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Name: 20211203_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 3, 2021
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, highlighting recent victories by those opposing such measures. He also addresses concerns related to the vaccines, censorship of alternative viewpoints, and global responses to COVID-19. The show covers inhumane treatment of refugees, authoritarian measures taken during COVID-19, and the importance of individual action against oppressive measures. Additionally, Jones encourages people not to support large corporations that undermine their freedoms and rights, and discusses the legalization of abortion as a method of population control.

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I have a three-year-old.
Is there going to be a time that that can, am I going to be okay?
Is she going to be okay?
Or he going to be okay?
And let me say this, I strongly support the independent scientific review of vaccine uses for children under five.
We can't take shortcuts with that scientific work, but I'll do everything in my power to support the FDA to do this safely and quickly as possible when we get to that, around that point.
There we are!
So if you translate that, what's that really mean?
I'm going to forcibly inject newborns.
We already got above the 12-year-olds in the massive death, heart attacks, illness.
Now it's the 5-year-olds and up.
And Obama and Fauci, they come like ghouls and salivate at least three elementary schools while the crying children are injected.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
It was decided by the WHO in early 2021 to use the Greek alphabet as a means of naming the many COVID-19 variants that they somehow knew were coming down the pike.
Delta wasn't the first alleged variant of COVID, and there have supposedly been eight new variants since.
Omicron is merely the next one chosen to stir up fear via the corporate-run media.
Delta and Omicron may be the result of India and South Africa vying for independence over their own health protocols in October of 2020.
But either way, they skipped two letters of the Greek alphabet.
New and Xi.
The reason seems likely.
They skipped New because saying the New variant sounds exactly like saying the New variant.
And the Xi variant sounds as if we are naming it after Xi Jinping.
Which would be fitting, but the WHO obviously isn't going to do that.
So it ended up as Omicron.
Which is also interesting.
Omicron is symbolized by the eye.
Antigrams of Omicron are Moronic, which you would have to be if you were still going along with any of this, and Oncomere.
Oncomeres are small endogenous RNAs that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally.
They are part of the body's natural reaction to splicing and gene editing, and are specifically associated with cancer.
In 1963, the Italian film Omicron was released.
About an alien taking over a person's body to recon the planet for a future invasion.
Produced by Lux Films, which translates to Lucifer, the Light Bearer.
In 2013, the film The Visitor from Planet Omicron was released.
About a corrupt government that sends an alien to Earth to deliver a virus.
If you add the word Delta, as in the other big media hyped variant, then you have the anagram, Media Control.
This all reminds me of reverse speech, such as the famous Obama slogan, Yes We Can.
Yes we can.
Yes we can.
Yes we can.
That when played in reverse, sounds like, Thank you Satan.
Thank you Satan.
And when you play Omicron backwards, you get what some people are claiming sounds like, lock him up.
As if referring to their psychopathic patsy, Anthony Fauci.
Weird coincidence?
Are we living in the Matrix?
Or is it simply psy-op voodoo trickery?
Whatever it is, there is no escape from any of this madness until enough people wake up and say no.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Thanks to you kids, we now know the virus is a hoax.
They included flu, pneumonia, and other infections to boost the numbers.
Let's find out who is really behind it all.
Like, President Trump is definitely behind one of these phantoms.
Gigi Ping?
Dr. Fauci?
Like, I thought doctors were supposed to help people, not scare them.
Microsoft's Bill Gates?
Not only a computer guy, he's a notorious vaccine pusher who wants to reduce the world's population.
I get it.
So Bill Gates wanted to vaccinate everyone after Fauci convinced them there was a deadly disease outbreak.
That's diabolical.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Don't worry, kids.
These globalists won't get away with their pandemic hoax this time.
Where they're going, they'll be locked up for a long good while in the big house.
Better than a rock round at home!
Well, they really got us, ladies and gentlemen.
In their jaws.
On their horns.
They really got us.
They've got us.
To a host.
They've got us.
And the question is, do you want to get out of their jaws?
Before the process of our destruction is completed.
This is Modern War, and you're the target.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this Friday, December 3rd, worldwide transmission.
I think the best way for me to begin the broadcast is just to read you headlines and then to plow back into them in great detail, but here's the larger takeaway.
The puppet Joe Biden came out yesterday, and then his surrogates repeated it with more detail, and said he'll do everything, quote, in his power to make sure newborns are given access to the COVID injections.
Now, once they give emergency authorization, and then once you, quote, get access, that means the next day, Chicago, New York,
Boston, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and other leftist cities announce it's mandatory.
No judge, no jury, no law.
It's like his mandate on businesses with 100 or more employees.
It's just pulled out of the air.
Not even an executive order.
Just the decree of the king, who takes his orders, as he said, from Fauci.
He said, yeah, I'll give my wife to Fauci.
You know, really, he's the boss.
He's the real president, Fauci.
I'm just joking.
No, actually, I mean it.
That's another quote from yesterday.
Basically nailed it.
It's not even a paraphrase.
So there we are.
So if you translate that, what's that really mean?
I'm going to forcibly inject newborns.
He already got above the 12-year-olds in the massive death, heart attacks, illness.
Now it's the 5-year-olds and up.
And Obama and Fauci, they come like ghouls and salivate in at least three elementary schools while the crying children are injected.
And it's so over the top, people just can't believe that Joseph Mingala and Hitler just came to their school.
Just one has brown skin, so he's the brown Hitler.
And then he's got his Dr. Joseph Mingala there, 2.0, with him.
Who has a long history of taking black and poor white children.
There was no Hispanics ever on the list.
I guess Hispanics would fight back, I guess, culturally.
It's actually been found by the Globalist that generally Hispanics will actually just kill somebody if somebody tries to take their children.
But white people and black people have been bred and trained to submit.
And so the courts know, oh, let's just get those poor black kids.
Let's just go out to these, you know, the countryside, poor single mothers with white kids, and let's just grab them.
That's the two groups they targeted.
About 80% were black, though.
Look it up.
Thousands of articles in the 90s, back when the media still had some soul.
That was not totally owned by four companies.
And Fauci would take the children, as young as four, from their mothers, used a fake PCR test that had just come out to say that they had HIV, which they didn't,
And then when the children would escape, they'd take them and put them in lock-ups and put ports into their stomachs so that they couldn't get away, and they'd put toxic poisons in there till they died.
But nobody cares about that because it's just black children.
They do care about the German shepherds and beagles having cages put around their heads and the flesh-eating bugs under Fauci.
But Fauci specifically ran
In the 80s and 90s, testing on more than 10,000 children, many of which died.
It's over 10,000.
Oh, then you see the headline, oh, the CIA knowingly covered up the rape of children by CIA personnel.
Oh, and the CIA picked warlords in Afghanistan that were pedophiles and supplied them with children.
Oh, and, oh, oh, and the CIA with the German government
In West Germany, gave hundreds of thousands of children over 40 years from their parents, mainly Christian parents, was the group they targeted, and gave them to people to create a new form of love, they called it, pure nambla, that the new family would be men with little boys they have sex with, and women that have sex with little girls, and then teach them that that's love, so they go out and do it themselves to build an army.
The German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles.
And you know what's sick about the New Yorker magazine?
And what's sick about them all?
DW, the biggest channel in Germany, reported it years before they did.
And by the time it hit the US, they limited the number down to a few thousand instead of hundreds of thousands.
That's in the real reports.
30,000 in this city, 25,000 in that, 10,000 in this city.
I mean, they had files on this.
This was government-run, still ongoing, industrial level.
And that's who wants to come to your school now.
And inject your children, is the very same people, because I told you a thousand times, if I told you once, the globalists don't want to just rape your children.
They want to turn them into pedophiles like them.
But if they can't turn them into pedophiles, they're going to kill them.
They're going to inject them with a system that erases their immune system, makes them totally sick, and the answer is more shots, which will finally slowly kill your children, and they want to watch you, under orders, kill your child with them.
In the greatest form of blasphemy you could ever imagine.
Giving your children to the fires of Moloch.
And that's their plan.
I have stacks of news here today documenting all this.
So here's just some of the headlines.
Twitter slaps unsafe label on American Heart Association over mRNA vaccine warning because they said, sorry, you're not the WHO or you are not Pfizer.
Greg Reese filed a report this morning that just went live at Banned.Video.
We'll put it on screen for you.
There it is.
The inside voodoo of the Omicron Fear Campaign.
It just went live a few hours ago.
His Vimeo account has been banned and they sent him a notice.
He's doing a report on it saying, here, let me read the notice to you actually sent it to me.
He got sent a notice saying, you have been deleted for violating CDC and WHO protocol.
You just wake up and the UN's in charge.
Remember that Yahoo article a few months ago about the young collegiate athlete who had the near heart failure and heart attack and microcarditis after the Pfizer shot?
His doctor said, yeah, it was the Pfizer shot.
And his video had 5 million views.
And they deleted his video and said, if you re-upload it, we'll delete your account.
And he had his doctor go on the news and the press conference and say, hey, they put on the insert, it causes this.
This was caused by this.
And they said, we know you're telling the truth, but you're hurting the overall good because the shot does more good than bad, which by the way, doesn't.
And so you're not allowed to, the UN says.
We just sit here in America and the UN tells us what we can say and do.
And now, oh, sorry, that's not the WHO.
That's not, you're not the WHO.
So sorry, Twitter says to the American Heart Association, you're not allowed to tell your members and readers in a PSA that's your job, that this could kill you with a heart attack.
Or Michael, oh no, no, no, it's true, but you're not allowed to talk because you're not who?
The World Health Organization.
The big
Evil owl that's feeding on everybody.
And I have all these articles today about this happening, but our own Gregg Reese, oh, you're not going to show the COVID numbers, you're not going to show real facts, sorry, the UN says your video's deleted.
What's that mean?
The UN's watching.
And it's watching what you're doing.
Oh, we better roll over and kiss their ass now, then.
Maybe they'll be nicer to us if we just submit.
Maybe if you chum the ocean on the Atlantic with a bunch of rotten meat and cut yourself and jump in with sharks, they'll be sweet to you too.
So they're making a predatory move on us right now.
They have a burning will to kill children.
Just an overriding desire to just rape and stab and just torture and make, they just love it.
And they're killing so many children worldwide with these poison shots right now.
They are just having an orgy of death.
This is the hill to fight on.
This is the hill to die on.
I'm not backing down.
In fact, I've never been more alive and more ready to do whatever it takes to defend our children.
But we don't have any more time.
Our children are being killed right in front of us and I want to explain how psychology works and how the globalists operate so that everybody can get the perspective and then see it for yourself.
Because they don't operate like you and I do, okay?
Now listen to me very, very carefully here on the Alex Jones Show.
We are 340 days out from the midterm elections.
They know there's going to be a tsunami bigger than it was in 2016, bigger than it was in last year's and this year's election as well.
And so they are in a total and complete panic.
And they've got a whole array of things they're going to do
To smokescreen and shut down society and start wars and crash economies so that things are so out of control, you just accept another stolen election.
They are putting you into this abnormal, confused state.
They're putting you into martial law ahead of an even deeper level of martial law that's coming in just 340 days.
I told you specifically, months before the 2020 election on November 3rd,
That they would then totally ban Trump off of the internet within the first week after the fraudulent election.
That they would say it was a red mirage.
That they would deliver all of the mail-in ballots they needed to then complete the fraud.
That they would then try to outlaw questioning the election.
All of that happened exactly as I said.
Because I know the enemy battle plan.
That's why they hate me so much because I don't need to read their documents.
I can see right through everything they're doing.
And so can you once you get the perspective.
I played that video yesterday of the Florida Everglades with the family on the side of the road by some culverts on a creek catching fish.
And they're watching the fish swim around in the lure.
And they don't see a 10-foot alligator swim right up by the little five-year-old girl about to eat her.
Because they're so focused on the fish and the lure, they don't see the big giant thing right there in front of them.
But once you see it, you can't miss the alligator.
And the little girl finally sees it and says, oh, the alligator's coming over to me.
Maybe he thinks I'm going to slip in.
No, he's about to grab you.
It's the same thing.
You've got to shift your perspective from the bass and the reeds and the lure to the 10-foot alligator.
I can talk about this news and this information all day long, but if you don't get the perspective of the globalists and what they're out for, because you want to go fishing, the alligator wants to eat you.
You want to go surfing in the Pacific Ocean, the great white shark wants to eat you.
You want to drive down the road and go see your grandma, but a crazy crackhead at the four-way stop wants to steal a car because he's high out of his mind, he's about to carjack you.
So don't measure the world by what you want and what you're doing and about where you're going.
Start looking around and really figuring out history and how these globalists are operating.
So before I hit all this huge news, let me just lay this out.
And again, this is about perspective.
The globalists have created thousands of trillions of fake currency worldwide.
They've engaged in all sorts of horrible, bizarre crimes to get there.
They've used sex and pedophile rings to compromise the corporate and governmental infrastructure of academia, science, banking, the religious institutions, basically everything.
They've gotten control of the top.
They've got unlimited fake money.
But they know that all of that's spiraling out of control and their own minions are ratting them out and their own people.
Look at the fall of Hollywood as a microcosm of the fall of the house of Rothschild and Rockefeller and the Saxo-Bergothis.
That whole facade, that whole institution is going down.
So it needs to trigger a world collapse ahead of time so that it can be in control of the collapse and use the collapse to maintain and expand their power.
And that's why you've got to get in the perspective of them and what they've done.
They've launched modern 21st century biological and chemical war on us, posing as the saviors in white lab coats, who even created the virus itself publicly, believing that you're too stupid to figure it out, and that as things get worse and worse, as they hold your hand and lead you into total destruction,
That you'll never be able to admit what they've done to you because of the mass programming of the mass Stockholm Syndrome system and the learned helplessness.
So I'm going to do this when we come back, but I want to be totally clear about this.
I am not attacking President Trump and Senator Paul when I come back because I'm even mad at him.
I'm not attacking them because I want to say I'm holier than them and I'm smarter than them and I was right and I knew more than they did.
It's not what this is about.
This is about lighting a fire under their ass to get them to save themselves and save us in the process because they are leaders and I know they're both good men.
Because if we want to sit here and be mad at Trump for authorizing the poison death shot and the horrible crime he's now a party to if he doesn't soon say no to this and stand up, is Senator Paul.
He's the one that advised Trump.
Trump, trust him.
And Paul blinded himself because he's a good doctor and just couldn't believe that actually roll out a poisonous injection.
And he knows that inoculation is a real technology.
And so he signed on to this.
And now he's got to extricate himself out of that.
So instead of talking about how bad Biden is and how he's coming at it with the newborn babies starting January 1st, or how Germany's announced martial law and says forced inoculation with the military door-to-door is coming February 1st, or all the incredible videos of people in what are described as outdoor dog cages in Australia, begging and being abused by the guards, and the left sees the videos and says, those aren't real, even though they're confirmed to be real.
We'll get to all that.
We got Robert Barnes in studio with big news.
But if you don't understand why they're doing it and where it's coming from and the globalist mindset and how you don't get in their club unless you're ruthless and unless you'll have sex with children and that's just the beginning.
If you won't kill children you don't get in the higher echelons.
And we could sit here
And make this all about the bad guys.
But why aren't we asking ourselves, why aren't the good guys?
Because there are good people in government and good people in corporations.
Why aren't they speaking out?
Why aren't they doing more?
And the answer is they're trying to balance things and they're waiting for us.
They're waiting for somebody else to be a leader so it's not as dangerous for them.
And that's where I come in.
And that's where you come in, because yes, I will do whatever it takes to expose this, no matter what happens to me personally, because I realize we're going to lose everything in the end anyways if we don't.
And so the only shot we've got is securing the future for our children and doing what other men of honor did in the past, and that's where we are.
And so you see Joe Rogan doing the right thing.
You see Tucker Carlson doing the right thing.
You see Paul starting to do the right thing and Trump edging towards it.
Well, let's drag them into the light and let's make them do the right thing.
Not by going to their houses and breaking their ribs or shooting them at baseball games, but by doing what Stu Peters did where he confronted the White House Chief of Staff Meadows, former Chief of Staff, about what the hell is Trump doing with his shot?
We've got that clip as well when we come back.
Stay with us.
While we speak, hundreds of thousands of children, soon it'll be millions, across the Western world, not just in America, are being injected with the poisonous GMO bioweapon.
Please put on screen today's live show headline, please.
And I'm going to lay out how we stop it right now, together.
Friday, emergency broadcast.
Biden pledges to forcibly inject all babies at birth with Pfizer's bioweapon.
Meanwhile, the globalist-controlled CIA has been caught protecting massive pedophile rings in the CIA.
The Great Reset is here.
Its goal is to depopulate the Earth.
Tune in now and learn how we can fight back and win.
So there are a lot of chinks in the New World Order armor, and I try to attack every one of them.
Obviously, you being awake, you praying to God, you taking action, that's the number one thing.
That's the ocean in which we swim.
Being an example to others of telling the truth and being persecuted to inspire others doesn't intimidate real men.
It's also another thing you can do, and I've done that, thanks to you keeping me in the arena.
You've done that.
Your gravity, your support has held us there.
Your gravitas, your will.
Thank you for joining wills with me.
And there are so many ways to fight the tyrants.
You're not going to change the hearts of Fauci and Biden and their controllers.
They love the fact that you know they're murderers.
They love the fact you know they're pedophiles.
It's funny to them.
Joe Biden loves the fact that he's always passed his wife around at sex orgies.
That's why I bragged about it yesterday with Fauci.
It's well known.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
They have sex with their children, for God's sakes.
That's just the open door to this devilry.
So, when you look at all that, you can demonize them all day long, and they deserve it, and it's important to do, but
More important is understanding why Donald Trump went along with Warp Speed.
And if you understand that, you understand how to get Trump to wake up and go against the globalists.
And we have to get him on record.
We have to get him noticed.
We have to let him know.
And then if Trump, by a deadline,
Does not come out and start telling the truth.
We have to then have a large convention through our shows and our broadcast.
And a consensus needs to be developed on something that's important with not just this broadcast, but other shows and listeners and have a large sounding board committee discussion.
And then we have to decide what we're going to do about Trump because I gave him the benefit of the doubt and knew the globalists hated him so much and
Wasn't sure exactly which avenue they were going down a year and a half ago.
But now it's extremely clear what's happening.
And people say, well, he's out of office now.
Why don't we just move on from Trump?
No, Trump gets basically everybody he supports elected.
He is a big drive in the Republican Party, a big fundraiser, and he's getting a lot of good people elected.
Some aren't perfect, but they're a lot better than Democrats.
And so they want to destroy Trump because he's an asset for America.
And if we could really get him to wake up, he'd be a total asset.
Now, that's my thoughts on that.
But it's important to understand how Trump got sucked into Operation Warp Speed.
They came to him and said, hey, we need right to try law.
They won't let people have drugs that have been out for decades that'll probably save them, even though they're terminal.
And Trump said, yeah, let's pass a law that people that are adults are allowed to do whatever experimental therapy they want.
I'm all for that.
I'm like, yes, innovation.
Then they come to him and say, sir, mRNA, it'll totally save people.
It'll keep the economy open.
If we don't keep the economy open, it'll cause a chain reaction and starve tens of millions to death worldwide.
Trump talked to Senator Paul, and Senator Paul's like, I've looked at the mRNA technology, it looks like it's going to work, sir.
I guess we need to go ahead with it.
They didn't see the fine print, they didn't know, and it got rammed through.
Well, now everybody knows it massive increases in the statistics of you dying if you've had these shots, and doesn't protect you, and increases your chances of getting COVID and being seriously ill or dying.
So we know that's all a fraud.
And so now is the time to aggressively get in the face of the Republican Party.
We're good to go.
Because more people will then stand up, because courage is contagious, and then they won't be able to stop us all.
It's like when they draw the line in the sand, and whoever is going to stay, step across, whoever's going to go, don't step across.
And when you realize you have nothing else to lose, and the globalists are going to get worse and worse, and take more and more freedoms, do more and more horrible things, and that submission is death, then you're not going to go along with it.
I mean, things are only going to get worse when we submit to this.
And if you want to know where we're going next segment, I will play a lot of these clips for you.
But speaking of clips, let's go to Biden.
Remember when he says he wants to make it available to newborns?
That means mandatory.
Just like right after they said, oh, available to 12 and up?
Available five and up?
So what he's saying is we're coming with mandatory injections.
And whatever you see in Germany or Australia is coming here, here he is.
I have a three-year-old.
Is there going to be a time that that can, am I going to be okay?
Is she going to be okay?
Or is he going to be okay?
And let me say this, I strongly support the independent scientific view of vaccine uses for children under five.
We can't take shortcuts with that scientific work, but I'll do everything in my power to support the FDA to do this safely and quickly as possible when we get around to that point.
Oh, we got to do it as safely and good and not rush it.
When it's all secret, it's all rushed.
They try to suppress the FDA documents of in just the first few weeks of the injections, mass death.
We covered that yesterday.
More is breaking on that as we speak.
Now here's Senator Paul getting it right, going in the right direction.
But he needs to come out and say, we were misled about these shots, they are causing major health problems, they're erasing immune systems, I was wrong, I was conned into Operation Warp Speed, and Trump would follow suit immediately, because he really respects Dr. Paul.
They're friends now.
So Rand Paul's the person to lobby and to target, and I'm not saying we go to sit-ins next week.
I'm simply saying
We need to put him on notice that we see him as a real leader.
The children demand protection.
They're trying to make all this forced right now.
The parents are being manipulated into doing it.
We need to stand for the children.
And he needs to admit he was wrong.
Because he's one of the main people that got Trump to go along with this.
Here's Senator Paul.
...their new $5 trillion reconciliation plan, and there's no accountability for Fauci.
Look, we know that he lied under oath.
Will there be any accountability for lying to your face?
We've referred him to the Department of Justice, but then again Merrick Garland is the one now going after parents that go to school board meetings, so I don't have a lot of hope that he is actually going to be objectively looking at Fauci's lying.
But Fauci should go to prison for five years for lying to Congress.
They've prosecuted other people, they've selectively gone after Republicans.
But in no way will they do anything about him lying.
But he should be prosecuted for lying.
But at the very least he should be taken out of his position.
Because I think he costs people lives through misinformation.
Every time he tells people...
And it's Fauci that created the virus and Fauci that ran the vaccine program with Bill Gates.
And so you need to say, oh, he lied to us on all this now.
All right.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show as we broadcast worldwide in defiance of tyranny and their censorship.
Thanks to you, the listeners and viewers, affiliates and great crew.
We are one happy family in this joyous fight against tyranny.
The joy of battle.
All right, listen, here's the deal.
Robert Barnes has been filing suits with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
around the country.
He's here filing another suit on Friday in Waco with the big whistleblower.
He first broke that here a few months ago before it ever broke a month before anybody else.
He's the lawyer behind it.
This dovetails in with the new FDA and CDC documents that came out where they knew it killed thousands in just the first few weeks of the injections.
That's all next hour.
And so much more.
And also the attacks on the 7th Amendment and the attacks on the 5th Amendment that are going on.
The committee chairman of the January 6th committee, the witch hunt, has said that I, Roger Stone, and anybody else, I got the clip next hour, that takes the 5th means we're guilty and that we're criminals.
And that we should go to jail.
That is, again, just complete monstrosity, a 180 from what our country is.
But look at my civil trials.
Oh, you don't get a jury trial.
And Yahoo News is like, oh, he wants a jury.
Oh, you don't get that.
It's a power grab, folks.
These people are bullies.
And they're too stupid to realize they're destroying their own future along with ours.
So you're living in the midst of a globalist
Elite revolution by the moneyed powers and the moneyed class through their minions against the general public.
Why would they want to destroy a middle class?
Henry Ford had problems, but he knew, I want to pay my employees enough to buy my car.
Why should he just sell a hundred to a hundred rich people when he could sell a million to the new middle class?
They don't want a middle class, ladies and gentlemen.
They don't want that.
You understand?
So, getting back to Senator Paul, I really want the listeners to have this sink in, because I know you're smart.
That instead of pressuring Democrats to stop raping us and enslaving us, we need to pressure Republicans, legally and lawfully, because they always say we're calling for violence and we're calling the opposite.
If violence worked, they've already attacked us a lot, I'd be calling for it.
They've got it all set up where it'll backfire on us.
So I don't just add a proviso, let's not be violent, wink wink.
No, do not, do not throw the first punch.
Do not shoot first.
Go back to Lexington and Concord at Bunker Hill.
What did the captain of the militia say?
He said, we don't want a war to start today.
We're not going to shoot first.
But if they shoot first, it's a war they want.
It's a war they'll get.
So we're here.
We've been warning the people.
We've been preparing our forces to peacefully beat this.
But they're coming for the children.
They're actually attacking the children now.
So we have a responsibility.
So I'm not going to spend my time on Fauci.
I'm going to spend my time on the people that can stop this.
And there's nothing wrong with when you're admitted to be wrong.
And when you're a good person and you tell people you were wrong, and Rand Paul needs to say, listen, I believe in vaccines.
They're real technology.
They can have problems.
This isn't a vaccine.
Now they're trying to force on everybody.
It's making everybody really, really sick.
Here's the statistics.
He's really smart.
Here's the numbers.
I've known him since before he would have his medical degree.
And I was interviewing Rand Paul in 1996.
We're good to go.
Just because we're faced with horrible, evil circumstances, just because the globalists are assaulting everybody, just because it sounds crazy to talk about all this, we've got to be like Tucker Carlson.
And say, okay, Alex Jones is right.
We're really in deep trouble.
This is real fascism.
This is a real war.
They're really killing us.
That's the only way to beat it, isn't it?
You're in a fight?
I mean, if your house is on fire, you go, well, I choose not to admit it's on fire.
I'm just going to claim that it's missing a few shingles.
Your house is going to burn down.
But if you admit the house is on fire, there's still time to put it out, ladies and gentlemen.
But we've got to admit how much trouble we're in.
So yeah, coming out and saying arrest Fauci takes a lot of courage.
He's done that.
Coming out and saying you shouldn't forcefully inoculate people and people who have natural immunities way, way better, so why are you trying to make them take a shot?
Yeah, that's logic, that's common sense, but the rest of the way, Senator, where they admit in all these studies I've got here, mainline studies, that it erases your immune system.
To take these injections, and that it's not a vaccine, and that it's causing heart attacks and blood clots, and that your own speeches on the Senate floor about it have been censored.
That's not just wrong, it's dangerous.
And it's not just dangerous, it's clear and present tyranny that's not just a clear and present danger, it's a clear and present hammer hitting us in the damn head.
We're already going out to protest Beto tomorrow.
We're already going to go out and protest at some of the vaccine injection centers where they're shooting the kids up.
I'm doing what I said I'll do.
I need you to do similar things.
And we need folks to go to Mar-a-Lago and protest.
We need Trump supporters to go there and protest Trump and get him to come out against Fauci and this damn shot and say he was misled.
But I'm not holding my breath.
We get Rand Paul to do it, Trump will follow.
He's the type of guy that puts total faith in doctors and total faith in the military.
And some doctors are great, and some military are great, and some suck.
But it doesn't matter.
We get Rand Paul.
He's the real point.
The whole house of cards comes down and we're this close and we've already are getting Ted Cruz and we're already getting Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley.
We are driving them into political combat with the globalists as they're supposed to do as American senators standing up for this country against the crazy multinational corporations that think they're going to get away with all this because they can sit back and watch us destroy each other from afar.
And that's another huge part of the solutions here.
Get the Stu Peters clip ready, please.
Klaus Schwab.
That's the top tier.
Those are the guys at the top.
And there's other ones in the shadows.
They're all related.
It's one damn group.
You want to talk about some inbred white people, folks, this is them.
And the Rothschilds 200 years ago bred into them.
Well, 250 had started, but the Rothschilds had bred into these people 250 years ago, and they're basically Saxe-Coburg-Gotha now.
You can sit there and look at the size of the enemy and all the stuff they're up to and think, well, we just can't beat them.
They're going to kill you anyways.
All you can do is fight now.
And if you identify them and you expose them, they will go down.
They will be destroyed by their own operation.
But we don't have time to play games.
Now here's Stu Peters getting Mark Meadows on.
Stu Peters, frequent guest host.
And confronting him about Trump and saying, we need you to do something about this.
Cause you know, Mark Meadows is hearing from his constituents that Trump is destroying himself and helping kill a bunch of people being part of this.
Here it is.
Does the president know that the shots that they're calling vaccines that he's pushing on the entire populace are killing all kinds of people?
You know, I don't know that he knows any of that as it relates to the vaccine, Stu.
I can tell you that... If I give you the information, would you bring it to him?
Because they're pushing this on our kids.
Yeah, you shouldn't send it to us.
Obviously, I forwarded other information to him, but if you send it to me, I'll be glad to make sure it gets in his hands.
So we need to see a lot more of that.
Bravo, Stu Peters, Red Voice Media.
All right.
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It was decided by the WHO in early 2021 to use the Greek alphabet as a means of naming the many COVID-19 variants that they somehow knew were coming down the pike.
Delta wasn't the first alleged variant of COVID, and there have supposedly been eight new variants since.
Omicron is merely the next one chosen to stir up fear via the corporate-run media.
Delta and Omicron may be the result of India and South Africa vying for independence over their own health protocols in October of 2020.
But either way, they skipped two letters of the Greek alphabet, nu and g. The reason seems likely.
They skipped new because saying the new variant sounds exactly like saying the new variant.
And the Xi variant sounds as if we are naming it after Xi Jinping.
Which would be fitting, but the WHO obviously isn't going to do that.
So it ended up as Omicron.
Which is also interesting.
Omicron is symbolized by the eye.
Antigrams of Omicron are Moronic, which you would have to be if you were still going along with any of this, and Oncomere.
Oncomeres are small endogenous RNAs that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally.
They are part of the body's natural reaction to splicing and gene editing, and are specifically associated with cancer.
In 1963, the Italian film, Omicron, was released.
About an alien taking over a person's body to recon the planet for a future invasion.
Produced by Lux Films, which translates to Lucifer, the Light Bearer.
In 2013, the film, The Visitor from Planet Omicron, was released.
About a corrupt government that sends an alien to Earth to deliver a virus.
If you add the word Delta, as in the other big media hyped variant, then you have the anagram, Media Control.
This all reminds me of reverse speech, such as the famous Obama slogan, Yes We Can.
Yes we can.
Yes we can.
Yes we can.
That when played in reverse, sounds like, Thank you Satan.
Thank you Satan.
And when you play Omicron backwards, you get what some people are claiming sounds like, lock him up.
As if referring to their psychopathic patsy, Anthony Fauci.
Weird coincidence?
Psyop voodoo trickery.
Whatever it is, there is no escape from any of this madness until enough people wake up and say no.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
This report has been censored and taken off the web, but it's available at Gregg Reese's site on Banned.Video.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with a good old-fashioned public health care.
No one's immune.
A new disease.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
All right!
Robert Barnes is in studio.
He came to Texas to file the suit that he first broke here on air months ago before it even hit the news with a major FDA whistleblower that has also been interviewed by the British Medical Journal and confirmed that they suppressed evidence of massive adverse reactions and deaths
And then passed on the data that had been filtered to the highest levels of the FDA.
Well, a federal court ruled last week that they had to start releasing 500 pages a month of the hundreds of thousands of pages that they're saying will take 50 plus years to release now.
So, in a way, the court gave them what they wanted.
They said, give us 50 plus years to release it, 55 years.
They said, no, you've got to start now, but it will actually take, strangely enough, 55 years.
I've got the articles right here to do it.
So, in a way, they kind of
It's like in the fables, you ask a genie for gold, you better ask for it 10 feet in front of you because it'll drop the ton of gold on top of you.
So they said, you know, let us wait 55 years.
They said, OK, but you've got to start now.
Well, the first 30 pages came out, as many of you know, on Wednesday.
Devastating information, just hard to even believe.
And we went over that in great detail.
Finally, there's some news articles about it two days later.
Do you think I'm excited that this broke on Wednesday and that almost no one else covered it?
Made me physically ill.
Finally, last night and today, a bunch of articles finally.
We'll show you some of those.
This is just earth-shaking.
It makes me catch my breath.
It makes me start having an anxiety attack because we know that there's children everywhere with Obama and Fauci at the elementary schools helping inject the children with something that is so damn deadly.
So it's very fortuitous that Barnes is here.
There's been a new development with the Tennessee court.
The courts are very active right now, so new info has come out of a better way to file.
So he's filing next week now in this huge case with the whistleblower, but it's on record that's happening.
But Barnes, wow, what a time to be alive.
I mean, this is, if you wanted to be villains, Bill Gates and Fauci couldn't script something better where no matter what they do or how much censorship they pull, they are the new definition of the devil.
They are the new Hitlers.
Well, I mean, yeah, it's extraordinary, and the kind of power that they're trying to assert, and the one thing that we're seeing that's good is we're seeing courts push back on the attempts to basically recreate an emergency exception of the Constitution.
The old Weimar Constitution of Europe was considered the greatest constitution of Europe at the time, yet it led to the rise of the Nazis, even though the Nazis never obtained majority support from the German public.
We're good.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's recognized now as the greatest problem with the Weimar Constitution and with any kind of constitutional government is if there's any emergency exception, you have no rights.
Well, that's how third world countries always get overthrown.
And it's the old Mexican saying that, you know, constitution made of paper, blade made of steel.
And the net effect of this has been that our constitution deliberately chose to never have an emergency exception in it.
Even though at the time of the founders, there were pandemics every other year during the revolutionary era.
The reason why there was no pandemic exception is because there was no emergency exception, because any emergency exception would swallow the rule.
But what has happened historically, governments in the U.S.
have tried to use emergency exception to do the detentions of people based on their ancestry in the case of the Korematsu case, use it to do vaccinations under Jacobson, use it to do forced sterilization and eugenics in the 1920s.
And the Biden administration has reopened that can of worms by trying to create, find everywhere in the law,
Let's be clear, they're taking old eugenics law that was the model from America for the Nazis and bring it back and they're citing, you warned about Amy Comey Barrett when she was getting confirmed, she cited the damn case!
That the Nazis cited at Nuremberg saying don't put us in prison we have this case!
I mean, the Jacobson decision was basically an exception to the constitutional rights and remedies that existed.
It was used as the basis to do forced sterilization, then used as the basis to do forced detention camps.
And what the Biden administration has done is they've tried to create, there's an emergency exception for OSHA safety rules, they used that to try to mandate the vaccine in that context.
They claimed an emergency exception for- For the CDC to grab all the housing.
They used the emergency exception as well to claim that they could mandate through Medicare and Medicaid every health ins-
Every health group in the country was going to have to mandate vaccines.
Then they used, in fact, you look at the Safer Task Force Committee, there's a good case by the American First Legal Foundation they brought in D.C.
where what has happened is they actually used a committee, the Safer Task Force for Coronavirus.
You look at its legal origin, it's supposed to be a labor council for longshoremen.
And they took the Labor Council for Longshoremen, converted it into the Safer Task Force to mandate vaccines on everybody.
Then, last but not least, they're using the Emergency Use Authorization Statute, which was for release of a special immunizing or therapeutic drug if a biologic agent was released during war.
They're using that same emergency... They're using nuclear war, bio war, end-of-the-world provisions.
To now mandate the vaccine for children.
And so the suit we are filing here in Texas that I talked to clients and they signed up this week to add to the suit is parents who are concerned of the misuse and abuse of emergency powers to inject their kids with an experimental drug that the kids don't need that is uniquely dangerous to the kids for a virus that is not unique.
So World War III, end of the world, breaking case of nuclear war, bio war,
Emergency is being used here and people need to know when they see Kramer on TV or they see all these people saying let's just have the military go door-to-door.
It's been done before.
No it hasn't.
It was done in very select areas against poor people and black people and stuff like that and it never got off the books but people stopped doing it.
So just because there's some evil-ass law still on the books doesn't mean we follow it.
The way to think of it is these are all martial law type provisions.
These are provisions meant to only break in case of emergency.
And what's happening is here we are almost three years now into this and they're still using the same emergency excuses for extraordinary legal provisions to mandate that people take the, whether it's the OSHA rule, whether it's the Medicare rule.
And obviously it was a permanent emergency.
Now people get it.
It's never going to stop.
Oh yeah, exactly, because there's going to be a new variant every other six months.
Can you believe Germany says February 1st forced injections begin?
Door to door.
That's going to be explosive.
And it's going to be constant.
All these people who got the vaccine who said, okay, at least it won't be a problem.
Even Jordan Peterson said he made the mistake of getting it thinking they'd finally leave him alone.
Now they're going to be booster shots over.
In fact, employers are now already starting to announce that if to be fully vaccinated, you now have to go get your booster shot.
Well, as they've officially said a year and a half ago, Gates said, oh, this is every quarter you get a shot.
It was always baked in.
And then sooner or later, it's what else do they need to put in your body for the purposes of health or security or safety?
It's going to be permanent.
Well, they'd have the Omicron vaccines magically ready.
Yeah, exactly.
And it's going to be constant.
There's going to be new booster shots for each new variant.
And even though it won't really work, they can't test it effectively to do so.
And the data and information that's now coming out, we also are looking at suit for our whistleblower because they lied about where she worked.
The people that she worked for claim she didn't work for them.
And yet we have the emails, the documents, the British Medical Journal confirmed it.
There's a lot of fraud involved.
They're willing... Why would they go to such great lengths to pretend that this whistleblower blew the whistle on the complete lack of safety and efficacy in the vaccines for COVID-19?
Why would they pretend she wasn't even working for the COVID-19 Pfizer clinical trials?
Because this is what criminal organizations do.
This is Lex Luthor crap.
It's because what she knows is so damaging and so damning that they had to lie about her working there.
So we're going to bring suit against the people there.
We're going to sue people individually who were part of it.
So a lot of these publicists are used to being able to lie for their clients without individual consequence, and there needs to be individual consequences.
We're going to go over this when we come back, but what do you make of the
American Heart Association being censored by Twitter for saying, hey, there's an increased heart attack risk with Pfizer and Moderna on the label.
They just pointed out there was a label and they said, well, you're not allowed to scare people.
So they don't want you reading the fine print.
I mean, this is next level evil.
Well, that's one of the things we're adding to our suit is really the they are illegally violating the advertising rules.
Both the Sesame Street did this, CDC did this, FDA did this.
And you said that when you were on two weeks ago.
And you look at the detail, I was going through all the different laws, and the laws require that they disclose this information.
That anything that's, any adverse side effects, it has to be disclosed in any advertising or promotion of any drug, period.
And here the people violating these laws
Are the FDA and CDC themselves, because they're the ones putting out information about this vaccine that is mislabeled the vaccine.
It's mislabeled as a vaccine in the first place.
We're going to be challenging that as well and adding that to the system.
It's just a tissue of fraud.
What do you call something when every it's a giant complex house of mirrors?
I mean, they well, they it's a it is such a well, what webs we weave when first we set out to deceive.
We're going to get into January 6.
All right.
We're going to get into just Lane Maxwell case and how they're really
Controlling that.
The judge said, oh, nothing lewd or upsetting to the public can be seen.
Oh, for the children to not hear about children being raped.
We're going to cover it up and keep it to only a few people.
That's coming up next segment.
But Barnes.
Twitter slaps unsafe label on American Heart Association mRNA vaccine warning.
Our own Greg Reese's report showing of the new variant garbage got censored by Vimeo saying, oh the UN, the WHO says this is inaccurate.
Just, even if he was lying, which he's not, the UN's in charge?
Is YouTube now presuming to be in charge of science?
Big article on InfoWars.com by the Brownstone Institute.
The details all of this and lays it all out.
And they are now big tech telling you what is science and what isn't.
FBA expedites review process on Omicron vaccines and drugs.
Oh, they're gonna come up with whole new things, they claim.
Soon as it's authorized, even by emergency, now you gotta take it.
Soon as Biden says, hey, it's authorized for children, the next day, well, your child has to take it.
Manchin joins GOP Everton, nicks Biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses.
That is good news.
Manchin's getting better and better.
Infowars interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
on COVID tyranny.
A big, exclusive, long, powerful interview with Robert Kennedy Jr., who I'm just really admiring.
He's doing such a great job under massive attack for telling the truth.
He is really a champion.
You need to pray for him.
Big interview at Band.Video.
Hope you share that.
Legal victory.
Court upholds Texas ban on school mask mandates.
And so much more.
Also, big news breaking over Gateway Pundit.
More scientists and journalists exposing that all these studies indicate COVID-19 is a designed bioweapon with a toxic structure that may be replicated in vaccines.
No, it's not maybe.
It is.
Daily Mail.
AstraZeneca uncovers trigger of blood clots after its jab.
Oh, they now admit it.
And Biden unveils a plan to forcibly inject the world.
That's here in America.
Spanish investigation finds vaccine passports have no impact on infection rates.
And look at these.
Marshall Law in Germany.
Merkel to enforce lockdown for unvaccinated.
And they go on to report the articles.
Force injections start February 1st.
Wow, we could be talking a lot about that.
New York City mandates 5 and up.
Take the shot.
Oh, now they're authorized.
Now they're mandated.
Robert Barnes, finish up getting into the suit you're now filing next week, some of the other suits you're involved in, the big court battles that are happening, a lot of defeats for Big Pharma and the Deep State.
I think part of Omnicron being released wasn't just to smokescreen the CIA pedophile rings, we'll cover next segment, but also to smokescreen all of this information coming up.
Yeah, I mean, I think, well, finally courts are stepping up because it's so excessive and so egregious and so over-the-top to say that you can have an emergency right to using the emergency declarative controls of OSHA, which is supposed to be about something happens at a particular plant or, in this context, whether it's a bioweapon or something else.
Nuclear plant blows up and you declare emergency in the area.
You don't just declare an emergency because Fauci cooked a virus up.
Or you have something go wrong in some place, we got a tornado hits a chemical factory, something like that.
That's what the emergency rules are designed for.
They haven't even used them in 30 plus years.
And now they're using those to mandate a vaccine on over 100 million plus Americans.
Then they have regulatory control over Medicare and Medicaid.
The law specifically says you cannot use this to dictate terms of employment or try to practice medicine.
And what do they do?
They use it to dictate the terms of employment and try to practice medicine.
Because that's what this is.
Requiring someone to get a certain medical treatment is effectively the practice of medicine and has been considered as such.
Part of a suit that's pending in South Carolina.
It's like Biden's our doctor.
Fauci's our doctor.
Bill Gates is our doctor.
They don't even see us.
They just say, I don't care if you have immunity.
You'll take this.
And so the courts have finally stepped in and said no to that.
The circuit ruled it was invalid.
The Sixth Circuit is considering it now for all the circuits.
Then on top of that, the federal court in Louisiana said this didn't have any basis.
And here's the other thing that's good about all these court cases.
They're actually finally putting the test of evidence to the claims made by those who support a vaccine mandate.
And what has happened throughout this entire pandemic, policy, public health interventions, is that when they face judicial scrutiny, when they face evidentiary scrutiny, they fail.
And that's what happened with what the court mentioned in the Fifth Circuit case in OSHA, what the federal court in Louisiana mentioned, another federal court in Kentucky mentioned, another federal court in Missouri mentioned.
What all of them are saying is you look at the evidence, there is no evidence at all that vaccine mandates will reduce any level of transmission or of the virus.
We're good to go.
And now we're seeing additional examples of it.
You go back to the advertising.
I mean, what is FDA?
FDA historically was a labeling agency.
FDA was not a practicing medicine agency.
It was supposed to be somebody to make sure that your green beans are actually green beans.
It was back in the 19-teens and 1920s when people were mislabeling one kind of meat as another kind of meat.
It was there to verify that instead of somebody giving you corn syrup, it was really honey.
It was just to verify that what is in this container is what they say.
What it never was supposed to be.
Now, oh, it's secret.
You can't know.
Oh, secret government agreements.
Not really scientists either.
I mean this is not some master super scientific super medical institution.
That's not what they are.
These are bureaucrats checking labels.
But one of the things they are supposed to do is make sure the label matches the advertising.
So what you're talking about there is when the American Medical Association simply points out what is required to be in the label.
And what is required to be in the label for these gene therapies disguised as vaccines is the risk of myocarditis, the risk of pericarditis.
Because it is so substantial, so substantiated, seen so repeatedly, we see it in athletes literally dropping dead around the world right in front of our eyes on camera, or suffering severe health consequences live at a rate we've never seen before.
And who is the biggest risk factor?
Young men for these heart problems from these vaccines.
And just going back to what you were just talking about, about the American Heart Association and other U.S.
Senators being censored, saying, well, the W.H.O.
doesn't agree with that.
Why don't the Senators and the House members and the American Heart Association and others get mad as institutions and say, what is the U.N.
doing saying the American Heart Association can't point out that on these vaccines there's been a warning?
I mean, that's like, why can't the American Heart Association say blood's red?
Well, blood's really red, but you're not the U.N., so you're not allowed to say it.
What's amazing here is the law actually requires that to be disclosed.
The law requires all of the side effects to be listed.
The law requires all the risks to be highlighted.
So why such an insane hubris and arrogance?
Well, because the truth will set ordinary people free, but the truth will be a problem for those people who are trying to force this down everybody's throat.
So this is all desperation.
So why did they launch such a desperate operation?
Because if I wanted to destroy myself, if I was the power structure, I would start a fight like this.
I think there's probably a lot of reasons for their motivation, but look at their history.
Historically, nobody's meaningfully fought back.
Historically, most people have folded.
And historically, it's like when psychopaths call the police department up, I'm going to kill tonight, you can't stop me.
They just get reckless and more reckless.
And historically, they have known that a lot of people around the world won't fight back.
I mean, when eugenics came through in the beginning of the 20th century, very few people fought back.
Connie Buck didn't even have her own lawyer.
It was a lawyer working for the other side in secret.
So, I mean, the ordinary person, usually in Korematsu, a few people fought back and they lost.
So the system is used to winning and prevailing under these circumstances.
So that's why, and they just see a bunch of people they think are weak, so why not kill us?
Exactly, just run them over.
And they're used to it working, and they are surprised at the degree of pushback, and when they get pushback, what do they do?
They become more and more desperate.
Like Hitler and his bombing campaign of England that turned the Brits towards war.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very, very honored to be here.
Robert Barnes riding shotgun with me.
I don't like to make myself the subject of the show.
It's just the enemy always does that.
It's all over the news.
Here's the headline on a Gateway Pundit.
January 6th committee chairman, Benny Thompson, says if you exercise your constitutional right by pleading the Fifth Amendment, you're guilty.
That's coming up next hour because this affects all Americans.
And in the civil suits run by the Democratic Party against us, they said we're defaulted
And that violates the seventh amendment completely on its face.
So this is the real tyranny going on.
The incredible part is Owen Schroeder was never subpoenaed.
Owen Schroeder was never deposed.
He was deposed yesterday after he's defaulted.
And how do you do that?
No one's ever even heard of anything like this.
They just do it, folks.
That's why I go before that committee and tell the truth about what we did.
It's all on video.
It's all on record.
We had a bunch of rallies in D.C.
in the months preceding it.
We went there to try to get them to have a 10-day investigation.
And if I say the sky was... What color was the sky that day, Mr. Jones?
Well, it was kind of gray and blue with some clouds and cold.
Well, I thought the sky was purple.
Way off at the edge of my binoculars, I could see a little purple spot.
Five years in prison, sonny boy.
And so, they've got ongoing criminal investigations hovering around this.
We'll hit this next hour, but just a couple minutes on this, Barnes, and we'll get into the Ghislaine Maxwell cover-up and what's happening there on the new CIA child trafficking and where they admit it's going on.
But, what would you call this period?
Just martial law?
I mean, it's de facto martial law, because it's using all the emergency powers, it's weaponizing the criminal justice process.
Yeah, it is.
I mean, right now, for example, they're going after everybody who did anything involving challenging the elections, including going after the lawyers.
So, I mean, the story leaked, it's clearly a green... Oh, they're saying in these subpoenas that there's no attorney-client privilege!
And they're doing a criminal grand jury investigation right now of everybody who donated money to Sidney Powell, or to Defend the Republic, or to General Flint.
I mean, that came out of the Washington Post, and it's coming clearly from the U.S.
Attorney's Circle.
Think of the chilling effect there.
Why is D.C.
the middle of this?
Why is the Southern District of New York always in the middle of this?
Why do these two offices have such control over people that don't?
I mean, Sidney Powell lives in Texas.
General Flynn isn't.
They're political commissars.
They're black holes.
I mean, they're nothing more than Soviet Stasi-style police and Soviet and Stasi-style prosecutors using the same methods and the same methodologies as those.
I told people right now, for example, what January 6th defendant can get an impartial jury trial in the District of Columbia?
That would be like expecting Martin Luther King to get a fair jury trial in front of an all-white jury in 1950s Birmingham.
It's not going to happen.
So it's the same problem.
I mean, Richard Behrs, to his credit, has done the polling data that substantiates this.
People should be looking and moving to transfer various proceedings.
But this illicit effort to comment on Fifth Amendment rights that you're seeing a congressman do is exactly what they tried to do in the Rittenhouse case.
They tried to, the prosecutor, Littlebinger, tried to illicitly comment on Kyle asserting his Fifth Amendment rights prior to taking the stand, which was a patent violation, and as the judge, to his credit, said, was a violation of 50 years of law.
And here you have a congressman doing the same thing.
Exactly, when the judge goes, hey, wait, you just probably crossed the line on one of the biggest violations you could do, claiming someone's a criminal.
We're good to go.
Not only that, I mean, there's a good letter in response by other lawyers to this same committee pointing out there's not even a ranking member properly appointed by Congress to even make a proper objection to.
I mean, I remember when the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating clients of mine, and I objected on various constitutional grounds, they ultimately backed off.
That was a problematic committee in terms of their activity.
This committee shouldn't even exist.
It's made up by Congress, not to do legislation, but to do political witch hunt activity.
And the few Republicans on the committee are neocon thoroughbreds.
They're not appointed by the regular constitutional process by which Congress establishes its own rules.
So these are illicit subpoenas, illicit summonses.
This is an illicit attempt and now illicit commentary in violation of people's Fifth Amendment rights.
We'll hit it more next hour.
You're just like me.
We're getting into it now.
Let's shift gears into Ghislaine Maxwell and that trial, and Comey's daughters, the prosecution, they're very narrow.
I mean, you talk about the Ficks being in.
They are, just like Epstein got his neck broken in three places, I mean, they are breaking America's neck right in front of us.
The whole goal of the prosecution has been to use this case to limit the scope of inquiry.
Well, I
I forget the exact quote we covered a few days ago, but when the trial started, the judge said, anything that's lewd or bad or, you know, shocking, will be covered up.
I mean, she said, we're not going to let anything shocking come out.
Well, I mean, you did this!
They're raping children!
They're running sex slavery!
I mean, I'm sorry!
Everybody gets to hear about it!
They're filming the trial inside the courtroom, but they're only allowing other people at the courthouse to watch that video trial.
Why not let the entire world have public access to the trial to see what's really going on?
To see what's really happening, to see what the evidence really is.
They don't want that to happen.
I mean, isn't this judge by doing this who just got nominated by Schumer for appellate court?
I mean, if you cover up something, don't you become a party to it?
Well, I mean, it goes back to, remember, the Pentagon Papers case.
Remember what happened?
The federal judge of the Nixon administration was secretly talking to him behind the scenes, saying they would make him head of the FBI or whatever else he wanted, as long as he made sure that he convicted Ellsberg.
So is it really a coincidence that right on the eve of this judge handling this trial, all of a sudden the Biden administration says, hey, we'll make you a prestigious Second Circuit judge, but after the trial is over?
I mean, it looks like a quid pro quo.
And Ellsberg did the right thing because he's at the Pentagon.
And they're going, the war is unwinnable, but we're going to keep doing it forever.
And he goes, screw this.
We're injecting children.
We've got pedophiles running things.
This is insane.
Well, here's what's amazing.
How is it, given the tight ties between Bill Gates and Bill Clinton and these other people with the Epstein's, that Bill Gates' name has not come up at all, but Donald Trump's name has come up like five times?
It tells you how the Southern District of New York's entire objective was to manipulate these proceedings so that key Democratic allies would not be exposed for their long history of misconduct and personal malfeasance in this precise space.
And that's why this sex trafficking ring has stayed very limited because the prosecution is manipulating the case to make sure the full evidence never comes out.
And let's go to this next point.
CIA covered up staff sex crimes against children, child sex abusers.
Here it is.
The CIA avoided prosecution.
Jeffrey Epstein visited the Clinton White House 17 times, we know of, and now they've found 700 plus new FAA records that don't have Trump's name on it.
And I'm not defending Trump, just they keep bringing him up at trial with no evidence when these guys were all there, including Bill Gates.
The whole goal is to divert attention, to make this look like it was a limited deal, that it doesn't implicate or it has no ramifications for Wall Street people, for Bill Gates, for Bill Clinton, for a lot of Democratic key allies, Bill Richardson, other people that were known to be very tight.
And notice, while this whole critical preparation to end the dollar, bring us on this new currency, collapse the country, the trial's right now to remind all the thousands that were part of the sex ring, hey, we could burn you any time we want.
The trial's live right now.
It's a reminder that they ultimately control it, that all these people work for them at some key level.
Which, I mean, Ghislaine Maxwell knows that personally, because when her father was going to talk, he all of a sudden fell off a boat and drowned.
So, I mean, his father was, her father was tied to the Soviets, to Mossad, to the CIA, to MI6.
And just look at all the Hollywood people on that plane.
I mean, it's just big name after big name after big name after big name, and yet somehow... I'm really surprised what he owns on there.
Yes, I mean, it's, uh, well I can't get into it.
There may have been records.
A fox is in a hen house.
Yeah, well, yeah, exactly.
Woody Allen's on a pedophile plane?
Come on, I don't believe that.
Or his ex.
Remember the ex?
What's her name?
Her brother was a long pedophile.
The famous actress.
It's all a bunch of sick freaks, man.
Yeah, once you're around Hollywood, you understand that culture is just sick at its core.
But their ability to keep all this secret is impressive.
To have a criminal prosecution that's a show trial that's mostly about what they're not showing.
Well, they've done a great job keeping it to like the 14, 15, 16-year-old young women who are little girls still, but I mean, no folks, they're strangling five-year-old children to death from my research.
Robert Barnes riding shotgun with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we got a Gateway Pundit article right here.
I was asking Barnes what he would hit next.
It was this.
January 6th, committee chairman Benny Thompson says, if you exercise your constitutional right by pleading the fifth, you're guilty.
And they're voting for another contempt charge against another person that's been subpoenaed, saying they want to put him in jail for years over that.
On Wednesday, the sham committee, reading from the article, voted to hold former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark in contempt for defying a subpoena.
And here is a clip of what he said on Mr. Manow's show last night.
And rather than be responsible and answer, he's pleading the fifth.
Now the question is, did you participate in these illegal activities in the White House?
As you know, he recommended a process by which the elections could be manipulated in certain states.
Well, that's clearly illegal.
But we need to hear from him
Whether or not he said it, we have reason to believe he did.
But if he's of the opinion that if I come before the committee and acknowledge that, then I have contributed to the January 6th insurrection in part simply because I made a recommendation that ultimately led states to believe that they could overturn the election.
Look at what
We're good
Uh, we believe Mr. Clark knew about and part of his recommendation.
That's why he needs to come before the committee.
But if he's saying, okay, I'll come, but I'll plead the fifth, then in some instances that says you're part and parcel, uh, guilty to what occurred.
So, uh, Robert Barnes is constitutional lawyer looking at that.
I mean, I'm literally in this guy's crosshairs.
The idea, everything Trump did, Trump listed in the phone call, which they edited but later got released, all the evidence of the ballots they found and the fraud.
He said, you know, you found that, show it.
You just show the fraud.
It's there.
He didn't say go find it, make it up.
He said, it's there.
Just show it.
Now it's been vindicated in all those states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, on and on and on.
We know that now.
But to have him up there then saying, oh, questioning elections is illegal.
We were there protesting for a 10-day Senate investigation into the Constitution that what Democrats four years before called for.
Yeah, there's several problems.
First of all, Congress has no constitutional authority to do what he's talking about.
They have no constitutional authority to go around and act like they're the executive branch.
This is the legislative branch trying to usurp the constitutional authority that is exclusive to the executive branch.
Just like they're doing on the presidential privilege, saying Trump should give his records over.
Congress can only do investigations, and can only subpoena information, and can only subpoena witnesses, if it has a legislative purpose.
In other words, it has to be for knowing where there's issues for the purposes of creating a witness.
If the Congress passes a highway bill, and they find out a bunch of it got stolen, they can subpoena the people.
They could also do so if they wanted to pass a new law, for example, governing that process, then they could.
Here, what he's admitting is that they're inquiring as to whether somebody made certain statements that could be used against them for criminal purposes.
That is not the authority of Congress.
Oh yeah, they got prosecutors all over TV, former and current, going...
We're going to use this to find dirt on them, to indict them.
And you're like, well then just tell them.
No, they'll say anything we say is criminal.
They have no authority in the first place to exercise, just because an agency has a summons or subpoena power, just because Congress has a subpoena power, doesn't mean they can... This is like Congress announcing offices all over the country for law enforcement.
Which is what they're doing.
So when do they get a Praetorian Guard?
I mean, Capitol Police has no business outside of the District of Columbia.
So it's a giant power grab.
They want a secret police, and now they want the authorities as if they were the grand jury.
And now they want to be able to refer people for criminal charges.
So they're usurping all powers themselves that has a name.
It's called dictator.
Absolutely, and it's a power that our Constitution deliberately, as the court in Louisiana just recently said, said the whole purpose of a tripartite method of government is that different branches of government handle those responsibilities accountable to them.
That's why our system is way superior than the parliamentary.
Absolutely, is that no one branch of government, no one person within government has all of the powers of government.
And that is being taken away by this committee.
This is an illegal committee that was illicitly formed, illicitly, under the rules of Congress itself, illicitly created, and is now using illicit power to subpoena people it does not have the constitutional authority to subpoena in the first place.
And just to be clear, I'm not even a lawyer and I know all this.
You're a well-known, renowned lawyer.
This is like 2 plus 2 equals 4.
This is like known set law.
This isn't like some weird debate.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, I dare anybody to go out there and find another special select committee created like this that looks indistinguishable from a grand jury whose subpoenas have ever been approved of by any court.
They have occasionally tried to do this in the past, and each time the courts have stepped in and said, no, you have no constitutional authority to just go after an investigator.
And you got the head of the committee suing Trump.
So how are you having the judge, he's the judge basically, or the jury foreman.
He's all of it.
He's the prosecutor, the cop.
How does he then party to what he's doing?
He can't be, and that's the problem.
And here he is saying he's going to do this solely for the purpose to find criminal information on people, solely for the purposes of referring them for criminal prosecution, none of which is supposed to be within his authority in the first place.
And by the way, he's prejudging as the judge.
Now that we have this legislative judiciary, we always hear about the judiciary legislating.
We now have the legislation being the judges.
He's saying they're guilty up front on TV!
How the hell do you even go before such a monstrosity?
It's insanity.
And the other problem is that the courts have not been proactive enough in allowing people to challenge these.
So when the Senate Intelligence Committee was going after people for similar witch hunt reasons, but at least it was a legitimate committee, this committee was created
Uh, in complete violation of Congress's own rules for creating committees.
So this committee is itself constitutionally questionable and its use of subpoena power completely outside of constitutional authority because it has no legislative purpose.
Nothing about this has a legislative purpose.
And they're trying to breach privileges, trying to breach attorney-client privileges, breach presidential privileges, breach executive privilege, and now they're trying to even breach the Fifth Amendment privilege by saying, if you assert it, we will lie about you and say it's a criminal admission to the world.
So what is this?
Just a gang raping of everything that's America?
At this point, it is.
I mean, and the only question is, at what point do other parts of government step in?
At what points do other people step in?
At what points do people assert their remedies?
Well, Tucker Carlson says it's horrible.
I mean, who else will stand up?
I mean, that's the problem.
Too much of the institutional media is happy to see this happen because they want it to occur.
They think short term, they're defeating their enemy.
Like if they said about some of my enemies, hey, let's just, let's go kill them, I would say no, because next I'll be killed.
I mean, don't they get that?
Well, they don't.
They don't have respect for the rule of law.
They believe the ends justify the means.
It's part of the whole left takeover.
Which is why the third world's the third world.
The end justifies the means creates North Korea.
Yes, I mean, it's why, you know, people are quoting various authors from the days of the Soviet Union, because their understanding and description of the Soviet Union is more applicable and analogous.
Alexander Sholtson Eason.
Because his explaining of that world makes more sense of our world than our own.
I was rereading it two weeks ago.
It's so thick.
I only read like 100 pages, but it's like, it's deja vu.
I mean, they lie.
They know they lie.
We know they're lying.
And yet they lie anyway, because that's the point.
Oh yeah!
To prove that they can do so.
To prove that you will not be able to resist and push back.
And that, it's just going to require continued pushback in the court of public opinion, continued pushback in the court of law, continued pushback in the court of politics, at every single level and layer we can, because this is a power grab that is historically, for Americans, unparalleled and unprecedented.
And that's why it must be fought, because it's a threat to constitutional liberty itself, which is ultimately a threat, as you note, to everybody's liberty.
And that's what the gaslighting is.
It'd be like if you came home and your wife acted like you weren't there.
Or your husband.
And you're like, hey, I'm your husband.
We have kids.
The kids are like, hey mommy or daddy.
And they're just not, they just, but instead of not talking to you, they go, hello, I'm from Mars.
I eat green snails for dinner.
And none of it even makes sense.
It's like just a weird attack on reality.
Completely, because usually it works.
I mean, from the old Broadway play, Gaslight, that graded the term, it works to a great effectiveness.
I mean, I was talking with some of the crew before this.
And they've seen this work.
It's like, you look at it, you know, terrorism, war, crime, none of these things got people to forfeit their liberties the way a scary virus has got people to do so.
It's invisible, it's perfect.
I mean, you're afraid of your own children, you're afraid of your own loved ones, you're afraid of your own neighbors.
It makes everybody the enemy.
Including yourself.
But only the big doctors up there, big pharma, they'll save us.
We can trust them.
Pope Fauci is the only one that is the rescuer, and thus has all the power.
That's why it's going to keep continuing unabated.
What are we covering next hour, Robert Barnes?
I mean, it's the continued assault on the rule of law and rule of liberty in America that the only pushback has been ordinary people, but it's been a very successful pushback so far.
That's right.
We're going to cover it all and the conflict escalation paradigm in hour number three.
Today, anyone who is awake can clearly see why Alex Jones was deplatformed.
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No crime, no evidence, no jury, no trial?
We don't think so.
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But we won't let them.
Alex Jones will have his day in court.
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SaveInfoWars.com and God bless America.
And he goes on to say, we know they're criminals.
So you have the judge, he's declared in a court, saying, the people I'm trying are criminals, they're his political enemies, and if they declare the Fifth, they're even more criminal.
I mean, this is like a cartoon or something.
This is ridiculous.
And as you noted, he has a personal conflict of interest because he has a personal suit against the President concerning the events of January 6th.
And, of course, he's also getting completely wrong.
Like, everything he said in there about somehow it's illicit for the states to contest the Electoral College.
That's in the damn Constitution.
No, it's not.
It's designed to be that way.
The states get to make those determinations.
The states are supposed to be able to sue one another to resolve it.
And, unfortunately, the Supreme Court just decided to take a nap rather than do their job.
But that doesn't change what their constitutional rights were.
Not only that, vice presidents before Pence decided to take a walk and not do anything about it, like the Supreme Court did,
Probably both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had made decisions about contested issues concerning Electoral College disputes and controversy.
So the idea that telling the Vice President he had that power, he had that authority, was actually not only constitutionally correct, it was historically accurate.
And no less of authorities as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson exercised that authority.
So his statements about what you can and can't argue for, what you can and can't do, what power the states do or do not have, all of that is false.
Not only that, all of these January 6th claims for the most part are based on a made-up application of the obstruction statute.
Because here's the other dangerous place they're going.
They're saying if you do anything that in my mind makes it more difficult for me to do my job as a congressman, I can now send you to prison for 20 years.
Because that's their assertion.
So we're going the way that every other great republic fell.
Can we save ourselves or are we just going to be worse than Mexico in five years?
It's going to require ordinary people continue to do it.
To fight in the courts of law, fight in the court of public opinion.
And that pushback is what they didn't expect.
They have never lost this many vaccine cases ever.
In fact, they had, whether it was a state government, federal government, whether it was private enterprise, had never lost a vaccine mandate case at this scale in history.
And now they've lost more in two months than they'd lost in the 200 years prior.
Well that's the good news we'll talk about when we come back in a few minutes.
I'm not lauding the courts because I've been before the rigged ones, but why are so many courts saying no to this?
Just because it's on its face of fraud?
Because it's so broad and two reasons.
One reason is what the power they're asserting and usurping is so extraordinary, so excessive,
The courts are a little greedy about their power?
And they're not willing to let them go that far.
The other is the Court of Public Opinion.
This is credit to the Court of Public Opinion.
So federal court judges may not be, or are by definition, out of touch.
But they're not so far out of touch that they don't see what Tucker Carlson says.
And they don't see what is broadly within conservative media.
And because so many people have fought back, that led to governors and state legislatures fighting back.
So a consensus is forming.
Exactly, and people on the right now recognize that vaccine mandates are a bad idea, that all these pandemic politics was a bad idea, and consequently they're getting on the right side, and they're only doing that, I mean, I mean, like, take DeSantis.
Where was he ten months ago, right?
He could have been there early.
But they're responding to the court of public opinion.
They're not leaving.
Same thing with Abbott.
Abbott could have been there right away.
The Texas Attorney General, Paxson, could have been there right away.
A lot of these people were slow to the party, but it's good that they're finally at the party.
But they're only at the party because of the willingness and readiness of ordinary people to fight back in the court of public opinion so assertively and so aggressively.
The court of public opinion is more self-educated and more self-informed than it's been at any time in American history since the Revolutionary Era itself.
What are we going to hit when we come back?
There's so much to hit.
Oh, I think there's a wide range of it.
I think there should be more fightbacks on this January 6th committee.
I think more lawyers should look at not only contesting it on Fifth Amendment grounds, not only contesting it on executive or presidential privilege grounds, but look at challenging the committee itself, look at challenging whether the committee even has constitutional authority to issue subpoenas.
Fightback everywhere, every place.
And if it's acting as a court, what about the Seventh Amendment?
We'll be right back.
This summer, I created a paid-for pro video account on Vimeo, exclusively for ReeseReport.com.
On October 23rd of this year, they deleted my video, Pfizer adds dangerous drug to children's COVID vaccines.
Even though they did, and I merely showed their own documents.
Six days later, they deleted, major government report proves COVID vaccines are bioweapons, even though it's an actual government report.
I then received notice that my account is under review.
I replied by telling them the two videos are not false, and I show all the documents.
They replied by informing me that they explicitly follow the recommendations of the CDC and the World Health Organization.
I suppose taking down our PayPal and URLs are next.
But for now, you can still support my work at ReeseReport.com and InfoWars at SaveInfoWars.com.
Still reporting for InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
So, I asked Reese at the beginning of the show when I learned that he got his account deleted because he put out a important piece exposing that this Omicron is not as deadly as they say and it's total hype.
They said in the email to him, your video's deleted, we may delete your account because the WHO says, there it is right there, you violate the Centers for Disease Control and WHO.
Look at that on screen right there.
So the news isn't that Infowars got censored.
The news isn't that Gregg Reese got censored.
We always think about ourselves, like, how did this affect me?
Well, I just got censored.
They just said the UN is in charge!
And the American Heart Association.
Cannot come out and say, remember folks, there is an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke and myocarditis, as is in the inserts, so be sure you know.
They work for the system.
They're like, hey, we're giving you the public posting that you better look out, even though they know you're not going to read it.
And the system's like, we're going to censor you when they're part of the system.
I mean, this is the system eating itself.
Well, especially given that you're legally obligated, both the sponsor and the advertiser, under the law, to disclose all the risk factors.
And you're supposed to highlight the risks.
In fact, you're supposed to do a fair and balanced reporting.
So does Twitter make itself a party now to these suits by censoring the American Heart Association?
What jury wouldn't find them liable for censoring the American Heart Association?
I mean, potentially, yes.
In fact, all of this is unprecedented, uncharted territory because they've never done anything like this before.
You haven't had a situation where they actually have targeted children for advertising?
That basically is prohibited in most places around the world.
Even covert advertising that had to pay billions.
Remember Joe Camel?
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, I mean, the whole goal is that those things not happen to people, particularly really young, you know, three, four, five, six year old.
And that's what Sesame Street's.
That's three year olds.
You're targeting three year olds to get accustomed to the idea.
The government comes and knocks on their door and put something in them, whether their parent is there or not, because that's part of the reason why this is the very definition of authoritarian.
And not only that, it is by everybody's admission, if they're honest towards children, they would recognize that COVID is less risky than the ordinary flu to people under the age of 12, and that the vaccine poses its greatest risk, because it's a gene therapy, not really a vaccine, poses its greatest risk to people of that age group, because it's long-tail risk.
You have the short-tail risk, which we're all witnessing, but the greatest risk of a gene therapy is its long-tail risk, because we have no idea what it can do.
Generally, cancer and
And liver failure.
So how big is this then?
I mean, what is the tale?
I agree.
We've already seen up front, this is really bad.
What's the tale look like?
Because at some level, we don't know of what... Will the vaccine itself require a bunch of therapeutic treatment and other medical invasive treatment?
Yeah, they got a backstory built in.
I mean, most likely that's going to be the impact.
And because the greatest... Well, we know.
Oh, sorry, you don't have an immune system anymore.
We've got to give you immune therapies constantly.
And there's more and more evidence coming out about the risk of what this spike does.
And any of this mRNA drugs have mostly failed throughout history.
Now we're doing it on a massive scale that we have never tried any drug in history.
No drug has been instituted at this level across this global size population on an experimental, unapproved basis.
Because no biologic licensed drug is available
As a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.
That's still clear.
Even though they're playing the bait-and-switch game, where the FDA says, well, you know, yeah, we did a bait-and-switch, but it's up to the government or the mandating agency whether it's actually mandated or not.
And then the Defense Department says, well, oh, we're only mandating it because the FDA said it's really the biological... But even Reuters last week's like, what in the world?
That was even the headline.
Why are you not going to let us see the Pfizer documents?
We get them, mass death.
Exactly, because they've just assumed that the various lies and deceptions and misrepresentation that were exposed by my whistleblower, somehow that the whistleblower can't really be accurate, or it was just a one-off, or it was just that one place.
What she exposed was systemic, systematic problems at the very core to the structure.
And that even says that in the CDC documents and FDA documents, which you said months ago, but now it's out, confirming what you said.
They filtered most of the stuff out, so that's what your whistleblower's saying.
Right, exactly.
What she identified is that these risks were systemic risks, and that these problems were systematic problems, structural problems in the way they were doing this various COVID vaccine testing.
So scary, so frightening, so terrifying that she came forward after nearly 20 years in this industry
Knowing it would ruin her career.
Knowing you have no chance the moment you go public and expose malfeasance and misconduct in Big Pharma.
You have no future in Big Pharma.
You have to take special security measurements when you go public about them.
And yet she did so anyway.
Because it was so egregious, so severe, so substantial, and she knew it was across the entire clinical testing structure.
And that's what the high-ranking people admitted.
They said, we can't do anything about this because we would have to shut them all down if we actually honored basic scientific
So it's system-wide corruption?
Absolutely, and that means if you can't trust it, and if the FDA's response to seeing that evidence was to cover it up rather than expose it, then how can we have confidence in any clinical test concerning anything related to this vaccine?
We can't.
And why do they need 55 years to disclose documents that they said they fully reviewed?
They said that they went through in detail, that they substantiated it, that these clinical trials met high levels of standards of efficacy and safety, that they could say with authority that this drug, this Pfizer drug, was so safe they could actually give it a biologic license even though it's not being produced yet.
Well, if they could do that, and they did that within a couple of weeks, why is it taking them 55 years to even disclose what it is they looked at?
I mean, that exposes that they themselves know that if anybody else looks at the underlying data, looks at the underlying information, they're going to come to the conclusion that this drug, this gene therapy, does not meet the standard of safety and efficacy they would want for their loved one or their child.
And that's why they want to keep it hushed up.
And then we've got the backdrop of the same globalist corporate UN combine of
Thank you.
I mean, you know, it's not a surprise that it's Germany.
I mean, they want to put people in camps again.
So the, I mean, it... What the hell's up with that?
I mean, I'm part German.
What's wrong with the German government?
They just can't help themselves.
You know, it's like the Dr. Strangelove character.
You know, they're just trying to keep their... Manchuria!
Trying to keep that arm down.
But they're so instinctive for it.
I think it's the ultimate power grab.
They've been wanting it for a long time.
The election of Trump and Brexit was a scare factor that let them think that they might never be able to assert it.
So they're rushing to assert it, even on the least plausible evidentiary grounds, the least justifiable legal grounds, and the least credible moral grounds.
And so what they did not expect, though, was that there would be such pushback in the court of public opinion that they're at major risk in the courts of law now because of the blowback in the court of public opinion.
That's what's letting judges take a look at the actual evidence.
And when you look at the actual evidence, it doesn't support it.
The same reason they have to hide the evidence.
Look at this footage of Germany.
They're beating the hell out of people who go outside at night.
I mean, and they're chasing people down.
Australia, they're chasing people down for leaving the little camps.
In fact, I never got to that yesterday.
I've got a bunch of articles where the leftist media says there aren't camps in Australia.
When they see people waking up, oh, it's trending.
Oh, it's not happening, Americans!
Well, Claire Lehman of Quillette, who's supposed to be on the right, has been coming up with a hundred excuses why the camps aren't really camps, and if they're scary but they're not too scary.
I mean, it's a reality.
What we said a year ago was going to happen is happening.
And the only thing that stops it is ordinary people fighting back.
And then a bunch of Bikini Babes are Stockholm Syndrome-ing out and working with the camp guards, so now they're allowed to be free.
All over the world, millions and millions of people are protesting against the UN corporate world government takeover.
And I know Rand Paul's had his ribs broken and been shot at with Scalise, but if he would just stand up and expose us and say he was misled, and if Trump would just do it, everybody would line up behind them right now to stop this globalist takeover.
And this globalist attempt to take over civilization using fear would be turned against them and a new golden age would begin.
But I guess humans have to go through hell first, don't they?
Robert Barnes, look, I don't blame Trump.
I don't blame Senator Paul.
But I know Paul, as a doctor, advised him, yeah, go with the vaccine.
Let's get things open.
They couldn't imagine the big pharma would actually put a fraud out and actually create an ongoing crisis.
Many Republicans get that.
Many patriots get that.
But how do we get Trump, how do we get Senator Paul and Cruz and others to really get on the offense and say, we were misled, this vaccine isn't a vaccine, it hurts people?
That's how we defeat the globalists, plus it would make them fabulously
Well, if you look at just what federal judges themselves are saying, I mean, these are very conservative, establishment-oriented people, and federal judge after federal judge, the Fifth Circuit said it, the federal court in Louisiana said it, the federal court in Missouri said it, federal courts have also said it in other contexts, but they've just said it within the last week.
That you look at the evidence, this vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus.
That is now part of official court proceedings.
That's not any kind of just claim being made.
That is a admission being made by the CDC.
An admission being made by the Biden administration.
An admission being made by the OSHA administration.
All of the government actors themselves acknowledging and admitting in actual judicial proceedings that in fact this vaccine does not work as a vaccine.
It doesn't inoculate.
It doesn't prevent transmission.
It doesn't, in fact, apparently even reduce transmission.
It's a fraudulent product that was forced on us.
We should be on the offense calling for their political ads.
It's the old version of confession through projection.
Which is, you go back and look at early February of last year, in 2020, and you look at what was being said by the government in March of 2020 and in April 2020, whenever anybody suggested that something might help against any kind of coronavirus, whether that was vitamin C, vitamin D, getting sun, being healthy, whatever it was, there was all of a sudden government attacks and there was PR attacks and press attacks to such a degree that, you know, Saturday Night Live still has to pretend that Joe Rogan took a horse dewormer
Not a drug that was a Nobel Peace Prize award-winning drug for its safety and efficacy for human beings.
So it's the same dynamic.
They kept saying all these things didn't work, all these things were fraudulent.
When all these things did work, all these things did help, what they were doing is they were projecting what they themselves were going to do, which is put out a medical product that doesn't work, put out a medical product that doesn't have safety or efficacy, and a medical product that doesn't serve the purposes it claims to be serving.
But isn't that like, I remember when I was a kid, they'd have investigative reports on 60 Minutes about Sears Auto Parts Store or whatever it was, where the woman goes to get her tires fixed or her carburetor, and they would break it and not fix it and break more things.
Hidden cameras catch this.
It's the same thing, where they just catch you in this deal and never let you out of it.
Well, it's an old scheme.
I mean, the old theory was that, you know, why do we have wars or why do we have enemies?
We need enemies in order to justify wars.
Why do you have crime?
Why do you create a criminal justice system that creates a permanent criminal class?
As Foucault and others pointed out, that's how you create the justification for police.
Well, how do you create a police state, permanent police state?
You create a constant continuous health emergency and constant continuous health crisis.
And once you have the police state in place, it's not the police themselves of the police state, it's the police state.
The police are good, overall.
You can turn the police off, make everybody beg for it, then you get even a bigger police state that you control.
Well, then they're also purging the dissident members of the police, and purging the dissident members of the military.
I mean, you look at, this was a... It's like panning for gold.
They're getting rid of the good people.
In this case, you throw the gold away and keep the crap.
I mean, one of the suits that I'm suing Tyson Foods, we filed an amended complaint because Tyson admitted that they're doing all of this in the name as a federal agent, as an officer of the federal government.
So my allegation is that means they're liable under the federal laws and liable under the U.S.
And clearly part of what they're doing is if you wanted to punish your political dissidents, what better way than to impose a vaccine mandate and fire anyone who doesn't go along?
You're basically getting to fire all the NEOs.
You're asking all of the people that are willing to take a red pill to raise their hands, and you can purge them from the government, purge them even from high-level private employment.
It's all a plan.
And then society further collapses because you fired most of the good workers.
I look at the footage out of Austria and Germany of the checkpoints, the martial law, and barbed wire, and it just doesn't seem real.
I mean, it's insane.
I mean, literal detention camps.
Well, to protect you from a virus.
That they created in Wuhan.
That cannot be controlled in the way they're trying to control.
I mean, it's extreme.
All the studies are out that the lockdowns and the PC, all of it does nothing.
Except control us.
Every time they've had to go to court on any of these things, whether it's masks.
And they all wear these clown outfits.
Like, if I dress up like the devil, could I hop around and be the devil?
Might as well be wearing red pajamas.
They wear these little medical clown outfits, then they can engage in these behaviors.
This is all a Milgram
I mean, when you see those kids inside, like, plastic bubbles trying to do their, you know, part of a choir or a band, and they're inside this live plastic bubble, I mean, it's insanity.
I mean, it's like one of those South Park movie episodes, where they did that movie where they had both people, like, oh, it was a naked gun.
Maybe it was one of the naked guns, where they're all in, like, a live condom as the entire body, covers the whole body.
I mean, it's, and you have people out there walking around like that.
I mean, like, this is normal.
When all the evidence is us being together makes us have better immunity.
And in general, our humanity is the best of humanity.
And yet, it's taught people to not interact, not interface, not be around family for Thanksgiving.
Oh, I hide all over Austin.
And still, it'll be 7am, middle of nowhere, and I'm going down some 20 foot wide path and a man or woman will get up against the bushes like this.
Because they're so scared.
I mean, they've diluted the mind to such a degree of insanity and paranoia that people are willing to take experimental drug after drug after drug, inject it into their body that could change their body structure forever because they're so terrified.
Willing to wear double and triple and quadruple masks while running outdoors.
I mean, this is insane.
This means the social contract being broken.
How do we reconnect the social contract?
When we come back, I'm going to show you the Australian FEMA camps, folks.
We haven't gotten to this yet.
It's all breaking.
We're going to break in a few minutes, I'm saying.
Oh, sorry.
I mean, how far do you think they can push this?
Oh, I mean, they're going to keep going until people push back.
I mean, they're going to see how much people push back.
I mean, the only thing that has stopped this or restrained this at all is public pushback.
We would look like Australia and Canada and Germany combined.
Everywhere where people give in, you see the same program.
And it's only where people push back.
People push back in Russia.
Russia decides they're not going to do a vaccine mandate.
People push back in large parts of Eastern Europe, whether it's immigration or whether it's vaccines or whether it's COVID policy or whether it's lockdowns, and they don't see those policies.
Push back is freedom.
Push back is life.
You would think Russia is not part of the New World Order.
They claim they're not, but they went along with a lot of it.
They did.
I mean, what it shows is Bill Gates understood if he could co-opt the public health authorities, that he could run public health policy without having any control.
That's how you run a real coup.
You've got to put your own politician in the trim of the CIA.
The Russians will arrest him.
But if it's the medical system, well...
You just do what Hoover did.
And you just do it to every public health authority from the local level to the international level.
And that's how Gates was able to co-opt it and dictate policy.
And it also enticed his country.
He said, oh, use this tyranny.
We're not going to attack you.
It's not like he hid it.
I mean, he did an entire, the whole COVID panopticon conference that he did just a few months before it was officially released.
Event 201.
I mean, he showed the world.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
And we are back.
We just got word Alex Jones was right with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter.
I didn't run it.
Don't know who runs it.
Suspended, but suspended means deleted forever in the Orwellian double thing.
More on that coming up.
Robert Barnes has a lot of inside baseball.
He's so often, almost always right.
He says the Supreme Court is set to reverse Roe v. Wade.
We'll cover that next segment.
So tell your friends and family and others tune in now.
But let's talk about Australia, the beta test for the world.
Fifth person this week escapes Australian COVID quarantine camp.
Six months ago, I was covering these camps in Australia, which is a model for the world under the UN directive.
People said, oh, it can't be happening.
And then new videos came out of people in the camps, and newspapers here said they weren't real, later confirmed to be real, because you're not supposed to know what's coming for you next.
Let's go ahead and play a clip here from Local News 9 in Australia a few days ago, when a few teenagers escaped the camp.
Here it is.
Good morning.
We start with breaking news at a Darwin where three people have escaped from the Howard Springs COVID quarantine facility.
Talia Saab is there for us.
Talia, good morning.
There's a search underway right now.
Yes, that's right Davina.
Good morning to you.
We've been told the trio scaled the fence in the early hours of this morning.
Police receiving reports around 4.40am.
Now, major police checkpoints have been set up around Howard Springs for the past several hours.
As you can see in these pictures, they've been conducting thorough searches in car boots, checking vehicle registrations, cars and buses alike.
But in the last half an hour what we understand is they've actually been dismantled.
Exactly why?
That hasn't been confirmed.
Hopefully good news.
We're also not sure yet who these people are connected with.
Whether it's a repatriation flight or those Aboriginal community members who have been staying here following the Catherine Cluster.
Davina, what we do know is that this is definitely going to bring this gold standard facility under intense scrutiny.
On Sunday we had a man escape
And found on Darwin's party precinct.
And this latest situation is only going to put us under the microscope further.
Not good news.
Okay, Taliesin, thank you.
Oh, we're under the microscope without submitting.
We had camp escapees.
Oh my God, it's so horrible.
First, that reference to site.
You know, they don't want to use the word camp.
They don't want to use detention center, because they know what all that means.
So instead, it's they fled a site.
I mean, how do you flee a site?
They didn't flee the camp.
No, no, it's a site.
Yeah, it's just a site.
How do you flee a site?
A site is just a location.
I mean, you can't flee a location.
Oh, God, we're under scrutiny now.
Here's another clip.
Here is the young woman, Australian Haley Hodgkin.
And the media tried to say this didn't happen.
They now confirm it's real.
This is inside the camps.
So what's the go?
So this, I'm going to give you a warning, yeah?
It's an official warning, that you have to stay on your blocks and obey the rules while you're out, yeah?
And that's, we have to go the rules again.
So am I allowed to go to the laundry?
You're allowed to go to the laundry, but you've got to wear a mask, yeah?
Yeah, righto.
And you definitely can't go up the fence anywhere else, but you're allowed to go to the laundry, yeah?
That's always been the case, yeah?
Right, so if I was sitting just here, which is right near the fence, why are these guys in a cabin that's right near the fence?
It makes no sense, does it?
Yeah, but you can't leave your balcony to go up to the fence to talk to somebody else.
That's as obvious, yeah?
So far we've had that balcony.
Again, it doesn't make sense, it is.
We always know, there has to be lines everywhere drawn, yeah?
And the law on the lines is you cannot leave your balcony and you cannot go to someone else.
Where it makes no sense, where it doesn't seem right to, that is the line, and that's what the law is there, and that's how it goes, yeah?
The law.
There's a law that says that.
And look, he's in his clown outfit, his little priest outfit.
Oh, look, I'm wearing a plastic suit.
Highly infectious.
When Fauci made it to Biolab.
So far, the risk is still very high, yeah?
Just while you're here, can we just do that?
Otherwise, the next time it's a $5,000 fine and we don't want to do that.
It's a $5,000 fine if what?
If you breach again.
Without your mask on, if I cross that yellow line.
If I walk out onto that path.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I cross that yellow line.
If I
So what did that experience make you think?
What was your feeling about being in that situation with those people in control of your every movement?
It's a horrible feeling.
It's horrible.
You feel like you're in prison.
You feel like you've done something wrong.
It's inhumane what they're doing.
You are so small.
They just overpower you and you're literally nothing.
So, Robert, this is the end of freedom.
This is domestication.
This is North Korea, 5.0, 10.0.
This is it.
This is the takeover.
Well, I mean, actually, that was mentioned in the abortion cases of the U.S.
Supreme Court, that the only countries that have our laws are North Korea and China on abortion.
So, I mean, what she said there, I think, was the most revelatory, which was, they make you so small.
And that's their goal, was to make everybody feel impotent.
Incapable of making any difference.
To feel small.
To feel tiny.
To feel irrelevant.
To feel they could be crushed at any moment.
And that's why it's all the small people standing up together that has led to any pushback against this.
And it's the only thing that has stopped them from doing this on a broader scale.
And tyrants always have the same song.
It's not me, just do it please.
I'm here.
But he's hurting you.
He's enslaving you.
He's like, please just do it.
Come on baby, come on.
He even admits, he says, the directive, the law, and he puts it in air quotes, in air quotes.
He's like, you know, it's whatever the law is today, which might change tomorrow by somebody's whim.
That's what makes it all a joke.
And never, oh, they cooked it up.
Oh, they released it.
Oh, the vaccine hurts me.
Never a discussion.
Hey, hey, hey, honey, law, it's the law.
And how is it being outdoors?
The evil Prime Minister of Australia, what a devil worshiper.
He's a well-known devil worshiper, by the way, folks.
Well, just walking a few feet somehow is going to spread the virus.
This is their martial law takeover plan.
This is the Milgram experiment obviousness of it.
In other words, when you're doing things like you go to Costco and you can't get it, but you go to your local store and you can get it.
Only big pharma is open.
Only big stores are open.
Everybody else is
You can sing in certain places, but you can't go to church and sing, then magically it spreads.
I mean, the woke virus and its magical capability.
It's all just a giant, insane power grab, because they think they'll never be held accountable.
Well, I mean, they did it in live time with the masks.
I mean, they first came out and said, you know, you don't need masks.
You're an idiot if you think you need masks.
And then a week later, oh, you absolutely have to have masks.
And just watching people just jump and behave in response to it.
Well, he says it doesn't have to make sense.
Yeah, exactly!
That's what it says right there.
Yeah, it doesn't make sense.
Yeah, yeah, it's the law.
You know, those are air quotes.
Those are just whatever their new directive is because it's not an actual law.
I don't want to give you a $5,000 fine.
Just wear your mask when you're in your little cage.
They're beating up January 6th detainees that weren't violent because they weren't wearing a mask in their jail cell.
Apparently, if you're going to get your clothes laundered, then you can't get COVID, but if it's for some reason other than getting your clothes laundered, then you can get COVID.
You're allowed to go work in the commissary, but you can't leave other than that.
It's doing it in such an obvious way.
It's just seeing what you'll do.
It's a corrupt evil group seeing if you'll put up with it.
It's all about control.
It's always been about control.
And it's overt at this point.
It's open at this point.
Lawrence, what's going to happen to all the leftists that think they're supposed to be rulers over this and they're all learning they're slaves?
What's going to happen when they learn they've been betrayed?
Well, I mean, then they get to live the real-life experience of a lot of the people that experienced that during the communist rise to power anywhere it took place.
Because how many of them... Because a lot of them supported it until they were inside of it.
They're all cheering Fidel until they ended up on the other end of the shooting range.
And, you know, not on the side of the shooting range that was pulling the trigger.
And so they had to wake up to that reality.
But what's amazing is history does repeat itself, and history does rhyme.
I just want listeners to get...
Submission is death.
I mean, the only hope we've got, like, it's not like they're gonna, we submit and they're nice to us.
We submit and it's over.
Ask Jordan Peterson.
You know, that's Jordan Peterson.
He took the vaccine, said, hey, just, just take it, just take the shot.
And now he says it was completely the wrong decision because all they did is double down and make it worse.
And so even Jordan Peterson recognizes that.
If they're going to run roughshod over him, they're not going to run roughshod over everybody else.
And then it's going to be more, more, more.
You got to take more, more, more.
I mean, look at what happened with the, everybody who's union represented in terms of Ford and GM, all ended up having to back down because a bunch of ordinary workers stood up and said, nah, we're not taking the shot.
That's it.
Exercise your power.
It's our only hope.
And it's pure victory.
We'll be back, final segment of this hour.
All right.
Coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a very special guest in the fourth hour today.
Jason Barmas is always informative.
Known that guy 16 years.
Robert Barnes, the riding shotgun here on the Alex Jones Show.
Big picture.
Why do authoritarians try this?
Why are they doing it?
What precipitated this big global corporate move to poison and kill
The Population.
Yes, so effectively what happens is somebody wants to feel needed, and the way they need to feel needed is to have control, and the way they have control is to deliberately make their child sick, so the child is dependent upon them.
So they attack us to be the hero?
I mean, you look at Bill Gates, he's a control freak at heart.
He's made plenty of money doing what he's doing, but money is simply a means of control for him.
It's not about the money itself, it's about the control that money buys and money purchases.
I'm glad you
I mean, if you're raising that now, it's really an elite war on the poor classes, spun as for the poor.
But exactly, you've got the inside baseball.
You believe the Supreme Court's about to overturn Roe v. Wade and push it back to the states?
I mean, the nature of the questions that were asked at that, it was a very extensive oral argument.
The nature of the questions asked is clearly that there are at least five, probably six votes to overturn Roe and Casey.
Traditionally, historically, the fetus has rights as soon as the fetus can feel pain, which is at six weeks to eight weeks, depending on where you're at.
And that's where I think they're going to allow the states individually to determine medically and scientifically.
Let's hear your prediction.
For those that don't know, Roe v. Wade's up there.
Democrats are threatening violence.
Their sacrament's taken away.
I mean, this is a historic view.
Let's look at every angle of this.
So Roe was the first one to establish the right to an abortion, but if you look at it, it was not really about the right of bodily autonomy or privacy.
Justice Thomas repeatedly asked that question about where the right to an abortion comes from.
You look at it historically, it's an extension of eugenics.
The logic was to allow the doctor to determine who should be, what children should be brought into the world and should not be brought into the world.
That's why Governor Northam four years ago said, we keep the baby comfortable, the government's not involved, the police aren't involved.
The doctor decides.
I mean, literally killing the baby after the baby's even born is what he was talking about openly and overtly.
And that's, I mean, you have New York, you have other states that have basically passed laws to that effect.
I mean, that's what partial birth abortion really is.
The baby is born and then they kill it.
And isn't it crazy that the baby in Roe v. Wade didn't even die?
We're not supposed to question that.
We're not supposed to question any of the narrative.
You look at this, they're disproportionately targeting poor and minority women, not for their benefit, but in order to control and limit certain populations from having children in this country.
That was explained to me by one of the top Planned Parenthood officials when I was a young student at Yale over about a quarter century ago.
And it was nice to see the court say that there is no grounds to keep these prior precedents.
Roe was bad law.
Roe just established the right of a doctor to dictate an abortion if he wanted to.
That never made sense.
And Casey, all Casey said is that there is no right of the government, any local or state government, to limit abortion even in cases of fetal pain, even in cases where there's brain activity, even in cases where the baby has a fully formed heart and body.
And again, I'm not even judging women that thought it wasn't a baby and had the abortion.
The point is, is that
This is done from Margaret Sanger and the Rockefellers and eugenics that created Hitler.
I mean, this is about turning humans into a commodity, and now we see where we are.
And it's making sure poor people don't have too, quote-unquote, too many kids.
And in particular, making sure poor minorities don't have, quote, too many kids.
I mean, how many poor, poor people that had six, seven, eight kids that one or two of them turned out to be, you know, virtuosos?
I mean, you just... There's very few people that have had an abortion that don't ultimately end up regretting it, more so than the women who decide to go ahead and have the baby end up regretting having the baby.
So the, and that, all that information, that medical literature, scientific literature, they don't want out there.
And you have people like Joy Behar acting like a pro-life movement is driven by men.
It's not.
The pro-life movement is driven by women.
It's overwhelmingly mothers.
Why do you think record numbers in the last decade of young people are now anti-abortion?
Because all the propaganda, they just get it's wrong.
Respect for life.
I mean, I think you look at a culture that degrades life to such a degree that it celebrates abortion.
Or you have people on TikTok celebrating the number of abortions they had.
And I think the ordinary person is horrified to see that because ultimately it's a degree of degradation.
Even if you do it, you don't make a joke out of it.
No, exactly.
I mean the people that sort of understood people in crisis and in certain circumstances and could be empathetic with us.
Yeah, we're not even judging people that got confused, got it.
We're just saying that the worship of it is sick.
I remember Gloria Steinem like 10 years ago wearing a shirt saying, I love abortion.
I killed my baby.
Because it's the degradation of human life at the end of the day.
And the new thing they do is like, you bet it was a human and I killed it, I'm in charge.
A very arrogant statement.
I mean, it goes back to the Roman days and the Roman Empire.
They literally took babies out and bashed their heads on the ground.
I mean, so those ways of not, once you don't recognize and respect life, that's going to go into other areas of law, other areas of society, other areas of civilization.
Well, it's the opposite of liberal.
It's fascistic.
It's very fascistic.
It's eugenicist.
I mean, all of abortion in America legally has been rooted in the eugenics movement going all the way back.
And so once you understand that, you hear those arguments about how we better keep abortion around because look at all the poor women that are going to have kids.
That's really the subtext of the message of the oral argument that the pro-abortion side was making this week.
And that's a very disturbing and unsettling side.
And it's the same people arguing for forced vaccinations.
They're saying you have bodily autonomy to allow you to take another life.
No, what's consistent with their belief structure is they believe in eugenics and both forced vaccinations.
They want control over you.
Kill the baby, take the shot.
And that's why they target the same populations for this.
So it's disproportionately targeting disadvantaged populations.
And they even advocated for that openly.
But I think the U.S.
Supreme Court, there's at least five justices to completely overturn it.
I think Roberts doesn't want to be in the dissent.
I think there's six.
So you're going to see six justices say Roe is no longer the law of the land.
Casey's no longer the law of the land.
There is no constitutional right to an abortion.
And the states have a right to regulate it and restrict it as they see fit.
When does that happen do you think?
We're good to go.
Inflation, global food prices rise again, hitting world record highs.
How does the economics feed into all this?
I mean, we're definitely coming to the end of what we've known.
Well, what we need is a new global digital currency.
That's where they're going.
They're going to say, you know, with the problems we have, we need to stabilize things.
We need to be able to collect on revenue.
We can't do taxes the way we want to around the world.
We need a global digital tax currency such that everything, and ultimately they'll say they probably need to put that global digital currency physically in your body in some form of chip form.
And that's now happening.
I mean, they already tried it.
Bill Gates has put this all out, tried it in India several years ago.
So they're going to continue to do it.
There's already talk afoot.
They need to come up with a pretext for it.
And inflation and other aspects of destabilization of the currency provides the pretext by which they can introduce a global digital currency.
And then they can, if your politics have the wrong view, not just shut down your Twitter account, they can shut down your ability to buy groceries, buy rent, get on a plane, get on a train.
That's the holy grail of control.
Speaking of that, ladies and gentlemen, keep us on air.
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We're all in this together.
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If you're a TV viewer, you can see the martial law in Germany and Austria and all over the world, where they're coming in and checking that people inside restaurants, eating croissants and drinking coffee, have taken their injections.
The video's on InfoWars.com, Paris Police, in this particular video, check proof of vaccination while donors eat.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
This is what's happening.
This is what's coming here.
Oh, have you had your shot?
Have we put in your body what we need?
Is everybody used to having their papers checked?
Robert Barnes, this is where we're about to be next if we don't say no.
I mean, you'll get to detention camps, being checked for your papers just to go into a restaurant, for your kid to go to school, drop your kid off to school, and all of a sudden it'll be surprise vaccination day and you have no idea what's going into your kid's body, with implied consent being presumed because you left your kid off at a public school.
And the media censors when people die.
I mean, to the degree that... Oh, the American Heart Association can't tell you it was a heart attack race.
The U.N.
said they didn't authorize that.
We're seeing people drop dead during games, or have major heart incidents.
66 time increase.
It's incredible.
I mean, write live for us to watch it, and they're trying to tell us that what we just watched, what we just saw, what we just witnessed, was not what we just watched, or just witnessed, or just saw.
And more and more people are getting to understand that, and realize that, and recognize that.
For example, Richard Beres, People's Pundit, did polling to look at how many people are reporting severe reactions to the vaccine.
It's now over 5%.
And that's about 50 times higher than the number of people who report serious problems from COVID.
And again, imagine what you said earlier, the tail.
If this is just up front...
This is
That's probably five times what we already know.
That's the historical metrics.
When they've actually studied this, it's anywhere from 10 to 100 times more people experience adverse effects from the vaccines than they actually realize or recognize.
And 90% of people who suffer from medical malpractice never even know about it to even bring legal remedy about it.
So, I mean, it is terrifying the number of people who are being harmed by this experimental drug.
And that's why there's such an effort to silence and censor anybody who points it out, regardless of whether they're a doctor, a scientist, a politician, a public official, or an ordinary citizen.
Well, that interview yesterday with Robert Kennedy Jr.
on InfoWars with Christy Lee was so powerful.
It's on Banda Video.
I hope everybody shares it.
Robert Barnes, we've got a minute and a half to break.
Closing comments, really great to have you here.
Well, the key has been everybody in the Court of Public Opinion fighting back.
So all those people that may think they're powerless, who may think that they can't challenge things, can't contest things, can't question things, can't put up any kind of resistance, the reality is you go into your local school board, you talking to your employer, you talking to a friend or neighbor, you supporting places like InfoWars and keeping it alive despite the massive
We're good.
It's only because you've continued to resist, you've continued to share independent information, you've continued to contribute in the court of public opinion, which ultimately reflects itself in the courts of legislators and politicians, and then ultimately shows up in the courts of law themselves.
And that's why we're seeing court after court after court saying these are lawless actions that are taking place, and that's just the beginning of the fight back.
And that fight back is only possible because ordinary everyday people like yourselves have chosen to do something about it.
That's right.
The globalists have launched a major attack.
They started it.
But humanity's awakening and really positive things are happening.
I mean, I gotta say, right now we're kicking the globalist ass.
I mean, if you look where this goes, they're in deep trouble, but they're gonna pull some new stuff.
Oh yeah, the battle is just beginning, but the people are fighting back in such a way that that is the only way we will be able to restore and keep liberty alive.
How do folks find that great podcast show you do?
Sure, AvivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com is where all of our content is curated together.
All right, Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
Jason Burmas takes over.
Then Owen Schroer in 55 minutes.
I know you're humble.
I know you're like me.
But I really want you to sit back and cogitate or meditate on the fact that those of you that have supported my broadcast and InfoWars over the years have changed the world in incredible ways.
And now, as 2021 prepares to end, and 2022
It begins to dawn.
It is more important than ever that you realize how important you are, that you be more active than you've ever been.
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The very front lines of the fight for human liberty is InfoWars.com.
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Before we get going, I do want to say this.
InfoWars is under attack.
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With the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in the news and the controversy amongst, I would say, some viewers of this program and others on whether or not Donald Trump had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, I think it is important to be perfectly honest that they did and that there are aspects of Trump that we must be critical of.
So we're going to explore what that relationship was really about and what information we have about that relationship as opposed to some of the other relationships that Jeffrey Epstein had.
We're going to get into why Bill Barr
Was never, ever, ever a good choice to be the head of the Department of Justice, okay, the Attorney General, under Trump and why that was one of his large failures.
And then what I'd really like to do is expound upon the discussion that Alex Jones, Michael Cernovich, and Tim Pool had on Trump's failures.
Because I know there's a lot of people, including, you know, Alex at this point, that want Trump in 2024.
But unless we are going to have some major mea culpas, not just with his relationship with Epstein and wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well, by the way, twice as she was arrested, we really have to look at the Assange situation and why that was one of the largest failures out there.
So let's start
With where this relationship was at and it appears by most standards that there was a business relationship in properties at some point and of course these guys hanging out.
Now I want to emphasize there is no evidence of any type of pedophilia and that the way that they went after Trump, love him or hate him, you have to
You have to believe that if they had that evidence, they would have used it against him.
But, in the book Filthy Rich by James Patterson from 2016, you really got a glimpse that there was a relationship.
What's interesting about that book is that James Patterson
is like the most prolific and popular fiction writer out there at that point.
I would even argue he rivals Stephen King, right, as one of the most notable authors out there.
I will say this, after this book, he did do a book with Bill Clinton.
We can't ignore that fact.
And it was that book that Filthy Rich, the Netflix Jeffrey Epstein special, was based on.
Which did not talk about any of the intelligence ties.
And that's huge and very important and something we will get into, especially when we talk about Bill Barr.
But in this book, you not only had the story that yes, they were traveling together and hanging out together, but that they had had a falling out via a incident at Mar-a-Lago where one of the people that worked for Trump for a very long time, his daughter,
Now, Virginia Gaffrey Roberts is not testifying in this trial.
That should let you know right out of the gates this is more than likely a show trial.
As they will not go into information that links people like Bill Richardson, Glenn Dubin, George Mitchell and others, despite the fact that their names are named by the pilot, right?
And in that information, Virginia Guffray Roberts identifies as this girl from Mar-a-Lago and says that is why that relationship ended.
But there are others that say that it ended over a business deal.
Now, whether or not you believe that Trump was on Epstein's plane, one of the other things that I always talked about was there's no doubt that he rode on Donald Trump's plane.
So all the way back, I think it was like in the early 2000s, Vanity Fair had done a piece where they were talking to Donald Trump and he was on a plane with Melania and he commented to Jeffrey Epstein and Glenn Maxwell as they got on his plane that he had broken the cardinal sin and been late for someone else's plane.
And again, this is a failure on Trump's part.
Remember, Trump played the Epstein card on the way into office, right?
Hannity asks Trump about Bill Clinton, who we now know for sure 20 plus times on the plane, the Clinton initiative, claimed by Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer to be started by Jeffrey Epstein.
You have that crazy painting
of Bill Clinton in a blue dress in his New York mansion.
Just nutty stuff, right?
Just nutty stuff.
But Trump leaned into it when Hannity asked him about Bill Clinton.
He said, oh, well, he might have some problems being a friend of Jeffrey Epstein.
So he was playing to that base that they wanted him to vote for, okay?
And when you look at this,
He, you know, bragged apparently, Epstein bragged that he had thrown parties where Melania Trump was actually introduced to Donald before they were married.
Now, I'm actually going to play a very positive Trump clip a little later on when we get into this COVID-1984 total takeover, fourth industrial revolution, transhumanist agenda.
But I want to say this, there are huge problems with Donald Trump.
And no matter how negatively I'm about to talk about him, I want to say I voted for him twice over the other candidates.
When you had the first time around, I was much more a Rand Paul guy when we were at the primaries.
But Trump was the other guy, in my opinion, that was saying more truth than anybody.
And, you know, I had to roll the dice on him.
And in some respects,
You know, I think that his president did have major accomplishments.
In others, especially with Assange, which we'll get into, it did not.
So, going in to Trump, I wanted to say these three things.
And I was warning about these three things prior to the fact of him being elected.
Number one.
Donald Trump is a gangster.
He's a gangster, guys.
I hate to tell you that doesn't mean that he goes around shooting people or, you know, capping them off.
But this is a guy that started Atlantic City.
Now, if you don't think that building a city that's based on organized gambling doesn't have anything to do with crime, I mean, just think about the unions and the construction all the way back in the 80s.
Again, you're not paying attention.
Kind of a misogynist, guys.
Three wives, Stormy Daniels, beauty pageants, a guy that, you know, basically bragged about living on Big Macs and Floozies, right?
Not a surprise.
All things I could get over.
And he's an actor.
He was an actor.
You go...
Even outside of his reality TV show, and he's somebody I grew up with as a kid.
He was very primed on shows like Donahue and Oprah and others.
And then on top of that, you had that vaudeville aspect of him being related to professional wrestling all the way back in the day.
So those were things that I warned about.
You took them with Donald Trump or you rely on yourself.
And the fact that
He might be led astray when it comes to war and foreign policy, and I think that was absolutely 100% the case, right?
So you look at, for instance,
Bill Barr.
And we've got about a minute and a half, so we're going to play the clip on the other side.
But Bill Barr actually had to talk about recusing himself from the Epstein case because he worked for Kirkland & Ellis, who represented Epstein, what, during the 2007-2008 Palm Beach trial.
They were doing law work for them.
And then you get into Maria Farmer, who's not being called in this case.
She went to what?
The police and the NYPD all the way back in 1996, and we only found that out in 2017, wasn't common knowledge.
I mean, was it because Epstein had intelligence connections?
Was it the fact that that was brought up to Alexander Acosta, who made that sweetheart deal and also another failure of Trump, was his labor secretary, gets asked about it, says, well, you know, basically talks around it and then all of a sudden has to resign.
Ask yourself that question.
We're going to get deeper into Bill Barr, his relationship with the CIA, the Deep State, and even Robert Mueller.
Oh, they were best buddies before Russiagate?
Oh, they covered up the BCCI scandal together that you're going to learn about on the flip side?
You bet they did!
Only at Infowars.com.
I am Jason Bermas sitting in for the fourth hour.
Check out SaveInfoWars.com and make that donation right now.
Remember to go to
They need you, folks.
We will see you on the flip side.
We are back.
I'm Jason Burma sitting in for Alex Jones in the fourth hour.
We're talking Bill Barr and BCCI.
Now, for those that are not aware of what the BCCI scandal is, it was a scandal in which you had
Those working in the Iran Contra Network, those working in the then Bin Laden Network, and then a slew of other power players in politics and drug running getting caught up in a huge banking scandal.
And guess what?
The intelligence networks were involved, and that's why they called in their man, Bill Barr, to work with their man, Robert Mueller, to cover up the vast majority.
Before I play this clip,
I need people to understand that Bill Barr is lifelong CIA.
He was in the Central Intelligence Agency before he became a lawyer.
Okay, that's number one.
Then, he was chosen by Mr. CIA himself, George Herbert Walker Bush, as his Attorney General.
One of the youngest ever.
I believe the only two younger under him were Robert Kennedy Jr.
and Ramsey Clark.
Ramsey Clark.
Actually a very good man.
So let's play this clip and you're going to find out a little bit about BCCI and how behind the scenes Bill Barr was kind of negotiating all the work for the probe, okay, and all the focus was then on Robert Mueller who not only will become his adversary in Russiagate,
But also was put as the head of the FBI right as the 9-11 thing got going and obfuscated the truth there and put down whistleblowers including Robert Wright, Barry Carmody and others.
So let's play this clip.
Attorney General-designate Barr faces likely questions on speed of BCCI probe.
What's that about?
As you know, that's probably the largest bank scandal to hit town in many a moon.
And he's going to be asked about why the Justice Department didn't move faster on obvious leads.
I think it'll come out that in July,
Uh, he took, uh, charge of this and began, uh, pushing for, uh, more speed, uh, and while all the attention is focused on, uh, Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller, who heads the criminal division, I think it'll turn out that Barr had quite a role.
So again, working with Mueller back in the day, this is how this works.
And I would be remiss if I did not note, okay, that it was reported that Bill Barr visited Epstein's prison prior to the first suicide attempt.
Of course, the factcheck.org people have said it's a baseless claim that Barr was there.
But when you look at this, think about it.
You've got two different incidents.
You've got no camera footage whatsoever.
You've got a prison in MCCC that kept El Chapo and had not had another suicide for 13 years.
Okay, those are the things they don't want you to understand.
Bill Barr, never your friend.
Somebody that needed to really be looked at from the beginning.
And again, a failure of the Trump administration to put somebody like that in power.
And of course, that came to roost via the 2020 election.
Okay, and when we talk about BCCI and them covering up all this Iran-Contra, you look at these networks, now we have to talk about Ghislaine Maxwell and her father, Robert.
And why that's important, okay, because that Iran-Contra network
We're not going to play the clip, but anybody can check out my film, Invisible Empire, A New World Order Defined, for free.
And in it we have a large section, by the way, produced by InfoWars.
In it we have a large section in which
We go over the fact that the Israelis were the ones that were buying the guns from Czechoslovakia and Poland, sending them down to South America.
The drugs would be shipped up into Florida and MENA and then distributed.
That money would then be reimbursed to the Israelis, giving plausible deniability and this network.
Now, at the same time this is going on, right, during the 80s, there's this media mogul
You know, media, because, you know, there was no fake news back then, right?
It wasn't intelligence-driven back then.
Named Robert Maxwell, that places like the Associated Press were telling you it was a hoax!
It was a hoax that Seymour Hersh, one of the last few journalists living in this generation, still alive today and we're going to get into Hersh and the Trump presidency in a moment, okay?
Hersh hoaxed over claim of new evidence on Maxwell Israel Link because Maxwell, this media mogul, was really an Israeli asset, Mossad asset, connected to British intelligence.
And these were the type of headlines at the time.
Oppress Empire!
Strikes back!
Seymour Hersh has been accused of libel because of book linking British journalists with Israeli Secret Service.
Notice this is amplified and it's all over the place, right?
Three years later, gets a nice little side article right there.
See how little the side article is?
author gets apology and libel case.
And by that time, Robert Maxwell had already fallen off his boat and died.
The Lady Ghislaine.
So, this is the real deep state.
This is the real intelligence network that you might get flavors of conservatism or liberalism, but at the core of it, they're all working together.
And, you know, just to talk about Assange for a moment, okay?
You had Julian Assange, and the fact that Trump knew
That he was not the source of those documents through Russia.
In other words, all the DNC documents out there.
Seymour Hersh is on audio talking about how he had an FBI asset of his who ends up in court papers to be Andrew McCabe, by the way.
Okay, the deputy director of the FBI and somebody who is vocally against the Trump administration.
Anybody can look into that as well.
And in it, he not only says that the information seems to have come from Seth Rich, but this whole Russiagate thing is a Brennan operation.
He says that, you know, that yes, it was Seth Rich.
And it was really Trump's arrogance by sending Dana Rohrabacher in to see Assange and Assange still refusing to give up his source as he had done.
He said, look, all this information is public.
I don't need to give up the source and not cut the deal with Trump.
And Trump failed, man.
Trump is, you know,
Somebody who took money from Sheldon Adelson, who headed up UC Global, right?
That was his company, who worked with the CIA in plotting to kidnap and possibly kill Assange.
Huge failure.
Cassandra Fairbanks.
She had audio tapes of one of Rick Reynolds.
Uh, assistants talking about how they had showed Trump and Trump Jr., Don Jr., these, uh, pictures of sometimes women and children that they said had died because of the information that Assange had leaked.
Because of this WikiLeaks stuff.
All nonsense.
And it's because of that, that I believe Trump signed off on the National Counterintelligence Strategy 2020 to 2022.
And, you know, there's a really telling part in this where ideologically motivated entities such as hacktivists, leaktivists, and public disclosure organizations pose the same significant terrorist threats as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea.
Think about that.
Listen, we need public disclosure organizations.
We need ideologically motivated entities that are ideologically motivated in telling the truth.
So on the flip of this, when we come back, I'm actually going to play a clip of
Donald Trump talking trash in front of the World Economic Forum in 2020 and Klaus Nutschwab will get to it.
SaveInfoWars.com is where you can make an impact right now and save independent journalism.
We are back.
I'm Jason Burma sitting in for Alex Jones in the fourth hour.
We're going to move away from Epstein and the Ghislaine Maxwell case.
If you want to see more coverage on that, I would encourage you to check out my Rockfin where I'm not being censored.
In fact, YouTube hit me with a strike too for apparently cyberbullying Epstein from a January 2020 video after he had
Not killed himself for the second time.
I don't know how you cyberbully a dead person.
I cyberbullied Ghislaine Maxwell.
Maybe you're right.
We're not sure.
But I want to move this portion of the program into the fourth industrial revolution and this masquerade that somehow human beings are killing the planet
And we need to regulate everything they do, give them a social credit score based on their carbon usage and how much they listen to the state in this New World Order repackaged Great Reset agenda and give Trump some credit here.
What we're about to watch is Donald Trump talking at the World Economic Forum.
Yes, in front of Klaus Nutschwab.
Mr. Not everybody can be a robot polisher.
Oh, not everybody.
Oh, thank you so much.
After talking about some of the positives of his administration, and I would actually agree with this, he talks about energy independence, he talks about more money being in the pocket of regular Americans.
That happened to me.
I saw all these things and how people were then buying our energy.
Real competition with China financially.
And then he gets into this.
about how the controllers and the doomsayers are doing these things because they just want more power and that is not the way.
And I got to think that the vast majority of people sitting watching what we're going to watch about a minute and a half of this clip were extremely uncomfortable when Trump started ripping this off.
So let's get to the clip.
Continue to show strong leadership in restoring, growing, and better managing our trees and our forests.
This is not a time for pessimism.
This is a time for optimism.
Fear and doubt is not a good thought process because this is a time for tremendous hope and joy and optimism and action.
But to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse.
They are the heirs of yesterday's foolish fortune tellers, and I have them, and you have them, and we all have them.
And they want to see us do badly, but we don't let that happen.
They predicted an overpopulation crisis in the 1960s, mass starvation in the 70s.
And an end of oil in the 1990s.
These alarmists always demand the same thing.
Absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives.
We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country.
And I wish that that were the case.
But you see how far along we've come with COVID-1984, and you've got to ask the question,
Is it true?
Are we really a bastion of freedom?
Just because we're not quite Australia yet, or we're not quite Canada yet, this COVID-1984 nightmare will only end when we say no and no longer acquiesce, and not only that, but get some kind of justice by bringing these people to trial.
Because make no mistake about it, this is a bioweapon.
We have covered the fact that DARPA, DARPA, DARPA,
Are behind these shots.
DARPA and Moderna again partnering in 2013 to fight pandemics.
We'll show you that in a moment.
With people like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and AstraZeneca.
And by then, you know, mRNA research.
It was only therapeutics.
It was drugs.
That's because it didn't pass the definition for what a vaccine was.
And of course it was to fight pandemics with these drugs, including coronaviruses.
Oh, nothing to see here.
And notice that just like Trump said, these perennial doomsayers are always talking about the climate.
Oh, the climate.
Well, I want to show you this clip.
And it is extremely alarming, but it's something that Alex Jones and I actually covered.
Way back in the day in 2009, ABC had put together a piece called Earth 2100, where in the first 10 seconds, they talk about New York City being under full quarantine.
Okay, they talk about pestilence in the Midwest.
That hasn't come true yet.
Okay, but we'll see.
And then plagues on the West Coast and all these people in their little masks.
Oh, that's nice.
And they had cartoons during it and fake news programs.
And Anthony Fauci's in it talking about the natural viruses, right?
The natural viruses that are going to arise from climate change.
And they show you the internment camps and the geoengineering.
In my life, I've seen New York City under full quarantine.
The Midwest overrun, devastated by pests.
Plagues sweep across California.
I mean, take a look at that.
Oh, so when the plague sweeps across California in 2009, we know that the paper masks are going to be what everybody's doing.
Oh, the COVID-1984.
Yeah, natural bat and pangolin virus.
I'm sure.
It has nothing to do with this transhumanist agenda that was literally put on paper, put on paper, in 2001, pre-911, by a guy named Dennis Bushnell, who's the chief scientist of NASA today, by the way, and he talked about these evolutionary parts of mankind.
The bots, borgs, and humans welcome you to 2025 AD.
There's DARPA right at the top.
Oh, lovely.
Lovely indeed.
And it tells you right here, in 2001, this is all based on existing data trends analysis technologies and is not Pixy Dust.
No Pixy Dust.
So when Alex Jones tells you they're ready to put biological nanotechnology into your food now, they talked about it in this document.
It was here.
It tells you that inputs to new procurements decisions are there for 40 years.
It takes about 15 years.
Sorry, behind my head.
15 years to produce, 40 years in inventory.
All right?
And when we get to what era this is, we're in the bio-nano era, baby.
He predicted it 19 years ago.
What did people just inject their bodies with?
Bio, nano, technology.
It's gone on a global scale and we got about two minutes.
So I am going to try to play this clip very quickly of Dennis Bushnell, okay, who's this gentleman right here that we're talking about, discussing about sustainability and how your standard of living is actually going to go down.
This is in 2011, ten years after this document.
The crashing of the ecosystem is due to population growth and the way we're now living, our standard of living.
The estimates vary between 30% and 50% of a planet that we're currently short to sustain the standard of living and the current population, much less the population growth.
As the Asians and their billions come up, as they are at 9% to 11% growth rate to Western standards of living, we're going to be short three more planets.
And they're not readily available.
This will result in peak everything.
This will result in standards of living plunging.
There's a partial solution.
We'll talk about that partial solution a little bit later, but we're never going to get that technology.
Notice the code word is sustainability.
He's telling you there that they have a solution.
Ray Kurzweil kind of does the same thing.
We'll see if we get to that clip as well because he dispels this myth of overpopulation.
But the code word is sustainability.
Standards of living are dropping.
When we get back, we're going to play Bushnell telling you that automation is coming.
There's nothing the robots can't do.
They put 10,000 brain chips in people over a decade ago.
And much more.
I am Jason Berman sitting in for the fourth hour via Alex Jones.
You want to help support InfoWars.com, go to SaveInfoWars.com right now and make a donation for liberty and freedom of speech.
We are back!
I am Jason Burma, sitting in in the fourth hour for Alex Jones.
We're talking about transhumanism and what you're about to see is one of those doomsayers, right?
Because NASA really isn't about going to the moon and going to Mars.
In fact, only 20% of what they actually do has anything to do with space exploration whatsoever.
And in this next clip, Dennis Bushnell, still the chief scientist of NASA, somebody who's been around since the Apollo days, by the way, is going to tell you about these exponential growths in the quantum nanobio era.
He's going to tell you about how humans are increasingly becoming obsolete.
We don't know what humans are actually going to be doing in the future.
It's not clear, but there are no jobs the robots can't do.
OK, so let's play this clip.
And again, this is the author of that Future Strategic Warfare document that just seems to be right on point with everything that's happening in the globe right now.
Just as an example, we are in a jobless economic recovery.
There's about 7 billion jobs.
Some of them are go boys and offshore.
The rest of them are go.
The code word is Productivity Improvement, which is a code word for ever better automation and roboticization.
So let me just stop you right there.
You notice all these code words?
By definition, a code word means it actually means something else.
It's like a Bernaysian talking point.
So, sustainability, better productivity, that means what automation and the robotization
Of the industries around you, less human beings.
If you look at the way the robots are going, human-level machine intelligence from the IBM Brain Project is now about 10 to 15 years up.
And by the way, this is 10 years ago.
Let me repeat that.
This is 10 years ago.
Via biomedics, where they've nanosectioned the neocortex and they're replicating in silicon, okay?
And they're having great success at all.
So this is not soft computing.
This is five by one.
We have 20-30 years out with the way robotics, automation and machine intelligence is going.
And what jobs the machines cannot do?
The answer is none.
The answer is none.
And that may be hard for people to realize, but he's going to make a joke, again, that makes people uncomfortable, that we thought we needed him in the nursing homes, but Japan put them in the nursing homes and they actually like the robots better.
And that's why we're seeing a push for Grace, the robot that will bring telemedicine.
Oh, we're going to have robots there.
We already used them for COVID, by the way, the Sophia robot in Australia.
Oh, and it's just so awesome.
We thought we'd need human touch life in the nursing homes for a while with the Japanese.
Some years ago, but robots in the nursing homes, the patients like them much better than the humans.
The machines are creating wealth within the structures of the ecosystem capability.
The machines are reducing costs, okay?
Producing wealth, but
The humans increasingly can't compete.
I have a friend, Steve Thaler, who has developed an imagination machine.
It is a neural net, which he trains and deprives of all rational input, and this neural net sits there and dreams like people dream, producing new ideas, 24-7, 365 on milliwatts, and he has a chronic neural net sitting in the weeds, recording all of these new ideas, and checking them out for various problems and metrics.
This thing has produced better toothpaste for Palmolive, it has produced better warheads for the Air Force,
And it produces far more ideas, far faster and cheaper than buildings full of people.
Then buildings full of people all these people that don't think that AI is a reality.
I got a newsflash just because it's not real consciousness.
It's not what we are as human beings.
I totally believe that we are special that we will not be uploading our consciousness does not mean that the things that he just stated are indeed not factual and that this AI will be a separate form of intelligence.
So, along with all of the other jobs which the machines are in, and you know, I've got charge on this, okay?
I have tracked which jobs, which have gone, which ones have come in.
There's a magnificent book on this called, by Martin Ford, it's called Likes of the Tongue.
And if you can sleep well after reading that book, okay, then you're not quite as sensitive as maybe I thought you were.
I mean, you know, what people will do all day is not clear.
What people will do all day is not clear.
And then the next part, so again, automation is coming.
The robots are coming.
This is 10 years old.
You look at the document from 2025.
We're on that pace.
And then he's going to tell you if you don't want to succumb to transhumanism, aka have the latest brain chip, you're really not going to be able to compete with the computers.
Uh, what we're doing with these... This is only one of the seven, okay?
Is that the machines are taking the jobs.
And the humans increasingly can't compete.
Uh, we're also becoming cyborgs.
We have a couple of implants, artificial retinas, artificial hearts, direct brain processing, limb communication, brain chips.
We put brain chips into about 10,000 people.
It affects congenitally defective brains.
Doctors working on brain chips are super soldiers.
15, 20 years out, if you don't have the latest chip in, you can't compete, particularly with the machines.
So, we are merging with the machines.
There's some really massive effects of the IT, bio, nano, quantum, energetics, tech revolutions that are now on a double exponential.
A double exponential.
You know, I wanted to play more clips for you.
I wanted to play even Elon Musk talking about how overpopulation is a myth, as well as Ray Kurzweil, the man that is behind things like the idea of the singularity and is very much for the merging of human beings with machines on levels that will no longer allow us to keep
Our humanity, in my opinion.
But instead of doing that, I'm just to encourage you to go check out all of this stuff on your own.
You can check out the future strategic warfare document.
You can actually do your own research.
It doesn't matter if the New York Times or the Washington Post tells you that that's a bad thing.
As long as you can, you know,
Read on a fourth grade level and have some kind of search skills via the internet which at this point 99 plus percent of us have.
You too can think for yourself and that is so important in an era where people are constantly being censored, being cancelled, being deplatformed.
And I want to remind everybody out there that InfoWars was at the cusp of that and many of you did not step up to the plate and say,
Whether I agree with Alex Jones is a moot point.
He gets to speak.
And it's only because of InfoWars and Alex Jones that I was able to produce documentaries like Loose Change Final Cut, Fabled Enemies, Invisible Empire, A New World Order to Find, which are all free on YouTube, on my platform, Rockfin, which I would encourage you to go to, as well as Shade the Motion Picture, which Alex is, of course, featured in.
And again,
Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinfowars.com Saveinf
Those things clear.
I say, hey, you know what?
Got it wrong.
I'm a human being.
I'm not a god.
I don't claim to be.
And hopefully we can move on.
We can look at other information.
I also look at information that may be uncomfortable for my current belief paradigm.
You know, there are certain things that come out on these things.
Did I want Kevin Spacey to be accused of sex with children?
You know, applying some 16-year-old in a hotel back in the day and trying to get him to sleep with him and then Vulture doing an article about another young teenage boy?
Of course not!
You know, I like a lot of his work.
Did I want Bryan Singer to have a ton of evidence that he was a multiple-time pedophile?
But, you know, I watched an Open Secrets film, okay, and I saw the documentation and those two work together on something like The Usual Suspects that I still think is a great piece of art, but you think I'm gonna go any softer on Kevin Spacey or Bryan Singer or any other Hollywood or government pedophile?
No, sir.
I'm not.
And neither is InfoWars.
And that is so important.
So I'm going to implore you one more time, folks.
SaveInfoWars.com is where you can go make a donation, support free speech.
If you want to support me, please!
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Not gonna happen.
Because it's never about left or right to me.
It's always about right and wrong.
Now is the time that we all become the great resistance to this very real New World Order Great Reset Agenda.
Thanks for joining me and SaveInfoWars.com
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At the end of the day, God hates cowards, and so I refuse to bow in the face of the new world order.
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As we are in late November 2021 going into the final month of 2021, it is so important to understand that the credibility of American patriots, the credibility of American
Nationalists and America Firsters has never been higher.
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And so now is the time.
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