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Name: 20211114_Sun-2_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 14, 2021
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In this podcast episode, Tim Pool discusses his journey as an independent media personality and the importance of building a community that is resistant to censorship. He criticizes mainstream media and social platforms for suppressing alternative narratives and encourages people to seek out diverse sources of information. Pool also shares updates on his new vlog show and emphasizes the need to focus on positivity and inspiration in the face of challenging times.

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I really like sports and sports is good for people but it's been taken over and it's sick.
It's woke and that's why it has about half the viewers it had just five years ago and I'm not the only person that's had this exodus out of it but watching the unified talking heads demonizing somebody they didn't want to put some experimental shot in their body that's banned in most countries and then disgusting Howard Stern who you know they're blackmailing with all the stuff he's done in the past.
Coming out saying, F him, F Aaron Rodgers.
He should be kicked out of the NFL for refusing the injection.
And then I have stacks of news here where the Pfizer and Moderna shot is getting either banned completely or major governments are saying do not give it to people under 30 because it's causing people that have young healthy hearts to have heart attacks and die.
Does it matter if it's skin divers or soccer players or Football players, or baseball players, or basketball players.
Record numbers have Michael Carditis, and their doctors tell them, oh, you got this from the vaccine.
Hopefully you'll get better.
A Baker County high school senior is in the hospital after collapsing on the tennis courts.
Breaking new details on the deaths of a high school soccer player.
Finland, Denmark's star man, Christian Eriksson, collapsing towards the end of the first half.
The Kennedy High community mourning tonight after one of their high school football players died.
A South Carolina high school football player has died after collapsing at football practice.
A star college basketball player collapsing on the court.
We want to warn you, the video may be difficult to watch.
Florida Gators star Giante Johnson collapsing during the game.
A West Catholic High School student has died after collapsing during a football scrimmage.
On mile 8, she suddenly felt fuzzy and blacked out.
17-year-old Ryan Jacobs' heart stopped.
Unexpectedly collapsed on the field.
Megan went into cardiac arrest.
Collapsing during Friday night's football game.
So you might be wondering how someone in such She's in great shape, could suffer cardiac arrest.
It's a rare thing that happens.
The coroner says the condition is rare.
It's just one of those tragedies.
Do you have any signs before this race?
No, absolutely not.
She felt like she was in the best shape of her life.
That's incredible.
Top skin dyer in the world.
This happened four months ago and he's getting worse and worse and now his heart valve collapsed and he might die.
And they had to go replace his heart valve.
You remember back, you know, in the early days For me, like back in the 80s and 90s, you would see really healthy basketball players would just collapse and die.
A success story took a tragic turn this morning.
Len Byas, the Maryland University basketball star on his way to becoming a world champion Boston Celtic, died of an apparent heart attack today at Leland Memorial Hospital in Prince George's County.
I mean, you can't go out there and take drugs when your heart is operating at such a level and you're so primed.
It's like giving a racehorse, you know, drugs.
It'll have a heart attack.
And that's what's happening to these people because they're causing blood clots in the body and the heart just totally freaks out.
It's killing old people as well, but...
We have the studies, we have the information, and there they are demonizing Aaron Rodgers, which will only make the guy a hero.
I mean, I wish more of sports was like Aaron Rodgers, but they're just not the type of people I look up to.
I see sports icons now as just as disgusting as Howard Stern or any of the leftists in Hollywood pushing their forced injection illusions.
And listen, do I think Howard Stern deserves to be fired because he dressed up in blackface and made jokes about Aunt Jemima and drank, you know, malt liquor out of a 40 in 1994?
But he goes along and says de-platform everybody else now for things far less, and he doesn't get de-platformed because he's protected.
And that's the thing about censorship and this wokeness.
It's not equally applied because it was never designed to be equally applied.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Thursday, November.
All right, we're going to restart the show here in just a minute.
We're going to go to break.
Got really big news and a lot of key information for you straight ahead.
I'm really going to try my best to come back and cover this properly because it's pretty earth shattering information.
So stay with us.
I'll do the best job I can on the other side.
We'll see if we can do the show today.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Those are the websites.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and cover the latest information developments.
All right?
All right.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
It is Sunday, November 14th, 2021.
14th 2021. And here we are ladies and gentlemen emergency false flag alert.
Deep State announces plan to remove Biden from office.
And just like that, you wondered how they would begin the announcement.
We're going to have Kamala Harris step in and Pete Buttigieg as a member of the cabinet, the transportation department, and he'll be the first gay vice president.
So we've got to accept it.
The first black president.
Oh, after Obama.
And then she's not even African.
She's Indian.
Nothing against Indians.
It's just all identity politics.
So, the headline is in the Washington Post and it's an MSM and it's everywhere in different permutations tonight.
Harris and Buttigieg under the spotlight amid uncertainty over Biden's future.
Isn't that just interesting?
Just suddenly, it's in the news.
Washington Post admits Biden may not be the nominee in 2024.
Looks to Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, both super unpopular, but both minions of the globalists.
They're talking about removing Biden even earlier.
Poll shows Democrats want to replace Biden on the ballot in 2024.
A look at why.
That's their plan, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, how do you take somebody like Biden, who's been their puppet and who's taken all the blame for their globalist agenda, and who was a horrible person in his own right, but now not mentally even cognizant of his own actions, and how do you take that and turn it into a winner for your agenda?
Well, you assassinate him.
You assassinate him and you blame it on the terrorists.
You blame it on the American people.
He blamed it on the group that he identified as the terrorist in January when he stole his way into office and then again in June when he officially put out the National Terrorism position of the U.S.
government and directive that no longer is it radical Islam or the communist Chinese or the Mexican drug cartels or any of those other organizations.
It's not the human smugglers.
It's not the fentanyl killing hundreds of thousands of years, maiming millions.
None of that is a problem.
Two people in this office this week had family members overdose and die of fentanyl.
In an office of only about 80-something people.
But that's not on the radar screen.
No, the number one threat is people that question lockdowns and people that question election fraud and people that protest drag queen story time and pedophile story time and critical race theory and communism being taught via the National Education Association through the school districts.
So, that's where we are.
And just like we saw the assassination of Lincoln, Back in the 1860s, leading to a decade of martial law, really nationwide, not just in the South, and Reconstruction, and that mini-civil war that went on for decades.
They want the same thing here, and if you don't see that in the tea leaves, if you don't see that written on the wall, like Ezekiel saw it writing on the wall, I mean, if you don't see their next move, well, you're blind.
Now they've got other cards in their fist, in their paw, in their claws, in their, in their Crypt Keeper hands.
But the big question here, ladies and gentlemen, is what are we going to do about it?
Very powerful transcript and video on InfoWars.com.
Everybody should share.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
warns government and big tech Engineered the destruction of democracy and civil rights.
And that is absolutely true.
That is what's going on.
This isn't just COVID is one area and then the open borders is another and the devaluation of the currency and the inflation is another and The World ID they're putting in is another.
It's all the globalist agenda, in their own words, their takeover of the planet, happening right now.
And if we don't start getting leaders to talk about what's really going on, we're going to lose this civilization.
Well, guess what?
I hear the same thing coming out of General Flynn's mouth.
That I hear coming out of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.' 's mouth.
It's coming out of my mouth.
It's coming out of Tucker Carlson's mouth.
And it's starting to come out of everybody who's informs mouth that America's under a new type of war.
This is a globalist attack run by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and a coterie of criminals.
And we have all the documents where they admit it.
And we must unify the country against them.
Not about left and right.
But about being an American and surviving and not having them deep six the country into a total collapse for to take over.
Our country is at war with the globalists who are allied with Communist China.
And if we have a massive awakening and realization to that, then we have a very good chance of beating this.
But if you don't know you're at war, and if you don't know that you're under attack, And if you don't know that you're under real authoritarianism, or you decide to just keep your head down and go along with it, you are allowing to happen here something that is going to be the most destructive event ever in world history seen politically.
A massive loss of lives, not just here but around the world.
This is a globalist takeover.
And if the United States fully falls to this, They're going to have permanent worldwide martial law and permanent lockdown, permanent forced inoculation with whatever they want, arrest of anybody that criticizes the dead and dying and disappearing, and just a new dark age that will make all the horrid, destructive, bloody, satanic, humiliating, warlike, horrible events in history look like nothing but a walk in the park.
And the New World Order agenda is waiting right on the other side of that door.
We're like a submarine.
You open that door, and we're going to flood.
And the globalists have almost drilled through it.
They're almost through.
And you're not going to have to wait long now, folks.
I mean, the shields are falling, the country and the world's on fire.
We're going down.
We're losing right now.
And all hell's breaking loose.
I got people telling me, Jones, all you cover is COVID.
Well, that's the thin edge of the wedge.
That's their system breaking through.
That's their particle beam blasting through that steel door.
That's their blowtorch.
That's how they get the whole agenda through.
So if you blunt that, you stop the main attack.
And I've got just incredible news on that front, but the good news is I had a hour and a half, really two hour
interview with General Flynn
in San Antonio yesterday, and he's really informed and really on fire and
really ready to go on the political attack against these people.
And he's on the same page as I am and we're linked up in Simpatico.
And Trump behind the scenes really gets it but isn't quite sure what move he should make.
And I can tell you that This is a very serious time to be alive.
And there is a way to stop this, but it is a mass awakening to the fact that a new type of war is coming after the country.
And that's what we try to detail here, is how they're launching this war, how they're carrying this out, and Trying to get the average person to realize that inflation isn't just magically happening, and people asking if your vaccine passport isn't just magically happening, and the border is totally wide open.
This isn't just magically happening.
This is a global corporate government event to permanently collapse things.
And if you think there are shortages of food and this or that now, we have not seen anything yet under this plan.
Schwab talks about cutting the world economy off and then seeing the collapse and the rioting that happens as the pretext for them to bring in their total control.
So I'm going to do my best here today to lay all this out, but quite the announcement all over the news that, hey, it's time for Biden to start fading, you know, away here.
We're not going to let Biden just fade away, I predict.
I think the globalists are going to assassinate Biden, very good chance of that, to blame the American liberty movement and bring in martial law.
Stay with us.
Okay, I want all the listeners tuning in on AM and FM stations, TV stations, and the massive numbers of folks watching over InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
Really let something sink in.
We're not LARPing here on air.
This is not live action role play where people Every October in different parts of the country have their medieval fest and people go and dress up like they're actually in combat and ride around on horses and hack at each other with rubber swords.
This is real, okay?
This is real.
This isn't a game.
It's not a joke.
And you understand they're going to try to kill Trump when he runs for office again.
You understand that, right?
You understand they're going to try to kill General Flynn if Trump doesn't run and he does.
You understand that they're probably going to assassinate Biden to blame on the American people.
You understand that's real, right?
You understand I'm not up here just saying all this stuff, okay?
This isn't Fantasyland.
This is the real world.
Now, The globalists may have put their people in almost all the major positions of power at the Justice Department and the FBI and the CIA and the rest of it.
But if the American people wake up that there's a multinational foreign corporate takeover that's getting rid of freedom of the press, getting rid of freedom of the general public, setting up a world ID card digital tracking system to tax and control you, and that we're really going into bondage right now, And that they're going to have forced inoculation with dozens of shots a year that literally slowly kill you.
If the public has a revelation of that, which we're very close to, it's game over.
Now, this is what the New World Order fears.
It's why they've intensified all their suppression of the press, their harassment, their indictments, their arrests, their SWAT team raids, all of it.
Is because they know this is getting very, very, very close right now.
The good news is, I am seeing everybody from Ted Nugent on the right to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
on the left forgetting all those labels and saying, we're under attack, tyranny's here, we've got to come together.
And finally, finally I'm seeing Pretty much everybody who's informed understand.
Oh, they're promoting racial division because foreign banks are looting the country and they're setting up a police state.
Oh, they're going after the cops to bully them to get full political control.
Oh, they're announcing that they're going to federalize all our bank accounts and control us in live time.
That was announced Friday.
I've got the clip from Congress of them saying it.
I mean, this is it, folks.
You read about tyrants making a move on you?
You read about generations ago and big wars and millions dead.
You're here now.
This is a new type of war.
So first, let me play a clip of Tim Pool.
And Tim Pool is going to be on the show later this week in studio.
He's here in Austin, Texas.
The Joe Rogan experience as well.
And we're going to have Mike Cernovich is going to be here.
And Luke Rudowski is going to be in studio and a lot of other amazing individuals.
Very, very excited about this confluence of folks that are going to just be here at the same time.
It just happened that way.
And more this week.
But I wanted to play the Tim Pool clip first when he got the news that James O'Keefe had been raided himself.
And not just that news, later we learned that the New York Times had been given access, basically, to his private data, to his phone.
Not just that the FBI was going to raid him, but then in live time, they were calling up other members of Veritas that got raided, and the New York Times knew they'd been raided while the FBI was in the building, in their homes.
And then they later learned their private data was being given out by the FBI to everybody.
That's why a federal judge said, stop that.
But I mean, that's like slapping the hand of a pedophile.
They can't help themselves.
You don't slap a pedophile's hand, you put them in prison.
They're not going to stop.
So this country has cancer, politically and spiritually.
And so, you know, Tim got upset, rightfully so, and he explained that this is the end of the country if this keeps happening.
I mean, Steve Bannon, indicted, executive privilege, he was advising the president, he was working with the president.
You don't see the president demanding Congress give them their private meeting notes or anything when they're in closed committee, no.
It's a separate branch of government.
And all of this is not normal.
They may say it's normal all day, it's not.
So here's Tim Poole talking about it.
People are evil.
I'm asking myself who?
Adam Goldman of the New York Times.
We've got to stop playing these games.
They want this country to burn.
They want power and they will get it by any means necessary and they will use the power of the federal government to do it.
I am looking at all of you right now and I am telling you this.
The police We'll kick your door in and bash your teeth out the moment Black Lives Matter protests you.
We've already seen it happen.
You think this is a joke?
James O'Keefe's legal, privileged communications were just given to the New York Times and Adam Goldman, with a smile on his face, published it.
He doesn't care about this country.
He doesn't care about our norms.
These people are at war with you, and they will burn your life to the ground, like they're doing to Rittenhouse, and like they're doing now to James O'Keefe, because you dare oppose their power grab.
This is not a joke, and it is getting worse.
And in the next 10 years, as we enter the fourth turning and it escalates, it is going to get worse.
James O'Keefe is a journalist.
The federal government stole his privileged Absolutely.
Stole his privilege material.
So now let's go to a clip of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
talking about who the real enemies are and how we must wake up to it.
Here it is.
You think about this.
I got expelled from Instagram because of vaccine misinformation.
Instagram and Facebook cannot point to one single erroneous statement that I ever made.
Everything we post is vetted, it is sourced and cited to government databases or peer-reviewed publications.
When they use the term vaccine misinformation, they are using it as a euphemism for any statement That departs from official government policies and pharmaceutical industry profit-taking.
It has nothing to do whether it's true or false.
It only has to do with what the political implications are.
And who is doing this censorship?
It's government officials in league with Bill Gates, with Larry Ellison, with Mark Zuckerberg, with Sergey Brin from Google, And with all of these internet titans, they have engineered not only the destruction of our democracy and our civil rights, but they have engineered the biggest shift of wealth in human history.
3.8 trillion dollars from working people to these handful of billionaires, many of them from Silicon Valley.
This pandemic has impoverished the world and created 500 new billionaires.
And those are the people who are strip-mining our economies and making themselves rich.
And is it a coincidence that these are the same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies that are bringing them trillions of dollars?
People aren't stupid.
We can see what's happening.
We can ask the question, qui bono.
And the answer is the people who are benefiting are the people who are squeezing away our constitutional rights.
That's right.
And they launched COVID.
They launched the attack.
We'll be right back.
All right.
Welcome back to this Sunday evening here on the Alex Jones Show.
And obviously this broadcast is a lot bigger than just a radio or TV show.
We're not trying to be entertaining here.
I'm trying to save the country and save the planet.
And we are the main opposition to the globalists.
And for my safety, I really need people to understand how to defeat the globalists very, very quickly.
If we wait much longer and the public doesn't make their move against the globalists with just a total awakening and a total withdrawal of their support from the system, they're going to be able to engineer the full collapse of the global economy and things are going to be so hellish that They're going to be able to have a really good chance of bringing in permanent martial law in a very long, long, long, long, dark period of hellish authoritarianism that will make what you saw in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia or ongoing right now in places like Communist China look like a cakewalk.
This is going to be a high-tech, very satanic, very openly pedophilic Satanic exercise of power.
And they really have been preparing for this for hundreds of years.
And what they want to do to America and the West is extremely nightmarish.
Now I'm not telling you all that to scare you.
This is going to happen and we don't stop them.
I'm telling you the only way out of this is to admit it and to Get a grip on it and get right with God.
Let me give you an example.
Morpheus says in the Matrix to Nia before he takes the red pill, one cannot be told about the Matrix.
One has to see it.
You take the blue pill, you go back to where you were, Fantasyland.
And you take the red pill, you go down the rabbit hole, and I'll show you how deep it goes.
All of this is interconnected.
So let me just read you some headlines right now.
Washington Post admits Biden may not be the nominee in 2024, preparing to be replaced with Kamala Harris and Buttigieg.
Poll shows Democrats want to replace Biden on the ballot in 2024.
Hey, look at why.
So they're getting ready to get rid of Biden.
The way to introduce it is to talk about it in 2024, but he will not last two, three years.
Here it is out of the Washington Post.
Harrison Buttigieg under the spotlight amid uncertainty over Biden's future.
That's why we have the headline today that basically decodes this BS stating the simple fact that they're now making the announcement that they're going to get rid of Biden.
The question is how will they do that?
Will he just develop some quick illness like he said he would and step aside like he said during the campaign if he didn't do things the way the establishment wanted?
Talk about a lapdog up there advertising himself as a vassal.
Advertising himself as a placeholder.
Advertising himself as somebody who's been bought and paid for.
That's all very, very serious information.
Now, let's just look at some of these other incredible headlines.
Biden's Communist Treasury nominee says the Federal Reserve should control all U.S.
bank accounts.
Now, why is that so important?
It's not just that she's an admitted Marxist-Leninist and that they would dominate her.
It's not just that she says she wants to bankrupt the auto industry and the oil industry and have no fossil fuels by 2030.
That's eight years away.
It's not.
No, no, no.
It's that what she says is what I've been telling you like a broken record.
That they're going to end the dollar very soon and nationalize all bank accounts and currency, and they're preparing a new global digital currency.
It'll still have the U.S.
Treasury symbol on it, but it'll be part of a global system on your phone.
They're preparing everyone for the end of cash.
They even say that.
Hell, I even was at the Driscoll last weekend to have breakfast with somebody I was meeting in downtown Austin.
Went in there to get a croissant.
And a cup of coffee?
They said, we don't take cash anymore.
This one article, I could have talked about the whole show.
And it's just in the stack of more than 20 inflation articles.
Now, let me tell you what I really want to cover.
This next article.
Because this article is more important than all the other articles I've got, because it shows the spirit Of these arrogant, disconnected monsters that are strangling the general population to death in this Malthusian orgy they've created.
No one knows if Marie Antoinette, at the start of the French Revolution, really said when they came to her and said, hey, we got hundreds of thousands of people starving to death from all over France.
They've come here asking you to open up the granaries, the dispensaries, and out of the Royal Treasury feed them.
Their children are starving.
And she said, reportedly, let them eat cake.
Now, a lot of evidence is that it was actually the Jacobins and others wanted to start the revolution then, and some of her own ministers went out and said that, knowing it would cause the overthrow, because they themselves wanted to be the new royalty, and they were later and put Napoleon Bonaparte in as their frontman.
But not before they did their orgy of bloodletting, as they always do.
And so, Why is this so important?
This article.
For radio listeners, I'll give you the headline.
Because it's the attitude that Fauci and Psaki and Bill Gates, they all have this caution to the wind, we don't care, the public are scum statement.
So no one knows if Marie Antoinette actually said let them eat cake.
But this woman did.
And Jen Psaki did.
Jen Psaki said a month ago, before she got COVID after being double jabbed and hasn't been seen since, Jen Psaki, they were saying, hey, oil prices have doubled and it's really hurting the average person.
She said, you can pay more than that.
It's for the earth.
It's going to, we can lower it if we wanted to, but we're not.
That was a Marie Antoinette moment.
This, this one even tops it.
Damage control.
I don't know how that's damage control.
NBC says Americans should stop complaining about inflation because they can easily pay more.
Really, most of the people I know are working two jobs.
Three jobs.
But, oh, when you're some NBC reporter that's paid a million dollars a year, and you're married to a husband that's on Wall Street making millions a year, you can look down at everybody else and just laugh at them and say, oh, let them eat cake.
You can pay more.
What's your problem?
While the ruling class printed Quadrillions in derivative currency for themselves.
That's thousands of trillions in the last 20 years, and they've printed more now in the last year than they ever did before.
So it's accelerated, and they're giving all themselves this money, but then giving you the devaluation and giving you the taxes to pay it off.
Yeah, she said that inflation.
Saki also said it's a good thing.
But she does it in a nice little backhanded way.
NBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said Americans should stop complaining about inflation because they're able to afford to pay more food and fuel to eat homes if necessary.
We're going to come back and play you that clip and a bunch of others.
And I'll get into global shortages by design, but hey, it gets better.
Next hour, Jeff Bezos just came out and said there's only going to be a few million humans on Earth soon.
Oh, yeah.
Go watch the video, read the transcript.
It's on Infowars.com.
But he's got a nice little way of saying it.
He says, soon Earth is going to be like a preserve, is the word, with no people.
Wow, talk about delusions of grandeur.
But maybe, people are so domesticated.
People love to lay down.
People love to poison their children.
Maybe Bezos is right.
Maybe Bezos is the deliverer.
He's going to kill all these useless eaters that seem to love being slaves and going along with the system.
Here's a little problem from old Bezos and the rest of them, though.
There's a certain minority of us, of every shape and color and creed, who aren't going to lay down and die, son.
And so, history will repeat itself with war.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Now, tell you what, I'm going to get to Biden's Communist Treasury nominee.
He says the Federal Reserve should control all U.S.
bank deposits and track all purchases in lifetime.
That's the official policy.
It's not just her saying that.
That's what they want.
And damage control, NBC says Americans should stop complaining about inflation because they can easily pay more.
And how that ties into Amazon's Jeff Bezos predicts only limited number of people will be on earth soon.
That's right!
Wait till you hear about that!
That's coming up next hour.
And then I've got this whole stack of news right here.
See this little tweet by Joe Flynn, General Flynn's brother?
I had an extremely important two-hour interview, an hour plus with General Flynn, and then a roundtable discussion with General Flynn.
Patrick Berg and Joe Flynn and the crew I had with me.
Don't just sit there and tell me great job.
That sounded great.
That was good.
I don't have people around me like that.
People tell me the truth.
And they said that was your best interview ever.
That is so powerful.
We feel like we were just basically in on the people in 1776 meeting at the Green Dragon Pub.
I mean, it was it was historic.
And we're gonna air it Tuesday.
It should be done Tuesday.
It was a three-camera shoot.
It takes time to put it together.
We're going to add some documentation of what we talk about, and I've been talking about getting Flynn to Texas a lot.
I dropped the ball, and then they reminded me they were in Texas, and so I drove down there.
They talked to me Friday, and I drove down there Saturday, and just an amazing 5,000 people there, the Cornerstone Church to hear General Flynn speak.
It was amazing.
I spoke as well, along with a lot of other great patriots, and it was amazing.
That's coming up.
Tuesday, it'll be posted to Bandai Video, and if you want to save the country, if you want to stop the globalists worldwide, he lays out the battle plan.
And again, we were synced up, we were simpatico, and now I see Robert Kennedy Jr.
saying the exact same things, and Tucker Carlson.
And it's not because we're all, like, getting some orders from headquarters.
We know what we're looking at, we understand what's happening, and We're explaining to people this is a designed, controlled collapse in the Davos Group's own words.
And they're really doing it.
And so it's crazy.
They're so arrogant.
They're like over here talking about, we've captured the U.S.
We've captured other governments.
We're going to make everybody poor to control them.
We're going to save the earth by sterilizing everybody.
The U.N.
talks about sterilant vaccines, and they're doing it to everyone now.
I mean, they're really doing it.
And you can see their argument, too, of, well, there are too many people, you could say, and they're the rich elites, and they want to clean things off and have the Earth, you know, be like the movie Zardoz, a giant park.
If you haven't seen Zardoz, it came out in the 70s with Sean Connery.
It's really what they want to do.
Or Moonraker.
There's another example.
I mean, this is their real plan.
And so, I don't want to die.
I don't want my children to die.
I'm not going to join the globalists just so I get left alone.
I'm not stupid.
I know once they got this technocracy in place, they're not going to leave the people around that helped them do this.
They plan on killing almost everybody.
You get deeper in their literature, they say that.
They say, oh, we're going to get rid of all humans.
We're going to merge the machines and be God.
You know, there won't be allowed to be more than one God on Earth, so we'll have a discussion amongst the new gods, and a lot of them will have to blast off to other, you know, other areas of space or other dimensions, because, I mean, this is not good.
This is delusional, megalomania, crazy town.
And that's why Elon Musk warned three years ago, beware those that worship and plan on being AI gods.
Because Kurzel says he's going to be one.
So let me hit you with the heavy COVID news right now, because it's so important.
And we'll come back and get into big picture.
But German state health ministers called to extend state of emergency as COVID cases soar, even though they're massively inoculated and have had lockdowns for almost two years.
See that right there?
That's the tyranny.
That's the permanent martial law.
Anti-vaxxers and politicians push Germany to the brink.
Oh, really?
Is that why it's the vaccinated that are the most ill and sick?
Oh, you didn't submit enough.
It's your fault, says Der Spiegel.
CDC admits it has no record of unvaccinated person spreading COVID post-recovery.
Very important article with a link to the CDC's own admissions on InfoWars.com.
So, no person that's ever had it naturally and gotten better has spread COVID, but people that take the vaccine can because it's not a vaccine.
In fact, so think of how they've Svengali'd this and gaslit this.
And here's the big one.
Look this up for yourself.
Vaccinated Vermont.
75% of September COVID deaths were the jab.
Kellan McBreen, a link to the Vermont Daily Chronicle, their biggest newspaper.
You're like, oh, that's InfoWars.
Don't listen to them.
I'll go read it.
Vermont Health Department spokesman Tom Truman told the Vermont Daily Chronicle last week that of all the COVID-19 deaths in the state for the month of September, eight of the 33 deaths were not vaccinated.
And what are we doing for something that killed 33 people, locking everything down, even if it was COVID in every case?
Here's another one.
Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the country.
So why are cases surging?
ABC News.
They're not just surging, they're number one in America for COVID deaths, everything.
And when you're 90% vaccinated and 75% of the people dying are the vaccinated, what's that tell you?
What the British Lancet had to admit a month ago.
You're more likely to die of COVID if you've had the shot.
I mean, folks.
And you're like, well, how are they going to get away with this?
They're not.
They're not.
Well, they're going to release a new bioweapon, which Gates says is coming any minute.
So you'll forget about the last one.
How do you cover up one story?
When you're in bed with the Russians and you're in bed with the Chai-coms, you create Russiagate and blame your opposition.
When you're already in trouble launching one bio attack and one rollout, you just launch a bigger one next and change the subject.
I mean, they're bringing in worldwide depression, worldwide collapse.
You understand?
This is their move.
Get ready.
Why COVID cases are surging in states with high vaccination rates and what it means for the winter ahead.
Oh, it's the states with the high rates.
Gee, says Yahoo News, we don't know why.
All over the world.
We've got so much more I'm going to hit on the subject, but I'm going to play these clips now before I get to the big COVID news I haven't hit yet.
We're the military.
In places like Oklahoma, the head of the National Guard there saying, we're not going to take the shot.
And now federal appeals court reaffirmed the full court and said, no, this is tyranny.
This is a power grab by Biden.
You're not doing it.
That all happened over the weekend.
But what's the big takeaway?
Last week I played a clip of Gates from last week where he said, Oh, this shot doesn't stop transmission.
We need a new vaccine that stops it.
Oh, the first five, six shots and boosters didn't work.
So now you need another one.
And then now Fauci has come out.
And said it doesn't work.
So just like that, suddenly, oh it does work, it makes you get sick and you die of COVID symptoms, because the shot, I've had medical doctors on the talk about this, top scientists, McCullough and others, in studio.
The shot makes you get the same spike protein, just 6, 7, 8, 9 times worse in the studies.
So yeah, COVID's dangerous.
The shot's way more dangerous.
That's a fact.
So here's First Gates, and then here is the new clip of Fauci admitting it's all a fraud, a giant hoax.
Wow, here it is.
The deaths, it's been completely horrific, and I would expect that will lead the R&D budgets to be focused on things we didn't have today.
You know, we didn't have vaccines that block transmission.
We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmissions.
We need a new way of doing the vaccine.
Point number three, we are seeing something That is really interesting and I'd like to get a little bit more unpacking of it with you in a bit.
And that is we're starting to see waning immunity against infection And waning immunity in the beginning aspect against hospitalization.
And if you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month and a half ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak, in their vaccine response, and in every other element of the outbreak, they are seeing a waning of immunity, not only against infection, But against hospitalizations and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups.
It isn't just the elderly.
So if one looks back at this, one can say, you know, it isn't as if a booster is a bonus,
but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have.
It is a creature which roams the Earth alone.
It is half man, half bear, and half pig.
Al Gore has a new ManBearPig to unleash upon planet Earth.
Some people say that ManBearPig isn't real.
Well, I'm here to tell you now, ManBearPig is very real, and he most certainly exists.
The same United Nations tool who predicted at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen that the world would have been underwater by 2016.
Some of the models suggest to Dr. Maslowski that there is a 75% chance That the entire North Polar ice cap during summer, during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.
Al Gore now has a solution to fight climate change that is just as pig-headed and doomed to fail as his inconvenient truth.
Sun's radiation comes in in the form of light waves and that heats up the earth and then what that does is it thickens this layer of atmosphere.
More of the outgoing infrared is trapped.
From the domain of private jets and super yachts gathering from the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference, Al Gore touted his latest solution to curb carbon emissions, utilizing mass surveillance via satellite sensors and artificial intelligence.
We are entering an era of radical transparency.
We are now seeing more and more satellites and ground, sea, and air-based sensors, internet data streams, crowdsourced information gathering, and Climate Trace, an organization that I have helped co-found, is now using artificial intelligence To fuse together all of these data streams to develop extremely accurate and precise algorithms that can affix responsibility for every significant greenhouse gas source of emissions on our planet.
We have access to a complete picture of the entire Earth's surface every day, and soon we will have a complete picture of every square centimeter of the Earth's surface every six hours.
And we are compiling A comprehensive list of those who are responsible for each of the entities that are emitting greenhouse gases.
Not to be the climate police, but to be the neighborhood watch.
Except the neighborhood is the globe.
And we are all in this together.
The Lancet Commission.
...has now told us that we could, if we do not act, expect to see one billion climate refugees migrating across borders.
We cannot allow this wave of authoritarian populism to spread around our world.
This sustainability revolution has the magnitude of the industrial revolution and the speed of the digital revolution.
But per usual, the man-bear-pig-hunter didn't think this one out.
As Zero Hedge points out, what Gore and his 300 satellites will find is that it is the elite super-rich luxury class Who are the world's largest polluters.
New research by the Institute for European Environmental Policy and the Stockholm Environment Institute has found that by 2030 the carbon footprints of the wealthiest 1% of humanity are on track to be 30 times larger than the size compatible with limiting global warming by one and a half degrees Celsius by the end of the century.
The Paris Agreement's more ambitious temperature target.
The report notes that should current trends... This is a really powerful report.
You need to share it.
It gets to the conclusion that most of the energy is actually being used by the people trying to cut off the poor peoples.
The rich people use more than all the poor people combined, who they're trying to kill, by the way.
Okay, if you just joined us, last hour I showed you a letter from the CDC, and an article where you can find it, where they say no one who has had COVID has ever then had COVID again and passed it on to other people.
That's natural immunity.
But that the vaccine, people are more likely to die if you've had the vaccine.
That's what the numbers show in Israel, that's what they show in the UK, that's what they show in Vermont, and I showed you mainstream news out of Vermont with those numbers.
Same thing in Australia.
Hospitals are now full.
They weren't full a year ago, that was made up and exaggerated.
They're full of people with blood clots and heart attacks and all sorts of serious autoimmune problems and things that are akin to ADE.
Germany, super high level inoculation, massive surge in COVID hospitalizations and they're blaming the unvaccinated.
I thought you're protected when you take the shot.
So, on top of all this, last week Bill Gates comes out, and everybody instead focused on the smallpox clip, where he says, oh, the terrorists are about to hit you with a smallpox, better give all your rights up, better give, you know, the UN control of health worldwide, better have a vaccine passport.
It's coming.
But buried in there, he talked about, well, this COVID vaccine, which isn't a vaccine, doesn't really protect you.
And so, we're going to need to then, you know, have a new vaccine that actually does block You getting it.
You see, this vaccine doesn't stop you getting it.
It just makes it not as bad, which isn't even true.
Makes it worse.
It's the same thing as getting COVID, just worse, according to all the scientists I've had on and all the literature and all the proof that they predicted what happened has now happened.
Think about that.
And so back to back, here is the clip I was talking about earlier of Gates admitting this last week.
This got no coverage.
The smallpox statement got all the coverage.
And then right after that, Fauci followed him up.
On a podcast and now is letting it slip in there.
Oh, yeah, we did do gain-of-function.
Oh, yeah.
This vaccine doesn't work.
So here they are back-to-back.
Economic damage, the deaths, it's been completely horrific.
And I would expect that will lead the R&D budgets to be focused on Things we didn't have today, you know, we didn't have vaccines that block transmission.
We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmissions.
We need a new way of doing the vaccine.
Point number three, we are seeing something that is really interesting and I'd like to get a little bit more unpacking of it with you in a bit.
And that is we're starting to see Waning immunity against infection?
And waning immunity in the beginning aspect against hospitalization.
And if you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month and a half ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak, in their vaccine response, and in every other element of the outbreak, they are seeing a waning of immunity, not only against infection, But against hospitalizations and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups.
It isn't just the elderly.
So if one looks back at this, one can say, you know, it isn't as if a booster is a bonus, but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have.
So what's happening here is, he doesn't get in trouble and go to prison for cooking it up at Wuhan and releasing it, and then censoring everybody to suppress the truth of what he did, and then all the hundreds of billions of dollars that these groups are all making in the power grab they're having.
No, no, no, no.
He doesn't get discredited for saying, oh, 96% effective, just take one shot, oh, just take two, just take three.
Israel's up to their fifth and sixth.
Europe's up to their third, fourth.
No, he gets more power and more control.
Hey, guess what?
I was trying to get Tim Pool on the show tonight, because he's here in Austin, and he's going to come on later in the week.
And I said, since you're here, and staying pretty close to the office, I said, why don't you come on the Sunday show?
And he said, no, no, I'm just out having some fun, visiting stuff in town.
I said, that's fine.
You deserve a day off.
He's a hardworking guy.
And then, boom!
Turns out that he was listening to the show nearby and called me and said, you know what?
I do want to come on.
And I said, wow, how'd I hook you?
And he said, well.
The whole statements that have come out by Jeff Bezos and what Jeff Bezos had to say about how there's not going to be any humans, very many humans on the earth anymore.
So that is coming up.
And by the way, guys, print me a couple copies of that so that I can give give Tim a copy of that when he when he comes in here.
But that's a big, big deal.
And we'll also talk with Tim Pool here in studio.
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals coming out, and not just doing an emergency stay a week ago, but Biden just said, hey, ignore the court.
Just keep forcing shots.
And so now the full court said, no, you're slapped down.
This is completely out of control.
And now I guess it's going to go to the Supreme Court.
That's a big deal.
And now courage is contagious.
Now the head of the National Guard in Oklahoma says, we're not giving the poison death shot to the troops.
They didn't use that term, but they said the experimental shot.
So the truth is starting to get out there.
It is a big, big deal, and we're extremely excited about that.
But yes, Tim Pool is in town.
Great journalist, great reporter, great podcaster, and one of the top podcasters out there now.
He's been very popular for many years, but he's definitely moving up the charts towards the top.
And he's going to be on Joe Rogan.
I'm told they're taping Monday.
It'll probably be out Monday or Tuesday.
He'll be with us a few days later.
We haven't set the time for that yet.
And Mike Cernovich.
I already had it set up weeks ago for him to fly in and see us, so those planets have aligned, so he's going to be on with Tim as well, and we're going to have him in studio with us, probably all of them together, and also the great Michael Malice, and a bunch of other people.
Luke Radowski, my old buddy, he's going to be here as well, I'm told, so this is going to be incredible.
And then I did the big interview with Flynn, but it was not a three-camera shoot, I was corrected, a four-camera shoot.
So that takes some time to edit together and add documents to and things like we like to do.
So Tuesday, we'll have the Flynn interview.
That just this interview alone gives me butterflies.
And I don't get butterflies very often.
Even when I'm on the biggest shows in the world.
Shows like The View, it's not very big now, but I was on it 16 years ago, and it had like 10 million viewers.
No butterflies.
Joe Rogan, the first two times, didn't get butterflies.
Did the last time, because I knew I was under the gun with the media.
But I've got butterflies about the General Flynn situation.
This is powerful.
This interview, I don't know what to properly name it, because it's the blueprint for victory over tyranny, and it's extremely important.
And he just explains, America's under globalist attack, it's the new world order, here they are, here's how to stop them.
America's up to come together, regardless of race, color, creed, liberal or conservative, and understand that you are about to literally lose your standard of living and everything you've got and all your basic freedoms if you don't just say, we know you're bad, we know you're globalist, we know you're a multinational corporate takeover, and we do not comply.
It's just like Tim Pool said last hour when I played that viral clip.
Where he said, do you understand?
Once the sex imbalances are gone, they're going to come in and knock your freaking teeth out.
This is a criminal takeover that does not respect any of the social contract, basically, is what he said.
And we're screwed.
I mean, again, it's like being at 35,000 feet and opening the door of the airplane.
If you don't have oxygen, you're dead.
Or it's like setting yourself on fire.
It's not a good idea.
We're not going down the road of tyranny now.
We are hurtling down it at 1,000 miles an hour.
Okay, so we're going to talk about all of that.
And yes, Jeff Bezos said, soon the earth will just be parkland.
Soon the earth will just be this big open space that won't have very many people on it.
Well, what is he talking about?
And where are we going with all of that today?
It's going to be coming up on the other side, and I'm desperately looking for that article.
I actually had it here, so I hope you guys are printing me a couple of copies of that, because I'm a little OCD about my papers and stuff, and all the rest of it.
So it's an InfoWars article, though, is the one I want, please.
So again, that's up on Infowars.com, and we're going to get that article, and we're going to be covering it all here on air.
Meanwhile, the moon has enough oxygen for 8 billion people.
That ties into all of this, so we'll see how fast we can get the microphone and the chair and everything kind of set up for a guest.
We knew this was going to happen, but I'm very glad it's happening.
We've got Tim Pool straight ahead, and then coming up for two hours live after that, There's only six minutes of ads an hour, by the way, on this show.
Sunday Live's coming up with Owen Schroer in T-minus 45 minutes.
Stay with us.
Well, Tim Pool of Timcast, ladies and gentlemen, is here in studio with us.
A surprise guest this evening.
A lot of folks are coming through Austin this week.
It's great to have you.
I really appreciate the great show you do, and I guess you're libertarian, pro-freedom, pro-First Amendment operations, and how you've defended me when I've been censored up front when almost no one else would.
So thank you so much, Tim, and congratulations on all your success.
I mean, you've been successful.
I've known about you for over a decade, but you're really top of the charts now, so congratulations.
Appreciate it, man.
Thanks for having me.
Well, it is great to have Tim Pool here in studio with us.
Again, Tim, you got pretty excited earlier hearing about the Jeff Bezos story.
Yeah, but I do want to say one thing before we talk about this, because I heard you mentioning how I called you up and everything.
Well, actually, I was mini-golfing on this fine Sunday with my girlfriend, relaxing, and... You know, guys, tonight we had a skeleton crew.
This never happens.
And we just had a lot of technical problems.
Is his mic working?
It is working?
Can you hear it?
It is working.
I don't hear him in my ear, but that's fine.
Start over, brother.
Go ahead.
So it's Sunday, and I'm chilling.
I know you were like, hey, would you come on the Sunday show?
And I'm like, look, it's Sunday.
Very rarely get any time to do anything, and I was mini-golfing with my girlfriend.
But then I knew you were doing the show, and I was like, I really do want to see, you know, the show being done.
And then, you know, I came over, and then I'm like, let's just do it.
Let's just do it.
And so I ended up coming on.
Well, I'm glad you're here.
And it was, you know, sometimes we have a few hiccups.
We just rush somebody in.
That's what's great about the way you do it with podcasting.
It's a lot easier to do stuff than this big, giant, fancy studio.
I may just get rid of all this and just go simple like you guys are doing.
I'm saying the opposite.
I'm like, man, wow.
We're down here in Austin doing a variety of shows.
There's a ton of people down in Austin who are good commentators and the like that we want to have on the show.
So, I remember when I had you on my show the first time, you asked me to come on, and I had this reaction where I was like, I don't know, people were saying it was because I wouldn't go on your show because it's you or something.
The reality is, we couldn't travel.
But we built an RV.
We got an RV, and then our CTO was able to put together a mobile recording studio.
So now I can come to Austin, we're gonna do trips, we're gonna go- Like, we needed to find a way to actually travel and do more than just one place.
But I'm looking at what we got, and it's like, we got these little HandyCams mounted to the wall, and you got this massive operation, and... I'm saying the opposite, I'm like, man, I gotta build a studio, this is cr- This Bezos thing, it's up on Infowars.com.
Amazon's Bezos predicts only a limited number of people will get to remain on Earth.
It's going to be a park only for the elites, basically, and then we're all going to have to live in space.
I mean, any way you slice it, this just gets more and more authoritarian.
Well, so I was listening.
And, you know, I'm hanging out with my girlfriend.
I was like, I disagree with him on that one.
Because I'll look at this quote, it says, millions of people will move from Earth to space over time, and that's the vision of Blue Origin, millions of people working in space.
So my question is, when you say it sounds like this nefarious plot to like, evict people from Earth, but I'm wondering if what he's really saying is that people will choose to leave, and eventually no one wants to be here, so it'll just be like a historical monument or something.
If you read the full transcript and actually watch what he said, he says, to protect the Earth, it's beautiful.
Not everyone just gets to be here.
We're not going to just let people mess it up.
He's saying he's going to make you go to space.
And then if you know everything else the globalists are doing, it's already in that whole direction.
But you're right.
If you read that solely on your own and didn't know the background of them, you would not understand that it's basically the Great Reset.
No, I agree with you.
I'm just playing, you know... No, it's good.
That's why I like to have you on.
Because I can't get mainline liberals on, just like you can't get them on your show when I'm there.
And I wouldn't call you a liberal, just kind of a classic American pro-freedom guy.
You've tried to get liberals on, so I like people challenging me.
It's crazy too, I was having a conversation with someone about, like, my political positioning, and it's crazy that if you are for the truth, if you are just... Russiagate.
Complete and utter garbage.
And if you from the beginning said it was, and I didn't, you're right-wing.
And then eventually when I came around, now I'm right-wing.
Initially, even the way I was treated by Google was as a left-wing commentator, When I would read the news about Russiagate, I'd say, oh, the New York Times is saying this.
It's really interesting.
Let's give the investigation a chance.
Now that it's all bunk, and we know it's bunk, and I say it's bunk, and here's the evidence, now they're like, that's right-wing.
Kyle Rittenhouse is a really good example.
From the beginning, I had witnesses on my show.
We had five different witnesses.
Journalists with video footage, giving us their account, and I said, self-defense.
But the narrative from the left was always that a white supremacist traveled across state lines with a gun.
Simply by being for the truth, Your right wing or something.
So when it comes to like actual politics, I'm probably left libertarian.
But there's a big difference between the mainstream progressive left libertarians.
They're really far left.
I'm not that far left.
But they also just don't believe in the truth.
That's it.
And they play dirty games.
They don't have integrity.
The Green New Deal.
You know, when the Green New Deal comes out, I was actually excited.
Like, hey, look, a government infrastructure project to make energy independence in America and develop new technologies.
We're working on fusion.
Nuclear energy is great.
And then what was the Green New Deal?
Social equity, social justice, free college, free health care.
And windmills that don't really work.
It's just lying.
It's just lying.
So I can sit here and be like, I believe in decentralized networks.
I believe, you know, we're working on building, we have a non-profit we've started recently where we're building technology to give away for free.
It's a very, like, left-libertarian perspective.
But we'll all, like me, Ian, the rest of the crew, will be called right-wing simply for telling the truth.
Where do you see, not just America, but the world going?
Because you had a, they called it a rant, but it really wasn't, on your show just a few days ago, where now it's coming out that the New York Times, not only are they rating journalists now and going after their sources, which is totally illegal and dangerous, but now they're actually leaking the information to the press.
So, I would say a reasonable person would conclude if Project Veritas, James O'Keefe and his staff, his journalists, get raided by the FBI and within like an hour I think the New York Times was calling them saying what happened.
There is either a snitch or at that point you could be like someone in the FBI tipped off the New York Times seems to be more likely considering the speed.
Then we get Project Veritas' devices seized from James O'Keefe himself.
They're going through his devices.
We know they are because a court ruled they had to stop.
Then those documents get leaked to the New York Times.
So I try to be careful.
When I had this rant, we're in the middle of the show, and Luke's on the show and he says, hey, we're getting word that the FBI is leaking Project Red House's privileged legal communications to the New York Times.
And so I pull up the tweets from trusted sources, and right off the bat, I assumed it was definitive.
And so I'll be a little bit more careful and say it appears to be beyond a reasonable doubt the FBI did this.
I just snapped.
When you have the federal government Raiding a news organization, a journalistic enterprise, a non-profit no less, and then giving privileged communications to a company that they're suing.
They're in a lawsuit!
You go to anybody who knows history and what do they say?
It's Soviet style, it's Stasi style.
This is, this is, we're getting in this dangerous place.
So I went off on that.
And it's really funny to see the reaction.
There's people on the right who are like, Tim Pool nailed it.
I mean, I was, I was smack talking law enforcement and police saying the police will come to your house when they, when they're given the word and they will bash your teeth in.
And then you know what the left did?
They cut out the part where I said, the police.
So all you hear me say is, they, they.
And they're trying to make it seem like it was an anti-Semitic rant or something.
Unbelievable, but I mean that's the level of deception here.
The left has just embraced the police state.
I've never been anti-cop, but I'm anti-police state.
Now they're anti-police, but pro-police state.
Right, it's amazing.
That's a good way to put it.
I've always called out police brutality.
I try to make sure we get the facts right.
If I see a story and I'm like, I don't know what that cop did, I'm not going to condemn him.
But when you get a story like out of, I think it was North Carolina, where the cop shot the black man in the back as he was running away, we know what that was.
I don't know if there's music playing.
Is there something going on?
We're going to go to break, absolutely.
Everything's awesome.
Yeah, this is a talk radio format, so we got to have the breaks.
That's why we're still on air.
When they tried to de-platform us, we still had hundreds of radio stations while we're still on air.
But yes, this is good old-fashioned talk radio on TV.
We'll be right back with Tim Pool.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, Tim Poole has arrived with a shotgun with us.
I cannot wait until we do like an hour or two commercial free some evening this week.
We're going to do it.
We got the big General Flynn interview that already taped in San Antonio, New York State.
That's coming Tuesday.
We got Mike Cernovich coming to town.
Luke Radowsky, what an amazing journalist as well.
He's going to be here and so much more.
But Tim Poole.
Is front and center right now.
And yes, Twitter literally, without me even looking, I'll just walk by and my wife will have Twitter on and I just see Tim Porter at the top like, he's now a right winger!
He's Alex Jones!
He's Tucker Carlson!
And all he is against is SWAT teaming journalists and then sharing the information with the New York Times.
Which, by the way, they caught CNN and others with the FBI on the Roger Stone raid.
They left the headers on the email where they even knew before the raid happened.
I mean, this is what they do.
It's a merger of the dinosaur media, And a merger with the FBI and it's super dangerous.
I think it's... I think the power is waning.
So, the move by the FBI, as shocking as it was, as angry as I got, you know, it was like 9.30, the show was, we go back, we go into the user, like the audience comments around then, so we're like winding down the news segments, and just taking questions, and then like, I think it was like 15 minutes, I just snapped, I'm like, people keep saying, oh, I better keep my head down if I want to feed my kids, which makes everything worse, and now there's food shortages, and now there's inflation crisis.
If people just spoke up, and remained active, But so, you know, I basically went off on that, hearing what the FBI had done.
And I think, though, one thing that was important that I added to that, probably after the rant, I said, keep in mind, a move this desperate and panicked.
Even the ACLU is like, this is scary, what they're doing to Project Veritas, and they ate Project Veritas.
The fact that they didn't use standard spying methods, the fact that they didn't do undercover operations, that they kicked the door in on numerous people shows.
I think, I think the establishment realizes their power is dwindling and there's like a new, there's something changing.
Obviously they saw it with Trump, the populists came in.
Well, I want to be clear.
People ask me constantly, am I still for Trump?
I got persecuted supporting Trump.
And I didn't support him because I thought he was perfect.
I knew that he was somewhat of a populist.
I'm really upset with him for going along with experimental vaccines and all the rest of it.
But regardless, Trump is a whole separate thing.
And people see it almost like Trump's the resistance to the globalists, Trump's the resistance to the New World Order.
In a way, that's bad because it makes it right-wing versus left-wing.
It doesn't matter what color you are, whether you're a communist or a liberal or whatever, the collapse of the United States and what the globalists are setting up is not going to be good for 99.9% of people.
I mean, this you'll own nothing, have nothing, great reset thing is bad news.
That's why I think they lie so often, especially about the rant that I had was like critical of law enforcement and government authorities.
I think their economics for the most part are wrong, but you can't have the anti-establishment left and right coming together and realizing this.
There's a really good example of how they smear people, and it's Steve Bannon.
We had Steve Bannon on my show on more than one occasion.
I know, I watched, I flipped out.
But we're getting comments from people saying, I didn't realize how normal and smart Steve Bannon was because the media said he was a racist or a right supremacist or a Nazi.
And then Steve Bannon comes on my show and says, tax the rich.
And I said, Steve, that's not a right-wing position.
And he's like, I don't know, I'm just saying these elitists are screwing over the working class.
Regular people getting access to that.
I think, you know, we can disagree with left, you know, socialist, populist types.
I think they got really bad policies.
But as long as the libertarian of everybody agrees on, you know, innocence until proven guilty, personal responsibility, And we're critical of the elites who are stealing our money, who are driving our savings down with inflation, stealing our buying power and selling us out.
Then we can actually solve some of these problems.
Well, that's right.
I mean, if we don't have basic populism, just a belief in the people and the belief in a social construct, a social contract, then we're going to lose everything.
And instead, the globalists that are tax-exempt and run the planet, they're the ones fueling the fake woke mob, not because they're actually liberals or leftists or building some communist utopia, but because that's the tool they're using to basically divide and conquer the people.
I wanted to tell you something too, I mentioned this before we came back from the break.
So I think I was like 19 when I first heard about you, Prison Planet, InfoWars, all that stuff.
And I'd see people, I don't remember what social media we're using where I was hearing about it, but I would be like, I'd go to your site, I'd look at stuff and often I'd be like, you know, I'd be like, what is that?
What is that?
And I remember you talking about real IDs coming and you talk about the Amero and stuff like that.
And then I was just like, this is ridiculous.
It's never going to happen.
And you know what I have in my wallet right now?
I have a real ID.
It's got the mark on it.
And I have a North American ID card.
That's right.
I have literally, I remember when I was- I've seen you talk about this.
Yeah, I was getting my passport renewed and they asked me if I wanted my passport card.
And I look at it, and it's an ID that is good in North America, United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as several Caribbean islands.
It is an ID card that I can use as an American citizen in Canada and Mexico.
It's a North American ID.
I think that's funny.
We didn't get the Amero or whatever, but I think it's fascinating that it's now been... Man, what was that?
It was probably like mid to late 2000s.
You were talking about real ID and how it was coming.
And people, they don't realize you'll talk about something and it's true, but it's so far away that they don't believe it.
It doesn't affect them.
And then 15 years later, here we are with our, you know, federalized ID cards with a star on it tracking us.
And that's what's frustrating to me is I am going to demystify what I did.
I learned to go read.
I mean, I've got stacks of I've been reading today of I've got one document here that the UN put out calling for global government and saying we're going to track and control everybody in live time using the vaccine passport.
I've got another article and video from the Davos Group three weeks ago saying it.
And then it comes true later.
People go, how did you know?
They tell us in their different white papers.
And that's what's so frustrating is that they're building this extremely hellish world.
And I'm just trying to warn people.
But on a separate note, I know you have a lot of young people listening because I've seen the demographics, but it is crazy to walk into the kitchen at my parents' house and my 70-something-year-old mom's got you on.
And then her friends, when I go over to her house and they're over there sometimes and they're having a cookout, they go, hey, talk to Tim Pool for me.
They're not asking about Joe Rogan.
So I don't know what's going on where you got the old ladies watching.
You and Tugger have definitely got, I know young women watch too, but the older, intelligent, white-collar, Because my mom's got a bunch of degrees, all that stuff, and so do her friends.
They really like Tim Pool.
We do have the main risk of, you know, YouTube being a large source of where we present our show and everything.
And then we started TimCast.com to do members-only segments.
That's the show where, you know, we did our two hour show with Steve Bannon.
We talked a lot about a lot of things.
We didn't talk about election stuff because that's where YouTube will outright ban you.
So as soon as we start the members only show, I literally said, did Donald Trump win the election?
Let's talk about voter fraud.
And this is the challenge for us.
I mean, I may be getting a lot of views now.
We may be growing, but they're not going to let me get that big.
They're going to figure out a way to shadow ban Diggertail.
They've been doing it.
Notifications don't go off for our show.
So we've been trying to diversify, build culture, set up a website.
I'll say this, our key demo, MSNBC, CNN got nothing on us.
Our key demograph, 90% of the viewers we get are young people.
They're millennials, they're like 18 to 35.
Sure, and I knew that, but I'm saying it's also cool that you've got--
Absolutely, absolutely.
I'm not discounting that at all.
I'm just saying these dinosaur networks are just not getting it anymore.
So it'll be interesting to see what happens if YouTube tries giving us the band hammer
and we've had close calls.
They've called me and things like that.
And so we try to make sure we can talk about everything we need to without getting banned.
That's a beautiful thing, and I notice Steven Crowder does that too.
You have like an hour or two hour show, and then you kind of don't touch the, okay, don't question the vaccine too much, though you do that, don't talk about election fraud, and then, hey, come over here, and as long as people start moving over, that gets bigger and bigger, and we build our own culture, we build our own ecosystem, and that's what InfoWars is.
For the listeners and viewers, they're so precious, and that's why watching you build your own ecosystem excites me, because that's what we need.
The other thing we're heavily focused on, and I think my main goal, is culture building.
So, the next show we launch is not a news show, it's a vlog.
It's like we're hanging out, we're playing board games.
Because we need young people to be inspired and have fun.
Not just talk about the news, but create an environment where people can feel confident and comfortable.
Let me just say, we're planning that too.
It's like radio got invented by three guys the same week, in like Italy and Germany and the U.S.
But yes, what you're saying is the zeitgeist.
I'm trying to make myself for years.
We actually want to like play pool, play blackjack, play board games, do some comedy.
Because we need to do that.
We need to not just focus on the bad.
I'm going crazy doing it.
I totally agree with what you're doing and you're a trailblazer.
All right, Tim Poole's with us.
One more segment and then another trailblazer.
Owen the Cock Destroyer Shroyer is going to be taking over and Tim Poole of the Timcast is here.
We'll give you all his URLs and the rest of it on the other side.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's News Today.
Well, it's the final segment with Tim Pool, one of the top podcasters in the world.
And he's going to be on Joe Rogan this week, out of Austin, of course.
And he's got a lot of other big shows coming up this week.
We're not going to let any of that out of the bag, but it's going to be, as you were saying during the break, some internet-breaking stuff.
We can't say exactly what it is, but Tuesday, we'll break the internet.
Okay, Tuesday we'll break the internet.
You know, look, that was what was said to me, and I always try to just, we'll just do our thing, we're gonna have a good time, but we're gonna have a really, really, really big show.
Well, hey, when you and I get 30, 40 million views on Rogan's show, that's an internet-breaking event.
I mean, the Super Bowl's only like 100 million.
Is it even doing that much anymore?
No, it's not.
You're always correcting me.
Yeah, what is it?
The Super Bowl's like 70 million now?
I thought it was like 25.
No, I think... Maybe with the internet and everything combined, I'm getting it wrong.
How many people tuned in to Super Bowl 2021?
I guess they'd call that Super Bowl 2020, because then it happens in the New Year, but... Who knows?
The point is, yes, out of your farmhouse in West Virginia, you're reaching millions of people a day.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I never expected it and it is really weird to like, you know, I did a video about Kyle Rittenhouse last week on a Friday and it got almost a million views and I'm humbled by it.
I just like talking about what's going on, how I feel, how I see it and my concerns and my questions and my frustrations.
Well, I just see victory in independent media because you're not an overnight success.
I mean, how long ago, I remember you back during Occupy Wall Street and all that, you got the most riveting footage, and you've been out there doing what Andy Nego and people like Drew Hernandez have been doing now.
Dangerous stuff.
I mean, you've been around a long time.
Yeah, man.
I had a lot of friends who were in the activist and hacker community, and so that got me more political over time.
Plus, I was like an activist when I was younger, and I was very lefty punk rock kind of stuff.
And then in 2011, I actually went to Occupy Wall Street and started doing live streaming.
And I should have realized what I was doing that was working.
What really worked is the narration.
I would be filming and talking at the same time and people really liked the show.
And I took that as reporting the news is what people like most about me.
Now that I've, you know, for safety reasons, I had to start moving away from being on the ground.
I did documentaries.
I was covering a lot of the Antifa, Black Block stuff in the early days.
I got too many death threats.
I got people posting pictures of my family.
And so then I started switching more and more to doing news and commentary.
Isn't that funny?
They tried to silence you, and it made you go in a direction that made you 50 times bigger.
So now we're doing live streams in much the same way I did before, with my commentary, with other people's commentary, and it's even bigger.
Is there a group of bigger losers than Antifa?
I mean, maybe the Nazis, but I mean, they're all just the same thing, bullies.
They go around, I've got footage from England, from Germany, from France, from Australia, from the United States.
They had an anti-forced inoculation event a few weeks ago in New York at a basketball arena, and Antifa came out and was beating up Black Lives Matter and Trump supporters, which really scares the system, coming together and saying no to forced inoculations.
And again, they're beating people up.
That's not anti-fascism, beating people up that don't want forced inoculations and vaccine passports.
You work for the establishment.
You guys are a joke.
I had a funny way to explain this when I was doing a segment.
I said, anti-Antifa, anti-fascists.
We're protesting government mandates, which is fascism, and then Antifa fascists attacked them.
Because, I think most people can understand the joke, but if you've got a group of people that are opposing the government and the corporations having a lucrative merger, mandating a medical procedure on the public, giving billions to the big pharmaceutical CEOs, that's Mussolini's fascism.
The state and the corporations... That's the definition.
And so if you have people protesting that, they're anti-fascist.
But, these people protesting it are also anti-Antifa.
Because Antifa doesn't actually oppose fascism.
They're acting as fascists now.
They're now the teeth of the fascist corporations.
But you know why it's smart?
This is what the establishment has realized.
They need to project what they do, like Russiagate.
They project that on Trump when they're the ones doing it.
And when they're supporting fascism, they need to claim they're the ones who aren't.
And when they're racist, they need to call it anti-racism, so they can constantly trick people who aren't politically- Absolutely, because, I mean, calling Tucker Carlson a white supremacist, if you watch Tucker, he's unifying the country, he's trying to get jobs back, he's very, like, classical liberal in my view, and so are a lot of other people.
I mean, like, General Flynn's a Democrat, and he's against what's happening.
This thing of calling everybody white supremacist, it's beyond beating a dead horse.
In fact, I saw a cartoon of a pile of bloody meat, and they say, what's that?
And they say it used to be a dead horse.
They've just been beating it until nothing's left.
I'll put it this way.
I think it's going to break at a certain point.
When you see what happened in Virginia, when you see the state senator in New Jersey, this guy, what's his name, Ed Durr, I think his name is.
153 bucks to run?
He ends up winning and he doesn't even campaign.
People at this point seem ready to vote for a ham sandwich over the Democrats or the establishment.
I think it is important to point out when I say Democrats, at the very least, I think most of us understand that.
The establishment?
Yeah, because the neocons went to Lincoln Project.
Oh, the neocons, a lot of evidence, as you know, run the Democrats.
They merged when Trump came in because they lost control.
The populists are starting to rise up and say, no more.
And so they sought refuge with the Democrats.
And this is why I think you see, for the most part, the establishment as a whole is now operating just under the Democrats and some Republicans, you know.
Well, yeah, the Republicans won't explain it's a globalist takeover.
They're opposing some of it, but in a wimpy way.
And I get why.
If you're Rand Paul, you get shot at, your ribs broken, you get... I don't like the word globalist.
You know why?
Because I think these people are the establishment elites, the people in the media, those who would cheer for the feds, rating a journalist.
They're authoritarian.
They're authoritarian global corporate fascists.
I call them globalists because 20 plus years ago, I read articles written by them where they called themselves globalists.
Right, right.
Like, we are globalists.
We want a global government.
They want global governance.
You know what?
You're right, though.
Like, the Nazis called themselves National Socialists and they were really... I'm not defending socialism, but they really were fascists.
I get it.
They call themselves globals.
We should call them a global corporate criminal combine.
People comment to me this very often that they say the idea of the world being unified and people working together and trade and agreements and no war and whatever you want to call it, international agreements, is not what they're referring to with globalism.
They're referring to corporate fascism.
Corporate world government.
Like, they treat humans like chicken or cattle and I'm like, How can we make sure that's the idea we're getting across?
That's right.
Globalism is turning us into a commodity.
Globalism is corporate fascism.
Globalism is corporate fascism.
You're right.
We should be defining that.
Because globalist is too nice a word.
There's a lot of people who think, what's wrong with the world coming together and having peace and unity?
But you notice it doesn't mean that.
It doesn't mean you go wherever you want.
It doesn't mean you're a world citizen.
I'm all for that.
This is not, oh, I'm a citizen of the world.
You can do whatever.
No, this is global corporations.
Run your ass.
This is how no more cash is being accepted.
Every transaction you have will be tracked.
We're going to track your bank accounts.
They want to create a rigid, homogenous world where everyone is forced to fall into the line of a few despots.
That will not work.
Centralized authority throughout history has never worked.
You're right.
And an artificial intelligence won't help them do it either.
They're insane if they think it will.
You gotta take a look at how a lot of the AIs they've built have worked.
They cannot... I'll try and simplify it.
YouTube built their algorithm to try and deliver you what they thought would be Game of Thrones.
Long form, interesting content.
Let's make an algorithm that will promote that.
What did they get?
They got weird videos of Hitler dancing with the Incredible Hulk while singing nursery rhymes.
Because the algorithm doesn't understand human society and human culture.
If these despots think they can centralize all the authority with some A.I.' 's assistance, the future will be humans swimming in fields of corn and then there will be no other product because the A.I.
won't understand the difference between corn carbohydrates and soy and other products.
Human minds can do that.
The machines will go insane.
That's beautifully said, Tim Pool.
How do people who don't know who you are, most folks do, find your podcast, both your YouTube, your subscription, all of it?
Timcast.com, and then really the members segment is where we're trying to build the secure business where we can make more and more, but we're on YouTube, Timcast IRL is the conversational podcast, and Timcast everywhere.
All right, how long are you in Austin?
Till next weekend.
Alright, we're gonna go shooting, right?
We're gonna bring some people, we're gonna film it.
And you're gonna be on my show, what, Tuesday?
I believe Tuesday.
We're going to get some barbecue here then.
We're going to get some barbecue.
We were actually trying to figure out how we can get catered a bunch of barbecue for everybody.
Well, I'm already doing it!
Oh, okay.
I'm catering Wednesdays and you're also going to be popping by Wednesday.
How about I change it to Tuesday?
How about I change it to Tuesday?
Yeah, let's do it Tuesday because Wednesdays are a particularly busy day.
I forgot.
I thought it was Monday you were doing that.
Now it's Wednesday?
Yeah, Wednesday.
It's going to be big because you do a morning show and a nighttime show.
Yeah, I work non-stop.
Hey, I used to do a daytime show and a nighttime show, and soon I'm bringing a nighttime show back, because in these times, they're so crazy, we gotta do it.
I think the key to success is perseverance, just keep working, but the truth is, you know, I started taking weekends off, not so that I could not work, because I need to do paperwork, administrative stuff, and now I'm working more than ever.
And Owen Troyer's coming up with Sunday Live, two hours of news commentary and massive amounts of critical information.
Tim Poole's been with us here.
We appreciate Tim coming in.
I'd asked him to come, he couldn't do it, then he just popped in.
He's had a last minute, he just did it.
So here he is, ladies and gentlemen, with us on Sunday night.
Owen Troyer and Sunday Live coming up in T-minus two minutes on this side of this break.
Stay with us.
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