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Name: 20211106_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 6, 2021
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The indictment and arrest of Danchenko.
The entire Russiagate house of cards is now collapsing and even mainstream news is saying it leads right to Hillary Clinton and the highest levels of the Democratic Party.
I broke all this down in a special two-hour report today with Roger Stone.
It's posted to Band.Video.
Now that all this incredible new information has come out and we have clarity about what really happened with Russiagate, it's important to go watch that groundbreaking historical interview with Roger Stone.
It's going up as we speak to Band.Video.
But here and now, I wanted to talk about an angle that is very, very important.
To not just Russiagate, but to where America and the world is today in general.
And it's this.
An issue of lack of courage.
An issue of a population that has become very jellyfish-like, even at the highest levels of government, including our intelligence agencies and our military.
Our problem is not the evil people in the government.
Our problem is that good men, as many of our founding fathers said, do nothing.
The only thing that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
And when I look back at Russiagate and I look back at how the globalists that have conducted a coup over this country use that as a pretext to prosecute and persecute and spy on and demonize and sue and jail loyal Americans that were standing up and doing their duty.
It's just disgusting to know that the vast majority of people in government were not involved in those crimes, but they sat back and they watched those crimes be committed.
And I want to be clear.
I'm not just talking about the crimes that were committed against Roger Stone or myself or many others.
I'm talking about the crimes being committed by the corporate system that's hijacked our country.
It's not the Russians that have hijacked our nation.
It's not even the Communist Chinese, though they are heavily involved in espionage and they have infiltrated.
But it's the corporate interests that nobody's watching or nobody's looking at that have taken control of really both political parties and are setting up this worldwide great reset technocracy.
And so the big news here, the big takeaway, what we've now learned is that Fiona Hill is a big globalist leftist.
She worked at the newspaper, The Globalist.
That's the name of the newspaper.
She was at the Brookings Institute.
She headed up one of Soros's major foundations and was on the board of his Open Society Foundation, his most powerful lead organization.
And she's connected to MI6, the CIA.
I mean, she really is a political operative, even above the level of spies.
And this woman was brought into the White House very early on in 2017 because Trump was tricked.
Fiona Hill came out in the news and said, I'm a Russia expert!
And even though I'm basically a Democrat, I think that the Russians probably weren't involved in the dossier.
And Trump saw that and his handlers came, or people trying to be his handlers came and said, Mr. President, look, see, she's on your side, bring her in.
And then she brought in McMaster and all the other globalists who then we now know worked as a palace coup against President Trump to block his agenda, to leak this information and the rest is history.
That's how the Russiagate fraud basically took over.
Most of the Trump administration for four years and how they stopped a lot of his agenda of restoring our Republic from going through.
So now we understand why back in 2017, we were already reporting that there were illegal wiretaps against president Trump when he was a candidate.
And then when he was first elected and later that was declassified and confirmed years after we broke it.
And you're probably asking, how do we know that?
Well, there were people in the White House who were patriots, but they were scared.
And they knew that if they brought out the information, that they would probably be put in prison or maybe even killed by this faction.
And they actually shopped the information around to Fox News and others, and no one would touch it.
The Wall Street Journal, you name it.
And so again, it fell to Roger Stone.
And Alex Jones.
And so Roger had high level White House sources known to me, I'm not going to say who obviously, that told him all of this and explained it all to him.
And that's how we were able to bring forward this information.
In fact, even before these individuals were in the White House, before Trump actually even was president elect, we already knew that they were using the Russiagate system to set up a stay behind network of Obama operatives in case Trump won to basically make sure that Trump never got control of the government.
So experiencing this from the inside, we've really learned that there is an ongoing international, multinational, corporate coup of globalism over America and that the information we were covering on air at InfoWars solely was widely known inside the Republican and Democratic parties at the top and widely known in the White House.
Trump's not stupid, but he's very naive when it comes to politics.
He truly had never been in the swamp.
He'd give him lots of political donations for issues and things that he needed to lobby for.
Trump didn't realize that China, yes, is a big threat and our number one threat as a nation state we face.
And their communist ideology.
But it's the globalists that set up China and set up the communists in control of modern China that are the monolithic threat that is five, six, seven times more dangerous if you look at it in the aggregate than China because it's successfully infiltrated and taken over not just most of the government but also most of the major corporations.
So that's why this is such an incredible development to see the Durham
I don't
And almost brought down the entire silent palace coup that was going on.
And we could have derailed Russiagate and the world would be a different place.
Trump wouldn't have had the election stolen.
The United States would have already won the trade war with China.
And America would still be number one when it came to energy exploration and exporting.
Instead now be one of the biggest importers.
And we would not have $4, $5 a gallon gas.
And we would not have the borders totally collapsing.
And just everything we see.
And so in closing, that makes me realize something.
It's not our enemies that made us fail.
It's not even the cowards.
That knew what was going on and wouldn't lift a finger because they were too scared.
It's that I didn't realize how important InfoWars was.
I didn't even realize four or five years ago that our enemies were so weak that just a little bit of exposure came that close to totally bringing them down.
I mean, she got taken out, McMaster got taken out, but they held on for a few years and did irrevocable damage.
And that if we had just known how close we were to defeating them,
And if I would have responded to the corporate media, not by defending myself and saying I'm not a Russian agent or things like that, but pointed out this was being done to us, just like WikiLeaks has been persecuted, because we're telling the truth and we're challenging this corrupt system.
And so what happened with InfoWars is really a cautionary tale for everybody.
Especially other independent media out there is you've got to realize how powerful you are You've got to realize how important you are and that just by existing and just by having no good honest reporting You will become a conduit for whistleblowers and people that want to tell the truth But are looking for somebody else out there who will help them get that information out so we're getting a lot of clarity about what happened and now we realize why Fiona Hill was before Congress and
While she was on 60 Minutes, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, saying Alex Jones was getting her death threats and Roger Stone was getting her death threats.
All of that was being said to divert, as a red herring, away from the fact that she's a multinational globalist operative, in my view, engaged in espionage to keep the United States under this yoke of the whole globalist corporate system.
And again, she writes for TheGlobalist.com
And testify to Congress, she doesn't even know what a globalist is!
I learned the term globalist 25 years ago reading their own documents where they described themselves as globalists.
Which means global governance.
Which we now see the Davos Group and the UN being set up and established and being promoted by the strobe talbots and others that have publicly called for world government and who trained Fiona Hill.
And of course this whole
New information coming out and the indictments leads right back to him as well being the main kingpin at the Brookings Institute.
So listeners, you've done a great job keeping us on air over the years.
We've had massive effects helping wake up Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan and countless millions.
And we've broken thousands of huge stories, hundreds of number one stories.
And without InfoWars, we'd be in much worse shape today than we are now in our fight against the New World Order.
We're really starting to turn the tides, especially intellectually, culturally, spiritually.
But I just want to encourage all of you to redouble your efforts to take articles from InfoWars and to share them and to spread them and to celebrate the fact that InfoWars is under attack and bloodied and in a lot of trouble in many ways.
Not because we're weak or not because we're bad, but because we've been champions for freedom and we stood up to the globalists and we did what was morally right.
We didn't sit there and calculate all the odds or what would happen to us or will we get sued or will we get put in jail, but we did the right thing and stood up to these bullies.
And that's what builds open and free societies is good men and women knowing they're on the side of right and getting past the fear and standing up.
So if more of us will just do like InfoWars has done,
And have courage to do the right thing, they can't get us all.
But regardless, I'm going to keep moving on, I'm going to redouble my efforts, and I'm going to realize just how important we've been thanks to your support.
And I'm not going to let this incredible time we're all living in go to waste.
So again, thank you for supporting InfoWars.
Thank you for praying for us.
You are the InfoWar and take the Roger Stone interview now that we know it really happened and get out to everybody you know because this thing is bigger than Russiagate.
It can bring down the entire Deep State House of Cards.
For myself, Roger Stone, the InfoWars crew, Owen Schroer and others who are all being politically persecuted, we thank you for your support and your prayers and we ask you now to redouble your efforts because the children are counting on us and God is watching.
Right after you started at the White House, there was a smear campaign against you.
Public, distressing, I'm sure.
What was that all about?
Well, I'm still trying to get to the bottom of some of that, to be honest.
He's got a major Soros mole discovered in the White House, breaking now.
May 2017.
Right-wing conspiracists launch an online campaign to discredit her.
George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House.
A woman named Fiona Hill
I have to say, the scale of this did take me by surprise.
This was Roger Stone.
It was Roger Stone, Alex Jones.
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