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Name: 20211112_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 12, 2021
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In a segment on "The War Room," Alex Jones discusses Pfizer adding tromethamine to COVID-19 vaccines, Tucker Carlson's recent documentary on January 6th protests, Gene Simmons' stance on vaccination and natural immunity, and Infowars product sales. The show covers various conspiracy theories, globalist agendas, vaccines, pedophilia destigmatization, and more. Jones encourages listeners to share informative content, promotes ongoing sales at InfowarsStore.com, and discusses topics such as the Justice Department labeling parents as terrorists, LeBron James' hypocrisy, Pfizer vaccine data cover-up, CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, Dr. Peter McCullough calling for a vaccine halt, Infowars offering a satellite phone, Tony Fauci's felonies, Governor Gavin Newsom's actions, and concerns about children being vaccinated. Finally, the segment highlights Jimmy Levy's song "Welcome to the Revolution" topping charts.

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I think the maximum of this whole fraud that we see everywhere that I've decided to put a t-shirt out with.
The supply chain breakdowns are so bad it's even hard to get t-shirts made in America or printed in America.
But we're going to come out with one that says the worst part of the 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
Of course there's another meme out there that's I think just as important you see everywhere and it's an image of a man or a woman screaming going
My vaccine doesn't work if you don't take yours!
And now Gene Simmons has joined all these other globalists in saying, like Geraldo Rivera and Noam Chomsky, that you shouldn't be allowed to leave your house if you haven't had the shot and that you're evil.
This is a guy that made his money promoting Satanism and his nickname is the Demon.
Just a little nerd in a clown outfit.
He wants to forcibly inject your family.
He wants to rape you with a poison death shot.
But I mean, that's what evil wants.
It always wants to dominate control.
Hey, Gene, I know you're probably paid like so many other scumbags to push the garbage, lies, and big pharma, this big takeover, but you know the CDC via a Freedom of Information Act request just put this out last night?
It's a pretty big deal.
And they say that no one who has natural immunity, who got it naturally, has ever spread COVID or transmitted it.
But those that take the vaccine are actually more likely now to spread it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
After getting approval to inject everyone's children, Pfizer has secretly added the drug tromethamine to the already dangerous gene editing concoction.
So-called vaccines that appear to be causing heart attacks in otherwise young healthy recipients, including pro athletes.
Tromethamine is used to stabilize the blood in heart attack victims.
Pfizer claims that tromethamine is being added as a buffer to replace phosphate-buffered saline, which is a water-based salt solution.
But tromethamine is not anything like a water-based salt solution.
It is another dangerous petrochemical with a long list of side effects.
It has never been tested with the so-called vaccines and it is only safe within the circulatory system.
A known side effect is tissue damage if any tromethamine leaks from the vein.
And every single child they inject will be injected into their muscle, not the vein.
Which means every single child will be at risk of tissue damage, along with ADE, autoimmune disease, and death.
We're at war, and the attack is brought to you by Pfizer and company.
Brought to you by Pfizer.
From the very beginning of the manufactured COVID plandemic, it was never about the children.
We were always told the children will be fine.
It was about the elderly and the sick.
And then they realized we will submit to anything.
So why not go for our children?
If we allow it, they've already conquered us.
And many of our children can see exactly what's going on.
Even if their parents can't.
They are all experiencing evil at the highest level right now.
Many will be deeply inspired to fight back.
So why would these barbarians let them live?
Knowing that we will let them inject our children with an experimental drug that has demonstrably been shown to do great damage.
All under the guise of protecting us from the common cold.
The hospitals were empty during COVID and they are now overwhelmed by the vaccinated.
The same company profiting off this deadly scam openly has its hand in the FDA, is immune from liability, calls anyone who questions them criminals, and is secretly adding new drugs to an already deadly cocktail upon FDA approval to inject our kids.
Tucker Carlson Originals presents the most dangerous, crazy, sinister, disturbing, terrorist recruitment video.
The most criminal movie of the year.
Well, I want to say criminal, but technically that's not true.
Although maybe it should be.
The reviews are in.
Tucker Carlson makes a tribute video to the terrorists.
For the story of a mostly peaceful protest.
It is not generally speaking unruly.
The movie that will have you jumping out of your seat screaming.
The critics are raving.
Raving mad.
As in crazy as a loon.
Tucker Carlson producing a pretty extraordinary, very cinematic, persuasive documentary, big blockbuster movie.
We've gone Hollywood.
By the way, it worked.
Tucker and his crack investigative team get to the bottom of what happened on January 6th.
But it's beginning to expose exactly what the establishment is doing.
What Tucker Carlson is doing is going against the American people.
Trump tweeted once, they don't hate me, they hate you, I'm just in the way.
Now, the real agenda of coming after the people is becoming more apparent.
From this Patriot Purge documentary.
Tucker Carlson and his team of editors led by Scooter have taken the InfoWar to another level.
I've got to recognize it.
I've got to give credit.
They have surpassed InfoWar's greatest exploits against tyranny because Tucker is so good at having fun
Well, he exposes the globalists on the left.
So, Tucker is a true populist icon of icons, and we're just blessed to live in the Tucker Carlson timeline.
Wow, great job, Tucker, exposing the deep state and their plan to label all Americans as terrorists.
Good job being a American that hasn't betrayed his country and his family.
We're very proud of you, Tucker, and your team, and we salute you.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday.
November 12th, 2021.
And no one knows who originally said it until today.
And I didn't know somebody actually found a clip of it.
And then the internet made a edited down version out of it.
But I didn't know it was yours truly.
Back in April of last year, 2020, that said, wait until 15 days to flatten the curve turns into the first two years.
And so then out of that was paraphrased, I think the maxim of this whole fraud that we see everywhere that I've decided to put a T-shirt out with.
The supply chain breakdowns are so bad, it's even hard to get T-shirts made in America or printed in America.
But we're going to come out with one that says the worst part
Of the 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
Of course, there's another meme out there that's, I think, just as important as you see everywhere, and it's an image of a man or a woman screaming, going, my vaccine doesn't work if you don't take yours!
And now Gene Simmons has joined all these other globalists in saying, like Geraldo Rivera,
And Noam Chomsky, that you shouldn't be allowed to leave your house if you haven't had the shot, and that you're evil!
This is a guy that made his money promoting Satanism and his nickname is The Demon.
Just a little nerd in a clown outfit who wants to forcibly inject your family, wants to rape you with a poison death shot.
But I mean, that's what evil wants.
It always wants to dominate control.
Hey, Gene!
I know you're probably paid like so many other scumbags to push the garbage.
Lies and big pharma, this big takeover.
But you know the CDC?
The Freedom of Information Act request just put this out last night.
It's a pretty big deal.
And they say that no one who has natural immunity, who got it naturally, has ever spread COVID
Or transmitted it, but those that take the vaccine are actually more likely now to spread it.
And I think that's why they're obviously paying people like Gene Simmons to run around and say, you know, you're all evil, you're demons, you're of the devil.
If you don't go along with me, in fact, we go to InfoWars.com.
I did a very saucy rebuke of him last night, tailored to wake up rockers.
I took the gloves off of Mr. Bad Boy.
Mr. Clown Outfit.
So scary, that big demon face was scary.
I just cry in my bed at night from it.
And you can see the headline on Infowars.com or Band.Video.
It's got the image of him.
And the quote, the demon says you're evil if you don't take the shot.
So absolutely creepy.
So that's just one of the little giblets we have for you today.
Fully vaccinated Jen Psaki is still bedridden with COVID-19 weeks after infection and Joe Rogan recovered a couple of days by eating flea and tick medicine he got from Alex Jones.
Is that what's going on?
That's one of the things going around on the internet.
I got a bunch of these other ones.
When your car stops halfway from home because the chip inside detected that you have used your monthly allowance of gasoline, remember that it started with a mask and a shot and you complied.
And that goes into the great reset and the big announcement Schwab's set to make in two hours.
We're going to try to carry it live on the World Economic Forum.
Announcing the great narrative, and we know what that great narrative is.
We're going to lay it out coming up next hour before he gives the speech.
You'll definitely get tomorrow's news today.
That's why you tune in, right?
And then, of course, we got the really serious issues.
Xi Jinping was already declared dictator two years ago.
Now he's been declared emperor for life.
God emperor.
But that's how communism works.
You get hereditary dynasties like North Korea, you get things like the communist dynasty in China, where the average general's worth like four billion dollars, but the general public is basically homeless but works full-time jobs.
China's elite Han Xie, a key victory, paving his way for his indefinite rule.
He's now co-equal to Mao Zedong.
And the left is cheering him here in America.
We've got that for you.
And of course, the big news that I'm going to get to right now.
No, it's not that Joe Biden came out and referred to a black person as the greatest Negro ever.
Because he's living like in the 1950s, his brain's so rotted.
Some of the media is spinning and saying he didn't say that when he did say it on video.
And that's, to me, the bigger story.
Gaslighting, he's saying you didn't see that.
It's been all the gaslighting of gaslighting, the mega mother of all gaslighting, to tell you for the last, really, eight, nine months is when it started, that there is no inflation and that inflation isn't a problem.
And when economists would tweet about it, respected ones, they would get
Banned for a week or some taken off of Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.
Even CNBC videos were getting deleted because, oh that's another thing you can't say.
Can't question Fauci, can't question lockdowns, can't question election fraud, can't challenge critical race theory, can't challenge drag queen pedophile story time, and oh you can't talk about inflation or open borders.
Or child smuggling, or anything they don't want you to.
But now it didn't work very well.
Because, you know, they can try to hide the hundreds of thousands of dead people from the shots, and the millions that have had serious blood clots, and legs amputated, and you name it, and brain aneurysms, and myocarditis.
They can try to hide that.
But they can't hide the fact that in Texas, gasoline's twice what it was a year ago.
And in California, it's three times.
And you can't hide that I used to just buy the medium grade filet mignon because I don't want to spend 30 bucks for a filet mignon.
I'll spend 10 bucks.
It tastes basically as good.
I mean, I guess I got the money if I wanted to at about $30 filet mignon at the grocery store.
But now I go to the grocery store and the little bitty cheap ones are 30 bucks.
The ones I used to get for $10.
That's in a year.
Oh, but of course the farmers and ranchers aren't getting any of that money.
No, it's all
Inflation and manipulation and three meatpacking companies that run everything now.
It's all consolidation of the market and the big mega monopoly screwing everybody.
This is a vertical integration.
It's the Great Reset.
That's how I told you 21 months ago, in February of 2020, that by the next Christmas, you'd be paying double for many goods.
And you are, aren't you?
Because, oh, I love to say I have this huge IQ.
I really don't.
When I had my enemies playbook and they said they would do this to quote teach you not to be well off.
And they have press secretaries saying, oh, we could lower gas prices, but we're not.
I mean, that was Saki three weeks ago.
So so first it doesn't exist.
And you're crazy if you say it's happening.
Then, oh, we could lower the prices, which they could, but we're not going to.
And then now it's, oh my gosh, there is inflation, we're so concerned about it, we're going to fix it as if Psaki and Biden run any of it.
So I've got that clip when we come back of even Jake Tapper throwing him under the bus, because this was always the setup.
So he'll get the blame.
And I'm all for Biden getting the blame and going to jail.
He's an all evil pedophile.
But he's like a lower level front man or the enemies attacking us.
They're like a knight on a horse with a big javelin stabbing us.
And they've got a shield.
And the shield is Joe Biden.
He takes all the heat, he gets bent up and battered, and when the night's done, he just throws that down, and the squire, or the armorer, hands them another shield.
That's what the last four or five presidents have been, other than Trump.
Trump was his own man, had his own issues, but going back presidents before him, I mean, Obama, all these guys are front men.
I mean, Obama was involved in some of the decisions because he was smart, but he wasn't a person in charge.
He was a high level general, but not a field marshal.
And with Biden, he's not even a general anymore.
He was a general when he worked for Obama.
He was a general, but he's not now.
He's a nobody.
And he just goes up there and takes the blame for everything and makes America look bad.
And then we all blame him instead of the UN and the globalists and the Great Reset.
They're the enemy.
They're everything.
And finally, we're starting to hear
Republican Senators talk about the Great Reset and this is a plan and this is a war.
And thank God Tucker Carlson the last two nights talked about the big banks and how they're imploding the country in the Great Reset and how they're using racial division to distract and divert us.
So that's coming up too, next segment.
I mean, we figure that out or we lose, okay?
This is a new type of war.
It's economic, world government, collapsed borders, and it's on right now.
And more lockdowns are coming that'll cause more mass starvation.
All right, no joke.
CNN has a list of things Joe Biden can do to fix the inflation that the private Federal Reserve has created by the overprinting of money and telling people to stay home and not work so there's a labor shortage.
Unclog the supply chain when they've set this up for the supply chain collapse.
Address the worker shortage via immigration.
Yeah, bring in more unskilled workers from around the world.
That'll fix it.
Address the spike in energy prices.
But they never say open up the Keystone Pipeline, reopen the Anwar Reserve.
They never say stop having the order to block any new oil drilling.
No, no, there's none of that in here.
Address the spike in energy prices.
Oh, okay.
Talks about green energy, more of the same, more things that did this.
Engage the private sector, right, have them take over.
Pass his agenda, yes, more spending, yes.
The five trillion extra he wants right now, that'll really stop inflation.
Ease tariffs, even though we already have the lowest tariffs in the world.
Push domestic production when everything he does policy-wise is the opposite.
Appoint a tougher Fed chief.
End the pandemic, oh, we'd all just take our shots, then the pandemic wouldn't cause this in the economy when they're the ones running the whole shutdown.
It's just like the UN saying, oh, you know, we just need billions of dollars to feed all the starving people.
We don't know why they're all starving all of a sudden.
They go, oh, COVID did it.
No, the lockdowns you did for COVID did it and killed 20 times what COVID did.
That's a real number, Bob.
That's over 20 times globally.
But it feels so good to wear the mask and get into everything and you're a hero and a survivor.
So here's Jake Tapper throwing their puppet onto the bus, Joe Biden, after all the denials that inflation, that doesn't exist.
It's a conspiracy theory.
We're going to start today with our money lead and a change of tone from the White House as it acknowledges that the rising prices most of us are experiencing that they have downplayed will likely last much longer than originally expected.
For weeks, President Biden has promised Americans that this inflation is only temporary, but now he's admitting these higher prices
All right, that's enough, folks.
It's never going away.
They're destroying the currency by design to bring in the new global reset currency.
We've got that coming up with Klaus Schwab and analysis in the second and third hour and we'll open the phones up.
But first, Tucker Carlson's the only person on national TV explaining that it's globalist class warfare using all this leftist divide and conquer to distract us from the fact that we're all under attack by the globalists in their own words.
Here's part of that report last night.
So as we told you many times before, as soon as the economy crashed to the benefit of the big banks, the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., etc., started throwing the word racist around with increasing volume.
It was almost like they were working on behalf of the oligarchs to divide the rest of us against each other so we wouldn't notice that a small group was getting super, super rich.
Almost nobody in journalism ever mentions this.
Batya Angar Sargon is one of the few who does.
She just went on CNN over the weekend, I feel a little guilty playing a clip from a rival network, but this is just too good to miss.
Here's how it went.
The media's response to Junkin's victory is literally the reason that he won, right?
How did they respond?
There's a hundred medias, a hundred reactions.
You're being pretty overly generalizing, I think.
Let me get more specific for you, okay?
Because I have to say, I have to admit, having watched CNN all week, there's been a lot of very, very, very good genuflection on this front.
But what happened right after the election was you saw host after host after host on MSNBC saying, oh, this is a victory for white supremacy, right?
White supremacy wins again.
Racism wins again.
When, you know, the lieutenant governor that Youngkin won with will be the first black woman to hold that job.
When Glenn Youngkin managed to flip majority black districts.
Baciangar Sargon is the Deputy Opinion Editor at Newsweek, also author of the new book, Bad News, How Woke Media is Undermining Democracy.
She joins us.
Baciangar, thanks so much for coming on.
Sorry to embarrass you with that clip.
Oh my gosh, Tucker, thank you so much for having me.
Oh, of course!
So you say it's undermining democracy.
What I think is interesting about your take on it is you take it to, I think, a deeper level.
It's more than just annoying.
There's a purpose to all this.
What do you think the purpose is?
Well, I think you really nailed it in your opening, Tucker.
You know, you started out by saying that we have this deep class divide in America that separates the people who are really feeling, you know, the inflation at the gas pump from the people who live in, you know, coastal cities who maybe don't drive, maybe they take Ubers, maybe they take the subway.
And the history of journalism in the 20th century in America is the history of a class of people moving from one of those classes to the other, right?
Journalism used to be a working class trade and throughout the 20th century journalists became part of the American elites and as they did so they abandoned the working class of all races and what we're seeing now with woke media is just the latest stage of that abandonment.
I mean, I've seen it up close.
I think you're exactly right.
The composition of newsrooms is completely different.
But that's a perversion of the core mission of journalism.
We always heard, when I was 30 years ago, when I started, you know, it's to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, to hold the powerful to account, you know what I mean?
Be the eyes and ears of your readers and viewers.
Like, it does seem like they're a Praetorian guard for the billionaire class.
I'm sorry to overstate it, but it feels that way.
Yeah, you really see a lot of class solidarity right now among liberal elites, and I'm saying this as a lefty, Tucker.
I'm coming at this from the left and feeling like, how did we abandon the working class, again, of all races?
How did we become the side that comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted?
So where does this go?
I mean, we need a working media.
We need a media people trust.
It's an essential ingredient in democracy.
I think everyone agrees with that.
No one trusts the media anymore.
So what's the next phase in this evolution, do you think?
Honestly, Tucker, I think that every American has to relearn the work of learning to respect people that we disagree with.
You're seeing a huge consumer boycott of mainstream media, of corporate media, and I think that's a good thing.
They need to relearn how to get our trust back, and in the meantime, we need to start stitching back together the fabric of American society by respecting people we disagree with.
That's all we can do.
I just have to ask, since you are on the left, and I think you're articulating traditional left-wing concerns about economics, what do people on your side think of what you're saying right now?
You know, honestly, you know, the fact that I was on CNN, I take that as a really good sign.
My book opens with a scene from CNN of two of their hosts, who are both millionaires, calling every single person who voted for Donald Trump racist, when we know that Donald Trump won the vast majority of people without a college degree, right?
And to me, that was this primal scene of these people who had won by every metric, sneering and smearing the people who had lost, right?
And so I think it's a really good sign that CNN had me on to talk about my work.
I could not have put it as well as you just did.
I appreciate your coming on tonight.
Bachi Angar Sogran, thank you very much.
Thank you.
All right, folks.
I can play the clip for you guys, but everybody already knows that Saki said we could lower the gas prices, but we're not.
They're the elite.
They're waging war on you.
They want to bankrupt you to get full.
Control of you.
So I had intended on this live Friday, November 12th transmission to not have any guests today, but Drew Hernandez did such a great job yesterday.
And it was such an interesting, amazing trial.
You rarely see this much corruption by prosecutors in all my years of watching court.
I've never seen
Anything like it all added up together with all the other cases.
But this is the future of the Democratic Party and Soros Armies.
I mean, and the future of their judiciary as well.
They're blessed not to have a judge that is corrupt or evil, but actually doing his job.
But can you imagine these type of prosecutors when they've got a judge also?
Basically, financed and put in by politicians, financed by Soros.
It is a nightmare situation.
We're getting him lined up right now.
He's getting, I guess, to his hotel room so he can get on with his cruise coming up here in just a few minutes.
And please remember, we're not funded by George Soros or the big banks or Klaus Schwab or the New World Order.
We don't get that money.
We don't get the big corporate sponsors either.
We get
Attacked and lied about and sued and demonized, but that's okay because that means we're over the target.
That's what it takes to do our job.
They're going to come after us because we're hurting them.
And if we're successful, we're going to stop them and we will be successful.
Thanks to God's good graces and God working through all of you out there.
So please remember, when you spread the word about the broadcast, when you share the articles, the videos, the links, when you buy the products, and when you engage in prayer just for a global awakening, God will answer that prayer if we're steadfast.
So, thank you all for your support.
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All right!
Drew Hernandez knocked it out of the park.
We're good to go.
Because I know Drew Hernandez has been threatened.
I know the other witnesses have been threatened.
And I know the witnesses on the stand said that they were told a lie and that they were threatened.
But they finally told the truth.
Just like you've got, you know, the thief and the murderer on the cross, and one of them believes in God, and the other one doesn't believe in absolution.
But, you know, the one that believes it finally turns around and does the right thing.
It doesn't matter when you finally choose to tell the truth, just as long as you finally do it, folks.
God judges the heart.
God will forgive you.
But Drew never needed that.
He was steadfast and honest about what he saw from the beginning.
Here's a short compilation of some of the amazing developments yesterday, because he was definitely the star witness.
You say you're a journalist and a reporter?
Earlier you identified yourself as a professional commentator.
All the above.
Is it your practice as a journalist to interject your personal opinion into the stories you're reporting on?
But you did that here.
On August 25th.
A few minutes after these shootings, you posted on Twitter your opinion as to whether the defendant in your mind was right or wrong in doing what he did, correct?
No, I said apparently at the beginning of that statement.
What effect does that have?
It means apparently.
It doesn't mean that this is 100% my opinion.
You had already jumped to a conclusion, an apparent conclusion at that moment, right?
That's what apparently means.
But that's not what journalists do, right?
I don't know where we're headed here.
I'll be gone.
Thank you.
Okay, you may step down, sir.
Thank you.
But did you, in looking back at your videos, have an opportunity to observe someone that evening, Mr. Rosenbaum?
And do you recall
Just tell me where you saw him originally, if you can.
The first time I saw Mr. Rosenbaum was when the police were pushing the riders back to the gas station on Sheridan, Ultimate, I believe.
And Mr. Rosenbaum was pushing a flaming dumpster on fire into police vehicles that were occupied by officers and humans.
He's got to go at the end of the hour, so let's go to him now.
Drew Hernandez is now with us.
Drew, wow, what was it like being inside there?
What was it like being in the middle of something this historical, dealing with self-defense and fake media being exposed?
I mean, this is historic.
This is one of those moments where the emperor having no clothes on is really evident.
You know, Alex, I know you could relate to this because sometimes you ask yourself, why am I here?
Why am I in this position?
How did I get into this position?
And I think the only answer sometimes is, for such a time as this, I think God has brought us here.
And for whatever reason, I don't know, I don't have the reason, but I do know that the truth needs to be told.
And they were trying to smear me.
They were trying to say I work for Real America's Voice and I have a political leaning.
They said because I hired a specific
Lawyer, I had some kind of political bias.
They were trying to discredit me from the very beginning, and it's not because, you know, they had any other intention other than trying to literally shut down the truth.
Not only that I witnessed, but they were trying to shut down the truth that I literally recorded on body cam footage.
Alex, I sent the prosecution and the defense, both of them,
Like, somewhere around 80 to 100 videos of the full night of the entire context.
And I will say this, while I was testifying on the stand, I don't know if anyone caught this on tape, I'm pretty sure maybe somebody out there saw it or caught it, but whenever I would say the word rioter, or I would say arson, or say violence, or say looting, or vandalism, one of the prosecutors, he would just, he would do this, he'd go, and just shake his head at me, and I'm like,
There's something going on in here because I 100% know that I'm telling the truth because not only did I see it, I recorded it and the world could watch it, okay?
And the jury can watch it.
Once they go see that I actually sent in this amount of footage, they'll be able to see for themselves.
So it is really eerie to be sitting in that courtroom and you see these prosecutors laughing at you when you're sitting there telling the truth.
I'll just say that.
And then you realize they're funded by a literal Nazi collaborator, George Soros, and have taken over almost every city and are now getting control of most judges.
This judge is fair.
A large portion now are also just as bad as the prosecutor.
Imagine that, Drew.
I mean, I think what's happening in the United States of America, Alex, we've seen law and order get subverted.
They're trying to get rid of it because they want to install a new regime.
It's getting attacked.
But I think what people don't understand is once law and order goes, out goes the door justice.
And the justice system is obviously not just.
And hopefully we will see some kind of justice in this trial.
That's right.
Drew Hernandez, one more segment with you.
We're really blessed to have you.
Great job standing up for the truth.
We'll be right back in a few minutes with Drew Hernandez.
I'm Alex Jones.
Think about the level of gaslighting that the private Federal Reserve accelerate the printing of money at a trillion dollars extra a month and then to turn around and tell us that there is no inflation in the last year.
And now to tell us, okay, there is inflation, but they'll fix the problem.
Well, it's the same thing like having a giant group of people running around, looting and burning buildings down, including people's apartments with children in them that barely escaped.
And then Drew Hernandez is just a reporter, a journalist.
He goes to cover it, as he'd been doing for a long time successfully.
Granted, he got really famous from this.
And then they're demonizing him on the stand that he's even a journalist.
You're not even supposed to go show the looting or the mostly peaceful demonstration.
So, please continue with your in-person experience in this trial of the century so far for self-defense, the Rittenhouse case.
Alex, I mean, the crazy part is the prosecution immediately went after me being a journalist and working for Real America's Voice.
Now, I'm just going to assume he didn't really do his homework, because it seems like he assumed that I was working for Real America's Voice in 2020.
And that's why in the middle of the trial and in the middle of my testimony, I said, no, I was working for myself at the time of this recording, because he was trying to allude to the fact and trying to establish that I'm coming in with a political bias with my testimony under oath.
But when he saw that that was not coming to fruition, he immediately retreated and went to something else.
But what I want people to seriously pay attention is I am
I am just an eyewitness.
I am just a journalist.
I am just somebody that was there that night that not only saw what happened with his own two eyes, but documented it on body cam footage as well.
That's right, Drew.
Just like your camera, you have a bias.
It's called the truth.
Exactly, but check it out, Alex.
So how do I end up getting freaking prosecuted?
How do I end up getting put on trial?
They're trying to discredit me, ask me all these different questions about my credibility.
Why did you tweet this?
He's using specific words to try to get me to say something without saying it.
If you guys noticed in the trial, he would say things like, so this specific video that you made, this is what you posted on Twitter.
I was like, no sir, I made no video.
This is the kind of stuff that they try to do.
They try and use words to
I think?
I have nothing to hide.
You guys asked me for this footage, so I sent it to you, and now you're trying to discredit me because it wasn't what you wanted?
You know what I'm saying?
What are your other observations?
Because you're right in the center, again, of this incredible historical event.
My observations are this.
I think it's clear that the reason why that happened to me yesterday, this is just my opinion or assumption.
I think it's clear that they knew that I had the truth and they had to find a way around it.
And listen, whether that benefits Kyle, benefits the state or the prosecution,
The truth is going to need to come out.
And that's what I was considered with yesterday.
That's what I was concerned with yesterday.
Because my concern was not the media.
My concern was not so much the world.
My concern was those jurors in that room that needed to hear the absolute truth.
And I was not there to give a bias.
I was not there to give my opinion.
It's not like
Someone invited me to come share my professional opinion on anything, even the footage!
I saw it!
Absolutely, where do you think this is going?
I mean, I think the out-of-control behavior of these Soros minions blew up in their face.
I mean, how would you describe how the trial's gone for them and what's your prediction on the jury verdict?
I know that's a ways off.
I mean, I don't, I've got millions of eyes on me right now, Alex, and they're already accusing me of having, you know, biased going in there, so I want to kind of stay away from predictions, but I will say this, Alex, is I went in there to tell the truth, and they have the footage, the jury, I'm telling you, they have
More than 80 videos that I sent to them, that shows everything I described yesterday.
So there's no getting around it.
The jury has that.
They'll be able to see it.
And that's why I have peace, that now that it's in their hands, because they're the ones that have to make the serious decision, that at least the truth is now in the right hands, where it matters.
Screw the media, on both sides, who cares what anybody has to say, even me, okay?
What this comes down to, is these jurors, and we'll see what decision that they make.
That is so well said.
They're trying to distract onto you by demonizing you away from the hours of footage you gave them that's right there for them that proves your testimony is true.
So they're trying to make you the distraction because they're done.
The truth is in their hands.
And I think it was pretty clear what was happening yesterday.
And the interesting thing too, Alex, is like,
I wasn't trying to hide from the state or the prosecution.
They didn't call me to interview me before the trial or have a conversation.
I mean, they reached out to me for footage a couple times, but then based on my constitutional right, I went and got a lawyer and I wanted him to give the footage to both parties.
I actually did that to try and look unbiased.
Because I wanted to go out to both of them and you know before the trial the prosecution never called me and wanted to talk to me or have a conversation with me so I mean it's like I would have been completely open to that and also I'll say this to Alex CNN hasn't called me MSNBC hasn't called me
I will gladly go on that show and say the same things I said in that courtroom, just like I said on Tucker Carlson, just like I say on Alex Jones.
I'll say the same thing because the truth is the same.
It remains the same.
The story remains the same.
But they don't call me because why?
We could only assume they don't want the truth.
Drew, I know you've got to go in a few minutes to go on your network, Real America Voice Correspondent, americasvoice.news.
You're doing an amazing job there.
But, I mean, you've got a bias as being a truthful person.
You've got a bias that I know is for self-defense.
They try to make it bad that we're not for child molesters and looters and all the rest of it.
From day one, they knew the footage was on the internet.
They knew your footage and a bunch of other footage was there.
They knew what happened.
And so they've been trying to pretend this wasn't the case the whole time and just went ahead with this prosecution.
And now they've run right smack dab into reality.
But that's what the left does.
They always create their own narrative, stay in it, don't look at any of the facts, and then just hope that they can fool people.
Your final comments on that and what you think is coming next.
You know, Alex, I'll just say the same thing I said on Tucker is my bias regarding this situation, my testimony under oath, is the truth.
Obviously, I have political bias.
I'm a political commentator.
I don't try to hide that.
I'm not some, you know, political saint that pretends to be perfect.
But, in the context of what I did yesterday under oath, that was the truth.
Because there are multiple videos that corroborate everything I said.
And that's where I'll leave it.
I think because they know that I had the truth, Alex.
I think that I was a witness that not only saw it, but I had a lot of video to corroborate everything I was saying.
And I think the only thing they could have maybe possibly have done was not refute any of that evidence, but try and discredit me as a witness.
And I think it's pretty clear the world watched this yesterday, Alex.
I mean, I was getting messages from all over the world.
People were watching.
I think people, public opinion, could pretty much say
Well that's right because I got my hair cut yesterday in a haircutting place full of women cutting people's hair.
And everybody was talking about this.
Black, white, Hispanic, old, young, saying Rittenhouse is innocent, and this is a tragedy, and they're sick of the crime.
And I see this as a real watershed event, not just for self-defense, and not just against the woke mob being allowed to burn down America, and the world at the behest of the globalists, but of the people sick of the media lying to them, and these leftist prosecutors.
Drew Hernandez, people can find all your work at DrewHLive, and I know you're going to be coming to Austin next week in studio.
Really look forward to you being here, my friend.
Yes, sir.
Everybody watching needs to tune in.
It's going to be amazing next week.
I can't wait.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, there goes Drew Hernandez.
He's awesome.
We're glad he's, you know, told the truth despite all the threats and he survived covering all those riots and others.
We're going to start the next hour.
I haven't told you who's here next week, but Drew's coming.
A bunch of other people are coming.
They're going to be in studio next week because this is now the podcasting mecca with
We're here, obviously, and there's a Statesman article about a few days ago.
But then you've got Joe Rogan and a bunch of other people.
And so the stars are aligning next week.
We're going to have a lot of big guests in studio, a lot of special broadcast.
We're going to be up here a lot.
In fact, I told my wife, I said, just go ahead and bring my younger daughter up here and you can come up here and hang out here at night because it's going to be
Kind of a carnival operation going on here.
We're gonna have a lot of fun, a barbecue.
Gonna be fighting tyranny.
Gonna be loving every minute of it.
Ha ha ha!
It's now becoming accepted knowledge, accepted fact, that global government run by private corporations is taking over the United States and other formerly sovereign nations.
They're being destroyed.
All the checks and balances are being annihilated.
Our borders are being destroyed.
Our currency is being destroyed.
And the American people have been listed as terrorists by the rogue federal government.
InfoWars is going to continue to fight on, and there is a big awakening happening.
We have a good chance of beating these people.
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All right, here's what I want to do.
I got tons of incredibly important news.
And I've got a lot of folks that I want to hear from being able to call into the show.
And so what I want to do is when I do give the numbers out at the bottom of the hour here after I get to a lot of this news, let's just put 10 callers on the board and leave it at 10 so nobody sits on hold.
I can get to 10 callers in an hour.
Okay, an hour and a half because I want to, I might take more.
Once we get to those 10 we can take some more.
We get 20 phone lines on there and I can't usually get to 20 phone calls in an hour and a half.
But I do want to open the phones up and I've told listeners very soon
Either in December or January, I'm going to start a little behind always.
Multiple nights a week doing hours and hours and hours of just phone calls with very light commercials, a few breaks here and there.
So I get a glass of water, you know, set a guest up or whatever.
But I mean, I just want to be on air more.
I want to fight harder.
And people want it.
So you're going to get it.
And we're going to take more calls here on this regular show that I've been doing now for, in this time slot, 25 years.
25 years.
About 24 and a half.
I'll think about it.
But let me talk about something really exciting here I want to get to.
And that's all of these top songs, aren't just Let's Go Brandon songs, those two.
But a few weeks ago out of the top 10 songs, out of the top 10 songs, there was four
That we're anti-New World Order.
And then now, I checked the other day, like seven of the top ten are.
And here's one already racing up the charts.
They've had three of them that are number one.
Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy.
I'm not going to have time to play the whole music video here.
We're going to get them back on again soon.
We're talking about Patriots.
They are really woke.
Woke for real.
Here's part of their new song, Welcome to the Revolution.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Pretty powerful song.
We're gonna go to break and come back.
And you know what?
The song's so good, I'm gonna play it in full coming up.
At the end of the hour.
I didn't know I had my mic open earlier when they came in here to tell me that Jimmy Levy is actually on the fourth hour today with Stu Pears.
So, boom!
He's making the rounds to push this one to number one as well.
So we're going to play that full thing coming up at the end of this hour.
And as I said, give the number out coming up at the bottom of the hour.
But start your engines.
I'm gonna cover it all.
Coming up, and I talked yesterday about the biggest developments yet in the COVID takeover, and those just got, not eclipsed, but it's almost as bad.
Well, it's almost as, it's good news, actually, but it's just crazy.
And wait till we cover it when we come back on the other side of this 60-second break.
I'm Alexander Jones, broadcasting from deep in the heart of what's left of Texas, Austin, worldwide.
The only way I escape the Phantom Zone is when you, the Emissaries of Liberty, share clips of the show.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday, November 12th transmission.
I'm going to open the phones up, starting at the bottom of the hour.
Let's go ahead and just launch through all this, and then later, towards the end of the next hour, I'm going to play these clips of Klaus Schwab, who's now giving his speech, calling for more world government, more tyranny, more open borders, more global taxation, more lockdowns.
That's all coming up.
There's other dictatorial moves.
China has now made Xi Jinping emperor at the highest level for life.
That's what communism does, right?
Total authoritarian nightmare.
So let me just go ahead and roll through these headlines for you, starting with the COVID tyranny operation.
Here is the letter.
In response to an attorney's FOIA request, the U.S.
CDC admits that it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading COVID after recovering from COVID naturally.
But first they told you, oh, you can spread it just as bad as if you've had the vaccine.
Now they tell you, oh, it's actually worse if you've had it.
Oh, but the symptoms are less, and now they admit that's not true.
British Medical Journal's reporting you're twice as likely to get sick or die if you've had it.
I mean, whoa!
And it, because you know why?
It gets rid of your immune system.
And then a regular cold comes by and kills your ash.
And here's the letter from the CDC.
Oh, but does that stop idiots like
The demon with his scary long tongue and his clown outfit.
Like he's gonna, you know, hide in some drain grabbing kids.
Gene Simmons that acts all quiet and cool and tough and, you know, you better take your shot.
You're evil.
We gotta stand up against the evil people and make them take their shots.
You're the one named the demon, buddy boy.
Oh, the whole band's been vaccinated, double vax, but they're dropping like flies and
Most of the band got sick with COVID.
I mean, what a jokey, what a schmuck Gene Simmons is.
But just, here this is.
You can see my real attack on him.
I got a little vicious.
It's not good for radio.
Not good for the FCC, what I had to say, but I went ahead and just let it rip last night on a nuts and band on video.
Nice little tidbit for old Gene.
We know Gene's probably getting paid to do this.
Some folks made this point.
The third dose increases immunity.
To have the fourth dose, you are protected.
Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading.
I am calm and believe that the seventh dose will solve our problems.
And we have no reason to fear the 8th dose.
The clinical phase of the 9th dose confirms that the antibodies remain stable after the 10th dose.
The 11th dose guarantees that no one and no mutations develop.
So there is no longer any reason to criticize the idea of the 12th dose.
And then you got Marek's disease.
But I don't think old Gene Simmons who walks around in, you know, 6-inch high-heeled boots going, ah, war machine!
I'm a tough guy dressed up like a clown!
Don't be evil, kids.
Take the shot.
Pfizer loves you.
Oh, look at this.
Professional mountain bike racer describes life after vaccine injuries and second Pfizer shot.
This is from Robert F. Kennedy's group.
We're going to post the full thing in the live show feed today.
And we really need to play this, but I do want to go to your calls.
I mean, this is so hardcore.
A bunch of the other racers are all sick and dying.
They're committing suicide.
He lifts them off.
You might want to see the video.
We're going to post the article on the video under the live show feed at InfoWars.com.
This is very important.
In fact, can we put the live show feed up on screen?
I want to give people that headline for the day.
Thank you.
Oh, and then there's more.
Remember, I mentioned this guy a few days ago.
They've now found the quotes.
He wasn't just double injected.
He ran his mouth telling everybody they better take all their shots.
Cardiologists who said he wouldn't cry at a funeral for selfish, unvaccinated people.
Those are quotes.
Suddenly dies in his sleep two weeks after third COVID jab.
Well, he just needed the fourth jab.
There's today's show headline.
The worst part of 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
And we're only a couple months away from the two-year anniversary of 15 days to flatten that curve.
Oh, but here's the Kiss frontman with his other, you know, gray-haired rocker friends, you know, with their colostomy bags.
Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, evil.
Unvaccinated Americans are an enemy, he said.
We're evil and the enemy, Gene.
Will you just keep taking your shots, Gene?
In fact, I think you should go to Israel where they're up to the sixth shot now.
And that's what you're looking for there, buddy boy, maybe Singapore.
Absolutely insane.
Oh, but it's hitting the chart.
They've already got three number ones in the last few months, but now it's going up to number one right now.
It's already number three.
I was checking this morning.
Welcome to the revolution.
Chart-topping musicians drop another banger.
It's at Infowars.com.
Oh, but nobody's talking about Gene Simmons.
That's why he's got to come out for Pfizer and say, roll up our sleeve.
That's because he's not having all the huge success he used to, like folks, Jim Levy and Hi-Rez and their new Welcome to the Revolution.
Oh, sorry, they're not listening to Gene Simmons.
And of course, this came out yesterday, but I've got to just re-mention this because I haven't talked enough about it.
Scientific America comes out and says, yes, we're going to give you microchips in the vaccine to make sure you've taken the vaccine.
Of course, when we told you this...
Last February, we weren't lying.
We showed you the same graphics from MIT, but now they're telling you about it.
Back then, they didn't want to build oppositions.
They were like, oh, that doesn't exist.
Fact checkers, Alex Jones, pants on fire.
He's all lying to you.
And by the way, there won't be any inflation either.
And Joe Biden's mind's totally like a 10-year-old.
I mean, he's as sharp as an 18-year-old.
He's just, everything's great.
Oh, my goodness.
And a key report by Greg Reese.
On heart attack drugs secretly added to Pfizer's COVID vax for children.
Teachers ordered students to tape masks on faces, investigation finds.
First they tried to deny it, but now they've admitted they ordered them to tape them to their faces because the little monsters were engaging in evil crimes against humanity by putting it down under their nose because they wanted clean oxygen.
Those dirty carbon-based life forms.
Oh, vaccine mix-up!
Pharmacy administered wrong COVID vax to over 100 children.
The wrong COVID vax?
Oh, I guess they got the adult one.
They didn't get the one with the secret heart attack drug in it.
Local media snitches on In-N-Out for refusing to ask customers for vaccine proof.
It's not the Onion parody.
It's real.
When you don't do what the globalists say, they'll just turn off your card.
That's the nightmare world we're hurtling into.
And then there's this big report that I want to hit when we come back from break.
War Memorial defaced with the words, the real heroes are the vaccinated.
That's a Paul Joseph Watson article on Infowars.com, and it is so revealing of how the left operates.
They're the heroes.
They're the warriors.
They're the SJW kings.
They're the people that took the shots, not
The evil, evil veterans of the wars.
They didn't have any will.
They didn't have any courage to miss their families for months and years at a time and have arms and legs blown off and the psychological trauma.
They did no, no, no, no!
It's the heroes wearing their mask and making children wear them.
And it's the heroes taking all the shots.
We're going to come back and talk about those heroes.
And the rest of the insane news on that front.
And then we've got the inflation news.
And then we've got the police state news.
Oh, more documents came out about what the FBI was doing with the public schools, creating dossiers on you and your family.
Oh, it's worse than they'd first said!
And they made a deal with the Justice Department.
Oh, they agree it's time to make everybody spies and just send the FBI after those dirty parents that, oh, you don't want pedophilia taught in schools and that white people are inherently evil and that communism's good and the military's bad and open borders are wonderful.
Well, we'll just
We'll just have a helicopter from the FBI land at the Loudoun County, Virginia thing, and FBI guys get out with their earpieces and blow their eyes out at the American people, because that's what the FBI, I guess, likes to do.
Yes, that's what the heroes do, and they raid James O'Keefe, and you can't have those... I mean, these are all-American boys.
Oop, I just mis-entered them.
All-American things.
We'll be right back.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones.
Infowars.com is taking it to the new world order!
All over the world, powerful megacorporations using their endless fiat currency and their giant well of behavioral psychologists are doing a number on humanity while they consolidate the world economy, while they tell us to live in poverty, while they
Try to trigger wars and collapse to consolidate control.
They play us off against each other using basic race baiting.
And I have a whole stack right here dealing with that, I'm gonna be getting to.
But a great illustration of this is the fact that they say, you're a hero.
This is like World War II, you survived COVID.
And keep wearing your mask and take your third or fourth or fifth shot.
And those that don't take the shots,
They're selfish.
They're like suicide bombers.
They're like drunk drivers.
You've heard the talking points.
They've broken the social compact.
They've broken the social contract.
That's the talking point from the UN and the mainstream media and the universities and the politicians.
Even right-wing politicians, a lot of them are like, yeah!
Get with the program, help people!
And you're like, well all the statistics show it makes me sick, it doesn't protect me, and it's not even a vaccine, it erases my immune system.
Just shut up and take it.
I mean, they're going for everything now.
It could be bad enough if they got the President set to do all this forced inoculation with just a placebo or a vaccine that worked.
But this is really bad because they want to set the precedent now.
And they want to punish the Western world for trying to get out of globalism.
They want to teach you that if you want to leave your house, you want to have a job, then you better comply with what we say.
Well, hey, you changed the subject.
You lie all the time.
Okay, you're censored.
You're not allowed to question us.
That's illegal.
We need the FBI to arrest these Americans, says the head of Pfizer.
They're putting out disinfo.
He never says what the disinfo is.
We show you the real statistics.
We have the real experts on.
They don't do any of that.
They just try to imply you're a criminal.
But I got good news for you.
I can do a whole show on this.
If you go to YouTube and you look at Surgeon General says we need to fight disinformation about COVID.
Go to that video.
99% of the comments, thousands of them are hilarious and smart and destroy him and say you're the only person engaged in disinformation.
You're the person that lies and they give all these examples and I sat there for like 30 minutes this morning reading it.
And then big media articles attacking me.
I said, let me click on that and see what people are saying about me and this big NBC article attacking me a month ago.
A video.
NBC Nightly News.
Good morning America, you name it.
And I clicked and it was just like everybody attacking him.
Because folks know who their enemy is.
And there's no putting the big establishment government back together again.
And anybody can go see this for themselves.
So they're failing and they're getting more desperate all the time.
And so that's why you see stuff like this, because you can't have anybody who's celebrated or recognized, who's seen as the old order.
Not the old order was perfect, but there was a Bill of Rights, there was a Constitution, there was a Declaration of Independence, there was a Charter of Rights in Canada, there were basic
Freedoms that it didn't give you but it pointed out were basic and that you had a right to and that was enshrined in the charters.
And whether you're in Europe or Australia or the UK or the US, the Nuremberg Code is clear, the Geneva Convention is clear, our laws are clear, and they're all being violated.
War Memorial defaced with the words, the real heroes are the vaccinated.
The video is on the site.
We want to see it as a TV viewer.
A war memorial in Canada honoring the lives of fallen soldiers was defaced with graffiti that said, the real heroes are the vaccinated.
No, this isn't the Babylon Bee.
The message was sprayed on the Cranbrook, British Columbia before the town celebrated its Veterans Day Remembrance Thursday.
Police were notified
By the graffiti at 7 a.m.
and city workers were able to scrub it off of the time of the event that day.
And it just goes on.
But why would people do such things?
Guaranteed a leftist.
Because they're threatened by men and women that are willing to fight and die for their country.
And they're threatened by the rights those people stood up for.
And so what it is, is like a dog hiking its leg and pissing, or a cat pissing on your shoes if it's mad at you.
It's all they know is to take down statues and say the American flag is bad and say the country itself shouldn't exist because it's all an exercise of their power that they are the SJWs.
They are the heroes.
Meanwhile, 44 football players, soccer players test positive for COVID despite 99% vaccination.
New Zealand tells school to phone the police if unvaccinated staff show up.
Another one.
There's no law, they're just saying it.
Austria and Australia.
I mixed the two together yesterday, but they're both doing it.
Austria says they're days away.
Australia says they're gonna do a new lockdown for the unvaccinated around Christmas.
They haven't given the details yet, but Austria has.
They say by tomorrow they're gonna impose a new lockdown.
On the unvaccinated, which is a passport to leave your house, beyond what the Nazis did, which is what Klaus Schwab wants.
Here's an example next door in Germany, Hamburg Christmas Market to segregate the unvaccinated.
Oh, you're allowed to go, you just only come over here in this fenced-in area, but you can't go in the grocery store.
Just boom, Mark of the Beast, 1984 level, in your face.
Vaccine mandate.
Dr. Malone breaks down the globalist escalating war on children.
Did a great in-depth interview in the war room yesterday.
That's on man.video.
I would really share that.
That's the inventor of mRNA.
Saying it's an escalating war on our children.
The inventor of mRNA technology.
Quite a big deal.
And then we've got all the bullying going on of Aaron Rodgers.
And I hadn't really been following it much.
But, you know, I occasionally slip
And start watching football and watching basketball, because I like both of them.
I just don't let myself watch because it's a distraction.
It's so woke and annoying.
But I caught myself when I woke up at 4 a.m.
this morning watching Charles Barkley, who I like, and a bunch of clips about him.
And I didn't know that I watched some other ESPN stuff and all those other channels.
And they were just, other than Charles Barkley, they were saying,
Aaron Rodgers is a white supremacist, and this is his white privilege.
Had nothing to do with anything being white, and it was black people mainly saying it, because that's what Fox, Sports, and ESPN both were doing at one.
Imagine calling somebody a white supremacist because they don't want an experimental shot in their body.
And it was black people up there attacking him and saying he's bad, when meanwhile, they're being killed, they're being targeted, they're being starved to death under the Great Reset, and it was just so sick.
You could see Margaret Sanger 110 years ago when she said, we're going to hire the black people to work for us, and so the blacks will never know how we enslave them or kill them.
First thing we're going to do is break their families up, and then we can abort their asses.
And then you got all the leftist black people worshipping these people.
I mean, it's just, you can't even hate these folks.
You just look at these dumbasses worth hundreds of millions of dollars that hate the country they're in, but it's not their fault.
It's the corporations financing them to come out and do that and racially divide us.
We're going to talk about those bullies as well, and I'm going to give the number out to take calls.
Hell, I'll do it now.
Well, again, I just cannot express to listeners and viewers of this broadcast how blessed I am that you tune into the show.
Let me hit some of the bullying now, and then I'm going to hit the race war garbage and then go to your phone calls.
And then next time I'm going to hit some of the Klaus Schwab new declarations of war he announced today.
But right now, here on the Alex Jones Show, let's just mention some of this.
And some of this is a few days old.
I was going through the stacks from
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
And notice that I hadn't hit some of this that I should have gotten into.
Because when you look at it all in context, it's pretty outrageous.
Geraldo Rivera tells Fox viewers, quote, you have no rights when it comes to the vaccine.
So you can just put any unauthorized thing in me you want.
The answer is, yeah, now we're putting a heart attack drug in it for children.
And then that's just a footnote.
And then InfoWars talks about it.
And that's about it.
Just earth-shaking stuff, Geraldo.
And, you know, I've been on Geraldo's show four or five times.
I've run into him.
He says he thinks I've gotten an unfair shake.
He at least supports the First Amendment.
But, I mean, what is up with these people when they're old-line liberals like Gene Simmons and Geraldo Rivera and all these people supporting this tyranny?
They're saying, you have no rights, you have no rights.
Well, then what the hell is the Nuremberg Code there, buddy boy?
And again, you guys have signed on to something that's a disaster.
I don't think Geraldo Rivera thinks this hurts people.
I don't think he wants to kill people.
He's certainly not Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates.
But, I mean, any moron could research this and know this.
And then, like I told you, I mean, I've got the clips.
I watched them at, like, 4 a.m.
this morning.
I just saw these headlines.
White privilege of Aaron Rodgers.
Just go to YouTube and type that in.
And it's mainly... I watched, like, four of these videos.
Three of the panels were all black.
And these are respected, rich, powerful guys that America has done a great job for.
And they're just talking about how horrible white people are and how horrible Aaron Rodgers are and Skip Bayless is on there like a little gremlin agreeing with them.
It's just unwatchable.
Absolutely unwatchable.
But I've got to watch it because I know what they're up to.
And just so again, they know you don't listen to the news.
They know nobody believes Brian Stelter.
Or Brian Williams.
And so what they do is, the propaganda is in the comedy shows at night.
We all know that.
But it's even worse on sports.
And that's why I was a sports addict 35 years ago.
Loved sports 30 years ago.
Didn't watch much of it 25 years ago.
And you know, in the last 10 years of it all, I just can't watch it.
It's just, it's, it's, it'd be like, I like a steak.
But if somebody took a dump on it, I'm not going to eat it.
And that's the thing is you just I can't watch these channels.
I can't watch any of it.
But but then I realized that's where the real propaganda is going on.
That's where the real brainwashing is.
And so here's a Rolla Rivera.
Here's another one.
Surgeon General rebuts Matthew McConaughey over vaccinating kids, warns Americans not to share misleading means about COVID.
So Matthew McConaughey comes out, says, I took the shot.
He thinks other people should take it.
You have a right not to.
And I say, Matthew, you're not a moron.
You know damn well it's killing a bunch of people, and I don't support him for governor over that.
I said, he needs to get his head out of his butt.
And then he comes on and says, hey, you're not going to shoot up my young children.
I got some real questions here.
Good, McConaughey, because how far are you going to let this go?
You think just because you're worth hundreds of millions of dollars, you're going to be protected?
You think just because you live in a big house on Lake Austin, you're going to be protected?
That's a powerful video.
We never got to a few days ago.
Eight-year-old girl.
Tell school board they should all go to jail for forcing masks on children because they're serious brain damage long term.
And the psychological damage is bad as well.
But ex-NFL star sound off on Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 Vax Saga.
Subsequent fines.
And it goes on and on and on.
But the big one is Gene Simmons.
Coming out and saying you're evil.
And that you're the enemy when you don't take the shots.
Well, Gene, people that have gotten natural immunity don't ever transmit it, and it's 100%, and that's in all the studies.
But those that have still do, in fact, at a higher rate.
Oh, but it isn't about studies.
It's about Gene Simmons kissing the ash of the system, period.
So take all that money with you to hell, Gene.
And listen, I don't like Gene Simmons.
Gene, again, they haven't authorized six shots here.
They have in Israel.
Get on an airplane, buddy, on one of your big private jets and fly over there and just, just, just let's go.
I mean, it'd be quicker for you to shove a gun in your mouth and blow the back of your head off.
So you want to try to bully us and do all this?
It's disgusting.
There's some more stories on this.
Just look at the disinformation.
COVID scam exposed gunshot victim counted as COVID death in New Zealand.
And they report it straight face to Gaslight.
Singapore cancels free health care for those unvaccinated by choice.
Oh, see, when it's state run health care and they tax half your paycheck for your free health care, it's free.
You have to pay half your paycheck for it.
Oh, now, sorry, you didn't, you know, not take the shot.
Well, you don't get health care now.
Sure sure is all going to be needed once you take the shot.
And they're spinning it all over the news.
Oh, there's suddenly heart attacks in young people because of marijuana.
Yes, it's causing heart attacks.
No, it's the injections doing it.
And you gotta love the 52-year-old Canadian cardiologist.
Cardiologist tells the non-vacs, I won't cry at your funeral, dead two weeks after third shot.
Hey, but he's trendy.
He's the real hero, not the veterans on Veterans Day.
And it just goes on from there.
You know, I got several more big COVID stacks.
There's a lot of them here.
Boy, is it big.
Here's the letter for Gene Simmons right here if he knows how to read.
But I want to go back to this.
Or he just doesn't know how to put on scary clown outfits.
Oh my gosh, he's so scary.
It's like a pedophile gremlin or something.
Look at this.
Department of the Health and Human Services, CDC.
And it says that no one has ever transmitted, that they know of out of hundreds of thousands studied, millions studied, has ever transmitted COVID once they had it naturally.
Kind of a big deal.
Kind of a big deal.
And again, I'm not going to play as testimony here, because I want to go to your calls when we come back, but professional mountain bike racer described six of his friends committing suicide after being crippled by the shot, and he's now crippled.
Very powerful.
It's in the live show feed today under the live show feed with the headline, the worst part of 15 days to flatten the curve is the first two years.
And I guess when I said that 20 months ago, I was right, but now it's not prophetic because
They said they were never going to end the lockdown in the actual CDC Global Issue and Documents.
They said it would be a permanent.
And now you can type it in.
COVID's now permanent.
Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, CNN, Der Spiegel, BBC.
It's permanent!
Bill Gates said it at least 19 months ago on a bunch of shows.
I've played it here probably a hundred times.
That it's going to be shots every few months for the rest of your life.
And now I've got weird, freakish looking health minister in Australia.
She could be a witch in a movie without makeup.
I'll get you and your little dog, too.
She's like... You'll start taking them every few months.
The lockdowns never end.
This is a new way of life.
I mean, I mean, my God, why don't you sprout some frickin' horns, man?
Have some pus come out of her eyeballs.
Your head explode like a scanner.
I mean, who are these people?
Well, our acquiescence conjured them.
Our going along with evil and letting millions of babies a year get murdered and chopped up and letting pedophiles do this open the gates of hell.
I don't
I mean, I'm just going to tell you this is how we win the war.
Spread the articles.
Spread the videos.
Take the ones you think are most important.
Send them out on your email list daily.
Send them out on your text messages daily.
Repost stuff.
Word of mouth.
Take clips out of the show.
Whatever you can do, take action!
Because you viewers and listeners are literally the future!
You are the power!
You have the will!
All right, folks, I'm going to go right to your phone calls.
We've got a new incredible announcement by Bill Gates that will play at the start of the next hour.
And Klaus Schwab has done his speech.
We've got a transcript, we've got a bunch of clips of that, but I want to go to your calls.
First, we got Adam and Carlos and Josh and Kaya, if I'm pronouncing that right, Aaron, Daniel, Jason, Mario,
Kevin, Michael, and others.
Who should we go to first?
Let's go to Carlos, who's been calling in for more than 15 years, and he got in today.
Carlos is a really smart guy.
Has a lot of big governmental and corporate positions.
He knows what he's talking about.
He's been a guest of the show.
Carlos, what's your take on, quote, Pfizer's power and individual freedom, Carlos?
Thank you, Alex.
God bless.
Good to speak to you.
Good to talk to you.
Well, I wanted to basically say something that has been, I think, in one of your big files.
You might have seen it.
It's an article that appeared in, it's very, very important.
It's an article that appeared, entitled called Pfizer's Power, and it appeared in October, and it deals with a report that was done by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
This public citizen article,
Revealed, redacted and unredacted contracts that were demanded by Pfizer worldwide to nations, to governments.
Yes, we did cover it.
In Brazil, they wanted ownership of the military bases as collateral for their liability.
Thank you, sir.
Well, it just is a sample of what kind of world corporations running the world is going to be like.
I'll give you some of the points, just very lightly.
One was that Pfizer reserves the right to silence governments.
Now, those contracts were not to be revealed for five years.
Neither party had authority to even acknowledge that they have been done or given any details of them.
Otherwise, they would be in violation of contract.
With a redeemable, of course, punishment.
The second item was that Pfizer controls the donations.
That is, if the country was to receive some vaccines in an emergency situation, whatever, Pfizer would then either punish them, break a future contract... Yeah, this is basically the IMF and World Bank, through these big corporations, just like they control third world countries, now controlling major western countries, with the same system.
They buy out the politicians,
Then they have the politicians through contracts sign over governmental power and Klaus Schwab brags on the Davos Group website, it's linked on his own Wikipedia page, that he quote, is capturing governments and doesn't want the people to have power.
These are quotes.
These are the declarations of a raving Bilderberg group head lunatic criminal.
But they did sign many of these contracts, Alex.
And the Pfizer has the final say on key decisions.
This is over the sovereignty of the nation.
And the names of some of the nations would just floor you.
Because the United States, for instance, can't even discuss it.
Anything concerning the validity of the vaccine?
What do you make of the Pfizer head saying he wants people to criticize him arrested?
I mean, I guess this is the last step by these damn people.
So again, the globalists are making their move through world government, through medical tyranny.
How do you think we counter them, Carlos?
Well, I'll tell you something.
No battle, no war.
No skirmish, no revolution.
Not even an intellectual debate has ever been won by anyone.
That hasn't done these three things, Alex.
One is, know your opponent.
Know your enemy.
If you don't know who your opponent is, or your enemies, you're done.
You're no better than the poor soprano getting it at the end, okay?
The second thing you have to know and assess is, what sustains your enemy?
What's the feeding line?
What is the supply lines to your enemy?
If you don't know that, you can't win that battle.
And the third thing you have to do with them is have a plan as to how to neutralize or eliminate your enemy.
Those three components are essential.
We're losing the battle, Alex.
We know very well who our enemy is.
You said it correctly, the Bolsheviks.
We know that.
They came back.
We know when they came and we know what they did and why and how this was originated.
We also know that their supply lines, OK, but we haven't touched them at all.
I don't know.
With nothing.
And you will be happy.
You will own nothing.
You will be in an apartment, 200 square feet, with very important neighbors around you.
But the only thing that you're going to look at is the bars across the windows in a pink suit or orange suit.
Depends on the color of your choice.
Sir, this is not a world you can play with.
This is false science.
This is false politics.
This is an aversion.
And the Constitution is what they fear.
They fear ideas, Alex.
All these guys in history, they fear ideas.
Jesus Christ is here today with us in our spirit and so on because of his ideas.
Not because he was handsome or the color of his skin.
Absolutely, and they want to bring in a new dark age, calling it the new era.
And really, it's a new dark age of total control, all based on tyranny of the medical system.
Great points, and I'm glad you mentioned that.
We've talked about it some, I've covered it probably ten times, but I should do a whole show on how Pfizer took over governments.
Literally, there was a Pfizer coup, and the globalists used Pfizer as the vehicle with the contracts to do it.
So Pfizer is the heart of the world government now, through which the private banks are getting everybody to sign over control.
And now they're submitting it's the carbon tax now that Pfizer will implement through the global vaccine passport.
All right, Carlos, great points as always.
Good to hear from you.
Josh is in Florida.
He's an IT worker.
He wants to talk about upcoming cyber attacks.
Oh, Swab says they're coming.
It'll be much worse than the COVID lockdown, but only big corporations will be able to stay open.
All the small ones will be destroyed and they'll take over.
Of course, they'll be the ones fighting it with an internet ID and total control.
Give us your view on that, Josh.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
First of all, the iodine is great, and I'm glad you got the bone broth back.
The products I love.
So, July 28, 2021, the White House put out the National Security Memorandum on Improving Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems.
So, infrastructure control systems are like legacy technologies like that control the dams, the power grid, and stuff like that.
So, basically, what I'm hearing in the industry is to be prepared
For upcoming attacks on those things in 2022, so they could build back better on the Internet, which is also going to come with like a two-pronged attack with the industrial control systems, along with cyber attacks.
They need to get rid of the Bitcoin.
They need to get rid of all the cryptocurrency.
And so they're going to blame it on cyber attacks.
That will be the next lockdown on the Internet.
And don't be surprised if they mix in white, right-wing extremist groups.
Oh, no, no, they're saying the right-wingers are going to attack the grid and they're going to attack Pfizer.
Of course, it'll be Pfizer and the globalists attacking themselves.
And so I talked to a lot of high-level IT folks as well.
It's well known in those circles that this is all staged.
It's a PR rollout.
It's all about to happen.
But wink, wink, we're all about to get a bunch of funding.
So go along with it.
Is that the message you're hearing?
Yeah, it's been the message for a long time.
So you had back in September 2013 called Global Governance 2022, which was funded by the Brookings Institute, a couple of Chinese universities.
Hey, I'll tell you what, don't hang up, Josh.
You know what you're talking about.
I want to come back to you in just a moment.
Our whole cybersecurity system is run by the CHICOMS through the Brookings Institute.
That's the same group that ran the whole fake Russia dossier and the rest of it with Fiona Hill that we first blew her cover.
So I'm proud of that.
Thanks for keeping us in attack formation, ladies and gentlemen, so we can fight as hard as we can.
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Isolate, contain and control, and then abuse.
Isolate, then contain and control, then abuse or kill.
That's been the model of oppressors and tyrants and cults since human history began to be recorded over 7,000 years ago.
And now here we are today with the Davos Group representing the most powerful corporations on earth, the most powerful families, including royalty, literally saying they're setting up a world government to depopulate us.
Literally teaching children that they are non-essential and that they can't have running water or electricity.
That's what Obama went to Africa
Six years ago before he left office and told them, on record, these are the greatest oppressors the world has ever seen.
They don't care about the environment.
When you read deeper into their documents, they're basically mad scientists or transhumanists that believe they're going to transcend carbon-based life and overwrite the entire planet.
This is delusions of grandeur.
All of the top Davos high priests are called high priests.
And they say that they are transcending humanity and that they're going to basically absorb us in that transformation.
The lockdowns, the vaccine passports are all the global social credit score world tracking system they've now announced a month ago.
I told you decades ago this was coming because it was in their documents.
Now it's not theoretical.
It's gone from beta to operational and it doesn't matter whether you're a conservative, doesn't matter whether you're a liberal, a Christian, a Buddhist, an atheist.
This is a scientific dictatorship taking over and targeting you and you need to get out of the prison of the mind that you let them build for you, out of the constructs and break free and transcend and get back to your human roots and use your basic instincts in you
With your intellect to decide that you are not going to be a slave of this and you're taking control of your destiny.
Coming in December, I'm going to release the most powerful information ever, not just from Alex Jones, but period, when it comes to transcending tyranny.
You'll find more information at BandopVideo and InfoWars.com.
If you are watching this transmission, never forget, you are the hope of the universe.
You are the seed of the universe.
You are the resistance.
And we are back.
Josh, start over because for those that don't know, I'm sure most listeners do.
They built up in a crescendo the last 10 years to two and a half years ago, right before they launched COVID-19.
The virus, the poison vaccine, the lockdowns, the economic war, the culture war, the global ID.
That they crescendoed with a bunch of announcements and drills and not even thinly veiled, hey, this is about to happen, disease X, the UN will take over, they'll be the boss, they'll be in charge, and then it happened.
It was a lot bigger than just getting rid of Donald Trump.
It's about crushing populace worldwide, bringing in a eugenics control grid, a global carbon tax, a global calorie control.
And now they say, oh, the final big push is going to be crashing
The regular economy, crashing regular cyber systems, where the old-fashioned Internet doesn't work, and then only establishment Internet works over 5G, very limited, to make the Internet more like a glorified Netflix, in their words.
And that then they'll have total control that way.
And so, yes, organized crises.
Tosh Robb gave a speech today.
We'll play some clips of that coming up after we take calls.
And he said, we need to think of crisis after crisis to unify humanity as if a religion of the earth and centralizing control to save the people.
And so, I mean, this is just crazy level stuff, but it's here.
So spend a few minutes on that, Josh, explaining it to people.
Yeah, great.
Thank you for that.
So, we talk about roundtable groups, like we know the Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, but within the information security sector, we have those same things.
One of them being the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency.
So, they're putting out all these memos.
You can see a lot of parallels to the lead-up of 2020 going on now.
It was the great internet purge that started with you, Alex.
We're good to go.
The internet under control.
So it's going to start with the industrial control infrastructure control systems like the dams.
Then it's going to be cyber attacks.
I remember when Mt.
Gox shut down the biggest Bitcoin exchange back in 2014.
I lost about $20 million.
Now it'll be worth $20 million.
But you're going to see the wallet holders of cryptocurrency get attacked or just secretly go away.
They have to rein in the internet.
They did it with the social media, but it has to be done on a physical, optical, fiber optic layer.
And that's going to start with the infrastructure control systems, like the dams and the power grid.
And they might just go ahead and say, hey, it's
It's Trump supporters that were right-wing extremists that did it, that hacked us.
Yes, yes.
They're saying, they're saying Trump supporters and nationalists are going to cut the power off when they're the ones doing it through their policies and cutting off our pipelines.
But that's not enough for them.
They need to really bring us to our knees so they're preparing to frame us.
Yeah, exactly.
So what we saw in 2018 before the 2020 election, we're going to see this all kind of
Kind of going and we're going to see more ransom attacks like the I think was the Colonial Pipeline like less than a year ago where the gas went up or whatever.
We're going to just start seeing more of that.
Then it's going to lead into the cyber attacks.
I'm not sure who they're going to blame it on yet, but they're already having these.
The IT community has conferences every month and you'll have a lot of people from Homeland Security and from the government and from top of the industry
Their people are there, they're giving speeches, and they're all just saying...
You know, all calmly like this is this is the push we're making.
We're good.
All right, Deadline Live is reporting that CNN as well as MSNBC is about to purge most of its leftists because they're worthless and nobody listens to them or believes them.
Well, we've seen signs that's about to happen.
What does that really signify?
I'm going to cover that coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Got that stack right there.
Plus, mainline university professors all at once have come out and announced that pedophilia is a good thing and that they can just identify with children and children can identify as adults.
We told you that was coming.
They're now announcing
Thank you.
I'm calling from the Gulag of the North.
Does the state of Alaska have a state medical officer?
You know, I don't know.
You live up there, but I would believe most states... I meant your state, Texas.
I'm calling... Do you have one?
Well, we have a good local senator that dropped a tip on the local radio station about our state medical officer, Dr. Zink.
Look up her background.
So, a reporter checked out her background.
It turns out that she's linked... Her grandfather was Dr. Al Bartlett, who was a renowned physicist, depopulationist, affiliated with Los Alamos, Paul Ehrlich, the population bomb.
It goes on and on.
He's... YouTube's all over the place.
And she is following in his footsteps.
Yeah, that's why they make movies like 12 Monkeys.
That's based on what they'd really like to do.
I mean, Dr. Eric Pionka was head of the UT Biology Department and said he wanted to kill everybody.
And then he was in charge of the bio-weapons labs, basically.
They call them bio-shield.
But yeah, it's just absolutely insane.
I mean, look, my dad was top of his class in high school.
They recruited him when he was 15.
He thought he was joining a NASA feeder program, and it was basically eugenics, you know, above the CIA type, you know, medical tyranny garbage, and he figured it out and got out of it.
But I mean, he wasn't that special.
He knew a lot of people that were, you know, top of their class as well that got recruited into this, and that's what they've done.
And that's the ruling class we've got.
It's a bunch of psycho-scientists.
Well, Alex, it's really dangerous because a few weeks ago we had a lot of the doctors that you had on your show, Dr. Malone, the Chinese Dissident, a bunch of them came up here for a conference.
And they did not like that.
So now we have doctors going to the Alaskan Medical Board to urge them to take action against doctors spreading harmful information.
Yeah, they're bullying people.
That's all the orders of the master criminal, the head of Pfizer.
The answer is rally behind these doctors and speak up more.
Listen, they can't stand the heat because they know we're going to bring them down.
But in the meantime, people are dying.
Like last week in the town of Sildatna, there was a little protest and it was this young guy, his mother was in the hospital.
She went in with, I think he told me she had 80% oxygen.
Five days later, it was down to 20.
He had the doc, a nurse, to come in to give her the vitamin C IV, to give her the ivervectin.
The hospital wouldn't allow her in there.
They said she was not qualified to come in there.
In the meantime, people are dying.
It's institutional from the UN and Pfizer.
That's right.
They say what our doctors can do.
They say what you're allowed to say.
They censor everybody so they can carry out the killing of us.
God bless you, ma'am.
Keep spreading the word about the broadcast.
That's what they don't want.
They're scared of the truth.
Okay, let me go to Aaron in FEMA Region 6 in a moment.
I'm in FEMA Region 6 as well.
But before we do that, they want to talk about Bill Gates.
Operation Dark Winter and smallpox attack that's coming.
Bill Gates made an incredible announcement a few days ago, and he admitted that, oh, this vaccine that isn't a vaccine, the Moderna and the Pfizer, that he's involved with both, they don't protect you from getting the virus.
Don't stop you from spreading it.
Because, I mean, a real inoculation may have side effects.
It might be tainted.
But, I mean, you get a vaccine that works?
I mean, you're not going to get that.
Tetanus, you name it.
Hepatitis, it works.
But see, now it's like, oh, you need 5 or 6 of these.
Oh, don't worry.
We're working on something new that even blocks you ever getting it.
Oh, you mean like a real vaccine?
We've got articles and newscasts out of New York, and out of Belfast, Ireland, and out of Sydney, Australia, where, gee, I thought when I took the shot I'd be protected, but I'm not, and I'm in the hospital.
Oh, gee, I got sick a week after I took the shot.
I don't know why all the vaccinators are getting sick, because that's what's making you sick.
Gee, it's funny.
Why are the hospitals record full?
Because they're killing you!
Man, it's incredible.
Here is Bill Gates with the incredible statement, just giggling and laughing.
It's so funny to him.
Damage, the deaths, it's been completely horrific.
And I would expect that will lead the R&D budgets to be focused on things we didn't have today.
You know, we didn't have vaccines that block transmission.
We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmissions.
We need a new way of doing the vaccine.
And of course he starts smiling and laughing when he talks about death and destruction in the full clips on InfoWars.com.
And then he starts talking about oath.
Helps you with your health and points at his heart.
Yeah, you're going to help us with our health.
You're going to get rid of the virus, which is us.
So Aaron in FEMA Region 6.
Operation Dark Winter Bill Gates and Sink Smallpox is coming.
Better give your rights up.
The terrorists are going to kill you.
Only the U.N.
and Bill Gates can save you, even though he's on record saying he wants to kill you.
But now he really wants to help you.
Erin, give us your take on this.
First, I want to say, Alex, great callers today.
The most powerful I have heard.
We need harsh words and we need intensity in this fight.
So, let's talk about our other enemies.
I want to talk about the warning of a dark winter coming.
Now, to understand this, you have to know about Operation Dark Winter, which was a simulation of smallpox outbreak in the United States.
They did it in 2001.
And you have Biden warning of a dark winter late last year into early 2021.
And then you have Fauci warning of a dark winter.
This was in September of this year.
And then you have just recently Bill Gates bioterrorist warning of smallpox terror attacks.
He mentioned this on Tuesday of this week.
He said, quote, you say, OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports?
You know, how would the world respond to that?
And then you have the Omega exercise, which also happened this week, which was an event to a one war game exercise in Jerusalem where they simulated God knows what Alex
They're simulating the next phase of the rollout of the more deadly virus that they then truly clamp down on us with and make sure that we quietly die in our homes.
Yeah, this is their depopulation agenda.
The trailing wheels are going off and they're getting ready to have 80% of us dead by 2030.
That's the official plan.
At least 80% dead.
Excuse me.
No, no.
The new target numbers are 90.
I'm sorry.
They want us down.
Well, we'll do the math, guys.
Divide $500 million.
That's still their target number.
It's not just on Georgia Guidestones.
That's a UN number.
That's a Davos Group number.
$500 million divided out of $7.5 billion, please.
So please tell me what percentage is that?
I think that's a 90% plus reduction.
So yeah, they do it.
This is all just the training wheels right now.
This is just the spider tying us up in the web and then it's going to sink the things in in a sanguineus.
Go ahead.
The easy part so far and I think we're spending a lot of time like rubbernecking on this you know vaccine trash news and we need to kind of have some eyes forward here with what they might throw at us next.
So that's kind of where I was going with this and they just love to so blatantly
Say their plans to us just on the side and random articles, you know So thank you so much for taking my call Alex.
God bless you ma'am.
Thank you.
Yeah, look covering Rittenhouse All this is kind of a side alley or a rabbit trail, but it's all important.
But yeah No, I mean the big issue is world government preparing to exterminate everybody and we're just sitting here waiting for him to kill us I mean that's all any of this is I'll see you again
All right, we're going to your phone calls here on this live Friday transmission.
And don't forget, I'll be back this Sunday, again, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, Owen Schroer, 6 to 8 p.m.
Live with Sunday Live.
So 4 to 8 p.m.
live transmissions, latest breaking news, special guests, calls and more Sundays, 4 to 8 p.m.
Central, more live transmissions here at InfoWars.
And 3 p.m.
today, we've got the great Owen Schroer taking over.
Now, I've got a lot of really important news that I'm going to be hitting coming up at the start of the next segment, but I also want to go to your calls.
I'm going to go to your calls right now.
Let's go ahead and speak to Jason in Texas.
Jason, go ahead.
Yeah Alex, there's three quick things I'll run down here quick.
First, my boss just died this past Sunday from a heart attack after getting the vaccine.
I always told him, you know, not to get it.
I always show him in for stuff and this and that.
And, you know, these doctors, they're good salesmen, you know, because they pretty much killed him.
He trusted them over me and you.
Look at the results.
Well, we also have the CDC's own number, similar numbers out of England, a 15-fold increase in myocarditis alone in people under 30.
That's why Europe's banned the Moderna and the Pfizer in many areas.
And that's even with only a fraction of the cases getting reported.
The British journals are reporting a 20-time increase.
Scotland's even higher.
These people are sickening.
Second, you know, the graffiti, the veteran thing, that's just absolutely appalling and sickening.
But, you know, the vaccinated are true heroes.
You know why?
Because they're dying and it's killing us back.
Unvaccinated, what it truly is, you know, to be a hero, I guess.
Very well said, my friend.
Where do you see all this going?
I think the last lady that called was on target.
Really, I guess all I should be talking about is the global government UND population plan to plan to shut the food off and use a fake cyber attack because they're admitting this and they're queuing it up.
They've like set up the tables spread.
They've got all the China out there.
They've got the silver and they're cooking the food in the kitchen and they're starting to bring the dishes out and we're for dinner.
And I mean, I've watched him do this forever.
People ask how I predict it.
I don't.
These creatures admit what they're going to do.
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and you'll be dead.
And you'll like it.
Well, I don't like that.
Well, the last thing I talked to you about a year ago, I've talked to you many times.
I talked to you about a year ago in October.
And I said, I know I keep bringing this one up.
When Solwell, you know, mentioned about
New King bombing, whatever, in our own cities and states.
I think they're trying to corral us in like, you know, Texas or Florida.
And then I think something's going to happen because there's...
I just feel something.
I don't know.
I'm kind of like you.
Oh, I mean, I've talked to, not fake Q intelligence folks, but people that have been the head of intelligence agencies.
They told me a year ago that they were going to hit Texas and Florida with a simulant.
Later, I learned that Dasik and Fauci actually created a protein crystal spray that is COVID, but has a short half-life.
And then it only replicates a few times, just like the James Bond movie.
You can get it.
It can kill you.
And you can, while you're infectious, you can kill one more person.
But then it,
It loses its replication power.
They've bred the crystals like that.
And yeah, they've been spraying Texas and Florida and then the Midwest with it.
I mean, this is bioweapon war.
We're under globalist attack.
You're absolutely dead on.
And I mean, make no mistake, they're going to slaughter everybody.
And the good news is a lot of smart people in government and in academia and in media, highest levels,
Now talk to me and they go, yes, Jones, you're right.
It's a war.
They're planning to kill us.
How do we let the public know what's happening?
And I just said, you better figure that out.
You're as smart as I am.
They're like, well, they're going to come after me.
And I'm like, you know, they're going to kill you, too.
So if you think you're safe with $500 million or a million, $100 million, they go, no, we don't think we're safe.
And I'm like, yeah, exactly.
So it's up to you.
You know, you can try to go join them.
They're like, no way.
I'm not going to join them.
And see, a lot of these people have already had the globalists reach out.
That's why they're finally like, whoa, this is real.
Yeah, it's as real as a heart attack, folks.
Appreciate your call.
Yep, Bill Gates runs the Department of Energy, a whole geoengineering program.
I mean, there's already a bunch of stuff going on.
It's not good for any life on the planet.
This group acts like aliens trying to destroy the planet, okay?
But do it in a slow, enjoyable way for them.
I'm not saying they're aliens.
I'm just saying that's what makes sense here.
Mario in California.
Mario, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi.
You know, me and my wife, we're sick with COVID right now.
Sorry to hear that.
Yeah, oh man, this is like a fever I never had.
It just won't go away.
Protein crystals replicating in you, nanotech replicating in you.
Yes, sir.
Doesn't feel too good, does it?
Yeah, so I've been trying to get, you know, ivermectin and the drugs that actually work.
Well, it turns out Kaiser didn't want to prescribe it, so I went and got an outside doctor to prescribe it to me.
And when I tried to pick it up at the pharmacy, I was denied.
And the Kaiser Pharmacy called me and said, oh, we can't prescribe that drug specifically, so you won't be able to get it.
And I was like, but I got a prescription.
And listen, just to help people, I'm looking at the best telemedicine companies, real doctors, real stuff, so people can do it, because that's a service that needs to happen.
I forget the names of some of the good telemedicine groups out there, but they can also give you pharmacies that will actually get it to you, sir.
Yeah, so I think I used one from one of your sources and they prescribed it and everything.
But a day before, the pharmacy called me and the doctor said, we're not prescribing that to you at all.
And I said, but I have a prescription, you know, like I even got an outside doctor and they're like, if it's not one of our Kaiser doctors, you're not going to get it.
And that's because the insurance companies are exercising their power over you.
To literally kill your ass.
Medicine is now to depopulate.
It's not there to help.
That's why a lot of doctors are quitting.
A lot of people are forming their own clinics, their own things, and now they're trying to move to block even those from being able to get it to you.
So I hear you.
I mean, I talked to some of these pharmacies and these online clinics, and they're getting thousands of calls an hour, and they can't even hire enough people to take the calls.
And then they're finding all these decent places that'll do it, but then they're running out of the Budesonine and the Ivermectin that totally works.
Totally saved my dad.
God bless you, sir.
I'm sorry to hear that's happening, Mario.
Yeah, you know, I get so busy that that's something that I literally went out and said, I want to bring people sponsors that help people so that it funds the show to get the message out.
And then you also can call and pay 50 bucks, 100 bucks, whatever.
Have a consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner, and they can find a pharmacy that will actually save you.
Uh, and I call these some of these preppy ones.
They go, listen, we're getting thousands of calls hours.
We can't advertise.
In fact, don't even give our name out.
We're too overwhelmed.
I mean, that's where we're at.
I mean, I can give you the other online stuff, but they won't give it to you.
Or I mean, it's sick, folks.
It's it's to watch our fellow Americans murdered.
But that was that was the whole point of this, Mario.
So I'm sorry.
And it's all running out.
It's all selling out.
This winter is going to be hellish.
And they're going to kill millions of us again.
And just be glad you're not injected.
They're the ones that are really dying.
Take one look and die!
The ace of spades!
Hey, but don't worry.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, they're not gonna escape God's judgment.
And neither are all those scumbags like Gene Simmons and that little demonic communist Noam Chomsky.
They're gonna burn in hell!
The most censored, demonized, lied-about,
Populist, outlaw broadcast in the world, this is it, reaching millions of people right now.
And if all of you would simply realize how powerful you are, and simply, every day, take a clip, or take an article that you think is the most informative on the subjects you think are most pertinent, and if you share that on your email, and your text message, or print a few copies off when you go to the barber shop, or the beauty salon, or the dentist, or the insurance shop, and just realize
This is information warfare.
And if you tell folks, hey, you've probably heard Alex Jones, the guy they demonize and talk about, you really need to hear what he's talking about, about inflation and what's really behind it and what the globalists are doing and why they're engaged in all this division and the cyber attack that's coming and the next bio attack they're going to launch for depopulation.
And people are hungry to hear this now.
Those that make fun of you, move on.
But planting seeds and getting people to then tune in to the mothership, tune in to this broadcast, and American Journal, and The War Room, and all the great hosts and guests and information we have on.
I mean, they had the inventor of mRNA on for an hour yesterday, saying they're targeting our children to kill them.
Dr. Malone.
I mean, that's huge!
You don't get more respected than that.
We're having, like, Nobel Prize winning virologists and stuff on.
I mean, this is big stuff.
And the enemy's fighting like the devil to try to keep this information from getting out.
And I can tell you, these arrogant SOBs think they're saving the Earth, they depopulate us.
That's just their excuse to play God.
Even if they were right about that, they don't have a right to do what they're doing.
And Klaus Schwab, I've got the clips right here, you know, today in his big announcement.
Oh, we need to cut the resources.
We need to not hurt the planet.
And meanwhile, they fly around on jumbo jets and everything else and just live like kings.
It's about enslaving and impoverishing and annihilating.
And I know you as an audience know that, but we got to get pissed.
We got to get focused.
We've got to support our independent media like our lives depend on it because it does.
And get great products at the same time.
Double Patriot points.
Storewide free shipping.
Ends on Tuesday morning.
It's got to end.
Ultra 12, 60% off.
RainForce Plus, back in stock, 50% off.
Ultimate bone broth formula.
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And a superfood for your immune system.
My goodness, the stuff that's in concentrated chicken broth is legendary for your immune system.
It's 20% off, sold out for years.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
All right, two final callers, Michael and Daniel, then I'm going to hit the rest of this news.
Let's go to Michael in Florida.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you so much for having me on.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate you and all you do with the Infowars staff and carrying the fight that
We're going to they're trying to shut us out.
And she's the greatest thing ever.
And I understand, though, that it's all in God's hands.
I mean, let me tell you, knowing all this and staying in a major city is suicidal, OK?
But I've got to do it.
It's what God wants me to do.
But I want listeners to know I'm a pretty tough guy and I can handle a lot of stress.
I'm not trying to bribe people, pull guns on me.
I grab them away and beat their face in.
I literally have to ask God for strength, or I would start shaking and crap myself, okay?
I mean, this is all real.
And so I want listeners to understand that.
People better decide.
We're either going to expose this and stop it, or we're all going to die.
And everybody get ready to die, because they had planned to kill, and we did the numbers, 85% of us by the year 2030.
Go ahead.
Well, I'm a former U.S.
Army Ranger, so I'm in the fight to the end, so... Well, God bless you, brother.
I mean, how are you dealing with this, knowing this?
I mean, I'm asking you, how are you psychologically dealing with the full horror of this?
Because I don't even feel good having to come up here and talk about all this, but it's the truth.
Well, absolutely.
I'm in the same boat you are.
I just, you know, it just makes me, my blood curdle.
I have a 12-year-old daughter, a 29-year-old son, but my 12-year-old daughter, you know, I got to tell her the truth and let her know that this is going on.
They're fighting for us.
They're fighting to take us out.
They don't want us around.
And I've seen it firsthand in the military with the propaganda they use against others, and now they're using it on us.
So they're coming after us full bore.
And all we can do is stand up and fight.
Claim your God-given rights back because the Constitution's not there.
They did away with that on 9-11 with the Patriot Act and the Freedom Act after Obama.
So they took away those rights.
They're imprisoning our own people in Washington, D.C.
and all around the world.
We don't even know they're imprisoning.
So they don't care about us.
They're just, again, putting out their agenda.
And that's the reason I called.
I greatly appreciate it.
We're good.
And the Build Back Better, the Great Reset, if you break it down, the word reset is re, in Italian, is king, and set, the Egyptian god of war, chaos, is that of Saint Lucifer.
So the Build Back Better plan, the Church of the Great King Satan.
So they're out there pushing their agenda, do away with God, do away with the Church, getting us
All put down and silenced, doing away with our congregation and lifting up one another.
Absolutely, Michael.
Say that again, because what you're saying is true.
I've looked into the symbolism and the linguistic history of that.
They're saying the great Satan is here.
The great Satan is taking over.
And I've got a clip of Klaus Schwab, actually I'll play it next segment, saying we need a religion to bring in the one world government.
I mean, isn't that amazing?
You know, it's all their black magic witchcraft.
They got to put the message out there for us to take it in and absorb it and then willfully just give in to them.
So the willful sacrifice is the one that gives them more power.
But us fighting them, we're not a sacrifice to them.
If we're fighting them, we're the enemy.
You know, like my name,
Stands up for the Archangel Michael, fightin' the devil to the end, that's what I'll do.
Beautifully said, brother, and you're absolutely right.
And what you said about what the military did overseas, in fact, they've had the guy that headed up the most nasty programs they had, he went on OAN a month ago, we're trying to get him on, that he should run these operations.
They wouldn't let him use the stuff they're using against Americans right now on Al Qaeda.
And they're using the nastiest PSYOPs ever run right out of the Pentagon against the American people and our veterans and others.
And so what you said is in the news.
They're not even hiding that the Pentagon is running PSYOPs as if we are an enemy against the domestic population.
This is fricking high treason.
We are the enemy.
That is the thing, is that we are the enemy.
If we're not willfully going along with them, we are the enemy.
It doesn't matter.
They already implemented that with them saying that they should lock up those who haven't taken a vaccine or those that are pro-Trump or whatever.
It's not even that.
It's that we don't go along willfully and, you know, they're going to be coming at us.
They want the spiritual submission.
They want us to just accept all the crazy things we're doing, break our will, accept the fact they're lying to us, and willfully bow to them so they can really go to town on us.
That's what they want.
They want that sacrifice.
And they will do that.
That's what they're doing with the children, you know.
And, you know, going back, you know, my mom's in the hospital right now having blood clots in her lungs.
Took the vaccine.
My aunt and uncle, they had the COVID.
My niece, she had a miscarriage after two weeks of having the vaccine.
My other sister-in-law, we stuck coins on her arm and they stuck
So, yeah, all this is happening.
All of it is real, you know, but.
Oh, yeah.
We know the Pfizer and Moderna shot created chain reaction in the blood that magnetizes your blood.
It's all confirmed.
I mean, we are in a we are in a nightmare science fiction movie run by demons.
God bless you, brother.
Powerful call.
Daniel, I'm going to get to you and I'm going to these final stories and then I'm going to hand the baton to Stu Peters, who's got some huge, huge guests and people that are the hope.
Because these young artists that are getting multiple number one hits on the charts, fighting the New World Order, that's what it's all about.
It shows the public wants the truth, and it shows we're pushing stuff to number one, and that's the stuff of victory.
As bad as this is, understand, we gave up on God, so the devil came in, but we're about to rediscover God and beat these people together.
By the way, earlier, before I went to that caller, I wasn't trying to talk about how I'm tough and how I got all this courage.
What I'm saying is, I personally don't get worried about myself.
I personally am kind of stupid, and I'm fearless.
But with children, it's different, and it's a nauseating, infuriating, angry feeling for these globalists that you know are wanting to kill your children, that are saying they want to kill them, and the public won't wake up, and it's just like,
And you know, if you get violent, that's what they want.
Then they can misdirect that and win.
And so I'm just fighting with information and we're starting to really have victory.
And I just know they're going to blow stuff up and blame it on us anyways.
And so I'm just kind of waiting for God to move against them.
But I realize it's up to us to take action first, the right way, and then God's going to fill our sails and we're going to win.
But man, the news breaking is just unbelievable.
And we do have a bunch of the clips of the Klaus Schwab thing, but they're so annoying.
Maybe I should just shoot a special report this afternoon and put it on Bandon Video, so if you want to watch it, you can see it.
He had his big announcements against this, and it's just, it's horrible.
It's just totally horrible, but it's just more of the same crap, exactly as we thought.
Not hard to predict.
Right now, let's go back to the callers.
Daniel in Texas.
Daniel, thanks for calling on this Friday edition.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
Speaking of black magic, if everybody could just type in on Yahoo, COVID spelled backwards, divak, meaning in Hebrew, it means is the soul of an evil person whose soul wants to evade punishment and tries to stay in this dimension by possessing another body.
And I didn't know that.
I didn't know that.
Say that slowly.
And in what language is that?
It's in Hebrew.
And in Latin, it means to divide or separate.
COVID spelled backward.
And 19, of course, is just AI if you follow the alphabet.
So that is what we are up against to go to Carlos's first point.
Second, I would ask of you if
You could host like a prayer hour or we talk about God and how to, you know, repent our expenses with God.
I totally agree with you.
And by next year, at least one show a week I do for like three hours is going to be centered around God and spiritual warfare.
And I totally agree because I need that as well.
I mean, forget what nourishes the body.
It's the soul that needs to be nourished.
What does DEVOC mean?
Covered backwards in Hebrew.
Possession of a malicious soul and is of Hebrew beginning.
DEVOC implies in Latin separate divide.
Never knew that.
Man, we're in a lot of trouble.
And look at how they're mainly targeting... Boy, they're really trying to make... Israelis take five, six shots.
They really want to kill them.
This is some sick stuff, man.
Yeah, that is a satanic psyop they are doing right there.
It's a spell, actually.
And we should not even be even using the words that they put out there.
We should come up with our own terminology to combat that.
But what I wanted to go into as well is, I know a nurse, and she just received, and a bunch of nurses just received a
Notice, like, they have to prove to their hospital, basically, that they work at exemption of vaccination and then ask questions like, what is your religion?
How long have you been practicing your religion?
And then notice they're using this with the vaccine to make everybody say what their religion is.
None of your damn business, you dirty devils.
It was so out of line.
I couldn't believe it.
It's out of line coming at children with experimental shots and making them have heart attacks.
I'm going to tell you, this whole thing is out of line, brother.
Yes, sir.
Let's get back to this DVOC for a minute because they just put, I guess, one of the occult tarot card symbols.
There's a man carrying a skeleton on his back or possession by the dead.
This sounds like Hellraiser stuff.
Man, I wish I would have thought what is COVID backwards.
These people are really throwing it in our face.
And notice how almost all the bills
For COVID and forced injections and global IDs, even in Europe are 666.
Have you noticed that?
Yes, yes, sir.
And that's why they're not changing it from like 19 to 20 to 21.
It's because this is transhumanism.
They're trying to digitally overwrite.
Well, sure, and Under Black Magic, as I've researched what they do, they believe once they say an incantation, you're right, saying it over and over again, then we say it gives them power.
And it's a programming of the subconscious.
It's interdimensional.
Whether you believe that or not, they believe in it.
It's how they're in control.
And God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Best calls ever today.
We always have great calls, some weird calls mixed in, whatever.
You know, we're not censoring your calls.
If you disagree, you can call in, you agree, whatever.
As long as your phone's clear and you got a point to make, we'll get you on the air.
And that's why I personally like taking calls, but then I feel bad not covering all the news.
That's why I'm going to start doing more shows and a lot more stuff here in the very near future.
We got a lot of new stuff we're going to launch.
Sometime next week, we're going to announce the new
Production we've done that I'm very proud of that's going to be coming out in December.
Another sneak attack on the Globalist that is going to be the most powerful thing we've done yet.
It goes back to what the last caller was just talking about.
So I'm blown away right now.
Stu Peters is loaded for bear.
I've got a lot to hit here.
Speaking of demons, here it is.
A non-binary assistant professor at ODU has come out in support of
De-stigmatizing pedophilia, or as they call it, minor attraction.
Aylan Walker sat down with a notorious group to discuss their book on pedophilia, Pursuit of Dignity.
Oh, and of course, just like the new FCC nominee, they're wearing rainbow glasses.
Hey, pull up the new FCC nominee that says they want to ban free speech and take Fox News and Infowars off the air.
Is it the same person?
I'm not kidding.
Just pull up new, you can type in new FCC nominee troubles conservatives.
And here's the article about it.
Non-binary university instructor calls to delegitimize pedophilia.
Let's go back and forth in these shots here.
And I'm just saying, what's up with these people?
I mean, what's up?
I mean, I don't care if a woman's masculine or whatever, but it's like, oh, you're wearing colored glasses.
You know, they're orange or pink.
Oh, well, now you can do whatever you want.
You can take my free speech away while you can promote sex with children.
It's just so amazing that you're wearing rainbow glasses.
That just makes it so good.
And then now there's this.
CNN is going back to 100% News Channel.
Now, I said that before.
A good number of the talent staff will be let go to align to that new mission, says David Zaslav.
Vows to be very hands-off and LA-based in running Warner Brothers Discovery merger.
And I read the article on the deadline.
It looks like that is what's going on.
A lot of them are already being told they're being laid off.
Matt Ows gone on MSNBC this summer.
And so much more.
So that's some big news on that front.
Then we've got this year.
Again, I kind of highlighted it.
Somehow I messed up the printer ink.
But securing the net, global governance, and the digital domain funded by the Rockefellers, the UN, all of it.
And now the global government's going to take over because of the cyber attack.
And they're so upset about it.
But don't worry, they'll take all your freedom away to keep you safe once the cyber attack comes next year.
And of course it'll come, just like they said.
And then they'll be the geniuses saving us from everything.
Alright, I didn't get to this yet.
I'm gonna try to run through these headlines now, but I did not do this justice, so it's almost rhetorical.
But here's some of the headlines.
White House conspired with the National School Boards Association before it sent an infamous letter linking parents to domestic terrorists.
Of course, it came from Biden, not from the National School Board.
Huge news!
Arizona School Board President busted for collecting 1984 stalled dossier on students and parents.
Judge Halts DOJ Extraction of James O'Keefe's Phone Data and Ashley Biden Diary Probe.
Tucker Carlson Releases New Terrorist Training Video.
I'm being sarcastic.
It's on Bandai Video.
It's very powerful.
Vader's Defense School Porn Books.
Of course, it's the party of pedophilia.
LeBron James blasts Carl Rittenhouse for crying during trial.
Man, knock it off.
They called him more names.
You know what?
I'm going to come right back.
Stay there.
I'm going to hit more of this.
And then Stu Peters takes over.
And he's got the big number one guy on the charts who's a patriot.
And he's fighting the tyranny coming up as well.
So you want to join us in the fourth hour today.
And you want to do more than that.
You want to tell people tune in because that's how we beat these monsters.
Put InfoWars on the side of your barn.
Put FreeWorldNews.tv on it.
Put NewsWars if that's less, you know, dramatic for you.
Just take action.
And yes, we need to finance the operation.
I want to be strong into this fight.
I want to expand, not contract.
And we're battling just to stay on air.
Storewide free shipping.
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We thank you all for your support.
Okay, let me finish up with all the race baiting, and then I'm going to shoot a special report on Klaus Schwab and the big three-hour symposium they had today that poor Rob Dew had to watch.
It's quite upsetting for him.
That's why sometimes I get a little mad on air too.
I can't watch these scum anymore.
I don't want to.
I watched three hours of this.
Don't make me do this.
Watching Klaus Schwab for three hours.
You're watching the guy literally killing you and your family.
Literally shutting the whole world down.
I mean, the top satanic general.
Way worse than Hitler or Stalin or Mao.
I mean, you're literally looking at a mass murdering killer.
That set up the whole corporate takeover, the depopulation plan, used to head up the Bilderberg Group, and it's just, it's just hellish to watch him.
Oh God, he will burn in hell though, don't worry.
But getting back to these articles.
So it's now official, the Justice Department was running
Through the National Association of School Districts, they told them to do that and call them terrorists.
They wanted to introduce the idea that parents are terrorists.
I mean, that is so bombshell.
They didn't just agree with them and send FBI and helicopters and all that.
They did it.
That is so huge.
I should have led the show with that.
But I didn't.
We're good.
Stanford and UCAL professors declare that conservatives who vote for black candidates are still racist.
That's an article in the video on Infowars.com.
John Cleese went ahead and just cancelled himself before they cancelled him at a university.
Left winger Bill Ackerman says Kyle Rittenhouse is a patriot who acted in self-defense.
Media assumes Twitter hacked.
His account.
But now he's come out with a statement saying no, he was a civic guy and he was trying to help people.
So the worm's turning.
LinkedIn censors interview with British cardiologist to criticize Pfizer vaccine data cover-up.
And it just goes on from there.
There's Rittenhouse's mom we had on.
She's a darling.
Kyle Rittenhouse's mother says her son not a white supremacist.
She scolds Biden for defaming him.
And it just goes on.
Meanwhile, Biden calls a black baseball player
The Great Negro of our time.
And then the media fact checkers tried to say he didn't say it, even though we can play the video.
I'm sure Stu Peters probably will.
Here it is.
FCC nominee.
Reputation as a hard leftist partisan alarm for Republicans.
She says, take Fox News off the air and InfoWars.
Coming up with Stu Peters.
He's got the great Jim Levy and Hi-Rez with the number one song, Welcome to the Revolution.
That's coming up.
Stay with us.
Hey everybody, welcome back to the fourth hour of Alex Jones.
I'm Dr. Jane Ruby, and I'm going to be here today with your host, Stu Peters, who will be in very shortly.
It's really great to be back with the crew and with Alex today.
We've been doing a lot of work.
As you know, the last week or so has just been devastating.
With the emergency use authorization against five to eleven-year-old children.
And there were so many things happening, breaking a lot of news, and we're going to cover some of it during this hour.
Okay, so great to see Stu and I'll let him take it over and we're going to get into some really fun stuff.
So, hey Stu!
You know, the way that this live, this live TV broadcast stuff works and the technical difficulties that we deal with.
And you have a story right now about this five to 11 year old injection that we're going to get to in a minute because Dr. Jane is going to be here with us to talk about an historic speech that was given over the weekend with revelations about five specific felonies that could end completely this emergency use authorization.
But what we're dealing with is a Congress that does absolutely nothing.
A uniparty Congress that you've talked about here on InfoWars, you've heard about here on InfoWars.
I know Owen Schroer and Alex Jones continuously talk about this, but we have a uniparty that doesn't want to do or pay attention to what should be the number one agenda item right now, which is fixing 2020.
That is absolutely the number one agenda item.
And whether you're a Trump fan or not, whether you're disenfranchised or losing
Maybe a little bit of respect for the fact that he's been out here as a vaccine salesman for the last year knowing the damage that it causes.
We know here the damage that it causes.
Unprecedented amount of death.
I talked to Dr. Peter McCullough just an hour ago over at StuPeters.TV.
I know Alex Jones had him on here last or earlier this week.
This is the most dangerous rollout of any injection or any shot that we've ever seen.
There's no threshold for the amount of death that these people will tolerate before shutting it down.
And just for some context,
25 people died during the swine flu vaccine program rollout and they shut it down completely.
25 people.
Now the CDC's own vaccine adverse events reporting system today is over 18,000 people dead.
In nine months, more people have died than every previous vaccine rolled out combined.
Ever in history.
Dr. Peter McCullough, I don't know if he did it here on InfoWars or not, but on the program earlier today with me, he called for a complete vaccine halt.
And the story this fall has been about these breakthrough infections.
And before we get to Dr. Ruby, I think it's really important that we acknowledge a Freedom of Information Act request that came out.
I'm sure you've heard about.
Acknowledging natural immunity.
It's a thing.
Millions of people have it, but they're just completely making things up and saying it's better for a healthy young person or anybody to get one of these shots that we refer to as a bioweapon.
This document that dropped last week from the Centers for Disease Control says that they have had zero, not one single case, not one known case where a person got COVID
Recovered, got infected again and proceeded to infect another person.
Not one.
Not one.
So the CDC and the Biden administration and CNN and MSNBC and your irritating left-wing neighbor have all been demanding that everyone acts as a human pincushion, an experimental rat for Tony Fauci.
But not one person who has contracted COVID has passed it on to another after they have recovered.
They deny the value of natural immunity when they don't have the slightest proof that they're right at all.
And as a matter of fact, they're just absolutely completely wrong.
But why should we be surprised?
They've been lying from the very beginning.
COVID was nothing, remember?
It was racist to even worry about it.
De Blasio ordered New Yorkers to go hug a Chinese person during the Chinese New Year.
And if they wouldn't do it, they were racists.
Masks were useless, too.
They didn't work.
Thinking the virus might have come from a Chinese lab was racist.
But then it all changed.
And of course, we had a lockdown.
We had to keep children out of school, even though that they were immune from the disease altogether.
You had to stay inside of your home unless you were protesting for racial injustice, in which case not staying at home was essential.
And now we have this deadly shot that nobody will acknowledge.
I have yet to see one reporter in the White House press room ask this Jen Psaki, who by the way tested positive for COVID despite she's had like, I don't know, 35 or 40 injections now.
Not one person has asked, why are there 18,000 people dead and nobody's saying anything about it?
So you know that this is an information war, obviously.
So we're going to get down to business with Dr. Jane Ruby, because over the weekend, an historic speech was given by Dr. David Martin, and Dr. Ruby joins us now.
So, Dr. Ruby, David Martin laid out specific felonies
And our do-nothing Congress can act right now to stop the emergency use authorization and to halt this vaccine thing altogether, do what Peter McCullough says, and just end the whole thing.
What do you have?
Well, first of all, let me just emphasize so people really understand.
5 to 11 year olds right now are being mass murdered.
It's really that simple.
I know it sounds hyperbolic, but too bad.
It's really what's happening.
And in fact, over the weekend, over a million 5 year olds were injected by CVS alone.
And also there were over 125 reported errors because these places got this new vial for children.
Who knows what's in it, Stu?
Who knows how much of anything is in there?
But the reports came in that some of them got
I don't know.
Let's get back to what Dr. David Martin has been exposing.
This is going to be huge and you can help make it huge because what he's done here is put together the connections and the evidence that this is a criminal conspiracy to commit an act of terror on the people of the United States and obviously of the world as well.
Here's the basic premise.
Let's start with that, okay?
That if you can pierce the veil of legal immunity,
All the emergency use authorizations go away.
And the PrEP Act, as you all know, is what gives these pharmaceutical companies complete immunity from any legal liability.
Except, and it's something I've been saying, I've said it on Alex's show, I've said it on a number of shows,
Premeditated murder is never protected, okay?
There's no statute of limitations on it, you don't get legal liability protection from it, and so that's where we're going with this.
The PrEP Act gave them that shield, but if you can show that there's been even one felony conviction, and he shows us five of them, you would see the veil pierced of immunity, and you would also see these emergency use authorizations stop.
That stops everything.
We're going to get into the five felonies.
But before we do, because I want you to be able to take your time.
You said that this sounds hyperbolic, and it does.
Is it also hyperbolic to say that the Congress is going to do something, or the U.S.
Senate is going to do something?
I mean, Rand Paul does a lot of grandstanding.
Fundraising, donate here buttons and all of this kind of nonsense.
Viral videos all over the place of his scathing rant and we've got a lot of mean letters, strongly worded letters and mean tweets that are getting sent around all over the place.
He's a criminal.
He's committed the five felonies that we're going to get into.
Do you think that there's an actual mechanism that we will get to today on this program where people can actually spur action that's going to end this?
People are tired of this.
We're looking at a transhuman event, an extinction event, all of these things.
Are we going to be able to affect change?
Yes or no?
Yes, absolutely.
Here's the pathway.
Here's the pathway forward, and I think it's brilliant.
Dr. Martin suggested that each of you, as many as possible in your respective states, send by certified mail the PowerPoint that he went through.
It's only about 13 slides.
Not a big deal.
Print it out.
Send it by certified mail to your state's Attorney General, okay?
And by doing so, you're making them aware of it.
Stu, if they don't act on it by either starting an investigation...
Yeah, we're going to see this presentation here.
We've got about five seconds and we're going to come back and go through all of these felonies and this PowerPoint and exactly what you can do at the end of that video.
Alright, so just a little public service announcement here.
The so-called free speech alternative to YouTube, Rumble, is down.
Right now they're not a free speech alternative, by the way.
They censor the hell out of me over there.
And that's a fact.
They can argue that all they want.
We're good to go.
But they won't show up to investigate things like Allie Carter, who by the way was trafficked and claims to have been raped by Barack Obama and by Joe Biden.
That riveting interview happened at StuPeters.TV and you can go find that there as well.
Dr. Jane Ruby is joining us right now.
Five specific felonies that we're going to discuss that have been committed by Tony Fauci that can end this emergency use authorization and action that you can take as exposed by Dr. David Martin in an historic speech over the weekend.
Alright, specifics, let's go.
First of all, everybody's got to stop calling this thing a vaccine.
I'm going to call everybody out when they do that because it is not a vaccine.
It does not confer protection.
It is a bioweapon.
There is no SARS-CoV-2 virus.
This is a bioweapon that was paid for by Anthony Fauci in 1999.
This is all laid out in Dr. Martin's speech.
Look, the other thing is, there's no COVID-19.
There's an influenza-like virus, or illness rather, and it's the first illness in the United States history that is without diagnostics, okay?
It's diagnosed by committee and by symptoms.
And lastly, the other lie is that there is no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier.
It doesn't exist.
We have to stop using the criminal's language.
So here's the deal.
In 2002, UNC Chapel Hill was awarded a patent by NIAID for a recombinant coronavirus, and this is their words, infectious replication defective clone of a coronavirus.
And so, this is in spite of the fact that there was a moratorium in the United States on gain-of-function research, but Anthony Fauci gave UNC a break and said they could go ahead and do this.
Here's the other piece, Stu.
In 2015, and this is what, I've got a picture that I've provided to the producers.
It's titled, The Mandatory Injection Was Planned.
And it's really a statement, which is really admission of the criminal conspiracy.
It's by Peter Daszak.
And he basically says here, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present at an emergency threshold, it's going to be basically ignored.
And so he says, we need the funding.
And here are the key phrases.
A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype.
We need to use that hype to our advantage.
So this is the admission, the beginning of the admission.
They also published it.
The National Academy of the Sciences published it on page 73.
You can read it there yourself.
These are the admissions of the violations of United States codes.
There are actually six felonies.
I want to share with you also in the third picture, or sorry, the second picture,
Is actually something very interesting that nobody else is talking about.
This is the executive order.
Now watch this, that President Trump signed on September 19th, 2019.
Here's the point.
The World Health Organization had a meeting where they announced that a global simulation releasing a respiratory pathogen and disease would be released in the United States and affect the public from September 2019 to September 2020.
This was also a part of, you know who else was part of this?
The Gates Foundation, the NIH.
There's your collusion.
There's your criminal conspiracy, right?
And so here's the deal.
President Trump signed this executive order.
But after an executive order like that is signed, there's an obligation to then go before Congress on the part of Fauci, which he did on December 4th.
And that's what you see here in red.
Okay, and I want to read this to you.
This is critically important.
This was not in the EO, but this is essentially what Fauci explained to Congress two months later.
Here it goes.
These platform technologies that President Trump just signed into order includes DNA.
Virus-like S-particles, that's your spike protein, which we know is a pathogenic bioweapon.
Vector-based, that's your AstraZeneca and your J&J.
And listen to this, self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines.
Gee, where have we heard that before?
Maybe, maybe hundreds of doctors who've looked at these vials under the microscope that some people are trying to disparage and discredit.
They've actually seen it with their own eyes.
Here it is verified and
As part of what Fauci explained was going to be covered under President Trump's executive order.
So here's the deal, Stu.
President Trump was tricked into mandating the release of the Fauci bioweapon, this toxin, to be released on the American public.
And that's what leads us to these crimes.
When you look at the crimes on the COVID treasonous acts that Dr. Martin has laid out,
This is absolutely insane.
The first one is funding and conspiring acts of terror.
The American people need to understand that since he took his position in the NIH, Fauci has had $191 billion of your money to fund this act of terror on the American people.
Uh, the other, the next, the next one is acts of domestic terrorism resulting in the deaths of American citizens.
Well, I don't know about you, but we've got at least VAERS at 20,000 now Americans dead from these injections and it's probably closer.
I'm just going to say this again, and I know that USA Today and Newsweek want to come after me for saying that I'm calling for Tony Fauci's execution, but I'm just going to say this.
We hanged Saddam Hussein for less.
Crimes against humanity is what's happening here.
We're talking about upwards of 2 million people possibly dead and that's reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System and applied to the Harvard study that says that less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported there.
I'm sorry, I had to say that.
I mean, we hanged Saddam Hussein for less!
I do want to get in that Fauci has lied to Congress three times, Stu.
That is a felony.
That is a felony.
And the reason Dr. Martin comes down and ran Paul, and we just have another minute here before we go to the next segment, is that Martin himself has sent by certified post to Senator Paul three times this evidence, this information.
And what he's frustrated with is that Senator Paul is using it for fundraising, which is essentially monetizing an act of terror.
And he wants him to pay attention to this.
And Fauci also lied to Congress, Stu, when he submitted what was required, his NIH paperwork, where he failed to disclose all 4,000 patents that, by the way, you the American public paid for with your tax dollars, that were part of the NIH making money for everybody over there.
And we'll go through the other two or three of the other felonies.
This is a felony criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder on the people of the United States.
I don't know how much more clearly we can say it.
And the proof is in the words of the criminals as well as in the paperwork of the criminals.
You have people, so-called elected representatives, standing in front of you saying, there's nothing more that I can do to fix 2020, but we're going to fix 2020.
President Biden is a fraudulent and fake president, but let's impeach him.
You can't have one and have the other, but either way, whether it's you that believes this or you that believes this, I've got a big donate here button and all of you can contribute to that.
The same exact thing is going on with this dog and pony show with Anthony Fauci before everybody.
These crimes are right out there in the wide open for everybody to see.
My question is, where's the military?
If the Congress people aren't going to do it, where's the military?
We'll be right back.
Come and find me if you please, StuPeters.tv.
Appreciate everybody coming over and checking it out.
We do our best to make sure that you're armed with the best information that you can as we battle a decades-long psychological propaganda mission and operation that has lulled people to sleep.
Did you guys see, speaking of which, Gavin Newsom, the governor there of California, the tyrant that wants to put needles in the arms of everything living and breathing, including young infants there.
He appeared a little bit pale.
Today I'm just watching this press conference.
He looked a little tired, seemed a little defensive and nervous in that bizarre comeback press conference.
And I'm sure in other headlines you saw the 52-year-old prominent New Brunswick cardiologist who shamed the unvaxxed said he wanted to punch anti-vaxxers in the face and he died suddenly after his COVID booster shot.
They're coming at your kids with these things, these bioweapons.
They are not vaccines.
Dr. Jane Ruby is with us right now and said she's going to mock anybody who does call them vaccines, or at least correct them.
We're talking here more about these five felonies.
Where is the military, Dr. Jane Ruby?
Where are the lawmakers on this?
When are people going to start taking action?
And if the people in our government are not going to do it, how can we?
Well, there's one way you can.
You can send this report, this PowerPoint by Dr. David Martin, to every state attorney general in the United States.
And if they don't do something with it, Stu, technically they are complicit in a criminal conspiracy.
Now, I wanted to finish.
These crimes are important.
These felonies are important.
But really quick, the issue about vaccines, I'm getting increasingly frustrated and suspicious of any frontline doctors who call these things vaccines.
Do not use the words that are keeping people complacent and encouraging them to keep going and getting in line and getting these.
So I'm really getting frustrated with it.
So stop it.
Okay, so on to one of our conspiring to criminal commercial activity.
I don't know if people understand this or not, but there's been a lot of market manipulation and allocation going on here.
Moderna was originally funded 22 years ago under some kind of a company called the Darwinian Associates, right?
Sound familiar and scary?
Yeah, and so what happened is now all of a sudden they're making money and they've got this vaccine that was handed to them by Fauci and UNC, and here their chief medical officer
And I want to just add one other thing Stu.
I'm holding in my hand
Fauci's December 4th 2019 testimony to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, where he says, what I read before, but I want to highlight, self-assembling nanoparticles?
I thought that was a conspiracy, tinfoil hat!
Fauci himself is clarifying the EO that was shoved under President Trump's nose back in September of 2019.
So I think it's really important to know that it's not only Fauci, by the way.
When you go to see this presentation by Dr. Martin, you're going to see names of some people like Bill Gates,
We're good to go.
So if you all would start by sending this to your State Attorney General in a certified package, you are making them aware of a criminal conspiracy and felonies committed against the people of the United States in an act of mass terror.
It's as simple as that.
That's why I'm urging you, don't call it a vaccine.
If you called it a bioweapon, which is what it is, it has been designed as a bioweapon against you.
I think your people might be inclined to get in line and drag their five-year-old to get this shot.
Five-year-olds are dying.
Like I said, over a million were shot up over the weekend.
There are plenty of mistakes going around.
You're gonna start to see children get seriously ill.
Because their immune systems are much more robust.
They will react more violently and more quickly than adults.
You've seen the rates of things, for example, like sudden cardiac events.
Myocardial infarction, which is a heart attack, death, sudden cardiac death in the 12 to 17 year olds, those numbers were higher than the group above that, age group above that.
And likewise, you're going to see an exponentially higher number of those deaths and injuries in the 5 to 11 year olds.
This has got to be stopped.
These children, their DNA is going to be changed forever with something that's never been experimented with before, with macaque monkey cell lines.
We're good to go.
The University of Chapel Hill and the NIH uploaded the sequence for this illness.
That is enabling the development of a bioweapon, plain and simple.
So there's a lot of criminal responsibility.
And this is how we can get the ball rolling.
So I'm just hoping that people will follow through.
I know a lot of people on social media have written to me so far and they've done it.
And the more you care if it's duplicated, the more you can send.
And maybe share this information with parents who are on the fence.
Because I can tell you right now, the study that Pfizer is doing in an ongoing way, very dangerous, has six-month-old babies up to 11 years old.
They released the 5 to 11, got their authorization from the collapsed agency, FDA, that no longer exists.
They are planning before the end of this year, by the time you sit down for your Christmas dinner, they are planning to have submitted to the FDA the two to four-year-old data.
And you know what follows from there?
Six months to two years old.
Yeah, and they're going to start injecting, you know, pregnant mothers.
They're going to start trying to give this thing in vitro.
I mean, they want to water their houseplants with these so-called vaccines.
These people are absolutely sick.
This is a cult.
This is a religion.
This is no longer about health and safety.
But you're right.
There are a lot of parents, Dr. Ruby, that are on the fence about whether or not to give this.
But you can't blame a lot of them.
We refer to these people as sheep so oftentimes.
We come on here or we, you know, I'm guilty of it.
I am guilty of saying, oh, they're just a sheep, they're asleep.
But these people are victims.
They're freaking victims of a system that has been designed to lull them to sleep.
They trust Fox News Channel.
They trust Newsmax.
They trust all these other agencies that are out and out lying to them.
And that's why it sounds hyperbolic when we come here and we say, oh, look at aborted fetal parts.
Oh, monkey this and buy a weapon that.
This is killing people.
But all you have to do is look to the data.
All you have to do is look and just objectively think to yourself, why is it that more than double the amount of people have died from this one shot in nine months than every single other vaccine rolled out combined in the history of the world?
That is really all that anybody has to know.
And I just I don't understand why nobody can get that.
I just your neighbors.
That your kids, school teachers, it's really frustrating sitting here and listening to you say all of these things and then encourage people to package it all up and send it certified mail.
But the feeling is similar to that amongst the base.
Everybody I talk to is really frustrated.
Seemingly nothing is going to ever get done is the thing here.
But that's just inherently false.
We are the majority and we can take control of the situation.
We are the government.
Yeah, let me just take another minute.
I know we're very short, but it's a cult of money, and I want to give you an example of another expose that has come out.
Justin Trudeau directly stands to gain, currently, from every shot that is given.
Because he has a financial interest in the patenting of the lipid nanoparticle that delivers your mRNA technology.
It was developed at the University of British Columbia, and he has ordered, according to records,
Ten times more of these vials, injections, than Canadian citizens, okay?
And so this is what it is, Stu.
It's a cult of money.
It's a criminal conspiracy to wipe the world of the economy and enslave human beings.
And it's really coming out more and more.
So thank you for allowing us to get this out.
Yeah, of course.
And some of the people who are out here, governors specifically, that want to rile up their base and make it look as if they're doing something by banning, you know, vaccine passports, are not telling you the whole story because there are private sector companies that are coming out here with technology that absolutely 100% tracks whether or not you've had these shots and they're using it in commerce to restrict you from buying things already.
If this is not the precursor to the mark,
I don't know what else is going to wake you up, Dr. Gene Ruby.
Thanks so much for being here.
We'll be back with Jimmy Levy.
The things that nobody really wants to talk about are the most important things that we absolutely have to talk about.
And I'm telling you that just from a personal perspective, yesterday on Veterans Day kind of rocked me a little bit because yesterday on the show was a whole lot different.
Than any other day.
Normally, there's a layout of things that we're going to do.
Normally, there's a list of guests that we're going to talk to and things that are in the news, or most importantly, things that are not in the news, things that are not being covered, that we feel like it's really important for people to know.
And I'm an imperfect follower of Jesus.
That's who I am.
And I speak that loudly and I'm not
Ashamed to say that I accept Jesus as my savior.
I'm a God-fearing, Jesus-loving patriot who loves this country.
And up until just a year ago, I was a bounty hunter.
Prior to that, I was a rapper.
We all go through things in our lives that bring us to a position, a pinnacle point in our lives where we're forced ultimately to make a decision and decide what path it is that we're going to go down.
I've been hit by this Will Summer guy over at the Daily Beast talking about what was a blown out of proportion pillow fight with my wife where she called the cops.
I haven't ever hidden anything about myself.
I'm an open book.
And yesterday on the program, we were discussing Veterans Day and I was talking about my dad, who was the first superhero that I ever met.
And if
You are fortunate enough to have grown up in a home with your father, which I believe is one of the biggest problems today is that we have fatherless homes.
And there's not a damn elected representative or politician alive in a democratically controlled major metropolitan area in this country that wants to admit that the problem is fatherless homes.
But if you were fortunate enough to grow up with your father, then you know what I'm talking about when you discuss the influence that your dad might have had in your life.
And then you grow up and as you grow up, you start to realize that when you were younger, you know, mom and dad were really stupid.
They didn't know anything.
You knew everything.
The older you get, it's like, oh, wow, they actually knew about that.
And then when you leave home, it's wow, mom and dad were brilliant.
And then you get into your adult life and you feel like you have wasted all that time growing up.
Where you could have appreciated them and now you're looking at the Canyons in their face realizing that they're older and that they're not going to be around forever.
And it's so ironic to me that you know everything that I do on a daily basis and and the things that Alex Jones does or you know Jane Ruby and and some of these people that have just been I'm there's a lot of us but the people who have been out here really really fighting this and
Being attacked at every angle, you start to realize that it's ironic that the people that are closest to you, the people that should support you, or at least just listen to you, are the people who just don't.
It's really hard to explain this, I guess.
I found out yesterday that my dad, my own dad, with everything that I do, went out and took these shots.
And then yesterday got his booster shot.
And so things can seem really hopeless at times.
And I think that we get so wrapped up in the technical parts of what might be in these shots or arguments about mask debates and
vaccine passports and buzzwords in the media and in the news that we lose track of the fact that God is working through us and Jesus is the only way for us.
And so, just from a Stu Peters to you, friends, perspective from not even a broadcasting thing,
Just from me to you, from personally, from brother to brother, brother to sister, please just get right with Jesus.
One guy that has done that recently is Jimmy Levy.
Now, Jimmy Levy had a song that was number one on iTunes, and it was called This Is War.
And now he came back with Hi-Rez, and now Welcome to the Revolution is topping the charts.
Another banger, as it says right there.
The video is available on YouTube.
You can go watch it.
And for a buck, you can go to iTunes and buy this thing.
And to support this guy, Jimmy Levy is joining us right now.
You understand, brother, the testimony that I'm kind of talking about.
You understand, like, coming from one perspective and living in a certain place to coming full circle and realizing that the only way is through Jesus and the truth.
And the gospel is the truth.
And whether the truth is comfortable or uncomfortable or painful or hard to deal with or not,
And whether the truth actually separates and divides.
You know, people tell me, Stu, you're being a divider recently.
Why are you attacking Vernon Jones, a Republican?
Well, because he's apparently a serial rapist.
That's why.
And I don't like that.
So, the truth oftentimes is divisive.
And Jesus really did divide.
And it separates the wheat from the chaff, as they say.
And you have to be really strong to be in this game.
And now you're not on the rap charts.
You're in the pop charts.
And I don't think these globalists are going to like that too much.
Where are we at with your record today?
Right now we're at number five on the pop charts.
So it's crazy.
It's different from rap.
There's a lot of rappers this year that have taken over, which I'm very grateful also.
With like the Let's Go Brandon movement, which was really cool to see like every different rapper take over the charts with that, many that I know.
But this is the pop charts.
This is like the biggest artists in the world.
And this is people that are being pushed by big labels and machines.
So to even be in the top five right now is unreal and unheard of.
It's amazing.
Jimmy, last night I was watching you on an Instagram Live, and this was at like midnight last night, and you were number 14 on the charts.
Just overnight, you're now at number 5 in the pop charts.
And you're right, we're talking about the biggest artists in the world.
To what do you owe, and how do you explain that propulsion?
That's just God.
That's God on our side.
That's the people fighting.
It shows what the people want to hear.
It's penetrating the big machines that are probably blinding a lot of freedom music and a lot of genuine music with real genuine lyrics that can actually help and heal the world.
And they're flooding it with, you know, just music that will distract people from what's really going on right now.
So, you know, it's God breaking those barriers.
We're watching it happen everywhere.
I mean, in the medical profession,
In our government with artists, there aren't a lot of artists that have done it.
I mean, maybe Nicki Minaj for a couple of days, and then you see some NBA stars that are doing it.
You see some athletes and pro athletes that are that are sticking up for medical freedom, for example, which I believe all of it is a big distraction.
Away from the big picture here, which is that we are in a war, which is what your first or most recent single was.
This is a war and you were right about that.
And so what is Welcome to the Revolution all about?
What inspired this record and your collaboration with Hi-Rez?
The way I look at it is going to all these rallies, you know, I realize like I'm in a movie right now, but it's real life.
You know, there's thousands of people standing around me all fighting for the same thing and we're revolting and and we're standing against.
This big tyrannical system, this satanic system that has taken over humanity right now.
And I wanted a song, like, although I love This Is A War, and it gets right to the point, I wanted a song that I could hear, like, everybody singing all at once, and it's like we're all standing there saying exactly what it is.
So, like, people, like, wrote to me, like,
What war?
What war are you talking about?
And you know, this one just gets to the point.
It tells you what's going on and it tells you what we're not going to do.
You know, some people are so far brainwashed that when you say this is a war, like they still don't understand that we're in a spiritual war.
They don't understand what we've been in.
They're in a whole different reality because they've been accepting an illusion of a reality that they've been presented their entire life.
So, welcome to the revolution.
I was thinking, like, how I used to be back in my secular time, um, going to the club, amping myself up, drinking and listening to a certain type of, um, sound to, uh, get me hyped up for like a club or wherever I was going.
Now it's, you know, a sound while I'm sober to get me amped up to remind me of what we're all standing together for to fight against this system.
Man, that hits so close to home because I am right there with you.
The platform that I have was elevated completely after I made the commitment to be of clear mind.
God took the taste of alcohol right from my mouth almost a year ago now and I'm so thankful that he did.
Not that I have anything against people who drink, it's just not for me and God doesn't want that for me right now.
Welcome to the Top 5 in the Pop Charts.
Go right now to iTunes and buy the song, Welcome to the Revolution, Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez.
This thing is incredible and it's going to shake the world.
Congratulations on all of your success.
We'll see you here next Friday on InfoWars.
My name is Stu Peters.
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