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Name: 20211031_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 31, 2021
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In various InfoWars broadcasts, Alex Jones covers topics such as conspiracy theories, political events, product promotions, and his opposition to the globalist agenda. He discusses issues like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace fake hate crimes, Roe v. Wade baby controversy, AT&T's racial re- education program, and the Deep State's false flags. Jones also talks about kava root supplements, Tucker Carlson's documentary series "The Plot Against the People," Magnetic Metal Organic Frameworks, and Covalent Organic Frameworks doped with quantum dots. He criticizes CNN for pushing violence and preparing false flags while promoting his own products at InfoWarsStore during their Black Friday sale. Jones also discusses the globalist agenda, Joe Biden's decreasing popularity, and how to resist tyranny.

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We're live, October 31st.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Dr. Fauci is all over the place now, for one of the very first times in our last year and a half, with some negative publicity.
Negative publicity that's going viral, whether the mainstream media like it or not.
He was taking scalps from fetuses, from fully developed fetuses, and removing the scalps, the skin from the top of the heads of fetuses, and
Transplanting and planting it upon dehumanized rats.
If you don't protect yourself, you really do deserve to die.
But, but, but, the children.
They don't deserve this, and that's why it's the Rubicon.
And see, evil can't help it, it's gotta go for the children.
So don't think this is the authority, don't think it's gonna succeed, don't think any of that, because it will fail, but probably in a giant war.
And we were all of a consensus that this is gonna end in this gigantic, massive war.
And Billions dead.
There's no argument over the choice between peace and war.
But there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace, and you can have it in the next second.
But every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement.
And this is the specter our well-meaning Christian liberal friends refuse to face.
Our priests, our pastors, and now, sadly, even our Pope.
That his policy of accommodation is appeasement.
And it gives us no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender.
If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we will have to face the final demand, the final ultimatum.
And what then?
When Satan has told his own, he knows what our answer is going to be.
He has told them that we're retreating under the pressure of his cold war.
And someday when the time is right to deliver his final ultimatum,
Our surrender will be voluntary because you see by then we will have been so weakened from within.
Spiritually, morally, economically.
He believes this because from our side he's heard voices pleading for peace at any price.
Or better red than dead, or as one commentator put it, he'd rather live on his knees with his mask on than die on his feet.
And therein lies the road to war.
Because those voices don't speak for the rest of us.
If nothing in life is worth dying for, well when did this begin?
Just in the face of this enemy?
Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs?
Should Christ have refused the cross?
Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard around the world?
The martyrs of history were not fools.
And our beloved dead, who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis, did not die in vain.
Where then lies the road to peace, you say?
Well, it's a simple answer after all.
You and I have the courage to tell our enemies there is a price we will not pay.
There is a point beyond which evil must not advance.
So you sit there with pedophiles and Satanists and devil worshippers and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, and you wonder why they're attacking you.
Well, that's what they do.
They are coming for the children.
They've announced the injection of 5 and up, and then it'll be newborns with the deadly shot that embraces their immune system.
And they're announcing they're going to do it at schools, and they're going to force it.
And that's going to cause violence and they're going to say then the people that resist are terrorists.
And that's why they put it on the books as the main direct, not a law, but the regulations that the main mission of the FBI and the military and the CIA is crushing people that don't accept lockdowns and those that don't accept open borders, just Americans, and that they are going to come and they're going to arrest everybody and start killing people.
Now, that's going to trigger a giant civil war.
The globalists intend to chew up the U.S.
system and collapse everything, and on its ashes bring in the really official global cashless society system.
This is just the process of bringing us to that.
They enjoy doing it to children.
And so you're going to wake up to that fact, and you're going to understand that, or you are going to die.
And your children are going to die with you.
Because what you saw in Nazi Germany, and what you saw in Soviet Russia, and North Korea, and Maoist China, and Xi Jinping's China Today, and with the Muslims, and with what happens in Africa, and Latin America, and all that hell,
And all that horror is going to look like a choir meeting.
It's gonna look like Sunday school.
It's gonna look like grandma knitting you a pair of mittens.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Sunday live, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Sunday, October 31st, 2021.
And this is the show that should not be.
The broadcast that should be off the air, but thanks to you, we are still fighting hard.
Again, thank you for joining us on this Sunday, October 31st broadcast.
Wow, the incredible amounts of news here.
First off, Democratic Party operatives got caught again, like they did in Charlottesville four years ago, leading the attempt to stir up racial conflict so that they can try to derail an election and make sure that a Democrat gets into power.
And replaces the other Democrat, the monster, Governor Northam, that's leaving.
Caught red-handed right during the national firestorm of basically every newspaper and every so-called news TV program attacking Tucker Carlson, and by extension, yours truly, for daring to say that January 6th had feds and NGOs, by the way, provocateuring
A small minority of the million people that were there for a peaceful demonstration to break into the Capitol.
It's the new war on terror 2.0, the war on the American people.
It's the plot against the people.
And there's Tucker's show.
He's gonna be covering it all week on Fox.
While they're all freaking out about the three-part series that starts airing tomorrow night, the plot against the people.
And the left is celebrating that it's only available on Fox Nation to a few million people.
Tucker's ratings are going to go up to all-time high and he's going to be covering it all week with the biggest highlights and proof.
So just watching Tucker play the left like a fiddle and really torch all their fraud is a beautiful thing.
It's an even more satisfying one.
I get the credit, and it is a little bit due, but let's just say I helped wake up Tucker and Joe Rogan, and a lot of other people too.
And it's not about me bragging.
I'm usually somebody that doesn't sit back and savor things, but I've gone through a lot of hell to do this, which I asked for, but I did it all because the victory was going to be so sweet.
And we got a long way to go, like Martin Luther King Jr.
I won't be there with you in the promised land, but I can definitely see the promised land from here.
And it's going to be beautiful.
All of our children, black, white, old, young, brown, yellow, you name it, together in freedom, going to the next level, to the stars and beyond, and watching these nasty globalists that have tried to divide and conquer us fail.
That's why they got all the major corporations, from AT&T to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to you name it, saying white people are inherently bad because of the color of their skin.
I have, right here, and I got copies of it, the critical race theory training put out by the CEO, signed by him.
And I've got a link to this article, a copy of it.
Of course, Hitler said most whites were bad, too.
You had the uber-menschen, the supermen, and then you had just the regular slaves with the rest of the white people, and then everybody else that wasn't white.
Death was actually what Hitler spoke about.
That's why it was so refreshing when I had Dr. Zelenko on, who actually had a bunch of his family killed, grandparents and people in World War II.
That's unfortunate, but he's refreshing because he knows all that stuff.
I can actually talk to him and he's got his history straight.
Few do.
You know, you hear about Hitler all day, but do you know what Hitler really was pushing for?
Hitler said, when we take over third world populations, we're going to slowly poison their food so they never know what hit them.
And what do you think Henry Kissinger adopted with State Department Memorandum 200 in 1973, but was to carry out that plan of depopulation through the food supply and the water supply?
There's a Jim Acosta piece, and I don't normally air Jim Acosta's attacks on myself or anybody else, because he's just such a discredited joke.
But Jim Acosta came out, and he tried to gaslight everybody in a seven and a half minute clip.
I'm going to take two segments out today.
It'll take a good 20 minutes to cover this.
I'm going to just play it and stop it, play it and stop it, because everything he's saying about myself and Tucker Carlson is what he's doing.
And what his bosses are doing, AT&T that owns them.
And he says it's just preposterous that anybody saying the American people are terrorists, but that the official U.S.
government National Security Council policy of the Biden administration from June 3rd of this year, and it says in here, you question elections, you're a terrorist.
You question open borders, you're a terrorist.
You question lockdowns, you're a terrorist.
You question forced inoculation, you're a terrorist.
It says it in this damn report.
I've shown you this probably 200 times.
I've actually shown you the actual subsections where it says it.
You can go read it.
But to have Acosta, and not just him,
It's every channel going, Tucker Carlson is insane.
The federal government is not declaring war on the people.
The federal government is not saying protesting parents at PTA meetings are not terrorists.
Well, the hell they didn't.
The National Teachers Association got on board after the National Association of School Boards got involved saying, quote, are terrorists and we want the FBI to come stop them.
They're just like January 6th, on and on and on.
So on the back of that, they are building this whole giant rollout of the War on Terror 2.0, and thank God I'm not the only one up here talking about it.
And Tucker's been talking about it since before June.
I mean, Tucker's smart.
He sees the same thing I see.
He doesn't need to tune into my show to know what's going on.
In fact, he's taken what I do to another level in many cases.
I didn't hear from him.
It's not a competition.
You know, the left tried to drive a wedge out there.
I mean, hundreds of articles.
Oh my gosh, Jones is upset.
Tucker's stealing his BS game.
My BS game that you announced that protesting parents against pedophilia and whites being taught they're inherently evil, you're going to say we're terrorists?
You did that!
You made what I warned of come true.
Because I was already aware of your plans.
So this is a big moment because the entire Republican Party is waking up to the new world order of the globalists and the Great Reset and the rest of it.
And the whole neocon arm of Karl Rove and George W. Bush and the rest of them are becoming completely obsolete and aren't even really contending anymore for power in the party.
Whoever Trump certifies, whoever Trump supports,
Out of like 150 plus races, two that he endorsed lost.
The 150 plus won.
That doesn't mean Trump's perfect.
But compared to the globalists, I mean, he's the polar opposite.
He's not out to get the country.
He's not a eugenicist.
He certainly made mistakes.
And so it's our country.
We're taking it back.
And that's why they're trying to push us into a confrontation, push us into violence, because we're winning this politically.
So they're trying to push us into violence.
That's one side of the Pinscher attack.
And the other big side of the Pinscher attack, where they catch you in their jaws, is they have election fraud.
And that's the big problem.
So let me first get into the problem.
And it's a big problem when we come back.
Because what did I say?
It's not hard to predict this.
They're going to continue to do record-level mail-in ballots right through the
Presidential election in three years, but especially the midterms next year.
They're going to pull major COVID and other virus shenanigans next year.
They admit that's their plan.
And they're calling in a red mirage again for the Republican running for governor because he's up, even in their own skewed polls, 5-10 points.
They're in total panic mode.
Even in their completely fake polls, he's 3-4 points ahead.
And so, they're thinking, oh, but don't worry, it's going to take a couple weeks to see who the winner is, because there's going to be some extra ballots that get found.
Whatever amount they need, they've already got them in warehouses ready to bring in, and we've got the information on that.
So, they're acing the holes called fraud, and called stuffing the old ballot boxes, and then running them into the electronic machines.
So that's how they try to steal the will from the American people.
But that'll just make our final victory that much sweeter.
Alright folks, I've got articles here from CNN and other globalist mouthpieces calling for new lockdowns.
They're only keeping that in the back of your mind because they want to launch those coming up.
Next year at this time, right before the key midterm elections that promise, with all the actual real polls show, a giant Republican populist landslide.
Now the full video of different Democrat and Republican operatives that are really globalist operatives saying the same thing is up on
Infowars.com, it's a headline.
Trump-hating Virginia elections director says Tuesday's results may have to, quote, wait until Friday or maybe longer because of mail-in votes.
And again, this isn't like absentee voters.
Where you sign it, it's certified, you've already voted.
This is a large portion of the state saying, oh no, we don't want to go vote because of COVID.
The same replay we've seen across the nation.
And so they've got stockpiles of all these extra ballots out there that then wait in reserve in warehouses until the middle of the night, or until the next middle of the night, a few days later, and then in pull the vans, and then they stick the ballots that are all for the Democrat candidate,
We're good to go.
That night when they said we're not counting anymore at 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning depending on the state, Trump had won by 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, 5 points.
Most of those states he barely won by a fraction of a point.
And suddenly he was winning by 2, 3, 4 points.
Ah, but you see the red mirage that Michael Moore and PBS and Bloomberg and CNN all said in the month before, oh, no matter what happens, Trump won't be in.
It'll look like he wins that night, but oh, the mail-ins.
Oh, they just knew what they were going to be, didn't they?
And I saw the vans pulling in and I saw the USPS workers.
In Pennsylvania, there's areas that said, yeah, I was driving in from another state.
I noticed it was all marked elections, so I got suspicious.
You're supposed to do that.
That's their job.
So they opened up the big boxes, and there it was perfectly printed by Scantron computers.
Hand-bubbled ballots, supposed to be hand-done.
And it was all filled up for one person, Joe Biden.
They didn't even care about the other races because that would become too obvious.
It was all just for Joe Biden.
30 plus thousand of them.
And that's just the cash that he caught going into Pennsylvania.
And the FBI threatened to put him in jail.
What are you doing opening up those boxes, boy?
What are you doing looking in there because you got a bad feeling about it?
Why would they cover up the windows to the election facilities in all those states?
Six of them.
Why'd they all follow the exact same procedures and claim, oh, we got a power outage, we gotta stop counting.
Oh, we got a water main broke, we gotta stop counting.
None of it was true.
They didn't even care there were surveillance cameras in the rooms.
They just didn't want the public looking in.
Then they did it to you.
So, I like
My pillow fellow, he's a great guy.
He focuses on the machines all day.
And Lord knows that goes on from the outside, but you can catch that.
It's very hard to catch Democrats all over the country in different states sneaking in ballots that have already been filled out for the candidate they want and running them through the machine.
In the case of Georgia, on video, one stack out of a suitcase, four times on video.
Same damn stack back in.
That's red-handed right there!
That is red-handed!
You know, you see the child molesters that are crazy enough to videotape or photograph them raping kids, and boy, is it a quick trial!
Is it a quick, you know, life in prison for them, because they videotape it!
Not videotaping it right here!
Not a damn thing happened to them!
In one case, the same suitcase that they pull out from under the table and look both ways, the most guilty
The most guilty behavior I've ever seen.
You know, my four-year-old daughter got some candy from her grandmother for Halloween, and we put it away, and I told her, stop eating.
You've had too much.
You'll make yourself sick last night.
And I saw her kind of walk over behind the couch, and she was kind of acting suspicious when she ducked down, and I went over there, and she had a Tootsie Roll.
And it was bedtime.
She couldn't have it.
I mean,
Something in her hand, she's okay, looking, goes over, hides behind the couch.
I mean, this is more obvious.
In Georgia, they look both ways, look around, they say a water main's broke, they kick everybody out, they put stuff up over the windows, and then they go and flip up the...
Tablecloth and pull out the briefcases and look around the church.
Shooting it through there.
And we have to sit here and watch this and put up with this type of crap while these people steal the election in front of us.
And all of them Democratic Party operatives on record.
But see, that's what's important here, isn't it?
They all thought they were fighting Hitler.
They believe that they are literally fighting Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.
So it was worth it, right?
Oh, but now they gotta do it again in Virginia, don't they?
They gotta do it again in Virginia.
And we got an article quoting all these different, quote, elections officials in Virginia saying, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm, don't think just because it looks like the Republican wins that he's going to win, because we got lots of ballots we got to count.
That we just aren't going to have time that night to count.
You know that.
Trump hating Virginia elections director says Tuesday's results
May have to wait until Friday because of mail-in votes.
And it goes through it all.
Right here by the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia and how he's behind.
Scott O. Cano-Pasek, the radical partisan director of the elections for the most populated county in Virginia, recently told mainstream news, CNN outlets, that the Virginia governor's race may not be decided on Election Day.
As was the general norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, which ushered in drastic changes to various state election laws nationwide ahead of the 2020 president's election, most Virginia Election Day ballots and early votes are set to be counted on the day of the election itself, Tuesday, November 2, 2021.
Further, a new state law requires election officials to begin counting mail-in votes at least one week prior to election day.
And then it goes into more of the quote election officials saying the same thing.
And look, I'm not knocking this National File article.
Andrew White's a good writer.
But there's a problem in this article.
It says, the drastic changes to various state election laws nationwide.
In almost all those states, it was done by consent decree by the governors outside the legislatures.
It was not the law.
And that's why the whole election was a fraud right there.
The 2020 election is a fraud.
It has to be redone, don't hold your breath, just under the law, because of that fraud right there.
It's already been certified by Congress.
And that's why Mike Lindell's right about it all being a fraud, and the Supreme Court should overturn it.
But they don't have the political will.
We need to stop worrying about reinstating Trump.
Don't hold your breath.
We need to start working on stopping the current fraud in the special elections and the midterms in 12 months, and the general election coming up in three years.
That's the war.
That's the fight.
Nothing against Trump, but that's what the real world says.
This isn't a bunch of cue card stuff.
We're talking about how to actually win here.
Stay with us.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
The top story in the last five days has not been the G20.
It's not been Biden, not knowing who he is.
It's not been the supply chain breakdowns.
It's not been China threatening to nuke the United States.
It's not been Taiwan begging for help.
It's not been scores of airlines grounding thousands of flights because their employees are quitting or staying home over dangerous vaccine mandates.
No, it's been the establishment, the corporate media,
The Democratic Party and much of the neocon system as well, the controlled Republicans, freaking out over Tucker Carlson and calling him the new Alex Jones in thousands of articles.
Every news channel.
I've just been flooded with it.
Just the videos I'm in where they're attacking me.
There's three times more attacking Carlson.
That he would dare point out that we're federal informants.
That he would dare point out that CNN paid some of the Antifa people to pose as Trump supporters and try to get people to burn down the building.
I mean, that's all confirmed.
That's going against their narrative and they're using the branding of everybody who protested election fraud on January 6th being terrorists as the way to launch the new war on terror 2.0 against the American people.
And the deep state's terror attacks run the gamut from actually blowing up a federal building and then blaming it on their Patsy McVeigh in 1995.
That was open and shut.
You research it.
A staged event by the very same crew in power today, through Biden.
Attorney General's fingerprints all over it.
He was one of the operatives heavily involved at the time.
And then you fast forward to things like Charlottesville.
Where you just get a bunch of Democratic operatives to dress up with tiki torches and to go out and then you have a leftist mob shows up actually believing that they're there to fight Nazis and then there's a huge explosion of violence and you can blame Trump.
When I exposed all this, the Democrats were like, well, yeah, I'm the former, you know, deputy head of Obama's campaign here in Virginia.
Now I'm a white supremacist, yeah.
But, uh, Jones, shut up.
And so they sued me over that.
Sued me because I exposed Soros funding and the fact that they even ran ads to hire actors to go pose as demonstrators and journalists.
I mean, there were ads in newspapers for this.
We covered it.
So they built a straw man and said that I said some photographer killed the woman that got run over in the melee.
To distract off of what I actually said.
I said, the dudes with tiki torches are Democrats.
I've had them.
Some came on the show and were like, well, I used to just a year ago work for the Democrats, but now I'm a white nationalist.
I had the guys on the show.
And to be punished for that, well, there's a lawsuit.
So that's all I got to do to fight tyranny?
That's the only price I got to pay?
Oh, I know there's other prices as well.
But the point is, is that that's what these people do.
That's what Georgetown University running those lawsuits against us in Virginia is doing that goes to a jury this summer.
And of course our hands will be tied.
We won't even be able to show you the clips of the Tiki Torch leaders saying that they work for the Democrats on my show.
Or none of what I actually said.
It'll all just be the straw man things I didn't say because I've got to be made guilty
Yeah, I mean, this particular individual, I never said that he killed that woman.
That's their filing.
He was there taking photos.
I said, Democrats all got together, knowing there'd be a big explosion there.
And some Democrats, not him, your TV or you can see him on screen, posed as Trump supporters to make Trump look bad.
I mean, my God, we've caught in Kentucky.
We've caught in Kentucky.
In Senator Paul's races, Democrats dressed up like racists, sitting there for Paul and turns out they're Democrats.
I mean, this is something that Jesse Smollett did, it's something Bubba Wallace does, it's something they do on and on and on.
I mean, my God, the Roe v. Wade baby.
The Roe v. Wade baby was never aborted.
It's all fake.
That's come out.
Mainstream news.
And so it's normal to question these things.
Well, it happened again.
Friday, there were people with tiki torches lining up at the Republicans' bus saying they were there officially with the Republican candidate because he's ahead in the polls and they're panicking.
They don't know if they've got enough warehouses, the Democrats do, full of ballots that they can bring in the dead of night this time to stop this landslide.
They don't know.
And so they just show up with their tiki torches, and the media, NBC, all of them, ran with, oh, the white supremacists, they're there supporting them.
And then only after it came out did the Lincoln Project come to the rescue, and the Lincoln Project went on CNN.
And CNN said, here's the Republicans taking credit for what they did.
Republican strategists, the Lincoln Project.
That's like saying that Bill Clinton is a Republican, or that Thomas Jefferson was a Republican, or that Jimmy Carter was a Republican.
That's how dumb they think you are.
So once the Democrats were getting the blame for the false flag they were involved in, the racial false flag, well here comes, as fast as they could, almost falling over themselves, is the Lincoln Project to say, oh no, that's us!
But you see, Twitter and Instagram actually found out the identities of the people, and they're well-known, high-level Democrat operatives.
That's why they were wearing disguises, hats with their hair tucked in and glasses.
And they're not the Lincoln Project.
But the Lincoln Project itself is a Democrat Party cutout.
So, you got Democrats posing as Republicans in the Lincoln Project, and you got Democrats posing as white supremacists, white nationalists, as well.
I mean, they're posing as everybody.
Except who they really are, Democrat Party operatives.
And if you blow their cover, well, Georgetown University, with all that taxpayer money they get, oh, they're a private college, they get taxpayer money, they come and sue you to shut you up.
Hey, is that Dave Chappelle playing the part of the black KKK member?
No, that's, they couldn't get enough people over at DNC headquarters.
So, there you got your black, white nationalists, ladies and gentlemen.
If you're a TV viewer, you're seeing all this and it makes sense.
Radio listeners, I'm narrating this for you, but that's where we are.
So when we come back, I'm going to get into Jim Acosta and his attack on Tucker Carlson and his tying it into this and attacking me and so much more.
Just to illustrate, somebody's got to counter this guy in live time.
I mean, I know he's only got a couple hundred thousand viewers, but he represents the establishment's talking points that are regurgitated
Everywhere, and that roll downhill from AT&T and all the other big corporate chiefs that know they're involved in spying on us with the NSA and slave camps overseas and all the crimes they're committing, so they wrap themselves in this racial purity that whites are bad and the big white CEOs will protect the black people from the evil Alex Joneses and Tucker Carlsons.
Does anyone buy this BS?
Well, some do.
But with triple the number of black Americans voting Republican and triple the number in recent polls of Hispanics voting Republican, that's why the left's in a total conniption fit.
Saying we represent you.
We love you.
We want to make it all about what color you are.
And we want to make everything wonderful for you because you have brown skin.
And don't be friends with white people.
They're out to get you.
They secretly are evil because of who they are.
I mean, here's AT&T's own training manual.
AT&T says,
Racial re-education program, that's a close quote, asserts, quote, white people are the problem.
That's a quote.
Radical re-education program.
White people are the problem.
That's a quote.
You ought to go to the article on InfoWars.com.
I apologize for watching.
You ought to link through to the whole document that got put out.
And it's the CEO of it, John Stanky.
S-T-A-N-K-E-Y, Stankey.
And he just says, the whole world's problems aren't Chinese slave camps, or aren't toxic waste dumping, or aren't, you know, the forced inoculations killing so many people, the economy locking down.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's white people!
Says the white person.
Just total divide and conquer.
Super nasty behavior.
I don't think so.
So the Deep State Globalist Democratic Party has been caught in a racial false flag with their operatives posing as white supremacists and saying they support the Republican Party.
That's just a standard thing they do continually and they do not want you discussing it.
They want you to believe Jussie Smollett really got attacked.
They want you to believe that there's all these racial attacks around the country that in almost every case turn out to be fake.
And they do not want free speech in America.
They do not want us there to call it, because that's their only hope of creating all this division.
And then, along comes Tucker Carlson with his big report coming out, three-part series on the plot against America, where the federal government openly is branding the American people on official policy.
I told you they were announcing that you were terrorists right when Biden snuck his way in.
They had press conferences saying anybody questioning elections is a terrorist.
Anybody questioning open borders is a terrorist.
And then now they say, if you go to the school board and say, we don't appreciate you teaching that white people are inherently bad, which is total Nazi crap.
I mean, saying a group is bad because of what race they are is Nazi stuff.
I mean, it's an original sin to be from a certain group.
That is pure Nazi stuff.
And it's all in the official U.S.
government stratagem of the National Security Council put out by Joe Biden in June.
And look, I know, I've got a lot of news here.
I've got a lot of stuff to cover.
Why do I keep arping on this?
Because this is the War on Terror 2.0.
This is where we're the enemy.
This is the Great Reset.
And so thank God members of Congress are finally getting this.
Thank God that Tucker Carlson's hammering on it.
And you know that they've got the system scared because they are so freaked out when Carlson raises this, or I raise this, because
It's the elephant in the room.
And what is the elephant in the room?
Just as sure as the sun came up this morning, the deep state is going to stage terror attacks in the next year before the midterms, just like they did Oklahoma City in 95 to make sure Clinton would be re-elected.
And the Democratic Party and Bill Clinton said he owed his re-election when he was 20 points behind the Oklahoma City bombing.
Look it up.
Bill Clinton said he owed his
1996 re-election, Oklahoma City.
Type that in.
Click web.
Do an image search.
Do a web search.
You'll see the headlines.
He told the press corps on Air Force One that.
And they carried out that bombing.
The evidence is just incredible.
It would take hours to go over.
I've been involved in films, books, you name it.
I've been to read the police that were there.
You name it.
FBI whistleblowers.
It's incredible.
And again, the Southern Poverty Law Center connected to German intelligence and the CIA and the FBI and ATF was heavily involved from what even came out in court cases.
So this is what you're not supposed to know, that they're getting ready, the deep state, to stage not just people dressed up like white supremacists or whatever to make Republicans look bad, but do stuff far worse.
I'm talking about violence.
I'm talking about terror attacks.
I'm talking about very, very, very serious things.
And that's why they don't want us discussing the fact that throughout history, Vietnam War started with a false flag.
World War II started with a false flag.
Look it up.
Hitler attacked his own radio station, military radio station on the border with Poland, Operation Gleiwitz.
And that's how World War II started.
Gulf of Tonkin is how we got into Vietnam.
Our ships were not attacked.
Declassified 2004, it was staged.
So, you should always look at things and find out if you're being lied to or it's staged.
Because most of the time, it is.
Most of the time, it is.
And they just want you so stupid, you're not looking for that.
Let's go ahead and go to the new trailer.
There's a second trailer out now for what premieres tomorrow night on Fox Nation.
And I'm not promoting Fox.
I don't have shares in Fox.
I turned down a job at Fox many years ago.
I don't like most of Fox News, but I love Tucker Carlson.
And the fact that he's able to produce things like this is great.
And we should support it.
We should promote it.
And I am definitely going to go watch it tomorrow night because I am a subscriber to it because of Tucker being on there and all the other great documentaries that are available there.
On the green fraud and the great reset.
Not just Tucker's work.
There's a lot of really great work.
Clint Eastwood's doing stuff on Fox Nation.
So, here it is.
Tucker Carlson, we spent the last couple of months working on a project that we are finally ready to roll out.
For a full week, we're gonna get to the bottom of what really happened on January 6th.
There's been an unprecedented level of propaganda about that day.
We think we've found the truth.
We've got a multi-part series on Tucker Carlson Originals called Patriot Purge.
That's on Fox Nation.
Our other Fox Nation show, Tucker Carlson Today, is gonna feature episodes with interviews tying it all together.
Here's an exclusive first look.
What exactly happened on January 6th?
How much of what we were told about that day is a lie?
If that was an insurrection, it was the most poorly conducted insurrection ever.
Patriot Purge, all next week, exclusively on Fox Nation.
So, bigger than this documentary that we contributed to, and that we gave Tucker footage for, I'm going to leave it at that, but I've... It's powerful, okay?
You're going to see it tomorrow, I'm going to leave it at that.
And then obviously it'll be a week-long event here at InfoWars, because we're all on the same team, exposing false flags.
We'll be playing clips of it, we'll be analyzing it, we'll be talking about it starting Tuesday morning with Harrison Smith and American Journal, and then my show and then Owen's show, The War Room.
Because the Democrats are in a panic as their false flag events are being exposed.
Once you start watching, all you do is start catching them.
And even Jim Acosta played a clip from it.
It's like, how dare Tucker say the government's targeting American people?
And he shows footage of Ashley Babbitt being executed.
The footage our crew member shot.
So this is powerful, and this is what we need to expect here.
This is what I've told Glenn Beck.
It's what I've told everybody.
And Glenn Beck's listening.
That's good.
You're doing a good job these days.
I'm not there judging him.
He's always done a lot of great work.
We had some run-ins, but he gets we're all in this together now.
And so does Tucker and so does almost everybody.
I'm not in competition with Tucker Carlson or Glenn Beck.
They're both better talk show hosts and probably at the end of the day smarter than I am when it comes to actual news analysis.
But when it comes to firing people up and fighting tyranny and not backing down,
I don't know.
It was just like a voice in my head almost.
It was so strong and dreams and you are going to lay the path.
You're going to be like the archetype.
I'm not comparing myself to a prophet, but to like a John the Baptist in the wilderness.
And I never compared myself to that.
But then seven years ago, there was big Democratic Party strategy documents came out and they said, Jones is the John the Baptist of the Tea Party.
And he's the main engine.
Our computer studies and our analysis has shown he's got to be stopped.
Because he's out there energizing and preparing the way and preparing the ground troops for whoever wants to actually be a populist and fight the globalist agenda.
Because they knew there'd be resistance, but they thought, well, it'll be sporadic and people won't know what they're doing.
But because you as listeners and viewers, who are just as important as I am, supported this show and got behind us and spread the word in the last 28 years.
Some of you have been listening that long.
You did all this.
And I only tell you that, I know you don't want credit, you want to stop tyranny, and you're just like me, but listen.
We're now the light of the world.
This fight against the New World Order, the fight against the Great Reset, as bad as America is, and as fallen as America is, and as corrupt and out of control as we are sometimes, we're still the best hope this planet's got.
And so that's why I thank you all for your support and keeping us on air, because this is an incredibly historic time to be alive right now.
And I use that as a political analogy.
I'm not comparing myself to John the Baptist.
I'm saying, if our political movement is to defeat the satanic New World Order and the rest of it, is I've been the mad prophet out in the wilderness.
And that basically now is the spin they've engaged in.
Because that's how they see it as well.
Because that's really archetypally what it is.
Okay, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back with a Jim Acosta desperation.
When you hear him talking, it's Jeff Zucker, it's AT&T, it's the desperate, evil, globalist corporations that thought they had America defeated but are just now realizing that they have awakened the sleeping giant.
That is coming up.
And separately, I want to thank all the listeners and viewers for your support.
You're getting great products at the same time.
We need a major war chest to do a lot of new projects we're launching.
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And the list goes on and on.
It's we the people funding this operation.
So thank you for keeping us on the air.
We'll be back.
You know, Trump did a great interview with Fox News.
And that judge, the whole thing was excellent until he promoted the damn vaccines again, but at least he said you should be made to take it.
He means well.
But regardless, he's getting good Republicans elected.
Some of them aren't perfect, but it's better than Democrats.
I can tell you that.
I want to get into Acosta in the next two segments, because some stations don't carry this short segment.
A lot of stations do, and of course, a lot of you on the internet are watching it.
So I want to get into Acosta, who normally doesn't rate our coverage, but because he is a mouthpiece, because what he says is written by the establishment for him to read off a teleprompter, because he's the mouth or the ass of the devil, we will definitely be getting to that coming up next segment.
But listen, evil always targets the youth.
They always target the children.
They always target the babies and the unborn.
And so we accepted killing babies before they're born, so why not kill them after?
And so now they're coming with an experimental shot.
I got a stack of news on that coming up after I cover the ACOSTA news, where it is erasing children's immune systems and making them sick.
In the quote studies they've done since they quote authorized the emergency use.
And so that's coming up.
But if you think forced inoculations.
Is as bad as it's going to get.
They are now coming out with a big push from the Davos Group for nanoparticles that will, quote, fill up your body and then transmit back whether you like it or not.
That's why this is a revolution.
The globalists are just doing what they're doing.
They're just attacking.
And so, oh, you think they just wanted to spray skin-penetrating particles into caves with COVID-19 in China?
You think Fauci wanted to stop there?
The Davos Group is now announcing
That they're going to do this.
Through the federal regulators of all the major nations to quote, protect the food by contaminating it.
So Gregory shot a very quick but important emergency report.
Nanoparticles contaminate entire food supply under guise of food safety.
The report is at man.video in the Gregory section and this is the next shoe to drop that's actually starting now.
So while you're worried about forced inoculations, they're just going to bomb your whole food supply with it.
So here's this report and we'll be right back on the other side.
Scientists have been designing ways to put their so-called vaccines in the food supply, and it seems they may have created an avenue to begin this.
Brought to you by the American Chemical Society and four scientists from Communist China,
Functional hybrid micro nano entities are being implemented to promote food safety.
To detect hazardous substances in agricultural food products, they are putting in experimental hazardous substances.
Molecular imprinting polymers integrated with quantum dots installs a surveillance platform into your food and body.
Molecular imprinting polymers integrated with upconversion luminescent nanoparticles conducts chemical analysis of your food and body.
Upconversion luminescent nanoparticles combined with metal organic frameworks are tunable porous metals that have the power to regulate the dispensing of nutrition to comply with international mandates.
Magnetic Metal Organic Frameworks are metal frameworks designed for targeting drug delivery.
Magnetic Covalent Organic Frameworks are used for sensing food in the human body.
And Covalent Organic Frameworks doped with quantum dots are used for detection of insecticides.
If they wanted to regulate healthy food, they would promote organic growing.
Not inject a cocktail of metallic nanotech into the entire food supply.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide,
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Revolution in their hearts.
The children start to march.
Here we are into our number two as we broadcast worldwide.
Okay, so.
As I said earlier, the deep state globalist combine that's occupied this country, that's been selling us out and dividing us and conquering us and running us in the ground, they have had a conniption fit since last Wednesday when Tucker Carlson put out the first trailer for his new documentary three-part miniseries, The Plot Against the People.
And that's what this is.
The plot against the people and the alarm we've all been raising here.
Well, Jim Acosta, Mr. Fake News himself, I mean, if you had to emblematically define fake news, it'd be Jim Acosta.
If you had to define just being creepy and somebody you wouldn't let near your children, that's the other CNN host over there that gatekeeps us and tells us what our speech should be and what should be on air and what shouldn't be.
Oh, the guy with the lowest ratings on cable TV?
The guy with 50,000 viewers, you know his name.
Brian Stelter!
So here's all the headlines.
Who needs Alex Jones?
Tucker Carlson.
Upcoming special coming January 6th.
False flag.
London Independent.
And it goes on and on.
I mean, local newspapers.
And then when the Lincoln Project with the Democrats gets caught staging a false flag with a fake white supremacist, well they come on and are the experts that respond to it on CNN.
I mean, that's gaslighting to the next level.
So they're so scared of us thinking who's actually behind a lot of the violence when it's been them over and over again.
So I thought, this is a seven and a half minute clip, it was hard for me to watch this morning, but let's go over it in this segment and the next and let's just stop and start it.
And just analyze some of the lies.
Because if I try to analyze them all, we could teach a college course on this.
He's reading off a teleprompter.
Got it right up there by his face.
Jeff Zucker wrote this for the CEO, his boss at AT&T that says, quote, white people are the problem.
Re-educate them in re-education programs.
Being white genetically is evil.
These are the folks telling you that they're protecting you from white supremacists when they're just trying to brand any opposition to foreign corporations, looting the country, devaluing the dollar, locking us in our houses, starving the third world to death.
Well, if that's white supremacist, I mean, that's what I see as supremacist.
It's not white supremacist.
It's a bunch of megacorporations engaging in depopulation.
And if fighting eugenics and racism and all that is Nazi, well then I guess I am.
And when Acosta also attacks Senator Ted Cruz with like a five second clip of him explaining parents did a Nazi salute to say sarcastically, like Monty Python or the Blues Brothers or anybody, we support masks and forced inoculations and lockdowns.
Heil Hitler!
You know, like, this is what Hitler would do?
It doesn't mean you're for Hitler?
When Charlie Chaplin posed as Hitler?
Oh, but see, only the left can do a Hitler joke, you see.
Parents can't come and say, oh, I love what the school board's doing, shutting down our free speech, teaching pedophile drag queen story time, and teaching that white people are inherently evil.
I mean, teaching people a race is inherently bad, that's what Hitler did, so what do they say?
Heil Hitler!
They'll probably edit me out saying that and say, look Jones just howled Hitler!
Because they're deceiving everyone.
I'm saying that I'm repeating what people have said to be sarcastic as satire.
But they don't care.
They don't care because they love deception and all they've got left is deception because they've been caught in deception so many times.
This guy right here.
That's all he knows.
So he can just keep playing scams and tricks because that's the team he's on.
So now Ted Cruz thinks Nazis are okay.
No, Ted Cruz said angry, frustrated parents are like, Heil Hitler!
I love the tyranny!
That means they don't like the tyranny.
You know, like Disney back in World War II had Daffy Duck?
That was not Daffy Duck.
Daffy Duck is the one with Warner Brothers.
Donald Duck.
Tucker Carlson is releasing his big blockbuster movie on Monday.
While the kids have been calling for a sequel to Dune, Tucker thought they said Loon.
As in, crazy as a loon.
As in crazy and a loon.
Oh, you're gonna call us conspiracy theorists and crazy and white supremacists.
No facts, no evidence, no proof.
Just loon attacks, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists.
I mean, you're about to hear it.
Here it is.
The domestic war on terror is here.
It's coming after.
No Zendaya?
But it is about global domination, I guess in Tucker's eyes.
And yes, Tucker sees himself as kind of a Timothee Chalamet-style messiah.
But the comparisons end there, as Tucker attempts to whitewash the white supremacists at the Capitol on January 6th.
And it gets more sinister than that.
Tucker is peddling some deeply dangerous propaganda that the insurrection was actually a false flag operation.
He has floated this before.
It's a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the government was really behind it.
Alright, pause again.
It's a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the government was involved.
Just like it's been involved in many other big events and been caught doing it.
I mean, again, all he uses is hyperbole.
All he uses is words like stupid, dumb, conspiracy theorist, white supremacist.
That's all he's got.
Even though Tucker hasn't even aired this yet, but I can tell you it presents the names of the FBI agents, their informants.
It's already all come out, but it's going to be put together in a very professional format.
CNN paying the main antifa leader who was trying to get the crowd to burn the building down.
Acosta knows that's going to come out.
He's doing damage control so he won't go watch it.
Here it is.
But there are plot holes big enough for Alex Jones to drive a monster truck through.
Now, as for flags, there were plenty of Trump flags and Confederate flags on display at the insurrection.
Just to pause again, yeah, nothing wrong with the Confederate flag.
It's a symbol of Southern heritage and it's a battle flag and you guys are the ones that say it's racist when it's not, but I was there.
There might have been one rebel flag for every thousand American flags.
So you're now demonizing a million people that contested an election because there was a few Johnny Reb flags there.
That's all he's got to claim this was a giant white supremacist event.
Let's continue.
Former Republican Congressman Demer Riggleman, who was working for the January 6th committee, has said at least seven white nationalist groups were involved in the rioting.
Forget Universal Pre-K, some of these guys at the Capitol wanted Universal KKK.
Alright, pause again.
The KKK, all this, even Texas Monthly did reports on it decades ago.
Almost every KKK bus they have, them planning violence, is led by the FBI.
And the FBI goes and creates the Klan group, and then advertises, and then pays short bus type folks, literally, to be part of it.
I mean that's, so of course there were seven white supremacist groups that came there working with the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and the Democratic Party to do that.
That's their M.O.
Let's continue.
There are other problems with Tucker's premise.
Don't forget, Tucker already has rejected the notion that there was any serious violence at the Capitol on January 6th.
He said this back in September.
Hey, pause.
We're going to come back to that, but here's the deal.
We're on a break.
They tried to make it much worse.
And the feds running the different militia groups they were able to manipulate
We're telling them we're going to go arrest Pelosi.
We're going to attack.
And that's why the feds have had to back off and go, OK, there was no coordination by Alex Jones or Trump or Roger Stone.
Because that's true.
And because they don't want an investigation into the fact that there was coordination and attacks.
But it leads back to the Democrats.
And I'm not saying the whole FBI is involved.
The average FBI agent's like, you know, kidnap kids and bank robberies and money laundering and, you know, stuff like that.
But the Democrat group up at the top of the Justice Department, they 100% wanted to say it was a big plot by Republicans, but they don't want the details of who actually ran these groups coming out.
They want to put a bunch of innocent people and, you know, patsies in prison because they don't want a real investigation because it leads right back to Obama.
Tucker Carlson is not a Republican.
Tucker Carlson is not a Democrat.
He's an American.
And he wants to fight tyranny.
He really wants to defeat the New World Order.
And he grew up in an establishment family, but a family of people that were American patriots.
And so he projected his family's own goodness onto the rest of the world.
And then he later learned he was naive.
The world wasn't nice like his dad.
Or stepmom.
Or his family.
Or his brother.
There were bad people in charge.
How do I know that?
Well, Tucker's told me that to my face.
But I already knew his story.
It's like so many other people's.
Including mine.
You gotta stop being naive, ladies and gentlemen.
We've all been there.
You gotta admit how much trouble we're in.
We gotta recognize who our enemies are.
And stop listening to him.
Stop even debating him.
But here I am.
Breaking my own rule here.
And that is giving attention to the system.
But Jim Acosta, again, is the mouth of AT&T, the mouth of one of the most evil corporations out there that seeks to divide us while they engage in all their different crimes.
That's the owners of CNN.
So here's Jim Acosta, while AT&T is funding Black Lives Matter, racial division, whites are inherently bad, CRT, hardcore curriculum, to their own employees.
Saying Tucker's insane, none of this exists, and there's no establishment move to divide America.
There's no establishment move to
Declare the American people as terrorists.
That's in the official executive order signed in June by the puppet president.
That's the reality.
All right, so just go back to Acosta.
It's hard to listen to, and he just said, oh, this has got plot holes big enough you can drive an Alex Jones-sized monster truck through.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, says the guy with no viewers and no support, who's the definition of fake news.
I know the plot holes are your claim, that a million people that came to hear Trump speak and protest the election tried to attack or take that Capitol.
If they'd have done that, we would have overthrown you right now.
But see, that's what they want, is a violent attack, because they can beat that, they think.
They can't beat an intellectual awakening where we withdraw our support from them.
That's why they're pushing for violence and preparing real false flags.
Not just guys dressed up like white nationalists to discredit the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia.
But violence, my friends.
And that's why they're freaking out because that's the card they want to play.
That's the point we've gotten to in the stage of the game.
And so what is Carlson doing?
He's striking right at the root of the power structure.
The thing they came after me for.
Pointing out that false flags even exist.
You don't see people hiding bombs, or using bayonets, or firing weapons, trying to take over the country in an insurrection.
You see people walking around and taking pictures.
They don't look like terrorists, they look like tourists.
And all of them, by the way, are American.
Tucker has already described the insurrectionists as tourists.
So they were just tourists while also carrying out a false flag attack on the Capitol.
Sorry, you can't have it both ways.
Pause again.
You can't have it both ways, you little liar?
Where you take a 10-second clip out of a 45-minute show he did and then misrepresent it?
I watch those shows.
Hell, some of my reporters were on those shows.
Anybody go back and pull those up.
He said a very small group of people got roped into a riot and then the police were ordered to stand down.
And so then when that small group went in, then the people behind him didn't know what was happening.
I was there and got waved in by the police who didn't want any more fights.
And so it's those 600 people that have been arrested, over 400 were non-violent, some of them are still in jail in solitary confinement.
That's what Tucker was talking about.
So, he's saying the Feds tried a false flag, they tried to make this much more violent than it was, they provocateur groups on record, CNN paid a guy to go lead Antifa in, posing as Trump supporters to try to burn the place down.
It's all on record, CNN!
The globalist heir to the New World Order,
Anderson Cooper had Jade Nexon bragging about it the day after.
They paid money.
Gemma Costa's company, AT&T, paid money to one of the ringleaders of the operation.
It's come out.
You know, you can't have it both ways, Tucker.
Is it a false flag, or was it just people that were terrorists?
Well, the people that got roped in outside and waved in, they are innocent.
Guys that pooped on Pelosi's desk or drank her beer?
Okay, you gave Democrats charges dropped for burning down federal buildings.
I don't think that's right.
But if you let them go for burning down federal buildings, you gotta let somebody go for pooping on Pelosi's desk.
Especially when he's been in solitary confinement for eight months.
I think that's Senate serve, don't you?
I don't think he'll be crapping on Pelosi's desk anytime soon.
Crap on Pelosi's desk, eight plus months solitary confinement.
Burned down a federal building in Portland.
Charges dropped.
Two days after, you're arrested.
Hell, the vice presidential candidate, now the vice president, she raised millions of dollars for those people!
It doesn't hold water, you little monster!
Acosta, continue.
There are something called the three branches of government.
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.
All three bodies of government on the Constitution do not have to turn over all their information or private information to another branch of the government.
I mean, imagine if Trump said, I want Eric Swallowswell's contents of his cell phone.
Swallowswell would say, I have legislative immunity, you can't ask for that.
Okay, so it's the same thing.
So, oh, Trump is covering up what happened on January 6th.
Trump is saying, we don't have to come testify at your witch hunt.
They go, oh, you're scared of investigation.
They don't let the Republicans have their members on it.
They have Liz Cheney on there.
They wouldn't let Jim Jordan or Nunes.
I mean, come on.
But he sits there rattling off lie after lie after lie.
I mean, every three seconds is a new lie.
Here, let's hear the rest.
As well as White House visitor records, which is a reminder that, oh yeah, this alleged false flag operation happened when Trump was in office.
Oh, let's pause again.
Trump was completely cut off.
No one was even giving him any advice.
He couldn't get his executive orders implemented.
They threw him in the trash.
99% of his staff had already quit or left because they were being threatened by people like Acosta.
So now Trump was in charge.
No, Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard.
The Democratic Party refused them two weeks before January 6.
Trump walked into a trap.
I walked into a trap.
I was there.
We were there to peaceful protest like all the Trump events.
But you had Jaden X, your captain, leading that squad of anti-fan to that building.
He had over 40 men with him.
He's on camera bragging, telling the girl, I told you we're going to take the Capitol.
Now we're going to burn this mother-effer down.
I told you, I told you.
She goes, I know, I know.
I couldn't believe it.
How did you know?
As he wears his Trump hat.
And when it became so obvious, they finally indicted Jaden X because he was running around free bragging about it.
But what about all the other feds?
They haven't indicted them yet.
But we're going to expose them.
You can bet your bottom dollar on that.
So see how I'm just, I'm stopping.
I'm sorry it's obnoxious, but I'm doing it.
I'm stopping every part of this.
You could teach a whole college course on the seven and a half minute report.
Because every five seconds is a lie.
That you can refute in real time.
Trump said, I'm worried about violence.
We need 10,000 National Guard.
And then they sent two-thirds of the Capitol Police away that day to traffic control miles away.
I mean, the average Capitol Police officers weren't involved in it, but the Democrats in control and the city of D.C.
that was in control of the Capitol Police, they did this whole thing.
They even wrote a Time Magazine article bragging about how they set Trump up.
I've got some big COVID-19 news, but I tend to start the shows with that, so I'm going to end the broadcast next segment with it.
Some big news just broke.
InfoWars, the Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
Vaccinated Jim Psaki tested positive for COVID-19.
And I got a big British study saying you're more likely to get COVID-19 or be hospitalized or die.
And then now the Royal College has come out
Saying that the vaccine basically doesn't protect you.
You see, you've been conned, you've been lied to the whole time.
At all, period.
I know our audience knows that, but that story just broke on InfoWars.com.
So look, I don't normally, again, spend 30 minutes, an hour, or whatever we've already spent, probably 45 minutes, on Jim Acosta.
But you have to understand, again, he is the mouth, just like Oliver Darcy and Ryan Stelter, of Jeff Zucker.
That's come out in leaks, that's come out from whistleblowers.
That this is literally what AT&T wants.
Race-baiting, division, to play Americans off against each other.
A classic tactic of corrupt ruling classes is divide and conquer.
And I keep harping on that because that's the key to understanding this.
That doesn't mean there aren't racist white people.
It doesn't mean there aren't racist black people.
It doesn't mean there aren't racist brown people.
It doesn't mean that black people didn't do something to white people or white people didn't do something to black people.
The point is,
Is that usually it's the corrupt establishment doing something to all of us.
You like paying double for gas what you were paying a year ago?
It's about to get a lot worse.
It's up to $7 a gallon in California.
Doesn't matter what damn color you are, you're getting screwed, aren't you?
What color we are is the least of our issues, ladies and gentlemen.
It literally, literally is a distraction, like what color an automobile is.
Except it's got all that baggage coming with it, and they know that, and so they want to, again, focus on that, so you're not focusing on how you're getting screwed.
And I want to beat these people, man.
I hate the globalists.
I don't hate white people, or brown people, or red people, or brown people.
But I do hate Satanists.
And they come in every shape and color and size, and I hate their guts.
All right, let's get back to Acosta.
He is such a monster.
He runs around events we're at trying to get our reporters thrown out.
He doesn't just censor people on the internet.
He's just a horrible person.
And he's right in league with CNN that, you know, said Trump took out the Martin Luther King Jr.
Remember that five years ago?
First day Trump's in the White House.
Of course, it wasn't true.
CNN reporter stood in front of it to shoot the video to be able to say it.
I mean, when they got caught one time doing that, that should be over!
You don't listen to a damn thing comes out of somebody's mouth lies like that.
Let me tell you, in business, somebody cheats you one time, you never do business with them again.
Much less thousands of times.
So let's, let's, let's finish up with this scoundrel.
Here it is.
CNN reported that Trump wants to block congressional investigators from obtaining all sorts of White House records, handwritten memos from his chief of staff.
Because it's called a separation of powers, dumbass!
The whole federalist system is set on that.
You don't just turn over to your political enemies what the other branch of government's doing.
And he knows that.
He just thinks his viewers are stupid.
Trump's call logs, former Vice President Mike Pence's call logs, as well as White House visitor records, which is a reminder that, oh yeah, this alleged false flag operation happened when Trump was in office.
Shouldn't Tucker and his crack investigative team call on Trump to release all of those records so they can get to the bottom of what happened?
Let's go Tucker.
The Antifa leader.
How about you release all the information about the known federal informants there who haven't been arrested on video saying, burn it down, attack, kill, that we're protected.
Or how about the Capitol Police records of who ordered the stand down, or who ordered two-thirds of them sent into traffic control, or who refused the National Guard request of the President.
We know who!
The Democratic Party did that!
You did that, Jim Acosta!
Let's Go Tucker, release the records.
But of course he's not trying to.
Pause again.
He wants to go Let's Go Brandon.
He wants to start his own thing, wishing he had grassroots meme power, which you don't.
Let's Go Brandon is because at the NASCAR race, with the winner, they were saying F Joe Biden, so the guy spun it as Let's Go Brandon.
That's based on the people overriding your fraud with a meme, not you trying to con the people to start a Let's Go Tucker.
Good chance in hell that's gonna happen, buddy boy.
See, meme power and slogans come from the people.
You read the Declaration of People?
The Declaration of Independence?
Which is the Declaration of the People?
God, even when I slip up, I say it right.
The Declaration of the People?
The Declaration of Independence says we're the people.
We're the people.
And it's we the people that come up with stuff like Alex Jones is always right.
Which isn't even true.
It's like 98% of the time.
But hey, I'll let him round up.
The point is, is that you don't get stuff like that, Acosta.
You chose the establishment.
You chose the elite.
You're not the underdog.
You're not the rebel.
You're not the outlaw.
You're the scumbag.
You're not Robin Hood.
You're Prince Limp Dick.
Got that?
And that's something I want to say about Ben Shapiro and even all these Republican establishment guys that are for forced inoculations and for tyranny and for the New World Order that say they're so intellectual and that Google all pushes their algorithm.
They all advertise their shows as cancelled and avant-garde and cutting-edge.
No, you're not!
And if you were, I'd support you.
But you're not!
You're loyal opposition.
This is tyranny.
When do we get to use the guns?
No, and I'm not, that's not a joke.
I'm not saying it like that.
I mean, literally, where's the line?
How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?
So, no.
Alright, back this up.
This is really important.
The guys found the article.
There it is.
The secret history of shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election.
That 30-something page article admits the Democrats staged basically everything and basically stole the election and rigged it with the Republican Party and scammed everybody.
See, criminals love to brag.
So you've got that article, the secret history of the shadow campaign, and then you've got somebody at a Charlie Kirk event who they call a super right-winger.
Charlie Kirk is like a Democrat 20 years ago.
He's not a super right-winger.
I don't think he's a bad guy.
Charlie Kirk is not a super right winger, an ultra right winger.
And you've got this plant in the audience saying, when do we get to use the guns?
I love how it's always a guy that isn't actually going to use the guns telling us we need to use the guns.
And Kirk says, oh, they want to set us up.
That's their plan.
That's their overall agenda.
They can't win an electoral battle.
They won't have a physical one.
Which is totally true.
Kudos to Kirk for getting it.
But I would have continued, which Kirk didn't, explaining, hey, have you seen the Democrats on MSNBC saying we've got to take out the mother-effing white people and that we've got to kill Trump and we've got to
Kill all these people.
They're the ones a thousand times more than us calling for violence.
And then anytime somebody mentions it, they act like that's who we are or that's who we stand for.
And that's a microcosm.
You got a Charlie Kirk event, I looked it up, with 5,000 people in it.
One guy gets up to the mic and says, it's time to be violent.
And the whole news media says, Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA event called for violence when he decried the violence.
And it was one guy out of thousands that said it.
And that's a microcosm of what happened again on January 6th.
You've got a million people conservatively, a few hundred thousand go to the Capitol, provocateurs break in and go in, and then they try to blame all of us for being involved, including myself.
So that's how this deception works, ladies and gentlemen.
So is there any question now from this?
What does the system want?
They can't win politically.
They're getting ready to stage false flags and blame us.
That are violent.
Not just provocative like we saw in Virginia with them posing as KKK members and then trying to blame the Republican gubernatorial candidate.
That's small fry.
That's on a scale of 1 to 10, that's a 1.
Blowing up a federal building and blaming us is a 7.
They got something even worse than that.
We're going to come back with the COVID news on the other side.
Stay with us.
You know one thing, folks.
If I ain't shooting you straight, it means I'm dead.
All I can do is shoot straight.
I can't even control myself when I don't want to tell the truth.
I basically can't even lie.
Decades ago, I could tell little lies.
I can't even do it now.
Because I'm not about to bend my brain towards the devil.
I want my brain trained to just machine gun the truth out on a hair trigger with no controls on it.
That's where I'm at.
There ain't no big guys upstairs in smoky rooms telling Alex Jones what to say, telling Alex Jones what to do.
And I'm down here with the people where I want to be swinging for the fences.
And you know what?
Every time we do that, we win.
Every time we're knocked kneed and scared, we lose.
So here's the bottom line.
Owens-Froyer is always loaded for bear.
He's about to be taken over for the next two hours of Sunday Live.
I got 10 minutes left in this segment.
But let me just get this out there right now.
The corrupt power structure globally is beyond fascist.
They're an absolute joke.
And they've sold out American power to build up Communist China.
To help them dominate the globe.
But now the communist Chinese have double-crossed them and are saying, we're going to have three children.
We're not going to depopulate.
And we're going to start moving to a more capitalist model.
We're not going to be communist like you want.
And we're not going to feminize our men.
And screw you!
I'm not defending Xi Jinping.
I mean, he's so damn evil.
I mean, I guess all he could was move back towards, you know, the other direction.
And then you've got Russia out from under the New World Order.
They got their own problems.
Not romanticizing that, but they're definitely not Hollywood-level evil.
You got all that going on.
You got the Midwest waking up, and the South, and all over the world, all over the country.
People on the East Coast are waking up and leaving, and people on the West Coast.
So, we're winning hearts and minds.
That's why they're coming in with a global government, a world ID, a vaccine passport, carbon taxes, because they're getting their ass handed to them.
Now, I've learned how the power structure works, not just studying history books, but living it.
And so just because I'm here talking about how we're starting to win the fight, doesn't mean we're anywhere close to being out of the woods right now.
We need to be praying for discernment, praying for awakening, and praying for God to strengthen our hand and to give us discernment.
And we've got to understand that the media is celebrating, as I told you they would a couple years ago.
I said, if they steal the election from Trump, they're going to de-platform Trump.
He'll be off the air the day after the election, which they did.
I mean, I saw the whole thing.
It's easy tactics.
You just think of the enemy and think like they would think, and you can see what's going to happen.
And now, I mean, I said it over a year ago, I said once they install Biden, they will blame him for collapsing the dollar, collapsing the borders, collapsing America, so that the political class doesn't get the blame.
The Republican leadership, the Democratic leadership, and the big banks that control them, as long as they can take over and engage in all this evil, and then blame a puppet like Biden, they're gonna do it.
That's why it's so important to not make fun of Biden.
He's pathetic, he's sad, he's evil, he's a disgusting old drug addict pedophile.
But that's not our president.
That's the joke they put in there to take the blame and to make America look weak and bad as they begin to take down this country.
So that's why you see the Democrats turning against him.
That's why you see the real poll numbers.
He's the most unpopular president in history.
It's because they had it all planned.
And you better be asking yourselves, what do they have to come in on top of this that's even worse?
So I'm not saying defend Biden.
I hate Biden.
I'm saying transcend Biden and transcend their scam and see the whole picture.
And then the globalists have no power over you.
The same people that control Obama are the ones that are in control of Biden right now.
But I can tell you, Obama, because he's so evil and so hateful and hates America so much, he's actually at the Star Chamber Tribunal level.
He's actually in there with the top globalists, less than a hundred of them.
Obama is at the table.
Biden is not at the table.
And Bill Gates.
And Warren Buffett.
And all those people are at the table.
We've gotten the documents.
And they've decided the world belongs to them.
And they've all got a lust to literally depopulate you and your family.
And they've cooked up viruses thousands of times worse than COVID-19.
They're ready to release.
So are you going to sit here naively and let them march you to the plank?
Or are you going to wake up and wake others up and say, hell no, I'm not going down your rat hole.
Take Ice Cube.
Ice Cube's got his issues.
But at the end of the day, he said, I'm not taking your deadly vaccine and turned down $9 million to do it.
And that's what it takes is people finally getting that the most valuable thing is your body and your integrity and your soul and saying no to that system.
So here's the report.
This is Chuck Todd.
Again, the Obama operative.
Shocking poll numbers show 71% believe U.S.
on wrong track.
Scary news for Democrats.
Yeah, the Democrats will be thrown out in all 50 states.
California's gone Republican.
Only election fraud holds that back.
And the Republican Party itself's being taken over by nationalist, capitalist patriots, and we're kicking the neocons out.
That's why they're trying to declare all conservatives terrorists, and that soccer moms at PTA meetings are terrorists, and the official government policy.
Because they're losing!
We're winning!
This was a heavyweight championship, 12 rounds.
We're in the 11th round, folks, and every judge has got us on the board as the winners.
We've already knocked their ass down every freaking round.
They're bleeding hard!
But they're going to pull a dagger out on national TV and stab us.
And that's the false flag attack to blame us.
So when they stage their false flag, we're not going to let them day one say we shoot up the school or we bomb the federal building.
Because we know they've got the whole history and the whole past to doing it.
And we know that's their ace of spades.
And we know that's what they don't want us to talk about.
So we're going to talk about it.
So when there are events that donate America and donate freedom and that are evil, we know who stands to gain from it.
And we're going to be exposing your evil ass.
See how that works?
And that's why they're so scared of the plot against the people that we'll be covering live this entire week and analyzing on Tuesday with clips from it.
And I know some of the clips are in it because we provided them.
So let's go ahead and go to Chuck Todd.
Good Sunday morning.
Happy Halloween.
We have a brand new NBC News poll out this morning.
It's filled with some scary news for the Democrats.
The overarching message?
Americans have lost their confidence in President Biden and their optimism for the country.
At least they have right now.
Just 22% of adults say we're headed in the right direction.
A shocking 71% say we're on the wrong track.
And that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that.
President Biden's approval rating stands at a dismal 42% versus 54% who disapprove.
Believe it or not, just two months ago, Mr. Biden was in positive territory.
49% approving, 48% disapproving.
So what's pulling down the president's numbers?
Well, look at this set of numbers.
Just 37% say he has the ability right now to handle a crisis versus nearly a majority who say he does not.
37% also say he's competent and effective as president.
50% disagree with that description.
What's more, Republicans, believe it or not, have double-digit leads in dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and, shockingly, on getting things done.
Democrats hold generally smaller double-digit leads on dealing with climate change, the coronavirus, education, and abortion.
And that's really it right now.
It's not clear yet whether any deal struck by Democrats on the social spending and infrastructure bills will nudge Mr. Biden's numbers back into positive territory, or whether the damage to his reputation is more of a scar than a bruise.
But this much is clear.
So what's really going on here?
Yeah, the good news for Democrats is they're going to be able to stage some false flag terror attacks or provocateur some attacks before then try to demonize the American people.
And they've got election fraud and they've got another COVID lockdown they've got planned.
So that's what they've got.
But we've got the truth and we've got justice and yeah.
Some of the Republican candidates are going to get bought off.
Some are going to be neocons.
It doesn't matter.
Our populist movement that's anti-Great Reset, that's anti-New World Order, is gaining ground.
And now what we've talked about and we've discussed and we've exposed from the globalist documents has now been externalized to the public.
So the globalists have a big problem, because every move they make, the people were told it was coming.
And what does that do to our credibility as the tip of the spear?
It makes it go up.
So as long as God is with us, who can be against us, as they say?
But it's going to be a rough time, and now they're coming after our children with these deadly experimental shots.
Again, which is the shot heard around the world.
They're trying to push us into violence.
We do not want to do that.
We want to use the truth to warn and protect as many people as we can and be as Christ-like as we can possibly do.
Separately, Owen Schroeder takes over in two minutes for two hours live with Sunday Live.
Take your calls and cover a ton of news.
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