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Air Date: Nov. 21, 2021
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the failure of the New World Order system and how humanity is winning against it. He highlights the global protests against measures taken by governments during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Jones claims that vaccine manufacturers and regulatory bodies are hiding data about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, raising concerns over their intentions. Jones talks about how he predicted two years ago that there would be a plan to remove people's immune systems and replace them with gene therapies for regular viruses. He refers to science fiction TV programs that have similar scripts and criticizes Fauci's statements about booster shots every six months for babies and toddlers. The Alex Jones Show also discusses the aftermath of Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict, noting how independent media like InfoWars provides accurate information during these turbulent times. The show argues that individual rights are under attack by a global system seeking to impose a world government, anti-human eugenic system, and more deadly injections of poison. Drew Hernandez discusses the Kyle Rittenhouse case, accusing the media of manipulating the public's perception of it and using propaganda to push communism as a solution. He also emphasizes the importance of supporting independent media like InfoWars through donations and purchases from their online store. The show further discusses legal developments involving Alex Jones, who faces multiple defamation lawsuits related to his conspiracy theories. It criticizes the media and other opponents for attempting to silence him and discredit his work. Financial support is discussed as necessary for InfoWars to continue operations; $2 million is needed to cover expenses for the next year. The Waukesha parade shooting incident is also mentioned, with prayers offered for those affected by the tragedy. The possibility of a connection between the Waukesha incident and Antifa retaliation is considered. Additionally, Alex Jones' legal cases are discussed as being railroaded and the court system failing to recognize its own flaws. Robert Barnes joins the show to discuss lawsuits he plans to bring against several entities including the FDA, CDC, CNN, and Ventavia. He mentions a new project called the Unity Project that aims to fight vaccine mandates for children and adults by providing resources and information.

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Sunday Live.
Humanity is winning.
The globalist New World Order system isn't dying.
It's dead.
But they want to take us with them.
And that's the big takeaway.
Major glitches in the Matrix.
I can tell you that almost everyone that works for mainstream corporate news following the directives to divide and conquer the country and the world do not buy into it and actually don't even like it.
And the last straw, even the more evil ones, is they realize they're not even exempt from the poison shots in the final equation.
Wow, thank you so much for joining us on this Sunday, November 21st, Worldwide Broadcast.
We have two very informative individuals joining us.
One is Drew Hernandez at the bottom of the hour to talk about the big self-defense trial of the century.
With Rittenhouse and the aftermath of that and what comes next.
And then a lawyer that worked on the case and worked on jury selection, Robert Barnes.
Robert Barnes got us in contact with Rittenhouse, got his mom on the show.
And so he's definitely been an insider on that whole deal.
And so he's going to be joining us coming up in the second hour.
Then there's Sunday Live with Owen Schroeder.
6 to 8 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Let's put that headline back on screen for everybody.
Because the time we're living in is so momentous, I just wanted to sink in and kind of marinate our minds on this point.
Sunday Live.
Humanity's winning.
The globalist new order system isn't dying, it's dead.
But they want to take us with them.
What does that mean?
There's a lot to unpack there and I'm trying to get to it.
Coming up in the second segment, we really kick off the main broadcast.
Some stations join us here in just a few minutes.
But here's what you need to know.
Dying corrupt systems usually take a lot of people with them in a big, big way.
And so we need to understand historically
In fact, will you guys print me the definition of genocide?
I'd send it in, but I guess I didn't get it.
And when a system is about to go down, the instinct and the default position is to engage in a giant war and or a genocide.
And so that's where we are.
But it's a new type of genocide.
So many people, prominent people, that I tried to wake up almost two years ago when they launched this whole Great Reset Takeover, the fact that this was a designed collapse of society.
Bigger than the virus killing people will be the breakdown of civilization by people being locked up and not going out.
The supply chain disruptions and mass starvation.
And of course,
The inevitable wars that will come out of that, the angrier world that Klaus Schwab talks so much about.
What you're seeing is worldwide martial law.
Being imposed, and we always knew lockdowns were coming.
We always knew war were coming.
We always knew for the quote unvaccinated they were coming.
And we always knew they would start saying, oh, you need a shot every six months.
And then you need a shot every two months.
And then you need a shot every month.
And you ask, how many shots?
And they say, whatever it takes to slowly kill you.
Because one shot's a little too obvious to kill you right away.
Though some people it has the desired effect a little too quickly.
Uh, and so that's where this is all going.
This is just genocide out in the open.
And we have all the admissions and all the monsters involved in this, Fauci and the rest of them that are calling for our arrest for exposing them.
Uh, when we have free speech, you little monster.
Um, they're the ones that cooked it up and released the pretext for all this.
And they're members of Eugenics Clubs publicly.
The circle is now complete.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Sunday, November 21st, 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I want to thank you all for being here today.
If you go to InfoWars.com, you will see today's show headline that I'm going to read for folks here on air one more time because it's so important.
Humanity is winning.
The globalist new world order system isn't dying.
It's dead.
But they want to take us with them.
And here is a
Excellent example of that.
NIH director calls for COVID conspiracists, new little term they've got, to be brought to justice and arrested for telling the truth about them.
Now, this man lied to Congress and said there was no gain of function.
He was over it with Fauci and Bill Gates.
This man is a mass murderer.
This man needs to be arrested, along with Fauci and Bill Gates.
This man is a globalist.
The populationist, and he's on record being connected to those groups and organizations, just like Bill Gates and Fauci and the rest of these scallywags.
That's too good of a word for him.
And so he goes on to say the conspiracy theorists, conspiracists, are winning!
And they must not just be censored, they must be arrested!
He says their narratives are failing.
Well, uh, yes.
And if we don't get arrested, or we don't get shut down, as you hit the panic button, you guys are all gonna go to prison.
As usual, a bunch of old, inbred elitists, thought they could take over the world, thought they could depopulate people, and you triggered a war.
Millions of people are on the streets worldwide.
The police are now and military are beginning to join them in mass.
It's only a matter of time until they call in special units and they end up killing citizens.
And then the population is going to go into the major capitals and they're going to grab the globalist traders by the scruffs of their necks and they're going to march them out and they're going to hang them in the square.
I mean, look at these images from around the world.
Millions in the streets in Italy.
Millions in the streets in Germany.
Millions in Austria.
Our news will spin and go, oh, there was 10,000 in the streets.
And they'll show up-close shots of people marching down a street.
No, how about millions, hundreds of thousands in London alone?
And it's just getting started.
So, let's get to all that next segment.
But let's look at these facts first, because these are facts, and these are big wake-up calls for everybody.
FDA wants 55-year delay to provide Pfizer COVID vaccine data.
And I know that came out last Wednesday, but it's just now starting to get major papers and they're trying to defend.
Well, we do want to keep the data secret for 55 years.
Why the hell, when you did an emergency authorization for something and you say it's totally safe and now it's out there in the public and we know it's killing people and maiming them en masse, would you then say, oh, it's good to keep that data secret?
See, they're testing to see if they can kill us and get away with it.
And then once the rest of the governments of the world sign on to this, well, now they're ready for their next big step and the training wheels come off.
The COVID is just the training wheels.
It's beta.
The next stuff they hit us with, if we submit, we're dead.
If we submit, they go, okay, we got them locked down.
They're not going to struggle or take things back when we bring in martial law and really, absolutely release a real weapon on them, a super weapon on them.
If you behave and comply, you're marked for dead.
You're all being analyzed and assessed right now in live time by this exterminist cult.
So, transparency.
FDA wants 55-year delay to provide Pfizer COVID vaccine data.
Now, what does that tell you?
That's a pretty big deal, isn't it?
Here's Fauci.
We got the video of this.
Fauci says Americans may need boosters every six months.
I told you 20 months ago that was coming.
It was in the Pfizer documents to shareholders, their whole plan to remove the immune system and then make you have gene therapies for regular viruses and things where you'll die without.
You'll have them all the time, but they also slowly kill you.
That's not just a science fiction plot for most science fiction books.
Like, you name it.
Stargate, MOOC, TV shows.
I mean, every science fiction TV program from Twilight Zone, you name it, has this script.
And now you're living it because you're living the year 2021.
They're actually doing it.
Fauci says Americans may need boosters every six months.
And he says this, Fauci says babies and toddlers eligible.
And as soon as they say eligible, that means they're going to force you within a week.
Persons, oh, FDA authorizes boosters for adults.
Oh, now it's mandatory.
The headlines last week were, well, they're about to make boosters mandatory too, or you'll go to jail.
Fauci says babies, toddlers.
You'll be fired.
Are eligible for COVID jabs next year, first quarter, just a few months away.
And notice whatever he says will happen.
Oh, yes.
Because if the FDA board doesn't approve it, they'll just remove them and put another board in.
With people saying, well, I guess we got to find out what this does.
Remember three weeks ago when they approved it for children five up to 11?
And one of the members of the board said on TV, well, we got to find out what it does.
We never tested it.
Oh, but now you did test it in the public, and we don't get to find out until the year
Here's some more headlines.
Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age.
That's now in the Lancet Medical Journal, the British Medical Journal, and on the official UN Lancet and John Hopkins data dashboards that are the global standards.
Isn't that nice?
Not just Austria.
Here are some of the other countries making COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for everyone.
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.
And these guys just say it, and you better do it.
And then the head of, what, two weeks ago, the head of Pfizer says, I want to arrest people that disagree with us.
And I said, watch, you'll see our leader say that within a couple of weeks.
And now they're saying arrest us.
Because he's the boss.
I mean, he actually might be a robot.
You've seen the videos where his whole neck, like, he gulps and his whole neck, like it's a piston, goes up and down.
I mean, these are some weirdos, man.
These are some really freaky dudes.
I mean, they might be aliens.
I don't have any proof of that.
I'm just saying, hypothetically, like, they're aliens in plastic suits or something.
Because, I mean, if aliens came here and wanted to kill us in a science fiction plot, this is how they do it.
And they got, like, weird rubber skin and stuff.
I mean, I don't know.
The media will run with Jones says they're aliens with rubber skin.
I'm illustrating how out of control they are.
NIH director again calls for COVID conspiracists to be brought to justice.
Twice said earlier the circle is now complete.
It was the conspiracists, Alex Jones, 28 years ago, reading their own documents, said they're going to set up a world government using viruses as control, and then they'll arrest anybody that points it out.
They're going to break up our families and give us a world ID, digital number system.
And then now it's all here, and if we don't like it, oh, we need to be arrested.
We said they're going to set up a world government and start arresting people that say no to the forced inoculation.
That's in four or five of my films.
There's video of me 20 years ago, 18 years ago, 11 years ago, 10 years ago.
Hundreds of videos.
I just magically pulled it out of the air.
No, it was out of their documents.
And now, we're... If you talk about them arresting you, or you talk about them forcibly inoculating you, or how it doesn't really work, you need to be arrested!
Exactly what we're saying!
And that they'd have martial law and lockdowns and all of it, because it was a damn plan!
I mean, again, Operation Lockstep from 2011 is the entire program we're under.
And then you dovetail it and overlay it with SPARS 2023 document.
Where they war game, it's really 2020-2023, but they say 2023-2025 and out.
You overlay it and it's happening in real time, even down to the same tweets already pre-programmed and pre-written three years before, even firing in many cases on the same dates.
They just give them scripts and say, here was that tabletop drill we did and it's the exact program.
I mean, they got it all figured out and all we got to do is figure them out and it's game over.
But if we just keep responding and reacting to the new BS they put out, we're going to lose everything.
But if we just pull back and go, oh, there's their whole operation, New World Order, it's game over.
Again, you could argue maybe they didn't know that this wasn't a vaccine that was going to kill a bunch of people.
One out of a million.
But even that, I'll explain when we come back.
This is really important.
They think you have no memory.
They count on that.
Remember, Fauci said, oh, the vaccine's 96% effective.
It's really a vaccine.
We said, no, it's a gene therapy.
It will erase your immunity, and you'll have to continue to have the shots to even live.
That's the plan.
That's what all the top scientists said, literally, before they even started the injections.
We got the secret CDC document that they then published and made public via the FDA, where they said it's going to cause microcarditis and heart attacks in October of last year.
I mean, let that sink in.
This is really happening.
Thanks for tuning in here to the Alex Jones Show, Sunday edition.
And then just two weeks ago, Fauci and Gates and a bunch of others come out and say, oh, turns out it doesn't work.
You're gonna need shots every few months.
When it was all in the prospectus documents to shareholders.
A year and a half ago that this was permanent.
And I played you Pfizer executives and top scientists from their groups going, oh, this is going to be great.
Yeah, we've already done our own secret trials.
And we found that it will get rid of the immune system.
So you'll need shots every few months.
And they're like smiling about it.
I played those clips over and over again.
They go on TV and brag to each other.
Remember the guy that wrote Obamacare?
Forget his name.
Jonathan Gruber.
He went on C-SPAN and bragged, oh, I, no one can come up with a plan to deceive the boomers to sign on to Obamacare.
So even though it tripled their prices, I wrote up a plan to lie and deceive them in Congress and we got it passed.
And he's getting a standing ovation at a university.
While he goes, I lied!
I helped deceive!
Oh, yay!
Oh, that was so good!
He just had a lie.
An Ezekiel Emanuel on Fox News going, Obamacare is going to bankrupt the economy.
We're going to take over and have Cloward and Piven.
I mean, he actually said that.
He wasn't joking.
They can't even help their hateful, nasty disdain.
And now they're hitting us with a bioweapon and laughing at us.
It's unbelievable.
It's out of control.
It's over the top.
Here's a little short
Boil down, I found on Twitter, follow the COVID vaccine money.
More like, follow the lies and flip-flopping and don't be like a goldfish, you only have a seven-second memory, because remember, whatever Fauci said a month ago is going to be different today, but how did I predict years before how the lies will unfold?
Because they write prospectuses to their shareholders of why the stock's going up.
They say this is a permanent global medical ID.
There's shots every two months and they're just building them up to get used to that.
Here it is.
There's been over a 20 to 1 return.
If you had put that money into an S&P 500 and reinvested the dividends, you'd come up with something like $17 billion, but you think it's $200 billion.
Here, yeah.
You're okay.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
These vaccines are highly, highly effective.
Vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick.
They're really, really good against variants.
Everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves, but reducing their transmission to other people and allowing society to get back to normal.
Get your first shot, and when you're due for your second, get your second shot.
Our key goal is to stop the transmission, to get the immunity levels up so that you get almost no, almost no,
Uh, infection going on whatsoever.
When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected.
If you're vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized, you're not going to be in an ICU unit, and you're not going to die.
If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask.
Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a mask or physical distancing.
But what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission.
You know, we didn't have vaccines that block transmission.
We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmissions.
We need a new
The level of virus in the nasopharynx of a person who's vaccinated and infected is the same level as the level of virus in the nasopharynx of an unvaccinated person.
And if you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month and a half
Clearly one of the best investments I've ever been involved in.
Well, there you go!
And of course, they'll try to block that on Twitter and Instagram saying it's edited deceptively.
No, they said all that.
They did all that.
That's very accurate.
Including the one where Gates says, I've made a 20 to 1 profit on vaccine investment.
And he has.
And the media goes, well, he's a philanthropist.
He gave all his money away to his own other foundations and other businesses that he owns.
So he takes the money, it's tax-free, goes back into other companies, gets it all back tax-free and keeps investing it and calling it tax-exempt, saying it's a donation.
It's just because he's an insider.
They're in the club.
He doesn't pay taxes, got it?
He pays taxes when he buys a hamburger, sells tax, and he hates that, okay?
They're monsters.
They're not like us.
Let me just show you this again.
The FDA wants a 55-year delay to provide Pfizer COVID vaccine data.
Boy, what's that tell you?
Now they want to give it to babies.
He's our boss.
Fauci said so.
And then look at this.
Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age.
This is from the British government's own official numbers.
They can't even hide it.
It just keeps coming out everywhere.
And same numbers are coming out worldwide.
They also now, we know, and Pfizer suppressed this data in the live studies they've been doing on humans in the last year and a half.
Oh, but look!
NIH director calls for COVID conspiracy theorist, conspiracist.
Like, conspiracist is in on, the word conspiracist is like you conspire to rob a bank, or you conspire to cook up a virus and release it to create fear and then roll out of gene therapy that erases people's immune systems and gives them heart attacks.
But now those of us that are exposing their conspiracy, their criminal operation, we're the conspiracists.
See the inversion of reality.
Global government, global ID, world force inoculation.
Doesn't protect you, erases your immune system.
That's the real numbers.
Kills you at twice the rate of other people that didn't take it.
And they want to arrest the conspiracist.
Well, you know what?
I'll take my chances with the arrest then.
And yes, I know you're working around the clock to get me arrested and cook some up some charges.
And oh, Jones doesn't get a jury trial and a defamation suit.
Guilty until proven guilty.
We'll just decide how guilty you are.
And they brag.
We want to silence him.
Because this is an authoritarian takeover.
This is an attack on everybody, and anybody fighting back is going to be under attack by the system.
They've weaponized the judiciary.
They've weaponized it all over the world.
The police are attacking men, women, and children who try to go outside.
Oh, because of the virus that the very UN and very group taking over created and released.
On record!
Oh no though, the head, the former head of the NIH, he wants everybody arrested.
Exposes you?
You're the one that's going to get arrested.
You bit off more than you can chew.
You got that?
You got it?
Okay, we're on a collision course.
Glad you got it, son.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
It's Sunday, November 21st and we're 33 minutes into this live, original, frontline report.
Well, Drew Hernandez is an investigative journalist and on the ground
We're good.
Eyes and ears there as humans, but also the electric eye, documenting what really happened that didn't let MSM put Rittenhouse in prison and all of our rights to self-defense in prison for life.
But the fact is they still tried it and they censored, I was reviewing this last few days since the verdict, they censored so many people.
I mean, they took bank accounts away from so many people we know that are journalists and their credit cards, you name it, for supporting Rittenhouse.
In fact, we got debanked, I never meant a big deal about it, last year, again, for supporting, well, earlier this year for supporting Rittenhouse.
It was right after we had his mother on
From their home, and it was two days later, bam.
So, I'm out here playing the victim.
I'm saying this is tyranny.
You hear about the Red Scare and some persecution of people that were communist, and I don't agree with that because once you persecute them, you'll get persecuted too, but this is thousands of times worse than that.
And, you know, we think about discriminating against somebody for what color they are is wrong, and I agree with that.
Well then what about discrimination for your political beliefs, your ideas?
But we're all vindicated, but how many police officers, how many police officers lost their jobs for saying they supported Colorado House?
A lot.
How many got fired because the left hacked into databases of this fundraiser and found out who they were?
These are terrorists, these are bullies, these are dangerous people, and giving in to them and backing down to them has gotten us to the place we are, where hordes and masses of mainly white pedophiles and methheads, but there's some black and Hispanic ones in there as well, I can't really ever see any Asians in there, I'm just being honest, they want to make everything racial, I'll talk about the racial group I'm seeing here, it's mainly flipped out, virtue signaling, Caucasian, methhead, devil worshipper, pedophile types.
You know, Antifa, who are actually the fascists.
There's a few clubs who are going to Drew Hernandez to get his take, you know, after this has already sunk in since Friday.
There's just a smattering of what's going on.
We've got MSNBC saying that Rittenhouse's verdict is a warning to white BLM supporters that race traitors can be shot.
Total lie, total fraud, total garbage.
Here's another one.
MSNBC's Tiffany Cross says Rittenhouse is a, quote, little murderous white supremacist.
There's another one.
Crowd chants in Chicago.
The only solution is communist revolution and Chicago's protest against the Rittenhouse verdict.
And we've got the people shooting guns into buildings and going crazy and burning things.
And we've got people marching saying they're going to get the white people in New York.
And all over the country, this type of crazy crap.
When it was mobs of people running around burning down Section 8 housing and blue-collar car dealerships and small mom-and-pop gas stations.
And people getting shot, and people getting their jaws broken, and you know, cops out, old black retired police officers out protecting somebody's store getting shot in the chest and dying.
I mean, that's the real world that happened here, not the fantasy land.
And I gotta say though, and then we're gonna go to Drew, we'll play these clips next segment, it shocks me to a level that I can't even believe this.
When I see that Soros-funded prosecutor lying up there and trying to get witnesses to lie and being caught basically in what I believe is crimes, and when I see the media worshipping and Hollywood stars calling the convicted five-time child rapist nicknames like poor little JoJo,
Some crazy pedophile running around screaming and attacking people and trying to stop Rittenhouse from putting out fires.
I mean, this is satanic.
So, Drew Hernandez, thank you for joining us.
I don't blame you not going up there for the verdict, it's so dangerous.
But wow, what do you make of the aftermath and what's your big takeaway from all this?
Alex, this is why InfoWars is always saying there's a war on for your mind.
Literally, this was big tech and corporate media against independent media, the American people themselves.
Why do I say that?
Because can you imagine if myself and other independent
The independent reporters that were there on the ground that had their footage used in the trial were not there.
The reality would be that Kyle Rittenhouse would be in prison right now if that footage did not exist and we had to rely on the fake news media cartel narrative in cahoots with big tech that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist that showed up as an active shooter to shoot a bunch of black people.
That is 100% a lie from the pit of hell.
That never happened.
Kyle Rittenhouse did not shoot any black people.
If anything, Kyle Rittenhouse shot a white child rapist, pedophile, that was charging him from behind, that was a threat to his life, and he shot him in self-defense.
Joseph Rosenbaum was a child rapist.
Joseph Rosenbaum was a child rapist.
Joseph Rosenbaum was a child rapist.
I'm going to say that over and over and over again, Alex.
And here's why.
Because you and I know how powerful you have the useful idiots with Disney, the Hollywood pedo elites that are literally standing side by side with Joseph Rosenbaum right now, which is not a surprise.
But people should realize and open up their eyes that they are the ones that stand with their own.
And there's a reason why these people are standing with Joseph Rosenbaum.
Number one, because it was based off of a lie, and these people stand with their own and they defend their own.
This is a disgrace.
Like you said, Alex, it's satanic, it's evil, but we literally have people calling for communist revolution, Black Lives Matter in Chicago, over a child rapist because they think that he's a hero.
He's not.
He's not in any way, shape, or form.
It's a disgrace.
We have people that know he didn't cross state lines with a gun, that know he was there defending his dad's property, and they're up there knowingly, even after everything comes out about Rittenhouse, to say that he is a white supremacist out to murder white supporters of black people.
I mean, they're definitely inciting violence against Rittenhouse is what's going on.
Listen, conservatives, right-wingers, you know, people are saying this isn't about race, this isn't about race.
This is about race.
And here's why.
This is a strategic attack on white people.
I'm not even white and this bothers me.
Because this is wrong.
It's evil.
Just because you're white doesn't mean that you're evil and some kind of racist white supremacist.
But they ran with that with Kyle because they know there are millions of lemmings in the United States of America, in the world, that are just going to follow that, listen to that, not even question that, and just believe that as if it's 100% gospel truth.
Listen, there is an all-out assault, slander, on white people right now with this critical race theory garbage.
It all ties in together.
And it's a disgrace to this country.
This is about race.
And it's not about race because Kyle made it about race.
It's because the fake news media cartel manipulates the minds of millions of people to believe that this was a white supremacist.
They make it about race.
It's an attack on white people, Alex.
And for the record, I'm not white.
I'm brown.
I'm Hispanic.
And this pisses me off, too.
Well, I mean, look, it's the ruling class trying to divide everybody.
I mean, they're killing us all with inflation.
They're destroying our country.
They're trying to collapse us and get rid of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
It's a classic tactic.
That's what the British Empire did in India.
People say, well, Indians are all Indians.
No, they're not.
Some are Muslim.
They're different.
Some are Hindu.
Some are Buddhist.
It's regional fights.
And the British went in with less than 10,000 soldiers on average for hundreds of years and control everybody with sociology, knowing which groups to play off against each other.
That's all this is.
It's called The Great Game.
Saul Alinsky, right?
Rules to radicals.
The game plan is to what?
Is to get people against each other.
Get two classes.
Pin them against each other.
Get them to hate each other.
Get them to destroy each other.
Get them to kill each other for who they are based off of a lie.
That's exactly what's happening in the United States of America.
We need to wake up to this.
It's literally- Saul Linsky dedicated his book to Lucifer!
Satan himself!
This is the playbook!
It's demonic!
It's satanic!
They want us to kill each other, Alex, and we have to wake up to the reality, and we have to see that this is literally strategically planned to dismantle the United States of America, and it's happening.
It's happening, Alex, and we have to- The good news is, stay right there, let's come back and talk about that and what you think is coming next and how we counter this.
But again, we've got Drew Hernandez here, as usual, kicking butt.
He's on Twitter at DrewHLive, DrewHLive.com as well.
So bookmark that.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Drew Hernandez is a good friend of mine.
And he's also a hero, because in a land of folks that have handed over their authority to the corrupt system and the corporate media, he is out there, not just in the case of Kenosha, but literally hundreds of times that I know of where he got game-changing footage that absolutely went viral and woke the country up like the footage.
Of them cramming the children illegally in the back of cars, disappearing off to airports, and no records of what their real names are being with them.
In some cases, not with their parents.
I mean, this is criminal activity, ladies and gentlemen.
And without people like Drew out there, and quite frankly, in full wars, magnifying it and being on the same story with him,
That wouldn't have been out there.
And so many times I look and who's the MVPs?
It's a handful of us.
And that's why I thank the listeners for keeping us on the field.
Because without you, we wouldn't be here and the enemy would be winning right now.
And that's what's crazy is that, you know, I got some calls the last few days by very prominent people, good people.
And they just said, look, you're right about the whole world.
And we were basically not
You know, able to deal with this because it's so shocking, but you're right, and we've got to take on the globalists, and we've got to stop them, and we've got to do it.
And a lot of these are formerly liberal people who meant well, but have been conned.
And so, the dam's breaking, the chain reaction's happening, but the system is panicking.
And so, the universities and all these systems are funded by big mega banks and taxpayers,
But they're pushing communism because that's the system the globalists use to control China and so many other places.
It's the mega-rich funding that and using communism as a system to basically bring this country down.
And Drew Hernandez mentioned this.
Here's a video clip of it in Chicago.
There's also a similar video out of New York where they're chanting, saying that communist revolution is the only way.
Here it is.
The only solution is communist revolution!
The only solution is communist revolution!
That's why we need communism!
That's what we need!
We need that!
We need that to save us!
So, the globalists cut off the food using COVID as the cover, cut off the jobs, people are hungry, and then they tell them the answer is communism!
But, again, the banks will sit offshore and manage America just like they did Russia and China today.
Here's Tiffany Cross.
Again, this is par for the course, what they're saying on CNN and MSNBC.
Here's just one of many clips we've got.
I find these people disgusting, Ellie.
I'm disgusted at what I'm seeing.
It's not just this trial, it's other trials.
But this in particular, the fact that white supremacists roam the halls of Congress freely and celebrate this little murderous white supremacist and the fact that he gets to walk the streets freely.
It lets you know these people have access to instituting laws.
They represent the legislative branch of this country.
What are we to make of that?
Welcome to the modern Republican Party.
This is what these people want, and this is what a majority of white people vote for.
When I say that a majority of white people are in favor of this kind of violence, it is because a majority of white people consistently vote Republican.
No, so again, this is MSNBC, this is some of the biggest, most powerful corporations in the world telling you they're revolutionaries with a bunch of people calling people white supremacist because they don't want their neighborhoods burned down by child molesters.
Drew Hernandez.
Alex, this is literally what they want.
What they do is they politicize these things in order to radicalize their base.
Now, here's an example.
Shortly after the verdict was literally issued to the entire world by a jury, Kyle Rittenhouse was found by a jury to be not guilty.
He acted in self-defense.
Shortly after,
Midget Jerry Nadler says justice cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines looking for trouble while people engage in First Amendment protected protests.
The only problem with that statement, Alex, is that there was nobody protesting in Kenosha on night one, two, and three.
It was a riot.
The First Amendment does not cover riots.
It doesn't cover burning down businesses and shooting people?
And then they go with that and they take to the streets and they defend child rapists like Joseph Rosenbaum in the middle of the streets calling for a communist revolution.
People need to wake the hell up.
These people are lying to you.
They are lying to your face because they do not care about you, because they want to control you.
When you have somebody that's
Petaling a lie to your brain, that is somebody that wants to control how you think.
That's exactly what these deep state globalists do, and Jerry Nadler is trying to say that Kyle Rittenhouse went after peaceful protesters to use and exercise their First Amendment right, and that is justification for the DOJ to go after Kyle Rittenhouse now?
This is the lie!
There's no case for that, Alex.
No case whatsoever.
It is all political.
They politicize this because they use their power, they abuse their power to go after their political opponents.
That's right.
And now, since they've been caught lying all these years, they're just doubling down with bigger lies instead of stopping the lying, which makes more of the public wake up against them, so they only intensify.
They're never going to give up.
How do you think this all ends?
That's question number two, but the first question I should have said this up front.
You're alluding to it.
That's the show headline tonight.
Biden's DOJ may bring federal charges against Rittenhouse after show trial collapse.
And to do that, they have surrogates of the puppet president
And they have Nadler, as you just mentioned, himself saying they need to do this.
So, absolutely insane.
And I guess the political FBI, even though it'll blow up in their face, they'll follow orders.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Justice Department doesn't indict Kyle Rittenhouse.
I mean, think about it, Alex.
What's the bigger picture here?
Who's the one?
Who's the one with the biggest microphone that literally used Kyle Rittenhouse's image as a poster boy for white supremacy as he was running for president on the campaign trail in 2020?
It was Brandon.
It was Joe Biden.
It was him.
Is Joe Biden fearing Kyle Rittenhouse, suing him for defamation, and now he's going to sic the DOJ on Kyle because he knows the writing is on the wall?
Because he's literally responsible, using the biggest microphone in the nation, to paint this kid, defame this kid, slander this kid of being a white supremacist?
I don't know.
It could be true, Alex.
I'm just speculating here.
But it would not surprise me if the answer to that question is yes.
Kyle Rittenhouse has no hardcore far-right, right-wing political history.
The kid wanted to be a police officer.
The kid wanted to be an AMT.
The kid was looking to live a noble life.
He had nothing to do with Trump, nothing to do with right-wing politics.
The kid just wanted to live his life, and he got sucked into this, and they politicized it because it was a Black Lives Matter riot.
That's what made this political.
That's right.
They want Black Lives Matter and Antifa to be these brown shirts who can run around burning, attacking and killing whoever they want to intimidate America into submission and to intimidate the police into taking a knee and even laying on their bellies to them.
Remember, that was done all over the country.
But notice the whole spell that Soros and MSM put over us because we didn't like seeing what happened to George Floyd has now evaporated.
Alex, people can go look at my Twitter right now.
Go to Drew H. Live right now.
I posted up the clip.
There are literal NPC talking heads on MSNBC saying, they allow Drew Hernandez to be a fact witness.
Yeah, because I am.
I'm an eyewitness.
I have hundreds of body cam footage to show.
He's biased.
He thinks pedophiles shouldn't be allowed to riot and attack people.
They were saying he said Antifa.
He used the word Antifa as if I was lying.
I have the body cam footage.
Antifa was there in Kenosha rioting, instigating the whole thing alongside with the Black Lives Matter militants.
These people don't want the truth coming out.
Even when I was testifying, Alex, under oath, I testified under oath that Antifa was there rioting and I have the body cam footage.
But that's what they do.
When we come out and say they're going to...
When we come out and say they want a world government enforced inoculation, then it comes true we need to be arrested according to the NIH for pointing out what's true.
Everybody knows Antifa's there.
Everybody knows MSNBC said Antifa's good hundreds of times.
But now you're not even supposed to say they exist, Drew!
That's just crazy!
Absolutely, because they want their lie to thrive.
They don't want people to know the truth.
And listen, I don't care what your politics are.
I know I say this over and over and over and over again.
Whether you're on the left or the right, if somebody is lying to you, that is the most offensive thing someone could ever do.
Why would you want to listen to someone that is lying to your face?
Oh no, Drew, you're the hard right winger that's lying to me.
Am I really?
Why don't you study for yourself?
And I'm speaking to people that are watching this that are just literally not thinking for themselves.
You have to think for yourself.
You have to discover for yourself.
You have to educate yourself.
Do not allow the federal government be the one who thinks for you.
Is it really that hard, Alex?
You're absolutely right, Drew.
Do five more minutes with us because I want to ask you where you think this goes and what we should all be doing to promote our own right to self-defense.
So it is a victory that despite all the propaganda and all their disinfo and all their trying to influence the jury, the truth won this time.
But he should never have been on trial to begin with.
You know, everybody's been saying that from Tucker Carlson to you to Mike Cernovich here in studio on Friday.
And that's really what it is.
Hour number two coming up.
Robert Barnes is going to respond to Rittenhouse and the big vaccine mandates that are so criminal and more next hour that Owen Schroer comes in.
Big second hour straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on.
All right, here's my final question for Drew Hernandez.
And he can make any other points he'd like to, but we see these videos coming out so much that I don't even really ever play them on the show because there's hundreds a day that I could look at.
I just can't help it, you know, see five or six a day.
Shots fired at Flash Mob raids Nordstrom's in upscale California town.
So now once things become lawless, then you start getting raiders or just pirating.
And then the people start fighting with each other and shooting at each other.
You're not going to hear a word about this on the mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is just the breakdown of civilization and society.
And we also, again, so-called victims, Carl Rittenhouse, shot, pedophile, woman beater, and domestic abuser in self-defense.
You have the media defending that.
Again, this is really the Democrats becoming the party of evil.
And you've got Mark Ruffalo saying, you know, what a wonderful person Rosenbaum was, and that's just not
But the truth, when you'll publicly defend child molesters, you've got a serious, serious, serious problem.
You're talking about the same JoJo, that's his nickname, that rapes little boys and uses the n-word?
What the hell is wrong with you, Mark?
Oh no, they, that's what, Hollywood is a satanic, spiritual, vampiric, pedophile command base.
Drew Hernandez, your take on that.
Alex, you know, I'll just say this.
It reminds me a lot when Trump won in 2016.
I know it was a massive celebration, but I think you and I both know that we immediately realized that the deep state was going to retaliate immediately.
And here's why.
The little guy is not supposed to win.
The American people are not supposed to win.
Kyle Rittenhouse was the little guy.
He was supposed to lose.
The Deep State, the globalists, that cabal, they didn't want him to win.
They wanted to put him in jail forever, make an example out of him, so they could scare every single gun owner from defending themselves in the future ever again, or even scare anybody from attempting to purchase a firearm for the purpose of self-defense ever again.
That wasn't supposed to happen, Alex.
So we know that the Deep State will retaliate.
This is probably why the DOJ is about to mobilize against Kyle Rittenhouse and probably everybody involved.
I mean, I'm pretty sure my name is obviously already out there.
I'm preparing.
I'm getting myself prepared for what's to come.
But listen, we have to be on guard.
We have to know that God is with us.
We can't allow these people to intimidate us.
We can't allow these people to put us in a position where we are afraid to stand up for truth, justice,
Because if we do, that is how they win, okay?
We are in a place in American history where they expect us to bend the knee because we're dealing with serious tyranny, which is not a conspiracy theory, and we are going to stand up against it, and this is a perfect example of that.
So my prediction is there will be a deep state retaliation because people like Kyle Rittenhouse, the American people, the little guy like you and me, Alex, are not supposed to get a W like this.
And here's the reason why as well.
Because they don't want
Their lemmings, the millions of people that they control, to see that the little guy could still win in the end.
They want, in their minds, okay?
This is what the deep state wants.
The deep state wants, in the minds of millions of people that they control, that there is nobody that is more powerful or that could defeat them ever.
And Kyle Rittenhouse just did.
So this is why there will be a retaliation and we will see what that looks like, Alex.
Well, Drew Hernandez works for multiple different journalistic organizations, but I got to say, you are a really smart person and a great talk show host and a lot better than most of the stuff we see on Fox News.
So it's good to know you.
And when I go to sleep at night with my four children, it's good to know there are real men like you out there, Drew.
So for everybody at InfoWars, we love you and we appreciate you.
Everybody can find more of what you do on your website, DrewHLive.com and at Drew H Live.
Drew, thank you so much.
Likewise, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you, buddy.
That's what it's going to take.
Guys like that right there.
That's the future of the world.
If we want to have a future.
Men like that.
So we're going to come back on the other side with Robert Barnes to talk about the cutting edge of the fight against the vaccine tyranny inside the Rittenhouse jury selection that he was involved in and then also so much more.
We'll also talk about the unprecedented destruction of the right of the trial by jury by the Democratic Party operative judges against yours truly.
Now that's going to be used as a pretext because everybody else.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, a lot of people tell me their favorite guest on the show is Robert Barnes.
He doesn't just know the law, he's also quite the historian.
We've got to cover the waterfront in this hour.
We've got to let before Owen takes over with Sunday Live.
Two hours of live Sunday transmission as well.
The reason I've been doing a Sunday show, not just a weekday show, for now 14 years, is a lot of stuff happens on the weekend and there's a lot of people tuning in.
That's why I started doing Saturday shows.
That's why we started doing the Sunday Show 14 years ago.
Well, I'm going to start doing a nighttime just call-in show that's basically going to only have like two or three minutes of breaks an hour.
So we can just join some stations that want to carry it.
So in the face of all this tearing these historic times, I am turning up the heat on the New World Order.
I want to get into the Rittenhouse trial first, then the latest, because Barnes is involved with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
He's about to file a major suit.
He's already filed a whole bunch in Texas, where Pfizer suppressed the deaths.
Remember he told you about that a month ago that it was coming out?
Two weeks later, it came out, and he's the lawyer at the tip of the spear on that.
So that's a big, big deal.
But he also, again, ran much of the jury selection on the Rittenhouse trial.
So we'll talk about that first.
But let me hit this little caveat in this segment, and then we'll come back with the Rittenhouse stuff.
Here's a little folder from this week.
Didn't spend a lot of time on it, but I am now.
Two minutes.
Alex Jones is guilty.
That's just this file.
And this is only a fraction of the thousands, thousands,
You can go to Google News and type this in and you'll see 3,000 results in the news column.
Alex Jones is guilty!
Alex Jones found guilty.
Guest editorial.
At long last, Alex Jones is held to account.
Alex Jones conspiracy theorist releases video begging for money after being found guilty in Sandy Hook cases.
London Independent.
I love how they took a screenshot of me with my eyes closed.
I mean, it's just every level of sophisticated garbage.
Alex Jones found guilty by default.
At least they told the truth in this article.
LA Times.
On and on and on and on and on.
Alex Jones found guilty in all four defamation cases.
Yahoo News.
Alex Jones found guilty.
Conspiracy theorist loses fourth lawsuit, found guilty.
Alex Jones, found guilty.
Guilty, guilty, guilty.
Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.
Guilty, guilty, guilty.
On and on and on.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones found guilty.
BW.com is the national German TV biggest channel.
All over the world, folks, Connecticut judge orders InfoWars Alex Jones to pay damages to families of standing or shooting victims in defamation lawsuits.
The current
You've got them all out there giving their press conferences and just loving themselves.
We talk about where Butthead went to go work.
That's actually his butthead right there.
Yeah, yeah.
He wrote the First Amendment.
And the guns too.
Yeah, yeah.
Alex Jones liable for damages.
On and on and on.
Lennon Guardian.
Now, there it is.
I mean, Rolling Stone goes on for hours and hours.
No jury.
And it's not true that we didn't turn over.
The information.
It's all not true.
And the total proof is Owen Schroer was never subpoenaed or never deposed in the Texas cases.
Never called and then they defaulted him.
How do you do that?
So I wanted to just mention here that they're very angry and they're very upset.
That we would then, after them trying to deplatform us and debank us and all the harassment, all the defamation, oh, he finally is being paid back for questioning a mass shooting that the internet questioned because of very interesting anomalies that we have a right to question.
I'm not calling a young man a white supremacist and saying he carried guns across state lines to kill people.
He needs to be killed, like mainstream news.
And once they have the Alex Jones exception, that's why some of the Republican Party is actually behind these suits with the Democrats.
We're not dumb.
We know that.
That'll come out when we're ready to release it.
They're going to use this to shut everybody's speech down.
So yeah, I don't like them saying these defamatory things about Kyle because they could get him killed.
Everything they've accused me of, they're actually doing.
And it's the anti-gun lobby that's after Kyle because they don't want you to be able to defend yourself.
So the same groups that have bankrupted Remington that are trying to sue us into oblivion are bragging.
And telling us and telling the world we want to silence Alex Jones.
That's villainous.
I didn't make my career out of Sandy Hook.
They did.
I hardly ever talked about it and they know that.
But they want to set up dead kids against Alex Jones, so...
Owen raised over $200,000 for his legal defense.
It will cost at least that.
They're trying to put him in jail for years and years for being at the Capitol.
It will cost, conservatively, to fight it through trial, half a million dollars.
That's what inflation is with any decent lawyers now.
He's raised 200-something thousand.
That's great.
But I noticed when we did his fundraiser, almost no money came in at InfoWarsTore.com for those days.
So I said, okay, hold it.
You got enough for now.
We got to get the rest of the money to pay the crew and everything else.
Same thing happened here.
Store.com, since I plugged this on Thursday and Friday, had its sales cut in more than half.
And I'm not complaining at listeners, but when I said SaveInfoWars.com, give, send, go, to try to raise $2 million, we have six different defamation suits we've got to fight in the next year, starting in March, running through fall.
And you just don't go to them.
They'll arrest me.
I have to go sit there in a kangaroo court, not be able to talk, be lied about, and be pillory.
But that's okay.
I'm lucky they didn't just kill me like JFK or somebody, or try to put Owen in prison.
I mean, this is their play.
This is what they're doing.
We have to go through it and just preserve the record for appeal, whatever.
Keep fighting.
They're already pissed we've been fighting them three-plus years.
But what I noticed is when we get donations there at SaveInfoWars.com, it's the same great people that are buying products to keep us on air.
They just don't buy the product, they go over and they make a donation.
And that tells me that it's
Middle class and blue collar people giving the money, and not all the nouveau riche that are going to lose every damn penny you got if you don't get off the bench and come in for the fight.
So I love our listeners.
Thanks for the financial support.
It's for your free speech as well.
We are the tip of the damn spear.
So I need you to go to SaveInfoWars.com.
And look, I'm not complaining, but we've raised $170,000.
Okay, can we go to SaveInfoWars.com?
I want to show folks on screen.
And if you go there, that's 8% of the goal we need.
I'm fighting the Democratic Party.
$2 million will give us the budget we need in the next year.
I mean, hell, just the two weeks of my divorce trial and custody battle cost me $300-something thousand.
And I'm not bitching, but that was all brought for political reasons and covered by the media for political reasons.
I'm just saying, you want this dog in the fight, you want this dog in the hunt, I will never betray you, I will never back down, I will never surrender, but I could give out.
So, they want to capture us, they want to take us over, they want to have us just like, capture the flag, okay?
Because they know we're the epicenter.
If I told you behind the scenes, my phones are tapped, the enemy knows, the level of influential stuff we have, it's not just Bolsonaro listening every day, it's not just
It's everybody, and I'm not bragging, but we've reached, through God, incredible levels where extremely cutting-edge, most popular people say, all right, actually, you know, you're the general, what do we do?
And that is not a power trip for me.
That is a great responsibility now, where people are like, oh, he's right a lot, he's kind of eccentric, kind of an idiot savant, yeah, but still, he's a little out of it, which I am.
I'm just like you, I'm a regular person, but I've been given the gift of understanding us, and you've all been given gifts as well that God gave us to fight these people, and InfoWars is hitting its absolute
Crime right now.
We are entering what we were made for, what we were built for together.
So I need you to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get t-shirts, get books, get great supplements, get great coffee, get great films.
Storewide free shipping going right now.
Double Patreon points.
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So many other great products.
But the big thing is the donations.
Because if I spend two million dollars
On these defenses this year, I just sold my house and I'm using that money to actually fight harder and get more reporters and do more events and make more films and you see everything we're doing.
I need that money from the house sale to up our attack in the Info War.
I do not need it to sit there and run this defense operation.
It's a rearguard action just holding off the globalists while they chew through the wall.
So this is what it is.
I'll use the Final Matrix movie analogy where the machines are drilling in to get everybody and the Neo's up there in the Matrix trying to beat the whole game before they get everybody in Zion.
That's basically the analogy.
It's like big drillers going...
We're actually, I'm trying to man the guns and fight the big globalist operations and coming for our children and everything else that's happening, and then meanwhile they've got this driller coming through right here.
We gotta hold the drillers back, and then by then it'll be way too late!
Probably already is!
Folks, we are just devastating the enemy!
Devastating their ass!
I am so frickin' happy!
I am so fired up!
I just want to stay in the game, folks!
Just give me the ball!
Just give me the ball!
And you give me the ball by going to SaveM4Wars.com!
Give me the ball!
Give me the ball!
In the fight against the New World Order!
We're not bragging here, folks, but InfoWars is the greatest of all time!
All of us together!
We'll be back!
Robert Barnes is our guest.
We're going to talk about the Rittenhouse trial of the century.
Self-defense on the chopping block, but for now, reprieve.
But this is breaking
There's a parade shooting car running into people reports.
And I guess this is out of Waukesha, if I'm saying that right.
Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Police say they are having an emergency with a scene unfolding in response to Twitter reports of a car running through the city's Christmas parade.
And shots being fired.
You know, they always say if it's a Muslim, it's a Christian convert.
People told Heavy.com that their loved ones were barricaded in the stores after a vehicle drove through the crowd with someone firing gunshots from it.
So let's hope and pray that there's not too many hurt or killed or anybody hurt or killed.
Now going to Robert Barnes.
Thanks for coming on.
You've been a very busy man.
You're going to be in studio with us in about a week and a half.
Got some big things going down in Texas.
But let's get into Colorado House right now.
You know, that incident is in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
It's right up the road from Kenosha.
It's about a half an hour or so from Kenosha.
It's a suburb of Milwaukee.
So I wonder if it's correlated.
I mean, there was a lot of threats made, death threats made against Kyle.
The Portland Antifa was making them over the weekend.
So, you know, due to the media's constant barrage of lies about Kyle, I mean, this case was about whether self-defense exists in America, because if they could convict Kyle in Kenosha, nobody had self-defense rights left.
And it was about the corruption of the press and the corruption of the politicians and the corruption of the prosecutors combined to collude to deny justice in America, to deny self-defense in America, to deny the Second Amendment in America.
And fortunately, the good people of Kenosha, good working-class community, long-standing working-class community,
He stood up and said no.
He said no to the corrupt press, no to the corrupt politicians, no to the corrupt prosecutors, and found him not guilty of all charges because he was always not guilty of all charges.
He was an innocent kid who was only prosecuted because of the corrupt prosecutors, the corrupt press, and the corrupt politicians.
And they even were trying to coordinate and coerce the jury into a different outcome by announcing the National Guard was coming in, by closing down schools around the system, by allowing protesters an earshot, an eyeshot of the court, of the jury during the liberations, demanding that there be guilty verdicts or there would be, quote, repercussions, quote, consequences.
I don't know if that's what we're seeing in Waukesha.
And then tie that into my cases, where the judges work in concert to default us, which is saying we didn't give them anything.
That's not true.
And then they default Owen again without even ever sending him a letter or asking for anything.
How do you not give people what they ask for when they ask for nothing?
Well, your case is extraordinary.
It's a case where there's, you know, there's an Alex Jones exception now to the protection of the First Amendment.
There's an Alex Jones exception to the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.
And now there's an Alex Jones exception to the right to a jury trial in the Seventh Amendment, which is protected under state law under its own analog provisions in both Connecticut and Texas.
This is extraordinary.
The sanction that was issued is called the Death Penalty Sanction for a reason.
And it has never been applied in a case like yours ever.
Just like there's never been a defamation case found in a case like yours ever.
Just like there's never been an intentional infliction of emotional distress claim allowed in a case like yours ever.
Just like there's never been a denial of basic rights to pursue motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, as happened in your case.
It is a complete railroading.
And it looks like 19th century Australia, all railroads and kangaroos.
And that process, the court system itself still doesn't recognize that it is on trial in these cases.
And it continues to come up guilty.
Failing to provide basic elemental First, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Amendment protections that are protected under analog provisions of the state constitutions as well.
And this is dangerous because they're trying to create an exception to the First Amendment for speech they don't like, they're trying to create, they're trying to undermine support for the Second Amendment, they're trying to create an exception to due process of law, trying to create an exception to the right to a trial by jury.
If they were right, I mean they were in liberal jurisdictions in Connecticut, liberal jurisdictions in Austin, Texas, and they were still terrified that a jury would not rule their way.
If I was on their side and I thought I was right, I would want a jury to affirm it.
I would want a jury to confirm it.
They were scared that the actual fact of the case would not be found to be on their side by an actual jury, even a liberal democratic jury in liberal democratic jurisdictions that have been rampaged by false media stories about this case and about you for going on and being a part of it.
How do I even get a fair default hearing from a jury if you're guilty until proven how guilty when they're saying he is guilty, finally he's guilty, now the hero jury will shut his speech down.
They're actually, it's like so villainous, it's like cartoon level.
There's no doubt.
And this effort is really an effort to shut down your speech, to shut down other people's speech that is of a like mind, to shut down people raising questions about the institutional narrative.
People still don't fully appreciate the legal theory they're pursuing.
The legal theory isn't about factually false statements made about a specific individual.
It is.
You go back and listen to the questions that were asked in your deposition in Texas.
It was, you're not allowed to challenge the institutional narrative.
You're not allowed to challenge the government narrative.
And if somebody is upset or offended by your challenging that narrative, you can now be bankrupted and busted and have your entire operation shut down under the guise of a civil suit.
This is exactly what the racists were doing in the 1960s that led to the Sullivan decision in 1964 in the first place.
They were misusing and abusing local judicial process, corrupt press, corrupt politicians, combining and conspiring and colluding with various prejudiced groups within the community to try to suppress dissident speech they didn't like, to challenge their own institutional narrative.
This is the same thing.
We're re-experiencing it all over again.
And Bob, let's tie that together.
NIH director calls for COVID conspiracy theorists and conspiracists, like we're involved in a crime, to be brought to justice.
This is the guy running the Wuhan lab with Fauci.
He's the one that should be arrested.
But he's up there with two masks on his Kabuki theater.
And what you just said with Kyle, it's get rid of the self-defense.
With Alex Jones, it's get rid of the free speech.
And with this guy, it's the same thing.
Shut us up so we can't defend ourselves as the wheels come off with the fact that this isn't a vaccine and it's deadly.
And combine that with the Pfizer CEO coming out and saying that anybody who disagrees with Pfizer should be considered a criminal.
And this is Pfizer, the biggest criminally fined drug company in the history of the world.
That too is declaring that other people need to be called criminals.
I represent the primary whistleblower who exposed information about what Pfizer was doing, about what they were doing in their clinical trials.
That information, I am sure, is part of the FOIA requests that have been made to the FDA and the CDC and the NIH.
And what is the FDA saying?
They're saying they can't disclose those records for 70 years.
They can't let anybody know what's in those records.
Because if you dig into those records, you will find that the FDA knew about serious problems with the clinical tests and other issues with these vaccines that you've been detailing and documenting and all of the collapsing athletes all across the world that can almost only be explained by the vaccines introduction around the world.
So this is part of a combined effort that the only way the institutional powers can stay in power is to be able to never have to disclose information that is lawfully required to be disclosed, to suppress dissidents from having any speech rights, and if you try to protect yourself with self-defense, to suppress that as well.
And it's the corruption of the press, the corruption of the politicians, trying to corrupt our judicial process.
And here what's happening is judges are so scared
And the arrogance of these people just across the board, the judicial tyranny and what leftist lawyers are doing is just going to destroy them politically.
I don't see where this leads in any good way for these people because their war on our freedom is failing.
It's only waking people up.
Folks, I can tell you right now across the board, Robert Barnes is our guest.
I want to go back to Rittenhouse and what he predicts is going to come out of this next.
Will the Justice Department indict him as they're making noises of?
And more.
And then the big case he's going to file coming up soon in Texas against Pfizer and others.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, we now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
And Robert Barnes, Waukesha parade shooting, car running into people reports, and now local news is reporting mass casualty event.
We can put that back on screen in a minute.
Mass casualty event, up to 30 people run down.
And the bigger question is, will they now say ban cars?
Well, actually, they're talking about making you have driverless cars so people can't use cars as weapons.
No, you don't blame the car, you blame the person.
You don't lend the baseball bat, you blame the person using the baseball bat improperly.
So we hope that it's not as bad as a lot of these reports coming out of local news are saying.
Robert Barnes, any comments on this?
Then let's segue back into Rittenhouse and the Justice Department and whether you think they're actually going to be crazy enough to indict him again, this time federally.
You know, my concern with the Waukesha would be whether it's some sort of Antifa retaliation.
We don't know at this point, but there were a lot of threats of it.
So hopefully that's not the case.
Hopefully that, you know, people were not badly injured.
So, you know, just can hope and pray for the people in Waukesha.
But it's the, and this is a function of the, the FBI was monitoring all of those riots throughout last summer and they allowed violence to escalate and did nothing about it.
They were, they had drone video footage of the protests all across the country that they've been hiding.
In fact, they had the drone footage of the incident involving Kyle Rittenhouse.
And they had been hiding it.
The prosecutor knew about it, didn't disclose it until the last minute, and then the HD version of what the FBI had magically got lost.
Uh, and this is the FBI HD version that we believe would have had exculpatory evidence favorable to Kyle Rittenhouse.
Now, I can say that despite Nadler's demand that the Department of Justice take action, the FBI already investigated the Rittenhouse case and recognized that there was absolutely no basis to go after Kyle.
So, the Eastern District of Wisconsin, I know a good number of the people there, they're actually one of the less
There is very little chance that Kyle faces any risk.
There is no grounds for federal charges here, period.
Number one.
Number two, the FBI already investigated it and already cleared Kyle.
And three, the Eastern District of Wisconsin is not as political as, say, the Southern District of New York that's going after Project Veritas or the District of Columbia that's going after Owen Schroer and going after Steve Bannon.
So I don't think there'll be any follow-up prosecution at all of Kyle.
I think he is done with that.
The jury verdict was heard loud and clear by the key people in positions of power and they know that there's no basis to go after Kyle any further.
Let me ask you this question, and again, I don't want to bring up our own cases, just because we're in them, but it all ties together.
How, I don't know if you read it, but, you know, because your mutual friend Norm Pattis is the criminal lawyer on the case up in D.C., they say in the federal filing in response to us saying dismiss the multiple charges where he'd spent several years in prison per charge, they say attack the Capitol, broke barricades, they repeat it and say Mr. Schroeder lies in the court and is filing perjury.
I mean, it's insane.
And says he's with Alex Jones' security.
He's not with them.
And he did move barricades.
And then they show video links that don't show what they say.
It shows exculpatory evidence.
And I sat there and read the whole thing, went and watched all the videos, and it made me physically ill that the federal prosecutors are this bad.
Have they always been this bad?
How does Owen
Facing multiple counts, multiple years in prison, when none of what they say is true in a filing.
They're the ones engaged in perjury.
Open and shut.
And then how does he get defaulted in the Connecticut case when he's sued separately, and then they never even subpoenaed him or asked for anything, and the judge says, you didn't give us the information, you don't get a jury trial.
Because they can try to obfuscate with me and lie about that.
I don't get this level at the state and at the local and federal level.
Like, who are these people?
What you have is the complete political weaponization of the criminal justice process, of which Kyle's case was the ultimate manifestation.
Because here you have Kenosha, blue-collar community, a community, a county that voted for Trump, long-standing Democratic Labor County, but voted for Trump not once but twice, voted more for Trump in 2020 than 2016, and yet you had a prosecutor bring a case that even the judge recognized was absurd to bring.
There was no basis to prosecute Kyle, they knew that all along.
They brought charges that they knew there was no basis for.
They brought a gun charge that never applied.
It was always legal for a 17-year-old to have a rifle in Wisconsin.
I call it the old Wisconsin farm boy exception.
They never required those people to have to register it, to ban them from owning it.
None of that.
It's only people younger, 15 or younger, that had to be for a certain hunting permit.
That's it.
It never applied.
Handguns were limited to people 18 and older, but in short-barreled rifles,
Anybody that hunts knows this.
They have hunter safety courses, which I think are good at the state level, where they have you go out this, if they're going to give you the license, you need to take the course.
And that saves a lot of lives.
It's good to have basic training.
So please continue.
That's what they were trying to say, that he was hunting without his hunter safety course.
It had no application to him.
At 17 years old, you're always... When Wisconsin is a very rural, small-town state, very blue-collar state, it's a state that always wanted to make sure the older boy on the farm could defend and protect the farm.
And that's why rifles and shotguns were always legal for 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds to own in Wisconsin.
They brought a false charge, pretending it was a short-barrel rifle, knew it wasn't,
Uh, misled the court, and then the court ultimately dismissed the charges, and you still have members of the media lying about that.
It was always co- It was always legal for Kyle to have that gun.
And thank God he did, or not only would, uh, he be dead, other people would have been dead.
Rosenbaum's the kind of guy who would have been an active shooter had he got that gun that night.
And who knows how many people they were killing because they were escalating the violence all night long and it was going to keep going after Kyle.
But poor Kyle, not only saving his own life, but saving the lives and saving a lot of people's dreams and their property and their holdings in Kenosha.
So it was always a false charge.
But how could that even come about?
How could a kid as clearly as innocent as Kyle Rittenhouse be criminally prosecuted in a county that Trump wants?
In a county that didn't support the prosecution.
It's because so many people that have these positions of power within the prosecutorial branches, and sometimes the judicial branches, are so politically biased and prejudiced, they're incapable of applying the uniform rule of law that's supposed to benefit all of us.
And doesn't a fair judge, like the Rittenhouse judge, really make the corrupt judges stick out like sore thumbs?
That's why the media attacked him so much.
Because he was actually an honest judge.
He made a lot of pro-prosecution rulings in the case.
But he wanted to be impartial as much as he possibly could.
Apply the rule of law evenly as best as he possibly could.
I think he should have gone further and dismissed the case at key junctures.
But he restrained it because he wanted to empower the jury.
By contrast, look at the way the liberal judges and these other judges that are not applying the rule of law are scared of what a jury verdict would be.
That's the only logic behind denying you a jury verdict.
Denying you a jury in Texas, denying you a jury in Connecticut.
They are terrified that even a liberal democratic jury pool will not see a side with them once they know what the real facts are.
Because ordinary people just have a way of standing up for the Constitution in the way these corrupt politicians in positions of power do not.
And that's what we're seeing.
And the D.C.
circuit is particularly bad.
No, D.C.
start over.
The D.C.
Prosecutors' Unit and the Southern District of New York are the two most politically corrupt prosecutors' offices going on decades.
There's a reason why Robert Mueller volunteered to work in the D.C.
Prosecutors' Office when Clinton was there, because all of a sudden he ends up getting a prime gig to the U.S.
Attorney's gig in San Francisco based on his special work there for the D.C.
Prosecutors' Office.
So when people can look at what other investigations he could have been involved in, in the homicide division in D.C.
that might have been pertinent to him as a Republican getting promoted to, by Bill Clinton, to what was considered one of the most prime prosecutorial gigs in the country.
So there's a long history of political corruption.
Yeah, he helped cover up the Marty Mulder stuff, then he helps covers up Vince Foster.
And remember, Ron Brown took that little commerce trip to a war-torn region right at the time he was undergraduate.
And the Air Force flight surgeon colonel that did the autopsy said he had a .45 bullet hole in his head.
And my recollection is they never did recover the black box that day.
I mean, who sends somebody to a special trip for commerce purposes to a war-torn region?
Old Billy Boy had his tricks up.
But he needed somebody like Robert Mueller to protect him on the backside.
And so the D.C.
system has been corrupt for a long time.
Southern District of New York has been corrupt for a long time.
That's why we're seeing these crazy cases against Project Veritas and seeing these crazy cases against Owen Schroer and Steve Bannon in D.C.
These are corrupt offices that need to be purged of their problematic prosecutors if we're going to move forward.
It's not fair to call them communists.
That's the low-level minions.
These are like gangsters with badges and guns and lawyers.
I mean, it's literally just thugs, absolutely with nothing but pure criminal energy.
We'll be right back.
It's the final segment of the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, here for the last 14 years.
But I'm going to come back with Owen Schroer in the next two hours of Sunday Live.
And we've cut into six minutes of ads an hour, just six minutes for local radio stations.
We've taken all of the network ads out.
And a lot of stations are picking it up.
So Sunday Live with Owen Schroyer is coming up.
And we'll look at the latest out of Waukesha, if I'm saying that right.
And most people getting run over and reportedly shots fired.
And it's just terrible.
And we'll continue to watch that.
But we usually know who attacks Christmas parades.
I don't
The gun isn't what did it, and the car isn't what did it.
It's a bad person wielding it.
I could kill you with this marble table I got right here real easy.
Or that dagger over there.
But it's not the dagger, it's not the inanimate object.
Robert Barnes, we always plug this at the end, but I really like watching the show that you co-host with that great French lawyer, and I also see a French-Canadian lawyer, and I also see him on a lot of other great shows doing great work.
How do people find everything Robert Barnes related?
Sure, at vivabarneslaw.locals.com.
So that's where if people want exemplars and examples of letters to object to various vaccine mandates and other mandates, including religious exemplars, including medical exemplars, all of that is available there.
We're also putting up all of the lawsuit data and other information there, so it's publicly available, publicly accessible at vivabarneslaw.locals.com.
That leads me now in the nine minutes we've got left in this hour to, you're right at the tip of the spear with Robert Kennedy Jr.
in so many suits around the country.
You're also tracking others.
You're the guy that's got the suit getting filed with the whistleblower everybody's been hearing about with Pfizer.
And very, very soon, I don't know if you can say when, I know you've told me off air, but
What do you make of what's happening?
I mean, saying, oh, 55 years to the year 2077.
Don't release any of the findings of our studies.
And, oh, arresting somebody that questions us in the British Medical Journal saying you're twice as likely to die if you've had the vaccine.
I mean, that's bombshell stuff.
And their answer is they want to arrest us.
And then it's the literal people that ran the Wuhan lab doing that.
I mean, these are like supervillains.
It's like Cobra Commander with his mask off.
I mean, this makes me think things might be a simulation, Barnes.
I mean, I think we're all real, but maybe it's, you know, I mean, because this is getting like too much here.
Like, what will we handle?
What will we not put up with?
This is getting insane.
So what moment in history do you think we are at right now?
And how the hell do they think they're going to get away with this?
Because barring a nuclear war or something, I don't see how they don't all go to prison because everybody's waking up, brother.
Oh, agreed.
And we're going to continue to fight back in the court of law along with the folks that fight back in the court of public opinion.
And I think that is where places like InfoWars have been critical.
But for InfoWars, who knows what would have happened, what could have happened.
People are waking up because the InfoWars audience has continued to support InfoWars despite all of the attacks.
Because people can get products that they like and support independent free speech, independent free press, in the way our founders intended at the same time.
Get healthier, wealthier, and wiser simultaneously.
It's because of the InfoWars model that there has been the capacity and the ability
For this information to get out there, to get outside of their control.
I mean, you look at the Rittenhouse case, but for the importance of arguing in the court of public opinion, he might have been railroaded.
But for, you look at what's happened in vaccine mandates, but for the independent information leading to informed resistance, who knows what would have happened?
Because historically, nobody fought back.
You know, when Connie Buck, when they were doing forced sterilizations, nobody was there to fight for her.
Now there's people to fight for all the Connie Bucks around the country.
Our freedom's alive across the board.
And what we're going to be doing next in the court of law is I'm going to be bringing two suits down in Texas.
The first is with Bobby Kennedy.
We're going to be suing the FDA for their unlawful abuse of emergency power and their emergency use authorization of this vaccine for five-year-old children.
What they're doing is they're taking that emergency use authorization statute and they're carving out an emergency loophole, like as we both know from the Weimar Constitution days, the Weimar Constitution was considered the greatest constitution in the history of Europe.
So how did the Nazis seize power?
They had an emergency exception written into it.
Our founders were smart enough to say, no emergency exception.
But what is the FDA using?
They're using the emergency statute to get around all of the rules that apply.
They're saying the APA doesn't govern them, that the citizens' petition process doesn't govern them, that the notice and comment rules don't govern them, and they're saying nobody can sue them.
As long as they call it emergency use, they are beyond review.
Beyond review by the legislative branch.
Beyond review by the judicial branch.
Beyond review by ordinary people.
We're going to file suit and say that is a misuse and abuse of the emergency powers that the Constitution does not permit.
They're doing illegal marketing and illegal advertising.
Conspiring with CNN and Sanjay Gupta to use Big Bird and Sesame Street to lie to children about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, particularly for young children that are not meaningfully at risk from this virus.
Robert, this is huge breaking news.
I mean, start over.
I should have had you on for a whole hour about this.
You're getting ready to sue CNN?
So yeah, we're also looking at suing CNN and Sanjay Gupta and bringing medical ethics complaints against him because what he did was illegal marketing to children.
You cannot market this vaccine to children.
You can't support marketing this vaccine to children.
The Emergency Use Authorization doesn't allow that.
The law doesn't allow that.
And what he was doing was not only unprofessional and unethical, it was illegal.
And what CNN was doing was illegal.
And what the FDA and CDC in conspiring with it is also illegal and unlawful.
So we're going to be bringing suit against the Children's Health Defense, against the FDA and the CDC, looking at bringing suit against Sanjay Gupta and CNN on behalf of the Unity Project.
And on top of that, I'm looking at another suit, the whistleblower who blew the whistle on all the fraudulent activities going on in the clinical trials by Pfizer and subcontractors.
Their subcontractor, Ventavia, Texas-based company, went out and lied about her.
Went out and said that my whistleblower had never worked for them.
It was a total lie.
We got the contract.
We got the documents.
We got the emails.
So we're going to be suing them for libel and suing them in Texas for what they did, including suing the publicist individually who was part of those lies and was part of those libels.
So there's been lots of lies by the press, lots of lies by government actors, lots of lies by powerful drug companies, and it's time all of them be held accountable, and that's what we're going to be doing next week in Texas.
Very exciting, and I picked up the name of the organization, obviously, that Robert Kennedy Jr.
We're well familiar with that.
The other group I know about, but just tell us a little bit about the name of it and about the organization.
So yeah, representing Children's Health Defense with Bobby Kennedy to go after the FDA and the CDC.
Representing my whistleblower, Brooke Jackson, against Ventavia, which is a local company in Texas that was subcontracted by Pfizer to do the clinical testing that was just atrocious.
It was a complete joke.
There wasn't anything scientific about it.
The British Medical Journal, one of the most well-respected, peer-reviewed medical publications in the world, independently verified it, independently researched it, independently investigated it, and came to the exact same conclusion, that there was deeply problematic, fraudulent activities by Pfizer in getting this vaccine approved in the first place.
She is filing a declaration in support of the Children's Health Defense suit and I'll be bringing suit for her against Pfizer and its affiliates and associates who have been lying and libeling her all across the entire world because they needed to cover up their corruption.
And then the other group that's looking to go after CNN, tell us the name of that.
Oh, the Unity Project is a new project.
The Unity Project is based out of California.
It's bringing together Dr. Robert Malone, some of the top doctors, some top army personnel, some top legal counsel, top political people to fight vaccine mandates for children and to fight vaccine mandates in general.
It's a great project.
People can find it online, the Unity Project.
They're going to be putting up
That you can take to your local school board, that you can take to your doctor, that you can take to your employer, that you can use to show them the problems with any of these vaccine mandates, to show them the risks and dangers of what this vaccine can do for people health-wise, to show them how there is not such risk from the virus itself to these populations, healthy young populations.
So the goal is to bring people together across the political spectrum, across the legal spectrum, with some of the top doctors in the world, some of the top personnel in the world, to fight back.
And it's being funded by some people who are willing to be independent and fight back.
So it's another great effort.
I'm working with them as well.
We're going to fight back everywhere we can in the court of public opinion and the court of law, and give the people the tools so they can fight back on their own terms because of what has happened.
Wow, very excited.
So you're going to be here after Thanksgiving getting the suits filed, I know, in Central Texas and then there'll be other suits filed.
Very exciting.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much for the time.
Amazing interview.
Glad to be around.
Hey guys, put him on hold right now and see when he can come on for an hour during the week while we got Barnes right now in place.
Okay, I'm going to come back and host some with Owen for at least 30 minutes, and he's going to take over the rest of the time, but I got a bunch of stuff we didn't get to, and me and Owen are on the same page here.
We've got a lot to cover that is coming up with Sunday Live.
If your station doesn't carry Sunday Live, Sunday 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, it really should.
You can all find it at freeworldnews.tv, freeworldnews.tv, fan.video, and the Alex Jones Live Show feed, or a Sunday Live right there.
You can find that at
The network feed at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And whatever you do, share those links.
That's how we destroy the globalists with the InfoWar.
You are the soldier.
Share the links.
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I'm taping this on the evening of Wednesday, November 17th, 2021.
And I'm just being honest with you.
America is under unprecedented globalist attack.
The Great Reset is a corporate United Nations, communist Chinese, allied attack on all of our freedoms.
Now, the attack is incredibly devastating to our border, to our sovereignty, to our currency, to everything.
They're also launching a bioweapon attack against, again, not just Americans, but Canadians, people in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
This is an attack on people of the West.
Because the ideas of Western freedom must be destroyed and undermined, completely discarded, so that globalism can come in and set up its new system on top of its ashes.
So, we're here.
But as negative as all of that is, there is a giant awakening happening, and the globalists are panicked.
That's why the head of Pfizer and others are saying, arrest anybody that questions these poison vaccines.
But Fauci's also having to cover his butt now, going, oh, actually, the vaccine doesn't work.
This is not a vaccine.
So this is an incredible time to be alive and I just want to thank you all for your support and remind you that now more than ever people are ready to hear the truth.
So spread the articles from InfoWars.com and the videos from Band.Video and FreeWorldNews.tv because
The quickening is now.
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