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Name: 20211030_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 30, 2021
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The Democratic Party was caught staging a false flag operation in Virginia, where they dressed up as white supremacists to discredit the Republican governor candidate. The corporate media tried to cover it up, but InfoWars exposed them. Democrats and leftists have been using false flags for years to divide America and start wars. InfoWars is offering heavily discounted products through their Black Friday sale, with discounts ranging from 10% to 60%. In my own words: The Democratic Party attempted a false flag operation in Virginia by dressing up as white supremacists to frame the Republican governor candidate. They have used such tactics to divide America for years and start wars. InfoWars exposed their actions and is offering heavily discounted products through their Black Friday sale.

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InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this very special emergency Saturday evening transmission.
It is October 30th, 2021.
And we have Massive news to announce here on air that I was aware of years ago, but I did not know they were actually going operational.
And indeed, they have gone operational.
I learned about this yesterday morning, did some research yesterday and today, and I'm ready to lay it out for you right now.
This will just be the first of many reports on this, because this isn't something that's around the corner.
This is something that is now beginning to happen.
Right now.
So if we can, let me go ahead and just lay this out and then we'll hit the other big news as well.
The Democrats have been caught engaging in a major false flag in Virginia, a racial false flag, in an attempt to start a new Charlottesville, like the first one they pulled off four years ago, and they got caught red-handed and it has Blown up in their face.
The full report is at InfoWars.com.
False flag confirmed in Virginia.
Governor race.
And we have a special video report I just shot before I walked in here to go on air that will be ready to air coming up, I'm told, in about 25-30 minutes.
We'll go to that exclusive breakdown.
Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson vindicated.
Ivory Democrats caught in Virginia gubernatorial false flag.
That is going to be coming up.
Now, this story isn't just important because it vindicates the information that we reported on four years ago concerning Charlottesville and the fact that there were deep state Democrat political operatives basically leading the right-wing white nationalist event.
And that later came out and was confirmed.
That's important, but not as important as the fact that right now there's mass branding all over the corporate news, all over the media, that anyone questioning elections, anyone questioning lockdowns, anyone questioning forced inoculations is a terrorist.
Anybody protesting critical race theory at their school board is a terrorist.
And they're actually trying to roll this out with Capital police departments, federal police departments all over the nation being set up and Homeland Security branding a new war with the American people and Biden coming out.
In June, and saying the main threat's not radical Islam, it's not Russia, it's not China, it's now the American people.
That's the number one terror threat in America.
And you can see on screen right there from even back in June, some of the reports and some of the Homeland Security graphics they were putting out about opposition to COVID measures, claims of election fraud, believe Trump can be reinstated, 9-11 anniversary, and religious holidays.
So just incredible Roll out of the Patriot Act and the CIA and the whole police state that's not supposed to be used on citizens under law against us.
Exactly what I and many other constitutional experts like Jonathan Turley warned of 20 years ago with the Patriot Act.
Now the chicken's coming home to roost.
They're getting ready to stage a bunch of false flags.
Violent false flags.
Oklahoma City style false flags.
Not just the provocateur January 6th event that didn't go off as bad as they wanted it to.
They wanted it to be really bad.
But thank God it fizzled out and wasn't as bad as they were planning it to be.
And so now they are in a total hysteria over Tucker Carlson coming out with his new three-part documentary series that he should be covering all week next week, titled The Plot Against the People, because this is a plot against the people.
And if the American people understand how this is a divide-and-conquer operation and an attempt at race war the globalists are launching, we can save our country and also bring the globalists to justice.
But that's where we are, that's what's unfolding, and that's what we're facing right now.
Now let's get to our top story here on this Saturday evening.
And again, the only way this information is going to get out is if you share it.
And if you do decide to share it, it's going to have a huge effect and we can stop this nightmare next phase of the Great Reset and of the transhumanist nanotech takeover of our bodies.
And what do I speak of?
I remember 20 plus years ago reading about Bill Gates and press releases he put out wanting to control the weather.
Wanting to have particulate added to jet fuel to create nuclei in the atmosphere to create artificial clouds to bounce solar radiation back out into space.
I remember seeing Bill Gates proposing putting sterilents in vaccines and putting sterilents in mosquitoes so they could deliver sterilent vaccines into third world populations.
I remember seeing Bill Gates talking about engineering strawberries and potatoes and tomatoes and bananas and papayas that would have, quote, different vaccines engineered biomechanically, bioelectrically into the very tissue of the plant where the plant would produce live viruses.
And they had actually developed that and actually had it completed in several decades ago.
But now they've gone operational with the weather control.
Now they've gone operational with the virus release.
Now they've gone operational with the mRNA genetic engineering revolution rollout.
Now they've gone operational with the nanotech in the Pfizer and Moderna shots, both controlled by Gates and his combine.
And so now we're sitting here on the precipice of this In every major Western country saying, you'll be fired, you won't be able to get on an airplane, you won't be able to travel around the world unless you accept a world medical ID controlled by the UN and the Davos Group.
It's not coming, it's here.
Now you think that's bad enough, right?
Well, the Davos Group has officially come out.
In just the last month, this has gotten almost no coverage, but it's been at the UN level, at the corporate university level, I've got a stack of news right here I'm about to show you, and stated that they've engineered all of these nanoparticles that are microchips, microscopic microchips, some of which you can see with the naked eye, some of which you can't, that they spray On to all of the food to, quote, track it and make sure it's safe.
So to make sure it's safe and not contaminated, they contaminate it.
Remember the documents came out a month ago or more?
The plan by Peter Daszak and Fauci and Gates to spray live nanotech open-air China on the population to, quote, give them COVID-19.
Remember that?
I mean, that's beyond gain-of-function.
That's synthetic viruses.
This is what's really Going on and the whole revolution is what they've been calling for over 20 years, smart dirt.
You probably saw that transhumanist propaganda with Johnny Depp, Transcendence, where he becomes the supercomputer.
And dissolves into dust that then goes into the atmosphere and impregnates all human bodies, all plants, all animals, and that the entire planet is now in AI dust, and he is a guardian that will save the earth.
That is Silicon Valley's Antichrist statement to you.
So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the rollout.
If you think they're violating your bodily Right, if you think they're raping you with attempting to force deadly shots that are mRNA that change your whole makeup, that change the inside of your cells, that program your cells to create poisonous spike proteins for the rest of your life, that erase your immune system, if you think that's bad, imagine it being put in all the major food chain supply, and then the companies just say, hey, the UN legalized it, it wasn't even approved by the FDA, but we don't care, just like these shots.
We're now going to put all this nanotech on your food whether you like it or not.
So you thought it was bad to have GMO crops that in many of the studies are linked to infertility.
You thought it was bad to be seeing all these illnesses and cancer cropping up in all the studies of lab rats that are fed the same stuff we're being fed.
You thought it was bad they might engineer into the very Vegetables and fruits you eat, quote, live vaccine, which is really just a viral attack.
We're reprogramming your body.
Now they're announcing that they're rolling out with the UN and demanding, starting with third world populations, that they take smart dust into all of the products that then can be tracked and read and scanned and that you then ingest that they claim are safe that they then say become part of your body.
Remember I covered that a few days ago from the Davos Group, the announcements that they made about how if you are human you'll be obsolete soon and that they're going to put living entities into your bodies that are microscopic that then take control of your brain.
That's what Nobel Prize winners are calling for.
And they're saying it'll end all war, we'll all be one mind.
Yeah, under their control in their nightmare virtual reality, now rolled out and launched by Zuckerberg.
Yeah, that's the book, Homo Deus, A Brief History of Tomorrow.
That's what the Davos Group is putting out.
It's all there, I already played the clips.
So let's go through some of the background of this and then get into the latest developments right now.
Understanding the Nanotechnology in COVID-19 Vaccines.
That's from CAS.org.
Major universities reporting it.
It is nanotechnology.
It is in the vaccines that are not vaccines.
It is self-replicating in the body.
We're going to list what is in there.
Nanolipids and microscopic carbon-based metal that then begins replicating off of your body's own enzymes and own nutrients and oxygen and chemicals.
Lipid nanoparticles.
Let's move on to the next one.
Anybody can go read this for yourself.
Here's one from patents at google.com.
Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccines, graphite oxide as the carrier, which then goes through the blood-brain barrier.
Then it gets into how it's magnetic and controls you.
And I'm going to show you the new stuff in a minute.
Microsoft patents cutting edge human powered crypto mining system, blockchain.news.
We reported this back when it was there and Bill Gates came out and said, it's not true.
I'm not patenting anything to be put in your body, even though it's all admitted.
Remember he said with his wife on TV, Oh, I promise, honey, we're not doing that.
She found out he was a liar and left him.
Super Paramagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine.
Federal government.
There's a direct link to it.
See that right there?
Bill Gates chooses corporate patent rights over human lives.
Here's some of the patents with the cryptocurrency that's tied to nanoparticles in your body that tracks and traces everything you do.
Notice the number on it.
There's a whole bunch more of these, too.
All by these folks.
Here's another one.
US 10-702-600B1.
Similar systems.
Tied into Bill Gates and the rest of them.
Understanding the nanotechnology in COVID-19 vaccines.
Food as production delivery vehicles for human vaccines.
Grow and eat your own vaccines, University of California.
Edible vaccines, Scientific American.
10 secrets that you didn't know about nano-entities.
Now, let's go where the Davos Group went last week when they announced their official statement that these nano-entities are going to have rights And these nano entities are just going to be sprayed on you from the air and put in your food until they take over your bodies.
And then you're not going to be able to live unless you get new nano injections all the time.
And you're like, well, they'll all go to prison.
I mean, they're all going to go to jail.
They've already killed millions of people with the shots.
is already spreading around the world.
Hospitals are already full of those.
We're having horrible autoimmune response to the injections because now they have a bad autoimmune response to any virus they come in contact with.
And they've put out these press releases, I'll show you, from the Davos Group, explaining how they're going to put these nanoparticles in you under the UN Food Council that's now suddenly in charge of everything.
And the UN is in the news saying they'll decide what you can say and can't say about the shot.
So we don't let US senators talk about natural immunity and how good it is.
Yahoo said, and Reuters said, and CNN said, and Google said, because the UN said you can't say that.
That's official.
So here's a Shepard's Heart breakdown that links to Debo's group and their actual statements.
It's an excellent article.
10 secrets that you didn't know about nano-entities.
That's what they call them.
They call them nano-entities.
And what did the Debo's group spokesman say last week?
He's written a bunch of books about it.
He said, we have nano-entities that are going to take over your brain and there'll be nothing but peace.
Nothing but peace, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's read the article.
Integration of nanomaterials into the entire food supply.
That's a whole link and that's Debo's group.
Installation of AI, artificially intelligent nanoparticles, for agro-food inspection.
Hybrid probes installed in foods that insert platforms into your body.
Injection of nanobodies into your food.
You're like, this is over the top.
They'll never do it.
They'll never give five-year-olds and up the deadly shot that's killed so many.
The World Economic Forum informed us that our food supply was going to be disrupted.
Beginning last year, agri-food safety inspection is going high-tech with newly constructed hybrid micro-nano entities.
Yes, you read that correctly and there's links to all of it.
Hybrid nanoparticles are micro nano entities and these nano entities are not only going into the food supply but also into the pharmaceutical products and you can link there and there's articles everywhere about small chips to track pills.
There is much speculation about what these entities are and what did Bill Gates announce last week?
He said, what did the Davos Group announce last week?
What did BlackRock type this in?
BlackRock says the entire new future and the next 1,000 billionaires will all be in nanotech biosensors in the economy.
Biosensors in the sewage.
Biosensors in the air.
Biosensors in your house.
Biosensors in the schools.
All scanning you and telling you and just like the PCR test, all fraudulent to disappear you with the contact tracers.
Total AI surveillance.
You wonder where they go next whenever they have home assistance in your houses that you willingly brought in that listen and watch.
Well, now they're saying you won't have a choice.
The definition of entities is something that exists as a particular and discrete unit.
You know, like a ghost is an entity.
Two, the fact of its existence being.
Three, the existence of something considered apart from its property.
So they're going to put outside entities, creatures, into you.
For purposes of this article, nano-entities are self-associated aggregates that group together to provide a solid lattice framework growing in your body.
They tell you about The graphene oxide, other things that are in the shots now that are helping grow that matrix in your body that can be sensed and scanned.
It's growing so well in you.
And people that have been abused by this, they're not going to want to see themselves as victims.
They have Stockholm Syndrome.
They're going to announce they're mutants like all the movies and TV shows about how cool it is when you're a mutant.
These entities are not merely physical surveillance arrays, but include multidimensional aspects, they transmit, that will be discussed in another article.
Describing below are some of the entities' names that you will see soon at your local grocery store, fulfilling the World Economics promise to take over the food supply.
These entities are not merely physical surveillance arrays, but include multidimensional aspects, some entities' names you're going to see at your local grocery store, and it goes on from there.
Molecular imprinting polymers integrated with quantum dots.
That's already in the money, in the food, and a lot of the pills.
Advanced tools for cell imaging are a great interest of this detection, localization, and quantification of molecular biomarkers for infection.
This is just the Thanos scam, a thousand times bigger.
Molecular Imprinting polymers integrated and up conversion luminescent nanoparticles.
That's in the Pfizer shot.
The luminescent jellyfish genes that grow in your body.
The UCMPs are Tumosant nanoparticles, MPs, that are doped, yes doped, with dyed silica, rare-earth ions, and fluorescent QDs, providing an amazing array suite for food as it goes through the entire cycle.
Fork, food, body, it's the sewage, for sensing and imaging and analytical chemistry, bio- analytical chemistry, biomedical engineering, and environmental science.
So just raping and assaulting you with these poisons to protect you, of course.
Upconversion luminescent nanoparticles combined with methyl organic frameworks.
Metal organic frameworks, MOFs, are a class of porous materials prepared by the self-assembled metal ions, that's what's in the shots, or clusters with organic Lilgins.
And again, they wanted to contaminate everybody with the shots, so when they start bombing the food with it, no one will know where it's coming from, and one company won't get in trouble.
That's why it's a revolution.
They're hitting us all at once, just like in a war, a blitzkrieg, to overwhelm you.
They are tunable inside your body and controllable.
That's from the Debus Group.
Meaning they have the power to regulate things such as dispensing of nutrition, of food products to comply with international mandates.
Well, my goodness.
These metal ions form nodes that yoke together, repeating cage-like structures, creating a fusion of biological life with machine.
Magnetic Metal Organic Frameworks.
And then it goes on.
Nano-sized Metal Frameworks.
You want me to keep going for you?
Magnetic Covalent Organic Frameworks.
Magnetic Covalent Organic Frameworks.
The endocrine-disrupting or sensing food in the human animal body.
Which are used as an absorbent form of magnetic extraction of polar endocrine disrupting phenols and for sensing food in the human animal body.
Oh, this sounds really loving and liberal.
Covalent organic frameworks doped with quantum dots.
I love things being doped.
That's the term they use, being drugged.
Quantum dot doped covalent organic frameworks.
And it goes on, were developed for the detection of Toxins related insecticides in tap water and this new system is a poison produced by organisms belonging and it goes on.
But don't worry, we'll have sensors now that keep you safe.
We've got to put sensors in you to keep you safe from all the stuff we're using on you.
Okay, so that's just part of it.
Let me show you some more actually from different medical publications, different studies.
Here's one.
Functional hybrid micro nanoparticles promote agro food safety inspection
by four communist Chinese fellows that are UN commanders basically
And it goes back into the edible vaccines and all the rest of it
Right here from science direct and there's just a lot of other ones here ladies and gentlemen
And then somebody made a joke. I thought I'd show on Twitter saying he's definitely a lizard person
Alex Jones was right with a selfie that Zuckerberg put out of the new name meaning total takeover of all reality meta or infinity infinity takeover.
That's what they really mean by it.
And I'm not the one that says everybody's reptiles.
That's David Icke, but, I mean, gosh, that's the least of our problems.
I mean, it probably is true.
Who knows?
I don't speculate.
I just know they sure act like vicious crocodiles.
They sure act like they're anti-human.
And I even was talking to a lawyer yesterday, and he goes, you're the guy that thinks reptoids run things.
And I'm like, no, that's not me.
And I'm not, that's not a bar, but David Icke, I really respect David.
And if they do act like aliens, they are saying carbon-based life forms will be obsolete.
In fact, I said I wouldn't play it, but I mean, you got the main spokesman for the Davos Group, their main future is saying, the future won't be human, nanoparticles will take over your brain, we're colonizing, you got Klaus Schwab saying, the fourth industrial revolution will be changing you, we will take you over, we have captured your countries, we are now the only stakeholders, we do not want the people to have control.
These are real quotes.
And we just sit here while they're announcing, now we're going to inject your five-year-olds and up.
And they have the FDA spokesperson saying, well, we don't know if these will hurt kids till we give them to them.
I mean, that's a quote.
I played that like four times this week.
That's what they said.
In the lead up to things.
So they're collapsing everything and they're telling you that a dystopia is a good thing.
If you go to the UN building, they have Klaus Schwab Davos Group posters hanging up outside New York where they're three months ago and shot video of it.
It's on Bandai Video.
And there's huge posters showing what looks like a concentration camp with like these concrete bunkers.
And it says you will soon not live in an apartment or a home or a city.
You will live in a commune.
You will own nothing.
You will have nothing.
I'm there with the New York police we had as our hired security, great guys.
They're like, we haven't been down here in a while.
My God, this is insane.
And it's all real, folks.
It's all real.
And they're just rolling it out.
Just like all the nanotech, just like what they're engaged in with the Pfizer and Moderna shots that aren't even Vaccines.
I mean, I remember 20 years ago reading the Pentagon's testing on troops on anti-depression, anti-PTSD shot.
The shot goes in and takes out areas in the brain associated with depression.
Well, those same receptors in the brain that are associated with depression and chemicals are also associated with higher spiritual consciousness, exaltation, exhilaration, feelings of completion, satisfaction, And you wonder why so many troops commit suicide.
They've been spiking a lot of the injections they get with live viruses that actually go in and eat part of the brain.
So when you hear the word vaccine, that just means some frankenshot that the system is trying to put into your body.
So I thought tonight we would talk some about this situation and where we are and what we face as a society.
And there was also a Japanese TV show called Vaxxile, or Exiled Via the Vaccines, that we'll play here in a moment.
Just a few minutes from it that basically mirrors what's happening in the real world.
And you ask yourself, how are they able to do that?
Well, I know what happens.
You get approached.
It hasn't really happened to me, but it happened to Chris Carter and a lot of others.
Chris has talked about it.
I told you about Chris talking about it before he ever went public about it.
I was told about the cast and then Carter reached out and the CIA would come to them and say, here's the script we want.
And they just learned we get picked back up by Fox if we run the script again.
And that's called predictive programming because they get your subconscious mind ready for it.
So that when it actually happens, even though you saw it in a horror movie and didn't like what happened, your brain is made to make you overcome something.
So you kind of get used to it and kind of subconsciously your brain gets you ready for it.
You see how that works?
Unless you consciously decide this is bad and that are conscious of the manipulation.
If you're not conscious, my show hurts you.
If you're not really focused on this and really getting it at a high cognitive level, then you just get more conditioned and prepared for all this.
You understand?
And that's what that globalist told me that time in that first class flight on American Airlines going to New York.
I've told so many times, he said, you don't get it, Alex.
People don't adapt and overcome like the Marines say.
They adapt and succumb.
They adapt and succumb.
That was what he said.
He laughed at me and said, you're on the wrong team.
You will fail.
Well, I know God's real.
I know justice is real.
And you guys are not empowering humanity doing this.
And it's you that's going to fail.
This is all a spiritual test, but I don't want to continue to be the person that breaks the big news.
I know you probably get tired of having to fight to warn people, but you should get excited about it because we got a good chance of stopping this fork.
It's really bad, but regardless, God's watching.
We've got a responsibility to expose this and they're just rolling out on every front.
A program of quote, blowing up the old system that has checks and balances and wasn't perfect, but that had some controls on evil.
And we've seen the top scientists in the FDA, number one and number two, quit a few months ago and say, these shots are poison, don't get booster shots, don't approve it below the age of 16, even that.
We should be pulling these vaccines.
So they had to bring in whole new boards and whole new groups, and then they wouldn't vote for it.
It's the third round of bringing in new board members.
Almost all of them from big pharma.
To finally, finally do this.
And to finally say we're coming at five-year-olds and up with something that doesn't even attack five-year-olds.
And we know the shots with their incredibly alive immune system just absolutely triggers ADE even worse than in adults.
And if you remember Fauci said in 2019, we need to blow up the old system using a new deadly virus
as the pretext to totally take over so we can roll out any drug we want, anytime we want,
anywhere we want. And it's not to empower us. They're not just testing deadly drugs on little
African children just because they want to find some cure to help them.
They're doing it because they like the power of killing and they like the power of being able to get away with it with those doctors and scientists that take part in those very evil experiments to then recruit them into higher levels of the system.
They've been preparing this army of mad scientists for the takeover you're now witnessing.
I tried to recruit my father.
He was in high school.
He figured out what was going on by the time he was in college.
He was going to UT when he was 15.
Part of plan two.
And They tried to recruit him into all this and he got out of it.
He didn't tell me about it until I made the film Endgame, now 15 years ago.
I mean, I already knew about some of it from my grandma and stuff.
And I know he'd been involved in all these, you know, government programs and things as an intern when he was 15 years old at cancer research facilities and things like that.
But They were recruiting people that would give lethal injections to people at cancer research facilities and things like that.
So they've built this army over the last 50-60 years.
I guess that was like 60 years ago or almost 60 years ago with my dad.
And that's why Fauci ran thousands of studies taking little black children,
mainly they took some whites as well, but mainly black children.
And they would take them who didn't even have HIV, they would test experimental drugs on them until they died.
And when the mothers would complain, they'd say, "We'll take your baby if you don't shut up."
I mean, that came out in the New York Times and Washington Post in the '90s, I remember covering.
And Bayer knew that millions of doses of factor VIII HIV and Hepatitis C and it was in their corporate minutes
out of Australia and France.
They said, forget these hemophiliacs.
There's too many of them.
Let them die.
Let's get rid of them.
So they knowingly, not just for profit, knowingly put HIV in there.
And that goes back to the Clintons and the Arkansas blood scandal.
I mean, everything I say here, you could spend days researching and it'll blow you away.
Arkansas blood scandal.
CDC, FDA, NIH, illegally testing on foster children drugs.
That's all.
I mean, you could spend weeks just reading all the stuff on that.
But I'll tell you what's scary.
25, 30 years ago, this stuff was all in the news and people were upset when in Dallas, in Chicago, they were killing people that had car wrecks who weren't even hurt mentally.
But who had a broken back, and they were 18 years old and healthy?
They'd kill your ass and make hundreds of thousands of dollars on your organs.
That used to be on 60 Minutes.
By the way, I knew it was real because my daddy, people in Dallas, he didn't support it.
He knew hospitals that were killing people.
He told me about it.
Now they don't even care.
You don't hear a damn thing.
Governor Northam goes on TV in Virginia and says, we keep babies alive and harvest their organs after they're born, but we keep them comfortable.
You understand?
The bottom has dropped out.
And that's where we are as a society and as a country.
So I'm going to go to break and I'm going to play a short little clip here from the Japanese TV show from 2007.
And then we'll come right back with Tucker Carlson news.
And then Leo Zoghami on Alex Jones.
Please stay with us.
It was 10 years ago, just after the government instituted the whole isolation policy.
We began hearing reports of a mass epidemic.
Some unknown disease sweeping the country.
The details were vague at first.
Nothing on the cause or transmission of the disease.
Only that it was highly contagious.
And in most cases, fatal.
Before the general public even had time to react, the government declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory vaccination program.
For our protection, they said.
As it turns out, That was the beginning of our nightmare.
The disease was a complete government fabrication, and the supposed vaccine they were injecting into everyone?
In reality, it was a cyber-virus, developed by Daiwa.
The virus has a mutating effect on the cells of the body.
It alters their molecular structure and converts them into biometal, essentially turning us into machines from the inside out.
There's no way to stop it.
And to make things worse, the Cyber-Virus was still early in its experimental phase.
What do you mean?
Daiwa didn't even know if it would work.
It had never been tested on a large scale.
So they turned Japan into their own private laboratory.
When it does work, the virus gradually progresses through the body until it finally reaches the brain.
At that point, we become perfect androids under Daiwa's control.
The speed of the process differs from person to person.
Those of us who have yet to be fully assimilated, as best we can, we hold on to those fragments of our humanity that still remain.
But even now, we can feel them slipping further and further away.
Since the technology was still experimental, in the end, most of us will basically be reduced to scrap metal.
But it makes little difference.
At best, we're still mindless machines with our memories erased.
So either way, we're all just Daiwa's guinea pigs.
Trapped and waiting to die.
Do you know how long you have?
What we do know is Daiwa won't stop when they're done with Japan.
They'll target America next.
They've already started planting androids in key positions.
Scientists have been designing ways to put their so-called vaccines in the food supply.
And it seems they may have created an avenue to begin this.
Brought to you by the American Chemical Society and four scientists from Communist China, functional hybrid micro-nano entities are being implemented to promote food safety.
To detect hazardous substances in agricultural food products, they are putting in experimental hazardous substances.
Molecular imprinting polymers integrated with quantum dots installs a surveillance platform into your food and body.
Molecular imprinting polymers integrated with upconversion luminescent nanoparticles conducts chemical analysis of your food and body.
Up Conversion Luminescent Nanoparticles combined with Metal Organic Frameworks are tunable porous metals that have the power to regulate the dispensing of nutrition to comply with international mandates.
Magnetic Metal Organic Frameworks are metal frameworks designed for targeting drug delivery.
Magnetic covalent organic frameworks are used for sensing food in the human body.
And covalent organic frameworks doped with quantum dots are used for detection of insecticides.
If they wanted to regulate healthy food, they would promote organic growing, not inject a cocktail of metallic nanotech into the entire food supply.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
It comes at the end of October every year and only runs for two weeks.
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Well, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate is in a lot of trouble, McAuliffe.
He's behind even in establishment polls in Virginia.
And they've thrown everything they can against the Republican businessman candidate.
And the state wants to say no to critical race theory and pedophile drag queen story time and all the rest of the brainwashing that's going on.
They want to stop keeping babies alive after they're born and selling their body parts as Governor Northam or Governor Blackface is doing.
And so they know that there's a huge landslide happening there and they're going to have trouble with their electronic voting machines and their mail-in ballots stealing it.
So what are they doing, ladies and gentlemen?
Well, they've been caught pulling a false flag.
And it's blown up completely in their face in a big, big, big way.
And why is this so important?
As I said earlier, this is a lot bigger than Alex Jones four years ago saying, most of the Tiki Torch guys are former Obama and Clinton staffers.
And then I even went out and interviewed him with my reporters and had them admit, well yeah, just a couple years ago I worked for Obama, but I don't like Obama now.
Now I'm a white nationalist.
And we sent reporters there to Charlottesville and we showed how a lot of the Tiki Torch leaders were leftist.
Now some real people showed up and a lot of journalists showed up and Soros and others that were funding it were trying to collide using the state police, the right-wingers and the left-wingers.
That's why Trump said there were good people on both sides.
There were some liberals that came out who really think the statues are bad, and that's their right to think that.
There were some leftists that were Democratic Party operatives trying to create a crisis.
There were some people just out there as journalists wanting to cover the statues, others that just thought it's part of heritage, shouldn't get rid of them.
I tend to agree with them.
And then some that were actual real white supremacists, and then a bunch of leftist provocateurs that had started the whole thing, were trying to lead the thing.
Yeah, that guy they just put on screen.
I had that guy on the show, former Obama staffer.
He came on my show.
He didn't sue me for saying he was helping stir it up and really a Democrat operative, because it's admitted.
But they had a man who took the photo of the woman getting run over sue me and say that I said he killed that woman.
I never said that.
I said the Democrats and the establishment knew they could have a big clash and hoping something bad would happen, and then they would use that as a pretext to blame Trump and claim that all of us that supported Trump are racist.
That's what I said.
And Georgetown, the Vatican, the CIA, Georgetown Law Clinic, their free speech clinic, has been suing me trying to bankrupt us for four years.
And falsely claim that we said that a photographer murdered a woman when all we said was, hey, we had these guys on the show, and they admit they used to work for Obama, and I think they're still doing that.
Because Soros got caught funding other Tiki Torch people as white supremacists in Ukraine.
We're not saying the people in Charlottesville were the same ones, we're saying that was in the news too.
So they conflated all that, sued us, we even showed all this in court, and the judges said, then go ahead with it.
But even the local paper had to admit, in Charlottesville they said, yeah, where did Jones ever say anything bad?
Where did Jones ever say this guy did any of the things Jones didn't?
But they don't care, you see.
Because the goal is to take us off air.
The goal is to silence us.
So this is a big deal for me because I remember Jesse Smollett came out one morning at like 4 a.m.
and said that he'd been attacked by men throwing bleach on him up in Chicago at 2.30 in the morning when it was 23 below zero when he went to Subway.
Well, I looked it up.
Subway wasn't open then by his house.
And I saw the police video, the little rope around his neck later, and what a joke.
Of course, it was staged.
But I came out the first person.
I said, I don't care if I get sued.
It's my right to say it.
I think that was staged.
And of course, it was staged.
And I've said the Bubba Wallace thing was more of that.
And I said, the Jewish Center is getting attacked in New Jersey.
I bet that's staged.
And it turned out it was staged.
I mean, I said when somebody drew the N-word at the Air Force Academy candy machines, vending machines, that it was staged.
And it was.
An officer ordered the guy to do it.
So this is all part of having us divide and conquer each other.
It's how empires control people.
But that's not why this is important.
That's secondary, that Alex Jones is vindicated.
The issue is here, ladies and gentlemen, is that they're never going to let me have a day in court.
Just like in Texas, I was defaulted.
Saying I never gave them any evidence, never gave them what they subpoenaed.
You're not even supposed to subpoena people's bank records and all their personal stuff and their phone records and everything in a case of defamation or libel.
You're supposed to say, what did they say?
Is it true or not?
And did they do it on purpose to be mean?
But see, they can't let me have a jury trial because Then the jury would know what the things they said about me were not true.
And they'd see why I questioned things and how legitimate it was to question things.
And now it's our right.
But you see, it's the same thing in Virginia.
It's the same thing in Connecticut.
They're trying to say I'm going to be defaulted for giving them no of what they asked for when they ask for things that are impossible and do not exist because they can't let me get in front of a Virginia jury.
When I never said any things they said, and I had the people on the show saying they'd work for Obama, and it was my opinion and view that they were being funded to do this.
And we have a long history of this.
So again, that's why I'm getting into this, is they don't have cases.
And so that's why they don't ever want me to get to a jury.
Instead, in the default, which is extremely rare, a lot of courts are going to argue that it's not even legal or lawful, and that they don't really exist.
If the person shows up to court, that's just when I like runs off to Mexico, then I guess you can have a default judgment.
They can't allow me in there because they're now going to have in Texas a jury trial of how guilty I am.
So you're not just guilty until proven innocent.
That's the opposite of American law.
You're innocent until proven guilty.
You're now guilty and we're going to decide how guilty you are.
By claiming falsely, we never gave them any evidence.
Or we never gave them what they asked for.
I remember my lawyers were like, this is preposterous to give them everything.
And I said, I have nothing to hide, do it.
And their response was, you've given us nothing.
So again, yes, vindication for us yet again that these things go on and it's right to question it and it's a good healthy thing and they're trying to silence that and yet Goliath is attacking David here and I wouldn't have changed anything folks.
I've done the right thing, I've asked the right questions and I'm proud of what we've done and now the world knows about false flags.
Now Tucker Carlson's got specials about false flags.
Now people know what they're looking for and they're not just letting a bunch of Democrat Party crisis actors like you're about to see in Virginia March up there and try to frame the Republican candidate as being a white nationalist because their candidate is behind the polls.
And so the system has tried with everything they've got to suppress us, but it's not worked.
And I'm told now that the report is done and ready to air.
In fact, it's just been posted to Banned out video, so after you're done watching here, you can go get the actual report and share it.
But here it is dealing with this.
But the reason this is so incredibly important is not because it vindicates Alex Jones.
It vindicates all of us.
And it just proves again that if we're watching and we're vigilant, we can expose these guys staging a lot of these events.
And that sometimes things aren't staged, but that it's our right and duty to check it out and make sure it wasn't, because there's been so many false flags and so many staged events to get us into wars and, you know, just to pass laws and to do so many countless things.
But the big reason that I'm getting around to now...
Is that they're planning to stage physical false flags, Oklahoma City bombing type events in my view, the deep state Democrats are, to further demonize the American people and list us as terrorists.
And that's why the plot against the people that this corrupt, captured, just department's rolling out, And the plot against the people they used hijacking our peaceful protests on January 6th is so critical to expose now because we're in the season of false flags.
We're in the seasons of when they're going to try to pull all these scams.
And so that's why being vigilant and being aware of this is so important because they're screaming louder than a stuck pig when it comes to us just looking at false flags and the idea that they even happen because most of the time it's this dirty nasty group that we're talking about like The current Attorney General was heavily involved in OKC and the fake militias and the fake white supremacist groups and taking over motorcycle gangs and turning them into militias.
I mean, that's his specialty.
And he's trying to brand conservative Christian Americans as terrorists and as evil to have an outright civil war against us in this country to outlaw dissent and take our guns and our free speech.
They're trying to use me as the poster boy to do it with all these fake lawsuits funded by Soros and Bloomberg and the Democrats.
But you've seen through it.
You've prayed for us and you've supported us.
You've spread the word and we've gotten stronger in the face of this attack.
Thanks to you.
So thank you all for your support.
Here is the report on this situation.
The globalist deep state that controls the Democratic Party just got caught in a massive false flag in Virginia.
Their plan to frame the Republican gubernatorial candidate as a white supremacist just blew up in their evil face.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The Democratic Party and their operatives have been caught yet again staging a political false flag against the Republican Party in the tightly contested gubernatorial race in Virginia, where the Republican, even in their skewed establishment polls, is several points ahead.
So, desperate to discredit him, the Democrats do what they always do.
Dress up in white supremacist outfits and then go out and try to scare the general public into believing that the Republican Party is actually a bunch of white nationalists that want to kill all the brown people.
And yet again, they got caught.
And the corporate media went into overdrive trying to cover this up and then in came the Lincoln Project saying, oh no, we're Republicans that staged this false flag because we believe Trump and his supporters are so racist.
It wasn't the Democrats.
The Lincoln Project is the worst of the worst of a bunch of Democratic Party operatives.
So it's another attempted Jedi mind trick they're engaged in to say, oh, it's not the Democrats that did this.
Oh, no, it was actually Republicans.
How stupid do they think we are?
Just look at these headlines.
Democrat operatives caught dressing up as white supremacists in desperate last ditch Virginia election stunt.
Here's a Forbes headline.
Lincoln Project says it planted white supremacist impersonators at event for Virginia Republican candidate.
Why is this so incredibly important?
Because hundreds and hundreds of times, Democrat operatives have been caught engaging in all sorts of hate crimes.
and other stunts against themselves, and then the corporate establishment press comes out and covers their story as if it's true, even when the truth comes out that it was staged.
And now we see InfoWars vindicated yet again.
Remember four years ago in Charlottesville?
We sent reporters there to neutrally cover what was happening.
They were trying to take down a Confederate statue.
We were there neutrally just to cover it.
And we witnessed individuals dressed up in the brown pants and the white shirts with the tiki torches, many of
which have been directly linked to the Democratic Party.
And when we identified that they'd formerly worked for President Obama's campaign and
reelection campaign, they spun it that, yes, we were formerly Obama campaign staffers,
but now we really are angry at the Democrats and now we really are white nationalists.
So as punishment for exposing the fact that George Soros was directly connected to funding
those groups, I was sued in Virginia, and the case is ongoing, it goes to a jury trial
coming up next summer, for the crime of asking that question and pointing out that many of
these people were known Democrat Party operatives.
But they didn't sue me directly for that.
They falsely claimed that I said that another man who took photos of the woman that died had killed her.
I said no such thing.
But despite that, it goes forward to a jury.
I could sit here and rattle off hundreds of examples.
of Democrats staged and leftist staged false flags, not just in America, but in Europe
and Australia, in the UK and Canada.
This is their bread and butter.
And so of course when we've caught Jussie Smollett staging an attack on himself and
Bubba Wallace and they caught the leftist Jewish man attacking Jewish cemeteries and
blaming it on Trump, I mean the list goes on and on and on.
And it's being encouraged by the corporate establishment that wants to divide and conquer
America and have us all at each other's throats in a civil war too, instead of taking control
of our country from the multinational corporations that have hijacked the nation and that are
using the hysteria around COVID-19 to bring in a form of digital martial law.
So yet again, Infowars is vindicated in pointing out that a large portion of the people claiming they're white supremacists, at every event I've ever covered, turned out to be connected to the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party, and other organizations.
And it's come out over and over again.
That's why they're so upset.
Back in 1995, it came out in federal court documents from federal informants that the Southern Poverty Law Center ran Elohim City, the white supremacist command base, and knew the bombing was about to take place and did not alert federal authorities.
And then when federal informants told the truth about this, the feds tried to put him in jail.
And who was in charge of all that back at the time?
But, of course, the current Attorney General.
So they're trying to start a war against the American people.
They're trying to launch a plot.
And in closing, that's why the corporate media and the Democratic Party are so angry at Tucker Carlson right now with his new three-part series that starts airing next Monday on November 1st, The Plot Against the People.
Because Tucker has the federal documents, the court documents, the witnesses, and all the video, much of it that we actually got, proving that federal provocateurs were there trying to lead the million-plus peaceful protesters in to the Capitol so that they could demonize the American people as this new terror threat.
This is why they're so hysterically angry at Infowars.
This is why they're so out of their minds when it comes to Tucker Carlson.
Because if the public starts investigating these white supremacist attacks and other provocative events and continues to prove and discover that it's the deep state Democrats and some of the Republicans aiding them, it's game over for the New World Order.
If they're able to trigger a civil war between black and white, they win.
But if we wake up and come together, it's game over for them.
The most powerful card The Globalist Social Engineers have, their ace of spades, is the false flag event.
It's how they launched the Iraq War.
It's how they were able to set up the Patriot Act in this country.
And it's how they are now trying to brand anybody that questions elections, anybody that questions lockdowns, anybody that questions vaccine passports as terrorist, so they can bring in a real corporate fascist model in this country under the United Nations and the Great Reset.
It's not just America.
But the entire world is at a crossroads right now.
And if we help the general public have an epiphany or an awakening to these dirty tricks that the deep state plays and pulls, they're going to fail.
But if we don't expose it, they're going to win.
Thank God citizen journalists on the ground and on Twitter and Facebook and other places saw what was happening, did the investigation, and quickly, within hours, exposed these jokers.
And again, that's the power of the people.
Spreading the word, but always being ever watchful.
You are the Paul Revere.
No matter what color you are, no matter what your sex is, no matter where you live, if you love justice and freedom and you love God, you're on the good guy's team.
And if you're against the globalists and their tyranny, well, again, God is definitely watching and very, very proud of you.
So again, I'm very, very excited and blessed that this information is coming out.
We're all blessed.
And so let's just keep our eyes peeled and watch our six because
major stuff is already going down and it's only gonna get a lot crazier.
The domestic war on terror is here.
It's coming after.
Half of the country.
The helicopters have left Afghanistan, and now they've landed here at home.
And the left is hunting the right.
Staking them in Guantanamo Bay for American citizens.
Leaving them there to rot.
We are dealing with an insurgency in the United States.
Terrorism and white supremacy is the most lethal threat to homeland.
I've been told that I'm a white nationalist.
Put all your hands up!
They've begun to fight a new enemy in a new-won terror.
Not al-Qaeda.
White supremacy.
False flags have happened in this country.
One of which may have been January 6th.
It comes at the end of October every year and only runs for two weeks.
of October every year and only runs for two weeks.
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It's going right now for the next two weeks and it supports the InfoWar.
Take action now and get prepared!
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen.
What you just saw with Tucker Carlson and myself is so important.
Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones have been vindicated by the Democrats being caught in the act of staging a racial false flag in Virginia.
This is so huge, and they're trying to censor the truth of this, so let's cram it down.
They're dirty.
Race-baiting throats.
Get the report at Bandot Video and share it and share this live feed as well and share the archive of this feed.
That's how you overwrite them.
There's the actual headline of the video.
Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson vindicated after Democrats caught staging false flag in Virginia.
Unbelievable information.
Now joining us is the The Vatican expert, best-selling author, Vatican insider, highest levels of the P2 Lodge insider who defected out of it more than 15 years ago.
And I remember reading some of his books and hearing him 15 years ago and knowing most of it was accurate, but some of it was above my knowledge.
And years later, he was totally vindicated in just everything he said about there'll be a Vatican takeover by the Jesuits.
It's going to be this Pope who it was.
And then they're going to still have another pope at the same time.
They're going to bring in a one world religion and all of it.
And so we saw the G20 at the Vatican in the last few days going on today.
And he's got his big contacts in Italy.
He lived in Italy till just the last few years.
I've been there reporting with him in Italy and Rome.
He had to leave because he's been politically targeted, just like we're now being targeted here.
So Leo Zagami, I'm going to try to really give you the floor here to go over the huge data dump you've got because this is like the Bilderberg Group on steroids, but they're now externalizing the method.
This is just an incredible time to be alive.
Leo Zagami of leozagami.com.
Thank you so much for joining us on Saturday evening.
Thank you for having me on and it was definitely a historical day in Rome at La Nuvola, this building which is based in the Eur area of Rome which was built once upon a time by Benito Mussolini and in this building the G20 with all the powerful leaders of the world met together.
Of course we had some Notorious absence from China and I will be talking about why China wasn't there.
Also Russia.
But at the same time, we had all these world leaders, of course, meeting for the last time with Angela Merkel, who is on her way out.
And then we had, of course, the usual rubbish from all these people talking about climate change and trying to find solutions, but they really didn't find anything consistent.
At the same time, we have a lot of protests going on in Italy.
In Rome, they actually limited the protest only to the communists.
So only people with communist flags who are protesting for nonsense were allowed.
While in Milan, at the same time, still now we have protests that have been going on for weeks and weeks regarding the imposition of the very stringent imposition of the vaccine passport for all workers in Italy.
So there was, of course, this meeting, and the first thing was that we all noticed was Joe Biden.
Joe Biden, who got lost.
He was wandering around at one point amongst the world leaders.
He tended to, also from the line, then he tended to, yeah, you can actually see it a little bit there, but it's quite incredible how Joe Biden constantly gets lost.
And he then talked with Erdogan.
He treated Erdogan like a great friend.
And, of course, yesterday we had the meeting with Pope Francis, a meeting that for him was very important.
When he came out of the meeting, the first thing he said, oh, the Pope told me I'm a good Catholic, but we didn't discuss abortion.
Of course, we all know that he did discuss abortion.
Some media outlets eventually said that they hinted on the subject.
But the fact is that neither him or Nancy Pelosi, who claimed to be very good Catholics, are good Catholics.
And he can, though, receive communion.
Yes, he can continue to receive communion.
The Pope blessed him, gave him a copy also of Fratelli Tutti, the Masonic Encyclical.
So the Pope basically has completely forgotten about this support for abortion that continues to go on from the left, which is absolutely Crazy to think that a Catholic can support something and then even be blessed by the Pope and claim that he can still receive communion when he's endorsing such murderous activity.
Because, of course, we know that abortion is a human sacrifice and a murderous activity.
That's what it is.
Let's not fool ourselves.
On top of that, we have, of course, a lot, like I said, a lot of protests in Italy, but we have the absence today at the G20 of Xi Jinping, the Chinese president.
And this is very important that we discuss the reason why he's not there.
Because for 21 months, Xi Jinping has not Go out of China.
He didn't go out of China in any way.
He has been staying firmly in China.
He actually almost doesn't think that the G20 nations are good enough for him.
That's the real reason.
He's actually making a show out of it, a standoff by not showing up in Rome.
He's claiming some of People close to him claimed that he didn't want to go back in China and go through the quarantine that all the Chinese people have to go through when they come back from abroad.
But that's, of course, an excuse.
The real reason why Xi Jinping is not going is because at the moment he's in a superior, he's in a position of dominance.
And there is also this whole thing going on with Joe Biden trying to talk with him.
Joe Biden claimed that he will have a virtual meeting before the end of the year with Xi Jinping.
So there's also that going on.
But we have to understand that at the moment, of course, Taiwan is under the threat of China.
China is working very much on having a firm grip on this new world order and building
their image.
But at the same time, Xi Jinping is not going out of China because he doesn't really need
to go out of China.
They are all going also to the Glasgow gathering on climate change.
But also we know that China is not very strong in taking stringent measures to fight climate
They are the number one world polluters in any case.
But what's happening in China is also that Xi Jinping fears, fears for his own even political future and he doesn't want to leave China at this moment of time in which there is a big energy crisis.
There is no diesel being pumped into the cars.
You can't find any diesel.
There is a lot of energy crisis going on in China.
So China is having their own internal problems, but at the same time, they still have this strength
towards the United States of America.
They want to be in a position of strength.
And then we have Russia.
Vladimir Putin wasn't there.
I think maybe his foreign minister was there.
Vladimir Putin is another person that is now going to blackmail the whole of the EU using his gas.
Because suddenly today we start having hints that the energy crisis with gas in Europe is going to grow and that Russia is going to use the gas and the natural reserves of gas that they, of course, Give to the rest of Europe, because Europe doesn't have many natural resources.
So they really lean a lot towards Russia for warming themselves up in the wind.
And Leo, I want to continue going down that line with you and your briefing on G20, because this is, again, the minions of the globalists that run the planet and these different power fishers are important.
But since you mentioned abortion...
And depopulation, as you know, Mao Zedong was put into power by the CIA and OSS, MI6 in 49.
That's now declassified.
John Birch Society said that back in the late 50s.
They've been proven right.
But now, Xi Jinping has broken with the globalists.
I'm not defending him.
I'm not saying he's good now.
He's just, at least at one level, broken with them.
He's now saying three-child policy, paying people to have three children.
He's now promoting masculine men, outlawing sissy men, saying that America's poisoned and evil.
Putin says that we're anti-Christ now and we should get Jesus.
So, Russia's saying we need Jesus and that America's now satanic.
You've got China that's godless but saying we're rejecting the globalist depopulation pedophile agenda.
So here's my question, because you have a lot of inside sources and you're also really smart and do a lot of research.
Is the splintering or the rift between the Chai Koms and the globalists real or what's really going on?
Because we know the Putin-Russian split with the globalists is real, right?
No, I think that is all staged.
Russia and China are in bed together.
Also military, since the time they were both communist countries, because as you know, the Soviet Union was the past of Vladimir Putin.
Leo, start over.
You misunderstood because I'm talking fast trying to get this out.
I know that Russia is fighting with the globalists and is its own power bloc.
I'm saying China has acted like it's with the globalists, but it looks like it's totally breaking away.
What's really going on?
What's really going on is that China is actually showing that they don't need the rest of the world by not going to Rome and participating to this charade of the G20 or being there in presence in Glasgow for the climate summit and all that BS.
I mean, I agree there.
They're not just saying we're going to have three children.
They're saying we're not going to cut carbon for another 10 years.
They just pledged it.
Of course!
And then you have really nailed it down when it comes down to their will to build up again a burial society.
They have the big problem that for decades they prohibited more than one child for each family unit.
And this until 2015.
They created an enormous problem by doing that.
Because now they don't actually have enough women for the male population.
There is like a disproportionate, they screwed up with the natural levels of what, you know, the balance that you have between men and women in a race, and they have basically screwed it up.
So now they are encouraging, desperately, Chinese to procreate.
But it's maybe a bit late.
They need manpower.
They need manpower for their military, for their industries.
But they seem to have now a crisis in that sector.
And so because a lot of the men following the European and sorry, the Western trends, They have gone a little bit too feminine.
So that's why then China has suddenly censored all these artists, like musical groups, actors that propose the Western way.
And they are pushing instead for free child policy becoming law and maintaining, of course, their grip on society.
They are doing all this by imposition.
So I wanted to see if you agree that that's going on.
It clearly is.
What does that signify for the Anglo-American Vatican Combine?
How is Henry Kissinger's New World Order doing then?
Well, Kissinger, as you know, was the gatekeeper of the opening of China to the rest of the world in the 70s, as well as George H. Bush with Barbara Bush.
They were in Beijing for a long time before he became head of the CIA.
And then they opened up China to the rest of the world.
But you have to understand that China is linked to the Vatican, is linked to the Jesuits.
And this link with the Jesuits is much more than a link only with Catholicism, but is a link with what we call here the deep state.
People like Joe Biden, people like Nancy Pelosi and all the peoples in San Francisco, where, by the way, there is also the main lodge of Chinese Freemasonry, because they have also their own brand of Chinese Freemasonry, which is very strong.
And which has one of the most important lodges in San Francisco.
And most of their members are connected with the Democratic Party here in the US.
So you have this situation going on whereby Kissinger, of course, is still a trendsetter.
And when the people in Silicon Valley need to do something in China, often they go directly to him to have some connections.
So he's the wise man that Xi Jinping brags control America, that Xi Jinping thinks he's still in control of, that Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger also brag about.
So we have Charlie Munger and Buffett saying we need to live under a Chinese dictatorship.
I'm saying with the China-phile worship of the CFR going on, is the New World Order model of Kissinger still dominant?
Or is Russia getting out of the New World Order causing them a big problem?
And how do you see the globalists trying to counter that now that it looks like China is starting to pull out as well?
Well Russia has a problem now with the bacteriological warfare that China started with this virus because it's a bacteriological warfare attack on the rest of the world.
And it seems like Russia is having a problem with that.
However, I want to go back to the fact that China and Russia have always had very strong relationship and recently they have also showed that their military, their naval military are They are doing exercises together.
They are basically in the South Pacific and whatnot.
So it means that they are still very strongly connected.
I think that China, Russia and the Vatican are working together and that is going to become more clear in the coming years.
But there is a link.
Unfortunately, within the power structure in Russia and the Vatican.
However, fortunately, there is also Kirill, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church, that is still not bowing down completely to this one world religion project.
That's why he has not yet gone to Astana to meet the Pope, which was supposed to happen this year.
I still have some hope because Kirill is the one who has been very critical about the vaccine passports even before they were created as vaccine passports.
He's been Really critical of all these modern IDs, digital IDs.
There was a big criticism by the Orthodox Church in 2019 when they started to implement this PIN number for pensioners and so on.
So, I mean, I think that in Russia we have, fortunately, still a very strong Orthodox Church that has a very strong Christian belief.
I totally agree with you.
So, I mean, I've heard the right-wing propaganda in the last 20 years that Putin's not really a Christian.
It's all fake.
But Christ said you judge a tree by its fruits.
And I'm not lionizing Putin, but my God, he's probably the greatest Christian leader in the world right now.
It's not the Pope.
It's not Billy Graham Jr.
We have to be a little bit careful, Alex, because I think that Vladimir Putin knows also that he can still rely on some of his old alliances when he was still involved with the Soviet Union.
Like I said, I'm not lionizing Putin.
I'm saying, for what he says, and paying Russians to have children, and supporting Christianity, and saying we need Jesus, and saying America needs Christ, as he said last month, I go off of people's actions.
And all I'm saying is, who else is doing more for Christianity than Vladimir Putin?
I think that the key person behind Vladimir Putin for preserving such values is Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow, one of the leaders, of the three leaders of the Orthodox Church in the world, because the Orthodox Church is not a centralized power like the Vatican.
It has three patriarchs, the one of Constantinople, the one in Romania, and the one in Russia, which are the main ones.
I totally agree with you.
So I'm saying, was he always secretly a Christian, as he says he was?
Or has he really converted recently?
Or is there a double game by Putin?
Is he really a bad guy?
I respect your view.
Tell me.
Well, I've been in Russia many times.
I was even guested by the Patriarch of Russia in the Interreligious Dialogue Center in Bolshoi Street, which is close to the Bolshoi in Moscow.
So, I mean, I had direct experience of this change that Russia took after the fall of the Soviet Union.
I never went to Russia when it was the Soviet Union.
I started to go to Russia for a number of years in the middle of the '90s.
And I saw a great change.
Even Vladimir Putin, he was the mayor of St. Petersburg.
Russia was in great crisis.
People were shooting themselves in the street.
Yeltsin was a complete drunk fool.
And fortunately, at one point, he came into power and changed things for the better of the Russian people.
But let's remember that his priority is the Russian people, so he's still ambivalent in some of his alliances and choices, like his alliance with China, because that is only for the benefit of the Russian people.
And let's expand on that.
Trump, I think, genuinely worked for America.
Doesn't mean he didn't make mistakes, but he worked, and that's why they hate Putin and they hate Trump, is they're actually trying to be presidents.
Yeah, it's like he puts Russia first, just like Donald J. Trump put America first.
You can't blame him.
I mean, but if you think that Putin will ever do the interest of America, no.
Be clear, I was never lionizing Putin.
I'm not naive.
I'm just simply saying it appears the globalists genuinely hate Putin.
And I don't think that he is in league with them.
And it looks like Xi Jinping now is broken off.
From my own personal experience in Russia, I know that since the 90s, America and George Soros tried to find an alternative to Putin.
They really tried, but every time they infiltrated the Russian system, started in the 90s, they even created a party that was called Apple at one point.
They tried.
They tried and they tried.
But the Russians will always discover their infiltration games.
They will actually brutally kill those people who try to enact them.
So they didn't have the same possibilities like in other countries.
And in the end, they had to accept the rise of Vladimir Putin.
Sure, I mean all I'm saying is that the same globalists that want to run Russia want to run us.
And I wish that Trump would have been more hardcore like Putin and moved early against them.
Instead they moved against Trump.
Yeah, but I think still that Vladimir Putin has done some compromises along the way because otherwise he will not be still alive or in power.
And one of the compromises that he has done probably is his under deals that he does through the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, which is a specific group of knights very active in Russia.
And, of course, in Italy, in Rome, and around the world, because they are one of the official knighthoods of the Vatican.
He uses this channel of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre to have a privileged contact with the Jesuits, because you have to understand that historically the Jesuit Order and the Pope of today's Jesuits were actually managed to survive thanks to Russia.
When in 1771 they were kicked out of the Vatican, the Jesuit order, they went under the protection of the Empress of Russia.
And basically Russia was not even a Catholic country, as we all know, it's an Orthodox country.
But they made a deal with the Jesuits and said, OK, we can place a Jesuit general, a Russian Jesuit general for a period of time.
We will protect you.
And so you will be able to not be Sure, so there's a lot of old alliances and I didn't mean to get you down a rabbit trail on Putin and on Xi Jinping, but definitely...
After Napoleon finished his period in 1815, the Jesuits went back into the Vatican.
At that point, then, the Jesuit general, of course, was changed.
He wasn't Russian anymore.
But this link that was established back then still somehow survives.
I've asked a lot of questions.
We're almost out of time.
We got into G20.
We got into everything.
How is it going for this?
This Jesuit globalist that calls himself a Pope.
Any big moves at the Vatican?
Other key tidbits of news you'd like to impart to folks?
Leo Zagami, leozagami.com.
Well, we touched on it just when we talked the last time, yes.
The Vatican is focusing very much on artificial intelligence and transhumanism.
It seems, of course, they are creating a whole group of Jesuits that is actually specialized on these subjects, and they are focusing on these subjects because they know they are of great importance.
They are even creating a metaverse, Catholic missionary body, already ready to go into Mark Zuckerberg's newly created metaverse to convert people through virtual missionaries.
And they will be virtual missionaries that have taken the fourth vow of the Jesuits.
Because when you take the fourth vow of the Jesuits, you can go into special missions for the Pope, And you have the possibility of bypassing any known law.
So the metaverse that is now just considered a joke is not really a joke.
It's something that even the Vatican takes very seriously.
Well that's right, because they're going to force us, like they did with the lockdowns, into this virtual prison, and that's why they're trying to advertise this as a wonderful place.
It's a way to lock you up in your house, or in one of these coffin high-rises, and then make you work and live there, or you're not given your carbon credits.
So this is very, very cold-blooded.
They admit, under the carbon tax, it'll be too expensive for almost anybody to even leave their house.
This is a true global prison they're building, and this is just the window dressing of that prison.
And, of course, the Jesuits of the fourth vow are the ones that control the Illuminati and the Freemasons.
It's not true that Ignazio Loyola fought secret societies, like somebody tries to say, or that the Ignazio Loyola spiritual exercises are a Christian way of fighting evil to the ultimate level.
The Spiritual Exercises of Vignazio Loyola, they're actually opening the gates of hell for you.
And they're practiced by a lot of important and famous people because they are a way in which the Society of Jesus can manipulate and control people further.
So don't give in to the Jesuit propaganda.
Leo, what would you call this period of time we're in right now?
Because, I mean, it's just world government, Mark of the Beast, what, the coming out of the beast system?
Because this is just an incredible time, and not just the corrupted Catholic Church.
Most of the big churches, Protestant, you name it, are not fighting this.
They're not speaking up.
It seems to really only be the Orthodox Church around the world.
that I see really speaking up and fighting. There are a lot of conservative Catholic groups that are fighting as well,
but as for leaders or patriarchs, we're really only seeing the Orthodox Church.
In fact, I want to really point out on the fact that the moment in which we see
Kyriel bowing down to this Pope and going to meet him for an interreligious
dialogue with all the other religions, that will be the end, because that means that the one-world
religion has has got the last element that is resisting to it.
You see, Kirill is very much fixated with the Book of Revelation, with the Mark of the Beast, and many Orthodox believers are fixated with the Mark of the Beast being itself a beast.
But I'm saying in the context, of course, that we just discussed of Russia, they have actually made a war.
They made prayer groups when they tried to force some of these controls.
If they were forcing vaccine passports in Russia, the Orthodox Church already said they are against it.
So, that's the big problem for the New World Order now, is to defeat this Russian Orthodox Church, which I cherish very much in my family.
My great-grandmother married into a second wedding with a guy called Leo, who was an Orthodox Russian.
So, I'm very close to the Russian Orthodox Church, and I think they are very close to real Christianity.
So, I hope that they can resist.
We all know, you know, temptation is always there, corruption is always there.
We just have to hope that these people stay firm, as well as we Christians here in America stay firm, Alex, because the threat now that we are facing here in America It's a threat that we might be able to fight for another two or three years.
But let's remember that in Europe now they are starting massive programs for microchipping the population, first with a series of experiments that have already been conducted in Sweden, in Germany.
But then they're going to start substituting the vaccine passport, the Green Passport, with the microchipping.
And at that moment, That's right, and Klaus Schwab has said that, and for those that don't know, in Sweden for like three years, people are getting chips by the tens of thousands to be able to ride on the train or bus.
Soon they're saying you'll have to have one.
This is just insane.
It's all happening, but I cut you off.
You were saying, and then soon, you were saying, and soon...
Well, soon we will be seeing exactly what the Book of Revelation, what the visions of John of Patmos saw.
So it's the apocalypse unfolding.
I mean, we don't really have to have a great imagination to see what's happening when it's happening in front of our eyes.
But what we have to do is to resist.
Because you see, the majority of the people are starting to realize that maybe the Hamish were right.
That we are the Amish of tomorrow because we are becoming the ones who are constantly critical of this society, but we are shrinking because each day there is a category of people that for convenience is giving up to Satan and to the... Absolutely!
The Amish look better and better every day.
None of them basically got COVID or died.
They don't get autism.
They don't take vaccines.
The Amish are looking really good about now.
And I gotta tell ya, I was in Florida and saw an Amish community, cause you know they go to the beach and stuff too, and I saw the men and the women and the children and they looked super healthy compared to everybody else.
They were radiant.
Yeah, well, it was the best policy really to do the herd immunity concept following the Amish advice, which is basically to get everybody to just front the virus openly and then you build a resistance.
The natural immunity is the best immunity.
So, of course, there is no vaccine or no medicine that can compare to that.
That's right, isolating people is the worst thing you can do, unless somebody's got like bubonic plague or something.
It's the preparatory stage, Alex.
We said it.
Locking them down in their houses, serving them outside more and more with drones and other robots that will be patrolling the street, robocops, robodogs.
Literally facing the reality that was showcased in movies like Terminator or The Matrix.
You're right.
This is a dystopic, out-of-the-open invasion.
Now they're talking about smart dust that the U.N.
is going to put in all the food.
The quote takes over our bodies.
It's incredible.
Leo Zagami, thank you so much for the time.
People can find all your books on your website.
Tell us about your latest book.
Yes, thank you so much.
You can of course find the links to my latest books and I'm also working on a new one that I hope to present to your audience before the end of the year.
So thank you very much for having me on and God bless you all and God protect us from this great evil.
Please resist!
Don't give in!
Don't give in.
Thank you, Leo Zagami.
Wow, really smart guy, knows what he's talking about.
Okay, I'm going to end this special Saturday transmission with a very important report that John Bowne put out dealing with Fauci and his biological warfare attack, Titanic.
His whole agenda is sinking.
I'm going to throw this out right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're under massive attack because we're warning about the plot against humanity, the plot against the people that Tucker Carlson talks about.
And we are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
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All right.
We covered some pretty amazing things today.
And because at the end of the show yesterday, there was so much news, I said, I got to come in on Saturday.
And I appreciate the crew being here again.
The whole smart dust nanotech takeover your body.
I mean, they're announcing this.
That's the first thing we cover.
I think that's the most important.
It ties in everything Leo Zegami was saying.
We started off with the most important thing, the rollout of the Mark of the Beast.
The preparatory phase is ending now.
The real rollout's here.
It's happening.
And we ended with that today.
But the whole false flag event being caught red-handed, they want you where you don't question when Democrats dress up like white supremacists and show up at your event to make you look bad or to cause a race riot.
But we are going to continue to expose these monsters no matter how many damn lawsuits they file on us or what they do.
And at the end of the day, because your prayers and financial support, we're stronger than we've ever been, and they're not going to be taking anybody off the air.
Not as long as you are supporting us.
That's what we're building our war chest right now to do some very exciting things.
We're not just going to release more films again, like COVID Land, that's excellent.
We're not just going to release a new endgame coming out next year.
We're not just going to, we got a bunch of stuff I'm going to tell you about.
By early December, we'll be telling you about this.
And by January, we're going into 2022 like a Race car, like a dragster going 400 miles an hour on fire down a road here.
So, God bless you all.
Here's the latest John Bowne report, and then please take this report, this live feed, and the archive of it and share it, and the whole report where Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson vindicated how Democrats caught staging racial false flag in Virginia.
Here's the John Bowne report, and then that's it for this transmission until tomorrow, 4 p.m.
Central with the Alex Jones Show, the Sunday edition.
We worked!
We worked!
We worked tirelessly, long hours, without fear, boldly, took care of us as the citizens of the city of this New York.
We answered countless calls, countless EMS emergencies, and other emergencies to keep the city safe.
Let's just stop.
It's like a Mexican standoff.
Let's just, all of us, just put our guns down right here.
That's nice.
And let's just stop this right now.
Right now.
Let's stop this right now.
Because this is a bioweapon war.
If the point that you are making is that the grant that was funded as a subaward from EcoHealth to Wuhan created SARS-CoV-2, that's where you are getting.
Let me finish.
We don't know.
I don't know if it did come from the lab, but all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab, and there will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself.
I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating.
The NIH has not ever, and does not now, fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute.
Anthony Fauci has spent, listen to this number, 191 billion dollars, not 3.7 million, not 30 million, 191 billion dollars of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity.
Despite the fact that we have every grant recipient, Every person, their address, their phone number, their laboratory, we literally have the entirety of where that money went.
And not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look.
This is a bioweapons program designed to kill us.
That's what it is.
And it's not just designed to kill us, it's designed to kill massive numbers of the population.
Wednesday's letter to Congress admits, if not obscurely, that gain-of-function research was in fact funded by the NIH through EcoHealth.
The question remains, is this latest revelation testament to an NIH that knowingly lied about its involvement in dangerous COVID research in Wuhan, Or was its involvement a snapshot into a deadly form of reckless disregard?
The issue of whether NIH funded risky research resurfaced last week after the health agency said in a letter to Congress that a contractor performing experiments in Wuhan did not share all its data.
Hall cited the letter as further evidence that Fauci and other public health officials had lied when they denied the NIH funded such studies.
He called for Fauci to be fired over the admission.
Even if you don't agree with the latest headlines that Fauci lied to Congress about whether or not the NIH-funded gain-of-function research or the heart-wrenching headlines regarding experiments on puppies, much of the public has lost confidence in Fauci and his ability to lead the nation out of this pandemic.
He's admitted to lying at times, for noble reasons.
He's been accused of blatantly lying during others.
He's flip-flopped on what he considers to be indisputable science and backpedaled on what it will take to allow us to get back to normal.
Yet Fauci, who turns 81 at the end of the year, is still the guy at the helm.
Directed by major corporations to bring in world government and all their greedy crazy crap and their world ID and all this stuff and it's prophesied it's going to happen sometime in the future.
I'd like it not to happen maybe in my lifetime, maybe now.
Harari says the countries and companies that control the most data will in the future be the ones that control the world.
Today in the world, data is worth much more than money.
Ten years ago, you had these big corporations paying billions and billions for WhatsApp, for Instagram, and people wondered, are they crazy?
Why do they pay billions to get this application that doesn't produce any money?
And the reason why?
Because it produced data.
The world is increasingly kind of cut up into spheres of data collection or data harvesting.
In the Cold War, you had the Iron Curtain.
Now you have the Silicon Curtain.
And where does the data go?
Or does it go to Shenzhen and to Shanghai and to Beijing?
Harari is concerned the pandemic has opened the door for more intrusive kinds of data collection, including biometric data.
What is biometric data?
It's data about what's happening inside my body.
What we have seen so far, it's corporations and governments collecting data about where we go, who we meet, what movies we watch.
The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.
Are you really into child sacrifice?
Because that's what this is.
And is that what you want to be part of?
People have now reached that point.
Watch the American Journal weekday mornings, 8 to 11 central at band.video.
(upbeat music)
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
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