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Name: 20211127_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 27, 2021
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have now cracked the code.
We know who produced COVID-19 and we know their master plan, the keys to their blueprint for global domination.
And not just global domination, global depopulation.
The information we're about to cover will save humanity if it gets out to a wide audience.
This is literally a life and death situation.
Listen to me very, very carefully.
A international corporate combine of ruthless corporations that see their fellow humans as animals, through the UN, are taking control of the planet using the fear of COVID-19.
We told you more than 20 months ago they bring in a world ID and a world vaccine passport tied to a carbon passport and tied to a social credit score and now it's all officially been announced.
And we told you the reason they created a new life form.
That's not the flu and it's not the cold was so that the consortium of corporations, not just Pfizer, not just Moderna, not just the Chinese government, but Apple and Google and Facebook, all heavily invested in the last 10 years.
This was an Obama project to produce this new virus, not because the first virus they rolled out would even be that deadly.
But because it's a new life form that they would own the response to through GMO vaccines and gene therapies, like the so-called Moderna and Pfizer injections.
So that then new variants, new versions of it could be constantly rolled out, first on a yearly, then on a monthly basis.
Until humans become absolutely dependent on the gene therapies and the shots we're forced to take every single day when they're done with us.
This was in all the corporate reports put out by Pfizer a decade ago.
This was the holy grail of their plan.
And that's why all the top corporations got together, multinationally, with the United States, the European Union, the remnants of the British Empire, Australia, and the Communist Chinese, and developed and came out with COVID-19.
And I told you 20 months ago, it was the beta test, and that new, more deadly variants wouldn't be naturally occurring, but would be rolled out, already produced in laboratories.
Because I was covering this decades ago, and when George Herbert Walker Bush funded bioweapons development, and when his son got BioShield in place, tens of millions of dollars to build these facilities across the United States, and then Obama expanded it.
So we knew, and in their own reports and their own Rockefeller documents, like lockstep, that they were planning
To use the threat of these new emerging life forms, these new viruses, these cross-species chimeric viruses to take over society, and that they were patenting and preparing thousands of new viruses that they would then unleash on the public to then pose as the savior and give you the, quote, gene therapies and vaccines to protect you.
But in turn, you've got to turn over your immune system, turn over your body, turn over your free speech, turn over full
And then as soon as the West picked up the panic...
China said, we're done, no more virus, 100% back to work.
We were only shut down about a month or so, but in America, it's going to be 18 months, we're told, which will mean we will no longer exist.
Except the big box stores and those that are part of critical infrastructure, they're allowed to keep operating and you're going to learn to be very dependent on them and then checks will be given to you, even if you didn't want to be on welfare.
So that you can go by at the big box stores and you've got to go out with your permission slip that you're going that you'll get from Walmart or Target and then you'll drive in and the police will check you at a checkpoint and then you'll go in wearing your mask and you'll get your food once a week when you're allowed out of your house and you will go home or you will face six months in jail.
So we're about to lay out the new variant out of South Africa.
And all the incredible hype surrounding it.
But the first thing I want to do is to give you some of the latest developments and confirmed science of what these gene therapies masquerading as vaccines actually do to your body.
Omicron is here.
As predicted, a new COVID variant is being used as the pretext by authoritarian governments worldwide working through the United Nations and the Davos Group to declare new lockdowns and essentially medical martial law.
Today, we're going to break down the latest developments and tell you what's coming next in this takeover.
But first, I want to read to you
Two texts sent to me by prominent members of the resistance whose identities will not be named here.
So the Omicron hysteria is the perfect cover story for the ADE death wave from vaccines that's unfolding.
The AIDS patient origin of the Omicron also allows media to claim this is why people's immune systems are failing.
It shifts all the blame from the gene therapy experimental vaccine to the variant, right as the numbers explode worldwide of the general population of vaccinated people becoming seriously ill and dying.
Which, again, is admitted out of the German numbers, the UK numbers, that you're twice as likely to die, just statistically, if you've been vaccinated with a COVID-19 Pfizer or Moderna shot than if you weren't.
I mean, these are mainline medical journals and reports coming out and government numbers.
Here's one that's public.
It's Candace Owens on Twitter.
She says, Experts told you if you complied with lockdowns, censorship, masks and vaccinations, life would return to normal.
The worst part about the first 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
Conspiracy theorists told you COVID was never going to end and governments would use it to usher in a totalitarian new world order.
Who do you believe now?
And of course we know who Candace Owens is talking about right there in that tweet.
It's about all of us that did our research, understood what the Globalist plan was, and read Operation Lockstep.
So now let's get into it together here this evening in this Emergency Saturday Transmission.
announces travel restrictions over new COVID-19 variant.
It begins.
New York Governor
That said that she was Jesus and everybody going out to make you take the shots were disciples.
Declare state of emergency over Omicron variant.
Smoking gun.
Gateway Pundit reports new variant appears two weeks after Big Pharma readies the new variant vaccine.
So in Israel, they're up to their fourth and fifth shots.
In the UK, they're up to their third and fourth shots.
In Canada, they're up to their third and fourth shots.
Here in the US, Fauci, our king, our lord, our master, says, yes, get ready for your third shots.
And get ready to inject newborn babies.
And right as people point out, wait a minute, this erases my immune system, it doesn't protect me, I'm twice as likely to die if I've had the shot.
Right as all this is happening, here comes the new variant out of South Africa,
And then a whole laundry list of corporate boards run by big pharma-controlled doctors come out and say,
That it's going to take years and years and years to beat COVID, and that you're going to have to take multiple vaccines every few months, and that an Ebola strain is coming of airborne super COVID that's going to kill everybody.
In a moment, I'm going to get to the most important point concerning all of this, because now these enemies of humanity are really starting to tip their hands.
We're talking about heart attacks.
We're talking about cardiovascular collapse.
We're talking about blood clots in the lungs and in the brain.
We're talking about a bioweapon.
Now, we know from October of 2020 that the CDC, before the vaccine was even given, knew
that it would cause serious cardiovascular problems.
But now, hundreds and hundreds of prestigious studies have come out, and even the vaccine makers admit that their injections increase heart swelling and heart attacks.
But now, I wanna play you a couple of clips of Dr. John Campbell, extremely well-known, very reputable, and very popular YouTube host, exposes in a video titled, Heart Risk After Vaccines.
And he lays out some of the new studies that are showing more than doubling of a chance of having a heart attack if you take these experimental shots.
And the numbers are showing us, as more time goes, worse and worse things are happening.
Not just cardiovascular, but bizarre cancers, bizarre autoimmune crises, which again is why they're coming out with the new variant, Omicron,
And telling us that we're basically all gonna die because of it, but really it's a pandemic of the vaccinated who in the German and UK studies are twice as likely to die.
But here is Dr. John Campbell talking about in the next five years, your chance of heart attacks increases from 11% to 25%.
That's more than a doubling.
Recently with the advent of the mRNA COVID vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the plus score became apparent in most patients.
So basically we see that that inflammatory marker increased, that inflammatory marker increased, and that inflammatory marker increased after vaccination.
So that's what that is saying.
So instead of having 11% risk of having an acute Crohn's Syndrome in the next five years, that went up to 25% risk.
Now again, we don't know much about the group, but that increase from 11% to 25% is of course totally massive.
Absolutely massive.
If this were to be applicable to the entire population, this would basically mean we're going to get an unimaginable amount of extra heart attacks.
So to paraphrase what Candace Owens said in her tweet I read to you,
We were told, trust the experts, 15 days to flatten the curve.
We were told, hey, these vaccines are 96% effective.
Just take it.
You'll be safe.
They said, actually, just take a second one or a third one or a fourth one.
You'll be safe.
Actually, those don't work.
There's a new variant.
You've got to take this.
Well, the science always showed you couldn't create a vaccine for the common cold.
Because there's too many variants of it, much less something combined with the flu and HIV and a bunch of other viruses.
When scientists 21 months ago, in India, they were the first country, who had a CRISPR gene editor scan this new virus, they said, this is a Frankenstein.
This is literally five different viruses combined into one, including the HIV spike protein.
And so now,
They roll out the new variants, just like clockwork.
Just like, oh, a new car used to come out every year.
Well, now a new virus comes out every year that's bought and paid for, that was engineered in a lab we know from
The congressional hearings.
We know from the declassifications that Bill Gates and Google and Facebook and Twitter and all the big pharma companies in a consortium, so they can all not blackmail each other, pick the Wuhan lab because it got banned from this type of research in 2015 in the United States, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
They all agreed to do it there as their big Manhattan project.
Not to create vaccines to counter already existing viruses, but to create a totally new chimeric virus that spreads incredibly easily and kills old people.
But what did I say 20 months ago?
Over and over again, hundreds of times, I said clearly the virus is not that deadly, but they own the virus because they have developed from the documents we had thousands of other variants of that that were more deadly.
So they released the wimpy one.
They then create a vaccine into the public that actually creates the same spike protein that creates a bunch of death and illnesses, and then they release other deadly variants that actually kill people, make them sick, which makes people then go take the so-called vaccine gene therapy that is even worse than that, and then the two cover each other.
You understand?
Was it the vaccine killed you or was it the new variant?
And then they can sit there and dial up or dial down each one through the UN that controls all the major medical associations now because it was financed and put in place by the Rockefeller Foundation and now Bill Gates.
And then you see the whole medical tyranny and you see them bragging, oh, we're cutting the carbon.
Oh, humans aren't going to come out anymore.
Oh, we're stopping overdevelopment.
Oh, we're culling the bad people with climate lockdowns.
We're making you non-essential.
Is there total takeover plan?
And so I'm asking listeners, I'm asking archivists, we have one archivist, to go back into those hundreds of shows we did in the last 21 months and all the headlines and all the articles and all the places because we're famous for telling you what's coming but...
I'm up here on Saturday evening with one crew member doing a great job who's taking time off.
I don't even see his family during the holidays to be here with me to just get this out and we don't have the personnel to go find the hundreds of times I said this is not that deadly of a virus but it's a chimera a new thing they own so that they can put it out there and then claim this thing naturally mutated into all these deadly viruses that are going to cause mega death
And then they've got plausible deniability to say it didn't come out of a lab, so World War III didn't start.
I simply extrapolated out from the data I had that this was coming, and I predicted it hundreds and hundreds of times.
So if I can figure this out, Ted Cruz can figure this out.
If I can figure this out, Dr. Rand Paul can figure it out.
If I can figure this out, Bolsonaro can figure it out.
And Bolsonaro's now challenged the UN and said, it's the over-vaccinated, people that have taken multiple shots,
They're actually dying.
And he's pointed out it came out of a lab.
But if we don't do this, we're going to allow the very people that created the virus on record, who released the virus, and who are now posing as our saviors running policy, to run our lives and keep walking us deeper and deeper and deeper into this biological warfare takeover they're engaged in.
The secrets are out now.
We know.
My hypothesis from their own documents is there.
Why were all the big tech companies and all the big pharma companies and the big banks, they were all, you know, Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, you know, investing in this, but particularly Apple and Google and Facebook.
And why was all the big pharma in this Wuhan lab on chimeric viruses that could jump into humans?
Because they all had to be corrupted, they all had to be in on it, so no one could blackmail the other group.
That's how these global corporatists act.
And so now they release the new variant, obviously made in a lab, that is the cover for all the ADE deaths that are going to happen from the previous inoculations.
But then that will scare people into submission to take the new vaccine that they just now developed in the last two weeks, that's ready, and that Israel had drills two weeks ago of making their public take.
So they're already up to their second booster shot.
That's four shots in Israel.
Now, magically, they have a drill of this happening two weeks later right as the vaccine rolls out for variants that they just say will protect you from variants.
It just so protects you from the variant that came out.
I mean, come on.
This is all scripted.
This is all a blueprint.
This is all a plan.
They brag it's a plan.
They brag they've done it.
You've got all these gullible people signing on and going along with this, and the sicker they get, and the more of them die, they're not going to blame Big Pharma, they're not going to blame the UN, they're not going to blame China, they're not going to blame the Chai Kongs, they're going to blame the unvaccinated that were smart enough to do the research and know what was happening.
And then, as the unvaccinated refuse to take these deadly shots, as it becomes obvious that they're poison, that they're a bioweapon, slash chemical weapon,
We all get fired from our jobs.
We all get shut off from the infrastructure, which then further collapses, which is part of the post-industrial world depopulation plan that Klaus Schwab talked about.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
Soon you'll live in communes.
Those of you that are lucky enough to survive.
This is modern warfare by the globalists.
And if society doesn't wake up to this and realize this, we have no hope.
We have no future.
So, we're now into the second wave of the globalist attack, we're now into the second lockdowns, we're now into their next move, and we predicted it, we laid it out, and it's now 100% confirmed that the more you submit, the more freedom you lose.
That the more you lay down, the more you're enslaved.
That the more shots you take, the sicker you are.
But people just can't get their minds around something this evil, this out of control, so they're falling into what you call Stockholm Syndrome.
That's this Emergency Saturday Transmission.
Very thankful for Zach for coming in and putting this together.
I pray to all of you to research what we said here, to find out it's true, and even worse than I've said, to take action.
Because again, in the UK and in Germany, the numbers are out.
Government numbers twice as likely to die, period, if you take these shots.
Not just the hundreds of footballers having heart attacks and dying hundreds of times the previous record level.
You know, not just all the anecdotal things we see, but their own government numbers.
And yes, you can argue the world's overpopulated.
Yes, you can argue, hey, it'd be better off if there was less people.
But they're going to kill us.
They're coming after everybody.
And they're the most greedy, hateful, horrible people that have the largest carbon footprints themselves.
So they've just sold us this suicide pact, but they themselves aren't even signed on to it.
Say no to the death cult while there's still time.
We're going to post this to FreeWorldNews.tv.
You're not able to share Banned.video on most platforms.
You can share it via your text message or email.
Please do it.
Because you're the rest of the equation.
If you don't take action, we fail.
But freeworldnews.tv is still not blocked at this time.
Maybe next week.
But for now, eight, nine months it's been in the site.
Take this report from freeworldnews.tv.
Get the link from there or from InfoWars.com and get that actual link and share it because
The globalists are so close to losing, so close to failing, and their whole house of cards coming down.
If they don't come down, they're bringing in a permanent feudalist state that is an exterminist plan that would make the Nazis blush.
All right, I'm out of time.
Thank you for watching.
I beg you, I beg you to please take action.
I beg you to research this and I beg you to warn others.
You are the Paul Reveres.
Thank you so much for watching.
Again, everything is now up to you.
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