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Name: 20211103_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 3, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show covers topics related to vaccines, COVID-19 restrictions, global politics, conspiracy theories, and current events. A whistleblower exposes Pfizer's falsified data regarding the safety and efficacy of their COVID-19 vaccine. InfoWars promotes products for privacy protection against evil forces aiming to control people's lives, and discusses privacy concerns in today's world. The show also touches on potential arson attacks by white supremacist groups and false flag incidents. Alex Jones warns of a dystopian future involving digital currency, food scarcity, and restricted gun ownership, advocating for citizen involvement and resistance against these restrictions. InfoWars Live promotes supplements to support preparedness and resistance.

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If a five-year-old develops mild myocarditis, there is a 50-50 chance they won't live to see their 15th birthday.
Which is what we're doing to our children for political statement.
Well, it's a little bit more than that.
And let me read to you now from the NIH website.
Non- Fulminant active myocarditis has a mortality rate of 25% to 56% within 3 to 10 years, owing to progressive heart failure and sudden cardiac death.
Well, that's not very fun.
And would you like me to continue?
Because I got stuff just as bad as this.
We could talk the whole show about that.
And how in the CDC and FDA's own document in October last year they said we predict microcarditis at high levels.
Yeah, now they're reporting 86% in the studies had a bad effect and they suppressed it.
That's in the documents.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Smoking gun documents have come out that the FDA knew That the Pfizer shot was causing myocarditis and heart attacks at a very high level and suppressed it.
They've all got to be arrested now.
And if they aren't arrested soon, we'll have to go to a citizen's arrest, because it's on us.
They're now coming after the children.
We've got that.
We've got the lawyer involved with the documents coming out, joining us at the bottom of the hour.
We have the huge developments in New Jersey and Virginia.
The Democrats are trying to steal it, despite a landslide there in New Jersey.
Too big a landslide for them to steal it.
In Virginia, that's all coming up.
The FBI got caught suppressing information on Rittenhouse that showed that he was being shot at.
They have the footage.
That's coming out.
Just unbelievable behavior.
but here's a key report by the great Greg Reese dealing with knowing your enemy.
(upbeat music)
One that is antagonistic to another.
Something harmful or deadly.
For those with eyes to see, humanity is currently under attack by an antagonistic and deadly foe.
An enemy that must hide in the shadows to survive.
But there is always a money trail.
And money is their only real power.
So to find the real enemy, we must follow the money.
In the documentary, Monopoly, Who Owns the World, Tim Gehlen does an excellent job of doing this.
While there appears to be hundreds of independent companies producing food, they are practically all owned by the same small group of companies.
These companies are controlled by their top shareholders, financial institutions such as Berkshire Hathaway, Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street.
This is also who owns Silicon Valley, Big Tech, the Airline Industry, the Steel Industry, Agriculture, the Textile and Clothing Industry, both the Oil and Solar Panel Industry, Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, and Banking.
Just about everything in today's modern world is owned and controlled by these same financial institutions.
Who are also invested in each other, forming a pyramid of financial power topped by BlackRock and Vanguard.
BlackRock loans money to the Federal Reserve Bank, advises them, and developed their software system.
BlackRock itself is owned by Vanguard, and Vanguard, sitting on top of the world pyramid, keeps its shareholders private.
But we know that the majority of wealth has been accumulated by inheritance and monopoly.
And the same few families have owned most of the world for generations.
Families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, Morgan, and Bush.
Operating through non-profit foundations, these unelected families are able to rule over the world like kings.
This is the way it has always been, whether it be via pharaoh, royalty, papal supremacy, dictator, or investment banker.
Mankind has always been managed by the rich and powerful.
Freedom is a dream yet to be fully realized in this world.
After the American Revolution, our forefathers gave us the tools to realize this dream of self-governance in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Tools that will be stripped away unless mankind decides to stand and face their enemy.
Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector.
With trillions at his disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world's leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
(upbeat music)
All right, strap yourselves in.
They are now directly declaring war on the children, and we have the internal FDA documents and admissions, but they know it kills children.
I have an incredible conviction on my heart, on my mind, on my soul, deep down inside.
I'm going to have to take action, and that means political, that means nonviolent, but that means civil disobedience.
And then if they try to physically attack us and kill us and put us in prison, I don't know what we do, because We cannot let them sit there and attack our children and attack our little babies like this.
It's just incredible.
You know, I'm not an enemy of the U.S.
Army or the U.S.
Air Force, the Marines, or the Navy.
I'm not an enemy of the Coast Guard.
I'm not an enemy of the FBI.
I'm not an enemy of the local police department.
I'm not an enemy of the Catholic Church.
I'm not an enemy of the Muslims.
I'm not an enemy of Billy Graham Jr.
But I am an enemy of evil people and institutions that are in control of most organizations, and I cannot sit here and watch them commit these crimes against humanity and live with myself.
So I know things are bad.
Hell, Alex Jones, you would say, is quite the pessimist.
It's actually the opposite.
I'm an optimist.
I believe we can beat this tyranny.
But when I see things come out that are now confirmed that the FBI had HD footage, of course they were surveilling everybody that day, and drone footage with infrared, clear footage, of Kyle Rittenhouse being shot at repeatedly before he defended himself.
They didn't just have guns in their hands waving them at him, they were chasing him and shooting at him while they were burning down buildings.
and they all had rap sheets as long as my arm.
And the FBI sat on bombshell footage from Kyle Rittenhouse shooting
that he was being shot at and retreating.
Because the one crime in the New World Order is defending yourself from the criminal state and its minions like Antifa, a pack of pedophiles and others that were chasing him down the street.
I mean, of course the first guy he shot was a convicted child rapist who kidnapped and raped, what was it, a seven-year-old boy?
And then the rap sheets just continue from there.
Scum of the earth!
Kyle Rittenhouse did a better job than most trained police officers living in that situation.
And that's why he's got to be punished.
Because goodness has to be punished.
Now, I got a lot of huge news today.
Once you hear this news, you'll think, well, why is the Rittenhouse story the first thing you talked about?
Well, you can hear the thunder.
You can feel the rumble.
Across the world of God's anger.
Because powerful private central banks have created unlimited currency for themselves.
And they've used that to basically buy off Almost everyone.
And so even people that aren't involved in the burning down buildings, or the raping of children, or the medical testing on newborn babies while they're still alive, they're not physically doing it themselves, but they know what's going on, and they're protecting that system.
And they've made themselves the bad guys.
Now that doesn't mean that the entire FBI headquarters is our enemy.
It doesn't mean they're all evil men and women inside there.
But the people running it are bad.
And you can count that it's a bad institution.
You can believe that it's evil and lies and fights for the forces of darkness.
When it counts.
And that's sad because we need good federal law enforcement.
And there are still some good people there.
Hell, most Secret Service or FBI or Federal Marshals I run into are big listeners and say, hey, we're all awake, it's the higher-ups.
I know that, but it's always the key people that are always at the key spots, isn't it?
Like Kenosha, or Oklahoma City, or January 6th, or the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer that was run by the FBI.
I mean, it's the same damn story.
I mean, the feds, the Southern Poverty Law Center connected type groups, Have packs of white supremacists running around in the state of Texas threatening me while they run around telling the public they work for me.
And then while they're out burning giant swastikas for YouTube, connecting my name to it, the local synagogue gets firebombed.
I mean, that's the level I'm at.
And you know what?
I count the fact that I'm going to face the globalist armies, and on the left it's Antifa, on the right it's the Nazis.
They both work for the Feds.
It's come out that almost every white supremacist group is led by the Feds.
And any militia group that's not engaged in constitutional behavior, it turns out, is led by the Feds in almost every case.
I mean, the FBI and ATF has such an evil record of leading bad organizations.
It's just, it's downright shameful.
More importantly than that, it's damn right, you gotta stop.
Now, I got a bunch of big guests for you today.
And I'm just, like I said, gonna shoot you straight on this.
I started reading this yesterday afternoon, and then story after story broke from documents, that I'm somebody that sleeps pretty good.
I went to bed early last night, about 10 p.m., but I woke up about 3 a.m.
and couldn't go back to sleep because of this.
Because I had a responsibility, even though I don't want to read this, because I know it means I'm going to have to take action against it, but I wanted to read every bit of it just to make sure it was entirely accurate.
And in the process of doing three hours of research from 3 a.m.
to 6 a.m.
before my youngest daughter woke up and I made her breakfast early and we read books at the breakfast table, I discovered a whole bunch of other out in the open pure evil that's just hiding in plain view.
And by discovered, just on InfoWars and searching around and reading articles and hell, even going to the Drugs Report, just had a bunch of it in our face.
So let me tell you what I'm going to be covering here today, okay?
Because it's not just the FBI covering up that they were trying to kill Kyle Rittenhouse and chasing him with guns, shooting at him.
It's not just stuff like that.
It's the whole FDA and the whole government Coming after our children with something designed to ruin their lives.
And you can say, well, I mean, look at the FDA and CDC boards, a whole bunch of them resigned.
Yeah, for four months.
Last time I counted, over 100 board members have resigned out of those two agencies, including the two head people over vaccines.
One have been there 30 years, the other have been there 15.
The number one and number two people.
And they said you shouldn't give boosters, this vaccine doesn't work, and you shouldn't give it to under-16s.
This is crossing a Rubicon to go after children.
They don't have free will to sign on to something, you know.
Adults can take fentanyl.
Adults can blow their brains out.
Adults can decide to have sex with a bunch of people without protection.
You know, adults can decide to destroy themselves.
You have free will.
But children aren't of the age, and every culture agrees with that, and It's all on us if we don't stop this.
So let me tell you what the new news is.
And each one of these I could do a whole four-hour show on, but we don't have the time to do that, but we're going to try.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events for children related to Pfizer vaccine, approved it anyways, and covered up illnesses including deaths.
And I told you with Robert Barnes three weeks ago on air that it was going to break in Texas in a few weeks.
And I told you I thought it would break on Monday, instead it broke on Tuesday.
And now Barnes, who's involved in the case, that's actually his client, is going to be coming on the show, bottom of the hour, in about 15 minutes.
So there's that giant area of the trials that took place in multiple states, but heavily in Texas and Illinois.
We got the numbers for you.
Let's move on from that.
Science Har, this is even bigger.
This is a major prestigious medical journal.
In an in-depth study, vaccine spike protein intercell nucleus suppresses DNA repair engine will unleash explosion in cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders, and accelerated aging.
And this is 100% confirmed in the study that it doesn't just alter your DNA, it irrevocably sabotages it and either will kill the cell when it becomes time to replicate or will cause cancer.
It's all right here.
This is just, we can just stop the presses here.
We've got that whole study for you.
And then meanwhile, we got something even worse when we come back.
Okay, it's even worse.
We have this from the NIH's own website.
That upwards of 50 plus percent of children will die when they develop microcarditis.
56% will die within a few years.
Stay with us.
All right, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Let me go over those numbers again.
That's probably a shocking number you heard me lay out there.
Up to 56% of children that develop microcarditis will die of it.
I'm going to read you from the NIH website and now we're learning That a large percentage of children in the trials got mycocarditis, and some even had heart attacks.
And there were deaths, but they're trying to now spin it and say, oh, it was unrelated.
Because they're not looking for death.
They just say that's not part of it, because I guess you can't die from it.
Of course you do.
And how many soccer players are you seeing that took the shot that now had heart attacks?
Another one yesterday.
There was one the day before that.
Top stars.
In Europe, both took the Pfizer shot.
One of them had a heart attack.
The other, myocarditis.
Here it is.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events for children related to Pfizer vaccine.
Approved it anyway.
We're gonna be getting to that with Bob Barnes' next segment.
Now, here's the really big one that I'm gonna cover at the start of the next hour.
Science horror!
And I went and read the whole study and checked it and it feeds into all the research we have already.
I wish this wasn't true.
I don't like being vindicated like this.
This is worse than I thought.
Vaccine spike protein intercells nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders, and accelerated aging.
In fact, guys, I forgot to tell you.
Print me the study that's linked in there.
I saw you put it on screen.
Print it for me.
Thank you.
From a very prestigious journal.
That story's on Infowars.com.
Financial news broke it.
FDA approved first oral blood thinning medication for children ahead of vaccine rollout for ages 5 to 11.
Because now they show the billboards everywhere on buses and side of the road saying, hey, children having heart attacks and strokes is totally normal.
Get used to it.
It's the new normal.
Now here's the big giant enchilada.
And you know, just as I read this on Dr. Gina's website, respected person, I don't just go with it.
I went to the NIH website and sure as hell it was there.
I'm going to show it to you.
If a five-year-old develops mild myocarditis, there is a 50-50 chance they won't live to see their 15th birthday.
This is what we're doing to our children for political statement.
Well, it's a little bit more than that.
And let me read to you now from the NIH website.
Non- fulminant active myocarditis has a mortality rate of 25% to 56% within 3 to 10 years, owing to progressive heart failure and sudden cardiac death.
Well, that's not very fun.
And would you like me to continue?
Because I got stuff just as bad as this.
He talked the whole show about that.
And how in the CDC and FDA's own document, in October of last year, they said, we predict microcarditis at high levels.
Yeah, now they're reporting 86% of the studies had a bad effect, and they suppressed it.
That's in the documents.
Wow, 86% of children.
Remember Bill Gates?
17 months ago, it was on NBC News.
We probably played it 30 times.
People got sick of it.
We got complaints.
We're trying to find it.
Bill Gates held Joe Rogan and put it on his Instagram.
You can find it there from last October.
80% of those that took Pfizer's shot, or those that took COVID-Vax was the headline, had serious side effects or serious reaction.
And then they said, that's not true when Jones said that on Rogan.
So Rogan just put out the actual clip of it that I actually provided on the show that they played.
Didn't matter, we played it on the show.
People said, oh, it's not true.
And there it is.
Oh, look, four and a half million views till they killed the spread of it.
I was at dinner with Joe a few weeks ago.
He put out another Instagram.
It got 1 million views in 10 minutes.
2 million by the end of dinner, and then they just froze it where you couldn't number it and go up.
People were still watching it.
They just didn't want, you know, 100, 200 million on the link.
Just like they've got internal numbers on my... One particular interview with Joe.
Episode 1255.
Or was it 2005?
I forget the exact number.
It had over 80 million views just on the actual show, not the 30 million views they claim.
That's what scares them.
Anyways, I'm salivating over being able to reach the public and warn them.
Oh, let's continue.
Icelandic soccer player, 28, requires resuscitation after heart stops mid-game.
But you know what?
And it turns out, of course, he took the shot.
Let's go ahead, though, and go back to that Instagram you guys found so quickly.
Great job on how you did that in 15 seconds.
With a four and a half million views.
So we can give people the headlines.
They can go to Joe Rogan's Instagram and look at it and share it for yourselves.
I forget the exact headlines.
That's the weird thing about Instagram.
What's the headline on it?
He says, I knew people were going to criticize the content of the podcast without even listening to it, and I was right.
That's why I fact-checked every single crazy thing he said, and all of them were verified.
People have said he spreads anti-COVID vaccine conspiracy theories because he said 80% of people who were given one of the vaccines got sick.
Here's the video of Bill Gates admitting it himself.
Now, I'm not anti-vaccine, and it goes on.
So there it is, and then there's the clip.
And now, ooh, what did the FDA suppress?
Ooh, 86% of the children had adverse effects.
And then now the head of the FDA, the head of the CDC, head of the CDC, correction, she was on TV again saying, it's totally safe and 96% effective.
They now admit that it's not 96% effective, that it's down to below 30% within a few months with just the Pfizer alone.
Same thing with the other vaccines that aren't vaccines.
And that there are all these horrible problems.
And she just sits there and lies because we're genetically meant to see a middle-aged woman and trust them.
Because on average, middle-aged women commit about 2% of the crime.
Men ages 15 to 60 commit almost all the violent crime and other things like that.
But see, the globalists have recruited women now to commit crime.
So those numbers have changed even in the statistics.
You can look them up.
Women are murdering, killing, lying, stealing, everything now.
Way worse than they used to.
And this woman has paid millions of dollars.
She's a former big pharma executive.
And she'll sit up there in a cute little blue dress like she's Jackie Kennedy, and oh, it's just so good for our little pumpkins!
Nobody ever had a problem and it totally protects you from the shots.
So you get your little sweeties all dressed up and take them right down there to the clinic.
Now, your doctor won't give it to you for some reason, just because he doesn't have liability protection, but the big pharma does.
You just drop by Walmart or CVS or Walgreens and roll up the little sleevey-weevey and it'll be off to see Jesus in a jimpy.
I mean, it's just, I sat there and watched that this morning, and my heart actually grew very cold towards that woman.
Not hatred, I was like, how dare you do this, and how dare I not fight harder?
We just can't let them do this.
And see, that's the Hobson's choice.
That's the catch-22, that's the no-win situation.
They want an uprising, they want physical violence.
And then if we don't stop them, they're just gonna continue to kill the children right in front of us.
All I can say is Johnny Cash is right.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later, God's going to cut you down.
We're going to get into the actual evidence when we come back.
Stay with us.
Robert Barnes rarely flakes out on the show unless he has some emergency come up.
I know he's up there working on the Kyle Rittenhouse case.
No, and he'll probably pop in in the next five minutes or so, but we've got the news now and I'm able to talk about it.
So it's just interesting to have the lawyer on the case with us.
He told me over a month ago that he was here in Texas working on court cases behind the scenes, filing things that they had whistleblowers that worked on the trials, and they were going out and getting witnesses and the actual victims as part of what's going on behind the scenes.
And now it's come out, falsified data, Pfizer vaccine trial had major flaws, whistleblower tells peer-reviewed journal.
So we've got the rest of the story about that.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events for children related to Pfizer vaccines.
And as I showed you earlier on screen, 86% had adverse reactions and it was covered up in the last year.
So think about that.
They knew before they ever did the trials, because remember they skipped main trials and then did trials during it for children.
They already had trials they'd done and found 80 plus percent had adverse reactions.
And then they did it with children and found 86 percent a similar number and then suppressed that.
It's absolutely incredible.
So I'm going to get into that study and more here in just a moment.
But first, I want to play a very important Piece of information from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., making a desperate plea for the world to resist the tyranny being implemented in the name of COVID.
And warning that we are now in Nazi territory.
And that's not an exaggeration.
That's why they're busy calling milquetoast Republicans Nazis.
And calling anybody that wants to control the borders Nazis.
Or if you don't want to give half a million dollars to people separated from their parents at the border for even five minutes money, you're a Nazi.
While we've got real Nazi stuff here.
Total Nuremberg violation.
Stuff they know is poisonous.
Stuff they know is causing irrevocable damage.
And they're doing it on purpose.
So I don't think we're in Nazi territory.
We're in the Nazi capital here, folks.
We're in Nazi land.
And quite frankly, it's being done on a larger scale, so we're beyond the Nazis here.
Because they're going after everybody.
The Nazis only went after certain groups, and that was bad.
This is just depopulation on a mass scale.
It's psychotic, and here is a Robert Kennedy Jr.
My father told me when I was a child, people in authority lie.
And we all, if we are going to continue to live in a democracy, we need to understand that people in authority lie.
People in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them.
And right now we are giving them the power to micromanage every bit of our lives, 24 hours a day.
They're going to know where we are.
They're going to know the money that we spend.
They're going to have access to our children.
They're going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us.
We, you know, the Nazis did that in the camps in World War II.
They tested vaccines on gypsies and Jews.
And the world was so horrified after the war, we signed the Nuremberg Charter.
And we all pledged when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent.
And yet in two years, all of that conviction has suddenly disappeared.
People are walking around in masks where the science has not been explained to them.
They are doing what they're told.
These government agencies are orchestrating obedience.
It is not democratic.
It's not the product of democracy.
It's the product of a pharmaceutical-driven biosecurity agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare Where the apocalyptic forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.
Orchestrating obedience, orchestrating mass suicide, orchestrating a symphony of Armageddon.
Well, again, Robert Barnes was in Texas for several weeks and was available in studio.
He wouldn't give me much of the details, but he said he was representing a whistleblower and what was involved.
And then after the filings were made, he told me more in confidence.
And I told you a couple of weeks ago, I said, in a couple of weeks, you will see in the news the biggest news yet.
I'm not taking any thunder away or lightning from the great folks at Project Veritas.
They help spur other people to come public.
But this is, on a scale of 1 to 10, Veritas having them admitting they're lying to the public, admitting the vaccines are dangerous, is like a 5.
Having one of the research scientists involved and being able to have lawyers then contact the victims, that's a 10.
And if we don't do something about this and stop this now, it's just insane.
It's like Owen Schroeder said yesterday when he was hosting The Fourth Hour, If this doesn't stop now, then we're all complicit.
I mean, the things that are coming out now are just unbelievable.
So Robert Barnes can now speak to a lot more than you even see in the news.
With the exclusive, he'll be with us 15 minutes to the next hour.
And then the main researcher on Tucker Carlson's new three-part series, The Plot Against the People.
Mr. Beatty will be joining us, Darren Beatty, with huge breaking news on that front with the plot against the people coming up in the last 45 minutes of the next hour.
Then I'll continue with all this news.
But Robert, absolutely huge developments.
I know you're also working and you worked on jury selection and other things with the Rittenhouse case.
We've got huge developments there.
The FBI is sitting on footage of Rittenhouse being shot at.
Just incredible.
You'll be able to obviously get to that as well.
But wow, you've done a lot in and around vaccines and whistleblowers, but is it safe to say this is 10 times bigger than anything you've ever been involved in?
I mean, it's the biggest clinical trial whistleblower in the history of clinical trials involving major drugs, and it happens to involve the biggest drug ever distributed or produced in our modern age.
I mean, what happened here is, you know, this is someone who comes in and does clinical auditing.
So, this is the person who makes sure the clinical testing is actually meeting scientific standards.
And what she found was that it didn't meet any standard, least of all scientific standard.
I mean, you're talking about walking into the clinical testing where they're not even using the right garbage bags to get rid of the needles, because the needles are sticking out of the bag.
Where you walk into the patient's records, you could, a janitor could walk in and see people's medical records.
Just looking right there on the wall to look at who's got what diseases, who's got what medical problems.
I mean, basic, elementary mechanisms of safety and security were completely abandoned in these key, critical COVID-19 clinical stage 3 testing of the COVID vaccine.
And that doesn't even get to, of course, the severe scientific problems, which is that everything was unblinded.
It wasn't blinded, which it needed to be, which they weren't measuring that making sure the temperatures are right on the vaccines to make them actually effective.
They weren't taking baseline data to do blood samples and other blood pressure and other items to even know what the impact of the vaccine was.
There was under there is under the table payments being made to people There were people coming in that were compromising the fundamental safety and efficacy measurements of the testing.
Basically, it was an entire disaster and debacle.
And here you had someone who last year, who is the person that comes in to make sure these tests are being done in a scientific, accurate way, see that it's not being done at all in that way, finds out the problem is systemic and systematic, Report it to the FDA and what happens?
She is summarily fired right out of the gate, just fired.
And the FDA does no publicly known investigation.
So it's deeply disturbing if this kind of behavior was happening right in the open for someone to witness like she did.
Then that means we can have no confidence at all, no trust at all, in any of the clinical testing that went on on this COVID vaccine.
Cannot trust any of the data, any of the information.
It's the biggest whistleblower in the vaccine context, in the history of vaccines.
And we've got the lawyer that filed the case, Robert Barnes, right here with us.
We're going to lay it all out on the other side.
Stay with us.
While we were sleeping, they came and took it all away.
You know, we called this out 21, 22 months ago.
We called the Wuhan lab.
We called the Chimaera virus.
We called how they would try to bring the lockdowns back and how the vaccines wouldn't work and how they would demand booster shots.
People say, how the hell did Jones know this?
It's all over Twitter.
Like, Jones is a wizard.
That's one of the quotes that got a whole bunch of retweets.
Jones is psychic.
Well, all humans are psychic to a certain extent.
No, the globalists put out stuff like Operation Lockstep.
Event 201, Crimson Contagion.
I mean, they tell you what they're going to do at a big corporate level like this under the guise of a tabletop exercise.
And in the Spars tabletop war game that they did a year and a half before they launched all this, they war game even how, when it starts killing us, how they're going to spend that.
And how they'll blame the unvaccinated.
But then that won't be enough, so then they'll just start Burning the government regulators and saying it was all an accident, but really it's designed to collapse Western society to quote, bring in the Great Reset.
That's what Prince Charles said.
We need military action to end the industrialized world.
Feudalism for us.
He's not talking about himself.
This is a declaration of war.
They want to ruin things.
They want to make the police and firefighters and military quit.
They want Cloward and Piven.
They want the teachers to quit.
They want the factories to shut down.
They want the truck drivers to quit.
Because they know they can get the corporations to follow orders with Biden's illegal mandate and everything falls apart.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
All I can tell you is the supply chain breakdowns, everything that's happening.
I would get your Christmas shopping done now.
Even mainline studies say that 10% of packages aren't getting delivered right.
If we have a problem, we reship it to you.
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So shop with your mom and pops, shop with Infowars, because that's how you keep the First Amendment on the air.
And that's how millions of people get to hear the full story from the lawyer filing the case in Texas with the biggest whistleblower.
On medical malfeasance and corruption in studies ever with the biggest so-called vaccine ever that's already made $65 billion for Pfizer and that number just came out yesterday.
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All right, Barnes, start over, continue how huge this is.
They're really trying to suppress this, but it's coming out even mainline news.
COVID-19 researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issue in Pfizer's vaccine trials.
That's a dry way of saying at major universities, you know, have headlines like that.
But this is as fake as a $3 bill.
Break it down for us.
So, I mean, this story is being reported and was vetted by the British Medical Journal.
So you're talking about one of the premier medical publications in the world.
Researched this, reviewed this, investigated this, talked to people that knew her, talked to other people that were aware of what was happening with these companies doing these clinical testing for the COVID-19 vaccine, and they confirmed every single disturbing aspect and attribute of this.
They confirmed that what happened is here you have a whistleblower and the case that will be filed is for children's health defense against the FDA related to emergency use authorized for this vaccine for little children and that's what led her to come forward because this is such a disturbing level of clinical failures.
I mean every measurement and mechanism for safety, for efficacy, for determining whether this vaccine works Whether this vaccine is dangerous.
All of them were vitiated and violated in the critical stage three clinical testing.
And she witnessed it firsthand.
This is someone who has done over 50 clinical trial involvement over an extensive two decade career.
And this is not someone that had any political motivation at all.
This is someone who stepped in and simply was doing her job and was shocked at what she saw.
The worst clinical stage environment she'd ever witnessed.
Call it helter-skelter.
That's what other witnesses who saw it described it as.
I mean, they had severe adverse events taking place that were not even being reported or disclosed.
They had basic baseline information that wasn't being kept.
The specimen data wasn't being properly maintained.
The vaccine wasn't even at the proper temperature.
I mean, it's just an utter disaster what was taking place.
You had complete chaos, a complete breakdown of all the basic elemental rules for measuring the safety and efficacy of a drug.
You can have no confidence.
And what they were doing when they didn't have adequate data, they were just falsifying the data.
They were just fabricating the data.
They were putting in false entries into the system that was going to be reported for purposes of FDA approval and authorization.
So that's what's so terrifying here is that the most critical mass-mandated drug in history went through the worst clinical testing scientifically imaginable.
And the FDA knew about it a year ago.
And as soon as she disclosed it to the FDA, these companies fire her and terminate her.
So clearly that means they weren't serious.
So it's not just what happened in the clinical studies that she saw and that she heard about from other people participating.
It's what does it say about Pfizer that when they found out they had a complete disaster on their hand, their reaction was not to correct, not to remedy, not to investigate, not to clarify.
No, it was to fire and falsify.
It was to defraud the American people.
Uh, by, because I mean there's billions of dollars being paid for these vaccines.
And Barnes, obviously they've done all their secret studies of animals, they knew this was coming.
You predicted that almost two years ago, but what do you make now in light of the FDA board member saying last week, famously, I'm gonna vote for this to see what it does to the kids.
admitting they're guinea pigs, but now we learn it's far worse than that.
They all know about this.
They all know they suppress the real data that 86% of adverse reactions, including microcarditis,
and up to 56% of those that get microcarditis at those young ages end up dying within three to 10 years.
I mean, this is just unbelievable premeditation.
I mean, so that's why this whistleblower is joining and filing a declaration in support of the suit we are about to bring on behalf of Children's Health Defense in the Western District of Texas against this emergency use authorization for young kids.
They want to experiment on five-year-olds now.
They're going to treat our own five-year-old kids as guinea pigs for this experiment by some of their own admissions by their own state.
And let's go further.
Let's go further.
Total violation of the Nuremberg Code on its face.
They have the FDA and the CDC head.
The CDC head was on TV last night saying this is 96% effective and no side effects, no problems.
We did studies.
A complete 180 lie from reality.
Completely, because the studies aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
The studies are a joke.
The studies are a disgrace.
That's what this whistleblower confirms from right inside the critical level, clinical stage testing.
There is no reliable data.
They falsified data.
They fabricated data.
They just perjured themselves left and right to cover up the fact there is no basis to determine that there is any safety or any efficacy in any of these vaccines, least of all for minor children.
And not only that, I mean, the FDA ignored data, which was a violation of their ethical and legal standards.
They ignored the various contrarian information presented by a wide range of even governmental authorities, including the UK, as it relates to children.
They ignored a wide, and they didn't even articulate what their standard was.
They failed to articulate what is the standard for measuring the safety or efficacy of this vaccine?
What is the standard for measuring the safety or efficacy As it relates to the virus, and how dangerous the virus may be to this population group.
Which is to say, it is less dangerous, this virus, COVID-19, including the variants, are less dangerous to children than the flu is.
So why are we sticking an experimental drug in them when we have utterly unreliable data, and data that has been proven now by the whistleblowers, to not be scientifically valid data, scientifically trustworthy data.
Robert, all these top scientists, you know, almost two years ago warned this would happen.
Now what they warned have happened.
It was premeditated.
Why would Big Pharma do something this psychotic and crazy and commit a crime this massive?
And now we're gonna have a bunch of dead and dying children and they think they're gonna be able to suppress it and normalize it.
I mean, they've lost their minds.
It's all about immunity.
It's the reason why there's no available approved vaccine.
The only vaccine that's out there is these emergency use authorized ones because that has complete immunity.
Once they get it on the kids list, then they have the same immunity as all the other drugs on the kids list.
So they want complete immunity.
And why do they want immunity?
Because they know this drug isn't safe and effective in the way they're telling people it is.
That's why.
And they want to get rid of the population.
We'll be right back with Robert Barnes to talk about where we go from here and a bunch of other news that ties into this.
I've got another prestigious study about what the spike protein does to your DNA.
Robert Barnes is our guest and he is representing a major FDA whistleblower from inside the medical system that witnessed the greatest fraud ever in a major vaccine rollout as they try to suppress the data that Gates admitted that 80 plus percent get sick.
Including microcarditis and heart attacks.
So Barnes continue laying out this huge information and when is the lawsuit in the Western District of Federal Court here in Austin going to get filed?
Yes, so I mean this is extraordinary information and she took great risk by coming forward and the reason she did it was because she was horrified that they were going to experiment on kids now.
So we're going to file suit for the Children's Health Defense in the Western District of Texas early next week, maybe sooner.
As soon as the FDA fully and formally makes its announcement, it's done partial stages of it, that the Emergency Use Authorization has been approved for the purposes of injecting five-year-olds With this experimental drug for which they have completely inadequate data on either safety or efficacy for a virus that simply does not pose meaningful risks to children in that age group.
And that they failed to articulate a standard as they're required for measuring the safety and efficacy of the drug, for measuring the risk of the virus, for measuring the risk of the vaccine.
And particularly the long tail, long term risks are of course overwhelmingly on children because they have the longest life expectancy.
So there's great dangers to this drug over time.
The FDA admits they don't even know the full scale of it.
Instead, they're just going to experiment on children.
And that's why she came forward, because what she witnessed was shocking.
It was a helter-skelter environment where every basic measurement of safety and efficacy was completely eviscerated and ignored.
This is someone who's spent two decades in the clinical trial context,
auditing the records to make sure they're done properly, overseeing it to make sure it's done effectively,
done in a way that is scientifically conforming.
That means you have what's called blinded studies.
So people don't know who is getting the vaccine versus who is getting the placebo.
That means everything is done in a proper manner in terms of measuring the medical record data information.
That means you get certain baseline data before you inject the vaccine or the placebo,
and then you're able to measure it afterwards to know what effects the vaccine has.
That means the person is being monitored in live time after they receive the injection
to make sure you detect any things that occur.
Because I mean, people pass out other things, they may not even know what's happening.
It needs to be constantly, continuously monitored.
In addition, of course, you have to have basic safety and efficacy in terms of privacy of medical records and making sure you dispose of things like needles appropriately.
If you're not even disposing of needles appropriately, which is what was happening here, needles sticking out of bags, if you're not even properly managing the privacy of medical records with people's records stuck on the wall for the janitor to watch, to read, oh look, let's look at Susie's sexually transmitted disease right up there, that kind of thing, if you're not even at that level, Of safety or efficacy.
If you're not even of that level of protocols and procedures, if you're not even at that level of safeguarding critical and essential information, you can guess what the medical record data looks like.
They didn't even get the baseline data.
They didn't even record it.
They didn't even note it correctly.
When they got caught doing that, what did they do?
They falsified the data.
They fabricated the records.
That's what they did instead.
They weren't even monitoring people right after they received the injection.
They were left in the hallways unmonitored.
They weren't even recording properly a whole bunch of adverse events that were taking place, including severe adverse events in response to the vaccine.
It wasn't even blinded.
Everybody knew who was getting the placebo versus the vaccine, which completely throws out the scientific utility of a clinical study, particularly a stage 3.
This was a stage 3 Pfizer clinical study to measure the efficacy of the primary vaccine being distributed for COVID-19 to the entire world and they didn't even have basic elemental, elementary safety, security, scientific standards to measure it.
And that is why it is so dangerous that it is now being imposed on young children as young as five years old.
The FDA did not even articulate a standard for measuring safety and efficacy.
They should have done an individualized stratified test.
They didn't.
They don't even have, they ignored a bunch of relevant data.
They hid a bunch of other pertinent data.
This is a constitutional abomination.
This is a public health disaster.
And that is why this whistleblower is going to be filing a declaration in support of a suit by Children's Health Defense against FDA to stop these illegal, illicit activity.
This is the biggest disaster in human history.
Stay with us.
What a time to be alive.
Alex Jones Show here.
Robert Barnes is with us.
He is working with Robert Kennedy Jr.
and a major whistleblower.
And he is down here in Texas or has been in Texas here three weeks ago or so while he was getting ready for this, telling me it was coming out, telling me it'd be a huge story, biggest whistleblower ever.
And it is, and now it's hitting the news.
They're having real trouble trying to spin this.
Oh, there was a few problems with the studies.
No, they were finding the same numbers that Gates admitted 16, 17 months ago of over 80% of people having adverse reactions, including myocarditis and even death, and the attempts to suppress all of that information.
You can see on screen the clip we've been talking about of your TV viewer.
So Barnes, for folks that just joined us, Recap this huge news and then get into other angles of this for the public like, how's the power structure going to cover this one up when it's clear that they premeditatedly knew what this would do, knew it would attack immune systems and cause autoimmune problems and attack the heart?
And that that's why the rest of the world won't approve these so-called mRNA vaccines.
And we have the inventor of the technology a year and a half ago saying don't do this.
And we have the former head of Pfizer, chief scientist, saying don't do it.
And we have the Nobel Prize winners for virology saying don't do it.
I mean, it's not like they didn't know don't pour five gallons of gasoline on yourself and light it.
I mean, they knew exactly what they were damn well doing.
So why did they do this?
Why with the Deepwater Horizon?
Did all the engineers say, if you don't pump concrete into the drilling hole and drill a 30,000-foot hole, when it hits a big gas pocket, it's going to blow up?
And they said, and it's in the court transcript, we, a $46 billion company, we do what we want.
That's a quote in the movie, that's a real quote.
We, a $46 billion company at the time.
So why are they doing something thousands of times bigger than that, attacking our children?
What the hell is going on here?
Yeah, I think you have a multi-layered agenda.
For Pfizer, it's simple.
It's making money.
They're making record profits.
They have no risk and all reward.
And all they had to do was keep silent what was taking place, what this whistleblower spotted again a year ago.
Reported it to Pfizer and to FDA a year ago.
That was detailing these extraordinary deviations and basic procedural violations of core safety mechanisms for measuring the safety and efficacy of this drug.
The data is as contaminated as it can be.
The data is utterly unreliable.
There is no reliable, trustworthy data based on this whistleblower's report that this vaccine is safe and effective at all.
The reality is the real clinical 3 testing that's taking place is in live time on every American and every person in the world that's taking this vaccine.
They're the clinical test study.
They're the experimental subject.
They're the guinea pig.
Because the actual clinical testing didn't conform to basic elementary standards.
For measuring safety and efficacy.
They weren't properly recording adverse events.
They weren't properly monitoring people.
They weren't properly getting baseline data.
They weren't even properly keeping the vaccine at the right temperature.
While needles were sticking out of bags and people's patient records were sticking out of the walls.
This was a complete disaster with under-the-table payments to disguise what was taking place and to illicitly, fraudulently fabricate the data and information.
Consequently, we should never even be thinking about forcing this into five-year-old children for whom this virus poses very little to no risk.
And if people want to understand the broader agenda afoot, just look at who Bill Gates is and what he's been preaching for 10 years.
And there you can see where the roadmap is and where the roadmap is going.
And it's not a roadmap ordinary everyday Americans have any interest in.
And we have to continue to push back as people have.
Well, Robert, I know this.
What we're witnessing is incredibly historical.
And now they're not just talking about saying five-year-olds and up are authorized.
Now they're saying we want to start going down to two and up and then to newborns, even though they admit no newborns ever gotten sick from this.
They didn't have three or four comorbidities like serious deformities and things like holes in the heart.
It's just over The top, and then we see other studies coming out.
Here's a major study out of the Department of Molecular Biology, the Werner Green Institute, Stockholm University, one of the top 10 in the world.
A huge, giant study.
I read the thing last night, took me an hour, gave me a headache, and I went and cross-referenced it.
There's a bunch of other studies saying the same thing.
SARS-CoV-2 spike impairs DNA damage repair and inhibits VDJ recombination in vitro.
They went on to say the vaccine itself creating the spike protein causes a chain reaction in the body causing cells to not be able to replicate and or become cancerous.
It's unbelievable.
There's a big article on InfoWars.com about it from Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com.
Science horror!
Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders, and accelerating aging.
And I read the whole thing.
It's true.
And they know it.
And they're doing it.
I mean, this is like Moonraker.
This is depopulation.
This is it, Barnes.
Well, I mean, Bill Gates has always been basically a James Bond villain.
Look at the data Matthew Crawford is putting out.
He is showing all these countries, showing a lot of like throughout Asia, look at the Southeast Asia, look at the death rates from COVID and then look at the death rate after the vaccine is introduced and the death rate skyrockets in key age groups all in every single one of those countries.
Go back and think about the soccer player that dropped dead, or almost dropped dead, right in the middle of a game during the European Championships.
It wasn't long after he got the vaccine.
There's other soccer players that are suffering severe medical injuries.
We now know about tennis players, NBA players, people that are in the prime of their lives, suddenly suffering severe debilitating injuries, sometimes death, after they've taken the vaccine, within a few weeks of taking it, sometimes within days.
So it raises major questions about what is really Going on and what's going on is it fundamentally we're
being treated as chattel. I mean as Bobby Kennedy pointed out. It's practical
Enslavement where our bodies are not owned by us anymore Our bodies are owned by the state our bodies are owned by
the corporations Our children are being owned by the state and by
corporations and bars When they first started pushing this 20-something months ago, they were like, it repairs your DNA.
It's magical.
Then we went, hey, it alters our DNA.
That's dangerous.
They go, oh, no, it doesn't touch your DNA.
There's an article bragging about it.
Now they've spun that back.
And now we learned it actually destroys our DNA.
I mean, this is crazy.
Out of all the things they could have injected us with, they inject us with something that destroys our immunity and gives us cancer.
I mean, this is insane.
I mean, and it fits a long pattern.
I mean, there's no history of successful coronavirus vaccines in over a century of trying to develop them because of the nature of mutations and variations.
There's no history of a successful mRNA vaccine.
These were both massive experimentation being done on a massive scale at a massive stage on human beings.
I mean, that's that's Sergei Aguero.
That's one of the greatest soccer players in the world.
Not long after he takes the vaccine, suddenly he has heart issues.
Are we supposed to keep pretending these are coincidences?
I run into more and more people who know somebody hurt from the vaccine severely, then they know of someone hurt severely from the virus that wasn't already knocking on death's door.
Almost nobody knows someone that suffered a severe injury from the virus that was young and healthy.
Almost everybody now knows somebody who suffered severe injury from the vaccine.
And the risk of this vaccine was its long tail risk.
We're discovering its short-term risk is off the charts.
I totally agree.
What about Trump?
He's hurting himself with his base.
He's got to get ahead of this.
He doesn't have much more time.
This whole house of cards is coming down.
He got lied to by Fauci to come out with these shots.
Trump's got to extricate himself out of this right now.
Well, it's what DeSantis said the other day.
DeSantis said, you know you're... He talked about when you're in a recession, when you're in a depression, and he said, you know you're in a recovery when Fauci's been fired.
Well, we will know we're in a recovery when Fauci's behind bars.
That's when we'll know we're in a recovery.
Trump has got to recognize the mistakes that he made, turn the corner, turn the page, and start to address it and embrace the populist direction that the country is moving in.
That's what the elections showed yesterday.
Even New Jersey is tight because there's so much populist anger at this agenda.
The vaccine, the Virginia governor, Republican candidate, came out and said he would oppose all vaccine mandates three days before the election.
He surges, he wins.
You know, Barnes, I know you gotta go and I got another guest coming on, but we've got the Rittenhouse situation.
We've got the... I really need to get you back on.
Do you have any holes you can pop back on today or tomorrow?
Or can you come on during the War Room today?
Uh, tomorrow's good.
I'm free most of tomorrow.
Set him up tomorrow.
I want to get your Rittenhouse take and the election stuff is your spot on.
Thank you, Robert Barnes.
We'll be right back.
They're being destroyed.
All the checks and balances are being annihilated.
Our borders are being destroyed.
Our currency is being destroyed.
And the American people have been listed as terrorists by the rogue federal government.
InfoWars is going to continue to fight on, and there is a big awakening happening.
We have a good chance of beating these people.
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Dr. Darren J. Beatty is our guest.
He was on with us again last week, but man, I've had a chance now to see at least the first two parts of Tucker Carlson's extremely powerful miniseries on Fox Nation that's now been seen by millions of people.
And that, of course, is the plot against the people.
And we have the editor and owner and founder of Revolver.News, Dr. Darren J. Beattie, a former professor of political science for Duke University, who went on to serve in the White House as a speechwriter and advisor on policy to Trump.
He is now founder of Revolver.News, and he's one of the leading experts in the world on false flags.
We actually have some ongoing false flag stuff here in Austin that I wasn't really going to get to today.
I knew it was coming.
A firebombing of a synagogue.
They're trying to connect it to me.
Predicted this would happen and I'm not going to feed in to the group and organization that we know is obviously involved in this, but let's just say the system is very mad at me.
And we've been predicting this would go on and I'm going to speak to it towards the end of this hour.
But Austin Fire Department looking for arson suspect in connection with fire at the synagogue.
And so we'll be talking about that.
But here's there's a bunch of these clips.
I want to play just a few and then we're going to get our guest.
This is a clip of how they're building a Guantanamo Bay, or I guess it's built in Washington, D.C., for hundreds of people.
Here it is.
Guantanamo Bay is a place where terrorists are sent, pre-trial, absent due process, to be held, interrogated, abused by the government until they crack and give us what we want.
But now, they're doing it to us.
Now you have a group of people who went to exercise their constitutional rights on January 6th, who are being held, absent due process, In a federal prison for an undetermined period of time.
They're being held under egregious conditions.
I was incarcerated at first in a special unit.
And the first thing I noticed about it was it was full of black mold.
So even in the drinking water that came out of your sink, you could see the black mold down in there.
And then you punished them by letting the guards physically assault them?
Brian Samsel.
Two guards snuck into his cell in the middle of the night, zip-tied his hands behind his back.
They pulled him out of his cell, took him down to him where the camera's showing.
He followed instructions.
They proceeded to beat the man to the point that he now has lost sight in one eye.
And it gets a lot worse than that.
They've now declared the American people are terrorists in Biden's official national announcement in June.
down there, got him to turn around and his whole face looked like hamburger meat.
People are being tortured.
And it gets a lot worse than that.
They've now declared the American people are terrorists in Biden's official national announcement
in June.
And they're just getting started, ladies and gentlemen.
Solitary confinement is another very serious form of torture.
So, Doctor, thank you for coming on with us.
A lot is unfolding, a lot is coming out.
More is coming out in a few days than came out previously in a few weeks.
What do you make of the reception to Tucker's documentary that you're such a big part of and an advisor on?
What you think the next moves are going to be by the establishment because they're very upset that you and others are exposing, Tucker's exposing, their next big move obviously before the midterms is a false flag or provocateur event.
Yes, well, first of all, thanks for having me and thanks for covering this from the very beginning.
And it's one of those things like the media freaks out routinely about a number of things, some trivial and some not so trivial.
But there are few narratives that have generated such a severe and prolonged media and regime freak out as the narrative that there were government operatives inciting On January 6th.
You saw something similar when Revolver.News came out with its first piece laying out this argument.
It seems like every fact checker in the country and now it seems like...
Fact-checking is one of the few growth industries left in the United States.
Thousands of fact-checkers, they put their pencils down from, you know, going after the latest COVID fact-check to, you know, going to Revolver.News saying, here's why Revolver's wrong.
Of course, they failed at that.
But it was a complete freak-out, the likes of which you really haven't seen since the Trump days.
You definitely hit a nerve.
Tucker hit a nerve.
They are squealing.
Methinks they doth protest too much.
It's really amazing, and we saw a reprisal of this with the Tucker Show, but what's remarkable about the Tucker Show, at least with the first Revolver.News piece, you had a piece that came out, you had these mid-wit, low-IQ, quote-unquote fact-checkers do their best, and it's amazing with the resources they have, just how lousy their attempt at a fact-check actually was.
Well, that's right, they fact-checked a three-part series they'd never seen.
Right, no, and that's what I was going to do, is that for this one, at least for the Revolver one, they can pretend to have read it.
For the Tucker one, he literally just sent out a trailer, a trailer which was hugely popular.
It garnered, I think now it's at 3.2 million views.
It clocked millions of views very quickly.
In fact, Twitter had to roll out special features in order to increase the friction because
people were spreading it so much.
But the freakout was intense before anyone ever watched it.
They heard the term false flag.
They knew that he was going to be giving a huge national platform to the one narrative
that the regime, that the government, and its apparatchik lackeys in the regime media
don't want the American people to hear or entertain.
And that's that January 6 was an inside job in key respects.
Key people in the major militia groups in Puget 1-6 are protected mysteriously by the
federal government.
And there's pretty clear evidence of agents provocateurs.
And that's a lot of the stuff that's covered in the Tucker documentary and in the various
revolver.news investigative pieces.
Well, I know this.
It's just like now ABC News, NBC News, even Fox News, Chris Wallace says, no one's preaching critical race theory.
Funny how all the textbooks, the training manuals, AT&T's doing it.
It's super racist garbage.
We have it.
They're doing it.
It's all over the country.
It's taught right here in Austin.
And it's the same thing saying there's no false flags or no federal provocateurs.
They just got caught, as you write about in Michigan, the FBI completely running it.
I mean, so them trying to deny the stuff they're doing is just not working.
It's not working.
It shouldn't work.
Unfortunately, it's working more than it should just because they have the megaphone still.
We have we have something and, you know, credit to Tucker, you know, we have an alternative media, which is a hugely powerful and you're a huge player in that.
But in mainstream cable television, Tucker Carlson is the only person in all of American media willing to touch this narrative.
He's a Lone Ranger.
He's the Lone Ranger.
And the fact is, like, people talk about media as, oh, there's the marketplace of ideas, or they think of the information economy, it operates like they learned the free market does in Econ 101.
If that were the case, every single person at Fox News, every person at MSNBC, CNN even, they would be itching to have me on to talk about this because it gets huge ratings because there's a And he didn't just cover it.
He knocked it out of the park.
I mean, it's very powerful.
This is better than stuff you see on HBO and it's all documented because I lived it.
Stay right there, doctor.
We're going to come back with you to lay out more of this and play more clips and look at some of the provocateurs red-handed saying, attack, go in, get everybody.
And one of them's being paid.
90-something thousand dollars by CNN and other networks to lead it?
I mean, we caught them red-handed.
Did they provocateur a few short bus people?
We'll be right back.
What an incredible time to be alive.
You know, it's hard doing my job, and it's hard getting attacked and lied about, and it's hard to see the media take things I've said and done out of context and then try to destroy me, but it's very satisfying To know that there are people out there like Tucker Carlson, it's very satisfying.
To know there are people out there like Joe Rogan, who's now fully awake.
It's very exciting to know there are people like Dr. Darren J. Beatty, who helped President Trump during his administration and is helping America even more now.
But this is a big deal.
To have a three-part series with millions and millions and millions and millions of viewers.
It'll have tens of millions before it's done.
To raise consciousness about one of the main tricks that authoritarian governments and regimes pull throughout history.
World War II started with a false flag when Hitler attacked his own radio station in Glywoods on the border with Poland.
That's declassified.
Came out in the Nuremberg trials.
The Gulf of Tonkin got us into Vietnam officially in 64.
That was declassified in 2004.
The examples of this go on and on.
Operation Northwoods was a proposal to attack the U.S.
to go to war with Cuba and the Soviet Union.
Kennedy said no.
They killed him soon after.
So this is a big deal.
This stuff goes on, and I've experienced it, and let me just briefly tell you what's going on.
There are white supremacist groups that, clearly you track them, they're totally connected to the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, Democratic Party, Antifa, which is really German intelligence, always has been.
I just learned from Oklahoma City that German intelligence was heavily involved in that.
Because when you attach your own country, you want to use an outside group to do it, so there's even a bigger firewall, you understand?
I mean, I told my security people, I said, I would look for fire bombings of us and or leftist targets at the same time by these people and some of the connected groups.
And now, indeed, Austin Fire Department looking for arson suspect in connection with fire at synagogue.
And again, you've got multiple groups, you've got Patsy groups, you've got decoy groups, you've got real white supremacists that have been lured in or being run by the feds, just like you saw with the Whitmer kidnapping plot.
And they're just trying to get one of their idiot members wound up to do something like this and then directly tying it to us.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
But that's what's currently going on.
People burning big swastikas in the middle of the road and saying, we're here for Alex Jones.
Alex Jones told us to do it.
And then you get the firebombing going on, I'm sure by a different organization or group.
And so that's the type of things going on right now.
So that's how real this is.
And we're entering the season of this.
When the left is totally desperate, the globalists are desperate.
And when Bill Clinton was 20 points behind in 2000 and in 1995, He then bragged in 1996 on Air Force One in front of the whole media that he owed his 96th re-election to the Oklahoma City bombing, and now that was blamed on talk radio and conservatives.
And so that's why the Elohim City Southern Poverty Law Center ran that compound and said that the feds were basically running the attack, let it happen, and that even came out in court.
So, Dr. Beatty, please continue.
Yes, well absolutely.
Like we were saying, the effect that this narrative has had, I don't think we can explain it simply by confining the issue to 1.6 itself, however big this is.
And I think, I guess it's worth saying, why does 1.6 matter?
Yes, it's about the prisoners being held unjustly in Abu Ghraib-like Yes, it's about the people who are present who are being treated unfairly, but in a much larger sense, it's about 70, 80 plus million Americans who are Trump supporters or simply
Don't like the direction that the American regime is going, who are effectively cast as domestic terrorists by their own government on the basis of the false narratives surrounding 1.6.
That's one thing, and that's frankly big enough.
That's big enough to explain the extreme public interest in this on one hand, and the extreme freak out on the part of the government and the media on the other hand, when we expose this and when Tucker exposes this.
But I think it's even bigger than that.
Because up until this point, unless, you know, people who are regular viewers of your show, they're more informed than the average public.
But I would, I think it's safe to say that the average conservative until very recently, until just several years ago, It wouldn't occur to someone like that, that the government was involved in these kinds of things, that the government was capable of setting up its own citizens, and in fact has a long history of doing exactly that.
Quite the contrary, conservatives tend to want to venerate institutions of authority like the FBI, like the CIA, like
the DOD and so forth.
And conservatives are just getting a taste, a very bitter taste, of what the government actually is,
what it does, what it's capable of, the entire national security apparatus.
And they're reacting accordingly.
And I think that's something that really freaks out the media.
They don't want people to look at the lies of One Six and start to ask, what other events have they been lying to us about?
What other events has Merrick Garland been lying to us about?
Because this is not Merrick Garland's first rodeo, as I pointed out.
He's been on the domestic terrorism beat for decades now.
That's absolutely right, and we cannot stress enough that this is a total rebranding from Al Qaeda, or the Russians, or the Chinese.
You know, there's actual real groups, radical Islamists, you name it.
Which they've overblown and used to take away a lot of our rights.
And a lot of real liberals, like Jonathan Turley, law professors, warned 20 years ago, Patriot Act will be used on Americans.
And since then it has been expanded, and now they're not just saying it's going to be used, they're saying the main focus is the American people, and they're doing things that civil rights groups decried when it happened to, you know, members of Al-Qaeda.
But now it's happening to us, and the left is praising us.
So this is very, very dangerous.
Yes, no, it's extremely dangerous.
And again, you know, we're a lot of people on the right are dispositionally inclined to look at the national security state as their friend, as the, you know, the military, the DOD as their friend, even as the FBI is their friend.
Well, things have changed.
It probably wasn't like that ever.
But if it ever was, it's not like that now.
And people are seeing how dramatically That is the case in the specific instance of 1-6, the lies told about 1-6, and more importantly than the lies themselves, what the regime media and the regime itself is the agenda they're trying to shove down our throats on the basis of those lies.
Well, you're right.
This isn't about credit, as you know, Dr. Beatty, but people need to understand this is The equivalent of like in football, a long pass to your receivers.
I mean, this is their main move, is saying we're terrorists, banning our speech, censoring us and coming at the American people.
And they're not beating these drums everywhere and doing all this for no reason.
They really intend, I believe, not let us have real midterms and not let us have a real election coming up in 2024.
And they want to bring in a permanent authoritarian state using COVID restrictions as just the training wheels.
Yes, no, absolutely.
And if, actually, if I could break a little bit of news here on air with you, Revolver.News just ran a piece, exclusive Revolver News piece, is that Congressman Matt Gaetz and many other members of Congress have just issued a demand to Attorney General Merrick Garland, who's been avoiding their questions, sidestepping their questions.
Their demand is very specific.
They want to know whether any individual who's listed in the FBI's original Most Wanted for January 6th, they want to know if anyone who is listed on that Most Wanted list and who's been taken off has any prior relationship with the federal government as an informant.
And this is directly related to a specific individual that we covered in an extensive investigative piece called Ray Epps, who can be seen on video.
Dr. Beattie, that's where I was going next.
This is huge breaking news.
Stay with us.
"We need to go into the Capitol up to the day before."
He was one of the first 20 people that the FBI put on their most wanted list.
And then curiously and very quietly months later, after Revolver's story saying,
"Hey, let's look at the feds role here."
They take his face- - Dr. Beattie, that's where I was going next.
This is huge breaking news.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
Final segment with Dr. Darren J. Beatty.
Revolver.News at Darren J. Beatty on Twitter.
And he's right at the heart, really the progenitor of getting Tucker Carlson to deeply research this and come out with this incredibly bold and accurate and well done and truthful maverick transmission that is the plot against the people.
I haven't watched part three yet, but I'm going to be watching it this evening with my wife and children.
Doc, recap the big announcement.
The article just went live 10 minutes ago while you were on air with us at your revolver, the inside scoop, members of Congress getting together and saying we want specifics now on the individuals that have not been arrested that were there leading the attack on the Capitol.
Yes, and so in the previous questioning of A.G.
Garland, as you probably saw, Congressman Massey really elevated the question of Ray Epps to the national stage when he posed a question to Garland, said, hey, see this guy in the video calling for people going into the Capitol?
What's the deal with this guy?
And Garland sidestepped it with the usual deflection saying, oh, we can't comment on any ongoing investigation.
And so in Revolver News' extensive piece on EPS, we suggested a question that couldn't be evaded so easily.
And that's a question that now I can say is breaking news in this Revolver piece.
Congressman Gates has asked in an official letter To the Attorney General that's been signed on by a number of really hard-hitting members of Congress, including Massey, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Gohmert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene and others.
And the question is, Following January 6, were there people that you took off of any of the most wanted lists that were federal assets or federal agents?
If so, did any of the decisions to remove those people come as a consequence of cooperation between the federal government and the people that were animating the violence?
We look forward to your truthful and transparent response.
Now, that is not a theoretical question.
That's a question that is specific To one person, to the only person in the mountains of video documentary footage of January 6th and 5th, the only person to say we need to go into the Capitol, to say it repeatedly, to say it the night before, to rouse people, all different groups with different interests, to refocus them on the stated mission of going into the Capitol.
The same man, Ray Epps, who is seen right at the barricades, As Trump was speaking, before the whole crowd came in, who was seen at the barricades, he whispers into somebody's ear.
And that somebody, two seconds later, breaks down the barricades for the first time.
Incidentally, that person who broke down the barricades is the person in the clip you showed from the Tucker film who got beaten up in prison.
That guy's in prison getting beaten up.
The guy who appears to be one of the key orchestrators of that initial breach.
Nowhere to be seen.
The feds put him on their most wanted list.
The day after Revolver ran a major report exposing certain elements of possible FED involvement, they scrubbed him and we've heard nothing since.
What did you think of how the film handled EPS and tracking down all that?
No, I thought it was very strong and I'm glad that most recently people have followed up on all the reporting on Epps, tracked him down his ranch and say, hey, what's the deal with you?
Of course, you don't get any answer from him, but it's encouraging to see that people have taken an interest in this.
And I think part of The reason that the Epps piece specifically has taken off so much is that there's just such a natural virality to the videos.
I think there are other cases that Revolver has covered that I think are equally important and maybe even more so and more suspicious, but the virality of the video pertaining to Epps and his behavior on January 5th and January 6th It's so powerful.
It's so direct.
It's so explicit.
And any ordinary person watching this, especially after seeing the people just holed up in prison for comparatively very trivial things, you have to ask, what's the deal with this guy?
Well, absolutely.
But also look at, look at Jade Nex.
They let him out of jail and we're going to drop it until we all made a big deal about it.
First it's $40,000, then $70,000, then $90,000.
Now we're learning more, paid by CNN and others.
He's on the next day with Anderson Cooper.
He's got this female.
He's on video saying, I told you we were going to do this.
I told you we were going to take it over.
He's telling everybody, burn it down the day before.
Burn it down that day.
He's Antifa.
And then they have the gall to say, oh, there was no Antifa there that day either, even though we have them putting on Trump-style gear over their black uniforms in the woods.
No, very, very good point.
Jaden X is an important figure whom we cover also in the piece on Ray Epps.
He's seen in various clips standing next to Ray Epps.
Ironically, Ray Epps' remarks are so egregious and explicit that even Jaden X says, I don't know, this is a little bit too fed for me.
But one sort of footnote to what you've said about Jaden X is that Initially, a lot of the right seized upon Jay Nex and his affiliation with Antifa groups to say that, oh, look, it was Antifa doing this.
And there might be some truth to that, but I think it's worth pointing out what we cover in the article, which is that Antifa is a horrible organization.
In the grand scheme of things, Antifa is a paramilitary force for the corrupt establishment.
But still, you have a lot of just miscreant types in Antifa, and they do have a suspicion to law enforcement and infiltration themselves.
And in fact, a lot of the earliest literature basically exposing Jaden X's bizarre associations with government... Was Antifa?
It comes from Antifa.
Let's be clear.
To say this was an Antifa attack is to cover up that it's a deeper, deep state, leftist, Justice Department operation.
I totally agree with you.
Let's cut out the middle man.
The guy who was apparently Antifa was infiltrating Antifa just like he was infiltrating the other group.
Cut out the middle man, all roads lead to the feds themselves.
All roads lead to the feds.
I haven't seen part three yet.
Have you seen it?
I can't wait to see it.
I've not seen it yet.
I hope to see it tonight as well.
All right.
Dr. Beattie at revolver.news, at Darren J. Beattie on Twitter.
Thank you so much.
You've got 60 seconds left.
Any closing comments?
Well, my closing comments are, I hope that as people look at 1.6 and start to ask questions about 1.6, they'll take a broader perspective and start to look at what the government's been doing, because this didn't happen yesterday, it didn't happen months ago with Michigan, it's been going on a very long time, so wake up, learn the history of it, you've been great on covering this stuff, Alex, so I hope people dig into the archives and For starters, look into Oklahoma City, which might be a very interesting thing, and that actually features none other than Merrick Garland, who took a key role in that case.
So there's a lot of interesting things to come.
And as much as they've done in the past, they're clearly building up now for this to be the whole new authoritarian system in America.
I mean, this is the war footing.
This is the U.S.
It's not Russia.
It's not China.
It's not radical Islam.
It's us.
And again, I'm just really glad that you and Tucker Carlson, the general public, are on this case.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
Thank you, sir.
There goes Dr. Beatty.
All right, folks, we're going to come back in the next hour.
And guess who I got on?
Judge Andrew Napolitano to get into all of these other big subjects and the election that just took place in Virginia and other events and where he sees all of this craziness going.
That is coming up next hour.
Separately, Please continue to realize that when you tell your email list or your text message list or your friends or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube whatever about the show and about
That's the link.
They're not censoring as much.
And InfoWars.com.
Hey, Alex Jones is still on air.
Hey, Alex Jones has got incredible guests.
Hey, the forbidden information, they don't want you to know about all of it from the guy that exposed it all first is still on the air that they're trying to shut it down.
They don't want you to listen to it.
Tune in and then tell others and tell them to tell others.
And it creates the chain reaction.
Everybody listening, that was a powerful interview.
Robert Barnes, powerful information, life-saving.
Only way it gets out of the Phantom Zone, the millions we're reaching are a lot of people, but there's billions we want to reach.
The only way we get out of this cage of control is you.
You are the ambassadors.
You are the emissaries.
You are the missionaries.
That carry the truth out there.
So, InfoWars.com, Ford Slash Show, FreeWorldNews.tv, Bandai Video, it's all up there.
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All right.
I got a few more clips from Tucker's show that I want to hit, then we're going to get Judge Andrew Napolitano on straight ahead.
He's on in about six minutes.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks.
We're back.
Judge Andrew Napolitano hasn't been on in years.
He's got a lot to cover.
He's with us in about six minutes.
But right now, let's play a few clips from this part two of Tucker Carlson's new amazing anti-false flag program, The Plot Against the People.
Here's a few clips.
So the Republican Party, I just want them to hear this message.
Look at this crowd.
We are the people that you must represent or we're going to replace you with patriots.
And so that's what January the 6th was all about.
It was just about making sure that if you called yourself a conservative, that you stood with the conservative movement.
And unfortunately, it spiraled out of control.
We coordinated with the U.S.
Capitol Police.
Nearly every day, a lot of people don't know that Stop the Steal actually had a permit on the Capitol grounds.
So not the Capitol itself, and not the Capitol Plaza.
The Capitol grounds, Law 8, we had a permit.
So let's just imagine this.
20,000 to 50,000 people inside the President's Park.
We're sitting there at the very front.
I'm dead center of the President, front row.
A Trump campaign staffer walks up to me and says, you know, Ali, there are people leaving the overflow.
And there are already tens of thousands of people at the U.S.
With your presence and the presence of Alex Jones, why don't you guys walk down Pennsylvania, gather people together.
We're coming for creatures!
And then position them for your rally on Lot 8.
I wasn't at the Capitol when it descended into chaos.
And that's only by God's grace, because I was scheduled to be there.
Secret Service let us out at a point where we would have been there when the first punch was thrown.
And that's strange.
The only reason that we weren't there is because we stopped and gave an impromptu speech.
I get a text from the campaign that you should get there and de-escalate because things are not going well.
So, we started to approach the side of the Capitol where no protests had happened in November, no protests had happened in December.
All I thought was, I need to get them to the other side, and I need to get them to Lot 8.
Let's march around to the other side!
And all we are equipped with are megaphones.
Let's not fight the police and give the system what they want!
Maybe a thousand people are listening to us.
Come off the stands.
And 75,000 to 100,000 people there in front of us.
And it was a very helpless feeling.
We need to not have the confrontation with the police.
We're going to make that the story.
As a psychological operations officer, we may or may not be interested in influencing an insurrection
in other countries.
If you were going to do that, hypothetically, you wouldn't do that by telling a group of a million people to come to the Capitol, peaceably assemble, and just bring your American flags.
We can't be disrespectful.
So, if that was an insurrection, it was the most poorly conducted insurrection ever.
If it wasn't an insurrection, then what was it?
Special Operations uses the military deception tactic of a false flag abroad against the enemies of America.
A false flag is any time you want to frame another group so that you can then take action against that group.
It is my opinion that false flags have happened in this country.
One of which may have been January 6th.
And DHS says the coming 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks and religious holidays later this year could be catalysts for violence.
Fear is one of the biggest tactics used in psychological operations.
So what we're seeing is fear being used to manipulate the military to see millions of Americans as domestic terrorists and to try to silence people.
There is a fear that if you are a conservative and you're in the military, that you will be singled out, that you will be looked at with suspicion, that your clearance may be in question.
I'm driving into work and I'm thinking, I might be arrested at the gate.
They're saying that I've committed treason and that I'm a domestic terrorist.
We may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our own country.
So you're driving around Fort Bragg, you see NRA stickers, you know, come and take it, gas and flags, you see all of this.
When they started to say that extremists were in the military, and that those extremists had an interest in the spirit of 1776, you started seeing really poorly scratched out bumper stickers over all of Fort Bragg.
You are slowly purging out of the military any dissenting voice That may actually stand in the way of using military improperly in the future.
All right, we covered in the last hour with one of the main researchers from Tucker Carlson's incredibly important seminal National peace on false flags as my mission the last 28 years to expose false flags is one of the main ways the globalists would come to power to now see it on the mass scale reaching tens of millions of people.
Is another real sign of our success and all glory goes to God when it comes to the whole spiritual front.
But God works through us, God works through you, and it's been your tireless support of the broadcast and your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support buying products that has kept us in attack formation.
Because we're not on the defense, we're on the offense going after the globalists.
All you got to be willing to do is take action, do your research, and be willing to go to prison or die.
I'm here to do it.
I'm not the hero.
I would die to do this, and I certainly might, but that's okay because that's where I want to be.
These people must be met.
They must be faced.
They must be dealt with.
They are enemies, and denying or under attack or trying to join the enemy is delusional.
This is pure evil.
Your soul's real.
Get right with God.
But I have to tell you, it is all coming to a head.
And out of all the painful things we've been through together as a family, and that's all you, the viewers and listeners and our stations and the crew, we are a family.
It is so satisfying to see so many really well-known, successful people put their careers on the line to tell the truth and be good people.
Like Joe Rogan now is doing.
I told you a year ago, Joe's totally waking up.
As soon as he's in a position to tell the truth, he's going to do it.
He's done it.
I told you.
I told you the same thing years ago about Tucker Carlson.
They're like, what do you got Tucker Carlson at your office 10 years ago?
That guy wears a bow tie.
He's kind of a liberal Republican.
I said, no, Tucker's waking up.
I know when somebody's for real and when they're not.
And it's not like those of us that woke up before somebody else can get mad at those that weren't totally awake before.
This is a process.
What matters is, is they wake up.
That means they weren't evil, they just weren't aware of all this, because they were projecting their own goodness onto people.
Joe Rogan's a really nice, hard-working, good guy.
So is Tucker Carlson.
Just a family guy.
And for them to really come to grips with this has been a process.
They're just as smart as I am or smarter.
Now, once they've got it, they don't need Alex Jones.
They call me up and tell me, oh, hey, did you see this?
Did you see that?
Especially Joe.
I mean, he is really, really awake.
And that's exciting.
But don't think it's just Joe Rogan or You know, somebody like Tucker Carlson is going to save us.
It's going to be you and your word of mouth and you speaking out and you saying no to this system that's launching all the COVID hysteria and the forced injections and all the tyranny because they are in a serious panic mode.
Now, there's a big article on InfoWars.com I'm going to cover when we come back.
And it's in there in the printer, guys.
And it deals with what I told you was coming next.
What did I say was coming next?
After they said you can give it to five and ups, what did I say they were going to do?
Let me show you.
Let me get my phone and I'll show you right here.
I'll do it this way.
It's on InfoWars.com, but I'll just do it this way on air.
It's a big deal.
And I'm going to show it to you right now.
OK, overhead shot, please.
Here's our top story on InfoWars.
See it right there.
San Francisco becomes first city in the world to mandate COVID injection for children.
Five and up.
And we just put the InfoWars.com article up.
I will be absolutely as happy as a pig.
And you know what?
So that's kind of a big deal, isn't it?
Kind of a big deal.
Kind of a huge deal.
Stories on Infowars.com.
There it is.
San Francisco becomes first city in the world to mandate COVID injection for children 5 to 11.
See, I told you, it doesn't just mean, oh, idiot parents can give it to their children.
It means they're coming for your children and they're going to try to make them do it.
And this is an act of total and complete war against humanity.
And so, yeah, people better come out and speak out.
People better say no.
People better get in the face of these folks.
But just look at what a godless, demonic, evil city San Francisco is.
A city run by pedophiles.
A city filled with needles and human feces.
A rotting, open sore.
A wound on America's flesh.
A wound on Earth.
A wound on humanity.
And they want to take what they've done in San Francisco and make it even worse.
They want to take that and they want to duplicate it across the planet over and over and over and over again.
And I just sat here the last month saying, as soon as they, for Halloween, as I told you they would, I predicted it, make the announcement that they're coming for our children with the FDA and they did it on the eve of Halloween.
Within a week, I said, California will start announcing, and San Francisco's its real capital, its satanic center, its temple, That they're coming to try to make your five-year-olds take it to go in a restaurant, or to go to the mall, or to go to the doctor, or to get on a train, or do anything.
This is pure evil, and it erases their immune system.
And 86% of children suffered adverse reaction to Pfizer COVID vaccine in clinical trial.
It's now breaking from a whistleblower, and they covered the whole thing up.
And now this report by Greg Raish.
One that is antagonistic to another.
Something harmful or deadly.
For those with eyes to see, humanity is currently under attack by an antagonistic and deadly foe.
An enemy that must hide in the shadows to survive.
But there is always a money trail.
And money is their only real power.
So to find the real enemy we must follow the money.
In the documentary, Monopoly, Who Owns the World, Tim Gehlen does an excellent job of doing this.
While there appears to be hundreds of independent companies producing food, they are practically all owned by the same small group of companies.
These companies are controlled by their top shareholders, financial institutions such as Berkshire Hathaway, Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street.
This is also who owns Silicon Valley, Big Tech, the Airline Industry, the Steel Industry, Agriculture, the Textile and Clothing Industry, both the Oil and Solar Panel Industry, Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, and Banking.
Just about everything in today's modern world is owned and controlled by these same financial institutions.
Who are also invested in each other, forming a pyramid of financial power topped by BlackRock and Vanguard.
BlackRock loans money to the Federal Reserve Bank, advises them, and developed their software system.
BlackRock itself is owned by Vanguard, and Vanguard, sitting on top of the world pyramid, keeps its shareholders private.
But we know that the majority of wealth has been accumulated by inheritance and monopoly.
And the same few families have owned most of the world for generations.
Families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, Morgan and Bush.
Operating through non-profit foundations, these unelected families are able to rule over the world like kings.
This is the way it has always been, whether it be via pharaoh, royalty, papal supremacy, dictator, or investment banker.
Mankind has always been managed by the rich and powerful.
Freedom is a dream yet to be fully realized in this world.
After the American Revolution, our forefathers gave us the tools to realize this dream of self-governance in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
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And I gotta tell you, folks, I am super awake and super angry and super determined.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, a great patriot of liberty, is going to be joining us here in about 60 seconds.
I got so much to ask him about what's happening in the world, but let me just hit this article so you know about it.
We'll also ask him about this.
San Francisco becomes first city in the world to mandate COVID injection for children 5 to 11.
It's not just you can give it to children now.
They're going to try to make children take it.
Talk about the Nuremberg violation.
Talk about destroying free will.
Talk about evil.
And after Judge Napolitano leaves us, I'm going to host Summit of the Fourth Hour with the Global Bombshell in this big study put up by the Department of Molecular Bioscience at the Werner Glenn Institute of Stockholm University about the vaccine spike protein destroying your DNA.
It doesn't just change it, it destroys it irrevocably.
So we're going to talk about that some as well.
Well, I've been wanting to get him on for years.
He came on.
Gosh, it's gotta be eight, nine years ago, a few times.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, NAP, judgenap.com.
And of course, you can find him on YouTube, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and a longtime Fox favorite.
And we've got a bunch of stuff he's on with us about here in the next 45 minutes.
The role of government in our lives, the separation of powers, government secrecy and torture.
He's agreed to talk about it all.
And the FBI's unconstitutional behavior.
Thank you so much for coming on, Judge.
Good to have you here with us.
Alex, what a pleasure to be with you, my friend.
It has been about seven or eight years since the last time I came on.
All hell broke loose.
But now I'm free to join you, my dear friend.
All right.
Well, I always love seeing the speeches you give and the interviews you give and the amazing points you make, especially some of those events you've had with our mutual friend, Gerald Cilente.
What do you want to get into first?
Because you're kind of the master of all this stuff.
I mean, wow, everything you warned about decades ago, it's come true.
This is crazy.
What you just pointed out in the city of San Francisco, of course, is an edict issued by a health commissioner or by the mayor.
It's not a law enacted by the legislature of California.
It's not an ordinance enacted by the city government of San Francisco.
So the first thing people need to know, and they probably already know this, but I'll remind them of it anyway, is that laws in America can only be written by legislative bodies.
Just because a mayor or a governor or the president, although old Joe hasn't gotten around to signing his executive order yet, but just because the chief executive of a governmental unit issues an edict and calls it a law doesn't make it a law.
There is no statute.
State Federal or local, anywhere in the United States of America that requires people to be vaccinated or to wear masks.
The impetus for all this are edicts issued by the executive branch, commandeering the police to enforce it, and now threatening to keep kids out of school and fire people who work for the government who won't comply with these mandates.
Every single one of them is unconstitutional for that reason alone, that they're not enacted by a legislative body.
You know, I don't need to go over your curriculum, Vitae, and the fact that you are a very famous, well-respected judge and all the letters and what you've spoken about.
I mean, I know to be true, but I'm not a lawyer.
And on its face, I know that these are edicts.
These are out of control.
Just like Biden said months ago, you got to do it and never even signed an order.
He claims that's coming.
So if I know that, don't all these other judges in the Supreme Court that have been going along with this know that?
And so why are they doing this?
The only reason I can suspect is fear.
I was actually stunned at the midnight decision of the Supreme Court about three or four days ago involving health care workers in the state of Maine.
So these are public and private employees who filed for a religious exemption, whatever their religion is.
They're sincerely held religious beliefs.
Prohibit them from taking a vaccine, whether it's because you think there's something in the vaccine that came from an abortion, or because you think it's against your religion to take an experimental drug, which of course is against federal law and international law.
Whatever the reason is, it's a sincerely held religious belief and the Supreme Court rejected that.
In his dissent, Justice Gorsuch, a Donald Trump appointee, said, wait a minute, aren't we the same Supreme Court that just six months ago upheld the religious exemption?
So the only thing I can think of is that this is a preliminary ruling, not a final ruling, and not on the merits, but it's dead wrong.
Because preliminarily, the first freedom in the First Amendment, as law students would all say, freedom of speech, freedom of speech, freedom of the press.
No, it's freedom of religion.
So sincerely held religious beliefs trump everything in America.
And the Supreme Court recognized that as recently, Alex, as six months ago, but six days ago, refused to follow its own ruling and is allowing this dictator governor in Maine to get away with another edict.
It's not even legislation enacted by the Maine legislature.
And again, that's Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
People think the country started over guns or taxes.
That was secondary.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
It was really about religious freedom.
People were sick of the Church of England and all the rest of people telling them what they had to do.
People were sick of being told how to worship God and Alex.
They were taxed in America for the Church of England.
When Madison was a congressman at the time, wrote the Bill of Rights.
He was determined to build a wall of separation between church and state.
And the Supreme Court recognized this, as I said, as recently as six months ago.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn And three synagogues sued then-Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The Supreme Court took about 15 minutes to reverse the Cuomo edicts, which limited the number of people who could go into a cathedral.
In a 1,200-seat cathedral, it limited it to 25 people.
In a 400-seat synagogue, it limited it to 25 people.
You could put 500 people in Walmart.
You could put 500 people in any kind of a large shopping facility, but not a place of worship.
The Supreme Court rejected it and said, freedom of religion trumps governmental need.
Now, why they didn't say it in the vaccine case involving Maine, I don't know.
Sometimes I know the way they think.
Why the naked attack in your opinion, this is a social question, by the left on religion and the First Amendment just to show the censorship, not just going after the churches, they're just totally authoritarian.
Well, the left hates religion because they can't control it, because it represents a relationship between individuals to God who is superior to them and their instruments of government.
The left was once a strong... there still are some people on the ACLU and some people on the left, but not the AOC crowd.
That crowd would just as soon get rid of the First Amendment because it's an obstacle to the furtherance of their goals.
Their goals, of course, is to take away our liberty and take away our property and distribute everything to everybody as they think it should be distributed.
That, of course, would require them To take away the Constitution and probably to take away our lives before they could get away with that.
All right.
I'm excited to have him, Judge Andrew Napolitano.
You can find all the great interviews and shows he's doing right there in his books at JudgeNap.com.
And he's been really attacked by the left for standing up for the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Here he is with us now live.
You can also find his YouTube channel.
Judging Freedom with Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Find his show there at JudgeNab.com.
We'll be right back to talk about the FBI and their latest behaviors and the plot against the people in Tucker Carlson's new amazing miniseries.
I bet the judge has something to say about that.
In fact, I know he does.
Stay with us.
Well, I got to tell you, I said this for many years, the smartest person on Fox News was Judge Andrew Napolitano because he knew his history.
He knew what was going on.
I've got a clip.
From 2013 where he talks about the history of the FBI being behind almost every domestic terror plot.
That's the special, you know, political unit for us, and the whole FBI is bad.
But today, you see the plot against the governor being run by the FBI in Michigan, and we see the January 6th, clearly Feds heavily involved with provocateurs being protected, but nonviolent people still being held in jail.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, I know you've got a lot to say on the misdeeds of the Justice Department itself, and really what should be done about this, because it's becoming more and more evident uh... that it i mean that they could just came out that
they had an h_d_ video they had
of kyle rittenhouse being shot at uh... before he fires back to defend himself open and shut
uh... right to defense here what's going on well when the government hides evidence that helps in the
defendant that sometimes should induce the trial judge to throw the
case out because you can have a prosecution by government cheating
Most trial judges will not throw the case out, give the evidence over to defense counsel and give them some time to deal with it.
You're probably going to find a little bit more of that in the Rittenhouse case.
I can't predict how it's going to end up.
But judges know when government starts hiding exculpatory evidence, evidence that helps the defendant or hurts the government's case or does both, Then the judges begin to wonder how solid and stable the case is.
With respect to the FBI, you're right on the mark.
You and I have discussed this many times.
The FBI creates crime.
It looks like a crime.
Nobody's ever really in danger.
They talk some lone wolf into believing that he's going to blow up a subway, for example, in New York City.
The FBI provides the money.
The FBI provides the incentive.
The FBI talks him into it.
The FBI brings him to a meeting of supposedly the people that are going to give him the bomb making materials.
They give him something that's talcum powder.
He goes to plant it in the subway and then they arrest him.
And then they claim that they have kept us safe.
How the hell does the FBI creating a false non-crime, something that they can just boast about, keep us safe?
They did the same thing with the governor of Michigan.
Where there were actual, not only undercover people working in behalf of the FBI, but FBI agents themselves acting as provocateurs in the plot against the governor of Michigan.
I'm not a fan of the governor of Michigan, but the plot against her was totally concocted by the government, paid for by the government, Promoted by the government when some of the people are now defendants and still in jail.
Got cold feet.
The government agents threatened them.
That was a non-crime and there was no she was never anywhere near having a hair on her head being harmed.
And I would add it was done when she was in major trouble politically, getting caught going out on vacations and trying to, you know, rent boats, but saying, oh, nobody else is allowed to leave their house or go to a lake, but I'm allowed to.
I'm the governor.
And so give my husband the boat.
I mean, this was done at a time to make her look like a victim and make people that were against lockdowns look like terrorists, which is, you know, Judge Biden put in the official U.S.
government You know, it's funny you should say boats with respect to the governor of Michigan, and I know you didn't say this by accident.
now, but people that question the election, people that question lockdowns, I mean, this is crazy.
You know, it's funny you should say boats with respect to the governor of Michigan,
and I know you didn't say this by accident. She had the most draconian lockdown in the country,
even worse than here in New Jersey. You couldn't go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy a garden hose
during her lockdown.
But you could rent a boat.
Isn't that interesting?
Her husband's in the business of renting boats.
That's right.
So not only was her edict draconian, unconstitutional, unlawful, and unenforceable, she had carved out an exception for her husband to enrich their family house.
Back to the FBI, if we could.
Well, I want to go back to the FBI, but you just reminded me.
Remember, he owns a bunch of wineries that also have those fine dinners hosted at them, and it turned out that Governor Newsom left his restaurants open where everybody else's were closed.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
It's like Lightfoot saying, I'm allowed to get a haircut, you're just not allowed to.
Right, right.
I mean, it's simply outrageous that the government would issue an edict, not a law, issue an edict, punish people who don't comply with the edict, but carve out an exception for themselves or for their friends.
It's a form of crony capitalism, and it's a form of soft corruption.
I don't know if this put money in the governor of Michigan's pocket.
I don't know if it put money in Gavin Newsom's pocket.
But I know they didn't apply to themselves the same draconian edict that they applied to everybody else.
Absolutely right.
Back to the FBI.
I mean, I'm sad to see the FBI so discredited in acting like this.
I mean, they're just destroying themselves.
When I was on the bench, I tried a number of cases that involved FBI agents.
And the FBI agents with whom I came in contact were so decent.
So honorable, so strong, so respectful of the Constitution, I would put my life and my fortune in their hands.
Today, of course, the FBI is filled with political types who will use the powers of the office to embarrass people that they don't like.
I don't know how January 6 started, but I know this.
The FBI has undercover people in the crowd who were texting to the FBI as the crowd was maneuvering.
And what the undercover people were telling the FBI was radically different from what federal prosecutors have been telling judges.
Now, if the federal prosecutors have an FBI undercover agent who's on the scene, who's with the crowd, who's listening to them, who's a member of the Proud Boys, who's interacting with them, and he's saying, there's no violence, there's no plan for violence, there's no plan to destroy anything.
And the FBI doesn't tell that to the federal prosecutors or the FBI tells federal prosecutors and they don't tell the defendants?
We have another Kyle Rittenhouse situation.
There's exculpatory evidence, a federal agent on the ground, in the scene, whose narrative of what he's seeing and hearing is radically different from what prosecutors are telling the federal judge.
Another basis to throw the prosecution out.
But beyond that, beyond whether prosecutors are honest enough to tell defense counsel about exculpatory evidence.
What is the FBI doing this for?
Were they there to protect people?
They didn't protect anybody!
Were they there as provocateurs?
Well, if they were, they were violating the oath to uphold the statue.
You know, I thought that this morning and forgot to make that point on there earlier.
That's why you're the judge and I'm not.
Yeah, why the hell are they there with infrared watching everybody and cameras and then not stopping convicted pedophiles running around shooting guns at people?
Well, if they're there to protect innocent lives and government property, they didn't lift a finger to protect anything.
And they knew what was happening as it was happening.
They also knew from their very trusted undercover agent, whose name has not been revealed, and I don't know who it was, someone trusted by the Proud Boys and someone trusted by them, that there was no plan for violence.
And they didn't tell that to federal prosecutors.
How do we know they didn't tell it to federal prosecutors?
Because the undercover or the investigative reporters who discovered this undercover agent, his name has not yet been given to defense counsel.
At some point, they're going to have to reveal who he is.
And a lot of FBI agents are going to be embarrassed when his name comes out.
And defense counsel interrogates him in public courtroom about what he told the FBI and how they didn't lift a finger.
Well, that's another question I've got when we come back.
You've got hundreds of people still held, many of which were not even violent, in Guantanamo Bay-like areas in solitary confinement, and they admit that when they come out and say, I hate Trump, OK, we're evil, yeah, we plan to attack it and lie, then they're being let go.
I mean, this is like when our Air Force people would get shot down over Vietnam and be tortured for a couple of years and come out and, you know, lie about America.
It's just disgraceful to see this happening.
My piece this week is about torture.
We can discuss it when we come back.
But last week, for the first time in American history, a victim of two years of horrific CIA torture testified about it in an open courtroom.
And the government challenged none of it.
Well, let's talk about that and where people can find your article with Judge Andrew Napolitano, JudgeNap.com, when we return.
The return of Judge Nap to the Alex Jones Show!
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
We got Eric Clapton coming out saying the vaccine almost killed him.
And we've got Ernest Ramirez all the way from Austin.
His young son, totally healthy, died after he got the second dose of Pfizer.
Heart attack, myocarditis.
He's testified to the Senate in powerful testimony.
We got some of that coming up next hour.
Very important as they come after our children.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events for children related to Pfizer vaccine approved anyway.
Now in a filed lawsuit that's going to get filed next week.
And we just heard preludes to it in the southern in the western district of Texas with a whistleblower from inside the trials.
That they knew it and covered it up.
Simply insane.
I'll get to that coming up the start of the next hour.
Going back to Judge Andrew Napolitano, you were getting into the FBI and then you were segwaying into the CIA and torture and a big piece you've got coming out this evening at LewRockwell.com.
Tell us about this court case.
So it's actually three events happened in a two week period and you didn't see any of this on the front pages.
Four Polish, Polish intelligence agents Tortured a guy who's now at Guantanamo Bay in Poland.
The Polish government is prosecuting them and the Polish government subpoenaed the records of the torture.
The case went all the way to the Supreme Court.
The federal prosecutor said to the Supreme Court, we can't reveal, we agree, we acknowledge the torture occurred.
It wasn't done by us.
CIA was watching but they didn't physically do it.
We can't give you the records of it because we have a right to secrecy while we're at war.
Whereupon Justice Kavanaugh said, wait a minute, what war are we fighting?
Alex, this was two weeks ago.
Federal prosecutors said, we're fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Whereupon the courtroom broke out in laughter.
Is he the only person on the planet that knows we are no longer fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan?
Our departure was front page news for weeks.
It was a disaster of monumental proportions.
But the government will lie to the Supreme Court in order to hide its dirty secrets.
At the same time that was happening, a detainee in Guantanamo was testifying at his sentencing hearing.
And he testified for two and a half hours about the horrific torture visited upon him in Guantanamo, in a foreign country by American CIA agents, which included rape.
Yes, rape.
He then looked at the jury and said, the more I cooperated, the more they tortured me.
When he finished describing the torture, his jury is eight senior officers of the United States military.
When he finished describing the torture, the government refuses to challenge it, meaning for the first time in American history, The American government acknowledges that the Bush-Cheney regime engaged in, provided the means for, authorized and ordered torture of people.
Seven of the eight jurors, who are senior members of the military, wrote a letter to the judge saying what happened in this case Was an attack on the fiber of everything America stands for.
This is the first... And two-fold, nobody even heard about this in the news.
I saw it, forgot to even cover it, because it's so past-date that the government tortures.
And at the same time, the US government didn't even deny it, which, why is that a problem?
Well, now they're doing it to January 6th detainees in the United States of America.
They're setting the precedent to torture us.
While that was happening, a federal judge in Washington was ruling on a habeas corpus petition of a guy who's been at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years.
Habeas corpus is a fancy phrase for, show me the evidence against me.
The judge looks at the prosecutors and says, there's no evidence against him.
I'm going to release him today.
So why did it take 14 years for this judge to be able to evaluate this evidence?
Because Justice Department's under four presidents, two Republicans and two Democrats, kept persuading the courts, not this judge, but other judges, to delay the hearing until they could find evidence against him.
Well, that's not the way it works!
If you don't have evidence against him at the time of this arrest, you don't have a basis for arresting him!
You can't hold him for 14 years, and then hope and pray and delay and delay, until you can find evidence that he violates the Constitution!
Is that now, as you know, the new official policy of Biden is that conservatives, Christians, people protesting elections, people protesting lockdowns, that they are terrorists and that similar things should be done.
And, you know, and even mainstream news puts up graphics saying that this is terrorism to question elections or things like that.
They're really trying to do this.
So how do we counter this?
What do we do with this level of tyranny?
This is an extremely dangerous time in American history.
And it began under Bush against Cheney.
George Bush was told, Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba.
The Constitution doesn't apply in Cuba.
The federal laws don't apply in Cuba.
And best of all, Mr. President, those pesky federal judges can't second guess what you do in Cuba.
Well, the Supreme Court dispatched all three of those arguments in one opinion.
A first year law student would know not to make those arguments.
Wherever the government goes, the Constitution goes with it.
But they did begin to inculcate this argument that these people are terrorists and therefore they have less rights than the rest of us.
That's the danger you're talking about.
Because the Attorney General of the United States, a former life-tenured federal appellate judge, has begun to refer to the people on January 6th as terrorists.
I don't care what he calls them, but if he calls them, but if he thinks that calling them terrorists Well, that leads me to this.
diminishes their rights. He has profoundly rejected the Declaration of
Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, all of which he has
sworn to uphold. Well that leads me to this. Our rights come from our humanity, Alex.
They don't come from the government. It doesn't matter where your mother was
born, which determines your rights. The fact that you are a human being gives
you these basic natural rights that the government has obliged to protect and defend.
Wow, you're really on fire there, Judge.
You're absolutely right, obviously.
And that leads me to this final point.
What do we do about the liberals?
They used to not like NSA spying.
They used to not like torture and war.
Now they were mad at Trump, who was trying to pull us out of all these wars.
And now they're calling for all of us to be arrested as terrorists, a big tech censoring us.
I mean, the Democratic Party celebrates George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush.
They celebrate Colin Powell lying about anthrax.
I mean, what in the world happened to the average liberal out there?
I didn't agree with them on the Second Amendment or other things, but at least they said they didn't want torture, now they love it!
There's no moderate Democrats anymore.
I shouldn't say there's no, there's very few.
There is Joe Manchin and folks like that.
But the Democratic Party, and listen, I taught law school with Joe Biden, this is 35 years ago when he was a member of Congress, at Delaware Law School.
Was, and in my view is, a moderate middle-of-the-road Democrat.
But today he has been pulled so far to the left because the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left.
Terry McAuliffe was once a moderate Democrat.
He got trounced in his effort to return to the governor's mansion in Virginia because he pandered to the left and the people in Virginia saw through that.
The farther left the Democratic Party goes, The less appeal it has, and I don't know what we can do, because right now, they're running the show.
They control the House of Representatives, and but for the personal courage of Joe Manchin, who by the way is Italian.
I don't know what the real name is, but he told me he would take me to Italian restaurants in West Virginia.
I sort of laughed.
I mean, Manchin is an Italian name.
I looked it up.
Where would we be without somebody of his personal courage?
So, we have dark times ahead of us, Alex.
Maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel, but there's much darkness to come first.
That's one of the reasons I'm so animated.
Well, listen, join us again, join us again soon.
And I know you got your own show.
We all love it.
And please come in here and host an hour anytime you want.
God bless you.
Thank you, Judge.
All the best, Alex.
Thank you.
Great to have him back with us.
Great to have him here on the show.
All right.
We got another great guest host coming up, but I've got to get to this testimony in front of the Senate by Ernest Ramirez.
It's powerful.
And a few other things.
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You know, I'd rather ride around on the back 40 with a shotgun hunting up some
Dub for dinner.
Maybe grab my deer rifle.
I see a wild hog and popping it.
And sit here and talk about the new order coming up for our children.
And I would be rather driving around in the countryside with the fishing poles in the back of the truck, about to do some fishing with a little bit of Chuck Berry on the radio.
But we don't have time to do that, do we?
Because they're coming for us, and they're punishing us, and they're censoring us, and they're attacking us, and they're trying to set us up for crimes because we're fighting them.
We're standing up to them.
Kate Daly's coming up here in about six, seven minutes.
I've got a little bit of this testimony that Ernest Ramirez gave before the Senate.
You know, we had him on the show months ago.
His son died.
He was in great health.
Four days after he took the second Pfizer shot.
And I did an okay job in the first hour hitting this with Robert Barnes, but all the news we covered was huge today.
But let me tell you something.
Them coming after the children with these deadly shots.
And California now moving to mandate and make children take it, under Colorado law, which makes it even worse, is just total acts of war against humanity.
And we have to resist this.
Now, I don't want to get violent with these people, even though they're coming after our children.
They want that because they're losing.
But it's going to take some really serious civil disobedience.
And I mean, I'm going to have to start doing it myself.
And you're going to have to do it.
We're going to figure out what that is.
We just got to come to a consensus and start doing it.
But if you live near San Francisco and places like that where they close these In-N-Out burgers because they wouldn't let people have vaccine passes.
And I said two weeks ago, I said, watch, San Francisco is going to mandate five and up the minute the FDA comes out and says do it.
They don't even finish the study on children until 2026.
So they call it approved and studied.
They covered up what really happened in the studies.
That's what broke last night.
He told you three weeks ago that suit was coming.
Robert Barnes.
So, what an incredible time to be alive.
I'm going to recap this and hit the earnest for Miraz News.
And then Kate Daly, great syndicated talk show host, is going to take over.
She hosts a large portion of the Fourth hour here every Wednesday.
We're really honored to have her.
Always really amazing to sit back and have my lunch.
Usually she takes over on Wednesdays and watch the great guests she gets on as well.
So I can't wait to hear what she has to say.
And last week she had a lot of good news as well.
And the good news is this is going to wake a lot of people up.
The good news is that, you know, this isn't going as well as the new order wanted, but the bad news is they don't give a damn and they're going to end with it because they love death.
They're not just doing this to make 65 billion at Pfizer.
They're doing it for total power and control, because if they can inject people with really poisonous stuff and get away with it, and get the whole system and the lawyers and the doctors and nurses to sign on, well, they've got full control.
Those people are compromised.
Those people will go along with anything.
They'll go along with keeping babies alive and selling their body parts, and all the rest of the stuff that's coming out.
And yes, it's good news in Virginia.
Do we know yet of that horrid governor lost in New Jersey?
That demon?
Of course they're all losing.
But, but, is this a head fake?
Like, folks over at Gateway Pundit are asking so that Republicans feel complacent coming up in the midterms and then they roll out all the fraudulent ballots again.
We'll see.
But no doubt the New Jersey governor lost.
Hell, they said he was 15 points ahead in all the polls.
And now they've been neck and neck, so we'll watch that race as it unfolds as well.
So, yeah, am I celebrating that some Republicans got elected?
Yeah, I mean, sure, but They need to not be loyal opposition to the system.
And this guy's poll numbers exploded in Virginia when he said he was against the shots.
California dreams!
They're coming for the five-year-old, saying it's mandatory.
They're gonna inject your child.
But at the same time, it's not even the law on top of it, and Biden's order is just hot air, but people bow down to it.
Kate Daly is about to take over, but I wanted to recap it and then break some new news here.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events for children related to Pfizer vaccine, approved anyway.
Bombshell, had the lawyer involved, all of it coming out.
Just such massive news in the first hour.
Falsified data, Pfizer vaccine trial had major flaws, whistleblower tells peer-reviewed journal.
And now we've got this.
My government lied to me.
Dad details teen son's death from mycocarditis following vaccine.
The article's on InfoWars.com.
Save other young people and save other children.
Get this article and share it like your life depends on it, because God's watching.
Texas father gave heartbreaking testimony before a Senate panel detailing a 16-year-old son's death from heart complications following his first Pfizer jab.
Here's Ernest Ramirez.
I was a father of a 16-year-old son.
I'm a single parent.
I raised my boy since he was a baby.
He meant the world to me.
I got the vaccine to protect my son.
And, uh, *sips tea*
After in March, April, they're announcing how it was safe for teenagers.
Me and my son have never been apart.
We're always together.
He was my best friend.
I always told him it was me and you against the world.
He joined ROTC in high school.
He was always full of smiles.
Anybody that knew my son would see he was happy.
I wasn't rich, but I gave him everything he wanted.
We didn't like for anything.
We used to go fishing, camping, do everything.
We got the Pfizer vaccine because I thought it was to protect him.
I thought it was the right thing to do.
It was like playing Russian roulette.
My government lied to me.
They said it was safe.
Next week is his birthday.
You know where I'm going to celebrate his birthday at?
Well, everybody, once we leave here, they're going to forget about what we're doing or what they talk about when we sat here.
They're going to be enjoying time with their family and kids.
Thanksgiving, I'm going to spend at the cemetery.
Christmas at that cemetery.
They need to quit pushing this on their children.
I lost mine.
I need to protect yours.
They're trying to target the 5 to 12 year olds.
We're going to have more deaths in our hands than they planned.
And they say it's worth the risk.
It wasn't worth the risk.
I was a father of a 16 year old son.
You can see the full testimony at InfoWars.com.
The enemy is fighting to suppress this father and countless others, but they will not suppress them.
FDA knew about numerous adverse events in children and covered it up in the Pfizer trials.
Now a major internal whistleblower.
San Francisco becomes first city in the world to mandate COVID injection for children 5 to 11, and it's all a fraud.
New major study out of the university.
That's all there.
You should read it.
study finds massive attacks on DNA by the COVID-19 mRNA spike protein vaccine.
Science horror vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA
repair, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders
and accelerated aging. That's all there you should read it's linked at
Infowars.com and it just goes on from there or even worse.
Oh, but don't worry, the FDA approved first oral blood thinning medication for children ahead of vaccine rollout ages 5 to 11.
And now if you go to the NIH's own website, it says that of the children that develop myocarditis, even mild myocarditis, between 25-56% will die within 3-10 years.
So, if you think it's bad that the number of young people that have already died, 12 and up, just get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
Here it is from the NIH website.
That is the facts.
All right, with that, she's got 49 minutes and we really appreciate her hosting.
Kate Daly, take over.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, let's do this.
Voting results are in, and although I'm happy to see some of the results, how happy am I really?
I don't know.
Because if three-fourths of the country is identifiably conservative, then how are the races always this close?
How is that possible?
Hmm, one must wonder.
Is it a little dominionitis?
I think so.
You know what?
We have some problems going on in America.
Both parties are part of this.
I know you know this.
I'm preaching to the choir right now.
But one is driving the train and the other wants to look like a reluctant writer.
They're not very reluctant when they get in, and we all know this.
I feel like they handed us a little bone, you know, threw us a little bone and said, that'll keep you guys complacent.
You'll think you've won something.
What have we won, Bob?
This is how bad it's getting when I don't trust my vote.
I don't trust the hospitals.
I don't trust scientists.
I don't trust anyone anymore.
It is a far cry from where we need to be.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
And both parties are a part of it.
So Facebook is now saying, when you hear those F Joe Biden chants, you're not really hearing that.
Did you know that?
Yeah, your ears, they're deceiving you, just like your eyes are deceiving you for all of the vaccine injuries that we have.
Same thing.
So a listener, yeah, you're supposed to just not hear what you're hearing.
So a listener to my daily live show asked me if I could sum up the news in five minutes.
Well, I could try.
I could definitely try.
Who doesn't love a good challenge?
The National Walkout for America is happening next week.
The biggest strike in American history is going on next week.
Are you going to be part of it?
Are you going to get your American card?
I think we all need to get our American card.
You know, we haven't had to sacrifice.
We've enjoyed the dream, but we've never had to work for it.
And I think right now, we're learning that even making it very easy, we're having to work for it.
We already fought a bloody revolution.
We don't need to do that again.
What we really need to do is show them that we are not putting up with this.
And so far, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest strike in American history has been going on under our noses.
The media won't report on it.
No, but we all know what's happening because you have friends and relatives and neighbors that are all leaving their jobs because of the mandate.
So next Monday through Thursday, America is going to do the biggest walkout that's ever happened in American history.
Are you going to be part of history?
Are you going to tell your kids and grandkids what part of history you fell on?
Because you're either going to be the Nazi tattletale, not administer services to people, and be on that side of it, or you can be on the side of it that says, we're taking our liberty back.
And we're not going to hand it over this easily.
So far, we've handed over it easily.
And I saw a meme the other day that said, you know, if we were back in Daniel's time, God would say, you know, people actually would say, you know, well, let's just hope it goes away and pray for all of it to go away.
It's not going away.
It's getting worse.
And now the FDA is, of course, talking about what they're going to be doing to kids.
And they switched out the ingredient, Tris, It's in the FDA documents and Tris is actually a blood thinner to stop heart attacks.
Do you want this in your kid?
For all of you organic people out there that watch every little, you know, bit of corn syrup, I bet they'll jam a child full of Tris because it's what the government says to do.
Do you trust your government?
Oh, I surely hope not.
That's the difference between liberals and conservatives most of the time.
If I go back in history and I tell you this is based on history and this is what I fear, I fear my government, what they'll say is they fear climate change, they fear all these other things that are never part of history, you can't prove any of them.
I can prove what I fear, and I fear my government.
I fear my government.
Isn't that sad?
Ah, we need to take our country back.
I'll be right back.
I have so much to tell you and I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your co-host or your guest host, I should say, Kate Daly from the Kate Daly Show.
I go live every day and I will be right back.
Back here with you, Kate Dally from The Kate Dally Show, your guest host.
Appreciate this show.
And wow, was Alex on fire today, can I just say?
It was a great show.
So, let me just start here.
A listener asked me to sum up the news, and that's pretty difficult to do given that I have 50 screens up a day and try to even narrow it down to several, and I'm sure Alex probably has the same issue.
It's so many screens full of news.
In fact, last week with Halloween, I could, honestly, I couldn't come up with anything scary, so I just did the news.
I mean, it was that pathetic.
So, let's start here for just a moment.
I kind of want to give you a rundown of things to be very aware of and that are coming because I think this is really important for you to sort of think outside the box a little bit to get prepared.
Not to scare you, but just get prepared.
And that's how I look at this.
So we have a national walkout next week, Monday through Thursday.
Please be a part of it and get your American card.
It's time that we finally realize who we are and I want to be on that side of history.
I want to tell my kids and grandkids what I did as part of what we did in America to try to restore and push back.
And I know many of you are pushing back right now and dealing with deaths and adverse reactions.
It's just getting more horrific by the day.
But so many people are behind that walkout, from Charlie Cook to Robert Kennedy Jr.
to General Flynn, you name it.
They're all behind it.
They want people to walk out.
If three-fourths of the country does it, we can really make history next week.
And let's do that with the supply chain.
Let's let them know that we're not going to have it as the masses.
They added the ingredient Tris, trimethamine, to the shot for the kids.
The experimental shot.
Can you imagine something so catastrophic?
I can't.
I can't.
I can't imagine parents doing this to their children.
I mean, who is stupid enough to put your kids even in a trial?
And they only had so many kids in a trial.
I mean, it was this big.
And so, what, 86% had adverse reactions.
And one of the adverse reactions is, of course, death, but they won't mention that.
They just say, oh, it's a headache.
It's a little mild sniffle.
We believe them.
Anyway, I wanted to say this about agriculture.
Animal agriculture is going away, if we haven't noticed.
And I've been talking to farmers, boots on the ground lately, friends of mine that farm, and the farmers are panicking right now.
When farmers panic and they're not talking, but they're panicking, Then you know it's bad.
This is why Gates is trying to get a hold of most of the USA.
This is why the Conservation Act of 2014, which both parties absolutely went in on and conducted and made sure that went through.
At the end of the contract that they give the farmers when they take over their land and keep it in their family name, it says we will give this land to the USA and its successor.
Who do you think that successor is?
I'm gonna go with UN.
My first option would have been China, but you know what?
We're going into globalization like crazy with Biden and so with King Fraudelot.
So I'm guessing that we're losing so much of America right now.
They'll start killing off the animals and telling you that this is what is best for America,
that we absolutely do away with the farming and the cow farting and everything else
that's ruining us, right?
I want to know who's stupid enough to believe after six decades of this, six decades of being told that we're going to die at the end of every single decade, how many decades will it take before we understand they're lying?
I don't know.
How many decades?
I would have thought after like two we would have gotten it, but I think it's going to take the seventh decade of telling us we're going to die at the end of every single decade.
It's amazing that they keep selling this lie.
They're going to start destroying what is left of small farms.
And right now, the farmers are panicking about wheat.
This is a panic, ladies and gentlemen.
They're also afraid of what's being sold to them in those nanoparticles.
The nanoparticles that are going into our food supply.
So they sold this originally as something that would help maintain its freshness.
Mmm, yummy!
Can't wait to get a hold and chomp on some veggies with good old nanoparticles on top.
But, you know, it is inside the food as they absolutely talked about last year in the FDA report that, oh yeah, and we don't know of its safety.
We're a little worried about it.
In the safety section of the FDA document it says, We're a little worried about what's going to happen.
But let me tell you about those nanoparticles because, of course, Alex did breaking news on Saturday about this and it was important.
Everybody needed to know about nanoparticles in our food supply or what's been dropped on our heads for many years.
It's in us.
It's all in our system.
But why do you think they're so desperate to give it the shot?
What about the shot makes those nanoparticles work?
And that's the operating system.
In that software, in that shot, is the operating system that makes it all work.
It's like a battery for a car.
If you don't have that, then you're lacking the key ingredient to making all those nanoparticles
light up in your body and give them the data that they need.
In the future, we will not have hospitals.
And I hope people realize that.
In the future, I mean no one will trust them, but you'll have a physician working off the data that they get that comes from inside your body in a telecall.
They will be able to do that.
They started envisioning this a decade ago and started writing about it in medical journals that this was the way it was going to go.
I also wanted to mention water filters.
Water filters are not going to cover it.
In the 2010 Rockefeller Report, they say that they sectioned off waters, rivers, and lakes by fences.
And they did this because they would say, well, there was a bio-tear attack and the water's not safe, and it was a total lie.
And so I want you to know atmospheric water machines might be something that you need to go get and they do produce gallons of water a day out of the atmosphere.
This might be something that you want to get a hold of.
I don't trust that we'll need water filters if we can't find a water source.
Something is very wrong and this is going on right now.
So just make sure that you can get one right now while you still can.
Also, they have new laws on the books called the Online Safety Bill over in the UK for making any kinds of statements on Facebook.
You can actually go away for false information.
Their sort of false information, the bought and sold media.
The bought and sold media and bought and sold government.
And so what happens is you get to go to jail for possibly two years.
And also, what does meta mean?
Metaverse, where they're changing the name of Facebook, what this is going to be talking about is really coordinating a new online reality.
A new online reality where anti-vaxxers are spreading false information, and yeah, you can't say a thing, and then you also get to live in a reality where you can visit a baseball game and act like you're there, but you're not.
How fun, right?
I love life.
And then also you can virtually go and spend money.
You can virtually have a world where mentally now you are pretty much unstable because you don't know the difference between are you on Facebook or are you not?
Do you have an avatar?
Do you not?
This is such a huge, huge issue.
Now you know why both parties have been instrumental in basically, you know, coddling each other on each side of the aisle, basically sitting on each other's laps while they pass mental health bills up the wazoo.
And I wondered why this was coming.
I wondered why they were concentrating on mental health so fiercely.
Not only is it to take away your Second Amendment rights, but also to declare you ripe for good old pharma medication.
Good old pharma medication they would love for you to take, because now you're living in an alternate reality on Facebook, and you don't really know what's real and what's not.
Oh, I can't even tell you.
I hope we all get off Facebook quick.
We can't stay there.
There's no way we can stay there.
It's not going to work out for us very well, is it?
All right, I'm going to come back.
I have so much to go through with you.
Can I do the news in five minutes?
Not really.
There's too many headlines.
There's too many atrocious things happening.
I hope all of you are going to be part of this national walkout.
It's going to be really important to show them that we're not going to take this.
Let's show up.
Let's be Americans.
Let's show that we love this country.
All right.
This is easy.
I'll walk out for a couple of days.
We can all handle it.
Be right back.
Back here with you, Kate Daly, your guest host today.
And boy, there's so many things that we need to know that I know it can be overwhelming.
And I know it can be overwhelming to talk to those individuals in your life, as you're probably going to do over the holidays, to tell them about Why you believe what you believe to be happening.
It's right in front of us.
You would think people see it.
It's like a wrestling match.
You either see that it's fixed or you don't.
There's going to be many, many people with their heads in the sand.
And I've done a lot of shows on this to try to understand where we're going and why.
What's happening to our country and how we're allowing it by hoping that if we give in a little, a little, a little, that we'll reclaim our liberty somehow.
That's never happened before.
But, and I can go back into history and I can tell you all my fears are absolutely substantiated by history itself.
Now, a hard lefty can't tell you that.
A hard lefty cannot tell you that.
They believe in climate change is going to kill us every 10 years.
They don't believe anything is wrong with government telling us about our health and telling us what to do with our health.
They believe it all.
But in the past, you can go back to any civilization at any time.
At any time.
Any civilization.
I can go back to the Haldimard.
I can go back to the Jews.
I can go back to the Assyrian Christians being marched around the desert to their death.
And I can tell you that at any time during that, a mainstream media person would have been available, no matter what they were called at the time, okay?
Town crier or whatever.
And they would have told you, They would have told you, because you would have asked, well, what's the biggest headline of the day?
Do you know what they would have said to you?
They would have said to you, well, the biggest headline of the day is the fact that your government has told you to do X, Y, and Z, and this is the latest instruction, rule, mandate, order, and that you're going to follow it.
Because King what's-her-bucket or what's-his-bucket has decided that this is going to be the thing you're going to do.
But if you found somebody on the ground, Somebody that was an honest journalist.
Somebody that was saying the things that weren't said.
What would they say to you?
Do you know what they would say to you?
In very hushed tones?
They would say to you, there's a genocide going on and no one's talking about it.
It's exactly what's happening right now.
There's no difference.
You can go back to any century and I can tell you about a genocide going on when government had too much power.
There's a genocide going on with our shots.
There's a genocide that's going to be going on with children.
There's a genocide that's going on in the hospitals.
People aren't dying of COVID.
They're dying of remdesivir plus a ventilator.
That's what they're dying of.
Hopefully, a nationwide walkout will put a little bit of a stop to it.
That's what I'm hoping.
And that's next week, Monday through Thursday.
But you know, I was going through some of the Dr. Richard Day, you know, what do you call them?
And these predictions happened back in 1969, right?
At a conference in Pittsburgh.
It was for pediatricians, actually.
But Dr. Day was planned.
He was the director of Planned Parenthood, and he was invited to come and give whatever his presentation was going to be.
And his presentation evolved and revolved around all of these predictions that were going to happen over the next 30 years.
And one of them was that housing would no longer exist.
Housing as we know it, as far as those who have their houses right now, you get to keep those, although the taxes would be raised and it would be harder and harder to meet the demand of those taxes.
But the interesting thing was, was when they said, you know, Dr. Day predicted and this good doctor, this pediatrician wrote down, you know, what he said after this meeting because he was so alarmed by it.
But he also said, look, he said, Housing will be a thing of the past.
You will be living with strangers to just meet the minimum requirement of what is going
to be located in apartments or condominiums.
If you can hang on to the house you have right now, hang on to it.
So my advice to you would be, I don't know if I'd sell.
I don't know if I would let these big conglomerations buy up your home and jack up the prices for
rent to people that can't afford it.
We're going to have a lot of people and a lot of youngsters that cannot... I just said the word youngsters.
How old am I right now?
But young people will not be allowed to be able to have housing because they won't be able to afford it.
The prices are not going to come down.
They're going to keep them artificially high and there will be houses that sit.
So, I would make sure that you hold on to your house.
I really would.
Don't cash out.
I would make sure you hold on to it.
And the other thing I would do too is to make sure you have sources of meat.
Make sure that you have sources of food.
Make sure you're growing your own food.
If they're growing it with so many damaging herbicides right now and so many damaging products right now to extend its shelf life, you know what?
I don't want my shelf life extended.
How about that?
I'm good.
I don't need, I don't need a bunch of chemicals where, you know, McDonald's hamburger sits on there for, you know, a hundred years and is pretty edible at a hundred years.
I'm good.
I don't want that junk in my, in my food.
And I don't want, I don't want to take a shot that it's its operating system that lights it up later on.
So you know what?
Right now we got to make really careful, good decisions about water supply, food supply, housing supply, as we go into Agenda 30 and everything is cropping up as government housing.
You know what, this is a time when you need to be involved in your city government, when you need to be a part of those decisions that do not, do not require you to take fed money, that do not require you to build up more government housing, and to be able to live in these smaller, I would say smaller communities that would allow you bartering systems.
You know, in the future, and it was predicted back in 1969, you will live in a society that is, you'll be paid by impulses, right?
The computer impulse for digital currency.
You will not be able to get a paycheck.
You won't know what that's like anymore.
It'll just be the little carrot hanging, dangling right there for currency in general, which will be added to your bank account.
But will you be going around the grocery stores and people be wondering why you have so much food in your cart?
Will you be reported on instantly for having too much food?
Let's say you feed some people that live in your home and you're going to need a substantial amount of food for people that aren't registered that live in your home.
Have you thought about that?
Have you thought about the fact that your gun might be locked up in a central vault and you'll only be allowed to take it out if you show a good credit score?
A credit score meaning, I love the government score.
That's what that is.
It's a credit score, but you know, obviously I've been talking about this for six years.
People thought I was off my rocker six years ago until they realized that we're entering into the realm of social credit now, just like China.
There's a lot of things to be aware of, and I hope that we're all thinking outside the box a little bit to prepare for it.
Not to scare, but absolutely feel a little bit more peace by preparing.
We're going to have to demonstrate a lot more faith, too.
It isn't going to be where we're just praying more.
I mean, yes, we need to pray more, but you also have to demonstrate faith, and that's going to come from only sacrifice.
Every generation has required some sacrifice in order to keep liberty.
We just got off a little scot-free since the 50s.
We haven't really been working on it.
And that's going to be to our detriment because now we're going to have to play catch-up.
And we're going to have to start sacrificing.
But I really don't think God can perform a miracle in anyone's lives or especially in a country.
If no one is sacrificing and everybody's just going along to get along.
This is not going to work in our country.
We have to demonstrate pushback.
And if it's stay home from work for a few days to demonstrate that, I don't think that's a very big deal.
We're going to have to do things.
We're going to have to be uncomfortable because all the things that Dr. Day talked about from 1969, they're coming true.
And if we don't realize what's coming down the pike and we can't prepare for this properly, Then we are just sitting ducks who continuously take it.
I'm not going to be a sitting duck.
You know, he actually said back in 1969, people would just disappear.
Everyone would know.
Everyone would know that people were being disposed of, but they didn't want martyrs.
They didn't want people to rally around, but everybody would know.
they would be afraid to ask, but people would just start disappearing
that we're speaking up or pushing back.
You know what?
I fear God a lot more than I fear these evil little bastards.
So actually, you know what?
Fine, let's go that route.
But I will take a stand before something like that, before I ever give in, let's just say that.
I'll take a stand before I ever give in because it's not okay to give in.
We have got to demonstrate more sacrifice in this country, and we're gonna have to start really pushing it.
Doing things.
And saying absolutely no.
I'm so proud of all of you that are stepping out on their jobs and saying, I will not comply.
Good for you.
I'll be right back, Kate Daly.
Kate Dally, guest host back here with you from the Kate Dally Show.
I go live right after this on my own show.
I'm on the dial, which is really rare.
Not bought and sold media on the dial, you know, and it's it's there's only a few shows out there.
Alex is one.
I'm one.
There's only a few shows out there that are truth in media.
And I really hope that that all of us, I think, get ready for what's coming.
And we also push back.
So back when they were doing the Nazi experiments, Did you ever wonder why Hitler didn't just kill all of the Jews?
Why did he want a certain segment of them to undergo experiments?
Why was that?
What was the point of that?
He just wanted to kill them all anyway.
this evil dictator, then why not? Why do the experiments?
This is when pharma was just exploding and right after World War II, pharma went through
the roof. Pharma had an answer for everything and homeopathic medicines and all of these
things were out the door. They demonized them in the Flexner Report of I think it was
around 1910, 1913.
Between that and 1920, they actually demonized any good medication.
And now when we see what's going on right now, we are entering into the world of transhumanism.
So as just as they entered into the world of pharma and they made pharma explode due to human experimentation.
Right now, we're at the experimentation human level of being their guinea pigs on a massive, massive scale worldwide, right?
And they're doing these human experiments on us right now as part of a trial, right?
All the way up until 2028.
Now, think about this.
Anytime somebody was ever in a trial, you were checked out daily, you know, you had to go in, you have to get all your stats taken, all of these things.
They're full of everything dangerous under the sun.
They moved out the date to be 14 days after the second dose to even qualify you as listing you as a fully vaccinated person.
One shot, not vaccinated.
Two days after you got your second shot, not vaccinated.
You have a heart attack on day three after your second shot, not vaccinated.
Not until the 14th day after your second dose, and they did that for a reason so they wouldn't have to count everything.
We are the human experiment for the launch of transhumanism.
Think about that.
We are the experiment.
They've been telling us for a decade, so it's not as if they haven't said.
Is it the law of the universe where they actually these little evil people have to tell us what's coming and then grin while we while we try to say out loud what they're doing and get called a conspiracy theorist?
Pretty amazing, isn't it?
Because they're out there saying it.
So I would recommend that you take every supplement known to man and order lots of them.
I would say that you need the supplements that Alex talks about on this show.
I would say that you need to have a whole Garage full of medical things that can help you.
Whether it's an oxygen machine, whether it's something to take blood pressure.
Do you know when I covered the story about the guy in Bosnia who talked about what was popular when his government went to crap and everybody was scrambling and he said, you know, he said nobody ever had medical supplies on them.
Nobody knew how to facilitate a problem in the medical world.
So those who actually knew what they were doing or those that had the skills or those that even had a single band-aid were very popular in the trading community, right?
In bartering because they were able to barter out what they needed in life.
Also, lighters.
Lighters were a very popular item.
This was in the 90s.
Okay, we're not talking about, you know, 1800s.
We're talking about the 90s.
Lighters, if you had a barrel full of just anything you could fit in your pocket, a lighter, you know, anything like this for trade or bartering, it was very, very important to have on hand.
As much as I think that America will push back because we do not want the things that are happening, I also want to be very, very prepared going into this and knowing that there, I would say, well-equipped plans There are plans that they have for us.
They will outlaw supplements.
They will outlaw anything homeopathic.
They will outlaw these things.
So to have them, I would say would be vitally important.
Liposomal C crosses the blood-brain barrier.
You can take a lot of it without digestive problems.
Take the whole vitamin C because absorbic acid is only the outer shell.
These are things we all need to know.
You want the whole vitamin C powder or capsules.
You want to have vitamin D supplements.
You want to have all of these things.
If we go into transhumanism, and we're considered the normals, and you've got all of these people that are being devoid of conscience, because I actually think that's really what they're after.
That's really what they're after, is to sort of remove your ability as they go into transhumanism, the ability to listen to God.
That's truly what I think.
After studying this for 10 years, and I'm talking 27,000 hours now?
27,000 hours now, 27,000 hours of study.
It's really studying, really the plans of evil.
That's what this is all about.
And so you have to think, okay, if you were the most evil guy in the world, what would you want?
You would not want people to have their health.
You'd want to drive big profits of pharma.
You would not want people to have faith.
You would not want people to be close to God, their creator.
You would not want any of these things.
So what industries would you be in charge of?
If you were pure evil, what industries would you take?
The vaccine industry that we didn't need because we had great sanitation starting in the 50s?
And that's usually the reason you get plagues?
All of these things happen because we're willing to just go along with it instead of pushing back on it.
And as these things are happening in our society right now, we can't underestimate evil.
And I think, honestly, that's what a lot of people have done up until now.
They underestimate it.
Oh, it can't happen here.
We're in America.
We're free.
We have liberty.
My government loves me.
I feel like Sally Field, you know, getting the Oscar.
They like me.
They really, really like me.
No, they don't.
They don't.
They don't like you at all.
They actually would like to erase you because they don't like people in general.
They look at us like cattle.
We should all start walking around and mooing.
That's how they view us.
So once you finally get how evil these people are and what they're willing to do to you, you have to then take steps to shore yourself up.
You better have an atmospheric water machine or something that can deliver you water.
I don't care where it is or how you do it or you dig deep, ladies and gentlemen.
Go to primarywater.org and start drilling down and get some neighbors and start drilling down because water is there.
It's right under our feet.
It's everywhere.
Or you have your own sources of meat.
You have local farmers that you know that you can absolutely buy their products that are not nano-tainted.
I think the last thing we need are more nanoparticles in our systems, right?
Light up like a Christmas tree.
Heck, we won't even need Christmas trees following Christmases.
Good heavens.
Luciferase, is it in all of that?
I've been researching that lately.
Is it in all the nanotechnology that they've been using in our foods?
Anyway, I just want all of us to be very aware of what's coming and transhumanism, mental problems that they diagnose us with because of the reality of the world we're living in, it's going to get harder and harder because what's up is down and down is up.
And the media is going to sell it like crazy.
They're going to sell you the lie like you've never been lied to before.
They're even telling you when they say F Joe Biden that you're not actually hearing that.
Can you believe these guys?
The audacity!
You didn't hear that.
Well, it's just like with everything, 9-11, you didn't see that.
So they firmly count on the idea that they can show you pictures and tell you what you're seeing and what you're feeling and have you ignore the reality of what you're seeing, hearing and feeling.
That's pretty sad.
So, if you want to be prepared for what's coming, make sure you have your food sources, your water sources, your housing source all tied up with a bow and make sure that health-wise that you have it covered, that you're not having to visit our centralized medicine hospitals anymore, that you can stay away from that as much as you possibly can.
Sure, there might be instances where you have to go.
I would trust your knowledge as you gain knowledge in the health world and know what to do.
Many, many people solved problems for many, many years in this country without pharma.
So the first time you think pharma for that pill you think is saving your life, you might want to look at the homeopathic alternative for that and be very well advised and equipped in medicine as we come into this next seven, eight years.
I hope we can all get prepared, because preparing, it brings peace.
It really does.
I feel a lot of peace right now.
We're going to fight this.
Join the National Walkout next week, the 8th through the 11th.
Let's all be part of this, shall we?
We need to be.
We need to show pushback on a scale that they cannot ignore.
That is what's important about America.
I love this country, and I know you do too.
So let's all work together to do something that is going to be revolutionary, shall we?
Kate Dally, katedallyradio.com for more.
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