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Name: 20211024_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 24, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics in his monologue, including COVID-19 origins, vaccine mandates, medical tyranny, and globalist agendas. He argues that the world elites aim to establish a totalitarian world government by eliminating nation-states and individual rights. Jones highlights issues such as vaccine passports, supply chain shortages, inflation, poverty, and homelessness, all of which he believes are part of the same plan to achieve global domination. He encourages his viewers to recognize these connections and to continue fighting against the New World Order. In addition, Jones promotes BioPros products for bio-remediation and various supplements available at the InfoWars store."

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Sunday, October 24th, 2021.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
And thanks to our good Lord and Savior, working through all of you and your great action, we are closing in on Fauci and Peter Daszak and Bill Gates and all of them.
I told you they were going to be exposed.
I told you their war crimes would come out.
I told you!
Because they've bit off more than they can chew, and we are coming to the end of an era, the end of their New World Order.
That's what their Great Reset is, an attempt to suppress us.
Okay, we've got so much huge news on this live Sunday transmission, and Owen Shroyer is going to be in studio here with me coming up in just a few segments.
But if you're a TV viewer, we're going to be putting this on screen for radio listeners.
I'm going to post this in the live show feed of this broadcast today under the live show feed.
I've seen tens of thousands of amazing memes in the last few decades, before they even called them memes.
Internet memes.
I've seen thousands and thousands a month just, you know, during the whole globalist takeover using the COVID-19 hysteria.
And it's been hard to say which one is the most important, which one is the most powerful.
There's been so many.
But I saw one just sent to me by a buddy at the Pentagon who's in PSYOPS just a few minutes ago.
That is the best meme that I've ever seen.
There it is on screen.
The evolution of war.
First it was a stone.
Then it was a spear.
Then it was an arrow.
Then it was a bullet.
Then it was a missile.
And then it was an injector.
Because it's a weapon that you don't even know is targeting you.
It's rolled out under the auspices of your health and your safety.
But it's a lie.
This is the most important graphic because if people don't figure this out and have an epiphany and a great awakening about this...
The globalists are going to be able to sterilize us and depopulate us with this program.
And boy, do we have evidence of information of that that is just so overwhelming and the biggest news ever that's come out yet on what's in these shots.
The British government, the Swedish government, the government of the Netherlands, the US government, the US regulators.
They've all come out and said that you're more apt to get sick or die if you take these shots, that it erases your immune systems, that it's causing all these problems and causing heart attacks and microcarditis, heart swelling, and it is not, repeat, not a rare side effect.
It is the main effect of it, and now they have all these mystery colds where you don't have COVID, but people that are double vaxxed, it seems.
The London Telegraph said a few weeks ago.
It's funny.
The statistics show the double vaxxed are the ones getting the mystery cold.
They call it the super cold.
It's a mystery cold.
The super cold is a mystery cold, and it's killing people.
They can't breathe.
It's giving them the worst diseases like heart attacks and blood clots and strokes and aneurysms, and we don't know what's going on.
Well, here's some of those headlines.
Dealing with Rock, Spear, Arrow, Bullet, Missile, and now Bill Gates' UND Population Weapon.
And we're going to be looking at all of that today.
mRNA vaccines weaken immune system even after COVID recovery, according to UK data.
Gets rid of basically your whole immune system.
Now they bragged about that a year ago, but now it's the British government's own surveillance report right there linked to it.
Here's another one.
Sweden suspends Moderna shot indefinitely after VAX patients develop crippling heart conditions.
The wheels are coming off.
Moderna is the one that Gates is mainly behind.
And a new patent proposes digital surveillance to vaccine of people based on social credit score.
And it's also implantable chips.
So that's all...
I don't
We're good to go.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Coming to you live from the InfoWars.com studios in the recaptured state of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this Sunday, October 24th, Global Transmission.
And wow, I cannot...
Fine words describe how good it is that it's come out that Fauci created COVID-19 on purpose and lied to Congress and released it and worked for a global corporate consortium that runs the UN to bring in the Great Reset Operation Lockstep plan for a planetary world government global medical ID vaccine passport tied directly to a worldwide carbon tax passport social credit score.
That is now all coming out.
And the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
The NIH, as you know, last Thursday, the director of it sent a letter to Fauci and Peter Daszak that we're running the Wuhan lab for Bill Gates and others and said give us every document within five business days.
So I guess that'll be by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
Five business days.
On exactly every type of gain of function you've done and stop lying about it and stop stonewalling Congress and saying you never heard of it.
That'd be like Michael Jordan saying he never heard of basketball.
Fauci is the Michael Jordan of bioweapons, the Michael Jordan of lying, the Michael Jordan of gain of function, the Michael Jordan of gaslighting America and the world.
And the wheels are coming off.
Here's even Vanity Fair in major shift.
NIH admits funding risky virus research in Wuhan.
Gain of Function, and they said that Fauci knowingly lied to Congress.
Hell, in his emails that we've been reading for a year on air, and then even more came out in the last few months, thousands of pages, he says, I want Gain of Function.
Because the people don't want to do it.
They know it's illegal.
They go, you're paying me for Gain of Function?
He goes, yes, Gain of Function.
Merge these four viruses, then splice it with HIV delivery so humans can become infected.
I will then develop a vaccine, bring it to market.
It's all in there.
Oh yeah, oh yeah!
But see they... DASIK!
We've already released the virus.
I want you to go on TV and talk about how we're splicing viruses to create a vaccine publicly.
That way when it all comes out later we'll say, well we said it in the public, what's the big deals us?
That was in 2019, right after they'd actually released it, we now know.
Gazit goes on TV to say, oh, we're combining five viruses to save you, to make a vaccine, and it's exactly the same virus, Combo Chimera, as COVID-19.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, but the media is distracting off onto puppies right now.
Oh, don't get in trouble for almost destroying civilization and using it for a total power grab system and now using it to put deadly shots in us.
No, no, no.
It's that you ordered and funded the funding and death of thousands of animals, hundreds of which were beagles and German shepherds.
Eagles and German Shepherds.
So let me tell you about that since people are concerned about it.
Here's the hill.
Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on cruel puppy experiments.
And it goes on to say that they remove the vocal cords of the beagles and other dogs and then tied them down and bolted them down by the necks inside enclosures so burrowing flies could lay maggots
In their skin, in their nose, and in their mucous membranes, they like the flies, the biting flies climb up your nose, into your sinus.
And they plant the eggs there, then eat your brain with enjoyment.
And there wasn't any real reason they were doing this testing.
They just like what they're doing.
A bipartisan letter demands answers from the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden's chief medical advisor on why the project doing this to animals was taking place.
In one case, it was 44 beagle puppies.
Oh, but puppies is even better.
We're good to go.
You understand that 900 pages came out a month ago, a couple thousand before that, a couple hundred here, a couple dozen there.
Then we had Fauci in 2015 going, it's preposterous to not do gain of function.
We need to splice all these viruses so in case somebody else does it, we already have the cure, as if anybody else is splicing all these exact same viruses together.
And so they're bioterrorists.
They're corporate globals that want a world ID to force these injections to sterilize you and give you heart attacks into your body.
And they're doing it, and they've been caught.
So here it is.
mRNA vaccines weaken immune system even after COVID recovery, according to UK data.
Now, you're like, Alex, you told us that last year.
You had a scientist on, showed us all the studies last year.
We know that.
But now it's in the government stats from the UK.
Similar numbers here, that it basically erases your immune system.
And if you go to John Bowne's section on Man.Video,
He even did a video on previous information about this last week, how it's knowingly removing and erasing your immune system to regular other viruses, but in some people it creates a huge autoimmune response called ADE.
I don't know.
But the scientists predicted a year and a half ago it would be A.D.E.
and it is A.D.E.
That's why they had to stop previous cold virus vaccines.
It was testified to Congress by the head of Baylor Medical School just last year because it caused A.D.E.
and killed a bunch of people.
In a small vaccine studies that they've done, we're just, you know, a few hundred here, a few thousand there, shot.
We're talking dozens and dozens per hundred die of ADE.
So we're talking a large portion die of ADE.
So there you go.
And again, they're doing this.
They knew this.
I mean, if we knew this 21 months ago, it was going to happen.
You know, they damn well did.
And we even have the studies Fauci did at UT studying similar mRNA shots and others were did exactly that 2012.
So here's another one.
Sweden suspends Moderna shot indefinitely after VAX patients develop crippling heart condition.
They say it's no longer rare.
It's actually a doubling, in some cases a tripling, of the levels of people having microcarditis and heart attacks.
So suddenly the numbers are just skyrocketing.
The UK Daily Mail is reporting.
Other scientists in the US that run major diagnostic biopsy clinics are reporting
Multiple ones, a 20 plus fold increase in certain types of cancers associated with these shots.
The Pathology Association of Germany is saying the same thing.
Doubling of deaths overall, blood clots and cancer, but a massive increase in overall cancers popping up.
That's what's going on there on that front.
So it goes on and on and on.
I have been here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday taping more than 20 hours for a very special film production that's not going to be announced for some time, but it's going to be quite large.
Uh, and so I'm going to say I'm exhausted, but I'm going to go home and see my family.
Owen Schroer is going to take over on the other side.
He's loaded for bear.
And then I'll be back, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
Central tomorrow.
American Journal with Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
Owen Schroer, weekdays, 3 p.m.
to 6 p.m.
The War Room.
They're all excellent.
The way it gets out to new people as you spread the word.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are live in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Troyer taking over, but Alex Jones still here with us in studio to cover some breaking news right now, where Jack Dorsey is allowed to tweet out things that Twitter is censoring Republican members of Congress for, Alex.
Well that's right.
First you can't say mother or father and then you can't say that Trump really won the election and you can't talk about ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or that the vaccines aren't vaccines and aren't really approved and that you're twice as likely to die if you've had the Moderna or Pfizer shot.
That's all in the news today.
You're not allowed to talk about inflation
Because you're not the private Federal Reserve.
So just like you're not allowed to talk about the vaccines or anything else, even if you're a medical doctor, only the UN and Fauci can, when he's not doing experiments with dogs chained up in chambers with flesh-eating bugs.
No, ladies and gentlemen, now the new Ivermectin, according to MSNBC, Chris Hayes and others, in an article on Infowars.com by RT, are saying that it's the new Ivermectin, you're not allowed to talk about inflation, even though
They've already manipulated the consumer price index.
They've already manipulated the inflation index to take a bunch of foods out to lower the amount of food that they call is a good daily allowance.
So they've already manipulated it, but it's up 16 plus percent in the last year and real indexes are up over 30 percent.
Something 20 months ago, 21 months ago, I predicted from the Great Reset because that's their plan to collapse society.
Little buddy Klaus Schwab has said that on record.
And of course, Biden's minion, Psaki, was on TV again about a week ago, and she said, oh, we could lower gas prices, but it's good to bankrupt you to lower your carbon footprint.
So all of this, the imploding borders, the new giant 100,000 person caravan from Haiti that just smashed across the police line.
We'll cover next segment, I know, incredible footage.
Over in New Mexico, on its way to the collapsed border in Texas.
This is globalist war.
And now you know something's real when you're not allowed to talk about it.
So we had Kev McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House, was put up with all this censorship, and who lives with Frank Luntz, the guy that supports censorship, as well as the guy that got OxyContin legalized, just saying that Kev McCarthy got censored
We're saying inflation is accelerating and we can't print a trillion dollars a month.
He was also others have been censored for saying that the new four-star general admiral is a man.
And so this is our own government censored by big tech AI and lifetime and nothing's being done.
But that's a whole other subject.
Separate from the fact that you're not supposed to talk about inflation because it doesn't exist, Owen.
Well, I was going to say, what's the bigger story?
Is it the fact that this is the corporate technotronic government residing over our actual elected government?
Is it the rules for thee and not for me?
But I think it really shows how
I think that Dorsey's hands are kind of off this whole situation.
Oh yeah, he's a figurehead.
He doesn't run Twitter.
And it just shows, though, how the people that are in there actually censoring, they know this is bad for Biden.
They know this is bad for the Democrats.
They know it's a bad look even for themselves that helped get Biden in office.
They're just minions of the globalists, so they're designed to take the heat.
They'll be richly rewarded.
But imagine, though, they're sitting here thinking, uh-oh, this Biden administration really is a disaster.
This inflation is really coming.
We can't let people know about this.
Censor the Republicans.
Nobody can know about the disaster that Biden is... And no one's able to stop the policies that continue by design to destroy our currency and bring in the new global currency already announced by the Davos Group and the UN.
Censor this.
Well, and you and I were talking about this before we went live, Alex, and that's that...
Yeah, you predicted this a year and a half ago.
I mean, who knows the exact date?
Probably dozens of times.
We could sit here all day, and maybe we should.
We could just sit here and point at all the stories, how InfoWars is next year's news today, tomorrow's news today, whatever.
The problem is like this, Alex.
It's like, you're just calling out an act of war against America because we know that that's the situation.
So that'd be like a football coach saying, hey, I think the defense is going to blitz us today in a football game.
I think they're going to have coverage on our wide receivers.
Yeah, I think they may try to, you know, send a linebacker up the middle and say, oh, that's a football play, so you're going to see that.
America is being attacked.
This is all economic sabotage.
And we were able to say this 21 months ago, that it was a global government for a global reset, for a global carbon tax, for a global ID, with a social credit score built around the vaccine passport.
We were able to say, you'll see massive inflation by next year, and then they're going to accelerate it while the big banks give themselves the power to buy up all the real infrastructure and then leave us holding
The totally devalued currency.
In fact, I meant to cover this today.
Show people a document cam shot of these.
These are genuine.
It's funny how something can be so worthless at filing its value.
These are rarer now, no pun intended.
So they're worth like $20, $30 a piece.
Great American coin company.
I got these.
These are from over a decade ago.
100 trillion
We're good to go.
That's what happens when this destroys the infrastructure, because nobody knows what things are worth.
Overhead shot.
Show folks some of this.
So yeah, here you go.
This is my accepted method of payment today, is the devalued currency of Zimbabwe, where you can't even buy a loaf of bread for $100 trillion.
So you have to have multiple $100 trillion marks here.
I need a couple $10 trillion marks.
I need a $100 trillion mark.
Again, show them the thing on the bottom.
Those are genuine hyperinflated currency.
If you guys can kind of see, that's the little thing they have on our bills now, too.
But show them the thing on the bottom.
Probably some other nice technology in there, too.
Show them the genuine thing now, though.
So, basically, government counterfeits its own money, but it's still genuine because the government did it.
What a magic trick.
But then all the other fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, they're worthless, they say.
Yeah, they can counterfeit money all day long.
They can print money all day long, as long as they want, and just say, yeah, we'll mint a trillion dollar coin, we'll mint a hundred trillion dollar coin.
And Owen, you're going to be covering all this and more for the next two, three plus hours.
He's going to do Sunday Live, 6 to 8 tonight, not just the Alex Jones Show, 4 to 6 p.m., so I appreciate you coming in.
I mean, I'm not really tired, but I need to see my family.
I've been up here for three days working on a secret project.
It's now, the shooting is complete, now the post is being done.
It's going to have a huge effect.
We're working really hard here.
Well, and to get back to the point of the currency issue here, I think... Hold on, you're not allowed...
I mean, no, once something's accepted, you're not allowed to talk about it, they go after your internet service providers.
So, no, there's no inflation.
Oh, yes.
A hundred dollars will still buy you a suit, folks.
A hundred dollars will still, you know, you can go on a vacation for a hundred dollars.
My local neighborhood Mexican restaurant that I like to go to and get some tacos, they didn't raise the price about a dollar apiece on a taco.
Well, no, because Chris Hayes wears glasses on TV.
Didn't happen.
He's a genius.
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Preparewithalex.com, fund the Infowar, and get prepared, because they are breaking down the world system to panic the world system, to crash the world system, to bring in their world cashless society, New World Order.
And so you're going to look back on these days as the good old days, folks.
They admit they're getting ready with lockdowns for permanent economic carbon tax lockdowns.
Owen Troyer takes over straight ahead.
And now the tip of the spear leading the fight to take back the nation.
It's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, and Alex has departed from us now.
So, I've just got stacks and stacks of news that I'm going to get through here.
We also have Dr. Bartlett joining us coming up in the next hour.
It's just incredible all the lies that we've been told by our government when it comes to health.
And Dr. Bartlett has been pushing back against those lies from the media, from the government, the Biden administration, and before even with Fauci.
But now, oh, well, they can't cover up anymore that ivermectin is safe and effective.
So now they're going to act like they're interested.
And they're going to start testing ivermectin when it comes to COVID.
And so they're going to see now, well, they'll test it now.
They haven't tested the vaccine yet, and they'll force you to take that, even though we have enough tests of ivermectin.
Now they're going to say we're going to test it.
So Dr. Bartlett is going to be joining us on that front.
In the meantime, where do I begin with all of this news?
So let me just hit the reset button and
Detail the waterfront here because I'm gonna be with you for the next and what I'd like to do is on Sunday night live Just take a bunch of phone calls, so I'll try to get all the news off the desk We'll have dr. Bartlett on and then we'll take a bunch of phone calls this evening as well but let me just hit the reset button on this transmission and lay out the waterfront for you, so Remember what they did in Loudoun County remember what they did in Loudoun County and
And when you understand this, which is really, it's a small story in scale, but it's a big story because of the gruesomeness of it.
And it's a big story because you have to understand that this policy, or this ideology, extrapolated out, is what the Democrat Party is.
It's everything that they are.
The lies, the deception, the rape, literally.
That's what they are.
So remember what they did in Loudoun County.
To get a bill passed so that boys could go in the girls' bathroom and they covered up rape.
And then when the parents called the county school board to task, by the way, they now have the emails, ladies and gentlemen, as if it wasn't bad enough.
They now have the emails with the internal school board members that are Democrats.
They now have their emails where they are in their emails discussing how they're going to cover up the rape of a little girl in the girls' bathroom because of their transgender bathroom policy.
And it's all in there, how they want to cover it up.
Now they'll sweep it under the rug and transfer the person to another school.
And then what happened?
And then it happened again.
And so then the parents were upset and put the county school board on notice.
So what did the FBI do, which is run by the Democrats too?
The FBI said that those parents were terrorists.
So we'll have that coming up.
I've got a massive stack of news right here when
It comes to the attack on our country, the economic warfare launched against us from the Biden regime, which of course is illegitimate.
But you're not allowed to talk about that either.
You're not allowed to hold that belief.
And now we don't even have free speech in this country because you see, free speech is truly free.
When you know that there's a punishment for speech, speech is no longer free and speech is now being punished in the United States of America.
So yeah, now you talk about a rigged election and you risk certain things.
You could risk your livelihood.
Hell, you could even risk your freedom.
You could risk everything.
Simply by talking about facts that pertain to the 2020 election.
So we've got some of that.
But the general population, the general public,
Is now aware of the disaster that the Biden regime is and his approval rating is tanking and sinking faster than any other approval rating in modern history when it comes to U.S.
And so we know the reasons why as they're continuing to try to scuttle the supply chain in California.
And so I said this last week and
It needs to be echoed.
And I think DeSantis needs to kind of maybe harden his message when it pertains to this as well.
Don't wait on California to open their ports.
Don't wait on California to move this cargo.
Forget about that.
The state of California is corrupt.
The state of California is now against America.
The state of California is now compromised.
They're lying to you.
If they're saying they're going to make efforts to clear these ports,
And to get all these shipping containers in.
If they really wanted that, they would have done it months ago.
So this is, this is them trying to stall this now, saying, because Ron DeSantis said, oh, Florida ports are open, just bring everything here.
So now California is saying, wait, no, no, no, no, we're going to do our best.
We're going to open it up.
We're going to ship them.
We're going to do it.
We're going to get them up and we're going to get them out.
It's all lies.
It's all deception to just scuttle and destroy the supply chain as much as possible.
All those ships, all that cargo needs to be moved to Florida immediately, so that what they're doing in California can finally be exposed, and the lies that they're telling can be exposed as well.
There's a lot of sabotage happening out there.
I don't think we quite know the full story yet, but we know what the results are.
Now, you have Democrats, I don't even know how to properly cover this, because it's just so outrageous, but
Again, I don't even know.
When you have the Atlantic publishing this story over the weekend with the headline, January 6 wasn't a riot, it was war.
You say, what are the signs of war?
What are the signs?
You say somebody's at war.
What kind of warfare are we talking about here?
Okay, well, you would sabotage communications, censor free speech.
We see that going on.
Who's doing that?
You would sabotage the economy, sabotage the free market economy.
Hmm, okay, well, who's doing that?
You would try to rig elections in your favor, so you would have favorable politicians to usher in your warfare.
Well, who would we say is responsible for doing that?
Is that happening?
Is that going on?
You would set policy
That would divide a nation's people against itself.
Well, who would be doing that?
Who's currently doing that?
What's going on with that?
So this whole notion, they can't let go of January 6th, and it looks like they're going to try to carry this out all the way through the midterms.
It looks like this is going to be their little election season nugget egg to just constantly incubate for their number one story to lead up to the midterms because they can't run on anything else.
They can't run on the economy.
They can't run on strong borders.
They can't run on security.
They can't run on anything other than, oh, look at January 6th or look at Donald Trump
And so we've got more on that coming up.
Of course, there's all kinds of news when it comes to COVID and the vaccines and it just gets worse and worse every day.
And there's a powerful image here.
That I think it puts it into perspective because a lot of people don't fully understand what's going on.
But when you see this image.
Of course, there's the old government documents.
Quiet weapons for silent wars or is it silent weapons for quiet wars?
I can't forget.
It's one of those two.
But it's the evolution of war.
And you see a rock, and then you see a spear, and then you see an arrow, and then you see a bullet, and then you see a missile, and then you see a vaccine.
A needle.
A syringe with a needle.
And that's truly it.
That's the evolution of war.
That's where we're at.
And when you understand that, you understand everything that's happening right now.
Then, once again, InfoWars next month's news today.
I reported this on the War Room probably about a month ago.
I don't remember.
The crew can pull the clips, but it doesn't matter.
You have another massive migrant caravan coming to the southern border, smashing through the Mexican army.
And then, of course,
The Democrats desperate to get this 3.5 trillion dollar bill passed.
And when you understand why they want to do that, you understand the next level of the economic sabotage against us as well.
All right, let's get into the vaccine and COVID news that is breaking right now because
Right now, you have people that, well, let's say they're not being very polite, I guess you could say.
Being peaceful, maybe not polite.
They are outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the, is it the New Jersey Nets or the New York Nets now?
I don't know, they're constantly moving back and forth, but I guess they're the Brooklyn Nets now.
Where the Brooklyn Nets are about to play a basketball game,
And I'm not sure the exact story here because I don't follow sports anymore, but I know that Kyrie Irving has been treated like a second-class citizen on the nets because he has refused to take the experimental vaccine.
So I don't know if they've banned him from playing now or what has sparked the outrage from this crowd here, but it's a it's a massive combination of Black Lives Matter and and then just I mean to put it the best way possible Trump supporters
They're against the vaccine and they're out here, they've got bullhorns, they've got flags.
So again, it's part Black Lives Matter, part...
The same contingent of Trump supporters that you would normally have.
And so you notice, see, and so now security doesn't really know what to do.
Now the Democrat politicians are not really going to know what to do because when it's Black Lives Matter riding, they're supposed to let it happen.
But now that it's Black Lives Matter and a contingent of Trump supporters and American patriots, well now they don't know what to do.
So now police and security are actually going after Black Lives Matter protesters and they're confused.
Because they were able to get away with so much last year without any security or any law enforcement interference.
But now that there's Trump supporters and American flags out there, all of a sudden, whoa, what do we do now?
I mean, we're supposed to let Black Lives Matter riot, but the Trump supporters were supposed to treat like terrorists, so what do we do here?
But so there's just some of the scenes outside of the arena.
And guys, just do this for me.
See, I mean, again,
Kyrie Irving and other NBA players have been treated like second-class citizens for refusing the vaccine for months now.
So I'm not sure if there's some new development as to why they're not letting, or if they're not letting Kyrie Irving even play anymore or what's going on with that.
But all I can tell you that I can confirm right now is that a massive contingent, I would say thousands of people, in Brooklyn, outside of the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, where the Brooklyn Nets play,
A massive crowd is protesting against the treatment of Kyrie Irving and against the treatment of Americans in general with the vaccine mandate.
So, in fact, guys, let's go ahead and give this guy on the bullhorn a chance.
Let's hear what this guy on the bullhorn is saying.
We haven't had time to censor this yet, but hopefully... Oh, but we can't play the audio?
Okay, well, I'll tell you what.
We'll figure out the deal with this.
We'll come back to this story.
We'll get the videos in.
And we'll see what's going on.
But thousands of people outside the arena protesting against vaccine mandates.
This is happening worldwide, by the way.
And it's getting a total media blackout.
Are you saying we can go?
So let's start this at the top and let's listen to the guy here leading thousands of people outside of the Barclays Arena against the vaccine mandates and the second-class treatment of the unvaccinated.
Here he is.
What it looks like, products, white, American flag, swinging, Trump supporters to be out here with BNM!
So let's look at that too!
Listen, this country was founded
On the words, all men are created equal.
And all 56 members of Congress signed those words.
The Constitution is what we're keeping to fight back.
It's the Constitution that we can fight these people with.
Don't get it twisted.
These cops
Okay so once again folks this is just sightseeing sounds outside of the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn where thousands of people have gathered in support of Kyrie Irving refusing the vaccine mandate and then getting treated like a second-class citizen and so
As you heard there, again, it's Black Lives Matter, it's Trump supporters, it's just Americans coming together, which is long overdue.
And if there is any better optical representation of the Great Awakening versus the Great Reset, I'm not sure of it.
I would say to this day, this is the best just consumable through media representation
of the Great Reset versus the Great Awakening.
So these are Americans of all different colors, all different backgrounds, all different everythings, and really just people, there's other country flags in there too, that are against vaccine mandates, against being treated like slaves, against being segregated against, just, you know, just against overall, just all the corruption, all the nonsense that we have to deal with from our corrupt government and our corrupt leaders, standing together outside, standing against or for an individual
Who is not complying with the medical tyranny.
So, it's the representation of the people saying, we want to be free, we don't want to deal with medical tyranny, versus what's happening inside, which is, oh, you can't play, you can't watch a game, you can't be a part of civilization and society unless you take this experimental drug that has killed tens of thousands of people.
So unless you play, or, it's not even that, unless we're allowed to play Russian roulette with your body,
We the government, unless we are allowed, we the world government, unless we are allowed to play Russian Roulette with your body, you don't get any rights.
And so this is just the beginning.
The Great Reset versus the Great Awakening.
But see, this is why it's so frustrating dealing with people like Joe Biden and now this corrupt Pope, this anti-Pope.
Pope Francis and Joe Biden will meet to discuss efforts grounded in respect for fundamental human dignity.
And supposedly, I guess Biden actually did travel to Italy to do this.
Pretty amazing he was able to make it.
But, so they're going to meet
To talk about efforts grounded in respect for fundamental human dignity, but oh, you don't even get the fundamental human dignity of having control over your own body.
You don't even have the fundamental human dignity of having control over your own country and its own economy, which means your life essentially.
So, you don't have control over your body, you don't have control over your country, you don't have control over your children.
And it's exactly the groups that Pope Francis and Joe Biden are with that are bringing in that for the world, and then they're going to be the leaders talking about respect for fundamental human dignity?
The very people that are taking away and ripping away your fundamental human dignity?
So here's what we have going now.
They're now basically claiming that the COVID vaccine is a miracle drug.
And so, they had to come out and admit over, well, it really was last week, that, okay, yes, these vaccines are using mRNA technology that is experimental.
Yes, they are.
They had to admit that.
So now, it went from, oh, that's just a conspiracy theory, we're going to ban that from being on the internet.
That's just some Alex Jones InfoWars stuff.
There's no experimental mRNA technology in these vaccines.
Don't listen to that stuff out there.
Remember, that's what Fauci said.
Well, now they've admitted it.
Now they've admitted, yes, it is mRNA, experimental technology, but it's a miracle.
It can save you from anything.
It can fight any disease.
It's the wonder drug.
It'll make you immortal.
Just take it.
And so here's just one of the examples of the headlines, but there's not the best example, it's just the one I had on my desk.
But there's hundreds of these.
People vaccinated against COVID-19 less likely to die of other causes.
Those who received the Pfizer vaccine, Moderna vaccine, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the mRNA vaccines, are less likely to die from non-COVID related causes.
A CDC study found.
So now the vaccine, well, it was never meant for COVID.
It was always meant for this.
And it'll make you immortal.
Of course, that's bull crap.
But see, what they're doing is they're giving you a little vision into their future of this technology, which is they're hoping that the mRNA technology that they're putting on this will actually be some sort of cure-all.
With replacement synthetic DNA, where they can basically identify things and then put this vaccine in you, and it'll be like smart technology, smart nanotechnology, that'll know where to go or what disease to fight or what cancer to fight or anything.
But see, they don't have it yet, and they're just testing it on you right now.
So, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe millions will die,
But oh, they'll sell you now they're coming out with their next phase saying, well it was never about COVID, it's mRNA vaccines that'll make you immortal, yeah!
We're in the second hour of this
Edition of the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroyer in studio for Alex, who's been working like a busy beaver on some other projects that you'll know about soon enough.
And I am joined on the phone now by Dr. Richard Bartlett, who wants to get into what I think is long overdue, and I'm curious why they're talking about studying ivermectin now, a year and a half later.
It's almost unreal that I'm even doing this interview a year and a half later.
It should have been going on years ago.
But first, I have to ask Dr. Bartlett what's going on with this story where he has been issued a criminal trespassing warning by Medical Center Hospital.
So I'm guessing, Dr. Bartlett, that they didn't like you.
You know, I've had people ask me, do you think that this might be retaliation for helping a whistleblower get her story out about a teenage daughter
Who had low oxygen oxygen saturation of 85 percent.
She was in distress with COVID and she had a plastic bag placed over her head and she had no supplemental oxygen during that 30 minutes that she was under the bag.
And so people are asking me, you know, is this possibly retaliation?
But I can say that, you know, I haven't been able to give a
A statement.
And so I'm giving it to you right now about this whole thing.
You know, I was invited into the hospital by an employee that I met outside the hospital.
I had no intention of going in and no one ever asked me to leave.
And I was, I asked the employee outside, have you seen any of these plastic bags that they were putting over people's heads?
And he said, no, but you know, I know someone that would know.
So he escorts me in.
And I'm greeted with fist bumps and handshakes and smiles.
And in an administrative office, there were no patients that are allowed in that area.
And when I pulled my camera out, I saw these equipment bags that were over equipment of all things.
And I thought, are those the bags?
And he said, yeah, but we're modifying.
And I said, really?
And so I had my phone.
I took a picture of these plastic equipment bags over equipment.
And that seems to have triggered them.
And that gentleman seemed nervous, all of a sudden went into another room and started texting.
And I didn't feel the welcomeness anymore, so I walked out of the hospital.
It was an administrative office.
It was an area where no patients were allowed.
And anyways, this is the hospital that is right now actively being investigated by the state for this practice of putting plastic bags over patients' heads.
And, you know, initially there was a press conference where it seemed like the CEO was implying that this was just a one-time experience because there was one picture that surfaced on social media of this teenage girl with a bag over her head.
But to my shock and to the shock of many people, this is something that seems to have been a hospital protocol for up to a year, and they could have stopped the practice any time during that year.
But the initial response of the CEO was almost like, you know, we're doing this under certain conditions.
It's totally appropriate.
Other hospitals are doing this.
and justifying it because if someone doesn't want to wear a mask or he gave criteria for putting an equipment bag a plastic equipment bag over people's heads down to their waist and he had criteria that he gave but I I don't I've never heard what hospitals are doing that Johns Hopkins University Baylor Scott and White MD Anderson he never suggested any other hospitals that are doing it
And it wasn't until a day before the Texas Department of State Health Services investigator arrived at the hospital that all of a sudden they dropped the bagging of patients that were short of breath.
And they could have changed at any time in the year before.
But, you know, I ordered a roll of those bags so you can see how they fit.
And I opened that today and I was shocked that it really
It was not a thick plastic.
We gotta go to a break, doctor.
Hold that statement right there and we will be back live in 60 seconds.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
So here's the situation that we have the good Dr. Richard Bartlett on to talk about.
We reported it here, I can't even keep track of the days, but probably a few weeks ago, how they were using plastic bags as some sort of medical barrier for COVID patients
And they were literally putting plastic bags over people's heads and bodies down to their torsos.
In hospitals.
Now you hear this for the first time and you think that this is completely insane.
This is, of course, a safety hazard that everybody knows about for kids.
You put on plastic bags.
Don't let children use them.
They could choke.
It's a choking hazard.
It's a breathing hazard.
You know, not to put a plastic bag over your head.
I mean, again, it's like you don't run with scissors.
But somehow they're doing this in hospitals.
So a whistleblower came out.
And Dr. Bartlett hopped on the story to figure out what was going on.
And then they responded, oh, but this is just procedure.
This is just our normal procedure.
We've been doing this.
Whether they lied about that or not is still unclear.
So Dr. Bartlett went to find out exactly what was going on.
He went to that hospital.
He was welcomed in.
Shook hands, said, hey, you know, what's going on?
What's this procedure I hear about with the plastic bags?
Well, then he starts asking some questions, finds the bags they're using, and all of a sudden they become standoffish, and now that there's an investigation going on to the use of the plastic bags, all of a sudden the hospital has supposedly changed what was their protocol from not, or from putting plastic bags over people's heads to not putting plastic bags over people's heads.
This all sounds clown world, and I understand, because it is.
Dr. Barlett, did I recap all of that right, and where does it stand now?
So, Medical Center Hospital is the hospital in Odessa.
It's a hospital of over 400 beds, so it's a large hospital for the area.
And you know, there's 800 hospitals approximately in Texas, but
The Department of State Health Services, the state of Texas, was concerned enough that we right now have an active investigation of this particular hospital where they sent a seasoned investigator from Austin, from the Capitol, to check into this.
Because it is that concerning to the state to put plastic bags that are made for equipment, not made for human use, over people's heads and make that a protocol.
That wasn't a one-off.
That wasn't once or twice.
My understanding is that they may have had this policy for a year, although they haven't been very transparent.
And that was their original response, because it was so outrageous when people found out that they put a plastic bag over that woman's head.
So it may have just been a clinical, just kind of like emergency response, like, oh yeah, that's just protocol, that's just protocol.
Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.
If it was, we're talking about something even worse than just one person being treated like this.
Well, absolutely.
It's more than several people.
And it sounds like it's been a policy for a year of a busy hospital.
And so my understanding is that they were doing this for any COVID patient transferred anywhere in the hospital.
I just spoke to a wife whose husband had came home from the ICU there.
And she said that to her horror, when she saw that picture of the child with the back of her head, she asked her husband who's still recovering.
And he said, yes, they put that over me several times.
And so, you know, over the last 30 years I've been a fierce patient advocate and I've been very public about holding everyone accountable in healthcare to be transparent and to be accountable.
And so, you know, apparently this hospital and their hospital minutes refers to what's known as the I-Care values, integrity, compassion, accountability, respect,
I don't know how this applies to putting a plastic bag over someone's head that might be fighting for breath.
And so, bottom line, we have to stand up for those.
They can't only stand up for themselves.
They don't even have the breath to speak, possibly.
And so, those that are in positions of responsibility need to stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves.
What about if you came to visit your grandmother at the nursing home and you saw this fragile elderly person with a bag over her head sitting in the corner in a wheelchair?
Or let's say, just to put this in a different realm, let's say you go to the daycare where you leave your kid every day, and they're running around with scissors.
Or hell, they're putting plastic bags over their head, and nobody's taking them off.
I mean, it's the same thing.
It's like you would never do that, and if you saw that, you would either have somebody investigate them, or you would never send your kid to that daycare again.
I guarantee that nursing home would be shut down if they were putting plastic bags over an older person's head.
That was low on oxygen, literally documented to have an oxygen saturation of 85.
Instead of putting supplemental oxygen, put a bag over them.
If that hospital got caught doing that, one nursing home got caught doing that one time, that nursing home would be shut down.
And you're exactly right.
It's unhealthy whether you're a child in a daycare or whether you're an elderly person in a nursing home.
You wouldn't want grandma to have a bag over her head.
But, you know, to have this as policy, even if the nursing home says that's our protocol,
Well, that would not fly to say that and to think that everybody should put up with that.
But you know, I've been invited, over the last year and a half, I've been doing interviews, been sought out to give my advice about dealing with COVID.
This is literally part of a COVID protocol?
You know, how about early outpatient treatment that's been effective?
I've talked about Budesonide that was confirmed by Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world.
How about monoclonal antibodies?
I was part of the first three weeks of starting a monoclonal antibody infusion center in Odessa across the street from that hospital, where I was six days a week for 11-hour days, dressed with universal precautions, sweating underneath all that white equipment, only surrounded by COVID patients.
But I did it for a reason, because at least 70% decrease in hospitalization and death with monoclonal antibodies.
And you know what?
Oh, since we started that infusion center, the COVID census at that hospital across the street that was putting bags on people dropped from 107 COVID patients down to now 33 was the last number I heard.
And so I consider that effective.
That's effective COVID protocols.
Well, let's get back to that in the next segment, because I know that there's some tests that they're doing now, and I guess they're finally admitting ivermectin works a year and a half later.
But let's put a bow on this story here, because, I mean, imagine if you walk into somebody's, you know, room, and they're getting smothered with a pillow, and you're saying, hey, what are you doing?
You can't smother that patient with a pillow!
And they say, oh, this is just our protocol!
Well, you'd immediately think the worst of that person.
So, Dr. Bartlett,
I mean, let's look at the evidence that we have and say it's pretty likely that the protocols was to put plastic bags over people's heads.
I can't believe I'm saying it, but I mean, circumstantial evidence, I think you have enough to say that it's pretty sure that they were putting plastic bags over people's heads with protocol.
So where does that lead?
What conclusions do you reach?
As bad as they may be, what conclusions do you reach about a hospital that would do that, that would make that protocol, whereas anybody else would look at that as something that is not just against all common sense but an attack on somebody?
Oh, and I can't understand why no nurse, no doctor, no respiratory therapist said this is wrong.
It's bad medicine.
When someone's low on oxygen, you give them oxygen.
You don't put a plastic bag over their head that could decrease their supply of oxygen when they're in distress, possibly.
That's why they're in the hospital.
But why didn't anybody report this?
Or at least... And for them to... You know, I'm an ATLS instructor, Advanced Trauma Life Support.
We taught the ABCs, airway, breathing, circulation, stabilize the breathing.
When I teach doctors that to work in the ER, we never had a plastic equipment bag there.
We would talk about the endotracheal tube.
We'd talk about putting a face mask with oxygen, supplying oxygen, giving them oxygenation.
We never talked about depriving or doing a plastic bag.
This is totally foreign to me.
It should be foreign to every seasoned healthcare provider that loves people.
And so, the bottom line is, you know, if you stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves and they can't speak up for themselves, you might get swung at.
But you know what?
It's the right thing to do to stand up for others.
We've got to help other people.
And I just want to say, these plastic bags are designed to cover equipment, medical equipment, not people.
Yet the hospital has admitted to covering patients' heads with them.
The community should be concerned.
That they don't want me there.
They're more outraged that you, a medical doctor, went there to ask about a protocol than they are about a potentially deadly protocol.
I mean, people die!
People literally die from putting plastic bags over their heads.
That's why they put on these bags, don't give to children, you know, under five years old or whatever.
So, I mean, folks, imagine the mindset of a doctor or somebody putting a plastic bag over someone's head that's already low on oxygen.
I mean, I can't even believe it.
All right, we've got Dr. Richard Bartlett with us.
I want to move on to this other story now, where I guess we're allowed to talk about Ivermectin now?
Here are some headlines.
Controversial drug.
Oh, controversial.
Yes, you must have that.
You must have that addendum, that it's controversial, even though it's Nobel Prize winning.
Controversial drug, Ivermectin, to be clinically tested in El Paso.
Yes, it's controversial.
They just label it controversial because they want it to be controversial because they're run by Big Pharma.
NIH awards Texas Hospital $1.7 million grant to study efficacy of four drugs at treating COVID symptoms, including Ivermectin, even though we've already done the tests and it worked.
And then you have El Paso's Dr. Edward Michelson leads Active 6 National Ivermectin Study.
So, okay.
So, Dr. Bartlett, am I now allowed to talk about Ivermectin for treating COVID?
Are we now allowed to talk about it a year and a half later or are we still deciding whether we're allowed to talk about it?
Well, we're not only allowed to talk about it, Owen, but now it's got serious studies going at Texas Tech University, my alma mater.
I went to Texas Tech in Lubbock, and so this is a branch in El Paso, and kudos to them for actually thinking about science and saying instead of using propaganda and smear campaigns, they want to look at the science.
So they're doing a study.
They have, I think, $1.7 million given to them by the NIH, and I think that at least we'll have another layer of science.
about ivermectin specifically against COVID.
So, to say that it's not relevant, that it's not a reasonable thing to consider, well, apparently the NIH hasn't heard that.
Apparently Texas Tech hasn't heard that.
And they think that there's something that we need to look at and we need to have more information.
I gotta say, just by the fact that we're having a major study done at a prestigious university, Texas Tech University in El Paso,
Supported by the NIH with funding, we should be talking about ivermectin and COVID.
But I'll tell you, it may not be pleasant for people who don't want a readily available, inexpensive solution.
But I'll tell you, Budesonide was proven to, by Oxford University, in two randomized controlled trials.
The STOIC trial, the principal trial, and that hasn't gotten a lot of press in the mainstream media.
Oxford concluded that 90% of hospitalizations and ER visits would be prevented with just one medicine studied against COVID.
What are we going to find with ivermectin?
And, you know, we've already seen that monoclonal antibodies are effective as well.
So we have many tools that are beneficial and early effective outpatient treatment.
That totally is a different track than a vaccine agenda.
But I think that this is very exciting.
And we're talking about science.
And we're not talking about ventilators, by the way.
Or bags over the heads.
I have to tell you, though, I'm a little more cynical because...
I've already seen enough evidence from doctors that have been using Ivermectin for a year now with tens of thousands of patients and outpatient studies and it's already proven to work along with Budesonide and a lot of other things that we know are out there so I'm a little more cynical thinking that this is the NIH basically trying to cover themselves and say oh no see we did test Ivermectin we did test it see it wasn't just about the vaccine just so they can just so they can make that argument and then who knows I mean
Maybe they get a result that they want.
Maybe they come out and say, well, nope, ivermectin doesn't work to facilitate their own narrative.
Or maybe they come out and say it does work, to which we would say, hey, yeah, we've known that for over a year.
So I'm a little more cynical than you are.
But what are you expecting to come from these studies?
Well, I'm going to look at the studies to make sure that they were set up appropriately, that they weren't set up to fail before they started.
And then interpret the data.
You know, I'm a man of science and a man of medicine.
And so I'm used to looking at the facts and then weighing the risks and the benefits.
And I got to say, there is a tremendous amount of evidence about ivermectin and its effectiveness already and its safety already.
But it doesn't hurt to have more evidence.
I'm eager to have them publish their findings and
And I hear your cynicism, I hear your concern, because a lot of the things have been crazy, but at least this study can validate what many other studies have already proven.
Well, let me just get your overall take on where we're at now, because to me,
I mean, I don't think that we should really have any sort of fear from COVID, at least to the point of locking economies down or shutting businesses down or mandating vaccines, for sure.
I would say, you know, yeah, maybe it's worse than a seasonal flu, but, you know, overall it shouldn't really be impacting us like it is.
Where are you with all this right now?
Because it seems to be the virus that'll never go away.
It seems to be the virus that'll never go away, not in the terms of, oh, you should be afraid of getting it, but in the terms of, well, all the economic impact, the societal impact, the cultural impact, the impact to the medical industry.
It seems like that's never going to change.
But where are you at on just the overall aspects of where we're at with COVID and where we're at with all the COVID protocols?
Well, you know, in one month at the infusion center I was at, I was there for three weeks and in that month we infused approximately 1,200 patients.
Quite a few of them, I'd say a high percentage, were already vaccinated and they were shocked they were there and sick and needing that.
But the good news is this is a disease that needs to be taken seriously, but we have effective treatments and if you would let the public know that the treatments are here and readily available,
Then we can have normal society, we should have normal society.
It's actually counterproductive, it's been proven to be counterproductive to shut schools, to do lockdowns, all the things that really were initially tried in China, but in a communist country, but a better, our community, let me just reiterate again, when we started making the community aware of the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center, and also that gave us opportunity to talk about Budesonide,
And other tools that you just talked about in our community, the numbers are going down.
In Midland, the Midland and Odessa hospitals were all on diversion.
If someone had a heart attack at another ER, they couldn't transfer them to those ERs.
They had to be on diversion.
We had over 110 COVID patients, I believe, at one point in Midland Memorial, over 107 at Medical Center.
The latest numbers are 32.
It went from 107 down to 32 at Medical Center.
At Midland Memorial, it was in the low 40s after being at 110.
Both hospitals are open for business for normal disasters that would happen like stroke, heart attack, car wrecks.
People used to be on diversion to other communities, which is bad medicine because there is a golden hour in trauma and you're losing that time on the road with people that could live or die.
And so, we say
Time is memory.
Time is brain.
Time is heart when you're dealing with these crises.
So, it was affecting everything.
We should have normal healthcare communities doing normal care again.
And early effective outpatient treatment should be the norm.
It should be offered to every American.
Early effective outpatient treatments that have been proven in multiple randomized controlled trials.
And so, we're seeing the effect in our community.
I wish this for everyone.
In Texas, they would see the promotion.
People would get the information of where the monoclonal antibody infusion centers are.
And the doctors would know about the STOIC trial, the principal trial.
Yeah, imagine if they were promoting those instead of just the vaccine tents where you could actually get stuff.
But, Doc, I was gonna let you go.
I got one more question I gotta ask you on the other side about how now they're claiming that the COVID vaccine will just stop you from dying from anything.
It's just a miracle cure now!
You found it, the tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
We got Dr. Richard Bartlett still with us.
I had to ask him this question because I saw this headline.
Here's the headline in the Jerusalem Post.
People vaccinated against COVID-19 less likely to die of other causes.
Those who received the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J vaccines are less likely to die from non-COVID related causes, according to a CDC study.
And then guys, what was the CNN headline?
That one was even more egregious.
Basically saying you're basically immortal.
People vaccinated against COVID-19 less likely to die from any cause.
You know, I think there was a gentleman named General Colin Powell who was fully vaccinated who's not breathing.
That's correct.
One of many.
That's what I heard.
I don't know if that was just hearsay, but I believe it was probably true.
And so someone was fully vaccinated, died.
And unfortunately, if you go to the VARS website, to the CDC website, and look at the VARS data, it looks like a lot of people have died from the vaccine, but it doesn't look like it kept them from dying.
And so there's a, you know, it seems to be contradicting with a lot of evidence.
And so, I go with evidence-based medicine.
I go with facts.
At some point, you've got to say, I'm not interested in fiction anymore.
I want science and facts.
And so, I don't think this is a cure-all.
I think we've seen the best that it has to offer, and I see that the numbers of its effectiveness are dropping in Israel.
And so, I think there's an early effective outpatient treatment therapy strategy.
You can look at doctors around the country are using this, the Budesonide, the monoclonal antibodies.
Many doctors are using ivermectin, usually a combination of medicines.
Dr. Peter McCullough is a brilliant doctor out of Dallas-Fort Worth and he's written many papers about early effective outpatient treatment.
This is not a new idea.
To treat a disease with early treatment instead of waiting for late care only.
Or to try to come up with a vaccine for a pandemic.
What happened with the H1N1 pandemic of 2009?
Not one vaccine.
Somehow that didn't cause a hiccup in our economy.
It didn't shut down one school.
We didn't have mandates.
We didn't talk about five-year-olds getting this and putting them, you know, there's a real risk of myocarditis with young men.
No, they're not talking about it, but maybe, you know, maybe that's the thing is they just forgot to add the little
The little asterisk there, which is these vaccines will stop you from dying from any other cause except a vaccine death, maybe.
Maybe that's the one thing they missed out on.
It just shows how ridiculous the lengths that they're willing to go to to promote this vaccine and the lengths they're willing to go to to scuttle efforts made by yourself and others to treat people with ivermectin or budesonine or
Dr. Bartlett, anything else you want to say before we let you go?
No, you know, bottom line, at the beginning of the story, we were talking about a hospital that's still under active investigation.
We talked about the fact that the NIH is supporting studies of ivermectin against COVID at the El Paso branch of Texas Tech University, and so these things are still not settled that ivermectin does not work.
Actually, there's a lot of studies that support ivermectin, and we're going to see another study very soon.
So, early effective outpatient treatments, where it's at, that is saving lives.
Keep it boring.
Don't get in the hospital and be put on a ventilator.
Don't wait on it.
Don't sit on it.
This is killing a lot of people.
It's a real disease.
It's one that we've never had before, but we have answers.
And so, we don't need to be in fear.
You know, we've been in a war on terror since 2001.
A war on terror.
Well, I'll tell you, terror and fear have been the hallmark of this pandemic.
That has been promoted.
And I'll say at the bottom, we need common sense.
We need discernment.
We need critical thinking.
This fear tactic can only go so far.
And I think we're at the point where people are saying, enough is enough.
You know, you're not going to put a plastic bag over grandma or over my teenager.
You're not going, these things that you can say and then say COVID are not going to fly.
You can't just do anything and say COVID.
We need science.
And so I appreciate Texas Tech doing this study again.
I think if it's set up correctly, it'll just underscore reality that we have many effective, readily available, inexpensive treatments for COVID that need to be employed early.
And so I'm so grateful for your sharing this information.
Well, we're not like the mainstream news that's funded by Big Pharma, and so we have a self-interest in promoting the vaccines instead of other cheap, effective treatments.
We actually like humans, we want them to be healthy, and we appreciate the truth, and we're just funded by our audience.
So that's why this information is allowed out here and is censored so many other places.
Dr. Richard Bartlett, thank you so much for joining us on this Sunday evening.
Thank you, Ron.
All right, there goes Dr. Bartlett again, folks.
Just, I mean, thank God for people like Dr. Bartlett that are just trying to tell the truth and actually help people that are experiencing COVID.
I mean, I know you think, hey, he's a doctor, of course he wants to help people.
They're putting bags over people's heads in hospitals, man.
You know, they're telling people that there's nothing else out there except a mask and a vaccine.
Do they really want to help people?
And it just brings me to the larger issue here, which is, and maybe I'll kind of wax on this in the last segment before Sunday Night Live takes off, and then I'll actually cover this news and take your phone calls, but, you know, it just really is mind-boggling, isn't it?
It really is mind-boggling to think that there's a hospital out there that would put bags on people's heads at all, let alone as a protocol.
It's really strange now that they're just claiming this vaccine just makes you immortal from any disease.
Oh, okay.
Tell that to the 20,000 people in America that are dead from that vaccine.
And so, and then the media lying about all of this, the internet giants, social media giants censoring all of this.
And it's just, you know, you just wonder what's going on.
So, you know, maybe I'll talk about that in the next segment.
I mean, is it, is it...
Is it demonic possession?
Is this just like a simulation and these are NPCs that are just carrying out this mission for whatever reason?
I don't know, man.
I just know that it's diabolical and it's sick and we're being goose-stepped into medical tyranny worldwide.
But as you heard at the end of the segment, folks, yeah, Dr. Bartlett is like, hey, thank God you guys are putting this information out there.
It's hard to get this information out.
Well yeah, that's why they censor us, because we do put the real information out.
We're not controlled by large corporations or industries like Big Pharma.
We're just here because we care about truth and justice and living free in America.
Having a nation, having truth, having common sense, that's what we're about here.
And so that's why I guess it's so rare in the media these days.
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Look at the shoes you're filling.
Look at the blood we're spilling.
Look at the world we're killing.
It really is hard to comprehend or even believe this world that we're living in right now.
And, you know, the one thing that separates InfoWars, I think, from the rest is that we just actually try to make sense of it.
We don't want to be a part of the nonsense.
We want to try to make sense of it all.
We don't just show up to read off a teleprompter, collect a paycheck and go home or go to the country club or, you know, drive a fancy Ferrari home.
No, we're trying to understand why all this nonsense is going on and we've reached the conclusions based off of deep in-depth research and a context of human history and speaking to hundreds or not thousands of experts live on the air and I think it's pretty clear that InfoWars analysis and forecasting has been
Beyond vindicated at this point in fact Alex Jones may be the most vindicated man in modern-day history and yet We're still living this nightmare that continues to get worse and so Here's what it comes down to
And I've got nine minutes left of the Alex Jones Show, and then I'm going to be hosting Sunday Night Live, and I'll actually get into all this news, take some phone calls, and by the way, I am going to play a video that is maybe the funniest video I've seen in a long time.
When we're talking about the mask nonsense, this video, we'll air this on the Sunday Night Live transmission as well, it's just one of the funniest things you're going to see all day, if not the funniest.
What's frustrating to you in the audience that have been here for a long time...
And for us is that we know that we shouldn't be having to deal with any of this.
We shouldn't be having to live under the medical tyranny or the fear of COVID.
We shouldn't be dealing with wide open borders.
We shouldn't be dealing with the supply chain shortage.
We shouldn't be dealing with inflation.
We don't have to be dealing with any of this stuff.
We don't have to be dealing with all the mass poverty and homelessness.
It was all by design.
It was all by design.
All by design.
That's the key.
A group of world elite have reached a conclusion
Whether you agree with it or not, that the idea of nation-states or sovereign nations on planet Earth is over!
They've decided that!
The idea of a free, independent human is failed!
It's dead!
It's done!
It's a failed concept because they look at you like a virus!
They look at you like a disease!
Like a parasite!
You must be eliminated!
They're not trying to get rid of carbon emissions.
They're not trying to get rid of the virus.
They're trying to get rid of you.
And if they can't just mop you up off the face of the earth, they'll torture you into submission so that you'll accept a planet where you have no sovereignty, you have no sovereignty over your body, and you have no private property to own or escape to or leverage in the planet.
That's been decided.
That's what everything, that's what, like a funnel, everything leads to that is the establishment.
So, when all the COVID stuff first came out a year and a half ago, and we told you all this was coming, that's because it was always part of the plan.
It was never 15 days to slow the spread.
It was never anything to slow the spread.
It was never one vaccine to reopen the economy.
Everything was always a lie.
It was always going to be world government medical tyranny.
It was always going to be forced you to take an experimental vaccine or just as a precedent to force you to take any medicine the government tells you to take.
And we knew all of it was coming.
And so we would just figure the average person might say, okay,
15 days to slow the spread.
That makes sense.
I'll do 15 days to slow the spread and we'll shut things down and it'll be better and we'll get things back open and everything will be fine.
Just 15 days.
But see, we knew that was a lie and we assumed people would want to know the truth that no, this isn't about 15 days to slow the spread.
This is about, in 10 years, conquering the planet and ending all ideas of human sovereignty and human biology.
And using a global government with medical tyranny as just one of the prongs of that mission, of that agenda.
So now here you are and slowly but surely everybody starts to wake up and realize that was the case.
And that yes, once again, InfoWars has been vindicated.
In ways perhaps never before seen.
And that's saying a lot.
A lot of things have been vindicated that we report first around here.
It's not about who reports it first.
It's about... The frustration is not that we don't get the credit.
The frustration is that people don't realize that this is serious business we're talking about here.
That's what's frustrating.
And it doesn't matter that everything we talk about continues to come true.
They still want to play from behind.
And that's what it's like.
It's like America wanting to play from behind.
It's like our leaders wanting to play from behind.
It's like our media wanting to play from behind.
We don't want to play from behind.
We want to play from ahead.
It's like, here's their plans, let's get ahead of it.
Not, here's their plans, let's go along with it and see how it goes.
So, that's what all this is.
That's what all this news on my desk is.
It's all a funnel to the same thing that has been in the works for decades or even centuries, which is a one-world government in which the citizens of this planet either don't even exist anymore or are under complete tyranny.
For whatever reason or excuse the government wants to give at any given time.
So yeah, I can cover all the vaccine news and I will, and I can cover the censorship and I will, and I can cover the open borders and the crime and I will, I can cover Fauci chopping up puppies for his pleasure and I will, and I can cover the election news and the January 6th news and everything that's being revealed there and I will, and I'll cover how Biden is a complete failure and everybody knows it now, and how he's sabotaging the economy and now he's trying to censor, you know,
The next release of the JFK reports that show the government probably covered up the assassination, maybe even ran the whole thing, and oh now there's developments again out of China and Russia, and I'll cover all that, and I'll cover the political news over here too about how Biden has now had articles of impeachment introduced against him, and how Democrats covered up rape for their own political agenda.
I can cover all of it, and I will cover all of it, but it all is the same funnel leading to the same pool
Which is total world government tyranny, you have no sovereignty, you have no individual rights, and then once they've accomplished that, once they've put humans under bondage and under foot, that's when they begin the transhumanist agenda.
So once you've been fully conquered, then you're phased out.
Once the Earth and humanity has been fully conquered, then you've been phased out.
That's the, oh, LGBTQIA+, and that's the, oh yeah, there's no such thing as a mom and a dad, and there's no such thing as biology, there's no such thing as a penis or a vagina, there's no such thing as a man or a woman.
That was all just a construct.
So, oh, not science when it's biology, but science when it's experimental vaccines.
And so again, you see all the lies, you see all the misrepresentations, you see all the deception, and you're just stunned that all this is going on and you can't make sense of it.
Again, it's all part of a plan that has been in place for decades.
It's almost like they put these little things in movies either to warn you or just because it's funny.
But it's like in the movie Austin Powers where they're talking about, you know, conquering the world.
He's like, don't you know there are no countries anymore?
It's only corporations.
And it's the head of the corporations that have just decided after they've polluted the planet, they've destroyed the planet, and then they just say, oh, it was the average human that did it, so they must be eradicated.
You're emitting too much carbon.
You're killing the planet.
You're spreading a virus.
You're killing people.
You're killing the planet.
You're basically just a bioterrorist here on this earth that is a higher life form now.
That's the whole Gaia thing.
So that's where all this goes.
And we just sit here as thinking individuals and just try, why would any man want to do this?
Why would any human being want to do this to fellow humans?
Maybe it's not.
Maybe it's demonic possession like the Bible talks about.
Maybe it's something else.
Maybe we're just in a simulation and these are just NPCs, not actual people, but NPCs that are just being programmed to do this for whatever reason in this grand simulation.
Think whatever you want, that's what's going on.
And it's just really upsetting.
And none of this has to happen.
None of it.
We could still be living in a free country.
We could still be having a massively prosperous economy.
And we've been sabotaged for so long.
We don't even know.
We think we have it good now, and we do.
We have it really good now.
We could have it so much better if we didn't have our leaders sell us out to China.
If we didn't have our leaders attempting to sabotage and undermine our own country so we could be brought into a one-world government that they think they'll be put in charge of.
So I'm going to actually cover all the news.
This is the end of the Alex Jones Show, but Sunday Night Live kicks off after this.
I promise I'm going to cover all of this news and take phone calls and play the funniest video that you're going to see this weekend.
In fact, I'll do that right out of the gates when we come back on Sunday Night Live.
That does it for the Alex Jones Show.
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