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Name: 20211101_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 1, 2021
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Alex Jones talks about the globalist agenda and how Prince Charles is working against humanity for the Great Reset. He warns listeners about forced vaccinations, vaccine passports, world government control, a new global currency system, and encourages them to resist these measures. The speaker also promotes InfoWars products and supports alternative news sources while discussing topics such as unequal COVID-19 vaccine distribution, Facebook's renaming to Meta, and rising interest rates. He raises concerns about individual liberty being threatened by technocracy and predicts potential social movements against these trends.

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It has nothing to do with them.
Everything to do with us and us being enslaved and the decision to make us poor under feudalism so they control us.
So let's put the headline back up on screen for the live show today.
I want that to sink in because everything up there is a huge statement.
That's not a turn of phrase.
It's not satire.
It's real.
King Charles calls for vast military style campaign and a war to enforce the Great Reset.
It was leaked three weeks ago that they were having secret drills for the death or the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II and that the preparation for the coronation of Prince Charles to be the King of England.
And instead of being a vestigial ceremonial vassal of the Rothschilds, he and Klaus Schwab and that arm of the globalists are stepping forward to actually take control of it.
And he wants to lead a military campaign
To cut off our resources, trigger giant wars that kill us off, inject us with deadly depopulation shots that erase our immune systems, and give us blood clots.
You cannot make it up.
A guy who is literally the heir to the House of Dracula, who traces his family line directly to their first monarch, Vlad the Impaler, in the Carpathian Mountains between Hungary and Romania, is the ruler of the global government system
And is now moving directly against you to cut off your energy and puts you on a very short lease with a carbon pass vaccine passport.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
There are of course those who do not want us to speak.
You're sick, just a little sick.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
This is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Well, we've lived to see it.
Prince Charles, quietly in the last month, the documents even leaked a few weeks ago proving this, has taken control of the monarchy and
Queen Elizabeth is preparing to abdicate the throne and he will be the first king of England in quite a long time.
He's a eugenicist, he's a depopulationist, he's heavily connected to Jeffrey Epstein and of course Jimmy Savelle.
He is a horrible person that wants to depopulate the planet as his late father Prince Philip did.
And he has now issued a declaration of war at a Great Reset meeting.
COP26 Reset is the name of it.
Prince Charles calls for vast military-style campaign, that's quotes, for radically transformed global economy and to have a war against carbon.
Of course, you're carbon, I'm carbon, the trees are carbon.
This allows them to declare everyone basically their enemy.
There's the headline, Prince Charles wants a military style campaign to fight global warming.
What do you think it is when they lock your houses down and have checkpoints and quarantines and tell you you got to take injections or you're going to be starved to death?
That's martial law.
That's a war footing.
That's a suspension of regular rights.
And everywhere the crown is in control, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the list goes on and on.
The British Empire never went away.
It just morphed into the United Nations.
Everywhere that that sinister evil force is operating, the House of Windsor is not British at all.
It's not even German.
It's Romanian and Hungarian.
And it is absolutely hell-bent on neo-feudalistic fascism, neo-feudalistic serfdom.
That is their world system.
So when I explain to you this is a war, when I explain to you that you're living in a 21st century war, it's true.
That's one of the few statements they put out that's accurate.
They say, oh, climate change is a war.
Oh, COVID-19 is a war.
We've got to fight the virus.
When they talk about the virus, they're talking about you.
You were defined in their own white papers as the virus.
What am I defined as by all these other talk show hosts on CNN, ABC News, you name it.
Alex Jones, the virus.
We've all been listed as terrorists as well if we don't want forced inoculations and lockdowns.
None of this is to save us, it's to kill us.
They're depopulating us right out in the open and now they've crossed the Rubicon.
They're coming for our children.
What's the Bible quote?
Christ said, suffer the little children.
Better you throw yourself in the ocean and kill yourself than hurt one of these.
It's Monday, November 1st, 2021, and the quickening is here.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday edition that's only here because of your support and your prayer.
There's an important quote I'd like to begin the broadcast with today from Matthew 18, verse 6.
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him
Very powerful
Article by Wayne Allen Root that he was proud of, so he contacted us this morning and said, I hope you'll read it.
And boy, do I know why he's proud of it.
It's a very powerful article.
He had it posted at InfoWars.com from Town Hall.
What I just told the New York Times about the complete failure and disaster of the COVID-19 vaccine.
And he links to in just five short pages all the proof that it erases your immune system, doesn't protect you, and is basically a bioweapon.
We're going to be getting to that coming up.
We also have Rand Paul calling for the arrest again of Fauci and more.
But instead of the corrupt Justice Department going after Fauci, who illegally created COVID-19 and then lied to Congress about it, open and shut cases, then the jury on the planet wouldn't send him to prison.
Or worse, what does a mass murderer get?
A needle.
But I want him to have due process first.
No one should hurt a hair on his chinny-chin-chin.
But instead they're trying to indict Bolsonaro for not locking his country down enough during COVID and the UN is involved calling for his arrest.
And the Supreme Court of the country and the entire medical system controlled by the IMF World Bank is moving against him.
We're going to be getting to that.
But there's major contradictions in all of this.
We have Elon Musk being challenged, being shaken down by the UN World Food Program.
Saying, give us six million dollars and we can save millions of people from starvation.
And Elon Musk said, I tell you what, if I can administer it and actually give it to each family, you bet, I'll sell the stock in Tesla right now.
Because Musk has no personal money, he does it that way.
The shareholders like that.
He doesn't cash out on anything.
Doesn't own homes, jets, anything.
It's just a company.
And Musk said,
I will cash out millions of dollars and give it to the starving poor in Africa, mainly.
But you have to stop your sex crimes, exploiting Africans and shipping them around the world into slave dungeons.
And for slave labor, not just sex slaves, not just white slavery, but actual classical physical labor slavery.
I mean, they export Africans all over the world.
The UN does.
And I got a big folder printed out of just some examples of that.
I'm going to be going over here for you.
But he could also hit them with this.
I've got another folder.
Of the UN last year, 20 months ago, 21 months ago, calling for the global lockdowns, which they admit caused the majority of the death worldwide from starvation, not from COVID-19.
So here's the UN orchestrating a lockdown worldwide that's still ongoing in Latin America and areas of Africa that's caused over 25 million people to starve to death, their own numbers.
And then they turn around and then try to shake down people
To, quote, go save the Africans when not even one penny out of a dollar goes to them.
Remember the monster of YouTube?
It came out a decade ago that when he has those Live Africa events for the UN, that he gives less than one-tenth of one percent to the Africans.
He keeps almost all the money.
He's raised, last time I checked, $3 billion.
He's kept 99% of it plus.
Then he apologized seven years ago, and he now gives 1.1%.
Bono's, U2's Bono, only gives 1% of charity money he raises to Africa to anybody.
You look it up.
These are beyond demon monsters.
So we're gonna be getting to all of that massive news on that front.
The Declaration of War against the American people by the Justice Department and their official policy saying basically anybody who's Christian, conservative, a gun owner, a veteran, who believes the election may have been stolen or who questions future lockdowns or forced inoculations are terrorists.
That's official government policy.
We've got a compilation of talking heads agreeing with this on TV.
They're now saying, let's go Brandon is an ISIS slogan.
Anybody saying it should be investigated by Homeland Security for being ISIS or taken offline.
There's major pushes by CNN, MSNBC and legal groups to remove Tucker Carlson from the air for daring pointing out that the FBI had provocateurs on January 6th.
And his new film that drops in a few hours, it's Fox Nation of The Plot Against the People.
That's all coming up.
But let me first cover this.
And again, I've been on air 28 years.
And the first six, seven, eight years, I never came on air and said, this is my most important broadcast ever.
And then between the year
1999, 2000, up until about five years ago, maybe once a year, I'd say this is the most important broadcast ever because the world gets crazier and there'd be something that topped it.
And then a couple of years ago, I would say that every month or so.
And then a few months ago, I started saying it basically every day because every day it's topped.
Every day it just goes light years more crazy.
That has now happened.
And we'll cover this when we come back in the longer segments coming up.
We have the clip.
And there's so much to this story.
I want people to understand something.
Real intelligence is recognizing how power structures operate and knowing what's a real movement versus a false movement.
And knowing when the globalists are really taking action in an area versus engaged in a stimuli or a false outcome perception through the Hegelian dialectic, one of their favorite maneuvers.
But this is the big move, and this is real, and this is seismic, and this is dangerous, and this is deadly.
Prince Charles wants to be a man of substance.
He's a very, very insecure individual, and is very, very aware of the fact that he's been given everything he's got for generations.
And I've studied his psychology for a long time, and he is now
Stepping up, he believes, to lead the charge of depopulation, as his father called for, and is calling for a declaration of war.
He's actually declared war on humanity and on our children, and called for a vast military-style campaign to reduce carbon and to radically transform our Earth in a war against all carbon, in a war-like footing.
So this madman who doesn't even live in the UK anymore, he lives most of the year in Transylvania because he talks about how his main bloodline is the Latvian Paler, which is true.
He lives in the Carpathian Mountains in one of Dracula's castles.
You can't make that up.
He lives in Castle Dragon.
And he has stepped up to be the leader, even above Klaus Schwab, as the King of England.
Now, I already knew this from really deep sources, and I'll just leave it at that, that Prince Charles is going to become the King of England, not his son, the Prince, and that the Queen is already basically having mental problems and breakdowns.
And so they're preparing the transition to him and that unofficially he's already the King of England.
And that's why I said on air about a month ago, look for Prince Charles to really take the lead now in the attack on humanity.
He is number one enemy now.
And if anybody you could say has Antichrist energy, it's him.
I'm not saying he's the Antichrist, but I'm saying Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, all of them are making their move on humanity right now.
And I want to break down for you what this Declaration of War entails and what it's going to look like and what we're facing.
And listen, I don't run a cult around here.
The crew doesn't have to totally agree with me or always be in line with me, because I think the jury's been out on Elon Musk.
So Greg Reese has put out some critical reports on him, which I respect, Greg.
I think it's important points.
But I got to tell you, from my inside baseball and moves I've been seeing, I told you, expect to see Elon Musk come out against the New World Order in a lot of ways.
That's what I was told he was going to do.
And sure enough, he's come out against the International Pedophile Rings and the UN.
And when you strike at the root of that, that is a big, big deal.
So, I've been told expect to see Elon Musk really come out on the side of humanity.
We'll see if that happens.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
And we are living in historic times.
We can put up on screen for TV viewers the live show headline of today's broadcast.
It says it all.
King Charles calls for vast military-style campaign and a war to enforce the Great Reset.
That's what he called for.
Another well-known talk show host just texted me and they had this to say about it.
They said Prince Charles is calling for a global military takeover.
That just came in 30 seconds ago.
So everybody's contacting me about this because it's so incredible.
Yes, that's what the Great Reset is, is a military global takeover by the Green Police, enforced by militaries with internal checkpoints, vaccine passports, carbon passports, implantable microchips to buy and sell.
It's all been announced by Charles, all announced by his father, Prince Philip, that just died, all announced by these individuals.
The former head of the Bilderberg Group,
Prince Bernhard did a whole bunch of magazine interviews, you know, cousins to Prince Charles's father, Prince Philip, saying we want to carry out global government to enforce global depopulation down to 500 million.
When he talks about this war, he means cutting off the Keystone Pipeline.
He means suspending all new oil drilling in the United States, as Biden's done.
But, oh, Saudi Arabia and China, they don't have to suspend anything.
This is a systematic war, where you're told you can't have a car, you can't have air conditioning, you can't travel, you can't live, because all carbon's bad, and then ignores genetic engineering, toxic waste dumping, deforesting, all the things that do matter.
That's all ignored, and these guys are the self-appointed leaders and the guardians of the earth, when they're really just a bunch of monsters.
And of course, the general public focuses on the hypocrisy that I've got a stack of here.
Global elites flying private jets to COP26 Reset Climate Conference emit more CO2 each than hundreds of citizens do in a year.
Bezos flies by private jet to have a cup of tea and climate change chat with Prince Charles, who also flew a private jet.
400 other private jets landed to be part of the meeting, calling for everybody else's energy to be cut off, including natural gas to old people across Europe.
I mean, this is crazy.
Boris Johnson tells leaders, we're one minute from midnight and we must act now at COP26 Great Reset Summit.
So they leave the G20 and they go over, because that's just their puppet leaders, now their actual meeting.
And we have Joe Biden pushing for global taxes while he shows up in an 86 car convoy while he tells you you shouldn't be able to have a car.
It has nothing to do with them.
Everything to do with us and us being enslaved and the decision to make us poor under feudalism so they control us.
So let's put the headline
Back up on screen for the live show today.
I want that to sink in because everything up there is a huge statement.
That's not a turn of phrase.
It's not satire.
It's real.
King Charles calls for vast military-style campaign and a war to enforce the Great Reset.
It was leaked three weeks ago that they were having secret drills for the death or the abdication
Of course.
To cut off our resources, trigger giant wars that kill us off, inject us with deadly depopulation shots that erase our immune systems and give us blood clots.
You cannot make it up.
A guy who is literally the heir to the House of Dracula, who traces his family line directly to their first monarch, Vlad the Impaler, in the Carpathian Mountains between Hungary and Romania, is the ruler of the global government system
And is now moving directly against you to cut off your energy and puts you on a very short lease with a carbon pass vaccine passport.
This is the reality.
So, the fact that he's already segwaying into being king, the fact that he really wants to wage a war against humanity, the fact that his family, under King George III, waged war against the colonies 250 years ago, and that we're right back in that same position.
Prince Charles replaced Queen Elizabeth as
There it is.
Regent after monarch steps down.
That was leaked in secret plans.
And then they'll transition to his son being the main monarch after that.
Palace Fury, a secret plan.
Queen Elizabeth's death is revealed.
Cabinet office probe after Operation London Bridge is leaked.
Following how flags will fly at half-mast within minutes.
Royal website will go black and Charles will address the nation.
And he will step in as the governor
He will then be king for a certain period of time before his son is brought in after Charles is done declaring the war on us.
What did I say when this came out a few weeks ago?
I said, get ready.
That was in early September.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
So you've had war declared on you and your family.
Here is Prince Charles at the Great Reset COP26 meeting.
The climate change meeting, where they declare everybody their enemy and they declare themselves rulers and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and the climate exchange that Prince Charles owns part of, along with Obama and the Clintons and Tony Blair, that you will pay to leave your house, pay to cook your eggs, pay to power your fish tank, pay to feed your cat, pay to drive down the road, pay to get on a plane, a percentage to them.
And then they slowly start increasing the prices until you, quote, no longer travel as much as you did before.
That was announced two weeks ago by the Davos Group, remember?
We played the video saying that the carbon tax is now being attached to the vaccine passport.
It's all here.
And here he is, declaring war.
Jimmy Savelle's best friend.
Look up Jimmy Savelle.
Declaring war on all of us.
Here he is.
So, ladies and gentlemen, my plea today is for countries to come together to create the environment that enables every sector of industry to take the action required.
We know this will take trillions, not billions of dollars.
We also know that countries, many of whom are burdened by growing levels of debt, simply cannot afford to go green.
Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector.
With trillions at its disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world's leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.
I probably said it a hundred times in the last 10 years.
I said it just a month ago.
I said, when you see Prince Charles and you see Bill Gates and you see Klaus Schwab announce a global military Marshall plan, you just said Marshall and plan, that's the signal for, I mean, just hell on earth.
So they're going to release real bioweapons very soon.
And if you do submit to them, you will die.
They're preparing to start mass murder.
They've already begun it.
But what you've seen the last two years is only a test.
It's only a dress rehearsal.
So, guard yourself for true.
This is it.
And we have a psychotic house of Dracula literally trying to put an injection in us that coagulates our blood and kills us.
You can't make that up.
You're on the InfoWars Network.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
So the amount of movement going on worldwide and the big corporations that are destroying economies by design to consolidate control of them, not so they're richer or more powerful, but so that they can dictate the terms of humanity's complete and total surrender.
Prince Charles is on record, like his father, saying he wants to depopulate the Earth to, quote, more manageable 500 million.
You've got to ask, how are they going to carry that out?
Well, they go to all of the ruling classes of China and India and Japan and Brazil and Europe and everywhere, and they say, we'll let you in on this plan.
They've been recruiting them for decades.
We'll give you unlimited banking money.
We won't try to overthrow you.
And then you've just got to help us position this where we say that climate change is going to cause super viruses to come from the jungles, which is just preposterous.
And then everybody's going to start dying in mass.
And then we'll have to have global lockdowns to get everybody ready to protect themselves.
But really, those first lockdowns are to train you to go under martial law.
So that when they release the real bio weapons down the road, you are behaving yourself, believing you're going to make it out of it by submitting when really you're going to be killed inside your home.
With chemical weapons, electromagnetic weapons, and other systems, and then you'll be told it's a bioweapon.
Or they may go with a bioweapon as well.
And so, this is the extermination plan.
And you can see from their view, they run the world, they're in charge, we're naive, we're stupid, and we're letting them inject our children with deadly poisons that are even unapproved by any real studies.
And so, I mean, if the public is going to live just empty lives and just watch Netflix all day, Bill Joy told us 22 years ago in that big article he wrote for Wired Magazine, how he went to that meeting with over 200 billionaire CEOs of tech, and they had a two-day meeting about, do we let everybody just party and play video games into the future?
And like, basically, you know, live like people do in the movie WALL-E, which came out, of course, after he wrote that article, but that just shows the consensus.
Or do we go ahead and just kill everybody?
And the decision was made to go ahead and just phase everybody out via depopulation.
And so that's why you see this move towards dystopia.
It's why you see this move towards the destruction of the nuclear family.
It's why you see this move towards sterilizing our young boys, telling them that they're women.
Everything is so nightmarish and so depressing because that's the directive.
Make architecture ugly.
Make the food poisonous.
Make the culture completely ugly and poisonous until everything completely collapses.
So we're not going to be living in the WALL-E world where we lay around on our little easy chairs that float around on a giant cruise ship above the earth with robots tending to our every need.
Just like in WALL-E, the robots go ahead and make the decision to kill the humans.
And so they're telling your subconscious
With a subliminal message, how they're doing it.
You know, people ask me about examples of mind control, and there's so many different ways you can manipulate it, but one of the biggest is subliminals.
There was a joke, in fact, see if you guys can find it, of Bill Hicks, that for some reason the internet sometimes claims I'm Bill Hicks, because I look a little bit like him.
I mean, not much.
I guess Hicks is a Welsh name, and I guess he did have some Welsh-like features.
I have extremely Welsh-like features.
I've actually been in
The Welsh uplands and have people, you know, walk over and think I live there because I'm walking around in Welsh here.
I'm like, that guy looks like me.
That guy looks like me.
The kind of a particular look, but long story short, ladies and gentlemen, the globalists are making their move on society in a big way.
And a lot of this is subliminal programming.
And so there was a famous statement held back in the early nineties before he died by Bill Hicks.
Where he said the ultimate advertisement would just be a woman spreading her legs with a Coca-Cola between it, saying, drink Coke.
And that's really true that sex sells, but you can't put a centerfold model on a 12-pack of Coca-Cola.
So you do it subliminally.
And this was three years ago.
This was a real cup.
I remember at the time we went out and found it.
And it's a McDonald's McCafe coffee cup.
Now, what is it?
Well, it's clearly, for anybody that's looking, is a woman bent over spreading her butt cheeks.
And you can see the hands doing it.
But they can get away with it saying, that is mittens.
Now see, once you see that it's mittens, you can't ever unsee that.
Once you, some people would see mittens, they wouldn't see a woman bent over spreading her legs.
But you see, it's a double image.
That's classic subliminal messaging.
So you don't know why you're so drawn to that coffee cup, whether you're a man or a woman.
It's very archetypal, a woman's rear end.
I mean, that's where, I mean, that's where we come from.
It's between a woman's legs.
I mean, that's the mother goddess right there.
And so while you're looking at this thing, I don't know why I want this coffee so bad.
Well, because it's a woman inviting you in to have sex with her and to procreate and make more humans.
That's one of your central drives.
So, that's the way we've got to start thinking and looking.
And once you know about the New World Order... See, Tucker Carlson couldn't see it 20 years ago.
Joe Rogan couldn't even see it 5 years ago.
He saw a lot of it, but he just couldn't believe it.
Once I just got them to move their perspective a little bit,
And once they saw it, that it's a global world government, war on humanity, depopulation operation, that the establishment's out to get us, that they're manipulating us, that you can play along with it, but you're still going to be destroyed in the end, and there's no future for our children unless we beat these people, and then indeed they are a bunch of pedophiles and scum because they're into hurting humanity.
Until you're able to do that, you're not going to be free.
It's just that simple.
And so I'm not telling people what to think.
I'm simply pulling people back from another perspective and saying, now do you see it?
And once you see it, you can't unsee it.
So we're going to go to break.
This is the longest segment of the hour is coming up next.
And I'm going to really analyze what Prince Charles's war is going to look like.
Remember 10 years ago, they had the green police had on, um,
Audi at the Super Bowl.
Oh, the Green Police!
And now they're arresting everybody, literally for the wrong light bulb because you took a hot shower.
That's the official real plan globally, including the green pants and the white shirts.
There's even a uniform that's being adopted globally through UNESCO, even here in America.
That's why you open up the newspaper and it says the U.N.
doesn't allow Senator Paul to say that natural immunity is better.
So his YouTube was taken down.
board is in charge.
The U.N.
You just wake up and you're under the U.N., which itself is controlled by the big corporations.
is very used to running things in third world nations.
And the U.N.
Now they're just going to do it here.
So that's all coming up.
It's very easy to defeat if we just organize against it and realize how tyrannical it is.
But if we don't,
Well, then we're all going to be in extreme trouble.
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Coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Okay, so we can defeat this if we educate ourselves and then educate the public about it and then understand that the more you give in to the Great Reset, the more you give in to the UN, the more you give in to Prince Charles and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, the worse your life gets until you die.
And so I've got the full transcript right here of his speech.
We could play the whole thing.
Maybe we should.
Prince Charles saying,
We've seen what happened with the COVID lockdowns, and that's what we need again to stop carbon and save the Earth.
And so we've learned a sacrifice to be safe from COVID.
Now we need to do that for the Earth, which is what the Rockefeller Foundation said 11 years ago in Operation Lockstep.
And they've publicly said in all these memos that have gone out in speeches, going back 20 months ago, 21 months ago,
They're launching all of this and saying that they're going to be carrying this out whether we like it or not.
And they say that, oh, we're just using COVID as a drill to bring in the great reset for the new economy where you'll own nothing and have nothing.
And you've seen those statements.
And so I'm just here every day explaining.
There has been a declaration of war against humanity.
There has been a declaration of war against you and your family.
They are rolling out a poisonous vaccine out of the gates against everyone to set the precedent for the media and the culture and the lawyers and the doctors to go along with it.
And once they got the precedent set to be able to maim and kill millions and millions of people,
What are they going to do?
They're going to roll out something stronger.
Now, I didn't just say this now because there's all the proof of it happening.
I said it years ago.
I made films about it because these globalists think you're an animal.
They think you're stupid.
So they brag about their plan.
That's why I told you in early February of last year, 21 months ago,
22 months ago, we told you that Fauci cooked it up in the lab and they released it on purpose so they would own a new virus, have a new class of virus out there outside of flu and outside of Corona, so they could then come out with a vaccine to counter that that they'd already secretly studied.
We found all those documents in animals that they knew would destroy fertility and create major blood diseases and disorders and cardiac
And we predicted all that six months before the UK rolled out their quote vaccine.
And almost a year before the United States.
And it all came true.
Because we've been watching these people.
We watch them on C-SPAN.
We read their books.
We know what they're up to.
And they brag about the stuff.
Fauci goes to Bill Gates' depopulation summits where there's only a hundred billionaires there.
And maybe their assistants.
And sometimes they videotape themselves being given awards.
20 years ago, 10 years ago, and we have that footage, we've played it, where they're giving each other awards for the plan to depopulate the earth.
And that's why it's now come out in FDA documents that they had humanized mice that were part human, so they could graft on human tissue to them, and how they would even keep babies alive and deliver them at 42 weeks, that's full term.
To the universities to be experimented on.
That's living children being taken in and contained containers, vans pulling in, when a mother thinks she just aborted her eight-month-old baby.
It's not been aborted.
It's being taken for experiments.
And I told you that a decade ago.
That's the magnitude of these people!
And when you study Jimmy Savelle, who after he died, he was the big presenter and best friends with Prince Charles.
He had the highest level security authorization you can have in the UK to be able to go into any castle or any room of the Queen or anybody that even their butlers couldn't go into.
Why was that?
Because he was the one ferrying children into them.
Because when you're that selfish and that into yourself and that into evil, and when you are the descendant of Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula, that's how you act.
And what did they find?
After Jimmy Savelle died, exactly what the surviving children had said, that he had a secret door at his little castle that you'd open up into a huge underground dungeon where they raped and tortured and murdered children.
And it was so horrible, MI5 and MI6 sealed it all, because a bunch of their leadership are pedophiles as well.
And that's what they were doing.
One prime minister
At least once a week, like to have a small girl, five, six years old, brought in an old dress.
They'd lay out plastic in his office.
They'd just slit her throat.
And then he would masturbate as they were flopping around, bleeding to death.
That's just one example of who these people are.
So, you need to understand that.
And once you understand that, you understand everything.
So, that's who they are, and so you see them, oh my gosh, you know, Prince Charles' brother might have had sex with a 16-year-old girl, and they make that the worst thing they're doing, as a diversion from what they were really doing at Little St.
John's Island with that big ritualistic temple.
They weren't just raping children there.
The locals will tell you, boats were coming in all the time with kidnapped children out of the Caribbean.
And these guys don't just rape children.
That's child's play to them.
They do something far worse.
They engage in the Black Sabbath, the slow torture and drinking of their blood and the rape of children.
And they must be defeated.
They must be stopped.
So you wonder why they poison vaccines, why they bring in world government, why they declare war on you and your family.
That's who they are.
Because they're a collection of the most evil, twisted, satanic individuals the planet has ever seen.
And they don't just not care about you, they want to tear you limb from limb.
They want to starve you to death.
They want to humiliate you.
They want to kill your children.
They want to ruin your hopes and dreams because they're miserable and they're evil and the only thrill they get is hurting people and projecting their own hate of themselves onto us.
They are beyond God's reach because they have turned against the Holy Spirit.
And they have committed themselves to pure evil and they are nothing but empty husks.
And they interbreed to pass on their genetic twisted bloodlines so they can resonate at a stronger frequency with the lower dimensions.
They are black holes to hell.
When you look at Boris Johnson, looks just like a Jimmy Savelle, doesn't he?
You look at Prince Charles smiling with Jimmy Savile on that photo.
Can you imagine being a small child in a dungeon and the door opens and in walks that?
That is a creature just absolutely in love with death and in love with evil and in love with annihilating and attacking society and civilization.
That is your enemy right there.
And he is as happy as he's ever been and is having his coming out party now as he's the unofficial king of England and that whole submerged empire.
And now they're going to have their way with us, they believe.
And now they're going to get engaged in the great culling that his father called for.
And we're going to sit here and bow down to this evil and go along with this evil.
It's just unspeakable.
But you can look at what Elon Musk has done, and he's said some bad things, said a lot of good things, but you got to judge a tree by its fruits.
He's come out and said the UN is basically a pedophile-run criminal organization, which is true.
We're going to be covering that next hour in great detail and going over the real magnitude of what's happening and what Prince Charles's war on free humanity is going to be looking like.
Elon Musk challenges UN over sex
Child abuse by the United Nations.
It's live on InfoWars.com.
You can go read his tweets, read his statements, and then share that with others, because what did Christ say?
He said, it's better for you to tie a millstone around your neck, a giant boulder, and throw yourself in the deepest ocean, than to hurt any of the children of God.
And God's not just talking about children there, but the childlike mind of the average person who's innocent.
And so Prince Charles wants to take as many of you and us with him as he possibly can.
And he is the most selfish, monstrous creature you could ever imagine.
That's why he flies in a giant jumbo jet.
You know, to the climate summit to tell you that the third world should be starved or to tell you that, oh, we're holding the third world hostage.
Give us trillions of taxpayer dollars.
Let us control your life and run how you live.
Or we'll starve the third world to death when it was their global lockdown that caused that.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, their religion is hurting children.
It's their bread and butter.
It's their it's the ocean in which they swim.
We'll be right back with a jam packed, huge hour number two today.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's now becoming accepted knowledge, accepted fact, that global government run by private corporations is taking over the United States and other formerly sovereign nations.
They're being destroyed.
All the checks and balances are being annihilated.
Our borders are being destroyed.
Our currency is being destroyed.
And the American people have been listed as terrorists by the rogue federal government.
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All right, I want to play this special report, Biden Crosses the Rubicon.
It's very important.
It's on Bandai Video.
And then we're going to come back from break and I'm going to get into the Declaration of War by Prince Charles, one of the most evil men on earth.
So that's coming up.
Here is that special report.
Dr. Fauci is all over the place now, for one of the very first times in our last year and a half, with some negative publicity.
Negative publicity that's going viral, whether the mainstream media like it or not.
He was taking scalps from fetuses, from fully developed fetuses, and removing the scalps, the skin from the top of the heads of fetuses, and
Transplanting and planting it upon dehumanized rats.
If you don't protect yourself, you really do deserve to die.
But, but, but the children.
They don't deserve this, and that's why it's the Rubicon.
And see, evil can't help it.
It's got to go for the children.
So don't think this is the authority.
Don't think it's going to succeed.
Don't think any of that, because it will fail, but probably in a giant war.
And we were all of a consensus that this is going to end in this gigantic, massive war.
And billions dead.
There's no argument over the choice between peace and war.
But there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace, and you can have it in the next second.
But every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement.
And this is the specter our well-meaning Christian liberal friends refuse to face.
Our priests, our pastors, and now sadly even our Pope.
That his policy of accommodation is appeasement.
And it gives us no choice between peace and war.
Only between fight and surrender.
If we continue to accommodate
Continue to back and retreat.
Eventually we will have to face the final demand, the final ultimatum.
And what then?
When Satan has told his own, he knows what our answer is going to be.
He has told them that we're retreating under the pressure of his cold war and someday when the time is right to deliver his final ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary because you see by then we will have been so weakened from within.
Spiritually, morally, economically.
He believes this because from our side he's heard voices pleading for peace at any price.
Or better red than dead, or as one commentator put it, he'd rather live on his knees with his mask on than die on his feet.
And therein lies the road to war.
Because those voices don't speak for the rest of us.
If nothing in life is worth dying for, well when did this begin?
Just in the face of this enemy?
Or should Moses have told the children of Israel
To live in slavery under the pharaohs?
Should Christ have refused the cross?
Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard around the world?
The martyrs of history were not fools.
And our beloved dead, who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis, did not die in vain.
Where then lies the road to peace, you say?
Well, it's a simple answer after all.
That you and I have the courage to tell our enemies there is a price we will not pay.
There is a point beyond which evil must not advance.
So you sit there with pedophiles and Satanists and devil worshippers and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and you wonder why they're attacking you.
Well, that's what they do.
They are coming for the children.
They've announced the injection of 5 and up and then it'll be newborns with the deadly shot that embraces their immune system.
And they're announcing they're going to do it at schools and they're going to force it.
And that's going to cause violence and they're going to say then the people that resist are terrorists.
And that's why they put it on the books as the main direct, not a law, but the regulations that the main mission of the FBI and the military and the CIA is crushing people that don't accept lockdowns and those that don't accept them on borders, just Americans, and that they are going to come and they're going to arrest everybody and start killing people.
Now that's going to trigger a giant civil war.
The globalists intend to chew up the U.S.
system and collapse everything.
No, it's ashes bringing the really official global
I don't
And what you saw in Soviet Russia and North Korea and Maoist China and Xi Jinping's China Today and with the Muslims and with what happens in Africa and Latin America and all that hell and all that horror is going to look like a choir meeting.
It's going to look like Sunday school.
Thank you so much for joining us on this November 1st, 2021 broadcast.
This transmission holds in it the light of liberty.
It holds in it the future of humanity.
It holds in it the keys to destiny.
The things that Prince Charles, now the secret acting king of the New World Order, does not like and is fighting against.
You hold the keys to destiny and the future because you hold the Spirit of God in your heart.
And our enemies hate us, and they hate the transcendence that we are now beginning to begin.
And they want to kill us.
Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
But beware, he can also transform himself into an angel of light and pose as your savior.
But the fruits are always poison.
And look at the fruits of this.
What an announcement!
If we can, let's put the live show headline back on screen for TV viewers so they can see today's headline.
King Charles calls for vast military-style campaign and a war to enforce the Great Reset at the UN Climate Change Conference, quote, reset.
And he calls for global government and a military-style war
On carbon.
And for forced inoculations and global vaccine passports that are killing us.
I want to open the phones up.
I want to cover this subject and how it ties everything else we're covering.
Because forced inoculations and vaccine passports and carbon taxes and the UN and this new global war he's announcing.
This World Marshall Plan.
Is all part of the same world government, Mark of the Beast takeover system.
And to have Prince Charles go from being dormant operative, slinking around in the background with Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Savelle, known pedophile procurers.
Prince Charles's world, that's just thinking about how he orders some stuffed mushrooms for dinner.
Or maybe when he
Pops open a can of beer.
That's what he sees your children as, just something to devour.
He's, in essence, selfishness itself and a hate of life and innocence.
The only thrill he gets is starving us to death and cutting off the carbon and declaring carbon-based life forms as a criminal organization.
Because you can debate all day whether Prince Charles himself slices those kids up while he rapes them like Jimmy Savelle did.
Or how Epstein supplied underage children to his brother.
But what we do know is the carbon cuts they're talking about of 50% in the next eight years will starve over a million people to death in the UN's own numbers.
And we do know the global lockdown the UN pushed did cause 280 plus million people to go to the verge of starvation and 25 million last time the UN put a number out in just the first 16 months of the lockdowns that are still ongoing in Africa.
25 million dead.
That's 25 million people, mainly children, starving to death.
You can argue, okay, maybe there's too many of them.
Maybe you can argue like Prince Charles.
Maybe then you'll become so soulless that, well, you know your best friends with Jimmy Savelle, the most famous pedophile in world history, that killed children and satanic rituals on record.
Then you wonder why the German government in every major city
For the last 45 years, up to 30,000 children in one city alone shipped to live at age 2 up to age 10 with convicted child rapists to be trained as sex operatives to service the establishment and the German government.
Hundreds of thousands of children as sex slaves.
Told you about that 10 years ago.
Now it's even in New Yorker Magazine this year.
And why do I raise that?
Well, that's because it's their currency.
It's what they're obsessed with.
Whereas I like a great sunset and a big old juicy steak and never get tired of swimming in the pool with my children or friends or never get tired of hiking, never get tired of looking at the stars, never get tired of listening to Beethoven.
These guys never get tired of slitting children's throats.
Because they kill a good 10% from our research of the children they control.
And so remember, when you look at these politicians and these leaders, most of them that are serving the globalists are child murderers.
They're not just raping children.
The globalists don't trust them until they get skin in the game and turn on the satanic aspects, the plug-in points we've got,
They become demon possessed.
And then you imagine how lost these people are?
After they've raped and tortured and murdered little children that beg for their mommy.
And now they're telling you they're gonna forcibly inject you with deadly shots and they're gonna make you have an ID to leave your house and they're gonna send drag queen story time to talk to your children and they're gonna do all this because they are turned over to the wicked one.
Because they are Satanist.
I'm not talking about people that go to a rock concert and do the devil horns and, you know, think that's rebellious.
I'm talking about real Satanism.
I'm talking about really getting close to the devil.
And you don't do that till you torture children to death.
And that is
The hash or the license, that is the invite to the party.
You need to torture and rape and murder little children or you don't get entry into their operation.
Just like when a normal person is going to invite somebody to their wedding or something and you get an invitation.
Well, you don't get an invitation until you go and have big sex orgies at first, then you have sex with underage women, then they make you have sex with men, then underage men, and then they go, you really want to join the club?
Go in there and strangle that 10-year-old that's tied up in that basement.
They've been giving us a problem.
And then it just goes downhill from there.
And I can tell you, I can take one look at the British leadership.
And almost all of them are killing kids.
They're the worst.
Basically, all of them are raping children.
And they've gotten so close to Satan.
And now Satan wants your children.
Now Satan wants you to take your children so you can get on that airplane or have that job and take that shot and cover it up and, you know, rationalize when your child has blood clots or problems or even dies.
You're now in on the club, too.
You've now got your past to go to hell.
Yeah, there's Boris Johnson's wife or girlfriend.
She's a Satanist on record.
She thinks she's powerful.
She thinks she's avant-garde.
She thinks she's cool.
Really, all she is is somebody that's going to get cut off from God for eternity.
Her spirit is going to be bound to the energy that she has resonated with for eternity.
The opposite of completion, the opposite of nirvana, the opposite of countenance with the All-Holy One, but total and complete damnation.
And that's because that's what they chose.
And that's who they are.
And that's what they're going to do to you and your family if you don't stop them.
Our cowardice and our weakness has summoned these people.
The vacuum that we created by not being the leaders of this planet has allowed this scum to come into our dimension.
And now they're coming for all of us.
And that's good, because it's going to force you off the bench.
And it's going to force you to get right with God.
And then all these horrors are going to come out.
All of it will be exposed before God's done.
And then the guilty, like Prince Charles and Bill Gates, will pay.
Stay with us.
All right.
Let me start plowing into the very important things that Elon Musk has been coming out and saying, exposing the UN's penchant for running giant child kidnapping rings, including children that are put in sex slave dungeons and put in snuff films.
I have a stack of mainstream news here for you, but this doesn't even make it in the paper now.
It comes out in AP and Reuters and major publications, but never really gets widely circulated.
You got to go there to find it.
And that's what Elon Musk is talking about with the U.N.
and how evil the United Nations is.
He's recognizing that it's the U.N.
that wants to take over his business and stop human space exploration and depopulate the planet.
We'll talk about Elon Musk and more here in a moment, but since I mentioned it, let's go back to this clip.
And in the full clip, he goes into more.
It's PostCellInfoWars.com.
Prince Charles, who's right up there at the top of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.
And really, when it comes to money and power above them, their wealth is so great, it's secret.
And the whole global government system we're under comes from him and his family and his father and others on record.
And the Bilderberg Group and the Klaus Schwab that they've secretly attended.
And so now they're externalizing this whole thing saying, it's a war to save the earth and the humans are the enemy.
But of course, everything they want to do to us, they're exempt from.
So what does royalty always want?
What was the Japanese system under royalty?
What was the Roman system under Caesars or Emperors?
What was the ancient British system?
What was the ancient Norman system in Europe?
What was the ancient Aztec system?
Feudalism, feudalism, feudalism, where only a certain group of people have the rights to land and to travel and to live.
To hunt.
And the serfs are kept on very small pieces of land and usually about a foot or so even shorter than the quote nobleman because they're being congenitally starved to death.
And that's a system of control keeping them at near starvation level.
And so you have the old British Empire model competing with the American model in the last 250 years and writing literally thousands of articles in British newspapers about the American system and how it had to be stopped.
And so that's what globalism is, is about getting rid of the free market open system.
And their excuse is, humans are wasting too much land.
Humans are cutting down the trees.
Humans are hunting the king's deer.
The same thing they said a thousand years ago.
Norman Conquerors in France are saying the same thing today.
And Jeff Bezos flies on his $40 million jet with 400 other jets to meet with Prince Charles and discuss how you shouldn't be able to have heating in the winter for your home.
You should buy a bigger coat.
Let's make sure it's not made out of animal products.
You should never get beef.
You should never eat it again, says Prince Charles and Prince Philip before he died.
But oh, they get plenty of beef.
So it's open externalization of how wicked and evil they are.
I mean, raping children and all the rest of it, that's just a side issue.
That's just a manifestation of the overall satanic disease.
They want to kill your children.
They want to poison them with these shots.
They want to totally take over.
So here's this declaration of war against you and your family by King Charles.
So, ladies and gentlemen, my plea today is for countries to come together to create the environment that enables every sector of industry to take the action required.
We know this will take trillions, not billions of dollars.
We also know that countries, many of whom are burdened by growing levels of debt, simply cannot afford to go green.
Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector.
With trillions at his disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world's leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.
So the United Nations, that's who he's talking about, set up by his family and others to take over the world and be the new British Empire, needs more than all the gross domestic product of Earth for them to carry out the transformation that shuts off even the growing of organic food, saying that's bad because plants put off carbon dioxide and oxygen.
You heard me right.
I'm not joking.
I read you CNN saying the same thing last week.
I mean, are these aliens here terraforming the planet that don't want us to have any life here?
I mean, what they're saying is sheer madness, but in giving our children injections that erase their immune systems and give them blood clots, it's the same thing, because that's who they are.
What does the Bible say about the devil?
He comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
So here is the so-called Brexit patriot who turned out to be the worst ever with his Satanist wife.
And she's a satanist on record.
She brags about it.
She does mock human sacrifices of babies, though, and acts all wild in those photoshoots.
Yes, sure.
Externalizing the method.
Bless her magic.
Here is Boris Johnson at the same event spouting off.
The countries most responsible for historic and present day emissions are not yet doing their fair share of the work.
If we are going to prevent COP26 from being a failure, then that must change.
And I must be clear that if Glasgow fails, then the whole thing fails.
The Paris Agreement will have crumpled at the first reckoning.
The hope!
That's enough.
And then he goes on to say, we're one minute to midnight, we're all gonna die, just like AOC, we're all dead in ten years, we don't... Give them total power, and then have computers and robots that surveil our every action.
That's what the head of BlackRock said two weeks ago, he said, Computer sensors monitoring all human activity to tackle climate change will be the next 1,000 millionaires.
So they're saying the only investment will be in surveilling everything you do in lifetime.
Your sewage, your house, your fireplace, what you're cooking, what you're doing, and banning it all with just robot sensors watching everything you do.
All run by a bunch of people like this.
Epstein's latest casualty, Barclays CEO, Jess Stally.
Here it is.
Barclays CEO Jess Staley steps down following investigations into his ties with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
Emma McCarthy has more.
Barclays chief executive Jess Staley is standing down following British regulators investigations into his ties with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
Barclays said it was made aware on Friday evening of the preliminary conclusion
We're good to go.
The bank added it should be noted that the investigation makes no findings that Mr. Staley saw or was aware of any of Mr. Epstein's alleged crimes.
So that's enough.
And the problem is he said he didn't know Epstein.
Of course, he's hanging out with him, staying at his house, just like Prince Charles and his brother and all the rest of them.
And look, this is again groups within groups blackmailing each other, controlling each other.
It's like two dogs sniff each other's butts.
To even get into these circles of people, you gotta have sex with kids.
And so there's different factions of it, that they go over to their house and have sex with kids, they come over to your house and have sex with kids, and that's just how this all operates.
I don't know if this guy was screwing kids.
When I grow up, I wanna take down the New World Order.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
It's going to become very, very obvious you're under a globalist attack, if it hasn't already.
You're going to realize everything is fighting the Great Reset.
Everything is getting right with Christ.
Everything is realizing the Antichrist and Satan's real.
Everything is realizing most of the churches are in the hands of the bad guys.
And that you're going to have to get ready to be a leader in your area.
Or God is going to say, I don't know you.
You better have concern about the globalists and you better have concern about what side your spirit is on.
That's the only issue.
Everything else is window dressing to test you and so that the evil one can try to manipulate you.
All right, I want to hit the really big news that ties into all of this right now and the rest of the story and then I want to open the phones up and I want to take
Your phone calls.
Because this is a big, big deal.
You're welcome to call in on any subject you want.
First-time callers, please, today.
You can agree with me, you can disagree with me, you can bring up the vaccine passports, you can bring up Biden, bring up the economy, bring up what the Pope's announcing.
Bring up anything you want.
The open borders, the caravan of now 200,000 headed up from Mexico, getting bigger by the day.
We're living in historic times.
Any subject you want.
Prince Charles, now really the acting head of the New World Order, declaring war on humanity and saying they're in a war to cut carbon, in a war to cut off our resources, and to have more resources given to the UN than all of the GDP of Earth.
I think that doesn't make sense.
How do you have something bigger than GDP?
Because it cuts off the GDP.
That's the whole point.
It's very easy to have a bigger budget than all the GDP.
If they say stay in your house, all the supply chains break down and then can't ever be turned back on because of how devastating it was.
See, all the big studies show that if you have a just-on-time delivery system and these very complex systems where each part of the system only produces one piece of the puzzle and that nobody is able to basically do
Whole deliveries of energy or of food or of transportation or of anything.
But then if you go in and shut that system down, you can't turn it back on.
And that's why just a few months in the West devastated things and you see how nothing works right anymore.
The third world is still under lockdown right now in almost every area.
And it is just devastating.
That's why you go to lunch and you wonder why it takes two hours to get your food.
And you look behind the counter and there's 30 people in the restaurant and there's one cook?
That's because that one cook still comes in even though they make less money cooking than they would make taking the welfare check.
And the globals are saying, hey, we're going to make it where we're just going to give you a guaranteed income where you don't have to work at all.
And people take that money and think when there's less workers and they're getting a free paycheck that somehow they're going to get value.
No, that destroys the development of products.
You can say, well, we're too consumer.
We don't need products.
Oh, like medicine?
Like shelter?
I got articles right here.
Architect resigns in protest over U.S.S.B.
Megadorm funded by Charlie Munger, the mentor of Bill Gates.
Talk about an evil man, the guy that praises Xi Jinping and communism and says, we need to have that here.
He's funding a giant dorm with 200 foot square coffin apartments with no windows.
And the architect quit saying this is dehumanizing.
They're still going ahead with it.
That's your image of the future.
I'll assure you Charlie Munger is not living in a 200 square foot facility.
Where the whole ceiling is a TV watching you and listening to you.
I mean, it's worse than 1984.
Hell, where Winston lived in that fictional hellhole was a paradise compared to what they're constructing.
Toll-free number to join us.
And you put up Charlie Munger.
That looks like a pretty evil white dude to me.
But he's the guy funding
Critical race theory that whites are bad.
So we all fight with each other.
Of course, he's not bad because he's white.
He's bad because he's an evil globalist.
Dingleberry on Satan's rear end.
And he will face God.
First time callers.
This is a big deal.
That the Queen's getting ready to step down very, very soon.
Prince Charles is already the acting king.
He's already the regent.
He's already really the governor general of our satanic majesty's holdings.
And they're also announcing big tech.
They're saying no one is allowed to question Prince Charles or anybody else.
Persons don't question COVID and the rollout don't question election fraud.
Don't question open borders, don't question gun control, don't question drag queen story time, don't question all of that now.
Axios celebrates, Big Tech finally reckons with climate denialism.
If you don't think the world's ending in eight years like AOC says, and if you don't want to pay everything you've got into them, and if you don't want to be banned from a space heater, or a barbecue pit, or a gasoline car, California just banned all gas engines.
It's facing an end now.
Well, then you're a denialism.
That's like denying the Holocaust.
You're banned.
Your social credit score, oh, oh, oh, and Buddha Judge just came out in an announcement over the weekend and said, anybody rude to a stewardess on an airplane, anybody, needs to be put on a no-fly list permanently.
No judge, no jury, no nothing.
And he said, you know, maybe it'll be not drive a car list.
See, social credit score,
Yeah, the Green Police is a real funny Audi ad 10 years ago now.
It's not funny now.
They got real checkpoints.
They got real everything.
And they're segwaying from the climate, from the COVID lockdowns, the climate lockdowns.
But how does all this tie together with the amazing statements of Elon Musk and Bolsonaro?
That's coming up next segment.
And it ties into Prince Charles and the UN and all of it, and how this could all end if we just identify that these are the bad guys, that they're a bunch of hypocrites, that they think they're above the law, that everything they're doing is from a place of hatred and evil, that they're the ones killing the earth, and they're the ones creating a cataclysm of societal collapse and war, because they like it.
They're not doing all this to save the earth.
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I don't have a death wish taking these people on, and I'm not sticking my head in a lion's mouth to impress a bunch of people at a circus.
I'm doing this because God's watching, and I know I'm on a mission, and I'm extremely honored to be in the position I'm in, even if that means I'm going to be destroyed.
I will not stand there while these people rape and murder children and now deploy their chemical bioweapon against our children under the guise of the COVID-19 vaccine.
I will not be part of this.
And what I'm doing is the bare minimum God demands.
If you don't stand up for the children, if you don't stand up for the innocent, God is going to cut you down.
And the scum of the earth that run the planet, the God of this world, know their reckoning is coming.
They know their time is short.
They want to take as many of us with them as they can.
If you look at the stuff coming out of Davos, I mean, out of all their mouths, and out of Hollywood, and out of Prince Charles, and Ted Turner, and all of them, I mean, it is just psycho talk.
How they're gonna be gods, and they're gonna merge the machines, and how they're gonna just get rid of all of us, and it's crazy town.
And I'm simply here saying, I'm not going along with this.
And my God, that I know is real, that gives me incredible discernment, tells me, I better fight this with everything I've got, or I'm going to be cut off.
I'm scared of that.
It's the only thing I fear is God.
And boy, it's beyond fear.
I just worship God.
I want to be with God.
I just want to continue to have one more second of that feeling of completion that I'm being given again right now.
Unbelievable completion.
And then he asked, well, why are you fighting so hard?
Aren't you complete?
I must do this to stay with God, to continue to be with that completion.
And you look at these enemies of God, they are the opposite of complete.
They are not complete.
I am complete.
I'm failed.
I'm a sinner.
But I have seen the top of the mountain.
I have seen God's mind.
I have seen the will of eternity.
I have experienced it.
I have interfaced with it.
It has strengthened me.
It has taken me into the forge.
I'm so sad for those that have not experienced this level of the Holy Spirit.
But it demands that we take action against these Satanists.
It demands that we charge against them and we do everything we can that we not hold back one micron of our energy against them in our will.
Only then will the power of God begin to flow through you.
Let's talk about it.
I am not trying to ingratiate myself with Elon Musk, and I know that Christ said it's easier for a rich man to go to the eye of the needle than inherit the kingdom of heaven.
He was pointing, though, at the Jerusalem Wall in the Bible, where there's a gate called the eye of the needle that a person has to bend down
Under to go through it.
So you've got to humble yourself if you're a rich man to be able to and not make money you're God.
Now, I want to believe that Elon Musk is a good guy saying beware of AI gods, beware of the new world order, the globalists want to depopulate you, don't take the vaccine, I'm not going to take the vaccine.
But then he does stuff like we're going to roll out brain chips you can get at your local, you know, local mall, like you're getting your ears pierced.
But then I know people that are pretty good friends with Musk and they say, no, he's really awake behind the scenes, you know, he's a listener of yours, you know, maybe go hang out with Musk.
You know, one time I had a chance to actually go to an event, but I was out of town and didn't get to go do it because I don't really want to stand around at some house party and, you know, hope to talk to Elon Musk for five minutes.
But so I'm not here saying Elon Musk is a great guy, so he'll pat me on the head.
I mean, I'm completely over stuff like that if I was ever into it.
You know, just watching Trump and going through all this stuff in the last years has just made me even more disconnected from the system and caring about it.
So I say this, though, because I want to be fair about this and not bear false witness against people.
Him coming out and saying, hey, the U.N.
ought to stop running child kidnapping rings and ought to stop raping children and ought to stop stealing the money that the U.N.
gets for food programs is good.
It's on a scale of 1 to 10.
It's a nine.
You know, if you called them devil worshippers and said that their currency is kidnapped children, that'd be a 10.
But I mean, Musk has basically knocked a home run on this.
And he's all over the place saying the UN basically runs child kidnapping rings, which is true.
And see, when they come and shake you down for money, okay, I'll get money if I run it and give direct investment to put in water wells or communications or medicine for these villages.
Yeah, I'll do it, but not through you.
He's like, yeah, it'd be great PR for us to give you billions of dollars that you're asking for, five, six billion dollars, so you can save millions of people.
But that's how this works, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's talk about it right now.
They came out to Elon Musk, the UN head of the World Food Program, and said, give me money for them or you're starving the third world.
And Musk said, well, you're the ones running child kidnapping rings.
Why don't you clean up yourself first?
But what Musk should also hit them with is the UN ordered the lockdowns 20 months ago on record.
I'll show you the articles right here.
They don't want you to remember which caused the chain reaction of the breakdown of supply chain and 25 million people to starve to death.
Well, they claim 2 million died worldwide of COVID.
Most of them died of something else.
25 million of starvation.
The UN says 6 billion from Musk could solve world hunger.
And the Doge father is calling their bluff.
So that's a good move by him.
So let's get into this right here.
Starving children as young as 9, forced to give UN officials oral sex for food.
That's what came out, you know, 9 years ago, 10 years ago, 6 years ago, it's always coming out.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg, what the London Express covers.
How about industrial level, kidnapping children all over the world, including from Central Europe, so they can get more money for them?
I mean, Epstein, through the UN, got 10-year-old girls that were kidnapped, it came out, and then trained them and used them as sex operatives to even be stewardesses on airlines he ran for sex slavery.
And these women would then manage the other underage girls they controlled.
WHO employees took part in Congo sex abuse during Ebola crisis.
Sex abuse scandal in Haiti.
Tens of thousands of children kidnapped, many killed.
Hillary Clinton involved.
peacekeepers had a sexual abuse problem.
exclusive, U.N.
child sex ring left victims but no arrest.
did its job on that, remember?
Haiti government demands justice for women and girls abused by U.N.
Exclusive, U.N.
suspends funding for W.H.O.
programs in Congo after sex scandal.
peacekeepers in Congo hold record for rape, sex abuse.
World Health Organization says the step perpetuated harrowing sexual abuse in the Congo.
Fresh allegations of sexual abuse made against U.N.
peacekeepers in Central African Republic.
The U.N.
sex scandal.
fails to stem rapes of peacekeepers in Africa.
Victims cry.
They actually ship them around the world, including for just flat-out slavery, in like brick factories and stuff.
WHO to send in experts to prevent sexual abuse after Congo scandal.
And how many times have they caught UN officials in The Hague and the Netherlands, but also in New York City with chained up women and children in their apartments?
Then they clear diplomatic immunity.
WHO to send in experts to prevent child sexual abuse after Congo scandal.
Oh, the UN will watch itself.
UN peacekeepers hit at new allegations of sickening sex abuse.
New York Times.
And it goes on and on.
Human trafficking on the increase.
Run by the UN worldwide.
The New American.
Child sex abuse, UN peacekeepers.
Has the UN learned lessons from Bosnian sex slavery revealed in the Rachel Wenzel film?
Report reveals shame of UN peacekeepers.
UN tries to cover up peacekeeper sex abuse scandal.
All over the world, folks.
I mean, I can just keep going for hours here.
UN tries to cover up peacekeeper sex abuse scandal.
I can just keep going for hours for you.
I mean, seriously.
When the U.N.
commits atrocities, someone has to act.
This is all old articles.
No one does anything.
Now, he's bringing up something you're not supposed to talk about.
Rapes in Miramar by the U.N.
On and on and on.
Burma, everywhere.
Now, let's get to what's really big.
This isn't just mass rape and kidnapping and snuff films and torture and all the video and photos of it.
Let's look at this right here.
How about this?
How about this big fat juicy stat?
Instead of coronavirus, the hunger will kill us.
A global food crisis, run by the UN.
There's the New York Times, but they don't point out the obvious.
Unlike all these articles, why is there mass heart attacks?
Why is there mass deaths?
Why is there record myocarditis in all the Western countries?
From the frickin' shot, that's why!
WHO defends coronavirus outbreak response.
May of last year.
Running the lockdown that causes the mass starvation.
20 times worse than COVID.
And then trying to raise money and shake down Elon Musk.
When the money doesn't even go to the children starving to death.
You murderers!
's murdering them!
The U.N.'
He covered up a cholera outbreak and didn't give them medicine and kept billions of the U.N.
The W.H.O.
did his own country and killed over a million people!
Your calls are coming up.
Hour number three straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
Have you told somebody to tune in?
Coming up, Tucker has dropped part one of the coup against the people.
We're going to be doing a review of it tonight here in the War Room.
And I'm also going to air some excerpts coming up at the start of the fourth hour today.
So look for that.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Now we've got Bob and Cody and Bob and Jen and Margaret and Jen and Gene and Andy and Ian and Lita and Jackson or Jason.
We will get to your calls coming up at the start of the next segment.
I will go directly to you.
And I'm glad a lot of you are calling in about Prince Charles and Elon Musk and
What you think about this, and some of the callers want to talk about why these globalists turned to the dark side.
Well, I think they turned to it early, and they're chosen by those that are already in power on the dark side.
They recruit more and more of their people, and then they externalize their attempt to poison and murder children into the COVID vaccine, because that's their god, that's their ritual, and they want mass death of children for their entity that they serve.
We know that.
So that's why they do this.
It's all very simple.
Every major emperor during decline, whether it was the ancient Mesoamericans or the ancient Europeans or ancient Africans or ancient Asians, during decline they always got satanic emperors and priest class leaders that demanded human sacrifice.
And it was almost always the firstborn sons.
That was really because they were worried about firstborn sons carrying genetic memory that's triggered more intensely in firstborn sons and daughters.
And that they would then lead a rebellion against that tyranny and reboot the civilization.
And so it's a type of carpet bombing operation to stop the next generation, which definitely children being born now that transcend the poison, the brainwashing, as most succumb to it, are very special.
Kind of the New Agers and stuff call them Indico children and stuff like that.
I don't go with their cosmology, but there's definitely a for every action opposite and equal reaction.
So the attack on the children by the satanic forces is going to trigger some interesting things being unlocked in the genetic memory because this is not our first rodeo that are going to give them some big problems.
So, let's just say this, a very exciting time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, let me finish with this.
We'll go to break, come back with your calls, because I didn't get through really any of this key stack.
You see this stack?
This is WHO defends lockdowns and hunger.
Pretty important, now they're the ones running around going, oh my god, the whole third world's starving to death and we're organizing them into huge caravans to come and break your borders and have a permanent underclass.
Oh, they don't explain that to you, do they?
Or, oh, those are the ones that are lucky and escaped, though.
We're killing the really poor ones.
How evil.
How bad is that?
Instead of coronavirus, the hunger will kill us.
A global food crisis looms, the UN said.
Give us billions back in April last year.
But oh, the UN didn't point out that the UN itself was directing the lockdowns and all the other policies.
We see the global vaccine passports, the global carbon tax.
That's all UN official certified guideline by the UN in charge of the Internet, in charge of banning climate denial, in charge of banning alternative treatments for COVID.
I mean, they're just the boss.
They're the authors, they're the captains, they're the field marshals, they're the generals, they're the prep, they're in command of our destruction.
Here it is, BBC.
Coronavirus, WHO, defends coronavirus outbreak response, lockdowns, and more.
That's old Tedris.
Dr. Tedris, what a nice, he's an invented communist, Marxist-Leninist Maoist.
Killed over a million of his people in Ethiopia, not letting him have medical treatment for a cholera outbreak.
What a nice man.
They said, well, you'll kill your own people?
You are in command now, Tedris.
Oh, remember this guy, Dr. Ryan, the global UN head of response.
WHO official floats removing infected from their homes to stop the spread, including children and basically permanent lockdowns.
Now you see them in Australia trying to say the lockdowns will be permanent.
Coronavirus crisis could double number of people suffering acute hunger.
Oh, the London Guardian.
Their answer, give the UN more food when the UN ordered a lockdown.
As hunger swells, food stamps become a partisan flashpoint.
Human Rights Chief warns against mishandling the lifting of COVID lockdowns.
Oh, yes, don't lift the lockdowns.
Oh, no, don't do that.
Don't do that.
We won't be able to starve them all to death.
Oh, and look, the DHS is preparing to lock us down.
Yes, they're just getting us all ready for the biblical level proportions.
Nothing moves!
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So if you just joined us, I just read to you from AP, Reuters, the News of Australia, the New York Times, the statements of the UN last May.
What was that, like 19 months ago?
18 months ago saying, don't ever end the lockdown.
But then, out of the other side of their mouth, oh, the lockdown starved 25 million people.
We need lots of money.
Elon Musk won't give us 6 billion.
Elon Musk said, how about you stop running child kidnapping ranks?
Now he's saying, how about I just give 6 billion directly to the Africans for food and medicine?
And they said, no, no, no, don't do that!
So refreshing to see Elon Musk with his giant platform level the truth at those people and do that.
I want to see more of that.
Less brain chips, more fight the pedophile race.
All right, let's go right to your phone calls.
I'm going to try to move quick through all these.
We get to everybody.
Let's go to Andy in California first.
Andy, welcome to the Airwaves.
Hey Alex, first time caller, early listener.
I've been listening to you for about four months, studying intently.
A number of my friends have encouraged me to, including a good friend of yours, Bob Barnes.
And so for us new listeners,
Sometimes there's some missing pieces in the logic of some of these participants in the New World Order, including some of the heads of the Fortune 500 companies.
What doesn't make sense to me is why would they be making decisions like implementing these vaccine mandates that are really crippling their own companies?
How are they going to escape scrutiny and condemnation for basically ruining their own companies?
Well, that's because they're positioned into where they are because they follow orders.
They're not in charge.
And if you're in a major war and you're in a major battle and you're going to end up losing half your army to win the war, you don't care because you've got an overall objective to be able to take over.
You don't care about your company.
You don't care about profits.
The globalists can create all the fiat currency they want in their minds.
They care about power and control.
And there's a great example of this in the movie Braveheart, which is a composite of real historical events.
But there have been real cases in war, even in World War I, World War II, where there have been troops caught behind enemy lines.
And the Germans, but also the British, the U.S.
would then open up with artillery on their own positions to stop an enemy advance, knowing you'd, quote, kill soldiers on both sides.
Remember in Braveheart, Longshanks was a real king fighting the Scots and William Wallace.
He says, open fire with the archers while the battle's going on and both armies are mixed together in hand-to-hand combat.
And they say, Sire, we'll hit our own men.
He says, well, we'll hit theirs, too.
I mean, this is full-spectrum dominance.
They're attacking all of us.
When the Rothschilds, going back 250 years, would fund both sides of a war, they funded the British and Napoleon 200 years ago, 220 years ago.
So when they do that, it's the same thing over and over and over again, and then you get into the psychopathic, sociopathic, full-spectrum dominance mindset.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, so they're just looking for cover from their own collective when things go bad.
Well, even Spar's event 2023-2025, a globalist war game, says once the public wakes up that we hit them with a chemical bioweapon through the shots, we'll just have all the CEOs and people resign and blame them and then we won't get in trouble, the actual controllers.
See, it's the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and others and the Sachs-Coburg-Gothas, Prince Charles,
Their name's not Windsor, it's Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
And he's Charles of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and like 20 other names.
All the duchies of this, and countesses of that, and baronies of this.
I mean, they own basically everything.
They own shares in all those big... They own BlackRock.
They own JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs.
They own Vanguard.
And then you go invest in that and get a little percentage back, but they use that to control all the companies and all the investments.
You understand?
So they've got to squeeze and shut everything down and bankrupt a bunch of companies to consolidate control.
That's called a vertical integration.
But vertical integration is only one part of it.
At the end of the day, they want to destroy industrial society.
See, they never had full control of industrialization.
And then now they've got industrialization set up.
Now they only want that industrialization for robots that serve them as their infrastructure.
We're seen as insects or weevils that have gotten into the grain supply and are eating up the king's grain.
So this is simply culling off, you know, like wild cats in the neighborhood.
Thanks for that insight.
Also a shout out for my little boy, Joseph, who's one of your biggest fans.
Well, God bless you.
His name's Joseph.
Joseph, yes.
Joseph, you got a great daddy.
God bless you.
Love Jesus.
Thanks for calling, sir.
All right.
Let's go to Jen in Florida.
Go ahead.
Jen, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you for everything you do.
First off, the reason I'm calling today is FPL, which is Florida Power and Light, which is owned by NextEra Energy.
So this is going to be all of your
Solar, the nukes here in Florida, and also in Texas.
I was just looking on the map.
It has the Lone Star transmission line and your solar.
They just put down the vaccine mandate.
This is, according to their website, the world's largest power supplier.
Well, people should boycott it.
It's hard to boycott a power company when it's the only power company, but the governor should really do something about that.
I know he's been trying to.
This is real
Globalism is corporate fascism.
That's why they've got all the big companies on board to act like government's doing it, but it's really the corporation's doing it.
The power to make you take an experimental shot linked to all these illnesses and deaths, or you can't have a job, you can't live.
That is just absolutely criminal, isn't it?
Yes, it is absolutely horrible because, as you know, these are hard-working men and women that are out there.
They're out there in the worst of conditions when everybody else is home.
I think so.
The guy that heads the company, Jim Robo, sent out the email saying that everybody needs to be fully vaccinated by December 10th.
Well, Jen, you raised this.
It's very important.
And you do it from the perspective of these hardworking folks that are being forced to quit their job or being fired.
But think of the big picture.
How do you have a post-industrial world and then you don't get blamed?
You have the major corporations order their employees to take shots and then fire them in energy, in medical, in transportation, in the airlines.
And then when those people quit, society breaks down.
And the public is so dumbed down, they don't even put two and two together that it's the Great Reset or the post-industrial world.
They'd already done all the actuaries.
They'd already done all the studies.
They already knew that this was going to be happening.
Yeah, and now this Great Reset, it's coming home to roost, everybody.
It's coming home.
So people that don't want to open their eyes to it, they're going to start seeing it because all of our critical infrastructure is going to start faltering.
Because it's going to be these, the hard working, they believe in freedom.
You know, these guys.
And then the dollar, I understand, and then the dollar goes down.
And again,
They just say, oh, sorry, things broke down.
Now we've got the global reset, the new global currency, but you only get it when you have the vaccine passport.
It's also the carbon passport, and then we're on it.
And it's already being rolled out in Europe, Canada.
The dictator up there clearly got in by fraud.
Trudeau, who says he wants to be a dictator, is announcing you can't drive your car, get on a ferry, drive down the highway, get on a plane, have a job.
If you don't take the shot, you can't have neighbors over.
No one can be in your house.
I mean, this is martial law.
Yes, Jim, thank you for the call.
This is house arrest.
This is how they roll in martial law.
This is their cover.
You know, I had it yesterday stacked.
One of the crew members gave me a copy of the email he got from Southwest.
He thought he was gonna take his girlfriend and him down to Cancun.
I told him, I said, they're gonna demand a COVID test and a bunch of other stuff.
And sure enough, they sent him an email, which I had yesterday stacked, just reprinted for me.
And I'll show it when we come back.
And now it has the same restrictions for people that are vaccinated versus aren't.
See, you thought you'd take the shot.
And then you'd be let out like the rat, you know, let out of the cage.
Once you submit, it only gets worse.
So that's coming up.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're taking your phone calls.
I really appreciate you all calling in today.
Let's talk to Jen in Virginia.
She wants to talk about the Mark of the Beast, the New World Order being here.
And I agree with her.
This is the beginning of it.
That's why you don't hear a damn word out of these churches, because you got little devils up there in the pulpits.
They're going to tell you to take that microchip as sure as the sun came up.
Gene, welcome, and thank you for calling.
Gene, Alex, what's going on, man?
Gene, I'm sorry I can't read.
My eyes are going out.
Go ahead.
All good, brother.
Yeah, I just wanted to talk about and spread some good news for us and some horrible news for the New World Order.
And you're doing a lot of Christians that just want to sit around and kind of just
Wait for Christ to come back, but you're doing exactly what you're supposed to.
We're supposed to keep resisting these losers right up until the last second.
I'm proud of you for doing it.
And what I wanted to say is, I don't really hear, I know I don't have much time, but what I wanted to put out there is I don't really hear much people talk about this particular topic, but the two witnesses and what is leading up
You know, to that, is this building blocks of the Mark of the Beast system that they're building in front of us now?
And, you know, you've said it several times.
They never really get a grasp on the world order that they want.
It's like always kind of slipping through their fingers right up until the last moment.
They get it for like one hour or like just a moment in time.
But, uh, these two witness guys are coming, and it's happening after they build the third Jewish temple, and, uh, I just like people to know that don't know that, you know, they have the building blueprints drawn, they even have, like, 3D walkthroughs, they made all the ornaments for the temple.
2016, I believe, I might be wrong, might be 15, uh, they started training the Levitical priests for the first time in 2,000 years, and they've
Elected all those guys, so they're making moves towards that and so we're getting to the nitty-gritty I mean that's when notice the people running Israel are enslaving the Jews there more than anybody in the world with the deadly poison shots Notice again what the antichrist is doing.
They think they've gone there to be safe and now they're about to get attacked
And I think they're going to use that as the catalyst to say that we need to build the temple to get our people back.
That's my perspective on it.
I think they are running them in the ground.
Well, you're right.
I mean, prophecy is being fulfilled, my brother.
It is unbelievable.
God bless you, Gene.
Thanks for the call.
These are all great callers.
We got to move quick to get to everybody here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cody in California.
Cody, welcome.
Alex, long time listener, first time caller.
Thank you so much for taking my call today.
By the way, your products are amazing and I use them.
Help me understand what's going on here.
For years, you've been educating us and teaching us about the globalists, their plans, you know, these leftist politicians and a lot of the Republicans.
But more recently, I'd say in the last five years, thanks to Donald, the whole world has seen firsthand what the deal is with China and what China is gearing up to do, how it all connects to the virus, which came from China.
It's a weaponized virus on the world.
Well, so China was set up as a billion, 300 million people.
We're good to go.
And so now you've got China kind of double-crossing some of the globalists, which, again, is the last caller talked about how these kings of the earth will work with each other only so long, you know, until they finally go to war with each other, which is described in the Book of Revelations there with the Battle of Armageddon.
But whether you believe in that or not, that's where all this is going.
It talks about the dragon from the East and World War and the rest of it.
And so that's definitely the way things are shaping up.
I'm not saying it's this year or five years from now or 10 years from now, but this is definitely this Antichrist spirit trying to build what it's always been trying to build.
Okay, so the way I see it, Alex, I don't necessarily believe China wants anyone alive on the world and on the planet other than those they want to govern.
Have you seen their auto manufacturing plants in the last couple of months here?
The footage coming out, I mean, literally looks like something from Terminator.
They don't even need their own slave class in order to manufacture shit.
So why do they?
Well, that's right.
China came out about five years ago and said the Communist Party goal is to be 100% robot and replace humans.
And again, that's the Globalist working with China to do that.
And that's like, all the big fast food places are saying they're going to be all robot.
You go to the airports, it's almost all robot now, where you don't talk to a human.
Yeah, we're being put in an obsolete cage.
We're being made obsolete so they can bring in their world government.
So why is it that the globalists and the people, you know, who have the chance to open their eyes and have, you know, self-interest in their own future and that of their children, even though they want to control, you know, the Western world, don't they see that they're making a deal with the devil and they're ultimately creating their own destruction?
Just like one of the callers prior said, I think China is the biggest threat with the hypersonic missiles and the AI development and they're completely costly.
Yes, China is a testing colony of the globalists.
And yes, just like any group of criminals, they have internal squabbles and fights, just like Al Capone had people that had squabbles inside his organization.
So absolutely, it's just a nightmare of authoritarianism, human animal cloning.
I mean, they had cows that were part human 30 years ago in China, producing human milk.
I mean, spider goats, you name it.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Jason in Texas.
You've got comments on Prince Charles.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
I don't give a damn who these people are.
You know, I'm not scared of them.
I think they're scared of us.
But I think, yeah, they're all sick pedophiles who are trying to kill us.
But we need to be ready.
And yeah, I just, I just can't.
I don't know.
It's kind of weird what the hell we're living in right now.
Well, what they are is ultra-rich, inbred, decadent, crazy people that make Baron Harkin in a fiction look like a sweetheart that are telling us they're going to cut our energy off.
And they're going to tell us they're going to save the earth by starving us to death.
And I say they can burn in hell.
How about that?
They declare war on us.
There Prince Charles is with his, quote, best friend, the most famous pedophile, Jimmy Savelle.
I agree with you 100%.
That's why everyone listening right now needs to get ready.
Buy your storage of food.
I have tons of it.
Just get everything.
Just be prepared because when they come, we're going to be ready.
Thank you, Jason.
Yeah, you know, I don't talk enough about this.
We told you 20 plus months ago, the giant supply chain breakdowns were coming because that's what the Great Reset wants to do.
And then we told you when they try to do forced inoculations, it will make the key workers in oil field production, in the power lines, in the truck drivers all quit.
And the shipping containers, all of it.
And so this is their plan.
And then the politicians don't point this out.
The leaders don't point it out.
That it's designed to make the supply chain break down and Klaus Schwab brags about it.
So we're now deep into the collapse.
It's going to get a lot worse.
And almost no one even gets this out there.
Because no one shows how it's premeditated, how it's all connected.
No one connects the dots, even when the globalists write damn books bragging about it.
I mean, I got Great Reset right here by Klaus Schwab.
Heard the book three times, all right here.
And they're devaluing the currency to collapse everything?
I mean, this is just hell on earth!
A dystopia by design!
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and we're going to kill your ass!
More calls straight ahead.
A ton of no's.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
You are in the twilight zone.
Twilight between the third and fourth dimension and beyond.
Think about how incredible it is.
I was thinking about it right before we came back out of break.
That a book written 2,000 years ago claiming that an all-powerful off-world consciousness condensed itself down into a human body to come warn us of the coming of a planetary system to enslave us and make us have a mark on our hand or forehead to buy and sell, and that it would force a world government and all peoples to worship it.
And then it would have copies of itself in the marketplaces that are described as 50 to 100 feet tall that everyone worships, that everyone bows down to.
It describes robots and giant flying metal dragonflies that drop
Seeds that turn into mountains of fire.
I mean, it's describing high-tech stealth aircraft.
I mean, you read it all.
It's not like Nostradamus who would like, in the time of the day of the such and such, the Red Tower will burn and the king will be struck by a lance and die.
There are lots of towers burning and lots of kings getting killed with lances, you know, back in the Middle Ages.
But there isn't one world governments and marks to buy and sell and everything else we're seeing.
And giant flying dragonflies dropping bombs that create mountains of fire.
Behold a flash, and then a mountain, a pillar of fire that was like a giant... I mean, whoa!
And now you're here.
And then an off-world entity is marooned here and doing this to us, and we've received a transmission warning us about it.
Of course!
What, you think we just popped up on this planet or something?
You just think, you really think this is the only planet humans are on?
You really, don't you have a sense of yourself, an oldness?
Don't you have a sense of something big?
That's why you like, see these science fiction movies or something, it seems like you've already been there, you already know it.
It's like a, it's a long time ago.
A long, long time ago.
In a galaxy far, far away.
To spirit.
And these sickos aren't working for our team.
And so we could really reject them, couldn't we?
And do anything together.
But we're not doing that, are we?
You think we've just been running around like cavemen, all that made up crap?
Uh, no.
It's all made up.
It's all come out, it's made up.
So, are we going to let a bunch of inbred crazies that know what's going on keep control of us?
Or are we going to transcend them?
Because there's a transmission that is broadcast through all wavelengths of all dimensions of God's plan.
All you got to do is tune in, you know, kind of like you're driving on the road and it says, tune to AM station or FM station for the local National Park News.
You just like turn to that channel and it tells you about the different things going on at the National Park and what some of the scenes are and things that you should look out for, like don't don't feed the bears or whatever.
But we can just tune in to the Holy Spirit and then it's all clear what we're supposed to do.
I mean, my gosh, John and Ezekiel and
All of these guys tuned into the transmission.
You can tune in too.
But the world isn't going to be too friendly to you.
You're going to get messed with and they're going to come after you.
And there's going to finally be a point where they're going to kill you.
But then it doesn't matter because you're eternal energy and it's all a big game.
Death's a lot easier than just dealing with the problems of life.
And I'm not saying kill yourself.
I'm not saying life isn't amazing.
I'm saying just get over it.
That you are an eternal creature and these things know that and they're pissed off at you because they're jealous of you.
This all comes down to spiritual jealousy.
You know, old B. L. Z. Bub cannot build all the stuff we build.
L. Z. Bub is just older and a different creature.
And again, does not like us because his old boss
Showed him the door.
And it's all real.
And it's all happening.
And once you understand it, it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
And then I study globalists.
They're not atheists, folks.
They are worshipers of the entity.
And the entity rewards them when they hurt the earth and the animals and the people.
It doesn't like anything.
I mean, Satan wants to blow the whole planet up, folks.
That's exactly what he does at the end of Childhood's End.
Put out by one of the sick freaks, one of the perverts, one of the Jimmy Savells of the world, Arthur C. Clarke.
And when they're done getting our children, what do they do?
They blow the earth up.
And the children is the metaphor for the new spirits.
The new spirits created by God's free will, now being attacked and being hijacked by these fallen entities.
Yeah, Arthur C. Clarke.
I'm not calling him a pervert just because he liked to have sex with men.
He wasn't living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for no reason.
I'll just leave it at that.
They're all part of the same club.
His breakout book is about demons that come to Earth to take our children and then blow up all the adults.
Boy, they just can't shut their mouths, can they?
They just can't ever stop telling us, Die!
That's the transmission.
Kill the children!
Kill the children!
Kill the children!
Kill the children!
Kill the children!
Their mother sucks cocks in hell!
That's who they are.
I'm quoting The Exorcist.
Hope you guys delayed that.
Alright, let's go to your calls.
I got a lot to cover.
I'm gonna shut up.
Charles Fuentes taking over.
I've got a long way to go and a short time to get there.
I know the Detroit Carlson Show, I haven't seen it yet.
We'll be playing some excerpts of that coming up and then on The War Room today, 3 p.m.
I'm told it's amazing.
with Owen.
But you tune into the Satan's transmission, and it's just ridiculously stupid and mindless.
But it's a woodpecker effect, and it gets people on board with it, because they're scared.
They're like, what is this?
Oh, just come on over and work with us, and we won't be as scary as, you know.
But don't you know, once you really sign on to the devil, and once God's disconnected from you, that's a very scary place to be.
Can you imagine that?
And you look at people like Prince Charles and the rest of them, they're completely freaked out and scared.
And they should be.
You know, I'm going to go to break, and I'm going to come back, and I'm going to go to Ian.
And Bob and everybody else, the order of the calls came in and Margaret.
Margaret's actually right after Bob and then John.
I'm just going to get you all on here and I'll host as long as I need to in the next hour, get to your calls.
I did a pretty good job earlier hitting a lot of this, but I also didn't get into, I got a bunch of other news here.
It's crazy.
But that's why I'm about to start soon.
At least three nights out of the week, a three hour commercial free show.
I mean, we'll have a few breaks here and there, but it's not going to be a regular clock.
It's going to be a podcast and it's going to be live.
And your calls.
Predominantly your calls and a few special guests so we really can kick into high gear here.
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All right, I'm gonna go right to your phone calls.
We've got a lot of amazing callers here.
I want to get to everybody here on the Alex Jones Show.
So we're gonna go in the order they're received here.
Let's go to Bob in Vermont.
Bob, you're on the air.
Alex, it's an honor.
Honor to talk to you.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'm an old Marine, and in my day, the enemy was the Soviet Union.
And you knew who your enemy was, and
If it came to it, we would do battle, right?
Today, the enemy's all around us.
You know, they're in your family, they're your neighbors.
What does this thing really look like?
I mean, at what point... It's an ideological spiritual war, good versus evil, Bob, yes.
Well, but how do you win this thing, Alex?
I'm convinced that elections are out.
I have zero confidence that my vote matters.
You know, we voted for our guy, and they didn't let us have him.
And the idea that we're going to wake up and vote for the right people, and they're going to make an effective change, it just doesn't seem realistic to me.
Well, your question is the big question.
We can do whole shows and take calls for five hours a day about it, and we should, and really brainstorm on it.
But it's pulling out of the system.
It's not complying with the system.
It's educating others.
It's praying to God and asking God for discernment and just being a light in the world up against this evil.
But I hear you.
This is such a sophisticated, multifaceted, media, globalist-run operation.
They've been preparing for this for hundreds of years.
God bless you, Bob.
Thanks for calling in.
Thank you for your service.
Remember, this is all a big test, and they're going to get us so isolated and so brainwashed that without the Holy Spirit, they're going to win.
That's what the Bible tells us, so it's all happening.
Let's go to Lita and then to Margaret.
Lita's actually been holding longer in Texas.
She wants to talk about the metaverse.
Yes, that Facebook's buying up all the VR companies and trying to force us into this false universe.
Lita, give us your take on the metaverse.
Well, I did my research this weekend and I'm completely lost.
That's why I wanted to ask you.
I don't really know how to pose the question because I really don't understand.
But from what I understand, are they going to be strapping on a VR headset on everybody and trying to
Yes, yes.
Just like judges are ordering you now for a jury trial or for a lawsuit or for anything, you've got to be virtual on Zoom.
And now they're going to say, if you want to be on Facebook, you've got to do this.
If you want to be in business, you've got to do this.
If you want to go to a concert, it's this way.
And they're trying to train the youth to then make you go into these whole false realities
Because again, they're going to make the real reality so ugly, they're going to try to force us into the false reality to have greater levels of deception.
Okay, and what else I notice is that they're trying to entice us to make money by being contributors of what they call NFTs,
Whether it be NFT creators for like avatars, or even music, and I don't know how that kind of... Sure, sure.
I don't think NFTs in and of themselves are evil or bad, but yes, a lot of big money goes into them, so that now you'll be able to go buy these NFTs only in the Facebook cyberspace, or there'll be certain ones only available there to then make it avant-garde and cool for people to then go into those spaces.
Because, I mean, I wonder if I go into the virtual reality of Facebook, are they going to ban me?
And the answer is yes.
So again, they're going to make you think it's a great place you want to be, but it is a trap.
But it's the proto-matrix.
This is the insertion of humans into the matrix.
They're even coming out, Facebook, with beds you sleep in that take your own heat energy and then put it into carbon credits.
So is this in some way our introduction to transhumanism?
So then, this is what I'm struggling with.
Ethically and spiritually, we just need to stay away from it then?
Well, yes.
I mean, especially keep young people away from it.
It makes people very nauseous.
People don't want to use it.
The Google goggles failed.
But this is what they're trying to force us into, is total sensory bombardment, building their false universe to confuse us so much that we start not knowing what the metaverse is versus the real third dimension.
So they want to take us even out of the third dimension.
They don't want us connected to God at the higher dimensions, because we're entities that are in all the dimensions.
You know, we're experiencing reality in all 11 at least.
So they don't want us to transcend to a higher dimension.
They want to suppress us in an even form of artificial prison dimension that is completely synthetic and artificial.
Thank you, Lita.
Very good question.
Margaret in Massachusetts.
Go ahead, Margaret.
You're on the air.
Hi Alex.
Me and my family really love you.
We've learned a lot from you this past year and a half.
We were a little late to this game.
We didn't know about New World Order and Globalist.
Believe it or not, I've been a nurse for 26 years and I didn't even know about afforded fetal tissue and vaccines.
But we're
We're frustrated and we're angry.
We've lost a lot this year with how to sell our hosts.
We have to move out of this communist state.
And we know that you, and we recognize this, we know you and other media outlets cannot use your platforms.
Ma'am, I want to hear you.
I think you have your hand over the receiver a little.
Will you try to just look where your hand's at?
Go ahead.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yep, yep, that's a lot, I mean that's better, but you were saying you're frustrated as you awaken, and what was your question?
Well, my question Alex is, you know, you can't call for a war on an uprising, but you know, we are letting these psychopaths kill us.
They're killing our elderly.
They're killing our first responders.
Now they're coming after our children with poison injections in the food supply.
No, I totally agree.
So listen, we have to give up on the phones or the control system.
And we have to move away from those into flip phones.
I'm serious.
We have to disconnect ourselves from the corporate media.
We have to recognize that it's all like a poisonous matrix system taking us over.
And we have to recognize that it's not technology that's bad, but it's
What is Trojan horses and all this technology is meant to destroy us and we have to start building farms and rural areas like the Amish have done.
We really want to try to be outside of this or you can try to merge with it and then try to fight it from within.
There's two different schools of thoughts.
Well, it's really frustrating.
I want all Americans and the people of the world to rise up.
We've got to take our world back.
No, ma'am, I hear you and I agree with you.
We need to rise up spiritually and consciously and awaken like you've done.
Then awaken others and then have leaders that stand up and fight this system.
Say no to the COVID vax, no to the global passport, no to the cashless society, no to Klaus Schwab, no to Prince Charles, and we're going to win.
Thank you, Margaret.
God bless you.
Great, great points.
Okay, let's go ahead and make another call here.
Let's talk to Ian in Utah.
Ian, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Well, before I get into what I want to talk about, I just want to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
That's the truth.
All right, so today I really want to get into
Aleister Crowley since we were talking about Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile and all the pedophiles and stuff and basically why they engage in all this stuff.
So basically, Aleister Crowley and his occult, his cult of Thelema, they all believe that when they do all this evil stuff, it brings them to get this forbidden knowledge of some sort, which I believe that it's just the knowledge of Satan and just pure evil and
Everything that basically just inverts reality and the ways of nature and it just basically inverts nature's law to the core.
That's right.
Yeah, because like in nature, it's basically just it's normal.
That's just how it works for every single species of animal.
Like we're supposed to be protective of our young, but they believe in sacrificing our young and
Another interesting thing that I've gotten to is that they want their victims to be healthy and it kind of makes me question some things of what's going on right now.
So, um, why are they trying to, if they want their victims to be healthy, why are they trying to shoot us up with a bunch of vaccines and make us fat and dumb?
Well, I mean, Alistair Crowley is not the end all be all of Satanism.
He's just one more of their little minions, but this is a mass culling.
So sure, some sex of Satanists wanted a healthy baby or a healthy woman, a virgin to kill.
That's just one arm.
No, this is now mass poisoning of the general public to kill our genetics and to mutate us, even when we're able to have children.
It's a form of a major satanic ritual to attack our DNA and to create mutants that are abominations in the sight of God.
So they want to mutate humans because they know
God came and destroyed a large portion of what was left of humans, if you believe the Bible and every other ancient text, because of the mutant issue.
And so they want the authorization to kill us.
And humans carry a big price when they kill a human that is pure in their generations, as the Old Testament says.
That doesn't mean you're a pure person or perfect.
It means your genetics are pure.
And so it's really, when you pull back, it's really all an alien invasion to destroy our genetics.
And then they kind of win the war.
They don't like our species.
They want to stop our species.
Thank you, Ian.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll come back with Frank and many others on the other side.
Hour number four, and then Gerald Cilente, InfoWars.com.
All right, we're taking your phone calls.
Frank in New York says he knows what the end game of what's coming is.
Tell us, Frank.
Hello, Alex.
Great to talk to you.
I'm a huge fan.
Go ahead.
God bless you, sir.
God bless you.
No, the reason for the call, I want to know when is enough enough?
How much can we take?
You know, when does it end for?
Well, that's part of the paradigm.
They want to come with the deadly shots for our children to hope that we get violent because they think the public's so dumb they won't understand.
That we have a right to defend ourselves.
So we don't need to be violent.
We need to pull out of their system and say no and expose them.
They're wanting to make us violent.
They're wanting to push that agenda because they can't win intellectually and spiritually long term.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, but every day it just seems like we're going further and further backwards.
Like we're not progressing at all.
Can we march peacefully?
This whole country, we have millions of us.
I mean, brother, and I'm seeing bigger and bigger crowds protesting by the hundreds of thousands, like in New York, and I hear you.
And we need to stop the fraudulent voting.
We need to throw out the globalists.
We need to take our country and our world back.
We need to arrest Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
God bless you, and thank you for taking my call.
I agree with you, Alex.
God bless you.
Thank you for holding, brother.
We really appreciate you, Frank.
He's got a great question.
I think about it every second, every day.
When is enough enough?
And I mean, they're coming with deadly shots.
And some schools are giving kids shots without parental consent.
Your child gets sick from that?
That's an assault with a deadly weapon.
And you know what happens when people, when there is no law and order, we have to become the law.
And that's rapidly where we're going.
But again, the globalists know when they order everybody to take these deadly shots, they're going to quit.
That's going to collapse society.
Just like the Civil War will do that.
So I'm not saying don't defend yourself.
I'm saying see how they're sitting offshore playing us off against each other.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go to John in Illinois.
Welcome, sir.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call today.
Yes, sir.
Love your platform.
Love your store.
What I'm calling about is, Trump, similar to what you just talked about, I want to kind of lead up to my question for you this way.
Once again, last week, you provide the evidence.
You have Dr. Fleming on.
You show exactly what he proved microscopically Pfizer's gene therapy does to damaging RBCs.
So yet still it's all the banded mighty, Biden mandate from coast to coast, vaccine passports in certain places leading to what you've already talked about, the elimination of all military, police, fire, health care, all of our professional personnel, airline, everything's affected by this.
Anyone that works is being affected.
And earlier, you touched on this briefly.
It was a Wayne Allen Root, a Pro-Vax guy, in his outfit on Town Hall, which was, that column is a recap of the Alex Jones Show over the past many months.
And he's a Pro-Vax guy, highlighted everything from VAERS, over 17,000 Americans dead, mostly from strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, over 800,000 people hurt, hospitalized, permanently disabled.
So that leads me back to last week when you and Roger Stone,
We're talking about Trump 2024.
So here's my question for you, Alex.
How can we support Trump in 2024 over somebody like a Ron DeSantis?
How can that happen when Trump has repeatedly refused to do something so simple and take a stand against these deadly, ADE-causing, gene therapy, Operation Warp Speed Frankenshots?
No, listen, I hear you.
I've said on air, Trump has done good on everything else but this.
Alex, Alex, I'm with you.
I watched the January 6th stuff, all the things you tried to do to have his back.
Everyone that supported in the head is back from any, you know, donating, attending rallies, you name it.
But I have a real big conflict here because you can say I can I never admit when I'm this is something pretty big.
So it's people most people are rational.
I'll tell you what we're going to do.
We're going to do very soon a three hour live show.
With no major breaks, no set breaks, just asking, what do we do about Trump?
Hell, there's so much breaking news, I should come on tomorrow and open the show up for four hours and just take calls.
I mean, I hear you, but we certainly don't support Biden or whoever.
I don't believe unless they're two evils.
But Trump, legitimately the globalist hated him.
He did a lot of good, but he signed on to this shot and he's been set up and he won't admit he's wrong.
And I hear you.
Thank you so much, John.
All right.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We also have a clip from Tucker Carlson's new program, his new documentary, The Plot Against the People.
All right, it's Monday in the fourth hour.
That means Gerald Cilente is about to take over and he's loaded the tons of key information.
A short excerpt of Tucker Carlson's new show that just dropped his documentary at Fox Nation and that of course is titled The Plot Against the People and then in the War Room coming up in about 54 minutes from now he's gonna have some large excerpts from it and analyze it and review it live on air 3 p.m.
today we'll have some excerpts obviously tomorrow I'm blessed enough to be back here on air you never know how crazy things are so
Biden a few months ago came out and said, it's the law.
Anybody with over 100 employees has got to make them take the deadly experimental shot that's been approved, which wasn't approved until 2026.
It's all a lie.
Well, now people pointed out, hey, there's no law.
So now he says he'll have new guidelines, a new bluff that's going to come out tomorrow.
Biden administration to publish details of COVID vaccine mandate for businesses in coming days.
So they lie and say it's the law.
The corporations enforce it.
Now you've got all the airlines shutting down and power companies in trouble and nurses walking off and being fired.
This is how you break down society.
This is cloud and pivot.
How you collapse an industrial society.
The social engineers who have all the money can come in and buy it up for pennies on the dollar.
This is economic warfare.
This is the great reset that was talked about by Prince Charles now.
Unofficial King Charles waging war against us.
And then there's this key article in the Daily Mail.
We'll roll this B-roll.
There's some video of this.
Australians hug at Sydney Airport as quarantine scrapped and international flights resumed.
So they lock you up as prisoners, hold you hostage, and then they come out
And say, okay, now you don't have to go stay for two weeks in a quarantine center if you've had the shots, even though the shots don't protect you from COVID.
Even though the shots make you sick, that's all admitted now.
They're trying that psychology.
So, oh, okay, now the unvaccinated, you get locked up in a jail when you come back.
Just incredible tyranny.
And that's the same model coming in in Canada, Europe, and now they're trying in the U.S.
with what Biden's doing.
This is the global passport where we all become prisoners.
We all become trustees who are allowed out of our houses when they feel like it.
Just unbelievable.
And you've got the future king of England trying to make us do it?
We need 1776 Part 2, don't we?
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Let me show you one more thing.
We're going to air a clip from Tucker Carlson, the hand of a baton to Gerald Solyntek.
This is an email sent to one of our crew members.
They gave it to me.
He was taking his girlfriend down to Cancun.
After he bought his ticket, they emailed him this.
Starting November 8th, the U.S.
government will require anyone traveling to the United States to provide COVID-19 related documentation.
That's the global ID.
And contact tracing information.
If you're not a U.S.
citizen or U.S.
national, U.S.
lawful permit residents or an immigrant, your requirement for entry are different and can be found here.
This isn't a law, it's just they're doing it.
What you need to do...
Before boarding, every Southwest Airline passenger will need to give us the address where you can be reached once you land in the U.S.
Every U.S.
citizen, U.S.
national, U.S.
lawful permanent resident, and immigrant must show all the documentation below developed on which group you're in.
So notice the border is wide open for hundreds of thousands and millions of caravans and disappeared children kidnapped.
That's okay, but you as a citizen have to.
If you're fully vaccinated against COVID-19, 18 and up,
You'll need a negative PCR and antigen test within three days, 72 hours before your flight into the U.S.
or proof of recovery if you're recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days.
But does it work if it's before that or after?
Proof of an approved COVID-19 vaccination.
It goes on to say, if you're not fully vaccinated, unvaccinated against COVID-19, 18 or up, provide a negative PCR test, antigen test within one day or 24 hours before your flight into the U.S.
and proof of recovery if you recover from COVID in the last 90 days.
So see, you take the damn shots and you get nothing for it at the end.
We're going to go to this special report, come back, and Gerald Cilente, who I've always loved listening to on Mondays, the great trends forecaster, will take over, but we just get that information.
Please don't forget, we have a big sale, biggest of the year, store-wide free shipping, double Patriot points, Brain Force Plus back in stock, our ultimate bone broth back in stock, both discounted with free shipping, and that funds the operation at InfoWarsTore.com.
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So that's all available at InfoWarsTore.com.
Joe Celente takes over right after this Tucker Carlson sneak peek of his new show.
The domestic war on terror is here.
It's coming after half of the country.
The January 6th assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known.
The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat.
The Biden administration will confront this threat with the necessary resources and resolve.
America is not a place where you hold people for months in solitary without charges.
This is what Guantanamo was set up for, for Al Qaeda terrorists who were not U.S.
You don't do that.
That's not America.
That's the gulag.
You thought the first War on Terror was dysfunctional, unjust, counterproductive.
Wait until you get War on Terror 2.0.
And our office wants to ensure that there was shock and awe that we could charge as many people as possible.
I heard a loud voice bark out, FBI, come out with your hands up.
People who are witnessing this inside Baghdad, it must be shock and awe indeed.
The new Secretary of Defense ordered the entire U.S.
military to quote, stand down, while investigators cleansed the ranks of political extremists.
Urging out of the military any dissenting voice.
Either you're with us,
Or you're with the terrorists.
January 6th was a honeypot.
They're gonna use this event for every bit of political persecution they can milk out of it.
In the years after 9-11, the media and the national security state... You can't distinguish between Al-Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror.
...used exaggerated threats and outright deception... Contacts between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's regime, there are others.
We know they have weapons of mass destruction.
To associate certain ideas with certain events.
9-11 is Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.
This was the first war on terror.
Now, it's happening again.
January 6th was worse than 9-11.
The very same corrupt interest in Washington that pushed the Iraq War under false pretenses are now pushing the lie of a domestic white terror army.
Terrorism for white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.
They are tying white nationalist terrorism to Trump voters.
You voted for the person who the Klan supported.
They're tying January 6th to 9-11.
I would like to see January 6th is burned into the American mind as firmly as 9-11.
They're tying millions of law-abiding Americans to Al Qaeda and ISIS.
Pushing them more into this violent white extremism, much the way Bin Laden, you know, did, sort of inspiring people to be this way.
You link two concepts together, even if they don't belong together.
No external terrorists ever did this to us.
We've never worried like this, even after 9-11.
You put it in a headline.
MAGA terrorists.
Al Qaeda.
You shove it in people's throats enough.
Not Al Qaeda.
White supremacists.
Then they come to believe it.
January 6th is being used as a pretext to strip millions of Americans, disfavored Americans, of their core constitutional rights and to defame them as domestic terrorists.
But what exactly happened on January 6th?
How much of what we were told about that day is a lie?
Alright folks, I'm very very proud of Tucker Carlson and his team.
And I'm really, really proud of all of you.
I'm really, really proud of everybody that supported InfoWars so that we could be on air exposing these monsters.
And that's why they're trying to put our own crew members in jail for covering January 6th and exposing CNN for funding the attack on the Capitol.
Well, that's all coming out now in the new documentary.
That's right, folks.
There are terrorists.
It's the Democratic Party.
It's CNN.
And Gerald Cemente will take over and lay it all out and so much news and information straight ahead.
Yes, on January 6th, the left about to destroy America.
Well, it's now out in the open that the New World Order is destroying America.
But there is a Great Awakening happening.
But if InfoWars isn't on the air, if they're able to shut us down, that's going to be a big victory for the enemy.
And so, you need to understand, we need your support to be able to really take it to the Globalist at the end of 2021 and 2022.
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Ultra 12, super high quality vitamin B12 under the tongue,
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And that Tucker Carlson piece, you know, that's really important.
And, you know, he goes on about the wars that they lied us into.
You know, they did a movie.
It's only 15 minutes because the woman that was playing my aunt Zinzi in one of my books was called What Zinzi Gave Honey Boy.
Zinzi is the Neapolitan dialect for auntie.
And she used to call me Honey Boy.
And in that book, it tells a story of how I got blackballed from all the media.
I used to be on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America.
I always used to be on it.
I used to be on with Tucker Carlson.
Here it is.
Let's play that clip.
Let's put the music on to it, the sound on to it.
Play it again.
All of this was brought upon us in a single day.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
We're gonna lose in Afghanistan.
Tell the network guys I said that.
I'm not anti-American.
I love my country.
The only thing that matters at the end is how you lived your life.
So in Tucker Carlson's playing a thing about Bush, there's my book which is he gave Honey Boy.
I got blackballed from everybody.
I also called out the Iraq War.
I had very tough times from 2001 to 2007.
I got back big when I called the Panic of 08 and took out the domain name.
You know, great, they're coming out with this trailer, but Fox wouldn't let anybody come out against the war.
You couldn't come out.
None of them.
Tucker Carlson, I remember him when he was on with MSNBC.
I used to be on with him.
You couldn't come out against the war.
Fairness and Accuracy and Reporting did a whole thing on the Iraq War about how few people were allowed to come on and speak about the lies they were selling us.
One after another, that guy who just died after getting the COVID shot?
Colin Powell?
He had a crap of Colin?
That he held up and lied to the... Yeah, this is proof that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda.
And again, Afghanistan?
No, we're gonna lose this war.
I said, if Alexander the Great couldn't pull it off... If the British at the height of the British Empire into the Valley of Death rode a 600... If they couldn't pull it off... If the Russians couldn't pull it off...
What makes you think America will win this war?
America hasn't won a war since World War II.
And if you ask the Russians, they say we helped them, they helped us do it.
But of course, if I say that, then I'm considered anti-American.
Because only 30 million Russians were killed by the Germans.
That's right.
They were in Berlin before, they were in Germany before the Americans, and we made a deal with them, with Eisenhower.
Let's go in together.
He says, how are they going to win the Afghan war?
They're not going to win.
I'm anti-American.
You're either with us or with the terrorists.
So this has been going on.
When 9-11 happened, that was the beginning of the end of our freedom.
The beginning of the end of our freedom, and it's gotten much worse.
I remember when flying on an airplane used to be fun.
Eisenhower warned us that the military-industrial complex was robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists, sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
And it has.
By the way, I know a police detective.
He was a sergeant at the time, or a detective, I'm not sure.
And he was down at Building 7.
And they went there as everything was collapsing.
And they went into it and expected building seven and it was in fine shape.
And all of a sudden it came down.
The JFK.
They just announced last week, we're not allowed to, Biden, we're not allowed to see the reports of how they assassinated JFK.
Trump wouldn't allow him out either.
This is America?
This is from the Wall Street Journal.
Four U.S.
intelligence agencies produced extensive reports on Afghanistan, but all failed to predict Kabul's rapid collapse.
All right?
These are the imbeciles, the arrogant boys and girls that are telling us what to do.
They robbed us of our rights.
Oh, the terrorists are going to strike again.
The terrorists are going to strike again.
Oh, remember after the election in 2020?
They said that there'd be civil unrest everywhere.
Didn't happen.
We have psychopaths and sociopaths running and ruining our lives.
It's one, here, New York Times.
China testing new weapons jolts Pentagon.
Jolt's Pentagon?
You mean Jolt's a bunch of jerk-offs?
It's China!
You couldn't beat the, you couldn't beat the Afghans!
What, they got 61, 81,000 troops?
You're gonna beat China?
And Trump, and Biden says we're gonna defend Taiwan?
Don't you realize what's going on here?
We have to have a new way.
If we don't, we're finished.
The 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century, unfortunately, is going to be the Chinese century.
The business of China is business.
Belt and Road Initiative, and he just brought up that port over there, one of the biggest ones in the world, fourth biggest one in Greece, fourth biggest one in the world.
And what's America doing?
All those demo craps?
Oh yeah, you passed a defense budget, the biggest one ever?
As you just pulled out of Afghanistan and losing war?
Now this thing's going down big.
And again, all of the major media supported these wars.
All of them!
All of them!
You were blackballed.
Oh, I can't say blackballed.
I may be racist for saying that.
You were transgenderballed.
Yeah, because that's what's going on, man.
And that's why you need to support InfoWars.
Because they're taking everybody down and everybody off.
If they don't like what you say, hey, that group that just brought up Politico?
Oh yeah, Politico?
That's right.
A German group brought up Business Insider.
And you know what they said?
You cannot say anything negative about Israel.
As a matter of fact, you have to be pro-Israel.
I'm pro-American.
I'm not pro-Italian.
I'm not pro-Israel.
I'm not pro-anybody.
And I love the Irish girls.
That's how bad it's gotten.
Pro-Israel, pro-you-know-what.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
They got great products there and you need them.
And they're brain force plus one after another.
You know, Alex was talking before we were going on the air about the Biden administration mandates.
There are going to be more of them coming out tomorrow and what they're going to be doing.
You know, we do a special podcast every Wednesday on Gerald Salenti on YouTube with Judge Napolitano.
And he was talking about the illegality, the constitutional illegality of this executive order by Biden.
And what's being put out of the news basically is the deadliness
And the ill effects from these vaccines.
They barely talk about them.
This is from the Financial Times.
Scientists link COVID jabs to rare side effects.
All right?
Today, Americans who receive the one-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine
We're 3.5 times as likely to develop rare blood clots compared to the general population.
This is that UK newspaper.
The Daily, I forget what this one's called.
Recipients of the J&J COVID-19 blah blah blah researchers found 8.5 J&J recipients developed the clots fit.
Compared to 2.5 of the general population.
And again, we have now started, we started it this year, the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice.
It's on the cover of this week's Trends Journal.
And what we're doing is people are joining the church
You get a religious vaccine exemption.
There it is.
That's in, that's on the most historic four corners in America.
The only place with pre-revolutionary war stone buildings.
And that's one of the gardens of the building, which is, that's a brick building from behind it.
That's from 1826, but there were 1750.
That's the Franz Rogenhaus garden.
And I own three of the most historic.
So I'm putting my money where my heart is, and my action where my mouth is, and doing everything we can.
So, going back to the federal contractors are getting a broader flexibility to enforce the COVID-19 vaccines.
That's according to the latest report that came out.
So this religious exemption is like none other out there.
It's not only for all the religious reasons, but also we had a number one, a number one lawyer put in the constitutionality of our First Amendment rights, which prohibits, prohibits governments or anyone to take away our First Amendment rights, which is the right of religious freedom.
So that's what you also get in this.
So when you join the church, it's at freedompeacejustice.com.
Because this thing is going to go down big.
This is a letter, a couple of letters I got emails from people
This is astonishingly stupid for us offering the vaccine.
And if you care to educate yourself on public health and history and safety of vaccines, I'd be happy to help you.
So you could put out quality information instead of potentially killing people in the name of freedom.
Could you imagine this arrogant little
Boy talking to me like this, and when he puts down at the, I'm not going to give his name, he puts down DDS.
You're a dentist!
Take it easy, man!
Yeah, shove those braces up your you-know-what, because I'll keep going on with the letter.
Which this vaccine mandates for certain activities and professions have been around
Since George Washington mandated smallpox vaccines to soldiers, and thus saving countless lives.
Hey, DDS, or is it Dumb Dumb as S-H-I?
Yeah, that's what it is.
Dumb Dumb S-H-I, you know what?
Michael, this is not that kind of vaccine.
It's a gene therapy, mRNA inoculation, the first ever injected into human beings.
You want to take it?
Take it.
Don't tell me what to do.
And maybe you're too damn stupid, because you're an arrogant DDS, to look at the facts of who's dying from it.
Only 78% of the people that have been hospitalized according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are either obese or overweight.
Only 94.94% of the people have 2.6 pre-existing comorbidities and injecting them into the children's
The recovery rate from people 1 to 19 years old is only 99.997% according to the CDC.
Why are you injecting that?
Ah, they may pass it to grandma.
All right.
Then keep them away from grandma.
Hey, but if grandma's inoculated, she's safe.
Oh, that, that, that, that, the, the, the, the, the front for Trump.
Press secretary.
A Trump.
It's a press secretary.
It's a front.
She said Sunday she contracted COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms.
She said she was last in contact with President Joe Biden on Tuesday where she met him in the White House wearing more than six feet apart wearing masks.
Six feet apart, you're making a crap up.
And she was inoculated.
Hey, Dentist!
No, no!
Don't be dumb!
Hey, DDS!
Remember it came out and it had a, according to Pfizer, 96% efficacy rate?
And then the Israeli Health Ministry, 39%?
And now you need two booster shots?
And now you need one every year?
These are the imbeciles that believe the crap.
This went to ex-subscribers.
See why he's an ex-subscriber?
Because the truth is too hard.
Another one.
There's a couple of them who got like this.
I wrote back, this is astonishingly stupid, and if you can't educate yourself on public health and history and safety of vaccines, but that's what he wrote, and I wrote back,
It's astonishingly stupid of you to compare a gene therapy technology to the first ever injected into the human body with a smallpox vaccination.
And this is from Dr. Robert Malone, recognized for his role in inventing the mRNA vaccine technology.
He said that the idea that if you have a workplace where everybody's vaccinated, you're not going to have virus spread is totally false.
A total lie.
And that's what they're selling us.
Total lies.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, people are filled with misinformation.
And InfoWars does its very best to put out the truth.
And if we don't support each other, we're finished.
We're done.
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And like I said, people are brain dead.
Here's another one I got.
I think you're totally off base with this one.
This is offering the religious exemption.
Listen to science.
The pandemic has killed 70,000 Americans.
And it's scientific certainty that the vaccine is the best way to solve the problem.
How do we overcome polio?
A dumb brain, you need brain force, it's probably not even enough for you.
Because you're comparing apples and oranges.
This m-r-n-a inoculation is not comparable to smallpox or polio and, and, listen to science?
You mean listen to the BS that they're shoving down your throat on all of these channels where they make
Billions and billions and billions of dollars selling drugs from the drug dealers.
Oh, your heart not beating regularly?
Can't sleep at night?
Can't get it up?
Try this, try that.
Oh yeah, and don't worry about the side effects.
They'll only destroy you for life.
There's no allotropic drug on the market that cures a chronic degenerative disease.
And for all these little low-life boys,
That is selling their crap to me.
Again, as I mentioned, the first book I ever worked on, I didn't write it, was Natural Healing.
No one talks about getting in good health.
Look who's dying of the COVID.
Put up that picture from the New York Times, the toilet paper record, in a national section.
We just sent it to you over there.
Struggling for long COVID patients getting disability benefits.
You roll it up, scroll it up.
Look at the weight of these people.
Look at the weight of these people.
You think you're going to die or something?
Look at this.
These are the people that are dying from COVID.
I say I want a fat tax.
The more you weigh, the more you pay.
The more you weigh, the more you pay.
Don't you think I like eating more macaroni?
Don't you think I want to eat more mozzarella?
I know that I have to be in good shape.
Yeah, there you go.
Welcome to America.
Whale watching.
Only 70% of Americans are obese and 42% overweight.
I did that cover.
I came up with it when I went over to... Look at these people.
Look at them.
Look at them.
This is them getting 31 years old.
Look at this.
31 years old, I've got 100 years of weight on it, one after another.
And you look at the data from the Milken Institute on how much it cost we the people to pay for this.
So, nobody talks about natural healing.
All they do is talk about the shock.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, yeah.
McDonald's raised prices of the menu.
McDonald's said global same store sales in the quarter ended increased 10.2% compared to the same period before the pandemic.
store sales are up 14.6%.
Which was equivalent to 2019.
So people keep eating this stuff and blow up and you wonder why you're getting sick.
You gotta take a vaccine!
That's the only... I had rallies here with hundreds and hundreds of people each time.
Several hundred.
I died from it.
I died from COVID.
Being around all these people, I died of it.
This isn't Salenti.
And everybody here died.
Keep swallowing the crap.
Tune in to the mainstream news.
sales of liquor and cigarettes increased last year.
Hey, I like the wine every day, you know, cigarette.
They're great for you.
Keep it up.
This will be in this week's Trends Journal.
Plasticizers found in fast food samples.
Washington Post.
They found that a majority of 64 samples collected from national food outlets
In the San Antonio area, including McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Chipotle.
Keep gobbling down them plastics!
I want to do something quick here.
Facebook renames itself Meta, right?
This is very big.
We've been writing about this.
I wrote about this in my book, Trends 2000.
We are going totally technical.
They've taken this sucking the joy out of life.
Look at the clowns that are doing this.
This guy Pete Shy from Google, Zuckerberg, Koch, dead.
Music lost its American spirit.
We could do it.
We could do it technologically.
We don't need this breath, the spirit and the sound from a person.
We could do it.
They're going to go.
This whole world is going tech.
The younger generations are tech to death.
I don't carry one.
Very big.
I can't stand this guy.
He's 100% right.
And that's where it's going.
We're going to have another Luddite movement that were against industrialization because they took the crafts, the skilled craft, the textile workers and others away.
And they mechanized it.
You've taken the individual spirit out of life.
And they've done it again.
The individuality, the spirit is gone.
And this meta is big.
I want to hit the markets real big.
You're going to raise interest rates.
You're starting to see it now.
Bank of Canada is talking about it.
Brazil Wednesday raised them more than expected.
When interest rates go up, this thing's going to go down big, it's going to go down hard, and it's going to go down fast.
They're going to do everything they can to artificially prop it up, however.
So the markets may keep going up.
Gregory Manorino knows more about that than I do when it comes to the markets.
But on the crypto end and others, you're going to start seeing them, particularly when this thing crashes.
You're going to see when the markets crash, gold, silver are going to escalate, is my forecast.
And again, the Trends Journal Weekly Magazine, this week's magazine,
It's a hundred and seventy-five pages.
A hundred and seventy-five pages, no ads.
I can't read all of it.
You read what you want to read.
If you want to know what's going on in geopolitics, in Tigray.
What's a Tigray?
Yeah, and what it means.
If you want to know the socio-economic trends, where they're going, what to do, it's the magazine for you.
And again, we're uniting under an umbrella of freedom, peace and justice.
United we stand, divided we fall.
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I think so.
I am a worldly person, meaning I like going to ball games.
I like going to concerts.
I like going to play golf.
I like going out to dinner.
I like the metropolitan life.
I like everything that comes with this.
But see, I have the survival instinct that is to get the hell out of Democrat-run cities, get the hell out of major metropolitan areas.
Because unless we change course soon, it's all crashing down.
Is it time to just move out to the woods?
Just time to go get a piece of property in the woods?
Just get off grid?
Just get the emergency food supplies?
Just live off the land?
That's the survival instinct.
But see, the worldly part of me, that's still probably the majority part of me, says no, no, no, no, no.
Stay in the city.
The survival instinct says get the hell out of anywhere that would ever notion that you need to get a vaccine or a mask.
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