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Name: 20211106_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 6, 2021
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Alex Jones and Darren Betty recount their experiences during the Capitol insurrection, claiming it was not an armed insurrection and suggesting antifa members infiltrated Trump rallies. They also discuss potential supply chain shortages due to lockdowns, leading to mass deaths in third world countries, urging people to prepare themselves while promoting InfoWar products."

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Saturday, November 6.
The year is 2021, and we've got the biggest Russiagate news in this five-year saga ever.
With the indictment and other indictments that are now about to be handed down against Hillary Clinton's operatives, we are living in an incredible
And we now know in hindsight why they came after Roger Stone with such a vengeance.
Why they came after Infowars with such a vengeance.
Why they persecuted so many people.
We came within inches, thanks to Roger Stone's courage, of actually stopping the entire Russiagate scam that held back most of Trump's agenda to restore the Republic in the last four years.
In early
2017, as you know, Roger had sources and had said it back when it was candidate Trump.
They were illegally surveilling him and wiretapping and targeting him.
That later came out and was confirmed.
And then Roger had White House sources, very high level, that would have been kicked out or removed if they exposed Hill, who came to Roger.
I know he told me at the time, this is all, sources are off record.
We're good to go.
And that she's bringing in a whole invasion group of other operatives under Trump's nose.
This was all done, Roger, exposed on my show.
We'll play the clip in a few minutes.
By having Fiona Hill come out and say, I'm one of the top Russia experts, supposedly.
That means Soros anti-Russian groups.
And I'm not sure that the dossier was real.
And I'm not sure that Trump was involved with the Russians.
And so just by that, Trump got tricked to like, oh, here's a liberal.
Here's a Brookings Institute lady that says I'm not connected to the Russians.
Bring her on in.
And now it's coming out in federal documents that she actually got all the first people together for the dossier.
So absolutely incredible.
And now we know why she was on congressional hearings, 60 Minutes, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, saying, help me, Roger Stone's trying to kill me, Alex Jones, death threats, help me.
We're going to show you all that because she was the spy master of the corporate takeover.
We're always thinking about Russians or Chinese, but it's globalist corporate interests, that's what the New World Order is, that have gotten control of our country.
So, that's why suddenly I had the FBI trying to indict me.
That's why I had SUVs following me.
That's why I had death threats.
That's why I got debanked and deplatformed and all of it.
That's why they had congressional hearings saying with the CIA and Defense Department, Alex Jones is a Russian asset.
He must be removed if America is to be saved.
That's Senator Blumenthal.
That's Senator Murphy.
That's Senator... Three of them said it.
I mean, you've seen all the clips.
I'm not going to go back and play them again.
We're going to play the Fiona Hill saying we got our death threats with no evidence.
We're going to show you Roger in 2017 breaking in on air, but...
Roger didn't think, hey, they'll come after me.
Roger didn't think, hey, they may indict me because he's not a coward.
He didn't even think about the consequences because a patriot doesn't think about consequences.
They just do what's right.
And I had this epiphany last night because I've always liked Roger.
He's funny.
He's super smart.
But now I love him even more.
He, I remember how many times he had all the sources.
He was the only, because no one else had the courage.
And then he had the courage to have the sources and put out the truth.
And then I was crazy enough to put it out on air.
And if just other people would have had the damn courage.
And would have stood up and told the truth, we would have sent all these criminals to prison.
Instead, now they're branding the American people as terrorists, using the Russiagate in January 6th.
So, this chink in their armor, you could drive a bus through, is big, it's huge, so now I wanna just shut up and try to give Roger the floor as much as possible.
We're gonna play these clips.
To do a post-mortem on this, the total vindication, and then where he thinks this is going with the Durham indictments, and that now it's starting to happen, and more, simply incredible.
So, a vindicated former political prisoner, the man that got Trump to run, the man that almost single-handedly saved the country, and we still have a shot at it, the man that gave this country a fighting chance, a damn hero.
You know a man by their enemies.
And I just want to say it, InfoWars deserves a lot of support.
And I don't say that to like, toot my horn.
We're in a damn war with the New World Order!
You want to take on the CIA?
The Deep State?
The Internationalists?
We're doing it!
And we almost beat them, folks.
That's why they're scared.
That's why they've done all this.
And so I'm very honored to do this, but I underestimated how incredibly cutting edge and how bad we were hurting them because we had a huge audience and people that had contacts were willing to take action.
And we still do, thanks to you, Lister.
I think?
We're good to go.
It's for all of you out there listeners and this crew out there as well.
But the MVP is Roger Stone.
It's just a damn fact.
Roger, we almost beat him, but we're still in the fight.
But my God, thank you so much for joining us.
And I've said a lot here, but I'm going to just try to shut up and let you take over.
Well, Alex, thank you very much.
I appreciate being here.
You know, the amazing thing when I look back at it,
When I learned that Fiona Hill, a Soros mole, had penetrated the Trump White House.
When I learned that she'd been brought in by H.R.
McMaster, the globalist national security director who Trump ultimately wisely fired.
There was no other news outlet that would touch this.
It's not that I could take it to Newsmax or anyplace else.
There was no one who would touch it.
There was only one place to put out the clarion call.
The one place where the guy who ran the show had the guts to let me go on the air and expose the whole damn thing.
And that was InfoWars.
So InfoWars does deserve your support, folks.
Because Alex Jones had the cojones to put me on the air so I could tell you exactly what was going on.
In retrospect, Alex, I think you're absolutely right.
This is why I was targeted.
This is why 29 heavily armed FBI agents in full SWAT gear, with night goggles, brandishing M4 fully automatic assault weapons, surrounded my home at 6 a.m.
on the morning of January 25th.
It was because I had pointed out the cabal that was right there, like an asp in the bosom, inside the Trump White House.
Now, ironically,
Go back several decades earlier, former President Richard Nixon has a meeting with Strobe Talbot.
Strobe Talbot is whining and dining Nixon, trying to push himself off as some kind of foreign policy expert.
And I told the former president,
Tolbert is a traitor.
He is a quisling.
He is no damn good, Mr. President.
Don't buy into his act of being interested in bipartisan foreign policy.
He is a running dog lackey of the Clintons.
And Monica Crowley can confirm this.
I spotted that traitor long ago.
Now, anybody who just tuned in needs to understand what has happened in the last 72 hours.
The special counsel, John Durham, has indicted a Russian named Igor, who actually seems to be the source of the phony dossier.
But if you read inside that indictment, even individuals as dumb as Andrew McCarthy of the National Review, who might know a lot about the law but doesn't know dick about politics, has reported that this is the roadmap to the entire Clinton conspiracy.
I understand John Podesta, Robbie Mook, and others have lawyered up.
In fact,
Well, Robbie, get ready.
Get the Vaseline and bend over, pal.
It's your turn in the barrel.
This guy is, these people who accused us of treason, they're actually the traitors.
How ironic is that?
So, no, I'm proud of what we did here on InfoWars.
Nobody else was willing to do it.
It's a great idea.
I'm sure Adam Schiff will sponsor that bill almost immediately.
I'm sure he feels badly about smearing me.
Oh, wait a minute.
I just read his biography.
He talked about warmed-over BS.
He recycles the same thing again.
No, Congressman Schiff, actually, Bill Barr did not intercede in my trial, did not lean on the prosecutors to give me leniency.
That has been denied under oath by the three top career non-prosecutors, non-political prosecutors at the Justice Department, according to the Washington Post.
So your own House organ has exposed you.
It's a fraud, just like this entire Russian collusion escapade was a fraud.
Roger, let me ask you this, and then you can continue with whatever you want to get, you go over here historically.
Again, I'm not trying to
Butter you up here saying you were the only person that was willing, that was aware of this, because most of them knew up there, to do what you did.
And so I just want to point out that it's not even the evil people that are the problem.
It's like Thomas Jefferson said, all that evil men and tyrants seem to flourish is that good men do nothing.
It's shocking to me that everybody knew this, because I remember you were talking about me and telling me the information.
I'm going to leave it at that, because I wanted sources.
And so as a journalist, you know, we went over it, and it was all proven to be accurate.
And then they tried to put you in prison saying you were a Russian when you were doing the opposite.
It's just crazy.
And so how big a deal is it that Durham has now indicted the bag man, which they're admitting for Fiona Hill, and of course, for all these different individuals that were involved like Strobe Talbot.
I mean, that's in mainstream news now that that's where this is going.
Well, we have to assume that there will be an attempt to make this a one-day story.
Let's remember that Mr. Durham reports to Attorney General Merrick Garland.
I hope he has the courage and the integrity to bring these indictments, because if you read the indictment released yesterday, it is a roadmap to Hillary Clinton and her own gang.
And we all know that when they're pressured, they will point up to who ordered this whole thing.
The WikiLeaks disclosures are interesting because you see the way to distract from the actual information, none of which has been challenged in terms of its veracity or its accuracy or its authenticity, is to create a controversy about its source.
The same thing's going on today, where you see the FBI has stormed the Veritas headquarters to find out how Veritas obtained the diary of Ashley Biden, which contains an enormous amount of vile information about Joe Biden showering with his own daughter, I believe it is.
Again, let's create a controversy about how Veritas got it to distract attention from the actual details.
These people are one-trick ponies.
They do the same thing over and over and over again.
And now the FBI is being used as Joe Biden's personal Gestapo.
I mean, the real question here is not how Veritas, who are journalists and have no obligation to reveal their sources, got this information.
The only question is, is the information accurate?
Is it authentic?
Is it real?
I think we now know that it is.
Just as Project Veritas also obtained Hunter Biden's laptop information.
But once again, the controversy was not the vile things that Hunter Biden spoke about.
The controversy was, well, how did he get this?
It must be wrong.
And then the total news blackout as if it never happened.
The number one problem in the country today is
For the first time in our history, all mass communications are controlled and censored.
That has never happened before.
Never in the history of the world has this happened.
Never in the history of the country.
That's why InfoWars is a beacon of freedom.
That's why InfoWars can always be counted on for the truth.
You can always go to InfoWars.com and find out what is really going on.
Well, I said back when this was all going on, looking at the diary, I knew Veritas had it, but it was put out on the internet, that I thought it was real.
They're now basically confirming it is real.
But Roger, something you hit here is key, and I'm glad you brought this up, because when we talked this morning, I didn't raise this point, but I meant to start the broadcast with it.
We have to rebrand ourselves as we are to the audience because we're tough guys.
I mean, I know you, you're not a pushover.
I'm not either.
We're kind of bullheaded.
We don't even think about consequences.
We just like a hunting dog go right at our target if we think it's the right thing.
And I'm proud of that.
I'm proud of you.
And I'm not trying to brag.
It's just true, folks.
And we're thankful the audience is just like us to keep us in the fight.
But you are like Julian Assange.
They tried to put you in prison and kill you like they're doing him.
They want to put me in prison with the grand juries that are open and all the lawsuits.
And they tell me that.
So, listeners have to understand.
You want champions?
You want folks that'll fight for you?
We're it, okay?
Because, I mean, they're still after Roger.
They're still after me.
I'm not whining or bitching.
My only power is that I'm willing to keep fighting, and God works through you to keep us on air.
So when I come to the Lizards and say, hey, I'm doing a good job for you, it's because I am in your hands, folks, viewers and listeners.
I mean, I want to stay in the fight.
I don't want them to kill me.
I don't want to go to prison.
And if they can silence me and get me off the air, they're going to put me in jail.
That's the plan.
They don't want to do it until I'm off air.
Same thing with Roger.
That's why Roger's got to stay on air.
That's why we've got to stay in the fight.
Because this is a death battle.
And so I don't want the same fate as Julian Assange.
I've been trying to get him out for years.
So has Roger.
But this is serious.
This is a war on the press.
Because if they can say, oh, Roger's evil, put him in jail, or Alex Jones is evil, or Julian Assange, none of us are safe.
And where is the national press saying, okay, Roger Stone's vindicated, okay, it was all a fraud, okay, we're sorry.
No, they're evil.
And they're also stupid.
Because when you get rid of sex imbalances and you start getting rid of chivalry, chivalry got put in because people were hardcore killers and they wanted their families and people protected.
Chivalry is not the thing that wimps do.
It's what smart people do.
We need to return chivalry and stop this headlong dive into dirtiness and corruption and evil.
We need to celebrate Roger Stone and Alex Jones and others that stand up and tell the truth, not try to put them in prison.
Alex, I think it was Plato who said, no one is as hated as the truth teller.
And my wife and I and my family, we've been through hell.
I still have 17 lawsuits filed against me.
Every single one of them, frivolous, meritless, unsubstantiated, groundless.
They're not really, they're actually not lawsuits.
They're press releases.
In other words, they have no evidence or proof.
They're just wild accusations designed to defame me in the press and make me cough up more money for lawyers.
I've got to raise $250,000 in legal fees between now and the end of the year just to defend myself in these obnoxious civil lawsuits.
So yes, I need people to go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
People don't know that I'm still fighting this.
They just think, oh, Roger Stone, he's been pardoned, I'm sure he's fine now.
No, unfortunately, and you know this Alex firsthand, if you don't mount a vigorous defense, they enter a default judgment against you.
Roger, I have put on giant!
Let me do this, please.
In your case, you mounted a giant defense, you produced all the documents they asked for, you testified for hours without limitation, yet a judge acts like you didn't respond, like you disrespected the court.
So this is the game they play.
It's called lawfare.
It's defamatory.
There should be Rule 11 findings against these lawyers.
But I can tell you right now, it doesn't matter if a suit is meritless or groundless.
It won't be dismissed in the District of Columbia.
Because there's not an honest judge there except for the ones appointed by Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.
It just won't.
And that's a handful, my friends.
So, yes, I need the help at StoneDefenseFund.com.
And while you're at it, go over to the InfoWars site.
If you don't want to buy a product, make a contribution.
But frankly, you've got so many great products.
I can tell you right now, the InfoWars t-shirt I love the most, the one that triggers the liberals the most, is the bold red letters that say InfoWars on a navy blue t-shirt.
You've got to grab one of these.
You've got to grab five of them for Christmas presents.
Nothing pisses off liberals more than this t-shirt, other than a t-shirt
It says Roger Stone still did nothing wrong.
And Roger, let's go ahead and do some fundraising for you and for me right here because I'm trying to explain to listeners.
I'm not complaining.
Our listeners are like our lifeboat.
We're their lifeboat.
We're all one, literally.
Ladies and gentlemen, Roger and I, along with Trump, and that's really about it, are seen as symbols of the resistance.
And I didn't know why I got picked as their symbol, or why Roger did, but legitimately, we had sources, I had sources, but Roger had even better ones.
In the secret service, you name it, that told us Hillary was collapsing, and it turned out that was true, and it got on video.
And that they were being wiretapped, and we really were given the documents.
And so we almost beat them, just a few ragtag people that had a big platform because of the list we're supporting.
So that's why we're so important, because now Roger is legendary.
I'm legendary in the enemy's mind, and they need to get us off air.
They hate us.
They hate seeing us.
I took my son to breakfast this morning,
I don't know.
I think?
And the water in my water bowl, you understand?
And I need food, I need lots of it, I need big muscles, and I need big operations so I can really give it to these people, you understand?
Energize me and energize Roger Stone, and you've been doing it, and we will not let you down!
Go ahead, Roger.
You understand that?
Let me tell you why we're gonna win in the end, Alex.
Because I have the protection of Jesus Christ, that's why.
Because in my darkest days, when I realized I was about to be lynched in a Soviet-style show trial, I fell on my knees, I confessed my sins, and I got right with the Lord.
So now I'm supercharged.
You want to mess with me?
You're messing with the Lord Almighty.
You're messing with God.
Because we've read the Bible.
We know how this comes out in the end.
Good wins in the end.
So these crazy leftists, they never stop.
I was in a supermarket.
A couple nights ago, by myself, picking up some things I needed, and some guy comes up to me, starts calling me a traitor, a Russian piece of crap, and so on, and then he starts poking me in the chest with his finger.
I had to grab a can of peas and threaten to smash this guy in the head to get him to back off.
So, you can yell whatever you want, I'm just going to walk away and ignore you.
But when you start to get physical, that's a giant mistake.
I can't leave the state of Florida without paid professional security.
Alex, you're the same way.
You know how expensive that is.
It's extraordinarily expensive.
Roger, we had HBO and CNN vans in the parking lot and a helicopter circle right over the building four times yesterday.
I mean, they are just circling us like sharks because we're kicking their dirty commie asses!
Well, it's when the 29 agents surround your compound there in Austin and try to round you up at 6 o'clock in the morning with the CNN crew outside that you really have to worry.
Look, we know exactly how that happened, by the way.
At 6.06, I was arrested.
At 6.11, a CNN correspondent, Sarah Murray, sent a copy of my indictment, which was sealed until 9.30 that morning, to my lawyer, Grant Smith.
It had no court markings on it, but it does have in the metatags the initials of the scoundrel who wrote it, Andrew Weissman.
Now, CNN insists that document was obtained online.
One can use the Wayback Machine and prove that that is a vile lie.
CNN was actually got an award for their incisive investigative journalism.
They were tipped off by Weisman.
By the way, who is it that was there for Paul Manafort's arrest?
It was CNN.
How could that possibly have happened?
So, these people... Let me ask you this.
They raided Project Veritas yesterday.
Uh, and they use the same tactic.
The New York Times, while the raid's happening, is calling up the person trying to get a comment from Project Veritas while the FBI's there with their machine guns because they dare expose Biden's pedophilia or even investigate it or his sons.
I mean, so it's the same story where the media, the establishment dinosaur media, is simpatico or basically in a love lock with the national security state.
I mean, this is trillions of times worse than what Nixon even imagined he
We're good to go.
This is a tip to the FBI by some disgruntled former employee.
Michelle Fiori is a great, great patriot, but she was treated like a drug dealer, like some kind of drug lord.
It is outrageous.
You know what her response to this was, Alex?
She's running for governor of Nevada, that's what.
So you've been through more of this than I have.
Why do you think there's helicopters and CNN vehicles, because we checked the plates, circling the building?
Well, it's certainly not a good sign, let me say that.
On the other hand, I know you.
You're a patriot.
You've done absolutely nothing wrong.
It's intimidation, in my opinion.
This is all based on intimidation.
January 6th is all about intimidation.
This is a government op.
I think that everything that's in Tucker Carlson's amazing new documentary proves that.
We learn more and more and more each day.
They're trying to intimidate people from standing up and speaking against the authoritarian policies and the politicization of the entire Justice Department and, sadly, the once great FBI.
You can say anything you want about J. Edgar Hoover.
He actually knew where the line was when he was ordered to do illegal, unconstitutional things by both Nixon and Johnson.
He said, sure, I'll do that as soon as you sign an authorization for my records.
And many times those ops would immediately be dropped.
So I'm not praising Hoover, I'm not saying he didn't have excesses, but he understood the law and he understood how to skirt it and how not to skirt it.
This FBI, unfortunately, doesn't seem to know any rules.
What is it you want to learn?
Veritas is a legitimate journalistic outlet, unlike, say, CNN.
So they have no obligation to say where they got it.
But Veritas didn't even run the story.
Everybody else ran it.
But I mean, look, James O'Keefe is a hero.
He has broken some of the biggest stories that expose the deep state.
Therefore, he's committed the exact same sin as Julian Assange.
Julian Assange basically embarrassed the ruling establishment, the ruling elite.
That's his crime.
Now, I know that there are those in the Pentagon and those in the national security apparatus who told President Trump, Mr. President, the revelations by WikiLeaks and Assange, thousands of soldiers were killed because of that.
That is a vile lie.
Not a single American has lost their lives because Julian Assange printed the truth.
He had the guts to embarrass the ruling elite.
And it's funny, back when it was the Bush administration, the left loved Julian Assange because he was embarrassing the Bushes.
Now we recognize the Bushes and the Clintons are one.
It's the same syndicate, the same crime family.
Exactly, and that's the good news is it's out in the open.
I want to speak some about the elections that just happened, but Roger.
Remember, you'd sit there and defend yourself for a couple years before you got indicted.
And I'd say, Roger, everybody knows you're not a Russian.
Everybody knows we weren't talking to WikiLeaks.
I was there.
You were starting to work here when all that was going on.
He wouldn't give us the time of day.
You were mad about it.
I was mad about it.
I was calling him Hillary's butt plug on air and stuff like that because I wanted to get him on.
But I certainly supported what he was doing.
And so I knew you were telling the truth.
And I remember you telling me, I'm talking to this guy, Credico, that knows him.
And we may be able to get an interview.
I remember the whole story you told Congress and you put out was true because I was watching it.
I mean, I was there.
But anyways, everybody was talking to Assange back then.
Fox News, CNN, ABC News.
We weren't getting the time of day.
The idea that just because you hyped up because he said it was about the Clintons, this is going to be big on the Clintons.
We already knew that because Assange had said it.
The fact that you're guilty of hyping up
This show and podcast you did, that that's a crime is just insane, but we've moved past all that.
America would tune out.
On the show when you came on and said, I'm on a Russian spy.
Fiona Hill is like this weird rucifile groveling to Putin we're now discovering.
So we know it was actually the Clintons.
I mean, look at Biden.
He lets them have Nord Stream 2 that Trump got killed, their big gas pipeline.
Now he's asking Putin to produce more oil while blocking our oil production.
I mean, my God, if Trump did that, I'd call for his impeachment!
And then this monster Biden who took three and a half million dollars from the mayor of Moscow's wife and his damn little demon pedo son is pissing all over us with Prince Valium!
That bitch up there!
I mean, I'm getting sick of this, man.
I mean, I'm serious.
See, I apologize to you because I said it was a joke.
You'd want to come on air about Russia and say, you're not going to get indicted, this is ridiculous.
They were calling me a Russian in Congress.
I was laughing at it because it's not true.
It's like saying I'm a freaking Chinese jet pilot from Mars.
But man, they've got to pay for what they've done because they're leveraging the Russiagate into January 6th and saying we're all terrorists and trying to start a war.
A war they're going to lose!
Alex, stop mincing words, okay?
You're holding back.
Tell us how you really feel.
If I had a dollar for every time you yelled at me for talking about the Russians, I'd have enough money to pay all my legal expenses.
But in retrospect, it was great to be there in the bunker with you because we exposed the whole damn thing way back then.
You can go back and look at our broadcasts.
It's all there, folks.
And nobody else would put it on but InfoWars.
Nobody else had the balls to put it on but InfoWars.
And that is just a stone cold fact.
So, yes, you deserve the public support.
You deserve the traffic.
You deserve folks to go to InfoWars.
When you're doing your Christmas shopping, folks, don't go to Amazon.
Don't go to some globalist cuck site that uses the money to oppress people.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Go to StoneColdTruth.com.
Go to the store there.
I've got a number of great products up.
T-shirts, books.
Signed stones, signed copies of my pardon.
We need the support.
We're not out here asking for money because we're trying to live a lavish lifestyle, as the Biden Justice Department accuses me and my wife of.
I mean, my friend Mancow's been in my place.
Ask him how lavish it is.
It's a hovel.
I'm living in a hovel.
I've got a one-story, I've got a one-bedroom walk-up.
Not exactly palatial.
It's comfortable.
All I care about is that it be safe.
But Roger, let me elaborate on this.
You deserve, when there's Hollywood pedophiles flying around in private jets and $100 million houses, you were a top lobbyist.
You used to live in big houses.
The process of you supporting Trump has brought you to ruin.
And we're not whining or complaining.
I'm just saying you deserve billions of dollars for trying to save America.
Everybody should be supporting you.
They should be supporting me.
And I'm not here whining and bitching.
I'm saying it hit me in hindsight
That literally Infowars got Trump elected with you and others and then we almost stopped the whole Russiagate thing and now we've been vindicated and now they're in trouble and now I want them prosecuted.
I want to take the country back and I'm saying this Russiagate is a linchpin now to exposing the whole deep state illegal spying.
I'm going to talk about Russia when I want you to, but back when I didn't want to talk about it, because look, you were right.
It was a big deal.
Now I see that.
And now that we have had this out in the open, how do we make sure, how does the audience make sure that we drive this home of what really crystallized what really happened?
An outside corporate governmental coup took a populist president, was about to supercharge the country and end all the one-sided trade deals, selling us out to China and others.
And they build him as a Russian spy.
They spied on him.
They spied on his staff illegally.
They persecuted his supporters.
And they then declared the American people terrorists and provocateur January 6th and are now trying to start a civil war to maintain their control.
They've got to be stopped!
I mean, my God, not just for us or our children, but even a smart establishment!
Well, you're absolutely right, Alex.
I mean, look, I have something far more valuable than money.
I have the prayers of the American people.
I have the support of my Lord.
You know, I understand that leftists want to mock me when I talk about that.
Oh, it's a head fake.
Oh, that's Stone just trying to get sympathy, trying to generate a few dollars.
My wife has stage four cancer.
That's PTSD, a gift from Robert Mueller.
My poor sweet wife lived through two years of hell, not knowing how we're going to put groceries on the table, not knowing how we're going to put gas in the tank, not knowing how we were going to pay our rent.
No, we don't live a lavish lifestyle.
This is a vile lie.
The prosecutors who wrote that are going to be punished.
They're going to be sanctioned.
I'm going to try to get them disbarred, although it's a corrupt system.
But I'm sick of this.
I'm really sick of it.
Because the attacks just keep coming.
Here's the point though.
I'm a Republican.
I'm a Nixon Republican.
We never quit.
We never stop fighting.
It's Nixon who said a man is not finished when he's defeated, he's only finished when he quits.
I'm just warming up, folks.
If you think I'm a tired old man, you don't know Roger Stone.
And if you think Alex Jones is going to throw in the towel, then you don't understand Alex Jones.
And you don't understand that this is, in fact, an information war.
Now we've got the information.
The whole damn conspiracy was just laid out by Mr. Durham.
So when's the FBI going to storm the homes of Rod Rosenstein and James Comey and the worst and most vile criminal of them all, John Brennan?
When I posted a wanted poster for John Brennan on my Instagram feed, the judge in my case went insane.
Although I still had First Amendment rights, though you sure wouldn't know it based on her rulings.
No, you have an evil cabal.
These people ran the whole operation to destroy Donald Trump.
He's so threatened.
The cozy Bush-Clinton crime family, globalist cabal, in which it didn't really matter to them who won.
You see, it was all neatly figured out.
It would be Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton.
It didn't matter who won.
We'd still have endless foreign war.
We'd still have the erosion of our civil liberties.
We would still have a crashed economy, with our debt getting higher and higher, and joblessness becoming more and more of a problem.
And out of nowhere comes the most improbable candidate in American history, a guy that nobody thought could win, a guy who they regarded as a cartoon character.
They didn't understand that the American people were fed up to their eyeballs with the same crap and that they distrusted all institutions.
And for the first time, they saw through the fakeness of big media.
They saw through the fakeness of the corporately owned media.
So, Donald Trump was the right man at the right time, and he may yet be the right man at the right time to take it back from these globalist freaks.
That's what I think.
I totally agree.
And before you go, we'll hit a few other current topics, but I just cannot stress enough, I know the zeitgeist when I see it, you agree.
For those that don't know, why don't you spend a few minutes of what's happening with this indictment.
We're good to go.
We're working in coordination with Hill, Talbot, that she organized them, got them all together, and that this whole thing was synthetic from the beginning, which they then brought to the FBI and used as the pretext to get the fraudulent FISA warrants on candidate Trump, President-elect Trump, President Trump, and then yourself.
Obviously, it's come out myself.
I mean, just everything I do is listened to.
And again, I'm not doing anything wrong.
They then use
We're good to go.
Intelligence agencies.
And then we've almost beat them!
That's how pathetic they are!
This frickin' Prince Valiant lady that gets up and says, I've never heard of globalism in Senate hearings.
Alex Jones just lied and made that up.
She frickin' is on the board of George Soros' Open Societies.
She was the main writer and co-editor at TheGlobalist.com.
I mean, it'd be like Roger Stolbeck saying, I've never heard of the Dallas Cowboys.
Sorry Roger, I'm ranting, but just, just, this is the string on the sweater.
This is the bottom card.
This is Yertle the Turtle.
This could bring him down.
Well, plus particularly her claim that you and I exposing her generated numerous death threats.
Let's say, let me point out something, bitch.
You want to compare death threats?
When you said that, my wife and I received dozens and dozens of death threats.
Nobody threatened you.
It's a lie.
It's a vile lie.
But, hey, Fiona, I just called you out.
Let's see the threats.
Remember Leslie Stahl?
And Leslie Stahl.
She's the one who saw the gunman on the balcony above where there was an attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
She reported it live on air.
Go to YouTube and try to find it.
Oh, it's gone.
It's disappeared.
Oh, Stone's a conspiracy theorist.
Hey, you freaks at Media Matters, it's a fact.
Don't even try to argue with it.
When you took the job,
I know that there were some of your friends who had urged you not to.
I wonder if any of your friends stopped talking to you.
There were some people in the professional circles in which I moved to certainly took, let's just say some took offense, frankly, at the fact that I had decided to give this.
They had given me counsel not to do the job.
And they, you know, actually did believe that I would be aiding and abetting something nefarious by joining the administration.
I felt very strongly, however, that we were in a situation where we were heading for a confrontation with Russia.
That someone like myself, who was not political, someone who was an expert, should step up and try to do something.
Right after you started at the White House, there was a smear campaign against you.
Public, distressing, I'm sure.
What was that all about?
Well, I'm still trying to get to the bottom of some of that, to be honest.
He's got a major Soros mole discovered in the White House, breaking now.
May 2017.
Right-wing conspiracists launch an online campaign to discredit her.
George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House.
A woman named Fiona Hill
I have to say, the scale of this did take me by surprise.
This was Roger Stone.
Roger Stone, Alex Jones.
And I did think... So from the right.
Why me?
Were there death threats?
There was quite a number of them, especially online.
There were death threats.
She found it disturbing.
And she doesn't rattle easily.
If you would please rise.
As the public saw at the impeachment hearings, as she held her own when committee members challenged her.
This is a fictional narrative.
In becoming an overnight public figure, she found herself contending with the anxieties of her 13-year-old daughter.
How did she absorb all of this?
Initially, she was somewhat concerned about the whole thing.
That's enough.
Let's just cut it off.
People can find the clip.
There's a big Media Matters article about it.
But she was all over TV saying, we're trying to hurt her.
She, again, told Congress that we're both being mean to her, that we're Russian agents, that she doesn't know who the globalists are.
Roger, she doesn't know anything about George Soros.
She purges herself numerous times in her testimony.
Let's be very clear.
Fiona, you are completely political.
Number two, you're not an expert.
Number one.
You're a quizlet.
You're an asset.
You never thought twice about not taking the job because you were planted there by H.R.
Now, sue me, bitch!
Come on, sue me!
Or come on this program!
Alex, you'd have her on, wouldn't you?
Answer some questions, or if you don't want to come here, maybe Tucker Carlson will go a couple rounds with you.
This woman is a fraud.
She's a criminal.
All of her testimony before the Congress in the Ukrainian impeachment is a lie.
That's lying to Congress.
29 FBI agents ought to show up at your house, lady.
I mean, that is the most pathetic performance I've ever seen, other than the performance of Leslie Stahl.
Talk about long in the tooth and over the hill.
Here's a woman who lies for a living and has done it for decades.
A lot of plastic surgery there, if you ask me.
By the way, Roger, let me stop you again.
I should have played this up front at the interview.
We did play a short clip of it, but here is the famous video from 2017, laying all this out and pointing out that she was a mole that triggered the hail of lawsuits and indictments.
We're good to go.
George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House.
Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the national security apparatus.
A woman named Fiona Hill, who has a Harvard background, has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute, has been brought into the Trump White House by General McMaster.
The reason this is significant is because, as you know, the Hungarian government has been fighting the Open Society Institute, which is a front in Hungary to destabilize the Hungarian government.
And we should add, they are patriot right-wingers that are pro-Trump, pro-Ron Paul.
They just don't like Islamic invasion.
And I am told from the best possible sources in the Trump White House that only days ago in a showdown meeting, this woman, Fiona Hill, now on the national security staff,
...argued that she was a Russian expert and that the Trump administration must oppose the Hungarian efforts to crack down and expose on the so-called Open Society Institute.
That's the group that overthrew Ukraine.
That's the group that was openly behind the Arab Spring.
That's the group openly behind ending the free press here.
That's the group openly behind funding the cop-killer Black Lives Matter groups and literally funding the groups chanting
You know, kill the cops, deck the hall with dead cops.
Why would anyone put up with this load of baloney?
And why would anyone have a woman with this background, Brookings Institute, Harvard, George Soros, Open Society, in the Trump White House?
And you can just type in Fiona Hill, TheGlobalist.com into a search engine.
The top link is her bio, TheGlobalist.com.
So, Roger, in hindsight,
I don't think the crew did that as a joke, but if you actually go to TheGlobalist.com, it's not a picture of Lord Farquad or whatever his name is.
Yeah, there's the real one.
So I guess they tried to take it down, but it's on the way back machine.
So simply amazing, Roger.
Other points about this.
I know you've beat Russiagate to death and you're sick of it, but now, again, it's a big deal because it's the linchpin to this whole illegitimate bureaucracy that thinks it's going to establish a permanent dictatorship in America.
Look, I think we've really broken news here today because we're reminding people of history.
If you just saw that clip, you just saw history.
Look how much younger we look there.
Look how stress-free we look there.
It was a different day.
By the way, Alex, I need to get to Austin.
I'm going to be in San Antonio Wednesday.
I'm coming down to endorse Chad Prather in the race for governor in Texas, because I think your current governor, Abbott, is a piece of crap, and Chad Prather is a genuine patriot.
Well, you better get your ass to Austin.
I'll pay for a hotel and everything, or plane tickets.
I've offered to buy your plane tickets to come here for a long time, and now you're going for Chad Prather.
I'm a little bit jealous.
I like Chad, by the way.
You can go to praythere2022.com and help him because he's in an epic struggle with your governor, Governor Lockdown, pardon me, Governor Abbott.
He's a great guy.
So I'm going to work my way to Austin because Owen Schroeder still owes me the biggest stake you've ever seen.
A stake the size of my thigh.
I'm going to take you to Eddie V's.
I know you like that.
It's where I famously made the joke of like Putin's feeding or whatever and it went viral.
I like it too.
But seriously, what exactly, what day are you going to get here?
I'll be there Wednesday.
Unfortunately, I have to rush back here for a speech, but we'll work this out because I haven't been in Austin.
I haven't been yelled at by leftists in at least 12 hours, so I need to get to Austin.
Okay, but listen, you're going to be in studio on Wednesday.
All right.
I'm going to.
Well, we'll see where we are.
I'm definitely going to go to San Antonio.
Listen, I'm not knocking you and Chad Prager going to have an event in San Antonio, but coming on my show is as big as an event in San Antonio.
Well, I have an idea.
Why don't we just do it live from where we are in San Antonio?
We'll definitely tune in.
For sure.
Well, listen, Roger.
I want to get a steak, but that's... Why don't you just come a day early?
I want to hang out.
Well, it depends on Mrs. Stone, to be honest with you.
I've tried to stay in Florida as much as I can.
That's right.
You know, and family always comes first.
And you were indicted before and couldn't travel, and then you've just been... I know it's a... And when they sue you, it's a full-time thing trying to take your energy.
That's why it's so great that I've noticed you fought even harder since they tried to put you in prison to destroy you.
And that's my commitment.
You know, I told people quietly four or five years ago before they really tried to destroy me, I'm going to phase out the show the next three, four years.
I'm going to do a podcast, write a book.
I'm going to slowly just kind of hand the baton to Owen and others.
If they can keep InfoWars going, they can do it.
Well, I totally agree.
I think it was Nietzsche who says, that which does not kill me makes me stronger.
This has been an epic struggle.
We could not possibly have gotten this far without InfoWars.
We couldn't have gotten this far without the blessings of the Lord.
See, we're soldiers for Christ.
We're soldiers for the truth.
If you liberal elitists want to mock us because we believe in God, to hell with you.
We don't really care what you think.
By the way, let me just say this, Roger, about you.
Because I've known you, I guess I probably met you ten years ago at a JFK day, but I've really known you well about six.
You're not a fake guy, and you're a real guy, and you call yourself, I guess, a libertine.
Pretty wild.
And I've been wild myself.
But I am a Christian.
And when you got religion and got hit by the Holy Ghost, I mean, I've seen you at dinner start crying.
I've seen you over the phone start breaking down.
I know the real thing when I see it.
And then suddenly, I'm even joking around.
About like, boy, look at these ladies, Roger.
You know, we ought to hit on, like, it's a joke.
I mean, kind of halfway, but I'm married.
And you're like, I don't look at women.
I'm like, hey, I'm joking, Roger.
I don't talk to women.
So before, you know, we were like a couple of alley cats.
Not like we were running around, you know, like your old days or anything.
But now, I mean, the Holy Spirit's with me even stronger as well.
I mean, and so I absolutely get what you're saying, that when evil
Ratchets up, God ratchets up his people, and I'm just very excited that you've been born again, my friend, and it's definitely real, and that pisses them off more.
So, speak from the heart a few minutes about Jesus.
Well, I'm happy to do that, because so many liberal elitists want to mock it.
Look, I was done.
I was finished.
I was going to die in prison, and there was nobody going to save me.
And then, as you know, I had the opportunity to meet with Reverend Franklin Graham, and he was very abrupt and very direct.
He said,
You need to get down on your knees.
You need to confess your sins.
You need to get right with God.
And if you'll do that, I guarantee you, he said, I guarantee you, the Lord will not abandon you.
He will not forget you.
He will deliver you from your persecutors.
And that's exactly, exactly what happened.
Now, I'm a sinner.
No question about it.
I'm not perfect.
There are temptations every day.
But that's the old Roger Stone and the old Alex Jones, I suspect.
Now, I'm all in on the fight for liberty.
This is it.
This is the last, best hope for mankind.
We can be the shining city on the hill again, but not unless you're ready to fight.
When I say fight, I'm not talking about a physical fight.
I'm talking about a spiritual, yes, and a financial fight.
People don't understand how much it costs to keep M4s even on the air.
This is not free.
Nothing is free.
I've got to pay these damn lawyers every month.
I've got to come up with a quarter of a million dollars between now and the end of the year.
I don't know where I'm going to get it.
So yeah, go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
It's not that I'm trying to live a lavish lifestyle.
It's just I'm sick of paying lawyers.
Well, Roger, it comes down to this.
People want us to fight.
People want us to fight.
And we've shown people how hard we fought, and we appreciate them.
And we're simply saying, hey, we're bleeding to death.
I just sold my expensive house that I had emergency backup money to run the operation in the future.
I didn't trust a bank, so I put an emergency backup fund in a nicer house.
Austin house prices went way up, sold it.
It's going right in to the operation to just turbocharge into next year.
All the chips are in.
This is the time for the fight.
That's why, listeners,
I need you to buy products.
There are great products already at InfoWarshaw.com.
If you want to make a straight donation, there's links on the side of the support button.
You're absolutely right, and what Roger is doing is so amazing, but just wearing a t-shirt.
Yeah, we make nine, ten bucks on it, whatever, you know, after cost, and then it spreads the word.
All of this is about solidarity.
All of this is about not letting them break our will.
Roger, in closing, January 6th, you broke down how they were trying to set you up.
On the show last week, got picked up all over the news, and that was just a little afterthought.
We were going to break with a little two minutes.
Spend a few minutes on January 6th recapping how you think they were trying to set us up.
I know they were.
And where you see that going in Tucker Carlson's documentary that's got them so upset.
Well, let me be absolutely clear.
First of all, any claim or assertion or implication that I either knew about or was involved in any illegal activity on January 6th is a vile lie and categorically false.
There is no evidence to the contrary, there is no witness to the contrary, because it's a vile lie.
ABC News, and particularly Alexander Dukakis, attempted to use the technique of
We're good to go.
And a thousand other people.
That proves nothing.
That's vile guilt by association.
So, as you know, Alex, I wasn't on the Ellipse.
I didn't go to the Ellipse speech.
I never left the grounds of my hotel that day.
I did not march to the Capitol.
I was not at the Capitol.
But I do know that as soon as the President's speech was over, a Secret Service agent called my hotel room in the House phone to ask me if I wanted to be escorted to the Capitol.
And I said, no, I can smell a setup when I see one.
I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born last night.
And I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.
So I said no, because I realized in retrospect, I would have gotten to the Capitol at the precise time that the informants who'd been planted in the crowd broke into the building.
So their plan was foil.
And once again, I had the protection of the Lord.
This isn't Roger Stone.
This is godly protection.
That's why I think I wasn't swept into this whole quagmire.
But my hat's off to Tucker Carlson and Dr. Beatty, Darren Beatty, who's done an extraordinarily good job of real investigative journalism.
My friend Sean Hannity is not completely wrong.
There is at least one investigative journalist.
Well, two, if you count James O'Keefe.
Three, if you count Laura Loomer.
Those are the only people I know in the country, pretty much, with Tucker Carlson, doing real investigative journalism.
Those are facts, folks.
That's truth.
The rest is corporate stuff.
They're just jackals.
They're all jackals.
Well, let's talk about the Oath Keepers.
You know, I believe in the Second Amendment.
I believe in the militias to the Constitution.
And I've been interviewing the Oath Keepers since Stuart Rhodes founded it.
I think they're great people and, you know, wonderful folks.
But anybody could show up in D.C.
that day and say they were a proud boy, or say they were a three-percenter, or say they were an Oath Keeper, and they're just people in masks walking around while I'm there, and they would come and stand around me, and my security would say, hey, we got security, we don't need you standing around Mr. Jones.
So they show you out front a hotel, some Oath Keepers in masks, say they're Oath Keepers, they could be FBI, anybody,
Shake your hand and then this is all over the news thousands of times.
I've seen it I mean over and over and everywhere all over Twitter you you trend on Twitter every week with the same crap.
Oh my god I mean that means if you stop and shook hands with a Chinese man who turns out to be a Chinese agent You're a Chinese agent.
It's just absolutely ridiculous and so again
It's the same thing with these militias.
I think militias are fine.
I support them, but some get set up by the feds, and I would expose that back in the 90s, and the feds leading it would say, oh, you're a fed for saying this militia might be a fed.
And I'm like, no.
When I see a group saying they're going to have war, and they're going to kill everybody and all this stuff,
Obviously, they're being provocateured.
And that's come out.
That's what the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL and the Justice Department and the FBI do.
And Tucker Carlson exposed it.
And they're pissed because they're planning to launch a whole bunch more of this, trying to infiltrate all these different groups to try to have a big crisis and a civil war.
And that's why we're exposing it.
Yeah, those pictures you show prove exactly nothing.
Nothing whatsoever.
This is the most vile smear yet.
Go to Twitter right now if you're still allowed to go there and put in Roger Stone.
The demands for my arrest are ubiquitous, yet there's no evidence whatsoever that I've done anything wrong.
This past week when I criticized Governor Ron DeSantis because 1.6 million school children in this state are still being required to wear masks because the school boards are thwarting, thumbing their nose at the governor.
And his action is to fine them, and the fines are being paid by the Biden administration.
This whole thing is a scam.
Governor, fire those school board members, use your authority, and appoint patriots into those positions to enforce your ban on mask mandates.
When I said that, you know what they said, Alex?
Arrest him for January 6th.
Arrest him.
He's going to be arrested any minute now.
Hey, Seth Abramson, I think you predicted my arrest.
What was that?
Three months ago?
Four months ago?
I'm still here, douchebag.
How much of this fake news media crap can people take?
Well Roger, one time I said in three-point lighting in a TV studio, part of me loves Trump and I'm glad I supported him and you know I think he's a good guy, but a part of me you know...
The full statement was, people think I supported Trump to make money.
All I've done is lost money, been sued and attacked for supporting Trump, but I still support him because I know he meant well, and the globalists hated him, and I hope he runs again.
But the part of me that does like to have money and be successful that way hates Trump, and man am I sick of Trump, because I've been persecuted.
I said that in a documentary that was released.
Then they take the clip out,
Put it out on national TV saying secret video surfaces of Alex Jones saying he hates Trump edited when it was in a damn TV studio with me in a chair doing three-point lighting in a suit.
So that's what I'm saying is it's like look video surfaces of look of stone with with the Oath Keepers and attacking the Capitol and it's you out front of hotel with them coming up getting selfies.
What are you supposed to do?
Tell them get the hell away from me?
No, look, I never say no to anyone who asks me for a picture unless I know that you're openly hostile.
Because I think 7 out of 10 of the people who come up and ask for a picture or selfie and autograph, they turn out to be the people who gave to my legal defense fund.
$15, $20.
These are regular Americans.
So, no, unlike Governor DeSantis, who seems to be too good to mix with actual voters, who never shakes hands with the regular people, I always welcome the patriots.
At the same time, I gotta watch and make sure somebody's not trying to shoot me.
Or try to stab me.
No, it's a legitimate concern.
Did you just snipe at Governor DeSantis?
Look, he's getting dietary tips from Chris Christie.
What can I tell you?
Okay, why are you starting to get mad at DeSantis?
I've seen these headlines that you may run for governor of Florida.
We have 1 million phantom voters on the rolls.
Now, mainstream media.
I did not say 1 million people who weren't real voted in the last election.
That's not what I said.
What I said was today, on the Florida voting rolls, there are 1 million phantom voters.
Those are people who do not exist.
Who are deceased, who moved out of state, or who are registered to vote in a vacant lot.
So Governor, purge the voter list.
Number two, you're saying that there's a ban on masks in the public schools is great, but in a majority of the largest counties in the state, the school boards are thumbing their nose at you in violation of law.
Yesterday, the courts ruled that the Governor's
No, I get it.
You've got to hold his feet to the fire, and if you run for Libertarian, you'll pull enough votes to make sure a Democrat gets in.
And so you're putting pressure on him.
Hey, Abbott's doing the same damn thing.
They're trying to make children in Austin wear masks.
The governor signed an executive order.
It's illegal!
And I had to pull my daughter out of school because she wanted to go to public school, folks, when she was older.
And she's a senior now.
And she just got pulled out and is in private school now because the public school in Westlake was trying to make her wear a damn mask.
No, look, I went to a great reception last night by the Young Republican National Federation.
Because I'm a former national chairman myself, 1977-79, I was honored at this reception.
It was an amazing gathering.
But I met a bunch of folks from Texas and I said, oh, I'm going to be down there next week.
Who are you supporting in the governor's race?
And they all said, well, I'm kind of embarrassed.
They said, well, I'm for Abbott.
And I said, really?
And they said, well, who are you for?
I said, I'm from Chad Prather.
And they said, well, he can't win.
They told me Ronald Reagan couldn't win.
They told me Donald Trump can't win.
You don't support a candidate based on whether they can win or not.
You support them whether they're the best person, whether they stand up for the Constitution and freedom.
Yeah, Chad Prather's a good guy.
He's a long shot.
He's a real long shot.
If you go to Prather2022.com, his odds might become a little shorter.
But you don't go on the basis of who's going to win, folks.
You go on the basis of who's the right person, who stands up for liberty.
So yeah, I'm gonna hook up with him in San Antonio.
I gotta be there for a paid speech.
That's why I'm there.
But I'm proud to endorse him.
I don't really give a damn whether you think he can win or not.
The question is not whether he can win.
The question is whether he is the best person.
Absolutely, because then in Republican debates and things, even if he loses, he will inject real issues and that's how we keep the Republican Party a populist party, not a Republican blue blood party.
What's your prognosis?
I know you're busy, I'm going to let you go.
We've got a huge transmission coming up, folks, with Taylor Hanson and so much more.
But what is your real analysis?
No, it doesn't.
Look, I'm going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.
I have a very good friend who's close to him who assures me the guy's a libertarian, the guy's an entrepreneur, the guy believes in the Constitution.
So I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
But for the party, the victory was very, very important.
And no, the country club Republicans are not going to take over.
Watch the way George P. Bush gets his ass thrashed in Texas in the coming primary.
Wait and see.
So no, this is the party of Trump.
This is the party of America first.
Meanwhile, if you look out in the country, gas prices are going up.
I mean, gas prices are higher than Hunter Biden.
I mean, the numbers are going up faster than the numbers on a scale when Brian Stelzer steps on it.
It's embarrassing, folks.
All right, Roger.
Give the websites out again one more time, because I mean it.
You have gone through more than I have.
You've gone through more than Trump has.
And I can count on one hand the people that are opposing the New World Order at the level that you are.
And so I want to win this fight.
And so I don't admire heavyweight boxers, even though it's fun to watch.
I don't admire football players.
I don't like it.
I don't admire movie stars at all.
I admire people that have courage and stand up and
I mean, we didn't sit around and say what's going to happen when we out their main mole and their takeover of the White House and their whole globalist agenda being stopped.
I mean, that's obviously dangerous, but we just do it because we signed on to fight these damn people because at the top, folks, the globalists are pedophiles and they deserve to be crushed.
They must be crushed and God's watching.
So again, how do people support you?
What else is going on?
What else can folks look for?
Where do they find your podcasts and more?
Roger Stone.
Alright, so you can go to StoneColdTruth.com, go to the store, you can get my books, The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ, Stone's Rules, those are the two books we're featuring right now.
Because of the supply chain problems, it's incredible Alex, a bunch of my books are out of print, I mean I can't get them, they can't print them.
So, you can get those two books.
You can get your signed pardon today.
You can get your genuine Roger Stone.
That's a stone that I personally signed as a paperweight.
It's meant as a paperweight, folks.
Do not throw this at any liberals.
It's not meant as a weapon.
By the way, you let me license one of your things before.
Go back to that Vax shirt.
I want to license that from you and pay you a few bucks for each one.
Or your designer.
Go back to that.
That is
I want to make sure this happens, Roger, so text me your supplier and I'll throw a few bucks in for each one we sell to you or the supplier, however you want it, but that is badass.
Roger Stone, what happened to my body?
My choice.
That is awesome, Roger.
Well, that t-shirt was designed by the great people at Big Daddy Unlimited.
They've revolutionized the online gun store.
Alex, they've been dying to give you a promo code, which I think is a great idea.
They are great folks, great patriots.
And Sherry McKnight designed that great t-shirt.
You can get it on my site, and I'm happy to hook you up with them, Alex.
They're great patriots, and they're deserving your support.
And they've been dying to give you a promo code.
I just can't get you on the telephone.
I know, I'm too damn busy reading documents.
All right, Roger, we love you.
Listen, if you don't get your... Okay, you'll be a paid speaker here.
I know you've got to run around and do speeches to make money, to pay your wife's medical bills.
I know, your finances.
I get it.
But okay, you've got to come in studio.
You're a jerk.
You never come here.
I will get there.
Just get Owen Schroeder lined up to pay for that steak.
That's all.
All right, buddy, we love you and we appreciate you.
God bless you, Alex.
There goes Roger.
I mean, just total vindication, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolute vindication.
Absolute vindication.
And, you know, they may still kill us or put us in prison.
So that's where we are.
You know, I apologize to our next guest for having him being on hold, but I'm going to take a break here because I got to, you know.
Do my little boy business in there and then we're gonna come back and get into January 6th and so much more and we're gonna expose more on the poison vaccines and everything else.
This is a huge, long, special Saturday Transmission because I gotta cover all of this, but we had to spend an hour.
With Roger Stone on him being vindicated, Russiagate being a Hillary Clinton, Deep State made up op, them invading his White House with operatives, us being the only ones that exposed it, blew it wide open, and I'm just proud to be public enemy number one.
I mean, I'm gonna tell you, if I'm gonna fight these bastards, I'm gonna go all the way.
Alright, Taylor Hanson is an amazing individual.
He'll be exposing January 6th and more coming up.
Stay with us.
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I recommend you get your Christmas shopping done now and have it done and support the InfoWar at InfoWarStore.com.
And welcome back to this Saturday, November 6th emergency transmission.
We really are living in emergency times.
What an incredible interview with Roger Stone.
What a saga.
What a real world story that we just personally lived through, but all of you as well.
A group of globalist corporate operatives in a corporate takeover of America.
Sicking illegally the entire intelligence agency complex on the American people and on loyal Americans that simply try to stand up for U.S.
You have the globalists who are the middlemen selling us out to communist China.
And as Trump discovered in his four years, many of those middlemen selling us out to communist China make more than their Chinese counterparts.
The middlemen overall get more money de-industrializing the U.S.
and controlling those one-sided deals than even the people or the Communist Party of China.
That's what Fiona Hill was sent in there to do.
That's what the globalists are trying to keep in place is their control over the American people.
And now they admit, oh, the lockdowns were just training you for the new global carbon lockdowns and the $150 trillion.
That the Democratic Party and the United Nations are calling for U.S.
taxpayers to pay in the next decade more than the whole GDP of the world to, quote, decarbonize.
But really what it does is shut down all the businesses they don't own and then transfer all the power and control
We're good to go.
Republicans bail out Biden and Pelosi to pass $1.2 trillion so-called infrastructure bill, all part of bankrupting us.
Treasury Secretary Yellen admits net zero carbon grand reset climate price tag will be $150 trillion.
Plans of the technotronic elite and the technocratic elite.
The Great Reset to fundamentally change what it means to be human.
The physical takeover of the body.
These are all public announcements.
Bill Gates calls for the United Nations to establish a global biomedical police state with the UN in control.
Can't make that up.
There's actual video of it.
Big report on will Prince Charles wage war on mankind as king.
We'll get to that report coming up in just a little while.
And so much more.
But I wanted to get to some of the huge news that broke today and yesterday that I didn't get to on the Friday show.
Simply incredible what is unfolding and happening on the entire COVID-19 depopulation front.
Look at these stacks of news I've got here.
From hardcore major medical studies
To admissions by world leaders that they are engaged in a takeover of civilization.
We are going to be getting to all of that here today.
It's just an amazing time to be alive and watching them just admit it all out in the open and just roll over us like a steamroller.
Simply, simply mind boggling.
The good news is, and they even admit this in their own white papers that have leaked, they're getting a lot more opposition than they thought they would, and the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
So let's just go through some of these clips that are just amazing.
The first clip.
Is Mark McGowan, he is the premier or governor of one of the biggest states in Australia, both geographically and people, West Australia.
And he just marbles and asks the question, why are so many people filling up the hospitals?
I'll get to the answer and documents in a few minutes, but first here's a clip.
Our hospitals are under enormous pressure.
This is the same in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
Enormous pressure.
This has been something no one has ever seen before, the growth in demand in our hospitals.
Why it is, it's hard to know, except that there is some evidence that some sort of delayed reaction to
Yeah, they have no idea what's going on, but I have the actual articles out of Australia with the doctors saying, we don't know why it's mainly the double-injected that are here dying with fluid in their lungs.
It's not COVID, but they're dying.
Oh, ADE?
Just basically all the experts predicted it, now it's happened.
But they're just the top scientists.
Don't listen to them.
Listen to Fauci, who actually created the weapon.
And the vaccine, as expert doctors did in the studio yesterday, Dr. McCullough, that the virus is not even as bad in the body as the COVID shots, and that the COVID vax actually grows more of the spike protein in the body than the actual virus.
And it's the spike protein in the virus that makes you sick, and the spike protein that the body creates in the vaccine, or the vaccine causes the body to create, that creates longer and more intense illnesses as well.
And that most people get sick and die if they're going to get sick in the first 14 days.
But again, you then notice that they don't count anywhere in the world, because the UN sets the standards, not in Australia, not in Canada, not in the US, not in the UK, not in Europe, that they don't count people that die after inoculation from the COVID shot.
In the first 14 days, and the majority that do die or get seriously ill, it happens in the first 14 days.
Some, the spike protein keeps replicating, and they die in a few months.
Just mind-blowing.
And again, we had Dr. McCullough on for almost two hours yesterday, laying it all out with peer-reviewed journals.
But I'm going to go back over some of that that we didn't get to, actually, yesterday, because we would flash it up on screen.
But I want to actually show you just some of the news.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
And that's just one of my COVID stacks.
I've got five of them.
Okay, let's go to the next clip.
And again, his testimony went for close to an hour in the Senate earlier this week.
This is just a short clip of the editor of the British Medical Journal and University of Maryland professor testifies that having bad reactions to the shots is not a rare event.
Here he is.
I want to use my five minutes here to harness that spirit of critical thinking.
I'm saddened that we are super saturated as a society right now in the attitude of everybody knows that has shut down intellectual curiosity and led to self-censorship.
So let me start with a few everybody knows examples that I'm sure, I'm not sure we should be so certain about.
Everybody knows that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
But if hospitalizations and deaths were almost exclusively occurring in the unvaccinated, why would booster shots be necessary?
Or why would the statistics be so different in the UK, where most COVID hospitalizations and deaths are among the fully vaccinated, as Senator Johnson said?
There's a disconnect there.
There's something to be curious about.
There's something not adding up, and we should all be asking, is it true that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated?
What does that even mean?
Next slide, please.
Then there's this.
Everybody knows that COVID vaccines save lives.
In fact, we've known this from early 2021.
The clinical trials proved
That to be the case, as you can see here in the quote of a February article in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
But is it true?
When that statement by prominent public health officials was penned, there had been just one death, one death across the 70,000 Pfizer and Moderna trial participants.
Today we have more data, and you can see that there were similar numbers
of deaths in the vaccine and placebo groups.
The trials did not show a reduction in death.
Even for COVID deaths, as opposed to other causes, the evidence is flimsy with just two deaths in the placebo group versus one in the vaccine group.
My point is not that I know the truth about what the vaccine can and cannot do.
My point is that those who claim the trials showed the vaccines were highly effective in saving lives were wrong.
The trials did not demonstrate this.
And then there are a bunch of other clips where he goes into the point that I was just making earlier about the idea that there aren't bad reactions now.
It's not true.
You look at the VAERS reporting system where it's happening in England, and it shows the complete opposite.
And you heard him.
The majority of people in the hospital and dead and dying, almost 80% in the UK, are the double-vaxxed, and it's higher than the un-vaxxed.
And he laid it all out in the detailed Senate hearing.
Now here's another just in-your-face lie about these people.
Here's White House Press Deputy Secretary Jean-Pierre says firing thousands of truckers and frontline workers over Biden's vaccine mandate won't affect the supply chain.
That's like saying not giving water to a plant for a year won't hurt it.
I mean, or laying out in the sun, you know, in August all day long won't burn your skin.
I mean, it's just a ridiculous level gaslighting exercise.
And of course, we know all over the world, it's the vaccine mandates, particularly here that are causing just a shutdown of the ports and the chain reactions and the big lines at hospitals and more.
Here it is.
We wanted to make it easier.
We wanted to avoid confusion.
And so we want to even the playing field.
And this is why we moved that December, I think, December 8th deadline that you're talking about to January 4th.
How do concerns about the supply chain, the possibility of workers maybe quitting because of these mandates, play into that decision in that timing?
So, I mean, if you're asking, like, if we think the rules impact supply chain, the answer is no, we don't think that it will.
First of all, vaccine requirements work.
We have talked about that.
We've given examples.
OK, so there you go.
Now, let's go to another one of these important clips.
This is a really scary statement by the premier of Queensland, Australia, the governor there.
This is another one of these creepozoids talking about how we need to lock up people that don't take the vaccine and how the lockdowns for the unvaccinated are coming, as they promised to do all over Australia.
And now they've announced in, outside of law, it's just an edict, they've announced in Austria,
That you cannot leave your house if you do not have the injections.
And police will be checking at checkpoints to see with your vaccine passport run by the UN on your phone.
And if you don't have that, you'll be taken to jail.
So this is a UN-directed program worldwide, through the corporations, through the UN, with the governments and the corporations, just again, dominating humanity.
Here's that chilling announcement.
What about your quarantine facility that you announced that will be built, I think, what, in the middle of next year?
Do you still need that?
I think regional quarantine facilities are going to be needed into the future.
We can't predict what's going to happen but there may be a country that's declared a red spot or a no-go zone area and we may need to bring back people from those different countries and they'll need to be charted in.
It's no different to what we saw, what we have seen during this pandemic.
We'll also need it for unvaccinated people.
Well, well, well.
Naughty, naughty Anastasia.
You just admitted on camera that you've got a plan to put the unvaccinated into quarantine camps that you're building outside Brisbane and outside major cities.
Listen to this, my fellow Australians.
This is what the mainstream media won't pick up on, but Palaszczuk, the Queensland Premier, just admitted on camera that she is building quarantine camps for the unvaccinated.
Listen to this.
The quarantine facility that you announced that will be built, I think, what, in the middle of next year.
Do you still need that?
I think regional quarantine facilities are going to be needed into the future.
We'll also need it for unvaccinated people.
Unvaccinated people.
Unvaccinated people.
Now you've heard that.
That's her words, not my words.
She admitted that it's for the unvaccinated.
Now look what she says next.
The same day, at a different press conference, she actually threatens us Australians.
She says, get vaccinated before it's too late.
This is your last opportunity.
This is your last chance to get vaccinated.
What do you mean too late?
What, you're going to come and arrest us and put us into camps?
Is that where we're headed?
Is that where we're headed Australia?
Is that what's going on?
If you dare raise a finger at any of us or any of my fellow Australians, well, we'll see what happens.
By the way, the Aussie Cossack is going to be joining us on the weekday show coming up.
Not sure what day yet, but they've got big giant national protests that are about to be announced.
They already arrested him for daring to come on this show.
You're not allowed in Australia to speak out against the endless lockdowns.
And it's the same thing in areas of England and in Germany.
They're now arresting people that criticize the tyranny.
I mean this this is a total and complete takeover.
Now here's Senator Cassidy back here in the United States a few days ago asking the CDC director what percentage of CDC employees have been injected and boy she won't say.
What percent of CDC employees are vaccinated?
We're actively encouraging vaccination in all of our employees and doing a lot of education and outreach in order to get our agency fully vaccinated.
But the percent?
I don't have that for you today.
I'm told that some north of 75% of CDC employees at headquarters are still working remotely.
Is that correct?
We are following regulations through HHS and the federal government.
No, that's not my question.
I apologize to be rude, but I'm asking a very straightforward question.
I've been told that north of 75% of employees at CDC headquarters are working remotely.
Is that correct?
Senator, I don't actually know the number off the top of my head.
When you look down the hallway, are there empty desks?
Are over 50% of the desks empty?
Senator, I don't have the numbers off the top of my head.
What I will tell you is that we're working closely within HHS and the administration to follow the governmental rules for return to work.
There was a recent GAO report that shows, released in the last two weeks, that there's been no coordinated response from the federal government to get people back into work.
Now, if there's any agency that, since teachers in Fulton County are back at work, that the caseload of COVID in Fulton County is about 88.
At its peak it was 606.
Uh, if what I've been told, by someone who, frankly, kind of knows, that people in laboratories are not showing up.
I have no clue how people, how laboratory workers, who presumably are vaccinated, wearing PPE, would consider themselves eligible to stay at home.
I say this because I just want to echo.
We've got to lead by example in the federal government.
If our public health agencies don't have enough confidence in the immunization and the PPE to go back to work fighting infectious diseases, there's going to be a lot of undermining of a willingness to further fund public health.
We absolutely have our essential labs back at work conducting their essential research towards this response.
And we are following the regulations and providing technical assistance and technical support to the federal government for return to work policies.
This is the same woman two weeks ago on Meet the Press.
Who said that the vaccine is not protecting from COVID and does not stop it from spreading it, which is true.
And then she said last week, we played the clip during the week and pull it up.
She said that this gives children 96% protection and there is no side effects.
Total lie.
The damn shots Moderna and Pfizer have a microcarditis and heart attack warning on them.
Remember for the first six, eight months, it was just blank white paper sheets.
We're good to go.
He's a famous heart surgeon.
He was reading on air yesterday, the full archive of it's at Man.Video.
He was reading on air yesterday from studies and approved drugs now in just the last year for blood thinners for little children that never needed before ever.
And they're setting up all these new cardiac units for teenagers and young people because it's just a new thing.
Everybody has strokes and heart attacks.
They have billboards up on the streets and buses all over the Western world saying heart attacks are the new normal.
You see all these sports stars having heart attacks.
Hockey, basketball, football, soccer.
And they now have a name for vaccine-induced mycocarditis.
It has a scientific name.
He talked about it yesterday.
I looked it up and there it was.
New diseases that just didn't exist.
You know the only time children have mycocarditis, right?
It's been when you get some rare fevers.
Rare viruses can attack the heart.
That's exactly what this damn thing's doing.
It's just mind-blowing, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely mind-blowing.
You know, Joe Rogan knows a lot of NFL people and also a lot of MMA fighters around the world, and he knows a bunch of people, some are public, some aren't, that took the shots.
And I've had some of them on the show.
Like Jones.
They swole up and got really sick when they took the first round of it.
Weren't stupid enough to take the second.
So let's go ahead now and go to another clip here.
This is extremely important.
Let's go to the BBC News clip 21.
Now how did I know this was coming 20-something months ago?
Well, CNN likes to brag, and so does the DeVos Group, and they both put out press releases saying, masks will be the new normal, just like seatbelts, you can pull these up, just type into a search engine, masks will be permanent, just like seatbelts, CNN.com.
You search CNN.com at the end of it, it comes up, or DeVosGroup.org, it comes up.
And they said, soon it'll be normal for the cold and the flu,
And you're going to have monthly shots.
So they already told us this is forever.
And in Australia and in Europe and now here they go, Oh, COVID is permanent.
It's a permanent fight now with permanent checkpoints and permanent tests and permanent shots.
And by the way, the shots again are worse than the disease.
Again, I believe in technology and they got a lot of really good medical technology.
We're not going to get access to that folks.
So we told you this was coming over a year and a half ago, and now they're all over the news pushing it internationally.
Again, it's all in lockstep globally.
Here it is.
I was up in central London at the weekend, went up on the Tube, and I would say I was in the minority in being someone who was wearing a mask.
And I do think we need to really have a rethink about making people wear masks again, not only to stop the spread of Covid actually, but we are seeing a huge spike in the number of coughs and colds.
And we need to remember that masks
You know, the globalists have a lot of reasons they want to wear a mask, but in every cartoon, in every comic book, in every movie, hell, in ancient Roman stories and Greek stories, thousands of years ago, bad guys wear masks.
They cover their face.
And it's a sign that we're dirty and we're evil and we're a disease on the earth.
It's like in the old days in Baptist towns, you gotta put a paper bag around the liquor.
You can get arrested for having, you know, just alcohol out in the open.
You don't let kids see the fact you got a bottle of whiskey.
It's like, you know, I guess the porno shops making people put stuff in a black bag so no one can see because you get arrested for obscenity charges in a lot of cities for that.
Well now they're making your face like it's a bottle of Jack Daniels or a porno mag.
And it's the left that's like, hey, let us see the porno mag, show it to kids, but they don't want parents' faces seen.
They want drag queen story time with some dude with a heart on his pants as a convicted sex offender, visiting with your children, in many cases unannounced, without parents knowing.
Oh, but the dirty face has got to be covered.
This is the Extinction Rebellion cult of depopulation, training us to hate ourselves.
There's another important clip.
Speaking of Extinction Rebellion,
They're running around now saying, it's an article on Friday, that there's going to be mass collapse, rape and death, and the third world will die, and those that survive will surge us and burn us down.
Well, yeah, because the globals turned their food off, are now organizing them to come up here and telling them they need to burn things down.
So it's states and rebellions blocking trains, blocking cars, blocking highways, blocking hospitals, trying to sabotage power facilities, and they're funded by the governments and globalists because the globalists are in a ruling class war of dystopia against the general population to train us that it's wonderful to be slaves and wonderful to be depopulated.
It's a ruling class war against us with them branding themselves as savers of the earth.
But you surviving as an evil carbon footprint, them living like giant fat hogs with giant jet airplanes and, you know, huge palatial mansions and yachts, that's okay!
But you need to die!
They're literally telling you, give up, roll over, give us the earth!
And they've got all the grassroots leftists going along with all this, thinking they're part of this ruling class.
And you know, I was talking to my son Rex, who is super smart.
And like a lot of really smart people, you know, it takes him a while to get his mind wrapped around things.
But we went for a hike this morning and he said, Dad, I've been studying hormones.
And he went on for like an hour while we were hiking.
And I've done a lot of research on that and other things.
And it was surprising that he knew more than I did.
But then when he brought up things that I already knew, it was just reaffirming it that, hey, Dad, look at the soy boys, hot bellies, bald heads.
Big beards, talk about their skin, and we want to say that in blood tests and studies, and he was pulling them up on my phone, that Western males have had this big soy diet their whole life, and they have super high estrogen with no testosterone, and they're like menopausal women.
And that their estrogen is going up and down, up and down.
That's why they literally are addicted.
When you go downtown Austin, they all look the same.
They all have the same weird smile, the same weird eyes, and they guzzle soy products, which the companies knowingly grind up the entire soybean that has toxic levels of estrogen in it.
You're not supposed to grind up the whole soybean, but they're literally addicts of plant estrogen.
And they act real friendly and nice on the surface, but are like piranhas behind the scenes and hate themselves and hate you and everybody.
And then you realize that's who they all are.
And so people joke about it.
Some people joke about Atrazine, you know, sterilizing and making the frogs be attracted to other males.
Well, it's a real thing with the soy boys.
That's a real thing.
And that's why the globalists did it.
They know what they're doing.
Yeah, Burger King's Impossible Burger has a mass of 44 milligrams of phytoestrogen compared to your regular burger with 2.5 NG of estrogen.
And I saw those reports a few months ago, looked it up, and they even have debunking articles by the fact-checkers.
They go, well, you know, it's true that that's going on.
It's actually true.
But, you know, it's okay.
People have always eaten.
Yeah, Asians have, but they've not processed it wrong, and it still had some effect.
In fact, a lot of anthropologists, sociologists, archaeologists, people have studied human populations, point out that what you eat is basically ultimately what you become.
So, I mean, and it's not good for you.
And for women, it totally makes women overdevelop.
Young, that's why the average age of women going into puberty now is nine in the West.
Children as young as two are going into puberty.
So it arrests the development.
It makes the testicles in boys not drop.
It lowers testosterone.
It's basically puberty blockers.
But for girls, they're like a 30-year-old woman when they're 15, genetically.
That's why women are going into menopause earlier and earlier, because they're being hyper-aged by this.
And then men are being turned into hermaphroditic, small-penis, small-testicles, quasi-sterile
Chemical Unix is what's going on and what's happening.
That's just a small portion of those clips.
Now, we have another special guest joining us, and I'm going to do a review that I haven't done yet of all three parts of Tucker Carlson's amazing Patriot Purge, the plot against the people, and we have Taylor Hanson, who literally just discovered
This, this rabbit hole of provocateurs and deep state operatives, uh, because he just ran smack dad into them in Utah years before January six.
And that, that followed him on an investigative trail.
That led him to really discover how the Deep State controls the left and part of the controlled militia groups on the right.
And of course, they are now trying to put Roger Stone and myself and others in prison.
When we did the opposite that day, Roger wasn't even there, but we all pushed for peaceful resolution and to simply have a 10-day investigation of election fraud.
And now on the back of the January 6th fraud,
We are seeing the total takeover of society and the announcement, the entire anti-terror apparatus and the entire security agency, military industrial complex is now focused on people that question elections, people that question forced inoculation and lockdowns.
Just simply amazing.
So I'm going to play a lot of clips from the three-part series, analyze them and talk about it with Taylor Hanson right after we go to break and come right back on this emergency Saturday broadcast.
But I've got to tell you, we are extremely proud
We're good to go.
I don't know.
They used Russiagate to block Trump's agenda.
They used that to turn the intelligence agencies in on the American people.
And now they're moving that from Russia's hoax to the January 6th provocateur false flag.
And this is their whole agenda.
So we must expose Russiagate.
We must expose January 6th.
Because that's how they are illegally having this internal globalist coup that works for the Communist Chinese.
And so, in hindsight, we can make a documentary about this.
In fact, it should be done.
Back when Roger was defending himself daily, I said, hey, we all know you're not a Russian agent.
Everybody's bored of it, which they were.
They were still trying to put him in prison, and it did falsely convict him.
Not of Russian collusion, but of lying to Congress, which wasn't true.
But now is the time for Roger Stone to talk about Russiagate.
Now that we know what happened with these indictments, now that this has all come out, now is the time to beat the drum to make sure these criminals are prosecuted, and we bring down the house of cards that is the deep state.
We're going to go on a break and come back with Taylor Hanson.
I'm Alex Jones.
Spread this video live and spread it once it's archived at Bandot Video, because you are the resistance.
If a hurricane is smashing into the Gulf Coast and I make the prediction that it's going to cause flooding, that's not a prediction.
You know it's a hurricane, you know it's got a lot of water it's going to dump, it's going to cause flooding.
So it wasn't a prediction 20 months ago when I said the UN order to lock down the world economy is going to cause a chain reaction that's going to cause supply chain problems for years, that's going to starve tens of millions to death.
And now it all happened.
25 million extra dead, hundreds of millions on the verge of starvation, and the UN that ordered it is running around being the savior.
Listen, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And now the first world's becoming the third world.
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So the Republican Party, I just want them to hear this message.
Look at this crowd.
We are the people that you must represent or we're going to replace you with patriots.
And so that's what January the 6th was all about.
It was just about making sure that if you called yourself a conservative, that you stood with the conservative movement.
And unfortunately, it spiraled out of control.
We coordinated with the U.S.
Capitol Police nearly every day.
A lot of people don't know that Stop the Steal actually had a permit on the Capitol grounds.
So not the Capitol itself and not the Capitol Plaza.
The Capitol grounds, Law 8, we had a permit.
So let's just imagine this.
20,000 to 50,000 people inside the President's Park.
We're sitting there at the very front.
I'm dead center of the President, front row.
A Trump campaign staffer walks up to me and says, you know, Ali, there are people leaving the overflow.
And there are already tens of thousands of people at the U.S.
With your presence and the presence of Alex Jones, why don't you guys walk down Pennsylvania, gather people together... We're coming home, creatures!
...and then position them for your rally on Lot 8.
I wasn't at the Capitol when it descended into chaos.
And that's only by God's grace, because I was scheduled to be there.
Secret Service let us out at a point where we would have been there when the first punch was thrown.
And that's strange.
The only reason that we weren't there is because we stopped and gave an impromptu speech.
I get a text from the campaign that you should get there and de-escalate because things are not going well.
So, we started to approach the side of the Capitol, where no protests had happened in November, no protests had happened in December.
All I thought was, I need to get them to the other side, and I need to get them to Lot 8.
Let's march around to the other side!
And all we are equipped with are megaphones.
Let's not fight the police and give the system what they want!
Maybe a thousand people are listening to us.
Come off the stands!
Out of 75,000 to 100,000 people there in front of us.
And it was a very helpless feeling.
We need to not have the confrontation with the police.
We're going to make that the story.
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen, on this Saturday evening.
I'm very, very thankful you've all tuned in.
I hope you realize and remember that when you get excited about the live feed or the archive of this special transmission and you share it, it reaches millions of people and we change the world.
The enemy's fighting around the clock to suppress us because our information is effective.
It's truthful and it will defeat them.
You know the internet saying, no one knows who first said it, but it's totally true.
If the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
If the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
The ruling globalist anti-human class of sickos is in trouble.
They're losing control.
They admit that's why they're launching the COVID-19 police state takeover.
And here, domestically, they used Russiagate in the last five years to suppress and dominate their political enemies.
Now, that's been proven to be a total fraud, cooked up by the Clintons, who indeed were on the Russian payroll and Chotikon payroll, anybody else that would pay them.
Well, now they've moved on to January 6th.
And I remember on the night of January 6th, Taylor Hanson, who I was familiar with, seen some of his journalistic reports, was there.
We had a rooftop deal, as we've done many times, we were in D.C.
covering things.
The left's like, why did Jones have a rooftop area by the Capitol?
It's total proof!
I've done it like six, seven times before.
OAN's based there.
A bunch of other media outlets.
You could pay a couple thousand bucks, like a thousand bucks a day and get a whole setup, in fact a tent.
And so we would get tents there and then we would do the DC reporting on the elections.
Yeah, that's what the media does.
We'd be up there with MSNBC and CNN and ABC and we'd leave them alone and they'd leave us alone.
But that's a side issue.
There he was up on the roof with us that afternoon, that evening, and the next day laying out exactly what really happened.
And so he's a big part of Tucker Carlson's new amazing three-part series that's at Fox Nation.
We're going to play some clips of it here this evening as well.
He's a big part of that because
He was on the trail of Jaden X a year before in Utah, and so he knew what he was looking for that day when I got blindsided.
He was worried about provocateurs, and indeed it happens.
He's a big part of the documentary film, Taylor Hanson.
You can go to Taylor USA on Twitter, at Taylor USA, founder of hashtag Baby Lives Matter, independent journalist, field reporter, political commentary.
Brother, good to have you here with us.
So much to talk about.
January 6th anniversary coming up soon.
They want to base their whole takeover saying we're all domestic terrorists off January 6th, but Tucker and you and others are really destroying that false narrative.
So thanks for joining us.
Of course.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Well, I'm going to try to give you the floor because I want to hear from you.
Wherever you want to begin, because I know you've got a lot to say.
Yeah, absolutely.
So, I mean, obviously we all know that January 6th by now was a complete setup, a complete false flag narrative attack on our country and our people.
And what I'd really like to get in today is just how mad Tucker Carlson truly made the left and the establishment with this release of his newest documentary.
Because he's truly the only one to come out and combat this, you know, this false flag narrative.
And he's the only one putting this out with Darren Betty right now.
And Darren Betty's done some amazing work.
And what I want to touch on is the MAGA blood libel, is what he calls it.
It's what Darren Betty calls it in the documentary.
And we are seeing...
Currently in America, what happens when the entirety of the intelligence apparatus is completely weaponized against the American people?
You know, we're being thrown into what is equivalent to Gitmo right now.
You have people being tortured, you know, sexually abused, abused in every single way.
Psychological ops are being ran on these American
On these American prisoners that are sitting there and rotting.
We had Marjorie Taylor Greene go down there and she was actually able to visit with the prisoners.
I believe yesterday or the day before.
And that was an amazing thing to see and amazing win on our part.
But truly I just believe that Tucker Carlson is doing a great job especially with this newest documentary because he's engaging in culture.
And that's something that we nearly we don't have nearly enough on the right side is culture.
And I know that you have a new film coming out about you and
With Jorge Ventura's documentary exposing the border and what's going on with the cartels, I really think we just need to continue to hit really hard on these culture aspects and just counter the narratives.
Like you said, they lost their mind, the establishment and mainstream media, over you simply having equipment set up up top on the OAN studio, which is for rent.
You know, we live in a capitalist society.
You can rent nice things, crazy news.
And they lost their mind on you, you know, you supposedly incited the insurrection alongside Trump.
So really what I'm here to do today is just completely dismiss all these false narratives that have been put out by mainstream media.
Absolutely, my friend, you do a great job.
So start wherever you think best, because you lived it.
Yeah, so I'd really, I really like to walk you through the first person kind of events that day, you know, my point of view.
And because at first,
You know, I actually arrived at what I believe is called the Peace Fountain.
I was actually with Savannah Hernandez at the time, at the very beginning of the day.
And I remember standing on top of the Peace Fountain.
And at first, before we actually got there, there was a group that had congregated that, you know, kind of seemed a little bit off, that didn't really seem like huge Trump supporters.
You know, I'm very used to spotting provocateurs.
I've covered countries nationwide during the Summer of Love.
And I was, I mean, really getting into John Sullivan prior to moving from Utah.
And what we really saw that day is one group of people congregate and began, you know, irritating and agitating and almost convincing these people to come with them that had no idea what was about to happen.
And this group is what I believe is one of the large informant groups.
You had Ray Epps among it.
You know, commanding multiple people throughout there and you had multiple, you had Zachary Elam, he actually was the one that broke the windows out of Ashley, of the window that Ashley had to jump through and where she was shot and killed.
So you had almost all of these agitators littered throughout this first group getting people to go to the Capitol that day and they left 19, I mean they actually arrived 19 minutes prior to Trump's speech
Completely finishing.
And the ellipse is a 1.3 mile walk from the Capitol, to put that in perspective for you.
So how long they would have had to leave prior to that?
It would have had to be at least 33 to 30 minutes.
And I stood on the Peace Fountain, and we followed this group of agitators, and you know, they were being just chanting, doing their normal things, and it stopped.
You have ray-ups on the side, kind of gathering people in, convincing people we need to go into the Capitol, go to the Capitol, even though Trump wasn't finished speaking.
And we all know Trump supporters.
We know that they love their president.
And these normal people, you know, these normal supporters of the president, these everyday Americans, they're not going to go to the Capitol before Trump, you know, their commander in chief at the time, the man they admire, leaves the Capitol.
I mean, leaves for the Capitol.
His speech wasn't even done yet.
And these real supporters, there's no way they're going to leave.
We know these people love him.
And I was on top of the peace found upon arriving after following this group that was agitating and that eventually pushed on the first barrier.
And that's when Savannah and I saw the first initial breach happen.
And so me and her ran up to the very front.
And right alongside Ray Epps and, you know, Elijah Schaefer has some amazing footage that was shown in the documentary of Ray Epps whispering into a man's ear.
And I actually ended up getting a lot of footage of that man later on, not Ray Epps, but one of his, uh, I call him, you know, agitator buddies.
Yeah, this right here.
And I ended up getting a picture with him.
He actually asked for a picture with me at the Capitol that day while we were on the front lines after they had breached through the two barriers and actually established the initial riot zone.
And so I have a picture, a selfie with him, which was really weird to me, you know, that you come up and just ask a selfie from a random journalist.
And then later on, as I reviewed my footage, I realized that he was connected to Ray Epps and the group that Ray Epps was advocating with.
And upon that moment of, you know, seeing Ray Epps kind of whisper in someone's ear and then then push the all these barriers down.
And then the riot just, you know, erupted out of nowhere.
Everyone was being peaceful.
It was completely calmed down.
I'd say it calmed down for about 20 minutes.
And then you got smoke, smoke grenades, everything being thrown.
You'd have people attacking the police in the front.
So the police line, complete agitators.
I mean, I've seen, I've dealt with countless agitators.
I mean, honestly, it's not very hard to agitate a riot.
It all comes down to psychology and the current political environment.
And this would,
Probably Antifa's and the establishment's finest moment was on January 6th.
And I kind of started to realize something fishy was going on a little bit prior to actually entering the Capitol, but I didn't really know the full scope of it.
But the way that the police were treating, you know, these peaceful protesters in the back, throwing grenades.
I mean, I had to put a man out that was on fire.
There was people with holes in their lips.
I mean, there was blood everywhere from these protesters and none from the police that I saw.
I mean, it just really, that's kind of when the tone shifted, is because I was in Portland on 9-100 when they were molotoving police officers.
And I'd never seen, you know, force like that from any police officer, or any police unit, or anything, my entire career in journalism.
So just seeing the pure brutality of what they were doing to the people, and to me, shooting me with pepper balls, with rubber bullets, even though I had press credentials hanging from my waist and my hip.
I mean, it was just...
Really crazy to see, and as we pushed up, as they began to congregate on the stairs and in the ramparts and started to rip down the ramparts, that's when I really knew something was wrong because they were letting people fill into the ramparts in its entirety.
And then they started letting people push up on the left side of the stairs, and that's when I looped around, just last moment decided to because I was tired of getting pepper sprayed, and I witnessed a man actually get pushed off the side of the wall.
And what would appear to be, he was unresponsive.
So it looked like he broke his spine.
He was purple and blue.
I'm sure you guys have seen that video.
And that caused actually the crowd to get mad enough to push up the stairs.
And of course, Ray Epps was one of the people leading the charge.
So they charged right up.
And by the time I actually got up, the doors were wide open.
You know, there was no officers.
I think I saw one officer up top and he was just having a conversation with a protester.
You know, they were laughing together.
They weren't doing anything.
And they just walked in.
And I just walked in with my camera.
I began recording.
And eventually, there was actually protesters escorting police officers out of the Capitol multiple times while I was walking through.
They just created a path for them, walk them right on out.
And in that moment, I was like, OK.
You know, it's really weird to me that you can walk into one of the most secure buildings while, uh, you know, the Senate is in Congress is in session with the vice president inside unarmed and you're not going to be stopped.
So that's kind of when I started to get this, you know, I'd say almost spidey senses of a sort.
And then I followed Ashley Babbitt and that was you know really when it took a turn is when I began to see the agitators in that area start to break windows and I was screaming at them telling them you know calm down you need to stop you need to relax this isn't what you're here for and I was just you know I'm there to report I was there to report but I
Couldn't stand to watch Zachary Alom, you know, shatter these windows on each side of these officers' faces, and then these officers not do anything about it.
I mean, this officer on the left side with Metropolitan PD, he was actually, I mean, he was scared.
He was terrified.
And I had a brief conversation with him.
He's the same one that John Sullivan actually got to leave in the audio there.
And, I mean, he was terrified.
He didn't know what to do.
I told him, hey, I'm not gonna hurt you, you know.
It's gonna be fine.
Oh, in a little bit more clearly, because I've watched these videos well over a thousand times.
And you can see, you know, Zachary Lam agitating the crowd, riling up the crowd, and then he has one or two friends with him that are also in on it and are helping.
And right as Ashley Babbitt, right before she is actually shot, all the officers in the area, Officer Yetter is his name, you can see that they're looking diagonally through the glass as what appears to be Michael Byrd's firearm.
And in Michael Byrd's testimony, of course, they said, you know, I couldn't even see Ashley Babbitt.
I didn't know she was even a female until I shot her.
But her backpack compounded onto my fears, which doesn't make sense.
What actually happened in this situation is you have Michael Byrd who claims he's waiting for the cert team, which would come and clear the area out, which is they were there.
He says they weren't there.
But that's what that SWAT team was that actually walked up the stairs and they thought everything was perfectly fine and dandy.
They didn't really care to, I mean, really do anything.
They were laughing with Ashley Babbitt.
Five minutes prior to her being executed by Michael Byrd.
But the trajectory of where they were looking, these officers, they knew exactly what was about to happen.
And it really makes you wonder how, truly how coordinated was the shooting of Ashley Babbitt?
And not just that, but January 6th is, you know, we have over 10 unindicted co-conspirators that we currently know of right now.
And honestly, they're just counting up as we go.
So there really is no bottom to this.
And I think really the only way that we're going to figure out why they executed a woman in cold blood, you know, why they let all these people in and then called it an armed insurrection, even though that clearly is not the case.
We're going to have to take over.
The right is going to have to take over the House, the Senate, I mean, the White House, everything at this point.
And we're going to have to launch the same style of, you know, private investigation or committee that the left is currently doing, but actually to expose the truth.
There's over 14,000 hours of unreleased footage.
And this is footage that's playing right now that was just barely released as well.
And those people aren't Trump supporters.
You know, they're addressed head to toe in black bloc.
You know, I've covered enough
BLM and Antifa riots to know that Trump supporters aren't very savvy with black bloc and that is not really their attire to say the least.
They've got the exact same body language of Antifa I've seen everywhere because we've gotten their secret documents.
It's been in the news.
We got them like five years ago.
They have a battle plan where their order were to go, what to do.
Usually the businesses are corporate.
There's already an agreement.
They can attack it.
They're in towns where they control the police and the prosecutors, so they're not going to get in trouble.
And then they go and do targeted stuff, trying to provocateur other groups for a future revolution.
And yeah, you watch the body language.
It's all a setup.
Oh, absolutely.
When I was recognizing people that day that I had recognized from Portland, you know, I'd been attacked in Portland twice now at this point, and I'd recognized, you know, what they call press out there, but it's fake antifa press because they just go throw a press badge, you know, write Sharpie on their helmet with some tape because they now are protected by the First Amendment by these police officers so they can riot, they can do whatever they want, you know, even if they were charged.
They're not going to stick anyway.
So even though they're against our First Amendment, even though they fight to suppress it and burn books, I mean, they're monsters.
Well, I mean, these are the same people, Alex, that, you know, they're anti-police.
They want to completely abolish the police, supposedly, and they're anti-establishment.
But and then when January 6th happens, which was clearly a setup, they jump on the bandwagon and they report us to the FBI or they report everybody.
I mean, they were.
Have you seen the Sedition Hunters page?
What do you think?
The Sedition Hunters, that's what it is.
They are quite literally a group of antifa from Portland and nationwide that just dedicate their lives now to doxing people that were involved with January 6th, that were just standing outside peacefully.
I mean, that's what they dedicated their time to.
They're a criminal group of globalist-funded stalkers promoting communism.
So now seeing Tucker's film, being in Tucker's film, seeing the tens of millions of people that are aware of it now panicking the system, this isn't just hitting a nerve with January 6th and this new
I think we're entering the house of the false flag.
Oh, absolutely, Alex.
Honestly, I don't think we're going to see a time in history like this again, that there are going to be a higher number of false flags.
They truly are just hitting the overdrive button on this, as they realize that their January 6th narrative is completely crumbling.
People are starting to wake up to what the FBI does.
And, you know, it's really not going to be good news for them.
So they just need to go all out, plan everything they can.
I mean, we saw the election crap that happened with Glenn Youngkin.
With, you know, the other, uh, McLaughlin's, I believe his name was, his aider, his staffer is actually dressing up in white, you know, white supremacy, uh, attire.
Yeah, they were, they were dressing up and copying the other fake Nazis from Charlottesville.
It's just, it was people faking, people faking other fake Nazis.
Well, because I would honestly, man, I've reported nationwide.
I've been to, you know, almost every single state of the country.
And I have not once seen a white supremacist or a Nazi.
I mean, I would genuinely be impressed if I could find one at this point.
It's really insane to me.
I know they exist, but they're really the minority at this point.
But compared to the, you know, what the media wants us to know is
They are the number one threat to, you know, the homeland and to our freedom and to our safety.
When in reality, they're not a threat at all.
And the only threat and the only terrorists we have within our country is quite literally the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the people that they let into our country to commit terrorism and aid and abet them in.
It's just amazing that they do this and
How do you think we stop them?
And I think the answer is you.
It's citizen journalists out there.
And then if you get censored, you just mentor and get others that then go on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.
We duplicate it all to Rumble and to Gab and to all the other sites and in Bandot Video.
And we all just work harder and know this is an information war.
Exactly, Alex.
Well, that's the biggest thing is this is it's just an information war.
That's all it is.
We are quite literally living under
I think.
We're good to go.
They should have their expert guys bring them in under their wing and train five of them at a time and then let them fly.
Because all the mainline corporate stuff are not journalists, they are corporate repeaters.
They take big pharma, big government, whatever, they take it and just repeat it.
Well, that's all they do is they don't know their talking points until they're released by our government and by, you know, by the big pharma companies and everything.
So really what I think we need to do is we all just need to stand up and say, you know, this is enough.
We need to get people on the border.
We need to get people in D.C.
demanding, you know, the free release and the freedom of those January 6th prisoners.
We just need to win on the culture war front and the psychological war front as we're starting to engage in culture with the documentaries that the right is releasing now.
And I think that's going to be the number one thing in these upcoming years of the 2022 and 2024, and really seeing if we have a country left.
But we need as many journalists on the ground, and to put it into perspective, is anyone to do this.
As I woke up one day, I believe it was the day after Jay Bishop was shot and killed in Portland by Daniel Reinhold.
And I just, at the time I was doing activism, I had founded a movement called Baby Lives Matter, where I painted murals outside of abortion clinics.
And that just wasn't enough for me.
I woke up and saw that video and something inside me just lit up.
And I was so angry and just disgusted.
You know, I'm going to Portland.
I had $300 in my bank account at the time.
If that, I booked a plane ticket.
And that's when my whole career started.
You know, I got that feet on fire clip.
President Trump shared it.
And anybody can do it.
That's the reality of it.
You know, one day I woke up and I decided I'm going to be a journalist.
And then I started covering events.
I started meeting the right people.
I started getting good sources.
And that's all that matters is you meet one person within this industry that truly wants to better our country.
That's all that it's going to take.
You have one person really push you and propel you.
And I'd be willing to do it for damn near anybody at this point.
Well, I mean, it's life and death now, because they're misrepresenting who Americans are.
They're trying to create racial division.
The globalists are desperate.
That's why all of us have to speak up for ourselves and authentically stand up, because this is beyond journalism now.
The whole New World Order steals our identities as Americans, says we're something else we aren't.
So a foreign, multinational, criminal, anti-human eugenics group
I think?
To stop being lapdogs of the military-industrial complex and the globalists.
I mean, they claim they're anti-establishment when they've got the media, the academia, the banks, everything behind them, and they are just the scum of the earth.
But then you've got the yuppie-type leftists that actually do still think they're the good guys and have no idea they're the bad guys.
No, absolutely, Alex.
I really, at this point, I do not think that there is any changing the left's mind.
At least, you know, the far left and the establishment left and this globalist agenda that's being pushed.
They are so brainwashed and indoctrinated at this point that even if we, you know, sat down with them, we sat them in an interrogation room, it doesn't matter.
You know, we truly give them the most red pill of all red pills.
I don't think it would matter for these people.
Yeah, you have like kind of the yuppie leftists you were referring to.
I feel like there might be, you know, some hope for those people.
You know, they think they're on the right side and maybe if you can show them enough...
Proving that they are actually on the wrong side of history and that they are aiding and abetting, you know, a nasty eugenics program and the mass murder and imprisonment of U.S.
citizens, then maybe that could switch their mind.
But the thing is, is about the establishment and the left is they know that they are already doing this.
They know that abortion is wrong.
They know that human trafficking is a real problem in our country and in the world that nobody wants to address.
They signed on to the power structure because they think they'll make more money and they're nasty people.
And so don't put our pearls before swine.
We just got to go to the general proletariat, to use their terms, the working class, everybody being targeted by the globalists to make them even poorer.
And we've got to just reach out to everybody that has a heart and a soul of every race, color and creed and come together and reject the Great Reset, reject the globalists.
And neoliberalism is the venom of this snake-like system.
Any other points you'd like to add, my friend?
I would like to add is with these upcoming months is pay attention to what goes on with the January 6th Commission is because they still want prosecutions.
They want to bring the big dogs down.
They want Marjorie Taylor Greene.
They want Lauren Boebert.
They want everybody.
They're going to be truly pushing this narrative as hard as they can.
They're trying to recover the January 6th narrative, but really kind of watch out for that and see how they shift tones, knowing that it's not going for them, knowing that the establishment is truly being outed on a more public level than ever.
Because we know that they operate in the wide open now and they have for quite a while.
But really just pay attention and push back on the narratives that they push out.
You know, I'd say that Tucker honestly did a great job on the documentary because he probably didn't have to pay for any advertising.
Because the left and the establishment were so mad about it that they were the ones that did all the advertising for him.
So those are the kind of things that we need to be doing.
We need to be pushing back on everything, on all these false narratives, on these snopes, articles, everything that we possibly can.
We need to push back culturally.
We need to push back politically.
We need to just push back and tell the truth.
That's really all I have to say.
I totally agree with you.
They are going for broke.
They are trying to brand their opposition as terrorists.
They've got their provocateur infiltrated militias and other groups.
And when somebody's in a militia and I say there's infiltrated militias,
The feds and the militias say, he's saying militias are bad.
No, I'm saying infiltrated ones are dangerous and you're going to be set up and this is their whole program, their whole opposition to our populist peaceful movement is to try to brand us as violent and evil.
And so that's why we've got to decry violence and we've got to fight though in the information war and with civil disobedience.
And I think now with them coming with experimental shots against the children, they're trying to cause a shooting war.
Not going into any forms of violence, offensively.
No violence.
I think it's time for civil disobedience.
A, do you agree?
And B, what do you think civil disobedience ought to be?
I absolutely agree with you Alex and I think civil disobedience right now with you saying that how they're pushing the clock shot on America right now and you know they just approved it for I mean kids that are under 11 years old which is absolutely insane and unheard of is really what they want to do is I mean this is a mass depopulation scheme.
This is an attack on America.
It's only Western countries that this is happening, because Western systems won't fit into the new world order, absolutely.
China's not taking the shot, period.
India's not taking it, but nobody except the United States is going under 16 years of age or under 12.
Well, and it really shows you that
You know, China, a totalitarian government, you know, a communist government isn't even forcing their children to take the shot.
So it really shows you what point America has reached and the establishment has reached and how desperate they are.
They want everyone vaccinated.
They want to screw your bodily autonomy up forever.
They don't want you to have a choice unless you're killing a child that's within your body.
If so, that's OK.
But I really think people need to be pushing back on the vaccine mandates in schools, like with what Roger Stone had just said in the prior segment.
With, you know, the school's kind of school boards jumping around Governor DeSantis' executive order, is we really need to truly crack down on these things and enforce them.
You know, you're not going to put a mask on my child.
You're not going to vaccinate my child without my permission.
You're not going to do anything of the sort.
You're not going to do anything to my body because it's my body.
And people need to be willing to lose their jobs because the reality of it is, is would you rather lose your job or would you rather lose your life and your freedom?
Because that's what we're fighting for right now.
Taylor Hanson, we salute you.
People can find you on Twitter at Taylor USA.
And we really appreciate you and we should collaborate with you on some reporting.
Thank you so much for your time.
Thanks for having me on Alex.
All right.
I've got Norm Pattis here, one of my great lawyers, famous First Amendment and criminal lawyer.
He's here working with us in Austin.
And it's already in the evening right now.
And I don't know if
He's going to be ready to come in.
He was scheduled to be in here, but I've been going over today because this is such important information.
So I'm going to go on a break and I'll either end the transmission then or we're going to interview Norm Paz.
We're going to see what happens with that.
But let me just say something to you right now.
I've been on air 28 years.
And there's been a lot of times I worked 20 hours a day when I was making a film or on the road doing things.
But that was mainly, I was about 35.
From about 21 to 35, I worked conservatively 13, 14, 15 hours a day because I felt a sense of destiny.
Not that I wanted to get famous, not that I wanted recognition, but I mean, I knew globalism was real.
I knew the New World Order was coming after us.
I knew they were going to try to set up this horrible system that I read about in their own publications.
And I thought, hey, we'll be able to rally the people and stop this.
And I knew even if it takes me decades to warn people, they're going to laugh at me up front, but later people are going to come back and say, well, that guy was right.
Part of that has happened.
But they've gone ahead with their program.
But I wouldn't be up here seven days a week.
I'm gonna be back up here tomorrow evening.
Hours getting ready before and right through to the evening.
And I've got a wonderful four-year-old daughter.
I've got three other great children that I spend a lot of time with.
One's 19, one's 17, one's 13.
So I got four children, but I mean, I really want to be hiking right now or go out on a boat on the lakes, beautiful fall weather.
I want to be outside with a fire in my backyard with s'mores.
I'd like to be watching, you know, old-fashioned cartoons with my daughter and, you know, eating a hamburger.
But I've got to be here.
And I'm sure the crew would rather be somewhere else, too.
But we have to do this.
I can't sit here while they're poisoning children and engaging in world government and drag queen pedophile time and open borders and just all this insanity and just kind of, oh, go do my show and then it's up to somebody else.
I'm in overdrive because I realize they're fighting like the devil to take me off the air because we're hurting them.
Their agenda will fail.
It has to.
And God's watching everything we're doing.
Infowars is one of the most important organizations in the world to fight against these people.
And I'm starting to see an effect where
All the people we already informed didn't believe us, but now they've woken up and actually get the program.
They don't even need to tune in anymore to know what's going on.
They now see it, they're off operating on their own.
That's where I always wanted to be, but we're just now starting to hit the traction.
It's like your wheels have been spinning on ice and suddenly you hit gravel and it starts to go.
If you think InfoWars has already done something before,
I mean, if you think we've been effective and you think we hit pay dirt when it comes to fighting the Globalists before, folks, we are entering our golden era.
We are entering our heyday.
We are entering what I was born to do, what you were born to do.
This is it.
This is game time right now.
This is the Super Bowl.
28 years ago, me, that was Little League peewee football, okay?
Pop Warner.
This is Super Bowl for the future of humanity now.
Sudden death overtime.
This is it.
This is it right now.
And this is, they mean business.
I mean, they are literally signing children on to a death sentence.
Prions growing all over their body.
It's just people that take to it too well die right away.
It's a death sentence.
And a lot of you are probably new listeners.
You already took the shot, you're already really sick, you're scared, you're freaked out.
I know a lot of really prominent people that went ahead and took it and they can't work out, they can't jog, they can't exercise, they're having heart palpitations.
Young people, young old people, very well-known people.
I'm going to leave it at that.
A lot of well-known people, security details, went ahead and took the shots.
They can't work anymore.
I mean, this is big.
This is real.
A lot of folks in the NFL, no players took it.
Now they're having heart problems.
They haven't announced because they think that'll hurt their profitability.
You got guys out there playing with heart problems that are going to be dropping dead.
They already are.
So, this is big, folks.
This is it, okay?
And so,
My wife asked me like, since when do you not even have a drink of beer ever?
Or how do you work 20 hours a day now?
And what's going on with you?
I mean, how are you, how do you have more energy, you know, than like an 18 year old man?
And it's because we're in a fricking war, people.
I mean, this is it.
And they've set it up where we just go out and kill the globalists.
They've got people set up behind them to make it look like they're victims.
They'll use that against us.
I'm not afraid to die.
But I'm telling you, physical stuff is not the zone we're in right now.
This is an information war, a spiritual war.
These people are really megalomaniacs, worse than Hitler.
I mean, that's why they're just, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, because they're the globalist robber baron money that created Hitler.
Hitler was just a laboratory test for them, so they could take over.
So, they're making their move, they think they're God, they think they're advanced because they've ascended to a newer level and are willing to do all this to quote, save the Earth, when they're the ones actually killing the Earth.
And so,
Spread the word about this broadcast and do whatever you have to to take this video today and hit your whole email list with it.
Hit your whole...
Text message list.
That's where the censorship is not working.
That's where CNN and the UN want things censored in live time.
And go on Twitter and go on Facebook.
Who cares if they take your account away or whatever?
Use this for the truth now while you still can.
Take clips out of the show.
Or talk to your neighbors and get them to.
Organize everybody to go while they still have an internet ID and aren't being banned and to
That's what it is.
To go out there and fight.
And then you do your fight.
You speak your truth.
You amplify information.
And then they shadow ban you or whatever.
So what?
You can always come back with a new identity.
Doesn't matter.
But if they win down the road, that won't be the case.
And everybody's going to get controlled.
You're not going to even get speech.
Unless you're a top globalist.
Even if you grovel to them.
So that's their plan, and it's meant to isolate you and make you alone and dehumanize you until you're willing to literally be euthanized and have your brain uploaded to a computer.
It'll be a death penalty, by the way, to say that the upload isn't real.
So you're gonna be forced into the Matrix, but it's not even gonna be a Matrix, you're gonna be dead.
And that's the official plan.
I told you 20 years ago, now they're all over the news announcing it.
Total transhumanism.
It's just, it's absolutely insane.
In fact, I have a stack of news on this.
Well, they're announcing world government and all the rest of it and where they're announcing the end of the human body and how they're going to take it over.
It's all on, it's all on Infowars.com.
But I just, I've got to go to break and I've got to come back and see if Norm's even going to be able to come on because I've been, I've been up here talking so much, but I mean, just look at all this news.
Every damn one of these articles is just bombshell, insane, in your face, out of control, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, the damn gloves are off, and every authoritarian society in the world is using the pretext of COVID-19 from Australia to Canada to the United States to North Korea, and it's just unbelievable.
But again, that whole stack, here it is.
It's this stack right here.
I mean, look at these headlines, and it's all video of them just saying it.
Treasury Secretary Yellen admits net zero grand reset climate price tag will be $150 trillion, will take control of everybody's lives.
Plans of a titanotronic elite.
The Great Reset that fundamentally changed what it means to be human.
Bill Gates' worldwide police state announcement.
Prince Charles wage war on mankind.
In fact, we're going to play this report right now and then come back in the final segment.
We're going to air, will Prince Charles wage war on mankind as king?
And here's the report.
95% of the whole of the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil has disappeared in the last 100 years.
There is simply nowhere for these animals to live.
At the basis of it all is this colossal increase in the human population.
It's one of the living species of the planet, but it's reaching plague proportions.
Global warming, climate change, and the devastating loss of biodiversity are the greatest threats humanity has ever faced.
And one largely of our own creation.
Now, I have dedicated much of my life to the restoration of harmony between humanity, nature and the environment.
And to the encouragement of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.
Quite frankly, it has been a bit of an uphill struggle.
But now, it is time to take it to the next level.
Like his father, Prince Philip, Charles speaks authoritatively about the current status of Earth's environment.
However, these interests in ecological health seem more political than genuinely green-minded, motivated by power and profit rather than stopping pollution to save the environments of plants and animals.
What we're trying to do is to
Through the Sustainable Markets Council, which has been set up with the help of the World Economic Forum.
He's to try and build the bridge that's necessary between the investors and the projects.
There are some very interesting technologies out there.
In fact, many more than we think that are undercapitalized, which could be applied with the right kind of investment, having created the right kind of investment model and require a lot more people to come together, which is what we're
Trying desperately to do.
At the opening ceremony of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, Charles joined in on the politicized climate hysteria.
So, ladies and gentlemen, my plea today is for countries to come together to create the environment that enables every sector of industry to take the action required.
We know this will take trillions, not billions of dollars.
We also know that countries, many of whom are burdened by growing levels of debt, simply cannot afford to go green.
Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector.
With trillions at his disposal, far beyond global GDP, and, with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world's leaders,
It offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.
This assertive call to action, a worldwide military campaign, is stated in such confidence, as if Charles is already king.
Is he preparing to ascend the throne soon?
As reported by Politico on September 3rd, 2021, Britain's plan for the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was leaked and laid out how Charles would become king.
Called Operation London Bridge, the day following the Queen's death, Charles will be proclaimed the new sovereign.
And he will officially take the reins of the British Empire.
The only question that remains is... How will he exercise his new power?
And where will he lead their global empire?
Either A. A military-style environmental crusade waged against nations of the world until they are forced to follow their green dictates.
Or B. Is there something more sinister behind his eco-friendly mask of environmental care and earth worship?
Perhaps a naked power grab to exercise the United Nations muscles in the body of their Anglo-American establishment.
Interestingly, as the BBC reported in 2002, during a visit to central Brazil, Prince Charles was given a bronze statue of himself with giant wings and an uncharacteristic muscular physique.
Trampling over human bodies piled at his feet, the artist Mauricio Bentes said the piece signified, quote, Prince Charles saving the world.
To which the prince said he was, quote, amazed and deeply touched.
What does this really mean?
Does saving the world involve killing humanity?
If so, King Charles' ascension to the throne is yet another sign of the end times, and his empire could be the second beast of revelation.
And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.
Is the sustainable prince, soon to be king, a dragon in disguise?
I, Charles Prince of Wales, do become your liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship.
And faith and truth I will bear unto thee, to live and die against all manner of folks.
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com
You know, anybody knows people that are inbred have mental problems.
Everybody knows rich families that even have two, three generations of rich children produce horribly nasty, greedy, hateful monsters.
Prince Charles is heavily connected, as is his brother, with pedophilia.
He's heavily connected with depopulation and world government.
I remember a few years ago they reported multi-billions of pounds, that's, you know, the British sterling, their currency, was spent heating their castles.
For the family of less than 50 people, but they were cutting the pension funding for gas at night for people to heat their homes.
Old people were freezing to death by the hundreds every few weeks.
They were getting on buses that are heated in the winter not to freeze to death.
These people are pigs.
And they're not British.
Nothing against Hungarians and Romanians, that's where they're from.
They're literally the house of Dracula.
And they're a parasitic family that's been feeding on those people for over a thousand years.
And then right through to the Habsburgs, they're related to, but they're the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.
And you should know who your enemy is.
I mean, these people say, you can't have a car, can't have air conditioning, you're dirty, you're evil.
They cooked up the damn virus.
They released it.
They're injecting us with a poison that's going to slowly kill us.
And the man is literally best friends with the most famous pedophile in history, Jimmy Savelle.
Okay, so...
That's where we are.
I'm not going to get to Norm.
He's here still working and things are going on.
I appreciate Norm.
I may tape something with him tomorrow.
It's going to be on the Sunday show.
I'm going to be here 4 to 6 p.m.
ahead of Sunday live.
That's 6 to 8 p.m.
We'll have all the latest news, fast-moving, hard-hitting then, but this has been a long-form breakdown of a lot of key stuff.
A lot we didn't get to, I'll cover tomorrow.
Separately, just remember, we've got Black Friday comes early, running right now.
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I think?
We're good.
Again, I want to thank the crew for being here this evening.
I want to thank the security folks up here keeping us safe and the listeners supporting us.
We can do that or they're going to definitely, they've been trying to probe and attack us.
I'm not a drama queen, folks.
It's very serious.
And everything's serious for the whole country, the whole world.
We're in a war.
This is World War III.
This is a globalist, corporate-directed depopulation with the King of England.
He's already the king running the whole damn show with his demon cousin, Klaus Schwab.
So, that's it for this transmission.
If you just tuned in, the
Roger Stone was epic and very important historical and to know how to defeat him.
And then of course, Taylor Hanson was amazing and so much more.
And so I just, again, thank you for keeping us in the fight.
It's really an extreme blessing.
That's why it's hard for me always to sign off because they have fought so damn hard to stop us even happening, but because of you, we're still here.
So don't let these words go on deaf ears.
You are the people that carry the ball.
You are the dark knight out there that the globalists hate so much that these villains
It's Thursday, November 4th, 2021, when I'm shooting this important news bulletin that's only going to last four short minutes.
But here are just some headlines and then I'll give you my view on it.
This is the Financial Times of London.
UK supply chain crisis to last at least until 2023, business leaders warn.
Here's another headline.
The world could run out of food by 2023, study shows from the United Nations.
Here's another one on Axios.
Healthcare plagued by new supply chain shortages.
All these are establishment statements.
China urges citizens to stockpile food in preparation for potential winter supply chain breakdown or war with Taiwan.
Supply chain issues.
How global shortages are affecting consumers nationwide and worldwide.
People are hoarding.
Food shortages are the next supply chain crunch.
And it goes on and on.
With these similar headlines.
Here's one out of CNN.
The global supply chain nightmare is about to get worse.
Here's another one out of WBUR.
What America's supply chain shortages mean for your buying?
From phones to cars, supply chain crunch sparks, food shortages in the U.S., on and on and on.
So when we have a food shortage or we have a gas shortage or we have a electricity shortage, it's a super bad convenience and it might even make some people become homeless.
But in general, millions of people don't die.
But as I warned 20 plus months ago, when this whole global lockdown began, it's going to cause mass death in the third world.
And so the UN came out
Just a few days ago, it's told Elon Musk he should give six billion dollars to save the extra millions and millions of people that are now starving to death.
And Elon Musk said, well, wait a minute, you're the ones running child kidnapping rings and raping children all over the world and caught running sex slavery and also just regular labor slavery operations.
And I'm glad he countered with that.
He said, you're a bad organization.
You can't be trusted.
But maybe I will give six million to try to actually help these people.
But he should have gone further and pointed out it was the UN that ordered the global lockdowns.
They bragged about it.
They defended it.
And they were the ones 21 months ago that said, we need a global lockdown.
In fact, the head of the WHO wanted to keep them going into the year 2021, which in some African and Latin American countries, they're still doing because they're controlled by the IMF and World Bank that also controls the UN.
So it's the UN and the global corporations that have caused the global collapse, they're the ones that are causing all this famine, and they're the ones that are causing the supply chain breakdowns here in the West.
A, because a lot of the raw materials aren't available, but B, because millions and millions of people in different countries have been fired for not taking the experimental deadly jab, which again the UN and others knew a large portions would not take the shots, especially when it came out it was killing so many.
So we've got to get ready for this, and we've got to get physically prepared, but we've also got to be aware this is a war by the globalists, and until Congress wakes up to this and points out this is all part of the Great Reset that Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates brag about, and until they're called in for Senate hearings, they're just going to keep running this operation that's consolidating corporate power and vertically integrating society.
So that's why InfoWars is so important, because we're the only major leading media organization pointing out the elephant in the room.
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