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Name: 20211122_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 22, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show on InfoWars covers various topics related to globalism, tyranny, and opposition. The show emphasizes the importance of supporting alternative news sources like InfoWars to combat propaganda and lies spread by globalist elites. They analyze recent events within a larger context designed to create divisions among Americans. Interviews with guests provide different perspectives on current issues such as nanotechnology, synthetic biology, AI, vaccine mandates, and resistance against these agendas. The broadcast encourages listeners to resist control systems imposed by external forces and awaken their spiritual faculties."

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Much of the left is on Twitter and all over the place defending him and saying, well, Kyle Rittenhouse is a cold-blooded murderer.
And so tit-for-tat, randomly picking a more conservative, more white town, so you can then drive down the road and try to kill as many people as you can.
And it was out within an hour of the terrible terrorist attack happening last night.
The footage from above of him driving through people on purpose, getting to the largest mass of the crowd he could, trying to kill as many people as he could, and the media would not touch that footage, and they would not say what color the person was.
You know that if it had been a white person, you would be hearing, it's the end of the world, all whites are terrorists,
We've got to have total communism in America, we've got to have a race war, but because it's another black person or Islamic attacking a group of who they believe to be white people in a huge racial attack, a terror attack, a racist terror attack, the media is in overdrive trying to cover it up.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The deadly attack killing and injuring Wisconsin children, the elderly, band members, and cheerleaders by an SUV during the annual Christmas parade in Wisconsin was the last thing America needed.
Days after the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal drove the hordes of Marxism back into the streets, the optics of the tragedy were nauseating and infuriating to most Americans.
A single ambulance available in the city of Waukesha was dispatched to the parade scene, and they had to bring in ambulances from outside Waukesha.
From the outset, the facts were hard to come by, even as the police held two press briefings revealing very little about the dead, the injured, the driver, and the details.
That's still our investigation of how many are involved at this time.
We'll work in those details.
Immediately, leftist sociopaths began tweeting their twisted opinion of the horrific events.
Some trolling that the driver was acting in self-defense, while others blamed white supremacy, claiming the driver was a white supremacist or was fleeing white supremacy.
Meanwhile, the Mockingbird Media diverted the narrative that was growing into a scenario far more sinister than the events of Charlottesville.
I honestly don't believe that the intent of this driver was to target this specific event.
Otherwise, he or she would have been causing
We're good.
The evidence is pointing more towards this not being a targeted attack on this event itself, and I think that should calm officials throughout the country that this isn't some sort of directed attack towards holiday events.
Right, because we know, too, not long after the first update, actually, that we got from officials there on the ground was that there was no ongoing threat.
As eyewitnesses reported seeing a black man driving the SUV that plowed over predominantly white parade revelers.
You know, a white guy, a black guy did it.
This is what her daughter said.
Rick, I should inform you.
It was a black guy with dreadlocks by himself.
I don't know if you want to use that.
Okay, well, listen, Rick, I'm not... Listen, hey, I'm a black guy, so I'm not, you know, saying that because I'm not, you know, a white guy.
I just want to make sure I'm saying black guys did it.
While the left's rhetoric that dangerously leads all the way to the White House gradually became suspect in the whole debacle.
But as the police scanner audio leaked info on social media... ...identifying White or Black males, red locks,
The driver turned out to be Milwaukee rapper Math Boy Fly.
Blackmail late 30s with a rap sheet of domestic abuse including a felony for reckless endangerment and before the media begins making excuses for Daryl E Brooks Claiming that he was fleeing and panic and should not be regarded as a terrorist numerous videos reveal that no police were Pursuing him except for one on foot after he began driving over people there was plenty of daylight Brooks could see the women and children he was plowing over with the
We're good to go.
There is no doubt that the Waukesha attack is a terror attack.
We have all the evidence of that coming up.
Five dead, more than 20 seriously wounded, including children.
And the left is actually celebrating, saying, good, kill all the white people.
Mainly white people saying that.
Remember earlier in the year.
In Seattle, Washington, Black Lives Matter was blocking a major highway, just ran out at 1 a.m.
in front of vehicles going 80 miles an hour, and a couple white women were run over and killed.
And the media said a white supremacist did it, even though they knew it was a black man.
Who was just getting on the highway and didn't see the crowd of people running out in front of him.
Didn't do it on purpose.
It's like you deer run out in front of your car.
I've hit deer before, almost got killed.
Certainly killed the deer I hit because it just jumps out in front of you.
Remember that?
Remember that?
Remember that?
Oh my gosh, white supremacists ran over the people!
Oh my god, Black Lives Matter!
But in Waukesha,
A man is on his Instagram and on his Twitter and everywhere saying, I'm going to basically kill white people.
We need to go to war with him.
He shoots rap videos about how he's going to do it.
He leaves leftist Milwaukee to go to the small town that's known to be conservative of Waukesha.
And he runs over more than 30 people, killing five people and targeting children.
And there's video of him through the window doing it while he's firing the gun out the window at people.
Because he was mad about the white supremacist terrorist the president told us about.
That's right, Kyle Rittenhouse.
And by the way, I know why Kyle Rittenhouse is doing this.
He's a nice guy and he doesn't want to be hunted and killed the rest of his life, but he's done interviews saying, you know, I support BLM and I think we should reform the justice system.
Why, just because you saw the left and the George Soros justice system try to wrongfully put you in prison?
This guy, who they've now arrested, who the media's been battling to cover up his identity, I'll say it's him.
You can see him through the window.
There's still shots of it.
Try to pull those up, guys, if you can.
Team of viewers.
This guy,
There's a shot of him right there through the window.
This individual shot rap videos basically bragging about this type of activity.
And much of the left is on Twitter and all over the place defending him and saying, well, Kyle Rittenhouse is a cold-blooded murderer.
And so tit-for-tat, randomly picking a more conservative, more white town,
So you can then drive down the road and try to kill as many people as you can.
And it was out within an hour of the terrible terrorist attack happening last night.
The footage from above of him driving through people on purpose, getting to the largest mass of the crowd he could, trying to kill as many people as he could.
And the media would not touch that footage, and they would not say what color the person was.
You know that if it had been a white person, you would be hearing, it's the end of the world, all whites are terrorists, we've got to have total communism in America, we've got to have a race war, but because it's another black person or Islamic,
Attacking a group of who they believe to be white people, and a huge racial attack, a terror attack, a racist terror attack, the media is in overdrive trying to cover it up.
Who does the Justice Department say the number one terror threat in America is?
White men, who statistically have one of the lowest crime rates there is out there, and the attacks on whites are 20 to 1 in Chicago, 10 to 1 nationwide,
And whites are hunted and targeted in this country now.
And that is done by the left and pushed by the ruling elite who want to divide us all and have us kill each other.
And they're importing new giant third world populations who can then be brainwashed into tribalism.
That's where they came from in their countries, where they would kill somebody the same color as them, but all because they were a different tribe.
And you bring people in from tribalism all over the world, and now they're Democrat tribe.
And now they're going to go out and they're going to kill the evil white people.
This is how you take the country down.
This is how you resegregate the nation as Democrats are doing on ESPN and MSNBC.
We played the clips yesterday.
It's a memo that comes down.
They go, we're only having black people on this show now because no whites are allowed to be here.
We're going to have our own little space here.
That's reintroducing segregation.
So groups can be divided and put into their own group and then programmed.
And this is all from big, ruthless mega corporations running the worst slave factories on the planet around the world with Americans living in this bubble.
With what?
One third of Americans never leave the county they live in.
Almost half never leave the state.
I mean just a decade ago it was half of Americans never leave the U.S.
Now it's half of them don't leave their state.
People are inside watching television thinking whatever the news tells them is the reality when it's not.
CNN last night ran the headline hours after this happened saying there's nothing more frightening today than an angry white man.
And they show Carl Rittenhouse that
Went out and tried to fill a vacuum the police wouldn't fill because they were too busy getting on their knees and laying on their bellies.
The Black Lives Matter.
And now Kyle, at the behest of his lawyers, wanting to be left alone and wanting to end all this.
And I understand.
He's like, hey, Olive Branch, I support BLM, be nice.
Let's all be friends.
Well, Kyle, you see how friendly George Soros' organization is.
And make no mistake,
George Soros, the Democratic Party, and the insiders financed both sides of the Charlottesville event to try to collide two groups together and have a bunch of bystanders get hurt so they could bring in tyranny.
And George Soros has financed Antifa and BLM on record, and so has the big Hollywood elite, and so has big tech, and there's blood all over their hands for what you just saw in Waukesha.
This is their divide and conquer, and I believe Americans are smart enough, a majority of us are, of every color, to see how we're being manipulated, to see how we're being played, to see how this is leading us into destruction, when we should be unified against the New World Order that's coming after all of us with their poison shots, and coming after all of us with their lockdowns, and coming after all of us with their globalist tyranny.
So, I have this Creeps rap sheet.
Child sex trafficking, it's always the same.
Pimping sex slaves.
He brags about it on videos.
We have the videos.
Let's get to it later.
And then I've got the media defending him.
And then I've got what led up to this on CNN, MSNBC, ABC News.
White people are inherently evil.
They kill black people with impunity.
Thanksgiving is about murdering black people.
He doesn't go up to Chicago to try to stop 99% of the crime that blacks being killed as other blacks.
He doesn't go up there with a 2,000 plus a year killed.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He just sits there and imitates MTV and puts out his gangster thug rap, thinking that'll make him cool and make him some money.
And then he gets all whacked out, probably on amphetamines or something, and says, screw it!
I'm gonna go kill some white people.
In fact, he says that on his Instagram and on his Twitter.
He says, somebody just needs to start taking these people out, but nobody's got the courage.
Oh, we've got it!
You've got the courage!
What a big man!
A bunch of people out there at a yearly fall parade.
People out having fun, seeing their neighbors, dancing around, cheerleaders, little kids, and here you come with your cool red car to run everybody over.
Aren't you a big hero?
Aren't you a big man?
Look at them running over those bodies.
Boom, boom, boom, running over, running over, running over.
What a hero.
Meanwhile, Carl Rittenhouse is out there trying to get people's medical attention and is chased down by a pedophile.
And other known criminals.
They try to kill him and he's the white supremacist.
No, he didn't shoot those three white men because he was a white supremacist.
He was anti-tyranny and anti-mob, but the black brainwashed zombie by the globalists, he did it because he was a racist.
He did it because it was racial, just like that popped up meth head white kid did in the Carolinas at a black church and killed nine people.
And when that happened, every white person was guilty.
We were all evil.
We had to do exactly what the Democrats said for absolution, which wasn't true.
So no, are all black people guilty for what this monster did?
But I'll tell you who's guilty.
George Soros and CNN and MSNBC and everybody else saying America's inherently evil and whites are inherently evil.
It's a bunch of mega banks that stole the country trying to get us all to kill each other so we don't get together and send all them, like Bill Gates, to prison!
Alright, I could sit here for the next four hours, five hours, ten hours.
And just show you examples of the left engaging in total criminal activity, not just here, but all over the planet.
I mean, Chuckie Schumer came out last night and repeated it today in tweets and said, oh, don't worry, we're going to pass our infrastructure bill or we pass our infrastructure bill.
And so people won't come off the highway and accidentally run people over.
That's just him cynically throwing that in everybody's face.
Because he is the type of individual at the very top of the power structure that is directing this.
He is a true monster by every stretch of the word.
And I've just got a Soros-funded DA
John Chisholm, and I've got his Harvard dissertation here and current papers he writes for Harvard.
So he's a leader amongst these people.
Just like the DA here in Austin lets armed robbers that pistol whip people out of jail on $1,000 bonds.
They go out and rob 10 more people the next day.
That actually happened.
Well, he's the guy that let this guy out.
On all these weapons charges and assault charges, and again, he was already in jail for sex trafficking minors.
You can't make all this up, okay?
As a prosecutor, I'm committed to substantive reform that affirms procedural justice, proportional outcomes, and true public health and safety.
In a paper released last month, M.K.
Eco's chief public defender, I am
I propose a paradigm for effective reform and he writes basically a big George Soros treatise.
Papers for the extensive session on community corrections.
Again you can't make this up.
The guy at the Parkland shooting.
For two years said he was going to shoot and kill everybody.
They called him the school shooter.
He was kicked out of school for it at the time.
And then I had students on saying he said he was going to come kill everybody.
They wouldn't stop him.
And the police stood down and waited outside for 10 minutes while he killed everybody.
And CNN said those were actors I had on and were fake.
And that I said nobody died.
Didn't say that.
But that's how criminal these groups are.
No, he was part of the same type program where he had engaged in assaults, robberies, home invasions.
Go look it up!
Because his last name was Cruz.
He was, quote, Hispanic, so he was allowed to commit crimes.
He wasn't even Hispanic.
He was adopted by people with Hispanic surnames.
He was Caucasian.
It doesn't even matter.
What the hell does it matter what color he is?
But that's the race-based system they're putting us into.
Here's the deal.
Normally with this much news and this heavy stuff going on, I would cancel the guest today and just take calls, but I'm not going to do that today.
We'll do that tomorrow.
We have some very special guests today, though.
David Icke is scheduled to be on coming up next segment.
Another very interesting, very informative fellow I've been working with for a long time behind the scenes, but he's now going to be on air hosting the fourth hour.
Jake Ducey is going to be here to talk about Reset Wars and give you a first look at that.
It's going to be out in just about a week and a half.
And then also, we've got Mark Rondazza, my lead lawyer, as we're under attack by these corrupt courts.
He's gonna be popping in in studio as well today.
But I actually feel guilty even coming on air and talking about the terror attack in Wisconsin.
Can we put today's show headline up on screen?
Waukesha attack.
Because it really is a tragedy.
But on a scale of the actual terror attack going on, it doesn't even rate as one-tenth of one percent.
MSM scrambles to bury BLM-Waukesha terror attack.
Meanwhile, CDC
Global data from Germany mirrors UK statistics proving COVID-19 vaccines are vaccinated are twice as likely to die as the general public.
Also, David Icke joins today's broadcast to break down a massive protest taking place worldwide against COVID martial law, and that's what it is.
So, let me just calmly say this, and then let me add some good news.
When I say I feel guilty, it's horrible to see a car running over people.
It's terrible to see the media covering it up.
It's disgusting to see Schumer saying, oh, it's just an accident, but don't worry, I saved you with more money, which actually funds a bunch of SJW garbage.
But this killed five people and injured 20 plus others and is terrible, including small children.
But you have to understand that the injections that now Fauci says by January of next year, two months from now, they want to start injecting newborn babies.
When they are at no risk from COVID and the vaccine itself erases their immune system, these are going to be sickly and dying children for the rest of their lives.
And this is on a mass scale.
And once they say something's authorized, they then say it's enforced, it's mandated.
Just like it starts in Europe and Australia to have three shots, in Israel, now it's three shots here.
Same thing in the UK.
Then it's, oh, now it's mandatory for five-year-olds and up.
This is a program they're rolling out, and so let me tell you the big news, all right?
I have video from the national and state governments of Australia, the regional governments, saying the military is coming to your house to take you away to a camp if you don't take a shot.
Full-on, super hardcore martial law, science fiction nightmare movie, now happening, and it's all coming here.
That's next segment.
So, I have in the German news, they even admit it, they even fine print it, in the UK news, and it's coming out of Canada and the US, that you are twice as likely, that's why I've been saying this for months, because it's in the data, but now it's confirmed in mass national data in Germany, in France, in the UK, got the numbers, I'll show them to you next segment.
That it is doubling.
If you take these shots, you are twice as likely to die within just a few months.
I mean, you cannot hide the magnitude of this.
It is killing people.
All right.
Let me just say this now.
I want to thank the listeners for your support and your prayers and keeping us in the fight, but I want to tell you, we're in the thick of the war now, so your word of mouth and sharing the articles and videos has got to be intensified.
Infor is one of the last frontline operations standing and we're one of the most effective and so for your future, for my future, I'm asking you to fight harder.
And we need financial support, ladies and gentlemen.
We're under major globalist enemy attack and we've got a lot of big projects launching and other collaborative projects and a bunch of stuff that is right below the surface that's going to be launching.
Years in the making.
And it takes capital to do this.
You see the national media attacking us and the international media making jokes.
Oh look, Jones has been ordered and found guilty to pay people a bunch of money, so he wants money to pay people.
No, that's not what this is.
That's money to continue to fight these individuals.
I haven't been given a trial.
It's how desperate the system is.
It's all a fraud.
They're coming after me because they're coming after you, just like Trump says.
And so, we've gotten almost to 10% of our goal at SaveInfoWars.com.
One word, SaveInfoWars.com.
And $2 million sounds like a big number.
I have six kangaroo trials to deal with in the next year starting in March.
Yeah, they've sued me a bunch of multiple times in Sandy Hook and in Virginia.
We're exposing the fact that Soros funded that.
It's like they fund all this crap.
It's Soros and Georgetown suing me there.
I've got to go through those fights.
I've got to press those attacks.
It's key to the strategy of the truth.
They don't want us to have a real jury trial.
That's why they've done this.
But I'm still going into these kangaroo courts to win.
It takes a lot of money to fight this, so please go to SaveInfoWars.com.
SaveInfoWars.com and make a $5, $10, $100 donation now to help us in this legal battle.
We'll be right back with David Icke.
Well, if you're a TV viewer, you're seeing a beautiful sight.
That's Rome, Italy, where hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people took the streets.
Millions nationwide.
Millions in Europe.
Millions in the UK.
Millions, hundreds of thousands in the United States.
Millions in Australia.
And how are the Prime Ministers and Premiers in Australia and other areas responding?
They are saying to everyone, oh, the Army's going to come take you away now if you don't take your shot.
You're not allowed to leave your house if you haven't had the vaccine.
In fact, let's go ahead and play clip number two.
Here's one of the Australian Premiers, Michael Gunner.
Here it is.
Urgent action to escalate our response in these communities immediately implementing a hard lockdown.
That means residents of Njari and Rockhole no longer have to fire reasons to leave their home.
They can only leave for medical treatment in an emergency or if required by law.
It's highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howe Springs today, either as positive cases or close contacts.
We've already identified 38 close contacts in Binjari, and that number will go up.
Those 38 are being transferred now.
I contacted the Prime Minister last night.
We are grateful for the support of about 20 ADF personnel, as well as army trucks, to assist with the transfer of positive cases and close contacts, and to support the communities.
All of this is preparing you for the big event, real worldwide permanent martial law.
And there's only really been two people in the last 25 years that have been hammering this daily that they would use a virus to bring in a world government and forced inoculations and then a global idea including an implantable chip as David Icke and Alex Jones.
That's because we've done our research.
It's not about tooting our horn.
It's not about celebrating.
Oh look, we were right.
I think we're very, very sad about this.
I know David's very upset.
Normally a very calm person.
He's extremely fired up.
More than even usual, we're very honored to have him with his own very successful channels over at Band.Video.
Does he like us?
He's become...
Deplatformed out there, and he also spoke, we'll play a clip of the next segment, to a crowd of hundreds of thousands in London as well, just a few days ago.
But this is an incredible time to be alive.
David Icke, thank you so much for joining us.
What would you call this moment right now in history as they come for our children, now they want our newborn children.
Fauci says with these deadly shots, and your Prime Minister says, don't be able to leave your house if you don't take the third jab.
Well, this is where it's all been leading to, of course.
And anyone with half a brain cell and active duty would note the hysteria and extreme nature of what's going on.
When you compare it against, even if you believe in the virus, and I obviously don't, that has a negligible impact.
Indeed, you look at the cases.
Oh, the cases are going up.
All right.
How do you know they're cases?
Well, we tested them with a test not testing for the virus.
The whole thing's a scam.
And so you've only got to look at their narrative of their official
Which they claim.
To see that what's going on now is absolutely nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with what we've been talking about for so long, which is depopulation and those that survive being transformed genetically from the biological human that we know to a much more synthetic biological human with a mind called artificial intelligence.
That's what we're looking at.
And you know,
They are trying desperately to get this through as fast as possible.
Someone asked me in an interview yesterday, why have things speeded up so much?
Well, it's because you can for a long time, and they did, manipulate below the radar in ways that
Dedicated researchers can uncover and point out, but the general population going about their daily lives will not see.
They will perceive changes in society as, quote, progress or new technological being, technological gadgets and whatever being introduced.
But actually what they've been doing is manipulating towards this moment, obviously.
But there came a
There was always going to come a point where if you're going to change society in the image that you are heading towards, there comes a point where you have to break the surface and that society has to start emerging in public sight.
And that's what happened with the turn of the Covid era.
And so they have this window of time.
Between breaking the surface and putting themselves on public display to anyone who's half-awake, to this point where they want to connect artificial intelligence to the human brain, the human mind, at which point artificial intelligence will be doing the thinking and they won't have any human perception to worry about.
Trying to work it out, I mean they won't be able to work it out because the artificial intelligence will be thinking for them.
So they've got this window of time
I don't know.
Anyone with eyes to see can see what we're doing.
So let's just get on with it and get it finished as fast as we can.
Well, yeah, and you know the, you know the microchips, the rice-sized microchips that were
In the game for a long time, thousands of people in Sweden have had them.
They were in many ways a diversion from what the real connection to AI and the cloud, the 5G, 6G, 7G cloud is supposed to be, and that's nanotechnology.
So they are hitting us from every angle.
The jabs are on public display if people only want to look what's in them.
And, you know, part of that concoction is to put stuff in the body, nanotechnology, that will connect us to this 5G cloud that people like Musk are increasingly projecting from low-orbit satellites.
But yeah, you're right.
I mean, it's in everything.
Because the idea is to transform human genetics into a much more synthetic state.
Hence, synthetic biology is just an exploding discipline of mainstream science.
Hence, there is synthetic mRNA in these fake vaccines.
They are really going for broke as fast as they possibly can, because they have to get this lockdown, appropriately, use of the word, before enough people have woken up to it.
So this is why it's happening so fast.
David Icke, stay there.
We've got to go to break.
Stay right there.
Obviously, you know this, but it's now breaking and confirmed.
You were saying this 20 plus months ago when this all began.
I have the German numbers from the government, the UK numbers, the Australian numbers, the US numbers, the Canadian and others.
I've got a whole bunch of numbers right here.
It's the same number everywhere.
If you take the COVID shots, Moderna or Pfizer or J&J or AstraZeneca, it's all the same numbers.
You're double your chances of dying.
People that take it are doubly likely to just suddenly die.
So now what we anecdotally see everywhere with famous people and sports folks is documented and they're just moving forward with it.
Sudden death.
So what is that about straight ahead?
It's just they're not even trying to hide it now.
They're just putting the fine print there that, by the way, this is going to kill you, but you've got to do it.
David Ikes, our guest.
Please stay with us.
Coming up next hour, we'll play some of David's recent powerful speech in London to a huge crowd.
And we'll talk about the global resistance.
I originally have been wanting to get him on for a few weeks because he's really been knocking it out of the park on the metaverse and what Zuckerberg's announced.
We'll do that at the bottom of the next hour with David Icke because I've got a list of questions here.
He even wrote them.
I rarely do that.
So that's coming up in a little more than
45 minutes from now.
So, David, I want you to continue getting into their larger operation, what they're doing, how it's unfolding.
I mean, we predicted it all because we know their battle plan.
It's an operation lockstep.
But I wanted to first go over some of these new developments here and just get your take on those.
Here's Reuters.
Even Reuters says, wait, what?
FDA wants 55 years to process Freedom of Information Act request over vaccine data.
Well, we know why they're doing it.
This is the numbers out of the UK from the UK government.
You have right at a doubling chance to just suddenly die.
And that's just early numbers.
It's going to get worse, obviously, if you've taken
The so-called COVID vaccines.
This is in mainline news.
Unbelievable information.
Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age.
Here's Dr. Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, saying the same numbers out of Germany.
Twice as likely to die if you've had the shot.
And there's even TV programs.
And here's the German report right here.
The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality.
So now you know why they want to block it for 55 years, that a whole list of countries are quote, making it compulsory even for newborns.
Fauci says babies are next in two months.
So there we are.
Then we have this break.
And by the way,
I really admire Glenn Beck now because he used to really think I was crazy like Tucker Carlson did.
And then as things unfolded and I was proven right, Tucker Carlson said, OK, Alex is basically a trailblazer and apologized and is now woken up.
And even that's happening with Beck now.
Hell, I was up at his place a month ago.
Give me one of his paintings.
And now he put out a video that will air next hour.
It's only a few minutes long, where he connects the dots to Moderna, creating the virus, having it shipped to the Wuhan lab with Fauci.
And the point is, that's in the documents, but there's Beck doing it with his $200 million platform behind it.
So he's got a lot of courage, and we've got to recognize that.
So here's the latest article.
It's on InfoWars.com from Sputnik.
New unsealed docs show U.S.
firm sent virus similar to COVID-19 to Wuhan lab.
Now, whatever you really think about all this or what's going on with it, this is the pretext for the shot they're now giving us that does give you, according to medical doctors I've had on and top scientists, tenfold worse effect than the actual virus.
As David Icke predicted, it's going to be the shot that gets you and they're doing it.
So there's some of the background on that.
Another country has joined a list of more than 20 now.
Greenland bans unvaccinated from public places after first COVID death.
Oh my gosh, they're going to keep you safe.
So David Icke, please continue where we left off and in light of this new information, give us your take on it.
Well, why are they targeting the non-fake vaccinated?
Well, for a number of reasons.
One of them, of course, is they want to intimidate and pressure them to have the fake vaccine so they take the same consequences as everyone else.
But there's something else, you know, this decision to have the jab or not to have the jab
is massively symbolic, beyond symbolic, of where you are perceptually.
See, the difference between those that just do what they're told without thinking and those who are awakening is the point where the conclusion is made.
If you follow this through, the asleep make their conclusion at the start of the process.
So Fauci says something, or some other moron says something, some other psychopath who's in officialdom, and they tell him this and they tell him that, oh get your booster and all this stuff, and they just do it, they just follow.
Their conclusion
Thank you.
They will then, at the end of it, conclude what they think is going on.
So you've got these two groups of people, very massively different now.
I mean, it's almost like a different race, where they just, on one side, take whatever they're told without question, like a nodding dog that we used to have in the back of cars at one time.
And the others are questioning everything and coming to their own conclusions.
And the symbol
that tells you which is which is massively whether they've had the fake jabber.
Because the non-fake jabbers are those that A. are doing their own thinking and B. when they see what's going on they stand against what they see.
And so you have this situation now which appears to be like crazy on the face of it
Where you're saying, if you're in the American military, then you, you're out, no matter what your service record, no matter what, you're out if you don't get jabbed.
If you're in the medical profession, if you're in the care profession, if you're in any profession, eventually, who's not been fake jabbed and refuses to have it, then you're out.
And what they're doing, because they don't bloody care about the impact on the health care service of getting rid of all these nurses and medical professionals.
They don't care about the effect on the military of getting rid of all these troops that won't have the fake jab.
They could care less.
Well, it will be chaos.
Well, they want chaos.
It will be, you know, catastrophe for so many people.
It will kill loads of people.
They want that.
What they're doing is purging society.
Every institution, like where they go for the federal employees, every institution is being purged of the non-vaxxed.
It's not really that, so much as the those who think for themselves and stand up against what they can see is tyranny.
That's what that's why it's going on.
And that's what they're purging.
And, you know, we have to realize, I mean, there was a song you played there, Alex, talking about the gates of hell.
We are standing at the gates of hell.
We are.
We are looking at a situation where a cabal is seeking to mass murder billions of people.
No, that's not an exaggeration.
To mass murder billions of people of all ages.
Right down to the babies, because that's where they're going.
Of course they're going there.
That's been the plan all along.
And what you're looking at is the end of humanity as we know it, unless we refuse to walk through those gates of hell.
Because these kids and young people now, if indeed they make it there, they get to child-producing age, they're going to find they can't.
What we're seeing is the deletion of the human race as we know it, and those that survive being deleted not by being directly killed, but by their genetics being transformed into a synthetic state that's not human anymore.
So this is what we're looking at.
And you know, as I said in that speech, it was in Birmingham on Saturday, there is nothing
Nothing in the world!
Nothing in your life!
That is more important than ceasing to cooperate with this.
Because if we just go on saying, oh well I'll just see what happens tomorrow, well tomorrow will come and it'll be further along the road.
We as a human race, those who can see, the only people that are going to make a difference here,
We need to start now putting this as an absolute priority in our lives because everything comes from it.
Whether we eat comes from it.
Whether our kids survive come from it.
Everything comes from it.
And so this has to be at the forefront of our lives, above everything else.
David, you're totally right.
This is the big move.
This is the enemy's operation.
And I think you're going to agree with me when we come back.
They've launched it, but it's not going well for them.
But it's still going to be very, very rough.
And those of us at the tip of the spear are going to be targeted.
But that's OK, because we're fighting for all the marbles here.
Well, David Aikman just joined us.
He's our guest here on the Alex Jones Show, and he was part of the ongoing huge rallies in the UK and across Europe.
He gave a very powerful speech that we have posted at BandaiVideo and InfoWars.com.
You can find two channels, David Icash, on Bandai Video, one of the most popular channels out there.
One of the most popular channels on Bandai Video.
I think it's probably the second or first one, right after the one I have.
And the whole point is, is that we need these platforms.
They're coming after them.
Some stages don't carry this first five minutes.
Some do.
But I don't want to waste this time.
So we've got David Icke here with us now.
Then we'll come back.
And join some stations in about six minutes.
But David, you were just saying this is for everything.
This is the whole future.
This is depopulation.
They're coming.
It's confirmed.
I've looked at all the numbers.
They admit the numbers that they're planning to kill us and are killing us.
And I just can't believe these zombies are saying that they don't care.
They're going to just keep taking the shot and keep being restricted and go into deeper lockdown as Germany is one of the most vaccinated countries in Europe.
And they've got the highest cases, just like
Places like Israel.
It's so obvious, and it's like the murder of logic.
Well, it is, but there's method in the madness.
I saw a very good post on social media that someone sent to me, and it said basically about the trickery that they're facing with their propaganda.
On one side, they have to persuade the non-fake-vaxxed that the vaccine fakes work, so they'll get them.
And they have to, at the same time, persuade those who are fake-vaxxed that the fake-vaxxes don't work, so they'll get the booster.
So they're caught.
And basically, this is the global cult modus operandi, right the way as far back as you want to look.
Tell people what will get them to believe and act in the way you want them to.
And this is why the lies are incessant, because it's not whether it's true or not, it's whether you think by saying it you will get people to respond as you want.
So, if you're going to get more and more of these fake vaccines into people, you've got to persuade them that the cases are going up, and therefore, well, you know, we told you they would work.
We're not going to say that anymore, but we did tell you they're going to work if you go back to normal.
But now we find out, well, actually they're not working, so you'd have to have another one, another one.
The logic of which, because it's a lie, of course, they don't need logic, they just lie,
The logic of which is that you've had two fake vaccines that haven't worked and so you need a third one of the same stuff that hasn't worked.
It's insane, as you say.
It takes a monumental level of denial and stupidity not to see the obvious contradictions in all this.
But they have to keep doing this and what they've done
is got people in a ball and chain situation by which you can only have anything like a quote normal life if you are fully vaccinated, fake vaccinated.
And so they tell you, you have the first two and you're fully vaccinated and you'll get your passport and you'll be fine.
Then they say, and Israel started this one, that actually you're going to need a third.
And if you don't get the third, then you're going to lose your passport.
And then it's a fourth.
And so they've got people caught in this.
And by the way, David, you and I both said this almost two years ago when it started.
We saw the plan.
Gates' own documents, he was bragging they were going to do this.
He was saying they'll have to have boosters.
They had this whole thing pre-baked into the cake.
So you're now faced with people who have had two, maybe three when the fourth comes along, and it will, who, if they don't have it,
We'll go back to a situation in terms of interacting with society that's the same as those at any.
And this is the trap that people have been caught in.
I don't know what your experience is, Alex, over there, but certainly mine is that an increasingly large and significant number of double-jabbed are saying, hold on a minute, I'm going to look at this again.
I've been had here.
David, stay there.
We're back in 60 seconds.
That is exactly right.
We're going to rejoin some of our great stations.
The reason we're still on the air, despite deplatforming, is our radio stations.
If a hurricane is smashing into the Gulf Coast and I make the prediction that it's going to cause flooding, that's not a prediction.
You know it's a hurricane, you know it's got a lot of water it's going to dump, it's going to cause flooding.
So it wasn't a prediction 20 months ago when I said the UN order to lock down the world economy is going to cause a chain reaction that's going to cause supply chain problems for years, that's going to starve tens of millions to death.
And now it all happened.
25 million extra dead, hundreds of millions on the verge of starvation, and the UN that ordered it is running around being the savior.
Listen, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And now the first world is becoming the third world.
So, listen to me now.
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But after that, the prices are going up.
We cannot suppress prices anymore.
So protect yourself, get high quality storable food, so you're self-sufficient, and fund the InfoWars today at 360Win at InfoWarsStore.com.
It's time to get your food.
Tomorrow's news, today.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We have the iconic David Icke with us, who I sent a message last week and I said, please come on.
I want to talk about the metaverse.
But then all this poison vaccine news is coming out and I'm like, oh, look, I'm right.
There really are killing us.
I have a sinking feeling because I have four children and I feel connected to everybody else.
I've got the German numbers and the UK numbers and the US numbers and the Israeli numbers.
And then I find Pfizer executives bragging in documents two years ago, before this even started, that we're going to give people mRNA vaccines and they're going to erase their immunity.
So you'll have to constantly take all these new shots.
And it's so diabolical.
And then the FDA comes out and says, we don't want to release any documents until the year 2077.
That's not a joke.
So you couldn't be more guilty.
It's all confirmed.
And so we're at this moment of truth.
David Icke, you have been fighting harder than anybody out there.
And I know you're always been a hard worker, but I mean, I mean, I see what you and your family are doing.
You guys are fighting hard.
You're not backing down.
What can everybody else do?
What can we do to transcend this evil?
Obviously say no.
Speak out.
But I mean, I think everybody listening has to do what you and others have done.
They're going to have to get in the streets and get vocal.
Not violent, but get very vocal and in people's faces, because they're coming for the children now.
It's one thing if adults want to be dumb and get locked down and get poisoned and get killed, but it's on our hands, I think, if we don't stop these monsters now, as Fauci and others say they're coming for the newborn babies.
Well, I'll give you an example.
The fascist, unelected, aristocratic Austrian leader and government announced, they've gone full lockdown now for everyone, but they announced last week that they were going to lock down the non-fake vaccinated and the numbers were about 2 million.
Now, what?
Two million people are going to sit in their homes because some prat of an aristocrat dictates that they will, who's not even elected.
What are you doing?
Get in the streets!
Go about your life!
Ignore them!
How are you going to enforce on two million people
The impositions of this fascist dictatorship in Austria now.
You're not!
You had all the... You had the people in full knowledge that are doing this.
You even had the government administrators who mindlessly play it out.
You had the law enforcement.
You had the military.
And you're still talking tiny numbers in relation to the population.
You can't enforce this on two million people that won't have it enforced upon them.
And I am getting tired, frankly, of people saying, what can we do?
What's the answer?
Well, get yourself a bloody calculator and do the numbers.
How many people there are still who can see this, who are not fake vaccinated, who are in the streets, who are pushing back against this?
And see that we still have a vast number of people that are capable of meeting this challenge through non-cooperation.
You know, they say you can't go on public transport unless you have a mask or a fake vaccine.
Okay, well let's all go on public transport then.
Let's make it unenforceable!
It's the only way, and you know, we have to move from seeing it, which is the start, of course it's the start, to not cooperating with it, and not just not doing what they say, but doing the opposite to what they say.
It becomes unenforceable, and eventually you start, and it started to happen in some areas, people who are enforcing this, like in uniform,
They start to realise, my God, how long has it taken you?
But it's their kids that are getting this fake vaccine.
It's them that are getting this fake vaccine.
Because this is not a war on part of humanity.
It's not.
It's a war on humanity.
Not least because, if we go deeper into this,
Behind all this is a non-human force.
That's why the unfolding agenda is so anti-human.
You that get the fake backs, you that have the booster, you that will have the fourth one if you're alive then, they're after you as well!
And we have to come together and realize that we are facing a common enemy.
Now, some of them never will, because, you know, it's like a firewalled computer.
They can't process logic.
But there's vast numbers of people are out there that need to grow a pair, grow a spine, and just, that's why I said earlier, realize we are at the gates of hell here.
And if we don't stand up to this now and refuse to cooperate with it and push back on it, then the gates of hell are going to open.
They are for many people already.
So come on, people.
No more excuses.
We've got to put this as number one priority in our lives until we've sorted it.
And then we can go back to living our lives as we see fit.
But at the moment,
There's a war on humanity and humanity has to start pushing back on this in greater and greater numbers.
Now, fortunately, you're seeing that because, you know, there's a there's a massive difference between the situation where you think you've got something to lose.
When you think you've got something to lose, you will acquiesce more likely because you're trying to protect what you think you've got to lose.
We are at a point, ladies and gentlemen, of the world where we've got nothing less to lose.
There is nothing they can threaten us with that is worse than what they are wanting us to acquiesce to.
And therefore, we need to realise we have nothing left to lose.
Whatever they throw at us cannot be worse than what they're coming at us with.
So at that point, nothing left to lose.
Many, many people change their attitudes.
You know, if you're faced with an army coming at you and you've got an escape route, you'll probably take it.
But when you've got an army coming at you through a pass, and that's the only way in and out, then what have you got to lose?
You might as well have a go!
Otherwise, just lie down and let them do what they want.
No, no!
We've got to have a go now, and just realise that there is nothing worse than what they want to impose upon us.
So we might as well have a go at it, and we'll realise in...
In doing that, where the real power is, because you know, in Britain, in the early part of the lockdown, if you remember in 2020, that Britain was at England, particularly was pushing forward even more than most places in the world.
But now,
We are being affected in England less than many other countries around the world because of the pushback.
They're making a, obviously the global cult, which is working through all these governments, is putting pressure on the government in Westminster to go with the agenda.
But they're making, up to this point anyway, they're making a judgment.
Actually, we don't think we're going to get away with this at the moment.
I mean, I see the awakening, especially in high-level people in government media that I know, that are now 100% awake.
Before, they thought you and I were smart, but maybe a little overboard.
Now they listen to us like it's the gospel, and so the worm's turning.
But the thing is, you see, I used this analogy a long time ago, just when the COVID era was starting.
You know, I used the analogy of a middle-distance race.
And the cult's in the pack and it comes round the last lap and they get to 200 metres out and now they're going to make their break for home.
They're going to make their break for the line.
And if you watch in these middle distance races, those that break for the line and get caught usually don't win.
They don't usually kick on a second time.
They usually don't win.
They get passed.
And this cult
Stay there.
Your analogy is absolutely right.
We've got to just commit.
We're going to win this race.
We got Ike the Revelator here with us, telling us what was going to happen, and it did.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Here we are.
We've gone in the elevator up to the highest point.
We told you what was coming because we could see it.
If you think Alex Jones saw the future, David Icke saw even further and before me.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
This is toe-to-toe with pure anti-human evil.
As alien as it gets.
We know exactly what it is?
But we know it's damn bad.
And it's working through our evil leaders and making a move on us and lying to us.
But what you said is the key to everything.
That's what I explained to my family and everybody else around this office and they get it.
We're not getting out of this without a fight.
It's only going to get worse submitting.
And so we're not looking for a fight.
I'm the same way.
Somebody starts a fight with me in a restaurant or a bar.
I go, hey, buddy, you're tougher than me.
I don't want to fight.
But they start swinging.
All right, well, now that's going to be a little bit different.
And I'm looking for a fight.
But if you came to get one, you're going to get it right back.
And that's where we are here.
And they want us to kill each other as fellow humans.
They want the lockdowns and the unvaccinated being fired to make society break down for the Great Reset.
Klaus Schwab's even bragged about that, so there's also that level.
So I love seeing half the flights cancelled because the folks working at the airlines won't take the shots, David.
And I love seeing, you know, a third or half the police officers saying no, except now, like you said earlier, they then are fired or quit.
And now only yes men are in place.
So how do we override that?
And how do we defeat that?
I think, like you said, a huge mass awakening, 10 times bigger than they thought, and then start beating the drum to get Fauci and Gates and all of them to be taken to the woodshed politically, legally, lawfully.
I think that's why we now see the head of Pfizer and Fauci and the former head of the FDA and others saying, arrest people that question the inoculations.
They're getting very desperate.
They're trying to pass laws in the UK and Australia, as you know, to arrest people that criticize this.
That doesn't show strength.
To me, it shows super desperation.
David Icke.
Yeah, I've been trying to get this across for a long time, even before the COVID era.
We should not fall into the trap of believing these people are super intelligent.
Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, I rest my case.
What would they be if they didn't have this massive cult network behind them, funding them and putting them in positions of power?
There wouldn't be anything.
And we shouldn't believe they're super intelligent and all that they're super powerful.
They appear to be, but where are they getting their power from?
They're getting it from public human population acquiescence.
If they say, look, this is going to happen and enough people say we're not doing it, they have no power.
Their power is in saying, this is what is going to happen.
And people saying, well, OK, I don't like it, but we better do it.
Why must we better do it?
And you know, these people in the military and these people in law enforcement and all these other areas that are bravely standing up with self-respect and saying we're not doing it, then they have to start using their skills and their experience to be part of this movement as well.
And, you know,
We're in a situation now where it's every man and woman on deck, please.
Because if we don't push back in this period we're going into now, then it could run away from us.
And like I say, they've run for home.
And they have to get to the line.
They have to.
Because if they don't, then the whole house of cards comes down.
And when I say home, they've got to get to this point where they've got control of human perception by this connection to the cloud, to AI, and to all this 5G, 6G, 7G radiation.
They have to get to that point.
Because while there are humans in numbers,
That are still in control of their perception, unlike vast numbers of people who obviously aren't, you know, jab me officer, then they can't get to that goal of total human enslavement because they've not got the perception of everyone.
And when we start talking about the metaverse, this is what this is all about.
They seem to be after our bodies, but the body is only the vehicle to get to the mind.
It's our minds, our perceptions that they have to control.
Because what is human society?
It's human perception made manifest as human behavior.
Human behavior comes from human perception.
So perception is the key.
This is the stadium.
There are many elements to this perception.
First of all, the perception that I'm not having the jab because I've seen what's in it, as opposed to I'm having the jab because I've been told to have it.
But also the perception of I'm not just going to see what's going on.
I am going to stand up against it and I'm not going to cooperate with it.
I'm going to push back on it.
This is another perception.
And all these, the battle for the human
The human society is actually the battle for control of human perception.
That's what it's all about.
That's why they've got this massive hysterical censorship going on.
It's not because they're powerful, it's because they're weak.
Their agenda narrative is so weak, so pathetic, a child could take it apart.
And the only way of protecting it, in other words, holding the line of people perceiving it's true, is to delete and censor those that are unraveling it and exposing it.
This censorship is not about power.
It's about weakness.
I don't want to censor anybody.
I'm quite happy to debate anyone on the basis of what I'm saying and give them the right to put their point of view, because I'm confident that what I say will stand up.
Those that know that what they say won't stand up, they're the people that want to censor.
These are the Wokers.
These are the Silicon Valley people.
These are the mainstream media and these are the cult in general.
They know their narrative doesn't stand up, so they have to protect it through censorship.
And that's why, you know, keeping InfoWars going and all these other platforms is so absolutely vital.
Because it is, in that sense, an info war, because where do our perceptions come from?
They come from information received.
Maybe a personal experience, it may be the news, it may be the Alex Jones Show, it may be, you know, DavidIke.com, it may be a Facebook post or whatever, but it's that information that forms our perceptions which become our behavior.
So keeping these
These channels of alternative communication alive is absolutely vital.
Indeed, it's the bottom line.
It's absolutely crucial that this is protected and these networks of communication are protected.
Because if they're not, then human perception
David Icke of DavidIcke.com and that leads us right to where I wanted to go in the last two segments we have with you.
The Metaverse.
You've done some really great videos that are at Man.Video and over at DavidIke.com that people really should go watch, that I watched.
And so many people actually sent me that video last week because I've been talking a lot about the Metaverse.
But the way you put it, I think really, really clicked for folks and why Zuckerberg's betting everything on this and what it really signifies in this war on consciousness.
This war on perception will break it all down on the other side with David Icke.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and FreeWorldNews.tv.
Well, I really appreciate David Icke joining us.
I want to welcome him back into this segment because I want to talk about the metaverse with him.
And I've written up some notes here.
I've launched what I think is the most important project ever, ResetWars.com.
People can go there, sign up with your email to get exclusive videos, alerts, and more.
And coming up on December 1st, I'll start telling you the specifics of what Reset Wars entails.
And then on December 7th, we're going to release
What is the Reset Wars?
But it really ties in to what David Icke's been talking about for 30 years.
This is the biggest project I've ever done and it's never been more urgent.
So please, before we continue, go to ResetWars.com and sign up right now because it's urgent that we all have the breaking news as it happens so you can then share it with others.
Email is one of the ways they're still having trouble censoring.
That's ResetWars.com to learn the exact 11 steps
To break out of the Matrix in my first ever online course, ResetWars.com.
It's really a long-form documentary and very powerful.
So I've got just four questions here for David Icke, who is again probably the pioneer of predicting all of this.
Now they try to put us into a Matrix-like false reality long before the movie The Matrix.
David, now I'm hoping you can
Create an online course with me down the road sometime, but I just want you to give us your view on how they create a term.
I guess I've coined this emotional control grid or an artificial construct and how people who are programmed can kind of break themselves out of this and how that ties into the metaverse.
Well, the answer to get out of it is all about frequency because
Every time we think and every time we feel emotion, we're generating frequency.
So if you fall into low vibrational emotional states like depression and anxiety and fear, then you are generating, you are operating on, you are vibrating on a very low frequency.
And this cult and its control system, by its very nature, operates on a very low frequency.
And so, if they can pull you into these low vibrational states, they can attach you to their frequency band.
And once that attachment has been made, they can start feeding you perceptions through the subconscious.
95% of human behavior is instigated by subconscious response and reaction and not by the conscious mind.
It's the subconscious thereafter.
And it's all about frequency.
And when you are in a high frequency state, and this also comes down to self-identity, if you self-identify with being just, you know, little me, I have no power, and I'm just a human, and I'm just my labels, they're just experiences.
What you are is the consciousness that's having the experiences.
But if you self-identify with limitation, which is what?
Self-identity with the human personality and the labels of a human life.
I am our man.
I am a woman.
I am this sexuality.
I am this race, etc.
Then you are operating in a realm of limitation.
You're operating basically in the realm of the five senses.
And the five senses, they perceive the world in a certain way.
They see everything apart from everything else for a start.
But they also
are operating in a very, very limited sense of reality.
You know, one of the reflex actions responses of the five senses is it's not possible, it can't be done.
Whereas expanded levels of consciousness can see how it can be done.
They see how the connections operate, they see how the dots connect rather than just seeing dots as the five senses do.
So the whole foundation
All right.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
What the five senses are doing is taking waveform information, turning it into electrical information, sending it to the brain, and the brain then processes that electrical information into a reality that we call the human world.
So if you start connecting AI to the human brain, then you're overriding that process and you're delivering to the brain a sense of reality
Directly, the human perception, human thought processes, working it out, it's all gone because it's coming direct.
The plan all along, because this is, at its core, a non-human force that's behind this, this global cult that we, you know, we're seeing in the world of the scene and in the shadows of the world of the scene.
It's simply a method for this non-human force to impose its will upon human society.
And David, that's my next question.
How does the agenda for the metaverse fit in the larger nature of reality?
And how do they intend to control, manipulate reality using the metaverse?
Is that just a deeper level of the deception?
Well, the plan from the start, and we're now moving towards the endgame, is to turn what's left of humanity after the depopulation into a hive mind that's centrally controlled.
You know, the brain is basically a computer.
Consciousness doesn't come from the brain, it comes through the brain and the brain interprets it and processes that information.
Consciousness doesn't come from the brain, it comes through the brain.
And just as the internet comes through the computer.
And if you can imagine a situation where you've got vast, vast numbers of computers, but they're all subject
To a central point dictating their reality, dictating what they do, that's basically what the end game is for humanity.
A mass hive mind that's centrally controlled and that hive mind, what we now call AI, will actually be this non-human force.
It will have absorbed human consciousness into itself and centrally control and dictate it.
To do that, you've got to control the perception of the human mind.
They want to do it by connecting to AI, as they say.
But it's about creating layer after layer of technologically generated fake reality, like virtual reality.
So that the mind becomes totally confused about what reality is.
Let's just put it in these terms.
Say that outside of human reality is what we'll call prime reality.
That's the infinite eternal world that people talk about.
But what's happened in human society, I've been saying this since just after the turn of the millennium,
Is this non-human force, which is obsessed with technology, its means of control is technology.
I mean, I've been writing that in books for ages.
It's created literally a version of the Matrix.
I mean, think of the Matrix movies.
And that's the first layer of perceptual
Hold on, stay there, David.
This is key.
We're coming right back with David Icke, davidicke.com on the secret of the Matrix.
What they don't want you to know and so much more.
Historic broadcast today.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be right back on the other side.
It's do or die time.
Submitting is death.
Submitting will destroy our children's future.
You have nothing to lose.
But to take action.
People know that now.
David Ong is our guest.
Really appreciate his time today.
With all the push into the metaverse, the attempts to lock us down at home, make us be on Zoom.
You can be surveilled when you live in the virtual reality.
You can be controlled.
You can be monitored.
Stimulus can be added to then gauge if you're under their control.
And they want to immerse children in this fantasy world
To basically create artificial psychosis.
And that's what David Icke was getting into.
So we're talking about the agenda of the metaverse.
He was explaining that it's outside programming to totally infuse the brain.
Please continue, David.
Yeah, I was saying that.
So if you look at the analogy in the Matrix movies of that crew being outside of the Matrix in their ship,
And you take that outside of the matrix to be prime reality beyond the human world.
But then how did they enter the matrix?
They had the probe in the back of the neck, the reptilian part of the human brain actually, and they were connected to a source of information.
And that information was then decoded by the brain, which is computer-like.
You give it information, it will process it into this matrix, which they then walk around.
They don't walk around it.
Their bodies are still sitting in the chair with the thing in the back of the neck.
Their mind experiences the reality of the matrix as if it's real, as if they're walking about.
Now, I've just described the world we live in.
This is a virtual reality.
This is why, as people like Max Tegmark at the MIT pointed out, a physicist, that the physics of virtual reality games and the physics of our reality are the same.
I said, just after the turn of the millennium, that we lived in a simulation akin to the Matrix, and that the outer walls of it were the speed of light.
Speed of light's not the fastest speed possible, that's ludicrous!
It's the outer limit, certainly in the world that we're aware of, that part of the simulation anyway, it's the speed of light, it's the limit.
And back in April of this year, 20 odd years later,
Along came Scientific American with an article saying we live in a simulation and the limits of it, or the processor speed of it, is the speed of light.
And more and more scientists, mainstream scientists, are now coming out and saying, well actually when you look at the physics and you look at the way it works, it does look like it's a simulation.
It is.
So your simulation is your first level of disconnecting people from prime reality.
Now what they want to do, and the metaverse is part of this, is add more and more technological layers to in effect create a simulation within a simulation within a simulation.
So in the end the human mind is so far in its perceptual state from prime reality and understanding its true nature that it's completely mesmerized and controlled.
So if you look again
At what they call augmented reality and virtual reality, what's happening?
Same principle.
So you put on the headset for virtual reality, you put on the earphones, you put on the gloves that give you touch senses, and what's happening?
The five senses are receiving information from the game, the eyes, the ears, the hands, etc.
And what is it?
It's just codes.
It's information, just like those digital codes going down the computers in The Matrix.
They were seeing The Matrix, the streets and the buildings, but actually what they were looking at was codes, because that's what it is.
We live in a digital
So it's dragging us further and further and further away from higher energy levels in a trap and they're putting us in smaller and smaller confined cages.
There are many declassified military documents about using non-lethal energy weapons to manipulate the human brain and people's emotions.
How does the metaverse fit into the larger military experiments about controlling the human brain and consciousness with things like 5G and the rollout of that?
This one point about the headset and the hands and the gloves.
What's happening is this information is being fed to the brain.
Now, if you see someone, particularly in these sophisticated virtual reality games, they may be sitting in a room like this, but they're not reacting as if they're sitting in a room like this.
They're reacting as if what's being fed to the brain, which is decoding and processing, is real.
Oh my God, I'm going to fall off a cliff!
Oh my God, I'm falling out of an aircraft!
Because the brain is a computer and it will just process whatever information you give it.
So what the metaverse therefore is, is another level of immersion of human perception into cyberspace.
Like I said earlier, they
The body is a means to get to the mind.
It's the mind they want, because everything comes from mind.
Even the health of the body actually comes from mind.
And think about this, you can train people to be a killer, you can train people to be a prostitute, you can train people to jump out of an airplane in a simulation and not be afraid when the real things happen, and you condition people not to stand up in the third dimension against things that they should stand up.
Just like all the violence on TV desensitizes us to violence, this is the next level of a giant
Brainwashing tool just like the CIA would use with goggles and audio sensory systems in MKUltra.
Yeah, but you think of this.
You put on the headset and the earphones and the gloves and all these stuff in these sophisticated virtual reality games, okay, and they turned on and the brain starts processing that information.
So where's the world that you were living in before gone, before you put the headset on?
Where is it?
You just can't see it, but it's still there.
It's completely lost to you.
It's not in your reality anymore, because you're reacting to the information being fed to the brain by the game.
They now have you in a false reality, a false world.
They've now won.
And that's exactly what the metaverse is.
When they talk about avatars, this psychopath Zuckerberg, little boy in short trousers, terrified of not doing what he's told.
The idea he runs Facebook, I find hilarious.
I mean, Dorsey runs Twitter.
I mean, that's even more hilarious.
But anyway, you are seeing him selling this idea of avatars, where basically you have a digital self.
In cyberspace.
So what they're doing is they're pulling the perception, the point of perception, the point of sense of reality, further and further and further into the technologically generated world and out of the natural world beyond the simulation.
And when I'm talking about the way that they're trying to disconnect
Five-sense awareness from expanded awareness.
The five senses are directly interacting with the matrix.
You can symbolize them as that
That probe in the back of the neck in the Matrix movies.
They're processing the information, giving it to the brain, and the brain is then decoding and processing the information.
And then, right on the surface, it's the evil, corrupt, big tech, big pharma pushing this on us.
Just at an animal level, we should say no, knowing everything they give us is a Trojan horse nightmare.
But then the documents come out of Facebook, where they want to make you depressed.
They want to make you alone.
They want to isolate you.
I mean, these people just want us dead.
Yeah, but you know, what's more isolated than being in a virtual reality avatar that you start thinking is you?
But the point being that they want to hold us in the five senses and only in the five senses, because that's the way we interact with the matrix.
And so if you're only in the five senses, the matrix information source, which is actually waveform fields,
Is feeding you a reality that suits the cabal, that suits the non-human force behind this.
But when you expand your awareness, your awareness you're tapping into is way beyond the simulation.
You're going out into prime reality when you expand your awareness.
And David, this goes to the rule of observation in quantum physics that just being aware that there's something bigger then opens it up and you can see it and now you've escaped them.
Yeah, but the reason that people can connect dots is because they are tapping into expanded levels of awareness outside of the simulation.
The simulation is an interaction with the five senses.
What do the five senses not do?
They don't connect dots.
They can only see form with empty space in between.
All they can see is everything apart from everything else.
But it's the mind, the spirit, the connection to the infinite that's able to integrate everything in and then take it in as a totality.
Now, their worst nightmare, why they created the simulation in the first place, was to disconnect us, the awareness in the simulation, from the greater self.
Because when we're in touch with the greater self, they can't manipulate us, and they can't impose their will upon us, and impose their perceptions on us.
So what they've created is first this simulation.
David, I know you've got to go, but do five more minutes to put a...
Final piece on this.
Well, David Icke has spent an hour and a half with us, and I'm very, very thankful.
In the five minutes we have left, are there any exercises or just basic things people can do to break out of the matrix, or is it just observing these laws of the universe and becoming aware of the higher connections of the infinite that gets us out of this?
I mean, you got it through vision, through breakthrough.
Others, you'll slowly begin to see it as it gets out in the open.
What are any other final pieces of advice for folks out there from David Icke on the nature of the universe and how to be free from these that want to keep us in a very limited false reality?
Well, I'll come to that because there's a big one.
But I just want to introduce you, Alex, to a friend of mine.
I have this.
This is Ethel.
I have this behind me when I'm doing interviews and stuff because it's a Russian doll.
And it's very symbolic, therefore, of the way the cult works in the different levels of it.
But it's very, very symbolic of what we've been talking about.
If you take the outer part of this Russian doll as being prime reality, and then you take it off, and there you have the simulation, smaller end, there you have the simulation.
And so you take that off,
And there you've got the metaverse and virtual reality within the simulation and so it goes on and so into smaller and smaller senses of reality further and further and further from the original so that you actually forget there is an original and you completely forget actually who you are never mind where you are.
And now you're in a prison that somebody else created.
Yeah, but you don't know you are.
You don't know you are.
So, in terms of how you expand your awareness, again, everything is perception.
If you perceive yourself as just a human and you self-identify with all the labels of being human and all the limitations of being human, then you will live a limited life because your perception
In ways that I explain, becomes your experience reality.
A little me perception of self becomes a little me life.
Not because you are, but because you believe you are.
And what you believe, you perceive.
What you perceive, you experience.
It's a simple kind of, you know, cause and effect.
But when you move your self-identity from I am my human label's name and income bracket and all this stuff, my race and stuff,
To, I am the consciousness, all consciousness, infinite consciousness, an expression of infinite consciousness, having an experience as a human.
I am eternal, I am the eternal one that's experiencing through the body, through the human vehicle.
Everything changes, but for a start you lose the fear of death instantly, and if you lose the fear of death, because you know this is, there is no death, this is just a short experience called human, and then we're off somewhere else.
I'll kill you if you don't do that.
Well, do it then.
I'll just go off somewhere else, mate.
Not a problem.
Off you go.
Go on.
It's a completely different way of looking at the world, and it takes so much of the fear out of living a human life, because the so-called biblical three score years and ten is just a brief experience for our consciousness, the consciousness that we are, that we'll always be
And once you self-identify with that, what are you self-identifying with?
You're self-identifying with an expanded sense of self.
And what you're saying is we must declare independence against the Matrix and against the smaller cages they're trying to put us in, and being aware of that is the beginning of breaking free from it.
David Icke, DavidIcke.com, 30-second final statement.
Yeah, when you expand your self-identity, you're expanding, actually, the amount of consciousness that you are tapping into.
You start to expand beyond the prison nature of the simulation.
Thank you.
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We are back broadcasting worldwide.
We're getting Nick Fuentes on to respond to the terror attack up in...
The suburb of Kenosha.
And so much more here in just a moment.
He got attacked by Antifa last week.
What a group of terrorists, ladies and gentlemen.
They've struck again.
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All right, we are joined by Nick Fuentes of NicholasJFuentes.com and AmericaFirst.live.
And like us, he is relegated to the Phantom Zone, but he has millions of viewers and listeners over on his own platform, his own streaming site, his own software, his own servers, his own everything.
And I wanted to get him on about Antifa a week or so ago, attacking him in New York, along with a
Black Lives Matter and groups out there together and Trump supporters saying we don't like lockdowns, we don't want vaccine passports.
Well that pissed off the anti-establishment antifa who all over the world when governments declare martial law from Australia to Germany to the UK to Canada to New York City come out and try to attack people.
I'd rather wake BLM up, and I do agree, all lives matter, but he was definitely brainwashed by MSNBC and all of it saying, go out and get the whites, you know, Columbus Day or Thanksgiving is of the devil, all this crap.
Nick Fuentes to lay it out for us, a fellow thought criminal.
Thanks for joining us, Nick.
Well, thank you so much for having me.
Yes, I was very disturbed by what we saw the other day in Wisconsin.
Pure and simple, retaliation for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.
And, you know, I know it won't be covered that way.
They covered very few details about that as it happened, but I think that's following, what is it, Ann Coulter's law?
That the longer that it takes for details about a perpetrator of an attack to surface, probably the more likely that they're not white, not Christian, right?
That they're part of one of these groups.
And so, yeah, I think that anybody looking at this would be foolish to say, given the timing and given the location, I believe this is only about an hour from Kenosha, that this was not retaliatory for the verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse by some kind of
Black racial militant or something like that.
And it's very disturbing.
And I think you're going to see a lot more of that perhaps in the coming weeks and months.
It's all part of this racial radicalization that's been going on and accelerating for the past five years.
Specifically kind of virile anti-white racial radicalization that's been going on and being perpetrated by the media.
Well, you're definitely right about that.
A few weeks ago, we saw a big car bomb at a church blowing up and hurting a bunch of people.
And the guy was an Islamist who said he was going to do it for Islam.
So they called him a Christian convert.
They'll do anything to hide what's really going on.
Absolutely, yeah.
They just outright lie about the motivations, they lie about the perpetrator, and you mark my words, watch, this story is going to get a little bit more coverage, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but by next week, by the end of this week, it's going to be gone.
And that's always how it goes, you know, when it's a white guy or when it's a false flag or something like that.
Like January 6th, we're still hearing about that.
It goes on and on.
It's the worst thing since 9-11.
You see a horrible
Disturbing a trial like this where a guy drives through a crowd of elderly people and children in a marching band.
They'll probably cover this for 48 hours and then it's down the memory hole like everything else because it doesn't fit with the narrative.
So, unfortunately, while that goes on, you're going to see all this crime, anti-white hatred, that persists.
It just doesn't get covered, you know, and so I really
I'm a little bit nervous and a little scared going into the holiday season.
You wonder, because Thanksgiving's right around the corner, Christmas after that.
You wonder how safe it is to go on these major cities.
Prime is already bad enough, but now that you're seeing this politicized terror-type stuff again under Joe Biden, which we didn't really see under Trump, it's a little bit nerve-wracking.
Well, the video's very clear.
It's premeditated.
He points the car, drives past the smaller crowds, finds the largest crowd, and targets the men, women, and children.
Successfully killing five, injuring over 40.
And just imagine if a white person would have done this.
They would immediately go to their web history, and if they ever visited mfulwars.com, which is in the top 500 sites in the world, it would have been my fault, or if they visited your site, it'd be your fault.
But no, now you go to his social media, it's all let's kill the white people, and links to MSNBC, and all of their rhetoric about Kyle Rittenhouse being a murderous little white supremacist.
Absolutely, and this was an hour from Kenosha.
You know, it's amazing because I don't think there's one person in the mainstream media...
Who's made that connection yet?
It should be glaringly obvious because of the proximity to Kenosha and of course the timing, which is a few days that Kyle Rittenhouse got acquitted.
And now you see what appears to be clearly a racially motivated attack.
Like you said, the perpetrator is clearly some kind of liberal or BLM radical, something like that.
And the media won't even insinuate, make the obvious connection, which is going on here.
Yeah, you're going to memory hole it in a couple of days.
You're right, if this was any kind of reversed situation, you know they'd be saying this is just Donald Trump, this is Alex Jones, this is the usual white nationalist, white supremacy, whatever.
Never got to go out and do it.
You know, they don't talk about it.
And seeing in today's running headlines, there's nothing more frightening in America than an angry white man.
Meanwhile, it was only three citizens that died at the Capitol.
This guy's running over men, women, and children.
Over children.
And you'll never, I mean, like, it'll be gone in a day.
Well, you know what's amazing about the Capitol is, you know, that officer, Brian Sicknick, who they claimed was a police officer who died on the other side, that turned out not to be true.
So, out of the whole thing that happened at the Capitol, which they say, worse than 9-11, they're still beating that drum, they still got the select committee going on.
There were zero casualties perpetrated by the actual protesters against the police or civilians.
Zero people killed.
If the Capitol was an attack, quote-unquote, by white people or Trump supporters, zero people died.
Zero people killed by the group of people that were there.
So you can look at like any day in Chicago, literally.
Any weekday weekend in Chicago is more deadly than the so-called worst attack on our capitals since 1812 or 9-11 or Pearl Harbor or whatever.
And the same goes for something like this, you know, any successive terror attack, murder.
Homicide, just plain, you know, day in a major city is going to be more violent than that.
And it really gets to the heart of the issue, which is, what's the real threat in this country?
I totally agree.
Let's come back and talk about what's the real threat with Nick Fuentes straight ahead.
America First with Nick Fuentes.
You can find the verboten information at AmericaFirst.live.
I'm Alex Jones.
And you're mainlining truth right now as we broadcast worldwide in defiance of tyranny.
All right, Nick, I really appreciate you popping in today.
The original reason for folks who just joined us.
Antifa all over the U.S., all over the world attacking people that try to go out and have anti-vaccine passport demonstrations like you had in New York.
They are such villains.
They are such fascists.
They are the definition of what they claim they're fighting.
Yeah, I think the irony is pretty rich, don't you think?
I mean, we went out there a week and a half ago or so to New York City, and we did a few protests.
We did one outside.
The Mayor's Mansion, which is in, I think, the Upper East Side or something.
And we did a protest outside Pfizer headquarters, which is, of course, Big Pharma.
I mean, these are the guys that are making the vaccines.
These are the guys making a lot of other bad stuff too.
And so we go out there to New York City, which is the epicenter of tyranny, of the lockdown.
And specifically of the vaccine passport system.
This is one of the only major cities in America that actually has a passport system where you have to get a vaccine card to enter a restaurant or a store or whatever.
And so we're out there protesting tyranny.
We're out there protesting what you could call fascism, what you could call, you know, whatever.
But it is government.
Walking everything down, forcing people to get a medical procedure and wear masks and everything like that.
And we're met with the anti-fascist resistance.
These people show up to the rally and they have their megaphones and a rape whistle and they're throwing eggs at us and garbage at us and all this kind of stuff.
We're the ones protesting Big Pharma.
We're the ones protesting the government and that makes them, I guess, the anti-fascist protesting in favor of that.
And, you know, so there was a moment during the rally
Where they're interrupting us, we're trying to get the police to separate the two groups.
And I said, you know, you guys are out here, you're protesting for Big Pharma.
You're out here protesting for the rich.
I mean, even if you're not necessarily, you know, truly anti-fascist, or anti-government, or something like that, you know, at the minimum, wouldn't you say that these people are supposed to be communist, or for the proletariat, or socialist, or anti-rich?
And I'm like, anti-rich?
You're out here protesting for Pfizer!
It's one of the biggest companies in the world.
We're out here protesting for Moderna, for Big Pharma.
These are some of the biggest, richest, most profitable companies in the world, obviously making a killing off of the current pandemic and the vaccine.
It's absolutely outrageous.
And again, you've got the media attacking you guys, and a horde of idiots showing up calling themselves Antifa, and all over the world attacking people that don't want to be locked up in their houses.
I mean, what a group of trash.
It is, but you have to wonder what exactly it is they're fighting for, you know?
Other than that, they obviously clearly hate conservatives.
They hate white people, they hate western civilization, and all of that.
It really is just about politics of resentment.
Because try to parse out what the actual ideology is.
And, you know, you look at these people who, like I said, you know, they claim to have these class economic motivations, or an ideological motivation, and it really doesn't seem to fit with who they're out there attacking and protesting against.
If anything, they should be
You know, nominally, they should be on our side, at least it would make sense.
But, as you said earlier, the true function of anti-FUDs is that they are the foot soldiers of the establishment.
They are out there to defend Pfizer.
They are out there to defend Big Pharma and to defend the medical-industrial complex and all of that, because they're out there working for the billionaires.
They're out there working for the establishment.
And so their job is to go out, quite literally, beat up and intimidate anybody that opposes the real
And notice they always wore masks before, so the symbol of this is the mass tyranny of the oppressors and the sheeple bowing.
So the mask is the sign of slavery.
It is.
It is.
And they wear the mask, you know, because they're going out there and this is supposed to, you know, protect their identity while they commit crimes, you know, ultimately to prevent lethal liability.
But there's something sort of symbolic about it too, which is to say that they, they put on the mask and they become sort of this faceless, anonymous, they're part of the collective.
Like you said, they're part of this sort of sheep collective.
They're out there protecting this, this formless,
Nameless sort of system.
And, uh, you know, I guess it's nice to see.
I don't know if you saw, but we were out there and we weren't wearing masks.
We were out there with our faces out, waving our flags with our America First hats, Trump gear, all that.
You know, we go out, we say a lot, we say it proud, America First.
You know, and we'll say that in Texas or in New York City.
We'll do that in a friendly crowd, in a hostile crowd.
It doesn't matter.
That's the difference.
These people, uh, they're
I think it was on display in New York a couple weeks ago.
I totally agree, and I've been meaning to go to New York.
Let me know next time you're going, and I'll meet you there, because you're right, that's the epicenter.
I wonder if I just go back to two years ago.
Imagine a world living like this.
You would think that that was a made-up science fiction dystopia, but we're here.
Now, who were the crazy people saying it was coming?
People like Nick and I and others who were reading globalist documents.
We knew they were planning a UN takeover using a health scare.
And so I wish there was a way to reach out to the left, because
I don't know.
The thing is, you know, a lot of them are just knuckleheads.
I mean, a lot of the people in Antifa, these are just
Street urchins, bums, these are people who, generally speaking, don't really have much better to do.
That's different than your average liberal.
They're just criminals that want an excuse to be left alone while they commit crime.
I mean, these are quite literally anarchists, you know?
And so, excuse to burn a cop car, break windows, steal, this is what they do.
But there are a lot of them, I'm sure, who must see the hypocrisy.
And, you know, it's interesting, if you look at some of these left-wing journalists or people that voted for Joe Biden, they are careful to distinguish that they, even though they do support the Democrat Party-line establishment and donors and all of that, they try to create this
Well, we don't really support that.
We don't really support Joe Biden or we don't talk about that.
We're really leftist, really progressive or something.
And it's almost like you want to take these people and say, hey, like, at least on some level, you feel like you need to distance yourself from.
The President and from the corporations that back him and his party and all of that.
Why don't you just follow that through to its logical conclusion, which is that the only people in America, maybe in the whole world, that are actually resisting tyranny, global tyranny, and like where the global power is, is right-wing people.
That's it.
We're the only ones.
When you look at the Trump supporters, you look at the anti-vaxxers, anything like that, we're the ones that are fighting against what the media is pushing, what the government's pushing,
Everything like that.
And so you take your average liberal or leftist who feels like on some level something's not right.
You know, gee, why am I supporting the party establishment?
Why am I supporting all these interests where it's all just about cronyism and putting money around through these ridiculous spending bills?
You know, on some level, wouldn't you think that some of them would look over to our side and say, hey, like, these are the guys that are actually fighting against the powers that be.
To some extent, it is happening.
You know, you see people like Naomi Wolff and
Yeah, exactly, and Michael Tracy and others, you know, they're coming around.
I want to ask you about the Rittenhouse case, where that's going, what you think Trump's up to, and just in general, what's going to happen with Biden.
And then, folks, I got a bunch of big news I haven't gotten to yet, and I gotta just say, great job, Glenn Beck.
I gotta clip it, Glenn Beck.
That needs to go totally mega super viral.
I mean, he's definitely over the target now.
So that's coming up.
I'd love to see Glenn Beck reprieved.
We'll be right back with Nick Fuentes.
Stay with us.
All right, we haven't really broken down or described what Reset Wars is, but next hour, Jake Ducey, who's a really smart fellow I've been working with for a while, is going to be guest hosting and laying out, just from MKUltra, government documents.
The Mind Control Program that was tested on groups are now being rolled out against the general public for the metaverse and more.
So you're going to start getting preludes as we go into December.
And on December 7th, we release
Mind Wars, Spirit Wars, the first two parts of Reset Wars.
And you'll see all the details of that at ResetWars.com.
You want to be the first to get information or to also get, you know, promo deals where you get a discount on some of the things that are rolling out.
Believe me, if you just
Learn this information and get empowered with it.
It will be the biggest secret weapon ever against the New World Order.
I don't get up here and talk about things that aren't real or aren't effective, and this is the secrets they know that they're using against you.
So this is like having the enemy's weapons handbook.
And quite frankly, general public with this information could hurt a lot of people.
But you know what?
Justice be done, though the heavens fall, you need to know
How they're mind controlling you.
You need to know the tricks.
And I believe there's more good people than bad people.
Are people going to use this information to hurt people?
Just like you can go buy a gun and go hurt somebody.
But more good people, probably 50 to 1, use a gun for defense.
And so this is real.
You've been on here 28 years.
Getting info wars.
This is the big secrets, okay?
This is the big enchiladas.
Going back to Nick Fuentes.
I always ask questions and you answer me, you do a great job.
But I just want to ask you, what's on your radar front and center right now in this crazy world as things just get more and more insane?
Well, I would say, you know, for the past weekend, I've been focusing a lot on the Kyle Rittenhouse case.
And I think that interview is supposed to come out tonight.
So that's definitely big on my radar.
I'm getting back on my show actually this week.
So I'll be covering that.
And then, you know, we're also looking at
The climate agenda actually seems to be coming back into the spotlight and I guess the other big thing is a little bit of a concern is I'm wondering if there's going to be another big wave of coronavirus lockdown and fake case numbers.
You know, I feel like we're due for something like that again.
It's been a long time since that's been present in the news and justifying, you know, further vaccination and all of that.
And then, of course, you have the vaccination, too.
We've been covering the federal vaccine mandate implementation of that.
We got a little bit of a reprieve.
You know, we got a break since the federal judge.
Shut that down.
I think OSHA's shut down their enforcement of it as well.
But those are the big things that are on my radar lately.
The globalists moving for these big action items, big global threats.
Well, we should also talk about you.
How long have you been on the no-fly list?
I know the lawyer that represents you.
He's also my lawyer, Norm Pattis.
Norm Pattis, you're having to go through a lot of hell.
You've got to ride on trains, everything else, and they're trying to talk about taking that away from folks.
You haven't had the vaccine, so pretty soon you won't be able to even travel.
That's exactly right.
Yeah, I've been on the no-fly list now, or at least I've known that I'm on the no-fly list since May, so it's been about six, five or six months now.
And, you know, people wouldn't believe how difficult it is.
And I'm sure, you know, you go through a lot of the same stuff.
But since the Capitol, I've been put on the no-fly list, which is an awful, awful experience.
Because I need to travel, you know, for the kind of work that we do.
Like, as an example, when I go to New York City to do an anti-vaccine protest, this is something that normally should cost a few hundred bucks and take a few hours, you know, to get from Chicago to New York.
But now for me, I have to take a train 20 hours.
Now, that's not easy.
Doing 20 hours of travel on a train, sleeping on the train, everything like that.
Or if I need to get down to Texas or California, these are... Well, let's think about this.
I mean, the left whined about McCarthy that didn't do one-tenth of what they're already doing.
And imagine if they weren't allowed to get on an airplane for their political views.
You don't have a criminal record.
You didn't do anything violent at the Capitol.
You tried to stop it just like I did.
They throw you on.
It's a secret list.
Can't learn why you're on it.
How 1984 is that?
I mean, we're not going towards martial law.
This is martial law.
And if we don't say something when it happens to Nick Fuentes, well, then who's going to be there for us when it happens to us?
And you're right.
We've both been through living hell to fight these monsters.
And it's time more people rallied to our aid for their own
Future freedom!
This is serious!
It's true, and you know, it's not like we're going there.
You said it.
We're there, you know, and people need to wake up.
And I've said this on my show, you know, look at where we are.
Vaccine mandates.
Did you think that if you got in a time machine and went back in time a year, two years, and told yourself what was going on today, that two years ago people would have even believed you?
They would have said, what, you're crazy?
That's not going to happen.
Point being, we're already so far beyond the pale of what is acceptable in a free society, but because it's happening incrementally and gradually, people get acclimated.
And so first people got acclimated for the five weeks, and then the five-week extension, and then the masks, and then it started to be the incentives for the vaccine, and now it's the disincentives, you know, the firings and the passports and all that.
And it's people like myself being put on a, literally on a terror watch list, federal no-fly list.
You know, I'm somebody who, now I'm 23, I've never committed a crime, I've never been in a fight, I've never engaged in violence, I've never been charged with anything, never been arrested, I've never even had any kind of civil lawsuits or anything like that, and yet I can't have, like, a bank account, you know?
I can't...
Go over and open a business checking account.
I can't get payment processing from my website.
Because you're already under the global social credit score that's rolling out against everybody.
You've been unpersoned.
You've been sent to a black hole because you're America First.
You're a thought criminal.
That's right.
And I'm the first one, or one of the, among the first people.
Maybe you're the first one, probably, because you've been doing this far longer than me.
Well, they've taken it to another level.
But yeah, no, they've come out for us in a lot of ways we won't even get into on air.
But you and Laura Loomer are about as banned as it gets.
Absolutely, and like you said, because of our political views, it's a social thing.
We said the wrong thing or did the wrong thing at some time or another, and now there's these severe real-world consequences, which I think a lot of people don't even realize.
I mean, they look at
Censorship and things like that.
And they think the extent of it is you get banned from Twitter, you get banned from Instagram.
It's like, no, these are becoming very real, very severe consequences for people that have broken no laws, maybe not even necessarily done anything wrong, per se, by an objective standard, but merely because you hold the wrong views or say the wrong thing, you're going to be punished.
Your life will not be the same.
If you hit the nail on the head, people have got to start to rally to the defense of people like you and I, and then Laura Loomer, and the canceled, and the un-personed, because if this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody, and it will.
It's just the day that you step out of line, you're not going to see it until that day.
The day that you find yourself on the wrong side of some kind of viral social media encounter, or the wrong side of a police-involved shooting, or you know, whatever, but that's going to be the day that you find yourself on the other end of a lynch mob that
Well, Nick, this entire social credit score in the Communist Chinese on words, and as you know, in Bill Gates' own words, is for everybody.
And once they get it there, they're going to start tightening down the screws for total control, including take the shots we want, five or six a year, don't have children, you can't travel outside your house unless your smartphone says so.
This is their official plan, a fricking
Platinum-level tyranny.
I mean, we're talking crown jewels of evil, couldn't make it up, a great science fiction horror idea, but actual reality now manifesting.
It's digital slavery.
It is.
And it starts with the vaccine mandate.
That's how you're going to see this widespread implementation.
You know, I used to say the lockdown for COVID never ended.
It's just that now they're giving people a little bit of relief based on compliance.
But you're right.
What counts as compliance can change very easily.
You know, one day they're going to tell you no restaurants, bars, airplane, train, et cetera, et cetera.
If you don't get your first dose of the vaccine, then it's a booster shot.
Then what if they start saying it's based on your
Your search queries and Google.
And then it's based on private messages you're sending on Facebook.
You know, what's being put in place is a biometric digital slavery system.
And that is the plan.
Make no mistake about it.
That is what they're headed for.
That's what they write about in their plans.
I mean, this is all textbook stuff.
And if you can pay close enough attention, it's happening before everybody's very eyes.
And it is for everybody.
It's going to start in, sure, New York City and L.A., but those walls are going to close in very quickly on everybody else.
Those are just globalists.
That's right.
Those are just globalist beachheads.
Well, they don't like Nick Fuentes.
He's smart.
He's talented.
He cares about this country and freedom.
That's why you should definitely check him out and share all of his links as well.
Thank you so much for spending time with us.
Thank you so much for having me on.
I appreciate it.
I got big news straight ahead.
You bet.
Stay with us.
There is a massive awakening happening out there in prominent individuals as they realize the globalists really are setting up world government.
They really are trying to kill us.
They really are setting up a digital big tech martial law.
They really are evil.
Google used to have the motto, don't be evil.
That's because they were always evil.
This has been a global domination plan.
And so, I've been really critical of Glenn Beck over the years because he would attack me and say that I was crazy and bad and things weren't as bad as I was saying and there weren't plans for martial law and forced inoculation.
Because he, I guess, wasn't aware of that information.
Now that things are so close, I know a lot of people that know Glenn Beck very closely and they say that he is awake now and knows what's going on and I see that on air and that he understands that I
Was not up here lying just to shock people.
This was real, or at least my perception of a lot of things that are real.
None of us are perfect.
And so whether it's Glenn Beck or whether it's Joe Rogan or whether it's Tucker Carlson, InfoWars has been instrumental in laying out how the world really works.
So that once things get really bad, people will look back and go, Oh my God, he was right about all this so far.
He's going to be right about the rest of it so we can stop it.
This isn't about Alex Jones being right.
It's about us knowing the enemy plan and stopping them.
And that's why your support and your word of mouth overriding the censors and taking these reports and videos is so important.
So... I was sent...
By a very well-known talk show host, this clip this morning, and I'm glad I was sent it, about Glenn Beck.
It's just a very short clip.
I'm going to go find it on the blaze and watch the whole thing.
But it's Beck doing his great illustration like a college professor explaining things.
And we already know about this, but this didn't get out anywhere.
And now more has even come out.
That Moderna was literally sending the viruses around and involved with the NIH and running the whole thing with Fauci and Gates and the rest of them.
And anybody that looks at this understands they designed it by gain-of-function on purpose.
Here's another article on it today.
New unsealed docs show us U.S.
firms sent viruses similar to COVID-19 to Wuhan lab.
This just came out yesterday, but here's Glenn Beck, it turns out, a week ago, already on it.
Wait, wait, FDA wants 55 years to process ever-releasing documents on the vaccine.
Why would you do that?
And here it is in England and in Germany.
You're twice as likely to die.
They don't know why, they say, if you've been double-vaxxed.
It's just people are twice as likely, statistically, to die.
That's in the UK.
Here it is out of Germany.
So that's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
And so here's Glenn Beck connecting the dots.
And the dots are so close now, there's not even really a dot connecting.
But what does it say?
Okay, he sees evil.
He sees a big evil takeover.
He's standing up to it and fighting it.
He's showing us who he is at the end here.
That's why God allows evil to do this, is to make everybody be who they are.
So we salute Glenn Beck.
Here's the clip.
We're good to go.
That's right!
The same time Dr. Baric and Dr. Shi published their paper on the new Frankenstein coronavirus.
In fact, let's skip down to page 104.
It shows that the NIH and Moderna were collaborating with Dr. Baric.
His signature is on page 106 of the material transfer agreement.
But let's get back up to the top of this specific agreement.
The NIH appears to be transferring the mRNA tech to Dr. Barak.
But look what they want to make clear.
Quote, mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by the NIAID and Moderna.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I've seen ulterior motives before, but usually you see them coming.
Did you know that the government co-owns the vaccine?
Oh, by the way, this is not part of the Trump's thing.
This is not part of that.
This is 2015.
The same government that is now mandating its use
Owns the vaccine.
And transferred the viruses to cook it all up and make it Wuhan, later release it, create fear to make a shot that actually gives you what it claims it's stopping.
And that goes on.
So we're in a good spot here.
We're the biggest talk show host in the world.
All of them are hitting on all cylinders.
And I can tell you, behind the scenes, people are really, really awake.
And I'm just going to stop right there.
I'm not specifically speaking about Beck, but others.
So that's what InfoWars mission has been.
We know we're going to get attacked.
We know we're going to get lied about.
We know we're going to get demonized.
Because this stuff's scary to be able to say at first.
People aren't going to want to believe this.
But when they see it all unfold, they'll go, oh!
And then they'll get the big picture.
That's why we're under attack.
That's why we're the number one attacked organization out there.
Because this is all I do is study these people.
18 hours a day, folks.
It's all I do.
I dream about it all night long.
Because I knew this was all coming.
I mean, don't you only think about this now?
Now that you're living it?
Separately, we've got Jake Ducey, really smart researcher, good friend of mine.
I asked him to come to Austin and help me with a few final things I'm doing with ResetWars before we release it on December 7th.
You'll want to find out about it at ResetWars.com.
We're going to shoot some emergency reports the next few days that are going to be airing after Thanksgiving that complement ResetWars with actual CIA documents.
Some of that, and a prelude to it, is coming up next hour.
Separately, let me talk about this right now.
If you go to SaveInfoWars.com, you can make a donation so that we can fight all these Democrat Party lawsuits for years and defend our rights and expose what's going on, even in the kangaroo courts, so they're not able to come in here and shut down this operation during this critical time.
So it's critical.
For all of you who want to keep us on air, to go to SaveInfoWars.com because then via GiveSendGo and those great Christian patriots, you can make a donation and we get 95 plus percent of the money.
When I sell a product, we only get 20, 30 percent, even less when it's a sale.
No weapon formed against us will prosper, and I believe that God will take a lot of, make a lot of good out of this evil.
But, regardless, I'm happy that this is the only cross I've got to bear.
Trying to put poor Owen in prison.
So again, please go to SaveInfoWars.com and please read the comments by the great people there.
I mean, look at Dave Pax.
Thanks for all you do, Alex.
I pray for you and your family and crew.
And Owen, we need to keep you in the fight.
Thank you, Dave Pax.
Don't thank me.
Anonymous donor, thank you for your dedication to spreading the truth.
Yeah, it's life and death, folks.
We have nothing to lose.
Like Ike said, here's an anonymous donor.
Thanks, Alex.
Prayers for you all.
Yes, thank you.
Back at you.
Anonymous donor, please keep fighting.
God bless.
Christy Michael.
It says, thank you for ongoing effort to keep us free.
Thank you.
Anonymous donor, dear Mr. Jones, thank you for working so hard.
Brother, I'm gonna fight for my life.
You better damn well.
I bet I got energy.
Anonymous donor, may God be with you.
My prayers are with you.
Thank you for your $10 and thank you for the prayer.
Another anonymous donor, many Canadians support freedom.
And we're in this together.
He says, many support Freedom 2 in this together.
Oh, so my eyes are going out.
Many Canadians support Freedom 2 in this together.
I was seeing an exclamation point as an L. Anonymous donor.
God bless InfoWars.
God bless you.
And it goes on.
Thank you for everything, guys.
I'm fighting too.
God bless America.
Anonymous donor.
Jim Melville, your answer to 1984 is 1776.
My answer to Agenda 21 is Agenda 26.
If they're going and ignore the Second Amendment, we will ignore the Sixth Amendment.
God bless you guys and keep you safe.
And it goes on and on.
Judicial Action Ministry.
God bless Alex Jones.
God bless you.
And I've got my whole statement on the site, SaveInfoAwards.com, where you can donate.
And I wrote this last week when we posted it.
Free speech is under attack like never before.
The fate of InfoWars speech will ultimately be the fate of free speech, not just in America, but worldwide.
Dark forces are attacking InfoWars and InfoWars hosts from multiple angles in an attempt to drive us into submission and bankruptcy.
The attempt to take Infowars off the air is part of a larger criminal operation to bully the American people and set a standard worldwide that anyone who stands up for freedom will be destroyed.
To paraphrase what President Trump has said many times, they aren't after me, they're after you, I'm just in the way.
Alex Jones is pledging to everyone that donates that he will never surrender in the face of the globalist tyrants and that he will fight with everything he's got to restore our Republic.
This is about a lot more than just free speech.
This is about freeing our country from the grip of corporate fascist crime syndicate hell-bent on enslaving humanity for generations.
Thank you for your support.
We will win this fight together.
That is at SaveInfoWars.com.
We need to get to 2 million if you want me to be able to continue on and win these fights.
But we will never surrender!
All right, I have literally shot hours and hours of just analysis before we release the Reset Wars coming up on December 7th at ResetWars.com.
But Jake Doocy really helped me put all this together.
He's done a lot of amazing research.
He's a very well-known best-selling author and a YouTuber.
And so he's going to be taking over
The rest of the hour in the War Room is at 3 p.m.
Central today, but if you want to understand the metaverse and where this is all going and why the system is so desperate, then the next hour is going to be very, very important.
If this information gets realized, it's over for the globalists.
The Divine is waiting for you.
God is waiting for you.
Transcendence is waiting for you.
But God is a free will God.
You've got to reach out with your hands like a child of their father or mother and say, save me, help me.
I choose good.
I choose to be part of eternity and completion.
And God will reach down to you.
It isn't about things.
It isn't about these bodies.
It's about the choice we make.
And it's about understanding how the evil one confuses and manipulates us so that we never discover this truth.
But we have discovered this truth, and we have brought it to another level of understanding.
The fight against this tyranny starts at ResetWars.com.
The victory against this evil begins at ResetWars.com.
The rest is up to you.
You've got to choose to take action.
I don't worship nature like the animus or the Wiccans, or all the leftists, but I understand that it is a conduit and a connection to God, and that we resonate with it.
But if you look at the left, they're all embracing the Pfizer shots, the Moderna shots.
They're all embracing transhumanism, while at the same time claiming that they're so in line with the earth, and so in line with creation.
But they worship the creation and thus worship themselves instead of understanding there's the divine transcendence of reaching out into God's wider plan and either getting with that natural program or rebelling against it, which is sin.
I don't say that from some pharisaical, hypocritical, high-on-the-mountain statement.
And I say that from deep research and understanding of how this really works.
There's really only two ways to go.
Choose God, God's plan, or choose those that are working against the plan's operation.
They've got a lot of excuses and a lot of reasons that you ought to join them.
At the end of the day, it's about enslavement.
It's about turning over your will to them and you will be betrayed.
You will be destroyed.
You look at the servants of evil.
They are really a pathetic, hateful lot.
So angry they chose wrong.
They're trying to claw as many good souls with them as they can.
That's really what this is.
Any species of crab I've ever caught, put them in a bucket.
They can work together to get out.
But instead, any crab that tries to get out,
They didn't go over and grab him and attack him and start killing him.
As long as he just sits there and dies, they're all happy.
But if that one crab tries to get out, they're not about to let that happen.
Hence the intergalactic crab bucket system.
Or the chicken shit dimension.
If you really want to talk about what Zuckerberg and all of them are building, it's the chicken shit dimension.
Where you go in there believing you're going to find
And all you do is find depression and enslavement.
Because once they get you in their system, just like the general internet was, they're gonna clamp down on it and take all the basic freedoms away.
That's the plan.
They're gonna allow the wild, wild west of VR.
And they're going to have all the prizes and celebrity worship for people that are involved in there.
And then as soon as everybody basically is addicted to it and needs it to have their job or work or live, they're going to drop the boom on people.
And that's already happened with the whole lockdowns.
That's a forced system to jump us off the tracks we were on, onto the metaverse system.
And that's their play.
Total false reality, total false reality immersion.
A true matrix system being built.
We're now being inserted into the matrix.
Starts with radio.
Then TV becomes the center of the household.
People have dinner around it now.
Instead of talking to grandma and grandpa and your neighbors and reading books, you now watch the TV.
Then it's desktop computers.
Then it's handheld computers.
Then it's VR goggles and Google glasses.
And then it's them forcing you into that system to use it to work or be able to even do basic business because that's what all the major companies are going to demand.
And then if you don't behave and operate the way they want, you're basically even blocked out of that system and starved to death.
It's just like if you don't take the poison shots, you're blocked out of the system.
It's the same thing over and over again.
All of it is used to control you, not to empower you.
It's evil from the beginning.
It's a snare.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
No, I'm Jake Ducey.
I thought we'd start off today with a little bit of humor.
My name is Jake Ducey.
It's a pleasure to meet you all.
And I'm on here today very excited because I just finished my sixth walkthrough of Alex's brand new online course, which is called Reset Wars.
I had the opportunity to watch it being filmed.
And I wanted to start off today with one of the quotes that Alex talks about here in this course, which is, first, they come for your mind.
Then, they come for your soul.
And today, that's what we're gonna be talking about.
Alex, Owen, two of the greatest in the whole business covering the news.
So, I can't do nearly anywhere good as a job, so I thought we would just talk about what's going on in Alex's course.
First, they come for your mind.
Then, they come for your soul.
And this is what the metaverse, this is what Mark Zuckerberg, this is what they don't want you to know.
And Alex finally put together an 11-step really incredible course that breaks down exactly how to break out of the control system that they've set up.
That's at ResetWars.com coming very soon.
So open up another tab, open up another browser, go to ResetWars.com and join on the waiting list right now.
And the reason that they don't want you to know about Reset Wars, the reason that they don't want you to know about what Alex is discussing in this course is because they're in the process of coming for your soul.
Because we exist on three planes, right?
We exist on the physical plane, we exist on the mental-emotional plane, and we exist on the spiritual plane.
Everything that's happening right now is designed to trap you into your five physical senses.
Because as soon as they trap you and I into our five physical senses, into anger, into fear, into doubt, into worry, with suicide people driving down the streets, the next big thing on the news happening, it's all designed to trap us in what Alex talks about in his course called the Emotional
Control grid.
I'm sorry technical difficulty.
I thought I was off there the emotional control grid And this is a term that Alex talks about in the course here, and he says that the mental and emotional planes are Where the control grid originates, that's the matrix That's what traps us into believing we are just our five senses and that's how the whole metaverse works, right?
Mark Zuckerberg wants to duct-tape the virtual reality metaverse to your head.
He wants to suck you into it and
And he wants us to just sit there and go, oh, give me some crooked protein powder paste.
And he wants to keep us trapped in our five senses forever.
Because all throughout history, that's how tyrants win.
To keep us uninspired.
But like it says in the Bible, we are in this world.
But not of this world.
And there's a beautiful quote that I wanted to read to you.
I've been really honored to watch Alex put this course together because I think this quote sums it up quite well.
It's a quote by Howard Thurman and he says, don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
Everything that's happening right now is designed to make us not alive, to trap us into our five physical senses, to cut us off from our higher spiritual and mental faculties, and it's about coming alive.
Because right now, there's so much crap happening in the world, and it's going to get crazier.
And it's very easy to go, oh, we're screwed.
They're winning.
They're winning.
They're winning.
The part of the quote here is, do things that will make you come alive.
And Alex talks in the course about inspiration, being inspired, being connected to spirit.
So, when we're looking out at everything that's happening, that is, what makes you come alive?
Because you might be a doctor, so maybe the future for you is to create your own private practice.
You might be a teacher, and instead of saying, oh, the education system's screwed, it might be for you to be inspired in spirit and create an all-new education system, an all-new school.
But they don't want us asking that question.
How can I be inspired?
What does God want from you?
What does God want from me?
They don't want us to do that.
They don't want us to turn the volume down on what's happening in the world right now.
They want the volume at full blast trap you into the emotional control grid because remember everything is energy.
This iPhone right here is just a massive energy moving at a very high speed of vibration.
So it appears to be real.
Touch the chair that you're sitting on right now.
Touch the computer or the phone that you're watching this on right now.
It's a bunch of energy moving at a very high speed of vibration.
Everything is energy and the goal is to trap us into the emotional control grid so we're uninspired.
So just like the metaverse, metaverse meaning dead verse, it's to trap us dead within our lower five senses.
Coming alive and
By the way, all of this is happening right now while they're rolling out high-grade electromagnetic weapons.
Non-lethal weapons.
Here's some powerful stuff here.
Directly from the Pentagon.
Declassified document from U.S.
One specific data processor, however, has received far less attention in U.S.
It's the security of the data processor known as the mind.
This is what they don't want us to know, that the real data processor isn't the metaverse, it isn't your computer, it's the mind.
So he said, the data processor known as the mind, which unfortunately has no innate firewall.
Right in China they have their internet protected because they have a firewall.
And their firewall doesn't allow the cyber attacks.
But in the United States we don't have a firewall.
And what Alex was able to do is deconstruct the exact mind control techniques that they are using to wage war against us.
And trap us into our five senses so that we can deprogram our minds.
And this isn't just terminology that sounds like interesting psychology.
I was cruising through some MKUltra documents after I got to watch Alex run Reset Wars and record it live.
Here's an exact quote from one of the doctors that ran the MKUltra experiments.
She said she is sleeping well, she is disoriented as to the time only, and is probably in her second stage of de-patterning.
Depatterning is the key word in MKUltra.
MKUltra, as we know, the most famous declassified document.
And people say, wow, this is horrible stuff.
They would put people on all these drugs, put them to sleep for sometimes weeks on end, and fill them, inundate them with subliminal control systems, electromagnetic weapons, in order to affect their brain chemicals and totally rewire them.
And I was mind blown
After watching Alex's course, ResetWars.com, that's ResetWars.com, it is the greatest thing he's ever put together.
And I came across the word de-patterning.
And we're looking around at the world and we're going, well, you know, if you're like me, you watch InfoWars and you're wondering, well, what's the solution?
What do we do here?
And the answer is we have to de-pattern ourselves.
They use the word de-patterning when they erase somebody's mind entirely in MKUltra.
To the point at which some people that were actual patients in MKUltra forgot how to swallow.
And when we de-pattern ourselves from our five senses and we ask ourselves this big question, all of us do, instead of saying, are we screwed?
Are we screwed?
We say, what does God want for me?
That's the question Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want us to ask.
What does God want for me?
What's my purpose here?
And when we do that, we tap into our higher mental faculties.
We tap into all the areas that they're trying to keep us stuck into the emotional control grid.
And we get to that big statement in the Bible that I'm in this world, but not of it.
There's a quote by Iris Murdoch and he says, we live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion, and the great task in life is to find reality.
And I would argue that the great weapon that we have during this time of the reset is to find reality.
And what is real?
Well, if everything is energy and consciousness is creating reality, and energy can never be created or destroyed,
Then who are you?
And when we ask these big questions, we get back to a simple thing, and that's de-patterning.
So in a minute, we're going to break down some of these big ideas from these many military documents.
I want to thank Alex for having me on today, and I want to encourage everyone as we head to the break, pull out your phone, pull out your computer, go to ResetWars.com right now and sign up.
Why is the world getting crazier?
And I started to think after I was sitting in on Alex filming the Online Course Reset Wars.
What if the world's getting crazier and all of this is happening because one, it's the only way we can wake up.
And two, what if instead of MKUltra just being this silent
Isolated, horrific, government experiment.
What if you and I are MKUltra patients?
MKUltra was all about erasing people's minds.
Literally erasing their identity and building a new one.
In the most extreme examples, they were seeing if they could get people to, you know, go totally under a new identity, assume that identity, and commit assassinations.
All types of amazing things, but
You know, people say, oh my goodness, these are horrible, horrific things.
But what if they're using the same thing on us and you and I are MKUltra patients and we don't know it yet?
And here's a quote from the declassified documents on MKUltra.
It says, at its core, MKUltra, particularly the LSD experiments, were about mastering the art of erasing the subconscious of a victim and replacing this with a new way of thinking.
So I started thinking to myself, how could I be an MKUltra patient?
Well the first is if I'm under the hypnosis to believe that we're screwed.
Second is to believe that I'm just a body in and of itself.
And I started peeling back the layers.
Little bit more, little bit more, little bit more.
And what if the whole goal, the whole way
That we win this game was to wake up to our higher spiritual faculties.
An MKUltra in society!
There's that quote from Into the Wild, and in Into the Wild, there's that line when they're all sitting at the bar, and he's like, Society, man, society!
Well, what if society is just a massive MKUltra experiment, and now we're going into the phase of the quickening, and we're going into the phase of the high gear of the awakening, and the high gear of the awakening is that things are going to get really, really, really crazy.
But when things get really, really, really crazy, what they want you and I to do is to get depressed, and is to get hopeless, and is to say, oh, we're screwed.
Because that's what traps us back into Alex's term, the emotional control grid.
So I started thinking, how have I been MK-altered?
And I started to think, well, there's two forms of consciousness.
One is a reactionary consciousness, and one is a creation consciousness.
And reactionary consciousness is what they want.
They want us to act like animals, where our thinking is controlled by our environment.
And I started thinking, well, if I'm an MKUltra patient, and MKUltra is about mastering the art, as it says here, of erasing the subconscious, I started to think, well,
How does the whole slave system work?
Well, one is finance.
Well, most people don't believe they could ever make any money.
And then the second is happiness.
Most people don't believe they can be happy at all because all these bad things are happening in the world.
And you just go round and round and round, and you find out that we're basically all a part of this massive MKUltra experiment.
And like, that's the whole thing.
That's what the red pill is about.
So the question is, who am I?
And they want to bombard us with so much happening right now that we don't ask the question, who am I?
They don't want us to realize that there's even an emotional control grid that's taking place in front of our faces.
And in the course, Reset Wars, Alex talks all about some important concepts.
And those concepts are about quantum physics, the subatomic particles, the observer effect.
How subatomic particles sometimes are here as particles, and sometimes they're waves, they're non-physical, they're in another dimension, based off of the consciousness observing these things.
And he calls it predictive programming in the course.
And predictive programming is
They want us to stay in a reactive state of consciousness where we create our own enslavement.
Where we're so worried about the financial system crash, where we're so convinced that they've controlled every single government and every single medical system and they've convinced us through the algorithms that we're all alone.
That we use the power, the image of God in which we're made, these higher spiritual faculties that are flowing through us at every single second, and we use it to continue to create our own enslavement.
And stay trapped.
There's a mental plane, there's a physical plane, and there's a spiritual plane.
And what Alex breaks down
Is how to move out of the mental plane into the spiritual plane.
That's the big idea.
And when we realize that we tap into the spiritual plane, we realize that they're not winning.
Mark Zuckerberg and Klaus Schwab are losers.
They're people that are so identified with their physical self that they have no higher spiritual faculties whatsoever, so they're remaking a virtual reality, and they're trying to invent the highest degrees of tech possible in order to simulate themselves as God.
That's what the whole thing's about.
They're losers.
They're so disconnected from spirit.
They're so disconnected from themselves that they've invented these ways to try to play God.
And it's actually really good news.
Because the biggest weakness is that we realize that we're all here for a higher purpose.
Is that we all ask ourselves, why did God put me here?
If energy is never created or destroyed, is there anything for me to really be afraid of?
I don't need to be afraid of Klaus Schwab, I don't need to be afraid of Mark Zuckerberg, I don't need to be afraid!
And the whole emotional control grid is about keeping us afraid.
So that's resetwars.com.
You know, a lot of times, you know, us watching this show, we're really aware, right?
If you're an InfoWars fan, we're pretty aware of what's happening in the world.
And I started to think, well, how does the MKUltra system still have me?
I know what's happening, I can list, here's what's happening in the news, here's what's happening in the news, here's what's happening in the news, here's what's happening in the news.
But they want to keep us trapped in our emotions there.
So I started thinking, how does MKUltra control me?
And I invite you to ask yourself that question.
It's an exact process that, in the Reset Wars course, that Alex takes you through.
How does MKUltra as a societal experiment control me in my life?
If everything is energy and consciousness creates reality and everything from the subatomic level is controlled by consciousness, then there are no limitations to which we do not self-impose.
So what they don't want us to do is ask ourselves,
Can I grow my business bigger than I ever had?
Can I get healthier than I ever have?
Can I be more inspired than I ever have?
Can I break through financially to a level I've never done before?
And that's ResetWars.com to give you the playbook to do it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Jake Ducey, and I am on here today in honor of Alex's upcoming online course.
It's called Reset Wars, and it's a step-by-step playbook of how to break out of the matrix, how to break out of the emotional control grid, the matrix that they have us trapped in.
Starting with our fake identity, have us believe we're just a physical body.
Once they have us believing that we're just a physical body, then we're in fight or flight.
When they have us in fight or flight, the great reset, we've got Bill Gates going on TV saying, beware of the next smallpox, all these types of things.
What is it designed to do?
It's designed to trap us into our lower mental faculties.
And I was thinking, what do we actually have to be afraid of?
They have a lot to be afraid of, but what do we actually have to be afraid of?
Science tells us energy is never created or destroyed.
That you and I are spiritual beings and physical bodies.
So, we're not going to die.
We're not going to die.
So what do we have to be afraid of?
And this whole game runs off of fear.
So, as soon as we ask ourselves these big questions, the game's over.
And people say, well, we've got to do something now because the zombie apocalypse is about to happen.
And I started to think, what if the zombie apocalypse is already here right now?
What if you and I are zombies?
Psychologists tell us 95% of our entire life is subconscious.
Sub means below.
So below conscious, 95% of all of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, patterns, they're all subconscious.
That you and I are the zombies.
We say, and we like to say, or I like to say, I like to go, well, you know, those people over there, they're the zombies.
They're the unawake.
And I realized, I'm a zombie.
I'm the one that still thinks that the financial system, no matter how corrupt it is, that it controls my freedom in life.
I'm the one that believes that I can't be happy because there's bad things happening in the world, which is exactly what they want, to trap me back into the emotional control grid.
I said, ladies and gentlemen, the zombie apocalypse is already here.
And the way we break out of the zombie apocalypse is to start to go back to the MKUltra documents and that very powerful phrase,
This is from Dr. Cameron's notes.
This is some crazy stuff.
So first he starts off, he's saying that this woman's been asleep for 16 straight days, they've got her on all these drugs, they're pounding her with a bunch of electromagnetic frequencies, subliminals, subconscious affirmations, they're trying to erase her mind.
And on the third to last line there, there's the word de-patterning, if you see it there.
She is disoriented as to time only and is probably in her second stage of de-patterning.
What they want us to do is get wrapped up and just get angry just to get angry and get afraid just to be afraid because they want us to believe we're just physical bodies and one day we're going to die.
We can't die.
We're spiritual beings in physical bodies.
And this is the great... This is why they burn certain books.
This is why they edited and deleted certain parts of the Bible.
This is why they have secret libraries in the Vatican.
They don't want you to know any of it.
They don't want me to know any of it.
And the whole system and all of the psychological bombardment and psychological warfare is designed to make us stay as zombies.
And as I was going through Alex's course, he talks about doing a thought experiment and suspending your disbelief.
So I thought, well, why don't I detach myself a little bit from what's happening in the world right now?
If quantum physics is real, if everything is energy, this is just energy.
This is a massive energy moving at a very high speed of vibration.
The chair that I'm sitting on, it's crazy to think about because we've been conditioned for so long to think we're physical beings in a physical body.
But if it's all just energy, why don't I do a thought experiment?
Why don't I just test the power of human consciousness?
And see if I can grow my business.
See if I can make my movement in my city bigger.
See if I can get the funding to start my own school, my own private medical practice.
Why don't I just do a thought experiment and see if I can tap into the power of consciousness, see if I can get my fake identity, my mind out of the way and allow my spiritual identity, allow what we call God, but allow this power to move through me.
And Mark Zuckerberg is like, no, no, no, no, don't do that, just put the metaverse on and you'll be in a simulated reality.
And Alex breaks it down perfectly in the Reset Wars course.
He divided it into two parts, Mind Wars and Spirit Wars.
And he said, we're already in a simulation.
Only this simulation is controlled by the operating system called your mind.
And just like a computer operating system that gets viruses, it gets outdated,
It's the exact same simulation process through the power of consciousness that we created unconsciously.
So he said back to that quote we said earlier from Iris Murdoch where she said that the great task is to seek reality.
So I thought what's real?
And the moment my life changed.
I had watched Endgame, and I was a freshman in college, and I was so freaked out about everything happening in the world, and I decided I was going to drop out, and I was going to do all, I was going to go create my own reality, and I was lying in bed, and I was listening to a video, and they asked this question that changed my life.
He said, is there life in your hands?
So I invite you to ask yourself that.
Is there life in my hands?
Is there energy in my hands?
Don't ask your mind that.
It's not a yes or no question.
If everything is energy, then all your hand is a massive energy moving at a very high speed of vibration.
But the way the whole control system works is to get us attached to our own minds, attached to our own thought process, believe everything that we think.
So is there life in my hands?
Can I feel the energy in my hands?
Just take a breath.
That's like one thing they don't want you to do.
They're like, do not take a breath.
Here's some more bad stuff happening.
Do not take a breath.
Because the whole thing is to keep the nervous system always like this, right?
They don't want the nervous system to go.
So just with me, ask yourself, is there life in my hands?
And just bring your attention to your right hand and see if you could feel the energy in your right hand.
And if you could feel the energy in your right hand, can you feel the energy in your left hand?
And if you can feel the energy in your right hand and your left hand, then you've officially stepped out of the pattern.
And when you officially step out of the pattern,
And you remember that everything is energy.
This is why I'm so hopeful because once you realize everything's energy, you realize that every single person, you listening to this and me listening to this, we're all connected to a collective unconsciousness.
And when we wake up, it's the hundredth monkey effect.
And what happens is it starts to pull everybody else with it.
So if you could feel the energy in your hands and you go, is there life in my hands?
Well, that energy is moving through you at all times.
Your brain is just an electronic switching station that's moving consciousness through you.
So I started to just do these thought experiments.
Could I drop out of college, backpack around the world, and become a successful published author?
Could I do X, Y, Z?
But they want to keep us so trapped into the emotional control grid that we never step back enough to ask any of those questions.
So I invite you to just do a mind experiment.
In the course, Alex talks about suspending your disbelief.
Since we go into a movie and
The reason that the movie, we go on the emotional rollercoaster is because you don't watch the movie and go, oh, that's Brad Pitt!
Stupid, he's faking it.
No, we allow our consciousness, our nervous system, to get sucked into the experience.
And Alex talks about suspending your disbelief and testing the power of consciousness.
See if you could attract more money.
See if you could grow your big project.
See if your videos could go viral and awaken many, many, many people.
And I feel so inspired here today after going through the course again and seeing the step-by-step process.
Open up your web browser.
Go to ResetWars.com to sign up right now.
ResetWars.com right now.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Jake Ducey, and I'm filling in in honor of Alex's new online course, Reset Wars, ResetWars.com, coming out here very soon.
And I've been able to watch it six times, and I got to sit and watch it live.
And it got me thinking about this one quote from the Bible, and it says that we're in this world, but not of it.
And I thought, well, why did they not like Jesus so much?
Well, because he was showing people that they were more than a physical body.
The metaverse, the whole control system is designed to keep us trapped in our senses.
And I used to think a lot of these things were just psychological phenomena, or maybe it was just spiritual, maybe it was just religious, maybe it was just new age.
And after I watched the recording of the course, I started going through some military documents.
And I pointed to this one earlier.
This is from the U.S.
Army College Quarterly, and it says, quote, one specific data processor, however, has received far less attention in U.S.
It is the security of the data processor known as the mind, which unfortunately has no innate firewall to protect it from either deceptive or electromagnetic processes.
As a result, the mind of the soldier on the battlefield is potentially more exploitable and unprotected to information warfare.
But the key word there is, it has no innate firewall.
We all know that these energy weapons didn't stop on the battlefield.
We all know that they didn't stop there.
And right now, if you feel down, right now if you feel worried, right now if you feel sick, afraid, angry, think about this.
This is from the Pentagon's papers on non-lethal energy weapons.
And there's a quote here, I won't read the entire passage, but it says, by using very low electromagnetic radiation,
The waves way below radio frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum.
He found he could induce the brain to release behavior regulating chemicals.
Now they started this by testing it on animals and he says we could put animals into a stupor by hitting them with these low pattern frequencies.
Now, the way that the emotional control grid that Alex talks about operates is to make us believe we are every thought we think.
But if 95% of my mind is just a subconscious pattern, then I can't be every thought that I think.
But the way the entire energy weapon system and mind control system and MK Ultra system that is society itself is designed to make us believe we are every thought and emotion that we have.
But then as I'm going through Alex's course, he says there's three planes.
There's a mental plane that you live on, there's the physical plane you live on, and there's the spiritual plane you live on.
They want to keep the spiritual plane away and keep us in the physical and the emotional realms entirely.
And that's the whole goal.
So here's a fascinating declassified document
That talks about US Patent Number 5159703 Silent Subliminal Presentation System.
A silent communication system in which non-oral carriers in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum
And it goes on to say that they've developed low wave systems and sound wave systems in order to control your emotions.
And this is what they're releasing as they move into the Great Reset.
Perhaps, as we're seeing all of this craziness occurring in the world, we're seeing people driving into streets and killing people on Christmas parades, we're seeing people seemingly get more and more insane every single day, perhaps,
Some of this is coming from that.
And perhaps when you feel alone, it's coming from that.
And I found that when I would just take a step back and just take a breath and say, am I every thought that I think?
I am not my thoughts anymore than I am my fingernail.
I'm a spiritual being in a physical body.
So then when I look at cars driving and running people over, when I look at how bad seemingly things are getting, when I look at Bill Gates going on television and saying, we have a new small box coming, guys!
There's two ways that I can go about it.
And one is, oh my gosh!
And get really mad and get really afraid.
And the other way to look at it
Is say, if I wake up, if I de-pattern myself, and I build a new operating system, then I can be in this world but not of this world.
So, if this whole reality is a simulation, then
Elon Musk and Bill Gates aren't the only people that could become really, really, really successful, have all types of resources and control the world.
You and I can do it.
And you go, well, it's not all about the money and the power.
Well, it kind of is.
And so as I was watching this course back through, I started saying to myself, what do I really want to create?
And what if all of this craziness that's happening in the world, ahhh, it's getting crazier and crazier, what if it's all happening simply for you and I to wake up?
That literally God created all of this craziness quite simply so we'll wake up to our higher spiritual faculties because it's so crazy that we can either do two things.
We can get so mad and so upset and so uninspired, which is exactly what they want.
Remember, in the course Alex talks about inspiration, being in spirit.
They don't want us to be in spirit.
They want us to be docile.
They want us to be dull.
They want us to be angry.
And I thought, well, what if God is actually creating all this craziness?
Because it's so insane that you can't make sense of it anymore.
So you lose your five senses and we wake up to our higher spiritual faculties.
And what if I could ask, what if you could ask, what if we could all ask God to move through us and say, what do I want?
What does God want for me?
And as soon as that speaks through us, there's inspiration in that moment.
And this is the step-by-step process that they don't want us to know about, because they want us to just get hit by the microwaves, they want us to get hit by the electromagnetic frequencies, and they want us to just go, ugh, we're screwed.
Guys, you don't get it, we're screwed!
You don't get it!
What are we gonna do?
They don't want us to take a breath.
They don't want us to go, is there life in my hands?
Can I feel the energy in my hands?
Can I feel spirit energy in my hand?
And can I build, taking that consciousness, that spirit energy, can I build a new reality?
That uplifts everyone around me.
Can I start to change my financial life?
Can I start to change the medical system?
Can I start to build a new system?
I think Alex starts the course with a quote by Buckminster Fuller, and we'll kind of end with it.
He says, essentially, that you don't beat the system by fighting the old model.
You build a new one that makes the old one obsolete.
And I thought that that really begins with making the old models of ourselves obsolete.
If you and I are really made in the image of God, if I'm really made in the image of God, then why do I believe that we're screwed?
If I'm made in the image of God, why do I believe that I'm screwed?
Why do we believe that we can't win?
And as soon as we start to ask that question, boom!
More bad news.
Right back into the emotional control grid.
Right back into the emotional control grid.
And so, I want to thank everyone for coming on the journey with me today.
And my name's Jake, and I was just popping in to talk about Alex's new online course, it's Reset Wars.
I first heard about Alex when I was a freshman in college.
My dad showed me Alex, and he showed me Endgame, he showed me the financial system, how everything worked.
And I decided I was going to drop out, and I was going to go create my own business and my own life.
And I've been, I've watched thousands of Alex's shows.
My dad's watched almost every one for, I don't know, 12, 15 years.
And I have to say, going through this course, I think it is the greatest thing that Alex has ever created.
Because this is showing exactly, I mean, we thought they wanted to ban him before they, he said he wanted, they wanted to get rid of his show.
CNN tried to get rid of his books.
Now, this is a step-by-step playbook.
It's ResetWars.com.
Go there right now and sign up.
If a hurricane is smashing into the Gulf Coast and I make the prediction that it's going to cause flooding, that's not a prediction.
You know it's a hurricane, you know it's got a lot of water it's going to dump, it's going to cause flooding.
So it wasn't a prediction 20 months ago when I said the UN order to lock down the world economy is going to cause a chain reaction that's going to cause supply chain problems for years, that's going to starve tens of millions to death.
And now it all happened.
25 million extra dead, hundreds of millions on the verge of starvation, and the UN that ordered it is running around being the savior.
Listen, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
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When you look at these tech companies like Amazon and what they are doing in the marketplace, we have empowered them.
And this actually sickens me a little bit.
That we empower these giant tech corporations by giving them our money, and then they turn around and bludgeon our lives, rob our children of their futures.
You know that I've been a homeschooling parent my entire life, right?
I have five kids, my oldest is 21, but I homeschooled them their whole lives.
Had nothing to do with COVID, obviously, it was long before that.
I've been telling people for a long time.
The system's corrupt.
Get your kids out of it, right?
And so then we watch these big companies that we pump money into just destroy our families and destroy everything around us and we keep giving them our money and that's crazy to me.
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By the way, what you're saying is
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