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Air Date: Nov. 9, 2021
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The segment discusses various topics related to the current state of the information war, including criticisms against those blaming the "woke mob" for their issues, the alleged negative effects of vaccines on organs and autoimmune responses, and policies related to vaccine requirements and digital passports. The speaker promotes various products available at InfowarStore.com, including Ultimate Bone Broth Plus, Winter Sun, Ultra 12, Brain Force Plus, RainForce Plus, and urges listeners to do their Christmas shopping early due to supply chain breakdowns. The segment also features an interview with Steve Kirsch who discusses his analysis of VAERS data revealing adverse vaccine events elevated by 10 times or more compared to previous years, emphasizing the need for transparency in vaccine information from authorities like the CDC and FDA.


There's a meme going around.
And I think everybody should share.
I'm gonna have it added to the live show feed of the broadcast today so you can share it.
It's, oh my god, young people are suddenly dying everywhere, the man says while he's reading his laptop.
But he looks up with his coffee in his hand and says, oh wait, that's completely normal according to this fact checker.
Billboards in Europe and the United States confirmed
Saying it's completely normal for children and others to have heart attacks and strokes because they're suddenly exploded.
They had it all pre-programmed and ready.
There's the live show headline for the day.
But I hope everybody will share with everyone they know.
And in that live show headline, we're going to post that meme so you can share it.
Tuesday live, CNN admits COVID vaccines don't work and destroy your immune system.
Then calls for more shots.
Gavin Newsom's wife confirms governor has been in hiding for 12 days after taking the Moderna injection that's now banned in over 150 countries.
As she admits, he's not leaving the house, but won't say why.
Watch and share this vital edition of the most banned broadcast in the world.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
This idea that there's a woke mob and cancel culture that's coming for Aaron Rodgers, I think he's paranoid.
Aaron Rodgers thinks he's smarter than everybody else, alright?
He's the smartest guy in the room.
Aaron Rodgers always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room!
He does.
And rules don't apply to him.
It's him thinking he knows more than all of us and that the rules don't apply to him.
Rodgers is now blaming the quote, woke mob for how he's being treated.
Perhaps creating a new definition for the term cheesehead.
It's my body and my COVID, you know?
I can give it to whoever I want.
But suddenly the woke mob is coming after me.
Aaron Rodgers is a liar.
Are you vaccinated and what's your stance on vaccinations?
Yeah, I've been immunized.
Yeah, you see, did you notice the air quotes?
That's how you know.
He lied through his teeth, with a smirk on his face.
Aaron Rodgers showing up, cavalier with his head around, you know, talking all slow and smug.
He was smug with his attitude.
Unfortunately, we've got players that pretty much think only about themselves, and I'm extremely disappointed in the actions of Aaron Rodgers.
Bravo, Terry Bradshaw, for what you said and everyone else who's got half a brain in this country.
But this f***ing guy, they should throw him out of the league so fast.
I think we're seeing a very different side of Aaron Rodgers.
I think we're seeing a side of Aaron Rodgers that people are really, really disgusted by.
Let me just say that the guy is in a huddle six days a week, breathing on people.
And directly exposing his teammates to COVID.
I took all my teammates into a huddle, got all their faces three inches away from my wet mouth.
And told him, trust me, let me breathe on you.
You know, he says, I did my own research.
It's almost like he's implying that people who got vaccinated didn't.
Rogers also said he had done his own homework, like consulting with podcast host Joe Rogan.
What you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting COVID-19.
You got COVID-19.
Ivermectin is a cattle dewormer.
Sorry, folks.
That's what it is.
It's literal horse pills.
That's a horse dewormer.
A deworming product for cows and horses.
Sorry folks, that's what it is.
We take inflation very seriously.
Economists call all these things transitory effects.
These one-time increases in prices are likely to have only transitory effects on inflation.
There will be transitory impacts as it relates to inflation.
I believe it's transitory.
In the end, it will be transitory.
People fully expect this inflation to be temporary.
No serious economists.
The president's Build Back Better agenda as a whole will ease some of that inflationary pressure.
The bipartisan infrastructure deal and Build Back Better agenda could likely ease inflationary pressures.
It will ease longer-term inflationary pressures.
We're going to ease inflationary pressures.
I don't think that these investments will drive up inflation at all.
Build Back Better will not increase inflation.
The overall Build Back Better vision is designed to reduce inflationary pressures.
Since it is paid for, it would not increase inflation.
Monthly rates of inflation have already fallen substantially.
If we pass the other two things I'm trying to get done, we will, in fact, reduce inflation.
Reduce inflation.
Reduce inflation.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, November 9th, 2021.
And if you are a radio listener, you'll be able to hear me read you this headline.
But if you're a TV viewer, you just saw the headline front and center.
CNN says people are taking three shots and have, quote, no antibodies for COVID-19 and are catching COVID-19.
Their answer?
More shots.
That's like saying, if you cut one of your fingers off with a meat cleaver, the way to fix it is to cut off three more.
Or maybe slit your throat.
Or maybe hang yourself.
Or shoot yourself.
Or drink cyanide.
Why not put the baby in the microwave?
That'll help him.
Oh, your baby's got a stomachache?
Put him in a wood chipper.
Think of the level of the war on logic and reality happening, where they say, oh, a big problem in California.
Women are having babies together.
You think, well, that's insanity.
That's the plan.
Three shots and one booster later.
Three shots and one booster later.
This man has little protection against COVID-19.
Don't worry, Pfizer and Moderna now have a pill.
But you're both based on ivermectin.
Isn't that interesting?
But of course now they're just going to release some new deadly virus to begin depopulating.
Gates has told us it's just around the corner.
Think about how crazy everything has gotten.
Here we are in the year 2021.
It's almost over.
And we're sitting here watching the corporate controlled news tell us that you will take these shots to fly on a plane, to have a job.
They want five-year-olds and up to take it.
And then you learn that the so-called vaccine doesn't give you antibodies.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy that turns off your killer white blood cells, the ones that protect your body.
And I've got all the major studies and the literature and the scientists.
It's an admitted fact that it doesn't protect you and gives you all sorts of serious disorders.
And now,
Coming up next hour, we have the investigative journalist on, very respected, also a scientist, major inventor, who has sources confirming to him that Newsom is partially paralyzed with Guillain-Barré.
And that is why he has not been seen now in 12 days and counting, he took the Moderna shot 14 days ago.
As his quote booster for his J&J.
No studies, no science behind it.
Now we know the science.
It's a death sentence if you keep taking the quote boosters.
Because it grows the prion crystals, the spike protein in your body.
And one person might die right away from one shot, other person might be able to take five.
But it starts establishing protein colonies in the body.
Spongiform encephalopathy.
It's mainline science.
Think about that.
So here's some of the headlines today.
And this story is such a murder of logic.
It's just like all the pieces out of Canada and the U.S.
and Europe and Australia and New Zealand.
We don't know why the hospitals are full with double jab people.
We don't know why they've got such horrible allergies and diseases.
And most of them have their lungs filled and can't breathe and die.
They have an autoimmune response.
They say it's like the Spanish flu of 1913, but it's not COVID.
It's called a super cold.
Well, they know the Spanish flu was because they got one flu that was very similar, and then they got another one, a new mutation right away, that caused an autoimmune response, like a bee sting.
Again, I used to laugh at people that were scared of bees, they had allergies.
I've been stung many times.
Finally got the allergy when I was about 18.
I've been stung twice since then.
Can't breathe, start swelling up, gotta take a bunch of medication or I could die.
Same thing here, it's very simple.
Having a very serious autoimmune response.
There's a bunch of different types.
One of them is when your body just flat out attacks itself, basically rejects itself.
It's like when you reject a new organ, but it actually attacks your body itself, ADE.
And they put an electron microscope video up.
If you're a radio listener, watch this archive later, you can see it, but put it back on screen.
That's an electron microscope of a killer
White blood cell coming over to cancer, and it recognizes that this is not a regular cell in the body, this is a mutant, and it eats it.
And when they stop eating the cancer, you get cancer.
You know children get cancer every day.
Adults get cancer, when you get older, every few hours.
They got studies.
And if you don't have your white blood cells,
Doing their job or they get screwed up because there's so much they're being bombarded with.
They just give up.
Then you get cancer.
And that's what all the experts are saying is that these injections, the number one thing they do is attack the ovaries in children and adult women.
They attack the testicles and concentrate there the prions, the protein crystals, spike protein.
And they attack the lungs, the heart, the cardiovascular.
And they just start growing inside of your body and then
It basically causes cancer and your killer T's turn off.
They don't die.
They just stop fighting and you get cancer and it starts replicating and you die.
And now we've got top scientists that own major biopsy labs in England, in Germany, in France, and the U.S.
have all come out and said the same thing, that they've seen over a 20-fold increase in cancer biopsy positives in the last year plus.
I'm going to say that again.
Just type it in.
It'll come up.
It's on Twitter.
It's everywhere.
Scientists at their labs.
Who they are.
They go, yeah, we're seeing a 20-fold plus increase.
The main coroner association of Germany, the pathology union, the head of it came out, what, six months ago and said, we're seeing a massive increase in cancers and a doubling in cancer deaths connected to the shots.
That's just the pathology head of the union.
So here we are.
So I'm going to say it again.
They have injected the general public with a carcinogen.
With a system that programs your body not to kill cancer.
And what do the Georgia Guidestones say?
That they're going to kill 80% of the world population down to 500 million?
And that you should not be a cancer upon the earth?
And they decided that they got to make room for them.
Three shots and one booster later, this man has little protection against COVID-19.
Biden White House tells businesses to follow vaccine mandate despite court blocking it.
CNN has grave constitutional issues.
French health authority advises against Moderna COVID vaccine for under 30s.
Oh, really?
And the same national EU board said no one under 16 should take any of them.
And it was
Sweden banned it last week, and a couple other countries in Europe this week, and all total, it's over 150 countries that have banned the Moderna shot.
The Moderna shot's the one that not news about the last 12 days.
And again, I want to be very, very clear about this.
I don't wish harm on anybody.
I don't take glee in how fallen Governor Newsom is, but I hope and pray that God works His miracles here and the Lord works His ways, and that Newsom either be spared but repent and come out and admit the truth.
Or if he needs to die, as an example to others about how deadly these shots are, that would be a blessing to save children in California, as young as five, next it'll be newborns, they're already saying it, who they're trying to, quote, make take it to go to the park or go to the mall or go get a hamburger or go to the doctor or go to school.
I mean, they're giving our children an experimental deadly shot.
And so I hope if it's God's will that Governor Newsom dies.
So that children will be saved.
I mean, I don't want him to die, but I'm saying if he needs to die to reverse this in California before our children die en masse, which already happened in the trials, they suppressed it, then yeah, I mean, he's an adult, he's had a life, he decided to take it.
If it's an example to others, I ask God to strike him down.
God, if it's your will, please make sure Governor Newsom dies so the children get saved.
Please strike him down.
And the councils of government, we should guard
Against the influence, both sought and unsought, of the military-industrial complex.
If you watch the full speech of Eisenhower in his farewell address in 1961, it's 21 minutes long.
He talks about a technocratic, scientific elite that is building an authoritarian system and is taking control of the American
Academic and military ecclesiastical systems.
That was him trying to warn people about the globalist and about their eugenics plan that by then was already firmly rooted and that he'd been briefed on.
And since then, you know, the rest is history.
They killed the next president.
Because he tried to actually be the president and because this scientific group of mad scientists wanted full control.
And everything you see now is the launch of the transhumanist medical tyranny takeover of the human condition and everything we are.
Everything flows out of this and it's all about isolating you, making you alone.
Controlling the means of production so that you're dependent, so you will then sign on to their agenda.
And for most people, that means being sterilized, and then being slowly euthanized, or agreeing to be euthanized immediately.
Killing yourself.
For others, it means bowing to them and being their servants, and turning your will over to them.
This is a living death.
A form of neo-slavery.
Truly an abomination.
So watching him flip out about Aaron Rodgers and hyperventilate on every channel and say he needs to be arrested, thrown out of the league, all the rest of it, because he doesn't want to take an experimental shot.
It's just insane.
And then when he joked and said, have you been vaccinated?
He goes, yeah, vaccinated in air quotes.
Being sarcastic, meaning it's not really a vaccine.
And saying, I'm taking care of my own immune system.
And of course, he tests positive, probably not even a real positive, never even really feel sick.
Talks to Joe Rogan, takes some ivermectin, takes some iudesedine, takes some zinc, feels great.
But they all line up, the Terry Bradshaw's of the world.
I mean, have you read about Terry Bradshaw, what a loser he is?
It's an empty suit.
It reads off a teleprompter.
He's on a whole bunch of drugs and psychotropics.
I mean, the man's a joke!
He doesn't believe in other Americans' rights not to take the garbage that Big Pharma pushes.
Hey, Terry Bradshaw, you dumb... thug!
They're coming after our children with this experimental crap now.
And their blood's gonna be on your hands!
You bully!
Look at this.
Three shots and one booster later, this man has little protection against COVID.
And now these people are like, oh, we need more shots.
That's the answer.
That's what CNN says.
Biden White House tells businesses to follow vaccine mandate despite court block.
We don't have a vaccine mandate from a president over businesses.
Oh, how about this, Terry Bradshaw, you dumb bastard?
French Health Authority, this is Reuters, advises against Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for under 30s because of heart attacks and massive microcarditis.
Oh, where's Governor Newsom right now?
Oh, he took the Moderna shot two weeks ago and has been gone for 12 days.
We got a source coming on that confirms what my sources are saying.
He's partially paralyzed and has Bell's Palsy.
Guillain-Barré Bell's Palsy, same disease, different names.
Look at that.
Oh, here's another one.
Here's another one right here.
Don't vaccinate kids.
Urgent message from major doctor's group summit.
But you know, Terry Bradshaw doesn't listen to that.
He just listens to the paycheck he gets from the big corporations.
Hey, Terry!
The Pfizer and Moderna shot are banned in hundreds of countries.
Moderna is banned in over 150.
Pfizer's banned in close to 100.
Like China, like India.
You see this?
French Health Authority advises against the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
It's now been banned in a bunch of other countries.
You see that, Terry?
That's your precious Reuters, you dumb, you dumb thug.
Don't vaccinate kids.
Urgent message from Doctors Summit.
Go read it.
Oh, here's one out of major German publication.
Puzzling heart diseases in soccer players in football.
An unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently with heart attacks and deaths.
That's happening in every sport.
And they're reporting in Scotland a doubling in myocarditis in people below the age of 30.
A doubling!
Same numbers are in Europe, same in Canada, same here.
It's just suddenly, there's just massive numbers of people having heart attacks and heart swelling.
And it goes on in a big article, you can go read.
Oh, how about this, Terry?
Update, Governor Newsom's wife defends his absence after taking booster shot, then deletes tweet in panic.
Governor Newsom remains out of public sight to deal with a family obligation, yes.
Dr. Mercola files lawsuit against U.S.
Senator Elizabeth Warren, who as a private citizen wrote letters to Amazon asking for his book to be removed.
It's now sold over a million one hundred thousand copies, when he's a degreed medical doctor, and only showed mainline studies, saying, the book was published six months ago, that this doesn't protect you, the different injections, that they're not vaccines, they're gene therapy, and they erase your immune system.
Which is what the damn studies show, now all vindicated!
Good, I hope
He cleans her clock, that lying witch.
And it goes on and on and on.
We've got the supercut at Mandot Video.
Aaron Rodgers versus the woke mob.
Get it and share it.
We also have some other big developments.
I got a supercut of it.
It's like 20 minutes long.
I won't have time to air the whole thing, but it's posted at Mandot Video and it's powerful.
Rittenhouse trial.
The one survivor that got shot in the arm admits to chasing him down, trying to kill Rittenhouse and all sorts of other stuff under oath.
This absolutely gets destroyed.
All of them do.
These witnesses, it's just incredible, but that's part of the course.
And then the prosecutor, this big leftist, trying to put Rittenhouse in jail for the rest of his life is
Just palms his face when the witness admits everything that Rittenhouse said was true.
And the FBI had the FLIR footage from a plane above and ground footage of Rittenhouse being shot at.
Shot at and chased by men with guns and men beating him over the head with a skateboard and men pointing guns at him.
Prosecutor hangs head in shame as star witness admits he
Only was shot after pointing a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse as he stood over him with the gun.
But you can see the damn gun in the video!
But national media never shows you that.
Rittenhouse showed incredible poise.
And grace, really.
And that's why they're trying to put him in jail, because it's a crime under a socialist globalist system to defend yourself.
By the way, I live in Austin.
Nice areas, poor areas, doesn't matter.
Just 78 shootings at one apartment complex they're reporting this week.
We had a vote to downsize the police.
Actually defunded the police partially here.
They tried to have a vote to refund it.
The police don't even respond now, barely.
And they certainly don't preemptively stop criminals.
I mean, it's dangerous.
That's all part of the plan to collapse society.
Then we'll bring in a super police state after it.
That's all the Planet Klaus Schwab.
We got a lot of news on that.
And Ted Cruz has called out pedophiles.
We'll cover that when we come back on the other side.
Remember, it's up to you to spread the word.
That's how we override the censors.
Alright folks, we are back live.
It is the dreaded Alex Jones Show.
You are right in the middle of it.
Again, this whole Aaron Rodgers thing.
The foaming at the mouth by all these pathetic talking heads in agreement.
In the whole sports world, attacking this guy and saying he's the worst person ever, that's why I stopped watching the National Football League and all the rest of it more than 20 years ago.
Because it's so political, it's so anti-American, it's so anti-family, it's so full of thugs, it's idol worship.
And I don't watch basketball, I don't watch golf, I don't watch hockey, I might sometimes watch the Olympics, but it's full of New World Order propaganda.
And I really like sports, and sports is good for people, but it's been taken over and it's sick.
It's woke.
And that's why it has about half the viewers it had just five years ago, and I'm not the only person that's had this exodus out of it, but watching the unified
Talking heads, demonizing somebody.
They didn't want to put some experimental shot in their body that's banned in most countries.
And then disgusting Howard Stern.
You know they're blackmailing with all the stuff he's done in the past.
Coming out saying, F him, F Aaron Rodgers.
He should be kicked out of the NFL for refusing the injection.
And then I have stacks of news here where the Pfizer and Moderna shot is getting either banned completely
Or major governments are saying, do not give it to people under 30 because it's causing people that have young healthy hearts to have heart attacks and die.
And then again, major German publications like Bild and Der Spiegel are saying, why is there a record heart attacks in sports players?
Does it matter if it's skin divers, or soccer players, or football players, or baseball players, or basketball players?
Record numbers have Michael Carditis, and their doctors tell them, oh, you got this from the vaccine.
Hopefully you'll get better.
And there's news articles I read yesterday where the top skin diver in the world, this happened four months ago, and he's getting worse and worse, and now his heart valve collapsed, and he might die.
And they had to go replace his heart valve.
You remember back, you know, in the early days, early as for me, like back in the 80s and 90s, you would see really healthy basketball players would just collapse and die.
And then you would learn, oh, they'd taken a little bit of cocaine or whatever.
I mean, you can't go out there and take drugs when your heart is operating at such a level.
And you're so primed.
It's like giving a racehorse, you know, drugs, it'll have a heart attack.
And that's what's happening to these people.
Because they're causing blood clots in the body, and the heart just totally freaks out.
It's killing old people as well, but we have the studies, we have the information, and there they are demonizing, demonizing Aaron Rodgers, which will only make the guy a hero.
I mean, I wish more of sports was like Aaron Rodgers, but they're just not the type of people I look up to.
I see sports icons now as just as disgusting as Howard Stern, or
Any of the leftists in Hollywood pushing their forced injection allusions.
And listen, do I think Howard Stern deserves to be fired because he dressed up in blackface and made jokes about Aunt Jemima and drank, you know, malt liquor out of a 40 in 1994?
But he goes along and says de-platform everybody else now for things far less.
And he doesn't get de-platformed because he's protected.
And that's the thing about censorship and this wokeness.
It's not equally applied, because it was never designed to be equally applied.
So let's recap these articles, and I've got new ones I want to hit.
Three shots and one booster later, this man has little protection against COVID and has no antibodies, because it doesn't give you antibodies.
It's a gene therapy.
Their answer?
More shots.
Biden White House tells businesses to follow vaccine mandate despite court block.
And now they've expanded.
They're saying, oh, we'll probably just do it to smaller businesses than 100 employees.
Oh, and we may just do an interstate travel ban if you want to fly on airplanes or get on buses.
So they already make you interstate mask, which is totally unconstitutional.
The federal government saying you want to go between states.
Well, now, oh, yeah, got to have it.
Oh, they're getting rid of the PCR test they now admit was a fraud.
It was a fraud all along.
They have a new globally approved system that costs $200 on average and it's owned by Bill Gates and George Soros.
I'm not kidding.
They got the test.
They got it ready.
They got it approved by the UN and now you're going to pay to use it and pay George Soros and Bill Gates money to travel and live.
That's real slavery.
That's real control.
Here they are talking about
Interstate travel controls using the vaccine passport.
The U.S.
is now accepting fully vaccinated travelers from countries that were previously restricted during the pandemic.
Given how rapidly the Delta variant spread here within the United States over the summer, why are there still no vaccine or testing requirements for domestic travel?
So, you know, we say this all the time.
Everything's on the table.
We just don't have any announcement to preview right now on this.
So I don't have anything more to share on the domestic travel.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
You know, as good as DeSantis is on the surface, Florida has legislation moving forward to make you have a digital passport, digital ID on your phone.
Which will then have proof of inoculation.
But who's even worse?
I've got it here on the stack.
Utah has put out the press release and says, oh, we're the most advanced in the U.S.
It's U.N.
approved social credit score through your driver's license that will also be a vaccine passport.
Just like that.
Now there's the Washington Post.
Your driver's license could soon live on your phone.
Here's what you need to know.
Oh, there'll be lots of requirements.
Oh, and it gets worse.
Big article up on Infowars.com.
Remember what we kept warning you about?
I'm going to cover it next segment.
It ties into carbon taxes.
What did the BlackRock group say?
And what did the UN say?
What did the Davos group say last month?
They said, the whole new future of tech will be devices that surveil
For carbon-ish and that surveil COVID.
Cameras and sensors in cars, in phones, in your house.
You know, the Alexa-type systems that you have to have by law for the devices to even work.
And here it is.
They want $150 trillion in taxpayer money.
That's officially announced by the Federal Reserve to fund the New World Order.
That's more than the whole GDP every year.
Look at this.
Infrastructure bill to require breathalyzer style systems in all cars by 2026.
And it's now past the House.
And now it's already past the Senate.
Biden is implementing it.
Remember, I warned you about that a few months ago.
Buried in there is cameras and sensors that, of course, is not going to just end with alcohol.
It's watching you.
It's tracking you.
It'll claim you have COVID or it'll claim it's a PCR test system.
It's a fraud.
It's Theranos.
There's going to be a Theranos fraud detector.
It's fraudulent.
It doesn't detect fraud.
In there scanning you to then report back something's wrong with you so the technocracy can come grab you.
That's all this is.
More surveillance and less privacy with a new normal after the coronavirus pandemic.
And here it is.
Infrastructure bill.
Require breathalyzer-style systems in all cars within four years.
It's time to say no.
And now, it's not just some article on The Intercept three months ago.
It's not just some Alex Jones Show.
It's now the law!
And 16 Republicans voted to go along with it.
And that's exactly what big tech wanted.
They wanted a law to protect them.
It was even the automobile industry that lobbied for this.
Where by law, they've all got to do it.
And guess what?
Europe's passed laws, and Japan's passed laws, and China's passed laws.
It's all globally standardized going in.
To the cars, and into the phones, and into everything.
Where you can't get away from it, you can't escape it.
You've got to have your social credit score, the Alexa, or the Google system in your house, watching and listening to you.
And Al Gore says, this will call the Green Police on you.
It will find the culprits of climate crime and will come.
And what is the crime?
All carbon!
What you're based on, what you live off of.
New form of feudalism.
All right, I'll get to that Ted Cruz news I told you I'd hit, and more, so much more.
I'm just getting started.
I've got a huge guest coming on in the second hour.
Please tell everybody you know, tune in now.
That's how we win.
That's how we defeat these tyrants.
There's a meme going around that I think everybody should share.
I'm going to have it added to the live show feed of the broadcast today so you can share it.
It's, oh my god, young people are suddenly dying everywhere, the man says while he's reading his laptop.
But he looks up with his coffee in his hand and says, oh wait, that's completely normal according to this fact checker.
Billboards in Europe and the United States confirmed
Saying it's completely normal for children and others to have heart attacks and strokes because they're suddenly exploded.
They had it all pre-programmed and ready.
There's the live show headline for the day that I hope everybody will share with everyone they know.
And in that live show headline, we're going to post that meme so you can share it.
Tuesday live, CNN admits COVID vaccines don't work and destroy your immune system, then calls for more shots.
Gavin Newsom's wife confirms governor has been in hiding for 12 days after taking the Moderna injection that's now banned in over 150 countries.
As she admits, he's not leaving the house, but won't say why.
Watch and share this vital edition of the most banned broadcast in the world.
If the tyrants fear it, it must be the antidote.
Yes, it is.
And again, here's a major German newspaper
Puzzling heart disease in soccer players explodes.
An unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.
Many of them dying.
Isn't that nice?
Very, very serious.
This is what, this is build.
Let me hit this because I mentioned it's just interesting because it's what these people deserve to be called out.
The Lincoln Project is a Democratic Party globalist organization of total disinformation that got caught dressing up as white nationalists, posing as the last group that dressed up as white nationalists in Charlottesville four years ago.
They were criticizing Ted Cruz saying that the vaccine shouldn't be mandatory for 5 and ups, and their answers, the videos right here on MSNBC, was to talk about Ted Cruz's daughters and say that he's a bad father.
And Ted Cruz responded, the pedophiles of the Lincoln Project need to stop talking about my children.
Think about that.
Over and over and over again, it's the same thing.
And now more countries are saying, do not give the Moderna shot to people under 30.
Because it's really deadly.
I mean, it's the same thing as the Pfizer.
It's just three times stronger.
Coming up next hour, he's going to be on with us.
He's really one of the leading journalists out there.
He's also a big software engineer and inventor of the optic mouse.
Steve Kirsch.
He's going to be joining us, and boy does he have a lot of points he wants to get to.
You can tell a guest is ready and loaded for bear.
They send you a big list of things he wants to get into, and I want to get into all of it with him.
So look for that coming up.
But he's got the article out there first reporting that his sources say it's Guillain-Barré or Bell's Palsy.
They can be diagnosed with both names, but the same thing.
Part of the body's being
Paralyzed, usually bell palsies in the face, the ombres in the extremities, but both can be interchangeable.
Gavin Newsom is out of sight, likely because he has Bell's palsy from his booster shot.
He will be joining us coming up here in just a few minutes.
I've got the big carbon tax news, the global government news, and it ties into university studies that close to 40% of students identify as LGBTQ.
Also, 76% of students saying that they are African-American and getting let into college are Caucasian or Asian.
And the school says, we don't care if you're Asian or white.
Biologically, you're allowed to identify as black.
And then actual black people don't get let into the school with the quota.
This is just sickness on top of sickness on top of evil.
And it's meant to destroy society.
That's the plan, as Klaus Schwab said.
But I just go off the actual globalist battle plans that are actually what they're doing.
I mean, don't listen to me.
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We're now into hour number two.
I'm extremely excited that Steve Kirsch is joining us.
He is a philanthropist and executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, also the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
I'll go over his whole bio.
When he joins us, trained again at MIT, we're going to go over all, start of the next segment, and he's got a huge list of groundbreaking, bombshell, life-saving information.
He's also got info on Governor Newsom from his sources.
He's out in Silicon Valley and has a lot of contacts.
That's all coming up.
The interview with Dr. Zelenko yesterday was extremely powerful.
The interview with Dr. McCullough was extremely powerful on Friday.
Both those are at Man.Video and need to be shared desperately bad.
I know our audience is awake.
I know a lot of us, you know, think we basically know all the information, but there's constant new information coming out and the system just wants to overwhelm us psychologically and just hopes that we all go away.
Hopes that we basically submit to them and just let them normalize living underneath this medical tyranny that they are establishing and that they're setting up in this country.
And so that interview
When Dr. Zelenko is posted on InfoWars.com as well.
In fact, there was the title right there.
Powerful interview.
COVID jabs are...
Premeditated first-degree murder, says Dr. Zelenko, who by the way has terminal cancer and said some really powerful things about the nature of reality and consciousness on the broadcast yesterday.
So I'm very excited about getting Stephen Kirsch on.
He's one of the leading people out there organizing the informed, educated resistance to what's going on.
But some stations join us at the start of the second segment, so I don't want to go to him quite yet, but I do see that we have him now.
So we're going to go to break here in just a moment and come back with him.
But first, I wanted to air a short video of the last time Dr. Zelenko was on with us.
And the title of that video was, It Stops When You Say No.
Here is that report, also posted at Bandai Video.
Listen, we need generals.
We need people with platforms like Joe Rogan and other people like that who are free-thinking spirits, but don't buy into the false narrative.
They're able to kind of dig out the truth themselves, and they have to trust the people.
So this is the key here.
This is a narrative war.
The enemies of humanity have control over the social media.
They have a head start, social media and mainstream media.
But we can catch up.
And a little truth, a little light dispenses a lot of darkness.
So I plead on people like Joe and Rogan and other people with platforms to wake up, join together as an army of truth speakers and say no to these animals and these despots
We're good to go.
The whole, the government was telling us to send them home.
The government is still telling us.
The NIH, as of today, tells you don't treat COVID, go home, then go to the hospital, and if the oxygen is less than 92, then you should be treated.
That's a policy of a government that wants you to die.
Any policy that obstructs early pre-hospital treatment is a policy of death.
And I'm sorry to say this, but I have to be realistic and I have to protect humanity.
I feel I have to let the world know
By a few sociopathic corrupt oligarchs and corrupt governments and false promises.
And we need to stop listening to these people saying no!
I'm not going to let you kill me and my family and the people I love.
And come to my house and try to put a shot into my arm.
Let's see what happens to you.
We'll get a different
Look at that!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, we had Dr. McCullough in studio with us last Friday and he knocked it out of the park.
A true leader.
And he said, listen, who I respect the most, who really is on the ball like no other, is Steve Kirsch.
I said, absolutely.
I've been trying to get him on.
I guess I wasn't asking the right way.
So he got us his contact info and he's here and we're very, very thankful because he's really been organizing the top minds out there.
And has been fighting this incredible rollout of tyranny that we've been witnessing.
So I'm going to read his bio here.
Steve Kirsch is a philanthropist and executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund and also the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
He is the inventor of the optical mouse and one of the first internet search engines, InfoSeek.
He has founded seven high-tech companies, two with billion-dollar market caps.
Steve is currently focused on safe and effective ways in the pandemic.
He received his B.S., M.S.
in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science from MIT in 1980.
Steve has been featured in 60 Minutes for his work on funding Flammoxamine, the first repurposed drugs to be shown in Phase III clinical trials to significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID.
And he's at stevekirsch.substack.com, twitter at stkirsch, and at gab at stkirsch as well.
So I'm going to try to give him the floor, the balance of the hour, because he's got quite the agenda to go over, and I hope we can get to every one of these key points, because I know
He's a scientist, so what you get from him is the real facts, the real research.
Thank you so much for what you've done for humanity and for my family and for my children personally, sir.
Thank you.
And I know you've also up front got some news on Gavin Newsom, the 12th day he's missing.
So thank you for joining us.
I'm not quite sure where to start.
Should we start with Gavin and then we'll dive into the details?
Yes, sir.
Let's do that.
All right, so Gavin's been out of sight for close to two weeks.
The rumors are that he has facial paralysis and so basically half of his face is paralyzed.
But typically that'll only last for a couple of days and then it resolves.
And so after two weeks he can look completely normal.
So he can go back and he's got a conference that he's supposed to be on at 11.45, which is in a couple hours from now.
And so he could actually appear totally normal now, and he could just come up with some excuse to say, well, you know, I was out of commission for some reason.
But, you know, when you look at all of what's happened in terms of, you did your investigations, I did my investigations, and they were all consistent with someone who was vaccine injured, and apparently
From the looks of it, it's Bell's palsy, because Bell's palsy tends to resolve fairly quickly.
It's pretty common after a Moderna shot to have this, and then have it resolve quickly.
It comes on within hours after getting the shot, and it would typically resolve within a couple of days.
And so, he may be able to escape this, but I think he's not being honest if he's not telling people exactly what happened to him.
And for those that don't know, I mean, Moderna in several European countries just this week, they said the governments did.
What, in Sweden and in France and others do not take it under the age of 30 because of a lot of problems happening there.
And so they're admitting it's tied to myocarditis, but also, as you said, Bell's palsy.
Yeah, and well, you know, in fact I released today on my sub stack, which you talked about earlier, I released an article.
It was an analysis done by Albert Fenevides, and Albert's also known as WelcomeTheEagle88 on Twitter, and he's been posting since January about the problems with VERAs, and I asked him to do an analysis for me where he would look at all, he would run every single symptom.
In the VAERS database and then look for an elevated, you know, which symptoms were elevated and he found over 5,000 symptoms that are elevated with this vaccine versus all of the previous vaccines over the last five years from 2015 to 2019 because we want to get it before COVID.
And so when you look at the elevation from baseline of 10x or more, we're looking at 5,000 adverse events that are reported.
And the most serious ones, the ones at the top of the list, elevated by close to 10,000 times, these were all menstrual cycle related.
And so, this is really troubling because this is what we had predicted.
I was on a Dark Horts podcast with Dr. Robert Malone and Brett Weinstein.
And we said back then that, you know, the biodistribution data shows that this thing really targets the ovaries.
Thank you.
In the numbers.
So we're seeing at the very top, it was stunning, is menstrual issues, menstrual issues, menstrual issues, menstrual issues, menstrual issues.
I mean, it is really unbelievable.
And for the CDC to ignore all of this stuff is just mind-boggling because it's basically very serious neurological events, very serious cardiovascular events.
And of course, interference with the male and female reproductive system.
So, you know, this is something that everybody should take a look at this analysis.
Please continue, because I've got a lot of questions, but the list you sent is all extremely important.
Sure, you know, like cardiac arrest is, you know, is very high on the list and so this can basically cause people to drop dead just, you know, instantly with no warning at all.
And, you know, we've seen this on the, we've seen players on the soccer fields, for example, and, you know, plain sight.
There was a study done and they looked at, they found that
In the last four months, we've had more on-field incidents than in the last 20 years.
And so that's an elevated risk of, you know, 60 times.
So, you know, you can, a lot of people will look at VAERS and say, oh, well, that's overreported.
Well, no, when you're on the soccer field, that's not overreported.
It's in everybody's plain sight.
And we're seeing, there's a neurologist I know, she has 20,000 patients.
She's got 2000 cases that she needs to report to VAERS this year.
And in the past, she's been in practice for 11 years.
In 11 years, she's never had to report a single case.
And this year, it's 2,000 cases.
So 10% of her client base needs to be reported to VAERS this year, whereas zero in all 11 years combined.
You cannot explain that and just say, oh, well, that's just over-reported.
No, that's
This vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in human history.
It's 800 times more deadly.
Then the previous record holder and the previous record holder was a smallpox vaccine which would kill one person per million vaccinated.
This kills over 800 people per million vaccinated and so it ends up being over 150,000 deaths and we have eight different ways that we go and look at that to show that there are over 150,000 people that have actually been killed
By this vaccine, and I offered a million dollar reward for one of the analysis, one of the eight analysis.
It was done by Matthew Crawford, who's a brilliant statistician.
And he did it on 35% of the world's population, so it's hardly cherry picking.
He had a criteria for what he included and what he excluded.
And it's not like you're some bum, you're a very successful and wealthy inventor and scientist and you're offering a million bucks and no one's been able to take it or take the challenge because what you're saying is true and that's what's crazy.
Is there now admitting these shots don't really give you immunity?
They're admitting it erases immunity.
They're admitting it's connected to all these illnesses and death.
And they just are now going after our children.
I mean, this just sounds like the establishment has a death wish.
Well, I don't think it's a death wish.
I think they're pretty clueless and I think the CDC has done a good job of keeping people in the dark because the CDC has said nobody has died from these vaccines and that's just patently untrue.
There's absolutely no way.
I would bet a hundred million dollars on that one, you know, if they really think it's untrue.
But nobody in the world will take my bet.
I mean, I even upped the
The number two, if you think less than 500 people are killed by, were killed by these vaccines in America, I will bet you easily $10 million, whatever, to, you know, let's have a bet.
But look, nobody really thinks that's true because nobody's taking my bet.
You know, you can raise money from friends, whatever.
I'll do it for a million dollars.
Steve Kersh, stay there.
You've got so many important things to get to, but this is an incredible time to be alive.
And I want to try to get to the bottom of this.
On the other side, is this on purpose or is this really the establishment being this stupid?
All right, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Let's go right to our special guest, Steve Kirsch, who is a real successful scientist and researcher and one of the leading lights out there exposing this disaster, this global medical disaster that we see with this mRNA revolution that Fauci and others have talked about.
Mr. Kirsch, I want to go through all these great points you've got to make here.
There's so much to get to, but you were saying that they're idiots, they don't know what they're doing.
I mean, I'm sure there are a lot of folks that are believing this is good and are ignoring the facts of the science and just moving forward.
But big tech is suppressing the illnesses and the problems.
There's major censorship by big pharma.
And I know that they did studies on mRNA systems before, and it did have some of these similar problems.
And so, are you saying they're just idiots from the top down, or are you saying that there's certain compartmentalized groups that don't know what's going on?
Because I believe, like Dr. Zelenko and others do, this is a global, foresty population plan.
What do you really think's at the root of it?
I mean, I know we're in an area of some speculation here, but I mean, now this stuff's out in the open.
If they didn't know before, they certainly know now.
Yeah, I think it's wishful thinking.
People want to believe, like Tony Fauci has said, the vaccine is the only way out of this pandemic.
There is no other solution.
Early treatment doesn't work.
It's vaccine or die.
So you're saying it's magical thinking?
Yeah, I mean, people want to believe that Tony Fauci is right and they want to make sure that the vaccine works.
So everybody's looking the other way, right?
They're either looking the other way or they're forced to look the other way because their livelihood is threatened.
It's very much this wishful thinking that's going on.
So when the CDC basically says, no one's died, there are no side effects, it's safe and effective, people aren't double checking it.
You know, I talk to doctors and I say, well, you should look at the VAERS data, you should look at actually the data.
And even looking at the Pfizer trial, the six month trial showed that for every 22,000 people we inject,
We're only going to save one COVID life.
That means you inject 220 million people.
You're only going to save 10,000 lives.
And that's from Pfizer's own data.
But nobody's looking at that data because that part wasn't in the abstract.
So people aren't really looking for trouble here.
They're just saying, let's believe the CDC.
Let's presume they're telling the truth.
The CDC hasn't found any causal relationships here.
And so we should just say that it's safe and effective.
And we're going to turn a blind eye because this is the only way out.
And even if we killed 100
I mean, the Pfizer trial shows that we're going to save like 10,000 people so far, but we've already killed over 150,000.
So we've already killed 15 Americans for every one that we might save.
And that's really, really tragic.
You know, and people are saying, you know, I talked to my friends and they say, well, look at the people we're saving.
Look at the, you know, hospitalization rates are down.
Well, you know, first of all, we don't have really good ways to track that.
The hospitals have terrible ways of tracking vaccination status.
And so they never reveal their data sources on that.
And we think far fewer than
700,000 people have died from COVID.
It might be on the order of 100,000 or so.
But we don't really know the true number because the stats are corrupted because people who die with COVID instead of from COVID.
Exactly, I mean, they don't even deny the fact that of the 800,000 they claim died or whatever, that almost all of them died of a comorbidity or something completely different.
What about the fact, though, that in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, the UK and the US, where we take Pfizer and Moderna shots, they're reporting mystery illnesses in hospitals filled to record capacity with super colds that sounds, according to doctors I've interviewed, a lot like ADE, also a lot of mycocarditis and things like that.
Yeah, so we haven't really seen evidence of classical ADE.
What we do see evidence of is vaccine-enhanced replication and infectivity.
And so that's different from classical ADE, but it's on the same sort of thing.
Please tell us what it is, Steve.
Yeah, so what happens is that the vaccine will suppress your immune system, and so it's going to make you more likely to get COVID, and that suppression can last for weeks or can last for months or can last for the rest of your life.
You know, we don't have really good statistics on that, but
You know, in the UK, the numbers are that if you're age 40, for example, that after several months, I think it's like six months, vaccine efficacy goes negative to like 104%, which means that you're twice as likely to get COVID if you've been vaccinated.
And that's like the opposite of the story.
So is more shots.
So it gives you a negative immunity compared to what, and they're saying the answer's more.
And that's, you know, look, vaccination, using a non-sterilizing vaccine in the middle of a pandemic is the, absolutely the wrong strategy to take.
And Gert van den Bosch has been correct on this at the, from the very beginning, he's predicted exactly what's happening and nobody's listening to him.
And he's saying like, like injecting our children with this.
Risk-benefit analysis, when you do it on the 5 to 11-year-olds, is we're going to kill 117 kids for every kid that we might save from COVID.
And it's crazy, but, you know, the panels aren't even showing the number needed to vaccinate, right?
It's 1.6 million.
You have to vaccinate 1.6 million kids in order to save one life, theoretically.
But when you're looking at killing 10 or 20 in that age range per million per vaccinated child, you're talking about hundreds of deaths that are completely needless.
And that's just counting deaths.
I mean, we're not talking at all about disabilities.
You know the story of Manny DeGaray.
She was one of the
A thousand kids or 1,100 kids in the Pfizer 12 to 15 trial.
After her second dose, less than 24 hours later, she became paralyzed.
She couldn't walk off the bus.
Now it appears she's permanently paralyzed.
She has to eat through a feeding tube.
She can't walk on her own.
She can't feel below her waist.
I mean, and you know what?
The FDA promised to investigate.
You know what they did?
They didn't investigate at all.
They didn't even call her.
The FDA didn't call her.
The CDC didn't call her.
Pfizer didn't call her.
And it's just tragic.
What about the revolving door, too, of the Pfizer executives being on the board of the FDA and the CDC?
I mean, I think that should be illegal.
Yeah, there's a lot of conflict of interest here.
And I talked to, I was curious as to why this happens and none of the people on the panel will talk to me directly.
So I talked to a friend of one of the panel members, I won't say whether it's the FDA panel or the CDC panel, but what he said is that this panel member voted in favor of the 5 to 11 vaccine because he thought that kids
Who had comorbidities would benefit from the lower, the one-third dose.
And I pointed out that, well that makes no sense because his doctor could prescribe it off-label at one-third the dose and he would have access to it.
And so the rationale doesn't even make any sense.
Hold on, explain this when we come back.
This is important.
We'll be right back with our special guest.
Well, I don't want to be under Big Pharma's thumb.
I don't want to be under Wall Street's thumb and then be my new doctor.
Even though they had the best things in sliced bread, they shouldn't be trying to make me take it.
But all the bullying of Aaron Rodgers and others because he doesn't want to take this experimental thing really is dangerous.
Look at some of these headlines that just came out.
People who spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines are criminals, says Pfizer CEO who actually pays big tech to censor people telling the truth.
Wow, very, very dangerous when these corporate guys become our bosses.
And England's about to pass a law to arrest people that he says are putting out this info.
No matter how many times Fauci changes the story or the UN, you're supposed to just repeat what they say and go along with it.
Here's some other headlines.
Flight attendant sues airline over vaccine mandate after experiencing severe side effects.
That's on InfoWars.com.
And this just broke.
Not even stories out yet.
30 plus Navy SEALs filed federal lawsuit against Biden administration for denying religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate.
That's out of Fort Worth, Texas.
And again, CNN reporting that you get four shots and you don't have any immunity.
Wow, so it's even out in the open.
And Stephen Kirsch was explaining, and I wanted to go back to that, for people that just joined us, it's so huge.
It's admitted now, but it's hiding in plain view.
That when you've taken multiple of these injections after six months, you have a negative increase in immunity.
It's not like, oh, it's 35% or it's 20% or it's 3% like Johnson & Johnson.
They said in Associated Press last week.
Now it's negative.
You lose immunity compared to what you had before, which is exactly what I've seen some of these executives brag about on TV about.
They will need more of the shots.
That's why shareholders are so happy.
We erase their immune system and they've got to have this for life.
So this is pretty damn scary, Steve.
And then you were explaining, talking to one of these FDA or talking to someone who talked to an FDA board member, and they were saying, oh, it helps children with comorbidities.
Please continue.
But is there even science there?
All I know is that Dr. Rubin
What's his name?
Dr. Eric Rubin, what, about two weeks ago on the FDA panel said, we've got to just give it to kids to quote, see if it works.
So, so that's it.
That's what I mean.
You say, well, they won't talk to anybody.
Well, he said in the FDA meeting that, so please elaborate.
So, uh, what, what I heard from my friend who talked directly to this panel member is that the reason he voted in favor is because if you vote against it, they'll remove you from the committee and he wanted to have influence.
So he voted for it.
Um, and so, you know, you look at what happened to Martin Kulldorff.
He had been on these advisory committees for decades and they pulled him off.
And it was signed by Rochelle Walensky to remove him from the committee.
And the reason is not because he was giving out bad scientific advice.
He was giving out very good scientific advice, but it was just going against the narrative.
So he was removed from the panel.
And so this is why these guys, they look at being on the panel as being something that they can put on their resume.
And so they don't want to vote against the narrative here because it's not going to look as good on their resume.
And so they're basically playing along with it and making up mental excuses for
For voting in favor of it, when they should be voting against it.
And, you know, when we look at the cost-benefit analysis, which they didn't do, right?
They never calculated a number needed to vaccinate.
Nobody knows what that number is.
It's, you know, we calculated how it's 1.6 million kids.
I mean, that's preposterous.
That is the largest number that we've ever heard of in terms of the number that you need to vaccinate to save one life.
And what's more troubling, though, is the cost-benefit that we're going to kill 117 kids to save one life.
And you get to that cost-benefit when you do this thing called calculating the under-reporting factor, or the URF.
And the CDC has refused to do that.
And I've asked them multiple times.
I have embarrassed Dr. John Su on my sub-stack.
And I have an article on my sub-stack that eviscerates John Su.
And I sent him an email and I left him a voicemail.
I said, John, you know, I'm about to eviscerate you on Substack and here's the article.
Do you want to respond to it before I run the article?
And he did not reply.
I gave him an opportunity afterwards as well.
He did not reply.
A former New York Times reporter put an inquiry into the FDA to try to get this underreporting factor.
It's just a number and they know how to compute it.
We can compute it in a couple hours or less.
Aaron Searing, he's an attorney.
He computed it.
Jessica Rose, she's a scientist in Israel.
She computed it.
I computed it as well.
It took me a couple hours to do.
I had to recalculate it because someone pointed out, oh, you know, you missed this and should have done it this way.
And so I recalculated, came up with 41, which means that for every death that is reported into the VAERS system, it translates into about 41 real actual deaths.
And it's calculated using the methodology that is documented in a
It's a paper that's published in a peer-reviewed journal written by five CDC authors.
So, we used the CDC's methodology, we used the CDC's data, and we used data from a study published in JAMA, which is arguably one of the world's top medical journals.
It doesn't get much better than JAMA.
So, we did it by the book.
And the FDA and the CDC refuse to say how we got it wrong, and they refuse to say what the number is.
Now, once you have that number, once you know that number is 41, then myocarditis then becomes not a very rare condition, it becomes very common.
I mean, by our calculations, it's somewhere of like 1 in 328 boys aged 16
We'll get myocarditis.
Wow, and of course we don't have any long-term stuff, and so I've seen some evidence, you're the scientist, but I've seen some evidence in papers that there's also long-term effects happening here.
Now they call it mild myocarditis because they say that the length of time that you're in the hospital is compressed.
It's only a few days on average as compared to viral myocarditis, which is a longer hospital stay.
But what really matters is what happens a year or two years down the road.
10% of those kids die, 20% of those kids die.
What happens five years down the road?
You know, for viral myocarditis, five years down the road, half the people are dead.
So are we going to basically... That was my next question.
Wow, it's great talking to you because I do a lot of research and you're just like, the NIH says that within 3 to 10 years, 23 to 56% of people that get mild myocarditis die.
But I guess they're speaking of the viral type.
What you're saying is we don't know with this vaccine induced.
No, we certainly don't.
I mean, I talked to Peter McCullough, who was on your show earlier, and I said, Peter, so, you know, what's going to happen?
He said, no, no, nobody knows.
You know, they actually showed at the last CDC meeting, they showed a slide and the slide showed all, you know, they looked at like eight different criteria and they said, wow, this vaccine-induced myocarditis is pretty similar to viral myocarditis.
Except in the length of the hospital stay.
So it could very well be that it's going to be even worse than viral myocarditis because what we know here is that the troponin levels and the troponin is a protein which is released by the heart when the heart is damaged.
What we know is the troponin levels, and Peter has spoken out about this, the troponin levels go up by a factor of 10 or more from a heart attack, right?
So this is the beginning of vaccine.
Getting these vaccines can be 10 times as damaging as a heart attack if you just measured it on troponin levels.
But what's more troubling is that troponin levels don't just go and they go up and they quickly go down after a heart attack, which is what happens, you know, five days after a heart attack, your troponin levels are, you know, leveled off and close to normal.
But with these vaccines, the troponin levels stay elevated for months.
And the troponin levels can go up to over 600 times normal.
Hold on.
Steve Kerr, stay there.
Again, this is all backed up by the evidence.
Final segment with this amazing individual on the other side.
This is so important to get this out now.
And I'm going to ask you about D-dimer tests.
What, 60 plus percent of people in different things that studies doctors have done have D-dimer positive tests after the shots.
And now California is talking about more lockdowns and more forced inoculations as they come after the children.
And all over the world, we see record numbers of COVID hospitalizations and deaths in the highest vaccinated areas.
We'll get our expert guest take on that, but he was finishing up.
Steve Kirsch, you can find him, stevekirsch.substack.com and on Twitter at STKirsch and on Gab at STKirsch.
The enzymes that are released with heart damage, that's how they know when you've had a heart attack or problem, are way, way, way higher than the damage they see with viral myocarditis, according to the doctors I've interviewed.
Dr. McCullough is a famous heart surgeon, was here on Friday.
So that's the numbers we're going off of.
And then I was bringing up the D-dimer test.
I know that 60 plus percent of people on tests in the US, Canada, and Europe, it's between 61 and 65, depending on the test I've seen, of people's patients, they said, hey, let's go ahead and
You know, do a D-Dimer, then give me the shot, do another D-Dimer, and they find, in a very simple form of trial, that 60-plus percent show they have blood clots after.
That's what a D-Dimer does.
So please speak to that, sir.
I'm sure.
Oh, it looks like they've cancelled my Twitter account.
So you'll have to follow me on Gab.
I just got a notice.
Oh, they punished you for coming on my show, I guess.
That's the social credit score.
Yeah, yeah.
They've done this before.
This time may be permanent.
They give you like one or two or three chances and then they just wipe you off the face of the planet.
What was your sub-crime?
Actually reading scientific statistics on air?
Well, it may be being on your show, but I also released my Varus analysis that's on my sub-stack.
I'm sure it's that.
I mean, I'd love to take credit, but no, no, I'm being serious.
That's right.
Your VAERS report paying researchers, statisticians.
In fact, recap that story because that's so important.
So if you go to my, you'll have to go to my Gab now, I guess.
So I guess Twitter wants to move people to Gab.
By the way, Gab's a great platform.
It's not censored.
You can edit your posts and so forth.
Really like it a lot.
Yeah, that's the one.
Yeah, so the Twitter probably doesn't work anymore.
But I posted an article on the Substack.
Um, that basically says this is new and various analysis showing these adverse events that the CDC is not telling people about.
And so they want that.
I guess Twitter want that CDC complained and Twitter is now just totally blocking my account now to make sure that people don't know the truth.
And that's what's horrible about Twitter, is that they want people not to know the truth.
They're deliberately keeping the truth from people.
All I did, and I mean Albert did the analysis, all he did is he looked at the number of events this year and compared it with the average number of events for the same symptom in the last five years.
And so was it elevated or not?
And so he found that there were 5,000, sorry, over 4,000 events.
Over 4,000 events were elevated by 10 times or more compared to previous years, meaning it's causing over 4,000
Thank you.
Anybody spreading misinformation about this vaccine should be, that criminal charges should be brought against them.
I'm all for that.
I mean, that would mean that the Surgeon General, that Rochelle Walensky, that Anthony Fauci would go to jail.
I'm, you know, I think that's, I'm good with that, right?
They are spreading misinformation.
Fauci said that he didn't regain a function at Wuhan.
Well, that's right.
On record, ordered it directly using the term
Yeah, they've, you know, I asked, my congresswoman is Anna Eshoo.
I asked Anna Eshoo, hey, would you send a letter to the NIH asking for Tony Fauci's unredacted emails?
Because any committee chairman
In Congress, can send a letter, all it takes is a letter, a letter to the NIH, and the NIH said that they would do what the letter requests, which is to give them the unredacted emails of Tony Fauci.
Anna Eshoo's office stopped talking to me at that point.
They do not answer me anymore on the questions that I ask.
All I'm asking for is, look, Biden couldn't figure out whether the virus was created by man or it was created naturally.
Tony Fauci's unredacted emails would reveal that and all a member of Congress who's a committee chairman had to do was just simply write a letter and requested Tony Fauci's unredacted emails and we will have the evidence that we need.
But they never did that because they know what would happen.
Well, Steve, we need to get you on Joe Rogan.
I guarantee you, and I think Joe's listening right now, we've been texting back and forth, we really need to get you on Joe Rogan's show.
I know you're already going on some giant Dark Horse podcasts and others are some of his favorite scientists, but you're a great scientist.
And now that you've been censored, you know, even more, this just shows they're scared of the research
You're doing and in the 45 minutes to an hour we've had, we haven't scratched the surface.
You're really a leading guy educating people about natural, but also
Off-label drugs out there that are good treatments for COVID and other things, and the suppression of science.
Your work is so wide.
I'd like to invite you back on soon to go over that, because we only scratched the surface in the few minutes we have left.
Again, I want to thank you for your work.
I want to invite you to come on a commercial-free podcast with me that millions also watch.
That way you're not getting, you know, breaks here.
But we have a lot of radio affiliates, so we're obviously happy to still do that.
But what other areas would you like to direct people to get more informed?
Well, you can follow me on Gab.
You know, that's the easiest thing to do.
Kirsch on Gab.
I have a website, skirsch.io.
It's got a lot of information about vaccines and also has information about treatments like fluvoxamine and other early treatments.
And you know, fluvoxamine was recently shown in a phase 3 trial that it reduced your chance of death by more than 12 times.
And yet, nobody from the NIH or from the WHO is talking about this.
I mean, that's preposterous.
You know, it's all over the press, but the NIH is completely silent about this, and the WHO is completely silent about it, and they've been briefed the whole time.
They knew this was coming.
They've been briefed.
And when the paper finally got published in The Lancet, which I was skeptical it would ever happen, when it got published, they did nothing.
They do not care if people die.
This is what's really tragic, is that I discovered that the system is gamed here.
Drugs like ivermectin work.
We also know that hydroxychloroquine worked.
I was the one who funded David Bower's trial.
And if you analyze the data correctly, you will find that it's statistically significant
That hydroxychloroquine doesn't work.
Steve, Steve, we've got to go to break, but what you're saying is so important here, and how big a blow is it to the system that now the British Medical Journal and others are doing major studies and agreeing with you?
I mean, it seems like Germany just said, whoa, let's not give kids the shot today.
I mean, it seems like the wheels are starting to come off this, so that's some good news.
Yeah, the wheels are starting to come off the bus.
And, you know, like these FDA people that say, oh, I don't want to get, you know, a black mark on me for voting no against this.
They're going to get a black mark on them as eugenicists, violating the Nuremberg Code, violating the law and approving this stuff.
I mean, that's what they ought to be worried about.
Yeah, well, you know, for that to happen, and I've talked to people about that, you know, Congress has to allow the Nuremberg Codes actually to happen.
And so, right now, we have people in Congress who basically, like, I don't know of a single person in Congress, you know, short of a couple of senators, Ron Johnson and Rand Paul, who want to talk to me.
Have relationships that go, you know, decades or more.
And I cannot get five seconds to talk to people about vaccine safety.
But it's more important is that I have a team that I work with of 24 side.
Oh, hold on.
We got to go to break.
If you do five more minutes is a two minute break.
If you've got to go, I understand Steve Kirsch finding on gab at ST Kirsch.
I'm Alex Jones.
Find us at InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and Bandit Video.
Only way we beat the censors is you share those links.
We'll be right back.
All right, Steve Kirsch is amazing, and I've only covered like the 30 talking points he sent, five of them.
So I'm going to ask him to come back on in the near future, because this is just so incredible.
He got some good news, though.
It looks like his Twitter account is not suspended for thought crime.
Tell us more about that, and then you're going to finish your comment about Nuremberg Code and how we need to get justice here and stop this nightmare.
Yeah, so my Twitter account was not suspended.
They sent me a verification email to verify your phone number, and usually, you know, that's kind of a bad sign.
So I did that and got back in, and so my Twitter account was not suspended.
So you can follow me on Twitter.
I don't know why you would think that that ever would happen.
They're only censoring everybody else.
Yeah, well, you know, I think of it as a badge of honor that
Uh, that I'm getting their attention.
And, um, but, uh, yeah, they're definitely looking at you right now.
So, so you, only a few senators will talk to you.
You're saying others are sticking their head in the sand, hoping this goes away.
It's not going away.
Biden and everybody's coming for our children.
I mean, Europe is saying, don't give this to under sixteens or under thirties, but he doesn't care.
He says, dammit, I'm coming after your children.
You know, look, what's tragic is that the American public is only hearing one side of the story.
You go on CNN, you're only going to hear one side of the story.
If you really want to hear the other side, you're going to have to go to alternate media.
You're going to have to go to Infowars.
You're going to have to go to Fox News.
And even Fox News is only giving you a portion of what's out there.
So we don't really have fair and balanced here for the vaccines.
You're only hearing from one side of the story.
You're only hearing the CDC's point of view.
And the CDC has, and the FDA, and even Pfizer has refused to debate us.
Nobody will come on camera so we can have a scientific discussion.
And it used to be, you know, in the old days, science wasn't suppressed.
You know, and nowadays, Jessica Rose did a paper, she wrote a paper with Peter McCullough, and it was published in an Elsevier Journal.
And then the publisher, Elsevier itself, said, we're going to go and remove that article.
And they gave no reason.
For doing that.
And I heard that it was because it wasn't invited.
But of course, the editor of the journal wanted the paper to be published.
And, you know, so we're seeing suppression of the underlying science.
And we're not seeing anybody in the medical community complaining about fraud and clinical trials and phase three clinical trials.
You know, we're not seeing anyone in the medical community complaining that papers that expose the dangers of these vaccines are being suppressed by the medical journals, not by the editor, not by the peer reviewers, but by the publisher of the journal.
You know, and so the medical community should be outraged at this, but they're not saying anything.
And the medical community should be outraged that we're not giving people informed consent because we're not allowing people to hear from people like me who are giving out
This stuff is based on the evidence and the science and it's in front of people.
They can verify it themselves.
Everything that I write is all based on government data.
Based on government methodologies.
And like the death toll is calculated eight different ways, only one of which uses VAERS.
So if you complain about my VAERS analysis, fine, then show me how the other seven are wrong.
I mean, what about the Pentagon's AI project they admitted last year?
It shows an even higher death rates.
Yeah, yeah, you know, the same thing true.
And, you know, Peter McCullough asked me to do a stratification by age to see, well, does the vaccine make sense for any age group?
And I found out that, well, even for 80 year olds, we're going to kill two 80 year olds to save one.
And for, if you're 20 years old, 20 to 30, it was, we kill six people to save one.
And this is death.
This is, you know, you don't even make it on deaths.
You can't even justify this on deaths.
I mean, we're not even talking about the morbidities.
Because, you know, people are disabled by this.
More people are disabled than are killed by this.
So we're looking at hundreds of thousands of people who are permanently disabled.
You're right.
Listen, Steve Kirsch, thank you so much for the time.
Steve Kirsch on Substack and, of course, on Gab and on Twitter.
Amazing interview.
Thank you so much for your time and your dedication to humanity.
We really appreciate you.
Yeah, my pleasure.
Please come back on.
We'll be right back, folks.
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Isolate, contain and control, and then abuse.
Isolate, then contain and control, then abuse or kill.
That's been the model of oppressors and tyrants and cults since human history began to be recorded over 7,000 years ago.
And now here we are today with the Davos Group, representing the most powerful corporations on earth, the most powerful families, including royalty, literally saying they're setting up a world government to depopulate us.
Literally teaching children that they are non-essential and that they can't have running water or electricity.
That's what Obama went to Africa
Six years ago before he left office and told them on record, these are the greatest oppressors the world has ever seen.
They don't care about the environment.
When you read deeper into their documents, they're basically mad scientists or transhumanists that believe they're going to transcend carbon based life and overwrite the entire planet.
This is delusions of grandeur.
All of the top Davos high priest are called high priests.
And they say that they are transcending humanity and that they're going to basically absorb us in that transformation.
The lockdowns, the vaccine passports are all the global social credit score world tracking system they've now announced a month ago.
I told you decades ago this was coming because it was in their documents.
Now it's not theoretical.
It's gone from beta to operational and it doesn't matter whether you're a conservative, it doesn't matter whether you're a liberal, a Christian, a Buddhist, an atheist.
This is a scientific dictatorship taking over and targeting you and you need to get out of the prison of the mind that you let them build for you, out of the constructs and break free and transcend and get back your human roots and use your basic instincts in you
With your intellect to decide that you are not going to be a slave of this and you're taking control of your destiny.
Coming in December, I'm going to release the most powerful information ever, not just from Alex Jones, but period, when it comes to transcending tyranny.
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If you are watching this transmission, never forget, you are the hope of the universe.
You are the seed of the universe.
You are the resistance.
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Okay, let me do this.
I've already spent 80% of the last two hours on the COVID world government police state rollout, and it's incredibly important.
And we're going to have another medical doctor on at the bottom of the hour.
The system is trying to take their medical license because they've been fighting the globalists exposing it.
And so, we're going to have that special guest will tell you about when they join us at the bottom of the hour.
But if you want to pull back and see the big picture and see where the future is going, well, you've already gotten a good look at it.
And so, let's talk about where they've taken us and what they've done to us.
Here's a headline out of the LA Times.
Faced with growing D's and F's, schools are ditching the old way of grading.
And remember 20 years ago when we learned they were going to start having fuzzy math and fuzzy English and fuzzy science, people didn't believe it?
Now it's official and many school districts in California and in Maryland and other areas have zero students passing reading, writing, and arithmetic.
But that's okay.
They're teaching you about critical race theory and about how you can be a girl if you're a boy or a boy if you're a girl, vice versa, and all this mental illness.
And then you can go to a hip-hop concert and listen to auto-tuned robots while portals to hell are open and you get stampeded to death.
Just like I talk about in Endgame 2.0.
Or the government documents where they plan to reinstitute superstition, human sacrifice, or destroy the ability to even read.
They don't just get rid of the language itself in 1984.
The system they want in the real world is you can't even read or don't even grasp basic systems of understanding.
So even if someone wants to save you or educate you, you can't be saved.
And then you become a workless member of society.
So then those of us that are awake are forced to then join the globalists.
I don't know.
Travis Scott or Drake were involved, probably weren't, but the organizers certainly used classically satanic portal-to-hell iconography and demonic invocations that are classic Satanism.
And then you add everything else to it.
I'm going to give you my take on that.
But look at this.
Faced with soaring D's and F's, schools are ditching the old way of grading.
Look at this, it all ties together.
Infrastructure billed to require breathalyzer-style systems in all cars.
It's now passed and is law.
Little AI watching and tracking you at all times.
Don't believe me?
There it is, right out of Reuters and Newsmax.
Congress mandates new car technology to stop drunken driving.
Oh my god!
How about just robots on your shoulder with a gun to your head to make sure you're good too?
Goal 13, take urgent action on climate
To combat climate change and its impacts with a $150 trillion global budget.
said that in 2019.
The U.N.
Now it's what the Federal Reserve is publicly saying.
And that leads us to this poll.
39% of 18 and 24 year olds now identify as LGBTQ because they think it makes them more politically correct and cool.
Do I hate somebody just because they are attracted to the same sex?
People used to identify less than 1% as this.
This is advertising, this is hype, this is BS, and the same groups are now pushing pedophilia.
This is destructive, and it's designed to make you die alone, and then, once the majority of people are not heterosexual or don't have relationships...
Then heterosexuals are hunted, this already happens with the family courts across the country, and our children are taken to be given to these people because they don't have children.
It's a nightmare system.
We're being hunted like the opening scene of Planet of the Apes, with Charlton Heston, and he's running from the system.
Treasury Secretary Yellen admits net zero grand reset climate price tag will be $150 trillion, more than the whole world GDP.
So the UN says it two years ago, and she clicks her heels and does it.
Welcome to the New World Order.
And all the articles about, for climate change, don't have children.
For climate change, be a homosexual, so you don't have children.
And then statistically, more abusive relationships, die alone, and then we're told though, oh, the James Bond actor, oh, I only go to gay bars.
I don't like heterosexuals, they're mean and hurt women.
That's all just a talking point out of an actor's mouth.
That's their plan.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, but don't worry, Buddha Judge will
Respond to racist highway design and Kamala Harris is worried about racist trees and AOC is worried about racist cauliflower.
I'm not joking.
Everything's racist.
Every culture throughout human recorded history has engaged in rituals because rituals or archetypes are powerful symbols that unlock areas of our minds and compartmentalized instincts of our ancestors.
That's why geese or butterflies or hummingbirds know how to fly 3, 4, 5,000 miles to a place they've never been to make a nest, because it's in their genetics.
It's in their instincts.
It's programmed in.
And so when you see a big event like happened this weekend in Houston with more than 10 people dead, hundreds and hundreds wounded and trampled, you ask, how does this happen?
And then you see the big portal, the big crystal ball, the big hands above it.
And I said on Saturday, but in a special broadcast, that this probably wasn't consciously a satanic ritual.
Well, I have to reverse myself on that because now I've had time to study it.
I don't know if Travis Scott or if Dre were involved.
Because I've actually listened to both of them and really haven't heard a bunch of satanism in their lyrics.
Let's just say I'm not huge fans, but I'm familiar with it.
I like some of their songs.
I mean, it's on my player, on my phone, on my Spotify account.
I listen to them actually quite a bit.
But the people that set it up, the people that designed it this way, the people that put out the promotional information,
Absolutely we're engaged in the occult.
Absolutely we're engaged in a ritual of Satanism.
I infiltrated Bohemian Grove.
I broke some of the first information that documented that real Satanism was going on at Skull and Bones by getting a woman on whose father had a diary and who was a member.
That was later confirmed to be true.
So we've been the tip of the spear studying this and researching this and they're deadly serious at Bohemian Grove when they're doing these rituals.
And they're deadly serious at Skull and Bones and they have other spurs of this and other encampments of it.
And so now they are externalizing the method or externalizing the hierarchy of what's happening internally inside the Illuminati of the New World Order.
And the Hieronymus Bosch type world they want to build for us, and they're now rolling it out.
And that's why there's images of Hieronymus Bosch, there are different incantations and things dealing with opening a gate to hell and killing people and taking them over to the other side.
And that was all shown, that was all done there.
A young lady that witnessed a lot of this and narrowly escaped who was naive before has now awoken now that she again snapped out of her trance and says, I can't believe I didn't see this before when all the subliminals were there.
And then she talks about the promotional material in the front of the paper a week before saying you're going to die.
You're going to the other side.
Here it is.
I wouldn't believe literally anything the news says.
There's no way that they can come out and say 100 people died.
Someone themselves literally saw 100 dead people like...
It was bodies lined up everywhere.
There's CPR being done in the crowds.
It looks like what would be a mosh pit.
There's no room for mosh pits.
There's only room for the eight people on the ground that are dead having CPR done.
Those were our mosh pits.
Our mosh pits were us dying.
I picked up no subliminal messages from the website, the tickets.
I didn't look.
I didn't see.
I wasn't paying attention.
But now that I go back and look at the flyer, and I look at everything that was around in the set, it's absolutely disgusting.
We were literally being sucked into that spiraling hole of death that was portrayed in front of us.
We're all suffocating.
And on a screen it reads, see you on the other side.
Along with all the Illuminati symbols and the praying hand literally sucking our energy from us.
I am 100% convinced that this was literally like an energy harvest.
Like this was literally like a satanic ritual.
He was, Travis Scott was snatching souls.
Literally snatching people's souls.
I don't even want to know who was forgotten about in there.
Who couldn't be heard.
Who couldn't be helped.
Like, when the people moved out, like when the control was over, like I want to know how many people were laying on that floor still.
Because it wasn't eight people.
It wasn't eight people.
It wasn't eight, just eight people dead.
It wasn't just 100 injured.
There's probably hundreds dead and thousands injured.
I have grown up on Travis Scott.
Number one artist.
I've been to multiple of his concerts before he was even Travis Scott.
Loved him.
I've never experienced something like this.
That man is done.
Alright, so that's an unedited piece other than the cuss words cut out for radio listeners and TV viewers.
So, you can look at this isolated and say, okay, they didn't mean it.
Well, whoever set it up and designed it was definitely in on it.
And Travis Scott does go up on the cherry picker out over the crowd and is pointing down all weird and singing strange while people are flopping around having convulsions and dying.
So part of this is the spirit takes you over.
You get programmed interdimensionally at these events, not by the colors and the lights, but by the archetypes it shows you.
Then humans are all basically psychic.
Once they all get on one wavelength,
The system can jack into them and basically take control of them.
And so that's why these type of satanic orgies basically take place.
And yes, then there usually are some people killed and then you dance around the dead bodies.
That's a very ancient form of this.
But let me show you the Super Bowl or the 2012 Olympics or countless others where you have Grim Reapers coming down after nurses give children injections and then they kill thousands of children that go up with Grim Reapers up to hell.
And they show a virus that looks like the COVID virus projected at the beginning of it.
They're telling you what they're going to do.
And that, again, is black magic.
That's in the old black magic text and the stuff that's literally from the Middle Ages that goes back to Solomon's Temple and back to Egypt.
And they believe in all this.
And they believe you need blood for power.
You need
To pay coins to these spirits, to these aliens, to these entities of dead children and or virgins.
I mean, they'll take anybody getting killed, but they really, they're going to give you a lot of power.
They want children.
And that's what this is, is a bunch of demon creatures coming down and grabbing people's children and taking them to hell.
This is the ruling class, this is what they're doing.
And the lesser magic is if they can show you what they're going to do to you before they do it,
With movies like Songbird and all the rest of it, then you will accept it.
So The Kingsman and then now they have movies like Bird Box, where everybody just goes crazy and goes nuts.
It's the cell phones, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the program going out to kill yourself.
And that's what they're telling you is kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself.
And I've been in the meetings with the Hollywood people.
They've been told, we're just told depress people, make people feel alone, isolate them.
All of this is demoralizing you.
All of this is trying to crush your spirit because they know that there's a consciousness raising happening.
And that we are expanding past the third dimension and that we are light beings of energy.
They know that in quantum physics.
And so these dark priests are trying to suppress us in this lower energy field and control us so that we do not begin to connect to God electrochemically and transcend.
This isn't mumbo-jumbo.
This isn't what you call spiritualism.
That was the ancients knowing this was real but not knowing how to quantify it.
It's now quantified, ladies and gentlemen.
It's now understood.
That's what this is.
Big Tech and all of it is a metaverse trying to force you out of the third dimension, which is a launch pad to the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, up to the twelfth dimension.
You understand?
So they don't want you to stay in the third.
They're trying to suck you down into a portal below the third dimension in an artificial dimension.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
So there's a Drake that was part of this whole thing.
And while they're out there singing, you've got this demon burning and flying above them with a portal to hell.
And now we learn the literature and the full page advertisements for this thing was, you're going to die.
You're going to go to a portal to hell.
So whether they believed it or not, they actually manifest it.
Now we're learning people are being drugged and all this other crazy stuff was going on.
Wow, I'm going to talk more about that next hour, at the start of the next hour, before Paul Watson comes on.
But we're joined by Dr. Stella Emanuel.
You saw her over a year ago, I guess 15, 16 months ago, now get demonized for talking about hydroxychloroquine.
After Dr. Zelenko proved it was working, and she valiantly went and spoke to Congress, and she gave press conferences, and her and other doctors got censored.
Well, now they're coming after her medical license, because she dared help thousands of people who the hospitals wouldn't help.
You go in, they say, sorry, come back when you can't breathe.
Come back when your oxygen is low, instead of giving them treatments.
And so, for that crime, they're coming after her and countless other doctors.
Another crime against humanity.
Another violation of the Nuremberg Code.
I really appreciate her joining us.
I know she had a family member that passed last week.
That's why she couldn't come on then, but she's on with us now.
Dr. Stella Emanuel.
You can find her at drstellamd.com.
D-R Stella.
M-D dot com.
She's censored basically everywhere else.
We really appreciate her coming on with us today.
In fact, I'd like to offer her a Band-Aid video channel so she can get past the censors.
Dr. Stella, thank you for joining us.
A lot of big developments on the COVID tyranny.
Yes, thank you so much, Alex, for having me.
Yeah, the battle is on.
And it's like, they're not relenting.
They are plowing through and they are just pushing and pushing and pushing.
The battle is on.
And we've been fighting it.
And like I told the American people, I made a promise.
I'll be here to take care of them.
We're fighting bots all over the country.
This has actually been the norm for a while.
And usually what happens is, we'll call a prescription for hydroxychloroquine for a patient.
We as doctors are allowed to use these medications off-label because any medication that has been approved to use in America can be used off-label.
That is why they can't really stop me because they know that I'm using it illegally.
So we use these medications off-label.
Texas Board itself came out and put a press release saying that no Texas doctor should feel intimidated or feel scared to use this medication to treat patients.
But that does not stop the leftist pharmacies from calling the boats.
So each time we've had several reports, when we see a patient, the leftist pharmacist will call the board and say, oh, I was seeing the patient illegally, I get hydroxychloroquine is on our proof, and then they'll start one long story.
Of course, instead of the board just like, okay, no, this is no big deal, the boards will investigate it.
They investigate everything.
So it's more like an annoyance.
You know what I'm saying?
Because it's not like they're not... It's more like an annoyance.
No, I understand.
I'm just saying it's really evil and they've been saying they'd like to get all these medical doctors licenses.
How do we support you guys?
I mean, I guess don't support big chain pharmacies because we know they've been really bullying people and even coming with a prescription for hydroxychloroquine for...
You know, then Houston, we had a case with the bots where there's a lady that, you know, they looked through it and said, you know, your doses were right, you did what was right, but you could have given them more disclaimers.
So they slapped one of these administrative fines, $500.
And we closed the case.
Houston Chronicle now picks up this case.
Then publishes it, makes it look like, oh they're coming after Dr Emmanuel, so that way they can discourage other doctors from seeing patients.
And then they went and pulled up, oh she believes in crazy stuff, trying to discredit me as usual.
We sued CNN, Alex, and I'm talking to my lawyers right now, we're going to sue Houston Chronicle.
I don't take it lightly, people trying to discredit me.
I don't care what I believe in.
When you go to see your doctor, you don't care what your doctor believes in.
So all this stuff they are doing is to discredit me and make it sound as if I'm crazy so that they can stop people from coming to see me.
You know what I'm saying?
We've seen over 100,000 patients.
We're taking care of Texans.
We're taking care of patients all over the country.
So this needs to stop.
I don't like to be bullied.
And when you bully me, I'm going to fight back.
So I'm talking to my attorneys right now.
We're probably going to go after Houston Chronicles.
The exact board was actually gracious.
They did their job because if a report comes to them, they have to investigate it.
They were gracious.
They did their job and they did it properly.
But you still can't fix it and they write this story and they start calling me, I believe in aliens and demons.
No, all red.
I'm a Christian.
All Christians believe in demons and aliens.
You know what I'm saying?
So they're not coming after my religion, coming just the way CNN did it.
Right now, the case with CNN is going on right now.
Well, by the way, Dr. Stella, I mean, the globalists say they're about to merge the machines and create a new species.
They say that humans will not be in the future.
The heads of the Davos Group, they're going to, quote, get rid of us.
I mean, this is the book of Revelation actually unfolding.
And so the fact that you preach about that and the fact that you say this vaccine changes us
I mean, they now admit in major studies, I'm sure you saw this, that the Pfizer shot, even the British Medical Journal's reporting on this, chronically goes in and attacks your DNA to where your cells don't repair anymore and you get cancer.
I mean, so it does change your DNA to basically sabotage your body and start killing you.
Remember Klaus Schwab?
Klaus Schwab had an interview with Charlie Rose, and they asked him about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Alex, that day I did a double-take.
He said that the Fourth Industrial Revolution does not change what you do, but it changes you if you take gene editing.
This is something that they are not hiding.
Even Moderna's CEO says that they are hacking the software of life, introducing a code and that code will determine what
Diseases or whatever will be happening in your body.
And not only are they coming after us with forced injections now with the children, the head of Pfizer is one of the kingpins says he wants to arrest people that basically criticize them.
That's what they're saying.
This is very dangerous.
And we have to fight back, Alex.
We cannot stop fighting.
We cannot relent.
We have to push back.
We're more than them.
I tell people, it doesn't matter whether you're vaccinated or unvaccinated.
We are all the prey.
They are trying to set us against each other.
Right now, we're praying for vaccinated people and casting that luciferous out of them.
And they are doing well.
Here's something.
I mean, my book just came out.
The last time I came here, my book had not come out.
Let America Live.
This book breaks down all the evil agenda behind this nonsense.
I was about to say, CNN now says he's had four shots and has no immunity because it erases your immunity.
They admit it.
So their answer is, well, now that you don't have immunity, take more shots.
It's like the COVID vaccine that, you know, the spike protein Alex is what actually hurts you with COVID.
How do you inject something that will produce the toxin that hurts people in COVID?
And then it knocks off your innate immunity given by God.
So they have a form that actually, this is like the Q shot that is so perfect.
Some people die immediately after they take this shot.
Then other ones have all kinds of issues.
Cancers, autoimmune diseases, strokes, because you know, this spike protein, it lines up your endothelium, which is like the inner wall of your blood vessels, and then you get clotting.
So when you get that stroke, or you get that heart attack, or you get blood in your lungs, you do not relate it to the vaccine.
So now there's another group of people that are getting killed right now, remotely, that they don't relate to the vaccine.
So either way, they are trying to either genetically modify you, or they kill you off.
Alex, the key thing is that we know the end of the story.
Jesus wins.
The devil is just fighting right now.
That's right.
Stay there.
David Spangler helped run the UN.
He said, you can pull the quote up, you will have a Luciferian pledge or you will be killed.
You will not enter the New World Order unless you do a Luciferian pledge.
And he went on in speeches at the UN to say, we are going to take over your bodies and transform you.
So this is literally, whether you believe in aliens or not, they believe they're aliens about to create superhumans, but first we've got to die.
This is real.
The Bible is being fulfilled, and Satan is an alien.
It is an alien attack.
That's what this is.
It's interdimensional, and now it's trying to take over this dimension.
We'll be right back with Dr. Stella.
Stay with us.
Well, they said Newsom was going to show up at 1130 Pacific at an event today.
He didn't show up, and he wasn't at the Getty wedding, but
They say he's going to be at a vaccine clinic tomorrow in the morning, so we'll see if that's true.
All I know is they have been pulling Moderna around the world for people under 30 because it's causing heart attacks and myocarditis.
There it is.
Unusually earning early notice on this one, Gavin Newsom's office is already informing us that he will hold a news conference at 10 a.m.
tomorrow at a Los Angeles COVID-19 and flu vaccine clinic to promote vaccinations and booster shots.
So why has he been hiding for 13 days, counting tomorrow?
We'll see, ladies and gentlemen.
But they're not going to be able to hide the information that so many people are getting sick and dying.
Going back to our special guest, doctor, looking at this, Dr. Stella,
What do you think's really going on as it's only Western countries that are being targeted with this, and now even in Europe they're saying they're not going to give under 30 these shots.
What do you think's happening?
What's really happening there?
It's not only Western countries, Alex.
It's all over the world.
Right now in Nigeria and Cameroon, they are mandating vaccines in places where they don't even have COVID.
The good thing about sub-Saharan Africa is that they have hydroxychloroquine as a medicine over-the-counter.
So when they get a fever, they just go over-the-counter and get this medication.
But in America, we have to go through prescriptions and everything to get them.
So now they are mandating vaccines in a country where there's nothing, there's no COVID.
And Indonesia is a worldwide phenomenon.
The Lord started showing me this in 2011, that something was coming.
And if we go back in the book of Revelation, Revelation 13, we're right in Revelation.
Every Christian has to read the book of Revelation.
Even if you're not a Christian, read the book of Revelation.
It's today's news.
Revelation 6 really just tells you what's going to be happening.
When the globalists are trying to kill half of the world, Revelation tells you half of the world is going to die.
But the issue is that you have to die in Christ.
People need to give their life to Christ.
Get yourself a rightful cause.
No, I totally agree with you.
But you make a great point.
I've seen the maps on this and I checked it.
It's true.
Of course, you understand that because you're a doctor.
You've already reported it.
All the African countries that have Ivermectin over the counter basically have no COVID, and then the few that don't actually had high COVID numbers, and then four African presidents came out and said that basically the testing PCR was a fraud, and they all magically got machine gunned and killed or died mysteriously.
Same thing with the Haitian president, so that's five.
And so Africa knew how good hydroxychloroquine and things like ivermectin are, and so they've really been trying to suppress that information.
I mean, this is just crazy, and it's so obvious.
Then I was reading that the Aborigines, some of them are 2,000 miles
Just thought about it.
And I tell people right now, get your hydroxychloroquine and azomatin stash right now.
Let it be in your medicine cabinet.
Everybody needs to get it right now.
Don't wait.
Alex, when I think about what we went through during Delta, the winter coming and the flu coming, it's just heavy on my soul because I know how people
What happened during Delta?
And right now we have vaccinated patients that don't even realize that they can get really, really sick.
Their immunity is knocked off.
Anything can knock them out.
In fact, right now they're actually realizing that most of the people that have been vaccinated are actually showing HIV-like symptoms because their immunity has been knocked out.
So they cannot afford to be exposed to the wild virus.
Before the winter gets here and
Everybody starts, you know, screaming on us.
Please, right now, get your stash of hydroxychloroquine.
And I want you to slow down and say that very clearly, everybody.
Everybody needs to get hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, get on extra vitamin D, zinc, because the way the scientists and doctors have explained to me, correct me if I'm wrong, is
With regular coronaviruses, humans are a reservoir of those.
And then as we have less vitamin D during the winter, they're able to replicate and take over.
Now we've got all these people that have been injected, creating mutant viruses.
So we've got to protect themselves from that, because you're saying it's going to get a lot worse this winter.
We already see that happening.
So everybody, go to our website.
Is that right what I said, Doctor?
No, I'm saying that you're talking about, hello?
We're talking about the winter coming right now with the vitamin D levels.
You guys sell vitamin D. Everybody needs to get the vitamins, get the zinc, get the vitamin D. Make sure your immunity is strong.
Make sure you have your stash of hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin in your medicine cabinet.
We don't even know how long, coming after us, we don't know how long we're going to be able to continue taking care of patients.
They're trying to shut you off and others from getting it out there.
People need to stockpile now.
I agree with you.
Now, don't wait till you get sick.
If you start having that sniffle, don't wait till you get too sick.
I have Dr. Klopina.
I've met them.
They work early, like in the first five days.
Explain how important that is that you need early treatment.
I mean, all the studies show that and they're trying to... That's why they send you home and you go to the hospital because they want you to die.
You know, COVID is in two phases.
The first phase of the disease is a viral replication, where the virus itself is harassing, is replicating.
That is the time to use hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
The second phase of the disease is when the cytokine storms have been released and then there's blood clotting.
At that time, these medications don't work that well.
Right now, our hospitals have become a jail cell of death.
Avoid going to the hospital.
The way to avoid going to the hospital is to make sure you have hydroxypropane and Ivermectin.
To make sure when you have that first sniffle, you take care of it.
Even if it's the flu.
But if you're in phase 2, let's say you didn't get it early, what do you do then?
The mudecidine, the steroids to suppress the ecytokine storm?
Avermectin actually works a little later than hydroxychloroquine.
And then, betasonide, you get the breathing treatments, you get, we put, when they come a little later, we put them on betasonide, we put them on advectin, we still give them hydroxy to take care of the viral load, and then we make sure that you put them, you give them like baby aspirin to stop the clotting.
Sometimes we have to hydrate them.
Yes, we do take care of patients that are getting late, but the best time is early.
The best time is early.
Yes, ma'am.
What about glutathione?
I know a lot of folks that are saying that after they got sick, later it helped them get a lot better on their oxygen up, even after they were, quote, well, they had lower oxygen levels, and that glutathione helped them.
Yes, yes.
That's why we use N-acetylcysteine.
In fact, we have it.
That's part of what we use.
We have a vitamin with N-acetylcysteine, vitamin C, D, zinc, quercetin.
Those are the things that you take to keep your immunity strong, especially this winter.
Vitamin D is very essential.
One of the reasons why we get a lot of viruses in the winter, as you said earlier, is a vitamin D deficiency, especially for black and brown skinned people like me.
Make sure your vitamin D, you're not vitamin D deficient.
Make sure you're getting plenty of work.
Get out, walk out around.
Don't get hooked up in the house.
If you're in a place where you don't have to wear a mask, please don't wear it because the mask actually makes you re-breathe your own oxygen and end up, re-breathe your own air and bacteria and end up can actually cause infections.
And, and, and, and, Doctor, when I see little children at stores and things, I'll be honest, I do say, hey, listen, they can get bacterial pneumonia from that and it's not protecting them and it's going to give them hypoxia.
I'd say, I really care.
Please research.
And then they usually get mad, but I just can't help it.
I probably did it 20 times the other day in Target.
It breaks my heart, Alex, when you see these cute little children with masks and you're just looking at the parents and thinking, why are you doing this to your child?
You know, sometimes they are outside jogging with a mask.
People are so caged.
That's why we have to pray.
People are so caged that their minds, it's something that's taking over the minds of people.
Like I said, we're in Revelation right now, in Revelation 13.
And anybody should, it's just that Christians don't read the Bible.
Revelation 13 verse 17 said, And no man will buy or sell, save he has the mark of the beast, the name of the beast, or the number of the beast.
Alex, right now,
The Moderna vaccine has luciferase in it.
That's the name of the business.
Hold on.
Do five more minutes with us.
I want you to talk about that and lead us in a prayer next segment before Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Briefly, tell folks where they find your book.
Your website?
Yes, drstellermd.com.
If they go there and it's on Amazon, it's on Barnes & Nobles, we can get it on drstellermd.com.
Everybody should get it.
Even if you're informed, folks, you need to get it and share it with people.
All right, Doc, we're going to come back to you in just a few minutes.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Yeah, see Alex, before we go into that, for people, like I said, everybody needs to go on our website for your listeners.
If they put the promo code Alex, they can get a 5% off when they sign up to get their hydroxychloroquine or whatever, even the book or whatever.
They can get a 5% off just to help out.
So, this is a spiritual battle.
If you look in the book of Revelation, we are in Revelation and everybody needs to read it.
People need to read the Bible.
Read Matthew 24.
Read Daniel 2.
Because when you read Genesis 6, so that we know where we're at right now, you should not matter whether you die or not.
If you're a Christian, please don't get corrupted.
Because when you're genetically corrupted, you might not have entrance to the Father.
So that's what we need to... My mantra right now is die human, die saved.
To die in Christ is gain.
People should not be afraid to die.
The reason why they are able to teach us is because we are afraid to die.
There are ways to stay alive.
There are medications, there is treatment.
COVID is completely treatable and completely preventable.
But it is time for the Church to arise and pray.
It was only the Church that was given the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and all the works of darkness.
If the Church does not rise up and fight this battle, yes, at the end of the day, Jesus still wins.
But a lot of people are going to
We caught up in anything.
So the church has to get up and pray.
And I'm going to pray for the church to wake up.
I'm also going to pray for those that have been vaccinated.
Ask the Lord to forgive you.
As you know, right now they are giving the map.
They are giving the name and the number of the beasts.
It's not the map yet.
When it comes to the map, you are going to know.
You're going to know that you're pledging your allegiance to Satan.
But if they've already programmed you on the Internet of Things, you're going to pledge it without knowing.
You're going to just pledge it.
That's right.
We're almost out of time.
Lead us in a prayer, Doc.
So let's pray.
Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you, Lord, for everybody that's listening to the sound of my voice.
I pray for our people that the light of God will begin to shine in the souls of people.
I bring repentance on behalf of those that have been corrupted.
Let the blood of Jesus flow through them.
Purge them.
Cleanse them.
Go deep into their DNA and just begin to recreate them.
Your Word says, O God, that you make all things new.
Lord Jesus, arise.
And begin to make all things new in this nation.
We pray, O God, that you have mercy on us.
That your mercy will be released upon us, upon the world, O God.
You will rend the heavens open.
Come down with a revival.
Wake us up, O God, so that we can stand in your presence again.
The Bible says that our enemy is too strong for us.
Our rights, O God, contain with those that are contained with us.
Save our family.
Save our children.
Father, right now, O God, we don't know where to turn but to turn to you.
Holy Spirit, take control.
Set confusion among these people.
Expose their plan.
Alright, powerful.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
We'll talk to you soon and God bless you.
Go with God.
Okay, a total declaration of war by the demon head Pfizer CEO.
This man is a freaking monster.
We're going to come right back and break it down.
Stay with us.
Well, it's now out in the open that the New World Order is destroying America.
But there is a Great Awakening happening.
But if InfoWars isn't on the air, if they're able to shut us down, that's going to be a big victory for the enemy.
And so you need to understand, we need your support to be able to really take it to the globalist at the end of 2021, end of 2022.
So first off, thanks for all your previous support.
And I want to encourage you to take advantage of Black Friday Comes Early that we've been launching for about the last nine years, every single year.
And it's a very,
We're good to go.
I had seen the article earlier today on Infowars.com where the Pfizer CEO said that people that put out vaccine disinfo are criminals and should be arrested.
I hadn't seen the full speech at the Atlantic Council.
We've got an excerpt of it, I've got the transcript.
He says the CIA and the FBI are gonna get you.
You know, he's getting briefings from him.
They're being targeted by a lot of dark organizations.
Oh, like the...
Parents that don't want forced inoculations at their schools.
And then Biden puts out a national terrorism directive saying not wanting lockdowns or forced inoculations is terrorism.
And now Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZeneca are getting banned all over the world.
And in Europe, two countries, Sweden and France, have said don't give it to under 30s because of a massive increase in mycocarditis and heart attacks.
And then their response is, after they come after our five and ups, with a mandate to take this garbage outside of law, and this Nuremberg violating garbage, is that dark forces?
Are involved?
Yeah, the dark forces are Pfizer that's paid the biggest fines in history for drugs they knew were killing people.
And Bayer knowingly putting HIV and hepatitis in the Factor VIII blood product that killed over a million hemophiliacs.
And the whole history of Big Pharma and the Nazis and IBM and the rest of these people now coming in with their mRNA takeover revolution.
God help us.
The article's posted on InfoWars.com.
Pfizer's CEO declares war.
Says a lot of dark organizations.
Yeah, you're all dark.
We'll probably blame the Russians next.
No, we want to live.
We don't want to be killed.
We don't want our immune system erased.
CNN admits a man with four shots has no immunity.
Their answer is more immunity.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's the Pfizer CEO declaring war, and then Paul Watson takes over.
There was some fake news during this period of time about the vaccines, you know, all sorts of conspiracy theories.
How did you deal with that?
And how did you navigate that?
And where do you feel the primary source of this sort of fake news was?
How damaging was this to us?
I'm afraid it was quite a lot damaging.
And there was, particularly with us, we were targeted
By a lot of, let's say, dark organizations that you don't really know the ownership, you suspect that there are some countries behind.
We were getting a lot of briefings from CIA, from FBI about attacks that may happen to us, cyber attacks I mean, but also about the spread of misinformation.
You know, there are two groups of people, right?
There are the people that they are vaccinated, there are people that are skeptical about the vaccination, and both of them are afraid.
Those that are getting the vaccine, they are afraid of the disease, and they believe that because people are not getting vaccinated, they are increasing the risk to them.
They are increasing the exposure.
So, they are, let's say, mad with them that they don't get the vaccine.
Those that they don't get the vaccine, they're afraid of the vaccine.
And they are mad with the people that are pressing them to get it.
Those I understand.
They are very good people.
They are decent people.
But they have a fear, and I understand it.
And they don't want to take chances.
But there is a very small part
We're good to go.
And should be treated as criminals as well, those who have done that.
The Atlantic Council is the heart of the Eugenicist New World Order.
It's one of the public arms of the Bilderberg Group.
They're preparing to stage terror attacks against themselves, to declare us all terrorists.
Paul Watson takes over.
Of course, we had the UK government come out last week and say that they would treat people who post vaccine misinformation as criminals and jail them for two years.
They actually put that in an online safety bill, which has nothing really to do with vaccine information.
It's to do with hate speech.
That's how they get it in.
Well, now it seems that the UK government is petrified, is scared, is running timid about the fact that people are using their own vaccine virus information posted on official government websites to make inconvenient assertions, again, based on their own information.
This isn't about claims that can't be verified, you know, facts-checked misinformation.
This is source material.
Being posted directly from UK government websites that they're now freaking out over and trying to shut down their own vaccine statistics because people are drawing inferences which are pretty inconvenient to their narrative.
I'm going to get onto that in a second but we'll start with this headline out of Summit News.
German newspaper highlights unusually large number of soccer players who have collapsed recently.
Gee, I wonder why that is.
This is German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, a major newspaper in Germany, mainstream newspaper, daily newspaper.
I think it's got a circulation of about near 200,000 copies per day.
And they put out a headline today which is called Puzzling Heart Diseases in Football.
Oh, what a mystery!
And they've gone to great lengths to document how many football players, young, healthy, vital, in their late 20s or early 30s, have collapsed, sometimes within minutes of taking the field, over the past few months.
But in the article, they don't even speculate as to whether it could have anything to do with the much-vaunted vaccine.
And yet, they laboriously list.
And they start off with FC Barcelona's Sergio Aguero, who we talked about last week.
Again, 33-year-old, peak physical condition.
He has breathing difficulties 41 minutes into his debut match for Barcelona.
He's suffering from dizziness, breathing problems.
They have to take him off the pitch.
Now he's going to be out for three months with heart problems.
They publish a list here.
I thought it was
Somewhat comprehensive.
I didn't think it was this comprehensive because we had Christian Eriksson back during the Euros last year who was the first major example.
We had the hockey player who we talked about last week and in an article which we published on Summit News, Boris Sudeikis.
Who collapsed on the ice last Friday.
He was hospitalized in intensive care for a few days and tragically died.
We had the 28-year-old bodybuilder, Jake Kazmarek, who died unexpectedly four days after taking a Covid jab.
So it's not just restricted to soccer players, football players, but they really do go to town on this.
This mainstream German newspaper.
I'm going to read a few of them.
If I read all of them, it'd take about the next 20 minutes.
First example, game abandoned due to cardiac arrest of the referee in a game of Lauba SV.
Second example, a 17-year-old soccer player from JSG, Connor Hagen, has to be reanimated during the game.
Third example, Giff Horne amateur player Marvin Schumann has to be reanimated, again that's of course brought back to life basically, it's a rough translation, after a cardiac arrest.
An assistant referee.
...of a game in Emersacka collapses with heart problems.
A District League player of the spec Alder 2 has to be revived by his opponent.
A player from the Barati Club Munster collapses in a Regional League game against FC Nordkirken.
A 17-year-old soccer player, Dylan Rich, dies of a heart attack during a game in England.
The goalkeeping coach of SV Nijder Poring suffers a heart attack after a training session.
Lukasz Surek, 24 years old, of the BFC Chemie Leipzig club, is out because of a suspected heart muscle disorder.
Kingsley Coleman, 25 years old, from FC Bayern Munich, has to undergo heart surgery after cardiac arrhythmia.
Trainer Dirk Splitschdeiser from SG Traktor-Diwitz collapses dead on the sidelines.
Runa Koga, 18 years old, of the Belgium club Eintracht Holgleder, suffers a heart attack during a game.
I've gone through about half the list.
We've got about 15 seconds left in the segment.
I'm not going to get through the second half.
This is an exhaustive list of soccer players that have collapsed recently.
They go through the entire list and they don't even speculate as to why it is.
Gee, I wonder.
Summit.News, don't go away.
We'll be back.
So there was a football player
In England in 2012, nearly 10 years ago, called Fabrice Muamba, and I remember this, who suffered a cardiac arrest during the first half of a FA Cup quarter-final match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur.
Basically died on the pitch.
It took them... His heart had stopped for 78 minutes.
They tried to revive him for a long time.
He went to hospital.
Basically, people thought he was dead.
He actually did recover in the end, but he was forced to retire from the game entirely.
That was a news story in the United Kingdom for about a month when it happened back in 2012, because it was so rare for a professional footballer, an athlete at the top of his game, peak physical fitness, to just simply collapse on the pitch, suffer a cardiac arrest, and in that case nearly die.
Thankfully he survived.
But it was a news story for weeks!
People were freaking out about it, saying why did this happen?
This is so rare.
Now it's happening every week, it seems like, even greater than every week.
As I talked about in the previous segment, this German newspaper has listed about, I'd say, 30 examples at least, just over the past three months, I guess, from looking at this.
I think they don't even include the Christian Eriksen example, which happened in June last year, which is really the first example that we saw of this.
So how does it go from being an incredibly rare happening for a professional footballer, peak physical condition, to collapse and almost die on the field with cardiac issues, to it happening all the time?
Gee, I wonder.
I really wonder why that is.
In the article they note
That heart muscle inflammation, myocarditis, can already occur in the course of banal virus infections and lead to life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, but they don't question why.
So many have happened over the past few weeks and few months, despite the fact that the article is entitled
Puzzling heart diseases in football, and they go on to cite, quote, an unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players who have collapsed recently.
They say it's puzzling, they say it's unusual, but then they don't explain why.
I guess it just happened like a bolt from the blue.
Just all these healthy fit young athletes just suddenly start developing heart problems out of the blue with no explanation whatsoever.
Information Liberation reports hospitals in America, Australia and Sweden are swamped with people sicker than ever and they don't have COVID.
And this was of course contained in an NPR article, we've covered it before.
Some of those people are in hospital because of the delayed treatments that they weren't able to get because of lockdown and the disaster that that policy was.
But not all of them.
And again they're saying we don't know why we have all these hospital patients, they're not COVID victims.
This is from dailysceptic.org and they have a very revealing graph in this article which is headlined, Awkward!
Meltdown at the UK Health Security Agency over data showing infection rate higher in vaccinated than unvaccinated.
So this is their own source data.
Unvaccinated versus unvaccinated Covid case rates in the United Kingdom from the latest UK Health Security Agency vaccine surveillance report.
These are the government's own numbers and what's funny about this, and you'll see why, is that these people within this agency have been writing letters freaking out trying to get this agency
To either change how they present this data or to not even present it at all, because it's proving to be very inconvenient in terms of what it says.
And if you see this graph, you will see in every age group, aside from below the age of 18 and slightly 18 to 29, of course, we know those people show few symptoms and are very unlikely to get seriously ill from COVID.
But in every other age group from the age of 30 onwards right up until 80 plus, every single age group which has the highest case rate, Covid infection case rate, is fully vaccinated, not unvaccinated.
Every single age group aside from the lowest 18 and below and 18 to 29.
So this blogger for this Daily Skeptic website
Wrote an article about, quote, the frantic attempts by the UK HSA, that's the official government body which releases this data, to renounce its own data showing infection rates are higher in the vaccinated than they are in the unvaccinated.
And they link to the Substack post.
So this OSR director from this surveillance agency, I guess an affiliate agency that
patrols what information is being put out, met with the UKHSA, which is the group that produced that graph, the government agency, hours before they published it, demanding they do something about these awkward graphs.
He's not disputing that the information presented is accurate, he's just saying people are going to take this information and it's going to make us look bad.
Again, we flash back to the Pfizer CEO saying,
People who post misinformation that makes people hesitant to get vaccines should be treated as criminals.
What about people who post information directly from government websites?
What about the person who made a Freedom of Information Act request to the UK government last year and asked how many people had died of Covid alone with no comorbidities in UK hospitals and they found that it was one tenth of the official Covid death toll based on the government's own numbers.
And they had to publish that on the official Freedom of Information Act request UK government website.
Again, that's another thing where it's the source material is coming directly from the government and they're panicking about it being public.
So this observer wrote to the UK HSA government group saying that yeah, these graphs may be correct, they may be statistically accurate, but they're awkward.
And they responded by ditching the graphs altogether and calling every last number unadjusted.
So they tried to claim that this wasn't as reliable as it could be because they didn't have time to adjust it to make it look better for their narrative.
So as this failed to satisfy him, so in the days afterwards he issued this unbelievable open letter.
COVID-19 vaccine surveillance statistics
Says we focused on the risk that the risk that the data presented on rates of positive cases for those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated have the potential to mislead, even though it's direct source government data.
And indeed, we know that these days have been used to argue that vaccines are, wait for it, ineffective.
Because the fact that you're going to have to have a booster shot every six months until Kingdom Come surely doesn't suggest that the vaccines are ineffective, does it?
The fact that the Israeli studies and others showed that natural immunity was 27 times more effective than the vaccine surely doesn't prove that the vaccines are ineffective, does it?
So as we welcome the changes that you've made, so they actually amended it,
It's also very good you're working closely with my team and with the relevant teams in the Office for National Statistics.
So they're absolutely pranging out and panicking over the fact that this group has published source vaccine data showing that in every instance in every age group apart from 18 and below and 18 to 29 all the others
30 upwards until 80 plus shows that vaccinated people in every age group are more infected with Covid than unvaccinated.
They're absolutely apoplectic that this information is being received by the public and now they're talking about just stopping the release of it altogether.
Very interesting that, isn't it?
Summit.News will be back, don't go away.
We still have the media lying about the current state of Covid infections in the United Kingdom.
I've talked about it over the past few weeks.
A few weeks ago
At the start of October, middle of October, they tried to create this propaganda drumbeat for a reintroduction of restrictions in the UK based on the expectation that COVID cases would rise into the winter.
As I predicted at the time, we had a lot of COVID cases because the school kids, the university students who went back were being mass tested.
Now they had their half-term break and indeed the evidence actually shows that the cases were falling before the half-term break.
We have high natural immunity amongst young people who haven't had the vaccine yet in the vast majority of cases.
And that's why Covid cases in the UK were set to be on the decline once again.
And that's been proven precisely as I predicted it would in the past two, three weeks.
Doesn't matter though because now they're just ignoring the case numbers altogether and in fact outright lying about the hospitalisation numbers again to pressure to lobby the government into locking us down or at least re-imposing masks and all that pointless crap once again.
Headline media outlets report fake news that UK Covid hospitalisations are 14 times higher than last year.
They were actually lower, but, you know, don't start the facts getting in the way of a good narrative.
UK media outlets report that Covid hospitalisations are 14 times higher than at this time last year.
Which, by the way, if that were the case, the NHS was supposed to be completely overwhelmed at this time last year, which is why we had to have another lockdown and why they had to cancel Christmas.
If it was 14 times higher now, they'd be absolute bedlam by their own benchmark.
But it's demonstrably false.
Both Sky News and ITV report the comments of NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard, who used the figure during a plea for people to take booster vaccines.
Basically, she used the completely wrong figure and then claimed that it was the latest figure that they had.
It wasn't the latest figure that they had.
They post the daily hospitalisation figure on the NHS dashboard every single day.
Anyone with an internet connection can go and look at it, but apparently the much vaunted journalists at Sky News and ITN News
Couldn't be bothered to do that or deliberately just believed what they were fed by the official government source and blithely repeated it anyway and said that, you know, hospitalisations are 14 times higher.
Surely now we need to lock down.
It was completely fake news.
Maybe they should be put in prison.
The government wants to put people in prison for posting vaccine Covid misinformation and yet the mainstream media does it on a daily basis with no consequences whatsoever.
Meanwhile, Scottish nightclubs bypassed vaccine passport mandate by placing chairs on Dan's floor.
This is absolutely incredible.
Every nightclub should do this.
Scottish nightclubs are bypassing the country's shambolic vaccine passport system by placing chairs on the dance floor and announcing that customers' vaccine status won't be checked.
Why are they doing that?
Because they're all going to go out of business otherwise.
The profit margin is 15%.
More than 15% of people in Scotland, young people, haven't been vaccinated.
They can't get into a nightclub, the nightclubs are going to go out of business.
Bear in mind this vaccine passport system in Scotland was a complete disaster from its very outset.
They had to delay its introduction for three weeks because the technology kept failing.
And as we predicted, bouncers, nightclub people on the door were getting abused because they wouldn't let people in if they didn't have the vaccine.
Shock horror still, a lot of young people don't have the vaccine.
So now this nightclub in Edinburgh
Got around it by placing chairs on the dance floor, and then if you don't officially have a dance floor, it's a loophole, and the rule doesn't apply to you, because then you're basically a pub, a restaurant.
Which at the moment don't mandate vaccine passports for entry in Scotland.
I know that as of a couple of hours ago, Wales, which passed that dodgy vaccine passport vote because the one member couldn't connect on a Zoom call, the government would have lost the vote otherwise, have now introduced vaccine passports for cinemas.
So good luck to all the cinemas in Wales that are now going to go out of business.
Of course, in Ireland they introduced vaccine passports and masks for nightclubs, but they said that you didn't need to wear the mask when you were on the dance floor or when you were drinking.
So basically, I guess if you just dance to the bar or the toilet, Covid has some kind of artificial intelligence when it knows when people are dancing and doesn't infect them.
And yes, that's a rule that's still in place, as stupid as it is.
Meanwhile, doctor banned from using social media over masks do nothing claim takes case to High Court.
The doctor who was banned by the General Medical Council from discussing Covid-19 on social media after claiming masks do nothing has taken his case to the High Court in London.
This is Dr Samuel White whose registration with the GMC was put under threat after he posted a video to Instagram and Twitter in June.
In which he said he could no longer stomach the lies surrounding the NHS and the government's response to the pandemic, which he said was so vast, while also asserting that, quote, masks do nothing.
Of course, this is an assertion that was made by Dr Anthony Fauci himself back at the start of the pandemic, when he admitted that masks were completely pointless.
Typical store-bought face mask, he said, is, quote, not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.
That's a quote from Dr. Anthony Fauci.
That was echoed by another SAGE government advisor, Dr. Colin Axon, even more recently.
Who noted that the COVID-19 virus particle is up to 5,000 times smaller than the holes in the mask.
But keep wearing your masks from that 10-yard walk from the restaurant door to the dinner table.
Because it's absolutely vital COVID knows when you're walking from a restaurant door to a dinner table, just as it knows when you're dancing.
And that's when it either chooses to leave you alone or infect you based on your movements and personal behavior.
It's developed artificial intelligence at this point.
Meanwhile, in Germany, Angela Merkel says, quote, we did it!
Suggests 2015 influx of migrants into Germany was a huge success.
This is during an interview with Deutsche Welle, which occurred, by the way,
About a day after a Syrian migrant stabbed four people on a high-speed train in Germany, great success obviously that was, importing all those Syrian migrants, she was asked about a 2015 press conference comment in which she said Germany's ability to absorb large numbers of refugees was basically, yeah we can do it.
Now she's backed up that claim six years later and said, quote, yes we did it!
Despite some setbacks, there are many positive stories that emerged from the policy, according to Angela Merkel.
What those positive stories were, I don't really know.
Maybe it was the 1,000 German women who were raped and molested by North African migrants on New Year's Eve in Cologne.
Maybe it was the rejected asylum seeker from Somalia who murdered three women in Würzburg with a knife just a few months ago.
Maybe it was the case of Maria Landenberger, the daughter of an EU official who was raped, murdered and dumped in a river by an Afghan migrant who entered Germany as a refugee after this policy that Merkel introduced in November 2015.
Maybe that was one of the positive stories that Merkel's talking about.
Maybe another one was the 2016 Christmas truck attack which was carried out by a failed Tunisian asylum seeker.
Maybe it was the Afghan refugee Abdul-Diez stabbed his 15-year-old German girlfriend to death because she broke up with him.
Maybe it was the drastic increase in violent crime as even reported by Reuters.
Which a study showed was more than 90% the fault of young male refugees.
Again, a lot of positive, glowing examples of how Angela Merkel's 2015 policy of allowing up to a million migrants from North Africa and the Middle East proves such a sterling, shining success for Germany and continues to be.
Gonna come back and go to this social engineering in TV commercials video, really important video coming up.
I'll cover a couple of final news stories too.
Summit.News, don't go away.
Gonna go to this video in a second, but I just wanted to touch on a couple of final news stories quickly.
In America, every elected official in US city of Hamtramck is Muslim.
This is the Michigan city of Hamtramck.
With a Muslim population of over 50% who voted for themselves as an identity bloc.
The six-member City Council of Hamtramck will consist of all Muslims starting in January.
Another historic first for the Metro Detroit City.
The newly crowned mayor of this city, Amer Ghalib, is also Muslim, meaning that all of the city's elected officials will be Muslim.
Nothing like a bit of diversity, right?
Which apparently means no white people.
Voters in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights also elected Muslim mayors for the first time.
While the new city councils will each have three members who are Muslim.
So they're basically almost majority Muslim now too, in terms of their representation.
No doubt leftists would celebrate the outcome as a victory for diversity, since that apparently now means no white people.
But of course, if you talk about this in the suggestion that it may be harmful or negative in any way to Native American people, to black people, to white people, to not have that representation and not to have actual diversity, as Tucker Carlson has done, if you talk about mass migration being used as a weapon to flood the country with loyalist voting blocs who vote Democrat,
Then, of course, you're engaging in dangerous great replacement conspiracy theories, even as the same people who call you a dangerous conspiracy theorist openly pursue such policies.
Well, they're talking about it in France, as we had with the poll last week, where 61% of French people believe that they're being replaced with migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.
That's going to be a central issue in the French election, but in America you can't even talk about it unless you say it's a good thing and then suddenly you can talk about it and it's all rosy and grey.
Meanwhile, 39% of 18 to 24 year olds in America now identify as LGBTQ.
This is a poll by Arizona Christian University.
And it found that 39% of them identify as LGBTQ, 25% of Americans aged 25 to 37 also identified as LGBTQ.
Do you think that's actually because they're transgender, bisexual, gay or whatever?
Or do you think it's because of mass social and cultural engineering?
Teaching them that this is how you display your uniqueness in the world as you're growing up, even as everybody else does it, so it's not even unique.
Is that the real reason?
Or are they born transgender?
Are they born gay?
Are 39% of 18 to 24 year olds born gay, bisexual or transgender?
Gee, I wonder.
Or is it the media?
Is it culture?
Is it Hollywood?
Absolutely incredible.
Of course, we had the previous Gallup poll, which Glenn Greenwald talked about and was called transphobic for doing so.
Which showed that the vast majority of people who claim to be bisexual are not involved, engaged in bisexual relationships, they're engaged in straight relationships.
So they're just claiming to be bisexual so they can claim that they're LGBT, so they can get all the special privileges and rights and victim status that's proffered on them once they make that identification.
I'm going to leave it there though because we've got this video.
We've got about six and a half minutes left.
It's a long video, 15 minutes.
You can watch the rest of it on summit.news but we're going to play out with it.
In terms of LGBTQ and in terms of
These identity politics issues.
Why are this?
Why are people believing in them?
Why are they embracing them?
Is it a natural organic occurrence?
Or is it because they're being brainwashed into embracing them?
I think this video kind of answers that question.
So we're going to play out the rest of the segment with this.
War Room is coming up after, so be sure to stay tuned for that.
But here is social engineering in TV commercials.
Remember when TV commercials used to inform you about the product being sold?
If you've got wood to stain and you want it to dry quickly, use Ronsil Quick Dry and Wood Stain.
It does exactly what it says on the tin.
Yeah, I'm old enough to remember that.
Well, now advertisers are getting a little more ambitious.
Why waste time on the product being sold when the product being sold is you?
Behold our newest ad campaign.
You sure this will help us sell more burgers?
John Lewis recently released an ad for home insurance featuring a young boy wearing a dress, makeup and heels.
Are you sure this will help us sell more home insurance?
Home insurance?
Within weeks, the ad was cancelled.
Not because of its ethically dubious amplification of drag queen kids, but because it was deemed potentially misleading.
Because you can't claim home insurance for allowing your kid to trash your home.
Maybe if John Lewis had actually concentrated on the details of their service rather than their effusive zeal to portray a boy in lipstick, the ad wouldn't have been banned.
But it's not really about the product anymore, is it?
This year's Halloween ad
Hey, you!
You look like a girl!
Why are you wearing that?
The witch nanny then conjures up a magic trick to disappear the bully.
So parents leave the kid alone until the new nanny comes.
She forces herself in, then murders a playground boy.
All because he said they look different.
Are you sure this will help us sell more Twix?
But hey, who am I to judge?
Why shouldn't young children be exposed to the alphabet experience?
After all, it's such a healthy lifestyle.
When kids aren't being bombarded by gender-bending confusion, they're being blitzed with pandemic porn.
Last year, the NHS terrified children by showing Santa being wheeled into the hospital on the verge of dying of COVID.
Heineken, the beer company that proudly supports the total abolition of all borders, at least remains consistent by insisting that there shouldn't be any borders when it comes to public toilets.
But only if you've had your shot and displayed your vaccine passport.
In what has to be the most obtuse, left-field, and awkward strong-arming of social engineering into a crisp commercial ever seen, Grandad dies, goes to heaven, and comes back as a gay ghost.
Ah, brother, I miss you so much.
Uncle Alberto!
What a surprise!
What's up, family?
How are you?
Who is he?
Are you sure this will help us sell more Doritos?
Look at this charmingly quaint snapshot of suburban British life.
You bingo like a boss.
Bag of 50 pound broken burgers.
When you join, gotta bingo.
Bear in mind, this is an ad for Bingo, which has an age demographic not much lower than the Queen of England.
Are you sure this will help us sell more bingo?
Just saw something incredibly rare the other day.
A white, heterosexual man in a TV commercial.
And get this...
He wasn't being humiliated.
Incredible, I know.
Barely believable.
I mean, it was Chris Hemsworth, but still.
Makes a change, doesn't it?
What do they want for Father's Day?
Uh, for the media to stop portraying dads as buffoons.
Doofus dads, right?
I mean, like, that's all we ever see.
It's just been burst pipe.
I can fix it.
And my husband is, uh... Uh, you missed a spot.
Seal, shake, and let Oven Pride do its thing, so he can do more.
Oven Pride.
So easy, a man can do it.
Okay, maybe it was my fault.
She told me to kill the weeds.
And you did, along with the grass.
I used the wrong stuff.
Oh, there were dead spots everywhere.
Dad's making dinner.
Oh, it'll be fine!
It used to be that TV ads made fun of men for being unable to care for babies.
But that wasn't subversively anti-natal enough.
Now women can't be shown to be caring for babies because that would further gender stereotypes.
The UK Advertising Standards Authority banned this Volkswagen commercial after just three people complained.
Note how the only stereotypes they refuse to amplify are the ones that are positive and wholesome.
An ad for Apple's iPad Pro encouraged women to erase men altogether.
Another Apple commercial showed cloned white men jumping into the sea like lemmings.
This PC Specialist ad was banned in the UK for perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes because it didn't feature any women, despite PC Specialist's core market being 87.5% male.
Furthering harmful negative stereotypes about men, however, is not only allowed, it's gleefully encouraged.
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I think so.
I am a worldly person, meaning I like going to ball games.
I like going to concerts.
I like going to play golf.
I like going out to dinner.
I like the metropolitan life.
I like everything that comes with this.
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