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Name: 20211126_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 26, 2021
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General Flynn warns about the U.N.'s plan to create an economic collapse or controlled depression through a new COVID-19 variant, with multinational corporations using think tanks like the Rockefeller Foundation to take control of the planet. Accurate predictions have been made about lockdowns and vaccine passports being tied to carbon tracking taxation systems and global social credit scores. The speaker discusses tactics used by globalists, such as fear and hysteria, to establish medical martial law leading to a technocracy under AI deployment in real-time martial law. They encourage listeners to resist control tactics and support InfoWars financially.

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Two weeks ago today, I interviewed the former National Security Advisor of President Trump
and the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn.
And he issued a warning to the world that he saw all the telltale signs and the preparation in the media for a new variant to be released on the world of COVID-19 to create fear, And to establish more U.N.
control via a organized economic collapse or a controlled depression, as he called it.
And now we see exactly that happening about 12 days after he made the prediction on our show.
And now we see the United Nations, and we see the UK, and we see Israel, and we see the European Union, we see the Democratic Party here, saying we want new lockdowns because there's a quote, new variant of this cold virus.
We're taking the news about the new highly mutated COVID-19 variant very seriously.
The European Commission has today proposed to Member States to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in Southern Africa and other countries affected to limit the spread of the new variant.
How are individuals like General Flynn and myself able to predict weeks, months, and even years ahead exactly what's going to happen?
It's because the multinational corporations through think tanks like the Rockefeller Foundation and Operation Lockstep from 12 years ago lay out scenarios through which they can take full control of the planet.
And now we're going from beta With COVID-19 into COVID 2021, as they're calling it, which is going to be used as the pretext to establish a worldwide tyranny with a smart grid control system via the vaccine passport.
But before we go to the latest developments, here are General Flynn's prophetic, on-target, vindicated predictions from just two weeks ago.
We're going to see an uptick in in in other aspects of the COVID.
OK, so we got the various variants.
There might even be another form of a SARS that's imposed on the international system.
The internationalists, because because their little plan with COVID didn't work because too many people, you know, the world of what I call the digital warriors or the or the citizen journalists that are out there, they are
fighting for the truth.
And so the truth has been exposed about all the covid tyranny that we are facing.
So I think what we're going to see is potentially another type of virus
that's imposed on the public. And I hope that that's not the case.
But I've seen some indications of that in some of the statements by some of these global elite
type of people. How is General Flynn over and over and over again able to make accurate predictions?
He was the guy in the Pentagon 10 years ago that said China is double crossing us and we have to
pivot to Asia.
And then he was proven right just a few years later.
People said he's a genius.
How did he know?
Because he was doing research and actually reading what the Communist Chinese were saying in their own publications.
So much of this intelligence is public.
Pfizer going back 20 months ago said, this is going to be a great business for us.
You're going to need booster shots.
There's always going to be new variants.
We want you to take new shots every six months.
This mRNA gene therapy will actually get rid of people's immune systems.
So then we'll have to have dozens of new vaccines every year, not just for the cold virus, but for flu viruses, pneumonia, and others.
This is a corporate takeover plan for a world ID with a world tracking system through the vaccine passports that is also tied to a carbon tracking taxation system and global social credit score where the nation state is completely subservient not just to the United Nations but to the private corporations like Pfizer and Moderna who forced more than 50 nations including the U.S.
to sign secret agreements waiving the nation's rights and signing over our public lands as collateral to them If they will give us the special elixir that will protect us from the horrible pandemic, which if we go back to the numbers in 2020, no more people died than even died from the seasonal flu or from the cold.
But now we see in 2021, record numbers of deaths of the vaccinated.
And that's a very important piece of information out of South Africa, where the first four people with the new Omicron variant were the vaccinated.
And it's the same information coming out of the EU, and coming out of Israel, and coming out of Canada, and coming out of Singapore, and coming out of Gibraltar, where the majority of people getting sick and being hospitalized and dying have been the double vaxxed.
In fact, we now have statistics out of Germany and out of the UK where they both show, government numbers, A doubling of people who've been vaccinated dying than the general public who's not been vaccinated.
So this information is just completely bombshell.
But the biggest prediction General Flynn made was not just they have a new lockdown hyping up a new variant and saying it was imminent.
But that they would use that to crash futures on the stock market worldwide to allow, again, private insider groups to then go in and buy up those companies for pennies on the dollar.
This is modern warfare.
This is the Great Reset.
This is how the globalists are controlling and dominating society.
And the more we give in, and the more we accept the injections, and the more we accept the vaccine passports, the more power it gives these organizations and groups Who have a history of producing and releasing viruses like this before.
And who have a history of doing illegal experimentation on the population before.
And who have a long history of bringing dangerous drugs on the market that they knew didn't work and paying a small fine compared to their profits later.
I want to thank South Africa's medical system and government for being open, for being transparent, sharing all the information with us.
This new B.1.1.529 variant is concerning and has the potential to be very dangerous.
We are raising a red flag.
We understand that we're on the verge of a state of emergency.
Just two weeks ago, Israel carried out a national drill to prepare for this very outcome.
We called it the Omega War Game, the variant called Omega, of a variant that is even more contagious that may bypass to a certain degree the vaccines and now we see a variant that spreads faster and requires us to respond faster.
We've been working together with other world leaders and now's the time to act fast, early, hard and strong.
Yes, isn't it interesting that Israel just had a drill a few weeks ago of expanding its martial law and control for a new variant.
Isn't that just perfect timing?
If we pull back and look at the situation, we know what happened.
A combine of multinational corporations that created the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, working through Fauci, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak and others, developed weaponized man-made viruses at the Wuhan lab that were new life forms.
that were different species of virus combined together, so that now as those viruses begin
to spread, these new organisms, these alien lab-made creatures, the companies that actually
produced them and made them will now hold the patents into the future of producing vaccines for them.
And those very, quote, vaccines that aren't vaccines are gene therapies that make the body itself create new variants and trigger serious syndromes like ADE and Merrick-like diseases in humans.
And if you don't know what Merrick's disease is, and if you don't know what ADE is, It is so important that you understand.
It was Fauci and Daszak and Gates working with Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that transferred these viruses that have been gathered around the world to Wuhan in a neutral spot where it couldn't be blamed on the UN, couldn't be blamed on America, couldn't be blamed on the EU, couldn't be blamed on the Chinese.
Without being able to blame the other groups, so that this big global government project could leak it and release it as the pretext for their takeover.
They get their world ID, they get their carbon tax, they get their social credit score, they get their surveillance grid, they get their fear, they get their depopulation, they get all of the control they want.
This is 21st century warfare.
It's how the globalists have taken over.
And that's why I was able to predict 20 years ago and 11 years ago and five years ago and two and a half years ago that this was coming because in their white papers at John Hopkins, at the UN, at the Davos Group, at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, at the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, at the Carnegie Foundation, they obsess over developing viruses and using those viruses to take over the world.
And in 1990s, they bragged about it.
And in 2019 on C-SPAN, Fauci and others bragged that a new virus out of China could be used to demolish the old medical system where you got to have checks and balances and got to have testing and just bring in the whole mRNA revolution.
And basically have it where major corporations are in control of the regulations of every nation state and are able to establish a medical dictatorship worldwide that is just the tip of the spear or the leading edge of a corporate fascist system.
Ladies and gentlemen, this was hatched in a multinational corporate level four bioweapons lab.
It was gestated and brought to term in the most horrible communist authoritarian state the world's ever seen, Communist China.
And then it was released upon the world by the authoritarian EU and our corrupt bureaucracies and media, creating absolute fear and mind control, and even having the Pentagon, the UK military, The Canadian military, the Australian military and others using illegal psychological warfare tactics on the public to scare us into submission and accepting this new form of worldwide martial law, corporate medical martial law, which they said they would establish using a virus and then have routine carbon lockdowns to, quote,
Cut emissions and save the earth, but really all it is is the introduction of a technocracy through AI deploying real-time martial law, where if your smartphone doesn't give you authorization to travel outside your house or even have a job, you are locked down.
You are not essential.
You are a prisoner in your own home, and the entire world is turned into a giant open-air concentration camp.
Here's the bottom line.
This is a corporate worldwide takeover where they use the hysteria and fear of COVID to give themselves tens of trillions of dollars every single quarter.
And then they use that money to buy up infrastructure and pass on the inflation to us.
They are using this as the pretext to artificially bring the world into a depression, which they then blame on COVID-19, and they themselves, the author of the crises, pose as the saviors, and then bring us into a level of tyranny that is even more intense and oppressive.
And then they simply repeat the process over and over again.
I told you 10 years ago they would do this.
I told you 20 months ago when this all started that it wouldn't be 15 days to flatten the curve.
I told you that the worst part about 15 days to flatten the curve would be the first two years.
Well, soon it'll be the first 10 years.
This is the New World Order's big move.
This is their depopulation agenda.
They are now attempting to impose the second global lockdown that will be more intense than the last.
And once we've gone through a few more years of these tightening down and then loosening, tightening down and then loosening, each time getting tighter.
The globalists do intend to then release really powerful bioweapons that do kill the vast majority of people that come in contact with them as part of the depopulation plan.
And only by awakening to it and saying no to it do we have any future and any hope.
So submitting to this doesn't get you out on the other side of it.
Doesn't protect you.
Doesn't spare you and your family.
It ensures that you and your family will be slowly starved to death and then finally killed.
I'm Alex Jones.
The ball is now in your court.
God bless and good luck.
Even though personally, it means I pay a great price.
At the end of the day, God hates cowards, and so I refuse to bow to the face of the new world order.
That said, I am like a man in a raging, dangerous storm at sea.
And you, the supporters, the listeners, the people that pray for us, that spread the word, and that financially keep us on air, are like the boat or the raft I'm on.
That's why when you call in thanking me, I always say, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're all in this together.
Sure, thank me, but I'm thanking you.
Now more than ever, As we are in late November, 2021, going into the final month of 2021, it is so important to understand that the credibility of American patriots.
The credibility of American nationalists and America firsters has never been higher.
People know we're right about the New World Order.
They know we're right about the Great Reset and Build Back Better and the whole globalist program.
And so now is the time.
Yes, it's upsetting.
It's frightening unless you reach out and call for God to give you comfort, but it's supposed to be upsetting.
It's supposed to be frightening to get us moving.
And so I'm fighting, I'm sure you've noticed, harder than ever, producing more films and having more interviews and doing more live shows and doing more live events, because I understand this is the most critical time ever.
So please, please listen to me.
Understand how amazing you are and how you've changed the world and how important you are.
You may feel small, but you're not.
The fact that you just support InfoWars, that's huge.
And obviously you're doing a lot more in your life every day, reaching out and waking people up.
So in the minute I have left here to talk to you, I just want to ask you for myself and my children and for your own future and your family's own future to realize The InfoWars is true blue.
We're the real deal and I know you are as well.
So I humbly thank you for your past support and I ask you for more support now than ever.
You can go to SaveInfoWars.com and make a donation.
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Instead of spending all our money on legal fees.
So I cannot continue at the level we're at right now with these attacks.
We're gonna have to cut back, which the enemy wants, if we don't get some major support.
We have six trials coming up.
The Democrats are funding and running against us, and we've got to put on strong defenses.
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