
18 months later.
And it's all unfolding.
Forced inoculations beginning around the world.
Lockdowns being reinstated.
And in places like New York and Los Angeles, permanent mask mandates.
Oregon passed a law, permanent mask mandates.
The sign of slavery, the sign of submission.
And at Applebee's in New York, people being arrested for not having their vaccine passports.
And people being drug out of
The Cheesecake Factory in New York.
This is an image of the future.
And now when you don't have a good credit score, a global social credit score, you can't buy or sell or have a job as well.
That's the holy grail of this system.
Let's play a couple clips.
This first one is from a recipe made at Applebee's, then we'll go to a nearby Cheesecake Factory.
No rights at all.
This is what you guys do.
Well, as they tried to say, middle of last year, you can't come in here unless you've got a vaccine.
And the Russians, right through this year, said no.
Took them six months.
They had to end it because the establishment restaurants were going bankrupt.
So were the establishment hotels.
The Russians, again, just started going to smaller places and eating out in the street.
Same thing's happening in France.
We've got to realize we're in a fight.
We've got to realize that every time we say no, we get stronger, the enemy gets weaker.
Every time you submit, the enemy gets stronger, we get weaker.
It's like lifting weights, or hiking, or oil painting, or learning how to run a machine shop, or becoming a farmer, or a rancher, or learning how to use a firearm.
The more you push back, the stronger you get.
The more you submit, the more you fail.
This is such a transmission today.
They're out in the open.
They're preparing the new lockdowns.
It's all happening including here in the U.S.
CDC issues new hysterical grim forecast warning that weekly COVID cases will jump by 55% to 1.3 million by Christmas a day and that deaths will surge 73%.
Well, they know that because people are dying of ADE.
They know exactly what this is doing and blood clots and myocarditis.
It's all coming up.
One hell of a Thursday worldwide transmission.
I'm Alex Jones, and we are here in the midst of battle.
And thanks to you, we're still on air.
Remember, this broadcast belongs to you.
You built it.
You defended it.
We'll be right back.
And we are live.
We are broadcasting worldwide on this Thursday, December 16th, 2021 transmission.
All right, the ADL is demanding that Fox News remove any criticism of Soros, period.
Saying any criticism of Soros is anti-Semitic, when speaking of the famous Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
You cannot make up the chutzpah of that move.
ADL demands Fox News censor comics, casting Soros as a puppet master for Fox News.
Except he's on record installing 800 plus DAs and district attorneys and over 20 of the nation's state attorney generals.
I mean, he literally does it publicly.
He installed both the county attorney, the district attorney in Austin, who are both admitted communists.
And he's now installed the judges that are elected, including the one coming after us.
On record.
I mean, it's not even hidden.
99% of the funding to the District Attorney for Communists they put in last year that's so famous now, he lets armed robbers out of jail.
He lets people from mass shootings downtown that just spray bullets in the crowds, they're out of jail in three days.
I mean, you cannot make this up.
And then if you criticize George Soros, a monster that wants to overthrow our country and destabilize it through destabilization,
Wants to overthrow it.
The ADL pops up to tell us, oh, you're all anti-Semitic?
No, I'm just anti-tyrant.
I'm anti-George Soros.
And so we're going to be looking at that today.
Just incredible.
And how that ties into all the rest of the race baiting and what's happening with DeSantis coming out against critical race theory.
That's Soros funding.
White people are inherently evil.
Let's have racial division.
Public schools everywhere are now segregating students again.
This is evil.
George Soros is evil, evil, evil.
Now, when you see a headline of, oh, he put in 50 million here, 28 million there, that's from his foundations directly.
He's got all these little subgroups under him.
It's billions a year.
Yeah, there's Politico.
George Soros, quiet overhaul of the U.S.
justice system.
Well, if you don't like the remodeling job he's doing, the overhaul, if you don't like the positive piece over in Politico, and you criticize it, well, you're bad.
And the head of the ADL will call for you to be censored.
That's coming up.
Huge COVID-19 news.
Marshall Law rollout worse than we thought, moving quicker than we thought.
Biden giggling and laughing saying he'll win no matter what in 2022 in the midterms and coming up in 2024 because he knows they've got the election fraud in place.
So don't be too confident out there, folks.
I told you last year.
I told you they were going to steal the election bigger than Dallas and exactly how they do it, and they did it.
But now he's so confident we're going to be looking at that report.
We've also got the Atlantic, which is the pro-pedophilia publication.
Well, the New York Times is pro-pedophilia as well, but I mean, they write articles defending it, and they write articles saying that it doesn't exist simultaneously, while a lot of the alumni of Epstein's Island, like the widower of
Steve Jobs are big attendees there.
She has articles then written saying pedophilia doesn't basically exist.
And you know what the fundraisers do, right?
They take every clip where I talk bad about Soros or I talk bad about Jobs or I talk bad about anyone and they go show them clips and they get donations to attack me and donations to sue me.
Get in line!
Send a hit team down.
I'm not shutting up.
I'm never stopping because I'm not for sale.
I'm not dirty garbage like you, okay?
When you attack me, I attack more.
That's how this works.
Not the other way around.
So that's all coming up.
But oh, beware of prophecies of civil war, they say.
We're going to spend some time on this today as well, ladies and gentlemen.
So a big, big, big, big broadcast for you.
And by the way, I've got sickening MRIs from the UK, Germany, France, the US, Canada,
And many other places now, as hospitals and cancer research facilities write papers saying, we're pro-shot, but we want you to look at this.
We have been recommending vaccination and boosters for our cancer patients, and we've never seen anything like it.
It's like putting Miracle-Gro on a plant.
It's like fertilizer.
People get eaten alive in weeks.
The cancer is just triple in size, quadruple.
They just spread everywhere.
So we've got that stack of news, and this is even, the articles are all, now we're not against the shot, we just, it's, you don't want to take it though if you have cancer.
Why do you think you hear about all these cancers exploding, and even NBC News says, well, you know what, if you look like you have cancer and they tell you it's malignant, it's okay, just don't have surgery for six months, it'll probably go away.
Because they're like, how are we going to cover up this gives people cancer and activates dormant cancers or accelerates existing cancers?
Well, just tell people, yeah, it's cancer, but no big deal.
It's just a side effect.
That's mainstream.
Hundreds of headlines a year ago getting you ready, like all the new headlines.
Hey, heart attacks are completely normal in children and everybody.
It's normal to have strokes when you're five.
Yeah, there's a law.
We put, you know, ads on the sides of buses.
So I'm going to come back and get into all of that here today, ladies and gentlemen.
There is so much to get to.
Remember Adam Schiff that ran the whole Russiagate hoax?
Remember how he read an email?
Supposedly from Trump?
Or a text message?
Guys find that when Schiff read a fake text message to Trump.
Remember he goes, this is how it works.
I'm the boss.
And you cover things up and I protect you.
Remember that was all fake.
None of it was real.
He read a fake text message onto the House Judiciary Committee.
He's done it again.
And you ask, why would he do it again?
Because he thinks you're stupid.
He thinks you'll get away with it.
And that's why it's so dangerous to be deposed by these people, even if you've done nothing wrong, like I've done nothing wrong.
They want to depose me.
They want me to testify.
And I'm getting ready to plead the fifth.
Because they'll lie, ladies and gentlemen, they'll get me behind closed doors and put out a transcript that's completely different and say I lied and have their controlled courts in DC indict me.
You don't take the fifth with these criminals because you're a criminal, you take it because they are lying sacks of garbage.
And there's another one caught!
Representative Adam Schiff doctored text messages in January 6th committee.
How incredibly surprising is that?
Who would have imagined that?
And it gets worse, ladies and gentlemen.
We don't just have Senator Blumenthal going and speaking to a Communist International meeting calling for communism in Connecticut last week.
Democrat Senator blocked China forced labor bill received $60,000 from Nike execs in September.
Imagine this guy sold to help run death camps.
They have death camps, Nike does.
And so does, uh, Apple's the worst.
And then you get money to help cover that up and not give those folks relief.
And then talk about how Alex Jones needs to be taken off the air.
That same senator has saying, I'm a bad person because I questioned mass
Criminal events that I will continue to question until the day these criminals are able to remove me off the air if they're able to.
And if they remove me, that's a big symbol of the canary being dead in the coal mine.
We're going to go to break here in a few minutes.
And when I come back, I've got very serious announcement concerning censorship.
And, you know, some of the people involved at this point are like, look, let's not even get into what's going on because it only encourages the censors.
But to quote Yoda, after 800 years training Jedis, my own counsel I will keep, I'm going... I'm not saying I'm like Yoda, it's a silly joke.
The point is, I've been... I'm just gonna go with what's going on, regardless of whatever happens, because you need to know, okay?
But these guys really are out of control.
And what we see happening now is a beta test for all of you and your families.
And I want you to imagine, if you think the censorship is bad, imagine the censorship five times worse than it is right now, and then imagine why they want censorship like that in place, what they're going to be doing.
Because everything you've seen with critical race theory and open borders and devalued currencies and drag queen story time and releasing deadly viruses and blocking treatments and giving you deadly vaccine shots, that's all just a prelude
An hors d'oeuvre to what's about to go down.
You're like, God, Jones, don't scare us.
Listen, I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm trying to get you ready.
Like when a tsunami's coming, you'd want to know, right?
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the front lines of the fight for human liberty, to the tip of the spear, to the heat of the battle, InfoWars.
All right, let me go ahead and lay this out, because this is a big deal, and it's a bigger deal than just InfoWars, and it's a bigger deal than just ResetWars, and there's a few important announcements that need to be laid out as well.
I partnered with some folks that work with some of the biggest names out there in self-help that I actually agree with and like.
These are big names, and it's the groups that do that.
And we developed in the last six months the Reset Wars course.
Wanted to be great.
Wanted to be the first in a whole bunch of stuff we're going to do.
But it's the most important master class really up front.
Mind Wars, Spirit Wars.
If you don't have your operating system under control, if the enemy's got software running on you that you didn't put there and that God didn't put there, you need to get it off.
So this is like a technological exorcism basically, but beyond that.
It's very, very simple, but also complex at the same time.
And it's deadly real.
So, they're like, oh no, we've been doing this for years, we've got all these things, everything's fine, we're not going to have problems with our big email systems, with our big server systems, we've got top lawyers, compliance, all of us are great, I don't want to handle it, you do it all.
The day it launches, they didn't do it before or after, the day it launches on Monday, their email company takes them down, the server shuts them down and says, terms of service, you can't work with Alex Jones.
They'd already approached them months and months ago and gotten the okays.
They go, oh yeah, we'll help them.
PayPal, before they manned us, begged and offered to fly, at the time, the general manager here, great guy, Tim Fergé, he's now a consultant, to their main base in Tennessee to help him and learn everything.
They said, yeah, just give us all your accounts, give us all your social systems, give us all the banks you're using, and we just want to be all your business.
And then we're like, okay, here's all of it.
They go, no, we don't want your business now.
You're banned.
They wanted to get a target list for all of our other banking systems to take us down.
We now know that.
We also got internal documents out of a large G2 group out of Boston that runs all this.
This is intelligence agency stuff, okay?
This is the level of what we've been dealing with.
So when I tell you stuff's going on, you don't know about 10% of it, okay?
Now that isn't about Alex Jones being a victim.
I'm on the front lines in a war.
I expect this to happen.
I mean, if I was driving home today and they killed me in a four-way stop, I wouldn't be surprised.
I mean, I'm not trying to act dramatic.
I mean, I'm in a war.
I expect this.
I already consider myself dead.
I love life.
I'll never commit suicide.
But every day is a bonus.
I mean, I see myself as on a suicide mission.
And it's actually very empowering.
Now, that said, I want to work hard.
I don't want to be reckless.
I want to live as long as possible.
I want to be in God's mission.
And so I'm as careful as I can be.
But I am now fully committed to God.
I've committed myself to God's hands and that's it.
Now that said, you heard Brian Stelter two years ago say we want to start censoring text messages and people's emails.
Now they're doing it everywhere.
And it's sick and it's evil.
And it's happening all over.
And so they didn't just kick this group off their email system or their server and tell them you're not allowed to have Alex Jones on.
Then the big computer companies and the email companies that most of you are using, like Gmail, the rest of them, Yahoo, you name it, AOL, a lot of people still have that.
They're not letting you get the emails we send.
They're not even putting them in a junk folder.
They're just not letting you get them, period.
When you buy an online course and you're sent the six plus hours of HD video.
The course has been a very big success.
It's a success in the information contained.
That's the biggest part.
But also funding our operations.
Huge success.
A lot of people signed up.
People rave reviews.
Almost everybody has gotten it because I just said, we'll just take this over and we'll get our backup servers and we'll send them the damn emails with the video.
So everybody's getting the video now within minutes of signing up for the course.
Even big-name organizations that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year with their personalities.
I mean, they got personalities that bring in hundreds of millions a year with these masterclass, you know, type self-help things they do.
And this is a big thing.
The globalists don't want online teaching.
They don't want us to have access.
Just like they want control of your schools to brainwash your kids and the colleges and the media.
They want control of what you can privately send out because they know that's the whole future of the new economy that's being built.
It's not like when you sign up with InfoWars you get spam when you sign up at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
This will be the only way we're even able to communicate with you in the future if we don't turn this censorship back.
It's just like I said months before the election last year.
I said, on the day of the election, it'll look like he won, and the days after, the mail-in ballots will say he lost.
Then, within three days, they will take him off Twitter, take him off Facebook, take him out everywhere.
And they did that.
They began as soon as the election happened to turn him off, because I knew they were going to make that move.
That's not a hard prediction.
And I'm telling you, when they launch war with Russia, when they devalue the dollar, when they launch the cyber attack,
They're not just going to take Infowars down.
Everybody's going to be down.
You're just going to have a few channels of the globalists up there telling you whatever BS they want to tell you.
And starting a race war.
Or setting off a neutron bomb.
I mean, this is the takedown of America.
This is a foreign, multinational group taking over.
I'm not saying all this to scare you.
This is where we are.
So, oh, you're censoring me.
Oh, you're blocking me.
That's just the prelude to shutting everybody down.
So I'm just telling you, you better do whatever it is you can to warn your friends, your family, your neighbors now, because I don't know how long we're going to be on air, or anybody is.
You should be recording every day's show, burning them to DVDs, so you can share them underground later.
Because this information will be like high noon to a vampire in the future, if we're unable to back the globalists off.
There's a good chance we're going to back them off.
If they don't feel safe with the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, and they don't think they've got everybody in line, they're going to back off.
But they're really thinking about martial law, civil war,
New deadly variants they're going to release.
They're already killing everybody with these injections to give people cancer and heart attacks and blood clots.
So, I mean, you're in a war.
You're already in World War III right now with global corporations that run your government attacking you.
And it's just hellish.
So, yes.
Thank you for going to resetwars.com.
Thank you for getting the course.
And I just want to encourage you to realize you did a revolutionary act.
Because they are so controlling and so out of control, they've been trying to block this.
And our listeners are so incredible.
Despite the first day, folks not being able to get it for many hours, they didn't get mad at us.
So many emails came in figuring this was happening.
And then I only learned, confirmed yesterday it went on.
Because the people we're involved in don't want to stir up trouble.
They've never had anything like this happen to them.
They're like, well, maybe we shouldn't tell people.
No, we're going to tell people.
So you can get it right now and it'll come out to you.
We've been testing it in like three minutes on average.
The HD, you'll have it and they won't be able to stop you at ResetWars.com.
And yes, it gives us a war chest going into this future because folks, behind the scenes.
They're trying to cut off our ability to get funding.
They're trying to cut off our ability to bank, our ability to do everything.
But that's a microcosm of them trying to shut you down.
America's under siege.
What's left of Christendom is under siege.
Globalism is to shut us down and deindustrialize us and demoralize us and turn us against each other.
But if we wake up to what the globalists are, and a new type of warfare, and come together, we can defeat them easily, but we must ideologically realize the war we're in, and then also realize it's a spiritual battle, and ask Christ into us to defend us and protect us.
Not the preacher, not the creepy church, I'm not going there either.
That's the devil's palace.
The devil goes there to block you.
Open yourself up to Christ and say, help me in this time.
I want to be good.
Lead me, guide me, direct me, Holy Spirit, Jesus, save me.
And the free will happens and it comes down.
The devil worshippers go kill kids and get possessed by demons.
You just got to ask Jesus in and Jesus will come into you.
Won't possess you, but will come into you.
Let me tell you, Alice Cooper is amazing in concert.
And he's also a patriot and fully awake, Dave Mustaine told me, and a listener, but won't come on the show.
No more Mr. Clean.
Well, here we are.
I'm not name-dropping, it's just cool to know that Alice Cooper is away.
Can you see his statements out there?
He's a conservative and a Christian.
Became a Christian decades ago.
But, long story short, getting back to where I was, I want to hit all this news.
It's an exhausting amount of news.
And I appreciate you guys being tuned in and actually caring.
I'm going to try to be as judicious as I can.
To go over as much as this as I can today and also have time to open the phones up some.
And we have the filmmaker and the producer.
I mean, I have the producer credit.
But the real producer is a man that gave a lot of his fortune to produce a HBO quality film that would then be deployed to the public so you could get it out there.
We helped make it.
Five part series, COVID land.
And then the sale of the DVD is only to pay for the crew and the director.
I think so.
Covidland Part 2 is out now.
The mask, extremely powerful.
And you get a free copy of Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death, two films on The Globalist and their occult activities.
Absolutely free.
It makes a great Christmas gift.
And if you order today or tomorrow, today for sure, anywhere in the U.S., you'll get it way before Christmas.
But if you wait till tomorrow, you know, it might not be guaranteed to get it a couple days before.
So thank you so much for your support.
And then speaking of support, I'm going to finish up because I need to get this out there.
Just like only Trump could stop people being set up on January 6th going into the building and people came to him and said, you need to stop it.
The media spun that like, oh, he must have been in charge of it.
No, most of them had Trump's Twitter on their phone.
And as soon as he said, don't go in the building and come out, people came out of the building.
Within 10 minutes, people got the text.
They shared the message and they left.
That isn't proof that Trump wanted to attack the Capitol, that's proof that he had a system to communicate with his supporters.
And it's the same thing here with my listeners.
I don't have a way to communicate with a bunch of the people that bought Reset Wars at ResetWars.com, except by this show, because you have, not your fault, I get it, you have a service that years later becomes Globalist, you have an email service that's not letting you get the email
From ResetWars.com.
And that's why we used other servers to send you the link, and now you're getting it.
Almost everybody's got it, like 99% of people.
But others are very nice on the phone with our customer service, saying, yeah, I don't see the email.
And we're sending it over and over again.
And then we're getting spam filters back that, oh, we're spamming people.
And they know exactly what they're doing.
We brought in experts to deal with this.
We've been doing this for years.
We send emails out to our listeners a couple times a day, and we don't have this happen.
It's when Reset Wars happened.
We just sent it out in the email, and the system was waiting to sabotage it.
Because again, it's not just happening with their company that did it first.
Then when we started doing it, they're blocking it.
So they've put the term Reset Wars into these databases,
So that when your server system that you're using for your email sees that, it's blocking it.
And that's what the technocracy is.
Live time, watching you, controlling you, tracking you.
That's why in the new infrastructure bill that passed, it says by 2024, all cars will have a little computer chip in them, because these things are so miniaturized now, that listens to you, watches you, and picks up alcohol and sends it back to the government.
Total 1984.
They claim it's for good reasons.
It's the technocracy.
It's totally out of control.
So, that's where this is going.
And they know people are communicating via text message.
They know we're communicating via email.
That's why even in Brazil, the WhatsApp, Facebook, for now two years has been blocking Bolsonaro.
So that Bolsonaro can't even send out text messages as the president to his supporters.
So I'm very glad to see that Devin Nunes, who's a very competent, very smart person I really respect, is going to help Trump clean up the mess that he's got at Mar-a-Lago with all those sycophants around him that I know have taken billions of dollars, over two billion, and won't build anything for Trump, even though they could.
I mean, with tens of millions of dollars, we've built stuff better than what Trump's got.
And I'm not proud of that, by the way.
That makes me feel like a piece of crap.
In fact, I'm the one that got Roger to talk to Trump about bragging.
It just shows how influenceable Trump is and how good he is.
It's just that he's got blind spots.
Roger's like, why aren't you on Parler?
Why aren't you working with Gab?
Why aren't you doing partnerships to have your own pages now?
And finally Trump's doing that.
So if the saboteurs won't let him build his own thing, because believe me, you think we get attacked?
Imagine Trump trying to build something.
The gremlins attacking.
Imagine what's going on.
And I've got the inside baseball on it.
With Trump.
It is absolutely insane.
Yeah, they've been flagging Trump's text messages for years.
That he even tries to send people that signed up via phone to get messages from him.
They won't let him have that.
So that's how they're operating.
And so the last bastion of communication
Is the phone numbers you can call and register to get text.
We've got one of those.
A lot of folks signed up for it.
We haven't promoted in a while.
We probably should.
And emails.
I mean, there's going to get a point, if we don't roll back the tyranny, where the only way under an internet kill switch, you're going to get communication from us is email.
Or shortwave radio.
And I pay $11,000 a month for us to be on seven hours a day on WWCR.
Four hours during the day, three hours at night.
And the left's writing articles about that, trying to get us taken off that.
They want us silenced because we're loyal Americans that understand the takeover and are aware of what's happening.
So, again, if you got Reset Wars, if you bought the course, thank you.
Thank you.
We wouldn't even be able to stay open if you hadn't done that.
And you pushed us over the edge from the red into the black before the year end.
Thank you for keeping us in the fight so we can fight for myself and my family and for you and your family.
We're in this together, brother.
Thank you.
If you can't find it, you're calling our number, asking customer service, they'll just tell you the same thing.
It's being blocked.
So we're probably going to create a new URL that doesn't say our name, but something
Like a code word or something.
It's like spy stuff, where we'll send you that for those that are being completely blocked.
In fact, they're working on it right now.
We're trying to figure out what to do.
It should be done today.
Right before I went on air, I was trying to say, well, yeah, just create a new site, create a new email.
They're like, well, it takes time.
But yeah, because they even know what servers it's coming from, folks.
Got to get the servers.
I understand.
Powerful intelligence forces are working to suppress you as an American or you as a Frenchman or a Russian or a South African or a Mexican or a Brazilian.
...are working around the clock to keep you from being able to go to ResetWars.com and get a course.
Oh, they force-feed you Hillary Clinton, and they force-feed you all the rest of these New World Order people.
But they're working around the clock to keep from getting ResetWars.com.
Why is that?
Well, it's multifaceted.
They want you to have a bad experience, so you're mad at us.
You're not stupid.
People are seeing through it.
In fact, we got a lot of emails, folks saying, I see what they're doing.
I'm buying courses for friends and family.
It's backfiring.
Our listeners aren't stupid.
And I'm not kissing your ass.
It's true.
You are the smartest, most informed, dialed-in people that there are out there.
You may not be good at math, just like I'm not, but you're sure as hell good at street smarts.
And so again,
They want you to have a bad experience so you don't get it and don't watch it.
And they want to hurt our relationship, and they're really scared of what is in Reset Wars.
Because, I mean, if you really watch six hours of me laying this out, this is unlike anything I've ever done.
I'm very calm and very focused.
It's all, I mean, we wrote this to make sure it was very specific and very scientific.
So thank you all for your support.
And now we've worked out the sabotage for now, so if you sign up right now, within three minutes of signing up, you will get the course sent to you.
Don't let them stop you.
They are trying to stop you.
They're trying to break our will.
Don't let them do it.
I want to blow them away.
I want to get more members today than we got in the last three days.
Take InfoWars to the next level, and I will not back down ever.
Thank you so much.
Nobody rides for free.
I'll tell you who's riding for free.
It's Bill Gates.
Klaus Schwab.
They're saying they want to get rid of us and depopulate us because we're riding for free?
I say you're riding for free.
I'm sick and tired of any way but my way.
Nobody rides for free.
Nobody rides for free.
Nobody, Schiff.
Nobody, Pelosi.
Nobody rides for free.
That's why just a couple hundred years ago kings were at the front lines of their wars.
Because you better be in the fight if you believe in something.
But what has created the tyranny is that you get to hide back there and never get any heat for what you've done.
And never put your miserable asses on the lines.
And that's why they're attacking us.
That's why they want to take us off air.
Because we make it about Bill Gates, and we make it about Queen Elizabeth, and we make it about Ted Turner, and we make it about Oprah Winfrey, and we make it about Fauci, and we make it about how they're murdering us, and killing us, and attacking us, and how they're the enemy, and how they need to be on the field if they want to kill us!
You want to kill me?
That's fine!
Just have the nerve to do it yourself!
Show me!
Show me how much you want me to die!
Show me!
And I'll show you!
Because your attack on the innocent will come to an end, one way or another.
All right, that's enough of this good music.
Get me fired up.
Nobody rides for free.
And I don't expect to ride for free either.
That's why we've got our skin in the game.
All our chips are in right now.
All right.
I get so ready for this show, and then just the news is so insane, I don't even know what to say at this point.
I don't know what to say at this point.
God Almighty.
Where should I start?
Because I have this problem.
I mean, I get in here and I go through all these stacks of news.
Each one of these is incredible.
I mean, this article right here.
By the way, that's stolen from Rush Limbaugh.
It's not plagiarism, I'm giving him credit.
He hears me heaven and heavenly.
Mr. Snuggly?
Our Bo Snuggly is John Harmon.
John's out today.
He has something really good happening in his life, I'll leave it at that.
Beware prophecies of civil war.
The idea that such a catastrophe is unavoidable in America is inflammatory and coercive.
Fenton O'Toole.
Oh, Fenton O'Toole lived through the troubles in Ireland, the latest troubles, and he doesn't think we want to go through this.
Oh, I agree with you, Mr. O'Toole.
Except I'm no fool.
And I know that your masters have already started a war against us, and they don't want us to realize that.
And so you can pretend like you're part of the power structure because you're a progressive leftist that works for an evil organization like the Atlantic that promotes and defends pedophilia.
So I've got that.
And I've got this stack right here.
We're going to win in 2022.
Biden and Harris tells DNC holiday party.
They will win the next year's midterms and beyond that.
And you can laugh at that?
Because I mean, Biden really is embarrassing now.
I mean, he was embarrassing years ago, but I mean, he is rotting on stage.
It's like a dead dog carcass hung up on a meat hook with maggots all over it.
And he's watching in like stopgap animation or time lapse.
It's like watching a dead dog on a meat hook with maggots all over it, being eaten by maggots in time-lapse.
But we got that.
You know, I've also got a really important clip.
Let's go to the vault from 2009.
Let's go to the vault of our predictions of what's now happening right now.
Here it is from the show Conspiracy Theory.
Here it is.
Jesse Ventura's conspiracy investigators have tracked down the deadly secret behind the elite group that tries to rule the world.
When the population gets too big to handle, the solution is cut it down.
Now one of those sources has summoned the governor.
Alex Jones says he knows how they plan to depopulate.
Alex, you sounded urgent.
There's an entire agenda afoot to force the population to undergo different type of medical treatments, namely vaccines.
We're seeing a medical tyranny being set up, not just in the United States, but worldwide under the UN and the World Health Organization.
Who's behind all this?
The Bilderberg Group.
They want a planetary dictatorship so they can carry out their foresty population agenda.
And they want to do it through the medical system.
And that's why vaccines are so important.
We know that many of these vaccines turn out to have serious adverse reactions.
This is being done by design.
They kill you slowly over time.
That's why they're called soft kill.
And I've got an insider I think you should really talk to.
Dr. Rima Labo.
But she doesn't live inside the United States because she's so concerned about all the police state developments that are taking place.
But if you can get her to come up here and talk to you, she's a medical doctor, she's treated heads of states, and she really understands what's happening on the inside.
Dr. Lebeau, how are you?
I'm fine.
Thank you, Governor Jesse Ventura.
Thanks for coming.
Now, you've left the United States of America.
Yes, sir, I have.
I do not feel safe living in the United States.
No sir, I'd rather not.
You'd rather just be here so you can make a fast exit if you have to?
As soon as you and I finish, I'm leaving the country again.
Because in a very short time, not today, not tomorrow, but very soon, we'll be facing compulsory vaccination under the mistaken term of voluntary vaccination.
Are you talking to me now about the current swine flu?
I am.
Now, what is it about these vaccinations?
You think that they're bad?
Well, first of all, let's start with the fact that the World Health Organization has decided that we have 90% too many people.
The World Health Organization has been working since 1974 on vaccines to create permanent sterility.
Doctor, the response is going to be, you're crazy.
How can you say this stuff?
I show them the documentation.
No, this is pretty shocking.
This process has already been ongoing.
To make matters worse, we know that the vaccines that were illegally approved by the FDA contain a substance called squalene.
Squalene, an organic compound used in vaccines to stimulate the immune system and increase the response.
If I inject you with squalene, your immune system will attack the squalene, but then it starts attacking all of the parts of your body.
What does that look like when you meet a person to whom that is happening?
It looks like Gulf War Syndrome.
It looks like every joint in the body swollen and intolerably painful and immobilized.
This is in these shots they're going to give us?
It's in some of them, but the U.S.
government has a trick up their sleeve.
Which is?
They will induce a pandemic using the nasal mist vaccine, which is a live attenuated virus.
That means that if I take it, I can infect you.
You're going to get the flu.
Everybody around us is going to get the flu.
Then the United States government, based on their statements that they've already made, will say, oh my, we have a pandemic.
Oh my goodness, we don't have enough doses.
So we'll admix squalene at the 90,000 injection stations that the Department of Health and Human Services announced that they will ship the vaccines to.
People lining up, sometimes by the hundreds, for an H1N1 flu shot.
Alright, let's stop right there.
Now, here's the deal.
They had all this ready with that battle plan.
Her husband was the former head of special operations for the military, three-star general.
That's how she knew a lot of this, but she was also a head doctor to major heads of state, and that's all confirmed, okay?
So, that's 12 years ago.
No, no, I'm sorry.
13 years ago.
Years ago, what you just saw, and you noticed, it's basically what happened today.
So, that's their plan, folks.
That's why they want us off the air.
And again, the vaccine causes the illnesses.
It's a live vaccine.
This is a live vaccine.
It's just an mRNA synthetic nanotech artificially made, but still replicates.
COVID-19 was a nanotech they released, then the vaccine makes the nanotech in your body.
It's nanotech on record.
It's artificial virus that replicates.
It's end-of-day stuff.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're gonna live in a 1984 society or a 1776 society?
So that's a 45-minute TV show, because there's 15 minutes in ads an hour on radio and TV.
That's the industry standard.
It's a 45-minute show.
And I consulted on the first season, and I really wrote, and by wrote, I gave them all the documents and proof.
I mean, they had producers not believing me, and I was giving it all to them.
I'm like, yeah, I'll get you General Stubblebine, former head of Special Forces, and all their everything else, and former head of Army Operations.
I'll give you all this.
And they would vet it and check it, and wow, this is real.
They did it.
But that episode on depopulation and the episode on the FEMA Camp Police State Plan, which was all real, all got pulled.
They all aired one time.
They all got record ratings for the history of true TV.
And they went in remotely on the DVRs.
In fact, back that clip up one minute.
I didn't play the very end of it.
They went into the DVRs and erased them off of people's DVRs on multiple platforms.
Why would the deep state do that if it wasn't something that damaged them, if it wasn't something that was true?
Well, of course it was all real.
And that goes back to the old internet saying, I quote, every day.
Not out of lack of news, I have literally hundreds and hundreds of articles here and clips that are incredible.
But why do I go back?
This is true.
If the situation was hopeless, if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
Well, the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, had to threaten Fox News and say, how dare you show George Soros as a puppet master, saying defund police plus no bail equals lawless chaos.
That's not being censored or attempted to be censored by the ADL because it's a lie.
The image of George Soros popping up behind a wall with strings to the DA's office saying defund police and the AG's office saying no bail equals lawless chaos.
That's true!
He does fund that.
He does want no jail time.
He does put your
DAs and district and county attorneys in.
He does that.
I mean, that's all not debated.
He brags about it.
But you're not supposed to talk about him.
Because he gave an interview to NPR in the late 80s, where he said he believed he was the Messiah.
And he's got Jonathan Rosenblatt, I guess the mini me of Dr. Evil over here.
Literally looks like mini-me, but about as tall as, I'm not knocking me so short, but a little mini-me to him.
And he's like, up there telling America we're racist because we don't like George Soros spending billions in the last decade to buy our local government so he can let armed robbers out?
I mean, he's a frickin' maniac lunatic!
His son posts videos of himself at Aleister Crowley events, and we just have to bow down to him.
Oh, you're superior, George Soros.
Please let my family get carjacked.
Oh, please let the DA let out the mass shooter.
And then he also believes he's the Messiah?
I mean, what's Jonathan Rosenblatt up to?
I mean, he really thinks George Soros is the Messiah?
The Messiah?
And then we're not supposed to just say, hey man, please don't defund the police.
Please don't take my guns.
He wants to take the police away and take your guns.
Why do you want to kill me?
What did I do?
My grandfathers fought Hitler.
They didn't help them like you did.
I wasn't brought up to round up and kill Jews like you were.
Why do you hate me so much?
Because you're a Satanist.
That's why.
You're not a Jew.
You're not a Christian.
You're not a white guy.
You're not a black guy.
You're a devil, George Soros.
And the mouth of hell is opening wide up for you.
And Mr. Rosenblatt and Bill Clinton.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are now into our number two on this live December 16th, Thursday broadcast.
And I'm going to give the toll free number out right now.
So let's fire that phone system up.
And so your calls can come in and we will take your calls on any of the news items, any of the issues.
First time callers, longtime callers, callers that hate me, callers that love me.
I want it to be a free for all.
So let's just do this.
Let's just run through some of the headlines here of the whole COVID New World Order takeover news today.
Court reinstates health worker coronavirus vaccine mandate in half of the U.S.
A federal court of appeals last night effectively revived a Biden administration vaccine mandate for health workers in hospitals that received federal funding in roughly half of the U.S.
Not good news.
The procedural ruling by the New Orleans-based U.S.
Court of Appeals of the Fifth Circuit temporarily scaled back the nationwide injunctions put in place by a Louisiana-based federal judge late last month.
The move notched a modest and tentative win for the Biden administration following a series of legal setbacks to efforts to blunt the effects of a global pandemic.
Oh, the global pandemic that came out of the Wuhan lab they created with the vaccine that gives it to you.
That has killed roughly 800,000 people in the U.S.
Yeah, right.
Blocking regular treatment for regular colds and pneumonia has.
An issue is the Department of Health and Human Services vaccine mandate for most workers at health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid.
They're saying, oh, since you take the money, we control you, just like the social credit score.
Which has been subjected to numerous lawsuits since its November rollout.
Makes me mad.
We'll be getting to more of that coming up.
Grim forecast warning that weekly COVID cases will jump by 55% to 1.3 million by Christmas Day and that deaths will surge 73% to 15,600 a week as Omicron becomes the dominant strain.
Here's another one.
Booster mandates begin.
Business employees and universities are taking the data into their own hands and requiring booster coronavirus shots.
Oh, the data!
That the shots don't work?
That they erase your immune system?
That they give you blood clots and myocarditis?
Oh, but Axios says it's in their own hands!
They, the corporate leaders, are enforcing the booster!
Just like Israel did six months ago.
Israel's now up to their fifth shot, now saying seven is needed.
Figured this out yet?
You know, I figured it out before it started.
We're on record laying out exactly what they did, because all I do is study these scumbags.
How Omicron is changing the rules of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Lots of fear-mongering there.
British surge seen as warning on Omicron, but responses vary.
There's like
Less than 20 people in hospitals with the quote Omicron, who knows that's even real?
But they're training you to be scared of your own shadow and only trustful of people like them.
UK Health Chief, a number of years.
So first it was 15 days flat in the curve, then just a few months wearing the mask.
Well just to six months, oh I'm sorry, two years, oh three years, oh it's permanent, it's forever.
A number of years, oh.
We'll get to more of this, but I want to give the number out.
And I want to hear from you on whatever issue you want to discuss.
See it right there on your screen.
By the way, that was a half an inch of the articles.
I've got six inches of articles on this stuff, and I've got graphs and government documents, and I'm going to show you these.
We already mentioned it yesterday, but the MRIs of people and cancer research facilities going, hey, we're not against the shots, but when we give people a shot of the Pfizer, it like doubles and triples their tumors in weeks and kills them.
I mean, what's going on here?
And I laugh about it because this is so sick.
This is gallows humor.
NYPD arrests six peaceful protesters for entering Cheesecake Factory without showing Vax Passport.
Soon it'll be because they have the wrong political views or didn't pay their carbon tax.
New York City ice cream shop won't let children enter without proof of vaccination.
Think about this.
Poor little people learning about the New World Order.
Health Minister says hospitalizations and deaths in South Africa remain low.
They've got 6% of the cases in the UK, 4% of the cases in the United States, and they're only 6% vaccinated.
Oh, the higher you're vaccinated, the more sick you are.
We have all the statistics and numbers proving it, but it's right there in front of you.
That's why they claimed the new strain came out of South Africa, was to blame Africa because Africa's refusing to take the shots.
Just 15 people with Omicron are being treated in UK hospitals.
Yeah, there's the article on InfoWars.com.
But they tell you it's the tidal wave.
It's mass death.
You're all dead.
Give your rights up.
Meanwhile, the real deaths of the vaccinated.
Judge holds hospital in contempt.
Gives ivermectin to dying woman or pay $10,000 in fine a day.
And all over the country, judges are ordering ivermectin and saving lives.
And it's pissing the hospitals off because they wanted the $53,000 they get just for treating a COVID patient and close to $80,000
87,000 last time I checked for a death.
That's some big cash to murder.
I like this video.
We're going to play here in just a moment, guys.
Get this queued up.
Man video bombs COVID newscasts stop lying to the world.
Unknown bystander interrupts live news broadcasts to tell them to stop spreading fear and propaganda.
A man shouted at reporters,
For lying about the pandemic and creating fear.
Whether you're in Australia, where this is, or anywhere else.
Non-violently take over live TV shows.
Just like we did five years ago on the eve of the election.
And people took over, Bill Clinton's a rapist everywhere!
Remember theinfowars.com!
And you guys did that?
Well, this is even more important now.
This isn't about getting Trump elected.
This is about exposing the fraud, exposing the lies.
Call into C-SPAN.
Call into Talk Radio.
Call into the podcast.
Go to your city councils.
Go to your school boards.
They want to intimidate you.
Speak out.
They want to stop you.
They want to gaslight you.
They want to make you feel alone.
No, don't do that.
Use every venue you can.
In fact, I'm going to say it now.
I'm issuing a new bounty.
Even though we're maxed out and don't even have the money, I'll still pay it.
And by that, I just sold my house.
That's being fed into the operation.
We got the money to pay you, but long-term it might shut us down, but I don't care.
I'm putting a bounty on it.
Anybody, peacefully, non-violently, without breaking any laws, gets on national or international television with a
What should the sayings be, as long as InfoWars.com is in it?
Like, Fauci created the virus!
Or, the vaccine gives you cancer!
Or the vaccine gives you heart attacks!
Whatever it is, InfoWars.com, InfoWars.com, $5,000 bounty!
I paid out 380 plus thousand dollars in the 2016 election and I did it smiling like the Cheshire Cat.
You post it, you get it out there, and back then we still had YouTube and Facebook and Twitter.
I guess send it to Rob D. R-O-B-D.
Rob D.
Rob D. at Infowars.com.
Showtips at Infowars.com.
We'll find it.
We'll get it on.
Post it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, wherever you can.
Just show us you did it there.
Get it out.
Go on Rumble.
Do it on Rumble.
Rumble and Gab have good video platforms that are open to the public.
Post it on Rumble and Gab.
Post it on one other mainstream establishment system.
And everybody that gets shit out will get $5,000.
And we paid it out last time.
Oh, man, am I worried.
Boy, I want to pay you that money.
It's not about me getting the advertising back.
No, it's about letting them know that I'm defiant and I'm not backing down and getting other people to chain reaction and peacefully, legally, lawfully in public spaces, hijack public events in a legal, lawful, peaceful, loving, liberal way.
We're not drag queen story time with pedophiles rushing in to follow your kids at school without parental consent.
That's not civil disobedience.
That's criminal.
We're not like them.
We're just going to do big things on live TV and at the county fair and everywhere else.
No, no, no.
The bounty has been issued, my friends.
All right.
All right.
Project Veritas has just released a new video.
It's going live on InfoWars.com as we speak.
We'll have it added to the live show feed area.
Guess what it is?
Spin the wheel!
Is it CNN's been caught purposely lying again?
CNN's plunged in the ratings to an all-time low of like 5,000 viewers?
CNN got knocked out of airports, which already happened?
CNN got caught running pedophile rings?
Yeah, that's the one.
Another CNN producer shopping children to people.
See, I told you reportedly, allegedly, this is not about having sex with children.
It's about a cult.
And so we're going to be talking about that.
But I want to go to Shelby and Bone Crusher and Sid Canu.
We've got a lot of crazy names today.
And Brian and Corey and Kaya.
We've got a lot of wild names today there.
I hope I'm pronouncing them all correctly, ladies and gentlemen.
So what should we go to first here?
Let's go to Bone Crusher in FEMA Region 10.
Bone Crusher, welcome.
Hey Alex, great to be talking with you again.
Yes sir, go ahead.
So just when I think about InfoWars, there's a Gandhi quote that I always think about.
And it goes, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
And that just pretty much sums up the battle that you seem to be going with and the route you're going on here.
Well, I totally agree with you.
You know, I just hope that we, I personally get to see the promise land on the other side, which I probably won't, but.
Certainly, tyranny always falls.
That's why they're trying to create an unnatural human condition where we're like lab rats, so that we're totally programmed for birth.
They believe, finally, the tyrants will have control under transhumanism, and that's really, everything we're seeing is transhumanism.
You're 100% correct, Alex.
I mean, it's just funny to me how much people keep doubting you, and how much it's the Alex Jones
Was right, but then it's gotten to the point where Alex Jones was right again.
That's what it is now.
Well, listen, I really wasn't even right.
I was going off their own plans, identified who controls things, many others better than I did, confirmed who they were before I was even born.
And here we are.
Thank you so much for calling.
Have a great Christmas coming up.
Bone Crusher, great points.
First thing, I forget the Gandhi quote.
He said it, but then I always paraphrase it wrong.
It was.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
I think that's the right quote.
Guys, pull up the Gandhi quote about first they attack you.
Or the Gandhi quote, then you win.
Then you win.
There it is.
I'll probably pull it up.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
There you go.
So there's the actual quote.
And that's totally right.
Now, I'm going to a caller that I think is disagreeing with me or at least is critical, which I love those because that helps me be a better person.
And they're asking, Oscar in Oklahoma has a question.
Why are you charging money for reset wars?
And let me answer the question, then I'll go to him.
If you're sending somebody into combat, you've got to provide them with a uniform, a weapon, food, their mess kit, their supplies, and the mission they're on.
And the training.
And so we're not like the IRS coming and making you pay money.
We're not coming.
We have to pay for the cameras, the lights, the server farms we're building overseas in the U.S.
that have cost millions of dollars.
To build our own infrastructure, to do our own thing.
Trump hasn't been able to do it because he has saboteurs.
If we had two billion dollars like he just raised for his new social network three months ago, we'd have it like that.
It takes hundred-person teams to design
We're good to go.
You know, not just a bunch of other stuff that's about to launch, not just reset wars, but so much that by the latter part of January, so I'm not letting congressional subpoenas and IRS attacks and all of it keep me off my mission.
You're going to see a bunch of new things pop out.
And when you're under attack and they're trying to kill you, that's what you do.
You have babies.
And so I'm here like literally
I'll give you an analogy.
My babies are already flying out of the nest as fast as they can go.
I mean, I'll use the Queen Bee analogy.
I'm very masculine, but if you want to talk about it, I'm like a big Queen Bee.
And I'm just sitting here, and I've got a bunch of eggs I'm finishing.
I'm like, feed me, feed me Seymour, feed me, feed me.
And that's what's going on here.
So I need you to feed us so that we can continue to deliver victory.
It's not like you bet on some horse that loses.
It's not like you're over here trying to plant grapes in a field that doesn't create incredible grapes.
The vines do well here.
We're in the fight.
But I have to build infrastructure to get the knowledge out.
Especially in the censorship world.
I mean, the caller's absolutely right.
If I had Instagram and Facebook and Twitter, I could sit there at my house, say amazing things that people resonate with, and have hundreds of millions of followers and change the world.
They don't let me have access to that, brother.
And so I could either be on this show and reach millions of people now in spite of their tyranny, or I could be downtown with a sandwich board yelling at people.
Which, if they ever take me off air, I'll be doing that.
You can be assured of that.
So does that answer your question, Oscar in Oklahoma?
Oscar Mike in Oklahoma.
To a point it does.
Alex, let me preface this with this.
I love you guys.
You guys are light years ahead in information.
You have red-pilled millions of people, but it seems to me that it's
This reset wars, I understand you have to generate funds to maintain your platform because of the censorship, but what gets me is charging people for so-called secrets of the pharisaical education system.
It seems very pharisee to say that I've got these prayers in this private little thing that I'm going to charge you money for.
Where in the Bible does it say that we are to charge people for spiritual, intellectual information?
It doesn't.
It just seems to me... Well, let's be one million percent clear.
I'm not a preacher, and I'm not all these 50,000 denominations fighting with each other, saying they're the right preacher, they're the right preacher.
That's not what this is.
And the fact that in six plus hours I say a few prayers and try to get people to believe in God, it's just ridiculous to say that it's there.
If people want to buy the course that the system's trying to suppress, they can, which then helps keep us on air.
People can go buy lottery tickets, that's fine, or go spend thousands of dollars to see George Strait, that's fine and normal, or thousands of dollars to go to Cancun, but you charge a couple hundred dollars to really put out a six-hour powerful course with a whole infrastructure to get it out, and then that's bad and the devil.
So I'll say it, I'm a sinner, I'm bad, I appreciate your call.
And that's it, I'm the devil, don't watch ResetWars.com.
It's ridiculous.
And that's why people that are Christians,
Which is a reprogramming mutagen
That goes into the nucleus, your cell, and reprograms it.
And they admit the trials, it kills a lot of the animals they tested on.
But that's okay, because Bill Gates said a month ago, we played the clip probably 30 times, he said, yeah, a lot of people are gonna get sick and die, but it don't matter, because you're gonna take it.
They got some new vaccines that go in and eat parts of your brain, but it feels so good.
Yeah, you're not gonna have to wait anymore, Olly and Denial.
It's here now.
Oh, and the globalists are Satan worshippers too!
And pedophiles!
Well, of course they are!
Because we got a transmission 2,000 years ago warning us.
You see, there's not just devils in the universe.
There's somebody a lot more powerful.
All right, so you heard the last caller.
I'm going to give it to the rest of the callers.
And I'm not mad at the caller, but the idea of how do you charge for information?
When you pay for your cable bill, you pay for Fox News and CNN.
We're on radio stations.
That's free.
We're on the Internet.
We're putting our own videos out.
We're paying for our own infrastructure, our own satellites, our own servers, our own legal, everything.
And I'm not mad at the listeners.
Thanks for keeping us on air.
You're wonderful.
But the idea that how are you charging for knowledge?
Well, how am I supposed to pay for the servers and pay for the crew and pay for the emails and pay for it all to get it out?
That's how the world works.
Here's an analogy.
Is it pharaocitical?
The caller uses that term, and I'll explain what that means in a moment, for those who may not know.
I'll give you my perspective.
He says, isn't it pharaocitical to charge to talk about God?
Well, no, the Pharisees were making people buy a certain coin that was in limited supply for many times what the coin was worth in silver to be able to buy sacrifices for the temple in Jerusalem.
I'm not at the temple in Jerusalem.
I'm not at a church saying you must have this sacrifice to atone to God and you must buy it in a certain coin from me.
I'm not claiming I'm some high priest.
Here's another example, let's say that so many of the big schools in America were founded by Christians, got taken over later, but the point is, you send your child to a college that's been a Christian school, like Baylor in Texas, and you pay for your tuition, and then there's a church chapel on that facility, is your argument you shouldn't pay to send your child to Baylor?
Maybe you shouldn't, because the brainwashing that goes on there, that's your choice, but
The idea that it's pharisaical.
The Pharisees were always pointing out how someone else wasn't of God.
The Pharisees were always pointing out how someone had violated God's rules, and how they were high and mighty, and how they were good.
I'm the opposite of a Pharisee.
People say, Jones, why do you admit you paid for abortions?
Well, because I'm very sad about it, and I repent of it, and it happened 30 years ago.
And God touched my heart and convicted me, and I said no.
And I haven't been part of it since.
A Pharisee doesn't tell you they killed their children.
A Pharisee doesn't tell you that they've done the things I've done.
If I'm anything in this universe, it's not a Pharisee.
So I don't take umbrage with the person saying I'm being a Pharisee.
It's just you've got it backwards, brother.
And I would not compare myself to King David.
I'm not saying I'm like as amazing as King David was.
And what an incredible Christ-like person who sent his friend off to get murdered because he was so overcome with lust for his wife.
Now, I've never had one of my buddies killed so I could have sex with his wife.
But see, he legitimately got caught up in it and then repented and God could read his heart and knew he was sorry for real.
And God said, you're a man after my own heart.
Let's just say, over here's Pharisees, and over here's Alex Jones, and over here's King David.
Like, I'm on the King David spectrum.
I want women.
I want to fight.
But I also love God and freedom, and I don't have to screw little people over.
I want to take on big guys.
I want to take on Goliath.
God hates cowards.
King David was not a coward.
So you see, that's the difference.
So if you want to compare me to somebody who was a sinner, compare me to King David.
Don't you ever think that it's true if you compare me to one of the Pharisees when it's the Pharisees that are coming after me today!
And when it is literally the ADL, New World Order, globalist system that hates my guts.
It's the left in Hollywood that tells you about the rules and how you're dirty and how you're bad and how you haven't done enough when they themselves are the worst.
They'll tell you how good they are all day.
Brother, I'm here to tell you the reason I'm able to fight the New World Order is because I'm evil.
My mind is satanic.
I can see into their operations.
I know how they work.
I understand them.
And I'm not proud of it.
I don't like it.
Because for all that evil I know, there's this side of good that's way bigger and beautiful.
Like Dr. Zolinko says, there's a little birdie that just loves God and just loves puppies and kitty cats and blue skies and happy cornfields and just campfires.
Everybody's singing happy.
That's why I want to be little birdie, little sweet birdie with Jesus.
But I do know about the devil.
And I said I'd go to your calls.
We'll push our guests back 15 minutes.
I got to get to all these calls.
I will.
The guests are amazing.
The producer and the director of Covenant Land will do 45 minutes with them ahead of the great guest host that's taking over.
And Paul Watson's hosting some tomorrow.
But, you know, am I ashamed to sell a course online at ResetWars.com that's powerful information
That also keeps us on air, and the answer is absolutely not.
Am I ashamed that when I, somebody physically attacked me when I was 16 years old, and I finally got him down, I went ahead and just kicked him a few more times in the head and ruined the rest of their life?
No, I'm not proud of that.
So, when the Pharisees call and accuse me, and I'm not saying you're a Pharisee, but it's the spirit of a Pharisee.
Before you ask me to get the speck out of my eye,
You should get the beam out of your eye.
And I will tell that caller this, they must have bought the course to even know that information.
Thank you for your support, sir.
And I get it.
It's a little unseemly seeing me up there trying to get people to come to Jesus.
It's quite a spectacle, isn't it?
Because, I mean, anybody that's got discernment can look at Alex Jones and say, there's something about that guy.
He's good, but he's also really bad.
I can almost see a forked tail.
And you're absolutely right.
I am a devil!
I am a fallen devil.
I am absolutely a devil.
But you know what?
Jesus redeemed me, and Christ saved me.
But yeah, I'm still in the third dimension.
I'm still right here.
I still get it all.
That's why I see right through Cuomo, and right through Cien, and right through all of them.
Because I know who they are, folks.
I can dial into their frequency.
I can tune in to them.
And I can hear their plans, and I know their plans, and I'm frustrated because we need to move on from Alex Jones, and is Alex Jones good or is Alex Jones bad?
And understand, I'm bad.
I'm a fallen creature, but I'm saved through Christ.
Let's move on from Alex Jones, and let's move on to your relationship with Jesus Christ, and your relationship in the universe, and what you're going to do about the future.
Let's not use Alex Jones as an excuse on whether God and the devil are real.
God and the devil are real.
Let's move on from Jones and let's decide whether we want to be with God forever or the devil forever.
And that's my message to the Pharisees.
Because I am in the quiet place of the Most High.
Until I get on air that I'm so frustrated because I'm so calm and smooth and I understand I'm just quietly reading for hours.
And then I got to come on air.
I don't want to be your priest.
I don't want to be your leader.
I don't want to be up here telling you about all this.
I want you to wake up and stop it.
I want you to save me.
Because God put us on this earth to either choose good or evil and then either work for evil together or serve God together.
Can we just serve God together?
Can we just agree we love Jesus and love God and love justice?
And can we just stop this evil?
They've tried to stop it.
They've tried to block it.
Thank you so much for your support, those of you that got it, including the caller that called in.
And I'm just asking you to continue to be supporting us at InfoWarsTour.com, whether it's books or films or t-shirts or supplements or the course at ResetWars.com.
It's really game-changing info.
If you look at this and research this and use this, it will massively empower you.
Or you can just say, oh, he's a Pharisee.
You know, Alex Jones is bad.
Okay, then, screw ResetWars.
Look, I want to go to your phone calls, but during the break, to respond to the last caller, because it's such a bizarre thing to actually say with a free market show that's open to the public, and people choose to buy something they can.
This idea that as Christians, as conservatives, as nationalists, that we're not supposed to bring in money is why we've been defeated.
We don't have the infrastructure.
Reason one.
We need funding to keep the show running and bringing this information and our supply chain of shipping products is massively delayed.
So this is the best way for us to provide you with powerful information to help you more than just bringing you the news.
Also providing you with the opportunity to show us how much you support what we're doing and to help others get the truth and help inform them and to keep the show on the air and the movement we build together.
We're leading together.
I kind of wrote this quick during the break.
Reason two, people value what they invest in.
We would love to give everything away for free, but people won't value it as much and won't be able to keep the lights on and bring you any of this information, this critical information, this urgent information in the future with these crazy times that are happening and to navigate these unprecedented developments.
Since they de-platformed me, I have to create ways to serve you guys and still bring in revenue to our show and our amazing team who helps make this all happen for us, for you.
I mean, that's really it.
It's just such a baby-like statement.
Like, why are you selling something?
And I don't want to go back to that, you know, anymore.
It's just that
I'm glad that person called in, though, and I'm glad I went to him.
I saw what they had to say.
I went to him.
Because I'm proud of what we've done.
I wish I'd done better.
And I wish back four or five years ago, before we were really de-platformed, I'd tried to raise money.
Back then, I'm like, well, we have enough money to run.
I just see myself as rigging people up.
That's my job.
I'm not the leader.
I'm just a Paul Revere.
And then back then, if I'd tried to make money, I could have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.
But I was always just, well, we don't need more money.
We're not even taking sponsorship right now.
We're just going to, you know, be here.
Boy, now do I know how wrong I was.
Now we got to fight hard to get money to stay on air.
So, I'm done talking about it.
I don't want the callers.
Callers can address it if you want, but I don't want to turn this into the whole show.
That tends to happen with calls.
Somebody brings something up like that.
And you know, just God bless that fella.
You know, I hope that he's able to reach people with no money or no infrastructure.
And maybe through the Lord, he's got a way to do it.
I haven't figured it out yet.
But that's where we are.
Okay, let's go to
Shelby in Oklahoma.
Go ahead Shelby, another call from Oklahoma.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, good to talk to you.
First time caller.
I did want to say that I know you said you don't want to be our leader, but you have no choice, man.
You are our leader.
You are the captain of the ship.
Well, there's no doubt the globalists see me as a major leader.
I'm just trying to lead people to wake up and wake others up.
I'm trying to cause a chain reaction.
Well, what I really called to ask you was, with the holidays coming up, how do you interact with your family in a way that, I know you had said before that you had vaccinated family members who are experiencing some troubles from that, but how do you even
They know who you are.
They know.
Most of my family has not taken the shot.
But I've got some that haven't gotten seriously ill from it.
My cousins and people, yeah.
And so we just, I mean, none of us are living in fantasy land.
We take our vitamin D. We try to exercise.
We're aware of what's going on.
And I mean, that's basically it, brother.
But how do you how do you talk to them?
And how do you keep it peaceful in times like this?
You know,
The few family members I have that are totally committed to this lie, I don't think even want to come around me anymore, so they've kind of separated themselves.
That's what I've found with people that I'm around, and family members as well, is they just kind of avoid me like the plague, or they even just avoid this conversation like the plague, because maybe they just can't
Handle it or or I'm not sure but what's happened is they bought into the lie that if they took this they'd be fine But now it's more more more and so someone who's already been conned gets deeper into the con they a lot of times They don't say oh, I got conned.
Oh, I admit I've been defrauded.
They make excuses for why it's happened Like they just can't accept it It's so horrible.
What's happened.
They can't believe it.
Thank you for the call.
God bless you
Carlos is a regular caller for over a decade in Ontario, Canada.
Carlos, thanks for holding her on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
Actually, Montreal, Canada, where is the home of the Alam Memorial Hospital.
I apologize.
Yeah, they put Ontario on the screen, so you're in Montreal.
The Allen Memorial Hospital is a psychiatric teaching hospital.
It's right next to the Montreal Neurological Institute and in between is the Royal Victoria Hospital up on the mountain, Mount Royal.
And I just wanted to draw your attention to what bad technology, bad theory, bad science, how it becomes in one way positive and another way it creates monsters, okay?
I was driving through Switzerland to Germany when I saw a truck with a big, big sign on it saying Mengele.
And I said, no kidding.
It must be just the same name.
Actually, the Mengele family, the infamous Dr. Mengele was from a very good family.
And during the war, he was in charge of
As you know, he was a very reputable doctor, just like Dr. Ian Cameron at the L.M.
Memorial Hospital in Montreal.
And Dr. Mengele, Little Mengele, I call him Fauci Little Mengele, Little Mengele is actually the worst of all, okay?
Because if you look at Dr. Mengele, Dr. Mengele was a soldier, in a sense, in a war that was being fought.
Pilots were being shot down, they were freezing, they were doing horrible experiments on prisoners.
Sure, and for those that don't know, Mengele was actually part of the German aristocracy, part of a royal house, and he's the famous angel of death, secret experimentation doctor.
But he was, he was forced to do it.
Someone else would have done it or he would have been taken to the side and shot or something for not following the orders.
I mean, this is wartime.
I'm not saying, I'm not excusing it.
He's a monster, okay?
No, you're right.
I mean, I agree Fauci's worse because he gleefully is doing it.
You got it.
He, this man was associated with AIDS.
This guy was associated with immune suppressive technologies.
This man was involved intimately with George Soros, okay?
Whom right now, from what I see from pictures, the ADL is sending its Nosferatu out there, you know, Greenblatt, to protect this guy's professional character.
There's none of that.
The next thing is this, Alex.
The Allen Memorial Hospital was actually... Dr. Ewing Cameron was a very famous
Very well-recommended psychiatrist.
He was recommended to the Allen Memorial Hospital by Dr. Wilder Penfield, where I was at the Montreal Neurological Institute later on, 14 years later.
And some of the teachers did experiments at the time on sensory deprivation to find out what are the effects of sensory deprivation on human performance, okay?
Sleep deprivation and so on.
The ideas were formulated in Dr. Ewan Cameron because the best science was that people thought that the brain was like a computer that you could deprogram and then reboot and
We're good to go.
The MKUltra program, in fact, was based on a military necessity, which was that the Korean War had, you know, people were coming back from the Korean War, and they were sort of like against the United States.
That's right.
And they said, well, where are they going?
How are they going to convince these people to be against the United States?
Like, you know, the Stockholm Syndrome.
But at the time, there was a theory that their brain was like a computer.
And that you can actually, you know, alter it by deprogramming it and what they call psychic driving, okay?
Well, yeah, stay there.
We'll come back and let you do five more minutes because you're a smart guy, Carlos.
But we all know that the CIA and the OSS before that had a bunch of mind control.
They used the excuse of what North Korea was doing and the Chinese were doing in the Manchurian Candidate Project to go, oh, we've got to look at this to stop it.
Oh, the Chinese invented it, which is absolutely ridiculous, all these major
Governments and systems have been practicing mind control for a long, long time.
Carlos in Montreal, Canada is our guest.
Then Sid Cano, a lot of wild names today.
And Corey and Kai and Jesus is Lord, short and long.
You know, what's up today with the calls?
I've had more crazy named people today than like 20 years combined.
Very strange.
So we're going to see what's going on here today, but we're going to break that all down.
Reset Wars, by the way, is now live.
And it's a six plus hour course on how they're mind controlling you and my perspective on looking at it, creating my own cosmology to respond to it.
It's a whole new school of thought.
Integrated in with a lot of deep research in history.
ResetWars.com and the system does not want you to see.
ResetWars.com and your purchase of it keeps us on the air, which is free will.
I don't have a gun to your head saying you got to go do it like a caller was trying to imply earlier.
So thank you all for your support.
All right.
Hour number three.
Straight ahead.
We'll go right back to Carlos and MKUltra.
Stay with us.
All right.
Carlos in Montreal, Canada.
Alex, that's correct, Alex.
The Allen Memorial Psychiatric Teaching Hospital was, at the time, trying to develop a cure for schizophrenia, people that really suffer terribly, whose life was being impacted.
At the Montreal Neurological Institute, in the 1930s, 40s, 50s,
Dr. Wilder Penfield had developed technologies called the Montreal Procedure for treating, again very radically, by removal part of the brain that was responsible for epilepsy.
And so the Allen Memorial Psychiatric Hospital undertook this project financed by a top-secret program called MKUltra.
It was Project 68 and there's no reason to believe that
That the Allen Memorial Hospital people and Dr. Ewan knew the secret financing was transferred through a company, through a trust, okay?
And so he didn't.
He might not have known.
I don't know.
He might not have known that there was a CIA project.
But I know that suddenly in 63, he just quit and he left in everything and he didn't want to hear about it.
I probably somebody whispered in his ear.
What I'm not trying to justify anything.
What I'm trying to tell you is that the the experiments were not necessarily a success because they were trying to cure.
But the electric shock, sometimes they were doing like 70 percent higher than normal, which was
Really awful, okay?
These were not experiments to be proud of, but they were trying to affect the model of the brain as the computer.
The brain is not a computer, Alex.
Let me tell you sincerely, it is an analog computer at best, because as a calculator, it's terrible.
If you try to multiply fractions by fractions, you will just fail.
It's not a very good computer, as airplane accidents show many times the pilot control.
So what I want to tell you just basically is that bad science creates
Bad doctors, it creates monsters.
And we now, I want to take you to the future, okay?
There was two major grants given, 1.3 billion dollars, 1 billion euros, to a project, to a scientist who was trying to model with computers the human brain, okay?
Again, again, bad modeling.
If you search for the name Henry Marekram,
You will see that this scientist who did some work on, you know, stimulating neurons and getting them to fire, he came to the idea that you could actually create a computer model, a working model, a holographic representational model of the human brain and the mind and so on.
Well, it doesn't work like that, okay?
It's not a computer.
There's a very big difference, and we'll discuss it another time, between what is the mind and the soul, okay?
The soul and the mind are two actually distinct things, but let's leave it there for now.
What I wanted to just draw your attention to is that what I call Little Mengele, Fauci, has been doing with this technology
Uh, with this idea that you can have mRNA vaccines and so on.
He's tainted by his associations with George Soros, with Wuxi in Wuhan, which is, by the way, in the same area, doing the kind of research, with the drugs that were being manufactured by Gilead Sciences, you know?
So, this will all come out.
This will all come out.
But in the meantime, what all of these experimentations with mRNA have shown, and will show,
Thalidomide drug, that was a cosmetic drug given to women so that they wouldn't have, you know, morning sickness, was given worldwide in one shot, and then three, four, five, six, nine months later, all these children were born without legs and arms and deformed because of the drug?
Can you imagine enforcing this to people until they start getting those horrible results?
World government does not work.
It's an out-of-control medical tyranny.
It's by design.
And it is genocide being rolled out, the collapse of civilization.
The shots cause a collapse from fear and hysteria and lockdowns and death that leads to the bigger collapse that causes the mega-death.
Thank you so much, Carlos.
Amazing points.
We'll be back with more callers.
Should you wear a mask if you're healthy?
And if you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing a medical mask.
But if you are, then you should.
Right now is our insistence now on wearing masks.
Masks do not work for the general public.
People should not be walking around with masks.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
You do not need to wear a medical mask.
Masks don't control viruses.
They control you.
That's what this is about.
I really believe that if we get rid of the masks, the rest of this house of cards fall down.
It just blew my mind how the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
The biggest issue with face masks is the impact they have on our children.
But children in masks is absolutely dangerous.
And this has to stop!
Defend our children!
The air should not be illegal to breathe.
And yes, we produced the film.
And the producer, the main producer, and the filmmaker will be joining us coming up in the next segment.
We've got a bunch of clips from the film.
And I know as an audience you already know all this stuff, but they want you to forget what happened just a year and a half ago.
This is Part 2.
As we move forward to Part 5, that's the whole endgame, the latest info on how to stop them.
They don't want a record of what they really did out there.
That's why this film is so important.
I hope you get it right now.
Okay, let's rush through your phone calls.
Sid Canoe from Washington State, you're on the air.
Yeah, I got you there, little birdie.
Don't worry about a thing.
Cause every little thing's gonna be alright.
Part of my job is to open up the truth to people in different ways who are blind curmudgeons.
And so I'm pretty much disabled.
Can't even make videos.
But one thing I can do, I take my ukulele into the hive of the least church state in the union.
I'm a first-time caller, by the way, from Washington State.
By the way, you sound really good with that ukulele over the phone, brother.
We love it.
Well, Mike replied to the last caller who had criticisms.
Look, as a person who also has experience in commercial radio, without some funds coming in, there is no broadcast, do you understand?
And plus, Alex is not going to hide this truth from us.
It's not like he's not going to leak all the details of Reset Wars without you actually having to spend a small amount of money.
I think, and here's my thing, look, I'm in a rockin' a hard place.
They give me a little show here on American Freedom Radio where American freedom matters.
I take this ukulele out there, I use 60s radicals music, and I use it to enlighten them.
I played Electric Eye by Judas Priest a couple weeks ago.
I played Crazy by CeeLo.
The whole thing, trying to enlighten people.
Hey Sid, I love your voice, love what you're saying, and love the connection you've got.
Your phone is so clear, it sounds like HD.
Play us Electric Eye on the ukulele.
Well, about Alex Jones, okay, look, I know he's not a prophet as far as biblically concerned, but when he speaks,
He is a public expounder.
And what I'm asking people, my job is to open up the audience of Christians who are a very, very small minority.
It's a small, global connection of home churches, right?
Home churches.
But they don't know what's going on.
They need to know not to get the death jab.
How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?
Yes, some say it's just a part of it.
We've got to fulfill the book.
Hey, so Bob Marley knew what was going on.
He knew that, look, all they do is see them fighting for power, but they know not the hours.
So they bribe men with their guns, spare parts, and money, trying to belittle our integrity.
Well, they want us to keep fussing and fighting.
Well, Sid Cano, how do people find you?
Because I want to get you on as a guest, man.
You're amazing.
You know, I'm struggling to keep any... I have no budget.
I have nothing.
Where do people find you?
They want to find you.
Where do they find you?
You search Z-I-D-K-E-N-U, and I do a little live stream every week on American Freedom.
It's not Sid Cano.
It's Zid Cano.
Yeah, Z-I-D-K-E-N-U, and you should find my bit shoot, Brighty, on.
I like Mike Adams a lot.
I talk about natural things.
Well, that's beautiful, but start over.
I want to hear Electric Eye played on a ukulele.
Right now.
Do it.
Alright, so it's like, I'll do the second verse.
Always in focus.
You can't see my stare.
I zoom into you.
You don't even know I'm there.
I take pride in probing all your secret moves.
My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove I'm made of metal, you know.
So I could do the whole thing, but I do that on stage.
You know what you sound like?
You sound kind of like Ted Nugent.
Well, Ted is a rock star.
I mean, look, he's a guy who started at four years old, played with all the cats in Detroit.
Not a racist, right?
Because that's also my thing.
I do Bob Marley.
You know, I asked the audience, what color was Bob Marley?
Do you know?
He was red.
We were all red.
Did you know?
The name Adam means red clay, and all of us are one people, one blood, one nation.
And on my show, we talk about who's behind it all?
Go for the Jesuit black pope.
We know that the EU is the head of the Beast of Revelation.
It's the seventh head of the Beast of Revelation.
Those are the things that we study.
We know there's more to the time of the end than Revelation.
Elijah had a vision, too, you know.
Yes, Alex.
Um, I want to call on all humans on the face of the earth that are unvaccinated to identify as organic humans with heirloom genetics.
Oh my God, that's so smart.
I was thinking about myself a month ago.
We are literally heirloom humans.
We are non-GMO like a tomato.
Oh my God, that's powerful.
Also, I wrote you a song, me and my buddy in our garage, uh, the greatest speech ever given on the face of the earth.
Uh, Teddy Roosevelt.
Um, it's YouTube Human Compliance Arena Man, and it's a way to memorize the greatest speech while singing along to music.
Oh, we got all the music people calling in today.
So, Corey, tell me again, what's the name of the deal where I find Teddy Roosevelt to music?
It's, yes, it's on YouTube Human Compliance Arena Man.
Human Compliance Arena Man, alright.
Also, I put a chorus in it because it doesn't really have any repeating things, and the chorus is, when you come for us, we come for you.
So let's elaborate on that, because people used to, 20 years ago, get mad about GMO potatoes or corn or tomatoes, and I agree, and Studies Show was sterilizing the rats that ate it, but we're eating it.
I totally agree.
Now they're GMO-ing us like it's no big deal.
That's right.
We need to continue on our pure genetic ancestral lines.
into the future.
Also, these blue cities want you to reimagine policing.
But in the end, all they want you to do is reimagine logic.
So anytime something doesn't make sense, they want you to reimagine logic.
No, no, you don't want mothers and fathers.
You don't want organic farms.
You know, even Bill Gates says ban organic farms.
The UN says organic farms are bad for the earth.
These app-based work programs, when you work for, like, Amazon, it's all app-based.
I've determined that to be AI-directed human compliance training.
I think that's... AI-directed human compliance training.
Wow, the callers today are amazing.
You're damn right that's what it is.
Also, plug for your product is, do you want to perform like the cameras are rolling?
Alpha Power should pretty much tap out.
Love it, brother.
What else is going on, Corey?
Love the show.
Been listening since 08.
The band Clutch, you like to play.
They have a song mentioning you by name.
It's called Outland Special Clearance.
I think you need to play that.
It's got a ton of power behind it, and I think you will love it.
I didn't know that.
Outland Special Clearance?
I'm a fan of Clutch.
I figured some of what we cover has influenced their music.
It sounds like it, but I didn't know that.
Outland Special Clearance, huh?
Yes, it is amazing.
You will love it.
And it's a good thing you don't have that Hellcat anymore because you would get a speeding ticket while listening to this song.
Corey, I love you.
Gosh, you just buoyed my soul.
Humans are awesome and we can see the face of God.
We are the interface with God.
That's why they want us destroyed.
We are God's little probes.
That's why the devil wants to shut down.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, Paul Wittenberger is an amazing documentary filmmaker.
I'm going to go over all the huge movies he's made.
You can find out more at framingtheworld.com.
And he is the man producing the five-part series, Covenantland, Part 2, The Mask, which is even more powerful than the first installment, which is hard to do.
Covenantland.com to find the film.
I am a limited producer involved in helping get it done and voiced it.
It's exclusively available on DVD at mpulrestore.com.
He had a caller last hour go, why are you selling stuff?
How do they pay for interviewing more than 50 people and flying people all over the country on films and editing and putting together and producing DVDs and selling it?
This is not about making money.
If we want to make money, we go join the globalists.
And I'm not addressing that caller as much as other people realizing, who else is going to fight the globalists if it's not us?
So we hope you get it.
We hope you make thousands of copies.
We hope you share it.
It's about you seeing it and sharing it.
Money gets it produced and gets it to you.
We could go serve the system all day, and they would lavish us with money as we sold out humanity.
So again, you need to get the film, Covenant Land, part two, The Mask.
Part one is also available.
It's going to be a five-part series, historical documentation of the takeover.
It ends with a great reset takeover that's going to be currently produced as it happens.
But this is the history of it, and very important about The Mask is a fraud.
And you notice we say in the film,
The mask is going to be forever, and now they're admitting the mask is forever.
Get a copy of it at Infowarsstore.com and get a free copy of two of my films on DVD.
We've never done this before with Dark Secrets of Sad Bohemian Grove and the Order of Death.
Two films on one DVD to understand the people running this whole show.
So Liberty Man is the tech entrepreneur that loves Liberty and hates the New World Order, and he helped get zero money back for himself, pay millions of dollars to produce it.
Now we're selling it, so InfoWars gets funded, and the director and the film crew gets paid.
So that's the inside baseball.
That doesn't matter.
Who cares?
The point is it's powerful, the enemy doesn't want it to be seen, and you can get the DVD now at InfoWarsHore.com, and soon we'll post Part 2.
The last video got like 5 million views on NewsWars and on the Band-Aid video.
Again, you as an audience already know all this stuff.
It's about reaching other people, then getting them to reach others.
That causes the chain reaction.
So, let's go to Paul Wittenberger here with Liberty Man.
Paul Wittenberger, I mean, man, we are watching this happen in live time.
I just hope that we defeat him so Part 5 comes out next year, because they're about to hit the Internet Kill Switch, brother.
That's why DVDs are so important with Internet Kill Switch.
Having a hardcore record, a digital book, is what this is, is going to be so critical.
And that's why I'm so glad that this was seen by five million people the first episode.
I mean, really, almost six million people, if you include all the other uploads of this film.
So episode one was a huge success.
Episode 2, though, guys, is even better.
And so I really hope you guys head over to m4store.com and get this episode.
It is a great tool to wake up your friends and family and just get them out of the trance.
And Paul, just to interrupt, people ask, why are you selling a DVD if it's going to be on Bandot Video?
Well, I've been working on this since December of last year.
So, I mean, if we didn't make any money, I mean, there's no way I could spend
Yeah, I don't want to obsess on the collar last hour.
It's just so evil to say that we're fighting evil, we're being shut down, we're under attack, and we shouldn't be selling something.
It's a satanic phone call.
Let's just move on from that.
But tell us what's in the mask.
I've watched it.
The other film is very powerful because it shows a bunch of history they want us to forget.
Murdering folks in hospitals all of it's very powerful But this one is so pertinent now because it's like a message to people of activism of here's how the mass is a scam Give this to your city council your school board your college.
I mean this is powerful Right well the mass is not only a hundred percent useless, but it's dangerous as well so I think that this film does a really great job at just talking and
To the average person and explaining them why it's dangerous, why it's useless, and why they're using this tool to propagate this whole lockdown, this whole debacle of COVID.
And we've got a bunch of these clips here talking about that and showing the science.
Liberty Man, you know, we started out now eight months ago in these productions, I mean, before shooting it.
But how fast, what's it like to be in the middle of this and watching it happen in real time?
It's quite something.
I remember when Paul and I were collaborating on the mask episode, we figured, oh no, we need to get this out now.
The mask thing might not be such an issue.
And we talked about it and I said, you know,
I don't know.
My hunch is that they're going to make the mask a permanent fixture.
The reason is because it's at Edward Bernays level propaganda image is really what it is.
It's the symbolism.
G. Edward Griffin is in the episode and I think he elegantly says that it's an outward visual for everybody to see that there's this consensus.
Everybody agrees.
That, well, if I have a mask on, then this whole thing must be real.
I believe it's real.
And if everyone around me's got it on, well, groupthink kicks in.
And I'm really convinced, Alex, that, you know, we have a lot of fronts in this war, but if we want to start to gain some ground on this whole medical tyranny, ditching the mask is huge.
Because it's, if we can go out and about and carry, you know, go on out, go to the gym or go to restaurants or what have you, and not have this foolish,
I'm good.
Let's be honest.
This is just a propaganda stunt, really.
Beautifully said.
It's the symbol of the permanent emergency.
It's the symbol of believing in the fraud.
It's the symbol that you're dirty and evil and taking it off as a revolutionary act.
And I would say as negative as things are, as bad as things are, the globalists admit their own internal documents that have leaked.
It's not going well for them.
They thought we would submit a lot more.
So we're definitely in the fight right now.
Yes, we are.
And I think it's going to take little tiny acts of resistance for us to start gaining some major ground and really have the momentum shift our way.
The mask is one where I think, you know, obviously your audience is pretty based and they're going to already be aware of the foolishness of the face diaper.
That's great, but let's be honest.
Um, there are, we all are dealing with this face mask because it could be our favorite store, our favorite gym or wherever that we like to go.
Somebody's in control of a mask policy and they're pushing it onto people.
So with this episode, what I'm really hoping is that we could make this the activist episode.
This is the one where it's like you want to get a handful of DBEs and you want to strategically put this in the hands of people that are in control of mask policies.
Maybe it's your boss at work.
Maybe it's somebody that, you know, is the general manager or store manager at some place that you'd like to be a patron of.
We want to target and get this into people, because this whole episode is designed to make people, to appeal to a wide general audience, give them a lot of scientific data about the reality, how the mask doesn't help you, it hurts you, but also for them to see what it's doing to kids, and at the end of it, for them to just be like, there's just no way I'd ever put one of these on again.
In fact, Liberty Mail, that's why I wanted to get you guys on a few weeks ago when you told me this in a phone call.
Come back and recap that, because I want to put that up front in a video I release.
You're right.
This is the Activist DVD, and if people use this, we can turn the tides.
Stay there.
Well, right now, as we speak, Joe Biden, the puppet president, is giving somebody the Congressional Medal of Honor, and they're all wearing masks.
Oh, we're in a permanent emergency.
Oh, we're in the cult.
Remember a few years ago, Wired Magazine had the article, He Who Must Not Be Named, and it was my face covered up by a black veil being sucked into the darkness, the red, white, and blue?
The archetypal image is America is being silenced.
You're being taken to the darkness.
They're telling you as a sick joke what's actually happening.
Liberty Man, who is the money man, a tech entrepreneur, that's helped produce the five-part series that's in production right now, part two of COVIDland, The Mask, which is the activist issue.
He told me about this a few weeks ago on the phone.
I said, you've got to come on.
This is genius.
You're absolutely right.
Just like some of my previous films that I helped direct and produce, you guys have directed and produced this, have been game changers.
Recap what you were saying, Liberty Man, about this being the activist film.
DVD underground.
Folks still have DVD players.
They can be told it's forbidden information.
You know, we see this, the masks are permanent.
Oregon now made it permanent.
They're announcing it's permanent in Europe.
I mean, it's happening now.
COVID-land the mask is such an incredible tool for people to take action with and it's really up to them.
How much action do they take with this to actually do something?
Yeah, it's quite something.
You know, I think if you think about the context we're in, right, there's a lot of mindless compliance going on.
And I'm in a country where there isn't a mask mandate, and yet I'd say 70-80% of people are out and about with masks.
And we're talking like outside, 30-degree weather, doing yard work, riding on motorcycles with no helmets down the highway, but they got a face diaper on.
You know, this kind of just complete nonsense.
But what I found is if you can talk to people, most people, if you talk to them and just give them a little bit of information, and they see you not wearing a stupid face mask,
It's contagious.
They start to feel like an idiot for wearing one.
And especially if you get the real reasons to not wear one, yeah, you can win them over on this issue.
You can unlock them up on the simple, you know, simple issue of just a face mask.
So the act of this episode, episode two, is one where we can have a huge influence.
And I think we can start to tear down this consensus perception
That we're in a health crisis.
Talk about that, because if people get the DVD, we wanted to make copies, it doesn't have copyright protection, if they hand it out and say, hey, here's the forbidden information, the mask is a fraud, it's a symbol of slavery, it's like the Nazi armband, I mean, this could really explode if this audience of millions gets the DVD and then shares it.
Yeah, I agree.
And the key thing too is the kids, right?
In the episode, we show how
That has a psychological effect on children.
And if you think about it, now we're two years almost into this and about a year and a half where, you know, the face poopy, the face mask has been a thing.
Well, kids are now, you know, you can look at some kids that are four or five years old.
I know, Alex, you have a young kid.
Paul, you do.
I do as well.
And you're sitting there looking at like, well, 50, 60% of your life now you've spent seeing people in face masks where you don't get to see their full face.
We're participating in the conditioning of a new generation.
This is total dehumanization.
This is preparing us to not see ourselves as human or individuals.
Let's play a few clips and then get the director's take on it.
Here's clip one, Sherry Tenpenny and Jared Griffin on mask conformity.
Then clip two, Daniel McCarthy.
Play both of those.
It just blew my mind how quickly and how readily the entire world just rolled over and put on a mask.
I see the mask as a symbol of conformity to the lie.
A symbol that everybody agrees with the lie.
Otherwise, they wouldn't be wearing the mask.
And if everybody agrees, then it must be true.
If it's consensus, well, I guess so.
We've been trained to think that.
If you've got the majority, or a huge majority, believing something, it must be true.
When in fact, it's usually just the opposite.
I've never worn a mask.
I will not wear a mask.
You couldn't pay me a billion dollars to wear a mask, and here's why.
I know as soon as I put that mask on, a little piece of me is gonna die.
Now, not everybody can do what I do.
You know, some people have to do it because their work's telling them to do that, or some people think that I have to fly on this airplane, or I have to ride in this Uber, or I have to go to this restaurant.
And that's why we have the mask, is because not enough people said no.
This movie needs to be seen.
It needs to be copied.
It needs to be aired.
You need to have local showings.
You need to get it out.
And that's why we made it, so you can have it and get it out.
Covent Land 2, The Mask, and then fortworthstore.com, and you get the free Bohemian Grove films with it.
Going to the director from framingtheworld.com, Paul Wittenberger.
Paul, I mean, this, everything we warned about years ago is now happening.
This is literally like,
Antibiotics when your child's dying of a bacterial infection.
I mean, this film's got to get out to people.
And what you saw there was just a few people that we interviewed in this episode.
We interviewed 18 different people.
Eight of those people were not in episode one.
So a lot of great interviews.
We had Tammy Clark, who you just had on the show the other day.
We had Dr. Eric Napudi, Dwayne Stovall.
And by the way, the job you did.
I mean, I wish it just so it looks like HBO.
Such a quality production.
Well, I appreciate that.
You know, I did try to spend a lot of time and making sure, you know, the lighting was good.
The sound was good.
And that's what I really focused on because the sound is so important in a production.
And so, yeah, I did try to as best as I could to make it sound and look good.
Well, what do you want to see come out of this?
Because I mean, we can see that
Germany and Austria have announced they're going to start arresting people en masse.
Forced inoculations start in a month and a half.
Austria to begin shipping unvaxxed to prisons.
One year in prison.
I mean, this is it.
It's a real fraud.
It's not a joke.
And, you know, if people really understood the power of this episode, you know, they would go out and get it and get multiple copies because we need to get these out to as many people as we possibly can.
We need to share this with everyone.
And so especially when it comes out free online on Band.Video, you know, we really need your audience
Well Alex, part of me just can't believe that so many people fall into compliance, but the realization is that
We have, like you say, there's reset wars.
And I was thinking about it last night.
You know, you could look at 1776 as being a great reset.
You could look at Magna Carta as being a great reset.
They're trying to have their great reset.
And so it really is reset war.
What kind of reset are we going to have?
I totally agree.
The Magna Carta was a reset in 1215, 1776 was a reset.
They're trying to have their big reset against us right now.
This is the corrupt globalist offensive.
That's right.
So when I think about this mask episode, I kind of see us, you know, we partnered on this documentary series.
I kind of think about us as being a little bit of a special forces unit in your arsenal.
You know, you're, you're the big general and you've got a lot of fronts that you're, you're fighting on.
And then we come in and we help augment what you're doing.
And, um, and so this is a special forces, uh, strike this episode too.
You know, this is, this is the activist episode.
And I do think that, uh, the mask is a key pillar in their entire, um, COVID,
I mean, I think it's the central pillar.
It's their symbol.
It's who they are, and I agree with you.
If the listeners got excited, and if they got the DVD and made copies and re-uploaded it and had showings at the library and everywhere, it would totally cause a shame reaction.
So it's the catalyst.
It's the sword in the stone waiting for somebody to pull it.
We've got to stand up to these virtue-signalers and the people under Stockholm Syndrome.
Covidland 2, The Mask, Part 2 at Infowarsstore.com.
Get it, make copies at public showings and more.
We'll be right back.
Got a bunch of clips from the film.
We're about to premiere.
Stay with us.
All right.
I'm going to do a little bit of the next hour that Gerald Cilente is going to be taking over.
And I meant to play this earlier as a symbol of how we defeat them.
Because, yeah, this guy jumping on national Australian TV is not that spectacular, but he gets the message out.
And then if others do this, like we did five years ago during the 2016 election,
It's going to bring the globalists down.
Man video bombs COVID newscast.
Stop lying to the world from Australia.
Here it is.
Among the other things they'll be discussing, no doubt, is this massive outbreak that we've seen north of Sydney in Newcastle.
But it may have been a person from a nightclub, a Sydney boat party, that has taken the variant to Newcastle.
Now, if that is the case, the person was in the Bronx.
Stop lying to the world.
Stop lying to the world.
We're going to leave Gabby there.
Someone interfering with her cross.
We'll cross back to her a little later.
Someone interfering in our mind control.
Remember Tucker Carlson sitting there on Fox News outside and the guy jumps across.
Hillary Clinton's a rapist.
Put her in prison.
And then it caused a whole chain reaction.
We are so close to a chain reaction of non-violent, peaceful information and that's where
This film comes in.
It's like you're in a fight for your life.
You didn't start a fight.
You're going out at Target at like 10 o'clock at night.
You're loading your stuff.
Some weird schizophrenic, you know, homeless person starts a fight.
You're like, hey, I want to fight.
They swing.
They hit you in the side of the head.
You're like, OK, I got to kick this person's ass.
You didn't ask for the fight, but you're going to put them down now.
And it's the same thing.
I don't know if COVID-land 2 is going to be the punch that keeps them down.
I don't know if it's going to be reset wars that does it.
I don't know.
But I know this.
If I stop fighting, I'm going to lose.
So everything I do is an attack.
Everything I do is a punch back.
I didn't ask for the fight.
I didn't start the fight.
But if they're going to attack us, we're going to defend ourselves.
This is an information war.
So don't sit over there.
Oh, Alex tells me I'm important to make me feel important.
I need you to save me and my family.
We've got to wake up together.
We're not going to beat this unless we wake up together.
This is our big quest.
This is our big time.
This is the biggest, most scientific attack on humanity in recorded history.
In our entire history we know of, there may have been something worse like Atlantis, but the point is they're making their move on us right now.
Yeah, I think we're waiting still for the flashpoint, right Alex?
To see a turning of the tide.
They've kept us on our heels now for
For a long time with this COVID stuff.
Almost two years.
We're about to enter year three.
They've kept us on our heels and they're just all out with the propaganda.
That's right.
The big difference this time, of course, is they've got the internet, which you can think of as a giant analytical tool, right?
They've got all these sensors.
Basically, they can judge the effectiveness of their propaganda, where it's working, where it isn't, and they've got a huge behavior sciences aspect to everything that's going on.
They've got the jump on us, let's just be honest.
However, I'm eternally optimistic and I do believe that, you know what, even if all the odds are against us, I'm still going to do the right thing and I'm going to go down fighting, man.
I'm going to go down swinging and I'm comfortable with that.
And I think we just have to get to a spot where we stop clinging to these little things in our life, these little comforts and whatnot, and just accept the reality of what's going on and where we're at.
And, you know, I recognize not everyone's in a position to, you know, you've got day jobs, families, and everything else.
So, you know, there's little things you can do, though, like getting copies of this DVD and sticking it into people's hands.
You know certain people in your life that this could make a difference or that they could, it could affect policy change in little areas.
Take that action.
Do those little steps.
And, you know, it'll be death.
The New World Order is going to die.
It will be death by a thousand cuts.
That's how they're going to go down.
You are never going to hear about our victories.
We're never going to get celebrated.
It doesn't matter.
Because here's the deal.
My last straw is this.
They're now injecting children worldwide with this poison.
The deaths are happening.
It's going on.
We are living in a mass genocide.
So let's not deny it.
Let's just move forward as men.
We're expendable and just not worried.
So many of you are worried about your boss, worried about your job, worried about any of that.
You're going to lose all that anyways unless we stop these people.
Paul, do you have any comments on this?
You know, it's more important than ever that everyone tries to upload it and share it to people, because we need to put it out in as many fronts as possible, because they are moving this fact.
And I totally agree with you.
Your film is not just a great way.
I mean, I can tell you, when it comes to exposing the mass fraud, it's the way.
People should be at city councils, school boards, introducing this as evidence and demanding they watch it.
Go ahead.
People should be knocking on their doors politely with every city council member, every board member, every school board member saying, hey, I want you to watch this.
And then I want you to give me your response to it.
And people are waking up by the droves.
And so these kind of tools are ways to get people more to wake up.
And I think this is the greatest tool on the subject of masks that is out there.
So if everyone just goes to covidland.com, gets a copy, and then especially shares it once it goes free online, that is how we make a difference.
You know, there's so many clips here I haven't gotten to, but, you know, going back to Liberty Man.
Beautifully said.
Liberty Man, like you said, it's actually empowering to know this is so real and just to commit to the fight.
And so many people are on the sidelines.
They know it's real, but they say, what do I do?
What can they do?
Well, you know, Alex, when we were involved with this episode two, even when it was rough edits and I was going through it, it would hit me like a ton of bricks, this episode.
Like, you'd be watching it and you know what's coming up and everything else.
And then there's a certain part in the episode where it just, it connects with you at your core, right?
It cuts right through all the propaganda and all the stuff that's going on in your mind and it hits you, your base humanity.
And it's just,
It's just this realization and it's like, I was born into this.
You know, we all were born into this, this whole New World Order thing that's culminating at this stage that we're at.
They were working on this stuff long, long, decades and decades ago.
So this is the world.
This is just where we're at.
Sorry to interrupt.
I was telling my guys, Leonard, take this clip and put it up front in the video.
Sorry, I had my mic up.
Keep going.
We were born into this.
And I think, you know, it's just this, just get real with it, accept it, and get angry about it.
You know, Alex, 10 years ago, I think it was, there was a, what's now a famous rant that you did, and it was about, you know, Bill Gates, the TED conference, you know, the chicken neck, and, but you started yelling in that, you said, be human again, be a man, you know, and I think that was just so powerful that,
That rant that you did, because it was just, it's like, guys, stop, put down the silly little things that you do.
You know, I don't know, whatever it is, the video games or the what have you, like, you're not a child anymore.
This is our time.
And we're adults and we're in the front lines whether you like it or not.
You are on this battlefield.
So just do the right thing.
If you're not going to be on this earth for a very long time, you're not going to live forever.
And don't you want to look back and say, hey, guess what?
Here's what I did.
And I think about it, you know, your grandkids and whatnot, they might ask you one day, if you get to the stage where you've got grandkids, Dad, what did you do during that time?
Do you really want to say, well, I was one of those guys that I put on the armband and I snitched and everything else?
Or do you want to say, hell no, I stood my ground.
I did not.
I stuck with principles and I stuck with true scientific information.
I was principled.
And, uh, I didn't lose sight of my... I didn't lose control of my own opinions.
Beautifully said, Liberty Man.
Paul Wittenberger, closing comments about COVID-land to The Mask.
Well, you know, in this episode, we go into how it's affecting the children.
And that's what I think is one of the biggest things that it's affecting is the children.
And it baffles my mind that schools, even today, are still mandating masks.
So guys, go to your city council meetings and get this information out that people need to take these off and we need to just stop complying.
Beautifully said.
All right, I'm going to come back and Gerald Solynda is going to take over, but I want to play after you guys leave.
And thank you both, Liberty Man and Paul Wittenberger at FramingTheWorld.com.
And of course, CovidLand.com takes you right as a sublink.
TimFullerStore.com to get part one and part two in the free films that we're going to get people with that.
But there's so many clips here of Dale Bigtree and Christian Megan and Dr. Eric Nepte and Lisa Haven and Brian.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm going to end this hour, come back and play a few more clips.
Sorry to all the callers, we got to most of you as we could.
Thank you.
And then we're going to have Gerald Cilente take over.
But get the film, COVIDland Part 2, and get a free copy of Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and more.
Well, Biden toured the tornadoes he claimed were caused by the general public.
I pointed out that weather weapons and said, you have more of a history of weather weapons than anybody else.
I'm not saying you didn't.
I'm just saying you claim we did it.
Huge stories everywhere.
You might be behind it.
But we got those clips coming up as they scream he's a pedo.
And so much more, that's next segment.
But here's Del Bigtree in COVIDLAM Part 2 of The Mask.
One of the first videos to be incredibly censored, I brought my 12-year-old son into my studio on live television, and we bought a CO2 monitor.
And I put that CO2 monitor up underneath his mask, and I had him wear all the different masks that we use, whether it was a surgical mask or an N95, or we even tested a shield and a bandana.
But what we saw was incredibly alarming.
So now we're in a place where he could be having headaches.
Oh, we're at 3,786.
Look at this, we've just passed 5,000.
Now we're in the toxic level, right?
Now we could be doing this 7,000 inside this mass of the CO2.
8,000 parts per million.
And now this thing's gone off the Richter scale, folks.
It can't even register how high the CO2 levels are inside.
And look how many seconds that was.
Can I just... Yeah, you want to take that off?
All right.
Now, CO2 is what OSHA monitors.
That's our government agency that travels around making sure that the air people breathe in their offices or in their manufacturing plants is healthy.
They all have CO2 monitors on the wall so that if the CO2 level gets too high, like a canary in the coal mine, luckily we have one of these monitors.
We have people rush out of the room until they fix the problem.
The body of science around this world shows that masks do not work, and in fact, tend to cut oxygen, raise CO2 levels.
I've even brought in OSHA experts on my show that said, that's exactly the study we did, and we know that's true.
We know it denies you oxygen.
Man, that's powerful.
That is in.
COVID-land to the mask.
Get it out now at Infowarsstore.com.
Here's a few more clips.
We'll come back with the big Biden news.
During surgery, if a surgeon or a nurse or an anesthesiologist is wearing an N95 or even a surgical mask or an ear loop mask in that surgical suite, if they touch that mask one time, they have to either exit the room or a nurse aide has to help them change it out without touching it.
The second you touch your mask, not only are you cross-contaminating that mask,
But you are reducing its likelihood to control a hazard.
The maximum amount of time that you can wear a surgical mask in a hospital setting or a surgical center is two hours.
That's max.
And even then they have to have work rest cycles.
They have to properly don and doff them by the ear loops.
You can't just grab because you contaminate.
It's called fomite transmission.
Your hands have bacteria on them from what you're touching.
I think so.
Yet what OSHA is doing right now with this blanket mask mandate, they're not following any of it.
And they're getting away with it because they've changed the name.
It's not PPE anymore.
It's now, they call it community protection or whatever.
But I'm sorry, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
If you're requiring people to put something on to protect them or somebody else, it's personal protective equipment.
It falls under the PPE standard.
We've seen so many increases of bacterial respiratory infections in our private practices over the last 12 months, it's not even funny.
We've seen so many fungal infections because people are improperly wearing masks.
Whenever we get fitted for our masks, because I also am part owner of two surgical centers here in the greater St.
Louis area, when we're in our surgical centers... Ladies and gentlemen, you know, I just have no words to describe how important this film is.
And that's why that caller that called in two hours ago saying, how dare you sell anything?
That makes me want to throw up.
How the hell are we supposed to produce films with this quality, interviewing 50, 60 people and putting all this together and then printing DVDs and give it away for free?
It's just sick.
It's sick.
It's sick.
I am putting this film out at cost to get it to people.
It's so professional.
It's how we counter the lies.
They're trying to shut us down because the truth is so powerful.
Get Covid Land 2 and get two of my films free with it right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
Get it as a Christmas gift.
Order today, it'll get to you before Christmas.
And make copies of it, give it to your local libraries.
Whatever you do, get Covid Land 2 and InfoWarsTore.
And they're not trying to take this over to give us something better.
You better believe that.
People who founded this country were not chicken, you know what, pieces of garbage that were threatened by people being free.
They wanted to see you be free.
These globalists are running this country down to bring it down.
Better figure that out right now.
And let me tell you, I could spend the rest of the show on this, but Gerald Solinte does a great job.
I don't want to disrespect him.
He's about to take over in about 10 minutes.
Or a little less than 10 minutes.
But my lord, was I watching these the last two breaks.
I mean, I only watched five of the clips.
There's like eight of them in there.
Biden in Kentucky, the House of Cards comes down.
The Emperor's New Clothes event happens, you know, the fact that everything's a scam gets exposed.
Biden in Kentucky, POTUS talks crap about Aaron Rodgers and gets called a pedophile as people chant, let's go Brandon.
And I didn't even watch all the clips.
I watched three of them.
Like I told you, they are incredible.
There's eight of them.
Here's one of them where they're chanting he's a pedo.
Here it is.
We appreciate you coming to Mayfield, Kentucky.
Where are they?
Where's the children?
Where are they at?
This is our family.
What the f*** are you here for?
We know you love Mayfield.
Yes, he does.
And they go on to ask, where are the children?
And he's got to pull the dirty mask off to yell.
He looks all senile.
The masks is a symbol.
It's a permanent emergency.
You're dirty.
It's like their weapon against you.
It's their Nazi armband.
And he just didn't know what planet he was on.
He thought he'd show up in Kentucky.
Everybody kiss his ass.
Didn't happen.
Blew up in his face.
Absolutely beautiful.
You got to see some more of these clips.
Let's go, Brandon, from the crowd as Biden gets out.
He did grow up kids while he was there.
Current scene in downtown Mayfield with Biden expected to visit the city.
He did visit it.
People chanting FU.
He poses with photos, grubs children.
It just goes on and on.
Absolutely insane.
But again, don't criticize him or you're going to be in trouble with the ADL, who is the masters of the universe.
Here it is.
Fox News put this out.
George Soros openly has gotten 800 plus people elected as district attorneys.
20 plus attorney generals of states.
He openly says defund the police.
He says get rid of them totally.
And no bail for murderers and criminals.
That's a fact!
And when they do a story on it, the ADL says go after folks.
What a time to be alive.
What an insane situation to be part of.
And it's been our acquiescence to tyranny and our not defending our freedoms that has maneuvered us to this sad situation.
But that's the way it works.
I hope everybody goes to Infowars.com right now.
And I hope you just share with your family these clips because I only played one of the clips for you.
We're having to bleep the other clips.
But he just got routed.
I know the War Room's coming up in 50 minutes.
Owen's gonna have all these clips from the War Room, 3 p.m.
Make sure we do that, guys, okay?
But to also look how out of his mind... Here are the globalists sending a senile Alzheimer's dementia pedophile at us because it makes America look bad, because it shows the country collapsing, because it's so ridiculous.
They think we're not sophisticated enough when they turn the power off and jack up the prices and devalue the dollar and open up the borders and do drag queen pedophile time, that we'll blame our government.
The government's the infrastructure we use.
The government's not the enemy.
It's the criminal, crazy people that have hijacked it, that are groping children in front of tornado-destroyed buildings.
The problem is Joe Biden.
The problem is his handlers.
They're the problem.
And I'm not in some butt-kissing exercise for the government, but we have a constitutional republic.
It's been taken over.
It's been used as an entity of evil.
But just because somebody steals my car, I don't blow my car up later when I find the car and take it back.
They're blowing up our freedoms.
They're blowing up our liberties.
They're the globalists, and they're using our institutions to do it.
But we don't sit there and then hate our institutions, because that's their plan.
The Build Back Better plan is to bankrupt the nation,
And then make us think our government did it, and have the U.N., Klaus Schwab, said as the savior, when it's the U.N.
that ran it.
It's the mega-corporations.
It's Apple.
It's Google.
It's Facebook.
It's Twitter.
It's the U.N.
It's the Chai-coms.
They're the ones did this.
They're the ones cut off our... ...major pipeline out of Canada.
The Keystone Pipeline.
They're the ones that are physically attacking us.
All right, Gerald Celente is going to take over.
Man, I tell you, I'm going to be back on the war room today.
I'm going to be back.
We're in a big Saturday show with a whole bunch of experts as well.
Tomorrow is a Friday show.
Every day we're on air is incredibly precious.
Every day we're here.
I am just so thankful that for decades you kept us here and you supported us and you went through all sorts of ridicule and attacks.
And I just I literally thank you.
Because the weird part about a physical fight is you can keep going yourself.
But in this fight, I need you.
You need me.
We're simpatico.
We're brother and sister.
We're brother and brother.
We're sister and sister.
We're black.
We're white.
We're old.
You're young.
We are humans together, made of clay, like that guest said earlier, in the image of God.
We're red, folks.
Really, at the end of the day, we're red.
We need oxygen to live.
We got guts.
We got blood.
We're red.
We're red.
That's why I think my favorite football team name is the Redskins.
Like, that's beautiful.
It's a red skin, red blood, red people.
We are red, folks.
And they want to take that down.
They want to kill that.
They want to kill carbon-based life forms.
They want to kill who we are.
We need to revel and celebrate who we are and recognize who we are and recognize we're about to be given the keys to heaven.
We're about to transcend to the next level.
And there are certain forces that don't want us to have those keys.
They're trying to seduce us and trying to set up a group of our own people to sell us out so we're not part of that destiny.
Don't let them have it.
And that's why they're so scared about reset wars.
That's why they tried to use the internet spam systems to block people that got memberships for reset wars from getting their emails, from getting their HD delivery of the course, but people got it.
99% now.
And that's why it is such a revolutionary act.
I need the funds.
I need your help now.
We're under globalist attack, globalist criminal investigations, globalist subpoenas.
I've never backed down.
That's okay.
I'm not a victim.
I'm a leader.
I knew I'd be in the fight, but I need you now.
More than ever to go to ResetWars.com and sign up for the course.
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They are so upset about this because it deals with how they manipulate us and how they control us.
And again, if you see the promo video on the site, that's not the course.
That's me talking about the course there at ResetWars.com.
So again, I want to thank you all for your support, whether you bought the books or the films or the t-shirts or the supplements or the course, any of it doesn't matter.
You kept us on air and the fact that we're in the fight and the fact that Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson and so many other people are awake, we can all give ourselves credit towards pushing them over the edge.
And so I don't get the credit.
You get the credit for what you've done.
So I tell you, InfoWarsTore.com, double patriot points, store-bought free shipping.
It's gonna end in a couple days till your order's in.
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We're not funded by Jordan Sorrells.
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You can see it now.
And all their sabotage didn't work?
The course is sent to you within three minutes, currently, of signing up.
So get it now at ResetWars.com.
It's the antidote to their tyranny.
Gerald Cilente takes over.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
Yeah, Alex said it.
You better do everything you can to support InfoWars.
Our lives are on the line.
No Vax, no life, no freedom.
No freedom of choice.
No choice.
It's gone.
So do everything you can to support Infowars.
You know, today, yesterday, of course, the Fed, the Fed, the gangster banksters, the lowlife pieces of scum crap that that murderous S.O.B.
Woodrow Wilson invented back 108 years ago.
The Central Bank.
The guy, the Fed head over there, Jerome Powell, that at this time last year was throwing out his BS.
Hey, there's no inflation!
Solenti, you're Trans Journal, you're talking about inflation coming up.
You don't know what you're talking about.
We're the Feds.
We know everything.
There's no inflation.
It's temporary.
And then it became transitory.
And now, well, you know, it's here.
And now we're going to raise interest rates, we're going to cut back on our bond buying scheme.
It's unprecedented.
Inflation is at nearly a 40-year high.
And actually, when you put in the real inflation number,
No, it's not 6.8%.
It's 15%, according to John Williams' shadow stats.
Because the low-life scum politicians, we're going to change what inflation really means.
Hey, the price of steak went up.
No, it didn't.
People stopped eating steak.
They're eating ground beef.
So it didn't go up.
They just changed.
Oh, oh, what else?
Oh, housing prices?
What, they went up, what, 19% this year?
No, they didn't go up at all.
We're not putting that into the inflation number.
There she is, Janet Yellen.
Yelling out crap!
That's right, that's all she ever yells out.
Yellen was yelling, there's no inflation.
Well, we're the same age, I don't know, but I don't look as bad as her.
Fatsha Brute!
Look at her!
Look at her!
That's our Treasury Secretary!
That makes you feel good, doesn't it?
That really makes you feel solid.
A bankster bandit!
She came from the Central Bank and now she's our Treasury Secretary.
Again, one administration after another.
It's a criminal gang.
So, on the news yesterday that
They're going to cut back on bond buying.
And again, this is not a capitalist society.
It's fascism.
It's the merger of state and corporate powers.
Yeah, a guy by the name of Mussolini.
Yeah, that Mussolini.
That's his quote.
When I was a kid, by the way, it was, whistle while you work, Hitler is a jerk, Mussolini bit his knee, now it doesn't work.
Anyway, the merger of state and corporate powers, buying up corporate bonds, here and around the world.
ECB, Japan, it's fascism.
The bigs have gotten bigger.
Again, one of the articles we have each week in the Trends Journal,
Big's getting bigger.
Buying up everything.
They're getting all this cheap money, merger and acquisition activity going off the roof.
Going back to inflation.
So yesterday the markets go up, oh good news, but they're going to be... Today, as we speak, the Nasdaq, the tech-heavy Nasdaq, down 2.5%.
This morning,
The Dow was up over 200 points just before I went on the air.
It was down 60 points.
That's right.
It was up over 200 and now it was down 60.
The reality is hitting the streets.
Gold prices spiked up just before I came on the air.
Silver up 4%.
This thing is going to go down big and hard.
As I said, the real inflation rate, even if you look at the fake one that they're giving us, it's at 6.8%.
What's the Fed rate overnight?
Near zero.
Now, wait a minute.
You've got a Fed rate near zero, and you've got an inflation rate at 6.8%.
You have negative interest rates.
So even with the negative interest rates, they're afraid that they're going to go up.
So the money junkies won't be able to get their free money.
This inflation isn't going down.
It's not about only the supply chain disruptions.
What it's about is all of the cheap money that they've been dumping into the system.
And it's global.
The Netherlands just announced yesterday, yep, we got to throw more money in.
Yeah, because we're locking down everything.
Businesses are going down the crapper.
Transatlantic and European air travel plummet.
Bookings between the United States and Europe for the period starting November 29th?
Down over 75% from
The pre-COVID war days of 2019.
Back in November 2019 compared to now.
Down from 75%.
JPMorgan Chase just cancelled a big health conference in San Francisco.
Trade shows, conventions.
Being cancelled.
Going to get the COVID!
Going to get the COVID!
Omicron's going to get ya!
Omicron's going to get ya!
COVID didn't, Delta didn't, Omicron, Omicron'll get ya!
People freaking out.
What's that doing to the convention and trade show business?
Oh, what's that?
I never heard of those before.
Yeah, they're gone.
They're gone and so too is the economy.
And now they're doing it, it's Christmas time.
Yeah, Santa Claus ain't coming to town, man.
This is going down big.
It's gonna go down hard.
And you better prepare for the future.
And when we get back, we're going to tell you how you should consider doing it.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as he said,
You know, this is a time to support him and the crew.
It's a great crew of people.
They give their everything they have to make this happen.
So, you know, put your money where your heart is, because this is going down.
The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth.
And not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the laws
of nature for his rule.
You know, what kind of conspiracy theorist said this?
The law of nature?
What law of nature?
You don't need a law of nature.
Only science.
That's what they call it.
Drug dealers.
Oh, that was Samuel Adams.
The natural liberty of man is God.
We got a bunch of little clowns in a country, state, and city near you.
And there he is, the Fauci boy.
Fauci fraud.
A little cut-zone.
A little arrogant nothing.
This is the guy that sold the AIDS fear.
Oh yeah, don't have sex, don't have sex.
Oh yeah, remember too, he said, don't shake hands.
That little jerk off over there, throwing that ball over there, don't shake hands.
This is the little lying SOB that was quoted on CBS saying the masks are worthless.
This is the little lying SOB that sends an email
I think she was Health and Human Service Secretary or something.
She was going to travel.
He said, no, you don't put the airport, wear them to the airport, the masks.
They don't do anything.
And there he is.
One after another.
Just like that clown over there that got in the UK.
Or is it the FU?
You know what, Kay.
Yeah, Boris Johnson.
You cannot, you cannot get a cartoonist and create a more,
Ignorant, moronic, stupid-looking piece of garbage scum than that little jerk off over there in the UK that gets caught holding Christmas parties as he tells everybody else to lock down.
One place after another, that half-breed over there, the mayor of San Francisco.
Oh, San Francisco is great!
Homeless everywhere!
Smash and grab!
That's the way to go!
Matter of fact, today's Financial Times.
Story right up in front.
Where is it over here?
Is it page two or something?
About what's going on in America with all of the smash and grabs.
And another article?
Investors pour billions into inflation-linked assets.
Because we're going into dragflation.
We're going into a time when the economy is going to go down big time
And inflation's gonna keep going.
Here it is.
stores targeted by gangs of organized thieves.
Oh, you mean the Republicans and Democrats?
That crime syndicate?
No, Solenti!
No, no, no!
These are small-time organized criminals.
Look what's going on.
We warned about all of this in the Trends Journal when the COVID war broke out in 2020.
When all else fails, number one, they take you to war, and number two, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And lose it they are.
They quit their jobs making nothing, at Dollar General,
At Amazon?
At Starbucks?
At Home Depot?
At Lowe's?
How Lowe's can you go?
So when I lock down everything, oh, you remember they're going to flatten the curve?
Oh, yeah, stay home.
We know what we're doing.
We're going to flatten the curve.
Everything will be OK.
And people are saying if they're staying home, I don't want to go back to work.
I hate that job.
And they see the criminality at their work, and if they could be criminals, why can't I?
It's inflation.
Going back to that.
It's big.
But this is, it's not going away.
And here's the other thing that's very important.
When interest rates go up,
What happens to the debt?
Oh, they just increased the debt limit by what?
$2.5 trillion?
Just put more money in there?
You got a $30 trillion debt?
Now your interest rates go up, you got to pay more across the board.
And that's why we're writing about in the magazine, what's going to happen with the junk bond market.
And now with all of these restrictions going on,
What's going to happen to the hospitality sector?
What's going to happen to restaurants?
This is Christmas time.
What's going to happen to the debt?
What's going to happen when you only have a 40% occupancy rate, office occupancy rate in the United States? 40%
Office occupancy rate.
That means 60% of the people aren't going there.
What happens to all the businesses that depend on commuters?
What happens when people are afraid to travel and business travel goes down the toilet?
Where they should flush Fauci and all the rest of them down there.
What happens to commercial real estate?
It's dead.
The streets are dead.
When I was a kid, it was, it's 10 p.m.
Do you know where your children are?
We're wild.
They couldn't control us.
Now it's 9 p.m.
The streets are empty.
One after another.
Now, you got these debt levels, interest rates going up.
You're ready for a market crash in commercial real estate.
Then you take, if you have, take a place like America, let's say,
60% of the people that are vaccinated.
40% aren't.
Let's say 30%.
Go down to that number.
What happens when you lose 30% of your businesses?
A buddy of mine puts on major concerts.
Just did one last Friday.
It sold out.
Sold out.
Over 30% of the people didn't show up.
They paid for their tickets.
They didn't even ask for the money back.
They didn't show up.
And you know why?
Omicron's gonna get you!
Omicron's gonna get you!
Even though they say, well, one person died out of 8 billion.
But they'll scare you to death.
They're scaring people to death.
They're killing people by scaring them to death.
Off the charts.
They're killing us, and we'll be right back.
Remember, support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
That cover of the Trends Journal, Silent Night, Holy Night.
All's not calm.
All's not bright.
And that's another Anthony Free to work hard if you look at it closely.
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Again, this inflation stuff, insane it was going to happen, what the implications are going to be.
And where we're going next year.
And there's going to be opportunities, too.
Yep, there it is.
Silent night.
All's not calm and all's not bright.
Anyway, look at that artwork by Frieda.
The guy's a genius.
And also, go to freedompeacejustice.com.
And that's the church, the universal church of freedom, peace, and justice, and people that sign up to become members, that need an employer or a government
Religious vaccine exemption?
Ours is the top.
And you can see the comments.
Again, they only work if your employer accepts a religious vaccine exemption.
Or if your government, and it's global, we have one for the United States and a global one.
So we're uniting people of all races, colors, and creeds to live heaven on earth that they've stolen from us.
So going back to the markets and what's coming down.
Inflation is real.
These super sales that you're getting in Christmas from Alex Jones, they're giving you everything they can and give it back to them.
The prices are right because inflation skyrocketing and what you're paying for this stuff and what we're charging for the magazines, nothing.
And I'm going to tell you why this thing is going to get a lot worse.
You heard what just happened yesterday with the news.
Colleges go back to drawing board again to fight COVID-19.
That's from the Associated Press.
Colleges go back to drawing board again to fight COVID.
Going back to the drawing board?
You mean you're making this crap up?
You're a bunch of ignorant jerks making crap up.
When you go in a restaurant, you gotta wear a mask!
But when you sit down, you can eat, because the virus doesn't go to table length.
When you're in an airplane, you can eat and drink, and you can do without the mask on, but put the mask on after you eat and drink, because that's when the virus will get you.
So now you got these colleges going back to the drawing board, again, to fight COVID.
They're making up new crap.
But here's the deal.
Again, this isn't a conspiracy theory, this is Associated Press.
It is obviously extremely dispiriting to have to take these steps, and this is the person that's the President Martha Pollack of Cornell University, Tuesday to move the final exams online after more than 700 students tested positive over three days.
So they're testing these kids all the time, right?
You know what the vaccination rate is?
What happened to her immunity?
I heard that before.
That mouth freak Fauci was shooting that out of his effing Fauci mouth.
Oh, then he upped it to 75.
Hey, wait a minute. 98%.
Cornell, Princeton, and NYU all reported student vaccination rates of more than 98%.
And they're all locking down.
They're making it up.
Many colleges are planning for potential disruption next semester, even as they contend with outbreaks now.
University of Massachusetts in Amherst was among the first to require the booster for students, saying all students must get shots unless they have medical or religious exemptions.
If you want those religious exemptions, you can go to freedompeacejustice.com.
And again, what they do is they call these schools liberal.
They are misusing the term for liberal.
Everybody's doing it.
A liberal is willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own, open to new ideas.
These kids are all freaked out because you got a bunch of freaks that are running this show.
So again, we're heading into the new year.
We're putting out the top, the top trends for 2022.
You better, you better watch out.
You better not cry.
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
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I need your help, Frank!
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Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
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