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Name: 20211210_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 10, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics on his show, including globalist agendas, microchips, carbon taxes, and noncompliance with current systems. He warns listeners about the dangers of the current global situation and encourages them to stay alert. The discussion touches upon difficulties in employing people in warehouse and fulfillment operations, the "cultural cognitive collapse," and potential mass death due to vaccines. Jones promotes alternative systems like crypto but expresses concerns about certain stable coins. He also highlights the importance of fighting back against tyrannical measures to protect individual liberties and prevent total surveillance and control by globalists. The interview mentions issues with masks, their impact on children, and how they can lead to mouth breathing and other problems. It also discusses advancements in technology like microstructures for drug doses, nanotechnology, and implantable microchips. Mercury poisoning and its misrepresentation in mainstream news are also addressed. A caller shares her distrust in modern medicine after learning about the genetic perfection of rats used for medication experiments. Another caller informs about an ad on TikTok promoting the experimental COVID vaccine to children. The discussion turns to how Democrats are exploiting the COVID pandemic for power grabs and implementing mandates that are against the law. The speaker discusses buying coffee from Mexican rebels, funding their operation, and the importance of free will. They also talk about the New World Order's agenda, supporting InfoWars by purchasing limited edition coins and privacy-protecting products, and turning to God in these times."

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They want you to forget about what happened with Jussie Small.
They want to just move on from this.
But just like with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, it shows the power of a jury.
And it shows the power of that institution in our country when you're able to actually put on the evidence.
And it's why the establishment fears the jury.
This is the death throes of the corrupt establishment.
Everything they're doing is not a sign of the globalist strength.
It's not a sign of the establishment's power.
The lockdowns, the forced inoculations, all of it is a total indicator of them losing control.
But that's what evil does.
It undermines and it collapses, and that's where it always takes the general population.
And the declassified globalist plan, the leaked globalist plan, and so many different permutations is
Undermine society.
Destroy people's will.
Destroy the family.
Make people all alone.
Depress them.
Dumb them down.
Destroy the language.
Destroy any culture of strength or honor.
So you can completely, absolutely dominate and control the chattel minions.
The Renaissance and education and being informed and being classically liberal and valuing freedom is an obstacle to global corporate government.
It's an obstacle to scientific tyranny.
It's an obstacle to the absolute complete takeover of the human processes of life to make us a corporate commodity.
This is the globalist final
Revolution, ladies and gentlemen.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm watching the midterms.
Man, you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala.
They're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You wanna Trump?
You wanna Trump?
I don't love you!
I don't love you!
Who won the president?
And you would think everybody in the country is just like, to the bunker.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
There's footage coming in from Germany, from the UK, from the US, from Australia, of Antifa beating people up that try to come outside and don't want to stay locked down in their homes as society collapses.
And there's footage of Antifa bullying and physically attacking people that don't want to wear masks on trains, and the Antifa is there as the enforcers to then force them off of the trains.
They are the terrorist enforcers of the establishment.
They're the ones working with the authoritarian police in places like Germany.
This is a medical tyranny takeover.
Okay, let me tell you what's happening here today.
We've got another gigantic transmission lined up for you.
Mike Adams privately called me a week ago and he said, watch next week.
Evergrande, the big $300 billion Chinese Ponzi scheme, real estate scam.
It's going to go belly up.
And then you're going to see X, Y, and Z. And right on time, what he talked about did unfold a few days later.
And so I said, I really want you to come on the show.
And he said, well, this, you know, news is so scary.
I don't even want to be the one breaking it.
And I said, you know, Mike, we have a responsibility.
This is what happened.
And I'm not lecturing him.
Just go ahead and tell people.
I respect your view, and if people know what's coming, they have a chance to stop it, or at least get ready for it.
So, I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, as they say, but it's better to know the bad news is coming than to not know it's coming.
You know, it was nice that we had the advent of...
Radar and things like that.
So we know when tornadoes were coming, at least get a 30 minute or an hour head start on them.
Instead of just suddenly they come out of nowhere and you're dead.
So we're going to give you that tornado storm report coming up in the third hour as well.
So much more today.
It's going to be another very historic transmission.
Please stay with us.
It is a big victory against the cultural Marxist and the social engineers using liberation theology to divide and conquer.
The United States of America.
A jury found Jesse, the race hoax terrorist, Smollett, guilty of staging the hate crime on himself.
And it was really another in-cap, or demonstration piece, with how he defended himself, saying that the judge tried to physically attack him in the courtroom, even though that wasn't true.
Saying that everyone was racist and homophobic, including black people, and that he was a victim.
But it turns out he wanted more money and more security, and it wasn't even about boosting the ratings for the flagging show, Empire.
He, of course, was only thinking about himself.
Because I thought they may have staged the false flag, you know, to make hundreds of millions of dollars.
But no, they're not even that sophisticated.
Plus, Hollywood wouldn't go out and have a risk like that.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it was all about him.
All about his power, all about him getting to play the part of the victim all over international news and worldwide.
And so we probably should sometime today go back and get the TV interviews he did where he broke down and cried and talked about what a victim he was.
Just so we can rub this in the face of the establishment of the Hollywood globalist scum
That you sit back cold-bloodedly and use all of this divide-and-conquer garbage on us.
Smollett, guilty of hate crime hoax.
Jury convicts on five counts.
A terrible, terrible actor.
I mean, I saw that guy on a soap opera crying like that.
This is a terrible actor.
Absolutely terrible.
But that was his job.
And he saw all the other hoaxers getting all that attention.
And so he got on board with it, and the entire media in Hollywood got behind him.
And they had news articles out there talking about, maybe we should sue Alex Jones.
He's questioning this
As well, White Jones just questions so much of what happens.
And I do question what corporate media runs with because most of the time it's as fake as a three dollar bill.
In fact, almost all these big events, almost all hate crimes, almost all of the attacks on synagogues and the attacks on black churches, almost all of them have been staged by the left themselves.
And in the few cases
Where you've had mass shootings where an actual white supremacist goes and kills nine black people at church.
He was mentally ill.
He was making threats.
They knew about it and did nothing.
Same thing with the whole Parkland situation.
So they want you to forget about what happened with Jesse Small.
They want to just move on from this.
But just like with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, it shows the power of a jury.
And it shows the power of that institution in our country
When you're able to actually put on the evidence, and it's why the establishment fears the jury, and it's why in the kangaroo trials they're having with these corrupt district judges in Connecticut and Texas, corrupt in my view, you can judge them, they don't want me to have a jury trial on whether I'm guilty of defaming Sandy Hook people for questioning what happened, because the things they say I said I didn't even say.
And so, oh no, juries will just decide how much money you owe.
Because you are guilty, they just decide how guilty.
It's all preposterous, but this is the death throes of the corrupt establishment.
Everything they're doing is not a sign of the globalist strength.
It's not a sign of the establishment's power.
The lockdowns, the forced inoculations, all of it is a total indicator of them losing control.
In fact, the LA Sheriff's Department has come out
And warned people not to come to Los Angeles saying that it's more dangerous than Mexico City per capita now.
So the police department, the sheriff's department is coming out saying you cannot come here and be safe because they have a moral responsibility to tell you that you have a very good chance of being mugged or robbed or killed or kidnapped if you go to Los Angeles.
Even the richest neighborhoods now
are falling apart with crime.
But that's what evil does.
It undermines and it collapses, and that's where it always takes the general population.
And the declassified globalist plan, the leaked globalist plan, and so many different permutations is undermine society, destroy people's will, destroy the family, make people all alone, depress them, dumb them down, destroy the language,
Destroy any culture of strength or honor so you can completely, absolutely dominate and control the chattel minions.
The Renaissance and education and being informed and being classically liberal and valuing freedom is an obstacle to global corporate government.
It's an obstacle to scientific tyranny.
It's an obstacle to the absolute complete takeover of the human processes of life to make us a corporate commodity.
This is the globalist final revolution, ladies and gentlemen.
And if they succeed, they will truly be
The rulers, and we will be the animals.
Those of us that are even alive.
This is a total takeover of free will, a total assault on all that is decent, a total assault on all that is good.
Now, we've got the Jussie Smollett news, ladies and gentlemen.
But we also have the incredible next phase of the COVID-19 tyranny.
And the way the behavioral psychologists operate is they bring up their tightening of the noose in increments so that as it gets tighter and tighter and tighter you don't notice it.
But if you sit back and look at it in hindsight they are really tightening down the noose around our throats as we prepare in just a few weeks to enter the third year
of the restrictions and the mask and the inoculations.
And in Israel, they're already up to the fifth shot.
And now the Pfizer CEO has announced that everybody needs a fourth.
So Israel's the beta test.
And then next, it's rolled out in Europe, in the US, and across the world.
And he says, oh, if you have two more shots, it'll give you the protection you had earlier.
A real inoculation teaches your body how to beat something.
And so it's basically 100% if the inoculation works, it does have side effects.
And they can also spike the shot, which the UN and globalists have been caught doing many times around the world in the last hundred years.
But this isn't even a vaccine.
We all know that now, but the public doesn't.
And so it's a gene therapy that does indeed
In some cases block replication of similar viruses but in many cases creates massive autoimmune responses and blood clots and inserts eating holes in your body and then within six months you have negative immunity compared to what you had before.
Worse than before you took the shot but his answer is oh now you'll get they announced to the BBC yesterday seven
Shots, ladies and gentlemen, seven shots a year.
Now you notice Bill Gates said 10 shots a year 20 months ago.
He loves to brag.
He loves to tell you what he's going to do to you and smile at you.
And they've even had big scientists from Pfizer on TV saying, we
Are going to erase people's immune systems, and they're going to have to have us every month.
For every cold virus, for every flu virus, for every pneumonia virus, it's going to be constant.
Hell, some people are going to be taking shots every couple days!
And it's all being announced right now.
And then now the massive cancers, massive heart attacks, massive miscarriages, which they now call spontaneous abortions.
I've got it all coming up next segment.
We've got to expose this.
We've got to warn the world.
We've got to stop them.
And they're now admitting twice as many people are dying this year than died last year of this garbage because it's from the shot.
They're killing us.
This is it.
You know, it's just an incredible time to be alive right now.
That's the only way to say it.
It's the only way to deal with the reality of it is that we are living in end of days revelations type
And just look at these headlines.
Pfizer CEO declares fourth COVID shot needed sooner rather than later.
Boy, you always knew that was coming.
Think about it.
They roll something out that erases your immune system that doesn't work and then kills you later when you come in contact with similar viruses with ADE, antibody dependency enhancement.
And then Pfizer spends billions in, quote, sponsoring all the major news, pays them, and that's not even a conflict of interest.
When, by the way, it's completely illegal.
But so is authorizing an unauthorized gene therapy.
It's a revolution by the ruling class against the people.
They're just arrogantly up there gaslighting everybody.
Here's another one.
Unvaxxed in Austria could be imprisoned for a year.
And now Fauci's talking about jail time and forced inoculation.
And starting in a month and a half in Germany, forced inoculations began.
It's been announced.
Bill that would have forced unvacs to pay their own medical costs pulled in Illinois.
South African scientists share positive news that Omicron isn't causing a spike in deaths.
No, the vaccines are.
The least vaccinated you are, the lower the death.
Nation by nation.
That's real numbers.
Let's play this clip.
Health minister questioned, this is a fact, in every Western country taking the Pfizer and Moderna shots, massive increases in miscarriages.
Health Minister questioned about reported explosion in fully vaccinated mothers experiencing stillbirths.
The next question, Member for Chatham-Kent-Leamington.
Here it is.
Thanks, Speaker.
My question is to the Minister of Health.
Late last year, my daughter was expecting her first child.
Initially, doctors had recommended against expecting women getting vaccinated.
As any dad should do, I told her not to get the vaccine, and she complied.
Thankfully, on Valentine's Day, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Shiloh.
I shed tears of joy.
But a few months later, doctors said it was okay to get the vaccine while pregnant.
What testing have been done to ensure the safety of both the mother and their unborn baby?
But now, Minister, I shed tears of sorrow.
In the Waterloo area, 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July, and normally it's roughly one stillbirth every two months.
But here's the kicker.
Mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated, and you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe.
So Minister, what do you say to the doctors who told expecting women it was okay to get fully vaccinated, and what should they tell the mothers who deliver a stillborn baby?
Minister of Health.
Thank you very much, Speaker.
And first, congratulations to you for the birth of your grandchild.
That is wonderful news, but it is also
It has been tested.
We are recommending that women who are pregnant do receive the vaccine for the protection of themselves, protection of their baby as well.
And that is, has been proven.
It has been accepted by the Health Canada, by the World Health Organization, by the FDA.
And this is something that we want to make sure that we can protect everyone.
Women who are pregnant, it is entirely safe and recommended for them to receive the vaccine.
For themselves, their own protection, the safety of their loved ones, and the safety of their community.
And if you're a radio listener, she's there with all these people in the parliament wearing masks.
Oh, but I thought you had the shot.
I thought you're protected.
Oh no, now you need more.
Again, this is a planned takeover.
The scientists that literally created this weapon are in charge of the global response.
And there's the health minister lying to the public and saying it's been tested.
No, it was tested on the public, skipping trials, and then it caused mass deaths and stillbirths everywhere it happened.
And then the FDA tried to block the numbers coming out.
But now the documents are out, and the same thing is in the UK, the same thing in Germany, the same thing in Canada, and she just smiles and says, Health Canada has approved this!
Without any testing!
And now in the general public, they're hiding the real numbers coming in!
But they've all doubled down, you see.
They've now signed on to the evil, and so now they're gonna cover up like their lives depend on it.
That's how corruption works.
It's how the pedophile rings took over the Vatican.
It's how they took over so many other institutions is they go, oh, hey, one of the priests abused a 10-year-old.
And, you know, if we say something about this, it's going to bring down the local parish.
It'll break up the church.
So we better just send this priest to another town.
And then they come back later and say, oh, remember you helped cover up that pedophilia.
Now you owe us some political favors.
That's the same thing with this lady.
Oh, it's safe.
Nobody's hurt.
It doesn't matter if there's a 20 fold or 30 times in some countries fold increase in stillbirths, in spontaneous abortions of women that take the shot.
Hell, they had a
New England Medical Journal report that said an 84% spontaneous abortion rate in first trimesters.
And then it was only 20-something had miscarriages in the second or third.
Still a massive, massive, multi-thousand percent increase.
I got a clip of a medical doctor talking about it when we come back, but we need more legislators and more leaders and more parliamentarians
To come out and just keep magnifying these numbers because they just want to brainwash the public.
And then we've got the real numbers showing that it's massively increasing, and that's even in the CDC's own documents and the FDA's own documents, but then they run headlines saying, oh, stillbirth rates not increasing in the regional recording systems.
Stillbirth rates not increasing in the region according to hospital
Oh, the officials say.
They don't cite any documents.
They don't show any proof.
They don't show you the FDA documents and the CDC documents and the UK government documents.
National Health Service.
They just tell you, oh, we talked to a doctor.
Remember the headlines a few months ago?
A doctor in Oklahoma says thousands have died.
Thousands and thousands sick from Ivermectin.
Hospitals around the block from people sick on Ivermectin.
And they went and called the hospitals and they said, no, nobody.
We only had one person in here sick from Ivermectin.
Just like Fauci said, oh, if you take the shot, you're 99% protected.
All lies.
Oh, 99% of people in the hospitals haven't been vaccinated.
And people said, where'd that number come from?
It was just made up.
And so they sit up there and they tell you everywhere, oh, we talked to a doctor.
Everybody's dying from the horse paste.
They go check the doctor, doesn't work there, made it up, total lie.
Democrat operative.
Same thing here.
Oh, a hospital says that there's no increases.
No, no, no.
Politifact report finds increased risk of spontaneous abortion following COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy after correcting major error in CDC study.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
I want to go over the rest of the worldwide medical UN martial law takeover that's taking place here on the Alex Jones Show.
But since we mentioned it, here is a medical doctor
Speaking about the increase in miscarriages being seen again in Canada.
But this is all over the world.
And you see the different federal agencies trying to block the release of their own internal numbers.
Because they've been caught.
They're killing people.
This is happening.
It really is surreal and it really makes me physically sick to know that we're in the middle of a ruling class and their minions really trying to kill and maim and collapse Western society so that world government can take over and then really start exterminating people once they've taken out the once free nations that they've got to get rid of so that their flank is covered and protected while they engage in their main depopulation.
You don't need to mark my words anymore.
It was 22 months ago that we laid out this entire agenda and where it was going to be going, and that it would be never-ending, that we'd be here in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and by then almost everyone will be dead.
And I'm just calmly on the radio in Austin, Texas, talking about this.
And I talked to top scientists and top military people and former heads of U.S.
agencies and top podcasters and top TV hosts and top news anchors and they all totally agree with me and are trying to get their audience ready to deal with this incrementally.
You can't bring this out slowly to the public.
The globalists have this designed where if this incrementally comes out, we just become acclimated to it and accept it.
We need to be shocked.
We need to be freaked out.
We need to be peacefully taking over live TV programs and radio programs when they're in public.
And not hurting anybody, but you know, making major scenes.
Like we did back during the election.
In 2016, taking over the Hillary events.
We're talking about the children here.
We need to be handing out flyers everywhere.
We need to be going and protesting places where the deadly shots are being given.
We need to be going to school boards and standing up against the attack on our children.
This is the big New World Order assault, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm going to explain this to everybody one more time.
Submission equals death.
Going along with this only makes it worse.
But they know, the behavioral psychologists, that the average person is in a trance-like state.
Between sleeping and waking.
From the TVs, from the flicker rates, from their little globalist mind control devices known as iPhones and droids.
And they know the average person is in a spectator stance, where people receive things like a dream.
Their subconscious minds aren't differentiating the real world versus fantasy.
And so they see so much science fiction, and so much dystopia, and so much horror, and so many zombie apocalypse on television, and so many shoot-em-up video games, that they cannot differentiate what's currently happening to them in the real world.
And the media and the fact-checkers are there saying, nobody dies that gets the vaccine.
The vaccine's 100%.
If you get it, you're protected.
That's why you still gotta wear a mask and take more shots.
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
To someone in a trance, you're just giving them the programming, you're giving them the brainwashing of, this totally protects you, that's why you've gotta take more shots and wear a mask.
And it's the fault of people that didn't take it that you're sick, because you're totally protected by the shot, but those that didn't take the shot didn't protect you.
I mean, a five-year-old knows logically that's BS.
But someone in a trance, someone in spiritual darkness, someone who is not aware of what's going on around them can be put deeper and deeper and deeper into the hypnosis.
I want to play this clip of the doctor talking about what happened and we'll do that next segment.
I'm not saying at this point that I'm going to take any time off, but
You know, it's the stuff going on has gotten to me as well.
And so everybody needs to take as much time as you need out in your lives to just get right with God, get right with your family and everything else, because all the crap about bills and what your neighbors think and football games and acting cool and just stupid stuff does not matter.
This is an attack.
This is a takeover.
And this is very, very real.
And I just have to remember to be calm and not be angry because this makes me physically so angry I want to throw up.
When I look at the New World Order and I look at their operations and I see what they're doing and I see all the talking heads who know what they're part of going along with this because they feel like they're on the winning team and they see you as an animal that deserves to die.
As they pose as the liberals, as they pose as the saviors, as they pose as the good guys, it is just disgusting to behold.
But we've got to continue to fight back.
Speaking of that, everything I do is symbiotic.
Everything I promote is meant to empower others, and then they can empower me, and then vice versa.
That's how we create that connection, that 360 win that I talk so much about.
Covidland Part 2, Part 1 is excellent, gives you the history and the lies and reminds people how we were inducted into the fraud with 15 days to flatten the curve and, you know, the predictions of what would come in the future.
But Part 2, I don't want to say it's even more powerful, but it just is powerful when it destroys the mask and the fact that it doesn't protect you and that it's a cult programming system of mind control.
Part 2 is now out, Covidland the Mask, with Dr. Lee Merritt,
Alex Newman, Peggy Hall, Dwight Stovall, Tammy Clark, narrated by Alex Jones, and so many others.
A symbol of fear and bondage.
What a great job they did.
We're very blessed to be part of it and be able to help produce it and get it out to the wider public.
It's available at infowarestore.com, and it is an absolute must Christmas gift.
And when you get the film,
If you don't already have part one, be sure and get that.
We've got more of those that came in.
It was out of stock for a while.
But when you get part two, The Mask of Coven Land, you get two incredible films on one DVD, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death.
This is a very, very
Important film.
And people can say, well, why do we want a DVD?
Well, with all the censorship and all the control and all the memory hauling, it's more important than ever to get something on DVD for your library, to burn copies of it, to share it.
These don't have copy protection on it.
And in the future, more and more with this takeover, if we fail to back them off, it's going to be hand-to-hand information warfare, where you're going to have to make copies of these and get these out to people in the underground.
But then when things are so horrible, it'll be even more precious.
There'll be underground churches just full of people watching every bit of this and just realizing how wrong they were and how it was long-term total control.
There'll be billions dead by then, but then that's how we form the resistance then and defeat them.
This has all been a long-term process, folks.
We knew this was coming.
And most of us fighting now won't be here for the victory, but we will win in the end.
But they're going to kill billions of people.
A lot of your friends and neighbors are going to be dead soon from the injections.
I'm sorry to have to tell them.
And I'm not trying to be dramatic.
I mean, this is real, okay?
This is happening.
You know it is.
You've seen the facts.
It's very, very sad.
So everyone needs to get your underground libraries ready now.
Dark secrets inside Bohemian Grove.
The order of death.
And the Dark City of Sub-Bohemian Grove film, those two DVDs, or one DVD with two films, is free when you get Coven Land Part 2, The Mask.
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I know it's a very dark time and a very dark Christmas, but we've got to be the light in the world.
And this is the truth about what's going on.
So I would get the films and then give them to your friends and family, order some extras, donate them to your local library, to your local school.
You never know who you're going to wake up and each soul, each mind is so incredibly...
I don't know.
At their hospitals across the nation are dying in a way they've never seen.
We said that would happen after you took your precious little shots!
Because that's what the evidence showed and now it's happening but you're under Stockholm Syndrome and can't believe that the system at the top's evil run by Bill Gates who admits he wants you dead and you're still wearing your little mask even though you're getting ready to take your fourth shots, hospital workers!
The mask has been used for millennia to subjugate the human spirit.
It hides the endlessly changing expressions that allow us to express our emotions and empathize with one another.
The mask becomes our only expression.
It is fixed and unchanging.
This is the purpose of the mask.
To turn us into expressionless animals and submissive slaves.
This is why they've mandated them, after first telling us they're useless against COVID, to make us submit and prepare us for total subjugation and death.
Get your copy of COVID Land Part 2, The Mask, and support the Infowar.
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With your purchase of the film.
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It's authorized to make copies, burn CDs, and explain to people that these DVDs are forbidden, they are verboten, they are underground.
And people will appreciate that more and watch it.
And then tell them to make copies of the copies and share it as well.
We got millions and millions and millions of films out.
Copies of documentaries back during the age of the DVD.
It had a huge effect on my underground films.
And now as the censorship kicks in, it's more important than ever.
I'm going to stop belaboring that now.
High budget film needs to be seen.
Here is a doctor in Canada talking about the massive increases in miscarriages.
Dr. Daniel Nagase, the very famous doctor who treated three of his patients with ivermectin and they survived.
He is a hero for all Canadians right now and we are so very fortunate to have him here.
Dr. Nagase, we noticed that you were creating some attention in North Vancouver a couple of days ago with these stillborn babies in the hospital there.
Can you tell us a little bit about the outcome of that?
From one of the local doctors in North Vancouver, Dr. Mel Bruchet.
He has contacts all through Vancouver.
And some doulas who work in Women and Children's Hospital, which isn't in North Vancouver, it's in Vancouver, Vancouver.
It's one of the birthing centers for Vancouver.
They had 13 stillbirths in a 24-hour period.
That was what I heard.
But the thing is, I've also heard a similar story out in Waterloo, Ontario.
So in Waterloo, Ontario, I have a more reliable statistic that there was 86 stillbirths between January and July.
And normally it's only 5 or 6 stillbirths every year.
So about 1 stillbirth every 2 months is the usual rate.
So to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in 6 months, that's highly unusual.
But the confirmation, the most important confirmation that we have from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.
Fully vaccinated mothers.
That's right.
So we're seeing a correlation?
We're seeing a correlation.
And certainly when you see a correlation, then you have to start asking in the water, in Waterloo, is there something, you know, is there something in the air?
Is there some toxin in the food supply?
But when you see the same correlation in different parts of the country, in Vancouver, and then in Waterloo, and you see an increase in stillbirths, you have to ask yourself, what is going on that is both in Waterloo, Ontario, and Vancouver, BC, that is suddenly causing an increase in stillbirths?
Alright, the full video.
Is up on InfoWars.com in this article.
Health Minister questioned about reported explosion in fully vaccinated mothers experiencing stillbirths at a massively increased rate.
And she just says, nope, government says it's totally safe.
Pregnant women should take these shots.
Until about 10 years ago, every major government in the world said a pregnant woman should never take a vaccine because it can cause an autoimmune response and make the woman reject the baby.
This isn't even a vaccine.
And they know in animal studies with mRNA vaccines, it causes massive, massive rejections of the fetus.
There's also studies out saying if you've had a liver transplant or kidney transplant recently, you don't want to take a vaccine because it'll make you reject it.
This is like mainline known stuff, okay?
Like mothers shouldn't drink, you know, bottles of Jack Daniels every night.
You might get fetal infant alcohol syndrome.
Or, hey, you might not want to shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun.
It might kill you.
This is known information.
Here's some more of the headlines.
Traveling nurses triple salaries as hospitals struggle with national staffing crisis.
The hospitals are struggling.
They're having to call the National Guard because they fired the uninjected.
But it is true what CNN says, because I've looked at the actual numbers and called hospitals.
They are full of people dying who are the vaccinated.
And that's confirmed from Israel, to the UK, to the United States, to Canada, to Australia.
I could play you the Canadian Health Minister saying, we've got 74 people in the province here who have COVID.
And 71, no excuse me, it was only one.
I'm going for memory.
Was it vaccinated?
The point was, they put out this big number, 70 something, and then only one wasn't vaccinated.
And then almost everyone dying hasn't had the shots.
I mean, it's just, it's mind blowing to see them on the news saying, if you've had the shot, you're protected.
That's why people that don't have the shot are going to infect you.
Immunity means your body knows how to beat it.
It doesn't matter if somebody's got it next to you.
That's facts.
That's 100%.
That's science.
That's reality.
COVID-19 patients at the hospital are dying at a rate we've never seen die before.
And it's taking a toll on healthcare workers.
But then you don't ask.
I mean, even NPR did ask a few months ago, record numbers of people dying of strange cold-like illness and they don't have COVID.
Same thing in the UK.
Super cold, killing record numbers.
Twice as many as in hospital as last year.
No one knows why.
Gee, wonder why there's suddenly in every major city of the Western world increases in miscarriages.
It's not a toxic waste dump in one town.
It's not something fell out of the sky in one city.
It's everywhere.
And we know what it is.
It's this injection that makes people create new viruses, that makes people create new variants, and that erases your immune system.
That's why it's hard for me to even celebrate Smollett, you know, getting convicted or Rittenhouse being acquitted or any of this, because that's all important.
But at the end of the day, folks, the entire thrust of the takeover is this medical tyranny with a medical ID, for the medical social credit score, the carbon tax.
And they get that in place.
And it's going in place all over the world right now.
We are now inside
The mark of the beast.
So have you ever wondered, how is the devil, how is this world government he runs, gonna get everybody to do this?
And now you know.
Saying it's to stop a virus, saying it's to make you safe, and getting you to sign on, then you wear the mask, you take the shots, they go, sorry!
You gotta take more!
And again, on its face, it's not even what they say it is.
All the experts that looked at it last year said, this is gonna erase your immune system.
And Pfizer's like, uh, yeah, that's the point.
And now they think they're just going to get away with this by censoring everybody and shutting down people speaking about it.
That's why this broadcast is a life and death situation.
That's why keeping this on air as long as we possibly can is so important.
And that's why your support and your prayers and your word of mouth is everything.
You know, we're going to end up selling out of it this weekend.
I want to thank everybody for their support.
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Stay with us.
Hour number two.
Alex Jones here with a very important announcement to all of our listeners, viewers, and supporters.
We are attempting to develop and deploy systems that allow the American people, not just InfoWars, to get around corporate censors and get the truth out about the New World Order's agenda so we can stop it dead in its tracks.
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So secure your coin now at 1776coin.com.
Here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to open the phones up in this hour to take your calls.
And then Mike Adams is going to join us in the third hour today.
And then I'm going to interview Dr. Zelenko in a commercial-free interview.
That will be part of a raft of doctors, but obviously it's a Sabbath for him at sundown, which we totally understand and don't want him to violate that.
So we're interviewing the other doctors tomorrow in a big huge special emergency broadcast.
We're interviewing Zelenko today after I'm off air.
That'll be commercial free.
I say commercial free, you know, we're talking 30 minutes, an hour before we take a break.
It's not like a normal set clock.
So I'm interviewing Zelenko and a bunch of other people today and tomorrow.
And then we also have another big part of the emergency broadcast that's going to be coming out.
I just really appreciate the crew and all the great work they do and all the great listeners.
Today, I am particularly upset.
And I'm not saying that on air to make people feel sorry for me.
I just... These people are killing us.
I mean, we're under attack.
And I... I can be a Christ-like person myself.
I can physically be attacked and lay down if it's the right place and time because it destroys our enemies.
I understand that works that way.
Gandhi did it.
Martin Luther King Jr.
did it.
But I got a real problem with the kids.
And that's why they're attacking them, folks.
They want a war.
And Jesus Christ wouldn't sit there and let them kill children.
He said, I'll destroy you.
I'll kill you.
He said, the number one thing is you hurt these innocent children.
You better just tie a rope around your neck and tie it to a boulder and throw it in the ocean, because that'd be a lot better than what I'm going to do to you.
And so this isn't me ever acting tough.
I know you're the same way.
You're not trying to look for trouble, man.
These people are out of control.
And the worst part about it is, is it's like stepping on a cockroach.
You got to clean it up.
These people are such wicked, ugly filth, and they know they are, and that's why they want to hurt our children made in God's image.
And so let's just work really hard to wake people up, and really hard to resist them, and let's just start having more civil disobedience.
I went out last weekend, Owen went out last weekend, civil disobedience stuff, and you've got to do it yourselves too.
We've just got to create such a crescendo and such a noise at city councils and county commissions and at school boards and on talk radio and at your churches and at your synagogues, your mosques.
It doesn't matter.
You better understand you're under attack.
And I'll be honest with you.
I made some big mistakes.
I really underestimated the New World Order.
We knew they planned the viral release and then the extermination vaccines later.
I thought they would have a placebo injection to get the precedent set.
But no, they're not doing that.
They're just going ahead with the extermination.
I mean, people are dying all over the place from these injections.
And I mean, but it makes sense.
They were behind schedule.
And so if you're behind schedule, you jam on the accelerator.
You don't drive slower, you drive faster.
And that's what's so crazy is they're desperate, they're scared, they're acting like there's a gun to their head.
Like aliens told them, hey, we're gonna blow the planet up if you don't kill 90% of the people.
I mean, that's how they act.
They're gulping, they look totally freaked out on TV.
They look like somebody's got a gun to their head and they're up there lying to everybody doing this.
But then I see some of their minions that are, all have the same look.
I saw a black YouTuber, and I think I sent it to the guys last week, but I forgot to ever play it, so I forget his name now, but he did a whole rant about liberals, and he called them dusty white people.
And there's some black and some Hispanic, but they all look like green skin, like white.
And I'm not going to white people, I'm saying these white people all look real ashen, and it's like they're not there, they're like wraiths.
And I've seen my enemies when I'm around them.
That's what they look like.
Like dirty, evil, little devils.
And dusty white people.
And they want to kill kids.
I mean, look at that one.
Oh my God.
I mean, look at her, man.
She looks like she's about to have a damn horror movie.
Ryan Stelter, all of them.
Holy hell.
Good God, save me.
Sign of the cross on her.
You know what I do when MSM gets my number and calls me now?
I send them a sign of the cross.
I send a crucifix back at their damn ass.
If you study warfare, both ancient and modern, you learn that bio-warfare has been a favorite for thousands of years.
The Mongols and the Huns would take a body that was decomposing or had freshly died, a person that had just passed away from smallpox, or the bubonic plague, the black plague,
And they would catapult that body over the wall into a town or city, a citadel, a fortress that they were besieging or had under siege.
And that's what's happened to us now.
But then when you take the shot, it gives you exactly what the virus does, but even worse.
And then if you survive it, it begins permanently infecting your body and eating holes in capillaries all over.
And then now, two weeks ago, we got two different data dumps now from the FDA that they tried to block.
And at the rate the judges ordered it released, it'll take 75 years, it was announced yesterday, to release it.
But the first couple groups of documents confirmed multi-thousand times increases in blood clots, in heart attacks, in myocarditis, and in cancers.
I mean, people get cancer immediately, and they have NBC and ABC headlines going, oh, the vaccine, Moderna and Pfizer, will make your tumors get bigger, and it'll look like that they're... cancerous.
It'll look like that they're not benign.
But that's okay, just don't do surgery on it, you'll be fine.
I mean, they actually say that, it's like a Monty Python skit or something.
Would you like to donate your organs?
The woman says yes, they kill her right on the spot and cut her organs out.
In Monty Python, the meaning of life.
And you laugh at that, but that's how they treat the health authorities now with this Stockholm Syndrome.
And look at this headline here.
You know, we forget about this.
82% of pregnant women who get vaccinated for COVID during first or second trimesters suffered miscarriage.
And Natural News links directly to
It's also on InfoWars.com.
The New England Medical Journal.
And that was back in July.
Now the numbers are coming in all over the world in towns, small towns that don't have a miscarriage a year.
They'll have 20 or 30.
In big cities, they're having hundreds when they normally just have a few dozen.
Orders of magnitude worse.
And it's just being normalized.
So I want to open the phones up today for people that love the shots.
No one's ever called that does.
People that hate the shot.
People that took it and didn't get sick.
People that took it and did.
We don't censor your calls.
All we ask for is a good, clean phone line and that you're ready to speak.
So I'm going to open the phones up in the next four segments.
Next three segments.
Specifically to take your phone calls here today with your story and your report.
We'll give each person about a minute so we can get to the next person.
They want to silence you, we want to empower you, because I need you to beat these people and you need me.
We're in this together.
And I know we can do it together!
One of our people's got more power than ten of their maggots!
But we've handed our power over to these devils!
The spiritual wickedness of them attacking our children and killing so many of them right now creates a very serious disturbance in the force, if you want to use that analogy.
And I just, I demand Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Trump and everybody, don't just come out against Fauci cooking it up at the Wuhan lab or Fauci lying to people.
Come out and say we were wrong, the shot doesn't work, why are they saying we need three, four, five, six shots?
Rand Paul hasn't come out and done that yet, because he thought, oh, surely they're not going to put out a shot that makes people sick.
Surely, if I sign on to Warp Speed, we can reopen the economy and give people confidence, the same reason Trump did.
But now, Paul, we're a year and a half into this.
We're now 11 months into the shots here in the U.S., and the damage is massive.
And I don't want you to be my enemy, but you are rapidly, all of you Republican leadership, are rapidly becoming an enemy as well.
I just cannot abide.
I know my listeners will not abide this.
I did a report on this earlier in the week.
It's up on InfoWars.com and Man.Video.
Dr. Rand Paul knows the COVID vax is poison!
He knows it.
The numbers are all in.
The facts are all in.
It erases your immune system.
The first time you take the shot, within eight months, you lose about half your immunity.
The second booster makes you lose all of your immunity below what you had before the shot within six months.
That's with the Pfizer.
It's worse with Moderna.
The Moderna works more intensely and then erases your immune system.
And now they've got numbers out of Israel where they're starting to force shots that it's massive increases in death.
Peter McCullough was on Joe Rogan yesterday.
It's very powerful.
I watched part of it this morning.
But you can go see the whole thing.
And he laid all out the latest numbers.
He was here a few weeks ago.
In studio, he'll be back with us soon.
I may even be able to get him tomorrow.
But this is an insane time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
And all of these are life and death articles.
This must-watch story from yesterday, now archived at Infowars.com.
Plain joint ownership of Moderna, NMRA vaccines began development.
It's actually months ahead of the release of COVID-19, because they already had it ready.
Already had it in the pipeline.
Already had it repaired.
But don't try to be caught outside without your mask on!
Antifa will force you off the train or beat you up.
And don't try to protest lockdowns.
They're for the little people, like Big Pharma.
And they're going to stop you.
Remember, they were wearing masks before it was mandatory.
It's their world now.
They serve the system.
They get to be thugs now.
They're protected in the thousands of jurisdictions around the world, controlled by George Soros, not as here in America.
What a nightmare prison we're being herded into and being prepared with.
And then told, turn your guns in, roll over to tyranny, or you're a racist.
All cultural Marxist garbage.
I've actually got that in my Jesse Smollett.
I'm going to hit some of that when we come back and then go to your phone calls.
And like I said, we've taken thousands of calls in the last couple years on this.
Nobody's ever called in that liked the shot.
Maybe today they're going to call in and tell us how much they liked the shot.
But I want all the evil people going along with the system to remember something.
You can pretend all day long
That you're part of the establishment, or that this isn't really happening, or that, you know, you're part of the ruling class because you're waging war on people, and there's too many people, so you're just survival of the fittest.
You're not survival of the fittest.
You have an evil spirit.
You are twisted, you are fallen, and you will be destroyed.
Some of you may still have some soul, some connection to God left in you.
And if you can be awakened from your trance, you can get out of the spiritual bondage you're in.
But you first got to admit that you love death.
You first gotta admit you're brainwashed by the system.
You first gotta admit that you've been going the wrong direction and ask God to come help you turn back.
Only God can get you out of the jam you're in.
I mean, I would be a king amongst these idiotic Satanists.
But a king of the Satanists is the poorest man around.
I do not want to be a general of evil so I can pretend like I'm in charge and I'm God.
I'm not.
I'm a mortal made by God who can experience God and know God, but I am not a God.
And all of you pretending to be God are going to cut yourself off from the Godhead and remove yourself
from that great covenant that you could have been part of.
But I do realize that for most of you, this is an ancestral issue.
And though you could have been sanctified, you chose to go with your bloodline.
And there's evil people that come from black bloodlines, white bloodlines, Asian, it's all this, you know, but it's definitely evil does get in certain bloodlines and people are more predisposed to Satanism.
And that's what we're dealing with.
These people just aren't going to stop until they kill us.
That's all they know is we're superior to them, we're better than them, we have a connection to God, and they have one mission.
Destroy pretty things.
Burn down pretty things.
That's all they hear 24-7 is kill.
Well, you can say whatever you want about Benjamin Netanyahu.
Was he bad?
Was he good?
We now know he was bad.
Sold Israel out to Big Pharma.
They're now going on their fifth shot.
Martial law.
Absolute tyranny.
And now Benjamin Netanyahu has been told by Trump, F-U.
Trump rips former ally Netanyahu for disloyalty.
Full article on InfoWars.com.
Milley's an effing idiot.
Smollett's an effing idiot.
Netanyahu is a betrayer of his own people and a betrayer of Trump that really went to bat for him hardcore and for Israel.
But the same evil globalists run it all, folks.
And I'm going to explain this about eugenicists.
They sell eugenics at the liberal university level that, oh, we're just going to kill the Down syndrome children.
And you can argue, and I don't agree with it,
Well, let's just have a law where you've got to abort a Down Syndrome child.
You know, Europe's trying to put that in law right now.
China hasn't.
But they don't want to get the Down Syndrome people.
They want to get the smartest people.
I've told people this thousands of times.
It's in my film, Endgame.
And yes, Jews have amongst the highest IQs.
You're dead!
The new world order is going to kill you.
You understand that?
You're a northern European?
Got a super high IQ?
You're Japanese?
You're dead.
You're dead.
The globalists don't want people with super high IQs.
And it's true, folks.
We're not all created equal.
There are super high IQs in every group, everywhere.
But statistically, there are much higher percentages of higher IQs in certain racial groups.
And the spikes in the IQs, and that's only one measurement I understand, go up into the hundreds, the two hundreds.
But most people that go above 150, 160 become autistic in their design because their brain just can't handle it all.
That's where you get the savants.
And this anti-human program wants to kill every Jew on Earth.
And it's going to come to kill you in the guise of a Jew.
I mean, you look at the ADL giving awards to George Soros when George Soros cut his teeth rounding up fellow Jews to send them to the death camps.
That's a fact.
And I got told five years ago, you know, Soros is going to sue you if you keep talking about it.
I just increased the amount I did it.
I know he financed these lawsuits against me.
Burn in hell!
I'll never be like you, you maggot!
So, I want everybody to get this straight and understand this.
One trillion percent.
It doesn't matter if you're a Jew.
It doesn't matter if you're a Christian.
It doesn't matter if you're a Buddhist.
It doesn't matter if you're black.
It doesn't matter if you're white.
It doesn't matter if you're from Germany or Mexico or where you're from.
The devil wants to destroy you.
And the devil is very real.
And if you look at the Rothschilds setting up the State of Israel, and they totally control that man on screen right there, Soros,
Telling 60 Minutes the best time of his life was working for the Nazis.
If you don't understand that Israel's been set up to bring in this whole global collapse, and to bring in this whole battle of the gods in the Middle East, the Guter Dammerung, then you're not studying what the New World Order's up to.
And so what we see is prophecy being fulfilled.
And I'm going to explain this again.
The globalists know there's a global collapse coming of their system, so they collapse it beforehand to be on top of the collapse.
It's the same thing.
God knows the plan of the universe.
He already made it, but he gave us free will.
These evildoers also get a good idea about where things are going, and so they are again playing God.
They know that the Messiah is going to come.
They know a new temple is going to be built.
They know Christ is going to rule for a thousand years from Jerusalem, before this reality is destroyed.
This simulation.
And they're going to do it all beforehand.
That's what the Antichrist is, ladies and gentlemen.
And you can sit there and think, oh, well that's just Christian cosmology.
That's just your religion.
Yeah, well, watch it all happen, because it isn't just my religion.
There's a struggle between good and evil going on in all of us.
And it's particularly going on in the Jews.
Some of the best people you're ever going to meet are Jews.
Some of the worst people you're ever going to meet are going to be Jews.
And that's the same in vice versa for any group.
But it's particularly true with them.
And so what you're about to see unfold and what you're about to see go on is very serious and very real.
So Trump thought, oh, I'll actually help Israel, help them have security.
They deserve to have a place, you know?
His son-in-law's Jewish.
And where did that get him?
And where did it get the Jews in Israel, trusting Benjamin Netanyahu, when he handed him over to Big Pharma and handed him over to martial law?
It got Trump nowhere, did it?
It got the Jews nowhere.
Because men aren't going to fix this problem.
Alex Jones isn't going to fix this problem.
Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to fix this problem.
Donald Trump's not going to fix this problem.
God is going to have to fix this problem.
And we're going to have to admit God's real, and God's in charge, and ask the Holy Spirit, God Consciousness, that Dr. Zelenko talks about, into us, and then we're all brothers and sisters, and the killing can stop, and the idiocy can stop.
But only God can do that!
That's why I can finish Zelenko's sentences, he can finish mine.
Because he's not copying me, I'm not copying him.
We see the same thing.
We have the same spirit.
We are brothers.
Not because I'm a Christian, he's a Jew.
We, as Zelenko said, transcends that.
This is God consciousness.
The one God.
That's got the one plan for us.
The devil wants your soul.
The devil wants to bind your energy to him and take you to his system.
His own private hell.
He's built it.
It's his.
God isn't there.
I'm going to go to break and go to your calls.
That's why it's hell.
I'm sorry I said I'd go to them in this segment.
I'm sure Mike will be cool to take calls.
He's come on with such huge news.
I'm going right to your calls.
Christian and Kyle and Josh and Alan and Mike and Mitchell and Brandon and Beefy.
When we come right back on the other side of this break, please don't forget that I cannot keep this operation on air unless you support us.
And if that's your choice to do, that's your choice.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, the L.A.
police union leader has a warning for terrorists.
Don't come to L.A.
It's one of the most dangerous cities in the country now.
Meanwhile, a migrant truck, not an illegal alien invader truck, crashes killing 53 on its way to the wide open United States border.
Very, very sad that happened to those people, but they're being brought in by the globalists to be farmed politically.
So I'm very sad for those that died.
I'm very sad that they've been living under lockdowns in Latin America that the globalists put in place.
But nevertheless, they're being used as a political weapon to collapse the United States.
It's not going to help us.
That's not going to help them.
I'm not going to use the word migrant.
They told you call them migrants or you're a racist.
And now in the UK, they're saying don't even call them migrants.
Call them nothing.
You're not allowed to call them anything.
It's how they train you with language to totally be censored.
For TV viewers, here's a new take on Hard Times Create Strong Men, Strong Men Create Good Times, Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Men Create Hard Times.
Look at this photo.
Got 1970, Easy Rider.
What a great movie.
And then you've got Modern Times here.
Think those guys are going to stand up for themselves?
No, they're domesticated, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what they've been trained to think is cool.
That's what they've been told is the way to go.
Very, very sad.
Yeah, I think the criminals are scared of those guys in Los Angeles.
What are the criminals going to do to them?
They're going to capture them, they're going to control them.
Because there's no men to stand up for anybody.
There's just evil men in control of the system.
Alex, thanks for taking the call.
Yes, sir.
Wednesday, I went to 1776coin.com and I think I was the first order through.
I'd have to assume.
Well, thanks for the support, brother.
It's going to really help us do some exciting things.
Yes, sir.
So, um, my friend, uh, growing up childhood friend, he's in a hospital in Omaha right now, currently on the COVID protocol on a ventilator.
And, uh, his brother,
Maracas, they got ahold of somebody on the East Coast, one of the intravenous vitamin C doctors, one of the top ones, and they put him on a four-day protocol because he was getting worse on the ventilator, of course.
They put him on a four-day protocol with the vitamin C stuff, and he got better and stable.
After four days, they took him off.
He's been off for like six days and getting worse and worse by the day.
And I've been scrambling.
My friend, you know, his brother has been scrambling, trying to get ahold of someone here in the Omaha area, like a doctor or somebody that can help us.
And it's just been hell, brother.
Well, there have been a bunch of cases in Texas and Illinois and New York and Florida and a bunch of them.
So many, more than 10 cases we've seen.
Where the hospital will not put somebody on ivermectin when they're on a ventilator.
And in every case, when they put them on ivermectin, they get better.
And the majority of cases, they got released.
But in a couple, the hospitals went to court to block it, and then they killed them.
And so that's what this sounds like with you.
Yeah, vitamin C treatment.
Is one of the recommended things.
I know my parents almost, my dad almost died.
He got on ivermectin and the inhalable steroids.
Instantly, physically was a lot better.
His oxygen shot up, but his brain was hit by the
We're good to go.
And we're just very blessed he's still alive.
But vitamin C really helped him.
Now the glutathione is helping clear him out.
And I've got other friends that had COVID really bad who have not bounced back yet mentally.
And they're not even that old.
They're about the same age as me.
I know two people that are the same age as I am that got it.
And they're just not the same person anymore.
It's a very, very serious situation.
And the fact that they're trying to block your friend, your childhood friend.
There are online pharmacies.
There are doctors.
Dr. Marble is awesome.
You know what, sir?
Give me your name and number, and I'll get it to Dr. Marble, and I'm sure he can get you in touch with somebody.
But you need to have a treating physician, meaning they're able to treat at that hospital, so they can go in there.
And the family needs to call around to MDs and people and say, we'll pay you whatever you want.
Uh, we want you to go give him these treatments.
And a lot of times you'll find private doctors that are awake.
They'll say, no, no, I don't even want any money.
I'll go in and take care of him.
But that's what you're gonna need to do.
Does that make sense?
Thanks very much for doing that, brother.
It means the world.
Well, I appreciate you.
Guys, get his name and number.
Make sure I don't forget to do it.
Give it to me.
And I'll give it to Dr. Marble.
There's also Dr. Bartlett, but I mean, I've given his number out over 300 times.
Good God.
That guy works so hard.
So I'm gonna give him a break for a while, and I'll call Dr. Marble, who is licensed to treat, by the way, in all 50 states and everything else, but he's able to get into that hospital or get somebody he knows in there.
It's such an incredible time to be alive, folks.
Such an incredible time to be alive.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mitchell in Oregon.
Welcome, Mitchell.
Yeah, so I'm fully vaccinated and I've been sick with COVID for the last six weeks.
I can tell you it's definitely much higher risk living in the city.
Just a quick timeline.
I moved into the municipality around December 2020.
Since then, I've been sick twice.
I'm pretty sure with COVID because I had the sandpaper-throat version, which I think was a Delta variant, and then the one before that.
Anyway, in July, I decided to just go ahead and get the vaccines.
There were murmurings there being mandates.
My first shot, July 28th.
Second shot, August 28th.
Then in September, my employer required everyone to sign an attestation to having been vaccinated.
And then in October, they put out the mandate that they need your shot records by November 19th.
Then in November, they put out a memo saying you must have your first shot or scheduled appointment by December 19th to get a shot.
So that's how the mandates are coming down.
Now what's funny is my employer, I work for an IT contractor that provides services to the military.
And actually this IT contractor is owned by entities of the Native Americans, the reservations around here.
It's so my particular employer falls under so many different jurisdictions.
It's making my head spin.
But, you know, I can tell you the vaccines don't work.
And, you know, I am overweight and I have some other health problems.
But since getting vaccinated and being sick these past six weeks, I've also been diagnosed now with diabetes and high blood pressure.
Well, sir, I'm really sorry to hear that.
But yes, COVID attacks the pancreas and so does the injection.
But again, a real inoculation would cover you for all the COVID variants.
It's prions that are reinfecting that are a form of nanotech.
This is for medical doctors and top scientists.
And so this is a whole class of things they're attacking us with.
They're just calling COVID.
But that's why you're seeing the reinfections.
And I've got that from
Former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, I've got that from other high-level sources, that told me we can't tell you the specifics, it's classified.
But, now we know why.
Peter Daszak and Bill Gates and Fauci in 2018, 2017, approached the Pentagon with these synthetic spike protein weapons.
And basically tried to sell it to the Pentagon, and they wanted to give the Pentagon a cover story to release it on the Chinese.
And of course, the Pentagon said, that's insane.
You're trying to start a war.
Of course, you now know that's public knowledge.
So, the military industrial complex is run by the globals at the top.
It hates our military.
It hates our police.
It hates our republic.
It wants to get rid of its opposition and fully take over the country.
And so, particularly in the type of jurisdictions you're in, they are running around spraying these into the ventilation systems.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
But that's going on.
We're under bioweapon attack.
It's a synthetic nanotech crystalline prion spike protein.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Mike Adams has got huge economic and COVID news coming up next hour.
The Health Ranger.
We're taking your calls right now here on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you so much for joining us today and thank you for holding callers.
Let's go ahead and go to Christian in Florida.
You're on the air.
Hi, I'm calling Alex because I've got some information that I'm hoping you can put in front of some of your medical experts.
I really think this vaccine is kind of a phase one sort of thing.
And when I was looking into, everybody was talking about graphene oxide, I was researching it, and I come to find out, I was skeptical that it was in there, and I was reading about an enzyme that the human body makes.
It's called MPO, myeloperoxidase, and it actually breaks down.
Graphene oxide in the body.
I think that eventually they do want to build this nanomedicine platform and they want to have implantables and they want to have nano delivery and a lot of that depends on the graphene oxide.
When I was looking into it, I also found that both AstraZeneca and Merck have anti-MPO drugs in clinical trials.
So while I agree with you that the vaccine is basically a target for our immune system, it seems like the way it's going to go is we're going to come into a lot of massive inflammation and then we're going to be
I totally agree.
It's going to be gene therapies.
No one knows why everyone's immune system is gone.
Don't worry, we've got this gene therapy that brings it back.
They say that.
I've played the Pfizer executives on clips a year ago laughing and saying this.
They're admitting the giant criminal takeover.
And they think the public is so dumbed down and they've bought off all the regulators that they're going to get away with it.
It's just insane.
I really hope that if people are getting sick, they're starting to look into some natural anti-inflammatories, and they really start to research these drugs.
I'm terrified that these anti-MPO drugs are going to start getting emergency use authorizations.
I'm not sure if that's the case, because I believe that drugs are under a completely different set of regulations outside of the... Oh, but that's the... No, no, no, no.
You just said it.
I don't know if you've seen the report we did a few months ago, but it turns out all the different regulators, including Fauci, were on C-SPAN.
And they said, we want to get rid of drug regulation, the fact it takes five years on average.
We're going to just call everything a vaccine because that bypasses it and, quote, blow up the old existing system.
So this is a drug.
The mRNA is a drug.
And so exactly what you're saying is what they're doing.
They're blowing up the old system to roll out whatever they want and have no surveillance or no background reporting and just have a free-for-all.
And if they can get away with killing tens of millions of people,
With these injections and tens of millions of miscarriages, then they can get away with anything.
Does that make sense?
It totally makes sense.
And I hope that when people start, I really do think that there's going to be massive inflammation, and I hope that people start to look into some natural anti-inflammatories and ways that they can keep inflammation down in their body.
And please, please, please look into the drugs if they're suggested to you for this inflammation that I'm seeing rolling down the hill.
It's frightening.
Well, there's a lot of smart people like you out there.
Have a great weekend.
Christian, thank you.
Okay, next up in the order of the calls received would be Josh in Texas.
Welcome, Josh.
Hey, Alex.
First off, I want to give a shout-out to my beautiful family, Samantha, Emery, and little Josh.
And I'm calling today to ask you what are we supposed to do whenever they come and basically try to mandate these vaccines?
My daughter's three, my son's two, and they say that we're neglecting our children and so therefore they have to be taken from our custody and put into state custody.
You need to be involved at the county level, the state level, you need to be involved with who is, you need to start a coalition of parents' rights now so that you've got a support group of people ahead of that.
That's why they don't want families, they don't want fathers, they certainly don't want families getting together.
And so what you're saying is going to be the whole future.
It's already happening in Australia, already happening in Europe, forced inoculation start in five, six weeks in Germany.
They're already rounding folks up, taking them to camps.
But these people are weak.
I've seen new newscasts and new reports of the Australian Prime Minister attacking us and national TV saying how evil I am and showing edited clips of me out of context.
That's how weak they are.
That's how weak these criminals carrying this out are.
We have the facts, brother.
We have to defend our children, you know, any means necessary.
Also, the medical industry has already discredited itself so far to the point to where I'm afraid to even take my children into, you know, in the future if they break a bone or they need a surgery and they don't allow a parent in the back that they're just going to vaccinate.
And, you know, we've already heard of, you know, in schools where these teachers are giving their kids pizza and they give them a vaccine.
Well, that's what the drag queen pedophile story time is about, and in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.
and Blue City areas, in the U.S., they are, children as young as eight, they're giving them deadly injections without parental consent.
I mean, it, and I'm not saying it's, it'd be better that the teacher raped your child than injected this in them, in my opinion, in which they should be executed for both, but, but, after they're tried and everything, for Nuremberg violations.
I mean, think about it.
This is rape.
This is medical rape of your rights and they're just doing it.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
But we're not going to be violent.
They want to start violence.
They want to push us so they can then try to come after us and start a full scale war.
We're not going to start the war, but we're getting ready for the war.
It's a war they want.
It's one they're going to get, but they're going to blow up their own facilities and blame us.
We don't want to offensively go out and do anything.
We are against offensive violence.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Brandon in California.
Let's go, Brandon.
Hey, sir.
Good, man.
How you doing?
Go ahead.
Kudos to you.
I just want to talk about I had to be forced vaccinated at my hospital.
And, you know, it was the hardest decision of my life.
Well, I just want to talk about everyone, everyone that's coming in the hospital, because I work in the ER and the ICU, everyone in the hospital is mostly vaccinated.
And when they come in, they get on oxygen and then they get intubated and then they die a week later.
Every single one of them, they all have core, core mobilities like chronic kidney disease, heart disease, you name it.
But every single one of them, they've died.
I wanted to voice my opinion to one of the doctors, the intensivist that worked there at the ICU, and he pulled me aside and he was like, hey, you know, you shouldn't be saying these things out loud because you could get fired.
And I was like, what are you talking about?
He's like, we have protocols we have to go through.
We can't really give our own medicines.
We have to go through these protocols through the hospital.
And it's just crazy.
I see all these people, they're coming in, these families that want these medicines, but they're not giving them to them.
It's just crazy.
Well, brother, I'm sorry to hear that as a hospital worker, you're saying you would have lost your job.
That basically is a forced injection.
And according to the Nuremberg Code, that's a serious war crime, what they did to you.
But yes, it is forced to say, I'll take your livelihood.
I'll take your food away.
I'll take your house away.
I'll take your child away.
This is terrorism.
It is, no?
Well, God bless you, brother.
Sorry to hear that's happening.
All right, we're going to go to break and come back with Beefy and Mike and others.
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You know, I used to read globalist documents 28 years ago when I first got on air, 20 years ago, 10 years ago.
And I, you know, I felt guilty a little bit when I would read Operation Lockstep documents 12 years ago and predict all this.
You've all seen those videos.
They've gone viral since then.
Because I knew it was real.
I knew it was their plan.
But I still just it felt weird to be saying all this and now we're in the middle of all this and it's really happening depopulation
I don't feel guilty, I just feel sad and nauseous.
But it still kind of feels weird to be telling people this is happening because it just doesn't make sense unless you're a psychotic globalist.
Mike Adams has got huge economic and COVID news coming up for the rest of the hour.
Here in just a few minutes I'm going to be taping with Dr. Zelenko and others for a big special emergency broadcast tomorrow.
It's going to be about three to four hours long, okay, so be ready for that.
And again, I know as an audience you're just like me, you're tired of all this news, you're sick of it, but you can't turn away because you care.
Take that energy and spread the word and spread the links and spread the articles and we're going to win.
And if you've got a neighbor and you find out she's pregnant, bring them an actual news article with links to the American Medical Association or the New England Medical Journal where they admit an 82% increase in spontaneous miscarriages.
And you're going to save a baby.
And you've got to just get in people's business.
Because believe me, I'm the type of guy
I don't want to say something at the grocery store line to a pregnant woman.
I got my own life.
I don't want to be in people's business.
But you know what?
If you don't get in other people's business, you're letting the globalists kill them.
So if you knew your neighbor was going to get robbed one night and you didn't go tell them, that's now on you.
So see, it's not busybody now.
And that's the problem with Christians and conservatives and the rest of us.
That love God and justice.
This is true.
We got our own lives.
I got all my own stuff to deal with.
I don't want to know what you're doing.
I don't want to tell you what to do because I'm confident.
I'm strong.
I don't want your wife.
I got my wife.
I don't want your farm.
I got my farm.
I don't want your car.
I got my car.
I don't want your kids.
I got my kids.
The left doesn't have any of that and they're missing something.
So that's why you have the archetype of the zombies.
They're not real, but they're an archetype, like vampires.
There are people that live forever, but there are crazy people that kidnap folks and drink their blood.
It's the same thing with zombies.
They're mindless.
They're dumb.
They're in giant packs.
And what do they want?
What they don't have?
That's the archetype.
They want to kill you because you've got something they don't have.
You have consciousness.
You're connected to the universe.
You're connected to God.
You're tuned into that frequency that you were designed by.
These people got stuck on the wrong radio station, ladies and gentlemen.
This is literally a spiritual transmission.
That is what consciousness is.
And they are signed up with people
That don't act like any animals in the animal kingdom.
They act like something out of biblical demons.
And I'm telling you, it's a transmission.
It's not even a creature.
It is a wavelength.
I don't know if there's something parked behind the moon broadcasting it.
I don't know what's going on.
But it's like the Kingsman movie that came out 10 years ago now, where the billionaire crazies get together to send out a signal to the cell phones and everybody start killing each other.
They're telling you what they're doing.
You got to ask yourself, why are they telling you?
Because there are metaphysical rules of the universe that we've all been able to observe.
And as you get older, you realize, wow, this is really the rules of the universe.
They must tell you what they're going to do to you in fine print.
Remember the old saying, the devil's in the details.
So when Fauci goes, 99% of people dying are unvaccinated, that's because he used numbers before vaccination started.
It's a total lie.
But is the average person going to get into the details?
Well, that's where the devil's at.
And so Mike Adams and I get into the details where the devil's at.
And that's what we're about to do on the other side.
And then we will, one way or another, I'll get to Savannah and Mike in New York and Beefy.
And Nancy and James and Summer and everybody else here today.
You've all got comments on the vaccine, so those will be quick.
But Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com is our guest.
And he called me last week and said this, you know, big Chinese $300 billion company thing is about to go under next week.
I said, well, come on.
He goes, well, I don't want to be part of it going down.
I don't be part of scaring people.
I'll come on once it happens.
So here he is joining us today after what he said last week to me happened.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I have a question to ask you.
Why would you spend your money this Christmas season to buy gifts for friends and family and loved ones with the establishment, with the big corporations that are dedicated to waging war on all of our freedoms and suppressing us and forcing medical tyranny on us?
I've never backed down to tyranny.
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The only way you fail is not taking action.
Well, we've all been watching Evergrown, the $300 million pumped-up, zombie, loveless company.
In China, and saying it could trigger the next big financial collapse.
But Mike Adams last week, we talked and he said, I think it's imminent.
I think it's going to happen by next week.
And I'm like, OK, well, come on.
He goes, no, I don't want to be part of it going down.
He goes, I'll come on once it goes down.
But he goes, I'd look for that next week.
And sure as hell, it happened.
So Mike's here.
But he's also got a lot of other huge news.
Mike Adams from NationalNews.com here on the Alex Jones Show.
This is a big game changer.
And I covered this
Wednesday night some and I covered it Thursday only for about five minutes and I that's when I feel guilty as I listen to rebroadcast part of it last night I'm like you spent like five minutes Jones on this you should have put an hour this is big because they can try to ignore the general public ignore this scientist this doctor this study but when you have a major respect government the Japanese are as smart as you get
Yeah, that's what we know it's doing.
A few weeks of it.
That's all going to be broken down with Mike Adams, the Jussie Smollett situation, the economy, all of it.
Mike, great to have you again.
Where do you want to start first?
Well, I would say, Alex, thank you for having me on.
And we need to start with the fact that we're into the dark winter phase now.
The die-offs are accelerating.
The stillbirths are accelerating.
The establishment hasn't been able to achieve what they wanted with the Omicron hysteria.
And so they're going to play another card.
And the card that it looks like they're going to play sometime in 2022 is the false flag cyber attack on the financial infrastructure.
And Israel has been running a ten-nation simulation on exactly that scenario.
And by the way, I mean, this is speculation that that's their next card.
They could play another bioweapon.
They could start war with Russia.
They're obviously trying to do that right now.
There are many things they could do, but you gotta add
To your Rolodex of options here, cyber warfare, assault on the US financial system, and what most people aren't thinking about, that's on my mind right now, Alex, is the social chaos implications of the freezing of the financial infrastructure in America.
And you covered it today already, the LA, I think it's the union leader for the LA police saying, don't come to LA.
That's the beginning of what's going to be really no-go zones, or no-police zones.
You said that on my show a month ago.
You said, the next big trend will be no-go zones in blue cities, and then a huge exodus.
Wow, you have a good memory.
You're right.
I did say that on your show, and we're seeing it confirmed.
But it's going to get far worse, where police will literally, they may at some point tweet out a map of LA, and they'll just draw, you know, 50 square blocks and say, these are no-police zones.
Don't even think about going there, and if you're there now, get out while you can.
Escape from L.A.
Kurt Russell movie becoming a reality.
But what's going to trigger that is the freezing of the financial system, which could be engineered, and it could be used to blame it on China.
So that Biden can then go ahead and stage some kind of conflict with China and use that to declare domestic martial law under a wartime emergency.
Remember, they have to have perpetual emergencies.
And since the COVID emergency is kind of petering out, you know, people just aren't buying it anymore.
They need another bigger emergency in order to keep people in line.
And so war is one.
Financial collapse is one.
But Alex, and you know this very well, your audience knows this.
What happens when the food stamps stop?
We're good.
Whereas the hardened criminals, the convicted cons, the people who did time in federal pen, they are psychologically primed for surviving chaos and mayhem and even exploiting, in some cases, those situations for their own personal protection or gain.
So the collapse of polite society is coming.
And the only way to survive this is to either get incredibly well tactically trained in self-defense or get out of these cities while you can.
So Alex, that's what's on my mind right now because I see what's coming.
Well, I totally agree with you.
And we're talking about an escape from New York scenario, which is the globalist plan to make much of the West no-go zones.
This has been planned.
Now, the police aren't in on this.
They're just going to be put in a position where this is what's going to happen.
They're being cut in half.
They're being defunded.
They're being told, pull back.
And this has all been part of the larger plan to collapse the country.
And then the globalists go, oh, look, you collapsed on your own, as you mentioned, or
We're good to go.
Bill Gates and their minions, like President Biden, are doing this.
So this is a war, and COVID's a war, and devaluing our currency's a war, and annihilating our borders is a war.
I mean, the country is going down, and if we don't get Senator Paul and people to realize that, it's over.
I mean, thank God Tucker Carlson gets it, and Joe Rogan's starting to get it, but there's not time to just sit here and kind of eat around the edges.
You've got to go all the way out and expose the whole thing, or we'll lose it all.
I told Joe Rogan at dinner the other night,
I said, listen, you think you just escaped L.A.?
This is going nationwide.
We've got to stop it in L.A.
if we're going to stop it here.
That's what's so dangerous about this.
Yeah, Joe Rogan totally gets it, and Tucker gets it.
So many people are really waking up to the kinds of things that you've been warning about for many years.
And I've got to say, if anything, the only mistake that you and I have both made is that we underestimated the ferocity
Of the globalists, and how quickly they would move on depopulation and collapse, because it's accelerating all around us right now.
Now, the situation with Evergrande, we've got to touch on that at least a little bit, because we're going to see a cascading financial default over the entire year of 2022 among the various institutions, could be insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, and so on.
That held the paper debt of the Evergrande Corporation, which is now in what's called a restricted default.
It's going to be total default.
That's actually what it is.
It's just currently labeled restricted default by Fitch and other ratings agencies.
So again, a giant property developer Ponzi scheme that has collapsed.
It's not just Evergrande, it's also Kaiser and other companies in China.
That we're in the same game and they built up massive amounts of debt and then a lot of institutions around the world bought into that debt Even we think there are implications for the the crypto ecosystem Which also kind of needs a little bit of housecleaning so that it can be prepared to really go mainstream in the future The the crypto leaders were testifying before Congress two days ago.
I believe and really asking begging for regulations
So that they can kind of clean up that whole ecosystem and and launch crypto into mainstream acceptance and I agree I think that's necessary there have to be some ground rules for crypto, but but also we're gonna even outside of crypto We're gonna see
A cascading financial failures throughout 2022.
And probably then a cyber attack on the banking system would help cover up all of that and create an excuse for the failure of Joe Biden's policies on the economy as well.
So watch for all of that coming.
It's going to be a mess.
Well, Evergrande is $300 billion.
Looks like they're going to default on all of it.
They've just been building insane ghost cities.
We're talking like 50, 100 skyscrapers, 20, 30, 40-story buildings with no one in them.
That's just insane.
Well, yeah.
I mean, they built entire cities.
Individual investors in China believe this is their retirement because they don't have retirement systems like we have in the U.S., like Social Security.
So they invested in real estate, and then their money is mostly lost, although China, the government, has ordered Evergrande to pay back local domestic individual investors first, which means the foreign bondholders, like U.S.
bondholders, are going to be left holding the bag and getting virtually nothing.
So we can talk about that more when we come back.
That's right.
Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the reality, folks.
We're not trying to scare you.
We're trying to get you ready to brace for impact.
Believe me, I got four children.
I got a wife.
I'm so sad for this whole country and the world, but facing the truth is our only way out of this.
We'll be right back.
All right.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Mike Adams riding shotgun with us the rest of the hour.
But Mike, before we get into cryptocurrency and your next prediction on the economy and other geopolitical news,
Senators saying we need to nuke Russia first.
I mean, just incredible times to be alive.
Go back because you're the guy that's been harping the last few years about U.S.
cities becoming no-go zones and then there being a mass exodus, that being part of the plan to collapse the country.
Explain to people what's been going on for those that may not know, and then why the globalists would want that.
Because I know you're really well-versed on this, and the way you break it down, I think, is the best out there.
So spend a few more minutes on that, please.
Well, the supply chain failures are already feeding into this, but it's also, of course, high taxation in these cities, causing a lot of people to flee.
Okay, sure.
What they want is for productive citizens to be gone, and the actual income earners and producers in cities to flee, and that's happening right now.
They're all moving to Texas, or Arizona, or Florida, places like that.
Because what they want left behind is a controllable, collapsed,
Uh, subclass of citizens who will vote the way Democrats want them to vote, but who have no ability to produce or to think for themselves or even to function in society.
And then in that criminal class system, which resembles a lot of third world nations, and by the way, you're seeing drive-by shootings now, executions on the streets of New York City, I think Infowars covered that yesterday, then
They have the perfect scenario for the child trafficking, the drug smuggling, the gun running that Democrats routinely carry out as forms of fundraising and control of bribery and kickbacks for their political power.
Once they control a key number of states, such as California, then they can conspire together, as they're doing with the electoral college agreements, to rig every future election.
No matter what happens in the red states, the blue states have sufficient control to rig absolutely everything.
So it all goes hand-in-hand with political power.
Also, by the way, I should mention Newsom.
Working with the Communist Chinese, having CCP influence throughout California, but also even as a military option for the landing of PLA troops on the coast of California, literally.
And I almost need to apologize, I should have said this first, but...
The entire, I'm changing the topic just a little bit, but the entire situation with Russia, in my view, is designed to destroy U.S.
military assets in a Russian counterattack in order to weaken the United States military at the same time vaccines are murdering active duty troops so that America is vulnerable to a Chinese invasion.
The globalists are getting ready by running our government in the ground to tie us down in Eastern Europe while China makes us move on Hong Kong, Taiwan, into the Philippines, into northern Vietnam, Nam they claim control of, and with their operatives, and then using the crime and the control of those fallen cities, they can use that basically as the launch point
It's a two-front war.
With our own corporate media saying it's a race war as the cover for the shy comms to come in and now you already have the Democrats saying we're going to have UN and UN troops and most of the UN troops are Chinese occupying the US.
I mean they're actually doing it.
It's actually happening.
You got it.
And when the starvation gets so horrible in these cities, then they can claim there's a UN rescue mission that's going to be communist Chinese troops coming in to, quote, feed the people.
And I want to be clear, Mike, you've been talking on my show for four or five years about this before anybody else.
You saw this out long term.
I want to just say, I believe what you're saying.
I know that's their plan.
That's one of the main scenarios they want to get to.
If they can't get to that point, they've got other plans.
But I agree.
What you just said is what all the facts show.
This country is under World War III attack right now, and we have traitors that run the executive branch who can't make it too obvious till we fully collapse that they're working with the Chai Koms trying to use a Russia war on our flank to distract us.
Well, right, they know America can't fight a two-front war, and they also know that the longer they wait, the more servicemen and women will be murdered by the spike protein vaccines, thereby weakening the entire system.
Don't forget about the U.S.
submarine that we now believe was actually hit by a Chinese underwater drone or submarine from China.
So this was a direct attack on the United States Navy in the underwater war.
And it shows that the US Navy has insane vulnerabilities where they don't even know when they're being approached and touched by a Chinese weapons system.
And if you look at the weapons superiority of Russia with its hypersonic missiles that are now
Very active.
They just did a test.
400 kilometer range of a hypersonic missile striking its target.
Alex, I'm sorry to say this, but the United States military, if they end up provoking some kind of response, a military response from Russia, which seems to be what they're trying to do, if Russia launches those hypersonic missiles, most US military assets near Ukraine will be destroyed in under 15 minutes.
And I mean that.
Under 15 minutes, the entire future will change.
Because then, the U.S.
will not be able to project power in that region.
And notice, exactly, Pearl Harbor on steroids.
But notice, ahead of that, they purge the military with shots, with critical race theory.
I mean, everything you do to take the country down, they're doing.
I mean, this is it.
Yeah, absolutely, and understand, too, that when the U.S.
is perceived globally as being unable to project its military power, then, of course, the global recognition of the petrodollar status will collapse rapidly.
Over a hundred countries will instantly say, well, gosh, why should we agree to the petrodollar arrangement when the U.S.
can't even protect its own military, assert power, withdraw from Afghanistan, the president is a dementia patient, and so on.
These are all designed... Exactly, all designed, all scripted,
Blue Cities, Fentanyl, Drag Queen Storytime.
The world is watching women bring their children into fat bloated pedophiles to put them on their laps.
I mean people see this.
This is designed to destroy us for everyone to see us as sick and evil.
Instead of seeing those that are doing this to us as the enemy.
And by the way, I know you have callers, and I don't mind taking calls, by the way, if you want to get to those, especially in the next segment.
And if you don't mind, I have an important message about a fellow Liberty lover, a great person, Greg Caton.
He's on life support, folks.
He's had a severe heart attack.
He's in a hospital in Ecuador, and his family, they're going to be launching, I think, like a Give, Send, Go fundraiser.
Tell us about him, absolutely.
Tell us what happened.
Well, he suffered a severe four-hour heart attack.
I spoke with his family today.
You know, he's a wonderful person.
He's been preaching the awakening, and he's been exposing the deep state globally.
I interviewed him, I think, four months ago, and I put that up on my site.
He did not take the vaccine.
There is no foul play suspected, but, you know, he's a wonderful person.
He's a gem for humanity, and he's right on the edge right now, and he may not make it.
His heart is destroyed.
And we're not sure how we're going to bring him back from that.
So your prayers are certainly needed, folks.
And thank you, Alex, for allowing me to share that.
Well, that's another subject.
General Flynn and others said that they've got simulant spike protein that's spreading everywhere.
And then now that's confirmed that Fauci developed that in 2017, tried to sell to the Pentagon.
They said, no way.
I mean, that's really what's going on here with massive increases in heart attacks, even in those that haven't been injected.
Well, I know, and I've heard from so many people who have been attacked as speakers at many of these public events.
I've spoken at some, and I got symptomatic after those events.
Other people have become very, very sick after being exposed to what you've said.
It's aerosolized, skin-penetrating, toxic nanoparticles.
There's a bioweapons attack happening across America right now.
All right, we're going to come back and get into the future of crypto and then your phone calls with Mike Adams and so much more.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Well, there's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
General Flynn's prediction comes true of the globalists triggering a worldwide financial collapse to bring in their agenda.
Mike Adams is our guest.
We're going to go into your phone calls here in just a few minutes.
But Mike, getting into crypto.
Again, you and I believe in it.
We want alternative systems.
It's great.
But it's also been a wall-wall-west, and it's been connected to some of the things that are happening with the Chinese housing market.
Give folks your concerns that you privately gave me a week ago.
Well, thank you for clarifying.
You know, I am 100% pro-crypto and we need a decentralized, non-Federal Reserve run system that promotes freedom.
And what we're seeing though right now is that there are a couple of methods of attack on the crypto ecosystem.
That can discredit it, and these modes are being, I think, run by a globalist central bank interest, because what they want is a digital wallet system, of course, that they control.
And you've covered this a thousand times.
Once you have, let's say, Fed coin or something like that, some digital wallet from the Federal Reserve, then they have social credit scores, it's a vaccine passport, they can cut off your expenditures, they can automatically tax you, they can have negative interest rates, all those things.
So, crypto outside that system is what needs to succeed in order for us to have freedom and liberty.
The concern, and this is what ties into Evergrande, is that certain popular stable coins in the ecosystem, and I'm not going to mention any names because I'm not trying to
We're good.
There's a
The people's digital money, in essence.
But the system has to be kind of cleaned up.
There has to be really more rigorous standards in the system.
If we don't police ourselves, that's the American model.
Well, that's right.
If we don't police ourselves, somebody else will.
And obviously the system's letting us all be wall-wall-west to give it a bad name later than bring in their system using blockchain for control.
I'd rather see dozens of independent
Thank you very much.
And I think a lot of these meme coins that are just kind of get-rich-quick schemes are really discrediting the long-term utility of this transactional system.
Well, right, right.
I want the utility of currencies outside government and corporate control that are independent.
I don't like the pump-and-dump aspect.
No, I want the utility.
I'm right with you.
You know, the most successful and most widely accepted crypto would be one that is entirely stable.
It's not speculative.
It doesn't go through booms and busts.
It's just kind of boring, which is what merchants need.
You know, for you to accept, even in your own store, Alex, for you to accept crypto right now, you're taking some kind of a risk that you accept, let's say, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin could rise or fall, you know, 15% in one hour.
That's a merchant risk.
That's great.
And by the way, crypto, even think about in the future, could it be backed by other physical things?
Could there be crypto backed by gold or silver or oil or even, you know, food output?
What if there was like a farming co-op crypto that's backed by actual food, like you could trade coins for food?
Oh, that's a great idea, and then you get real farmers and real certification and real organics, and then your money actually helps create a good environment.
Yeah, I mean, think about it.
In that kind of a system, and I don't know if anything like that exists, I kind of doubt it, but maybe someone will create one, you're kind of like buying future food output.
And who wouldn't want to do that?
Who wouldn't want to bank on future, you know, food or future oil, for that matter, or future gold mining or whatever?
I was about to say, that's what the globalists are doing is trying to cut off all money for oil and gas exploration and coal, so that even if governments don't ban it, no one will get a loan for it.
That will cause billions to die, they estimate.
That will collapse civilization.
But that's what they're doing.
Well, that's exactly what they're doing.
And as you know very well, the ultimate goal is to collapse every system of freedom.
They've already done it with big tech collapsing free speech.
They want to collapse financial freedom.
They want to end cash.
They want to suck you into their system of total digital wallet control.
And from there, then no one can fight back against tyranny.
Because once they can track all your purchases and assets, then, you know, good luck stockpiling ammo.
At that point, they just won't allow it.
You'll have an ammo purchase limit of 100 rounds a month or something, which in Texas, that's only like the warm-up round on Saturday afternoon at the range.
We make larger ammo purchases.
This gives them total surveillance and control of every level of society.
The whole Cashless Society social credit score is their holy grail.
It is the tyrant's dream.
We must stop it.
Let's take calls for Mike Adams.
Let's talk to Mike in New York.
Mike in New York, thanks for holding.
Hey guys, Mike, Alex.
Love you guys.
Praying for you, Alex.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you, brother.
Just wanted to say I'm in the globalist hell here in New York City.
You were here recently.
You say what's going on here.
People are out of their minds.
Now we got this tyrant, de Blasio, who's only got a few weeks left in office, and he thinks he's going to leave us with some parting shots by giving a five-year-old vaccine mandate out of control.
And we need to do this mass non-compliance and fight back and get away from this stuff.
I totally agree.
And again, it's globalist cities around the world that are following the UN Directive.
This is such an example of what the UN calls minimalization, Mike Adams.
Well, this is, you know, they try it first in Australia and New Zealand, and when they get away with it there, it goes to Governor Hochul of New York, and then she rolls something out that's totally crazy, and then Newsom picks it up, and then they're going to try to bleed those policies into middle America.
So your caller's absolutely right.
Mike, it's time to peacefully stand up, resist this, and just say absolutely no.
Say no.
These are the blue cities, totally weaponized.
Like suicide bombers, they're politicians blowing them up and blowing their citizens up to try to bring down the rest of the country.
This is war.
Mike, thank you so much for the call.
Thanks for holding.
Let's talk to Savannah in Pennsylvania.
Savannah, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to talk to you about an incident that we had on Sunday at a CVS here in the Pittsburgh area.
Um, I took my son, he was a little bit sick, nothing big.
So we're sitting there waiting for a prescription and there's like all these little areas set up for people who have just gotten their vaccine.
There's like a 15 minute waiting period where you have to be observed.
They had all these kids there with their parents.
Like it was insane that you can go to a CVS, get a vaccine that's not a vaccine.
Have to be sit there and wait, like wait and observe for 15 minutes.
Like meanwhile, nobody was actually observing kids.
They're just sitting there on their parents' phones or something.
And this pharmacist is like administering these vaccines that nobody knows about.
Well, like, why doesn't a doctor have to administer these vaccines?
What are the pharmacists?
Oh, notice the doctors won't do it because deals were done with Big Pharma and then only a few box stores to do it.
That's a very telling point, Mike Adams.
Why don't doctors give you the vaccine like they always did?
Well, this reminds me of that original Star Trek episode where there was a simulated war, and if you died in the simulation, you had to physically show up for the euthanasia chamber.
Remember that episode?
And that's what's happening.
These pharmacies are being turned into euthanasia centers, and this is the Holocaust of 2021.
The vaccine holocaust, right in front of our eyes.
The caller just described it.
And Mike, why did they have... Stay there, Savannah.
I'm going to make a final comment from your next segment, if you've got more to say.
This is a question for the break.
We'll come back and get Mike's take on this, and I'll give you mine.
Why did they bake into it 22 months ago?
Gates said, oh, you'll need six, seven shots a year.
And then now they admit that.
Why was it always a bunch of shots?
Why did they give you one right up front and just mess you up with a dose?
Is it like fun to watch you submit over and over again?
Or they might make more money off of that?
Or why is that?
We'll talk about it straight ahead.
Stay with us.
You know, Mike Adams, I want to take a few final calls here with you, go back to Savannah and then Beefy and others.
But there is a paradox here in that you're awake, you're involved, you're ready, you knew it was coming.
But then the general public with just the culture and the cell phones and the way everybody's memories are broken up and the way people can't communicate.
I mean, really, it is kind of a psychological test.
If the public doesn't say no to this, it's not that they deserve to die, but they are going to die.
And so I noticed people can't follow through on tasks.
They can't remember two or three things in a row.
And I don't think of myself as super smart, but I know some of the globalists, they're like horrible pedophiles.
So it's not like they have a right to rule and kill everybody, but they're predators and they see the weakness of the public and they can't help it.
And so paradoxically, how do we deal with that?
Because we don't want to join the globalists and help kill everybody, but at the same time the general public doesn't even want to help themselves.
There is a mass culling, and we can't stop it.
And you know this, I know this, all we can do is survive it, and then get to the other side, and hope that with the right people, the right allies, and with God on our side, that we can defeat the globalists, defeat the evil, and then build America up from the collapse, and the world in the light of freedom, frankly, right?
I mean, God's light, the light of truth.
And so, doing this, we have to understand that there is a neurological attack.
The spike protein is damaging brains.
The loss of cognitive function is, in fact, one of the vectors of attack.
And you're right.
People can't do tasks.
Their memories are failing.
They can't do math anymore.
These people that are taking the vaccine, they're suffering also micro blood clots in their brains that's causing a loss of cognitive function.
If you interact with anybody in a bank or in any company almost, it seems, like a customer service person, they often don't have the cognitive capabilities they once had.
And you know this as an employer.
It's very hard to employ people, especially, for example, in warehouse or fulfillment operations that we both run.
It's very difficult to get somebody who can do that task.
I mean, just pack a box, count products, drive a forklift is very difficult now.
So, we're going to suffer a cultural cognitive collapse, followed by mass death.
And to answer the question that you asked before the break, the reason they're stretching this out over so many vaccines is because they want to milk the economic profits while they're killing people slowly.
They also didn't want to kill people too quickly because people would notice.
I think they messed up.
They became overzealous.
It's killing far more people early on than what they wanted, so they have to use the media to cover it up.
But they wanted this to take about eight shots or ten shots to actually kill people.
That's their plan.
And that's why Gates said almost two years ago, oh, don't worry, you'll get six, seven, eight shots a year and giggled.
He said, we've got to help you in like three videos.
He touches his heart.
We've got to help you, help you.
And he's so sick.
Oh, no question about it.
And remember, Alex, they've already succeeded.
So from here forward, as this plays out, even if every vaccine were stopped right now, they've already killed at least a billion people.
Maybe a couple of billion by the time you add in the war and the economic collapse and the poverty and starvation and everything else.
So they've already done at least a lot of the damage they wanted to do.
Now we're just watching the dominoes fall.
We can't stop that.
The dominoes are already falling.
They admit all over the western world double the deaths this year, last year.
Last year it was exaggerated, you know.
Now it's just everywhere and it's the vaccinated dying and the vaccinated can't admit they've been lied to.
They just keep agreeing with it.
Well, right.
And they will say that all the way to their deaths.
They will think that even as they're dying, they'll probably tell themselves, gosh, dying would have been worse if I hadn't been vaccinated.
You know, some crazy thing like that.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
A woman vaccinated both her parents.
They both died right after.
And she said, well.
They had better deaths because of this.
No, it's completely insane.
They're indoctrinated.
Look, the recent poll, 80% or so, four out of five Democrats would gladly wear masks indoors forever if told to do so.
What kind of obedience cult is that?
And do people who operate that way really have any hope of surviving this?
And the answer is no.
Not at all.
No, they don't.
Subconsciously, they associate their power with the system.
So they like making everyone wear it.
They like the power.
They feel like they're part of it even though they're being abused by it.
Savannah, anything else you'd like to add?
For those who just joined us, you were on CBS this weekend watching them inject their body while you were getting a prescription.
And exactly.
We're doing this to end it.
We're doing it to stop it.
Your compliance is what makes it go on forever.
So like my eight-year-old son, my eight-year-old son, he gives me a hug and he's like, Mom, don't you people know that this shot killed people?
And I'm like, I don't know.
I don't know how they can at this point.
Well, thank God your son's got a parent that'll warn him, because, you know, I've had guests on that say, what do you do with your children?
I mean, you tell them.
I mean, just like you tell your child 5,000 years ago, hey, you know, don't go out at night, the wolves might eat you by the barn.
I mean, you're not scaring them, you're telling them, don't go out at night, pass the fire, there's wolves out there, or, you know, or look, don't go to the edge of the cave, a saber-toothed cat might eat you.
You're not scaring your child, you're telling the truth.
Thank you, Savannah.
Well, yeah, and I would say that the children that are being homeschooled and raised by parents like Savannah, these are the future of the human race, frankly.
On the other side, those who are taking the vaccines, if they survive the spike protein themselves, they will become infertile and they will remove themselves from the human gene pool.
So this is a pivotal point.
A big change in the future of human civilization, and if there's any silver lining to it, not that we hope anybody dies from this, but if there's any silver lining, it's that those psychotic mass obedience worshippers will be the first to go.
Just bluntly stated.
Well, historically we know that evil get in line to destroy themselves.
Beefy in Virginia, you're on the air with Mike Adams, go ahead.
Can you hear me, sir?
I can, Beefy, go ahead.
Yeah, I want to be quick because I would like to hear one of your famous outros as you get out of here today.
I also want to say thank you for telling us the truth when no one else will.
Everyone has to respect that.
I'm just trying to survive, brother.
The truth is going to get us out of this.
On the topic of the vaccinations, the reason I'm calling is to tell you about this and ask you a quick question.
My dad was forcefully inoculated with the recent mandate, where he faced termination, high-income position, all that.
Healthy guy, young 40s, in shape, never had serious medical issues.
Within two days of being inoculated, he was hospitalized, and within five days, he was told he needed his gallbladder removed, and they surgically removed his gallbladder.
He's recovering, but he's still not himself.
So, you know, this inoculation is pretty
Pretty dangerous.
And I wanted to give a quick shout out to Hammer, Hail Dillon Roof, Buck Niggers, Buck Hikes.
Thanks for the call.
We got a leftist calling in.
The leftist couldn't call in today.
We delayed that out so folks wouldn't hear it.
And defend the shot.
They just want to call in and create racial division because they want to kill us all.
They don't want us together.
Mike, you want to comment on that?
Yeah, well, that's their plan.
They want racial division.
They want a race war in America to cover up for their failed policies.
So, what we've all got to realize is that we, the people, whether we're black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, whatever, we are all in the same fight to save humanity here.
And so, and I think you would agree with me, Alex, it doesn't matter to me what your nation of origin is, what your skin color is, what your religion is, even your sexual orientation, I tell you what,
We all have to stand up right now and fight against this in order to save humanity.
And, you know, people like that caller probably lined up and took, you know, a couple of booster shots and they flatly just won't be around that long.
And that's really what's going to happen.
I mean, it is happening.
You can hear the slime and the hate in that leftist voice, that anti-vote person's voice.
I recognize that voice.
It's called before and does the same thing.
That's not even somebody that actually hates black people or Jews.
They're literally just trying to make people hear that and hate us so that we can all be killed together.
That person is pretending, Mike.
You're part of the power structure.
Right, exactly.
Well, that little pretend game is going to meet reality very quickly for a lot of people like that, and they won't be around much longer because of the spike protein.
It's just, again, it's cause and effect, Alex.
We can't deny cause and effect, and the people who are signing up for vaccine suicide are going to be suicided.
Well, that's right.
So, Beefy, we've warned you, but you be sure and take your shots now if you want to go bye-bye.
Mike Adams, amazing interview, naturalnews.com.
Thank you for coming on, my friend.
Take care.
Thank you so much, Alex.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Owen Schroer is set to host most of the fourth hour.
All right.
I'm going to jam in a few more calls, and then he's going to take over, and then I'm going to start taping interviews for tomorrow's big Saturday emergency transmission.
We're about to sell out of 1776coin.com.
Owen Schroer is set to take over in T-minus five minutes.
All right.
Nancy, you're up first, and then James and Summer and Trent, he'll be taking your calls.
Next segment, he's going to go right to you, and then he's going to be hosting the War Room for three hours.
After that, I need to talk about a couple issues here and then we'll end in my little part of the broadcast today.
We are no doubt in the middle of a global extermination operation.
I mean, we know that now.
We've really got to understand that they're going to make their major move.
They could release a super deadly weapon any day now.
I'm not saying that's going to happen, but that's definitely in the cards.
The cards in the enemy's hand run from bad to Armageddon.
They run from seriously horrible and evil to just end-of-the-world type of stuff, okay?
So, look, I'm not gonna lie to you, okay?
And I'm pissed off because I'm ready to die.
I don't want to die.
I'm not gonna commit suicide, but my children don't deserve this, and your children don't deserve it as well.
So I just hope you all realize how much I appreciate you.
And how much I know in my heart that you've really been a game changer in the whole fight against tyranny.
And I just want to ask you all to just be more conscious, just, just be more awake, just be more follow through and be more detail oriented and kind of wake up and get into the real world.
And that doesn't just mean be aware of all the evil.
I mean, it means so many people are too optimistic about, oh, just lead a good life.
Ignore the corruption.
Be happy.
It'll go away.
No, that might have worked the last 30 years.
That got us where we are.
If you're not upset, if you're not sick about what's happening, you're part of the problem.
Two years ago, we had a 80% chance to turn us around.
We got about a 50% chance right now.
And every month that goes by that things get worse, it lowers.
And I'm going to sit here right to the end, even if we've got a 1% chance to turn this around.
But it makes me physically sick, because everybody's going to pay bad.
And there's no consolation in the leftists and all these people that will be destroyed first.
That's a failure that we let our fellow humans turn into this and have this happen to them.
So Owen Schwartz is going to take over here in about three minutes.
He's going to write your phone calls.
A toll-free number to join us.
We'll just take more calls.
He wants to take calls next to our 877-789-2539.
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Everybody's like, wow, Jones, feel sorry for you.
That means you're going to be in a bio-nuclear war.
I mean, you understand?
I'm like, yeah, it could be our last days here.
Yeah, all of us together.
That's why all my enemies think they're destroying me.
They're going to be destroyed by their master, not me.
They have no idea.
All right.
God bless you all.
We'll be right back with Owen Schroyer.
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So secure your coin now at 1776coin.com.
Alright, we're taking phone calls here on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in.
Then we're going to be covering all the latest breaking news on The War Room starting at 3 p.m.
And then stay tuned at Band.Video for a lot of upcoming things that will be uploaded this weekend, including
Myself at the Reawaken America Tour tomorrow in Dallas.
There's gonna be a lot of great people there as well.
We're gonna have a booth.
There'll be a little meet-and-greet.
And we're just working every day here.
So big ups to the crew.
And big ups to you in the audience for supporting us for all these years, keeping us on air, in the fight.
And let's go to the great audience now.
Let's go to Jazzy.
Jazzy has called in.
She's in the United States of America.
Jazzy, thank you for calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
Hey, I just want to say that it's my first time calling in.
I'm a little nervous.
And I wanted to say, the lady who was just talking about wearing a mask, I worked in a doctor's office and had to wear
A mask 10 hours a day and I ended up getting three staph infections on my chin and it got to the point where I had enough of it and then they had to mandate the vaccine and I just I just had to quit and leave there.
And so after I left there,
It's been a year now.
My chin has finally gone back to normal.
But when I had the staph infection on my chin, it looked like I had a great big golf ball on my chin because it was so infected.
It was terrible.
Well, were they telling you to wear the same mask for 10 hours?
Or did they allow you to wear 20 masks so you could not have that problem?
Yeah, well, um, it was, it was, yes, I could switch it out, like, every hour if I wanted to, but I still, and I did, but I still got the infection.
Because don't surgeons, I mean, isn't it kind of like protocol, like, surgeons have to replace their mask, like, every 30 minutes or something, because these issues are well known.
Exactly, yes.
And I also just wanted to say that I like it when you bring out Bozo the Clown.
Bozo Biden the Clown.
I'm the one that sent that in.
Somebody go on.
We've got it in the studio right here.
I'm in the War Room studio right now.
But we have Bozo the Clown.
Somebody come in here.
Somebody bring Bozo on the stage for me.
Let's give Bozo a chance.
Bozo Biden.
Here, I'll even... That's great.
That's great.
We love it.
Wait a second.
Where is it?
Has Bozo... Oh my gosh!
Is it gone?
Bozo's gone missing!
You need to find Bozo!
The crew, I'm not even kidding, the crew is scrambling around back there now.
Bozo has gone missing.
Hey, I also want to just say that- Wait, oh, here we go, we got him!
Oh, oh, oh!
There he is!
Oh, great!
He should co-host with you today!
Alright, we're gonna have Bozo Biden in the guest chair.
He should co-host, yes, yes, alright!
There you go!
There he is!
That's great!
Well, hey, I also want to say that I pray for everyone every day at InfoWars.
And Mike Adams and just all the patriots that are in jail right now need everybody's prayers that they get out soon.
And I love all your products.
Everybody needs to get online and order these products.
And I'd like to make a suggestion to help, like a donation, maybe round up your order.
Maybe have a feature where when someone places an order, you can round up those cents and those cents would add up.
Yeah, you know, that's an interesting proposal.
I've never heard of that before.
We do have a donation page.
We also have SaveInfoWars.com, but thank you so much, Jazzy, and thank you for having Bozo here in studio with us.
God bless you.
All right, let's go to Nick.
Nick has called in from across the pond.
He's over in England.
Jolly old England.
Nick, go ahead.
Hey Owen, great to talk to you.
First time caller.
I've lived in England for five years.
My wife's English.
But eight weeks ago, I had to go back to Tennessee to get my mom into an assisted living center.
She had a non-COVID issue and had to go to the hospital.
And I followed the ambulance.
I told the EMT.
I said, no shots and no ventilator.
I went into the waiting room.
I waited two hours.
I was reasonable every 45 minutes.
I said, any updates?
Can I go back in the back and see my mom?
After two hours, they came out and told me that my mom had COVID.
I was not going to be able to see my mom, and they suggested that I leave.
I told them, no, I'm not leaving.
She goes, well, you can't see your mom.
I said, well, I don't want to see my mom.
I want to see the doctor.
So long story short, after five hours, they came over and told me, we're releasing your mom.
I said, how can you do that when you said she had COVID?
She goes, I don't know.
And so the nurse comes out.
That's reassuring.
I know, when a nurse comes out in a wheelchair, I asked her, I said, well, how do you know that she has COVID?
Did you run an antigen or a PCR test?
She said, I ran a PCR test.
I said, really?
I said, tell me what the cycle count, what was the amplification on it?
Was it 28 or 40?
She goes, that's above my pay grade.
She goes, I have no idea, that's all lab.
I said, you know, that's really a shame that you don't know, because Dr. Carey Mullison-Benedict unfortunately died just before COVID came out.
And he said, he said, once you put that application anywhere near 40, you're going to get a 97% false positive.
She said, sir, I have no idea about any of that.
They dumped her out on the side.
That's a shame.
I'm trying to get her into the assisted living center the next day.
So, but she had COVID.
She was contagious.
They put her out on the curb two hours.
So I went immediately from there to one of these urgent care that does a PCR test.
And net net is after an hour of doing that PCR test, they gave her a clean bill of health.
I emailed that to the Assistive Living Center.
It was fine.
They said, she said, let me email that to the director of nursing.
This is at seven o'clock at night.
They said, bring her in tomorrow.
Eleven will do the medical assessment and got her in.
She never had any COVID or anything.
I hope that this just helps anybody, but I think you're the greatest.
I think InfoWars is the greatest.
And together we will win.
I just thank you for your time, Owen.
Thank you, Nick.
Nick, you kind of sound like a cowboy for somebody over there in England.
I don't think you're from there.
No, I'm from Tennessee.
Actually from Memphis.
Sounds about right.
Well, hey, thanks for calling.
God bless your mother.
Glad to hear she's okay.
Let's stay down.
We'll go down to the South now.
Jason in Alabama.
You're on the Alex Jones Show, Jason.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Oh, yeah.
Hey Owen, how are you today?
I'm good, thank you.
I'm a first-time caller.
Just gonna say that I love your show and Alex and Paris and all you guys there, but I think people here in Alabama are starting to wake up.
I'm a truck driver and I own the interstates, you know, a lot.
And the other day, it was down around Birmingham, I think,
I saw one of the big huge digital billboards.
It said vaccine to kill.
And it had a website on it.
The website was vaccine-police.com.
And I had chinked it out a little bit last night, but I'm gonna have to go back on there and do some more.
We'll pull it up.
We gotta go to a break, but vaccine-police.com and you say you saw it on a big digital billboard.
That's good to hear.
People are waking up.
Alright, we're taking phone calls for two more segments here.
I'm gonna try to get to everybody whose name we've taken on the board.
Then we're gonna close the lines.
I'm gonna cover the latest breaking news on the war room and then take more calls.
So, we now go... Oh, did we find that website, guys?
What was it?
Did we end up finding that in the break?
Okay, we couldn't find it, but maybe we'll keep looking.
Maybe we got the name wrong there.
But let's go back out to the phone lines now.
Let's go to Melissa, dialed in from Arkansas.
Melissa, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi, can you hear me?
I'm a first-time caller and I just want to try to get to this information quickly so you can move on.
But I've been a nurse for 12 years and I worked in all areas of nursing and I just I can't believe what's happening to the point that I don't even trust any medicine from anything in the last 50 years or more.
I've stopped all my medications and everything because I just don't trust it anymore.
But I came across an interview on YouTube called the website or the channel is called The Portal and it's episode 19 with Brett Weinstein and it's his brother that he's interviewing on his show.
And this guy goes on into detail how the rats that they use for medication experiments are so perfect genetically
That they can take massive amounts of toxic doses and they can fight off cancer way longer than any other animal because they've been bred so perfectly that they have nothing wrong with them.
And if you use that based on anything, that's what they use for long-term effects, for medication.
So if these rats are so perfect, then how on earth can they even tell us it's safe?
Because there's just no way.
And he goes in so detail about how, like, all medicine is wrong.
Even over the counter.
So I just, I sent this information to all the House and Senate doctors.
I sent a letter to all of them.
And Trump, and to Fox News people, and everybody.
Everyone needs to go and watch this interview.
And he explains how it's wrong.
And how the pharmacies ignored it.
So, so basically,
The testing that's done on rats is not a good standard for testing these drugs because the rats have been bred to be so, what would be the right word, I mean not immune, but I guess resistant to certain diseases.
I'm good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, not to play spoiler here, but that's actually the moral dilemma at the end of the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, Old.
I'll just leave it right there, not to play spoiler for anybody that's going to watch it, but that's kind of the end of the dilemma is, well, what do we do about, how do we fast track human trials for drugs so that we don't have to wait 70 years to find a drug that's going to cure a seizure or beat cancer or anything like that?
Melissa, thank you so much for that call.
We'll upload this segment separately and it'll be Nurse Explains Why She No Longer Trusts Modern Medicine.
And would you say that that's a fair headline?
That's exactly it.
And I've cried for months, mourning my entire career is a lie.
Well, God bless you, Melissa.
Thank you for calling in and sharing that information with us.
And as I said, we'll upload this separately to Bandot Video so other people can get this message.
Let's now go to Christine in New Jersey.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Christine, go ahead.
What's going on?
Hey, Owen.
So I wanted to tell you guys that the New Jersey Department of Health is targeting children on TikTok.
They promoted an ad on TikTok promoting the experimental COVID vaccine to children.
And the ad was, I tried to send it to you guys, but I couldn't find like an email address or anything.
The ad is like a nine to 11 year old kid sitting there saying, dear Santa, I don't want games for Christmas.
He crosses off games.
I don't want toys for Christmas.
He crosses off toys.
He goes, just give me the COVID vaccine.
And then he circles vaccine on the Christmas list.
It is disgusting.
It is absolutely disgusting.
It's just as bad as the Big Bird Sesame Street.
I mean, I don't even know what to do.
I'm like sick to my stomach.
And then I want to tell you one other thing.
So the Governor Murphy at the State House in New Jersey, the Democrats made a new rule.
You have to show your papers in order to enter.
So any legislators, assemblymen that need to go in and vote,
Have to show papers.
So the Republicans weren't having it and this happened last Monday.
He actually, the governor, had state troopers standing there trying to block the doors.
So the Republicans happened to just walk in.
They said, no, we're not having this.
They walked in.
The next day, Governor Murphy had, for some reason, the National Guard at the Statehouse.
Now, I don't know what's going to happen.
I believe this Monday coming up, there's going to be another vote and I don't know what's going to happen.
But I mean, I don't know what they're going to try to do.
It's not a law.
It's unconstitutional.
I mean, they're going to be there again Monday.
Well, it's just like Jane Fonda said, COVID has been a gift to the Democrats.
COVID has been a gift to the left.
They've been able to get so many power grabs and accomplish just so much, so much, even little things like the one you're describing to just even get little, tiny power grabs.
I mean, just every element.
I mean, it's just amazing to watch these people seize so much power from what they claim is such a tragedy.
And it just goes to show you, it was never about COVID.
For the Democrat Party.
The only reason they're promoting all these things is because they love the power they're able to seize from it.
I love it, and they're getting away with it here in New Jersey.
And I think that state capitol thing is like a test run, because if you should watch actually Governor Murphy's COVID briefings, because they're very cultish.
I mean, you should watch the most recent one from this past Monday.
They even talk about it on there.
I think it's a test run, because Governor Murphy did say in previous COVID briefings that he was going to follow the footsteps of New York, Colorado, and California.
So, I think it's a test run here at the Capitol.
You know, I do think he's going to start trying to implement, you can't go into like a restaurant without this pass.
In New York City, they try to claim, the Democrats in New York try to claim that they have laws where you have to show a vaccine passport to go anywhere and now you also have to have a mask.
So you have to have a vaccine passport, proof of vaccination and a mask now in New York.
It's a law.
It's not a law.
Actually, the court had already shut down de Blasio's first mandate.
I just read an article the other day.
Oh yeah, they've all been struck down.
Yes or what?
You know, they think people are dumb.
Oh, I said you have to do this, now you have to go do this.
And it does get people to go out and do this, unfortunately.
I've had like two situations here in Texas where I try to go into a building or something and they ask me about a mask.
I've never been asked about a vaccine or a vaccine card, but I have been asked about a mask.
And when I explain, I'm like, that's illegal.
There's laws.
You can't make me wear a mask.
A couple of times they backed off.
The other was in a, or I'll just leave.
The other was in a federal building and they wouldn't back off.
And I mean, I had to go in.
So I had to put on a mask.
It's, you know, that's, that's what they do.
Doesn't matter that it's illegal, doesn't matter that there's no law, they just enforce it.
And that's why every liberal leftist out on the streets loves it, because then they become tiny little dictators too, and they love that.
They love being able to tell you what to do.
New Jersey is really bad.
I just, I don't even know if I can do it anymore here.
The kids are still wearing masks in school, and one judge, there's a huge class action lawsuit that I'm a part of, actually, and this one judge literally still sits there and says, oh, it's for health.
Now it has to be appealed.
How is it for health when nobody else, adults?
Yeah, I don't know how anybody lives in these cities anymore that require masks and vaccines.
I don't know how anybody puts up with that.
I really don't.
Alright, last segment here of the Alex Jones Show, and then I'm going to cover all the latest breaking news on the War Room, right after that.
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Let's go back out to the phone lines now.
And we have Emmanuel in Wyoming.
Emmanuel, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Shalom, Owen.
Hey, I just want to say, I just want to thank our Heavenly Father for this day He's given us, and for the InfoWars crew, and all that you guys do, putting out the info for the people.
But what I really want to touch on is, what we're going through today and what we're seeing happen in the world is at a biblical level.
It's at a prophetic level.
I just want to let people know, like, since it's that, and we know that it's going to unfold the way it's going to, and that there's going to be a mass depopulation, and we're going to see all this evil pour out, and judgment is going to come upon the nations.
All we can do, and all we have, is God.
All we have is our Lord.
All we have is Him.
We can't do anything else.
We have to turn to Yahuwah.
We have to turn to His Son, Yeshua, and confess who He is, because there's no way out of this.
And I'm not trying to be grim or pessimistic, but He's our only hope.
He's our only way out.
The level of corruption, the genetic editing, everything we're seeing is just madness.
We're seeing evil pouring at a level that
Hasn't been poured out and since the beginning of the age since the beginning of the world.
What's so shocking to me is not those that do evil.
They're not as shocking to me.
What's shocking to me is the people that see it and don't stand against it or deny it.
I mean, that's the real shocking thing.
That's the real shocking element to me.
I mean, evil humans have always existed throughout history.
Humans have always tried to enslave and conquer humans and nations.
I mean, this is obviously well-documented, but it's those that ignore it or deny it that really shock me even more, I would say.
We're seeing people given over to the spiritual delusion, the spirit of the Antichrist.
They're God-haters, they're lovers of themselves.
We're all falling, but we're seeing this at a level where it's good, where we're seeing evil being approved of.
And we've seen this happen in multiple civilizations throughout time, and these civilizations fall, but we're seeing this at a global level.
Um, before it was just in one part of the world, but we're seeing it all over the world and it's, it's just destructive.
It's killing.
Destroying and separating our body and mind is disconnecting us from God, is disconnecting us from each other with this COVID thing, with these vaccines, is disconnecting us from our families, is disconnecting us from creation.
Absolutely, and that's why the answer is getting reconnected with those things to start the healing process.
Emmanuel, thank you so much.
Great call.
Let's go to Kelly in Wisconsin.
Kelly, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi there, thanks for having me.
I live about 30 minutes away from Waukesha, so I just wanted to thank you for always keeping that story alive.
Oh, what story?
I never heard of a story.
Nothing happened in Waukesha.
I haven't heard anything.
Right, the car that drove itself.
Oh, there was that car accident, yes.
Yes, yes.
So, just thank you for keeping that story alive because there's obviously a lot of post-traumatic stress and physical healing that's still happening, but it's a great community.
My husband works there.
I lived there for a while.
So anyway, I have a question and I have a suggestion.
The question is, could Trump run for the Speaker of the House
I think we're good.
So technically speaking, I guess that would be possible, yes.
I mean, Trump hasn't showed any signs he would want to run for Congress, and I think he would probably even maybe look at it as below him.
However, I did hear, I believe it was Matt Gaetz, I can't say for sure, but I believe it was Matt Gaetz, he may have been saying this tongue-in-cheek, that he was going to make Trump the Speaker of the House, or nominate Trump to be the Speaker of the House.
After the next midterm elections.
I'm guessing he was just joking about that, but he did say that.
So, I mean, hypothetically, technically speaking, that could happen.
I'd say there's about a 1% chance of any of that happening, though.
I think that could solve our problems that we have a little faster than waiting for him to decide if he's going to run.
But, okay, thank you for answering that.
The suggestion is, back to Trump again, if and when his Truth App comes live, or of course as soon as possible, it doesn't have to be that event, but is it possible for you and Alex and all of your hosts and guests
To promote a movement where we all bail on Facebook, Twitter, Insta... You know, we have tried to do that before, and I've tried to do that before, and others have tried to do that before.
It just, it never works.
I just, I mean, it'd be nice if conservatives could band together and accomplish something like that, but we never do it.
Republicans don't take the lead on that.
It's just not something that conservatives do activism-wise.
So I understand where you're coming from.
I've had that idea.
I know others have too, but it's been tried and unfortunately it fails every time.
Thank you for taking my call and thank you for all you do.
Hey Owen, how's it going man?
You know what?
I can't even talk today because I've just been listening to all these people and all this crap the globalists are doing and I'm so pissed off right now.
So you know what?
I'm going to go crush some globalists right now and that's what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the day.
Bone Crusher out.
He doesn't even get to his topic.
He said on the thing, so he was going to talk about Josh Dugar, former reality TV star,
Uh, at least that's what the headlines say.
I'd never heard of him before, but he got arrested.
He had a bunch of, you know, they always say child porn, but I don't believe in child porn.
There's child rape.
Uh, children don't agree to be in porn and, and, and folks were talking about infants in these videos.
Um, and he had a bunch of them on his computer and so many other people have been caught with, with similar stuff, just hard drives full of it.
You have a picture of Maxwell with one of the owners, if not the sole owner now, of the Atlantic, who was the ex-wife of... I'm sorry, I'm just trying to go off of memory here.
It was the ex-wife of... Who was it, guys?
Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs, I believe it was, Steve Jobs' ex-wife, Powell Jobs, I think was her name, hung out with Maxwell.
Owner or part owner of The Atlantic.
So all this stuff is coming out about Maxwell and serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
And in the midst of that, The Atlantic publishes a headline that says, The Myth of Sex Trafficking Rings.
The Myth of Sex Trafficking Rings.
So yeah, there is Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs' ex-wife, with Maxwell.
And in the middle of the Maxwell trial, The Atlantic publishes a story that says, The Myth of Sex Trafficking Rings.
I don't remember the exact headline, if the crew is searching for it right now.
But... So think about that though.
There it is.
The Great Fake Child Sex Trafficking Epidemic.
Oh yeah, they didn't rescue 17 kids from that house in California, and kids in cages, and... Okay.
It just doesn't happen, folks.
It's just, it's a myth.
And Epstein doesn't exist either.
He didn't have any high-level contacts.
But see, that's the thing.
They all run with the fake news stories all the time, and this is going to be the big topic on the war room coming up.
And you know what?
These calls have been so great.
I might just keep taking calls.
I might just do four hours of them.
But that's what they do, is they cover all the fake news, whether it's Jussie Smollett or Russian collusion, all the other things that they fake, and then they cover up the real
Stories like Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell and the rest of them running a giant sex trafficking ring that implemented Hollywood, implemented business executives, implemented politics.
And you know, obviously the media is trying to cover this up and there's obviously interest inside the courtroom and influence to try to cover it up.
But I mean, the longer it goes on, the more crazy some of these details are.
That does it for the Alex Jones Show.
Coming right back on The War Room, though.
If you were teleported back in time 250 years ago, would you have taken part in the American Revolution?
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Frank in North Carolina, thanks for holding so long.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alec, I just have to say something, man.
It seems like every time I turn on your broadcast, you're bragging.
It just gets old, man.
I'm gonna shut you down right now, okay?
We're taking calls about your nomination.
Do you understand they're having congressional hearings trying to shut us down?
Do you understand I'm ringing the alarm?
If that was happening to anybody else, I'd be freaked out.
I mean, what's it gonna take?
Us being shut down?
Is that what you want, Frank?
You know what, Alex?
Put him on pause again.
Hey, Frank!
Do you understand it's not bragging to say, we are the tip of the spear, we're under attack, we need your help.
As much bagging as I do, we can barely pay the bills and grow in the face of this.
I'm not gonna just stop growth and let them start pushing us backwards.
You understand?
I need your help, Frank!
I need your help, Frank!
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now and help fund the InfoWars.
Do you understand?
I need your help, Frank!
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