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Name: 20211107_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 7, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses recent court rulings and developments in the ongoing information war, including the Fifth Circuit Court's ruling against Biden's vaccine mandate, the corporate media's gaslighting tactics, and the FBI's raid on Project Veritas. He also addresses the transhumanist agenda and expresses gratitude to his supporters for their prayers and blessings. Jones promotes various products and sales at InfoWarsStore.com while discussing topics such as Biden's low approval ratings, globalists running the show behind the scenes, rumors about Biden's mental health and behavior, supply chain issues, immigration, UN lockdown orders, vaccine mandates, a potential world ID, a carbon tax, and COVID cases in Scotland and Ireland. He also addresses ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) and its effects on COVID-19 vaccines, Dana White's refusal to mandate COVID vaccinations for UFC fighters, censorship on Google platforms, vaccine-related deaths among children, and vaccine passports for kids. Jones criticizes Jimmy Kimmel's attack on those who question the experimental shots, Sanjay Gupta's misinformation about vaccines, and the

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, we've got big developments.
A lot of really positive developments, but also a lot of really negative developments.
But it's always good to know what you're facing so that you can make preparation for it and hell, even try to stop it.
You know, it's always best to face up to things, isn't it?
At least it is 99% of the time.
All right, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, and wow, is this not an amazing time to be alive, obviously.
We have the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals coming out and specifically saying that major states have filed, along with a lot of private businesses, against Biden's unconstitutional edict
That he is directing through a federal agency that everyone take the experimental poison death shot plot shots.
And the whole corporate media is trying to gaslight us and act like this is just terrible and bizarre.
But this is a specific federal court of appeals ruling.
Again, because the states have brought forward real compelling evidence of tyranny.
This is completely outside of law.
We've got the ruling right here.
We'll be covering it coming up next segment.
But first, I want to start with a quote by Booker T. Washington.
And you could say this all in different ways, but he said it, I think, the best.
A lie doesn't become truth.
Think about that.
A lie doesn't become truth.
Wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.
If the majority of Americans said we were going to start barbecuing two-year-old children alive, if there was a mass psychosis, that would not make them right, it would make them wrong.
And if the Supreme Court, 150 years ago, said
That, or I guess longer than that now, it's like 200 years ago, that blacks were only two-thirds human.
Well, that's wrong as well.
And so the Democratic Party, and Jimmy Kimmel, and Hollywood, and George Soros, and the globalists, and everybody out there can say that there's 50 genders, and say that pedophilia is good, and push their world government agenda, and the head of the Democrat
Banking Control Committee, the Budget Committee, saying we can print unlimited money, we have all the power, we're invincible.
That's delusional, crazy person talk.
The type of thing you hear right before a major war or total collapse and or both.
And I'm getting into the financial numbers.
They're so incredible tonight as well.
I mean, this bubble is way beyond the point of blowing.
And when it does blow, Katy barred the door, but that's what the Great Reset's about, to get you ready with the global carbon tax, the global ID, and the new guaranteed universal income that puts everybody basically at a subservient subsistence level.
Absolutely incredible, unless you're like that one-tenth of one percent of the globalist superclass.
So we've got all that.
To cover here today, and there is just so much more to hit.
You know, on Friday, the FBI raided two different homes of members of Project Veritas in New York, and then on Saturday, they raided James O'Keefe.
And they told James O'Keefe on Friday, don't talk about this or we might indict you for obstruction.
And even Fox News legal analysts and others said this is unprecedented, you're allowed to say whatever you want, and them raiding the journalist
James O'Keefe is outrageous, and they're now confirming the diary with Biden's daughter, talking about him having sex with her, that that's real.
So, wow!
Man, you've got the FBI as the attack dog of the President, which Nixon got in trouble for even thinking about, and then the damn diary that, hard to believe that's real, but boy!
He's basically doing a lot of wild stuff.
They are definitely a out-of-control family.
But I mean, look, Biden's wife runs around on the Rose Garden wearing fishnets.
I mean... I'll be right back.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Wow, here we are live, broadcasting worldwide on hundreds of radio stations with millions of people tuning in over InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Blasting out on TV satellites to Europe, Africa, and North America.
It is Sunday, November 7th, 2021, and we are extremely honored and blessed to be here.
That's why I'm now hosting shows seven days a week.
I was hosting them five days a week, going back 28 years ago.
Then for the last 16, I've been hosting Sunday four to six.
That's what you're watching and listening to right now.
And hell, the world's so crazy.
I've gone to seven days a week now.
Shot a two and a half hour commercial free transmission yesterday that aired at 5 p.m.
that was extremely powerful.
Got a nice 700,000 views just at BandOnVideo and millions of folks have also tuned into it elsewhere thanks to you spreading the links and taking action.
And coming up very soon in December and then into the new year, I'm launching a whole nother show weeknights ladies and gentlemen.
You know why?
Because the Democrats and the Deputy State are trying to shut me up.
So guess what?
I got a rule.
You cut off one head, two more go right back where it came from.
And I've been saying that over 20 years.
It's not from your little Red Skull Captain America program where you cut off one head of Hydra, two more go back.
But I guess that's kind of how this works.
But I'm fighting the real Hydra of the New World Order.
So I salute you all and thank you all for your support and your prayers and your just amazing blessings.
Okay, let me just start the show with this because we got a big broadcast as usual, but they just get bigger each transmission because more and more is happening here and the quickening, the singularity, as we approach that, whatever you want to call it, the transhumanists, the singularitarians, or that's how they say it, believe that this is the end of history that we're approaching.
And that they are in full control of humanity's mind and soul and genetics and developmental future.
And they just want to be able to mold the brains of the people to accept this nightmare future and to not resist it.
Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm going to resist it.
I'm here to tell you that I'm not going to go along with it.
I'm here to tell you that I know it's
Destructive and evil and selfish and stinks to high heaven.
And I'm going to document it and I believe in you and I believe that when you figure out how much trouble you're in and what an incredible attack you're under, you're going to rise to the occasion.
So I salute you all.
Thank you all for being here with us on this November 7th transmission.
So here we are.
How do I want to start the show today?
Well, I want to start it with this Booker T. Washington quote that you can't read enough.
A lie doesn't become truth.
Wrong doesn't become right.
Evil doesn't become good.
Just because it's accepted by a majority.
And it's not been accepted by a majority.
Wrong has not been accepted.
Federal Court of Appeals temporarily blocks Biden's vaccine mandate.
I actually got the ruling right here.
I thought I couldn't find that anywhere on the news.
So I thought, how about I just go actually find and read the ruling for you.
What an original idea.
We're going to be doing that in a moment.
I've got definitions of what the judge said in legal parlance coming up.
It's very, very important.
And I've got what the Biden administration of globalists said in response to that.
It's all very important.
Understand how they're taking control of the country and the world.
Because before I even saw this ruling yesterday afternoon, we were already up here taping a show.
This is live.
We tape Sunday show generally.
And I was going to title the show, The Permanent Emergency.
And then, of course, that's actually what they say here.
So the term permanent emergency is very important to understand.
The rest of your life.
Because fighting the Great Reset and the permanent emergency is the rest of your life.
It's the number one thing governing you on this planet and your body and your health and your future and your money and your right to live your life as you see fit.
Because the good times, ladies and gentlemen, are gone.
And they don't come back till we wake up and say no to the New World Order.
They just get worse.
But we got a lot of good news here.
It's going to be a very big animating and contest of liberty that Jefferson talked about.
And we can all just wake up to the Great Reset and corporate fascism and the New World Order and all their books and white papers and their terms, technocracy, and their admissions of what they're setting up.
It's all there.
It's all a blueprint.
It's all being rolled out.
We live under
A system that is habituating us to tyranny under an AI technocracy, in their words.
And we could decide that we're under attack and decide we've got to say no to it, but the average person is so delusional that they just think if they deny that's going on or just rationalize it or say, oh, I'm not going to care, that gives them power over something.
That's like saying you don't need to get up and go for a jog, or get up and go lift weights, or go up and take a hike, and then you just sit there on your couch eating bonbons and Twinkies, then you have a giant heart attack or diabetes.
I'm certainly not perfect either, but I know I need to get up and exercise, so I do.
I feel better and life's better.
And it's the same thing opposing this.
We've got to understand that this is like lifting weights or stretching or going for a walk or whatever it is.
When you don't do it, it gets harder and harder and then it gets hard to even get up from your chair and go to the bathroom.
But when you get out there and stretch and exercise every day, you can get addicted to it and it feels great and it's wonderful and you don't want to stop.
Just like riding a bike.
And so see, what I do is study how the world really works.
What I do is look at how systems integrate and connect, and then I can go read a Davos Group publication, and it's word for word, but I already said years before on air, because I've already studied their operations, and I already am inside their system.
And again, that's why the Kissinger Group tried to hire me.
Because they said, you know how to integrate systems, and see through things, and see the patterns, and understand
Large integrated programs of analysis and it's an idiot savant trait to see what I saw coming 25-30 years ago.
But now you got to be in a coma or in a trance or under a spell, that's the old term for it, to not see what's happening.
And people are in a highly suggestible trance state living through artificial constructs or artificial
I think so.
So now they've created a cosmology where they're going to have the controlled demolition of civilization because they believe we're already going through a natural cycle of collapse and decadence, which is true.
So they've exacerbated it for 80 years or so to make it as bad as possible so that they believe they'll come out on the other side of it in control before we wait and have a mass calamity with nuclear weapons or bioweapons.
They're going to have limited releases of the bioweapons ahead of that to again go ahead and call the public down to a manageable size.
And there are real arguments to all of that.
And when you go out and you look at the public walking around like dumb zombies, I don't care what color they are or where they're from, people are in big trouble.
But from the Western countries with all the decadence, we're in the worst trouble.
And you see how unconscious they are and how decadent they are, and you just say, hey, they don't want me to help them.
I guess go ahead, Gates, step in and kill them.
I mean, did I, and I'm not just saying this, did I make the wrong choice?
Should I help them just kill all of you?
Because I don't feel good doing that, and I have a connection to God, and the Holy Spirit tells me not to do it.
But I mean, seriously.
Seriously, because you're just as bad as Bill Gates and all these people if you know this information's happening and you don't do anything about it because you're decadent and lazy.
Or you just don't have the spirit of resistance against it, then is Bill Gates actually, as evil as he is, fulfilling a purpose to remove the weak people?
Now, my central problem with Gates and the globalists is they are inbred, they're massively connected to pedophilia, they're very immoral, and they lead horrible lives, and
Their programs target the most intelligent and brightest people out there in a general carpet bombing to take out all their competition.
And I don't even call that the pop eugenics they push, but a very, very destructive form of hyper dominant, similar to a bear eating the male cub because he doesn't want to be challenged by it later.
That is not the human system and it's not good.
So I'm forced because of my
Energetic alliance to resist these people, but it's still very frustrating to watch this plan carried out and the public don't know how much danger they're in.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to this November 7th worldwide transmission.
Let's start plowing into the really big news.
There are a bunch of national polls out showing that Biden has between 30 and 36 percent approval rating in more than 16 polls that were just conducted in the last week.
And remember those are skewed towards the Democratic Party in the methodologies of those polls.
So Biden probably has about a 20 percent approval rating.
He probably had a 30% during the election.
Kamala Harris, remember when she was running for the nomination of the Democratic Party a couple years ago, had less than half a percent with black voters and a half a percent with other voters.
So these guys are a joke.
People are like, oh great, then they're discredited.
People are blaming Biden.
Biden and Kamala Harris are not running things.
The Rockefeller Foundation, Klaus Schwab, the Davos Group, the Bilderberg Group,
Bill Gates' organizations, that's the private foundations, the Carnegie Endowment, they're running the show.
I told you the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller Foundations work together, they're run by the same groups now.
And I said that the Rockefeller Foundation runs all our medical systems, and the whole geopolitical system at the trilateral level is run by the Carnegie Endowment.
And they have some overlaps, and then the Ford Foundation is involved in kind of socialist agenda, open borders, third world populations being brought in.
You can look this up.
And the Rockefeller Foundation is in control of the entire Western world's COVID rollout, the COVID passports, all of it.
That's on record.
You can just type in Rockefeller Foundation directing NIH, CDC.
So these are the people, and they created and funded Hitler.
And that came out in the Nuremberg Trials.
The Bushes just worked for the Rockefellers.
That's why George H.W.
Bush famously asked, what kind of Republican are you?
And he said, I'm a Rockefeller Republican.
I've worked for the Rockefellers as my father did my whole life.
That's a quote in a newspaper.
And they created Hitler.
Now you kind of get a little idea here.
And then you've got
Gates, whose father and grandfather worked for the Rockefellers, on record.
So, they're more sophisticated than Hitler.
That was a dialectic.
They created Hitler to have a right-wing version, as they projected it.
He was really left-wing as a socialist.
And then they go, oh, no, no, no.
We're not going to just target one group of people or two groups.
We're just going to set up a liberal world order to counter Hitler.
But you now see the dialectic.
It's actually much more vicious and even much more deadly because it's much more sophisticated and creeping and more shielded and more cloaked and more hidden.
But before I hit the big appellate court ruling against Biden and walk through it,
When you see Biden, and you see national news saying that he walked up to Prince Charles, who's really already the King of England, and his longtime wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, and reportedly, this is in the news, passed a long, ripping fart.
This is in the news.
And then it smelled horribly.
They believe he defecated in his pants.
When I get up here on air and I tell you that Secret Service
He told us directly that he had to change his pants repeatedly the day before 9-11 and on 9-11 and it's part of what he does when he's upset or angry, he has dementia, that he literally dumps a huge load of feces into his pants.
He has to wear diapers now.
It's in mainstream news, I'll cover it later, but it's all over the British news that indeed that he was defecating his pants at the Royal Party.
This is all part of humiliating America.
Two, six, eight, five.
You see, it's everywhere.
But see, then he gets the blame, he leaves, and the doubling gas prices, the collapsed borders, the dollar that's going to end up going belly up out of their plan for a global reset currency, all of their agenda gets blamed on him, and then the very globalists that are doing all this, they slide in a Republican, a Democrat, whatever.
And then the agenda just keeps rolling.
That's how they do this.
I mean, even in a book by Frank Herbert that I read several times, it's excellent.
Much better than both movies.
It's just so detailed.
It's got a lot of historical references that he put into fiction.
Baron Harkonnen is
Sets up his cousin that he's jealous of to go take over the planet, does a sneak attack, takes him out.
Then he puts in his fat, mean, vicious nephew and says, squeeze and kill and murder and enslave.
And then after you're done exterminating most of the population, I'll send Fahd Rabban, you know, the young, handsome guy, as the savior.
And then they'll accept tyranny as liberation because
They were under just absolute genocide.
And that's all this is.
Oh, you've been locked up for a year?
You're going bankrupt?
You're suicidal?
Take this shot and now you can go outside.
Yeah, you gotta take a PCR test.
Yeah, you still gotta wear a mask.
Yeah, you gotta take more shots.
But you're free now.
You're free to wear a mask and scan and take more injections, you see.
And then they call that freedom.
It's all over the news.
Oh, you're free now.
You're free as long as you do XYZ.
So that's in the movies.
That's in the culture.
You know it in a movie.
But you understand what's happening in the real world.
Just like Biden's here to crush us and enslave us and we hate him, he'll be removed, the Saviors will be sent in.
Just like Hitler was created and funded and told he could take over Europe and there was a secret treaty with the British Empire and then they double-crossed him.
That's in mainline history.
It's just buried.
That's why the Deputy F├╝hrer Rudolf Hess flew in and parachuted into the palace and got locked up for the rest of his life in the Tower of London because they couldn't let him out with the actual treaty as the witness to it being signed with Edward VIII, the King of England.
And then Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England.
I mean, this is the real world, folks.
So you go watch the original Dune or read the book.
And he sends in a strong man to crush people and dominate them so that they then accept another tyrant who's just not as bad.
But now you're in a new world.
The Overton window's been moved to total genocide, total enslavement, death, murder for five years.
And then, oh, you'll accept a tyrant that has checkpoints and curfews and executes people and everything, but it's still not as bad as total extermination.
So, so, so, so I know people don't care about real news or real info, some people.
See how that works?
So I'll just give you a Hollywood example of what's really going on.
Now, here's Biden a week ago saying it's bull, nobody is going to give $450,000 to people separated from their children.
A million dollars per family.
And then he goes, okay, it's true!
If the children are separated!
If the children are separated!
Oh, so when a SWAT team raids a house with a warrant, the kids are separated for five minutes and they get a million dollars?
What about people separated from their loved ones under the fake COVID lockdowns with not able to see them in nursing homes for a year?
Do they get $100 million?
No, this is to incentivize illegals coming here.
So here's Biden flip-flopping with his dementia.
Your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars per family.
That is not true.
Yeah, $450,000.
For a person.
Is that what you're saying?
That was separated from a family member at the border under the last administration.
That's not going to happen.
Where do you stand?
You said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage.
No, I didn't say that.
Let's get it straight.
You said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000.
The number was what you had a problem with.
The number that I was referring to.
Now here's the thing.
We'll be right back with the rest of it.
Stay with us.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So America and the rest of the Western world, the once free world, has a new boss, private megabanks that have taken over by their control of the central private banks that they got in place in Europe about 120 years ago.
Here in the United States about 108 years ago.
And they have unlimited money so they can set up the corporations and companies and engineer society the way they want.
But in the Western world, there was still so much power by the consumer that we could dictate the type of country and world we lived in.
And the whole world saw us with swimming pools and jet skis.
Race cars and helicopters and going to the movies and restaurants everywhere.
Things have been like a Disney World.
And yeah, it's been decadent, it's been out of control, it's been wasteful.
It's had a lot of problems.
Consumerism in and of itself, for consumerism, is bad.
But the very globalists telling us they've got a new system to clean that up are the worst of that system.
And they're heavily connected, constantly.
Can't shake a stick at them.
Can't swing a stick in the dark without hitting a pedophile.
Because that's what decadent corrupt elites have always been into.
Because that's the last taboo.
And that's going against God.
And it's just, it's how you get in their club.
And so these are the people taking over and running our world.
I mean, you see these British royalty and you see these Davos Group people?
I mean, you're looking at... Makes the people in Eyes Wide Shut look like squares.
You think Eyes Wide Shut's racy?
Hell, I got drug in a couple of those things when I was a teenager.
That's just par for the course with rich people.
That's nothing.
And so we're either going to wake up to this or it's game over.
I tried to go to the clip earlier, but I forgot the break was coming up soon.
This is Biden a week ago.
Let's replay.
Just going, what?
Are you kidding me?
We're not giving up.
Half a million dollars or whatever to people that got separated from their kids because he doesn't know all this.
He plays Mario Kart and poops his pants.
I mean, I've talked to Secret Service separately from inside the White House and his detail going around the country.
And the story out from the Secret Service out of D.C.
is he runs around out of his mind all night in a robe and his underwear.
And he just comes into like work offices and just starts talking to people and doesn't really know who he is and telling weird jokes and just clearly out of his mind.
I mean, they're not making these stories up.
It's just that he's out of his mind.
And then he's up at all hours of the night, wandering around on the complete other side of the White House.
And yes, they said, you know, saying, quote, he's looking for the bathroom.
That was one of them.
They just say he wanders around.
He's obsessed with that.
And now it's in mainstream news that he just basically
Like a Monty Python or Benny Hill joke, or an Ace Ventura joke, was just like... On and on and on, it smelled terribly.
That's mainstream news!
So you see, they're setting him up for a fall, because they're setting America up for a fall.
So I don't think it's funny.
You know, the Let's Go Brandon thing, that's okay.
It makes a joke out of it.
But it's deadly, deadly serious.
Poopypants Biden trends on Twitter as rumor.
Claims bathroom mishap.
Explains long meeting with Pope Francis.
The new news is this, since we're already on this story.
Duchess of Cornwall, that's Camilla Parker Bowles, on Biden's farting and climate summit.
Long, loud, and impossible to ignore.
That's being reported by the Daily Mail and a bunch of other publications.
Here's the Daily Mail.
Kamala hasn't stopped talking about it, hearing President break wind during chat at their Great Reset Summit.
And of course, you've got the, again, thunderous chance of F Joe Biden breaks out during UFC 268.
He stole the election, but...
We all know that now, and the idea that we're terrorists if we say it is just ridiculous gaslighting.
But now let us move away from that.
I've set the table here.
Oh, by the way, you know, normally I'm here for two hours on Sunday nights, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, 5 to 7 Eastern.
Oh, I'm here for four hours tonight.
I'm doing Sunday Live that Owen usually hosts, 6 to 8 p.m.
Got some very special interviews and more coming up 6 to 8 p.m.
So we've got plenty of time, but I've dispensed with the pleasantries.
And so let me do this right now because this is really, really important.
That's right.
Oh, I need to get the Biden clip.
When we come back, I will get to the case filed by Texas, Louisiana, and other states that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals looked at and said they have serious cause and serious constitutional issues that they've basically proven in their filing on its face.
And if the Supreme Court shoots this down,
Well, you know how screwed we are, but that's what Robert Barnes, one of the lawyers on my show, warned people that Kavanaugh is an authoritarian, that Amy Comey Barrett is an authoritarian.
I mean, she cited cases that allowed the sterilization of mentally retarded children and stuff to like say no to people that filed cases.
The Supreme Court that she only heard, they're deciding if the higher-ups would hear it, and she said, no.
We're going to go ahead with forced inoculations.
So I wouldn't hold your breath on this, but if the Supreme Court says that they can mandate these shots when the executive branch orders it, it's one thing to have a private business say, to work here, you got to do this.
But when a bunch of private businesses link together to try to make you do it, that's a cartel.
That's racketeering.
And when government does it, my God, on its face, it's unconstitutional.
It's illegal.
It violates the Nuremberg Code on its face.
So we're going to get to that next segment.
But first, since I mentioned it, here is Biden.
And the big takeaway from this is not to be picked up by the press.
He legitimately did not know a week ago
But eight days ago that it had been in the news for months that his administration had said $450,000 per family.
Now, I mean, one thing, if jail guards had raped kids they took away from parents, that never happened, like AOC tried to say, or if kids were drinking out of toilets or something.
But that didn't ever happen.
And so Biden's up there saying, that's just ridiculous.
That's bull.
And then a week later, well, yeah, they're separated from their parents because then they came to him.
But, but notice a couple of days after he said that eight days ago, Jean Pierre, the deputy press secretary, talk about arrogant, talk about a liar, you know,
But yeah, she told the truth this time and said, oh yeah, we're giving them $450,000 because that's to get the caravans even bigger.
Not the hundreds of thousands slamming in every few days.
Not the video of the Mexican troops again this week.
Thousands of Mexican troops just overrun by a crowd of over 100,000 stampeding them.
Fewer in critical condition.
Almost dead by being run over.
I mean, our borders are being broken by the UN and the globalists.
And then they go on the news and they say, this is being done because of global warming.
No one has any food down there.
No, the global lockdown caused it.
That's what the surveys show.
Nine out of 10 in these migrant caravans say, we're locked down.
No one buys our crops anymore.
We don't have any food.
We have to come north.
So I don't even blame these people.
But once the third wall completely collapses and we haven't stopped them and the world knows they can come here, it's not going to be a million every month.
It's going to be 10, 20 million every month.
And that's what the UN said in the replacement migration documents.
Just type in replacement migration into the UN's own search engine on their website and you'll read thousands of pages about how they were going to do this with 640 million they want to bring to America alone.
220 million to France from Africa alone that they'll control.
That's how the globalists are conquering us with migration and collapsed countries.
Here's Biden.
The Trump administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars per family.
That is not true.
So this is a garbage report.
$450,000 per person.
Is that what you're saying?
That was separated from a family member at the border under the last administration.
That's not going to happen.
Where do you stand?
You said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage.
No, I didn't say that.
Let's get it straight.
You said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000.
The number was what you had a problem with.
The number does refer to.
Now here's the thing.
If in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal, and you lost your child, you lost your child.
It's gone.
You deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstances.
Yep, there you go!
You have no idea.
All right.
Here we are on Sunday night.
All right, let's plow into the big story.
This happened Saturday.
Breaking federal court of appeals temporarily blocks Biden's vaccine mandate.
We learned the news.
And this isn't like the private businesses and some of the colleges and schools that filed.
This was a bunch of states and also a bunch of businesses and companies.
And what did the court say?
Well, the court said that it was so constitutionally dangerous and so threatening and basically on its face what was going on was so obviously unconstitutional that they were putting in the emergency injunction and that Biden had until Monday evening to respond to it.
Because if you know about the Bill of Rights Constitution and common sense, or the Nuremberg Code, international law, what's going on is as illegal as hell.
And so is Joe Biden getting up on C-SPAN seven years ago.
And saying I was over in Ukraine, the prosecutor was investigating me and my son, I told him, you better fire him by the time I fly out of here in six hours, or we're not gonna give you a billion dollars, and son of a bitch, they fired him.
We gave them a billion dollars.
That's called bribery on TV.
That's like, oh hey, I killed somebody five years ago, they're buried back there in my backyard, and the cops go dig up at that body.
I mean, it's just rubbing it in our faces, that's what criminals do.
So here's the actual United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.
And you can see the state of Texas and the state of Mississippi and a bunch of others did this.
A bunch of big churches, Daystar, Television Network.
Man, I tell you, they're fighting the worst inoculations.
They're doing a great job.
Those are some good people right there.
And then let's read to you right here.
This is a cause law and legal definition.
And let's read the legal definition.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, United States Department of Labor, United States Department of Labor, Martin J. Walsh, Secretary of the U.S.
Department of Labor, Douglas Parker, Ms.
Official Capacity and Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health.
Respondents, Petition for Review of Occupational Safety and Health Administration Emergency Temporary Standard.
Notice it says Emergency Temporary Standard.
Before, Jones, Duncan,
Engelhardt, Circuit Judges, we're curing him.
Before the court is the petitioner's emergency motions to stay enforcement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's November 5th, 2021 Emergency Temporary Standard, the mandate, which is an emergency pending expedited judicial review.
Because the petition gives cause, because the petitioners give cause,
To believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate, the mandate has hereby stayed pending further action by the court.
Now, give cause.
Cause means standing, or you're right, or you have a reason to do it.
And it says they've given cause here and have raised grave constitutional issues.
You see that?
Because the petitions gave cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate.
That's why they made all this experimental.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
They knew about the heart problems.
They knew about it all.
Here's the CNN globalist piece against it.
Federal Appeals Court Issues Stay-At-Biden Administration's Vaccine Mandate for Private Companies.
And it goes on, The U.S.
Department of Labor is confident in its legal authority to issue the Emergency Temporary Standard on Vaccination and Testing.
Oh, you mean they can issue the Emergency Temporary Standard on Vaccination and Testing?
Because there's no law that's been able to have been passed
Because there's an emergency like if there's a chemical spill or a big fire or whatever and then OSHA can come in with emergency rules say suspending rules on things you'd normally have to do in a factory because they've got to suspend the rules so emergency workers can go in and put the fire out.
But see, this is a permanent emergency where here we are 20-something months later, and a virus cooked up by the globalists has been released.
And it's been the pretext to suspend normal rights, to quote, blow up the regular authorization system at the FDA, as Fauci said, and to bring in all this experimental garbage onto the public that only Western countries are taking.
Nobody else will dare take this.
Not China, not India, no.
Not Brazil.
We get the special death shot because we're to be taken out.
And so again, this is all done under emergency auspices because then it's outside of law.
So we always talk about FEMA bringing in martial law in the statutes that Congress did pass
That during a nuclear war, or a meteorite, or a supervolcano, or huge earthquakes, if regular governance is suspended, and regular government and private corporations can't operate, then an emergency is declared, a national emergency, and the army's put in the streets and the rest of it, it's a fancy name for martial law.
So they're invoking all those clauses by declaring this emergency.
The only emergency is Congress is just standing up and saying no, and the governors aren't standing up and saying no, and the people aren't standing up and saying no, and saying, this thing has a lesser chance of killing you than the flu.
But the vaccine has a much higher chance of killing you.
Here's the British Medical Journal's own numbers from a month ago.
The emergency is that they've declared an emergency.
And are coming after us.
And now Bloomberg and all of them are like, oh, COVID's permanent.
We're never going to stop giving you the shots.
And COVID's never going away.
You got to take shots a couple times a year.
And you've always got to wear a mask.
And you've all you got to have checkpoints.
You got to have an app on your phone to say when you can travel or go anywhere.
I mean, this is just a nightmare of control.
All being brought in globally by the UN and the Davos Group that have set the standards that our own government is now adopting.
What did Ron Paul write about last week?
That in the infrastructure bill, and it passed, is this unifying standard medical identifier number that is now being used for this and is now being established that is in line with the UN approved Davos Group system.
And what did Xi Jinping 20 months ago say?
He said, we must have the UN approved global unified QR code system.
And it's the QR system that the communist Chinese government developed and created and implemented.
And you can even look it up that the UN Davos Group global standard is run by the communist Chinese.
Talk about a coup.
You cook it up, you release it, you have your operatives in control through big tech, you censor the opposition, you even censor the House and the Senate and governors that speak out against it, and then you roll this thing out with a world ID and a world tax and world regulations and a global social credit score.
Tied to the carbon tax.
And it's all officially announced.
Two weeks ago, I played you Davos Group video press releases bragging how the UN standardized this with China and how the world's now adopting this world ID through your smartphone and how soon it'll be an implantable chip under your damn skin.
I mean, it's all been announced.
Hell, it's all over the news now.
And then finally,
Some states get together and stand up against it.
Thank God.
So go back to where this hour started.
New polls suggest GOP victory in 2022.
Biden approval stinks and sinks to 38%, while Kamala's is even worse.
That's just a good poll.
A lot of them have got him at 30 points, but it doesn't matter.
He was put in there, ladies and gentlemen.
He was placed in there, so he'll take the blame.
Doesn't mean I don't hate him, doesn't mean I don't hope he gets impeached, whatever.
The point is, is that he's just their front man.
A lot of good news.
Dana White refuses to mandate COVID vaccinations for the UFC fighters.
This is a free country.
You do what you want.
He says he will defy it.
And it's indentured servitude.
It makes him an agent of the government, which federal regulators have said.
And Biden's executive directive to OSHA says they are federal officers now.
Oh, you're a federal deputy now, with all the liability and all the problems that come with it.
But it's not our federal government.
We'll play that clip next hour with Dana White.
He's a great guy.
I got to meet him a few times.
Really nice.
People don't know the special fund exists, Zero Hedge reports.
Feds pay zero claims for COVID-19 vaccine injury deaths, even though they're several thousand percent higher than any other vaccine death rate, according to VAERS.
Because they're claiming, well, that was authorized, approved vaccines.
Get the 1986 Vaccine Act.
This isn't approved.
It's experimental.
So, we have liability protection and you don't get paid when you get sick or die.
Wow, we got a whole bunch of news on this front coming up next hour, and then I'll get into James O'Keefe got raided by the FBI.
Not just Veritas, he got raided yesterday.
A total attack on journalism, that's all coming up in the next hour, and so much more on the economy.
A video of Mexican soldiers retreat from ferocious battle with caravan migrants.
Stay with us and tell everybody you know, tune in.
That's how we override the censors, is when you take action.
Stay with us.
All right, folks, let's do this.
I want to get to the rest of the really important COVID news in the next segment that's longer, because there's a lot of it here and it's very important.
But I also wanted to get to a few of these clips we haven't gotten to that are just amazing.
Let's play this clip.
It's clip two.
It's despite high vaccination rate, COVID is surging in Ireland.
And then I've got some graphs in Ireland and I've got some graphs in Vermont of all places here in my stack that we'll go to here in a moment.
But the more injected you are, the higher rates of COVID you have, the higher rates of hospitalization, higher rates of death.
You know,
That reminds me of what I meant to start the show with today, but I got distracted by just how much news I've got in front of me.
I have talked on air, obviously, to most of the big, prominent, well-known, prestigious scientists and doctors that have been speaking out against the COVID tyranny.
But now there's so many speaking up.
I learn about hundreds of new ones every week that are prominent.
They've had a lot of big conferences around the country and around the world.
And when I meet these doctors in person or I have them on the show and I'm talking to them, you know, during the breaks, I can punch it up and talk to them on Skype or Zoom or on the phone.
Alex, we all know you're right.
We know they cooked it up and released it and the vaccine's the cover for the further depopulation.
They're releasing new more powerful weapons and all the health care people we know know and basically 90% of us are awake, but people are scared to be fired or lose their license.
And I mean, I understand that not everybody's Dr. Zelenko or Dr. Merritt or others, but
Or Dr. Fleming.
And I really respect all these prominent scientists that are coming out and doctors, but we're going to have to admit what's really going on or we're going to lose society.
Because I understand it's hard for the public to get their mind around this, but the scientists and doctors and prestigious, I mean, Dr. Yidan, the former head of Pfizer, said it is a depopulation weapon over a year ago.
So that's the reality.
Here's part of that report.
Despite high injection rates, COVID is surging in Scotland, in Ireland.
The way it's gone at the minute is like, we all seem to know somebody who has COVID.
Waterford is mirroring the COVID situation across Ireland at the moment.
Extremely high vaccine uptake, but stubbornly high infection rates.
Local man Tom Gallagher nearly died from
Because if people think that the vaccine is the full metal jacket, like, you know, you have total immunity.
But obviously you don't.
You know, why pity is the grandparents who are still living at home, who are worried sick of getting these things, of getting this virus.
You know, because, I mean, it's the vulnerable people who are still dying, Stephen.
People who have underlying ailments, you know.
In a city famous for its walls, the vaccine hasn't been a barrier to high infection rates.
A pretty staggering 99.5% of all adults over the age of 18 here in Waterford are now fully vaccinated.
That's the highest vaccination rate in Ireland and thought to be among the highest anywhere in the world.
Okay let's just stop right there and then it goes on that they have the highest rate in Europe and the places that aren't doing the injections have the lowest rate so let me
Let me show you some of these graphs here that I've got in the stack that deal with this.
Because this is a big, big, big, big, big, big deal, ladies and gentlemen.
They know this, and then the public can't get their mind around it.
And that Stockholm Syndrome, just like all the clips out of Canada, out of the US, out of England, out of Australia.
Oh, with premieres of major regions, like Western Australia last week saying, we don't know why the hospitals are at record levels, why everybody's so sick, why they can't breathe, they don't have COVID, and they've been double vaxxed, because that's what ADE is.
We'll go to break.
We've got that clip from Australia for you.
I got so many clips, but that one's really important.
I'm probably going to play that clip every day for a while, because it's just all right there in your face.
All right, folks.
Oh, they're now bombarding children on Sesame Street saying, be protected, take your shot.
But it doesn't protect you.
In fact, the British Medical Journal says you're twice as likely to get COVID if you've had the vaccine, because the vaccine is a more serious form of COVID, as Dr. McCullough said in studio Friday.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
So if you just joined us, I played national TV out of Ireland, where they're almost 90% injected.
And just like Israel, Israel has the highest COVID rates in the world.
But after them, for a major industrialized country, Ireland has the second highest COVID rates and COVID deaths and COVID hospitalizations.
I just played that
Part of that newscast for you is posted at Infowars.com, but let me show you this.
This is from the CDC's own numbers.
Vermont is the most vaccinated U.S.
state, and Vermont has the highest COVID rates in the United States.
Gibraltar, Singapore, Israel, Ireland, whoever's the highest injected,
Has the highest rates.
In fact, a month ago, Maine was the most injected, and they were number one in the U.S., but now Vermont passed them to over 90%.
And they have the highest rate and the highest rate of hospitalizations per capita and death.
Gee, I'm not a chemist, but if I went out in the garage and I just scooped some powder out of some weird container and took it and died, while I was dying, I'd probably figure out that was poison.
So here you go.
I mean, for TV viewers, radio listeners, just go look it up yourself.
Vermont and Maine have the highest cases and the highest injected
In the country.
That's the reality of all of this.
This is modern warfare.
Now, I played this on Friday and I played this on Saturday and I'm playing it again now.
Because it's so powerful.
Here is the
Premier, the Governor of Western Australia, that's the name of the province, and here he is saying, we don't know why we've got record number of illnesses and the hospitals are just full.
You see this stack right here, dear TV viewer?
That is a...
Five-inch tall stack, probably 200 articles, every one of them a public figure dying or having a heart attack after the shot.
And stacks of news all over the world, mainstream news, of the countries taking Moderna or Pfizer or J&J, all having blood clots and cancers and heart attacks and strokes and the rest of it.
And, quote, mystery illnesses filling the hospitals at levels never before seen, but the people don't have COVID.
This whole stack is that.
Look at it.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
That's why you have the term, don't be a dodo.
Dodo didn't exist until they started calling them dodos, meaning stupid.
You know, the sailors go, that's a dodo!
And now you hear, don't be a dodo, because a dodo didn't run from a dog, wouldn't run from a human, wouldn't run from anything.
And so the dodos were all extinct in a couple years.
And I think we should really change the world's flag to a dodo bird.
But you know, people wrongfully say that ostriches stick their head in the sand because they're scared.
No, they have really good ears and they can listen to vibrations up to a mile away.
Ostriches are actually amazingly smart birds.
They're not sticking their head in the sand because they're scared.
That's Americans.
That's liberals.
That's leftists.
That's people that Stockholm Syndrome
They're dodo birds.
And go along with things.
They don't have any survival instincts.
They have nothing.
It's very sad because they're then organized into groups that come after our freedom because they think they're going to get freedom as soon as they submit to the system that they see as their mommy giving them little treats.
But it's not their mommy.
It's the New World Order.
So here is the premier of Western Australia just puzzled.
Gee, what started in the last six months over there?
That's causing just all these mystery illnesses.
And you go to the Australian news, I got like five articles in the stacker out of Australia.
I think I'm just saying that, I better go through this, there's five articles on that out of Australia in here.
That talk about the hospitals being full over there.
With lungs filling up with water, blood clots, heart attacks, and they keep saying we don't know what it is.
It's called ADE.
We had a bunch of scientists on a year ago, year and a half ago, saying it was going to happen.
And now it has.
So let's go ahead and play the premiere of Australia there in Western Australia.
Our hospitals are under enormous pressure.
This is the same in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
Enormous pressure.
This has been something no one has ever seen before.
The growth in demand in our hospitals.
Why it is, is hard to know.
Except that there is some evidence that some sort of delayed reaction to COVID.
But there is huge
Numbers of people coming through the doors, so we're doing everything we can to try and manage.
So we had Dr. Peter McCullough in the studio, a very respected research scientist and heart surgeon.
He's a leading expert from Dallas, very respected Fox News analyst and Fox News guest.
And he said on air Friday, he said the COVID vaccine causes the same thing COVID does, just worse in a certain percentage of people.
The viral video with 700,000 views needs more than that, as Dr. Peter McCullough issues emergency warning, vaccine-created spike protein is deadly in the human body.
You want to warn people?
Just the first five minutes of it is a great boil down.
That's what we do.
We take an hour and a half interview and put the best parts of the first five minutes.
Then we show the unedited video from front to back, the interview.
Sitting right there Friday, showing the peer-reviewed studies on air where this is happening.
And they know, they admit the vaccines causing the heart attacks and myocarditis and ADE.
And he says, as bad as all this is, when the boosters come in, which is happening, it's going to be 10 times worse, which happened in Israel and England.
They've suspended the boosters in Europe.
But you don't hear that on your news.
You're just told you're a kook.
You're crazy.
Don't ask questions.
I saw a Jimmy Kimmel video from Friday this morning.
I'm going to play some of it when we come back.
And Jimmy Kimmel looks straight at the camera and he says, look at these idiot, you know, sports people.
They say that they're doing their research before they take the shot.
And the crowd's told to laugh.
He did research!
Ha ha ha!
He read the back of the container!
Ha ha ha!
They just want us mindlessly like a bunch of idiots going off the edge of a cliff.
So here is the head of the UFC, who I just really admire now more than ever.
He's always been a libertarian conservative type.
I don't know why.
He's a trailblazer.
And he's one of the first people, hell, 8, 9 months ago, 10 months ago, to reopen areas.
And he left Vegas because they wouldn't let him have events there.
He says, we're not wearing masks.
We're not making people take shots.
And he's saying, this isn't America.
This is BS.
I'm going to defy this crap.
And that's what it takes is leadership, like you see it in Outburger.
I don't go to In-Out Burger.
I don't eat a lot of burgers.
But I'm gonna go to In-Out Burger now.
They got some in Austin.
Got some good burgers as they say in Big Lamowski.
But we've got to support these people.
We've got to stand together and say no and not just collapse like a bunch of slaves.
Here it is.
First of all, since we came back and started doing full crowds, every event we've done has been a sellout, including Madison Square Garden.
So, you know, going through the pandemic the way that we did, finding solutions to problems, you know, instead of hiding, was the best thing that we've ever done.
I mean, our business grew
Exponentially through the pandemic.
Because you think you sent a message?
You think you sent a message to the country by saying we're going back, we're not going to hide, we're going to lean forward?
I hope so.
I mean, I hope that's what happened.
But, you know, my intention was to take care of my people.
You know, through the pandemic, we didn't lay off one person.
We didn't cut anybody's salaries.
Everybody got their full bonuses that year.
And all my fighters' contracts were kept.
You're in a city that told a bunch of firefighters, get vaccinated or go home.
Firefighters, cops, sanitation workers.
What about that vaccine or drop dead attitude?
Yeah, no, it's crazy.
Well, you know, I'm not having... My fighters can get vaccinated or not.
We're not forcing people to get vaccinated.
It's a great interview.
The full interview is on InfoWars.com.
We'll be back, though, at Sesame Street.
All right, we are back live.
Coming up, I'm going to get to part of an 11-minute Jimmy Kimmel attack on anybody that questions these experimental shots that have killed and maimed so many people and the whole surveillance
Cashless society control grid that goes along with it to monitor and make sure we've taken all our good big pharma experimental shots.
Imagine if somebody told you 20 years ago they're going to bring in a world government with a world ID with little handheld computers that tracks everywhere you go and what you do and then make you take experimental injections.
Well, you would have been listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You would have known that.
I was saying it, but you thought it was crazy.
And I understand why you thought it was crazy, because that's hard to believe.
But now Klaus Schwab's on TV saying next they're going to put a microchip in you.
Oh, and by the way, now the Davos Group announced they're going to start now, that this year, through the FDA, spring nanotech chips that become part of your body without you even having a choice in it.
It's a transhumanist revolution.
Dana White refuses to mandate COVID vaccinations for UFC fighters.
This is a free country.
You do what you want.
But the
Statement is, oh, but you're going to hurt me if you don't take it.
So you need me to take a shot because you won't be safe unless I've taken the shot.
But even when you take the shot, it doesn't protect you from COVID-19 because it's not an inoculation.
Inoculations work.
It's a gene therapy.
I mean, it's just incredible.
It's all over the news, like, I got in the hospital after I took the shot.
I thought I'd protect me from COVID, but I was in the hospital two weeks later.
Hey, stupid, the shot gave it to you.
It grows the same spike protein in the injection.
Not my opinion, a fact.
Here's a key article.
People don't know.
The special fund exists.
People pay zero claims.
Heads have paid zero claims for COVID-19 vaccines and injuries and deaths.
Zero claims!
Because they don't tell you.
And I've been making this point the whole time.
They have the vaccine damage fund set up in 86.
Billions have been paid out.
Hundreds of millions a year.
You gotta jump through a bunch of hoops, they make your damage and what happened to you secret, so you don't scare the public.
And here, when people try to approach them when they've died or their families have gotten sick or families had a bad reaction, and they just say, sorry, this was an experimental injection, so it's got liability protection, but it's not under that law, because it's not even a vaccine.
See, it's this no-man land.
Just like they said, oh, it's approved for five and up!
I said a few months ago it's approved 12 and up.
Now it's approved by the FDA in 2026.
They say the studies are done in 2026 and it may be approved then.
All of that is a lie, ladies and gentlemen.
So, that's where we are.
Remember to read the article at ZeroHedge.com.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
It's very important.
Remember Ice Cube reportedly leave Sony, oh hell no, after refusing COVID vaccine last week?
Love the name of the movie.
He's like, oh hell no, for real.
Well, now it's Emilio Estevez leaving Disney's Mighty Duck series over vaccine mandate.
And that's what got Emilio listening to me 20 years ago, was guest on about tainted vaccines.
And then he introduced me to his dad, and his brother, and the rest is history.
But I know him pretty well.
He's a really nice guy, really smart.
He's a big director.
Made a lot of big films.
Not just the Repo Man.
They said, oh, you don't take the shot.
So a good guy there.
You can't be part of this production.
And a bunch of other big individuals have been leaving movies where they're told you must take a shot to be part of this show.
What a cult!
What a group of rapists!
Oh, this is some really sick video and photos.
We'll get to it next segment.
Axis of Evil, Dr. Fauci and Hillary Clinton cozy up during funeral of Colin Powell, who was fully vaccinated and died of COVID, hugging each other, just loving each other because they've been longtime globalist depopulationists.
Another study reveals dramatic decline in all three major vaccines in just a few months to the point of not even working at all.
Unvaccinated troops now threatened with losing all their veteran benefits.
Hell, they're threatened to take your house in Australia, you don't take it.
Oh, these are really nice people.
No, it's all about the power to do whatever they want, when they want.
Newsmax has backed off after their listeners went crazy, opposed this vaccine mandate and will not enforce vaccine mandate at company.
All it took was Dana White and
Alex Jones and a few other people saying we're not going to enforce that here.
Boy, courage is contagious.
Like Aaron Rodgers.
He's been dropped by a healthcare sponsor after vaccine comments.
Well, he's not dead from a heart attack.
And again, since when do all these companies bully you if you question anything that any other company does?
Whatever happened to my body, my choice?
Here's another one.
Two Texas children
Injected without authorization while trick-or-treating at a church Halloween party where they'd set up a vaccine immunization center.
They gave them adult-size injections and one is already in the hospital.
That's in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
Meanwhile, Google's parent company takes another major step towards pharmaceutical industry.
They basically merge together and then they can not let you complain on Google platforms when they kill you or hurt you or rip you off.
Parents increasingly worried about being forced to vaccinate young children as Biden tightens the mandates.
Oh, a big report on InfoWars.com that I suggest you share with any doubters out there about how deadly these shots are.
Watch physicians and medical scientists holding summit on defeating COVID authoritarianism.
The full summit's posted at Band.video.
And it just goes on from there.
We're going to go to break and then I'll get to Jimmy Kimmel and his incredible disinformation and Sesame Street targeting children and lying to them and Pfizer running ads saying you'll be a superhero.
Yeah, you'll have a heart attack and die in many cases.
Or you'll have an autoimmune disease or you'll have heart swelling for the rest of your life and 23 to 56 percent of children that ever get even mild or medium myocarditis die within three to ten years of heart failure.
That's from the NIH.
What an, oh, that's quite a superhero.
Pfizer ought to have an ad.
It's the new superhero, Heart Attack!
The new superhero is Grim Reaper, Death!
Children, you'll become a superhero of death!
You'll be so powerful, you'll no longer be alive!
When you take the experimental shot, absolutely incredible.
Coming for our children, what are we going to do?
We're gonna go to break, come back with all that.
And please remember, we've only got seven more days of this.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Do I need to recap here?
The basic facts that COVID-19 has killed less than 20 children under the age of 10 in the United States in the last 20 plus months.
That's the numbers.
And that almost all those children, in fact everyone we looked at, had comorbidities.
Some of them so incredibly deformed that
They didn't even have IQs.
Most of them have the different disorders where they're babies born without brains.
In one case, a little baby that died up in Michigan had a disease where the intestines are on the outside.
Baby been alive for less than a year outside its mother.
Then they just put COVID on the death certificate to get
The $53,000 that the hospitals get if they say it's a COVID-related death.
Even USA Today admits that.
So last year it was mainly hype.
Now we've got the vaccine damage and we've got Pfizer admitting and the British Medical Journal confirming last week that shedding is happening and it's creating the variants.
And so that's why you see the numbers all over the world of double the chances
I don't think so.
That they covered up adverse reactions in the trials.
Well, of course.
So they didn't do the trials before like they're supposed to.
Then they started trials once the rollout happened.
And now they're trying to cover up what really unfolded there as well.
So here is Sesame Street, ladies and gentlemen, targeting little children at home to scare them about viruses and make them think that a big drug company cares about them if they just get this put in their body so they'll ask mommy and daddy to give them the shot.
I mean, this is worse than tobacco companies targeting children or if Seagrams targeted children, which they never did.
I mean, this is
A form of pedophilia in my view.
I mean, it's just like pedophile wants to molest your child, have sex with your child, defile your child, destroy their innocence.
It's about power.
This is the exact same thing.
It's about power and control.
And it's a war crime against humanity and our children.
Here it is.
Elmo, but I have to say it's wonderful to actually see all of you.
It also sounds and looks like you and your families have been staying healthy.
Oh, I have a way I've been staying healthy, Dr. Sanjay.
Oh, does Rosita have a poo-poo?
Oh, no, I mean the virus from my COVID vaccine.
My mommy and my papi took me to get it this morning.
Rosita, that's great.
Getting the COVID vaccine is a great way to stay healthy.
See, my mommy and my poppy said that it will help keep me, my friends, my neighbors, my abuela all healthy.
Your parents are absolutely right.
You know, COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older.
And the more people who get them, the better we're going to be able to help stop the spread of COVID.
All of that's a lie.
We had the head of the CDC just last week saying 96% effective and no side effects.
That's like saying a hot stove won't burn you.
Or playing in traffic won't get you hurt.
Sanjay Gupta that got his clock cleaned by Joe Rogan a month ago.
Already seems like a thousand years ago.
What a sick joke.
Even old Sanjay Gupta's wife, somebody told me, wants to basically divorce him because she's so ashamed of him pushing these vaccines.
And I think she should leave him.
He's a monster.
He's a dirtbag.
And now he's on Sesame Street pushing this poison
Pushing this poison on our children.
Absolutely outrageous.
And he knows exactly what he's doing for his 20 pieces of silver.
But if that isn't bad enough, the rape of our children, because I told you it was coming.
It was announced in San Francisco, now LA, now other New York saying, we want vaccine passports for children as well.
So when your child tries to go in the grocery store or to church or anywhere, they're ordering every place of business or worship to check your phone and the app that you're fully vaccinated.
I walked in Target today and there was a big sign saying, unless you're fully vaccinated for your protection, please wear a mask.
The vaccine doesn't protect you.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy that erases your immune system in their own studies.
And they know in the studies that it particularly hurts children.
And now when all these children get hurt, just like they did in the trials, they're going to cover it up.
And that's how the corruption works, just like the pedophiles got into the Catholic Church.
The Catholic Church covered it up so they were able to take over.
And the same thing with the Boy Scouts.
It's the same phenomenon.
And now when all these kids get sick and die, there'll be an even bigger cover-up.
And we'll accept more evil, because it's too evil to fail.
It's too big for people to wake up to.
And now San Francisco is saying, you've got to do it, you've got to take it.
Evil, evil, evil, evil.
Now here's Jimmy Kimmel, who they admit gets talking points from the federal government, all the late night comics do.
Because they're comics posing as newsmen, when they're really just government...
Vomit merchants.
And they'll say a joke that's funny and then say some disinfo.
They'll say a joke that's funny and then stab you with an attack on asking questions or doing your own research.
And it's all just despicable.
Here's Jimmy Kimmel making fun of people.
It's a long clip.
I won't play the whole thing.
But just the very first few minutes, he makes fun of sports people that do their own research.
You shouldn't do your own research on medical stuff.
You shouldn't have any rights.
You should just shut up and do what they say.
Here it is.
Thank you for watching and thank you for joining us here in, well, it's a beautiful day here in sunny Southern California where as of yesterday we started giving the vaccine to kids age 5 and up.
Finally, our kids will be able to go to bars and nightclubs again.
Isn't that great?
This has been a very bittersweet week for children.
On Sunday, you get a bag full of candy.
Three days later, you get a needle in your arm.
Welcome to life, kids!
The White House is doing their part to get shots in us.
Team Biden today announced that more than 100 million American workers are required to be fully vaccinated by January 4th.
And if I know my fellow American workers, everyone's going to be super chill about that.
You can hear this is canned laughter, by the way.
That's why they took away the crowds for a year and a half, bring them back, but also add in the laugh track.
That's a laugh track.
People laughing at forced inoculation, laughing at tyranny.
Let's continue.
What it will be like in the office now with this vaccine mandate, how we will know who is vaccinated, and for those who are wondering that, this is what it's going to be like.
Guys, welcome to my vaccine status reveal party.
And now the moment of truth.
Am I vaccinated?
Let's see.
When it says yes, he's good.
But then it says not, they all put masks on and run away.
I'm not vaccinated.
Oh, he's the bad man.
It doesn't protect you.
It's a lie.
I miss those office parties, I really do.
Hey, speaking of unvaccinated co-workers, there's some potentially good news for Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.
They have a new mayor in New York, Eric Adams, who says he's going to reconsider the city's vaccine mandate when he takes office in January.
If that happens, it could mean Kyrie will be back on the court.
I just hope he's able to finish his research first.
You know, he's been doing his own research.
What if he enjoys that so much he decides to become a researcher full-time?
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in quarantine right now.
A. Rodge tested positive yesterday for COVID and will miss Sunday's game against the Chiefs.
He'll be watching it from my home and no one seems to know.
He's totally fine, I understand.
He hasn't been wearing a mask even where it's required and at one point.
Oh my gosh he's not wearing his and he just goes on how bad he is and how stupid he is and everything else.
You look like a mongoloid.
I'm sorry, you're a joke.
I bet your ancestors were like mutated on some other planet.
It's like it's probably happened before and now you want to mutate us like you, don't you?
Now you want to destroy us and our generations.
I gotta just let some truth slip, okay?
These damn creatures.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Come on, come on, come on!
Poor pirates can't stay around.
Sold I to the merchant ship.
Minutes after they took I. From the bottomless pit.
But my hand was made strong.
By the hand of the Almighty.
By the hand of the Almighty.
Hand of God.
We forward in this generation.
Next hour, I'm going to host, coming up on Sunday Live, got some big interviews and a lot more and a ton of news I haven't hit.
I'm going to blitz through news until the next hour starts.
I'm going to give you my view on what happened at the Travis Scott Astroworld Conference concert.
But everybody's saying satanic ritual.
Everybody's saying they must have been on a bunch of drugs.
Of course people were drunk and on drugs and a bunch of other stuff.
But at this concert with Travis Scott at Astroworld, he's the big celebrity.
He was the headliner.
And you had a bunch of people that had come there, you had a hundred thousand folks, and as soon as they saw him go on the stage, and things got exciting, they rushed forward, and they didn't think about what they were doing, or the power they had, and they crushed the people in front of them.
That happens at Mecca all the time, where sometimes hundreds get crushed.
It happens at shrines in India, where hundreds get crushed.
It happens all over the place.
That's why people need decorum and need to be in control of themselves.
And that's why I wouldn't get near these modern rock and roll concerts or these modern rave parties or any of it because people got hurt when I was going to them, but I have in the last decade gone.
Some of my older children wanted to go.
I said, yeah, okay, I'll go with you.
I'll see what it's like.
And particularly hip hop and particularly stuff like that is super dangerous.
And it's a travesty, but I'm going to get more into it.
You have the country music thing shot up in Vegas.
I understand live music's fun.
I understand the energy's fun.
I understand that.
But now they want you to take vaccines or shots to go to it and all the rest of it.
And it's just things are falling apart.
Now, again, I'll get to it more next hour because there's more to it.
Yes, the selfish
Banned even though when they knew people were being hurt and killed did not stop things and did not say get back for a while.
And there's a lot of videos of that people trying to climb up and even tell the roadies to stop it.
And people are so selfish and so evil now that they just kept going.
Because obviously the people up on stage were so bombed out of their brain as well.
A bunch of drunk and drugged out people together is not safe.
So, you know, Rolling Stones got in trouble in the early 70s, or was it late 60s, I forget, with the famous thing out in California with the Hells Angels, where things got out of control.
Well, that's basically what just happened at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival.
And, sad for those that died and the hundreds that got trampled and feel like they're dead.
But, uh, yeah.
I've seen the video and they're screaming, people are getting hurt, people are being stomped on, and the leader of the thing, Travis Scott, runs out to this precipice out, this promontory out over the crowd, and he just starts singing, looking down approvingly at it.
That's why folks said, hey, this is some kind of satanic ritual.
The whole damn thing is, folks, anything out of Hollywood, anything out of these mainline, you know, people, is bad news.
It's all got a bad spirit.
And I didn't go to stuff this bad with my children, but when they were teenagers, let them go get a taste of it and then not like it and then not want to go anymore like they both older children, 19 and 17 now don't want it because
I went and showed them and pointed it out and showed them how trashy it all is and the rest of it.
And a lot of folks love concerts.
They're addicted to it.
They love the energy.
I'm not blaming anybody who likes concerts.
I'm saying the Hollywood system, the people that own all this, are going to use it to make you give them IDs, make you take poison in your body, and then you're going to be also around a bunch of other drugged out, out of control, exploitive people, and it's not a place to send your teenagers.
I'll tell you that.
Things are degenerating.
I mean, I wouldn't tell somebody to go downtown in Austin at night anymore.
It's not because I'm some old man now and can't handle it.
They had 78 shootings at one apartment complex in Austin.
They didn't used to have 78 shootings in a year in Austin.
Stuff is just falling apart.
There is a degeneration happening in the public.
We've lost God.
We've lost our spirit.
We're in a trance.
We're in a daze.
You look at people, you can see they're in a daze.
They're not even self-aware.
They don't even know what's going on.
And that's information that by the middle of December, very focused, very cogent, very well put together, Alex Jones production.
Bigger than a film.
More important than a book.
That's going to be coming out by mid-December, maybe even earlier.
That I'm going to be telling you about very, very soon.
I'll begin by the end of this week to begin to let you know the title of it and what it is.
So look for that by the end of the week.
And then by early December, you're going to be getting a glimpse of it.
And I'm telling you, if you put this into function,
And you become aware of this, we will bring down the New World Order with God's help very, very quickly.
And I've proven that I'm not somebody that's playing games.
We've proven that we've got God on our side, thanks to God and thanks to your prayers.
No glory goes to me.
And we've got a mission here, and we're going to go to the next level.
And I'm very thankful to all of you for keeping us on air over the years.
We now be here at this time and we're going to do our best work together coming up here in the very near future.
Okay, let me tell you what's coming up on Sunday live usually hosted by Owen Troyer from 6 to 8 p.m.
It's not just Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan that are awake now.
It's Russell Brand.
And I was sitting there realizing that Russell Brand and his wife at the time, and then of course his wife's father, contacted me and basically said they were big listeners and I'd have woken them up if they listened every day.
And then he ended up leaving that wife and you know all the rest of the story.
And Russell talked about it on Joe Rogan's show when he was on there last year.
Hopefully Russell will come to town soon and come on both our shows.
Russell's been on the show a few times and I've interviewed him outside the show.
But he's got some gatekeepers around trying to keep him off the show, but I'm not really worried about that.
But we can again not take credit, but say InfoWars was one of the main influences on Russell Brand as well, and now it's all over the news.
They go, what is he, Alex Jones?
He's the new... Well, no, it's not the Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan or Russell Brand of the new Alex Joneses.
It's more like this.
And I was having a conversation
This weekend with one of the people I just mentioned, I'm not going to say who.
It's an interesting story, it's not name dropping.
And it was myself on one of these big talk shows talking, and there was another person there talking, and it was over the phone, and it was a three-way conversation.
And we're talking about everything that's happening and people waking up to the vaccines, all the stuff that's going on with Rogers and White and all of it.
And they're like, yeah, man, it's like people are saying, you're the new Alex Jones.
It's like, no, no, no.
I'm not the new Alex Jones.
I love this.
He said, Alex Jones is Morpheus.
And all of us that are waking up are basically Neo.
And that's the archetype, but it's true.
And so, yeah, I'm not in the archetypal sense, the Keanu Reeves character.
You know, the ethos of coming out of the Plato's cave, coming out of the pod.
I'm Morpheus.
And all of you that have been for decades, some of you, 50 years fighting tyranny, aware of this New World Order, we stand on their shoulders.
A lot of them are tuned in right now.
A lot of folks been listening 28 years.
We're all Morpheus.
And we are literally educating and waking up the public
To realize how powerful they are to overturn this system.
And when they realize the power they have and take the red pill, the adventure begins.
We show you how deep the rabbit hole goes and we win.
And so it's just so cool to fight tyranny.
It's so cool to go with God's plan.
It's so cool to go against the grain when you know you're right.
And then to live.
Most trailblazers, most mavericks don't get a chance to live to actually see their work come to fruition.
And I'm getting a chance to see it.
Still going to be a rough road we're going down, but we're not going to get caught flat-footed.
So I want to thank all the listeners for keeping us on air because you are Morpheus as well.
Those of you that have been the missionaries and the trailblazers and the emissaries and the ambassadors of freedom against the globalists, promoting this show and the interviews and the articles and the videos and the documentaries, those of you that did this, you literally
You deserve way more credit than I do, because there's millions of you, and what you did was 99% of the work.
As Ron Paul would always say when he was getting the credit for things, he'd say, I'm just a focal point of this.
And then Ron Paul helped build the Trump Revolution, and Trump wasn't perfect, but that builds a bigger revolution.
And it's all a process, and we're getting stronger, the globalists are getting weaker, and everything they've thrown at us is a response to try to suppress us and keep us under their control.
So this is the Animating Contest of Liberty, and I'm just blessed to be here, and I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of you for what you've done.
Thank you.
All right.
Some stations don't carry Sunday Live.
They should, but it'll be at band.video and freeworldnews.tv and a lot of other places.
So tune in and share it.
I'm coming right back in two minutes.
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And then only a few megacorporations will be left holding the reins of planetary control.
That's what Klaus Schwab writes about in four books he's written that I have read and that I've covered on air.
So I'm not predicting all of this.
I'm telling you what is ongoing and the process we're under right now.
So A, we've got to wake up to it and spread the word and warn others and get our leaders that aren't globalists at the state and federal level and international level to say no.
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