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Name: 20211110_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 10, 2021
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It's being secretly added to the Pfizer shots.
And it turns out this information has been on the FDA website for over a week, and there has been zero coverage of the information until just the last few days.
And even though InfoWars has its ear to the ground and our eyes to the horizon, I didn't learn about it until this afternoon.
I've just done four hours of research, and this has blown me away at a level I could not even have blown away at before.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at this headline.
Pfizer secretly added heart attack drug to children's COVID vaccines.
But why?
They say instead of using saline solution as a buffer, which is what you put in basically almost every vaccine, they use it as a buffer.
But it's not listed as a buffer.
It's a very dangerous, very strong blood thinner.
When I discovered this this afternoon, I went around to the crew and I said, have you heard of this?
They said, oh yeah, it came out a few days ago.
And they had a whole file that Rob Dew, who's really our vaccine expert, other than all the medical doctors we have on, brought to me.
And so I thought, Rob, you know, we're up here on Wednesday night.
We love our children.
We love America.
We love freedom.
We've got to expose this.
But you're so articulate on this.
Will you please get in front of the camera, something he doesn't like to do.
But he's going to go over this for you right now.
But I'm going to say this again.
This is an experimental injection.
When you get regular FDA approval, you've got to go through years of testing.
But now they're not just waiving the so-called original vaccine, the mRNA technology, now they're adding a very dangerous blood thinner to it.
That begs the question, they're obviously worried about too many heart attacks or too much blood clotting, because they knew in previous research they'd done that these type of mRNA technologies are linked to heart attacks, myocarditis, even back in
October of 2020, the CDC had that document in the FDA saying we're worried about myocarditis, heart attacks, blood clots, things like that.
I mean, they knew.
And experts like Dr. Yidan and Wolfgang Wudarg and others warned about it previously.
They predicted all of this would happen before they even started giving the shots.
Outside experts knew, inside experts knew, and then now we learned from an FDA document when they gave emergency approval for this for five-year-olds and up, that they hid this in plain view in the document.
So this is from the FDA's own website, ladies and gentlemen.
So, we're going to cut right here.
I'm going to take control of the camera, and Rob Dew is going to lay this out for you.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start getting it.
That's just the way it goes.
That's just the way it goes.
Hey guys, Rob Dew here, and so I just want to go over this back again.
This is the InfoWars article, Pfizer secretly added heart attack drug to children's COVID vaccines, but why?
This is by Ethan Huff out of Natural News.
Now it links back to an article from the Exposé UK.
Why has Pfizer changed the formulation of its COVID vaccine for children to include ingredient that stabilizes people suffering a heart attack?
And then if you scroll down into this article, so you got to do a little work, it goes to an FDA briefing document.
Here it is right here.
Yeah, this is it right here.
So let's talk about the vaccine formulation.
To provide a vaccine with improved stability profile, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine used in Children's 5-11 uses tromethamine buffer instead of phosphate-buffered saline as used in previous formulation and excludes sodium chloride and potassium chloride.
So there it is.
But that's not a buffer.
It's not a buffer.
It's a literal heart attack drug, and that's what they claim here.
So you go to Drugs.com.
So again, they're doing all this through changing definitions.
Exactly, how they change the definition of what a vaccine is.
But here it is.
Tromethamine is used to prevent acid problems in the blood.
That doesn't sound like a buffer.
That doesn't sound like a saline solution when you think of saline solution.
Now you go through, it says, well it's not for newborns, that's one thing it says, but this is interesting.
Some people may have very bad and sometimes deadly side effects when taking a drug.
So there it is right there and then it lists the different side effects that can happen.
But this is what caught my eye more than anything.
Medicine may cause tissue damage if drug links from the vein.
Now why is that interesting?
And this is from my understanding of when nurses give these shots.
They're supposed to give them into the muscle, not into the vein, because if it gets in the vein, that's why you're having problems with these blood clots and other heart problems and other blood disorders that people are going through.
So, and this says here, there's a problem if it leaks from the vein.
It's supposed to be given intravenously.
So they're mixing drugs that are contraindicated.
And you can look at what the side effects are here.
You know, allergic reaction, rash, hive, blistered, peeling skin, trouble breathing, hoarseness, swelling, low blood sugar, shortness of breath, fever.
But then, there's another little, you can go to more detail.
Oh, and it has other ones.
Cardiovascular, chemical phlebitis, venous spasms, cardiovascular.
They say they're not frequently reported, but here they are.
Excavation tissue damage.
And again, Rob, I want to continue with this, but here's the big issue.
They're putting another drug with another drug and then burying it in a document.
And nobody's talking about it.
Yeah, yeah.
That's the big thing.
Nobody's talking about this.
It's not, you have to go search through the 14 pages.
But it shows they blew up, like Fauci said in 2019, we're going to blow the whole system up, do whatever we want.
That's true.
It's just mad scientists doing whatever they want.
And all they have to do is get a pandemic together and then that gives them the excuse to do whatever they want and just change the rules.
And now they're putting very dangerous blood thinner in children.
I don't know.
This comes out right at the end of October.
Here we are, 10-11 days later, and almost no coverage of this.
Even Alex Jones didn't know about it.
Showing how incredible the censorship level is.
It is.
And this is what's scary.
So this came out today, or actually a few days ago.
Majority of parents plan to get kids vaccinated again.
So this is a propaganda piece to get people conditioned to go out and get their kids vaccinated.
So they're saying, oh, it's over 300.
Everybody's doing it.
Yeah, everybody's going to do it.
They've banned the Pfizer shot in a bunch of countries because of blood clots and heart attacks, and Moderna in a bunch of countries.
Three European countries under 30 said don't take it.
France, Sweden, and one other just this week.
But again, they're like, oh, the children love it, it's fine, America!
They're literally attacking America with a bioweapon.
And this sounds like something they got a group of doctors together and go, we're seeing all these blood clots, what do we do?
Let's put a blood thinner or a heart medication into the machine.
They're like, yeah, let's do it!
And exactly, because that's because the average scientist wasn't involved.
They think this is all good, so they're telling you, oh, we'll add a blood thinner, even though this makes the body create the spike protein for up to 15 months, we now know, that's causing this ongoing problem.
So just to open, oh, we'll put a little bit of blood thinner in it.
That'll fix it, which goes away in a day.
And so we're going to see, I think you're going to see a lot of kids go down soon.
I've been searching for... There's already a bunch of deaths in Europe.
There's kids, there's kids being put in the hospital.
We just saw our first NFL player go to the hospital and he was double vaccinated.
But you know, that doesn't... Judas Priest guy takes a shot, heart attack.
Has a heart attack on stage, even wrote about it.
During his guitar solo, he started feeling chest pains.
And you can actually watch the video.
He goes behind the stage at the end.
He doesn't even stay up for the encore.
Look at this, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the smoking guy.
This is the FDA document, Rob.
Let's just... Yeah, let's go through it again.
Because this isn't a debate even about the shot or any of that.
This is the FDA saying, hey, we just added this for children and they buried it in an article and no one's picked it up.
I mean, you talk about fine print.
Devil's in the details, man.
Right there.
Page 14.
Look, there's page 14 right there.
So you can go get it yourself.
Read the document yourself and go to it, right there, Vaccine Formulation.
And so there it makes the change, right there, to the... And you know Facebook and Twitter and Google are going to block this.
Oh yeah, totally.
I mean, they are literally... They're going to say this is vaccine misinformation and you can't put this out.
They are murdering criminals.
They are murdering criminals.
They are murdering criminals.
The head of Pfizer says he wants everyone arrested who criticizes him.
And here is the smoking gun from the FDA's own website.
You know, we don't just believe this on sites.
We went to the FDA website.
Any of you can do this.
This is real.
Yeah, it's truly disgusting.
So you really got to ask yourself, what person in their right mind would inject this into their children when there have been no safety studies of the original vaccine?
And now they've just added this new thing into it.
And they're just like, well, we're going to give this to kids.
And they're calling it a very strong, very toxic, very dangerous anticoagulation drug, which has never been approved in children before.
That's another point.
And that makes sense why I saw the headline separately that this drug two weeks ago was approved for children when it wasn't, but not in the vaccine.
But they had to approve it for children just to do that.
So this is something you would give to somebody singularly without anything else and you give it to them into the vein.
When, from my understanding, they give this vaccine into the muscle tissue so it doesn't travel through the body, but that's what we're seeing.
Yeah, the indication says don't do it, so they're not just adding this illegally.
They're going against the indications on the drug.
And then you're going to see the tissue damage and the other things that happen.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have been transformed into nothing more now than lab rats.
And listen, my wife was at home at dinner with my four-year-old daughter.
I wanted to be home at six o'clock.
I'm up here at eight o'clock at night because ladies and gentlemen, this is a war on humanity.
This is serious.
And the fact that they're censoring things so bad now that it took us 10 days to learn of this is scary as hell.
So please, please, please understand when they're on TV and the FDA board members like, well, they got to give it to the kids to see if it works or not.
That literally, we have animal rights for rats, we have animal rights for cows and pigs and other animals, and I think that's fine, that they're not being treated inhumanely.
We have it for monkeys, for chimpanzees, for apes.
Our children deserve the same amount of protection, at least as a chimpanzee, okay?
We are literally all in a giant, open-air medical laboratory now, and there's so many facets to this, but the bottom line,
Is that they have put a dangerous blood thinner in a vaccine that is contraindicated and they are doing it in plain view and there's no coverage of it.
So I'll be covering this tomorrow at 11 a.m.
with my syndicated radio show.
This is so damn important, ladies and gentlemen, that you research this and you take this video and you share it on your email, your text message, your word of mouth to all the parents you know so they know about this because
Obviously, again, the higher-ups knew this was a blood clotting agent, they knew it.
But then the scientists and the people in the agency were like, whoa, we are having massive heart attacks and problems and myocarditis.
Well, okay, we'll put a blood thinner in it, like put a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound.
And so this is obviously, people are like, oh God, so this admits, this confirms they know about the heart attacks and the myocarditis, the blood clots.
This is not a... I love how they put it in there as a... It's like saying, oh my car takes gasoline so I put salt water in it.
I mean, this isn't what you do for a buffering agent replacing saline in the shot with a large portion of an anti-clotting drug.
What they say is in there is the entire base of the shot.
The ocean in which the other particles swim is a anti-blood clotting agent.
I mean, folks, this is the biggest news yet, and every week or so it gets worse.
It gets crazier.
Schools are closed all over the U.S.
Local news is reporting it because a large portion of teachers became deathly ill when they were made to take booster shots.
Look at this headline.
A large number of our staff had negative reactions to the COVID booster shot.
See, it's the booster.
It gets worse the more they give you.
At a clinic over the weekend, resulting in absences today.
As you may be aware, there is already a substantive teacher staff shortage throughout the state of Michigan, further complicating the availability to cover those absences.
Please note, we notified parents as quickly as we could.
Thank you for your understanding.
School shuts down after large number of staff suffer adverse reactions from COVID booster jab.
Then when I actually went and checked in Michigan, it's a bunch of school districts are saying the same thing on their websites, but no one's picking it up.
It got picked up one place in Michigan, ABC News 12, and they bury it in the article.
That the large portion, a large group got sick, and then other schools got sick.
How huge is that?
This is the takedown of the West, folks.
Only Western countries are being hit by this.
This is depopulation.
All right.
The articles at Band.Video, FreeWorldNews.TV.
It's up to all of you to share this and save the children.
My God, if you don't care about saving yourself,
If a hurricane is smashing into the Gulf Coast, and I make the prediction that it's going to cause flooding, that's not a prediction.
You know it's a hurricane, you know it's got a lot of water it's going to dump, it's going to cause flooding.
So it wasn't a prediction 20 months ago when I said the UN order to lock down the world economy is going to cause a chain reaction that's going to cause supply chain problems for years, that's going to starve tens of millions to death.
I think?
The prices are going up.
We cannot suppress prices anymore.
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