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Name: 20211105_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 5, 2021
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The text discusses Alex Jones' views on a spike in mysterious illnesses among vaccinated individuals. He also critiques mainstream media for ignoring these issues. Additionally, the passage mentions promotions at the InfoWars store and various political topics such as globalism and accountability for freedom.

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I now have video out of Germany, out of France, out of the UK, out of England and Scotland and Ireland, and out of Hawaii, and out of New York, and from Texas, and Arkansas, and Florida.
I mean, I've got it all right here.
Got all the clips, all of it.
With them saying, oh my god, the hospitals are 25% their biggest record now.
Previous hospitalization was, I think, 2017.
And a few weeks ago, it was 20% the record.
Now it's 25% the record and growing.
And they think by January, it's going to be 50% more than have ever been in the hospital before with mystery illnesses.
And they list them.
Well, they don't know why there's all these heart attacks and heart swelling and blood clots and people having horrible autoimmune diseases where their lungs fill with water and they die, but they don't have COVID.
Gee, what could it be?
Well, what did every scientist worth their salt come out and say?
I mean, a who's who of Nobel Prize winners and chief scientists and university heads, and now the head of the British Medical Journal came out.
I've got video of that in Senate hearings, but it's a total blackout on it, and said, we've got mass ADE taking place.
So we're not warning of ADE like we did a year and a half ago.
It's going on.
And it's premeditated, and sure enough, people go, hey, ADE happens really bad with cold virus vaccines, but we never had one.
This one's really souped up.
We're probably going to have ADE and have people to take it.
A lot of them are going to die.
In fact, around half the people that develop ADE die.
Man, they are just murdering us in live time.
Gee, we don't know why everybody's dying, why everybody's getting heart attacks.
Gee, what's going on, Jiminy Crickets?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Info Wars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
If that was an insurrection, it was the most poorly conducted insurrection ever.
If it wasn't an insurrection, then what was it?
Special Operations uses the military deception tactic of a false flag abroad against the enemies of America.
A false flag is any time you want to frame another group so that you can then take action against that group.
It is my opinion that false flags have happened in this country, one of which may have been January 6th.
A wave of false flag intimidation is nigh.
The warning signs are abundant.
Some people showed up.
Listen, every day I hear people pleading with the Lincoln Project to help show Democrats how to win, how to play hardball.
You know, this is an example.
The progressive fascists that have hijacked our government will ramp up their creeping deception as the 2022 election nears, unleashing waves of provocateurs funded by political action committees, NGOs, grant-making networks, and the federal government itself upon the United States as their incompetence and Marxist agenda continues to bear rotten fruit.
Mr. President, you tweeted earlier asking Virginia and New Jersey residents to vote.
Democrat Terry McAuliffe is struggling in a state that you won by 10 points.
Do you see his problems as a rebuke of your presidency and could this signal near real losses for Democrats in the midterms?
We're gonna win.
I think we're going to win in Virginia.
All righty, Virginia!
We won this thing!
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe's campaign, attempting to hang on to his tyrannical governor's seat, was rife with propaganda-fueled incidents.
The McAuliffe campaign quickly seized on the tiki torches.
Jen Goodman, a communications staffer for McAuliffe, said their presence in front of Yunkin's bus was, quote, disgusting and disqualifying.
Christina Freundlich, another McAuliffe campaign spokesperson, tweeted the photo and said, this is who Yunkin supporters are.
In Austin, Texas, a tiny out-of-state group of self-proclaimed neo-Nazis magically appeared right before a vote on the George Soros contested proposition that would fund the police, taking pictures with police officers and displaying anti-Semitic banners on highway bridges.
One banner went so far as to attempt to implicate Infowars in its deception.
It's a group of people from outside of Austin who came in with the sole intent of being as outrageous and as anti-Semitic as possible.
I'm good.
As laughable and ill-planned as they are with their cartoonish backfiring, the abundance of these provocateurs should be alarming, as Soros' wedge of House progressives face re-election along with 36 governors and 34 Senate seats following the 2020 census redistricting.
John Bowne reporting.
I want to use my five minutes.
Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the leading voices exposing the dangers of the experimental COVID vaccine rollout, will be in studio today.
I got in touch with him a few days ago because Joe Rogan wanted to talk to him.
Very excited that's coming up.
And he said, hey, I can just pop right in.
I'm going to be in town on Friday.
So he's just passing through, driving through, a very busy man.
He'll be in studio with us in the second hour.
And boy, there couldn't be a better time for that, could there?
We also have some other big guests I'll tell you about coming up.
But it couldn't be a better time because, well, we've got a lot of news here, obviously, to cover, but I happen to have some information here that is a pretty big deal.
And if I don't build it up, people are just going to hear it and it's just going to kind of float over their heads or in one ear and out the other, including myself.
I mean, I'm really thinking about what is the proper action for me to take concerning everything that's going on.
And it's all tied together.
You know, the UN came out yesterday or came out last week.
We were the first to learn of it and put out new policies.
Saying, globally, you can inject children without parental consent.
And they labeled that the new informed consent.
If you send your children to school, you know they're going to be injected.
Wow, what a statement.
It's like saying, you wear that short skirt, you're going to get raped.
Or, you go outside at night, you're going to get mugged.
Or, I mean, they're just saying, we're going to do this to you.
And I've got more news on that today.
It's a pretty big deal.
In an article at InfoWars.com.
Easy to get out there.
Revealed U.N.
plan to vax children without parental consent.
Kelley McBrain article, but that's only a part of the story, the destruction of parental rights.
The fact that the U.N.
is the group running it and we're under U.N.
The fact that all these major sites admit, like Yahoo and AP, that well, we get our fact-checking from the U.N.
And if the U.N.
You're not allowed to talk about having a heart attack from the shots.
You're not allowed to.
It's true, they make you have heart attacks.
But we're not going to let you talk about it.
It can scare people.
I mean, that's a real quote.
I made a big deal about three weeks ago when the young sports college student, full scholarship, great shape, had a microcardiitis and almost died.
And the doctor said it was the Pfizer shot.
And the UN said, well, we're not going to allow him to be in the news.
Because it's true what he said, the doctor's not lying, but it scares people.
I mean, think about that.
It's true it made you have a major heart problem.
We know it's real.
They even said he's a good person, but he's not allowed to scare people.
The UN says.
I mean, you just wake up to that.
But none of that even compares in magnitude to what I'm about to cover.
Because the fact that they're announcing they're going to come and inoculate your children forcibly is just the highway.
What's coming down that highway is a bus on fire going 200 miles an hour and it's going to run us over.
The question is, what's in the shot?
Yeah, the UN runs it.
Yeah, it's out of control.
It's a total parental power grab by the state and bureaucrats.
On a scale of 10, it's an 11.
It's over the top.
But it gets a lot worse, folks.
I now have video out of Germany.
Out of France, out of the UK, out of England and Scotland and Ireland, and out of Hawaii, and out of New York, and from Texas, and Arkansas, and Florida.
I mean, I've got it all right here.
Got all the clips, all of it.
With them saying, oh my god, the hospitals are 25% their biggest record now.
Previous hospitalization was, I think, 2017.
And a few weeks ago, it was 20% the record.
Now it's 25% the record and growing.
And they think by January, it's going to be 50% more than it ever been in the hospital before with mystery illnesses.
And they list them.
Well, they don't know why there's all these heart attacks and heart swelling and blood clots and people having horrible autoimmune diseases where their lungs fill with water and they die, but they don't have COVID.
Gee, what could it be?
Well, what did every scientist worth their salt come out and say?
I mean, a who's who of Nobel Prize winners and chief scientists and university heads, and now the head of the British Medical Journal came out.
I've got video of that in Senate hearings, but it's a total blackout on it, and said, we've got mass ADE taking place.
So we're not warning of ADE like we did a year and a half ago.
It's going on.
And it's premeditated.
And sure enough, people go, hey, ADE happens really bad with cold virus vaccines, but we never had one.
This one's really souped up.
We're probably gonna have ADE and have people to take it.
A lot of them are gonna die.
In fact, around half the people that develop ADE die.
We're talking about
Twenty-five percent of people, if you look at just the first numbers coming out, that have had the shot are going to die.
Fifty percent are going to get sick conservatively.
And now that's what we see, it's ADE.
ADE is way more prevalent, the evidence shows, than just the myocarditis, the heart swelling and the heart attacks and the strokes.
The rest of it.
I've got a stack of news from around the world where they've got Prime Ministers and Premiers and Senators and Governors and hospital heads going, we just don't know why the hospitals are so full.
These people can't breathe.
Their lungs are turning liquid.
And by the way, they're all double jabbed.
They should be healthy.
It's not COVID though.
They're just dying.
And the statistics are, in the UK alone, you're twice as likely to be dying of the super cold, as it's called in the UK.
It's been going on for two months now.
If you've had the double jab.
And you're also increasing it if you've had one shot.
And they've got all the numbers.
I mean, this is all public.
And now I've got stacks of news articles.
Stacks of them.
Two stacks of mainstream news going, we don't know why everybody's dying.
No one will say it.
Everyone knows.
Gee, why is the champion basketball player having a heart attack?
Why the top hockey player just have a heart attack on the ice and die at 32 years of age?
Why are the football players all having heart attacks?
What's going on with the soccer players?
What the hell's going on?
And of course, it's the injections.
I mean, it's off the chart, ladies and gentlemen.
So we're going to take a break, a few minutes, and I'm going to come back.
I'm going to play the premier of Southwest Australia.
Of West Australia, as that province is known.
And he just says, we don't know why everybody's so sick.
We don't know why they're dead, why they're dying.
He goes, but we think it's
We think it's a delayed onset of something to do with COVID.
Oh, it's something to do with COVID.
All right.
And they're going to try to gaslight everybody now.
Now, this guy looks so freaked out.
He may just be stupid and not know what he's involved in.
But brother, you're the front man in a major state of a major country, a major province of extermination with soft gill weapons.
You've helped carry out a biological chemical
People say, why are you calling it chemical?
It's really synthetic, nanotech, chemical biology.
It's a merger.
That's really what all this is, is synthetic viruses, they admit.
They put simulants with the H1N1 10 years ago, the year before, in the vaccine of H1N1, and then it mutated the next year and caused the illnesses.
They'd already done that in the labs.
That was their plan.
They've been doing this for a long time.
They didn't just start putting nanotech in there this week.
And I've got a stack of articles that just came out where the news is all, oh, it's so wonderful.
We've got a new vaccine that makes children behave.
It's a behavioral vaccine.
And now we need to give it to the boys with ADHD.
Oh, this will settle Junior down.
It eats certain receptors in the brain.
It's a viral lobotomy.
This isn't Alex Jones saying, hey, they're putting stuff in the shots to lower your IQ or make you more controllable like a science fiction movie.
They're actually proposing it at the American Medical Association.
I got an American Medical Association.
Like, oh, where are you getting this?
We're not just getting this from the news.
We're getting it from the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association.
Behavioral vaccine for teen depression.
Oh, yes.
It works so well on the troops.
They've been giving our troops for 15 years this crap.
You see what it's done to them?
Man, they are just murdering us in live time.
Gee, we don't know why everybody's dying, why everybody's getting heart attacks.
Gee, what's going on, Jiminy Crickets?
We've got some amazing guests today.
Jim Hoffs of Gateway Pundit has really been warning that this could be a head fake in Virginia, and I tend to agree with him, but I'll explain when he joins this next segment.
Dr. Peter McCullough will be joining us in studio with the incredible new developments that are unfolding worldwide with these poison death shots.
An old friend of mine and filmmaker Jason Burmiss was talking about transhumanism and the New World Order.
That would be very informative.
He'll be joining us.
In the third hour, and then Jay Dyer is top of the line expert on the Great Reset and the global transhumanist operation Know Your Enemy.
Jay Dyer will be reporting with Jay's analysis coming up in the fourth hour.
I have Owen Schroer back live in studio.
Didn't have to deal with court.
I'm trying to put him in prison.
January 6th.
So he was out yesterday, but he's back today.
And I can tell you, we have CNN parked out in the parking lot, staking out the office and
White supremacists circling the office, of course, they come together, same people.
So that's the type of stuff we have going on here, which means the deep state's getting ready to move on America at a higher level, a bigger level, which I expect to happen.
We're really the tip of the spear here.
So we're a canary in the coal mine, but we got a lot of buzzards circling around right now, a lot of wolves circling around right now.
And that means they're circling a lot of other patriots.
They probably got
Rand Paul's house staked out.
You know, they're trying to destroy Trump.
I mean, you know, they're after Roger.
Anybody that stands up for the country, they're going to come after you.
So just pray for us here.
A lot of serious stuff going on.
Now, I will get to this with Dr. McCullough in the next hour.
But I just wanted to really sink in.
I don't want to get lost in all the other clutter that all over the world
Mainstream news is saying, and this isn't a lie like last year where they said the hospitals were full and they weren't, that was just statistically not true and you could go there and see it.
But now whatever they've released and whatever's going on and the fact that Pfizer admits that they are shedding and that that created the Delta variant, that's a real thing.
I mean, Tim Pool got it, almost killed him, he said he's never been this sick in his life.
Same thing with me.
I got it and it was rough.
I see how the average person would panic and go to the hospital.
It feels like a gorilla's on your chest or a horse kicked you in the chest.
Almost killed my dad.
This is very, very real, ladies and gentlemen.
And they got a bunch of different projects going on.
But we know that when you take the shots, you're way more likely to die when you come in contact with a regular cold virus that's called ADE.
You've been harping on it for over a year and a half.
Harping on it.
And saying that within six months of people taking the shots and then the winter coming, when that's when the coronaviruses are able to spread and expand because our bodies get weaker from lack of sun.
That's how they're able to replicate the cells.
That's just a fact.
Vitamin D deficiencies, you're not getting sun.
Most people are vitamin D deficient.
Over 90% of people that die of COVID were vitamin D deficient.
Over 86% that get COVID when they do the blood test were deficient.
Most people are, again, dying of a vitamin D deficiency.
So, and that happens.
We got clothes on, we're inside, we're down in the sun.
I mean, you gotta get 30 minutes of direct sunlight, good sunlight a day, for most people to have enough sun.
If you're black, triple that.
If you got brown skin, again, it's a gradient, but probably double.
Everybody should get the blood test done.
I mean, unless you're getting a ton of sun, you're gonna have low D. Anyways, I'm digressing.
Everybody knows this already.
They're trying to suppress it.
Because they're the ones that are killing us.
So they know full well what they're doing.
Antibody, ADE, and this antibody dependency enhancement is what all the experts said they were most worried about.
They said if this shot causes that, which we believe it will, you're going to see large portions of those that take it die.
And it's here.
And they know it.
And they did it!
Let me read you some of these headlines.
Dealing with this, but before I do that, here is the Premier in Western Australia talking about the situation and saying they don't know why this is happening.
Here it is.
Look, our hospitals are under enormous pressure.
This is the same in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
Enormous pressure.
This has been something no one has ever seen before.
The growth in demand in our hospitals.
Why it is, is hard to know, except that there is some evidence that some sort of delayed reaction to COVID, but there is huge numbers of people coming through the doors.
So we're doing everything we can to try and manage.
So that's Mark McGowan, one of the premieres in Australia.
Just doesn't know what's happening, doesn't know why.
Then you go read the local news, it's blood clots, heart attacks, heart swelling, myocarditis, platelet counts going down to almost zero, strokes, embolisms, lungs filling up with liquid, AD.
Can anyone from Australia please clarify what's going on in the hospitals?
Robert W. Malone begs the question.
MD, the inventor of mRNA technology, who predicted ADE would happen.
But let's not listen to the billionaire inventor of something.
Why listen to Nobel Prize winners?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I mean, come on.
You're going to listen to the inventor of something?
You never listen to the inventor.
I mean, are we going to listen to Tom Brady about how to play football?
Of course not.
You want to just go ask the janitor that never played football.
They'll know.
Or maybe your wife.
Honey, tell me about football.
Well, honey, you probably want to ask Tom Brady.
Oh, no, we don't ask Tom Brady.
Now, the Tom Brady of MRNA says that it was going to cause ADE.
But I don't want to listen to the Tom Brady.
Like Mike Tyson in 1988.
Who are we going to learn about heavyweight boxing from?
Let's just go ask that little skinny guy over there.
Have you ever boxed?
No, never been a boxer.
What sports do you play?
I'm a bookworm.
I don't really like sports.
Okay, will you teach me how to heavyweight box?
I mean, this is the level of the gaslighting, ladies and gentlemen.
The experts said it would happen, and now it's happened.
They are literally killing us.
Look, I got stacks of articles.
Look at this.
PRs are now swamped with seriously ill patients, but many don't have COVID.
Record level all over the country, and it describes ADE.
Western Australia reportedly has no COVID vaccines.
Vaccination continues.
Again, Western Australia reportedly has no COVID, and vaccination continues, but hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-like symptoms, which is what the scientists said.
So they have no COVID.
They're still locked down, though, so no one gets sick, but then everybody's sick at record numbers.
Let me read that headline to you again.
Western Australia repeatedly has no COVID.
Vaccinations continue, but hospitals are overwhelmed.
Why are hospitals more full now than during last year's COVID-19 peak?
D Magazine, Dallas asked.
Worst allergy ever, meaning disease, is spreading across UK, complete with horrible symptoms that are described as ADE.
That's in the BBC, the Mirror, the Sunday Times, they're all reporting it.
And they all go, we have no idea.
And here's the Australian Premier.
We have no idea what the hell's going on.
Record numbers of people sick, hospitals full.
We just know they can't breathe.
Then I've got the head of the British Medical Journal saying everything that we just talked about.
That's coming up.
I've got a whole stack of incredible, over-the-top information.
Ladies and gentlemen, and we've got Jim Hoth, the Gateway Pundit, with huge political news and Russiagate news.
Boy, has that come to a head.
I never talk about Russiagate, but now that it's totally collapsed, we're going to talk about it.
Stay with us.
Well, one of the most accurate, hard-charging, around-the-clock working, good friend of mine, Patriots, is Jim Hoth and his amazing brother as well.
And man, how about Tip of the Spear?
It's always good to know they're there right there at the tip of the spear with them.
Fall Wars is like Tucker Carlson and only a few other elite organizations that I would say are really on the target over the target.
And I wish more people were more kind of following now.
That's why Jim's a huge target.
I'm a huge target.
So is Tucker.
And so is President Trump.
So I wanted to get him on in these two short segments.
Ahead of this big doctor we've got in studio.
Because he really likes to cut the chase, and I want to get his take on an article I saw that he wrote saying, look out, watch out, over at GatewayPunta.com, this could be a head fake in Virginia.
And I've seen other people I respect saying that as well.
It doesn't mean there isn't Republican landslides, in my view.
It doesn't mean that, yes, the country's awake, but they don't want to make it too obvious about fraud so they can pull the big one in the midterms.
That's what I think he's saying.
I want him to be able to elaborate on that, then talk about the wheels have completely finally come off the Russia hoax fraud.
Great to be with you, Alex.
That sounds really good, Alex.
Thanks for bringing up that article.
I wrote that the day after the election and there still were votes being counted.
And as we know today, there's still some issues up in New Jersey.
The Virginia race looks like it's over at this point.
But what my point was, it's exactly what you said.
We saw what they did in 2020.
We saw that it was a landslide victory for Donald Trump.
We saw that Donald Trump had the largest win ever for a president who was in office.
He went up 12 million votes, which was just outstanding.
His popularity grew immensely the four years he was in, due mostly to his policies.
Because he was helping Americans for the first time in decades.
We had a president who actually cared about the average American.
And so he closed the border, brought back jobs, and they hated him for that.
And so they stole this record win by Donald Trump.
So the fact that this young kid wins the governor's race in Virginia,
Um, I think we need to be aware, Alex, and I'm sure you would agree with this.
This doesn't mean that the fraud is over.
It doesn't mean that Democrats are not going to cheat.
What it means is we won one race and it must've been so, uh, he must've been so far ahead.
McCullough, that they couldn't find enough votes to cheat or they decided not to.
But it's, it's a huge head fake if we think that these demons aren't going to cheat in the future.
In fact, a couple of states away, we saw that they were able to take the victory from the Republican and give it to the Democrat.
So, and shame, shame on the Republican party.
For not seeing that that was going to happen.
They had two states to defend.
A friend of mine, Christina Bobb from OAN said, you had two states to defend in the governor races and you couldn't do it.
The GOP couldn't do it.
They didn't have people in New Jersey who, they didn't have the lawyers up there who were ready to act.
They didn't have people at the polls, so they allowed New Jersey to be stolen.
Shame on that party!
And it always goes back to the fact, Alex, that it's up to us, it's up to your listeners, it's up to Gateway Pundit readers, it's up to others to fill in the gap because the GOP is just non-existent, not willing or able to confront this massive fraud that's coming from the left today.
I totally agree with you, and I know you've been all over New Jersey.
Why don't you fill people in on what happened there.
40,000 votes appear the next day for Murphy.
You've then got the truck driver winning the Senate race in the state, but then they're still contesting that.
I mean, you talk about naked, classic Democrat machine corruption.
Uh, it's, it's in your face corruption, Alex.
And, uh, they don't give a damn.
They just do it.
Uh, they don't care anymore.
Um, we saw them the past two years too, after they stole the election from Trump.
They had basically no majority.
It's 50-50 in the Senate.
They had a few house races, uh, ahead of the Republicans, but they were ruling like they had super majorities in the House and Senate.
And why is that?
It's because they know they can cheat.
It's because they know they can win elections at will until the Republicans put a stop to it.
So that's why they're just out in the open in New Jersey, this truck driver who came in and shocked everyone by beating the Democrat leader there in the house up there in New Jersey, I believe.
Now, of course, the Democrat isn't going to concede.
He wants to fight on because he said he found 12,000 votes somewhere.
We don't know if it's in the trunk of a car or where the hell they found it, but he says he found them.
It's simply amazing, and again, if you're in a boxing match, and you get a good punch in on the other guy, but he's not knocked out, you don't think you've won the match.
And so, massive landslide for the Republican, repudiating the Democrats, but we've seen this arrogance from them on critical race theory and pedophile story time, and all the rest of the garbage they're teaching.
That's why they're so arrogant.
They believe they have the fixes in, but as you and other election experts have pointed out, it's very hard for them to override landslides.
We know that Trump had a giant landslide in Florida, so huge, they just didn't have enough dead voters and out-of-state voters to computerize or run with the ballots they had stacked up.
They just ran out of bullets.
Same thing happened in some other states.
And so this is really a good war game for us coming up in 12 months for the midterms.
What do you think's coming then?
Well, I think, uh, it looks like Republicans could do very well, but then again, you know, we have some of these states, these battleground states that are already up to their old tricks.
We're seeing this in Michigan and Pennsylvania.
Um, they, they want to, um, uh, you know, use those same tactics they used last time with the mail-in votes and that.
Uh, we're seeing in Arizona that there's, uh, uh, still a lot of, uh, dead people and people have moved on the voter rolls.
We, we also, I know a friend of mine's working on a story in Michigan where they have over 20,000 dead people still on the voter rolls.
And that's a big story that's coming out up there in Michigan.
So, you know, there's a lot of work that must be done.
I don't think we can trust that these Democrats are ever, ever going to be honest people who just, you know, want to campaign honestly and go out and win the votes honestly.
That doesn't happen today.
We saw that with Joe Biden.
They hit him in the basement for four, you know, five months.
He had a couple of rallies with about 20 people.
He can't muster today even more than 20 to 100 people.
At any event, half of those are operatives or... The Brandon administration is a joke.
We're going to break in a moment, but I want to ask you this as we go into break.
What happens to Biden?
I mean, obviously, they knew he'd be a puppet, but he's rotted faster than the establishment thought.
He is a big problem for the globalists.
How do you think we should navigate?
What should the real President Trump be saying and doing right now?
Well, I think you're right about Biden.
I think he's shooting himself in the foot.
And I think a lot of that, Alex, is he can't help it.
And I think that's why people trust you and trust Gateway Pundit today, because we offer the truth on Joe Biden.
The man has severe dementia.
It's getting worse every day.
We know with people who have dementia... You and I were the first to put that out, along with some of our inside.
What, like three years ago?
When the campaign first started?
Two and a half years ago?
And it's so obvious.
And I think that's why people just hate this media because they still won't even admit that this guy is half there and it's not going to get better.
I think no matter what they do with Biden, it's only going to go downhill.
And a major part of that is like you said.
But you were reporting what Gateway Pundit was reporting.
This guy is, you know, not coherent of what the hell is going on around him.
So, you know, I think that's a big part of it.
Now, a big story came out this morning, Alex.
We just put it up at Gateway Pundit.
And that is they've been lying about the number of Americans who were left stranded in Afghanistan.
Now we know that it's thousands and as many as 14,000 Americans.
They left stranded in Afghanistan.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
Let's get into that when we return on the other side with Jim Hoff, GatewayPundit.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
Jim Hoff's our guest for another segment.
Then coming up in studio, Dr. Peter McCullough is going to just lay it all out.
And Bill Gates has come out and said, give up all your rights.
Terrorists are about to release smallpox in the airports.
Well, who's the guy that paid for the Wuhan lab development with Fauci?
Oh, that was Bill Gates.
So he has a history of wanting to depopulate us and a history of cooking up these weapons.
And now he tells us more weapons are coming.
Remember what he said about 18 months ago?
He said, oh, after COVID, once you learn to be locked down, the terrorists are going to release a bioweapon and depopulate you.
He's really telling you what he's up to.
Big article on Infowars.com.
Bill Gates warns bioterrorists could release smallpox at airports.
Red alert.
That's coming up next hour.
Show headline.
Hospitals across Western world filled to capacity with new mystery illness.
Scientists warn experimental vaccine is triggering A.D.E.
I'm going to get Jim Hoffs, his brother Joe's been all over this, take on that as well here in a moment.
But first, finishing up with something so cut and dry as
Pulling the military out first instead of pulling out U.S.
That's ass backwards.
That's putting the cart before the horse.
Or not letting us develop oil and gas, killing all the permits, killing the Keystone Pipeline, but then asking Russia and a bunch of other countries to up production.
I mean, it's so obvious that Biden works for groups that want to destroy this country.
Please elaborate on the latest developments at Gateway Pundit with this breaking news about it.
You're saying it's a lot more than what we were even previously thought.
Still stuck in Afghanistan.
That's right, Alex.
The story this morning is that there are thousands of Americans there.
If you recall, Jen Psaki was very glib when she was talking down to Peter Ducey and the other reporters in the White House press room saying that, oh, there's 100 Americans left and we've contacted all of them and some of them want to stay.
Well, that was a complete lie.
We know now that that was a complete and utter lie from the administration.
There are thousands of Americans there, as many of us expected.
We knew that there was many more than 100.
That's not even counting the green card holders.
So they left thousands of Americans in Afghanistan to fend for themselves with these barbarians in charge.
And they just walk away.
And why did they walk away?
Because they had some artificial deadline.
The only ones who put that deadline out there was them.
They could have stayed and helped those Americans.
We're going to give $450,000 to every person separated from their family, but U.S.
citizens, we're going to leave you there.
I mean, it's like he wants to be a villain.
This is complete insanity.
And you're right.
These are policies for someone who hates Americans with all of their being.
These are policies for people that want to destroy this country, as you have said over and over again.
There's no questioning that now.
14,000 Americans.
We had someone on the ground there at Kabul.
One of the soldiers tell us that they weren't letting anybody on.
They weren't vetting anyone.
They were just throwing people on the planes.
As you recall, the last week they were bragged about how they had this great rescue of 100,000 people out of Kabul.
Well, those people only got on the planes because the Taliban, who was operating the perimeter, allowed them into the inner perimeter to where they were able to get on the planes.
I think Joe Biden should immediately step down for this.
How do you do that, Alex?
They're rewriting Western history.
They're rewriting our traditions, our culture, saying, oh, well, we can lose 14,000 people here.
It doesn't matter.
We have better things to do.
That isn't the Western culture we know.
That isn't Christianity.
That's rewriting our whole culture, remaking everything, because we always have believed in the individual, in rescuing that individual,
No matter what, that's the American story and they're trying to remake that now.
I say no.
I say they need to go right now.
I agree with you.
Talk about the Deputy White House Press Secretary Jean Pierre.
I got a bunch of video doozies and I found both of them on GatewayPundit.com.
Where, I'm not going to play them both, but A, she says firing all these truck drivers and longshoremen that won't take the vaccine, that's not going to cause a supply chain breakdown.
It already has.
National surveys show it's mainly the vaccine and people being fired that's caused this.
So she's lying to us there.
And then she says, no, Biden's wrong.
We are going to give $450,000 to anybody separated from their families.
And here's a clip of her saying that.
We wanted to avoid confusion.
And so we want to even the playing field.
And this is why we moved that December, I think, December 8 deadline that you're talking about to January 4th.
So, I mean, if you're asking, like, if we think the rules impact supply chain, the answer is no, we don't think that it will.
First of all, vaccine requirements work.
We have talked about that.
We've given examples like
And that's the other clip.
You can find the clip here in the article, Biden Lies Will Pay Illegal Migrant Families After All.
What do you make of all this?
I think it's insane.
I think it's a complete lie.
I think anybody with common sense can listen to that and just shake their head and say, that's not true.
Of course, if they fire a quarter of the workers who work in the trains, work in the buses, we're already seeing in New York City that they let go a lot, 20% of the garbage collectors, and we're seeing the garbage start piling up in New York City.
How gross.
This is what happens when you have policies like what Joe Biden is promoting.
Of course, you're going to have, you know, a backlog at the ports.
Of course, you're going to have garbage in the streets.
Of course, you're going to have fires, but no firemen there to rescue the people because this is what happens when you have these insane sort of policies.
We're not seeing the numbers today with COVID that would make this policy essential.
This is just another random, woke,
Well, that's the design.
It's a giant plum.
A huge carrot being offered.
This is all transparent.
It's war.
It's globalist interests at every level, undermining us, demoralizing us, trying to break our will, and then having the nerve to tell us this won't break down the supply chain.
I think this is going to backfire on them.
I mean, if Americans don't understand that it's a globalist reset war, yeah, then we'll blame America and they can break our will.
But if Americans are aware it's a globalist assault, it's going to backfire on them.
I think that's starting to happen.
I think you're absolutely right.
And you'll notice that they moved this to after Christmas.
They did that because of the manufacturers and the business people who said, you don't want to ruin the Christmas season.
So they arbitrarily moved this deadline to get back to sometime in January, which of course makes no sense on a scientific basis.
If it's so deadly and they need to have these vaccines, then do it today.
Don't wait until three months from now.
Don't wait until after the Christmas holiday shopping season.
None of this makes sense.
American people are catching on.
I think that's why, part of the reason that Democrats got shellacked earlier this week, because they push an insanity now.
They don't even try to hide it anymore.
I totally agree.
All right, Jim Hoff, thank you so much for the great work you're doing, and just tell your whole crew we really appreciate them.
Thanks so much.
All right, there he goes.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg, as they say.
All right, we're going to start the second hour, and the doc is pulling up right now.
I'm going to come back and play some clips of Senator
Paul going after the demon Fauci yesterday for a little while while we get the doc in here sitting down and then I got the Bill Gates news and I've got the news confirmed all over the world.
Only Western countries, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Western Europe, Canada, the UK, the US are having record hospitals full of people with their lungs filling up with water and dying.
It's not COVID, they admit that.
It's ADE.
Now, why is it only those countries?
Well, those are the only countries that take the Pfizer and Moderna shots that are mRNA.
Nobody else would legalize that.
Not China, not India, none of them.
I mean, this is just such gaslighting, folks.
So, I'm just completely freaked out right now.
I got a bunch of, there's just so much news.
Second hour coming up.
Please warn everybody you know about this.
The best way to warn them is this broadcast and these guests and the doctor that's going to be in studio with us, one of the leading folks exposing all this.
So, stay with us.
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It's now becoming accepted knowledge, accepted fact, that global government run by private corporations is taking over the United States and other formerly sovereign nations.
They're being destroyed.
All the checks and balances are being annihilated.
Our borders are being destroyed.
Our currency is being destroyed.
And the American people have been listed as terrorists by the rogue federal government.
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We are back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're about to have in studio Dr. Peter McCullough.
He's pulling up right now in the studio to come in studio with us.
He's got so much to cover about the spike proteins and major studies out proving what it's actually doing to the body and the persistence of the body and the attack on the DNA.
That big study that came out a week ago.
It'll be in studio with us.
Coming up, I want to play a few clips here from yesterday's Senate hearings.
I want to play a clip of the CDC head who won't say what percentage of the CDC has been injected with this garbage.
Then I want to play a clip of Senator Paul grilling the demon Fauci.
Here's both clips back-to-back.
What percent of CDC employees are vaccinated?
We're actively encouraging vaccination in all of our employees and doing a lot of education and outreach in order to get our agency fully vaccinated.
But the percent?
I don't have that for you today.
I'm told that some north of 75% of CDC employees at headquarters are still working remotely.
Is that correct?
We are following regulations through HHS and the federal government.
No, that's not my question.
I apologize to be rude, but I'm asking a very straightforward question.
I've been told that north of 75% of employees at CDC headquarters are working remotely.
Is that correct?
Senator, I don't actually know the number off the top of my head.
When you look down the hallway, are there empty desks?
Are over 50% of the desks empty?
Senator, I don't have the numbers off the top of my head.
What I will tell you is that we're working closely within HHS and the administration to follow the governmental rules for return to work.
There was a recent GAO report that shows, released in the last two weeks, that there's been no coordinated response from the federal government to get people back into work.
Now, if there's any agency that, since teachers in Fulton County are back at work, that the caseload of COVID in Fulton County is about 88.
At its peak it was 606.
If what I've been told by someone who frankly kind of knows that people in laboratories are not showing up.
I have no clue how people, how laboratory workers who presumably are vaccinated wearing PPE, would consider themselves eligible to stay at home.
I say this because I just want to echo.
We've got to lead by example in the federal government.
If our public health agencies don't have enough confidence in the immunization and the PPE to go back to work fighting infectious diseases, there's going to be a lot of undermining of a willingness to further fund public health.
We absolutely have our essential labs back at work conducting their essential research towards this response and we are following the regulations and providing technical assistance and technical support to the federal government for return to work policies.
According to the framework and guidelines... So what you're doing is defining a way gain of function.
You're simply saying it doesn't exist because you changed the definition on the NIH website.
This is terrible, and you're completely trying to escape the idea that we should do something about trying to prevent a pandemic from leaking from a lab.
The preponderance of evidence now points towards this coming from the lab, and what you've done is change the definition on your website to try to cover your ass, basically.
That's what you've done.
You've changed the website to try to have a new definition that doesn't include the risky research that's going on.
Until you admit that it's risky, we're not going to get anywhere.
You have to admit that this research was risky.
The NIH has now rebuked them.
Your own agency has rebuked them.
But the thing is, is you're still unwilling to admit that they gained in function.
When they say they became sicker, they gained in lethality.
It's a new virus.
That's not gain of function?
According to the definition that is currently operable... You know, Senator, let's make it clear for the people who are listening.
The current definition
...was done over a two to three year period by outside bodies, including the NSABB, two conferences by the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine on December 2014, March...
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I've studied the New World Order so long, so deep, I know what their next move is going to be normally before they even make it.
When you've studied it, anybody can basically get to the point where they can do that.
I said months before Bill Gates did last year, I said 20 months ago.
It's on record because I made a big deal about it on air.
That this is just a beta test for the COVID-19.
It's a real virus, real people dying, but that they've got stuff much worse they're planning to release later.
This is obviously just to test the lockdown so that when they release something really powerful, things don't get out of hand.
They want to have controlled depopulation.
That just makes sense if you put yourself in their mind.
I mean, a kidnapper, when they grab your kid out of the backyard, wants to get him in a basement.
It's got padded walls so, you know, in the middle of the country so they can take their time as well.
They want to really get you right where they want you to gloat over you and take their time.
And so that's what's happening now.
We know A.D.E.
spreading across the country, across the world.
All the countries that take the Pfizer, Moderna shots are just cursed with all these, quote, mystery illnesses and death.
I covered that last hour and the docs will be in studio with this next segment.
I'm going to ask you about that more, Dr. McCullough.
But now to have Bill Gates, then months after I said that last year, go on Stephen Colbert and other TV shows, and they said, well, what's coming next?
He said, well, terrorists are going to release a deadly virus next.
It'll be much worse.
He started giggling and smiling and laughing.
It's very funny to talk about such things, right?
Very inappropriate.
Because he was saying, we're going to shed it.
Pfizer this week admitted, and there's British Medical Journal reports on it, that indeed it does shed, it does create the variants, and it did create the Delta variant.
So we now know that.
I mean, scientists predicted it would happen and happen.
They predicted ADE.
It happened.
And so you've got all these headlines in Australia and the U.S.
and Canada and Europe and the U.K.
and everywhere where the shot's given of the record numbers of people in the hospitals.
Last year, that was fake.
This year, it's real.
And they don't have COVID.
And they're double-vaxxed.
That's the sickest groups, according to even the BBC.
They go, we don't know why the double-vaxxed are so sick.
Jeez, wonder what it is they took.
And now Bill Gates comes along.
Red Alerts, an Infowars.com article.
Bill Gates warns bioterrorists could release smallpox at the airports.
He says we need lots of bioterror drills.
We need to just get used to checkpoints and everything just in case the terrorists attack.
Oh, isn't it lucky they already put the TSA in for Al-Qaeda?
But now Al-Qaeda's not the enemy, it's those January Sixers and people questioning elections and lockdowns.
And so now we need the paramilitary force at internal checkpoints inside the country, at state lines and at malls and just everywhere.
And they're just getting used to, oh, PCR test to get on a plane, PCR test to get on a boat, now PCR test to go to your work.
It's all a computer test you before you can do this, before you can do that.
And then the mad scientist who funded the Wuhan lab and did all this, people don't put two and two together and say, wow, he stands to gain.
He's making hundreds of billions of dollars.
Well, he's a eugenicist.
He said he wanted to depopulate us.
And then sure enough, he's involved taking over all of the major systems.
He's involved controlling who can say what.
He's in control of the fact checkers and big tech.
And this is a war.
This is an assault and now they're coming for our children and now they're saying, oh, we're going to give them to your children when they go to school.
That's implied consent.
The UN says we can't.
Simply insane.
So here's a clip of the very happy, very gleeful.
He's very excited when he talks about this because he's on record running the Maine Eugenics Depopulation Society.
So, of course, like an exterminator loves to kill roaches.
Well, he's an exterminator of men.
My name, Alexander, means protector and defender of human life.
That's what it means in the Greek.
Well, I guess gates means the gates of hell, but here it is.
And so I'm hoping in five years I can write a book called, you know, we are ready for the next pandemic, but it'll take tens of billions in R&D that the US and the UK will be part of that.
It'll take probably about a billion a year for a pandemic task force at the WHO level, which is doing the surveillance and actually doing what I call germ games, where you practice
You say, okay, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports?
How would the world respond to that?
There's naturally caused epidemics and bioterrorism caused epidemics that could even be way worse than what we experience today.
And yet, the advances in medical science should give us tools that we could do dramatically better.
So you'd think this would be a priority?
The next year will be where those allocations have to get made, including this global pandemic task force?
A global UN-run pandemic task force putting the UN and the puppets they put in in charge of global health, global censorship, of things that aren't the official UN directive with the global vaccine passport slash carbon passport slash global social credit score.
That's the holy grail of control.
It's what they're putting in.
And Ron Paul came out and wrote an article
Saying that this is about a world ID and that it's actually in the new Build Back Better spending bill.
Of course it is.
That's a UN name.
We have BlackRock CEO says the next thousand billion dollar startups will be in climate tech and in bioweapons surveillance.
But then the very group that are taking over using the threat of bioweapons are the ones that got caught cooking it up, lying about it and releasing it.
Think about the magnitude
Of all of this, it is simply unbelievable.
Now, we're going to go to break and come back with the doctor in studio, Dr. Peter McCullough, but I wanted to play a clip of him going out, exposing the hunting of America's doctors, the true massive level of harassment and attempts to take their license for doing things like pointing out that once you have natural immunity, that's way better than the, quote, vaccine and things like that.
And so there's real persecution
Of the medical doctors, but it's been the medical doctors that are the real scientists.
I've really been proud of them that have come out and exposed us.
We now have another clip of the editor of the British Medical Journal talking about massive real adverse reactions that it's not rare, and talking about ADE and so much more.
But with Dr. Mercola, when we come back,
I also love Dr. Mercola.
He's going to be coming on the show next week.
We're going to be getting into the persistence of spike protein in the human body after COVID-19 respiratory infection and vaccine causing acute chronic illness.
Here is a clip of the doc talking about the bullying of doctors by Big Pharma and the system and we'll come back with him in studio.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
This type of thing.
Look at this type of letter I got from this one.
Suspension or revocation of my license?
I am not giving information today.
Well, you know what?
I'm not giving misinformation today.
I'm giving you the data.
And as a doctor, you're going to decide the data.
This looks like a kangaroo court if I've ever seen one.
Who's going to decide?
You know what I think?
I just recertified for the fourth time in medicine.
I'll tell you what, what I tell them is, bring it on.
I want to talk to them about this.
I want to talk to them about it.
This hunting of American doctors is going to stop, and we're going to put a stop to it.
But we're only going to put a stop to it, not by ducking, not by bobbing and weaving, not by hiding in the shadows.
It's by assuming the authority that we have.
This is very important.
We have authority as physicians, as the most highly educated, trained, and vetted people in American society.
We have authority.
And we have the authority to go public and give our analysis and presentation of the data.
We have the authority to do that and I will not stop.
I tell you, probably I've had close to 500 media presentations, maybe 1,000.
And I don't care, because people are asking my opinion.
I don't ask to go on these shows.
I don't ask, like, can I go be on somebody's TV show.
They're asking my opinion, and I have given it.
I have given it.
And I have the right to give it, and you have the right to give it, and we have the right to our opinions.
And it cannot be stopped.
It's really important.
And there's a lot of heroes involved.
The heroes are not just the doctors.
The heroes are the media people.
I've met a lot of media people right now who are taking risks.
They're not doctors, but they know something is wrong.
They know this is a treatable illness, they know the vaccine program is going bad, and they know that we should take some action.
Basically the middle of the next hour and then he's on an airplane to another event where he's been speaking to crowds as big as 5,000 people every few days.
He was telling me during the break when he got here, amazing global awakening, a rediscovery of science.
They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
Well, certainly it's a necessity now for folks to understand what's happening and get informed and not just believe Fauci or it could be lethal.
So he joins us.
AmericaOutloud.com forward slash The-McCullough-Report and he's also written the large portions of the new book that's number one on Amazon Medical, COVID-19 and the Global Predators, We Are the Prey, with introductions by Peter A. McCullough, M.D., M.P.
H., Elizabeth Lee Villette, M.D., Vladimir Zevzalenko, M.D., and of course Peter R. Bregan, M.D., Ginger
Well, thanks for having me.
Please take over.
Well, we were stunned.
I think the whole medical community was stunned by a paper in pre-print.
First author is Bruce Patterson.
Dr. Patterson is a brilliant molecular biologist.
He also has his molecular biology investment interest in companies working on in vitro diagnostics.
But very importantly, what he demonstrated in CD16
Human monocytes, that after the respiratory infection, SARS-CoV-2, the virus, COVID-19, the infection, after the respiratory infection, and patients sick enough to be in the hospital, and remember Alex, last time I was on, you had COVID-19 yourself, I've had it, what Dr. Patterson showed is that the S1 segment of the spike protein, remember the virus is a ball, the spines on the ball are the spike protein, that's where all the damage is done by the spike protein to the human body, that the S1 segment, the outer segment,
Persist in human monocytes for 15 months after the respiratory infection.
And in layman's terms, this is a big development.
We get infections.
Everybody listening has had an infection in one time or another.
A cold, a bacterial infection.
I can tell you, I can't think of any remnant of a virus that is so dangerous that stays in the human body for 15 months.
No wonder people have long COVID syndrome.
It's now known in autopsy studies and other analyses that the spike protein goes everywhere in the human body.
It goes into the brain.
It goes into the heart.
It goes into other critical organs.
It's been identified in the kidneys.
The Chinese have found the virus itself and the spike protein in all kinds of body secretions and urogenital and respiratory secretions.
And we now infer because the vaccines all code
For the original spike protein, this is the Wuhan spike protein, the 1200 amino acid protein that's the spike that's on the spine of the virus.
This is the protein, Alex, that we know causes organ damage.
It causes endothelial and blood vessel damage and causes blood clotting.
This spike protein is coded by
We're good to go.
In uncontrolled conditions for an uncontrolled duration of time and because the antibodies that are generated to the spike protein are far higher and greater than the natural infection.
I infer as a scientist that in fact the spike protein exposure after a vaccine injection is greater than that respiratory illness.
So what I'm telling your listeners is we now know for the first time and this is breaking news.
That after vaccination, the spike protein is likely, after each injection, to persist for probably more than a year.
You can imagine, Alex, with injection number one, and then injection number two a month later.
Now in immunocompromised, it's suggested injection number three another month later, and then a booster at six months.
It will become impossible for the human body to clear out the spike protein.
They're creating a permanent infection.
They're colonizing the body.
I'm not sure if it's an infection or if right now at this point in time it's best to characterize that it's a permanent install of an inflammatory damaging protein in the human body.
Wow, it's funny Bill Gates said almost two years ago when this first all started that there'd be multiple shots and boosters like he just knew all about this and the worst thing you want to do is give it over and over again and it just seems to really be premeditated doctor.
People have been focusing on the genetics so the adenoviral or the messenger RNA I can tell you I think the focus really ought to swing to the spike protein.
This spike protein we know two segments S1 the outer S2 the inner
The connector is the Furin-Cleavage Joint.
The Furin-Cleavage Joint was the target of gain-of-function research done in the Wuhan Virology Institute.
This is where the action was.
This was between the Chinese.
They needed the intellectual capital from the United States.
The National Institute of Health had approved grants.
The grants weren't so much about the money, Alex.
The grants were really about the intellectual
Wow, that's a lot and we're going to go to break in a few minutes.
I want you to come back, Dr.
We can dispense with my pleasantries.
I want you to recap that and take your time and then unpack what this means because when you look at this, this is a premeditated scientific takeover, a premeditated scientific program.
I mean, what you just explained is just incredible.
Can you just repeat what you just said in the last minute again?
What we now understand, and with great degrees of certainty, that with each injection of a vaccine, the human body becomes loaded with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
That spike protein persists within cells and also the interstitial spaces between cells
And the human body then has the job of clearing out this foreign spike protein, and it takes a long time to clear out.
Macrophages and monocytes work to clear it out.
The spike protein we know is disease-causing.
In fact, we know the spike protein itself, in alone and by itself, is fatal to the human body, in the right person, at the right time, at the right dose.
And obviously, you're a smart guy.
You're a respected doctor.
A lot of other respected doctors and scientists are saying what you're saying.
Obviously, Big Pharma's not stupid.
They knew what they were doing here.
I mean, so really, just to take it to the next conclusion, this is premeditated.
Or if they don't stop, it's premeditated now, because now this is known.
Either they knew or they should have known that the spike protein exposure would be uncontrolled in terms of quantity and duration.
That in alone and by itself could be characterized and should be characterized as biologically reckless.
Okay, so let's just start over.
I want everybody to call their family, their friends, their neighbors.
I mean, this is all coming out.
It's in the papers.
It's known.
It's confirmed now.
We'll go through the papers.
We'll go through the evidence.
Put it all on screen for TV viewers, radio listeners.
We'll post it on the live show feed, the different studies.
I mean, this is total proof that this is a death sentence for a large portion of those that ended up getting loaded up with these poisons.
And then it's going to kill them slowly so they can deny the source.
We're going to lay it all out in great detail and more.
Stay with us.
Straight ahead.
Major studies are now out by top scientists confirming some incredible information.
And I'm blessed to have Dr. Peter McCullough here in studio with us right now to recap and spend more time slowly going through what he just said and what he laid out.
And it's not just his studies.
It's not just the
Anecdotal proof that we also see in our daily lives.
We have all the news of the heart attacks and the microcarditis and the record hospitals for real being filled with the vaccinated.
Who are dying of what would be described as ADE and myocarditis and all the rest of it.
But we'll get to that next hour with him.
He's going to be here most of the next hour as well, very graciously, before he goes and catches a plane today here in Austin.
So I want you, sir, in this segment and the next to have plenty of time to start over and just recap what you said and then in layman's terms, explain it to everybody.
What we're talking about, Alex, is biologically plausible evidence.
Is it biologically plausible that the vaccines, by taking over the body's genetics and producing the spike protein, is it biologically plausible that the vaccines themselves could cause damage to the human body?
Without looking at any of the outcomes data now and just talking about the biology of what happens, the human body gets an injection of an adenoviral DNA, Johnson & Johnson, or messenger RNA, Pfizer-Moderna, in the human deltoid.
The injection goes in.
They are lipid nanoparticles.
We now know that it doesn't stay in the arm.
It's now well accepted that the lipid nanoparticles begin to travel in the body.
And because they are lipid, they go to lipophilic organs, the organs that themselves have lipids in it.
The brain, the adrenal glands, the human ovaries, intestines.
It's now known and it's been found that in fact they go to the heart.
They go to other vital organs.
We've never had a vaccine Alex that actually gets distributed widely to critical organs in the body.
That's the first very very disturbing understanding.
The second piece is that what happens
The vaccines then install genetic code, a code that basically gives the direction to harness the human body's cellular machinery to produce the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Now, the virus is a ball, that's the nucleocapsid, the spines that are all over the virus.
Those are the spike proteins.
The spike protein is 1,200 amino acids.
It has about a dozen glycosylation attachments to it.
It has some code written into it that is homologous to HIV, Alex.
A lot of people don't know this, but the spike protein has been heavily manipulated in the Wuhan Virology Lab.
And so we now understand that this spike protein is produced in human cells.
That's very abnormal.
We've never asked human cells ever to produce a foreign protein.
We're now asking human cells to do this, basically as a command of taking the vaccine.
Once the spike protein is produced, it's expressed in cells.
It's actually in what's called the rough endoticulum in the human cells, and it is produced there
The spike protein is expressed on cell surfaces.
The body's own immune system begins to attack its own cells.
And to make matters worse, Alex, the spike protein breaks off and then it distributes widely in plasma.
And in a paper by Ogata and colleagues from Harvard, they were able to measure the spike protein in human plasma in volunteers who took the vaccine for two weeks after the first injection.
After the second injection, it was not measurable in plasma anymore, probably because the antibodies started to
To increase in quantity and plasma and bind them.
But the fact that we had widely disseminated spike protein for two weeks means that that is just as bad or worse than having the respiratory infection alone.
You had it, I had it with early treatment.
We can actually cut down the infectivity period with early treatment down to four days.
The vaccine is causing a run in the human body for two full weeks of the dangerous Wuhan spike protein.
And again, I'm not a scientist and a doctor like you, but I can read all these reports, and we see even headlines out of the UK admitting that hospitals are, quote, filled with a double jab with mystery illnesses, and they run the gambit of everything I saw listed last October in that CDC-FDA warning letter that was internal where they said possible adverse reactions.
And it reads like a laundry list of exactly what happened.
You've discovered this, you predicted it, you've reported it, now it's all confirmed, but they knew this before as well, so how did they know before they even started the inoculation?
They knew or they should have known that we, you know, the Chinese were helping us, they were helping us study the respiratory illness.
The respiratory illness closely maps with the post-vaccine syndromes.
These are almost superimposable because
Of course!
Not myocarditis, but in a sense cardiac injury pattern that can happen is basically negligible or doesn't exist.
So Joy has basically shown that we don't have a concern with respiratory illness or the type of myocarditis we're seeing with the vaccines.
With the vaccines, in June, the FDA and CDC broke the news that they had a universe of 600 cases of myocarditis that met a pretty strict definition
And then 200 cases that they really could review.
And what we learned there is the myocarditis is explosive, Alex.
When I mean explosive, it means in younger individuals, shot number one, then shot number two, bang!
There is an expression of spike protein in heart muscle cells actually in a paper by Avolio and colleagues has shown.
It's in the pericytes.
It's in the support cells in the heart around
We're good to go.
The typical troponin elevation on a relative unit scale for a heart attack, let's say, would be 1, 2, and 3.
We're seeing elevations in troponin.
These young people after vaccination have cardiac troponins of 50 to 100.
It is a massive increase.
Dramatic SD segment elevation.
Signs and symptoms of heart failure.
Abnormal echocardiography.
You hear a heart doctor, but for people that aren't, explain.
That sounds like a heart attack test.
They're basically giving them a chemical test and finding the enzymes of a heart that's really had problems.
That's right.
And let me tell you the two things that the CDC and FDA said in June that I will tell you as a senior scientist and clinician in the academic field that I would qualify as both being irresponsible and completely reckless.
They said two things, Alex.
They said in these young people, these 200 kids, they said that it was both mild
And they said it was going to be very rare.
Both of those things couldn't be farther from the truth.
They had 200 cases at that point in time.
I was on national TV.
I said, listen, I am a data safety expert.
I run data safety monitoring boards.
I know what I'm talking about.
When we talk about safety data, we never say the word rare because we don't check everybody for it.
And so at that point in time, the correct word to use or phrase is tip of the iceberg.
When they had 200 cases in June, the CDC and FDA should have told America, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
And you know how many cases we have now?
200 to over 10,000.
Over 10,000.
I was right.
It wasn't rare.
And that 10,000 probably is the tip of the iceberg from other doctors I've talked to.
That's why back during the swine flu vaccine killed a few people, they stopped it saying no tip of the iceberg.
But now we have, you know, what is almost 20,000 in the mirror report dead, hundreds of thousands sick, 800,000 or so.
And they're saying that's just the tip of the iceberg.
And this time, they're just the FDA, all of them are just ignoring all this.
Well, they also said mild.
They basically said to American parents, for their children, this was mild.
I told you it's not rare.
And now what's taken on mild?
Do you know the CDC and FDA in June, of the 200 cases they looked at, 90% were in the hospital.
Alex, do you know what it takes to put a 15-year-old in the hospital?
A lot.
So the bottom line is... Dr. Peter McCullough, stay right there.
You're a heart expert.
You've run Diagnostic Studies.
You're here.
Couldn't be a better expert to talk about this.
We've got a lot of questions.
You've got a lot to say.
This is so important.
Everybody you know, folks, tune in now and later.
Share this archive from Bandod Video.
Dr. Peter McCullough, who is a major research scientist and a heart doctor, is with us.
And very exciting things are coming up very, very soon with the audiences that this man's going to be speaking to, but he's extremely honored he told me to be here talking to all you great people, and he hopes you will research everything he says.
He's going to give you citations as well.
And then once we're not live, we're going to archive this to Band.Video, and we will endeavor under it to add some of the links to papers
That he's going to be siding so that you can see this for yourself and then warn others and don't let the system gaslight you and say, oh, that's just made up.
You're not a scientist.
What do you know?
So, look, so you want to get back into microcarditis, you want to get back into a lot of other areas, but then you were also during the break explaining to me that the virus and the vaccine are basically, biologically, what they're doing in the body is the same thing, which we now see manifested.
But I was also telling you, just as a historian, a lay historian, but as someone that loves history and has also been politically engaged heavily for 28 years,
I see big rollouts happening, and I see big corporations and the UN involved, and I see censorship up front, and I witness them saying up front, oh, you'll need lots of boosters, and then the vaccine doesn't work, it hurts the immune system, it causes all these illnesses, and now we know it basically causes what the supposed virus did, and that's the perfect plan.
You bring out a vaccine that's not really a vaccine, then you know that when you create a vaccine for that, it's actually going to create this
Matrix in the body that this poisonous protein that takes over that's linked to cancer and heart attacks and everything else and then all these experts predict it before it even happens and then the shots begin and it happens just as bad as the worst predictions and it's just like otherworldly nightmare.
I'm saying this is obviously a premeditated operation.
I said that 21 months ago and now we know it's out of Wuhan.
We know Bill Gates is involved.
We know the Chai Kams are involved.
I mean, we know the U.N.
is quarterbacking it.
We know the U.N.'
's calling for world government controls now to handle the COVID crisis.
Now they're telling us it's here forever.
And the very same groups have told us they want to depopulate us.
I know as a scientist, as a doctor, you don't like to speculate.
I'm just saying I'm somebody that can add two plus two and equals four.
And this looks like a total bioweapon globalist rollout program to me.
It's biologically cohesive because the spike protein on the ball of the virus is the same protein that's in the human body after vaccination.
So whether or not someone's been exposed to it for the respiratory illness or whether or not someone's taken the vaccine, they now are exposed to the spike protein.
What do we know about this?
In a paper by Avolio and colleagues, it's clear the spike protein does damage the heart through pericytes.
I think it's unequivocal.
The US FDA, all the other regulatory bodies have warnings.
Pfizer and Moderna cause myocarditis.
I think everybody should understand this.
Myocarditis is heart injury.
I've seen it.
I've reported it to the CDC.
I've had CDC officers call me and verify it.
This syndrome is not mild because it requires hospitalization.
By regulatory definition, it's a serious adverse event.
It's an SAE.
So myocarditis is not mild.
I think every parent needs to hear this.
The second thing is myocarditis is not rare.
It is not rare.
We have over 10,000 cases and we haven't even started vaccinating the young children.
I can't imagine how many more cases of heart damage are going to occur.
Let me tell you what happens after the kids are hospitalized.
They have to be observed.
When there's early signs and symptoms of heart failure, we actually have to give
I don't
The EKG has to clear up and the imaging has to return to normal and we can actually start to wind down these drugs.
I can't imagine, we're at 10,000, Alex, I can't imagine getting many tens of thousands of young American and young children worldwide with this problem all induced by a vaccine that's not clinically indicated and it's not medically necessary.
Do you know that the deaths that have occurred in COVID-19 in children is roughly the same number that occur annually with influenza because there are children at risk.
We're good to go.
There are no serious cases in the clinical trials.
It's nothing more than a drippy nose in children.
The vaccine, we don't vaccinate people to prevent a drippy nose.
Linus Pauling said that years ago.
Don't vaccinate against the common cold.
There's no clinical benefit of vaccinating children.
And at this point in time, in a sense, it's just being levered at the children.
Dan Ball had data on OAN the other day, survey.
27% of American parents have said they're going to vaccinate their children.
I'm telling you, as a doctor, as a concerned doctor, that's 27% too many.
Doctor, I remember back when I was a child, they don't really put it on TV anymore, but on PBS they would show Nazi films of people being marched into pits and shot.
They would show black and white footage of the actual death camps.
And I would sit there, my parents let me watch it.
They wanted me to know history.
And I was interested, you know, that's what I watched as a child, was not really cartoons.
I liked PBS and documentaries and Shakespearean films.
That's the stuff I was into was adult content.
But now I have the same feelings watching these children be injected, knowing large percentages of them are going to have problems.
I showed an NIH article on their site yesterday, and I want you to give me your take on it.
And it said that between 26 and 53 percent, no, 56 percent of children that develop moderate microcarditis
We'll end up dying within three to ten years.
That was the headline that was in the article.
Now, I don't know if the NIH is accurate.
They were saying that.
And so they're saying, oh, it's no big deal if your child gets myocarditis.
Is it true that between 23 and 56 percent
That get myocarditis, end up dying?
There are many forms of myocarditis.
It's rare.
Let me tell you, in my career, I've seen a handful of cases.
The worst type is called giant cell myocarditis, which can be fatal within about six months.
You know, there's parvovirus, adenoviral types of myocarditis.
They're rare.
This one appears to be A, it's common, and it's by direct injection.
It looks like it's directly active there in the heart.
All the data are coming in.
Everything we've learned about the vaccines since their release, unfortunately, Alex, is bad.
We have one paper after another, one shoe to drop after another, learning about damage to the heart.
Tracy Hoag, University of California at Davis, analysis, late summer, published it.
It's in preprint form.
She has used the VAERS and v-safe data.
This is a very high quality paper.
We are in thousands of cases now.
86% still requiring hospitalization.
There doesn't appear to be any way of managing myocarditis as an outpatient.
86% requiring hospitalization.
What Hogue showed, Alex, is a child ages 12 to 17 is more likely to be hospitalized with myocarditis than taking your chances with COVID and the very rare chance of actually getting hospitalized due to COVID-19 as a child.
And that doesn't assume that the child gets any treatment and we know that we can easily treat COVID-19 in children.
And so the 64 trillion dollar question...
Why is Biden mandating it now, outside of law?
They're not just saying, oh, children, five of them can have it.
Places like San Francisco are saying, you will have it, or you can't go to the grocery store, or you can't go to a hamburger place, you can't go to school.
I mean, this is like a science fiction dystopic nightmare, where they're not just coming at adults with this thing now, they're going after the children.
It's like a weird leftist sacrament to do this to the children.
And then how the hell are they going to cover up all the deaths and heart attacks?
This just seems like they're trying to cause a civil war, doctor.
The FDA makes the determination on the emergency use authorization and then the CDC makes the implementation recommendations.
On two occasions, now in September and now in October, the CDC and FDA have heard formal presentations of the Hoag analysis.
That's a bad trade-off.
More hospitalizations with myocarditis than COVID-19 hospitalizations avoided with the vaccine.
And then now, the Kostoff analysis, published in Toxicology Reports, Ron Kostoff, multi-author paper, has shown at all age groups, one is more likely to die after the COVID-19 vaccine than taking your chances with COVID-19 and ending up in the hospital.
And they know that, and so why the hell would they be doing this?
The fear, the contagion of fear that one individual would in fact spread the virus to another has basically been this divisive and now devouring mass psychosis that we're in.
There are parents that are truly afraid of their children.
They are afraid their children are going to give them COVID-19.
Keeping them hostage in the house for years, bragging that until their child gets the injection, they can't go outside.
And the media is saying that's good.
So long we're abused to keep a little girl for 20 months inside, like this mother bragged on TikTok.
Now it's a good thing to do.
Doctor, stay right there.
We're going to come back.
We've got the whole next hour if you can stay and lay it all out.
And you're also helped work on the book COVID-19 and the global predators.
And we are The Prey.
Dr. Peter R. Brigham MD and others help with this together with Dr. Peter A. McCullough who is in studio with us now.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Take the live feed and share it and take the archive from Bandoff video of this and share it and save lives.
We'll be right back.
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Well, the UN, the Communist Chinese and all the leftists are getting power and control using this virus they cooked up in a lab and they give us a so-called vaccine now that does the exact same thing except worse.
Dr. Peter Mercola is in studio with us.
You can find his show there.
And I had them on months ago and I said, I'm going to carry their book that you helped write that you're in.
So I'm going to call him today and make sure we order thousands of these.
But it's already the number one medical bestseller on Amazon.
We should push it to number one, just like Dr. Joseph Mercola's book did.
That's excellent as well.
COVID-19 and the Great Reset.
This is COVID-19 and the global
Predators, we are the prey, and we do sell COVID-19 and the Global Reset at InfoWarsTore.com, but we're going to be carrying this book, but I don't care.
Get it from Amazon, get it from wherever.
Just get it and get it out to people.
And we're going to, again, plug that.
Again, I know you didn't come here to plug, but you did write something to me here.
You said, Alex, only the truth is censored.
That's absolutely right.
It's why they had CNN driving around the parking lot today.
It's why they've got local white supremacist groups out after me that work for the Feds, obviously.
Why they tried to set us up for January 6th is because we're over the target.
And that's where we are today.
And freedom is not free, folks.
It's under attack.
I mean, just in general, because we're going to go to break here in a moment, come back with a longer segment, Doctor.
Just the tyranny, the power grab they're using as a citizen.
How do you think other citizens should stand up against this?
Because I don't want violence.
I think they're trying to push us into civil war coming after our children with these poisonous shots.
We have to break the fear.
I think the most important meme I've ever seen so far on COVID-19 is a woman who's holding her head in anguish and she says, my vaccine doesn't work unless you take yours.
So you can't underestimate how important the grip of fear is driving all the levers of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Every single step of the way is one step of things getting worse.
The way out of this pandemic is breaking our grip of fear.
And I mean, I can see that this is a regular person.
Explain that, Doc.
Each phase, the virus is released.
Then there's a vaccine that makes you sicker.
Now they tell you more deadly bioweapons are coming.
Give up all your rights.
We need a global UN system, Gates said, to surveil everyone in live time to make sure new viruses don't get us.
I mean, really, it's just a global technocracy takeover, World ID, using the fear of viruses that they released as the pretext for control.
Listen, I'm seeing patients every day in my practice.
I can tell you, last year, it was fear of the respiratory illness.
This year, it's fear of the vaccines.
It's fear of what's going to happen after taking a vaccine.
Now, granted, 180 million people took the vaccine.
Nothing happened.
They're fine.
We wish them well.
But a large number of people have been injured.
Over 800,000 people reported injured to the VA-era system.
People are terrified of taking the vaccines.
The rates of vaccination in the United States plummeted in mid-April when the word got out that they could die after vaccination.
And now people are fearful of losing their job and losing their economies.
And again, no long-term studies.
Just as the British Medical Journal came out to the U.S.
Senate, testified three days ago.
They said they claim the data say it's safe.
The way they did it, there's no real data on the actual rollout of it.
Explain that, how that works.
Well, I can tell you, I think we heard one of the most irresponsible and reckless statements in all of medical history, when Dr. Rubin, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, I'm an editor myself, so I'm going to call him out on this, when he said, as part of the advisory committee, the only way we'll know if the products are safe is just to go ahead and use them in our small children.
Guys, you're always, and gals back there, please pull up, I don't want to misgender, please pull up that clip of the FDA board member a few weeks ago saying, we're never going to learn what this does until we give it to kids.
That is crazy town.
Americans will write, and bioethicists will write, how we are absolutely trampling all principles of protection of human subjects.
All the vaccines are in research.
None of them are sufficiently safe or effective enough to be fully approved.
Everyone knows this.
They are investigational, and we are trampling upon our cornerstones of bioethics.
Marie Antoinette, it turns out, did not say, when everybody was starving, and they said, open up the granary, feed them, or they're going to storm the Bastille.
She didn't really say, let them eat cake, historically.
Dr. Rubin really did say, we're not going to find out if this hurts the kids unless we give it to them!
That's the FDA today, because they had a bunch of other people resign, so they finally found board members that would do their bidding.
We'll come back in 60 seconds with that clip.
Tell everybody, you know, tune in now.
This is historic stuff.
You know, I've got family, so this is a selfish question, but I know listeners want to know this.
I've got family that got the Delta variant, and it almost killed them.
And this individual is very near and dear to me, one of the smartest people I've ever known, and they were extremely sharp until this happened.
So they physically bounced back in a week, but still three, four months later, mentally, they'll tell you, I mean, it really messed them up.
And so many other people talk about what it does to the brain.
And now we have studies, Dr. McCullough, that are documenting what we could all anecdotally see.
So can you speak to that briefly and then expand on
Looking at the science, any research, is there a way to detox from the Pfizer or Moderna shots or from COVID-19 now that we know the spike protein stays in the body for a long time?
You might want to recap that information and then please just go into that because I get a lot of questions from listeners about that.
Let's tackle the respiratory infection and what's called Long COVID or Long Hauler Syndrome.
What we're talking about is we now understand that the spike protein on the virus can persist in the human body for over a year.
This is a very important new piece of information just broken the last few months.
This means that the spike protein almost certainly is in the brain, it's in the spinal cord, the peripheral nerves, the muscles, the heart, etc.
and people feel fatigue.
Brain fog, cognitive decline, neural and sensory abnormalities.
It's almost as if wherever the virus really has had a strong play, we see damage in the human body and it takes time to recover.
There are no prospective randomized trials.
Specifically in long hauler of therapies.
But we're applying concepts of what we learned in the treatment of the acute syndrome to the long hauler syndrome.
I'd point your viewers to the Frontline Critical Care Consortium, FLCC.net.
They have a protocol.
It's called the iRecover protocol.
And it lists some ideas.
Now these are not proven or randomized trials, but it lists some ideas.
The principles are to antagonize the spike protein.
Our lead drug that does that is Ivermectin.
And then the neurologic recovery and inflammation.
One drug that's coming to the fore is Fluvoxamine.
Fluvoxamine, now most recently in Lancet, in the acute respiratory illness, was shown to actually have a positive impact on the severity of the disease.
Fluvoxamine is a serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.
It's a drug that seems to have a play.
There's two prior positive trials.
We also use Prednisone, a steroid that's an
Thank you for having me.
And I know it's the Ivermectin word, and they attacked Joe Rogan for it, and you saw the whole Sanjay Gupta thing.
Maybe you can speak to your view on that debate.
But now I've seen some of the Merck and Pfizer and others are coming out with their own antiviral pills that, according to the news I saw, have some of the similar molecular properties of Ivermectin.
From your research in the papers out there, what is the active mechanism in Ivermectin, and what do we believe may be, you know,
We're good to go.
The principles are we always use drugs in combination.
I want everyone to understand that there's no single drug that's both necessary and sufficient to treat COVID-19.
We use drugs to impair viral replication, treat the inflammation, and treat thrombosis.
It takes four to six drugs because it's a complicated fatal infection.
HIV takes four to six drugs, so of course COVID is going to take four to six drugs.
Ivermectin plays a special role.
All the data we have over 60
Studies overall, over 30 randomized trials.
Joe Rogan did school Sanjay Gupta.
Sanjay Gupta is a graduate of the University of Michigan.
I went there in graduate school.
Listen, he's a smart guy.
But the bottom line is our media doctors and our public health officials are not contemporary with the data.
We have over 30 randomized trials of ivermectin.
It basically shows about a 70% reduction in mortality.
It seems to work early in the pre-hospital phase.
Clearly works in the hospital phase.
You know, families are basically taking hospitals to court in order to get their loved ones ivermectin.
It has at least three mechanisms of action.
One, it impairs the entry of the virus into the human nucleus of the cell.
It has an anti-spike protein property to it, which is incredibly useful.
That's the reason why your symptoms started to improve.
And then lastly, it inhibits some kinases, some enzymes that participate in inflammation.
It has three different mechanisms of action.
No wonder ivermectin is so important.
Now, the new Merck drug, molpinavir, has a single mechanism of action.
It actually works against the polymerase.
That is a slow target.
It's the same target as remdesivir.
I would not put a lot of stock into the Merck drug mechanistically because it's going to play a role, minor role.
The Japanese already have this drug similar to that called favipiravir.
The Russians and some states in India use it.
It's not that impressive.
So, obviously, they're smart guys over at Pfizer.
I mean, hell, their former chief scientist went public warning of exactly this happening before anybody was injected a year and a half ago, Dr. Yudon.
So they knew this, obviously.
And so why the hell would they try to suppress something like ivermectin?
It's got to be more than just about money.
I mean, to me, if you know that's helping people and you try to keep a treatment away from folks, that sounds like Joseph Mingela territory to me.
You know I said on Tucker Carlson, this is probably the first interview where I came out and really gave this analysis, it looks from the very beginning that there was intentional suppression of early treatment of COVID-19.
Of course the virus is treatable with drugs, of course there are drugable targets and that's what Pfizer and Merck are coming around to now, but it was always treatable early.
I told on national TV, Tucker Carlson, I told Tucker I thought there was intentional suppression of early treatment in order to
Promote suffering, fear, loneliness, isolation, hospitalization, and death.
And in that condition became the preparation for accepting a mass vaccination program.
And then a world medical ID tied to the carbon tax ID.
That's been officially announced by the Davos Group.
You know, I can't confirm that, but I can tell you right now, there is lockstep in the world.
Every single government is in lockstep with one another on mass vaccination as really the only solution to the pandemic.
We've never seen anything like this before, and we have breaking data now that the vaccines are not stopping COVID-19.
Well, right here in this building working now that he just retired out of the military is somebody that ran operations at the Pentagon.
High level operations, run major operations.
And he couldn't get into classified stuff, but he said, no, this is all a big operation.
And they're using military technology to roll off the fury.
He told me this, you know, back on January 6th, we were there.
Look at this, cloak and dagger military intelligence outfit at center of US digital vaccine passport push.
Same thing, they're using army intelligence, not just the general ones, the highest level, PSYOP officers, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral psychologists, to come out with this.
Here's an example out of all the newspapers in the UK.
Here's a newspaper stand all on the same day saying, here's your vaccine passport, you must use it.
That's military government control.
So this is being done.
It came out in Canada.
Their PSYOPs are running it.
In Europe, NATO PSYOPs are running it.
This is the high-level PSYOPs, not our military, but the PSYOPs of that, literally using war programs of deception and lies and fear to, quote, terrorize us and brainwash us, was the quote side of Canada and the UK.
Terrorize and brainwash the public.
And then you see the results here.
Total unification of the newspapers with the same message.
The media has been propagandized.
This is very important.
Propaganda is false information put forward by those in position of authority.
We've seen it time and time again.
I remember in June, I was called on national TV, there was a government-issued talking point of
Hospitalizations for COVID and the talking point was that is a crisis of the unvaccinated and it was a montage Alex of everyone parroting crisis of the unvaccinated and we knew it wasn't farther from the truth.
We had data through June from Havers and colleagues published by the CDC COVID net network and then Fillmore from the VA that at that time
23% of Americans in the hospital COVID-19 were vaccinated.
Fast forward now to August, first week in August, we have CMS data showing 60% of those over age 65 in the hospital with COVID-19 are fully vaccinated.
And we have now the CDC on their website is telling America, CDC has 41,000 plus
Full-blown vaccine failures.
I'm talking about fully vaccinated.
Doc, stay there.
You wanted this last segment to get into the vaccine isn't working.
We're going to come back.
You'll have the floor.
And this is just amazing.
All right.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
The book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators.
We are the prey with introductions and leading COVID-19 physicians like Peter A. McCullough, MD, and others.
Dr. Peter McCullough is in studio with us for two more segments, then he's going to get in his car and get to the airport.
Amazing, powerful information here.
Two segments left.
You've got a lot you want to cover.
You've got the floor, sir.
It's very important that we've learned in the last few months that with the Delta pandemic, the Delta outbreak now, the virus has completely mutated now.
100% of the infections that we're seeing are the Delta variant.
The Delta has learned to thrive in the nose and mouth of those who are fully vaccinated.
Our CDC director came out in mid-summer after there was an outbreak in a wedding in Houston, an airplane flight from Texas to
Washington and to a naval cruise boat from the UK.
It was clear that the Delta virus can thrive in the nose and mouth of the vaccinated.
Now, two important papers, one from the Wisconsin Department of Public Health, first author is Ryan Marisma, clearly showed among those vaccinated and unvaccinated, the viral loads, Alex, were heavy.
Heavy, meaning low cycle thresholds, high viral concentrations in the nose and mouth of those vaccinated and unvaccinated.
It was actually equal between those two groups.
They were the ones who came forward for
What about the statements we hear from Fauci that you're going to get less sick
If you've had the supposed vaccine, but then it wanes in six months, is that even true?
Because I see all these different numbers out there, some numbers out of the UK, that you're more likely to be hospitalized.
You've had the shot.
Other numbers say, I mean, what's what's real from your research?
Well, here we are.
You know, in the United States, we've had 60 percent of the population overall.
Take the vaccine, or one of the three vaccines.
They're not the same, obviously.
We've had 80% of seniors, and we wish them well.
We've had our family members, our patients, and others that have volunteered for the vaccine programs.
They're all investigational.
We wish them well.
We had data published in the MMWR, first author is Self, and this is published by the CDC.
That's the best data they ever have.
Alex, they showed
With the legacy variants, earlier in the pandemic, we're talking about the wild type, alpha, beta, a little bit of gamma, that in fact there was protection from a community estimates from hospitalization with the vaccine program.
And Moderna was, as I recall, about 90%, Pfizer was at 70%, J&J about 68%.
You can look up that paper and get the exact percentages.
Those aren't bad.
Everything changed.
When the Delta outbreak occurred, what happened was once we got to enough people vaccinated, the dominant mutant moved forward that could thrive among the vaccinated and that's when the floor started to fall out of the vaccine program.
Israel and the UK are ahead of us.
Now we're up to over 90% of those in Israel with COVID-19 are fully vaccinated.
In fact, they're fully engaged in a booster program.
It's obviously not working.
In the UK, the 43rd UK surveillance report, you can look it up, they have between 80 and 92% of people over age 50 fully vaccinated.
And in fact, the point estimate of those dying in the UK right now, Alex, with COVID-19, 81.8% of individuals are fully vaccinated.
Wow, so when the head of the CDC two weeks ago said, vaccine doesn't protect you basically at all, then she said yesterday, 96% protection of children, that's a lie.
It's 96% of the syndrome of developing a drippy nose, which kids may or may not
I don't
About a quarter of that fraction is in fact deaths, and over 80% of the deaths are in the seniors, and about 65% of the hospitalizations are in the seniors.
Alex, COVID-19 has always been about the seniors.
It's not about the children, and the vaccines aren't protecting them.
Why are they going after the children when they know that it's increased heart problems?
I mean, if you wanted to be a villain, you would do something like this to give them something that doesn't protect them, that statistically is going to hurt them, and then you just gaslight everybody and say it's going to protect them when it's not.
You know, we have unprecedented times now.
There are some states that have laid the groundwork to say a child down to 12 years old can make their own decision on a potentially fatal injection with one of these COVID-19 vaccines.
That's getting rid of parental rights.
The World Health Organization come out with a statement saying that in a sense being enrolled in school is equivalent to actually giving informed consent for one of the vaccines.
We have a situation where bioethics is off the rails.
Parental rights are now taken away and children are going to be faced with a potentially fatal decision.
We've never seen this ever in human history.
And then they're telling children, you'll get superpowers when you take this.
And then the sad little children are probably, if they're not lucky, just get a heart attack instead.
Everything we know about the spike protein at this point in time is bad.
I told you.
Since the, this is an ongoing story month by month.
I told you about the spike protein in myocarditis.
Neurologic injury.
Immunologic injury.
There is a spike protein induced disease, Alex, that occurs about two weeks after the vaccine.
It's called vaccine-induced thrombocytopenic purpurea, VITT.
It has its own acronym now in medicine.
There's bleeding from the gums and mouth.
There's a hemolytic anemia, blood in the urine.
Uh, uh, patients go into renal failure, they develop thrombosis at the same time, it can be fatal, it's very serious.
There was a young mother, written up in her obituary, in Oregon, you'll find her, she said in her obituary she died two weeks after the vaccine, due to vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia, uh, cytopenic purpurea, VIT.
And then Facebook censored it.
You know, that's the sick part, is big pharma.
Is heavily invested in big tech and vice versa.
Total conflict of interest.
I'm sure you've seen the graphs or the illustrations that show how the board of the FDA, the boards of the CDC, it's a revolving door with Pfizer and Big Pharma.
I mean, this is incredible.
It's in the open right now.
You know, the two chairmen of the FDA ago, Scott Gottlieb, who's my contemporary, a little bit younger, he's actually on the board of Pfizer and he's advising America on MSNBC about vaccines.
He's on the board of Pfizer.
Stephen Hahn, the one who followed him, he actually joined the investment capital firm that is behind Moderna.
You have Rick Bright, the person who blocked hydroxychloroquine stores in the White House as Peter Navarro was trying to free them.
Rick Bright joins the Rockefeller Foundation.
The conflict of interest is in the open.
The NIH co-owns the patent for the Moderna.
The conflict of interest is in the open.
The censorship is in the open.
The Trusted News Initiative announced December 10th said it will only promote the vaccine and it'll do everything to squash vaccine hesitancy, including early treatment and anything on vaccine safety.
All right, we got two minutes to break.
Or a minute and a half, then we're going to come back and hit a whole bunch of other topics.
But how do we reverse this?
How do we stop this?
Our leaders wake up?
We wake up?
What do we do?
I personally think, I'm looking at this very carefully, I think one or two shots and there's no side effects, no harm, no foul.
The human body is amazingly resilient.
You're ultimately going to get rid of this messenger RNA or adenoviral DNA.
You're going to clear the spike protein and take a year or so and get out of this.
One or two shots, no harm, no foul.
I think the real line is the boosters.
We cannot get entrained in every six-month boosters.
We'll never get the spike protein out of the body.
I was on Australian TV interview recently.
The Australians told me they have pre-purchased 14 doses per person.
We're talking every six months for seven years, Alex.
It will be, I'm telling you as a doctor, this will lead to chronic disease in large numbers of individuals.
No boosters.
And I've told America on TV
No individuals under age 30 at any time should have take the vaccine.
That means all the kids should be off the table.
And again, Gates was saying 20 months ago that we're going to need these boosters.
Some articles said up to 10 a year.
The Australians are saying, I guess, several a year.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, death sentence.
And they knew all this.
And they're coming.
You know, get your vaccine passport.
Well, now it's time for your booster.
We'll be right back.
Doc, I'm going to go back tonight after this interview is not live, after it's archived at Man.Video, and I'm going to watch it again, because all I do is study this stuff now, and everything you're saying I've already seen in the medical literature, I've seen in the newest studies, but you're a real clinical scientist, not just a heart surgeon, heart doctor, so when you're saying it, you're very respected.
I mean, you've run some of these operations.
So, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but when you first got on, you were basically describing how the virus is basically the same thing as the vaccine, but worse.
The vaccine's having a bigger effect than the virus magnified.
Now, that was my layperson's interpretation.
So, I want you to clarify in case I'm wrong.
I think you're on the right track.
I am a clinical scientist.
I have over 650 peer-reviewed publications in the National Library of Medicine, probably in the top echelon of academic physicians in the world.
I have 51 publications, part of an author block or in a research group on COVID-19, including the two seminal papers on how to treat COVID-19.
I can tell you I've reviewed thousands of other reports like you have.
And everybody has become, in a sense, a virologist or an epidemiologist.
Everyone has an opinion.
We're holding live events now, where we have between 500 and 5,000 people coming to actually go over PowerPoint slides with speakers explaining the science of COVID-19.
Where are the medical schools?
Where are the public health agencies?
Where are the other individuals to explain to the world what's going on?
They tell us we're not supposed to ask questions.
That's not scientific.
Well, I can tell you because the spike protein is the damaging part of the respiratory infection and because the vaccine
Vaccines, we now understand, give a very strong dose of the spike protein to the human body.
They are the one and the same.
The viral illness and the vaccine, the effect of the vaccine, effectively is the same in terms of these organ injury syndromes.
That's the reason why long COVID syndrome looks so similar to the post-vaccine syndromes.
Now, the majority of people who get the respiratory illness,
And the majority of people who get the vaccine do fine.
They literally do fine.
So we don't want to say, listen, it's doom and gloom for everybody who gets the infection or takes the vaccine.
But for the small number of people who probably get an excessive or prolonged dose, they are injured.
And I want everyone to understand they are similar.
They are similar.
Whether you've taken the respiratory infection or whether you've taken the vaccine, it's possible you can be injured by the spike protein.
But what you said as we went to break last segment, and again, I really want you to correct me if I'm wrong, of everything you've said, the big issue is they're coming with bi-yearly or yearly quote boosters when all the evidence shows that's the real disaster, almost creating like some type of form of Marek's disease in humans.
I mean, I'm not saying that's what it is, but it sounds similar to the over-vaccination of chickens or something.
Of everything you've said, what's the most important?
The most important, I believe, is to stay away from the boosters.
A lot of people took the vaccines, December, January, February, March.
Rates of vaccination in the United States plummeted in April when the news came out that people were dying after the vaccine.
I'm telling you, the vaccine centers have been empty for months.
The only thing that's moved people to take the vaccine is because they're forced into it because of mandates.
People don't want to take the vaccine.
You take the temperature of people on the street, nobody wants these vaccine mandates.
Nobody even knows who's making the decision.
A million people take the meningococcal vaccine.
I've never seen a protest over the meningococcal vaccine.
I'm a cardiologist.
I'm a doctor.
I take the hepatitis B vaccine.
I take the flu vaccine.
When was the last time you saw a protest over hepatitis B vaccination?
You don't see it.
I'll tell you, with meningococcal vaccine, we have our kids take it and they go to college.
You know how many deaths there are with the meningococcal vaccine?
That's the expectation.
My expectation as a doctor with the COVID-19 vaccine program is zero deaths due to the vaccine.
As we sit here today, the VAERS system has domestic and ex-U.S.
reporting into our system, over 17,000 people have died after the vaccine.
50% within 48 hours, 80% within a week.
There's no other explanation in 86% of the cases.
Papers by Rosa McLeod can support this.
I am telling you, this is off the rails.
We cannot allow another person to die after the vaccine.
Doc, there's been a lot of quotes out there, but some were by those two top FDA scientists that were over vaccines that quit a few months ago because they didn't like what Biden was saying was going to do with booster shots and all of that.
I know you know Phil Melissa is in.
But they were quoted, I don't remember which one, but saying, look, they've already yellow slipped this vaccine in England, talking about Pfizer.
This probably isn't even working.
And they went on and said,
If you keep doing this and do these boosters and go after kids, I'm paraphrasing what they said, you're going to discredit vaccines for generations.
I know vaccines are real.
I know it's real technology, like for tetanus, whatever.
But if you have big pharma engaged in depopulation and Bill Gates running around saying he wants to kill everybody and now he's over our vaccines and then a bunch of people get sick.
I mean, this is going to destroy the medical system.
And so again, what is the establishment thinking?
People have lost a faith in our public health agencies and they've actually lost any trust in statements being made.
This is very important.
Public health officials have come out with a straight face and said the vaccines are safe and effective with no review of the data.
We deserved a monthly report card of how the vaccines are doing.
With a straight face they say they're safe and effective where we have basically mass failure of the vaccines, people getting sick,
I've told you the data.
60% of people in the hospital right now with COVID-19 over age 65.
Those are the high-risk groups.
These are Americans.
They've been fully vaccinated.
Over 17,000 deaths in our VAERS system, very tightly related to the injection of the vaccine products, and about half of those are domestic.
I can tell you, both our Surgeon General and our head of the National Allergy and Immunology Branch,
On a straight face, have come on TV with a straight face and said that the vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity.
I can tell you as a doctor and a scientist, as someone who has a lot of authority in this field, unquestionably the natural immunity is robust, complete and durable.
The Brownstone Institute now has 102 supportive studies.
The CDC has 41,000 vaccine failures.
They don't have a single case of a failure of natural immunity.
And when Senator Rand Paul, a doctor in his own right, says that on the Senate floor in a six-minute speech, YouTube bans it, saying it's not officially certified by the U.N.
or Fauci.
Who died and made the U.N.
and Fauci, God?
I tell you, Ron Johnson has said, listen, I've had COVID-19 infection.
I'm not taking the vaccine.
Rand Paul has said, listen, I've had the infection.
I've not taken the vaccine.
I've been on with Sebastian Gorka, said he had the infection.
Recovered with hydroxychloroquine, he's not taking the vaccine.
Why are these intelligent people not taking the vaccine?
Because they know they have a negligible chance of ever getting COVID-19 infection again.
SARS-CoV-2 is 90% homologous to SARS-CoV-1.
We know the immunity there is robust and durable.
This is very analogous to chickenpox.
You get chickenpox once, you don't get it 16 times.
Now the only
The problem that we have is false positive testing.
After someone gets COVID-19 and you're done with it, my advice is never get another test.
Because all we can do is possibly generate false positivity.
I mean, look at the Surgeon General.
He said that, oh no, the shot's better than your immunity.
That is a lie.
And then John Oliver got up on TV and said,
Alex Jones is saying, and others are saying, that there are cures for COVID-19.
They do not exist.
I was talking about the immune system.
He goes on to say the immune system doesn't exist.
No, I survived COVID.
Millions and millions of others have.
Yes, so there is a cure.
It's called my immune system.
The natural immunity is what's going to bring us out of this.
I can tell you, the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants, they are all sufficiently similar that the immunity protects against future variants.
I personally had the Alpha variant.
I was in research, which I was supposed to do.
I personally had it.
I was sequenced.
I have come face-to-face with Delta.
In fact, I've made some videos.
It'll be part of a documentary.
I've had Delta snot all over me, Alex.
I can't get Delta.
I want people to understand, once you've had COVID-19, you're done.
In fact, people don't need masks.
Our hospitals should let loved ones in to see their family members when they are COVID-recovered.
If there's a COVID-recovered family member, they deserve to see their sick patient in the hospital who've had COVID-19.
We are still making seniors in senior homes quarantine when there's an outbreak of COVID-19, even if they're recovered.
Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you so much.
You've got your super popular show as well.
Thank you for coming to the studio.
And a little bird told me you might be on a big podcast soon.
We'll see what happens.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you to your wife and everybody else.
I'm going to come back with a bunch of final news in the segment, and then we've got the fourth hour coming up.
All right.
I got a lot of stuff.
I want to just thank you all for tuning in.
This is life-saving information.
So now, hey, we've done our job.
Please do your job, folks.
Take this archive and share it everywhere.
We'll be right back.
Good old Charlie Daniels.
He was a listener.
He was anti-globalist.
He was on the show a few times.
Made his jump into hyperspace.
You know, I get to know all the coolest people fighting the new world order.
But if you lose the devil, get your soul.
All right, let's hit the bad news here.
I was telling Dr. McCullough this.
And he almost didn't believe me, but here it is.
Save the future for boners.
This is being promoted by Big Tech and Big Pharma.
They say you'll have bigger erections if you take the vaccine.
Yeah, I guess when you're dead in the ground.
So they're telling kids you'll be superheroes.
Yeah, that's what superheroes, superpowers have in a heart attack or myocarditis and dying.
But now they're telling men you'll have boners.
I'm not joking.
But here's the bigger news.
Thought I'd give you some funny news up front.
FBI raids two locations associated with Project Veritas as part of a probe that started under Bill Barr.
And there's a video on that.
It's breaking and I'm going to cover it at the start of the next hour.
That's just absolutely insane.
And they got CNN out driving around my offices right now.
So maybe we're about to get SWAT team braided.
I mean, I don't know.
I mean, I know they got grand juries all over the place trying to get me indicted.
But they haven't denied me yet, by the grace of God, because when the grand juries look at it, it's like, what is the fault of this man?
I mean, I don't even speed in my car anymore.
Don't drink.
I've really gotten myself together.
But the point is, I'm like a Boy Scout.
Don't watch porn.
None of it.
I mean, I'm almost straight and narrow.
And pray to God five, six, ten times a day.
And I got black SUVs following me around.
And again, I'm not a victim here.
I mean, they've indicted Owen for being at the Capitol outside of it and trying to stop the violence.
It's all on video.
It's on Tucker Carlson's program.
It's now been seen like six million times.
And they don't care.
So I don't know what the black SUVs following me around are up to from CNN and the FBI and all the rest of them.
We know who they're from.
So this is the move against America, folks.
This is foreign corporations taking the country over, and they've listed the people that are just good Americans as the enemy.
That's what this comes down to, ladies and gentlemen.
But I don't smoke.
I don't drink.
I don't even really watch movies very often.
I'm not even into entertainment.
I mean, I've got a pretty
Straight arrow.
But that's, that's, that's why I'm the bad man.
Because I'm a straight edge person in this permutation of my life.
You know, I've had issues drinking and stuff and smoking cigars.
That's, that's all, you know, demons I put to bed, especially the tobacco more than 11 years ago.
So I don't know.
It's just, it's just weird to have these, these groups acting like you're bad when you're good and they're bad.
And it's just a joke.
I mean, it doesn't even scare you.
Because you know they're coming after the children.
I mean, they're killing the children of this country with these deadly shots.
You just heard a top research scientist explain it all.
They've already maimed 800,000 people conservatively.
That's just the tip of the iceberg that gets reported.
And you've got all these people that just want to be promoted
As lawyers, or as FBI agents, or as bureaucrats, so they make up Russiagate, that's all been confirmed, and they make up, and now they've raided Project Veritas, because the power structure's scared of smart people going to bars and restaurants that are frequented by corrupt corporate heads, and if it keeps happening, Pfizer and all of them are going to go to prison, because they go get video at public spaces,
Of criminals admitting their criminal activity against America and the world.
Keeping babies alive, selling their organs.
Major universities get delivered live babies in sealed oxygenated boxes so no one hears them cry.
So the university people can do whatever the hell it is they do with the babies.
And we know what that is.
Skin them alive, you name it.
Graft their scalps on rats.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
So, hey, the bottom's falling out.
And they're getting ready to make a big move.
They're probably getting ready to blow up stuff and blame it on us or something.
I mean, you know, they've got their little Nazi assassination teams running around.
And that's just where we are.
So I would get right with Jesus, ladies and gentlemen, because Veritas is a canary in the coal mine.
Infowars is a canary in the coal mine.
And this is a total war.
Because they're coming to the children.
In fact, they're already injecting them by the hundreds of thousands every few days across this country, and the poor little things are having heart attacks and dying, and it even hits the news, and that's just the way it is.
And the Stockholm Syndrome parents line up and do it.
Now, let me just do this right now, though, because I can't miss the forest or the trees here and, you know, get so fatalistic that I don't continue to operate and keep this place on the air.
There's major supply chain breakdowns happening all over the world.
They're designed, it's meant to kill the third world, and then who survives, flood up here to swamp and break down the first world.
And so when the first world collapses, the third world dies, and then later we die.
And so permanent supply chain breakdowns for all the small businesses and companies, but the big globalist ones, they've got stuff set up where they're going to keep operating.
Well, you've got to go buy from them in the future.
But we're still able now to sell high-quality products, sourced and made and produced, almost all of it here in America, at infowarestore.com.
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And it's so funny to watch all these weird leftist groups attacking me and all this.
We're on a sinking ship together.
The average person, whether you live in Europe or the UK or the US, all the Western countries are being attacked by the Globalist Depopulation Plan.
China and India and Mexico and all the rest of them, they're not being targeted by the same system.
But we are, in America, in Canada, in the UK, in Australia, in New Zealand, and in Western Europe, because we have that background of freedom, and that system's gotta be removed, and so they're just gonna kill off a lot of people, weigh down civilization, and collapse it.
And everybody knows this, they just aren't gonna say it on air, okay?
Because they understand they'll be attacked for saying it, but I am gonna say it until it's my dying words, and I'm not gonna desert my post here when the children are under attack.
In fact, it's an honor, and it's a pleasure,
To be stalked by the globalists and to be stalked by the left and to have them coming after me because I know I'm over the target and I know I'm doing what God wants me to do.
And if more people would just stand up and say no, we'd fix all this.
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They're the worst now.
UPS falling apart.
Postal, surprisingly, is that kind of institutional group of people.
It's doing better than it used to be.
Amazon's an insider group, so it's doing better than ever taking over.
And this is all just globalist economic warfare.
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But pray for Project Veritas, and pray for everybody.
Pray for Tucker Carlson.
Pray for... Pray for InfoWars, because we're the tip of the spear.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, it's now out in the open that the New World Order is destroying America.
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Well, the good old Southern District of New York that prosecutes and persecutes the American people has raided multiple locations of Project Veritas.
And here's James O'Keefe talking about it.
We'll go to break, come back a little bit more, then we'll hand the baton to Jay Dyer on this live Friday transmission.
Here it is.
By making this statement, I am putting myself at great risk, because on November 4th, Project Veritas came under attack.
I awoke to the news that apartments and homes of Project Veritas journalists, or former journalists, had been raided by FBI agents.
It appears the Southern District of New York now has journalists in their sights for the supposed crime of doing their jobs lawfully and honestly.
Or at least, this journalist.
I had to think long and hard before making this statement.
It's a decision that only I can make.
They don't want me to defend myself and immediately tried to silence me.
That's why the cover letter to the grand jury subpoena we received contains this language.
Quote, the government hereby requests that you voluntarily refrain from disclosing the existence of the subpoena to any third party.
While you are under no obligation to comply with our request, we are requesting you not to make any disclosure in order to preserve the confidentiality of the investigation and because the disclosure of the existence of this investigation might interfere with and impede the investigation."
But while the Department of Justice requested us to not disclose the existence of the subpoena, something very unusual happened.
Within an hour of one of our reporters' homes being secretly raided by the FBI, the New York Times, who we are currently suing for defamation, contacted the Project Veritas reporter to ask for comment.
We do not know how the New York Times was aware of the execution of a search warrant at a reporter's home, or the subject matter of the search warrant, as a grand jury investigation is secret.
The FBI took materials of current and former Project Veritas journalists.
That's the same stuff happened in the whole fake Russiagate deal, where everybody getting ready to attack CNN and the New York Times already knew.
Same thing in the fake defamation suits against me run by the Democratic Party.
When they get all the discovery, then suddenly, oh, all the media has our employees and all our information.
And it's just, it's incredible, exactly what he's talking about.
It's a war.
I mean, we should expect to be like, oh my God, I better not stand up or speak out.
They'll do that to me.
They're going to get you forever.
They're closing the door on us.
We're going into bondage.
You want to be an Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson or a Project Veritas type person like James O'Keefe.
We're not up here like heroes.
We're doing our job.
This is evil.
This is what we are supposed to do, and we feel good.
We know we can feel God's spirit.
We know we're doing our job right now.
And we're actually starting to beat these people.
That's why they're panicking and launching all this garbage.
Go back to O'Keefe, please.
Despite the fact that our legal team previously contacted the Department of Justice and voluntarily conveyed unassailable facts that demonstrate Project Veritas' lack of involvement in criminal activity and or criminal intent.
Like any reporter, we regularly deal with the receipt of source information and take steps to verify its authenticity, legality, and newsworthiness.
Our efforts were the stuff of responsible, ethical journalism, and we are in no doubt that Project Veritas acted properly at each and every step.
However, it appears journalism itself may now be on trial.
Late last year, we were approached by tipsters claiming they had a copy of Ashley Biden's diary.
We had never met or heard of the tipsters.
The tipsters indicated the diary had been abandoned in a room in which Ms.
Biden stayed at the time, and in which the tipsters stayed in temporarily after Ms.
Biden departed the room.
The tipsters indicated that the diary included explosive allegations against then candidate Joe Biden.
The tipsters indicated that they were
I'm good.
At the end of the day, we made the ethical decision that because, in part, we could not determine if the diary was real, if the diary, in fact, belonged to Ashley Biden... We're going to come back with this, a few minutes is left, and then Jay Dyer is going to take over.
But this is a big deal.
It ties into Tucker's new special, The Plot Against the People.
This is a war on journalism, which is what documents came out a few years ago as their plan to ban journalism.
It's Friday, November 5th, 2021.
Jay Dyer, author and researcher, is about to take over.
I was playing announcement.
He just joined us.
You can see the whole thing in one swath at Infowars.com.
We've been stopping and starting and breaking Project Veritas.
Journalists have homes raided by the FBI out of the Southern District of New York, where the Democrats have been in full control basically for a very long time.
This is their main witch hunt command base.
Here's more of James O'Keefe talking about a story that they decided to not pick up and run dealing with.
At the end of the day, we made the ethical decision that because, in part, we could not determine if the diary was real, if the diary in fact belonged to Ashley Biden, or if the contents of the diary occurred, we could not publish the diary and any part thereof.
We attempted to return the diary to an attorney representing Ms.
Biden, but that attorney refused to authenticate it.
Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner.
We never published it.
Now, Ms.
Biden's father's Department of Justice, specifically the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, appears to be investigating the situation, claiming the diary was stolen.
We don't know if it was, but it begs the question.
In what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the President's FBI and his Department of Justice a diary?
This federal investigation smacks of politics.
Project Veritas never threatened or engaged in any illegal conduct.
Should the Southern District of New York try to take away our First Amendment rights and uncover and publish newsworthy stories without government intimidation,
Be assured, Project Veritas will not back down.
Nothing stops at Project Veritas.
Let me be clear.
Our mission is to serve the public's right to know by illuminating, revealing, exposing information others wish to hide for the wrong reasons.
To quote Lord Acton, we believe everything kept in secret degenerates.
We don't mislead or conceal.
We investigate facts and potential newsworthy information.
Sometimes, as was the case here, after we investigate we decide not to publish a news story.
The Project Veritas will run from nothing, and we will hide from nothing.
We exist for the very purpose of discovering and revealing the truth, and hope to make the world a more transparent place.
Now, this is not the first time we have been attacked, and it will not be the last.
We know why.
We've investigated powerful people, and in many ways, we are the very tip of the spear.
But we never break the law.
In fact, one of our ethical rules is to act as if there are 12 jurors on our shoulders all the time.
And that truth, and the truth, will vindicate us.
When the FBI in the Southern District of New York sees reporters' notebooks, it is not just an attack on Project Veritas.
It is an attack on every American and our sacred right to free speech and a free press.
The First Amendment is first for a reason.
It guarantees all the other rights that follow.
Because it's all about accountability.
Without accountability, freedom itself...
Is an illusion.
So the great question is, is this an indicator in the direction that America is going?
We've gone far beyond the point of partisan politics in this country.
They ask us to focus on our divisions.
They don't ask us to focus on the things which unite us.
What unites us is so much more powerful than what divides us.
The First Amendment doesn't just matter to people on one side, it matters to people on all sides.
That is why I'm calling on all Americans, and especially all journalists, to stand with us for the right to free speech and the free press, and to send a message that the politics of fear will not prevail in the United States of America.
Be brave, do something.
You see tyranny?
Do something about it.
So this is a great honor for Project Veritas.
And I remember hearing about this and seeing stories about it back at the time that people said Veritas was basically bad because they didn't pick that story of the diary up.
So just next level garbage, ladies and gentlemen.
And you have that addled crazy man up there.
Selling the country out.
Shutting down our energy.
Selling us out.
Destroying our border.
They've confirmed they are going to give $450,000 a piece.
Anybody separated at the border, that'll just be a giant magnet.
I mean, this is a joke.
And the FBI has made itself just a complete and total joke with stuff like this.
But it's not funny because they're just people that won't investigate or go after globalist crimes.
The globalists are even more evil.
They're now attacking us through big pharma tyranny.
And we had a top
Research scientists that's run FDA trials.
A heart surgeon in here, very respected, for almost two hours explaining that the virus is basically the vaccine and that this is killing people and maiming people en masse and it's getting even worse with the booster shots.
So here we are and everybody knows what's going on.
It's time to
That we aren't, you know, under tyranny is just a fraud.
To deny that we're under attack is aiding and abetting this evil.
So, Jay Dyer is about to take over for the next 48 minutes or so.
Owen Schroyer, also trying to make a political prisoner.
He'll be on at 3 o'clock Central, and I'm going to come in here tomorrow to do a taped-to-air deal with a bunch of special guests, including Roger Stone from the Postmortem Russiagate, a bunch of news on all these deadly shots, and just a bunch of breaking stuff.
We'll probably have two or three guests tomorrow.
We're lining up right now.
I'm going to start taping at like 11 in the morning, and we're going to air this at 5 p.m.
tomorrow for everybody, because we're working seven days a week.
We never know, this could be our last broadcast, as crazy as the world is.
So please, remember that.
Like Trump would always say, they're coming at me because they want to get to you.
I don't like bullies, I don't like psychos, I don't like child molesters, I don't like devil worshippers.
My very bones burn like Ezekiel said to fight this.
So I'm blessed to be here.
But I also want to stay in the fight.
So support us and spread the word and pray for us.
But pray for yourself and your family and the world and get involved.
I know a lot of you are already involved.
You're great people.
You're tuned into the show.
But take the live feed and share it.
Take the archives and share it.
Realize that people are ready to hear the truth and the enemy can't be launching their final takeover with us still on the air.
So every day we're on the air is hurting them and bringing them down.
And every minute we get the truth out is precious.
We're very close to beating him.
Doesn't mean there's some utopia on the other side, but it means this big evil attack, you know, can be pushed back, and we can have a moratorium for a while on just mass extermination and evil.
So, God has given us our destiny in our hands, but we've got to act now.
This is historic, dangerous times.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.video.
All right, Jay Dyer takes over for a few minutes here, and then he'll be back for the rest of the hour.
I want to give him a chance to be able to tell you what's coming up.
Jay Dyer, jaysanalysis.com.
Jay, thank you so much, and God bless.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thank you.
Glad to be here.
Today, I want to talk about the B system.
So, I got into this a little bit the last week when I hosted, and we covered the Tower of Babel, and we covered
The NATO leaked document before that about transhumanism and all these things kind of relate together.
And when we talk about the end of the world, there's a lot of different senses to this, a lot of different debated texts in the scriptures, obviously.
But I want to look at some of the overall patterns and signs and things to expect according to the Bible, according to what the ancient church thought would be the case.
And if we look at the texts like Matthew 24, Luke 21, which are the famous Olivet Discourse texts about the end of the world, we're going to notice some patterns of things that are definitely, at least in its seed form, present today.
So I'm not saying that I know for sure that it's the end of the world.
I don't know when the end of the world is.
Jesus says nobody knows the end of the world's specific date.
There are some patterns that he says will be the case, and so we want to be aware of those signs.
In fact, Christ even says to watch out, be aware, be awake, be like the virgins that have oil in their lamps.
So one of the things he says is that do not be deceived, right?
So the first sign that Christ mentions is that there will be a massive notion of deception that's out there.
And, again, if you look at other texts like 2 Thessalonians, where Paul talks about the apostasy, there will be a kind of falling away of the Church, of Christianity, into a massive deception.
A world religion, probably, most people think, will emerge.
And we're already kind of seeing the seed forms of that again.
I don't know if it's in the world.
I'm not claiming that it is.
But when we look at these patterns, we start to see these signs, these things are emerging.
And even though it may not be the final end of the world, it might be the end of the system as we know it.
The Great Reset, right?
It could be an end of our civilization.
So in that sense, it can also be another end of things.
And we see these patterns in biblical history where there's a repetition of the tyrant who comes to power, who wants to be worshipped, who tries to track and trace all the economic exchanges, and that will be a repeating pattern as we'll see as the beast system emerges.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We were talking about the beast system.
I'm Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I was going through the general patterns and principles that seem to repeat in history that Jesus in the Olivet Discourse told us would be the case, the signs that we would see before the end.
And I mentioned Babel last week, and if you think about Babel, if you go back to Genesis 10, what you have there is a situation where the world was attempting to unite under a single leader, under a single head, and to build a tower to heaven.
I don't think that they thought they would literally, like, build into heaven.
They saw it as a way to unite everyone, and a lot of scholars and historians think that that was a ziggurat that was basically there to do human sacrifice.
And I think that's very plausible.
And that's exactly where I wanted to go, is that this pattern of creating the world religion is no different than what they're unveiling now.
The same spirit, the same impetus towards creating a global control system of a fake world religion is literally being unveiled now.
In fact, Pope Francis has just announced his support through his
Discussion that he had a couple years ago with the Grand Imam of erecting an Abrahamic faith center that combines all three of the so-called Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam.
And other people are talking about Chrislam, and sort of the merging of these religions into a new manifestation.
And we've even seen this mentioned in some of Francis's encyclicals, like Fratelli Tutti that he recently put out, where he included prayers for non-Christians, for other world religions, to kind of pray together and kind of bring everybody into this global religion.
And it's not accidental that Francis, of course, is fully on board with
The rest of the World Economic Forum's plans, Gates's plans, etc., Klaus Schwab's plans, are all on the same page with this notion of inclusive capitalism and including everybody in this global scandemic, this global plan to depopulate ultimately, which is ironic because we're supposed to think of the Pope as this champion of pro-life and all this kind of stuff, but yet he's promoting all the institutions and entities that are fundamentally anti-human and anti-life.
Now, this idea of a world religion, of a world government under the Tower of Babel is pictured in later texts and scripture as the beast.
So it's, why is it a beast?
Well, we think of a beast as a thing that is sort of a force of nature that just ravages and is predatory and destructive.
We're good.
Thank you.
And I'm not going to go into a bunch of Bible verses and debating, but basically the idea here is that we're going to keep seeing that pattern of this beast empire that demands the full submission of the human race to worship the leader, to worship the system, to worship the state.
And so statism is another manifestation of this, and that's why the leaders of these world empires, they all have the same ethos, the same pattern.
You must worship the Emperor as God.
He is the Son of God.
And if you have any other view, we'll probably put you to death, right?
And so, when it comes to the time of Christ, right, we get the challenge to the Roman Empire by Christ being the Son of God, and then, of course, for the first 300 years, the Roman Emperor Caesar, Nero, these people persecute Christianity pretty severely.
I believe that's a pattern for what will be the case whenever the final end in times comes, where we'll have a persecution of the church.
This is mentioned in Revelation 13.
So, the beast, the system will go after Christianity, it'll go after traditional morals, it'll go after whatever is seen to be standing in the way of the human race worshipping this system, worshipping this beast.
And so, for the beast to get this kind of worship,
You will have to have a system in place where basically everyone opts in.
Everybody has to be a part of this system to be tracked and traced so that they can't have food, they can't have commerce, they can't have shelter without opting into this system.
And as we know in Scripture, eventually it leads to the worship of the beast himself.
Antichrist proclaims himself to be God, right?
So a lot of ancient Christian interpreters thought that this meant that there would be a kind of an aping, a mimicking of what happened with Christ, right?
That the Antichrist would kind of mimic that and say he would be a kind of Christ figure with a lot of peace, a lot of tolerance, a lot of perhaps even helpful solutions.
And then, at a certain point, he kind of then demands, no, no, no, actually it's me.
I'm the real deity here.
Worship me.
Again, just echoing everything that we saw in, for example, the Old Testament and the Book of Daniel, right, where Nebuchadnezzar builds a giant idol and you must worship the idol of me, and if you don't, you know, I'll throw you in the fiery furnace.
This kind of thing.
It's a repeating pattern that happens.
And one thing that he has to do is, again, go after things that are holy and sacred to try to destroy them.
So he has to go after the church, he has to go after family, he has to go after our very biology.
And that's part of what I think is going on with the motivations of transhumanism to actually change who we are.
Ultimately, it's an attempt to wipe out the image of God in man.
It's a way to rewrite humanity into some other thing, probably something more akin to the demonic, making them more like a giant Borg hive mind, where we don't have our individual identity, where we don't have our individual personhood.
Which makes us who we are, so that we can freely make choices.
No, you have to be integrated into this system where you are a node in the giant web.
You're a part of the matrix, basically, where you don't have free will.
I think, ultimately, that's where that system is trying to take us.
Again, I don't know if this is the end of the world.
I'm not saying that.
Just looking at the various patterns and general ideas that are presented as the signs that precede the end.
In the Matthew 24 discourse, Jesus goes on to talk about things like wars, rumors of world's global warfare, basically.
I think probably some kind of a world war.
And Jesus says, don't worry, this must happen.
It's still not the end end.
So, a nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines, earthquakes.
And then in other places, of course, Scripture talks about plagues and darkness.
And these are relevant because, if you remember in the book of Exodus, these are the plagues, the curses on Egypt.
And it's interesting for that because man, I think, kind of relates to God in a covenantal way, and the nations, the people that don't have a relationship with God, they will fall under the sway and the delusion, the strong delusion of Antichrist.
So, in 2 Thessalonians 2, when Paul talks about that falling away, that apostasy of the church, this gives way to the world religion, and then the people are susceptible to the demonic power and sway of Antichrist.
And that could include anything from staged false miracles, false alien invasions, who knows?
It could be any of those things, all those things, right?
Then that gives way to the delusion where people buy into, and they opt into thinking, they believe that Antichrist is actually going to solve a lot of these world problems.
And we can also speak of an Antichrist-style system, this B system.
It doesn't have to necessarily at this point in history be one figure.
I think there will eventually be a figure.
But the system, the B system itself, is an Antichrist system, right?
Where it's getting you to opt into trusting in the technology.
Putting your faith in transhumanism, ultimately, to solve all of our ills.
We'll get a universal basic income, and everybody will get a free paycheck, credits every month, and you're going to get free food, and it'll be doled out to you by the state, and everybody will opt into this thing.
Oh, finally, then we can put an end to the wars, and we can put an end to all the suffering, and all of these promises will be rolled out.
But they're all ultimately deceptions.
They're all ultimately satanic, Luciferian deceptions to get you to surrender your free will, to surrender the image of God that you have.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And we were covering the overall general patterns and signs that would precede the end according to the Olivet Discourse.
And I was talking about the plagues that we see in the book of Exodus.
We're good to go.
And we see the curses that are put upon Egypt eventually in the book of the Apocalypse and in Jesus' discourse.
They come upon the whole world because the world is a kind of Egypt system.
The world becomes a kind of pagan, tyrannical, evil system whenever that end is.
After these, you know, tumults and wars and then we see this famines, earthquakes, plagues, pestilence.
These are, again, along with the days of darkness, kind of signs of the end.
And so Jesus says that the moon won't give its light, the sun won't give its light.
So we'll start to see strange stellar phenomena that Christ mentions as some of these signs.
And he says that, again, this is in concert with the persecution of those who stand up for what's right, who oppose the system.
Some will even be martyred and put to death if you affirm, you know, the teachings of Christ over against this system that will be put into place.
Jesus says that wickedness will abound.
Lawlessness will be everywhere.
Well, it will be a time of lawlessness such that the world has never seen.
And the love of many will grow cold, he says.
But he says that he that perseveres to the end will be saved.
He says the gospel, of course, at this time will be very successful.
It'll be preached throughout the world, and obviously if these kinds of things are happening, right, a lot more people are going to be willing to believe and start thinking, hey, maybe things are getting, you know, crazy.
Maybe this is the end.
Maybe actually there's some truth in the Bible.
Maybe Jesus wasn't a fraud or whatever.
He was actually telling the truth that these will be the things to look for.
He talks about, of course, events in the Middle East kind of being a big deal.
I'm not going to speculate on what that be.
There might be a third temple, this kind of stuff that's built, and a lot of the early church thought that if that happened, that would be kind of another one of the signs that could precede the end.
He again mentions distress, and he says that it'll be like nothing else the world has ever seen, especially in terms of like the natural disasters.
And he says it'll be so bad that people will be freaking out and their hearts will give out.
They'll die from fear, basically, due to the pestilences, the plagues, the darkness, the mass death that will come as a result of these end-time judgments.
And if you read the Apocalypse, they're poured out, right?
Bold judgment, sealed judgment.
They're actually poured out as a chastisement, as a curse upon the nations for their global wickedness.
And he again mentions in Matthew 24 that if these days weren't cut short, then basically this would lead to the end of humanity.
Now, I mean, we've had a lot of tyrannical dictators in the past, but one thing that's an interesting sign that I thought about was that I don't know that we've ever had an elite in the history of the world that was just hell-bent on wiping out humanity.
And now we are.
We have an elite that literally wants to kill the human race and replace it with synthetic biology transhumanism, right?
So this is the first time in history that I'm aware of that we've ever had an elite that literally has the agenda to replace, to get rid of the human race as it is.
Obviously that's a satanic agenda.
Obviously that's a Luciferian agenda.
And that fits perfectly with what Jesus is saying, that there will be, at this time,
The potentiality for the whole human race to die and be destroyed if these days weren't cut short.
So that's again another thing that I think is worth looking at.
Sign to be aware of.
And he again emphasizes that will be basically just false messiahs, false prophets everywhere.
And they will even do signs to deceive, whether that means demonic signs or whether it means just deception or
Project Bluebeam, I don't know, but there was going to be all these false signs that are going to dupe a lot of people.
And of course, if we know that it's coming, we won't be duped.
We'll be aware of it.
And then what he says, they'll say to you, oh, Jesus is back and he's over there, you know, at this cult compound.
Go check him out.
Jesus here, dude.
You know, it's just some weird hippie guy who thinks he's Jesus or he's deluded or he's possessed or the Antichrist.
I am the true Messiah, right?
All of these things are obvious deceptions, and so Jesus makes it very clear that His return will be in the same manner that He ascended, right?
It's not going to be a bunch of people thinking that it's Jesus.
Everyone in the world will know, because it will be like the lightning from one end of the sky to the other, right?
And then he goes on to talk about sort of the stellar phenomenon, the days of darkness that will occur again going back to Egypt when Egypt of course was cursed for their tyranny.
You have the days of darkness, right?
Which was one of the signs that Egypt was under God's chastisement.
This time the whole world will, you know, see these signs of, you know, eclipses or something like that.
So those are, again, things to look for.
And then he mentions that the second coming will be very evident.
The whole world will know about it.
It's not something that's going to be done in secret or in a hidden way.
So again, we've seen in the last, especially 50, 60 years, just the explosion of cults, the explosion of sects, groups, weirdos, mind control cults, alien cults, sex cults.
Satanic cults especially.
I don't know that we've ever seen in the history of the world the explosion of the outright satanic cults.
I mean, satanic cults are now just out in the open under, you know, freedom of speech, government protection now.
They're claiming that, you know, abortion is one of their rights, one of the rituals they have a right to do.
So, I mean, we've entered into a phase where it's the satanic is no longer secret.
It's actually just totally out in the open.
And so Jesus then talks about the Day of Judgment and one person being taken and others left in the field, and then he says it'll be like the days of Noah where it'll come suddenly, right?
That there will be all these signs, there will be these wars, there will be these curses and plagues and pestilences, and then there will be kind of a taking away of the righteous, of the elect, and the wicked will be left there not knowing what's going on.
And then the world will basically go away.
It'll be destroyed in whatever fashion.
And usually this is called the conflagration, right?
Some sort of ending of the universe.
The heavens and the earth will be rolled up like a scroll, right?
Scripture says.
So how exactly that will happen, I don't exactly know the sequence.
But these are the general signs that we're told will precede that time period.
And so a lot of these things, at least in their nascent form, seem to be here.
So it could be that, you know, the world has another hundred years, another thousand, I don't know.
But if we see the end coming, it will have a lot of the characteristics of the system that we have now, right?
Maybe by 2040-50 when the elite actually have the full infrastructure of the global government, there's a giant war, right?
That could definitely be where we're going into this system.
But again, keep in mind that this is amazingly prophetic, right?
Again, one of the key indicators that the Bible isn't just a made-up bunch of, you know, hokey text strung together, is that it has these really precise predictions and ideas
Such as the conversion of the nations, which at that time was unheard of.
Nobody thought that Christianity in the first century would be this religion that would be worldwide and would bring in, you know, the nations of the world.
And yet for the last 2,000 years it has done that as a fulfillment of all those prophecies of the inclusion of the Gentiles into the covenant.
So here we have all these prophetic ideas that themselves are powerful confirmations of the truth of the Bible.
The apocalypse, you know, and the end of the world text, for all of the disputed, you know, interpretations, the general ideas that we have there are pretty clear, right?
And I just think it's interesting that Jesus stresses multiple times the profound level of deception that will be going on at this time.
So many people are just going to be deceived into believing that this world system is actually going to offer these things, probably, again, through technology.
I don't know that it's going to be a tech-focused thing.
It may not.
You know, the Antichrist may just dispense with technology and be like, no, just worship me, right?
And if you don't worship me, then you're going to the guillotine.
Or it may be, you know, a bioweapon.
I don't know.
Who knows, right?
But the general principles here are, again, patterns that we're seeing now that relate to mass deception, mass delusion.
Look at the way that people are buying into the sacrament of the stabby.
It's a religious thing for them now, right?
There's a cartoon right now on InfoWars of people bowing before a giant syringe.
And they literally see it as their sacrament.
I mean, if they're doing that now, imagine when something even more deceptive and powerful and alluring comes along, the next phase of the beast system.
How much more will they bow down to this, right?
Maybe virtual worlds, right?
This kind of stuff.
Maybe in the virtual world, like Lawnmower Man, right?
Or something where Stephen King has a slow boy who becomes a demon god of the virtual world.
Something like that.
I don't know.
But again, these are all warning signs that we're told about that are manifesting now.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and we're talking about the system and the different patterns and principles that we would see, the signs that would precede the end whenever the end is.
And we're looking at some of those signs that appear to be at work today.
And I mean, that was the case, of course, in the ancient world, too.
John says in his epistles, the spirit of Antichrist is at work even now.
So we kind of see this culmination of Antichrist over the ages towards some final battle, Armageddon, this kind of stuff.
And I'm not trying to predict the date, so we should be very weary of that.
In fact, Christ says, anybody who tries to predict the date is lying to you, and that's a sign of an apocalyptic cult, because nobody knows the day or the hour.
And one of the elements that I wanted to get to as well in the last segment is, if you look at the famous text in Revelation 13, this describes the mock resurrection story of the beast.
The Antichrist, his system, he has this false copy, you know, religious worldview that connects him to this figure called the False Prophet, and so this is the world, the fake world religion, right?
And it says that he undergoes a kind of staged resurrection, right?
Whether this is a real resurrection by satanic power that mimics Christ or it's staged, I don't know, but basically this mimicked resurrection allows him to say that we need to now worship the program and what I'm giving you.
Because it will grant you, right, this life.
It will probably grant you a kind of mock immortality.
Again, it could be something transhumanist that goes on to talk about erecting an image that has the ability to speak.
I don't know what it is, not claiming to know.
It could be some kind of future, you know, super advanced AI that they try to get everybody to worship.
I don't know, but even if it's not that, we already see that as a pattern now, right?
So we're getting, you know, the message from the elite that it's time to surrender your humanity over to worshiping
The technology worshipping the idea of an image, a thing that you make, right?
I mean, what would be the greatest form of idolatry?
It would be to create a robot, right, made in our image, mocking the fact that man has made an image of God, and then, you know, giving the impression, oh, you can download your consciousness into the bot.
You can live forever if you, you know, upload your consciousness to the AI, and then we'll give you a new super robot.
It's all a bunch of deception, right?
But how many people would fall for this if we think about how many people have fallen for the present deception, right?
People are going to fall over themselves, piling into this deception, thinking that they're going to be uploaded into these virtual worlds.
And I know it's kind of ridiculous, but I watched that movie Lawnmower Man, right?
The old Stephen King thing, which is a goofy 90s movie.
But there's something to this, though, because
In Lawnmower Man, they're doing experiments on a slow boy, right?
And he basically gets super intelligence and he goes into the virtual world and kind of makes himself the god of that virtual world.
And I think that this is the offer, right, of Satan in the garden.
You will be his gods, right?
If you, you know, disobey, forget this religion, forget God, don't worry about his commandments.
He's trying to trick you.
Oh, I'm here as your liberator.
I'm going to give you the secret to immortality and you're going to be your own god.
What better example of this than the idea that an individual can be a god in his own virtual world, right?
And create his own universe and destroy his own universe.
All this nonsense which is going to be laid out as the lure.
But it's all a deception, it's all a trap, because when this system is in your head, you become a node in the board, right?
You're not free, you're not actually a god in some virtual world, it's not real.
It's a simulacrum, right?
The Matrix is telling us that the Matrix world that's coming is not the real world.
And all Satan can do, right, is kind of mimic that in these staged virtual worlds,
And to give a shout out to my friend Church of the Eternal Logos over on YouTube, he did a good analysis recently of virtual worlds where he broke this down in a lot of detail, pointing out how this is really just a simulation of this world.
God, the creator of this world.
Satan can only mimic and ape these things, and so he has to come up with these kind of cheap, cheesy versions, right?
And I'm not saying it's inherently bad to have a virtual world.
I'm just saying that there's a danger and there's a lure in this being used in a nefarious way.
Just like
Theoretically, technology could be good for humans, but it also can be something that enslaves humans.
I watched the Dune film that came out recently.
A lot of people don't know that in the Dune story, before the events that occur in Dune, there was actually an older event that occurred in that narrative called the Butlerian Jihad.
And the reason that when you watch Dune, you don't see any AI or any bots is because in Dune, it's an anti-AI story.
In the narrative of Dune, the universe, the humans, had already gone through a long period of enslavement to the AI bots.
And so they had to fight this jihad against Skynet, basically.
And so it's known as the Butlerian Jihad.
And then when you get to the story of Dune, it's a world where they've outlawed AI.
You can't have it.
It's banned because it enslaves humanity.
And so likewise, there is the potentiality for a beast-type system to enslave everybody.
I mean, look at, again, the Internet's a great example.
It's a tool, right?
It could be a good thing, or it could be a thing that enslaves people.
And how much more will this metaverse potentially be an enslaving thing?
And metaverse is probably the stage before the full-on matrix, right?
And I think that Alex is right.
He's talked about for a long time that the Pentagon, long before the movie The Matrix came out, the Pentagon had these kinds of plans to put people in pods and to put them into virtual worlds.
I remember back in the 80s when you go to the mall, there would be, you know, early versions of virtual stuff.
You would go to the mall in San Diego and there would be these
Like machines that you could get in these early crappy 80s versions of virtual reality.
And everybody's like, oh, it's so cheesy, right?
But no, now they're rolling out the real thing, right?
At that, they were only about 40 years off, right?
We're still 30 years off, where now they're rolling out the real virtual worlds.
And the danger here is that we can give ourselves over to the simulation.
Forget the real world.
Forget reality, where we actually have human connections.
We actually have, you know, the experience of human love, human emotions.
Those are all real things.
That's what life is really about.
And that's why it's important to remember that the tech elite, when their documents came out, when a lot of those people came out from the tech companies four or five years ago, they were saying, our goal was to actually atomize everybody, make you feel alone, make you feel atomized, destroy your interpersonal relationships and communications, destroy families,
So that you're basically oblivious to those connections, then you can be inserted into the matrix.
That's the point of it.
The whole point of this is putting all of humans in the matrix.
That is the plan.
And so all we're living through is the phases of getting to that.
Again, it's not that the technology is inherently bad, but it's going to be used for evil, nefarious designs.
The same people who want you in the Matrix are the people behind the World Economic Forum, behind all of this stuff.
It's the same people.
And it's a real plan.
Again, I haven't covered, I don't think, on Infowars in depth, but I did a whole analysis a couple years ago of Jacques Attali's book, which is called A Brief History of the Future.
And in that book, he's basically saying that we're moving into this new type of civilization, right?
This final civilization, which will be, again, concomitant with the Great Reset idea of a new industrial revolution that will be the AI tech matrix world.
It's not even going to matter about the external world anymore.
You can leave that to Bill Gates owning all the farmland.
He's going to have the actual land and everybody else will be in the pod living in their Ready Player One world, right?
And the point of that was just to say that in this in this matrix world, you will be so immersed in it.
And so your whole life will be lived in this world that it will be like 10 times worse than people who spend their life on Facebook.
Now, Jacques Atelier wrote that book back in 2005 or 6.
And not only did he predict where we are right now in 2021, but he said by 2030 to 2050, the matrix will be rolled out.
And individuals will be plugged into this matrix to the extent that by 2050, you will literally live your day-to-day existence in the matrix.
And he actually calls it, I'm not joking, he calls it a global golem.
The whole world linked into this system that you see right here in Ready Player One, Total Predictive Programming, will be a global golem hive mind.
And everybody will live their lives in that, and then your body will be like a pod, you know, that like, your body heat powers your pod or something, right?
Literally what's in The Matrix.
Yeah, there you go.
There's another great movie I recommend that everyone watch called The Congress.
And this is a movie from, I don't know, six, seven, maybe ten years ago.
It was an indie sci-fi movie, dystopia film, with Robin Wright from Princess Bride, who is basically put into a dystopian world of the metaverse, and it just leads to basically the destruction of civilization.
I'll put it short.
So again, we're being warned, I think, in scripture and all these elements with the transhumanism, the virtual worlds, all that.
These are great dangers.
So again, beware.
And this is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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