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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses various topics including potential conflicts in the Middle East leading to a global economic crisis, inflation, and stagnant wages. He mentions on- trendpreneur opportunities such as the metaverse and promotes InfoWars' storable food sales due to possible future food shortages and price increases. Gerald Celente also talks about current events and predicts a shakeout in global markets, recommending investing in gold, silver, bitcoin, and paying attention to developments in the Middle East and oil prices as potential indicators of future conflicts or economic changes."

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The worst thing about the first 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
That's right.
The worst thing about 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
That's the worst part about the 15 days.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know what's really incredible?
Whether you're in Canada or the UK or Germany or the US or Australia, it doesn't matter where you are.
I have all the clips here today.
I wasn't even looking for them.
They're all just everywhere.
Oh, the vaccines are permanent.
You're going to take them a couple times a year forever.
We own your body.
Oh, and you're going to wear your mask forever.
And by the way, we're still going to tell you when you can and can't leave your house.
It's part of the new system to cut carbon.
And people are tuning in going, yeah, I heard you say this early last year, almost two years ago.
How'd you know?
Because it's a damn plan.
And I've gotten Joe Rogan to wake up to that, and I've helped get Tucker Carlson awake.
I'm not bragging, but that's some of my best work.
And I've got a lot of you to wake up, and I know you've woken a lot of folks up.
But this is not that hard.
This is a designed world government criminal takeover.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
I'd like to report that later today I'll be signing the bill.
America and China.
Excuse me.
Now I said that yesterday.
We need to cut costs.
Are you okay?
What I have is a one and a half year old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his pop.
And he's been kissing him anyway.
But it's just a cold.
Deep State announces plan to remove Biden from office.
And just like that, you wondered how they would begin the announcement.
We're gonna have Kamala Harris step in, and Pete Buttigieg is a member of the Cabinet, the Transportation Department, and he'll be the first gay vice president, so we've gotta accept it!
Uh, I would imagine we've probably had excellent presidents who were gay, we just didn't know which ones.
You believe that we've had a gay commander-in-chief?
I mean, statistically, it's almost certain.
The first black...
President, oh, after Obama.
I don't think that it's completely impossible for Kamala Harris to improve her image and put herself in a potentially winnable position going forward.
But it has to be activated and done with a plan, right?
She certainly has been sent on suicide missions.
I mean, the one we just talked about, immigration, they sent Kamala down to the border to basically deal with a nearly impossible problem to rectify at this point in time.
Harris and Buttigieg under the spotlight.
Amid uncertainty over Biden's future.
Suddenly it's in the news.
Washington Post admits Biden may not be the nominee in 2024.
Looks to Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, both super unpopular, but both minions of the globalists.
That's their plan, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, how do you take somebody like Biden, who's been their puppet and who's taken all the blame for their globalist agenda, and who was a horrible person in his own right, but now not mentally even cognizant of his own actions?
The president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then President Trump.
Excuse me, Freudian slip.
That was the last president he caused anyway.
And how do you take
That and turn it into a winner for your agenda.
Well, you assassinate him.
You assassinate him and you blame it on the terrorists.
You blame it on the American people.
He blame it on the group that he identified as the terrorist in January when he stole his way into office and then again in June when he officially put out the national terrorism position of the US government and directive that no longer is it radical Islam or the communist Chinese or the Mexican drug cartels or any of those other organizations.
It's not the human smugglers.
It's not the fentanyl killing hundreds of thousands of years, maiming millions.
None of that is a problem.
The number one threat is people that question lockdowns and people that question election fraud and people that protest drag queen story time and pedophile story time and critical race theory and communism being taught via the National Education Association through the school districts.
And just like we saw the assassination of Lincoln back in the 1860s, leading to a decade of martial law, really nationwide, not just in the South, and Reconstruction, and that mini-civil war that went on for decades, they want the same thing here.
And if you don't see that in the tea leaves, if you don't see that written on the wall, like Ezekiel saw it writing on the wall, I mean, if you don't see their next move, well, you're blind.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Info Wars has been banned.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
Well, the reports of five-year-olds and up having myocarditis and heart attacks and even dying are nightmarishly now, as we thought they would, coming in.
And now we have the corporate media going around trying to block and censor parents and medical workers and others that simply speak about it and talk about it.
And of course we witnessed last week the American
Heart Association having their post on Twitter blocked saying you're not allowed to make medical statements only the WHO and Fauci are.
Isn't that just incredible to live in a world where the United Nations is in full control?
Not so they can build some
Star Trek future, like they always claim they want to, but a nightmare, dehumanization, technocracy, for those that are even able to survive the great culling that is now unfolding here on Earth.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see in front of me one, two, three stacks.
Because everybody's talking about Ghislaine Maxwell and how you can't get any news about her trial.
At least everybody who's awake is.
Mainstream news is barely even covering it.
But we're all hearing about Cuomo, aren't we ladies and gentlemen?
We're all hearing about Cuomo over and over and over and over again.
Chris Cuomo and how Chris Cuomo might have an allegation, not even there's an allegation of sexual harassment, might have an allegation of sexual harassment, nothing about his brother
And he helping cover up 20 plus thousand deliberate deaths in the nursing homes where they would get people sick by sending COVID patients in and not give them treatment, only intubate them to get $53,000 per person they murdered.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
That's not a crime.
No, let's distract from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and let's distract from everything coming out there with the firing of Chris Cuomo.
And have Brian Stelter all up there sanctimoniously, now stabbing his former colleague in the back.
All of the CNN hosts, and the ABC hosts, and all of them are guilty.
Remember the Project Veritas video they got of the ABC News anchor?
In fact, grab that report from last year, guys.
No, it's actually 2019 it came out.
Late 2019, almost two years ago.
In fact, about two years ago.
It was December, if I remember correctly.
And she's sitting back laughing, going, I would have loved to get that big story.
Boy, I'd be famous if I got even more famous.
But they wouldn't let me run with it because it dealt with pedophilia and little children and the Clintons.
And she's not upset about the children.
She's upset that the story got spiked when it would have been the number one story in the world.
She didn't care about actually saving children.
She wanted to break the story because it would make her, as a tart, more money.
But remember, she laughed and she joked the ABC anchor about it.
What was it, NBC?
National anchor brags about, or actually whistleblows is how they spun it, but leaked video was the headline.
That was ABC.
It was Project Veritas, ABC's Amy Robach, frustrated on hot mic that network quashed Jeffrey Epstein's story.
Yeah, we'll grab that and play that coming up.
But in my stacks here, even from declassified documents of government admissions, I have why they're really abusing children.
This isn't like some unorganized program where it's just rich people in their basements
Having sex and killing children, torturing children to death.
It's a whole systematic combine and a program like a college is an institution of higher learning.
Well, the intelligence agencies at the top
And these major so-called institutions are universities you go to on how to be soulless and how to abuse people and how to be compromised.
And then if you're completely, totally soulless and compromised, then you get promoted in positions of power because you've shown you have no bottom.
And so I've had a lot of requests by some of the larger podcasters in the world
To come on their shows very soon and now that all this is broken exactly as I said it did and so I happened to just this morning with the crew spent about 30 minutes repulling just a few stories of total admissions of the government grabbing children out of their backyards taking them and raping them for years on end and reprogramming them with drugs and electroshock therapy and then giving them new identities and then sending them to college and even training them and then putting them in government.
You know, The Manchurian Candidate is not just a book that got made into a film with Frank Sinatra.
It's a pretty good movie.
And then remade back in the 2000s.
It's something that's really going on.
So this is industrial level mind control.
Gary Franchi is going to be in studio.
Owner of the Next Network, good friend of mine, known him over 16 years.
He's visiting here in town.
We had dinner last night.
He's going to be in the studio with us in the second hour to cover just the waterfront.
And then in the third hour, we have a whistleblower coming on from the UK, who's part of a big film coming out, where they used COVID as the cover last year before they'd really taken hold of their bioweapon.
This year, it's been very real, to kill old people and euthanize them, or give them a quote, good death, as is translated from euthanize.
So that is coming up as well.
Couple of announcements.
I really never do this.
I never push back projects.
But I've decided to do it just because I made the decision last week to shoot even more information and more material.
for this six hour plus course, Mind Wars, Spirit Wars, Spirit Wars, Mind Wars, it's interchangeable, but the technical title is Reset Wars, Spirit Wars, Mind Wars.
And just so much is going on, I decided to shoot even more, add even more to it to where it's really a six plus hour documentary.
And deals with, okay, we know what they're doing to us, how do we brainwash ourselves?
Because if you don't set
The clock in your mind.
Somebody else is going to be in there doing it.
And so this is really explosive information in this presentation, in this masterclass.
So that is coming up.
It was going to be released tomorrow at 7 p.m.
on December 7th.
But I have decided, because we're not even done with it, I made the decision to add a bunch of stuff, that it'll be done tomorrow.
And then it'll be uploaded and ready.
And we're going to launch it at 7 p.m.
at night on Monday, December 13th.
And that is when it will be released at ResetWars.com for those of you that want to go there and sign up for the class.
And if you want updates and all the rest of it, and for 48 hours before, there's going to be a 25% discount.
So you'll be able to get that if you sign up on Friday or Saturday, Sunday, or I guess Friday at midnight through Saturday through Sunday at midnight at ResetWars.com.
There'll also be a lot of other videos and reports and special interviews and things that are surrounding it.
You'll learn all about it coming up by Wednesday and Thursday.
I'm going to start giving you specifics about Reset Wars.
And that's the other thing is you don't work this hard on something for over six months, years of work, six months of production, and then have no promotion of it.
So I really want to roll it out.
That's why I wanted to add to it and expand on it.
So Reset Wars will be dropping into the third dimension coming up.
At 7 p.m.
Central on December 13th, next Monday.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, please stay with us.
Big broadcast right ahead.
Thank you again for joining us on this December 6th Monday transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and honored to be here talking to millions of you.
And I would just encourage all of you to understand how rare and special
A transmission like this is, with amazing people like you listening and contributing information and spreading the word, and all the very informative guests, some of them even prophetic, and the calls, all of the really interesting and thought-provoking callers.
This is really a focal point of human consciousness and our will.
And it's something they're trying to black out.
Something the social engineers, the dark wizards, the New World Order are trying to keep from view because we are a burning torch on the hill and a message to others around the country and around the world that there is a resistance and the resistance is strong.
So before I hit all this nightmare information,
Remember, it's the same reason I would go get a tooth that had an infection fixed.
My body would send a signal of pain from a rotten tooth to me, so that I would know there was an issue.
And so that I would protect it.
And so that I would tend to it.
So that I would look at it, or I would then remove it.
But in modern times, be able to get it fixed.
At least for a while.
Nothing's as good as what God gave us up front, is it?
So when I cover all these horrible things, you have to understand the globalists were in deep trouble two years ago.
Their project for corporate world government was being resisted by nationalist nation states on every populated continent.
Every continent but Antarctica.
And so, they launched COVID-19 and all that it stands for.
As their big weapon program and as their original plan,
But they launched it, I don't even think early, because their own writings had it coming in about 2020.
And they even predicted in some of their British military reports, national reports back in 2007 and others, that by the year 2020, they thought there'd be a global populist movement fighting globalism.
And that they would then use the fear of viruses to have a UN world response that would then basically take over the nation states and put people on a digital passport system and basically close the door on freedom and humanity forever.
And if you want to find an article about that original British report that said a lot of this, just type in brain chips and flash mobs a grim vision of the future.
London Guardian.
And then it links to the 17-page synopses of the classified report put out by the British, if memory serves, in 2007.
And there it is.
Revolution, flash mobs, and brain chips.
A grim-viewed vision of the future.
And they've got it all happening in the year 2020.
Including the virus.
And then of course three years later they wrote Operation Lockstep and the UN officially said the Rockefeller Foundation would be in command with their adjunct being the Consortium of Foundations set up to carry out eugenics, captained by
William Gates III, who's at least a fourth-generation eugenicist, depopulation royalty.
Family goes back to the 1880s in it, when the science of extermination and enslavement was only 30 years old.
So that's where we are, my friends.
As a civilization and as a society.
And so there was a big awakening taking place and they told us what they would do to us and they did it.
And it's illegitimate.
It's criminal.
It is a bigger, more vicious plan than anything Hitler ever dreamed of.
And it's already killed millions of people and intends to kill billions.
Is the designed, organized collapse of civilization as a form of warfare against the species itself under the Carnegie Endowment Directive from the 1920s to end all war.
Memorandum 7277 of the State Department.
Memorandum 200 as well.
That is a stated goal when they were commissioned to end all war.
After a six-year commission of the Carnegie Endowment, the decision was made to end humanity as we know it, industrialize the development of humanoids,
License the birth of said humanoids, and have a very tiny, less than one-tenth of one percent original human population left, who would probably then decide to transcend, they projected, with technology developments, into a new species.
That's from the 20s.
And some of their top futurists were H.G.
That's why Hitler wanted H.G.
Wells killed.
Not because HG Wells, first thing Hitler wanted when he got into power in 33 was to kill HG Wells.
And if you ask yourselves, well, why?
I thought I'd go research that when I learned that 30 something years ago.
HG Wells even talked about it when he was on San Antonio radio station.
I've heard the interview on KTSA, heard an archive of it.
And that was because they had his writings, both public and private.
And they had both fiction and non-fiction.
And the competing plan they had was a liberal Reich system of depopulation.
And Hitler didn't like that plan.
He wanted only Aryans to be able to end up living.
He wanted to kill even most of the white people.
And that's not what H.G.
Wells commissioned by Cecil Rhodes was setting up.
So you have to understand when you tune into my show, we just cut through all the BS and we just go right to who's actually running things.
And we cut to what they're doing and they're playing for you and your family.
Oh, Trump called Millie an effing idiot.
Oh my gosh, how cool!
Oh man, he's like a... Trump's like a rock star.
He's so real, he's so funny.
And Millie is an effing scumbag.
And an anti-American piece of filth.
A big, fat, ugly, fake punk.
But that is only the tip of the iceberg.
You know Trump?
Who the big effing idiots are?
People that still go along with these so-called vaccines when they know they don't work and they're hurting people.
But because it might make them look bad, they won't come out against it and say that they were conned and they were set up and that it was wrong.
Because Trump knows if he does that, the system will kill him.
So I guess Trump doesn't mind having millions of children maimed, dead and dying on his name.
But I won't carry that around with me.
So if I got children on the one hand and Trump on the other, I'm going to throw him politically overboard, and I'll wipe my ass with Donald Trump before I get the blood of children on my hands.
And they're hurting children all over this country and all over the world right now with these damn shots.
Oh, have you heard?
The Democrats are set to announce masks forever.
Stay with us.
You see, my job is not to just sit here and fight the globalists, but when we're about to really beat them, back off.
No, I'm here to defeat them.
I'm here to crush them.
I'm here to get them off the backs of our children and the innocent people everywhere that they're feeding on their killing.
And so Trump was on Fox and Friends again this morning, and there he was talking about how great the vaccine is, what a wonderful job he did, and people were taking it under him, but now they don't trust Biden.
And so it's our job to put heat on Trump.
So that he understands, and I have all the statistics, the numbers right here, that you're twice as likely to get sick, be hospitalized, or die.
All of those are doubled in numbers coming out of the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Germany, you name it.
I showed those numbers again last night.
Everybody knows about these.
And so I'm not blaming Trump back in the time because he thought it was a traditional vaccine he didn't understand.
But now we've seen.
Now we know it's causing serious illnesses.
Now they're coming after newborn children.
Fauci says starting in one month.
He says starting in January of 2022, we're going to get authorization.
All very well researched and backed up.
Total lies.
All independent.
All lies.
Of newborns.
And can you imagine watching Trump every time he's on a show?
Come at the great job he did with these damn shots.
I like Trump getting us out of the WHO.
I like Trump exposing China.
I like Trump trying to secure our borders.
I like Trump trying to get our jobs back.
I like Trump standing up against the fentanyl flowing in.
I like President Trump.
The guy called up my wife on her honeymoon to tell her how great I am.
He's a legitimately very nice guy behind the scenes, not the tough guy you hear about in all these different shows he's done like The Apprentice.
But we can sit here and beat our heads up against the wall from now until the end of time trying to stop globalists and New World Order operatives
From their evil.
They love what they're doing.
They're going to go forward and do it.
But if we can get some of the good U.S.
senators and good governors and people like Trump especially to say, wow, I didn't know that they had information this would cause blood clots and they suppressed it.
I didn't know.
I mean, he should at least come out and say, oh, children don't even really get sick with COVID.
Why are you giving it to them?
Don't give it to children.
I've got articles where major medical watchdog groups that are very respected are coming out saying there is no reason to give people under the age of 30 this stuff.
Nobody dies from COVID unless they already have like three or four comorbidities and are already about to die.
Then a cold wind blows by, they die.
They're saying, stop it, what are you doing?
And it does erase your immune system.
This was done by design.
Trump got set up.
Hey, sir, we could reopen quicker if you just take these controls off.
Okay, Fauci, I'll do it.
He called Senator Paul.
Doctor, you think this is a good idea?
Yeah, get it through.
Operation Warp Speed, if you remember.
Happened and began 20 months ago.
21 months ago.
And so I could sit here and talk about all this news and all this information all day long, but if we don't get Trump and if we don't get Senator Paul and we don't get them to speak out, even the opposition leaders
Aren't on the field taking action against this.
So, it's now time to say, hey, Fauci lied about everything.
Fauci lied on every front.
Fauci's a fraud.
Fauci created the virus.
Fauci was involved in gain of function and said he wasn't.
Fauci's invested in the vaccines.
And Trump can come out and say, they lied to me to get this through.
And we need an investigation into what they did.
Instead, he is getting deeper and deeper and deeper into this, and as more and more of it comes out, it's going to destroy Trump with his constituency, and it should!
Because if he doesn't step up and say no when he's got a chance to, and lets them come after the children, which is now happening in live time, then Trump is unsalvageable.
And I'm really trying to salvage Trump here.
I'm really trying to help President Trump here.
But they lied to him.
I mean, now they say, oh, Israel's now authorizing the fourth shot and saying a fifth shot will be needed.
And now we know.
And now the head of Pfizer says you're going to need multiple shots a year forever.
And that COVID will be here forever.
And that masks are forever.
All this tyranny forever and ever and ever.
And instead of Trump turning on Fauci and saying, I was given bad advice by these people, they're criminals.
He sits there because they set him up and now he is tied to them.
He believes forever.
And that's how corruption works.
No, Trump's got to come clean and explain that he didn't know.
But every passing day that goes by, as the evidence comes out and mounts, we know Trump knows about this and we know he's getting heat about this.
I've talked to a lot of people that talked to him personally that have told him this, and he changes the subject.
The injection doesn't work.
It erases your immune system.
It gives you heart problems.
It massively gives you cancer.
It destroys your DNA double-strand repair system.
And it's a crime against humanity what's going on, and it is a Nuremberg Code violation in spades.
When we come back, I've got all the horrible police state news unfolding, but this image, this meme going around, says it all.
It's two women having tea, and one's not wearing a mask, and the other is wearing a mask.
It's 1950s style.
She says, I comply because I want it to end.
It's because you comply that it will never end.
The other woman responds back.
This isn't going to end until people start telling employers they're not going to do it.
I mean, the Muslims told our women they had to wear masks.
We go to war with them.
But, oh, now Fauci says so we do it.
There's an article on InfoWars.com about this.
Maskers now demand your ban from talking while eating.
Don't even open your filthy mouth.
They'll want to be your mommy.
They want to be your daddy.
Health watchdog urges limits on jabbing children against COVID.
Babies hospitalized that they're getting COVID-19 vaccine.
Oregon moves to make indoor mask mandate permanent.
But wait, it gets more Orwellian when we come back.
That's just some of what's coming up.
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The worst thing about the first 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
That's right.
The worst thing about 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
That's the worst part about the 15 days.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know what's really incredible?
Whether you're in Canada or the UK or Germany or the US,
Or Australia?
It doesn't matter where you are.
I have all the clips here today.
I wasn't even looking for them.
They're all just everywhere.
Oh, the vaccines are permanent.
You're going to take them a couple times a year forever.
We own your body.
Oh, and you're going to wear your mask forever.
And by the way, we're still going to tell you when you can and can't leave your house.
It's part of the new system to cut carbon.
And people are tuning in going, yeah, I heard you say this early last year, almost two years ago.
How'd you know?
Because it's a damn plan.
And I've gotten Joe Rogan to wake up to that, and I've helped get Tucker Carlson awake.
I'm not bragging, but that's some of my best work.
And I've got a lot of you to wake up, and I know you've woken a lot of folks up.
But this is not that hard.
This is a designed world government criminal takeover.
So here is Jacqueline Arden, the bizarre, skexy, sea hag, gremlin creature, who's a total Hillary Clinton acolyte, loves Communist China, laughing and giggling.
She said last week, remember, hey, we have created two classes.
And those of you that don't take whatever shots we want are going to be locked up forever.
People said, so this is a two-class system where we discriminate against the unvaxxed.
She goes, yep, that's what it is!
The arrogance!
The bravado!
The hubris!
The chutzpah!
The criminology!
And now here she is.
Here she is saying, it's forever.
It's forever.
They're all, see, they all follow a global program.
And now it's the time to rub our noses and say, it's forever.
Like a Disney song.
Forever and ever and ever.
We're going to beat you in the head.
We're going to take you to camps.
We're going to quarantine you.
Forever and ever and ever.
Always the plan.
End of freedom.
And those of us in places like Texas or Florida that have leaders that aren't total globalists are like, well, thank God we don't live in Germany, or thank God we don't live in... It's all coming here.
It's all run by the same people.
The collapse of the blue cities and blue states will bring us down as well.
We have to stop these people.
But we can't even get Senator Paul, who knows all this, to talk about how it's a new world order takeover.
Oh, because the New York Times might criticize him.
Can we get maybe Dr. Paul to do it?
I'm trying to get people to move in a united front against the multinational takeover we're under.
That's permanent!
And by the way, the people I criticize the most are the most effective best people we've got.
We need them to help save us all.
Yes, I need Donald Trump to come across all the way and be the man he was born to be and reverse this nightmare he helped put in place via fraud.
He didn't know, but the more he goes along with it, he's to blame.
Same thing with Rand Paul.
He knows that it's not just that learned immunity is way better than what you get from this vaccine.
This vaccine turns off your white blood cells and in six months you have less immunity than you had before the shot.
It gives you the damn COVID.
So admit you got conned, Rand Paul.
In fact, I'm even more pissed at him than I am at Trump.
Seriously, think about it.
He knows.
I know they shot at you.
I know they broke your ribs.
I know they've done all that stuff.
And I know they're threatening.
But what's the point of fighting these people and not going all the way?
You know Fauci's a murderer.
You know he needs to go to prison for five years.
I salute you for that, Senator Paul.
But I need you to go all the way for my children and yours.
In fact, I order you to do it in the name of the American people.
I order you to save yourself and save us.
I order you to be the hero you were born to be.
If my orders mean anything, if the American people's orders mean anything, everybody should call his office and say, we order you to stop this.
We order you to be a warrior.
We order you to get out on the field as our champion.
We order you to do it.
I'll tell you folks, God's ordering me to take action.
I know God's setting it on your heart to not go along with this.
I will not aid to bad, maiming and killing all these children.
And I'm under attack too by the very same people.
I know.
That your instincts go counter to this, Senator Paul, but you gotta do it now.
I'm sorry.
Let's go ahead and see the smiling demon.
Here, Radio Lister, you're lucky you don't have to look at this witch.
Same one that said, don't look at the sunset.
Same one that said, don't talk to your neighbors.
It's a frickin' cult leader!
The governor of New York, the appointed governor, said, go out, I'm Jesus, you're my disciples, go out the new religion, ah!
I mean, it's a cult of sickos!
That are run by pedophiles.
I don't know if the New York Governor is a pedophile.
I don't know if the New Zealand Prime Minister is a pedophile.
But if I was going to cast women to run a cult in a science fiction movie that, like, kills kids or does medical experiments on them, it'd be them.
And guess what?
They're doing medical experiments on our children, coming after newborns now.
So they are what they look like.
They are just the witch, vampire, zombie trash.
So here is the New Zealand
Globalist minion throwing it in our face.
There's been a huge focus on making sure that we are reaching everyone wherever they are in the country and ensuring that we're overcoming those barriers.
But in my mind, so long as there's people who are eligible who haven't been vaccinated, we've got work to do.
You know, I don't think I'll ever be satisfied so long as there's someone who is eligible and hasn't been.
And that's why I've said this, there's not going to be an end point to this vaccination programme.
Obviously, we're rolling out boosters now, so we've got another wave of people that we need to make sure that we're protecting again.
So those who were vaccinated six months ago really need them to come back or we need to go to them.
When you see those countries that are experiencing those fourth waves,
You can see that in many cases, they either haven't started a booster campaign or they're only just starting.
And it does seem to be the thing that's making a difference for those countries that are experiencing a hard time.
Shut her up.
Oh, Israel's now getting ready for its fifth shot.
They have the worst cases in the world.
And then Germany is rolling out its third shot.
You see, what do the unvaccinated and the vaxxed all have in common?
We're never fully vaccinated.
She goes, oh, we're going to protect you every six months because it erases your immune system.
And then each time you take it, it erases it even more.
And they know full damn well what they're doing, where you won't be able to live without these shots now, but they also kill you.
We got Gary Franchi coming in here, and I'm going to play these other clips.
But Member of Parliament Christina Anderson sends a message to the world.
So here's the opposite of the evil you just heard.
Here's an angel, a German member of the EU Parliament, issuing an emergency SOS.
So this is what a real human looks like versus that stick figure scarecrow monster.
This message goes out to the people in Australia.
My name is Christine Anderson.
I'm a member of European Parliament and I'm answering your SOS call.
I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.
I'm imploring all of you around the world who still think your governments are looking out for your best interest.
At no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys.
The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.
Do you not realize that this vaccine does not protect you from COVID?
It does, however, protect you from governmental oppression.
For now, that is.
But don't think for even a second that this is not going to change tomorrow.
I'm a German, and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence, allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about.
Anyone could have known.
All I had to do was open their eyes and take a look.
The vast majority chose not to.
What will you tell your grandchildren?
Will you tell them you didn't know?
Will you tell them you were just following orders?
You need to understand, it isn't about breaking the fourth wave.
It is all about breaking people.
Australia does not need a no COVID strategy.
What Australia needs is a no oppression strategy.
So I stand in support with your fight for freedom and democracy.
We need to stop our governments from transforming our free and democratic societies into totalitarian regimes.
We need to do it now.
We need to stand up now.
We have launched the most important sale of the year.
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You know what Mark Zuckerberg's doing?
It came out more than five years ago in his own company documents when whistleblowers warned the world that he was trying to isolate people to be only on Facebook and to be depressed and alone so that avatars or fake computer identities would be their only friends.
Thus taking full control of the user's mind.
That's just a beta test for what's now rolling out with Facebook claiming ownership of the metaverse and buying up hundreds of VR companies and now trying to force its users and employees to solely live in a fantasy world controlled and orchestrated by Zuckerberg.
And the organizations that he works with.
This priest class wants to lock us in our five senses here in the third dimension.
And to do that, they're creating an artificial electronic prison or matrix to seduce us into giving up control of our bodies and our minds.
This is the greatest deception ever.
Evil is digging in because it knows humanity is waking up and that group consciousness is forming and that we are beginning to transcend the third dimension.
Everything that's being launched against us is an attempt to hold us in the third dimension and not just enslave us, but finally completely destroy us and absorb our energy into this system they're building.
This is beyond the satanic ritual.
This is beyond anything you've read about in science fiction.
Because this is actually happening in the real world today.
And we have discovered their secrets.
We've discovered how to stop them.
And we have put it all together in an easy to understand system that gives you the tools to not just defeat the globalists, but to transcend to the next level.
It's so important for all of you that already know this in eight and have already witnessed this for yourselves to understand.
You are the leaders of the future that must go to the next level so that you and I and others working together can free the rest of humanity before they get trapped in this artificial matrix system that Globalist are building.
All I'm offering is the truth.
The film The Matrix made in 1999 is not original.
Documents came out in 1990, from the late 1970s, where NASA and DARPA were developing a plan very similar to The Matrix.
And all that information is now public.
They're attempting to seduce us to give up our five senses, not just holding us in the third dimension, but actually creating an artificial slave system so that they can turn us into their programmable slaves.
Humanity are not robots, no matter how many times Ray Kurzweil and the social engineers tell us this, but they are trying to turn us into robots.
That's why in December of 2021, we are launching Reset Wars.
Find out more information at ResetWars.com.
Here's the CEO of the big vaccine company.
Allow me, uh, personal questions.
I know that you don't particularly, that you're not particularly fond of answering personal questions, but you and your wife, Dr. Tureci, you play such a central role in the development of the virus, in the development of the virus, in the development of the virus.
I have heard that you yourself
Have not taken the vaccine yet.
Why not?
So I am legally not allowed to take the vaccine at the moment.
We of course consider to make that possible.
It is more important for us that our co-workers and partners get vaccinated.
So our goal is to produce more than 1.3 billion doses in
In 2021 and that can only be done if we can really continue to work 24 seven without any interruption and we need to ensure that that we protect the co workers and our team members
from from COVID-19 infection because that would mean interruption and delay and waste of vaccine doses and therefore we consider to make an extra batch independent from the from the European contingent available to collaboration partners who are supporting us and to our team members.
But I understand why are you not legally allowed to take the vaccine?
Because you know that there is a priority.
The vaccine is not allowed to be taken outside of this priority list.
And what is also important... So there's the Moderna CEO.
We'll be right back with Gary Franke.
Well, quite the intro there.
Gary Franchi, my old friend on this guy more than 16 years, came into town.
We got a steak last night.
In this dystopia, there's still some good things left, though they're trying to get rid of those.
And wow, so much to talk about.
You know, he started the Lone Lantern Society more than 16 years ago, went up and spoke at a big event.
He had thousands of people in Chicago.
And over the years, he's got hundreds and hundreds of millions of views on multiple big, very exciting channels that he's developed.
The Next News Network that is on many, many platforms, at Gary Franchi.
On Twitter.
Gary, good to have you here with us, man.
Alex, it's great to be here in your studio.
It's been a long time since I've been here.
Last time I was here, we were filming the William Lewis documentary, Camfima 2.
And that film has been so prophetic for the times that we're living in right now.
They're now announcing that the lockdowns are permanent.
Wow, yeah.
And that the masks are permanent, and that you've got to take multiple shots a year that's permanent.
It's being announced in Europe, being announced in New Zealand, being announced in Canada, and Democrats are now announcing it here.
Well, that's a terrifying prospect to consider.
I know that we are going to have a lot of pushback across the country, and that pushback is absolutely necessary to preserve the freedoms we have in this country, the Constitution, that prevents that type of authoritarian element to force vaccines on the American people.
And the American people need to need to recognize
That we will not be coerced, we will not be forced into accepting these things.
Now, if people want to take them, that's fine.
Let them do what they're going to do.
That's on them.
That's the point of freedom, is that we have the opportunity to choose.
Yeah, you can go buy a gun at the store and blow your head off if you want.
If you want to do that?
What do you know about the children, though?
When the parents just want to give us experimental crap to their children?
When mommy wants to become
The thing about this, the left doesn't want you to be able to spank your children, but they want to be able to inject children, and the state's trying to even, like you said, circumvent parents.
Well, that's, I mean, that's what the state wants to do.
That's authoritarian dictatorship happening in this country, and they're doing it through the public school systems.
You're right, I mean, this is authoritarianism 101.
It's everything we always warned of, Gary, it's here.
You know what, Alex?
Years ago, when we would
Present this information on the multiple media channels that we've been using over the years to get the message out to the American people We've been warning about this and now it is here.
It's at our doorstep.
It is unfolding and it is terrifying to watch Absolutely, they put together just our archivist did because it was all over the news about the CIA running and protecting pedophile rings
And the archive is just very quickly put together like a 10 minute clips going back 15 plus years 20 years in this first club.
Alex Jones exposes elite pedophile rings long ago.
We probably need to change that headline to something, you know, the actual original date decades ago.
I mean, this is really a seedy system.
Beyond seedy, it's running things.
Well, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is happening right now.
No one's talking about it.
No one in the mainstream press is.
I mean, look, we had the Rittenhouse trial, right?
That was on every single media outlet.
He was being demonized on CNN, MSNBC.
All the channels were demonizing him.
They couldn't stop talking about it.
And then they freak out when he gets off.
But where's the coverage on Glenn Maxwell?
All we get is a sketch?
We get a sketch artist and a couple transcripts that are difficult to even locate?
They're sweeping up, they're sweeping this all under the rug.
They don't want the American people to hear what's actually happening at the highest levels in government.
And Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are only the tip of the iceberg because they have been, they have been, they're just one, they're just one faction in the greater scheme that the elite are using children and sex and blackmail to control the political elite.
Well, that's right.
And we also have this student up in Michigan that shot some people and killed them.
Horrible, terrible, punishing, death penalty, whatever.
But then they arrest the parents.
Now we're talking about arresting the school because they didn't search his bags properly.
And we know every facet about them.
But then a guy runs over 40-something people, kills six.
Oh, it's an accident.
It's a tragedy because he's black.
I mean, that agenda there, too, is incredible.
What we're witnessing through the mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, all the channels out there
They're putting out these narratives and they're just, I mean, the media is destroying this country, like, beyond anything we've ever seen.
And that is exactly why I started Next News Network, that's why you are doing what you're doing with InfoWars, because we can recognize these narratives, we can push back against these narratives, but we have to correct the narratives because they've got satellites, they've got the broadcast, they've got the cable channels.
And people, you can, you know, you can talk to people, Alex.
You can tell where they get their talking points.
You can tell which channels they're watching just based on the messaging that they are, the argument points that they throw back at you.
But thankfully, InfoWars Next News Network, we are pushing back against these false narratives every single day.
And if we don't push back against these false narratives, if we don't continue to fight with true information, truth, we're going to lose this country.
And that's why every single day I work behind the scenes, in front of the camera like you, so we can correct narratives.
Yeah, just your YouTube channel's got hundreds of millions of views.
We were the first conservative news YouTube channel to break a billion views.
And I don't know where your channel was when you got de-platformed from YouTube, so I can't speak to that number that you have.
It's 5 billion, but this is great that you're well.
How many billions of views?
1.3 billion views on YouTube right now.
We've got over 2 million subscribers.
And the whole channel was designed because I didn't like what I saw them doing to Ron Paul back in 2012.
I said, I'm never going to let this happen again.
Where did we first meet?
We met... 2006?
It was like 2006 or 7.
We were at a Chicago conference for 9-11 Truth.
We were marching in the street together.
My wife was there.
It was... and my buddy Chad, he was there.
And that's really where we met.
For the first time.
People now listen to us because they know we're not lying.
So as things get worse, we get more powerful, which puts us in more danger.
So we all need your prayers.
I mean, this is like being a test pilot getting shot up on a rocket here, folks, I can tell you.
And you're all under attack as well.
You're all under attack.
I'm just saying, you imagine the position we're in.
It's crazy.
I remember when Hillary Clinton, she brought you up by name because you're so effective.
You know, right after the election, Hillary was out there also in Australia.
She was talking about all the headlines and stuff we were reporting on as well.
I mean, we are effective, our voices are effective, and that's why they are so terrified.
Because their agenda has been in play for a very long time, Alex.
You know this.
You have been talking about this for...
For years, their agenda has been in play.
Now, this is their endgame.
They're using COVID as the endgame to push their totalitarian agenda.
Years ago, when we put out that first movie, or the second movie, the Camp FEMA 2,
We talked about SARS, we talked about the bird flu, we talked about the concentration camps and how the National Guard would be used to force vaccination.
I totally forgot those FEMA films.
Weren't you the producer?
I can't remember.
Me, William Lewis and I produced.
I knew you were here helping run it.
But yeah, we ought to take that and get clips.
That predicted it all too.
How they would use the virus to take over.
And we were conspiracy theorists when we talked about it, and now look where we are.
You know, the Chicago Tribune was putting out a hit piece on me, and they were goading me on Twitter.
Like, oh, where are the concentration camps, Franchi?
Oh, oh, I'm sorry, they're in Australia.
Yeah, coming to America soon.
And it's on the CDC site that they're going to turn all the neighborhoods into camps and have armed guards.
They call it shielding in place and even the quote healthy that children will be taken from homes to government shield facilities for their safety.
And then we have the head of the UN program, Dr. Ryan Singh, we're going to come in and take your kids from you.
And he's just smiling with his dirty, ugly teeth.
I mean, these freaking people are evil.
The people, they're evil.
This is an overarching demonic and satanic agenda.
You know, I'm a Christian.
I can see the signs.
I can see the writing on the wall.
The Lord demanded us.
I totally agree.
Gary, stay right there.
Oh, there's none of this going on.
The corporate media says Alex Jones is wrong.
Jeffrey Epstein is totally innocent.
Everything's fine.
We'll talk about some of this coming up next segment, but I wanted to get back to the whole COVID tyranny rollout with Gary Franchi of the Next News Network.
Gary, I want to play you a few clips here.
Here is
The mayor of New York, the outgoing mayor, de Blasio, announcing a vaccine mandate for all private sector employees in New York City.
Even though federal courts have already blocked Biden three times, they're now just doing an end run around what the left always does at the city level, trying to push an illegal
Gene therapy on people that totally violates the Nuremberg Code.
I mean, this is war crimes business.
Here is, I'm not saying he's a pedophile, but if I was going to cast somebody for a movie about pedophiles, and it was like a King Daddy pedophile, it'd be de Blasio and his minion would be Ryan Stelter.
So we don't know if he's molesting children, but we know he wants to stick deadly needles in them full of deadly poison.
Here it is.
We in New York City have decided to use a preemptive strike to really do something bold to stop the further growth of COVID and the dangers it's causing to all of us.
So, as of today, we're going to announce a first-in-the-nation measure.
Our health commissioner will announce a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board.
All private sector employers in New York City will be covered by this vaccine mandate as of December 27th.
We're going to have some other measures as well to really focus on maximizing vaccination quickly so we can get ahead of Omicron and all the other challenges we're facing right now.
The prolific Ben Garrison, graphic artist, political cartoonist, artist that I know you're a fan of, Gary.
He put out one last week that I'm going to actually order a print of and hang on the wall.
And it shows the elephant in the room, says vaccines don't work, with Fauci as a clown announcing, oh, now you've got to get your booster shot.
Israel's moving on to their fourth and fifth shots.
Europe's moving to its third and fourth shots.
And everywhere you have the highest inoculation levels, you have the highest levels of people being sick.
So the elephant in the room is, it doesn't work.
And I can't believe they're still moving forward with this crap, Gary.
Well, they're putting these injections into people's bodies, and then suddenly you see this spike in infections across the country, across the world.
What does that tell you?
Does it tell you that the vaccine is, people are shedding?
They're walking around?
The vaccine is creating the Delta variant that they're so concerned about?
The Omicron variant?
These are questions that need to be answered.
How do we get the message out that the elephant in the room is that the vaccines don't work?
Well, you have to keep talking.
You can't, you cannot be silent.
When you look at the data that is out there, you can only present the data.
But here's what's crazy, is that even when you present the data, whatever social medium you decide to present it on, then you get slapped with this fact check and this censorship warning.
And even when you're presenting actual data from the CDC or the World Health Organization or actual medical studies, that's what blows my mind, Alex.
Well, exactly.
Senator Paul's been censored multiple times by YouTube for Senate speeches where he read an Israeli study and others about how learned immunity is much better than the shot.
Well, that's not even true.
He was helping them, saying, oh, it has better immunity, natural immunity, than the shot.
The shot actually erases
Your immunity and all the major studies completely gone in six months and after that it actually drops your natural immunity level that you already actually had.
So now the American Heart Association got censored by Twitter last week for pointing out that the vaccines aren't vaccines and say on the insert it can give you a heart attack.
Well then you had I believe it was a was it Forbes I think a Forbes writer they rewrote the headline after he said that the mRNA actually does alter your DNA and then there was outcry and he had changed the headline.
I mean, they are rewriting the information that the news articles that go out there that do speak truth, they get backlash, and then, oh my goodness, we need to change the story because people are waking up, and it's even happening in the mainstream press, and that's what's terrifying.
Now, if you look at how bad New Zealand and Australia are, I don't know if you saw it earlier, but before we came on, we played the clip of the Prime Minister of New Zealand saying, oh yeah,
This is never going to end.
You're always going to have new shots.
You're always going to have to have a vaccine passport, which we always knew was coming.
And now in a bunch of different Democrat strongholds, including the state of Oregon, they are announcing permanent masks.
Permanent masking in Oregon?
There it is.
Oregon moves to make indoor mask mandate permanent.
But it gets better.
I have the KATU newscast.
We'll play next segment.
But in it they say, permanent does not mean permanent.
So, what does it mean?
This is 1984.
See how it works?
Yeah, you know, up is down, left is, you know, left is right, you know, black is white.
You know, this is the world we're living in, and it's all, it's all biblical, Alex.
It goes all the way back to scripture.
You and I have, and the people watching right now, have a front row seat to the end of the world, so make sure your soul is ready, because... I was about to say, this morning I was just really upset about all this other, killing the children and hurting them right now, and I was feeling really guilty, and really the Holy Spirit just said, listen, this is about the Spirit, it's about doing the right thing, and it's about choices, people, man.
And so just be as hardcore as you can and try to protect the children and warn people and then I'll do the rest.
God helps those that help themselves.
We just have to make sure that we, as a nation, we have to turn back to God and we have to have politicians in place who are actually going to fulfill the will of the people.
We just recently had 80 Republicans who signed on to a bill that would create a vaccine database of people who were all vaccinated or not.
80 Republicans did this.
All new cars in the infrastructure bill, now starting next year, to have tracker chips where the government can track everything you do and kill your car?
And also have an alcohol blow tube or some sort of mechanism to gauge if you've had any alcohol.
So what if you have a glass of wine with dinner, now suddenly you can't drive your wife home?
And it's reported back.
This is the nanny state.
So everybody thought, oh the home assistant's here to help me.
No, the home assistant's going to be in your car whether you like it or not.
Excuse me, sir, you've turned your assistant off.
Any reason you've turned your assistant off?
But we're conspiracy theorists when we go ahead and present this information.
We're demonized for speaking the truth.
While the mainstream media continues to push the... They are the ones pushing misinformation on the American people.
When they go ahead and say you have to have a mask forever, you take multiple booster shots when they can show you the data that these things are ineffective.
Gary, how bad is it going to get before it gets better?
I mean, I hear what you're saying.
I guess it just means Antichrist, world government, end of the world stuff.
Five, ten years?
I mean, how long?
The Lord is the only one who knows a date, Alex.
All we can do is continue to attempt to extend the dispensation of grace that the Lord has.
He's the only one that can extend that deadline, right?
He's the only one.
So, when we have shows like yours, shows like mine, I believe that we are doing the Lord's work by awakening the American people, by extending that dispensation of grace,
Allowing this nation to repent, allowing the American people to move forward and find the elected officials who will listen to the American people, hold those accountable who are in office, so that we can prolong this time.
Just like with Nineveh and Jonah going, they got a hundred-year reprieve, this is a live, third-dimensional, non-simulation war game, folks.
Every culture knows it, everybody knows it.
The Bible's clear, and you now, the globalists know it.
This is a war game.
This is a war game, and it's to see if you're a good soul or a bad soul.
And right now, you're about to get tested heavily.
Join with Satan, and you'll be bound to that energy for eternity.
In the Phantom Zone.
I don't think that's a place you want to go.
We'll play those clips I mentioned and more with Gary Franchi.
Straight ahead.
Well, blue cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and New York are announcing forced inoculations of children five or up or they can't go outside.
And now in Oregon, they have put through an emergency regulation
Saying that it's permanent, that masks will be worn forever.
And by the way, CNN last year ran a headline saying, it'll be like seatbelts.
So we knew their plan.
And we'll talk with Gary Franchi of Next News Network in a moment about why they're so obsessed with these masks and how it's the symbol of slavery and beyond.
But here is a clip out of local television news.
Where they are happily on KATU reporting this dystopia and adding that little twist at the end that permanent is not permanent.
4 plus 4 does not equal 8.
1 plus 1 does not equal 2.
Black is not black.
White is not white.
Green is not green.
Sky is not blue.
And these vaccines work wonderfully.
You've got to take more of them.
That's why they don't work.
Here it is.
Permanent 8.
That might scare a lot of people.
They might think, oh my gosh, are we going to be masking for forever?
What does a permanent ruling do?
Why not just extend this very rule?
Permanent means indefinitely.
It doesn't necessarily mean permanent.
We could repeal it as well.
But we are only allowed to have a temporary rule for 180 days.
And if anything that goes beyond 180 days, we cannot extend it temporarily.
It's either adopted formally or let it go.
And in the UK, they're now putting up signs officially saying, don't talk while you eat.
That can release the virus.
And don't look at people in the eyes.
Australia also has signs up saying, don't look at people.
Looking at people is now a crime as well, Gary.
Did he just say 180 days?
That's their permanent window?
Is that what he said?
Because I remember, you know, we're coming on two years now?
15 days to flatten the curve?
180 days?
They're not going to extend that when they don't need to?
Yeah, if 15 days is now two years, then 180 days would basically be like 50 years.
Yeah, that's permanent, right?
I don't know how the, listen, we've already seen the Biden mandates get struck down, but when you have these elements happening at the state level, you're going to see a mass exodus from these states.
Like, people are fleeing to Texas, they're fleeing to Tennessee, they're fleeing to Florida for a reason, because those governors there are not playing the game.
And you're going to see a mass exodus.
We're already seeing it, Alex.
Well, that's right.
They love the mask and they've talked about this in some of their psychological memos that have come out.
It's a symbol of fear.
It's a symbol you're like a patient.
Everyone is bad.
Everyone's got to be suspect.
Everybody's got to be tracked.
There's an article on InfoWars.com today.
I'm going to dig through my stack and pull it out here, where it lays out all the quotes by the UN and all these corporations saying, oh, soon you'll have to have the smart app and it'll track everywhere you go.
Oh, it'll be the carbon tax app.
Oh, and it'll be your social credit score.
They're admitting it all.
When I see people walking around with masks, you can only pity them.
You know, I went into a restaurant just the other day.
Signs everywhere.
It says, masks, you must wear a mask to enter this.
And I just walked in.
I wasn't wearing a mask.
Everybody's wearing a mask.
This is in the Chicago area.
And people just looked at me like, what is this guy, crazy?
Like, I'm the moron?
I'm the lunatic?
No, no, no.
People out there walking around with these masks and driving their cars with masks on, riding bikes with masks, motorcycles with masks.
It is a sign of slavery and I will stand by that and I will not be a slave.
Sadly though, sadly when you travel commercial, if you want to get to Austin, Texas, you got to put the mask on.
I can't breathe with one on my face.
No, I can't stand it.
I mean, look at this guy in the school spraying disinfectant.
And all these disinfectants, if they're not organic, and most of them aren't, lower fertility, are very carcinogenic.
Well, who stands to gain from all this?
It's pharma.
If everyone gets cancer, then everyone can go get those treatments, and then they make all this money.
I mean, it's a big, sick cycle that needs to be broken, and we are breaking it every single day with truth and information, awakening the American people, awakening the globe.
To the times that we are living in.
If we do not stand up and speak out and resist, we will lose this nation, we will lose freedom all over the planet.
Trudeau is just as bad as the leaders in Australia and New Zealand.
And Trudeau said he wants to be like a Chinese dictator just a few years ago.
He wanted to be like Xi Jinping.
He said, what system do you like the most?
He said communist China's dictatorship.
Dictatorships really get things done.
Get things done?
You've got upwards of 40% of the public knows how to take these shots.
Now people that have taken the two have gotten so sick.
Polls show over 70% of them are saying they're not going to take a third or fourth shot.
And so he says, well, you can't get on planes, you can't get on trains now, as of a law, that executive action, you know, a dictatorial action, as of last week.
And now they're going, you know what, we had said you can go in grocery stores, but actually, no, we're telling the stores to not let you go in and to harass you.
And if they don't, they'll basically have liability.
Here's a newscast out of Canada.
Also, under Level 1, masks are required in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
Physical distancing is required in public spaces where proof of vaccination is not required.
That means that malls, grocery stores, retail stores, and salons and spas must enforce physical distancing between patrons.
Alternatively, they also have the option of requiring proof of full vaccination from all patrons.
But we will leave that decision up to individual businesses.
So this is indentured servitude.
The mask isn't just a symbol of slavery.
They aren't just putting toxins in us.
They're making globally.
It's all the same UN corporate plan where these directives go out.
The nanny state lawyers threaten all these towns and cities.
Oh, you better get on board because of liability.
But the real liability is the tyranny this is setting up.
I mean, I remember when this thing started, Alex.
I was talking to a friend of mine, Jenny Mercier, and she's a doctor.
And I said, listen, I said, Jenny, this is all going to be over soon, right?
This virus is going to run its course, it's going to do its bell curve, it's going to hit critical mass, and it's going to be over.
And she's like, yeah, that's what's going to happen.
But when they have implemented all of these, quote unquote, safeguards with the masking, with the social distancing, they have prevented the actual virus
Thanks for watching.
It's elongating the problem so that they can usher in their authoritarian rule.
That's right.
Now they admit it.
It's for carbon taxes.
Oh, guess what?
It's for social credit score.
We're going to lock you down using this now forever.
They are admitting forever and ever and ever.
This is their plan.
When I saw some video recently, I believe it was in France, there were people out there with grocery carts and they were trying to get in just to get food, Alex.
And they said, if you don't show your vaccine, your proof of vaccination, you're not going to eat.
Now I don't know if this is, you know, some people have compared this to perhaps the Mark of the Beast.
I don't know if that's the case at this point.
But the fact of the matter is that you have this, you have to show your papers just to go and get food.
And then notice the trap.
Oh, sorry, the first three shots didn't work.
Israel's moving to its fourth and says then there'll be a fifth.
This is a formula to literally be able to put in our body what they want, when they want, in whatever way.
They are using this as a method to break down society, to break down humanity.
And just get you used to showing your papers.
That's what they want.
Now, you know, history is clearly repeating itself.
Look what's happening in Austria, Germany, Australia.
I mean, we've seen the template before.
Show your papers, or guess what?
You're going to get carted off to a camp, and you're going to be incinerated.
And it's a worldwide program run by the UN.
This is what's happening.
We are at the precipice of this now, and if people don't recognize that, then they will just be the victims of it.
When we come back, I want to explain to viewers and listeners.
I know most of you probably know this, but why they're doing this.
This is just putting the chains on us and getting us immobilized for what they're really planning to do.
I'm going to tell you what they're planning to do with Gary Franchi of the Next News Network straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
Welcome back!
Gary Franchi is riding shotgun with us.
We have an investigative journalist on whistleblowers in the UK exposing
On record how the government used COVID-19 as a pretext to do not resuscitate and not give treatment to thousands and thousands of elderly people to kill them, some of which were awake and conscious and happy.
This is a death cult of mad scientist eugenicists that want to set the precedent for total control.
So that guest will be joining us coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
So definitely look forward to that coming up.
Gary, I want to get your take on this from your own deep research.
Obviously, COVID's just a pretext to get their world government in.
What happens once they really get their total control of the resources and the infrastructure in place?
What is the New World Order's plan?
What's their endgame?
You know, that's a million-dollar question, Alex.
Once they have everything in place, and we're watching the authoritarian state put its claws down, dig deep, using all these COVID and global warming and carbon taxes as their excuse to, you know, force you to change the light bulbs in your house.
But when they get there, then what?
Are they just going to start exterminating people like we see the Georgia Guidestones?
Get the population down to 500 million people?
Well, that's the thing.
All the estimates are if you cut half the carbon use, it'd kill several million people in a decade and cause giant wars.
And they say they're doing that.
So what's the point here?
By 2030, they want carbon use cut in half.
By 2035, they want it down to net zero.
So are they just going to kill off their tax base?
They'd love the control.
People think, quote, they've stolen the world through fraud.
So they've got all this fiat money.
They're delusional.
They think they don't need us anymore.
So we're not just something that's worthless.
We have a negative value like garbage they want to dispose of.
And so the public has to understand that everything that comes out of neoliberalism and this whole leptist movement is about devaluing human life and training you to accept the murder of others, but then you're going to be next.
I mean, that's really all this is, is a barbarous, human-sacrificed death cult.
Well, it's about control.
It always has been about control.
Because when the wealthy have all the money, okay, what's the next thing?
They want to be able to control humanity, control society.
It's the power trip!
It's the power trip.
Old corrupt kings, they wanted to kidnap people's wives and rape them.
That's what this is, but now they want to rape us with their GMO.
Well, that's why we need to continue to speak, we need to continue to fight, we need to continue to wake up the American people every single day, Alex.
We have to extend the dispensation of grace so that these satanic elitists do not control us.
Thankfully, we live in a country with a constitution where the founders had enough foresight to give us the ability to keep and bear arms, to protect the free state, to have a free press in this country.
That's where I was going next.
America's got a lot of problems.
I get ashamed of the decadence, sometimes the evil, but there's also so much good in this nation and our children that we know are good and it's our job to defend them.
But then you compare the rest of the world.
Again, we are the best house in a bad neighborhood, man.
Well, you can you can see it when you look at Austria, you look at Germany, you look at Italy, you look at Greece, Australia.
You can see those nations that don't have a constitutional structure.
Canada as well.
You see these nations and how they are falling so quickly to the authoritarian covid rule.
Because we have a Constitution in place, we are the last bastion of freedom in this world.
And because we think we have rights, which we do.
The Constitution doesn't give us our rights.
It simply enshrines them and puts up guards around it to protect it so that we value it and defend it.
So that's the only reason.
It's like a seawall that's there.
But if we don't repair it and defend it and build it up, it will wash away.
We have to remember that these rights exist.
Just because it's on a piece of paper,
Doesn't mean anything.
Those rights were granted and created by our Heavenly Father.
And we have to live out those rights.
We have to live out those freedoms.
It's just like muscles.
We're born with muscles, but if we don't use them, they atrophy, we die.
We've got to use the damn muscles, folks.
We have...
I don't
We raise up our children to understand the power of our founding fathers.
Now, they were not without sin, Alex.
Of course, they were slave owners.
They enslaved humans on their own properties.
And then they wrote this beautiful document.
We have to remember the words that they put on paper through that.
They tried to get rid of it even then, but the point is they were born into it, exactly.
And then their idea helped it transcend out of it worldwide.
And that's why we have to remember them, we have to say our founders' names, when they want everyone running around screaming, you know, Breonna Taylor's name, when they tell Rand Paul that he and his wife, when the mob is descending upon them in Washington, D.C., and they're screaming, holding bricks, saying, you must say Breonna Taylor's name, we must never forget to say the founders' name, even if they try to take those statues down, try to rename those high schools.
Well, that's why they're now saying get rid of the flag, get rid of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson statues being taken down in New York.
Teddy Roosevelt was like the biggest Republican ever for civil rights.
They got a bunch of stuff passed and they took him down because he's a white guy.
And again, this is the globalists want you to hate the Bill of Rights and Constitution because it's a shield.
Those old white dudes are all dead.
Thank God they thought up these ideas that the whole world mimicked.
But see, America has to fall into tyranny and then nobody's going to oppose the UN World Government takeover worldwide.
Alex, when I saw that Thomas Jefferson statue coming down in New York City, I wept.
I did a report on that.
I remember when the news first broke about it, and then when it came out, I wept when I saw that happening.
Remember, Trump just said three years ago, he said, if they can take down Robert E. Lee, they can take down Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and by God, they're doing it, folks.
They're doing it.
They're trying to rewrite history, erase the mark of freedom the Founders left, and that's why we must stand firm every single day.
And remember Colin Kaepernick came out against the Betsy Ross flag, called it white supremacist, and Nike pulled the shoes when Betsy Rocks was one of the first abolitionists.
I mean, because they don't care, folks.
It's about the power of the megacorporations that run slave camps in China to sell you shoes made by slaves and tell you your flag's bad because that flag's got a Constitutional Bill of Rights they want to get rid of.
I mean, how dumb?
It'd be like saying your lifeboat in the middle of the ocean is racist, so you just stab it with a knife.
And then the corporate media
Because I'm monitoring the enemy transmission.
I'm like, I'm going to put this on and I want to see what they're saying.
And the words that were coming out of their mouth, I think it was a seven o'clock hour too, wasn't that nice?
Cuomo's time slot?
It was Cuomo's time slot.
So they had some news anchor there.
The point is that the mainstream media continues to amplify these narratives, brainwashing the American people into believing these lies, and that's why we have to continue to go on InfoWars.
We have to continue to spread the links of all your channels, my channels, to the four corners of the earth, because everything is at stake, and it's all happening right now.
Well, that's something I want to get in with you for a little bit in the next hour, ahead of this special guest we've got joining us.
And that is, what they're covering up right now with the Cuomo, possible sexual harassment.
Not, oh a woman says he did, maybe a woman said he did.
And so now, we're all diverted off the giant Mossad, CIA, child kidnapping rings.
That blackmailed and took control of the government.
We're not talking about that now.
No, no, we're talking about Cuomo might have harassed a woman.
That's the big, giant crime, and that's how they distract.
Oh, but meanwhile, they won't talk about Ghislaine Maxwell's trial.
They're going to talk about Cuomo getting fired, and then there's a memo that's circulating about maybe he did something.
Okay, he probably did.
You know, let the dust settle, we'll figure it out.
He hit on a woman years ago at another network.
Oh, he hit on a woman?
Are you allowed to do that anymore?
But notice, that's the big crime.
Not helping your brother cover up over 20,000 old people they murdered.
That's okay.
Murdering old people is a good thing.
Just don't ask a woman out, because that makes new children.
And that's how they divert the story, redirect, brainwash the masses, so that you are looking in the other direction.
Well, I also learned how much the media lies.
I mean, I always knew they lied, but I mean, they had Daily Mail article a few years ago.
Literally saying that I wear swastika shoes and that I was asking a woman out.
100% lies!
Let me check, hang on.
No, no swastika shoes.
No swastika shoes.
One hundred, I mean, just, just, but see, they tell a lie so big, Gary, that people go, well, it's got to be true.
I mean, they're not going to say he's got swastika shoes and, you know.
Well, wasn't it Hitler that said, if you tell a lie often enough?
Big enough, yeah.
Big enough that people are going to believe it.
How could it not be true?
Gary, let's go to break.
Let's come back.
Gary Franchi, Next News Network.
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Hour number three with Gary Franchi.
Stay with us.
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And God bless America.
We're going to get into the bottom of the rat hole or the spider hole or the New World Order system with Gary in a final segment with him in a longer segment coming up.
But what else is on your radar?
Because I'm just kind of throwing this at you.
I do this sometimes as a guest.
What else is on your radar?
What else do you want to impart to the audience?
What I think is probably one of the most important things, you know, I'm a father now, Alex.
I have three sons and we have to impart to our families.
How do you handle the family life with children and this intensity of information that we are subject to?
Now people walk around in a haze.
They walk around, they're completely clueless to what's going on.
People like yourself, myself, people who are watching right now have a unique
I think?
We have to raise up the children and instill them in the next generation.
That's the most important thing.
Well, evil fears the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
So I would just end the debate with the left and say, OK, all of them are evil white people.
We need the right to defense.
We need the right to property.
We need the right to a jury.
All these things, we have a right to our own bodies.
All these things are under attack.
This is ours now.
It'd be like if a racist built a castle.
And then you inherited it.
Would you blow the castle up because your grandfather did something wrong?
It's your castle now.
This is our ship, our country.
And that's why we have to
Harness the we have to be within the walls of our castle.
And we have to recognize that these castle walls are there for our protection.
The Constitution is there for our protection.
Right or wrong, whoever put their pen down to create it.
Well, they were incredible people.
I mean, every historian that's looked at it, they were the smartest people probably ever.
Just the real.
We're good to go.
That actually changed the entire world for the good, and that's why neo-authoritarians want to shut them down and demonize them, because if people take on the birthright of American freedom, 1776 worldwide, it's over with the New World Order.
So I say, I'm absolutely in line with our founders and admire them, and they were the greatest men to ever walk the face of this planet.
And that's why we must continue to uphold the values that are in that document and pass those on to the next generation.
Because if we don't, you know, wasn't it Ronald Reagan that said that our nation is just a generation away from being lost?
And what we are seeing now through the, listen, kids are going into schools and they're being forced to wear masks.
There are kids who are fighting back.
Who are getting suspended repeatedly because they're not going to do it.
Imagine the psychological trauma that's happening in these children's lives just because they have to mask up.
And imagine how much they're not going to trust the system.
I mean, the founders really tried to empower humanity because they were in front of God and wanted to do it and it actually worked.
More freedom, everything came out of it.
The globalists really do want to take our freedom.
They're really, they're consciously bad.
They want to take our freedom and that's why, as you just mentioned, they are continually demonizing those individuals who wrote the document that we hold dear to keep our freedoms.
We need to have a Constitution, Bill of Rights, America's Celebration Society.
No, you're right.
It ain't just on July 4th.
It's under attack and now is the time.
But if you're going to fly the flag, and I know you do, folks, you've got to then defend freedom and speak out in the street, not just at your house.
It's great to fly the American flag.
Put it on your car.
But now you've got to really demonstrate and protest and call into radio shows and
You know, give political donations and pray and not submit to tyranny because that's what's going to put power behind the red, white, and blue.
They only gain power when you submit it to them.
When you hand it to them.
And that's the truth.
That's the only way they gain power, is when you surrender it.
And that's why you cannot, you must always stand firm in your convictions for freedom, so that we can preserve this nation.
That's right, because, I mean, again, everybody's like, oh, America's in free.
It's a lot freer than everywhere else.
That's the problem.
We'll be right back.
Gary Franchi, riding shotgun.
He's about to get in a car.
And drive up to Dallas-Fort Worth area to go on the Blaze Network.
Look forward to seeing that.
Well, I tell you, the Blaze Network and Glenn Beck are just doing a fabulous job.
And we're so glad to see Glenn Beck is fighting the New World Order and fighting the poison shots and fighting the lockdowns and now knows it's a New World Order and the FEMA camps are real.
And that's all I wanted.
I was never in competition with him.
Just wanted him to know I wasn't a liar.
And now he knows I wasn't a liar.
And so we're friends now.
And I hope Glenn Beck gets ten times bigger than me, because they're trying to put my ass in prison with the January 6th thing.
And I had talked earlier about getting your associate to pop in with us, and we'll do that here in about five minutes, or we can just get him up here.
We don't have a mobile mic to give him.
But, or maybe we'll hold him over and do that next segment.
I'd want to do that earlier.
But he was at the January 6th event.
That I was trying to lead people away from that side of the Capitol to go attack the other side, and then I led the attack on the other side, even though I'm there with the police trying to stop the other side as well, I was trying to go to Lot 8, where I was told we had a stage and a permit, which they did have set up.
So, the level of deception has just reached incredible heights.
Yeah, he was there, he was a witness, I remember speaking to him after the fact, and he told me, he saw you, you know, telling people not to go in.
Don't go into the building.
And now what we're seeing is these people are being swept up and arrested, you know, for entering into the federal property.
Tell us about your friend and who he is, because I wanted to give him a mic, but I guess that's not going to happen.
Hopefully he can get up here and he can give you his first-hand account of the day.
But his name's Chad LaVro, and I've known Chad since back in the Lone Lantern Society days, passing out DVDs in the streets of Chicago.
So Chad has been a lifelong activist, working with me on so many different levels.
Well, you know, maybe we'll be ready next segment.
We'll just hold you over an extra segment, because this is important.
I think it is, Alex.
I like Chad, and I want to be able to talk to him, and maybe we can do a next segment.
Speaking about Ghislaine Maxwell, because the listeners are really calling the show.
They're emailing us.
The people on the street are saying, hey, Ghislaine Maxwell, they're covering up that trial.
We want to hear more of this from you.
Well, I mean, we're trying.
Almost nothing's coming out of it.
And I agree.
We need more reporters.
And I would like to have an East Coast reporter and have the funds to do that.
Currently, we don't.
I'm not complaining because we are having to pay for millions and millions of dollars of bandwidth.
We have millions of viewers a day on Bandai Video.
And so we're talking thousands and thousands of dollars a day.
Tens of thousands of dollars a day.
So our very success is our problem.
And so we now have all these new contributors.
In fact, I'd love to have you mirror your stuff with us, Gary.
We're good to go.
And maybe down the road, you know, we can talk to folks and create some ad share thing.
We haven't gotten to that point.
We're not a billion dollar company.
We're not a hundred million dollar company.
We're spending millions and millions of dollars a quarter on bandwidth and infrastructure alone.
So thank you all for going to InfoWareStore.com because...
Robert F. Kennedy's getting censored everywhere.
He did an interview with us last week with one of our reporters.
He got over a million views on our platform.
Then clips went out, tens of millions of views.
So this is such an important operation, and so is Next News Network.
How do folks find Next News Network?
Well, you can go to nextnewsnetwork.com.
You can watch us there.
We do have a platform, not as robust as InfoWars does, but we do have a way people can subscribe for ad-free content.
Primarily, we're on YouTube.
You can watch us there.
I hope it is as robust.
In many ways, you're like, I mean, you're reaching millions of people on YouTube, I'm reaching nobody.
I just want to make the point, you are robust, you are kicking ass, and I love it.
Well, thank you for that, Alex.
But you can watch us on YouTube.
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Sounds great.
So, okay, because you're awesome, but I just, I really want your content on our platform.
I'm happy to figure out a way to get it there.
All you got to do is just upload it to the site.
And very soon, I've worked on this, it's independent, it's our own software, our own deals, costs us quite a bit of money, but we have our own mobile going live app that's crystal clear, works all over the place, that we're going to be able to basically deploy to everybody soon.
So I'm very excited about that, because so many people have lost their live streaming, who haven't been censored, and so it's important to get that out.
Brian, did you hear that?
You got some more work to do.
Oh, so what's going on with Brian?
Oh, Brian, he's my technical producer.
So he handles all the uploading, the post-production work to get everything up online.
Well, he's going to come on next segment, but let's get him on.
Brian, Brian is my producer in Alabama.
Brian, I could not do Next News Network if it wasn't for Brian.
I got to say that right now.
Well, we're going to get Brian on the phone with Rob Duda and we're going to get it done.
All right.
You hear that, Brian?
You got a phone call with Rob today.
But getting back to Ghislaine Maxwell here, how do we get this out?
I mean, I guess I need to get on an airplane and go up to New York and I guess try to get in the courtroom and see what's happening because they're suppressing it all.
I think that they're even preventing certain people from going into the courtroom.
And if Alex Jones shows up in the Ghislaine Maxwell courtroom, that's going to be a circus in its own right.
I can see it happening.
I've been following on Twitter, there's an account called, I forget the name, it's the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker.
So I go there and I check it out and people are posting links to transcripts and you can read the transcripts and some of the stuff that is coming out because the transcripts have to be, I believe, I don't know how you request a transcript specifically, but what I've read coming out of that trial and how
She was grooming kids with Epstein at the special camp that they were attending.
And they were being recruited to recruit other children.
And they would fly to Eastern Europe and buy seven-year-old girls who they then had trained for over a decade, who were stewardesses on the aircraft at 18, who were then recruiting underage girls.
It's amazing when you read through the transcript and the first-hand account of this victim and how long this grooming process was.
These people are meticulous, they are patient, and they are twisted in order to get their end game.
And it parallels what we're seeing across the spectrum with the New World Order and its implementation here.
In America and across the world.
Because they are meticulous, they are patient, and they are using every method that they can to lock down and control people's freedom.
And let's be clear, the federal prosecutors kept this to only four women who were underage at the time, who were older girls, not the super young ones that they know about.
And so that's why Comey's daughter, famously corrupt the father, is running this.
And so the trial itself is very limited in scope by what they went after.
And then they're limiting that even more.
So, it's limit upon limit upon limit.
Well, they don't want the truth to get out.
They don't want, because they know that when names are going to be presented in these courtrooms, these names are high-profile people of influence.
I mean, just some of the pictures that you've seen.
Of course, you've seen the picture with Ghislaine Maxwell at the Clinton wedding, at the daughter, Chelsea's wedding.
You know?
Super creepy.
These people are in every single level of power.
But some good things are happening.
The FAA was supposed to release documents, so they overproduced by accident, which is great.
They were hiding 701 flights of Epstein with a bunch of politicians on board.
Wow, I haven't seen it.
I heard about that.
I didn't look any further into it, but it's an interesting element once you start to learn who was actually on those flight logs.
Well, if I wanted to join a prison gang, I'd have to, you know, it's racial, so it'd have to be white folks probably.
Or maybe I could join a motorcycle gang like the Mongols that's multi-racial and couldn't really join the Hells Angels.
They're white only, or at least used to be.
But I would have to commit some pretty serious crimes before I actually became a member.
But those are crimes like killing somebody or robbing a bank or, you know, dealing a bunch of drugs or running a bunch of hookers for years.
You know, you have to be a known criminal they trust.
And you have to help them, you know, generally kill some people and then cover up murders together.
But that's not enough.
You see with the globalists, it's having sex with kids and killing kids.
And so that's the initiation.
So the corrupt businessmen and politicians, they go knowing they're going to screw kids and kill kids.
By the way, folks, this is part of the gang initiation.
And that's what I'm going to be covering a lot more after Gary leaves.
And also I'm going to be on a big podcast tonight, breaking it down as well.
But I'm not going to say the name of the podcast yet.
You'll see.
All right.
Final segment with Next News Network's founder and head anchor man.
Gary Franchi, I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I had that investigative journalist whistleblower coming on, but they had traffic problems in London, they were going to be late, and I just said, let's just do it another day.
Very exciting, very scary, powerful documentary that David Icke's coming out with, dealing with euthanasia, called The Good Death's coming out soon, that's what it was dealing with.
Some first looks at that, and just to show how deep this rabbit hole goes.
Gary, these people we're facing, these evil globalists,
Give me your perspective on them, but those of us that love our children, that love justice, that don't want to hurt people...
I mean, I can be a jerk, I can be angry, I can certainly attack somebody if they attack me, but I don't want to hurt people.
I don't feel jealous when my neighbor's got a beautiful wife.
I don't feel jealous when I see somebody that's got a cool helicopter, or somebody who's a great football player, or somebody who's got a great voice.
But then you learn about globalists, and they hate everybody.
They have a real desire to dominate and kill and hurt their really, really nasty people.
Well, Alex, these people,
They believe that they are gods.
They are godless individuals.
And when you are a person that doesn't have God or Jesus Christ dwelling within you, you are an empty soul, an empty vessel.
And because they are globalists, they think they sit above the globe and they control everybody.
So they have no conscience when they say that they're going to go ahead and implement all these different rules and mandates and things and, oh, so what?
A thousand people die.
That's collateral damage for their endgame, which is massive and overreaching global control.
I totally agree.
And the lockdowns killed an extra 25 million people, they admit.
So the UN orders a lockdown, instead of 15 million starving to death, 30-something million starving to death.
And then they just go, oh, it's no big deal.
It was to stop COVID.
So, I mean, they know exactly what they're doing.
They know what they're doing.
These people are godless.
And that's why they can continue to operate in that capacity, Alex.
When I do something wrong, even on accident,
I feel guilt because I want to be good and have a connection to God.
They love it!
They think it's funny!
No, they have no guilt, they have no conscience, because these people believe that they are at the apex of humanity.
That they are the ones ruling over.
They are so drunk on power.
What is that?
Well, I don't know what that is.
They're trying to fulfill that emptiness that because they have no soul, the only way that they can continue is by trying to fill it with controlling other people.
And that's how they feel connected to the world.
That's the only way I can try to explain it.
And look how miserable, look how fake Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg look, and then everything they do is just so damn evil.
I mean, who the hell are these people?
Well, these people are cardboard cutouts.
I mean, I'm looking at this video you're playing right here, and the fake smiles, and they're hanging out.
These are the two people who sit at the top, the apex of this globalism.
Microsoft, Facebook, the social media, the connectivity, these people recognize and they know how much power that they have.
I mean, Facebook, when you go on and you log in and you look at that newsfeed, that newsfeed is specifically curated to have an intended effect to release the serotonin, to go ahead and give you those happy feelings that someone liked your post or someone commented, oh yes, and it's like ringing a bell.
And you're just coming to get your dinner.
And these people know exactly what they're doing, and they are shifting and controlling society through these social media networks, through these news feeds, so that they can have an intended outcome, which is absolute control.
And guess what?
They've got a global pandemic and they can go ahead and issue massive fear.
It's about them turning us into robots.
That's right.
It's about them having total power.
Again, reintroduce your friend Chad.
Tell us who he is.
He's going to pop on and talk some about what he witnessed on January 6th because I'm not even defending myself, but I listened this morning.
It was sent to me by a bunch of people Sunday, but I didn't have time to watch it.
I listened to it this morning.
This is NPR nationally.
Says, Jones cowardly deceived Trump supporters and led them into the building and Alex Jones needs to go to jail.
And the weird thing is, even a couple years ago, NPR reporters sounded slick.
These people sound like they're doing a fifth grade RTF class.
I mean, they don't, you know, 10 year olds sound better than them.
OK, so, so, so I'm not going to play it, but it's House expects to hear from Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Michael Flynn.
By January 6th.
About January 6th.
But let's bring Chad on and talk about what he witnessed on January 6th.
Hey Alex, I told you when we were coming in, it was a really important thing to see you there, and you don't have to defend yourself, I'll defend you.
I was right there when you got up on top of the trailer, when you climbed the chairs and you pretty much begged everybody to turn around, not turn it into a bad thing.
I was there with my young son, my two-year-old son, my girlfriend.
I would have never put them in danger.
We were on the outside of the ellipse when Trump was speaking.
I couldn't really hear.
I wasn't going to take a stroller into that crowd, but it was just a high-energy, great place to be.
I was excited to show up and be counted.
I felt it was an important moment for my kids and my family.
We really felt this sense of community with everybody who was out there, and it was really positive.
As we were some of the first to move away because we couldn't hear anyway and my girlfriend went back with my baby to the hotel.
I was walking with some other friends.
We got there and I did see people penetrate the barrier to the Capitol and the police just got out of the way.
Everybody kind of walked.
There was no drama.
There was no vandalism.
There was no violence.
And then things started to heat up.
There was the flashbangs, the smoke, and people were getting huddled and corralled.
And I could kind of tell that something was wrong.
People were really whipped up in a frenzy.
People were stirred.
And over the years, you've kind of been a guide for me on this whole journey of waking up and realizing what's happening in the world.
And when you're
I don't know.
I think it was important to get the visual aerially.
I think a lot of us were excited to surround the Capitol.
I don't think anybody thought about the fact that people would go inside and engage in violence or vandalism.
That's not why I was there.
That's not why anybody I know was there.
And I appreciate what you did.
I mean, I appreciate you just being another witness.
The point is, I was not there telling people, attack the Capitol, like NPR says.
Again, it's not even about me.
It's like the level of criminal activity by these people is insane.
I mean, they're on a thousand radio stations saying, I attacked the Capitol and ordered people to go in.
No, they're lying.
I was standing right underneath you.
I've still got a picture kind of looking up where you were because I wanted to document that moment.
And, you know, honestly, there was a lot of people, as we know, stirring up the crowd the other way.
And those aren't people that we've developed trust with over the years, like those of us who have listened to you, who know your work.
We knew you were somebody we could trust, you know, but there was a lot of people there who I had never seen before.
And like Gary said, we've been doing this a long time.
I recognized a lot of folks who were there.
I didn't recognize others.
And the people who were engaging in violence and trying to promote that as the main thrust of that crowd,
You know, I think we know what that was and you were doing your best to combat that and it was just a bad situation.
Well Chad, it's great to see you again.
I guess 16 years ago we marched in Chicago for 9-11 Truth and against the war.
So God bless you and it's good to see you and Gary.
Next time you guys are in Austin, let's all go out to dinner.
I know you're about to go up and be at the Blaze with the different Glenn Beck shows and
I guess Savannah Hernandez and some of those guys.
Yeah, we're going to go on Elijah Schaeffer's program, slightly offensive, and then we're also going to do his program, You Are Here, so I'm excited to check out the facilities.
And you mentioned Glenn Beck and his awakening.
Hold on, we've got to take a break.
When I grow up, I want to defeat the New World Order and break into the next dimension.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, with Chad LaVro and Gary Franchi.
Franchi in the Italian.
The correct pronunciation, yes, is Franchi.
When my family came here and assimilated, they decided that they were going to change the pronunciation to Franchi.
And that's where we are, and I'm happy to be here.
So the reason I knew that is my grandfather had like five or six fronky shotguns, and I've actually got two of them.
My dad's got the others, but these are really old shotguns.
I think one of them even brought back from
From Italy, because he was in the Army Air Corps in North Africa, but did his 22 missions by the time they went into Italy, and then he was involved, I guess like one of your grandfathers, in like feeding people the whole mess hall, which was his own job.
He said that was harder, he told my dad, he never told me this before he died, he told my dad, my grandfather told him.
It was harder running the mess hall for the troops than it was flying a B-17 and dropping bombs on Germans because of the starving children and the collapse in Italy.
He didn't want to eat himself.
He would literally get everybody to donate food because there were children starving to death.
It was the images of the collapse of civilization that really haunted him the worst.
Grandpa Franchi, he served in World War II.
He was a mess cook, and he got promoted because the guy in front of him was going to feed the troops on the front line.
They blew up his truck right in front of my grandfather, and he said, now you're promoted.
My grandfather then
He told a story once about how he was feeding, he was getting all the food ready for the troops, you know, making lots of spaghetti and all kinds of food.
Japanese soldier, naked Japanese soldier come running into the tent, starving to death.
And my grandfather had to kill him.
He had to kill him because there was no choice in the matter.
But that's the way, that's where we were.
On the ground's the worst stuff.
Like you think off in combat's bad.
Imagine being in a city of millions of people collapsed and people starving to death begging for food with children with their ribs sticking out.
Well that's where we're going to be if the situation continues to unfold with the supply chain crisis.
We're seeing empty store shelves, we're seeing inflation out of control, people out of work, government checks, people waiting for them.
What we're witnessing here is the government creating a dependency system of the American people so that they are subjects.
That's it, we're being domesticated.
Yes, we're being domesticated.
They want us to be subjects of their rule rather than being independent, sovereign, free people.
Let's go back to fronky shotguns.
I not only have the two for my grandfather, I've got four others because they're some of the best shotguns out there, better than Beretta.
Have you ever gone bird hunting with a fly?
You know, I've never gone bird hunting, so we should do that.
Crazy, but you've got to buy a shotgun from your family name.
I will.
I do plan to do that.
It's on my list of things to do, believe me.
Hey, let's bring back Chad.
He seems like a really smart guy.
I mean, I know I met him a few times, but didn't get to know him.
I think we had a few drinks one time.
That was 16 years ago.
It's hard to remember.
Can you believe, Chad, how crazy things have gotten?
7th of January 6th.
You seem like a pretty smart guy.
What's your observations about the world today?
Well, I feel like we're kind of in a time warp since that first time we met to where we are now.
Back then, I used to have to be a little bit bashful when I would tell people about Alex Jones.
It sounded crazy.
It sounded crazy to my family.
It sounded crazy to my friends.
Gary and I kind of huddled together because we knew the truth, or at least we felt like we did.
But there was almost a nervousness to go outside of that bubble in our activism.
And then over the years, you just keep getting more and more and more validated every time I turn around.
And I've had a lot of people apologize to me.
I've had a lot of people ask me for articles, ask me for information, and you've been
I know I can depend on you to tell the truth, you know, whether you get everything 100% perfect or not.
I know you're going to tell the truth as you know it.
And I feel very confident relaying information that I get from InfoWars.
And I wouldn't make it about Alex Jones or Gary Franke or anybody.
The whole issue is we're just a bellwether, the type of support we're getting versus attacks.
And exactly 20 years ago,
I think so.
Alex Jones is always right.
I didn't ask him to say that.
But he knows it's not about Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is not always right.
I'm right most of the time.
The point was it's now a symbol of screw the system.
You want to destroy Alex Jones?
We're all Spartacus now.
So I'm very honored now to basically be a symbol in this fight.
I just hope listeners realize that that's why they're promoting Alex Jones, not because of Alex Jones the person.
Well, it really speaks to me how brave you've been through this whole process, too.
I mean, you know you're crashing the gate, you know all the guns are pointed at you, and I just don't see you backing off.
I see you getting bolder, and I know that for, you know, other suburban family guys who, you know, aren't really sure what to do next a lot of times, it's important to be able to look to that and to, you know, kind of knuckle up and get ready for whatever's next.
Because I really don't have a good feeling about what's coming next, but I do think that
You know, if we crash the gate, if we really go full guns, full bore, you know, we might have a shot on the other end, but we can't be silent, we can't be complacent, and we can't not get involved.
You know, we've got to get involved at every level.
Local government, you know, telling the truth as we know it, getting our neighbors and friends to be passionate about things that matter.
You know, it's a culture shift and it has to happen as quickly as we can make it.
Gary, I know you've got a podcast show, but this guy, you ought to get him on there with you.
Oh, Chad's great.
Well, Chad, God bless you, and it's good to see you again.
You guys got to get down here, and we'll go bird hunting next time, or deer hunting, or whatever.
Great to see you, Alex.
It'd be an honor.
Well, God bless you, brother.
Look, here's the thing.
We're under a UN World Government Corporate Scientific Takeover.
They've got a whole plan for the future, and they don't like the fact that we want our own lives, and want our swimming pools, and want to go to church, and they just want all that pushed aside.
So this is their takeover right now.
And at the end of the takeover, we're not supposed to be here.
So everybody can either figure this out now, or roll up the white flag and die.
But I mean, it makes no sense, Gary, because fighting back's our only chance.
There should be no discussion here.
Join with the globalists, try to go get hired by them, become a pedophile, a devil worshipper, and like submit to Satan.
Or join us, because Christ said you were hot nor cold, you were lukewarm, I spit you out of my mouth.
The worst place to be is not in either camp.
Join Satan or join Christ.
You know, I think there's a quote from George W. Bush that really just sums it up.
You're either with us or you're with the terrorists.
And now we have true terrorists who are operating at the global level and they are
Doing everything they can to steal our freedoms with every single excuse.
Oh, Nancy Pelosi decides to buy a $34 million mansion over on the coast in Florida?
Wait a second, I thought the sea levels were rising.
I thought we couldn't, I thought we couldn't do that.
Obama did it all.
Obama, why are they giving loans to people with coastal property?
See, these people are liars, they are deceivers, and they're doing everything in their power to deceive you and take your freedoms.
And we must have the vision and the discernment to step forward and out of their vision to preserve our freedom for our children, for our grandchildren.
If we do not, we will lose this nation and this entire planet.
Beautifully said.
And here's the thing.
It's the animating contest of liberty that Jefferson talked about.
This is an honor to stay in this fight.
That's what listeners thank me.
I'm thanking everybody for keeping us in the fight, keeping you in the fight.
That's why I see Glenn Beck waking up.
It makes me so happy to see him hardcore now.
It's this victory.
What matters is the spirit.
We need to all come together, know the truth, resist evil.
We're all brothers and sisters.
There's no more competition.
There's none of the BS anymore.
When I saw that video of you at SeaWorld talking about biometrics and I started to go and understand who InfoWars was.
Who is this Alex Jones character?
You inspired me.
You put me on a track to wake up America and now I have been able to reach millions and
Snowball Attack!
Now they're coming after our children.
That means we've got to stop them or it's on us.
And that's why I'm on Trump.
That's why I'm on Senator Paul and others that know damn well they got lied to now.
And this vaccine is deadly poison.
It's not a vaccine.
And it's causing massive side effects and heart attacks and erasing people's immune systems and doesn't work.
Just like the Ben Garrison cartoon of last week.
There's this big, giant, fat elephant in the room and Fauci the clown saying, more vaccines!
The vaccines work!
We need more!
It's like saying, hey, aspirin cures a headache and your headache gets worse.
You go, we need more aspirin.
Or hey, let's put water in our gas tank.
Oh, it doesn't work.
Hell, let's put more water in the gas tank.
The worst part of 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
Now we're entering the third year in a month.
You know, I've got loaded stuff to cover here.
Just absolutely loaded.
But I've got to play this again.
I've got to play both clips again.
First we're going to play a member of the European Union Parliament, Christina Anderson from Germany.
Who is real, who is connected to God, who you can just feel is from the heart trying to stand there up against all this evil, when in Germany they're killing, people are getting quote, killed by men in black.
It's police, it's antifa, it's all of it.
Doctors, scientists, people that are speaking out are being murdered.
The Germans under globalist control come and murder you.
And there she is valiantly saying, we've received your SOS.
From Australia, and we stand with you.
What about the SOSs that have been issued on this show by members of Parliament from Australia on this show?
It's not about the credit of this show.
We literally have given people in Australia and New Zealand that have no way of getting information out, banned video memberships because they're totally censored.
They have to then leave and hide.
They come to arrest them at their houses for what they put on my show.
How is that freedom?
So we are just so far gone right now that it's just a complete joke.
So you've got the Prime Minister of New Zealand saying, yeah, it's permanent.
You're always going to get more shots.
It never ends.
We're never going to end this emergency.
And they're announcing that here.
And they go, don't worry, though.
Permanent's not permanent.
We might take it away someday.
Just get used to it being permanent.
It might go away someday.
We might let you out of this dungeon one day.
It rubs the lotion on the skin.
Or it gets the hose.
I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna sit down in this pit while they piss on me.
I'm going to be smart about it, I'm not going to go shoot them, I'm not going to blow stuff up, but I'm going to attack them with truth, and I'm going to support independent operations that are fighting them, and I'm going to warn everybody, and I'm going to take control legally and lawfully of local governments, and then they're still going to come with the military that they have purged, so the military that have signed on, and they're still going to have their narratives, they're still going to stage terror attacks to blame us on it, they're still going to try to put me in prison before the midterms because they don't want us on air to fight them politically.
But that's okay, folks.
That's what life's all about, is signing up for the truth.
And saying, well, I'm here, I'm gonna do this.
I'm not gonna just say I'm against their pedophilia.
I'm not gonna just say I'm against their devil worship.
I'm not just gonna say I'm against their New World Order.
I'm gonna go ahead and just decide to stand.
And then you realize, if I would have bowed down to them, they'd have gotten me even quicker.
I mean, these guys aren't giving anybody any quarter.
If you don't know what that means, it's a medieval term in chivalry, where they'd start a battle and they'd say, are you gonna give quarter or are we gonna give quarter?
And that means if you start getting routed and killed and defeated, if quarter is asked for, then you don't murder the injured troops, you let them escape.
But if quarter's not given, none quarter given, none taken, it means a fight to the death.
And they're not giving us quarter.
You understand that, right?
Like, you think I want a death battle with these people?
You think I want to take on the most satanic, devil-worshipping, child rapist, murderers?
You think I like that?
I like walking around the woods with a gun, and I like barbecuing beef, and I like hiking around and listening to rock and roll music and having fun.
But you know what?
I don't get to do that because these people are coming after children.
And if I don't stand up against them, it's on me!
And I'm not going to sit here and have it on me.
I'm not committing these crimes with these people.
I'm not an accessory to what they've done.
So every moment I'm thinking about how to beat them.
Every moment I'm thinking about how I don't play their game.
And I can see all what they're going to do, ladies and gentlemen, and you can too.
So here is a good person versus a bad person.
Here's a Member of Parliament in Europe, the European Union from Germany.
Christina Anderson, a real woman, a real human, standing up her own words, she's saying, not some giggling, hunchbacked demon of, oh, it's so fun, oh, it never ends, I mean, there's always new shots coming, oh, like a demon, oh, oh, it's so liberal, oh, I'm so nice.
No, you're a frickin' demon!
You're a devil!
You're a tentacle of Fauci and Bill Gates!
And you're reviled!
So here's a human, then we'll show you a devil after that.
Go ahead.
This message goes out to the people in Australia.
My name is Christine Anderson.
I'm a member of European Parliament and I'm answering your SOS call.
I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.
I'm imploring all of you around the world who still think your governments are looking out for your best interest.
At no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys.
The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.
Do you not realize that this vaccine does not protect you from COVID?
It does, however, protect you from governmental oppression.
For now, that is.
But don't think for even a second that this is not going to change tomorrow.
I'm a German, and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence, allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about.
Anyone could have known.
All I had to do was open their eyes and take a look.
The vast majority chose not to.
What will you tell your grandchildren?
Will you tell them you didn't know?
Will you tell them you were just following orders?
You need to understand, it isn't about breaking the fourth wave.
It is all about breaking people.
We'll come back in a moment and show you a true demon.
Giggling and laughing and snickering.
Just get used to it.
We're going to keep putting things into you over and over and over again.
And then we've got Drill Salente taking over.
You know, I can't get so freaked out by the end of days.
What appears to be the beginning of the end of days to not continue to try to stay on air.
So please share the articles.
Please share the videos and please buy products.
But we are under deep attack.
We're all under deep attack.
But obviously, you need to get a t-shirt, you need to get a book, you need to get a film, you need to get storable foods, you need to get shortwave radios, you need to get high-quality supplements.
Cyber Week ends tonight.
Free shipping, store-wide, double Patriot Points, 40% off Vitaminal Fusion, DNA Force, 50% off Prostagard, all the apparel at cost.
Thank you for keeping us in the fight.
It's all up to God right now, but it's how God works for you to decide whether you support us or not.
It's just been an honor to be with all of you and be in this fight, including the crew.
It's been really good knowing all of you.
We'll be right back.
So there's the voice of an angel.
We just heard an angel earlier from Germany.
Now let's hear from a devil.
The dictator, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the globalist agent, smiling and snickering and laughing.
About, oh, the vaccines are permanent.
Sorry, you never get out of this.
Like a demon, just smiling and enjoying.
You can just see her leaning over us, chained up in a stretcher.
She's just, we're like chained up in a torture chair.
She's like, oh, yeah.
Thank God people actually are conscious, because if you're conscious looking at this, this is the most satanic thing you can imagine.
Let me just be serious here.
I can tell you that woman's a blood drinker.
I can tell you what you're about to see is a devil worshipper of the highest order.
Go ahead and play her.
Here she is.
There's been a huge focus on making sure that we are reaching everyone wherever they are in the country and ensuring that we're overcoming those barriers.
You see her baring her teeth at you?
We're conscious of reaching them wherever they are.
But it's a woman, so we're trained to think a woman's loving and gives us milk and takes care of us because women are amazing creatures.
Women produce like 1% of violent crime.
That's why they recruit women that are that 1%.
She's like, we'll find you wherever you are!
Wherever you are!
This is forever!
No, you're going to your own dimension forever, you monster!
Damn you to hell in the name of Jesus Christ.
So when you know who these people are, it's so hard to watch.
Like, every person's like, oh, it's some weird, you know, you know, anorexic lady giving me orders.
She's a frickin' demon.
Look how she's looking at you, like, all like this.
Wherever you are, wherever you are, we will get you!
Your mother sucks cocks in hell!
That's what she is, man.
Linda Blair.
Roll her.
Roll her.
Here she is.
We've got people who are eligible who haven't been vaccinated.
We've got work to do.
You know, I don't think I'll ever be satisfied so long as there's someone who's choose, you know, who, who is eligible and hasn't been.
And that's why I've started over.
It's not going to be over guys.
I want it from the start.
I want them to hear that wherever you are.
There's been a huge focus on making sure that we are reaching everyone wherever they are in the country and ensuring that we're overcoming those barriers.
But in my mind, so long as there's people who are eligible who haven't been vaccinated, we've got work to do.
You know, I don't think I'll ever be satisfied so long as there's someone who is eligible and hasn't been.
And that's why I've said this, there's not going to be an end point to this vaccination program.
Once we've, obviously, we're rolling up... Back it up 10 seconds.
There's not going to be an end point.
Well, that's for the NBA New Podcast.
There's not going to be an end point.
We always told you there wouldn't be an end point.
They've announced it in the United States this week.
They've announced it in Europe.
The United Kingdom, Airstrip One, they've announced it in Canada here.
There's not going to be an endpoint in your power grab.
Finish up with the witch.
So long as there's someone who's choose, you know, who, who is eligible and hasn't been.
And that's why I've said this, there's not going to be an end point to this vaccination program.
Once we've, obviously we're rolling out... No, there's going to be an end point just like 1945, sweetheart.
There'll always an end point to people like you.
You just, you can, you can set your watch and warrant and your bottom dollar by the fact that if it's the last thing I do, you miserable maggot, is we're going to beat you, you murderer.
I know you're like me.
I know you're humble.
But I really want you to sit back and cogitate or meditate
On the fact that those of you that have supported my broadcast and InfoWars over the years have changed the world in incredible ways and now as 2021 prepares to end and 2022
It begins to dawn.
It is more important than ever that you realize how important you are, that you be more active than you've ever been.
The tip of the spear is Banned.Billion.
The very front lines of the fight for human liberty is InfoWars.com.
And we can't stay on air without your support, so thank you all for your support.
Donate to our legal defense fund to stay on the air at SaveInfoWars.com.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
Thank you so much for having me.
I appreciate everything that Alex Jones and the
The team do, and everybody listening, do all you can to support InfoWars.
We're in the fight for our lives.
Alex just played that tape of that moron playing the Premier of Netherlands, of New Zealand.
I was brought down, by the way, to New Zealand back in, I think, about 2006.
They brought me there for about almost three weeks, and the government brought me there.
Discuss how they could increase their exports.
And it was very profitable for both myself and them.
So I was there.
I was right at the top, you know, the government.
And the vibe is that it's a flat vibe in the joint.
You know, it's a nice place to visit.
Very nice people.
But it's flat and dead.
And you can see why.
And that's far from there is Australia.
The same kind of
Maniacal leadership.
And it's global.
Here in New York, we got Warren Wilhelm Jr.
Little arrogant nobody of a clown, piece of garbage scum crap who changed his name to de Blasio so he could get the Italian-American votes?
Mayor that's going out, an arrogant little piece of nothing, an arrogant zero piece of garbage who never worked a day in his life, been sucking off the public tit his entire life, like so many of the politicians and bureau craps out there today.
New York City imposes vaccine mandate for all private sector employees.
Look at that arrogant piece of scum crap I would call to his face.
And Junior, you want to enforce a vaccine mandate on me?
Come over here and try it man to man.
But you know why you never do it?
Because you're not a man.
You're Warren Wilhelm Junior.
And hire Warren.
I really am.
Now in New York, you must be vaccinated.
That's right.
That's right.
Telling employees, private employees, this low-life piece of scum that they have to get vaccinated.
Where are the people fighting back?
Why aren't the streets filled with the people saying, who is this piece of scum to tell me that my constitutional rights can be abridged by a little moron nothing?
And it's happening around the world.
The mandate will go into effect on December 27th.
Hey, a fat boy
How come not December 28th?
Why, I say it should be December 26th.
No, no, Salenti!
I'm in charge!
I'm Warren Williams Jr.!
I'm Warren!
I'm Warren!
We will make it the 27th!
You're making up the date.
Yeah, we're making up the date like we make up all the other crap.
You gotta be 3 feet apart.
No, no, no, no!
You gotta be 6 feet apart.
No, you gotta put a piece of plexiglass around.
No, you gotta wear one of these masks so you can shove up your you-know-what that are totally useless.
Yeah, these masks.
Toxins found in disposable plastic face masks may harm humans and the environment.
What kind of conspiracy theory said this?
Since the pandemic, the demand for disposable plastic face masks, DPFs, has soared
In 2020, production facilities, mainly in China, produced over 52 billion masks, some 450 million per day.
Although they are single-use items, estimates show it could take up to 450 years for these face masks to degrade.
Making matters worse, a recent study finds these masks may be spreading harmful toxins into the environment.
And this is researchers at
Swansea University.
Found significant amounts of toxins, lead, copper, and antimony.
Causing, coming out of several masks after exposure to water.
So now, think about it.
You're breathing this crap in.
That's great for you.
Anyway, going back to Warren Williams Jr.
Hi Warren!
The city will also require, you ready for this?
Proof of vaccination for children 5 to 11 years old, for indoor dining, entertainment, and fitness establishment.
The mayor said, the mayor, the mayor.
This, that's profanity.
These people are pieces of scum.
The mayor.
Hey, I'm the mayor.
I'll tell you what to do.
I'm the mayor.
Hey, you're a public servant!
You ever hear that word before?
You ready?
New York State has identified eight cases of the moronic crumb variant as of the weekend.
Seven in New York City.
Read your Trends Journal, and you probably heard it on InfoWars, according to the African Health Ministry, where they first detected the virus.
It's unclear whether the Omicron causes more severe dangers, blah, blah, blah.
According to the World Health Organization, the people who have tested positive for the Moronicron in the U.S.
so far have shown mild
To moderate symptoms.
And that's what they've been saying since it first came out.
Oh, you got 19 and a half million people and you're telling me you got eight cases?
Look at this.
These are the people that are running and ruining our lives like the clown that Alex was showing from New Zealand.
And you got that little Danny Andrews over there in in in
In Australia?
Provide immunity, huh?
No, they don't.
They provide nothing.
Read the box.
I got the box right here.
Let me get the box.
Here's the box.
Here's the box.
Here it is.
A box of crap.
A box of stupidity.
These masks do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
Yeah, look at this, look at this jerk.
Look at the imbeciles that people are taking orders from.
Could you imagine this guy coming to Alex, me, any of his staff over there and telling him what to do?
Get the hell out of here, you piece of garbage.
Oh, no, no.
I'm little Danny Andrews.
I'm a little nobody.
And that's what we have.
Nobody's telling us everything that we should do.
Again, New York City.
Now, I'm going back to this because of the markets.
The Dow is up now when I went to before I came on the about 650 points.
650 points.
How could the Dow go up?
When they're locking down much of the world.
How can they do it?
Business is going down the toilet.
Look at the hospitality sector.
Take a look at the office occupancy rate in New York City, in San Francisco.
It's about 28%.
How could the markets be going up like this?
When they're locking down places around the world.
No vaccine.
No freedom.
Nearly 100 establishments that temporarily shut down due to pandemic are now out of business.
All right?
There you got it.
It's a criminal game.
We're going to tell you what's going to happen next.
So make sure you stay tuned.
And remember, put your money where your heart and mind is, support InfoWars, buy those great products.
You need them now more than ever.
Italy is making life more uncomfortable for unvaccinated people this holiday season.
Happy holidays!
Happy holidays!
Excluding them from indoor restaurants, theaters and museums starting today.
Italian police have been empowered to check whether diners in restaurants or bars have a quote, super green health pass.
Certifying that they have been either vaccinated or recently recovered from the virus.
Smartphone applications that verify people's health pass status have been updated to prevent entry to concerts, movies, or performances to anyone that has not gotten the green health pass.
The measures run through January 15th.
Why not January 16th?
Why, I say January 18th.
No, no, Salenti!
I'm in charge!
It's January 17th!
Hey, but wait a minute.
De Blasio, you know, he's not making his orders until December 27th.
We make up anything!
They're making this crap up.
And they're sucking the joy out of life.
In the capital of Rome, dozens of police are out at transportation hubs, checking both green passes and personal identification.
Finding a cooperative mood among the commuters.
Frankly, I think we are tired of being locked down.
I work at a young company and it was a race to get the vaccine, Miss Veronica Bianchi said.
I work in a young company.
And that's what's going on.
The young people are going for the vaxxers.
You look at this crowd out there that's protesting this in Italy.
You look at the people.
They're older people.
Not young people.
Young people are getting the jab.
It's the older people that are against it.
The young people aren't protesting as much.
It's the older generations.
Oh, they're out there for climate change, but they're not out there for freedom.
Again, there is going to be, I've been warning about this in the Trends Journal since the COVID war began, there's going to be, yeah, look, you see the people.
You're a kid, but most of the people are older people.
Young people should be flooding the streets.
They're not.
How come?
They're brainwashed.
Look what's going to happen to the young kids today.
The kids in grade school, high school,
Living under these mandates and pressures as they grow older and get into positions and leading businesses and getting into politics.
Yeah, again, older people.
They are going to bring their sickness into the new ruling class because they have been indoctrinated to be told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it,
They're gonna keep bringing that forward in future generations.
So this is a very serious, very serious, because they're making this crap up in schools what they're telling kids to do.
I had a situation where they made a bunch of kids stay home, and there he is, look at this clown.
Look at this jerk.
Look at this jerk.
How can anybody listen to this stupid piece of crap?
I eat crap.
I spit out crap.
I'm full of crap.
Here's the proof.
Again, these demonstrations are going to keep going on.
And there are always agents provocateurs that are going to make it look terrible.
There's going to be a new political movement in countries around the world.
This is going to destroy the economy.
It's being artificially propped up.
So what's going to go up?
What's going to go down?
GSB is my belief.
Gold, silver and Bitcoin.
The streets are a shadow of what they used to be.
At night, it's dead.
Where I am up here in Kingston, New York, nine o'clock at night, it's dead.
Again, these protests are great.
They're wonderful.
But you have to do like they did with the Berlin Wall.
Or the Indian farmers just did.
When the Berlin Wall came down, people went and they didn't leave.
Day after day, night after night, you don't go protesting and go home.
You go and you don't leave.
Same thing just happened with the Indian farmers.
They took to the streets for months, for months.
Almost a year.
And they beat it.
That's it.
The people didn't leave.
They beat it.
They just beat it.
In India.
We've been writing about it in the magazine.
The only way it comes down is when you protest and don't leave.
You have to surround City Hall.
You have to surround the Capitol.
You don't tell us what to do.
We have our constitutional rights.
But now this little Warren Wilhelm Jr.
hired Warren.
The hell with the First Amendment that gives you religious rights.
That if you don't believe, if your religion does not believe in a vaccination, they're the Indian farmers.
They didn't leave for almost a year.
For almost a year.
And they killed about a hundred of them.
They didn't leave.
More came.
And they defeated the bill.
United we stand, divided we fall.
So here's Warren Wilhelm.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Hey, fat boy, look at that double chin.
Double chin eating that crap.
And spewing out crap from your double chin.
Religious exemptions?
Well, if you want one, you go to our website, freedompeacejustice.com.
He is denying religions a violation of the First Amendment to people's religious rights.
It's right there.
There it is.
Uniting people of all races, colors, and creeds to live heaven on earth.
And that's what we're about.
And they're robbing it from us.
And we could win.
And they're doing it all over the world.
They're uniting for freedom.
The one word, a declaration of independence, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
When we come back, we're going to talk in detail about some of the top trends that will be forming in 2022 that you need to know about to prepare, prevail, and prosper.
I've been doing this now 41 years.
Never saw anything like this before.
We're going to be right back.
Remember, support InfoWars.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as Alex said, you're fighting for liberty.
And as I said, freedom is the word.
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Freedom, freedom, freedom.
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And boy, are they attacking.
You can't say anything that they don't want you to say.
You have to believe what they say.
And like, hey, they got rid of little Chris Cuomo over there at CNN.
And they got rid of Andy Cuomo over here as governor.
So let's rename the Tappan Zee Bridge the Tappan Zee Bridge that little Andy named after his daddy, the Mario Cuomo Bridge.
Being that you got two arrogant little clowns over there that are Cuomos, I say bring back the name the Tappan Zee Bridge.
What is Cuomo's father better than mine?
Screw you!
How about naming it the Louis Celenti Bridge?
Or Luigi Cialentano.
That would be more proper.
Yeah, bunch of crap.
Crapsters are running the world.
Going back to some trends.
Again, the markets are going up.
It's a rigged game.
They're going to keep doing every year they are.
Look at it.
Two arrogant little boys.
Look at it.
What are you going to do now, huh?
What are you going to do now?
Tappan Zee Bridge.
Bring back the Tappan Zee Bridge.
Get rid of the Cuomo name.
Don't want to hear it, see it, or smell it.
Because it smells like crap.
Anyway, the markets.
They're up.
Oil prices were down to under $70 a barrel.
Brent crude.
Now they're about $72 a barrel.
They were at $87 a barrel.
In October, the end of October.
This is big.
Oil is telling you where the future is going.
Oil prices were $87 a barrel, now they're $72 for Brent crude.
It tells you the economy's slowing down, supply and demand.
What's also important about this are going to be the implications.
You think you have a migrant crisis now?
You haven't seen anything.
And by the way, they don't report anywhere what's going on in a place called Ethiopia.
That's only the second largest country in Africa with the war going on.
Where are the people going to go?
It's a war-torn nation.
They're going to be going to Europe.
Look at the inflation rates.
Who are they hitting the hardest?
How about south of the border?
People are going to keep flooding over.
The more they lock down, the more people are going to put out of business, the more lives and livelihoods they're going to destroy.
We're going to see a migrant wave the likes of which we've never seen before all over the world.
As they keep fighting this COVID war.
You're also going to see a big rise in homelessness.
And people out of their minds.
And by the way, you know why a lot of people aren't going back to work?
Because so many people are drugged out.
So you're going to see this migrant crisis, the likes of which you've never seen before around the world.
And I have a solution for it, by the way.
It's part of my Occupy Peace.
Bring home the troops.
Stop this baloney over there.
What are you, 800 bases around the world?
For what?
World War II ended in 1945.
Yeah, there's your homeless, right?
So I have a homeless solution.
But first, I'm going to go back to the migrant solution.
We don't need more people in this country.
We can't take care of who we have.
Bring home the troops and use the troops to secure the homeland.
You don't build a wall.
You've got enough of these in high technology.
You've got all these troops out there in all these foreign countries.
Close down the bases and put them to secure our homeland.
And then put them to work rebuilding our rotted infrastructure.
Back to the homeless.
The Salenti solution.
In New York City,
It's costing us $3.2 billion a year to house 60,000 homeless people.
$3.2 billion comes out to $53,000 a person.
How many people out there could live on $53,000 a year really nice just by yourself?
Ain't bad.
And we're giving them shelter and it's costing that?
I say build homeless towns.
Like do you guys have Boys Town?
Like up where I am in the Catskills over here.
There's a lot of empty space where the old Borscht Belt hotels used to be.
Redo them.
Create a homeless town where you're giving the people skills, things to do.
In the summer they're working outside, in the winter they're doing arts, crafts, making things, giving them purpose.
3.2 billion dollars to take care... Arrogant William Jr.
Give him the money?
It's only from us, the taxpayers!
You don't pay anything, you clown!
And you're set for the rest of your life!
The Homeless Solution, get him off the streets!
Get him out of shelters, put him... Oh, who owns the shelters?
Oh, they're buddies!
Yeah, they give them money!
Morons and imbeciles call campaign contributions.
You don't put them in a shelter.
A shelter is only temporary.
Homeless towns.
Homeless towns.
You got plenty of land to put these people in.
Give them a nice place.
Give them respect, dignity.
Build them up.
Rather than bringing everything down.
This is pure stupidity.
And you know why it's pure stupidity?
Because politicians are in charge.
They're worthless pieces of crap.
I was in the system.
I know what it is.
We, the people, need to take charge.
Clean up this mess.
Get them out of there.
Homeless towns.
Rise them higher.
And make things nicer.
We're going to be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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And so going on to what's going on in the markets is very, very important because there's going to be a real shakeout at some point.
And it's being artificially propped up, there's no question about it.
And we're talking now the market's up, you know, about 670 points.
Oh, the Omicron, they're saying, you know, they're bypassing that, they're overlooking it.
Okay, you're overlooking it, as you just heard Warren Wilhelm Jr.
putting in more mandates.
I tell you what's going on in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Germany,
One place after another, more mandates, more lockdowns, no Vax, no freedom.
Great for tourism business.
Excellent in the restaurant business.
And again, we're coming out the new magazine on tomorrow and the data coming out of Europe from November in the hospitality sector and restaurant business was going down deeply even before the moronicron virus hit.
This is going to have a big negative impact on the economy.
So what's going to happen in 2022?
One of the things to look for is we call dragflation.
They're saying stagflation.
A stagnant economy and increasing inflation.
We see dragflation.
The economy is going to be dragged down lower.
Again, look what's going on.
I'm not making this up.
If you're banning people from going out and you're looking at at least a third of the economy in America, you have, according to the official numbers, you have 60% of the people are fully vaccinated.
That means 40% that aren't, that in major places are not going to be able to go out.
That's going to hurt business.
And now with the new moronicrom virus over here, they're putting travel restrictions on.
So what's that going to do to tourism?
So dredflation, this economy's going down.
You saw the numbers that came out on Black Friday.
There were less people out shopping and the numbers didn't skyrocket on the internet sales as they did last year.
The people are going to be running out of dough.
So there you got it.
New York City announces first in the nation vaccine mandate for private companies.
Who's this clown to do this?
Where is the outrage that our rights are being stolen from us?
From a jerk off over there in New York City.
So this is going to have a very negative effect because you're going to see the next thing's going to start happening.
In California with that gruesome Newsome clown.
Oh, and by the way, how about all the smashing grabs that are going on by huge numbers of people?
Did we warn you about this in the Trends Journal when they launched the COVID war?
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
Crime spikes are going to continue.
So we're going to go, we're going into very rough times.
You better do all you can.
By the way, in the Trends Journal each week, we have survivalism articles by Bradley Steiner, who was the top close combat guy in America.
That's right.
So we're helping you prepare.
Trendsjournal.com, Trendsjournal.com, the only place you're going to read history before it happens.
There's no magazine like it.
If you could show me one, let me know.
Again, you know, we're giving everything we can, like InfoWars gives everything that they can.
And that's why I do this, to support it.
And you need to support us, because we're in a very, very difficult time.
United we stand, divided we fall.
The more people that support InfoWars, the more people that support the Trends Journal, the louder our voices are, and the more people we can bring together to fight the corruption going on, and the robbing us of our rights.
And by the way, every Wednesday,
Every Wednesday on the Gerald Cilenti Channel, I'm doing podcasts with Judge Andrew Napolitano.
And boy, he's really on top of this.
There's no greater authority about the Constitution and speaking about it as a lawyer, a judge, and who he is and what he knows than Judge Napolitano.
And again, we are in the fight for our lives for freedom.
It's being stolen from us.
So going back to dregflation,
Again, gold, silver, and Bitcoin.
I do not give financial advice.
Oh, Bitcoin took a big hit, slowing down to 49,000.
Now, I don't see this thing going down.
And one of our top trends is crypto capital.
Not an A with an O, a capital.
You're going to see more and more cities, whether it's Miami that's doing it now, or the new mayor in New York, this guy Adams,
Wall Street's going to be another street.
It's all a virtual street.
They want to make Wall Street crypto street.
This isn't going to go away as we see it.
So, gold, silver and bitcoins, GSB, is the way I see the future.
The only reason the dollar is strong is because all the other currencies are so weak.
You look what's going on over there in Turkey.
They lowered interest rates.
They keep lowering them.
And now the lira has lost about 45% of its value just this year.
And again, talking about when all else fails, they take you to war.
You're going to see this guy Erdogan start taking war against the Kurds and Syria as his popularity tanks, as the economy tanks.
Go back to America in 2001.
Little Georgie Bush, another daddy's boy, another little jerk off over there in Texas that would be nobody if Daddy wasn't George Bush and Grandpa wasn't Prescott Bush.
The dot-com bust happened in March of 2000.
The Nasdaq was down 66% before 9-11.
We were in a very, diving into a deep recession.
9-11 happens, war against Afghanistan.
Everybody forgot what happened.
And then they artificially boosted up the market with the fake real estate boom.
Which the banksters, look at this clown.
Look at him.
Dumb enough to believe Bush's wars, dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
Again, a nothing little boy, an arrogant little stupid jerk.
Off over there in Texas, telling people what to do.
And the people follow.
88% of the people followed him into the Afghan war.
Hey, great job, huh?
Oh, you guys were terrific.
Yeah, you only cost us a couple of trillion dollars.
You only destroyed the country.
Oh, you got a big refugee problem over there.
Did a great job.
I say let's start another war.
Yeah, haven't won one since Vietnam.
No, we lost Vietnam.
World War Two.
And again, a lot of people say, don't get mad at me that the Russians helped do it.
Yeah, which they did.
They got into Germany before the Americans did.
And they only lost about 40 million people, 30 million people.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And that's my greatest fear.
Because this global economy is going to crash hard and big.
With these lockdowns.
This is going on now for two years.
It's going to be two years.
And again, the markets are going up as they're spreading this fear of this moronicrom virus.
And it gets the people's minds off it like that when you go to war.
And you watch, Turkey's going to be the first one.
Watch very closely what's going on in the Middle East.
Keep your eye peeled on it.
Watch oil prices.
Very important.
They're going to tell you where the future's going in a lot of ways.
And if tensions keep heating up between Israel and Iran, and military conflict breaks out, you're going to see oil prices spike into the $100 a barrel, and that's going to crash the global economy.
45% of Americans saying that inflation is hurting them.
Oh, it was only temporary.
Then it became transitory.
That was the BS they were throwing out there.
It's a big trend.
And again, the current issue of the Trends Journal has the top trends for 2022 to help you prepare, prevail and prosper in the times ahead.
I've been at this for 41 years.
Never, never have I seen trends developing like we're seeing them now that are going to have such implications, both on the positive and the negative.
There are going to be a lot of on-trendpreneur opportunities.
And a big one is going to be in that metaverse as well.
Yep, like it, love it, hate it, it's gonna be here.
So remember, we're entering a whole new era, unparalleled in our history.
Stay tuned with InfoWars, subscribe to the Trends Journal, and go to Freedom, Peace, Justice via Vaccine Pass.
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And you, the supporters, the listeners, the people that pray for us, that spread the word, and that financially keep us on air, are like the boat or the raft I'm on.
That's why when you call in thanking me, I always say, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're all in this together.
Sure, thank me, but I'm thanking you.
Now more than ever,
As we are in late November 2021 going into the final month of 2021, it is so important to understand that the credibility of American patriots, the credibility of American
Nationalists and America Firsters has never been higher.
People know we're right about the New World Order.
They know we're right about the Great Reset and Build Back Better and the whole globalist program.
And so now is the time.
Yes, it's upsetting.
It's frightening unless you reach out and call for God to give you comfort, but it's supposed to be upsetting.
It's supposed to be frightening to get us moving.
And so I'm fighting, I'm sure you've noticed, harder than ever, producing more films and having more interviews and doing more live shows and doing more live events because I understand this is the most critical time ever.
So please, please listen to me and
Understand how amazing you are and how you've changed the world and how important you are.
You may feel small, but you're not.
The fact that you just support InfoWars, that's huge.
And obviously you're doing a lot more in your life every day, reaching out and waking people up.
So in the minute I have left here to talk to you, I just want to ask you for myself and my children and for your own future and your family's own future to realize
The Info Wars is True Blue.
We're the real deal and I know you are as well.
So I humbly thank you for your past support and I ask you for more support now than ever.
You can go to SaveInfoWars.com and make a donation.
And instead of when we sell a product, we make 20, 30, 40% on it.
That's still great.
We make 95% of your donation so we can fund our operations.
And I can allot the money coming in towards being on air, towards making films, towards fighting the New World Order and breaking critical stuff.
That's bringing tyrants to their knees.
Instead of spending all our money on legal fees.
So I cannot continue at the level we're at right now with these attacks.
We're gonna have to cut back, which the enemy wants, if we don't get some major support.
We have six trials coming up, the Democrats.
Our funding and running against us and we've got to put on strong defenses.
So I cannot stress to you how important it is to go to SaveInfoWars.com and make a $10, a $50, a $100, a $1,000 donation so that we can allocate the other funds towards staying on the air.
America is under attack and the voices of freedom are under attack.
Out of all the different voices that are under attack, InfoWars is under more attack than any other voice because we're over the target.
So thank you for keeping us on the air over the years.
Thank you for your investment in time and energy and prayer for operations.
And I'm just asking you now to redouble your efforts to share our articles and videos and information like never before.
And to also support us at InfoWarsTore.com, getting great products that really help you and your family at the same time and that support the InfoWar.
And or to make a straight donation at SaveInfoWars.com.
Thank you and God bless.