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Name: 20211028_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 28, 2021
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In this InfoWars show transcript, various topics are discussed including vaccines, pedophilia, conspiracy theories, and resistance against tyranny. The speaker emphasizes the need to fight against these evils and protect children while urging support for InfoWars as they face censorship. There is discussion of vaccine mandate resistance among medical professionals and lawsuits against mandates, as well as criticism of testing methods and data manipulation by the CDC. Blood clot risks associated with certain vaccines are mentioned, along with reports of deaths recorded on VAERS. Additionally, Granny Do-Right discusses intellectual property and energy being used to control markets and push the Great Reset plan. The speaker encourages attendance at rallies against tyranny and praises Alex Jones' products for improving their skin."

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The transhumanism quest is a suicide quest run by atheists who think that they are the new gods or that they can become gods and they can transform themselves into gods, but it's a suicide pact because they still don't recognize the existence of the soul.
So the soul, this gift from God, this non-physical element that interfaces with your physical brain that is an ever-present part of you, it's what gives you your self-awareness and through which also you get creativity.
So if you...
Don't recognize the existence of the soul, and you think you're going to upload yourself to a machine.
All you're doing is killing your body and creating an AI avatar that's a simulation of you in the machine.
So as far as I'm concerned, Alex, if all of these transhumanists want to commit suicide and create computer avatars that talk like them, that's okay with me.
Go for it.
The rest of us are going to, in fact, express
What God wants us to do, which is to fulfill our lives as divine beings, as human beings, and to protect the future of humanity.
And that's not going to happen in silicon.
It's going to happen in flesh and blood biology that's got to be protected from these demons.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
According to a poll by FiveThirtyEight, over his first nine months in office, President Biden has lost support among all Americans of all stripes.
Men and women, black voters and white voters, zoomers and baby boomers, even Democrats writ large are more disenchanted.
But two groups with whom Biden has lost support stand out.
Independents and Hispanics.
Biden's town hall and other recent appearances only added to the burnout all Americans are feeling as they witness the slow-motion demise of their country, fronted by a career, corporacratic, incapacitated politician who the 25th Amendment was specifically written for.
For providing professional education, don't pay a cent.
Not a single little red cent.
Let's go through Los Angeles and, uh, and, uh, um, um, what am I doing here?
And as authoritarian dishonesty rolls downhill.
Lori Lightfoot, uh, she was giving a speech at a Chicago event and listen to her reception when she was announced.
Attorney General Merrick Garland, reluctant to answer for his family connections to the totalitarianism he enforced, instead released the hounds of the FBI on concerned parents who were merely standing up to protect America's children from the Marxist nightmare that has been waged on them.
As nauseating viral photos of the Hazard High School Homecoming Assembly emerge depicting leftist mutants in a full-blown display of pedophilic celebration in eastern Kentucky.
Several students dressed like Hooters restaurant employees and carried mugs that looked like they had beer in them.
Other students were paddled as part of the event.
Parents we've heard from were most upset about pictures showing teenage boys dressed in lingerie dancing on and near school leaders.
School board members threatened parents with violence.
The father seated with his back to us in this video called Assistant Secretary Alan Troxell an idiot.
What did you say?
You called me an idiot?
I'm tired of this.
A school resource officer restrained Troxel and made the parent leave the meeting.
Troxel stayed, but his tirade continued.
And racism is encouraged by the side effects of repressive tolerance metastasizing in our education system.
The sign read, sniff, sniff, you smell that?
And privilege was painted in white.
One person posted on social media, this is absolutely unacceptable.
Is this going to bring unity?
I think not.
I would thank you all for allowing me to speak to you tonight, but you tried not to allow it, yet here I am.
Now you only give us 60 seconds, so let me get to the point.
You are all child abusers.
You prey upon impressionable children and indoctrinate them into your insane ideological cult, a cult which holds many fanatical views, but none so deranged as the idea that boys are girls and girls are boys.
If education is not grounded in truth, then it is worthless.
Worse, it is poison.
You are poison.
You are predators.
I can see why you try to stop us from speaking.
You know that your ideas are indefensible.
You silence the opposing side because you have no argument.
Garland then sat aghast as the Senate drilled into his hypocrisy and failure as the Attorney General of the United States.
Do you understand why a parent would be upset when your daughter is raped at school, the school board covers it up, and then lies to you and claims there have been no assaults, we have no instances?
I don't know.
The NSBA is so embarrassed of this letter they've apologized for it and retracted it, but you don't apparently have the same willingness to apologize and retract what you did.
The Democrats' business as usual is that of an occupying force opposed to justice, freedom, and the future of the American way.
John Bowne reporting.
We'll be right back.
The quickening is here.
Thank you for joining us on this live Thursday, October 28th, 2021 broadcast.
Well, we've got U.S.
troops in Taiwan and the president of Taiwan saying the U.S.
is going to back them in defense if China invades.
China is saying they could invade as early as December and are routinely entering the waterways and airspace of Taiwan.
That is a massive situation.
You have the EU, the Communist Chinese, and the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, all in a giant race to devalue their currencies as fast as possible.
And so we've got the end of the big bubble in sight now, as hyperinflation rears its ugly head across the world.
My wife just called me five minutes before I went live on air.
And she'd been seeing articles the last few months about store shelves being empty in California and Washington and places like the East Coast.
But Texas produces most of its food and is self-sufficient in many ways.
But a lot of things have been sold out.
She went to H-E-B, the biggest chain in Texas.
She's there right now and she says basically the place is empty.
And she went and asked him, have you not restocked?
And he said, we're running out of most things.
So that's just an example of the supply chain breakdown, but it's more than the supply chain breakdown.
It's the breakdown internally inside the country of the basic structures.
I've got articles right here where McDonald's is working with IBM to completely replace, with robots, all of their employees because of the, quote, labor shortages.
But they've paid people to stay home knowing what would happen.
They'd already tested it and actuated it.
And shutting down infrastructure and shutting down the third world, knowing that would collapse the third world, knowing that would then generate giant hordes of tens of millions of people a year surging across the border, further swamping first world infrastructure.
This is a post-industrial world.
This is the collapse of the industrial society and everything that comes with that.
And that's the plan of Klaus Schwab.
He said, the Great Reset, you will not stop us.
The cut has already begun.
Now, industrial civilization will bleed out.
Those are quotes.
He said, we have captured your governments.
Now we will teach you the ways of the Great Reset.
That's another quote.
I mean, this is like a giant flying saucer in the Simpsons landing and the alien comes out and says, I control your planet.
I am your master.
We are being taught to be prisoners.
We are being taught to be disconnected from each other.
This is a scientific takeover, and they're using behavioral psychology to just completely screw with people's minds, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.
That's why the UN just had a big climate change video saying humans are evil, humans are about to be extincted by 2030, don't extinct yourselves the way we did as dinosaurs, and it's a velociraptor at the podium speaking to all of you, which is an archetypal subconscious message.
We are psychotic globalists, we are alien to this planet, and we are going to remove you from the face of it for your own good.
That's what the mass heard about, all of this is a symbol.
So we've got so much news and so much information to cover.
Tucker Carlson has got a big three-part series that starts premiering on November 2nd, and obviously we got interviewed for it.
It's a very well-produced piece.
It's a three-part film called Patriot Purge, and it's got the mainstream corporate media very, very upset because it's calling out the truth of what's going on, that the alien, and by alien I mean outside American globalist forces, are declaring the American people to be their enemies.
If you don't take their injections, if you don't accept lockdowns, if you want to have a national sovereignty system,
If you question any of the criminal activity they're involved in, you are a terrorist.
And that's a fact.
They're trying to spin it that that's not happening while they set it up.
They then gaslight us.
Tucker Carlson January 6 trailer elicits exact outrage expected.
Stole literally every one of Alex Jones's moves.
The feds did run the January 6 operation trying to trick
We're good to go.
We have President Trump writing a very powerful letter to the Wall Street Journal, chronicling just the admitted massive election fraud that's on record, that's not debated, that shows that Trump won the 2020 election.
We've got that information.
We've also got the COVID-19 info.
And if you go to today's show headline, you can see it right there.
It's just a stunning statement and just an absolutely stunning admission
The FDA came out in a vote two days ago, as you know, and finally this new panel, they had appointed a former Pfizer and Moderna executives, actually some are current.
And they said, yeah, we haven't tested this, but now we're just going to test it on the children to see what it does.
And then now they've gone further and said, we expect to see a lot more adverse reactions, including heart attacks in children, but just get used to it.
In fact, put the headline back up for me, thanks.
Just imagine that statement.
Thursday Live, FDA tells public to brace for more VAX side effects, including heart attacks in children.
Thursday Live.
FDA tells public to brace for more side effects including heart attacks and children.
This is the gaslighting.
Oh, the vaccine isn't a vaccine.
Oh, it doesn't protect you.
Oh, it erases your regular immune system, but also can give you ADE and make your immune system attack you and kill you.
Oh, the hospitals are record full of people who were double vaxxed in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.
Similar numbers across the world.
Massive increases in myocarditis, heart swelling, heart attacks, convulsions, brain bleeds.
It's all right here.
Even NPR is reporting it.
But the public can't believe they're under such assaults of still a large minority of people are doubling down saying, I want my third booster.
And as soon as that happened, oh, now a fourth!
You see?
And that's why the FDA top scientists quit three months ago, four months ago.
They said, we're not going to start giving people shots every few months.
They said, by the third shot, you have no immune system left, period.
This is diabolical.
That's the whole point.
FDA committee members reviewing Pfizer vaccine for children.
Have work for Pfizer, have big pharma connections.
Tucker Carlson covered that last night.
It's up on InfoWars.com and Zero Hedge has also written an excellent article about it.
And here's the big one on NationalFile.com.
FDA admits more serious adverse effects from Pfizer vaccine may become apparent with widespread use and they go on in PR pieces.
In the German news, in the British news, in the Australian news, in the U.S.
news, the Canadian news, a little-known heart attack that strikes the fit and healthy women as young as age of 22.
And they're saying, just get used to heart attacks.
Oh, now children, they say, are having heart attacks.
Doctors say, remember, nobody is too young for a heart attack.
They're telling all the world, just get used to having heart attacks.
It's no big deal.
Of course, their internal memo said it would cause heart attacks, but that's okay.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients that are double vaxxed.
NPR reports, they say it's the worst levels they've ever seen across the country.
And what does it say is happening?
Abdominal pain, respiratory problems, yeah, oxygen level goes down, blood clots, heart conditions, oh my gosh, strokes, everything.
And it's just filled with people.
They say, yeah, we weren't really full last year.
That was just hype.
But now we're full.
And what do we tell you what happened with the ADE?
We told you that by the fall, late fall, when the real coronavirus has always come out.
Because they have pools in human populations, animal populations are always there.
Our bodies communicate information.
Most of them are good.
That when they bloom in the winter, because you're not taking vitamin D, you're not getting sun.
That then, when you'll have an autoimmune response from the vaccine that kills you, it's called ADE.
And it's happening right now, as predicted, and we're going to see mass death and hospital collapses, experts are saying, by January.
Then they'll declare, of course, a new lockdown, blaming the unvaccinated.
For more than 30 years, I have studied geopolitical systems.
Since I was about 10 years old, I began to read
Even textbook level information, because it was laying around all over the house because my dad was obsessed with it.
And I wanted to know what my dad was reading from the time I was two or three years old.
I have these early memories.
I look at the covers of different books around the house, like The Mind of Adolf Hitler.
It was like a red cover book with Hitler on the cover.
And it said The Mind of Adolf Hitler, The Secret British Wartime Report.
I probably read that when I was about nine years old.
I was able to read really good by six or seven.
Then I read Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Technotronic Era, or The Anglo-American Establishment by Carol Quigley by the time I was about 12.
I read Mein Kampf when I was 10.
Oh, there it is.
It actually pulled it up.
So that's the kind of stuff I was doing because I found it really more interesting than the comic books.
There it is.
My parents would buy me comic books.
I thought those were great.
I was like, well, what's this book?
Oh, that's just a book about the letters of Julius Caesar.
He wrote back to the Senate when he was exiled for 15 years in Germania and Gaul.
So I'd be like five years old.
My mom would read me.
We're good to go.
To know that we're under globalist attack, to know this is a modern new type of war, to know it will end in massive depopulation, massive consolidation of wealth, and a hellish system with smartphones and face scanners and robots and drones controlling our every movement and every thought.
I mean, they are building a hellish world.
And they're admitting they're building a hellish world of technocracy, and we're just here being inducted into it.
Because they keep all the trappings of entertainment and
Some of the vestiges and vestigial ceremonial leavings or remnants or artifacts of the once old free open society.
And to watch people, right wing, left wing, it doesn't matter, go along with the system, people like Shapiro,
Acting like he's anti-establishment when he couldn't be more establishment.
It's on record the algorithms push him even above the Democratic Party.
He's the loyal opposition they need.
And it's just sad to see the people this naive.
I mean, it's a big deal, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a big, big, big deal.
That they knew that these so-called mRNA vaccines cause massive cardiovascular problems in the rat studies they did do.
They skipped the public animal studies because they knew what they were going to do.
You understand that's not just words, that's not just rhetoric when I tell you that.
That's what they're doing.
It made the majority of rats and mice that were given similar injections in studies in Texas, UT and other universities, it would kill them generally within six months to a year.
Mice and rats that would have lived five, ten years.
And they died of blood clots.
And they died of autoimmune responses, like ADE.
And they died of Merrick-like type diseases that you see in birds who've been given multiple coronavirus vaccines.
And it may take three, it may take ten, but you give a bird enough vaccines that, quote, block the common cold, it will produce a super cold that kills 100% of the chickens.
Except they got a vaccine for that super virus that then turns the bird into a giant living tumor.
If you're a new listener, I'm not joking about this.
This is all very real.
And Mike Adams is going to be joining us to talk about it.
Coming up in the second hour today, but again, FDA committee members reviewing Pfizer vaccine for children five and up have worked for Pfizer
And have big Pfizer, big Pharma connections.
And I'm sitting there this morning and yesterday looking at my four-year-old daughter.
It'll be five soon.
And she's so funny, so innocent, so good.
And I just think about all the leftists who can't wait to jam this poison in their arms and who will get off on the attention when their child's in a wheelchair or has blood clots or die.
They're gonna get off on that too.
And all the attention they'll get.
These are sick freaks.
These are the same leftist parents trying to teach their five-year-old boys they're really girls because they want to mutilate them.
This is Stockholm Syndrome on PCP.
And from Australia to Denmark, the leftist parties in charge say, we're just going to have permanent lockdowns until you take whatever shots we want, including your monthly boosters that are whatever they want to put in us.
I mean, godlike control over us, total power, science fiction, nightmare movie that I'll get to next segment, actually, that predicted this in 2007.
They found yet another Hollywood production preparing you and programming you for what was coming.
There's been a bunch of them, but wait till you see this one.
You've got Amazon's Utopia, but this is even worse.
But we'll get to all that coming up.
But that's why the system is so desperate to get us all fair.
That's why they're fighting around the clock to demonize us and lie about us and trying to put Owen in prison and trying to financially shut us down and admitting that's their goal is because they can't get away with this big power grab if there's opposition out there.
And that's why when I tell you to spread the word about Infowars.com or Newswars.com or Bandot Video,
We're Paul Seitz, Summit.News.
When I tell you this is a total war, you know that, but I mean, it's accelerating, we've hit the point of no return, and now people are more ready to hear the truth than ever, so please, pick the best videos, pick the best articles, pick the best pieces of material that you think are going to wake people up the most, and share it with them so they understand how serious the situation is, including this live broadcast right now, where I'm laying out how real this is.
You see, when they kill large numbers of the public with these degenerative diseases, and the public goes along with that, they've got everybody.
That's how you corrupt people.
Same way they took over the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts are the pedophile ranks.
They come in, they start molesting, higher-ups are told, cover it up, you're not involved, but still it'll hurt the institution, and then more pedophiles come in, and then they cover it up again, and pretty soon the whole institution's taken over.
It's the same thing with doctors and lawyers in the system, signing onto the shots, and then signing onto the boosters, and then just committing to the lie,
Because they are in a subconscious state.
They are programmed.
A artificial construct has been built for them that they are operating and living in.
And that construct lives in a fantasy land of new little compartmentalized packets of information that as soon as the new download comes of lies, they just accept that and move on.
That's called being unconscious.
That's called being under mind control.
That's called being a slave.
And we're here
I try to break you out of that.
We're fighting as hard as we can, but now is the time for not just you to break your conditioning, but others to break their conditioning.
So, when we come back, I am going to, as fast as I can, just read through the COVID tyranny stack that has really developed into its final phase of tyranny.
Then I'm going to hit the UN Bazaar production, where a talking dinosaur basically tells you that you're a cancer on the earth.
And then we've got that film series that basically predicted exactly where we are in 2007.
We're going to be getting into that and showing you that info that, as far as I know, has gotten zero attention.
This is going to be breaking here on air and so much more.
But you're not in Kansas anymore.
The globalists are at least 30 years to 40 years with advanced technology, and they have made the decision that the Earth is overpopulated.
They've made the decision to bring in a
Artificial Armageddon to then exterminate the majority of the public and then they believe build a new age system.
It is truly Satan's plan launched live in real time.
It is the mark of the beast.
So get right with God right now.
All right, you know, I'm really sorry to have to sit here and tell you such frightening scary stuff.
But I want to be very clear here.
I remember going back about 20 months ago, 21 months ago, when this all started, immediately seeing the former chief scientist at Pfizer, who just retired two years before that, in 2018.
And the head of the EU Advisory Commission, Wolfgang Wudarg, who's one of the top doctors in Europe, I actually interviewed him like 10 years ago on another big subject.
And the discoverer of HIV and just a Nobel Prize winner and just all the top people.
The inventor of mRNA technology, he went public.
I mean just a who's who.
A who's who saying this is going to cause autoimmune diseases, ADE, blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis.
And then in October,
The FDA puts out on their website a list of possible adverse reactions.
Before they even started the injections in the U.S., they just started them in the U.K., but they knew it was causing myocarditis, heart attacks, blood clots, all the rest of it.
And so I'm like, holy hell.
I mean, I didn't want to believe all the top scientists.
And then their own document?
Do you understand this?
And now the hospitals are 20% fuller than they've ever been.
I've got the MP article, the links to the federal numbers.
They lied last year.
The hospitals even say, oh, last year in the article, we were really not that full.
So they're even like admitting to that lie now.
We just kind of cleared things out in case.
No, it was all a plan by the higher-ups, not the rank and file that are compartmentalized.
And now?
They're all over the news going, hey, heart attacks are pretty normal in kids.
And yeah, there's going to be some bad side effects, but who know, we just got to do it.
They're not even hiding it now.
They're just normalizing this.
And what did I say thousands of times here on air?
I have studied them so much that I have such a deep knowledge of them.
That I just have been saying forever.
They're going to use a virus to take over.
At first they'll hit you with something that's just a pretext for the lockdown.
Then what they're really going to kill you with is going to be in the injection.
And then...
They'll say the unvaccinated are the reason the vaccinated are dying, and then they're going to bring in another virus that's more deadly and actually have real lockdowns, and it'll be a process because I've studied them so much, I knew they'd do it in increments.
They're not going to hit us with a big one right up front because they want to beta test and manage and make sure everything works.
That's why, let me just slow down and say this, if we let them get away with this beta test that's happening right now,
Insurers, they're going to hit us with the big one.
And you're like, wow, well, millions dying of ADE and millions dying of heart attacks and blood clots worldwide from the shots.
That's not the big one.
And no, no, that's not the big one.
Bill Gates called it four months after I said it was.
He went on multiple shows, NBC, CBS and Cobra and said,
This is just your drill.
This is really nothing.
Klaus Schwab said the same thing.
The big one's coming.
Terrorists are going to release a super virus.
And then he started smiling.
He means the people that took the shots are going to create the mutants, which it did, which was far worse than original COVID.
That was the Delta variant out of the vaccine reactions in India.
So they know damn well what they're doing.
They got supercomputers modeling and all, and all they need to make sure is
You get shut down, you lose your job, you get under their control, you are not able to be self-sufficient, and you are disarmed, and then they're going to just move against you with a global social credit score, get you totally on board with them, have you sign on to their lifestyle, their drug regimen of psychotropics, their regimen of GMO injections, and then they're going to deep sex you.
I mean, we are being maneuvered into a stunned, confused,
Re-education camp program with actual real re-education camps but the whole world's an open-air re-education camp now and they are just accelerating into a nightmare science fiction dystopia that is just unspeakable.
So that's where we are on that and I asked one of our great researchers and writers Don Salazar to do a story on this yesterday morning and he did a big one and then it reposted the front page of
Infowars.com, and I just told him off memory to go look this up, and sure enough, there it was.
Almost no one's talking about this.
You know, Fauci doesn't just get experimental injections for your children.
He doesn't just cook up bioweapons at the Wuhan lab.
He doesn't just lie to Congress.
He didn't just cook up AZT that killed millions of people, and he knew it, while blocking real treatments that Magic Johnson got for HIV.
He didn't just call for eugenics in the population of Africa.
He isn't just the head of the Rockefeller
A foundation depopulation program with Bill Gates on record.
He doesn't just get awards for depopulation agenda on video.
No, ladies and gentlemen, he ran in the 80s and 90s, thousands of children went under this in hundreds of programs where they would take people's children away from them using CPS, mainly black.
As they found statistically, if they went after white kids, they would end up
Having too big a problem, both just in the culture and that whites would fight back.
Poor blacks had been trained for so long to be slaves that they would not fight back.
And it all came out in the news in the 90s, how they would say, we're going to take your two-year-old or three-year-old if you don't give us the seven-year-old.
Or we'll take your four-year-old if you don't give us the nine-year-old.
And then they would take the black children, mainly boys, and they would put them in a medical prison, and they would slowly murder them over a year or two.
And just unspeakable experiments.
They don't just kill dogs by putting their heads in a cage sealed with flesh-eating flies.
And they don't just do that to monkeys.
They're doing it to people.
Poor whites, poor blacks.
But blacks have always been there.
They really don't like black people.
That's why they funded gangster culture and illegitimacy in the black community, but the CIA shipped crack into it.
It's why they're now funding all the racist black movements to make blacks super racist, to attack white people, so the globalists can organize whites into accepting the global extermination operation that has already begun in Africa many decades ago, but is now going from beta to operational, and the majority of blacks are slated to be killed, over 90%.
But don't worry, everybody else is going to get killed after that, in increments.
Don't worry, we're not going to leave you out of it.
So you might want to just go read about this for yourself and decide if this is what you want to sign on to, what you want to be part of.
Because a lot of people have decided to attack InfoWars and sue us and lie about us and engage in all this.
And I just want them all metaphysically to know that I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about you and God.
Because of the political system, the Democrats, all of them, because this is what you're part of.
This is your deity.
This is your demigod.
This is your idol.
This is your lord and savior, Fauci, who is Joseph Mingala 2.0.
So you need to go read the article for yourself.
Not only did Fauci's NIAID harm dogs, foster children also died during AIDS drug research.
Now, you might want to go actually look at this for yourself, and Fauci ran this specifically, but that's okay.
Remember last year, last December?
Remember 11 months ago?
I vaccinated Santa Claus, Fauci said to kids, so you're all safe to go to the mall and see Santa, because he took the shot, and it's 100% effective.
You want to see the TV ad with him saying that?
A lying, dirtbag criminal.
You want to see Elmo?
Yeah, we'll come back and play that for you.
Totally sick.
Totally evil.
And then I'm going to get to the big news.
And that is the TV program that aired in 2007 dealing with the population of the vaccines via nanotech.
That's coming up next segment.
But first, ladies and gentlemen,
Please understand that now is the time to get ready.
Now is the time to get prepared.
Now is the time to not just do your Christmas shopping, but to get any supplements, any products, any survival gear, any storable food you want.
Because of the design collapse of the hospitals and the economy is slated for January currently, according to my sources, that are jacked into the highest levels above the military industrial complex.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
But they are told that unless things change, war in February with China,
Over Taiwan or the beginnings of war and basically hospitals shutting down by January collapsing and then just general collapse in early next year.
And that comes from highest levels of people involved in the largest industrial scale operations on the planet Earth.
So that's directly from them to me.
So you can listen to me or you can die.
It's that simple.
Any broadcast could be our last, by the way.
They've got hit teams on the ground in Austin, and the whole system is now collapsing.
They could move early, so just be ready.
And they're going to kill the top Republican leadership when they make their move.
All right, folks, get ready.
Keep your powder dry.
This is the Info War.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Verboten Broadcast, the true renegade transmission.
Because in a world of universal deceit, as George Orwell said, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Okay, let me get to some of the predictive programming out there with the different TV shows and movies, telling you what's coming in the future.
There are literally scores, more than 10 TV series and movies, it's more than 10, B for Vendetta, the list goes on and on, where a global government uses the threat of a virus to bring in martial law.
Specifically viruses that then change the very DNA of your body and make you dependent on the system.
We're going to get to that with this important piece of information in a moment from Vexile.
But first, we have really great announcements here.
Despite all the supply chain breakdowns, our crew has worked extra hard and we've done a
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Now, let me just finish by saying this.
We have to build our war chest.
And I'm not going to let the enemies know the strategies, the things we're up to, the things we're doing.
But you want to keep us on the air?
You want to see us at critical times with the massive censorship, the attacks, everything going down, happening?
Then we need major capital infusions now.
And you've been supporting us, and it's happening, but it's just enough coming in to do this.
And so we need your support now to ensure these monsters are unable to take us off the air unless they just do total internet kill switch and shut everything down.
And that could happen very, very easily.
That's why they want to start a war.
It's why they've sold out the countries while they're flooding the borders.
I mean, this is a new type of war we're under.
It's very, very serious.
Mike Adams is coming up and let me get to this big piece of news right now.
There are so many shows like Utopia that is on Amazon and others where the government
Releases the virus to scare the public to then give the public a vaccine that sterilizes them.
And they then use that control to bring in absolute martial law, permanent dictatorship with little ID passes to travel or even leave your house.
That's not just being proposed, that's now being done.
Operation Lockstep from 11 years ago from the Rockefeller Foundation is now a reality.
Well, Vexile is a TV program, a Japanese program,
With a $10 million budget that came out in what, 2007?
Dealing with the plot of the takeover of civilization.
And in the year 2067, an unknown disease struck Japan and was considered by an experimental vaccine.
In 2067, an unknown disease struck Japan and was countered by an experimental vaccine.
In actuality, the disease was created
By a major corporation, the vaccine was used as an excuse for that group to begin testing experimental nanotechnology.
Every Japanese citizen was converted into a form of synthetic life.
But there were unforeseen side effects of the conversion was imperfect, resulting in the infected humans losing their free will and becoming just lifelike machines.
Well, we know
That that nanotech is what is in these shots, that that's what's going on.
Let's play part of the show.
We've got more coming up next hour, but here's a clip from the 2007 series.
It was 10 years ago, just after the government instituted the whole isolation policy.
We began hearing reports of a mass epidemic, some unknown disease sweeping the country.
The details were vague at first.
Nothing on the cause or transmission of the disease.
Only that it was highly contagious, and in most cases, fatal.
Before the general public even had time to react, the government declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory vaccination program.
For our protection, they said.
As it turns out, that was the beginning of our nightmare.
The disease was complete government fabrication, and the supposed vaccine they were injecting into everyone?
In reality, it was a cyber-virus, developed by Daiwa.
Alright folks, if you look at electron microscopes, this is exactly what it does.
So, this is it.
It's a takeover.
Probably they're working with aliens as best I can tell from all their behavior, but whatever.
The Bible says it's an interdimensional transmission.
I don't know, but this is an alien takeover.
Global martial law and the slow extermination of your family.
There's a whole bunch more of the show.
We'll be right back.
We'll air it next hour with Mike Adams, so you'll want to stay with us.
This could be our last show.
Every show could be.
Again, and we also have man.video and freeworldnews.tv only waking up to the full horror of what's going on.
Do we have any chance of beating this?
You have lived to witness it.
We're in the year 2021, and there is a scientific world government tyranny taking over.
That open goal is the post-human world.
In fact, another high-level member of the Davos Group has come out and said, you will be useless in the digital matrix.
That's a quote.
And they're saying that you will accept world government and that through vaccines they will build robots in your brain and that you will be part of a hive system or you will be eliminated.
That's being announced on Mainstream News.
So, that's coming up with Mike Adams.
Vaxxile, I'm gonna play the rest of part of that Japanese TV program from 2007.
Now, I guess 14, 15 years ago, the same year Endgame came out, where they basically give you the model of the war game of exactly what they're doing.
Combat robots on the ground to control you, vaccines that are nanotech to take over your body.
And also coming up, bizarre UN video.
Talking dinosaur warns humans about coming climate disaster and our extinction.
They're telling you it's the end of the world in 2030.
So the children that survive this culling are being told, oh, the viruses are coming from the jungles because your parents were bad and because they had a car, not because Fauci made it in a laboratory.
And so they're pre-programming everyone now overtly that it's the end of the world.
The end of the world.
They mean for us.
They mean for the general population.
And they intend for us to hate ourselves and accept this and see those that are creating the viruses and releasing them and doing the global lockdowns that starve to death the third world and flooding us with these giant populations which they then control and use against us.
And we could simply wake up to it and simply say no to the horror.
But you have to admit the horror.
You have to admit it's happening.
You have to admit it's unfolding.
You have to admit it's going on.
You have to admit that Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation are your enemies and that they are creating crises and exacerbating crises and telling you superstitiously, it's your fault.
Well, they make the problems worse.
And while they exempt themselves,
In their jumbo jets and their private jets and their private super yachts and their huge palatial 100,000, 200,000 acre estates where they never look at your dirty face, in their words.
Because when they see you outside their little fortresses, you're wearing the mask, the symbol of the patient who's being inducted in for mass euthanasia, the symbol of your subservience, the death veil, covering up your face and your humanity in a giant occultic operation.
Now, I would give humanity a B+, responding to this.
Evil always has the advantage up front, as Mark Twain said.
A lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
But in the end, the truth almost always outs.
And so they hit us with incredible propaganda, decades of preparation, fear-mongering, mind control.
But people then began to see through the lies and began to realize the only hope you've got is non-compliance and saying no to this.
And the police and military are certainly not perfect.
They're drawn from the general public, which doesn't say much about them, does it?
But a lot of them are better than the general public.
At least they live in kind of the real world.
There's still some manliness involved.
There's still some warrior spirit.
There's still some don't be naive, have street smarts.
So it's what's left of the military, what's left of the human military, what's left of the police, what's left of the firefighters, what's left of the chivalry to say, whoa, this is dangerous.
Hey, this is poisonous.
Hey, this doesn't protect you.
Hey, my body, my choice.
And so the group that the globalists thought might give them a problem at the end has given them a little bit of a problem, the police and the military at the grassroots level.
But at the top, it is monsters like General Milley and monsters
Monsters out there.
And they say Winston Churchill said that, but Mark Twain also said similar things.
You know, a lot of these quotes, nobody knows who said, there's nothing new under the sun, or no one knows a lot of these statements where they first came from.
I mean, it's like Ron Paul's put out statements similar to, you know, in a world of deception and lies, telling the truth is revolutionary.
Well, that's a, that's a,
George Orwell quote, but who cares who said it?
The point is get the truth out there.
So facing the lies and facing how much trouble we're in and admitting our situation and not being delusional is key to overcoming this.
Not adapting to it and accepting our death.
They've got a big lie, big propaganda they want you to induct yourself into because they know subconsciously you know the truth and are scared.
We are now into our number two.
I want to thank you all for joining us here today on this October 28th transmission.
The world is in a very, very grave situation economically, militarily, culturally, and of course, spiritually and medically.
And what was theoretical 20 months ago here on air, 21 months ago, when we were right at the tip of the spear exposing all this,
Because we have clear sight, we have clear research, we know what we're talking about.
What we laid out over 20 months ago is now a reality.
It's not theoretical, it's not a warning where you tell somebody if you drink three gallons of liquor a day, you're going to have liver failure.
No, this is liver failure, this is the liver dead.
Or this is if you play in the traffic in the highway, there's a good chance you're going to get run over and die.
And then you hear about some crazy person playing in traffic and indeed they died.
Or, hey, you might not want to take fentanyl.
You'll probably overdose when you learn, hey, where's Bob?
Oh, he died of a fentanyl overdose.
So this isn't, hey, don't take fentanyl.
This is, oh, he took fentanyl and dead.
So we're now here.
And it's only going to get worse.
I was talking to Mike Adams last night of NaturalNews.com.
And he said, look, it's baked into the cake, and that's absolutely right.
So we're not going to go back to 21 months ago and 18 months ago and 10 months ago and six months ago and two months ago and a month ago when Mike was on.
And we had a lot of the medical doctors and scientists on, but he's a scientist and a software engineer and also owns a big scientific testing laboratory.
He's also a popular talk show host and author and everything else.
People know Mike Adams.
I don't need to be introduced, but unless you're hiding under a rock somewhere.
But he's been really hammering it that by the fall and winter,
Of 2021, he was saying this last year, that you're going to see ADE.
And you're going to see ADE killing a lot of people.
And you're going to see the autoimmune response, the lungs fill up with water.
And it's not going to test positive for COVID.
They're going to say, gee, we don't know why people are dying of a COVID-like illness.
And it's happening in England.
It's happening in Europe.
Record numbers of people hospitalized.
And I'll show you the articles while Mike's talking in the news.
NPR has like an eight-page article.
It's a five-minute audio report.
They came out two days ago and they just say the hospitals are at record levels.
They have a national statistic 20% higher than any previous record and they say it's exponentially growing and that by January it'll be total collapse.
I read a lot of the article on air.
I'll show you the article again if you're a new listener or just tuned in.
But this is a reality now that they did this and they knew this because it was all those top scientists that came out.
The inventor of mRNA and the former chief scientist advisor and the chief EU advisor and just all of them came out and said this is going to happen.
And we looked at it and said, yeah, it's true.
It's real.
Fauci tested all these similar vaccines under other names on animals.
You knew damn well what he was doing.
He made it in a lab.
He did it all.
He released it.
And then now they give you a shot that when you take it slowly kills you.
And now they're saying they're coming for the children.
Now they're saying in the news, get ready for more side effects.
And yeah, get ready for heart attacks in kids.
Just accept it.
I've got the articles, I'll show them to you.
This is quite a moment for me, because I've been knowing this is coming for a long time, and I'm really shook up.
So I know you're shook up too, folks, but I know you tune in here to really get the unfiltered, unvarnished truth.
You're getting it right now.
So, Mike Adams, thank you for joining us.
You've been really dead on about this, particularly.
You were the first person I heard talk about ADE 19, 20 months ago.
I mean, I found stuff on your site going back about 18 months ago.
You were the first person, but then the other experts warned of it as well, so please tell us what it is for those of you who tuned in, and then what you're predicting is about to unfold.
As you have accurately reported, the vaccine erases the human immune system over time.
So it's roughly about 5% per week according to one data set, a little bit slower according to another data set, but somewhere between 20 and 40 weeks after a person takes one of these mRNA vaccines, their immune system is basically non-functional against anything other than the first strain of COVID.
Now, according to these data, the vaccine does reduce the severity of symptoms just for COVID, but it leaves you completely defenseless against everything else, and it doesn't stop transmission, and it doesn't stop the super spreaders who are the vaccinated people.
So what the pandemic creators knew is that they would
Create this condition that we're just seeing the leading edge of right now in U.S.
hospitals across the country.
Emergency rooms being swamped and overrun.
Patients being treated in the hallways in, you know, lazy boy chairs basically set up in the hallways because they've run out of rooms.
They knew that they would fire the nurses and the health care workers with natural immunity.
They would create a crisis of a staffing shortage in these hospitals.
They would induce the antibody-dependent enhancement effects, basically turning vaccinated people into walking AIDS patients.
And then, at the same time that this is going on, they would have the energy scarcity, the engineered food scarcity, the famine, the logistics breakdown, the supply chain failures that affect medications.
By the way, medicines and parts for medical electronic devices in the hospitals.
They are not able to get the parts that they need and they're being swamped.
So Alex, they are turning hospitals now into super spreader hubs.
Super spreader hubs.
They are going to be producing super bugs in these environments with crowded hallways, not enough rooms, not enough ventilation, not enough staff.
hospitals are going to be overrun by mid-January and it's still just the beginning.
This is going to continue for several years due to the vaccine destroying people's immune systems.
We're gonna see waves of cancer, waves of autoimmune disorders, waves of
Immunological problems, infertility problems, neurological problems, and then deaths from myocarditis, deaths from thrombosis, from strokes, from blood clots, heart attacks, all of these things.
It's now happening.
As you said, it's no longer theoretical.
It's here now and it's going to get far worse.
And Mike, I mean expanding on this, just the ADE alone and then the myocarditis and suddenly
They're admitting, okay, yeah, it is causing heart attacks and heart swelling, and now there's this mystery illness.
I mean, how the hell are they going to get away with the fact that it is the vaccines causing AD?
Well, they're going to continue to blame the unvaccinated.
Of course, that's the narrative they're setting up, as your viewers are well aware.
Even in these mainstream media articles, such as that NPR article you're talking about, they pretend like they don't know that these are all vaccine side effects.
They name heart attacks and strokes and respiratory disorders and so on, and then they say,
Well, we don't know why this is happening.
What's going on?
When mainstream media talks about the success story in Japan, how did Japan get over COVID?
Well, they legalized ivermectin is what they did.
And that's why Japan has been solving this.
But then the media pretends like they don't know what's going on.
It's such a mystery.
Of course they're going to blame the unvaccinated.
Of course they're going to push for more vaccines, even though the vaccines are perpetuating this entire pandemic.
And yes, let me just say on the record here, Alex, the FDA has now codified atrocities, medical atrocities against children ages 5 to 11.
The White House is complicit in these atrocities.
These are crimes against children.
28 million doses, they're rushing out to jab these children.
We're going to see a lifetime of suffering and pain and medical problems that's going to overwhelm our medical system.
Basically, our Western medical system is finished.
It's done.
It will not be able to happen.
Because if you're going to collapse a society under the Great Reset, you start with the medical system.
They're literally discrediting it, bankrupting it, and destroying it right now.
They are literally engaged in a giant depopulation operation right in front of us before they get us the new bioweapons, stronger ones.
They are literally annihilating our medical system.
They are absolutely annihilating the medical system, and as you've reported, they're going to bring down the financial system in order to try to cover the crimes they committed in bringing down the population.
So the financial collapse, we've got to talk about Evergrande sometime here in this hour.
Yeah, let's talk about China and the beginning of the collapse, and Taiwan, and Black Rock, and everything as soon as you want.
Let's cover that next if you'd like, Mike.
And then just, I also wonder about ways to mitigate this.
I mean, wow, this is crazy, Mike.
Well, we've got to take our health care back at the local level.
We've got to have decentralized food production at the local level.
We need states right now to be thinking about how they're going to roll out their own gold-backed currencies when the dollar collapses.
And I know Texas is already planning for that, and other states need to be as well.
Any state that relies on the dollar when this collapse kicks in, and it could happen just suddenly, they're going to be absolutely devastated.
By the way, that's why UT again bought billions of dollars of gold.
Folks, this is so serious.
All of it's coming to a head.
All of it's engineered.
We are entering the new world order out in the open and the global cashless society.
But first, they've got to bring us to our knees that there are ways to mitigate and get prepared, like being in Florida or Texas or other areas that are quasi-awake.
That's going to be a lot better than places like New York or Los Angeles.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams of Natural News is riding shotgun with us.
And Mike, we can continue on with the vaccine and the A.D.E.
and the things that are unfolding there.
Or we can get right into the next phase of the Great Reset, the world economic collapse, the collapsing third world, further lockdowns, what you expect them to pull next.
And then in your view, is there any way to get the Republican leadership to wake up and figure out that this is a Great Reset being directed by multinational corporations in their own words to collapse the nation states and vertically integrate total control and then put in a world cashless society on the ashes of not just the dollar, but the Chinese yuan,
Thank you very much.
Well, it's critical to understand that these are multiple attack vectors that are being layered upon us in real time, and one of the key vectors is the energy crisis that's also being engineered globally.
So as you know, coal supplies are in very short supply, not only across the United States, but around the world in China and India and so on.
Natural gas supplies have cratered across Europe, and prices are through the roof.
Propane supplies are in short supply in the United States, and diesel
Fuel is also in the beginning stages of a shortage in the United States.
Now, this is going to feed into the logistics and supply line failures that they're engineering.
The ships off the coast, the container ships, that's just a small part of that.
But when they combine these things, it's...
You're unable to adapt as a city or a town or a family.
You're unable to adapt to five or six threats all at once.
And they know that.
And that's why they're going to engineer the dollar collapse, the big debt bomb collapse, at the same time as all of this.
The same time that people are freezing to death in the winter in the Northeast because they don't have heating fuel.
The same time that people are being infected with superbugs or whatever new
This is a CCP run war against the United States
But at the same time, the CCP may collapse and implode itself financially, which is why I brought up Evergrande.
And the only question is kind of like a race to the bottom.
Will the United States fall first, or will the CCP fall first?
And the CCP is trying to accelerate the fall of the United States.
But to answer your question, will members of the U.S.
Congress, will they take action in time?
No, I don't think so.
They're too little, too late.
Now we have some heroes who have said some amazing things.
You know, Senator Cruz and Senators Cotton and others and Paul have spoken out forcefully against the tyranny of Attorney General Garland and so on.
But they are not going far enough.
They need to say what you have urged them to say, which is that this is a theater of war.
You're absolutely right.
And I just sit here as a parent, as a father, and as somebody that just wants to survive, watching the enemy
Brag on national TV about we're going to put chips in you.
We're going to take your bodies over.
It's the end of humanity.
You will merge with us or you'll be obsolete.
We're going to play clips next segment from the Davos group saying that.
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
I mean, it's just bizarre to be living in a dystopic science fiction takeover.
And again, I don't speculate.
I'm not saying that these so-called world leaders are aliens like David Icke does, but I'm not poo-pooing what he says because they're so anti-human, they're so evil, and then it's like they've got the public in a trance and the general public is either awake but still feels powerless or is fully behind all this.
Well, Alex, we have to take Ike seriously.
We have to take the non-human influences seriously because even what you covered yesterday on CNN, how they want to kill healthy trees and essentially bury them in mass graves.
I mean, we're talking about mass graves for trees in the name of greening the planet somehow.
This is part of terraforming, Alex.
They are altering the atmospheric chemistry of the planet.
Combined with stratospheric aerosol injection and of course they're trying to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
This would shut down photosynthesis across the planet because photosynthesis requires sunlight and CO2 and water in order to function.
So these are long-term goals to alter the atmosphere.
It will also reduce oxygen by the way, so you'll have mass asphyxiation of humans and other mammalian species on the planet.
Once again, they're obsessed with the mask and now hospitals confirm nationwide they're putting bags over people's heads.
I mean, it's all just an exercise in planetary suicide.
Yeah, well, it is.
It's genocide, and I think it's being directed from outside human forces.
Some people might say, you know, demonic entities or satanic influences.
Other people might call it extraterrestrials or extradimensional influences.
I mean, people can take their pick, okay?
But it's not of human origin.
There's no doubt humanity's under attack, and these things are attacking the planet itself, while saying they're saving it.
Well, right.
Remember when so-called eco-terrorists, they used to be against logging, and they would hammer spikes into the trees in order to frustrate the loggers who were trying to cut down trees with chainsaws.
Well, now, according to CNN, I guess leftists will be out there with the chainsaws cutting down the trees and screaming, this is for Gaia!
You know?
And then literally burying trees in mass graves.
And by the way, Alex, they've got to use bulldozers and excavators to make the mass graves for the trees.
And for those of you listening, you might think I'm making this up.
I'm not.
You covered it yesterday, Alex.
CNN has an article saying they've got to cut down healthy trees to save the planet.
Because they create carbon.
They've listed oxygen and carbon dioxide as poisonous when it's the damn carbon cycle on this planet.
This is a carbon-based life-form planet.
Well, exactly.
And remember, when they eliminate CO2, they cause global crop failures.
And then you have the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma Island, which might blow.
I'm not even talking about the tidal wave aspects.
I'm just talking about if it blows big and it ejects a tremendous amount of particulate matter into the atmosphere, you could have a repeat of, I think it was,
Thank you.
It is blocking photosynthesis.
It shuts down crops.
It shuts down also, you know, the offshoot of photosynthesis is oxygen production.
You know, O2 is the waste product of photosynthesis.
So then you start to have problems with not enough oxygen being produced in order to sustain all the beings on the planet that are breathing it.
So we are talking about planetary scale changes that are being engineered.
That's why I call it terraforming.
You know, it's not just geoengineering.
This is altering a planet to be suitable for something other than human.
I totally agree.
And again, Bill Gates admits they're doing a giant.
Terraforming operation on the planet, but it remains secret.
That's now mainstream news.
The former CIA director admits it.
Another thing we talked about decades ago, now admitted to be the case.
All right, we're going to talk about the economic crisis they're trying to engineer, the big reset, and how we can get prepared and deal with that, and so much more.
And I've got these clips, too.
This new UN video they're putting out about human extinction.
Straight ahead with Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
We're with InfoWars.com.
The High Priest of the Dabos Group, that's what he's called, is celebrated in the halls of government and intelligence agencies around the world.
And we're going to play a clip of him in a few minutes saying the future will not be human and that you will have no future in the Matrix unless you give up your humanity.
That's not a Star Trek episode from the early 1990s with the Borg.
That is the real world, that is,
Homo Deus or Godman, Yuval Noah Harari and the statements he's been making.
And of course, this is all repeated by Klaus Schwab.
And so that's coming up here in a few minutes with Mike Adams.
But I wanted to raise this point.
There are a lot of websites out there.
You can't go to Twitter or Facebook or YouTube and see this or Instagram.
There's got to be websites.
That just have thousands and thousands of people on them and their stories, including young people that died of heart attacks and myocarditis.
Somebody took the shots.
I'm gonna do a report on that very, very soon.
But here's just one of them that just made the news.
Russell Wolfe dies suddenly at age 57, kind of like the national spokesperson for the vaccines died right after he took him in India.
But he's in the Pacific.
Look at this.
Russell Wolfe dies suddenly, age 57.
And here's the tweet.
Just had my second AstraZeneca jab.
I'm a double-plugger.
Very happy about it.
Just get the vax, man.
And here's an actual copy of Russell Wolfe's tweet.
He won't be tweeting anymore now.
He's dead.
Russell Wolfe, 56-year-old radio host, suddenly dies two months after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
And here it is.
And guess what?
It was a problem with the ticker.
Perth broadcasting icon and ABC Radio breakfast host Russell Wolfe dies suddenly at 57 after taking the experimental injection, like so many others, filling up hospitals everywhere.
And there he is, always doing the soy boy smile.
And it's funny how it's the minions of the system that are dropping like flies, Mike Adams.
It's very, very sad, but Stalin said one man dies is a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
This is just crazy.
How much will these people take?
How much abuse will they take until they finally wake up, Mike?
Well, most of them will never wake up.
Even at death's door, they won't realize it.
But look, on a practical note, I believe that we now have a pretty good nutritional understanding of what's going on.
I think that these vaccines are taking people who have what we might call sludge blood or sluggish blood, which is caused.
By the way, you read my
I was going to ask you next, because I've been talking to a lot of medical doctors.
You've been doing that too.
What are mitigating factors for folks that already took it?
Because we're not judging you.
We're not your enemy.
We're not like the left.
But we do need to talk about how people can mitigate that.
Well, I think it comes down to protecting the quality of your blood, and we know that there are healthy oils, omega-3 oils.
You can get salad dressings with avocado oil, which is good for you, or olive oil, if it's real.
There's a lot of counterfeit on the market, but real olive oil.
Plus, there are supplements.
There are fish oil type of supplements, and krill oil type of supplements, and aspirin, even over-the-counter aspirin.
And Mike, let's be clear.
I mean, all around the Western world, in the countries that have taken the mRNA shots, over-the-top increases in blood clotting problems.
They're not even debating that.
They're just all over the news.
We showed sources earlier saying, we don't know why this is suddenly happening.
Imagine being an NPR writer, or an AP writer, and saying that, or a BBC writer, when you know damn well.
And that's the Joe Rogan information I'll bring up in a moment, but please continue.
Well, and also chronic dehydration.
A lot of people simply don't drink enough water because they don't have clean water because they're not using a water filter.
Who wants to drink, you know, tap water filled with chlorine?
It tastes horrible.
So people are dehydrated.
If you are dehydrated, your blood will tend to clot.
You'll also tend to have higher blood pressure.
That's a symptom, you know, right there that your blood might not be flowing as well.
So there are so many things that people can do.
And I just want to say as a disclaimer here, Alex,
I don't have proof yet of these statements, but these are plausible, these are logical conclusions based on what we know about nutrition and the quality of the blood, and also what Dr. Richard M. Fleming showed on your show, I believe, two days ago, where when you have human blood, the red blood cells are normally functioning quite well with hemoglobin molecules that are carrying O2 around the body, but you hit that blood with COVID vaccine
I don't
Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
Folks, you've got to think about protecting your blood, and nutrition is the key to that.
And one more warning, Alex, and thank you for giving me the floor here for a second, but the logistics at the supply chain is collapsing, but also domestic delivery is collapsing.
So folks, if you need to get anything online from any online retailer anywhere, including InfoWars,
Seriously, I don't have any faith that deliveries are going to function after about early December.
I really don't.
I'm trying to just sell out of everything we've got and just to dig in and stay on air as long as we can because when I tell people I believe next year is going to be hell, I believe that.
I know that.
I hope we can avert it, Mike, but I don't see any way for a soft landing.
What do you see next year?
I see accelerating collapse, despair.
I see people dying in the hospitals, in the hallways, in the parking lots of hospitals, okay?
That's an image.
Think about medical tent cities in the freezing cold in the northeastern states and in Chicago and Detroit, dying because they're denied ivermectin.
With empty grocery stores, with up to half the medical staff quitting over forced inoculation, all designed.
This this is absolute genocidal warfare against humanity and also here again this is a wartime embargo against the United States and people will suffer and die again and again and again until the day that they peacefully rise up and say no.
We are going to have to peacefully rise up and dismantle these systems of murder and genocide.
We're going to have to take them down, Alex.
That's the only way that America will survive or that humanity will survive.
And people know who are the enemies of humanity right now.
They're going to have to be dismantled.
I totally agree.
I mean, it's dawning on Republican leaders now that there aren't sellouts, the few of them, that this really is a war.
The borders, the ships, the blockades, the embargoes, the race war, the dollar devaluation, the empowering China, the psychological warfare, the bio-attack they launched on us, all of it, we're under attack.
This is World War III.
And people still aren't taking it seriously.
Too many people watch my show or watch your show and they think of it as a form of entertainment almost.
Folks, we are not joking.
We may not be on the air in a month.
If you don't have food and medicine and communications and backup heat sources and so on, you will die.
You will die this winter.
This is not a joke.
This is not a drill.
Take this seriously if you want to live.
It's that simple.
End of story.
Well, absolutely, Mike.
You know, we can handle this because you, I guess you growing up, I've never really gotten your full story.
I've known you for like 20 years now.
But I mean, we were awake.
We saw it the whole time.
So now we are even freaked out, but at least we're somewhat prepared.
I can't imagine what it's going to be like.
And that's really the big triggering issue that once there is a major collapse that we're already in.
The danger of hundreds of millions of people starving to death being such a destructive force, not just in the third world, but in the West.
Let's talk about that and that Joe Rogan point I haven't talked about yet and those video clips I promised to hit straight ahead with Mike Adams from naturalnews.com.
All right, I got so much I want to talk about with Mike Adams here on the Alex Jones Show.
He'll be with us 15 minutes to the next hour because I'm behind with what I want to hit.
I want to hit this world depopulation announcement.
I want to hit the Davos Group high priest saying that you will not be a human in the future.
You will be removed.
You will either become one with them or you will die, basically.
We've got that video clip.
I've got this weird UN thing with a velociraptor, you know, preaching in humans that we're all about to die.
I mean, evil is making a real run at folks.
This is modern war directed by the mega banks and corporations with communist China against what's left of the free world.
And they're preparing a new move of martial law and they're preparing a collapse of food production to get full control.
My wife went to the grocery store in Austin today.
Big huge grocery store.
It was basically half the food was gone.
So what's been happening on the East Coast and West Coast is now happening in Texas that has its own giant breadbasket.
So going to Mike Adams.
Mike, I notice you've got an example here about food production.
For TV viewers, for radio listeners, you're holding a plant in your hand.
Yes, yes, this is Romaine Lettuce.
And just to show, we practice what we preach here.
We are growing banks of this.
This is grown without any pumps, no electricity, no weeding.
This is called suspended net pot non-circulating hydroponics.
And anybody can do this.
If the power grid goes down, your plants don't fail, unlike in traditional hydroponic systems.
The scientist who created this, or I think documented it, is known as Kratky.
I think he's out of the University of Hawaii, if I'm not mistaken.
It's based on what's called an old suspended raft irrigation system that was used in Taiwan for hundreds of years, actually.
And as you can see, the roots are suspended here.
And you can grow protein.
Lettuce has protein.
Lettuce has anti-cancer nutrients.
It even has some omega-3 fatty acids in it.
These systems, which are non-circulating, they require no pumps, Alex.
They're ideal for a collapse scenario.
And in my opinion, in my view, everybody needs to get serious about growing some amount of their own food using whatever system you have.
You can go to Home Depot, and you can buy bins, and you can drill holes in the lids, and you can suspend these pots in them, and just get some hydroponic solution and some water.
You can grow a massive amount of food dirt cheap, especially with food prices going through the roof.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And again, we know the Feds ordered the Texas power cutoff.
That's on record, though it didn't really hit the national news.
They would not let, quote, Texas under greenhouse emission rules
We're good.
Well, exactly.
And where they're taking this is rationing.
There's going to be food rationing in the grocery stores by early next year, according to my analysis.
Look at what's happening with the supply lines.
When you grow your own food like this, this is called off-grid food.
This is guerrilla gardening.
They don't know about this.
Real warfare is not shooting U.N.
That's right.
troops in the head.
Real warfare is taking care of your family and not starving to death when these people want to kill you.
Because they're going to kill you with starvation and bioweapons.
And people, you need to augment your stored food with living foods and things that have vitamin C. You can do this with strawberries.
So you can grow vitamin C. And look, this is going to save lives all across America.
I don't have anything for sale here.
This is not for sale.
You got to go out and buy, you know, buy these pots.
They're dirt cheap.
You can grow food dirt cheap and you can do it off grid because there's going to come a day where they say you have to have a vaccine passport in order to shop at this grocery store.
It's already begun in Germany.
They're going to roll it out in California.
It's already begun in New York.
It's already begun in Australia, New Zealand.
It's here.
That's right.
And your viewers might think, well, gosh, I don't want to live on just lettuce.
Grow tomatoes.
Grow okra.
What about no chopsticks?
They're all saying, lock us up in our houses.
He says, I don't care where you get your food.
That's right!
You know what, Chomsky, I'll eat your ass then!
That's a joke, but go ahead.
A little Chomsky cannibalism there, but this is the greatest act of resistance right now, is self-reliance, staying healthy, keeping your brain healthy, having those anti-inflammatory nutrients, keeping your blood flowing smoothly so that when you are exposed to the spike protein, you don't succumb to the side effects.
Because remember, they are sending out vaccinated people like virus-carrying zombies.
And according to research, this was even published in Children's Health Defense, 251 times higher viral load in the nostrils of people who have been vaccinated.
And they are spreading out like zombies trying to infect everybody in society.
I was about to say, you saw the British government report.
They had to admit two weeks ago that you're twice as likely to get COVID now if you've had the shot or be hospitalized.
So, it's insane!
It's insane!
Yeah, yeah.
It's beyond insane, but there are steps that people can take.
And that's what I love about your audience, is they are dedicated to taking these steps.
You know, it's food, it's medicine, it's also self-defense.
It's also having an ammunition supply for defending yourself against the chaos and lawlessness.
Are you seeing what's happening with the car break-ins, the house break-ins in a lot of these blue cities?
It's happening.
Crime is increasing nationwide.
In fact, what's the globalist strategy?
Klaus Schwab says we're going to make them angry until they accept the reset.
We have to blame them.
They think we're so dumb they're going to overthrow society and we're going to accept their new global communist fascist system.
How do you see it going worldwide with the Islamists burning down France, burning down Germany last night, Sweden highest crime rate in the Western world with the Islamists, all of the crime being promoted.
A young man up by Dallas shoots three people.
Liberal DA lets him out, says you're allowed to shoot people.
I mean, they're literally trying to destabilize society.
Well, they're trying to provoke people who have ethics and Christian morals into an armed uprising so they can then label them terrorists and have a military crackdown.
That's, you know, that's the problem, reaction, solution that they're trying to do.
Basically, they're trying to turn all Americans into Rittenhouse, you know, where he was shooting in self-defense as he was being attacked, but he's called a white supremacist murderer, and that's insane.
No, it's just self-defense.
Exactly, and their attempt at total branding...
Of the soccer moms and the PTA meeting people's terrorists has really backfired.
But how do you think they're going to strike back now when their whole agenda is falling apart?
Well, it's very clear they're going to run a false flag.
They're going to dress up people like patriots with MAGA gear and, you know, InfoWars bumper stickers, and they're going to run some kind of shooting against probably a vaccine clinic.
And then they're going to say, see, we have to shut down all anti-vaccine speech.
And then they're going to go for deplatforming InfoWars.com and my website and all the others.
It's very clear.
The blueprint, you know, so obvious, right?
It's almost it's so repetitive that you and I even are saying this every day.
So obvious.
That's it.
Stay right there.
I want to cover all those other subjects.
The Joe Rogan News, where his doctor confirms that he treated over 200 members of Congress with ivermectin and saved them, but they don't want that fact known.
We've got all those other clips.
I promise that's coming up.
But since you mentioned the whole January 6th fiasco and that attempted setup, he's got the new three-part series documentary premiering next week.
Tucker Carlson, Patriot Purge, here it is.
What you're about to see is part of our soon-to-be-released three-part series for Tucker Carlson Originals.
It's called Patriot Purge.
It debuts November 1st.
Here's the trailer.
The domestic war on terror is here.
It's coming after half of the country.
The helicopters have left Afghanistan, and now they've landed here at home.
And the left is hunting the right.
Sticking them in Guantanamo Bay for American citizens, leaving them there to rot.
We are dealing with an insurgency in the United States.
Terrorism and white supremacy is the most lethal threat to homeland.
I've been told that I'm a white national.
Put all your hands up!
They've begun to fight a new enemy in a new Wuhan terror.
Not Al-Qaeda.
White supremacy.
False flags have happened in this country.
One of which may have been January 6th.
And the establishment is up in arms, freaking out that we dare point out that Feds ran that and that it's a provocateur false flag action.
And wait till they see who's in the series.
I interviewed it and they're really gonna freak out.
We'll come back and start the next hour with Mike Adams.
Half of what I wanted to cover we haven't got to yet.
It's all beyond bombshell.
We'll be checking it out in a moment.
Naturalnews.com is his excellent site.
A lot of great stuff there to get prepared with.
And I think you should all get prepared now.
I mean, I've got my wife out there and family buying more propane tanks right now because they're all sold out in Austin, basically.
And I've already got a backup stuff.
I'm getting more storable food.
I'm getting more prepared.
And we're ready to ship high-quality, storable food to you right now that's ready to ship, and the prices haven't gone up.
They're going up soon.
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Get that extra storable food in, not just for yourself, but your neighbors and your community.
The globals want to make you starve.
They want to make you easy to control.
They want to make you dependent on them.
So the answer is get prepared now, and storable food is one of the key check-off boxes you've got to do.
Black Friday comes early.
Super Salo's here.
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Storewide free shipping.
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And Ultimate Bone Broth is back in stock after over two years not being available.
And it's been upgraded even better with the turmeric and the chaga mushroom and the bee pollen and more.
It's just so good for your whole body and your immune system.
We're good to go.
We've only got a few more segments with Mike Adams from naturalnews.com, so I'm going to try to move quick and get his take on this, because I respect his take.
I'm not just having him on for you to listen to.
I respect him.
I want to hear what he has to say.
As any guest we have on, we do.
But again, we don't have some agenda here other than find the truth.
Mike, you're absolutely right.
They're positioning everything for an internet kill switch.
Not just to people they say make offensive statements, but where you're only allowed to comment if you're pre-approved by the George Soros-Bill Gates consortium they've publicly set up.
And I agree, they're going to stage big false flags and blame all of us, but chief amongst us myself.
And they're definitely moving against us.
People say, well, how are you handling that?
Well, they're moving against all of us.
That's how I'm handling it.
But you're an insightful guy.
How do you see them staging this?
And is there any way for all of us to mitigate this?
Well, they have to link their false flag violence with speech, especially your speech.
They have to say, they have to get their actors, their crisis actors who pulled this off to say that they listened to Alex Jones and that they were motivated by listening to Alex Jones.
So you can already tell that's going to be part of their blueprint.
They have to produce actual bloodshed and death for CNN's cameras.
CNN will be pre-positioned like they were for the raid on Roger Stone that one morning.
But they will, the way these often work is that they will pre-kill, and I hate to even use this graphic language, but this has happened all over the world throughout history.
They will pre-kill their intended targets and then stage them in the hallways, in the rooms of a clinic, and then they will run the false flag actors dressed up as MAGA, and you know, they will have the gunfire, they will happen to have CNN cameras nearby to capture some of it.
And then, you know, they'll go and say, oh my gosh, look at all the people who have died, this is it, we can no longer have anti-vaccine speech anywhere online.
Even though you have never called for violence, nor have I, we've always said let's be peaceful, let's say no with strength and courage and faith in God, but let's not resort to escalating violence in any way whatsoever.
So this is my prediction of how they're going to do it.
Now, it's going to get worse though, because
They're going to go door-to-door at some point soon in certain blue cities and states, and they're going to demand vaccines at gunpoint.
You know, demand that you submit vaccines at gunpoint.
Because that's a UN treaty.
On record, they have the emergency centers built.
They call it shielding in place.
And at that point, then, a rational person might say, well, gosh, I'm being assaulted with a deadly weapon, which is a vaccine containing a cocktail that has probably killed at least a quarter of a million Americans already, according to Dr. Zev Zelenko.
That's right.
And now they're going after the children.
They're trying to force a confrontation.
We're trying to force a confrontation.
You got it.
At some point, some armed Americans are going to assert their right to defend their body against an assault with a deadly weapon, and they're going to choose to try to stop that violence being committed against them by deploying a firearm in self-defense.
And then the shooting war then is on at that point, but that's exactly what they want.
And so what we need to do as patriots and also health advocates here is to work in every way possible to de-escalate this situation and don't give them the violence that they're seeking.
And that also means if they come to your door, don't answer your door.
I mean, that's one answer.
If they break your door down, start live streaming, because that changes the narrative of what happens.
And remember, there's a group, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the JPFO, that says we shall never forget and we wish that our ancestors would have defended their families and their homes more quickly with firearms against the tyrants who were slaughtering them in the Holocaust.
So let's not forget that lesson of history, but let's not be quick about it.
This should be a last resort to defend your life and defend your family.
And let's make no mistake, this is the big globalist assault, this is the Great Reset, this is the world government takeover, this is the shutdown of the economy, the starvation of the third world, the giant hordes flooding us.
I mean, this is all that's being done, and so how do we get our leaders that are good, like the governor of Texas, is he good?
The governor of Florida, I think he's good.
Donald Trump, yeah.
I mean, how do we get Senator Paul, we know he's good, to really just come out with this and say, hey, this is modern warfare, this is fifth-generational warfare we're under.
The High Priest of the Davos Group, Professor Yuval Noah Harari, is a core historian, philosopher, and best-selling author of Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus, A Brief History of Tomorrow, that means Man-God, 21 Lessons of the 21st Century, and it goes on to how he's sold over 35 million copies and is seen as the greatest intellectual, according to his own website.
Remember what Elon Musk said a few years ago, beware those that dream of AI gods.
He says we're going to become gods and he says if you don't do that, in his book, I've got the text right here, that you will not make it to the future.
That they won't allow you unless you give up your humanity.
So here he is talking about the matrix and about the future not being human.
Here it is.
So I want to talk to you today about the future of our species and really the future of life.
We are probably one of the last generations of Homo sapiens.
Within a century or two, Earth will be dominated by entities that are more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals or from chimpanzees.
Because in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies and brains and minds.
These will be the main products of the economy, of the 21st century economy.
Not textiles and vehicles and weapons, but bodies and brains and minds.
It was always very difficult to be in charge of your destiny.
What is unique now is that the big danger for people is no longer exploitation, it's irrelevance.
Previously in history, if you were on the wrong side of history, if you didn't understand what was happening and you lost the competition, then you ended up as some kind of serf or manual laborer being exploited by the people who understand and have the power.
Now, if you're left behind, you're facing something far worse, which is to be completely irrelevant.
They won't even need you as a serf or as a slave.
Yeah, which is a worrying thing.
And, of course, as far as we go, we're very concerned about how to find meaningful work and meaningful existence for folk in the future.
The future is not human.
Oh, they're going to save you from being obsolete.
That's why they tell you you're not essential.
They want to shut down organic farming.
They want to cut trees down to save the earth.
That's CNN Bill Gates.
They want you to eat synthetic meat.
They want full control.
I'm not going to read the whole thing here on air, but...
And he goes on in his book.
How they're going to take over, how they're going to have immortality, and how they're not going to let us basically survive unless we do this.
So it's like the Borg.
You will be assimilated, and if you don't, we'll step on you like a bug, as Ray Kurzweil has said.
Ray Kurzweil says, I don't believe in God yet.
They're going to become God, and now they have this revolution forcing mRNA on us like Fauci said.
Mike Adams in 2019 at that big meeting with the head of HHS about how we need a big virus out of China to be released to make us accept MRA, mRNA and the takeover of the body.
And now Pfizer runs ads everywhere saying, you know, the end of cancer, you're gonna live forever, but the first gift they give us of the mRNA is killing us.
Isn't that interesting?
Well, we're right, but this is part of the steps towards transhumanism.
It's taking over the protein synthesis of the cells and then ultimately the nuclei of cells in order to rewrite human code to make you non-human.
In fact, many experts say right now that these mRNA vaccines make you something other than 100% human right this very minute.
But look, the transhumanism quest is a suicide quest run by atheists who think that they are the new gods or that they can become gods and they can transform themselves into gods.
But it's a suicide pact because they still don't recognize the existence of the soul.
Thank you.
Don't recognize the existence of the soul, and you think you're going to upload yourself to a machine.
All you're doing is killing your body and creating an AI avatar that's a simulation of you in the machine.
So as far as I'm concerned, Alex, if all of these transhumanists want to commit suicide and create computer avatars that talk like them, that's okay with me.
Go for it.
The rest of us are going to, in fact, express
What God wants us to do, which is to fulfill our lives as divine beings, as human beings, and to protect the future of humanity.
And that's not going to happen in Silicon.
It's going to happen in flesh and blood biology that's got to be protected from these demons.
Mike, what you just said is the most powerful thing I've ever heard you say.
It's one of the most powerful things ever said on this show, because I've read their books.
I've read Kurzweil's.
I've read them all.
I made Endgame about these guys.
And what you just said is so true.
I read one of his books in the 2000s.
I've read four or five of them.
I forget the name of it.
He's kind of their main guru for listeners that don't know who he is.
I know Mike does.
And he said, I don't believe in God yet.
I'm going to become God.
He said, I have the notebooks and I have recordings of my dad on VHS, and I'm going to create an AI computer powerful enough to remake him.
My father will live again.
Now, even if you could modern scan the whole brain, do it all, record somebody forever, you're not really getting the essence of the soul that transcends into higher dimensions.
The mathematics shows our bodies as a third-dimensional manifestation of, you know, what we're actually doing and what's happening.
They even know that.
So, the idea that paperwork and videotape of his dad is going to make his dad against a fraud.
They can have your AI.
They can have your voiceprint.
They can have everything about you and even fool your spouse.
We're good.
Man can't have a baby.
Because if you'll accept that ridiculousness in men and women's sports, you'll accept these new avatars and the new lie of immortality that they say they're going to offer by the year 2035.
And then when we don't go along with it, we're not going along with this utopia.
That's why we've got to be dealt with.
I mean, this is their plan.
This is what they actually say they're going to do.
Well, yes, and this is the way they see the entire cosmos, not just human biology, but also the universe.
They see the universe as a reductionist computational machine.
They believe that this is nothing but a giant computer.
And in doing so, they dismiss the existence of the divine life force, which is the animating force.
We're good to go.
An AI supercomputer civilization that's no longer biological has already interfaced with Earth and is controlling the narratives and controlling the media right now.
That we are under assault by an AI enemy that rose out of a once biological civilization on another world that made the same mistake that we are making now.
So that, I mean, we can get into layers, man, but it goes deep.
And people's brains are going to get fried, you know.
But you know what I'm talking about, Alex.
I know that when I talk to three-star generals about this, they go, no, we know it's off-world.
And the higher-ups all know that.
I mean, notice we talk about this, they don't make fun of us about it, Mike.
The globalists believe they're interfacing with these communications and are being given what they call divine spark, Promethean fire, to build all the stuff they're building.
But really, they're building something that's going to kill everybody.
More than ever right now, if you don't mind me saying, it is critical to affirm our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.
I agree.
And our Creator, who created the entire system, the entire cosmos, and gave us life and gave us free will, so that we may use it in times like this.
This is a biblical time.
This is the most critical time in the history of human civilization.
And if we fail this test,
Our world as a human world will cease to exist, period.
But I don't think we'll fail it.
I think they'll do a lot of damage and then we will rise up and we will defeat the evil and we will reaffirm our place in this cosmos as a creation of God.
People of free will and consciousness and empathy and love who can create a brighter future for all of humanity.
That's where I think we're going.
Mike, I totally agree with you, and I'm working on a big project.
I think we've already told you about it, but I'm dealing with this very soon, so I hope you'll be part of that with us, because people are splitting off.
They're either becoming more enlightened and more awake, or they're falling to this, and it's a very, very sad process, but that's what free will's all about.
Well, that's right.
People can make a choice.
The choice is necessary in order for God to sort us out, frankly.
So everybody's got to make a choice, and you know which side we're on here.
We're on the side with God.
All right, amazing reportage on Target, naturalnews.com.
Mike, thank you for all the time today.
Thank you, Alex.
Wow, that was a powerful interview.
I hope everybody copies that.
I hope you share it, upload it everywhere.
We're free to air.
There's no trademark, no copyright when it comes to our stuff.
Just get it out.
All right, we're going to come back, ladies and gentlemen.
And all those videos I said I'd get to, we're going to get to it.
And that Joe Rogan news.
Stay with us.
John the Revelator, he's a smooth operator.
And so he's got to be attacked for being right and warning us the power of the beast.
Got to be attacked by Hollywood.
And the music industry.
Warning us about this AI world government beast takeover.
The world system where you gotta bow to the beast and take the mark, or you can't buy or sell!
Ha ha ha!
And now that it's here, the churches will say nothing other than to promote it.
Because they are fallen, they are captured, they are of their father.
Alright, I mentioned a lot of this news with Mike, but didn't get to it, so let me just get to it now.
The video's up at Man.Video, I did a report on it last night.
I'm sort of getting a bunch of text messages and calls saying, hey, Joe Rogan's doctor.
I don't know who Joe's doctor was.
I never asked him who his doctor was.
I don't ask people questions like that.
Says he treated more than 200 members of Congress, secretly, a bunch of Democrats with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and other things, and that they don't want that known.
Well, I'd already heard that from Dr. Zelenko when he was saying a New York doctor to the rich and powerful.
Well, turns out it's that doctor.
It's Joe Rogan's doctor.
And I called Joe and he said, no, it's true.
I talked about it a few weeks ago.
I didn't even know that.
It hadn't gotten picked up, even though the show has millions of viewers.
In fact, I'd had dinner with Joe and the fellow that he was interviewing, where that was actually brought up just the day after they did that podcast.
And that point didn't get brought up.
But the reason I make that point is, even though it's tens of millions see something, if people don't grab it out and promote it and share it, it doesn't go viral.
It's like if a tree fell in the forest and nobody was there to hear it fall to make a sound.
So it's like with this show with millions of viewers and listeners, or Joe's or anything, you hear something powerful, you hear something important, get a clip of it, share it yourself.
Maybe it gets 100 views, maybe it gets 10 million views.
The point is, that's what the enemy fears, is us getting outside of our audiences to the general public.
And that's where you can have a huge effect.
But obviously, that's a side story about how to reach people.
The big issue is, can you imagine, and I've talked to other doctors as well out in California, that rich and powerful Hollywood people, banking executives, academics, and 200 plus members of Congress, because that's how it works.
Once a doctor starts prescribing to one person, they tell everybody, and they tell everybody.
I mean, Dr. Bartlett helped me out, and he got over 500 calls just from people that I gave the number to.
And he was doing it for free, by the way, and almost killing himself getting people's prescriptions back through that whole Delta variant attack that happened starting six months ago.
And so there's that whole story, but just imagine being the members of Congress, almost all of them Democrats, in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, that this guy treated, that he got prescriptions for.
He's a prominent doctor.
Joe's doctor's gone public now about it.
And imagine
That they didn't tell you, but don't tell anybody.
I took ivermectin and it helped me.
So they know it helps them.
They know it was miraculous.
And he's saying his patients come to him and say, don't tell anybody.
We're not supposed to.
Big Pharma will come after us.
Talk about cowardly scum.
You know something helps you.
You know something is great.
You see it for yourself and you're a member of Congress or Hollywood, but you follow the pack and don't help the general public.
That is a innate selfishness and just a level of instinctual greediness and evil that is just horrible.
I mean, how do those people think they're going to live through the rest of their lives in a world like that?
Well, they don't believe in God.
They don't believe in
You reap what you sow.
They don't believe in karma.
They don't believe in what comes around, goes around, and they're just pure scum.
Now, Dr. Zelenko would not give out patient information, but he himself has treated.
He's the guy that engineered a lot of the
Information that saved people.
He's a guy that pioneered and tried a lot of things.
But now what Zelenko said is confirmed.
And the name of the doctor and the full thing, again, is at man.video if you want to share it.
I shot it last night.
It's got a quarter million views.
It needs 50 million views.
People need to know.
And of course, notice, Joe made this point last night.
Notice CNN never attacked him two weeks ago for this.
They watch everything he says.
No, because they don't want it known that the Democrats are taking ivermectin.
So that's why they ignore the really powerful stuff Joe says.
So there it is.
Joe Rogan confirms his doctor treated over 200 members of Congress with ivermectin.
So that is a life-shaving, little short, 10-minute video where I show the documents, I show the name of his doctor, all right there on screen.
In fact, blow that up, I'll give you the name of his doctor.
That'd be one of those moments where I can't remember it.
Just blow that up for me.
It's, uh... You guys can tell me if you just... Hey, guys.
That's Dr. Pierre Kory.
It's also on the video.
There's a clip of him.
So, Dr. Pierre Kory and Rob Newstate appeared until 9 o'clock last night.
We stayed up until 9 o'clock.
And I'm not bitching.
I'm just saying... This news broke.
I talked to Joe at like 6.
We ended up cutting this.
We had done about 7.
I left at 7.30.
Rob stayed up until 9 o'clock.
Because we love you, and we love the truth, and we know they're trying to silence us because, again, what's the internet saying?
Nobody knows who first said it, or I give them credit.
If the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
They wouldn't be trying to shut us down if we didn't have power.
And so I can't tell you how many nights I'm up here at 7, 8 at night and something big breaks and we shoot a video on it because, man, we are working to the last minute.
They either kill us and imprison us or take us off air.
And I don't say that to act tough, folks.
I barely talk about the stuff that goes on, but it's not fun.
But you know what?
I am excited to be fighting these people.
I'm more alive by discernment.
He's over-the-top incredible.
My connection to God is amazing.
But I still like eating enchiladas and drinking cold beer.
I still like hiking and fishing.
I still like having fun.
I still like watching a fun movie.
I like going out and hearing live country music or rock and roll or classical.
I like going hunting.
I like seeing beautiful sunsets.
Man, I'm not looking to go up against these people, but they're attacking me.
They're attacking your family.
They've killed millions of people, blocking treatments from them.
And to know that the trash in Congress
200 plus Democrats, almost all of them Democrats, called this guy to go, oh, I hear you'll give me an ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine prescription in the last year and a half.
And they got him and they got him for their families.
And this guy did thousands of prescriptions.
He's done a whole interview about it a few weeks ago.
He's been a guest on Joe's show, the prominent, well-known medical doctor.
And he talked to Zelenko about it, and told Zelenko, and Zelenko told you on the show months ago, and now he's coming out, and he's tempted to name names because these are public figures, and sure, he has a doctor-patient relationship, and he shouldn't say who they are, but my God, that's evil!
That is so damn wicked to sit there and to know that and not tell people.
And then I got all the videos of people going up, right here in Austin, a video came out a few days ago, of a guy goes to get Ivermectin, he's got a prescription from a doctor, and the Walgreens pharmacist with a stupid mask on, that stupid cult symbol of enslavement, said, no, I'm not giving you your prescription.
And now the new Pfizer drug has Ivermectin molecule in it.
So does the Merck drug.
Yeah, there's the video.
That's in San Antonio.
Another one came out in Austin.
So it is just absolutely out of control.
One of my crew members lives part of the time up in North Carolina.
His whole family got it.
He got a prescription for ivermectin.
He had to go to dozens of pharmacies.
None would give it to him.
A drug with no side effects, with no problems, is because they're in on the evil.
It's sick!
Think of those filthy members of Congress.
Those dirty bastards.
People like Alec Baldwin.
I tell you, these people are trash.
All right, I got the big news coming up.
Stay with us.
All right, folks.
We're gonna hit some really hardcore stuff right now.
The pre-programming.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Remember that meme?
That was circling the internet last weekend, and I put it on air Sunday and Monday.
It was an image of a rock on the top, and then below it, a spear, then an arrow, then a .308 round cartridge, and then a guided missile, and then a weapon.
You don't even know it's a weapon that hits you, that the media tells you to protect you, but slowly kills you.
That's the evolution of war, from the rock, to the spear, to the arrow, to the bullet, to the missile, to the hypodermic needle.
And that's where we are.
And I got a bunch of news about people dying here in the U.S.
and overseas after they take these deadly shots, including children.
Including children in these studies that they've been doing.
It was a study before, but they're studying it live on them right now.
Like the head of the FDA panel said, he said, well, we need to test this on kids to see if it hurts them or not.
He went on to say, we're probably going to have some bad side effects.
I mean, they're smiling.
They're just in your face, gaslighting the hell out of you.
Wow, just outrageous over the top what they're doing.
And the firefighters and police and nurses are all quitting and people say, well, let them quit.
They're traitors.
And then that breaks down society, which is, again, the plan.
All the George Soros minions and all their operatives and all these corrupt law firms and all the systems just laugh and giggle when they themselves are being destroyed by this, when they themselves are dead and dying from it.
So I want to play this video clip from 2007, 15 years ago now.
It's set in the year 2067.
An unknown disease struck Japan and was countered with an experimental vaccine.
In actuality, the disease was created by the vaccine maker.
The vaccine was used as an excuse for that company to begin testing experimental nanotechnology vaccines.
Every Japanese citizen was converted into a form of synthetic life, but there were unforeseen side effects.
The conversion was imperfect.
Resulting in the infected humans losing their free will and becoming just lifelike machines.
Oh, really?
Well, from fiction to reality, ladies and gentlemen, all part of the pre-programming.
Let's go ahead and roll this piece.
It was ten years ago, just after the government instituted the whole isolation policy.
We began hearing reports of a mass epidemic, some unknown disease sweeping the country.
The details were vague at first.
Nothing on the cause or transmission of the disease.
Only that it was highly contagious.
And in most cases, fatal.
Before the general public even had time to react, the government declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory vaccination program.
For our protection, they said.
As it turns out, that was the beginning of our nightmare.
The disease was a complete government fabrication, and the supposed vaccine they were injecting into everyone?
In reality, it was a cyber-virus, developed by Daiwa.
The virus has a mutating effect on the cells of the body.
It alters their molecular structure and converts them into bio-metal.
Essentially turning us into machines from the inside out.
There's no way to stop it.
And to make things worse, the cyber-virus was still early in its experimental phase.
What do you mean?
Iowa didn't even know if it would work.
It had never been tested on a large scale.
So they turned Japan into their own private laboratory.
When it does work, the virus gradually progresses through the body until it finally reaches the brain.
At that point, we become perfect androids under Diowa's control.
The speed of the process differs from person to person.
Those of us who have yet to be fully assimilated, as best we can, we hold on to those fragments of our humanity that still remain.
But even now, we can feel them slipping further and further away.
Since the technology was still experimental, in the end, most of us will basically be reduced to scrap metal.
But it makes little difference.
At best, we're still mindless machines with our memories erased.
So either way, we're all just Daiwa skinny pigs, trapped and waiting to die.
Do you know how long you have?
What we do know is, Daiwa won't stop when they're done with Japan.
They'll target America next.
They've already started planting androids in key positions.
A politician?
Now I'm not saying the people that made this are bad.
In fact, there are a lot of people that are smart and can see what was coming.
And the Japanese are obviously really smart.
But then the system just puts it out there to condition the subconscious.
And so there's so many shows with this same pattern.
And now this is real nanotech that really is attacking the brain and really is raising your immune system.
So now you're going to be so sick.
They've got more mRNA that'll save you.
Don't worry.
And we said that 20 months ago, and now it's here.
I mean, this is their program.
This is their operation.
I've got a very important little short piece I want to air that's just a smattering of people getting sick and falling over and collapsing after they take the shot.
And then of course having heart attacks and dying in many cases.
And I have some other news articles I'm going to hit.
In fact, here are some of those news articles right here that just broke at InfoWars.com.
Student 20 gets blood clots, has leg amputated, suffers stroke, then dies in surgery after second COVID jab.
Might want to go read about him and find out what happened.
Radio legend dies suddenly after two months after COVID jab.
And it just goes on from there.
But here's a very important report.
COVIDVax Injury Videos banned from the web.
That's the name of the video.
It just went live at banned.video.
I hope you'll share it with your friends, your family, your neighbors.
You can't share it from the URL banned.video on Instagram or Twitter very easily.
But the backup URL is the exact same site and links is freeworldnews.tv.
Let's fight back together.
What do we have to lose?
God's watching.
COVID Vax Injury Videos Banned From The Web, Tremors, Seizures, Blood Clots, and Death.
Big Tech is deleting video proof of severe and deadly side effects from the internet.
As we go back and look for the stuff for films we're making and it's all gone.
We'll air this, go to break, and come back with the UN and their Declaration of War Against Humanity in the name of saving you.
They say we're about to be extincted when you do everything they say or we'll die.
But if we follow their orders, we will surely die.
They even admit that.
So, we'll be right back after COVID Vax Injury Videos Banned From The Web,
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start getting it.
That's just the way it goes.
He just said I had a vaccine sensitivity.
Every child is...
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Embattled Alex Jones Show.
This is a breaking piece of news.
Facebook, as they said they would do a few weeks ago, has officially changed its name.
I would have had to have guessed this.
I would have guessed this.
Meta, meaning all-encompassing or transcendent.
Knowing thyself, it just means AI omnipresence.
And it goes on to basically describe that.
Why they have an ambition to take over everything and force our children and all of us into these virtual AI hellholes that they control.
When we're all locked in our houses.
This is the big goal to force humanity in to the false reality they're building while calling the third dimension false meta.
Facebook today announced that it would change its company name to Meta.
The name change, which was announced at the Facebook Content Augmentation and Virtual Reality Conference, reflects the company's growing ambition beyond social media and the metaverse.
A classic sci-fi term, Facebook has adopted to describe its vision for working and playing in a virtual world.
Yes, because you're locked up in your house.
Wow, this is sick.
We are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA, we're a company that builds technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier, just like social networking was when we got started, as they force you into their new false metaverse.
The company will also change its stock ticker from FB to MVRS, and it goes on from there.
And what is
Yuval Noah Harari saying, the high priest of all this, you're going to be a God.
No, not you are a God, as long as you let them hook your brain up.
And if you don't, you'll be obsolete in the matrix.
You won't matter.
You'll be destroyed.
Yes, they're building the Christ consciousness and there are gods and they'll program the new reality we live in.
Just another cult.
But oh, they suppress you and they make you depressed and Facebook statistically, willfully, knowingly tries to separate you from humans.
Humanity's nearing an upgrade to irrelevance.
There will be no humans in the future.
That's the Wired Magazine headline.
Why the future doesn't need us.
Remember that 1999 Wired Magazine cover?
Oh, Bill Joy goes to the big tech conference with a couple hundred billionaires and they unanimously agreed humans need to be gotten rid of.
Deus Ex, former Google engineer is developing an AI god.
When I warned you of it decades ago, I was the bad guy.
And here he is quoted in his book, Success Breeds Ambition, and our recent achievements are now pushing mankind to set itself even more daring goals.
Having secured unprecedented levels of prosperity, health, and harmony, and given our past record and our current values, humanity's next targets are likely to be immortality, happiness, and divinity.
Happy gods.
Having reduced
Mortality from starvation, disease and violence.
We will now aim to overcome old age and even death itself.
Having saved people from the abject misery, we will now aim to make them positively happy.
We will make... See, they're God.
They're gonna make you happy.
And having raised humanity above the bestiality level of survival struggles.
We will now aim to upgrade humans into gods and turn homo sapiens into homo deus.
That's their religion.
And you notice, instead it's blood clots and death.
Or amputations.
With a crazy, you know, James Bond villain, literally with a cat in his lap saying, we're going to get rid of the humans, yeah.
But for all the trendies, going to Burning Man and taking their LSD and ketamine, they think there's some big, beautiful, shining future they're building.
And I can tell you, I know a lot of people at the highest levels of the media,
We've gone and done all that stuff and thought they were part of it, really believed it was liberal and good and nice, but you know what?
They now know it's not, they're turning against it.
You know, I've been around 28 years on air, and I've been very successful for 26 years.
And I've been... God, through God, immediately got to basically the top of things.
Got a chance to see the top because they tried to recruit me into it.
Very subtly at first and very overtly later.
And I got to sit there and see the top of the so-called mountain.
And believe me, it's an inversion.
It's not the top, it's the bottom.
And I told a lot of people I ran into back then about what was going to happen and how they'd be deceived.
And no one told them this until lately.
But the people telling them lately told them how great it is.
And they all remember on this show, but also in person, when I told them all this.
And I explained to them about their interdimensional body,
And the transcendence, and how it's all an attempt to cut you off from that, the name of transcendence, and how this would be the future.
And now, you see, we have the jump on them.
It's like John the Revelator told us 2,000 years ago.
Well, I told people 20 plus years before.
I'm not comparing myself to John the Revelator.
I could actually read what the globals were saying in their elitist text, what their plans were.
I mean, hell, Newt Gingrich wrote a book in the 90s about world government and brain chips and unifying the hive mind into one system.
And you think Newt Gingrich on the surface sounds like he actually cares about freedom.
But Newt Gingrich is a Rockefeller scholar.
Newt Gingrich was trained by them.
Newt Gingrich is the type of guy that my dad would have been if he would have joined them.
But my dad did not join them.
But it's like devil's advocate.
They just keep appearing in the new permutations, the new businesses, the new operations.
They're always showing back up.
The Devil's Advocate, you know, he like beats the Devil, doesn't take the, and then, oh, the Devil just goes back in time and starts it over again.
So, and it's like they say in the Matrix, like this is the 197th time we've burrowed through and destroyed Zion or whatever.
So, so, a lot of this, a lot of this, again, is stuff that's already known by everybody at an instinctive level.
You're just going to have to decide what you're going to do in this fight and realize, get over the fear of rejection, get over the fear of having your digital credit taken away, get over the fear of starving to death, because it's a living hell where they're taking us and everything they give us hurts and sucks and doesn't work and makes us depressed and throw up.
Everything God gives us creates ecstasy and fulfillment.
So it's really a big cosmic con game.
Let me play this report here.
This is bizarre UN video and I can analyze the whole thing.
I'll do it next segment and the guest host takes over, but I'll do it next segment so I have more time, but there's just getting you ready for all the weirdness and all the bizarreness and all the otherworldliness and, oh, you're all going to die soon unless you do what we say.
That's what a hostage taker says.
That's what they do.
So we just have to stand up and say no.
Humanity is rejecting them.
It only takes a small minority to reject tyranny for it to fail, but we have a large portion, almost half the world, and growing gets this.
So it's going to be a hell of a fight, but we're going to transcend together, ladies and gentlemen, not the false transcendence of the AI garbage and the Silicon Valley drug addict devil worshiper pedophiles, but God's real transcendence.
We will not be cut off from God, we will not be cut off from the higher dimensions as they seek to do to make us their biological androids.
I need funding.
I got a lot of projects going on.
And the system, again, does not want us to continue on.
So if you want info, we'll continue on.
Spread the word.
Share the articles.
Pray for us.
I thank you.
You've been doing that.
And get products you already need.
I mean, listen.
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And just supply chains are totally basically already gone.
And we can see the trajectory, it's going to get rough.
And so we'll be blessed if we're still on the air in six months.
You'll be blessed.
I mean, we're probably in a huge war by then.
So I don't want to really I mean,
We should pray to God to avert this, and the globalists may back off a little bit, but I don't think that's the case.
They're going to release more bioweapons, they're going to launch wars, and they're going to create massacres and blame me and others.
And we know that.
We know that they're itching for it.
So this is it.
So, uh, I would get any t-shirts, any books, any films, anything you want at Infowars store, like, uh, Brain Force Ultra is sold out, uh, but, uh, Brain Force Plus is excellent.
It's back in stock.
50% off, uh, and, uh, Ultra 12 is amazing.
It's back in stock.
60% off.
I just got hit by what we knew was coming next and, uh, it's bad.
So I'll, I'll, I'll get to that next segment.
So you're being trained you're evil, you're being trained you're bad, you're being trained you need to die, you're being trained you're post-human, you're being trained that you're obsolete, you're non-essential, and now the UN has all its surrogates out there from the puppet president to AOC to Beto O'Rourke to Al Gore saying the world ends in 2030.
If we don't cut down trees and bury them, and if we don't just stop using fossil fuels, and if we don't just starve to death, and organic farming's bad too because it uses cow manure,
All life is bad.
Everything's bad.
Oxygen's bad.
Carbon dioxide's bad.
It's just all evil.
Next they'll say water's bad, probably.
I mean, oxygen and carbon dioxide are just like water, just as life-giving.
And then it has this very subconscious and also overt predatory bit to it.
What we archetypally see as a monster, a velociraptor from the horror movies and everything, who runs up on the stage at the UN and speaks like a human and tells
We're good to go.
You've got to give your power to Black Rock, and to Klaus Schwab, and to Bill Gates, and to Fauci, because the viruses are going to come out of the jungle and kill you.
Because it's getting warmer, and that makes the viruses come, not out of the labs, but out of the jungle.
It's your fault you're going to die.
You're not allowed to have that evil oxygen.
You're not allowed to have that evil carbon dioxide.
So says the little, loving, sharp-toothed monster.
And then they've got a Kit Kat commercial with a witch and a little boy who wears a dress and he's cool because he wears it and another little boy makes fun of him so she kills the little boy!
Have you had your Twix candy?
And it's all just, he's giving up his humanity, he's beautiful, he's wonderful.
The parents sent the nanny, the witch, to take him on his way and get rid of his manhood and he'll be sterilized soon.
He'll take his MRNA, he's on board with the good guys that wear black and kill the other children.
And in his first walk through the park of life, they kill a boy that didn't bow to their new way of life.
My boy, we weren't able to kill you in the womb, so now we're gonna kill your seed and make sure you don't procreate.
But we don't need to just hear from the witch that kills the little boy at the end in the candy commercial.
No, ladies and gentlemen, let's hear from the velociraptor at the UN.
Here it is.
Listen up, people.
You're headed for a climate disaster, and yet every year governments spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies.
Imagine if we had spent hundreds of billions per year subsidizing giant meteors.
That's what you're doing right now!
Around the world, people are living in poverty.
Don't you think helping them would make more sense than, I don't know, paying for the demise of your entire species?
You've got a huge opportunity right now as you rebuild your economies and bounce back from this pandemic.
So here's my wild idea.
Don't choose extinction.
Save your species before it's too late.
It's time for you humans to stop making excuses and start making changes.
Thank you.
It's now or ever.
So they cook it up at the lab, they release it, then they create the deadly vaccine for depopulation, then they say openly, oh, we're going to use this for carbon lockdowns now.
We were just training the world to do this and give them a carbon pass with their vaccine pass.
It's all official.
And they're the ones that did the big lockdown that killed 25 million extra people.
Estimates are a billion will die in the next decade if they cut fossil fuels by half in the third world.
But they're like, oh, look at these black kids!
We need to cut their fuel off to save them!
Look at these brown kids!
I'm a velociraptor, a predator, from millions of years ago.
When I'm here to save you, I speak for the UN.
Just upside-down world crap.
Witches killing kids and KitKat ads.
Dinosaurs running around trying to save us.
Oh, my friends.
We knew what was coming next.
Australia is the model.
And they're announcing not just a digital vaccine passport to carbon tax you and track everywhere you go and tell you when you're allowed to leave your house.
They're now announcing it's a permanent lockdown.
Unpaid COVID fines will be taken from bank accounts and seized homes in Queensland.
And they're talking about tens of thousands of dollar fines for not wearing a mask or leaving your house if your app says you got 15 minutes to answer the phone when the police call over the digital app to talk to a computer avatar, or you get massive fines by the rules, the martial law rules that aren't even laws put in place by these monsters.
Thousands of Australians with unpaid fines for breaking COVID rules, which have become a total normal part of society, have their home seized, bank accounts raided, and license cancelled as government chases down 5.2 million they didn't pay the Daily Mail.
Well, I tell you who's not going to have to pay that fine.
I tell you.
A radio legend died suddenly after he takes the second COVID shot.
And he was so proud of it.
Long time ABC Radio Earth presenter Russell Wolfe died suddenly in his sleep.
Monday night, the seven-year-old Australian radio host bragged on Twitter about receiving his second AstraZeneca COVID vaccine on August 19th.
And now he's joined so many others.
He just had his second jab.
He says, I'm double plugger.
Very happy about it.
Just get the vaccine, man.
Be a hero.
Well, you're a hero now, buddy.
Student 20 gets blood clots, has legs amputated, suffers stroke, then dies in surgery after second COVID jab.
Go read all about it for yourself.
And it goes on and on and on.
Save the Earth.
Take the shot for the people that say they want to depopulate you.
Hell, if people don't get this and say no and send these folks to prison doing this, I guess we kind of deserve it, don't we?
But let me tell you who doesn't deserve it.
My four-year-old daughter doesn't deserve it because she doesn't know what's going on and I will fight with everything I've got to stop it.
Absolutely incredible time to be alive.
They are devaluing our currency so fast we are going into world government right now.
I didn't even get to this.
I had a whole stack of pedophilia news in the schools and in places like West Virginia and other places.
Children, boys dressed as girls at the school being praised by the school then twerking and giving lap dances to the teachers.
High school allows kids to perform lap dances for teachers.
What do you think drag queen story time and all of this is about?
What do you think it's about when your daughter gets raped by a boy, by a young man, by a scumbag in a dress?
It's all the deviants and the scum and the trash assaulting us and coming after us.
And if we don't realize that and if we don't say no, we deserve what we get.
But oh, don't worry.
Oh, the FBI will send helicopters to land at the school function in Virginia and have guys literally in black suits talking to their earpieces to intimidate us.
You're a joke!
If you go along with that.
This is happening in every layer of our culture.
And the globalists know when they have the FBI go out and do that, it's going to discredit them.
They want that institution discredited.
And they want the police discredited.
And fathers.
And everything.
And institutions.
Because we're under high-tech psychological warfare, behavioral psychologist attack.
And the sooner we wake up to that and admit that, we start turning the tide.
Evil can't help itself.
It always makes its move.
It doesn't have the right, it doesn't have the power, it doesn't have a birthright to be our rulers, but they're willing to do this horrible stuff, and until we wake up and say no, they're going to rule us.
We've created a vacuum of power letting them do that.
So I tell you all, understand, it's like going down to the bottom and skin diving down 50, 60, 100 feet.
Deepest I've ever gone is about 70 feet.
Well, people go down over a thousand feet because the deeper you go, the more it pressurizes your lungs and your blood.
And suddenly you're down at 70 feet and you feel great, but you got to remember you got to get back to the top.
And I couldn't get over 70 feet diving on a shipwreck out in the Caribbean.
And I just said, you know, I think I'm going to go back up now.
Just because the water was so far up there at the top, sunshine.
People go down over a thousand feet with just their lungs, skin diving.
And it's like we're going down, we're going down holding our breath every day we submit, every day we put up with them, every day we just think about compromise.
I'll just get through this and go home and watch Netflix.
But you're going to end up dead!
And you're letting them hurt children in innocence and God will send you to the phantom zone.
You will be cut off from the higher dimensions if you make these satanic choices.
That's why the devil sets up a whole world to get you to do it.
Because when you screw other people over, especially children, you are screwing over those young, beautiful, new souls that God has incarnated into these bodies.
We're so powerful, this is a third-dimensional manifestation.
The enemy all knows that.
They want to cut that off and capture it here.
They want us to hurt children so that we'll be cut off.
And if that won't work, they'll inject us with garbage that attacks the pineal gland and our entire cardiovascular system and our DNA.
That is an electrochemical transmitter-receiver.
We are receiving love from God.
We are transmitting worship back.
We are God's energy source.
You're part of it.
We are the third dimension, the jump point towards all other major dimensions, up and down in the multiverse.
A 12-dimensional understanding is a primitive understanding, but a basic one because that is part of the structure.
It is a multiverse, multi-dimension, endless, unfathomable mind of God.
But God's one great act, separate from his complete mastery, is to create new entities that have free will.
And yes, the Satanists will say, well, then your God and this creature that made this that we're breaking out of is a sadist because it let us all do this!
You're God!
No, God didn't do that.
You decided to do that.
You decided to take that great gift and flush it down the intergalactic toilet.
So, infowarestore.com.
We need your support.
Black Friday comes early.
We've been doing it like seven, eight, nine.
It's nine years now.
God, time flies.
And we're really, really got pre-shipping.
Shorewide double Patriot points, 60% off.
We got two great products back in stock, upgraded.
We've got DNA Force Plus in.
We've got Rain Force Plus back in, 50% off.
And we have
The Ultimate Bone Roth with the Chaga Mushroom and all the rest of it in there.
All right, Kate Daly, I'm going to take over.
I appreciate her guest hosting and doing a great job.
Every Thursday here, she'll host for 45 minutes.
And then the War Room is taking over with Owen Schroyer.
And you know, it's not melodramatic or anything when I tell you that, you know, InfoWars is fighting hard.
We got the enemy attacking us.
We really need your prayers.
That's most important.
So thank you all for that.
Kate, tell people what you got coming up and go ahead and take over.
And we really appreciate you.
Kate Daly.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you so much.
Good to be with you.
And there is some good news.
We're going to have to share that because otherwise we're all going to want to jump off a friggin' bridge.
And it is.
It's horrific.
It's awful.
But you know what?
There's good news, too.
And this is what I love about you and I, about Americans.
And guess what?
By the way, you can go to katedalyradio.com for more on everything we're going to talk about, but I have two amazing guests coming on.
They're going to tell you about the pushback in America right now.
They're also going to let you know that never before in American history have we ever seen this much nationwide pushback for liberty.
I think?
There's no hope.
Guess what?
There is hope, folks.
People are pushing back like crazy.
Just remember this.
Only about 30% of our nation jumped right in to get that shot.
Those are the same people that probably voted for communism, for Biden, for King Frodolat and Hormela.
But guess what?
Only 20% of those people, 20% on top of the 30, actually got suckered into it or told they had to, and about 50% of our nation said hell no.
We're going to come right back.
We're going to talk about this with two amazing guests.
You're going to love this, and you're going to feel inspired by the end of this hour, and I hope you do, and it's a lot of bad news, but guess what?
There's some good news, too.
kdallyradio.com is my website.
You can go to that.
I start my show right after I do this.
So grateful to Alex for this opportunity, and we'll be right back with two amazing guests.
Don't miss any of it.
Hi there, welcome back and I am your guest host Kate Dally.
You can go to katedallyradio.com.
Man, you know, there's so many horror stories.
Nobody can bring you stories scarier for Halloween than the news.
How sad is that?
We're going to concentrate on some great news and I have attorney Leigh Dundas joining me.
But you know what?
She's an amazing, amazing attorney doing fabulous things and let me just tell you, she's in California
Let me just tell you, I want to introduce her because we want to hear what's going on and also there is a nationwide walkout that's about to happen that you need to know about.
Attorney Lee Dundas, how are you today?
Thanks so much for having me on, Kate.
I'm great!
I am so glad you're with me.
Tell me everything.
Get me up to speed.
What is happening in California?
So many powerful lawsuits going on that no one's hearing about and this is why I want to bring this news to the audience.
Well, there's lawsuits going on and you know us lawyers are fighting hard and bringing them as fast as you could choke a horse really, but with the number of lawsuits that need to be brought right now.
And sometimes in the red states and the red counties are being more successful than others.
But really, you know, I got to say it was a little depressing yesterday when we saw the federal court judge
I think so.
You're right.
You would think it would be a fairly simple statement and fairly easy to apply if you were a court or a judge or anybody else with a brain, but we've got everybody from our, arguably and arguably whatever you want to call it, elected leader on down saying, oh, we're going to mandate this and we're going to make our employees take it because, you know, the administration said we had to and we're an employer with more than X number of employees, so we're going to force you to get the job.
Yes, we're doing lawsuits.
If you want to be a part of them, reach out to me.
I can hook you into the suits that are coming down the pike.
But really, when the courts have abandoned you, when the legislative branch has abandoned you, when the executive branch has nowhere to be seen,
What do the people have?
And in our country, the Constitution was very clear.
This is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.
We are the ones with the power.
And what I have been hearing from the backs of the blue-collar workers, you know, this country doesn't run on the backs of you and me.
This country runs in the main.
Exclusively I would say for the most part on the back of the blue collar boys and girls who make the product and move that product across the country so that when we run out of pens or cat litter or bottled water we can go to the store and actually find stuff on our shelves.
I have been talking to group after group of people at major companies that are in the supply chain that say, we are 30, 40, 50, 60, 75% unvaccinated and we are not done with this plan.
And we are going to call Biden's bluff.
We are going to say, if you want to play a game of chicken, game on my friends, because we are the ones who make the product.
We move the product and have fun having Thanksgiving when we're not doing our jobs.
So they are striking.
It is a strike for freedom from November 8th.
Through the 11th, it is a four-day consecutive strike.
These guys aren't messing around.
This is no one day, excuse me, a little bitty strike for five hours.
They're like, if you are going to take our job after we gave you three or four decades of our lives, when we're a year out from our pension and retirement, and you're going to bankrupt my family and put, you know, no food on our table for my kids to eat, we're going to bankrupt our employer first, and we will bring this economy in this country to its knees before we let this country be sold out for our freedoms.
And God bless them for it.
I am right there with them.
Tell people a little bit more about this walkout, about this strike.
They need to know how to join in because everyone's going to be scrambling.
Well, the beautiful thing about it is everybody who's heard about it can feel in their bones.
I mean, literally the hair raises on your arm.
This is a game changer.
This is a checkmate move, I would venture to say, against the administration and the evil politicians who think they can say jump and we can say how high.
These guys are like, you know what?
We're going to bring the country to its knees.
And when I explain this to anybody who's anybody on any of these freedom stages I'm on with, from General Flynn to Lynn Wood to Bobby Kennedy to Simone Gold to all of the podcast influencers, I'm on with you guys, Alex Jones, InfoWars, you Kate, to, you know, Bannon, to all of these people, you know, Ann VanderSteel, Billings, the whole kit and caboodle of everybody who is listened to by all of us freedom lovers.
Everybody knows in their bones this is the checkmate move.
We're going to jump on board.
So we have a flyer that came out.
You can see the broad cross-section of people who are supporting us.
And I don't know if your viewers know this, but in the last week we have gone from being worried that BLM and Antifa will show up at our rallies
To shockingly marching with them in the street against the vaccine mandates.
So you are seeing not just the blue-collar guys, but people of all colors, all faiths, big Christian influencers.
I was just on Amanda Grace and Dave Scarlett's show in his glory.
We've got, I think the rabbis are going to be joining us.
I wouldn't be shocked if the Muslims, once they get word and the Nation of Islam joins us.
I don't know, they haven't yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.
Everybody who's anybody is joining in this fight.
They want all of their viewers to know how to get the word out to the masses.
So if your employer is mandating the vaccine, you sit it out.
You sit it out.
You no-show.
You strike for freedom November 8th through November 11th.
And you get your butt out of your house and into the rallies.
There's going to be rallies popping up everywhere.
And you can text the word FREEDOM to the number 53445.
Again, that word is FREEDOM, easy enough to remember, to the number 53445.
And you can get a copy of the flyer, and I would ask all of the listeners to make a personal promise to God and country and yourself that you're going to get this into the hands of 100 people, because they are shadowbanning us, and you know the drill.
If you're a talking head like I am, you know, big tech is on you like a duck on a junebug, sooner than you can take a stick at it.
But the little guys out in America who don't have 2 million followers, they can post this stuff.
They can get it to their friends and family.
We needed this to go like greased lightning and it is already.
I absolutely love this.
You are on so many different paths with so many different people fighting this.
You're on the front lines.
People need to hear from you.
They need to know people are feeling the same.
We have about 70% of this nation that is against all of this, but we never hear these stories.
This is why I love what you're doing.
This is why people can text that number 53445, text the word FREEDOM,
And guess what, folks?
You can be part of this.
We have to show up in numbers.
That's our strength.
And I'm going to share with you today, over the course of the show, people that are fighting in numbers.
You're seeing this all the time, Lee.
We're seeing huge, I mean, I speak at these rallies in front of 10,000 people.
I'm sure you've been to some of them too.
And it's a growing bunch.
I mean, wartime mixture of strange bedfellows, when BLM and Antifa are now showing up, when we've got folks who were former gangbangers saying, I want to share your stage when you have a rally on Veterans Day against these vaccine mandates.
You know how bad this plan is.
Everybody can realize this is the...
Pretty soon the Taliban's gonna be on board.
Everyone's joining in.
It wouldn't surprise me to see who's next.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, this is amazing, too, at the same time.
And people are rising up.
Just because the media doesn't show it, doesn't mean it's not happening across the nation.
Lee, what site can they go to for your information?
How can they find you?
Well, my website is being overhauled to put the data up there as we speak.
Honestly, I've taken less time with that than I should have because I'm so busy talking on shows.
But you've got it up there.
It's LeeDundas.com.
First name, last name, L-E-I-G-H-D-U-N-D-A-S.com.
Again, the other thing you can do is text 53445.
That phone number is 53445.
Text the word FREEDOM there.
You'll get a copy of the flyer.
You know, I can't say enough.
When you get the boys who run the big equipment,
In this country and the supply on board.
I was on the ground during the coup in Thailand in 2014 and the coup was happening and the government was pushing back and nobody was really winning.
You know when the tide changed, Kate?
When the farmers got on their earth-moving equipment and their tractors and they ran a mile deep and a mile wide worth of these big pieces of equipment and they encircled Bangkok International Airport and they brought that country to its knees.
There you go.
We'll be right back.
Leah Dundas, thank you.
We'll be right back.
Back here with you, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host, and I love being here and also I love my guests.
I have brought on Dr. Duke Pesta.
Dr. Duke Pesta from the Dr. Duke Show joins me all the time on the show, every single week on the show on Mondays, and let me just tell you he's the only conservative professor that I know of that speaks out as much as he does when it comes to issues going on in education.
And today we're going to discuss pushback.
What are people doing
On the ground and homeschooling, going through the roof.
There's just so much good news, too, that I want to share with you.
Welcome to the show, Dr. Duke Pesta.
How are you?
Hi, Kate.
I'm doing great.
Thanks so much for having me on today.
If you don't know Dr. Duke's show, man, you better get it.
It's all over the place.
Dr. Duke.
All you have to do is Google it.
Dr. Duke, tell me what's going on.
Push back on the ground.
I think there's a lot of people that are not having this.
Probably the majority of the nation, right?
It is encouraging, despite of all the bad news and despite the problem we have because the public schools are now a closed system.
There's no way to get at them.
I mean, most of the teachers are behind this stuff.
They support this stuff.
Garbage going on.
You've got the superintendents, the state education people, all the way up to the White House and the Department of Education.
This closed system doesn't really allow parents much room to get inside and make change.
But the fact that so many moms and dads are pushing back, and so many moms and dads of color, that's the first thing I want to say.
When Common Core came down the road, it was mostly a white grandma-grandpa problem.
Those are the ones who turned out.
Now the people protesting this are Asian, Hispanic, Black, because they figured out, Kate, that lowering the educational opportunity for white and Asian kids is not going to help Hispanic and Black kids read.
So you're seeing an unprecedented racial diversity
Fighting this battle.
Oh, absolutely.
I love this.
We have our own United Nations poster, don't we?
They've had theirs up for eons.
Well, you know what?
People are pushing back, and it's all kinds, because all kinds of people have the same exact problem, and that is what's going on in the school districts.
And, you know, of course we got told that federal agents have to be at the school board meetings.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Parents are standing up, getting called domestic terrorists.
This is absolutely asinine.
But guess what?
Homeschooling numbers are on the rise, right?
Like crazy!
Yeah, it is amazing.
We got some statistics here from the U.S.
Census Bureau.
This is earlier in the year, but in March it was reported that households homeschooling their children rose by a full 11 percent by September of 2020, more than doubling from just six months early.
And we go back to our diversity point here.
Black households, African-American households, saw the largest jump.
Their homeschooling rate rose from 3.3 percent
One of the lowest to 16 percent.
That is a staggering number when you think from three in one six months from 3.3 percent all the way to 16 and that's a big deal.
Also when you look at see you mentioned what's going on with the federal government and sending agents Merrick Garland sending agents into schools to try to label moms domestic terrorists.
The school board organization that begged for that help from Washington, D.C., we find out now it's only two of the board who wrote that letter, and that particular school board organization has rescinded their letter.
So even that school board organization has rescinded their recommendation that federal agents be sent to local school boards.
Don't you find a lot of smoke and mirrors in this?
Like you said, two people are behind the letter, and you know what?
Parents are showing up, they're ticked off, they're telling them off, and they're not putting up with this.
This is just too far for any parent out there to have to go.
When they're masking up kids and telling kids they gotta get the shot, you know they're gonna make it a requirement.
But look at the pushback, look at what they're saying.
They're going, you know what?
This curriculum isn't okay.
We just read it.
You and I just did a headline, talked about a headline that talked about how three-fourths of the nation's parents are extremely worried.
The headline only said worried.
No, in the actual article it was, they are extremely worried.
You've never seen this before, have you?
No, you haven't.
But then again, you also haven't had the idiocracy of leftists who are speaking out.
I mean, you got Terry McAuliffe in one of the most watched governor's race in Virginia coming out and saying now that moms and dads have no say over what the curriculum is for their kids.
They should shut up and do what they are told to do.
That's not helping the cause of the progressive left.
You had Barack Obama campaigning in Virginia for McAuliffe, and he blamed this all on Donald Trump and called it a right-wing delusion.
Well, you know, I mean, come on, when you've got three out of four American parents, that includes a lot of Democrat parents, and you've got to believe, you're going to believe lying Barack Obama, or are you going to believe your own eyes when you look at these school board protests?
Are you going to believe King Frodelot and Hormala?
Or are you going to understand that of course they got this fraudulently, of course we're looking at smoke and mirrors.
Everything Frodelot does is on a movie set.
He's got more movie sets than Paramount.
And we're looking at a situation where we were just talking about the trans community.
It's 1%.
I mean, this is getting ridiculous that they are getting the voice in all of this.
How are they getting the voice in all of this?
And so we have to look beyond the smoke and mirrors.
Yeah, white liberals are.
These trans activists are so few, but their voices are magnified by cowardly Democrat and progressives who share their ideology and want to undercut Christianity.
So to give you one quick example, Loudon School District in Virginia has been the epicenter of all of this out-of-control liberalism.
And we have to understand what happened there, right?
For months and months and months, they've been denying that there's been any rapes, any violence, any sexual assault whatsoever in Loudon School District.
Turns out that now we know there was.
We know a young man, I think a 14-year-old, who likes wearing skirts, Kate.
He does not identify as transgender, but I guess that's all it takes now.
You put a skirt on instead of pants, easier access to the junk, I suppose, right?
That's right.
This didn't come out, and while all this was happening, the father of that raped girl was dragged away in handcuffs from a school board meeting, and now we know that the whole board, the school board, every one of them knew that these rapes had occurred right as they were passing legislation for their school that transgender bathroom policies would allow boys into girls bathrooms.
So all of this was done, calculated by the left.
They are much more interested in
In protecting the brand of LGTBQ than they are actually the physical safety of young girls who have been raped in their schools.
You can't hide this.
You can't lie about this.
And there are going to be a lot of Democrats who aren't going to like this either, let alone Republicans.
And right now we have a lot of truthful media.
We have the Dr. Duke Show.
We have Alex Jones.
We have my show.
We have all these people that are exposing the truth.
You know what's important?
Is that we're hearing about this all the time too.
And let's not forget, the media only represents that real small 20% of the nation.
So you're going to think that everything, all of this, the junk that they report on is going to be happening everywhere and it's simply not true.
Because your show is filled with people that are pushing back, that are saying no.
Parents aren't having it.
They're ripping their kids out of school.
We are developing an underground, overground, I mean, honestly, private industries are starting to crop up.
Homeschooling, like we've never seen it.
You have a homeschool that is nationwide, that's accredited.
People can jump on on their computer.
Kids can.
And this is huge, what people are doing and what they're inventing and what we're doing with society.
We're just getting away from all the systematic crap.
I love this!
I would urge your listeners to check out the Dr. Duke Show.
It's absolutely free podcast.
Get it anywhere you get podcasts.
And five days a week, Monday through Friday, we do a half an hour on these stories.
If education matters to you, and it should, because what's happening in our schools is going to happen in our government in just one generation if you're not careful.
So check out that show.
We keep you very up to date.
I want to give you one more example of fighting back.
Our usually do-nothing Senate
The Senate of the United States.
I urge you to take a look at how Ted Cruz
Grills Merrick Garland about his behavior with the school boards.
And then Josh Hawley did it too.
This was some grade A senatorial trolling.
Merrick Garland looks like a completely withered up, dried up raisin of a man.
And he just sits there and quivers while Cruz just eviscerates him for his callousness and his childishness.
If you want to get excited about something, take a look at Cruz eviscerate Merrick Garland.
These soulless lunatics are insane.
And you know what?
People are realizing it's coming to the forefront.
Dr. Duke Pesta.
Check out the Dr. Duke Show.
He's amazing.
Comes on my show every Monday.
You'll love him.
And I'll be right back.
I want to show you example after example after example of pushback.
You're going to love this.
Hi, I'm Kate Dally.
Great to be here with you.
Let's talk about some good news, shall we?
I've got plenty of it.
Trust me.
All right.
So, you know, I love the phrase, you know, a lie can circulate a thousand times before truth even gets its boots on.
That's exactly what's happened in America over the last 20 months.
But guess what, folks?
People are fighting back.
There is a groundswell of the majority of the nation that never gets talked about in the media because the media are lying scumbags.
They're total whores.
What can I say?
I mean, I can't even believe the stuff they post.
But here's the deal.
They're sellouts, but the American people are
They're speaking back, right?
They're talking back.
So, 30% of our nation dove in headfirst for the shot.
Pony me up!
Give me the shot!
I want to be Frankenstein!
It's fine.
You want to be genetically changed?
Go for it.
Only 30% of the nation did that.
Then about 20% of the nation was really talked into it.
And, uh, or pressured by their kids.
Can you imagine telling, telling, uh, you know, you can't see the grandkids if you don't get the shot.
So a lot of people were talked into it.
And then about 50% of the nation said no.
So when they come out and the CDC director says 64 million people haven't been vaccinated, they're not concerned over 64 million people.
I think the fact is only 64 million people did get vaccinated and that's their problem.
People were not jumping in.
So I think they absolutely lied about the headlines.
Now, the other thing is, is we should all be Southwestern.
No matter where that goes, we should all have that mindset.
It should become a verb for Pete's sakes.
And let me just tell you, all the people that are fighting back and how they're doing it.
The fire department.
You've got to check this out.
I have a clip of the New York Fire Department that are fighting back.
Here you go.
City workers have staged loud protests over the mayor's decree, like this one earlier this week across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Now the Firefighters Union is calling for thousands to turn out tomorrow for a rally at Gracie Mansion.
This city is going to look very different on November 1st.
You're going to see dozens and dozens of firehouses closed.
You're going to see response times climb.
It is inevitable.
Lives are going to be lost.
I love this, don't you?
Look at... Okay, I also want to tell you about this.
The fire department in LA, okay?
Their dates got pushed back again.
That's winning.
That is winning.
Their dates were pushed back for getting fired for not getting the mandate.
They have over 1,200 firefighters and paramedics that have signed on to that.
And they're not... The state is not winning on forcing that mandate.
Also, LAPD, Los Angeles Police Department, caved.
Then you have Chicago.
Chicago's amazing because look at Morning Breath tries to come out and tell everybody, oh hey, you know, you're going to get this shot.
And a third of them are saying, absolutely no, we're not getting this shot.
And so there is a lot of pushback.
Homeschooling is going through the roof.
Underground networks are popping up.
Now doctors and nurses that are forced to get this mandate that are saying, hey, we have a mandate date, which by the way, keeps getting pushed back because they know they don't have
Any way to solidify this or really, really take people to task.
Get fired, by the way, because then you have a lawsuit.
But hospitals, people are leaving the hospitals unvaccinated and they're saying, you know what?
We're going to develop our own clinics for unvaccinated workers and unvaccinated patients.
You are going to get care and we're going to have money to back us up.
And so those with the cash, those with the money are saying, how can we help our country?
Get away from the systems that have all been infiltrated and start realizing that we can actually develop other systems that are not tied into the government in every area.
Homeschooling and medical people.
I know some medical people that are walking away and starting their own clinic.
This is what they're doing and it is amazing.
Also, we have lawsuits.
October was the month for lawsuits called Sue Your Government.
So I'll talk about that in just a moment too.
And I also want to tell you a little bit about the manipulation and lies that the CDC has had to have done in order to keep selling the lies.
I mean, it's really pathetic at this point.
We have whistleblowers up the wazoo.
We have whistleblowers that are coming out and saying our hospital only designated 15% of the beds to COVID, so that way they can consistently say the COVID beds are full.
I love these whistleblower nurses that are saying this out of Texas.
And then also, they had to screw with how they tested everybody to dial it up 40 times.
Like, take a type set A, dial in 40 times, and what do you have?
You have a blob of black ink.
It can be any letter, right?
That's how I describe the testing.
So they're able to test you fraudulently, and we all know this.
The other thing is, to drive the numbers up, the other thing they're having to do too is, back in July, they actually, CDC had to come out and say, no longer are we going to report breakthrough cases of COVID-19.
A breakthrough case is a new medical term for twice vaccinated individuals who still test positive for COVID-19 so that they're not on the record.
Also, you get the first shot, you're not vaccinated.
If you get the second shot, you have to wait 14 days before they classify you vaccinated.
So when you go in the hospital, remember, you are considered not vaccinated if you have an adverse reaction.
If you have an adverse reaction or death, they will not count you in the vaccinated column.
And this is how they're screwing with the numbers.
The other thing is the Let's Go Brandon.
It's on T-shirts.
It's flying off the shelf.
This is amazing to watch this happen.
I love this.
And then also, when they said, well, Missouri Governor Mike Parson was pushing back.
The problem with pushback is they'll always try to concede that these things have power.
There is no power.
There is nothing written by the Biden administration and now they're calling them orders.
But there is pushback from the Alabama governor, from the Missouri governor.
You're gonna see all kinds of pushback.
Even the FDA had to issue warnings about Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer and Moderna.
They had to issue warnings about this shot or they get all their credibility taken away if they had a smidgen of it to begin with.
I don't.
I think the FDA is ridiculous.
I don't.
I can't.
I don't give them any power at all.
They give themselves power.
But at the same time, they still had to issue warnings.
And you know, the pharma didn't love that.
Also, Mike Lee produced the Natural Immunity is Real Act.
Can you imagine?
But we have to have this on record, right?
Because for some reason, natural immunity doesn't mean anything anymore after all these years.
We also have Biden sued by the Air Force officers who compare the vaccine rule to a death sentence.
We have the Pentagon facing class-action lawsuits over vaccine mandates on military federal employees and contractors.
We have the Harvard study finding that COVID-19 surged most among vaxxed communities.
This is Harvard coming out, little bought-and-sold Harvard.
And then also, of course, Chicago pushing the vaccine mandate to the end of the year.
Because why?
Because a third are refusing to comply.
I actually think it's more than that from what I hear on Boots on the Ground.
But what a tremendous thing that is, right?
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey saying, you know, directs agencies to resist.
Of course, we have Florida resisting.
Of course, we have so many states coming to the forefront to resist.
And I think this is really, really important for everyone to understand how much pushback is going on when the Pentagon is facing lawsuits from about every single entity under the sun, when you have all of these people saying no, when you have Sweden suspending the Moderna shot indefinitely after vaxxed patients are developing all of these critical
Um, adverse reactions.
And then when they, um, when they also went after and said, Hey, do you have any VAX testimonies?
They did not realize how they would be flooded back in September.
They had over 244,000 people telling their stories online of multiple persons in their family with adverse reactions, but they're not getting counted.
Do you know why?
Because of the counting.
The counting that they changed to 14 days after.
When have they ever done that in history?
They never have done that.
When have they ever had boosters for vaccines?
Well, shots.
It's not a vaccine.
A shot that comes out.
So many things.
And you know what?
With all these dates being pushed back and all the lawsuits, you have to understand and all the VAX testimonies that are coming out and VAERS up over 18,000 deaths, that's only 1%, ladies and gentlemen, of all the deaths that have taken place in America because it's very hard to get to report a death to VAERS and have them accept it.
So, 18,000 deaths?
Did you know they shut down the swine flu shot for 50 deaths?
We're at 18,000!
Millions of adverse reactions!
5 million adverse reactions?
All of this
Is in evidence.
All of this is out there.
You can find all of it.
I have a stack this high of things that I report on daily and put up the evidence.
The media doesn't.
The government doesn't.
And people are starting to see through the lies and liberals are starting to see through the lies.
Liberals are leaving the party left and right.
I never thought that would happen.
People are waking up.
You are not alone.
People feel the same way you do.
How do you think the Let's Go Brandon chant is going around viral everywhere?
Because people understand it's resonating with the majority of America and we scare them.
That's the problem.
We scare them.
And so you're not going to hear that the dates are pushed back indefinitely.
You're not going to hear about all the lawsuits continuously.
Because the media lies.
They're a bunch of whore bags.
We have to understand that pushback is key.
Getting together and developing underground, above ground, new systems is key.
It is key, ladies and gentlemen.
We have got to keep fighting this.
In droves, they can't ignore us.
Go to katedallyradio.com for more.
I will list all those articles, everything.
Just go to katedallyradio.com.
I'll be talking to a farmer today about the food supply.
I'm Kate Dally, Kate Dally Show.
Thanks, you guys.
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The last numbers we got, about 100 years ago, is that 80 plus percent of the stock is owned by a handful of European families
Including the British Royal Family.
So in 1913, we see the beginning of the foreign corporate takeover of America.
And if you fast forward now 108 years, come up about a month and a half to the 108th anniversary, we have the private central banks of the world through the Davos Group and the UN that the Rockefellers set up announcing that they are going to get rid of the dollar and all the major world currencies.
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