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Name: 20211129_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 29, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including Fauci's lies about gain-of-function research, new COVID variants being used as an excuse for lockdowns and terror attacks, and the importance of supporting InfoWars. He promotes product discounts on Vitamin Mineral Fusion Advanced Multivitamin Formulation and urges his audience to donate to save InfoWars from deplatforming. Jones also discusses the power of phrases like "Alex Jones is always right" or "let's go Brandon". Nick Bryant believes that legal abuses in Epstein's case also happened in Maxwell's trial and proposes three solutions to save potential victims. The Vitamin Mineral Fusion Advanced Multivitamin Formulation is back in stock with free shipping, offering a 40% discount.

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We had a nickname for Bill Clinton.
Of course, it was Slick Willie.
But the new nickname for Joe Biden should be Jack Boot Joe.
That is a great name because he certainly is engaged in some jackboot behaviors.
He and Fauci should be the Reichsfuehrer and the Deputy Reichsfuehrer.
You will take the vaccine or else, Obust.
I mean, these guys are absolutely insane.
They aren't evil.
And Fauci is nothing but a 21st century version of Dr. Joseph Mengele, who was one of Hitler's favorite sadists.
And that's all Fauci is.
He is a murderer.
He's a eugenicist.
He's a genocidal maniac.
And the people in all these networks seem to think that he's some sort of a second coming of Christ.
He is not.
He's the second coming of the devil.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, a lot of stuff is going on in the world right now, isn't it?
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us on this live Monday, November 29th.
I'm going to open the phones up today.
Roger Stone pops in in the third hour and then Gerald Cilente in the fourth hour.
But just like clockwork, we predicted exactly what now has unfolded.
The next round of lockdowns being announced due to a, quote, variant that they will now use as the cover up for the fact that it is the deadly vaccines that are killing people en masse.
We have the German government, we have the U.S.
government, we have a lot of other major medical organizations doing studies saying, yes, these mRNA vaccines are causing massive heart problems, and yes, there is a huge, huge, absolutely giant-fold increase taking place in the number of people dying who've been vaccinated.
Those are real, undisputed numbers.
But they just run headlines saying, oh, a doctor says it's just a coincidence, or oh, the sign of a bus, a billboard that says heart attacks are normal in children.
And it turns out they had those ads bought out six months before, knowing that children would have heart attacks once it got approved for them.
via the emergency authorization.
I mean, this is so premeditated when you're conscious.
It's like you're awake and everybody else is asleep right next to you.
They're hypnotized, but more and more people are coming out of the hypnotism, but it is just insane.
We also have the Ghislaine Maxwell trial that began today, and after stalling it for three years, they magically have the Jussie Smollett false flag fake race attack trial.
That starts in Chicago and then of course we've got all the fear being pushed with the new transformer named Variant and all of the hysteria that they're trying to create on that front.
But it's all predestined to happen because we're not conscious and we don't really stand up for what's right.
And so when you don't stand up against evil, it always makes a move.
The globalists are predators.
And so it's their nature to attack.
Like a wolf goes after a lamb.
Or a lion goes after a gazelle.
But these aren't lions that are going after us.
These are demons.
These aren't people that are killing for food.
They're doing it for the sick enjoyment of the power and the control.
So we're going to be laying it all out today.
It's going to be a big broadcast.
They're all big.
But when we first come back, we're going to look at Fauci and what he's been up to and how he is now attacking Senator Cruz for pointing out that he lied.
about gain of function, and then Fauci so arrogantly cackles and just comes off like a ventriloquist doll, very wooden, and says, oh, what about January 6th, Congressman?
Senator, as if that's his get-out-of-jail-free card that Ted Cruz, legally and lawfully, was trying to have a 10-day Senate investigation that's in the Constitution of that election, something Democrats had had four years before.
As if, oh, Ted Cruz now is a January 6th conspirator, when it was the deep state that helped provocateur some of the crowd, a very small percentage of the crowd, into the building.
So they're really hanging their hat
Behind the scenes on the January 6th committee to brand Americans as terrorists ahead of the midterms so they can stage some terror attacks and blame it on us.
Make no mistake, that's in the cards.
We told you.
New variant, lockdowns, hysteria.
As a distraction from their criminal activities and the inflation, and then also state's terror attacks to be blamed on the Liberty Movement, and that's coming next.
This is all highly scripted.
These old dogs don't learn new tricks.
We'll be right back in one minute to lay it all out on this Monday, November 29th transmission.
Tomorrow's news today.
I could sit here and play you hours of predictions from February, March, and April of last year where I specifically predicted exactly what's happening now.
But of course, you already saw me say that.
There's no need to prove ourselves here, is there?
You want to see that?
It's on Bandot Video, latest compilation, predicting that by the winter of 2021, they would hype up a new variant and lock the world down again.
I would say sometime right around Thanksgiving.
Because I've noticed patterns in how they operate and how they like to get us when we're all around the table together.
Instead of talking about family and God and country, to talk about them.
Because they want to be in control.
They want to be the center of life.
They want to be worshipped.
No, I'm just going to tell you what's coming next.
Instead, I've already told you what was coming and now it's here.
So we'll just tell you what's coming next.
And that's why they want us off the air.
That's why it's so frustrating to be the most cutting-edge broadcast that has the most foresight and the most discernment, because it makes us the biggest target.
And my survival mechanism is to get as many people awake as possible and to become obsolete.
That is my wish, to literally just go live on a ranch and be a farmer.
But that's not what I'm allowed to do.
So I'm here fighting the tyrants.
Their survival mechanism to us exposing them and us standing up to their attempted takeover of our very bodies with this medical tyranny is to release a new variant to try to terrorize the public into submission.
But all of that is a survival mechanism
In their attempt to distract from the fact that their highest level pedophile rings being run by multinational crime syndicates that have already basically taken over the major law enforcement groups of the world like Interpol and NATO and the FBI and the Justice Department.
And so the fact that it began to come out about Bill Gates
Using pedophilia through his operative Jeffrey Epstein to compromise the scientific intelligentsia of not just the US but of the West to have a false scientific consensus so they could get all the scientists and doctors and lawyers involved in the system on board to engage now in what we see unfolding.
The bottom of the rabbit hole isn't pedophilia.
That's close to the bottom.
But at the very bottom of the spider hole, the center of the web, is psychic vampirism over children.
The killing of children.
The killing of humans, period.
Mass pain and destruction.
That is the ocean in which this entity, this anti-human, swims.
And we now see its desire to kill humans in mass, but slowly and painfully being manifested in front of us all.
So, I want to air a very important report that just went live on Man.video by Greg Reese, the ongoing cover-up of the Global Elite's child sex blackmail operation, and that ties into the judge in the case today, sealing the case to block any sensational or impure information, close quote.
You see, it's impure for us to show you pedophiles, drag queen story time, even though the children have it done to them.
It's impure for us to show you the books in public schools all over the West promoting pedophilia with child porn in them.
We go to jail if we show you that on air.
That can only be shown to children.
See how they operate like that?
So that's how they're covering up the abuse of children.
And now the judge in the case is being promoted because she's helping cover it all up by Chuckie Schumer.
Here is Greg Reese's report.
Nick Bryant, author of the book The Franklin Scandal, a story of power brokers, child abuse and betrayal, has become an expert on the subject of political blackmail and government cover-ups.
He has been sounding the alarm that the same legal aberrations that occurred in the Franklin Scandal have happened with Jeffrey Epstein and are happening in the Maxwell case, a cover-up from the highest levels of government.
Farmer says she reported the assault to the FBI, but she told us it wasn't for another decade, just before Epstein's first arrest in 2006, that an agent finally appeared at her door.
Farmer says they never followed up.
They still haven't asked to talk to me.
They are trying to pretend I do not exist.
It was reported to the FBI as early as 1996 that Jeffrey Epstein was trafficking children, and they did nothing.
Nothing until 10 years later, when Palm Beach Police began an investigation after a 14-year-old girl reported being molested.
From their investigation, the Department of Justice was handed a list of 32 underage victims.
And the cover-up ensued.
With victims as young as 11 years old, they called only one witness.
And Epstein was not indicted on a single count of child abuse.
Instead, they charged him with one count of soliciting adult prostitution.
He did just over a year on house arrest, like a VIP.
Immunity was granted to all of Epstein's co-conspirators.
And his victims were denied any opportunity for justice.
Federal Prosecutor Alexander Acosta said that he was told that Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.
This order could have only come from the Attorney General or the President.
The Miami Herald exposed this all to the public in 2018.
Governor DeSantis ordered an investigation and local police were cleared of any malfeasance.
Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and suicided in his jail cell.
Thousands of sexually suggestive photographs were found catalogued on computer disks.
Former victim Maria Farmer described on mainstream television how Epstein was running a pedophile blackmail operation.
Epstein told her the whole house was wired with pinhole cameras and took her into the media room where they were monitored.
I looked on the cameras and I saw toilet, toilet, bed, bed, toilet, bed.
I'm like, I am never gonna use the restroom here and I'm never gonna sleep here.
Was there video tape?
Oh, it was all video.
All the time.
And I asked him one time, what do you do with this?
And he said, I keep it.
I keep everything in my safe.
Eventually, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.
Unsealed documents from a defamation lawsuit between Maxwell and one of her victims revealed the names of those who had sexually molested the young victim, including Prince Andrew.
And Alan Dershowitz, who was one of the first to start pushing the idea of mandatory vaccines.
That's how blackmail works.
The judge for Maxwell's trial, Judge Allison Nathan, has already deemed the details of the Maxwell case too sensationalist and impure for the public, and was just recommended for promotion to the U.S.
Court of Appeals by Chuck Schumer.
Ghislaine Maxwell has trafficked scores of children for decades, some as young as 11, but is only being charged with one count.
Epstein was brought in by Wexner, who had close connections with the mob, and handled by Maxwell, who was raised up by Israeli intelligence.
This trial is about the rampant systemic use of pedophilia as a means of blackmail, and exposing it is absolutely paramount if we are to reform society.
Nick Bryant has organized Survivors Standing With Survivors, 62 anti-trafficking organizations standing together for justice in the Maxwell trial.
Bryant proposes three things to possibly save hundreds of thousands of victims.
A truth and reconciliation committee to correct the law, retroactively abolishing the statute of limitations, and enforce the laws in the porn industry, pointing out how Pornhub has been busted 118 times for underage sex and still has a thriving business.
We're not going to stand for this.
Our children cannot be molested with impunity, no matter how powerful or well-connected or wealthy their perpetrators are.
They cannot be molested with impunity.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this Monday Worldwide Transmission.
It is
Cyber Monday, as they call it, and I want to remind all the listeners and viewers that it is your support, your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support that keeps this key organization on air in the fight against the globalist during a time of massive censorship and control and intensifying judicial and legislative and executive tyranny.
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All right, let me do this.
Let me do this.
I'm going to get into Fauci and the new lockdowns and the Omicron garbage next segment.
And I'll cover that in 30 minutes.
We'll open the phones up in the second and third hour today.
But let's just pull back and understand something.
I didn't know that pedophile rings run the planet.
I was educated about that by the former head FBI agent, who they were going to have as the FBI director, but he wouldn't play ball.
So he was up at the top of the FBI, Ted Gunderson.
Back when the FBI had problems, but it was not devil worship or run, basically.
And I'm talking, I'm 21, 22.
He was coming to Austin, he'd come on my show, went out to dinner with him many times.
I've been very good friends with him.
I used to talk to him on the phone, you know, every week.
He used to come on the show probably 200 times.
Last time I had him on, he was dying of cancer, really cheerful and nice, from the hospital bed, because you could hear the beeps and stuff going off.
He just had a
New bladder made, I think out of a sheep bladder, but it didn't work and he died.
He died like a week after.
He sounded totally nice and informed.
I don't think that's Ted Gunnarsson.
I think that's somebody else.
But long story short, guys, if you want to pull up Ted Gunnarsson, I'll pull up Ted Gunnarsson for you.
Just former FBI agent Ted Gunnarsson.
I'll pull it up.
He told me all this stuff, and a lot later, that information
Came out and was all confirmed.
In fact, just two years ago, they declassified thousands of pages, the FBI did, of the Finders case that was dealing with the CIA and child kidnapping rings and all the rest of it, and how they were using it for blackmail and control.
And that actually came out in some of the MKUltra hearings as well.
Here, I'll pull Gunnarsson up for you.
It's Ted L. Gunnarsson, FBI.
That's Ted Gunnarsson, yeah.
Also, General Benton K. Parton, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, he said, yeah, there's a lot of these people that are into that, controlling things.
And so many other people that were prominent told me about it.
And they told me that they had basically homosexual orgies at Bohemian Grove and that that was just the feeder level into all the pedophilia and the rest of it.
So, it's not like I just got up here on air and had these ideas and talked about it for decades and then years later it came out and was magically true.
It's real, okay?
It's as real as a heart attack.
And so, the people that launched the COVID virus, and the COVID poison shots, and the lockdowns, and this whole new civilization, are pedophiles.
When you look at the top of the Deimos group, or you look at the top of these globalist organizations, pedophilia is just the entry card.
It's the invitation.
You gotta have sex with little children just to get in the club.
At the higher levels, you have to strangle and kill children.
And that's their gang initiation.
And that's how they make sure people are totally compromised and under their control forever.
It is literally trauma-based mind control.
So, worldwide, in Europe and South America and Africa and Asia and the Middle East and especially in North America and the UK, the pedophile rings were on the run, they were being exposed, it was coming out.
And so, the defense mechanism
When it was the top story in the world, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
The pedophile ring story was the biggest thing in the world in 2019, early 2020.
That's why they released COVID and did all this.
They already had the plan ready under Operation Locksep.
They were already looking at doing it.
But what made them go ahead and initiate it all was the fact that their pastime and their cult of pedophilia that took over the Vatican, took over Penn State, took over so many things, was being revealed.
And so this is a defense mechanism, like a squid will shoot ink at you, or some types of animals, you know, like frogs have poison on them so other animals won't eat them.
Porcupines have spines on them.
Those are their defense mechanism.
This is the satanic devil worshippers defense mechanism is this medical tyranny.
And like, you won't let us screw your kids?
You won't let us legalize drag queen story time?
You know what we'll do?
We'll just inject your children with a system that slowly kills them.
We'll erase their immune system and give them cancer.
So this is their attack on us.
This is their counter strike.
All right.
Let's go to a clip of Fauci, who was on every major Sunday news show yesterday.
ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, just wall-to-wall everywhere, gloating over everyone saying all options are on the table, including new lockdowns.
Global lockdowns killed an extra 25 million people, and that's
Last year's numbers, they never brought out new numbers.
Instead of 20 million people starving to death, it was over 50 million.
So that's more than 25 million extra.
And the UN says an extra 287 million are on the verge of starvation.
Those are old numbers, too.
So when you hear about, oh, he's saving lives, and he has this weird demonic jack-o'-lantern look on his face, he looks like somebody that you'd hire
If you were going to make Texas Chainsaw Massacre 7, not just his actions running bioweapon labs and lying about it to Congress, and not just his suppression of real AIDS drugs and pushing drugs that actually killed people, including secret testing on children that was lethal, or putting dogs in cages with flesh-eating bugs and chaining them down while they're eaten alive.
I mean, the guy is a true psychotic villain.
He's not Christian Bale, an American psycho, playing a psycho.
He's the real deal.
And he's up there on television when they bring up the fact that he lied to Congress and said we never did gain a function when he was running a gain-of-function factory, creating thousands of weaponized viruses, including COVID-19.
And then there he is,
On Face the Nation.
And he arrogantly says, oh, don't bring up Ted Cruz and gain a function and something that's.
We're good to go.
Who's up there perched on top of the American people pushing their lies and their medical tyranny, and he says, oh, the same senator that's in trouble for January 6th!
Totally distracting off of his crimes against humanity, his violations of the Nuremberg Code, the list goes on and on, his lying to Congress.
But I'll tell you, he looks like he's dying on television.
He looks like he is in living hell.
And that's because he knows, in the court of public opinion, he is now as hated or more so than Bill Gates, and that people looked into his eugenics background, his depopulation statements, everything else he's done, and he knows, no matter how many PR pieces they run, and no matter how much they try to prop him up, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
And all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
So, the globalist whole program of world government was falling apart.
Populists were getting elected everywhere.
And one of the Rockefeller Foundation said in Operation Lockstep, they said when that happens, they predicted it would happen in the coming decade, which it did.
We simply need a virus that'll be released as the pretext of a global ID, used to lock down civilization and put the UN and the corporations that control it in the driver's seat of the planet.
And now we're deep into this.
More lockdowns, more intense than the last.
And the restrictions never get taken away.
Oh, they get backed off a few degrees, but next time they clamp down even more.
Until you have been by increment trained and prepared and ready.
to live as a total slave who has to get authorization from them on where you can travel and where you can go and whether you're essential or not.
That's called the journey into total, absolute slavery.
But what's the real takeaway from this?
I mean, it's not brainiac rocket science.
It's not quantum mechanics.
It's not quantum physics.
To know that, okay, if they're going to give you a shot that isn't a vaccine, that all the experts say is going to cause health problems, how are they going to cover up from that?
Well, they'll say a new variant came out, and that's why everybody sick and dying is vaccinated.
And that's what's happening now.
I mean, it's confirmed numbers in every Western country that takes Moderna and Pfizer shots, that heart attacks are more than doubled.
Other cardiovascular, more than double.
Many types of cancer, up 20 plus fold.
And they even admit, well, you might get a tumor, big deal!
In the news!
It's the normalization of them killing us through these systems, while they make money, trillions doing it.
And Klaus Schwab's back in the news saying, we're going to take over your body.
Report, World Economic Forum sees synthetic biology as force to reset living systems.
Oh, we don't change the environment, we change you.
Yeah, we know.
You kill us.
But a weapon that takes a few years to do it.
It is the side effect when you die a little too quick.
They made it a little too strong.
But don't worry, they're tweaking it, as they say.
We're all just guinea pigs.
So you go to people that have taken it and say, hey, it erased your immune system, it didn't protect you.
Oh, shut up, don't get involved in my medical stuff.
Oh, but you want me to take it?
You're saying I'm to blame for you being sick when that's not true!
So here is the monster, Fauci, betting everything on January 6th.
And it's like, what does that have to do?
I mean, Ted Cruz wanted a 10-day investigation and wanted to have a vote in the Senate, and some people breaking into the Capitol derailed that.
So Ted Cruz did not like what happened and said it was wrong.
So now, just because he's a Republican, he's bad now, and Fauci's allowed to cook up bioweapons in Wuhan and release them on us, and then lie to Congress about it.
That's the arrogance of these devils that live in their own little bubbles.
But he's not so arrogant now.
That's fake arrogance.
His real arrogance is gone.
His bravado, his chutzpah, his hubris.
Here is your enemy.
Senator Cruz told the Attorney General you should be prosecuted.
I'd have to laugh at that.
I should be prosecuted.
What happened on January 6th, Senator?
Do you think that this is about making you a scapegoat to deflect from President Trump?
Of course.
You have to be asleep not to figure that one out.
Well, there are a lot of Republican senators taking aim at this.
That's okay.
I'm just going to do my job.
And I'm going to be saving lives and they're going to be lying.
But he's the one that's been lying and lying and lying and lying.
If you take the shot, it is effective.
You will not get the virus.
You will not transmit it.
You do not need masks.
It's ridiculous.
You must have masks.
You must wear two.
I do not know anything about Wuhan.
I do not know anything about gain of function when he literally in email said, I want maximum gain of function.
I want this to be able to be infectious in humans.
He created it all.
He runs the program.
So he's the guy running the response.
That's the reason they did it.
They put themselves in positions.
They bought off all the major health departments.
They control the media.
They spent billions buying off the media on record with Bill Gates.
And now they hit us with a weapon they think is going to be able to take the world over.
And now right on time, they're starting the second round.
We come back, we got the British Prime Minister saying, oh no, it's the new variant out of South Africa.
That's the reason the vaccine doesn't work.
They're baiting and switching.
They already admit the vaccine doesn't work, makes you get more sick, twice as likely to be hospitalized or die in the UK.
So now they're going to just segue, oh forget about that.
Oh no, it's the Omicron.
It's the reason this is all happening.
Yes, yes, that's it.
Baiting and switching.
But we're not going to let you do that, you little maggots.
You failed to censor us.
You failed to silence us.
And now, and now our most important work ever is about to happen.
Everything we've done in our lives now leading up to this moment.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide in defiance of the globalist wishes.
And I don't do this lightly.
I don't take on these monstrous pedophile murderers because I have a death wish or because I don't know how dangerous they are.
I have a responsibility to stand against these people, and so do you.
And the fact that you're tuned into this broadcast shows you care, so I salute you for caring.
I support you for being involved, and I just really appreciate you.
But we've all got to do more.
And three times just this weekend,
I saw Alex Jones was right, written on the walls.
It's amazing.
Saw a spray paint on a wall, saw it written on a bathroom wall, and then
Technically I count as three times a lot of people came up to me and talked about Alex Jones is always right So that actually happened three times and then twice I saw it written But the point is you see it out there a lot and it just hit me that it's not arrogant To say hey, that's a good slogan to throw it back in their face and that's something that people really understand and so I'm gonna try to shoot a video and
In the next week or so and I'm gonna try to go out to those spots and get professional footage of Alex Jones is right spray-painted on the bridge and written on the bathroom wall and just use examples of that because that's a maxim in their face that just reminds people of what liars they are just like Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself really scared them because it's not just the truth
It shows our power like Let's Go Brandon.
They announced Joe Biden's name at sporting events and people boo him and cuss at him and yell at him to the point of he doesn't go to sporting events now.
And then crowds just spontaneously at football games, basketball games, NASCAR races, they just start chanting F Joe Biden.
And so you know the story.
Female reporter spins it and says, oh, they're saying, let's go Brandon.
And so we take their lie and turn that around and use it as a weapon against them.
It's beautiful.
It's the power of we the people.
And it's that type of mass meme.
10,000 fans out of 100,000 at a football game sang it.
Now it's 50,000, 60,000, 70,000 where it's so loud the stadium's shaking.
Let's go Brandon!
Let's go Brandon!
So I respectfully nominate the idea that another thing to really counter folks that want to silence us is Alex Jones is always right.
Or Alex Jones was right.
I'm not always right, but that's even more popular than Alex Jones was right, is Alex Jones is always right.
And I've said, hey folks, that's not true.
I get some things wrong.
Sometimes I flip numbers around.
I make mistakes.
If I listen to a whole broadcast sometimes, rebroadcast, I always catch something I say that is not right.
I go, why did you say that?
And just, you know, your brain doesn't work sometimes.
But if that's what people want to say, they can say it.
But I really...
Alex Jones was right, or Alex Jones is always right, is super viral.
And so it just hit me today while I was lifting weights that, hey, that's something you ought to tell the audience.
Good job on and ask the audience to keep doing and do it more intensely because now is the time for civil disobedience.
And it's always when I'm lifting weights or hiking in the morning that you got the blood pumping through your brain and you get the really good ideas.
And so I've got so much negative news to hit here and it's negative just on the surface until you realize knowing what's going on, even though it's horrible, is a very positive thing because then you can do something to stop it.
It's just throwing your hands up and saying, I don't want to know that gets us in this bad position that we're in right now.
But make no mistake, everything they're throwing at us now,
is designed to make us give up hope and just go away and roll over.
But things are only going to get 10 times worse if we have that attitude.
But we should open the phones up to listeners.
In fact, we will open the phones up for listeners on all these subjects and ask the listeners
Where do you see this going?
How do you think we ought to peacefully, non-violently stand up against the new lockdowns, the bullying, the attempts at forced inoculation, the BS masking, and the next round of the globalists squeezing us that isn't going to end in just a few months.
They're going to slowly roll out new hysteria and restrictions into January and February, and I predict
That by March of next year, they try a full lockdown and probably actually release a nastier version of COVID to create real fear.
They'll also blame all the vaccine deaths on the new variant.
To really have this country under a form of martial law, even more intense than it is now,
By the midterms, so they can have mail-in ballots again and all the rest of that hysteria.
I mean, that's a no-brainer.
We've been predicting that since February of last year.
And I tell you what, at the start of the next hour, I'll play a little five-minute compilation, a new one that's out, of predictions going back from February, March, April, and May of last year.
So we're talking over a year and a half ago, almost two years ago,
Just so people can understand that when I make these new predictions, I'm not just pulling this out of the sky.
You know, they may change the course they're on, they may not go to full martial law next March, but all the points go towards March.
And so if I had to throw a dart at the dart board, try to hit the bullseye, I would say that March is the bullseye, and then that way the real hysteria gets into place, and that way
The skyrocketing prices, and the devaluation of our currency, and the open borders, and the world government, and all of that, and the rampant critical race theory brainwashing, and the crime, and the snatching grab groups, and just all of this, the looting, the breakdown of the country, so that they can distract all of that cloud and pivot operation to collapse the nation.
And then of course you know what also comes in March.
They've already pre-primed it, it's in the official U.S.
government terrorism directive, that those that question elections, and those that question lockdowns and forced inoculation, and masks, I mean you've seen it on NBC News and Fox News, the graph, main terror threats, those that question elections, those that question lockdowns, and Muslim holidays,
Or Christmas holidays, because Muslims might attack.
So they just kind of throw in something that's true to make the rest of the lies look more palatable.
So they're involved in total... Yeah, there it is.
Great job, crew, pulling it up so fast.
Opposition to COVID measures.
Claims of election fraud.
Belief Trump can be reinstated.
9-11 anniversary and religious holidays.
Oh, by the way, it's not just CNN.
It's not just the Washington Post.
There are more articles out today
They've had a remembrance up in Wisconsin for the SUV attack.
And there's talks about how to make cars safer so they don't run people over.
That's right.
It wasn't a crazy anti-white guy that did it.
It wasn't a racist piece of garbage.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It was an SUV.
I mean, look at the level of that cult programming.
So here's what's going to happen.
They're going to stage terror attacks and blame it on people that question elections and people that question martial law lockdowns.
So first they'll do the lockdowns, phasing them in by March.
They're going to get more and more intense.
And then they blow up buildings.
They'll probably attack Pfizer, blame it on us.
And that's just the next move.
And of course, any big rally we have, they'll try to steer into violence with their operatives.
Can't believe we walked into the trap of January 6th, but I figured Trump and his people would have National Guard there.
I knew he was trying to get them.
They were refused, and so we were set up.
But we have to look at everything we do in the lens of how could they hijack this?
How could they use this against us?
So they're making their final move to decapitate the country and end freedom as we know it and bankrupt us and have a new national ID card and a new national banking system all run by the private and federal reserve.
You won't have private bank accounts anymore.
They want to bring us into full collapse next year ahead of the election.
But it all starts in March, in my view, and just collapses on and out from that.
So God help us all, ladies and gentlemen.
They'll also plunge the stock market massively and say it's the unvaccinated causing this.
If you just take the fifth shot, or the sixth shot, or whatever they're up to by then, things will go back to normal.
So there's just more holding us hostage, more brainwashing, more garbage.
But if you have a memory, you know everything they said was a lie, and everything they're doing is walking us into more intense levels of control.
We're being buttoned down.
We're being chained down right now to go into true Soviet-level torture.
All right, here is just a sampling of February, March, April, May of last year, so going back 20 months ago plus, where I laid out what would be coming in the winter of the next year, and now here we are.
We talk about how they plan to have smaller bioweapon releases that aren't as deadly to get the global control system in place, and then have bigger releases, then tightening the grip of global control
During the larger depopulation events that happen, and then the deep state globally pretending it's the savior, while it's actually organizing the operation.
I don't believe this is the big one.
They need to have a virus that's deadly, but not ultra deadly, to get everybody under world government, everybody used to being forcibly inoculated in quarantines and shutdowns, and these systems of total control.
So I'll just tell you.
This virus is dangerous.
It's not that deadly.
This is a very communicable virus, as Dr. Pchenik said, but it's not that deadly.
Is it really killing 18% of people like Linz?
That study says it may.
Obviously not.
I don't think so.
I think all of you already instinctively know this is the big one.
And if we fail this test, we're going to be ruled by the threat.
Of unending invisible bio weapons.
It is weaponized.
It is a chimera.
So you have an autoimmune response to it.
So it freaks your body out because it's got so many different viruses in it that your body's experienced before, but it's new.
So they own it.
And so they can roll out new versions of it, and so Gates and the UN can make money, and then Fauci publicly is one of the co-owners of the major Wuhan lab studies with the virus itself, publicly!
The military brass all knows this.
That's why General Milley comes out and goes, uh, we can't prove it's China because he knows it's an act of war.
He knows what's going on, and under law, we have to go to war with China if they have demonstrably launched a bio-attack on us.
And I haven't changed my view on this from the beginning, from the research we had, and we've been proven right.
It's a real virus, only kills people that are
Deficient in key vitamins and minerals.
Particularly old people.
Then why is it engineered?
Because it has incredible gain of function.
Everyone will get it.
And then they've already tested it in pigs for many, many years.
These type of viruses for decades.
Bill and Melinda Gates are obsessed with them.
I believe, and now they're admitting this is the truth, that it's gonna mutate into something really nasty down the road.
So, they've already war-gamed this.
And I said, Gates is just releasing this as a drill to see if you'll lock things down and to make sure he's the savior.
So that you'll listen to what he says when the next version gets released, or with the CRISPR system, they can engineer it and test it to see how it's going to mutate later, and then release an earlier version, knowing how it's going to mutate.
You understand?
They can either release a new one under the COVID-19 name, which is a very complex virus, five different viruses, or they can already know what the mutation is going to be in the future, because all the pre-programming is, the big massive death is going to come later.
I think?
Your body defeats it the first few times, then it reinfects.
And that's really what COVID-19 is.
COVID-19 is the opening salvo for a whole family of viruses that are in the COVID chimera family that are going to be brought out.
COVID is like a starter pistol cartridge.
It's got powder in it.
It makes a gunshot noise.
And if you put a starter pistol to your head, it'll blow gas.
Out of the barrel into your brain and kill you.
You know, that's how Bruce Lee's son died was playing around with a starter pistol.
A lot of folks do that.
But if you put a bullet in it, it's very deadly.
It's a gain of function spreader system to infect everyone.
And so that's what it is.
So infection is what's bad.
Infection is the crime.
Infection is the big deal, not the death rate.
They're gonna put those new GMO vaccines that reprogram your cells in you,
We obviously know what it's going to do.
Sterilize, cancer, kill.
They're coming with a weapon.
If they shoot you, they get in trouble.
But if they shoot you with a shot, you die a year later, it's trendy and liberal.
And they'll say it's another virus doing it in a year when you're dying.
They're giving you a shot, so the next virus they release can kill you.
That's the plan.
Bill Gates has even admitted that, saying COVID's a drill, the next big one's coming.
They're going to tighten down the restrictions, loosen them by the summer, and then release new strains.
Immediately, that aren't even as bad as the current strain.
They'll say they're worse, fear monger, and then clamp down even stronger.
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It's Monday, November 29th, 2021.
All right, I want to give the phone number out at the end of this segment.
Start taking your calls throughout the broadcast today.
And obviously the big news is the rollout of the Omicron variant, which even the South African government, the scientists that quote discovered it say it's very mild and this is total hysteria and BS, but it doesn't matter because they're getting ready for the new global lockdowns, the new civil emergencies that are already actually being announced in different parts of the world.
We'll be covering in a moment, but hiding in plain view is the fact that
They say COVID's much worse this year than last year.
The hospitals are way more full than they were last year.
Last year they lied and said they were full and they weren't.
Now they are.
And all these governments are admitting, wow, heart attacks really are up massive numbers.
Wow, this is really all going on.
But it's not the shots.
Let's just move on from there.
So here is the puppet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying you can spread between people who are double vaccinated but don't worry they've got a new Omicron version that's already ready!
They've got a new shot for you!
And they'll do it again next year and the next year and the next year forever.
How do we know?
20 plus months ago this would happen?
It was in the Pfizer and Moderna documents to shareholders that we're gonna need boosters all the time for new variants.
They just lied to you and say, take this shot, you're covered forever, everything's fine.
That was just getting you used to that you gotta take it.
Now it's, oh, it's all the time.
Even though it doesn't protect you and erases your immune system and has all these serious ill health effects, oh, like death.
So here's Boris Johnson.
It does appear that Omicron spreads very rapidly and can be spread between people who are double vaccinated.
And can be spread between people who are double vaccinated.
And can be spread between people who are double vaccinated.
Oh, and if you're double vaccinated, you're twice as likely to die, British Medical Journal.
They say they don't know why, but just statistically, those that have had the shot die.
They now have a year of data twice as often.
And the same number is out of the EU.
World Medical Association chair demands national lockdowns, compulsory jabs, fears COVID variant as dangerous as Ebola.
Even though none of that's true.
What's dangerous are these injections that actually create the spike protein that destroys DNA in the body.
But since we've talked about this so much, I want to play Fauci one more time.
I don't
A million people in D.C.
protesting the election and maybe 600, 700 going into the building, maybe 50 being violent.
Oh, that's your fault, see, and it gives you a window into the future.
Oh, the patriots.
Oh, the January 6 terrorists.
They're all the Republicans.
That's what they say in the news.
Oh, Republicans are all terrorists.
They're all white supremacists.
We've got to go to war with them.
This is the outside corporations and China.
Working through Biden and the globalists, trying to set up a way to make a run at the American people, trigger a civil war, a permanent emergency, out of which we never come, and the lockdowns are just the training wheels to train you to stay in your house when they tell you to.
And all of the corrupt planets are aligning early next year.
Right now, they're just getting you ready for more lockdowns, preparing you for the vaccine IDs that are really the social credit score ID.
But the real hammer goes down next year.
In fact, I've got articles right here.
Everything we feared.
Incoming leftist coalition government in Germany to push for federal EU super state and to have martial law throughout Europe permanently.
Oh, so it wasn't about being able to drive from country to country and not have a checkpoint.
No, no, no, no, no.
Now the European Union is here.
And it's going to say when you can leave your house and what you can do, and it's going to tell you how to raise your children if you're even allowed to have them, and they're banning single family dwellings, and the whole globalist agenda, the social engineering, is here.
Everything we warned you was coming.
Here he is, Fauci, in just the most arrogant behavior ever.
Senator Cruz told the Attorney General you should be prosecuted.
I'd have to laugh at that.
I should be prosecuted.
What happened on January 6th, Senator?
Do you think that this is about making you a scapegoat to deflect from President Trump?
Of course.
Of course.
You have to be asleep not to figure that one out.
Well, there are a lot of Republican senators taking aim at this.
I mean, that's okay.
I'm just going to do my job.
And I'm going to be saving lives and they're going to be lying.
Says one of the biggest liars the world has ever seen.
But the good news is this little murderer is on the hot seat now.
And it's not just Alex Jones putting him on it, but I thought...
I thought if we slowed it down a little bit, it would be even more powerful.
The article statement by Senator Cruz is on Infowars.com.
Senator Cruz and Paul blast astounding authoritarian Fauci for I am science claim.
Yeah, in the same interview he said, I am science.
He is the god of science.
You listen to him.
It doesn't matter if it's all lies.
He'll decide what goes in your body.
He'll decide when you can leave your house.
He'll decide who's essential and who isn't.
He's got a list.
He's checking it twice.
He'll decide who lives and dies.
He's Satan Claus.
He's Fauci.
So, here is Fauci's comment, slowed down, both for the audio and visual effect.
Senator Cruz told the Attorney General you should be prosecuted.
I have to laugh at that.
I should be prosecuted.
What happened on January 6th, Senator?
Do you think that this is about making you a scapegoat to deflect from President Trump?
Of course.
You have to be asleep not to figure that one out.
Well, there are a lot of Republican senators taking aim at this.
That's okay.
I'm just going to do my job and I'm going to be saving lives and they're going to be lying.
We can joke around about Fauci being a demon.
But this is real, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is, again, Pavlovian behavioral psychology, where they attack and then back off and then attack even more and back off a little bit, but not as much as before.
Until soon, you are a slave if you're even allowed to live.
And that's why they came out with vaccines right away that hurt people and make them sick, because they want to just set the precedent to be able to cover this up.
And again, it came out in the news in the US, in Europe,
I went and looked it up.
Purchase orders were made by the EU and the federal government to say heart attacks are normal way before vaccines began to be given to children.
Now you think about the premeditation of that and you think about that long and hard.
They got billboards up on the streets and on buses and on trains and ads on TV that, oh, heart attacks in children are quite normal.
And then I've got here on the stack we'll cover when we come back.
Mainline news going, oh, this doctor says, yeah, heart attacks are way up in young people and are way up in sports athletes.
Of course, you know, the NFL doesn't want to hurt incredibly valuable commodities.
NFL players aren't slaves, but they certainly are valuable.
So let me just tell you what goes on in the NFL.
I've talked to NFL players.
They don't give them a shot.
I mean, the famously corrupt NFL doctors, which that's the kind of corruption you want, just squirted in the trash can.
They're not giving the players the shots.
That's why you haven't seen the high numbers.
But in Europe and the rest of the world, they're giving their soccer players the damn shots.
And man, they're dropping.
Rugby players, you name it.
They're dropping like flies.
Cricket players.
So we'll show you some of that news when we come back.
Tomorrow's news.
Recently with the advent of the mRNA COVID vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the plus score became apparent in most patients.
So basically we see that that inflammatory marker increased, that inflammatory marker increased, and that inflammatory marker increased after vaccination.
So that's what that is saying.
So instead of having 11% risk of having an acute Crohn's Syndrome in the next five years, that went up to 25% risk.
Now, again, we don't know much about the group, but that increase from 11% to 25% is, of course, totally massive.
Absolutely massive.
If this were to be applicable to the entire population, this would basically mean we're going to get an unimaginable amount of extra heart attacks.
All right, let's jump right back into the news and information.
It's a Paul Joseph Watson article.
It's on Infowars.com.
Media says rise in soccer players suddenly collapsing is a coincidence.
Well, yesterday on the broadcast, we played a clip from a lengthy report
That actually shows the big new mainline studies dealing with this.
The name of the report by Dr. John Campbell is very prestigious is heart attack risk after vaccines.
And I suggest you go look at it for yourself, but it's more than a doubling.
And that's just right up front in the last year with the data out of the UK, because they're now a year in.
They started a few months earlier than us.
Again, the damn vaccines aren't vaccines.
And they say on the Moderna and the Pfizer shot, a year ago, it was just a blank piece of paper when you opened up the vaccine container, the gene therapy container masquerading as a vaccine.
Now, though, starting six months ago, it says may cause microcarditis or increase in heart attacks or other cardiovascular problems.
So that's there.
But when you go to the clinic or whatever, they don't tell you that because you're not asking for the fine print.
So they admit the fine print is going on, but then try to censor people that talk about it.
But the good news is, it's getting out, ladies and gentlemen.
Prestigious scientists and doctors that have been pro-vaccine are now coming around saying, this isn't a vaccine.
This is horrible.
This is going to discredit real vaccine science for generations to come.
That was a FDA board member, if you remember.
That came out and said that a few months ago and then they resigned and they put somebody else on the board who would go along with coming after the children.
So here's the report.
Media says rise in soccer players suddenly collapsing is a coincidence.
The media has responded to the recent spate of high-profile football players suddenly collapsing with heart problems.
In the middle of games by concluding that it's just a coincidence.
You don't need to show science or anything, just act confident that it's a coincidence.
Yes, really.
Over recent weeks and months, innumerable soccer stars, over 200 now, as well as other athletes have mysteriously suffered the immediate onset of serious heart problems.
And then Paul Watson links to mainline reports showing how it's happened.
Last week, two more examples were added to the list.
When Sheffield's United John Fleck collapsed and Sharif Tyersapol winger Adhema Traore went down near the end of the Champions League game against Real Madrid.
And it goes on.
However, according to the Daily Mail investigation, it's terrifying, but it's just a coincidence, and there's no need to panic.
From there.
Even though they're now reporting an over 200% increase.
The report claims that a spate of high-profile heart problems and collapses among professional footballers in recent weeks are largely to be coincidence rather than an indication players are struggling to cope with the high-intensity game, according to leading cardiologists.
Well, that settles it.
Suddenly their hearts just can't stand running.
And it goes on from there.
You really should go read the report because it's got links to all the documents, all the information.
Some estimates are you're 66 times more likely to have a cardiac crisis is what the numbers are showing.
So we talk about some of the mainline news saying, well, there's a 200% increase or there's a doubling in this study.
The point is, it is dramatic.
It is intense.
It is serious.
Meanwhile, doctor who first discovered Omicron...
Variant says it's mild, hasn't caused an uptick in hospitalizations.
And that's what the hospitals are saying, but it doesn't matter because they're creating the hysteria and the fear.
Then people take the shots, then they get sick, then they say, oh, a new variant did that.
That's how this works.
The variants are the cover for what the vaccines are actually doing.
And speaking of those numbers, here's one right here.
The only areas of the world seeing mass disease and death are those pushing the vaccines.
Almost nobody in Africa is getting vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus, and as a result, there is almost no COVID anywhere to be found on the continent.
The latest reports from the mainstream media admit that the pandemic is basically non-existent in Africa.
Which is confusing to those who believe the narrative that the Jabs were helping to eradicate the disease.
So of course they create the hype and the fear, claiming it's coming out of Africa, which they can then lock down again and starve tens of millions of people.
So next time a Lepus is wearing their face diaper and telling you, you know, that it's a plague of the unvaccinated, just remember that.
It doesn't matter where you are, it's the highest vaccinated areas that have the highest levels of new COVID cases, including the new BS out of South Africa.
A recent piece from the Associated Press explains that Zimbabwe, nobody wears a mask, nobody's vaccinated, and life goes on as normal.
People pack the local markets in close proximity to one another, and golly gee, nobody is getting sick.
The article goes on and on and on from News Target.
Here's another one.
Africa is only 6% vaccinated and COVID has practically disappeared.
Scientists are baffled.
But Israel has the highest rates of any large nation, large population nation, not geographically large.
Gibraltar is 100% shot up.
Worst case in the world, period.
Germany, Austria, worst cases, highly vaccinated.
Vermont, number one vaccinated state in the United States, number one for cases, number two state for vaccination.
Maine, number two for cases and deaths.
And what is their response to all of this?
New Australian laws to unmask anonymous online trolls and make tech giants pay.
And they say a troll is someone criticizing it, or saying the shots don't work, or organizing protest!
That's North Korea, ladies and gentlemen.
Communist China.
I want to give the number out.
I want to take your phone calls today.
I want to get your view on the new lockdowns in New York and other areas and how they're pushing them and how Biden says he may do it any minute and clearly we can now see this is a never-ending permanent emergency.
What is your response to it?
What do you think we ought to do?
How do we engage in civil disobedience?
How do we take action?
I'm asking you.
I want to hear your view.
I respect your view.
I want us to put our heads together here today and have a brainstorm session.
877-789-2539 or the international number, country code 01512-646-1776.
Because again, some people overseas can't call 1-800 numbers.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and go directly to your phone calls today on this live November 29th worldwide transmission that is only here because of you, only here because of your support and your prayers.
Your calls are coming up.
I want to hit some of the internal numbers from Facebook that leaked on who the real racists are as well.
Stay with us.
We now take you live to the front lines of the fight for a human future against the transhumanist depopulationist.
A lot of good things are happening.
A lot of exciting things are unfolding.
A lot of prominent people, including U.S.
Senators and people like Steve Bannon and others, are now talking about this is a eugenics, scientific takeover, a corporate takeover of the body, a post-human world, the future won't be human.
These are all quotes out of Debo's group.
And Debo's group represents the top 1,000 companies and the big banks that are engaged in a corporate takeover of the planet.
And the final frontier of the corporations is our bodies.
Report, World Economic Forum sees synthetic biology as forced to reset living systems.
That's from them.
I have the report.
And it reads like space aliens landing and saying, we're going to forcibly inject you with stuff that takes over your body and totally changes who you are.
You won't be human soon.
These are quotes.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
You'll live in communes.
You'll have a chip on your brain that controls what you do.
They're saying this!
Not me!
That's what's so frustrating!
I even sit there with my own family, who I know are informed and are on board with freedom, and they just can't get it to moving this fast.
They just can't believe that this is unfolding!
Oh, I want to go to your phone calls.
We've got Brett in Maine, who's a former hospital administrator, wants to talk about it.
Donna and Jordan and Tim and Bone Crusher and Jim and so many others.
We're going to go to your calls at 877-789-2539 here in a moment.
But since I mentioned this heart attack risk of vaccines, very respected medical doctor and a guy with close to a billion views, John Campbell, who's been pro-vaccine until
The studies come out and now he's like, whoa, this isn't a vaccine, this is really bad news.
And all he does is simply read from the prestigious studies.
There's now hundreds of studies out that this is causing blood clots and heart attacks and that the spike protein eats holes in your capillaries.
Almost everyone, 60 plus percent, they've done many studies in Australia, in New Zealand, in the UK, in Europe, in Canada, in the US, and Mexico, where they're doing the Moderna and Pfizer shots, and Brazil.
The governments aren't mandating it, but they're down there.
And you have a 64 percent chance on average, that's if you index the studies, they're all like 60 to 68 percent, so 64 is the average.
In a bunch of studies, together averaged, of D-dimer tests showing, okay, we did a D-dimer, you don't have blood clots.
Give me the shot.
Within days, 60 plus percent have positive meaning blood clots.
Do you understand?
And that's just within days.
A lot of people, it slowly grows in your bodies.
These are protein crystals.
Very closely associated with spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease.
These monsters are just incredible.
And then they shoot you up, over and over again, until they take hold.
And they go, we don't know why everybody's having a heart attack.
We don't know why everybody... I mean, think about how diabolical this is.
There's even got mainline studies about it linked to prion disease.
So, this is it.
This is the ruling corrupt class, not content with just molesting children and launching wars and exploiting the third world, moving against the first world, who they know could politically organize and stop their New World Order.
That's all this is, is that Western republics and elected governments are a threat to them, and once those are out of the way,
They can really accelerate their plan.
That's what all this is about.
And you're like, well, why would they then roll out a first inoculation that's so deadly instead of just setting the precedent to make you take shots?
Because they want you to cover up the death and illness.
They want you to Stockholm Syndrome.
They want to hurt you and get you used to being hurt so they can really start hurting you.
This is just training wheels.
Now the training wheels are coming off.
And I want to ask everybody out there.
I know a lot of people tune in to say, what's this Alex Jones about?
Why do they say he's so evil?
Why do they say he's so bad?
Why do they demonize him all day?
It's because what I'm telling you is true.
And you're going to have to make the decision whether you want to pretend you're part of the power structure and still be signed on to evil.
And get all of the downside and none of the benefits.
Because even if you were a psychotic or a sociopath, you don't want to work with this.
This is a dystopian takeover.
This is really anti-human.
This is not of this world.
Anybody can look at it and tell you, this isn't human-directed.
So you can pretend that you're part of the power structure, but you're not.
You can pretend you're on the winning team, but you're not.
Here is the doctor, John Campbell, talking about it.
Recently with the advent of the mRNA Covid vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the plus score became apparent in most patients.
So basically we see that that inflammatory marker increased, that inflammatory marker increased, and that inflammatory marker increased after vaccination.
So that's what that is saying.
So instead of having 11% risk of having an acute coronary syndrome in the next five years, that went up to 25% risk.
Now again, we don't know much about the group, but that increase from 11% to 25% is, of course, totally massive.
Absolutely massive.
If this were to be applicable to the entire population, this would basically mean we're going to get an unimaginable amount of extra heart attacks.
And we're getting an unimaginable amount of heart attacks.
You can go to Bandot Video and find a link to his full presentation and the synopsis I did yesterday that's more detailed.
Learn the secrets of Omicron with Alex Jones plus Dr. John Campbell is red-pilled.
So, they can't hide that usually one soccer player a year in the whole World League, I have the articles right here, on average one soccer player has a heart problem.
These are people in their primes in incredible shape.
One person.
Over 200 catastrophic events, over 100 deaths.
Yeah, there's studies from a month ago.
Over 60x increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out.
And now it's getting worse because now they're doing booster shots.
See, where are they doing boosters?
They're doing them in Europe and the UK.
They haven't made people do them yet here.
And what do the medical doctors explain?
You take one shot, you got a problem.
You take two, wow.
You take three, woo!
We're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back and go right to your phone calls.
I really appreciate everybody tuning in and joining us today.
God bless you.
You are the hope.
You are the resistance.
You are really the eyes and ears and mind of the most awake people in the world.
The fact that you're tuned in, the fact that you care, the fact that you're engaged.
So I thank you all for your support.
And I thank you all for everything you're doing.
And I just ask you to continue to steadfastly spread the word about the broadcast and pray for us.
And I'm not going to back down.
I'm not going to give in.
But I could give out.
So we need financial support.
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All right, let's go straight to your phone calls here on the Alex Jones Show.
Brett is in Maine, says he's a former hospital administrator, wants to talk about COVID mandates in Maine, one of the most highly vaccinated places in the U.S.
with one of the highest rates.
And he joins us now.
Thank you for holding.
Thank you for calling.
Thank you.
Big, big, big fan.
So I wanted to talk to mainly about what's going on in Maine.
I used to be a hospital administrator up here and I came from the telecommunications side.
So essentially what that means is most businesses in the medical field now are overturning most of
Basically what they do to outside firms to basically do their appointment scheduling and paging doctors for them, scheduling surgeries, transfer of medical equipment from place to place, things of that nature.
So I started this job in early 2020 just as the pandemic was hitting and I noticed a great deal of issues.
Surrounding kind of like what you were talking about at that time.
So for instance, a lot of our clients are colleges.
So they're colleges that would be essentially declaring any person who came into their health center who had a fever or a cough or anything of that nature as a COVID positive patient that would then be transferred over to the John Hopkins site and be added as a statistic for someone who is COVID positive.
And we know that that was happening with thousands of students.
And I'm on the call with these, basically, you know, university professors, medical doctors who oversee whole institutions as well as, like, UCLA.
They have, like, it's a double whammy.
It's a hospital and a school.
So those kind of places, they are all completely aware that that's taking place.
They know what's happening.
They know their data is completely bunk.
And as a math guy, you know, painted data means you have no idea
What's going on with any kind of conclusions you're trying to draw?
So it was kind of interesting to see them do that and then extrapolate that out to Maine before vaccines or anything like that is happening.
In early 2020, we have a law going into effect that it's no longer a religious right to not have the vaccine.
You can't
We're good to go.
And so next, you know, are they going to make Jewish, Orthodox Jews eat oysters?
Well, it's the same thing.
As Christians, we don't believe in that either.
And of course, Muslims supposedly don't.
So yeah, the fact that the government is going to get involved in our religion is a total violation of the First Amendment, is a declaration of war against our bodies.
But I mean, what you say is so true.
Everybody I know in the medical system now knows these shots are hurting people, but they've been told to cover it up.
So imagine, they've signed on to this,
It looks like the corruption is at least working at a certain level.
Yeah, it certainly is and it's very scary to me as someone who has a family both in the military and in the medical background who, you know, they kind of take their oaths and things very seriously and their job very seriously.
Thank you.
Symptomology will tell me, or that my boss will tell me, and I never question anything outside of that.
And then the other half of the medical field seems to, or more than a half, seems to entirely be people who are just willing to run with whatever the latest trend or promotion is.
If we get a lot of money for selling oxy, we're selling oxy like crazy.
We get a lot of money from these, you know, vaccine injury, or not vaccine injuries, but the
People getting COVID in the hospital and getting like $50,000 for it.
We had so many applications for that coming through that we had to sign off on where the patient is saying, no, we don't have COVID.
I wasn't even tested for COVID.
And they're saying that my husband or my wife or my mother or whatever died from COVID and there was no test and they were just sick in the hospital in 2020 at some point.
So now they're COVID death.
Sure, they've effectively turned the medical system into mercenaries who will follow orders.
Then they say, okay, now hospital, take the shots.
All the smart people won't.
They get fired.
Now you've got an army of yes-men that'll do whatever they're told.
Incredibly dangerous.
Brett, great call.
Amazingly informative information.
Let's go ahead and take a call here from Jim in Michigan.
Jim, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, it's Jim.
Hey, um, I just made this symbolic connection to, like, the British Red Coat invasion and the COVID thing.
It's like, um, we were able to chase them out, but now we're stuck with them.
They're here, and... Yeah, now we're under the COVID surveillance regime that makes us all guilty, and the system are the saviors that are gonna mop up and control the evil COVID carriers when they're the ones that created the damn COVID in the Wuhan lab and say that they are, quote, the science.
Yeah, it's like everyone thinks it's over now, but it just started.
You're right, Jim.
What else is on your mind?
You're right.
That's a symbolic connection.
I just feel like people need to like, everyone's like celebrating it's all over, but with all the shots going around, it's just started.
I hear you, brother.
Thank you for the call from Michigan.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Malcolm in Tennessee.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, Malcolm.
All right.
I will make this quick and real short where the other Patriots can get on the line.
Alex, I have to promote one thing from one of your co-hosts, Owen Schroer.
Super male vitality and brain force plus.
Mix those two together.
You're an unstoppable tank.
My second thing is, do you think, Alex, with the Ghislaine Maxwell case going on, and this new variant coming up out of nowhere, could possibly be a smokescreen distraction?
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for everything you do.
No, thank you, brother.
And let me just say, you must have missed the start of the show.
There's a new Gregory's Report that everybody needs to get.
All his reports are important, but this one is really important.
The Gregory's section of Bandot Video.
In fact, we'll make it the featured video.
The ongoing cover-up of the Global Elite's child sex blackmail operation.
It's a five-minute report, extremely important and perfectly concise.
Did you know the judge basically is saying she's going to seal most of the case?
No cameras allowed, but by federal law you're supposed to have a phone line in to be able to listen.
But now the judge is saying that, quote, for sensational and impure reasons, that she's going to block out most of the trial via Ghislaine Maxwell, the sex operative, the pedophile sex operative, pedophile handler.
Via her request, they're going to seal this information.
There's the courts.
So there you go.
By the way, this lady is a protege of Chuckie Schumer, the judge in the case.
That gives you an idea of who they're putting in the judiciary.
That's absolutely disgusting, Alex.
And thank you for that.
I did not know.
And I love Mike Adams as well.
I did not know about that.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Please don't thank me.
We're in this together.
I want to thank you for keeping us on air.
They are really trying to shut us down.
And Capitol is a thing that makes us be able to stay on air and
Thank you for the support.
A very fine wine.
In fact, each batch is different.
Sometimes it's super strong.
Sometimes it's just okay.
People are like, why are you selling something and admitting sometimes the batch isn't strong?
That's just how it is.
It's how it works.
So it's always good.
It's just sometimes it's like super strong.
In fact, it was years ago.
It's been out now almost 10 years.
That some batches weren't as strong as others.
Now they've really got it down to always being very strong.
But it still varies, because this is cold-pressing herbs, and each batch of herbs is different.
But yeah, it's... If you want the Rolls-Royce at a decent price, then this is it.
Okay, I'm gonna stop ranting about that.
We're gonna go to Brake.
We're gonna go to Carlos.
We're gonna go to Andrew.
We're gonna go to Charles.
We've got Shockwave.
Got a bunch of...
Bunch of people with interesting names today here on the here on the board.
So that is all coming up.
And then Roger Stone pops in later in the next hour.
There's so much to get to here.
The Jussie Smollett trial, the false flag trial started.
But you're not supposed to question these big events like Jussie Smollett or Bubba Wallace or Roe v. Wade.
Don't say that baby wasn't killed.
But the baby wasn't killed.
It was fake.
And there were no babies in the incubators to start the first Iraq war.
And there were no WMDs.
But don't question.
That's the ultimate crime.
The ultimate bad guy is questioning any anomalies that meant mass shootings.
No, do not question anything.
Do not visit Infowars.com.
Do not write on the walls.
Do not spray paint in public places.
Alex Jones was right.
Again, what's really popular is Alex Jones is always right, which isn't really true, but that's what's going viral.
So, you want to trigger the left?
You want to have the new Let's Go Brandon?
I'm telling you, I'm telling you, if everybody listening to this show just goes out like the Romans did in ancient times and writes that on the walls, it's going to make them have a heart attack.
All right, we're back, ladies and gentlemen.
And I don't feel guilty, but I do feel kind of dirty having to tell you all these horrible things.
But I think most of you figured it out yourselves, or you know more than I do.
And look, even though it's super dangerous to do this, I just can't shut up.
Because the bare minimum we can do is speak out against this.
Let's go to a classic caller.
He's been calling the show for over 15 years.
Carlos in Canada wants to comment on the Maxwell case and the Epstein honey trap and COVID.
Go ahead, sir.
Thank you kindly, Alex.
Well, I'm not surprised.
OK, there is a cover up.
This cover up has been going on since 1992.
But fortunately, material is out there in the Internet.
And you have covered this over the years, and I too have called a few times to bring up to date.
Today I'd like to just tell you this, that the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were sexual commandos.
That's the best way to see them.
And they were carrying out a honey trap operation for Israel that began with Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.
Jeffrey Epstein and later Ghislaine Maxwell, they lined up the high quality leaders and their respective fields.
And after they were identified by Israeli Mossad, they found their particular sexual preferences, weaknesses, and they enticed them and compromised them.
And once they were compromised, as time of their choosing, Israel would approach them or not, depending on what their interests were.
The operation, Alex, this was a honey trap, was more involved than just supplying little bodies to pedophiles for free, okay?
Jeffrey Epstein would qualify the girls that were brought to his attention.
No, no, this is even in the Netflix documentary.
And if we don't address this now, and explode it, never mind because it's Israel, that's not the issue.
The issue right now is Israel.
If any country can do this, okay?
Sure, I mean, they are sexual commandos, and they use the pedophilia to be able to blackmail.
That's why a lot of the girls were like 14, 15, 16, so that they could tell the guys that were really older to then blackmail them and say, hey, you had sex with an underage girl.
Bill Clinton was elected November 1992.
That's right.
He became president in January 1993.
The Secret Service reports reveal Jeffrey Epstein became a regular visitor to the White House.
China is now Israel's third largest trading partner.
And in March of 1993,
President Clinton was told by the CIA, in special intelligence report that you know they're giving to the president, his very first, he was told that Israel was supplying aircraft and materials that were given top secret, that were given to Israel for its own development, protection and security.
And they were appearing in China.
Now, Woolsey was then in charge of the CIA.
If you want to quote him, he said that they were giving material that American companies
Would not give the technology, top secret technology, that American companies couldn't give and wouldn't be willing to give.
All right?
And this honey trap was protected from exposure.
This is why the judge's decision is really to be seen in the context, okay?
The honey trap operation was protected from exposure.
Palm Beach Chief of Police Michael Reiter arranged to meet face to face with the prosecutor in charge of the case.
And what Reiter did not know is that an American-Israeli, Siegel Mandelker, then at the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, with self-admitted powerful links to Israel, brokered the Jeffrey Epstein sweetheart deal with Israel's fixer, Alan Dershowitz.
This is written out in the Internet in books, okay?
Max Blumenthal, the reporter, discovered Siegel Mandelker was initially born in Israel and so on and so forth.
Well, sir, I mean, it's not just in books.
Everything you're saying is on record and true.
It's not debated.
I mean, even Dershowitz admits that he was the lawyer that brokered that deal.
All right.
Interesting points.
Thank you so much, Carlos.
We'll come right back with more calls on the other side in 60 seconds.
Today, anyone who is awake can clearly see why Alex Jones was deplatformed.
InfoWars was right above the target, and the globalists were a year out from launching their attack.
Three years later, and InfoWars is still thriving, thanks to the support of our audience.
But we are now facing the fiercest battle yet, and we need you to help save InfoWars.
The enemies entrenched within our government are breaking the justice system more than ever in their attack against Alex Jones.
No crime, no evidence, no jury, no trial?
We don't think so.
They want to kill the messenger in a kangaroo trial with their new U.S.S.A.
But we won't let them.
Alex Jones will have his day in court.
With your support, go to SaveInfoWars.com now and give your donation to save the First Amendment.
SaveInfoWars.com and God bless America.
Look, Fauci is a monster, and he lied to Congress dozens of times in hearings, not just in the last few years, but before the COVID hysteria, saying there's no gain of function going on.
In 2015, there were big scandals concerning this, because Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with Peter Daszak and Fauci and Bill Gates, was caught creating chimera coronaviruses that could be transferred into humans and were highly communicable and dangerous.
They killed some of the people that got them if they were weaponized.
And so they then moved it all to Wuhan and then sit there and say that they have no connection to it.
So they've been caught.
So he arrogantly came out and said, oh, Senator Ted Cruz, what happened on January 6th?
Like Ted Cruz wanting to have an investigation is illegal.
Like Ted Cruz supporting peaceful protests is illegal.
It's not Ted Cruz's fault that a million people showed up protesting and then a few hundred got provocateured into violence.
But that's his answer.
Creating COVID-19, pushing the deadly vaccines, locking down the world, 25 million extra starving to death on this little murderer's watch.
He's the guy in control of it so he can launch the attack.
He's the guy in control of the investigation.
But the wheels are coming off.
And they're in a lot of trouble.
So we haven't edited this clip other than slowing down when he talks.
I think it's a fun effect.
People like to do Brian Stelter jokes because he's like, oh, I got to tell you, we just censor all our competition.
So we have a little fun with Brian Stelter, but we have a lot of fun with Fauci.
Here it is.
I mean, anybody who's looking at this carefully
realizes that there's a distinct anti-science flavor to this.
So if they get up and criticize science, nobody's gonna know what they're talking about.
But if they get up and really aim their bullets at Tony Fauci, well, people could recognize there's a person there, so it's easy to criticize.
But they're really criticizing science.
Because I represent science.
That's dangerous.
To me, that's more dangerous than the slings and the arrows they get thrown at me.
And if you damage science, you are doing something very detrimental to society.
I want to go to calls, but one more time, let's play the earlier clip of him talking about January 6th and Ted Cruz, because why is he playing that card when no one's saying Ted Cruz called for violence or that Ted Cruz was the fault, basically?
I mean, early on they tried it, but nobody picked up on it.
It's just pure bull.
It's because they're going to stage events, folks, and say that, oh, see, January 6th is an example of American terrorism, and the number one threat is people protesting lockdowns and forced inoculations.
That's the official directive of the CIA, the FBI.
That's how they're intending and are now focusing all their surveillance and all their illegal spying on us.
The Patriot Act, everything.
Is all in the name of this.
That's why he's like, oh, January 6th, that's his little ace card.
Because he knows that's what they're going to try to roll out their attack on the American people on the back of.
That's why they're so upset that we're exposing the false narrative of January 6th that was a provocateur deep state operation.
They hijacked our peaceful protest.
Here's Fauci.
Senator Cruz told the Attorney General you should be prosecuted.
I'd have to laugh at that.
I should be prosecuted.
What happened on January 6th, Senator?
Do you think that this is about making you a scapegoat to deflect from President Trump?
Of course.
You have to be asleep not to figure that one out.
Well, there are a lot of Republican senators.
I don't want to hear any more of it.
That's good.
Thank you.
Let's go back to your calls.
Here's my final statement on this.
Well, you play the clip dry, and we did earlier, but it's fun to slow it down.
It just illustrates the facial mannerisms, the weird tics, the demonic jack-o'-lantern smile.
And then you realize this is a guy who lied to Congress on record.
This is a guy that ran the Wuhan lab.
I mean, this is a real supervillain.
In front of you.
Who also goes to depopulation meetings with Bill Gates, with the richest people in the world, where they sign certified agreements to carry out depopulation.
And he's doing it!
And he's laughing at you because he's an arrogant, psychotic Nazi.
He's beyond the Nazis.
He's the one that'll lock you up for the rest of your life.
He's the one that'll shoot you up with poison until you die.
He's the one, and he says, I am science.
I represent science.
In fact, one of our listeners put together this quick little video for freeworldnews.tv that illustrates who Fauci is.
And it's cartoonish, and kids might laugh at it, but in the real world, what he's doing is the greatest act of organized medical tyranny and genocide the planet's ever seen.
Here it is.
Have you been vaccinated yet?
I think I'm going to wait a bit longer.
Why do you need to wait?
I'm just not in a rush.
Well, everybody's getting vaccinated.
I've been vaccinated.
Why are you being so selfish?
How am I being selfish?
Because if you get COVID, you could pass it on to me.
But you've been vaccinated.
Yes, yes, but I could still get it.
So if I get vaccinated, I can still get it?
But you should still get the vaccine.
You can catch it off me whether I've been vaccinated or not.
Yes, but you should still get vaccinated.
Because it's the right thing to do.
Says who?
Says me, Dr. Fauci, the guy who created the virus.
Roll up that sleeve!
Let that sink in, ladies and gentlemen.
Let that sink in.
He created it.
He's on all the emails, and he created thousands of other ones.
Hundreds of different variants just of the coronavirus, COVID-19, that they're ready to just bomb you and your family with, and then claim, oh, it's this new species.
Oh, oh, you need more shots.
And Congress is only up to the fact that he's lying about running it when it's on record.
He had the motive.
He had the background.
He's a depopulationist.
He bragged in 2017 and said, don't worry, Trump's going to get hit with a new novel pandemic, guaranteed, because they already had it planned before the election.
And they're going to do it again next year for the midterms.
It's already started.
I told you over a year ago, I said before the midterms, they're going to bring out new variants and start the lockdowns again.
And you watch!
It's going to happen!
There's nothing more frustrating than having these monstrous numbers and seeing people just not get it.
So many people get assaulted in their lives and attacked, and they don't fight back because they can't believe it's happening while it's happening.
Well, I'm not going to sit here and take their crap.
I'm not scared of them.
I'm scared of rolling over to him.
There's no way I could submit to these monsters.
Jordan in New Jersey says he's a lawyer and fighting back against vaccines.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, how you doing?
I'm alright, brother.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, thanks for having me.
I've called in the past on some scientific issues.
This is my second hat.
I just wanted to share some things.
I think we need pillars of faith here amongst the doctors that have said things and other experts.
Symposiums need to be held, and so forth, to say what we think the shots are, what we think the avowed efforts of these people are, what their goals are, and so forth.
Similar to what the Catholics had to do when they were being burned in the Coliseum on metal chairs and thrown to lions.
You better be dying for something.
You know, that's when they said, well, what Bibles and books do we have in there?
And of course, there's many arguments as to how that went wrong, but we need pillars of faith for everybody.
And this leads into my other point here.
We need to try to use what's left of the system as quickly as possible before it's totally wrapped up.
They still have to do things and do some procedures.
How long that lasts, I don't know.
But we need every effort exhausted
Okay, which includes the formation of any possible citizen inquiry.
Hold on, listen.
Roger Stone's going to pop in for a few segments, but I'm going to go back to calls.
Everybody, hold.
I'll go to all of you.
I'll even take some of Salente's time.
He's always cool with that, to make sure you guys get on.
Roger Stone's on the road.
He's got some breaking news.
He's going to pop in for a couple of segments.
But speaking of courts,
Another big court just blocked the forced inoculations of medical workers, and I meant to hit that.
Will you guys reprint that or help me find that?
We'll be right back.
Well, we've got some good news breaking at InfoWars.com.
Federal court halts Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states.
I'll cover that in your phone calls after Roger Stone leaves us here in just a little while.
Roger Stone is joining us.
Here is the headline out of the New York Post.
Roger Stone says the FBI is acting like Biden's personal Gestapo.
And now we have Fauci saying don't look into the Wuhan lab and gain a function for his perjury.
No, Ted Cruz needs to be indicted for January 6th.
So this dragnet of claiming we all wanted violence on January 6th, which is preposterous, is getting larger, Roger.
I mean, Ted Cruz wanted a 10-day investigation and had the votes until the
Provocateurs broke in, and then they didn't have that vote.
We didn't get what we wanted.
We had the opposite motive.
All of our other rallies, including those that had a half million people and a quarter million in D.C.
months before, were peaceful, Roger, but here they are subpoenaing us.
People don't understand how serious that is.
I mean, this hasn't happened since the McCarthy era, except now they've done it to you and the whole Russiagate, and now this is their new scam, January 6th, Roger.
Pretty amazing to see this
It's happening.
It really is, Alex.
As someone who's experienced 29 heavily armed FBI agents storming my home to arrest me for the first time, non-violent and fabricated crime of lying to Congress is an extraordinary overreach.
Any veteran FBI agent at all levels will tell you that in white collar crimes like that, you would normally contact the person's attorney and urge them to turn themselves in.
But then when the FBI stormed James O'Keefe's home and his office looking for evidence regarding Biden's daughter's diary, which as far as I know, Project Veritas never reported on in any forum or platform, that's chilling.
Now you're acting as Joe Biden's personal police department, his personal Gestapo.
Uh, you know, it's very funny because I grew up revering the FBI.
I read J. Edgar Hoover's book, Masters of Deceit.
It needed to be in every elementary school because it told about the truths about communism.
By the way, read it today.
It all holds up.
It completely holds up.
So, uh, yeah, this is this is classic
Alinsky-like deflection, accuse those you're opposed to of doing exactly what you yourself are doing.
Fauci lied to Congress under oath about the origins and the development and the enhancement of a virus
The vaccination for which has injured or killed thousands of people, I think ultimately will be millions of people.
So they want to distract us from that crime by continuing this entire fake narrative.
Let's be very clear.
There was an insurrection in America.
It was on November 3rd, 2020, not on January 6th.
Well, the reason listeners have to know this is so serious is you testified to Congress that you were not in direct contact with Assange, which was true.
I was there, remember, when you were trying to get a hold of him.
We were irritated that you were working through Randy Credico.
You told me that.
And so, sure, were you hyping up the release?
Had you heard from Credico and others that it dealt with the Clintons?
I mean, yeah, even WikiLeaks had said that.
So you never lied to Congress.
You were going to spend many years in prison for that, and then that's how
Well, people need to understand who's driving this.
This is being driven by Adam Schiff.
The single most dishonest huckster and conman in the Congress.
Adam Schiff, who said that he saw substantial evidence of Russian collusion, has produced none.
Adam Schiff, who actually changed the text of the phone call between the President and the Ukrainian leader.
This guy is a criminal.
Who leaked classified information from my hearings to Mueller and to others in violation of the law, not to mention talking about it in the media, which is a violation of House rules.
Adam Schiff is the single greatest con man to ever be elected to Congress, and now he's demanding that I come back for another round?
So they can twist what I say again?
I mean, I've been down this route.
Doesn't matter what you say.
I did make misstatements to Congress, but all of them were irrelevant, and none of them were material.
They didn't hide any underlying crime.
On the other hand, now, of course, they recycle that whole narrative again.
All the media outlets who refuse to report the final conclusion of Mueller's report, that there was no factual basis.
Claim that I had either colluded with the Russians, collaborated with WikiLeaks, or knew anything about John Podesta's highly embarrassing and completely accurate emails.
So this is an attempt to change the narrative away from what's happening to the country and refocus it on the fraud that is January 6th.
I wasn't there.
I know nothing about it.
I have nothing to add to that.
But notice what they say in my subpoena, at least the part that's public.
We're investigating the events that led to the actions of January 6th.
No, I think you mean preceded, not led.
Led implies that we caused those actions, and that is simply not true.
And that's what they're building this all on, but again...
The video of what happened that day speaks for itself.
The crowds were so giant, you couldn't get through to where Trump was.
It was a million people.
You decided to not go out.
I went there, saw stuff happen at the Capitol later, tried to stop it.
All of that speaks for itself.
The idea of these subpoenas, too.
Oh, you're at the Willard with Steve Bannon.
We want to know what happened.
I didn't meet with Steve Bannon.
You don't like Steve Bannon.
You guys are enemies.
I'm not attacking Bannon here.
I'm just saying that idea, too, that the Willard was a, quote, war room.
No, that's a big hotel where a lot of people stayed.
And the name of his show, taken from, I guess, your show, is The War Room.
So again, this is all the semantical games they're playing.
If there was a war room or any kind of control center at the Willard Hotel, I don't know about it and I certainly wasn't in it.
I was never in any meetings with Steve Bannon, or Bernie Kerrick, or some third guy who I've never even heard of, or with you!
So, that's an absurdity.
I did stop by and watch you film an interview with General Flynn, just to say hello to him and pay my respects.
I don't believe that's illegal, but with these people you never know.
The point of this is very clear, and that is smear.
Guilt by association.
I didn't see or hear anything that would give me any idea that there would be foolish, unlawful activities at the Capitol that were destructive to the political cause of Donald Trump.
And our motive is on record.
We wanted a huge crowd there to show that we don't buy the election to get the Senate to do a 10-day investigation.
So again, that's what we did.
That's what we stood for.
Well, but if you look at the subpoena, they accused us of spreading the big lie.
Let's be very clear.
We have an absolute constitutional right of free speech to question the anomalies and irregularities in the election.
That is not a crime.
That cannot be a crime.
We also have an absolute constitutional right to assemble peacefully.
And we had permits given by the National Park Service for every place we spoke.
So there's no illegality here.
If you want to look at the illegality, take a look at Congressman Adam Schiff.
Because this guy's broken the law and the rules repeatedly.
And while we're at it, let's take a close look at Eric Swallow's well.
The Chinese agent.
The fact that he was fraternizing with a Chinese spy who penetrated his office.
There are some real crimes to investigate if they really want to look at those who broke the law.
Roger, do one more segment with me on big picture and where you see the country in the new COVID lockdowns and more, and then we'll go straight to the phone calls that are holding.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
You know what Roger Stone just said last segment is so true.
When you read what this political committee, the offspring of the Russiagate hoax, very same people,
When you look at what they're saying, they're saying, we want to know how what you did previous to January 6th led to what happened.
And by extension, saying that our peaceful demonstrations, many of which we had with a quarter million, half million people, and nobody got hurt, that was incredible, in the months before, that somehow that now makes us guilty for what individuals who got provocateured decided to do.
But Roger,
This really is a giant attack on free speech.
And so you've agreed to join me this Saturday with Jacob Engels and others that have been on the front lines of free speech to do a whole multi-hour breakdown on free speech and how much trouble it's in and where we're going from here.
But I wanted to show people a few more articles here, TV viewers.
Roger Stone says FBI is acting like Biden's personal Gestapo.
Totally true.
And then there's a bunch of examples of this where the Democrats are just salivating saying, arrest Alex Jones, arrest General Flynn, arrest Roger Stone, disappear them, throw them in Gitmo.
And they've got all these people on MSNBC and CNN and ABC News saying, oh, the committee is going to get the criminal evidence for the Justice Department to indict them.
So they say, we're going to compel you to speak.
They're saying the Fifth Amendment doesn't count.
They're now saying that.
So we can then try to get something bad, you say, and twist it, even though it's not true, to then have you indicted.
I mean, this is star chamber garbage.
Out of the hill, January 6th panel faces double-edged sword with Alex Jones, Roger Stone.
I'm sure you read this, Roger.
But in it, they've got former federal prosecutors saying, well, our goal really is just to get them to perjure themselves so we can arrest them.
You know, we really just want to arrest people.
So what's crazy is they're admitting what they're doing out in the open, Roger.
This is just next level.
You know, the former federal prosecutor quoting that article, Barbara McQuaid, is a certified lunatic.
She's also said numerous times that I was directly in touch with the Russians, that I was a spy, that I was a Russian asset.
So don't let that title fool you.
She's just another distortionist.
By the way, none of the comments I provided for that story in The Hill appeared in the story.
Can you imagine that, Alex?
They actually called for comment, but then they didn't use any of my comments in the story.
How more obvious can you get?
Look, these people are barking up the wrong tree.
There's no documents to get.
There's no testimony to hear.
I don't know anything about the events at the Capitol on January 6th.
I have no connection to them.
I did speak on the 5th at two legally permitted events.
You can go to YouTube and see my speeches.
At no time did I call for violence against anyone at any time, nor did I call for lawlessness.
Now, CNN claims
That my apocalyptic view of what we face in this country, a struggle between good and evil, a struggle between black, dark, and light, a struggle between the godly and the godless, that my religious-based view is an exhortation to violence.
No, it's just my worldview.
I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe in Satan.
I believe Satan is trying to derail and destroy this country.
I have a right to believe that, and I have a right to say it.
But they say, oh no, that's inciting violence.
John King at CNN calls me a liar.
Dude, we can always tell when you're lying, your lips are moving.
Well, that's right.
In that John King piece, there's several, but the one you mentioned, he goes, well, Roger Stone and Alex Jones are two of the biggest liars in America.
And so you can't believe a word they say, but they're going to make them testify and then put them in jail for lying.
And it's like everything we did is on video.
Why would we want to go attack the Capitol and then be discredited and go to jail?
You don't come to a coup without weapons and then just break some windows.
And we were against that.
Beyond preposterous, but they're just moving forward.
Well, being called a liar by John King of CNN is like being called ugly by a frog.
I mean, I don't get my news from CNN, same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.
They're incapable of telling the truth at CNN, which is why their ratings continue to dwindle and dwindle.
Nobody's watching, folks.
Nobody's watching.
So, no, that is the chief, other than the Washington Post, that's the chief fake news, you know, leader for those who want to dissemble about what's really happening in the country.
There was a time when CNN was actually watchable.
It's very sad.
I still like watching Mike Smirconish, the only guy on there who's even partially honest.
But it is, we're in a new day here where, for the first time ever, you have the complete control and censorship
Of all mass communications, it's not just network television and cable television.
As you know, there's enormous pressure in the radio community.
The large corporate radio owned chains are pressured not to carry any conservative commentary, whether it's Sean Hannity or Alex Jones.
It's only because of the mom and pop radio stations that we still have a voice in this country.
They control all print media, newspapers, magazines, such that they matter anymore.
And now, of course, they seek to completely control the Internet.
People who have any confidence in their ideas, people who can defend their ideas intellectually, don't seek to silence the opposition or those who disagree with them.
But that's what they do.
In other words, they can't refute us factually.
So their answer is to silence us.
And this, as you know, becomes very expensive.
Like you, my legal expenses are off the charts.
I still have six totally phony, unsubstantiated, groundless civil suits against me, including one by the Biden Justice Department.
As well as now having to figure out what to do about this subpoena.
So people can go to StoneDefenseFund.com StoneDefenseFund.com and help me out.
They also go to the InfoWars store.
You can go to InfoWars and donate there.
Alex, I know your legal bills are almost as big as mine.
So we both need help and folks need to go to StoneDefenseFund.com or go to InfoWars.com and help Alex and I in this struggle against the Satanists.
The struggle against the Satanists.
In the resistance against the globalists.
So that's why they want to destroy us.
That's why they want to silence us.
It'll be a major propaganda victory for them if they can put Roger or myself in prison.
They're trying to put poor Owen in prison for literally nothing and lying in the court filings.
It just shocks me that they're this criminal in my view.
And so, yes, InfoWarsStore.com, SaveInfoWars.com is our legal defense fund there.
It takes millions of dollars to battle all these cases that should be going to reporters and to airtime and to uplinks and to bandwidth.
And we've built InfoWars.
Is now beyond critical at every level and then defending the personalities that head that up is absolutely critical.
So whatever you do, support Roger Stone and support InfoWars as well.
Go to Roger's site, get a Roger Stone did nothing wrong shirt.
Get an Alex Jones is right or Alex Jones is always right.
We don't sell a shirt saying everybody wants them.
I don't think I'm always right, but whatever it triggers the leftist.
So that's all there.
Roger, thank you so much.
We'll do a couple hours on Saturday commercial free, okay?
Sounds good.
And then Andrew and John and Joshua and Bill.
But just, I won't thank you for calling, you won't thank me, okay?
We'll just go right to your calls.
Remember, Limbaugh always said, just kudos.
Kudos means, hey, you're great, you're great back.
I want to hear what you have to say.
So I'll say your name, I'll go to you, and bam, bam, bam, we'll go to everybody ahead of Gerald Cilente coming up.
Come on, baby!
You know who's in town right now?
Yeah, he's doing the Joe Rogan podcast down the street.
It's Ted Nugent.
He might be popping in, too.
Senator Cruz told the Attorney General you should be prosecuted.
I have to laugh at that.
I should be prosecuted.
What happened on January 6th, Senator?
Do you think that this is about making you a scapegoat to deflect from President Trump?
Of course.
You have to be asleep not to figure that one out.
Well, there are a lot of Republican senators taking aim at this.
That's okay.
I'm just going to do my job and I'm going to be saving lives and they're going to be lying.
See how he dumbs it down to such a moron level?
He talks to you like you're a dumb animal and have no memory.
But having a memory is what gives you power over him instead of him having power over you.
He's a lying criminal that produced the bioweapon and released it on us on purpose.
He's now killing us with his poison shot.
He's a eugenicist enemy of humanity.
Jordan in New Jersey, thanks for holding.
You got caught by a break for folks who just tuned in before our guest was on.
Finish your point about, because I like what you're saying about these pillars of faith and what we stand for.
The Committees of Correspondence had that too in 1775, 1776.
And even before that, the Committees of Correspondence, we have to have our manifesto in the face of their system.
Yes, and I can't say this strongly enough, Alex.
People need to get behind a system of belief, basically, that's all worth dying for, essentially, here, because that's what the stakes are now.
And you've made this point very eloquently, and you're beating the hell out of it, and I really appreciate that.
So, what we can do, though, and I know Francis Boyle had talked about this, but it's not grand juries we need.
We need boards of inquiry.
We need citizens' commissions.
Okay, and the path to glory on this is basically from a Ruth Bader Ginsburg opinion from 2015 that Robert Barnes wrote about on June 29th in the Washington Post.
I quote, the animating principle of our Constitution is that we the people themselves are going as the originating source of all powers of government.
Okay, this is Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote this, okay?
And so the red states, where we still have some power, need to start working these lines of inquiry and getting things on the ballot where we know we can still have monolithic voting blocks before they're tainted by, you know, the influx of the replacement migration.
Okay, that's one path to glory there.
We need to look into that and have key places that we still control to be able to bring these into the Board of Inquiries, where we, guess what?
All the commissions would basically have people on them from other states, nearby states, that have been discharged from law enforcement to do investigations, and so forth.
No, I hear you, and there's 197 ways to peacefully resist that the Pentagon put out years ago, and I'm telling you, you read that, it gives you a lot of ideas.
Thank you for the call, and I appreciate you.
Now there is an in-depth video with Dr. Francis Boyle that was just shot a few days ago that just went live this morning and already has 73,000 views at Man.Video.
And it's extremely important.
Everybody go share it.
Dr. Francis A. Boyle discusses prosecution for COVID crimes.
Roadmap for prosecuting COVID crimes.
Interview with Francis A. Boyle.
And I'm sorry, I was going from memory.
There's another video from Mercola that already has 73,000.
So I conflated those.
It's 38,000 views.
Went live this morning.
It's on
Bandot Video.
Let me tell you, we are so excited to have Dr. Mercola at Bandot Video.
You know, they banned him off YouTube and other places, so now he's moved over there.
And we're just so excited that we built Bandot Video so that we can reach out to folks and fight back against these globalists and resist the censorship.
Not just with what I do on air, but building things like Bandot Video and paying for the bandwidth.
It's costing us millions of dollars to pay for the bandwidth at Bandot Video.
We've got a good deal on bandwidth.
And we've also done a lot of other things with outside groups to build backup server systems and things.
So it's very hard for them to take us down, though they're trying.
I don't tell listeners what's happening behind the scenes because it would take all the time up, okay?
But for every attack you see publicly, there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.
The deadliest shot in medical history, interview with Steve Kirsch.
That's the type of information in the Mercola section at Band.Video.
Go to Band.Video, go to the left-hand corner, control tab, and you will see a list of the channels there with a graphic.
We're also creating a new master list that just has them all by alphabetical order because we're getting so many great contributors to Band.Video.
Again, let's go to your phone calls.
I really appreciate people holding.
Rockwave in Tennessee, welcome!
Alex, thank you so much.
We are praying for you every day.
We love you so much.
All of the guests that you have on are brilliant.
And I just really wanted to take what Robert Barnes said about influencing the court of public opinion.
And how we do that is just by spreading the word like you say every day.
And so we printed up our own business cards to hand out to people.
People that we just come by at gas stations, restaurants,
And just give him the card, tell him this is an information war, and we're ready to expose the globalists.
I also want to take what David Icke said, and he said that, you know, not everyone is privy to this information.
People that, like you and David Icke and some of the listeners, we have known about this information for so long, but these other people, they're still kind of waking up to things
And so we need to get them and wake them up as soon as possible.
We also love your products so much.
Your products are key because it wakes people up, it gets the fluoride out of the water, and it really just puts some vitamins and minerals in people's bodies that need to have the strength and the mental capacity to wake up.
Well, you just said it beautifully right there.
You know, I see humanity really waking up and I see major resistance and I see all these great doctors and scientists and nurses speaking out, the vast majority of them.
I mean, it's incredible.
It's only a handful of globalists lying.
And so I see really good things on one hand, but really bad on the other.
If this was a football game, are the globalists winning or are we winning?
We're winning.
We're definitely winning.
And I just think it's really simple.
People ask me, what can you do?
It's just really simple.
Just print up some business cards.
It's really cheap.
Go online.
Print it.
Go find it on Google search and find the best company to print them up with.
And put up the information war websites like freeworldnews.tv.
And just pass them out to people.
And, you know, just get the word out there.
And then once we have that, like Robert Barton says, we have the court of a public opinion on our side.
Let me expand on what you said.
As the censorship intensifies, and as the corruption intensifies, people don't believe anything CNN says, anything MSNBC says.
But they're looking for what's really going on.
That's the other part of the equation.
So it's one thing to know they're lying.
Most people know that.
But then they feel disempowered.
They feel demoralized.
They don't know there's other people like them.
And so that's where giving them a little pamphlet or giving them a copy of a DVD like Endgame or Covidland or telling them about a website or telling them, hey, the resistance is stronger than ever.
You know, be part of it.
We're good to go.
And then your goal is to get banned because you're so effective, then you just start a new URL.
So people are really hungry right now.
The mines are very, very fertile, like fertile fields.
And the tyranny is the sunshine.
The tyranny is the rain.
It makes the crops come up.
So as long as we realize there's always, for any action, an opposite and equal reaction, we are that opposite and equal reaction.
Again, this is the time.
This is the time to do it.
And one little kernel of truth blows away an entire mountain of lives.
Thank you so much, Rockwave.
All right, we're going to go to break.
And I'm going to get to every one of these callers before Gerald comes on at 20 after.
And so next up is Charles in Maryland, and then Andrew in Montana and everybody else.
Your calls are coming up fourth hour straight ahead.
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We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
Let's go straight to your calls.
Charles in Maryland.
God bless you, Alex.
I'm very thankful to have you leading the charge to try to take this country back to God.
First, I just want to say I use many of your products.
Thank you for keeping us on air, brother, because let me tell you,
You know, in the future, if they shut us down, I just want everybody else to make their own InfoWars shirts.
Because our audience is so nice and so good that they're the types of like, oh, we're not going to make a shirt with your stuff on it.
Look, we're all trademark copyright free, as long as people don't claim that they have a right to stop us from selling what we want.
So I retain a trademark on some things, because then I learn people will try to say, oh, well, now we own your name.
But if it's for non-commercial educational purposes or whatever,
I want people to make InfoWars shirts.
I want people to make Alex Jones shirts.
Because we've become a symbol of the resistance.
So I've always been a humble person, but now I realize they really want to destroy me because I've become a symbol of the resistance.
One of the main symbols.
So yes, everyone, please promote InfoWars and Alex Jones because that's what they're trying to silence and shut down.
Just my name drives them crazy.
You know, my mission every day is to promote the truth, and mostly doing that, I'm trying to get people to go to InfoWars and learn the truth.
Unfortunately, that's been harder to do than I initially had thought, trying to wake people up.
But nonetheless, I do it every day.
I know a major factor in a few people not taking the poison vaccine.
Well, a lot of people are so selfish, they don't want to hear something.
They're in a trance.
They're literally in like an asleep paralysis.
Yeah, it's really bad.
I mean, people I've known my entire life that I thought were smarter than that, quite frankly, it's disturbing.
It's disturbing, but we just have to keep pounding and pounding until we get back.
They are medically hypnotized, brother.
They're under a spell, a trance.
Demonic trance, I think, is what it could be.
I don't know.
No, no, sir, there's literally thousands of studies that they deliberately lowered our brainwaves in the last 60 years.
Most people are in a near-sleep state.
Well, I always carry it.
Thank God we have you, and everybody at InfoWars, and all the patriots, the Christians out there, doing our best to wake people up.
Eventually they'll wake up when they die from the vaccine.
Whether they think it's from getting COVID or not, we'll all find out come Judgment Day.
Alright, brother.
Well, thank you.
Anything else, Charles?
One thing too, Alex.
This is a concern of mine.
Pride is something that affects all of us, and we don't want to believe it when we're wrong, like the Democrats are bad examples for us, hard waking them up.
And I really feel we're at the point with Donald Trump where he's either one of two things.
He's either a fool, or he's part of it.
We can't keep giving him asses and saying, well, he took the wrong advice, and he's still pushing the vaccines.
I was the biggest Trump supporter you would possibly see back in 2016.
I even went to his first rally.
I flew from Maryland to Florida when he became president.
I was just so much behind him.
And then I saw him making some bad decisions.
I went, is that okay?
He appointed Nikki Haley to his cabinet and had all these deep state officials.
And I was like, OK, we'll give him a pass.
You know, he's going to learn.
He's got a higher populace, true patriots.
The patterns just continue.
No, I hear you.
But now, now with the vaccine, we know being deadly and it all being confirmed, why is he being pigheaded and still going along with it?
I mean, he says you shouldn't have to take it, which is good, but he still says how great it is and how great it works.
No, it doesn't.
Yeah, it works great at giving you blood clots and heart attacks and erasing your immune system within six months.
We'll be right back.
All right, final segment that I'm hosting on the
The great Gerald Cilente is going to be coming in and taking over here.
We're taking your calls right now in the order they were received.
Thank you so much for holding.
Let's go to Andrew in Montana.
Welcome, Andrew.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Oh, Mr. Jones.
Pleasure to speak with you.
The pleasure is mine.
So I was when I called in, I was
I lived in New Zealand for 15 years and I've got close contact there and you know what, you put out some stuff about what's going on there but it's mainly about Australia but there's some really dirty little secrets that are going on in Queen Green New Zealand quotes, air quotes.
And my buddy sent me, and he was a paramedic for 20 years, and he got his serving papers last week because he's refusing the fake vaccine, and he put something out, or he shared something with me on YouTube that church leaders
To be fined $15,000 unless they get vaccinated by the 3rd of December.
I actually saw that in the news.
I mean, this is a cult of evil.
Yeah, that's true.
And, you know, you look up on the World Economic Forum
Klaus Schwab, just into our dern, was a star pupil at his frickin' socialist school that he's running.
And you look at that, I looked at that the other night.
Gavin Newsom, Tony Blair, a bunch of fake... Ivanka Trump went to Klaus Schwab's little authoritarian school.
Yeah, and fake Hollywood people, Leonardo DiCaprio and blah, blah, blah.
It's disgusting, Andrew.
Got to jump.
Thank you for calling.
Let's go ahead now and take a call from Joshua in Georgia.
Go ahead.
Good morning.
It's Super 5 Del, sir.
Before I get to my question, I just want to, you said we got to really prop up our
Our Info General is the biggest one.
Your biggest fan on YouTube.
YouTube 700,000.
Salty Army Strong.
Salty Cracker.
You should give him a look.
He is awesome.
Oh, I know who Salty Cracker is.
You know, I love Salty Cracker.
Here's how it works.
If I sit there and do shouts out, it gets people banned.
So I hate Salty Cracker.
And I want, okay, so I do not endorse Salty Cracker.
No, no.
I disagree, sir.
He does his re-stream three times a week on all platforms.
After one hour, he shuts down YouTube and tells Ms.
Wojcicki to go pfft herself.
Joshua, Joshua, I was being sarcastic.
Yes, of course I love all the folks out there.
Oh, I know.
Oh, I know.
I'm just saying he don't care.
His salt will flow.
I appreciate you giving a shout-out to him.
I imagine he's all geeked up now.
In fact, I was just watching him.
I was just watching him this weekend.
Nice, nice, nice.
Well, my pseudo-rhetorical question is, well, this new Omicron came out just a week or so ago, and already they got a test for it.
How do they know who's got it?
Pure bull.
It's absolute garbage, all of it.
The truth is people are dying from the vaccine.
The truth is Africa has the lowest COVID numbers in the world because they're not stupid.
They've been attacked before by this.
They're saying, no, only 6% of Africa has taken any of the trash.
And their own leaders are pointing that out.
I've got articles right here, a whole stack of them.
Like, that's a whole report I should do.
Maybe I'll come on The War Room and talk about it.
But it is a big, big deal.
And so, yeah, this new variant is a cover for everybody dying from the vaccine.
That's a fact.
Oh, I know that.
I watch you every day.
Before I go, I just want to make sure before anybody else steals my thunder.
That was from Savage Dog Bear Salty Cracker.
All right, Josh, well, we appreciate your call, buddy.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
John in Wyoming.
John, you're on the air.
Hi Alex.
Go ahead.
I wanted to remind everyone that back in 1976 how the nation was bamboozled then over the swine flu and its subsequent vaccination.
There was one suspected yet never confirmed case at Fort Dix, New Jersey
They spent 135 million dollars concocting a vaccine which was administered from March 24th through October 12th of 76.
Then it was discontinued because of over 300 wrongful death lawsuits.
By the way, John, it's great to hear from you from Wyoming.
You've been listening over 20 years, brother, and we love you.
Well, hey, the feeling is mutual.
You guys are the best.
But let me remind people, too, that there were hundreds more who were left permanently paralyzed or deleteriously brain dead from the swine flu vaccination.
And so what happened when George W. Bush became president on May 9th, 2007, he issued Presidential Directive 51, which keeps you, let's say your family got wiped out by a vaccine.
It keeps you from suing those crooked pharmaceutical companies.
And one final thought is, we had a nickname for Bill Clinton.
Of course, it was Slick Willie.
But the new nickname for Joe Biden should be Jack Boot Joe.
That is a great name, because he certainly is engaged in some Jack Boot behaviors.
He and Fauci should be the Reichsfuehrer and the Deputy Reichsfuehrer.
You will take the vaccine or else, Oberst.
I mean, these guys are absolutely insane.
They aren't evil.
And Fauci is nothing but a 21st century version of Dr. Joseph Mengele, who was one of Hitler's favorite sadists.
And that's all Fauci is.
He is a murderer.
He's a eugenicist.
He's a genocidal maniac.
And the people in all these networks seem to think that he's some sort of a second coming of Christ.
He is not.
He's the second coming of the devil.
Fauci should be hanged for treason.
Being involved in politics for 50-something years, what is it like to actually see the whole New World Order, the forced inoculations, the world government, the transhumanists, the Mark of the Beast, implantable chips?
I mean, it's all here.
How vindicating is that to Barry Goldwater and the John Birch Society and the evangelical Christians and everybody that warned about this?
Well, it's very vindicating because go back and when I first appeared on a talk show in Houston in 1973, we had this clown named Milton Fox.
He was a state representative, Republican rhino from Houston.
And this guy was saying, Oh, John, you ought to run for president.
You could save the world.
I said, Milton, I'd rather doubt that.
I said a far better man than I tried it.
His name was Jesus Christ.
And he was crucified for his efforts.
So if people are too stupid to follow Jesus, why would they follow someone who's imperfect like me?
And this guy was a typical rhino.
We have some of them in our legislature up here in Wyoming.
And these guys are just absolutely disgusting.
They talk the talk, but they never walk the walk.
And I... Yeah, they're called infiltrators.
John, we've got your name and number, but I'm going to make sure I've got it.
Come on with us again soon.
We love you.
That guy's been calling for 25 years at least.
25 years.
And you
I know you're humble.
I know you're like me.
But I really want you to sit back and cogitate or meditate on the fact that those of you that have supported my broadcast and InfoWars over the years have changed the world in incredible ways.
And now, as 2021 prepares to end, and 2022
We're good.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know what today is?
Today's a big day.
Today's my birthday.
That's right.
75 years old.
Born November 29th, 1946, right after the war.
The height, the height of America.
Napolitano, born in the Bronx, born to be free.
And how it breaks my heart to see where we are and what's happened to this country.
As a little kid, my father, may he rest in peace, in a fight with your father, you say a little, can't say the word, but it starts with a B.
You think I'm telling you what I'm telling you because I want you to be like me?
I want you to be yourself.
Can you imagine saying that now?
In a dead woke society, to be yourself?
And by the way, they used to say that I wasn't going to make it to 21.
Yeah, my brothers and sisters, I was the youngest of five for a long time.
You're not going to make it to 21.
I ran away from kindergarten at four and a half years old, across the Boston Post Road.
Anyway, I'm heartbroken about what's going on.
And the young people today, man, they don't have a clue what life used to be and how freedom has been stolen from us.
Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at Mark Morse's.
I'm a market disruptor down in Miami.
Great, great meeting.
Wonderful people, all open-minded people.
Talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you know.
Very open-minded.
And... Dr. Joseph Mercola was there.
And, you know, they closed down his site.
And he gave me this book, and it's a real gem.
The Truth About COVID-19.
Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.
The only difference I write about, I call it the New Abnormal.
And the forward is by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who I had the good pleasure of meeting when I was a speaker at Labor Day weekend at Ron Paul's War on Us event in D.C.
And Dr. McCauley handed me the book when he signed it already and it said, Gerald, thanks for the great work you do in telling the truth for so many.
And I'm very honored.
And this is a book that people should consider getting because we need to support each other.
We're going down big.
You know that speaker that was on that just before me that called in and talking about the drug companies.
You don't call them drug companies or big pharma.
You call them what they are, they're drug dealers, and they're drug lords.
And anybody that understands a drug deal, they'll do anything to sell their drugs.
Again, out of the news, this was the headline of the Wall Street Journal on the 24th of this month, not too long ago.
CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart found liable in opiate case.
I lost my niece, Odine, on opiates.
And what is a hundred thousand people died already this year from them?
And we said this was going to happen when the COVID war was launched.
That when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they're going to lose it.
They're going to lose their minds.
They're going to lose their hearts and their souls.
Hey, isn't it great?
All these, these smashing and grabs that are going on around, around the country.
Breaking in, lunatics all over the street, everywhere.
It's wonderful, isn't it?
The COVID war has killed and destroyed the lives and livelihoods
Of hundreds of millions, if not billions.
Yeah, this is what it is now.
And by the way, over in where I left my heart in San Francisco, you know, Walgreens, Target, the places are closing down.
They're closing down.
Again, this is happening all around.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
Drugged out, out of their minds.
And what's going on now?
We warned this was going to happen.
We set it now with Trends Journals.
I've set it on InfoWars.
I've set it on the scores of interviews I've been doing this year.
That come wintertime, and it gets chilly outside in the Western Hemisphere, they're going to launch COVID War 2.0.
And now we got it.
With this new virus.
There you go.
This is from the Toilet Paper Record in New York Times.
New Variants Does Fears of Setback, Travel Ban Rises, Markets Tumble, and Optimism Wanes.
So now we got this new variant, which, according to
The CDC hasn't been any in the United States, but the dictator that took over for little Andy Nipples Ring Cuomo, who got thrown out of office for sexually abusing women, this Omicron, Omicon,
New York declares state of emergency.
All right?
This Clown Hochul, Hochul Berry, the new unelected governor, they are spreading fear everywhere.
You go outside over where I am up here in Kingston, over 50% of the people are wearing masks outside.
Nine o'clock at night, the streets are dead.
Let's go back to the developing trends.
Are you stopping travel in different parts of the world?
Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, one country after another, imposing lockdown and more mandates.
This is terrific for business.
It's great.
It's great.
People will be traveling less.
They're going out shopping less.
They're going to work less.
Oh, it's great for the commercial real estate sector.
The less people that go to work, the less commuting, the less stores that are open.
Oh, it just builds the economy and booms it.
What are you, stupid Celenti?
Look at the equity markets.
They went back up today.
It's a rigged game.
Stop calling this a government.
It's a crime syndicate in a country near you.
Look what they're doing.
Facts don't matter.
Who's dying, why they're dying, what they're dying from, doesn't matter at all.
Only fear and hysteria sells.
And as I said, just like the people marched off to Mussolini, saluted Stalin and Heil Hitler,
They marched off to the COVID war.
Dumb enough to believe little Georgie Bush's lying was?
Dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
We are in COVID war 2.0.
We're going to show you how to prepare.
We'll be back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, look, everybody listen up, man.
And women.
You've got to do everything you can to support InfoWars.
And, uh,
We're going into a hellhole with what they're doing.
To me, they got this new virus and again, we're writing about it in detail in the Trends Journal.
The South African Health Ministry is saying that the effects are next to nothing and in two days people feel better.
Israel locked down, not locked down, but they're stopping all travel in and out of the country or into the country.
And one place after another imposing travel restrictions.
This is going to hurt big time.
Again, it was going down before this happened.
And now a bad situation is basically getting much, much worse.
You look at the data coming out.
Movie theaters.
Utah is rebounding at the fastest of all 50 states at box office and ticket sales.
Oh, wow.
They're rebounding.
That's great to hear.
What are they?
Oh, they're down 50% from before the COVID war began.
The North American box office grows 2.27 billion last year.
Down from 11.4 billion in 2019.
That figure is projected to hit 4 billion this year.
Oh, 4 billion this year?
$4 billion this year, $11 billion back in 2019.
Travel bans, people freaked out, afraid to travel.
Again, mass, everyone walking up and down the street, masked up.
At nine o'clock at night, it's dead.
It's dead.
When I was a young guy, they used to have these ads, it's 10 p.m., do you know where your children are?
Yeah, we're all crazy, right?
10 p.m., everybody's in bed now.
New York hotels find little cheer from tourists this holiday season.
Again, this is from the Wall Street Journal last week, before they launched this new round, this Omnicon job.
The con job.
New York City hotel owners have been hoping for a big year-end boost to their business as international tourists start to return.
But they never returned.
Tourist visit to New York City dropped 67% last year.
Isn't that great?
And now, with the new travel bans and the fear, this economy's going down.
The rich are getting richer.
All the data's there.
There you got it.
Tourism is going to drop 67%.
$1.2 billion in tourism-related tax revenues.
Oh, by the way, you know what they paid the homeless shelters in New York?
You know how much it cost?
The homeless shelters?
3.2 billion dollars a year in 2019 to house 60,000 people.
The governments are a bunch of jerks.
They're not, they're bureau craps.
They're little, arrogant, moronic, scum, crap heads.
Little boys and girls who never got a job in the real world that suck off the public tick.
They don't know what the hell to do!
Oh, there's an article in today's paper about... Oh, this...
Yeah, there he is.
Look at that little arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant daddy's boy!
A little piece of scum that would be nowhere if daddy wasn't Mario!
And I'm gonna rename the Tappan Zee Bridge after my daddy!
And I got my little brother!
Another little piece of daddy's boy nobody who's on the Cartoon News Network and will tell you what to do!
We'll tell you what to do!
And the people follow the orders of these clowns.
Who's your favorite idiot?
Oh no, I like Chuckie Schumer.
Nah, Nancy Pelosi.
That's the one for me.
No, Diane Nassau Feinstein.
No, I look up to Mitch McConnell.
How about Lindsey?
Did you come out of the closet yet, Graham?
All right!
They're destroying us!
They're destroying the economy!
And this is around the world.
Has nothing to do with Trump, people.
Go to Austria, lockdown, no vax, no freedom.
I'll hit ya, I'll hit ya, we'll love ya.
And look at these, look at these morons.
Look at these arrogant pieces of nobody, crap heads, shoving their crap out of their mouth and forcing it down the people, throats of the morons that follow them.
It is not a government, it's a crime syndicate.
Hey, how much is Pelosi worth?
Over a hundred million bucks?
Oh yeah, because my husband's so brilliant in knowing how to trade.
Yeah, and how about those scum, the Fed clowns, the banksters?
Yeah, Kaplan, Kraplin, Kraplin down in Texas over there.
Oh yeah, there she is, brilliant Pelosi.
Play in the markets before the Fed announces what's going to happen.
The guy used to be the Fed President.
Well, I think I'm going to resign now because I'm worth, you know, hundreds, tens of millions of dollars and I don't need this crap anymore.
Anyway, you got that other guy up here in Massachusetts over here.
Rosengren, another bankster, head of the
The bank up here, Federal Reserve Bank, quit.
Yeah, after he was... Powell, the guy that's the head of the chair, back in with Biden.
Playing the markets.
It's one big club and you ain't in it, as George Carlin said.
Going back to the markets.
Here's the deal.
This thing's going down.
Very important what I'm going to say next.
There's a lot of speculation they're going to raise interest rates because inflation is going up.
When interest rates go up, the economy goes down.
It's only been cheap money that's artificially pumped this thing up.
End of story.
Save your crap for somebody else.
Actually, the interest rates are in negative territory.
When you look at inflation at 6.2% and the Fed rate at near 0%, you're way down in negative territory.
That's why your housing market, the stock markets, and all the bigs buying up everything.
Now, with the economy slowing down and inflation going up,
How are they going to keep interest rates low?
Inflation is going to keep going.
The economy is going to go down.
They're not going to be able to raise interest rates as quick as people think they are.
That means GSB.
Gold, Silver, Bitcoin.
Those are the three safe... Again, I do not give financial advice.
We ought to make it 100% clear.
Think for yourself.
That's the way I see it.
People are going to be looking for safe haven assets because this thing is going down big.
You're looking at inflation rates hitting highs all around the world, decades highs.
European Central Bank says they're not going to raise interest rates.
You know we are.
GSB, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin is the way I see it.
They're going to have to raise interest rates.
They're going to have to pump, stop pumping out that monetary methadone that's got the money junkies on their high.
And again, when you hear the names of companies, they're not owned by the companies, they're owned by hedge funds and private equity groups that have taken over the globe.
Oh, by the way, we're going to be coming out with our top trends for 2022 very soon.
And we'll be telling you more about them.
We are going into unprecedented time.
And when we get back, we're going to talk about more of them and what you can do to prepare, prevail and prosper.
Be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for having me.
And I appreciate everything that InfoWars and their great crew do to inform the public of what's going on and how to prepare and see the articles and facts that are coming out that are censored by the prestitute media.
You know, people say to me, you know, calm down.
You know, the older you get, the less... the whole game changes.
I have no time to hear anybody's crap anymore.
You know, my good friend, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
He puts out articles virtually, you know, a couple of times a week.
And I'm listening to his language, and he's using the same kind of language that I am, that they call profanity.
It's not profanity when you tell somebody to F off at enough of your crap.
Don't you screw with me.
You got the wrong guy.
That's not profanity.
When your life is on the line, you don't say, oh please.
Be calm.
Don't take my life from me.
Now let's talk about this, you know, very properly like we're in the first grade.
All right?
We're in the fight for our lives.
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United we stand, divided we fall.
False sense of security around vaccines as Europe again is COVID epicenter.
Who warns?
Who what?
Oh, who?
You mean those phony, arrogant little bureaucrats?
The World Health Organization?
Oh, that was last Wednesday.
All right.
Europe is once again the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic amid a false sense of security.
Oh, with the protection offered by vaccines.
Oh, false sense of security.
Oh, this is from Reuters.
This isn't a conspiracy theory.
Oh, with a false sense of security.
Oh, with the protection offered from vaccines.
Which, of course, the Israeli Health Ministry says has a 39% efficacy rate.
So keep getting those boosters.
And that's what they're doing.
Who officials, who official pieces of crap.
What officials?
Official pieces of crap!
That the SARS-CoV-2 virus will keep spreading intensely as societies return to social mixing and mobility.
So there you got it.
You're building up to this new mutation coming.
And one day, Friday, coronavirus mutation shakes global stocks.
Shares tumble.
Yeah, they were down 3.7%.
South Africa travel bans over new COVID variant.
That's great for travel.
It's going to help a lot.
Stocks and oil prices slide and dash to safety from new virus variant.
Yeah, the Amikon, yeah, or Kron.
Amikon, it's an Amikon job.
You know, it was first called Xi Amikron.
But they took the XI out of it because that's what the dictator of China's name is.
Why Xi?
That's racist.
We should call it male.
That's sexist.
Take the Xi out of it.
And talking about racist.
Three white men found guilty of murdering
Aubrey in Georgia, National Public Radio.
Can you imagine they steal our money to put this crap out?
Three white men.
But that guy over there, that Darryl Brooks, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, that steamrolled all those people, zigzag, hitting as many as he can, they don't call him
A black man that murdered some six people and wounded over 60.
This is racism!
They're pitting blacks against whites, and they're doing it in such a way that could not be more obvious.
Again, three white men found guilty, NPR.
And then you pick up
The Wall Street Journal from last Wednesday.
Wisconsin Christmas parade suspect sparks a debate over bail policies.
Isn't that nice?
A Wisconsin Christmas parade suspect.
Oh, what could this Christmas parade suspect be?
A murderous guy that zigzags his car down.
How come they don't say, you know, black man
slaughters people in a Christmas parade.
And again, I'm not in favor of either one of them, just to make it clear.
All men are created equal.
I'm against this pitting men against women, queens against
Creed's colors against colors.
I'm totally against it, but I'm showing you what they're doing.
No cases of new Omicron-Covid variant in the U.S.
CDC says, but we're going to freak out everybody anyway.
Tensions emerge over redefining the fully vaccinated.
Governors in two states in the past week, this is again, this is just before this came out,
Indicate they think three shots are necessary for full vaccination.
They think.
Who the hell are you to think, you stinking piece of political crap?
I gotta swallow what you think.
Get this in your head, juniors.
I write a magazine.
Eh, last week was only, it was a shorter one.
It was only 129 pages.
I put in facts every week, every week, every week, and all you do is you're a paid-off scum that morons and imbeciles call campaign contributions that you get from the drug companies to sell their drugs, to sell their pesticides, to sell their nuclear weapons, to sell, to sell, to sell, because you slimeballs never work a day in your life!
Who the hell are you telling me what to do?
Hey, hey, crap heads, remember Barola?
The guy, yeah, the head of Pfizer came out with the crap that the vaccine was 96% effective and you'd only need two shots.
Oh, Salenti, forget that.
That's old news.
Now we're selling new fear.
We're going to go through very rough times.
We're going to be coming out with our top trends for 2022 very shortly.
Subscribe to the Trends Journal, TrendsJournal.com.
United we stand, divided we fall.
We're putting out the truth and trends, virtually everything that's going on right now, from the murders, the homicides, the stores, the homeless, you name it.
We called it where the markets are going, what to expect next, and what to do to prepare, prevail, and prosper.
We're going to see you next week.
Stay tuned to InfoWars.
It is Cyber Monday, as they call it, and I want to remind all the listeners and viewers that it is your support, your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support that keeps this key organization on air in the fight against the globalist during a time of massive censorship and control and intensifying
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Being the tip of the spear means I have a responsibility to never waver or back down.
Even though personally, it means I pay a great price.
At the end of the day, God hates cowards, and so I refuse to bow in the face of the new world order.
That said, I am like a man in a raging, dangerous storm at sea.
And you, the supporters, the listeners, the people that pray for us, that spread the word, and that financially keep us on air, are like the boat or the raft I'm on.
That's why when you call in thanking me, I always say, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're all in this together.
Sure, thank me, but I'm thanking you.
Now more than ever,
As we are in late November 2021 going into the final month of 2021, it is so important to understand that the credibility of American patriots, the credibility of American
Nationalists and America Firsters has never been higher.
People know we're right about the New World Order.
They know we're right about the Great Reset and build back better and the whole globalist program.
And so now is the time.
Yes, it's upsetting.
It's frightening unless you reach out and call for God to give you comfort, but it's supposed to be upsetting.
It's supposed to be frightening to get us moving.
And so I'm fighting, I'm sure you've noticed, harder than ever, producing more films and having more interviews and doing more live shows and doing more live events because I understand this is the most critical time ever.
So please, please listen to me and
Understand how amazing you are and how you've changed the world and how important you are.
You may feel small, but you're not.
The fact that you just support InfoWars, that's huge.
And obviously you're doing a lot more in your life every day, reaching out and waking people up.
So in the minute I have left here to talk to you, I just want to ask you for myself and my children and for your own future and your family's own future to realize
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Thank you and God bless.