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Name: 20211027_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 27, 2021
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Joe Rogan discussed using ivermectin for COVID-19 on his podcast, claiming that Dr Pierre Corey had treated 200 Congress members with the medication. Rogan believes this information is suppressed by the media and Congress. He also mentioned his father's recovery from ivermectin and amidacin. The speaker promotes 50percentoff.com, a website offering InfoWars products at half price along with other best-selling items, helping expand InfoWars reach while saving customers money.

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So they're coming after our children with a deadly injection, and all over the world, from Canada to the United States to Australia to Germany, they say, oh, we have ice cream trucks that go to the local parks and the local recreational areas, and we offer the children shots as young as eight years of age without parental consent, even though there's no law.
You're like, that's pretty bold!
Oh, like sending convicted pedophiles all over the world?
Funded literally by George Soros money?
Have your children sit on their laps many times unannounced?
It's called a war!
A war is when an enemy attacks you and doesn't care.
And the hospitals are full at record numbers across the United States, NPR admits.
Same thing in Europe, same thing in the UK, same thing in Canada, same thing in New Zealand and Australia.
I look at the news all day.
They're like, our hospitals are full of people can't breathe, having heart attacks and strokes!
And nowhere, not in New Zealand, not in Australia, not in Germany, not in the U.S., do they go, hey, we noticed they've all been injected, except the U.K.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Answered to 1984 is 1776.
Info Wars has been banned.
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Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
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Support the Information War at InfoWarsStore.com And never give up the fight.
InfoWars.com Covens in Europe, in America, in Australia, and they have
one right here.
That whole bunch.
The parties with the singing, and the flute, and the chanting.
Those are espiths, they're sabbaths.
Honey, don't get excited.
Read what they do, Guy.
They use blood in their rituals, and the blood that has the most power is baby's blood.
And they don't just use the blood, they use the flesh, too.
Rosemary, for God's sakes!
Bloomberg, why is there at least 10 bills I've seen for implantable microchips implanted inside so-called vaccines, and vaccine tattoos that are little microchips that are embedded in your skin, microglass that's on the patch that goes into your skin, and global blockchain to control the human body, and it's all from the UN, and it's all from the Rockefeller Foundation, and Bill Gates.
I mean, it's all there.
You can pull it up yourself.
And then they just always call the bill numbers 666.
A lot of people are aware of the 666 within Microsoft's patent to use people's brainwaves to mine cryptocurrencies.
Now, we see the number is on the H.R.6666.
COVID-19 testing, reaching, and contacting everyone.
Trace, act.
Why do we keep seeing the number 666 contained within all these patents and bill numbers?
Is this deliberate?
Is this the true sign of the times?
And they just fetishize that number to rub it in our face as they bring in a world cashless society that you cannot
buy nor sell unless you take whatever the new thing is they're wanting
to put in your body.
They wanted to rub your nose in it. Here's another one.
Again, CNBC tweets this Pfizer article.
Pfizer wrote this.
For Pfizer, a COVID-19 vaccine may just be the beginning for the potential revolutionary promise of mRNA technology.
That's experimental, that they just foisted on us, and it's killing a bunch of people, but that's just the way it is.
You're gonna take it in your body.
Now, let's ask ourselves what world we've reached here.
This is a military globalist assault through the medical system by the central banks to collapse civilization.
Now let me just show you this little jewel.
For any listeners, I'll narrate it.
It's got an image of Scott Gottlieb, who is at the FDA, and then next to him, A Pfizer executive who is him, Scott Gottlieb.
On the left is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer.
On the right is a current member of the board of directors of Pfizer making tens of millions a year.
Can you see that?
Here's another one.
Stephen Hahn.
Here he is at the FDA.
Here he is at Moderna.
That means Gates.
Stephen Hahn, on the left, is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Moderna.
On the right is the current chief medical officer of flagship pioneering, the venture capital firm behind Moderna.
That's Bill Gates.
Oh, here's another one.
The CEO of Reuters, who wrote two articles last week saying that we were making it up, that Fauci cooked it up in a lab, which is all admitted, and that Fauci bragged about how he had a new virus to scare everyone into accepting mRNA technology, which he said.
Oh, look, James C. Smith, on the left, is the CEO of Reuters, in charge of informing people about the COVID-19 vaccines.
On the right is a current member of the board, directors of Pfizer, James C. Smith.
Here's another one.
Anthony Fauci, on the left, is the NIA...
AID director under the National Institutes of Health.
On the right is the funder of bioweapons research on gain-of-function bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
That's a fact.
But let me guess, you know the fact checker said this isn't true.
It's all true.
They're lying to you.
You can verify this in 10 seconds.
Then why would they do that?
Because they're training you psychologically to accept their criminal line.
And then buying the news like they've already done.
I mean, this is a criminal takeover.
These men are guilty of war crimes against humanity.
They are on the same par as Adolf A. Lewis.
Alex Jones.
My friends, we are now inside the globalist trap.
The extermination of the people of the West is now kicked into high gear.
It is a psychological warfare operation the likes of which humanity has never seen.
It's Wednesday, October 27th, 2021.
And if we do not break out of our trance and break others out of the trance and get out of the normality they have sunk us into, like a hot poisonous bath, then God will never forgive us.
We're not standing up for the children.
Because now, they are coming for our children.
The globalist, big pharma, owned and controlled FDA has basically forced two rounds of top scientists at the CDC and FDA to quit in the last three months.
Refusing to roll out experimental shots on 5 and ups.
In fact, Europe's refused to authorize it because of the high death toll in adults.
A lot of people draw the line at killing children, including the fictitious Tony Montana in Scarface.
But the Joseph Mingalas of the world and other mad scientists like the new Angel of Death, Dr. Fauci, enjoy it.
They understand that once we allow this to be done to children, the final protections that God has put over the West will be removed.
They will be green-lit metaphysically to take out the majority of humanity.
Let me as calmly as I can tell you what is in the stacks today.
Now a lot of this we're going to report you've already heard hundreds of times.
You've heard it predicted by hundreds of experts on this show that we've either interviewed or played clips from.
Top scientists, top virologists, epidemiologists, pathologists.
But the first stack is unbelievable.
It is a lengthy eight-page article, a transcript of NPR from yesterday.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients, but many don't even have COVID.
And nowhere in the article does it mention that they are the double-vaxxed.
Though we found local articles saying, yes, we're overwhelmed and it's mainly the double-vaxxed.
And then I have the UK saying the same thing, German papers saying the same thing, and even Canadian papers where it slips out.
So, here's this article.
It says, we've never seen this many sick people, and then they even give statistics from national statistics boards.
They say it's happening all over the country.
And the people do not have COVID, but wait for it, wait for it, you probably guessed.
What does it say they have?
What does it say they have?
Respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions, abdominal pain, suicide attempts, amongst others.
Heart attacks.
Blood clots.
What did the CDC say in October of last year that they were predicting it would cause?
Blood clots and heart swelling and flat-out heart attacks.
Here's one out of the UK.
Double-jab Brits have worst lurgy, that means disease ever, could actually have COVID without realizing it, even though they're testing negative.
But it says that the people almost all are double-jabbed.
So at least in this article they point out they're double-jabbed.
And of course, they're describing huge autoimmune responses, not being able to breathe, when they come in contact with a regular coronavirus, the vaccinated that have an autoimmune response, antibody-dependent enhancement.
The simple definition of ADE is, quote, raising antibodies.
That don't protect, but actually make a viral infection even worse.
And that's why they could never do vaccines for coronaviruses, because they tried more than a hundred times around the world, including the U.S.
government, more than 20 times.
And every time I play the congressional hearings here, it caused death.
In a large percentage of people.
Including children they did trials on 15 years ago.
So, there's another headline.
Leaky vaccines enhance spread of deadlier chicken viruses.
Yep, that's already begun here.
Marek's disease in humans is what they're warning of.
These are all real things I'm talking about.
So imagine being the NPR globalist propagandist, or at the highest level of disinfo.
And they're reporting on the real fact that there's record numbers of illnesses in the hospitals, and it's all the side effects of the shot that was predicted, but they won't tell you that, ever.
Their answer is, federalize the hospitals and have FEMA take it over, which is already happening with the military.
It describes hellish conditions in the 8-page article.
Very hard to read, but you know what?
I think I'm going to read a large portion of this on our next segment.
Okay, let me move on from that super gigantic bombshell.
By the way, I've got hundreds of these articles the last few months.
It's all over the world, from Israel to Gibraltar to Singapore to the UK to Germany to France.
The higher the vaccinated area with these frankenshots, the higher the hospitalization, The higher the death rates.
And I even got the BBC going, well, you're twice as likely to get COVID if you've had the vaccine.
But it's mild.
I thought when a vaccine makes sure you don't get something, period, you can't replicate it.
But see, oh, this isn't a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy.
Oh, you knew it was coming.
Remember you had all those FDA scientists, including the number one and number two, quit a couple months ago?
Saying that we should not have further injections of these mRNA shots.
They said there's already problems with it.
This was never approved.
England has, the UK had yellow slipped it, saying pull it, but they didn't.
But the main advisory group over there, five months ago, said we need to pull these shots.
Remember, they started about four months before us, so they're right.
We're three or four or five months ahead of them.
So, months and months ahead of us, they already come to the same conclusion, you need to pull this.
And in the UK, they were smart.
They didn't say resign.
They just said, we no longer listen to that national board that's statutorily in place.
So, what did they announce?
Well, they announced a few months ago, the head of the FDA, not her advisory board, the lady that legalized Oxycontin and Fentanyl here in the United States.
That monster.
She legalized it for children, by the way, in the case of OxyContin.
That death sentence.
What did I say they'd do in a few months?
Well, they just came out and said, fourth shots now.
So the board resigned.
They quit.
The boards voted against.
Third jab said it's going to hurt people.
And they just said, we'll take your resignation.
And now the actual Big pharma heads directly call the shots and go on TV and say, we don't care what government advisors say.
We don't care what the boards say.
We're just going to go ahead with all of this.
So they've now announced a fourth injection.
CDC says, EMU compromised people can get fourth COVID shot.
Isn't that funny?
Because it erases your immune system.
So now they say you can get more of those shots.
And remember what the head spokesman doctor of the British main ministry said six months ago, bragged, oh, we already know the Pfizer shot erases your immune system.
So people are going to need shots 10 times a year.
They're already up to saying you're going to need five shots a year in Australia.
Now they're up to four shots a year here.
Israel's up to five shots.
But that's not even the big news, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, if adults want to buy into the lie or go in and take a deadly poison, it's illegal, it's happening, it's criminal, it's wrong.
But it doesn't cross the final Rubicon line in my heart and soul where this morning, I mean, I could feel the Spirit of God just ordering me to do what it takes to stop this, saying, you will stop it or it's on you.
I don't like that super strong conscience.
God working through that, telling me that.
I'm thinking, yes, sir.
Okay, what do I do?
We're going to have a discussion about this.
What are you going to do?
FDA panel backs Pfizer shots for children as young as five.
We're never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.
Wow, even admitting it's untested.
And then the test on children they've now started, they're causing a lot of illnesses and deaths.
Then they cover those up and suppress those.
But there's a bigger issue here.
This means mandatory shots for five and up.
For school, for going anywhere.
So, they're now coming at your children with an experimental deadly shot.
Not just linked, but shown to cause heart attacks, autoimmune disorders, ADE.
So this is like people coming with a butcher knife at your child.
They want to start a fight.
That's their plan.
They're trying to force a civil war.
Well, Bill Gates just went on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper.
We got a clip of that coming up later, saying you're not going to be able to eat meat anymore.
Remember, you'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, you'll like it, you'll drink sewage water and eat river plants.
And Bill Gates says that you're going to, quote, get used, that's quotes, to eating soybeans and getting used to the flavor.
He's the biggest owner of farmland in the U.S.
He's converting it from beef production to soybean.
The type of soybean he puts out through his holdings in Monsanto into McDonald's is the whole soybean.
You know, the soybean's fine if it's just the outside of the soybean, but if you put the center of the soybean in, it's very toxic levels of estrogen.
And then that gives women massive cancers and also feminizes men and then gives men cancer as well.
So it's all about the chemical, biological attack on humanity.
They're not just hitting us through the poison shots.
But they want the poison shots to be able to then bring in the world ID that is tied to the carbon tax and the social credit score.
And then again, once your immune system is erased, they will simply say, oh, you're sick and dying because the unvaccinated.
But then when it's heart attacks and blood clots and the lungs filling up with fluid, they just say, oh, we don't know what it is.
And it's a big mystery.
I'm going to be reading that report next segment.
And going over it, but do you understand we just can't get normalized to this information?
That's why they've been talking about giving our children these experimental shots for 20 months before they even had them ready.
Of course, they really secretly already did have the developments come out.
So you just get so sick of hearing about, hey, the FDA panel, the third one they had to put in charge with a bunch of big pharma heads on it now.
They took the scientist off and put the executives on it, just voted.
It wasn't unanimous, but it was it was the majority to start shooting five-year-olds up.
And so now Biden will announce it as he promised to do months ago on Halloween.
It's all a big in-your-face operation.
So think about that and think about how huge that is, that what they're really saying is Your five-year-olds to go to school or to go on a plane or anywhere, that's what they're taking us, is they have to have this shot that erases their immune system for general problems, but then heightens your immune system for any type of virus similar to COVID, which is a coronavirus.
So they've already done the studies and the tests in the last year on children two and up with these sick leftist parents that are doing this, that worship the states, a form of human sacrifice.
But most of them just have Stockholm Syndrome.
But now they're going to try to force you to do it.
So this is a real line in the sand they're crossing.
And I'm just wondering how much we're going to put up with as a society and as a civilization, because this is war.
We confirmed with all these different studies and reports and even the advisories they've got to put on these shots now, they can cause a raft of serious cardiovascular issues, heart swelling, flat-out heart attacks, death.
And there it is.
And then yesterday, Dr. Fleming and his big medical report and study put out with other scientists under the microscope, showing that it takes oxygenated blood and destroys the hemoglobin.
When you put the Pfizer vaccine in with fresh blood in vitro.
Anybody that knows about blood, it's very hard to get oxygenated blood to change its color.
So this is doing a big, big, big, big, big disservice to everybody.
Now we know why people that have taken the shots are having so much trouble breathing is because when it gets into a capillary area that gets into an artery or a vein, it then really triggers a chain reaction in your body.
And a lot of people drop dead Around the world, here in the U.S.
as well, within 30 minutes of taking these shots, they fall down, they have a convulsion because it gets into an artery or a vein, and then it clots up, and then it hits the brain or the lungs or the heart, and it is bye-bye.
It is time to go six feet under for a long dirt nap.
We don't just have all the documents and the science and the background and the Pathology National Board of Germany coming out and saying this five months ago.
Everyone I know has family that's dead or died after the shot.
Everybody I know knows young people that took it and got either paralyzed or had heart swelling.
Everybody I know.
In fact, I was talking to a family member who has a really good friend whose sister's Boyfriend, who's 22 years old, died in Florida two weeks after he had the shot.
And then they know another person that's died, and then another, and another.
I mean, it's just... I was just hearing about that yesterday.
And they even said, yeah, looks like the vaccine killed him.
The doctors know this, but it's not just Alex Jones up here anecdotally telling you this, or what you see in your own life.
This is...
The report right here that I'm getting to next segment.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients, but many don't have COVID.
This is the worst it's ever been.
They've got national numbers on it, and they say it's heart attacks, heart swelling, blood clots, and of course the other list of things the FDA and CDC quietly predicted it would indeed be doing.
And now They're coming after the children, and we've got the UK with the several numbers.
Oh, and now, oh sorry, fully vaxxed isn't a third shot, the FDA says, the CDC says.
No, no, no, it's a fourth shot.
Wow, so they're adding about a shot every couple months now.
So, I guess in a year we'll be up to seven, eight, nine, ten shots?
Which is what Gates' Moderna prospectus about 18 months ago said.
He said, oh, we'll be getting a lot of boosters every year, up to 10.
You see, because this erases your immune system, and so they're going to say, oh, you're sick, you need more.
Kind of like if a person's drowning, you just say, well, let's tie a couple of bowling balls to your legs.
Or how about some cement buckets, some cement shoes?
That'll help you swim the English Channel.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and get into all this huge, massive news.
You've seen food prices explode as we told you they would 20 months ago.
That's a plan of the Great Reset.
You've seen supply chains break down.
That's all part of the globalist operation.
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Coming up today, Mike Lindell will give us an update on his ongoing election fraud investigation at 1230 Central.
Liam Mathis, who's an amazing talk show host and really exposing the whole COVID fraud like none other, very eloquent, will be popping in.
Darren J. Beattie.
Who's been on Tucker a lot with Revolver News, spearheading investigations into the federal provocateur action on January 6th.
He'll be joining us.
And then, of course, Roger Stone's got huge news dealing with election fraud and Trump and the future of the Republican Party.
He's loaded for bear.
I'll be hosting the fourth hour today with Roger Stone.
All right, let me just calm down again, because the show tends to speed by and We have a lot of new listeners tuned in.
And I want them to understand something.
You're not going to be able to navigate what's about to happen.
This isn't something where the globalists just do something and you kind of try to get around it and then it goes away.
This is a complete post-industrial world.
And I don't think people know what a post-industrial world means.
When I start the next hour, I'm going to play Bill Gates on TV yet again saying, no one should be allowed to have meat in the United States, period.
He makes it a class thing saying, we should give it all to the Africans.
Yeah, he's not going to give the Africans anything but death.
And so that's what they do, is put a black face on the New World Order as their camouflage.
So it's very, very, very, very simple.
That's the cover of my film, The Obama Deception, that was seen more than 40 million times online, thanks to you spreading it, still on YouTube free.
But in The Obama Deception, the cover of the film is a white guy, a corporate executive, with a black face of Obama.
He's holding up and that's the whole premise of the film is the globalists hate everybody or attacking everybody.
But they're using racial politics to control us.
So I thought I'd explain what really zero carbon means.
Because Bill Gates is against organic farming.
Because it uses cow manure on it.
And just anything from an animal or a plant is bad.
I'm going to show you articles where environmental groups call for cutting down trees.
That's the headline.
Environmental groups call for cutting down trees and burying them to stop carbon.
Trees are bad, see?
Well, if you want a new atmosphere on the earth, yeah, that's exactly what you would want.
So, Bill Gates wants us all to eat 100% synthetic beef.
He has a point, says Yahoo News.
That's coming up.
The future of farming, according to Bill Gates, and let's cut down the trees.
Now, let's shift into the big news here.
This is all global.
And so in Australia and in France and in the UK, there are articles everywhere about the schools injecting children, even though the government hasn't authorized under 16s.
Even their own regulatory agencies couldn't be made to do it by Big Pharma.
So the politicians are just doing it.
Two people, even in elementary school, and that's coming out in the news.
It's the same thing in China.
It's not the law, but now they're just doing it.
Big article from Zero Hedge up on InfoWars.com.
China begins forcing jabs on children as young as three.
And again, has nothing to do with protecting people.
It's about normalizing standardized martial law worldwide under medical tyranny.
They're building central isolation sites with local authorities required by the end of October to create facilities of not less than 20 rooms per 10,000 people.
The scale of each isolation site must be more than 100 rooms.
It goes into setting up the emergency centers all over the country to then forcibly hold people and inject them.
This is right out of Bloomberg.
This is all of it right here.
So you need to understand this is a global, UN-run plan.
Here it is in the United States.
FDA panel backs Pfizer shots for kids.
We're never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.
Never gonna learn how safe it is unless we start giving it.
We're never gonna learn if this cancer drug kills things or not or helps them unless we test it on rats and guinea pigs.
But PETA says don't do that.
And so instead, we're now going to do it to children as guinea pigs.
Let's go ahead and play a clip of Dr. Rubin, another one of these corporate borg here, literally coming at everybody with a chemical slash bio weapon that on record turns off your white blood cells and gives you blood clots.
Here it is.
And I think what sways me here is that it's a very sort of personal choice.
If I had a child who was a transplant recipient, I would really want to be able to use a vaccine like this.
And there are certainly kids who probably should be vaccinated.
The question of how broadly to use it, though, I think is a substantial one.
And I know it's not our question, and I know we're kind of pumping that to ACIP.
But I do think that it's a relatively close call, and as Dr. Levy just said, as Dr. Perpignan said, it really is going to be a question of what the prevailing conditions are.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start getting it.
That's just the way it goes.
That's how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines like the rotavirus vaccine.
And I do think that we are going to, I do think we should vote to approve it.
Okay, so vote to approve it.
We don't know what it does.
Covering his ass right there, but we do know what it does.
And I'll cover that next segment.
It's right here.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients at the record level, highest ever in the country.
NPR reports with blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes, including teenagers.
And they don't know why they say in the article, we don't know why people 15, 16 are having heart attacks.
We've never seen this before.
The hospital's full of young people having heart attacks.
I'm going to read this to you.
It would be like if somebody handed out shotguns with slugs in it and a bunch of people got
shot by shotguns and slugs and then they were on the news saying, "We don't know why people
got big bloody holes in them."
They got shot with shotguns, getting shot with this garbage.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen, and just a few months ago it was, oh, a third shot, now it's a fourth shot today.
Because they've gotten rid of all the regulators that wouldn't do it, and now they're getting rid of the cops that won't take the shot.
And firefighters and nurses, they're getting an army of people that will sit there and watch this death and destruction and act like it's not happening and even hurt themselves in the process.
Oh, but FEMA is exempt from the shots.
That's confirmed.
So you lose your job as a nurse because you won't take it, but then the FEMA comes to take your job.
Why is that?
Because they wanted to get you out of the way and set that precedent.
All right.
Again, I was up here late last night.
I'm not complaining.
You can't get me out of here.
There's so much news and so much to cover.
But I have failed again, and that's to your benefit.
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Oh, but by the way, there's a silver lining here.
You can go to 50% off dot-com.
That's one word.
50% off dot-com and get DNA Force for 50% off even though it's about to go off sale and DNA Force.
So they're coming after our children with a deadly injection and all over the world from Canada, the United States, to Australia, to Germany, they say, oh, we have ice cream trucks that go to the local parks and the local Recreational areas, and we offer the children shots as young as eight years of age without parental consent, even though there's no law.
You're like, that's pretty bold.
Oh, like sending convicted pedophiles all over the world, funded literally by George Soros money?
Have your children sit on their laps many times unannounced?
It's called a war.
A war is when an enemy attacks you and doesn't care.
And the hospitals are full at record numbers across the United States, NPR admits.
Same thing in Europe, same thing in the UK, same thing in Canada, same thing in New Zealand and Australia.
I look at the news all day.
They're like, our hospitals are full of people can't breathe, having heart attacks and strokes.
And nowhere, not in New Zealand, not in Australia, not in Germany, not in the US, do they go, hey, we noticed they've all been injected, except the UK did.
I got a bunch of articles.
The UK has some of the most accurate government numbers.
They're like, yeah, you're twice as likely to get sick from COVID and be hospitalized and die.
We've got a massive increase in cancers and heart attacks and blood clots and it's in the double jab.
And they got this new lurgy with disease where their lungs just fill up with water, but they don't have COVID.
Yeah, they got ADE.
What did all the scientists on this show say would happen when you get a regular cold virus in your lungs and you've been injected with this mRNA?
Your body's gonna flip out and create a bunch of antibodies.
Just like when a bee stings you.
And I got stung a lot by bees when I was a kid, probably 15 times.
I was a big outdoors guy.
Wasps, bees, yeah you count those probably 30-40 times.
Yellow jackets, red wasps, you name it.
But I finally got stung when I was 20 years old, clearing land my parents had bought in the middle of Austin.
I was out there hand shredding it and cutting it down and tilling up everything where they wanted to put a garden.
And I got stung about 20 times.
It was like a movie.
They chased me in the house.
Big swarm of bees.
Had to pull those stingers out of my head.
And boy, I swole up red.
I had to take a bunch of medicine to try to stop it.
Got in the shower.
Put a bunch of baking soda on my head and the swelling went down and I didn't die.
But then I got stung about 10 years later and swole up just as bad with one bee sting.
That's how it works.
And that's basically a dumb analogy, but to compare what ADE does.
Anaphylaxis, folks.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients, but many don't even have COVID.
It's the sickest they've ever seen.
I'm going to read this to you in a moment, but first.
There's a clip of this happening yesterday, and now they've confirmed it and made it, and the school in Louisiana is saying, we don't care.
So they gave it to your son without your consent.
And now they're going to try to make you down to age 5 as soon as the FDA says you can give the experimental shot to a child, which they're now voted on their panel to do.
So again, Biden's going to announce it on Halloween.
He said months ago he would.
They love to have 666 in their bills and to do stuff on Halloween.
Remember, they filed impeachment on Trump last Halloween.
Seems like 100 years ago, didn't it?
Wasn't even a year ago.
And how our world changed because we're under attack and they're getting us used to collapsing borders, collapsing dollar, collapsing supply chain.
They're just training us until race riots and gun confiscation and just being locked up in your houses and new viruses being released.
We're being set up for the fall.
We're in the fall right now and sure people are waking up that it's Biden, but they'll just remove him later.
People think Biden did it.
The globalists, the UN, the big corporations, BlackRock, JP Morgan.
Goldman Sachs, they all did this.
They run the show.
I'll show you that next hour.
Got a big stack on that.
I'm loaded for bear.
But here's a mom to sue school after son vaccinated without consent.
But they don't care, WWL-TV reports.
The full report's incredible, but here's part of it.
A mom from Kenner may soon be squaring up in court against Jefferson Parish Public Schools for what happened at East Jefferson High on Wednesday.
Jennifer Ravain says her 16-year-old son received the COVID-19 vaccine without her consent when an Ochsner mobile vaccination clinic rolled in and allowed him to sign the consent form himself underage.
An attorney for Ravain called the situation a nightmare and claims other underage students got the shot too.
writing to Eyewitness News, quote, "The egregious and reckless actions of Ochsner and East Jefferson
High School went well beyond any legal and moral bounds and at a minimum constitute a
battery upon the minor child."
The attorney says he's exploring every avenue to hold Ochsner and the district accountable.
As outlined by the Louisiana Department of Health, a parent's signature is required for anyone under 18 who wants the shot.
Ochsner Health System apologized for the misstep at East Jeff and says it's revising its school vaccination program, writing, quote, We have procedures in place to ensure that all policies are followed.
However, in this instance, this did not occur.
We have taken immediate action to review our on-site vaccination policies and to ensure that these policies will be strictly enforced moving forward.
Jefferson Parish Public Schools did not respond to multiple requests to answer questions or comment, but may soon have to answer to Revane's attorney.
Devin Bartolotta, Eyewitness News.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's a policy, no, it's the law.
And they passed a law in California to give abortions and vaccinations 12 and up without parental consent.
So at least they passed an unconstitutional law, but still a law.
This is being done all over the world with ice cream trucks where you get an ice cream, I'm not joking, or a $20 to $100 gift card when you take the shot.
Look it up.
Man, this is just like drug dealers giving somebody their first crack or their first heroin or their first ecstasy or their first LSD.
I mean, this is...
Seriously criminal.
Seriously criminal.
You know, one of the big death penalties they had in ancient Greece, that even a few famous philosophers got killed for, was called corrupting the youth.
Because it was up to parents, until somebody left the house, to tell them how they should live and what they should do.
And if they caught anybody, including a teacher, Teaching things that were against what the customs were.
They were taken to a cliff and thrown off of a cliff.
That was the execution for that.
Look it up.
Look up famous Greek philosophers executed for corrupting the youth.
Some very famous ones did.
One of them had to drink poison.
He said, can I just drink poison instead of being thrown off the cliff?
They said, yeah, you can drink poison.
You're so famous.
He's one of the most famous.
Everybody know his name?
Everybody know his name?
We'll get to that later.
Nobody cares if I say the name.
Everybody will go running around looking if I don't say the name.
But, I mean, people used to get thrown off cliffs for this.
Now I'm not saying go kill anybody at the school or hurt them.
Don't do anything violent.
I'm saying they're violently coming at you with an experimental shot.
They're violating the Nuremberg Code.
You got antibody dependency enhancement happening all over the damn world.
How many experts do we have on?
In fact, that's a video we should put out, is get on a bunch of the medical doctors we've had from the past.
Take a few clips of them saying, And Mike Adams said it a bunch here too.
20 months ago, 18 months ago, 10 months ago, a month ago he was on, a couple weeks ago he was on, saying, by this winter you'll see massive hospitals full with people with ADE.
And they'll all play dumb and say, we don't know why you're having heart attacks and strokes and blood clots.
And then right here I got NPR saying, we've got national statistics, this breaks any record by 20%.
These ERs have never seen so many people.
They're piled up outside with heart attacks, and with heart swelling, and with blood clots, and we just don't know what's happening.
You can go listen to the damn five-minute report.
Maybe I should just play the whole report.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients, but many don't even have COVID.
Maybe it's more powerful if I play it from them.
Yeah, grab the audio.
Got a lot of guests on today, but Look, if you don't go read this article, you're nuts, okay?
And again, I got a stack of news here from Australia, the UK, Canada, it's the same.
You know only, you know only, let me see, 25 European countries get the Pfizer-Moderna garbage, and then you got the UK, there's three countries, well there's more than that, there's other countries part of it, protectorates and commonwealths, but You've got less than a third of the world population that is being given these, and it's all former Christian nations, former free market nations.
We are literally having our population wiped out, like it's the movie Dune, and the Harkonnens come and just wipe out every city on the planet when they launch their takeover.
Everybody watches that incredibly well-done movie, and you see it, and you're like, wow, this is amazing.
This is being done through the injections.
Remember that meme I showed you on Monday?
The history of warfare starts with a rock, then it's a spear, then it's an arrow, then it's a 308 round, and then it's a injector with COVID-19 vaccine.
I mean, that's what's going on.
So I'm going to get to this.
The Bill Gates stuff is just over the top, all over the news.
We're going to ban beef.
And you think, oh, they'll never do that.
They'll never do forced inoculations either.
They'll never come after our kids.
They are.
This is war.
Alright, we got one hell of a broadcast lined up for you in the next three hours.
We only got one hour behind us.
But you'll definitely want to be tuning in and tell them folks to tune in.
We got Mike Lindell giving us updates on the election and the latest research he's doing in 30 minutes.
We got Leah Mathis, who's just an amazingly smart lady, joining us on the whole tyranny rollout.
Darren J. Beatty, who runs Revolver, who's been bringing out a lot of information about provocateurs and others on January 6th.
A lot of big developments on that front we'll be chronicling.
And then Roger Stone says, you know, he has a lot to say.
He hasn't been on in a while.
And, boy, I was talking to him last night.
He does have a lot to say.
So, wait for that in the fourth hour.
Greg Rees is always knocking it out of the park.
And this special report needs to be seen by many because it really is the big issue.
I should be making a bigger issue out of this.
The invasion of Taiwan is the crisis for the Great Reset.
Here is that report.
And then, in the days and weeks, we're going to be covering this more because, currently, big insiders tell me the war in Taiwan starts in February.
Here it is.
Conditioned through print media, pop culture, and ultimately a second world war.
Today's serial propaganda keeps the human mind anticipating the inevitability of a third world war.
And it now seems to be upon us.
Former Soviet intelligence agent Yuri Bezmenov warned us nearly 40 years ago that America was under a sophisticated attack of communist subversion.
Stage one, demoralization, takes up to 20 years.
Because its purpose is to demoralize an entire generation, creating an army of disenfranchised minions.
An army who is then used for stage two, destabilization.
This only lasts three to five years, and is the precursor to stage three, crisis, system failure.
This is where we are now, at the precipice, awaiting the crisis, just as the CCP is poised to invade Taiwan.
Taiwan was part of China for centuries, and when the communists came to power in 1949, destroying Chinese culture, millions fled to Taiwan to preserve it.
In 1971, the UN's General Assembly admitted communist China and expelled Taiwan, taking a clear stance against the people of China.
Xi Jinping plans on uniting all of China under the CCP, by any means necessary.
And his time is running out.
His power is being challenged within the party.
The CCP regularly rehearses invading Taiwan, and recently released a video of it.
If America were to allow the CCP to invade Taiwan, then the message is clear.
The U.S.
cannot protect any nation from the CCP.
And Communist China becomes the world's prevailing superpower.
And if we defend the people of Taiwan, it will be World War III.
And who decides how America reacts?
Joe Biden?
Because they are so dependent upon one another, a military conflict between the U.S.
and China will be devastating to both economies.
But it will give the international banking community the great reset they are all pushing for, which cannot exist in a world of national sovereignty.
World War I and II created massive wealth for the big banking cartel, while millions perished.
War with China gives the international banking community the opportunity to destroy America's culture of freedom and usher in a world of authoritarian dominance.
For those of us who have awakened, it is obvious that this World War is between the people and their own governments.
And the unawakened masses will obediently go along with whatever they are told.
So the only hope that we have is the awakening of the people.
There are far more of us than there are of them.
And the only way to avoid World War 3 is for the people of the world to wake up.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you so much for joining us on this live October 27, 2021 broadcast.
And I'm going to try to be as focused on this as I can be and just point you in the right direction to do your own research.
I think everybody knows now this is out in the open and so the job of just exposing what's going on with the globalists is becoming secondary and proving that they exist, like proving the sun came out this morning, versus what are we going to do to stop them.
Though it's still important to get the general public's mind wrapped around what type of elite revolution Against humanity this is, and an establishment revolution against God himself and against God's creation, or the act of playing God that these individuals are involved in.
So I make a lot of statements here on air, and I know a lot of them sound crazy, and a lot of people say Jones is nuts because I'll tell you what the globalists are saying at the UN level, what they're putting in public books they've written in white papers, And then people will hear me repeat it, and it just sounds crazy.
Like, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, we're going to end the nuclear family, we're going to erase people's immune systems, they can be totally controlled by big pharma.
I mean, these are all real statements they've made.
And I also, just like last week, I was talking to some neighbors, and I said, yeah, you know that this whole carbon thing is a way to tax and control all life on Earth, and the global carbon tax has already been set up by BlackRock, and by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, And Vanguard, and that they're going to track every movement we make and tax us, but also tell us where we can go, what we can do.
They're like, oh, yeah, right.
I go, yeah.
They don't want to cut down the majority of trees.
Saying that oxygen's bad, too, not just carbon dioxide.
And the neighbor didn't believe me, so I pulled out the phone, showed them, and they just giggled.
Because again, you're hit by something so nonsensical, you don't respond to it, but it actually starts happening.
You understand?
So instead of me just telling you about this, let me just show you some of the headlines, and we'll play a clip from 60 Minutes recently with Bill Gates.
There's a couple of them.
Which clips do you guys have?
I forgot to ask during the break.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, I'm just asking.
Put it on screen for me, how long each clip is.
I'd forgotten to ask how long each clip is.
So how long is the 60-minute clip?
We'll just do this live on air.
Okay, minute 12, great.
Make sure I have time for that.
And then we'll play the, we just inject GMO right in the kid's statement.
Because from time to time, he likes to tell you what he's really doing.
Like, well, what about your old buddy?
You said you didn't know, but turned out you live with him.
Jeffrey Epstein.
He goes, well, he's dead.
Yeah, but what about it?
Well, he's dead.
He's dead.
And we're going to get the human population down to zero.
And I love Planned Parenthood.
There's too many people.
And yeah, we're gonna ban you eating meat and you're gonna drink sewage water if you're even allowed to live.
I mean, these are statements.
These are things he's done.
So I want you to understand where they're taking you.
It's not a very happy place when you comply with the vaccine passport.
That's the carbon passport.
That's the global social credit score.
It's a hellish world that's not around the corner.
It's here.
So Bill Gates wants us to eat 100% synthetic beef.
He has a point.
That's Yahoo News.
Oh, he has a point.
And it's just, we're evil, we're white, we're racist, the West.
And so it's the new political correctness.
We've got to do all this.
And so they're moving ahead with it and promoting the Impossible Burger.
They were reporting as five times the estrogen of the estrogen they would give a sex offender ordered to be on estrogen therapy so that they don't assault children in a month.
This is all just your estrogen therapy, boys.
According to Bill Gates, rich countries shouldn't be eating real meat.
Here's another one.
Bill Gates thinks people should only be eating synthetic beef.
Bill Gates.
Let them eat fake meat.
And it goes on and on and on.
Sky News.
We're rich, we shouldn't be allowed to eat meat.
Oh my God, then by all means I won't.
Now, when I mentioned all of this, people think I'm joking, but I'm not joking.
Here's some of the news articles right here, where even CNN is calling this year for cutting down trees.
Plant trees, sure, but to save the climate, we should also cut them down.
Well, that's a double think, double think.
It's like a double, double think.
Plant trees by cutting them down to save the earth from the evil carbon that's part of the life cycle.
Four things make life on this beautiful planet.
And of course, the fifth element is God making us, and originally engineering us, and then planting us here, but you have to have the sun, you gotta have water, you gotta have carbon dioxide and oxygen, both trace gases that are at the lowest level ever recorded in human history from the ice core and mud samples.
And so it's really God's plan, I guess, that we found all this fossil fuel and then brought all this tied up carbon back to the surface, because just like Mars, the Earth has been losing its atmosphere right around the time that humans show up on the scene.
Of course, that's according to the official timelines, but the point is, is that the Sahara is expanding because of low carbon dioxide levels.
Yeah, it went up a little bit in the 20th century, but compared to a thousand years ago, or a hundred thousand years ago, or ten million years ago, it was dozens and dozens of times higher.
Why do you think plants grew so fast or were so big during those periods?
The Earth was covered with stuff like redwoods previously.
They find redwoods buried in Antarctica.
The fossilized redwoods.
So, this Earth was once way more lush, we know that.
And you know, had gigantic plants so big that it could supply brachiosaurs and huge herbivores enough plants to eat.
But do I need to debate with people that cutting down trees is a good thing for the earth?
I mean, these people are psychotic.
But they want power over all life.
So this is CNN.
Democrats have set their sights on passing major climate legislation, but with a razor-thin majority in Congress, they need to look for common ground.
So they spin it saying Republicans like to cut down trees.
No, they don't.
They like to plant them and then re-harvest them and re-plant them.
And there's more plants now than there was 100 years ago in this country.
There's more trees.
One of the most promising ideas is to plant vast numbers of trees and also cut them down.
And then it goes on to say that trees are actually bad because they create Oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Well, that's what Bill Gates says.
He says, I don't want organic farming because that's got organics involved.
Bacteria and lichen and funguses and plants.
And they put off, what do they do?
Just like evil humans, they put off carbon.
And that's what Bill Gates and the founder of the Impossible Burger.
Oh, it's impossible.
It's so amazing.
It's basically a solid slab of estrogen.
And you can go read all the articles, The Future of Farming, according to Bill Gates.
He says, we got to have herbicides and pesticides and grow things in laboratories.
He says, grow meat in laboratories and have people eat bacteria soups made from sewage.
And it just goes on from there.
The biofuel debate.
Will cutting trees cut carbon?
New York Times.
These people are unbelievable.
What they want is power and control over absolutely everything on this planet.
When we come back, I'm going to tie it into the actual investors and those that control your investment money, your 401ks and the rest of it, and how they're going to hold you hostage with those in the future with the global social credit score they're already telling all the billionaires to prepare for, and how they're going to announce you still get your retirement, but 40% of it has to be put in a global green fund, and you've got to behave a certain way on your app, on your phone, or you won't get your retirement.
And the average boomer, I guess, will just submit to that thinking being held hostage is cool and fun, because they never take on a real challenge in their lives.
That's leftist boomers, not all boomers.
And so they'll just roll over and submit to that too, putting themselves and all of us in chains.
We're going to tell you about BlackRock and their plans to euthanize you and your family straight ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's continue looking at the rulers of this system.
So, if you go online, you can look this up yourself.
Vanguard is the second largest mutual fund.
They go back and forth with BlackRock as being number one.
And they are the number one owner of Pfizer stock.
Number two is BlackRock.
And these are the guys, when you study them and you look at them, That are lobbying governments for forced inoculations with these shots that are killing people in mass and causing mass ADE to fill up worldwide hospitals, which is now confirmed even by NPR.
So this isn't some theoretical thing that all these top scientists warned of in the last 20 plus months.
It's happening, it's confirmed, and they're killing us.
How COVID could help save the planet.
Larry Fink.
Tells the BBC, he gave a speech to Globalist, that, oh, we need to use these lockdowns to train people to accept lockdowns and have new carbon lockdowns and have everybody have an app on their phone to track you and tax you.
Go read the article to make sure you save the earth.
And remember, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you won't get to eat meat, you'll eat soybeans all day if you're allowed to.
Your smartphone will tell you where you can go, what you can do if you're allowed to leave your house.
They're training school children in Europe and the UK on this 10 years ago.
I've shown you the in-school PSAs they show them.
In the new wonderful future run by the United Nations Food Bureau worldwide, the system will decide when you get meat and when you don't.
Your smartphone will tell you when you can leave your house and where you can go.
You'll be told by the government what job you're going to have in your life.
And, oh, by the way, you're not allowed to have pets, because pets are carbon creatures, too.
We're being taught that living creatures are bad, from cats to dogs, because they pass gas.
And methane is poison gas.
They listed you as a toxic waste, not part of this atmosphere.
Is this like a They Live movie plot?
These are aliens that can't breathe our gases or something?
I mean, I'm not saying that's what it is, but I mean, this is so freaking.
And it's really going on, and all the real science shows we need more carbon dioxide and oxygen.
So here's BBC, BlackRock chief, how COVID could help save the planet.
We're going to take you off your farm and ranch.
We're going to make you eat GMO.
We're going to make you take these deadly shots.
We're going to break up the nuclear family.
We're going to fund all this political correctness.
We're going to fund Black Lives Matter like BlackRock does.
While they have a global lockdown and shut down the planet, yes, and they stick tubes up cows butts in Canada and now in Germany and they pump it up full of gas and make the liberal dairies then pay to have the methane pumped into mine shafts and seal it in the earth.
Because any human activity is bad and well, your milk cow's farting.
So we're going to run a big fire hose up its ass.
This is really happening.
Excuse my French.
This is the animal abuse.
This is the ridiculousness to see what they can get us to do in the Overton window with learned helplessness and Stockholm Syndrome.
And who's financing it all?
Look it up.
It's Larry Fink.
He's a real rat fink.
The pandemic has Extracted a terrible toll on human life, which the globalists launched and used the lockdown to kill people.
Let me start over.
The pandemic has exacted a terrible toll on human life and the livelihoods.
It is hard to see how anything that could possibly be described as positive could come out of such a devastating crisis.
But the world's biggest money manager suggests there may be one.
It goes on.
Climate lockdowns BlackRock manages $8.7 trillion of savers' money.
Oh, and you can trust him with a new social credit score.
Do like he says or he's gonna keep it, which won't be theft.
It'll be liberal.
Like the Federal Reserve says they're devaluing the dollar to zero, and they said to help black people.
That's a quote.
To fight racism.
Oh, okay.
Hitler killed people to help him as well.
It is possibly the most influential financial firm in the world.
And it continues.
Larry Fink, the chief executive of BlackRock, in its annual letter to the bosses of all the companies in which the colossal sum is invested, and he tells them how to invest and what to do, says the pandemic could ultimately help the fight against an even greater crisis.
Climate change, climate lockdowns, climate passes, which Davos announced two weeks ago.
I believe that the pandemic has presented such an existential crisis, such as the stark reminder of our fragility, that it's driven us to confront the global threat of climate change more forcefully and to consider how, like the pandemic, it will alter our lives.
And then he announces shutting down everything further and the UN running it all.
And of course, who agrees with him?
Oh, I forget.
Noam Chomsky.
Larry Fink wants $100 billion for decarbonization aid that they give to their own companies for, quote, getting rid of carbon and shutting people down.
That's Forbes.
By the way, they got it.
BlackRock creates biggest climate exchange trade fund.
Oh my gosh, isn't that nice?
Reuters just created that in the last few months to make you now pay trillions of dollars of your money into when you buy or sell or do any activity.
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, the next 1,000 billion dollar startups will be in climate tech.
All the chips and all the drones and all the sensors.
Tracking and controlling and reducing carbon.
150 trillion in the next decade of your tax money to shut down carbon, including cutting down trees.
Can't have those damn dirty trees.
BlackRock's transfer of power, New York Times.
BlackRock's Larry Fink blames gig economy for stoking inflation.
Yeah, it's not the big bankers doing it.
I mean, look at this guy.
No, no, it's you having children, it's you having a car, and it's that tree in your backyard.
That's the problem!
And Larry, if Larry can get your trees cut down, he can cut you down.
I mean, if you'll accept that trees are bad, you'll accept anything.
If you'll accept pedophiles visiting your school, for your kid to sit on their lap, you'll put up a thing where kids in dresses raping little girls and Obama saying it didn't exist, trying to cover it up.
There are a bunch of people that want to rape us with poison shots.
It's all about raping us.
And BlackRock says America must keep investing in China.
Here's another article on that.
So that's who these people are, ladies and gentlemen, and that's what they're doing.
And oh, BlackRock made record profits during the pandemic that they orchestrated and engineered with their Minions, Fauci's, and others, and Walmart, and Amazon, and all of them that were essential, but you're all non-essential.
Their companies are all essential.
Yours aren't.
Retired people sit there and look at their retirement fund and look at all the inflation in the stock market and think that's real value, and now they're going to hold you hostage with your carbon footprint and your carbon allowance.
It's all being announced today.
Paul Watson's doing a video on it.
It may already be on Infowars.com, where they're announcing in the EU and the UK, yep, your phone's going to have a carbon thing.
The government's going to put an app on there, whether you download it or not, and it's going to track and trace everything you damn well do.
And again, tell you when you're allowed to go somewhere and what you're allowed to do.
Who in their right mind would go along with this?
But all these leftists just get paid to be part of it, not understanding that once the chains are on, once the feudalism is in place, it's going to be hellish.
I mean, we are being inducted into a super authoritarianism and the left fantasizes like they're going to be part of it, commanding it and running it.
It's going to be an AI technocracy that enforces it, where if you don't submit, they simply devalue your global social credit score.
And it's all these Stockholm Syndrome women that couldn't survive 10 seconds out in the wild, and men as well, that are signed on to it.
The weakest, dumbest people are signing on to this.
Well, he is the founder of MyPillowEmpire, and he's had a lot of courage and really done a great job supporting President Trump and supporting integrity in elections, and he's been targeted by some of the nastiest groups on the planet.
And I really wanted to get Mike Lindell on because I talked to a lot of people out there across the board, including people in the Trump operation, and they say that without Mike out there and all the investment he's doing in the time and energy, that all this new information coming out about bonafide, confirmed stuff going on in the 2020 election That they would be able in the midterms now, just a year away, to repeat what they did again.
And so he's got a ton of breaking news and information.
Joining us, he also, without me ever even asking, said, hey, I'd like to support your show and what you're doing with MyPillow.com forward slash Alex.
That's become a huge support for us.
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And I really appreciate Mike doing that because obviously we're attacked by some of the very same people and we're just battling to stay on air during this critical time.
But as negative as things are, there is a big global awakening.
So Mike, we hadn't had you on in over a month.
Thank you so much for coming back on.
You've got the floor here because we've got a lot of big updates for folks.
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Since I was on last, we have done so much, so much.
The Cyber Symposium, everybody, was one of the most successful things, it'll go down in history.
So successful, and here's why.
Number one, nobody won the five million because all the packet captures and all the data we have is from the 2020 election.
But what happened there, all 50 states were represented at the Cyber Symposium.
What they did, everybody went home.
Remember, the media went dark on me.
I call it going Fox on someone.
They went Fox on me.
They didn't talk about me.
They didn't even slam me in the media.
They just went completely Fox on me.
Remember, Fox is horrible because they don't talk about the 2020 election.
They don't talk about things that really matter to our country.
They couldn't be a weather channel because they couldn't report an oncoming storm.
Now, what happened is everybody went back to their states and they reached out to me.
We become like a hub of a wheel.
It's called the Information Fusion Center.
We're in 38 states now.
All this information coming in and then we feed it back out what each state needs.
In the meantime, what I've been doing, remember I promised everybody that we would get this to the Supreme Court with all the evidence they didn't have back in last year when they denied even looking at anything.
So what we've had, I've been going around and meeting with attorney generals, because they're the ones that are going to be on this case.
We're bringing to the Supreme Court this case is going to drop on November 23rd at 9 a.m.
in the morning, two days before Thanksgiving.
And everyone out there can say, oh come on Mike, the Supreme Court isn't going to take it.
I believe they will.
I believe they'll take it 9-0 because they're there to save our country from a foreign intrusion.
We now have, we've been in all these states.
What I did, Alex, is I went to states, instead of fighting with the six states that you're getting such pushback because they're either a Democrat Secretary of State or Governor, or you have terrible corrupt governors like Ducey and Kemp.
And Brad Rausenberg, Secretary of State of Georgia, they've been all obstructionists to get to the bottom of the 2020 election.
So what I've been doing, each state, we go there, we show them their own voter rolls, we get them from the states.
Some of them I had to pay, I had to pay 30-some thousand dollars to get Alabamas.
These are people that were registered and people that actually voted.
And what we do is we show them, hey, look at this empty lot over here where 30 people voted, or this one bedroom house, and only one person lives there.
Or we show them these anomalies like Wisconsin.
23,000 people voted in Wisconsin from a prison and used all the same phone number.
Now people didn't do this.
These people, some of them were passed away, some of them don't even live in Wisconsin.
The computer just pulls their names in, everybody.
As you know, like right now, just two days ago, I'll give an example.
In Pima County, Arizona, 106% of the people voted that were registered.
That's impossible unless they pulled people's names and used names.
These people really didn't vote.
They just used, they pulled and used their names.
This is where the machines are, everybody.
The machines have got to go.
If the machines are still here in the 2020 or 2022 election, our country's gone forever.
This is our last chance in history to change the course of mankind.
This has been a spiritual battle and a good versus evil.
They've come in, they took our country with a cyber attack of the biggest historical, biggest crime in history.
Now, you can even see what just happened in California on that recall in Newsom.
So many people got there, they're not even hiding anymore.
So many people got there and said, what do you mean I voted?
I didn't vote.
On CNN, they took 300,000 yes votes and moved them to the no section.
The computers did this.
Every election coming up here next week, like in Virginia and stuff, forget about it.
They're going to be a Republican winner.
If there is, they wanted him to win because he's corrupt as the other ones, as the Democrat one.
It doesn't matter.
This happened in every state.
In the country?
Every single state in the country had a tech.
The most votes that were flipped were California number one, Texas number two, and Florida number three.
Florida had almost 1 million votes.
One million votes more, Trump won by.
One million votes were in question, but he won by.
But this was all across the country.
And by the way, Mike, you don't want credit, but I've got to give you credit, because I talk to people all over the country, and I see the local news articles, why they hate you so much.
and you're the guy that spent millions of dollars of your money, and thanks to folks supporting
and buying the products, you're able to do that, to pay for these recounts, to pay for the forensics,
and so without you, all this stuff we're seeing, a lot of it wouldn't have happened.
So that's why it's so important for people to continue to support your work at MyPillow.com
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You're absolutely right.
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In this fight against the globalists.
So thank you all for your support at MyPillow.com forward slash Alex.
We have some of the best deals there, period.
Or use promo code Alex.
So Mike Lindell is on fire.
Man, amazing information.
We'll come right back in a few minutes and he'll have the floor for the rest of the segment.
All right, folks, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show and Mike Lindell.
Is the classic American success story and he's the classic American underdog story taking on big tech, taking on the big voting machine companies and going around the nation, flying around the nation, spending massive amounts of his money to challenge what's happening and to expose what's going on.
And he's joining us right now to talk about where this is going and what's unfolding.
But I want to point something out that he said a few months ago on the show.
He said, listen, Alex, When the food prices explode and the economy falls apart under Biden, the general public is going to put pressure politically on the Supreme Court and others, and there's going to be real pressure to remove Biden and not replace Biden with Kamala Harris, and there'll be the political will to have this happen.
That sounded kind of far out then to me, but it's starting to happen here.
So, I know this, the election was illegitimate, and we're not supposed to say that, or we'll be censored.
Well, screw the system.
That's an American right, but we have all the evidence.
So, as Trump said two weeks ago, the real insurrection happened on November 3rd, not January 6th, and this was a stolen election.
So, Mike, recap what you were saying, and then lay out where this is going, because this is amazing.
Yeah, okay.
I'm just checking here.
Here's where we're at, everybody.
What I've done, I've spent millions and millions of dollars leading up to when I got that first piece of evidence.
On January 9th, that showed that this was a cyber attack by China on our country.
On January 7th, there was a letter from Radcliffe that came out that he said about this China intrusion.
And that, by the way, will be also included in our case.
Well, from that point on, I was all in, went all in.
I have all the evidence that was brought to me.
Every single packet capturing data from that end.
Call that the back end, the attack.
Then, obviously, leading up, we did the Cyber Symposium, because everyone said, well, Mike, why didn't you drop this on the Supreme Court's doorstep to get this election pulled down a lot sooner?
For one reason, everybody, is just like everything else that's went on in our country, we are in a fight with the media.
The media will either suppress it, Or they will block it.
They will, you know, attack it.
Like they did attack me, they attacked my platform and everything.
So since the Cyber Symposium, now we have all these Attorney Generals on, and this isn't, by the way, this is not the Dominion lawsuit, everybody.
That's another deflection they're doing.
All the Dominion lawsuits that they've sued, that's nothing.
That is their big game.
Dominion lawsuits right now, everybody, are just a big game so they can push it out past the 2022 election and take the rest of our country forever.
They have over 200 lawsuits and 200 threatening letters to people, which you probably don't know out there, but we got a class action lawsuit of all the people that were sent threatening letters by Dominion, and they sued Dominion in a class action lawsuit.
You can't do this to citizens that were mother and father, sisters and daughters that were just poll watchers.
But anyway, what we've got going, this is the big case.
The case we're bringing to the Supreme Court is what I've been telling everybody.
We were going to drop it in August after the Cyber Symposium, but we need Attorney Generals are the plaintiffs, not Mike Lindell.
So we've been going around and meeting secretly.
I'm not going to give out the names of the states that are already on board, but there's going to be a lot of them.
We only needed one.
And now this case goes before the Supreme Court.
It involves the Fourth and the Twelfth Amendment, I believe.
I'm not a lawyer.
We're going to have this all laid out on PrankSpeech.com, on the website, of what the premise of everything is.
But believe me, every state has standing.
We're suing the United States of America, what was done in this election.
And this was an attack by China on our country.
Of course, there were bad people here that helped them.
We know that.
And the cover-up is being the biggest cover-up in the history of any crime in history.
I mean, the cover-up's huge.
So what we're doing, we're launching this.
We're bringing it to the Supreme Court the second, the day, two days before Thanksgiving
at 9 a.m.
And why two days before Thanksgiving, everybody?
Well, the Supreme Court's not even in session.
Well let me tell you, this is all about getting the word out that this is, maybe even Fox will report that this case got brought to the Supreme Court.
Now there's evidence in there that no one's seen, every state there's evidence in there, stuff that you can't even believe.
Like I'll go, Missouri, 47,000 people put on their voter rolls two days before the election, four days later taken off.
And you're gonna see things like, you know this is stuff we've seen videos of and on the ground and everything else that that happened during that.
So you have, what we have as evidence, is not just all the cyber breaches and cyber flips,
but we do have stuff like this, stuff you didn't see back then,
but it's not going to be duplicate evidence.
This is stuff that is 100% non-subjective evidence that where we've taken it right from China,
the attacks coming from China, right down through machines, through routers,
we now have evidence going through the intrusion, IDs of the computers and everything.
And by the way, you were the first to say all that, and now they've confirmed in Arizona, indeed, that there was cover-ups, destruction of videotapes, destruction of router evidence, major stuff being hidden.
Now there's a criminal investigation.
In Arizona and so and you said months and months ago that attorney generals were going to be joining in and doing this and now I do see that in the news that other states are now opening investigations and if you hadn't done what you did and get and been attacked for I know it's not about the credit Mike but you've been the man in the arena if you hadn't done that we wouldn't have a fighting chance right now.
Wait, Alex, and here's two things.
Well, I think my platform brought the awareness out there when no word was getting out.
I think we had enough evidence in November and December.
Everybody knew that to take one little piece for everybody in the country and convict 300 and some million people of a crime to go to prison for life.
This is that we have more evidence than we ever need.
But what we need, we need is people to put pressure on the Supreme Court, which was going to, which will, um, When we drop this two days before Thanksgiving, there's two things that are going on.
I'm going to tell everybody.
So we're doing that and then we're having a marathon from Wednesday night until Sunday on frankspeech.com.
So you can go there and we're going to show everything piece by piece.
For those three days or four days over Thanksgiving, so you can be sitting around the Thanksgiving table instead of watching football, going, arguing with someone, which most people believe now, even the Democrats at this election, would still say, hey, let's go see what was dropped before the Supreme Court.
Now, Alex, there are nine people They're people.
They've lived the American dream.
They have families, grandchildren.
They have neighbors.
If you know any of the justices, you need to tell them they're there to protect our country.
Now, if they accept this 9-0, which I believe they will, this is going to be a great uniting of our country because they have a lot of options.
They could do a new election with paper ballots.
But one of the things that has to come out of this And we're in 38 states working right now.
What we're doing is, from this point on, from as I speak, we have to get rid of the machines by next summer.
There is a replacement system we have, and no, we're not making money on it.
It's costing money.
We're going to give it out to all these states.
Here's how you can replace, where you're doing paper ballots, the replacement system.
If there are machines, I don't care what anybody says.
Every machine, they were all online.
Any state that says anything different, they just misconstrued.
I had Bill O'Reilly the other day said, the theft wasn't through the machines, it was here.
Bill was naive, he didn't know, he shouldn't be opening his mouth if he doesn't have the fact.
And the fact is, every machine, they're online, and now they even have... But I mean, Mike, what about the hours of videos of all the Democrats up until 2000 saying, don't trust machines, they're a fraud, and them giving examples, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, I mean, going back, they all say what you say!
So how can you be silenced and sued for saying what they've all admitted to back when they thought Republicans were stealing?
Right, right.
And the world we're living in now, everybody, is we're living in a computer world.
And if you get a cyber attack, my pillow gets attacked all the time, credit card companies get hacked, businesses get hacked, you have gas lines getting hacked, we have train things getting hacked.
If you get a cyber attack there, all that can be made up with money.
But when you attack a country in an election, you steal freedoms, you steal everything from that country.
We've lost our country if we don't get rid of the machines right away.
And let me tell you, getting rid of these machines is going to be easier than you think, Alex, because even the Democrats, 35% of Democrats now know this election was stolen and they're afraid of the cyber attack.
And everything you see going on right now by this terrible administration, you can see it's communism.
We skipped right over socialism to communism and it goes right back to November 3rd.
And they know they stole it and they're trying to dismantle the country and destroy it right now.
They are trying to destroy the dollar, our borders, everything.
We are in a race.
They are over here.
How much damage can they do before we get rid of these machines?
Trust me, I am not quitting until these machines are gone.
We're going to have that Supreme Court case two days before Thanksgiving.
You can watch on frankspeech.com a 72-hour marathon with all this dumped.
And then on a parallel track, we're going to instruct everyone how you can get the machines rid of, get them out of your state.
All these states are doing odds too.
Mike, I know you gotta go here, but I gotta talk to you during the break.
break. See you in five more minutes because you're on fire and I want to hear more about this Thanksgiving.
All right, Mike Lindell is with us.
Mike Lindell joins us for five more minutes.
And he is really excited, laying out a lot of key information.
The corporate media told us no evidence of fraud was there.
Now it's coming out everywhere.
Attorney Generals are getting involved.
A bunch of states are involved.
He is right in the middle of it, really giving exclusive information.
So, recap in the next few minutes, what you broke down in the last 30, and then any other key pieces of information, Mike.
Okay, so everybody out there, I just want to tell you, I've been, since the Cybersymposium, meeting with all these states, right up to the Attorney Generals, we get all these Attorney Generals, this case that's going to the Supreme Court, which will drop on November 23rd at 9am, And they say, how many attorney generals?
I hope to have, it'd be nice to have all 50 because all 50 states were, there was a cyber attack through the machines.
But we have all the attorney generals that are going on there and we're bringing this case.
Now the case we're bringing is to get this election pulled down.
This was a fraudulent election.
China attacked us.
And to get it pulled down, that would be the relief.
There's a lot of options the Supreme Court will have.
Maybe a new election.
Maybe they throw it back to the state.
They're going to have all kinds of options.
But what we knew is we need you out there to also put pressure on the Supreme Court.
And the way you can do that, we've got a website called fix2021st.com.
You can go there and sign the petition today at fix2021st.com.
But also, During this time, we have FrankSpeech.com over Thanksgiving.
We're going to run for four days and you yourself at home can pull up the evidence or watch us on TV, but you can go to FrankSpeech and you're going to have a tool there because we put the voter rolls and the people that voted on, we put it on the FrankSpeech site.
We're going to have that on there.
It's going to be up within about a week and you can put, you can also find out what happened in my state, but you can put in Put in your own voter rolls and see things like 20,000 people voted with the same address.
20,000 non-residents voted.
They didn't vote, they used their name.
So you're going to see fraud that's non-subjective.
This is all on the voter rolls.
You're going to see why maybe your county, 110% of the people voted.
They didn't vote, they used their name.
And then you guys were in 38 states?
You yourself can look up your state, how to find out what you can do in your state to help get rid of these machines once and for all.
And we will have a good election in 2022 and get back our country.
Or, on a parallel track, the Supreme Court pulls down the election of 2020.
Remember, we can't go anywhere unless we fix 2020 first.
You're right.
And just in closing, What you're doing is great because they did steal it.
There's fraud.
They don't want us questioning.
You're attacking on all fronts.
That is amazing.
That's why it's so important for viewers and listeners to do their Christmas shopping at MyPillow.com forward slash Alex.
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So I appreciate them.
In a minute and a half, tell us about mypillow.com/alex, Mike.
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Mike, we're out of time.
Please join us again soon.
I'm going to come up and see your factory very soon.
Thank you so much, sir, and God bless you.
Thanks for having me on.
God bless.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Thank you so much for joining us here.
And I've got a clip I want to play of this lady before we get her on.
And I was saying I would I would love to have somebody like this lady be the president.
Leah Mathis is our guest right now.
We just had Mike Lindell on.
We got Roger Stone and others coming up as well.
But Leah Mathis is a well-known on social media.
For being an outspoken of the truth.
In fact, after posting a viral video we played earlier this month, her TikTok was taken down and that was her fourth account.
She's been banned on Facebook 27 times, as well as being banned on Twitter and Instagram.
For the time being, you can also follow her latest for now on TikTok at lily again with three N's.
TikTok lily again with three N's.
But she's here with us live right now on InfoWars, but here's the latest video on the COVID situation
that got her banned again.
And a gentleman argued with me today, saying that the unvaxxed are dying at a rapid rate
compared to the vaccinated.
He wanted me to show him proof and not to tell him to look up his own research.
So I provided him with CDC stats and the FDA, where they recalled the PCR test because they were 200% wrong on their positive cases.
That was overlooked, completely ignored.
I sent him article after article about how West Virginia governors said that 97% of people in the hospitals are double-taxed.
That doesn't count.
So imagine still, two years later, thinking that this is about a virus.
Imagine still thinking that this is not a power grab by the government.
Imagine still thinking that masks save lives.
Imagine still thinking that if you're unvaccinated, you're going to die.
Even though there's a 99.7.
I have had COVID.
Do you know what I did?
I took Advil.
And that was fine.
I've had worse colds.
Why do these people think that getting COVID is an automatic death sentence?
Also, why are people only dying in the hospitals?
Why aren't more people asking?
Is discernment dead?
Is common sense dead?
Do these people literally just watch their TV screens and go, okay, alright, yeah, it doesn't make sense but I'm gonna live it.
Fuck, I want off.
I want off this fucking ride and I want this movie to end because I have lost respect for half of society.
[Train sounds]
[Train sounds]
Well my friends, we've only got her till the bottom of the hour.
You're back for a full hour soon.
And she joins us.
Leah Mathis, thank you so much for coming on.
I know you're a talk show host in your own right, also do sports talk.
But this is just crazy.
And it's such common sense you're putting out.
And I mean, I guess you got censored for that thought crime we just saw.
Oh, I get censored all the time, Alex.
I'm used to it by now, you know.
Um, it's just, it's part of the game, I guess.
If you're a truth teller, you have to get used to being censored, because they don't want anything but the mainstream media narrative out there.
Well, they're trying to suppress you, and you're an amazingly articulate lady, so let them have it.
But what about all the latest developments?
Wanting to inject five-year-olds and up?
Uh, the hospital's full of people with ADE from the vaccines, admitting record levels of microcarditis and heart attacks.
I mean, we're living, like, in, like, end-of-day stuff if this keeps getting worse.
It's absolutely dystopian.
I mean, it's Orwellian even.
If you've watched or if you've read 1984, which I'm sure you have, we're living in those times right now.
As far as everything being censored, they're rewriting the definition for vaccination.
Now they're rewriting the definition again to fit their narrative yet again.
The CDC has more power than the federal government, it seems.
And the federal government just follows along with anything that they choose to do and whatever fits their agenda at the time.
How do we fight back against this?
You know, I think that that's everybody's question right now, and we feel helpless, and that's the biggest downfall in this current time in America, is we all feel helpless.
We don't know how to fight back, but the one thing that I can do is keep being vocal, keep spreading awareness, keep spreading information.
Regardless of how many times they ban me or silence me, I'm going to keep coming back.
They're not going to be able to succeed.
Now, tell folks about where they can find you because so much of this fight is getting outside of social media networks and promoting radio stations, TV stations, people's private websites, folks setting up their own infrastructures like Bandot Video.
Because you're a super smart lady.
Once I learned about you, I watched a bunch of your videos.
I'm like, this lady does better videos than I do.
And there's so many really amazing people like you out there that are being suppressed so folks don't hear about them.
Yeah, I mean that's a part of the game.
You know better than anybody else, Alex, how they They only want their narrative out there, and they only want their soldiers out there.
The people that are going to parrot the mainstream media, the virtue signaling, and everything else.
They only want those people to have a platform.
Because I have been harassed and bullied by those people, and they don't get censored.
But all I have to do is post an article about Agenda 21, or just most recently I just posted something about the new patent that was approved for digital surveillance with a credit score, and it was banned for what was it?
Community Guidelines.
It was an actual article.
And it was an actual patent number, but that violates community guidelines.
So, as far as finding me, my only outlet right now is TikTok because everything else has been banned.
I am a bad girl, I guess.
Well, what I like is that you're not backing down and you're persevering over and over again.
So many well-spoken, articulate people get slapped down and they just go away.
The answer is keep coming back with perseverance because people are looking for the truth desperately right now.
Absolutely, I totally agree with you.
And if we roll over and do what they want, then we're submitting to the establishment and the system and what they want us to do.
That's what they're trying to do with these illegal mandates and this criminal gaslighting and this berating and virtue signaling.
They want to beat us down to the point where we feel defeated and we roll over and we give up and we just submit.
And that is not what Americans stand for and that's not who we are.
In fact, that's something I was planning to do today, but I always get behind and don't get to most of what I say I'm going to cover.
But I saw this footage on Instagram of four lions bringing down a giant giraffe.
And it takes them, you know, about six minutes to do it, holding each leg, putting weight on until it finally collapses and they kill it.
But that's what they're doing to America.
There's all these lions attached to us, trying to pull us down, trying to destroy us, trying to make us collapse, trying to make us give up.
But we've got to be aware of it and not give up.
Well, I like to think that we're the lions and they're more of the hyenas.
But yes, I like that analogy for sure.
Where do you see things going with Biden?
Like, what else has A and then B, what else have they particularly censored?
What hot buttons make them really afraid of you?
The border.
Let's talk about the border.
Let's talk about how the Obama administration deemed an immigration crisis at 1,000 immigrants crossing the border per day.
And now during this administration, we're at over 6,000.
And it's no big deal.
And then when Psaki is asked about when is Biden going to go visit the border, and she said, well, he's been to the border.
And then she's, you know, rebuked with that statement saying, well, no, no, he hasn't.
Not even as vice president, was he at the border?
She goes, well, he drove by it.
And they claim to be the most transparent administration in history.
Well, that's not transparent.
My seven-year-old lies better than Psaki does.
This border issue, this is willingly, this is on purpose, and it's criminal.
It's treason.
So I don't know how we're gonna... Going forward, we need people in Texas to step up.
We need more government officials to sue this administration.
We need more people to step up and take accountability for what's going on, but we can't with the media working for this administration and censoring everything they do that is wrong.
It's really hard.
It's really hard.
We have to have people like me.
We have to have digital warriors.
We have to have people on ground zero with their video cameras and their phones out there to get the information, because it's not going to get out there any other way.
Well, it's a premeditated, preordained program of Agenda 21 that you just mentioned to do this.
It's called Replacement Migration.
These people will never get jobs.
They're here to be permanent clients of the system, just like Europe.
And, again, the Democrats know the world's awake to them, so they're just trying to break the economy and destroy it as fast as they can.
I want to get your take on Biden, the midterms coming up, and how they're going to segue out of Biden in the next three years.
I don't see him staying there another year.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Leah Mathis will give us her take.
You can find her on TikTok at leeleagin, with three Ns at the end.
And there it is on screen.
Well, we've got fellow thought criminal Leah Mathis on with us.
And I was asking her how we stopped the tyranny during the break.
She was laying it out.
The real knowledge about who's in charge and the main captain of this is Barack Obama.
So you were laying out some of the inside intel for folks that aren't as informed as you are.
Explain why things are so bad and how this is premeditated.
Well, if you know about the Smith-Muntz Act, it was actually originated in 1948 and it was to make sure that the media told the truth and they couldn't use propaganda to influence the people internationally and nationally within our own house.
In 2012, Barack Obama actually revised that bill and took away The fact that you can't lie.
He actually made it legal for the media to use propaganda to influence the American people.
And he calls it the Modernization Act.
So apparently being modernized means that you can manipulate the people with mistruths and misinformation.
And that needs to sink in.
I mean, speak more to that and why that's so important.
Okay, so parents now are being labeled as domestic terrorists.
Patriots are being labeled domestic terrorists because they go against the mainstream media narrative.
This is all propaganda.
This is to influence the masses to make the good guy seem like the bad guy.
And this was the catalyst to make that happen.
This is manipulation.
This is brainwashing.
At its best.
This is to, you know, for those who have intellectually malleable minds, you watch your TV screen and they tell you the sky is green, you're going to repeat the sky is green because if you repeat a lie enough, it becomes the truth.
And that's exactly what they're doing to a majority of the population that still believes that the media is honest.
Well, that's right.
Techniques developed by the Pentagon of deception Developed to fight Al-Qaeda, which was never used against Al-Qaeda, is now being used against the American people, and they're externalizing the method that gun owners, veterans, people that challenge elections, people that challenge lockdowns, or forced vaccine mandates are terrorists.
Biden made that the official U.S.
government policy in June, and now we're seeing the externalization of that hierarchy.
They're villainizing the people that actually are our descendants of those that fought for this country.
And they're the reasons why we don't speak with a British accent right now.
We are the descendants of those people.
And let's think about that for just a moment.
Literally, the federal government's hijacked.
It's dissolved the borders.
It's devaluing the dollar.
It is selling us out to Communist China, it is coming after us with poison shots, it is suppressing known treatments for COVID-19, the hospitals are full of people with ADE from the shots, and...
Now they're coming and saying Americans can't have gas pipelines or oil under the UN, but Saudi Arabia needs to up its output.
I mean, simply put, we're not just saying they're a foreign outside power.
The Democratic Party works for the globalists that are ending the country as we know it.
And what does an occupied force do?
It declares the domestic real citizens terrorists.
So it's just like the Vichy French in World War II.
They'd already quietly sold out to Hitler.
That's why the French military folded like a, you know, house of cards.
And then they were given control of the country by Hitler.
And so that's what globalists are.
They are collaborators that have sold out the country to multinational corporations.
And they're going to continue to do so until something happens where the people unite and we stand together.
And they're seeing that slowly right now.
It won't be televised.
The revolution never will be.
But you are seeing Black Lives Matter, you know, arm and arm with patriots in New York City the other day protesting these mandates.
And it's only going to get bigger.
And in Atlanta.
And in Atlanta and all.
That's really scaring the system.
Oh, that's their biggest fear.
Their biggest fear is unification of Americans because they have worked so hard and they've spent so much money trying to divide us.
And they still continue to do so.
Why do you think even the good Republicans like Rand Paul and others won't get into the Great Reset, the New World Order, when Klaus Schwab's like, this is our great government.
We have seized America.
I mean, he's on his website saying we control them now.
We are going to shut that energy off and teach them that we are in command.
And it's like some crazy German dude that looks like a James Bond villain and then our own leaders aren't pointing out to Americans this is a foreign attack?
In my own personal opinion, as much as I've researched the deep state and this shadow government that we know is really running things because Biden can't even form a coherent sentence, we know that he is not the one in charge making these decisions.
I think that there's a lot of darkness that even we don't know about and I think that if it was exposed, I think that half of society would not know how to absorb that information.
I think that the people in power, there's a lot of rhinos, and that's actually why I left the Republican Party and consider myself constitutionalist.
But I think they're scared.
I think there's a lot of things that go on behind closed doors, a lot of threats, a lot of blackmail, a lot of things like that, which, you know, inhibit honest men from being honest.
Well, that's right.
They already shot at Rand Paul and broke his ribs and punctured his lung.
They already hit Scalise.
They've already attacked him when he goes outside.
And so, yeah, they're hunted.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL run the major Nazi groups in the country, and they'll just come shoot your ass.
So yeah, it's serious.
No, it's very serious.
There's things, you know, as a part of, George Carlin said it best, it's a big club and you ain't in it, and there are things that they do behind closed doors, and even out in the open if you pay attention, little hand symbols they'll make to each other, and then their facial expressions change and they turn around quickly and, you know, they're all flustered afterwards.
You have to pay attention to the little things, the details.
And they always tell on themselves, you know, they always, they reveal the truth without trying to reveal the truth, you just have to read between the lines.
Well, you're absolutely right.
Well, I want to get you up again.
And hell, you ought to come co-host for us sometime or do the fourth hour because you're being nice and pausing for me to talk.
But we got two and a half minutes to break.
Hit us with another rant that they're trying to censor.
Another rant that they're trying to censor.
Well, let's see.
Well, let's talk about how the FDA panel was caught live on television when they were trying to approve the vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds.
And it was unanimous that they approved it.
But then when they had that little videotape, one of the advisors was saying, how will we know?
If, uh, you know, the vaccine's safe unless we distribute it to the people.
These people are trying to give our children mRNA when all the animals in the trials died.
So what did they do?
They just stopped those trials.
And now let's just give it to the American children.
Okay, the CEO of Pfizer has not been vaccinated.
Pfizer employees are exempt from being vaccinated.
Immigrants at the border are exempt from being vaccinated.
And if you talk about that on any platform whatsoever, shut down for misinformation when it's all factual
And let that sink in, what you just said.
The board members that just voted to inject five-year-olds and up with
experimental shot said we won't know if it works till we give it to them.
But they know in all the previous studies, it kills the majority of the animals.
In some studies, all of them.
I mean, wow, this is premeditated murder out in the open.
It's a war crime.
We are at war, right?
Gut level, Leah, though, it seems like you're optimistic that we're going to win.
I, you know, it's better to have faith, and I'm a faithful woman, and I believe that good resides over evil, and good will always win and triumph over evil.
There's no way, um, with all the people, and there's a lot more of us, I mean, we are, we outnumber, we are the majority.
These people that you see on TV over and over again, they are not the majority, no matter how hard they try to convince you that they are, they're not.
We are the majority, and we will win.
We win every time, I mean, we're Americans, we're undefeated.
Well, I'm sold and I really appreciate you.
Please join us again anytime you've got breaking news.
That's Leah Mathews.
You can find her on TikTok at leeleahgain with three N's at the end.
There it is.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
All right.
We got the guy who was just on Tucker Carlson again, Dr. Darren Betty.
He's going to be on talking about what really happened on January 6th.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
So, I've been on air 28 years, and I've learned a lot.
In fact, I've learned more in a year now than I learned in the previous five or six years.
That's part of getting older and having experiences.
But I remember in the 90s warning people about certain militias that were calling for violence and saying, clearly that's a Fed running those.
And then all these other militias would say, you're against militias.
You're against the Second Amendment.
You must be a Fed.
I'm like, no, I believe in the Second Amendment.
I believe in lawful militias.
And I believe citizens should be like civil defense.
And I'm not even against people having militias.
You know, if they're like a civil defense club and don't call for pipe bombing people.
And then it would always turn out that indeed it was feds running the groups who'd even been attacking me saying don't listen to Jones, you know, he's a fed.
Or Jones, more recently, he says Q is run by the deep state.
Why Q says Trump's invincible and we know it was all a cut out.
And so I've been proven right over and over again, but you've got to be an idiot not to understand this.
We had a million people at the Trump rally at the Ellipse.
The left's trying to conflate that with the 500, 600 that went to the Capitol.
The majority of those waved in by police and were told to stand down.
And being there that day, there were provocateurs everywhere saying, attack, attack!
A bunch of them looked like antifa.
They were a bunch of, you know, theater geek types up on platforms saying, get in there, get in there.
And by the time I showed up at the Capitol, I said, turn back, don't go in.
We're going to have a Kent State.
Somebody's going to get killed.
And indeed that happened.
The reason I tell that story is, this same thing that happened 20 years ago in the 90s, or 25 years ago to me, happened again.
I started, you know, having people like Dr. Beattie on the show, after he'd been on Tucker's, and had Big Arnold's and Revolver, and started getting emails and calls saying, you better not say there were any feds there, or you're saying we're feds!
And I said to those people, I'm not saying you're a fed, I'm saying clearly some of these people were feds.
No, no, no, there weren't feds provocateuring, don't look into that, or you're saying we're all feds.
So that same tactic was done again to me, and I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is a little weird here.
So he only had, you know, 10 minutes or so on Tucker.
We'll go a little bit the next hour and then Roger Stone's coming up with a lot of breaking news.
So I wanted him to have a chance to talk more about this.
But I'm not here like the French Inquisition or the Spanish Inquisition saying you're a Fed, that's a Fed, this is a Fed.
But I am here to be able to look at the evidence and talk about People that provocateured, like this Ray Epps guy, not being arrested.
But Owen Schroyer, who was there and did nothing and told people not to go in, he's been arrested.
And now they want to arrest me, they're saying.
They're trying to claim I did this.
So, it's really wild to try to stop people going in the building, with police permission by the way, and to be them saying, arrest me in the news.
But then people that are like, attack!
Go in and burn it down!
Get them, get them!
They're all protected.
So Dr. Darren Beatty is a former professor of political science at Duke University who
went on to serve in the White House as an advisor and speech writer to President Trump.
He's also the founder of Revolver News, revolver.news.
So we're here talking about things we're not supposed to talk about according to the super
patriots, Darren, but you've been vindicated in the last four or five months exposing this.
It's now come out that indeed there were feds and informants and they did provocateur and since you did that it forced the FBI to come out and admit that myself and Trump and Roger Stone, because they've got all our phone records, were not coordinating what happened that day.
That made us look like idiots.
That was a disaster for America and for the 10-day investigation we won in the Senate.
So I'm done ranting.
I want you to be able to flesh out what's happened and unfolded since you were on Tucker a few days ago.
Well, first of all, thanks for having me on.
And this is a very important subject.
As you pointed out, you've been knowledgeable and have known the basic truth about how the government infiltrates various militia groups for a long time.
And this Revolver.News piece that you mentioned that covers this particular fellow, Ray Epps, and his apparent role in orchestrating the first breach of the Capitol, this piece actually concludes because Uh, Thomas Massey really drew attention to the Ray Epps article in his interrogation of the Attorney General Merrick Garland.
And so our piece, fittingly, concludes with a little bit about Merrick Garland and it, you know, really Reminds people that this is not Merrick Garland's first rodeo.
He's been involved in the quote-unquote domestic extremism beat since the 90s when these infiltration operations really started to kick into high gear.
So let's start from the beginning.
Who is this fellow Ray Epps?
I don't know if you've shown some of the video footage yet to your audience, but I think Yeah, we've shown it in the last week quite a bit.
We've shown your Tucker clips as well.
But yeah, that's important to add.
No wonder they didn't want you investigating this, because since you did the best focus on this, and Tucker did, this is now the subject of ongoing hearings in Congress with the Attorney General.
So, no wonder you're under attack, I'm under attack, Tucker's under attack, because we are right over the target on this.
So, I mean, let me just kind of contextualize what this video is.
So, in the mountains of footage that we have on 1.6 and the events leading up to 1.6, as far as I'm aware, this is the only footage of someone the day before Calling repeated occasions to multiple different groups saying, we need to go into the Capitol.
We need to go into the Capitol.
There are all kinds of Trump supporters there.
There was Black Lives Matter.
There are all these different groups that had all these different agendas.
It seems like this individual, Ray Epps, was focused on one specific agenda, going in to the Capitol.
Now, it would have been one thing if it's just some crazy guy the evening before, and that's the last that we heard of him.
But on the next day, on that fateful day, January 6th, it's a veritable, where's Waldo?
This guy Ray Epps is everywhere.
He's directing people to the Capitol.
In fact, as the president was speaking, he was directing people to the Capitol.
He said, this is where our problems are.
Go to the Capitol, go to the Capitol.
Then sure enough, seconds before the initial breach in the Capitol, Ray Epps is there, he whispers into somebody's ear, and then two seconds later, that person conducts the first breach.
That's right, he's right there when the first barriers are knocked down, when the first, quote, breach begins.
I mean, this guy's a field marshal of this whole operation.
Right, and so a couple interesting things to point out.
Some very concrete and factual, some subjective but very suggestive and I think important.
The subjective part of it that I think I encourage your viewers to watch these There he is directing him to ram a fence over a cop that's crushed under it.
Why hasn't the FBI arrested his ass?
It's on video.
He's doing provocateurs and commands people to ram over police and then he's not been arrested but Owen Schroeder is facing years in prison for nothing.
No, exactly, and this is something I want to get to very soon, but I just want to point out the subjective element is this, is that I do think there were a lot of people on January 6th, emotions were high, the government's been screwing us, people were angry, and they got caught up in the crowd psychology, let their anger get the best of them, and they made maybe a foolish decision.
Do they deserve to be labeled domestic terrorists for that?
No, but people got caught up in the anger.
The interesting thing about EPS, though, Is if there's one word to describe his disposition and his behavior on that day, it's professional.
This guy is not angry.
This guy approaches the entire event with the cool detachment of a seasoned professional.
He's very calm throughout.
He's very authoritative throughout.
People just listen to him.
It's actually remarkable how people just listen to him.
But he's very cool.
He's very detached.
He's very professional.
And that kind of emotional detachment from the situation Is in pretty stark contradiction to the radical nature of what he's actually suggesting.
And I think that really is a huge red flag in terms of somebody being a provocateur versus being someone who's just angry and caught up.
Well, I remember seeing him and getting the willies like that day or the day before thinking, what a look at him saying that is a creepy bad dude.
I mean, out of all the people, I don't I'm not like paranoidly walking around looking for that.
And the minute I saw him, alarm bells went off.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And look, and you see, he's right there as the very first breach of the Capitol occurs.
Now, the question is, why is he a free man?
Why hasn't he been arrested?
Why do the feds seem to have no interest in him when they have interest in everybody else?
They have interest in you, they have interest in Schroer, everybody else.
Well, that's a very interesting question.
And in fact, to understand the full context of this question, you have to know that Ray Epps actually was among the first 20 people That the Feds put on their January 6 Most Wanted list.
They pretended, at least, that they wanted to know who he was.
And then they did their stick where they say, oh, we're calling on the public to help us identify him.
All right, Dr. Beattie, stay there.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
This is really important.
Dr. Darren J. Beattie is our guest.
He is the owner and also one of the best writers over at Revolver.News.
And I'm not ready to talk about all this yet because I want to see these people expose themselves.
I haven't even told Darren about this yet.
But now that I see what the committee is saying and doing and what their quote witnesses are saying and what's being quoted, my worst concerns are starting to become clear that there was pretty much a group in the White House as well and without that was actually working with the deep state provocateur operation and planned for something far worse to happen that day.
But by the grace of God, it basically was a dud, like an explosive that goes off, but doesn't fully detonate.
It was meant to be hundreds of times worse.
And again, I'm not at liberty to talk about this yet, but I'm not stupid.
And I've been around the block a few times, and I'm not a paranoid person.
I just go off the facts.
And this was really, really a nasty operation.
Now you've got these Pentagon whistleblowers that have come out.
And expose the fact that there was people in the Pentagon that were manipulating and trying to set something up on January 6 as well.
And so we're really blessed that this didn't turn out even worse.
But going back to Dr. Beatty here, Doc, you were getting into the fact that this guy has not been arrested.
He was on the most wanted list, but then they suddenly took him off.
Please continue.
Yes, so he was on the most wanted list and the FBI did their thing similar to what they've done with this as of yet unsolved pipe bomb issue that they've claimed, oh we really want the public's help in identifying this guy and the internet got to work and it took the internet like a couple days to identify Ray Epps and crickets from the FBI.
Now that he was identified they seemingly had no interest in him.
And then about five months later, they quietly and very mysteriously simply scrubbed Ray Epps off of their site completely.
One of the many scoops within the Revolver.News piece is we were able to interpolate the exact day that they scrubbed EPS off of there.
It happened to be the very day after Revolver.News ran a major investigative story on an Oath Keeper, the head of the Oath Keepers, which was, I think, very interesting timing.
And so we don't know why they scrubbed it.
The timing is very suspicious.
And, you know, a lot of answers that we don't have.
And I think it's worth kind of providing some context into this, is to say that it's one thing for the Feds to basically have known that something was going to happen on 1.6 and they did nothing to stop it.
They just knew and they let it happen on purpose.
That's damning enough due to the political ramifications of this new domestic war on terror against all Trump supporters.
But it increasingly looks like the truth is darker still, and in fact tracks much more closely with what we now know the Fed's role to have been in the Michigan kidnapping case, which is not simply one of having passive informants passing on information to their handlers, but that we have key individuals playing proactive incitement roles.
In the event, and that's even more of a scandal than simply knowing and letting it happen.
But that seems to track what we see.
It seems to track what we know about Michigan, and it seems to track the entire history of the government's infiltration operations into the various militia groups, which Merrick Garland has been a key instrumental figure in overseeing going all the way back to the 90s, which is very important for your audience to understand.
Well, that's right.
We were talking just a few days ago, me and one of my crew members with a young man going through ROTC.
He's about to be commissioned as an officer.
And he said, even before this happened, going back about two years ago, before January 6, 95% of their training is right wingers and conservatives and gun owners and a revolution.
How the military is going to have to crush domestic terrorists.
So even before Trump got Remove from office.
The deep state, the bureaucracy, was preparing for a war with the American people.
So obviously, just like Michigan, which did turn out to be a staged event by the FBI, they are doing that again here, and they're obviously planning it again for the midterms.
That's my really big concern is that they're really gearing up through the groups the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and others control.
Absolutely, and just on this point about the militia infiltration operations going back to the 90s, there's a mainstream researcher, real expert in quote-unquote domestic extremism called J.M.
Berger, and he has an article on the entire history of the infiltration operations going back to the 90s.
And he refers to an operation that I'm sure you're very familiar with, and your audience, thanks to your extensive knowledge, is probably very familiar with, called PatCon.
And his description of PatCon goes as follows.
This is the domestic extremism researcher.
He said, In 1990, the FBI began picking up on rumors about an effort to reconstitute a notorious terrorist gang known as the Order.
To prevent the rise of a second order, FBI undercover agents would become it.
To prevent the rise of another terrorist group, the FBI would have to become it.
And sure enough, PatCon was launched with the establishment of a honeypot militia-type organization that was set up for the express purpose of an entrapment operation such as this.
And so, given the key and integral role that now A.G.
Garland played in these infiltration operations, In the 90s, we have to reformulate J.M.
Berger's statement and ask very directly, very pointedly, very damningly, is it also the case that in order to prevent this fictional MAGA insurrection, the Feds essentially had to invent one?
They had to become the insurrection.
And does that explain all of these damning examples of key figures who seem to play key roles In the events of 1-6, going free, feds not interested in them.
And meanwhile, all the little figures, all the people have done nothing.
A lot of them are rotting in jail.
And there are a lot of people like you that have nothing to do with it, that the feds are interested in for political reasons.
Well, we also have a lot of former veterans of PsyOps.
We have it on screen right here from OAN earlier in the week.
Coming out and saying this is classified stuff we developed.
We never even use it on radical Islamists overseas.
It was seen as too immoral.
But he said they're now publicly using it.
He lists names against the American people.
Again, that's deception and disinfo against us.
Claiming that we are evil and all these horrible things and that is Pentagon directed.
So here's the Q movement we know.
Yeah, they use 4chan and 8chan as the fronts, but that was former intelligence operatives, and I have the sources.
I'm not supposed to give them out here on air, but we know the story of Q, folks.
I told you this years ago, and it was actually the Deep State Democrats with Barack Obama basically in control of Q the whole time.
Yeah, well, I mean, I don't have any special insight into that.
I would only say that if Q is actually an operation from the Pentagon, it's surprising in the very narrow sense that I'm amazed to see anything effective coming out from the Pentagon, because I'm simply not impressed with the intelligence of people at the Pentagon.
So if they actually pulled off Q, then That's impressive in a certain way.
Well, Doc, let me be clear.
It was criminal elements using these systems, some in, some out, in different agencies, the CIA mainly, the Atlantic Council, people like that.
But yeah, they created an invincibility narrative of Trump, that Trump was secretly preparing a military coup.
They even tried to present Trump later with this to get him to go with it so they could arrest him.
They were trying to get Trump to try a coup so they could do a counter coup and bring in martial law.
No, I mean, this is very interesting.
And so I'm not an expert in Q, but I just have a casual familiarity with it.
And my sense is that part of its effectiveness is that it draws upon two illusions that are really seized upon by people on the right in the United States.
And one of those illusions is that the military is on their side, that the military is somehow going to protect them, that the military are the good guys.
I think conservatives and people on the right desperately want to believe in this not only good, but also competent military, when I think that all of the facts fly in the face of both of those narratives.
I don't think that the DoD, certainly at the highest levels, are not advancing the interests of the American people.
And as for the DoD's competence, well, I say just look to the recent example of Afghanistan, which is not terribly encouraging.
I 100% agree with you.
And I think Trump, who I know you work for and I respect him as well, he bought into the military.
He was loyal at the top and we're good guys.
When they were his biggest enemies, a million others.
Stay right there.
I want to come back and ask where all this goes now and what you expect him to pull in the next 12 months.
During the midterms, because their whole architecture, their whole posture is that the right wing, you know, soccer moms are going to machine gun everybody and blow everything up.
They're doing it with a straight face.
And as you said, Garland was put in there because he ran these operations before with Eric Holder, I should add.
So we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hour number four, Roger Stone as well.
Roger Stone is coming up.
He wants to get into election fraud and 2022 and some big news he's got.
When Roger reaches out, it's always big news.
Usually it's me just getting him on for some subject I've got that's usually pretty important as well, so that should be very informative.
But going back to you, Doc, I've been asking a lot of the questions here.
I've got a lot of points to make, but what else is on your radar screen concerning January 6th?
Well, I'd like to see all of these events and all this research play out to its conclusion.
As you know, there are a number of people that Revolver has highlighted in terms of the curious federal protection that they seem to enjoy, and some of these people are very senior members of the key militia groups imputed to 1.6.
So we're looking at the issue very carefully, and we hope there's some kind of resolution that That actually brings to bear without any question what actually went on about 1-6.
And it's so important.
It's not just about absolving people languishing in prison for nothing.
It's much bigger than that.
It's about absolving over half the country of suspicion of being domestic terrorists.
And it's about undercutting the very narrative that the government and its apparatchiks and the media are using To promote this new domestic error 2.0 narrative.
So there's a tremendous amount at stake and it all comes from looking at these little details and pointing out, look, we're doing major investigative reporting showing that everything that the government and the media has told us about 1.6 is a lie.
Well, doctor, there's no doubt that it's unprecedented, not just in history, but world history.
when a major country says we're basically listing moms that protest racial brainwashing,
racist brainwashing as terrorists and all the rest of it, and with a straight face they say,
yes, this is the big threat, that clearly this is an authoritarian, illegitimate regime
that is now trying to sell the public on the idea of engaging in commissar type political police operations.
It's just, I mean, on a scale of one to 10, this is like a 9.7.
I mean, what they're attempting to do is as bad as it gets, and then where it leads us is hell on earth.
No, I think it's absolutely right.
And what this shows is effectively, wokeness is the de facto official ideology of the American regime, or what I've come to call the globalist American empire.
And you see that in every dimension of American life.
You see that in every major institution in America.
Wokeness is the de facto official religion.
In fact, spokesman for the State Department just came out celebrating how they have, you know, gender neutral designations now on our passports.
So, it's a full-spectrum development.
It's across every institution.
It's across every sector in society.
This is the new ideology of the American regime, of the globalist American empire.
And I think there are two very important takeaways that people should know who object to these developments.
And everyone wants to change the issue.
A lot of us are angry about it, but there are two things to really understand, and this is directly connected to this narrative of 1.6.
And that one is what you began with earlier, that for the most part, all these militia organizations in the United States, if they're not explicitly honeypots, They are functionally honeypots.
And so people need to be very careful about these groups, because what a perfect idea to just set up a militia, say, hey, we're set up for the express purpose of, you know, breaking laws and reformulating it as, oh, we're adhering to our oaths, but we're really about, you know, people willing to break laws.
And then they've got a little fake army they control to be the trigger to bring in real martial law.
So that is one very specific thing people need to understand that militia groups are heavily infiltrated.
They're honeypots.
Basically, stay away.
Be careful about it.
The second, which is a broader extension of this thesis, is that The national security state's injection into domestic political arena is a major and I would say the preeminent bottleneck to any progress being made politically within the domestic sphere.
Stay there, let's talk about that back in 60 seconds.
Alright folks, so there is a foreign multinational globalist force taking the country over.
They need to provocateur a fight with an American resistance that they control so they can discredit a resistance so that a real resistance doesn't politically take back things peacefully.
They want it to be violent.
They know what Jesus Christ knew and what Martin Luther King Jr.
knew and what Mohammed Gandhi knew.
It was true that if we have the superior political philosophy and idea of a free market, American, pluralistic, classically liberal society, their leftist, corporate, globalist, fascist system won't succeed.
So they're wrapping all their surveillance and all their tyranny and all their race division promotion in the wokeness.
So the private Federal Reserve is destroying the currency?
They put out press releases about being woke.
And then you've got hundreds of city attorneys and county attorneys and district attorneys put in by Soros and others that are literally letting murderers out of jail.
They're letting people that rob banks and pistol whip people out the next day.
A young man in a leftist city in North Texas shoots three people and they release him in a couple hours and he doesn't even, and they're still in the hospital.
I mean, this is the destabilization of the country and here it is.
Judge Amy Jackson released a January 6th defendant from pretrial custody after he disavowed Trump in a letter.
His lawyer suggested a political conversion.
I've never seen anything like this, says Cernovich, and I've got the article right here.
They even said that, well, his mental processes were letting him go for thought crime.
Another one, Capitol Police to open field offices.
You know about that around the country.
So they're just expanding all of this, and it's so incredibly Dangerous that they've gotten to this point.
So I think that's what Dr. Darren Beatty was getting to and how it's impossible as a nation to function with these type of things going on.
So what can you do?
What can I do?
What can Trump do?
I mean, I guess you've done so much just with Revolver by taking it on and exposing it.
You've got congressional hearings now with the Attorney General being grilled on just this subject.
So it looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
There is, and I think really the title of your media empire really underscores the operative place to focus, and that is the Infowar.
The Infowar is all that matters.
That's where everything real happens.
It's all about narrative control.
And what I'm very proud of in relation to what Revolver.News has been able to do, apart from our I would have to say world-class investigative reporting is that we've been able to shape and drive narratives and therefore participate successfully in the info war.
Now, in light of a lot of our reporting, it's a major narrative on part of the national discourse that Yes, the Feds and the government probably played a key role in the events of 1.6.
I think really focusing on the info war, learning how to play it in a very sophisticated way, understanding all the dimensions of information and its distribution, that's the only way we can hope to win.
It's not about, you know, focusing on militia groups that are controlled by the feds.
It's probably at this stage not even very optimistic in terms of winning elections.
Because again, we have this machine, we can win elections, and how often does that translate into what we actually
think it does?
You need to understand where the bottlenecks are.
And as I laid out, and as you've been an expert on for decades,
one of the biggest bottlenecks here is the Americans' national security state.
We need to really figure out a way to bring it under control, bring it under heel.
And one of the first steps toward that is kind of successfully unplugging this kind of Dispositional, right-wing, conservative veneration of the national security state and getting them to understand these guys are not your friends.
These people hate you, in fact.
These people are conducting war on you.
They've declared you domestic terrorists.
So stop saluting them.
Stop worshipping them.
They are not your friends.
That's right, I remember people fetishizing all of those people like Millie and the rest of them, and these guys are true and true globalists.
They are corporate elitists.
Yeah, the rank and file military are the best people you'll ever run into.
A lot of them are my friends, but they'll tell you on top, it is a woke litmus test
to get out the good people and they are turning the US military completely into a weapon of
war against the American people.
And you said it.
I mean, we just need to have a huge awakening here in America to this and then withdraw
our consent from it and then not be suckered into violence against it because that's what
they want.
And so people are like, you're not tough.
You don't want to have a war with these people.
say ideology of corruption.
It's a system of global corporations.
It's a devaluation of the dollar.
It's the corporate media waging war on us.
I mean, this is a serious long-term scientific takeover, and only waking up and pulling back and getting a 35,000-foot view of the globalist system gives us any chance.
I mean, you have to see the matrix to get out of the matrix.
You can't just fight different tentacles of it.
No, absolutely.
And unfortunately, it takes it takes some education, it takes some, you know, a very effective command of the infoward.
Because again, it's like, there's a reason that a lot of the best critics of the national security state come from the left.
And that's because the leftist psychological disposition is to critique structures of power.
And those on the right want to venerate institutions like, you know, the military, like the national security.
But now notice how it's flipped.
The left hated the national security institutions and all of it because they didn't fully control it.
Now that it's theirs, they worship it.
True, true.
Unless, you know, there are some outliers, people like, you know, Glenn Greenwald and Assange and all this.
These are some of the classic critics of the national security state.
And one thing I really like about revolver.news is we're helping to do that on the right.
We're helping to provide the necessary software updates, as it were, on the right to understand this new political era that we're in, in which the national security state is very much at war.
I think Trump finally gets it, because in hindsight, he said, my God, these generals lied to my face.
They were leftist scum the whole time.
I mean, I think for Trump, this was quite the educational process, because he was naive about how bad a shape America was in.
And I'm not saying that's a bad thing.
I mean, Trump really tried hard, but I think they're really scared of him if he got back in now with an even bigger landslide, because he would definitely not make a lot of the same mistakes.
Well, I certainly hope that's true, and I await with an open mind to see evidence of it.
There's a lot of mistakes, and again, it's like Trump thought, I guess, with some sort of, you know, we can sympathize with his thinking a little bit, he thought these generals were General Patton.
That's what he thought, just in the same way that a lot of people think the CIA is James Bond, but it's entirely fictional.
The Pentagon is not, you know, full of Patents.
They would probably be the first to expel Patton and probably throw him in jail.
The Pentagon killed Patton.
The Pentagon killed him.
And the CIA is certainly not full of James Bond.
So like their info war has been very good.
They've been very effective in the PR arena, but that's just not what these institutions are.
And they're able to keep roping conservatives in.
And the next big thing is all they have to do is talk about China and the threat from China.
And I guarantee so many conservatives will come just crawling right back to the national security state.
In light of this new Cold War with China, they're going to say, okay, they're talking about China now.
Even though the American national security state has declared war on me, I'm going to side with them because they're talking about China and the Uyghurs and such.
Well, Dr. Beattie, congratulations on I mean, it's not about credit, but credit is due as people know who is most effective with the truth.
You have brought this front and center to be a big issue in America, and that cripples their attempts at provocateuring and false flags.
It cripples their attempts to start this fight and lays the American people as the new enemy, and instead take the initiative back.
It's really blown up in their face right now, and so they're really on their heels, and you're owed a lot of credit for taking on this very, very tough subject, because I know the minions of the system come after you when you touch
this rail, other provocateur operations.
They get very, very pissed and very, very aggressive. Revolver.news, thank you so much, Doc.
Thank you. Thank you.
All right. Roger Stone is waiting in the wings and is about to take over with big
breaking news. And nobody knows about him trying to set you up like Roger.
In fact, I've got all the articles here.
They're trying to set he and I up right now.
He's been subpoenaed by this kangaroo thing in Congress, supposedly quarterbacking the attack on the Capitol, which he wasn't even at.
So we'll talk to Roger about that.
But first, 2022 elections and a bunch of electoral news that he wants to cover when we come back.
Infowars.com, one of the final outposts in the fight for the Republic and human liberty.
Yeah, a big awakening is happening, but is it happening fast enough?
That's why.
Don't sit on your laurels.
Spread the word today.
It's an info war.
We're about a year out.
A little more than 12 months from the incredibly important 2022 elections.
We know there was a coup.
We know there was fraud.
It's overwhelming.
And now we know they've declared even people protesting at school board meetings as terrorists.
And the National Education Association operative that put that postulate forward has now been brought and put on the National Education Board by Obama, and that's who runs the White House, is Obama in his third term here.
He thought Roosevelt was the only president to serve three terms.
Think again.
Here we are, and Roger Stone, the guy that got Trump to run for office, the guy that has been one of the number one enemies, if not the number one enemy, of the left, Alex, it's great to be here.
battled and of course former co-host of the war room with Owen Schreyer joins us.
He's got a lot of news on the electoral process and what's coming up on what's
happening. And of course the January 6 witch hunt, the new improved witch hunt,
trying to claim that Roger and I were scheming the attack on the Capitol with
absolutely no evidence. It just gets crazier and crazier.
So Roger, thanks for coming on with us, my friend.
Alex, it's great to be here. I feel like I'm back home.
First of all, I guess I'd like to observe the fact that my good friend Sean Hannity
is not completely correct when he says journalism in America is dead.
There's one guy who's actually practicing legitimate journalism, and that's my friend Darren Beatty at The Revolver.
And he has been a fountain of truth when it comes to the entire January 6th fiasco.
He is a bold, fearless reporter who prints the truth.
So if you're not following Revolver, you need to.
They really understand exactly what happened on January 6th, and their reporting has been without parallel.
Also, I have to salute my friend Tucker Carlson, who's had the cojones to put Darren Beatty on the air and let him expose the truth, not to mention InfoWars.
So Alex, the most important thing I want to talk today, the thing I'm really outraged about, Is a statement by a gentleman named Wesley Wilcox.
Now, Wesley Wilcox is not just the supervisor of the Marion County Board of Elections here in Florida.
He's also the chairman of the State Association of Supervisors of Election.
And he has put forward an incredible memo in which he tells everybody to shut up and pipe down about the question of election integrity.
Nominally a Republican, Wesley Wilcox, actually says free speech is a threat to democracy.
No, Mr. Wilcox, I think you have this exactly backwards.
Free speech is what preserves democracy and he's already gone so far as to say nobody's going to audit my elections and people need to stop talking about election integrity.
I think this is a setup.
You see, Marion County is partially in the district in which my friend Laura Loomer is running for Congress.
So what is it Mr. Wilcox has in mind?
Let me point out that the last time Laura Loomer ran for Congress, it a hopelessly blue district.
She won on election day, she won in early voting, and she was only swamped in the mail-in votes.
No Republican has ever won in that district on election day.
That's right, they're scared of her, and this guy's a microcosm.
They're all over the country, Republicans and Democrats, but also Republicans saying, don't question elections.
That's something we have a right to do.
That's something Democrats have always done.
So again, this is outrageous.
No, it really is, and I think it is a setup.
Now, I think we can tell whether Mr. Wilcox is up to dirty business, because they have upcoming municipal elections in Marion County, and I'm going to be monitoring those very, very closely.
You know, people may not be aware of it, but there's a terrific group here in Florida, Defend Florida, that is working day and night to audit the last elections and turn up overwhelming evidence of fraud.
If you're not following... So I think he protests so much.
I mean, let's not look at elections.
I'm not going to allow audits when that's by law you do that.
I mean, that's very suspicious.
We have one million phantom voters in this state.
One million people who are on the voting rolls who don't really exist.
It's really incredible and you can already see that you have Governor Ron DeSantis up in 2022.
He is the number one enemy of the deep state.
He's led on masks.
He has led on censorship.
He has led on election integrity.
They want to discredit him.
They want to use him as an example.
They want to show what happens to governors who stand up to the deep state.
Soros and his pals will drop $1 billion into Florida to try to take out Ron DeSantis.
Now, look, his election integrity package is not perfect.
His internet censorship package is not perfect.
But when it comes to COVID... We better all get behind him 110%.
It's like Senator Cruz isn't perfect.
Would you rather have Beto O'Rourke?
Yeah, exactly.
So look, I'm 100% for Ron DeSantis.
But let me let me stress, Defend Florida, which is a totally grassroots group here in Florida, is doing the hard work with volunteers in every county and they're uncovering extraordinary results.
There are 1 million people And by the way, that's the good thing that's coming out of you and Mike Lindell and all the listeners.
Fighting hard is all over the country.
We're finding the real evidence so we can hopefully ferret it out and stop it before the midterms.
How do we save this country?
How do we get more election integrity so they can't pull this scam?
Well, first of all, let's let Mr. Wilcox know we're watching.
You can call his office at 352-620-3290 and respectfully, don't yell, don't call anonymously and hang up.
We don't do crap like that.
Tell him your name and express your disappointment that he thinks these are his elections.
These are not his elections.
He says, no one's touching my vote.
Well, they're not.
Tell everybody the county, tell everybody his name, and then give out his number again.
Yes, his name is Wesley Wilcox.
He's the supervisor of the Marion County Board of Elections, but more importantly, he's the chairman of the Statewide Association of Supervisors of Elections.
His number is 352-620-3290.
Now, we don't like anonymous calls, we don't like yelling, we don't like insults.
Don't call him and tell him he's a piece of crap.
Call him and tell him you objected to his public statements.
These are not his elections.
These are our elections.
And free speech does not damage democracy.
Free speech is what preserves democracy.
This guy is nominally a Republican, but Alex, I think he's getting his talking points from the Democratic National Committee.
Well sure, we know just like the governor of Georgia, there are these Republicans that know there's fraud, but if they play nice, they get left in power.
Look, what I see here is an effort to defraud Laura Loomer in her next election.
They are deathly afraid of this woman because she's got guts, and because she's coming and they know it.
She's going to knock off a rhino in the primaries coming up, and part of her district is in this county.
So he's trying to prepare us for the fact that there's going to be shenanigans, just like there was in Palm Beach County, where I believe she was cheated out of a congressional seat in the last election.
So I'm going to be watching these elections coming up in the municipal elections to see if he's monkeying with the results.
And let me tell you, Mr. Wilcox, I have got a platoon of lawyers ready to bring you to court and the citizens of Marion County won't stand for shenanigans in the upcoming elections.
Not for a second.
You brought lawyers in and decided some big elections before, Roger.
Another reason the Democrats hate you.
And I know you made comeuppance for it, but you didn't know that George W. would be just as bad as Al Gore, but you helped, you know, with that whole election.
And so you're not playing games.
And speaking of the devil, we're gonna come back and talk about elections.
Do you think Trump is going to be able to run and defeat that little devil Joe Biden we've got in there?
But can Joe Biden even hang on and stay in there much longer?
We'll get Roger Stone's take on all of this on the other side.
And Roger, what's the best website for people to find everything in Stoneland?
Tonight at 9 o'clock I'll be on Lyndell TV to talk more about this.
People need to know what's going on in Florida because it's a precursor.
Absolutely, stay there.
Florida's the battleground.
Well, Roger Stone has got the answers for us.
Is Trump really planning to run in 2022?
Because, you know, the election is in 2024, but how is he going to be involved, engaged in the midterms?
Because that's obviously already getting him ready to run in 2023 to make his announcement or even earlier.
And what do we do to make sure that we can get Trump to run?
And what does Roger Stone think is going to end up happening?
With Joe Biden, who we knew was an individual over his expiration date, but the deterioration is so accelerated now that when Roger and I first three years ago, you know, said that the presumptive candidate had had another stroke and had cognitive problems, we were censored and attacked.
But even by the campaign, it was completely evident.
Now it's begun even a bad comedy.
So those those issues are obviously intertwined, Roger.
Yeah, Alex, you're absolutely right.
Look, there's been a kind of an evolution in my thinking here.
I'm a veteran of 11 national presidential campaigns.
And previously, I did not think the president Would run or that he should run.
I've completely changed my view.
I now recognize that he is without any question our strongest candidate.
He's the only one who can keep the entire America First movement united.
The left fears him even more than they fear Alex Jones or Roger Stone.
They're not big fans of ours in case you didn't know that.
By the way, this shirt, this t-shirt triggers the left More than anything other than a Roger Stone do nothing wrong t-shirt.
I wear this to the supermarket, people go out of their minds.
Out of their minds.
It just triggers the left.
So if you don't have an InfoWars t-shirt, go to the web store and get one now.
By the way, that's one of our best sellers forever.
It's been on about six years.
It's bright red on navy blue.
InfoWars.com and InfoWars.com on the shoulder and the back.
And yeah, I think that's called the InfoWars in your face shirt.
But definitely that will drive them crazy, Roger.
Well, and if you want to get your Roger Stone did nothing wrong t-shirt, go to rogerstonestore.com, rogerstonestore.com, and you can get it there, or go to stonecoldtruth.com in the store there, but you need to have one of these because if the country goes to hell, you can sell it to the Smithsonian for a couple million bucks.
Well, I mean, you know, we may get shut down.
You may get shut down.
I mean, we've been in this fight so long, you longer than I, that we've kind of gotten friends with our destruction.
We've kind of become acquainted with it.
But man, I mean, this is an authoritarian nightmare.
You were talking during the break, though, about the election fraud and not knowing if Trump would run because of that.
Yeah, I think this is a legitimate question that the former president, current president, has to face.
Which is, how do we guarantee that he can run a letter-perfect campaign, raise all the money he needs, outwork, outfox, out-campaign them, as he did in 2016, Have an incredible comeback as he did in 2022, 2020, pardon me, and then get cheated out of it because we do not have a free, fair, honest election.
And Florida is ground zero.
We cannot get to 270 electoral votes without Florida.
That's why I love what Defend Florida is doing.
This is a great group, grassroots group, is going into each county and auditing to find fraud.
There are 1 million phantom voters in the state, 1 million people who don't exist.
This is really simple.
The State Board of Election, pardon me, the State Board of Health, when somebody dies,
they should be automatically removed from the rolls.
They should not be left on the rolls.
No, that's not fraud.
That's not Jim Crow.
There's nothing racist about that.
It's logical.
But the left doesn't respect logic.
They don't respect the Constitution.
And they don't respect the law.
So the president's got to face a legitimate question.
What will be the measure?
Here it's pretty simple.
2020 will tell the story on 2024.
If we don't have an honest election, if the Democrats overwhelmingly sweep the House and the Senate with gas prices going up higher than Hunter Biden, going up faster than The scale when Brian Stelter steps on it, which is what's happening when we're being humiliated around the globe, when we're being told we're heading to another shutdown to destroy our economy, suddenly we have food shortages.
We didn't have any food shortages when Donald Trump was president.
Suddenly we have supply chain problems.
Guess what?
We didn't have any supply chain problems when Donald Trump was president.
We had the most robust, productive economy in American history.
And they are dismantling it as quickly as they possibly can.
So, I think he has to run.
I think he must run.
I think he's the only person with the cojones to take these people on frontally and beat them.
But what if he beats them again, but we can't get an honest count?
2022 will tell us the story for 2024.
Roger, around somewhere, oh, there it is, one of my friends, Richard Reeves, saw that in Austin, Texas.
Somebody stuck.
I did that.
Bumper sticker on the gas pump.
So InfoWars is printing a bunch of those right now to put free in all of our orders.
That's really smart, but at the same time, it's scary.
It's up to $5 plus a gallon for unleaded in California.
It's up to $4 in Texas.
So again, with him having the lowest approval rating in modern history since World War II, since they started doing approval ratings, and even those are I don't remember a political party in America that declared its opposition terrorists before.
Where does this go? What happens to the Democratic Party?
Because they're trying to brand this idea that all their opposition are terrorists and
shocker moms at the PTA are terrorists. That doesn't seem to be going too well.
I don't remember a political party in America that declared its opposition
terrorists before. That doesn't seem to be a very good plan.
Well, first of all, Richard Reeves is a great American.
You won't remember this, Alex, but I wouldn't even know you if he hadn't introduced us.
And I pray for his good health every day.
He's a patriot.
You're absolutely right.
The Democratic Party has declared war on the middle class.
They've declared war on the American people.
So if you're a parent and you're concerned about your kids reading hardcore pornography in the ninth grade or in that sixth grade, and you go to a school board meeting to object, Well, they drag you out because you're a domestic terrorist.
No, parents have a right to speak up for their children.
Roger, I had never in my life at 47 seen an image of children having sex.
And then, in Austin, at the library, we went and checked to see if they have these books.
They're there, and I looked at it, and I felt abused.
This is what they're putting in 7th and 8th grade libraries is literal images of adults screwing children.
Great piece by my friend Jacob Engels at the Gateway Pundit today.
He went to an Orange County school board meeting.
He tried to read aloud the book that they actually have in the library for children, and the police dragged him out.
There were no children in the room.
Everybody was an adult.
So this filth that they're pushing, it's okay for the kids, but we don't want the adults to hear it.
Oh, exactly.
I can't put this on broadcast TV on a lot of stations, and I understand, I agree.
Okay, it's an adult show, but we're not vulgar, we don't, but I mean, if we're showing it to sixth graders and seventh graders, then sorry, it should be on national TV.
That would end it real quick, Roger, but oh no, no, we show it to children only, not to adult audiences.
I mean, that's incredible.
Yeah, no, it's truly, truly sick.
And you know what?
I blame not the Democrats.
I blame the feckless, gutless, weak-kneed, spineless establishment Republicans.
They're the ones who should be ashamed because they won't get on board for the American First Agenda.
They won't stand up for honest elections.
They want to go along with the fraud that, oh no, there was no irregularities, no improprieties in the last election.
You're crazy if you say that.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
No, we're conspiracy realists.
We go where the facts lead us.
So the other day I said in a speech that, inadvertently, I said millions have been injured or damaged by the COVID-19 vaccinations.
No, I wasn't wrong.
I was just premature.
That's all.
Well, that's right.
Well, I mean, actually, it's come out that hospitals are filled with people that took the shots.
They go, they have these mystery illnesses where they can't breathe and it's like COVID, but they don't have COVID.
It's called ADE.
Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Roger.
No, it's exactly right.
And even the CDC says their estimate of the number of the deaths is 1% of the national total.
So if there are 20,000 deaths, you do the math.
This is a fraud upon the American people.
We know that there is no liability for those vaccinations, for those who made them.
We know that there have been no clinical trials, and we know that Tony Fauci lied under oath to Congress about it.
So, when are 29 FBI agents storming his home at 6 o'clock in the morning?
That's my question, and we can knock it out of the park on the other side.
That's right, Roger.
I've got a bunch of questions and a bunch of items I want to cover, but what do you want to hit next?
We'll come back in a few minutes.
Well, I think we have to touch on January 6th, the incredible work being done by Darren Beatty at the revolver.
And kudos to you, Alex, you and Tucker Carlson, who have the courage to put him on the air so he can tell the American people... Stay right there, that's exactly where I wanted to go.
Alright, folks, final segment of the Alex Jones Show, then Owen Schroyer takes over with the war room.
Owen's been arrested and charged with attacking and entering the Capitol, something he didn't do.
They're trying to get Roger and I arrested, and I haven't got to this yet, and I'm not going to dig too deep into it until I'm ready to talk about it, but there are articles like the one in the Rolling Stone that came out earlier this week that's very long.
Exclusive January 6th protest organizers say they participated in dozens of planning meetings with members of Congress and the White House staff, and then they're quoted by the Rolling Stone and others is saying they were mad when Trump said go to the Capitol and that that was just too much for them.
Well, I saw all the organizers praise that and say that was great and go, woo woo!
Because I was there with them in the second row.
They were all sitting around me.
All of them.
All three groups that didn't like each other.
And I saw them all run down there and run down to the Capitol all excited.
So, And then I see these articles like, look, here's Roger Stone or Alex Jones at this hotel.
We found the secret war room.
And there's Alex Jones interviewing General Flynn.
And they've got photos of, here is the hotel photos.
And you can tell this is the same room Jones was in.
We never hid the fact that we were in that particular hotel.
But the idea that we're like in there meeting to attack.
And now we know why the day of the event, the next day, January 6th, they sent a SWAT team to Roger's door.
But Roger He said, this is BS.
This thing's badly handled.
This is out of control.
He couldn't even get to the crowds to the ellipse.
So he got on an airplane and left and said, I advise you to basically get out of there.
This is idiotic.
He said, this is a cluster FU-CK.
So I'm going to leave it at that.
And I'm not trying to give inside baseball.
We've talked about this before, Roger, but I mean, I used to laugh at them calling you a Russian agent and then they indicted you and then falsely convicted you were pardoned.
So I'm not laughing now.
Even though I know none of this is true, they are literally obsessed with you and I and Trump and Gozer and a few others claiming we all schemed for January 6th when it was the FBI and others that clearly helped run that fiasco, not us.
Yeah, I know.
This is actually a historic moment.
The Washington Post, for the first time in 40 years, has actually accurately ...reported something regarding me.
If there was a war room in the Willard Hotel, I don't know about it.
I wasn't there.
I know nothing about it.
I wasn't there on the Ellipse.
I wasn't there at the Capitol.
I don't know anything about it.
I denounced the illegality as soon as it happened.
It was stupid, counterproductive.
Now, ABC News...
Has tried to smear me through guilt by association because I had my picture taken with somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who might have been arrested.
The Washington Post actually correctly reported.
I don't know anything about a war room.
I wasn't there.
I know nothing about it.
This is part and parcel of the same false narrative.
I had a suite to do interviews.
That's what I do.
I'm a news person.
Like they asked, why did Jones have the the rooftop by the Capitol rented?
Because anybody can go there.
I was up there with 30 different news agencies and we rented a little outdoor area.
We didn't even, I mean, it's like It's like, why does Jones have satellites?
I mean, yes, we went to cover the event.
Yes, I'd read it many times before and done the show from the damn rooftop.
It's not a war room.
The show is called War Room, which means a political war room.
Well, and the real war room is with Owen Schroer later in the day, not the fake war room.
By the way, this has to be disposed of.
This Steve Bannon question is really extraordinary.
All Steve has to do is say the following.
I assert my Fifth Amendment rights not to be questioned.
They can't charge him and they can't compel him.
Why is he being a drama queen?
I'm not really sure what that's all about.
Just assert your Fifth Amendment rights.
No one in their right mind would go before this committee under oath knowing that it's a rigged deal.
I know you used to admire Bannon, but you know, back during the campaign when Trump first got elected and later towards the end you got concerned.
Is there any way for you and Bannon to bury the hatchet?
No, he testified against me falsely.
Look, he told the House Intelligence Committee he never spoke to me regarding WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.
And on the stand as a star witness for Robert Mueller, he said that, oh, he only talked to me about it in every single phone conversation he had.
So he was prepared to send me to die in a dank Georgia prison.
And no, I'm not getting over that.
Just not getting over it.
I understand.
I understand.
It's just he does do a lot of good work, as you know.
So do you.
And that is wrong.
I mean, I don't know.
Maybe he should answer for that.
I mean, he should explain how he testified that you weren't talking to WikiLeaks, but later he did.
Well, look, I've challenged him to come here on InfoWars.
That's fine with me.
Come at Stone Cold Truth if you want to meet me at Real America's Voice, where he has a show.
He doesn't respond.
But you can read in the New York Post, even Jonathan Turley, the George Washington University law professor, who's a liberal, read his testimony before the House committee, read his testimony on the stand, where he He was working with Robert Mueller, and it's very clear that he lied in one place or the other.
That's what they charged me with, lying to Congress, even though no misstatement that I made to Congress was either material or relevant or hid any underlying crime.
view here. We need Trump to run. He's not perfect, but I know he means well and he
wants to save America. Obviously he's the best guy. DeSantis I think is pretty
good as well, but went to Yale, you know, that's a little bit of a strike against
him. How do we get make sure Trump runs even if they're gonna try to steal it? We
need him in there to create a huge surge that you know only a giant landslide can
override a fraud slide.
So we've got to get Trump to run.
He's been exercising a lot.
He looks better than he did even a year ago.
I know you talk to the big guy a lot.
And you know a few months ago you said no.
He's going to run.
And that's what he was saying then.
The media did not pick that up because they don't like that news.
But they're definitely scared.
Fiona Hill, Prince Valiant, you know, is saying it's the end of America.
Trump basically gets reelected.
We must have Trump run again, shouldn't we?
They're so afraid of him.
It's so obvious that they're afraid of him.
That's why you had this New York witch hunt trying to knock him out.
That's why they are constantly investigating when there's nothing to investigate.
He strikes fear into the heart of the deep state because he's beaten them twice and they know it.
So he's my first choice.
I want to be absolutely clear about that.
And I pray that he runs.
But I've also made it very clear that if he chooses not to run, I am going to launch a national effort to draft General Michael Flynn.
He is a man of destiny.
He is a Bible-believing Christian.
He believes in the U.S.
He's fearless.
He proved that on the battlefield where he saved other soldiers and put his own life on the line.
Flynn's the real deal.
He is.
And look, I don't think he wants to run for president.
But you know what, Alex?
Dwight Eisenhower didn't want to run for president either.
And he's one of the greatest presidents of my lifetime.
Brought us unprecedented peace and prosperity.
So look, if Donald Trump doesn't run, and I pray to God that he does, because he's our best candidate, I'm very clear.
I'm going to try to draft General Michael Flynn, whether he likes it or not.
Well, I'm in the same boat, because we didn't think Trump was going to run six months ago, and now it looks like he is.
Wow, what are they going to throw at Trump to try to keep him from doing it?
Because if they mess with him too much, that'll only make him stronger.
Well, now they're investigating his golf courses in New York, having found nothing in his business, having charged an 80-year-old, you know, CFO, Allen Weisselberg, who, by the way, is one of the most honest guys I've ever known, known him for 30 years.
Oh, he used an apartment when his place was being renovated, and he didn't report that, and he had use of a car.
These are not exactly capital crimes.
Anthony Fauci went before Congress and he lied about the origins of a virus, the vaccination for which has damaged or injured thousands of people, probably hundreds of thousands of people.
And he not only weaponized the virus, he should be arrested immediately.
When are 29 FBI agents charging his home at 6 o'clock in the morning?
When is he being gagged so that he can't respond to the charges against him?
I don't think that's gonna happen.
This guy's an epic criminal.
Let me be very clear.
I've had it up to here with Anthony Fauci.
For radio listeners, he did that up to his waist.
Alright, Roger, again, where do people find their Stone Cold Truth t-shirts?
Where do they find their Roger Stone did nothing wrong shirts?
Well, the worst part about this, Alex, is that the President and I are being sued in a completely bogus lawsuit by the Lawyers for Civil Rights, not a group funded by Soyuz.
You're being sued for running the attack on the Capitol.
I know.
They're trying to destroy us all.
So you need people to support you at StoneColdTruth.com.
I gotta pay for my lawyers.
They don't keep coming.
I've already won.
I've prevailed in 11 lawsuits and I've gotten dismissed.
But I have six more that I have to fight out.
No, I got it.
And if folks want us to stay in the fight, they gotta support us.
Roger, thank you so much.
Come on again soon, alright?
Come to Austin.
I like that idea, because I need a big old steak.
And by the way, Owen Schreier, you gotta pay off on that bet.
It wasn't a hot dog, dude.
It was a big old chopped tomahawk steak.
What was the bet?
It was the outcome of the congressional elections.
Oh yeah, you were right.
Alright, take care.
There goes Roger.
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The last numbers we got, about 100 years ago, is that 80 plus percent of the stock is owned by a handful of European families.
Including the British Royal Family.
So in 1913, we see the beginning of the foreign corporate takeover of America.
And if you fast forward now 108 years, coming up in about a month and a half, to the 108th anniversary, we have the private central banks of the world, through the Davos Group and the UN, that the Rockefellers set up, announcing that they are going to get rid of the dollar and all the major world currencies.
Before they do it, they're going to devalue it down to nothing to impoverish and enslave the people, but they have the first use of the money to buy up real companies, to buy up real patents, farmland, infrastructure, you name it, to have total, absolute control.
That's why we're seeing such massive supply chain breakdowns around the world, because they admit they're also deliberately cutting that off to bankrupt small businesses.
They're now admitting that they're going to add a carbon tax to the vaccine passport apps The UN has now declared as the world system that the new world currency will be based on carbon taxes that even control where you can go and what you can do.
This is all official.
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It's on the drawing boards anymore.
It was announced just last week in mid-October 2021.
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