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This text is a collection of segments from a radio show where the host interviews guests discussing topics related to health, politics, and conspiracy theories. The guests discuss the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine, the globalist agenda, early intervention treatments, being prepared for difficult times ahead, and fighting against censorship and tyranny. They also promote their own personal experiences, websites, books, and products as a way to support their mission in fighting for freedom and preserving God's name.

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I was already beyond angry this morning, just absolutely supercharged when I got up at 5 a.m.
and went in front of my desktop with a cup of coffee and I turned on InfoWars.com and I watched Fauci and Obama standing over five, six, and seven-year-old children helping the nurses inject them with living death.
And the reason it made me mad is not just for those children, we've got to do something!
We can't let them do this!
So, there's that.
It gets worse, okay?
I was already going to come in here and say this tops any time we've ever been in.
When I say this is the biggest broadcast, it doesn't mean this show is the big broadcast.
What I'm saying is, on a meter, on a gauge, when I say this is the highest level of tyranny we've ever seen, this just jumped and doubled everything in one day.
I'm telling you, they're going to turn the power off, they're going to burn down our cities, we're going to have a nuclear war.
I just say get ready for death.
I mean, this is it.
We're already in a biological war.
The federal government's run by criminals that work with the globalists that are allied with China.
They're hitting us with fentanyl.
They're hitting us with viruses.
They're hitting us with poison shots.
My God, and they're injecting five- and six-year-old kids, and the mothers bring their daughters and sons up, and the president, it's right there, former president, while they inject them.
And they've got cartoon characters there telling the kids how great it is where the whole cartoon character's face is covered with a mask.
I mean, this is just a frickin' death cult.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Tomorrow's news, today.
The reception of Robert Kennedy Jr.'
's book, The Real Anthony Fauci, is clear evidence of a mass awakening.
The people are waking up to see Fauci for what he is, an absolute psychopath.
We've learned of how he directed experiments at the NIAID in which beagles had their vocal cords removed and their heads enclosed in cages where sand fleas ate them alive.
And we've learned of how he fraudulently used PCR tests to illegitimately push a known deadly drug upon tens of thousands of people.
And many are now learning that in 1992, under the direction of Anthony Fauci, the NIAID funded drug trials on HIV positive children.
Although many of the children were healthy and asymptomatic, they had merely tested positive via faulty PCR tests administered through New York's Child Welfare Department, who then handed them over to the deadly experiments.
Most of the drugs being tested on the children were already known to cause deformities, organ failure, brain damage, and other lethal side effects.
And yet, the children were required to continue with the drugs regardless of negative side effects.
Those administering the drugs were explicitly told that all adverse side effects they witnessed in the children were being caused by the HIV infection and not the drugs.
When parents refused to consent to these barbaric trials, Children's Services took their kids and placed them with foster families or children's homes where participation in the trial would be assured.
When the children resisted the deadly drugs, they were brought to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where plastic tubes were surgically inserted into their stomachs, and the deadly drugs they were trying to escape were pumped directly into their bodies.
Once the children died, their bodies were added to a mass grave in Hawthorne, New York, a large pit with astroturf thrown over it.
To get around the Nuremberg Code and other laws, the state of New York created a special review board comprised of the hospital stakeholders.
One may wonder, other than torturing and killing innocent children, what were they trying to accomplish?
They already knew of the negative side effects that these drugs were having on adults.
But the more we learn about Anthony Fauci, the more we realize that he is an absolute psychopath.
And it doesn't matter why psychopaths do what they do.
Fauci and his criminal cohorts belong in cages, at the very least.
Anthony Fauci is just one old crook in a massive conspiracy that is aggressively pushing to inject everyone's children with the new deadly and debilitating mRNA experimental jabs, whether you like it or not.
Going after Fauci is a drop in the bucket, but at least it's a start.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Lord knows what happened if he didn't partake.
But back then, anyone who refused to get vaccinated would get ratted out immediately because we knew that person could hurt other people.
The commonweal was a commonweal.
Now we're engaged in a similar struggle with COVID and Eisenhower would be aghast.
We have immunocompromised people who are incubators for every variant to come walking around lawfully unvaccinated.
That's psychotic.
Folks, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
This was already going to be the most important broadcast I have ever done.
And then, ten minutes before showtime, the news broke.
This is so incredible, ladies and gentlemen, that I just don't even have words right now.
We already knew this, but now it's confirmed.
And now they must all be arrested right now.
Now, when I read this to you, you're gonna want to go physically attack Pfizer and Fauci and Bill Gates.
Don't do that, that's their plan.
But ladies and gentlemen,
You know Pfizer and the FDA did not want to release to the public until the year 2077.
That's 50 years from now.
50 plus years from now.
Any of the documents from when they started doing the injections in January, late January of this year, 11 months ago, 10 and a half months ago.
Ladies and gentlemen,
They have hundreds of thousands of documents.
They were ordered that they have to release 500 documents a month.
So in the first few pages they released, it admits mass death caused by the injections where they know it kills people.
Now Robert Barnes is arriving today.
He's filing suits for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
in Waco with one of the main whistleblowers that actually brought this out two months ago.
We first told you about it, and then they got us the British Medical Journal that checked the documents, confirmed they were real, and said, oh my God, this is a massive criminal operation.
The boldness of these people is unbelievable.
Now, I'm gonna go over this, but I was already completely just blown away.
I knew this was coming, but it's here.
It is mainstream news that in Australia, the European Union, that's 25 countries, the UK, Canada, and the United States, and it's on the CDC's own website, are preparing to lock down everybody basically permanently, have block captains with machine guns that control everything, and they're going to go door-to-door and forcibly inject you or your power will be cut off.
And the President of the European Union just gave a speech about it.
We have that video in English.
And it gets worse.
The President of the European Commission is not elected.
And formerly it's been Herman von Ruppe and all the rest of these people who are open world government exterminists.
You know, your grandpa might have told you about the Nazis.
These are people that created the Nazis.
Same family line, same groups.
They're all royalty.
And they want you dead.
And they are engaged in a bold war against you.
So this is next level psycho, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why we have videos out of Australia where they are shutting down highways and hunting people that escaped a quarantine facility.
What they do is they keep PCR testing you forever and say you can never get out.
It's all fraud.
It's all just a smokescreen for Marshall Long.
Because their financial Ponzi scheme is coming down and they want to end up on top of it, not going to prison.
All we got to do is arrest these people, we can fix all our problems, folks.
But instead, so many people are going to follow their orders right into a global civil war, which is their plan, which I don't want.
But no wonder they've wanted us off the air before they did all this.
Now, it gets worse.
Newscast around the U.S.
saying, we're sick of the lockdowns, we're sick of the sick people, we're sick of the full hospitals.
Arrest the unvaccinated.
They're the reason everybody's sick and dying.
Because last year they were hyping it up.
This year, record-level deaths of the vaccinated.
And the people that did that don't want to admit they were wrong or conned.
That's Stockholm Syndrome.
So they're being told, blame
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., blame Joe Rogan, blame Alex Jones.
That's all over the news.
They're all over Twitter, all over Instagram, just pouring in.
Jones needs to be arrested!
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Joe Rogan, they're murderers!
They are causing the record death!
No, you did!
It's in the shot!
And I have all the science!
Now, I was coming in here to cover the forced inoculation news.
I've got three stacks on that.
We always knew they were going to do it, but they're moving quick.
And that's going to trigger a civil war.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I'll avoid problems, but if somebody comes to my house in an armored vehicle with SWAT teams, with deadly injectors that give you heart attacks and brain cancer, I mean, I'm going to try to leave my house, but then they're going to come in the woods and get me.
I mean, at a certain point, you just can't run from this.
And they know that.
And this will bring down civilization.
Already, making firefighters, police, medical workers take it or firing them is crippling everything.
I have multiple family members that are older.
That need medical procedures that are not elective and they can't even get the facilities they used to go to to answer the phone for months.
They physically go in and they go, sorry, we can't do procedures.
Half the staff were fired.
They can't fix power outages all over the country because over a third of the workers that work at the power companies have been fired.
They're firing nuclear plant workers, okay?
They knew people wouldn't take this.
They wanted it to be deadly.
They want it to be known it kills people.
So then all the corporate chiefs will fire everybody and civilization collapses and then open war starts and then we all kill each other.
There is nothing valiant.
There is nothing cool.
There is nothing wonderful about the civil war that we are on the edge of and the mass crime.
We don't want it to happen, but I tell you this, we all have a right to survive.
And if I was the FBI, and if I was the Federal Marshals, and if I was the ATF, and if I was the CIA, I would be figuring out for your own asses that the country and the world's going down, and your money won't be worth the ink it's written on.
The paper it's written on.
That's why you see operatives coming out, and very eloquently, like Laura Logan, and saying, this is a takeover, it's an evil tyrant plan, Fauci is Mingala emergency.
She's high-level deep state, but not a bad person.
And she's telling you, ladies and gentlemen, they're killing us!
So, I choose self-preservation, and I choose God.
Now, let me tell you, I was already beyond angry this morning.
Just absolutely supercharged when I got up,
and went in front of my desktop with a cup of coffee, and I turned on Infowars.com, and I watched Fauci and Obama standing over five, six, and seven-year-old children, helping the nurses inject them with living death.
At 5 a.m.
And the reason it made me mad is not just for those children.
We've got to do something!
We can't let them do this!
So there's that.
It gets worse, okay?
I was already going to come in here and say this tops any time we've ever been in.
When I say this is the biggest broadcast, it doesn't mean this show is the big broadcast.
What I'm saying is, on a meter, on a gauge, when I say this is the highest level of tyranny we've ever seen, this just jumped and doubled everything in one day.
I'm telling you, they're going to turn the power off.
They're going to burn down our cities.
We're going to have a nuclear war.
I just say get ready for death.
I mean, this is it.
We're already in a biological war.
The federal government's run by criminals that work with the globalists that are allied with China.
They're hitting us with fentanyl.
They're hitting us with viruses.
They're hitting us with poison shots.
My God, and they're injecting five and six-year-old kids, and the mothers bring their daughters and sons up, and the president is right there, former president, while they inject them.
And they've got cartoon characters there telling the kids how great it is, where the whole cartoon character's face is covered with a mask.
I mean, this is just a frickin' death cult.
Then I remembered all the footage and all the videos of Bill Gates and all of them injecting the kids and giving them vaccines in Africa, while he looks like he's got a psycho look on his face.
And they admit that many of those kids died, that he gave that to, it was live polio.
And I'm just like, they've already done it there.
And now they're doing it here.
And that's why they say we love the brown people.
We love the brown people because you know who they're mainly targeting in these schools.
And they're lying and telling folks in these minority schools, oh you gotta take the shot.
In some cases, we've got video in Maryland where they have police dogs and they're threatening them on the first day of school.
Better take the shot.
You're not allowed to go in.
Same thing in Australia.
And then they inject them.
And it goes right to their ovaries, and they're never going to have children.
You can say, well, we don't need a bunch of brown poor people.
You're really going to sign on to that?
See, that's what I'm saying.
And then they go and hype up the brown people to be racist and horrible, so then we have a war with each other.
It's the same thing.
They want us to kill each other, and we're here laying it out.
Forced inoculations, military door-to-door, children being injected with deadly poison.
It's all happening now.
I have never done this before on InfoWars.com.
For decades, every day, we give the show a theme name with a link to the audio, and then, of course, years later, the video feed once that developed that we've now been putting out over 16 years.
Maximum red alert.
Unelected EU president calls for forced inoculations.
UK, Australia, US also developing plans for forced injections.
Then it says, meanwhile, elite super predators Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci visit elementary schools overseeing the injection of helpless children with Pfizer's GMO gene therapy.
I should say deadly as well.
There can no longer be any doubt a criminal consortium of mega corporations have launched a planetary depopulation operation under the guise of COVID-19.
Watch live and share this link if you want to live.
Now that's today's headline that I wrote right before I went live or that I dictated.
We're going to put a whole new page.
We're going to leave that one up.
A whole nother global emergency bombshell.
And how do you go over the headline?
Big enough.
House of Cards collapses?
The end of the globalist?
I mean, how do you say bombshell, bombshell, bombshell, bombshell, bombshell in a world where people call everything epic?
No, ladies and gentlemen, this is the biggest news ever.
And a lot of you are going to say, well, Alex, we already know this.
You know this, but now we know the FDA knew that the shots were killing everybody, and they knew that last October before it even started here, because they'd done secret trials, that it would cause massive increases in heart attacks and myocarditis and strokes and all the rest of it.
Remember, that was in the documents from the FDA and CDC.
In October of 2020.
Just pull it up.
But now we know that they criminally went to the federal court under lawsuits and said, we don't want to release for 55 years.
Here's Reuters.
FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA requests over vaccine data.
And now we know why.
Multi-thousand percent increase in heart attacks and death, and that's just getting started.
Thousands of deaths the first month, with probably only 1% of the time when someone actually died, they admit, would they actually say it was the shot.
I'm gonna say that again.
The first two people that took the vaccine are both dead.
All these famous people that took it are dead.
Hundreds of footballers, heart attacks, dozens dead.
You all anecdotally see it.
You've had friends and family that died or had strokes or heart attacks right after they took it.
But this is the FDA's own studies where the lawsuits have been filed that they were covering up the adverse reactions.
So they did studies once they rolled the shots out.
That's not how you ever do it.
You do it before that in animals, then in humans that volunteer.
Usually takes five years.
Oh, we're just going to bypass that because they'd already secretly done all the tests under other names.
We showed you all those documents.
University of Texas, a national initiative of Barack Obama.
2010 to 2014.
When it's an initiative, that's like the Manhattan Project.
Dozens of schools, three schools alone in Texas, North Carolina running it.
University of Texas put the report out and said, we've developed the vaccines you asked for that create spike protein and they cause most of the animals that take them to die.
Very quickly.
Of blood clots.
Their lungs get eaten, their hearts get eaten.
Proceed with extreme caution in human trials.
Yeah, there's Mr. Shakespeare, dead after he took the shot.
First man to take it in the UK.
Dead as a doornail.
They have tried to suppress us so they could carry this out.
They've done their best to take us off air.
But thanks to your support and prayer and this incredible crew, from the IT people to the janitor, we've stayed on air.
And Band-Odd Video is live right now streaming this.
And millions of people tune in every day.
But I want to get outside the choir.
I want you to take the live feed from FreeWorldNews.tv of the Alex Jones Show.
That's the link that doesn't get blocked.
Freeworldnews.tv and send it to everyone you know.
Go to freeworldnews.tv and just go to the Alex Jones section.
You'll see the live feed right there.
That's the link you want from freeworldnews.tv.
It's the same as Bandot Video, but it's a different URL.
And you share that and you say, bombshell!
FDA documents confirm thousands of deaths in first month from COVID vaccine.
From Pfizer COVID injection.
But that's not enough.
Global criminal bombshell.
FDA tried to suppress evidence that thousands died from Pfizer shot in first month.
Not even strong enough.
Global criminal nightmare!
A Joseph Mengele 2.0!
Pfizer and FDA worked together to suppress evidence that Pfizer shot killed thousands in first month of injections.
I mean, you see, it's not just that it's killing people, it's that they covered it up, and they knew, and they did it, and I guess they didn't own every judge.
I guess they didn't own every politician.
I guess people don't want to die!
Like I said yesterday, the dam's breaking.
Laura Logan.
Why would Laura Logan come out and finally say, they want to kill us!
They're Joseph Mangala!
Jesus, stop them!
It's a total lie!
It's a takeover program!
She knows that!
She's not dumb!
You hear about the CIA, that's a big, giant, floating thing, but I mean, she's up at the top of it with her husband.
And she's saying, this is evil, this is wrong, stand against it.
Because she finally figured out, there's no hope in the system.
It wants to kill us.
And how many more judges, and how many governors, and how many legislators, and how many preachers, and how many firefighters, and police, and medical workers, are going to finally say, oh my god, it's real, they're killing us on purpose, we've got to stand against it now!
I knew this was coming 20-something years ago from their own damn documents!
They're not spending trillions of dollars and running around like chickens with their heads cut off to set up this plan because they didn't intend to not pull the frickin' trigger!
So, they knew this was gonna come out.
They thought they could contain it and control it.
They thought that they're well taken care of.
Talk show host and judges and people would figure the truth out, but figure, hey, don't worry, you don't have to take it, you'll still have your private jet, just work with us.
And people are like, ah, screw you!
You think we're signing on to mass murder?
No way!
Well, we'll take what you got!
Take what you got!
You think we don't know you'll get us next?
You think when the Kissinger Group tried to hire me 15 years ago, and other groups reached out, you think I was dumb?
Even if I was an evil son of a bitch, I would know that they're gonna screw me in the end!
I thought I'd come in here with the top story of all the announcements of worldwide martial law and forced inoculation being prepared and total lockdowns.
It's the same plan from Australia to the US, now being announced by the EU dictator.
See how there's always more levels to it?
It's not just the EU president is saying, we're preparing forced inoculation plan.
We've got to get the public ready for this.
That's the speech.
I'll play it coming up.
She's a dictator.
The EU is a commission that was self-appointed, set up,
In the early 1950s under the Treaty of Rome.
And they run everything.
It's all fraud.
And it's here.
And again, the EU dictator says get ready for four shots.
And they're saying it everywhere.
And Biden's getting ready for it.
They're coming for you and your family.
They want to kill you.
Maximum red alert.
Maximum Red Alert.
Maximum Red Alert.
We are not just here talking about what they've already done to us.
We must ask ourselves, how would they carry out such a mass extermination operation that's already killed millions worldwide with these deadly shots that are soft kill binary weapons?
How would they get away with this?
And the answer is,
A massive financial collapse, a war, or a combination of it.
They've also got antimatter weapons where they could detonate a very small amount of antimatter and claim a huge asteroid hit.
You're like, why would they want to kill everybody?
That's in their own literature.
The globalists say they want to kill all humans on Earth.
Elon Musk has come out and started talking about it.
And I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, I know that Elon Musk does listen to the show.
I'll leave it at that.
And he wants to go interplanetary.
I think the jury's out on him.
He came out against the vaccine.
But he says, if you want to put a chip in your brain, you know, by all means, he'll be the one to sell it to you.
But he does live most of the time here in Austin, basically lives at his new factory and also got a place out by the river.
But he came out and said, we're under mind control and we've got to remove the false software they've loaded into our mind and reboot ourselves with the core that we were made in the universe.
That's what Reset Wars is, taped in the last few months.
And then Elon Musk is saying, it was on Joe Rogan the time before last, a couple years ago, and he talked about the different dimensions and how we exist in different dimensions and how we have to be conscious of that.
And that's just somebody that's dialed in.
I can tell you that Musk is in charge of the secret space program that NASA always had in place.
And things are a lot more advanced than what you're seeing, I can tell you that.
And I can tell you they already got a bunch of stuff on the dark side of the moon.
3D printers, you name it.
So they can have drone aircraft, robot aircraft, unmanned aircraft go deliver the
Production parts for what they're creating there.
And I did reverse engineer that, but also had that, of course, directly from people at the White House and then also folks that work for Musk.
And the reason I'm bringing up Musk right now is after Roger Stone leaves us when he pops in at the start of the next hour on Donald Trump and the Epstein-Gisling-Maxwell trial and claims by a pilot that Trump was on the Lolita Express, we'll be talking about that with Roger coming up at the bottom of the hour.
And that's an important item, so I'm still going to cover it.
But here's the deal.
Trump and Rittenhouse and oh, Fredo got fired at CNN.
The guy that says you're not allowed to read WikiLeaks, but he can.
All of that is just window dressing.
And I like Rittenhouse and all the rest of it.
It's just...
That's bread and circus, ladies and gentlemen, compared to the global rollout of forced injections that begin growing protein crystals in you that are designed to kill you over five to ten years.
They're just so strong, it's killing a lot of people right up front.
The globalists are a little too greedy to kill us a little too fast, and I know they had debates, and you can pick up on it all.
Gates is like, well, I think it should be the Moderna shot three times stronger, but Pfizer's not as strong, so you'll need boosters.
And of course, they know it erases your immune system.
The stronger it is, the worse it is.
It's a gene therapy.
We got their number, folks, and I'm telling you, I'm telling you that you are all in grave danger.
There could be a nuclear war any time.
The U.S., people that run our country, have moved a bunch of missiles up to the Russian border.
The Russians are moving missiles up.
They're moving missiles into other former Eastern Bloc countries, and meanwhile, China's bombing us with viruses and fentanyl, and we just love it.
So, big stuff's going down.
China's talking about invading Taiwan any day.
The word is the Pentagon believes the highest levels.
Elon Musk believes that there's a very good chance of a war in January.
So all I can say is get right with God and I would also get prepared.
Because the end of the bubble's here, and the globalists intend to be on top of it once this goes down.
And so we become a sinful, evil people.
We've killed hundreds of millions of our children, killed billions of them around the world.
And God's like, well, if you don't like them in the womb, how about I let Satan kill them outside the womb?
How about I let you see what I see?
Because God sees a baby in the womb just as important as a little five-year-old or three-year-old or two-year-old outside the womb.
So God's like, okay, I've been protecting you.
How about I just don't protect you and let you see what the children are going through?
And so we're going to get it.
I mean, I would tell you on the current trajectory that most people are going to be dead in just a few years.
I mean, if we don't stop the New World Order.
They already say by 2030, 90% of us will be dead.
We have world leaders saying that.
We just go, oh great, there's so many people.
Don't you people understand you're going to be dead too?
That's why AOC starts crying and Beto starts crying because they've been read in on all of this.
They've been told, oh, the world ends by 2030.
That's why William Shatner starts crying when he gets off the spaceship and goes, oh, so much death is about to happen, the cataclysm.
So sad everyone has to die, but the Earth is sick.
I mean, I guess it's the right thing, right?
We're like, shh, Bill, you're 90 years old.
Why don't you come on over here?
Okay, remember?
So much death!
They're gonna... Everybody's about to die!
Because they... They say, you'll be protected, you've got your passcode, helicopters are ready.
But the minute we think it's there, we'll evac you out to the main zone.
It's... Northern... Canada, they got bases everywhere.
And... We're all about to die!
So just get ready and enjoy it!
Hope you all enjoyed being liberal!
Hope you enjoyed all your race war, hope you enjoyed all your crap, cause that's all...
Just a prelude.
And in different scenarios, they've got like a video game, how they want to kill us, how they want to make us hate each other.
But they've got an accelerated program into nuclear war and bioweapon and mass death, where hell, we're almost all gone very soon.
Or they might toy with us with vaccines and poisoning us and slowly kill us.
But the goal is 2030.
And even in years like
2018, 2019, I'm like, maybe we'll defeat the globalists, maybe we'll back them off.
You know, they say by 2020 they're going to launch their big lockstep takeover, probably using a virus.
And, you know, I just, I don't, I hope we backed them off.
I hope they don't do it because they're way behind and they're not behind now, are they, boys and girls?
They're not behind now, are they?
Are they?
I'm as serious as life and death here.
I'm not saying this to be dramatic.
I'm not saying this.
I'm saying it because it's true!
And before they kill us, they turn people into useless, demonic, empty, selfish people, that even as children are being killed in front of us with these shots, we do nothing.
And it's all a metaphysical trick.
And as soon as we don't stand up for the children, they're killing all over the world with these shots right now, and maiming, and diseasing for life, giving them slow-kill abortions in front of everybody, with the Grim Reaper, Fauci, and Obama hovering over elementary students while they get injected
If we put up with that, God is going to remove the hedge of protection.
This is all a ritual.
The globalists are metaphysical.
They're all about energy.
They know what they're doing.
And if they can get you to let them hurt children and kill children en masse, you don't have any spiritual protection.
God washes his hands clean of it and says, all right then, you don't want me in your life?
I'm opening the portal and then you know what happens.
Oh, how fun!
Look, you get to meet Obama and Fauci!
Oh, and you take your... Oh, the black people!
Oh, they're gonna get their little shot!
And here's a nice little white boy.
He's getting his little injection.
Oh, I've got my daughter.
Oh, hi!
She's scared, but... Oh, these guys are gonna help you.
Don't worry.
They're really getting off on it.
Look at that ghoul.
Look at that demon Fauci.
He will burn in hell.
Look at that little psycho monster.
Involved in child sacrifice right in front of us.
During the break, I am busily taking these articles that I'm about to cover, and these government documents that I'm about to break down, and sending them to Tucker Carlson, sending them to Joe Rogan, sending them to other prominent people I know, saying, hey, the house of cards just fell.
But if we let the corporate media spin this in the next few days, it'll just normalize it.
Normalize death from these shots.
When major crimes have been committed, not just killing people, but knowing it was killing people in the October documents because of what was happening in the UK, where they had already rolled it out.
Plus, they'd already done studies secretly before.
And now, we have the first tranche of documents.
Federal court orders them to consecutively begin releasing data on what happened when people were injected separate from the VAERS system.
The FDA's own internal documents.
So all we got was the first month they ordered the documents to be released.
And they've released just the tiny first little bit and it's thousands of dead they admit from the injection.
And you know the criminals that run Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and Google.
And Twitter and Apple are suppressing it because they are now in live time.
Let's put the double show headline up, please.
I don't want everybody to share it in full wars.com.
The new one.
Maximum global bombshell judge orders Pfizer FDA to release documents.
First dot dump says thousands killed by shot in first month.
In February.
Remember that criminal Fauci, six months ago, said every death, 99% of the deaths, COVID, are the unvaccinated.
And he used numbers from 2020 when no one was vaccinated.
Oh, so of course, 99%.
That wouldn't have even sounded true if he said 100.
It was really 100.
100% were unvaccinated because nobody was vaccinated.
Oh, 99% of those dying didn't have the shot.
Yeah, because no one had the shot.
And the media just ran with that for months and months and months and months, pecking at people's brains like woodpeckers to get that into their head.
And the whole time they knew in the FDA and CDC documents that already came out in October.
And now we have them, oh, well, maybe they just didn't read their own documents.
Maybe they were just stupid.
No, they had to fire a bunch of board members in the FDA, in the NIH, in the CDC to finally get boards that would approve it as an emergency use and then approve it in children and say, well, we got to see what it does.
Remember, he's the guy that made COVID-19.
That's the devilish arrogance of all this.
So, I'm going to cover all this in great scientific detail at the bottom of the hour, next hour.
That gives you time.
That gives you time.
To take the links, we can put the live show feed up there from InfoWars.com and FreeWorldNews.tv and send this to everyone.
I mean, if you don't send this to people, please put the InfoWars headline out.
If you don't send it to people, you're helping murdered children.
And I'm not trying to guilt you.
I'm saying, I expect people to print off copies of this.
I expect people to share the videos, share the Twitter account, putting it out.
Links to the federal government.
Go look at it for yourself.
It's time for civil disobedience, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to lead by example.
I am going to go out to places where they're doing the injections, and I'm going to bullhorn them, and I'm going to make huge scenes.
I pledge that in the next few days.
And everybody else needs to do it.
This is normal.
If they're giving you something they know gives you major heart problems, particularly in children, and they're coming at your children and doing it now, and the numbers are coming in of little kids having heart attacks and dying!
I have medical doctors on Fox News to their credit, and on Sky Television to their credit, and on local Canadian TV saying, we've got multi-thousand percent increases in miscarriages after women take these shots.
We've got little children having heart attacks.
We know what's happening.
Chronic inflammation in the heart is caused by this.
We've got to warn people.
We've got to get out of our comfort zones.
I'm not being dramatic here.
I'm just freaking out for a minute.
It's normal to have an anxiety attack about this, but I don't have a lot of anxiety attacks.
I've never even got an anxiety attacks where I was about to get in a fist fight or anything, but or even when family dies, but this is the killing of our children.
And I mean, I have to go off air for a while here.
Tell you what, guys.
Let's play
Let's play the dictator of the European Union, the president of the European Union, appointed by themselves since the Treaty of Rome 1956, saying they have to get ready, prepare the public for forced inoculations.
That's coming to your house, making you take it.
It doesn't matter what you want.
They're going to hold you down and do it.
And it's already begun with Aborigines in Australia.
And then I have footage from ABC News.
Teenagers from remote NT community arrested after escape from Howard Springs COVID quarantine facility.
ABC News.
And of course, this is all coming here.
It's already here and I have the documents where it's being planned here.
It's on the CDC's own damn website.
They call it shielding.
Jim Cramer demands Biden impose military force vaccine mandate.
I mean, this is all the talking point.
There's Howard Stern saying it.
They're all saying it.
It's just, it's sick.
A bunch of old, sick, rich people who want the power to just maim and kill everybody so they can have the world.
And that's the idea of sick psychos.
That's their mindset.
That's how they operate.
They just have an instinct to want to kill everybody.
And you see that throughout history, and good people who live under a Christian system haven't had to go through that like other people, so we just think, oh, we're safe.
We're not safe.
Because we're not Christian anymore.
And now the devil's got us in his jaws.
And now he's about to eat us.
And so, God helps those who help themselves, ladies and gentlemen.
So I ask you now,
To not be violent, but to civil disobedience.
I expect every billboard pushing these poison shots to have the truth spray-painted on it today.
I expect people to use your own ingenuities, do banner hangs everywhere on highways, exposing FDA-covered-up vaccine death.
Criminally arrest them.
I want Seth Gottlieb arrested.
I want Stephen Hahn arrested.
I want James C. Smith arrested.
I want Anthony Fauci arrested.
All of them are on the revolving door of Big Pharma and the FDA.
And they're the criminals that did it.
And I want Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates arrested for crimes against humanity in Nuremberg, too.
I don't know about you, but I can't back down.
I'm not even thinking about backing down.
I don't give a hell what they do to me, because they're going after children, and I've got a job to stand up against them.
So, God built him for wars, and God put us here for this fight, and God, thanks to the blessings of God, helped forge me under the stress of the last 28 years for the moments we're now living in, and you were forged for this.
But this is mass murder going on all around you.
Soft kill, debilitating illnesses.
The murder of our children with those ghouls, Obama and Fauci, leaning over the children, holding them while they're... while they're injected.
I mean, this is sick.
They're... while helping the orgy of biologically raping these children.
Biden and Fauci helping biologically, medically rape all these little kids while they peer over and convince them it's all going to be so fun.
Then you get your little cards and go back outside for a while.
But don't worry, even more shots will now be demanded.
That little demonic garden gnome, that little psychotic grim reaper there doing all this.
Fauci, look at those poor little girls.
They know to be scared of Obama.
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All right, Roger Stone responding to all the big Ghislaine Maxwell breaking news.
He's going to pop in for one segment from the road, and then I'm going to dive back into our top stories.
The Canadian government and scientists are confirming massive increases in miscarriages after women take the shots.
We've got that.
We've got the even bigger news where they're announcing forced inoculations in Europe.
The EU dictator has, and it's being prepared here as well.
And the biggest news, of course, is that they're now
Coming after children in Obama and Fauci are helping inject them with this garbage and the FDA has confirmed in documents ordered to be released that the first month of the shots they know of, thousands of people that died from the deadly injections.
That is coming up after Roger leaves us at 15 after.
Here's one of the doctors talking about the heart situation.
Seeing this abstract publication circulation, I was concerned about it for a number of reasons.
So first and foremost, we have to understand that there's been a shift in understanding of heart disease over the years, that we know now it's a chronic inflammatory condition that is exacerbated by something called insulin resistance, which we talked about on the show before, which is related to poor lifestyle.
Now, what this abstract has shown, what this research has shown is that markers associated with increasing the risk of heart attack and probably even progression of underlying heart disease in people who have already got some heart disease has been significantly increased risk from 11% at 5 years risk of heart attack to 25%.
Now, that's a huge increase.
If this is true, then it's very concerning indeed.
But in medicine, in good science, we never rely on one study.
We need to replicate these findings.
However, what I will share with you today on GB News is a few days ago after this was published, somebody from a very prestigious British institution, cardiology department, researcher, a whistleblower if you like, contacted me to say that the researchers in this department had found something similar.
Within the coronary arteries linked to the vaccine.
Inflammation from imaging studies around the coronary arteries.
And they had a meeting and these researchers at the moment have decided they're not going to publish their findings because they are concerned about losing research money from the drug industry.
Now, this person was very upset about it and I wanted to obviously share this on GB News today.
What I would say is that we then, knowing this information, which is very concerning,
Stephen Gundry's paper in circulation and also anecdotal evidence.
I mean, I have a lot of interaction with the cardiology community across the UK and anecdotally I've been getting told by colleagues that they are seeing younger and younger people coming in with heart attacks.
Now, what does this mean in terms of the data?
We have to put the jigsaw for the pieces together.
We know since July there's been almost 10,000 excess non-COVID deaths
And most of those, or a significant proportion of those, have been driven by circulatory disease, in other words, heart attack and stroke.
There's been a 30% increase in people dying at home, and often these are because of cardiac arrest.
Of course, this is also something close to my heart, because my own father is one of those statistics.
He had a cardiac arrest at home July the 26th, so when this figure, since this data has been collected.
So where do we go from here?
I think the signal is quite strong.
I personally think that this needs investigating.
So I think the Joint Committee of Vaccines and Immunization should absolutely investigate this.
I think that the researchers, I really hope that they take a look in the mirror and realize the ones from where this whistleblower's come from.
I think?
Then history will not be on their side and the public will not forgive them for it, Alex.
So this is very concerning.
It needs investigating and hopefully it can be resolved very soon.
I think the other thing to mention as well, we shouldn't ignore the other possibilities of why there's been an increase in heart attacks.
So part of the stuff I've done in my research and analysis over the years is looking at the lifestyle factors that drive heart disease and heart attacks.
And the other things that we know have also happened
Which also, I'm sure, a contributive factor, is people's diets got worse in general over lockdown.
So yeah, he's trying to be fair and trying to find some other reason, but we know in the internal documents that they knew it would cause this.
And of course, the University of Texas, under initiative of Obama, did a test with spike protein creating vaccines and found the same thing in rats.
Almost all of them died of cardiac problems or the lungs being eaten.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Justice be done.
May the heavens fall, ladies and gentlemen.
We have the Ghislaine Maxwell pedophile ring Jeffrey Epstein trial going on with Comey's daughter as the prosecutor.
They've sealed much of the case.
You've got this other judge being promoted by Chuckie Schumer.
The fixes and the cover-ups going on.
And we know that.
She said she won't let anything lewd or impure come out.
Oh, so to protect this, they're going to allow these people to basically cover up what's been going on.
But then,
I curiously saw these headlines come out yesterday that 701 previous flights covered up by the FAA had taken place, but in part of a document dump, the FAA admitted to 700 other plus flights.
Well, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton all flew on Jeffrey Epstein's jet.
Pilot tells Ghislaine Maxwell's trial.
But funny, Donald Trump's not on any of the logs.
And I'm not here to just defend Donald Trump.
If it comes out, then that's fine.
He lied about it.
I'll be really, really concerned.
But Roger Stone lives in that area.
He knows Trump well.
He does have some Trump-Epstein stories.
You know, they are socialites.
The fact that he would come to Mar-a-Lago, that's not a secret.
He was a high roller.
But is Trump really connected to this?
And what do we make of this coming out in the trial?
Because the corporate media is always trying to
Follow these fake lawsuits and things by women claiming Trump raped them.
It turns out every case is fake.
It's false.
I sure hope this isn't true.
They don't show any evidence but this is under oath.
Roger Stone is in the field for one segment.
Roger, thanks for popping in to give us your expert view.
Alex, I absolutely had to come on today because I believe that this assertion by the pilot is completely false.
Let me tell you why I believe that.
First of all, I covered everything you know today about Jeffrey Epstein is in my book, The Clinton's War on Women, published in 2015.
I reviewed all of the existing flight logs from the FAA at that time.
I also had the opportunity to ask candidate Trump about it.
He's never been on Jeffrey Epstein's plane.
Here is why.
In 1989, a helicopter that was leased by the Trump Organization, which Donald Trump was supposed to be on but at the last minute cancelled that trip in order to meet with me, crashed in the Pinelands and everyone aboard, three of his executives and two pilots, were killed.
From that time in 1989, it was Donald Trump's strict policy never to fly on any airplane, commercial or private, other than his own plane, where he could oversee the maintenance.
The idea that he therefore was on Jeffrey Epstein's plane, I believe is entirely false.
And isn't it interesting that in the new records released, I think by mistake actually, by the FAA, Donald Trump's name is nowhere.
What the media is seeking to do is distract us from the fact that it is the Clintons who are on the Lolita Express.
It was Bill Clinton who visited the Orgy Island on 17 occasions.
It was Jeffrey Epstein who provided the seed capital for the Clinton Foundation.
Jeffrey Epstein was an active liberal Democrat.
He was never a social companion of Trump.
They didn't party together.
Well, I know that all the other times they tried to connect him to Epstein were.
They show photos of them at public events or at Mar-a-Lago, which is, again, a socialite meeting ground.
But you did tell me a story about Trump being invited to a party where he saw Epstein with little kids and that Trump hauled ass out of there.
Yeah, Trump told me, this is in my book, that he was invited to a reception at Epstein's home in Palm Beach.
And when he approached, he saw a bunch of children in the swimming pool.
He said to his security guy, what a guy that Jeff Epstein is, letting the neighborhood kids use his pool.
Once he got inside the building, it became quite uncomfortable and he left.
There is no social party connection between these two, none whatsoever.
Roger, I know you're in the field and a lot of fans walking by there.
What are you up to in Florida?
I came down here to meet with General Michael Flynn because I believe that his greatest days of public service lie ahead.
Now, I've been very clear about the fact that Donald Trump is my first, second, and third choice for president in 2024.
But in the event that the President decides not to run, well, I'd like to go out and try to draft General Michael Flynn.
The attacks on him going on right now, saying that he's a Satanist, a pedophile, that he worked for the Israelis, these things are all completely false.
Why are they targeting him?
I'll tell you why.
They fear Michael Flynn.
Roger, let me just say this.
You know I never get involved in infighting, but if I need to expose something, I will.
The main group, I noticed, that put out this lie about Flynn that he was doing an occultic prayer
I don't
Michael, that his mom named him after, and that he likes to read that.
I believe that.
I saw the speech.
So the idea that a cultist later copied Catholic doctrine, when Flynn's a well-known Catholic, Irish Catholic, is just asinine.
And so the guy's giving speeches about, let's unify all Christians together to save the country, and the media says, oh look, he wants separation of church and state removed.
So they attack the speech he gave in San Antonio, they attack the speech he gave up in Iowa,
And I just know that the people doing that have said horrible lies about me that I'm a Russian agent and I'm going down because one time I was going to go over there to be on Max Keiser's show and I got a visa.
And they went, oh look, he got the business visa so he can go for two years.
Yeah, because I didn't know if I'd ever go.
And I didn't go.
But like going to Russia now means you're a Russian agent with the people that say that Flynn is a devil worshipping pedophile.
No, I say that they're Pharisees.
They're people masquerading as Christians to lead Christians into discord and war with each other, and I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ.
I could not agree more.
Look, General Flynn told me himself that it was a prayer to Saint Michael.
It comes out of Catholic liturgy.
But how ironic that those Christians who are attacking him have a long record of anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism.
This is a vile smear.
General Flynn is one of the greatest men I've ever had the privilege to know.
And as I said, his greatest public service lies ahead.
Alex, you're exactly right.
Why all of a sudden this concerted attack on Flynn?
Come from many, many quarters.
It's because they realize, as a former Director of Intelligence, he knows where the bodies are buried.
Well, you also notice he's been doing interviews, exactly.
He knows where the bodies are buried.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you.
Go ahead.
And he did a great interview with you just recently, which I've commended to many people.
He's a great man.
And when you see this stuff on the internet, you need to know right now, these are vile smears.
This is disinformation.
Well, I mean, I go off my gut, but also I judge a tree by its fruits.
The enemies of America went after Flynn and wanted him out.
I'm a little bit jealous.
You were on Tucker Carlson's huge hit show.
You sent me some photos last night.
When is that going to air?
Please put those on screen, guys.
Yeah, they haven't told me yet when that will air.
I think it'll be in two parts because we had a good vibe going and we just kept going.
I believe Tucker Carlson is not only the bravest journalist working today, I think he's the most important conservative working today because he's fearless.
Ridiculous, absurd.
He's a great man.
Go to StoneColdTruths.com to see what I'm up to.
And if you want to help me in my epic continuing struggle against the deep state, you can go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
God bless you, Alex.
God bless everyone at InfoWars.
You are the tip of the spear.
You are fighting for freedom.
And the importance of InfoWars in this entire quagmire is it cannot be overstated.
God bless you.
Stay tuned.
Thank you.
Hey Roger, I don't know, you don't know about this yet, but it's gonna be huge.
We haven't even written about it yet on InfoWars, but we're covering it live.
The FDA knew that the shots were causing heart attacks and killing people, and suppressed it.
The documents were just order released.
We'll talk to you soon, Roger.
Treatments for COVID they tried to suppress, and more documents have come out on that.
He's been calling, as I have, for a Nuremberg 2, for total violations of the Nuremberg Code, for illegally trying to force the public to take experimental injections.
Even if they were legal and lawful injections, you can't make people take them.
That's a lie being put out by the media.
There were some cases in the South where blacks were forced to take shots, and then that got outlawed later.
But those Supreme Court
Rulings are still in the books and they're evil.
They're part of the eugenics movement.
Now, coming up next segment, I'm going to lay out these incredible FDA documents that just got released today.
That is the biggest news we've ever reported here.
With how important it is and what it ties into.
I'm going to do the best job I can next segment, but I just felt moved by the God this morning to take a few pictures from my office and to show you some of my children.
You've seen my son Rex.
He wanted to go on air when he was like 10, 11 years old some.
These days he doesn't want to be on air, so he's not on air.
It's his choice.
You know Rex, he's a great guy.
I love him so much, but I have three daughters.
And my family's private.
But you know, the globalists are coming for all our children now.
With forced inoculations.
The preparations are being announced here and all over the world.
The European Union president, who's unelected, a dictator, said they're preparing for it.
I'll cover that coming up in the next half hour.
But we really need to think about everybody's children as our own.
Because what can be done to somebody else's children can be done to yours.
That's why we have empathy.
So here's a photo.
This is just a little printout.
Of myself and my four-year-old daughter, when she was not even two, and my middle daughter, who's 13 now.
So I guess she was about 11 then, 10 and a half.
But that's, that's what we stand up for.
That's, that's, that's what, that's what this is all about.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what the system's coming for.
That's what we have to stand up for.
Here's another one of myself and my middle daughter and older daughter.
Four years ago in Hawaii.
Doesn't seem like a million years ago.
So much more freedom then, but still the creeping evil being set up around us now.
They've sprung a trap.
What a beautiful afternoon that was in Kauai, the Green Island.
And then here's one where my middle daughter, this is a couple years ago, before I grew my beard, about three years ago, she's like, hey dad, let me just dump this smoothie she just made, let me just dump this on your head.
And I said, okay.
And so my other daughter took a snapshot of that.
And there you go.
This was hanging on my older daughter's door, but we just moved out of our house to put the money in the fight against the Globalists.
So I stole it, took it to my office.
But my older daughter loves this photo.
She took me acting silly.
That's all the fun.
And here's my middle daughter and my older daughter.
Two years ago with Smokey and the Bandit.
That's the two brother Bengal cats.
But that's what we're fighting for, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what we're standing up for.
And I just cannot let them do this.
And I know you can't as well.
So I'm asking you, and I'm asking those that then tune in later, and I'm asking those that have this sent to them to share as well, and that will create the chain reaction.
To take this live feed and to take the archive that's posted at band.video and freeworldnews.tv and upload it everywhere you know and share with everyone you know so they understand what's happening.
And will this one-time exercise show turn the tide?
But will all we've done over the years turn the tide?
I can tell you that we've massively influenced people like Elon Musk.
And Joe Rogan, and Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh before he died, and everybody.
And that's not Alex Jones that did that, that's God.
That's all of us together doing this.
So I've seen the power of humanity taking action, and I know the power you have, and I'm telling you, the children are counting on you to protect them.
Maximum red alert.
Unelected EU president.
Calls for forced inoculations.
UK, Australia, US also developing plans for forced injections.
I have the videos.
I have the newscast.
I have checkpoints and people that are being taken to quarantine centers.
People, but now they're going to send the military to your house to arrest you if you're not inoculated.
In some of the provinces, I had a member of their parliament on yesterday.
This, this is martial law.
This is how they roll it out ahead of the global financial collapse and the Great Reset.
In their own words,
Searching people's cars for people that don't have their vaccine passports at checkpoints.
I mean, this is North Korea.
Come to the land down under.
And now it's being announced in Canada, and the UK, and New Zealand, and Europe, and here.
It's all planned on the CDC site.
We're just a freer, more wild population, so they've got a problem.
We've got some good governors, and good legislatures, and some good mayors.
But they've taken over almost all the cities are blue.
And they're moving ahead with this.
As the saviors talking about how it was wrong what our nation states did.
This is all a plan to discredit our countries and collapse them.
That's Klaus Schwab's own admissions.
My wife the other day was like, why do you talk about Klaus Schwab constantly?
Is he really that powerful?
And I said, absolutely.
He's the head corporate chair of the world government.
He's the head of the Bilderberg Group, sweetheart.
And they're making a move on us right now.
All right?
So, we're going to come back and cover all the news.
I'm going to say this right now.
Tell everybody tune in now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Share that live feed with that headline right now on your email, your text message, and tell others share it now.
This is a life and death situation.
Do you understand?
It's all coming down now.
And Fauci creepily going up and helping whole little kids while they inject them with GMO garbage linked to massive death and illnesses that they know was going to happen.
Tyranny's not coming, it's here.
Tyranny's not coming, it's here.
And you look at these poor people not knowing what they're being hit by, just like all the articles I've got here out of Europe and out of the other parts of the world.
Where they've been caught doing secret experiments before, killing foster children, including what Fauci ran, all over the United States.
That's mainstream news.
I've got all that information.
People with histories of knowingly killing foster children, like they were lab rats in illegal experiments, are now at schools with parents lined up to see Obama and see Fauci, so they can hover over like the angels of death they are, and get off on the sickness they're involved in.
These are conscious, psychopathic, murdering killers.
And I told you pedophilia is only the entree to the larger feast that is killing our children en masse.
It is just the first dinner.
The hors d'oeuvre.
We'll be right back.
Tune in now.
The drums of war.
The globalist great depopulation operation of Agenda 2030 is live.
We're now going to be entering here in about a month and a half.
The third year of their war.
And by the year 2030, they intend to have, depending on the document, 80-90% of us pushing daisies.
Would you like to stop it now, or would you like to wait until it gets a lot worse?
All right, let me give you the giant news data dump, the most important consortium of news, all of this together, that I've ever covered on 28 years on air.
Let's just start at the top story.
Remember this report a few weeks ago?
Wait, what?
Even the Reuters said, FDA wants 55 years to process Freedom of Information Act requests over vaccine data.
Why would they want that?
Shot started in late January 2021 in the United States.
About four months before in the UK, CDC documents in October that leaked confirmed last year that they knew it would cause heart attacks, massive heart attacks.
Well, here is the data dump.
Number one bombshell, as ordered by the courts, the FDA must release the data it based in its EUA for the Pfizer shot.
The IPDA requested the courts to keep the information confidential for no less than 55 years, but the law says they've got to release it.
The court returned with an order to release 500 documents a month.
I would imagine that judge will probably get assassinated by these people real quick, but he'll still be right with God.
And they released their first tranche of the first month of the data.
Did you hear that?
And guess what was found?
Get ready for this.
We start with the first release of 30 pages of AE including death.
How this product wasn't taken off the shelves within the first month is beyond me.
Well, really, that's what the British regulators said.
They gave it a yellow slip the first month, and the British military running it put out a report saying over 65 shouldn't take it, under 16 shouldn't take it, and pregnant mothers shouldn't take it.
But I've got all these newscasts saying, if you're a pregnant mother, be sure and take the shot.
It's good for your baby.
I have a clip from CBS News today and NBC saying that, when they know the numbers are
Miscarriages off the chart, but they're just reading the teleprompter message from Big Pharma.
Because how would they be killing babies?
They're telling me it's good for babies.
This is a war to kill you.
And if they can kill women's babies when they're pregnant, they can get away with anything.
Here it is.
We start with the first release of the 30 pages.
That's all they've released.
That's just in the first day-to-day.
There are at least 500 over the month.
The first 30 pages, imagine what else is coming out, of the bad reactions, was 1,227 deaths in just the first days.
They only did it for part of January.
So, by February, these are Pfizer and FDA documents.
Read yourself, and write there, PHMPT.ORG.
Bigger than
Number three, looking at the amount of AEs recorded for the first 42,000, it is jaw-dropping.
What's worse, out of the record adverse events, that's what AE means, about 1.37 is death.
This is an insane number.
The FDA admits these are
ONKE recorded adverse events that are considered above mild.
Oh, they only report above mild.
Oh, what else are they not telling you?
There was so much more that wasn't released.
That's what the lawsuits have proven.
The whistleblowers are like, no, no, we covered up.
And so this data is weak.
This is watered down.
This is the cover-up.
And I've got all these cardiologists around the world saying they're seeing record heart attacks and problems and then all these big research institutes in the US, in the UK, in Germany, in Japan are saying we're being told to cover this up or we won't get research money by our bosses and they're going public.
Yeah, so what?
You gonna fire me?
You want me to help kill people?
Because if you know this and don't do anything, you are an accomplice.
Number four,
Please keep in mind these adverse events that were recorded in the first three months alone from December 1st to February 28th.
By all means, and confirmed by Pfizer, these are only recorded AEs.
These are the ones they didn't challenge.
And therefore, it might be a small sample of the true number of AEs that actually took place.
Number five, 270 cases reported as spontaneous abortions.
One report was twins.
Within hours.
And they've got TV shows saying, if you're pregnant, be sure and take the shot.
It helps your baby.
17 serious causes.
Cases of breastfeeding babies.
Serious cases.
Wasn't detailed.
More proof of conspiracy theories were correct.
This experimental drug passes through lactating mothers.
And it starts growing prions of the baby.
Spongiform encephalopathy.
Here is, in my hand, the first 30 pages.
And I guess it's gonna be... Make the WikiLeaks look tame.
I guess they're gonna release 30-40 pages a day for the month.
It's December 1st!
They followed the court order!
Oh, it's all legal.
Oh, it got approved by the president.
Oh, it was all emergency authorization.
Okay, we killed you.
Big deal.
And we're not going to stop.
And Trump sits there.
You know, I don't know if Trump was on Alita Express.
Probably wasn't.
His M.O.
isn't a pedophile thing, but I'll tell you this.
Trump doesn't come out against this now.
Trump is aiding and abetting the mass murder of children.
And he better say he was mess led and come out against these people right now.
Or I declare war on Donald Trump.
I don't care if you're black.
I don't care if you're white.
I don't care if you're rich.
I don't care if you're poor.
I don't care where you came from or who your mommy or daddy was.
You don't stand up against this.
You're my enemy.
You understand that?
Because this is the tip of the iceberg.
You gotta go read this for yourself.
This is the first 30 pages of 500 pages they have to release a month.
Can you imagine what else is there?
Well, we have a good idea.
Robert Barnes lands today.
He's filing a lawsuit on Thursday.
No, on Friday in Waco.
For Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the whistleblower from the Pfizer data, just in the test in Texas, where they covered up the adverse reactions.
These are the ones that got through.
Can you imagine?
This made it through the filter.
We opened the phones up and it just floods with people whose family died or had heart attacks right after they got the shot.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back with the dictatorship they're rolling out and the forced inoculations coming next and how this is designed to trigger a civil war and how do we thread the needle and not do that.
Because I don't want a war with the military or the federal police or any of you people, but you work for criminals that have hijacked the country, and when you follow their orders, you make yourself an enemy of the nation itself.
Because I represent the United States of America and my ancestors that fought and died for this country, and I love this country.
And any of you serving these foreign powers and these globalist criminals, these mad scientists, have put yourselves on the wrong side of history.
And you will be destroyed.
You will be destroyed by the will of God.
Not by me.
Turn back now!
Repent now!
Get on your knees and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, and then join humanity peacefully stopping this.
It's only going to get worse.
You're going to be forced, one way or another, to repent.
We'll be right back.
Alright my friends, let me give you the bottom line.
The FDA knowingly rolled out experimental shots they knew caused massive miscarriages, massive heart attacks, massive blood clots, incredible spikes in heart swelling, and so much more.
And that's just a side effect of what it really does long term, colonizing your body with protein crystals similar to what causes mad cow disease or spongiform encephalopathy in humans.
You understand?
So, that is now public, the first 30 pages of the 500 pages they're ordered to release a month.
Can you imagine what the next tranche, the next slice is going to be?
And if you're wondering why these madmen would do this, they want to kill you.
Throughout history, there are rulers on a routine basis that decide they want to kill the majority of people.
You know, that's not just in the Bible.
It's not just in the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, my old friend.
God rest his amazing soul.
Oh, that is name-dropping.
I'm proud to know that guy.
That is in the archaeology.
That's in the other histories, the Greek histories and others, that pharaohs would routinely just order all these different countries they controlled.
Egypt controlled like many, many countries at different points.
They would just say, you know, kill all your kids.
There's too many of you.
And the Aztecs did it, and the Babylonians did it at times, and the Druids all over Europe.
I mean, every time they're building a new road and a bulldozer goes through, they'll just find whole areas with just tens of thousands of buried babies that have been killed in different ways.
This is something humans have been doing a long time, and it's sick.
Oh, but it's survival of the fittest.
They've got to cull the earth.
There's too many of us.
Okay, well, I've got an idea.
How about Prince Charles joins his father?
How about Bill Gates joins Prince Philip as well?
I mean, I'm not going to kill you.
I'm just saying everybody knows you're killing us.
The head of Pfizer.
Hey, buddy boy.
Oh, you're going to get us arrested.
Oh, the CIA is going to get me.
Oh, my God.
I'm so scared.
You're murdering everybody.
I cannot not fight you.
I have no fear of you.
Not because I don't like to live, but because I cannot live watching you murder everybody.
You chicken neck maggot.
I'm gonna get you into that.
Last thing we do!
I'm gonna control myself.
I'm about to really get angry and people never see me actually get angry.
I just want you to know.
I want you to know that you will pay for eternity for what you've done.
So, that's where we are ladies and gentlemen.
And they love it!
They love killing our children.
They get off on it!
I mean, roll B-roll for TV viewers of the Pfizer CEO on TV going, oh, he got a new vaccine for Omicron, and he's just sitting there in darkness, like, we can't see you, you monster!
You mass murderer!
Sorry, let me get back to the news here.
They think they're just gonna calmly mosey on in in their suits and fly around on their private jets and kill everybody.
No, no, no!
What they've been doing to the third world a long time, now they're doing to us.
And so they're gonna lock us up and not let us travel and not let us live unless we take a shot.
And now they're like, oh, that's not enough.
Now we're gonna come with the military and make you take it.
Oh, that's a real good mission for the military.
You go, well it'll cause a war!
We'll defeat them!
That's their plan.
They want everything breaking down so bad and falling apart that then all those little corporate facilities they've got with those drones that have got everything from Oxycontin up to Fentanyl, that's the quote non-lethal even though it kills about 12% of people in the secret studies when they spray it on cities, to actual nerve gas.
Where if you get even microns of it, you're dead.
They've got all of those waiting.
If we don't just go along with them, then they'll just launch those.
Well, then launch them!
Because I'll assure you in the end of it, you're not going to get away with it.
You're going to be dug out of your damn holes long after I'm a dead rotting fish.
But it won't be too long after.
You are destined to pay!
And you will pay!
These people do not have the fear of God in them, and they're going to get it.
And by the way, folks, when I tell you all this stuff, you can actually look it up.
The Sunshine Project in Texas has now been disbanded.
Thirty years ago, got secret documents that they actually did classified about a Marine Corps project alone across the U.S.
to have helicopters spray
A substance that was classified as fentanyl, produced by MIT, on cities that rebel.
And they estimated that 10-15%, I just said 12%, I'm trying to average it, 12.5% would die.
Just from the fires and explosions and people running their cars off roads and so they recommended to spray everybody at night for occupation to be a lower death number.
I mean this is the kind of stuff and then the Marine Corps freaked out and they reclassified that document and the Sunshine Project got visited by the FBI and they took it away from them but not before it was put out.
So I mean that's 30 years ago or so.
They were loading up the helicopters with the knockout gas.
Now they got drones.
So that's what we're facing.
So I just, everybody just needs to get ready.
And, oh, FBI just saw you.
You're not going to get a little call on your InfraGard, you know, phone that, oh, you might want to get out of the city today.
Something's about to happen.
You're all dead, too, and your kids.
So your bosses are going to kill you.
Have you figured that out yet?
You don't just think they're going to just leave everybody alone and leave the people that help kill everybody around, do you?
No, you know history.
You know how it works.
You're all dead from your bosses.
But you were picked because you're subservient on a power trip, and you think you're in charge, and you're delusional, and you have a low IQ, so you will be destroyed by your bosses.
But there are people out there who are not stupid, and that's who this show is for.
You know, I've got Dr. Zelenko coming up.
What I'll do with him is I'll play the dictatorship announcements and all the forced injection announcements and Biden and going around with Obama and Fauci to the facilities while they're injecting the children.
That image alone sends me into a rage.
I mean, you know this is modern war, and see, I told you it'd be normalized where everybody's dying, and wow, is it the shot?
Oh, you're arrested for that.
And I mean, we predicted all this because it's not a prediction, ladies and gentlemen.
The New World Order has been out in the open about all this.
And where they want to take us is an absolute dystopia.
And we're already getting there, as you see.
The further this goes along, the worse things get.
It's never going to end.
It's never going to stop.
How long is that new John Bowne report?
I haven't even seen it yet, but I know it's going to be big.
How long is that, guys?
Okay, it's 420 long.
Can we trust the prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell or get to that?
Maximum red alert.
Unelected EU president calls for forced inoculations.
UK, Australia, US also deploying, developing plans for forced injections.
Fauci's dead babies in mass graves from the past.
Very powerful Gregory's report.
The smallpox tale of Bill Gates.
We're going to air that next segment.
The Daughters of Lincoln is on.
And I'm going to try to just calmly hit the rest of this.
The good news is more and more scientists are coming out, whistleblowers are coming out from inside government and outside saying this is evil, this is wrong, it's killing people, it's designed to.
And so a reckoning is here.
And things aren't going as well as the globalists thought.
I'm just not going to lie to you and tell you they won't start a nuclear war or send in the drones and just start spraying all the cities and claiming
Hackers and terrorists did it, and then, you know, okay, the government is saving me, when it's actually the criminals that run the technocracy that did it.
This is not your government.
This is psychotic demons.
This is global domination.
This is much bigger than World War II.
It's already begun.
And so, I am not a fatalistic person.
I'm actually a big optimist.
If you know what you're up against, you can beat it.
But this is it.
And I'm sorry it's so hardcore, and I'm sorry it's so real.
But it is.
Please support us.
I don't know how long we'll be on the air, but I want to have a big, strong finish here before we all go off the air and the big war starts.
I don't know if it's six months, a year, five years.
I'm trying to back them off.
It looks like we actually might be able to do it, but I can't be so fatalistic that I stop promoting the funding of this.
Plus, we have great products you need for your immune system.
I would get Vitamin Refusion back in stock.
That sale's going to end on Sunday.
It's 40% off.
DNA Force is incredible as well.
It's 40% off.
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But we are now facing the fiercest battle yet, and we need you to help save InfoWars.
The enemies entrenched within our government are breaking the justice system more than ever in their attack against Alex Jones.
No crime, no evidence, no jury, no trial?
We don't think so.
They want to kill the messenger in a kangaroo trial with their new U.S.S.A.
But we won't let them.
Alex Jones will have his day in court.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
On June 22, 2001, the United States government began Operation Dark Winter.
Operation Dark Winter was not a war game.
Dark Winter was a germ game.
In 2001, the U.S.
military, government, and media launched a mock battle against pathology.
The premise was simple.
The bioterror organization released a deadly virus into the country, and smallpox is spreading quickly.
government must now react to contain the outbreak and stop further harm.
The U.S.
How did we do?
The results were disastrous.
Within 48 hours, the government failed its objectives.
The loss of human life was high, and when Operation Dark Winter ended three days later, a summary of recommendations were given to implement across different levels of government to better prepare in case of a future Dark Winter.
We're still facing a very dark winter.
We remain in a very dark winter.
We're about to go into a dark winter.
A dark winter.
The World Health Organization declared that smallpox had been eradicated in 1980.
Good news from Geneva.
The World Health Organization has made it official.
Smallpox throughout the world has been virtually eliminated.
So why is it that Bill Gates is now making terroristic threats like these?
It'll take
Probably about a billion a year for a pandemic task force at the WHO level, which is doing the surveillance and actually doing what I call germ games, where you practice.
You say, OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports?
You know, how would the world respond to that?
For years, there has been a debate to destroy the last known remnants of the variola virus that causes smallpox, which is kept in government laboratories in Atlanta, Georgia and Russia, maintaining a bio-warfare standoff.
After eradication was declared in 1980, there were still samples of variola virus around the world.
One accident, one confirmed case, is a pandemic.
The argument to keep them centers around the ability to respond to a smallpox outbreak that may still remain in the natural world, while the can has been kicked down the road by the World Health Organization to finally destroy existing stocks of the virus.
Six vials of smallpox were packed away and forgotten at a government lab outside Washington.
A scientist cleaning out an unsecured storage room stumbled upon the deadly pathogens last week.
The tubes apparently sat there for decades.
In 2010, a review by a team of public health experts
Appointed by the World Health Organization, it concluded that no essential public health purpose is served by the American and Russian laboratories continuing to retain live virus stocks.
In 2019, a Russian lab explosion put containment at risk, while a recent discovery of vials labeled smallpox at a Merck lab in Pennsylvania thrust smallpox
Into a public sphere, burnout by liberty-killing lockdowns, and the still unfinished business of Dr. Fauci's involvement in the creation of COVID-19.
Vials labeled smallpox found at a lab in Montgomery County.
Smallpox is so deadly, only two labs in the entire world are allowed to have doses.
Those vials were found at a Merck facility in Upper Gwinnett Township, Montgomery County, where vaccine research is conducted.
We are all too familiar with the agenda-setting and predictive programming associated with the months leading up to the COVID outbreak, and now Bill Gates' threats are making a gradual appearance to possibly prime the agenda-setting pump as a DNA-specific smallpox bioweapon in the latest James Bond film.
No, the SL5, the weaponized smallpox I was using this morning.
Have you seen it?
I put it in the bloody... No, no, you haven't seen a tub of smallpox, have you?
Bill Gates is the quintessential sociopath.
With billions of dollars data collection and inside government power at his disposal, he is as untouchable as any Bond villain.
Unfortunately, this isn't a movie, and James Bond is a fictional character being devoured by wokeism.
John Bowne reporting.
Well, I've been on air 28 years, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this is the biggest broadcast I've ever done.
The biggest news we've ever covered.
This morning, the FDA, under federal court order, released the first 30 pages of 500 pages.
They're ordered a month
To release to the public.
And this is stuff from the first few weeks of the injections in January.
Articles are being written about it right now.
This just broke.
We read the documents earlier.
I'm sure Dr. Zelenko has probably already seen them, but we'll ask him.
He was already scheduled, but it's a perfect time to have him on.
Confirming massive increases in
All different types of illnesses, heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots, spontaneous abortions, spontaneous miscarriages is what they call it.
Spontaneous miscarriages.
Absolutely insane.
On the federal government's own website, and this is just the first little bit from when they started doing
They're public trials.
And then we have lawsuits filed where whistleblowers are saying, this is all a whitewash.
And the reports say that as well.
That it's only the worst events that they even show.
So we've been reading over it, processing the documents.
It's incredible.
This is absolutely insane.
On the heels of that news here, we now have the announcement that the first case of the
Supposedly new South African strain has been found.
California confirms nation's first Omicron variant case.
A perfect cover for this data coming out.
And even though the South Africans say it is very mild, not even like regular COVID or Delta, which I can tell you I had is quite serious, they don't care.
They're going ahead with this to try to force it all through.
Then you have the EU dictator, the head of the commission,
Unelected, started in 1940, 1956 with the Treaty of Rome, literally saying, we're going to start the program for forced inoculations.
Not just lock you in your house, but come inject you.
So, this is definitely World War II Part II, but this time they're coming through the medical system.
That's their camouflage.
Dr. Zelenko is one of the top people out there, trailblazers exposing this, and also pioneering many of the treatments that have saved millions of lives, and not just here, but around the world.
He is a board certified family physician with over 20 years experience.
He is the doctor who recommended that President Trump take hydroxychloroquine.
Zelenko Protocols results in a 99% survival rate of high-risk COVID-19 patients.
Dr. Zelenko has been nominated for the Presidential Medical Freedom of the Nobel Prize.
He's recognized as a hero.
I think?
Well, you can start wherever you'd like, doctor, but I would imagine you want to get to these FDA documents that they tried to suppress first, because obviously that doesn't just show that it's killing a bunch of people, but they knew it and suppressed it, open and shut, death penalty for them all.
Obviously, we're not going to go out and kill them ourselves, but seriously, I'm not a vengeful person, but Nuremberg 2, they need to hang.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me.
Thank you.
The American people have been assaulted and battered and raped without lubrication by our own government.
The first degree capital murder, crimes against humanity and genocide that our government has been complicit on its own people is of historic scale.
The FDA knew about the side effects of these vaccines way before they deployed them on the American people.
How do we know this?
The FDA had an internal presentation two months in November of 2008.
Dr. Zelenko, I don't mean to interrupt you, sir.
Your Skype is HD, super clear.
It looks like you're in the room with us.
But there's a really bad reverb.
You may have your internal mic turned on instead of your external.
I'm going to have my folks work on that with you now until we get that audio cleared up.
And if we have to, guys, just get his cell phone or landline.
We can go with video with a phone line.
I'm going to take a break right here while we take care of this.
And while we handle this, Dr. Zelinko will be with us for the rest of the hour.
He's also a great supporter of the show and has developed with his protocol all of the things fused together in one supplement.
You can find it at ZStackLife.com forward slash Alex.
ZStackLife.com forward slash Alex.
Get the Gregory's Report ready, guys.
We are going to be talking to him more here in a moment, but you can go to ZStackLife.com forward slash Alex and use promo code InfoWars for 10% off.
And I feel really good promoting this and selling this because this takes all the things that he's documented that are so good and puts them into one prophylactic here that's very good for your body.
So we're going to go to Greg Reese's report.
We're good to go.
The reception of Robert Kennedy Jr.'
's book, The Real Anthony Fauci, is clear evidence of a mass awakening.
The people are waking up to see Fauci for what he is, an absolute psychopath.
We've learned of how he directed experiments at the NIAID in which beagles had their vocal cords removed and their heads enclosed in cages where sand fleas ate them alive.
And we've learned of how he fraudulently used PCR tests to illegitimately push a known deadly drug upon tens of thousands of people.
And many are now learning that in 1992, under the direction of Anthony Fauci, the NIAID funded drug trials on HIV-positive children.
Although many of the children were healthy and asymptomatic, they had merely tested positive via faulty PCR tests administered through New York's Child Welfare Department, who then handed them over to the deadly experiments.
Most of the drugs being tested on the children were already known to cause deformities, organ failure, brain damage, and other lethal side effects.
And yet, the children were required to continue with the drugs regardless of negative side effects.
Those administering the drugs were explicitly told that all adverse side effects they witnessed in the children were being caused by the HIV infection and not the drugs.
When parents refused to consent to these barbaric trials, Children's Services took their kids and placed them with foster families or children's homes where participation in the trial would be assured.
When the children resisted the deadly drugs, they were brought to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where plastic tubes were surgically inserted into their stomachs, and the deadly drugs they were trying to escape were pumped directly into their bodies.
Once the children died, their bodies were added to a mass grave in Hawthorne, New York, a large pit with astroturf thrown over it.
To get around the Nuremberg Code and other laws, the state of New York created a special review board comprised of the hospital stakeholders.
One may wonder, other than torturing and killing innocent children, what were they trying to accomplish?
They already knew of the negative side effects that these drugs were having on adults.
But the more we learn about Anthony Fauci, the more we realize that he is an absolute psychopath.
And it doesn't matter why psychopaths do what they do.
Fauci and his criminal cohorts belong in cages, at the very least.
Anthony Fauci is just one old crook in a massive conspiracy that is aggressively pushing to inject everyone's children with the new deadly and debilitating mRNA experimental jabs, whether you like it or not.
Going after Fauci is a drop in the bucket, but at least it's a start.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
I was saying that the United States government has assaulted, battered, and battered the American public with their murderous policies.
Proof being that the FDA knew about the side effects way before they deployed this vaccine on the American public.
They presented that information to their
We're good.
There's a 100% correlation between what the government tells its own scientists and what the American public actually experiences.
There's a term for that.
That's called premeditated mass murder, first-degree murder, crimes against humanity.
The American people have been raped by our own government.
There's been so many developments since you were last on with us.
Please continue.
And the real virus here is the chronic fear narrative that is being pumped out into the soft heads of people in order to maintain a mass psychosis.
What I mean by that is that we know that anxiety and human isolation causes a psychological decompensation.
And when people are in that weak psychological state, they can be manipulated
We're good to go.
Miscarriage rates up from 10 to 82 percent, increases in cancer, increases in autoimmune diseases, ovarian and testicular dysfunction, and most likely infertility.
And all that is nothing compared to the genocidal possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement.
And all for what?
For a virus that is less lethal to most people than influenza?
And to vaccinate children, Dr. Michael Gaydon, everyone knows him, former VP of Pfizer, told me personally, and he then reported it to the media, that the vaccines are 100 times more lethal
To children, the natural virus that we're protecting them from, supposedly.
And you've been saying that for over a year and a half.
You're one of the first trailblazers to do that.
And now it's just totally confirmed that they asked the federal court two weeks ago, do not release this, to cover up.
And the first bit of data that comes out, it's a tiny bit, is completely nightmarish and is worse than we even thought.
What do you think we're about to discover in the tens of thousands more pages coming out, doctor?
Well, we discovered the truth, and the truth is already obvious, and anyone who has any intuition could see it, but the truth is that there has been a decimation of
Innocent people.
And it's very interesting how it's done.
It's done in the, a group of people get taken out quickly, immediately.
For example, the federal government admits to 18,000 dead.
The CDC, the whistleblower from the CDC that signed an affidavit says that's off by a factor of five.
The VAERS database is known to underreport by only 99% according to a Harvard study.
So what we're looking at is millions, tens of millions actually, of adverse events and hundreds of thousands of deaths already.
And that's nothing compared to the long-term effects that people are going to experience.
We're seeing huge spikes in cancer and autoimmune diseases.
How do you think that's going to affect future reproduction and population numbers?
And then world experts like Dr. Luc Montague, Dr. Saharat Bahdi, Dr. Gert van der Scheele, I think his name is, Dr. Michael Yadin, Dr. Robert Malone, all these world powerhouses,
A screaming stop!
You're breeding more virulent variants, more dangerous variants.
No one's ever heard of vaccinating people during an active pandemic.
What we're doing is exerting evolutionary pressure and causing more dangerous bugs to come out.
If you look at the studies that just got published from Vietnam,
It says like this, that people that have been vaccinated and get COVID carry 251 times the amount of virus than the unvaccinated that get COVID.
What that means, and this is consistent with Israeli data, it's the vaccinated people that are dying, it's the vaccinated people in the ICUs, and it's the vaccinated people that are spreading the virus to the unvaccinated.
And Dr. Zelenko, would the
Omicron, the scientists are now admitting, the mainline scientists, that oh, mainly it's people that are vaccinated that are getting sick with this Omicron.
A lot of experts are saying that's just a made-up cover basically for vaccine damage that's happening.
Right, so if you look at the supposed Omicron effects, it supposedly causes myocarditis.
What a joke!
We know that the vaccine has destroyed the hearts of young people.
You see all these athletes dropping dead, and now what they're trying to do is deflect the vaccine side effects and blame it on the new variant that the actual vaccine caused.
And what's interesting, by the way, is I have zero fear of the new variants.
And simply, if you understand the biology, all the new variants are
Mutations in the spike protein, changes of three-dimensional structure of the spike protein, makes the new variant more elusive, let's say, to the immune system, and this way the virus can get inside the cell.
So what?
The treatment that I've been advocating for blocks RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which basically is a common pathway for all the variants.
All the variants!
Dr. Zelenko, we have seen Fauci
We've seen other federal agency heads, former FDA heads, CDC heads.
We have seen the head of Pfizer all in unison say in the last month, arrest people that put out vaccine disinfo.
And then the people they list as disinfo are the most prominent.
Well these aren't human beings, they're reptiles.
They have lost all the image of God, so to speak, has been removed from them.
They have lost all sense of humanity and are now just an embodiment of the serpent, the primordial serpent.
And they need to be destroyed.
Now, I believe in the rule of law that we should have military tribunals.
These people should be tried.
If convicted, they should be hung or whatever form of capital punishment.
We need to send a message to future aspiring despots that we're not going to tolerate your assault on humanity and an assault on God-consciousness.
Dr. Zelenko, stay right there.
We're going to go break it up with a long segment.
We're going to cover the waterfront and so much more.
The dictator of the EU, she's unelected, she's the president of the EU, says they're coming to the homes next.
So does Australia.
And I've seen the documents.
They're planning it here in the U.S.
as well.
Dr. Vladimir Zelensky is our guest a little bit in the next hour.
We're very, very honored to have him here, whether it's a true trailblazer or a real maverick.
And you notice that the Pfizer CEO is the boss when we now learn that over 50 countries, including the U.S., signed secret agreements with Pfizer, giving them even control over the media and emergency powers.
Well, if the Senate did a treaty with a foreign country to do that, they'd all be arrested.
It's treason.
How are they signing treaties?
Agreements, the executive branch, to do this.
So Trump's a good guy.
He got tricked into this.
He means well.
They admit they put stuff in front of him that was 10,000 pages long.
But he needs to come out and now point out that he was deceived.
But regardless of that, Klaus Schwab comes out and says, next you'll have microchips to prove your vaccine passport.
And now the articles on Infowars.com with links to Sweden.
Swedes are getting vaccine passports on implantable microchips, state sponsored.
This is really happening, ladies and gentlemen.
And there's a new German study out, COVID-19 in kids ages 5 to 11 concludes severe disease course of death is low.
In fact, the case fatality cannot be calculated due to an absence of cases for children without comorbidities.
So there you go.
For a problem that is very easily treatable, thanks to Dr. Zelenko's research and others, we are doing something that kills people en masse.
I understand the parallels of Cain and Abel.
You're absolutely right.
The globalists don't have God's birthright, so they want to kill everybody else and play God.
You're totally right at the base.
That's what this eugenics and all of this crap, Hitler, all this is about.
Just the survival of the fittest.
I'm going to kill you.
I'm in charge.
But they're really not superior with their uber-mentioned behavior.
But, obviously, they knew this would kill a bunch of people, and they'd try to cover it up.
Now they're saying it's the Omnicron that's causing it, which is very predictable, just asinine crap.
Why all the heart problems before Omnicron showed up?
What do you expect them to do next?
Because, from all my research, they plan for some problems in covering it up, but it's not going as well as they thought.
So, you've proven to have quite a crystal ball with, like you said, intuition and understanding and a connection to God.
What do you expect these evildoers to do next, Dr. Zelenko?
Well, they're going to create a new scare.
And I think Bill Gates is already setting us up for that.
You know, he's not a prophet.
He's a criminal.
It's not like he could predict.
It's not so surprising that he knows that things are going to happen because he's instrumental in causing them to happen.
So, for example, when he warns
The public about an impending smallpox attack and then four days later we find vials of smallpox in an unsecure fridge in a Merck lab in Philadelphia.
Now listen, smallpox is in two labs in the world, one in America, one in Russia, level four, BSL level four labs, the highest level of security.
Now to have smallpox in a fridge
I'm secure where one person can infect the entire world and lead to a 30% mortality and somehow Bill Gates predicts this to happen.
So we have to prepare for something as catastrophic as that.
And you know what?
I was doing research.
And I found something, you may actually like this, that the American Indians had a cure for smallpox.
They had a treatment, and that treatment in the 1800s and 1900s was published in the Lancet in 1870, and it comes from an American plant.
I'll read it to you.
It's a Saracenia purpurea.
It's a pitcher plant.
It's a plant that eats flies, and the roots of this plant
According to the American Indian, the history, and according to the Lancet, is effective against smallpox.
So I'm letting people know this information so that we should prepare, because who knows what's going to happen.
But the reality is it's going to be the Marburg virus, which is also an Ebola-like virus that was prepared by the Russians, developed by the Russians.
As a buyer weapon that also has a 30% mortality.
So what we're seeing is a potential assault on a scale that we haven't seen before.
But I think it's pretty ironic that Bill Gates designed computer viruses and then sold software to get rid of the viruses.
Where isn't that exactly what he's doing now?
Infecting people and then advocating solutions for it.
It's the same pattern of a sociopath.
Just he shifted from computers to human beings.
But he's also the tip of the... He's only the tip of the spear.
There's so many more, let's say, stakeholders behind this that are most likely
The 150 most richest people in the world, let's put it this way.
Not everyone, but they're the ones that have the major stakeholders of BlackRock and Vanguard.
BlackRock and Vanguard invest in each other, so it's a monopoly, and they own $20 trillion of assets.
And they manage every sector, including media, academia, politics, and industry.
So whoever controls this monopoly, which is basically a, well they own Pepsi, they own Coke, you know that concept.
They own Fox, they own CNN.
So they own all sectors from all perspectives.
Whoever runs and owns that entity,
is the one that's able to orchestrate this, because they can manipulate the media, they can manipulate industry, they can manipulate politics, and they can manipulate academia.
And there needed to be an orchestrated, coordinated, like a conductor, not an orchestra, synthesis of all these different aspects of life in order to pull this off.
Academia provided the fraudulent studies, the media
Amplified those results to the world public.
The politicians use that as a basis for diabolical, tyrannical, idiotic policies of tyranny.
And industry is just waiting there and collecting the money and counting the body count.
And so this is not a joke.
This is really happening.
This is World War III.
This is Hitler and Stalin on steroids with weapons of mass destruction.
And the only reason why it's happening is because people don't realize it's happening.
Wake up!
Take your kids out of school.
Take your kids and homeschool them.
According to the WHO, a few weeks ago they published a paper, if your kids are in school, that's implied informed consent and they can be vaccinated without you being told because you could have prevented them from coming to school.
So in other words, the fact that you send your kids to school,
Empowers the school and the government to inject them with this poison.
So not only are the souls of our children being assaulted in the public school system through the debauchery and ungodly teachings, but now their bodies will be assaulted as well.
So it is time to pull our children out of public
Thank you for having me.
It's going to envelop us all, unless we coalesce together in unison, just like each candle coalesces to be one big torch.
We need to work in unity, in civil disobedience, hopefully in a non-violent way, but whatever.
You know, at this point, if someone comes to my house to put a needle into my children, so there'll be different shots given.
Listen, we have 200 million guns in the hands of
Law-abiding citizens.
That's why stormtroopers are not yet in our houses like they are in Australia or in Europe.
And it is very important that we organize a resistance against governmental tyranny.
If this leads to civil war, so be it, because this is a hill worthy of dying on.
This is our storming the beaches of Normandy moment.
This is
This generation's chance to sanctify the name of God and preserve freedom.
Well, I said it earlier.
This is the most important broadcast we've ever done.
Not because I'm important, but because the times are so important.
I mean, the things being revealed are just biblical beyond.
I mean, it's incredible.
It's everything you see biblically, but expanded and bigger and more crazier in our day and time.
But all happening exactly as it had before happening again.
And here we are, and what Dr. Zelenko said is the strongest thing I've ever heard on air in my 28 years.
It's true.
This is the hill to die on.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to be in a fight with people.
But I am absolutely at a gut level watching Obama and that demon Fauci helping the parents who are lined up to get the shots for their children for something that's so dangerous on record.
And the whole thing is so sick.
That I never have anxiety attacks.
Very, very rarely.
Like, one time, one of my children was being born, I kind of like, I'm having trouble breathing, what is it?
Oh, that's an anxiety attack.
And even when I've had, like, bullies growing up in Dallas start a fight with me, I wouldn't have an anxiety attack.
I saw that at 5 a.m.
this morning when I got up and saw the video, and I had an anxiety attack.
I had to go outside, I had to breathe heavily, because my body was seeing predators come hurt children, and my body was saying, do something!
You have to be smart about this, but Zlinko's right.
This is the hill to fight on, or God is going to hate us.
Dr. Zlinko, please elaborate on what you said, because it is absolutely key.
It's totally true.
Listen, historically, healthy societies, unhealthy societies' parents will sacrifice so that their children will have a better life, both materially and spiritually.
In pagan societies,
Adult-sacrificed children for themselves.
And so when you have an intervention with a poison death shot that kills 100 more children than the actual virus that you're supposedly immunizing them against, what that's called is child sacrifice.
That's called taking your child, cutting its throat, and letting it bleed out, or throwing it into a volcano, or off a cliff, or whatever.
What's the difference between that and injecting a liquid that kills 100 times more kids than the virus?
There's no justification.
There's no moral justification.
What we're witnessing, this has nothing to do with health.
This has to do with a totalitarian enslavement.
Slavery has been the most lucrative industry in the history of humanity.
And it's been prevalent in every generation.
And it is absolutely no different now.
These sociopaths, they think they've evolved into a higher level of consciousness, but in reality they're nothing more than these devolved pagans of yesteryear.
And what they're trying to do is to use fear as a tactic to cause human consciousness to deviate from the divine and have a cultish, literally a cultish codependency on
Sociopathic oligarchs, corrupt governments, and these false golden calves of this vaccine.
If you notice, the first thing that despotic, tyrannical, totalitarian movements do, they try to remove God from the picture.
And that's simple, because if I bow down to God, I'm not going to bow down to them.
And so there's the use of chronic fear and human isolation in order to
To steal the consciousness of man and lead to a codependency on a cult.
This is exactly what's going on now.
And unfortunately, the majority of people fall for it.
You know, if you look at the Bible,
When the Jews left Egypt, so according to most opinions, only 20% of the people left.
80%, like the Stockholm Syndrome, decided to stay in Egypt as slaves and they died.
In the desert, there was a generation of the Golden Calf and other things, and God had sentenced them to death.
So half of the people in the desert died also.
So it turned out that only 1 out of 10 were able to leave Egypt and make it to Israel.
Or another way of saying it,
Only 10% of people were able to shed slave mentality and accept redemptive thinking.
And that is tragic.
And my hope is that this is a narrative war.
Look, it says everything is made with the wisdom of God.
That's referring to information.
We know in the future the world will be filled with the wisdom of God like the water fills the seas.
So really what we're talking about is an information war.
The forces of evil have dug in and
Have control over the narrative because they have control of the media, both social and mainstream.
And what they try to do is use and create a false narrative that conceals on the presence of God by using fear as a tactic.
So if you want to know where evil is, you just have to listen to anyone who's propagating fear.
Because fear is the real virus here.
You know, you always take it back to history because history repeats, and it's been proven in the archaeological digs, the Roman histories, the Babylonian histories, that the Jewish histories in the Talmud, or in the books of the Christian Bible, the Old Testament,
Very well said.
It's all true.
And they find sites all over the Middle East where people were sacrificing their children to this golden calf, Moloch, that Moses said, don't do that.
And there it is in Leviticus, where the people of Israel are ordered, do not give your children the fires of Moloch, because I'm the Lord your God.
And this is literally what's happening again.
And then the group in Italy that created the Italian fascist and then created Hitler, this is on record, they
So, the forces described in the Bible are not... it's not a history book.
It's a manual for existence.
And it tells us the dynamics at play.
And this war started in the Garden of Eden.
This war started when
We're good to go.
There was good and bad in the Garden of Eden.
How do we know?
Well, there was a tree of knowledge of good and bad.
However, the good and the bad were not mixed up.
It was very clear.
It was clear.
It was clear where was good and where was bad.
After the sin, there's been an absolute mixture, and for thousands of years since then, we've been fumbling through the dark, not knowing where good is, where bad is, where
And now, in this generation, in some interesting way, we're returning back to the Garden of Eden pre-sin state.
What I mean by that is that I actually see exactly where the bad is, and I see where the good is.
Granted, it's mostly bad.
I'm not saying that.
But at least I know where it is.
I know there are continents of tyranny, and there are small cities of refuge of good.
You see the separation happening, and I want to be clear, the wheat from the chaff.
That's right.
I agree it's an owner's manual.
I was saying historically, we now know what is in the Old Testament did happen.
All of it's been documented.
So I totally agree with what you're saying.
It's amazing.
Yeah, me too.
Again, I didn't grow up in a religious home.
This is a type of ideology and lifestyle that I chose.
I used to be an atheist and enjoyed talking people out of believing in God.
And certain things happened in my life, and my mind and my consciousness was open to the fact that there is a Creator.
A big banger of sorts.
And I think that the purpose of humanity is to bring the knowledge of the Creator into the creation by sanctifying His name and by sanctifying life itself.
Yes, totally, absolutely.
That's exactly what I've seen.
Please continue.
And so all these demonic forces, we have to categorize them, we have to understand what they are, because it's going to fall upon us to decapitate them.
And it's time to wake up and realize that this is it.
This is the final battle of existence.
This is good versus evil.
Good or done or wrong.
We are in the endgame of creation.
And right now is an opportunity, a glorious opportunity,
That every individual has to turn away from bad and to do good, to reject idolatry, paganism, and child sacrifice, and accept the yoke of heaven.
And in reality, it's a David versus Goliath situation.
The enemy is so powerful, it's rooted in generations of wealth, old wealth and now new wealth, coming together, coalescing together to exact vengeance,
On God Consciousness.
And so whether it's the Orsini Family, or the Rockefellers, or the Carnegies, or the DuPonts, or the Bushes, or... I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but... They're at war against God.
The Royal British Family.
All these people who have major assets and control of Vanguard and BlackRock.
I'm a conspiracy realist.
I don't care what people are going to say.
If you look and you study and you look deep enough and you dig deep enough, you'll find the mechanism of evil.
And that mechanism is well-rooted in society.
So what we need to do is we need to God scale it.
We need to divine it.
All right, Wayne, stay there.
You're always on fire, but this is the best interview yet.
Dr. Zelenko, this is amazing.
We'll be right back in two minutes.
Please stay with us.
All right, Wayne Allen Root is loaded for bear.
He's got evidence that they are intending to replace Kamala Harris with Hillary.
Then Biden steps down.
That's come up in about 10 minutes, but I've gotten Dr. Zelenko, who is on fire, to stay for this segment and part of the next.
Dr. Zelenko, what you talk about being an atheist and then just suddenly being touched, having things happen, that's basically what happened to me.
I wasn't really an atheist.
I was more of a pagan when I was younger.
I was around that and then, you know, the sex got me into it and then it was the occult, but I never actually got into that itself.
So I know how real that is and what you're saying.
People want to hear about your process, though, and during the break you were talking about breaking out of this matrix of system.
How did you break through it?
Was it divine intervention, or was it God showing you things?
What happened?
In medical school, the first semester that I was there, we would dissect a human body.
And I remember the professor would teach us how to do the dissection before we would do it.
So I come into the classroom and I see six human heads on the table, decapitated heads.
And he goes through the lesson on how to do the dissection.
So then in the morgue, what we did was we took a saw
The skull took out the brain and then I cut
This head in half, and I used to walk around with half of someone's face in my hands.
Now, the reason why I'm telling you this is I was wondering what's the difference between me and this piece of meat?
I didn't believe in a soul.
I didn't believe in God.
I just believed in science.
But I couldn't understand what separates me.
Why am I in dynamic equilibrium?
Why am I in homeostasis?
Why do I have vitality and this piece of meat doesn't?
So that's how I got sensitized that there must be a spiritual dimension.
A spiritual dimension to existence.
And then I had some personal things happen.
My father had a heart attack and he had a clinical death and miraculously survived.
I remember that was the first time I actually prayed in my life.
And so there were certain things that happened in my life that made me realize that my arrogance has been obstructing me from seeing the truth.
And so it's led to a process of humility and I think that that's been very beneficial in my life and in the lives of others because I really don't think I did anything.
I was praying to God in March of last year asking for some help because I had thousands of sick patients dying and I had nothing to offer them.
And these are people I've taken care of for 20 years.
And so what do you do?
Praying for some guidance.
And then the next thing I know, a lecture is sent to me in my email from YouTube, MedCram episode 34, which explains how zinc ionophores and zinc work in inhibiting RNA viruses, theoretically.
And that was a big illumination for me, and it really affected the world, because I pushed that stuff globally, and it's really saved the lives of a million people.
And so, what humanity needs is hope.
It needs to know that the power for survival is within us.
You could say no.
And by the way, if you have to fall on battle in this generation, so be it.
Keep in mind that this life, life itself, is a terminal disease.
We begin to die from the moment we're born.
Some people live 50 years, some people live 80 years.
What's the difference?
It's all finite.
But during this finite period of time, we're given an opportunity to connect to the infinite.
And that I wouldn't trade for one nanosecond.
And so in my life, in this generation, if I have to sacrifice my life in the finite to sanctify the name of God and ensure that there's freedom and God-consciousness in the world, so be it.
So beautifully said.
One minute break.
We're going to come back with a conclusion.
But that is absolute veritas, ladies and gentlemen.
And this whole consciousness is about, do you choose that relationship with the infinite and God that created it all?
Or do you want to make your own little personal hell?
Everybody that joins the evil just wants to kill people and control things and play God.
Well, God doesn't act like that.
This is an amazing time to be alive.
And I agree.
We are entering the final phase of this test.
The papers are about to get picked up and the master is about to grade them.
Dr. Zelenko, final comments then.
We have a very special guest about to take over.
Well, in Tucson, Arizona, a police officer just shot a black man in a wheelchair eight times and killed him because he had a knife.
That'll distract from the millions of kids getting poisoned and killed and everything else and how we're all under attack and how they're locking Africa down again and starving to death.
So this is a nightmare situation.
Dr. Zelenko, in closing, I really appreciate you.
Wayne Allen Root is just an amazing talk show host.
He's loaded for bear, got a lot of clarity.
He's about to take over here in a few minutes.
But when I watched that video this morning that happened yesterday of Fauci, who we know did not just experiments on dogs, but children, take them away from their parents.
When they would escape, they'd pick them back up and take them back and test experimental drugs on them until they died.
That was mainstream news.
20 years ago, and this monster just commits this over and over again.
What is it like for you to watch as a life giver, as a doctor, sworn to that profession, trying to empower life, Hippocratic Oath, to watch Joseph Mengele 2.0?
And I want to play you a clip.
Because I know this lady's dialed into the highest levels of the system and she's coming out against him, Laura Logan, where she explains this is a fascist takeover.
She calls him Joseph Mingala.
I'm not going to play all the clip, but it's really true.
And so it sounds like we're being obnoxious or we're being dramatic to say Joseph Mingala.
This is Joseph Mengele 2.0.
I mean, this is on a wider scale already, as you said last time you were on, and I agree.
I looked at the numbers, and if they keep going, it's going to be ten times bigger than the Nazis.
We're not diminishing any of that, but this is real.
And this is what we face now.
And so can you just, in closing comments, speak to that gestalt I just laid out?
You know, when Noah was building his ark, it took him 120 years to do so.
And so the question is, why so long?
Couldn't God have given them a finished ark?
And the answer is that he wanted people to see that the end is coming, and they should repent.
They should ask Noah, what's going on?
And he should have said, God is really angry with you because you're pagans, and because you serve idols, and because you sacrifice children.
And so repent, otherwise there's going to be a flood.
What I'm saying is the flood is already started, 2.0.
And there will be a purification in the world.
Like it or not, it's going to come either willingly or unwillingly, but it's going to happen.
Again, I'm not God's spokesman, but I can tell you, it seems to me he's had enough of all this debauchery and immorality and loss of sanctity of everything.
Sanctity of marriage, sanctity of life, sanctity of the unborn.
Anything that is sanctity of just the elderly, protecting the most vulnerable upon us.
No, they're the ones slaughtered first by this COVID-19 bioweapon.
So, this is not a world that God intended.
And I think he is going to clean house.
So yeah, Fauci is a, let's call him a field marshal of evil.
And you can just see on his facial expression, you can see his pathological sociopathic lies and psychopathic lies.
It's not surprising.
Evil has been there since the beginning of time.
It's nice to know who is the leader of the evil.
He's one of them.
Bill Gates is another.
George Soros is another.
Klaus Schwab is really up there.
And Zuckerberg.
And who else?
What's his name?
The British royalty are at the very top of it, exactly.
And this is...
An opportunity, a wonderful opportunity.
It may be scary to live in this type of time because the risk of death is great and there's turbulence, but nevertheless the opportunity to sanctify the name of God and bring real meaning and purpose to your life and to earn eternal union with the divine has never been so present.
All you need to do is choose not to comply, disobey,
We're good to go.
Well, I think we need to prepare for DNA, other RNA viruses, like mongrel virus.
I think we need to prepare for DNA viruses, like smallpox.
People are working really hard for solutions.
I think I found one with this botanical that the American Indians used from the pitcher plant.
Yeah, right.
Senea purpurea.
And it seems to be really effective.
And of course, this is buried.
This was buried in the beginning of the 19th century because
Like in 1910 and 1920, because that's when the pharmaceutical industry was born, and that's when natural remedies, botanicals and homeopathic approaches and vitamin and nutritional approaches were suppressed.
And that again was the Rockefellers.
It's always the same.
And so I agree with you, though.
Them launching all these attacks on humanity is them realizing they're losing control, because the consciousness
Thank you.
I've never felt as much God's presence in my life as I do in this moment, in this fight.
My life has clear purpose.
Everything that happened in my life, some of it has been very traumatic and very difficult.
But I see now, in retrospect, all were like Navy SEAL training or preparation for the task that's being asked of me at this point in time, which is not to be afraid of anyone except God, to be ready to sacrifice absolutely everything,
And sanctify the name of God by sanctifying the sanctity of life, by protecting the innocent, by loving, seeing the divine in others, and protecting that.
Well, we love you, Dr. Zelenko.
We really appreciate your time.
We know you're going through a lot.
You don't make a big deal about it, but you've got terminal cancer, and you're fighting for your life.
We really appreciate you, but your spirit lives forever, and we will see you, my friend, at the next level, and I just know you're going to be there.
I hope I'm going to be there, but thank you so much, sir.
Thank you, and thank you for this platform, and thank you for all the hard work you've done over the decades.
I think you've laid the foundation for the
You know, the starting point of the counter-offensive against the worst evil in history.
And we just need to wake up, not be afraid, coalesce with like-minded people, disobey at all costs, take your kids out of harm's way, which is the public...
school system.
Don't be afraid of losing your job or your position in school.
Do not sacrifice your future for some conveniences in the present.
I'd rather sacrifice something in the present to maintain a future and the fertility of the next generation.
And so be ready to sacrifice to win World War III, which is a war to preserve
I totally agree with you.
It's a blessing to be alive now.
It looks horrible, but this is a blessing.
Dr. Zalinko, ZStackLife.com.
Amazing information.
Everybody should fortify their immune system at ZStackLife.com.
Dr. Zalinko, thank you so much and God bless you, sir.
God bless you and God bless America.
Thank you.
All right, I'm going to leave that.
I apologize to our next guest host, Wayne Allyn Root, who I asked to come on because he's really right.
They plan to place Hillary in there and remove Kamala Harris.
But he's going to take over after this break.
So everybody tune in.
Stay for this.
Wayne Allyn Root is an amazing talk show host.
Guys, thank Dr. Zelenko for me.
Wow, this is just this is such a quickening, such a such a singularity happening, but not their satanic singularity, our spiritual singularity as we come together
I know you're humble.
I know you're like me.
But I really want you to sit back and cogitate or meditate
On the fact that those of you that have supported my broadcast and InfoWars over the years have changed the world in incredible ways.
And now, as 2021 prepares to end and 2022
We're good to go.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root, guest hosting for Alex Jones.
What a great interview.
You know, my guest hosting was supposed to start at the top of the hour.
And I got to listen because Alex is running late with Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.
He's an old friend of mine.
He's on my radio show all the time.
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And it's a communist takeover of the United States of America.
No one knows better than me.
I'm not bragging here.
No one knows better than me.
Because I went to Columbia University, my classmate was Barack Hussein Obama.
And every kid I went to Columbia with, I was a SOB.
Son of a butcher.
A blue collar son of a butcher who was lucky enough and blessed enough, thank you God, to get into Columbia University.
And when I got there, I was shocked because I was a patriot and a conservative and I loved Ronald Reagan, my hero!
And I found nothing but communists.
Every kid there bragged they were communists, socialists, Marxists, some even called themselves Bolsheviks.
They were almost all white, and every single one of them hated white people.
And that's what you see today.
It was an early taste for me.
Of what's going on in the United States of America.
I got to experience all these liberal scumbags.
There's no other way to put it.
You can say that word on TV or on radio.
They're scum of the earth.
They're garbage.
They're scumbags.
They're communists.
And they want to destroy America.
And they hate us.
And they're almost all white.
And they hate white people.
They hate themselves.
They're self-hating.
And so, Dr. Zelenko and I are both Jews, by the way.
Dr. Zelenko an Orthodox Jew, as you can see.
And I'm kind of the same and yet the opposite, because I'm a Jew to Christ as my Savior 30 years ago.
So I'm a completed Jew.
I'm a Messianic Jew, mixed with an Evangelical Christian.
So, we're both spiritual, we're both religious, and we're both Jews.
You can never not be a Jew.
It's like saying, I'm a white person, now I'm black.
I'm black, now I'm white.
No, you're born with it coursing through your blood.
Once you're a Jew, you're always a Jew, even if you become a Christian.
Judaism is a culture, more than just a religion.
And so, religiously, I take Christ as my Savior, but I am a Jew.
And, Zelenko and I are both Jews.
And when you hear from two Jews,
That this is 1938.
That this is like Nazi Germany.
That what you see in front of you, and by the way, I was the first one in the country in August of this year.
I looked it up.
To be exact, it was August, I think, 6th of this year.
I wrote, this is 1938.
And I've got the whole column here.
I'd love to read it to you, but we kind of ran out of time for everything I planned for the show.
And I think, you know, look, Dr. Zelenko says he believes that God put him where he is today.
He's on a path to try and save the world from this Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden charade and scam and Ponzi scheme and mass murder.
And 1938-like mass murder.
And I believe God put me in the exact same path at the exact same time to do the exact same thing from a different standpoint.
Dr. Zelenko, as you see, is an Orthodox Jewish doctor and a very serious guy.
What I am is an entertainer, right?
I've been an entertainer my whole life.
You know, when I was a kid, this son of a butcher, blue-collar kid,
Um, I had a dream in Malverna, New York on the Bronx borderline.
I grew up in a majority black town, which all black middle school, all black high school, one of the only white kids in the entire school.
I think I had a destiny.
I have a mixture and an understanding, a unique background that no one else has and an understanding of white black relations and an understanding of real people because of my blue collar background.
And an understanding of Columbia University and the communists who are infesting government and infesting the Democrat Party.
You know, Joe McCarthy wasn't wrong.
It turns out he was right, but he was early.
The communists are here now.
And they're taking over this country.
And I'm an entertainer.
So my dream when I was this kid, 16 years old, I set a goal to be Jimmy the Greek.
Do you remember that name?
Jimmy the Greek?
Jimmy the Greek Snyder.
The greatest Vegas odds maker in the world.
The king of Vegas sports gambling.
And he was on the NFL pregame show on CBS TV with Brett Musburger, Phyllis George, and Irv Cross.
And I watched that show every week because I was a football fanatic, an NFL fanatic, a Dallas Cowboy fanatic.
Roger Staubach was my hero in life, the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.
And I set a goal that I was going to be Jimmy the Greek and replace him as the king of Vegas odds making and the king of Vegas sports gambling.
And I would have a TV show and I would be a star.
And 10 years later, by the way, at the age of 16, that was my goal.
How do you know?
Because it made the newspapers.
I sent out PR to all the media and the local newspapers picked it up and did an interview with me and they called me the betting whiz kid and the next Jimmy the Greek.
And so it got picked up by hundreds of Gannett newspaper chain newspapers all over the United States.
So there's a record of me saying at the age of 16, I will be the next Jimmy the Greek and Gannett calling me the next Jimmy the Greek in the Betty Woods kit.
Fast forward 10 years later.
Okay, 10 years later, I'm 26 years old, and I get hired by CNBC, which in those days was known as Financial News Network, number one financial network in the world.
And I get hired to be Jimmy the Greek's partner on TV.
And I host five shows.
I wind up being hired to be Jimmy the Greek's partner on one show, okay?
And they loved me so much they fired Jimmy the Greek and I took over and replaced him just as I said I would do one day when I was 16 years old!
I became his TV partner and then I replaced him on national TV and then they liked me so much they gave me four other shows.
I hosted five shows on national TV.
So I'm an entertainer.
My background is sports and the NFL and sports gambling.
And I just happened to run for the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2008.
And I won the vice presidential nomination.
Bob Barr was the Libertarian presidential nominee that year.
And I won the nomination.
All the delegates, a thousand delegates voted me in as the vice president with Bob Barr.
We raised our arms together.
There's a picture behind me, I'm not sure if you can see it, of me and Bob Barr with our arms raised together as the Libertarian presidential ticket in 2008.
So I actually ran against my college classmate, Barack Obama, and against John McCain, who I thought was a rhino Republican and really a great American, because of his military background, but a traitor to real conservative Republican patriot values.
And boy, did I turn out to be right.
McCain and Romney, both traitors to real Republican values.
And so my background is very unique and I think I was put in this place in this time.
Zelenko, an Orthodox Jewish doctor, put in place to warn people and me, Wayne Root, an entertainer and showman and a friend of Donald Trump.
Put in place... There's Bob Barr and Wayne Root.
Boy, is this team crack.
This is a crack team, baby.
The Alex Jones producers, directors, and production team.
Where you found that picture on short notice, I don't know.
But that was me and Bob Barr accepting the Libertarian presidential and vice presidential nomination in 2008.
You guys are the best.
And I'm here at this moment in time because my parents died of cancer 28 days apart when I was very young.
And I decided to study vitamins and nutrition and fitness my whole life.
I'm now 60 years old.
My life's dedicated to living forever as long as humanly possible and being strong.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root, that's my website, RootForAmerica.com, by the way.
There's so many things to say and I've got about a half hour left.
And to squeeze it in is impossible.
I need three hours a day, five days a week on the Alex Jones Network to squeeze this all in.
So much to say.
First of all, again, I want to stress, in August, I wrote this is 1938 as a Jew.
I see it coming.
And the number one sign, you know, Dr. Zelenko sees the same things as me.
The Orthodox Jew sees it.
And Wayne Root, the Jew to Christ as the Savior, who's the completed Jew and the Messianic Jew, sees the exact same thing.
I see vaccine passports and vaccine mandates as the true representation of 1938 and a coming disaster.
I don't want to call it the Holocaust.
I don't think anything compares, I hope, to what happened to 6 million Jews.
Incinerated, gassed to death, tortured, raped, murdered in the Holocaust during World War II.
I want to call it a Holocaust, but I do think what's happening in front of us has images that mirror 1938.
And liberals always said that voter ID was a bad thing.
You can't ask someone for their driver's license before they vote once every two years in a federal election, or once every four years
In a presidential election, it's Gestapo like they said.
It's asking for papers.
Well now, they ask for papers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, conventions, sporting events.
I don't care where you go.
Retail stores, supermarkets, department stores.
Anywhere you go, they're gonna say, Papers!
We want your papers!
That's not Gestapo?
That is the true representation of Gestapo!
Of 1938!
Of Nazi Germany!
Of Hitler!
And to keep people out of stores and restaurants!
It's Hitlerian!
Is that a word?
I don't even know.
It's Hitler-like!
It's Hitler-lite!
Maybe that's the way to say it.
You know, I do my radio show three hours a day with no notes, no teleprompter.
I do your show, no notes, no teleprompter.
So, everything's off the top of my head.
I don't know if Hitlerian is a word or not, but Hitler-lite!
Or Hitler-like!
Hitler could not have come up with a better scheme or scam than vaccine everyone or you lose your job.
Vaccine or you lose your life and your credibility.
Vaccine or you won't eat anymore.
Vaccine, your job's gone, you can't afford your mortgage, you're homeless.
Vaccine, show your passport, show your papers everywhere you go.
And those who are unvaccinated are filthy, diseased, spreading disease.
That's Hitler-like to call unvaccinated people bad people and keep them out of society.
Just replace the word Jew with unvaccinated.
My God!
It mirrors 1938.
But wait, it gets better.
I just saw this second.
Black Lives Matter calls for a month-long boycott of white companies for the holidays.
Folks, that's the second theme of this show today with me as the guest host for the great Alex Jones.
You know, one thing liberals are right about, one thing ever in my lifetime they were right about, America is a racist nation.
You were right!
Liberals are right, Democrats are right.
It's a racist nation.
It's racist against white people.
I see blacks who hate whites.
I see black leaders, not black people, black leaders, liberals, Democrats, BLM leaders, who hate white people, who want to agitate the black people of America to divide them from us.
I see white liberals who hate white people.
I met them all at Columbia, and these are their children and their grandchildren that are now the next generation of white people who hate white people.
It's insane the amount of white hatred going on in America today.
You know, I don't know any white people who hate black people.
I grew up with nothing but black people.
Lived in an all-black town.
Went to an all-black middle school.
Went to an all-black high school.
Every friend I had was black.
Jewish kid got bar mitzvahed.
I'm the only Jew I know who invited black people to his bar mitzvah.
There never was another kid like me.
So don't ever tell me about racism.
There's not a racist bone in my body.
There's not a racist bone in Trump's body.
There's not a racist bone in conservative Republican bodies.
But on the left, the hatred for white people is over the top.
It's incredible.
The only group you're allowed to hate is white, straight males in America today.
And so you go, wait, where do you get off with this stuff?
I'll tell you where you get off with this stuff.
Tune in to the latest study out of Facebook.
They wanted to prove how much violence and hate is aimed at black people and people of color and Muslims.
So they did a study on Facebook and guess what it proved?
90% of all hate speech is against white males.
And I guarantee you it's white straight males.
Anyway, without further ado, I gotta get to the column that I wanted to read you today.
It's not even out yet, but it will be out all across the United States in the next few days, and it will make a lot of news.
Because I had COVID!
And do you know when I had it?
The last time I was on the Alex Jones Show!
I did an hour interview with Alex Jones.
It wasn't me hosting that time.
It was Alex interviewing me for an entire hour and I was sick as a dog and I had COVID at that very moment.
And that night I took ivermectin and mega doses of vitamins and I beat COVID in 48 hours.
24 hours for the time I took ivermectin.
So when Dr. Zelenko says he was put on this earth for a reason to try and save people and make people healthy and save them from vaccines, I know I was put on this earth
As Paul Revere.
I'm not an amazing doctor like him.
I'm not a scientist.
I'm a guy who studied vitamins, nutrition, health and fitness my whole life.
I'm a guy who knows everything about vitamins and health.
I'm a guy who knows everything about fitness and works out 90 minutes a day.
I want to make America healthy.
And I'm a guy who was put here to tell you that you don't need the vaccine.
I took ivermectin and it went away overnight.
So here's my column, how I beat COVID in 48 hours with Ivermectin, just like Joe Rogan and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
Yes, it's true.
I beat COVID in 48 hours with Ivermectin.
Before I get to that story, I have more news guaranteed to make liberals' heads explode.
And my guess is I only have enough time to get to do about half this column.
And then the other half, I'll give you when we get back for the break.
But I decided to mix two stories that would make liberals' heads explode.
So before I get to the story of how I beat COVID in 48 hours with Ivermectin, I have more news guaranteed to make liberals' heads explode.
You see, I was married last week.
That's right, I'm newlywed.
One week married.
And that has to enrage liberals, because the left hates marriage.
But if there's one thing they hate more than marriage, they hate it when a man who knows he's a man
Marries a feminine woman who knows she's a woman.
Because liberals are all mixed up.
They don't know if they're men, women.
They can't tell which bathroom to use.
They have no idea which toilet to use.
These are the most confused, screwed up, dysfunctional people in the whole world.
Find me a liberal, I'll find you the definition of mental illness.
They're crackpots.
They all need a hug from mommy, a straight jacket, and a rubber room.
In any case, I married the stunning, beautiful, sexy Cindy Parker.
I love you, baby.
Cindy Parker Root.
Love you, baby.
This was truly a Republican wedding.
My new wife's on the board of directors of many Republican organizations in Nevada.
We had a large wedding with about 200 guests from all over America and all over the world, by the way.
People flew in from France, from England, from Portugal for my wedding.
I'm very proud to say I've made a lot of great friends over the years and business associates over the years, and we had the party of a lifetime.
And almost everyone in the room was a Republican, a conservative, and a patriot.
And I remarked to the crowd, there are so many Republican politicians in this room, we could hold a Republican National Committee meeting right here, right now.
And the crowd laughed.
It was a good line for the moment.
But what makes comedy work is when it's true.
And I had every politician, every Republican politician, worth their salt.
The whole state of Nevada was there.
And I opened the wedding, by the way, by asking all the military veterans and law enforcement in the room to please stand up.
And I asked everyone to give them a standing ovation and we did.
It was a wedding mixed with a revival meeting mixed with a Republican National Committee meeting.
And so there were no masks.
And I'm guessing almost everybody in the crowd was unvaccinated.
And we were guarded by former Navy SEALs from the number one security firm in Las Vegas.
I'm sure liberals' heads are exploding.
And if liberals' heads haven't exploded yet, here's the clincher.
The highlight of our wedding was former Fox News host, anchorwoman, and bestselling author Rita Cosby, great friend of mine for 20 years, reading a personal handwritten letter from President Donald Trump celebrating our wedding.
So I hope all the liberal heads have exploded.
Now when we get back for the break, I'm going to read you the second half of this column about how I beat COVID, because it could have ended my wedding.
I had COVID only a few weeks before the wedding, and anybody could have missed their wedding and cancelled the wedding.
Ivermectin saved my life.
Megadosa vitamins saved my life.
I'll tell all of it to you when we get back.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root, that's my website, rootforamerica.com.
There's my book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
Which is available for sale now, and I mention it because I think this is like an entire conservative protest movement in a book, in a thin 120 page book, with the names, addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts of all of the top CEOs of the worst companies in America that hate conservatives, but we make them rich.
You know, we make them rich.
Amazon, will you buy the book?
We're making him rich, a trillionaire.
And meanwhile, most people, most consumers that buy products at all these stores and fly on Delta Airlines,
And buy from, you know, Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
And the list is long.
Buy their lingerie at Victoria's Secret.
These are all communist-run companies.
These are hateful people.
These are awful people that don't want voter ID, but they have no problem with vaccine passports.
And force their employees to choose between a job, a livelihood, and a poisonous vaccine.
I got all their names and numbers.
All the contact information you could ever want is in this book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
The places to buy it, unfortunately, are all liberal and bad people.
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, all of them dot com.
Amazon dot com, Barnes and Noble dot com, Target dot com.
But it is a heck of a Christmas present for anyone in your life that's a conservative that wants to attack, attack, attack the great patriot, protest a boycott book.
It's all about the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King.
We've got to use civil disobedience, protests, strikes, boycotts,
I just finished telling you the highlight of my wedding last week.
So the beautiful Cindy Parker, now Cindy Parker Root, was a letter, a handwritten personal letter from President Trump, read by my great friend Rita Cosby, who used to be a host on Fox News and MSNBC before they became, you know, a communist network, and CNN before they became a communist network.
One of the most famous women ever in broadcasting.
She's interviewed presidents, and kings, and Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi, and queens, and world leaders.
Amazing woman, Rita Cosby, and best-selling author.
And I asked her to get up in front of the crowd and read President Trump's letter to me and Cindy about our wedding, and about our union, and our marriage, and blessings to us.
He put a handwritten note in there.
And Trump's the greatest.
He said, Cindy, I got news for you.
I know Wayne, and Wayne is all man.
You did good.
Only President Trump would write something like that.
Thank you, President Trump.
But my point is, now I want to get to the meat of why I wrote this.
I was kind of just tweaking in liberals' faces.
You know, screw you, taunting liberals about my wedding.
No masks, no vaccines.
Lots of conservatives in one place who love law enforcement and military and love President Trump.
But there's me and President Trump on the screen, one of my favorite pictures of all time.
I opened for him seven times, seven speeches he gave in Las Vegas, and I was the opening speaker on those seven speeches.
Very proud of that, that he chose me, including his first speech as President of the United States when he visited Nevada for the first time.
He personally hand-picked me, and I had the Secret Service call me to ask me to be the opening speaker.
So, President Trump, thank you very much.
God bless you.
Greatest president in my lifetime.
One of the great presidents in America's history.
But let me continue.
So liberals' heads have exploded about my wedding, but do you want to watch liberals' heads triple explode?
Here's the best story yet!
I was healthy and strong at my wedding because of Ivermectin.
And no, it's not a horse and cow drug.
It's not a veterinary drug.
It's not a dewormer.
Except occasionally, I nay now.
It's not!
They have the veterinary version and they have the drug for human version prescribed by doctors that won a Nobel Prize.
And so no, Ivermectin is not a horse and cow dewormer, okay?
It is for human beings.
It won a Nobel Prize.
And I caught COVID for the first time a few weeks ago.
I caught it.
I got it.
Never thought I would.
Because it's the flu!
And it's a contagious flu!
And I beat COVID in 48 hours with ivermectin and massive doses of vitamins, including intravenous vitamin C. This is what everyone needs to know.
I'm not a doctor.
I'm not a scientist.
I'm not prescribing.
I'm telling you what I did.
I'm telling you what people I love, five people in my life over the last year got sick with COVID, all took ivermectin and massive doses of vitamins and they all got well and they're all fantastic now and there's no residual effect of any kind of COVID.
There's no long COVID.
I'm telling you what I have used in my own life and it worked just a few weeks ago.
The day that I was on Alex's show as a guest, I had COVID and it kept getting worse that day and that night I took Ivermectin.
Ivermectin is truly a miracle drug.
I had COVID for one day, the day I was on Alex Jones, when I decided to take Ivermectin and from that point on COVID was gone in 24 hours.
Yes, Ivermectin and vitamins turned the dangerous, deadly, run-for-your-life, lockdown-the-economy, mask-for-life, vaccinate-or-die, COVID-19 flu bug into a minor common cold, and then it was gone in 24 hours.
What are we worried about?
What are we stopping the economy for?
What would we close businesses for?
What would we lose millions of jobs for?
It's the flu!
And it can be killed, it can be eradicated with ivermectin and massive doses of vitamins.
Ivermectin made my COVID so mild, get this, I never missed a day of work.
Yes, I hosted my three-hour national radio show every day with COVID and no one ever knew and no one ever noticed.
And yes, my book, The Great Patriot Protest, a boycott book, was out at that point for the first time.
And I was on a book tour promoting the book.
And I was a guest over the phone on somewhere between 20 and 30 radio shows.
So in addition to doing three hours of radio a day, I did 20 to 30 radio interviews a day with COVID.
No one knew and no one noticed.
That's the deadly COVID pandemic that will kill us all!
I turned COVID into a minor flu and a minor cold, and then I killed it in 48 hours with Ivermectin.
I appeared on multiple national TV shows via Skype or Zoom, and one of them was the Alex Jones Show, an hour with Alex.
He didn't know I had COVID.
That week, to promote my book, with COVID, no one knew and no one noticed.
Ivermectin and megadose of vitamins turned deadly COVID into a minor cold that never, not only never stopped me, it never even slowed me!
No one could even tell I was sick, other than a hoarse voice.
Because for one day I coughed a lot, and for one day I had mucus in my chest, and it made it all dry up and go away in 24 hours.
Lest you think I had a mild case of COVID.
Okay, I'm gonna open your eyes here.
On the first day of COVID, I had fever, chills, a bad cough, mucus in my lungs, awful pain in every muscle in my body, I felt like I got hit by a truck, terrible exhaustion, and I lost my sense of taste.
I've loved food my whole life.
I couldn't taste food.
This is on the first day.
Sound familiar?
It's every symptom of COVID.
And I took two COVID tests just to be certain and I tested positive twice.
I had COVID.
One day of ivermectin and it was all gone.
Pain gone.
Cough gone.
Mucus gone.
Exhaustion gone.
Fever gone.
No one ever knew.
No one ever noticed.
Until now.
I decided to come forward because of all the lies over the weekend, all the scams of the media about this new Omnicron, to scare everyone to death like, it's not an ape, it's King Kong!
Run for your life!
Omnicron is here!
They give it a scary name and try to convince you to get the shot, when in reality it's just another minor flu, minor cold, if you take ivermectin and vitamins.
My treatment was pretty much exactly the same as Joe Rogan and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
Ivermectin plus mega doses of vitamins and the outcome was the same too.
Ivermectin works like magic.
It's inexpensive.
I never experienced any side effects.
I thank God for Ivermectin and what I did, mega doses of vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, quercetin, selenium, lysine, melatonin,
Garlic, liquid silver, and probiotics.
That was the tonic that I took.
That was the vitamin regime.
And turmeric.
That was the mix I put together.
No one has to fear COVID.
No one needs to be forced to take an experimental dangerous vaccine.
No one has to ever choose between a vaccine or your job or your livelihood.
We have a miracle drug and a wonderful vitamin regimen that works fantastically against COVID.
And I'm Exhibit A. I couldn't wait to tell the Alex Jones audience this story.
Ivermectin could save millions of Americans from COVID and the dangers of the COVID vaccine.
Ivermectin could save our economy.
Ivermectin could save millions of jobs.
Ivermectin could save trillions of dollars in costs from miswork, vaccines, hospitalizations, and deaths.
I'm Paul Revere.
The Ivermectin is coming.
The Ivermectin is coming.
I want the whole world to know.
Stop being afraid.
I'm Wade Alleyroot.
My website, RootForAmerica.com.
My book is The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
Great Christmas present.
Fight back!
It is Cyber Monday, as they call it, and I want to remind all the listeners and viewers that it is your support, your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support that keeps this key organization on air in the fight against the globalist during a time of massive censorship and control and intensifying
We're good to go.
A lot of our other previous best-selling items that were sold out back in stock right on time for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion Advanced Multivitamin Formulation is now back in stock with free shipping 40% off.
It's got vitamin C, D, E, and B12, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, L-glutamine, so important, and CoQ10.
That's amazing and
Thank you.
That's right.
Being the tip of the spear means I have a responsibility to never waver or back down.
Even though personally, it means I pay a great price.
At the end of the day, God hates cowards, and so I refuse to bow in the face of the new world order.
That said, I am like a man in a raging, dangerous storm at sea.
And you, the supporters, the listeners, the people that pray for us, that spread the word, and that financially keep us on air, are like the boat or the raft I'm on.
That's why when you call in thanking me, I always say, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're all in this together.
Sure, thank me, but I'm thanking you.
Now more than ever,
As we are in late November 2021 going into the final month of 2021, it is so important to understand that the credibility of American patriots, the credibility of American
Nationalists and America Firsters has never been higher.
People know we're right about the New World Order.
They know we're right about the Great Reset and Build Back Better and the whole globalist program.
And so now is the time.
Yes, it's upsetting.
It's frightening unless you reach out and call for God to give you comfort, but it's supposed to be upsetting.
It's supposed to be frightening to get us moving.
And so I'm fighting, I'm sure you've noticed, harder than ever, producing more films and having more interviews and doing more live shows, doing more live events, because I understand this is the most critical time ever.
So please, please listen to me and
Understand how amazing you are and how you've changed the world and how important you are.
You may feel small, but you're not.
The fact that you just support InfoWars, that's huge.
And obviously you're doing a lot more in your life every day, reaching out and waking people up.
So in the minute I have left here to talk to you, I just want to ask you for myself and my children and for your own future and your family's own future to realize
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We're good.
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So I cannot stress to you how important it is to go to SaveInfoWars.com and make a $10, a $50, a $100, a $1,000 donation so that we can allocate the other funds towards staying on the air.
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Thank you and God bless.