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Name: 20211104_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 4, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses forced vaccinations of children without parental consent, linking it to a larger plan to control and depopulate the world by various organizations. He promotes products available at the InfoWars store and urges his audience to educate themselves and take action against the globalist agenda. The speaker also highlights the loss of ancestral freedom and concerns over public control by science, medicine, and behavioral psychology. Infowars announces its Black Friday sale offering up to 60% off on various products and discusses vaccine mandates, social credit scores, censorship, and the importance of local power structures for change. Jones also talks about unjust imprisonment, climate change being a hoax, globalist control over society, and the need for free will in decision-making against evil.

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If I fail, I will go down in history in infamy.
But that doesn't matter, because God's watching, and I won't go out in infamy in God's eyes.
But I know that that doesn't matter, because we're going to win in the end, because God is real, and evil always fails and falls.
So thank you so much for joining us on this Emergency of Emergencies, Thursday, November 4th, 2021 transmission.
There is the headline for today's broadcast, and then I'm about to just plow through all of it for you with the documents, with the articles, with the UN press releases, with the video of it happening, and leaders in Australia and the U.S.
bragging about forced injection of your children.
And it gets worse, saying it's for the New World Order.
I've got federal politicians in the U.S.
I've got state politicians in the U.S.
like Lightfoot.
I've got premiers and health department heads in Australia saying the same damn thing.
But even Alex Jones has trouble believing that they'd actually do it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a maximum emergency alert.
Maximum emergency alert.
The United Nations has publicly announced a plan for global forced inoculation of children, and it's begun in the United States.
Red alert.
Red alert.
To everyone you know, tune in now.
I got the vaccine to protect my son.
And, uh, up in March, April,
They're announcing how it was safe for teenagers.
We got the Pfizer vaccine because I thought it was to protect him.
I thought it was the right thing to do.
It was like playing Russian roulette.
My government lied to me.
They said it was safe.
Julian Gonzalez took his family to collect candy at Mount Hebron Church when he decided to get his booster shot.
The nurses offering the vaccine then recommended it for his six-year-old son.
So they asked us, you know, our kids' ages, and so we told them, you know, six and four, and they said, okay, well, you know, the six-year-old, obviously.
You can get it if you'd like to go ahead and do that.
They were then handed this Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine consent form indicating that their son was eligible due to his age, even though the vaccine hadn't been approved yet by the CDC.
Going off of their confidence and what we had read, we were all for it.
One of their neighbors had their 7-year-old vaccinated, too.
It wasn't until the next day both families received a call from the Garland Health Department letting them know not only were the two boys not supposed to get the vaccine, but that they had received adult doses three times the recommended amount.
They need to quit pushing this on their children.
I lost mine.
I need to protect yours.
They're trying to target the 5- to 12-year-olds.
We're gonna have more deaths in our hands than they planned.
As Pfizer's vaccine sales for 2021 and 2022 are expected to reach $65 billion, more Marines are shown the door.
The LA Sheriff's Department is witnessing a mass exodus.
You look at all the surrounding counties, as we see, there is no mandate.
Is there any difference in the infection rate in the surrounding counties?
There's only one county that's trying to defund and de-staff the Sheriff's Department.
That's Los Angeles County.
They have a very weird group of people that are in charge, really.
They worship at the altar of wokeism and they don't understand that their own community is saying, no, we want to see deputies on the street.
We want to see reform work, reform can be made, but not eliminating the criminal justice system, not taking cops away from the street.
That's the last thing they want to see.
While in New York City tonight, the vaccine mandate for city workers taking effect and thousands of frontline workers defiant, staying home
I think so.
And the looming deadline to vaccinate children intermingles with a growing shortage of teachers and substitutes due to the tyrannical mandates of the Biden administration crippling the United States economy.
What about the local San Francisco health orders that require vaccination to go into a restaurant or to go to a Warriors game?
When is that going to apply to children five to 11?
We definitely want to wait and make sure that children have an opportunity to get vaccinated.
So that will happen no sooner than about eight weeks after the vaccine is available.
Those that remain fully exempt is baffling.
Congress itself is exempt, as is the judicial branch.
Biden's executive order could only mandate the executive branch, which includes federal staff with a deadline of November 22nd.
The hypocrisy is stunning.
Those overseeing the mandates in their respective districts, and those ruling on the tyrannical mandates, are exempt.
While, hypothetically, a COVID-positive postal employee could potentially spread the virus to everyone on their route, super-spreading COVID-19 nationwide.
Ultimately, everyone should have the right to choose what is injected into their bodies in a free republic.
The mandates are just as unconstitutional as the day is long.
And furthermore, if tax-funded mandate-enforcing elected officials are exempt, then why aren't we the people?
John Bowne reporting.
The moment of truth is now upon us.
We're live on this November 4th.
Thursday transmission, the year is 2021.
And I worked up here last night till about eight o'clock.
And right before I left, my phone began ringing off the hook and I began to get what later became over 25 text messages from people living in Austin, Texas, people living in North Carolina, people living in California, people living in Hawaii.
And I went and turned on
The computer and went to Infowars.com and there it was.
There it was.
They've announced forced inoculations in Hawaii of children without parental consent.
Then I get a call at 7 a.m.
this morning by one of the producers, the main producer, Matt of American Journal with Harrison Smith, and he says, get ready for this, and he sent me the link.
United Nations website.
Forced inoculations of children worldwide.
Page three.
This is like coming into your house and catching somebody skinning your child alive or something.
I mean, we got all the pieces.
We know it's illegal.
We know it's criminal.
We know the globalists have exempted themselves from this.
We know it causes massive heart problems and autoimmune problems.
I mean, this is like
Knowing that a cult is marching out against millions of our children to maim and kill them, and we are aiding and abetting if we don't stop them.
But then I gotta war game this out.
The globalists are smart.
They've war-gamed this out.
They've got all the actuaries and focus groups, and they brag about it.
They're trying to trigger a giant civil war.
They're gonna make us.
It's like in the movie.
It's excellent, by the way.
I don't like Matt Damon because it's politics, but it is an excellent film.
The Last Duel.
And it's historical.
We're good.
They're going to blow up the Pfizer building.
You know what they're going to do.
So they've got this all scripted out, ladies and gentlemen.
They're going to blame us.
And all I can tell you is we've got to figure out a way to stop this.
Oh, baby!
I mean, lordy, lordy, lordy.
I am just blown away right now.
Now, let me just stop here for a moment.
A famous hockey player just had a big heart attack after he took the shot.
Another basketball player just had a heart attack.
This is just insane.
Both of them in their low 30s.
Perfect health.
They're so healthy that their blood, you know, clots quickly when it gets this stuff in it.
So, I'm going to try to be calm here, and I've already got a bunch of big guests lined up today, and some of them are already on this topic.
But, I mean, I'm just here to tell you, hands down, this is the biggest thing ever happened to me, biggest thing ever happened to you.
This is bigger than World War II.
We could beat Hitler, we knew who he was, and we did.
We could beat the Japanese imperial system, that was a joke, compared to what we really could do if somebody actually invaded our country, if Americans were under attack.
But this is an infiltration and a PSYOP, and it's got a lot of our own people involved in it, who don't even know what the hell they're doing.
They actually believe that they're good guys.
But all the pieces go together today to show a picture of a total nightmare.
I have the British Medical Journal confirming that with whistleblower data, that's the most prestigious medical journal, that they suppressed massive illnesses and death in the Pfizer vaccine trials of women, children and men.
And that it's all fake.
Of course it is.
That's why they skipped the animal trials, because they'd actually already secretly done them and knew it killed the majority of the animals with exactly what's now happening.
So this is all premeditated.
And I know you know that.
I know Dr. Zelenko knows that.
I know that we all know that.
But this is now going to take the Joe Rogans and the Tucker Carlsons and just all of us together to come out and say, we know you did this and you're going to go to prison for this.
But see, once they get the schools on board and once they get enough parents tricked, this is the PSYOP, to inject their children, they've done the psychological studies where the majority of parents will Stockholm Syndrome and Mass Stockholm Syndrome and defend it and cover it up, just like they've done with so many other things, like the autism in the boys, or letting the schools put the kids on Ritalin and Prozac and all this, knowing all the studies show it creates destruction.
This is organized, planned-out behavioral psychology.
They admit, I mean, they admit they've foregamed this at Harvard and Yale and Stanford and the rest of them and Cambridge and Oxford.
The British military is running a large part of the worldwide operation and Prince Charles is now the King of England, unofficially, but that's already been done, quietly sworn in months ago, I'm told, laying out super-secret information.
And that's why he's now declared war on humanity for depopulation that he swore to his father he would do to depopulate at least 80% of us.
His father swore he'd do it as well, Prince Philip, but now Charles is in command.
It was never Queen Elizabeth II.
So, ladies and gentlemen, this is serious, serious business.
I mean, we are under new world order, world government depopulation attack, and God help us.
I'm just asking everybody to pray to God for a global awakening and to pray to God to protect our children and to give us the strength and discernment of how to thread this needle and how to not go into a bloody civil war but somehow be able with civil disobedience to take action and stop these monsters.
But you notice the main line
government doctrine is no longer that Al-Qaeda or China or Russia is the main enemy.
It's anti-vaxxers, those that don't want future lockdowns, those that don't like open borders, and those that question elections are listed as terrorists.
And they've already had their purge, the military, the people that know what's going on, and they're trying to purge the police.
The globalists have not done a good job at that, so they're really flat-footed.
We're in a war footing because so many hardcore people now know that we're actually in a war.
I mean, I'd say 30% of the public gets it now.
And if they just educate one more person, that's 60%.
And you don't need even 5% to win something like this physically if the vast majority just don't comply.
And they are not complying, thank God.
But that's a secondary plan.
The globalists have to collapse the society.
But they think they can organize the collapse and make us not think that they did it.
So they'll be the saviors during the collapse.
But instead, we all know it's them.
And that's why Republicans are winning by 30-40% margins.
But when you see the news, they say that they've won by, you know, 2% margins.
I mean, people are voting 70, 80% Republican.
Doesn't mean they're perfect either.
They're going to try to put blue bloods in.
This guy in Virginia probably is a blue blood.
He's got that whole background of a country club Republican, but he may not want to kill his family and be part of the pure evil.
So, you know, he's a former Carlisle Group CEO.
That's about as evil as it gets.
He doesn't have the foul
Just watching him, and I go off gut level.
Total foulness coming off of him.
But he's got a pretty bad background, so we'll see what he does.
But right now, he's saying and doing the right thing.
We'll see.
But all I can tell you is, this is it.
I mean, they're not, this isn't a beta test, this isn't a joke, this isn't a game.
And when I come back, I'm going to head it all for you from the UN document, from the states and cities around the US.
It's also happening in Europe.
This is what you saw, remember, three months ago in Australia, where they started injecting children without parental consent.
And then you have the health minister nationwide saying, yeah, we did it, get over it.
They did it under UN authority.
And now I got the UN document right here.
And again, we're breaking this.
It turns out this document's been out for weeks.
Where's Ron Paul?
Where's Alex Jones?
Where's Rand Paul?
Well, I mean, it's just so insane we can't even deal with it all.
It's moving too quick.
And then huge stuff like this doesn't break like it should.
I mean, I knew the UN was running things.
I knew they were coming with forced inoculations.
I knew they were coming after the five-year-olds.
But now it's here, and the UN is directing it.
Do you hear me?
So you better get on the ball now, myself included.
Call everybody you know and tell them to tune in to InfoWars.com.
Bandai Video, FreeWorldNews.TV right now and then tell them to share it because they're coming for our children with deadly experimental vaccines under UN auspices and authorization, which is total fraud.
And they're saying they're going to give the kids the shots and the parents aren't allowed to have any say so.
That's happening in Hawaii.
If I fail, I will go down in history in infamy.
But that doesn't matter because God's watching and I won't go out in infamy in God's eyes.
But I know that that doesn't matter because we're going to win in the end because God is real and evil always fails and falls.
So thank you so much for joining us on this Emergency of Emergencies.
Thursday, November 4th, 2021 transmission.
There is the headline.
For today's broadcast, and then I'm about to just plow through all of it for you.
With the documents, with the articles, with the UN press releases, with the video of it happening, and leaders in Australia and the US bragging about forced injection of your children.
And it gets worse.
Saying it's for the New World Order.
I've got federal politicians in the US.
I've got state politicians in the US, like Lightfoot.
I've got
Premiers and health department heads in Australia saying the same damn thing.
But even Alex Jones has trouble believing that they'd actually do it.
I thought they'd come out with some placebo at first with a forced inoculation so that there wouldn't be any deaths or illnesses so they could then set the precedent for the global ID and future forced inoculations.
They want a whole hog with a super deadly one right up front to get the fight going.
Because they know they're going to lose control.
They know the world's already awakened.
So they want to collapse society, turn the population against each other, and have a breakdown of the financial and economic and farming, food production, transportation systems.
And there are TV ads running where they call the children superheroes that are going to be taking the shots.
Now they're going to get superpowers from it.
You know, Big Tobacco got in trouble for targeting children with Jimmy the Camel and all the rest of that, which was evil.
This is about a thousand times worse.
Because this is like cigarette makers coming to the school and trying to make the children smoke the cigarettes.
And let me tell you, cigarettes are a lot less worse than these injections.
So this is one hell of a moment to be alive.
I want to say this before I go any further.
In fact, I'm going to spend the rest of this segment on this, and then the next longer segment, I'm going to plow into all the articles, all the documents, all the news and title together.
It's just incredible, and God give me strength to cover this properly and in a focused way, because I could get stuck on one of these things for 10 hours.
I mean, I've got British medical journals, mainline medical journals, major European universities, all confirming this is just super deadly, gives you cancer, destroys your DNA in a chain reaction, creates total blood clots.
I mean, it's frickin' a long, painful death sentence for most people.
The lucky ones are the ones that die in just a few days or a few hours because the vaccine took too well, the blood clotting agent, you know.
Their body overreacted.
It's meant to kill you slow, so you go off and die, but slowly.
And then the big pharma that now owns all the major hospitals can then suck dry you and your family.
It's just a very sophisticated weapon system.
And they studied the actuary, looked at all the different bioweapons they had, and decided on this one, which is delivered through the injection.
And Pfizer's now confirmed.
Another giant, prestigious medical journal.
Pfizer admits it, that they indeed
No, that the shot is a live virus and sheds to others.
And that actually grows the Delta variant in humans.
That's why there's so many illnesses now.
That's why it's so much worse than it was last year.
See, it's a weapon that rolls out and then amplifies and gets worse.
But let me make the big announcement here.
I don't want to explain this very softly and very slowly and very calmly because I know everybody's just used to me being turned up to 10 and so it all gets lost in translation.
There's the old bumper sticker that says, if you want your children to listen, whisper.
I'm not saying you're my children.
I'm just saying that I tend to listen to somebody when you hear somebody next to you whispering.
You're usually tuning out loud people, but you're not tuning out people that are whispering.
It's kind of the NPR tactic.
And it's also good to have the tactic of yelling to get people awake and out of their trance.
That works for some people, but for some people, you really need to slow down and be very, very calm about what you're talking about and what you're dealing with.
So I want us all, myself included, just to sit back and to look at what's happening, why they're doing this, and really define where we are in the world, what's currently happening, and then ask, what is the best course of action, the moral, proper course of action we should take that doesn't give them the violence
They want to tear society apart even faster because that's their goal.
But at the same time, we have a responsibility to not be cowards and just rationalize and just sit here and take it.
So we're at a major decision point right now.
This is a big deal for everybody.
And I would just ask those that serve the system, you know you're in the wrong now.
I mean, you know that the baddies have captured the country.
And so I am
Just politely asking people that are in the system that sold out for a lot less than I've been offered.
I mean, up in the 20s of millions a year that I said no to when they stopped asking.
And most of the people that sold out of the system just kind of got into the system and were climbing up the ladder and never even knew they sold out until they figured out they had.
And what was it, $400,000, $200,000 a year?
Most people sell out for $50,000 per life.
And what's your soul worth?
A wise man once asked me, Bill Rundis, he said, Alex, what would you give for your eyes?
A billion, two billion, three billion?
I said, nothing.
He said, exactly, so what would you give for your soul?
If your eyes are so valuable.
And you know, I'll be honest with you, to fight the globalists, you can take my eyes right now.
I mean, if it bought freedom, if it bought life for these children, cut my eyes out right now.
In fact, I'm ready to die.
Because my body wants to fight these people.
My soul wants to stop them.
My body's like, let's go to war right now, Jones.
I mean, my flesh is like... And I'm just like, oh my gosh, please stop.
God, give me control, because I know the enemy's punching my buttons.
And I look at my four-year-old daughter, and I think about what these people want to do to her, what they want to do to your children.
And I think about watching them carry this down, and I'm not going to sit here and watch them do this at the same time.
Got to be as wise as serpents and peaceful as doves about this.
And just, because they're losing intellectually, they're losing spiritually.
And, you know, Christ knew there was a time to not be violent.
Also, there would be a time in the future to be sell your cloak and buy a sword.
And Martin Luther King knew there was a time to be peaceful and a time to not be.
So, you know, do I feel like Malcolm X or do I feel like Martin Luther King here?
I think I feel like a little bit of both.
And I think you do as well.
And I will tell you, we will defend our children.
We will stand against this evil.
And those doing this will pay by any means necessary.
But the question of any means necessary means what is necessary?
What is the right thing to do here?
So let me just make the announcement.
We'll go to break.
We're at war.
This is all war.
The cutting off of the oil, the destruction of the borders, the destruction of the currency, the destruction of the family, the annihilation of the morals, the breakdown of the military and the police and the firefighters and the nurses with the mandates and now sanitation and now the power companies.
Everything's going down.
Power will probably be off a lot this winter.
Heck, not probably.
I predict giant massive blackouts, five times worse than last year.
I got a generator hooked up in the office now and at the home and everything.
I mean, it's on.
This is 21st century war and now they're coming for our children.
The UN has announced global forced inoculation without parental consent.
I want to come back and cover it in just a few minutes.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me read these headlines out to you.
It is incredible.
Then we're going to get some top legal advice on what Robert Barnes thinks we should do about all this.
This is broken last night and this morning.
And I caught myself at the gas station this morning telling the clerk behind the counter.
I caught myself telling a lady out there pumping gas in her car and they both looked at me like I was crazy.
Because it's not normal to talk to fellow citizens because people have been programmed by the television and the culture.
But you should tell people.
Kind of like, hey did you hear?
The Japanese just bombed Pearl Harbor.
Hey did you hear?
The UN just announced and released a plan for forced inoculation worldwide without parental consent.
And within days of the plan coming out that no one even reported on that we broke this morning on the National Journal in Hawaii and in California and in other blue state controlled areas they have announced clinics where quote parents aren't allowed in the schools and that when you quote bring your child to school to be at the school ever that you consent to the injections and then all over the US
In Louisiana and in Minnesota and other states.
New York, it's being confirmed.
Canada's doing it too.
Ice cream trucks pulling up at the parks and giving children as young as seven injections without parental consent.
Children don't have consent, folks, under law anywhere in the world.
And people know, people that try to manipulate children deserve the death penalty.
All of it's about the state messing with our children.
That's why they had drag queen story time.
If you'll accept convicted pedophiles coming to visit your children at school unannounced, well you'll accept anything.
So here it is.
World Health Organization considerations.
It's just considerations.
They're just considering.
It doesn't say it right.
Regarding consent and vaccinating children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old.
Page 3, it says right here, it's implied consent if it's published in newspapers that it's legal to give children 5 and up, 6 and up shots.
And it says right here that they will then give the children the injections without parental consent.
The United Nations own website, it's, this document's linked to the live show feed.
Of the broadcast today, emergency bombshell exclusive, the U.N.
has already launched a plan to forcibly inject children without parental consent worldwide.
It's being added right now.
If you're on the page, hit refresh.
Continuing, we're going to read over this all coming up.
School blocks parents from attending vaccine drive for five-year-old students.
And then I found out Austin sent out similar messages, and so did North Carolina.
I have copies of all that right here.
You get a text message.
Oh, it's just about vaccine info.
Please click here.
No big deal.
Important document.
Then it says if you don't respond or you send your kids to school, it's happening.
Next level criminal behavior.
Here's one out of North Carolina.
One of our crew members that lives in North Carolina and works there.
Got this message yesterday.
It just said, oh, just a message.
You go read.
We're going to inject your kids at school.
Here is the same one for Austin, Texas.
Copy of the text messages they were sent.
And it goes on and on.
And then we've got this stack of news.
Pfizer confirms COVID vaccine.
Can cause people to shed spike proteins and cause neurological disorders, heart attacks, you name it, and indeed that they are spreaders of a replicating spike protein virus in the body.
I'm going to be reading this whole thing later.
Here's the actual study.
Very prestigious.
And we've got one out of the British Medical Journal confirming what Robert Barnes is getting ready to file the lawsuit with the Pfizer whistleblower has said, that's the British Medical Journal, that they did not do the real study.
They did not actually carry it out.
It's all a fraud.
Something really strange is happening in hospitals all over America.
People are coming in and dying of heart attacks, myocarditis, their lungs filling up with liquid, but they're not testing positive for COVID, but they have a new spike protein.
Yes, the shedding, the vaccinator of the bioweapons.
Here's the British Medical Journal.
COVID-19 researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer vaccine trial.
Here's from the NIH website, saying children that do develop myocarditis, even mild or medium, will have a 25 to 56 percent chance of dying within 3 to 10 years.
And it goes on and on.
Here's KHN.
ERs are swamped with serious ill patients, though they don't have COVID.
That's just part of all of this.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events for children related to Pfizer vaccine, but covered it up.
All right, I had Barnes on today because he's a really smart politico as well.
We didn't have time to continue to have him on here, so we had another guest coming on.
I wanted to get him back on and talk about how big these elections are, what these off-year elections signify.
And we'll get to that later if we have time.
We've got a bunch of other big guests as well, but Barnes, you're a legal lawyer, you're on this, you're a constitutionalist.
This is insane.
What do you call this constellation of evil with the UN coming out with these guidelines and from Australia to the US, they're now implementing it and I have the clips of them saying, this is the New World Order.
That's coming up, folks.
Welcome to the New World Order.
We're going to give your children shots.
So what would parents think?
Outside of law, but they use the UN creating a letter as their authorization.
I mean, this is incredible on so many fronts, Barnes.
Yeah, I mean, really, the New World Order looks a lot like the Old World Order of the eugenics era.
I mean, this is how they did a lot of forced sterilizations on people back in the 19-teens and 1920s.
They were almost all under the age of 18.
And they, you know, got jurisdiction or authority over them by hook or by crook, and then prevented them from ever having children the rest of their lives.
I mean, just, you know, or their children having children, obviously.
So this is about the state seizing custody and asserting legal control over your child's body.
And that's literally what it is.
It's the state replacing the parent as the one that makes informed consent choices for their child's medical care.
And if they can achieve this, what else can they do?
Can they decide your seven-year-old really is a girl or really is a boy and start giving them various hormonal treatments that can do permanent, life-lasting damage?
What else?
I mean, they could just keep going and going and going.
This is the state asserting control over our bodies and now our kids' bodies as if they own those bodies.
And that's why it's so frightening.
I mean, that's why we'll be I'll be suing early next week to stop this authorization of this vaccine for 5 to 11 year old with Bobby Kennedy in the Western District of Texas.
We've been working all week on the suit.
It'll be ready to go early next week.
And we're going to do everything we can to stop this from happening, period, right at the source to stop the FDA from doing it at the source.
Of note, federal court ruled yesterday that FDA that Tyson is acting as a federal agent
When they issue their vaccine mandate.
What does that mean?
It means that Tyson Foods is now responsible and legally liable as if they're the government.
It means the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act applies.
It means the Rehabilitation Act applies.
It means the Constitution applies to Tyson's actions.
So we'll be amending and bringing suit against Tyson Foods and probably about a dozen federal courts all across the nation because now they're violating constitutional provisions and other federal laws because they admit they're a federal agent and federal officer in the context of this vaccine mandate and they admit
And the federal court has found that they are a federal officer for the purposes of vaccine mandate.
The new OSHA mandate that's just been issued, that's really kind of a testing mandate with a vaccine exemption or exception.
Everybody's going to be suing over that.
Employers and attorney generals have already announced they're going to be suing over that.
So we're going to see lawsuits all across the country over this because there has to be a fight back because we must own our own bodies.
If we don't own our own bodies, we own nothing.
And now they're trying to take our kids away from us and claim they own our kids' bodies too.
So that's why this is the fight of the century to restore freedom and liberty in America.
Yeah, the fight of human history.
I mean, this is just, on a scale of 1 to 10, this is a 10, tyranny-wise.
Don't you agree, Barnes?
Absolutely, absolutely.
I mean, what we've been talking about for a year is that they want to restore the power that they birthed the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s.
That, you know, the Nazis look to American eugenics as the basis of their legal and moral and political authority.
They use it as a Nuremberg defense.
They use Margaret Sanger as a Nuremberg defense and John D. Rockefeller.
This is the Rockefeller Foundation's dream objective for a long time.
And who did Bill Gates' father and Bill Gates say they looked up to the most for their own world vision?
The Rockefeller Foundation.
And this is Bill Gates' vision come to life using his incredible disproportionate influence in public health.
And it's their efforts to seize and control and own our bodies and own our children from going forward.
And that's why we have to fight.
We have no choice but to fight.
And it's the only chance we have to restore liberty and freedom in America and in the world.
I totally agree.
Stay there.
Let's come back and get to what you think we should do to counter this, because obviously they're trying to make the economy fall apart, have all the essential workers not go to work, it's already happening, and then cloud and pivot.
But now they're getting caught in that.
America sees through it, and now they're literally coming for our children.
They've been saying, hey, your kids belong to the state.
Now they're doing it.
So how do we peacefully stop this?
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have the school letters from around the country, in blue cities and blue states, from Hawaii to Texas to North Carolina, where they're saying, under the U.N.
rules, if you send your children to public school, we're going to inject them.
And you heard about the woman in Louisiana, where they confirmed that they injected?
They're now saying, yeah, we're going to defend this in court, saying we have U.N.W.H.O.
They injected her 13-year-old without consent.
Think about that, and she's now, I'm told, filed suit.
I've got all those stacks of news here, but here is an MSNBC host years ago.
What's her name?
That's right, Melissa Harris Perry.
I forget.
Remember her?
She said, we need to get over this idea that parents are in charge of their kids.
Here it is.
We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we've always had kind of a private notion of children.
Your kid is yours and totally your responsibility.
We haven't had a very collective notion of these are our children.
So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
Once it's everybody's responsibility and not just the households, then we start making better investments.
Oh yeah, you go in and fund the black family not to have any dads there for 50 years and they go from having less illegitimacy than whites to having 80 plus percent.
Yeah it worked really well you nasty social engineers.
Fun about Margaret Sanger who knew exactly what she was doing going back to the 20s.
I want to go back to Barnes right now but here is a clip and there's even more of these next hour I get to but I want to hear what Barnes has to say.
This is the National
Health Department spokesperson, the article's a flashback on InfoWars.com.
Australian health minister announces 24,000 students will be injected in stadium without parental supervision.
Then we have another clip where he agrees, yeah, a lot of kids we gave it to the school didn't have parental consent.
He said, so what?
Get over it.
That's a quote.
So, oh, but first he said this.
Here it is.
This is a world pandemic.
It's a 1 in 100 year event.
So you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time and that's just the way it is.
We've got to accept that this is the new world order.
We've got to accept that this is the new world order.
The new world order.
The new world order.
I want to stress that to the mums and dads, your children will be well looked after inside when they arrive.
They'll be literally ushered.
We'll have nurses, we'll have some of the youth command, we'll have some of the young police from the various operations within police there, just to guide them through as to where they go.
They'll be looked after every moment inside the stadium, and they'll be well cared for, so mums and dads feel secure.
We've got about 24,000 students we're aiming to get through next week.
The messages will come out this week, and the opportunity is there, but really you've got to take it, grasp it with both hands.
If you talk to any of our Olympians, I'll tell you, you've just got to grasp opportunity.
And this is an opportunity, so don't waste it.
How embarrassing.
What I find more embarrassing, James, is you would make that sort of question and accusation against frontline health staff who work their butts off and who tomorrow will have achieved a million vaccinations into arms.
You know what?
The school intended it well, there was a mistake, and so what?
It's happened.
Out of a million vaccinations, move on.
But it wasn't.
So, Barnes, let's pull back to the 50,000 foot, the 100,000 foot view here.
This is global, this is the UN, this is Corporations of Liability Protection, starting a giant fight with everybody, coming for our children with something we know is causing all sorts of illnesses and death at a very high rate.
A bunch of more famous football players, hockey players just died from the shots they're admitting.
I mean, what the hell are they doing here?
Because if you wanted to, like, self-immolate yourself, what Pfizer and them are doing is that, in my view.
What do you think?
You're a smart guy.
Yeah, I mean, I think it's about establishing a legal, historical, and political precedent that the state has control, custody, and power over your children.
And that statement from the MSNBC lady about collectivization of children goes back to the theory of children's rights, which was never about children's rights.
It was about the state, in the name of children's rights, seizing control of children from their parents.
And who is one of the primary and principal advocates of that all the way back since the 1970s?
A young Yale law student named Hillary Rodham Clinton.
So it's not a surprise that this is the agenda that they are seeking.
Many of us have said that the prior approval of courts of various vaccines for school children that had been done in the past were deeply politically and legally and constitutionally problematic.
Because at some point they would use it and abuse it in the way they're doing now.
And now we're witnessing it in live time.
Robert Kennedy filed suit against the District of Columbia because the first school district to try this was the District of Columbia, where it was going to inject kids without their parents' consent, without their parents' knowledge, without a right of religious accommodation, even though the local law in D.C.
required it.
Uh, back several months ago.
And the only reason why they weren't able to move forward with it was because Bobby Kennedy filed suit and, uh, got it temporarily stopped.
So this has been part of a longer term objective and agenda that it's about, it is about collectivization.
It's about no individual identity, no individual rights.
Deferring to a small elite group who's going to dictate for anyone and everyone what their rights will be to such a degree that they own our children and they own our bodies.
And once they own that, there's nothing left to own.
I mean, they have it all.
They have all that matters.
It's all that's consequential.
All that's significant.
And that's why it's critical people fight back in the court of public opinion.
I mean, look at what happened.
The Virginia governor came out 72 hours before Election Day and said, no vaccine mandate.
If he is elected, there will be no vaccine mandates, no mask mandates.
What happens?
He surges at the end, wins the governorship in Virginia.
Putin did it several months ago.
He came out and said Russia would have no vaccine mandates.
His party surged in the parliamentary elections.
He got the supermajority he wanted.
Meanwhile, people like Trudeau came out for vaccine mandates, and their support collapsed, and they got less support than they had in the prior election.
So, what it shows is if we can continue to argue in the court of public opinion, continue, those of us that are lawyers, bring these cases into court everywhere we can and fight it in the courts of law, that between the two, that's the means and mechanism by which we can fight back against this elite agenda that's meant to strip us of our rights and our freedoms right to the core.
If you don't have custody over your child, and you don't have custody over your body, you don't got custody over nothing.
You have no more freedom.
You have no more rights.
If people are asking why they do something so bold, this is the final frontier.
This is planting the flag in us that they've captured us.
If they can send convicted pedophiles to meet with our children at school, they can put deadly shots in them when they want and throw it in our face, and we don't do anything?
The sky's the limit!
It's a return to chattel slavery!
If you look at the two things that were the most morally horrendous, two slaves, about chattel slavery, it was two things.
First, they didn't own their own body, and secondly, they didn't have control and custody over their own children, who could be sold down the river, as the old statement went.
And that's what they're trying to restate.
That's what they're trying to reinstate.
That's what they're trying to replace our current system with.
And it's an old system.
I mean, it's what they were doing in the 20s and 30s.
The Nazis were just the logical extension of this system, of experimenting on us as guinea pigs, as treating us as property of the state.
People, you know, the institutional media likes the people to forget the Nazis were socialists at heart.
They just had a unique brand of it.
For those that don't know, when I bring this up, this is not a defense of the Nazis, it's the opposite.
It's a historical fact that you know, but those that don't know history, or I guess get their Nazi history from Inglorious Bastards, which is a fine movie, but just a very, you know, not real BS.
The Nazis were rock stars in time-life books and gardening magazines, and on the radio when my grandfathers were growing up, they would broadcast Hitler's speeches.
Man of the Year twice because the whole left and the robber barons were all behind him as the savior of the world and eugenics because he was adopting what the Rockefellers wanted and what Thomas Watson of IBM wanted.
And that's mainline history.
They hope you don't know it.
They hope you don't remember it.
And then they set him up.
And then didn't join him when he started World War II.
He was told to do that.
He thought that the U.S.
was going to join him, that the U.K.
was going to join him, and then he got double-crossed by that same eugenics group.
That's how evil these people are.
I mean, you go back, the original ideas for eugenics were all the old British colonial elite that believed in the imperialism that unleashed World War I that birthed World War II.
So these are people just trying to restore and reinstate their power.
They basically experimented with a communist brand of power.
They experimented with a fascist brand of power.
Then they ultimately settled on the current brand of power that they have.
But the only thing that pushed back was the world pushed back.
We're good to go.
This is a very sophisticated world taking place.
I'm going to come back with Barnes in just two minutes.
I'm going to ask him the big question.
We know they're going to stage attacks and blame it on us.
It's the guaranteed next card.
I think he'll agree.
We'll see.
But we're in the season of false flags.
There's a report on that at Vandop Video today.
The John Bowne section, that's all coming up.
So please, I cannot explain to you how important it is for you to realize that like electricity, when you spread the word, it plugs in the spotlight that exposes the cockroaches.
We're going to do this in an echo chamber unless all of you tell everybody you know constantly to tune in to InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Band.Video, and the local radio stations.
It's so important.
It's everything.
So thank you all for doing that, folks.
But redouble your efforts.
People are hungry for the truth right now.
There's a Great Awakening happening.
The Great Reset is the counter to the Great Awakening.
So we're in a war and we're barely winning, but the children are in the balance.
So they're counting on you.
This information is being censored everywhere, except here.
So tell everybody you know, tune in now, however you can.
All right, Robert Barnes is our guest.
He's riding a shotgun with us from Der Hernandez, who's been at the Rittenhouse trial, pops in with exclusive information.
He's also been covering protests against the deadly injections all over the country.
We're going to cover it all.
But wow, Robert Barnes, for those who just joined us, the UN, we showed the document earlier, has announced, and now all over the US,
They're saying, yes, we're now going to inject children, five and up, without parental consent.
They say it gives implied consent when you let your child go to school.
Obviously, that's a fraud.
As a lawyer, spend a minute on that, just explaining it, and then let's get into how do we stop them false flagging, or they're going to hurt people's children or kill them, and then a dad's going to go, you know, shoot the school nurse or whatever.
That's a terrible thing.
We don't want that to happen, but they're shooting the children up.
The globalists know
Cause and effect.
They know where this is going.
They obviously want to elicit some type of civil war.
Do you think I'm wrong or right about that?
I mean, I think both are serious risks.
I mean, I think part of what's happening in the Rittenhouse trial reflects that.
I think they want the secure convictions in that trial to get people to overreact.
And people need to maintain confidence in the constitutional system of government that we have and continue to go to the court of public opinion, continue to go to the court of law, assert all of your rights and remedies, and do everything you can within that arena.
What we saw with the elections is that can still work.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he did not exist.
The greatest trick the system can pull is convincing you as an ordinary American that you cannot resist.
History is full of examples of ordinary people changing the world.
Just look at InfoWars.
InfoWars should have been off, should be disappeared four years ago.
That was the plan.
That was the objective.
Clearly the goal was to do something like this and InfoWars has been the tip of the spear at resisting it.
But because people continue to support InfoWars, continue to engage in InfoWars, ordinary people were able to stop the entire system that came to try to crush InfoWars from succeeding in that objective.
So people have a lot more power than they sometimes give themselves credit to.
So if they continue to fight back in the court of public opinion, continue to fight back in the courts of law, and continue to support places like Infowars, which is easy, because you can buy things that make you healthier, wealthier, and wiser all in the same process, by doing so, then we can succeed.
Because the reason why the system is going so hard, so fast, with this great reset agenda, is because it fears it will fail.
It fears that people will be able to successfully resist.
So if we continue to push back, we continue to resist, we can still succeed.
I totally agree with you, and I just want listeners and viewers to understand, as negative as this all is, this is being done out of a position of these globalists of trying to maintain control.
They even admit that.
So this is not being done by strength, it's being done by desperateness, but they could still take over if we don't resist and say no.
Absolutely, absolutely.
That's why it's critical people continue to do everything they can in their power to do so.
I mean, that's what it's a complete lie.
What they are saying is that sending your kid to school is informed consent to give up control over your child's medical treatment, your child's body, your child's ideas.
That's totally hogwash.
That has never been the case.
That in fact, when vaccine mandates have been fought,
There have been an acknowledgment that there are religious accommodations, acknowledgment that there are medical accommodations, acknowledgment that the vaccine has to meet a certain test of safety and efficacy that this vaccine does not meet.
No emergency use authorized vaccine has ever been approved by any court to be mandated on children ever in our legal history.
In fact, as you know, they tried this on the troops in the 90s and the early 2000s and it got outlawed and stopped.
And so this is like in Rumsfeld, 2001.
This is like a crazy person grabbing your five-year-old out of the backyard because they want to take him home with them for whatever reason.
It's not legitimate.
This is just the state and the teachers unions and Big Pharma literally trying to kidnap our children.
It's the Hillary Rodham Clintons of the world forcing you into an Epstein-style adoption program for all the children across the world.
And that's all this is.
If they control your child, if they control your body, they control everything.
They know that at a core level.
That's not what the law is.
That's never been what the law is.
There isn't any law that supports that right now.
Barnes, talk about a war!
I mean, you could say Vietnam was wrong, blah blah blah, in hindsight we shouldn't have fought it.
This is a war for our children and their very lives!
This is the real war!
This is everything!
This is an attempt to restore legal-style slavery to the United States.
The same most morally horrendous aspects and offensive aspects of slavery was control of the body and control of your child.
That's what they're trying to do again.
That's why we have to fight for another Emancipation Proclamation in America today to keep our freedoms and liberties restored and in place.
That's right.
We're in a war.
It's for global slavery versus freedom.
We'll be right back with Robert Barnes and Drew Hernandez.
Stay with us.
It's now becoming accepted knowledge, accepted fact, that global government run by private corporations is taking over the United States and other formerly sovereign nations.
They're being destroyed.
All the checks and balances are being annihilated.
Our borders are being destroyed.
Our currency is being destroyed.
And the American people have been listed as terrorists by the rogue federal government.
InfoWars is going to continue to fight on, and there is a big awakening happening.
We have a good chance of beating these people.
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Okay, we've got Drew Hernandez with us for the bottom of the hour.
Amazing independent reporter, and he just does an amazing job around the country, working for several big organizations, but also independently.
I think so.
And Joe Rogan the other day sent me a clip of one of his shows saying, man, this is really good information.
I said, yeah, I ought to get Ben Swann back on.
Not name-dropping, that's just how I thought of Ben Swann again, who's out there still fighting and taking action, reaching millions.
He's going to be with us with a lot of interesting things we're going to be covering in the third hour today.
And Paul Joseph Watson is hosting this Wednesday's fourth hour ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, who's spearheading a bunch of lawsuits for Robert Kennedy Jr.
And, uh, his great alliance.
And, of course, he ready to follow suit that he first told me about a month ago.
We told you, hey, there's a big whistleblower with Pfizer on the trials being frauds.
It's going to be filed soon and next week.
That's now all over the news.
That's going to be filed in the British Medical Journal has looked at the information and said that what the whistleblower gave them is absolutely accurate and shows a criminal level of fraud, hiding what really happened with that.
So just very, very happy to see that victory coming out.
But also it's crazy to see him just double down and move forward.
So I wanted Barnes to spend a minute or so recapping that.
I want to get Drew Hernandez take on it.
Before we get into Rittenhouse, because New York are throwing garbage onto, you know, de Blasio's property, because garbage is everywhere, society's breaking down because people won't take the shot.
I want to get his take on what he thinks the final boiling point here in America is, and how we stop the forced injections, but also stop a civil war.
But a recap for folks briefly, Barnes, this huge information that broke in the last few days that you told us about first a month ago.
Yeah, I mean, it's critical.
I mean, what it is, is the only basis by which this vaccine has been approved and authorized at any level was based on clinical three stage testing by Pfizer.
And those tests were, that testing process was completely contaminated from beginning to end.
There is no reliable data there at all.
There's no accuracy that can be dependent upon there at all.
It was completely, it was not blinded like it was supposed to be.
They didn't take proper measurements.
They didn't record severe adverse events.
They didn't even have the data to do so, and then they, when they got caught with it, they fabricated and falsified the data and submitted fraudulent reports and perjured testimony.
And the FDA helped Pfizer cover it up.
And so, I mean, that's what took place.
Indeed, after she reported it!
To the FDA, all of a sudden she got a call from Pfizer's corporate lawyer.
It's like, how does Pfizer's corporate lawyer know that she disclosed it to the FDA?
Because the FDA was tipping off Pfizer, because they're really working for Pfizer to cover up.
And the degree of complicity and corruption in this vaccine is at an unparalleled level.
Even for a company like Pfizer that has been fined billions of dollars for its historic levels of corruption around the world in the big drug, big pharma context.
That's right.
They've paid the biggest fines in history.
They just made $65 billion off of this.
They'll probably get another slap on the wrist when they deserve to be on death row for what they've done.
Drew Hernandez, you have been all over the country tracking this.
You're with Real America's Voice.
Thank you so much for coming on with us.
I want to get into your coverage of the Rittenhouse trial and the big developments there with the FBI suppressing exculpatory video.
But first, your take on what Barnes just broke here.
Well, I think the natural response for human beings when they're being oppressed, legitimately being oppressed.
We're not talking about Black Lives Matter and Antifa running around claiming that they're oppressed.
Real oppression with these vaccine mandates where people are being threatened with their livelihood and their jobs.
I think the natural response
Whether Republican or Democrat, left or right, I think when you put a human being in a corner like this and you violate their freedoms, you violate their livelihood, their families, I think the natural response is you are going to receive some kind of pushback.
And it brings joy to my heart to see this happening in New York and in California as well, but at the same time there are millions of mindless lemmings that continue to just buy into this and they're willing to give the authoritarian government
An inch and they fail to realize that if you do that, they're going to take a light year on you.
So I think people are starting to wake up to this reality.
I mean, you take a look at Loudoun County, right?
People, it took a ninth grade girl being sodomized and raped in a unisex bathroom for people to start to finally wake up that, hey, maybe these types of policies are a bad idea.
So I think when innocence or when a human life is on the verge of being violated, maybe that's what it takes to finally wake people up who just don't want to listen to the facts.
Thanks for reminding me about that, because even Obama tried to come out and say it didn't happen, and he went and reportedly raped another woman, and the police reports are all there, and they're going ahead with the prosecution, and the nerve, Drew, to then have Obama and the Democrats just say it didn't happen.
It's like Tucker Carlson asked last week, what's up with the trans community like being God?
They're like above the law.
They seem to be running everything.
What the hell's going on here?
These people are willing to put a political agenda over a 9th grade girl being raped in a unisex bathroom.
Drew, why do you say that?
Because this county was about to punch in a policy that was going to require teachers in order to literally call the children based off their preferred pronouns and unisex bathrooms.
So there was a father that was going to actually testify on what happened to his daughter in a unisex bathroom being raped by a boy in a skirt.
And they arrested him.
They shut him down.
They silenced him from speaking.
And by the way, the Soros-backed prosecutor is still trying to prosecute him last time I heard Barnes.
Yes, yeah, it's deeply disturbing what's taking place.
It's what a lot of people warned about and it's what the media said was all myth.
They said this will never happen.
Nobody will misuse access to a bathroom in order to sexually assault or abuse a young girl.
And so what did they do?
They covered it up.
And because they covered it up, it led Loudoun County to, like the rest of the country, to move strongly against the Democratic Party in the elections just this past Tuesday.
So this is not a popular agenda.
It's never been a popular agenda.
You know, watching the Democratic Party rise to power is like watching a monkey climb a tree.
It only gets uglier.
And the ordinary American is seeing that more and more, and they're pushing back more and more.
We're going to break in a few minutes, but I want to get Drew started on this.
You've been covering the Rittenhouse.
Thank you.
Well, I really wanted to take my time with this, and I'll do the best I can with about three minutes.
But just to give people full context, because people that are watching this trial need to understand, this was not a peaceful protest.
The context is day one in Kenosha, when Jacob Blake was shot.
I was there, on the ground.
I took an Uber from Chicago to Kenosha to cover.
Not a protest, it was a riot.
When I showed up, they were already burning down dumpster trucks.
They were burning down buildings.
They were looting buildings.
They were vandalizing buildings.
They were committing arson.
They were committing violent acts that are not covered by the First Amendment.
That was day one.
They burnt down a car dealership.
This was not a peaceful protest.
And on day two, they did the same thing and burnt down more buildings and another car dealership.
That is what brought Kyle Rittenhouse to Kenosha.
Kyle did not show up to Kenosha to shoot a bunch of BLM protesters that were expressing their First Amendment right.
Literally one of the first viral clips or viral stories that came out out of Kenosha that night, I remember sitting in my hotel room in Chicago watching this all unfold on night one that actually led me to go to Kenosha.
The protesters, the rioters, okay, and I say protesters in air quotes,
The rioters were already taking bricks and throwing them at the head of police officers because Jacob Blake got shot by a cop.
That is what initiated all of this stuff.
So when you hear the prosecution and you hear the mainstream media come out and say, uh, this was a peaceful protest because there was an injustice that was committed against a black man by a police officer.
So does everyone here understand that that is a constitutional right?
That is not the context of even what
Brought Kyle Rittenhouse to Kenosha in the first place.
Because there were multiple nights of rioting, vandalism, and arson being commit on camera.
I had millions of views on my Twitter.
This is the story that changed my life, Alex.
This is what birthed my career, literally.
So people have to understand, I'm not giving my opinion here.
I witnessed all of this stuff.
The context to this is violence.
And because, and a lot of listeners are not going to like to hear this, but the police, the National Guard was supposedly called, and the public at the time was wondering, why aren't they doing anything to put a stop to the violence?
So people showed up.
With rifles, because law enforcement was not doing their job to put an end to the violence that was taking place.
Stay right there, we got plenty of time for you, by the way, Drew.
We're gonna get Barnes' take on this as well, and we'll hold you into stone.
It's all a free-for-all here.
I love all you guys, and you're absolutely right.
I was already aware of your work before Kenosha, but you're right.
You exploded after Kenosha and just did such a great job.
And same thing with the tower shooter at UT.
Shooting all those people.
People just pulled out their guns, started shooting back at him.
That's what Americans do.
The Rittenhouse deserves a medal not to go to prison.
We'll be right back with Drew Hernandez and Robert Barnes.
Alright, Robert Barnes is about to punch out in about two minutes.
We'll go back to Drew Hernandez and get his take on the Rittenhouse trial he's been watching.
Barnes worked on the trial, and then there's obviously a solo defense going on with one team, but he helped in the preparation for it.
And I know he got Rittenhouse's mom on the show, and almost got Rittenhouse on.
But I understand why he's not been doing shows, but that's why they want to put him in jail, because the guy's a hero.
Barnes, you've been on the inside of the situation.
How do you think the trial's going?
I mean, I think the defense would have benefited from a broader, better team.
One of my recommendations was actually to not stipulate to the authenticity of the videos and have people like Drew testify, because Drew has, you know, eyewitness testimony and understands the full context.
The prosecutor did not want
Drew on the stand for obvious reasons.
He wants to create a fake narrative about what's taking place.
So they decided to go their own path.
I don't think that was the best idea, but hopefully it works out for the kid.
So we gave them lots of ideas.
What they do with those ideas we no longer control.
But hopefully the kid is innocent.
He's always been innocent.
The FBI covered up.
They had HD footage of the whole incident and then they lost it.
You know, which is ridiculous.
And, you know, we saw more indictments brought today concerning the Steele dossier.
This shows the degree of F.D.I.
corruption, and the F.D.I.
corruption extends to the Rittenhouse case.
And that may be a subject of future appeal if there's any convictions in the case.
But the kid is innocent.
The judge basically knows that.
The only question is whether the jury knows that.
The defense could have done a lot better job than they've done so far, but hopefully they get better through the rest of the case.
That's the big question is, will Americans virtue signal so hard, even though the judge seems good, and just burn an innocent young hero just because they want to feel good and bow down to the God of George Floyd?
No doubt about it.
And they all said that there was a lot of pressure on them during jury selection.
So we had different ideas for jury selection, a different team for jury selection.
The local lawyer, Mark Richards, decided to go solo, do it all himself.
I don't think that was the best decision, but hopefully it doesn't backfire for Kyle, because he's an innocent kid, and it's not just him who's on trial, it's self-defense in America that's on trial.
So his acquittal is an acquittal for America and the protection of self-defense.
Hopefully that's what happens.
Alright, well as this unfolds, continue to give us updates.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
Hey, glad to be here.
Alright, let's go back now to Drew Hernandez.
Drew, you've got the floor with the rest of the segment.
That's right, you've been right in the center of this case the whole time, and I guess you're not being called as a witness.
Well, let's break this down real quick.
I want to give the viewers some accurate context.
I'm not giving my opinion here.
This is eyewitness.
I was there.
I have all the footage to back it up.
The morning of this day, this specific day, okay, the night that Kyle shot this pedophile, right?
They were boarding up businesses to the point where they were putting boards on buildings and they were writing on the boards, children live up here.
Why were they doing that?
Because the previous two nights they were burning down buildings.
There was a threat, a violent threat to the community.
So this night, the protesters, okay, air quotes protesters, they were rioters.
There was an unlawful assembly called near the courthouse.
So the police started pushing them back, deploying tear gas, non-lethal munitions to push back the rioters.
The rioters then responded.
They were all Antifa'd up.
Antifa was there.
They were throwing rocks at cops.
They were taking concrete slabs and destroying them on the floor to create rocks to throw them at cops.
Uh, and they were also throwing mortars and explosive devices and fireworks.
They were going back and forth with the cops, being pushed down the street towards the car source where Kyle shot Rosenbaum.
I'm giving you guys context here so you can understand how this all happened.
They eventually came to the gas station.
That's the video that you guys were just playing, okay?
So when they get to this gas station, I can quickly break this down real quick.
The police pushed the rioters all the way to this gas station, and that's Rosenbaum.
Rosenbaum was pushing a burning dumpster can, okay?
Some people think he was pushing it towards the gas station.
In my personal opinion and context, they were pushing a burning garbage bin towards automobiles filled with human beings at the cop cars, because they were in a skirmish going back and forth, rioting against the police.
And the one that was pushing the trash bin, leading the charge, was Rosenbaum.
That's what started the entire conflict because someone took a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.
That set off Rosenbaum immediately because he was angry that somebody set his arson out.
So that's what caused him to lead a pack of lemmings to the gas station and to get
physically violent attempting to start an altercation with people with rifles and if you guys could play that clip one more time where he's saying shoot me shoot me shoot me I'm not gonna say the n-word on your show Alex because you know they're gonna clip that up but that's what he was saying shoot me n-word shoot me n-word play the next clip where Rosenbaum is in the gas station you might have to fast forward a little bit
I want you guys to see something.
And, let's see, if it goes to the left, push.
Yeah, let's remember, you shot most of this footage, didn't you?
Yes, go back.
I should have said it up front.
I want you guys to see it.
We got the camera guy on.
We've done shoots together on the border and stuff.
I just know Drew so well.
I'm forgetting, hey, this is the guy that got the key Kenosha footage.
Yeah, so, okay, watch, watch.
Let this play.
No, no, back one, back one, back one, real quick.
With Rosenbaum and the gas, right here.
Yeah, that was it, this one.
Let it play.
I want you guys to see something.
Let it play.
When I say pause, press pause.
Let it keep going.
Let it keep going.
Uh, I don't know if it's that.
That's the clip.
That, that clip.
I don't know if you guys saw that.
Specific clip.
But listen, it's all on record.
We know you told the truth.
So tell them what really happened.
We know you shot the video.
Check this out.
You guys, you guys, you guys need to hear this.
Check this out.
Okay, push.
Uh, let it keep going.
You're going to see in this clip a kid that looks just right there.
Push pause.
Push pause.
You see that kid in the green shirt in the background?
It's possible Rosenbaum was trying to get physically violent with that kid in the green shirt.
It's possible that Rosenbaum thought that that was Kyle Rittenhouse later in the night, when he tried to charge him, because this was previous, before Kyle shot Rosenbaum.
It's possible, this is just my opinion, it's possible that Rosenbaum mistaked this kid, it looked identical to Kyle, identical, wearing a green shirt, it looks identical, he was trying to get into a physical altercation with him, he was asking that kid, wearing green, to shoot him.
So it's possible later in the night after this gas station scene, Rosenbaum, they then went into route towards a car source.
They were saying, in route to car source, in route to car source after they left this gas station because their fire was put out in a garbage bin.
Because they're all, this is Rosenbaum, walking up towards the gas station.
We can only assume that they were going to burn down another gas station because they already burned down two previously the night before.
They're saying, we're en route to car source, we're on our way to car source.
They're walking up the street towards the gas station and then Rosenbaum covers his face with a t-shirt.
Okay, and he's lighting a trash can on fire.
I was there.
I watched this on his way He's lighting a trash can on fire on his way to the car source With his face now covered and then once he's done lighting the trash can on fire He met he goes to the gas station Kyle Rittenhouse is right behind him and that's when Kyle shows up right in front of the gas station Excuse me.
That's when Kyle's on his way to the car dealership and
And then Kyle makes his way to the car dealership, same with Rosenbaum.
Right when Kyle gets to the car dealership, that's when Rosenbaum charges him from behind.
So what people need to understand, and I have to say this, Rosenbaum is not a victim.
He was a threat to the community.
He was attempting to commit arson.
He took a flaming garbage bin and was attempting to push it into occupied automobiles that were turned on.
And he was trying to get into a physical altercation that appears to look like Kyle.
And he also was attempting, literally two minutes before he charged Kyle Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum was lighting another trash can on fire.
Well, Drew, I understand it's very frustrating for you to see these pedophiles and arsonists, people shooting at folks, trying to burn down buildings, being lionized.
That just shows how sick the left is.
When we come back, I briefly want to ask you what you think is going to happen in this trial and just your overall take on the FBI.
We now know it's a pressing video of people shooting at Rittenhouse before he defends himself and shoots them.
Just incredible stuff.
And Roger Stone's coming on.
But don't forget the really big news.
The U.N.
has announced forced inoculation of children without parental consent.
And blue cities in the U.S., like Hawaii, are doing it.
Well, Real America's Voice reporter Drew Hernandez
Has been an amazing reporter for many years, but he became extremely famous shooting the up-close, out-of-control main footage on the night, the Carl Rittenhouse, you know, day three of the rioting, day two of looting and burning, simply tried to be a good Samaritan and do what the police and National Guard would not, because they were so politically correct.
He's now facing, of course, murder charges and a trial.
Drew Hernandez has the key footage and key everything, but has not been part of that trial.
I just wanted you to recap here.
We'll have you back on as this unfolds.
What your predictions are about the trial and why you think you haven't been called as a witness?
Well, I can't speak specifically on the trial right now, but what I can say publicly, because I don't want to jeopardize anything that's in the works for Kyle, but what I can say is that there are things in the works.
My footage has been involved.
And I'm going to do the best I can, like I am right now, just to speak publicly about what really happened.
And I think that as long as the true context is given, I know there are other journalists that are testifying as well.
And I think the best thing for Kyle right now is that, I mean, thank God that there were people like myself and Daily Caller and Elijah Schaefer and Julio Rojas
From Town Hall, all these different people that were there that night that caught footage of what really took place.
I mean, Alex, what would have happened if there was no video from this?
The fake news would have had a freaking heyday with this kid.
Imagine the propaganda that... I mean, we have tons of video to prove what actually happened now, and they're still trying to spin it.
What would have happened if there was no video?
And I think America needs to take this seriously, because the media is doing this, and they get in bed with the justice system, the so-called justice system, to try and spin a narrative about something that didn't actually happen the way that they're claiming that it happened.
They're seriously trying to tell people in the United States of America, the world at that,
That Kyle showed up just to shoot BLM protesters.
That's just simply not true.
That's not true.
And this truth needs to be communicated in this trial that this was violent.
And you want to know how I can say this, Alex?
What were they trying?
What was the prosecution trying to do?
They were trying to have it so that nobody can call them rioters and they wanted to call them victims.
Why do they want to do that?
Because they want to put it in the minds of the public and the juror that what actually took place was more violent towards innocent people than what was actually taking place.
That's right, they want to brand their people anti for the rest of them, their pedophile armies, going down and burning down America and holding us hostage and letting them know they'll be protected when they go out and do it.
Drew Hernandez, we'll talk to you again very, very soon as this unfolds.
Real America's Voice, thank you so much.
DrewHLive.com and at DrewHLive on Twitter.
All right, there goes Drew Hernandez.
We're glad he's there.
We're glad he was there that night.
We now are about to go to Roger Stone.
Of course, pardoned by the President, political expert, helped get the President to run as former Chief Political Advisor, and he is now here to give us his take.
Alex, I'm delighted to be back here at InfoWars.
Yesterday was a very interesting day.
As the old joke goes, I think there's both good news and bad news.
The good news is you can tell at the grassroots that the American people are completely fed up.
With the authoritarian regime that the ruling junta that we now have in Washington and in these particular Democrat-led states.
I mean, the governor of Virginia was pictured in blackface, but he was still retained in office.
Had he been a Republican, they probably would have hung him.
So there's a double standard here that we've talked a lot about, but you have to look at these individually.
Traditionally, in the first year of a new presidency, the off-years elections in New Jersey and Virginia are read as a bellwether on the success of the policies of the new administration.
By that measure, yesterday was an unmitigated disaster.
The Republican candidate in Virginia is not our kind of Republican.
I think he was superior to Terry McAuliffe, but he's a partner at the Carlyle Group with the Bushes and Colin Powell and other globalists.
On the other hand, he did run a conservative campaign.
My friends who know him, and I have many who know him, tell me that he himself is a solid guy, a bit more of a libertarian, actually.
And we'll see, as President Trump will see.
We'll see what happens.
I'm delighted with his victory.
The Democrats can't get over the election of an African-American or, pardon me, a Jamaican-American woman who is the new lieutenant governor, because it destroys their entire narrative.
Bakari Sellers on CNN last night.
No, what happened in Virginia was racist.
What's happening in New Jersey is racist, has nothing whatsoever to do with racism.
So in other words, Bakari Sellers says the election of a woman of color to the second highest office in the Commonwealth of Virginia, that's a demonstration of racist.
These people are truly demented.
But then, you know, Alex, I don't get my news from CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.
What's even more amazing are the results in New Jersey.
New Jersey is a state that has changed demographically very quickly.
Richard Nixon carried New Jersey in 1968, Gerald Ford carried it in 1976, Reagan carried it again in 1980, obviously won it again in 1984.
But demographically, the state has trended away from us.
There have been huge shifts where the old, the suburbs of the large cities, which used to be reliably Republican, are no longer Republican.
So, the Democratic machine run by Cory Booker in Newark and George Norcross, the real boss of South Jersey, they're very, very adept at manipulating elections.
Now, our candidate seemed like a nice fellow.
He was underfunded.
He started with no name ID.
One of my friends in New Jersey told me the day before the election, you guys were in a tomato can.
I think that's a little unfair.
The guy gave a great spirited fight.
By the way, is that a joke?
Because he's Italian.
I'm not from the Northeast.
What's that mean?
I don't get the joke.
In boxing, when you box a tomato can, it means they've given you an opponent who's easy to beat.
Oh, I got it.
It means he was a layman.
Sacrificial lamb.
I mean, somebody had to take the nomination.
This guy had the courage to do it.
My hat's off to him.
In an overwhelmingly democratic state.
I knew when I went to bed when I saw that only 1% of the vote was in in Essex County, which is Newark, that we were unlikely to hold on to the governorship.
However, you've got to love the fact that a non-union truck driver who spent less than $200 beat the most powerful politician in the state, Steve Sweeney.
Because of the structure of the government in New Jersey, the Senate president is actually more powerful than the governor.
Sweeney is a machine politician who believed he would be the next governor.
Now he's nothing more than an ex-state senator.
Well, the question is, do people see right through it?
You see, unfortunately for us, not every American is watching Infowars.
No, I say they double down on voter fraud now.
In other words, I think in Virginia,
Given the fact that McAuliffe made so many huge blunders in the closing days, even though they had set the stage to steal it.
Remember, they got a judge to rule that absentee ballots do not require your last four digits of your social security number when the state law is unambiguous.
So that was the setup.
And then Fairfax County, the biggest county outside of Washington, a highly mechanized, a very sophisticated voter machinery, why did it take them all night to report?
So they were going to try to swamp us there.
But they couldn't get enough because the landslide was so big?
Well, they couldn't do it because it wasn't a dead heat.
It wasn't logical.
Terry McAuliffe went out and formally, officially lost this campaign to a series of blunders.
We'll hit it on the other side.
All right, Roger Jones our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Share that link!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Ben Schwann has been breaking a lot of really important news on a host of subjects.
He'll be joining us coming up for the last 45 minutes of the next hour.
First 15 of the next hour, I got a ton of news I haven't hit yet that ties in to the UN forced inoculation plan that's been announced.
I mean, that to me is just the most incredible thing ever that, A, we're under the UN and that it's coming for our children to plant the flag.
I mean, you couldn't make this up.
So that's coming up here in a little while.
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Roger Stone, please continue, and you're one of the smartest political analysts in the world, probably the smartest with your predictions.
You were just saying before the break, you think they're going to double down on election fraud now that they've had these big setbacks.
Talking about the Democrats, how do we counter that?
We've been in this battle in the last couple of days here in Florida.
Let me lay it out for you.
There are 1 million phantom voters on the rolls in the state of Florida.
Without Florida's 27 electoral votes, no Republican can be elected president.
Now, I want to be very clear.
I didn't say 1 million fraudulent votes were cast in the 2020 election.
That's not what I said, talking points memo.
What I said was, if you took the people who aren't real, they're fraudulent, those who are deceased, those who moved out of the state, or registrants who filed their registration from a vacant lot,
You have 1 million fraudulent votes.
Now, I called on Governor Ron DeSantis to do something about this, and he said, no, we had the best, the cleanest election we've ever had.
Lo and behold, after I hit him, the very next day he announced a new State Department to investigate elections, on the same day that my friend Laura Loomer was breaking the news that Ron DeSantis' appointed Secretary of State
was meeting secretly with the head of Dominion Voting Machines and another third bad actor named Wesley Wilcox.
Wesley Wilcox is the chairman of the Association of Supervisors of Boards of Elections, which is made to sound like a governmental entity, but it's a front group.
It's an elitist front group.
It was right here on this program about a week ago when I pulled down an article in which Mr. Wilcox said, nobody's going to audit my elections.
Your elections, pal?
There are elections.
The governor needs to stop the talk and actually walk the walk.
In today's statement, clearly a reaction to my criticism, when he announced the creation of this new department to investigate fraud, he says he's adamantly opposed to the use of drop boxes.
Governor Ron DeSantis signed drop boxes into law in 2019 after his predecessor, Governor Rick Scott, opposed them for eight years.
Governor, do you read what they sign?
What they put in front of you?
You just blindly sign it.
Well, that's right.
In fact, I should have brought this up, Roger.
I've seen the headlines.
Are they accurate that you're threatening to run for governor if DeSantis doesn't get tough on fraud?
Well, look, I have no illusions about my ability to be elected governor, but if I have to seek the Libertarian nomination to keep his feet to the fire, there's a couple things he needs to do.
Ron DeSantis was pulled over the finish line by Donald Trump, but he is the only prospective candidate for president who will not pledge to step aside for Trump.
I think the president, the former president, has earned that right to be the nominee if that's what he chooses to do.
Secondarily, how fair is it for Governor DeSantis to run for re-election in 2022 and then immediately run off and run for governor and abandon the state that he's supposed to be protecting?
So we've got a million phantom voters on the rolls.
...that his Secretary of State refuses to remove.
The mask mandate headlines are great.
He's banned mask mandates.
Except for the seven largest counties in the state are flouting their nose at him.
The school boards have put mandates in place.
Sure, so this sounds like basically what Governor Abbott's doing here.
A bunch of talk, but when it comes to real meat and potatoes, not delivering what we need.
I like, you know, I must tell you, I liked Abbott's partner Costello much better than I ever liked Abbott.
Abbott is a rhino who is trying desperately now to backtrack.
He bought into the entire phony COVID-19 thing, and when Texans were unhappy, as they should be, he tried to become a born-again, America-first, Texas-first candidate.
Personally, I'm supporting Chad Prather for governor of Texas.
He's the only patriot I know who's actually running.
Well, that's fantastic.
We're getting probably Chad Prager on tomorrow, it looks like.
If not, he'll be on Sunday or Monday.
What else is on your radar?
I know a ton of stuff's on your radar, Roger Stone.
Well, look, as I said here, we broke this news.
I think it's essential that President Trump run.
He is the strongest candidate we have.
I really do.
He is the glue that holds the whole America First movement.
And notice how scared they are when you were on a few months ago and broke.
That Trump is intending to run, and I know you're not going to give everything on air, but he's running.
You've obviously been meeting with him.
And no one picked that up, because they are so damn scared of that right now.
And now they're panicking, saying it's the end of America.
Prince Valiant, Fiona Hill was saying it's the end of the country if he's allowed to run.
They're trying to use January 6th ginned up crap to preclude him from running.
That's actually one of their fever dreams.
There's no question about it.
First of all, why was Fiona Hill ever in the Trump administration?
She worked for George Soros prior to working in the National Security Advocacy.
And she hates us because you fingered her on air.
You exposed her first here on the show.
Yeah, she says that she was subjected to death threats.
You know what?
I was subjected to death threats because of her comments.
How do you like that?
That's right.
She went on 60 Minutes and said, you and I made people death threat her.
Well, she said she's a globalist.
She testified in Congress.
She doesn't know what a globalist is.
She's the main writer at theglobalist.com.
It's like Hitler saying he doesn't know what a German is.
Yeah, no, it's absurd, but anytime she wants to match the number of death threats generated, I guarantee you, her comments and the comments of her colleagues Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein generated far more.
Look, this is a farce.
She was undermining the President of the United States.
She should have been charged with treason.
Treason has no sunset as a charge.
There's no statute of limitations.
So when Trump is president again, I expect a large number of people will be charged with treason.
John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey.
If I were those guys, I would not sleep well at night because the American people are furious.
We didn't have higher, these high gas prices under Donald Trump.
We didn't have food chain supply problems under Donald Trump.
We didn't have food shortages under Donald Trump.
This is all contrived nonsense to squeeze the American people to make them take a COVID vaccination, which is more likely to kill them than not.
Roger, let's do five more minutes, and I want to ask you, I know you talk to Trump a lot, I would love to see him run again.
It looks like he is, and we're only, what, like a year out from when he would be announcing, but they plan to stage a terror attack or something.
They want to bring in permanent martial law before the midterms.
I'm convinced of that.
They may release an even stronger bioweapon.
I mean, I believe the next 12 months are the most important in America's history.
I'm going to come back and get Roger Stone's take on that.
But Roger, you've got a lot of great websites.
Where do people find your podcast Oliver?
Stonecoldtruth.com is the best place to go, and if you want to help me in the epic legal struggles, go to StoneDefenseFund.com, because as you know, everybody and his brother is suing me.
That's right.
It's a war.
Stay there, Roger.
We'll be right back.
They're trying to force us into the vaccine.
They're trying to force us into the ID that goes with it, as Ron Paul points out.
Thank God people are getting it.
VaccineLink social credit score already here.
It just needs funding.
It's in the current Build Back Better bill that's all part of the New World Order takeover.
Roger A. takes on the U.N.
coming out and Hawaii coming out and saying we're going to inject your kids at school.
You putting them in school is implied consent.
That to me is a declaration of war.
A. I think Trump should come out and speak out against that even more strongly and make him a hero.
It's what we need.
And then B. I want to hear more about this because they are scared of Trump.
I guess you've obviously been talking to him.
He's planning a little bit of vengeance, I guess, if he gets back in and the public would be on his side.
That would be a beautiful thing in three years.
Well, we both know, Alex, communications is the key to everything.
By the way, I'm not sure who your musical director is.
Maybe it's Tex Ritter.
I don't know.
But I do need to get to Austin to help you out with that.
In any event,
Communications is key.
Now, on the one hand, I was very happy to see the president announce that his new social media site will be up soon, Truth Social.
On the other hand, in the trade journals, there's a lot of speculation about whether this is being properly built.
And there's an extraordinary number of people shorting the public stock.
This is some area for concern.
We saw Mike Lindell, a great man, a great patriot, get screwed over by software engineers when he tried to build an immutable site.
Now the president has laid out the goal.
This is extraordinarily important.
If we can't communicate with each other and with everyone else,
Then we can never galvanize public opinion, and we can't galvanize public opinion.
We can't demand honest, free, fair elections.
We can't clean house in the Republican Party and show the gutless, feckless, spineless, white-wine-swelling, country-club-belonging Bush Republicans the door.
And the Republican nomination for president, regardless of who we nominate, will be worthless.
So it all comes back to the information war, as it were.
We have to be able to have sites like InfoWars and a handful of others where the globalists cannot deplatform them, where I guarantee you there's no censorship here.
I worked for you for two years.
There was never a time you said to me, no, Roger, you can't cover that story.
No, you can't say this.
You can't say that.
You were dedicated to truth telling.
That's why this is so important.
The nomination will only be worth having if we can communicate to the American people and therefore win a campaign.
Well that's right, and that's where Rand Paul and Josh Hawley and all of them have dropped the ball.
They're now censored their Senate speeches by Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Google and they just put up with it.
That's election meddling.
Imagine if the Russians somehow blocked Senator Paul's speech.
I mean, I'm sorry I was going to say it.
Fuck big tech.
It's time to fucking take action against them.
Well, I used to use language like that before I became a Christian, but I share your sentiments, that's for sure.
Let me say this.
You gotta see it kind of from Rand Paul and Hawley's point of view.
They can object, but it doesn't matter because there is not a court in the world who will hold these people responsible.
We cannot have a free and fair election.
We cannot have a fair and honest court proceeding.
We cannot find any legislature who will at least examine
The anomalies and irregularities in the last election.
This is why the country's a powder keg.
This is why the pressure is building as patriots and Americans who are used to having our constitutional freedoms realize that they've just been stripped away.
And we got 60 seconds left.
Isn't that really the point?
They admit they want to push us into a civil war.
How do we avert that?
Because they're coming for our kids now.
I mean, at some point, I guess they're going to get what they want.
Well, anybody tries to vaccinate my grandchildren against my will, you know, I think I'd have to take action.
I mean, this is America.
That's unconstitutional.
But they put in place a police state.
That's what January 6th is about.
Tucker Carlson's amazing documentary on this, which believe me, they want to ban everywhere.
This is a must.
Hold on.
Don't hang up.
We got Ben Swan coming on.
But he's cool.
He'll come on the third segment.
I want to go to break.
I want to come back and briefly talk about Tucker Carlson documentaries.
We were talking at like 7 a.m.
this morning about it, and I wanted to get you on to talk about that.
So glad you reminded me.
By the way, if you want to know who picks the music around here, you're looking at him.
So we're going to continue to play my music, Roger.
The listeners love it!
So, we got Ben Swan, investigative journalist, with a ton of key information coming up next segment.
But Roger Stone's with us a few more minutes because he is obviously heavily associated with January 6th, the so-called insurrection.
The corporate media has called for his arrest, my arrest.
But Tucker Carlson's put out his amazing three-part series, The Plot Against the People.
And I wanted to get Roger's take on that because he was pointing out right before we went to break, some stations just joined us, that this is a linchpin of the police state they've got.
More forced inoculation and more.
And they even say in the new terrorism prospectus that
Biden put out in June that the new policy of the government isn't fighting Al-Qaeda or the Russians or the Chinese or the Mexican drug cartels.
It's people that question vaccine lockdowns or the election.
So they really tell you where they're going with that.
Roger, give us your expert political take on it.
Yeah, I think that's absolutely right, Alex.
I think you've hit it right on the head.
They're using intimidation as they try to push through their using bully tactics, their authoritarian policies.
I mean, the whole point of calling parents who object to their children being taught racism and hatred of white people in the schools domestic terrorist is because under that terminology, based on the Patriot Act,
Which virtually every Republican other than Rand Paul voted for.
Once they classify you as a domestic terrorist, they can read your emails, they can listen to your phone calls, they can access your text messages, and they don't have to have the approval of any federal judge.
It's Orwellian, but that's the whole point.
So if you're children and you don't want their children being told in school that white people are evil and that George Washington, the founding father, were all racists and bigots, and you stand up and object to that, they're going to start spying on you.
And sooner or later, they can arrest you.
They can try you in secret as a domestic terrorist.
They can incarcerate you in secret.
They can even execute you in secret if you are a domestic terrorist.
Now, I just want to point out, James Lankford, Republican of Oklahoma, voted to confirm Merrick Garland as the Attorney General.
He's running again, he's up for re-election, and normally these guys just walk into office.
There's an incredible candidate, Jackson Lawmire, pastor, businessman, became a good friend of mine through General Flynn.
An extraordinary guy, Jackson Lawmire.
Let's pull his website up because it's worthwhile.
This guy is going to take out a rhino.
He's going rhino hunting, and this particular rhino
Voted against a formal Senate investigation into the American deaths in Benghazi.
Roger, I want to play a clip from part two of Tucker Carlson's The Plot Against People.
But first, here's a meme one of my friends sent me today.
We'll put it on screen for TV viewers.
For radio listeners, it's the Pawn Stars show.
Me and my son, we used to watch it when he used to live with me.
I love that show.
He's grown up now.
The media lied and said I lost my children.
I never did.
But he is 19 now.
It's all a lie.
He's moved out a year ago.
But we love Pawn Stars.
Sorry, side issue.
Parents, can you take the gay porn out of the library and cut out the CRT?
That's a question to the Pawn Stars as if they're the government.
And the Pawn Stars respond, best I can do is label you a terrorist.
That's literally what they've done, Roger.
No, great report here on InfoWars last week about Jacob Engels with the Central Florida Post, who confronted the school board members in Orange County, tried to read the filth that they're giving to our children.
I think?
We went and checked the Austin library because it was that particular, and it's children, it's cartoon, but it's graphic cartoon, having sex with adults.
I mean, I'd never seen child porn until we went and checked it out of the local school, and I'm looking at child porn, and then our own Christy Lee reporter went down there, and the police department wouldn't let her make a report on it.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Here's a clip from the new documentary available there at Fox Nation.
Here it is.
So the Republican Party, I just want them to hear this message.
Look at this crowd.
We are the people that you must represent or we're going to replace you with patriots.
And so that's what January the 6th was all about.
It was just about making sure that if you called yourself a conservative, that you stood with the conservative movement.
And unfortunately, it spiraled out of control.
We coordinated with the U.S.
Capitol Police.
Nearly every day, a lot of people don't know that Stop the Steal actually had a permit on the Capitol grounds.
So, not the Capitol itself, and not the Capitol Plaza.
The Capitol grounds, Law 8, we had a permit.
So, let's just imagine this.
20,000 to 50,000 people inside the President's Park.
We're sitting there at the very front.
I'm dead center of the President, front row.
A Trump campaign staffer walks up to me and says, you know, Ali, there are people leaving the overflow.
And there are already tens of thousands of people at the U.S.
With your presence and the presence of Alex Jones, why don't you guys walk down Pennsylvania, gather people together.
We're coming for creatures!
And then position them for your rally on Lot 8.
I wasn't at the Capitol when it descended into chaos.
And that's only by God's grace, because I was scheduled to be there.
Secret Service let us out at a point where we would have been there when the first punch was thrown.
And that's strange.
The only reason that we weren't there is because we stopped and gave an impromptu speech.
I get a text from the campaign that you should get there and de-escalate because things are not going well.
So, we started to approach the side of the Capitol where no protests had happened in November, no protests had happened in December.
All I thought was, I need to get them to the other side, and I need to get them to Lot 8.
Let's march around to the other side!
And all we are equipped with are megaphones.
Let's not fight the police and give the system what they want!
Maybe a thousand people are listening to us.
I'm 75 to 100,000 people there in front of us, and it was very helpless feeling.
Absolutely amazing.
Great job, Tucker.
I mean, hasn't Tucker turned into, like, the thoroughbred patriot?
Like, the greatest thing I've ever seen, Roger.
I mean, you know how much I love Tucker.
I know you love him, too.
We had dinner with him a while back recently.
But, man, he is just amazing.
Hold on!
Sorry, go ahead.
Talk to him about it.
Last week, when we got some good news regarding my wife's cancer treatments, he sent her a message and he says, very best wishes from your friend Sammy.
Well, I was there.
He was crapping his britches.
I mean, I was upset too, but he was really like, oh my God, it's horrible.
I mean, he was having a heart attack that day.
And I read all this stuff online.
He's the mastermind.
Arrest him.
I mean, it's crazy how he's been defamed.
Or how I've been defamed, or you.
As you know, minutes after the President spoke, the Secret Service contacted me in my hotel room and offered me an escort to the Capitol.
Can you say set up?
Can you say set up?
Just as they tried to set up you and my friend Ali, they're trying to set up me.
They wanted to depict us as the masterminds.
No, Nancy Pelosi is the mastermind of the January 1st
And Roger, you saw this, I saw this.
You think the Secret Service were in on it, or did the higher-ups tell them that, and then they were set up too?
No, I don't think they're stupid.
I think that at the highest level, some of the Secret Service are bad, and we were all on a list to be set up with the President.
I agree completely with your analysis.
Yesterday, when I tried to do an interview with CBS, they'd be, well, what about January 6th?
I said, what about it?
I wasn't there.
Don't know anything about it.
I never left my hotel grounds.
It wasn't on the Ellipse.
I didn't march with you guys.
I wasn't at the Capitol.
Don't know a thing about it.
And I know you don't either, other than you were exercising your First Amendment rights.
Now they tell us, oh, there was a secret perimeter and you were in it.
Well, how would anybody know about this?
The whole thing is a fraud.
Where are the Republicans in Congress?
How come they're so... They're definitely silent, saying nothing.
This is a setup.
The ultimate prosecutions will be of those prosecutors who are trying to destroy citizens who acted stupidly.
But, you know, this is like the death penalty for trespassing.
It's absurd.
Yeah, Roland Schroeder's facing two years in prison.
Did not do a damn thing.
Was right there with me.
Said, get away from the building.
Tried to get people out of the damn Capitol and they are... They indicted him and said he entered the Capitol.
Total lie!
I mean, this country is just in so much trouble, but it's starting to come out.
Roger Stone, StoneColdTruth.com, amazing job.
We'll talk to you again very soon.
Ben Swan, stay with us.
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Take action now and get prepared.
Investigative journalist Ben Schwann is about to join us live.
Here's an excerpt from his hit show, Hear the Suppressed Voices of the Vaccine Injured.
An incredible day here in the U.S.
Capitol as dozens of people who have been severely vaccine injured turned out to tell their stories.
You told me this vaccine is safe and effective.
And I believed you.
In June, I joined the rapidly growing number of young men who develop pericarditis post-mRNA vaccine.
I've spent more than six months and most symptoms are worse, not better.
I've been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy and an autoimmune disease.
Next week is his birthday.
You know, I've been to celebrate his birthday.
It was like playing Russian roulette.
My government lied to me.
They said it was safe.
They need to quit pushing this on their children.
I lost mine.
Y'all need to protect yours.
Hey guys, welcome to the show.
And today we're going to be showing you highlights from this incredible Senate hearing that was held here in Washington, D.C.
Essentially people who have been severely vaccine injured coming forward and telling their stories, explaining what has happened to them.
Over the next few weeks, we're going to be showing you individual stories, but today we're going to show you some of the highlights from this testimony.
Take a look.
We're good to go.
I think?
78% have been fully vaccinated.
I suffered a cascade of neurological systems that persisted for months.
And while my life has improved, I still feel like I'm being electrocuted 24-7.
For the first several months, I was totally alone.
I kept my symptoms and my story completely to myself.
I thought that this was an isolated incident.
But in the spring, I started finding more and more like me.
And before we knew it, there were thousands of us.
All of us, unable to receive medical care, recognition, either from the drug companies, the CDC, the FDA.
And now one of the most famous hockey players in Canada just died of a heart attack days after the shot, 30-something years old.
All right, well Ben Schwann is a great reporter.
He's done so many huge reports over the years that have been cutting edge.
Now he's launched Sovereign.media and he's built his own platform reaching millions of people.
He just launched the report you saw a piece of yesterday.
Here are the suppressed voices of the vaccine injured.
Be sure and share that because nobody's going to cover that Senate hearing.
If we don't share it, and so that's why I'm glad Ben went there, got the interviews, got the great footage of it, and so thank God he's there.
It makes us sleep better at night knowing not just OAN, Infowars, and Newsmax, or Sovereign.media.
I'm not going to go over his whole long 22 years of broadcasting or what he started in the last year with Sovereign Media.
You can talk about that later now if you'd like, but I'd like to dive right into what he witnessed at this Senate hearing.
Ben, great to have you back, my friend.
Alex, thanks for having me on.
It's been a long time.
Too long.
You need to come on more often.
The door's always open.
We can catch up later in the interview, but thanks for coming on.
Wow, what did you witness at the Senate hearings a few days ago?
Yeah, it's absolutely incredible.
You know, I had thought, because I did a lot of early reporting, as you probably know, on the gain-of-function research in NIH and the Wuhan lab, right?
And I thought that was the biggest scandal in modern history.
I thought that was going to be it.
And what I'm now seeing as a result of what was in this hearing and talking to these people for the last few weeks,
The bigger scandal, there is actually a bigger scandal that is developing and that is the vaccine injury that is taking place in the United States and around the world right now.
On the VAERS website, which VAERS is very unreliable because it only gets about one one-hundredth of the cases out there.
There have been 800,000 vaccine injuries logged into VAERS. 800,000!
Compare that to the seasonal flu, that gets about 3,000 every year.
And that doesn't even begin to count, because the dozens of people that I met, none of those people are in the VAERS system.
They have different conditions, myocarditis, as well as, you know, nerve damage, death in some cases, paralysis in some cases, very severe cases here, Alex.
And what they're telling me is two very important things.
Number one, the government will not recognize them.
Will not recognize that they've been injured.
Their doctors gaslight them and tell them it's anxiety that's causing this.
But the bigger issue, and I think this is an absolutely stunning issue, is that not only is that happening, but when they gather together on Facebook or some kind of social media platform, what they're telling me is that when they go to those platforms, they're being erased and they're being deleted.
Told that they are themselves either liars or they're not real.
It is a growing scandal.
Start laying this out, because absolutely, you've done some of the best digging into those thousands of pages that have come out the last few months.
I want to get into that some next segment of Fauci combining the viruses, ordering antifungal, just incredible stuff.
And your reports have been some of the best laid out information on that, very digestible and extremely viral, and hopefully to bring him to justice.
But exactly, now suppressing the real injury and death numbers, that's just part and parcel of this overall evil story.
Oh, it absolutely is.
I mean, they continue to lie.
They continue to pretend that these people do not exist.
You know, you have people who are so severely injured, and in some cases, you know, you have people who are committing suicide over these conditions.
That video that you were playing a clip of, at the end of that, we end it with a letter that is read.
The woman, Breanne Dressen, who kind of worked with Senator Ron Johnson to put this event together, one of the things she said is that she personally
Knows nine people who were severely vaccine injured who have taken their own lives and she reads a letter from a friend of hers and it is absolutely heartbreaking.
This friend saying, I can't continue to do this.
Saying goodbye to her, but also saying they have erased me.
They took my life from me.
They pretend that I don't even exist anymore.
And Alex, you talked about the soccer player.
It's happening with professional athletes, soccer players, hockey players.
It is happening.
There's now stories of a rising new surge in young women, 22 and 23 years old, who were suddenly dropping dead of heart attacks.
When these things are happening in society, we would normally raise the flag and say, wait a minute, start waving your flag because there's a problem here, pay attention.
But because it's so heavily censored that broadcast media won't talk about it and social media will delete you for even mentioning vaccine injury.
That's why we started the platform that we started, sovereign.media.
It is a social media platform so that people can go there, interact, and share content.
Well, you're doing a great job and it's exploding, Ben, and expanding on that.
My daughter Zelenka says they've been censoring since they launched this 21 months ago.
It's a global takeover plan, Great Reset, Operation Lockstep.
I'd like you to elaborate on that when we come back.
You're a smart guy, too.
Your view on this, and is it premeditated?
Now, we stop it, but the censorship, I mean, they knew the death was coming.
They knew in similar vaccine trials that it killed most of the animals, so they knew exactly what they were doing.
Yep, they absolutely knew that.
And not only that, not only did they know what they were doing, but that's the reason they have rushed to the mandates.
Time is not on their side.
The longer time goes on, the more that people are able to see what they're doing.
They'll also see the results of people getting these vaccines.
Two very important numbers before you go to break.
In the UK, where they actually are monitoring data, seven weeks ago, we saw 63% of all the people dying of COVID were double vaccinated.
Four weeks ago, that number had risen to 78%.
78% of the people in the UK who are dying of COVID are double vaccinated.
It does not work as a vaccine.
It does seem to work in terms of expediting death.
It's the poison death shot, as the lingo says.
All right.
Well, Ben Swan has laid this all out in very journalistic, you know, 60-minute style reports.
And I just, you know, love sharing with people because it shuts them up real quick.
It's one thing to watch like hours of me ranting and showing articles, but when it's put together in a news format, very effective at waking people up.
You can say to yourself that we have a lot of bad news on this show, but knowing that your house is on fire is bad news.
Not knowing is really bad news.
No, and you got a hole in your backyard, you got a fool so you don't break your ankle when you're out there at night.
It's a good thing, not a bad thing.
We've gotten where we're at by denying what's going on.
And now we have the UN, Pfizer-run, world government, world ID, all coming out to forcibly inject us with something that we know is wreaking havoc and that erases our immune system and triggers cancer and attacks our DNA.
That's all confirmed.
With Big Pharma and the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates who all say they want to depopulate us, running it, and now it's here!
And they're calling it the Great Reset to save the Earth and saying we're doing this to stop the virus.
The virus is us.
And so Ben Swans has been doing a great job as a well-known, award-winning investigative journalist, 20-plus years on air, spearheading and doing a great job analyzing this.
So continue with the big picture here and just all this news that's coming out.
And then I want to ask you the question.
We know it's premeditated and they're doing it and the good news is folks are waking up.
Why did they do it?
I think the answer is they still thought they'd get away with it even if they got caught, which it looks like because all the major intelligence agencies and Justice Department systems like our FBI are controlled by these people.
So we know that what they're doing, but they're still just moving against us with it.
Yeah, I think that's the most incredible part, Alex, is when you describe what you just described, which is that all of this has been laid out, they're not even hiding what they're doing, that all of it's premeditated, the plans have been laid bare, but there's no concern.
There was even, look, I believe today, Senator Rand Paul was questioning once again Dr. Fauci in front of Congress about gain-of-function research, right?
And he's telling them,
You keep lying in front of Congress over and over, saying that none of this is gain-of-function, right?
But here it is, very clearly, and the evidence comes out.
Fauci's not afraid.
He's not afraid to go out there and sit in front of Congress and lie again and say you're wrong and call Rand Paul names.
He's not worried about it at all.
Because they know they control the levers of power.
All the levers of power.
They've wrapped their hands around them for about 40 years.
We know this has been a long process.
People like you, Alex, have been warning about this for
We're good to go.
Complete panic.
Where people are like, where did this come from?
How did this happen?
And so the folks who have been listening to you are able to say, you know, we know what's happening because someone's been warning us for a long time that this was on its way.
But there's a huge segment of the population that's just confused right now.
And so they're so confused by what's happening that all they're trying to do is comply so that life will return to normal.
And what they're not recognizing is that life is not going back.
We are not going back to where we were before, because as you said, this was all planned, it was designed, it was put together.
And they know that when they fire...
Large portions of the police, the nurses, the firefighters, the doctors, the infrastructure workers, the power company workers, that society will collapse, which is exactly what these big megabanks want, because then they'll come in and take control of it.
I mean, this is their great reset to destroy the infrastructure, because they'll be the only groups left standing.
I mean, it's all or nothing.
This is a modern form of war, and finally the public's starting to get that.
We don't get to have gas pipelines, but Russia does.
We don't get to have borders, but everybody else does.
I mean, we're under attack.
How do we counter that?
Well, obviously we have to counter it in part with information, right?
And that's what our job is, right?
You and I, our job is to give people the information, let them know what's happening.
But then we need action.
And I think part of that action is non-compliance, refusal to continue to comply with these kinds of orders.
So what we are seeing right now in terms of firefighters, police officers, nurses who were just saying, we're not going to comply, we're going to walk out.
I think that there's a shock that you can send back to the system.
I agree with you.
That is a planned course of action.
They want to create a collapse.
But you can also shock the system by refusing to comply and creating enough panic within that system that people who don't have control of it will bring you back.
And that's what I'm hopeful will happen.
If we can get enough people to walk away and refuse to comply anymore, I think that's a big beginning step in a lot of this.
And then the other step to it is that we need more and more people who are just willing to say, we're going to remove from power on the local level
The cowardly, deceptive people.
Who are in power right now.
Not on the national level.
Forget about the national level.
On your local level.
Who is in control of your city as mayor?
Who is in control of your school boards?
Those people.
Who is your police chief?
Let's get those people out.
Your local sheriff.
Get them out if they are going along with this.
Because you have the most power at the local level.
Take back that power and then we'll see it expand from there.
But everyone who's worried about where are we going to be, you know, and the next presidential election.
That is getting ahead of yourselves.
Fix the local level right now.
That is your best chance to exact change in this moment.
And Minh Suan, I totally agree with what you're saying 100%.
They're trying to use this global mandate as a way to have a purge of those of us that aren't going to go along with the New World Order in their own great reset words.
We can use this as a litmus test of who really is good, who's really bad.
Regardless if they claim they're a Christian or a Conservative or a Liberal or who they are, where they stand on an issue like health freedom and our children's future is going to be key.
And what you said just a few minutes ago is even more true.
Ontario and Quebec backed down on vaccine mandate for health care workers, school teachers, government bureaucrats, because even their own bureaucrats said, screw this, we're not going to go along.
They were more than happy.
I think so.
Yeah, no, it absolutely is.
And what we can't allow them to do is this slow drip purge, right?
The slow drip purge is the most dangerous if you're standing up for freedom, because what happens is you pick off a few people here and there, and then others will see that and say, well, then there's no hope, right?
Because if they can take them out and get rid of them and destroy their lives, they'll destroy mine and no one's going to stand up for me.
So our only power is in unity and working together.
The other thing, and I want to say this, it's not a commercial by any means, but I hear you, Alex, talking about InfoWarsStore.com, right?
It is so important that people buy from your store and from other small businesses.
That is so critical.
And it might not sound like a big deal.
It's a very big deal.
When you look at these tech companies like Amazon and what they are doing in the marketplace, we have empowered them.
And this actually sickens me a little bit.
That we empower these giant tech corporations by giving them our money, and then they turn around and bludgeon our lives, rob our children of their futures.
You know that I've been a homeschooling parent my entire life, right?
I have five kids, my oldest is 21, but I homeschooled them their whole lives.
Had nothing to do with COVID, obviously, it was long before that.
But I've been telling people for a long time, the system's corrupt, get your kids out of it, right?
And so we watch these big companies that we pump money into just destroy our families and destroy everything around us.
Well, by the way, what you're saying is
Beyond revolutionary, it's the key to how we save our civilization and save ourselves.
We have to build our own infrastructure, our own networks, and communications is first and foremost.
That's why Lister's supporting what you're doing, supporting what we're doing, just spreading the word, just praying for us, but also buying the products, supporting the sponsors.
This is a war.
That's what they're trying to not just de-platform us, but de-bank us and take our credit cards away because they understand they've got to silence focal points like Infowars and like what you're doing with sovereign media.
Look, I love the work you're doing at Sovereign since you fired it up.
I love your previous work.
We're going to break in 30 seconds, but tell us some about Sovereign Media.
Yeah, so Sovereign is a social media platform streaming video.
Obviously, Alex, you guys have your platform, right?
So we're not trying to replace platforms.
What we're trying to do is bring back to it the communication part of social media that allows for easy sharing.
By the way, I'd love to have you come over and bring Band.Video over to Sovereign and have a channel for it there, because that's what we want.
Yes, sir.
We're doing it.
We're doing it right now.
That's what we need to see.
Sovereign, S-O-V-E-R-E-I-N.media.
Let's get people over there so we can communicate with each other and continue to build each other.
And you're welcome to get a channel on Bandot Video.
I totally agree.
Let's do it.
Let's all synergistically work together.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Paul Joseph Watson is taking over in the fourth hour out of the war room with Owen Schroyer.
But listen, RT's got the footage.
It's being posted at Infowars.com.
Here's the headline.
Watch election worker allow non-citizens to fill out ballot in tight New Jersey race.
The illegal aliens have been told they're allowed to vote.
Democrats have tried to pass laws in what, eight states I know of, like California, Illinois, you name it, and New Jersey.
Hell, I'd let illegal aliens vote in statewide elections, not just city elections.
I mean, this is just next level.
An undercover video released by Project Veritas shows a poll worker allowing a man claiming to be a non-citizen to fill out a ballot for the New Jersey gubernatorial race.
It was called for Democratic incumbent Phil Murphy, who found 40,000 votes in the middle of the night after he had, you know, the first day it looks like he was losing, but then magically they always find the ballots.
So that's just incredible information.
You know, Ben Swan, investigative journalist, is here with us.
This all ties into the same thing.
You're not supposed to question rigging in elections, even though it's just evidence is overwhelming.
They're in Georgia and Atlanta saying a water main broke, blocking the windows, looking around both ways and pulling out briefcases and running ballots that turned out to all be for Joe Biden.
I mean, this is smoking gun stuff.
And then Biden just issues a national security directive that the main terrorists, people that question lockdowns, are election fraud.
I mean, it's clear they're trying to brand us as terrorists and roll ahead with this with January 6th.
What's your view on how it's going for them and what they're going to do now that despite all their fraud, they've lost basically every election except New Jersey they clearly stole?
You're right, exactly.
I was going to say, and they clearly lost New Jersey as well.
I think that's pretty clear.
But they have.
They've been decimated in this last election.
But that's really not surprising.
I mean, you and I both know, when you steamroll over the population with radical ideas and completely shift
The narrative of what it means to be an American, right?
And when you start allowing tens of thousands of people to cross the border unchecked, hundreds of thousands, and I think they're on track to about two million new people in the country, it's absolutely incredible to watch it happening.
And so there's a natural backlash.
The question is, is the backlash able to compensate?
Uh, for what's happened, because here's the problem.
If we're talking about the electoral system, if there's a backlash, you can't just say, okay, well, let's vote out these, these bums and bring in a new set of bums.
We can't do that again, because that's happened in the past.
As you know, you know, remember the Tea Party, when the Tea Party came along in the first, uh, um, the first era of the Obama administration,
And in that first term, we thought the Tea Party was supposed to come in and fix some of this tax situation.
They didn't.
They became big spenders as well.
So one of the things that's so critical is that we get principled people who are very clear about what they want to do to change things to run for office.
And that's going to be a big part of this.
And you know I'm not a big fan of that left-right paradigm.
I know you're not as well.
Just because someone calls themselves a Republican does not mean anything, or a Democrat doesn't mean anything.
You got to look at the character of these people.
We need principled people, the best people in our country, to run for office with clear plans on how to not just push back against what's been happening, but to remove some of this bureaucratic state, to actually carve it out.
Because that has to happen as well.
You're absolutely right.
Ben, I just admire your work so much, and I know you've got a thousand stories out there, so I could ask a lot of questions.
I've got five or six questions, but in the time we have left, the last five minutes or so, what else is big on your radar screen?
What else are you focused on right now?
Well, there's a couple of things I think that are especially important.
So as we were talking about this vaccine injury thing, it's a very big deal.
But people need to continue to be reminded and shown the evidence of the fact that none of this is by chance.
It's not reactionary.
There are two very important reports that we have up.
I don't know.
That when we look at the story of the coronavirus itself and where it came from in the Wuhan lab, there is a new part of that story which we've been reporting on that hasn't gotten a lot of attention.
And that is the fact that EcoHealth Alliance wasn't just running a gain-of-function program, which they absolutely were, but it was more than that.
Part of that program was a vaccine program, and it's all laid out in about a 76-page grant application that was sent to DARPA just two years before COVID came along.
And essentially it says, not only are we going to study coronavirus, but we are creating a vaccine through who?
Ralph Baric over at UNC.
We've heard his name a lot of times.
And they were creating the vaccine that was supposed to go along with the virus they were creating.
And I think that's incredibly important because it's not just an issue of we have corrupt pharmaceutical companies who have tried to take advantage.
That was the reason we had a vaccine, it seems, that came along so quickly.
No, this was a long-term premeditated globalist depopulation operation with thousands of pages, as you pointed out, Fauci saying merge these five viruses out of the jungle, add HIV delivery system to it, get the Pentagon's permission to spray it open air in China, I guess so they can try to blackmail the Pentagon?
I mean, you can just, all of this is like SWAT teams should be grabbing and they should never be seen again.
I mean, this is just like the worst, this is like 12 monkeys for real.
And then they're all into depopulation.
Bill Gates and Fauci go to depopulation summits and give each other awards.
I mean, this is freaking ridiculously obvious.
Well, and the one thing I would say is, no, I disagree.
They shouldn't be grabbed and never seen again.
They should be... No, I mean, I'm joking.
Compare... I mean, in their system, I totally agree.
They should be put on trial.
Everything should come out.
We should know what happened.
Yes, see it all.
Let's show them for exactly who they are, and every single one of them should be publicly tried.
I just saw you had Roger Stone on before me.
Listen, what happened with Roger Stone is disgraceful, but it was made into such a show, and yet you have these people who are some of the worst people on the planet.
I totally agree.
I was talking fast as I do.
From their worldview and how they behave and how they operate, they're the ones that want to disappear us and FEMA camp us and forcibly inject us, and then their fingerprints just aren't on it.
Obviously, the people in the Wuhan lab were scared, so they're like, really, you want gain of function?
Yes, I want gain of function.
I mean, the damn memos, as you know, say it all.
And what's crazy is...
I get emails and text messages from other talk show hosts that are very prominent, who are just now discovering and finding this out, even though it's been out for basically two years, and now more and more comes out.
Speaking of this, here's a short clip you talked about.
Rand Paul, early this morning, confronts Fauci in a hearing.
Bombshell stuff.
War room's going to be playing the whole exchange.
Almost no news coverage of this.
The fifth time Senator Paul has grilled Fauci.
Here it is.
Issued the current policy.
And coincidentally, the definition appeared on the same day the NIH said that yes, there was a gain of function in Wuhan, the same day the definition appeared, the new definition, to try to define away what's going on in Wuhan.
Until you accept it, until you accept responsibility, we're not going to get anywhere close to trying to prevent another lab leak of this dangerous sort of experiment.
You won't admit that it's dangerous, and for that lack of judgment, I think it's time that you resign.
Thank you, Senator Paul.
He doesn't look so arrogant now, and here's my last point.
It's the same thing with definition games, changing the definition of gain of function.
Look at the UN's new official considerations regarding consent.
Oh, we consider it.
No, you must have consent under the Nuremberg Code.
Page three, it says, if you send your children to school, you're giving implied consent.
We're going to inject them without parental authorization.
And now Hawaii, I've got the article right here, told students, parents, you send your kids to school, we're going to have these vaccine clinics.
You're not allowed inside to see what we do.
And Australia already had that damn model.
And I played the clips earlier.
It is insane, you know, and one of the things that came out in that hearing in Washington, D.C.
earlier this week, a guy by the name of Peter Dochey was who's an incredible scientist, pharmaceutical doctor.
One of the things that he was explaining is how the definition of vaccine has changed.
And one of the things he showed with the slides where the definition of vaccine in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary has been the same up until 2020.
For decades and decades, it's been the same.
And in 2021, January of 2021, the definition was expanded, and then it was expanded again in October of 2021.
Just a month ago, they expanded again.
Why are they doing that?
They are redefining what a vaccine is in order to make the thing they're giving everyone
Fit the description of a vaccine.
And so it's, you know, Orwell talks about this a lot, right?
That words mean something.
And the shifting and constantly changing landscape of language is incredibly important.
I have talked to so many people who will say to me when I'm explaining this to them, oh yeah, vaccines don't work that way.
They don't stop you from getting sick.
What are you talking about they don't stop you from getting sick?
No, they don't stop you from getting sick or spreading the disease.
That's right.
Until two years ago, the vaccine worked.
You weren't going to get that for decades.
And now, magically, they don't work anymore, but you just got to take them.
Ben Schwann, Sovereign, S-O-V-E-R-E-I-N Media.
Thank you so much.
Great job.
God bless you.
All right, that was powerful.
Paul Joseph Watson's coming up.
I got a little bit more in the next segment to say, and then Paul takes over.
Separately, we're listener-supported.
He's absolutely right.
You heard Ben.
You support what he's doing over there.
It's a war.
We're all in this together.
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All right, Paul Joseph Watson is going to be taking over.
I know he's got a lot to say about Prince Charles declaring war on the planet, on all our freedoms, and on carbon-based life forms.
Paul Joseph Watson of Summit.News coming up here in a few minutes.
I'm Alex Jones.
And then the war room today, I know, because I know Owen.
I know his producers are right there.
They're grabbing all the clips.
Uh, it turns out this was just a bloodbath this morning with the, uh, figuratively, politically, before they say I meant that as a violent term.
It improvises everywhere.
The head of the CDC, Walensky, all of them won't say how many CDC employees are vaccinated.
Word is it's over half aren't.
Uh, cause they're not stupid.
It's like most of the Pfizer people won't tell you.
And it was just Fauci was totally destroyed by Rand Paul.
All of it, totally insane.
We're going to be playing those clips during the war room today.
And so look for that.
And I got so much I want to cover.
I'm going to talk to Owen and see when I can pop in on the show as well.
And then we're going to be seven days a week here.
I'm planning soon to start doing shows basically twice a day, which is just too much breaking.
I'm not going to sit on the sidelines during history here.
My children have no future if I don't do this.
So here is the evil CDC head.
She's the one saying, she said on TV two days ago,
That no one has gotten sick from the shots, they're totally safe, and they're 96% effective.
That's like an old year old lie.
And then you've got Fauci still saying 99% of those that died didn't have the vaccine.
That's totally made up.
We've got the British Medical Journal and all of them saying 76% of those dying have had the shot of COVID.
And there's a new study out, Pfizer confirms COVID vaccine can shed and cause all sorts of illnesses, including neurological.
I mean, it's insane!
So here's Walensky just hours ago in the Senate hearing.
What percent of CDC employees are vaccinated?
We're actively encouraging vaccination in all of our employees and doing a lot of education and outreach in order to get our agency fully vaccinated.
But the percent?
I don't have that for you today.
Well, there you go.
Now, Paul Joseph Watson's written like five articles today, and he's done a great job.
And he's gotten prepared for this hour he's about to host, and I'm not mad at him.
And I'm not mad at my crew.
But I mean, I came here this morning freaking out over a stack of UN documents where they're announcing that they're now redefined.
In fact, here's the real story.
The UN has redefined informed medical consent, the Nuremberg Code, to
We're allowed to keep your kids in the school and you can't come in there when we're having a vaccine fair where we brainwash them and trick them into giving their consent.
Well, that's no consent at all.
Children belong to their parents until they're 17, 18 years old.
They don't have consent.
That's why they can't buy liquor or cigarettes or have sex.
Because they can be fooled or tricked into it by scumbags like this pedophile-run government.
But this story, and then it's starting.
My phone has rung off the hook all over the United States.
They're telling parents they're going to do this, and that if they don't come and stop them or pull them out of school on those days, and some of these things run for two weeks, that it's implied consent.
Here it is, page three.
So the UN has announced a plan for forced inoculations of children.
Do you understand how big that is?
And Paul today already wrote five articles.
He had to get ready.
He couldn't do it.
I'm asking.
I don't care.
Gateway Pundit.
I called Tucker today.
I said, will you please report on this?
I'm calling Joe Rogan after the show.
I mean, I don't give a rat's ass who breaks this or talks about it, but I don't want to sit here in an echo chamber to two million viewers that tune in on average to each show.
Well, you're awesome.
You're the best people on the planet.
But if you don't take this information and get it out, the dog don't hunt!
I don't care about how big my show is.
I care about defeating the globalists.
That's why I got Ben Swan on promoting his platform.
And why I promote Gab and every other, and Rumble, and every other damn thing out there.
Because we're in a frickin' war here!
And they're trying to shut us all down!
So again, I really appreciate you all for the hard work you do and everything you do.
And I get it.
Paul already wrote five articles today.
His brother Steve wrote four or five.
I'm going to go and I'm going to get an article written myself because we got to get a story out about the United Nations changing the definition of informed consent to forcibly inoculate children without parental consent.
And now it's actually being announced at the state level in places like Hawaii and North Carolina.
I mean, holy Toledo.
So, please take the archive of this show, cut up clips out of it, whatever, get it on Twitter, Facebook, whatever, YouTube, whatever you do, sit your neighbors down and make them watch the show, or find an article about it, just warn them, it's on the damn UN website!
God Almighty!
Let's just stop, thank God, Ron Paul came out and said, this is about a world ID, that's what it is about!
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson takes over in 60 seconds.
Well, it's now out in the open that the New World Order is destroying America.
But there is a Great Awakening happening.
But if InfoWars isn't on the air, if they're able to shut us down, that's going to be a big victory for the enemy.
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From Italy to Germany to the United States to the United Kingdom, with them now still to this day, and I've been talking about this for two, three weeks now, trying to reintroduce mask mandates, trying to reintroduce the idea of vaccine passports in England by claiming that Covid case numbers keep on rising.
They've been doing it for the past two weeks, even as the Covid cases go down.
Covid cases go up, we need more mask mandates, more vaccine passport rules and laws.
Covid cases go down, we need more mask mandates, more vaccine passports, more rules.
It's the same argument over and over again, whatever the Covid case numbers do.
And in regard to the official figures that are being put out by national governments across the continent of Europe,
We have a very, very revealing article here.
This has got no traction whatsoever amidst the barrage of relentless crap that we've been fed today about Biden's new beefed up on steroids vaccine mandate, where now they're saying they're literally going to punish people who are unvaccinated by forcing them to muzzle themselves with face diapers indoors on the job 24-7.
We've told you all along that the face masks were nothing to do with public health.
We even had experts within the UK government come out and admit that they are completely useless because the virus is a thousand times smaller than the holes in the mask.
Doesn't matter about fact, it's about emotional blackmail, propaganda, unethical, totalitarian methods of social re-engineering.
We have that going on and we have the official case numbers, Covid case numbers across Europe once again being put in doubt.
Before we even get to the vaccines and boy are we going to get to the vaccines today!
But we're going to start with this.
Italian Institute of Health drastically reduces its official Covid death toll number.
I've talked about it many times in the UK where we had a Freedom of Information Act request where somebody wrote to the government and it's still on the official government website or it was the last time I checked.
Where they asked, what is the official death toll of people who have only died of COVID, who were directly, solely killed by COVID, who weren't 85 years old with five other comorbidities, and who were going to die anyway?
Somebody asked that question last summer, and the government there
They have to respond.
It's an official Freedom of Information Act request.
They came back and said the actual number of people who have died from COVID alone is one-tenth the official number that they tell the media, one-tenth the official number that they trot out to terrify the public into mass compliance, into submitting two mask mandates, vaccines and vaccine passports.
Well, now we have a similar situation in Italy.
Again, this is the official
Italian Institute of Health drastically reduces its official COVID death toll number.
This came out of Italian newspaper Il Tempo.
They drastically reduced the country's official COVID death toll number by over 97% after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID exclusively rather than COVID generally when they had five other comorbidities.
Il Tempo reports the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from Covid rather than with Covid from, get this, 130,000, that's the official Italian Covid death toll, to under 4,000.
So it's literally that big of a margin between the myth and the reality in Italy.
Toby Young writes, yes, you read that right.
Turns out 97.1% of deaths, hitherto attributed to COVID, were not due directly to COVID.
Bear in mind, in the UK, in Italy, in all these countries, they test everyone who goes into hospital for COVID.
And then in numerous cases, they list the official death as COVID, whether it was COVID or not.
You could go in with brain cancer, you could go in after having a stroke, a heart attack.
If you die with COVID, that's a COVID death.
That's how they bump up the numbers.
And again, of the 130,468 deaths registered as official Covid deaths since the start of the pandemic in Italy, only 3,783 are directly attributable to the virus alone.
Young writes, quote, all the other Italians who lost their lives had from between one and five pre-existing diseases.
Of those aged over 67 who died, 7% had more than three comorbidities and 18% at least two.
The Institute's new definition of COVID death, which if this was introduced in major Western countries across the world, would drastically reduce the official COVID deaths by 90% plus, and will completely reframe our understanding of how deadly this virus actually is, means that COVID has killed fewer people in Italy than the average bout of seasonal flu, if you just count the numbers who died with COVID alone that were directly killed by COVID.
This should be a global headline of monumental proportions and it's a page 17 story in a relatively obscure Italian newspaper.
If a similar change were made by other national governments, as I've said, the official Covid death toll will be cut by a margin of greater than 90%.
Don't expect many others to follow suit though, given that governments have invested so much of their authority in hyping the threat posed by the virus.
Again, we've talked about it many times before.
And again, this came out in two Telegraph articles, one book published by the author of those articles, Laura Doddsworth.
The UK government admits it worked with behavioural psychologists to weaponise propaganda to, quote, exaggerate the threat of Covid via unethical and totalitarian methods of propaganda in order to terrify the public into mass compliance.
And it worked.
We had a survey last August, which again, nobody talks about ever, conducted after the first lockdown, which found that the average Brit thought 100 times more people had died from COVID than the official death toll.
And bear in mind, that's the official death toll of people who died with five comorbidities who were 75, 80 years old.
The actual death toll is 10 times fewer than that.
So they actually thought a thousand times more people had died from COVID than was actually the case, because they had been so successfully socially re-engineered and brainwashed by this propaganda.
Now we come to understand that the official killed by COVID and not with COVID figure is less than one-tenth what is officially reported as the total COVID death toll, and that remains the case across the entire continent of Europe.
Doesn't matter though, because the Local reports Italy ready to consider mandatory Covid jabs as campaign slows.
As Italy's vaccination campaign slows down and Covid cases rise, the government has reignited the debate on whether to make vaccines mandatory in order to meet immunisation targets.
Bear in mind, in Italy, they've already said, oh, the vaccine's not mandatory, but if you try to go to work without having had the vaccine, you won't get paid.
You won't get fired.
You just won't get paid for doing your job.
You won't be able to put food on the table.
You'll go bankrupt.
But you won't get fired, and that means it's not mandatory.
They're doing that for legal reasons, of course.
So even though now the official COVID death toll in Italy is 10 times less than it officially was before, they're still saying they're going to mandate the vaccine.
And that's very much the situation also in Germany.
The Daily Skeptic reports Angela Merkel calls for the unvaccinated to be banned from public places, bearing in mind that 33%, a third of the German population remains unvaccinated.
They've been banned from restaurants, from bars, from cafes, from
Concert venues from football stadiums and now, of course, as we reported last week, they're being banned from the Berlin Christmas markets where you have to provide a vaccine passport ID to enter the Christmas market, despite the fact that it's outside.
Well now, to avoid a tough winter and stem a rise in Covid cases, the outgoing German Chancellor is keen to activate the country's 3G wall, which basically means vaccine passports, mandatory masks, and if you're part of that 33% of the German population which has refused the vaccine,
You're not getting into anything.
You are banned from living a basic, normal, human lifestyle.
We're going to come back and talk about what's happening with Covid cases in the UK.
Summit.News will be right back.
We are back and we continue to see the drumbeat for another lockdown in the UK being rolled out by the media.
Sky News reporting, quote,
We've got a clip here which we're going to play in a second.
With the UK's coronavirus epidemic escalating by the day.
It's not escalating by the day, it's been going down for the past two weeks.
It's no longer a case of if Plan B will be triggered, but when, say experts.
Well those experts obviously aren't looking at the frigging numbers.
Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glenn, however, declined to give exact dates for when restrictions may return.
So they're just openly saying that they're going to return despite the fact that the numbers, day by day, prove them wrong time and time again.
We've talked about it many times before.
The same people trotting out these demands for more restrictions have been proven wrong time and time again, yet they're still being platformed by the mainstream media to say the exact same thing.
Let's go to this clip from Sky News and I'll come back and talk about it.
Here's the clip.
What point do hospitalisations or the mortality rate get insufferable, so much so that we move to Plan B?
When does that happen?
Well the data points vary across the country and the committees of government ministers that meet to discuss it take advice from public health experts and the wider health community as to what is the best way forward.
But there are a number of things to consider with respect to how we move forward and those matters are under review constantly.
Would it not be better then to be absolutely crystal clear with the public and explain to them at what point they should expect, and there is an expectation building now that Plan B will come, it's just when it comes, that they will have a clear idea as to when they should expect these further measures to be reintroduced?
Well, as I said, the imperative for the government at the moment is to get this booster rollout accelerated so we can be in a position where as many people are in the best place possible.
We look at these things across a number of data points and we will make decisions in due course, as we have done throughout this crisis.
So again, now you see it, they're talking about the expectation, the inevitability of these restrictions being brought back into place.
While the COVID case numbers have been going down for the past two weeks, again, the last time COVID cases were the highest after the last January spike.
We're two days before the so-called Freedom Day, when mask mandates were in place and had been in place for the past 10 months.
That's the last time we had the highest case number this year after the January lockdown.
So they're saying these restrictions are going to be brought back.
Everyone believes they will be.
It's inevitable.
Sky News reporting this, by the way.
Then today, the same news organisation reports this.
UK reports another 37,269 coronavirus cases, 214 deaths.
Says it compares with 41,299 COVID-19 cases and 217 deaths within 28 days of a positive test reported on Wednesday and 39,842 and 165 this time last week.
So compared to a week ago, compared to a day ago, the COVID cases
I've gone down.
It goes on to report over the last seven days there's been a 20% decrease on the previous week in COVID cases.
So this same news organization is telling us COVID cases have decreased 20% in the last week.
While out the other side of its mouth it's saying, oh Covid cases just keep increasing, the pandemic's getting worse, we need more restrictions.
Your own news organisation is reporting the figures from the official government dashboard that the cases are going down and you are telling the public that they're going up.
They're not going up.
I've been talking about this for the past two, three weeks and in fact Andrew Lilicow writes an article for the Telegraph in which he lays all this out.
Headline is
Why won't the broadcast media accept that COVID cases are going down?
It says on COVID the good news just keeps coming.
Relative to seven days before, official cases have fallen for 11 straight days and the seven-day average is now down about 18% from its peak.
Cases in kids started falling at about October 18th, a full week before half-term started.
So, of course, you had the mass testing with the kids going back to school in September, with the university students going back to university at the end of September.
That created all these positives.
Again, the vast, vast majority of those kids and students symptomless, not getting ill, not going into hospital.
But the fall had actually begun before that.
Proving again that the fall, the rising cases has nothing whatsoever to do with restrictions.
But the media will not tell you that.
He goes on to say a new treatment has been approved, a drug in the UK, and that SAGE modelers now expect cases and hospitalisations to fall this winter.
But we've been told that they're going to exponentially increase, and that's why we need new restrictions.
While their own models say they're going to go down, and while the day-to-day and week-on-week numbers continue to go down.
He goes on to say, indeed, in some of their models, cases fall as low as 5,000 per day.
Those who even just a couple of weeks ago were demanding an immediate shift to Plan B, which is the reintroduction of mask mandates and lockdown measures, have been proven demonstrably wrong.
And yet it's the same people that they try out time and time again.
He continues to say, yet if you watch the main television channels, you would have precisely the opposite impression.
Yesterday CNN released an interview with the Prime Minister in which he was challenged on why Plan B had not been implemented, given that as CNN's chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour tweeted, case numbers are spiking.
They're not spiking, they're going down.
They've been going down for the past two, three weeks.
Then he talks about the same narrative being pushed by the BBC, and he says, I find this incomprehensible.
Early on in the epidemic, when data was difficult to come by, or even when it was more abundant, but non-specialist journalists had not yet learned to find it, one could have understood.
But it's been 20 months.
Every serious broadcaster must know how to obtain timely data.
When the data contradicts their narrative, they just ignore the data.
The cases are going down, yet the propaganda for another lockdown and more restrictions has intensified.
It's completely divorced from reality.
Meanwhile, sticking with the UK, people in UK who post, quote, false information about vaccines could be jailed for two years.
Now, this was buried beneath the fold because the narrative surrounding this story, which is about the online safety bill,
...said that people could be jailed, so-called trolls, for two years for dogpiling people on Twitter, for ratioing people on Twitter.
But the true kernel of absolute tyranny was buried in the news headlines, and that is that the law would create a, quote, knowingly false communication offence which, according to the Times, will criminalise those who send or post a message they know to be false with the intention to cause emotional, psychological or physical harm.
Now, the government itself provided an example of that, which would be, quote, anti-vaxxers spreading false information that they know to be untrue.
Now, it was false information in the eyes of the media and the government about six, eight months ago, that the vaccines don't provide protection from either catching or transmitting coronavirus.
And now they have to admit that.
At one point, that was fake news.
That was, quote, false information.
So under this law, if it had been introduced eight, nine months ago, people would have been put in prison for posting things which subsequently turned out to be true about the vaccines.
Absolutely chilling.
They're using hate speech laws.
They're using this drumbeat about panics over harassment to jail people for posting about vaccines.
For the COP26 climate change fear-mongering extravaganza, we have Jeff Bezos there who's been ferrying himself in a private helicopter between
Bill Gates has rented Superyacht and his private island there.
You have Prince Charles, member of the Royal Family, who, of course, their combined carbon footprint over the past five years totals to the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back, but he's going to lecture you about not being able to have a hot bath because that apparently kills the planet.
You have Boris Johnson travelling back to London on a private jet from Glasgow to attend a dinner party.
Here's Nigel Farage talking about the true agenda behind this push for a green economy, how it's going to be a total disaster, mainly for the poor by the way, and in general for the middle class also, as they de-industrialise, lower our living standards, while they continue to live in opulent luxury.
Here's Nigel Farage.
Just in the nick of time, because of course COP26 in Glasgow in Scotland starts in a few days time.
At least 25,000 delegates flying to Glasgow for this big event.
120 world leaders expected to be there.
And now...
Scott Morrison will be feted by Boris Johnson.
Prince Charles will give him the most enormous hug.
Sir David Attenborough will praise him to the rafters because Scott Morrison has decided that Australia should become a lot poorer, that Australia should close down many of its most important businesses, and that there'll be a really big transfer of money from the poor to the rich in Australia.
Well done, Scott Morrison!
Everybody should be thrilled.
Now, the British PM also, he's sort of trying to say, oh, it's touch and go whether we'll get the right thing out of this and all the rest of it.
Now, of course, China's not there, Russia's not there.
I mean, we all know all of the, you know, the big asterisks that come with all of this.
But everyone's already coming with stated goals.
No one's making their mind up in the room.
You know that anyone in the room is going to agree to the headline 30 years away.
Yes, I mean, they'll come to an agreement and they'll say, because of what we've done, we guarantee that the temperature won't rise by more than 1.5 degrees.
I mean, whether God's involved with this as well or not, I'm not sure, but I guess he must be.
I mean, look, it is utterly ridiculous that they can say precisely that what we do will affect temperatures, you know, negatively or positively.
Look, we all want a better
Cleaner, greener world.
Of course we want that to be the case.
But I just feel that the current level of alarmism, the current tax structures that are being put upon people, as I said already, the transference of money from ordinary people to rich globalist businesses that is going on in the name of all of this, and China
China, India and Russia do something.
We are, with our populations, with what we produce, we are frankly whistling in the wind.
Just hearing the bill coming for you, mate, you're not allowed to speak truths, you remember?
You know, they'll shut you down, they'll cancel you.
Alright, now let's talk about Qatar in 2022.
Now, we all know the types of things that get you cancelled from a job in the media that make you unpalatable as a political citizen.
But Qatar, of course, is hosting the World Cup in 2022.
I say that decent countries of the world should be boycotting because 4,000 workers have died building the very stadium people will be going into.
The exploitation of workers from Nepal.
I've banged on about it for a long time and no one seems to care.
But they are now starting to buy off global ambassadors.
David Beckham gets his pound of flesh to back in this incredible event run by a country where not exactly would pass the Twitter test when it comes to homosexuality.
Well, of course, you know, the English Premier League is very much the dominant football league in the world.
It's watched, I mean, globally by hundreds of millions of people and it's been a resounding success and I'm delighted with that.
However, over the course of the last few years, it's become very political.
So, this summer we've seen footballers wearing rainbow laces.
We've had the England team taking the knee.
All of these things are going
I think?
with LGBTQ plus rights and called himself a feminist and done all these things is happy to take the Qatar shilling to help promote the World Cup in a country where well you're quite right I mean you know for gay people life is very difficult to even continue and women have virtually no rights at all and I think for me the moral of the story is when you're playing sport whether it's cricket or rugby or Aussie rules or
Football or whatever it is, I think sports people should get out of political gestures, not engage at all.
But given, given the Premier League stance on the Black Lives Matter movement and everything else, how on earth they can endorse sending an England team to Qatar, I simply don't know.
But again, the smallest of things that result in weeks and weeks and weeks of controversy that you'll talk about on GB News, we'll talk about, you know, all the sort of, you know, the woke up, you know,
You know, the Wokestan that we all have to deal with all the time, yet this will just sail through.
There'll be no calls to go after the sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, there'll be no calls to ban this, that and the other, because understandably, as we saw with the Euros, what it's like for a country to get close to a final, let alone in a final, it's this wonderful unifying thing, which is why these events shouldn't go to these countries.
No, listen, I absolutely agree with you, but they are going to go, and as you say, criticism from the very same people that would like you and I cancelled, criticism of going to Qatar.
There will be none.
It is the classical rank hypocrisy of the globalist elites, I'm afraid, and it's not about to change any time soon.
There you have it, and on the subject of the rank hypocrisy of the global elites, we have this headline out of The Independent, again in relation to COP26.
Royal Family flew enough air miles to get them to the moon and back in the last five years.
The Royal Family has collectively flown 545,161 air miles over the last five years, enough to get them to the moon and back, and then complete three loops of the Earth's equator.
But then again, Charles, Prince Charles says that you can't take a hot bath.
He literally came out about 10 years ago.
I'm not like, this isn't the Babylon Bee and said that families should reconsider taking hot baths.
Prince Charles himself has flown the most out of any member of the royal family.
25 trips, again in the past five years, covering 120,000 air miles at a cost of over 2.4 million.
And he's the one, as of two days ago, lecturing us about our carbon footprint at the COP26 climate change panic extravaganza.
Meanwhile, Breitbart reports Boris took private jet from Climate Summit to London for dinner at private members club.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a private jet from Glasgow to London for a reunion dinner with his former Telegraph colleagues and exclusive private members club, according to reports.
Bearing in mind the very same day he'd been lecturing everyone about the need to get to net zero carbon emissions,
It was literally that important to him to go for a piss-up with his mates in London, that he took a private jet from Glasgow to London to do that.
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, BBC reports, climate change, Facebook fails to flag denial.
The Centre for Countering Digital Hate is now fear-mongering about Facebook, not censoring enough
Anti-opinion when it comes to man-made global warming.
This is a group that is set up to counter hate speech, harassment online.
So they're literally trying to recategorize, redefine criticism of technocrats engaging in rank global warming hypocrisy and putting that in the same bracket as hate speech, again.
Absolutely insane.
So Jeff Bezos has been fannying around flying between Bill Gates' private yacht and his private beach club island last weekend.
You have Prince Charles the Royal Family who have flown on private jets, air miles equivalent to going to the moon and back.
You have Boris Johnson again telling you that you need to reduce your carbon footprint while taking a private jet from the COP26 conference itself to go and meet his friends in London for a piss-up and then apparently he's going to go and fly back to the COP26 conference in Glasgow and tell you that you need to reduce your carbon footprint.
And then you have the menu at the actual conference itself.
We've reported many times these global elitists, these technocrats,
The Economist specifically, I remember an article a couple of years ago saying that yes, it's inevitable that you will have to eat the bugs to save the planet, that you will have to drastically reduce your consumption of red meat.
Which, by the way, is what happened in Communist China right up until the 80s, where even eating meat was seen as a delicacy that you would maybe enjoy in terms of red meat beef, maybe three, four times a year on special occasions.
They're telling you you're going to need to follow the same model.
Meanwhile, if we actually take a look at the menu available to the technocrats attending the Climate Change Alarmism Summit in Glasgow, Scotland,
Let's just say there are no bugs on the menu and we have a video in that regard right now.
Here's the clip.
Let's go to it.
Climate change technocrats keep telling us that we're gonna have to eat bugs to save the planet.
You know who won't be eating bugs?
Climate change technocrats.
The menu for globalists attending the COP26 environmental panic fest in Glasgow has been revealed.
And suffice to say, it's not very environmentally friendly.
Campaigners say it beggars belief that nearly 60% of the menu is animal-based.
With burgers, venison, beef ramen and haggis all featuring despite their high carbon footprint.
And you know what doesn't do that?
This menu!
The Haggis, Neeps and Tatties option used 3.4kg of carbon to produce according to the conference's own rating system, double the carbon footprint of the average UK meal of 1.7kg and nearly 7 times higher than the 0.5kg target.
Critics said it was like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference.
But far from being a shock, this is all tiresomely predictable.
After arriving at the conference in a fleet of 400, count them, 400 private jets, do you really think that these climate con artists will give a damn about a beef burger?
Just like the mask mandates, they're demanding you alter your lifestyle while they continue to do as they please.
Sky News is normalising the idea of you eating bugs to reduce your carbon footprint.
They're also sponsoring the conference while amplifying its propaganda by falsely describing it as news.
But you know who won't be reducing her carbon footprint?
The CEO of Sky, Dana Strong, who regularly commutes by private jet from her home 3,500 miles away in the United States.
These technocrats want credit cards that block your purchases if you exceed your carbon emissions limit.
But they'll continue to gorge their fat faces on the best prime fillet steak.
Well, if they get their way, your menu will consist of a choice between mealworms and dried grasshoppers.
Now bear in mind that these globalists arriving at COP26, you may think that just for once, just for optics sake, they could take one commercial flight when they're literally going to attend a conference at which they're going to spend two weeks lecturing the general public about how they need to change their habits, their lifestyle, reduce their carbon emissions.
How the poor need to buy these expensive green boilers that cost seven, eight thousand dollars which nobody could afford.
You would think just for optics sake they would take one commercial flight and not fly private jet.
400 private jets landed in the airports in Scotland in preparation for this concert.
400 private jets.
But you have to eat the grasshoppers and you can't take hot baths.
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, I talked about it earlier,
The UK is trying to pass a law which the government says would put people in prison for posting, quote, false information about vaccines on the internet.
Well, maybe such information would be inclusive of stories like this.
24-year-old hockey player dies after suffering cardiac arrest during game.
Many such cases over the past few months.
This is a Slovak hockey player, Boris Sudeikis, who tragically died after collapsing on the ice during a match on Friday.
He suffered a cardiac arrest.
He was in intensive care in hospital for a few days, but unfortunately died in hospital.
His family told people not to release any more information about his medical situation.
One respondent to this article commented, sudden deaths of athletic 24-year-olds is perfectly normal, at least now.
Because we had Sergio Agüero, the Barcelona football player, a few days ago, who withdrew from a recent game after complaining of dizziness and chest pain, after promoting the vaccine laboriously to children, by the way.
28-year-old Icelandic midfielder Emil Pálsson was also airlifted to hospital after he collapsed on the pitch after just 12 minutes of a game in Norway.
Denmark footballer Christian Eriksson collapsed, suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Denmark at Euro 2020.
Of course, 28-year-old bodybuilder Jake Kazmarek also died unexpectedly four days after taking the jab.
And that's just a small selection of healthy, fit people in their 20s or early 30s, athletes at the prime peak physical condition, strangely collapsing with cardiac incidents within minutes of sporting events.
Interesting, very interesting.
Meanwhile, Archbishop Vigano writes stunning letter on vaccine programme.
Don't have time to get into it all but much of the bulk of the letter is republished on summit.news.
He asserted that vaccines normally go through years of rigorous testing and that the lack of such a process in the case of Covid-19 jabs represents public health authorities conducting experimentation on the entire world population.
Not going to hear the Pope talking about that.
He says that vaccines are basically godly, despite the fact that in Italy, they've imposed the vaccine passport not only for the citizens of Italy, but within Vatican itself.
And the vaccine passport literally tracks your location wherever you go.
Some may call that the mark of the beast, and the fact that Pope Francis is promoting it and saying it's godly tells you pretty much all you need to know about Pope Francis.
Meanwhile, double-vaxxed LA Mayor tests positive for COVID.
Of course, a few days ago we had Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, double-masked, double-vaccinated, COVID positive.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has tested positive while visiting the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.
Now he will be forced to self-isolate in his hotel room.
And in this article I get into yet another little reported issue.
Which is the fact that Covid-19 vaccines don't prevent fully vaccinated people from catching or transmitting the virus, but the CDC changed its definition of vaccination back on September 1st to try and offset people pointing that fact out.
Up until that date, the CDC described vaccination as, quote, the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.
Now, of course, we know the COVID vaccines don't do that.
People are catching the virus, people dying from the virus, despite being double vaccinated.
So they changed it on September 1st to, quote, the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection.
From a specific disease.
So they've removed the word immunity from the definition of a vaccine, which before September 1st, 2021, according to the CDC, was the definition of a vaccine.
Of course, the media has relentlessly tried to claim that natural immunity is basically bonk at this point, that it's worthless.
Even some outlets claiming that natural immunity doesn't exist at all.
And yet we have numerous studies, including one in Israel, which showed that natural immunity was 27 times more effective than the Pfizer vaccine, but apparently now natural immunity doesn't exist.
More than half of unvaccinated Americans say nothing will change their mind.
This was a poll, by the way, which was released in April 2021, or at least it was conducted in April 2021.
The results have just been released.
Before the Delta surge and before the announcement of the Biden administration's vaccine mandate, they found that 21% of respondents back in April said they did not want to get the vaccine.
Six months later, we find that 20% of US adults remain unvaccinated.
So that has only shifted 1% in the past six months.
People saying, I'm not going to get vaccinated.
Only 1% of those people have changed their minds.
And now this poll finds that 53% of unvaccinated Americans say that nothing whatsoever will change their minds.
The number could be higher, you could say, given that in Germany,
As we previously highlighted, 90% of Germans who haven't taken the COVID-19 vaccine say they won't get it.
They're not going to be convinced by anything, and that is the good news.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
Breaking news at Summit.News, coming up, War Room with Owen Troyer.
Keep it locked in.
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