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Name: 20211128_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 28, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to the globalist agenda, COVID-19 vaccines, and their potential effects on human health. He highlights predictions made by Mike Adams and criticizes the World Medical Association for supporting forced inoculations. Jones mentions a video clip of Fauci discussing the possibility of a vaccine mandate for air travel and expresses concern about the worldwide implementation of medical tyranny and forced inoculation. He promotes his website's sale, reminding viewers to stay informed and take action against the globalist agenda. The speaker discusses how fear is being used as a tool to control people through COVID-19 variants and lockdowns, leading to authoritarian measures such as martial law and suspension of elections. He also addresses concerns about carbon dioxide extraction projects and their potential impact on human health and the environment. The InfoWars store is offering various products aimed at boosting health and funding the Infowar.

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They had to play the Omicron card because, exactly as you said, there is a mass awakening taking place and mass resistance against the vaccine mandates.
So this is even before the United States Supreme Court decides on this issue, probably following the Sixth Circuit Court, which currently has the aggregation of the lawsuits from across the country.
But we've already seen the unions for the three big automakers push back against the Biden vaccine mandate and say, no, we will not mandate this for our workers.
We've seen emergency rooms shut down in New York City.
We've seen firefighters and police back away from this and say, no, we're not taking that.
No, not whatsoever.
Governors like DeSantis and also Abbott in Texas are pushing back, and other governors as well.
So there's a lot of pushback.
So they needed to play the Omicron card, which the globalists believe will give them enough fear.
And let's be clear, this is a psycho-terrorism campaign.
This is a psychological operation, but it's really terrorism for your mind.
This is a virus of your mind.
In other words, the real pandemic that's spreading out there is infecting the psyche of America.
This is a pandemic of the mind, which is also kind of good news because we can fight back against this using the mind.
And that's what you are doing at InfoWars.
That's what I'm doing at Natural News.
We're fighting back against the disinformation using the human mind.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this live Sunday November 28th broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones and we are unfortunately here
At the precipice right now of the next level of absolute, total, complete tyranny over humanity.
The words are just not there to describe how horrible this is, how premeditated all this is, how we predicted it literally hundreds of times in the last 20 months, that they would, I predicted by Thanksgiving, launch a new global lockdown that will kill tens of millions more people via starvation.
Then of course the media will just report that in the back of the newspaper like it's no big deal.
And then roll forward blaming the unvaccinated with the new outbreaks and death.
And the new quote variant out of South Africa is the perfect cover, ladies and gentlemen.
The absolute perfect cover for all the illnesses and those that are dying from the experimental injections.
It's all coming up today, tonight, this evening.
Mike Adams has done an excellent job researching all this and has been a frequent expert guest on the broadcast from naturalnews.com.
He'll be joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Ten Omicron variant predictions for 2022 and beyond.
Globalist's authoritarian playbook revealed.
And this full story again is up on InfoWars.com.
He's going to be joining us.
And I agree with his 10 predictions.
In fact, you're going to see this basically unfolding as we speak.
We have Fauci announcing that everything's on the table.
He's in command.
We've got the World Medical Association bought and paid for by Big Pharma saying they want forced inoculations and permanent lockdown.
And then another strain's coming as bad as Ebola airborne and we're all going to die.
Funny, that's what the UN and Club of Rome have been rubbing their hands together for decades about, saying that a deadly airborne Ebola is coming, and that it's going to cleanse the earth of overpopulation.
That's in my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
So let's go ahead and play a clip.
Here's Fauci talking about everything being on the table.
Should we have a vaccine mandate for domestic travel, air travel?
You know, Chuck, I'm not going to make any pronouncements about what we should have about vaccine mandates for travel.
We know that we evaluate these things literally in real time all the time.
You know, everything is discussed and everything is on the table, right?
Everything's on the table!
You've got this guy that's been the head of the federal government's disease response since the early 80s, who ran the Wuhan lab, who developed this, who rolls it out, who owns large parts of Moderna and Pfizer patents, and the little monstrous criminal who's lied to Congress in our faces.
Sits there and says everything is on the table.
Yeah, whatever we put up with is on the table.
If we put up with it like people in Germany, or people in Australia, or people in Austria, we'll live under permanent lockdown.
And of course, as soon as you've had the new injection,
As soon as that's happened?
Oh, guess what?
Three shots isn't fully vaccinated.
Your little vaccine card, your little digital passport, your vaccine social credit score is wiped out.
You gotta put in your body whatever else they say.
Oh, and it turns out two weeks ago, they had the new vaccine ready for variants, magically, and then Israel held a drill, and then boom, here it is.
All absolutely scripted in a giant way.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we can defeat this together.
We don't have any other choice.
This is all about worldwide medical tyranny and forced inoculation.
So please stay with us and tell everybody you know, tune in now to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Welcome, my friends.
It's Sunday, November 28th, 2021.
And just like clockwork, the new variant and the new Hysteria has arrived.
And of course, they say all your previous shots didn't matter.
They've got more shots for you.
Coming up next segment, a very prominent doctor and scientist has come out and done a report on a compendium of mainline prestigious studies looking at the enzymes of individuals that have taken the Moderna and Pfizer shots versus those that haven't.
And you have more than a doubling of heart disease, heart attacks, and death, depending on which age group you're in, but at least a doubling in many age groups higher.
This is all confirmed.
They're coming at you with injections that destroy your cardiovascular system.
And they're only using the statistics they've got in the first year of these injections being rolled out.
They're dialing back the projection.
It could be 10 times, 20 times worse.
Absolutely insane.
Now, before we lay out all the news and break down all the information here today of the United Nations Corporate Worldwide Martial Law System that's being put in place, let's go over a few of the tweets that are out there.
Here's one from Candace Owens.
Says, experts told you that if you complied with lockdowns two years ago, censorship, mask and vaccinations, life would return to normal.
Conspiracy theorist.
Told you COVID was never going to end and governments would use it to usher in a totalitarian new world order.
Who do you believe now?
And of course when we see the word conspiracy theorist we know what the other definition of that is.
Someone that asks questions.
Thought criminals.
Great news, says Candace Owens.
There's another one.
Pfizer says that within 100 days, it can rework their current vaccine to combat the new variant.
So once you've had your double jab plus your booster, you can then be scheduled for your Omicron, fourth but definitely not final jab.
See how this works?
And how did I tell you 21 months ago on air?
This was going to happen.
How did I tell you in February and March of last year?
We've played the clips many times.
Because it was in the statements by Pfizer and by Bill Gates to shareholders that you'd have to have boosters every few months and that this would erase your immune system with a gene therapy so that for any virus you're going to need new shots.
We're talking every month.
This is a total medical tyranny takeover, where they don't just get all the money, the trillions of dollars, they don't just, no, they get the vaccine mandates, they get the lockdowns, they get the vaccine passport, and then off that they build the World ID, the carbon tax, and the rest of it.
Alex Jones was right on Twitter, said, let me get this straight, there is no test for this new Omicron variant, yet people are testing positive for it?
Yeah, I don't buy it a bit.
But that's okay.
The new installed unelected governor of New York says that they've declared a state of emergency.
It's just never going to end.
It's all people, members of the UN Globalist Corporate Party, whether they're in Europe, whether they're in Australia, whether they're in the US, whether they're in Mexico, wherever they're in charge, they lock down.
And then only their businesses stay open.
It's a plan.
Big Pharma received emergency use approval a couple of weeks ago for a COVID variant discovered just a couple days ago.
Gateway Pundit reports on it.
InfoWars reports on it.
Go over it all.
They don't even hide the fact this is all completely staged.
So the Omicron hysteria is the perfect cover story for the ADE death wave from vaccine that's unfolding.
The age patient origin of the Omicron also allows media to claim this is why people's immune systems are failing.
It shifts all the blame to the vaxxed.
From the vaxxed to the variant.
How are you going to hide all these people that are dying?
How are you going to cover up that it's mainly the vaccinated?
Well, you just say it's a new variant that did it.
That's all coming up here today.
Omicron variant first detected in four people who were fully vaccinated.
Same thing with the supposed infected coming into Europe.
Oh, they're the double vax.
They're sick.
Oh, it's not the shot.
It's Omicron, which the vaccines do cause variants and mutations of the body.
And it goes on and on and on.
Futures tumble amid sudden fears over dramatically new COVID strain with extremely high number of mutations.
And then we've got the head of the World Medical Association saying, we want total lockdowns, forced inoculations, you in control.
Because they're all lockstep bought and paid for by the same people.
Mike Adams is going to be joining us coming up at the bottom of the hour to go over 10
Omicron Variant Predictions for 2022 and Beyond Globalist Authoritarian Playbook Revealed.
Yes, you want next month's news today, next year's news today?
You're gonna get it.
And I'm sorry to have to inform you, it's really horrible and it's really bad.
But you know what?
It's because we're saying this here today, and because you're recording it and saving it,
You'll have it on a thumb drive later in the underground resistance, probably, if this keeps going the direction it is.
It's going to get that bad.
You'll be able to show people this information so they understand a year, five years, ten years, twenty years under this, when they've pretty much killed everybody, at least finally there'll be a core of resistance that understands that the only hope is fighting back and saying no.
But that's really where we're going.
By 2030 they plan to have at least 80 to 90 percent of the public dead.
That's the official UN plan and they've launched it.
And you can see how they're going to do it.
But already heart attacks, strokes, cancer are off the charts all over the world, where people are taking the Pfizer and Moderna shots.
The life expectancy has already dropped three to four years, and it's just going to get worse and worse and worse.
They never intend to let the baby boomers collect and have that 10 years of retirement after 65.
You're not going to live to 75.
On average, it's being brought down to 65.
That's the big bank's answer to not paying you your retirement.
They're going to inflate the currency and devalue the currency.
And you see all that unfolding.
So this is just a hellish nightmare situation.
They need a martial law cover story for the financial martial law.
That is the universal basic income where you're controlled by a tiny stipend that they, quote, give you.
But you've got all these responsibilities and work you've got to do to obtain it.
You've got to submit to all the injections and submit to all the social engineering.
This is just an absolutely hellishly horrible scenario that they planned out in Operation Lockstep 12 years ago that they've now implemented.
And it was the Rockefeller Foundation that developed the plan that set up the United Nations and that also now runs global response to, quote, COVID-19.
They're now calling it COVID-21, the Omicron variant.
So only admitting how horrible all this is gives us any chance of stopping it.
But I just wanted to be honest with all of you about the situation we face.
We'll cover that at the bottom of the hour.
Again, we do have a crew.
They're a limited crew.
And we do have an archivist that's part-time and hopefully they'll go back in the last year and a half where I said by the winter of 2021, there'll be new deadly variants that they're going to quote claim of the reason everybody's dying is vaccinated.
They're going to say you're all your previous shots don't count.
They're going to have new lockdowns and then force their global ID.
Well, that's that's the plan.
And so, we're going to get a lot of those predictions and breakdowns for you.
Why do the predictions continue to be exactly accurate?
Because they're not predictions.
I'm simply telling you the globalist battle plan, they've been very public about it, they think you're stupid.
Fauci created thousands of deadly virus variants at the Wuhan lab.
They've got a huge army of them ready to release.
They've got bioweapons that kill upwards of 80% of the people that come in contact with them, according to their own reports.
That's right.
In the last year and a half, thousands of pages of it, they're in there producing COVID-19 and a bunch of other new ones far more deadly of the same family.
That's why Fauci's on such a power trip.
He is executing worldwide extermination.
He is carrying out worldwide extermination right now, and they're just getting started.
And so he is a literal field marshal of death with Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN carrying this out.
Rallying patriots worldwide.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
I really appreciate you joining us this evening.
You know, I'm sorry to have to tell you these really cold, hard, scary facts, but just like Winston Churchill, at the dawn of World War II, was very straight with the people of England.
About what they were facing.
That's all I can offer you is the cold, hard, bloody truth.
Because only admitting that we're under a global corporate depopulation operation, do we have any hope of turning this around and stopping it?
Because I read the Enemy Zone documents, because I operate at their level of research, not pop television and pop culture, I know what they're going to do next.
I know what their strategies are.
And I understand as the general regular audience, you understand this as much as I do or more.
That's why it's up to you and me and everybody else
To not back down and to not stop.
That's why they've got all these grand juries and groups impaneled to try to put me in prison.
Trying to find something that I've done so that they can hopefully indict me and get me in front of a jury and put me in prison.
Because if they shoot me in the street, that'll turn me into a bigger martyr.
But they are really considering going ahead and just doing that.
I can tell you right now that my life is right there on the edge.
I will never commit suicide.
I love life.
But I'm also not stupid.
I know that we are hurting them very, very badly.
And I know the globalist plan is not going well.
And it's not going well because basically every prominent scientist that's independent
Has come out and said that these are not vaccines, that they would cause heart attacks and brain damage and would erase your immunity.
And they said that before the injections began.
Thousands of them.
And now the injections have been going on for over a year in the UK, a year here, roughly, in the United States.
And the numbers are the same, whether you're in Australia or the United States, Canada, it doesn't matter.
Doubling of heart attacks, doubling of strokes, 20 plus fold in cancers.
This is from Cancer Research Institute.
I've got it all, I've got a few clips I want to play you of that as well, but you have to understand, I have trouble dealing with this as well.
I mean, I really have trouble processing this.
I really have trouble processing that they indicted Owen Schroer and said he broke into the Capitol and was not with Infowars and was not with our bodyguards and that he broke down barriers and that they want to put him in jail for a long time.
When the videos they source in
His arrests and information show the opposite.
That freaks me out.
It doesn't make me even hate the Justice Department.
It makes me ashamed of my country and feel dirty and feel like just leaving.
But then where do you go?
It's worse in other areas.
It's all the same.
It's corruption.
It's evil.
And so...
I don't even know what to say at this point.
I mean, this country is so far gone, but we have to stand for our children, and we have to just pray to God to accelerate the awakening, because as bad as things are, there is a lot of hope and there is a lot of resistance out there, but only by those who realize how much trouble we're really in.
Here's an example.
We can roll some of that B-roll, guys, of Australia.
Where they're just, women try to go out in the street or go to the store, people try to go peacefully protest, and the police just grab you and they just load you into paddy wagons and take you away to military-run camps for re-education.
I mean, this is all a giant exercise in martial law ahead of the worldwide economic design collapse and the new world currency and the social credit score.
And this is all just a dress rehearsal.
COVID is the cover for that, and they now admit that.
I've got articles today with the Davos Group and others saying that.
People say, well, why do you care about the Davos Group?
Because they're the corporate government.
They run the world now.
So, here is George Christensen, a very popular Member of Parliament in Australia, laying out what's really happening.
You say, well, why do you care about Australia?
Well, as I've been telling you, last week it's Australia, next week it's America.
They're the beta test, along with Israel and along with Germany.
They admit this.
And so what's happening there is coming here.
They're just six months to a year ahead.
Here it is.
Mr Speaker, the totalitarian regimes responsible for the most heinous atrocities in the 20th century, think Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, they didn't get there overnight.
They used fear to control, they excluded the dirty people, softly at first, they justified the exclusion, they moved to harder exclusions, and eventually eliminated people, either socially or physically.
In 21st century Australia, state premiers are racing down that familiar path, trying to out-tyrant each other, drunk on power, setting up their own biosecurity police states, complete with medical apartheid.
Sadly, we've enabled it.
Refusing to rein them in, and worse, supplying the Australian Immunisation Register data that underpins this medical apartheid.
Fear is a justification of choice for coercion and control, with non-vaccinated Australians increasingly demonised, ostracised and socially eradicated.
In Queensland, the Premier tweeted that people not vaccinated raised red flags.
Not just one, but 22 of them.
The media, politicians and health bureaucrats all claim COVID-19 is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but there is no justification for such demonisation.
In a German study, 55% of symptomatic patients over 60 were fully vaccinated.
Gibraltar, where all 34,000 residents are fully vaccinated, is recording 60 new cases a day.
The totalitarian path, the path that we are unquestionably on, has never ended well.
The solution is a rediscovery of human dignity along with, and I don't say this lightly, civil disobedience.
And by the way, if you're a member of the public in Australia and you call for civil disobedience, you are arrested and taken away.
Some people have been held now for six months at military camps.
That are UN directed.
Just as we told you 20 months ago this would begin and now it has and now it's coming here.
It's on the CDC's own website.
They've prepared the camps with the military for you and your family.
The shield process, where even if you've been vaccinated and or aren't sick, they're going to quote, take children from parents in high-risk areas and put them in camps.
That's meant to trigger a civil war.
That is meant to trigger a civil war.
They're going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing.
Klaus Schwab talks about it in his own documents that are public.
An angry world will bring in the Great Reset.
They will soon submit.
The old capitalist system will fall.
That's why they've got
Nominee to be the head of all bank regulations in the U.S.
says she wants to get rid of private money and get rid of private banks and only have the government issue currency and credit to the public and only have the government control banking.
I mean, this is the end of the country, ladies and gentlemen, the end of the world.
This is the social credit score.
And it's the big, giant mega-banks that want to get rid of all their competition.
They want to get rid of the small banks.
They want to get rid of the local banks.
They want to get rid of the people they don't control.
This is an absolute, ruthless consolidation of power.
And you ask, why are they doing it?
Why do tyrants do it throughout history over and over again?
Because they can't help it.
They develop a plan of world domination, and they always launch it, because it's their nature.
And they push, and they push, and they push, and people always start resisting, so they up the ante, and get more oppressive, and more bullying, and then more violent, and then wars start.
And that's why they're arrogant.
Fauci created the weapon with Bill Gates and Peter Daszak on record.
Thousands of pages of documents are there with thousands of viruses they created, like COVID-19 and COVID-19 itself.
They did it!
Of course, the guy that created the virus and launched all this and the deadly vaccines is the guy that's the spokesperson.
That's why they did it!
They got in control of all the major health departments in the world, they created the weapon, and now they've released it!
Do you understand?
You understand that?
And the vaccine is the weapon!
You line up to be slowly killed!
So, the inventor of mRNA technology, whose companies have made billions of dollars, who's a member of the establishment,
Came out over a year ago and said, Dr. Malone said, this vaccine is not a vaccine and it will create blood clots because similar things have been tried on animals before.
We've tested this stuff before.
That's why they didn't want animal trials because they'd already done them before.
And they knew it was going to cause massive cardiovascular problems.
And that's just one part of this.
It then goes into the DNA of your cells and triggers them to
That either causes cell death or cancer.
That's now all confirmed and mainstream news.
Now, I mentioned this earlier so I'm going to go to it now.
Here on the Alex Jones Show and then to Mike Adams with the big news for the balance of the broadcast.
He's with us.
Dr. John Campbell
He's one of the biggest medical doctors on YouTube.
He's a very respected medical doctor.
And a year and a half ago, he was pro-injection because he's pro-vaccine.
I mean, vaccines are a real technology.
They have problems.
They can be tainted.
They can be spiked.
But that's the real thing.
In the last year and a half, he now basically is against the shots, but he does it very dryly and very scientifically.
And so I did an Emergency Friday Show and an Emergency Saturday Show.
It's the Emergency Saturday Show that has a link to it in the description at Bandot Video to one of his latest videos on the proof of massive increases in heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems by major prestigious publications.
So I suggest you go watch the Emergency Saturday Broadcast after tonight's show and I suggest you share it.
We're gonna get Mike Adams' take on this in just a moment.
But I wanted to just play a little bit of his 24-minute report, Heart Risk After Vaccines.
And they look at Pfizer.
Moderna's three times stronger, basically the same thing.
Just three times stronger.
So, they look at the weaker Pfizer, and this is what was found.
Recently with the advent of the mRNA Covid vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the plus score became apparent in most patients.
So basically we see that that inflammatory marker increased, that inflammatory marker increased, and that inflammatory marker increased after vaccination.
So that's what that is saying.
So instead of having 11% risk of having an acute coronary syndrome in the next five years, that went up to 25% risk.
Now again, we don't know much about the group, but that increase from 11% to 25% is, of course, totally massive.
Absolutely massive.
If this were to be applicable to the entire population, this would basically mean we're going to get an
Unimaginable amount of extra heart attacks.
Okay, for the balance of this broadcast, so for the next hour and 20 minutes, Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
He's a software engineer, engineer, scientist, owns a major medical lab, best-selling author, and we're just blessed to have him here with us in Central Texas.
From his compound, he is coming to us live right now.
And here is the big article at NaturalNews.com.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
I don't care where you get it, just share it.
10 Omicron Variant Predictions for 2022.
And beyond.
That'll cover up all the ADE deaths that are now happening.
German government admits, British government admits, as you know, in the last two weeks, official numbers, a doubling of just dying.
You're twice as likely to just die of whatever cause if you've had the Moderna or Pfizer shot than if you're unvaccinated.
I mean, this is incredible.
British government, you're twice as likely to just die of COVID if you've been vaccinated.
So it's not just like, oh, it doesn't protect you.
No, it kills you.
Mike Adams.
Well, you're right.
The excess deaths are showing the truth about where all this is actually going.
And by the way, I was going to come on here and give you major kudos because you called all of this way ahead of time.
And your audience, I know that they're just the best people in the world.
And they get this, and they support you, but they should realize that you're like a retroactive historian.
I mean, what you are saying on your broadcast is not just tomorrow's news today, but tomorrow's history today.
You called it, Alex.
I mean, yeah, we all kind of had a sense of where this was going, but you laid out the step-by-step blueprint.
So all that's happening right now is they are following the steps of the blueprint, which means we also know where it's going next.
So kudos to you, Alex.
Well, my friend, we're all in this together, but once you, as you've done, study their documents, they don't even veil their operations.
And they brag about what they're planning, just like Fauci did right after Trump was elected.
He said, don't worry, Trump's going to be hit by a major new pandemic.
And then the crowd starts smiling and rubbing their hands together.
This is a real power cult.
Let's spin a few times on the blueprint, the big picture, then come back from break in the next segment and actually drill into your 10 incredibly important points.
Okay, so first, they had to play the Omicron card because, exactly as you said, there is a mass awakening taking place and mass resistance against the vaccine mandates.
So this is even before the United States Supreme Court decides on this issue, probably following the Sixth Circuit Court, which currently has the aggregation of the lawsuits from across the country.
But we've already seen the unions for the three big automakers push back against the Biden vaccine mandate and say, no, we will not mandate this for our workers.
We've seen emergency rooms shut down in New York City.
We've seen firefighters and police back away from this and say, no, we're not taking that.
No, not whatsoever.
Governors like DeSantis and also Abbott in Texas are pushing back, and other governors as well.
So there's a lot of pushback.
So they needed to play the Omicron card, which the globalists believe will give them enough fear.
And let's be clear, this is a psycho-terrorism campaign.
This is a psychological operation, but it's really terrorism for your mind.
This is a virus of your mind.
In other words, the real pandemic that's spreading out there is infecting the psyche of America.
So Omicron may not even exist in the physical world, but Omicron is now being weaved as a spell in the minds of the American people, turning them into irrational fear zombies who are now reacting without any critical thought whatsoever, like New York Governor Hulchul.
Saying, oh, state of emergency.
Not even a single case in your state.
So Alex, this is a pandemic of the mind, which is also kind of good news because we can fight back against this using the mind.
And that's what you are doing at InfoWars.
That's what I'm doing at Natural News.
We're fighting back against the disinformation using the human mind, which will defeat these evil entities ultimately.
But sadly, I think we're going to lose
A lot of people on planet Earth until that day comes.
Well, that's my frustration, is... And I don't say this to be dramatic, but they're closing in on us.
I mean, they're out to get us.
I guess they think it'll be some type of psychological victory if they're able to kill us or put us in prison.
I think it's gonna have the opposite effect.
I don't know.
And I've noticed you've been even, you always do a great job, but you've been laser-focused, Mike, and so you're really rising to the occasion, and I'm trying to rise to the occasion, and I'm telling listeners and viewers, now's the time to rise to the occasion.
This is the new world order takeover, told about in Revelation, fabled, everything we knew was coming, this is it.
Well, I think who really deserves credit also right now are the mainstream scientists like Steve Kirsch, or Dr. Peter McCullough, or Joseph Mercola, or Sherry Tenpenny, all these other amazing doctors, Dr. Richard Fleming and so on.
And it's a long list.
I mean, read the credits to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'
's new book, The Real Anthony Fauci.
He lists like 200 doctors and scientists in there.
Every one of those people is coming forth and citing real scientific numbers.
They're looking at the real data, the real trends.
And just as you said before I came on in the earlier segment, if you look at the real data coming out of England in particular, the UK government,
It's very clear.
You take the vaccine, your risk of death just doubled.
From all-cause mortality, it's doubled.
And that's only so far.
I think that by the time we get through this dark winter, as Joe Biden calls it, we're going to see excess mortalities off the charts.
And Alex,
Oh, I know we're going to break here, but when we come back, we've got to talk about the DNA damage that's caused by the spike protein suppressing the DNA repair mechanism in the cell nuclei.
And by the way, you reported on that months ago.
Now that's mainstream news in a whole bunch of mainline papers.
We're going to look at that first, and then next hour, we will get into the 10
Predictions of 2022.
Hell, since Mike wrote this this morning, they're already coming true.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right, it's the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams riding a shotgun with us, and we're not here praising each other because we're on a power trip.
It's it's the opposite.
I'm not a person that gets depressed, but I'll just be honest with you.
I feel an incredible weight to warn people, and I feel incredibly sad.
And I also feel guilt at the same time for my family if they go ahead and kill me or put me in prison, which they've been threatening us really hard publicly and behind the scenes.
For all the stuff you see in the news, it's even worse behind the scenes.
And look, I asked for this, I did this, I love God.
I'm a tough guy, okay?
But I'm just telling you, I'm very sad for the country.
And I'm very ashamed.
I don't
This is horrible.
This is evil.
Stop it right now.
Group after group at the FDA boards, they made resign until they put people in that would do this.
And then the maniacs are on TV sitting there saying, well, we got to give it to the kids to see if it hurts them or not.
Those are real quotes.
So this is so bizarre, but this is the madness of tyrants.
You wonder why did Lenin do that?
Why did Hitler do that?
Why did Mao do that?
Why did Mao order?
80% of the public off their little farms.
The average farm is about 20 acres.
And order them into cities to starve to death.
50 million people himself just in one round.
Because he liked it, folks.
That's why.
He liked the power.
And so we sit here and we wonder why they're doing this.
Well, you got evil people on top.
Bill Gates and others.
You got all these other people below them that have got a paycheck and are given a talking point and are following orders.
Well, following orders will not keep you from going on to
The guillotines onto the gallows at the end of this, which I don't want, but I'm just telling you that this is Nuremberg 2.0 on steroids.
Mike, I'm going to shut up and get back to you, but getting into the point just about major studies.
We'll put it on screen.
Major studies that, oh, this does change the DNA.
In fact, it does the very worst thing it could.
Mike Adams.
Well, not only does it cause these short-term effects that we've talked about before, which is the blood clots and all these sports, professional sports figures, you know, dropping unconscious or in some cases dead on the fields, on the pitches all around the world, but then the long-term effects
Have yet to be even really exposed because the long-term effects are a loss of genetic integrity.
Now, let's back up here a little bit of basic science.
Every living organism on the planet is based on genetic integrity.
We're talking plants, insects,
Animals, of course, all mammals and all human beings and, you know, every living system that has genetics has to have genetic integrity or the whole body falls apart.
The tissues start replicating into just tumors and just random tissues.
And by the way, Mike, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but the guys are having trouble finding the articles.
I know you wrote them a month ago.
You have links to them.
It's now been in the news.
Tell folks the headline at naturalnews.com so we can find the actual articles and show TV viewers and radio listeners exactly where they find these studies.
Well, the key word to search for is N-H-E-J, which stands for non-homologous end joining, which describes the normal physiological mechanism of genetic repair, whereby your body repairs what are called double-strand breaks, or DSBs.
And so, that article that I published a few weeks ago links to the original research, so they should be able to find it from there.
Sure, give us the... I think you even said in the article, but they can't find it, so just tell folks, we can get it on screen, the name of your article.
Okay, I don't recall the exact title, but I think if they search for N-H-E-J, genetic integrity, they'll be able to find it.
But the key to understand here is that the spike protein suppresses this repair mechanism by 90%.
Okay, so the spike protein goes into the nuclei of the body's cells and suppresses this mechanism.
Now, here's the other thing.
People have got to understand this.
Normally, when you're exposed to sunlight, you do have some amount of DNA damage, but your body normally repairs it.
Or if you're exposed to mammography, if you're a woman, you go in for a mammogram, or, heck, these days you're a man and you think you're a woman, you go in for a mammogram, who knows?
But you're getting ionizing radiation.
So that's causing the double-strand breaks, which is the genetic
Non-organized cellular replication, growing tumors like mad inside and outside of the bodies of people who took these vaccines.
They're going to become mutants.
We're going to have babies.
You've already heard the stillborn rate is up 29 times, okay?
That's 2,900 percent.
That's the stillborn rate increase, and that's out of Canada, one region in Canada.
And for those that don't know, when you have a mutant, that's generally when the body gets rid of it.
So undoubtedly, a lot of those were mutants.
Well, exactly.
You're going to see a die-off rate that will never be attributed back to the vaccines.
It's going to be attributed to cancer.
And then they'll say, oh, why is there so much cancer?
Well, then they'll say, well, it's a lack of chemotherapy.
You see, they'll say it's a lack of treatment.
Just like they say all the deaths from the vaccines are a lack of vaccines.
So what's crucial here is to understand they've taken this war out of the realm of just biological warfare.
And they've put it into the psychological terrorism that I mentioned earlier, because now the war is in your mind.
And if you go along with this war, you will sign up for chemo that kills you, or more vaccines that kill you, more booster shots that kill you.
You will line up to the extermination ovens of the modern day, which is the spike protein injection.
So what they've actually done, the globalists, they've figured out a way to get people to volunteer for mass genocide.
That's what this is.
And, by the way, I don't know if anybody's mentioned this, but the Omicron name, there was a movie that came out in 1963 called Omicron.
And that movie, you can look it up on imdb.com, that movie describes an alien that inhabits a human's body in order to learn how humans work so that they can kill off all humans and take over the planet.
1963, Alex.
I mean, that's the name of the film.
What can I say?
Omicron, that's incredible.
Also, you can rearrange the letters, and it says moronic.
Did you know that?
No surprise.
And by the way, we did find those studies for Radiolisters.
We'll put them back on screen, and I'll read those out, because I want people driving down the highway to understand we're not just saying this.
Mike's not just saying this.
Now, Mike, go ahead and read that out for Radiolisters so they can find it.
Okay, yeah, non-homologous DNA end joining and alternative pathways to double strand break repair.
That's the articles published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology and that's from 2017.
So, yes, I was citing that article and that article has charts and in the charts it shows about a 90% suppression of this NHEJ repair mechanism in the presence of spike protein that enters the nucleus of the cell.
What this tells us is that, Alex, there are not only the short-term results, which is the blood clots and the heart attacks and the strokes, and not only medium-term results or side effects, you could say, which are the antibody-dependent enhancement and autoimmune disorders and nervous system disorders, but then there are long-term
Fatal effects of these vaccines, which are going to be the mutagenesis, cancer, and of course spontaneous abortions.
And as you predicted, mutating the species itself.
By the way, putting the prestigious paper back up on screen, it says this is the most dangerous type of DNA damage.
It'll either make your cells die or you'll get deadly cancer.
Mike, what are they going to do?
I've been asking this for the last 21 months.
What are they going to do as it rolls out that they did this and the shot did it?
You said, well, they'll claim a new variant is what's causing the mass death.
And we now see that being prepped and primed.
So, so extrapolating out with your great logic, how do they get away with this when the majority of top scientists are coming out?
I mean, mainline scientists saying this is insane.
Stop it now.
And they just bull forward.
Well, it's very clear.
Actually, you've said this before, that they'll blame everything on the new variant, and Omicron won't be the last one.
There may be more variants yet to come.
They'll blame everything on the new variants, and then they'll blame the variants on the unvaccinated.
So that's how they bring it back to blame us for not getting vaccinated.
But they also know, and this is critical to understand, the globalists know that dead people don't protest.
Okay, so if they can kill enough people by the time the awakening reaches a critical mass, they know that there will be far fewer people protesting against them, marching against them and demanding their heads on a stick, metaphorically speaking.
And we've all got sick family members, since most of this takes years to kill you, that weighs down society as well.
Well, absolutely.
And don't forget, also another factor is that Joe Biden's disastrous economic policies that are leading to the economic collapse of America can also be blamed on Omicron.
So any horrible decision that the Biden regime makes, they're just going to say, well, it's not our fault.
You know, it was the variant that did it.
Food shortages in the grocery stores.
Energy shortages this winter.
Rolling blackouts across America.
Ships wading off the coast.
Logistics failures.
Oh, it was Omicron.
So now they have this built-in excuse and they also have a way to say that this is so dangerous that anyone who speaks out against it must be arrested.
They're going to criminalize all of us.
This round it'll work, but everybody's got to take it.
It's the unvacs that caused the collapse.
It's all their fault.
And when we come back in the next hour, we're going to go through your 10 predictions of what's going to unfold and how to stop them with Mike Adams.
And oh, got some bad news for you folks.
Remember Biden unleashed the Strategic Oil Reserve's posing for Americans?
Sorry, buried in the fine print, the majority went to China and Russia.
They got our oil, not us.
You can't make this up.
This is a globalist war against the West.
This is a globalist war against Christian European countries.
We'll be right back with our number two with Mike Adams, Infowars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, folks, however you're listening, tell people to tune in now.
Listeners and viewers of this emergency transmission need to understand,
That you're not like part of the resistance, you are the resistance.
Only human intelligence can override the censorship.
The censorship's designed to be able to blunt and silence a Mike Adams or an Alex Jones that's built a major operation to fight them.
But they can't stop lots of little people, to use a cheesy Star Wars analogy.
The Death Star's designed to take out big ships.
It's not designed to take you out.
You understand that?
And so, that's why when you spread the articles and the videos, and when you tell your friends and family, when you do it religiously, it moves mountains and we're doing it together.
I'm not risking my life just to get put in prison or killed for no reason.
I'm risking my life because I've bet on you and I believe in you, and I know we can turn the tide.
Mike, some stations don't carry this first five, as you know.
I want to come back next segment and finally drill into your big prediction article on naturalnews.com.
But just gut level, if this was a football game with four quarters, where are we and how are the Globalists doing?
Because as horrible as this all is, I think because of what you said, the doctors and scientists that still have integrity, the Globalists have bit off more than they can chew and are scared right now.
So if it's a football game, the Globalists are absolutely losing the game.
And so what they've done is they've brought out mortar teams.
So they're trying to change the rules and drop mortars on the football players to just obliterate the entire game.
That's what this is.
But I got to mention, we must remember that the year of 2020 and into 2021, the entire world population was in essence MK Ultrad.
So, the way the MKUltra program works to traumatize the psychology of an individual, and then to get them to submit to authority, that's what the whole world went through.
It was intentional trauma, fear, social isolation, and then demands, and then now a trigger word.
And this is huge, Alex.
The trigger word is now Omicron.
And so whenever they utter Omicron, then everybody must be immediately obedient.
Like, oh, you have to take all the vaccines now.
You must lock down.
You have to give up all your rights, all your freedoms, and give up your guns.
Omicron, right?
That's what this has turned into.
It's some kind of weird cult programming thing, but...
The vast majority of the people have fallen for it, and one of the reasons why, by the way, this is one of the blessings of what you have gone through and I have gone through and other people, because we have been, you know, attacked and vilified for so many years, you actually built up a defense against that where it's not unusual.
I think
Common everyday left-wing Americans.
They've had no trauma whatsoever until this thing came along.
So then they fell for it instantly.
They were easy to MKUltra.
And that's why they're lining up to take the death shots.
Does that make sense?
It was beautifully said.
I mean, this is all a giant externalization of MKUltra from the laboratory to the mass of the people.
That's why we could see what the next chapter is.
And then we'll come back after break and talk about the chapter after that.
What's the chapter after Omnicrime, the new trigger word?
Well, if it doesn't have the desired effect, they will roll out the next one in the Greek alphabet.
I don't know what the next one is.
Everybody can look it up.
Maybe it's the Omega variant or something.
Or maybe we'll just call it the midterm election interference variant.
Because that's really what they're going to roll out.
So they're going to just keep doing this, as long as they keep getting away with this.
And as you've said time and time again,
If you comply, you die.
Eventually, humanity must rise up peacefully and dismantle this insane system of psychological terrorism.
Otherwise, humanity has no future whatsoever.
Society cannot function if you allow your minds to be taken over by this psychological terrorism every time there's another, quote, mutation somewhere around the world that there's not even a test for.
By the way, there's not even a single case in America that we've even heard of.
This is a joke!
I totally agree.
The good news is even mainline Republican sites like Red State and the National Review that we know has been CIA for a long time are saying this is about tyranny, this is about global social credit scores, this is about nationalizing the banks.
I mean people better get, this is the main assault.
Back in 60 seconds with Mike Adams to talk about the fear storm or the terror storm we're living through right now.
Emergency Sunday broadcast.
UN preparing to declare worldwide martial law and suspend elections.
That's what this is really all about.
It's the UN working through globalist leaders they control.
And then on top of that, you also have the blue cities and the blue states all following the exact orders of the UN bureaucrats who were put in the positions of power by Goldman Sachs, by JP Morgan, by Pfizer, by Bill Gates, by Moderna.
And so when you see the head of the World Medical Association saying, I want forced injections, I want lockdowns, it's a new variant from the unvaccinated.
No, people that have been vaccinated are twice as likely to die that even the German government admits.
And scientists are pulling their hair out, but they're trying to suppress this.
So they've rolled out this new variant.
To create hysteria, to create fear.
Mike Adams of Natural News is here with us.
He's about to go over his big detailed article, 10 Omicron Variant Predictions for 2022 and Beyond, Global's Authoritarian Playbook Revealed.
But, he said something in the last segment that I meant to start the broadcast with.
In fact, that's why it's in the headline that I wrote for the broadcast right before I went on air, that this is about suspending elections.
I know Mike said it on my show at least 10 times.
I know I probably said it because it's my show 100 times.
He said it on his 100 times or more because I've seen him say it.
Going back over a year ago that by next winter, end of the spring, they are going to create total hysteria and fear.
They're just getting ready like they did for a couple months, hyping up fear in China.
And it'll be the same thing here.
And then by February, into April, into March, they are absolutely going to create as much fear as they can in January, February, March, April, May, to then say, oh, mail in ballots, or maybe even suspend the election.
And then, oh, Joe Biden's sick, he's stepping down, Kamala's the president, but don't worry, Buddha judges are gay.
You see all the pre-programming.
Let's talk about that first, because
That was such an easy thing to predict and know that they were able to steal the last big election in 2000 using the mail-in balance.
They're going to run that same play again, Mike Adams.
Well, absolutely.
They know they cannot subject their power to the voters because the voters are fed up with the Biden regime.
The voters hate this new Biden America that they're suffering under with gas prices through the roof, you know, all of it.
Food prices, inflation, really, by any honest accounting, inflation is now about 25%.
And you know, what that means is that your dollar in just three years will lose half of its purchasing power.
So for every person listening right now, if you have money in the bank, you're trying to save up, let's say, to make a down payment on a home one day, your dollars will have only half their value in three years if this rate of inflation continues under Biden.
And it won't stop because they're going to continue to print money.
So they know that their policies are disastrous.
And they know that they can't subject themselves to an election because they will lose so much power in the coming midterms if the election is held, and if it's fair.
Of course, we've got to have paper ballots, and frankly, we need a nationwide voter ID.
I'm not sure if that's going to get done in some places, but we'll see.
Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of America is so much in favor of not just getting rid of Joe Biden politically, but even in bringing Trump back.
Because the Trump days, now in retrospect, even from people who thought that Trump had mean tweets, the Trump days were the golden age days of our recent memory.
Those were when times were good.
That's when you could afford to put food on the table.
You could afford to put gas in the tank.
You had a job that paid pretty well, and you weren't forced to be home alone, sitting in isolation, and your kid tied into a computer on some kind of a Zoom school thing, learning nothing.
I mean, it's a nightmare where we are right now in America.
People want the Trump days back.
So this brings up the question, can we ever even go back and fix the 2020 rigged election?
You know, Mike Lindell and others are working on those efforts.
We'll see where those go.
But even if that doesn't happen, the Democrats are going to be wiped out politically here in the midterms if the midterms take place.
So just as you said, Alex, I know I'm repeating this, but
They can't let the midterms take place or they lose power.
End of story.
Well, you can't repeat that enough because everything else is a side issue.
COVID is the pretext for medical tyranny, worldwide ID, carbon tax, social credit score.
It's been voted on by the UN.
They've said adopt the Davos Group's program.
Communist China designed it.
We're good to go.
It's not a joke.
And you wrote something, Terror Storm, there, right before the break I saw, it reminded me of something that's really relevant here.
I'm putting out a, just like an audiobook download thing next year, called Terror Forming.
And so we're all familiar with the term Terraforming, which is altering Earth's atmosphere, but I'm talking about Terror Forming, and I think actually Steve Quayle came up with that term, so I want to give him credit, but Terror Forming
Is shutting down fossil fuels.
The things I talked about in our show a couple weeks ago.
Shutting down fertilizers.
So you shut down what's called a Haber process.
You shut down food production all around the world by shutting down fossil fuels and natural gas.
And then you end up in mass starvation, famine, and a scarcity panic which leads to more government control.
That's right.
There's no mistake that human populations since the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago exploded.
Scientists now know that it made plants grow a lot faster and healthier.
You take away just a little bit of carbon dioxide and plants become very, very weak.
Well that's right, and never forget, all of you watching this right now, do not forget there's a project right now in Iowa, what's it called, like the Heartland Greenway or something, where they're building the giant machines to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, to liquefy it, put it in pipelines, to pipe it into Illinois, and sequester it underground so that the world's crops can't take it.
Grabbing the gas of life!
And as I said before, this is just like the movie Oblivion, you know, with Tom Cruise, where they were sucking the ocean water off the oceans and taking it off planet.
So this is what they're doing.
They're taking the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and putting it underground in order to starve out the plants and destroy the food crops.
Folks, this is not just a biological war.
This is not just a psychological war.
This is not just a political war.
This is a planetary-scale cosmic war against the human race, human civilization.
I mean, why do you think Elon Musk is talking about escaping to Mars?
Because Musk knows things that we can't even talk about here right now.
He knows what's going on.
You're absolutely right, Mike.
I mean, if you look at everything being done to us, it's what aliens would do to kill us and take over the planet.
I mean, everything the globalists do only makes sense when you go, this is aliens.
And I don't, I'm not an alien guy, you're not either, but you look at the attack and the genetic engineering and them saying humans are bad, we want to get rid of humans, the future's not human, the Davos group says.
I mean, this sounds like a group of people that made a deal with the devil, which the Bible tells us is a fallen creature.
Well, if you take out photosynthesis by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then you end plants producing oxygen.
And then every human being on the planet dies from asphyxiation.
It's like suddenly there's nothing to breathe.
You understand that?
Now, I'm not saying that they'll be successful in taking it that far, but that's what they want to do.
I mean, I think they're going to be stopped before they get there.
But seriously, you're showing clips from Oblivion.
Folks, go back and watch Oblivion, because in that movie, the Tom Cruise character eventually, throughout the movie, gets red-pilled that he was told an entire lie about the history of the planet, and that there was a war by aliens on the planet, and that the Tom Cruise character thinks he's defending Earth.
He's not.
He's a clone working
For the aliens.
Spoiler alert, by the way.
And then he turns around and gets red-pilled and destroys them at the end.
It's one of the best science fiction movies ever made.
The writing is tremendous and it shows incredible knowledge of our time.
The level of deception that's being played against the minds of the people of planet Earth right now.
That's how we can predict what's going to come next.
We just simply look at the globalist, how they're operating.
But if you pull back to the thousand, hundred thousand foot level, you see that this whole thing is to depopulate the planet.
And they tell you, no, we are depopulating.
And Bill Gates is running the secret geoengineering program and so much more.
But yes, I did write the note here.
There's a Zero Edge article called, a fear storm is upon us.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams.
We will then go directly into 10
Omicron Variant Predictions for 2022 and Beyond Globalist Authoritarian Playbook Revealed.
So they're not going to use the term COVID-19.
That doesn't work anymore.
So now they've got a new scary sounding name of like an alien invasion or whatever.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Lay down all of your rights.
Take all the injections.
Don't ask questions.
Let us censor you.
Let us put you in quarantine camp.
See when you're not sick.
Or Omicron will get you.
And then you take the vaccine and you're twice as likely to die, according to the German and British governments.
That news comes out, but they just basically smokescreen it all with their hysteria and their fear.
Meanwhile, I mentioned this at the
End of the last hour, but since Mike Adams was talking about energy, Biden's strategic oil reserves release will mostly go to China and India.
Remember the big release of 50 million barrels of oil, the strategic oil reserve?
Let us jog your memory.
It was the hallmark solution promoted by Biden administration to try and address soaring energy costs for Americans.
Well, it turns out the vast majority of that oil will go to China and India.
Fox News reports both.
So that's where it's going.
I mean, won't let us have pipelines.
Shuts down our country.
They are at war.
They are at war with us.
Mike Adams, you mentioned the brainwashing of the children and you mentioned how under the lockdowns they're forcing us onto Zoom and all these systems where the companies can surveil their employees and where the home can be surveilled as well.
It just normalizes that.
All part of the multiverse, omniverse.
A whole metaverse that Facebook is pushing.
Well, here's a photo that when I first saw it on Instagram, I thought it was probably fake.
I went and looked it up and turns out it's real.
For TV viewers, you can see this, but for radio listeners, I'll describe it for you.
And it says, and the award for the most disturbing picture of 2021
The award for the most disturbing picture of 2021 goes to...
Israeli news, it was picked up by the Sacramento Bee, the Associated Press.
As COVID cases surge, Israel starts vaccinating young children.
Around 57% of Israel's population is fully vaccinated, according to the health ministry.
And when they say fully, they mean three shots.
Now they're going to say, well, you need more and more.
But Mike, Israel has the highest rates anywhere in the world of
Covid hospitalizations and deaths, doesn't it?
And they're also the most vaccinated large country on earth.
Is that right?
Well, the people of Israel are definitely freaking out over this new Omicron.
I know that the vaccine is a complete failure in Israel.
I don't know if it's the highest rate, but it's certainly among the highest.
But it changes day by day.
It's very bad in Israel.
And even many Israeli scientists and doctors and some journalists are starting to figure out
This thing is not working.
Everywhere they push the vaccines is where they have more hospitalizations and deaths.
But that photo that you just showed, this is the perfect depiction of our time, which is they want your mind to be sucked into the metaverse, you know, Zuckerberg's virtual reality or augmented reality.
That's grabbing your mental focus while then they destroy your biology in the physical 3D world with a spike protein that eats you from the inside.
This is the perfect
Metaphor for our time.
It's distract your brain, destroy your body.
All the people doing this, the nurses in that photo, these are criminals against humanity, in my opinion.
They are criminals carrying out extermination of children.
And history will show that.
The question is, can we stop this before more children are sacrificed to this insane genocide?
And I don't know the answer to that.
But that's where we are.
Well, you're absolutely right, Mike.
And again, for radio listeners, you can go to InfoWars.com and watch the feeds right there, or this will be archived later tonight at Band.Video.
And so you can just go into the middle of the second hour and find this image.
But I thought before the image of Zuckerberg six years ago, walking into his big VR conference, and he's not wearing the goggles, and everybody else is seated.
I don't
No, no, no, no, no.
Virtual reality is what will make it okay.
It's the baby blanket you get that protects your children.
And this is being pushed from Australia to the U.S.
to Israel, everywhere.
Wear the VR goggles when you get the shot.
It'll make everything okay.
It's your new blanket.
Well then might as well also give you a blue pill and plug you into the Matrix at that point, you know, actually connect to your vertebra and your skull and just put you in a bath of liquid goo and turn you into a copper-topped battery, right?
Because that's really what this is.
At this point, the function of a human being from the point of view of the globalist is nothing
But a place to deposit the high-profit death shots.
It's an excuse of where to dump biological weapons and make a lot of money doing it.
So they need your body only as a depository for biological weapons.
That's right.
They make money while they kill off the boomers and everybody else to depopulate.
Make money while they kill us.
That's it.
That's it.
And then, to some extent, with universal basic income, they need a few people to be left consuming and buying and buying and buying and wasting and so on because they need to show, oh, the GDP is doing great, and the GDP includes the vaccine shots.
So now the gross domestic product counts
Death shots that are mass murdering people.
So the US economy has become increasingly an economy where the economic activity is based on mass murder of human beings.
Right now, between 20 and 25 percent of the GDP is rooted in health care.
And those are old numbers.
I don't know where they are now, but it's obviously going to increase as they keep rolling out more variants.
They're going to have more shots, more vaccines, more heart attacks, more cancer for all the reasons that we've talked about.
We're going to end up with maybe a third of the U.S.
economy rooted in death, destruction, disease, suffering, mass murder, genocide, and that's what the U.S.
economy will be.
Right there.
Unfortunately, you're right.
We're going to finally get to the ten points when we come back, but just in the two minutes we have right now.
Things aren't going well for the globalists even though they've launched this.
So they're going ahead with the next phase because they really just can't help it.
They're already committed.
What can we all do to stop this?
I mean, how do you see this scenario being shut down?
Well, the good news is I think that the globalists ultimately lose.
Number one, we should plan for more serious lockdowns, which means you're going to have more supply chain disruptions, you're going to have more food shortages.
So I know everybody's weary.
I know we're all exhausted from everything that we've gone through so far, but we have to double down on our preparedness, our self-reliance.
You've got to be ready for them to say you can't buy food if you're not vaccinated.
You have to be ready for that.
It is coming, especially in blue cities.
Remember, Fauci said everything's on the table, right?
So the minute... Well, I mean, in Europe and Australia and the UK and New York, you can't buy food unless you've had the shots.
In Australia, the military is hunting down indigenous people at gunpoint and dragging them into COVID concentration camps, and there's no outcry from the human rights groups around the world.
I'm sorry, maybe I'm losing my temper a little bit, but for God's sake!
I mean, this is ethnic cleansing happening on the continent of Australia in full public view.
They're not even pretending that it's not happening.
It's right out in the open, and the Aborigine elders are screaming and crying for help, and the world is silent.
How can the world be silent in the face of this?
This is the Holocaust come back to haunt us now on a global scale.
How can this be the human race?
Gosh, I'm disappointed!
You're absolutely right.
Well, I can guarantee people this.
It's only going to get worse the more we submit.
And so the only way to go up is up from here.
They plan to just keep rolling these out, each one getting worse, and then claiming that a new variant is what's causing all the death when it's the vaccine.
That's what the numbers and the facts show.
And we are living in such an incredible time.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams to get directly in to the 10 variant predictions for next year.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com, because there's a war on for your mind.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Yep, waging war on corruption.
Alright, Mike Adams is here with us.
And I want to give people tomorrow's news today yet again, and I'm very sad to have to announce this, but hopefully we can stop what they're doing.
If you go back 20 months ago, 21 months ago, when this really got cranking, I said something on air.
So much listeners really started complaining about it.
I said, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And when there's lockdowns in the West, that causes mass starvation in the third world.
And you saw the UN say, oh my gosh, $287 million on the verge of starvation.
An extra $25 million starved to death on top of the normal $20 million during last year's lockdowns.
Give us billions of dollars!
They tried to shake down Elon Musk.
Remember that?
for six billion dollars.
Well, if you just give us six billion dollars, Africa wouldn't be starving.
And Elon Musk is like, well, why is the UN keeping all the money people give them?
And why are you starving people to death?
And on and on and on.
So you saw the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of migrants coming out of the Caribbean, but also out of Africa, joining up and marching and coming across the borders in the last six months.
Everybody witnessed that.
And so that's what you're going to see a lot more of after they're done shutting Africa down even more.
So right now, using this Unicron hysteria, they're locking Africa down right now.
I want to go back to Mike Adams and talk about what that's going to do with refugee numbers in the future and what he imagines this new lockdown to be like and how long he thinks it's going to go for.
And then I want you to start going through your 10 predictions.
Okay, well, first of all, you're absolutely right about third world collapse and refugees, and also this gets into the terror-forming, which is the collapse of the global food supply, food crop production, and the collapse of logistics, and so on.
So, specifically, fertilizer is crucial for keeping 3.8 billion people in this world alive, and the people that are marginal,
Right on the edge of dying from starvation are developing nations' populations.
So when they shut down fossil fuels, they starve the third world first.
You're exactly right about that.
But I want to add, we're going to see refugees coming out of blue cities in America.
We're going to have a refugee crisis right here domestically.
People just trying to get out of the collapsing blue cities.
And I mean, look at the spontaneous looting, the total loss of law and order.
And what's coming next with the lockdowns that are going to be pushed because of Omicron, we're going to see almost, in many ways, a Mad Max type of scenario in certain regions of blue cities where the police just back out and say that is not even, those are no-go zones.
We can't even go there.
They're going to basically barricade off entire sections of large cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and so on.
And they're just going to say, anybody left in there, you're on your own.
So you're going to see mass refugees coming out of those cities.
Good luck.
But getting to my list, and of course, jump in at any time.
I'll just keep going through the list.
I'll try to get it in here.
These are 10 predictions of Omicron and what the regime is going to do based on these 10 predictions.
Prediction number one, they're going to use this Omicron hysteria to reset everyone's vaccine passports all over the world.
So if you took two shots, they're going to say, well, those don't count anymore.
Now you have to take more and they have to be the new ones.
So it's another massive money tree to Big Pharma.
Hundreds of billions of dollars for the next vaccine and you get injected with more spike protein.
Prediction number two.
It's going to be used to justify aggressive vaccine mandates.
The courts will say, well, you no longer have any right to say no.
Because Omicron.
Remember, it's a trigger word now.
It allows you to do anything.
I guess, I'm saying this satirically, but I guess somebody could walk into a bank without any weapon whatsoever to do it like a bank robbery, just with an empty bag and say, hey, fill up the bag with cash.
And the cashier says, why?
And they just say, Omicron, fill it up, right?
It's a trigger word now.
It's crazy.
It's like open sesame or abracadabra.
Yeah, right.
It's just beyond insane.
Or the word mutations, like we're all supposed to say.
Oh, what do you want us to do, boss?
I mean, give me a break.
Are we human beings or not?
Prediction number three.
The lying corporate media will blame the origins of Omicron on the unvaccinated, even though it's been found only so far in vaccinated people.
They're going to blame it on unvaccinated.
Number four, the cover story.
Oh, I'm sorry, the Omicron variant is a cover story to explain away the antibody-dependent enhancement deaths that have already begun and will accelerate through this winter.
Number five, this will be used to criminalize dissent against vaccines.
So, you've already seen Fauci saying, oh, if you criticize me, you criticize science.
And as you covered, Alex, the CEO of Pfizer saying, oh, anybody who disagrees with me is a criminal.
Well, they're laying the playing field for that.
They're setting it up.
They're going to call for people to be arrested.
They're going to use this, the blue state governors, to justify more lockdowns leading to more economic collapse, which again will be blamed on Omicron instead of the failed policies of Joe Biden.
If they can push this hard enough, they'll either cancel the midterm elections or they will demand mail-in ballots all across the country, which, of course, is the playing field of total fraud by the Democrats.
Prediction number eight.
I mentioned this already on your show here.
Every economic failure caused by the failed Biden regime will be blamed on Omicron.
Oh, no, it's not money printing.
It's not the devaluation of the currency.
It's not the fact that Biden is shutting down oil pipelines.
No, it's Omicron.
And then prediction number nine.
This is the big one.
They're going to use this to try to justify door to door mandatory vaccines at gunpoint in America, wherever they can get away with it.
Now, I'm not saying they're going to do this in Texas, but they will try it in places like California, New York and other liberal, you know, Seattle.
I mean, the
And by the way, it's already started in Australia and started in Germany, and they have all the big health officials saying, Merkel said last week, it's time to begin forced injections.
Not just you can't leave your house, but we're coming to make you take it.
Which again, Mike, they want to trigger a civil war, because they know the world economic system they built is collapsing, their Ponzi schemes coming down.
They want to get a war going to blame it on the civil war, the collapse, so they don't get the blame.
And remember, and you and I talked about this on the air months ago, they're putting these vaccine teams out as bait, hoping that some armed American ends up shooting in self-defense, and then they have a shooting war, they have a big news story, oh, the anti-vaxxers are armed and they're shooting at the healthcare workers, right?
That's going to be the story.
They're going to try to Kyle Rittenhouse the whole country for people just defending themselves against a violent weapon in a needle.
You know, if a team breaks down your door and tries to assault you with a violent, deadly weapon that happens to be in a needle, I mean, self-defense, right?
I mean, it's a basic human right.
But number 10 is that Omicron won't be the last variant that they roll out.
They're going to continue this as many times as they can get away with it for as long as we go along with it.
We're in full-blown Ministry of Truth 1984 Orwellian mind control.
Our nation's caught up in a spell.
And this is some kind of crazy black magic.
By the way, the word omicron, if you really break it down in Latin, omi is very similar to omni, which means the one, the powerful.
And cron at least has a partial root of cro, which is necro, necrosis, which means tissue death.
Oh yeah, cron is associated in Latin with death, exactly.
And Saturn, cron, Saturn.
Yeah, so what is a necromancer is a black magic, I don't know, some kind of spell weaver who works in the area of death and black magic.
So, you could say omni-necrosis is the one and only tissue death.
And that's what this is, if you were to play with it just a little bit there.
And then Fauci's name in Latin means the sickle, and then I looked it up directly and that was associated first in Italy, and the Grim Reaper originally was first seen over a thousand years ago as something that early Christians developed with a sickle.
Fauci's family name means one who wields the sickle.
Yeah, I am not surprised.
I mean, these are demons of death, and they're coming for humanity, and they've laid out the whole plan.
And I think just what you and I have already covered here on this show has really put the blueprint out there for everybody to see what's coming next.
Mike, you've done an incredible job.
Do a few more minutes with us on the other side, naturalnews.com.
I want to get into any other key points you want to make, and what we can do as citizens to turn this around.
And I've got some really positive news that I want to hit as well.
Straight ahead on the other side of this quick break.
And then, Sunday Live.
Owen Schroyer hosts Sunday Live, but tonight it's going to be Christy Lee that's going to be hosting.
And that is 6 to 8 p.m.
And there's only six minutes of ads each hour for the local station.
So, it's a really powerful show.
It's coming up right after this one.
You know, I just get so sped up on air because there's just so many angles and so many stories and so many things to cover.
And sometimes, during the Alex Jones Show, it sounds really scary and can make you feel desperate.
But the globalists have launched these attacks.
And so exposing them is the way to stop them.
And if you just sit there and gullibly take whatever they say at face value, well, you're not gonna know what's going on.
It's not gonna make sense.
But if you know the plan, you'll be able to predict everything as it's gonna happen, which we've been able to do.
Not just myself, but so many other people.
So the good news is, 20-something months ago, when Dr. Francis Boyle and myself and Mike Adams and a handful of others
We're on air saying it came out of a lab and it's designed for lockdowns and control and then they're going to continue to bring the lockdowns in and then bring the lockdowns off over and over again.
We have the documents, Operation Lockstep Another, but people still just couldn't believe it.
Now you're living it.
And that's why it's been important for us to stay on air as long as possible in the face of all these attacks.
So the positive news here for everybody to know is this.
They had Bill Gates as their main frontman until about eight months ago.
They had to remove him really from the public eye because it was blowing up their face.
Klaus Schwab is a universally pretty much reviled person.
People now, world leaders are talking everywhere.
I played a high-level member of the Australian government coming out saying this is a Maoist communist takeover.
This is all BS just earlier today in the first hour.
There is a big awakening happening.
And the fact that people exposed Bill Gates and exposed his agenda and exposed how he'd taken over the major healthcare divisions of the world, well now Pfizer's getting exposed and he says he wants people arrested.
The CEO of Pfizer says arrest people that question me.
And the former head of the CDC came out and said that, and the former head of the NIH.
So they're all panicking and they're saying, shut these people up because the truth is going to bring them down.
They've bit off more than they can chew.
They thought they'd get away with this, but because the formula is understood, they're going to go down.
So as negative as this all is, the good news is we know the enemy game plan.
I want to get Mike's take on that in closing.
But first, here's just a one minute long clip.
I don't know.
I shot another video on this Friday night about how I predicted it.
But if you want to go to the original interview, it's two weeks old on Banned.video.
But yes, we've shot a new one.
Watch General Flynn predict Omicron variant, new lockdowns, and controlled economic depression.
Here's part of that interview.
We're going to see an uptick in other aspects of the COVID.
We got the various variants.
There might even be another form of a SARS that's imposed on the international system, right?
Because their little plan with COVID didn't work because too many people
You know, the world of what I call the digital warriors or the citizen journalists that are out there, they are fighting for the truth.
And so the truth has been exposed about all the COVID tyranny that we are facing.
So I think what we're going to see is potentially another type of virus that's imposed on the public.
And I hope that that's not the case, but I've seen some indications of that in some of the statements by some of these global elite type of people.
And then he goes on to say, again, more about the controlled depression.
See the full interview at InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Band.Video.
All right, Mike Adams, your response to that?
I mean, the good news is there's a lot of people know what's going on.
There's a lot more than when you and I were saying what was going to happen almost two years ago.
So that's got to really scare the globalists.
Well, General Flynn absolutely nails it right there, and he deserves credit for speaking that out publicly.
And then, of course, it was just two weeks later now that Omicron has been launched.
But I think what General Flynn is referring to, and that we may yet see, is an actual release of smallpox or Marburg or some weaponized form of Ebola or some other hemorrhagic fever virus that's in the Fauci freezer set.
Which is, you know, a special set of freezers with hundreds of different cards that they can play on the world by just, oh, accidentally releasing them.
So... By the way, I'm so glad when I asked you to come on yesterday, that's what I meant to ask you up front.
They're hyping everywhere airborne Ebola, or saying this is airborne Ebola to create incredible theory, even though the scientists that quote discovered say it's very mild, who knows if it even exists.
So they're always priming airborne Ebola, and you've really talked about that a lot.
Well, remember that in the EcoHealth Alliance proposal to DARPA, Peter Daszak, they proposed DARPA funding for a skin-penetrating aerosolized toxic nanoparticle.
So never forget, all of you watching, never forget that they have mechanisms.
Again, this comes out of the DARPA proposal, which DARPA rejected, by the way.
DARPA did not fund this.
But the technology exists to aerosolize these skin-penetrating toxic nanoparticles so they can release them, Alex, on the cities, which I believe, in retrospect, is what happened in New York City in February of 2020.
I don't think that that was COVID.
I think they released, with a series of drones or low-flying planes or something else, I think they released aerosolized toxic nanoparticles that went into people's skin and made them sick.
And that's what set off the entire
Mike Adams, thank you so much for all the time today.
Your excellent article is at NaturalNews.com.
There's so much more going on, and you're always working on a bunch of other stories.
What's the next shoe to drop over at Natural News?
Well, we've got a surprise coming for you in studio, working with some other very high-level individuals.
That's all I'm going to say about it, but it involves lab equipment and so on, and we're working through that and trying to get it packaged and ready for an InfoWars exclusive release.
So that's something that's in the works, and of course we'll keep in touch with you and your crew about that.
In the meantime, my message to everyone is,
If you have an opportunity to get prepared right now, take that opportunity.
They're going to make 2022 the year from hell.
I mean, that's what's coming.
It's going to be way worse than 2021.
I'm sad to say, and I think we win on the other side of this, but we're going to go through a very dark time in the next year.
So we need to be ready for that psychologically and spiritually.
I totally agree with you.
I mean, just 100%.
That's where we are.
There's no question about it.
The American people are going to win this.
They cannot destroy the American spirit.
They can maybe destroy the U.S.
economy for a short period of time.
They can destroy elections.
They can destroy a lot of things.
But they can't break the American spirit.
So we have to rebuild.
The real America, in the aftermath of this engineered collapse.
That's the goal.
And we have the spirit to do it.
We have the knowledge, the know-how, the resilience, everything.
Alex, they've turned us into really tough people.
We are determined people, all of us, your listeners, the Patriots, people like General Flynn and many others.
We are extremely determined.
We've already been through the ringer, and we can do much more moving ahead.
So, we're not stopping.
We're going to get America back, and we're going to rebuild it in the vision of our founding fathers and on Christian principles upon which it was founded.
I totally agree.
God bless you, and it's good to be in the front lines with you, Mike.
I sleep good at night knowing you're there.
Mike Adams, thank you.
Something I didn't get to that I'll have to cover tomorrow.
I mean, look at this hysteria.
COVID-struck Czech President appoints new Prime Minister from inside a glass box.
It goes on to say that he'd been in the hospital for a month with COVID, so he wasn't even infectious.
But they still put him in a plastic box on TV to create hysteria.
They're all creating this hysteria everywhere, ladies and gentlemen.
This is just absolute crap.
This is what they're told to do by the PR firms.
Meanwhile, it's the vaccines that are killing people and the numbers are now out.
Roger Stone's gonna be with us tomorrow on the weekday show.
Big New York Post headline.
Roger Stone says, FBI's acting like Biden's personal Gestapo.
We'll be discussing that with a bunch of big developments and more and how they're planning to frame us for January 6th.
We'll be discussing it all.
Anybody that stands up for the Republic is under attack.
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I want to thank you all for your prayers and keeping us on air.
Every day could be our last, though, in this insane climate.
I mean, the New World Order is making its move.
Knowing about it and saying no to it has a good chance of beating them, but if we roll over, we're dead.
All right!
That's it for me!
Christy Lee's coming in for Owen Schroyer in Sunday Live, and she's got a ton to cover.
Stay with us.
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