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Name: 20211030_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 30, 2021
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The globalist deep state that controls the Democratic Party just got caught in a massive false flag in Virginia.
Their plan to frame the Republican gubernatorial candidate as a white supremacist just blew up in their evil face.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The Democratic Party and their operatives have been caught yet again staging a political false flag against the Republican Party in the tightly contested gubernatorial race in Virginia, where the Republican, even in their skewed establishment polls, is several points ahead.
So, desperate to discredit him, the Democrats do what they always do.
Dress up in white supremacist outfits and then go out and try to scare the general public into believing that the Republican Party is actually a bunch of white nationalists that want to kill all the brown people.
And yet again, they got caught.
And the corporate media went into overdrive trying to cover this up.
And then in came the Lincoln Project saying, oh no, we're Republicans that staged this false flag because we believe Trump and his supporters are so racist.
It wasn't the Democrats.
The Lincoln Project is the worst of the worst of a bunch of Democratic Party operatives.
So it's another attempted Jedi mind trick they're engaged in to say, oh, it's not the Democrats that did this.
Oh no, it was actually Republicans.
How stupid do they think we are?
Just look at these headlines.
Democrat operatives caught dressing up as white supremacist in desperate last ditch Virginia election stunt.
Here's a Forbes headline.
Lincoln Project says it planted white supremacist impersonators at event for Virginia Republican candidate.
Why is this so incredibly important?
Because hundreds and hundreds of times, Democrat operatives have been caught engaging in all sorts of hate crimes
and other stunts against themselves, and then the corporate establishment press comes out and covers their story as if it's true, even when the truth comes out that it was staged.
And now we see InfoWars vindicated yet again.
Remember four years ago in Charlottesville?
We sent reporters there to neutrally cover what was happening.
They were trying to take down a Confederate statue.
We were there neutrally just to cover it.
And we witnessed individuals dressed up in the brown
Yes, we were formerly Obama campaign staffers, but now we really are angry at the Democrats and now we really are white nationalists.
So, as punishment for exposing the fact that George Soros was directly connected to funding those groups, I was sued in Virginia, and the case is ongoing, it goes to a jury trial coming up next summer, for the crime of asking that question and pointing out that many of these people were known Democrat Party operatives.
But they didn't sue me directly for that.
They falsely claimed that I said that another man who took photos of the woman that died had killed her.
I said no such thing.
But despite that, it goes forward to a jury.
I could sit here and rattle off hundreds of examples of Democrats staged and leftist staged false flags, not just in America, but in Europe and Australia, in the UK and Canada.
This is their bread and butter.
And so of course, when we've caught Jussie Smollett staging an attack on himself and Bubba Wallace, and they caught the leftist Jewish man attacking Jewish cemeteries and blaming it on Trump, I mean,
The list goes on and on and on and it's being encouraged by the corporate establishment that wants to divide and conquer America and have us all in each other's throats in a civil war too, instead of taking control of our country from the multinational corporations that have hijacked the nation and they're using the hysteria around COVID-19 to bring in a form of digital martial law.
So yet again, InfoWars is
Vindicated pointing out that a large portion of the people claiming they're white supremacist at every event I've ever covered turned out to be connected to the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party and other organizations.
And it's come out over and over again.
That's why they're so upset.
Back in 1995, it came out in federal court documents from federal informants that the Southern Poverty Law Center ran Elohim City, the white supremacist command base, and knew the bombing was about to take place and did not alert federal authorities.
And then when federal informants told the truth about this, the feds tried to put him in jail.
And who was in charge of all that back at the time?
But, of course, the current Attorney General.
So, they're trying to start a war against the American people.
They're trying to launch a plot.
And in closing, that's why the corporate media and the Democratic Party are so angry at Tucker Carlson right now with his new three-part series that starts airing next Monday on November 1st, The Plot Against the People.
Because Tucker has the federal documents, the court documents, the witnesses, and all the video, much of it that we actually got, proving that federal provocateurs were there trying to lead the million-plus peaceful protesters
in to the Capitol so that they could demonize the American people as this new terror threat.
This is why they're so hysterically angry at Infowars.
This is why they're so out of their minds when it comes to Tucker Carlson.
Because if the public starts investigating these white supremacist attacks and other provocative events and continues to prove and discover that it's the deep state Democrats and some of the Republicans aiding them, it's game over for the New World Order.
If they're able to trigger a civil war between black and white, they win.
But if we wake up and come together, it's game over for them.
The most powerful card
It's not just America.
But the entire world is at a crossroads right now.
And if we help the general public have an epiphany or an awakening to these dirty tricks the deep state plays and pulls, they're going to fail.
But if we don't expose it, they're going to win.
Thank God citizen journalists on the ground and on Twitter and Facebook and other places saw what was happening, did the investigation, and quickly, within hours, exposed these jokers.
And again, that's the power of the people.
Spreading the word, but always being ever watchful.
You are the Paul Revere.
No matter what color you are, no matter what your sex is, no matter where you live, if you love justice and freedom, and you love God, you're on the good guy's team.
And if you're against the globalists and their tyranny,
Well, again, God is definitely watching and very, very proud of you.
So again, I'm very, very excited and blessed that this information is coming out.
We're all blessed.
And so let's just keep our eyes peeled and watch our six because major stuff is already going down and it's only going to get a lot crazier.
The domestic war on terror is here.
It's coming after.
Half of the country.
The helicopters have left Afghanistan, and now they've landed here at home.
And the left is hunting the right.
Staking them in Guantanamo Bay for American citizens.
Leaving them there to rot.
We are dealing with an insurgency in the United States.
Terrorism for white supremacy is the most lethal threat to homelands.
I've been told that I'm a white nationalist.
Put all your hands up!
They've begun to fight a new enemy in a new war on terror.
Not al-Qaeda.
White supremacy.
False flags have happened in this country.
One of which may have been January 6th.
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