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Name: 20211027_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 27, 2021
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The internet's a weird place.
My phone started blowing up about an hour ago.
I was getting text messages, multiple calls saying, did you hear, did you hear about Dr. Pierre Corey?
He says that 200 members of Congress were treated by him with ivermectin, but they want to keep it secret and aren't telling their constituents how great it worked for them.
And I'm thinking, wow, where'd you hear that?
They're like, Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan talked about it.
So I called Joe up and he said, yeah, that's true.
I talked about it with Michael Malice on my show like last week.
And so sure enough, I went and found the clip online.
Hadn't got hardly any views outside of Joe's show that's giant.
And Joe's point is, this is an example of media blackouts.
There's this show with 10 times the viewers of CNN.
He says this.
I hadn't watched the whole Malice interview.
I saw parts of it.
It was great.
In fact, I had dinner with him a few days after they had their
There's been a news blackout on this, even though this came out like two weeks ago and now it's starting to break.
So yes, indeed.
That is the doctor out of New York, a well-known doctor, that treated Joe.
Yes, that doctor is saying he treated 200 members of Congress, and they want to keep him down low.
And yes, the media then suppressed this story.
So it's just crazy that even I didn't know this.
But what I did know was from Dr. Zelenko.
Dr. Zelenko said that he talked to a prominent New York doctor on my show, he said this a couple months ago, and that he had treated, again, hundreds of members of Congress and Big Tech and Hollywood with ivermectin and that he was a doctor to the stars.
He didn't say who the doctor was, but now I know it's Dr. Corey.
So that's such a small world, it confirms that Dr. Zelenko is a hero.
Had to say he was the guy that first came up with hydroxychloroquine and then all these other treatments and so this is just amazing to watch him try to censor and suppress all these treatments and all this stuff and here it is hiding under my nose that one of his patients is Joe Rogan who did get better with ivermectin and also a cocktail of other things.
My dad had 82% oxygen.
He was going to have to go to the hospital.
He may have died.
Went on Ivermectin and Amidacidin.
Within hours, he was like 90% better.
It was crazy.
He had brain fog for a while, but by the next day, he was like 95% better.
Within 5-6 hours, he was about 80% better.
It was incredible.
My mom was super sick.
Same thing as him, though she wasn't as sick as he was.
I got it, and it felt like hell.
Couldn't breathe.
Very scary.
The Ivermectin and the Amidacidin, within hours, knocked it out.
Again, 78%.
Took a few days to get over for me after that point.
I can see how folks get panicked, they run to the hospital, they intubate you instead, and that kills 90 plus percent of folks that are intubated.
So that's what's really, really scary about them trying to suppress what millions and millions and millions of people have done and had great effects from.
And then the cowards in Congress, bipartisanly, but mainly Democrats, that this guy was treating, would go to him and get this treatment and then sit there and go along with the cover-up of it.
That's just mating and abetting mass murder.
That's Joseph Mingala-style crap.
So I commend Dr. Corey for speaking out.
Since we search-engined this a little while ago, I found out he's been doing podcasts about it for a while.
So again, even when Joe Rogan covers something and millions see it, if those millions don't go share something,
Then it's like a tree fell in the forest and nobody heard it but that audience.
And so whether my audience is giant or Joe's is huge, ginormous, that's all true and important.
But you guys have to understand the power you have of getting that info out.
So it just started to break in the last 3-4 hours and now it's going viral everywhere and that's good news.
And I don't know how CNN can even respond to this.
They're probably just going to ignore it.
That's what we're all thinking is about to happen.
But we're not going to ignore it here at InfoWars.
And the fact that 90 plus percent of those dying in hospitals had vitamin D deficiencies.
They try to suppress that information.
I mean, the people perish for lack of knowledge, as the Bible says.
It's really true.
But I'm just really proud of Joe and proud of Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Corey and all these people who are just standing up for what's right and saying no to this big pharma tyranny where they're now even coming after our children.
And the regulators are all big pharma operatives.
I mean, this is really scary to have big pharma and these corporations trying to come after us and try to lock us in our houses like we're in gulags in Nazi Germany or ghettos if we don't submit to them.
I just believe America and the world's waking up.
I see that happening and it's a beautiful thing.
So, share this video.
The establishment does not want this information known.
Here's a clip off Joe's hit podcast, Laid It Out With Michael Malice.
This framing of Ivermectin as horse medicine.
In some ways, I'm really happy that they did it to me.
Because you have the audience to blast back.
Did you see that supercut?
Of just one after another of them laughing at you?
But also, this is what's interesting.
They kept saying that I've... First of all, it's like you called your dealer.
You had it prescribed, right?
So when they say, it's not approved, it's not like you are using your own judgment.
You're using the judgment of a medical professional, which is what they've been yelling for a year and a half.
Well, not only that, I listed off a laundry list of medications, and that's the one they focused on.
I said I took monoclonal antibodies, I said I took prednisone, I said I took Z-Pak, I said I had IV infusions of NAD and of vitamins, and I also took ivermectin.
I mean, it should be no surprise.
I had Dr. Pierre Corey, who is one of the doctors from the Frontline Critical COVID Care Group, that has been treating people, including, by the way, 200
Congress people have been treated with ivermectin for COVID.
Did you know that?
I did not know that.
Holy crap.
Google that.
I believe you could probably find it in Dr. Pierre Corey's Twitter page.
Before there were vaccines, this was a common treatment, an off-label treatment for COVID.
Now, I do not know what the motivation for demonizing this particular medication is.
Again, I'm not a doctor and I'm not a scientist.
But I would imagine some of it has to do with money.
The reason being is that it is a generic drug now.
The patent has run out.
So anybody can make it.
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